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Editorial Welcome to Gozo Summer is nearly over. Just a few weeks left to enjoy your deserved moment of relaxation with your family. School time is around the corner and from kids to youths, bye-bye summer, hello school benches. There is still a lot going on in Gozo in September. Delicata are organising their annual wine festival in Nadur this week. Xaghra are celebrating ‘Il-Vitorja’ as Wednesday is a public holiday. And there are a number of other events going on as we will soon recollect our summer memories as autumn approaches. In this issue we have published an article about Gozo’s megalithic link – the Ggantija Temples situated in Xaghra. It is quite amazing to know

that these temples in little Gozo are one of the oldest, if not the oldest free standing stone structure in the world. Even older than Stonehenge. Case in point that we should have more appreciation and pride in our own heritage and tourist attractions. Arkadia will be OPEN ALL DAY on Wednesday, 8 September. New arrivals are pouring in with new additions to check out at Piazza Italia, Peacocks, and Orsay. Make sure you get your hands on a FREE BBQ2GO pack from our foodstore. The summer is nearly over and our foodstore offer will be ending with it. Have a sizzling time in Gozo.

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Table of Contents Ggantija Temples Article courtesy of Heritage Malta


Gozo Beaches - Wied il-Ghasri


Information on one of Gozo’s lesser known beaches

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.Feature Ggantija Temples

Gozo’s link back to the megalithic ages

Courtesy of

Heritage Malta

The Ġgantija Temples consist of two megalithic temples surrounded by a massive common boundary wall and dating to between 3600 BC and 3200 BC. One of the most striking features of the entire complex, the boundary wall, is built using the header and stretcher technique, with the megaliths alternating face out and edge out to provide structural stability. The name of the complex is derived from the Maltese word “ġgant” meaning giant.

The Ġgantija Temples in Xagħra, Gozo, are one of the most important archaeological sites in the Maltese Islands. Their listing on the UNESCO World Heritage List makes them a site of universal significance.

8 - your Gozo guide

The megalithic site of Ġgantija must always have raised some curiosity in the local population, and even before it was first excavated by Colonel John Otto Bayer in 1827, the gigantic ruins were for a long time associated with a mysterious race of giants, eventually giving rise to the name of the site, “ġgant” being Maltese for giant. From as early as the 16th century down to the present day, Ġgantija has always attracted visitors to the island, and thanks to notable artists and distinguished visitors, we are in possession of priceless drawings and paintings of the site even before its excavation in the early 19th century. One of the most striking features of the entire complex is the enormity of the megaliths in which it is constructed, and the considerably good state of preservation, notwithstanding the age of the monument. This is perhaps most significant in the boundary wall which encloses the two temples, and which is built in rough coralline limestone blocks standing at right angles so as to provide enough support for the smaller courses of

stone in the upper levels. Some of the megaliths exceed five metres in length and weigh over fifty tons. The hard-wearing locally-quarried coralline limestone is used extensively at Ġgantija, and is one of the reasons behind the preservation of the monument. The softer Globigerina limestone is reserved for inner furnishings such as doorways, altars, and decorative slabs. Each temple consists of a number of apses flanking a central corridor. This architectural style is reflected in all the megalithic temples of Malta, with the number of apses varying according to the period in which the temple was constructed. The inwardly inclined walls suggest that the temples were roofed over, possibly making use of timber beams, reeds and clay for waterproofing. There is evidence for the internal walls to have been plastered and painted over, as proven by two plaster fragments with red ochre originating from Ġgantija and preserved at the Gozo Museum of Archaeology.

Excavations have brought to light the remains of animal bone, thus suggesting some sort of ritual involving animal sacrifice. The use of fire is evidenced by the presence of stone hearths. A number of

libation holes in the floor may have been used for the pouring of liquid offerings. The innermost sections of the temples were possibly screened off from the outer parts. It is probable that during ceremonial activities, the congregation would have assembled outside the temple complex, since the large forecourt in front of the two temples was purposely raised by the same temple builders, and is a common feature in Maltese temple architecture. Of particular interest are a small number of prehistoric objects found at Ġgantija, and today preserved at the Gozo Museum of Archaeology. These include two stone heads, in typical artistic style of the Temple Period, a large stone block with a snake relief, and a phallic symbol. Ġgantija was in use for about a thousand years, after which time it was abandoned and later used as a cremation site by Bronze Age inhabitants. your Gozo guide - 9

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Gozo Beaches

Wied il-Ghasri Wied il-Ghasri has its source at Dbiegi Hill. It winds its way through Ghasri between Zebbug and Giordan Hill and flows into the sea between very high impressive cliffs. Wied il-Ghasri is very popular with divers who like to explore the surrounding underwater caves. The very narrow bay is a haven for those who seek a quiet bathing area. A very interesting spot in this place is a cave close to the shore in which a shaft was hewn up to the top of the steep cliffs. A mill made up of several pails used to be rigged up in order to bring up the sea water to fill the neighbouring saltpans. How to get there: Drive to Marsalforn and go to Qbajjar. Then drive through the coast road overlooking the salt pans. At the end of the road walk straight ahead and you will find some stone steps that will lead you down to the beach. Source:

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What’s On

An Evening with Versatile Brass

University Gozo Campus, Mgarr Road, Xewkija 3 September 2010, 8PM

The University of Malta - Gozo Campus will be organising its annual summer activity, featuring Versatile Brass . The programm will include various musical works from the ensamble s vast repertoire. Please call on 21564559 or e-mail to ugc@ to reserve a seat.

LIVE: Mistaken Identity Independence Square, Victoria 3 September 2010, 8pm onwards

Delicata Wine Festival

Nadur, Gozo 3, 4, 5 September 2010 For the seventh consecutive year, following the wine festival in Valletta, Delicata in conjunction with Nadur local council will be taking its wine festival to the viticultural heart of Gozo, Nadur. Once again this sleepy, idyllic Gozitan village will come alive as the wine festival gets underway at the Gnien il-Kunsill. The festival will open at 7.00pm and the last wines will be served at 11.30pm before closing at midnight. Live entertainment every evening.

14 - your Gozo guide

Over twenty quality Gozitan and Maltese wines will be available. People who wish to try the wines need only purchase a souvenir wine glass, which is theirs to keep. Then just show the correct coloured wristband (there will be a different colour each night) and present the glass at any wine stand and visitors can try as many wines, as often as they like. There will also be a number of food stalls offering some delicious foods like sucking pig, oriental dishes, pasta, rabbit etc. There is also a seated dining area, ‘The Channel View’ grill. For more information on the Delicata Gozo Wine Festival telephone the Nadur local council on tel: 2155 8080 2155 8080 or check their website – or telephone Emmanuel Delicata on tel: 2182 5199

Eller Van Buuren & Chris Jones Live

La Grotta, Xlendi (Gozo) 11 September at 22:00 - 04:00am For the second consecutive time, OldSkool Promo will be organizing their yearly event dedicated to the islanders of Gozo. This year we are proud to announce that world famous guitarist Eller Van Buuren (Zocalo, White Sand) along with vocalist Chris Jones (Going Wrong), both will be performing live at La Grotta on the 11th September 2010. Local talent includes; Alvin Gee, Jo Micali, Mr.M & Jaymee, Permenent State, Clay B, Carlo Gerada and Aronic, while ‘The Cave’ will be hosted by Sane Clubbing and will feature Clayton Sane, Adrian Lauri, Roltek, and Aaron. €12 tickets will be available at the door.

Feast of the Birth of Our Lady - Il-Vittorja Xaghra Thursday 2nd to Wednesday 8th September 2009


Xaghra celebrates the feast of its Patron Saint, Maria Bambina, the Church being dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary. The festivities are therefore meant to honour Our Lady, the Mother of God, on her birthday - 8th September (this year Her 2025th birthday). It is a public holiday with strong historical ties. In fact, the feast day is more popularly known as “Il-Vitorja’’ (The Victory) and the Madonna known as Our Lady of Victory.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES IN THE BASILICA Sat. 4 Sep: First Day of Triduum 19:00 Church Service - Mass - Orchestra and Choir - Director Mr. R. Camilleri. Sun. 5 Sep: Second Day of Triduum 19:00 Same as on Saturday. Mass by H.L. Mgr Angelo Kujur S.J., Bishop of Dumka, India. Mon. 6 Sep: Third Day of Triduum 19:00 Church Service same as on Saturday. Tue. 7 Sep: Eve of Feast 09:00 Solemn Concelebration of the Holy Eucharist led by Mgr. Giov. B. Gauci, Vicar General. 18:30 Translation with the relic and Church Service presided over by H.L. Mgr Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo. Wed. 8 Sep: FESTA DAY – BIRTH OF THE VIRGIN MARY 09:00 Pontifical Solemn Mass presided by H.L. Mgr. Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo. 19:00 Procession with the statue of Our Lady leaves the Basilica.

What’s On


Fri. 3 Sep: 21:30 On Victory Square, Musical Programme by Victory Band, under the direction of Mro. Joseph Galea L.C.M. Sat. 4 Sep: 21:30 Band March – Ite Ad Joseph Band of Qala. Sun 5 Sep: 08:00 Horse Races on the main road leading to Victoria from Xaghra. 21:30 Band Marches by Leone Band (Victoria) and Santa Margerita Band (Sannat) Mon. 6 Sep: 21:15 Ground Fireworks in front of Nazzarenu Church. 21:30 Grand manifestation with statue of the Bambina from Nazzarenu Church to Victory Square. Victory Band (Xag]ra) and Santa Marija Band (|ebbug) accompany playing marches. Tue. 7 Sep: 10:00 Commemoration and re enactment of the Two Sieges on Victory Square – a must see. 18:00 Band March by Victory Band from the band club premises to Victory Square. 20:45 Flames of Victory – Unique Spectacular Synchronised Fireworks display from Nuffara Hill (viewing from near the Playing Field). 21:30 Band March - Mnarja Band (Nadur) followed by Musical Programme on Victory Square and another by St Joseph Band (G] ajnsielem). 22:00 Hilarious band march - Victory Band (Xaghra) and St Joseph Band (Ghajnsielem). Midnight: Ground Fireworks display on Victory Square. Wed. 8 Sep: 11:30 Band March - Beland Band (|ejtun) and Precursor Band (Xewkija). 18:00 Band March - Victory Band (Xag]ra) and Leone Band (Victoria). 19:00 Victory Band greets the Statue of the Bambina playing the Hymn under the direction of Mro. Joseph Galea L.C.M. and then accompanies the procession playing religious marches. 19:30 Band Concert by the Leone Band on Victory Square. 22:30 Last Band March by Victory Band.

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Recipes by

Ricotta and Spinach Tortelloni, Crispy Prosciutto, Butter & Sage Sauce

Ingredients (serves 4) For Pasta Ikg flour 10 eggs ( whole) Pinch of salt Extra origin olive oil For Sauce 3 tablespoon butter 4 sage leaves For Filling Shallots Baby spinach leave 200g ricotta Parmesan ( grated) For Garnish 8 slices Parma ham Parmesan sharing’s

Method Make the pasta dough by combining flour and eggs with a pinch of salt and a table spoon of olive oil. Knead by hand and let it rest at least half an hour afterwards. Filling: Sauté two chopped shallots in some butter and olive oil and add two handfuls of spinach leaves. Season with salt and pepper. Remove it from the heat and let it cool down to mix this with ricotta and parmesan until a paste is formed. Use a rolling pin to prepare pieces of 4 by 4 squares and put a teaspoon of the mixture in the middle. Close the tortellini diagonally with the use of egg and form a triangle. Boil the tortellini for five minutes in salted water. Melt some butter and add chopped sage leaves when it’s framing. Season with salt and pepper. Sauté the tortellini in the butter sage for a few minutes and remove it from the heat. Serve the tortellini with some sautéed Parma ham and parmesan shavings.





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The Plaza


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Mediterranean Pan Roasted Red Snapper with Asparagus & Orange Salad

Ingredients (serves 4) 4 fillets of red snapper ( 150 g each) 24 fresh Asparagus 8 leaves mixed salad (iceberg, rocket, raddico and romaine lettuce) 8 leaves mint, parsley, dill 2 oranges Olive oil Salt and pepper

Method Clean the fish, fillet it and cut into a nice portion. Clean the salad, leaves and herbs and mix it together. Peel the orange, cut it into fillets and mix with the salad leaves. Pan-roast the fish, skin side down first, drizzle some olive oil and salt and pepper. Boil the asparagus to a crunchy texture. Place the salad nicely on the plate and drizzle with some olive oil. Place the asparagus and put the fish on top. Serve with some red pepper or basil pesto.

Recipes by


Black Fig Pancakes with a Fruit Compote

Ingredients 6 fresh figs (in-season) Touch of sugar Orange juice For Pancakes: 4 eggs 400g flour 500ml milk Touch of vanilla and oil 90g sugar For Fruit Compote: fresh and dried fruits Touch of honey Method Cut the fresh figs into quarters, cook with some sugar and orange juice for few seconds. Leave a part. In the meantime whisk the eggs with milk, vanilla and sugar, add flour and oil. Mix very well. No lumps have to be inside. If this occurs pass it through a sieve. Fry the pancakes in a pancake pan. Put a spoon full of this mix and fry on both side until golden brown. Mix the fresh and dried fruits together with a touch of honey. Plate the pancakes together with the fig compote and fruits. It is best to serve the pancakes warm.

Autumn ‘10

Zachary Street


Naxxar Road




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Tourist Office: 2156 1419 Gozo Channel Co. Ltd: 2210 9000 Arkadia Commercial Centre: 2210 3000

Pharmacies open this weekend Sunday 5th September

Wednesday 8th September

Tac-Cawla Pharmacy 7th June 1919 street, Victoria

Abelaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pharmacy 42, Triq G.P.F. Agius De Soldanis, Victoria

Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pharmacy Triq Il-Qbajjar, Marsalforn

Xaghra Pharmacy 157, Triq il-Knisja, Xaghra

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± stationary± [KPWWT±IKKM[[WZQM[± books Arkadia Commercial Centre, Victoria – Gozo | Tel: 2210 3311

Eating Out Marsalforn


Ristorante Arzella

Marina Street T: 2155 6800 | M: 7920 3623 E:

Whether it’s a relaxing lunch or a romantic dinner you’re looking for, the terraced ‘Ristorante Arzella’ is the ideal venue. Enjoy a sumptuous assault on your senses whilst savouring food cooked to perfection. The menu offers a selection of mouth-watering dishes including fresh grilled local fish, a variety of seafood, pasta dishes and meat, catering for everyone’s taste. Enjoy your meal while sampling from an extensive wine list. while you sit back and feast your eyes on spectacular sea views while also overlooking the Marsalforn Menqa.

Specialising in Mediterranean and Gozitan cuisines. Chef patron Gordon and your host Brian will ensure that you’ll have a unique eating experience. From daily fresh fish and lobster to locally reared fresh game and a wide selection of pasta and risotto’s. The tastiest dishes such as home-made duck-ravioli with black truffle and the stuffed boned pigeon squab are a must. The menu also offers you with a section entirely for the island’s native and traditional dishes; that is to let you taste the freshest produce of Gozo. La Trattoria also offers a delicious set menu. Pizza and kids menu also served. Good location, quality food, at reasonable prices.

Marina Street T: 21554662 | M: 79409924 E:

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner (excluding dinner on Monday)

Lounge twentyone

Il-Menqa, T: 2155 3358 | M: 9922 8637 E:

Your seaview rendezvous that combines style and comfort right at the heart of Marsalforn. Whether for a chilled bottle of wine at sunset, accompanied by a variety of platters/salads/pasta/pizza or a wholesome late-night snack on your night out, we will entertain you further. Our chef prepares weekly specials using the freshest beef, game, and local fish.

Open for Lunch and dinner daily.


Martin Garces Street, Yacht Marina, T: 2156 3317 | M: 9944 4999 E: W:

Our restaurant specializes in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. One can admire the stunning views of the Mgarr Harbour and the Yacht Marina, whilst our chef and his team make sure that you enjoy their unique creations.

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner. Closed on Wednesdays. 26 - your Gozo guide

Qbajjar HORIZON - The Perfect Family Restaurant Triq il-Qolla il-Bajda T: 2156 3685 | T / F: 2156 1804 E: W:

Situated at the most quiet and peaceful area in the island next to the Qbajjar Tower. Offering the best prices. Our menu has a wide selection of entrées`, soups, pasta, meat, fresh fish and pizza. Barbeque night with live music every Thursday. Birthday, bachelors, hens, anniversary parties are accepted. We have also sea view apartments for short and long let.

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner

Victoria Maldonado Bistro

17 Mons Luigi Vella Street, T: 2701 9270 M: 9901 9270 E:

Our bistro is the sort of place only locals know about but with the food and ambiance to charm all. Our menu is a satisfying mix of the best local delicacies, pizza, pasta, and grills. Traditional ‘Fenkata’ and ‘Majjalata’ nights served on request. Our bistro is situated in the street which links you from Kercem up to Sabina Square which leads you to the centre of Victoria.

September: Open for Dinner from Friday to Sunday

Eating Out Ramla Bay



Churchill Bar Pizzeria & Restaurant

Ramla Bay, Gozo Tel: 21 55 22 35 Mob: 99 42 58 30 E mail:

Situated and endorsed in its uniqueness and magnificence of the most beautiful sandy beach on the island, this family run business has been operating since 1950 by grand parents Maria and Frencu known as ‘Tal-Marwell’. Presently is being run by one of the daughters Rose who invites you to indulge in this unique atmosphere and enjoy the wide selection of mouth-watering dishes, from pasta and pizza to meat dishes and fresh fish. We also specialise in home made ice creams. We cater for groups, parties and BBQ’s on request.

Open daily from 9.30am till 11.00pm

Triq ix-Xatt, T: 2155 5614 | M: 9944 1880 E:

Our establishment is conveniently situated at the water edge of Xlendi Bay. Situated on the left side of the bay, we serve a wide range of delicacies from traditional Maltese food, to pizza, to fresh fish. We specialise in serving traditional Maltese food such as rabbit and beef olives (bragjoli). We are reasonably priced as we cater for groups of friends and families. Enjoy Xlendi Bay while eating out at Churchill.

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner. SUMMER 2010 TIMETABLE From 21st June till 26th September 2010





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* (Mon - Fri Exc. PH) ** (Sat, Sun & PH)

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ZEBBUG Ref: 2575

Sole Agents

€195, 000/Lm83, 713

Exceptionally maintained Double Fronted 3 bedroom, Fully Furnished, APARTMENT situated on High Grounds enjoying Stunning picturesque views of Ghasri Village and surrounding valley Views. Main bedroom also overlooks the views. Main Bathroom and Toilet/Shower. OPEN VIEWS

QALA Ref: 2317

XAGHRA Ref: 2565

€255, 000/Lm109, 471

A State of the Art Cliff Edge 2 bedroom APARTMENT foreign designer finishes and fully Furnished. Lounge/dining area leading onto South Facing Terrace overlooking stunning views, Separate Kitchen (fully Equipped Modern), Includes boxroom/ washroom. Parquet floor throughout. TRULY SUPERB

GHARB €128, 000/Lm54, 950

An Excellent (shell form) APARTMENT situated on Very High grounds enjoying Stunning Sea and country Views from Terrace (15ft by 15ft). This top floor property offers a combined Lounge/ dining/Kitchen leading onto Terrace and views, 2 bedrooms and Bathroom. Optional lock-Up 2 car Garage. Served with lift. PRICED TO SELL

Ref: 2563

€314, 465/Lm135, 000

Recently built, 4 bedroom RUSTIC HOUSE set on high grounds enjoying most pleasant country and Distant sea Views from all floors including from pool area. Included in Price is an interconnecting 3/4 Car Garage. Being sold in Shell Form. Very Rare location. STUNNING SURROUNDINGS.

QALA Ref: 2437

Sole Agents

€210, 000/Lm90, 153

Exceptionally maintained, Foreign owned 3 bedroom ( 3 bath) FULLY FURNISHED RUSTIC HOUSE forming part of an Exclusive Development close to all amenities. Combined/Lounge/dining/Kitchen (fully Equipped modern) overlooking its OWN private SWIMMING POOL .


Sole Agents

€138, 597/Lm59, 500

A Brand New Top Floor 2/3 bedroom APARTMENT Finished to High Specifications and Tastefully FURNISHED situated close to bay enjoying Open country Views from a fair sized South facing Terrace. Served with Lift. (would consider part exchange with a flat in Msida, University area)

FONTANA Ref: 2560

€325, 000/Lm139, 522

An Authentic FARMHOUSE presently being expertly converted and to be sold in shell form situated on a Valley Edge, in the oldest part of this quaint village; offering a vaulted Entrance, leading to lounge area, dining/kitchen overlooking a fair sized south Facing Swimming pool and Deck/ BBq Area, 3 Double bedrooms (all en-suite) and guest toilet. Permit for a 4th bedroom approved. Includes a large Wine Cellar and many other traditional features including a very old stone balcony. Lovely Terraces overlooking the open valley Views. Can be sold completely Finished at €380, 000 / Lm163, 134 VERY PEACEFUL SURROUNDINGS

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