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Carnival vs

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Editorial Welcome to Gozo Amongst us is a double bill weekend with two main calendar events – Carnival and Valentine’s. As many Maltese will be crossing over to Gozo for Carnival, there will still be plenty of love going around as Valentine’s falls on Carnival Sunday. It is time for the crowds to be loud, cheerful, and perhaps mischievous. Then again there will be those who will try to find their own precious space for intimacy and romance. We at Arkadia will be doing our best to support your visit with the various fashion, home, and food options available at our commercial centre. This publication, the first issue of many to come, will try to provide you with staple information needed during your visit to the

sister island. Be it suggestions for shopping, cooking, eating out, or ways to explore Gozo, the purpose of this publication will always be to facilitate your visit and try to make each and every visit to Gozo a fulfilling one. It is important to note that we are regularly opening on Sundays with our foodstore only opening in the morning from 10AM to 1PM while fashion and home outlets are all open in the morning (10AM-1PM) as well as in the evening (4PM-7PM). May the coming weekend be both a fun and romantic one. Hugs and kisses to all… xox

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Table of Contents The Gozo Carnival


Article by Joseph Bezzina | Photos by Matthew Green

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Recipes and photos by Claire Borg

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The Gozo


Article by

Joseph Bezzina

Photos by

Matthew Green

The Gozo carnival has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, a spectator rather than a participator. From the time I could walk I can remember the atmosphere that I experienced on the wondrous days before sombre Lent. The masquerades, the revelry, and the tastes are forever imprinted upon my mind. Carnival, both the festival and word, are related to Christian Lent. It is in fact held on the six days preceding Lent, from GiovedÏ Gras to Mardi Gras, from Thursday to Shrove Tuesday. The word actually refers to Lent. It is derived from two Latin words, carne levare or the putting away of esh, in reference to the forty day period of Lent when fasting and abstinence from meat and its derivatives were practiced by the majority.

The carnival in Gozo dates back to the late Middle Ages. It was a small affair in the beginning; nonetheless it allowed the islanders to relax, to release their burdens, and to recur to revelry. To the dismay of some, it also served as a medium of propagating vices. In the beginning it was characterised by people wearing all sorts of outlandish costumes roaming the streets late in the evening and at night. The naughtiest, albeit the most characteristic, enveloped their naked body in a white bed sheet to feign as ghosts.

your Gozo guide - 9

Feature Next to be introduced was the komittiva dancing – in which the young and not so young of the village of Xaghra excelled. The dance is carried out by an allmale company of twenty four, half dressed as men, the other half as women. The dancers, holding alternatively a white and red ribbon tied to a pole in the middle, dance to music round the pole forming a design with the ribbons as they move around. It soon

became the traditional Carnival dance in Gozo. The parade with carnival floats, grotesque masks, dancing companies, and brass bands was ushered in early in the twentieth century. It was only in the 1950s that carnival balls were first held in Gozo in the former BI or British Institute at It-Tokk. Before long, the balls made way for the less informal discos at which revelry and merrymaking reached their very best. Besides various competitions involving costumes, dancing, grotesque masks, and floats, the organised events include also traditional folkloristic dances and lately a carnival for school children. The main events take place in an enclosure in Pjazza Indipendenza at the very heart of Rabat-Gozo.

10 - your Gozo guide

Since a score of years, a popular spontaneous carnival takes place at Nadur, providing a hint of traditional satire during this time. Thousands of people from all over Malta and Gozo and from all walks of life join the Nadurin in fancy dress and a thousand and one mask. They walk up and down the main street dressed, or barely dressed. The merrymaking proceeds well into the night.

T: 2155 4035

Carnival in Gozo also provides a special treat for the taste. The earliest were the perlini, ovalshaped sweets made of sugar and mint. As young children we used to follow a reveler chanting: Maskerat tini perlini, ghax warajk ghandek xadina – give me a perlina, as there is monkey at your back. At which, if he was not that poor, he would shower us with a handful of perlini. Next came the helu tal-lewz, almonds coated with sugar available in a wide array of colours. Of Sicilian origin, is the more costly prinjolata, a bell-shaped cake made from pine nuts and sponge cake topped with cream. It is very delicious!


9PM: Nadur Spontaneous Carnival, Church Street

Saturday, 13 February 10AM: Victoria Parade with the participation of dance companies from Gozo schools starting from Saint Francis Square leading to a kids carnival to be held at Independence Square.

Friday, 12 February 10AM: Victoria Kids Carnival at Saint Augustine Square. All dance companies will parade from Saint Francis Square. 7PM: Victoria Gozo Carnival Opening at Saint Augustine Squareb with the participation of dance companies, musical groups, grotesque masks, and Carnival floats. Entrance in free. 7:30PM: Xaghra Folkloristic Carnival at Victory Square. 12 - your Gozo guide

7:30PM: Victoria “La Notte in Maschera” – Evening Carnival with a variety of activities for all ages organised in the main streets of Victoria. This event is organized by the Victoria Local Council. 7:30PM: Xaghra Kids Carnival at Square.


9PM: Nadur Spontaneous Carnival, Church Street

Sunday, 14 February 10AM: Xaghra Family carnival with a parade starting from Maria Bambina

Events Street. Carnival specatacle organized at Victory Square from 11:30AM onwards. 3PM: Victoria Grand parade throughout Republic Street with the participation of dance companies, musical groups, grotesque masks, and Carnival floats. Parade to be followed by a Carnival spectacle to be held at Independence Square. Entrance into the enclosure will be permitted on presentation of a ticket costing €5 that can be purchased from the Banca Giuratale. 9PM: Nadur Spontaneous Carnival, Church Street

Monday, 15 February 9PM: Nadur Spontaneous Carnival, Church Street

Tuesday, 16 February 6:30PM: Victoria Final parade and spectacle of the Gozo Carnival throughout Republic Street, Victoria. 14 - your Gozo guide

9PM: Nadur Spontaneous Carnival, Church Street 4:30PM: McDonalds, Arkadia Carnival Party Booking required Tel: 2155 9662

EXHIBITIONS Sea and Island 11 – 16th Feb 2010 Banca Giuratale Time: 8.00 – 14.00

An art exhibition by Thomas Suske. On Saturday and Sunday, the exhibition will be open from 9AM to noon.

La Grotta: Rio – The Carnival Edition


10PM: Victoria D-Code: Pure Classics

Friday, 12 February 10PM: Victoria KU Club: Ruby&Friends - Arabia D-Code: Loco Carnival Party

Saturday, 13 February

KU Club: Official Nadur Carnival After-Party with Duncan F 10PM: Xlendi La Grotta: Revolution – by Miss Roberta

10PM: Xlendi If you would like to include an activity in our guide please e-mail: WHAT GIRL WANTS THIS VALENTINES IS AT



Valentine’s Day


There are various theories on the origin of Valentine’s Day, But the most popular dates back to the time of the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius II, 270 AD. Claudius didn’t want men to marry during wartime because he believed single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret wedding ceremonies. For this, Valentine was jailed and was then executed by order of the Emperor on February 14. While in jail, he wrote a love note to the jailor’s daughter signing it, “From your Valentine.” Sound familiar?

16 - your Gozo guide

Photography by:

George Saguna Assisted by Armand Sciberras


Joanne Vella Styling:

Maria Muscat Assisted by Rodienne Xerri


Lara Theuma (Toni&Guy – Arkadia, Gozo)


Daniela Sacco

“It is time for the crowds to be loud, cheerful, and perhaps mischievous. Then again there will be those who will try to find their own precious space for intimacy and romance.


FROM LEFT: Red Lazy Chair, €255, Arkadia Home | Magazines from Circle-A | FREE bottle of PKNT Rose with a purchase of a MERCI or HAMLET chocolate box, Arkadia Foodstore | Artificial Roses, €1.9 Teddy Bear, €25.51, Arkadia Home | White Angel, €45, things* - Wings, €20, things* | Joanne in Flower Dress, €49.95, Miss Selfridge – Blue Boots, €10.65, Peacocks – Red Top, €12.90, Orsay | Trench | Joanne in Black Leggings, €4.95, Peacocks – Top, €56, Miss Sixty – Shoes, €23.15, Boulevard – Black Ring, €4.75, things* - D&G Watch, €113.75, Sun Lab – Bracelet, €4.25 each, things* - Lighted


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What’s Cooking

Some easy cooking suggestions while staying over on Gozo.

Recipes & photos by

Claire Borg


Pasta with Cauliflour and Gozo Peppered Cheese. • 1 small Cauliflour – washed and cut into florettes • 4 pieces fresh garlic – peeled and finely chopped • 1 small can of anchovies in oil • olive oil • sea salt and pepper • black olives • 2 Gozo Peppered Cheeselets • 500grms of Spaghetti • Salted Boiling water to cook pasta and cauliflour Bring the water to the boil and cook the cauliflour for around 8 minutes. Using kitchen thongs or a large fork, remove the cauliflour from the boiling water and cook pasta in the same water. Meanwhile, in a large pan, heat up some olive oil and add the anchovy fillets and cook until they crumble up. Add the garlic, being careful not to burn it, and cook together with anchovies. Roughly chop the cauliflour and add. Mix well and add the olives. When the pasta is cooked, drain and

add to the other ingredients. Add more olive oil, fresh black pepper and the finely chopped Gozo cheese on top. Serve warm.

Quick Ftira Pizzas Ftira type bread or ciabatta (cut open, lengthways)

Parma and Rocket Topping • • • • • • •

6 tbsp Tomato passata 2 tbsp Pesto 2 Mozzarella di Bufala 6 Slices Parma Ham Olive oil Sea Salt and Pepper Rocket leaves Mix the passata and pesto together and spread over the two halves of the bread. Slice the Bufala Mozzarella and place half of it on the bread. Bake on 180 Degrees Celsius (medium) oven for about 10 minutes until golden. Take out of the oven and place the Parma ham and remaining mozzarella on top and bake for a further 3 minutes. Out of the oven, garnish with rocket leaves and season with salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. your Gozo guide - 27

What’s Cooking pepper and before placing in the oven drizzle with some olive oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake for about 15 minutes on 180 Degrees Celsius (medium) oven or until golden.

Chocolate Fondue


Fresh Gozo Cheese and Local Sausage Topping • 4 Local Fresh Sheep Cheeslets • 1 piece local sausage – skin removed • Thyme • black pepper • olive oil • sesame seeds Crumble the sheep cheese over the two bread halves. Place lumps of local sausage over it, sprinkle with thyme and black 28 - your Gozo guide

• 200grams Good quality Dark Chocolate (or milk if preferred) • 50 ml fresh Cream • Pinch of cinnamon (optional) • Pinch of Ground Chilly (optional) • Selection of Fresh Fruits (washed, peeled and cut) • Marshmallows or Biscuits Place an ovenproof bowl half submerged in a pot of water and place on a low flame. When the chocolate starts to melt, add the cream and spices and stir until all the chocolate is evenly dissolved. Transfer the chocolate into the fondue mould and light the candle under it to keep it warm. Dip the washed, chopped fruits into the chocolate and enjoy!

Fondue Set, €15 Arkadia Home, Level 2


What’s Cooking Vodka Jellies

Shooter Glasses, €0.84 each Arkadia Home, Level 2

• 1 Packet Fruit Jelly • Boiling water • Vodka Follow the packet instructions on how to make jelly. Instead of using the whole stated amount of water, substitute half of it with vodka. Pour into ice moulds, glasses or shooters, leave to cool, then refrigerate until the jelly sets.

All the ingredients featured in the recipes above are available from:


Monday - Saturday 8PM - 7PM Sunday 10PM - 1PM VODKA JELLIES

Collect a FREE copy from Arkadia Foodstore


JAN - FEB 20 10


Saquella Bar Italia Gran Size Gusto Was Sacla Bla Now ck Olive 250g 2.35 Lea And Per 1.99 rins Worche 200g ster Sauce 1.85 Heinz Bak 1.57 ed Beans 290ml In Tomato 2.1 Heinz Mum Sauce 7 1.84 `S Own Veg 200g /Ch ick/ 0.58 Elle Vire Who Casserole 0.49 le Milk 128g 0.84 Swiss Mis 0.71 s Milk Cho 1ltr c Mix w/M 1.05 Mer 20Chi 10ck allows 0.89 FEBysa Peas JAN - Pam 2.33 Original Oil 1.98 Spray WAS €0.43 0.43 Pam Butter 0.37 Oil Spray 170g NOW 3.75 Pam 3.19 170g €0.37 ISSUE NO:1Mer baking oil spray 3.75 ysa chick 3.19 peas 3.75 Golden drop 3.19 JAN - FEB 201 sunflower 500g 0 0.43 Merysa Red 0.37 Kidney Bea 1ltr ns 1.15 Merysa Can 0.98 nellini Bea 500g ns 0.47 Vitaly’s Cap 0.40 ers 500g 0.43 Fontinella 0.37 Fillets Anc 370ml hovy 1.51 Realmar Anc 1.28 hovy Fille 50g ts In Oil 0.68 Scottish Prid 0.58 e Double 50g Cream 0.86 Mutti Pizz 0.73 a Sauce 210 125ml g 0.85 Mutti Pas 0.72 sata in Jar 0.66 WAS €2.88 0.56 700gr NOW 1.20 Cereals 1.02 €2.45 Quaker Cru esli Oat So Simple Quaker Cru esli Choc 324g 3.97 3.37 500g 2.90 2.47 M







Arkadia Value leaflet included inside Get that little bit extra with a quick pick of 100 discounted products.




8 ' 9:.03*0,;<9=>-?3 2@$



   !  "#  $  %  %   "   #








 & 55&







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6#  7


     & &  ' 






34 - your Gozo guide

Our bistro is the sort of place only locals know about but with the food and ambiance to charm all. Our menu is a satisfying mix of the best local delicacies, pizza, pasta, and grills. Traditional




nights served on request.

8/9 Assumption Street / 18 Mons. Luigi Vella Street, Victoria, Gozo | T: 2701 9270 | M: 9901 9270

Useful Contact Numbers Police: 2156 2040 Emergency Line: 112 Gozo General Hospital: 2156 1600 Tourist Office: 2155 0254 Gozo Channel Co. Ltd: 2210 9000

Pharmacies open this Sunday: Batu Pharmacy Palm Street, Victoria Tel: 2155 1841 Gozo Chemist Mgarr Road, Xewkija Tel: 2155 7278





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Issue 1 | 11 Feb ‘10 - LAUNCH ISSUE - Carnival/Valentine's

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