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Poached Egg on Toast with Tomato & Cucumber Relish

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Ingredients 1 egg 1 slice toasted 1 bunch washed mixed lettuce (lollo rosso, lollo bianco, iceberg) 1 tomato 1 cucumber 3 tbsp white vinegar 2 tsp olive oil Method Poach the egg in a small pot filled with salted water and vinegar for 3 minutes leaving the yolk runny. Cut the tomato and cucumber into small dice, mix together adding 1 tsp olive oil, toss the lettuce together with the rest of the olive oil. Plate the lettuce at the side of the plate, top with the toasted bread, and finish off with the poached egg. On the other side place the mixed tomato and cucumber relish. Serve immediately.

Your Gozo Guide 11  
Your Gozo Guide 11  

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