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A look back at the Daily Wildcat’s top five news stories of the year By Eliza Molk


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Regents OK 2012-13 tuition freeze

For the first time in 20 years, tuition for resident undergraduates will not increase next school year. The Arizona Board of Regents decided this in a unanimous vote on April 5. The regents have increased tuition for these students by more than 20 percent each of the last three years, and will keep tuition and mandatory fees for both incoming and continuing resident undergraduate students steady at $10,035.

The UA gets a new president

The Arizona Board of Regents appointed Ann Weaver Hart to be the next UA president, effective July 1, on Feb. 17. Hart, who is the current president of Temple University in Pennsylvania, was chosen by a 23-member search committee composed of UA faculty, regents, student leaders and community members. The search committee looked at more than 80 candidate prospects, though more than 100 people were nominated for the position. Hart’s contract runs until June 30, 2015.



Students in Mexican-American studies fight ban in local schools

Ethnic studies courses were removed from the Tucson Unified School District’s curriculum on Jan. 10 to comply with House Bill 2281, which sought to end ethnic studies in public schools throughout the state. Under the bill, these courses violated the policy “that public school pupils should be taught to treat and value each other as individuals and not be taught to resent or hate other races or classes of people.” The Associated Students of the University of Arizona held a forum on the UA Mall to address the ban on March 19, and the UA’s Faculty Senate and Graduate and Professional Student Council as well as ASUA released formal statements opposing the legislation.

Tucson Modern Streetcar construction hits campus, surrounding areas The city of Tucson started construction for the Tucson Modern Streetcar, officially named Sun Link, in April. The streetcar line will start just west of Interstate 10 and travel through the downtown area and onto Fourth Avenue. From there, it will turn onto University Boulevard and pass through campus via Second Street, ending at the Arizona Health Sciences Center. Construction has caused closures along Fourth Avenue, Congress Street and University Boulevard, among others. The project is slated to be completed and running in late 2013.


UA Health Network bans smoking and tobacco products outside of hospitals


The network, which oversees the University of Arizona Medical Center-University Campus, the University of Arizona Medical Center–South Campus and dozens of clinics in Tucson and Southern Arizona, banned outside smoking in all forms on Jan. 1 — including in the hospital’s parking lot. “Butt huts,” or designated smoking areas, were also banned. Administrators in the network said that as a leading health care institution, it was appropriate to have a tobacco-free environment. The network now offers free programs and services to employees, patients and their families to help them quit smoking.

Failed legislation brings relief

Photo Illustration by Kyle Mittan / Daily Wildcat

Senate Bill 1474 would have allowed firearms on college campuses around the state, sparking controversy among faculty and students alike. The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Ron Gould, pulled the legislation on March 27.

Student government, clubs lobby for failure of bills that would allow guns on campus, tuition charges By Brittny Mejia Daily Wildcat

Campus leaders rejoiced after they helped force the failure of efforts to allow guns on campus or create a minimum tuition charge. Senate Bill 1474 would have allowed firearms on college campuses around the state, sparking controversy among faculty and students alike. Student organizations such as the Associated Students of the University of Arizona and the Arizona Students’ Association held forums educating students on the issue, lobbied legislators and mailed letters of opposition to the bill’s sponsors. Had the bill passed, some leaders say it would have affected student recruitment. “I think it would have impacted out-of-state recruiting since Arizona would have been seen as radical,” said James Allen, outgoing president of ASUA. “And a lot of parents would simply feel uncomfortable sending their kids to a school where they know there are students on campus carrying.” ASUA conducted a three-day survey in February and asked several thousand students if they supported the measure. More than

80 percent of respondents said that they did not support it, and did not want concealed weapons to be carried on campus. Student organizations were not alone in their opposition to SB 1474, as the Arizona Board of Regents also voiced concerns about the proposed legislation. “The board remains resolute in its position that firearms, outside of those carried by law enforcement officials, do not have a place on university campuses,” said Katie Paquet, the regent’s associate vice president for public affairs. “Allowing firearms on campus could lead to an increase in dangerous and deadly situations for university students, staff and visitors.” The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Ron Gould, pulled the legislation due to lack of support among lawmakers. Once the bill left the floor, members of the UA community expressed their relief. “I’m not a very big gun advocate and it’s very scary to think that someone can have guns on campus,” said Katlyn Grass, a political science junior. “I know people that would have brought guns and that would have made a lot more people suspicious and uncomfortable.” House Bill 2675 would have placed a $2,000

...A lot of parents would simply feel uncomfortable sending their kids to a school where they know there are students on campus carrying.

­— James Allen, outgoing president of ASUA

minimum tuition charge on students who were not receiving a full-ride scholarship through academics or athletics. “It would have severely impacted the ability of Arizona’s lower- and middle-income families to send their children to college,” Paquet said. “The economic success of our state is dependent on a highly-skilled, highly-educated workforce.” Paquet said Arizonans need to have access to a high quality and affordable university education, and that in-state universities need to encourage efforts that would allow more

students to go to college. Republican Rep. John Kavanagh, who introduced the bill, said the idea came about when he was told that 48 percent of Arizona State University students pay no amount of tuition because of subsidies from the university. But before the House could vote on the bill, Kavanagh decided to withdraw it. Many were happy to see the measure go, including the UA President Eugene Sander. “Those students who really need help, we don’t want to deny them access to the university based on some law that says they have to come up with $2,000 and we can’t help them,” Sander said. “It’s just plain lousy, lousy, lousy legislation.” Sander also stressed the need for better state-based financial aid. Arizona gives its three universities the second-lowest amount of state based aid in the nation. “We think it would be really nice, if in the future, Arizona would consider some sort of state-based financial aid that would help our students,” Sander said. “Hopefully, when the economy is looking better, that’d be something that I think all of us in the university system would like to see considered.”





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Brandon McBrien, a triple major in architecture, regional development and business management, presents his business capstone project, an analysis of the daily operations of a national level company.

For her senior capstone project, fifth-year architecture student Laura Huylebroeck constructed a styrofoam model based on a protected wetland site in the San Francisco area.

Capstone projects allow for real-world application By Kevin Reagan DAILY WILDCAT

Two architecture seniors are one step closer to building their dreams through their capstone projects. Senior capstones aim to showcase the knowledge a student gained during their time in college. Brandon McBrien, a senior who studied architecture, regional development, and business management, said he managed the stress of completing his capstone project by always keeping his ambitions in mind. “I want to align myself with a firm that bridges the gap between profit and nonprofit projects,” McBrien said. As someone who wants to do pro-bono architecture work, his business background will allow him to see which projects would make the greatest difference at the lowest cost, he said. McBrien’s regional development thesis argues that a manmade environment has the ability to build a set of values for its culture, while his business capstone is an investigation of the Tucson architecture firm Neptune Thomas Davis. McBrien proposed different strategies the firm could use to overcome corporate challenges and first began his research in the fall when he met with

many of the firm’s employees. “Regional development and business management give me an idea of how my architecture clients might be in the future,” said McBrien, who came up with a “gain-sharing mechanism” for the firm to distribute its profits to employees based on individual performance. He also suggested that the firm use more social media to advertise its environmentally conscious and communal efforts. After presenting the information he collected to a panel of faculty in the Eller College of Management, McBrien said he has a better understanding of the emerging marketing trends and economic ideals necessary for running a successful business. “Architects are notorious for being bad business people,” he added. Architecture senior Laura Huylebroeck has spent more than 100 hours completing her capstone project in time for portfolio reviews. Her project is a remodeling of the Sutro Baths ruins in the San Francisco bay. Her project integrates the history of the remains with a research facility that would allow people to study the wetlands that are emerging over the ruins. “The ruins have always intrigued me

since I was a little girl,” Huylebroeck said, “and I’ve always wondered what could be a good addition to them.” She built six models from various materials like Styrofoam and mediumdensity fiberboard to display the multiple layers and visual perspectives of what she envisions the research facility to look like amid the ruins. The integration of the past with the present through architecture has always been an alluring idea, Huylebroeck said. “I want people to keep the past in mind, but to also see what has developed now,” Huylebroeck said. “And to see how the two can talk to each other.” The six models, along with mulitple drawings and research material, were assessed during an eight-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute discussion with faculty members from the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. As someone whose past projects include modern libraries and the reconstruction of a theater building in Tucson, Huylebroeck said her architectural education gave her the variability of a “Renaissance man.” “I have become a much more wellrounded person with the knowledge I’ve soaked up,” she added.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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’ve learned a lot of things in my freshman year of college. I’ve learned to be careful crossing the bike path on the UA Mall, that living in the dorms is terrible, how quickly Panda Express can get old — no matter how good I thought it was the first time. I’ve relearned how to make friends and I’ve learned that no matter how many times someone says they never throw up from drinking, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I’m not smart. It took me a long time to realize this. For a while I convinced myself that AP classes and SAT scores actually meant something, but of course I was just a silly freshman. Now I’m not saying I’m not smart because the math department discourages me, or because I met some super genius in the library the other day. I’m not even saying it so that girls think I have a low self-esteem and try to sleep with me. I’m saying it because the first thing I learned in college is that no one is smart. That doesn’t mean that everyone is dumb. It means that everyone still has something that they aren’t good at or don’t know about. That is why college is so important — everyone has something to learn. We all have gaps in our knowledge. For example, do you know how far the Earth is from the sun? Take a guess; chances are that you’ll be off by quite a bit. These holes in knowledge are out there waiting to be filled. It’s why we are in college in the first place. Accepting that I wasn’t smart was challenging. All my life I was taught that I was wonderful. I made good grades, I did my homework and I really believed that I knew a great deal about the world. Boy, was I wrong. While I may have tried to ignore the bad grades I received by rationalizing that it was all the university’s fault, eventually I was forced to accept the truth. It was probably the most important discovery I have made. It may even be the most important discovery I will ever make in college. Knowing that I wasn’t smart enabled me to see education in an entirely different light. Suddenly, not only could I learn from teachers but I could also learn from everyone around me. Kids who I pegged as morons the first time around were able to provide me with insights that I had not fathomed. While I don’t expect everyone to classify himself or herself as not smart (I mean, if they did, the word would become meaningless), the lessons I learned when I began questioning my own knowledge will linger for years. There are people out there who are smarter than me and some who are dumber, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from everyone. Once you stop thinking you are smart, the world becomes a much more educational place. Plus, when I feel down on myself, I just remember that I’m intelligent. By the way, the Earth is 92,955,887.6 miles from the sun. There. I just saved you the trouble of Googling it.

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Campus Events

Spring Commencement for Undergraduates Saturday, May 12, 9 a.m. Congratulations, graduates! McKale Memorial Center Arena Learn Chest-Compression-Only CPR, FREE! Come to a free training to learn Chest-Compression-Only CPR for the public with hands-on training on life-like mannequins. Experienced and specially trained medical students will walk you through the necessary steps and answer your questions. Chest-Compression-Only CPR is an easy, efficient way to help a victim of cardiac arrest. Developed in Tucson at the UA Sarver Heart Center, Chest-Compression-Only CPR is easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to perform. There is no need for mouth-tomouth breathing. This training is free and open to the public. No pre-registration is necessary. Free parking is available in the medical center’s patient/visitor parking garage. IMPORTANT: Participants will receive a confirmation stating that they completed the training, but this is not a certification class. Kiewit Auditorium at 1515 N. Campbell Avenue (located within the Arizona Cancer Center on the University of Arizona Medical CenterUniversity Campus). Wednesday, May 9th at 5:15pm.

Wildcat Calendar Campus Events

Exhibit - ‘Speaking in Tongues: Wallace Berman and Robert Heinecken, 19611976’ This landmark exhibition, curated by Claudia Bohn-Spector and Sam Mellon, brings the work of Berman and Heinecken ‒ two seminal yet under-studied Los Angeles artists ‒ into close conversation for the very first time. Each was interested in appropriating and repurposing images from mass media, which helped usher in the use of photography as a key element of contemporary avant-garde art. Their works are explored within the unique cultural context of 1960s and 1970s Southern California, as it fueled and amplified their highly original creative approaches. The Center for Creative Photography began acquiring the Robert Heinecken Archive in 1981. A detailed guide to the Heinecken Archive can be found on the CCP website. Center for Creative Photography. Room: Gallery. Through June 17, 2012

Tumamoc Lecture Series Lecture by Dr. Ellen Paige on “The ‘A’ Mountain Master Plan.” All lectures are free to the public but seating is limited and reservations are required. To reserve a seat, email pamela@ or call 520-629-9455. For more information visit http://tumamoc. Tumamoc Hill, 1675 W. Anklam Rd. Room: Library. Wednesday, May 9th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.


May 9-12

‘Magic Hour:’ Works of Fiction by the UA’s BFA Junior Class The Loft Cinema presents a screening of short student films titled “Magic Hour: Fiction Films by the BFA Junior Class.” What do a Beatles tribute band, masturbation, love (requited), our animalistic nature, good people doing bad things, a psychopath with a good sense of fashion, a very angry father, love (unrequited) and a smart 10-year-old girl have in common? They are all part of “Magic Hour,” a free screening highlighting short fiction films made by this year’s junior Bachelor of Fine Arts students in the University of Arizona’s School of Theatre, Film & Television. This event is free and open to the public. Wednesday, May 9th at 7pm. The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson Youth Music Fair: Exploring Music and Sound Join us on Saturday, May 12 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm for the first ever Tucson Youth Music Fair: Exploring Music and Sound. This is a FREE event for kids and families, hosted by the Tucson Federation of Musicians. There will be activities for all ages! Play all different kinds of instruments at the “Instrument Petting Zoo”. Bring your own instrument and attend workshops with professional musicians. Experiment with composition and found sounds. Music and movement classes for ages 6 and younger. Create your own homemade instrument. Enjoy snacks, prizes, live performances and Eegee’s frozen drinks. Tucson Symphony Center, 2175 N. 6th Avenue (just south of Grant Road on 6th Avenue). Check our website for the schedule of events:


s with authors, UA campus overflow nual event itors during 4th-an vis Free Garden Tour The reading County Master andPima celebrating books

Gardeners are having free guided tours at 10 SEE PAGE the gardens on Campbell Avenue. Let a master gardener volunteer lead you through our beautiful gardens. Wednesday, May 9th at 4210 N. Campbell Ave. from 9:00am to 10:00am. GALLERIES / 28 5 CAMPUS MAP / 24-2 ANCES / 12 PERFORM SkyNightsS / 4 Stargazing Program: This fiveMUSEUMS / 6 TOUR hour program guides you through navigating the night sky with binoculars and star charts to viewing spectacular planets, galaxies and nebulae with our Schulman 32-inch telescope. You will begin your drive up Mt. Lemmon in the subtropical Sonoran Desert zone and proceed along the scenic Catalina Highway through six distinct ecosystems. It is like driving from Mexico to Canada all in 30 miles. At the end of the road lies the summit of Mt. Lemmon and the SkyCenter, where your astronomical experience begins. After a light meal and an introduction to the cosmos, you will turn your gaze upward and learn the intricacies of navigating the night sky with binoculars and star charts. From there you will travel millions of light years back in time to behold some of the marvels of the universe with the largest public viewing telescope. As you observe the images through the telescope you learn interesting facts and information about each object. Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter runs programs throughout the year for anyone who is interested or even just curious about what lies beyond the horizons. Admission: $48 for adults and $25 for youth Monday through Thursday; $60 for adults and $30 for youth Friday and Saturday; meal included. Steward Observatory 520-6268122 Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

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Saeed Ahmari, Civil Engineering Robert Dawson, Aerospace Engineering Mario Mondaca, Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering Lila Otero-Gonzalez, Environmental Engineering Ding Zou, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Biosystems Engineering Sarah Cook Maria Guzman Azar Mukhida Ramon Munoz Bio Ventura

Chemical Engineering Mehdi Alizada Hussain Alkhatam Abdulaziz Alqahtani Christopher Anthony Christopher Arnold Cheryl Blomberg Andrea Byrne Heriberto Cadena George Chac Jing Chen Brett Courtright Teresa Cove Kimberly Crawford Melissa Criscione Trevor Cuthbertson Darryl Davis-Rosas Sean Edward DeRosa Yizhou Fang Joseph Freund Ruben D. Galvan Marcela Gonzales Alexander Harris Bryce Hashimoto Melody Hendricks Jessica Hung Nabila Huq Corey Kinsinger Phillip Klemm Michael Ksionda Rodrigo Lopez Karla Montemayor David Niselson Marcus Pearman Robert Reitz Logan Robinson Katherine Rorbach Laura Seekatz Jung Song Leanne Strauss Rex Tan Jesus Valencia Ningxin Wang Roger Wilhelmi Jonathan Yang Kiley Yeakel Andrew Zavada Jin Zhang

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David Badger Donald Barnes Troy Belcher Fernando Biebrich Pablo Ceron Erik Christenson Matt Farmen Gary Gold Amanda Grant James Guess Tyler Heppler Zachary Hill Vance Jenkins Jake Kronberg Christopher Leon Aaron Maciosek Shelby Madrid Luis Madrid Grey Major Jonathan Mendez Curtis Miles Matthew Miller Margot Moreno Dylan Moriarty Anna Naumovitz Keegan Olds Kelsey Palmer Casey Quackenbush Jack Rudzena Nicholas Sandbak Wyatt Saul Monica Soto Peter Strunk Spencer Tang Hugo Vasquez Shengze Zhou

Computer Engineering Alexander Babis Wongani Botha Eric Campbell Ryan Caskey Roxan Cruz Delbert Gallego

Aaron Gibson Jesse Gunsch Jarl Haggerty Gregory Ksionda Dimuth Kulasinghe Mark McKissick Kyle Merry James Oliver Daniel Schucker Garrett Scott Kira Travis W. A.Garrett Weaver Chris Wozny

Electrical Engineering Ahmed Alani Roger Anderson Jon Austin Juma Belknap Neil Bhargava Kyle Chong Austin Cynecki Samuel Delacruz Nan Ding Jose Dominguez Kathy Estrada Mohamed Ferhaoui Oscar Galvan-Lopez Aaron Gibson Sean Grotle Alex Hale Wanglei Han Amy Hill David Lester Charles Mackin Suman Maharjan James Marrs Renee McKernan Robyn Mohr Sean Orsburn Nathaniel Palma Kevin Pounds Andru Roysden Ajay Shrestha Alexis Sparrold Timur Suleymanov Garrett Vanhoy Adjete Wilson Fang Yang Alec Zimmermann

Electrical & Computer Engineering Corey Booker Trevor Husseini David Mitchell Ronald Russell Emanuel Soimaru

Mechanical Engineering Abdulla Al-Hail Ahmed Al Salman Donald Barnes Candace Bauer Austin Byrne Charlie Burmood Daniel Carman Heston Castelino German Castillo Jun Chai Daigaro Cota Carrasco Sean Culbertson Craig Cumblidge Kambiz Dinyariyan Patrick Doyle Avi DuBois Jared Evans Alex Florez Leo Fuentes Kevin Glaser Christopher Grusenmeyer Giancarlo Guevara Jared Hainsworth Daniel Hand Damen Haughey Thomas Ireson Rohith Jayaram Ryan Jones Jarom Kartchner Christopher Kennedy Charles King Derek Koomar Joseph Levy Alex Mattioli Sean Morehouse James Morris Adam Mullenbach Martin Nakajima Kurt Nola Alan Olsen Joseph Ott Senobio Pinela Jeffrey Pyne David Renner William Roulo Dana Sandoval Sushil Sharma Kyle Sheets Mladen Silva Collin Smith Gavin Stockus Lee Suring Angel Tellez Isaac Tineo Abraham Timler Levi Tubb Sean White Kevin Witwer

Heeje Yang

Engineering Management Mining Engineering Abdulmonam Aldhaif Pakorn Avakul Jason Bowman Natasha Dennison Christopher Dunlop Samantha Fallon Ana Farias Michael Galka Michael Gallo Raul Gutierrez Kevin Hamlett Kevin Hegedus Parker Imperl Jing Jiang Heather Johnson Kenneth Kirkpatrick Blaine Light Courtney Lyle Ashley Marks Joseph McNaughton Alberto Molina Adam Olshansky Miguel Ruiz Trevor Skogen Matthew Straus Timur Suleymanov Ryan Ward Nickolas Woodgate Noah Yablong

Environmental Hydrology & Water Resources Elizabeth Casavant Thomas Whipple

Engineering Physics Matthew Avetian Amanda Davis

Industrial Engineering Nawaf Abdullah Alhareth Alhosani Abdulaziz Alsehaim Jared Fowler Rae Gargione Katherine Green Kenji Hernandez Meng Liu Taylor Runger Kenny Wilson Kai Yu

Materials Science & Engineering Francisco Andrade Elizabeth Cameron Ryan Caskey Daniel Dooley Kevin Frederick Cody Jensen Nathan Mogk Magnum Pina Stephen Purdy

Jaclyn Robertson Julie Schmautz Michael Strand

Jonathan Adkins Nura Almasri Ruby Barickman Vincent Chiarlanza Joseph Cooper Matthew Donahue William Duy Mark Elliott Kristina Fierro Bree McMaster Joseph McNaughton Jason Solomon

Optical Sciences & Engineering Tim Armenta Matthew Barnum Matt Berry Joshua Brent Jeffrey Chia Anthony Clutter Joseph Cocchi Noel Eloriaga Devinna Fleming Madeline Hack Matthew Hamel Wanglei Han Eric Herman Gregory Jacob Page King Jacob Krause Shuqi Li Patrick Llull Amber Luttmann Samuel Martin Jackeline Mayer Nicholas Melena Thomas Myers Nicholas Neuenfeldt Eric Ramon Adam Slagel Scott Slanina Cameron Solem Kyle Stephens Lena Wolfe

Systems Engineering

Emily Adams Ahmad Al Matouq Abdullah Al-Abadi Mohammed Al-Duwayhis Alison Baier Ali Bindawood Saul Corrales Chang Lee Jose Monreal Michael Nava Michael Schaffner Mason Shaw Tyler Steeb Danielle Theodore Ivdan Vargas Steven Wittenberg

Note: This list does not include students who applied for graduation late or who were updated from a previous term.

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Jose Maria Carvajal, Chemical and Environmental Engineering Scott Ely, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Aaron Farber, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Jerrie Fairbanks, Electrical and Computer Engineering* Shayan Khoshmagham, Systems and Industrial Engineering* Adrian Lizarraga, Electrical and Computer Engineering* Christopher Tucker, Chemical and Environmental Engineering* Kristen Ward, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Emily Adams, Systems Engineering Alison Baier, Systems Engineering Ruby Barickman, Mining Engineering Cheryl Blomberg, Chemical Engineering Joshua Brent, Optical Sciences and Engineering Brett Courtright, Chemical Engineering Ryan Crompton, Aerospace Engineering Darryl Davis-Rosas, Chemical Engineering Rae Gargione, Industrial Engineering Madeline Hack, Optical Sciences and Engineering Bryce Hashimoto, Chemical Engineering Shuqi Lee, Optical Sciences and Engineering Amber Luttmann, Optical Science and Engineering Jaclyn Robertson, Materials Science and Engineering Max Roth, Electrical Engineering (Dec 2012) Heather Waters, Chemical Engineering (Dec 2012) Jonathan Yang, Chemical Engineering

(520) 792-8888


Alison Baier, Systems Engineering Elizabeth “Libby” Casavant, Hydrology and Water Resources Jeffrey Chia, Optical Sciences and Engineering Sarah Cook, Biosystems Engineering* Brett Courtright, Chemical Engineering Jesse Gunsch, Computer Engineering Blaine Light, Engineering Management Bree McMaster, Mining Engineering Nathan Mogk, Materials Science and Engineering Anna Naumovitz, Civil Engineering Kevin Michael Pounds, Electrical Engineering Jeffrey Pyne, Mechanical Engineering




Outstanding Departmental Seniors



The Deans, Faculty and Staff of the College of Engineering Congratulate May 2012 Graduates

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Arts & Life

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Arts & Life Editor: Jazmine Woodberry • 520.621.3106 •

Pop culture review An eight-month retrospective in television, music, movies and entertainment Arts & Life staff Daily Wildcat

The Arts & Life staff took a look at art, pop culture and all things interesting and chose the biggest hits and hardest flops of the past year. From television’s lovely ladies making it big by being human to Twitter fights and legends lost, here’s a quick snapshot from August to May of things to note:


Cute girls doing un-cute things cutely

Mark Seliver / MCT

Lena Dunham leads the cast of HBO’s new dramedy “Girls.”


etween Whitney Houston and Adam Yauch, the past eight months have left us reeling with established powerhouses passing on. R&B legend Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles the night before the Grammys this past February. The 48-year-old singer made headlines both for her powerful voice and her struggles with her exhusband and R&B singer Bobby Brown. Despite her personal life, which included an ongoing fight with drug addiction, she won six Grammys and dozens of other awards during her career. Houston was one of the best-selling artists globally throughout the 1980s and 1990s, selling 55 million albums in the U.S. Adam Yauch aided fellow Beastie Boys Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “King Ad-Rock” Horovitz in creating a seminal rap group from which several current artists draw inspiration. Yauch died at the age of 47 last week after fighting for nearly three years against cancer in a salivary gland. The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month. Over its illustrious 25-plus-year career, the group collected four No. 1 albums and sold more than 40 million records.


ew Girl” and “Girls” brought the era of the adorably cute girl doing things that aren’t nearly as adorable or cute as they are — and audiences loving them for it. Zooey Deschanel’s foray into TV came with the tagline: “Boys will be boys. Jess will be Jess.” In the pilot, Deschanel walks in on her way-less-attractive-than-her boyfriend sleeping with another woman, and has to move into an apartment with three single men who at first don’t get her but slowly embrace her. And in true Deschanel fashion, she does it so adorably, rocking her signature bangs, singing in that voice that makes us all melt and making the show a hit for FOX. “Girls” just recently hit the scene, but with Lena Dunham at the helm, the show is bound for great heights. Dunham’s writing has been compared to that of “Seinfeld” creator Larry David. The show, which she stars in, directs and produces, has been compared to the four-female ensemble smash “Sex and the City.” An experiment in 20-somethings trying to make it in New York while making all the wrong decisions about relationships, “Girls” has been heralded as one to watch, and it’s made the theme of cute girls being cute without having to be perfect even more established this year.


Music legends lost

christine cotter / mct

Adam Yauch, a member of the Beastie Boys, died at 47.


Movies making people read, despite the book quality


et’s face it. People reading is much better than them not. And with the popular “Twilight” saga winding to a close with the “Breaking Dawn: Part I” released last November and the first installment of the “Hunger Games” series released in March, movies are making people read books. After the “Harry Potter” juggernaut came to a conclusion last summer, the movie industry glommed onto “Twilight” and the “Hunger Games.” But books are affecting more than just the teen and college-age crowd. Acclaimed 2011 movies like December’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” September’s “Moneyball,” and August’s “The Help” have bucked the stereotype that the literature behind some of these box office smashes isn’t up to snuff. So it’s OK that “Hunger Games” did what the teen action novel did — entertain predictably and not challenge anything too much because, let’s be honest, reading (even if it’s not the highest of highbrow literature) is better than nothing.

Allen J. Schaben / MCT

Two members of the crew for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” won a film editing Oscar for the movie in February.


he past several months have offered Twitter fights galore between musicians. Fresh-faced 22-year-old rap phenom Machine Gun Kelly took on The Naked and Famous after first buying a sample of the synth-pop group’s song “Young Blood” for his song “Half Naked and Almost Famous.” When the group tore him a new one on Twitter for it, he presented documentation of his sampling rights — but he wasn’t done with the beef. “It’s not that I stole their song, I just used the hook they sung and I rapped. They made me out to be a bad guy when they’re making money off me for the same time, so they’re a victim of their own cynicism,” MGK said in a Daily Wildcat interview last month. But MGK is not alone. Take Rihanna fighting with Chris Brown’s new lady love, model Karrueche, over her old relationship, and Brown fighting wrestler CM Punk (ridiculous, right?) after Grammy rants and arguably homophobic remarks on the social networking site.


Machine Gun Kelly, among others, tweetfighting people

Courtesy of Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly hashed it out on Twitter over his song “Half Naked and Almost Famous.”


Arts & Life • Wednesday, May 9, 2012

• Daily Wildcat

game freak

Sequels dominate top games of 2012, wrap up epic game series Jason Krell Daily Wildcat


‘Batman: Arkham City’

‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’

The crazies escaped the asylum and ran amok in Gotham City. That is, until the player takes over as Batman and puts them back where they belong. This game was certainly the contender for the best game of the year, and was released to rave reviews from almost every source. The action-adventure game made beating up criminals more fun than ever, and the host of gadgets were a great help.

his year was an exciting one for video games, with some long-awaited and eagerly anticipated sequels. Now that it’s come to an end, it’s time to look back and remember the fond memories these games brought.

Aug. 23, 2011

This game will probably go unappreciated when compared to what else came out this year, but it really is one of the best. A player could stealth through the game, charge through guns blazing, persuade their enemies, or hack their way through and turn the enemies’ electronics against them. The story pulls the player throughout the whole thing and the world really does come to life. Aside from a letdown of an ending, gameplay wise, and out-of-place boss battles, it really shined overall. If you never got a chance to play it, do so.

Oct. 18, 2011

photo courtesy of MCT

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”

competitive, and mildly offensive, online is always a blast, and getting to do it while shooting guns always makes it better. I’d tell you to go out and buy it, but if you’re reading this list, you probably already have it.

assassin Ezio Auditore’s story was everything it should have been. The ‘Uncharted 3: Drakes city of Constantinople was a nice change of pace when compared Deception’ to Rome, and the improved game Nov. 1, 2011 mechanics were revelatory. The Almost more movie than game, way the developers incorporated the “Uncharted” series had another Ezio’s aging was also fantastic, and successful showing, exploring the ‘The Elder Scrolls V: the hook-blade added another history between two of the games main Skyrim’ dimension to the game. While the characters, Drake and Sully. The story, game didn’t answer all the questions Nov. 11, 2011 which is as good as ever, was the main the rest of the series brought up, it The latest entry into the Elder selling point, but the fun adventure was still a key piece in one of the best Scrolls series is one of the longest style, beautiful graphics, and far game franchises still in production. improved multiplayer made this one of games of all time. Beating every quest is nigh impossible, and while they the better games of the year. If you’re a ‘Final Fantasy XIII-2’ ‘Gears of War 3’ fan of things like Indiana Jones or Lara can be repetitive, they’re still a blast. The options are almost as endless Croft, be sure to look at “Uncharted 3. ” Jan. 31 Sept. 20, 2011 in combat, and players can really While the first “Final Fantasy This epic conclusion to one of the their character their own. This XIII” left gamers feeling slightly most popular franchises in recent ‘Call of Duty: Modern make game is probably one of the best of cheated, this entry made up for it. years didn’t disappoint. The writing, the year, and if you haven’t played it Warfare 3’ The Advanced Time Battle system which was never the previous two yet, be sure to pick it up. You’ll still be returned with a vengeance, making Nov. 8, 2011 games’ strong point, was finally playing by this time next year. combat exciting and constantly Call of Duty always makes a killing, done well. The gameplay was of changing. While it was odd to only and although the formula never the same fast-paced, exciting, gory, have two consistent characters adrenaline-filled caliber gamers had changes, sometimes that’s OK. The ‘Assassin’s Creed: in the party, being able to fight story was pretty atrocious, but it was come to expect. It’s by far the best Revelations’ alongside the same monsters you’re entry in the series and one that you’ll still the best in the series. Playing was Nov. 15, 2011 always battling turned out to be as fun as ever, but the highlight was get so wrapped up in that you’ll be The final chapter in famous great fun. The story was ambitious definitely online multiplayer. Being surprised it’s already over.

Congratulations, 2012 Graduates! The UA Alumni Association congratulates members of Bobcats Senior Honorary and Student Alumni Ambassadors who are graduating this year. We are so proud of you!

and interesting, with a bad ass villain in Caius and a heroic duo of Noel and Serah. While it could have used a little more Lightning — the character, not the force of nature — it was still a solid entry in a stoic franchise.

‘Mass Effect 3’ March 6

Despite its highly controversial ending, “Mass Effect 3” was the best game of the academic year. Commander Shepard’s final bout against the menacing Reapers was a perfect marriage of the first two games. Old faces and new gathered together to take back the Earth in a game that only had one major flaw. In reality though, the most disappointing thing about BioWare’s smashing success was that it had to end eventually, leaving many wishing there was more. — Jason Krell is the assistant copy chief. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatArts.


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Sports Editor: Alex Williams • 520.626.2956 •




Kyle Fogg didn’t put up the eye-popping numbers of Nick Foles or Juron Criner, but his impact on the game went well beyond the box score, and he was undoubtedly one of the top players at Arizona last season. Fogg led the Wildcats in points per game, steals per game and free throw percentage while ranking second in 3-point percentage and minutes played. Fogg was a leader on and off the court and set the tone by hoisting 40,000 shots in the offseason to improve his game. The Brea, Calif., native poured his heart and soul into the program, evident by the tears he shed for 30 straight minutes after Arizona’s NCAA Tournament chances were eliminated with a loss to Colorado in the Pac-12 Tournament championship. Fogg will be remembered for a senior year full of offensive and defensive production, as well as pure heart and passion. Players with those intangibles don’t come around often. – Mike Schmitz

Cory Chitwood | SWIM

Arizona’s senior swimming captain, Cory Chitwood, was able to cap off a strong career by pushing himself to perform at the highest level throughout his final collegiate season. Not only did Chitwood play a crucial role as one of the three veteran senior captains, but he was also a two-time defending 200-backstroke NCAA Champion and 14-time AllAmerican in four years. This year, Chitwood led his team to an undefeated record during the dual meet season. The Wildcats beat No. 14 Iowa, No. 6 California, No. 5 USC, No. 3 Stanford and No. 2 Texas. During these meets, Chitwood posted the fastest times for the 200-breaststroke, 200-individual medley and helped the 400-medley team post the fastest time in the country. Chitwood won his third consecutive 200-backstroke NCAA Championship along with receiving All-American honors for the events of 800-free relay and 200-backstroke. – Christopher Cegielski

kurt heyer

Davellyn Whyte

Stephen Sambu | TRACK

Now wrapping up his senior year at Arizona, distance runner Stephen Sambu is one of the most recognized Wildcats in the athletics program. This season alone, Sambu holds two national top-5 times in the country in the 5,000-meter race and the 10K. Sambu was one of the most coveted running recruits coming out of Rend Lake College in Illinois two years ago. Since, Sambu has set Arizona school records in the 5,000-meter and the 10K. He is also an NCAA Champion, a two-time All-American and three-time Pac-12 Athlete of the Week. Sambu competed at the world renowned Millrose Games in New York and placed third in the invitational 5K race. Sambu is looking to continue training with Arizona head cross country coach James Li and volunteer coach and professional runner Bernard Lagat to prepare for the Olympic trials and represent Kenya at the games this summer.

Brigetta Barrett | TRACK

Junior high jumper Brigetta Barrett began her career on the track as a sprinter. It was by pure chance that she ended up in the jumping pit looking for a ticket to a college education. A New York native, Barrett holds a perfect NCAA record with three championships. Barrett made her first international appearance summer of 2011 at the International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, where she placed 10th overall. She went on to take the gold at the World University Games in Shenzhen, China, later that summer. She has literally raised the bar in the high jumping world. She is now preparing to qualify to represent the U.S. in the summer Olympic games in London. Barrett holds the highest collegiate mark in the country this year, the second best in Arizona history, and is tied for second best in the world at 6-4.75 feet. Ben Grado | DIVE – Emi Komiya Arizona senior diver Ben Grado had an amazing final season after a college career of major highs and lows, going from potential career-ending injury to NCAA national champion. Kurt Heyer | BASEBALL During Grado’s sophomore year, he sustained a shoulder Coming off of back-to-back iminjury, needing surgery to repair his torn labrum and hurt ro- pressive seasons, the Arizona’s ace tator cuff. But he was able to bounce back in order to surpass Kurt Heyer had a lot to live up to in the competition during his senior year. Grado never finished his junior season. outside the top three in an event. He had several first-place Heyer was named to the All-Pacific10 Team his first finishes and was named diver of the month in December. two seasons in Tucson and the pre-season All-American Grado ended the season by winning a national champion- was again pegged as the Friday starter for an Arizona team ship in the platform dive. ranked fifth in the nation in Baseball America’s pre-season Grado said he needed to believe in himself and couldn’t rankings. But so far Heyer has done more than just meet have done it without help from his family and teammates. those expectations. He will now try to become a part of the USA swimming team Heyer (8-2) has a 2.50 ERA, 76 strikeouts and 14 walks in competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics. his 12 appearances for the Wildcats. He now has 319 ca– Christopher Cegielski reer strikeouts, making him the active NCAA leader. But his most valuable trait this season has been his ability to eat up innings, throwing a team high 93.2 inNick Foles | FOOTBALL ningsand four complete games. Heyer’s workhorse naThere might not have been another athlete at the UA ture has carried the Arizona pitching staff and put the who did as much with as little as Arizona quarterback team in contention for its first conference title since 1993. Nick Foles. – Kyle Johnson Arizona started the season 1-5, Foles’ head coach was fired, and he was expected to keep performing. But Foles charged ahead through the rest of the season, capturing the Davellyn Whyte | school record for passing yards in a season with 4,334. WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Against the Pac-12 quarterback crop — including StanThe women’s basketball team started off hot, winning 11 ford’s Andrew Luck, the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft — Foles managed to lead the conference in passing, averaging of its first 12 games, but faltered at the end of the season in 360 yards per game. In the Wildcats’ season finale against the finishing just 15-17 overall. Despite its struggles, a silver lining Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns, Foles managed to break on an otherwise tough season was the continued top perforthe school single season record for touchdown passes with mance of junior Davellyn Whyte. 31 on the year. athletes, B14 – Dan Kohler

Brigetta barrett

ben grado


Yes, Arizona missed the NCAA Tournament for the second time in three years, but don’t blame Sean Miller. The 43-year-old head coach has done a masterful job since arriving in the desert, and this year might have been his best work despite not making the tournament. The roster Miller had to work with last season had no business even making a run at the NCAA Tournament. Yet, with a 6-foot-7 center, a small forward at the four, a freshman point guard facing off the court issues, a handful of injuries and no true go-to guy, the Wildcats were just a few plays away from going dancing. That’s a testament to Miller and his ability to maximize his players’ skill. Then there’s Miller’s recruiting prowess. He landed the No. 3 class in the country. Gabe York, Brandon Ashley, Grant Jerrett and Kaleb Tarczewski are expected to contribute right away, and Miller would be hard pressed to find a better mix of four recruits. And that’s not even the end of Miller’s recruiting run. He also lured T.J. McConnell, who was a huge get for Miller, and landed an even more impactful transfer in ex-Xavier guard Mark Lyons. – Mike Schmitz


When Mike Stoops was fired last October, it had been nearly a year since the Arizona football team had won a Division I game. Interim head coach Tim Kish’s modus operandi taking over was to end that streak and Tim Kish start with a clean slate, but it former interim wouldn’t be easy. Stoops was football coach

fired two days after the Wildcats’ loss to the Oregon State Beavers and Kish was tested with the task of regrouping a shocked and emotional Wildcat squad in just 10 days, in time for its next conference matchup against the UCLA Bruins. Kish aced that test. The reeling Wildcats came out and dismantled the Bruins, 48-12, and Kish got his first career win as a head coach. Kish managed to lead the Wildcats to two more wins to finish out the season, including the defeat of ASU in Tempe, Ariz. All Kish wanted to do was bring the fun back to Arizona football, and during his six games at the helm of the program, his players and fellow coaches would agree he did just that. – Dan Kohler

Eric Hansen SWIM

As a coach, it is hard to have an undefeated season in any competitive sport. But Arizona swim coach Eric Hansen was able to achieve just that in his first year at the UA. Hansen, a former UA Eric Hansen swimmer and assistant swim coach coach, was seen as a great individual to take the reins of the program after Hall of Fame coach Frank Busch. Upon leaving the University of Wisconsin after 12 years of building the program, Hansen said he felt pleased to be chosen to continue building the prestige of the UA swim team. This year, Hansen was able to take the Wildcats to an undefeated dual meet season where they beat the likes of No. 14 Iowa, No. 6 California, No. 5 USC, No .3 Stanford and No. 2 Texas. Arizona came in third during the

Pac-12 Championships and placed fourth in of 32 years, Leo Golembiewski, and even dropped the NCAA Championships. the Icecats name. – Christopher Cegielski The re-branded Wildcats (13-18-3) finished the season ranked No. 25 under Hogan’s direction, and had three wins against top-eight teams. Andy Lopez Arizona reached as high as No. 18 during the BASEBALL year and was in contention for the ACHA National Only three coaches in colTournament for the first time since 2004. legiate baseball history have However Hogan’s bid at making history in his taken three separate schools first season was dashed by a tough late-season to the College World Series. schedule in which the Wildcats lost eight straight Arizona baseball head coach games, all but bursting their bubble. Andy Lopez is one of them. Now that Hogan’s system is in place and his In their first season at Hi own recruits are coming in, the second-year coach Corbett Field, the Wildcats Andy Lopez will be able to truly show his ability to lead a team. have lived up to the hype. baseball coach It wasn’t a flawless first season in Tucson for HoUnder Lopez’s tutelage, they gan, but the program showed progress for the first sit near the top of the Pac-12, one of the tough- time in several years, earning him a spot among est conferences in the nation, bringing them ever the Arizona coaching elite. closer to Arizona’s first conference championship – Kyle Johnson since 1993. After taking over the program almost 11 years ago, Lopez has taken the Wildcats to seven post- Fred Harvey season appearances in the last nine seasons and TRACK AND FIELD will most likely take them to an eighth at the end Head track and field coach Fred Harvey is in of this season. his 10th season as the director of one of Arizona’s Lopez has developed countless numbers of big most decorated sports programs. This year alone, leaguers and his knowledge about the game is Harvey has six athletes looking to represent the endless. He’s also a dynamite human being, who’s Wildcats at the summer Olympic games in Longarnered the utmost respect from his players and don. Since taking control of the program, Harvey his assistant coaches in his time at Arizona. has coached more than 50 All-Americans, earning –Dan Kohler 14 NCAA Individual Championships. Harvey’s style of coaching is centered on generating a successful learning environment Sean Hogan for his team on and off the field. He emphaHOCKEY sizes the importance of a solid coaching staff Head coach Sean Hogan had a full plate coming and honoring both components of a studentinto his first season at the helm of the Arizona club athlete. Harvey has dedicated his time and hockey team. energy to what he calls an “Olympic readiness The 33-year-old coach took over a team that program” at Arizona. had just parted ways with its founder and coach – Emi Komiya


Sports • Wednesday, May 9, 2012

• Daily Wildcat

Arizona beats ASU

janice biancavilla / Daily Wildcat

Colin Darland / Daily Wildcat

Derrick williams

Most memorable moments Firing Stoops, hiring Rich Rodriguez

No event in the past year has changed the landscape of Arizona sports more than the firing of former UA football head coach Mike Stoops and the arrival of his successor, Rich Rodriguez. Stoops and his struggles with team-wide communication and being personable within the community landed him on the hot seat for the better part of his final two seasons with the Wildcats. Tucson locals wanted him out, and after Arizona fell apart during the 2011 season, athletic director Greg Byrne saw the chance to can Stoops and bring in “his guy.” After months of research and meetings Byrne found the perfect candidate in Rodriguez. He took a risk on a guy who flopped at Michigan and faced questions about his compliance with NCAA rules. That risk looks like it will pay off. Rodriguez has quickly changed the culture of the program while serving as a voice to a community that’s been thirsting for exactly that. For almost eight full seasons, Stoops was the face of Arizona football. But since Oct. 10, 2011, the look of Wildcat pigskin has changed. Rodriguez brought in his entire staff minus offensive line coach Robert Anae. He’s brought a level of confidence throughout the university, and if Byrne had never taken that leap of faith and landed Rodriguez, Arizona could have been mired in mediocrity for years to come. — Mike Schmitz

rich rodriguez is introduced

The streaker

Beating ASU in football

Pac-10, meet Pac-12

“Success” was not a word often used around the Arizona football team last season. And, after Mike Stoops was fired, success didn’t exist in Tucson. As the 2-8 Wildcats prepared for the annual Duel in the Desert, the Arizona faithful was bitterly reminding themselves of the botched Alex Zendejas kicks at Arizona Stadium the year before, thinking there was no possible way the Wildcats could beat the Sun Devils in Tempe, Ariz. But in college football, anything can happen on a Saturday in late November. Coming into the game, the Wildcats were actually able to show a poise they’d been missing most of the season, but with 10 minutes left on the clock, things weren’t looking so good. Arizona was down 27-17, but Nick Foles managed to get it to wide reciever Gino Crump who danced his way into the end zone with a 33-yard scamper. No one contributed as much to the display of senior talents and achievements as fifth-year senior quarterback Bryson Beirne. After Foles went down with a rib injury, Kish called on the veteran to step up. Two plays later, Beirne dumped a pass off to Juron Criner who made at least four guys miss for the touchdown. It was Beirne’s second touchdown pass of his career and the game winner. After the final whistle, Wildcat center Kyle Quinn stabbed the Arizona flag into the end zone turf. Redemption was complete.

On Oct. 20, 2011, Arizona was about halfway through a pounding of UCLA that would end the Wildcats’ 10-game losing streak against teams from BCS conferences. But just seconds before halftime, a man dressed as a ref ran onto the field and took off his clothes, and total chaos ensued. During the break in action, Arizona corner Shaq Richardson was jawing with a trio of UCLA players. That small group started pushing and shoving, and soon both teams were in a brawl at midfield. Ten players were suspended after the incident, including Arizona’s Lyle Brown, Mark Watley, Jourdon Grandon and Richardson. — Alex Williams

After months of rumors and speculation, the then-Pacific 10 Conference added Utah and Colorado in the summer of 2010 to turn the conference into the Pac-12. The conference unveiled a new logo and announced it would split into two divisions on July 27, 2010. Conference commissioner Larry Scott has since been one of the most forward-thinking minds in college sports, moving the Pac-12 basketball tournament to Las Vegas, instituting a championship game in football and adding an East Coast media tour before each football season. — Alex Williams

keith hickman-perfetti / Daily Wildcat

The UA streaker

— Dan Kohler

Moving to Hi Corbett Field On a brisk Friday night in March, the then-No. 8 Arizona baseball team trailed then-No. 2 Stanford 7-4 heading into the bottom of the ninth with the top-rated pitching prospect Mark Appel still on the mound. But in front of a season-high crowd of 4,191 fans, the Wildcats rallied back and walked off on a twoout hit by senior Bobby Brown. The comeback was the first win of a historic sweep of Stanford — the first time since 1993 — but what was even more incredible was that 10,656 spectators walked through the gates of Hi Corbett Field that weekend, signifying a new era in Arizona baseball. Coming into the season, Arizona Athletics made the radical change to abandon Sancet Stadium, the Wildcats’ home since 1967, and relocate off-campus to Hi Corbett Field. And ever since the decision, fans have flocked through the gates of the old MLB spring training stadium and watched the Wildcats battle for their first conference championship since 1993. In just the first game at the new park, almost 4,000 people showed up to watch Arizona beat North Dakota State 3-1, which was 1,759 more fans than last year’s season high. The sale of beer and Major League amenities at

moments, B14

Colin prenger / Daily Wildcat

COOL JOB NO ONE ELSE HAS ON THEIR RESUME Interested in creating digital products for the Daily Wildcat and local businesses? We’re looking for a few enterprising business-oriented students to conceive and produce mobile apps for our new marketing and advertising unit, Wildcat Media Group. This is not a technical position. You will be working within an existing app template developed by college media professionals. What we’re looking for is creative and marketing savvy, good conceptual skills , and social media wizardry. Paid positions, can start in summer and continue through fall. Apply to Faith Edman, Student Media Assistant Director,




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• Daily Wildcat

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sports • Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Wildcat •


This past year was an up-and-down one for Arizona Athletics. We’d like to focus on nothing but the good, but what’s the fun in that? Here’s a look at Arizona’s six biggest scapegoats from the past year: Football suspensions

Head coach Rich Rodriguez had a rocky offseason. Apart from the already difficult nature of transitioning to a new program, the arrest of four of his players, including starting offensive tackle Fabbians Ebbele, didn’t make it any easier. The players involved, according to police reports, entered the home of five students who were having a small gathering, but were asked to leave by the residents. A fight ensued, and players told the members of the party that they would “be back with our homies.” The players did return and a larger fight broke out — ultimately resulting in women being hit, according to police reports. Of the players involved, Ebbele, cornerback Jourdan Grandon and offensive lineman Eric Bender-Ramsay were all charged with criminal trespassing and assault. Since the fight, the players charged with assault have been held out of team practice while they wait for their upcoming court dates. – Cameron Moon

Josiah Turner

Colin Darland / Daily Wildcat

Former Arizona point guard Josiah Turner

Josiah Turner was once compared to players like Tony Wroten Jr., Marquis Teague and Bradley Beal. They’re now all likely first-round picks in the NBA draft, and Turner has no college team after being suspended indefinitely and deciding to transfer. Turner also just added another problem to his laundry list of issues two weeks ago, when UAPD announced he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Few players have failed to live up to massive player expectations as much as Turner has. He was mediocre on the floor all season last year, and even worse off it. Turner’s departure leaves Arizona with a void at point guard heading into next season, and he quickly went from a potential one-and-done guy to one of the biggest disappointments Arizona has seen in a long time. Turner’s flop helped prove that no recruit is a sure thing. That lesson just happened to come at the expense of Arizona and the lightning quick point guard. – Mike Schmitz

Mike Stoops

Ex-Arizona head coach Mike stoops

Daily Wildcat File photo


Now that Rich Rodriguez has taken over the program, former head coach Mike Stoops tends to get blamed by fans for the demise of Arizona football. For these people, a quick reality check is in order, because obviously they have not seen what Wildcat football was like before Stoops was hired. In short, it was dismal. Stoops’ problem was that he was just a guy who could get the Wildcats from point A to point B. He was never going to be that immortal coach who can take his team to the promised land, but he filled his role adequately. In 2008, he brought Arizona to its first bowl game in 10 years, and followed that up with another two consecutive bowl appearances. But when the 2011 season became a 1-5 disappointment and the

Wildcats hadn’t won an FBS game in almost a year, it was time for athletic director Greg Byrne to put an end to the Stoops era. The question is, when will Gentle Ben’s take Stoops’ name off its oatmeal stout? – Dan Kohler

Arizona’s football practice field

By-and-large, the Jimenez Practice Facility serves its purpose. While it’s not the newest or most advanced practice field in America, it gets the job done. At least it did until spring 2011. Arizona lost starting safety Adam Hall, projected starting corner Jonathan McKnight and expected contributor at running back Greg Nwoko to preseason ACL tears that happened in the facility, and linebacker Jake Fischer tore his ACL at Arizona Stadium in the UA’s annual spring game. The Wildcats’ miserable season may have gone an entirely different direction without all of those injuries, and Mike Stoops might still be roaming the sidelines at Arizona Stadium. – Alex Williams

Sidiki Johnson

Sidiki Johnson was the first member of head coach Sean Miller’s 2011 recruiting class to sign with the Arizona basketball program. He was also the first to leave. Johnson was suspended indefinitely from the team on Nov. 21, 2011, and eventually left the program on Dec. 4, 2011. He certainly wasn’t much of a contributor. In his time at Arizona, Johnson made three appearances and averaged 0.3 points and 0.7 rebounds. But it was the fact that he appeared to be so committed to the Wildcats throughout his recruitment that made his suspension and eventual transfer so strange. The forward had verbally committed to Arizona in August 2009, but a strain of character issues didn’t mesh with Miller and his staff, and his departure left the Wildcats down to a seven-man rotation. That meant few breaks for forwards Jesse Perry and Solomon Hill as the injury bug struck the team later in the season. – Nicole Dimtsios

Lisa Oyen

One win in 19 games. What more is there to say? The women’s soccer team had the worst season, at least record-wise, out of all the athletic programs at the UA in 2011. With a final record of 1-16-2, the Wildcats set a new low in athletic mediocrity at Arizona. Arizona’s leading goal scorer was Jazmine Ponce — with two goals. As a team, the Wildcats were outscored 44-7 on the season, outshot 315195 and let up more than two goals six times. All of that, coupled with a combined six wins in two years, should be reason enough to make a change, specifically with the coaching staff led by head coach Lisa Oyen. – Zack Rosenblatt

The Eller College of Management congratulates all of our Business Administration, Graduating Seniors and the following Outstanding Award Recipients! Eller College Student Council Graduates:

Courtney Groves, President Robert Bachoian, Executive Vice President Denise Linzer, General Member Hillary Davidson, General Member Evan Schuss, General Member Kerry McLaughlin, General Member Elizabeth Mitchell, General Member

Eller College Outstanding Seniors:

Anna-Paula Lopez, Accounting Garrett Bridgewater, Economics Amanda Wacker, Finance Karen Dougherty, Management Katie Kahler, Marketing Ryan FitzPatrick, MIS Jessica Sorensen, Business Administration Karen Dougherty, Entrepreneurship Team Award Ryan FitzPatrick, Entrepreneurship Team Award Tolan Thornton, Entrepreneurship Team Award Xingyuan Yu, Entrepreneurship Team Award

University of Arizona Foundation Outstanding Senior for the Eller College of Management: Anna-Paula Lopez, Accounting

Eller 100:

Xiaomeng Deng Javier DeZubiria Kristine Almond Karen Dougherty Robert Bachoian TJ Drogaris Bryce Baker Claire Dugaw Bryan Baldwin Joshua Efron Brittney Beck Winona Fenimore Rachel Bickford Ryan FitzPatrick Gurcharanjit Birdi Jessica Foster Mark Blitzer Garrett Bridgewater Karen Garcia Matthew Bridgewater Brandi Gaulin Michael Gombrich Cullen Brown Jeff Gordon John Brueggemann Max Goshert Paris Buss Megan Grady Agostino Cala Curtis Graham Alexa Candelaria Courtney Groves Marisa Carlos Jing Han Aleksey Britt Haugland Chernobelskiy Tingting He Michael Colletti Taylor Hedberg Rachel Conway Jeneca Hoffman Emily Copperud

Eller College Department Senior Awards:

Patricia McCoy, Outstanding Academic Achievement in Accounting Matthew Hom, Outstanding Economics Graduating Senior Jake Kornblatt, Finance Department Head’s Award for Academic Distinction Tolan Thornton, Finance Department Head’s Award for Academic Distinction Mark Blitzer, Fielding Singh Award (Finance) Courtney Svoboda, Fielding Singh Award (Finance) Ryan FitzPatrick, Salter Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (MIS) Tingting He, Salter Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (MIS) David Ware, Salter Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (MIS) Sam Meis, Salter Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (MIS) Jessica Foster, Salter Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (MIS) Sara Robinson, Salter Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (MIS) Jing Han, Salter Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service (MIS) Britt Haugland, Salter Award for Mattthew Hom Jordan Hongo Rachel Iacomacci Katie Kahler Daniel Kinnear Jake Kornblatt Lauren Kuehner Janea Laudick Christina Laurent Betty Lee Denise Linzer Kevin Lockett Anna-Paula Lopez Anthony Mariano Alyssa Martinez Patricia McCoy CJ McGowan Kerry McLaughlin Sam Meis Nicole Michaels Elizabeth Mitchell Jenna Oertle

Zoe Panayides Gabrielle Pina Amber Placke Danielle Puente Nonilyn Que John Ravenell Sara Robinson John Ronan Eric Rose Morgan Ross Caitlin Sandahl Gregg Schantz Brent Scheid Evan Schuss Megan Sepper Isadora Shapiro Amanda Shaurette Jon Sherwood Katie Sick Dana Smith Eric Smith Jesusita Soliz

Outstanding Leadership and Service (MIS) Betty Lee, Salter Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service (MIS) Kristine Almond, Salter Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service (MIS) Rachel Bickford, Salter Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service (MIS) Alyssa Martinez, Department Head Award in Management and Organizations Elise Vo, Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement, Management and Organizations Isadora Shapiro, Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement, Management and Organizations Kerry McLaughlin, Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement, Management and Organizations Nicole Michaels, Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement, Management and Organizations

Faculty and Staff Awards:

Vic Piscitello, Tom Moses Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Kirsten Cook, Don Wells Outstanding Faculty Mentor William Neumann, Eller Undergraduate Faculty Member of the Year Large Class Lubomir Litov, Eller Undergraduate Jessica Sorenson Joella Spezeski Kathryn Starling Allison Stein Ryan Stertz Melissa Stockdale Megan Stolberg Robert Stussie Courtney Svoboda Ahmad Taleb Tolan Thornton Karli Timlin Courtney Triphan Ashley Twilley Nik Vallens Elise Vo Amanda Wacker Joseph Wagner Li Wang David Ware Kaylin Wiley Jordan Youngquist

Xingyuan Yu Kassidy Zwaagstra

Graduating with Honors: Lena Armuth Marcin Bednarski Rachel Bickford Xin Cheng Aleksey Chernobelskiy Emily Copperud Karen Dougherty Daniel Fitzgibbon Ryan FitzPatrick Stephen Flaeen Yunyan Guo Jacklynn Hall Abdel Hernandez Jordan Hongo Irvin Hsu Ali Hussain

Faculty Member of the Year Small Class Laura Ulrich, Eller Undergraduate Team Member of the Year Shannon Uribe, Eller Undergraduate Team member of the Year

Leadership Awards:

Lauren Kuehner, Leadership Legacy Award Mark Blitzer, Outstanding Student Organization President Undergraduate Dean’s Awards Freshmen Recipients Adam Crompton Lauren Findlow Sophomore Recipients Sheila Kaiser Kaylie Foster Junior Recipients David Basilio Bradley Moreno Organization of the Year: 35+ members Alpha Kappa Psi Organization of the Year: less than 35 members Eller Ambassadors

Eller College Senior Awards: Alyssa Martinez, William Barrett Award Courtney Groves, Marvin Fortman Award for Leadership Ryan Stertz, Laura Henderson Outstanding Multicultural Student Service Award Su-Huyn Kim Rachel Iacomacci Karen Johnston Katie Kahler Alexander Karam Katarina Kolesikova Lauren Kuehner Janea Laudick Christina Laurent Betty Lee Laura Lelicoff Zachary Lewis ShuYan Lin Harold Mapes Alyssa Martinez Brandon McBrien James Meglio Sam Meis Gabrielle Pina Amber Placke Danielle Puente Ron Rojany

Caitlin Sandahl Julian Secomb Isaac Tavares James Taylor Tolan Thornton Courtney Triphan David Ware James Westling Nicholas Whitley Amanda Wieland Kristen Williams Lily Yu Tony Yuan Kaitlin Zemitis

Global Business Program Award Recipient: Hanna Marie Huckin




happened since the early ‘80s. But after Arizona’s Elite Eight run in 2011, this season was memorable for all the wrong reasons. – Nicole Dimtsios

Hi Corbett have given the Wildcats a home with a real professional atmosphere, and that was never clearer than in their season-defining series against Stanford. –Kyle Johnson

D-Will selected No. 2 overall in NBA Draft

Men’s basketball missing the NCAA Tournament

To all graduating students who willingly gave of their time to support the division’s mission and goals to ensure a positive impact to the success of present and future students. Our best wishes in your future endeavors!

The most memorable moment for the Arizona men’s basketball team was also its low point. For the second time in three years, the Wildcats missed the NCAA Tournament. In the 2011-12 season, it seemed the Wildcats took the most torturous road possible. Despite conference home losses and a number of onepoint losses, it seemed that Arizona could all but secure a spot in the tournament by defeating 20loss rival ASU in Tempe. But defense — which had been the Wildcats’ strength all year — didn’t show up to Wells Fargo Arena. The Sun Devils secured the 87-80 win and forced the Wildcats to make a run in the Pac-12 Tournament to go dancing. Arizona ran though UCLA and Oregon State, but slipped against Colorado. And the Wildcats didn’t hear their name called on Sunday. The UA missing the tournament this frequently is especially memorable because it hasn’t

Derrick Williams emerged as a star for the Arizona men’s basketball team during the 2010-11 season, so it was no surprise when the La Mirada, Calif., native declared for the NBA Draft. Williams was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves as the No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft — matching Mike Bibby’s 1998 draft spot selection — and was the third Wildcat ever to be drafted in the top 5. In his two seasons at Arizona, Williams averaged 17.8 points, and nearly eight rebounds per game. Along with an Elite Eight run, Williams gave the program a face and a go-to scorer, something that the Sean Miller’s team desperately needed during the 2010-11 season. Although most fans hated to see Williams leave Arizona early, his selection gave the program something to cheer about after a heartbreaking finish to an improbable tournament run. “I’ve been working for this moment — to be drafted — for a long time and it’s finally come,” Williams said. “I will continue to do my best to make my family and the Arizona fans proud.” – Nicole Dimitsios

—The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs


The guard was second in the Pac-12 in scoring (22.5 points per game), 13th in rebounding (6.8), 11th in assists (3.19), seventh in free throw percentage (75.8), second in steals (2.63), third in 3-point percentage (36.8), second in 3-pointers made (2.22 per game) and eighth in minutes played per game (33.88). Whyte was an AP All-America honorable mention and named to the All-Pac-12 first team for the third time. – Zack Rosenblatt

Lawi Lalang | TRACK Head cross-country coach James Li recruited Lawi Lalang during a visit to Kenya during the winter of 2011. Li said Lalang is in a class all his own on the track. Lalang had virtually no formal training until he arrived in Arizona and spent less than six months

on the track prior to winning his fist collegiate race. Now, a little over a year since his arrival in the states, Lalang is ranked the No. 1 collegiate runner and one of the top runners in the nation overall. Lalang received All-American honors and an NCAA Championship as a freshman during the cross-country season and was named the National Men’s Track Athlete of the Year by the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. He has also been recognized by the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation as a member of the All-Academic team, with a grade point average higher than a 3.0. In just over a year as Wildcat, Lalang has set four school records. Lalang’s most recent achievement was the opportunity to represent the Wildcats at the Payton Jordan Invitational in Palo Alto, Calif., where he broke the UA record in the 1,500-meters, set in 1989. He was the only collegiate runner to finish in the top 8 with a time of 3:36.77, which was good enough for him to qualify for the Olympic “B” Standard as a sophomore. – Emi Komiya


News • Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Wildcat •


Allen reflects on ‘successful year’ By Eliza Molk Daily Wildcat

James Allen, a graduating political science senior, was the president of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona from the fall of 2011 to the spring of 2012. The Daily Wildcat caught up with Allen to ask about his experiences during his year in office. Daily Wildcat: How was the beginning of your term after being disqualified from the election and going through a special election? Allen: Looking back on it, I think I was able to show how much I wanted this presidency. To this day I will defend my reputation and say I should not have been disqualified, and winning by an even larger margin during the second election demonstrates that. More importantly, I realized how much passion I had for this position. The election process demonstrated that for me and showed how far I was willing to go to serve students. After a successful year, my record speaks for itself. Looking back on your term, what accomplishments are you most proud of from ASUA? A big thing ASUA focused on this year was diversity. I had an amazing diversity director who made connections with our campus cultural centers, something that was once a completely dead relationship. Our diversity program had an internship program and students from all areas of campus were involved. We held ethnic studies forums on the UA Mall and sent the interns on conferences across the nation. I was able to allocate some funds to the cultural centers, who used the money to hold student banquets, end-ofyear events and a giant step tour. We really needed to help improve their mission, since they were so hard hit with funding cuts. ASUA saved quite a bit of money this year and had more freedom to choose where to spend it. We expanded our marketing team and implemented a program where all clubs on campus could get materials like flyers and posters done professionally for free. We also did a great job in trying to identify the most vital issues students face. We held guns on campus forums and surveyed about 3,000 students to prove that students did not want people to carry at the UA. What about from yourself? I made it a point to travel to Phoenix, anywhere from five to 10 times, to lobby against the guns on campus bill. I testified at the Capitol and even went up against the bill’s sponsor. I made it a point to emotionalize the argument, which made it hard for the legislators to vote against an issue we were so passionate about fighting. I did the same thing with the minimum

gordon bates / Daily Wildcat

Though he was initially disqualified from the Associated Students of the University of Arizona election, ASUA President James Allen took office and helped push through a tuition freeze from the Arizona Board of Regents this year.

tuition bill, which would have charged students an extra $2,000 if they were not on a certain academic or athletic scholarship. It got to the point where I was telling the Legislature, “Look, I’m a Republican, but this is insane.” The bill never even saw the House floor. These were real victories for students. I was also the only president that ever took a $0 increase stance on tuition. I told our administration that I have the UA’s financial statements and that it’s simply a matter of deciding how we allocate our money. Fighting it was the right move, and it changed the conversation about tuition forever. We should never propose anything more than a 5 percent increase unless we are looking at giant cuts again. Additionally, every time I met with an administrator, I brought up the issue of

bringing Spring Fling on campus. I told neighborhoods that opposed the idea that I would “shave off ” Thursday of Spring Fling so that it’s not noisy during a weekday and that we would clean up their neighborhoods after the fact for free. We got Parking and Transportation Services, the University of Arizona Police Department and UA Athletics on board. Now, we just need an answer from incoming UA President Ann Weaver Hart and to convince one last neighborhood and a few academic individuals. What’s your next step now that you graduated? Every former ASUA president goes through a moment where they struggle and feel inferior. They ask themselves, “How can I top my presidency?” I felt pressure to do something

great, but now I’m in the real world and I can start over. After building a relationship with the vice president of Student Affairs and the UA’s chief financial officer, I was able to design a job working with them next year. I will be working and traveling with them while doing a series of projects. We want to make a Groupon for the UA and offer deals like a two for one Pinkberry and create customer access to the UofA Bookstore through a UA app. I’ll think of myself as sort of an executive coordinator. I’ll also be applying to the MBA program at the Eller College of Management. I know I will go to some type of graduate school. In addition, I’ve harbored some interest in the Arizona Board of Regents’ student regent position that will open up next year.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

• Daily Wildcat


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2,3& 4 bedrooms available. Prices starting at $389

retAiL sALes AssoCiAtes needed for tuxedo store. P/T 1620 hrs/wk. Must be able to work with little or no supervision. $10/hr starting pay. You may send your resume via e-mail: or apply in person 2435E. Broadway. No phone calls, please. SeeKING aDVertISING sALes Reps for Inside and Outside sales. Full-time Base salary plus commission! Must have excellent work ethics & great customer service experience. Advertising experience not essential. Bilingual skills a big plus. Send resume to: LPalmer@newtucson Join the Tucson Shopper and North Tucson Living magazine team and help our local businesses grow and thrive. PaID survey takers needed in Tucson. 100% FREE to join! Click on surveys. Summer INterN PoSItIoN. Established local Theater. Flex hrs FT/PT. Strong organizational and computer skills. Fred 624-0172 swim girL to assist with exercise for disabled woman. Swimming optional. Close to campus, car preferred. Call 867-6679

!!!!! aWeSome StuDeNt Housing located at 3148 E. 2nd Street next to 3rd Street bike route. Five bedroom for just $2300/ month($460/bdrm). Other 5 bdrm locations from $1900/ month ($380/bdrm) - No neighbors on top or below you and your own private yard. Check out this community where you will find STUDENT LIVING LUXURY STYLE!!! . CALL 747-9331 TODAY!! Now taking reservations for Fall 2012 !!!!!!! two bLoCks To Main Gate! Best building this close to campus! University Lofts is gated and features a sparkling pool and private gym. Beautiful apartments now reserving for 8/1. Also check out our other perfectly-located, gorgeously-updated properties @ 520-906-7215.

1725 North Park Avenue


*Restrictions apply, prices, specials, lease terms subject to change at any time.

qualIty aFForDable StuDeNt housing. Check us out: reSerVe NoW For summer/ fall. 1bdrm furnished $435/mo summer only. $510/mo on a year’s lease. $535/mo for 9 months in August. University Arms. Clean, quiet, convenient, 3blocks campus. 623-0474. roommate match & INDV. leases. FREE dish & WIFI. Pets, pool, spa, fitness & game rooms, comp. lab, cvrd park & shuttle. 520-623-6600.

StuDIoS From $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. blue agave apartments 1240 N. 7th ave. Speedway/Stone.

10th Street coNDo- 3bdrm, 2bath, washer/dryer, gated w/pool. Great location, 7min walk to UA Cherry and 10th St- Avail 1 June. Free Internet - $650/per room820-1024 1255 e. Weimer circle #76 this 1393sqft 3bed/2bath furnished condo will be available august 5th! call today to schedule appointment to see 520-319-0753 rent $1265.00 Deposit $1000.00 located at mountain/roger 3bD/2ba $1,000/mo Available Aug1. Campbell/Glenn. Internet/water/trash included. UofA, bike path, CatTran. Visit or email Very NIce coNDo for rent. 3bedroom 1.5bath . Great kitchen, private patio. Community pool, Carport and external storage. Near Swan & Speedway. Call Steve @970-667-1256 $975/month includes water & trash pickup.

!!! amazING 3beDroom, 3bAth home with 2car garage available for August 2012. Large great room, dining area, spacious bedrooms, big closets. Private parking. Awesome 2story floor plan. $1350. Call (520)245-5604 2 minute wALk to class! 1bd duplex, A/C, wood floors, archways, assigned off-street parking, water paid, $725, 741 E 1st St #1 REDI Management 520-623-2566 2bDrm 1ba 900SqFt. New AC, tile, carpet, and paint. Carport, storage, fenced yard. No pets. Unfurnished, water paid only. $850/mo 1yr lease, $850 deposit. 1505N Highland. 4blocks to UofA & UMC. (520)909-4766 2br 1ba, WalKING distance, 1321N. First Ave., water paid, internet access, $650/mo, +deposit, flexible terms. Call 520-370-8588 or 886-1445 NeW coNStructIoN 3bD/ 2ba close to catran and mountain bike route, two story, open floor plan, large private yard, upgrades throughout $1450 available June 1st or August 1st 2012 909-4089 remoDeleD hIStorIc buIlDING, 2bd/2ba, stainless steel appliances, assigned parking, wood floors $1495, 745 E 1st St, REDI Management 520-623-2566

!!!!! StuDIo GueSthouSe 2Blocks to Campus. AC/ washer /dryer/ full kitchen/ full bath. Available August. $375/mo 884-3410

A Guide to Religious Services Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELS). Sunday Worship 7:45am & 10:00am. Bible Class 9:00am. 830 N First Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719 520-623-6633

Priority College Ministry at First Southern Baptist Church Sundays, 11am Contemporary/ 8:30am Classic Worship. Come worship with us! 445 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85705

Lutheran Campus Ministry - ELCA Lutheran Campus Ministry @ Campus Christian Center. Sunday 10:30am, Wednesday 6pm. 715 N. Park Avenue 520-623-7575

WELS Tucson Campus Ministry Student Bible Study and discussion. Sundays 7:00pm. 830 N. First Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719

L.D.S. Church- Institute of Religion. Sunday meetings 9am, 11am, 1 pm;. Institute Classes M-F 1333E. 2nd St, Tucson, AZ, 85755 To be a part of our Guide to Religious Services, contact Christal Montoya (520) 621-3425 or email

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Wildcat •

!!!!!!!!! bIG PrIce Reductions for Fall 2012! Gorgeous 1bd-5bd houses within blocks of UofA! Call 520.331.8050 (Owner/Agent) to schedule showings!

5blKS to uoFa. Studio $440. 1BR $520. Priv Parkg lot. Security wall. AC. Quiet. No pets/No smoking/Unfurn. 822 E. Lee St. 490-0050.

!!!!!!!!!! #1 2br, 3br, 4br homes. Walk or bike to UofA. Quality living and homes. Large airy homes. call 310.497.4193 or

cool StuDIo aVaIlable now for summer or next year. $500 OBO. 9blks north of campus. W/D, AC. Available 5/1 (520)909-4334

!!!!!!!!!!!! 1,2,3,4 bedrooms. quality energy efficient homes. all within 1.5miles of campus. Fenced yard, patio, call for price. 520.333.4125. info@

quIet NeIGhborhooD, oNe bedroom cottage with bonus room, 2103B N. Santa Rita, (in rear) (Mountain & Grant), A/C and swamp cooler. Internet, cable, washer & dryer available, water paid. 403-6681. sAm hughes guest house, a/c, washer/dryer, pets ok $475 ALSO ALL utilities pd, unattached, a/c $650 REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to SPacIouS StuDIo, WalK to UA and busline. AC, full kitchen & bath, off-street parking, very clean & quiet, murphy’s wall bed, water included. $450/mo w/year lease. 298-3017 ! 4bLoCks north of UofA. Studio house, $530. Big 1bdrm $720. Quiet, security patrolled, no pets, A/C., 299-5020, 624-3080 ! 8beDroom 7bath houSe with over 3100sf. HUGE bedrooms, lots of open living area, large fenced yard, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, 2W/D, large kitchen with big breakfast bar. Look & lease to receive free mini fridge per bedroom. This is the best house you can find for you and your friends. So many extras. (520)398-5738 !!! FamIly oWNeD &oPerateD. Studio 1&2 BD houses & apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $400 to $850. Some with utilities paid. Available now or pre-lease. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080. !!!! 3bDrm/2ba, two-story homes, 1212 sqft, at 4229 e boulders Spring Way and 4274 e Wading Pond Drive, columbus & Fort lowell (riverhaven), $1050 rent, $1050 security deposit, available august 1st . call martha at 247-9672 or !!!! SIGN uP NoW for FY12! 2,3,4& 5bdm, Newer homes! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages & all appl. included. 520-790-0776 !!!!! 2,3,4 & 6 beDroom homes for rent. 2to7 blocks from UA. Reserve now for August 2012. 884-1505 !!!!! auGuSt aVaIlabIlIty 5-7 blocks NW ua huGe Luxury Homes. 4br/ 4.5ba +3car garage +large master suites with walk-in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings up and down +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Security System. Pool privileges. 884-1505. !!!!!! huGe 5beDroom, 3bath house. only $2300/month ($460/bdrm). Now taking reservations for August 2012. Washer/dryer, alarm system, zone a/c for energy efficiency, lighted ceiling fans, ample lighted parking, private fenced yard, plus more. Check out the floor plan at http:/ / w w w. U n i v e r s i t y R e n t a l i n f o . com/blacklidge-floorplans.php no security deposit (o.a.c.) call 520747-9331 today !!!!!!! aWeSome 5bDrm houses from $1900/mo ($380/ bdrm), several locations convenient to UofA. RATES REDUCED! Now pre-leasing for August 2012. Quality Living Rents Quick! Washer/ dryer in all homes, zoned A/C, alarm system, lighted ceiling fans, stainless appliances, private fenced back yard, check out locations and floor plans at and call 520-747-9331 to see one. !!!!!!! 6bDrm 6.5bath each has own WHIRLPOOL tub-shower. Just a few blocks from campus. 4car GARAGE, walk-in closets, all Granite counters, large outside balconies off bedrooms, very large master suites, high ceilings. TEP Electric discount. Monitored security system. 884-1505 !!!!!!!!! AbsoLuteLy gorgeous New 5Bedroom houses @$2300/mo ($460/bdrm). Now Reserving for August 2012 Movein. Conveniently located to UA at 2550 E. Water Street (Grant and Tucson Blvd). Washer/dryer, zoned A/C, Alarm System, lighted ceiling fans, stainless appliances, private fenced back yard, plus more. Check out the floor plan at and call 520-747-9331 to see one.

!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-4 beDroom homes. All very nicely updated and renovated or NEW homes. Reserve TODAY!! 480-374-5090. !!!3bD 3ba house with POOL (svc incl.) Actually 2bd/ 2ba + 1bd/ 1ba guesthouse Near Glenn/Campbell 1920’s charm with updated amenities. Large bedrooms, fenced yard, Granite, stainless etc! WD DW AC, Avail July 1 $1700/mo Alex 370-5448

charmING 1bD/ 1ba cottage, ALL utilities paid, wood floors, gated off-street parking, close to campus! 421 E Mabel #1 $695 REDI Management 520-623-2566

4bD/ 2ba: W/D, appliances, fireplace, hardwood floors, big walled yard, security alarm. No Pets. Grant/ Mountain. Available June, $1300/mo. 742-7314

CLose umC mAin campus. 5bd 5ba $650/ea 5bd 4ba $550/ea 3bd 3ba $600/ea 6bd 4ba pool spa $350/ea furnished 248-1688

4bDrm 2ba Near campus. $1600/mo. AC, W/D. (520)9094334 4beDroom 3bath beautIFul home. Spacious, vaulted living room, W/D, microwave, DW, storage, wood floors, ceramic tile and carpeted bedrooms. Look & lease to receive free mini fridge per bdrm. Plenty of parking. Very close to UA campus. $1960 (520)398-5738 4beDroom home WIth pool close to campus. 520-896-3393 4beDroom houSe 2blocKS north of campus with swimming pool. $1,760. Contact Bryan at 520-907-3763 or BJETTB@DAKOTACOM.NET

larGe DuPleX catheDral Ceilings. 2bd/ 1ba, 1Mile from UA, large yard, AC, tile. June 1st one yr lease $650/mo 551-7898

$800- $2400 Fy12! 3,4 &5bdrm, BRAND NEW homes! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Gar & all appl. incl. 520-790-0776

5bD/ 3ba, a/c, washer/dryer, avail 08/01 $1900 ALSO 5bd/2ba, a/c, all appliances, pets ok $2350 REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to

$845 claSSIc mID- ceNtury Bungalow Arroyo Chico 2Bedroom 1Bath biking distance & bus line direct to UofA. Call (520)270-0884

5bD/ 3ba, Sam HUGHES! 2413sqft, pool table, built in BBQ, dbl garage, A/C, washer/dryer, 2000 E 10th ST $2750 REDI Management 520-623-2566

NeWly remoDeleD home, water pd, $495 ALSO available 08/01, bdrm, a/c, water pd, fenced yd $550 REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to

$NIce 4brm 2bath split floor plan 7blocks to campus. Washer/ Dryer, A/C, dishwasher. All bedrooms same size! Big living room with fireplace. Parking for 5cars. 245-5604

5beDroom 3bath home, 7blocks to UA $2200. Upgraded kitchen, new appliances including W/D, dishwasher and microwave. Big bedrooms, walk-in closets (520)245-5604

quIet NeIGhborhooD, three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath house, 2103A N. Santa Rita, (Mountain & Grant), washer, dryer, internet and cable available, water paid, 403-6681

**5brm 3bAth with over 1700sf! Large fenced yard, cold A/C, washer dryer, dishwasher, big living room with fireplace. Bedrooms have large mirrored closets, built-in desks and lots of space. $2000/mo (520)245-5604

5beDroom 3bath, Great twostory floor plan with open living room, breakfast bar, large bedrooms and walk-in closets. Fenced yard and pet friendly. Microwave, DW and W/D included. Look & lease to receive free mini fridge per bdrm. 4blocks north of campus. (520)398-5738

quIet NeIGhborhooD, tWo bedroom house, tiled floors, 1124A E. Hampton, (Mountain & Grant), water and electric paid, internet and cable available, A/C, washer & dryer. 403-6681

2bD/ 1ba brIcK home, A/C, dishwasher, washer/dryer, large fenced yd available 08/01/2012, $1100 1167 E Linden REDI Management 520-623-2566 2bD/ 1ba houSe Near Campus (Country Club/Glenn) Lg Fenced Yard w/grill & fireplace, w/d, wood/tile floors. Nice family owned house. Pets negotiable. Avail June. 520-820-8521 2bDrm +loFt 2ba. City/ Mountain views. Swimming pool/ exercise room privileges. Starr Pass, close to Pima and UofA. Contact 940-3856, 740-1902 2bDrm 1bath 1mIle from UofA. $550/mo Wonderful large unit with private balconies and shared laundry facilities. One is available now and the other at the beginning of August. Call (520)749-2625 for address, details, and an appointment to see. 2blocKS From ua, 4BD/2BA, enclosed yard, A/C, W/D hookup, available July 15. 2BD/1BA +den, A/C, dishwasher, parking, available June 1. 520-907-1566 2bLoCks from uofA! Available now, large 2B/ 1BA, W/D, A/C. $700/mo, also units from $765 for August. 520-903-2402, 520-250-6659 2mIN to camPuS IN FY12! 1,2,3,4 & 5bdrm, homes & aptmts! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Gar & all appl. incl. 520-790-0776 3bD/ 2ba, cloSe to campus, A/C, all appliances including washer/dryer, avail 08/01/2012, 2807 E Lee $1500 REDI Management 520-623-2566 3bD/ 2ba, WalK to class! a/c, pets ok $950 ALSO 3bd/2ba, a/c, carport, washer/dryer $1250 REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to 3bD/ 2ba. ua area. W/D, tile floor, walled yard, remodeled kitchen. $990/mo. Available August 1. Lease plus security deposit. Call 742-7314. 3bDrm 1bath aDobe huge 1700sq.ft. with 420sq.ft. garage. Gas and water included. Only $1000/mo discounted rent. 432 E. Mohave 520-240-2615, 520-2993987

6brm/ 5ba houSe AWESOME and HUGE. Large open floor plan, 3master suites, huge kitchen, maple cabinets, beautiful tile, huge bedrooms with big closets. This 2600sf house is one to see. (520)245-5604 7brm- 4bA for August 2012. Across the street from campus. Grand front living room, huge kitchen with microwave and dishwasher. Large bedrooms, spacious closets: a great floor plan! Fenced yard, W/D, A/C. Lots of parking. Look & lease to receive free mini fridge per bdrm. (520)398-5738 a Very cool house- 2934 e. exeter, Available August ‘12, 4BDRM/ 3BA. Landlord pays water, landscaping, hot tub maintenance, trash. Tenant pays all other utilities. 2car garage/ 2car carport, off-street parking for 8 cars. HOT TUB, huge lot, private backyard, concrete flrs, hardwood kitchen, stainless steel appliances, flatscreen television. Call 4193787. a Very cool house- 3434E. 5th Street, Available now, 4BDRM/ 3BA house. Landlord pays: water, landscaping, hot tub maintenance, trash. Tenant pays all other utilities. HOT TUB, huge lot, bocci ball/ horse shoe court, large patio, flat screen television included. 2car garage/ off-street parking for 2 additional cars. Call 419-3787. AmAzing LoCAtion! wALk to Campus! Enjoy your own private back yard and front courtyard area. Mountain and Seneca (1082 E Seneca) 3B/ 2B $1100.00/mo Washer/Dryer Call Shawna 480-223-8526 aVaIl juNe 1St - 2bd/ 1ba Lg fenced yard, 1mile north of the U. call 870-4667 aVaIlable 08/01, a/c, den, washer/dryer $700 ALSO Sam Hughes 2bd, a/c, wood floors, pets ok $795 REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to

3beDroom houSe juSt 2blocks north of campus with a swimming pool $1,125 Contact Bryan at (520)907-3763 or BJETTB@DAKOTACOM.NET

aWeSome, larGe, 4br, 2BA House to share. 2,000SF. AVAILABLE, June 1st. -1yr. lease. 2mi. from campus, (Adelaide/Cherry) 1block off MT. AVE and Campbell, Cat Tran, shopping and public transportation. Fenced backyard, central AC/heating, W/D, security bars. Call or email suzanne: 520403-9308;

3beDroom, 3bath home close to campus. Lots of storage, large bedrooms, big closets, W/D, dishwasher, A/C. Look & lease to receive free mini fridge per bdrm. Private parking. $1350. Call (520)398-5738

beautIFul 4bD. muSt see! Remodeled. Hardwood floors, recently repainted, fireplace, high ceiling, all appliances. Available July 1. 885-5292, 841-2871. Great for serious students. 2040 E Spring. Corner of Spring& Olsen near Campbell &Grant. $2100/mo.

At the UA,

2450 E. 6th St. • 881-1319 •

Near Rincon Market. At the corner of Tucson Blvd. and 6th Street, close to the U of A.

Dmt ProPertIeS-PremIere UofA rentals since 1999. 1,3 and 4 bed homes avail June 1 and Aug 1. $475-$1700 p/mth Call Ilene 520-240-6487

luXurIouS: 5bDrm 3bath with a 2car garage, just north of UofA. Spectacular floor plan, cherry cabinets, stainless appliances, 2stone fireplaces, dramatic vaulted ceilings, laundry room, large bedrooms with walk-in closets. Look & lease to receive free mini fridge per bdrm! Private cobblestone drive, ample parking. This impressive home is a MUST SEE! Call (520)398-5738

5beDroom houSe 6blocKS from campus with a swimming pool $1,960 Contact Bryan at 520907-3763 or BJETTB@DAKOTACOM.NET

Open Monday - Saturday 10-6

cute SemI FurNISheD home completely remodeled, 3bedroom, 3miles from UA, all tile, washer included must see call 480-8972473 or

4br/ 2ba aND 5BR/ 3BA houses avail. for next August. 5Blocks from UofA. Washer/dryer included. AC. Off street parking. Call to see. Grijalva Realty 3251574. Ask for Laura or Carla.

2bD 1ba houSe - One mile north of the U. Avail. 6/1 Lg fenced yd, AC, New front loading washer/dryer. $900. plus utilities. Family owned call: 520-870-4667

Supplies • Lessons • Patterns and Books • Friendly Service

coNtemPorary beauty! 4beDroomS, 2baths. Like New! Washer/Dryer & A/C. Don’t miss this one...a must see! $2250/mo. Only 3streets north of Speedway off Mountain. Call Julie, Realty Executives, 520-240-0322

$2250 5beDroom 3bath house. Park and Lester-close to campus! A/C, W/D, Dishwasher, fenced yard, patio. Big bedrooms and huge closets. Avail. Aug. 2012. Nellie 245-5604

reNt Free (6moNthS), pool, guesthouse, Sam Hughes neighborhood, new AC, W/D, 2 televisions, no pets. (520)629-9224 roomy 3bD/ 2bth home, huge backyard w/gas BBQ, security system, A/C; non-smokers; pet ok w/$400 dep; bus or bike; avail. June or July negotiable; $1500 plus utilities; 429-2839 Sam huGheS, 3blocKS UA, 2bedroom, +den, 2bath, washer/dryer, master cool +2window ACs in bedroom, hardwood floors, available June 1, $995/ $900 deposit. 2216 E Hawthorne. Call 2993227, 909-7771 for appointment StuNNING 8beDroom, 6bath home across the street from UofA. BIG-BIG-BIG with so many extras. Almost 3,000sf of pure bliss. 2family rooms, big kitchen, ceramic tile, extra appliances, newly upgraded making this home perfect for college life. Look & lease to receive free mini fridge per bdrm. You won’t find a bigger, better home so CLOSE! Call (520)398-5738 uofA & umC! by underground tunnel. Very large br, split plan for roommate privacy! Washer/Dryer, A/C 1313 N. Vine, 4br, 3baths. $2150/mo. Julie Pupkoff, Realty Executives, 520-240-0322 uoFa beauty! 5- beDroom, 3bath. Located just 2blocks north of the law school Very nice!!!! Good parking, washer/dryer, hardwood floors, A/C. $2350/mo. Call Julie, Realty Executives, 520-2400322 WalK to camPuS IN FY12! 3,4 &5bdm newer homes! 1block to UofA! A/C, Gar & all appl. 520-790-0776 WalKING DIStaNce to campus! 4BD/ 2BA house w/Large courtyard, private parking. WD, appliances, AC/ Evap cooling & heating, ceiling fans. No pets or smoking. Avail June 1st. $1600.00 +utilities- Call Bill 970.708.3753 WalKING DIStaNce to UofA, just remodeled. 1716 E. 9th St, 2BD/1BA, $1200/mo. 3BD/2BA washer/ dryer, dishwasher, etc. $1800/mo, water paid by owner. Call 891-6488 Custom buiLt home in gated “Sweetwater in the Foothills”, 15min from UA. 1969sqft, 3BD +den, lots of upgrades, buyer to receive 2 season tickets to UA men’s basketball 2012-2013 season. $264,900. Sandra Beecher, HomeSmart, 520-591-6611, for sALe- 2houses on one lot, parking, laundry. Close to campus, live in one, rent out the other! Century 21 Centra Realty 520-4443432 for info. EOH $500 temP houSe sitting summer/fall, great opportunity to enjoy larger living space without the added cost. Call (520)270-0884.

5 6 5 2

Difficulty Level

4bD 3bh houSe looking to fill 3 rooms. Kolb and 22nd St. $350 w/private bath, $300 with share. Split utilities. Looking for other students. Contact at 480-388-5837 or room For reNt/ Sublease at The Reserve. 4bedroom/ 2bathroom floor plan. Apartment includes: full kitchen, private vanity, laundry, cable, and internet. Very Clean Roommates. I’ll be out by June. For more info please call (520)784-3395. SPacIouS Summer lIVING close to campus. 1st and Linden. $570 a month per room. Up to 3 rooms available. Please contact if interested (818)521-2438. bIKe to camPuS IN FY12! 1,2 &3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Gar, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776

$10 moVeS you INto our StoraGe..& you caN uSe our trucK at No lINDa or DaVe For DetaIlS aND meNtIoN thIS aD ContinentAL rAnCh seLf storAge - 744-1400 braKe maSterS; 1935 e Broadway; 623-9000. Great coupons at $15.95 Oil Change; $79.95 Lifetime Brakes; much more



326carS auto Sales: from $500. down, buy here, Pay here, all makes/models; jaguar, mbenz convert., miata convert., Durango, honda civic, Kia, buick, etc... Prince/country club. 520-326-2277

Scooter NeeDeD 150 cc or more, call Carla at 445-9664

Mobile DJ Service ALL MUSIC GENRES rock, hip hop, ska, blues, punk, metal, electropica, and more

StAtE-of-thE-ARt EqUIpMENt GREAt dj’S foR ANY EVENt! businesses, parties, UA events, dances, tailgate parties, sporting events or any occasion! for booking:

everyone reads the Wildcat 8 out of 10 UA students read the Arizona Daily Wildcat regularly. In fact, they find out what’s hot on campus from the Wildcat more often than from Facebook or friends!

The Arizona Daily Wildcat…UA’s #1 Source of News

By Dave Green

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NIce StuDIo, uNFurNISheD. Walk to UofA, Campbell & 8th St. $425/mo + lease, includes utilities, first, last & security deposit. No pets. 884-1276

4bD/ 2ba, Dbl garage, a/c, $1300 ALSO 4bd/2ba, avail 08/07, a/c, office, washer/dryer, carport $2000 520-623-5710 or log on to

2012 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

1bD/ 1ba 550SqFt House. A/C, w/d hookup, walled yard, offstreet parking. 2 miles from UA. 2925 E Lester (back unit, faces Bentley). $540/mo. water paid. 520-9034353


Source: Readership survey of 2,617 students conducted by Arizona Student Media in December 2008



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Year in Review 2012  

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