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than nine billion by 2050. It also suggests that much of the population will live in areas of food scarcity. Wing and his team of researchers, along with other scientists, have pondered how to grow enough food to feed the world’s population and prevent the host of health and socioeconomic problems correlated with hunger and lack of proper nutrition. Wing and his team are no strangers to this field of research. His group previously developed physical maps for Asian rice that were donated to the Rice Genome Annotation Project. The research

The FIJI fraternity house, located on First Street, previously occupied by the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, is being converted into a residence hall that will be known as Rawls/Eller Lodge and will house 64 UA students beginning the upcoming fall semester. The UA FIJI chapter is being closed until international leaders have decided whether or not to officially revoke the fraternity’s charter, Bill Martin, executive director of Phi Gamma Delta, told local news outlets on Tuesday. Johanne Ives, director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs, said that FIJI’s interim suspension status has not changed with the UA. There has been no announcement yet from the international office of a final decision regarding FIJI’s status. The corporation that is financially responsible for the house most likely decided to partner with UA Residence Life, rather than the UA chapter of FIJI, to ensure the house would be occupied in the upcoming year, Ives said. “Even if the university chooses to change that interim action from suspension … [the corporation is] not interested in moving forward with this current group of collegiate members that was going to move into the house,” Ives said. Jennifer Hiatt, executive director of UA Residence Life, said that Residence Life has been in talks with FIJI for the past few weeks about converting the house into a residence hall after the fraternity was placed under interim suspension. Hiatt said the ongoing investigation is related to the fraternity’s choice to leave




THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Tucson's 21st annual White Coat Ceremony was held in Centennial Hall on Friday. Following the recessional, the new students gathered outside to take a group photograph.

Rice genome project aims to feed BY EMILEE HOOPES

Arizona Summer Wildcat

An international team of researchers led by the UA has sequenced the complete genome of African rice. The genetic information produced will allow scientists to further understand the growing patterns of the species, as well as to create new rice varieties that will withstand environmental stressors and ultimately help eliminate global hunger challenges. Rod Wing, director of the Arizona Genomics Institute and member of the UA’s BIO5 Institute, helped lead the cause.

Wing’s research group specializes in developing “physical maps,” or tools that provide scientists and agriculturalists the knowledge to understand the structure of the genome. According to Wing, rice will play a key role in helping solve the “nine billion people question.” “Rice feeds half of the world, and it’s half of the world that is going to double in 20 or 30 years,” Wing said when asked about the inspiration behind his biology project. “The nine billion people question” consists of predictions suggesting the world’s population will increase to more

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News • Monday, August 11, 2014

Ducey gov campaign hits Tucson

Sun Tran contract dispute ends, bus strike avoided BY Nicholas Peppe

Arizona Summer Wildcat

After days of labor negotiations, Sun Tran officials and representatives of Teamsters Local 104 have officially announced a new one-year contract on Thursday. With the possibility of a worker strike looming, affiliates of both parties met over the span of multiple days to work out a new contract and avoid the possibility of union members authorizing a work stoppage. Compensation disputes are allegedly what triggered the labor union to take action. According to a press release, Sun Tran reportedly requested a raise for its employees as well as a certain package of benefits. The resulting negotiation period caused a lot of uncertainty for Sun Tran riders who, in the event of a strike, would have been urged to start finding alternative means of transportation. The contract extension was set to expire at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday and if an agreement was still not reached at that time, union members may have authorized a work stoppage the following day. “We continue to be hopeful an agreement can be reached prior to the expiration of the contract extension,” said Kate Riley, general manager of Sun Tran. “We encourage riders to plan accordingly and identify potential transportation alternatives in case a service disruption is called.” Sun Tran was prepared to offer limited service along select routes throughout the week if an agreement was not met, as well as limited weekday service on many of the routes. Luckily for Sun Tran passengers, a tentative agreement was met on Wednesday in which

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BY ethan mcsweeney

Arizona Summer Wildcat

file photo/Arizona Summer Wildcat

After days of negotiations, Sun Tran and Teamsters Local 104 labor union have reached an agreement and renewed a one-year contract on Thursday, narrowly avoiding a strike. Disputes originated from Sun Tran's requests for raises and changes to benefits, causing Teamsters to engage in negotiations.

both sides were in compliance to briefly extend the current contract to allow the members the opportunity to vote on the final contract proposal. On Thursday, both parties agreed on a new contract, which stayed within the adopted 2015 budget and was ratified with a vote of 292 to 93. Sun Tran has agreed to a $1 million package that includes one-time wage adjustment for all bargaining unit employees who have been employed longer than six months and are not in the top rate wage level. The plan also includes a one-time wage adjustment for individuals at the top rate of 40 cents on Aug. 1, 2014 and an additional 10 cents on Feb. 1,

2015. Top rate mechanics would earn $22.66 per hour and drivers would earn $19.22 per hour by Feb. 1, 2015, which is an improved rate. The new contract also states that Sun Tran will continue to contribute 100 percent of monthly health and welfare premiums for bargaining unit employees and their dependents and raise hourly contributions to the Teamster pension fund by 1 percent.

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey toured through Southern Arizona on Tuesday as the campaign for the Republican nomination for Arizona governor enters its final weeks. The Ducey campaign made stops in Nogales to meet with law enforcement officials in the ArizonaMexico border area and in Tucson at Hotrods Old Vail, where the Arizona state treasurer was joined by State Sen. Al Melvin (R-District 11) and former Republican State Sen. Frank Antenori for a meetand-greet with voters. Melvin said he supported Ducey’s conservative credentials in the race for governor. Melvin was previously in the running for the Republican nomination for governor before dropping out and endorsing Ducey. “I believe he’s got the leadership, the vision and the integrity to keep our state red and keep it as far away from blue or purple as we can make it,” Melvin said. Ducey spoke with those in attendance and responded to their questions on topics from immigration to the Affordable Care Act to lay out his positions. He also spoke of his qualifications with his history of work in the private sector and building up Cold Stone Creamery. “I built a company, now I want to shrink a government and grow an economy,” he said. Ducey said he wants to get rid of unnecessary taxes and regulations and to ultimately eliminate the state income tax.

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News • Monday, August 11, 2014

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He also focused on immigration and border issues and said President Barack Obama has failed Arizona in his duty to protect the southern border, calling it a national security issue as well as a criminal one. “I believe it’s the first job of our federal government to protect its citizens,” Ducey said. “Our Tucson sector is wide open and unprotected.” Ducey touted his recent endorsement from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio,who is known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. He has also been endorsed by Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Ducey also addressed concerns over rising tuition costs at the state’s public universities. He praised the three state universities – the UA, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University – but added that Arizona has less choice than other states when it comes to higher education. “I want to make sure we get these costs under control so these kids have some idea what their budget will be for four or five years as they get their education,” he said. “I think there’s a way we can do that from state government to lock in those costs.” Ducey later responded to criticism he has received

on the campaign trail in recent days regarding the sale of Cold Stone Creamery and his failure to appear at a candidate forum at Pima Community College – West Campus on July 30. Ducey said he had a conflict and could not attend the debate. He added that he has been in Pima County more than any other candidate during the campaign with an average of twice a month. Scott Smith, mayor of Mesa and a Republican gubernatorial opponent, called out Ducey at the July 30 debate for not answering questions over Cold Stone Creamery and not appearing with the other candidates. Antenori said Ducey’s opponents were trying to spread rumors about the candidate and said they were trying to buy the governor’s seat. “They want to buy a governor,” he said. “They want to own the ninth floor [of the Arizona Capitol building], and the last thing you want is to allow one of those folks to get into the ninth floor.” Ducey is running close in the polls with former GoDaddy executive Christine Jones in a crowded Republican primary field. The primary election is set for Aug. 26, and early voting is underway to see who will face likely Democratic nominee Fred DuVal. ethan mcsweeney/Arizona Summer Wildcat

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Doug Ducey, Arizona state treasurer, speaks with voters at a meet-and-greet at Hotrods Old Vail. Ducey is running for Arizona governor in a crowded Republican primary field.



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News • Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 best year for tech commercialization BY Meredith Morrissey Arizona Summer Wildcat

This past year was the UA’s most successful fiscal year yet for technology commercialization due to the efforts of Tech Launch Arizona. TLA is the unit responsible for advancing UA discoveries made by faculty and students into inventions and intellectual property. According to a press release from the TLA office, fiscal year 2014 was TLA’s first full year of operation with a complete team, new programs and procedures in place. The press release listed some of this year’s notable accomplishments, which included 39 exclusive licenses and options executed, 167 patents filed, 24 patents issued, 188 invention disclosures received from faculty inventors and 11 startup companies created. The UA formed TLA in 2013 by fusing three separate functions — technology transfer, tech parks and corporate and business relations — and implementing new venture development as a fourth function. TLA modeled some of its strategies after the practices of top commercialization universities and made a concerted effort to hire experts in a range of fields. “We’ve hired outstanding

Courtesy of Tech Launch Arizona

David Allen (pictured) is the vice president of Tech Launch Arizona, an entity that helps transform the research of faculty and students at the UA into inventions and intellectual property. In the last fiscal year, TLA has executed 39 exclusive licenses and options, filed 167 patents, issued 24 patents, received 188 invention disclosures from faculty inventors and created 11 startup companies.

people and executed new service-oriented procedures to put the UA on a new trajectory of economic impact,” said David Allen, TLA vice president. Allen said that because of the UA’s broad range of research areas, TLA works with faculty from all dimensions of research to create a broad range of technologies.


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campus. Though there was no available oncampus housing, residence life did reach out to the members of FIJI and offered them help finding a place to live, Hiatt said. The members of FIJI who were living in the house have had no trouble quickly finding off-campus housing, she said. Residence Life has sent an email to all students waiting on on-campus housing, informing them of the new space, Hiatt said. All students have an equal opportunity to apply to live in the space, she said. UA officials placed FIJI under interim suspension following allegations from the University of Arizona Police Department’s investigation into the death of Michael Anderson, 19, who fell to his death in April

“I think that the people that are here now are more talented and prepared to do this,” said Victor Hruby, regents professor of chemistry and biochemistry. Hruby said the university’s current focus on technological commercialization has many benefits, including increased publicity, as well as the possibility of significant societal

and economic impacts. “Over a long period of time these companies can grow into something really substantial and create jobs and improve quality of life for people in our community,” said Paul Tumarkin, TLA marketing and communications manager. Allen said he predicts the UA’s reputation will benefit as a result.

“Our vision for TLA is for the University of Arizona to become one of the top universities related to technological commercialization,” Allen said. He added that he thinks the UA now ranks among the top 25 universities for technological commercialization. According to Tumarkin, there are a variety of ways students can get involved in TLA, such as connecting with TLA Ambassadors, student staff who help students with ideas for businesses or inventions network and connect to community resources. Students with entrepreneurial inclinations also have the option of attending pitch days where they have the opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of experts. TLA also has a student fellows program geared toward law students with a technical, engineering or medical background that allows them to assist with market research and evaluating new technologies. Students interested in learning more about commercialization can attend TLA workshops.

— Follow Meredith Morrissey @Meredith_Mo

while intoxicated. Following his death, UAPD investigated the fraternity to see if Anderson was in attendance of an unregistered party at the house the night before his death. During this investigation, UAPD found evidence of alcohol being served to minors, drug use in the house and attempts to interfere with the police investigation. The Dean of Students Office determined that FIJI posed a “substantial risk to the university community.” Kendal Washington White, associate vice president of student affairs and dean of students, previously said she expects the DOS to make a decision on the status of FIJI’s recognition before the beginning of the fall semester. rebecca marie sasnett/Arizona Summer Wildcat

— Follow Hannah Plotkin @HannahPlotkin

The Phi Gamma Delta house has been converted into student housing for the upcoming school year after the fraternity was placed on interim suspension by the UA. FIJI's international leadership has closed the UA's chapter while a decision is made over whether to revoke the fraternity's charter.

Monday, August 11, 2014

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6 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

News • Monday, August 11, 2014

DRESS FOR SUCCESS UA College of Medicine welcomes the class of 2018 with a traditional ceremony in which medical students don doctor's garb convocation ceremony the medical students will attend in four years, Moynahan said. The keynote speaker was Adele O’Sullivan, The UA College of Medicine — Tucson a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of held the 21st annual White Coat Ceremony Carondelet. O’Sullivan described her journey to celebrate the 115 members of the class into medicine, specifically a life-changing of 2018 at Centennial Hall on Friday. The moment that drew her to a career of working ceremony is a symbolic induction for medical with people experiencing homelessness. “In the next few years, you will see so many students marking their entrance into the field ways your career can change you,” O’Sullivan of medicine. The ceremony began with a procession, said. “You’ll be pulled in many ways.” O’Sullivan said she had never expected to where students entered the hall in cohorts of work in her current field, but six, led by their faculty mentors, after working at a clinic in with their white coats draped [I feel] really Phoenix, she founded Circle over their left arms. Despite the City, an organization instructions to stay seated, welcome, really that provides medical help excited family members and empowered, to homeless individuals. friends jumped up to wave or ready for O’Sullivan advised students shout to their loved ones as the medical to stay open minded and to procession moved down the school. let their future find them. aisles. — Marissa Posada, “I wish for you The white coats used in medical student great satisfaction and the ceremony were provided accomplishment, richness in by donations from faculty relationships, both with your and alumni of the College of colleagues and your patients,” O’Sullivan said. Medicine. The ceremony was emceed by Kevin “May you practice the art as well as the science Moynahan, deputy dean of education in the of medicine with great respect for those who College of Medicine, and the opening remarks have modeled them and taught them to you.” After O’Sullivan’s address, the class of 2018 were made by Joe “Skip” Garcia, senior vice stood and recited the mission statement of the president for health sciences. The first White Coat Ceremony was held at College of Medicine. During the presentation Columbia University in 1993, Moynahan said of the white coats, students were called by and the UA was the first Western university name and individually walked on stage where to begin practicing the tradition the same their mentors helped them put on their white year. The ceremony is meant to mirror the coats for the first time. Students then signed the BY HANNAH PLOTKIN

Arizona Summer Wildcat


A MEDICAL STUDENT HUGS her mentor after receiving her white coat on Friday. The new medical students work in small groups with their mentors through their four years of medical school.

mission statement they had recited earlier. Afterwards, the class of 2018 stood to a round of applause from the audience. After the ceremony, students milled amongst loved ones, taking photos and shaking hands. “[I feel] really welcome, really empowered, ready for medical school,” said Marissa Posada, a participant in the ceremony. Thirty-three of the medical students graduated from the UA, but many of them are

from across the nation. “I’m ecstatic. I’m so excited to start,” said Sean Behan, another participant “I’m from upstate New York, so this is a big change for me, but I really look forward to beginning. I think we’re all looking forward to getting started.”

— Follow Hannah Plotkin @HannahPlotkin


LEFT: The 21st annual University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson White Coat Ceremony was held in Centennial Hall on Friday. At the ceremony, the class of 2018 medial students were given their white coats and asked to affirm their commitment to their future patients and their career. ABOVE: A medical student appears on the stage of Centennial Hall to receive her white coat from her mentor. After receiving their white coats, the students signed a mission statement.

CENTENNIAL HALL HOSTED a large audience for the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson White Coat ceremony on Friday. Parents, family, friends and others in attendance were able to photograph the event.

News • Monday, August 11, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 7

Wing said, “is to understand the wild relatives of rice.� Wing’s research group is now focusing FROM PAGE 1 on sequencing and analyzing the genomes conducted by Wing’s team would later of the wild relatives of African and Asian allow for the sequencing of the complete rice with the hope of Asian rice genome. understanding the entire With the complete genus at a genome level. As a The way in African rice genome, result, a new pool of genetic attacking this scientists can now search variation can be developed problem is to for innovative ways to to fight off pests and plant understand the cross Asian and African pathogens. rice. In doing so, the new November will mark wild relatives rice varieties will ideally the 10th anniversary of of rice. share the high yield traits the completion of the — Rod Wing, director of the Asian rice and the of Arizona Genomics Asian rice genome and Institute hardiness of the African the new completion of the rice. To date, African rice African rice genome. The has already been crossed accomplishments of Wing with Asian rice to create and his colleagues will be new varieties under a group known as acknowledged at the 12th International NERICA, or New Rice for Africa. Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics The primary goal for researchers is to here in Tucson. create rice that will allow for a higher yield and have less of an environmental impact, such as requiring less water and fertilizer. “The way in attacking this problem,� — Follow Emilee Hoopes @DailyWildcat



RICE MAKES UP A SUBSTANTIAL part of the diet of half the people on Earth. Rod Wing, director of the Arizona Genomics Institute and member of the UA’s BIO5 Institute, helped lead a study that aims to create a "super rice" in order to prevent food crisis in the future as the world population grows.

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News • Monday, August 11, 2014




Arizona Summer Wildcat

Kitchen Nightmare

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University of Arizona Police Department officers responded to reports of criminal damage in the Pima Residence Hall. A man staying nearby for a UA summer program had entered the laundry room smelling of alcohol and urine and had begun yelling insults at those present. He continued cursing before Pima residents managed to get the man out of the building. However, the man re-entered the building and entered the kitchen, knocking over tables and chairs and throwing dishes and glasses on the floor before leaving. Officers later located the man identified by witnesses. He told UAPD officers he had drank a few beers and a shot of Hennessey while at a bar. UAPD cited the man and released him to a UA faculty member who advised the man that the incident was a violation of a no-alcohol policy of the summer program. The man was removed from the program.

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UAPD officers observed a woman driving erratically and crossing over the line that separates traffic lanes multiple times while traveling on Campbell Avenue. Officers initiated a traffic stop and noticed the driver showing signs of intoxication. She told officers that she had one beer that evening, had left a party at a friend’s house and was on her way to another. She told officers she had consumed a 40 ounce bottle of Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor. Officers asked her if she felt she was intoxicated, to which she replied, “I didn’t think so until now.” Officers then performed a field sobriety test and administered a Breathalyzer test, which showed a blood alcohol content of .154. Officers cited the woman for a DUI, placed her in handcuffs and waited for a sober friend to pick her up.


Monday, August 11, 2014 • Page 9 • Editor: Logan Rogers • • (520) 621-2956 •

Hipsters in a Southwest habitat BY MYLES GALLAGHER

Arizona Summer Wildcat


he hipster has risen as a definitive subculture in the last decade, growing in various “hipster locales” around the country. This group of people is often defined by its love of everything alternative to mainstream culture, be it vintage clothing, indie music or eclectic pastimes. Very little research has catalogued the regional variations amongst hipster cultures of North America, but there are indeed distinct differences between these similar-seeming varieties. One such example is the Southwest Hipster, which

Coast varieties. calls the American Southwest its home. The music of the Southwest Hipster is The hipster of the Southwestern a unique blend of many different genres. United States is a unique variety of the The high temperatures of the Southwestern 20-something culture. Unimpressed with United States has created an angst in some big city-life, the Southwest Hipster inhabits of the music, often college towns, historic mining conveyed with screamed districts and revitalized The cardigan vocals and guitar tones urban centers of the that the Seattle dripping with delay. American Southwest, a region hipsters wear These elements of the stretching from the deserts Southwest Hipster of Southern California to year-round is music scene may be Central Texas. Even Phoenix, just not going leftovers from these the largest metro area of to work in 105 hipsters’ high school the region, has only a few degree weather. days following the postmillion inhabitants, making hardcore movement. it the perfect environment for The synthesizers of New those adhering to a laid-back, York and Los Angeles, alternative way of life. Several as well as the fiddle and mandolin of the key traits can be analyzed to identify the South, combine with the temperatureSouthwest Hipster, setting this variety apart from the more common Los Angeles or East induced angst of vocals and guitar to form

Incivility derails political dialogue BY VINCE REDHOUSE

Arizona Summer Wildcat


he Arizona legislature has issues. It has issues with immigrants, it has issues with homosexuals and it has issues with guns, to name just a few. But perhaps an even more problematic issue is how

unhealthy civil discourse can often emerge around such divisive topics. First of all, civil discourse is just what it sounds like: goodfaith, respectful dialogue about social and political issues that usually takes place within a public forum. Those forums can be anything from town halls and community gyms to online message boards. Civil discourse is not individuals shouting each other down at debates, calling each other names on cable news programs or attacking each other’s character in online

The Arizona Summer Wildcat Editorial Policy Arizona Summer Wildcat staff editorials represent the official opinion of the Summer Wildcat staff, which is determined at staff editorial meetings. Columns, cartoons, online comments and letters to the editors represent the opinion of their author and do not represent the opinion of the Summer Wildcat.

a musical motif unique to the coffee shops and renovated warehouse districts situated along once prosperous rail lines, including those right here in Tucson. The mode of dress of the Southwest Hipster is again influenced by the environment. Cut-off skinny jean “jorts” are quite common in the summer months. Tank tops, while unacceptable in hipster circles of New York, are quite commonplace amongst the hipster of the Southwest, provided they appear to have survived a decade’s worth of washing machine cycles. The cardigan that the Seattle hipsters wear year-round is just not going to work in 105 degree weather, especially when biking to work (for Tucson hipsters that could mean Bookmans, Zia Records or Cartel Coffee Lab). Similarly, the oversize Rivers Cuomo/


provided everyone has an equal being attacked, especially in comments. voice and opportunity to use a public forum. In fact, the One problem with uncivil it. Civil discourse increases the discourse is that it often distorts publicity of the attack likely opportunity for fair outcomes. only serves to increase the our discussion of a topic, thus However, once you begin to likelihood of one of the four bad distracting us from the issue at coerce or suppress the opinions results. This is because when hand. Consider for a moment of others through aggressive our character is attacked, we if someone has ever called often take that attack personally rhetoric, you are creating a you an idiot or attacked your debate and process unlikely to and get upset. character during a debate. If so, produce fair outcomes. one of five things And so while it is likely happened: If you can't make your point without certainly within one’s You responded in attacking others, perhaps your point rights to shame others kind, you became needs some work. for their beliefs, it’s not flustered and so clear that one should forgot your point, do so. In addition, it’s you just decided also not clear why one should Proper civil discourse allows to ignore the other person or need to resort to defamatory us to maximize democratic walked away, you acquiesced language to get a point across. values. Individuals have highly out of fear of conflict or you While walking around the subjective beliefs and desires, attempted to defuse the UA campus, many of you will but they exist within societies. situation so that the debate undoubtedly come across things And while it is impossible to could continue civilly. Only one that you find reprehensible or reach a unanimous decision out of five of those outcomes not to your liking. Perhaps it’s in large democracies, it is attempts to return to the topic. images of fetuses on the UA possible to reach a conclusion However, all five are natural that most can agree with as fair, and justifiable responses to



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Email letters to:

Snail mail to: 615 N. Park Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719

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Opinions • Monday, August 11, 2014


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Mall, or maybe people are telling you that you’re not allowed to smoke or that you’re going to hell. Whatever the case, if you want to express disagreement, then organize a public forum with the goal of respectful dialogue and engage those people in a respectful manner. University campuses are places of “higher learning,” and while they may carry reputations of a liberal ethos, a good argument is still a good argument. If you have a point to make, be civil





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Buddy Holly prescription glasses are less prevalent among the Southwestern states due to the necessity of sunglasses for much of the year. One of the Southwest Hipster’s most iconic accessories are his vintage, or at least vintagestyle, “sunnies.” The Hipster of the Southwest is often an outdoorsman first. Cycling, rock climbing, hiking and slack-lining are common pastimes enjoyed by the hipsters of the region, many of whom have beards as a symbol of their outdoorsmanship. While many hipsters of various other geographic regions claim to be active

participants in the same activities, the Southwest Hipster is situated near the jagged American Rockies, considering the Appalachians suitable only for Polaroid viewfinders. Board games, especially uncommon titles such as “Settlers of Catan,” are also popular amongst the hipsters of the region, especially for married couples choosing to forgo the wine tastings and sports-viewing parties of their less-alternative peers. The American Southwest is a region rich in history and culture, containing a burgeoning art scene inspired by its natural beauty, Native American art, Latin American influences and



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From “New ID law could prove inconvenient for over-21 students” (by Nicholas Peppe, August 6) This law is absolutely ridiculous. It does not matter what direction someone’s ID is in - people can give away any of their ID’s to friends to use as fakes. A good way to curb the amount of underages getting into bars is to request multiple forms of identification when the picture looks like it may not match.

* Pricing and options subject to change without notice. Floor plans and exterior elevations are artist’s renderings and are for illustrations only. Miramonte Homes reserves the right to change interior and exterior designs, specifications, locations, size and design features of floor plans, elevations and prices without prior notice. All dimensions are approximate. Miramonte Homes floorplans and elevations are solely owned by Miramonte Homes and are protected by copyright law. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. Pricing and options subject to change without notice. A public report is available at the State Real Estate Department’s website ROC # 241199 KB 01 Broker # 574229000

— Brianna Griffin

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From “Majority of UA profs make less than their peers, report shows” (by

the beat culture. The hipster of the region has assimilated into this niche, allowing the observer to clearly distinguish the Southwest Hipster from the hipsters of other regions such as the Pacific Northwest or Tennessee. The Southwest Hipster is specifically adapted to the environment it inhabits, and being able to recognize these distinguishing characteristics is just the beginning of further research into this unique culture.

— Myles Gallagher is a senior studying anthropology. Follow him @thegetawayMYLES

about it. Regardless of the strength of your argument, hiding it behind aggressive rhetoric will only serve to upset those that you are trying to convince and make your point harder to understand. And if you can’t make your point without attacking others, perhaps your point needs some work. The best way to convince people is by engaging in civil discourse.

— Vince Redhouse is a senior studying philosophy, politics, economics and law. Follow him @DailyWildcat

Hannah Plotkin, August 6) And we still pay ridiculous tuition, books, eating and parking costs. Arizona needs some funding. This great school is paying the price because the State won’t get them what they need. It’s not right. — Jacci Amaral From “UA salary database: 2013-14” (by Arizona Summer Wildcat staff, August 5) Sean Miller can adopt me. — Anthony Lovio From “Who should start at QB for Arizona?” (by James Kelley and Roberto Payne, August 6) This debate is starting to become an annual tradition. — Kirk Sibley

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Former Wildcat QB Matt Scott throwing for preseason TD after vomiting on field We know, we know, it’s just the preseason. Still, way to bear down, Matt. What’s a little nausea when you’ve got a job to do? Obama’s airlift and airstrikes to assist persecuted Yazidi civilians in Iraq Helping out an isolated religious minority group survive an onslaught by Islamist militants is a worthy humanitarian cause, as long as the president is careful to avoid getting us permanently dragged into another longterm conflict in the Middle East.

—Compiled by the Editorial Board


People who call Tucson the “Dirty T” It’s bad enough that our official Old Pueblo nickname calls us “old,” but with the new People who jaywalk across major Tucson nickname, Tucson has to be labeled as “dirty,” streets too? What’s next, “Pothole Place?” It’s tough to be driving down Campbell or First Avenue and have to slam on your breaks because someone is wandering across the road. We know it’s hot, we know the distance between crosswalks are far, but taking the time to cross the street properly could prevent a serious or fatal accident.



Ebola scare in New York City Doctors treated a patient for potential symptoms of the dreaded hemorrhagic fever, which has rarely spread beyond West Africa in the past. Luckily, the man did not have the deadly virus, but an Ebola epidemic in the nation’s largest metro area could be a major problem.



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Monday, August 11, 2014 • Page 12 • Editor: Roberto Payne• • (520) 621-2956 •

Slew of candidates in the running to replace Carey

NCAA ruling gives leeway to Power 5


Arizona Summer Wildcat

Several running backs are trying to fill the void left by Arizona football all-time leading rusher Ka’Deem Carey’s early departure for the NFL. Carey scored 20 touchdowns and rushed for 1,885 yards last season, despite missing the season opener against FCS opponent NAU. The Wildcats not only lost Carey, but also backup running back Daniel Jenkins, who ran for 411 yards. The 2014 crop of running backs have impressed the coaches, though. “I love the way the guys are working,” said Calvin Magee, associate head coach, cooffensive coordinator and running backs coach. “They focus and they concentrate, and they try to improve every day and that’s all you can ask for.” Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez said he has been impressed with redshirt senior Adonis Smith, freshman Jonathan Haden, freshman Nick Wilson, redshirt senior Terris JonesGrigsby, redshirt junior Jared Baker and redshirt freshman Zach Green. “We don’t have a Ka’Deem, which everybody knows, but we got a lot of bodies there and I think we’re going to be good,” Rodriguez said. Smith, who has also played for Northwestern and UNLV,


Arizona Summer Wildcat


ARIZONA REDSHIRT FRESHMAN QUARTERBACK Anu Solomon (12) hands off the ball to Arizona redshirt senior running back Terris Jones-Grigsby (24) during football practice on Aug. 2 at Arizona Stadium. Jones-Grigsby is among a handful of running backs looking to become the starter.

and Jones-Grigsby are the oldest running backs as fifth-year seniors. “I’m the veteran, so they’re going to expect that from me, but now I’m just trying to take it dayby-day,” Jones-Grigsby said. “I know I’ve got big shoes to fill in [for] Ka’Deem, so I’m just ready to take on that role.” Jones-Grigsby is the younger brother of former UA star running back Nic Grigsby. “Terris is solid, Terris just does everything solid,” Magee said. “He’s a good example for the young kids that are watching him.”


Speaking of younger players, Magee said he’s been impressed with the freshmen running backs, like Wilson and Haden. “That’s been very exciting to watch,” he said. “They kind of are what we thought they were coming in, so to get them out here and get them flying around is good. They’re learning pretty quick and making some plays so it’s exciting to see.” Magee said the offense is tough to learn because of its fast pace and it’s hard for freshmen to learn pass protection. Freshmen and other

WHAT TO WATCH NFL PRESEASON Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots: Aug 15, 4:30 pm, NFL Network

ARIZONA SOCCER Arizona vs. New Mexico (Exhibition): Aug 16, 7 pm, Murphey Field

newcomers are not available for comment until media day next week. Magee said Wilson is a complete back and is learning everything right now. “He’s big-eyed right now,” Magee said. “He’s trying to learn and really absorbing everything, but he’s a strong runner with some good quickness and some decent speed. But he’s a puppy and has a lot to learn. He and Haden are both doing extremely well.” Baker is the only returning back

inally a little bit of sanity has come to the NCAA. Last week, the NCAA Division I board of directors voted to give the Power Five Conferences (Pac-12, Big 12, Big Ten, ACC and SEC) some autonomy. This paves the way for the Power Five to raise scholarships to the “full cost of attendance” and compensate them further. “I think it’s going to be great,” Arizona football head coach Rich Rodriguez said. “We’re going to be able to feed our guys and put a little more money in their pocket. I’ve been an advocate for this for three years. I think it’s great for their quality of life.” The big schools have been in favor of this for a while, but the smaller schools in Division I voted it down because they can’t afford it. Autonomy saves the Power Five from potentially splitting off from DI or the NCAA itself and acknowledges that the big guys are almost as different



NCAA, 16


Can't wait to see all of the new @ZonaZooOfficial mebers this fall...Hope the new students are ready to #BearDown @UofA!" —@APlayersProgram, Arizona Basketball official twitter page

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arizona Summer Wildcat • 13 615 N. Park Ave. Rm. 101 520-621-3425 Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. FAX: 520-621-3094

BUSCANDO UN TRABAjO 2 o 3 noches a la semana. Eres Espanol o has vivido o viajado a Espana? Te gusta buen vino y comida. Trabajador, alegre, y energetico. Llamarnos 884-5253(restaurante familiar) CAREGIvER WANTED. 1MILE from UofA. 10 person Adult Care Home. Fri-Sat-Sun 7AM to 2PM 90% of job is cooking, cleaning and laundry. Apply in person @2330 East Waverly Street 85719 during daylight hours only. PART-TIME ASSISTANT needed for arthritic career woman. Good training for person desiring to work in the medical field. Light lifting, flexible hours, close to campus, car preferred. To apply, call afternoons 867-6679.

MINI COMPACT FRIDGE. 3.3 cu. ft. Perfect condition. Great for students living in dorms. Fits dorm guidelines. $150. Call or text 520-306-1386

HOT CRIME NOvEL series, Tucson setting, local yokel author on Amazon, Dorothy Prater Niemi (UA ‘73): party hearty but remember to Bear Down.

!!!!!!! 1BLOCK FROM UA. Avail Now, Summer or fall. Remodeled, new A/C, furnished or unfurnished. 1BD from $610, 2BD from $810, 3BD from $1175. Pool/ laundry. 746 E 5th St. Shown by appointment 751-4363/ 409-3010 !!!UTILITIES PAID. 4blocks to UofA. Mountain/Adams. Giant studio $620/mo. No pets. Security patrolled, quiet, ceiling fans. 520299-5020 or 520-624-3080 1 & 3BD/ units AC, water pd, offst. parking, Euclid/Speedway, starting at $425, APL 747-4747 1BD/ 1BA APARTMENT for rent. $350 -$399/mo. Close to UofA. More info

3232 N. Tucson Blvd 1 & 2 BR Avail. NOW. Walk, Bike or Bus to UofA! Small pets OK. POOL, Laundry, Gated. Reserved Covered Parking! 1Bd 1Ba from $535; 2Bd 2Ba from $655! Call Nick for Appt. 8817770. See for more listings.

1BD/ 1BA, $487/MO. 423 E Drachman with carport. Only water included. Coin-op laundromat on premise. $99 move-in deposit. 520-272-0754.

3BED APT- $1050/mo. Only 2Blocks from Campus. Free Wifi. Available for Move in Today! GPA Rewards Program. Lush Green Lawns. Furnished and 10 Month Options Available. Last one- It is a must see! 520.884.9376. Apply now @

1 B E D R O O M / 1 B AT H R O O M , $550, 3BLOCKS to UofA campus, Euclid/9th. Furnished, Quiet, Spacious. Free WIFI, Pay Only Electric., 520-7983453,

BRAND NEW 3Bed/ 3Bath Apt. $1650/mo. Cherry Park Studios Apartments. (520)3496736

2-STORy TOWNHOME 2BD/ 2BA, carports, A/C, DW, W&D, fireplace, community pool, patio, $675/month. 150 E. Pastime (Stone/Prince, 3 mi from UA). Call 296-1563 or 465-5664. 2BD/ 1BA, COvERED parking, laundry on site, Euclid/6th $565 if paid early, APL 747-4747 2BDRM/ 1BA NExT to Reid Park/Tucson Zoo/Hi Corbett Field. 5min cycle ride to/from UofA. Ideal for thesis writing, research, or resident study. Rent: $690/mo. Utilities: gas/elec. Water: Included. Includes 1 Carport. Furniture: Optional. Julian @520-891-7814


2BR 2BA APT, 2mi N of UofA, Rent Special 1Mo free OAC for 1yr Lease. 910SF, W/D in unit, DW, Range, Refrig A/C, Ceiling Fans, Carport, Tile Floors, avail now. $725/month. Security Dep $500. Near CatTran. 1488 E Hedrick Dr., 520-471-2764.

CLASSIFIED READER RATES: $5.00 minimum for 20 words (or less) per insertion. 25¢ each additional word. 20% discount for five or more consecutive insertions of the same ad during summer. CLASSIFIEDS ONLINE: $2.75 per week with purchase of print ad; $2.75 per day without purchase of print ad. Friday posting must include Saturday and Sunday.

DEERFIELD vILLAGE APARTMENTS. Summer Special!!1bdx1ba Junior $475.00. 1bd x1ba Deluxe $480.00. 2bd/1ba $600.00. 2bd/2ba $640.00. FREE SHUTTLE TO U OF A!! 3201 E. Fort Lowell. 866-8451545 LARGE STUDIOS 6BLOCKS UofA, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. $380. 977-4106 LOOK!!!! HALF OFF first mo. rent. Walk or bike to campus. 1 and 2Br/ 1Ba. $550 to $675. Pool, parking, laundry. Small pets OK. Glenn East Apartments, 2333 E. Glenn St. Call 323-2700 for appt.

Studios from $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. Free dish Tv w/top 120. Free internet WiFi. 884-8279. Blue Agave Apartments 1240 N. 7th Ave. Speedway/ Stone. WALK TO MED CTR. 1940 N. Tucson Blvd. Large studio avail now, quiet complex, AC, all tile. Parking, on-site laundry, pets. $495 Year lease. or 520-323-2700

SPACIOUS AND FUNCTIONAL, partially furnished one bedroom condo near UofA and 3rd St. bike lane. Walking distance to Wholefoods, The Loft theater, bike shop, restaurants and shopping. Tile floors, Air Conditioning, ceiling fans, vintage kitchen (pink appliances) and pool. Covered parking and laundry facilities. Only 11 months lease (renewable option). Includes water, trash and sewer. 520-256-2116

!!!! 4BLOCKS TO UOFA. 1bdrm duplex. 1201 E Lee St. $600 per month, ceiling fans, polished cement floors, security bars. Remodeled, quiet, no pets, security patrolled. 520-299-5020 or 520-6243080 !!!WALK TO UA. 437 E. University. Large unique historic 2BD/1BA. $990. AC, wood floors, high ceilings, ceiling fans. Quiet, no pets. Security patrolled. 520-2995020 or 520-624-3080 1302 E. ADAMS/UNFURNISHED 1150sf 2Bedroom; 1Bath w/Den $950/mo requires a year lease and $950.00 deposit (No pets please) Includes: New Carpet,Central AC/Heat, Stove, Frig, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer. Small yard/patio. Call (520) 909-4766

READER AD DEADLINE: Noon, one day prior to publication. DISPLAY AD DEADLINE: Two working days prior to publication. Please note: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads. COPY ERROR: The Arizona Summer Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an advertisement.


BABySITTER WANTED FOR 3 boys ages 4-11. $12/ hour. East side Tucson, Tanque Verde Valley. Varied hours days/ evenings, weekdays and weekends. Experience & own transportation a must. Email jsawrob@hotmail. Com if interested.

Attention Classified Readers: The Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

14 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

Classifieds • Monday, August 11, 2014

Supplies • Lessons • Patterns and Books • Friendly Service Open Monday - Saturday 10-6 2540 E. 6th St. • 881-1319 • Near Rincon Market. At the corner of Tucson Blvd. and 6th Street, close to the U of A.

6 5 9 2 8 1 9 4 4 1 7 5 8 4 2 6 9 1 7 3 5 8 4 9 1 6 5 3 8 9 3 7

Difficulty Level

2014 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

By Dave Green


1439 E. ADAMS. 1Bedroom/Unfurnished -680sf. $625.00 per month w/one year lease & $625.00 deposit (No pets please) Includes: Water/Sewer/Trash, Central AC/ Heat, stove, Frig, Dishwasher. Call (520) 909-4766 2BR/ 1BA DUPLEx. 2blocks from UofA. AC, Lg Fenced Yard, Carport, W/D HU, 1 yr lease required. Non-smoking. 315 N. Warren Ave $725. Long Realty 918-2409 LARGE 1BEDROOM WALK to UofA. Air conditioning, attached 1car garage with washer/dryer hookups, dishwasher. Newly remodeled, very charming. $725/ mo with a years lease. Water included. 520-298-3017 WALK TO ELLER & Rogers, 2bedroom 1bath, quiet. A/C/ Evap, $800/mo, utilities included. Parking, big yard. 1249 N. Santa Rita. Broadstone 623-8111.

ICE HOUSE LOFTS studio unit available Sept 1. Modern and beautifully designed. Close to UA/ Downtown/Streetcar. Safe/gated covered parking/W/D in unit/storage unit onsite/Pool/Fitness room. 1-year lease. $950. Call or text 429-9615.

!!! 5BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA. 1219 E Lee St. 4/5bedroom, 3bath. Completely remodeled. Beautiful inside. New kitchen, new appliances, ceiling fans, washer/ dryer, dishwasher, ceramic tile floors, security bars and doors, air conditioned. Available now. $1,600. 520-299-5020 or 520-624-3080 !!!!! 3/4BEDROOMS. CLOSE to campus. Available August 2014. All amenities included. 520.333.4125 or

!!!!! 4BR/4.5BA +3 car garage. 2 pool side homes available at The Village for August. A few Blocks NW of UA. HUGE luxury Homes. All Large master suites with walkin closets + balconies + 10ft ceilings + DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Security System. High speed internet incl. 884-1505 !!!!! 5BEDROOM/ 2BATH from $1850/ month ($370/bdrm), Move in now. Convenient to campus A/C, alarm, washer/ dryer, private backyard, plus more. Website: water-floorplans.php Pets are welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 520-747-9331 to see one today. !!!!! 6BDRM 6.5 BATH available August. Lease today for special. Just a few blocks from campus. 5car GARAGE, all Granite countertops, large outside balconies off bedrooms, very large master suites with spacious walk-in closets and whirlpool tubs, high ceilings. pool privileges TEP Electric Discount. Free high speed internet and expanded basic cable. Monitored security system 8841505 1BDRM WALK TO UofA. Wood floors, fireplace, ceiling fans, porch, 1yr lease. No pets. References, deposit. $450/mo. 6827728. 2BDRM 2BA + den 5 mi. campus, near westside. $870/mo. garage, walled yard, alarm system, security iron on windows and doors. Credit screen required 2BDRM/ 1BA DODGE & Glenn. 900+ sq.ft., AC, W/D, fenced yard, pets ok. Available now. 608-3581914 2BR & DEN + GREAT ROOM MAIN HOME 1570 SQ. FT.AND SEPARATE 1 BR GUEST HOUSE 910 SQ. FT. WASHER & DRYER INCLUDED. BOTH UNITS RENT FOR $2100 @ MO. CAMPBELL/FORT LOWELL. GO TO listing # 21412911 for pics & info. CORONA DE ORO REALTY @ 297-4742 CHERYL 3419 E. BELLEvUE St. #1. Charming 3bed/2bath house. High Ceilings w/exposed beams in living room w/fireplace, tile & wood floors. Stunning details. AC/Gas Heating. W/D, Back Porch/Lshaped yard. 1car garage. Central Location Near UofA. Ideal for UofA staff/students. $1150/mo. Water paid. Contact or call 907-6903

3BED/ 2BATH NEAR Grant/Alvernon. Fenced yard, A/C, lots of storage, laundry on-site. $800 per month, $800 deposit. Pets OK w/extra deposit. Avail. 8/15/14. 520-665-1913. 4BD/ 2BA $1600/MO negotiable. Electric, gas, and water included. Flexible rental agreement. Blenman Elm Neighborhood. Drachman/Norris. Available August 2014. Call/text 520-307-5096. CORPORATE RENTAL! MODERN 3bd/2ba home + office with separate courtyard entry. 2 car garage, s/s appliances, On hill @ end of cul-de-sac. $1550.00 mo, furnished negotiable. Lease for 12+ mos for a reduced rate! Call Rebecca 520-390-0211 FOR RENT 2BDRM 1Bath. W/D hookups. Air conditioned. Fenced yard. Near UofA. $750/mo. Call 743-0667. FULLy FURNISHED -----ALL UTILITIES, DIRECT-TV & INTERNET Included... HOUSE close to Mountain Ave. Bike path- 10 minutes to University. All new appliances/Furniture. Very clean 1950’s home. 2 bedroom & den or 3 bedroom. 1 Bath. W/D, extra storage, off street parking, fully fenced..really cute! Non-smoking.. $1350.00 month (520)7433165 or (520)982-5973 HOUSE FOR RENT near UofA campus, Country Club and Speedway main streets. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, furnished home. Rental is $500/room, utilities included. n/s and no pets. If interested please phone 602-363-9630 INDIvIDUAL BEDROOM LEASES NOW AVAILABLE at great locations close to campus! From $455/ month. Fully furnished common area. Includes Utilities, Cable, Internet plus more. Large fenced back yards. bedroom-leases.php Call 7479331 to see today! ONE BEDROOM, ONE bath guest house. Separate building, parking. Blenman Elm .7 miles to UA. Newly remodeled. 520-4494778 ONE HALF ACRE lot with 2bedroom, 1bath older home for rent; Utility Room and back office. Fully fenced. Park & Ft. Lowell. Available Now. Contact Asking $900 a month.

SAM HUGHES HOUSE! Beautiful, safe neighborhood; grassy common area; newer, two-level patio home; two bedrooms/shared bath w/in-ground spa, patio, fireplace, wifi, all amenities; furnished in lovely shabby chic/antique decor; 1/2 mile from main campus; two blocks from Rincon Market; rent - far below market for right tenant(s); ideal!!!! Possible 10-mo. lease. Looking for grad. students or responsible female tenants to share downstairs area. Message 520-241-0677 SAM HUGHES UOFA/ UMC. 2Bd +Den 1.5BA, 2720 E. 9th St. A/C, W/D, walled yard, covered parking. Available now. Pets considered. $1095/ $1000 deposit. Open Sat/Sun noon-3pm. 2993227, 909-7771. UNFURNISHED 2BEDROOM 1BATH house with yard, central heat and air! NEAR UofA!! Remodeled! Gas washer/dryer hook-ups inside the house. Rent is: $975.00 with Security deposit of $975.00. address: 915 E Mabel St. Tucson Inquire to: or call: 520-574-9216 UNIqUE 2BD/ 2BA Townhouse covered parking, fireplace, Alvernon/Broadway. $895 if paid early APL 747-4747 WIFI INCLUDED CAN do 10-11 MO LEASE! Looking for 2 roommates to share 3Bed, 2bath home. 1.5mi from UofA near Reid Park. Full kitchen, stainless steel appliances & W/D. Semi-furnished. Central A/C +ceiling fans. Large backyard and patio. Masonry wall & home security system for additional safety. Ample parking in lg driveway. Available now. Message me at 323-8937411 Wonderful 4Bdrm 2Bath House 4Blks from campus. AC- Large rooms- Great condition- $1300 per month- Call jim @520-6281965. 1227 N. 1st Ave. apa/4596890113.html

at Euclid, Speedway entrance

First United Methodist Church of Tucson A community welcome to ALL people. Services Sunday 10 a.m. 915 E. 4th Street | (520) 622-6481

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELS) Sunday Worship 7:45 & 10 a.m. Bible Class 9 a.m. 830 N. First Ave. | (520) 623-6633

FURNISHED ROOM. ALL utilities paid, including cable and internet. Kitchen and W/D priviledges. Must have references. Available now. No smoking please. $435. Call 520-207-8577. INDIvIDUAL BEDROOM LEASES NOW AVAILABLE at great locations close to campus! From $455/ month. Fully furnished common area. Includes Utilities, Cable, Internet plus more. Large fenced back yards. bedroom-leases.php Call 7479331 to see today! UA ROOMMATE WANTED to share 4-BR House with 3 Girls $300 includes cable, wifi & util. House includes: washer & dryer, dishwasher, microwave, oven & frig. Non-smoking female, UA student preferred; NO PETS. Email or call: or 480307-3796.

$950/MO 1073SqFT. 2BD/ 2BA. Oracle/ River area. Quiet space, close to shopping & UofA. Unfurnished, mostly new appliances. Garbage and water free. 2car garage. Fence/ small dogs. Community pool/jacuzzi. Call 818-4330

PROFESSIONALLy TyPED PAPERS. $3/page. $15 min. 2 day turnaround.

3BR HOUSE WITH 2BR guest quarters mere blocks from UA and UMC on CatTran route. or call 520-360-7186.

2000SqFT. ORO vALLEy, safe, clean, free parking, master suite available. $400/ month plus 1/3 utilities, house shared with 2 other females. text 520 262 5546

A GUIDE TO RELIGIOUS SERVICES SUMMER 2014 Silent prayer/contemplation Tuesdays 11 a.m.-noon, drop in basis. Courtyard chapel at First Christian Church Speedway

BEDROOM, 11x11 PLUS closet, own bathroom, Need bed, Has book shelves and partial desk Shared living qtrs fully furnished Cat lives here. Share house with a 45+ Friendly , Independent /Active female. Short term or full school yr. No smoking. Prefer no drinking. Includes Internet, . 1000 ft shared Must have contactable references and 300 security deposit. Rent rate $355 (firm) plus 1/2 utilities. Near PCC east Images provided for those with serious inquiry. 520-721-9945

Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center Cultivate a clear mind, open heart and humor through meditation. 3250 N. Tucson Blvd. | 520-829-0108

The Daily Wildcat

WELS Tucson Campus Ministry Student Bible Study and discussion Sundays 7 p.m.

830 N. First Avenue | (520) 623-5088

To be a part of our Guide to Religious Services, call (520)621-3425 or email

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16 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

Sports • Monday, August 11, 2014

Newman joins Cape Cod greats with hitting record


ARIZONA SOPHOMORE INFIELDER Kevin Newman safely makes it to second base during Arizona's 6-0 win against Alcorn State at Hi Corbett Field on Feb. 22. Newman became the first person ever to lead the Cape Cod League in batting average in consecutive seasons.

Last summer as a freshman, Newman broke onto the scene as the first freshman to ever win the batting title crown after finishing the season with a .375 batting With so much talent both past and present passing average. This year, he returned to hit for a .380 (46-for-121) through the Cape Cod Baseball League, accomplishing something that hasn’t been done before in the league’s average with seven doubles, 20 RBIs and 20 runs scored over 31 regular season games. Additionally, Newman history is pretty notable and doesn’t occur often. However, for Arizona baseball player Kevin Newman, drew 18 walks, stole 10 bases and struck out just nine that doesn’t seem to be the case. Last week, the times. “That’s quite an accomplishment,” Arizona baseball Falmouth Commodores’ shortstop made Cape Cod League history by becoming the first person ever to win head coach Andy Lopez said. “Obviously we’re very proud of him and happy for him, the league batting title two years in a row. too. Not only is he a good player, but The Cape Cod Baseball League he’s also a great young man. When stands as the most prestigious offseason It was really you think of all the players who have baseball league in the nation, annually cool to hear played in the Cape Cod League, and combing the NCAA for the cream of the my name I’m sure there are probably some Hall college baseball crop to compete in the called again. of Famers who have played in it, it’s illustrious wood bat summer league. — Kevin Newman, UA quite an accomplishment to be the There are more than 250 Cape Cod sophomore infielder first to achieve what he’s done.” League alumni currently playing in Newman said that over this past the MLB. Three Hall of Famers- Frank summer, he’s really worked on and Thomas, Carlton Fisk and Pie Traynornumerous MVPs, Rookie of the Year and Cy Young improved his approach while additionally enhancing Award winners have been associated at some point his plate discipline. “I got my strikeouts down from last summer and put in time with the CCBL. Retired major league greats like Nomar Garciaparra, Barry Zito and Jason Varitek in a lot of quality at bats, which I think will bode well for and current veterans including Mark Teixeira, Tim moving forward next year with Arizona,” Newman said. Lincecum, Ryan Braun, Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Utley “This upcoming year, I’m just going to do everything all spent summers in Cape Cod and used the league as I can to help our team win as many games as we can a stepping stone en route to successful professional and get back to the playoffs and back to where Arizona baseball should be.” careers. “It’s obviously a huge honor,” Newman said. “A lot of good players have won that award and to win it twice, it’s just been a great experience. It was really cool to — Follow Evan Rosenfeld hear my name called again.” @EvanRosenfeld17 BY EVAN ROSENFELD

Arizona Summer Wildcat

McKale Center cost $80 million. The new McKale seats look nice, the FROM PAGE 12 scoreboard is beautiful and the renovation entailed a from directional schools as lot of work, but it’s not an they are from Division II entirely new building. schools. That’s just the natural The Power Five can now order of things. Why set their own amount of should big schools have non-coaching personnel, to treat their student improve medical care and insurance for players, allow athletes like they can only afford what the minnows players to make money can spend? That’s like if off of non-athletically you were prohibited from related endeavors, change buying an HDTV because academic standards, pay your neighbor can’t afford for more on official visits it. of recruits, pay for families The NCAA is a huge to see games, feed the caste. There’s Division athletes more and change III, then Division II, then how much time they can FCS in the spend on Division, the sports. We're going and now the The to be able autonomy is “haverecognizing nots” have to feed our that there’s a complained guys and put gap between that this a little more the Power gives the big money in Five and the schools a their pocket. rest in FBS. competitive — Rich Rodriguez, UA Even in advantage. football head coach the Pac-12, Southern in this very Methodist state, there’s University a discrepancy. ASU has head coach June had to reduce the seating Jones even suggested capacity of its basketball conferences like the arena and football stadium American, Mountain West, and resorted to charging Conference USA, MAC students a fee to help pay and Sun Belt could play for athletics. their football games in the Who knows what the spring. future will bring for the The truth is there has NCAA. Late Friday, U.S. always been a gap between District Judge Claudia the rich and the small Wilken ruled against the schools. Is a stipend really NCAA in the Ed O’Bannon the thing that’s going to suit, so more changes are cause a recruit to pick surely coming. However, Arizona over New Mexico? Or is it the bigger stadiums, some logic was brought to a world where the Big Ten the bigger crowds, the nice has 14 teams and the Big facilities, the better TV 12 has 10. exposure and so forth? Grand Canyon University spent $40 million on the arena they opened in 2011. — Follow James Kelley Arizona’s renovation of @jameskelley520



Correction From the Aug. 6 issue of the Arizona Summer Wildcat, a headline incorrectly stated that the ZonaZoo would be cut by 1,000 members this year. The ZonaZoo was cut by 1,000 last year and will not be reduced this season. The Arizona Summer Wildcat regrets the error.

Sports • Monday, August 11, 2014

arizona Summer Wildcat • 17

UA soccer, Amato look to improve BY james kelley

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Arizona soccer will kick off the 2014-15 UA sports schedule looking to improve on one of the school’s best seasons ever. In 2013, head coach Tony Amato’s first season, the Wildcats went 9-7-4, 4-6-1 in the Pac-12. Last season, Arizona opened by going undefeated through seven games, the best start in school history. “It’s a process," Amato said. "We’re definitely looking to improve one step at a time and having some success last year definitely helps the buy-in factor." The Wildcats begin the season with a friendly exhibition against New Mexico on Saturday at 7 p.m. at home before starting the regular season on Aug. 22 at Florida International and hosting their home opener on Aug. 28 against NAU. “I’m excited we have our first game coming up,” senior goalkeeper Gabby Kaufman said. “I’m just really looking forward to the season.” The Wildcats’ four Pac-12 wins last season were Arizona’s second best ever. Arizona went 1-16-2 in 2011 and before last season only had winning records in 2004 (15-6-0), when the Wildcats made it to the NCAA tournament for the first time and 2005 (11-8-3), when they made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Senior forward Alexandra Doller said the Wildcats can keep up the momentum by reminding themselves how hard they worked last year and that they’re trying to build something. “You can only go up from a season like that,” Kaufman said. “We made a lot of improvements

Jessica Schrecker/Arizona Summer Wildcat

Members of the Arizona soccer team practice on Thursday. The Wildcats take the field for an exhibition on Aug. 16 against New Mexico.

from the years before, and you could really only go up from what we did last year.” The Wildcats lost Jazmin Ponce, who led the team in points with 25 and was first team All-Pac-12, but return four of their top five 2013 scorers. Arizona returns Doller, who was second on the team with 17 points, junior forward Kaitlyn Lopez and sophomore midfielder Lexe Selman, who each had 11 points and sophomore midfielder Jaden DeGracie, who had 10. College Sports Madness named

DeGracie second team Pac-12. Kaufman played in 20 of the Wildcats’ 21 games last year, playing 1,768 minutes, recording a 1.17 goals against average and going 8-7-4 with five shut outs. Kaufman, who transferred from Texas Tech after her freshman season, said the program is “much better” than when she arrived and is more professional. “We have our core values which we base our program around and everybody follows them and it just creates a better team environment,”

she said. Arizona welcomes 12 newcomers, 11 freshmen and one transfer. “They’re all awesome so far,” Kaufman said. “There’s a lot of them, so it’s like a whole new team, but they’re awesome and fitting in great and we’re glad to have them.” Amato said 12 players is a bit bigger than normal recruiting classes; some schools have classes as small as four players. “We’re at a phase where we want to bring in closer to 10,” Amato said. “So 10-12 is definitely a larger number of new players and we think that’s what we need right now on our team.” Amato said he was impressed with how last year’s freshmen performed in the spring practices and exhibitions, especially sophomore forward Haley Silverberg and sophomore midfielder Laura Pimienta. “There are players all across the board that are a little bit stronger, have a little bit of belief, and that goes a long way,” Amato said. Amato said the Wildcats play “very good” teams in Florida, FIU and Florida Gulf Coast, before facing the best team in the SEC in 2013, Texas A&M, and NCAA tournament regular Oklahoma State at the Sun Devil Desert Classic, which will get the Wildcats ready for Pac-12 play. After the Florida trip, the Wildcats don’t leave the state again until Oct. 10 and will play seven home games. “We’re here most of the time, which is nice," Doller said. "[We have] a lot of home games.”

ka'deem from page 12

that ran the ball last year, carrying it 27 times for 130 yards. Baker returned nine kick offs for 210 yards and his long of 34 tied for the team high. Baker tore his ACL on a kick

return at ASU last year but coaches said he had recovered. “I’m very pleased with Baker,” Magee said. “I’m very pleased with his efforts and he looks really sharp doing what he’s doing and he’s a veteran. He knows the offense.” Green said camp has gone well so far. “We have a great group of

quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs and we all have our different running styles and everything,” Green said. “We have a great group and we’re all friends, so we’re all batting for the same position.” Jones-Grigsby and Green said they learned a lot from Carey, who the Chicago Bears drafted in the

fourth round. Carey owns or shares 26 school records “Ka’Deem’s a really strong runner and he doesn’t go down on the first hit,” Green said. “All I did last year was sit back and watch him play and just try to mimic him as much as I can on the field.” Magee said this year’s camp is actually more fun than last year

U of A ts students ge

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— Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520

when they had Carey and Jenkins. “We get to groom them and teach them,” he said. “You did that before, but now you really get to see some guys develop as youngsters and that’s fun to watch.”

— Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520

45locations locationsincluding: including: 41

Twin Mattresses from



Tucson’s Plaza 5480 E. Broadway Blvd., #110 Broadway Blvd. & Craycroft SW Corner, next to FedEx Tucson’s Cornerstone 2485 N. Swan Road Grant & Swan Road NW Corner, near Walgreens Tucson Central 4356 N. Oracle Road Oracle & Wetmore Next to Nordstrom Rack


18 • Arizona Summer Wildcat in “Boyhood.” As Mason grows up from a curious 6-year-old to a still curious 18-yearold, he undergoes the one constant we all FROM PAGE 20 undergo: disenchantment. Not one, but two drunken stepfathers come into his life. Villains In his awkward teenage years, when you Tohoru Masamune as Shredder in can just see that his turbulent upbringing “TMNT.” Shredder is a robot samurai has taken its toll, he grows wisps of facial in a suit that’s outfitted with an endless hair and gets his ears pierced. Finally, at amount of blades. He never runs out of the end, when Mason’s leaving for college, knives like Katniss and Legolas have an we realize time stops for no one, and the endless amount of arrows. Though his little wide-eyed kid staring up at the clouds intentions to unleash a deadly pathogen on is no more. As Mason’s mother, Olivia, says, a metropolitan city are as clichéd as they “I just thought there’d be more.” Things come (see: “The Amazing Spider-Man,” change. “Batman Begins”), he’s Winner: This is a stacked got some fight in him. His category. I’m giving the When you brouhaha with the turtle’s edge to “Into the Storm.” watch [Boyanthropomorphic rat sensei, The only thing the storms Splinter, is one of the better hood,] you'll did wrong was not take out fights on screen this summer. more characters. not only see Firenado and EF5 tornado yourself, you'll in “Into the Storm.” The main Most Fun know that you draw of this film, and very “TMNT” knows what are being seen. likely the only reason to see it is. It never takes itself it, is for the special effectsftnseas3909.a21 Wednesday, May 2013 12:45:49 PM too8, seriously, and special created terrors of nature. kudos to Will Arnett (Gob from “Arrested They are impressive to behold on the big Development”). It’s a perfectly brief 101 screen, and I couldn’t help but feel that minutes long, meaning it doesn’t over stay impending sense of dread when one of it’s welcome. these tornados touched down in the hapless “Into the Storm” has more humor than town of Silverton. A firenado makes a brief I thought it would have, thanks largely in appearance and chars a cameraman, but part to two hillbilly daredevil storm chaser the real big boss is a massive EF5 tornado supporting characters that operate out of whose size is of mythological proportions. a rickety truck. However, the humor wears Alcoholic stepfathers, criminal facial thin halfway through, and I wish the movie hair and the indiscriminate passage of time

Monsoon • Monday, August 11, 2014 the operating factor here. “Boyhood” sags under its weight towards the end, while the turtles clock out for pizza at just the right time.




had done away with it once things started to get serious. “Boyhood” has so many moments that will instantly transport you back to your childhood. From the release of a new “Harry Potter” book to playing a Wii when it first came out, this film is a time machine. However, 15-30 minutes could have been shaved off at the end. Winner: “TMNT.” The running time is

C- for “Into the Storm.” I would urge you, if you’re still interested in seeing this movie, to go out and see it right now while it’s in theaters. There won’t be a benefit to seeing the massive storms shrunk down to a TV or computer screen. B- for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” I had a good time at this movie, and that’s coming from someone who was a childhood fan of the turtles, but not that big of a fan. I laughed a lot and there are some positively over-the-top action sequences. However, apart from class clown Michelangelo, the rest of the turtles seem underdeveloped. And the winner: A- for “Boyhood.” This film is a time capsule of growing up in America in the 2000s and is a viewing experience like none other. Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said literature is not only seeing yourself in the prose, but also knowing that you are being seen. When you watch this film, if you grew up around the time Mason did, you’ll not only see yourself, you’ll know that you are being seen, open to the world.


— Follow Alex Guyton @GuyTonAlexAnder


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ROGER StandardEText RatesRD Apply






Monsoon • Monday, August 11, 2014


from page 20

“Everyone’s got their hand out.” With the opening of the Bitcoin ATM, businesses may be incentivized to start accepting Bitcoin in the future and Javelin Investments is there to help smooth the transition. “These smaller places that are local to Tucson and have a younger following are prime candidates to accept it,” Williams said. “Lots of these places are already doing their transactions on a tablet or phone and we could set these people up to accept Bitcoin very quickly.” There are hundreds of other crypto-currencies out their beyond Bitcoin that are making the world a better place. Dogecoin, a crypto-currency branded with a picture of a shiba inu from a popular Internet meme, has a strong community that has sponsored numerous charities. They even sponsored the Jamaica’s Olympic bobsled team and a Nascar. “In the future we might take other crypto-currencies,” Oldfather said. “Maybe if the price of Darkcoin is shooting up we’ll give you a 5 percent discount if you pay with Darkcoin.” With all of this innovation, many governments around the world have been relatively quiet about crypto-currencies. In May, the IRS released guidelines that classify cryptocurrencies as property, which is a step closer towards wider adoption and use. “I believe that these new disruptive technologies is maybe our chance to get our act together,” Oldfather said. “It’s the business people in my position that need to help people out.” — Follow Patrick O'Connor @tachyzoite

arizona Summer Wildcat • 19

Kid Ink comes to the Rialto BY christianna silva

Arizona Summer Wildcat

School starts in two weeks, and many Wildcats are already here in Tucson. Without piles of homework or any classes to study for, we find ourselves searching for a fun night — something that a Kid Ink concert promises. He will be performing at The Rialto Theatre on Thursday Kid Ink took his name for his famously tattooed body. He began his career working on his production skills behind the control board for artists such as Sean “Diddy” Combs and Sean Kingston. He broke out onto the music scene in 2010 with his mixtape Crash Landing and has worked his way up to become one of the top hip-hop artists of today. He uses his word play, music and beats creatively to create an experience that is true to only him. XXL Mag calls Kid Ink’s live performances “unpredictable and entertaining.” “I remember when Kid Ink was doing mix tapes,” said Kaeli Johnson, a communication junior. “I think it’s really incredible how he flawlessly transitions from that into this hugely

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(520) 413-1558

Kid Ink

famous rapper. He really came from some no name guy all the way to the top. He takes a lot of risks with his songs and I think that’s really what attracts his listeners to him.” TeeFLii, Kennedys, Diamante, Colt and Young Hectic/Young Mac will be opening for Kid Ink. TeeFLii writes and composes all his own music and, according to the Rialto, is an experience all of his own, calling his genre “FLii&B” as opposed to R&B. With so many incredible artists from the R&B and rap world jamming along

before Kid Ink pops his tattooed head out from behind backstage, it won’t be a surprise when fans are pumped and prepared for his tunes. Rap shows tend to attract large audiences because these concerts are genuinely full of fun. The bass bounces off your ears and into your feet, causing almost incoherent and inescapable dance moves to flow out. It isn’t hard to spot fans as they begin to bounce to and fro to the beat of the music. Furthermore, concerts of this genre being held at the Rialto tend to cause even more of a commotion. The standing arena on the bottom floor of the theater creates an aura that is known to be virtually inescapable, made even more incredible with musicians who use the bass and beats to their advantage like Kid Ink. Just weeks before school kicks off, Kid Ink will be using his rap/hip-hop style that promises an exciting show to kick off the school year with. Doors open at 7 p.m., the show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are between $25 and $35. — Follow Christianna Silva @DailyWildcat

MONSOON Monday, August 11, 2014 • Page 20

• Editor: Daniel Burkart • • (520) 621-3106 YOUR SUMMER GUIDE TO TUCSON MUSIC, MOVIES AND ART

Bitcoin becoming more tangible BY PATRICK O'CONNOR

Arizona Summer Wildcat

San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Tucson — what do these cities have in common? They are some of the first cities to have Bitcoin ATMs, a new payment system that has the potential to change the way we handle finances. The first Bitcoin ATM in Arizona opened late July at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange on Ina Road. Bitcoin is known as a crypto-currency. It has no physical form and instead exists entirely online as a virtual currency. If you have bitcoins, then you have a program on your computer known as a wallet. Each wallet has a unique address associated with it to send and receive bitcoins. Much like cash, transactions with Bitcoin are extremely fast, anonymous and permanent. With Bitcoin, you can buy furniture from, computers from Dell, satellite TV from Dish Network, flowers from or a flight from airBaltic. Local Tucson businesses are accepting Bitcoin as well. Chaffin’s Diner on Broadway Boulevard will serve you a delicious breakfast in exchange for Bitcoin and you can grab a quick coffee downtown at Cartel Coffee Lab and pay with Bitcoin. Very soon, Bookmans


BOOKMANS ON INA ROAD is the first location in Arizona to start accepting Bitcoin, an online crypto-currency. Bitcoin is a new way to buy items online.

Entertainment Exchange will also accept Bitcoin. “I’ve always liked to use the engine of Bookmans to see where the future goes and hopefully to help it along,” said Bob

Oldfather, owner of Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. Until recently, Bitcoin was very difficult for the average Tucson resident to get a hold of. One avenue was to purchase it online through an exchange, which can take weeks to verify banking information, just like day trading. Now you can walk into Bookmans on Ina Road and easily purchase some. In the near future, Tucson may be hosting even more of these ATMs. “Eventually we’d like to add more ATMs at other locations,” said Brian Williams, owner of Javelin Investments, the company that owns and maintains the Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin offers great advantages over traditional payment systems. Like cash, giving bitcoins to someone is fast and anonymous, but Bitcoin takes that a step further. Sending twenty dollars to your friend for their birthday would normally take days and you risk it getting lost in the postal system. With Bitcoin, it arrives quickly and securely. It even crosses international borders. Sending money overseas is usually expensive due to high fees, but with Bitcoin you only need to pay a fraction of a cent to have your transaction verified. “Every time I take a credit card there’s a charge, every time I deposit it in the bank, there’s a charge,” Oldfather said.


Summer movie showdown: Three enter, only one leaves BY ALEX GUYTON

Arizona Summer Wildcat

This week, there is a smorgasbord of films to cover. In lieu of doing a standard review of a single film, these three films — “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,” (hereby referred to as “TMNT”), “Into the Storm ”and “Boyhood” — which have basically nothing in common, will be pitted against each other in a battle royale. It’s the last gasp of summer — which of these movies will hold its head high heading into the fall, and which will be left to swelter and die in the dog days of Tucson heat?



Megan Fox as April O’Neil in “TMNT.” You may be thinking to yourself, “Now, wait a hot second, shouldn’t the characters that the movie is named after be counted as the heroes?” Well, that’s what you’d hope, since the turtles and their humor are the most enjoyable part of the movie. However, we are with O’Neil, a reporter that’s trying to break out of the leagues of

fluff-piece journalism, from beginning to end. Therefore, Fox is the anchor of the film. If that sounds a little dubious to you, that’s because it is. She does a fair job, honestly, but there are times when she’ll let out a terror-filled scream so fake you can just imagine the director saying “action” a few seconds prior. Ellar Coltrane as Mason in “Boyhood.” For those unfamiliar with the premise of “Boyhood,” director Richard Linklater filmed the fictional life of Mason for a couple of weeks a year over the course of 12 years. The same actors (Lorelei Linklater as sister, Ethan Hawke as father, Patricia Arquette as mother) portrayed Mason and his family, meaning the passage of time was completely organic. A year in actual life was a year in “Boyhood.” While makeup, special effects and different actors always show age in film, there’s something beautiful about Coltrane literally growing up before our eyes. Richard Armitrage as Gary Morris, Sarah Wayne Callies as Allison Stone, Matt Walsh as Pete, Max Deacon as Donnie, Nathan


Kress as Trey in “Into the Storm.” The politically correct term for this amount of leads is an “ensemble cast,” but the actual correct term for this amount of leads, in the case of this movie, is “unwieldy and forgettable.” Winner: It’s not even close. “Boyhood.”



In this issue of the Arizona Summer Wildcat, Rice genome projects aims to feed, FIJI loses house, charter on the rocks

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