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Incoming housing to offer more options BY RACHEL MCCLUSKEY

The Daily Wildcat


KAYLIE FOSTER (RIGHT), Resident Assistant at Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall and marketing senior, and Emma Bishop (left), a student volunteer, help move students into the Colonia de La Paz Aug. 22. This is the first year that Residence Life used a centralized check-in system.

Residence halls, streets fill during move-in process of more than 6,000 students BY CHELSEA CANIZALES & EMILY BREGGER The Daily Wildcat

After roughly 13 hours on the road coming from Colorado, Lindsey Willman pulls up to her new home at Hopi Lodge Residence Hall. T-shirts, banners and flyers display the new theme for resident check-in: “Welcome

Home.” “Nervous is an understatement,” said Justine Willman about dropping her daughter off for her first year of college. As incoming freshman Maria Arey arranged photos of her friends and pets onto her shelves and unpacked her belongings in her new room in Yavapai Residence Hall, she spoke about missing the comforts of home such as talking face-to-face with her mother. “It was hard because I had to move out of the home I had lived in for 17 years,” said incoming freshman Maria Arey. “But it was also like I’m changing up my whole environment.”

Arey said easier access to classes and a chance to better manage her time are only a few of the benefits of leaving what is familiar to her at home. Lindsey Willman also expressed concern about leaving behind the familiarity of home. “I’m feeling a little excited but also nervous. I have never lived with anyone except for my parents,” Willman said. “It will be very


See the move-in video on


The off-campus student housing market continues to grow in Tucson as three more complexes are set to open next year. Next, built by Campus Acquisitions; Hub at Tucson, built by Core Campus; and The Junction at Iron Horse, built by Royal Properties, will house UA students by summer 2014. Three new off-campus student-housing complexes — The Retreat, Level and The Cadence — ­opened this summer. Michael Yeagle, senior vice president of Campus Acquisitions, said Next and Hub at Tucson will create a destination, making the area just west of the university a new student neighborhood. “I think [the new housing complexes] will be great for this area,” Yeagle said. “I think that with as many students that go to the University of Arizona and being immediately across the street from school this will


There wasn’t a lot of good options immediately adjacent to campus for students.

— Michael Yeagle, senior vice president of Campus Acquisitions

Sun Link promotes streetcar safety campaign BY MAGGIE DRIVER The Daily Wildcat

A campaign to educate Tucson citizens on ways to be safe around the streetcar tracks begins this week. To bring attention to community safety, Sun Link plans to advertise the safety campaign through various outlets around Tucson. Outreach efforts will include a 30-second public service announcement, brochures, and social media announcements, according to Joan Beckim, public outreach project manager for Sun Link. “The education materials will target bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists and people with disabilities so that it will be a universal, all-inclusive awareness

MULTIMEDIA For breaking news and multimedia coverage check out


campaign that educates all people traveling in all different ways,” said Bill Davidson, manager of public information and marketing for Parking and Transportation Services. The Tucson Modern Streetcar will be able to serve a population of around 100,000 people who live and work within the nearly fourmile alignment tracks, according to Shellie Ginn, program manager for the Tucson Modern Streetcar. With so many potential riders, the education campaign must try to reach the entire community and take advantage of social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Ginn said. To gain student ridership, the UA is partnering with Sun Link.



CONSTRUCTION NEARS COMPLETION at all Tucson Modern Streetcar stops. Educational posters informing the public on proper safety precautions will be in place soon.

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News • Monday, August 26, 2013

ASUA president talks fall semester goals BY RACHEL MCCLUSKEY The Daily Wildcat

Each year the Associated Students of the University of Arizona serves as the centralized student voice for approximately 30,000 undergraduate students at the UA. The group helps fund and support organizations such as ZonaZoo, Safe Ride, and Spring Fling. ASUA President Morgan Abraham said he is working to increase student engagement to help better advocate on behalf of the student body.


CLUBS AT THE UA registered for the Student Involvement Fair through Danielle Novelly, the ASUA executive vice president and political science senior. ASUA organized the fair, which will take place Tuesday.

UA Mall fair aims to recruit students for club membership

Issues to look out for

A debate regarding the UA’s status as a tobacco-free campus is scheduled for this year. “I’m trying to reach out to students — kind of see what they feel,” Abraham said. “It’s a very black and white issue for students, so we are trying to talk to as many students as possible to get to the bottom of it.” Students should also keep an eye on a possible reduction in tuition for DREAMers. DREAMers are currently protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Initiative, a temporary program that allows them to stay and work or attend school in the United States. Morgan also said he is seeking student input regarding the construction of new buildings for the UA so ASUA can represent the students at Arizona Board of Regents meetings.


From sports organizations and cultural clubs to groups that help the community and professional fraternities and sororities, 150 booths and tables will line the UA Mall from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Tuesday. The fair was organized by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona and the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. “In my opinion, the number one way to succeed at this school is to be involved with something,” said Morgan Abraham, ASUA president. “There’s so many ways to get involved. That’s one of the benefits of going to such a large university … Sometimes, at such a large university, it’s easy to get lost, and even though there are so many things to do, it’s tough to find those things, and I think the idea with the fair is to show the students what’s out there.” Clubs will be sectioned together on the Mall by interest, Abraham

New and noteworthy

The ASUA Appropriations Board has a larger budget this year, according to Issac Ortega, ASUA treasurer. The budget is a little more than $200,000, which will fund trips, T-shirts or conferences. “This is the most [money] we have ever had,” Ortega said. “Hopefully, they are changing the bylaws so we can get clubs more T-shirts or plane tickets.” Danielle Novelly, ASUA executive vice president, said she wants to make sure ASUA allocates all of the money. “I think the clubs are doing great things, and we were able to see a lot of great things happen through the clubs for our university in this past year,” Novelly said. “This will just be able to keep that going.” ASUA has hired a staff who will focus specifically on reaching out to students and getting their individual opinions, Abraham said. ASUA plans to conduct student surveys and polls, he added. “We all have our own opinions, and I think, in the past, ASUA has relied on the people within ASUA to formulate the opinions,” Abraham said. “I didn’t get elected because of my opinions or my political affiliations. I got elected to represent students.”

What students should know

Although the budget for ASUA is $1.7 million, ASUA only gets to allocate about $600,000 of that


ASSOCIATED STUDENTS of the University of Arizona President Morgan Abraham talks about what’s in store for student government this academic school year.

money, Abraham explained. The Student Service Fee Advisory Board allocates money to specific programs, such as Safe Ride, Abraham added. The executive team looks at budgets from the past five years to determine how much services and programs are given. The executive team consists of Abraham, Novelly, Ortega and Administrative Vice President Amanda Lester. “It’s kind of scary at first because, you know, I’ve never handled that much money before,” Ortega said. “It’s pretty straightforward [allocating the money]. There’s a lot of past precedent that’s set.” At the end of every year, directors fill out a survey regarding the budget and monetary funding, and the executive team takes this into account, along with student feedback, to try to accommodate everyone in the office, Abraham explained. “We want to make sure that everyone knows exactly where the money is going,” Abraham said, “And if anyone has a problem with it, [they can] come find me. We don’t want

ASUA Officials Student body president:

added. “I love meeting new people, especially people with interests that I have,” Abraham said. “I think that’s what’s cool about the Student Involvement Fair and different clubs — you’re surrounding yourself with people who kind of think like you, and that’s always fun.” Trenton Cherco, an engineering management junior and president of TriCats, has attended the Student Involvement Fair the past two years and said that he is looking forward to the opportunity to expand TriCats to new students. TriCats is a student recreational sports clubs on campus that focuses on training for triathlons and living active lives. “I think it’s good, especially for freshmen, just so they have something to do besides class,” Cherco said. “It’s a great way to meet friends and meet new people. I get to meet people I normally wouldn’t have met just through class and experience things I wouldn’t have on my own.” —­­­­Follow­ her at ShannonH_

Community Chatter

Morgan Abraham

What are your goals for the upcoming semester?

Executive Vice President: Danielle Novelly

“Last year I came in a close encounter with a bike getting hit. So, maybe not get hit by a bike.” — Robert “I want a 4.0 Cerasa, biology this semester. I sophomore messed around a lot last semester — lost my scholarship — so I need a 4.0 to get it back and get back on track.” — Random Skevington, history sophomore

Administrative Vice President: Amanda Lester Treasurer: Issac Ortega ASUA Senate:

Diego Alvarez Tate Arnold Alexandra Sage Barbee Christopher Chavez Elena Gold Zachary Aaron Miller Elana Roeder Christopher Seffren Dakota Staren Grant Christopher Suman to be doing anything behind closed doors.”

“Straight ‘A’s.’ I’ve never gotten a ‘B’ before. Have fun and experience as much as I can. That’s pretty much it.” — Ali Shafique, pre-physiology “To actually see freshman the library a few times this year. That was my first time getting to the library last year, for finals.” — Adam Groyer, prepharmacy junior — Compiled by Maggie Driver

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News • Monday, August 26, 2013


Hart, ASA top summer stories The UA Campus Arboretum began a mesquite harvesting project this summer by installing nets onto the trunks of mesquite trees on campus to harvest seed pods, which will be used to make flour. UA Dining Services will use the flour in several dishes on campus. The Office of Sustainability will work with Linking Edible Arizona Forests, to harvest citrus and olives later in the year.


1. Hart’s first year in Tucson

Since coming to the UA a year ago, UA President Ann Weaver Hart has impressed administrators and government and business leaders in the state. In her first year as UA president, Hart has gotten to know leaders in Arizona, collaborated with faculty and administrators to work on a new academic plan and is now working on executing the plan. Hart is also working with administrators to create a budget that will support the academic plan.


World first: University of Arizona Medical Center surgeons use robotic technology to implant HVAD

Two surgeons at the University of Arizona Medical Center performed the world’s first robotic implantation of a ventricular assist device. Dr. Zain Khalpey and Dr. Robert Poston used robotic instrumentation to implant the HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device on four patients as of the end of July. The golf ball-sized device circulates the blood from the left ventricle, the largest chamber of the heart, and into the aorta, the artery that supplies blood to most of the body.

2. Student loan interest rates almost double

As the deadline approached for Congress to stop student loan interest rates from doubling, student leaders across the nation, among them Morgan Abraham, president of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, signed a letter asking Congress to seek a long-term solution. With Congress failing to reach a deal by the end of June, interest rates doubled for new subsidized federal Stafford loans. Congress was able to reach a deal by the end of July in which student loan interest rates will be determined based on the financial market, meaning the rates will increase as the economy improves. In the 2013-14 school year, the interest rate is 3.86 for undergraduates and 5.41 for graduate students.

6. UA, Arizona State University rank among top 100 universities

The UA was ranked one of the top universities in the world in a list compiled by the Center for World University Rankings. The center took into account factors such as quality of education, excellence of faculty, alumni employment and quality of research. The UA ranked 78 on the list, following closely behind ASU, which ranked 73.


PRESIDENT ANN WEAVER HART, speaks with community members at her first-ever town hall meeting, on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2012. Hart completed her first academic year as president this summer.

Association was dismissed by a U.S. District Court. The Arizona Students’ Association, a student organization that lobbies for affordable and accessible higher education, filed the lawsuit in February 2013 claiming that the board had violated the First Amendment rights of ASA. The claim referred to the board’s


ASA lawsuit against the Arizona Board of Regents dismissed

A lawsuit filed against the Arizona Board of Regents by the Arizona Students’

decision to change a $2-per-student, persemester fee to an opt-in fee, requiring students to explicitly agree to the fee before paying. The court dismissed the lawsuit determining that the board’s decision did not violate ASA’s First Amendment rights.

—Follow her at Casanova91


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Monday, August 26, 2013 • Page 4


Editor: Nathaniel Drake (520) 621-3192

UA should change traditional orientation Nick havey The Daily Wildcat


s another school year begins, incoming students are bombarded by the hundreds of opportunities to get involved on campus through joining clubs, playing intramural sports and Greek life. The one to two-day bore fest we call New Student Orientation is typically an incoming student’s first exposure to these opportunities. For students who feel orientation might be too overwhelming, Bear Down Camp is a four-day program that fully immerses new students in the UA experience more than the traditional orientation held on campus. All camp counselors, or Gatos, are past participants. “The counselors were incredibly spirited and kindhearted, and they truly cared for their campers,” said former camper Tiffany Feller. She added that BDC “is an amazing way to meet people before school even started.” Created in 1997 by Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senator Summer Katzenbach, the mission of BDC is to “provide a supplemental and integrative introduction to the University of Arizona for incoming freshmen students in order to improve their connection, retention and overall success.” A 2006 study in the Journal for Research in Higher Education cites that students involved in one or more activities on campus were more likely to continue at their university than uninvolved students, and BDC has demonstrated its ability to help students do just that. In a survey conducted by the camp, it was found that 99 percent of campers became involved in other programs on campus after participating. Traditional new student orientation does the bare minimum to situate students on campus and lacks the practical information freshmen actually want to know. BDC provides students the opportunity to receive honest answers to questions about alcohol, drugs and sex in college that might feel awkward to ask during orientation. With student workshops like “Tradition, spirit and history of campus” and “Wildcat Diversity,” students experience the chance to learn to be an active student section member ­while learning about campus culture. According to the same survey, more than 90 percent of students felt prepared and would recommend the program to other incoming freshmen. “It’s so beneficial to incoming freshmen. It teaches you firsthand things that you don’t get to learn at orientation. It’s the little things that upperclassmen take for granted, like making friends and getting involved. It’s an awesome solution,” said ASUA President Morgan Abraham. Instead of presenting information in lengthy and arduous lectures, BDC breaks students into smaller groups and is able to incorporate group discussions and activities to provide students with a more thorough understanding of the topics. Executive Director of BDC Chelsea Dysko reported that “100 percent [of respondents] agreed that the program helped them better understand the history and traditions of our school.” While BDC costs $120, as opposed to the free orientation, it offers meaningful information and an inside look at the heritage, traditions, and history of the UA. Traditional new student orientation explains the bare bones of the UA, while BDC presents the bare bones in a new and enticing way to excite students about becoming involved on campus and prepare campers for success. — Nick Havey is a sophomore studying pre-physiology and Spanish. Follow him at Twitter. com/nihavey.

Greeting from UA President Hart Ann weaver hart Guest Columnist


ear Arizona Wildcats, Welcome home to the University of Arizona! For our returning students, I hope you had an enjoyable and productive summer, and to the new members of our university family, I hope you are excited to begin one of the richest and most invigorating experiences of your life. It was a warm summer here in Tucson, as those of you who were here know very well, but even with the heat we have been busy transforming the university to prepare for your arrival and to prepare for what I believe will be one of the best years in its distinguished history. Some of these changes will be evident the minute you walk on campus: Old Main is undergoing major renovation and restoration to ensure that it remains a beacon of our Wildcat pride for many years to come. The Lowell-Stevens Football Facility in the North End Zone of Arizona Stadium will be open soon and will make game day even more exciting as you help to cheer on our Wildcats. Other changes may not be as obvious, but will bring even more opportunities and resources to you during your time here on campus. As some of you know, the University has recently completed a year-long study and created a new strategic plan, Never Settle. This plan will guide our work and elevate our beloved UA’s position as one of the top public

opportunities for real-world applications of research universities in the world. what you learn in the classroom. Last year A key part of this plan is our 100 percent more than 30 UA students worked with top Engagement initiative. This initiative will scientists and researchers on the OSIRIS REx provide each of you the opportunity for mission, which will send a spacecraft to an a learning experience that integrates and asteroid in 2020. applies the knowledge you are working to In the English department, 25 business master so that when you graduate you will be positioned for lifelong success and fulfillment. writing students from majors all over campus worked collaboratively with judges, You have many resources at your fingertips lawyers and advocates in the Pima County as a UA student that will help you succeed. Juvenile Court Center to redesign the court’s There are far too many to describe here, but I informational brochures and welcome want to mention a few that students have told packets for children and me are especially helpful or families. Every major and exciting. I hope you every department on campus The UA has excellent are excited has similar opportunities, and resources to help you master I encourage you to seek out important skills and expand to begin one experiences that will continue your horizons. The Think of the richest to open doors throughout the Tank tutoring center and and most rest of your life. Writing Skills Improvement invigorating As our next generation of Program are good places experiences of leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers to find help from student and doers, you will change the and professional tutors, your life. real world in real time, both and Honors College general here at the UA and after you education classes will push graduate. Whatever you decide you to reach greater levels of to pursue this year, I hope you insight and knowledge. do it with enthusiasm and passion, knowing Our student organizations give you the chance to get involved on campus and around that you have the full support of faculty and staff. Tucson. Last spring the Up ‘til Dawn letterEvery new school year brings new writing event raised nearly $97,000 to help discoveries and new experiences, and every the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital year I am in awe of what students can do. fight childhood cancer. Our students were As we look forward to the coming semester, recognized for their success at the hospital’s I can’t wait to see what all of you will Collegiate Leadership Seminar in July when accomplish. the UA campaign was named the 2012-2013 Up ‘til Dawn Program of the Year. Bear Down! Finally, our world-class faculty members Ann Weaver Hart give you access to ever-expanding

From the editor

Priorities yield path to success Brittny mejia The Daily Wildcat


very semester starts off the same: with goals. We will attend every class and do all of our projects in advance so we’re not scrambling the night before. Then school starts and we forget our goals. Laying in bed just a little longer becomes more appealing than sitting through a 50-minute lecture. And there are plenty of hours in one day to finish the paper we were assigned two months ago. Almost all of us begin the semester the same way. We have a plan and nothing is going to get in the way. But that’s unrealistic, because

The Daily Wildcat editorial policy Daily Wildcat staff editorials represent the official opinion of the Daily Wildcat staff, which is determined at staff editorial meetings. Columns, cartoons, online comments and letters to the editors represent the opinion of their author and do not represent the opinion of the Daily Wildcat.

and shallow reporting. We lose sight of details, color and depth. I want to focus on more impactful stories, ones that our community will remember for years to come. We want students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds to pick up the paper and connect. We want life always gets in the way. The the Wildcat to have something hours I spend at the Daily Wildcat for everyone. However, that might make me decide to choose requires a lot of sleep over class participation from the following the community. I want my morning. And We are always staff to the time I spend looking for story produce a planning the next ideas, but we miss paper that you issue might result a lot because we want to read, in temporary aren’t looking in that should amnesia when the right places, go without it comes to which is why it’s saying. assignment due important for dates. our readers to However, it reach out. If you all boils down think we’re doing to priorities. At something wrong, the Wildcat, we are shifting our tell us. priorities and I am confident that If you think we don’t cover we will fare better as a team than something enough, email us and we would individually. say so. We have a digital media The goal this semester is to editor and an online staff regularly produce a paper that digs deeper monitoring our content, who are and finds the heart of stories. available to answer your questions. Being a daily paper, we fall into the routine of event coverage, previews Your messages and ideas won’t disappear into an Internet void; we


see them and appreciate them. I want my staff to produce a paper that you want to read, that should go without saying. That means we will work harder to obtain student feedback, either through surveys or an open house later in the semester. Even if you don’t pick up a paper every day or check out our website, please take the time to tell us why. I have worked with almost everyone in this newsroom for more than a year now and I can honestly say they are the most dedicated and driven people I have ever met. Everyone works collectively to improve the paper, which is why we are not opposed to constructive criticism. Our readers matter. Yes, we start out every semester with goals, but maybe not so much with priorities. It may seem like at this point we’re a lot of talk and no action but the changes will develop throughout the semester. The proof will be in the print. — Brittny Mejia is the editorin-chief of the Daily Wildcat. She can be reached at editor@wildcat. Follow her at

The Daily Wildcat accepts original, unpublished letters from all of its readers

• Email letters to: • Letters should include name, connection to university (year, major, etc.) and contact information

• Snail mail to: 615 N. Park Ave., Tucon, AZ 85719 • Letters should be no longer than 350 words and should refrain from personal attacks

Monday, August 26, 2013


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The Daily Wildcat

News • Monday, August 26, 2013


Arizona’s Newest Sorority!

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Monday, August 26, 2013


Police Beat BY Alison Dorf The Daily Wildcat

Not hopping fences Three UA students were reported to the Dean of Students on Thursday after they were seen exiting the Old Main construction site at approximately 12:10 a.m. A man told the University of Arizona Police Department he saw the students leaving through an opening in the perimeter fence on the north side and walking toward the UA Mall, but said they did not appear to be carrying anything. An officer located the three students who said they had not been inside the construction site but had just been hanging out in the grass on the Mall. Officers then decided to bring the man who reported the three students to the scene. The man confirmed they were the students he had seen and a woman from the group then admitted she had lied because she was nervous. She said the three of them had been bar hopping on University Boulevard and were on their way home when they noticed the fence was open. She added they wanted to see the building because it wouldn’t be open before they graduated. The officers checked the site for damage, reported the students to the Dean of Students and secured the open area in the fence with a piece of fence wire.

Doomed from the start A UA student was arrested and booked into Pima County Jail on Wednesday after the driver of a car was pulled over for not displaying a license plate at approximately 12:55 p.m. While speaking with the driver, one of the UAPD officers was informed that the passenger had a warrant out for his arrest. The second officer at the scene smelled marijuana when speaking with the passenger. The man told the officer he was carrying marijuana but that he had a medical marijuana card. The officer then asked the man to step out of the car. The man gave the officer a Ziploc bag of marijuana as well as his medical card from Oregon, which stated that he was allowed to carry 24 ounces. The officer told the man he had an active warrant for failure to comply with an original charge of criminal damage and the other officer on scene placed him under arrest. The marijuana was placed into property and evidence, and the student was booked into Pima County Jail. @arizonaunions

Petty theft A UA student was diverted to the Dean of Students on Wednesday at approximately 3:45 p.m. for reportedly stealing a keychain from the UofA Bookstore. A UAPD officer spoke with a bookstore security employee who said the student was seen putting a keychain in his pocket after picking up two shirts and a pair of shorts valued at $62.59. The student paid for the clothing, but walked away with the keychain in his pocket, the employee said. Security stopped the student outside the door and asked him to empty his pockets. They found the keychain and the student said he had forgotten to pay for it and apologized. The student admitted to putting the keychain in his pocket but said he did not realize he had done so. He was diverted to the Dean of Students.

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10pm August 28th, 2013 • 6Park Student Union

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The Daily Wildcat…UA’s #1 Source of News 8 out of 10 UA students read the Arizona Daily Wildcat regularly. In fact, they find out what’s hot on campus from the Wildcat more often than from Facebook or friends! Source: Readership survey of 2,617 students conducted by Arizona Student Media in December 2008

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26 AUG 2013






Wildcat Welcome- Meet Me at the Rec. 5-8pm. Cherry Street Field at Student Recreation Center, 1400 E. Sixth St. An evening of fun, food and prizes at Campus Recreation and a chance to meet with community organizations, local businesses and clubs at a carnival-themed event on the first day of classes.

Todd Walker, Anticipating Digital. The Center for Creative Photography 1030 N Olive Road. Ends 10/20/13.

Jazz Guild Jam with Tony Frank. 135 E. Congress St. 8:30pm.

Cherry Street Field Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony. 5pm. Cherry Field at the Student Rec Center. Come celebrate the opening of Cherry Field with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Exploring Sky Islands. Flandrau Science Center. Ends 9/30/13. $2 W/Catcard. Fun, hands-on activities that will take you from our desert basins to the pine forests on top of Arizona’s Sky Island mountains.


Our Lady of Guadalupe. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun 6300 N. Swan. Ends 2/16/14. The exhibit features paintings of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Mission in the Sun that DeGrazia built in her honor.

DeGrazia’s Wild Horses. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun 6300 North Swan Road. Ends 1/22/14. Wild Horses are displayed in paintings ranging from moody to exuberant and from realistic to abstract, many of the fifty paintings, drawings and watercolors featured have not been previously exhibited.

Polyphonic Spree, The O’s, Seryn. Club Congress. 311 E. Congress St. $18. 7pm

Ronstadt Generations. Chicago Bar. 5954 E. Speedway Blvd. 8:30pm

The Bryan Dean Trio. Boondocks Lounge. 3306 N. First Ave. 6pm Democrats of Greater Tucson Meeting. Dragon’s View Asian Restaurant 400N Bonita Ave. 11:30-1PM. Team Trivia at Sky Bar. Sky Bar. 536 N. Fourth Ave. Starts at 7. 520622-4300. The Switch. 9pm. Plush. 340 E. Sixth St. 21+. Jacob Breckenridge and Jericho Davidson host an improvised stand-up comedy show. Information Compiled by: Joel Mintz

To sponsor this calendar, or list an event, email or call 621.3425 Deadline 3pm 2 business days prior to publication.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

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News • Monday, August 26, 2013


UA welcomes its most diverse class Wildcats as incoming members of the UA. “Growing up in Tucson, you hear so much about the U of A,” said Kailee Economidis, a history freshman. “Everyone in Tucson loves the U of A, so I’ve always wanted to go here.” After the ceremony there was a Convocation Celebration between McKale Center and Richard Jefferson Gym where students were taught by Wilbur, Wilma, the cheer team and the Pride of Arizona the cheers and traditions they’ll need to know for UA sporting events. “I liked that the band and the cheerleaders showed us what we do at the games and explained that a little more,” Economidis said. Students were moved back inside McKale where numerous clubs and organizations were scattered around handing out flyers and information. These clubs and organizations ranged from Sonora Student Fellowship to


At the New Student Convocation, UA President Ann Weaver Hart called upon students to innovate and apply the knowledge they learn to new settings. In Hart’s opening remarks, she mistakenly welcomed more than 9,000 freshmen and transfer students to the University of New Hampshire, where she was president from 2002 to 2006. However, many students did not notice the slip and those who did said it was a human mistake. “I know from personal experience, especially announcing in front of a huge crowd that I’ve made that mistake before,” said Andy Gonzalez, an economics senior. “It happens to everyone. Speaking in front of a large crowd is hard for anyone, whether it’s the president of the university or a student body president of the


UA PRESIDENT Ann Weaver Hart welcomes incoming freshman at the New Student Convocation on Aug. 25.

university.” The ceremony was held in McKale Center and featured speakers who welcomed the newest Wildcats to campus. The class of 2017 is the

most diverse class the university has seen, according to Melissa Vito, vice president of Student Affairs. Some attendees said they were honored to join the rest of their fellow

Microsoft begins search for new CEO MCCLATCHY TRIBUNE

Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer is retiring within the next 12 months, the company announced Friday. Ballmer, 57, will retire once a successor has been chosen. “My original thoughts on timing would have had my retirement happen in the middle of our company’s transformation to a devices and services company,” Ballmer said in the news release. “We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction.” Microsoft’s board has appointed a special committee, chaired by lead independent board member John Thompson, to choose the next CEO. The committee also includes Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman; Chuck Noski, chairman of the audit committee; and Steve Luczo, chairman of the compensation committee.

The special committee, which is working with executive recruiting firm Heidrick & Struggles International, plans to consider external as well as internal candidates, according to a news release. Ballmer, who has been CEO since 2000, has faced criticism for years about Microsoft’s stagnant stock price and its falling far behind of competitors such as Apple and Google in the fast-growing mobile market. More recently, calls for him to step down have come after the lukewarm reception to Windows 8, which launched last fall, and the abysmal sales of the Surface RT tablet, among the company’s first branded computing devices. Last year, he said the company was transitioning into a devices and services company, and earlier this year, started implementing a major company reorganization to reach that goal. In recent days, there have been rumblings

of more shareholder pressure for change. Activist investor ValueAct, for instance, which had disclosed earlier this year that it had purchased some $2 billion of Microsoft stock, had reportedly been talking with some Microsoft board members and large institutional shareholders about gaining a seat on Microsoft’s board. He said his decision was not prompted by ValueAct or other shareholders’ pressure for change. Ballmer is not on the special committee that will choose his successor. But as a member of Microsoft’s nine-member board, he will have a voice, “and I’m never shy about my opinions,” he said. “I don’t know how you would find a new CEO without getting Ballmer’s input on the company and its workings,” Thompson said in an interview Friday. Thompson said the board has developed a profile of what the ideal candidate would look like but said it would be “premature” to disclose any of it. Both Ballmer and Thompson praised the company’s current senior leadership team but declined to say if there were any leading internal candidates.

the Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority. “We promise to change your lives. We won’t do it alone, in fact you’re going to do a lot of the work, but it’s teamwork and together,” said Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Andrew Comrie. “You’re going to be some of the best educated, most exciting, most innovated and can-do people in the world when you graduate from this university.”

9,000 new students — 7,000 freshman —2,000 transfer students. — 4,000 in-state students — 60 different countries represented by international students — Info courtesy of Melissa Vito, Vice President of Student Affairs


MICROSOFT CEO, Steve Ballmer, is retiring within the next 12 months. The Microsoft board has appointed a special committee to choose the next CEO.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

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Editors: Megan Coghlan & James Kelley (520) 621-2956


Transfer plays NCAA waiting game twice. “I’m just sitting here waiting, like you guys,” Neal said. The biggest news out of Arizona According to, the football’s fall camp was that there hardship waiver is for studentwas no big news, especially with athletes who are “compelled regard to the status of sophomore to transfer because of financial receiver Davonte’ Neal. hardship or an injury or illness to the The Wildcats did not suffer any student-athlete or a member of their major injuries, have any noteworthy family.” players leave the program and the UA Neal said he is anxious to hear did not name a starting quarterback. about his status but isn’t obsessing Meanwhile, Arizona continues to about it. wait on whether Neal can play this “I’m not going to worry about it season. too much,” Neal said. “I’m just going Neal played at the University of to go out and do my part for this Notre Dame as a freshman and was team.” Ranked by ESPN as the best athlete Neal could greatly help the in the nation in the 2012 recruiting Arizona offense, which has to replace class. Jacksonville Jaguar Matt Scott at In the spring Neal transferred to quarterback and receivers Dan the UA and said he hopes to play Buckner, now an Arizona Cardinal, this season. Normally, transfers and junior Austin Hill, who tore his must sit out a season, but Neal filed ACL during spring football. a hardship wavier to “It’s not on try and be eligible our timetable,” this season. Rodriguez Our compli“It is a little said. “Our ance has done f r u s t r a t i n g ,” compliance has everything head coach Rich done everything and everyRodriguez said. “I’m and anything thing possible. sure it’s frustrating possible. Now, for you all too. Now,we’re just we’re just Davonte’ has a great waiting on the waiting on the attitude. School NCAA. I don’t NCAA. starts Monday, know what the — Rich Rodriguez games start Friday; holdup is, but, it sure would be hopefully, we’ll nice to know.” find out soon.” Neal chose Arizona partly to be Rodriguez said because of how closer to his girlfriend and daughter the UA splits up repetitions during Baylee. He prepped at Chaparral practice, he doesn’t miss out as High School in Scottsdale and won much as a “typical offense.” Arizona Gatorade Player of the Year “He’s been getting a few reps but

seventh-best quarterback coming out of high school. Sporting News ranked Jones as the third-best overall prospect in 2012. The two former Longhorns will sit out this season due to transfer rules, but Scroggins is eligible because he transferred from a junior college. Rodriguez credited the appeal of the UA and the new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility for why the blue chip transfers picked Arizona. “It’s a great place to go to school. We have this brand new facility, which is a big boost in recruiting and development,” Rodriguez said. “So, I mean, it’s all good right now.”

James KellEy The Daily Wildcat

Copper comeback

Tyler Besh/The Daily Wildcat

Receiver Davonte’ Neal speaks to reporters at the Arizona football Media Day held in the Sands Club in the new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility on Aug.18. The UA football program is currently waiting to hear from the NCAA if Neal is eligible for the 2013 season.

not a lot,” Rodriguez said. “We’ve just been going on the assumption [that he won’t play] until they tell us he’s eligible. He’ll get some reps but not with the ones and twos. If he is eligible, he’ll be jumping up right away and get some reps as soon as we find out.” Neal returned 21 punts for the Fighting Irish as they made it to the BCS National Championship last season. “It’s a little different. You get a different atmosphere with different colleges, but as far as I can see, it’s

the same competitive atmosphere that Notre Dame had,” Neal said. Neal is just one of the high profile transfers in the Rodriguez era. In the fall, junior quarterback Jesse Scroggins, who started his career at USC, decided to go to the UA. Then, during the summer, the Wildcats added quarterback Connor Brewer and receiver Cayleb Jones from Texas. Brewer was a teammate of Neal’s in high school and Jones is from Austin, Texas, where UT is located. ESPNU ranked Brewer as the


Arizona announced the football team will wear copper helmets for its season opener Friday against NAU. The Wildcats wore blue lids during training camp and blue jerseys, blue pants and copper helmets for their annual “Beanie Bowl” — ­ their dress rehearsal a week before the NAU game. Though popular among fans, the Wildcats have had mixed success in copper. The football team lost 38-35 to No. 18 Oregon State when it wore copper helmets. Then, the softball team beat No. 18 UCLA 8-6 in 10 innings on a walk-off hit in copper helmets but then lost 13-3 the next night. The baseball team lost 23-1 to Washington when it wore copper helmets. — Follow him at


Miller excited about newest Amato era batch of Wildcats, returnees begins with two wins BY Megan Coghlan The Daily Wildcat

Arizona men’s basketball team’s first game on Oct. 28 may seem far away, but it’s not too early for head coach Sean Miller to have an idea of what to expect. More access to the players this summer has given him a chance to know them better and work with them directly. Summer practices have given players the opportunity to prove themselves on and off the court by taking classes and getting settled into the program. The upcoming season’s squad has some new faces. Miller said five-star Scout. com recruit Aaron Gordon has the team player attitude. “He’s really a hungry and willing learner, works hard at the game and wants to get better at all of those things that he knows he needs to,” Miller said. Gordon will face high expectations as he attempts to transition from a strictlyperimeter player to more of a three-point shooter. The incoming freshman was named a preseason AllAmerican by Sporting News, which ranked Arizona No. 5 in its preseason rankings. Miller expects that the other incoming fivestar recruit, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, will complement Gordon’s abilities. From Chester High School in Chester, Penn., he traveled the farthest of any of the incoming freshmen. Hollis-Jefferson won two AAAA state championships during his time at Chester. The 6-foot-7, 205-pound small forward has long arms and plays bigger than his actual height, Miller said. “He has physical gifts that make him a great defender,” Miller said. Gordon and HollisJefferson will be playing at more than one position,

offensively and defensively. Gordon has the capability to play as both small forward and power forward. The two could also fill in the holes left behind by recently graduated forwards Solomon Hill and Kevin Parrom. “Sometimes you forget how physically strong those guys were,” Miller said. “Both Aaron and Rondae, that’s their strength as incoming freshmen — their physical abilities. Some of that loss is negated by who they are athletically and physically.” Miller said he expects the less heralded Elliott Pitts to be a big contributor this year as well. “[Pitts] is somebody that isn’t talked a lot about. I kind of like that for Elliott because to me he’s going to deliver much more than people are talking about,” Miller said. “I really believe in what he can do for this program.” The 6-foot-5 shooting guard comes from De La Salle High School’s elite program in Dublin, Calif. He is No. 93 in the 2013 ESPN 100 and is known to utilize the jump shot from all over the court. The freshmen are not the only newcomers expected to contribute. Junior transfer T.J. McConnell will play point guard after sitting out last season due to NCAA transfer rules. After being on the team for a year, he has a strong mentality to balance out the newcomers’ influence, Miller said. Junior forward Matt Korcheck is a Cochise College transfer who redshirted last year. Korcheck’s role will be to come off the bench, rebound and defend. “We don’t necessarily need Matt to be a big scorer, but we do need his physical ability,” Miller said. Miller said he is also impressed with the development of returnees. Sophomore forward

BY Brian Peel The Daily Wildcat

Tyler Besh/The Daily Wildcat

Nick Johnson goes in for a dunk against Ohio State in the 2013 NCAA men’s basketball tournament on March 28.

Brandon Ashley’s range and ability to shoot the ball has improved, Miller said. Last season Ashley shot .525 from the floor and recorded a pair of double doubles. Miller said he was also impressed with junior guard Nick Johnson. Last season he had 23 games with 10 or more points and earned an honorable mention Pac-12 All-Defensive team. Miller said he believes he is a potential all-conference

performer and is on the path to a great junior year. If there is one thing the team has worked on the most this summer, it is perimeter shooting. “I don’t think there’s a college basketball program of the 347 that have shot more basketballs than we have this summer,” Miller said. ­— Follow her at MeganCoghlan

The Arizona soccer team couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2013 season than the one it had in the Sunshine State over the weekend. The Wildcats (2-0-0) made it anything but sunny for both Florida International and Florida Atlantic, winning both games by a combined score of 5-2. On Friday night, Arizona kicked off the Tony Amato era with a 4-2 victory over Florida International in Miami. The Wildcats dominated possession throughout most of the game, and its offense came alive in the second half when it scored three goals. Redshirt freshman forward Kaitlyn Lopez got the first half ’s only goal and began the Wildcats’ scoring early with a sixth minute finish that gave Arizona a 1-0 lead going into halftime. A costly mistake from the Panthers’ defense in giving the ball away near their own penalty box put Arizona up 2-0 when junior forward Alexandra Doller pushed it past FIU goalkeeper Vanessa Plasencia in the 54th minute. Plasencia, a freshman making her first career start, was on call all night and finished with 13 saves. Doller would strike again just five minutes later when she put away a rebound shot that appeared to glance off the post, making it 3-0 Wildcats. FIU’s offense lacked attack power until the 74th minute when the Panthers’ Crystal McNamara headed in a free kick. Any chance of a Panther comeback ended when confusion in the Panthers’ penalty box saw the Wildcats’ leading goal-scorer from last year, senior midfielder and forward Jazmin Ponce, score Arizona’s last goal of the night in the 82nd minute. Ponce’s goal was set up from a somersault flip throw-in from freshmen midfielder Jaden DeGracie that she utilized throughout the night. FIU scored the game’s final goal just seconds later when Arizona made a mistake of its own, failing to clear the ball out of its half. This led to a shot from Weinhardt that had no chance of being saved by Wildcat junior goalkeeper Gabby Kaufman, who ended the night with three saves. The Wildcats outshot the Panthers 23-9 for the game

Soccer, 12 Mon-Fri 8am–6pm Sat 10am–4pm

Home of the 3¢ copy








(1 per person, through 10/31/13)

3776 N. 1st Ave | 520.408.4940 |

12 • The Daily Wildcat

Sports • Monday, August 26, 2013

summer recap

Wildcats endure rough summer UA icon dies, Wildcats join NCAA lawsuit, boys and girls of summer end season early, football fills police blotter and Ka’Deem’s charges dropped BY Derek Evans The Daily Wildcat

In case Arizona Athletics fell off your radar this summer, it’s time to get back on track and catch up on some of the sports news you may have missed.

Rugby suffers major loss

The Wildcats rugby team had success on the field as the Sevens went to the Collegiate Rugby Championship. Off the field, however, tragedy hit when longtime head coach Dave Sitton died from a blood clot at the age of 58 on Aug. 12. Sitton’s death was a significant loss not only for the rugby team but for the University of Arizona and the city of Tucson as a whole. He was a football and basketball broadcaster for the Wildcats for more than 20 years and ran for Congress as a Republican in 2012 to replace Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Originally from Southern California, Sitton was recruited to play baseball for UA, but after injuries he turned to rugby and became head coach in 1978. He also did work for several charity organizations in Tucson.

Football Wildcats involved in lawsuit

Arizona football season starts this Friday, and it is likely that two players have more than football on their minds. Senior linebacker Jake Fischer and senior kicker Jake Smith have joined forces with four other NCAA football players, as well as several former NCAA stars, including lead plaintiff, former UCLA men’s basketball player Ed O’Bannon. They are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the NCAA and EA Sports, the company that produced the “NCAA Football” games. Of all the players in the lawsuit, Fischer is likely the most important to his team, as he was the Wildcats’ leader in tackles last season. This season, his number 33 is being sold by the school as the team’s new jersey. When Fischer and Smith joined the lawsuit a month ago, UA Athletic Director Greg Byrne released a statement that said the athletic department doesn’t support the lawsuit, but does support Fischer and Smith’s rights to express their opinions.

Baseball denied title defense chance In 2012, Wildcats baseball was


from page 11

with 17 on goal compared to FIU’s five. Just down the road in Boca Raton, Fla., Arizona found itself in a defensive struggle against Florida Atlantic on Sunday but eventually pulled out a 1-0 victory. Both offenses had their chances, but the Wildcats were the only team to take advantage when Ponce finally broke through in the 79th minute, scoring her second

Tyler Baker/The Daily Wildcat

UA Baseball wrapped up the 2013 season by sweeping USC in a three- game series but was not selected for the NCAA tournament and was denied a chance to defend its 2012 national championship.

on top of the world, as it won Bay Rays, and Wade was taken its fourth College World Series by the Colorado Rockies in the Championship., but in 2013, they seventh round. Wade elected to return for his did not even qualify for the NCAA senior season though. tournament. Arizona went 34-21. The Wildcats were considered a borderline team for the tournament of 64, but the selection Arizona committee left softball has them out. a national Not everything Arizona softball champion was bad for the has a national Wildcats, though, history, but champion history, as outfielder 2013 was not but 2013 was not Johnny Field, first the best year the best year for the baseman Brandon team. for the team. Dixon and pitcher The team lost in Konner Wade were regionals, a far cry all drafted into from its normal the MLB. Dixon went in the third success. Outfielder Hallie Wilson round to the Los Angeles Dodgers, was the star of the team, and her Field went fifth round to the Tampa highlight of the season came with

even though it struggled at times compared to Friday’s win. “We were able to grind it out. We found a way to get the goal today, which definitely shows me a lot of what the team has deep inside because it wasn’t going our way at times.” Arizona’s home opener will be a showdown with UC Riverside on Friday. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. — Follow him

and conditioning coach Frank Davis was charged for allegedly assaulting a student manager after the team lost to ASU last November. Davis was suspended from pay and not fired, but his contract was not renewed when it expired in June. In July, sophomore safety Patrick Onwuasor was arrested and charged with four felonies, including drug charges and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Courtesy of Arizona Athletics

UA soccer Coach Tony Amato who is in his first season with the Wildcats, had a win of 4-2 against FIU for the season opener on Aug. 23 in Miami.

Four generations of the Zagona family serving homemade Italian specialties on historic 4th Avenue

Reasonably priced, served in a friendly family setting


­— Follow him DerekEvans20

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky...

A UA favorite since the 1930’s

Dine in our Old World patio

violence case with his pregnant girlfriend. In June, all of his charges were dropped. Carey still has a chance to be the school’s first Heisman Trophy winner, as well as the Doak Walker award winner.

“Gee Brain, what are we going to do tonight?”

Open for Lunch

434 N. 4th Avenue

Head coach Rich Rodriguez announced shortly after Onwuasor was taken into custody that he was cut from the team.

Football has problems Ka’Deem Carey’s S o f t b a l l off the field charges dropped k n o c k e d For some, Arizona football’s Back in December, star football looked a little bit like the running back Ka’Deem Carey out of NCAA offseason TV show “Law and Order.” was charged with misdemeanor tourney early In May, former assistant strength assault charges in a domestic

goal of the weekend with an assist from DeGracie. “We brought her out for a little breather, and when we put her back in we said, ‘Go find us a way to win us the game,’” Amato said about Ponce. “Her ability and her will to win won us the game.” While they did outshoot the Owls 13-5, the Wildcats only managed to put three shots on goal. Kaufman had a solid game, stopping the two shots she faced and collecting her first shutout of the year. Amato said he was pleased with the team’s effort Sunday,

a game-winning walk-off threerun homer against UCLA. Wilson was also invited to the Team USA tryouts, but she was cut.

...Read today’s Daily Wildcat!”

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ARTS & Life

Editor: Kyle Mittan (520) 621-3106

New piano UApresents’ largest-ever gift BY Jessica Schrecker The Daily Wildcat

Centennial Hall welcomed a brand new piano thanks to the largest donation in the history of UApresents made by the Margaret E. Mooney Foundation. The brand new Steinway & Sons concert grand piano arrived in July and will be used for the first time when renowned pianist Lang Lang performs on Oct. 22. Over the summer, Chuck Tennes, executive director of UApresents, along with associate professor John Milbauer from the School of Music and John Simon, Tucson Steinway Gallery owner, traveled to the Steinway & Sons Factory in New York City to choose a new concert grand piano for Centennial Hall. After becoming executive director in August 2011, Tennes made obtaining a new piano one of his top priorities. “It’s something I heard right from the beginning,” Tennes said. “The piano we had … has seen better years. Pianos, especially in an institutional setting, have a somewhat limited life.” Six months ago, Tennes received a check from the Margaret E. Mooney Foundation in Tucson to be used for the purchase of a new piano for the university’s music hall. “Mrs. Mooney was interested in the arts and we thought that this was a perfect way to remember her,” said Linda Lohse, director of the foundation. The donation funded the trip

to New York and allowed Tennes, Milbauer and Simon access to several different types of concert grand pianos. After several tests, they chose the Model D concert grand piano, a product which Simon said is valued at $142,000. Simon added that there is a method behind choosing the right piano for the right setting. “You choose one that is just going to be flexible,” he said. “You want to have a lot of character, a lot of personality — something that’s going to work for a lot of different kinds of players.” According to Simon, the Model D is the largest and most expressive of the Steinways, which would allow guest artists greater satisfaction with their performances. “It has a flawless regulation. It’s flawlessly even, in terms of the touch,” said Milbauer. “This is very beautifully weighted from bottom to top, and that’s rare, so it’s a real treat.” Steinway pianos have been a long-esteemed product in the music world. The company began in 1853 in Manhattan and has since expanded to countries all over the world. “Steinway & Sons is pretty widely recognized as the gold standard when it comes to pianos,” Tennes said. “We’re talking about carpentry, a lot of precision work, the steel frames, the strings, etcetera. All of those components are built and assembled in a very traditional factory setting.” The true test of this piano, Milbauer said, will be seen after it has been tuned and adjusted to Centennial

Savannah Douglas/the Daily Wildcat

The Margaret A. Mooney Foundation donated the funds to purchase a Steinway & Sons concert grand piano to Centennial Hall. John Milbauer, associate professor of music, traveled to New York’s Steinway & Sons Factory where he chose the piano.

Hall. “It’s gone from very tightly regulated humidity in New York to a huge range of humidity in Centennial,” Milbauer added. “The pianos always freak out when you put them in a new place, so I’m curious what that piano’s going to sound like in two years, but I’m very happy with how it sounds now.”

New stadium eatery offers views, diverse menu items BY Casey Knox The Daily Wildcat

Today marks the scheduled opening of the latest addition to Arizona Stadium’s north end zone expansion, Bear Down Kitchen, which aims to see students “eating with the athletes.”

The kitchen, built through a joint effort by Arizona Student Unions and the athletics department, combines the departments’ collaborative vision of a casual eatery to be shared by student-athletes and the general public. Located on the fourth floor, the kitchen has wide glass windows, overlooking its

The former piano will be kept to provide artists with the option for the type of sound they wish to have. “It’s good to have a spare, and it’s good to have a choice,” Tennes said.

Simon said he is confident that the new Steinway will last 50 to 75 years, ultimately reducing the price per year of the piano as compared with the cost to upkeep mass-produced pianos. In addition to the stability it will provide, the new piano will grant visiting artists with something they haven’t had before — a choice.

Follow her at JKSchrecker

and waffles. An extensive breakfast menu aims to cater to students who live on campus. Students who are looking for healthier lunchtime meal options can help themselves to an all-you-can-eat salad bar. As for more hearty meals, the kitchen also provides a build-your-own-sandwich station and a rotating hot line. Zach Baker, the restaurant’s head chef and manager, didn’t One of my future goals is to ... steal mince words about his goals the business away from the other for Bear Down Kitchen. eateries on campus. “One of my future goals is to make the best pizza and steal — Zach Baker,

surrounding landscapes. To the north are the Catalina Mountains. The south end of the kitchen overlooks Bear Down Field. Bear Down Kitchen opens every morning at 7 a.m., and will offer a wide variety of allyou-can-eat breakfast items, like eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon

head chef and manager of Bear Down Kitchen

18 Years Years 18 and and older OldER

OpenTill Till Open 5am 5AM

Free Admission Admission on on Sunday Sunday Free w/ College College ID ID W/ OpenDaily Daily Open 8pm 8pm www. 3650 E.E.Speedway Speedway Blvd. Blvd. 3650 520-326-9282 520-326-9282

Kitchen, 14

Full Full Nude Nude

14 • The Daily Wildcat

Arts & Life • Monday, August 26, 2013


Planning, comfortability keys to early-class outfits BY Amy Johnson The Daily Wildcat


Looking ahead: five films to catch this fall Following summer’s season of blockbusters, the end of 2013 offers a variety of indie and mainstream flicks worth watching. BY Alex Guyton

The first week of school, or “syllabus week” as it’s colloquially known, is equal parts exciting and stressful. Most students are worried about impressing their professors, but that’s the easy part: just don’t come empty-handed, bring the assigned textbooks and ask lots of questions. The trick is finding the right outfit for the first week of classes while you’re still adjusting your sleep schedule after a long, lazy summer. Now you’ll need to get creative. Your challenge is to make a proper first impression, and should you accept, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

The Daily Wildcat

“Gravity” (Oct. 4)

Create a system that works

Schedule plenty of time to rifle through your closet the night before class. “I typically will plan my outfits out the night before,” said Lindsey Conklin, a biomedical engineer junior. “Like the last 10 minutes or so before bed when you don’t have any more work, or when I can’t really fall asleep at night, then I’ll plan out my outfit.” This idea may seem obvious if your parents have been nagging you to plan ahead for years now, but it could save you enough time in the morning to make that all-important coffee run. In addition, have a go-to outfit on hand for the days you sleep in a little too late. You can create an unexpected outfit that works just by mixing more feminine pieces from your closet with edgier ones. “[For me, it’s] leggings and a U of A shirt with a vest and combat boots or my maxi skirt with my white flowing top,” said Symonne Hornaday, a psychology senior. “I like doing contradicting things in my outfits.”

Keep it simple

Warner Bros. Pictures

“Escape from Tomorrow” (Oct. 11 limited/video on demand)

Tyler Besh/the Daily Wildcat

A maxi skirt, a short sleeved shirt and some sandals is an easy way to stay fashionable for even that 8 a.m. class.

wearing edgier shoes.

When it’s early in the morning and you’re still blurry-eyed and coffee-deprived, try to keep your outfit simple. For Zoë Webman, a visual communications junior, this means throwing on a cute dress “while keeping [her] hair natural and simple without spending too much time on it. Or go really comfy with a cute hairdo. “But I’d definitely only focus on one or the other for an early morning class so I can get as much sleep in as possible,” she added. A white V-neck and dark wash jeans can be a wellcomposed outfit when paired with an accent piece. Try an oversized gold watch or ballet flats. Transform this same outfit later in the week by throwing on a blazer, swapping the pants for a feminine skirt or

A medical engineer (Sandra Bullock) and an astronaut (George Clooney) become stranded in space after debris from a satellite crashes into their space shuttle. What’s notable is the film is stripped down to its bare elements, with only two actors on screen. This minimalism will be matched by the bleak setting, debris suspended in the endless, dark expanse of space. One of the trailers is a horrifying minute of Sandra Bullock drifting helplessly into space, and it makes for one of the most disconcerting images on a movie screen this year.

Be comfortable

Dressing to impress doesn’t necessarily mean trendy dresses and Vogue-style curled hair. “I usually just wear leggings and a top or a maxi skirt with a top,” Hornaday said. “I don’t really plan ahead. I just like being comfortable while looking semi-decent.” Dressing well might catch the eyes of your fellow classmates, but it’s your confidence that will hold their attention. Own your style, and you’ll stand out ­ even in your earliest class. this semester —

On the independent circuit, there is the much talked about “Escape from Tomorrow.” Director/writer Randy Moore and the cast accomplished the near-impossible by filming in Disneyland and Walt Disney World without the permission of the parks. The film received an incredible amount of buzz at Sundance Film Festival and was hand selected by late film critic Roger Ebert to play at his annual film festival. The film centers on a father on vacation with his family as he loses his grip on reality as the park takes on a menacing surrealism.

“The Counselor” (Oct. 25)

—Follow her at

Chockstone Pictures


Michael Fassbender stars in this dark thriller as a lawyer involved in the deception, violence and moral ambiguity of drug trafficking. The intrigue with “The Counselor” isn’t so much the director Ridley Scott (“Gladiator,” “Alien”) or the all-star cast consisting of Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt, but that the script comes from acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy. McCarthy penned the novels “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men,” both of which were adapted for the screen.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” (Nov. 15)

from page 13

the business from other eateries on campus,” Baker said. “We’re pretty excited. We have quite a few different menu options.” He added that the current menu is quite extensive even in the restaurant’s first semester. Additionally, the restaurant will serve pizza, hamburgers and calzones and will incorporate Asian cuisine. The kitchen will serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday until 1:30 p.m. The restaurant will be closed to the public on game days to host prospective recruits, said Jason Tolliver, director of Arizona Student Unions. While serving as the primary eatery for athletes, Tolliver added that the student union’s idea behind adding the restaurant was also to have another accessbile eatery for all students. “We hope that students will utilize this restaurant,” he said. “Hopefully, this will help alleviate some of the lines on campus that other venues have.” Students interested in checking out the wide variety of menu

Mankurt Media LLC

Appian Way

Lili Steffen/the Daily Wildcat

Bear Down Kitchen, located on the fourth floor of the Lowell-Stevens Football Facility, is due to open today. The cafeteria aims to provide a place for student-athletes and non studentathletes to dine together.

options have multiple payment methods to choose from, including CatCard, CatCash, credit or debit card or cash. Baker’s idea for the future of Bear Down Kitchen remains clear. “My goal is to make this restaurant the most popular one on

campus,” Baker said. “We already have a pretty extensive menu, and in the next semester, we’ll really have an idea of what people like.” —Follow her at Knox_Casey

Based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, a crooked New York stockbroker of the 1990s. The main reason to watch is the talent involved: Leonardo DiCaprio reteams with director Martin Scorsese (“Goodfellas,” “The Departed”) with supporting actors Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Jean Dujardin (“The Artist”), and Kyle Chandler (“Friday Night Lights”). The kinetic trailer displays the extravagant, volatile nature of Belfort and his lifestyle, an energy that’s constantly pushed to the limit with the use of Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead.”

“American Hustle” (Dec. 13 limited, Dec. 25 wide)

Director David O. Russell reteams with Christian Bale and Amy Adams from “The Fighter,” as well as Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper from “Silver Linings Playbook.” Bale, as per the usual, has undergone another severe physical transformation. This time, though, he has put on pounds via fat instead of muscle. A crime drama set in the ‘70s, the plot centers on con man Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) who has been recruited by FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Cooper) to assist Atlas Entertainment the bureau. —Follow him at

Monday, August 26, 2013










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las C ood rals F s u s E e m E n a t r Fi >> FR d Int s n e oup r a fl f G s ions a t E m R a a E z i & e rgan >> FR lub T rizes O C P y , t i s m d mun ame s fro s, an p G m c i e o t > > R a C s: Aqu and , l t with s rtner ok a e e a c r e P o >> M pus A Bo ventu out L d b A a Camervices, U orority r earn tdoo L u th S rnity & S e Life l > a O > e t Frate pus H denc k ou c e Cam l, ASUA, ms, Resi h C lness > l ra > ue e g F o , r W s P PM ss/ 8 t! r Store e o n t p 5 i F 6, r Sup ege

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Fa uc form izza Wells cson & E Villa, Per ucson, P u (T tT ity Town , Univers E, Hub a lon U-LIF 7 Sa FAB-

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C R uden T t N S S r fo BBO RRY , VP


HE elissa Vito C “ NEW arks by Dr. M m >> Re irs ided v o r a f Af nts p e m h fres >> Re

M P 5 , 26

ust g u A , y a d 21 , 857 n Z o Mon i A t , n ea ucso Recr ,T pus treet S Cam h t E6 1400 21-8702 o )6 (520 srec.ariz u p cam

16 • The Daily Wildcat

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“Sushi-licious” (Arizona Daily Star, August 25, 2011)

ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI DAILY LUNCH BUFFET Featuring seafood, sushi rolls, tempura, teriyaki chicken and much more!

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News • Monday, August 26, 2013




different accommodating to one residents moving into Colonia de la Paz, there was a crowd another.” As they participated in dorm of excited parents and siblings check-in, incoming students helping roll in boxes stuffed with were immersed in the Wildcat dorm essentials. By having check-in at McKale, atmosphere in McKale Center, which was decked out in UA resident assistants had more spirit. Student-run staff assisted time this year to interact with students who were separated new residents, making them feel from their families to complete comfortable and welcome, said Kaylie Fisher, an RA in La Paz. the dorm check-in. Fisher said her goal for the year “The check-in process was very simple. Everything was laid is to make La Paz a community out and easy to see — especially through hall dinners and other directions around campus,” programs for residents. “I just want to be there for Lindsey Willman said. “When my sister moved into college in the students in my hall,” Fisher Colorado, it wasn’t as easy for said. “I’m happy I have time to answer any questions today and her.” In previous years, the dorm be there for them. I’m planning check-in process occurred on designating a time for ‘office at individual dorms. The UA hours’ every week where students implemented a centralized can just come to my room and process in McKale this year in talk.” Lindsey Willman said she is order to reduce the lines in front looking forward of the residence to meeting new halls and so people and students and I’m feeling a stepping outside families could be little excited of her comfort in air-conditioned but also a little zone. Arey areas, according nervous. I have said she is also to Dana Robbinsnever lived excited to meet Murray, assistant with anyone new people, director of although many marketing for except for my students from Residence Life. parents. her high school Despite the —Lindsey Willman, incoming freshman are attending the large number UA. One of her of incoming main goals this residents, there semester is to are still a few open beds available for students meet people from different states seeking on-campus housing in the or high schools. “I want to meet at least 10 new dorms due to some cancellations, people that I just completely Robbins-Murray said. Living in the dorms can be don’t know at all,” Arey said. As move-in day came to an end, beneficial, Robbins-Murray said, because statistics show students goodbyes were exchanged and who live in a residence hall at least the frenzy began to die down. “It’s going to be a little tough one year tend to have almost a 10 percent higher GPA than students saying bye to Lindsey because who don’t live on campus their we are pretty close,” said David Willman, Lindsey’s father. “It’s first year. Additionally, students who bittersweet, but I know she is live on campus have a higher going to do very well here.” percentage of graduation in four years, she added. —Follow them at For those students who did choose to move-in last week, daily_chels and the energy didn’t die down after ebregger_news they left McKale. With almost 500

The UA invited Sun Link to participate in campus events such as Wildcat Welcome week and New Student Orientation, according to Beckim. Sun Link is also hoping to play the PSAs on the TVs in the Student Union Memorial Center in addition to presenting the campaign to various on-campus organizations, Beckim added. “The university is an important part of the project,” Davidson said. “Certainly the university campus will benefit greatly by having the streetcar project operational on campus and it’s certainly going to help students get around with the new way and I think it’s exciting.” Streetcar construction is back on schedule, Ginn said. The $196 million project is under budget and is to remain there, even with the cost of previous setbacks, Ginn added.



The next step is testing the overhead in preparation for when the vehicles arrive, according to Ginn. All of the final vehicle inspections must be conducted before the vehicles arrive in Tucson in late August to early September, Ginn added. Inspections will include testing the brakes, checking electrics, track lining and overhead safety. After this is completed, the streetcars will run in a pre-revenue service, meaning the cars will run on the tracks, but without passengers, to ensure they are in proper working condition before the public opening to riders. “[This education program] will teach the public ways for all of us to move with confidence with the new streetcar system in place,” Davidson said. “I think it’s also going to be a good way to tell the community exactly what’s happening when.” —Follow her at

[This education program] will teach the public ways for all of us to move with confidence with the new streetcar system in place.

— Bill Davidson, manager of public information and marketing for PTS



HEATHER ARLEN, a junior from Colorado, balances another load of her room essentials as she moves into the Level apartment complex.

with a pool on the 10th story. The Junction at Iron Horse began construction in July and is on schedule to be completed in July 2014. The four-story building will house 232 students. Level is 98 percent full for this academic year and The Retreat fully booked its 774 rooms. Drake White, leasing consultant for The Retreat, said the management feels comfortable with its leasing situation with the addition of the three new properties opening next summer. “We always had other apartment complexes ask, ‘Hey, what did you do?’ We helped them out and told them what we did,” White said. “We just got really lucky. A lot of people were really intrigued on the whole cottage-living lifestyle, and I think that’s what really sold people on wanting to live here.” The Ranch at Star Pass, on the west side of Tucson, has been more successful this year in leasing apartments, said Rittner

become the new preferred student neighborhood for U of A students.” Next began construction in January 2013 and is on schedule to be completed by the middle of July 2014 with students moving into the building in August. The building is the second highrise student complex built by Campus Acquisitions — the first being Level — and will house 393 students, Yeagle said. “Given the market conditions with lack of new, well-located off-campus housing options for students, we felt that we could design, build and manage two communities that would reach our occupancy targets because there wasn’t really a lot of good options immediately adjacent to campus for students,” Yeagle said. “And we believe that students and parents value new construction.” The north tower of Next will be 12 stories tall with a penthouse story, and the south tower of the building will be nine stories tall

About 6,600 UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS moved into



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Hufford, community manager at The Ranch. NorthPointe, an apartment complex on the north side of town, is a little less rented out than last year, Hufford added. Homestead U manages both properties. The management is excited for the opening of the new student housing buildings next year because they offer a different product, Hufford said. “We’re off campus — a little bit further than the newer developments — so we offer luxury at a little bit lower cost,” Hufford said. “So, in the next few years, I think students are going to look for that sense of community and the opportunity to save some money while still receiving luxury, so we are kind of excited for the future to offer that to the students.” —Follow her at rmcclusk6

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Classifieds • Monday, August 26, 2013

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!!!! 4BlOCKS TO UOfA. 1bdrm house $700 per month, completely new inside, quiet, no pets, security patrolled. 520-299-5020 or 520-624-3080 !!!!! fAnTASTIC nEw houses 4BEDROOM, 2Bath $2100/mo & 5Bedroom, 2Bath $2500/mo Convenient to campus - A/C, alarm, washer/dryer, private back yard, plus more. Website:‑floorplans.php Pets welcome. Call 520-747-9331 to see one today. !!!rEdUCEd PrICE! 832 East Lester St (at Park) Walk to campus & avoid on-campus parking fees! 4-bed/ 3-bath $2000/ month. New Granite Kitchen, Baths, Living & Family Rm, Private yard, A/C, W/D, No pets. 520-977-0619. PHOTOS: !!rEdUCEd fOr FALL SEMESTER! No need to purchase on-campus parking. WALK to campus from 1515 EAST 12TH ST (Vine & Cherry) NEW 4bed/ 3bath $1900/ month. Granite Kitchen/Baths, Parking, W/D, LOTS of ex‑ tras. 520-977-0619 PHOTOS:

1Bd/ 1BA, dUPlEx, water/gas paid, yard, Euclid/Elm, $445 if paid early, APL 747-4747

$1000 InCEnTIvE CASh back at move in. !!! $325 per person. Move-in Special. 4bdrm/2ba. AC, W/D. Close to UofA. Remodeled home. Contact Mike at 520-9547686 or

1BlOCK frOM UA. New A/C, remodeled, furnished or unfurnished. 1BD from $610, 2BD from $810. Pool/ laundry. 746 E 5th St. Shown by appointment 751-4363 or 409-3010

**5BdrM/ 3BA $1,795/mo** A/C, W/D Hookup, New Flooring, Reserved Parking, Speedway/Euclid - (520) 624-8695

lArgE 1BdrM APArTMEnT in quiet triplex. Speedway/Tucson area. Carpet, drapes, range, refrg, water paid, security. $450/mo. 327-0977

1BlOCK TO MAIngATE, next to The LEVEL but far more economical (free off-street parking!). 2BR/1BA, 2reserved parking spaces ($240 value), $700/ month. (520)327-7011

QUIET, 1/1 fOr rent. Newly refurbished located 2miles from campus. Water, trash, a/c & heating, WIFI PAID FOR. You pay small electric. Rent $600/mo 12month lease. Security/cleaning deposit $600. May be paid in two installments. (520)325-6545.



!!!! UnIQUE, hISTOrIC, lArgE 2bdrm/1bath. 435 E. University. $990. Wood floors, ceiling fans, lots of built-ins, quiet, no pets, security patrolled. 624-3080, 299-5020. 1319 n. 1ST AvE, walking distance, 2Bedroom, 1Bath, stove, refrigerator, window covering, water and Wifi paid, $700/mo. Flexible term. 370-8588. 3349 E fAIrMOUnT ST 85716 2bdrm $675 pvt fenced b/y, off st. park Clean, Fresh, No Pets, No Smoking Office space Large Mas‑ ter w/walk-in closet Kitchen appl,Washer/Dryer Quiet residential areas close to bus line, shopping, restaurants. Near the University. call 913.341.5928 3BEdrOOM, 2fUll BAThrOOMS, $845 per month, over 1100sqft, fenced yard, new ceramic tile and carpet, washer and dryer, dishwasher, air conditioned, and more. See more at www. AzMerritt. com or call 520-795-3100.

1Br COTTAgE wITh yard. W/D. AC. 3636E. Bellevue. Speedway/ Dodge area. Easy bike or bus to campus. Approved pets okay. Water paid by landlord. $575/month. Call Ana at 520-269-6211. 1MIlE TO UA (Grant/Park), 1,300square ft house, 3bed/ 1bath, unfurnished, $1,200/mo. Pets welcome for small charge and cleaning fee. Huge yard, great patio with outdoor fireplace. Includes w/d, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and a/c. Nice place! call 390-4416. 2Bd 1BA gUESThOUSE. Near UofA. Tile throughout. W/D, all appliances, storage room, fenced yard, covered carport. $625/mo. MUST SEE! 245-8388. 2Bd/ 1BATh rEMOdElEd home at 8st/Euclid. Incl. parking, electric, water, cable & internet! $1,250 (520)241-1662 2Br hOUSE wITh yard. W/D. AC. 337E. Fairground. Park & Ajo area -- easy bike or bus to campus. Approved pets okay. Water paid by landlord. $620/ month. Call Ana at 520-269-6211. 3Bd/ 2BA hISTOrIC refurbished house, Sam Hughes, evap and A/C, gated shaded yard. $1200/mo less w/trade . LuAnn 520-603-8007 3bdrm/2bath, 980sqft remodel 1mile from campus. near bikepath. Carport. fenced yard. Tile. new AC, dish wash, w/dryer. $900mo incl water . Avail immediately. Call 9098625/ email 3Br/ 2BA hOME, 2car garage, washer/dryer, partially furnished. Pets welcome.$1200. Darcy (520)591-6635

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

BEAUTIfUl 4Bd/ 2BA! Hardwood floors, repainted, fireplace, high ceiling, all appliances. Available Now. 885-5292/ 841-2871. Spring & Olsen. $1700/mo half off first month’s rent. BIKE TO CAMPUS IN FY13! 1,2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Gar, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776 BIKE TO CAMPUS-UMC 2bdrm/ 1.5ba. Clean. A/C. W/D covered parking. Fenced patio. Water included. $700 Broadstone 623-8111 ChArMIng AdOBE hOUSE 2BD 1BA, large living/ dining room, large yard, AC, close to UofA, medical center, shopping & restaurants. Perfect home for professionals or serious minded grad students. $1100/mo includes water, sewage, and garbage pickup. Lease preferred w/ first & last month’s deposit. 520-2717357 ClEAn!! nEw!! ClOSE to UofA/ UMC 2BD/1BA, A/C, W/D, yard, storage, $795/mo. Approved pets OK. 9mo lease okay. 520-9900783. ClOSE TO UA/ UMC/ CatTran. Newer 3BR, 2BA house w/attached 2car garage. W/D, lots of storage. Lots of tile, AC, great room and lrg. kitchen. Monitored security system. Clean and spacious! No pets. Call Sally 9759389 fABUlOUS BACKyArd/ SPA and views of city/UofA. Tiled 3bed/ 2bath, 3carport foothills home minutes from campus. EMS realty 520544-2727 fUlly fUrnIShEd 2Bd house, private yard, near UofA/ Downtown/ 4th Ave/ 19th St. Short term lease $900.00 +deposit. Student discount. 591-9288 323-7391 fUlly fUrnIShEd hISTOrIC home, porch, pond, ct. yard, study, blocks from UofA/downtown/4th Ave./19th St. Short term lease. Student discount. $1350/mo +dep. 591-9288 323-7391 gOIng, gOIng, gOnE! Walk to UofA 4bdrm/ 2ba. Hardwood floors, fireplace, fenced backyard, off-street parking, pets okay, W/D, D/W. $1500/mo +$1500 deposit. Samantha Call or Text (217)358‑ 1688 or 237-3175 nEw hOUSE 3BdrM/ 2bath. 222E. Elm #2. A/C, state of the art appliances, W/D, luxurious bath‑ room. $1400, first month half off. Avail Now. 520-885-5292/ 520841-2871 SAM hUghES PlACE walk to UofA. REDUCED RENT. 3br, 2ba, security sys, washer/dryer. Great views w/shaded patio. Exercise rm same floor. 2parking spaces incl. $2100/mo. Joyce 520-299-5920, or 502-401-0438, SPACIOUS 4Bd/ 2BT minutes to UofA, split floor plan, all tile. A/C, W/D, fireplace, walled backyard. 320-1738 wAlK TO CAMPUS, Sam Hughes- 2, 3, 4, 5BD. Newer homes! Within 1mi to UofA, A/C, garages and all appl included. 520-790-0776 wAlK TO UOfA. 3bed/2ba. $1300/mo. 1bed 1bath. $500/mo Water paid by owner. Covered parking. 891-6488.

AlMOST SAM hUghES (Country Club/Pima) without the Sam Hughes price. Bus line to UA (15minutes) or Downtown. 3bedrooms +den, 3baths. Huge Living/dining room. 2car carport. Perfect for UA Personnel/Faculty or investment for parents of student(s). 1600sf, Just remodeled, all appliances. Call Josh Conzemius for Appointment: 4401033

walk or bike to the UofA! Sam hughes home $398,900 4Bedroom 3Bathroom 2803sqft. lowest price/sf in the neighborhood! huge yard, fireplace, granite counters in kitchen, garage, and more! 2808 E. 10th St. rachel B 520.971.7415 lrC

UA ArEA 2Br/1BA. 1920s House. Wood floors. Fire place. Air. Fenced Yard. W/D. Fans. 2109 East Helen. $950/mo. 3499608.

$400/ MOnTh. grAnT/MOUnTAIn Area. Nice 2bed/1bath bungalow to share with male nonsmoking UA junior. Wood floor. A/C. W/D. Huge yard. Rent includes water and gas. Must be okay with one cat. 520.349.1768 4BdrM hOUSE KOlB & 22nd St. $350 master bdrm W/private bath. $300 Bdrm W/shared bath. split utilities. Dogs OK Lynn 480-228-5728 rETIrEd hISTOry InSTrUCTOr seeks grad student for roommate. House is older, but has all the conveniences available & has been updated. Spa, off-street parking, shop, W&D, own bath & bedroom, kitchen available, wifi & ca‑ ble TV. Dogs & children okay. No cats (my boxer hates cats). Call me @603-7616. Walk to UA or Trolley is 6blocks UOfA STUdEnT SEEKIng roommate. Students preferred. Lrg 3Bd/2Ba Townhouse. 2 openings. Utilities & internet included. W/D, minutes from UofA. $500/mo. 520269-8157.

4BdrM hOUSE. $350 master bdrm w/private bath $300 bdrm w/shared bath. Split utilities. Share w-21yr M student. Dogs ok. Kolb & 22nd St. Lynn 480-228-5728 rOOM fOr rEnT - 2blocks from UA, right behind Rec Center. No parking pass required, walk to school & gym. $565.00 per month plus utilities. Amazing location, very clean, new house. Email if interested

nICE And ClEAn Townhome. Prince and Country Club. 2bdrm, 1 and 1/2 bath. A/C, W/D. Covered parking, water & garbage inc $850/mo. Contact Chris 520-8207786

1973 vw Super Beetle Convertible. wIldCAT rEd! daily driver. $5950 OBO. 520-2475918

rAlEIgh TAlUS 5.0 XS 14” mountain bike, for shorter folks. Brand new from showroom floor. First $300 cash. 207-0147 leave message.

2006 hOndA Chf50/ scooter, $1350 call 743-2029.

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Comics • Monday, August 26, 2013


536 N. 4TH AVE




BREAKFAST CALZONE.....$4.75 COFFEE..............................$1.00 LATTÉ / MOCHA................$1.50


2nd Class Free For All New Students!

Tired of living in your landlord’s truck?



$1.75 SPECIALS Domestic 16oz Drafts or Bottles • Well Drinks • Slice of Cheese Pizza



Small Fries • Onion Rings • Nachos • Pretzel • Hot Dogs • 24 oz Soda


Late Night Specials 9 p.m. to Close CYBERBOWL Friday, Saturday see

Lucky Strike 4015 E. Speedway 357-4926 Tucson Bowl 7020 E. 21st St. 747-1363


Fiesta Lanes 501 W. River Rd. 887-2695 C E N T E R S

Cactus Bowl 3665 S. 16th Ave. 327-6561

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answers to your ques�ons about sex and rela�onships ASU does NOT have it's very own sexually transmitted infection. Wildcats get the same STIs that Sun Devils do.


Does “Friends with Benefits” work?

A. Friends With Benefits (FWB) means different things to different people. To most UA students, an FWB is someone you know (and perhaps trust) to have sex with. No strings attached. There is no commitment and no title like “lover” or “partner.” The FWB may be more of an acquaintance than someone in your circle of friends. And, your FWB may be a secret relationship that your closest friends don’t even know about. The advantages of having an FWB are primarily sexual. You have someone to “hook up” with, but without all the time, obligation, energy, and stress that may accompany a relationship. When you have an FWB, you are free to experiment and enjoy the pleasure without most of the pain; unless one of you develops feelings and emotions – which often happens. Feelings seem to be the most likely disadvantage that may result from an FWB arrangement. One person may want a more emotionally intimate relationship. Another person may develop a liking, even love, for their sex buddy. If the feelings aren’t reciprocated, someone can end up feeling used. Because FWBs are free to

sleep with other people, it’s not uncommon for feelings of jealousy to arise. The disadvantages also include greater exposure to sexual risks. Some people feel safer with a FWB because they think they “know” them better than a stranger they just met at a party. Having a sex buddy doesn’t guarantee safer sex. If your FWB has several other sex buddies (the ones they keep secret from you in order to spare all those potential feelings), you can expect more exposure to sexually transmitted infections such as herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, and more. Having sex with an FWB only works well as long as both people play by the same accepted ground rules: the “relationship” is about sex and convenience without commitment or emotional intimacy. For many, these terms may feel like an unacceptable substitute for companionship. No matter what kind of relationship you are in, the best way to avoid hurt feelings and complicated emotions is to be clear about your expectations from the start.

Have a question? Send it to

SexTalk is written by Lee Ann Hamilton, M.A., CHES, David Salafsky, MPH, and Carrie Hardesty, BS, CHES, health educators at The UA Campus Health Service.

at your service. The Campus Health Service, located in the Highland Commons building, provides high quality health care, and a whole lot more!

General Medicine • Counseling and • Psych Services (CAPS) Urgent Care • Pharmacy • Women’s Health • Health Promotion (HPPS) • Sports Medicine • Lab Testing • Physical Therapy • Radiology • Nutrition Services • Oasis Program • Massage Therapy •

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20 • The Daily Wildcat

Photography • Monday, August 26, 2013

Move it on in The UA began its move-in day on Aug. 21 and continued the process throughout the week. More than 6,000 students moved into the 23 residence halls on campus.

1 2

3 4


1. Kristen Brockel/the Daily Wildcat New students and their parents move in to their dorms on campus on Aug. 22.

2. Lili Steffen/the Daily Wildcat Streets around campus quickly fill up with cars loaded with new Wildcats and their parents on Move-In Day, Aug. 22. This is the first year that Residence Life had a central check-in area located in McKale Memorial Center.

3. Savannah Douglas/the Daily Wildcat Danielle Oxnam (left), a junior, helps students move into Cochise Residence Hall on Aug. 23.





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4. Michaela Kane/the Daily Wildcat Gabby Frazier (right) and Casey Tompa (left) help load belongings into moving boxes as volunteers for High Team on Aug. 23.

5. Ryan Revock/the Daily Wildcat Travis McCarty (left), a maintenance worker for Residence Life, assists Arther Tillitt (right) with assembling his daughter’s bike outside Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall on Aug. 21. Tillitt’s daughter Diana Rivas is starting her first year at the UA.


In this edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat: Wildcats settle in Incoming housing offers more options Sun Link promotes streetcar safety...