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Faculty Senate ratifies grad policies

Undergraduate, graduate, transfer students benefit from Sunday’s meeting By Michelle A. Monroe ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The UA’s Faculty Senate voted to simplify graduation requirements for undergraduate students on Monday.

Undergraduate grad options

Students will be able to change their academic catalogue year without affecting their graduation time. “In most cases they have to change their

catalogue to whatever is in place when they join a new program. In many cases it sets them back. In some cases it’s a serious impediment,” said George Gehrels, geosciences professor and undergraduate council chair. Students who change catalogues can have new general education requirements, and sometimes classes already taken will not count toward graduation. Ralph Renger, associate professor of public health for the department of community environment and policy, was

skeptical of the idea. “It sounds like a logistical nightmare,” he said. “How can you be confident that this won’t overburden our system? I get the flexibility of the system for students, but sounds like it will be quite expensive.” Celeste Pardee, an associate in the curriculum office of the Office of Academic Affairs and Faculty Senate audience member, assured the senate that the new UA software, PeopleSoft, has the program built in already so there is “no additional work.”

Transfer students

California transfer students will be able to satisfy general education coursework from their IGETC classes. IGETC, intersegmental general education transfer curriculum, classes are the California equivalent to the Arizona general education curriculum. The senate voted unanimously to allow unconditional admission for IGETC GRAD, page 3

Ethnic studies restraints opposed

No paying for valet


Sam Shumaker/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Kelli Johnson, right, a student working for ASU’s Cronkite News, conducts a video interview while Alex Wright, left, who works in the Office of Admissions, picks his bike up from Zachary Lewis, center, a junior majoring in marketing and Spanish, at the new bike valet on the UA Mall yesterday. Parking and Transportation Services started the valet after Labor Day, which Wright plans to use as a safer option ever since his previous bike was stolen. Though it’s currently free, it will cost $10 for 20 drop-offs after Sept. 24.

U.S. pledges millions to end child labor in cocoa harvests MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE WASHINGTON — The U.S. government and the chocolate industry pledged $17 million on Monday to help end child labor — some of it forced and dangerous — in two African countries where much of the world’s cocoa is grown. “If there’s one thing people around the world share in common it’s our love of chocolate. But it is a bitter reality that the main ingredient in chocolate, cocoa, is produced largely by child labor,” said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, at the agreement between industry, the Department of Labor, the Ivory Coast and Ghana. A June 2001 investigation by Knight Ridder, gave readers a closeup look at the lives of boys who were tricked or sold into slavery on cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast. The stories

led to a voluntary program by industry to end abusive and forced child labor on the cocoa farms. Harkin and Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., drew up the agreement with industry in September 2001. Harkin and Engel said Monday that while some progress had been made, large numbers of children are still working in the cocoa sector. Engel said there are times when he and Harkin are “very, very frustrated by the slow pace” of change. The new plan calls for a 70 percent reduction of internationally unacceptable child labor by 2020. The Labor Department pledged $10 million and chocolate industry groups pledged $7 million for building schools and helping rural families in the two West African countries escape poverty so they don’t have to rely on their children’s wages.


Lenikpo Yeo, also known as Le Gros, which means “The Big Man,” carries a gun while walking with his own children and nephews. Le Gros had 19 Malian children working on his farm before he was arrested by the government and forced to pay the children for their work.

The UA Faculty Senate voted unanimously to declare its opposition to H.B. 2281 , otherwise known as the “Ethnic Studies Bill,” during their meeting on Monday. The bill, a brainchild of Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne , is designed to prohibit the teaching of classes that promote the “overthrow of the U.S. government or resentment toward a race or class of people.” The bill also forbids classes that “are designed primarily for students of a particular ethnic group” or “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.”

“I personally find it fascinating that we’re not allowed to teach any thing about promoting the overthrow of the United States government and I’m, you know, really heartened that they don’t say anything about the state government of Arizona,” —Tsianina Lomawaima chair, UA Graduate Council The bill would not affect Native American students, since portions of their curricula are determined in part by federal law. “It’s not only disturbing and distasteful, but it really sends the wrong message to both Arizona and its students,” said J.C. Mutchler, secretary of the Faculty Senate. Mutchler decried the “hazy” and “bizarre” language of the bill as some primary reasons for his opposition and that, though the bill itself does not explicitly bar ethnic studies classes from being taught, the motivation of SENATE, page 3


Student tsunami

How the university is coping with an influx of new students

Professor Patricia Montiel-Overall will discuss the ability to interact effectively with people of different backgrounds and cultures, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. in the UA Main Library.

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No Bieber vaccine needed, VMAs re-cap

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Isa Borane

art history sophomore I just noticed that you are watching some dance videos on YouTube. Tell us about who are you watching and why. I am actually watching Laura Edwards and I think she is really inspiring as a choreographer and I wish that Tucson and U of A would come up with more opportunities and innovative ideas for hip-hop dancers. So you are a dancer yourself? I am. I am not a dance major but I am a dancer. Same here, dancers at heart. OK, so does it really bug you when you go to a club or a party and there are girls there that think they can “dance” when in reality they are just shaking around? I actually feel really strongly about this because I feel that some people just like to pose and think they are dancers. But really, you have to have the heart for it. Dancing is nothing without the heart and the soul. Girl, it is a lifestyle. So I’m assuming you’ve heard about the new contemporary classes taking place at the Rec? Oh, I will be attending them, probably every week so I need to get my pass. I personally go to the Monday night hip-hop and let’s just say it completes my week. Wednesday night hiphop with Josh Claravall, he should work there forever, just saying. He is real talented. OK, what did you think of the VMAs? Who was your favorite performance? I mean, Usher is the ish. Usher, like, he’s the ish. Usher. Hands down. What were your thoughts on Justin Bieber and when he busted out the drums? I personally was a bit confused, yet I was surprised and excited. Biebs can drum, Biebs can dance, Biebs can sing. Not really a fan of Biebs. So you don’t have that Bieber fever? No, definitely don’t have the fever for Bieb. Lady Gaga? I think she is the leader of a cult and she needs to be gone. She is weird. People actually say that Jay-Z is the anti-Christ but I think it’s leaning more towards Gaga, to be honest. Jay-Z is absolutely amazing and Gaga is the anti-Christ and I fully support that, fully support. Please, please, please tell me you also previewed the new episode of “Jersey Shore” last night? Of course, it was thrilling, to say the least. Chelsea Handler, did you think she was too offensive? I’ve read every single one of her books and will support her until the day I die. Chelsea Handler all the way. Chelsea Handler for president. – Caroline Nachazel

Ernie Somoza/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Jose Salgado, freshman, goes for a spike on his fellow teammates outside the Park Student Union on Monday. The Stadium Chinchillas, an intramural volleyball team, were having a friendly scrimmage to practice for upcoming games.

British teen writes obscene e-mail to Obama LONDON – A British teenager who sent an e-mail to the White House calling President Obama a “pr*ck” was banned from the U.S. for life, The Sun reported Monday. The FBI asked local cops to tell college student Luke Angel, 17, that his drunken insult was “unacceptable.” Angel claims he fired off a single e-mail criticizing the U.S. government after seeing a television program about the 9/11 attacks.

He said, “I don’t remember exactly what I wrote as I was drunk. But I think I called Barack Obama a pr*ck. It was silly — the sort of thing you do when you’re a teenager and have had a few.” Angel, of Bedford, in central England, said it was “a bit extreme” for the FBI to act. “The police came and took my picture and told me I was banned from America forever. I don’t really care but my parents

aren’t very happy,” he said. A Bedford Police spokesman confirmed they had spoken to Angel about the e-mail. Officers will take no criminal action. Joanne Ferreira, of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, said there are about 60 reasons a person can be barred from visiting America. “We are prohibited from discussing specific cases,” she said. — NewsCore

fast facts

Man: “As a dog, I would have shredded Lady Gaga to threads. Literally, since she was wearing meat.” — The UA Mall

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• A male dancer lifts over 1-1/2 tons worth of ballerinas during performances. • Most ballerinas wear out two to three pairs of pointe shoes per week. • One tutu costs up to $2,000 to make. • The same tutu requires 60-90 hours of labor and over 100 yards of ruffle. • Tango started in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina. • The cha-cha-cha (or “cha cha”) as we

know it was born in Cuba, and its roots have been linked to both mambo and danzon. • Considered the first real “ballroom” dance, the waltz was initially deemed indecent in 17th century European courts because it required dance partners to hold each other so closely, but the scandal only made the dance even more fashionable. –

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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, september 14, 2010 •


Obama praises Texas Christian University’s champion all-female rifle team McClatchy-Tribune WASHINGTON — The five members of Texas Christian University’s national championship rifle team were already beside themselves to be on the South Lawn of the White House Monday evening at a celebration of all NCAA sports champions when President Barack Obama gave them the first shout-out. “We’ve got the sharpshooters from the TCU rifle squad. Where are they?” Obama asked as the all-female team’s members, standing near the camera risers, screamed. “I think that they may be able to give the Secret Service a run for their money.” The TCU Horned Frogs team earned some extra attention since it’s the first all-female national rifle championship winner in NCAA history — the sport can have all male, mixed gender and all female teams. “That was so awesome,” said Sarah Scherer, 19, a sophomore from Fort Worth, “to be recognized by the president.” Obama spoke briefly to the 650 student athletes from

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UA budget

UA President Robert Shelton tried to set a positive mood before discussing the university budget. The UA was the only Arizona school to submit faculty salary as a No. 1 budget priority for this year, Shelton said. Shelton has been working with deans and department heads to see which faculty members are most at risk for leaving and developing strategies to keep them. “We want to suppress the culture that you need to get an offer from somewhere else to get a pay raise here,” Shelton said.

continued from page 1

class ring to prove it. “I showed him my ring,” she said of and they spoke about Hawaii and Punahou High School. Obama told the TCU team that he, too, practiced shooting with a rifle. “He said he practiced with the Secret Service,” said Riford, who graduated from TCU in May and now works in Fort Worth. “It’s a great experience,” said Scherer, who grew up in Boston. “Our sport is not very well known so to be invited to the White House is very exciting.” Erin Lorenzen, 22, of Fort Wayne, Ind., who graduated in May, said that had once she visited the White House on her 8th grade class trip. “This time it’ll be inside the fence,” she said beforehand. Sarah Beard, 19, a sophomore from Danville, Ind., said that winning the championship as a freshman “was a good way to end my first year.” Coach Karen Monez was thrilled that Obama gave them such personal attention. “It can’t get any better than that — to be recognized at the start.”

Student athletes to lose playing time for ditching class

transfer students. “This is a good recruitment tool,” Pardee said. “Just as we handle our own in state students who meet AGEC (Arizona general education curriculum) requirement we extend this to our California students interested in transferring. This will not be a lowering of our standard in any way, shape or form.” Some senators expressed concern for admitting more out-of-state students. “For many years the policy was to run outof-state students to 30 percent. They relaxed that to 40 percent two years ago. We’re still well away from that 40 percent and any numbers here will not jeopardize that.“


32 schools, praising them for being students and athletes. “You didn’t do it as professionals,” he said. “You put in countless hours of practice for the love of the game and for the pride of your school.” As the president worked the rope line, shaking hands and talking to many of the students, he reached the TCU team — who stood out in their black dresses and matching purple and black TCU cowboy boots. “He said, ‘Check out the boots,’” said Caitlin Morrissey, 19, of Topeka, Kan. TCU chancellor Victor Boschini, who also was at the event, said that the university had given the president his own pair of TCU boots, as well — all the championship teams brought some item of clothing with their logo which were collected at a security checkpoint. “It’s a real once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us,” Boschini said. There was another surprise for the president — team member Simone Riford, 22, of Hawaii graduated from Obama’s Honolulu high school — and was wearing her

Parker Antin, professor of cell biology and anatomy and College of Science representative, asked what budget constraints looked like in the future. The UA had $100 million cut from its budget last year, though $80 million was offset through consolidating budgets, colleges, programs, putting in a hiring freeze, laying off more than 400 people and raising tuition. “We’re hoping to plug the rest with stimulus funds,” Shelton said. When asked how Northern Arizona University was able to raise salaries, Shelton cited the vast differences among the three Arizona universities. “NAU offered a one-time buy out for faculty and staff so they gave a one-time payment, 80 percent of base salary, if people would retire,” he said. “The complexities are who gets the raises?”

Graduate students

Emily Connally, president of Graduate and Professional Student Council, nodded in agreement when Shelton spoke about graduate teaching assistant hours. “We put money into reducing the load of teaching assistants down to something closer to the national average,” Shelton said. “We’re way above, and we’re trying to get back down

to the national average.” The president’s office allocated $3 million to this problem. “$1 million went out this fall, and as far as I know it’s already helping a lot of the departments, the English department in particular. They hired adjunct professors so people who would be teaching three classes only have to teach one right now,” Connally said. “We’re all really appreciative.” Connally told the senate about GPSC’s plan to discuss the movements on campus, how daily decisions are made and what graduate students need in order to graduate on time. She also mentioned special elections taking place at the end of the month and encouraged faculty members to let their research students know about the October showcase.


Emily Fritze reported on UAVotes 2010’s goal to register 3,000 students to vote before the midterm election. “We also have at least one campaign debate potentially,” said Fritze, Associated Students of the University of Arizona president. “We’ll be collaborating with other groups on campus for voting and election education.” Murmurs of approval washed over the room after Fritze announced ASUA Senate’s new live

streaming of its meetings. “If you ever have spare time, and I know you all have so much of it, you can log onto the ASUA website and take a look at our meeting,” Fritze said.


Greg Byrne presented the new classroom attendance policy for student-athletes on campus. Byrne, UA’s athletic director, said athletes who had three unexcused absences would receive a written warning. More than three unexcused absences would result in loss of playing time. He also explained Ingrid Novodvorsky’s mid-game football physics lesson at Saturday’s game. “We’re doing a thing during the middle of the game called ‘Physics on football’ on jarring hits. A break down on physics perspectives creates and bridges a connection to what we’re doing,” Byrne said. “At previous schools we were getting science teachers saying, ‘Hey can we show that?’ It’s a learning opportunity and a great marketing opportunity.” “I like this guy,” said Michael Ossipov a pharmacology research professor, on Byrne’s science-athletics combination.

Representative: Bill ‘just a beginning of things to come’

the bill is clear enough. “The overall message of the bill itself being passed is that … it really is filed against Hispanic American students,” Mutchler said. Last spring the senate passed a similar measure voicing their opposition to S.B. 1070 after that bill was passed. Though Mutchler admitted that resolution did nothing to affect the final wording of the bill, he stressed in this instance “silence implies consent.” Bill Conway, an associate professor of

mathematics, questioned whether passing a resolution condemning the bill could cost the UA state funding, a concern that UA President Robert Shelton dismissed. “I don’t think it has an impact one way or the other on the fiscal aspect,” Shelton said. “Some of the members (of the Legislature) want to take away all of our money no matter what. Some are supportive. Most of them, I think, actually put some thought into the role of higher education.” Some senate members wondered



out loud what the bill would mean in the future. “I think this could be just a beginning of things to come if we don’t think carefully about this,” S. Mae Smith, a representative from the College of Education, said. Others took a more light-hearted approach in their opposition. “I personally find it fascinating that we’re not allowed to teach anything about promoting the overthrow of the United States government and I’m, you

know, really heartened that they don’t say anything about the state government of Arizona,” Tsianina Lomawaima, the chair of the UA Graduate Council, said. Lomawaima went on to state her belief that the bill was based on an “extremely powerful set of stereotypes” and represented a “personal, political agenda” on the part of Horne. “I do think fear is the operative word here,” she said. The motion passed without dissent or abstention.

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• tuesday, september 14, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


Colin Darland Editor in Chief 520•621•7579

Heather Price-Wright Opinions Editor 520•621•7581


Books burden students’ backs and budgets Tyler Quillin Guest Columnist

Dear (insert course listing), Is it necessary to require a $200 brand-new book for your general education course? Did you know the only difference between the seventh and eighth editions of this textbook you require is an updated picture of Lady Gaga on Page 403 in reference to eccentricity? As it so happens, I have found a similar book at Bookmans, and I actually understand its portrayal of the concepts more than the assigned text for the course. Have you considered this text? It is also less than half the cost. Yours truly, Financially floundering student


et’s talk about textbooks. They make up a significant portion of students’ expenditures in their pursuit of higher education. That is not to say they are the most costly portion but significant and substantial in their own right. It is important that students begin to discuss what they can do to help bring down the cost of their education, even slightly. Textbooks are a phenomenal target to examine. Textbooks are chosen by professors, for the most part, save for the few instances when departments choose for instructors, as most of the foreign language departments do. Since the overwhelming majority of textbooks are chosen by professors, those instructors carry a great weight in deciding students’ financial burdens. It’s important to clarify that I argue for neither any form of constraint on academic freedom nor the availability of the latest and greatest knowledge in certain fields. In some areas of study, it is essential to be working with the most up-to-date textbook possible due to breakthroughs and a range of other possibilities. However, in the majority of fields, it is absolutely feasible to choose a text that may have pictures from, dare I say it, 2006 or earlier. The content remains, but the price is lower. Moreover, textbooks are difficult to budget for. Students are completely in the dark in terms of what kinds of books will be chosen for a particular course until professors submit their booklists to the UofA Bookstore. The bookstore itself seems to have a negative stigma or resentment from students for no legitimate reason. This establishment goes above and beyond for students. It offers three different avenues for obtaining texts: purchasing new or used; a rental partnership with one of the largest rental companies,; and now, eBooks. The bookstore is at the forefront of the industry and is attempting to cater to students’ diverse learning styles and financial situations. The biggest issue students have with the bookstore is predominantly the “buyback” operations that occur at the end of each semester. Students feel they do not receive enough money back for their textbooks, especially in light of how much they paid for them mere months earlier. This ties into professors’ role in textbook selections, due to the fact that an abysmally low percentage of professors submit their textbook purchase orders to the bookstore on time. This forces the bookstore to purchase at higher rates last minute and thus necessarily push the newly incurred cost onto students. I don’t say this to criminalize professors. But professors have the responsibility to be cognizant of the fact that they hold a great deal of weight in determining students’ cost of attendance. Therefore, we, the students, ask professors to submit your booklists in to the UofA Bookstore by the designated due date. Professors can also ease students’ financial burden by vowing to use the same title for consecutive academic years whenever the circumstances permit, allowing that textbook to be entered into the textbook rental program. Both of these actions are feasible and achievable. Awareness and effort are all we, the students, ask. — Tyler Quillin is a senior majoring in philosophy and English. He is also the academic affairs executive director for the Associated Students of the University of Arizona. He can be reached at

The Daily Wildcat editorial policy

Daily Wildcat staff editorials represent the official opinion of the Daily Wildcat staff, which is determined at staff editorial meetings. Columns, cartoons, online comments and letters to the editors represent the opinions of their author and do not represent the opinion of the Daily Wildcat.

MAILBAG Please have reverence for all memorials With the anniversary of Sept. 11 just behind us, I would like to remind students, staff and visitors that the university has many memorials to other significant events that resulted in the loss of American lives. Two of these memorials are fountains.  One is the Berger Memorial Fountain in front of Old Main. This fountain, dedicated on Jan. 31, 1920, to honor those UA students who lost their lives in World War I, was the gift of Alexander Berger, an uncle of Alexander Tindolph Berger, one of those to whose memory it is dedicated. The other is the Memorial Fountain in the Student Union Memorial Center. The SUMC has a dedication in the Rotunda that reads “This building

is erected with the enduring affection in honor of the students, alumni and faculty of the University of Arizona who answered their country’s call for service and gave their last full measure of devotion.” In the Rotunda are additional memorial plaques, naming the University of Arizona students, alumni and faculty who were lost during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam War. The fountain, which falls from the second floor to the first floor, is a focal point of that dedication, giving a place for reflection and remembrance.  As such, please be aware that there are more than 1,000 student veterans and nearly 300 faculty veterans on this campus. While something like allowing

a dog to swim in the water on the second floor portion of the fountain seems innocuous enough, this can be seen as a disrespectful action by some who know the history behind the fountain. Next time you walk through the student union, or you stop to enjoy the gentle noise of the fountains, stop and remember that these items serve as a memorial to those that have died in the service of the country so that we can all have the opportunity to attend the college in a safe and free environment.  — Robert Rosinski, vice president, UA Student Veterans of America Club, USAF — Matt Randle, student director, V.E.T.S. Office, Army — Glen Lacroix, president, UA Student Veterans of America Club, Army

Israel must continue ban on settlements Andrew Shepherd


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ast week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas had a long overdue face-to-face meeting, opening up the first high-level peace talks in years. The two leaders were cordial and pledged to work diligently on the issue, and while there’s no doubt both sides want an end to the conflict, one must question the sincerity of the Israeli government’s desire to reach an actual comprehensive agreement. Netanyahu must decide whether or not to extend a moratorium on the construction of settlements in the West Bank. Until he does so, it will remain impossible to know whether the prime minister can give the necessary concessions to the Palestinians that would lead to peace, or if he simply wants to improve his country’s tarnished image abroad by temporarily extending an olive branch. There are currently 300,000 Israelis estimated to be living in Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Unlike the vast majority of people living in Israel, these settlers are often ultra-orthodox, far right and occasionally militant. Unfortunately, the settlers and their supporters also make up a vital part of Netanyahu‘s fragile governing coalition. In the last election, the prime minister’s center-right Likud Party didn’t win a majority of the vote and was forced to join with other parties to form a government. This coalition is comprised of parties on the far right, including the ultranationalist Yisrael Beiteinu, which opposes any peace deal whatsoever, and

the orthodox Shas Party, which heavily sides with the settlers. In order to stay in power, Netanyahu needs to keep these parties satisfied, further complicating any chance for real peace. The settlement issue is very important to the Palestinians and any approval of further construction by the Israeli government will no doubt derail any chance for peace in the near future. Ideally, most Palestinians would like to see a twostate solution based on the borders before the 1967 Six-Day War, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. Israeli settlements make this very difficult to obtain, as removing the settlers would be politically damaging for Israel, and could possibly lead to violence. It should also be mentioned that throughout the last 30 years, some politicians on the Israeli right have actually argued that settlements are necessary in order to prevent the Palestinians from being able to claim much of the West Bank in the future. If Netanyahu is truly serious about peace, he needs to extend the moratorium on settlement construction

that’s scheduled to expire at the end of this month. Not only are settlements an example of Israeli aggression, they are illegal under international law. While the prime minister ’s coalition puts him in a truly sticky situation, he must defy the far-right fringe in the interest of long-term peace. Such an action could cause his coalition to break, but the far right needs to remember that if they walk away, they’ll only be replaced by a more pro-peace agreement, centerleft government. If Netanyahu does extend the moratorium, there will still be the difficult so-called “final status” issues to decide, such as the status of East Jerusalem, whether a Palestinian state is to be armed, water rights for the two states and the entire issue of the Gaza Strip. Obtaining a peace agreement that encompasses all these issues will be extremely difficult to forge and will take a lot of patience, hard work and compromise on both sides. Netanyahu and Abbas mustn’t give too much attention to the fringe elements on their respective sides. It’s unlikely that much will come out of these most recent talks, but as a sign of good will, Netanyahu must extend the moratorium, or else all the recent diplomatic grandstanding between the two leaders will have been for nothing.

“Not only are settlements an example of Israeli aggression, they are illegal under international law. While the prime minister’s coalition puts him in a truly sticky situation, he must defy the far-right fringe in the interest of long-term peace.”

— Andrew Shepherd is a political science senior. He can be reached at

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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, september 14, 2010 •


If you could tell UA President Robert Shelton to change anything at the university, what would it be and why? “The administration needs to take it easy and get off of the fraternities’ backs. Also lower tuition because it’s just way too high.” — Andrew Rivin, history sophomore

“They need to have a better registration system than the current UAccess.” — Lee Ficke, aerospace engineering sophomore “They should put a Blockbuster or Netflix box on campus where students can rent movies for a buck with the swipe of the CatCard. It would be more convenient than to go off campus.”

“It would be nicer if they could cut the cost of tuition, especially after raising the tuition and now they’re building a hospital in Phoenix. I guess stop expanding so students can afford to pay for school.” — Justin Sullivan, environmental science sophomore

— Jonathan Garcia, criminal justice senior “The police system is a joke. They target college students strictly for money when there’s other things to be taken care of, such as drugs, rapes and murders around the campus area. They aren’t going to stop college kids from drinking.” — Grace Dunn, undeclared sophomore

“The parking fee because I live off campus and I have to rely on the shuttle, which is always full. The parking pass costs way too much for me so the shuttle is my only option.” — Katie Castillo, pre-pharmacy freshman

“The Rec Center needs to have an indoor soccer league instead of the speed soccer league. They need to have a regular legit league for the soccer players here at the U of A, because speed soccer is not fun, pointless and it would be way better if they had an actual indoor league.” — Garrett Brown, undeclared sophomore — Compiled by Jordan Friedrich

it true that drinking Q Isbeer by the shot results

in greater intoxication?

A. shot that results in greater intoxication – so why the

There isn’t anything special about drinking beer by the

confusion? The fact is, this probably has something to do with our association around shots, which usually hold hard liquor, as well as the so-called “power hour,” where individuals attempt to imbibe one shot of beer per minute for an hour. In short, intoxication has nothing to do with these 1.25 oz. vessels by themselves, and everything to do with our behavior: how many shots we happen to be consuming, and the frequency in which we quaff them. It’s the overindulgence in alcohol – however you drink it – that ultimately results in intoxication, along with other factors such as drinking time and our weight and sex. Believe it or not, the “beer shot” idea actually highlights a concept you can use – if you drink – that may help you get the most out of a night out. Here’s how it works: if you usually have mixed drinks, measure and make the drinks yourself with a shot glass or jigger to limit how much alcohol is in your drink. If you prefer beer, find out its alcohol content (percentage) and set a limit on how many drinks you will have over the course of the night. If you can stick to your plan, chances are your evening will be more enjoyable than if you hadn’t, since you’ll be controlling your drinks, rather than the other way around. Like many things in life, the rules of moderation apply here. Experienced drinkers tend to practice these skills more – often to the point that they become ingrained – and as a result, are able to reap the rewards. 50% of UA students set a limit on the number of drinks they will have before a night out. (2010 Health & Wellness Survey, N=2,931)

Got a question about alcohol?

Email it to

The Red Cup Q&A is written by Lynn Reyes, LCSW, LSAC, David Salafsky, MPH, Lee Ann Hamilton, MA, CHES, and Spencer Gorin, RN, in the Health Promotion and Preventive Services (HPPS) department of the UA Campus Health Service.



• tuesday, september 14, 2010


Vomiting vodka drinker ditched on corner

Two men dropped off a man at a sidewalk curb on UA grounds and drove away as he began vomiting on Saturday. The man was dropped off at the La Paz Residence Hall by the two unknown males at 1:45 a.m. and soon after began vomiting on the curb. A University of Arizona Police Department officer noticed the two companions drive away quickly while contacting the man. The man’s breath smelled strongly of intoxicants, he had watery, bloodshot eyes and he was unable to stand because he was wobbling. The man admitted to drinking vodka earlier in the evening. The UAPD officer had him transported to the University Medical Center. He was cited and released for minor in possession in body.

Minor in possession … of attitude

A man was arrested for minor in possession and disruptive behavior on Friday at 11:40 p.m. A UAPD officer on his way to Vine Street received a call about a disruptive party. As the officer entered the property grounds, he saw a man talking to a woman in an aggressive manner as she was attempting to make a cell phone call. The officer approached him and asked if everything was OK. The man answered “yeah” loudly as the woman began walking away. The officer smelled a heavy odor of liquor coming from the man’s mouth, so he asked him how old he was. The man told the officer he was “old enough” and started walking away. At this point, the officer told the man to stop and asked for identification. He told the officer he did have it but asked, “Why do you want it?” A few seconds later the man identified himself with his driver ’s license, which informed the officers he was only 19. When the officer asked the man if he was of legal drinking age he said no. The man appeared upset and asked the officer why he wasn’t “arresting all the other drunk people.” While the officer completed his citation, the man continued to complain about his citation and his arrest. At this time several officers attempted to calm him down. They decided to have him booked to prevent further incidents. The man was transported to Pima County Jail.

It’s just foggy, I promise

A UA student was cited and released for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia on Saturday at 1 a.m. A UAPD officer on duty was alerted of a car where two couples were sitting and smoking. The officer made contact with the people inside the suspected vehicle. When the officer asked them to open the door, he could smell a strong odor of burning marijuana and observed smoke still present in the vehicle. The officer asked one of the women in the car where the marijuana was located. She and her boyfriend both said they did not know anything about marijuana. The officer showed them the smoke that was still present and visible within the car with his flashlight. The woman then admitted that the marijuana was hers and that it was located in the glove box. She told the officer she had smoked it with a glass pipe that was located in a pink makeup case in the glove box. She stated that she was the only one in the group who had smoked marijuana. The officer searched the vehicle and the contents of the makeup bag. He found a small amount of marijuana, two lighters and a glass pipe. The marijuana and the glass pipe were taken into UAPD property as evidence.

Taking a leisurely stroll … all night

A man was cited for criminal trespassing on campus the morning of Sept. 6. The trespasser was napping on a bench on the east side of the UA Main Library when a UAPD officer spotted him. The officer tapped the male on his foot to make sure that he was OK. The officer recognized the man from a similar, previous incident and verified the man’s identity. The officer asked the trespasser why he was on campus, and the man said that he had been out walking around since last night and ended up on campus. The man was cited and released.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at


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™ Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

tuesday, september , 



Tim Kosch Sports Editor 520•626•2956

W-hoops eager for 2010 By Dan Kohler ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Sophomore linebacker Jake Fischer takes on a blocker during Arizona’s 52-6 win over The Citadel at Arizona Stadium on Saturday. Fischer is one of the three new linebackers starting for the Wildcats this year. Head coach Mike Stoops said during his weekly Monday press conference that he is pleased with the way the three have played so far.

Stoops reflects on Saturday’s win By Tim Kosch ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT You probably won’t ever hear head coach Mike Stoops call his team’s performance “perfect,” but he came pretty close to it during his weekly press conference on Monday. “I thought it was good in a lot of different areas,” he said of his team’s performance against The Citadel. “I thought our players did a great job in preparation. Defensively, playing the triple-option, it’s a tough deal to prepare for a team that runs that style but I thought our coaches did a great job and the players played assignment football.” It’s difficult to find very many flaws in a 52-6 victory but Stoops has some things in mind. His defensive tackles can play better and, according to Stoops, play stronger off the ball and the running game also has room for improvement. “I didn’t think we ran the ball particularly well in the first half, we still have some missed assignments in our run game,” Stoops

said. “We need to get better to have that balance that we want in our team.” The Wildcats’ 2-0 start has come at the hands of two inferior opponents, but outscoring both teams by a total of 93-8 is not something to dismiss just because of the teams on the other side of the field. “I think they served a great purpose for us and they helped us in a lot of ways,” Stoops said of playing Toledo and The Citadel. “We’re healthy, we didn’t get stressed too much in those first two games, we ought to be relatively fresh and that’s good. That’s where you want to be.”

Stoops looks ahead to Iowa

Despite the rock-solid performances in the first two weeks, it wouldn’t be realistic to expect Arizona to hang up over 40 points again this week against Iowa, and Stoops is well aware of that. “They’re a tremendous team in virtually every facet you look at,” Stoops said.

“They’re a very physically mature team and they play very maturely throughout the entirety of their team.” Stoops repeatedly commented on not only how talented the Hawkeyes are on both sides of the ball, but how fundamentally sound they are. “Strengths, they have so many, but their offensive and defensive lines are a great place to start and that gives you a chance to do a lot of different things on both sides of the ball,” Stoops said. “That’s where they certainly excel and present some challenges to us. It’s going to be a tremendous game.” Unlike a lot of marquee out of conference games, Arizona has recent head-to-head tape to watch on the Hawkeyes. The Wildcats rode into Kinnick Stadium last year with a 2-0 record and left it embarrassed after a 27-17 loss. Stoops said that his team learned a lot from that loss. “I thought we had some scoring opportunities a year ago but we weren’t quite good STOOPS, page 8

GameDay belongs in Tucson will be getting his first crack against the Hawkeyes as a starter, after backing up thenstarter Matt Scott in last year’s meeting. And the Wildcats proved they don’t disappoint when the GameDay crew comes to Tucson, as evident by the doubleovertime, instant classic against Oregon COMMENTARY BY last November. Mike Schmitz But regardless, ESPN clearly couldn’t shake its SEC bias and choose the game that sports writer actually deserves GameDay coverage. or years, Arizona and the Pacific 10 Despite its success nationally in recent Conference have played second fiddle years and currently having five teams to college football power conferences ranked in the Top 25, a Pac-10 team has like the Southeastern Conference, Big Ten only hosted GameDay three times in the Conference and Big 12 Conference. last two seasons. Top programs Alabama, Ohio State and There are only a few answers to why Texas dominate the national spotlight, and the Auburn game trumped the Iowa rightfully so. contest. The most obvious one is because But there are some instances where of travel costs. ESPN and the national media It seems ESPN College GameDay should hit the brakes on the powerstarts from the east coast and works conference love fest, and ESPN Regular season GameDay locations its way down to the west coast as the College GameDay’s destination this season progresses, but I highly doubt weekend is case and point. 2009 a few extra Ben Franklins would make Mike Stoops and the No. 24 Sept. 5: No. 5 Alabama vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech a dent in the pocket of the worldwide Wildcats will host the No. 9 Iowa leader in sports. Hawkeyes in their biggest game of Sept. 12: No. 3 USC at No. 8 Ohio State the 2010 season, and quite possibly And isn’t the point of GameDay Sept. 19: Texas Tech at No. 2 Texas their biggest non-conference home to show the week’s best game, rather Sept. 26: Iowa at No. 5 Penn State game in the past 20 years. than the matchup that best fits ESPN’s Oct. 3: Florida State at Boston College Arizona is on the rise as a program travel plans? and has a chance to catapult into the ESPN could very well be waiting on Oct. 10: No. 1 Florida at No. 4 LSU national spotlight, while avenging a Arizona’s Nov. 13 home game against Oct. 17: No. 20 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Texas 27-17 loss to the Hawkeyes in 2009. No. 18 USC. But a game against a Top Oct. 24: No. 8 TCU at No. 16 BYU Yet Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit 10 school that isn’t suspended from and the GameDay crew will head to postseason play holds a little more Oct. 31: No. 5 USC, at No. 10 Oregon Auburn, Ala., to cover No. 16 Auburn excitement, to say the least. Nov. 7: Army at Air Force taking on unranked Clemson. I’m not saying this weekend’s Nov. 14: No. 16 Utah at No. 4 TCU Don’t get me wrong, Auburn is showdown at Arizona Stadium is the poised to put together a nice season, year’s greatest game by any means, Nov. 21: No. 11 Oregon at Arizona and I’m sure it will be a mildly but considering the other games on Nov. 28: Florida State at No. 1 Florida entertaining contest. schedule this Saturday, it should have But there is no way this been a no-brainer for the powers that stereotypical SEC versus Atlantic be in Bristol, Conn. 2010 Coast Conference game has more But, yet again, ESPN opted for Sept. 4: No. 21 LSU vs. No. 18 North Carolina draw, excitement and storylines than the cliché SEC/ACC game, further Sept. 11: No. 18 Penn State at No. 1 Alabama the Arizona and Iowa game. proving its bias toward the so-called GameDay usually heads to the power conferences of college football Sept. 18: Clemson at No. 16 Auburn week’s premier game, or a game and lack of respect for the Pac-10. *bolded games involve an SEC or ACC game with an offbeat, interesting storyline –Mike Schmitz is a marketing junior and (see: Williams College vs. Amherst can be reached at


College in 2007). Clemson at Auburn has neither. I don’t know if Auburn alums like Bo Jackson, Ronnie Brown or Carnell “Cadillac” Williams are suiting up, or maybe CJ Spiller will make a cameo, but there just isn’t much intrigue to this matchup. Arizona just cracked the AP Top 25, Iowa is fighting to prove it should be mentioned with the Alabama’s and Ohio State’s of the college football realm, and all 57,803 of Arizona Stadium’s seats are expected to be filled come 7:30 p.m. Saturday night. Even athletic director Greg Byrne knows the implications, as he Tweeted “Red Out this weekend.” The storylines are certainly there — Stoops coached and played at Iowa, Arizona is at home after last season’s road loss to the Hawkeyes and quarterback Nick Foles

With a month and a half until Arizona women’s basketball season, head coach Niya Butts and company begin preparations for the 2010-11 campaign and another quest for the immaculate NCAA tournament bid that has been missing since 2005. After finishing with a 14-17 record last season — their best since Butts joined the program in 2008 — the Wildcats will be able to enter the upcoming season with more confidence and focus than they have had in years. “We want to continue to build on our success,” Butts said. “We’re making progress and we want to keep going with that. We’ll look at last year and we’ll implement some things that will help us out and make us better and have even more success.” With that in mind, Butts and the training staff have been focusing training to carry a consistent up-tempo style of basketball for all 40 minutes. Along with training, the Wildcats will strongly benefit from more depth, a factor that plagued them all last season.

A changing of the guard

Since her time at Arizona began, senior forward Ify Ibekwe has been the face of Arizona women’s basketball and her accomplishments have ascended her toward the tops of both Arizona and Pacific 10 Conference lists. But now in her final season, the time has come for Ibekwe to usher in her successor. After a stellar freshman year, guard Davellyn Whyte looks poised to take Ibekwe’s role as the figurehead of the team. In her first season at Arizona, Whyte garnered Pac-10 Freshmen of the Year honors as well as toppling the school single-game scoring record, racking up 39 points in a contest against Oregon. The dynamic that Whyte brought completely shifted the offensive attack, one that was formerly conservative and attempted to get the ball toward the low post could now be opened up to the perimeter with Whyte’s precision outside shooting. Ibekwe’s ability to mentor her teammates has always been lauded by the coaching staff and her leadership is evident both on and off the court. W-HOOPS, page 8

Power rankings By Nicole Dimtsios ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The second week of college football gave some teams the chance at redemption and others the chance to continue to make a splash. The top of the Pacific 10 Conference looked solid, but matchups against tougher non-conference opponents might shake up the standings this week.

No. 1 Oregon Ducks

Record: 2-0 Last week: No. 1 The Ducks started slowly at Tennessee last week, but their 45-unanswered points were enough to quell any doubts about Oregon’s offense. Chip Kelly’s team got the win in Knoxville, Tenn., via the big play. Until it shows some sign of weakness, which it shouldn’t against Portland State, Oregon remains at the top of the totem pole. RANKINGS, page 12


• tuesday, september 14, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

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P235/75R-15 P255/70R-16 . . $100 P265/70R-16 . . $124 P265/70R-17 . . $131 LT265/75R-16 . . $141

STOOPS continued from page 7

Stoops knows fans will play a key role during Iowa game this week

enough to get it done,” Stoops said. “They played more consistently throughout that game. We had some opportunities and just couldn’t convert, and we have to be able to find some ways to convert and move the football.” Stoops referenced a scoreless possession inside of Iowa’s five yard line, a botched fake field goal and several missed open receivers as key components to the loss, but nothing stood out more than a play that Iowa ran in the second half as a mere time-killer that resulted in a game clinching play. “Hopefully they won’t run a draw on third-and-32 for a first down,” Stoops said referring to a defensive gaffe that cost the Wildcats the game last year. “You can’t make mistakes like that when you play a team like Iowa that will convert. Next thing you know, they scored.”

W-HOOPS continued from page 7

‘Red Out’ expected to raise intensity

The atmosphere for The Citadel game was imposing for the visiting Bulldogs , but no one expects it to compare to what the crowd will be like this Saturday. The fans are encouraged to wear all red, similar to last year ’s Oregon game, and the game is expected to sell out. The fury of the ZonaZoo and the rest of Arizona Stadium is enough to make any opposition buckle and Stoops hopes to get the crowd riled up from the first snap on. “The crowd is always important. I think we want to create as much confusion as we can for Iowa and the crowd noise becomes a big part of that confusion,” Stoops said. “We have to give (the crowd) something to cheer about to get them in

the game early and keep them in the game. You want to create a hostile environment for any team on the road.” The excitement around campus carries into the locker room as well. “These games you don’t have to say a lot, it makes your job pretty easy,” Stoops said when asked how he will handle his players this week. “I don’t have any worries about our team being ready to play.” Stoops said he has no doubt that his players will be ready to play, and while that is a big key to success, it isn’t everything. “Being good enough, being creative enough, coaching good enough, that’s what we have to do,” Stoops said. ”We have to put some change ups in there on both sides of the ball and try to create some different looks.”

Butts’ third year has high expectations

“There’s no secret that great players make great coaches,” Butts said. “We are certainly trying to surround Ify with better players, and I think we’ve done that.”

New faces bring new threats

Arizona women’s basketball welcomes two talented recruits; freshmen guard Candice Warthen from Warren County High School in Warrenton, Ga. and forward Erica Barnes, from Sacramento High School in Sacramento, Calif. Warthen, who was the leading scorer in the state of Georgia her senior year after averaging 28.5 points per game, also managed to lead her team to a state playoff appearance. With the depth that these players will bring, Butts and her staff are looking forward to how the offense will play out this year. “When you have other options to go to, that certainly balances your offense and it helps you defensively,” Butts said. “The more weapons that we have, the better team we’ll become.”

60 6 0 70 $








Coach Butts honored by her high ONschool SELECT SETS OF 4 BRIDGESTONE TIRES!

Butts’ No. 23 REBATE. jersey raf-FOR DETAILS. ONLINE OR MAIL-IN VALIDnow 7/4/10graces TO 7/17/10.the SEE STORE ters of “The Panther Den,” the home basketball arena at Americus High School in Georgia, after the Arizona coach was honored by her alma mater for her successes in life and basketball. In high school, Butts lettered in both basketball and track, before finally committing to the University of Tennessee where she won two national championships and was a part of what is considered to be one of the greatest teams in the history of women’s college basketball under legendary college basketball coach Pat Summitt. “It was something that I was honored to be a part of and experience,” Butts Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat said after the ceremony. “It was nice to Forwarde Ify Ibekwe grabs a rebound during Arizona’s game against Stanford on Feb. 27. Ibekwe, go back home and thank the people that who has established herself as one of the best players in Arizona women’s basketball history, is played such a huge part in my life.” expected to lead an up-and-coming Wildcats roster in 2010.


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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, september 14, 2010 •



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PIMA COUNTY JOB OPPORTUNITIES ENGINEERING INTERN - 2311 Minimum Hourly Salary: $12.02 Requires current enrollment in an accredited college or university in an engineering or related discipline. Two temporary, part-time positions. Closing: 5:00 p.m., 09/24. For the required application, visit our website at:, or call us at (520) 740-8028. Pima County Human Resources Department150 W. Congress, 4th Floor Tucson, AZ 85701 EOE

WANtEd: mENtorS & iNtErNS MentorKids USA, a faith-based youth mentoring program ( and 1on-1 Mentoring, a communitybased program ( is seeking top-quality rolemodels for kids 5-17. Also need energetic interns to assist with events, mentor training, and supervise mentor/ mentee matches. For more information call 624-4765 or email

BrANd NEW mAttrESS sets Full $130, Queen Pillow Top $175, King Pillow Top $199, Twin $99 In original plastic w/Warranty Can deliver 520-745-5874

StudENt pArkiNg AvAiLABLE. Speedway/Park area. $200/semester $350/year. 5spots left. Call 624-6452

mAttrESS SALE! 1-2 piece 1st anniversary Bed Sale. Twin sets $129. Full sets $139. Queen sets $159. 5 year warranty. Will match any price. Free delivery for students. Expires 9/17/10. Visa/ MC/ Disc. Tucson Furniture, 4241E. Speedway. 3236163

ukuLELE CENtrAL! 100+ in stock. Outfits from $39.95. Free adjustments. Play before you buy. That’s better than the internet. The Folk Shop, 2525 N Campbell Ave. 520-881-7147

!!! ALL utiLitiES pAid 4blocks N of UofA 1Rm studio, no kitchen refrigerator only. $400/mo. Family owned and operated. Great alternative to the dorm. Quiet and private w/bathroom & lots of closets. Security patrolled, no pets. 6243080 or 299-5020



EArN moNEy iN A SOCIOLOGY EXPERIMENT! Undergraduate student volunteers are needed for a sociology experiment in which you can earn money. For more information and to sign up: Visit this website: Note: The experimenter will remove from the pool of possible participants those individuals who are the investigator’s students.

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES: $11.50 per column inch.

FAX: 621-3094

frEE ACupuNCturE! frEE treatments for UA faculty, staff, and students Sept. 13-19 at Tucson Community Acupuncture. Call 881-1887 for details.

Attention Classified Readers: The Arizona Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

3Bd/ 2BA, EuCLid/ Speedway, off street parking, $825 if paid early, APL 747-4747 3Bd/1.5BA 1014 N. 7th Avenue. W/D, all new appliances, hardwood flooring, enclosed parking, rear yard. $1350/mo. 241-0969 ApArtmENtS for rENt! Fort Lowell/Campbell. Located near university, Studios and 1bd available $425 -$515. 3blocks from Mountain Ave bike bath, close walking distance to public transportation. Utilities included! For showing please call 520-780-7888. ArizoNA ELitE CLEANErS,specializes in cleaning your property. We know your time is too precious. We clean Homes, Rentals, Special Occasions, Parties or landscape. Call 207-9699 Free Estimates


Big Studio $295.00, 1bdrm $395.00, no app fee, unfurnished, pool, laundry. Speedway Stone Area. 400-5227



No move in fees or security deposits










!!!!!!!!!AAA+ Amazing Luxury Apartment Homes 3bedroom/ 3bath (1017sqft) $900/ month, 4bedroom/ 3Bath (1236sqft), $1200/ month. No security deposit (o.a.c). Central AC & heat, washer/dryer, security alarm system, free high speed Internet, full kitchen, ceiling fans, free storage room, fenced yard/ balcony, onsite parking, on site management & maintenance, 2miles from campus, pets Welcome! 2010/11 semester free shuttle to campus.Taking reservations for summer/ fall 2010. Call Cathy @884-5044


LoCAtEd iN tHE heart of Tucson. Deerfield Village is your oasis in the desert. Great for students. 1&2 BD. 24hr fitness center. Heated pool & spa. Free shuttle to UofA. GPA discount, gated community, business center w/WIFI. Call to reserve your home today. 323-9516. $99 moves you in! StudENt SpECiAL $375. Nice, quiet, & clean. 1.07 mi north UofA. 882-6696 StudioS from $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. Blue Agave Apartments 1240 N. 7th Ave. Speedway/ Stone. utiLitiES iNCLudEd $550/mo. Pool & Laundry. Wood floors 770 N Dodge Blvd. Call 798-3331 Peach Props HM, Inc $695 CASA CLuB Condos! 2bdrm, 2bath, in gated community! 723sqft, A/C, water pd, comm. pool, coin-op on-site. Call Adobe PMI 520-325-6971 or see our website at















*** tHE iCE HouSE LoftS Studio condo starting at $895. pool, gym, new appliances, W/d, storage & gated parking. 520-7983331

Name: _________________________________________________________________________








Classification: _______________________________


# of Days: ___________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________ City/State:_____________________ Zip: _____________ Phone_____________________

1&2 Bedrooms No Credit Check 0 dep 0 Application fee! Some or all utilities paid $425695/ month 5570 E Hampton, 2550 N dodge, 3002 E grant, 5756 E 28th & 4044 E flower 977-4876 1Br $450/mo. No Carpet. Laundry. 1388 N. Country Club Rd. Call 798-3331. Peach Properties HM, Inc. 2BR also available $565/mo. 1Br $495/mo Studio $395/mo. pool, laundry, & off-street parking. 824 E. 10th St. call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc 2Bd/ 1BA, AC, covered parking, tile, 6th/ Euclid, $740 if paid early APL 747-4747 3Bd 1BA W. uNivErSity, 1040 N. 7th Avenue. On-site parking, walled-in security, W/D, D/W, microwave, refrigerator, recently renovated. No pets. Available now. $1000/mo. 241-0969

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615 N. Park, Rm. 101

621-3425 ➤

University of Arizona


Tucson AZ 85721


Greek Health and Body General Notices Personal Schools & Instruction ➤ Sports ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤


Business Opportunities ➤ Childcare ➤ Employment Information ➤ Internships ➤ Jobs Available ➤

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Jobs Wanted Personal Aide Volunteer Opportunities


Miscellaneous Parking

FOR SALE ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Cameras Clothing Computers Furniture Income Property Misc. for Sale Yard Sales

Musical Instruments ➤ Pets ➤ Audio Equipment ➤ TVs, DVD Players, DVDs ➤


Apartment for Rent Condominium for Rent ➤ Condominium for Sale ➤ Duplex-Fourplex: Rent ➤ Guesthse/Studio: Rent ➤ House for Rent ➤ House for Sale ➤ Housing Wanted ➤ ➤

➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Roommate Wanted Room for Rent Townhouse for Rent Townhouse for Sale

➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Resumes Services Clerical Services General Tutoring Services



➤ ➤

➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Misc. Lost & Found Pets Lost & Found


Accommodations Spring Break Tickets Travel


Housesitting Music Lessons




Autos for Sale Auto Parts Bicycles for Sale Motorbikes for Sale

WANTED ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Adoption Musicians Wanted Riders Wanted Rides Wanted Tutor Wanted Wanted General


• tuesday, september 14, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Auto Glass by Pinedo


quality glass & service at an affordable price

Tint Special

(includes 2 windows) All Insurances Accepted Offer good through 9/20/10

$750 2Bdrm, 1BAtH, A/C, 718sqft, washer/ dryer, off street parking. 6th St, & Mountain area. Call Adobe PMI at 520-325-6971 or see our website at

$550 1Bdrm, A/C, 602sqft, shared washer/ dryer, Campbell & 6th St. area. Call Adobe PMI at 520-325-6971 or see our website at 1Bd/ 1BA dupLEX, Euclid/ Elm $505 if paid early, water/ gas included, APL 747-4747

520-882-2909 203 S Kino Parkway

5BEdroomS, 2BAtHS toWNHomES Located 1mile from UofA Campus Individual homes feature top of the line electric kitchen, full size washer/ dryer with a fenced yard. A great deal at $2250 that’s just $450 per student. Don’t delay, only 3 left Call today 520-3231170

1Bd/1BA duplex, A/C, Covered parking, Completely remodeled, Euclid & 9th, $600/mo includes water. Call tony 520574-9575 2Bd dupLEX $625/mo & $625 deposit. Includes water, A/C, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, New Stove, Paint & Carpet. W/D hookups. Fenced, private backyard. Near UofA. On bus route. 520-429-3166

5Br/ 3BA HugE House plus basement. Parking, non smoking, no pets, walking dist. to university, wired for internet $1,600/mo 624-8695 or 360-7818

2BEdroom 1BAtH dupLEX 4blocks west of campus. Small fenced yards & W/D hookups. $695 plus $695 security deposit. Small pet OK. Tom Sloyan 9073690 RE/MAX Excalibur

BikE to uofA. 2BD 1BA Lovely air-conditioned house. Hardwood floors. Laundry, Mountain Views, Private & Quiet. $850/mo. Call Madeleine 520-349-3419

LArgE StudioS oNLy 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $370, lease. No pets. 977-4106

3 5 8

Difficulty Level

6 9

9 3

4 7

8 6

2 9


6 4

1 2 ✂5


up to $200 off first months rent! M/F needed for great apartment close to campus (5blocks away), fully furnished, most utilities are paid, private entrances, separate leases! MUST SEE! Call Astrid 520.622.8503

pipiNg ANd drummiNg. Marching band DRUMMING experience? We also teach PIPING. (Not affiliated with any society, inc.)

Co-Ed SoCCEr team needs girl players! Season starts soon. Girls with prior soccer experience preferred. Team has a competitive spirit but plays to have fun! Please call Lisa Earle 602.510.5101

3miLES to uofA. Room in remodeled 3bd 2ba house. A/C, Yard, Parking, Common area furnished, Cable ready $500/mo. 520358-3308. CLoSE, CAmpuS, SHoppiNg, buslines, CatTran, skylights, ceiling fan. Internet, cable, water, laundry, fenced property. Completely furnished. Broadway Campbell $300 248-1688

2Br 2BA poLiSHEd concrete floors. Fireplace, Dishwasher, stack washer/ dryer. Fenced Yard. A/C. $850/mo. 1630 E. Adelaide Dr. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc

$249,900 4BEd 2BAtH house close to UMC. A/C & all appliances. Call Rosemary for a showing today! 520-272-8483





The ∙ Game

because we know your not paying attention in class anyway


               1. Admini


WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED Grab your copy on newstands Monday through Friday.

2005 Chevy Cavalier 82000miles gets great mpg, white, asking $3700 o.B.o call 468-5672. private owner

The Arizona Daily Wildcat brings you

2010 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.



ArE you LookiNg for a mover? Same day service? Student rates available. 977-4600

2003 miNi CoopEr Supercharged, loaded, low mileage (54,500), leather, 6-speed, a/c, power steering/ windows/ locks, cruise. Call 520.207.9599. $11,250 NO SALE TAx.

up to $200 off first months rent! Roommates wanted/ Roommates needed! 1,2,3 and 4 bedrooms open for immediate move in. M/F ok, Smoking/ Non smoking available. Individual leases, private entrances. Call for appointment 520.622.8503.

up to $200 off your first months rent! Prices starting at $360 per room, per month. Individual leases, private entrances fully furnished 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom homes, available for immediate move in. Call or come by today! 520.622.8503, 1725 N Park Ave Visit us at

NEAr uofA. 1226 E. East Circle Dr. Near Mountain/ Grant. Very nice studio 450sqft, A/C, carport, W/D, small kitchen area. Located in a shady backyard. $425/mo 881-1184

!!-AA typiNg $1.50/pg. Laser printing, term papers, theses, dissertations, editing, grammar, punctuation, professional service, near campus. Fax: 326-7095. Dorothy 327-5170.

$400 Br, 2miLES from UA 2bd 1ba townhouse, utilities incl, washer/ dryer, furnished common areas 602-796-9890

up to $200 off your first months rent! Save your quarters for playing pool down on 4th Ave we have washers and dryers in select homes! Imagine the time and money you’ll save doing laundry in your own home! 5blocks from campus- 10minutes walking 5minutes on a bike. Close to University Boulevard and 4th Avenue. Call for specials 520.622.8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue

CLoSE umC CAmpuS. 1bd, 1ba, beautiful guesthouse, safe, clean, skylights, ceiling fans, built-in furniture. Bay window. Completely furnished. $600 248-1688


JuSt rEduCEd $10,000!! Amazing value. mLS #21023066. Live in a completely newly remodeled luxury 2bed 2bath condo for less than rent! Just one mile from uofA! All appliances stay. Condo has ďŹ replace and Laundry room! only $89,900! Call kevin: 520260-3123 or

SWEEt! grEAt dEAL! 5bed/ 3bath $400 per person! LOW MOVE IN COSTS! Vaulted ceilings, large closets, private patio/ balcony! CALL FOR DETAILS!!! 520.397.5738

1Br CASitA 811 E. Drachman #3. $395/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc

8 2

BuiLt oN A concrete-slab foundation, this 2005 home is super well insulated with exceptionally low maintenance. Even the roof is metal! Utility bills average $40-$50 per month! The side yard on the right is a private patio area with a planter box. The side yard on the left holds the trash/recycle contact Steve Long @520-358-2871 or

pErfECt for roommAtES! 2bed/ 2bath $475 per person! Private bathrooms, split floorplan, private patios, huge closets! CALL FOR DETAILS! 520.398.5738

1BLoCk uofA off- StrEEt gated parking, recently remodeled guesthouse $450/mo includes gas & water. Private backyard. 5757799


BEAutifuL 2Bd/ 1BA. 3231 E. Presidio. Country Club/ Fort Lowell. A/C, just remodeled, W/D, walled patio. Pets ok. Covered parking. $750/mo +deposit. Water Included. Mike 272-1928

319,900 4BEd 3BAtH fully renovated house close to campus. A/C & all appliances. Call Rosemary for a showing today! 520-272-8483

HugE! muSt SEE! 6bed/ 3bath $400 per person! LOW MOVE IN COSTS! Beautiful home close to campus, oak cabinets, open livingroom CALL FOR DETAILS! 520.398.5738

LArgE 2Bd 1BtH. 2blocks from campus, parking, W/D, A/C, quiet, clean. See website for locations: 520406-5515

7 1

1929 mud AdoBE 3/2 just south of Stadium w/hot tub, ramada, studio/ workshop. LR has wood floors, and FP, updated kitchen w/all appliances. $199,900! Call Rosemary @Long 520-272-8483

grEAt dEAL! Look! 3or4 Bedroom. $1200. LOW MOVE IN COSTS. Close to UofA. Clean and open floor plan. CALL FOR DETAILS! 520.398.5738.

2Br tripLEX. 1 CovErEd parking space. Pool & laundry. 1285 E Glenn St. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc


2Story 4BEdroom toWNHomE. Dishwasher, washer & dryer. 1017 N. 6th Ave. $1300/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc

BikE to uofA. Quiet 2bd 2ba house. A/C, fireplace, fenced yard, $795/mo. Call 490-5389

2Br poLiSHEd CoNCrEtE floors. Washer hook-up. Some offstreet parking. $725/mo. 2249 E. Water. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc

By Dave Green

$259,900 SAm HugHES fix up. 2bed main house and 1bed guesthouse with an in ground pool. Call Rosemary for a showing today! 520-272-8483







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35 33 15



29 31


SALT Center

25 26 11

17 16

35 37 10

36 34 39 37


32 34


27 28





northwest corner Euclid & University


18 17

31 33


21 20

Practice Facility Construction Site





13 13 30 28

New Diving Pool Construction





38 36


19 18

6 27 32 30


10. Chavez

17. Koffler

26. Mountain & 2nd

33. Study Abroad

2. Alumni 3. AME 4. Babcoc 5. Baskin 6. Campu 7. Compu 8. Cherry 9. ECE 10. Chavez 11. Educat 12. Family/ Science 13. Fourth 14. Gittings 15. Harvill 16. ILC 17. Interna Program 18. Koffler 19. La Paz 20. Little C 21. Mail Lib 22. McClel 23. McKale 24. MLK Ce 25. Mounta 26. Optical 27. Parking 28. Park & 29. Park Av 30. Park St 31. Police S 32. Studen 33. Social S 34. Studen • C •N 35. Study A 36. Univers 37. UofA B 38. Veterina 39. Visitor C


Keith Brook’s European Serv

arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, september 14, 2010 •

Keith Brooks’ European Service Full service maintenance and repair on European Automobiles Monday-Friday 8am – 5:30pm Shuttle service available with appointment European, Asian and Domestic Cars Factory Trained Technicians

Stone Ave

Mountian Ave

Glenn 1st Ave


10% discount with your UofA student ID 5 Minutes from Campus!

Alturas St


2440 N. First Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719

(520) 321-1640

Are you a young adult with hearing loss? Come to the C.H.A.S.E. meeting! We’ll provide:

Pizza and Soda, Free Raffle of an iPOD shuffle and other prizes We want to learn about your experiences with hearing loss to help others.

WHERE: U of A, Speech and Hearing building WHEN: September 18th, 11:00-1:00 For more information or to RSVP, contact: Cass Faux, M.S., CCC-SLP (520) 621-7069, Please RSVP by September 15th Funding provided by the Arizona Community Foundation CHASE is the Communication, Hearing, and Social Enhancement program through the University of Arizona’s Speech and Hearing Dept.

NEW LOCATION at Grant/Alvernon coming in October!


Grant/Alvernon coming in October

Shop way below mall prices.


Trade for Fashion Cash.

Oracle/Wetmore Ina/Oldfather

Juniors, Women, Men, Kids

We’re buying quality in-style Fall merchandise.


The friday before every fooTball home game 9/17, 9/24, 10/8, 10/ 22, 11/12 & 12/ 2 (Thursday) See store for details.


• tuesday, september 14, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


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Oregon, Arizona and Stanford have set themselves ahead of the ‘Pac’ through first two weeks of 2010 season No. 2 Arizona Wildcats

Record: 2-0 Last week: No. 2 Arizona romped The Citadel on both sides of the ball this week. The Wildcats established the run against the Bulldogs and showed that the Arizona offense is dangerous both on the ground and in the air. It doesn’t hurt that the defense still hasn’t allowed a touchdown this season, either. Although impressive in its first two weeks, Arizona’s real measuring stick will come this weekend against Iowa.

No. 7 Washington Huskies

Record: 1-1 Last week: No. 6 Quarterback Jake Locker rebounded after the BYU debacle and put up 289 yards against Syracuse. The Huskies are another team with too much talent to be in the middle of the Pac-10 for too long.

No. 3 Stanford Cardinal

Record: 2-0 Last week: No. 3 The Cardinal now officially leads the Pac-10 after a 35-0 routing of UCLA. Stanford looked impressive, but it may have just been the fact that it was playing a Bruins team that can’t just seem to get it together on offense.

No. 4 California Golden Bears

Record: 2-0 Last Week: No. 7 California took care of business against Colorado giving a preview of future Pac-10 matchups to come in 2012. Quarterback Kevin Riley impressed with a career high four touchdowns and Cal is quickly becoming the sleeper team in the Pac-10.

No. 5 Oregon State Beavers

Record: 0-1 Last Week: No. 4 The Beavers took the week to rebound from their heartbreaking loss to Texas Christian, and look to Louisville next weekend. There’s too much talent on this team for them to be down too long.

No. 6 Southern California Trojans

Record: 2-0 Last week: No. 5 Southern California barely scraped by Virginia this week and definitely did not dismiss any doubts about the Trojan defense or the amount of penalties — 65 yards before halftime. Lane Kiffin and USC should rebound against Minnesota this weekend, but they’ll need to work on their discipline before conference play starts.

No. 8 ASU Sun Devils

Record: 2-0 Last week: No. 8 Although they got the win against NAU, the Sun Devils were far from impressive. The Lumberjacks forced the game late into the second half, and the game was much closer than head coach Dennis Erickson would have liked it. If ASU hopes to make noise in the conference, they’ll have to be more impressive against Wisconsin.

No. 9 UCLA Bruins

Record: 1-1 Last Week: No. 9 The Bruins offense was so lost against the Cardinal that quarterback Kevin Prince was pulled in the fourth quarter. The jury’s still out if Stanford’s defense was that good or if UCLA is just that bad.

No. 10 Washington State Cougars

Record: 1-1 Last week: No. 10 Luck — that’s all Washington State fans can take consolation in after barely knocking off Minnesota at the last second.

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Sept. 14, 2010  

Arizona Daily Wildcat for September 14, 2010

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