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welcome The Office of Residence Life is excited that you have chosen to take advantage of all Tech has to offer by living on campus! There are many opportunities for you here - make the most of this experience.

and possibly new, lifelong friends who are here to assist in meeting your needs and reaching your goals. Housing, for us, is more than just providing you a room to sleep in - it is an extension of the classroom. 

Students who live on campus create life-long friendships, develop crucial life skills, become more active in the community, and most importantly, excel academically. Meet new people. Try new things. Get involved. You’ll learn more about yourself and others, and you’ll gain skills that will benefit your future. We hope that while you are living on campus, you have experiences that broaden your understanding of people, the world and life.

Here at Tech, our facilities and services are among the best in the state. We strive to provide an environment that is comfortable, safe, and conducive to academic and personal growth.

When you check into your hall, you will meet your residence hall staff,

If you need assistance before, during, or after move-in, call us at (479) 968-0376 or check out our website at

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Your room features an extra-long twin bed, desk, chair, closet space and drawer space for clothing and essentials, cable television hookup, and wireless internet access.Learn more at

While your room should feel like home, there are restrictions to consider when decorating. The use of nails or screws is strictly prohibited. Use only white Sticky Tack on the walls.

I SHOULD BRING: Feel free to make your residence hall feel like home. The following items might be beneficial:

You may rearrange your residence hall furniture to accommodate your taste. Please check with the RA on your wing to find out if your bed frames are bunkable.


• Small Refrigerator (5 cubic feet or less) • Small Microwave (700 watts or less) • Computer & Ethernet Cord • Cable-Ready TV/DVD Player • Alarm Clock • Hair Dryer • Desk Lamp • Fan • Clothes/Hangers • Extra Long Twin-Size Bedding • Towels • Laundry Bag • Cleaning Supplies • Toothbrush/Toiletries/Soap • Necessary Medications • First-Aid Kit • Pillows • Coffee Maker • Cable Cord • UL Approved Surge Protectors

The following items are prohibited, but not limited to: • Guns • Fireworks • Knives • Ammunition • Candles • Scooters/Hoverboards • Waterbeds • Halogen Lamps or Lava Lamps • Alcohol & Alcohol Containers • Wireless Routers • Pets • Open Coil Appliances (Electric Heaters, Toasters, etc.) • Outlet Extenders (Multi Plug Adaptors, etc.) • Tobacco


Consult the Student Handbook for additional regulations and a complete list of prohibited items.


your room

your roommate WHO IS MY ROOMMATE: Your roommate is listed with your residence hall assignment. You can also find your assigned roommate by logging into the housing portal.

ROOMMATE RELATIONSHIP TIPS: One of the most significant relationships you will develop on campus is the one with your roommate. In order to have the best experience possible, follow these tips:


• Establish open communication

If both of you confirmed each other as roommates and chose the same room in the housing portal, you should be assigned together as roommates.

• Communicate your backgrounds & lifestyles • Define things you have in common • Be respectful and courteous


• Spend time together & attend Go Bold Orientation activities together

If you did not request a specific roommate, the student listed may have used your profile questions to determine a good match and could very well become one of your best friends.

Things to Discuss: • Habits »» Sleeping habits (fan, radio, TV, etc.) »» Anticipated bedtime »» Alarm courtesy


»» Room temperature

Yes. You are encouraged to contact your roommate over the summer months if you do not already know them.

• Cleaning Responsibilities • Visitor Hours »» Same Gender »» Opposite Gender

Use this opportunity to find out what you have in common, discuss study habits, and extra-curricular interests.

• Sharing/Borrowing »» Clothes

In order to maximize room space and prevent duplication, plan to coordinate with your roommate regarding who will bring which items at move-in.

»» Money »» Computer »» Radio/iPod »» Car



»» Food

your roommate

your roommate CAN I CHANGE ROOMMATES: Residents seeking a room change must meet with their Resident Director to request a room change. If the room change is approved, the Office of Residence Life will notify residents by email to the resident’s email address. The approval email will include the room assignment and the proper time for their room change. Students who move rooms without permission from the Office of Residence Life may be subject to disciplinary action and may be required to relocate back to their assigned space. During the fall and spring semesters, Move-On Days will be held to accommodate room change requests at no charge. Residents may request a room change beginning the first day of class.

A fee will be charged for room changes after the Move-On Days period. The first move will cost $25, and each additional move will cost an additional $25. For example, a student who changes rooms three times after Move-On Days will be charged $25 for the first move, $50 for the second move, and $75 for the third move. The fee will continue to increase for each room change throughout the contract term. If you are experiencing roommate problems, it is vital that you communicate openly and honestly with your roommate. However, if you are not comfortable approaching your roommate, we encourage you to take advantage of your Resident Assistant’s (RA) skills. They have been specifically trained to provide you with assistance and pointers on how to best address roommate problems. Should you and your roommate decide a room change is the best solution, you will need to make arrangements with your Resident Director (RD).

In the fall semester, this date will be August 23, 2017. In the spring semester, this date will be January 16, 2018.



your roommate


WHERE DO I GO FOR HELP: Moving away from home can be a tough adjustment for some students. To ensure a smooth transition to college life, our residence halls are staffed with trained personnel 24 hours a day and can be reached in case of emergency.

Move-In Day will be here before you know it. If you will be a new student, you may move in to your assigned hall on Saturday, August 19, 2017. Be sure to bring your student ID and insurance card.


Step 1:

MOVE-IN WEEKEND: In an effort to eliminate long lines, all new students should follow the movein times based on building and floor assignments as listed. Saturday, August 19, 2017 (Freshmen Arrive): Baswell, Jones Hall, Nutt, & Paine • 7 a.m. - Odd Floors (1, 3, & 5) • 8 a.m. - Even Floors (2 & 4) All Other Residence Halls • 9:30 a.m. - Odd Floors (1, 3, & 5) • 10:30 a.m. - Even Floors (2 & 4) Sunday, August 20, 2017 (Returning Students Arrive): Baswell, M Street, Nutt, Paine Halls University Commons, & Vista Place • 1 p.m. - Odd Floors (1, 3, & 5)

• Check in with the hall staff located in the hall lobby • Review your Room Condition Report and return to check-in

• Resident Assistants (RAs) - Trained student peers, who, like you, live in a residence hall, and act as a resource for students who live in their wing. All RAs report to the RDs. • Resident Directors (RDs) - Trained graduate students who reside in residence halls and can assist with residential concerns, community building, and other services. All RDs report to ACs.

Step 2: • Pick-up room keys • Move in your stuff

RETURNING STUDENT MOVE-IN INFORMATION: Returning students can move in on Sunday, August 20, 2017 beginning at 1 p.m. Your room is reserved for you - report to your hall office and the Residence Life staff will assist you with check-in. Due to the nature of the GO BOLD New Student Orientation program, returning students will not be permitted to check-in prior to August 20.

• 2 p.m. - Even Floors (2 & 4) All Other Residence Halls • 2:30 p.m. - Odd Floors (1, 3, & 5) • 3:30 p.m. - Even Floors (2 & 4)


• Area Coordinators (ACs) - Full time staff employed by Arkansas Tech to supervise the halls. Each AC is responsible for overseeing half of the residence halls/apartment complexes. We will have move-in crew available to help you move in on Saturday from 7:00 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. and on Sunday from 1:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. In order to get assistance by the movein crew, you must arrive during your assigned time. If you need special assistance with moving in, please contact our office at 479968-0376 or by email at by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 18th.



helpful info MEAL PLANS: Who is Required to Have a Meal Plan? All on campus students except those living in Vista Place and the University Commons Apartments are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are semester based and are designed to offer convenience, variety, and affordability with varying combinations of meals. Meal plans are non-transferable. Any inquiries for meal plans should be directed to Administrative Services at (479) 498-2837.

How Do I Purchase a Meal Plan? You are able to select your meal plan in the housing portal after you sign your housing contract and pay your $50 pre-payment. Commuter Students may purchase a meal plan in the Student Accounts Office located in the RCB building, Room 242 or call (479) 968-2837.

Can I Change My Meal Plan? Fall Semester Change Deadline: August 29, 2017, 5 p.m. Spring Semester Change Deadline: January 22, 2018, 5 p.m. On campus students may change their meal plan in the housing portal. Commuter students may change their meal plan by contacting Administrative Services at (479) 498-2837.



Move-In Guide  

2017-2018 Arkansas Tech University New Student Move-In Guide

Move-In Guide  

2017-2018 Arkansas Tech University New Student Move-In Guide