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BY MEREDITH MORRISSEY Arizona Summer Wildcat

and running back after B.J. Denker and Ka’Deem Carey’s departures. The duo combined to rush for 2,834 yards and score 48 touchdowns. No quarterbacks were made available for comment after the first practice. “I think the quarterbacks are a little further along this year than we were last year,” Rodriguez said. “But I know this, B.J. Denker worked his tail off to get better through August camp and I think these guys will do the same thing. I think the talent is there at quarterback, now it’s just a matter of them being more consistent.” Rodriguez said the recovery of junior Jared Baker, who tore his ACL at ASU last year, is on schedule and he is “full go.”

Reported sex crimes at the UA more than doubled between 2011 and 2012. The sharp increase is likely due to increased awareness from various programs. In 2011, there were three reported forcible sex offenses at the UA, but in 2012, that number grew to 13, according to the U.S. Department of Education. However, the 2013 campus safety report lists four forcible sex offenses in 2011 and nine in 2012. “I believe that the increase in reports is due in large part to our campuswide education efforts,” said Susan Wilson, the UA’s Title IX investigator. Wilson said Title IX prohibits sex and gender-based discrimination against students, which includes sexual assaults and harassment. “We encourage reporting and we have strengthened our Title IX outreach, prevention and response efforts to ensure that students have information about reporting options and resources,” said Mary Beth Tucker, director of the Office of Institutional Equity. According to Tucker, these efforts include the development of a new Title IX website that consolidates information in one area, creation of educational materials for students such as posters and related printed materials, widespread publication of information on complaint filing, in-depth staff training and the engagement of an online training vendor to provide Title IX training to all incoming undergraduate students. “It is a good thing that the number of reports has increased, because it means that more people are coming forward,” said



After back-to-back 8-5 seasons, Rich Rodriguez enters his third year as Arizona's head coach with several key questions needing to be answered REBECCA MARIE SASNETT/ARIZONA SUMMER WILDCAT

THE ARIZONA WILDCATS finish their first set of drills during football practice at Arizona Stadium on Saturday. The Wildcats have about three weeks to prepare for their season opener against UNLV on Aug. 29.


Arizona Summer Wildcat

Despite a handful of questions surrounding the team, Arizona football opened fall camp on a positive note. “The effort was good and the intensity was good,” head coach Rich Rodriguez said. “Hell, we aren’t playing a game for a while so I’m not worried. I would be worried if they weren’t ready and excited to practice but I thought they were really ready and excited to practice, so it’s all good.” Last year Rodriguez opened camp by questioning if some of the Wildcats had the commitment to be elite athletes. This year he softened his stance when asked about how unhappy he was in 2013. “Was I?” Rodriguez said. “Some of that I was

acting. I’m a pretty good actor.” Sophomore linebacker Scooby Wright III said a lot of players stayed in Tucson over the summer to take classes and work out together. “It was a lot of fun,” Wright said. “We’ve been working out all summer and all spring, we finally get out here and run around, get our new plays in and have fun.” The Wildcats are coming off of back-toback 8-5, bowl game winning seasons and this is Rodriguez’s third season as head coach. The season opener is Friday, Aug. 29 versus UNLV at home. “This is going to be a fun team to coach,” Rodriguez said.

Replacing Carey and Denker

Arguably the two biggest question marks entering the 2014 season are at quarterback

2 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

News • Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New law may cause confusion at bars Fifer said. “We are going to kind of push to our audience and advertise and market the new laws so that when school starts and A new state liquor law could create some everyone comes back from the summer inconvenience for students and bars around time, they know we aren’t going to accept some of these IDs that are coming through campus this fall semester. Last week, a law went into effect which the door that we normally would before this states that a vertical driver's license will month.” Sgt. Filbert Barrera, public information no longer be accepted as a form of age verification for anyone purchasing alcohol, officer at the University of Arizona Police even if the holder is over 21 years of age. Department, said UAPD isn’t expecting However, there is a 30-day grace period much of a difference, if any, in the way it allotted to change your license from the goes about handling situations involving vertical ID to the horizontal ID after turning identification and believes the overall effect 21. This law applies to driver’s licenses and of the law change will be very minimal. “Students have to prepare,” Barrera said. all other state-issued identification cards. “You can’t just go out and Bar owners near campus expect to have a good time; are well aware of the new you need to make sure you changes and understand It's a little bit have your identification, that this transitional period inconvenient, you have the correct one will inevitably annoy some but as an extra and it’s acceptable.” returning students. safety measure, He said it's believed “I think it will definitely that this new law can cause a lot of confusion at I'm OK with it. — Richard Fifer, general combat the problem of first with all of the students manager, Gentle Ben's forged IDs in the state until everyone gets all Brewing Company and, specifically, around on the same page and campus. understands how it’s going “There’s going to always to work,” said Richard Fifer, general manager of Gentle Ben’s Brewing be people out there who are going to want to Co., located on the corner of Tyndall Avenue market fake IDs to underage drinkers, and those people who make those fake IDs are and University Boulevard. The bar has been serving UA students going to cater to providing the most up to since 1971 and has continuously been a date driver’s license,” Barrera said. Although fake IDs have been a problem popular destination among students who are old enough to drink. Employees at the in the past, it remains to be seen if this new bar are optimistic that, come the end of law will have much of an effect, according to August when school starts, students will be UAPD officials. Barrera emphasized the serious aware of the new changes through social media efforts taken by their bar and others consequences of students who are found guilty of attempting to purchase alcohol in the area. “We definitely will use social media and using a fake ID, such as sanctions made by even do a little paid advertising as well,” the Dean of Students Office. BY NICHOLAS PEPPE

Arizona Summer Wildcat

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JAKE MOORE RIGHT, an international relations junior, informs Courtney Smith (left), a cosmotologist, on Saturday that state issued vertical IDs are no longer accepted at the Auld Dubliner. The state of Arizona has put into effect a new law that requires drivers over 21 to have a horizontal ID and bars will no longer be accepting vertical IDs.

“The bars and other establishments who sell alcohol will need to pay attention to the IDs that are presented to them to purchase restricted items,” Barerra said. “I think the bars around the university are very diligent in their going about checking IDs, and it just needs to continue.” According to Fifer, the bar sees a lot of fake IDs on University Boulevard. “We have very strict policies and procedures with the kinds of questions we are going to ask people starting with height, weight, their addresses, their horoscope signs and things like that,” Fifer said.


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Fifer said that he thought the new law change could improve efforts to avoid serving minors. “The whole point to the law is to make everything a little more secure than it was before, so I’m fully supportive of it and I think in the long term, everything is going to be fine,” Fifer said. “It’s a little bit inconvenient, but as an extra safety measure, I’m OK with it.” — Follow Nicholas Peppe @nickpeppeknows

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News • Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 3

PTSD study stuck between UA and Sisley BY HANNAH PLOTKIN

Arizona Summer Wildcat

study is still uncertain. It is unclear if the study will continue at the UA with a new primary investigator or if the study will be moved by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies to another institution to keep Sisley as the PI of the study she designed. Despite multiple media outlets reporting that the UA had lost the sponsorship for the PTSD study, Sigurdson said the UA has maintained its contractual agreement with MAPS. According to Sigurdson, the UA is in the process of looking for a new PI for the study, which it would still like to be conducted at the UA. However, a press release from Brad Burge, director of communications and marketing for MAPS, contradicts

Since receiving a notice of the non-renewal of her contract, the study designed by Dr. Suzanne Sisley to test marijuana as a treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in U.S. veterans has been on hold. SCREENSHOT BY HANNAH PLOTKIN/ARIZONA SUMMER WILDCAT Sisley applied for an administrative AN ONLINE PETITION that calls for Dr. Suzanne Sisley to be re-hired at the UA, addressed to Arizona Board of Regents chair Mark Killian, has appeal for reinstatement as a clinical gained more than 100,000 signatures. Since receiving notice of her contract non-renewal, Sisley has gained support from U.S. veterans, who are assistant professor at the UA, but the eager for her post-traumatic stress disorder study be conducted. appeal was denied on July 28. A letter from Andrew Comrie, institution in Arizona, like Arizona this denial final, they’re forgetting to an executive session, during which senior vice president for academic State University or Northern Arizona that they’re still supervised by a there is no call to the audience. Sisley affairs and provost, stated that board of regents that has a duty to said she believes this action was University. Sisley’s unpaid status at the time of taken to avoid publicity surrounding “With no more possibility for monitor their activities,” Sisley said. her non-renewal did not entitle her Sisley said she will appeal to the a veteran demonstration. reinstatement at the University to a hearing. “Veterans feel like they have been of Arizona, MAPS will move the board of regents to look into her Chris Sigurdson, senior associate research to another university claims of a lack of due process and harmed by the U of A’s suppression vice president of where Dr. Sisley can other actions from the UA. Though of this research for the last two years,” university relations, said continue to function the board usually does not get Sisley said. Veterans feel like they have been that it is the UA’s policy Though veterans will not be able as the Principal involved in personnel issues, Sisley harmed by the U of A's suppression of not to discuss personnel Investigator,” the said she believes the circumstances to address the board of regents in issues, so it is unlikely this research for the last two years. surrounding her termination merits the coming weeks, Ricardo Pereyda, press release said. that Joe “Skip” Garcia, — Dr. Suzanne Sisley, its involvement under board of an Iraq war veteran, has created an Now that she clinical assistant professor senior vice president for online petition that has gained more has exhausted all regents policy. health sciences, who is Veteran supporters had planned to than 100,000 signatures, addressed to paths to rekindle a responsible for Sisley’s relationship with the UA, Sisley said speak on Sisley’s behalf at Thursday’s Mark Killian, chairman of the board. non-renewal, will make a public these statements. With the rejection she will look to the higher authority board of regents committee meeting, of Sisley’s appeal, MAPS said it will statement on the matter. but on the board of regents website, of the Arizona Board of Regents. With no chance of Sisley being keep the study with Sisley as the PI, — Follow Hannah Plotkin the meeting has since been changed “Even though the U of A considers rehired at the UA, the status of the even if it means moving to a different @HannahPlotkin




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4 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

News • Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Report shows UA profs make below average BY HANNAH PLOTKIN

Highest salary vs. the lowest

Arizona Summer Wildcat

The Faculty Salary Benchmark Report, an annual report produced by the UA’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning Support, was published this month, showing that the majority of professors at the UA make less than those at peer institutions. The report utilizes data from the Association of American Universities Data Exchange and compares the compensation of UA professors to other public, research-oriented institutions across the country. Previous salary reports have shown a similar trend of below-average compensations for UA professors, which Andrew Comrie, senior vice president for Academic Affairs and Provost, attributes to low state funding. Comrie said that faculty salaries have been lower than the median other peer institutions, around 80 percent, for a number of years. This is partially due to the UA continuing to recover from massive funding cuts from the state in 2008. Of the 14 UA colleges examined in the report, professors in 12 of them make below the average market salary. Only professors at the College of Pharmacy and the College of Optical Sciences make more than their peers at other institutions. The salary of full-time professors at the College of Fine Arts showed the highest variance

Sean Miller, Men’s basketball coach: $1.9 million


THE FACULTY SALARY BENCHMARK REPORT, an annual report produced by the UA’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning Support, compared UA faculty member's salaries with data from the Association of American Universities Data Exchange. The average UA professor's salary was lower than the AAUDE average.

from the national average, with the average salary of $80,000 a year being only 74 percent of the average market compensation. Full-time professors at the Eller College of Management make the highest average income of professors at any UA college, at $208,000 a year, which is nearly at 99 percent of the national market

What Do You Want From Your Nick Owens Fall 2013-Present Bartender ks. • Dealt with drun m froom fr ry nju k i ac t b • Go or. slipping on flo 2013 Spring 2012-Fall Server ood. • Smelled like ffoo m.. a.m a. • Worked until 3 12 20 g Fall 2011-Sprin Busser • Made no money. • Took out trash.


average. Another issue brought about by low state funding is the inability to give raises, Comrie said, which costs the UA talented faculty in the highly competitive national university system. “Things like this effect morale, not to mention that we get some of our best and brightest picked

Test examiner at Student Learning Services: $16,640

off by other schools,” Comrie said. One thing that President Ann Weaver Hart did to combat low salaries was to implement a merit-based raise program, Comrie said. This program allocates funds from the UA’s budget, rather than the state fund, for every department to recognize exemplary performance and is the first program to offer raises in six years, Comrie said. The average income of full-time UA professors is 86 percent of the average market salary of $141,00 a year. In 2012, UA income was 88 percent of the average market salary, meaning professors were closer to making the market average, because the average national income of a professor was lower. The average salary for full-time UA professors in 2013 was $121,000 a year and has not changed from the 2012 income average.



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News • Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 5




Arizona Summer Wildcat

Nacho Average DUI

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University of Arizona Police Department officers noticed a car driving erratically in a Taco Bell parking lot at 2 a.m. on July 17 before crashing into the cement median that separates southbound and northbound traffic on Campbell Avenue. Officers initiated their emergency lights and pulled over the car, which came to a stop in the middle of a side street. Upon inspection, officers saw that the front airbags had deployed. Officers asked the four women in the car if they needed medical attention, but all declined. The driver, who smelled strongly of intoxicants, was asked to exit the vehicle after she was observed having bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech. She stumbled as she exited the vehicle and there was vomit on her clothing. Officers then conducted a standard field sobriety test. They asked the driver to stand on one leg. She failed to do so several times, telling officers, “It’s impossible,” and saying, “You asked me to do this for like five minutes.” At this point, the driver was given an initial Breathalyzer, blowing a .157 blood alcohol content. Officers read the driver her Miranda rights and charged her with driving under the influence.

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Scooter Looter

UAPD responded to a report of a stolen Vespa scooter from the Highland Avenue Parking Garage on July 17. The owner of the Vespa said that he had left the scooter in a motorcycle parking place over the weekend and discovered it missing. The owner said that the only person who had keys to the Vespa was his ex-wife, and that he suspected that she had taken it. Officers contacted the owner’s ex-wife to see if she knew the whereabouts of the scooter, but she denied any knowledge of it. Officers asked the owner if he had any disgruntled co-workers or if anyone had a grudge against him, but the owner said he did not. The vehicle was reported stolen by UAPD.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

News • Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 7



THE FACULTY SALARY BENCHMARK REPORT, an annual report produced by the UA’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning Support, compared UA faculty member's salaries with data from the Association of American Universities Data Exchange. This graph compares the compensation of professors at several UA colleges with the AAUDE averages.


Income of associate professors at the UA has increased by $2,000 since last year. Comrie said that the UA is researching how to recruit and retain employees more effectively to maintain the quality of the UA staff and also recognize faculty who do their best. The average salary for full-time professors has increased by 5 percent since 2008, when the average salary was $115,000 a year.

“Our salary bases are not where we would like them to be,” Comrie said. According to public records, the UA employee with the highest income is Sean Miller, men’s basketball head coach, at $1.9 million. The UA employee with the lowest income is a test examiner with Student Learning Services at $16,640. — Follow Hannah Plotkin @HannahPlotkin


Megan McKendry, the violence prevention specialist for the Oasis Program. The Oasis Program provides services to UA students, staff and faculty who are impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and facilitates confidential reporting. “Oasis and other departments on campus are committed to educating students about services and reporting options,” McKendry said. “Naturally, as people’s awareness grows, the number of reports also goes up.” She said it is possible increased media coverage has contributed to people’s awareness about sexual assault on campus and led to a rise in reports, but that sexual assault is the most underreported crime on college campuses across the country. Hannah Lozon, acting program director of the Women’s Resource Center, said there are many reasons victims are hesitant to report sex crimes. “There is a lot of stigma and a lot of shame around sexual violence,” Lozon said. “I think from a psychological perspective there’s so much shock that people don’t even know what to do.” Lozon said that although the university tries to spread information to its students, there are still people who don’t know how to report sexual violence.

Reports of forcible sex offenses in 2011:

According to U.S. Department of Education: 3 According to the UA campus safety report: 4

Reports of forcible sex offenses in 2012:

According to U.S. Department of Education: 13 According to UA campus safety report: 9 “Sexual assault is a terrible crime that is never okay, and we strive to create an environment in which survivors of sexual assault feel comfortable coming forward,” McKendry said. “We care deeply about survivors at the UA and want to do everything in our power to help.”

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Avoid being a cause of Summer in road rage on campus Tucson is BY ERIC KLUMP

Arizona Summer Wildcat


he approach of fall semester brings a sense of worry rising through my gullet. It’s not just the end to summer fun and the stress of classes and grades, it’s also the prospect of traversing the campus and dealing with cars, bikes and pedestrians. Travelling around the UA is like being in a neverending battle royale between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. At every turn, you must be alert for others who aren’t aware of you or seem not to care. While more police and crosswalks would seem likely to improve travelling around campus, the presence of both currently does little to stem the tide of people who meander through campus causing near-collisions and frustration. Therefore, the real way to deal with the issue is to look upon ourselves and stop being self-absorbed jerks. That said, I have a couple of guidelines to help keep everyone happy and out from under the wheels of a pickup.

As a pedestrian, you have the right of way. Now cross! Right away! And by using the crosswalk and paying attention to those around you! Park Avenue is lined with zombielike bodies shuffling by, unaware of anything around them. This is evidenced by the ceaseless flow of people crossing the street in front of your car. You stop and bang your head against your wheel, waiting for a gap large enough to pass through. Then, a

person halts, appearing to let you go, only instead to decide to go, joining another glut of students as you enter the intersection. Further, even when you feel fortune smile upon you and you are able to cross an intersection, you must then stop multiple times for sporadic jaywalkers that are ignorant to the crosswalks placed every 100 feet and determined to travel in a straight line. To campus pedestrians: Pay some attention to those around you, and use crosswalks. It will prevent you from possibly getting a ticket or from transforming from art major to pretty smear on the pavement.


must pull off to let faster vehicles pass. Many cyclists don’t know about these laws, but they will become more familiar when they are mentioned in a ticket or lawsuit.

Drivers, control your metal death machines!


I love cars, car culture and driving, but drivers are often ignorant jerks who don’t seem to realize the dangers they pose. I frequently want to pound my wheel in frustration due to cyclists and people around me, who seem too hurried or distracted to notice my two tons of steel that can hurt and or kill them. The power of my car makes me realize it’s my imperative Cyclists, you Park Avenue to take into account the aren’t f***ing is lined with potential to cause harm. Transformers! zombieLast semester, I came Unlike cars, like bodies within a foot of being hit after bicycles aren’t leaving the library one night. protected by a shuffling by, I was tired, it was late and I’m few tons of metal, unaware of sure the driver was tired, too, plastic, glass and anything. because the car didn’t stop sweet, supple at the signal and barrelled pleather. As anyone through as I crossed. that has collided with a speeding bike while walking It’s too easy for us to blame each across campus will tell you, they aren’t other. Behind the wheel, you hate pedestrians either. clueless people walking in front of you, However, it seems that many cyclists on a bike, you despise cars that cut in act like cars when they demand room front of you and as a pedestrian, you are on the road from bigger, faster, actual fearful of being hit by the bike ignoring cars. Then, they act like pedestrians the crosswalk. when they barrel through a stop sign Instead, let’s all try to increase into a crosswalk. our awareness of each other so that The Arizona Governor’s Office of travelling across the UA feels tolerable Highway Safety recognizes that a bike and less like a war among rival clans. is neither a car nor a person, so it gives specific laws in regards to their use. ARS 28-644 states that cyclists must stop for stop signs and signals, ARS 28— Eric Klump is a senior in 792 says riders must stop for crosswalks journalism. Follow him @ericklump and ARS 28-704 requires that riders

The Daily Wildcat Editorial Policy Daily Wildcat staff editorials represent the official opinion of the Daily Wildcat staff, which is determined at staff editorial meetings. Columns, cartoons, online comments and letters to the editors represent the opinion of their author and do not represent the opinion of the Daily Wildcat.


Arizona Summer Wildcat


ost UA students and Tucson residents seem to fall into two categories: those who get to escape the summer and those who are stuck here — the “true” Tucsonans who scoff at their cool-weather friends when complaints are made about cracks in the pavement and snow bird drivers. It seems that the right to complain about the “Dirty T” is a privilege that comes with the Full-Time Desert Dweller badge of fortitude. So this summer, I stayed. I could have fled home to Hawaii, yes, but I stayed. Did I think it’d be a terrible-do-it-onceto-say-I-did-it summer? Absolutely. But you know what? Summertime in Tucson turned out to actually be pretty great. Of course, when discussing Tucson summers, the elephant in the monsoon is the heat. And thanks to said monsoons, no one can even encourage the “it’s a dry heat” nonsense because well, it’s just hot. But honestly — and maybe it’s only because I imagined myself fainting of heat stroke each day while commuting by bicycle to a predominantly outdoor job where I’d chase children around all day — it didn’t seem that bad. Wear sunscreen and eat a popsicle — you’ll be okay. So once you suck it up and throw comfort out the window (then promptly close said window to avoid losing precious AC), you can begin to enjoy the many wonders of the Tucson summer. I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s freaking gorgeous out there. The desert is greener than ever, alive with wildlife and wildflowers, and some cacti are still in bloom. Monsoons bring a relief from the heat, sure, but even after the rainbows fade, rivers are left behind and waterfalls and natural swimming pools form in the surrounding mountains, beckoning hikers to come and enjoy them. Clouds, scarce in Tucson most of the year, make for especially epic sunsets. The concepts of “crowds” and “lines” leave along with out-of-state students to California and New Jersey, where


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Sisley firing raises questions “T suffering from PTSD. stress disorder was nipped in Her research may be continued the bud when she was fired for at Northern Arizona University or unknown reasons on June 27. Arizona State University, causing The termination of this UA to lose out on a promising potentially promising research field of study. It would be a shame is unfortunate, but the complete if the oldest and most welllack of transparency by UA respected university in the Grand administrators about their Canyon state fell reasons for behind on this dismissing a cutting-edge qualified medical [Sisley's] area of medical researcher is research research. more troubling. into medical Arizona A graduate of the marijuana . . . legislators have UA College of was nipped in reportedly Medicine, Sisley stalled funding was associate the bud when for Sisley’s director of she was fired. research, a interprofessional problem which education in Wednesday, May 8, 2013 12:45:49 PM may continue the Arizona to plague Sisley if she continues Telemedicine Program at the UA. her research at another Arizona With more than 100,000 university. Whether legislators supporters on a petition on like it or not, Arizona voters and a Facebook page passed Proposition 203 in 2010, with nearly 5,000 likes, it is clear legalizing the use of medical that veterans, supporters and marijuana in the state. fellow marijuana researchers It is poor public policy to are disappointed with Sisley’s prevent research of a legal termination and the delay in medical treatment. It sets back important research for people

medical and scientific knowledge and is a disservice to veterans and others who might have their lives improved by more sophisticated understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of marijuanabased medical treatment. Most of all, UA administrators need to be more forthcoming about the reasons for Sisley’s surprising and controversial dismissal. Outside pressure from politicians is one thing, but UA students expect better from the university administration, which is supposed to defend UA’s mission of open-minded inquiry, academic freedom and fearlessly tackling “big questions.” — Editorials are determined by the Arizona Summer Wildcat editorial board and written by its members. They are Ethan McSweeney, Mia Moran and Logan Rogers. They can be reached at or on Twitter @DailyWildcat


they vacation for the summer. Tucson is left with a select population of conspirators who will nod and smirk as a lone patron walks into Chipotle, as if to say, “There is no line, you get that quesarito that takes forever to make.” Reservations? Who needs them? Sharing a swimming lane? No, thanks. Walking and cycling trails are less congested, Speedway Boulevard’s not such a crawl and grabbing some chips at QuikTrip actually becomes a quick trip. None of this is to say, however, that there’s nothing going on in Tucson over the summer. Quite the contrary, the summer population of the desert comes together to provide a plethora of social activities around town. From movie nights at Reid Park, the Tucson Bird and Wildlife Festival, numerous summer concert series around town, nighttime programs at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and ski lift rides and stargazing atop Mount Lemmon, there is no shortage of things going on in Tucson during summer sessions. So whether you subscribe to the “do everything before 8 a.m.” motto, attempt to sleep through the days and live by night or simply choose to endure an indoor existence for an entire season each year, consider taking a deep warm breath and enjoy the summer. Yeah, it’s hot. No, it’s not even dry. But taking full advantage of the Tucson summer is well worth the sweat.


— Allison Alterman is a sophomore studying creative writing. Follow her @allie_303


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he University of Arizona (UA) is a place without limits — where teaching, research, service and innovation merge to improve lives in Arizona and beyond,” the UA’s official website states. “We aren’t afraid to ask big questions, and find even better answers.” Despite this statement, the UA has shied away from big questions and is not giving any answers about why marijuana researcher Dr. Suzanne Sisley was stripped of her salary support and position as assistant professor at the UA. With the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana ftnseas3909.a21 use trending across the U.S., including the legalization of recreational use in both Washington and Colorado, the need to study marijuana’s effects should no longer be hindered by concern over its status as an illegal drug. Unfortunately, Sisley’s pioneering research into medical marijuana as a treatment for post-traumatic



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WHO SHOULD START FOR UA AT QB? VS. Connor Brewer's mixture of accuracy and poise should make him the 2014-15 starting QB

After two straight seniors starting at QB, Jesse Scroggins should be the next senior to start



Arizona Summer Wildcat

Arizona Summer Wildcat



hile UA fans debate the merits of running quarterback versus prostyle and youth versus experience, Arizona football head coach Rich Rodriguez has a simple goal for the signal caller competition. “I just want them to execute the offense,” Rodriguez said. “That sounds simplistic and it really is. I want guys that make plays when they are supposed to, execute when they are supposed to and not be stupid.” For the second year in a row, Arizona is staging a quarterback competition and if history is any indication, senior Jesse Scroggins will get the nod. The signal caller with the most experience overall and in the offense is the safe bet to be in the starting lineup in a few weeks when the Wildcats host UNLV. While Rich Rod went 3-8 his first year at West Virginia and 3-9 and 5-7 his first two years at Michigan, he went 8-5 with bowl wins his first two seasons in Tucson. Both seasons he had a senior quarterback. Scroggins is the only senior quarterback on the roster and came in with better accolades than 2013 and 2012 starters B.J. Denker and




ARIZONA REDSHIRT SENIOR quarterback Jesse Scroggins runs practice drills during football practice at Arizona Stadium on Saturday. Scroggins could be the third consecutive senior to start at quarterback under Rich Rodriguez.

SCORE CENTER GIANTS DEFEAT BILLS Sunday, Aug. 3: New York Giants 17, Buffalo Bills 13

NY OVERTAKE TIGERS Monday, Aug. 4: Detroit Tigers 2, New York Yankees 1


ARIZONA REDSHIRT SOPHOMORE quarterback Connor Brewer runs practice drills during football practice at Arizona Stadium on Saturday. Brewer, who transfered from Texas before last season, had to sit out the year due to NCAA transfer rules.


25 days until kick. Nick Foles was the 25th player taken in the third round of the NFL draft. Do you thinka few GM's missed on that one? —@catspbp, Arizona Wildcats Play by Play voice Brian Jeffries

fter back-to-back 8-5 seasons headlined by senior starting QBs (Matt Scott and B.J. Denker) and a formidable rushing attack, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez is left without a starter at QB or RB. As fall practice begins, Rodriguez’s number one priority has to be figuring out the quarterback situation. Quarterback is arguably the toughest position to play throughout all major sports in this country. Not only is one person responsible for 10 other players, a quarterback is, in essence, an extension of the head coach on the field. The amount of knowledge and skill required to succeed as a QB is astounding, and Rodriguez understands what he needs from his quarterbacks this season. Among those in the race for the starting gig include redshirt senior Jesse Scroggins, redshirt sophomore Connor Brewer, redshirt freshman Anu Solomon and redshirt junior Jerrard Randall. Of the quartet, Scroggins and Brewer seem to have separated themselves. The former highly-recruited QB looked like a stud coming out of high school, as



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Sports • wednesday, August 6, 2014

scroggins from page 10

Matt Scott. Yahoo named him the fourth best quarterback transfer that didn’t play last year. While Scroggins was buried on the depth chart last year, behind Denker, Javelle Allen and Nick Isham, it was due in no small part to his injuries: a concussion to start 2013 fall practice and missing pretty much all of 2013 spring practice with a toe injury. Plus Denker, Isham (who transferred) and Allen (who was kicked off the team) were in their second years in the system, while Scroggins was in his first. Scroggins, a fifth year senior, went to USC and El Camino College before coming to the UA and was the No. 6 quarterback recruit in the 2010 class. At USC, Scroggins was buried under Cody Kessler, Max Wittek and Matt Barkley, who is coincidently now buried on the Philadelphia Eagles’ depth chart behind former Wildcat and Pro Bowl quarterback Nick Foles.

arizona Summer Wildcat • 11 Scroggins is finally getting a realistic chance. Scroggins also has a rocket for an arm. At the spring game he threw the ball 75 yards in one of the Hard Edge challenges. Without Ka’Deem Carey and with an impressive stable of receivers, the offense will surely be more focused on passing. He also has brought an expected element. Scroggins doesn’t run the ball as well as Denker, Denard “Shoelace” Robinson or Pat White did, but he looks more like a dualthreat quarterback than was expected. Scroggins was usually considered a prostyle quarterback, but he showed off some speed in the spring game. Freshman Anu Solomon or sophomore Connor Brewer might be the future, but with probably the best receiving corps in the country, the best option for quarterback is the most experienced.

— Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520

rebecca marie sasnett/Arizona Summer Wildcat

Arizona redshirt sophomore offensive linemen T.D. Gross (70) goes through postional drills. Gross figures to be in the mix for playing time along the offensive line.

football brewer

from page 10

USC signed Scroggins as the 55th best player in the 2010 recruiting class, according to ESPN. However, things didn’t work out at USC and Scroggins found himself at Arizona last season. He didn’t see any game action but has worked hard to get where he is now. Scroggins has impressed fans, teammates and coaches alike with his cannon of an arm and leadership in the huddle. However, a lack of accuracy will negatively affect him in this positional battle. Throwing bullets through a tight window will always draw attention, but

Scroggins struggles to take heat off some of the more intermediate throws. In short, he puts his receivers in a bad position far too often. Therefore I raise this question: How useful is a quarterback if he can’t get the ball to his receivers in a timely and accurate matter? The answer? Not very useful at all. This issue is compounded by the presence of a potentially outstanding receiving corps headlined by redshirt senior Austin Hill, redshirt sophomore DaVonte’ Neal and sophomore Nate Phillips. On the other hand, Brewer might not have the arm strength that Scroggins possesses, but he has much better accuracy on his ball.

Brewer has significantly more touch and doesn’t throw bullets at his receivers on every play. Brewer, the former four-star recruit from the 2012 class, chose Texas over offers from Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame and Arizona. He transferred to Arizona before last season and, due to NCAA rules, had to sit out the season. For an offense that should heavily lean on passing for the first time under Rodriguez, having an accurate quarterback is paramount and Connor Brewer is that guy.

— Follow Roberto Payne @HouseofPayne555

from page 1

“We know we got big shoes to fill in for Ka’Deem and we’re all ready to take on that role,” said senior running back Terris JonesGrigsby. “We take it day by day.” Rodriguez said the projected first or second stringers will get the most reps at the start of camp, except for quarterback and running back. After a couple of weeks he said they will pair it down to the top two. While as many as four quarterbacks are thought to be in the mix to be the starter, sophomore receiver Trey Griffey said they worked together before camp. “Just like we’re trying to get used to them, they’re trying to get used to us,” Griffey said. “We’ve been working together, we’re good really.” Jones-Grigsby said the backfield competitions push each other. “We have confidence in our quarterbacks,” he said. “I think we have good depth in quarterback right now.”

Bondurant off the team, for now

In addition to Carey and Denker, the Wildcats will have to replace another leader, senior safety Tra’Mayne Bondurant, who led the team in interceptions a year ago. After the first practice, Rodriguez announced Bondurant was no longer with the team. “Tra’Mayne Bondurant had some discipline things that he had to do, and he chose to leave the program, so he’s no longer a Wildcat as of [Saturday],” Rodriguez said. “You can do the discipline and be part of the team, or, I never lock the doors from the inside out. The doors are never locked.” Bondurant returned to practice Sunday though, and could earn a spot back on the team. “He had some discipline to do, and he decided to quit instead,” Rodriguez said. “So that’s where we’re at.” Bondurant started 12 games last year at the spur position, had 72 tackles and 46 solo four interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. — Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520

12 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

Sports • Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ZonaZoo reduced by approximately 1,000

Borcover, a marketing senior. “We are looking into making a few changes, but they are still pending approval.”


Arizona Summer Wildcat

Despite receiving accolades last season, the UA is not standing pat when it comes to the ZonaZoo. After the ZonaZoo was reduced from about 10,000 seats to about 9,000, new promotions were added, like a contest rewarding fans who stayed until the end of a game, and the Bear Down Brigade was established. ESPN named it the best student section in the Pac-12. There will be new promotions this year and the UA will expand on last year’s additions like the Bear Down Brigade, which is like a super fan club for people who wanted to help, said Ben Chulick, assistant athletic director for marketing for Arizona athletics. “The ZonaZoo provides the vast majority of the atmosphere at all our events, but especially football and men’s basketball,” Chulick said. “When the ZonaZoo is there and the place is packed and they’re rocking, it just kind of sets the tone for the rest of the stadium and makes it a fun place to be.” ZonaZoo executive director Jacob Borcover said the ZonaZoo is not ready to announce the new changes yet. “We are working on some things but nothing is official so I can’t comment yet,” said

Landslide shirt victory

ZonaZoo leadership recently held an election to determine the ZonaZoo shirt for this season and it wasn’t close. The 2014-15 shirt features “Bear Down” prominently in block letters. The other two finalists had the motto less dominant or not at all. “I love the new shirt for the year,” Borcover said. “I was heavily involved in the process and was very satisfied to see the end result.” The winning T-shirt was selected by Facebook likes and Twitter favorites, with the winner getting 1,186 votes and the second place design receiving 157 votes, Borcover said. “The students overwhelmingly supported the winning design,” Borcover said. “It was a great opportunity to let our students have input in our decision making process.” Chulick said the shirt will feature the slogan “ZonaZoo stays the entire game,” which was introduced last year.

Up in the air

While construction to McKale Center is expected to limit capacity for the McDonald’s


ZONAZOO MEMBERS WAVE their arms in the air while an Oregon State player shoots a free throw during Arizona's 76-54 win against Oregon State in McKale Center on Feb. 9. The ZonaZoo will be reduced by approximately 1,000 members for the 2014-15 season.

Red-Blue Game by almost 5,000, the ZonaZoo will be taken care of. “It is still being discussed how many seats will be made available to the Zoo,” Borcover said. “Students will still have an opportunity to attend the game.” The Red-Blue Game will be held on Oct. 18.

First ZonaZoo deadline coming up

With the ASU football game landing on Thanksgiving weekend this year, students will need to reserve a spot unlike the other football





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games. “Students can guarantee a seat if they reserve online before the end of August,” Borcover said. “After that, reservations will be subject to availability. Students can reserve using the same system for basketball reservation.” The ASU game will be played the day after Thanksgiving at 1:30 p.m. on Fox.



— Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520



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!!! 5BLoCKS NoRtH oF UofA. 1219 E Lee St. 4/5bedroom, 3bath. Completely remodeled. Beautiful inside. New kitchen, new appliances, ceiling fans, washer/ dryer, dishwasher, ceramic tile floors, security bars and doors, air conditioned. Available now. $1,600. 520-299-5020 or 520-624-3080 !!!!! 3/4BEdRoomS. CLoSE to campus. Available August 2014. All amenities included. 520.333.4125 or info@ !!!!! 4BR/4.5BA +3 car garage. 2 pool side homes available at The Village for August. A few Blocks NW of UA. HUGE luxury Homes. All Large master suites with walk- in closets + balconies + 10ft ceil- ings + DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Secu- rity System. High speed internet incl. 884-1505 !!!!! 5BEdRoom/ 2BAtH from $1850/mo. ($370/bdrm), Move in now. Convenient to campus A/C, alarm, washer/dryer, private backyard, plus more. Website: http:// water-floorplans.php Pets are welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 520-747-9331 to see one today.

!!!!! 6BdRm 6.5 BAtH available August. Lease today for special. Just a few blocks from campus. 5car GARAGE, all Granite countertops, large outside balconies off bedrooms, very large master suites with spacious walk-in closets and whirlpool tubs, high ceilings. pool privileges TEP Electric Discount. Free high speed internet and expanded basic cable. Monitored security system 884-1505 www. 1BdRm WALK to UofA. Wood floors, fireplace, ceiling fans, porch, 1yr lease. No pets. References, deposit. $450/mo. 682-7728. 1BLoCK FRom CAmPuS. 3bedroom 3bath house. Large bedrooms with large closets and built-in desks. A/C, wrought iron security, off-street parking, w/d, tile floors, fenced yard. $1500/month. 520-490-2886 2BdRm 2BA + den 5 mi. campus, near westside. $870/mo. garage, walled yard, alarm system, security iron on windows and doors. Credit screen required 2BEdRoom HouSE. 4BLoCKS north of UofA. Elm, east of Park. Fireplace. Hardwood floors. Enclosed yard. Water paid. $795/mo. 955-3004. 2BR & dEN + GREAT ROOM MAIN HOME 1570 SQ. FT.AND SEPARATE 1 BR GUEST HOUSE 910 SQ. FT. WASHER & DRYER INCLUDED. BOTH UNITS RENT FOR $2100 @ MO. CAMPBELL/ FORT LOWELL. GO TO tarmls. com listing # 21412911 for pics & info. CORONA DE ORO REALTY @ 297-4742 CHERYL 3419 E. BELLEVuE St. #1. Charming 3bed/2bath house. High Ceilings w/exposed beams in living room w/fireplace, tile & wood floors. Stunning details. AC/Gas Heating. W/D, Back Porch/L-shaped yard. 1car garage. Central Location Near UofA. Ideal for UofA staff/students. $1150/mo. Water paid. Contact or call 907-6903 3Bd/ 2BA NEAR campus. $1300/ mo negotiable. No deposits. AC, W/D. BBQ. Covered patio. Off-street parking. Iron bars. 520-909-4334 3BEd/ 2BAtH NEAR Grant/Alvernon. Fenced yard, A/C, lots of storage, laundry on-site. $800 per month, $800 deposit. Pets OK w/extra deposit. Avail. 8/15/14. 520-665-1913. 4Bd/ 2BA $1600/mo negotiable. Electric, gas, and water included. Flexible rental agreement. Blenman Elm Neighborhood. Drachman/Norris. Available August 2014. Call/text 520-307-5096.

4Bd/ 2BA NEAR campus. $1500/mo negotiable. AC, W/D. BBQ. Covered patio. Off-street parking. Iron bars. 520-909-4334 4BR house: mountain & Lin‑ den. Blocks from campus. Charming, updated built ins, parking. W/d, dishwasher, and all app included. 1800/month! CALL 312‑203‑ 9024. 3BR house: Park & Edi‑ son. Close to campus, large bedrooms, great living room, huge backyard, outdoor fire‑ place, updated kit and fix, concrete floors. W/d, dish‑ washer, and all app included. $1350/month. CALL 312‑203‑ 9024. 4BR, 2BA. @ELm/ Vine. 1,500 sf. just 2blks from UMC, 6blks from Eller & Law. Concrete floors, W/D, dishwasher, AC. Small enclosed yard, off-street parking. $1,600/mo. Resident pays elec. Call or text (520)661-1316. CoRPoRAtE RENtAL! modERN 3bd/2ba home + office with separate courtyard entry. 2 car garage, s/s appliances, On hill @ end of cul-de-sac. $1550.00 mo, furnished negotiable. Lease for 12+ mos for a reduced rate! Call Rebecca 520-390-0211 FoR RENt 2BdRm 1Bath. W/D hookups. Air conditioned. Fenced yard. Near UofA. $750/mo. Call 743-0667. FuLLY FuRNiSHEd ‑‑‑‑‑ALL UTILITIES, DIRECT-TV & INTERNET Included... HOUSE close to Mountain Ave. Bike path- 10 minutes to University. All new appliances/Furniture. Very clean 1950’s home. 2 bedroom & den or 3 bedroom. 1 Bath. W/D, extra storage, off street parking, fully fenced..really cute! Non-smoking.. $1350.00 month (520)7433165 or (520)982-5973 HouSE FoR RENt near UofA campus, Country Club and Speedway main streets. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, furnished home. Rental is $500/room, utilities included. n/s and no pets. If interested please phone 602-363-9630 iNdiViduAL BEdRoom LEASES NOW AVAILABLE at great locations close to campus! From $485/ month. Fully furnished common area. Includes Utilities, Cable, Internet plus more. Large fenced back yards. bedroom-leases.php Call 7479331 to see today! oNE BEdRoom, oNE bath guest house. Separate building, parking. Blenman Elm .7 miles to UA. Newly remodeled. 520-4494778

SAm HuGHES HouSE! Beautiful, safe neighborhood; grassy common area; newer, two-level patio home; two bedrooms/shared bath w/in-ground spa, patio, fireplace, wifi, all amenities; furnished in lovely shabby chic/antique decor; 1/2 mile from main campus; two blocks from Rincon Market; rent--far below market for right tenant(s); ideal!!!! Possible 10-mo. lease. Looking for grad. students or responsible female tenants to share downstairs area. Message 520-241-0677 SAm HuGHES uoFA/ UMC. 2Bd +Den 1.5BA, 2720 E. 9th St. A/C, W/D, walled yard, covered parking. Available now. Pets considered. $1095/ $1000 deposit. Open Sat/Sun noon-3pm. 2993227, 909-7771. uNFuRNiSHEd 2BEdRoom 1BAtH house with yard, central heat and air! NEAR UofA!! Remodeled! Gas washer/dryer hook-ups inside the house. Rent is: $975.00 with Security deposit of $975.00. address: 915 E Mabel St. Tucson Inquire to: or call: 520-574-9216 uNiquE 2Bd/ 2BA Townhouse covered parking, fireplace, Alvernon/Broadway. $895 if paid early APL 747-4747 WiFi iNCLudEd CAN do 10-11 MO LEASE! Looking for 2 roommates to share 3Bed, 2bath home. 1.5mi from UofA near Reid Park. Full kitchen, stainless steel appliances & W/D. Semi-furnished. Central A/C +ceiling fans. Large backyard and patio. Masonry wall & home security system for additional safety. Ample parking in lg driveway. Available now. Message me at 323-893- 7411 Wonderful 4Bdrm 2Bath House 4Blks from campus. AC‑ Large rooms‑ Great condition‑ $1300 per month‑ Call jim @520‑628‑ 1965. 1227 N. 1st Ave

3BR HouSE WitH 2BR guest quarters mere blocks from UA and UMC on CatTran route. or call 520-360-7186.

2 RoommAtES WANtEd. Junior BA major with a 3bd/2ba newly built house, washer/dryer included. 10 min from campus. $475/mo, cable and internet included. Quiet neighborhood Speedway/Swan area. Call/text 520-313-3047.

2000SqFt. oRo VALLEY, safe, clean, free parking, master suite available. $400/ month plus 1/3 utilities, house shared with 2 other females. text 520 262 5546 SHARE mY 2Bd furnished apartment. $550/mo negotiable. Available now. Great location: off Rillito River path, Trader Joes. Campbell/ River. 520-304-1565. tWo FEmALE BFA Theatre students seeking housemate in 3BR/2 bath house in convenient Sam Hughes, beginning Aug 1st. $500/month +1/3 utilities. 906-1909 or 360-0702

iNdiViduAL BEdRoom LEASES NOW AVAILABLE at great locations close to campus! From $485/ month. Fully furnished common area. Includes Utilities, Cable, Internet plus more. Large fenced back yards. bedroom-leases.php Call 7479331 to see today! Room available in 3bedroom house. Share this house with 2 male uofA students. House is on mountain bike path close to school. A/C, w/d, clean and comfortable. $490 a month. Rent for fall only or entire year. Call 520‑977‑7795 uA RoommAtE WANtEd to share 4-BR House with 3 Girls $300 includes cable, wifi & util. House includes: washer & dryer, dishwasher, microwave, oven & frig. Non-smoking female, UA student preferred; NO PETS. Email or call: or 480307-3796.

$950/mo 1073SqFt. 2Bd/ 2BA. Oracle/ River area. Quiet space, close to shopping & UofA. Unfurnished, mostly new appliances. Garbage and water free. 2car garage. Fence/ small dogs. Community pool/jacuzzi. Call 818-4330

PRoFESSioNALLY tYPEd PA‑ PERS. $3/page. $15 min. 2 day turnaround.

A GUIDE TO RELIGIOUS SERVICES SUMMER 2014 First Christian Church Silent prayer/contemplation Tuesdays 11 a.m.-noon, drop in basis.

Courtyard chapel at Speedway at Euclid, Speedway entrance

First United Methodist Church of Tucson A community welcome to ALL people. Services Sunday 10 a.m. 915 E. 4th Street | (520) 622-6481

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELS) Sunday Worship 7:45 & 10 a.m. Bible Class 9 a.m. 830 N. First Ave. | (520) 623-6633

Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center Cultivate a clear mind, open heart and humor through meditation. 3250 N. Tucson Blvd. | 520-829-0108

WELS Tucson Campus Ministry Student Bible Study and discussion Sundays 7 p.m.

830 N. First Avenue | (520) 623-5088

To be a part of our Guide to Religious Services, call (520)621-3425 or email

Arts • wednesday, August 6, 2014

arizona Summer Wildcat • 15

Iron and Wine to grace Rialto BY christianna silva

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Get ready, because on Tuesday, Sam Beam and his magnificent dad-gone-tothe-wild beard will be serenading fans all night at The Rialto Theatre. Between his calm pop, indie and alternative vibes, the show promises to prepare you for your first day of school. Sam Beam — a noted visual artist, guitarist and singer who uses the stage name Iron and Wine — performs with a group of musicians that changes depending on the sound Beam is attempting to create on each album. He has worked with musicians such as Rob Burger from Tin Hat Trio, Steven Bernstein, Maxim Moston and Marika Hughes, to name a few. Knowing that Beam is a former film professor and father of five may seem to be a downer on the party that is music, but not to August Brown of the Los Angeles Times when she wrote, “[Beam] is actually one of the suavest sex jam singers of recent note.” His musicianship is renowned across the music world. Rolling Stone said Beam’s fourth studio album, Kiss Each Other Clean, was something that “pop

Courtesy of iron and Wine

music hadn’t seen anything like ... since the heyday of Cat Stevens,” while Betty Clark of The Guardian said, “Beam writes with an artist’s eye, his songs alive with place and time.” Hopefully Beam will continue to perform his songs with such passion at the Rialto. This theater is one of the most historic buildings in Tucson, having opened in 1920, and welcomes Iron and

Guardians from page 16

cheek and self-referential, not afraid to poke fun at not only itself, but also dramatic superhero movies in general. When you have as diverse a cast of characters as these five in the same room, a large chunk of the comedy comes from their differences, the push and pull between them. Drax interprets everything literally (there could have been a couple less easy jokes about his misinterpretations), Groot repeats the same three words, Rocket has the shortest fuse of them all, accompanied with a penchant for swearing, and Quill is trying to keep the whole group from ripping each other’s throats out. The dysfunctional group dynamic is like “The Avengers” on a colorful Pixy Stix sugar high. Of course, this is not only due to the writing, but also the cast. Pratt, Saldana, Cooper and Diesel instill their characters with idiosyncrasies and personality, but not enough to necessarily make them caricatures. There were times, though, when I thought Bautista’s Drax was just a little too against the grain, a little too on the nose. With humor aplenty, a zany cast of characters and a remarkably fitting soundtrack filled with ‘80s pop hits, “Guardians of the Galaxy” warrants a solid and entertaining “B” for Marvel’s C-team.

Wine to its 94-year-old stage. The Rialto has headlined groups from all different genres and fame. Jerome Holloway, a folk and soul singersongwriter from Chicago, is opening for Iron and Wine. According to The Rialto, when Holloway was asked about his habit of sharing more in music than in conversation, he said: “Sometimes I feel if I’m just talking about my problems … I’m just taking up people’s time. [With music] it’s kind of like, ‘Here’s what I’m thinking … and maybe you’ll like this song as well.’” A concert headlining Iron and Wine with Jerome Holloway is sure to be a great date night or even just a fun night of soul searching out with friends. So, Wildcats, even though school doesn’t officially start until Aug. 25, if you have already moved in and are anxious for the start of classes and the eminent terror of responsibilities, Sam Beam has the answer for you. Iron and Wine’s indie music was created to soothe your anxious soul. Tickets are $23-$40, doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.



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Tucson’s Plaza 5480 E. Broadway Blvd., #110 Broadway Blvd. & Craycroft SW Corner, next to FedEx Tucson’s Cornerstone 2485 N. Swan Road Grant & Swan Road NW Corner, near Walgreens Tucson Central 4356 N. Oracle Road Oracle & Wetmore Next to Nordstrom Rack



Wednesday, August 6, 2014 • Page 16

• Editor: Daniel Burkart • • (520) 621-3106 YOUR SUMMER GUIDE TO TUCSON MUSIC, MOVIES AND ART

'Mutts' has some barking mad food BY PATRICK O'CONNOR

Arizona Summer Wildcat

The restaurant business is a dog eat dog world with only the meanest mongrels clawing their way to success. One of University Boulevard’s newest restaurants doesn’t seem to be phased by that, though. Mutts Premium Hot Dogs and Sausages has established itself as a leader of the pack for great food on University. Located in the shady alcove that hosts Starbucks and Ben’s Bells, Mutts creates a relaxing environment for one to enjoy its wonderful cuisine. Inspired by its Wisconsin heritage, owners Gregory and Susan Hundt created Mutts with quality hot dogs in mind. Each one of the different hot dogs and sausages on the menu is from Wisconsin company Usinger’s


MIKE WILSON, CHEF AT MUTTS PREMIUM HOT DOGS AND SAUSAGES, prepares a Veggie Benedict from the breakfast and lunch menu. The restaurant is known for its breakfast items and hot dogs, including the Windy Dog.

Famous Sausage, and when you take the first bite, the quality really shines through. Mutts isn’t just an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. Its menu is incredibly large and features a wide array of breakfast and lunch staples. Before Mutts, another breakfast

restaurant occupied the space and Mutts has done a very good job of providing hearty breakfasts to returning regulars. “People are starting to get used to the hot dog idea,” said Mark Bodder, executive chef and kitchen manager for Mutts. “They’ve been selling

more and more, which is what we are really here for.” Though hot dogs and breakfast food may seem like a simple menu, Mutts really pushes the boundaries and includes dishes from around the world. “I’ve got things like calamari steak and eggs, Mediterranean breakfast and Spanish omelets,” Bodder said. “We’ve been trying some really crazy things.” One of the crazy things Mutts offers is a hot dog slathered in strawberry jam. The restaurant is very simple and cozy. Artwork featuring dogs adorns the walls and the smell of fresh food wafts towards you from the nearby kitchen. Seating is also available on the patio, where dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome. However, its University location isn't the only place you can pick up one of their

incredible hot dogs. Mutts has gone off the leash and taken its show on the road, and has been serving its delicious wares at many Tucson events. “Last year we went to 30 events,” Blodder said. “This year we have 105 booked.” One event you might see Mutts at this year is Bear Down Fridays. From 5 p.m. -7 p.m. before every home football game, Main Gate Square becomes an epicenter of school spirit. Mutts will be barbecuing on the street for hungry football fans. “We have a great community,” Blodder said. “We are very happy here.” Mutts Premium Hot Dogs and Sausages is open from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. every day. — Follow Patrick O'Connor @tachyzoite

Marvel's latest off to strong start BY ALEX GUYTON

Arizona Summer Wildcat


s of this article, Marvel has accomplished the previously unthinkable. This past weekend, “Guardians of the Galaxy” opened to $94 million, which is only $1 million dollars less than “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and noticeably higher than the $86 million of “Thor: The Dark World.” Dwell on that for just a moment. Marvel’s C-team, bargain bin characters now have just as much legitimacy as Marvel’s A-listers in its cinematic universe. Marvel sunk $170 million into a film about a ragtag group of comic book misfits that only came into existence in the past decade. Everyone reading this is older than this current iteration of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” What very well could have been Marvel’s Waterloo has resulted in Marvel’s, well, whatever Napoleon Bonaparte’s greatest victory was. Enough about figures and how improbable this whole thing is; How is the movie itself? As it turns out, it’s pretty darn good and funny. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), who has dubbed himself StarLord (yeah, he gave himself his own nickname), is a planet-trottin’, treasurehuntin’ human scoundrel that’s discovered a mysterious, and very valuable, orb. He listens to ‘80s mixtapes, which provide the movie with its retro-fresh soundtrack. Unfortunately, bad-guy Ronan (Lee Pace) wants the orb, too. He sends green-skinned assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana) to retrieve the orb. The movie constantly says that she has been developed into a weapon, designed to fight, yet she never gets a fight worthy enough to show off her supposed prowess. It’s a little disappointing. Gamora tracks Quill down, and their fight is interrupted by two of

the craziest characters you’re likely to see this year: Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper), a genetically modified raccoon, and his partner, Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), which is some kind of sentient, bipedal plant monster that can only repeat, “I am Groot.” Rocket and Groot are just as enterprising as Quill, and they want the bounty that’s on his head. The four get thrown in a high security prison where they meet Drax (Dave Bautista), a brute of a man who has red scars all over his body like ceremonial tattoos. The five begrudgingly band together to break out of prison and, through selfish reasons that inevitably turn into selfless reasons, decide to take down Ronan. I’ve never really been all too impressed with the rogue’s gallery of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For those unaware, the “Iron Man,” “Captain America,” “Thor,” “Hulk” and “The Avengers” movies fall under the MCU. Marvel actually does not own the film rights to the Spider-Man or X-Men franchises, though they, of course, come from the Marvel comic books. “Guardians of the Galaxy” didn’t really do anything to change my stance on this. Ronan and Nebula (Karen Gillan, playing Gamora’s ill-tempered sister) are the main baddies, with Thanos (Josh Brolin) looming in the background for some future film. Ronan looks like a blue Darth Maul and is about as threatening as that sounds. He’s unmemorable, and not even memorably so. Though the likes of Captain America and Iron Man have their own unique brand of humor, Marvel movies still fall under the categories of “drama” rather than “comedy.” I’m not sure if the same can be said for this movie, which throws irreverent jokes left, right and center. The comedy is tongue-in-




In this issue of the Arizona Summer Wildcat, Spike in reports of sexual assaults on UA campus, Arizona football is back


In this issue of the Arizona Summer Wildcat, Spike in reports of sexual assaults on UA campus, Arizona football is back