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Lev els of watching T.V with your: Girlfriend

ANDREW CONLOGUE While the single people are out attempting to find companionship this weekend, there’s a good chance those in a steady relationship are staying in, perhaps watching some nice, relaxing TV. Or perhaps not so relaxing. Though at this point it’s a bit hackneyed, at times there is a very real gender gap, and it seems that in this day and age it manifests itself most powerfully when it comes to watching television. For those of a masculine persuasion, if you’re interested in watching TV with that special feminine someone, here’s a guide to surviving it without committing murder.


because we’re entering enemy comforting that the rich and famous territory. still have basic human tendencies. For the masculine psyche, however, confrontation is only interesting if it involves weaponry or some sort of martial arts. Shrill verbal spats, especially among women, are just scary to the masculine mind. These words have probably But your TV is about to take on never been written before, but even darker dimensions than that... in the age of reality TV, “Sex and the City� is a man’s best friend — at least on couple’s TV night. There is, of course, not an ounce of actual content written for men. But look at the silver lining: there’s writing! Though they do focus on If there is a machismo hell, then a particular audience, shows like deep in its icy core the three heads “Sex and the City� are well written of Satan are eternally gnawing and humorous. Like an art purist on “Teen Mom,� “Intervention� viewing paintings of great artists, and “Toddlers and Tiaras.� if you can’t like what it is, at least Reality shows like these are less try and appreciate the artistry, TV and more evidence for the because it’s about to get worse. inevitable mental competency evaluation or court hearing that will take place after the cameras stop rolling. From the male perspective, watching shows about weight loss, addiction and borderline child abuse are just There is a great armada of sad. There is a sense that women “beautiful people� reality shows watch these shows to feel better invading the airwaves, and the “Real about their own lives, but usually Housewives� franchise is its terrible the level of discrepancy is like flagship. Watching shows like these taking horse tranquilizers for is similar to listening to your lady’s insomnia. The only way that a stories about how bitchy that girl at male mind can make sense of her work is, but televised in hour- shows like these is to view them long installments. “Keeping Up with as incredibly graphic, heartthe Kardashians,� “Tia & Tamera,� stoppingly terrifying cautionary and that horde of housewives from tales. Being made to watch them across the land live larger than almost as entertainment on TV night is a all of their viewership, but somehow level of madness men can’t easily still find time to be disgustingly petty. comprehend. Perhaps the feminine psyche finds it

This article’s companion piece was written for the male perspective, but men with even a little bit of sense realize that women can potentially be just as miserable on couple’s TV night. We’ve already discussed neutral territory, but in the interest of fairness, here’s the same continuum for the female perspective — ranging from the mildly agreeable to the swirling eye of unendurable chaos.

Not so bad: Scripted shows geared toward women

The pulsing center of darkness: Reality shows about sad, sad people

Not so bad: Scripted shows geared toward men

There’s a certain brand of action drama shows that men will generally like better than women. “The Wire,â€? “Deadwood,â€? “Mad Men,â€? “Hell on Wheels,â€? — the list goes on. While your man will be enthusiastically cheering on Omar Little or Don Draper, if you’re the type who prefers “Sex and the City,â€? you may not be leaping out of your chair. But you still won’t be too upset if you can get past the inadvertent chauvinism. At least, you won’t be nearly as upset as when you’re watching‌

Neutral territory: Food Network, Travel Channel and competitive reality Pretty rough: Reality shows This is the demilitarized zone of the shows about beautiful television war of the genders. Though people it may not exactly be a man’s cup of tea, there are plenty of cool things happening on Food Network and Travel Channel to keep a gentleman’s attention. Adam Richman of “Man v. Food� fame and Anthony Bourdain, who’s perhaps the toughest foodie alive, are real men’s men. As far as competitive reality shows, give “Storage Wars� a try. There’s enough direct competition for the masculine side and real-life drama for the feminine side to keep everybody, if not happy, at least content. And now, strap on your parachute,


Pretty rough: Cartoons

Women watched cartoons as little girls, of course, but it seems they are more inclined to relegate that phase of their lives to the past. It’s not the same with men. Whether it’s fondly remembered childhood favorites like “Rocko’s Modern Life� and “Ren and Stimpy� or new classics like “Adventure Time� and “Regular Show,� men of all stripes love their

cartoons. Of course, the more adult the cartoons are the better, and males will be as happy as clams with the likes of “Futuramaâ€? and “The Boondocks.â€? The reality show-watching woman, however, seems to find cartoons too far from realism to enjoy. But be prepared to put up with it if you want to avoid‌

The pulsing center of darkness: Nature shows

Dudes love nature shows. It must take us back to hunting on the African plains those many eons ago. Men can’t get enough of lions fighting hyenas, polar bears fighting walruses or ants fighting termites — or whatever fighting anything. Better yet, throw in some computer generated images, have dinosaurs slaughtering each other and give us some hard science about why they were so awesome, while you’re at it. It doesn’t make much sense as to why women seem to hate nature shows so much. After all, the awful dark truth is that, but for a few millennia of creatively improvising with our thumbs and brains, this is reality in its purest form. But if it’s on you to keep the peace on TV night, ladies, after you make your man watch the teen pregnancy epidemic in motion, let him watch a droll British man explain the science of talons while an owl snatches a mouse out of a snow bank in glorious slow motion. It’s in the interest of fairness, after all.

2016: Obama’s America isn’t for the left or the right RACHEL CABAKOFF Dinesh D’Souza, author of bestseller “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,� has made an impact on society with his new documentary, “2016: Obama’s America.� The film was being screened in select theaters but is now making its way across the country. In collaboration with filmmaker Gerald R. Molen, D’Souza takes viewers on a journey through

Obama’s life and sheds light on some important aspects that may influence the upcoming election. D’Souza talks about his own struggles in adapting to life in America after immigrating from India, as well as how he got involved in politics over the years, then presents Obama’s life from the beginning. “2016: Obama’s America� takes the viewer on a voyage through Obama’s childhood and adulthood, up until the present day. We the triumphs

and hardships which have ultimately shaped the person he has become. The visual effects are creative and attention-grabbing, as different charts and pictures illustrate the changes Obama has made to the economy, healthcare and other key issues during his administration. D’Souza incorporates several personal interviews that give the audience some insight into what Obama’s future may look like. He refers to Obama’s book, “Dreams

From My Father,� to get a better understanding of his life. The message of the film does not necessarily say, “Don’t vote for Obama,� but D’Souza does makes some points that seem a bit negative. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, “2016: Obama’s America� is worth checking out this weekend. You may not agree with some of the film’s points, but for the insight it offers, it’s well worth watching.

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(Interested students should drop in for information and to speak with staff representatives from the Legislature anytime between Noon - 4:00 p.m.)

Eligible students must have 3.0 GPA or higher and Second Semester Junior or Senior standing by Spring 2013

Fair Wheel Bikes

1110 E. 6th Street 884-9018 Across the street from the U of A! (Servicing Tucson for 39 years)





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Oishi Sushi Beer or Well Drinks



All Day Every Day


95 15 per person



790-9439 7002 E. Golf Links

Golf Links/Kolb (next to Burger King)

Check it out if you like... —pizza cooked in a stone oven —twists on tiramisu —pasta —salad —oddly repurposed buildings

JORDIN O’CONNOR/arizona Daily Wildcat

THE CLASSIC BAR and chalkboard wall that greet customers at Reilly’s , Ty Fenton’s downtown Italian hotspot, invoke both modern sensibilities and playful artistry.




Bean & Cheese Burritos $ Combo Plate


(Ent ree w/ rice & beans)

Tucson’s Ty Fenton brings high-class Italian downtown CECELIA MARSHALL Tucson is full of bizarre historic relics, which can make eating out a fun adventure. At the new downtown restaurant Reilly’s Craft Pizza & Drink, eating at a funeral home is not the experience you might expect. From the outside, a dingy neon sign is a remnant of Reilly’s funeral home. Throughout the 20th century, it was Tucson’s place to bring your dead. Yet after closing in 1990, the building sat vacant for many years. Fast forward to 2007, when a kid with a knack for food and design converted the building into a stylish craft restaurant with the kind of charm Tucson hadn’t seen in years. Barely one month after opening, Reilly’s has already caused a stir among old and young, Tucson natives and university students alike. As Tyler Fenton sat bored in his “Mind, Matter and God” lecture among several hundred students his freshman year, he drafted a basic menu and restaurant concept. His dream was only realized once his father bought the vacant building in 2007. His concept became tangible, but not without a lot of hard work. Fenton has a lot more responsibilities than any 22-year-old he knows. A lot goes into owning a restaurant, he says. For the first couple of weeks since opening, he has worked from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. straight to ensure the success of the restaurant and guests’ experiences. “For me, this is my life’s goal,” Fenton said. “In my family, there is a joke that at a young age, I really liked to eat well.” When his mom’s cooking couldn’t satisfy his highly refined palate, he

learned how to cook his own dishes. In middle school, Fenton began to cultivate his cooking knowledge: buying cookbooks, watching the Food Network and cooking dinner almost every night. It paid off when he finally got his own restaurant job in town. At Reilly’s, Fenton even has a hand in making his own dishes. He can be found in the back kitchen baking his own desserts, such as his house special, tiramisu in a jar, which sold out last weekend.

For more information Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink (520) 882 - 5550 101 E. Pennington St. Find them on Facebook or at

The menu focuses on artisan craft pizzas made fresh and cooked in a wood-burning stone oven. The “speck and egg” pizza is an interesting option for daring breakfast lovers, but other pizzas topped with truffle oils and roasted crimini mushrooms are certain to delight. Pasta dishes and salads can also be split between friends or couples to easily share the flavors of the menu. For smaller bites, the zucchini chips with lemon aioli sauce are filled with flavor and the lightly breaded quality is far from being fried or greasy. Don’t think Reilly’s is just for a


get 2nd ½ price or

10% off $25 or more 520-647-2418 2970 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719

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The Solution for Small Dorm Rooms with No Closet Space!

10% Off

Recycled Fixtures 500 W. Grant Road

(520) 623-0064

Falafel $1.99 Falafel w/Hummus $2.50 Falafel w/Baba Ganoush $2.50

Chicken Shawarma Beef Shawarma Gyro

• Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm • Fax Service/Binding/Laminating/ Scanning

3776 N. 1st Ave 520.408.4940 • FAX: 520.888.3779

Buy 1 Tapas

across from the stadium

Breakfast Calzone $4.75 Coffee $1.00 Latté / Mocha $1.50


• 10% off w/Student ID, no membership

• Close to the U of A

with AD

dinner date, however. Fenton’s gourmet sandwiches are the perfect midafternoon pick-me-up when paired with a fresh dessert, such as the butterscotch budino, to finish off the meal. In the late afternoon, the bar’s colorful bottles take on a stained glass effect, lighting up in a way that must lure in at least as many people as the cocktail menu does. To contribute to the playfulness of the classy establishment, specials and menu items are written in chalk on walls and arches above the bar and over the pizza hearth. Reilly’s provides both modern and classic aesthetics with a dangling chandelier and arched moldings that mimic a Gothic-era cathedral, and red accents in a mostly cool-toned restaurant. Despite the restaurant’s renovations, Fenton has maintained the architecture’s integrity. Fenton pays respect to the building’s history by keeping the name Reilly as well as the neon marquee sign. “The whole idea of Reilly’s is to make you feel like you’re not in downtown Tucson, but a more relaxing environment,” said Fenton. “Our job is to bring people joy through food and service, not just a ‘dive’ for food. But we put a lot of detail in the atmosphere to make it feel comfortable and hip.” What’s next for Reilly’s? By the end of the year, Fenton hopes to open up the back area as a beer garden with indoor and outdoor sections. The menu will be composed of a selection of 40 draft beers, as well as cocktails and small foods. There will even be bocce games. And rumors have already begun spreading about an underground speakeasy-themed lounge and dance club named — what else — “The Morgue.”

• Printing from computer available

(520) 867-8001 1628 E 6th St.


1800 E. Fort Lowell Suite. 168

$3.99 $3.99 $3.99


with student ID

valid through May 2013

WILDCAT DRIVE-THRU LIQUORS We carry a huge variety of imported beers and spirits! N Oracle Rd

N Stone Ave

W Drachman St


Late Night Specials 9PM to Close CYBERBOWL Fri, Sat see

E Helen St

W Speedway Blvd

1202 N. Stone Ave

Don’t drink and drive—we deliver!






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HoCo Fest

The young are in

courtesy of young hunter

charge If you go:

Where: Hotel Congress When: doors open at 7pm Price: 15$

While they may be new, Young Hunter has a sound so powerful that the band beat out seasoned musicians for the honor of anchoring Tucson’s four-day music festival. ALEX WHELAN Despite the pressure of being one of several local musicians representing Tucson’s music scene this Friday at HoCo Fest, Young Hunter’s Benjamin Blake doesn’t seem too worried about where his band fits into it all. “I guess we don’t heavily identify with any particular side of the music scene here,” Blake says of Young Hunter’s unique sound that falls somewhere between doom, stoner metal, and indie psychedelic. “The great thing I’ve found since coming to Tucson, though, is that the people here are really open to so many different things. Those who are into music are just so easygoing and cooperative.” He is hardly alone in that sentiment. Perhaps the most incredible thing about the appreciation that local musicians like Blake have for Tucson’s music scene is that the venues here are just as invested in fostering the local community as its musicians are. This Friday marks the start of the four-day HoCo music festival at

downtown Tucson’s Club Congress. HoCo fest is only one example of a big-name venue showing its support for bands like Young Hunter. While those unfamiliar with the local scene will still likely recognize headlining bands like The Tallest Man on Earth or Wild Nothing, the festival is giving equal attention to the locals this year, with Tucson musicians taking the stage each of the four days. “The festival is truly local and nationally intermingled,” says Blake, reverently calling Club Congress and its stock in the local scene part of the “next echelon of clubs doing music.” While Young Hunter is surely among the best and most interesting groups of Tucson’s current scene, it’s humbling that a venue as well-known as Club Congress would give them the closing slot of HoCo’s first day. It’s true that for a band as unique as Young Hunter, it can sometimes be difficult to find a consistent audience as its music doesn’t fit the local indie or punk scenes. The genesis of Young Hunter

invokes the idea of isolation. According to Blake, the songs that would go on to grace Young Hunter’s full-length debut Stone Tools were first conceived while Blake was still living in northern California. Despite the genre tags on Young Hunter’s Bandcamp page which range from “nomadic psychedelic stoner rock” to “doom,” Blake explains that the project was originally conceived as a metal band. Though he lacked an electric guitar of his own, Blake was sporadically able to record his metal ideas whenever he could get his hands on an electric guitar, a drumset and a digital recording machine. While many of the songs were first composed this way, Blake is the first to admit that the Young Hunter sound and aesthetic didn’t quite come together until he moved out to Tucson two and a half years ago. “There’s something about the natural and historical aspects of the desert that really [inspire] the way in which the band puts together the sound. There’s an ominous quality to it.”

Indeed, the ominous quality extends past the band’s desert-tinged lyrics and doom guitars into its live sets. Young Hunter is a seven-piece ensemble, equipped with three guitarists and two drummers that provide vocalists Blake and Julia DeConcini with a gigantic sound, at once both haunting and foreboding. Since the release of the groups cassette/online single “Children of a Hungry World” in June 2011, it’s musical style and live presence have yielded only good things for Young Hunter, with the band playing just about every month in addition to a west coast tour this past summer. Yet Blake explains that the band’s uniqueness, which is enjoyed and supported by the Tucson music scene, is more difficult to reconcile in other places. “It was interesting on tour, because every night we got a different response depending on what kind of show we were playing. You know, we kind of thought of ourselves as metal, but indie people really seemed to like us. Then sometimes the metal crowd

responded well.” The lack of harsh genre divisions in Tucson, indicated not only by Hoco Fest’s lineup but also by other events like the Brootal Sun Fest, has, in Blake’s mind, helped distinguish Tucson as an ideal place for a truly thriving music scene. “Compared to most other places I’ve been, Tucson is just a cooperative place,” says Blake. “It’s a great place to be making music. We couldn’t do what we’re doing anywhere else.” It’s this spirit that makes aspects of Tucson culture, such as the HoCo Fest, so exceptional. When you come to Club Congress this weekend, make sure to check the schedule because the festival events take place in both the indoor and outdoor sections of Club Congress. After 9 p.m. the indoor section is open only to those over 21. Take it from Benjamin Blake: “Tucson has such a unique music community. As long as you’re out here, go explore it.”

Getting a bad rap GRANT HULL Rapping ain’t easy. To produce high-quality, memorable hip-hop, it takes a certain level of dedication and perseverance. Hours, days and even years must be sacrificed to build a career as a rapper. Unless, of course, you’re a person with “connections.” Famous athletes, actors and other musicians, have attempted to penetrate the world of hip-hop and make their mark as legitimate rappers. Some have found success in their transitions; others have not fared as well. None of this is to say that celebrities should stop trying to rap — it’s just that the results can be awkward and often downright comical. Here are three people who should have taken a pass on hip-hop:

e mon a R Dee e e D

Dee Dee Ramone, bassist and lead songwriter for legendary punk band the Ramones, made an ill-fated entry into hip-hop in 1989 by releasing the album Standing in the Spotlight under the moniker Dee Dee King. Critics loathed this album so much that some said it was among the worst albums of all time. Prior to releasing Spotlight, Dee Dee had recorded “Funky Man,” an insanely monotonous and almost unbearable tune. However, it has been suggested that the album, and his attempt at rapping in general, was partially in jest, ultimately giving Dee Dee the last laugh. Ramones fans won’t remember this album kindly, but thankfully, Dee Dee returned to making punk albums until his death in 2002.

Jere me R oger s

Being a skateboarder from the East Coast, I was a huge Jereme Rogers fan growing up. For about six or seven years, Rogers was a force in professional skateboarding, racking up a massive amount of coverage in videos, magazines and contest appearances. As Rogers’s behavior started to become more erratic — neck tattoos, tripping on shrooms while naked on a roof, a treble clef face tattoo — he shocked the skateboarding world by retiring in 2009 to focus on a rap career. Like Ramone and Pesci, Rogers’ initial tracks, penned under the name of J. Casanova, were not taken seriously by fans and critics. YouTube videos of his tracks rivaled Rebecca Black for highest dislike-to-like ratio. Unfortunately, Rogers was completely serious about his career choice and insisted he was meant to be a rapper all along. Rogers eventually returned to skateboarding by launching his own company in 2010, to mixed reaction from the skateboarding community. Rogers has actually improved since he started rapping, and many who initially trashed his career change have begun to come around. For what it’s worth, I would rather have seen Rogers on a board these past few years, but if he’s having that much fun rapping then maybe it’s not such a bad choice.

Joe Pes ci

Let’s start by saying that Joe Pesci is gangster. His characters in “Raging Bull”, “Goodfellas” and “Casino” are more gangster than any gangsta rappers, except N.W.A. Shit, he was even kind of badass in the “Home Alone” movies. Pesci would try to take his swagger from the big screen to the studio in his 1998 album Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just For You, most notably in the single “Wise Guy.” The song makes references to some of Pesci’s more prominent mafia gangster roles and features a sample of Blondie’s “Rapture.” Despite “Wise Guy” being completely absurd, Pesci maintains a solid flow throughout and brings enough material for three full verses. Like Dee Dee Ramone, Pesci’s rapping was not meant to be taken seriously and no follow-up was made to “Wise Guy”. To this date, Joe Pesci is still in possession of a hood pass, so don’t count out a possible return to the studio.


Pillow Talk Kate Newton


on’t let me speak for the group, but I’ve seen one too many freshman couples walking around campus holding hands this week. Maybe you took my column last week as encouragement to go Facebook-official with the first person to compliment your newly bursared workout clothes at the gym, instead of engaging in some carnal trial and error like the rest of us. If so, you misread me, so untangle yourselves from each other’s lanyards and let me derail your delusions of romantic grandeur: relationships are hard work, demand their fair share of personal sacrifice and can hardly manifest in any worthwhile form if you met last week in the Panda Express line. There are plenty of common misconceptions when entering a relationship. First, you won’t get flowers and candy for every holiday or relationship landmark. We all had that friend in high school whose boyfriend went all Nicholas Sparks on Valentine’s Day and left a bouquet of flowers and a goddamn monogrammed message spelled with Skittles on her desk in every period. Meanwhile, you ate the bottom Skittle in the exclamation point of “I LUV U!,” hating your life, and hoped she wouldn’t notice. Not much has changed, as you’ll find an overzealous minority still partakes in this type of behavior in college. Don’t take this as an assurance of normalcy. In the year and a half that I’ve been with my boyfriend, I’ve gotten flowers twice, both times because of my unsubtle hints, which he rightfully began to interpret as threats. Essentially, I used intimidation and scare tactics to secure a plastic vase of roses. Were they beautiful? Yes. Am I proud of it? No. Because I realized how much effort he put in every day — chauffeuring me everywhere before I bought my car, paying for the majority of our dates and getting me a glass of water before bed when I used the infamous “Man, I already took my pants off” excuse. He delivers far more often than just on every societally-mandated excuse for celebration. His daily thoughtfulness is more than enough for me, and it should be for you as well. Appreciate the everyday moments, and don’t think twice about reciprocating — but never refuse the flowers. They might be a necessity once the honeymoon period ends and the fighting begins. You won’t need a catastrophic blowout to make you feel like your relationship is coming apart at the seams, but disagreements of every shape and form are completely normal the more comfortable you get with each other. Not every fight will resolve itself through mutual understanding and the best make-up sex you’ve ever had, though — it actually may be the last thing you want to do if you spent all night shouting obscenities instead of writing that paper you have due at 9 a.m. On the worst of nights, an apology will only seem like a ceasefire, after which it’s easiest to walk away, cool down and go to sleep instead of pulling some Cosmopolitan-derived, obscure sex tip out of your arsenal to get them to “like” you again. Sometimes you just need to cut your losses and let things play out without letting the physical side of your relationship interfere. When beginning a college relationship, it’s also important to be understanding of each other’s schedules and interests, and recognize when you simply can’t be the priority. There’ll be days when your schedules seem to overlap in all the wrong places and the only opportunity you’ll really get to spend any time together is when you’re both in REM sleep. Those days suck, but if you can weather the routine of not being together all the time, it shows you’re both prepared to move forward together, not hold each other back. Be understanding of lastminute plan changes, encourage each other after a long day and make yourself a positive addition to their life instead of a momentary distraction. I sincerely hope you all prove me wrong and make it past the onemonth mark with hardly a blip in the radar. Shit, who am I kidding? Just make it through the long weekend, and then we’ll talk. -Kate Newton is a journalism junior. She can be reached at or on Twitter via @katenewton18.




Tag! Y u’re it: ed. UA students cannot be tam t on 5th Ave. have the Distric of ts den esi n-r no and Many residents ty landmark, as student housing as a par already pinpointed the new new pool last weekend. The boozed-up brand ed beer cans and they took advantage of its h murky water and scatter wit rk ma ir the de complex and the ragers ma the for tag ntion a big fat red red Solo cups — not to me pool.

How exactly does a whole complex get red-tagged, you may ask? The District’s staff were not eager to release any information about the incident, but neighbors most likely alerted the police to the unruly gathering. However, that isn’t the only reason nearby homeowners have to dislike the enormous five-story madhouse.

The Dis Neighborho trict was built on a his to o historic hom d’s historic preservatio ric site in West Univer sity n zone. Its lo es along the cation disru b u this invasio pts five n of space, ilding’s expansive per it’s easier imeter. C neighbors ar e so upset b to understand why th onsidering e y rowdy stu dent celebra District’s tions.

The red tag is valid for 180 days, mea ning that no parties or gatherings of more than four people may take plac e on the property during that time. If any violations are reported at the location during that time, the hosts will be hit with a fine. But let’s be real — historic site or not, nothing is going to stop party animals from havi ng a good time, whether at the District or elsewhere.

How to party hard and not get a red tag SOPHIA ZENO

y to be r the radar? Tr le to party unde ear of ib cl ss r ee po st it d, is te w So, ho re intoxica u’ yo if d of the an er r, ie et rt a stationary pa ds and the surrounding perim s, leading to ar ea ty ar ur en co hallways, will carry in op unk screaming neighbors. District. Your dr y pp unha

Alcohol is no longer allowed in the pool area, so if you’re going to continue drinking at the pool, put your drink in a water bottle or some sort of container that’s less obvi ous than a Solo cup or beer can. And although loud music is a sign of a good pary, the good time isn’t worth the fine. Turn down the music a couple of notches, for your own sake. Party smart, and let the good times roll.

Want to drink with the dead? Spend your 3-day weekend at a haunted bar in Tuboc



ABE’S OLD TUMACÁCORI BAR sits just an hour southwest of Tucson, but its creepy vibe and cheap drinks are well worth the drive.

Twenty-four hours after your father dies, you hear a knocking on the front door. Loud and clear, your father’s voice booms from the other side: “Open the door!” Startled, you don’t let him in, but he keeps yelling and eventually the door bursts open. You block the door with your foot so he can’t enter, but he grasps your hand tightly and insists, “Go with me. I need you.” This was Dolores Trujillo’s first of many experiences with the ghost of her father, who apparently hangs around his previous place of business, Abe’s Old Tumacácori Bar. This bar isn’t like your overcrowded Fourth Avenue bars. Tumacácori, named after and located right next to the Mission San José de Tumacácori, is an hour south of the UA campus, along Interstate 19. The bar has a lot of history. I was there to tag along with the Arizona division of Paranormal Investigation Teams. I was there because this bar has a ghost. There’s an old stone fireplace that can produce a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln next to a door that can do the same with Abe Trujillo’s face. There’s a gigantic moose head on the wall, an old jukebox that plays country and every classic rock hit from the 60s to the late 70s, and a collection of shooter bottles lining the bar’s shelves. The place looks like the ideal country bar, with a hand-woven bamboo ceiling. The building, with the exception of the floors and roof, has not changed since its original construction. In 1934, Terso Trujillo, Dolores’s grandfather built and opened the bar. When Terso died, his son Abe was only 12 years old. His mother took over the bar, but she didn’t know much about the business. Abe had been helping his father run the bar since he was 6, so he would explain to his mother how to make drinks and run the business side of the bar. By 1950, when Abe was 21, he was already an expert in the business and the bar was his.

Abe worked the bar until the day he died, for 60 years straight. According to Dolores, who now owns the bar, he still reminds her to dust the counters and lets family members know he’s around by opening doors, walking around the bar and using the bathroom. It’s as if Terso and several other deceased family members wait for their family to be ready to join them in the afterlife. To start the investigation, we took pictures. One shot featured a semi-transparent profile of a short Pima woman. It was pretty good, but not nearly as convincing as the quieter clairvoyant’s picture of a woman in a dress leaning on a fence. It was like something out of a Tim Burton film: sunken eyes scrunched up with a small nose and an abnormally round head with a sewn mouth. I didn’t get anything but lens flare. The team then set up two devices to assess ghost activity while we talked with Dolores. The devices measure electromagnetic activity in the immediate area. Apparently, ghosts have electrical fields. There was a pattern, however. During the interview the devices would have five to ten second seizures whenever Dolores talked about immigrants. That was about the extent of the ghost activity, though. We left with three alleged ghost photos, some fantastically creepy anecdotes and

He still reminds her to dust the counters and lets family members know he’s around by opening doors, walking around the bar and using the bathroom.

a clairvoyant claiming to feel hot and “prickly.” Apparently, we were naturals, though I was mostly unsatisfied with the “evidence.” The outspoken clairvoyant sent an email the following day with a recap of her experience. She described something very hot touching her neck during one of the stories and an eerie bathroom break: “I walked through the break in the bar, and through to the restroom. I found I was, for lack of better description, ‘dizzy,’ both going in and out of the restroom.” Until Vicci Trujillo, a member of the family who owns Abe’s as well as Paranormal Investigation Teams, contacted me, I hadn’t really understood why five people would spend a day ghost hunting in a bar. “We are not out to ‘Ghostbust’ per say, we are out to find answers, and if the answers are not true to the best of our knowledge then it is not used,” Trujillo said. “We want to find answers and not just walk around googly-eyed trying to find and see things that anyone can see if they want to.” With three creepy photographs and five hours of light drinking, we may not have found any answers, but we certainly got to know some fascinating people and their entire family history. Travel, in its most useful sense, is about being a part of things. Stop trying to be entertained and go somewhere. The entertained life leads to death by heart disease and mental deterioration. The traveled life leads to the unknown: to novel concepts, places, friends and stories, which will keep you alive for as long as anyone remembers you.

If you go: 1900 E Frontage Road Tumacácori, AZ 85640





Tucson from behind bars Tucson is really meant to be seen on two wheels. Check out these tips for the budding cyclist in you. HAYDEN JORDE Tucson happens to be one of the best cycling communities in the country. What does this mean for you? You need to get out there and explore this fair city on your bicycle. Seeing the city from your two-wheeled steed is a much more personal experience compared to driving around in a car. When you are on a bike you can really take in the sights, sounds and smells of the city: the aroma of Mexican food and patchouli on Fourth Avenue, the

Biking is a great way to beat traffic and bothersome parking laws.

songs of desert birds near Gates Pass Road, and the unrestricted view of the towering buildings in El Centro. Tucson has so much infrastructure for cyclists that it would be a shame not to use it. Miles of bike lanes stretch into the surrounding foothills in all directions. There are also bike avenues designed to reroute motor vehicle traffic. If a fear of cars is keeping you off the road, there is the Rillito River Path — 12 miles of

well-paved trail that follow alongside the Rillito River, beginning near Craycroft Rd., with a connection at Campbell Avenue and River Road. If you are looking for a group to ride with, there are tons of cycling teams and clubs in Tucson. The UA Cycling Club accepts riders of all skill levels, holds weekly group rides and is affordable to join. If you fancy yourself an allaround athlete, you might want to check out the Arizona TriCats, the university’s triathlon club. Maybe you own a fixed-gear bike and are looking to do some social riding. Tuesday Night Fast Fixed Ride is a fun ride around town with some really hip kids on even hipper fixed-gear bikes. if the whole cycling lifestyle isn’t your scene, biking is a great way to beat traffic and bothersome parking laws. Keep that in mind this weekend when you’re heading down to Fourth Avenue or Club Congress — it’s sometimes even faster biking than driving to these hot spots once you learn the shortcuts. Ride a bike and you can lock it up right in front of the bar. Drive your car, and you may be stuck wandering around an endless maze of dead ends due to construction and one-way streets. Not to mention you can’t get a DUI while riding your bike. During this Labor Day weekend, when it seems like the whole world goes camping or to the lake, you can still have outdoor fun and beat the crowds. Grab your friends and get to know Tucson the way it is meant to be seen — on a bike.


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4663 E. Speedway • Tucson





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egg donors needed! Healthy females ages 18‑30. Donate to in‑ fertile couples some of the many eggs your body disposes monthly. COMPENSATION $5,000. Call Re‑ productive Solutions. (818)832‑ 1494. http://donor.eggreproductive.‑ com Reproductive Solutions abides by all federal and state guidelines regarding egg donation, as well as all ASRM guidelines

now hiring all Positions at Zona 78. Please Bring in a Com‑ pleted Application and Resume Monday Through Thursday Be‑ tween 2pm and 4pm. Any Ques‑ tions, Please Call 888‑7878. Our Location is at 78 West River Rd. on the Corner of River and Stone. Bring in Your Cat Card to Receive Special Discounts Dur‑ ing your Meal! ordertakers/ sales reps. Earn up to $25/hr. Work from home/dorm. Call 877.503.5798

PHoToGRAPHER NEEDs FEmale model to pose with motorcy‑ cle. Have fun and make a little cash too. $100.00 or more. Con‑ tact: the boys & girls Clubs of Tuc‑ son is currently accepting applica‑ tions for a part‑time Basketball League Coordinator at our Pascua Yaqui Clubhouse. For more infor‑ mation, please visit our website at Requires high school diploma and prior ex‑ perience with league coordination and working with youth sports as well as some knowledge of basket‑ ball; or equivalent combination of education and experience. This position requires an average of 10‑ 12 hours of work per week. The salary for this position is $12.00/ hour. Pre‑employment drug testing and a background check is part of our hiring process. Qualified candi‑ dates are encouraged to submit their cover letter and resume via email to ccarpentier@bgctucson.‑ org or fax to 520‑573‑3569. A re‑ view of candidates will begin on September 7, 2012. EOE

! coNsTRUcTIoN, lANDscAPing, property maintenance helper wanted. P/T, flexible sched‑ ule. No tools/ experience neces‑ sary. Must have vehicle. Campus area. !!!! bartending !!!! up to $250/ DAY. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. TRAINING AVAIL‑ ABLE. AGE 19+ OK. CALL 800‑ 965‑6520 EXT.139 $8.00-$11.00/ HR +TIPS WORK‑ ING as a mover. Must have valid driver’s license. 3500 E. Kleindale. Call 322‑4488. are you a fan of Spain? Love wine and/or would like to learn more? Speak Spanish? Fast, fun, and smart? Come join our family restaurant team for part time work. Call 884‑5253 to schedule an interview. Busy Auto repair shop needs helper to shuttle cars, customers, light janitorial. Mornings 8 to 12 and/or 2 to 6. Must have good driving record, and be at least 21 yrs old. $9.00 to start. Please apply in person at: 330 E. Fort lowell Rd. c a r e ta k e r / h a b i l i tat i o n provider needed for non‑ver‑ bal 11 yr old male with autism. Ex‑ cellent opportunity for Psychology, Special Ed, and Speech students who are looking for a hands‑on ex‑ perience. Pay is $15‑20/hr depend‑ ing on experience and ability to learn.Call 520‑203‑1051 for more information. data entry and on‑line search position available for mar‑ keting company. 8‑10 hours/week on west side Tucson office. $9.00/hour starting pay. Email resume to info@panameri‑ have a small adventure. Work at Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin. Work ethic & personable. Will train. $10 to start + travel, $11 af‑ ter 2 months. Call Vic at 733‑1222 immediate employment available. Earn $10‑$20 an hour coaching cheer, tumbling and trampoline and gymnastics! 520‑ 870‑7556 interested in helping Pro Choice, Democratic Women get elected? Political committee seek‑ ing dependable, highly motivated door‑to‑door and phone bank can‑ vassers. For immediate part time employment (Aug‑Nov). (Priority given to candidates with experi‑ ence working for Democratic Cam‑ paigns). Send in email to Laura at nanny for northeast ‑side family ~25hrs/wk AM&PM take kids To&From school, meals, homework. non‑smoker send Re‑ sume&Refs eastside.nanny@cox.‑ net national youth sports is looking for referee’s for our Sat. game days!!! Sports: Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, and Volley‑ ball. Refs are paid $9.00 per game. email

PART-TIME AND/ OR INTERNS WANTED FOR LIGHT COM‑ PUTER PROGRAMMING AND SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR POSI‑ TIONS. M‑F 10AM‑6PM HEALTH‑ CARE IT 520‑834‑8724 OR JOB‑ S@EMRGROUP.NET public program specialist Kitt Peak National Observatory has a seasonal part‑time position available to help conduct its Nightly Observing Programs. The position requires strong public speaking and customer service skills along with basic knowledge of astronomy and observing techniques including pro‑ ficiency with amateur telescopes. Must have PC computer skills and be able to climb stairs and work at 6,800 feet in altitude. Schedule must be flexi‑ ble to work evenings and some overnights. The position is based on Kitt Peak Mountain, 56 miles southwest of Tucson, AZ. Transportation and meals are available while on duty. Qualified applicants may apply online at the website under the Ca‑ reers section. Preference granted to Native Americans qualified for the position living on or near the To‑ hono O’odham Reservation. NOAO actively support efforts to broaden participation in all Observatory ac‑ tivities. Women and candidates from underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged to ap‑ ply. EOE/AA paid survey takers needed in Tucson. 100% FREE to join! Click on sur‑ veys. we are recruiting on call BEHAVIORAL HEALTH PARA‑ PROFESSIONAL (BHPP) for our group homes for adults in Tuc‑ son. Pay: $9.00/hr. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: Days, Evenings or Overnight (Days to be deter‑ mined). REQUIREMENTS: ‑pre‑employment physical ‑High school diploma or GED ‑ CPR/First aid ‑ other trainings as needed Fax resume to 520‑ 762‑7575

aviva children’s services seeking tutors for 1‑3 hrs/wk with a child under CPS care for 1semester. Provide academic/ homework, friendship, attention. Michelle Rios 327‑6779 Ext. 11

furnished guesthouse near 1st St and 4th Ave., $575 monthly. Laundry room, tile floor, ac, no pets. Six or 12‑month lease ok. 520‑977‑6550

mattress sale! 2 piece Mat‑ tress & Box Spring set. Twin sets $99. Full sets $115. Queen sets $135. Warranty available. Will match any price. Delivery avail‑ able. Visa/MC/Disc. Tucson Furni‑ ture, 4241 E. Speedway, 323‑ 6163 Se Habla Español. ottomans, 2, 32X32, furry zebra print, perfect condition, $175 for both, will deliver, 390‑3578

bendable alarm clock with magnetic feet and a clip to hold your notes. Several colors available. contact wildcat restaurant & nightclub 1801 N. Stone Ave, Tucson. 10,000sf building, +4ac of land. Includes all furniture, fixtures, equipment, and liquor li‑ cense. $2M 805‑898‑9779

estate sale. saturday September 1st Furniture and tons of household items on the cheap. 3701E. Seneca Between Speed‑ way and Grant on corner of Dodge and Seneca. 7 to 1. Discounts at 10 & 12. Cash, debit and credit. 325‑1226 look for our signs!

! utilities paid. sublet spe‑ cial. $350 Mountain & Adams. 1Rm studio, no kitchen, refrigera‑ tor only, quiet, no pets, security pa‑ trolled. 299‑ 5020, 624‑3080

READER AD DEADLINE: Noon, one business day prior to publication. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES: $11.75 per column inch Display Ad Deadline: Two business days prior to publication. Please note: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads. COPY ERROR: The Daily Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an advertisement.

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Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

!! huge luXury 2br 2BTH w/FREE PARKING 2CARS! 2blocks to UA campus and Main Gate shops and restaurants. $1350mo. Central A/C, large bed‑ rooms, tiled full baths, oak floors, high‑end kitchen cabinet, stainless steel appliances, granite counter‑ tops, private sun deck, entry door security and lighting. Owner‑Agent TEXT/CALL 520‑808‑0435

beautiful guest house Campbell/ Grant. A/C, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, full bed. $500, incl.utilities security/cleaning de‑ posit. (310)991‑3698; photos at

2bdrm/ 1bath house AC, all tiled, dishwasher, W/D $700/mo, $700 deposit 2632 N Richey (back house) call/text Susan 520‑250‑ 2348

!!! FAMIlY owNED & oPERated. Studio 1&2 BD houses & apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $400 to $990. Some with utilities paid. Available now. No pets, secu‑ rity patrolled. 299‑5020, 624‑3080.

furnished guest house. In‑ cludes house mother, ideal for freshmen. Cable, Internet, Washer/ dryer. Quiet, secure. On UofA bus route. 520‑881‑5880 studio/ efficiency, kitchen, bath, Large laundry room and yard. Near UofA and UMC. $599/mo includes utilities. 749‑8777 or 370‑6532

2blocks from uofa. 3BD/ 1BA including large master, fenced backyard, big, $950/mo, $950 deposit. Available now. New paint, new carpet. Call Lauren 609‑ 3852. Additional info 237‑3175.

$995 2BED: MovE in Today and get 2weeks free! 2blocks from UofA, FREE Community Wi‑Fi and Parking! Furnished options and 10month leases available. Call 520‑884‑9376 1bd/ 1ba, storage, small yard, Broadway/ Euclid, $505 if paid early, APL 747‑4747 1block from ua. Furnished or unfurnished.1BD from $610, 2BD from $825. Pool/ laundry. 746 E 5th St. Shown by appointment 751‑ 4363 or 409‑3010 2bdrm/ 1bath apartment 2515 N Geronimo. Newly painted and refurbished $600/mo, $500 de‑ posit. Fireplace, swamp, all electri‑ cal, W/D hookups, owner man‑ aged 520‑850‑6716 2bed/ 1bath located 3615 E Lee Newly painted, newly redeco‑ rated, new kitchen $550/mo, $500 deposit owner managed 520‑850‑ 6716 a rare treat awaits you on your first visit to this large one bedroom, alarm, pool, quiet setting, no pets, lush landscaping one block east UA 2005 E 7th 520-770-9221 large 1bdrm, walk to UofA. Air conditioning, fenced yard, off‑ street parking, carpet and tile, wa‑ ter and trash included. Clean, quiet, and very nice. $595/mo with lease. 298‑3017. large studios 6blocks UofA, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, win‑ dows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. $395. 977‑4106 sunstoneapt‑ nice, clean, large 2bdrm. 2blocks to UofA. $650/mo 729E 1st St Call 520‑271‑7649. roommate match & indv. leases. FREE dish & WIFI. Pets, pool, spa, fitness & game rooms, comp. lab, cvrd park & shuttle. 520‑623‑6600. www.gatewayat‑ sTUDIos FRoM $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. Blue Agave Apartments 1240 N. 7th Ave. speedway/ stone.

2bdrm 2bath kitchen with all appliances, granite countertops, tile & carpet floors. W/D. 2nd floor w/balcony in a gated community, 2covered parking spaces. Free wi‑ fi, water included. Close to Cat‑ Tran, Campbell/Glenn. 520‑440‑ 1111 or 520‑808‑4524 4Blocks FRoM cAMPUs/ $525 PER MO. 3BR/2BA CONDO, FURNISHED W/UTILI‑ TIES INCLUDED. GATED W/‑ COMMUNITY POOL. LOOKING FOR 1ROOMMATE. 55 N. CHERRY AVE. #213. $525/MO ON A 1YR LEASE. 623‑572‑ 2532 ASK FOR SCOTT

great central remodeled Condos for Sale! $99,000‑$109,000. 2‑3bed/2 bath! Ft. Lowell/Country Club! Call Lau‑ ren Simon at Long Realty (520)‑ 425‑0393

!!! mountain/ adams area. Large 1br duplex $690. AC, secu‑ rity bars, polished cement floors, new cabinets, new wiring. No pets, quiet, security patrolled www.uofa‑ 299‑5020, 624‑3080. 2br 1ba, walking distance, 1323N. First Ave., water paid, in‑ ternet access, $650/mo, +deposit, flexible terms. Call 520‑370‑8588 or 886‑1445 first ave and Ft Lowell. Quiet, clean studio. AC, shared W/D, wa‑ ter paid, no pets. Lease $360/mo. 629‑9284. first avenue and Fort Lowell. 2BD, 1BA. Shared W/D, A/C, cov‑ ered patio, & parking. Water &gas paid. No pets. Lease $600/mo. 520‑629‑9284

two miles from UA. 550sqft 1bd/1ba house. Off‑street parking, evap, utilities paid. 2830 N Park Ave (front). $540/mo. 520‑903‑ 4353

!!! 3 -4 BEDRooM HoUsE VERY close to Campus. Available now! Call for more details Tammy 520‑ 398‑5738/ 520‑440‑7711 !!! 4Block wAlk To UofA. Mountain/Adams. Charming 1bdrm house. $620/mo. Very pri‑ vate, tile floors, A/C, big bedroom, no pets, security patrolled, quiet, 299‑5020, 624‑3080

3bd 2ba house, Polished Con‑ crete Floors, Fenced Yard, Move in Specials Hurry Wont Last! $750 Also 3bd 2ba House, Water In‑ cluded, Carport, Fenced Yard. $900 Call REDI 520‑623‑5710 or Log on 3bd/ 2ba, close to campus, A/C, wood floors, all appliances in‑ cluding washer/dryer, avail 08/01/2012, 2807 E Lee $1495 REDI Management 520‑623‑2566 3br 1ba laundry room, near new Costco and UA Biopark. $750/mo $500 deposit. Call Juana 455‑2011

!!! mountain/ lee very nice 2br, 1ba. $990. Completely re‑ modeled. New kitchen new win‑ dows, wood floors, new AC, secu‑ rity bars, no pets, quiet, www.uo‑ 299‑5020, 624‑ 3080. !!!! 6BDRM 6.5BATH each has own WHIRLPOOL tub‑shower. Just a few blocks from campus. 5car GARAGE, walk‑in closets, all Granite counters, large outside bal‑ conies off bedrooms, very large master suites, high ceilings. TEP Electric discount. Monitored secu‑ rity system. 884‑1505

4 -5 BEDRooM HoUsEs avail‑ able, SUPER close to Campus, available now. A/C, W/D, Private parking. 520‑398‑5738 4BD 2BA HoUsE Wood Floors, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer $1100 Also 4bd 2ba House A/C Wash‑ er/Dryer, Wood Floors, Ceramic Tile, Fenced Yard Wired for the In‑ ternet, 1.5 Miles from UofA, 1bd 1ba Guest house attached. $1500 Call REDI 520‑623‑5710 or Log on 4BD/ 2BA, All appliances, no pets, close to Uof A, Euclid/Speed‑ way, $1600 if paid early, APL 747‑ 4747 5BD/ 3BA, sAM HUGHES! 2413sqft, pool table, built in BBQ, dbl garage, A/C, washer/dryer, 2000 E 10th St $1895 REDI Man‑ agement 520‑623‑2566 9TH &HIGHlAND! 2BR, 1ba $1000/mo. AC, W/D, fenced yard, off‑street parking. Call 290‑5531 a one, two or three bedrooms available, Furnished or unfur‑ nished. 1mile north of UofA cam‑ pus. Just off Mountain. $350/ month plus 1/3utilities 258‑8095

Supplies • Lessons • Patterns and Books • Friendly Service Open Monday - Saturday 10-6 2540 E. 6th St. • 881-1319 • Near Rincon Market. At the corner of Tucson Blvd. and 6th Street, close to the U of A.

!!!!!!!!! ABsolUTElY GoRgeous New 5Bedroom houses @ $2300/ mo ($460/ bdrm). Re‑ serve for August 2012. 2550 E. Water (Grant and Tucson Blvd). Washer/dryer, A/C, Alarm, http://www.UniversityRentalInfo.‑ com/water‑floorplans.php Call 520‑ 747‑9331 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a#1 brand NEW 3 & 4 BEDROOM HOMES AVAILABLE FOR AU‑ GUST MOVE IN. All Amenities pro‑ vided. 520.333.4125 !!!!!1block from maingate, new 2‑story luxury duplex. 3bd + loft, 2 1/2ba, security system + patrol, 2car garage, patio, bal‑ cony, W/D. Available now! $1775/mo. (Up to 4roommates) 314‑265‑8544 !!!!#1 uofa/ UMC, Campbell/ Speedway, 3BDRM/ 2BA. Central AC, tile, W/D, huge fenced yard, off street parking. $1195/mo avail‑ able August 1st. Tim 795‑1499 ***1bedroom room for rent available now, VERY close to Campus. Prices starting at $400. For more info, please call Tammy 520‑398‑5738 ***8 bedroom 6bath across the street from Campus, A/C, 2 W/D, LOTS of private parking! Available now. Will lease to group or do individual leases per bed‑ room. 520‑398‑5738 1bd 1ba guest House, A/C , Water Paid, Fenced Yard, City Views Near UofA $450 Also 1bd 1ba Guest House Wash‑ er/Dryer, Ceramic Tile, Paid Wa‑ ter, Security Doors $495 Call REDI 520‑623‑5710 or Log on 1bd 1ba house A/C, Water Paid, Carport , Open Floor Plan, $475 Also 1bd 1ba House Wood Floors, Water Included, Security Doors, Near UofA Call REDI 520‑ 623‑5710 or Log on www.azredi‑ 1or2 bedrooms for rent in 4bedroom, 2bath house with a swimming pool 2blocks north of campus. $465 per bedroom per month includes utilities. Contact Bryan at 520‑907‑3763 or BJET‑ TB@DAKOTACOM.NET


2bd house, ceramic Tile, Car‑ port, Arizona Room, Fenced Yard $695 Also 2bd 2ba Duplex A/C Washer/Dryer, Fenced Yard, Dou‑ ble Glass Windows, $700 Call REDI 520‑623‑5710 or Log on

7 3 4 5

2bd/ 2ba in beautiful updated his‑ toric building, secured entry, stain‑ less steel appliances, granite countertops, assigned off‑street parking, 745 E 1st St $1350 REDI Management 520‑623‑2566 2bd/ 2ba private House 3blocks from Rec Center. Quiet Street, Lush Yard. W/D/DW/Park‑ ing. Pets Negotiable $1250/mo. Jennifer (520)548‑9968 Call To‑ day!



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By Dave Green


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cAMPBEll - PRINcE adobe brick home on 2lots 3BEDRooMs 2BATH PoRcElain floors 2car garage a/c refrigerator washer DRYER DIsHwAsHER FIREPlAcE FENcED. $2000, 5% off no pets or smoking. 887-6966 327-7494


REMoDElED 3BEDRooM +oFfice & murphy bed, 3miles UofA; all tile, cleaning once a mo. water included. $1000. Bargain! ( (480)897‑ 2473 studio/ guest house, all tile, small, Country Club/Glenn, $325 if paid early APL 747‑4747

charming 2br/ 1ba, 2blocks from UofA. A/C, Laundry room in‑ cludes W/D, Beautiful wood floors, Arizona room, large enclosed backyard, Off street parking. Lease required. $1,000/mo 520‑250‑5057

vintage 2bd house 3Blocks from UA. Wood floors, Mexican tile, fireplace, basement, central A/C &heat, parking, laundry, $750/mo, water paid, cats ok. 319‑ 9339


walk to uofa 2BD/1BA hard‑ wood floors, fireplace, fenced backyard, storage, off‑street park‑ ing, pets ok. $950/mo +$950 de‑ posit, available now. 436N Euclid. Text or call Lauren 609‑3852 or 237‑3175

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147 S. Park Ave Campus Events

Last Day to Receive a Refund for a Complete Withdrawal This is the last day to receive a refund for a complete withdrawal or an drop in units Aug. 31. All day on campus, Office of the Registrar. Peace Corps General Information Session Do you want to build your resume? Do you want to acquire professional hands-on experience? Do you want to travel the globe? Learn how the Peace Corps can build your resume and give you the skills to succeed in your profession. If you are thinking about applying to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer, you are strongly encouraged to attend this information session. Information on Peace Corps programs and regions where volunteers serve is covered. Friends and family are welcome to attend. Aug. 31, 5:30-6:30pm. Audience Size: 1-50. SUMC 411 J (Career Services). Guitar Concert Series Enjoy guitar music by University of Arizona Master Guitar students on the second floor of the UA Museum of Art. Several performers are featured every week, all of them enrolled in the classical guitar program at the UA’s School of Music. Experience levels range from undergraduates in their junior and


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Exhibit - ‘Poetic Birds’ Curatedby Madison Reynolds This exhibit explores the roles birds have played in poetry over the centuries, from the Middle Ages to contemporary times. The exhibit contains selections by poets such as St.-John Perse,


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Oracle/Wetmore Behind BJ’s Brewery


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Campus Events

James Wright, Charles Simic, Sylvia Plath, Matthew Arnold, Gary Snyder and many others. Jul 6, to Aug 31, Poetry Center, 1508 E. Helen St. UAMA Exhibition - ‘Master Impressions: Renaissance Prints’ The selection of master prints on the Renaissance theme was chosen from the UAMA’s permanent collection by School of Art professor Pia Cuneo. Available during museum hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; noon to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; closed Mondays and University holidays Aug 9, 2012 to December 16, 2012. Children, students with ID, active military with ID, UA staff, faculty and UAMA members are free. UA Museum of Art, Diane Hartman 520-621-7568


The Monty Tale of King Arthur Python on September 1st and October 6th at 7:00pm and 8:00pm Killer rabbits, coconut horses and knights who say Ni are all on the road to adventure as Valley of the Moon players presents The Monty Tale of King Arthur Python. Bring the whole family for a night of imagination and entertainment under the stars for this

8.21.12 9:25 PM


silly interpretation of the myth of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. September 1st and October 6th at 7PM and 8PM. $3 donation. Kids 13 and under are free. Valley of the Moon 2544 East Allen Road, Tucson, 520-3231331 San Xavier Mission Guided Tours Docents lead 45-minute tours of Mission San Xavier del Bac, the National Historic Landmark, Monday - Saturday, and explain the mission’s rich history and ornate interior. August 20, 2012 — (No End Date) 1950 W. San Xavier Road 520-2942624 Mini Time-Machine: In the Goodie Old Summertime The Mini TimeMachine Museum presents a daily summer gallery guide to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Answer a riddle, and win an old-fashioned treat! Included with museum admission. Free for members. General Admission $9. Seniors (over 65) and Military $8. Youth ages 4-17 $6. July 27, 2012 - September 02, 2012. 4455 E. Camp Lowell Drive. Times: Tuesday - Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 12pm4pm. Closed Mondays. 520-881-0606

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What to

watch JAMES KELLEY This weekend, most of the UA and local Tucson sports teams are on the road, so it’s as good a time as any to catch all the college football action on your TV. In fact, you could watch college football from the first game on Saturday at 6 a.m. all the way until Arizona ends its game with Toledo around 10:30 p.m. There is other stuff to watch, but this is certainly a weekend for college football. Next weekend, the NFL season starts up.

Friday Bear Down Fridays Get psyched for Rich Rodriguez’s debut a day early at the pep rally. At 4 p.m. you can see ESPN Radio’s “Happy Hour” with host Jody Oehler, the public address announcer for Arizona Stadium, at Main Gate Square. Then at 5 p.m. there will be live music, giveaways and other events. At 6 p.m. the pep rally starts, featuring Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat, cheerleaders, the pom squad, the Pride of Arizona Marching Band, twirlers and flag performers, all hosted by men’s basketball head coach Sean Miller. Not too shabby. No. 24 Boise State at No. 13 Michigan State Both teams must replace their quarterbacks, but it promises to be an exciting game. 5 p.m. ESPN Diamondbacks at Dodgers See the Dodgers’ shiny new line-up, featuring the likes of Adrian Gonzalez and Shane Victorino, take on the Diamondbacks, who are fighting for a postseason spot. 7 p.m. Fox Sports Net Arizona Tucson High School at Salpointe Catholic High School The Tucson High School game of the day sees the Badgers travel up the road to face the Salpointe Catholic Lancers in a game within walking distance from campus. Jake Casteel, son of Arizona defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel, plays for Salpointe, as does USA Today preseason All-American junior wide receiver Cameron Denson, who is a top recruiting target of schools like UA, Notre Dame and Oklahoma, according to 7 p.m.

McClatchy Tribune



Notre Dame vs. Navy (Dublin) Interestingly, Navy will be the home team as these two squads continue their longstanding rivalry in Dublin. 6 a.m. CBS Ohio at Penn State Ohio takes on Penn State in the first game in the not-so “Happy Valley” since NCAA sanctions were dropped on the Nittany Lions following the Jerry Sandusky scandal. 9 a.m. ESPN Pima soccer vs. South Mountain Pima Community College hosts a doubleheader, men first followed by women, against South Mountain. It is hot outside, but the price (free) is right. Noon/2:30 p.m. 2202 W. Anklam Rd. Colorado vs. Colorado State (Denver) In the best early afternoon game, the Buffaloes battle the Rams in the Rocky Mountain Showdown. 1 p.m. FX Free tailgating on the Mall The Zona Zoo tailgate will start at 3:30 p.m. and there will be free food at Cherry Ave. and on the Mall. The Coca-Cola Fan Fiesta has relocated from Bear Down Field because of the construction.

No. 8 Michigan vs. No. 2 Alabama (Arlington, Texas) UA head coach Rich Rodriguez’s last team, Michigan, faces Alabama, the team that he turned down an offer to coach in 2006. Oh, and the Wolverines and Crimson Tide are pretty good too. 5 p.m. ABC Arsenal at Liverpool The biggest soccer game of the weekend finds two of the most successful and popular English teams clashing early in the morning, at least in Arizona. 5:30 a.m. Fox Soccer Channel Kentucky at No. 25 Louisville Rivalry games are always fun, especially in the early season when most teams are playing “cupcake” opponents. For example, Oklahoma State, UA’s next opponent, is taking on the worldrenowned Savannah State. 12:30 p.m. ESPN

Wildcat Walk Cheer on the Arizona football players at 5:30 p.m. as they walk to the stadium from their bus before the game at Cherry Ave., next to the Main Library. Arizona football vs. Toledo Parking on campus is $5-$10 or free if you have a carpool of four people or more in the Tyndall Ave., Main Gate and Highland Garages. Go to parking. for a map. There will also be a shuttle from Hi Corbett Field that costs $3, starts two hours before the game and will run for about 45 minutes after the game.

Check out our coverage of volleyball, cross country and soccer at



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Arizona vs. Toledo

WHAT: Football

WHEN: Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Arizona Stadium (Tucson)


The numbers 9-1

Rich Rodriguez’s career record against the MAC conference — the one loss coming from Toledo


Toledo head coach Matt Campbell’s age. He’s the youngest in college football.


Arizona and Toledo’s combined average scoring offense ranking in 2011. -


Their average total defense ranking in 2011.

He said it “Well, I remember it was a tough night for the Rockets.”



Arizona using element of surprise to its favor in week one match-up with Toledo

CAMERON MOON The installation of Rich Rodriguez’s spread option offense and 3-3-5 defense has been wellcovered since he was hired in November. Toledo, with a new head coach itself, doesn’t have any game film of Rodriguez with the UA. So when Arizona takes on Toledo on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Arizona Stadium, it should have the element of surprise in its favor. “We have a lot of things to mix it up and keep the defense honest,” senior quarterback Matt Scott said. “They have to defend one area; we’re going to attack another. It’s going to be tough for them and good for us.” The last time Toledo and Arizona played, in 2010, the Wildcats handily defeated the Rockets 41-2. Scott, back-

ing up Nick Foles at the time, even got in on the action as he completed 5 out of 7 passes for 53 yards and a touchdown. Campbell and the Rockets’ players have been preparing for Arizona by studying film of the UA’s 4-8 season in 2011 in order to get familiar with individual players, rather than watching game film from Rodriguez’s tenure at West Virginia or Michigan. “It’s hard,” Campbell said in a phone interview with the Daily Wildcat. “For us, I think it’s more about us and making sure we prepare ourselves for what we can do best. Make sure that when we land in Arizona, when our kids come to play, that we do what we do really well and try to adjust for the game from there.” Rodriguez, upon arriving in Tucson,

made it a point to hire a lot of the people who have coached alongside him during his 10-year college-coaching career, including defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel, who brought with him his 3-3-5 “odd-stack” defensive scheme. “I think one of the things we know is just the type of coaching staff they’ve had,” Campbell said. “They’ve got great coaches who have done a great job everywhere they’ve been. Not only being successful offensively, defensively and special teams but they’ve also done a great job of playing to their players’ abilities.” Rodriguez is all too familiar with what Toledo is capable of. During his first year at Michigan, Toledo upset the Wolverines 13-10 in Ann Arbor, Mich. “They’re a very dangerous team and they’re going to come with a lot of confidence,”

For UA, first game a must-win

Kyle Johnson



Toledo’s QB is a toss-up ZACK ROSENBLATT

Austin Dantin has been named Toledo’s starting quarterback for the last two years. Terrance Owens has lost the starting job to Dantin two years in a row. In those two years, Dantin has thrown for 2,658 yards, 22 touchdowns and four interceptions on 380 passing attempts. As the “backup,” Owens went for 3,266 yards, 31 touchdowns and eight interceptions on 393 pass attempts. In short, statistically Owens has outperformed Dantin the last two seasons. Interestingly enough, Rockets head coach Matt Campbell didn’t consider stats when he announced who would be starting against Arizona on Saturday. He flipped a coin. Toledo coaches flipped a coin, per Toledo Blade, that landed on an “A,” meaning Dantin will be the starter for the third straight year. Based on the way the Rockets’ offense is run, though, if Dantin is No. 1 on the depth chart, Owens is 1A. On paper, Dantin is the starting quarterback, but in reality Owens might even see the field more in the Rockets dualquarterback system.

“I think they’ll run (Owens) more than Dantin,” Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez said at a Monday press conference. “I don’t think it reAUSTIN DANTIN ally matters because they’re both going to play. They don’t really change their offense whether No. 2 (Owens) or No. 4 (Dantin) is in there. “(Owens) is probably a little more dangerous running it and doing some of those things. Dantin is probably a little more dangerous in the pocket.” Dantin’s injury history has allowed Owens to get even more opportunities, and Campbell has been impressed with the way he’s capitalized on that playing opportunity. “Fortunately for Terrance, with Austin getting hurt last year, he got a lot of reps in the last 3-4 weeks of the season and did a really good job,” Campbell said in a phone interview with the Daily Wildcat. “He’s a young man that’s got great ability. He’s got a big arm, he’s a tremendous athlete,” Campbell said. “He’s gotten better every year he’s been here.”

It’s generally expected for a Pac12 school like Arizona to handily defeat a Mid-American Conference opponent like Toledo, who has never beaten a school from the Pac-12. The first game of Rich Rodriguez’s Arizona coaching career puts the Wildcats in a situation that very well may define the entire season. For starters, Rodriguez has never debuted well. Both Michigan and West Virginia lost their openers, getting outscored by a combined 52-20 in the first three quarters. Michigan’s loss came to a midmajor against Utah, which played in the Mountain West Conference in 2008 but now is a member of the Pac-12. Rodriguez’s track record isn’t promising for the UA, and the fact that this Toledo team is dangerous offensively makes this look like a ‘trap game’ that could start the Wildcats’ season down a path of mediocrity or worse. Keep in mind that Utah’s upset of Michigan in the Big House jumpstarted the Utes to a perfect season and a Sugar Bowl victory, and this Even though Campbell exudes confidence in both quarterbacks, and Owens in particular, the dual-quarterback system is often criticized for its lack of continuity between signal callers. Mike Leach, Washington State’s head coach, had a quarterback competition of his own going on between Jeff Tuel and Conner Halliday throughout spring and fall camp. He waited right up until the Cougars’ Thursday night game against BYU to announce Tuel would be his starter. Leach is adamantly opposed to running a multi-quarterback offense. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, never have,” Leach said in Tuesday’s Pac12 coaches conference call. “It’s not the QB as much as you’re asking your team to adjust to two different things,

— Matt Campbell, Toledo’s head coach, about the Rockets’ 41-2 loss to the UA in 2010 when he was offensive coordinator. Matt Campbell

Rodriguez said. “I’ve probably said this enough times: We are not good enough to play poorly and win any games. We have to play well and play hard.” After eight months of installing schemes and conditioning, the Rich Rodriguez era at Arizona is just one day away from commencing. Fans shouldn’t be surprised at the pace of the offense and the number of plays, but for the Wildcats, offensive surprises are part of what Rodriguez has done to change the perception of Arizona football. “People have counted us out, but that’s cool,” senior receiver Dan Buckner said. “When no one’s looking at you, that’s when you can come up and hit them in the side and knock them. We’re just grinding every day in the shadows.”

Toledo team is not a BCS bowlquality opponent. But Arizona is also not Michigan. If the Wildcats win, then they just did their job and beat the team they were supposed to beat. But if they lose, then all hell breaks loose and the season might spiral out of control. The weaknesses of Arizona — basically its entire defense — play perfectly into the hands of the Rockets, as Toledo was lethal on offense last season. The Rockets averaged 42.3 points per game, placing them eighth in the nation and two spots below Stanford. That doesn’t bode well for an Arizona team that was 110th in average yards allowed and 107th in average points against. Toledo was better than Arizona in 2011, as the Wildcats went just 4-8, which pales in comparison to the Rockets 9-4 record and Military Bowl victory. Fortunately for the Wildcats, things change rapidly in college football and Toledo lost its top running back and wide receiver to the NFL. History doesn’t always repeat itself — or does it? I’m not a history major and David won’t necessarily topple Goliath. At least Vegas doesn’t think so, as Arizona opened as a 6.5-point favorite and the line moved to 11-points now. But that’s exactly why Admiral Ackbar would say, “It’s a trap!” for Arizona. The Wildcats should win, and probably will, but Toledo has more than enough potential to pull off the upset and devastate the Wildcats’ hopes for a bowl.

Series history Arizona leads series 3-0, with wins coming in 2010, 2008 and 1985 by a combined score of 105-28.

Did you know? In his first year as head coach at Michigan in 2008, Rich Rodriguez lost to Toledo 13-10, dropping the Wolverines’ record to 2-4. The Wolverines went on to lose five of their last six games.

Staff Picks UA over Toledo, 31-17

UA over Toledo, 34-31

UA over Toledo, 41-27

UA starting lineup *According to depth chart released by Arizona Athletics* Offense Matt Scott (quarterback) Ka’Deem Carey (running back), Taimi Tutogi (fullback) Dan Buckner, Terrence Miller (wide receivers) Richard Morrison, Austin Hill (slot receivers) Mickey Baucus, Fabbians Ebbele (tackles) Chris Putton, Trace Biskin (guards) Kyle Quinn (center) Defense Dominique Austin (end)

— Kyle Johnson is a junior majoring in journalism and can be reached at sports@wildcat.arizona. edu or via Twitter @KyleJohnsonUA

Sione Tuihalamaka (nose tackle)

two different people …I can’t think — with rare exception — of any teams any good at it.” Toledo might be one of those rare exceptions. With the combination of Owens and Dantin the last two seasons, the Rockets had a 17-9 overall record and two bowl game appearances — one win — to show for their duality. In 2011, Toledo had the eighth-highest scoring offense in the country at 42.3 points per game. “I think one of the great things about both of our quarterbacks is they’re both great competitors,” said Campbell, who was named Toledo’s head coach in December. “They’re both unselfish young men who know how to lead. They fortunately have won some very big football games for us here.”

Jake Fischer (inside linebacker)

Chris Merrill (tackle) Hank Hobson, Marquis Flowers (outside linebackers)

Derrick Rainey, Shaq Richardson (cornerbacks) Tra’Mayne Bondurant (spur) Jared Tevis (bandit) Jourdon Grandon (free safety)

Online: Check out our Q&A with Toledo’s Matt Campbell at

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