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Tucson raises fines for parking violations

UMC to study cooling care for cardiac arrest in kids By Michelle A. Weiss DAILY WILDCAT

“We don’t want to see someone’s driveway get blocked or someone not be able to park at their own house because a student took their spot,” he said. Sheila Hoban, vice president of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association, said the

The University Medical Center has joined a large-scale multicenter study that examines body-cooling treatment in children after cardiac arrest. “This will be the largest study of its kind,” said Dr. Andreas Theodorou, a pediatric intensive care specialist for the Steele Children’s Research Center and pediatrics professor. The Therapeutic Hypothermia After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest (THAPCA) trials first began in 2002 and are based at the University of Michigan, Theodorou said. Diamond Children’s Medical Center at UMC joined the study this past month, and will work with it for four years. The National Institutes of Health and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute funded the $21 million study, which is divided between all 32 affiliated sites. “It’s a tough study to do because you have to talk to parents in what is the most stressful time anyone can ever imagine,” Theodorou said. “It does create a challenge and requires a lot of sensitivity and compassion when we approach the parents to enroll them (the children) in the study.” Past studies have suggested that adults who have had a cardiac arrest will have less brain injury and a better neurologic outcome if they have been kept cold, Theodorou said. This is where the THAPCA trials come in. “We’re not completely sure if hypothermia is the correct treatment to do in post cardiac arrest with children because there hasn’t really been a clinical trial that looks at specifically children,” said Jen Deschenes, a public health graduate student and the research coordinator for the study. The study compares the aggressive control of body temperature in children by keeping the temperature cold — at 33 degrees Celsius or 89.6 to 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to a normal temperature of 98 degrees, Theodorou said. The THAPCA trials will analyze an inpatient group (inhospital cardiac arrest) and an outpatient group (cardiac arrest outside of the hospital). “These are patients anywhere from 2 days of age to 18 years of age that have suffered cardiac arrest,” Theodorou said. However, cardiac arrest is not common in children.




Two cars parked on Lee Street and Park Avenue were cited on Tuesday for parking without a permit. Tucson recently increased parking fines by $13.

Fees among highest for US cities; charges at UA will remain the same By Rebecca Rillos DAILY WILDCAT

Drivers who frequent downtown and the neighborhoods surrounding the UA campus could be affected by a new $13 increase in fines if they park illegally. As of July, the new state surcharge, passed by the state Legislature, has made Tucson’s parking fines the third highest in the nation, behind only New York City and San Francisco. Parking violations, previously $49, are now $62. The $13 increase is also added onto any civil or criminal violations. “It’s not fair at all,” said Phil Tilson, an

environmental sciences senior. “Look at how densely populated and tight New York and San Francisco are. I can understand that, but Tucson barely has a million people.” The UA has no current plans to increase its fines for parking violations, said David Heineking, director of Parking and Transportation Services. Fees for common violations such as overtime parking, meter violations and parking without a permit are currently set at $25. “Overtime parking is pretty common,” Heineking said. “If you’re not sure if you can make it back in 20 minutes, you are probably better off parking at a meter or in a garage.” Commuters to the UA who park in the neighborhoods surrounding campus such as Sam Hughes, Pie Allen and North University could be fined if they park without a permit on designated streets. Heineking said that there are students who park in the neighborhoods, but PTS tries to discourage it.

Where does the $13 fee increase go? • $8 – Arizona’s public safety fund • $4 – citing agency for officer safety equipment • $1 – justice courts Source: Arizona Department of Public Safety

Sororities welcome largest pledge class in UA history By Eliza Molk DAILY WILDCAT

Before the semester began, many women contemplated what type of housing would best suit them. Last week, more women than ever joined a different type of house. The UA saw more women join sororities this academic year than any other because of increased marketing and a rise in sorority popularity nationally. Panhellenic Council President Jessica Hermann said that her council, the governing body which oversees 14 sorority chapters and their members, kicked up its marketing strategy. It did so by sending out a greater number of emails to potential recruits of “The Bond,” a guide to UA Greek Life, and passing out the guides at orientation sessions in addition to handing out information sheets to freshmen and their parents. It then emailed the women who filled out the sheets to remind them of upcoming recruitment dates and deadlines. “We got a couple hundred interested girls just from that information sheet,” Hermann said.

Quickies >>Want to play intramural sports?: Better round up a team quickly! Friday is the last day to register for flag football, indoor soccer, 6 vs. 6 indoor volleyball and singles tennis. Sign up at the Campus Recreation Center. >>Are you ready for some football?: The Daily Wildcat’s Football Preview

“If you’re not in a sorority, you’re the minority.” — Chanler Skeffington psychology freshman, Delta Gamma member

More than 1,200 women rushed to join a sorority and about 79 percent were given a bid, or an invitation to join a sorority, according to Jenny Nirh, a senior coordinator for sorority programs at the UA. This is also an increase from last year when 1,100 women rushed and 75 percent received bids. Some women were interested in joining a sorority because an elder family member or friend was in one. Alexa Testa, an undeclared freshman and a new member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, said she wanted to get involved in Greek Life because her cousin was involved in it and it looked like a “great experience.” “I thought it would be a great opportunity

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to meet new people,” she said. “It’s also a way to help stay involved in your community by doing philanthropies.” For others like Chanler Skeffington, a psychology freshman and a new member of Delta Gamma, Greek Life involvement is a staple in the college experience. Skeffington said that sororities will allow her to experience sisterhood, events, school spirit and philanthropy, all in one club. “If you’re not in a sorority, you’re the minority,” she explained. According to the Panhellenic Council website, an estimated 13 percent of UA students are involved with Greek Life. The increased sorority involvement at the UA is in congruence with the national trend. Across the country, membership increased by about 15 percent from 2008 to 2011, according to a press release from the National Panhellenic Conference. Hermann said that she believes women are becoming more interested in sorority


UA sorority members gather in front of the Student Union SORORITIES, 2 Memorial Center on Bid Day, Aug. 21, to greet their new sisters.




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News • Wednesday, August 31, 2011

• Daily Wildcat

The Lab tries to break the ‘cursed’ spot’s history on University Boulevard By Cecelia Marshall Daily Wildcat

University Boulevard seems like the perfect place to open shop. It’s close enough to campus to be named “University,” after all, and already hosts an alluring lineup of restaurants and shiny boutiques. Main Gate Square boasts eateries and trendy clothing stores, and is held in high esteem by college students striving to get offcampus, as well as visiting parents and hungry faculty. You might think that once a business sets up shop along UA’s “Rodeo Drive,” its finances soar and its success can keep it in business forever. Thanks to the captive market, it would seem hard to go wrong. But one space, 944 E. University Blvd., fails to capitalize. Some even call it “cursed.”  This space is like University Boulevard’s version of the “Defense Against the Dark Arts” teaching position at Hogwarts. But The Lab is hoping to win where so many have struck out. It stands where O’Hungry’s once endured the “curse.” O’Hungry’s first opened in the spring of 2010, but it wasn’t long

until this San Diego dive lost its original allure and the space stood vacant. Chow Bella, an Italian restaurant, inhabited the space before O’Hungry’s, but quickly lost steam as well. Since its opening in May of this year, The Lab has blasted popular rock and roll music from its outdoor patio and tried to entice potential customers by offering different fare than Espresso Art, its next-door neighbor.  The family-run restaurant has a unique story: It was started by a lad who decided to put all of his chemistry knowledge from the UA to better use by serving 1/2 yard drinks from glass test tubes and beakers. But this restaurant’s quirky charm may not be enough to escape the disadvantages of the unassuming location.  While the owners try unsuccessfully to cover the forest green outdoor walls with a generic banner offering happy hour specials, a lot needs to be reinvented indoors.  Half-Grecian columns jut from the sponge-painted yellow walls, undoubtedly remnants from the

Michelle A. Monroe/ Daily Wildcat

Students lounge in The Lab, the new bar and restaurant that replaced O’Hungry’s on University Boulevard. John Jareet, right, a business sophomore, said he and his friends used to go to O’Hungry’s and have continued hanging out at the spot despite the switch.

space’s past tenants. A newly installed bar also doesn’t make up for the lack of mad chemistthemed decor. Nonetheless, this family

restaurant is determined to conquer the negativity and looming “curse.” The Lab may be able to beat out all the superstitiodedxus mumbojumbo with help from Tucsonans

rooting for locally-owned businesses and word of mouth from students seeking to relax away from the Henry Koffler building with a beaker full of liquid.

Acting ATF chief, US attorney in Phoenix step down in wake of ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle Mcclatchy tribune


WASHINGTON — The head of the beleaguered Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. attorney in Phoenix were removed from their jobs by Justice Department officials hoping for a fresh start for an agency whose employees had expressed a lack of confidence in their leadership. But congressional Republicans vowed to ratchet up their investigation of the failed Fast and Furious gun-tracing program, which sent hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels. They are preparing for a

new round of hearings into who else was involved at other law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Justice Department itself. The announcements on Tuesday that Acting ATF Director Kenneth E. Melson and U.S. Attorney Dennis K. Burke were leaving their posts came after Obama administration officials said they had received a series of messages from ATF employees expressing a deep “lack of confidence” in the leadership. “We heard from special agents-

in-charge and field agents, they reached out to us,” said an administration official. Melson was called to the deputy attorney general’s office on Friday and told it was in the “best interest” of the bureau that he move on, and he agreed, sources said. He is being transferred to senior adviser on forensic science in the Office of Legal Policy, a division in the Justice Department that helps on long-range planning issues. Burke, whose office provided the legal guidance for Fast and Furious, acknowledged to Justice officials

in Washington earlier this month that a clean slate in Phoenix was needed for federal law enforcement officials working the U.S.-Mexico border, according to congressional sources. In addition to Burke, Emory Hurley, the top assistant federal prosecutor in Phoenix, was moved Monday from the criminal division in the U.S. attorney’s office in Phoenix to handling civil matters instead. In an email to the ATF staff, Melson, who has maintained he was kept in the dark about the


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involvement nationally because sororities are focusing more on academics and philanthropy instead of hazing and drinking. “The Greek system is growing and growing in a positive way,” she said. “It’s a prediction of years to come and it will only continue to grow for the better.” While more women are becoming increasingly involved with sororities, Greek Life is not a good fit for all students. Cierra Sanderson, a biology freshman, said she

Join the SENIOR YEAR EXPERIENCE! Parking from page 1 Get everything you need to know about your senior year biggest parking problem Sam Hughes residents face is people and graduation. blocking their driveways. Don’t miss out on:

• Special Senior-only events • Career resources and fairs • Senior-only contests and giveaways • Graduation checklist • Graduation dates and deadlines

“In the last three years, there has been only one game or major event at the UA when my driveway was not blocked,” Hoban said. Parking on the streets in Sam Hughes and similar neighborhoods without a permit is illegal during the day Monday through Friday, and cars cannot

operation details of the guns program by his staff, did not mention Fast and Furious. Instead, he said, “I look forward to hearing nothing but good news and great accomplishments from ATF. Godspeed.” During a closed-door session with congressional investigators earlier this month, Burke defended Fast and Furious as a valid and legitimate operation. But he also acknowledged that mistakes were made and he was accountable. The months of controversy have worn on him; sources said he was not sleeping and had lost weight.

did not feel the need to rush because she dislikes how women become after joining sororities. “They are more snooty and put themselves out there too much,“ she said. “College is not just about looks and partying.” Alexandra Rickert, a pre-physiology freshman, said that although she considered rushing, she decided against it. Rickert explained that while sororities have many great things to offer, she does not “play well into that sisterhood mentality.” “I think it’s a two-fold,” she said. “On one end, women are learning how useful a sorority is for networking. On another end, I believe Greek Life is used largely as a means of fitting in on campus.”

“It’s crazy to risk that amount of money for five minutes.” — Katie McDonald

ParkWise operations manager

park within five feet of a resident’s driveway. Katie McDonald, operations manager for Tucson’s parking program, ParkWise, said that people with neighborhood

permits should make sure their permit is clearly displayed and not expired. She recommended drivers who frequent downtown use public garages and pay when they return to their vehicles to avoid overtime parking at meters. “It’s crazy to risk that amount of money for five minutes,” McDonald said. Of the city’s $13 increase, $8 goes to Arizona’s public safety fund, $4 goes to the citing agency for officer safety equipment and the remaining dollar goes to the justice courts.

Plus much more!

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In the study, two randomized groups will be evaluated and given care, he said. Eligible patients have a 50/50 chance of being put in the hypothermia (cooling) group or the normothermia (normal temperature) group, Deschenes said. Diamond Children’s anticipates five to six children will be eligible for the study. Nationally, the centers are aiming for 800 to 900 participants, Theodorou said. “Both groups are considered a treatment group. Both groups will have aggressive control of their temperature to avoid fever,” Theodorou said. “The actual testing is during the first four to eight hours. They will be aggressively cooled and their temperature is controlled with a piece of equipment — a blanket that adjusts temperature.” The blanket will warm or cool the body to “keep it to that precise temperature,” he said. The temperature will be monitored two different ways. One thermometer will measure temperature in the esophagus and another will measure temperature another way, Theodorou said. “In addition, there will be careful monitoring of all vital signs and an assortment of blood tests to make sure there’s no complications from the cooling or warming process,” he said. After patients have finished the “maintaining of the temperature phase,” they will return to normal temperature.

For more information To learn more about the Therapeutic Hypothermia After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest (THAPCA) trials, visit

Patients will also have evaluations over the phone and come back a year after their cardiac arrest for a detailed neurologic exam and a neurobehavioral evaluation, he said. Because of the data collected from adults, people have inferred that hypothermia is the right treatment for children as well, Theodorou said but “really that question has not been answered. “The reality is, some of the studies that have been done in other populations strongly suggest that fever is bad, but they don’t adequately prove that hypothermia or cooling is good,” he said. Adults tend to have cardiac arrests due to primary heart problems, while children tend to have them because of a lack of oxygen, Theodorou said. One question is if a child suffering cardiac arrest is different from an adult. That question can only be answered by studying children directly, he said. “We (Diamond Children’s) now feel we can compare and sometimes even compete with the major children’s hospitals in the country, so a project like this is exactly what we should participate in,” Theodorou said.

Arts & Life

Daily Wildcat

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Arts & Life Editor: Jazmine Woodberry • 520.621.3106 •


Winner for worst award show: VMAs something I don’t think anyone saw coming — because they were nearly lifeless. The 85-yearold Leachman had more vitality. Still, you could f you missed the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, you did yourself a favor. If that tell she was aware of the short straw she drew, didn’t give its quality away, let me put it into since every line she delivered was laced with trace amounts of disdain and disappointment. simpler terms: it was awful. Speaking of drawing straws, is that how they It’s actually baffling how this is even still a thing. The VMAs reached a new level of embar- decided who would present? Some of the courassment this year. While there are awkward and plings made sense, but other times it was like the cringe-worthy moments every year, this year was VMA producers just decided to be funny and throw complete opposites together. nothing but those moments. Paul Rudd and Rick Ross’ presentation comes In the past, though they were still more to mind as they both talked about how people of a joke, there were the occasional enticing moments. Lady Gaga made a splash at the 2009 mixed them up — because we totally bought that one. Oh wait, it was supposed to be ironic VMAs with her performance of Paparazzi — remember white unitard, fake blood everywhere because it’s so obviously not true? Not funny. The performances were pretty unremarkable, — which I thought was great because at the time, save two. Adele performed “Someone Like You,” the VMAs (and that memorable performance) with only a piano and single spotlight, which provided Gaga with a crucial opportunity to was a refreshing change. On the other side of define herself when her career was not fully the spectrum were Kanye West and Jay-Z who established. She also had a slew of ridiculous outfits which back then were still a novelty to us. looked like they were having a blast performing A quick aside about Nicki Minaj and the half- their new single “Otis,” off their collaborative album Watch the Throne. robot, half-Beanie Baby, full crazy getup she And the awards, the reason we all were suptopped with a pile of blonde and pink sausages posed to go: insanity. There are only ever a of hair. Gaga always gets the awards for craziest handful of upsets and the rest are sweeps by outfit, but if the word “good” comes to mind when you see Minaj’s stab at competing with the heavy hitters. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Adele wardrobe of the pop powerhouse, I suggest see- pretty much cleaned house. Plus, Justin Bieber winning best male video was a travesty. (In fact, ing a therapist. Not that Gaga’s are much better but at least she was original, making it more OK. Bieber winning anything is truly upsetting.) The 2011 VMAs left me wondering how anyThis year, however, Gaga came out dressed one, professional or not, take this seriously. like a man and ended up looking more like a While some would argue celebrating music is “Grease” reject. Her reasoning, I’m sure, probably had to do with beating the idea that people the point, it’s really about winning those empty awards and since only three people a year really are born a certain way into our heads. get anything, why bother? So the stars have an We get it, Gaga. excuse to dress up and make nice? Do they need We heard the song and we respect the cause more publicity for their “award-winning” music? but damn, you’re starting to work against it MTV has not been relevant to music for years with all your odd preaching. Also, trying to kiss Britney Spears at the VMAs will not do anything now and what the channel used to be devolved to dissuade people from thinking you’re trying to into a grotesque, corrupted shadow. The bottom line is this: MTV, if you want to slowly replace Madonna. save any credibility, make this year’s VMAs the The rest of the show wasn’t much better. last. I don’t think we can take any more. Probably the most glaring oddity was the way the presenters introduced the awards. — Jason Krell is a junior studying creative One of the oddest was when the “Jersey writing and Italian. He can be reached at Shore” girls presented with Cloris Leachman. Clearly the “Shore” girls were sober — By Jason Krell


Daily Wildcat

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Rob Dyrdek, host of the new reality show “Ridiculousness,” takes its cues from other YouTube video comedy shows like “Tosh.0.” The new MTV show, however, fails to live up to the same standard.


‘Ridiculousness’ rips off other, better TV shows By Ashley Pearlstein


Daily Wildcat

ust when we thought the continuous thread of failed MTV series could not get any longer, Rob Dyrdek’s “Ridiculousness” was born. As predicted by many, “Ridiculousness” was a disappointment. The show revolves around Dyrdek, Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Chanel “West Coast,” the token know-nothing blonde, commenting on some of the most popular and laugh-worthy videos on YouTube. You may think this sounds familiar. Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0” already crafted a hit show playing on the popularity of many YouTube sensations. Any show with the same idea would need killer comedy, new material and a better supporting cast to succeed. All of these vital elements were sadly left out of “Ridiculousness,” and the half-hour segment got old fast. The beauty of “Tosh.0” is the commentary and genuine hilarity of Daniel Tosh. In contrast, Dyrdek’s remarks lacked material and originality, which got annoying quickly. Perhaps the show would have been bearable if put on mute. As if Dyrdek’s contribution was not enough, the rare and short-lived comments from his peanut gallery were even worse. “Steelo” Brim barely spoke and Chanel “West Coast” proved

to be the stereotypical blonde by giggling and making dumb remarks. Anyone who can log onto the Internet can do Dyrdek’s job, so save yourself the torture of sitting through the show and look up the videos yourself for a good laugh. The most (and only) amusing part of “Ridiculousness” was the string of top-rated videos he found online, half of which have already been used on “Tosh.0.” With an untalented cast, horrible writers and an idea copied from a hit show with an already developed fan base, “Ridiculousness” was sure to fail. It is sad to see that MTV, the once great organization, honored as the creator of music television, has come to this. MTV’s once weighty impact on the music industry is gone and replaced by atrocious trash television. The complete trash that is “Ridiculousness” seems miniscule compared to that of “Death Valley,” “I Just Want my Pants Back” and “Skins.” For whatever reason, MTV has thrown its reputation out the window, playing only shows that teach America’s youth about sex, drugs, alcohol and just about any other inappropriate thing you can think of. “Ridiculousness” is a direct reflection of the tasteless organization that created it. — Ashley Pearlstein is a journalism junior. She can be reached at

WEekend guide

Southern Arizona’s best wine tastings Arts & Life’s weekly recommendations for how to spend your upcoming weekend By Joe Dusbabek Daily Wildcat

Southern Arizona hardly (if ever) makes the list of hotspots for the best winegrowing regions in America. Our arid climate and rampant burning sunshine alone make us the furthest thing from Napa Valley, Calif., or Oregon. It’s easy to assume winetasting would be impossible here, so you might be surprised to learn that two wineries are within driving distance of Tucson. You can find Charron Vineyards, one of Southern Arizona’s oldest vineyards, only 30 minutes from downtown Tucson. Charron Vineyards is a two-person enterprise run by Milton and Susan Craig, and the couple clearly cares about keeping the traditional winetasting experience intact and affordable: Four wine tastings and a souvenir glass sets you back only $5, which more than offsets the cost of gas to drive out to the winery. Charron specializes in making both white and red merlots; the white merlot won the Governor’s Choice Award in 2000 and has

Charron Vineyards 18585 S. Sonoita Highway Vail, AZ 85641 (520) 762-8585 Public tasting hours are Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and other days by appointment.

consistently sold out ever since. The vineyards use four acres of land to make the wine and none of it’s wasted; along with merlot, Charron also produces an Arizona syrah and a blanc de noir. For a short trip out of Tucson, you can’t do better. If you’re willing to drive a bit further away to Elgin, Ariz., you’ll find a larger winefocused experience waiting to welcome you at Kief-Joshua Vineyard. The 15-acre vineyard was founded in 2005 under the direction of Kief Manning, a former Arizona State University student, and had its first harvest quite recently in 2008. Don’t let your Sun Devil hate get in the way of visiting, though — Manning has undoubtedly created one of Arizona’s premier vineyards.

Manning says he believes in a very hands-on approach, as he leads all tastings personally, and he refuses to use herbicides or pesticides of any kind. The vineyard even uses organic recycling and sustainable farming techniques, so it’s as green as can be — and we mean that in a good way. The quality of Manning’s wines matches his passion; I’ve personally tried the vineyard’s “Cephus” white (a homebrewed mixture of chardonnay and pinot blanc), and it’s nothing less than excellent. Surrounded by mountains and placed right in the beautiful sunshine, the physical location of the vineyard isn’t too shabby either on a beautiful, warm day. If you’re into in a varied and ecologically-friendly wine-tasting experience, there’s no need to look any further than Elgin.

Kief-Joshua Vineyards 370 Elgin Road Elgin, AZ 85611 (520) 455-5582 Open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., offering six wines for tasting.


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Perspectives Editor: Storm Byrd • 520.621.7581 •

Pick up the phone to call, not text Kelly Hultgren Daily Wildcat


o, I met this guy last week and I thought he really liked me, because he was texting me all the time, and then suddenly he started taking longer to respond. I think he’s not interested anymore. You better believe, I am not texting him until he texts me first. I can’t believe he led me on like that.” Does that sound familiar? That’s because you’ve probably heard someone say it or have said it yourself. Perhaps not word for word, but please raise your hand if you’ve ever made assumptions at the beginning of a relationship, based solely on texts? My hand just hit the ceiling. Once upon a time, people pursuing potential mates evaluated each other on personality, looks, lifestyle and how the person felt he or she was being treated. People always will base their opinions on the categories listed above, but now, a more relevant and scrutinized trait is a person’s texting habits. People, especially us college students, rely on texting to get to know someone. Both men and women are equally guilty of this. We are all busy, and texting is quick and convenient and facilitates communication throughout the day. I’ve used those arguments too. But instead of spending three hours on Facebook or watching TV, pick up the damn “The use of texting phone, call and meet in person. to get acquainted For budding with someone is relationships, really just a small texting is not portion of humanity’s only used as a increasing problem screening device, of becoming socially but also as a dealbreaker. It sounds inept. I said socially absolutely ridicuinept, not social lous because it networking inept, is. From simply as in not being able looking to get to communicate some action to embarking on with someone face a long-lasting to face.” romantic journey, cellular discourse is now crucial in the process. Take my starting quote, for example. The pothetical girl first assumed the hypothetical guy liked her and then assumed he didn’t based only on his texting frequency. What if the poor guy was having phone issues or was working? You’re just getting started, don’t expect him to drop the whole world just to send back a response to your simple “hey” text message. This example addresses some aspects of texting: You don’t know what the person is physically doing and you cannot tell the person’s mood (emoticons do not count). Therefore, one of every student’s favorite forms of interaction is inherently deceiving. At the start of a relationship, why do we communicate and subsequently put so much emphasis on texting, when it’s not a reliable source to get to know someone? As I mentioned before, texting can be a dealbreaker. Let’s classify some different types of texters and how they might mislead people: First up, we have Lazy Texters. Lazy Texters often initiate the conversation, and then leave the responsibility of carrying on the conversation with the other person, rarely asking questions and usually responding with one-word answers. Then we have the Minimalists. Minimalists make their texts short, concise, and often take longer to respond. They are also notorious for ignoring people, but you would never know this, because you didn’t call. This leads us to another bittersweet characteristic of texting: you really don’t know if someone has seen your text or not (unless you have Blackberry Messenger, then your cover is blown). The next type is the Stage Five Clinger, who will constantly blow up your phone wanting to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and where you live. This texter sometimes sends text after text, even when you’re not responding. Creepy. A less creepy yet still consistent type of texter is the Text-a-holic. They are constantly texting — regardless of who it is — and they experience separation anxiety when away from their phones. The use of texting to get acquainted with someone is really just a small portion of humanity’s increasing problem of becoming socially inept. I said socially inept, not social networking inept, as in not being able to communicate with someone face to face. The next time you meet someone and get that warm and fuzzy feeling in your tummy, break through the technological barricade and get to know the person in person. And, please refrain from sending the emoticon with hearts for its eyes. — Kelly Hultgren is a journalism junior. She can be reached at

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Required participation points devalue degrees Storm Byrd Daily Wildcat


ith students settling into their second week of classes, there is a possibility that some have already begun to fall into a relaxed lull. Some freshmen may even already be ditching classes, or at least considering it. But beware, although you’re not in high school anymore, most of your professors will treat you like you are with attendance and participation points. Instructors often sneak in a 20 percent attendance or participation grade in an effort to encourage students to show up and take part in the classroom activities, or so they say. Many times, it seems as though the only motive behind this is to make sure they have an audience of more than five students for their bland and boring lectures. Several instructors will say that if you’re going to learn, you need to be present and engaged with the material being covered. So for some reason, professors will reward or deduct points from you if you don’t show up and raise your hand. Shouldn’t a student’s stellar or horrible grade on exams and papers be the reward or punishment for skipping your twice weekly 8 a.m. snore fest?

“This is college. Stop making it

high school, please. Participation incentives, or deductions, have no place here.” This is college. Stop making it high school, please. Participation incentives, or deductions, have no place here. A student shouldn’t be rewarded for showing up and spouting out the occasional “I don’t get it,” or “could you say that again?” remark. What’s even more sickening is that these “thanks for coming” points don’t end once you complete your mostly meaningless general education courses. Well into my third year of studies here at the UA, I’m entrenched in upper division courses, the courses where the material is supposedly so dense and so complex you must first complete a series of prerequisites to thoroughly prepare you. Nonetheless, I still see a nice 20 percent freebie points section titled “participation” on the syllabus. Yes, free and easy points rock; there is no doubting that, but at what point does

personal responsibility kick in? What does it matter if I go to class and space out or if I stay home and blow off some lectures? It’s my education, I’m responsible for it. Professors aren’t parents, and we’re all legal adults here. If I don’t need to go to class to disassemble your easy exams and get an “A,” why can’t I just stay home and enjoy that low-maintenance grade? How does me showing up and proving I have a pulse make any difference whatsoever? On the opposite end of the spectrum, why does a student who struggles by with a 60 percent get to have their lackluster knowledge rewarded by planting themselves in a chair and raising their hand a few times? The old days of getting an “A” for effort are long since past, or at least they’re supposed to be. Your college diploma is meant to be proof that you mastered the knowledge required to pass and earn a degree in your major. The diploma isn’t a certificate of attendance, so stop treating it like one, please. If a student masters the knowledge and proves it on exams, why does it matter if they sporadically came to class? There’s no doubt that going to class is helpful most of the time, but there is no sense in rewarding students with the consolation prize of a participation grade. If a lecture is as pressing as the professor would like you to think it is, then you’ll know it when your grade dips or jumps after skipping or attending a lecture. — Storm Byrd is the Perspectives editor for the Daily Wildcat. He can be reached at

Sound off

Problems in Libya are just beginning


y now we have all heard about the ongoing battle in Libya for control of the country. If you haven’t heard, where exactly have you been? After a long battle that began in February, the Libyan rebels have successfully ousted Col. Moammar Gadhafi and his family from their near 42-year reign over the country. This comes as a huge success for rebels, who have been fighting very hard for change in the country over the past six months, but now the real problems are about to begin. At this point in time, many different sects of Libyan rebels have all joined together in their efforts to bring down Gadhafi. Now

that the dictator has been removed, the task of how to run the country is going to come into full swing. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of the rebels don’t have a clue as to how to run a country of more than 6 million people. All of these Libyan rebels have been fighting for a new democracy, but they don’t have any perception on how to enforce this new democracy. Many of these rebels have different ideas on what new systems should be implemented. The opposition is going to push for a democracy that leans more toward the United States, while other rebels are likely to try and institute Shariah Law in

the country. It will not be surprising to see Libyan rebels begin to turn on each other in the coming days. Now that all of the rebels have accomplished the same set task, we will begin to see what underlying motives each of these sects envisions as their idea of change and democracy. These Libyan rebels saw the removal of Gadhafi as the light at the end of the tunnel, but unfortunately the long and winding tunnel is just beginning. ­— Joshua Segall is a management information systems senior. He can be reached at

Careful what you wish for, Brewer


ov. Jan Brewer wants to reschedule the state primaries so that Arizona can play a more prominent role in the election of the Republican presidential nominee. The current date for primaries is Feb. 28, but she wants to move it to Jan. 31. According to Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services, it is all in an effort to draw more attention to the issues facing the Southwest, particularly immigration. There is speculation that Brewer would back off from moving the date, if the Republican National Committee offered a proper incentive to enable Arizona to get

more notice during the primaries. It has been suggested that if Arizona were guaranteed a Republican primary debate, Arizona would maintain its current election date. While Brewer is busy trying to get more press coverage for the dead horse that is the topic of immigration, she ought to consider how much additional flak she could bring in the process. The last time Arizona got an abundance of coverage on immigration, it didn’t work out too well for the state’s image. Arizona nearly stole the title of craziest state from defending champion Texas.

While I actually give Brewer some credit for trying to get her state some more attention and capitalize on the opportunity, she is still trying to draw eyes to the wrong area. Maybe we could try to turn this whole possible media coverage into a positive by showing other states how we’re not just a bundle of bigots who create crazy laws to alienate minorities. But in the end, I guess Brewer will accept any coverage she can get. — Storm Byrd is the Perspectives editor for the Daily Wildcat. He can be reached at

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Wednesday, august 31, 2011 •


Police Beat By Rebecca Rillos Daily Wildcat

Fighting Irish couldn’t fend off theft

A student approached a University of Arizona Police Department officer around midnight on Friday near Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall to report that his wallet had been stolen. The man had left his brown wallet with two Notre Dame logos on it on a bench near the hall and walked a few feet away to take a phone call. He noticed a large group of people walk by while he was on the phone. When the man returned to the bench, his wallet was gone. The wallet contained the man’s driver’s license, Social Security card, CatCard and room key. There are no suspects at this time.

Pissing while in possession

A UAPD officer was on patrol near the intersection of Speedway Boulevard and Euclid Avenue at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday when he noticed a man urinating on a light pole. The officer asked the man if he always behaved this way or if alcohol had impaired his judgment. The man initially denied it, but then told the officer that he had been drinking. The officer noticed that the man had poor balance, slurred speech and red, watery eyes. The man was cited for minor in possession and was released at the scene.

Forceful encounter on Fourth

A UAPD officer met with a student on Saturday around 2 a.m. who said she had been harassed on Fourth Street, west of Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall earlier that evening. The woman was walking back to her residence hall when she was confronted by three men, two of whom where wearing white baseball caps. The men tried to get her attention by calling out to her and saying, “Hey, come over this way.” The woman continued walking and one of the men grabbed her by the arm. She told the officer she was able to fight her way free of the man’s grasp, but was pushed to the ground. The men ran away when she fell, she said. The woman refused medical treatment for the scrapes on her knees and had no other injuries. The officer warned the woman against walking alone, especially at night. There is no more information at this time.

Sketchy check

A UA student came to UAPD on Saturday to report a suspicious email she received on her CatMail account, as well as a possible scam associated with it. The student told a UAPD officer that she had received an email to her CatMail account over the summer about a part-time job opportunity from a sender she had not met before. The student said she expressed interest in the job and she and the sender exchanged various emails about the position. The sender of the email sent the student a check in the mail for $2,980 with instructions that she should deposit the money into her bank account and then send 60 percent of that money to another person listed in the email. The check was from Rojac Transport Services Inc. in Las Vegas, although the check was mailed from an address in Wisconsin. The student gave the officer the check and copies of the emails to place into property and evidence. The validity of the check is unknown and there is no more information at this time. Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

S tate L egiSLative i nternShip p rogram Spend the spring semester gaining valuable job skills in the Arizona State Legislature. Earn course credit and a small stipend.

Information Session

Thursday September 1, 2011 Student Union, Rincon Room 12:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m.

(Interested students should attend one session or drop in for information materials between 1:00 & 4:00)

Eligible students must have 3.0 GPA or higher and Second Semester Junior or Senior standing by Spring 2012 ALL MAJORS WELCOME For more information, please contact Cherie McCollum; or Isabel Contreras;


• Daily Wildcat

wednesday, august

31, 2011


Check out tomorrow’s 2011 football preview guide



Daily Wildcat

• Page 7

Sports Editor: Kevin Zimmerman • 520.621.2956 •

MLB Los Angeles 8, San Diego 5

New York Yankees 5, Boston 2

Arizona 9, Colorado 4

Injuries give Butler chance to eat up carries Running back slides into backup role after Jenkins injury By Alex Williams Daily Wildcat

Kylan Butler has a big opportunity Saturday against NAU. It just didn’t come the way he’d hoped. Butler, listed as Arizona’s No. 3 running back as a sophomore, will be senior Keola Antolin’s primary backup with the No. 2 back, sophomore Daniel Jenkins, out with a sprained ankle suffered at the Wildcats’ Meet the Team Night. “I always ask him every day if he’s doing all right,” Butler said. “I never want to get ahead by one of my teammates getting hurt. That’s my boy.”

Still, Butler isn’t going to shy away from his chance to be one of the team’s top backs, especially after getting only three carries for 14 yards during his first two years at Arizona. Saturday will be Butler’s first extensive game action after Kylan Butler spending nearly Sophomore RB two entire seasons on the sideline. But Butler isn’t the type to get nervous. Instead, he’s chomping at the bit to get on the field. “I’m anxious to get out there, ready to go,” Butler said. “I feel confident about what I need to do.” Butler has only appeared in one game in his career — last year’s con-

test against the Citadel — so he isn’t working with a wealth of game experience. But he’s made the most of his limited time, learning more about himself as a player with each rep he got. Now it’s time for Butler to take what he’s learned in limited game action and combine it with things he’s picked up in two years of practice. Running backs coach Garret Chachere doesn’t see that being a problem. “Kylan Butler is going to be someone we count on in every game,” Chachere said. “He’s very steady and knows all of his assignments — fullback assignments, tailback assignments. He’s someone that if we lose him, that’ll be a big hole in the running back room.” Butler has been a standout in practice the past two years and has

“Once you get in there and

do something good, they give you another one. They keep feeding you, and you keep eating.” — Kylan Butler

been named the scout team player of the week three times. At 5-foot-8, he also stood in as the 5-foot-6 Jacquizz Rodgers — the similarly diminutive yet powerful running back formerly of Oregon State — when Arizona was preparing for the Beavers last season. Chachere described Butler as a smooth runner, and Butler said that he wants to be known as an allaround running back. “I try to do everything,” Butler said.

Multitalented Ebbele implements basketball skills in role on offensive line By Mike Schmitz Daily Wildcat

Multi-sport athletes like the NFL’s Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez set the standard for athletes making the transition from the hardwood to the gridiron. At Arizona, starting right tackle and former hoopster Fabbians Ebbele hopes to be another basketball-tofootball success story. The 6-foot-8, 305-pound redshirt freshman is arguably the Wildcats’ most imposing player, yet his basketball background gives him more than just brute force to use on opposing defensive ends. “He’s very athletic for his size. As a tackle that’s something I

appreciate too, being able to seal off the end for me,” said quarterback Nick Foles. “Being a lineman is all about being quick, getting off the ball quickly with your feet. Playing basketball, you have to have decent footwork or your going to fall all over the place.” Basketball was Ebbele’s first passion as he picked up the sport in third grade and went on to play his first two seasons of high school. It wasn’t just any high school, either. The Chicago native played at national basketball powerhouse Simeon High School — with NBA MVP Derrick Rose, nonetheless. “I was there with him. We all practiced together,” Ebbele said. “He’s a freak athlete, man. It’s crazy.” After starting his sophomore year on the gridiron, Ebbele turned in his high-tops for

good. Offers began to pour in and Ebbele gave up his hoop dreams for a chance at college football. “I got into football heavy and started my sophomore year so that was my ticket right there,” Ebbele said. “I just focused on football and left basketball alone.” Although his basketball career is over, it was on the hardwood that Ebbele developed the

lateral quickness and explosiveness that he hopes to use to his advantage on Saturdays. “It got my footwork really good, and it carried over to football,” Ebbele said. “Lateral movements and stuff like that are a lot easier.” Ebbele’s a cog in the Wildcats’ revamped offensive line that features one combined start. Despite his lack of experience, the massive Ebbele is using his basketball background — and 7-foot-6 wingspan — to help the offensive line disprove the doubters, and give Foles and the Wildcats offense all the time they need to use their bevy of weapons. “Fabbians is playing with a lot of confidence right now,” said starting center Kyle Quinn. “He’s had a tremendous camp, and he’s finally learning how to use those long arms he’s got.” Ebbele, 10

“I really want to be a hard-nosed runner, more shifty, pick up the blitz, come out of the backfield. I just want to do everything — anything I can do that’s possible.” And if Butler performs Saturday, he’ll be rewarded. Should he able to find a rhythm, Chachere won’t go away from the hot hand. “I’m like everyone else, I’m gonna deal with the guy that has the hotter hand,” Chachere said. “It’s like a quarterback or pitcher that’s in the zone and has the feel. It’s the same with a running back.” Butler knows his coaches’ philosophy, and he said he knows a way to win their trust. “Once you get in there and do something good, they give you another one,” Butler said. “They keep feeding you, and you keep eating.”

sports tweeps A weekly roundup of tweets about and by people in the know of Arizona Athletics “Gaga is one ugly doode”

— Brendon Lavender UA guard @BrendonLavender

“Sean Miller continues to get it done in Tucson. He got Brandon Ashley over, Phil Knight, um I mean Oregon — and also his buddy, Calipari.“ — Jeff Goodman CBS sports writer @GoodmanCBS “Who has the best bodies volleyball girls or track girls?” — Cursty Jackson Arizona volleyball player @C_jaxon13 “Seaworld get ready to get dominated” — Channing Frye Former UA basketball player @Channing_Frye “I find it funny when ppl relationship status goes to single and everybody hit the Like button on #Facebook..” — Robert Golden UA safety @R0BG0lden

Redshirt freshman fabbians ebbele

Kevin Brost/ Daily Wildcat

European trip could turn into staycation for NBA Mcclatchy tribune

LOS ANGELES — It could be the European getaway that never ended, or at least one that stretched into 2012. Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman were among a small army of NBA players who arrived in Lithuania this week for the 24-team European Basketball Championship, with no apparent need to hurry back. The NBA lockout is about to enter a third month and neither side has budged. That means the Lakers’ Gasol, the Clippers’ Kaman, et al., could be playing in Europe and other far-flung places next week ... next month ... and possibly next year. “It’s not something that’s super exciting to think about,” Kaman said in a telephone interview as the 7-footer made his final preparations for Germany’s opener Wednesday against Israel. “It’s good we’re holding our ground and trying to get the best deal possible, but it’s also not good because it hurts the product. “Fans and TV contracts, sponsorships and endorsements — all this stuff gets hurt because (NBA) owners won’t move at all” in negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

sports sound off By Kelly Hultgren Daily Wildcat

Brian van der Brug/ Los angeles times/ mct

ally watching the game up close and personal.

Each Wednesday, the Daily Wildcat sports desk chats with people on campus about UA sports and more.

You’re not able to tailgate then, because you have to work, right? Right.

Are you planning on going to the football game this Friday? Yes.

Do you miss not being able to? It sucks a little, because you can’t cheer with everyone else. Obviously, the media has to be unbiased and you can’t be in that realm with everybody. So, I miss it in that aspect, but I still like it (on the field) better.

What are you most excited for? I work for athletic media, so I don’t sit in the Zoo or anything. But I’m Emily Sharer excited because I Creative writing stand on the field junior during the fourth quarter, and I’m looking forward to doing that again this season. I’m also excited to see how our new recruits come out. We got a new kicker, thank God. (Laughs) The seniors, I got to meet a lot of them last year, so it will be good to see them back out there, and see how the season’s going to go.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol drives past Los Angeles Clippers center NBA, 10 Chris Kaman on Feb. 25. Both players are spending their lockouts in Europe.

“Feels like a perfect day to take my daughter for a walk and get a mixed slurpee!!” — Miles Simon Former UA guard @milessimon

That has to be cool, being able to stand on the field; is that your favorite part of the game? Definitely, it’s way different, because I sat in the Zoo freshman year and I loved it. It was so much fun. But you definitely get a bigger sense of the actual game than in the Zoo, where it’s like a party, but when you’re on the field and you see it, you’re actu-

Do you think Nick Foles is dreamy? Well the media team calls him “Sunshine.” (Laughs) Wait, where is that from? (Laughing) That’s from “Remember the Titans,” because he looks like Sunshine from the movie. That’s hilarious. What do you think about Foles? I think he needs to learn how to get out of the pocket and run. I think he is a pretty good decision maker, but he’s not good at executing his decisions. Do you ever hang out with football players or see them at parties? Occasionally. My roommate last year dated a football player, so I hung out with him and his friends a bit, but not regularly, no. Who do you think is the most attractive football player on the team? Paul Vassallo (Laughs)

Odds & Ends

Daily Wildcat

• Page 8

Arts & Life Editor: Jazmine Woodberry • 520.621.3106 •

worth noting

Overheard on campus

Summer hits stop the bleeding at the box office McClatchy Tribune

LOS ANGELES — Thanks to the swan song of a boy wizard and encores by alien robots and pirates, Hollywood dug itself out of a big hole this summer. But it still has a ways to go to reach the surface. With the year’s most popular moviegoing season coming to an end, total boxoffice receipts in the U.S. and Canada are on track to finish up 3.5 percent from last summer, according to Attendance — the number of tickets sold — will climb a little more than 1 percent for the season, the first rise since 2007. That’s welcome news for the film industry after domestic box-office sales sunk 20 percent from January to April, compared with the same period a year earlier. Following a string of flops that included “Mars Needs Moms,” “Sucker Punch” and “Take Me Home

Tonight,” studio executives said they were counting on the high-profile movies of summer to stop the hemorrhaging. By and large, their hopes were realized as most of their big-budget offerings of the last few months — particularly the final “Harry Potter” film, the third “Transformers,” another “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel and the second “Hangover” comedy — struck gold. “Everyone was struggling and wondering what was going to happen — at one point, ticket sales were down (nearly) 30 percent, which in our world is panic time,” said Nikki Rocco, domestic distribution president for Universal Pictures. “But fortunately, there were lots of great hits from most studios that were able to turn the business around.” However, total box-office revenue is still down 4 percent for the year and attendance

Woman 1: I don’t make a habit of passing out and waking up on random people’s couches. Woman 2: Bull-fucking-shit. Submit your overheard on Twitter @OverheardAtUA

is off by 5 percent. Industry experts say it’s unlikely that the business will cross into positive territory by late December. That would continue a troubling long-term trend of fewer people going to the movies amid a growing array of entertainment choices and an economic downturn. Despite critics’ lamentations about the continued lack of original content at the multiplex, audiences this summer were still most eager to see sequels, superhero films and adaptations. Six of the top 10 movies were sequels and three others were based on comic books. The two most popular films by far were the eighth “Harry Potter,” which has conjured up more than $366 million domestically since its release in July, followed closely by “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” which has taken in $348.5 million.


On the spot

Saving water one class at a time How did you get interested in water resources within environmental sciences? It’s a danger. Tucson is 40 percent water imported and we don’t have much (water) to go around. I just picked up a book one day and started reading about it. I read a lot of articles online and, back where I’m from, it’s a big deal. Kia Gardner

Off the wall

Environmental sciences freshman

Where are you from? Spokane, Washington.

That’s pretty far. Why’d you end up in Arizona? Mostly the climate. It’s hot and I love it. And so how are you liking it so far? I’m mostly taking gen eds … and learning about water. And drinking it with as hot as it is. Drinking a lot of water, yeah.

fast facts

Zachary Vito / Daily Wildcat

Jackson Veneklasen, a Tucson High Magnet School student, practices his parkour maneuvers on the UA campus on Tuesday. Parkour, sometimes called free running, involves using strenuous physical movement to get from one place to another as quickly as possible.

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UAMA Exhibit - “Andreas Nottebohm: Raw Metal” May 26, 2011 - September 11, The University of Arizona Museum of Art presents the metallic creations of Andreas Nottebohm. Two exhibitions of Nottebohm’s work will scintillate in UAMA’s galleries. The Main Gallery will feature Nottebohm’s current work in an exhibition titled “Andreas Nottebohm: Raw Metal;” the Hanson Gallery will display his work from the 1980s that was commissioned by NASA as well as the NASA work of Robert McCall. Admission: $5 Adult; Free for Students with ID, Children, Active Military with ID, Museum Members. Where: UA Museum of Art Free ASM Admission for Military Personnel Monday, May 30, 2011 -Monday, September 5, 2011 For the second year, the Arizona State Museum is offering free admission to all active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day 2011. More than 1,000 museums nationwide are participating in this initiative of Blue Star Museums. Arizona State Museum Brain Teasers 2 at UA Science: Flandrau. 1601 E. University Blvd. MonThurs 10am-3pm, Thurs 6-9pm, Sat 109pm, Sun 1-4pm. Flandrau presents a traveling exhibit that challenges visitors with 20 puzzles designed to sharpen problem-solving skills and provide plenty of fun. “Yana Payusova and Joseph Farbrook: Tale of Two Heads ”Wednesday, June 1, 2 -Wednesday, August 31, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Joseph Gross Gallery

2011 Melanoma Walk Kickoff Event Wednesday, August 31, 2011 6 p.m. 7 p.m. You are cordially invited to join Skin Cancer Institute faculty, staff and volunteers at our 2011 Melanoma Walk kickoff event with food catered by Choice Greens. Arizona Cancer Center, 1515 N. Campbell Ave. Room: Kiewit Auditorium University of Arizona String Project Registration Day Thursday, September 1, 2011 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. The University of Arizona School of Music’s String Project is offering bowed stringed instruments – violin, viola, cello and bass – instruction for students ages 3-14. Students will learn stringed instruments in a group setting taught by both undergraduate and graduate music education/performance majors. Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students are available. The project also offers weekly private lessons. Music Room: 114A SCA Fighter Practice - College of St. Felix Branch fencing Thursday, September 1, 6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. The Society of Creative Anachronism conducts fighter training and practice every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Highland Commons. Faculty Reading: Manuel Muñoz and Barbara Cully Thursday, September 1, 2011 7 p.m. Manuel Muñoz is the author of “What You See in the Dark” (Algonquin Books, 2011), “The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue” (Algonquin, 2007) and “Zigzagger” (Northwestern University Press, 2003). Winner of the 2008 Whiting Writers’ Award, he teaches in the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. University of Arizona Poetry Center, 1508 E. Helen St.

9/11 How We’ve Changed - “Changes and Challenges: Border Security Post9/11” Thursday, September 1, 2011 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Join us for a unique opportunity to hear an insider’s perspective on national security at the border. Al Bersin, the commissioner of United States Customs and Border Protection, will speak on “Changes and Challenges: Border Security Post-9/11.” Student Union Memorial Center Room: North Ballroom

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READER AD DEADLINE: Noon, one business day prior to publication.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES: $11.75 per column inch. DISPLAY AD DEADLINE: Two business days prior to publication.

FAX: 621-3094

hey uoFA! All Workouts Half off for a Limited Time. insAnity, P90X, ZumbA, turbo Fire!! Safe Checkout with PAYPAL! Free Shipping for UofA Students & Staff with Coupon Code:WILDCAT Order Today! Http://

**** Full boDy mAssAge **** by body builder, trainer, therapist. Student and faculty discount. Ask about free massage! Call! 954-6838546. egg Donors neeDeD! Healthy females ages 18-30. Donate to infertile couples some of the many eggs your body disposes monthly. COMPENSATION $5,000. Call Reproductive Solutions. (818)8321494. Reproductive Solutions abides by all federal and state guidelines regarding egg donation, as well as all ASRM guidelines

Attention College stuDents: $10-$13/hr Jobs, All mAJors APPly toDAy! high school is seeking friendly, professional, and dependable persons for part time positions as a tutor, classroom aid or teacher assistant. several openings for the 2011-2012 school year is available to all majors. m-F morning/afternoon, mWF and tth schedules. no teaching experience required, we will train. Candidates need to have at least 60 credit hours. Pay ranges from $10-$13/hr depending on position. if you are interested please email your resume and a letter of interest to: All contact is done through email. thank you. hope to hear from you soon!

bAbysitter neeDeD For two awesome girls 10&8. If you are a kind, responsible, intelligent, and a creative fun person, please apply. Sat nights and other weekday afternoon/ evenings (depending on schedule). Great driving record and safe car is a must. Please call Rachael 577-0453. Fun loving nAnny WANTED Part-time to care for energetic 3year old and adorable 8month old in my own home. Great kids. Flexible hours. Must have previous experience and CPR certified. Please call Shirley 520-440-4144

PLEASE NOTE: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads. COPY ERROR: The Arizona Daily Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an advertisement.

it tAKes A real man to be a manny! Have a need for a very special individual to care for twin boys. Boys both enjoy sports and a young man with an ability to RoleModel would be a great fit. 262-0177 looKing For AFternoon/ evening nanny type help. Approximately 20hours a week $10/hr. We have 3very cool kids and need help with pick ups, dinner and babysitting. Schedule is somewhat flexible. 520-301-7425 looKing For energetiC nanny/ tutor to look after 3children. P/T. Experience required. Must have own vehicle & DL. Please call for details, contact Elle 520971-4029 mAle tutor/ mentor needed for twin 7year old boys. River/ Campbell area. Must enjoy sports and children’s activities. Prior childcare experience and references required. Must have clean, dependable transportation. After school, evenings, and weekends required. $15/hr email resumes to: neeDeD: Pt bAbysitter in our home for delightful girls- ages 5mo.and 3yrs.15-20 hr/wk,days flexible. MUST have CPR cert., infant experience, references, transportation, non-smoker. Live approx 25min from UA. Start $8/hr., raise to $10/hr after 60days. If interested, please email work experience and references to

AvivA ChilDren’s serviCes provides internships with CPS. Tasks include but are not limited to: home visits, assessment of client, researching social services, researching case records, attending court hearings, supervising visitations. Questions or interested, Contact Michelle Rios @327-6779 ext. 11 or intern neeDeD theater Company has internship Position Available. Please Call bob at 624-0172 or for info. stuDent internshiP oPPortunity: Assistant Manager of Business Development working in Tucson close to the UofA. Summer, Fall, and Spring available. Earn academic units, while gaining work experience. Call 866-5455303 for more details.

WorK With At risk middle school students and earn internship credit or volunteer hours with Barrios Unidos Mentoring Program. No experience required, training provided. For more info call or email Project Director David Jimenez at 520-388-7370 or

!!!!bArtenDering!!!! uP TO $250/ DAY. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARy. TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE. AGE 19+ OK. CALL 800-965-6520 EXT.139 golDen eAgle Distributors, Inc. (BUDWEISER) seeking outgoing, enthusiastic, Part Time Marketing Assistants to educate consumers on products & execute promos at local clubs & bars. Must be self- motivated & willing to interact with public. Night/ Weekend work req’d. Business & Marketing Majors Preferred, All Majors welcome. Must be at least 21 & pass background check. EOE, Drug Free Workplace. Submit Resume online at gymnAstiCs instruCtor WAnteD: Experience is necessary, girls team experience is an added plus! Earn up to $20 an hour based on experience! Contact: 520-870-7556, or 520-6284355 heAlthCAre PArt-time CAregiver position in family setting. Especially evenings or nights. Assisting with various daily routines and projects. Call Emma after noon 867-6679 looKing For reliAble and outgoing individuals for a delivery driver job for our restaurant delivery service. Flexible hours. Clean driving record required. Email with resume or questions. PArt-time Position. neeD to replace assistants lost to romance, Marines, and nursing. Job requirements: reliability, intelligence. Various tasks, projects & exercise. Training available. Flexible hours. Call Emma afternoon & leave message. 867-6679 rADio. immeDiAte oPenings. PART TIME PROMOTIONS FOR 5LOCAL RADIO STATIONS. FLEXIBLE HOURS. 21YEARS OF AGE, VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE, GOOD DRIVING RECORD. APPLY IN PERSON. CITADEL BROADCASTING. 575 W. ROGER RD. stuDentPAyouts.Com PAiD survey takers needed in Tucson. 100% FREE to join! Click on surveys.


sWim girl neeDeD to assist with exercise routine for disabled woman in evening. Swimming is optional. No lifting. Close to campus, car preferred. Call 867-6679

the PerFeCt PArt-time Job Students Wanted! (CLOSE TO CAMPUS) Entry Level Marketing Positions Plum Windows & Doors Accepting applications NOW!! Seeking motivated individuals for appointment setting. Are you MONEY motivated? No direct selling! Part-time work Full-time Pay $8 to $10 per hour (DOE) + Bonuses (Commissions) M-Thurs 4pm to 9pm Sat 10am to 3pm Contact Trent to schedule an interview. (520)795-4104 ext103

Web Designer/ ProgrAmmer for “Minerals, Where and Why” Software. The Department of Mining and Geological Engineering and the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources is seeking a web designer who can program the interface for the UA educational software program called “Minerals, Where and Why”. The programming will involve linking a database to a GUI and to VR models of a house as well as GoogleEarth locations of minerals, photos of minerals, and videos. Candidates should have experience with Internet Explorer, graphics designs for the internet, web programming software, and database driven programming and be willing to learn to program with GoogleEarth. Candidates may send a resume and portfolio (or web link) to Patty Bosco at Pay rate depends on experience but is in the range of $15-$20/ hour. Anticipate part-time work for the fall semester. Can be graduate or undergraduate student.

Autism: Are you interested in making a difference in a child’s life? We have a position for you! Qualifications: previous experience with children, vehicle, must be a team player, be responsible/ dependable. Criminal background check will be done. For more information send an email to

AvivA ChilDren’s serviCes seeking tutors for 1-3 hrs/wk with a child under CPS care for 1semester. Provide academic/ homework, friendship, attention. Michelle Rios 327-6779 Ext. 11

honor stuDents: Phi sigma theta national Honor Society is seeking motivated students to establish a campus chapter. Contact:

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__________ __________ __________ __________ __________

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________










Classification: _______________________________

PArKing. semester ($175) or year long ($300) at a residential uofA lot at 7th and vine. Walking distance from campus. spots will sell fast. Call or text 520-205-0443.


# of Days: ___________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________ City/State:_____________________ Zip: _____________ Phone_____________________ Place my ad online: ___ Send ad with check/money order. We also accept: MasterCard/Visa/American Express: ______________________________ Expiration Date: ___________

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615 N. Park, Rm. 101

621-3425 ➤

University of Arizona

brAnD neW mAttress sets Full $130, Queen Pillow Top $175, King Pillow Top $199, Twin $99 In original plastic w/Warranty Can deliver 520-745-5874

CouChes For sAle, love seat and 3seater. 2years old, no stains, looks brand new. $500.00 for the set. Large dresser with mirror matching end table. Light colored wood. $750.00 for the set. Please email for pictures or more information MUST SELL

Tucson AZ 85721


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!!! 1bD/ 1bA, $520, 3BLOCKS TO UA, Euclid/ 9th, Furnished, Water/ Gas/ Internet Included, 520-798-3453,, 726 East 9th Street

!!!! 2br/ 2bA or 3br/ 3ba luxury home, 3car garage by UofA. $1400 to $1800/mo OBO. Beautiful furniture available. Large rooms, laundry, outside balconies. 388-0781 Dave

Attention Classified Readers: The Arizona Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check. Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

!!!!!!! -1+blks to uA- just blocks away! niCestneWestbiggest- best housing vAlues- going FAst! Whether you need a 2bdrm/ 2bath, or 3/3, or 4/4, or 5/5, or 6br/ 6ba, you’ll WAnt to live in luXury in one of ours. imAgine what you’re missingsPACious beDrooms with WAlK-in Closets, private CustomtileD full bAthroom in every beDroom. most baths have a PrivAte over-sized 6jet WhirlPool tub. All have big living- Dining areas, high Ceilings, big KitChens with grAnite counters, quality APPliAnCes including DishWAshers, & walk-in PAntries! PrivAte WAlleD yArDs, beAutiFul lAnDsCAPing, Free AlArm serviCe And still more: Full lAunDry, upstairs outsiDe PAtios with gorgeous mountAin and green treetoP vieWs, FAnCy custommade bAlCony rAilings, big gArAges, and neW Furniture available. Come see them noW to avoid regret. Call bob 388-0781. sPeAK your phone number CleArly. CAlls returned AsAP! 3880781 to experience the niCest living eXPerienCe Possible. !!!**** we also have a brAnD neW 6br- 7ba, with huge living room + giAnt 20’x30’ DEN + BIG office LIbrAry- owner says cannot rent to more than 4 total roommAtes- one of a KinD- only $2,800/mo obo******** 388-0781 bob $99 moves you IN! A GREAT PLACE FOR STUDENTS! FREE Shuttle to the UofA! 1&2 BDs. 24hr fitness & laundry. Pool & spa, Ramada w/gas grills, gated access. Student discount, business center. Call Deerfield Village @520-323-9516 *short term 2br+2bA ConDo rentAl 2blocks from Campus on university Ave Parents, Alumni, visitors, vendors. Fully equipped & Furnished. garage/street parking. Call 818-708-1770 see: 1bDrm/ 1bA $545 with A/C, separate storage, small patio/ deck, DW & appls, ceiling fans, off-street parking. 520-270-5281 Mario. 2bD, 1.5bAth, 6Blocks to campus, evaporative cooling, available 8/26, $549/mo, water paid, covered parking, 1119 E. 12th St, call Steve 742-2647 2beDroom, 1bAth, WAlKing distance to campus, evaporative cooling, available August 1, $690/mo, water paid, internet included, 1319 N. 1st Avenue, call 520-370-8588 for details. 7th street AnD Park - studio, 1br, 3br. 444-6213/ 429-3829 Free month!!!!!!! neAr Rincon Sports Complex One Bedroom Apts. $524 On-site Laundry & Management 725 S. Tucson Blvd. (520)325-1222 FurnisheD stuDio APArtment 3miles from campus (Swan/ Speedway). $600/mo includes utilities, frig, TV, WiFi. Covered parking extra. 520-258-9380. lArge stuDios 6bloCKs UofA, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. $380. 977-4106 neWly renovAteD APArtments. Spacious 1,2, & 3 bed, short walk to campus and nightlife. Brand new A/C & appliances. Starting @600/mo. View details and floorplans at Contact Shawn 520-440-0947 quiet 1beDroom APArtment, $555/mo. 1mi East of campus, 5th St and Country Club, 3122 E. Terra Alta #B. Nice friendly community, great landscaping, and large pool, ideal for grad student. Call Dell 6230474. sAle! Pet FrienDly Resort Apartments or Roommate Matching with Individual Leases as low as $344/mo, FREE DISH NETWORK & WIFI (all except electric included). Resort Pool, Spa, Fitness Center, Game Room & Computer Lab. Covered Parking Available. Shuttle to UofA & Pima West. 520.623.6600 or text TUCSON to 47464 for instant info. serious stuDent 1bD Apt close to UofA. Remodeled, comfortable, quiet & private. $410/mo. All utils. included. Avail. now. 8844302. smAll 1bDrm APArtment close to UofA. Water incl. Laundry facilities. Available immediately. Call 990-1243

stuDios From $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. blue Agave Apartments 1240 n. 7th Ave. speedway/stone.

1st month Free RENT SPEC. $450/mo. TWELVE LARGE 1BR. CONDOS IN 100% GATED COMMUNITY. CENTRAL TO ALL. CALL 520-777-3895 TO SEE sAm hughes PlACe At the Corner- Prime uofA loCAtion *AvAilAble noW* FurnisheD or unFurnisheD Contemp. 1400+sqft., 2-story end unit w/private 2-car garage, 2bdrms, loft, 2.5baths,vaulted ceilings, blinds, all appls, W/D, wired for high speed internet/ cable, fireplace. Site amenities incl clothing boutiques, restaurants, spa/ hair salon. immediate access to uofA, university medical Center, downtown, shopping, bus lines, resorts. Call (520)576-8916 or (520)5776139 or srubio2006@comcast.n

oWn A Co- oP Apt Quiet Corner Unit w/screened in porch Upstairs 2bdrm 1bath Broadway/Pantano $55,000 cash 928-428-1960

! beAutiFul 2br 1bA, walking distance from UA/ UMC @Highland/ Elm. Recently renovated, porcelain tile, carpeted BRs, partially furnished, AC, washer, dryer, dishwasher. Quiet, security doors/ windows, carport, landscaped yard. $985 Call 520-904-7845 $695 2bDrm, 775sqFt, wtr & trsh pd, evap, w/d hu, fncd. Brdwy & Cherrry. Call ADOBE PMI at 520-325-6971 1bD 680sqFt. $550/mo lease. $550 deposit. A/C, unfurnished, cats ok, water paid only. 1433 E. Adams. Walk to med school and UofA. Call 520-909-4766 1bD, $600/mo leAse. $600 deposit. Central A/C, carport, w/d, unfurnished, cats ok, water paid only, walk to UofA and med school. 1503 N. Vine. Call 520-909-4766 2br 1bA broADWAy/ Campbell $650 incl water/trash/stove/ fridge. A/C and off street parking 9754170 home For rent. 3BR/ 2BA, 1600sf, near UA and 4th Ave, lots of amenities, pets ok. $1050/mo. Call 869-9930

$475 stuDio CAsitA! 400sf, separate kitchen & dining, wtr pd. 3rd Ave & 4th St. Call ADOBE PMI at 520-325-6971 1bD unAttACheD guest house a/c water and internet pd $400 ALSO 700sqft 1bd house with loft washer dryer $650 call REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to 1bDrm guesthouse, $450. 3miles to campus. A/C, fireplace, carport, free laundry and cable, all utils incl., $450 available now. 6170696 For rent: 3room guest house $400, studio guest house $300, and master bedroom $250. Broadway/ Alvernon area. No drugs, references required. Utilities included. Call 520-327-4111 Free 1st month w/year lease. $345 studio w/335sqft, A/C, wtr, trash, & gas pd! Coinop lndry onsite! Park & Grant. Call ADOBE PMI at 520-325-6971 quiet stuDio APArtment 3miles from UofA, Tucson and Glenn area. $300 per month includes utilities Call 520-858-5505 or 520-326-0517 stuDio APArtment 1121 e. 12th St. Complete kitchen, covered parking, no pets, fresh paint, lease/ deposit/ references/ $325. Owner agent 907-2044 stuDio APArtment behind private residence available Sept., near Campbell and Elm St, 465.00/ month includes utilities, cable. 808-6301

! $1700 5bDrm/ 3bAth available now! Water/ trash/ power included. Fireplaces, A/C, W/D, ceiling fans, lg bdrms, gated courtyards. Park & Elm. Call Erika 602-703-5557 or email at for more info.


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! 5bloCKs nW uA HUGE Luxury Homes 4br/ 4.5ba +3car garage +large master suites with walk-in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings up and down +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP electric discount, monitored security system. Pool privileges. Reserve now for August 884-1505 ! reserve your 4 or 6bedroom home now for August. Great homes 2to5 blocks to UA. Call for details. 884-1505 or visit us at !!!! 2br/ 2bA or 3br/ 3ba luxury home, 3car garage by UofA. $1400 to $1800/mo OBO. Beautiful furniture available. Large rooms, laundry, outside balconies. 388-0781 Dave !!!!! r u looKing for a 2or3 bedroom home? Find 1or2 roommates and rent an incredible Luxury 4bedroom 4.5 bath home close to campus. Great specials going on now. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! 8841505. !!!!!!!!*** brand new 6bdrm/ 7basingle family res- huge living room + giAnt 20’x30’ Den + BIG office LIBRARY- ONE of a KinDnew furniture avail. $2,800/mo obo. 388-0781 rob. $1500, 4bD, 1305 e. Waverly #1 (Grant/Mountain) fenced yard, covered patio, fp, approx 1679sqft, AC, 881- 0930 view pictures at $1950 - 4/bedroom- 2bath Completely remoDeleD, All new Appliances, gourmet Kitchen, granite, Partially Furnished, Jacuzzi tub, new A/C, ss-bbq, garage, Adams/tucson 520-9908650 $535 1bDrm house & Evap, 511sqft, wtr & fncd front & back. Euclid Call ADOBE PMI at 6971.



5 6 4 2

4 3 1 5 9

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9 2



4 7 9 1

1 7 4 8 2

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5 4

By Dave Green

w/ A/C trsh pd, & Glenn. 520-325-

$800 2bD, 1bA, 896sqft, wtr & trsh pd, washer & dryer, wood flrs. Speedway & Park. Call ADOBE PMI at 520-325-6971. $825 lg 2bDrm, 1071sqft, A/C, frplc, sngl gar, w/d/, fncd. 1st Ave & Elm. Call ADOBE PMI at 520325-6971

1601 e. seneCA & Cherry 3br $1200 Deposit $1300 with Pet Year Lease Large Bathroom 8x12 Whole House is upgraded. Very Clean. Washer/ Dryer Fenced Patio Cover Parking No yardwork. Pat 949-887-5507 1bD CottAge on site laundry pets welcome $425 ALSO 1bd house off street parking fenced yard $430 call REDI 520-623-5710 or log on 1bloCK uoFA. 3bD walled in patio, off street parking. $950 4057278 2bD house CArPort water paid fenced yard $625 ALSO 2bd/2ba 1100sqft a/c garage $825 call REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to 2bDrm/ 1bA neAr campus with A/C, WD, $900/mo, call Jason 602402-5451 3bd/ 2ba +den (or 4th bedroom). remodeled, large living room, a/c, w/d hu, under two miles north of uA. $1050/mo, water pd. 2926 n tyndall Ave (back) 520-903-4353 3bD/ 2bA house 2210 E Juanita a/c washer dryer garage $1200 ALSO 2225 E Juanita 4bd/2ba a/c w/d hookups $1500 call Real Estate Direct, Inc 520-623-2566 3bD/ 2bA house pets welcome carport $800 ALSO 3bd/2ba a/c arizona room garage $1200 call REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to 3beDroom 2.5bAth TOWNHOUSE W/AC on 3rd St bike path. Newly remodeled with w/d in unit. 2covered parking spaces, access to community pool and outside storage. 2.3miles to UofA, near 3rd St and Dodge. $875 a month, $800 security. No Pets. Please contact

wednesday, august

A Close to campus, close to play, and close to perfect new home. We have 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes with private entrances, separate leases, roommate matching if needed, fully furnished, most utilities paid and much more. Call or come by for this weeks’ special 520-622-8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue. Four beDroom tWo bath newly remodeled. All appliances AC, large yard. One mile from university. Warren/ 13th $1100.00 month 954-3145 PriCes stArting At $375 per room, per month. Individual leases, private entrances fully furnished 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes available for immediate move in. Call or come by today! 520.622.8503, 1725 N. Park Ave. Visit us at sAve your quArters for playing pool down on 4th Ave. We have washers and dryers in select homes! Imagine the time and money you’ll save doing laundry in your own home! 5blocks from campus- 10minutes walking 5minutes on a bike. Close to University Boulevard and 4th Ave. Call for specials 520-622-8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue.

beAutiFully remoDeleD home 2bdrm/ 2ba 1148sf townhouse in the area of Ft. Lowell and Columbus. Go to, MLS# 21102136. Close to sChool, 3bed, 3bath w/guest quarters, all new inside, 240,000 call 602-618-2849

4bD/2bA WooD Floors corner lot pets ok $1100 ALSO 4bd/2ba 2350sqft den washer dryer $1495 call REDI 520-623-5710 or log on to

$450/mo. FemAle roommAte Wanted 2bed/3bath. 12min from UA. Water incl. Internet/Electric split. No smoking/alcohol/drugs/pets. Fully Furnished, washer/dryer incl. Call Ebby (480)3539773

5bD/ 3bA house 1980 N Tyndall #1 a/c all appliances washer dryer $2000 ALSO 3bd/2ba house 1980 N Tyndall #2 all appliances a/c washer dryer walled yard $1200 call Real Estate Direct, Inc 520-623-2566

A greAt loCAtion, at an incredible price! M/F needed for a fully furnished HUGE apartment close to campus. Most utilities paid, private entrances, separate leases. Call for our move in specials 520.622.8503

31, 2011

m/F neeDeD For great apartment close to campus (5blocks away), fully furnished, most utilities are paid, private entrances, separate leases! MUST SEE! Call Astrid 520.622.8503. roommAtes WAnteD/ roommAtes needed! 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms open for immediate move in. M/F ok, Smoking/Non-smoking available, starting from $375. Individual leases, private entrances. Call for appointment 520.622.8503. WAnteD FemAle roommAte, large 4bdrm/ 2ba house, 2miles from UofA campus. $425/mo includes utilities. Ready now. 520227-2473

room For rent Campbell & Prince. Near bike path & catran stop. female grad student preferred. $350 includes laundry, wifi, carport, utiltiies. 891-4661

beAutiFul 2bD/ 1bA. 3231 E. Presidio. Country Club/ Fort Lowell. A/C, just remodeled, W/D, walled patio. Pets ok. Covered parking. $750/mo +deposit. Water Included. Mike 272-1928

ProoFreADing/ eDiting by experienced writer: Resumes, court filings, essays, APA Style, manuscripts, screenplays, etc. Proofing only on certain college documents. $3.50/ page, 3page minimum. Call Karen at 979-6201.

2004 hyunDAi elAntrA white GT/GLS Sedan, 166,000 miles. All maintenance and repairs are current. Runs good + Xtra cold A/C. $3,815 firm. Call Amy at (520)977-2322

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A Guide to Religious Services

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELS). Sunday Worship 7:45am & 10:00am. Bible Class 9:00am. 830 N First Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719 520-623-6633

Community of Hope Sunday worship service - 8am (traditional), 10:30am (contemporary), & 6pm (charismatic). 3141 W. Ironwood Hill Dr. Tucson, AZ 85745

First Christian Church Open & Affirming. Just Peace Progressive. Worship: 10:30am Sundays. 740 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85719 Lutheran Campus Ministry - ELCA Lutheran Campus Ministry @ Campus Christian Center. Sunday 10:30am, Wednesday 6pm. 715 N. Park Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719

Priority College Ministry at First Southern Baptist Church Sundays, 11am Contemporary/ 8:30am Classic Worship. Come worship with us! 445 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85705

WELS Tucson Campus Ministry Student Bible Study and discussion. Sundays 7:00pm. 830 N. First Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719

Anglican Fellowship (520)991-9842. Sunday Mass - 12:00 1212 N. Sahuara, Tucson. Evening Prayer - Wednesday, 7:00pm Ada Pierce McCormick Bldg/Chapel 1401 E. 1st, UA

Church of Christ Campus Ministry Campus Minister - Jesse Warren. 520-390-8115 2848 N. Mountain Ave. 85719

L.D.S. Church- Institute of Religion. Sunday meetings 9am, 11am, 1 pm;. Institute Classes M-F 1333 E. 2nd St, Tucson, AZ, 85755

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But it’s not only basketball and Ebbele’s massive wingspan that’s helped him become UA’s starting right tackle after redshirting last season. Foles called Ebbele a character and said that he could “easily do stand-up comedy.” Ebbele was the emcee at Arizona’s annual training camp talent show and was “absolutely hilarious,” according to Foles. It’s that jovial, energetic personality that Foles expects to translate onto the field and keep him standing. “I think a guy like that at right tackle, if he translates that to the field it means he’s always having fun,” Foles said. “He can play with that type of energy, that’s something that can be special. I really like that about Fabbians.” Ebbele constantly keeps his teammates laughing, while still showing off his basketball skills in the offseason. “Oh yeah, I’ve still got to get out

there and show them who’s the man,” Ebbele said. So who does the man play like? “Compare me to D-Wade,” Ebbele said jokingly. “No man, I ain’t that fast. I just got an all-around game, I can do everything.” Foles, who also played basketball in high school, was quick to compliment Ebbele’s game on the court. He acknowledged his three-point range and quickness for a big man, but wasn’t ready to crown him as the next Dwyane Wade just yet. “Maybe more of a Shawn Bradley,” Foles said with a laugh. Ebbele has yet to play a game at Arizona, and he’s somewhat of a raw talent full of untapped potential. But he’s proven his worth through camp and figures to have a bright future as a Wildcat, his offensive line coach Robert Anae said. “I see a committed player that’s doing his best to buy all-in,” Anae said. “I don’t know what the limit is, where the roof is. I just know that if the attitude is ‘I’m in this all the way,’ then I do believe that potential is pretty high.”


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At least the European Championship will give locked-out players a chance to lock up Olympic berths. The teams that make it to the title game Sept. 18 are guaranteed to advance to the 2012 London Olympics, and the thirdthrough sixth-place teams earn a spot in another qualifying tournament. Having “Deutschland” stretched across the front of his jersey could compel Kaman to do a double-take. But the pride of Grand Rapids, Mich., will wear the red, white, black and yellow by virtue of his great-grandparents’ German heritage. “I take a little bit of heat for it,” Kaman said, “but I don’t care. I’m going to do what I want to do.” Kaman wasn’t going to do much this summer basketball-wise until the German team received a commitment from Lakers nemesis and newly minted NBA champion Dirk Nowitzki. That was enough to also land a pledge from Kaman. Of course, having both NBA players on the court guarantees nothing

for Germany during the tournament. Nowitzki and Kaman also played for the German team that failed to make it out of pool play during the 2008 Olympics. Kaman said Germany struggled in Beijing because of poor shooting but also acknowledged that he had difficulty adapting to the physical nature of international play. “It was like a wrestling match to me,” Kaman said. “I was like, ‘Are we playing football or basketball?’ “ As for Gasol, the tournament offers a chance for a fresh start on the court. In the playoffs last spring Gasol and the Lakers were run ragged by Nowitzki’s Dallas Mavericks. The Lakers power forward was also besieged by unsubstantiated rumors of a rift with his girlfriend, and was the subject of finger-pointing by fans disappointed with his play, and a jab to the chest by coach Phil Jackson during the Western Conference semifinal sweep. “I do not think there’s anything to prove on my side,” Gasol said via email when asked if he was eager to put the Lakers’ postseason behind him. “Last season we didn’t perform during the

playoffs as we were supposed to. ... You cannot win every year; there are a lot of very good teams in the league.” Gasol and younger brother Marc are the centerpieces of a Spanish team that is widely considered the favorite to defend its title from 2009. Spain also features Rudy Fernandez of the Mavericks; Ricky Rubio, a first-round pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder. “I do think we have a great collection of talent, but there are many great teams here,” Pau Gasol said. “Whether it is the best collection or not, I am not the one who should judge.” Ibaka’s Spanish connection is even more tenuous than Kaman’s German roots; the native of the Republic of Congo played for Spanish club teams before coming to the NBA and reportedly owns a residence in Barcelona. As for Kaman, his great-grandfather Herman Kamen moved his family to the United States from Germany before World War I. When his grandfather was filling out his draft card prior to World War II, he changed the spelling of his last name.



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