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Following summer hiatus, local act Dream Sick returns to studio, stage for HOCO Fest MUSIC - 9





FRONT TO BACK: Dream Sick members Jess Matsen, Matt Baquet, Connor Gallaher and John Bullock rehearse in their studio on Sunday. Coming off a summer hiatus, the band has returned to the studio to record an EP, and is one of several acts slated to perform at Club Congress’ HOCO Fest 2013 on Saturday.


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UA alum Arizona’s first poet laureate


Casey Knox

hen Alberto Álvaro Ríos was a boy, his teacher’s lectures sometimes seemed like nothing more than white noise. “I got in trouble in the second grade with the terrible crime of daydreaming,” Ríos said. “I was always excited with imagination. [Writing] had little to do with pencil and paper.” Ríos, a UA alumnus, was selected as Arizona’s first poet laureate by Gov. Jan Brewer on Aug. 19. Ríos’ appointment was made in an effort to keep poetry alive in Arizona while acknowledging his poetic achievements and Arizonan heritage. Ríos grew up in a Spanish-speaking home in the small town of Nogales, Ariz., where he first began to learn the magic of language. Ríos said that his love for writing began in his early years, sitting in the back of a classroom and mentally checking out to the drone of a teacher’s voice. During class time, Ríos would randomly write things he “wanted to remember” in the back pages of his notebook, he said, unknowingly laying the first stones in the road to his success. For Ríos, his career in poetry began in his mind, and was only later translated onto paper. “What I realize in retrospect is that I was writing for myself,” Ríos said. “I didn’t have somebody giving me gold stars.” As of today, however, Ríos has earned much more than a few gold stars. His appointment

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Courtesy of alberto álvaro ríos

Alberto Álvaro ríos, a UA alumnus, was named Arizona’s first poet laureate by Gov. Jan Brewer earlier this month. Ríos is currently a Regents’ Professor of English and creative writing at Arizona State University.

as Arizona’s first poet laureate will span a two-year term, during which time he will give public readings and ultimately work to keep the spirit of poetry thriving in Arizona. Coming from the back pages of a simple school notebook to the respected role of Arizona’s first poet laureate, Ríos said he is moved by his appointment. “[The appointment] is thrilling, but it’s humbling because it’s an impossible type of idea,” Ríos said. “But that’s what makes it perfect — that it’s impossible.” Tyler Meier, the newly appointed executive

director of the UA Poetry Center, said that Ríos’ position as pioneer of the Arizona poet laureate designation gives him a unique opportunity to set the stage for future laureates. “Ríos has the exciting job of inventing what this position is,” Meier said. “As he articulates his vision for what the position will be, we’re really excited to partner with him and act as a sort of blowhorn for his platform.” As he’s still in the early days of his appointment, Ríos said he does not know


exactly what his duties will entail or what specific direction he plans to follow. He does know, however, that he will be looking to better Arizona communities and poetry alike. “Language should be used for solutions, not problems,” Ríos said. “Language should be used to solve issues.” Meier said his hope is for Ríos to highlight the significance of art and language in general. “His public role will hopefully raise the position of poetry across Arizona’s culture, and remind us that one of poetry’s great abilities is to point back to the importance of language and how language informs everyday life in a myriad of ways,” Meier said. Although Ríos is aware of the significance of his position and the importance of the artform he represents, he said he doesn’t aim to lead the discussion. “It’s not a lecture delivered from a high place or ivory tower,” Ríos said. “It’s a conversation about things that matter. It’s a human communion.” Ríos is a Regents’ Professor of English and creative writing at Arizona State University, where he shares the knowledge and tools that brought him to where he is today. His goals for his future work remain clear. “I always hope that on every page, in every poem … there is a moment like an epiphany, however small,” he said. —Follow Arts reporter Casey Knox at

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LIFESTYLE AZ Push rolls into fall with new member invitations



or members of AZ Push, a mainstay longboarding club at the UA, skateboards are much more than a way to get around. “We really try our best to teach everyone how to skate safe,” said computer science junior Austin Paine, president of AZ Push. “We teach everyone how to respect the hills and the people who live on the hills, so everyone in the Tucson community — even when we’re not here anymore — can continue skating there for as long as possible.” People walking through campus on Monday or Wednesday nights might encounter a swarm of longboarders cruising the UA Mall or sliding around the brick hill on the west side of the UA Main Library — that’s probably AZ Push on one of the club’s biweekly skate nights. Anyone on a board is usually invited to join the session on the spot. “You can become a member at any point


throughout the year,” Paine said. “Paying dues at AZ Push allows you free entry into any of our three events. Otherwise, the events [each semester] cost around $5.” A paid membership also affords members discounts at Starr Skates, a local skateboard shop. According to club treasurer and microbiology senior Manuel Pompa, this semester the group plans to hold a slide jam. Slide jams are competitions in which skaters slide at speed while wearing special gloves to protect their hands as they drag along the ground. The club also plans to hold a downhill race and possibly a scavenger hunt, but “we haven’t decided on a third event yet,” Paine said. “It might be a push race again or a best trick contest or who knows what.” Other than a skateboard, there aren’t any requirements for joining in these events. Some members even offer to let people without a board borrow their extra equipment. Winning an event with AZ Push usually yields a fine prize, unsurprising considering all the club’s sponsors, including Rayne Longboards, Sector 9, Landyachtz, Daddies Board Shop, Holesom Longboards and more. Winners of AZ Push’s races or scavenger hunts sometimes find themselves with a new deck, set of wheels, shirt or stickers. Members can also join in on longdistance skate trips. “Four or five of us — Austin Paine, went out to California president, AZ Push [last year] and pushed a hundred miles from Santa Barbara to Venice Beach,” Paine said. “For spring break, we’re planning to do another trip.” For the next trip, Paine hopes to rent a van to get out to more spots, he said.



LIAM MORGAN, A SENIOR, FREE RIDES on his longboard next to the UA Main Library on Wednesday. Toeslide pendulum slide, heelslide pendulum slide, Coleman slide, pivot, kickflip, Peter Pan and ollie are some of the numerous moves that can be done on a longboard.

AZ Push also does its part to help out in the community. “We always try to do a philanthropy event every year,” said linguistics senior Andrew Alejandre, former AZ Push president and UA alumnus. “Last semester, we had a downhill race that was a charity event,” Paine said. “Instead of a cash entry fee and a cash prize, we did a can of food entry fee. Everyone donated cans of food, and we gave away a prize to the people who brought the most.” Mostly, though, the club is all about skating — and skateboarding comes with certain risks. “There’s been a couple accidents,” Paine said. “There hasn’t been anything too terrible, luckily. Just lots of road rash … It comes with the territory.” AZ Push has always prioritized safety,

encouraging members to wear helmets, even though some don’t follow the club’s advice. “As soon as the locals see we’re wearing helmets and protection and gloves, they see we’re not just crazy kids and that we really do care about our lives,” Paine said, “even though it may not seem like what we’re doing portrays that.” For anyone new to longboarding, Paine advised just cruising around a bit to get used to it. “Once you’re comfortable cruising around campus, you can start to hit some bigger hills,” he said. To join AZ Push or for more information, drop by the Nugent building at 8 p.m. on any Monday or Wednesday during the semester to meet the crew. No skills are required. —Follow lifestyle reporter Greg Gonzales at @PhiloBoarder43

Nailz by Elizabeth

at D’Alba Salon



with CatCard

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community • FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2013

School of Dance readies for ‘new era’


Jessica Schrecker

he UA School of Dance aims to uphold its reputation as one of the best in the country as it prepares its performances for the upcoming season. The UA’s dance school is recognized as one of the top schools in the U.S. and England, and has been acknowledged by Juilliard as one of the top 20 in “The Performing Arts Major’s College Guide.” Dance Spirit Magazine also named the school in its list of “Great College Dance Programs,” according to the School of Dance’s website. “[The UA School of Dance] is in the top rank, with Juilliard and Tisch,” said Doug Nielsen, a modern dance instructor. “It’s not a department, it’s the School of Dance, and that’s huge. That’s a big deal. We have that kind of respect, that autonomy.” Every year, dancers undergo a rigorous application process in order to become part

of the UA School of Dance. Lindsay Hawkins, a first-year graduate student studying dance, said she is thankful for the opportunity to dance at the UA and is looking forward to the upcoming school year. “I liked [the UA] the most of the three schools that I applied to,” Hawkins said. “When I came here and auditioned, I liked the faculty; everybody was really welcoming. I loved the classes that I took, and it just felt like a place that I belonged.” Each year, the School of Dance draws hundreds for its performances. — Doug Nielsen, modern dance instructor This year, the program will again prove it deserves its reputation with the annual JAZZ in AZ concert on Oct. 1-3. The concert will follow dancers from “a high-energy tap dance opener to a savagely physical finale,” according to administrative assistant Whitney Herr-Buchholz. JAZZ in AZ is expected to draw students from all over the country to the UA to take classes, perform and watch UA dancers in action.

“It’s not a department, it’s the school of dance, and that’s huge…we have that kind of respect.”

Later in the fall, the program will continue its performances with two weekends of the show Premium Blend, set for Oct. 24 to Nov. 3. James Clouser, a visiting professor at the School of Dance, said he plans to premiere the ballet Slipknots and Hitches. Matthew Lynady, a dance junior, said he has hopes of participating in the ballet. “I’d like to be in the big ballet piece,” Lynady said. “I haven’t gotten to do that. Performances are what you really want because everyone gets to take class, but not everyone gets to perform.” The program will end the year with a performance titled Seasonal Treasures: Student Spotlight. Expectations are high for dancers this year, Nielsen said, and faculty members are eager to watch them succeed. “A new era is about to begin as the next generation of dance artists breaks from our UA dance stage and fans out across the country,” Herr-Buchholz said. “Seasonal Treasures: Student Spotlight will give you a glimpse into a not-too-distant world where our dancers take part in discoveries yet to be made.” —Follow dance and Arts reporter Jessica Schrecker at

Joey Fisher/The Daily Wildcat

DANCE PROFESSOR DOUGLAS NIELSEN instructs Lindsay Hawkins, a first year dance graduate student, on Monday.

OMBUDS … we listen



Conflict and problem resolution assistance

(Arizona Daily Star, August 25, 2011)

For students, staff, faculty, parents, and members of the wider community who have a university-related concern.




➯ How to contact an Ombuds: Contact the Director by phone at (520) 626-5589. The Director can answer many questions or help match you to an Ombuds who can most effectively assist you.

Featuring seafood, sushi rolls, tempura, teriyaki chicken and much more!

➯ Contact any Ombuds Committee Member. Please refer to our website for the most current contact information.

3048 E. Broadway Blvd. (520) 626-5589


SW Corner of Broadway & Country Club

Foothills Mall

87-SUSHI Outside of the Food Court

downtown Ariz. artists on display this month Galina Swords


owntown Tucson features many specialty art galleries and traveling exhibits that add to the impressive collection of art already available to students at the UA. Running now through Sept. 29 at the Tucson Museum of Art, Arizona Biennial 2013 is a selective exhibit that only displays the work of highly talented Arizona-based artists. Chief Curator Julie Sasse said this year’s pieces are of the highest quality. “[The artists’] work is on par with the best work being produced in this country, while still retaining unique aspects of our special geographic, conceptual, political and cultural place in the world,” Sasse said. Sasse also stressed the importance of

ArizonA Daily


friday, august 30, 2013 • page 5 TWITTER.COM/dailywildcat

the opportunities the Biennial creates in showcasing local artists. “The Tucson Museum of Art is committed to supporting artists from this region and showcasing their work in its myriad forms,” she explained. “The Biennial is one of the few exhibitions where one can see such a wonderful variety of quality video art, installations, works on paper and canvas, ceramics, sculpture and photography — all created by Arizona artists.” Tucson-based artist Daniel Martin Diaz’s piece titled “Self-Aware System” was among those selected to appear in the exhibition this year. In the work, Diaz takes a unique approach to the typical anatomical figure sketch. He not only explores the layers of the human body through the intricate details of muscle fibers and tiny heart veins, but also entwines religious and scientific symbolism to prompt a deeper emotional reaction in the viewer. Part of the magic of Diaz’s work is its quiet balance of human emotion, scientific knowledge and historical mysticism — on one side of the drawing, a heart valve leads to a tiny fetus with a crown of thorns upon its head. “I was excited and honored to have my piece … accepted,” Diaz said. “It is one of the signature drawings from my new series of drawings, which my wife and I self-published


Courtesy of daniel martin diaz

ARIZONA ARTIST DANIEL MARTIN DIAZ’S “Self-Aware System” is one of many pieces of artwork on display at the Arizona Biennial 2013 exhibit.

into a book titled ‘Soul of Science.’” Diaz’s artwork is just one piece among a varied selection of mediums and aesthetics that visitors can appreciate at this year’s Arizona Biennial exhibit. The guest juror for 2013 was René Paul

Barilleaux, chief curator and curator of art after 1945 at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio. Barilleaux selected the 80 pieces now on exhibit out of more than 1,250 submissions, with the aim of representing the varied talents of artists throughout Arizona, he said. “Hopefully, one sees in the 2013 edition of the Arizona Biennial this curator’s attempt at … assembling an exhibition that both wellrepresents artists working in Arizona and offers a cohesive perspective,” Barilleaux said in his personal juror statement. The exhibit reveals “the broad range of images, approaches, and materials employed by artists presently living and working in the state,” he wrote. As a distinctive representation of the creativity of the Southwest, the Arizona Biennial exhibit should be a draw for any art student or enthusiast looking to explore what Tucson has to offer beyond the UA campus. “This exhibition allows us all to celebrate Arizona’s rich cultural heritage,” Sasse said. Admission to the Tucson Museum of Art is $5 for university students with ID and $10 for the general public, but anyone can visit the museum for free on the first Sunday of every month. —Follow downtown reporter Galina Swords at



AUG. 30th


SEPT. 2nd - Follow NAME @Twitterhandle





ITCats Toastmasters 8:45am– 10am. Computer Center Room 116. ITCats Toastmasters is open to all University of Arizona IT professionals. Learn how to become a competent communicator by honing your communication skills.

Exhibit - ‘50 Years: Civil Rights in Arizona from 1963 to Today’ 9am– 6pm. UA Main Library Special Collections

DeGrazia - The Seri Indians Exhibit Aug. 12–Nov. 30, 6300 N. Swan Road. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun presents the Seri Indians, a primitive people of Tiburon Island in the Gulf of California. Artist Ted DeGrazia visited the Sea of Cortez in the late 1960

HoCo Fest Arizona’s oldest solarpowered, multi-media festival featuring national and international acts on indoor and outdoor stages, a record fair, music gear expo, and much more!

Physiology Seminar 11am– Noon, Arizona Health Sciences Center, Room 5403. Join us for a physiology seminar titled “Roles of Inhibition in Retinal Signaling.” Arizona Football vs. NAU (Home) 7 pm. McKale Memorial Center. Arizona takes on NAU.

Mirror Lab Tours 1p.m Monday through Friday only. Steward Observatory Mirror Lab. UA Steward Observatory Mirror Lab offers a unique opportunity to experience and learn how this facility melds cutting-edge scientific research with innovative manufacturing techniques that are changing the way we explore the Universe!

Cave Tours Aug. 05–Sept. 30 A retreat from heat, two underground caves outside Tucson beckon with cool adventures.Colossal Cave, 25 miles southeast of downtown Tucson (520) 586-2283 HoCo Fest Music Festival Aug. 29-Sept 01, 311 E. Congress St.

Morrissey 25: Live Aug. 31 9:00pm The Loft Cinema 3233 E Speedway. Morrissey fans can finally get what they want at Morrissey 25: Live, a thrilling cinematic concert event celebrating 25 years of the enigmatic artist’s solo career, captured live at LA’s Hollywood High School!

To sponsor this calendar, or list an event, email or call 621.3425 Deadline 3pm 2 business days prior to publication.


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‘Fruitvale Station’ a culturally relevant drama Alex Guyton

“the film never lets the audience forget about the role race plays in Grant’s daily life.”


ruitvale Station” is undoubtedly one of the most socially relevant films now showing in theaters. Based on the real-life events of Jan. 1, 2009, the movie spotlights the last day of Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan), a black man who was shot in the back while being detained by Bay Area Rapid Transit officers in Oakland, Calif. Released on July 26, the movie is timely considering the recent trial of George Zimmerman. As a result, “Fruitvale Station” has sparked and will continue to inspire discussion about race and violence in America. But regardless of its cultural significance, the film also stands on its own artistic and cinematic merits. Dec. 31, 2008: the less-than-remarkable last day of 22-year-old Grant’s life. The film follows Grant from morning to evening as he drops his daughter off at daycare, picks up crab for his mother Wanda’s (Octavia Spencer) birthday and meets up with friends. Roughly half of the 85-minute film chronicles an average day in Grant’s life in an effort to establish him as a complex, real human being. Grant isn’t glorified; he’s simply shown as a young man trying provide for his girlfriend, Sophina (Melonie Diaz), and do better with his life for the coming new year. Hoping to turn over a new leaf, he dumps a bag of marijuana into San Francisco Bay instead of selling it — but only after meeting up with a friend to pass off more drugs. Grant’s obvious love for his daughter,

forest whitaker’s significant productions

Tatiana (Ariana Neal), is juxtaposed with a flashback to when Grant spent time in prison the year before. By the time night descends on the Bay Area in “Fruitvale Station,” the audience has come to care about Grant because of how honest the film’s portrayal of him feels. In contrast to the slower pace of the day, once Grant and his friends get on the

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4125 E. Speedway Blvd.

train in the evening, events deteriorate into a chaotic blur over almost as soon as it starts. A fight breaks out. The train is stopped. Grant and some of his friends are detained. There’s shouting, pushing, punching, bystanders taking videos with their cell phones — then a gunshot. The sequence is executed adeptly by 27-year-old director Ryan Coogler. The performances from main players Jordan, Spencer and Diaz are excellent. Spencer plays the matriarchal figure with gravitas and solemnity. Diaz radiates sincerity in her role as Oscar’s girlfriend and displays fantastic range, being distant, playful, angry and supportive in turn. Jordan, though, carries the full weight of the movie as Grant. He can go from charming a young woman in a supermarket to threatening his boss for firing him in a matter of seconds, effortlessly bringing his character’s inner turmoil boiling to the surface. The film never lets the audience forget about the role race plays in Grant’s daily life. Grant’s half-sister Chantay (Destiny Ekwueme) asks him to pick up a ‘black’ birthday card for their mother, meaning

one without any white people on it (Grant contrarily picks the whitest card the supermarket has on display). One of Grant’s uncles says that he roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers because they have black uniforms, black players and a black coach with a black wife. The film’s climax on the train platform portrays the white police officers as detaining Grant simply because he is black. After looking into a train compartment filled wall to wall with white people, an officer singles out Grant without knowing whether he was involved in the fight or not. However, there is one aspect of Grant’s tale that isn’t quite done justice. At the end of the movie, brief screens of text summarize the real-life aftermath of the shooting, such as the verdict of involuntary manslaughter received by Johannes Mehserle, the officer who shot Grant. But short snippets of cold fact cannot do justice to the complexity of the trial. Unfortunately, without elaboration or explanation, the movie summarily dismisses the court’s ruling and the officer’s punishment as insufficient. Still, the audience can’t help but leave the theater feeling profoundly sad. At its heart, “Fruitvale Station” is the moving story of a young man killed on his way home. “Fruitvale Station” will play at The Loft Cinema through Thursday. For exact showtimes, visit —Follow film writer Alex Guyton at

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Wildcat Weekend—Your One-Stop Entertainment Guide!

entertainment • FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2013

Friday UA vs. NAU, Arizona Stadium, 7 p.m. The Wildcats take on the Lumberjacks in their first game of the season. See the sports section of Wildcat Weekend for more information.

Saturday International Student Association — Downtown Walking Tour, $3, 8:20 a.m. Join the UA International Student Association for a guided walking tour of downtown Tucson. See notable sites such as Pima County Courthouse, “A” Mountain, Hotel Congress and more along the two-and-a-half-mile route. Tour meets at the Student Union Memorial Center at 8:20 a.m. finishes at noon.


Fall “Welcome Back to School” Event, 5 p.m. The African American Community Council welcomes all new and returning UA students, faculty and staff to a back-to-school reception in the student union Grand Ballroom. The evening will include networking, mentoring, eating and dancing with fellow UA community members. For more information, contact Maria Moore at moorem@email.arizona. edu.

HOCO Fest Day 3 – Free Day! Hotel Congress, 5 p.m. As part of the Hotel Congress festival taking place throughout the week, Hotel Congress will feature art, music, BBQ and more with no cover charge on Saturday. Local acts Dream Sick, Prom Body, the Resonars and Lace Curtains will be playing. Check out the official Hotel Congress website for a full list of events going on this weekend.


Picture This! Art for Families, Tucson Museum of Art, 1 p.m. The museum invites families and art enthusiasts to explore the concept of home. The event is part of the museum’s ongoing exhibit Museum as Sanctuary: Giving Voice to Tucson’s Refugees and will allow participants to interact with and experience The Migration Project. Those who are interested can contact the museum for more information or visit its website at

Compiled by Amy Johnson

wildcat weekend • 7



Reilly Craft draws UA traffic with beer, pizza



mong the abundance of fast food and delivery pizza options available to UA students, there is one restaurant taking the art of pizza to a whole new level. Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink has only been around for one year, but it’s already offering options leagues above your regular Saturday night Papa John’s fare. Located at the corner of Pennington Street and Scott Avenue, Reilly Craft is just a short distance from campus and would make the perfect start to a girl’s night out or a dinner and a movie date downtown. Its prices are slightly higher than your average pizza joint’s, but the money goes to pay for fresh, highquality ingredients like truffle cheese, fried sage and fennel pollen. And with dessert concoctions like fried dough with cinnamon sugar and Nutella hot

chocolate for only six bucks, Reilly Craft is definitely worth the extra cash. Owners and brothers Tyler and Zack Fenton have turned the restaurant into a perfect place for students to come and experience luxury comfort food, said General Manager Sara Shicoff. “Our menu is about elevating comfort food,” Shicoff said. “The staff genuinely enjoys taking care of people … and we have fun! We enjoy what we do, and it shows.” Zack Fenton, a graduate of the UA Eller College of Management, said he has high hopes for his business. “I think we’re going to be a destination restaurant,” he said. “We’re giving people an excuse to come off Congress Street.” The vibe and atmosphere of Reilly’s seem to reflect both the downtown and college life aspects of Tucson. “Reilly is a stunning, fun and urban environment with great energy,” said

Courtney Fenton, event director and manager for the restaurant. “It’s a place you want to bring people to. It’s perfect for date nights, large group dinners, watching the U of A game while enjoying a quality drink, and everything in between.” There are even more additions in the works that will expand what Reilly Craft has to offer the over-21 crowd, Courtney Fenton said. “In the fall we are opening the beer garden, which will have 40 beers on tap and wine and will be the perfect place to socialize with friends,” she added. With its combination of downtown class and charm and college-town energy, students looking to wander off campus for more than just street food will find a worthwhile destination in Reilly Craft. CECILIA ALVAREZ/THE DAILY WILDCAT

—Follow downtown reporter Galina Swords at

REILLY CRAFT PIZZA & DRINK on Pennington Street aims to be a destination for UA students.

4360 N 1st Ave (Wetmore & 1st) (520) 292-0904 Monday-Friday (7am-6pm)

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NO MORE SICK DAYS Dream Sick returns to studio after first out-of-state tour



ream Sick drummer Matt Baquet didn’t hold back when presented with the opportunity to chat about his band’s return to the Tucson scene. “There’s a lot to talk about,” he said over the phone last week. Self-described psychedelic quartet Dream Sick will end a pseudohiatus that has lasted most of this summer when it returns to play HOCO Fest on Saturday. Club Congress’s annual festival runs through this weekend with a slew of free shows on Saturday. Dream Sick announced a brief break from the Tucson scene after a June show at

Congress and a weekend tour through Southern California — the band’s first trip across state lines. Last weekend, all four members piled into the house on North Fourth Avenue where three of them live. In the living room that doubles as their studio, Baquet’s yellow drum set takes up an entire corner, while cables, wedge speakers and instruments are strewn about the remaining floorspace. Sprawled out on the sofa, the band members discussed their debut out-of-state tour and its laid-back nature. “It was very humbling,” said Jess Matsen, Dream Sick’s vocalist and guitarist. The weekend trip to San Diego and Fullerton, Calif., was hardly work at all, he

said, with time for plenty of beach outings. “It was like a vacation.” Still, the stage vibes the band received from new fans — despite being the only act in the psychedelic genre — were well worth the drive, the members said. “We played San Diego. That show was great; everyone was really into it,” Baquet said of the band’s show at The Void. “The only thing that was weird … was that we were the odd ball out in the lineup. … All the other bands sounded like Best Coast, girl pop-rock bands.” The shows away from home were a “refreshing” experience that helped the band diversify its fan base and were beneficial

dream sick, 10

Rebecca Marie Sasnett/the Daily Wildcat

above: Dream Sick rehearses an untitled song from its upcoming album in its studio on North Fourth Avenue. LEFT: Dream Sick is drummer Matt Baquet, bassist and backing vocalist John Bullock, guitarist Connor Gallaher, and guitarist and lead vocalist Jess Matsen.

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to Dream Sick’s advancement, members said. “That was something we’ve been striving for and, up until this point, unable to obtain,” Baquet added. “But now we’ve broken the ice on it, and people were into it. We came back not completely broke, and so we’re ready for the next one.” Since the tour in June, Dream Sick’s appearances around Tucson have remained few and far between, with the band only playing a single show in July. Dream Sick’s focus has since shifted to the recording process for a five-song EP follow-up to March’s Morkkis. The selfproduced extended play is likely to drop sometime at the beginning of next year. With base tracks already in place, the band is now in the producing stages. “Really getting a chance to produce it and take time with it instead of being in the studio and paying for a day and rushing through it, we kind of get more of a chance to take our time with [it], which is really nice,” Matsen said. Although the band members did indicate that the upcoming handful of songs would be reminiscent of the reverb-drenched licks of Morkkis, they were quick to say that they’d be making some additions, including acoustic guitar and piano. “I think the songs are going to be a little bit more filled out,” said John Bullock, the


bassist and backing vocalist. “The last album was basically just a guitar album. [On the new record], there’ll be more vocal harmonies and stuff like that.” With a tour to another state and some studio time under their belt, Dream Sick members said they’re looking forward to Saturday’s show at Congress — a venue they know well. Even after a break from the local scene, the band isn’t concerned about taking the stage again. “It’s good to get back on stage,” Baquet said. “I just feel like we have a really comfortable relationship with that venue, and we’re playing early in the set because we want our friends to play after us.” As for its agenda after the show, the band said its focus would remain on the upcoming record. The members added that another tour to other parts of the country isn’t out of the question, but the music takes precedence over everything else. “I think the main thing is that we want to write good songs, and we want to keep writing good songs,” Bullock said. “If we had money to put out vinyl, that would be great. If we had money to go on a whole West Coast tour, if we had money to go to Austin — all those things would be great, but we’ll focus on the music first.” Regardless of what the future holds, the band isn’t worried about losing momentum. “You grow out of things feeling good. I haven’t grown out of this one yet,” Baquet said of playing with Dream Sick. ­ Follow Arts & Life editor Kyle — Mittan at

Rebecca Marie Sasnett/the Daily Wildcat

above: Drummer Matt Baquet practices an untitled song from the band’s upcoming album on Sunday.

REBECCA MARIE Sasnett/the Daily Wildcat

RIGHT: Bassist John Bullock and guitarist Jess Matsen rehearse in their studio on Sunday.

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HOCO Fest 2013 — Day 3 Where: Hotel Congress, 311 East Congress Street When: 5 p.m., Saturday No cover charge, all ages until 9 p.m., 21 and older after. Hear Dream Sick’s music and catch the video interview




Simplicity, creativity keys to game day dress



lanning your outfit for game day doesn’t need to be as complicated as running a play from a single wing offensive formation. Bedazzled crop tops, off-theshoulder T-shirts and extra-large shirts masquerading as dresses will take over Arizona Stadium today as football season officially begins. Attending a largely athletics-oriented university means you have plenty of options when deciding where to spend your game day. For some, game day means tailgating at fraternities, while others pre-game with close friends at an apartment or house. Where you decide to tailgate will almost always determine what you wear. If you plan to be out and about on game day, cutting up your shirt is pretty much a must. Feel free to get creative with beads, sequins or rhinestones for added femininity. “I might end up cutting my shirt,” said Hannah Sullivan, a pre-nursing sophomore. “Embarrassing as it is, I might end up doing it. “I’ll probably come back to my apartment, tailgate with my guy friends … They make fun of me for everything, but I’ll probably still end up cutting my shirt,” she said. Your outfit can be a little more laid back if you’re going out with your guy friends — there’s no need for beads or bedazzling if you’re just going to be surrounded by beer and boys. But even if this is the case, many women at the university will still transform their UofA Bookstore shirts just for fun. Cutting up shirts can also be made into a social event to get everyone excited for the upcoming game. “I’ll probably be tailgating with friends, hanging out, getting pumped up, and we’re all going to cut up shirts together beforehand,” said Natalie Sanchez, a journalism senior. “As far as what I’m going to wear, I usually make dresses because I love doing that.” It’s easy to get inspiration for game day attire with thousands of fashionable women in attendance here at the UA. “This year I want to change it up,” Sanchez said, “maybe do a midriff top or something. … I think I want to have it where it’s fringed with beads at the end, so it’s not showing too much, but it still has that college appeal to it.” Thanks to Pinterest and YouTube tutorials, ladies no longer need to buy dresses they have to wear as-is. A T-shirt on the larger Downtown: 250 E. Congress Eastside: 6212 E. Speedway Central: 2001 E. Speedway

Buffalo Outlet: Nogales, AZ: 441 N. Grand Ave. #iFoundThisAtBX

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cameras and videocameras

TESSA PATTERSON sports a Zona Zoo T-shirt Thursday. Game day fashion is a quintessential part of football season.

free Microsoft software

side can double as a dress, no cutting or sewing required. Dresses are basically a no-fail option for game day, as they’re versatile enough to wear whether tailgating at fraternities or spending the day on the UA Mall. A dress is also a great option for Family Weekend, when cut-up shirts might be less than appropriate. A more casual outfit is the way to go if you’re spending this game day with your family. A red tank-top, khaki shorts and Sperry’s is another low-effort outfit you can try when you don’t feel like impressing anyone. (They are your family, after all.) Wherever you decide to be today, make sure you’re having fun. Sports games are just as much a part of the college experience as gen ed classes, so whether you’re with your parents or friends, tailgating on the Mall or raising the roof at a fraternity, sport your red and blue with pride.

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charming adObe hOuSe 2BD 1BA, large living/ dining room, large yard, AC, close to UofA, medical center, shopping & restaurants. Perfect home for professionals or serious minded grad students. $1100/mo includes water, sewage, and garbage pickup. Lease preferred w/ first & last month’s deposit. 520-2717357 clean!! new!! clOSe to UofA/ UMC 2BD/1BA, A/C, W/D, yard, storage, $795/mo. Approved pets OK. 9mo lease okay. 520-9900783. clOSe tO ua/ UMC/ CatTran. Newer 3BR, 2BA house w/attached 2car garage. W/D, lots of storage. Lots of tile, AC, great room and lrg. kitchen. Monitored security system. Clean and spacious! No pets. Call Sally 9759389

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bike tO camPuS IN FY13! 1,2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Gar, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776

SPaciOuS 4bd/ 2bt minutes to UofA, split floor plan, all tile. A/C, W/D, fireplace, walled backyard. 320-1738 walk tO camPuS, Sam Hughes- 2, 3, 4, 5BD. Newer homes! Within 1mi to UofA, A/C, garages and all appl included. 520-790-0776

almOSt Sam hugheS (Country Club/Pima) without the Sam Hughes price. Bus line to UA (15minutes) or Downtown. 3bedrooms +den, 3baths. Huge Living/dining room. 2car carport. Perfect for UA Personnel/Faculty or investment for parents of student(s). 1600sf, Just remodeled, all appliances. Call Josh Conzemius for Appointment: 4401033

fabulOuS backYard/ SPa and views of city/UofA. Tiled 3bed/ 2bath, 3carport foothills home minutes from campus. EMS realty 520544-2727 fullY furniShed 2bd house, private yard, near UofA/ Downtown/ 4th Ave/ 19th St. Short term lease $900.00 +deposit. Student discount. 591-9288 323-7391 fullY furniShed hiStOric home, porch, pond, ct. yard, study, blocks from UofA/downtown/4th Ave./19th St. Short term lease. Student discount. $1350/mo +dep. 591-9288 323-7391 gOing, gOing, gOne! Walk to UofA 4bdrm/ 2ba. Hardwood floors, fireplace, fenced backyard, off-street parking, pets okay, W/D, D/W. $1500/mo +$1500 deposit. Samantha Call or Text (217)358‑ 1688 or 237-3175 new hOuSe 3bdrm/ 2bath. 222E. Elm #2. A/C, state of the art appliances, W/D, luxurious bath‑ room. $1400, first month half off. Avail Now. 520-885-5292/ 520841-2871


8min tO uOfa!!! 1,2 bedroom houses! 0.5-3mi to UofA, A/C, yards. $300-$580, 520-338-9888 amaZing, huge 4bedrOOm home available NOW close to campus, $525 per person. Ice cold A/C, w/d, incredible area for entertaining. Please call Tammy at 520398-5738 to view

nice 1bedrOOm gueSt‑ hOuSe in Sam Hughes neighborhood w/ walled yard $600. ALSO 1Bedroom unique Home near campus, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, jet tubs, washer/dryer hookups, 1530sqft $795. CALL REDI 520623-5710





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walk or bike to the uofa! Sam hughes home $398,900 4bed‑ room 3bathroom 2803sqft. lowest price/sf in the neighbor‑ hood! huge yard, fireplace, granite counters in kitchen, garage, and more! 2808 e. 10th St. rachel b 520.971.7415 lrc

$400/ mOnth. grant/mOun‑ tain Area. Nice 2bed/1bath bungalow to share with male nonsmoking UA junior. Wood floor. A/C. W/D. Huge yard. Rent includes water and gas. Must be okay with one cat. 520.349.1768

By Dave Green

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!!!! utilitieS Paid. Sublet special. Mountain & Adams. 1Rm studio, no kitchen, refrigerator only $350. Quiet, no pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080

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4bdrm hOuSe kOlb & 22nd St. $350 master bdrm W/private bath. $300 Bdrm W/shared bath. split utilities. Dogs OK Lynn 480-228-5728 retired hiStOrY inStruc‑ tOr seeks grad student for roommate. House is older, but has all the conveniences available & has been updated. Spa, off-street parking, shop, W&D, own bath & bedroom, kitchen available, wifi & ca‑ ble TV. Dogs & children okay. No cats (my boxer hates cats). Call me @603-7616. Walk to UA or Trolley is 6blocks uOfa Student Seeking roommate. Students preferred. Lrg 3Bd/2Ba Townhouse. 2 openings. Utilities & internet included. W/D, minutes from UofA. $500/mo. 520269-8157.

4bdrm hOuSe. $350 master bdrm w/private bath $300 bdrm w/shared bath. Split utilities. Share w-21yr M student. Dogs ok. Kolb & 22nd St. Lynn 480-228-5728 lOOk!!!! free wi‑ fi and cable! Female looking for female roommate’s in a 5bed/3Bath home, located at Tyndall and Speedway. $450. Large bdrms. Private parking. Please call or text 520‑440‑ 7711 to inquire male lOOking fOr male roommate’s for a 5bd/3bath 2story home, within walking/biking distance to Campus. $450 per person, with access to all common areas. Fenced side yard, sec. bars on all windows, doors, private parking. Call or text 520‑245‑5604


comics • FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2013

nO wOrrieS!!! we still have rooms AVAIL. NOW in our 5 bed- room homes on individual leases from $375 to $450 per person. Male/Female houses. SO close to campus!!! Please call Tammy at 520-398-5738 to view any of these homes!

nice and clean Townhome. Prince and Country Club. 2bdrm, 1 and 1/2 bath. A/C, W/D. Covered parking, water & garbage inc $850/ mo. Contact Chris 520-820-7786

1973 Vw Super beetle convert‑ ible. wildcat red! daily driv‑ er. $5950 ObO. 520‑247‑ 5918

2007 bmw 328i black on black. Dream car. Dream price. No sales tax. AT Steptronic sports pkg. 72,200k. 14,995. 520-661-9666.

2008 duke mOtOr SCOOTER. 150cc Touring Scooter. 2185 miles. Great college transportation. Original owner, clear title, all original paperwork included. Licensed until 2015. New seat upholstery and battery. ABS braking system. Electric starter. Everything works fine. 85+ MPG 4‑cycle engine (no mixing oil to gas), automatic transmission (no shifting required). Locking cargo box and visor helmet included. Call 520-955-1255 or

2006 hOnda chf50/ scooter, $1350 call 743-2029.

a braVe chOice: fun‑lOV‑ ing beach cOmmunitY SOuthern califOrnia cOu‑ Ple lOngS tO adOPt new‑ bOrn. wOnderful enVi‑ rOnment fOr YOur child. great ParkS, terrific SchOOlS but mOSt Of all endleSS lOVe and encOur‑ agement. legal/cOnfiden‑ tial. exPenSeS Paid aS Permitted. call ShannOn Or nick 1‑800‑516‑2406 Or Our lawYer daVe 1‑800‑795‑ 2367.

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Bauman leads NAU to Arizona Stadium luke della One trip to NAU running back Zach Bauman’s Twitter page and you’ll easily spot “follow me, I’ll lead the way” in his bio section. Today, the 2012 Walter Payton Award finalist will look to lead his team to its first victory over the Wildcats since 1932. “[Bauman] runs hard,” Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez said. “He’s a tough physical player, and he reminds us of our [running backs] a little bit.” Since coming to NAU as a freshman in 2010, Bauman has rushed for more than 1,000 yards in all three seasons. The senior has a total of 3,676 yards, just 118 yards shy of the Lumberjacks’ all-time school record, which is held by Marcus King. Bauman has also been named to the preseason first team All-Big Sky conference once again. Though the stats and preseason accolades are nice, Bauman said he is focused on beating Arizona and finishing the season strong. “I’m honored to be preseason allconference,” Bauman said in a phone interview, “but it won’t mean as much if I

can’t help our team win or get better at the end of the season.” Last season was one of NAU’s greatest in recent history. The Lumberjacks went 8-3 (6-2 Big Sky) and finished ranked No. 20 in the FCS Sports Network poll. In week two they defeated UNLV on the road in NAU’s first win over a Football Bowl Subdivision/Division I-A opponent since 1987. However, the Lumberjacks were kept from a conference championship and a trip to the FCS playoffs by a late season collapse in which they dropped their final two games of the season. Bauman, who only played half of the Lumberjacks’ final game because of an elbow injury, was left with a sour taste in his mouth. “It was rough,” Bauman said, “but we learned a lot from the entire season. We just got to practice and play like we did when we were on the eight-game winning streak last year.” The NAU game will make this the fifth consecutive season in which Arizona has hosted an FCS opponent, last year’s opponent being South Carolina State, a 56-0 win. But Rodriguez knows not to expect an easy win. “Last year we could have played poorly and

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THE ARIZONA FOOTBALL defense prepares to rise up against NAU quarterback Bauman during fall camp.

beat South Carolina State,” Rodriguez said. “That’s not the case with NAU. They’re a good [FCS] team.” The Lumberjacks, who are ranked No. 18 in the 2013 preseason FCS poll, return 18 starters on offense and defense from 2012. Like the Wildcats, the Lumberjacks held a quarterback battle, but redshirt sophomore Kyren Poe won and will start Friday. He might have the most to offer Bauman because of his mobility. “[Poe] is an athletic quarterback,” Bauman said. “He’s a couple years younger than me, but I’ve seen him grow up so much over the past few years.” Poe and Bauman were teammates at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Ariz. The senior said he could gain a lot from the quick-footed Poe. The Arizona defense will have to respect his ability as a passer but also a

runner, which will force them to not just zone in on Bauman. Bauman said he has high hopes for NAU and his own future. The aspiring NFL running back said he set a personal season goal of 2,000 rushing yards. Though he said he treats every game the same, he knows a win over Arizona could be the spark that leads the Lumberjacks to the playoffs. “Beating [the] UA would be great because it would show that the hard work we have put in is paying off,” Bauman said. “We know we deserve to be out on the field with them, so we just got to stick to the game plan and believe in our talents. I know we’ve worked too hard not to.” — Follow football beat reporter Luke Della at

New football, band uniforms worthy of catwalk scarlett Mccourt Introducing: the Arizona Wildcats’ fall 2013 football uniform collection. The new look, created by Nike, offers a myriad of outfit combinations. Jerseys and pants come in cardinal, navy and white, making for seemingly endless combinations. The Wildcats also jumped on the ombré style train this year, as the jerseys include ombré sleeves and ombré numbers. For example, on the red jerseys, the numbers and sleeves fade from blue to red. Arizona football is also bringing back the copper helmet this season. These were necessary updates, because uniform swag is pretty important in the Pac12 conference. The Oregon Ducks are like the Lady Gaga of football fashion. Each week they come out with something even more outrageous (at least as far as collegiate football uniforms go), but it works for them. The Wildcats will never have uniforms on that level, and that’s OK. If other schools tried doing what Oregon does, incorporating neon colors and strange feather designs, it would look like they were trying way too

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Freshman quarterback Anu Solomon wears one of the new UA football uniforms at the Arizona football Media Day held in the new Lowell-Stevens Football

hard. The Wildcats do, however, have to compete with Cal and Oregon State this season. Both schools unveiled not only a new uniform collection, but new logos as well.

Although the ombré trend may be on its way out, the design of the uniforms offers much to approve of. They look sleek and intense, but not over the top. They use and emphasize the school colors well, which is most important in a uniform. Plus, new is always exciting. Senior cornerback Shaquille Richardson said wearing new uniforms is like wearing new clothes on the first day of school. It might not affect your performance, but it can boost your confidence. For players, new uniforms are an extra perk. However, what matters is still that they show up on the football field, regardless of what style uniform they’re wearing. “You could put me out there in all pink and I wouldn’t care,” freshman linebacker Scooby Wright said.

Pride of Arizona uniforms Also new this fall is the Pride of Arizona marching band uniform. The Pride was in dire need of a makeover. After 12 seasons of use, it was no surprise the uniforms were wearing out. Sequins

were missing and buttons were falling off, senior drum major Drew Eary said. The uniforms had seen many pep rallies, football games and even several bowl games. It was high time for a revamp. The new uniforms are on point. They are similar enough to the old uniforms to be recognizable, but have a modern twist that makes the band look both classy and fresh. The shako, or hat, is all white, as are the gauntlets, while the pants are blue. The jacket is red with a blue back, so when the band is on the field, a quick turn-around demonstrates a color change; when done in unison, the effect is impressive. There is still a sequin element, which adds flash and sets the POA’s uniforms apart from those of other collegiate marching bands. The jackets also feature a prominent block-letter A on their chests. For Eary, the enlarged block-A is the best part of the new uniforms. “It’s so large, and it’s so prominent,” Eary said. “It’s so, ‘Yeah! U of A!’” — Follow football beat reporter Scarlett McCourt at



Wildcats look to axe Lumberjacks


HEAD COACH Rich Rodriguez speaks with reporters at the Arizona football media day held in the new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility Aug. 18.

SCARLETT MCCOURT On first impression, the NAU Lumberjacks and Arizona Wildcats football teams might seem to be in two completely different leagues. Logistically, yes, NAU is in the Big Sky Conference and Arizona is in

the Pac-12, but the matchup really isn’t that much of a stretch — there are many similarities between the two squads. Last year, both teams finished with eight regular season wins. In fact, NAU had a winning season against Big Sky opponents, whereas

the Wildcats finished fourth in the Pac-12 South. “NAU is a good football team,” head coach Rich Rodriguez said in a press conference. “They have most of their team coming back, and they’re going to be fired up and jacked up to come play Arizona.” The Lumberjacks have 18 returning starters this year, bringing depth to the squad, a theme that the Wildcats defense is very familiar with. According to senior receiver Terrence Miller, NAU’s defense brings depth as well. “I have watched film on them, and they’re a great team,” Miller said. “They have a great defense and an experienced secondary mostly made up of upperclassmen.” Similar to Arizona, NAU had a quarterback competition going on throughout the fall camp. Earlier this week, however, it was announced that sophomore Kyren Poe beat out the experienced junior Chase Cartwright, according to an NAU press release. Poe was a fourth-string quarterback last season, while Cartwright found himself in a starting position after former starter Cary Grossart was injured. Here in Tucson, Rodriguez has yet to announce the starting quarterback, although he mentioned in a press conference that senior B.J. Denker was the frontrunner coming into camp, and continues to have an edge. However, Rodriguez said he hasn’t counted out any of the underclassmen in the race either. “With the inexperience we

have, it’s an ongoing competition,” Rodriguez said in a press release. There are a few other notable similarities between the two teams as well: Arizona was 79 percent in red zone scoring while NAU was 80 percent, and both teams scored averages in the 30s. They might be from opposite ends of the state, but football-wise, the teams aren’t that far apart. Last year, both NAU and Arizona fell to ASU. This game will be the

Game Time: 7 p.m. Location: Arizona Stadium TV: Pac-12 Networks Radio: 1290 AM, Sirius 94, XM 192 Weather: 30 percent chance of rain. Wind SSW at 7 mph Arizona-NAU Series History All-Time: Arizona leads 11-1 First Meeting: 1931 (Arizona 19, NAU 12 at Flagstaff) Last Meeting: Sept. 3, 2011 (Arizona 41, NAU 10 at Tucson) Streak: Arizona has won 10 straight meetings Live Tweets: @WildcatSports Hashtag: #AZvsNAU

first in-state matchup — and the first chance the Wildcats have to truly live up to their “our state” campaign. The Wildcats take on NAU tonight at Arizona Stadium. Kickoff will be at 7 p.m., and the game will be televised on the Pac-12 Network. — Follow football beat reporter Scarlett McCourt at scarlettnoelani

Notable Facts: This is the first-ever weekday season opener at Arizona Stadium. Arizona is 79-25-5 all-time in the first game of the season. The Wildcats have won five consecutive, and 11 of the last 13 opening games. They open at home for the fifth time in the last six seasons. Arizona has won 14 home season openers in a row since its last first-game defeat, which was against Iowa at Arizona Stadium on Sept. 12, 1987. Help us pick a headline: Tweet us your headline choice after the game. The best ones will run on our website.


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