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Arkansas Auctioneers Association November 2019

A Letter From the President

Upcoming Events: AAA Convention Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020 Hotel Hot Springs 305 Malvern Ave Hot Springs, Arkansas AAA CE Class May 18, 2020 Harrison, Arkansas

Registration at 8, Class at 9

AAA CE Class June 15, 2020 Jonesboro, Arkansas

Registration at 8, Class at 9

AAA CE Class September 15, 2020 Little Rock, Arkansas

Registration at 8, Class at 9

Online CE Cornerstone CE Info on Page 6

Over the past 3 years, I have served the Arkansas Auctioneers Association board and the last 2 years as Board President. No one could have prepared me for the valuable lessons learned and the special relationships formed because of this unique experience, I embraced the experience with open arms and big ideas, and little did I know it would have such a significant impact on me professionally, but more importantly personally. Not only did I learn how to lead by trial and error, I was supported by an amazing group of individuals that extended plenty of grace and mercy. Now the time has come for me to say “so long”, as my time on this board will come to an end at our 2020 Convention in February. However, please allow me to reflect upon lessons learned from this transformative leadership experience: • I learned that everyone has something to offer, and their personal uniqueness and experiences allowed our team to shine brighter and accomplish greater things for our AAA. And in the last 3 years we have accomplished lots! • I learned that mentors are invaluable, and their words of wisdom were small deposits to my spirit, which strengthened me to be better and do better. • I learned that leadership is a shared responsibility, there is no perfect leader or solution, but positive guidance through constructive feedback empowers and leads everyone. • Lastly, I learned to not take myself so seriously. To laugh, and enjoy the process of learning and to allow everyone else to laugh with me. Humility is what we strive for, laughter is how we get there! Thank you to all of the board members that have served by my side over these years.. Each one of you have positively impacted my life and propelled my growth to new heights. You all know my favorite saying: Teamwork makes the Dream work! I always said if I got on the board, I would give it and all the association members my all, and I have. We have accomplished much over the past 3 years, and I believe there can be even greater in store for our future. Lastly, thank you Members for your support of the Arkansas Auctioneers Association. Your support encourages us to stay involved and stay plugged into what is needed in our Auction family and community. In my opinion, we need more enthusiastic, strong leaders that not only want to make a positive impact, they embody change by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to be the impact we’ve been waiting for. I want to encourage anyone who wants to work hard for the association to throw your hat in the ring to become a proud board member!! It is such a rewarding experience to play an active role in your industry! Shannon Hunter, President

P.O. Box 71 | Stillwater, OK 74076 Phone 580-327-7525 |

Continuing Education Update

Greetings fellow auctioneers! I am so proud of the group of professionals we have assembled to deliver top notch education and industry presentations at our 2020 convention. This is a diverse group with experience in many auction specialties. We think you will gain valuable insights from “old pros” with years of experience as well as young professionals with a fresh outlook on the auction industry. These men and women have worked diligently to be among the best in their fields and will share their varied experiences and knowledge with you during the Friday and Saturday events. We are especially pleased the Arkansas Real Estate Commission has approved an Arkansas Auctioneer & Real Estate Broker to present the Real Estate CE session which qualifies for 7 hours of credit for real estate licenses in Arkansas and Texas. This class will provide knowledge on issues facing real estate auctioneers. We will also hear from agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) who will share ways to improve public safety by complying with federal regulaPresident tions concerning the sale, transportation and delivery of firearms through Shannon Hunter an auction. A final note is the rapidly changing technology component of 479-216-1932 how we market and sell every type of asset, which is on everyone’s radar, and this conference will deliver emerging news in every presentation. Take time now and make sure your schedule is planned for you to be in Hot Secretary/Treasurer Springs. See you soon! Gladys Webb, Education Chairman Kirk Witcher 870-588-1260

2019 AAA Board of Directors

Director Dennis Huggins 479-629-6501 Director Nick Stover 870-230-2270

Director Gladys Webb 501-766-0605

Shannon Hunter

Kirk Witcher

Dennis Huggins

Nick Stover

Bill Hartnedy

Gladys Webb

Director Bill Hartnedy 501-352-4703

Executive Director Cali Crissup 580-327-7525


REGISTRATION FEES Information: AAA Member Registration Non-Member Registration Real Estate CE (Must Pay Registration & RE)

Spouse/Child Registration Pro Bid Calling Contest Rookie Bid Calling Contest Ringman Contest Champion of Champions (must be previous AAA Pro Champion)

Junior Contest Advertising Contest (additional form) Extra Saturday Night Dinner Ticket Yearly Dues (January-December) Total Registration:

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Fees include Convention Registration, Lunch & Dinner. Hotel Accommodations must be made separately.

General Competition Rules: -Other than Junior Auctioneer contestants, all contestants must be paid members of the AAA and paid registrants for the AAA convention of the year they are competing. -Contestants do NOT have to be licensed to compete in any competition. -NO entry fee for any live competitions -Arkansas residence is not required for any contest -Contestants may enter as many Divisions for which they qualify. Contestant must not have ever won the Division(s) they are entering. -Champion of Champions competition will only be held every 5 years as participation allows -A panel of judges who are NOT Arkansas residents will be assembled by the AAA Board of directors. Judge panel will consist of 3-5 judges, preferably auctioneers. -Score sheets appropriate for each competition will be provided for each judge in each competition. -Judges shall remain the same for all contests, preliminary and finals. If a judge change is required, the AAA Board of Directors will appoint a competent replacement judge. -The AAA Board of Directors will make every attempt possible to avoid bias and/or partiality to any contestant(s) for any reason -Contestants MUST attend the roll call and contestants meetings at 4pm on Friday and/or Saturday of the AAA convention, prior to that evening’s competitions if they are to compete that night. -Contestant orders will be drawn at the respective contestants and roll call meetings prior to each evening’s competitions. -Microphones and sound system will be adjusted and set during contestant meetings and will not be adjusted at any point during the competitions. All contestants will be allowed a sound / mic check during the contestants meetings. -Contestants understand that by competing in any competition, they are volunteering, should they win, to be an ambassador for the AAA and the auction industry at large. They will make every attempt to make appearances as needed for future events and agree to appear in press releases and promotion for the AAA. Awards -Ringman Competition: $250 + buckle to winner, 2nd and 3rd place trophy -Junior Auctioneer Competition: $250 + buckle to winner, 2nd and 3rd place trophy -Rookie Auctioneer Competition: $500 + buckle to winner, 2nd and 3rd place trophy -Pro Auctioneer Competition: $1500 + buckle to winner, $500 + trophy to 2nd place, 3rd place trophy -Champion of Champions Competition: $1,000 + buckle to winner, 2nd and 3rd place trophy Schedule Friday Night: -Contestant meeting and roll call 4:00 -Ringmen Division starting at 6:00pm -Rookie Division -Pro Division Preliminary Saturday Night: -Contestant meeting and roll call 4:00 -Junior Division starting 6:00pm -Pro Division Interview / Finals -Champion of Champions Competition -Announcement of all competition winners and awards presentations. For full & updated contest rules, please visit our website!

REMIT APPLICATION & PAYMENT Payment can be made by check and mailed to: AAA, PO Box 71, Stillwater, OK 74076 Check # ____________________

All other payments can be made on our website at For questions, Contact Cali Crissup, Executive Director at 580-327-7525

Make Plans to Attend & Don’t Forget to Renew Your Membership!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic year with your auction business. This year has flown by at a high rate of speed. This first year as member of the board for the association has been great. I have had the opportunity to meet some awesome individuals in this business, and it seems they all have the same desire, and that is to increase their own business by means of education provided by the AAA. Speaking of education and networking opportunities, we are just a few months from the Arkansas Auctioneers Association Annual Conference, which will be held in Hot Springs, AR, January 30 - February 2, 2020. This is the greatest opportunity you will have to meet fellow members / auctioneers of our association. Not only will you have the chance to receive your required continuing education hours, but if you are a licensed real estate professional you can receive your real estate CE hours as well. This conference continues to grow and improve with each passing year. We now have vendors who are calling ahead of time wanting to reserve booth space due to the quality of the conference. Our membership continues to increase, because of your help spreading the word about the advantages of becoming a member. Attending the conference is much more than just receiving CE credit. There will be some excellent speakers pro-

viding information on the hot topics of the day, but the nuggets of information picked up by visiting with other members between classes and after hours is priceless. One thing you will find in this association, fellow members are willing to help each other out. If you could pick up a bit of information that saves you time and money, or maybe learn a different more effective way of performing a task wouldn’t it be worth it? Sometimes not all gain is monetary, but the savings of time, etc. could become a monetary gain. I hope you will consider attending the conference in 2020, if you are a new auctioneer and new member with the association, then consider it a must to attend. Take the opportunity to learn from the ones who have the bumps and bruises of self employment in the auction business, so that hopefully you won’t have to go down the same road. Education and member benefits only have value when put to use. When you attend the conference, go ahead and enter the competitions, whether that is the rookie division bid calling, pro division bid calling, ringmen, and even the advertisement competition. You may not realize it, but the neighbors and individuals who live in your community, or area of reach that your business has, definitely know more about your business, accomplishments, and even fail-

ures than you think they do. So attend the conference, enter the contest, and show them what you’re made of. Dennis Huggins, Director

Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities? We are looking for auction companies or larger entities to help sponsor our events! We are also always looking for benefits to share with our membership. If you are interested in more information, contact Cali at 580-327-7525.


2020 AAA Convention Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020

Hotel Hot Springs, 305 Malvern Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901

501-623-6600 ext 258 JoElla, Director of Catering Special Room Rates: $119 Single, $129 Double plus tax Associations Are What We Do. Modern Tools For Your Business and Your Members.

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Can’t Attend & Still Need Your 6 Hours of CE?

The AAA has Partnered with Cornerstone to Provide you with Online CE Course Options!

Cornerstone-edu provides you with online classes that puts you in touch with information to grow your business and the required courses to renew your auctioneer license. Today’s auctioneers need to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace, which has been altered dramatically in the last decade. The benefits of Continuing Education in our profession are incalculable, both for the individuals, but for our clients also. As the auction world becomes smaller and competition fiercer, the upside to continued education will grow exponentially. Our classes are designed to meet the needs of your busy auction schedule through the flexibility of online study. This program focuses on the fundamentals of ethical business management, as well as the critical knowledge needed to grow your business. Cornerstone-edu offers a great educational opportunity at an affordable cost. No travel expenses, no time away from your business. The classes are available 24/7, take the classes on your schedule, not theirs. You time is expensive, it is your life, use it wisely. Cornerstone-edu, providing classes to assist the Auctioneer with Success Best of all, you get all these benefits for a price you can afford. Go ahead; start going back to school. Find out more when you call (888) 449-3450

Arkansas Auctioneer CE is now available online 24/7. Take all 6 hours from your computer, ipad or smartphone. If you have questions, call Cornerstone at 888.449.3450. They are available to answer their phone on weekends to assist you. IPads & Tablets: You can take your courses on your Ipad or Tablets or your Smart Phone!!! PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU does not support online proctoring via your Ipad or Tablet. If you want to use an online proctored exam you must use a laptop/desktop computer that has a camera. Take your class on your time, your place, your pace.

Visit online at: Classes are $135.



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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION • Attach all information and turn in by 9 am on Saturday to be included in our advertising contest. • Please bring all materials to the registration table. • You can enter as many items in each category as you would like • Each entry is $20 a piece • Recognition will take place at the President’s Banquet on Saturday night. All other information is available on our website at For questions, Contact Cali Crissup, Executive Director at 580-327-7525

It will soon be time for our 2020 Auctioneer Convention and we have already been planning for months to produce an amazing convention full of Fun, Fellowship, Food, Education, Competitions, and Awards!! This years Theme, to tie into the Hot Springs location and mafia history, is “The Auctioneer” An Arkansas Auctioneers Convention You Can’t Refuse. In no way am I saying we are gangsters, but Auctioneers are a Unique group that have always intrigued the general public. We are also one big Family! We are THE AUCTION FAMILY! I’ve said this from day one! We got each other’s backs! We may at times compete with one another, but if any one of us has a need, we are there for each other. We are fiercely loyal and devoted to this profession! We are also always STRIVING to be the best. Last year was one of the best attended conventions on record. We had the most vendors we have ever had. We had the most people to ever compete! I watched many other state auctioneer conventions, and I know we had one of the best conventions and experiences! So, with all that being said, my dream is to break last years attendance record and have an even more Successful Convention! We truly want to make a convention “You can’t Refuse”! Please make plans to come and use this opportunity to bring your staff because there are learning and networking opportunities for everyone! Use this convention as a team building time! Bring you spouse and they can enjoy all that historic Hot Springs has to offer! Plan to Compete in Competitions! Have your Auction Company be a Sponsor! The more you participate, the better the overall Experience will be for you and your business! Come to the Convention and “Say hello to all your little auction friends!” Mark the dates on your calendar, so you don’t “Fugget About It!” Thank you Shannon Hunter

2020 AAA Convention: Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020 Hotel Hot Springs, 305 Malvern Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901

501-623-6600 ext 258, JoElla, Director of Catering Special Room Rates: $119 Single, $129 Double plus tax

Join the Arkansas Auctioneers Association at Oaklawn for a day at the races. We will have a section inside for Auctioneers to sit and watch the races on February 2nd!

2020 AAA Convention

Hotel Hot Springs, Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020 Jan 30: Meet & Greet at 6 pm Jan 31: Auctioneer CE Courses Registration @ 8 am, Class 9 am-4 pm Contestants Meeting @ 4 pm, Contest @ 6 pm Feb 1: Real Estate CE Courses Registration @ 7 am, Class 8 am-4 pm Auctioneer CE Courses Registration 8 am, Class 9 am-4 pm Gavels & Glitz President’s Banquet & Finals: 6 pm Feb 2: Horse Races

GAVELS & GLITZ President’s Banquet

Banquet begins at 6 pm Hotel Hot Springs Ballroom

Welcome Color Guard & National Anthem Calcutta Invocation Dinner Introductions Contest & Interviews Board Installation Additional Auction Items Hall of Fame Presidents Speech Winners Closing Live Music, Dancing & Fun to Follow

Convention Speakers 2020 Additional info will be posted on our Facebook page! Mike has been in the auction business for 20 years and is the owner of Redfield Group Auctions, Inc. He graduated auction school at Jacksonville State University where he also attended college. Mike has earned multiple designations from the NAA including CAI, AARE, GPPA, ATS and BAS. He is a licensed auctioneer and real estate agent in most of the southeast states and has conducted auctions in over 40 states, Mexico and the Bahamas. Mr. Fisher is currently an Education Institute Trustee for the National Auctioneers Association and has served on the NAA Conference and Show Education Committee. Mike has been an instructor at the Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University and presented at many state association conferences. He is currently the committee chairman for the Real Estate Workshop at the 2019 Designation Academy in Las Vegas. Mike is finishing his term as the Chairman of the Alabama Auctioneers Association and has been appointed by the governor to the Alabama State Board of Auctioneers where he is currently the Vice Chairman. Mike resides in his hometown of Gadsden, Alabama with his wife Cindy Fisher and has one child, Justin Fisher, who is also an auctioneer and works in the family business. J.B. Robison Sr. founded J.B. Robison Auctioneers/Realtors in 1982. He was the first auctioneer to specialize in the Auction Method of Marketing real estate in the Grand Lake area and continues to be a leader in the field. J.B. has a diverse education background in heavy equipment, commercial equipment, farm equipment, restaurant equipment, business liquidations, antiques, and general personal property. J.B. is also an expert witness appraiser of real and personal property. He is a member of the Oklahoma & National Association of Realtors, Past Member of the OAR Board of Director’s & Committee Member, Northeast Oklahoma Board of Realtors Member, 1991 President of the Northeast Oklahoma, Board of Realtors, 1991 NEOBR “Realtor of the Year”, NEOBR Continuing Education Instructor, Past Member of the NEOBR Board of Directors, National Auctioneer’s Association Member, Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association Lifetime Member, OSAA Hall of Fame Member, Past President & 1988 State Champion Auctioneer, Charter Member of the Oklahoma Chapter of Certified Auctioneers. Five time Past President of the Oklahoma Chapter of Certified Auctioneers, Graduate of CAI, CES, AARE, GPPA, BAS and ATS. 1982 Graduate of Missouri Auction School, Ranked #1 out of 157 Students, Oklahoma Real Estate Commission, Education Instructor, Graduate of the Dan Lalli Real Estate & Appraisal School & has played an active role with the Shrine Club & Elks Lodge.

Morgan Hopson, CAI, is a native of Bonham, Texas and a graduate of Texas Christian University and the Texas Auction Academy. Morgan is a licensed real estate associate in Texas and in Oklahoma as well as a licensed auctioneer. Morgan has experience in several types of auctions, including estates & equipment, however she specializes in farm & ranch, recreational, and luxury real estate as well as benefit auctions. Morgan holds the prestigious Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) from the National Auctioneers Association’s Education Institute. In 2015, Morgan was awarded with the Pat Massart Award at the Certified Auctioneers Institute in Bloomington, IN. Morgan is currently serving as the Oklahoma State Ambassador for the National Auctioneers Association and is a member of the Texas Auctioneers Association as well as the Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association.

Paul Colvin Jr., CAI has been a licensed auctioneer in the State of Arkansas since 1994 and has been a licensed real estate broker since 2004. Paul was the reserve rookie auctioneer champion in 1995 for the state of Arkansas & was named the Millennium Champion during the 2000 AAA Championships. Paul served as President of the AAA in 2016 and 2017 & as the Secretary in 2014 and 2015. Paul opened Block Realty & Auction in 1995 serving the Tri-State Area of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. He also opened Auction Management Corp in 2011 to service national real estate auction accounts. He works as a contract auctioneer for some of the nations leading industrial and commercial auction firms. He is a licensed auctioneer in the state of Arkansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Mississippi, Louisiana and Washington. Member of the National Auctioneers Associations since 1995. He has been a member of the AAA, Certified Auctioneers Institute & the Metro Board of Realtors. Paul has worked as a real estate instructor for Clark Long Real Estate School through 2015. He graduated from the Missouri Auction School, Certified Auctioneers Institute, Benefit Auctioneering Specialist program, World Wide Auctioneer Advance Auctioneer School. Paul was elected Mayor for the City of Tontitown in 2015 until present.

Katie Lappe-Eckhardt has been is the real estate and auction industry for over 20 years. Her main focuses are mobile applications, websites, marketing and advertising. At the young age of 27 Katie became the largest publisher in Kentucky, dominating over a quarter of the state for real estate and auction print publications. Recognized as a forward-thinking leader in the publishing industry she quickly realized that technology was powerful and after working with the Auctioneers of Kentucky for over 15 years she started the company AuctionLook. AuctionLook is an aggregate platform with 30+ websites, bidding platform connect, email campaigns and is the developer of the National App, “Auctioneer.” Katie has also established technology partner relationships between AuctionLook and over 15 State Auctioneer Associations, and for their website integration and is now a board member of Katie is also a loving mother of three and an advocate for autism awareness and educational reform for children and adults with autism and learning disabilities.

Taking it up a Notch…

As our board begins to drill down on final preparations for the upcoming annual Arkansas Auctioneers Association Convention in Hot Springs in January, I’m excited to lay out a totally revamped and refined contest schedule. Competitive auctioneering is something that gets me excited! I’ve been blessed to be a state champion, champion of champions and compete in the IAC twice now. For those who aren’t familiar with auctioneer and ringman competitions, it’s important for me to point out that it’s really not about bragging rights, glory or prize money… Sure those things are a part of it, but in reality, those who compete are doing so because they want to be better. Much the way you rub a knife against a burnishing rod to hone it’s edge to a razor edge, competitions pit the best there are at our chosen craft, both auctioneers and ringmen, and allow us to make each other better. With that said, we’re excited to announce some major improvements to this upcoming year’s contests! Competitions are only exciting and effective when there actually IS stiff competition. For this reason, we’ve opened up our competitions like never before. Even though Arkansas is a license state, multiple surrounding states are not. We have numerous members from those surrounding states that support the auction industry and our state association. Also, even within the boundaries of our state, not all auctioneers have to be licensed… i.e. Livestock Auctioneers. We truly want the participation and involvement of ALL of our fellow auctioneers. For those reasons, we’ve removed the license requirement for the auctioneer competitions this year. If you’re a bid calling auctioneer, we have a competition for you and I’m certain you’ll enjoy yourself ! Additionally, we’ve ramped up the prize money SIGNIFICANTLY! Thanks to the strong leadership our association has had for the last few years, we’re in a better financial state than I can ever remember. We want to put that back to work for our membership and for the good of the auction industry. Make sure and check out the new contest structure, guidelines and HUGE prize money that’s now a part of every single competition. (This information can be found on our website). Finally, one other addition I want to point out is the revival of the “Champion of Champions” competition this year. We’ve opted to make this contest recurring every five years so that our soon to be champions can reunite with champions of years past on a regular basis to further hone their skills. This will be a great event you won’t want to miss! I truly and sincerely hope that you’ll STRONGLY consider competing at this year’s competitions. There really is a division for everyone and you WILL benefit from it! Talk to your fellow auctioneers, to your ringman friends… encourage them to compete. It’s going to be a blast! Can’t wait to see you all there. Kirk Witcher – Secretary /Treasurer, Contest Comittee

Don’t Take a Gamble, Join us in Hot Springs!

Well, it’s time for another article for our newsletter so here goes. I will probably ramble and cover some old ground and hopefully some new. Our convention coming up in January of 2020 will have the theme of “Gangsters” because of the history of our host city of Hot Springs. So let’s talk about a subject that goes with Gangsters and that’s gambling. Now I’m not a big gambler like cards, sports, or racing, but everyday is sort of a gamble. In the auction business like many other businesses, a lot of what we do is gamble. We look at a possible Auction, discuss it with our client and hope based on our experience that we can make it work. So now we’ve signed the contract and the work begins. Scheduling, clean up, sorting, advertising, more of the same day after day. And even with all our checklists, calenders, and notes, I still wonder what I have forgot. So here I am gambling that I’ve done everything I can to make this Auction a successful event. And then comes Auction Day. I always wake up early, if I have slept at all, my mind is clicking off all the things that may still need to be done. Now we’re close to Auction Time and I’m watching cars pulling in, still gambling that I’ve done everything I can to make this work. Well I hope I’m not the only one that goes through this each and every time. But I like to think this is part of the excitement that goes along with our business. I hope that I never lose the thrill I get with each auction that I do even though it’s still a gamble. My point for all my rambling is that being a member of our association takes away some of the risk with each gamble we take. Because we can call on each other and share experiences, situations, and problems to help each of us be better at what we do. Thanks for listening, and I hope each of us feels that we can call on each other when needed. And I hope you can keep the excitement going in your gamble. So don’t take a gamble, join us in Hot Springs for the 2020 Arkansas Auctioneers Association Convention. Learn, laugh, and enjoy a few days with some of your friends and your auction family. Call or Gmail me with suggestions or questions at anytime. Thanks for allowing me to serve on your board of directors. Nick Stover, Director

2019 Junior Bid Calling Champion Shares His Passion For many years, I listened to my father auctioneering, and began picking up the basics from him as I learned the trade for myself. Through this, my dad noticed the passion I had for the trade, and sent me to the World WIde College of Auctioneering. Here they improved my chant and molded it into what it is today. My dad had encouraged me to compete, and once he planted the idea in my head, I just knew that I could win. In February of 2019, I competed in the bid-calling competition at the Hot Springs Convention. Once I was announced the winner, I was extremely excited, and thankful the judges picked me out of the many great competitors. After winning Junior Champion, I began working at sale barns with my dad, selling sheep, goats, and cattle. I also was able to do some benefit auctions for schools and church charities on my own. Winning this title helped build my confidence and brought many opportunities. I would like to encourage young auctioneers like myself, to compete in this contest, because you bring home so much more than a trophy. Carlton Wilcox, 2019 AAA Jr Bid Calling Champion

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2020 AAA Convention Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020 Hotel Hot Springs 305 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, AR 71901 501-623-6600 ext 258 JoElla, Director of Catering Special Room Rates $119 Single, $129 Double plus tax

YOU MATTER to the Arkansas Auctioneers Association! We are striving hard to be the best Association we can be for the Auction Industry and its Auction Professionals! If you have any questions , please feel free to call! Thank you, Shannon Hunter, 2019 President AAA

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Arkansas Auctioneers Association 4th Quarter 2019  

Arkansas Auctioneers Association 4th Quarter 2019