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tucson, arizona

UA falls in college rankings Campus By Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Both the UA and ASU lost ground in the latest Best National Universities list from the U.S. News & World Report. According to the Report, the UA slipped 18 spots from last year to No. 120 in the nation, while ASU backslid 22 places from No. 121 to No. 143. Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, was not included on the list for the third straight year. Top-tier mainstays Harvard, Princeton and Yale universities lead the rankings with Columbia University at No. 4 and Stanford University and the University of

Pennsylvania tied for No. 5. The rankings, which are published annually, are based on 16 different categories meant to signify academic excellence and quality. Some of these factors include class sizes, acceptance, graduation and dropout rates. Critics of the ranking system have often stated that the rankings unfairly favor larger, private schools at the expense of smaller public universities, since a college’s reputation makes up 22.5 percent of the score used to calculate its final ranking. One such critic is UA President Robert Shelton. “I just don’t pay much attention to these rankings

since they are designed to favor well-to-do private schools with high dollar-to-student ratios,” Shelton said. “We have a broader mission.” According to Jennifer Fitzenberger, the UA director of external communications, the broader mission of the UA includes providing access to higher education for all qualified Arizona students and a unique learning experience for all those enrolled. “These rankings don’t accurately reflect the university’s benefits to the state,” Fitzenberger said. “We are committed to being accessible to qualified students in the state and access and the U.S. News rankings are

not very compatible.” Fitzenberger did say that the UA might pay more attention to the rankings if the criteria were different. “As the methodology stands, we don’t see (the rankings) as a true measure of the quality of an institution,” Fitzenberger said. Despite slipping almost 20 spots in the latest rankings, the UA still managed to garner a spot as a Tier 1 university nationally. ASU also earned the designation. Additionally, ASU earned the Report’s “Up-and-Coming” distinction, which is awarded to colleges who have made recent RANKS, page 3

loses polling place


Just the second day of the new school year and UA students will be filling out more than just those “get to know you” surveys. Today marks the primaries for a contentious 2010 midterm election. However, those students interested in fulfilling their civic duty will have to venture farther than campus to satisfy that urge. A polling place on the UA campus was a dream of both the Arizona Students’ Association and the Associated Students of the University of Arizona at the end of last semester, but could not be opened until October when voter registration takes place, for time and money reasons. The UA has been home to early polling sites since 2006, according to Christopher Roads, deputy recorder and registrar of voters at the Pima County Recorder’s Office, but the proximity of the beginning of school and the primary date barred them VOTING, page 9

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Students and parents walk down stairs to an uncrowded and entirely remodeled downstairs level of the UofA Bookstore for class textbooks and supplies on Sunday before the first day of the fall 2010 semester.

Bookstore turns new page Basement redesigned with fewer bookshelves, new kiosks to make textbook rush, technology shopping less hectic for students By Steven Kwan ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Fraternities and sororities aren’t the only campus organizations to experience rush weeks. Starting last Monday until this Friday, the UofA Bookstore at the Student Union Memorial Center will experience its own “rush” as students and their parents prepare for the new semester. Over the summer the bookstore remodeled its basement floor in an attempt to simplify the hectic textbook-buying experience. Visual changes include fewer bookshelves, new kiosks that feature brands and products supported by the bookstore and low-level lighting that transforms laptop screens into bug zappers. Aside from cosmetic changes students can find some new features and services when they head downstairs. According

to Kurtis Durfey, a marketing specialist for UofA Bookstores, one of the major additions was the relocation of the bookstore’s computer service center. “Several years ago, it was hidden in an office on the north side of the building. You had to go outside and around to come in. (The service center) has been growing with popularity as people become aware it exists,” Durfey said. The service center is certified to offer warranty repairs to Apple, Dell, Lenovo and HP computers as well as non-warranty repairs for other brands. Durfey said relocating to the bookstore’s central location on campus would make the service center more convenient for students. Next to the service center is a new area designated for Cox Communications. Representatives are on hand to

offer Cox services to UA students and faculty. The remodeled floor also features a larger presentation area, which is comprised of an elevated stage, a lectern and a

FAST FACT The staircase inside the UofA Bookstore includes 48 metal panels that tell the story of the creation and evolution of the world using Native American imagery. projector with screen. The floor can also now accommodate up to 150 seats for presentations. Durfey said the presentation area has been used for orientation


Rec fee illuminated

sessions throughout the summer, and for the bookstore’s upcoming grand reopening, vendors will be using it for demonstrations and presentations of their new products. Some of the changes to the bookstore’s textbook services are not immediately obvious on the floor. Across from the stage is a temporary counter for students who preordered their textbooks online via UAccess or through the bookstore’s new partners, online retailer Amazon and Chegg, a national online provider of textbook rentals. “If you rent through Chegg via (the bookstore) website or one of our kiosks, then the student knows that that purchase will help be redistributed to organizations like ASUA, things like Tucson Festival of Books, REMODEL, page 3


See a breakdown of the $75 Campus Recreation fee for this year.

Free pizza and pool at the Wildcat Welcome LGBTQ Pizza Party in the Games Room of the Student Union Memorial Center. Come meet the new leaders of LGBTQ campus groups and register to vote tonight from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

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Job fair connects students, UA work By Bethany Barnes ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT If you are hoping to find a job for the fall semester, the Wildcat Student Employment Fair could be the answer. Currently 24 different UA departments are signed up to participate in the fair. “We just want to connect students and available jobs on campus,” said Susan Miller, marketing and special events senior coordinator for Career Services. Miller said the event has been very successful in the past. “It’s everything from one to five to dozens of employers are looking for,” Miller said. Some employers expected to participate this year are the UofA Bookstore, UA Museum of Art, UApresents, Student Recreation Center and Arizona Student Unions. “They are extremely flexible with their hours as well as accommodating in general,” said Amanda Gaeta, marketing assistant for the Arizona Student Unions. “It makes it a great way JOB FAIR, page 7

Accoustic and electric open mic jam tonight at Stadium Grill 3682 W. Orange Grove Rd. Karaoke and open mic after 9 p.m.


• tuesday, august 24, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

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weather Today’s High: 103 Low: 79

ODDS & ENDS worth noting

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How was your summer?

Tomorrow: H: 98 L: 77

Great! Sad it’s over though (7). Good, but I’m glad to be back on campus (15).

on the spot Neon identity

How do you think? I was living with my parents for three months (5).

New question: What do you think of the UofA Bookstore remodel?

News Tips

Sarah Philippe


pre-business sophomore So, you’ve got a really bright colored tank top on today … I really do. It’s bright, bright orange. How do you feel about that? I feel like your selfidentity is being portrayed across your T-shirt in neon. I love it, I think it makes me stand out, and I like it a lot. Do you consider your self-identity the same as wearing your sorority across your shirt? No, but I like it because in a room of a million people I can see other people who I like because they are wearing the same shirt as me.

Sam Shumaker/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Scottie Duclos (left), a statistics junior, and Charley Wheeler (right), an undeclared sophomore, take shots at a blow-up basketball hoop after breaking from their first day of classes on Monday. The hoop was set up by Arizona Intramurals on the UA Mall.

Conan O’Brien comes to vinyl, thanks to Jack White LOS ANGELES — Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to experience Conan O’Brien live. With O’Brien’s “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television” tour wrapped and his return to late night not until November, Coco fans can get their fix of the orange-haired one with two new releases set to hit stores this week. Both were recorded at Jack White’s Third Man complex in Nashville, Tenn.

And I noticed you were waving to everyone wearing the same colored tank top as you, are those your sisters or what? Those are my sorority sisters and I don’t know them all yet so I am trying to be friendly. Is there any inter-sorority competition? Because I feel like each sorority tries to outshine the other by having the brightest tank tops, hats and/or backpacks. What is that about? I would say everyone wants to stand out because you have your new members who you want to show off but I think we all love each other. We are all a big, greek family. What else are you involved in around campus? Well, I’m on the Black n Blue Hip Hop Crew, also in a sophomore honorary group called S.M.O.R.E.S. and I’m also the entertainment director of the Up ‘til Dawn event for St. Jude’s Research Cancer Hospital. Dang girl you sound like you are setting yourself up for success at the UA. Brush the shoulder off right now. Are you single? No. Who is your boyfriend? Taylor Owen, he goes to ASU … Loser, double. Wow. What is it like dating a Sun Devil? That sounds terrible. It’s really terrible actually. We get in a lot of fights over Devils versus Wildcats because I’d like to think the Wildcat would tear the Devil apart but … it works out. Aside from being romantically associated with the enemy, any embarrassing moments so far during your first few hours back on campus? It’s kind of awkward waiting outside of class when you don’t know anyone yet and everyone is awkwardly, like, texting. Totally awkward … any bike issues yet? Not yet, but I did walk my bike halfway here because I did not want to get hit.

In June, O’Brien treated a small crowd of 300 to a last-minute, intimate set, resulting in the first release, “Live at Third Man.” The album includes a duet with White on a cover of Eddie Cochran’s “20 Flight Rock.” The second release, “And They Call Me Mad?” is a 7-inch single with O’Brien’s improvised, spoken-word retelling of Frankenstein on one side and an interview with O’Brien by White on the other.

As an added bonus, for all you Team Coco fans, there will be 150 limited-edition tricolor 45s of the single up for grabs for $100 each at Third Man’s Nashville shop on Tuesday. Proceeds will go to ReTune Nashville, an organization raising money for musicians following the city’s flood earlier this year. Both releases can be ordered on Third Man Records’ site, and the single will also be available on iTunes this week.

horoscopes Guy: “Whoa, your body is a wonderland. Can I be Alice?” -César E. Chávez building

submit at or twitter @overheardatua

fast facts • There are more than 40 million Americans that have “chronic halitosis,” which is bad breath that never goes away. • The human body makes anywhere from 1 to 3 pints of saliva every 24 hours. • One out of 20 people have an extra rib. • The average cough comes out of your mouth at 60 mph. • Relative to size, the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. • Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. • When you sneeze, all your bodily functions stop, even your heart. • Babies are born without knee caps. They don’t appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of age. • During a 24-hour period, the average human will breathe 23,040 times. • Human blood travels 60,000 miles per day on its journey through the body. • You were born with 300 bones. When you get to be an adult, you have 206. • In the average lifetime, a person

will walk the equivalent of five times around the equator. • An average human scalp has 100,000 hairs. • Women blink nearly twice as much as men. • Blondes have more hair than darkhaired people. • There are 10 human body parts that are only three letters long (eye, hip, arm, leg, ear, toe, jaw, rib, lip and gum). • If you go blind in one eye you only lose about one-fifth of your vision but your entire sense of depth. • The average human head weighs about 8 pounds. • Your heart beats 101,000 times a day. During your lifetime it will beat about 3 billion times and pump about 800 million pints of blood. • A person remains conscious for eight seconds after being decapitated. • It is impossible to sneeze and keep one’s eyes open at the same time. • 55 percent of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else yawn.

Today’s birthday (Aug. 24). Group activities are at the heart of your life now. Use your own powerful resolve to move activities forward, but also be prepared to follow another person’s lead when your intuition tells you. Leadership and teamwork are two sides of the same coin. Aries (March 21 - April 19) — Today is a 6 — Everyone around you gets pulled together into a unit. Permit no distractions if you want to complete the task early. Acknowledge the team. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) — Today is a 5 — You’re tempted to spread yourself too thin. Conserve energy and keep the big picture in mind to get anything done. Accept what you get. Gemini (May 21 - June 21) ­— Today is a 7 — Mentally you’re completely ready for a new angle. Emotionally, you need to wait until later in the day to figure out the best direction. Cancer (June 22 - July 22) — Today is a 6 — Get together with an associate to consider the big picture. Remaining mired in details stops the action. Move forward with imagination and optimism. Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) — Today is a 7 — You and a partner identify key opportunities that carry you forward in business or pleasure (or both). Don’t lose sight of values as you try something new. Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) — Today is a 6 — In order to break free from the norm, every team member has to pull together early today. Around noon everyone can go their own direction. Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) — Today is a 7 — Early in the day, you’re confused about the best direction to take. Later you see why it was unclear, and you push forward with gusto. Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 — Resist independent action until you have consulted with others. Someone throws a monkey wrench in the works, if you’re not careful. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) — Today is a 6 — Someone in your household presents a problem that you must take care of immediately. Applying cash to the situation helps greatly. Remain objective. Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) — Today is a 6 — You want control now, but demanding it gets you nowhere. The more cheerfully you express your independence, the more likely you are to get your way. Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) — Today is an 8 — You’re almost finished with an independent project that tickles your fancy. Soon others will inject their opinions. So be prepared for changes. Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) — Today is an 8 — Eliminate all possible distractions, as you use what may be your last opportunity to complete your work. Let others handle their problems.

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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, august 24, 2010 •

Bookstore battles wait time By Abragail Kappel ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Hectic searching and long lines await those students who did not pre-order their books, but UofA Bookstore officials say they are well prepared to handle the influx of students. Today and tomorrow will be the busiest days to get books, so the bookstore hired close to 250 additional students to help during the rush, said Debby Shively, director UofA Bookstore. If looking to avoid long lines, Shively


continued from page 1

suggests coming in before 8 a.m. or after 7 p.m. The students who pre-ordered their textbooks will avoid the long lines. “If (students) pre-order their textbooks (the bookstore) will get the lists very early on. We’ll be able to pull them and bag them for (students) and then (students) can just come in and pick them up, and that will reduce wait time significantly,” said Kurtis Durfey, marketing specialist for UofA Bookstores. “I like to do the pre-order,” said Dana Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

LINES, page 9

Four-year graduation rates sink UA’s score

changes that may advance their future ranking. It is the third straight year ASU has earned the distinction. The U.S. News & World Report rankings are published annually and are based on data submitted by universities from the previous academic year. Though the ranking criterion remains relatively static as a whole, this year a larger portion of a university’s score was based off of graduation rates. Both ASU and UA had four-year graduation rates below 40 percent as of 2010. In spite of recent falls in the rankings, the UA hasn’t experienced any effects on the number or quality of applicants, with this year’s freshman class being the first in UA history to exceed 7,000 students. “Lots of students don’t even ask about rankings anymore,” said Kasey Urquidez, the UA interim assistant vice president for Student Affairs and dean of admissions. “It used to be very important years ago but now students are looking for a school to more cater to their interests.” Urquidez also shared some of the criticisms of the rankings. “I think lots of institutions don’t pay too much attention, don’t adhere, to these rankings,” Urquidez said. “The schools at the top of the list always stay the same, so there doesn’t seem to be a way to improve your ranking all that much.” That is not to say that national rankings such as these are wholly unimportant, however. “Of course it’s important, of course we want to be higher,” Urquidez said. “But there’s so much out there that students want to see and experience and I think we offer an amazing opportunity for students here and we will continue to try and show them that.”



continued from page 1

DID YOU KNOW? • The UA placed eigth out of Pac-10 schools in the rankings, ahead of Oregon State and ASU. • Four Pac-10 schools (Stanford University, University of CaliforniaBerkeley, University of Southern California, and University of California-Los Angeles) ranked in the top 25 colleges in the nation. • All Pac-10 schools were ranked Tier 1 univerisities. Stanford UC-Berkely USC UCLA Washington Oregon / Washington State UA Oregon State ASU

5 22 23 25 41 111 120 139 143

Explore careers in the Naval ROTC at

For more information please contact LT Emillie Lemire South Hall, NROTC University of Arizona (520) 626-5775 • (520) 626-9254 (FAX)


Would you like to improve your English pronunciation skills? Do you need help writing papers in English? Would you like individualized tutoring to improve your English skills?

We can help! Register for Fall 2010 classes with the University of Arizona. CENTER FOR ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE

Professional Teachers – Quality Results! We offer General English classes as well as Intermediate and Advanced Level Elective Courses: Special Topics in Speaking & Listening Reading & Writing for Academic Purposes TOEFL & IELTS Test Techniques Pronunciation Individualized tutoring and skill-intensive workshops are also available year-round. UA Student & Dependents Discount will have a 5% discount with the UA CatCard Last Day to Register for Classes is August 23rd, 2010. Call: (520) 621-3637 or Email: Visit us on campus: 1100 E. James E. Rogers Way Website:

Students line up for help at the technology customer service desk in the basement of the UofA Bookstore on Friday. Extra employees were hired to help with the rush of students in all areas of the bookstore.

Amazon, Chegg team up with UA for books

student scholarships and a lot more,” Durfey said. As two students browsed through the Chegg website on an iPad at a brand new Chegg kiosk, he said, “We really encourage people to interact with the technology.” Durfey also noted that a portion of the proceeds from Amazon sales will go to the bookstore when customers order through the bookstore’s website. Next to the shelves of textbooks is the Espresso Book Machine, a print-ondemand machine housed within a clear case that can create and bind libraryquality books in small quantities. “This is really good for finding cost-effective solutions for low-run quantities. (If) instructors or professors want to provide their class notes in the form of a finished book, then we can use this as a solution,” Durfey said. Despite any new features, getting textbooks at the UofA Bookstore is not for the timid. “When you first get in there, it’s overwhelming because there’s a lot of people coming and going. But once you get in there and realize what’s going on, it wasn’t so bad,” said Robert Kendall, father of physiology sophomore Megan Donohoe, about their bookstore experience last year. “I actually thought it was organized,” said Sheila Donohoe, Megan’s mother. “You just got in your line.” Megan Donohoe had bought some of her books this year from Chegg and Amazon, but not through the bookstore’s website, and picked up the rest at the bookstore. Both Megan and her mother said they have not visited the bookstore since the remodeling. As a retailing and consumer sciences

senior, Nicole Scott said she enjoys going to stores and picking out the details of their layout. “I like the setup. It’s more spacious, but it’s also prettier … Previously it was more cluttered. All the walls were filled with books, so it looked depressing,” Scott said. Scott said this year she preordered her textbooks via the UAccess link to the bookstore. “I just went downstairs and gave them my CatCard … I thought I was going to wait a long time, but it only took me probably five minutes.” Some students opted to have their textbooks come to them instead of waiting in line at the UofA Bookstore. This is the first semester Allie Morris purchased her books online. The undeclared junior said she purchased her books mainly through Amazon but not via the bookstore’s website, even after seeing the new partnership. “The bookstore is a great place to buy books. However, I can buy my books cheaper online — significantly cheaper,” Morris said. She would Google a textbook’s ISBN number to find the vendors that had the lowest price. Even though the bookstore provides excellent service, Morris said price was the main factor for her buying decision. Physiology sophomore Erica Holbrook used both Amazon and to buy her books. She said she chose Amazon because it is offering Amazon Prime membership, which provides free twoday shipping to students without charge. “I could have it shipped to my house and not have to go out of my way to the bookstore and plan out a two-hour block for me to buy all of my textbooks at once,” Holbrook said.

• tuesday, august 24, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Colin Darland Editor in Chief 520•621•7579



Heather Price-Wright Opinions Editor 520•621•7581

pa s s / fa i l The Daily Wildcat weighs in on the week’s issues. Fritze connects to constituents through blogosphere

Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Emily Fritze has reached out to the UA community via a new blog, which she hopes will “give students a closer look into what ASUA does, … improve transparency in student government, and … educate students on issues that affect the quality of their university experience.” While it’s hard to expect a whole lot of honest self-criticism on such a blog, Fritze’s most recent post, documenting her time at Bear Down Camp, reflects on such vital policy issues as student retention, and admits that the UA’s retention rates are “less than ideal.” From an organization that routinely glosses over such unattractive aspects of campus life, this is a notable step in the right direction. Fritze ends the post by asking her readers for input on improving student retention. For asking important questions on what could have been just another ASUA public relations stunt, Fritze gets a pass — with the stipulation that she keeps it up. To read Fritze’s blog, and share your input with her, visit president.asuaweb. org/blog.


M AIL B A G On ‘Judge misrepresents purpose of marriage in Proposition 8 ruling’

Dorm room poster sales have cropped up on and around campus as a stampede of freshmen move into the dorms. Unfortunately, these poster sales offer the same wares every year, perpetuating the tackiest aspects of dorm life. Aspiring frat boy? Try a “Scarface” poster on one wall and the iconic Pink Floyd poster (yes, the one with all the butts) above your bed. Painted naked chicks not your style? There’s always the cartoon-blood-spattered “300” option, though this is, unfortunately, not Sparta. Heads up: these posters do not make you edgy. They make you obnoxious. For spreading bad taste to every dorm room on campus, these unimaginative poster sales get a big fat fail.

It was never California judge Vaughn Walker’s job to uphold the precise will of the majority of the people. That’s what elections are for. The job of the courts is to uphold the Constitution, regardless of whether the necessary decisions fall in line with the will of the majority. It is up to the judges to determine, without bias from the rest of the population, what constitutes equality under the law, or equal protection. It seems more than obvious to me that to exclude gays from the institution of marriage is a clear violation of any notion of “equality,” and I have yet to see anyone dispute that on a rational level. Therefore, it is not “activism” on the part of judges to declare that gay and straight couples should be treated equally under the law; rather, it is an example of judges performing their rightful duty. While it’s true that the Constitution doesn’t define “marriage,” the federal government has complicated the issue by taking a vested interest in married couples for the purposes of tax law and Social Security (among the 1,138 legal benefits, protections and responsibilities that are automatically bestowed on couples once they marry). Therefore, this is not an issue that can be left up to the states to decide individually, since it wouldn’t do

UAccess better than Student Link, but still needs work

CONTACT US | The Arizona Daily Wildcat accepts original, unpublished letters from all of its readers.

Have you ever even seen ‘Scarface’?


When the MOSAIC Project leaders, who set out to retool the UA’s outdated administrative computer systems, debuted UAccess, their descriptions of the new system read like Daft Punk lyrics — UAccess apparently works harder, better, faster and stronger than the programs it replaced. UAccess took the place of a host of old systems, from Employee Link to financial reporting, but the change is most notable for students used to the abysmal Student Link. In some ways, UAccess has kept its promise. Gone are the interminable waits to register for classes and the tiny earlymorning registration windows. Signing up for classes is easier now that you can put multiple classes at a time in a “shopping cart” and add them all at once, and the wait list feature makes getting into popular classes more likely. However, the new “advising reports,” UAccess’ answer to the SAPR, still have some bugs to work out. Some students are reporting that their advising reports are inaccurate or do not show an up-to-date record of the classes they’ve taken. So, until UAccess can work out all the kinks, the new system gets an optimistic incomplete.


Reppin’ your representative democracy


Students proudly sporting “I voted today” stickers deserve a hearty handshake today. Not only is it a fashion statement; the stickers mean that UA students are participating in one of the coolest rights and most vital responsibilities we have as Americans. It’s hard to remember to vote when the stakes don’t seem high. Sure, it’s not a landmark presidential election à la 2008, but the candidates chosen in today’s Democratic and Republican primaries will have the privilege of making important decisions for the state of Arizona, from shaping immigration policy to funding higher education. So, if you’re registered, what better way to celebrate the first week of a new semester than to participate in the democratic process? For those who have used their time and brainpower today to exercise their right to vote, we offer a resounding pass. — Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat Perspectives board and written by one of its members. They can be reached at

for a gay couple that is legally married in Iowa, for instance, to become automatically un-married once they decide to move somewhere else. Religious beliefs are irrelevant to this debate, because (1) the United States is not theocracy, and (2) churches will continue to be free to conduct or deny ceremonies to whomever they want. Procreation and parenting are irrelevant, since (1) couples do not have to marry to have children, and (2) the ability or even desire to have children is not a prerequisite for getting a marriage license. This is simply a matter of equal treatment under the law. The quest for marriage equality by gay couples has absolutely nothing to do with straight (i.e. heterosexual) couples. Nothing is changing for them. Nothing is happening to “traditional marriage.” Most people are straight, and they will continue to date, get engaged, marry and build lives and families together as they always have. None of that will change by allowing gay couples to do the same. This is really not any sort of a “sea change” for marriage, since the only difference between gay and straight couples is the gender of the two persons in the relationship.

Email letters to:

• Letters should include name, connection to the university (year, major, etc.) and contact information.

— Chuck Anziulewicz

Snail mail to: 615 N. Park Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719

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Rhetoric on immigration does nothing but scare Andrew Shepherd


ccording to some politicians and pundits, our state has fallen victim to an inept federal government that allows violence to run wild and immigrants to easily cross our lawless borders. Whether it’s an ad for John McCain claiming that President Obama makes “securing the border incredibly difficult”, or Gov. Jan Brewer ’s tales of beheadings in the desert, it would appear we’re in the midst of a bloody war nobody wants to do anything about. These claims, however, are baseless and only further polarize the political landscape, making any real, meaningful reform almost impossible to achieve. While drug violence does threaten the stability of parts of Mexico, Arizonans really don’t have much to fear. In a recent interview with The Arizona Republic, Roy Bermudez, the assistant police chief of Nogales, Ariz., said he has seen no spillover from Mexico’s drug wars and declares his city to be “one of the safest places to live in all of America.” Not to mention the fact that crime rates across the border have largely stayed the same over the past decade, despite the heavy violence to the south. As a border state, Arizona feels the effects of illegal immigration more than the rest of the country, but to claim it’s more dangerous is a bit of an exaggeration. The most asinine statements are those claiming that the federal government

Arizona Daily Wildcat chooses to do nothing. Clearly, the people making those statements haven’t been to the borderlands recently, for Border Patrol vehicles are almost as prevalent as saguaro cacti and checkpoints make it impossible to use any of the roads coming from Mexico without being stopped. Should the drug violence spill into Arizona, there would be a massive amount of law enforcement waiting for them. All one has to do is drive 40 minutes south to see the vast resources the feds have put in our state. Of course, to those on the far right, this is hardly enough. To them it seems that only a full militarization of the border would solve our current “crisis.” This viewpoint poses the biggest problem of all. How can any compromise occur when one side truly believes they are in danger and feel that only a large influx of police or military efforts can protect them? By pandering to their party’s most extreme, Republicans have alienated those in the middle who would like to see comprehensive reform, but not at the expense of making the border a fully militarized zone. 

Does immigration reform need to happen? Yes. Illegal immigration is unfair to those who have waited in line for the chance to move here legally. Treating the issue as if it’s life or death, or threatens the very stability of our state, does nothing to solve the problem. In fact, by pandering to the fringes of their party and claiming that anything other than mass deportation is “amnesty,” Republican politicians have made it impossible to work toward any policy involving moderate approaches such as a guest worker program or an eventual path to citizenship. There’s no doubt that more could be done to stop the flow of human smuggling and slow down the drug trade, but simple scare tactics are not the answer. It takes more than just calling for a surge in troops or arresting suspected illegal immigrants on the streets of Tucson and Phoenix. It takes a leader who can sit down and figure out how to realistically deal with the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country and the wellfinanced, highly sophisticated smuggling syndicates operating in the desert at this very moment. While scare tactics may drive poll numbers up, they drive the chance of achieving any comprehensive reform way down.

“By pandering to the fringes of their party and claiming that anything other than mass deportation is ‘amnesty,’ Republican politicians have made it impossible to work toward any policy involving moderate approaches such as a guest worker program or an eventual path to citizenship.”

— Andrew Shepherd is a political science senior. He can be reached at


arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, august 24, 2010 •


The Desert Lamp


ccording to The Arizona Republic, approximately 8 percent of undergraduate students at the state’s public university system this fall will not pay a dime in tuition during their first year, courtesy of the Regents’ High Honors Endorsement, or AIMS scholarship. The scholarship provides a full tuition waiver to in-state students who meet the following requirements: A student must have received all A’s and B’s in his or her high school classes, and the student must also score an “exceeds” on all three sections of the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards test.  As The Arizona Republic’s Anne Ryman reported, “The scholarship costs the universities about $44 million a year out of a total $280 million in need and merit scholarships given out. Money to pay for the scholarships comes from a percentage of tuition revenue the universities receive.” Increasing tuition coupled with larger entering classes has resulted in the AIMS scholarship program using more than 15 percent of the scholarship budget for a program that benefits fewer than 10 percent of students.  Accordingly, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Arizona Board of Regents, aware of the fiscal unsustainablility (to use the contemporary academic parlance) of the scholarship, considered overhauling or even eliminating the program in early July. Although they ended up tabling the measure for future consideration, the

No such thing as free college

thought was a good and necessary one: The endorsement is a costly, impractical program that makes attending college less affordable and less accessible for students for whom accessibility and affordability are relevant concerns. For example, the recent spate of seemingly unavoidable tuition increases can be partly attributed to the increasing number of students who don’t pay any tuition at all. No matter what scholarship recipients personally pay for college, the cost of educating each student remains the same. Though statewide statistics on socioeconomic status and diversity with regards to scores on the AIMS test are notably scarce, it is a standardized test like any other, with all the associated

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problems. According to the official test data released by the Arizona Department of Education, students who belong to underrepresented minorities perform significantly worse on the test than other students. If Arizona is serious about improving accessibility, the solution clearly does not lie in maintaining the AIMS scholarship in its current iteration. Furthermore, if the AIMS scholarship existed to provide help for students who needed it, there would be a provision requiring proof of financial need. There is not. If the scholarship was about rewarding academic merit, it would use a more difficult test and have stricter standards. It does not. Instead, it muddles through both of these goals, rewarding only high-grade mediocrity at an extremely high cost, both for the education system as a whole and for those students who must pay for the resultant increases in tuition rates. In recent years the test has become a less reliable measure of academic merit, a fact reflected by the downward trend in the required passing grade. Unwilling to confront and rectify systematic flaws in the public education system, department of education administrators have instead opted to cloak the problems with artificially inflated passage rates.  Despite the clear defects of the scholarship and the AIMS test itself, the Arizona Students Association, a student fee-funded lobbying

group based in Phoenix, has advocated for the program to remain unchanged. ASA Chair Elma Delic said in The Arizona Republic article, “Financial aid should never, ever be used as a cost-saving measure.” This is certainly an admirably idealistic stance, but ASA’s blind insistence on the sanctity of the AIMS scholarship ignores the larger issues of quality and equity. While everyone agrees that scholarship funds should be used to help those who are genuinely deserving of financial aid and attract the best and brightest to Arizona’s public universities, it is also clear that the AIMS scholarship, while certainly does help some students, does not do nearly enough to justify the costs levied on the student body at large.   — The Desert Lamp is an independent student publication founded in 2008. It can be found online at

The Desert Lamp


Show Your Spirit, Wear Wildcat Gear!

Wearing red supports UA Athletics and the University. When students first receive their acceptance letter to a university, one of the first ways they want to show off their accomplishment is by wearing the colors and logo of their new school. Incoming University of Arizona freshman Kelly Wyatt explains that “once I got my acceptance letter from the University of Arizona and I knew I was going to school there I couldn’t wait to get a t-shirt to show everyone where I will be for the next few years of my life.” For Kelly and anyone else who wants to express their support and enthusiasm for the U of A, the official bookstore on campus can provide everything that’s needed. UA BookStores has the largest selection of UA clothing and accessories. Michael Bradley, a senior in Business, likes the selection of various sports apparel available. “I can get all the jerseys and t-shirts I need for the football, basketball, baseball and softball seasons all in one place on campus,” says Michael. He adds that “By shopping at UA BookStores I know my money will help to support other student programs and organizations on campus.”

UA BookStores is continually updating it’s clothing selections to offer something fresh and new. With a nod to the history of the University, the Retro Brand line features vintage UA logos on shirts and sweats. Also new to UA BookStores is American Apparel. UA BookStores now carries the popular brand with some of their distinctive items featuring a University of Arizona theme.

Big Cat Fridays, held on the Friday before every home football game of the season at several BookStores locations, including the main store located in the Student Union Memorial Center. During these event days, UA clothing is 25% off, with some restrictions. Big Cat Fridays helps Arizona football fans support Athletic Director Greg Byrne’s call for student’s to wear red on Friday’s before game day.

“I like being able to support the University at the same time I support athletic programs.”

Big Cat Friday

Attention UA Fans, Big Cat Fridays are back! Wildcat fans can show their support for Arizona football with

Greg Byrne UA Athletic Director gives throwing tips to wife Regina.

125th Anniversary Gear

This year, the University of Arizona is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a variety of events. Janice Rinker, Class of ’72, is excited to visit campus this year for Homecoming so she can be part of the 125th anniversary celebration. “I’m really looking forward to going back to Tucson and to the UA campus to enjoy the celebration.” UA BookStores is becoming part of the celebrations by offering a variety of 125th anniversary themed items commemorating this event throughout the store. UA BookStores has a little something for everyone in the clothing department. From sports fans and students to parents and alumni there is a way to show your connection to the University of Arizona.

Big Cat Friday Game Day


The interviews contained herein are fictionalized accounts and any similarities to actual individuals is purely coincidental.




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• tuesday, august 24, 2010

policebeat By Lucy Valencia Arizona Daily Wildcat

Knife wielding roommate has break down

School’s here, and it’s time to get back in the swing of things. Every Monday through Thursday in the Daily Wildcat, MY!PLACE will give you the scoop on what’s happening at your Arizona Student Unions. From specials to events, clubs, jobs, and midnight movies— MY!PLACE is your one-stop Unions information source!

What are you getting into this weekend?

Have you seen the new Grill? It’s hot.

I have a meeting up in CSIL, then class, then an ATLAS workshop. Then I think I’ll head over to my club meeting at ASUA– We’re planning Spring Fling 2011 already! I just went to Cactus – It’s not just beautiful, it’s faster and better!

Iron Man (2) at Gallagher, then poker in the Games Room. Unless you’re up for some Rock Band?


A University of Arizona Police Department officer went to the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall after the resident assistant on duty told UAPD a resident had a butterfly knife in their room. The two roommates reported that they had seen their other roommate pull a stainless steel butterfly knife out of her purse and use it to cut open a box. They were uneasy about the knife but didn’t report it until the relationship with the roommate became “tense.� They had told Residence Life that they did not wish to be roommates with the woman and they desired to have a different roommate or be moved from the room. The officer talked with the woman in a separate room and asked to see the knife. She surrendered her backpack with the knife inside. She said she had used it to open a box but hadn’t used it since. She told the officer that in 2009 a man assaulted her on a bus in Flagstaff, Ariz. After the assault, she had become nervous and since carried either a knife or Mace to protect herself. The officer told her that the UA has a zero-tolerance policy for weapons on campus. She gave the knife to the officer to be placed in UAPD for safekeeping. She said she was sorry for bringing the weapon on campus. The woman agreed that her relationship with her roommates is “tense� and that she didn’t have anyone to talk to. The officer gave her information for Campus Health Services since she described herself as “nervous.� The woman was calm when the officer left the room. The officer spoke with the community director on call. He notified the community director of the incident and told him that UAPD would be taking the butterfly knife for safekeeping. The officer returned to the dorm 20 minutes later, after being notified by dispatch that the same woman was acting sporadic and shaking in her room. The officer opened the door to find her sitting on the floor crying and shaking. The woman stated that his arrival affirmed that her parents were right and that she was a “fuck up.� The woman stated she did not want to be in the room by herself. The officer asked her if she was a threat to herself or anyone else. The woman replied “no.� As a result of her current mental state, the officer called the Southern Arizona Mental Health Center. He spoke to a woman, who then talked on the phone with the student for about 45 minutes. After her phone call with a woman, the student told the officer she would speak to a SAMHC representative face-toface in approximately 15 to 30 minutes. She was then much calmer. The woman declined the officer’s offer to wait with her until the SAMHC representative arrived. The officer spoke to the RA and updated him on the incident. The RA said he would stay with the woman until the SAMHC representative arrived.

Do you wanna check out the art opening in the Gallery?.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs... The time has come to once again induce the fanciful nature of word play and issue it upon the masses. Yes, it is I, Kyle the Great– and this summer was spent mulling over new ideas and arguing with lawn gnomes about what to do for this particular area of what we call The Daily Wildcat. But, I think we’ve found something here. See, The Skinny, is no more. Shed no tears, please. It hasn’t died, rather, evolved. What we will see is a multimedia piece with so much user involvement you won’t even know what to do with your eager, bright-eyed selves. It is time that I introduce what will now be called, Space, Places, and Faces, or, SPF. (Get it? Because it’s sunny and we live in Arizona? Shut it, I know it’s cheesy.) So, what is SPF? I’ll tell you. It will be a blog. And it will be a newspaper article. It will have videos, pictures, commentaries, and responses to all of the above. Think “The Skinny 2.0.� The website will be at and here’s what you should do: MAKE IT YOUR HOMEPAGE. Why? Because I will be posting all sorts of awesome things on there, all the time. Of course, there will be the copy you see here in the paper, but when you want more, you go online. The best part? You get to talk back. Are we excited? Yes? K. Good. Stay tuned, and go online– I’ll be waiting.

I need to go by Fast Copy to pick up my new resumes for the Career Fair coming up.

Yeah, the way CafĂŠ Sonora works makes it easier to get a quick lunch. I like it.

I saw a bunch of job postings online– hope I get one in Catering.

SUMC>Student Union Memorial Center; PSU>Park Student Union; Info 621.7755

Complete Furniture

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Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at



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BMX, Race and Dirt Jumpers Beach Cruisers, Urban BMX & Fixed Gear Bikes Service & Repair Family owned & operated.

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Mention this ad and get a 5-10% discount. (520) 745-BIKE (2453)

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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, august 24, 2010 •

JOB Fair

continued from page 1

Social networking, resume mistakes judged by employers

to be involved.” Students who are hired at the Arizona Student Unions will receive a 50 percent discount on meals while they are working. Miller noted that there are many benefits to having a job on campus, the first being that on-campus jobs know academics are students’ number one priority. “You can feel very connected to the university,” Miller said. Though the career fair will be in an informal setting, Miller suggested looking neat and clean for the event because employers are looking to hire students. Miller also suggested that students keep social networking in mind. “Clean up your public image. More and more it seems employers are checking out those sources,” Miller said. For students looking for jobs beyond campus, Sarah Diaz, assistant director of professional development for the Eller College of Management, has some tips to keep in mind while applying. “For resumes, my strongest recommendation is tailoring your resume for each specific position in which you are applying,” Diaz said. Diaz recommended writing your resume in a way which highlights transferrable skills that fit the position and values that fit the company. “Don’t just list job duties, such as ‘wait-

ed tables’ or ‘ran a cash register.’ Describe skills you are learning that will be applicable to any job, such as ‘customer service’ and ‘conflict resolution,’” Diaz said. “Give context and specifics whenever possible to show results.” Diaz also said to always have someone proofread your essay, particularly someone with a critiquing eye. “We had someone apply for a position in our office once, and the applicant misspelled her own name,” Diaz said. “I’m sure if someone would have looked it over, they would have caught the mistake. Let’s just say she wasn’t offered the position.” It’s also important to go into an interview with knowledge about the place you want to work and why you would be a good addition. “For interviews, the number one recommendation I hear from employers is to do your company research,” Daiz said. “Don’t go into an interview blind.” Diaz suggested doing your research by checking out the company website and familiarizing yourself with their mission statement and values. Diaz said the common question in every job interview is “Do you have a question for us?” “Come up with two or three really intelligent and insightful questions to ask them,” Diaz said. “Have some prepared, and never leave an interview without asking a question.”

if you go

Wildcat Student Employment Fair

Grand Ballroom Student Union Memorial Center 3rd Floor 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


= how much UA students spend on entertainment each year

The Arizona Daily Wildcat • Your primary outlet to the student market


of the UA student body uses an automobile for transportation. That leaves

16.2% who use

OTHER” means...

Resume survival guide Should I include high school information?

High school informantion is sometimes listed for freshmen and sophomore level college students who may be seeking internships and summer jobs in order to emphasize their academic record and activities from high school.  There are two common instances when high school information should be included on your resume: Your high school achievement is outstanding. For instance, if you were your high school class valedictorian or president. If your high school itself is unique in some way. Benson Polytechnic High School for instance, in Portland, Ore., is known for science and technology. In general, be looking for ways to demonstrate your skills in college, and delete high school information as soon as possible.

Should I list all work experience, even if it is not related to what I am applying for? The simple answer is no. It is not necessary, nor even desirable, to list all jobs on your resume. Ask yourself, “Does this experience help me demonstrate skills that are relevant to the opportunity I am applying for?”  Often your academic group projects, research papers and

campus involvement are better demonstrations of your skills than a survival job.

Should I keep my resume to one page?

Most undergraduate students have a onepage resume. Master’s level students might have one or two pages. In general, you should keep your resume to one page. As for creating more space on your resume, you can play with different font styles and font sizes. Start with 11-point Arial or 12-point Times New Roman and 1-inch margins top, bottom and sides. Then if you go over onto two pages, you can start editing and reformatting.   

How should I incorporate relevant coursework?

It is fine to include under the education section a list of six to eight classes that indicate your knowledge and preparation for the job you are seeking. Classes are often listed for students trying to get internships who have not had much work experience. Listing classes is optional if you have significant experience in your work field. — from

View a complete list of participating employers here:



• tuesday, august 24, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, august 24, 2010 •

A sign directs voters for the state primary election to the polling station inside the Pima County Recorder’s Main Office. The office, located in downtown Tucson, is the closest polling station to the UA campus and can be easily reached via CatTran.

Miss Universe crowned THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LAS VEGAS – A 22-year-old Mexican woman won the Miss Universe pageant Monday night after donning a flowing red gown and telling an audience it’s important to teach kids family values. Jimena Navarrete of Guadalajara was the first contestant to answer an interview question onstage and the last of 83 standing in the headline-grabbing pageant on the Las Vegas Strip. “I want to give my parents a big hug,” she said at a news conference after the pageant. “There was a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifice.” Asked by Olympic gold-medal figure skater Evan Lysacek how she felt about unsupervised Internet use, Navarrete said the Internet is important but parents need to be careful and watch over their kids. “I do believe that Internet is an indispensable, necessary tool for the

LINES continued from page 3

present time,” she said through an interpreter. “We must be sure to teach them the values that we learned as a family.” Navarrete — who’s been modeling since she was 15 — is Mexico’s second Miss Universe. Lupita Jones of Mexico won the title in 1991. Navarrete replaces Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela. Navarrete’s win thwarted Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson from giving the South American country a third consecutive victory. Neither Gibson nor Miss USA Rima Fakih made the top 15 finalists. Navarrete was immediately congratulated on Twitter by Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife, Margarita Zavala. “Congratulations to Jimena Navarrete for her deserved victory as Miss Universe,” Calderon said. “This will serve Mexico, (and) our image as a country.”

Erich Healy/ Arizona Daily Wildcat

Online ordering under UA debate

Spaniol, a senior studying retailing and consumer sciences. “(You) don’t waste time picking them out and you get used books, which is a good deal.” For those who did not pre-order, Shively wants students to know even though the lines look long, the wait is at maximum of six minutes. “The line is scary but it’s deceiving,” Shively said. “It moves really fast.” The bookstore has developed several methods to lessen the wait time. Members of the bookstore staff are scattered throughout the store to help students who may not be able to find what they are looking for. There are also close to 30 registers running all day to help the line move quickly, according to Shively. “They were extremely helpful,” said Becca Hynes, a freshman studying linguistics. “I was surprised by that.” Some students avoid the high costs by ordering their textbooks online. “Online is very deceiving realistically.” Shively said. “One of the advantages of (buying at the bookstore) is that the money stays on campus, and we do try and compete with the online retailers,” “It’s cheaper (to get books online) because

you just get used books,” said Liana Joesph, a freshman double majoring in pre-nursing and psychology. “You get them before school starts so you get time to review them.” “I buy (books) that are online,” said Tara Fleishman, a Judaic studies and sociology junior. “The (books) that aren’t online I buy here.” Money spent at the bookstore is used to support the student affairs division and the UA. Commencement, ASUA, UApresents, Student Textbook Scholarships and much more are all supported by money spent at the bookstore according to Shively and Durfey. “If you order online you might have to pay shipping, you have to wait for it and it could take several weeks to get there. We are right on campus,” Durfey said. The bookstore can be more convenient for students due to its central location in the Student Union Memorial Center. Shively also wants to clarify that there is a difference between UofA Bookstore and Arizona Bookstore located on Park Street and 2nd Street. Arizona Bookstore is a privately owned company from Nebraska and proceeds will not go to the UA unlike the UofA Bookstore. The Arizona Bookstore declined to comment on this matter.

VOTING continued from page 1

ASA, recorder work to combat student apathy

from an August polling place on campus. “I believe the UA is the first university in the country to have an early voting site on campus,” Roads said. “There was this huge population in the middle of town, particularly around the campus, which we could not serve (until the polling place was erected).” Roads echoed the sentiment that F. Ann Rodriguez, the Pima County Recorder, expressed in an official release, “Our goal in the recorder’s office is to make voting early as easy and accessible as possible, for every voter in Pima County.” Elma Delic, ASA board chair, worked with Roads and Rodriguez to get the polling place on campus for students for November. “This polling location will help tremendously in mobilizing students to vote in the general election,” Delic said. “ASA and ASUA are part of the Arizona Student Vote Coalition, which is working to register 5,000 students statewide. We are running vigorous vote-registration campaigns on each campus through tabling events with

clubs and organizations and other ways to engage students across the state.” To vote in the general election, students must register by Oct. 4, but for today’s election, anyone registered in Pima County can head to their local polling site and cast their vote. “If you make it more convenient to the voter, more people will vote,” Roads says of students voting, but warns to be sure that out-of-state financial aid doesn’t conflict with new voter plans. “We don’t want to see that happen to people.” Voter registration is one of several ways to prove change of residency status to the Office of Student Financial Aid, via a domicile affidavit form, according to the financial aid website. Since residency review for the spring semester starts on Nov. 1, this could cause problems if students do not make sure of their scholarship and residency status. The main goal of ASA and the recorder’s office, despite this and other difficulties — voter apathy for one — is to, like Rodriguez said, make voting possible for every person who would like to participate.

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tuesday, august , 


Tim Kosch Sports Editor 520•626•2956

‘The show will be right back’ Buckner looks to stay sharp despite having to take year off By Nicole Dimtsios ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Commissioner, UA AD embracing tradition through untraditional mediums

Throughout training camp, the Arizona football secondary has been antagonized — by a member of its own team. Receiver Dan Buckner oozes with swagger, plaguing the Wildcats’ cornerbacks and safeties regardless of if he’s on the field or not. “The show will be right back,” Buckner said after wide receiver drills at Rincon Vista Sports Complex during the Wildcats’ first day of fall training camp. “This is intermission.” Some receivers might let their play on the field do all the talking, but that’s not an option for Buckner, who has to sit out the 2010 season due to NCAA transfer rules after transferring from the University of Texas. “I look at it as I can’t play for 12 days,” Buckner said. “That’s not that bad. Then I get some free weekends. I can maybe sleep in or something.” The 6-foot-4, 208-pound Texas native began the intermission of his collegiate football career when he decided to leave Texas in January 2010 after misdemeanor charges threatened his future career as a Longhorn. Since coming to Arizona, he has participated with the team throughout spring and fall workouts and is slightly bigger than Arizona No. 1 wideout Juron Criner, the team’s tallest starting receiver. Although coaches are excited to see what Buckner will do on the field in 2011, they can’t help but wish he will be on the field this year — especially after Delashaun Dean was dismissed from the team over the summer. While Buckner will be waiting in the wings this season, his explosive ability is helping the Wildcats’ lagging defense pick up the slack in practices. In Buckner’s time at Texas, he had 49 catches for 529 yards and six touchdowns in 25 games, including a crucial two-point conversion catch in last year’s BCS National Championship game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. His game experience is something that has helped the young defensive backs in practice. “That’s the great thing. Facing these BUCKNER, page 12

Former Gymcat hired as coach

Ahead of the curve

COMMENTARY BY Bryan Roy sports writer


Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Wide receiver Dan Buckner enjoys his first media day as a Wildcat on Aug. 7. Bucker, who joined the team last January, has to sit out the 2010 season after transferring from the University of Texas.

he marketing professors and gurus over at Eller College of Management must be taking very close notes — if not already sculpting a syllabus or focus in New Media Marketing. Branding 101, Buzz 205 and Exposure 310 should all be chapters to the ultimate case study of how the Pacific 10 Conference went from a yawner late-night afterthought to the nation’s most talked-about sports conference this summer. You heard about commissioner Larry Scott’s ambitious attempt at absorbing the Big 12 — that was all in the plan to grab eyes and resurrect a conference that couldn’t make an evening SportsCenter highlight unless Legarrette Blount punched someone. The conference’s explosive AllAmerican-caliber quarterbacks like Stanford’s Andrew Luck, Washington’s Jake Locker and USC’s Matt Barkley aren’t REVAMP, page 11

Arizona’s 2010 class as advertised

All-American Randi Acosta named assistant By Kevin Nadakal ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The Arizona women’s gymnastics team will welcome former UA All-American Randi Acosta to the coaching staff. Acosta, formerly known as Randi Liljenquist, competed for the Gymcats from 1999-2002 and is widely regarded as one of the most talented gymnasts in UA history. Acosta was named to the All-Pacific 10 Conference team four times during her career and was an All-American twice. Her career culminated with a Pac-10 championship victory on the floor exercise her senior year. Head coach Bill Ryden, who coached Acosta when she was a Wildcat, is thrilled to bring her on staff “Her dancing ability and movement is just phenomenal and certainly puts her in a class that very few people reach,” Ryden said. “But she was also one of our very best gymnasts. She bleeds red and blue; she is a diehard wildcat. It was a perfect match. Her talent is something you don’t teach; it’s something you either got or you don’t got.” With her rare talents as a competitor and her love for the Gymcats, she made her way to the ACOSTA, page 11

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Safety Marquis Flowers, right, lunges to intercept a pass at practice on Thursday. Flowers, the top-rated prospect from the state of Arizona last season, is expected to contribute this year as a true freshman.

By Mike Schmitz ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Back in early February when Arizona inked a slew of big names on National Signing Day, it made for one of the most touted recruiting classes in the program’s history. Heading into the 2010 college football season, it still remains to be seen what impact these youngsters will have on the field, but after working through a full training camp it became clear that the hype is warranted. “I think (the freshman class) is by far and away our most diverse class, and probably our best class we’ve had since we’ve been here,”

said head coach Mike Stoops on the second day of training camp. “There’s some very, very talented freshmen all the way through. I’m really pleased with the overall skill level, strength, size and speed.” The Wildcats added talent, youth and depth at seemingly every position with their 2010 recruiting class — a class headlined by Arizona’s No. 1 high school player Marquis Flowers out of Millennium High School in Goodyear. Flowers, who is currently listed at 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds, is unbelievably polished for an 18-yearold, and that seems to be a theme throughout the entire class.

“They’re more skilled. They’re more developed,” Stoops said as he compared the 2010 class to the usual crop of newcomers. Stoops went on to cite the prestige of certain high school programs as the reason for the quick development. And that development is what may very well land these recruits on the field early and often this season. Flowers should be vying for a starting job at safety, while freshmen defensive backs Shaquille Richardson and Jonathan McKnight could see some significant time. Wide receivers Austin Hill and Tyler Slavin, both out of Roosevelt

High School in California, could also see the field. Having at least five true freshmen entering the season with a chance to play is another step forward on Stoops’ recruiting trail after 2009 saw four true freshmen — Adam Hall, Taimi Tutogi, Terrence Miller and Jake Fischer — earn a varsity letter. The Wildcats also feature a handful of junior college transfers that could come in and start, including linebackers Derek Earls and Paul Vassallo. Needless to say, the 2010 FRESHMEN, page 12

arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, august 24, 2010 •

REVAMP continued from page 10

File Photo/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Randi Acosta, pictured above during her career as a Wildcat, hopes to bring the same success that she had as an athlete to the program as a coach. Acosta was a two-time All-American.

Acosta continued from page 10

Ryden: ‘She bleeds red and blue’

top of Ryden’s wish list when a coaching vacancy opened up. Ryden did admit that he did not think he could get her to move down to Tucson with her family. Ryden revealed that Acosta did apply for an assistant coaching job six years ago, but he felt like she was not ready. Now, with coaching experience under her belt, a solid foundation and her own family, he believes that she is ready to help the Gymcats into the new season. Ryden believes that Acosta’s experience as a Gymcat is a huge benefit for her and the team. “As a coach, being able to have someone that you coached start going up those ranks, of course you are go-

ing to feel proud,” Ryden said. “She knows this place, she knows this team, she knows me, she knows (assistant coach) John (Court). There is already a comfort factor, and she jumped in with both feet.” Acosta will replace former assistant coach Colleen Johnson. Johnson spent six years as an assistant coach at Arizona and was responsible for choreographing the floor exercise and working with the beam team. “Colleen just had some personal opportunities,” Ryden said. “At this stage in her life she just felt that it was the best thing for her. She did a great job for us. I certainly have high respect for her talents and everything she has done.”

Randi Acosta assistant gymnastics coach

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Pac-10 rebranding

household names east of the Mississippi. And that’s why Scott intervened and grabbed Bristol, Conn., by the ear, funneling the East Coast media with a feeding tube of West Coast nutrients. Scott’s first move: Hiring Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency to give the conference a makeover. The world’s leading talent agency, which represents the majority of A-list celebrities in all sorts of entertainment, rebranded the Pac-10’s image by simply retelling its résumé through sexy videos for prospective student athletes. Watch the video and you’ll see its dynamic landscape (coastline, desert, mountains), cool locales (Los Angeles, Seattle, Bay Area), incredible alumni (Google’s founders at Stanford, Neil Armstrong at USC, Kourtney Kardashian at UA), legendary sports icons (John Wooden, John Elway, Steve Prefontaine), the most NCAA championships, leaders in the Director’s Cup … The list goes on. Watch it all in the Pac-10’s new “brand trailer” on its new website adorned by its new logos. It’s all new. Harnessing the tradition of innovation, excellence and winning is attractive, and what better place to rejuvenate the rebirth than New York City, the media epicenter of the world. You’ve seen photos of the coaches ringing the Nasdaq bell and players on the set of ESPN College GameDay. Maybe those video clips appeared on your Facebook News Feed or maybe it was retweeted. New Media Marketing. It’s viral, and it’s got to have you excited for the future of this conference, as the fidgety Pac-10 looks to choose from new television contracts like The Situation chooses his women at the club. Big 12, you can take the grenades. “Sometimes on the West Coast we have a West Coast attitude that things are great out here and if the rest of the country wants to learn about us, they can come have a look,” Michael Mokwa, a marketing professor at ASU, told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s a matter of being aggressive, or the alternative, being complacent.” On a smaller yet equally effective scale, UA’s new athletic director Greg Byrne must also be taking notes. The 38-year-old social media-savvy young gun personally thanks fans on his Facebook page, posts photos from his trips on his Twitter and writes a weekly e-mail newsletter to fans who subscribe. Earlier this month he posted: “OK, lunch at Student Union on Tues. 8/31 for 1st one to Twitter out @Greg_Byrne in a message. Only respond if u can use. Bear Down!” That’s a true fan’s AD. Don’t be surprised to see him venture into the Zona Zoo or upper deck during football games. After all, Byrne just returned from a statewide tour, shaking hands and kissing babies all to raise awareness of the UA’s athletic brand. He wants your attention. Should this all translate to ticket sales? “We sold 484 season tixs last week. We have sold 25,477 and just a little over 2,000 away from the record,” Byrne said on Twitter. “Better get them!” Note taken.


• tuesday, august 24, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

BUCKNER continued from page 10

UT transfer brings skill, energy to UA

guys, I know we won’t face no one better in the (Pacific 10 Conference),” said cornerback Robert Golden of practicing against Arizona’s receiving corps. “I break confidence,” Buckner said about going up against the Wildcat secondary. “No, I’m kidding. I can give them a good look, a good fast look.

THE DAN BUCKNER FILE What he’s done: Buckner was a solid contributor as an underclassman at Texas, one of the most prolific football programs of all time. Despite limited playing time he still hauled in 49 catches for 529 yards and six touchdowns.

What he’ll bring: With a combination of ideal wide receiver size and superior athleticism, Buckner will automatically be one of the best pass-catchers in the Pac-10. He and Juron Criner would form perfect bookends to what should be an explosive 2011 receiving corp.

FRESHMEN continued from page 10

“I feel like I pass some game experience. You’re only as good as your weakest link so I’m trying to make the whole team better any way I can.” Even though he won’t be breaking the confidence of cornerbacks and safeties in the Pac-10 this season, Buckner’s love of the game is keeping him focused on what he can have an impact on — himself. Buckner has an adjusted learning curve. By the time he will be able to play in 2011, he will have gone through four training camps with the offense. “The thing about Dan (Buckner) is that he’s a really intelligent person,” said outside receivers coach Dave Nichol. “He’s picked up the offense very quickly because he’s really intelligent. He’ll be way better a year from now because I think he’ll be bigger and stronger and faster.” While he was impressive throughout spring practices, fall camp showed that Buckner’s talent is helping the defense develop now — whether it means by defending a crossing route or putting up with his taunting from the sidelines. “The main goal is to win and to win championships,” Buckner said. “We’re trying to get to Pasadena and that’s the goal. No one practices to lose and we’re practicing to win right now.” While Buckner’s intermission before the second half of “the show” will last 12 games this season, his potential indicates that the second act will be worth the wait.

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Touted freshmen class proving worth

Arizona recruiting class is shaping up to be one of the most memorable in school history. “Man, they’re all talented. This is the best class that I’ve seen since I’ve been here, besides our class,” said fifth-year senior defensive end Brooks Reed on the sixth day of camp. “There might be up to five guys playing this year as freshmen.” Junior wide receiver David Douglas added: “We got some great guys in this year. Our recruiting class has really come in here working hard and doing a good job, so we’re excited about those guys.” The 2010 recruiting class is turning some heads already and these youngsters should make quite the impact on the field this season, but the bigger theme is that Arizona is finally stating its name as a program and luring in top-notch recruits. In fact, the Wildcats have already committed 14 high school players to the 2011 class, including quarterback Daxx Garman, linebacker Rob Hankins and Canyon Del Oro running back Ka’Deem Carey. In recent years Arizona would commit only three or four recruits around this time of year, but after back-to-back bowl appearances, the Wildcats are now a legitimate contender for highly touted recruits. So while the current installation of Arizona football is aiming for a Rose Bowl appearance, the coaching staff has set the program up nicely for the years to come. Arizona will lean on this hyped 2010 class throughout the season, but after showcasing its massive talent in training camp, with time the young Wildcats should deliver. “We’re further ahead with the younger

players than we ever have,” Stoops said. “They continue to impress just all the way around. They’re going to make it hard on some of these older guys and that’s really what you want in your program.”

2011 ARIZONA FOOTBALL COMMITMENTS Although these players haven’t even started their senior seasons yet, keep en eye out for them in Wildcats uniforms in 2011. Jacob Arzouman, OL – 6-3, 250 lbs. Jared Baker, RB – 5-9, 180 lbs. Ezekiel Bishop, ATH – 5-10, 182 lbs. Tra’Mayne Bondurant, DB – 5-11, 185 lbs. Ka’Deem Carey, RB – 5-10, 180 lbs. Joseph Carter, DE – 6-5, 250 lbs. Michael Cooper, TE – 6-5, 230 lbs. Travis Feeney, DB – 6-3, 200 lbs. Daxx Garman, QB – 6-2, 185 lbs. Reggie Gilbert, DE – 6-3, 230 lbs. Rob Hankins, LB – 6-1, 219 lbs. Hank Hobson, LB - 6-2, 213 lbs. Jabral Johnson, LB – 6-2, 218 lbs. Kerry Swarn, DB – 6-2, 190 lbs.

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• tuesday, august 24, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

2BR/2BA @$625 PER MONtH. Move-in August and get 2WEEKS fREE. 4-plex near 1st & Glenn, bike to campus, new carpet/ paint, A/C, W/D h/u, ceramic tile, granite countertop, ceiling fan, wired for internet, phone, cable in each room. Discount for 12mo lease. Call Bruce @HPM (520)275-0874 680Sqft 1BR. 1439 E. Adams. 4blocks to UofA and med school. $600/mo year lease, $600 deposit. Water included only. A/C, evap cooling, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, unfurnished. No pets. 520909-4766. CLEAN 2BR 2BA. fourplex, 3 friendly quiet neighbors. Tile floors, A/C, stove, fridge, W/D, Dwasher. Close to UofA, Fry’s, Tucson Mall, Target. 218 W Roger Rd. #2. $630. Please call Ron 623-1016. Contemporary design 2BR/ 2BA 1100Sf duplex 1.5miles east UA near 3rd St. Pool, spa, WD, DW, dual cooling, wireless internet, off street parking. No pets. Prefer long-term faculty/grad students. $1200/ month 419-3865 fiRSt AvENUE AND Fort Lowell. 2BD, 1BA. Shared W/D, A/C, covered patio, & parking. Water &gas paid. No pets. Lease $600/mo. 520-629-9284 LARGE 2BD 1BtH. 2blocks from campus, parking, W/D, A/C, quiet, clean. See website for locations: 520406-5515 1BD/ 1BA ON campus. $475/mo. $475 deposit. 818 E. Speedway, rear house. Off street parking. Andy 901-0231 or Susan 3100717 Available Now 1BR COMPLEtELy fURNiSHED very clean, $500/mo plus utilities. Near UMC 624-1868 or 349-8822 References responsible party. BACK tO SCHOOL special 1bedroom Guesthouse ALL utilities included, a/c, walled yard, storage, pets ok $495 ALSO Small house wood floors, carport, fireplace, all utilities included, wood shutters $500 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 OR LOG ON WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM

3 7 8 4 6 2 5 9 1 4 1 8 9 7 5 4 6 2 5 4 9 1 2 5 8 2 6 4 4

Difficulty Level

2010 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

By Dave Green


BEAUtifUL GUEStHOUSE 1BD 1Ba. A/C, Eat-in kitchen, all custom remodeled, laundry included. Available September 1. $650/mo. 24 E Spring St (Campbell/ Grant). 520-885-5292/ 520-841-2871 CHARMiNG StUDiO, BUS route accessible, Blenman/ Elm, w/kitchenette. Utilities included, high speed internet, cable, A/C, full bath, private entrance &parking, no smoking, or pets, furnished, flexible lease, references required, prefer professional or grad student. 520-318-1408 GUEStHOUSE, qUiEt, PRivAtE yard. Unf. 1bdrm enclosed outdoor porch, large storage room. Elm and Tucson Blvd., $440 incl water and gas. 3260762 LARGE StUDiOS ONLy 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $370, lease. No pets. 977-4106 NON-SMOKiNG GRAD StUDENt wanted. 3blocks from campus on 6th St. Comfortable, quiet, secure space with tile floors, walkin closet and full bathroom. Wireless internet included. A/C Laundry facilities. $420.00 +1/3 utilities 990-8751

$750 2BDRM, 1BAtH, A/C, 718sqft, washer/ dryer, off street parking. 6th St, & Mountain area. Call Adobe PMI at 520-325-6971 or see our website at

BEAUtifULLy MAiNtAiNED; SECURE 3BR/ 2BA. Unfurn/ furn. Walled front/ back. 2.5mi from U. AC; evap; appl+ wash/ dry. Pet ok. $1100& util. Maureen 250.6831;


BiKE tO UOfA. Quiet 2bd 2ba house. A/C, fireplace, fenced yard, $795/mo. Call 490-5389

fEMALE UPPERCLASSMEN ROOMMAtE wanted. Pretty 3bdrm/2bath house, gated community. Tucson Blvd area. Furnished room. Looking for clean, quiet, nonsmoking, no pets, no parties. I do have two smaller dogs. $500.00 plus half electric bill. 520981-1340

CHARM AND COMfORt brick 2br home. 7blks to UA. Oak and tile floors, corian counter tops, w/d, gated parking, walled yard, dual cooling. 440-9880.

ORACLE & GRANt, 2BOyS/ 1girl seeking roommate, $300/ month, split utilities, spacious living areas. Call 520-208-1754 for more information.

1BLOCK tO CAMPUS near Rec center, charming 2BR house with wood floors, retro tile, washer and dryer hookups. $695/mo, water included. Call Mike at 869-8968 2BD/1BA +StUDy, Off street parking, back yard bbq, fireplace, $1000/mo. 867-8707 or 270-4087. 2BDRM / 1.5BAtH CHARMiNG DUPLEx. fiREPLACE, HARDWOOD fLOORS, CLAW-fOOt tUB. $800 MONtH. 1139 N SECOND AvE. CALL HOLLy @520-409-2021 2BEDROOM HOUSE WAtER & gas included, washer and dryer, a/c $750 ALSO 2Bedroom 2bath house tile flooring throughout, carport, w/d, fenced yard, a/c $750 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 OR LOG ON WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 3BD 1BA HOME. Just north of UMC in 1600 blk Seneca St. Lots of parking, storage, &fenced yard. Available September 1. 603-1838/ 440-5026 3bedroom 2bath + Az room extra bedroom? $1125= 375 ea bedroom or $1200 for 4. 1515 E. Mabel practically on campus!! Call: 429- 2689 3BEDROOM HOUSE WOOD floors, garage, fireplace, walled yard, front and back porches, $895 ALSO Newly Remodeled 3Bedroom 2bath carport, fireplace, dishwasher, w/d $925 CALL REDI 520623-5170 OR LOG ON WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 3BR, 2BA 1700Sqft house with beautiful patio, mountain views, high ceilings, lots of light, A/C, W/D, garage in central gated community $1200 call 520-3024920 4BEDROOM 2.5 BAtH HOUSE 2300sqft, ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED, 2kitchens 2entrances, attic for storage, walled yard $1500 ALSO 4Bedroom 3bath house a/c, wood floors, internet included, dishwasher, w/d, walled yard, covered patio, gated property, private spa $1900 CALL 520-623-5710 OR LOG ON WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 4BR 3BA x from Stadium. Steps from campus. W/D A/C Parking. $1775 415-652-1492 4BR/ 2BA PLUS basement, walking dist. to university, parking, non smoking, no pets, 1036 N. 1st Ave, $1,400/mo. 624-8695 or 360-7818

fREE 1St MONtH with year lease. Very large 2BR/ 1BA, fenced yard. Ft. Lowell & Mountain. Bike path to UA. Pets okay. $695 520-682-7877 LARGE NiCE HOUSE, great location to bike everywhere. Five bedroom, two bath, quiet alley, University/ Stone area, central heating/ cooling, tile floors, responsive landlord. $1250/mo, year lease. 520322-0285 StiLL LOOKiNG fOR a place to live? Call Bancroft and Associates. 881-4884. We have 1-3 bedrooms near campus. $450 and up. Roommates welcome! Website: vERy CLEAN 4BD 3BA near campus. Across the street of UofA medical center. Great Location within walking distance to campus. Parking for up to 5cars. $1400/mo. 520-918-6307 or leave a message.

5 minutes to the UofA 3Bd/ 2BA Completely Remodeled. New Kitchen, Baths, AC, LowE Windows, and ceramic tile flooring. Wheelchair accessible, roll in shower. $124,900. MAC Realty MLS#20929996 520-327-1318 CHARMiNG SAM HUGHES Double Red Brick Home for Sale (Himmel Park). 3BR, 1.5BA, .24Acre. 2Backyards, Fireplace. Detached Double Garage & Shed maybe converted to living quaters. Zoned R1. $375,999.99. Excellent condition. Negotiable. Call: 520-2718832. fORGEt DORM LifE! 1Br/ 2Ba condo w/loft near River/ Campbell. Steps from community pool/ Spa, near UA bike path, shopping, restaurants & more. $95,000. Cheryl Ledford, Keller Williams 520-250-5109 HiStORiC REStORED 2BR/ 1.5BA. Walk to UofA/ 4th Ave downtown. 224 N. Bean. Hardwood saltillo floors, patio, driveway, ramada. $129,500. Joseph 520-8815187. jUSt REDUCED $10,000!! Amazing value. MLS #21023066. Live in a completely newly remodeled luxury 2bed 2bath condo for less than rent! just one mile from UofA! All appliances stay. Condo has fireplace and Laundry room! Only $89,900! Call Kevin: 520260-3123 or

4BR/2BA NEW 2005 1660sqft 2car garage. 5mins from campus. Cold A/C. Call 520-850-0235 or Owner/ agent.

1fEMALE ROOMMAtE WANtED. 4BD 2BA home. 2miles UofA. $410 per person per month. Includes utilities. Ready Fall semester 2010. More info 520-2272473

5BD 4BA GRANitE kitchen 2fireplaces, entire place tiled, swimming pool. Sabino Canyon Rd. $1700/mo. Available August. Call 271-0913.

fEMALE ROOMMAtE WANtED for 2bd, 1bath duplex. 1blk south of UA. W/D, backyard, patio, parking. $375/mo +utilities. Call Julie 520.661.5044

5BR/ 3BA HUGE House plus basement. Parking, non smoking, no pets, walking dist. to university, wired for internet $1,700/mo 624-8695 or 360-7818

fEMALE ROOMMAtE WANtED, 3Bd/ 2ba, 4miles to UofA, utilities incl $400; great quiet environment. For more info plz contact Maria @480-296-9958,



ROOMMAtES WANtED/ROOMS fOR rent. Free internet, convenient location near UA, contact Heather at 490-2627 or John at 624-5810.

3BD/2.5BA LOOKiNG for responsible students to share a clean 1400sqft townhouse. Remodeled kitchen, D/W, microwave, W/D, A/C. Small patio. Complex has swimming pool, basketball court, & guest parking. Carport for 2. Close to UofA & major shopping. Available August 1. $1050/mo +utilities. 520-240-0721 AvAiLABLE SEPtEMBER 1 vERy clean. 2BD 2BA townhouse $800/mo. Tile throughout. Bedrooms carpeted. Within 5miles to UofA. Near bike route. Close to Tucson Mall and Restaurants. 1Car carport w/storage room. All appliances included. Call Heather 235-7786. Owner/ Agent. BEAUtifUL 2BD/ 1BA. 3231 E. Presidio. Country Club/ Fort Lowell. A/C, just remodeled, W/D, walled patio. Pets ok. Covered parking. $750/mo +deposit. Water Included. Mike 272-1928 SAM HUGHES PLACE- Luxury 2-story townhouse w/2BR, 3BA, large loft, and private 2car garage. fully upgraded w/stainless steel appliances, washer/ dryer, fireplace. Furnished or Unfurnished. Available Now. (312)953-1922 or (520)576-8916 / 577-6139. tOWNHOME fOR RENt 2BR/ 2.5BA, Anklam- St. Marys area. Close to UofA and Pima. $850.00 month, security deposit, renter pays electric. Quiet neighborhood. text or call 275.5936

!!-AA tyPiNG $1.50/PG. Laser printing, term papers, theses, dissertations, editing, grammar, punctuation, professional service, near campus. Fax: 326-7095. Dorothy 327-5170.

2006 HONDA MOtORSCOOtER, 49cc, street legal as bicycle, blue & white, like new, 1190mi, 99mpg, 35mph, $950, Call 520-572-9100

$499-$600 New 2008 Baja SC 150cc & 50cc Scooters. front/ Rear Disk Brakes, Ez Maint & Ez on gas! 551-1815 or 2007 KyMCO xCitiNG 250 Scooter ~Blue~ Only 8500 Miles, 75+ MPH, 65+ MPG, Excellent Condition! 520-909-3832 $2900 OBO 2009 zUMA SCOOtER 50cc. Runs great. Kept in garage. $1400 OBO 520-409-7720


arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, august 24, 2010 •



• Haircuts • Perms • Coloring • Nail Services • Brow and Lip Waxing

$5 off haircut (1st time clients only)

Keith Brook’s European Serv

876 E University (at Tyndall) 623-2235

Keith Brooks’ European Service Full service maintenance and repair on European Automobiles Monday-Friday 8am – 5:30pm Shuttle service available with appointment European, Asian and Domestic Cars Factory Trained Technicians 10% discount with your UofA student ID 5 Minutes from Campus! Stone Ave

1st Ave

Mountian Ave


Alturas St


2440 N. First Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719

(520) 321-1640


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KRAVIsrealiMAGA Self Defense

Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM Sat 11am - 4PM

Get Fit... Feel Strong... Have Fun in these unique Special Activity Classes! 2 Free Classes! Present valid UA ID until 9/30/10 in Krav Maga or Salsa Sessions

For Class Schedule, Locations, and Special Discounts for UA Students and Staff, visit:

SALSA and Latin Dance

5741 E. Speedway Tucson, AZ 85712 Phone: (520) 290-6600

Serving the University Community since 1996 with Personal Empowerment and Social Development Classes.



Travel roundtrip to/from Tucson Airport for only $29! Whether going home for a weekend or a holiday, the AZ Stagecoach will provide Door to Door transportation!



Sinbad’s Restaurant

oks. ou. textboones for y l l e s n't est We dothe cheap d We fin

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al e-m


Liquor license pending

also for

iPhone and iPad!!!

BE SMARTER 35%-45% cheaper than other online stores on average* 50% cheaper Saves $225 on average than bookstores multi-item textbook orders¤ on average¤

Doors open at 8PM Every Tuesday


5470 E. Broadway (at Craycroft)


every tuesday

* BIGWORDS lowest price vs. average lowest price from each online store. ¤ BIGWORDS lowest price with shipping vs. retail without shipping.

Volvo is our ONLY service Student Discount $22 oil service with UofA student ID


Service Department 802 N. 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705 Mon.- Fri. 8AM to 5:30PM

coming soon! Live Entertainment Friday-Saturday during happy hours 810 E. University Blvd. 85719

50¢ Coors light

drafts from 8-10pm


Soco and Tuaca All Night

$2 Coronas & Heinekens from 8-11pm


• tuesday, august 24, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Arizona Daily Wildcat — August 24, 2010  

Arizona Daily Wildcat for Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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