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Poli sci department lacking in diversity By Hank Dean Stephenson ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The American political system is built on checks and balances. Our founding fathers knew that in order to keep the system fair and balanced, no one person or political party could hold all the power. But at the UA, the scales aren’t so balanced. The Arizona Daily Wildcat searched the County Recorder’s voting record database for the UA’s current political science professors and found no registered Republicans . Of 14 UA professors teaching

INSIDE FAJITAS AND FOOTBALL UA’s Hispanic Alumni Association kicks the year off with a pre-game party featuring local food and musicians. Organizers say the event is meant to draw attention to the Hispanic community on campus.

political science classes this semester, nine are Democrats, two have no designated political party and three aren’t registered to vote. Former Tucson Mayor and longtime public servant Tom Volgy said the department used to employ a few Republicans, including a Republican Pima County Supervisor. “But we never ask,” he said. “So we probably don’t know.” Volgy said his guess is that, by nature, Democrats are more interested in government, and would want to teach it, whereas Republicans want less government and aren’t as interested in teaching the subject.

But Mike Cole , chairman of the Pima County Young Republicans , said the numbers are proof of the university’s liberal bias. “The students are getting indoctrinated by their liberal professors,” Cole said. Cole said he believes the university should change its policies, including adding a professor’s political affiliation to the course schedule so students will know beforehand if their professor is a liberal or conservative. Though he doesn’t support hiring on the basis of political affiliation, Cole said he would like the univer-

sity to try to balance the number of Democrats and Republicans by making a conscious effort to hire conservatives as some of the older professors retire. A mandate to balance the political science department isn’t like a Republican professor affirmative action plan, he said. “It’s just fair.” “They have a college Republican club and a college Democrat club,” he said. “I think they need to be fair here by having professors from both parties, at least, and they’re not.” Pat Willerton , a political science

The students are getting indoctrinated by their liberal professors.

— Mike Cole Chairman, Pima County Young Republicans

POLI SCI, page 7

Can’t we all just get along?


FIGHT THE FLU Campus organizations team up to provide care packages to bedridden students stuck sick far from mamma and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.


Across the nation HEALTH CARE REFORM Washington legislators wrangle over the question of whether illegal immigrants should receive benefits under a proposed national healthcare plan.


Around the world TERRORIST GROUP BREAKS GROUND Officials in Pakistan say a local al-Qaida-allied terrorist group has begun construction on a massive new base that could be a military training camp or a cattle farm, depending on whom you ask.


The news is always breaking at

Pedestrians, cyclists spar for space on campus thoroughfares By Yael Schusterman ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Campus police intend to crack down on cyclists who don’t obey traffic rules to make the UA campus safer for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Campus officials say many cyclists are not aware that they are required to follow the same traffic laws as automobiles, which has lead to an increase in bicycle-related traffic accidents reported this year. From Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2008, five bicycle-related accidents were reported, according to University of Arizona Police Department documents. Already this year, that number has doubled, and UAPD officials added that many bicycle accidents go unreported. UAPD officer Kelsey Kubik said the main issue behind those large numbers is that cyclists on campus tend to ignore traffic laws. Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat “(Cyclists) think that just beThe UA Mall turns into a swarm of bike and pedestrian traffic during the morning and afternoon class rush. The traffic cause they aren’t in a motor vehicle, is proving to be a cause of concern for many as the safety of students has come into question.

they don’t have to obey all the signs and traffic lights,”Kubik said. Bethany Wilson, a UAPD crime prevention official, attributed the problem to the huge number of bicycles on campus, which she estimated to be between 10,000 and 11,000 on a normal day. Wilson said she has received dozens of phone calls from concerned students and community members saying that cyclists on campus are not following the “rules of the road.” She added that UAPD has programs in the works to both educate the cycling public on traffic laws and crack down on violators. On Sept.23,UAPD plans to begin a four-day bike safety campaign in partnership with Parking and Transportation Services. “We are going to really start enforcing the law,” Wilson said. She added that starting soon, cyclists who violate traffic laws BIKES, page 6

National health care Student entrepreneurs debate strikes UA tout off-campus meal plan By Angel Allen ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT As the national health care reform debate rages, the same passion seen in Washington D.C. legislators is also becoming apparent in UA students and faculty on both ends of the political spectrum. Health insurance does not come cheap, and although some students and experts disagree over the exact means needed to provide expanded coverage, most agree that it is a necessary end. Philosophy senior Chris Campas, who described himself as politically active, said he supports a plan — known as the single-payer system — where one institution would be the nation’s sole provider of health insurance. The impetus for reform, he said, needs to come from students.

“Single-payer, single-payer, single-payer,” he said. “I’m disappointed in the president for not standing behind this more. Young people need to start demanding this. We’re young, we should have access. We pay for Medicare, it’s time we start receiving it.” In a March 2008 report, the American College Health Association called for a standard that would make enrollment in a health care plan a prerequisite for enrollment in college. Unlike a growing number of public universities who have decided to adopt this standard, the UA requires only international students to have health care. Students do not need insurance in order to access services at Campus Health Services, although the HEALTH, page 3

By Michelle Cohen ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT A new meal plan, created by two UA students, allows students to use a card to make purchases off campus. Pre-business sophomore Adam Richman and public administration senior Thomas Rosen , who met as members of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, started the program, currently called ZonaBucks. The ZonaBucks card is accepted at more than 30 businesses off campus, including restaurants, grocery stores and drugstores, and can be used to purchase everything from toiletries to alcohol. An online system tracks individual spending, but there is no way to see itemized receipts from purchases. The program currently has about 1,000 users. Richman said the idea came about

in March after the pair heard friends complaining about the limited meal options they had on campus. “There’s all these places on University (Boulevard) students couldn’t go because their money was trapped on their CatCard,” he said. “They needed a flexible way to go out in Tucson to local restaurants rather than being confined on campus.” The students had contemplated starting other businesses, such as a restaurant near campus, before they came up with the idea of ZonaBucks. “We were sitting in the car bouncing ideas off of each other and said there’s a real need for this,” Richman said. “Finally the right light Ahslee Salamon/Arizona Daily Wildcat bulb went off.” Adam Richman, CEO of ZonaBucks and pre-busiIt cost them more than $50,000 to ness sophomore, and Thomas Rosen, ZonaBucks start the company, which came from president and public administration senior, show off the ZonaBucks card outside of Safeway on

MEAL PLAN, page 12 Campbell Avenue and Broadway Boulevard.


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‘Ring’ in the semester

Jostens, in partnership with the UofA Bookstore, will display the UA official school rings at the SUMC bookstore Monday, Sept. 14 through Thursday, Sept. 17, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.


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The ‘Rugrats’ kids are college-age!

New question: Do you feel that your life may be in danger due to cyclists on campus?

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Valeria Duenas Political science freshman What year were you born? 1990. Really? See, now that’s weird to me. I was born in 1986 and it kind of creeps me out that people born in the ‘90s are in college. It just makes me feel old, ya know? So now I’m going to try and make you feel old. (Laughs) OK, go ahead. Have you heard of the movie “The Matrix?” Yes. Well, it came out 10 years ago. Mmhmm. That doesn’t surprise you that it’s already been 10 years since that came out? Yeah, that is a little surprising.

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Monica Soto, a civil engineering senior, and Tess Lugo, a political science freshman, dance with the club Grupo Folklorico Mitztontli at the stage on the UA Mall on Thursday, Sept. 10. The club performed during half-time at Saturday’s football game.

County commissioner kids about contemptuous castration comment FINDLAY, Ohio — A county commissioner said she was joking when she told a former county resident she wanted to castrate him and had the tools to do it. Jeff Davidson said Hancock County Commissioner Emily Walton, who is a veterinarian, made

the comment to him during a heated telephone conversation last week over a neighborhood drainage issue. Davidson said the comment was unprofessional and that Walton should resign as commissioner. Walton said Davidson had been

People John, partner to consider adoption

Girl 1: Honestly, that cat went through his seven lives. Girl 2: You mean nine … — Student Union Memorial Center

One of the best shows of my childhood, guaranteed. Who was your favorite character? Uh, I think his name was Chuckie. He had curly red hair.

Yeah. Now I bet that makes you feel old, huh? That makes me feel quite old actually.

submit at or twitter @overheardatua

Fast Facts Who still believes in Santa? Studies say more four-year olds do than any other age group. Only 10 percent of U.S. households put cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Odds that a battery was purchased during the Christmas season: 40 percent.

Americans send 2 billion Christmas cards every year. Every year, 1.76 billion candy canes are made. Fake Christmas trees have outsold real ones every year since 1991. The average shopping center Santa weighs 218 pounds and has a 43-inch waist.

Worldwide,Christmas has been celebrated on 135 different days of the year.

LONDON — Look out, Madonna and Angelina Jolie — pop star Elton John may be joining the ranks of A-list celebrities with adopted children. John and longtime partner David Furnish are interested in adopting a Ukrainian toddler named Lev they met during an Elton John orphanage tour there. The singer told reporters in Ukraine on Saturday that Furnish has long wanted to adopt a child but that he was reluctant until he met Lev at an orphanage where many of the children’s parents have died from AIDS. “David always wanted to adopt a child and I always said‘no’because I am 62 and I think because of the traveling I do and the life I have, maybe it wouldn’t be fair for the child,”John said. “But having seen Lev today, I would love to adopt him. I don’t know how we do that but he has stolen my heart. And he has stolen David’s heart and it would be wonderful if we can have a home. I’ve changed my mind today.” He acknowledged bureaucratic hurdles may make adoption of a Ukrainian child impossible. John and Furnish toured the orphanage — where John performed for the children — as part of his Elton John’s AIDS Foundation work. Ukraine has one of the fastest rising rates of HIV infection in Europe. John said he was motivated in part by the sudden death last week of one of his closest friends, keyboardist Guy Babylon. “It broke my heart because he was such a genius and so young and has two wonderful children,” John said. “What better opportunity to replace someone I lost than to replace him with someone I can give a future to.” — The Associated Press

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What else makes you feel old while you’re still young? Well I turn 19 in November, but we were just talking about my birthday and I feel old now. I remember being a kid and seeing my sister’s older friends and they were turning 19 and I thought, “They’re so old. They’re almost 20.” — Brian Kimball

disrespectful on the phone to her and to women working in the commission office several times. She says the castration comment is one she has used for years and that people with half a sense of humor understand. — The Associated Press


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I kind of figured that. But how about this one. When you were just a little baby, do you remember watching “Rugrats” on Nickelodeon? Yes.

Well, can you believe that Tommy Pickles and Chuckie Finster are just one year older than you and they could, in theory, be college students right now? No. (Pauses) Wow, that’s crazy.

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But it looks like you didn’t really get into that movie that much. Mmm, not too much, no.

Yup, good ol’ Chuckie. But you don’t have any love for little Tommy Pickles or what? No, I don’t remember all the characters’ names.

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Ever wonder how long you could survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor? Take this quiz and find out! illustration by Marino Ponder/Arizona Daily Wildcat

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A group of alumni and students celebrate their culture by enjoying a meal together on Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Hispanic Heritage Party on the UA Mall.

Tailgate party celebrates start of heritage month By Devlin Houser Arizona Daily Wildcat Beer, food and live mariachi music accompanied sweltering heat Saturday as the UA marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month with a pre-football game party on the UA Mall. The event, which began at 2 p.m. and ended at about 6:30 p.m., was organized by UA Hispanic Alumni Club and UA Athletics to bring the entire Tucson community together, and to celebrate Hispanic culture, said Albert Siqueiros, cochair along with Rosie García of the UA Hispanic Alumni Club. The UAHA collaborated with the Chicano/Hispano Student Affairs Office to organize the event. This is the sixth year UAHA has held the event, Siqueiros said, and this year saw a turnout similar to last year’s. The event has three main goals, he said. They are to give students an opportunity to network with graduates and other students, to promote the Hispanic-oriented support organizations available to students

and to bring attention to the Hispanic community. Sept. 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month and is also the day five Latin American countries, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, celebrate their independence. Mexico’s independence day is Sept. 16. and Chile’s is Sept. 18. Local restaurant El Saguarito provided Mexican food at a discounted rate and Golden Eagle Distributors donated the beer and soda. Cox Communications was the principal cash donor. Live mariachi music was provided by the UA and Tucson-area high schools, including Pueblo, Salpointe and Tucson High School. Of 300 tickets available for the event, 196 were sold, said Charlie Andrade, the event’s treasurer. People who helped organize the event got in for free, he said. The event in many ways mirrored last year’s, Andrade said. About the same number of people attended, and the event netted about the same

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Specials Ashlee Salamon/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Myriam Ortega, a kindergarten teacher and aluma, enjoys the food provided at the Hispanic Heritage party on Saturday, Sept. 12 on the UA Mall. Many alumni and Hispanic students joined together to celebrate their heritage.

amount of money: around $300, he said. “The goal is not to make a profit,” Andrade said. “The goal is to break even.” This year’s profits will be used to help fund next year’s tailgate party. Jonathan García, a criminal justice and pre-law junior, said he was grateful for the support of organizations like UAHA, which has provided

him with a scholarship that pays for his college tuition. García has also attended UAHA workshops designed to improve students’ study habits. While Hispanic Heritage Month is Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, Siqueiros emphasized the everyday importance of culture to Hispanics. “For us,” he said, “Hispanic heritage is all year long.”

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Lack of insurance a problem among students

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Campus Health Web site does encourage all students to acquire medical insurance as protection against unforeseen circumstances. Kris Kreutz, the director of administrative services at Campus Health, said that if the UA required students to have health insurance it would add significantly to the cost of education. Nevertheless, medical anthropology professor Susan Shaw said that being insured is worth the expense, especially for students. “Health insurance is a really important predictor of how often you will get sick, and how well you will recover from being sick,” she said. “The importance of health insurance in a population cannot be overstated.” Shaw added that recent media coverage of the health care debate has tended to obscure the extent to which Americans remain uninsured. One out of three Americans, she said, has been uninsured at some time in the past year, often as they move between jobs or between schools. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Web site, a large percentage of those who do not have health insurance coverage in the U.S. fall in the 18-24 age range. Kreutz speculated that this might be due to young people no longer being eligible for coverage under a parent’s health insurance plan, although full-time

students can usually be covered under a parent’s plan up to age 23. Ben Poletta, a mathematics doctoral student, keeps a sign in his home window that says “Public Option Now,” in reference to the plan currently being promoted by President Barack Obama. Poletta is among those who believe that health care is a right that must be provided for by the federal government. The government, he said, should be more accountable for the well-being of the American people, even if it harms private industry. “When the goal is to take care of people, not-for-profit enterprises serve the interests of American citizens better. Just like libraries, firefighters and policemen,” Poletta said. “Students are young, we don’t think we need insurance. This is usually not a responsible choice, as young people engage in risky behaviors and then taxpayers end up paying the bill,” he added. Campus Health offers a few different student health care options. One is a full plan provided by Aetna that carries a premium and monthly bills. Terri West, an administrative assistant at Campus Health, said 5,470 students have enrolled in this option this semester. Another option, in which 2,550 students have enrolled, is the Campus Care Supplement, which asks a $100 persemester fee for all the services

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Jacob Rader/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Ben Pittman-Poletta, a math Ph.D. student, broadcasts his views on heath care by displaying the above sign in the front window of his house south of campus on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Campus Health offers, with a small per-visit co-pay. These enrollment numbers tend to change, West said, for a variety of reasons. Students who have a “qualifying life event,” such as marriage, divorce or no longer being covered by their parent’s plan, may enroll on a pro-rated status. The numbers can also drop if a student completely withdraws from school. Another option for students who carry their own insurance plan or do not have insurance at all is to participate in ‘feefor-service,’ whereby a student is treated by Campus Health and pays for the procedure. Students tend to opt for the fee-for-service route when they do not have insurance or when their insurance provider is deemed “non-billable,”West

said. Normally, these students are able to receive care on campus at a significantly lower cost than they might off campus, according to the Campus Health Web site. Last year, Campus Health received 40,793 fee-for-service visits out of 70,789 total visits by students and faculty. These numbers indicate that 57 percent of Campus Health visits are fee-for-service, out of 47-49 percent of the student body that West estimates visits Campus Health at least once a year. While it remains difficult to say for sure how much of the UA remains uninsured, Shaw said the issue cannot be ignored. “The problem of un-insurance in the U.S. is a huge problem that stretches across all populations,” Shaw said.



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Shoe-thrower gains fame

raqi TV journalist Munmarriage.” Jowda also stated, tadhar al-Zeidi may “There are many Palestinhave been ian girls who Tiffany angry when want to marry Kimmell he removed al-Zeidi. He his shoes and chooses the columnist threw them at one he likes.” then-president Jowda also George W. Bush. reported to USA Today that, But, apparently he knew “All Arab people … hope to what he was doing; the Iraqi get the chance of doing what journalist has women lined (al-Zeidi) did.” up around the block, a slew Well, who wouldn’t? The of people offering cash and benefits are far too good to support, and a four-bedpass up. room house. His fame seems to be Oh, and other prizes. up there with the recently Offers of free health care. A departed King of Pop. Michael free furnished home from his Jackson’s studded white boss. A wife. glove was sold at auction for All in support of his coura$50,000 in Las Vegas at the geous move nine months ago. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The TV network al-Zeidi A Saudi businessman called works for even continues to to bid $10 million for the Iraqi pay his full salary while he journalist’s famous shoes. serves time in prison. Once out of his reduced, USA Today reported, nine-month prison sentence, “Sheikh Ahmed Jowda, 75, he’ll definitely be doing some a tribal leader in the West damage at the shoe store. Bank, said he plans to send a young woman from his family — Tiffany Kimmell is a jour‘loaded with jewels and gold’ nalism senior. She can be reached to Iraq as a candidate for at

Liberals, let’s admit our own hypocrisy Before I came to the UA, I didn’t have a clearA lot of professors around campus echo this cut political affiliation. I vaguely remember kind of understanding. I remember vividly playing the conservative part to piss off the when one of my professors referenced Dante’s liberal girls in high school circles of hell and reminded — which I had thought to us that the final circle, the James be the apex of instigative worst circle, was reserved game spitting, but which for traitors and liars — like Carpenter never actually worked for Wall Street bankers, he me — and though it was said — probably also Bush columnist easy to anger and frustrate and Cheney. with intense conservative With my professor’s ediviews, it was even easier fication, I defended my poto become an ardent, self-identifying liberal sition as a registered Democrat and generally when I started college. liberal person with verve. In fact, during the Here at the UA, we’re inculcated with a presidential elections I told anyone who’d lismyriad of fresh perspectives that usually undo ten about the flaw I’d detected in conservaor very seriously deepen our understanding tive philosophy, which took the form of a funof viewpoints we had taken as fundamental damental contradiction. That contradiction truths about life. One of the main reasons it’s followed that “conservative” actually means so easy to adopt a liberal political stance is conservative government involvement — that because conservative views are held synony- is, the government is conservative in its exermous with status quo views — that is, the es- tion of power. In a more general sense, a contablished order, the dominant paradigm, etc. servative government is one that in no way Conversely, that which defies and ultimately impedes the individual choices of its citizens. shatters the status quo, breaks down barriers What’s contradictory about this is that the Reand illuminates perspectives, is fundamen- publican Party self-identifies as the conservatally liberal. tive party, the party that won’t impose itself

on its citizens, yet it espouses and is more than willing to impose a very specific set of moral principles — so one example might be, the government illegalizes abortion, but isn’t going to increase taxes to fund orphanages. The truth is that, moralistically, not all professed conservatives or Republican Party members are on the same page — I know lots of students around campus that say they just don’t want their freedoms impeded, and believe that the Republican Party is the better of the two, in terms of keeping taxation and government intervention to a minimum. We’ll call these people the fiscal conservatives, and as a group, they make up the bulk of conservatives on campus that I’ve met. In truth, I’ve never met a UA student who has told me that creationism is indisputable fact, gays should be committed or all foreigners need to be killed or kept out. In acknowledging this, I began to reevaluate the integrity of my own political philosophy. In doing so, I had to come to terms with a depressing truth: there’s just as much contradiction in liberal philosophy as conservative. Here though, liberal philosophy isn’t just about how involved the government is, but

rather what the government’s involvement is about: the government exists to ensure the freedom of its people by intervening when necessary for the benefit of the socially/economically marginalized — everyone except for conservatives and Republicans. This seems like a pretty big problem. I’ve owned Che Guevara posters, I’ve listened to Enya, I’ve had pretentious, high and mighty observations about established orders, marijuana usage and the social implications of Rohan Marley’s “free love” relationship with Lauryn Hill — I’ve even looked at UA’s College Republicans with disdain. The thing is, in doing these things I’m basically being a hypocrite. As a proposed solution, instead of freedom and equal opportunity for everyone, let’s, as liberals, pick something else as a cornerstone — or try and recognize that almost half of the nation doesn’t vote Republican, or self identify as conservative, just because they’re stupid. — James Carpenter is a creative writing senior. He can be reached at

Here’s a clue: Joe Wilson, on the House floor, with a temper tantrum Republican Representative from South Carolina Joe Wilson’s childish outcry at President Barack Obama’s address to congress was disrespectful, juvenile and an unfortunate humiliation for the party he represents. It is a concern we as future leaders of this country should have, that the highest position of authority in our government is disrespected in such a manner. For all is up for grabs when even the position of president is treated like a contestant on “Maury”. Temper tantrums simply have no place in responsible and what is to be respected governance. On Larry King Live, Sen. John McCain, RAriz., shared his opinion of Wilson’s outburst, acknowledging that it was “totally disrespectful” and there’s “no place for it in that setting or any other.” “He should apologize immediately,” McCain concluded. Obama spoke in front of Congress on Sept. 9 in an effort to clarify his health care reform proposal and dismiss the fabrications and rumors engulfing his efforts. He confronted concerns regarding the alleged death panels, explaining, “Such a charge would be laughable if it weren’t so cynical and irresponsible.” “It is a lie, plain and simple,” Obama reiterated, blatantly addressing the fallacious beliefs. He then moved on to the next “bogus claim” requiring elucidation, the coverage of illegal immigrants granted within the bill. But as he announced that this reform “would not apply to those who are here illegally,” Wilson, unable to contain himself, pointed his outstretched finger at the president of the United States, interrupting the democratically elected

commander in chief, hollering above the audience, “You lie!” According to The New York Times, Rahm Emanuel, the White House Rachel chief of staff, encouraged senior Republican lawmakers Leavitt to find the person responsible and implore him or her columnist to apologize. In accordance, Wilson’s office issued an apology stating: “This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the president’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.” In addition, Wilson called the White House with an apology, which Emanuel accepted on the president’s behalf. Despite his concession, Republicans and Democrats alike remain outraged by Wilson’s disrespectful actions. In The Huffington Post, Robert Creamer, a political organizer, strategist and author, wrote an article with the headline, “Wilson is the Poster ‘Child’ for the New Republican Party.” Creamer suggests that this action merely amplified the childish antics the Republican Party has taken part in since Obama took office. He proposes that the powerful speech Obama presented to congress directly contrasted Wilson’s immature hue and cry. With two simple words, Wilson’s past is under magnification, questions about his participation in a white supremacist organization have arisen and an entire political party is perceived as infantile and inappropriate. According to Associated Press reports, if Wilson doesn’t apologize on the House floor for

disrupting Obama, which as of Sunday he has refused to do, there will be a vote next week on whether to reprove him. He doesn’t seem to be shedding any tears of remorse in his video that can be seen on “On these issues, I will not be muzzled. I will speak up, and speak loudly, against this risky plan,” he explains after a halfhearted apology for his heckle. Clearly Wilson is attempting to transform his embarrassing outburst into a political opportunity and re-cast himself as the victim, and it seems to be working. According to CBS News, Wilson has raised around $200,000 since the incident and has received a disheartening amount of encouragement for his behavior. Even Wilson’s son Alan, who is running for attorney general of South Carolina, announced in a video that can be found on thesunnews. com, that though he is proud of his father for apologizing to Obama, he is “even more proud of him for telling the truth.” This is outrageous. Regardless of the legitimacy of Obama’s statements, which could take up an entire column on its own,

interrupting the president to accuse him of being dishonest in a civil and formal speech is entirely out of line and is a deliberate attempt to undermine Obama’s presidency. — Rachel Leavitt is a creative writing sophomore. She can be reached at letters@wildcat.

Photo courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

monday, september 14, 2009 •


policebeat By Michael Merriman Arizona Daily Wildcat

Man recovers stolen bicycle

University of Arizona Police Department officers were dispatched to the Science-Engineering Library on Sept. 2 at 12:15 a.m. in reference to a stolen bicycle. Upon arrival, officers met with the man who reported the theft. According to the man, he had secured his bicycle to the rack at 6:30 p.m. before entering the library. When he returned at 11:50 p.m. his bicycle and lock were missing. According to police, at 1:48 a.m. the man called UAPD dispatch to report that his friend had located his bicycle without the lock.

Stalling on suspended license

UAPD officers responded to a motorist in need of assistance at the UAPD station on Sept. 2 at 4:14 p.m. According to police, the man flagged down the officers and requested help with a vehicle that would not start. A records check revealed that the man’s license was suspended. Officers were unable to help the man start his vehicle.

Skateboarders ignore warning, get cited

UAPD officers on routine patrol heard the sound of skateboarding near the Administration building on Sept. 2 at 4:23 p.m. Due to the high volume of foot traffic, officers were not immediately able to locate the source of the noise. Officers continued to search and eventually observed two men performing skateboard tricks in front of the fountains. Officers watched as the men then began speaking to a passing woman, at which point police made contact. According to the officers, the men were identified as students. Upon identification, the officers realized they had warned the same two students on Aug. 31 for the same infraction. Both men were cited for skateboarding in a prohibited area and their skateboards were confiscated and taken into police custody. Both men were released on scene.

Sometimes you just gotta dance …

Officers were on patrol northbound on Cherry Avenue on Sept. 2 at 4:45 p.m. when they observed two men standing next to a gate on the east side of Bear Down Field. According to police, the two men were dancing arm in arm, listening to the marching band practice. One man was holding a can in a brown paper bag. Officers asked to speak with the men and they agreed. Officers asked the man with the brown bag what he was holding, to which he replied,“I’m not going to lie to you man, it’s a beer, I’ve been drinking.” Police asked the man to put the can down and confirmed that it was a 24-ounce can of malt liquor about half full and still cold. Police disposed of the contents of the can and asked the two men for identification. A records check revealed that one individual was wanted on two outstanding warrants issued by the Tucson Police Department. As he was placed into custody, police discovered that the other man was also wanted on a TPD warrant and he was also placed into custody. UAPD cited both men on charges of third degree trespassing and transported them to Pima County Jail.

They left one wheel? Learn to unicycle

UAPD was contacted via phone on Sept. 1 at 1:44 p.m. regarding a theft. According to police, a man called to report his bicycle stolen. He told officers that he had secured his bicycle to a rack on the north side of Manzanita-Mohave Resdience Hall on Aug. 31 at 4 p.m. When he returned on Sept. 1 at 11:30 a.m., he found the quick-release wheel still locked to the rack, but the bicycle was missing. The man admitted that he had improperly secured the bicycle. He also told police that he did not have a serial number for the bicycle and that he had not registered it with Parking and Transportation Services. According to the man, the bicycle was “beat” and he did not have an estimate of its value. He also declined to press charges.

Valuables left on CatTran turned in to police

On Sept. 1 at 2:55 p.m. an unidentified person turned in a shopping bag that had been found on a UA CatTran shuttle. According to police, the bag contained an unopened copy of Microsoft 2007 with a receipt showing its value to be $120. Also in the bag was a locker rental agreement bearing a student’s name and CatCard number. Police contacted the CatCard office but per university policy, were not able to retrieve an address or telephone number for the card’s owner. The CatCard office informed police that an e-mail would be sent to the owner advising him to contact UAPD regarding found property.

Bike taken, lock left intact

UAPD received a report on Sept. 3 at 10:36 a.m. from a male student who claimed that his bicycle had been stolen from the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building. According to police, the man told them that he had secured his bicycle to a rack on the west side of the building on September 2 at 2 p.m. When he returned at 5 p.m. his bicycle was missing. The lock was left on the ground and showed no signs of forced entry. The man gave police a description of his fixed-gear road bike valued at $500. Police have no witnesses or suspects at this time.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at




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friend 2 friend notice. care. help.

A website for University of Arizona students that serves as a resource to help you help your friends stay safe and healthy.

Watch out for each other... Keep each other safe... Be a real friend. Arizona Daily Wildcat


• monday, september 14, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

Flu kits deliver comfort to sick students By Marissa Freireich Arizona Daily Wildcat Students sick with the flu and living on campus can now have some comfort food without having to leave their bed. Flu care kits that contain items to hydrate and nourish sick students are now available for order by fax or over the phone. The kits can be delivered to students living in residence halls within three hours of ordering during normal hall hours. Students can also purchase the kits at Highland Market, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to the Student Affairs Web site. The student unions, Campus Health, Residence Life and some fraternities and sororities helped brainstorm and implement this project, said Kris Kreutz, director of administrative services for Campus Health Services. “I think it’s principally to help students who don’t feel well, who don’t feel like traveling around getting a series of things to make them feel better,” he said. Sick students can place a customized order for their flu kit. Choices include Cup Noodles, saltine crackers, macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, chamomile tea, Sprite, Dasani water and Gatorade, according to the Student Affairs Web site. Disposable thermometers and hand sanitizer are also available. Prices vary depending on the quantity and selection of items requested, but delivery service is free for all orders. “This is a way to make sure they are hydrated and have some sort of calories

going in to keep their system in order to fight the flu,” Kreutz said. Last week, five flu care kits were ordered during daytime hours, according to Kristi Van Os, a senior office specialist for dining services. Parents of sick students placed most of those orders. “These kids, when they get sick they get confined to their room and they can’t leave,” she said. “We’re just trying to take a proactive approach to it.” Kreutz said that students living in close proximity to one another, whether in dorms, greek housing or in off campus student housing are more at risk of contracting the flu. “You’re not always symptomatic when you’re contagious,” he said. Kreutz said the distance to stay away from someone who is sick is six feet. With the combination of H1N1 flu and the seasonal flu, the flu season is especially active this year, according to Kreutz. “It seemed like a perfect time to think a little outside the box to be more responsive to students,” he said. “As long as there’s a need and as long as students continue to want (the flu kits) we’ll continue to work together collectively to provide (them),” he said.

To order a flu kit:

• Call 621-7038 seven days a

week from 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. • Visit studentaffairs.arizona. edu/carekit to complete a faxable order form.


Safety a concern for campus pedestrians

continued from page 1

can expect to see heavier fines. “If you’re not following the rules you’re going to be a danger to yourself and others,” she said. UAPD officers are not the only ones frustrated by the increasingly dangerous bike situation on campus. Strolling students are on the front lines of the issue. Adam Scott Bellos, a Judaic studies senior who frequently walks around campus, said, “I respect the bikers, but if you are walking and not paying attention, I could see how an accident could easily happen.” Karin Finkelstein, a communications and business junior, said she rides her bike to school every day. She finds it to be an efficient mode of transportation and enjoys the exercise. Finkelstein said that on Park Avenue, she does not feel safe because

there is not as much room to cycle and she is forced to get close to cars, but on Mountain Avenue there is more room, which makes her feel safer. She said that she stops at stop signs and follows the traffic laws, but knows people who do not. Finkelstein has never had an accident, but she said she feels the UA campus is not very bike friendly. “It’s hard to maneuver at times,” she said. “The streets are not paved so well either.”Finkelstein added that there are not enough bike lanes on campus. However, Finkelstein is among those who say they feel safer after the opening of a new bicycle path through the Olive Road underpass. “I use (the new path) a lot,” she said, “and I think the Eller students appreciate the easy access.”

Rita Lichamer/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Josh Calabaza, a psychology junior and student lead at Highland Market, assembles items for a flu kit which will be delivered via golf cart to a student’s residence hall. Flu kits offer discounted prices on items such as Sprite, Gatorade and chicken noodle soup.


Debate continues over illegal immigrants in health care bill McClatchy Tribune WASHINGTON — Key members of the Senate Finance Committee, who are expected to play a pivotal role in the final struggle over revamping health care, are seeking to extinguish the furor over possible benefits for illegal immigrants. “What we’re trying to prevent is anybody who is here illegally from getting any federal benefit,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., a member of the so-called “Gang of Six” that has been working on the overall health care compromise. At issue is whether the proposals being worked out by congressional Demo-

answers to your ques�ons about sex and rela�onships FREE HIV testing will be available from Pima County Health Department on Wed. Sept. 16th from 11am-3pm in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (4th floor of the Student Union). Contact for an appointment.


I had sex with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago and I didn't cum in her but I pre-came. She is trying to tell me that she might be pregnant because she has been sick with headaches. I am really stressed out and I was wondering if it’s possible that she is pregnant.

A. Your girlfriend should take a pregnancy test right away. While pre-cum doesn’t always contain sperm, it is possible to have sufficient amounts to fertilize an egg. Enough time has passed that an accurate result will be available with a home test kit. These tests are quick and easy and can detect HCG (the pregnancy hormone) in the urine just two weeks after ovulation. Pregnancy tests are sold at the Campus Health Pharmacy ($5.99) or any grocery store or pharmacy. While headaches could be a sign of pregnancy, there are more common indicators of pregnancy that should be considered. The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy cause a variety of changes in a woman’s body. Some of the classic signs of pregnancy include delayed start or absence of an expected menstrual period, mood swings, swollen or tender breasts, excessive fatigue, frequent urination, nausea, and bloating. Not every woman will have all of these symptoms, but it is common to have at least one of them.

After you learn the results of your girlfriend’s pregnancy test, you’ll either feel relief or will be faced with some difficult decisions. A positive pregnancy test will have you discussing the options of parenting, abortion, or adoption. If you’d like to discuss the options with a non-judgmental professional in a confidential setting, contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 621.3334. You can see a counselor with or without your girlfriend. While you can’t do anything about the past events that led you to this time of worry, a pregnancy scare can be a strong motivator for practicing safer sex in the future. If you plan to continue being intimate, it’s definitely time to choose a reliable method of birth control. Check out the Campus Health Service website at for a long list of contraceptive options.

Have a question? Send it to

SexTalk is written by Lee Ann Hamilton, M.A., CHES and David Salafsky, MPH, health educators at The University of Arizona Campus Health Service.


crats with the support of President Barack Obama would make benefits available directly or indirectly to people who are not in the United States legally. The controversy centers primarily on plans to provide government funds to help low-income workers get insurance coverage. The issue was catapulted into the spotlight during Obama’s nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress. When the president said his blueprint would not aid illegal immigrants, Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., shouted “you lie.” The episode touched off a vociferous debate over a question that is both easy and difficult to answer.


Democrats point out that both the House and Senate versions of the bill already contain language that specifically bars illegal immigrants from receiving any federal help to purchase health care coverage. Republicans counter a written ban will mean little without tough enforcement provisions, which they say Democrats have refused to include. At a meeting Friday, members of the Finance Committee discussed adding enforcement safeguards to their bill, which will be presented as early as Tuesday. Under the Democrats’ plans, the IMMIGRANTS, page 12



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at your service. The Campus Health Service, located in the Highland Commons building, provides high quality health care, and a whole lot more!

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arizona daily wildcat • monday, september 14, 2009 •


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No registered Republicans represented in department

associate professor, said he knows the professors he teaches with are Democratic, but wouldn’t want the school to try to balance the department by hiring Republicans. “I would be nervous about that in any discipline,” he said. “That you’re trying to purposely have a quota of people that are of this political orientation or that.” Everyone has a political leaning or a bias, Willerton said, but they should be hired based on their knowledge and ability to teach, not on their pick for president. Though he was raised a conservative Republican, Willerton said his education and life experiences have turned him into a Democrat and he suspects the majority of his colleagues in the social sciences are also Democrats. Research supports Willerton’s hypothesis. In 2006, Chris Cardiff and Daniel Klein co-authored an article on the subject for Critical Review. The study examined the political party registration of tenuretrack professors at 11 California universities and found that overall there were five Democrats for every Republican. The division was even wider in the humanities, arts and social sciences. For the political science departments surveyed,

the ratio was 6.5 Democrats for every Republican. In the UA political science department, that number is nine Democrats to zero Republicans. For Willerton, the issue isn’t what party a professor ascribes to — it’s how they grade. He grades students on organization, clarity of arguments and diversity of cited sources, but not on personal politics. “I don’t deny I have very strongly held views,” he said. “I just try to separate it out. I’m going to try to stimulate you, provoke you and welcome alternative views, but I’m not grading you on your politics.” Though the UA political science department doesn’t employ any Republicans, not all the professors vote Democrat — some don’t vote at all. Political science professor Bill Mishler said he hasn’t “committed voting” since roughly 1980. He called voting a waste of time and said anyone who doesn’t believe in the luck of roulette shouldn’t believe his or her vote makes a difference. “The costs of voting always outweigh the benefits for the voter, for any individual voter,” he said. “And quite frankly, very large numbers of political scientists don’t vote, we just happen to have a very large number at Arizona who do.”

He cites “collective good,” a theory stating that if everyone does something, like put a muffler on their car, it’s good for society, but without some kind of incentive, there is no reason for any individual to do so. If the government wanted people to vote, they would make it mandatory, he said, like other countries do. As the former head of the political science department, Mishler’s choice not to vote has prompted some media inquiry in the past, and he now explains his position to his students, including Alyssa Thompson, who took his class in the spring of 2008. As a senior in the School of Journalism, minoring in political science, and someone who was raised in a very Republican household and still leans conservative, Thompson said she could see Mishler’s liberal philosophy, along with those of her other professors, but she’s never been graded poorly for thinking differently. “(In Mishler’s class) I wrote a paper that probably, definitely had my opinion in it, but he didn’t have any problem with it,” she said. “He graded me fairly.” This semester, her professor is “more opinionated, and I’m definitely aware of where she stands,” Thompson said.


Political Science Professor Political Affiliations 2

Democrats Not Registered


No Political Affiliation


In talking about health care, the professor asked students to raise their hands if they believed in nationalized health care, Thompson said, and assumed everyone in the class was for it, as she was. In the discussion about pros and cons of national health care after the class vote, Thompson said the professor “definitely spoke out about her reasons for nationalized health care much more so than against.”

But those instances of seeing a professor’s beliefs don’t bother Thompson, who still calls the classes “pretty balanced.” “I feel like I’m strong enough in my own opinions that it doesn’t really bother me,” she said.“If I was someone who didn’t quite know what I thought or (didn’t) know my own political beliefs, I feel like I might be a little more uncomfortable. But for myself it hasn’t been a problem.”


Terror group builds big base under Pakistani officials’ noses McClatchy Tribune BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan — A Pakistani terrorist group that’s allied with al-Qaida and sends jihadists to Afghanistan to fight U.S.and government troops is building a huge new base in full view of the authorities in Pakistan’s most heavily populated province, locals and officials told McClatchy. Jaish-e-Mohammad (“Army of Mohammad”), which is linked to a series of atrocities, including an attack on the Indian parliament in Delhi and the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, has walled off a 4.5-acre compound three miles outside the town of Bahawalpur in the far south of the Pakistan’s heartland Punjab province. Jaish, which the State Department

designated a “foreign terrorist organization” in December 2001 and Pakistan banned in 2002, already has a headquarters and a seminary in the town’s center. However, the new facility, surrounded by a high brick and mud wall, has a tiled swimming pool, stabling for more than a dozen horses, an ornamental fountain and even swings and a slide for children. There are jihadist inscriptions painted on the inside walls, including a proclamation that“Jaish-e-Mohammad will return”, alongside a picture of Delhi’s historic Red Fort, implying further terrorist attacks against the Indian capital. Riding is symbolically appealing for jihadists, who romanticize about riding into battle on horseback. Another inscription inside the compound says, in Urdu,

“When God was about to create horses, he told the wind: ‘I’m going to create a creature which will help my friends and bring disaster to my enemies.’” These warriors also consider water training important, especially as most Pakistanis cannot swim. After the attack on Mumbai last year, it emerged that the terrorists had undertaken extensive water training. Jaish — and Pakistani officials — said the facility, which is still under construction, is simply a small farm to keep cattle. A man at the site, who wore an ammunition vest under his shirt and said his name was Abdul Jabbar, refused to let McClatchy through the entrance gates and suggested it was time to leave. “We’re not hiding anything. Nothing happens here. We have just kept

some cattle for our milk,” said Jabbar, who wore the long hair that’s typical of Pakistani and Afghan Taliban. It’s unclear whether the new facility will be a radical madrassa — Islamic school — or even a terrorist training camp. Nevertheless, its construction, unimpeded by Pakistan’s military or intelligence service, raises new questions about how committed Pakistan is to the war on terror. Pakistan’s civilian-led central government is cracking down harder on domestic Taliban insurgents, in the northwest of the country, who seek to conquer territory at home and impose their extreme brand of Islam on Pakistanis. But the authorities seem tolerant — or even supportive — of militant groups such as Jaish whose targets are abroad: in the West, in Afghanistan or

in Pakistan’s archenemy, India. Jaish members were behind a spectacular attempt to assassinate thenPresident Pervez Musharraf in 2004 and were involved in training and commanding Taliban guerrillas in Pakistan’s Swat valley, which the military retook from Taliban control this year. Jaish, originally aimed against India, reputedly was formed with help from Pakistan’s InterServices Intelligence (ISI) military spy agency, and many experts think the two organizations remain close. India has demanded repeatedly that Pakistan extradite Jaish founder Masood Azhar. Islamabad claims it can’t locate him, but Indian and Western intelligence agencies think he’s likely to be living under official protection in a safe house in Bahawalpur.


monday, september , 


Kevin Zimmerman Sports Editor 520.626.2956

NAU 17, Arizona 34

Grigsby runs wild in win Who’s the man? QB clarity is a must for Arizona’s offense to shine


Michael Ignatov/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Running back Nic Grigsby jets through NAU tacklers during the Wildcats’ 34-17 victory at Arizona Stadium on Saturday. Finishing the game with a career-high on 207 yards on just 15 carries, the junior has helped the Wildcat run game become the key to the team’s 2-0 start to the season.

Through defensive lapses and subpar air attack, UA relies on the run By Bobby Stover ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The Arizona football team’s offensive line deserved a lot of credit Saturday night. With a defense playing lethargically and an air attack that struggled to connect on the long ball, it was up to the Wildcats’ running game to lift the team over a pesky Northern Arizona (0-1) squad. The offensive line delivered and the man who would take the credit, running back Nic Grigsby, finished the night with a career-high 207 yards on 15 carries, along with a pair

of touchdowns en route to a 34-17 Arizona (2-0) win. “(Grigsby’s) a guy with a lot of experience and he’s really been our go-to guy right now,” said offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes. “He’s done a good job of making plays and getting us to where we need to be offensively.” Grigsby began his career night with a pair of touchdown runs of 25 and 30 yards, respectively, capping the first two Arizona drives. With just six carries, the junior had already amassed 80 of the team’s 101 rushing yards at that point in the game.

The biggest highlight of Grigsby’s night came five minutes into the third quarter with Arizona on its own 5-yard line. Hurrying to beat the play clock, quarterback Matt Scott rushed his team to the line while Grigsby — unaware of the desperation of the moment — casually walked into position. Seconds later the ball was snapped and Grigsby’s instincts took over. The 5-foot-10, 190-pound running back juked his way through a jumble of NAU defenders and found himself in a footrace to the end zone with Lumberjacks cornerback Daivon Dumas. Grigsby was caught at the

1-yard line but the 94-yard run — the second longest in Arizona history behind Trung Canidate’s 96-yarder in 1997 — set up Arizona’s fourth touchdown of the night and put the contest virtually out of reach for the Lumberjacks. “The coaches just give me the ball and I try to make a play,” Grigsby said. “Sometimes I make a play and other times I don’t. But every time I get the ball, I’m trying to make a big play and maybe break one open.” Before Grigsby’s game-breaking run, NAU had been keeping things

n paper, it was a good day. The Arizona offense piled up 559 total yards on its way to scoring 34 points, yet nobody left Arizona Stadium with any real confidence in the unit. In fact, I’m not so sure anybody actually felt good about it. If Saturday’s 34-17 win over Northern Arizona Tim Kosch left people thinking anything, it was a question — a big question. Where is Arizona’s passing game? “We probably should have been better,” head coach Mike Stoops said of his team’s passing attack. The aerial attack has been an enigma thus far. First there was the quarterback competition between sophomores Matt Scott and Nick Foles. It was long and drawn out, and when Scott finally emerged as the starter, it seemed as if it just sort of worked out that way, rather than Scott actually winning the job. Then there was the first game against Central Michigan University. Coaches said that both quarterbacks would play, but Scott took 100 percent of the snaps. It really wasn’t clear why Scott was on the field for every offensive play — he didn’t do anything spectacular, and he certainly didn’t warrant taking every snap after coaches insisted both he and Foles would play.

FOOTBALL, page 10


Visit for our fan photo slideshow and a podcast from our football beat writers


a ildc ly W


The No. 25 Wildcats (8-0) have been unstoppable so far this season. They completed a weekend of play on the road in Santa Clara, Calif., adding two more wins to their total for the season. The road to conference season couldn’t have started better for Arizona — they have won eight games to start the season. The only season volleyball has started off stronger was in 1998 when it went 10-0 to begin the year. The weekend matched Arizona up against two formidable opponents — Utah and Santa Clara. In the toughest weekend so far this year, Arizona had their work cut out for them on the road. “We know they’re both very high-level teams and again we’ve been working a lot on different things this year,” senior defensive specialist Alanna Resch said. “So when we play higher-level teams, it’s crucial that we do the things we’ve been practicing.” The Wildcats took on the University of Utah Utes on Saturday, Sept. 12, and continued their trend of sweeping matches. They have recorded six sweeps so far this season. Junior setter Paige Weber continued her playing streak for the Wildcats while recording 33 assists in the match. Although fellow junior Whitney Dosty had a quiet weekend, the Arizona outside hitters stepped up to the net.

Arizona steadily fed junior outside hitter Tiffany Owens who recorded her third double-double of the season. Sophomore Courtney Karst matched Owens on the attack, recording 11 kills herself. The Utes (6-4) fell victim to the Wildcats early in the match. After Arizona took the first set 25-16, they never looked back. The Wildcats took the lead again in the second set before closing out the match in the third set. The Wildcats’ return to a higher level of play was exactly what the Arizona coaching staff was looking for. “It should be good to see how we react and respond to another adverse environment against another good team on the road,” head coach Dave Rubio said. The weekend included a major milestone for the Wildcat volleyball head coach. Rubio recorded his 450th career win Friday, when Arizona defeated host school Santa Clara 3-0. While winning the weekend was a nice close to Arizona’s pre-conference season, the Wildcats are also racking up tournament titles. They have won three tournaments so far this season. The Wildcats will host the Arizona Invitational, starting against Tulane on Sept. 19, before beginning Pacific 10 Conference season on Sept. 25 against USC.

a zon

SOCCER, page 9



From the opening kickoff, the speed of No. 17 Rutgers proved too much for the Arizona soccer team as they were shutout 3-0 at home last night. “They came out exactly how we told our team they would, I thought we were prepared but we just didn’t execute,” said Arizona head coach Dan Tobias.“The ironic part is that … we’re trying to be a team that turns turnovers or a lack of concentration from our opponent into goals for us, and I thought that’s exactly what they did to us.” Before the Wildcats even had a chance to react to the Scarlett Knights’ speed, forward Stefanee Pace connected on a goal from the top of the box in the third minute of the game to give Rutgers the early 1-0 lead. “When you make errors in the bottom of your midfield third, teams

Only two wins away from their first 10-0 start since 1998

h Wals


’Cats volleyball still perfect Alan

Rutgers silence soccer early on

Weekend Leaders Kills:

Tiffany Owens - 21 Courtney Karst - 18 Dana Hutchinson - 14 Jacy Norton- 14

Arizona: Game 1 – Set 2 (vs. Santa Clara) Attacking Percentage: .500

• The Wildcats have still not been forced to play five games in a match this season. • Arizona has only dropped two sets this entire season. • Arizona had 17 team blocks this weekend.

Serving Aces:

Paige Weber – 2 Alanna Resch - 2


Tiffany Owens – 21 Dana Hutchinson – 18 Alanna Resch – 16 Elise Hendrickson - 13

arizona daily wildcat • monday, september 14, 2009 •

M-golf disappoints in season opener

Arizona 0, Rutgers 3

By Mike Schmitz Arizona Daily Wildcat

Colin Darland/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Redshirt junior Alex Davis is swarmed by Rutgers University players during last night’s 3-0 loss in Tucson. Arizona failed to score as the Scarlett Knights overwhelmed them early in the contest.

SOCCER continued from page 8

Wildcats go scoreless in few shot opportunities

of this stature will turn them into goals,” Tobias said.“We didn’t handle their pressure very well.” Rutgers again took advantage of the Wildcats’ inability to clear the ball as forward Ashley Jones scored on an assist by midfielder Rheanne Sleiman, giving the Scarlett Knights a 2-0 lead. Rutgers knew coming into the game that they wanted to get out to an early start after suffering a 2-1 loss to No. 21 San Diego. “We had a theme prior to the game, we wanted to get at them early,” said Rutgers head coach Glenn Crooks. “We thought it was necessary to get to a good start, we really put them on their heels a lot and that was definitely a result of the first and second goal.” Rutgers suffered injuries to two starters in the first half; forward Karla Schacher fell on her back awkwardly and midfielder Gina DeMaio appeared to sprain her right ankle. Despite those injuries, the Scarlett Knights were able to continue their dominance over the Wildcats. Arizona’s only true scoring chance came when

Inconsistent play from the majority of the UA men’s golf team resulted in a disappointing start to the 2009-10 season. The Wildcats finished in 10th place at the William H. Tucker Intercollegiate over the weekend in Albuquerque, N.M., posting a 24-over-par 888 team score. “The team didn’t play very well,” said junior Tarquin MacManus, UA’s top golfer. “We just didn’t get it done this week.” The ’Cats were troubled early on and finished the first day of play in 12th place. “It was a bit of a struggle from the get go,” MacManus said.“We got off on our back foot and couldn’t get out of the hole we dug for ourselves.” The team shot a first-round score of 8-overpar 296, followed by a 2-over-par 290 and a final-round 14-over-par 302. In addition to the mediocre play, the team faced a lighting delay Friday night, which suspended the second-round of play after 32 holes. Arizona played out the second-round on Saturday morning. For two rounds, MacManus was the bright spot for the team until a final-round score of 76 knocked him from top-five contention. Over the course of three rounds, MacManus shot a 71, 68

forward Renae Cuellar broke away from the pack in the 31st minute but missed the net wide right. “We had too many opportunities that seemed like they would turn into chances but turned into half chances,”Tobias said.“We had some players try to do a little too much instead of finding spaces earlier.” In a game where each team received two yellow cards and were called for 19 fouls combined, Tobias admitted that the calls might have affected the way the game was played. “Sometimes that breaks the rhythm of the game. I think we as a group let those things irritate us and we shouldn’t,” he said. “I think we spent too much energy on that stuff, and we, myself first, can’t control it, so we shouldn’t worry about that.” The Wildcats will now focus their energy on preparing for Brigham Young University on Saturday at Murphey Field. “Our schedule is favorable for us, so we’ll watch the tape and bounce back on Saturday,” Tobias said.

and 76 for a 1-under-par 215 final score. While his 13th overall finish and team-low 68 in the second round were impressive, MacManus feels he could have played a lot better to help the team. “To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed,”he said.“I put myself in contention to get out of the final round and played pretty awful that final round. I feel like I could have posed a real challenge to the leader.” A better final round from MacManus would have certainly helped the team’s chances, but the junior All-American had little support. The remaining starting lineup of senior Rich Saferian, juniors Jonathan Khan and John Kostis, and freshman Trent Redfern couldn’t string together enough good rounds to warrant a better finish. Saferian, the team’s only senior starter, tied for 41st place with a 6-over-par 222. Juniors Khan and Kostis tied for 66th overall at 12-over-par 228. Meanwhile, Redfern played his first tournament as a Wildcat, but his 75th place, 15-overpar 231 left much to be desired. UNLV won the tournament, blowing away the competition by a 16-stroke margin. The Wildcats will have a chance to redeem themselves on Oct. 5, when they play in the Wolf Pack Classic in Reno, Nev. “We are disappointed, but there’s not much you can do about it but look to the next tournament,” MacManus said.

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• monday, september 14, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

49ers beat Cards 20-16 with late 80-yard drive The Associated Press GLENDALE, Ariz. — The NFC championship banner was freshly hanging from the stadium rafters. The offense that helped Arizona win it was rarely on display during yesterday’s game. San Francisco’s, on the other hand, showed up just enough. The 49ers went three-and-out on five of their six second-half possessions on Sunday, but Shaun Hill directed a masterful 15-play, 80-yard drive on the other. His 3-yard touchdown pass to Frank Gore with 7:26 to play was the difference in the 49ers’ 20-16 victory over the Cardinals. “It wasn’t anything necessarily that I said,” Hill said. “The whole unit was saying the same thing: ‘Hey, it’s time to go.’” The Cardinals looked a lot like the team that went 0-4 in the preseason and not much, at least on offense, like the one that won three playoff

games before a near-miss against Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl just a few months ago. “We’re just not meshing,” said Kurt Warner, who threw two interceptions and faced a fierce pass rush much of the afternoon. “We never seem to get into a rhythm. There always seems to be something to stop us.” The 49ers, who endured a brutal training camp under coach Mike Singletary, gave the coach a victory in his first opener after taking over for the fired Mike Nolan seven games into last season. It was Arizona’s first loss to an NFC foe in two seasons. “To come in their backyard, after everything they’ve accomplished, we knew it was going to be a tremendous challenge,” Singletary said. For the seventh time in the last eight meetings between the teams, the final margin was seven points or less. Arizona rallied from 10 points down to go up 16-13 on Neil Rackers’ 44-yard



field goal with 14:52 to play, but the 49ers regained control with a drive that used up nearly half of the final quarter. “We’re definitely too good to be having these kind of performances,” the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald said. The Cardinals held Gore to 30 yards in 22 carries and sacked Hill four times, but Arizona committed 12 penalties for 82 yards and had its pass protection break down at crucial times. “The one thing I want to say for us is that you can’t have penalties, you can’t have mistakes and expect to win,” Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said. After the 49ers had to punt from their 1 late in the game, the Cardinals had first down at the San Francisco 39. But a false-start penalty and a holding call pushed Arizona back 15 yards and the threat ended when Warner was leveled by Justin Smith as he threw on fourth-and-5 at the San Francisco 33 with 1:51 to play. “I’m really most upset by getting

FOOTBALL continued from page 8

the ball back in the fourth quarter in the plus territory and going back 15 yards,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s horrible. That’s unacceptable, and it’s what causes you to lose football games. I said to the team afterward, guys that make penalties are not going to play.” Arizona had it once more, this time at the 46 at the finish, but another fierce rush by Smith forced Warner’s fumble as the game ended. Hill completed 18 of 31 passes for 209 yards and one touchdown and wasn’t intercepted. Warner was 26 of 44 for 288 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions. Arizona’s Tim Hightower caught 12 passes for 121 yards, the secondmost receptions by a running back in Cardinals history. Fitzgerald, who didn’t make a catch until the final seconds of the first half, had six for 71 yards. Anquan Boldin, playing despite a sore hamstring, caught one

Stingy NAU team casts doubts on ’Cats Arizona cornerback Trevin Wade (middle) wraps up an NAU player while safety Robert Golden (left) runs to assist him at Saturday’s 34-17 victory over the Lumberjacks. Wade ended the evening with a pair of interceptions.





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Michael Ignatov/ Arizona Daily Wildcat

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up to

for five yards. Arizona was without its No. 3 receiver Steve Breaston because of a sprained kneecap. The 49ers went three-and-out on five of their six possessions in the second half. But one drive was a doozy. “We just moved the chains,” Hill said. “I don’t believe we got any big plays on it, just executing and moving the change.” After the Cardinals had scored 13 points in a row to take the lead, Hill drove the team downfield, converting four third-down opportunities in the process, two on passes to the venerable Isaac Bruce, who had a 50-yard catch in the first half. On third-and-goal at the 3, the 49ers sent Gore out on the flat and no one followed him. He caught the short pass and scored with no one near him. “We made a play here, a play there, and we won,” Gore said.




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MAIL-IN tight. Throughout the first half, the LumberMark Stoops. “I’m not taking anything away jacks refused to go away and consistently from (NAU) because they did a nice job of executing theirTIRES offensive plays, I’m just very put points on the board. ON ANY SET OF 4 MICHELIN SETS OF BFG TIRES. After Arizona’s second touchdown AND of SELECT disappointed with our focus and our energy OFFER VALID 9/27/09 MAIL-IN THROUGH level. We’ve10/17/09 talked about consistency and I just the game, NAU quarterback Michael Herrick led his team on a methodical 14-play, thought we took a step back (on Saturday).” 79-yard scoring drive that ate up 6:17ONofANY SETAlso showing some vulnerability SaturOF 4 MICHELIN TIRES daySETS night was Scott, who, despite throwing the clock and brought the Lumberjacks AND SELECT OF BFG TIRES. OFFER VALID 9/27/09 within four. 14 completions on 20 attempts for 150 yards THROUGH 10/17/09 a touchdown, failed to connect on a Although the Wildcats would add one and more touchdown before halftime, the pass further than 23 yards. The sophomore feel within the stadium going into the also got into trouble midway through the break was that NAU was still very much fourth quarter when he found NAU safety Matt Steinbach instead of an Arizona rein contention. “I’m just not very pleased with (the de- ceiver for a turnover which quickly became fense) overall,” said defensive coordinator a late score for the Lumberjacks.





Midway through the third quarter, sophomore backup quarterback Nick Foles saw his first game action and showed off his arm with two throws downfield on his first two plays. Through the two series the sophomore saw, he completed six of eight passes for 44 yards and a touchdown. “I thought Nick (Foles) really represented himself in a positive way,” said head coach Mike Stoops.“You can see he can throw the ball, and I thought his poise and his ability to get us in the right place was really good. “Both quarterbacks played well, and despite a few mistakes here or there, I was very pleased with both of them.”




5134 E. SPEEDWAY ............................................325-0827 3960 W. INA RD. .................................................572-3871 2580 S. KOLB RD. ...............................................519-3008 6616 E. TANQUE VERDE RD.SAT .............................751-9992 M-F: 8:00-6, .: 8:00-5 OVER 750 STORES NATIONWIDE! 3760 N. ORACLE .................................................887-1121 8125 N. ORACLE .................................................797-0616 2632 S. SIXTH AVE. ............................................791-3907 2830 W. INA ........................................................297-6081 3701 E. SPEEDWAY ............................................323-4653 8470 E. BROADWAY ...........................................886-3051

continued from page 8

Choosing a signal caller is essential

Most recently, there was Saturday’s subpar performance against NAU. Scott started and was OK, going 14-for-20 for 150 yards and a touchdown, but the number of plays he left on the field was alarming. He missed a wide-open receiver, sophomore David Douglas, on a flag route that surely would have resulted in a touchdown. Then on the next play, Scott sailed a ball well over the head of sophomore David Roberts on a seam route. When Scott is in the game, Arizona’s passing offense consists mostly of timing patterns and pre-snap reads. The coaches say they’re keeping the offense simple for him because he’s young and inexperienced, but is that really the reason? When Foles finally made his debut in the third quarter, he fired the ball 50 yards down field on a post to junior wide receiver Juron Criner, and later in the game, threw a beautiful deep-out route to senior receiver Terrell Turner — and those throws came from a player less experienced than Scott.

SIERRA VISTA 3733 AMERICA’S E. FRY BLVD. ...............................................459-4940 LARGEST INDEPENDENT TIRE DEALER S TAT E O R L O C A L TA X E S A N D, W H E R E R E Q U I R E D O R C H A R G E D, S TAT E E N V I R O N M E N TA L O R D I S P O S A L F E E S A R E E X T R A .


What appeared to be a troubling quarterback issue after two complete games took an even worse turn after the game, when Stoops said the wide receivers are just as responsible for an inept passing attack. “We need to make some more plays with our receiving core to be able to throw the ball vertically,”Stoops said.“We probably should’ve had 23 or 24 completions and a lot more yards.” Scott even agreed after the game, saying that he and the receivers need to watch the game tape and fix the problems between them. In case you haven’t figured it out already, this is scary. As of right now, Arizona has a one-dimensional offense. They’ve proudly ridden on the shoulders of running back Nic Grigsby through their first two games, and it’s been a fun ride. But Central Michigan’s defense is not Iowa’s defense, and Northern Arizona’s defense is not Oregon State’s defense. If Stoops and offensive coordinator

Sonny Dykes really believe that Scott is the starter and the right guy for the job, then they need to make it that way. Don’t say that Foles deserves to play and give him a few sympathy snaps; make him the backup. Quarterback isn’t like wide receiver — you cant rotate in the middle of a game and expect any kind of offensive continuity. Could it be that the wide receivers aren’t finishing plays because they aren’t used to the man delivering the ball to them? Stick with Scott through thick and thin until he wins the job or loses the job. If they don’t actually feel like Scott is the starter, then open up the competition again. Give Foles an entire half. Give Foles a start. Heck, why not just alternate every series until somebody actually takes control? Whatever the decision is, it needs to be made soon. — Tim Kosch is journalism junior. He can be reached at

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arizona daily wildcat • monday, september 14, 2009 •


Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune

Michael Jordan delivers his induction speech during the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ceremony at Symphony Hall in Springfield, Mass., Friday, Sept. 11.

Jordan inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame








CHICAGO TRIBUNE SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Goodness. Who knew his tank was filled with this much highly flammable fuel? When Michael Jordan was done Friday night, it’s a wonder anybody had eyebrows left, such was the (mostly) good-natured scorching he applied to his friends and foes. His Hall of Fame induction speech turned into a roll call of all the people whose insults, real or imagined, made him the competitor he was. He saved a high-powered flamethrower for former Bulls general manager Jerry Krause. Krause has denied he once said that organizations, not players, win championships, but that infamous quote or non-quote led to Jordan’s sharpest remarks of the night. “Jerry’s not here,” he said. “I don’t know who’d invite him. I didn’t. I hope he understands it goes a long way. He’s a very competitive person. I was a very competitive person. He said organizations win championships. I said, ‘I didn’t see organizations playing with the flu in Utah. I didn’t see it playing with a bad ankle.’ “Granted, I think organizations put together teams, but at the end of the day, the team’s got to go out and play. I think the players win the championship, and the organization has something to do with it, don’t get me wrong. But don’t try to put the organization above the players.”

Wounds apparently don’t heal in Jordan’s world. It’s interesting that 11 years after he Kretired from the Bulls, there is still a need to set the record straight on why and how the Bulls won six titles. It wasn’t because of the coach, the GM or the triangle offense. It was because of No. 23. And No. 23 apparently had a lot of things prodding him during his 14-year career. Not demons. Memories. Slights. As we found out Friday night, the list of people who either knowingly or unknowingly motivated Jordan was phone-book long: Dean Smith, Buzz Peterson, Isiah Thomas, George Gervin, Magic Johnson, Pat Riley, Bryon Russell, his high school coach, Kevin Loughery and Jerry Reinsdorf. His brother. “Media naysayers” who said he could score, but he couldn’t win. And for good measure, he chided the Hall of Fame for jacking up ticket prices because he was in this year’s class. It’s amazing the guy had time for thoughts that didn’t involve revenge. He kept a mental checklist of all the people who he believed dissed him. Tar Heels teammate Peterson for being the North Carolina high school player of the year instead of Jordan. Russell for making the mistake of teasing a retired Jordan for being lucky he didn’t have to face him. Oops, Jordan unretired and eventually hit a shot over Russell to win the Bulls’ sixth title, against Utah.

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• monday, september 14, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

‘ZonaBucks’ accepted at restaurants, grocery stores off campus


continued from page 1

credit cards and family. Richman and Rosen said the biggest advantage to their plan, as compared to the CatCard, is being able to use it off campus and having no restrictions on purchases. “Another huge advantage is there’s no cost to receive funds off our card,” Richman said. “The school meal plan charges fees and percentages if you want to take money off your CatCard. We don’t charge to take money out and it rolls over into the next school year completely free. The CatCard has fees to roll (the money) over.” There is a $5 activation fee for their card and an additional $1 fee each month the card is used. In addition, Richman and Rosen make a percentage of each transaction. Richman said they hope to start seeing a profit by the end of the semester. The off-campus restaurant Cereal Boxx was one of ZonaBucks’ first merchants to sign up. “My wife and I tried to put the program together ourselves a year and a half ago,” said Jordan Schacht, owner of the Cereal Boxx . “We tried to work with the university to work with merchants locally. We couldn’t get the university to work with us. They wanted to keep it (the CatCard) on campus.” Schacht said they let the idea go because it was costly and they were coming out with new product launches for their restaurant. “When they (Richman and Rosen) contacted us directly, we were very excited,” Schacht said. “We had laid

the groundwork so we gave them our blueprint, our contacts and our networking.” The Cereal Boxx has already seen a definite increase in clients since the program began two weeks ago, but Schacht couldn’t give an exact number. Some students are enjoying the flexibility the new card offers. “I live off campus now and I have to do my own shopping, so it’s nice to be able to go grocery shopping and use it,” said sophomore prebusiness major Jake Signet . “Obviously I want the most variety. The more choices I have the better.” Signet discovered the company after receiving a flyer on University Boulevard around the end of August. “I went to their Web site, looking at their restaurant list, and started going places the first couple days back to school and saw ‘ZonaBucks accepted here,’” Signet said. “I signed up with $100 just to test it out and I think I blew through that in less than a week. Since then, I basically told my parents to load it up for me.” Although Richman and Rosen say their meal plan doesn’t compete with the CatCard because they offer things the university doesn’t, the burgeoning company ran into legal trouble in August. “We received a letter from the marketing department from Arizona Athletics saying there was a chance we were in violation by using the word ‘Zona’,” Rosen said. The university tried to bring the

pair to court to file a temporary restraining order on the company, which would have stopped their sales completely during move-in week, when they signed 60 percent of their current clientele, Rosen said. Although an attorney told them they had a strong case, they didn’t think it was worth risking their business to keep the name, since they would have had to temporarily put ZonaBucks on hold, Rosen said. “We received the letter the Monday before classes began,” Rosen said. “That was right in the beginning of move-in week, when our marketing needed to be in full force.” James Francis , associate athletics director and an official in the Trademarks and Licensing Department, wouldn’t comment on this specific issue. But he did say that generally “registered trademarks of the university may not be used without permission from the university.” Instead of going to court, the students chose to change the name to CampusBucks within 90 days of receiving the restraining order. “At first I thought the change would hurt,” Richman said.“We did a good job marketing ZonaBucks and created a logo in a short amount of time and it was instilled in people’s heads. But all it did was actually expedite something we were planning to do.” Richman and Rosen say they hope to take the company national so that students can use their CampusBucks card around different universities throughout the nation.

Ashlee Salamon/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Adam Richman, CEO of ZonaBuck and pre-business sophomore, explains on Friday Sept. 11 how the ZonaBucks card works. ZonaBucks in accepted at Safeway on Campbell Avenue and Broadway Boulevard.

Republicans fear health plan will extend to illegal immigrants


continued from page 6

government would subsidize the expansion of insurance coverage in two ways. First, the Medicaid program, which pays for health care for the poor, would be expanded to include those whose income was just above the poverty level. Since 2006, new participants in Medicaid have been required to prove they are U.S. citizens by supplying a passport, a U.S. birth certificate or other official documents.

These verification rules would apply to the expanded Medicaid program under the Democrats” proposals. One major exception: The government requires hospitals to provide care for emergency patients in severe pain, and it will pay through Medicaid for care of poor persons, including illegal immigrants. Second, the government beginning in 2013 would subsidize insurance, including private policies, for those low-income and middle-income

Americans who do not qualify for Medicaid. These subsidies are referred to as “affordability credits” in the House bill. The bill says “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.” But in July, Democrats rejected a Republican-sponsored amendment that would have required buyers of this subsidized insurance to supply official

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documents to prove they are citizens. The Democrats said requiring this sort of proof would put a costly burden on private insurance companies, and they said they feared it would deter low-income Americans from buying health insurance. They voted instead to have a future federal health official devise rules to make sure only eligible citizens obtain the subsidies for insurance. “The bill says the benefits should not go to illegal aliens, but the Dem-

ocrats voted down every amendment to enforce that,” said Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas. Sonal Ambegaokar, a lawyer for the National Immigration Law Center, said verification provisions would add layers of unnecessary government red tape to a system that is already overly bureaucratic and would keep low-income people who qualify for insurance, who often don’t have necessary documents at hand, from obtaining it.

arizona daily wildcat â&#x20AC;˘ monday, september 14, 2009 â&#x20AC;˘



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sprinG break 2010! Amsterdam and Paris March 14-21 Total Cost from Tucson: $1989 Includes flight, hotel, and more! For information contact: Destiny Ortiz Save $50 with Campus manager code: Ortiz2677. Book your trip at: or call 800.766.2645

!!!!bartendinG! up TO $250/ DAy. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARy. TRAINING PROvIDED. CALL 800965-6520 EXT.139 an ability to communicate in Spanish, a love of cooking, some knowledge of Spain, and a willingness to learn would make you a good candidate to apply to work in a Downtown Family Restaurant. Some kitchen experience would help but not necessary. Call 884-5253 for interview or come by 375 S. Stone. brooklyn pizza company hiring. Apply within. See Tony. 534 N. 4th Ave. cHantilly tea room seeking retail/ gift boutique &server. P/T. No evenings. Apply at 5185 N. Genematas (on Oracle, just north of River). earn money in a sociology experiment! Less than two hours of your time. To learn more and to sign up visit Female parts models. Earn quick cash. Photographer seeks all ethnicities, body types. All photos are anonymous. Submit your interest: imagine-ur-art@hotmail. Golden eaGle distributors Inc. (BUDWEISER) is seeking energetic, enthusiastic, part time marketing assistants to educate consumers on Budweiser products and execute promotions at local clubs and bars. Must be self-motivated and willing to interact with the public. Night/ weekend work reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d. All majors welcome. Must be at least 21 & pass background check. EOE, drug free workplace. Submit resume to HealtH care position. PT. Arthritic career woman needs assistance w/exercise regime, errands, & care. Flexible hours, optional late night. Looking for intelligent, responsible worker close to campus. Medical experience good, but not necessary. Training available. Leave message @867-6679 internet Work! $6.75- $139+/Hr. Flexible Hours. Use any computer! $25 Starting Bonus!

We need people to post ads online. Social networking knowledge a plus. Get paid every Friday. For details see Web site desiGner Wanted. Starting my own website and need a designer, someone with experience and knowledge of web site start-ups. Email Eli @ include a web site youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve previously designed

Wanted: mentors & interns MentorKids USA, a faith-based youth mentoring program, is seeking topquality role-models for kids 5-17. Also need energetic interns to assist with events, mentor training, and supervise mentor/ mentee matches. For more information call 624-4765 or email at visit our website at:

*on campus parkinG* private parking available on campus/ SWC 6th street and Martin. Call 990-1123 or 770-1600

Hp pentium 4 3.0Ghz 1GBx40GBxCDRW/ DVD Windows XP, Office 07, $120 Liquidation Station 300-5180 1441 E. 17th St. Kino and Aviation

!!!!!!!!!!absolutely amazinG beautiful condominium for rent. 1BD Apartment Available! $550/mo Lush landscaping. High-Speed Internet & Cable available, A/C, D/W. 3649 E. 3rd St. 326-2900. !!!5min Walk to UofA studio houses $450 and $650/mo Mountain/ Lee completely remodeled, wood floors, A/C, new kitchen and bath, no pets, security patrol, quiet, no smoking 6243080 299-5020 1,2 & 3 bedrooms back patio, laundry facilities, private swimming pool, fireplace, car port, next to Mountain bicycle route, 1449 E. Glenn between Campbell and Mountain very quiet, good location. 982-1235 1bd unFurnisHed Garden APT. $555/mo. Nicely landscaped. very quiet community. Ideal for grad student. 3122 E. Terra Alta. 1mi Campus. (5th &Country Club) 623-0474,

movie extras, actors, Models wanted- Up to $300/ day! All Looks Needed! Call NOW 1-800-458-9303

1bd/ 1ba duplex, Euclid/ Elm starting at $545 water/ gas included, APL 747-4747

part time job for strong athletic intelligent person to assist with errands and tasks around home. Leave message at 867-6679

1bd/ 1ba, close to UofA, Euclid/ Broadway, $560 if paid early, Euclid/ 6th, APL 747-4747

part-time Flexible 5hrs. Attn: Juniors & Seniors, Do you know someone who needs an immediate and/or an additional income? Then have them go to

1bedroom 1batH remodeled Everything inside new. 2miles east of campus just north of 5th Street. Pool, laundry. 325-3019

receptionist/ secretary needed for Psychiatric Practice near campus. Previous experience a plus, will train the right person. Must have strong computer skills: Mac OS X, Word and Excel. Starting salary is $10/ hour. 15-25 hours per week. Please send resume to small cable tv company needs PT outside salesperson. Set your own hours and great pay! Ideal for college students! Please call 520807-1995 spaone is HirinG. Experienced sales and customer service associates earn up to $15/per hour. Employees get services for $16.50/hr! Email: paid survey Takers needed in Tucson 100% FREE to join. Click on Surveys. survey takers needed: Make $5-$25 per survey. tWenty Hours per week position is available working with middle school youth and young adults at a local Methodist church. Responsibilities include teaching youth Sunday School class, leading confirmation class, leading middle school group on Sunday nights, and facilitating and setting direction for our young adult program. Methodist background is a plus. A working knowledge and understanding of the Protestant Christian faith is required. Some prior experience in leading youth in a church setting is strongly preferred. Send resumes to

2bd 2ba 12oosF, fireplace, alarm, pool, lush landscaping, quiet setting, many extras, 1block to UofA, $990/mo 2009 E. 7th St. 770-9221 3bd/ 2ba WitH den, yard, Tucson Blvd/ Speedway $950 if paid early APL 747-4747 4br/ 3batH separate house $1,600, in small complex w/pool. Also, 1studio left $475, 1-1BR left $500. Call #271-1936 Steve/ owner/ Agent. bike to campus 1BR A/C small complex, loads of charm, laundry, big lawn, friendly neighbors. $475 Madeleine owner/ agent 349-3419 castle apartments. Walk to UofA. LARGE STUDIOS, pool, barbecue, laundry facilities, gated, secure. Site management, utilities included, historic. 903-2402 clean 3br 2ba 4plex tile floors, stove, fridge, A/C, W/D. Patio, private yard, near Target, Fryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 2miles from UofA. 232 W Roger Rd. #4 $775 Call Ron 623-1016 just 2blks to UofA. very nice, clean 2BR. Stove &refrigerator. Parking. Water paid, $625/mo. 735 & 737 E. 1st St. Call (520)271-7649 larGe 2bd 1 1/2batH, A/C, pool, cold/ hot water paid. Bike to UofA. $575/mo. $200 deposit. 327-8811 or 990-0130 larGe 2bd, 1ba. 840sqft, AC, laundry. No pets. 1650 E. Blacklidge. $575. Call Megan at 320-0182

located in tHe heart of Tucson. Deerfield Village is your oasis in the desert. Great for students. 1& 2BD. 24hr fitness center. Heated pool& spa. Free shuttle to UofA. GPA discount, gated community, business center w/WIFI. Call to reserve your home today. 323-9516. $150 moves you in! +1 month free! Complimentary cruise for 2 on select units!

palm court inn WEEKLy RATES 4425 E. 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85711 520-745-1777 $140.00 per week, includes all utilities plus cable. $230.87 to move in. Furnished or unfurnished studio apartments with kitchenette. Swimming pool, covered parking and laundry room available.

studios From $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. Blue Agave Apartments 1240 N. 7th Ave. Speedway/ Stone.

tWo 1bd apartments close to UA. Good location, off-street parking, lease. Deposit. $375/mo and $395/mo. 325-7674 or 309-0792

3br/ 2ba copperstar CONDO with backyard. 1100sqft. All tile with fireplace. 1.5miles from UofA. $1300/mo. visit for details or call Tim at 520548-5045.


are you lookinG for a mover? Same day service? 977-4600

PLEASE NOTE: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aWesome 2Bedroom 2Bath just $925/ month. Available for immediate move in. Close to UofA campus across the street from Mansfield Park. Spacious floor plan with A/C, alarm system, full size washer/ dryer, fireplace, ceiling fans, built-in desks, private fenced yard, high speed Internet available, pets welcome. No securitiy deposit (o.a.c.) Quality living rents quick! Call 7479331.

Attention Classified Readers: The Arizona Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check. Publisherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

aWesome Fun rentals available!! 4551 E. Pima #2 Modern, award winning design, 4miles from campus, easy access to shopping, bus line 3bedroom, 2bath Gated fourplex $1350.00 a month no smoking, no pets AvAILABLE NOW!! 1230 N. Bailey Lane Bike to school! 3Bedrooms, 2.5baths $1350 a month Available August 7th! No Smoking, no pets Please call Julie @520-7917035 for more information


First avenue and Fort Lowell. Quiet, clean 2BD, 1BA. W/D, A/C, water, and gas paid. No pets. Lease $650/mo. 629-9284

1/2 block aWay Walk 5minutes to campus/rec. center. $500/mo includes utilities!! One bedroom, full bath, private parking space. New A/C, very nice and clean. Call 9548008

!!!Walk to UofA 1st Street/ 1st Ave. Studio house $420 per month. A/C, security door, quiet, security patrol, no pets, no smoking. 624-3080, 299-5020

1bd +study room. Lovely place. Laundry, fenced yard, $550/mo including utilities. 5min to UMC, 10min to UofA, on bus line. Available now. Graduate student preferred. 327-2154 1bd/ 1ba, completely remodeled 550sqft house, evap, 2830 N Park Ave #1, $550/mo. +utilities paid, 520-9034353 2bd 1ba ss appliances, W/D, A/C, D/W, tile floors, off-street parking, walk/ bike to UofA 1143 E. 12th St $700/mo. 577-4986/ 237-6727 2bd/ 1ba Front of house. Evap, updated kitchen, w/d hu, walled yard, offstreet parking. 2925 E Lester. $750/mo. Elec/ Water paid. 520-9034353

$475 1bdrm W/GaraGe, A/C, shared W/D & yard. SW corner of Euclid & Drachman. Adobe PMI at 520325-6971. 1bd quiet vintaGe Duplex. 3blocks from UofA. A/C, lots of trees, parking. $450/mo gas and water paid. Cats ok. 319-9339 1br 1ba clean separate entrance off alley, half mile to UofA, $475/mo utilities included 520-260-7285 aWesome extra larGe furnished studio. Full kitchen with granite & stainless steel. Extra storage, A/C, pool, laundry, beautiful, 200sqft balcony, historic. $700/mo. 906-0385 cHarminG 1bd, pool, patio, utilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s paid, free laundry, $475/mo 326-0046

close to campus 1bd 1ba A/C concrete floors refrigerator stove washer dryer only $475 ALSO 1bd 1ba with separate office A/C tile floors lease negotiable water paid fenced yard mountain views $550 REDI 6235710 or log on larGe studios only 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $380, lease. No pets. 9774106 remodeled very clean 2bd/1ba guesthouse. 8th/ Euclid $750 utilities paid plus covered parking! 520-2411662 small GuestHouse perFect for Graduate Student. Beautifully finished in an established neighborhood. 3 1/2miles from campus. $450 per month, all utilities are included. Phone 520-323-0675. Please leave message and phone number if no one is home. !!!!! close to campus. 1bedroom spacious rental. AC, carpeted, monitored security system. fenced yard (sorry no pets). Access to pool and jacuzzi. Only $475/mo 884-1505 !!!!! luxury uoFa Home--!! brand neW 4br 4+1/2 ba this is not Billy Mays but what a deal for you! HuGe 3car GaraGe just blocks north of UA All 4HuGe bedrooms are upstairs and have own private custom tiled Full batHrooms each BR has private 6JET JACUZZI tub, +Walk-IN CLoSET +high 10ft sloped ceilings +4 light ceiling fans +custom vanities with Granite tops +larGe outside porcH with custom made rails! Full laundry, stunning larGe kitcHen with beautiful custom cabinets +Granite tops +Glass top ranGe +disHWasHer +disposal +Walk-in pantry +cavernous livinG-room with 10ft ceilings +moRE! BUT WAIT, THEREâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MORE!! Call 884-1505 quick & weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll throw in pool privileGes!! move Fast!! or youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have to RESERvE FOR NEXT yEAR! ABSOLUTELy THE NICEST RENTAL in UA area! can FurnisH if desired. 884-1505 (way better than a SHAMWOW!) !!!!!!!!!!sam HuGHes CLASSIC HOMES. 3&4 BR HOUSES. CLOSE TO UOFA. AvAILABLE NOW. $1250$1350. CALL 400-8796. !!!!3bdrm +den/ 4bdrm at a 3bdrm price, 2blocks to UofA campus/ large front porch/ lots of parking $900/ month. Can furnish call 884-1505 $1000/mo 4br/ 2ba, NR GLENN/ Park/ UA, bus,/ fenced yd, AC, new Wood FLR. yR lse. 520-551-3470/ 520-747-8965 $1500 4bdrm, 2ba +Den, A/C, off street parking, corner of 7th &Campbell. Call Adobe PMI 520-325-6971 0-6 bedrooms near UOFA. ALL PRICES, AvAILABLE NOW AUGUST. WALK TO CAMPUS. LARGEST SELECTION OF RENTALS IN TUCSON! 16 yEARS OF EXPERIENCE HELPING TENANTS FIND GREAT UOFA RENTALS. CALL TODAy FOR A CUSTOM SEARCH! CALL REDI 6235710 OR LOG ON WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM


No move in fees or security deposits









1bd 1ba 400sF house. 1217 #2 N Tyndall Ave (Speedway & Park). Has own parking accessed from alley. Fenced patio. Quiet. $445/mo utilities included. 888.3883. 2bd 1ba 1450sF A/C, laundry room, total remodel, pets ok. Grant & Country Club area. $800/mo w/water paid. 321-4211 2bd 1ba House Fireplace, carport, central air, Washer Dryer Utilities and Internet included, Fenced yard, Pets ok. $895/mo. plus $450 deposit plus $100 pet deposit. 4miles to UofA Glenn&Alvernon area. Tim 520-903-8440. 2bd cottaGe Gas and water paid a/c fireplace washer dryer pets welcome fenced yard $675 ALSO 2bd house with Arizona room 1450sf a/c wood/tile floors water paid washer dryer $800 REDI 623-5710 or log on 2bd/ 2ba a/c, pergo flooring all kitchen appliances, washer/ dryer hu, small backyard, well maintained. Owner pays HOA, includes water. Starr Pass/ Greasewood area. $750/mo. 520-241-3275 2br 1ba a/c, fenced yard, fireplace, 4blocks to UofA $675 275-9879 2BR/ 1BTH $950 Historic house, remodeled. Granite counters, upscale appliances. Must see! 248-9088 3Bd 1BA $800/mo. Available immediately. Close to campus! A/C, W/D, fenced yard, fireplace. Call Ilene DMT Properties 520-240-6487 3bd 2ba clean remodeled. New A/C, tile, paint, appliances, ceilings fans &more! Private yard, storage, W/D hook ups. Approved pets okay. Glenn/ Country Club. $895/mo. 520990-0783



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Get better Grades! Student writing service covers entire semester. Mentoring, editing and research assistance. 20% off code: WC0900.

Walk to uoFa campus 1248 N. Euclid rent is $1195/mo move in ready 3BR 1BA W/D, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, basement, large backyard, A/C carport with additional parking, for information or appointment call Mike or Elvia 907-8425 or 906-5989

spanisH interpreter WitH 7years experience tutoring Spanish, BA in Spanish Translation/ Interpretation, and a sense of HUMOR! Available to help with all levels of Spanish and ESL. Grammar, pronunciation, spelling, accents, casual conversation, etc. 520-891-7228

classy 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Home Close to UofA 3BD/ 2BA 1627sf, tiled, A/C, lots of storage. Call for info. 982-4779 $245,000

tutorinG services available: Professional tutoring help available for English, French, Project presentations, Thesis & Dissertation Advising. Please call 400-8796 for consultations

1997 VoLVo 850 105k white/ tan leather, second owner, very good condition. $3600. 881-4908 or 2005 volvo s60r 70K Certified PreOwned until 2011/ 100K 300HP AWD 6MT Black/ Nordkap leather, excellent condition. $15995 OBO 762-7166 99 GEo TRACKER 2door 1800.00 obo stick 200,00 miles great on gas call to see @358-1161 tags for next two years. Need a car? Call 520-401-2087 for a special finance program for college students.

2005 verona scooter. 150cc Engine. 8500mi., Excellent Cond. $1200. 520-307-1073. mackley67@yahoo. com

2br 2ba spacious clean, smoke free, bungalow, half mile to UofA, w/d, $485/mo utilities included. 520-2607285

vespa, lx50, 2006, Perfect condition, vespa trunk, lockable, only 280miles, LIKE NEW but no tax and save 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. 520-820-2486 or

2Girls lookinG For A FEMALE ROOMMATE to share 3bdrm, 2 1/2 bath home in Riverhaven. Ft. Lowell &Columbus. $400. per month +1/3 of utilities. Call Linda at 299-3154 or 3907237 for more information.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Female roommate Wanted. 3bd, 2ba house on Speedway/ Harrison. Safe, quiet, lots of amenities. $500mo. +½utilities. Month to month. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a grad student looking for drama free female to share my house. 520245-9645.

Available at more than 100 locations around campus and in Tucson. Pick up your copy today!

male roommate Wanted share 3BR 1BA home Mountain/Waverly. Bike to UA W/D D/W A/C $380 +1/3 utilities 520-990-3800 Walk to campus! Need two M/F to share nice condo across the street from UofA! (Euclid/ 2nd) $425/mo/ person. 602-329-0642 !!! $300 room available 2blocks from campus immediate move in, free parking call 884-9376 for details.

3bd/ 2 1/2ba unFurnisHed 2story, 15min from Downtown, UofA. 3yrs old. 1700sqft, +2car garage. $1000/mo. Phil 388-9620, 327-6504

available september 1st 3bd/ 1.75bath Near Broadway/ Kolb $850/ month Tiled Floors. Wash /dry Near Park. Huge yard. 990-8100 leave message

3bd/ 2ba 2blocks from UA. 950 sqft, evap +A/C, W/D hu, 1635Ă&#x201A; E 8th St $950/mo. $200 move-in bonus. 520-903-4353

Glen/mountain 2br, 1ba, central air, refri, elec stove, washer/dryer back covered patio, lge fenced back yard. Storage room. Ceiling fans. $750/mo, dog ok, 885-6263 avail Sept 8.

$300 room available 2blocks from campus immediate move in, free parking call 884-9376 for details. First montH Free! Sublet one room in desirable 2-bedroom unit at The Seasons. $550 per month thru July 31, 2010. Utilities included, except electric. Pool, exercise room, close to campus. 403-4601

nice 4br/ 2ba duplex located directly across from the UofA on 6th St in between Park and Tyndall. Rent is $450/rm. 520-207-0126

3br/ 2ba, cntrl AC, Close to UofA, Glenn/ Tucson. W/D, FP, $900 Great House, Great Nghbrhd, 2655 Wilson. 520-298-6600 Greg

spacious Home For rent. 3BR 2.5BA, sunroom, loft, fenced backyard, all appliances included, 2car garage. Quiet HOA community. Near Pima, UA and I-10 at Speedway/ Silverbell. $1095. 602-432-9562

arizona elite cleaners is waiting to EARN your business. Its your hard earned money, you deserve the BEST! Call 207-9699

4bd 2ba House close to campus a/c refrigerator stove washer dryer only $995 ALSO in Sam Hughes 4bd 2ba a/c double carport short lease ok fireplace dishwasher washer dryer walled yard $1600 REDI 623-5710 or log on

5blocks to campus 3bd 3ba house 2000sf a/c ceramic tile floors washer dryer fenced yard covered patio mountain views $1425 ALSO in Sam Hughes 3bd 3ba house with pool 2328sf pets welcome $1575 REDI 6235710 or log on

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3bd/ 2ba blenman home. 1100sqft. Updated kitchen, evap, w/d hu, walled yard, parking. 2925 E Lester. $900 520-903-4353

4bdrm, 3batH Home w/gated swimming pool area and security Spacious older home w/huge backyard- great for pets and entertaining. $1350 per mo w/12month lease/$1000 deposit. Call 520-331-6454


____________ !!-aa typinG $1.50/pG. Laser printing, term papers, theses, dissertations, editing, grammar, punctuation, professional service, near campus. Fax: 326-7095. Dorothy 3275170.

NEEd $$$$$$$$ Very loving couple is looking for egg donor to make their family complete. Below are qualities they are looking for: Caucasian Preferably College Student dark Hair 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;0â&#x20AC;?- 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7â&#x20AC;? drug Free Age 19-29 Small to medium Body Structure You will have to complete an application and go through screening/testing, if you are chosen as a successful donor you will be fully compensated. Candidate will remain anonymous to prospective parents. If you are interested in helping this couple reach their dreams please call, Kim Anderson with AZ Reproductive medicine Specialists at 602343-2786 and reference ING456.

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Shuttle to and from your home 520-622-3500 2208 N. Stone Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705

Reserved Student Parking 1st. Ave. & Speedway Near Campus Some Overnight Freshmen Parking (520) 624-8695 $400/year

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• monday, september 14, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

Arizona Daily Wildcat - Sept. 14  

Arizona Daily Wildcat - Sept. 14

Arizona Daily Wildcat - Sept. 14  

Arizona Daily Wildcat - Sept. 14