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TPD finds melee actions justified BY HANNAH PLOTKIN

Arizona Summer Wildcat

With more than 80 cyclist injuries associated with the Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar tracks, bike safety is a growing concern on and around the UA campus SAVANNAH DOUGLAS/ARIZONA SUMMER WILDCAT

A BICYCLIST RIDES HIS bike past the Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar on June 26 at Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street. From August 2012 to April 2014, 86 injuries occurred along the streetcar route, according to the Living Streets Alliance.


Arizona Summer Wildcat

The implementation of the Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar has been met with both criticism and praise. Since construction began in 2012, the streetcar is anticipated to provide many benefits to Tucson residents including environmental efficiency and easy accessibility. However, the hassle and potential harm the

streetcar brings to people who LSA published its first set of areas where crashes occurred cycle around campus has been a data that focused on the bicycle and the causes of bicycle crashes crashes along the streetcar route. along the route. While crash recurring issue. report locations are The Living Streets scattered along the Alliance, a Tucson-based In trying to modernize Tucson, route, a large number organization that works it is extremely difficult to make of accidents occurred to encourage healthy everyone happy near the Main Gate communities through — Hannah Hollins, UA alumna area, the Toole Avenue social and outdoor and Fourth Avenue activity, is one of many intersection and the organizations to take The data, consisting of 86 crash Fourth Avenue and University notice of the trend of bicycle collisions along the streetcar reports from August 2012 to April Boulevard intersection. All filed tracks. In a May 19 report, the 2014, showed recurrences in BIKES, 3

An inquiry into the actions of Tucson Police Department officers in a conflict between police and a crowd of civilians on March 29 following the UA’s loss in the NCAA Elite Eight men’s basketball game was released on June 30. The inquiry found police action justified overall. A report produced by the TPD Board of Inquiry using video footage from bodyworn cameras on police officers, a walkthrough and third-party video footage concluded that the majority of actions taken by TPD officers on the scene were appropriate. “[TPD officers displayed] a great deal of self restraint ... in their dealings with a hostile and antagonizing crowd,” the report said. The board also found that actions from an individual officer, Sgt. Joel Mann, whose videotaped actions went viral in the days following the incident, were inappropriate. Mann was filmed pushing a woman over a bench without apparent provocation on the night of March 29. An Office of Internal Affairs investigation of Mann found his use of force on three individuals in two separate incidents in the evening to be inappropriate. The board’s findings were given to Mann’s chain of command for further action. The Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Investigations Division, Special Investigations Unit are conducting a criminal review of both incidents involving Mann. Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Mann for any violations of civil rights. The OIA also conducted an investigation regarding a complaint against an unnamed officer by a civilian injured by less-lethal chemical munitions. Through the use of


2 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

News • Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UA to cut AZPM funding in future by Meredith Morrissey

Arizona Summer Wildcat

The UA announced it is cutting funds for Arizona Public Media by $2 million over the next five years. AZPM is the local Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio affiliate. It has an annual budget of $11.7 million, a quarter of which is provided by the UA. Starting July 1, the UA’s financial contribution to AZPM will be reduced by $400,000 each fiscal year for the next five years. UA administration said cuts to AZPM are necessary to deal with budget issues. “We’ve had a lot of cuts from the state legislature because of economic downturn and rebecca marie sasnett/Arizona Summer Wildcat it has been significant,” said Chris Sigurdson, Radio and television reporters work on stories in the Arizona Public Media newsroom Tuesday. AZPM senior associate vice president of university relations. “The university got very little received budget cuts for the upcoming UA semester and will be losing $400,000 a year for the next five years. additional support this term.” The UA experienced lower than expected it could be used for research and educational the lost funds largely in membership support, as well as support from production services, state funding when the state budget was signed purposes. “We’ve got some very ambitious goals for corporation support and community donations. by Gov. Jan Brewer in April following a battle Gibson said the AZPM budget is balanced between the Arizona House of Representatives student outcomes and research, and we’re and Senate. At one point during negotioations looking for resources to make those goals for fiscal year 2015 and all jobs and programs are being preserved. The budget cuts will delay new funding for the UA was reduced to zero, reality,” Sigurudson said. Some AZPM community supporters have some plans for future productions while they according to Rep. Ethan Orr (R-District 9). In the end, the UA received only $5.5 million criticized the UA’s decision to make such focus on raising money, he said. “The cuts are affecting morale, but my staff is of the $34.8 million requested by the Arizona dramatic reductions to one of the country’s most Board of Regents. President Ann Weaver Hart viewed news outlets. In an editorial printed in the energized and motivated,” Gibson said. Gibson said the budget cuts would not affect expressed disappointment when the budget Arizona Daily Star on Thursday, Sarah Gassen, was approved, saying the lack of funding an opinions writer, questioned why those cuts the amount of internships AZPM offers to UA would negatively affect the UA’s abilities as an weren’t being made to the administration or students. “Even after the cuts have been phased in, the athletic department instead. economic driver in Arizona. Sigurdson said cutting the AZPM budget was university will still be the single largest financial Sigurdson said much of AZPM’s funding comes from the university’s general fund, which appropriate because most other auxiliaries, like stakeholder for the station,” Sigurdson said. is mostly made up of tax dollars and student UA Presents and the athletic department, are “The station is not going away. It will continue to self-sustaining and generate enough revenue to offer quality television and radio.” tuition dollars. “The decision was made that it was not right to pay most of their own bills and staff salaries. He said the UA plans to work with AZPM to support public media, which has other sources of revenue, with student tuition,” Sigurdson said. identify other sources of revenue. Jack Gibson, director and general manager Sigurdson said the university decided to — Follow Meredith Morrissey redirect the money back to the general fund so of AZPM, said AZPM would be supplementing @Meredith_Mo

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UA prof wins grant for online teaching BY Nicholas Peppe

Arizona Summer Wildcat

A UA astronomy professor was recognized last week with an award that will grant him $1 million to advance online science education for undergraduates. Chris Impey, a university distinguished professor and deputy head of the department of astronomy, is one of just 15 educators in the country who were awarded the title of Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor. The HHMI Professors Program, founded in 2002, was created with the vision to empower professors to introduce innovative approaches in teaching science to undergraduates at research universities. “Exceptional teachers have a lasting impact on students,” HHMI president Robert Tjian said. “These scientists are at the top of their respective fields and they bring the same creativity and rigor to science education that they bring to their research.” Impey, who has won 11 teaching awards during his career, is known as a pioneer in the use of instructional technology for teaching science

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News • wednesday, July 9, 2014

arizona Summer Wildcat • 3


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Park Ave.

to undergraduate nonscience majors. “With a five-year award, and the kind of latitude that HHMI gives to pursue ideas, it’s exciting because there’s an opportunity to experiment,” Impey said. Impey will utilize the five-year grant to

Euclid Ave.

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University Blvd. 4th Ave.

reports consisted of bicyclists hitting the pavement after the wheels were caught in the tracks, with injuries that ranged from minor scrapes to broken bones. Hannah Hollins, a UA alumna and avid cyclist, is no stranger to these growing concerns. In February 2013, a bicycle ride down Fourth Avenue and University Boulevard ended in frustration and a broken elbow. “I had been riding my bike past the cafe when I noticed a parallel-parked car was sticking out too far,” Hollins said. “The owner opened the door and I swerved to avoid hitting the car.” As a result, Hollins’ bike got stuck in the tracks and she fell. Hollins said the secret to riding successfully on the streetcar tracks is to act cautiously and ride perpendicular to the tracks as much as possible. However, at the time of Hollins’ crash, there was parking alongside the streetcar tracks, which leaves less space for cyclists to navigate around the tracks. According to the LSA, the Tucson


of bicycle safety courses that are taught by skilled League of American Bicyclists cycling instructors. These classes not only teach proper cycling techniques, but also supply free helmets, bike lights and u-locks with participation. The City of Tucson, LSA and PTS seem to have united around one common goal: to create a plan that streetcar riders, drivers and cyclists can all benefit from. However, Hollins believes not everyone can win in this situation. “In trying to modernize Tucson, it is extremely difficult to make everyone happy,” Hollins said. “Someone’s needs are bound to be swept under the rug, or on the tracks for that matter.”

2nd St.

6th St. courtesy of the Living streets alliance

This map illustrates the location and frequency of bicycle injuries associated with the Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar tracks.

Department of Transportation eliminated the parking zone near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and University Boulevard, which has helped reduce the frequency of crashes at that particular location. In the wake of these accidents, the UA

design and implement an online course in introductory astronomy using the learner-centered instruction techniques and innovations he has tested in the classroom, according to a press release by the UA. “The core of the project is to do a standard university undergraduate course for non-science majors and take it fully into the online arena, while using

the best pedagogy,” Impey said. “The heart of the challenge is to include the engagement, interaction and learning necessary to make it a good experience rather than a pale shadow of a face-to-face class.” Impey, who came to the UA in 1986, has more than 170 peer reviewed publications on observational cosmology, galaxies and quasars.

Parking and Transportation Services has decided to take action. It has created brochures, found on its website, that provide in-depth instructions of how to ride safely around the tracks and other vehicles. Likewise, Pima County sponsors a variety

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Impey won the title Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor and a $1 million grant to innovate online science education.



His research has been supported by grants from NASA and the National Science Foundation. Impey is currently teaching an online class with more than 14,000 students enrolled.



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4 • Arizona Summer Wildcat



by Hannah Plotkin

Arizona Summer Wildcat

A mellow marijuana bust

University of Arizona Police Department officers observed a non-UA affiliated man walking out of the Student Union Memorial Center at approximately 6:30 p.m. on June 30. Upon spotting the officers, the man turned about face and walked back into the student union. Officers made contact with the man, who said he wasn’t trying to avoid the police, but that he was trying to get a drink of water. Officers told him to get a drink and talk to them if the man didn’t mind. Upon returning from getting drink, the man spoke with officers. He told them that he was going to a friend’s house. Officers asked the man if he had anything illegal on his person, and the man admitted to having possession of a plastic bag of marijuana and a joint in his front pocket. Officers confiscated the drugs and paraphernalia and cited the man, noting that the man was very cooperative and honest throughout the interaction.

DUI 101

UAPD officers observed a man driving erratically at 2 a.m. on June 27. The black Honda was seen swerving into the bike lane while traveling eastbound on Speedway Boulevard. The vehicle then corrected itself and suddenly cut across three lanes to turn left onto Mountain Avenue. Officers pulled over the vehicle and made contact with the driver. The officer noticed the man’s eyes were bloodshot and watering. He was slurring his speech and the officer noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath. The driver admitted to police to having had one drink earlier in the night. As the driver exited the vehicle he swayed while walking. The officer administered a Standard Field Sobriety Test. The driver showed numerous cues of inebriation during the test. Officers read the driver his Miranda rights and placed him under arrest. In custody at the police station, the driver blew a .101 on a breathalyzer test. Officers secured the vehicle and seized the driver’s license before releasing the driver to a friend.

News • Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pima and UA partner to aid in transfer student retention by Meredith Morrissey

Arizona Summer Wildcat

The UA and Pima Community College have collaborated to ease student transitions to the university and increase PCC transfer student retention rates at the UA. Many PCC students have difficulty getting socially adjusted to the UA, said Paul Miller, associate director of UA transfer enrollment services. “It’s a very large institution, so it can be intimidating for a transfer student. There’s kind of a culture shock,” said Shelley McGrath, senior director for UA academic programs and transfer coordination in the Office of the Provost. Ed Doran, a professor and counselor at PCC, noted that many students struggle with the shift in coursework expectations. “We really try and prepare them for the fact that U of A courses are likely to be more difficult, but overall I think that the data says that the average grade point [average] drops about one point from a community college to a university,” Doran said. Doran teaches STU 210, a PCC course designed to teach transfer strategies to prospective UA transfer students. UA faculty members help write the curriculum and the course continues to evolve with student feedback to better address these social and academic issues. According to McGrath, overall retention rates of PCC transfer students at the UA have

savannah douglas/Arizona Summer Wildcat

Jabril Thomas, a math and psychology junior, transferred from Pima Community College to the UA. Since Thomas came to the UA, the Transfer Student Center has been his "little home."

increased in recent years. In 2006 there was approximately a 77 percent retention rate for fulltime transfer students from PCC, whereas in 2012 there was an 84 percent retention rate, McGrath said. She and the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management staff feel confident that there is

a relationship between its efforts and the increase in retention. The UA recently developed a “Two Plus Two” plan with PCC to ensure that students at the community college are able to get associates degrees, but also fulfill major requirements once they transfer to the UA,

McGrath said. “Essentially what that means is for almost every major that we offer at the UA there is a pathway laid out for prospective transfer students to see exactly what they need to take during their first two years at PCC,” McGrath said. The number of transfer students going on academic probation has also decreased 5 percent since 2010, according to McGrath. Doran said many PCC transfer students struggle in adjusting to the higher tuition at the UA as well as satisfying all academic requirements in a shorter amount of time, especially for honors students trying to complete their honors thesis. Miller recommends students contact the Transfer Student Center and speak with academic advisers even before applying to the UA to help smooth the transition. He said there are many resources available that students should take advantage of as early as possible. “I think we haven’t … done a good job of advertising what we do, so we’re in the process of changing that and that’s the only thing I think we need to really work on in the future,” Miller said.

Read the full story on


— Follow Meredith Morriessy @Meredith_Mo

News • Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 5



footage captured by body-worn cameras on TPD officers, OIA found that the complainant was aggressive and inciting the crowd to riot, and found the use of force by the officer was within guidelines. Roberto Villaseñor, TPD chief of police, said in a written statement that the media excessively covered isolated events of police violence, such as the video of Mann, and overall there were minimal injuries, including no police injuries, for such a volatile situation. The report describes the events of the conflict, which began after the conclusion of the Elite Eight game. It stated that police were attempting to stop crowds from forming on University Boulevard, but when the basketball game ended, thousands of people entered the street, creating a public safety concern. “During [attempts to disperse the crowd] the crowd grew, and began to confront officers and display rowdy behavior,” the report said. Acts of aggression from the crowd continued to escalate. Beer bottles, fire crackers and smoke bombs were thrown. After numerous attempts to disperse the crowd failed, police made the decision to deploy less-lethal chemical munitions. The report states that this decision was made based on many factors, such as acts of violence against police, obstruction of the road and sidewalk, increasing aggression from the crowd and the apparent intoxication of individuals inciting the crowd.


A TUCSON POLICE DEPARTMENT officer documents the reactions of UA fans during the clash between UA fans and TPD after Arizona lost to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight in Anaheim, Calif. A police board of inquiry found the actions taken by TPD to control the large crowd of UA fans on University Boulevard were justified.

The police on the scene deployed approximately 200 pepperball rounds and nine aerosol vapor canisters containing pepper spray as well as other less-lethal chemical munitions. The OIA received two citizen complaints the night of the incident and one the following day. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, aided in the police investigation after the conflict, but drew people to the area the night of the incident despite police instructions to stay away, the report said. The cost of police action on the night of the Elite Eight game $95,821.51, in addition to the cost of overtime pay in the weeks leading up to




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and including the night of the incident. The board made suggestions to TPD for the future. Suggestions included partnerships with the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, Tucson Code Enforcement officers and the Tucson Fire Department in order to enforce crowd occupancy requirements during large events. Additionally, the board encouraged increased police training and staffing as well as planning with the UA during future Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games. — Follow Hannah Plotkin @HannahPlotkin

• Tweets and other social media posted on the night of the incident, as well as footage from cameras worn by TPD officers, were used during the investigation to piece together the series of events. • The actions of one TPD officer, Sgt. Joel Mann, were found to be inappropriate. A video of Mann pushing a woman over a bench went viral in the days following the incident. • Police action on the night of the incident cost TPD more than $95,000. Police made 15 arrests. Nine of the arrestees were UA students. • During the incident police used less-lethal weapons, including pepperballs and aerosol cannisters of pepper spray. • The Board of Inquiry suggested TPD work more closely with other law enforcement agencies as well as the UA in the future.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 • Page 6 • Editor: Logan Rogers • • (520) 621-3192 •


TPD should own up to March melee mistakes S

Villaseñor referred to fans as “rioters.” The gt. Joel Mann approaches a crowd of behavior of these students, while deemed an onlookers, nearly a block away from unruly “unlawful assembly,” was not a riot, unlike the crowds on University Boulevard. “Get off the 2001 incident following the UA’s loss in the men’s sidewalk!” Mann shouts as he shoves a woman basketball national championship game, where from behind with his baton and pushes the man with her to the ground. As they attempt to leave the crowds on Fourth Avenue destroyed cars and vandalized property. This past March, TPD tried commotion, he continues to shove them onto the to use tactics similar to those it used on actual ground, shouting, “Move!” repeatedly. rioters in 2001 on a group of rowdy, disappointed This video of a Tucson Police Department basketball fans. As a result, instead of a peaceful officer during the clash between police officers resolution, a melee occurred that made and students after the Elite Eight men’s basketball international news and garnered negative publicity game attracted less attention than another viral to the City of Tucson and TPD. video, captured on cell phone, showing the same A more independent inquiry should be made officer shoving a woman over a bench. into the Elite Eight clash, consisting of But TPD chief of police experts outside of TPD and Tucson city Roberto Villaseñor TPD … failed government. That report would hopefully doesn’t want us to focus to take full provide an unbiased perspective that on that. Instead, the consults UA administrators, members of TPD Board of Inquiry’s responsibility other law enforcement agencies, experts in findings released on June for its mistakes police tactics and members of the student 30 praises the reactions made that community. of TPD officers to what night Although these voices were not present they call “unprecedented” in the investigation into the events, people crowd behavior during have not been silent about TPD’s actions. the incident on March 29, Following the melee, fans and news outlets on despite being deployed before any crowd had social media were critical of TPD’s tactics during gathered. Villaseñor faults the media for giving “excessive coverage” of the actions of Mann, whose the incident. While its inquiry into the events could have been a chance to make amends with case is being reviewed by the Federal Bureau of the UA community, which now views it in a less Investigation for potential violations of civil rights. sympathetic light, TPD instead failed to take full TPD’s inquiry into the incident praises officers’ responsibility for its mistakes made that night. “self-restraint, professionalism, leadership and We can be optimistic about the Wildcats’ return dedication throughout the evening in their to March Madness next season, but given TPD’s dealings with a hostile and antagonizing crowd.” evasive response to this year’s incident, our hopes While numerous individual officers did their jobs that TPD interaction with the UA community will well, TPD's overall strategy and plans used that night should give it reason to reevaluate its policies improve looks discouraging. rather than pat itself on the back. The excessive number of police upset the crowd, despite plans to promote positive officer presence. Even the Editorials are determined by the Arizona TPD report admits that its tactic of motorcycles Summer Wildcat editorial board and written by circling the area further antagonized the crowd. its members. They are Ethan McSweeney, Logan The oversaturated police presence surrounding the Rogers, and Mia Moran. They can be reached at scene likely slowed the crowd from being able to or on Twitter disperse instead of causing people to leave the area @DailyWildcat more quickly.

The Daily Wildcat Editorial Policy Daily Wildcat staff editorials represent the official opinion of the Daily Wildcat staff, which is determined at staff editorial meetings. Columns, cartoons, online comments and letters to the editors represent the opinion of their author and do not represent the opinion of the Daily Wildcat.


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Opinions • Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 7

Bandwagoners power our society BY VINCE REDHOUSE

Arizona Summer Wildcat


employees, it is still a huge move benefiting workers wanting to achieve more in life. The program will greatly reduce or even completely great rid of the $5,000-6,000 tuition cost per semester for a full courseload, creating a great opportunity for employees making on average $8.80 per hour or just around $3,000 per semester. Hopefully, Starbucks’ plan will be the forerunner to other plans that help cover the high cost of college, allowing students to work through school, and hopefully make college more attainable as tuition increases year over year and wages appear stagnant.

attention to them (especially through social media), and sometimes you have not. signaling to others that they should try them, which Most sociobiologists agree that imitation is the encourages businesses to invest in those things. driving mechanism behind cultural evolution, and Bandwagoners must be distributed throughout a the popularity of a thing is a great way to signal to society so that, at any given time, there are enough of people that they ought to imitate it. But it wouldn’t them to promote a variety of quality trends. be fair to call all imitators bandwagoners. Instead, Enthusiasm over the World Cup has attracted it could be said that bandwagoners are individuals many bandwagoners, and many of our local looking to best satisfy their preferences by embracing businesses have adapted to meet popular trends — getting caught the increased demand. For example, in the hype of a thing — while the Rialto Theatre has been showing others who are often generalized as Every one of many of the games on projector bandwagoners, are simply trying us is guilty of screens for free, while other places to find new things they might truly embracing such as Bob Dobb’s Bar and Grill enjoy. The problem is that at first something and Blanco have extended happy glance it is difficult to distinguish hour times because of the games. between these two types of behavior. after it has Before accusing someone of If it is unfair to call the latter type become being a bandwagoner, take the of people bandwagoners, then how popular time to learn if they truly are just might they be distinguished at the Wednesday, May 8, 2013than 12:45:49 PM being trendy or are just genuine initial point? Rather accusing fans who arrived late. And, while someone of being a bandwagoner there is nothing wrong with complaining about real just because, out of nowhere, she updated her status bandwagoners who care only about what’s popular, it to reflect that she is currently watching the World is good to recognize that they can serve an important Cup and enjoying it, ask her if she is a fan of the sport, place in driving cultural evolution and in stimulating or just going along with the hype. And, if it is the case the economy. that she is just a bandwagoner, then judge her. Or perhaps not. It’s not so clear that bandwagoners are — Eric is a senior always a bad thing. NO studing journalism. Any liberal society needs some distribution of DEPOSITS Follow him @ericklump bandwagoners to help diversify its trends, ideas — Vince is a junior studying politics, economics and products, because bandwagoners help draw and law. Follow him @DailyWildcat


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rban Dictionary defines a bandwagoner as someone who chooses to care for a sports team simply because it is popular or successful, which is to say that bandwagoners have no real loyalties. They’re like the sellsword mercenaries in “Game of Thrones,” but instead of being loyal to the highest bidder, they’re loyal to whomever is most popular. Bandwagoning encompasses a wide range of activities. Often people bemoan the existence of bandwagoners when it comes to a band they like, for example, as the bandwagoners’ intentions ftnseas3909.a21 are regarded as less pure than original fans. Bandwagoners are viewed as using something that true fans have heavily invested in as a mere means to a selfish end, associating with it only because it is popular. Yet in some degree every one of us is guilty of embracing something after it has become popular. Consider that there are very few bands you have liked before many others had already liked them, and the same is true for movies, books and TV shows — at one point or another, you have probably jumped on a bandwagon, and sometimes you have jumped off


8 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 9


Illuminating sparklers, sounds of firecrackers, the colors red, white and blue, reflective rain drops and black clouds filled the streets of Tucson this week



RAIN COVERED CARS in Oro Valley on La Canada Drive and Lambert Lane during a monsoon Thursday afternoon.


THE TUCSON COMMUNITY does not let the cloudy skies prevent them from celebrating Independence Day at the Tucson Convention Center on Friday.


SHANELL GULLEY, a preschool student, plays with a sparkler in front of the Tucson Convention Center on the Fourth of July before the "A" Mountain fireworks show.

THIS TREE AT STONYBROOK APARTMENTS on North First Avenue ripped out of the ground during Saturday night's monsoon and landed on a black Chevy Tahoe crushing the roof in. Owners placed plastic over the broken glass on the passenger side near the back.

THE "A" MOUNTAIN FIREWORKS show ends with a grand finale where numerous fireworks are lighted at once.


A FAMILY STOPS LIGHTING self-bought fireworks on 10th Avenue and 21st Street as two cops hung out after the "A" Moutain fireworks show.


WHILE WAITING FOR THE "A" mountain fireworks show, Mathew Troupe, an agricultural and business economics senior who is wearing an American flag, hangs out with his girlfriend Kailey Vitt, an art senior, and a group of friends at the Tucson Convention Center on the Fourth of July.


FROM INCINERATOR RIDGE on Mount Lemmon, a rain storm passes over Tucson on Monday.

MONSOON Wednesday, July 9, 2014 • Page 10

• Editor: Daniel Burkart • • (520) 621-3106 YOUR SUMMER GUIDE TO TUCSON MUSIC, MOVIES AND ART

Just the tip: Summer flings BY TORSTEN WARD

Arizona Summer Wildcat

So summer is here and you find yourself remarkably single. Just because you haven’t committed your life to someone yet doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of potential partners out there who you can show off your beachseason bod to. There are plenty of fish in the sea, right? But how do you weed out the clownfish and find yourself a good catch? More importantly: How can you assure this fish will end up back in the ocean and off your plate come fall? The perfect summer fling is tricky to execute, but with these tips you’ll be filling the hole in your heart that was left by last semester’s finals quicker than you can say, “Can I have your number?”


Arizona Summer Wildcat

Pick your poison Ideally, your summer fling will be someone who you find yourself attracted to. For your sake, I hope the feeling is mutual. There are a few criteria you should be mindful of. First off, they can’t be your friend. An acquaintance at most is what we’re looking for here. Close friends turned lovers is never a casual or short-term encounter. Besides, getting to know someone is one of the best parts of the summer fling experience. Next, you can’t be close to them physically. That’s not to say you can’t go to Pound Town with your new boo — that’s up to you guys. But not being able to separate yourself from said boo once the summer sun sets is a big problem. If there’s any chance you might be seeing a lot of them in the near future, don’t start anything to begin with. Friend of a not-so-close friend? Sweet. Are you both back home from different schools? Perfect. Someone you met at a Fourth of July party? Sure. Work colleague? No. An ex? Definitely not. Are you even listening? Finally, make sure you actually like this person. Just because they fit the criteria doesn’t ensure a match made in casual heaven. Hitting it off is a great sign, but make sure you truly want to spend the next two or three months of your life getting to know them and having some fun.

Be forward If you want this to happen you might have to step outside your comfort zone a bit. This is a summer fling, after all, and there’s not a whole lot of time to waste. If you want that monsoon cuddle-buddy, act fast. Make your move and see what happens. If they don’t reciprocate your feelings, move along

Multiply establishes Sheeran's new sound


A COUPLE KISSES ON Papakolea Beach, aka "Green Sand Beach," located near the south point of the big island of Hawaii on June 27. Summer romance can happen at anytime, anywhere.

and keep your eyes peeled. If they do, be honest from the get-go. It should be clear that you’re not looking to make anything Facebook official. Additionally, if you have any baggage, lay it out on the table. If you just got out of a relationship or things are complicated with another person, say so. They deserve to know. So do you. Especially if you plan on being each other’s play-things for the next couple of months.

Enjoy yourself With all this love in the air, don’t forget to actually have fun. Summer flings aren’t about the serious talks or meeting the family. Go out and do some fun stuff. Hit the beach, go on a hike or take a road trip. If you’re not the adventurous or outdoorsy type, then just stay inside, marathon some cheesy movies, throw popcorn in each other’s mouths and have a tickle fight. Whatever it is you two find entertaining, do it — even if it is just for each other.

Don’t expect too much/too little

It doesn’t need to be said that this isn’t a normal relationship. Keeping things casual emotionally means that you don’t necessarily have to be in constant contact or with one another. If that’s just how you two roll, be my guest — otherwise, they’ll see you as a stagesix clinger and go running for sanctuary while you’re left out to dry in the summer heat. That being said, you should expect some

form of longevity. A summer fling is not a one-night-stand and should not be treated as such. Keep in touch and be open about prior commitments, travel plans and busy schedules. Individuality should be praised, but don’t be a stranger. Flings are more like vacations from single life than actually moving to Commitment City. While you’re there, follow the rules. Just know that you’ll be flying back to reality soon enough.

Heels-over-head Now for the elephant in the proverbial room: don’t fall in love. At least try not to. If there’s a remote possibility you and your fling can and might actually develop into something more (and you BOTH feel this way), then good luck. But if this is a true summer fling, heavy feelings are a huge no-no. Keep it light and easy-going. Sweet nothings are fine but “I love you” texts are a warrant for evacuation. That goes for both of you. Flings are an easy way for feelings to get hurt so don’t fall in love and become the poster-child for the heartbreak club. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve; leave it in your chest. Summer vacation can be the best of times or the worst of times. Good luck finding your fish and may the odds be ever in your favor. Happy fishing, everyone. — Follow Torsten Ward @torstenward

Ed Sheeran and his famous fiery locks have been leading the iTunes top albums chart for weeks. He is known as this generation’s best and biggest hopeless romantic, and with his newest album, X or Multiply, he seems to be cementing his place at number one. The album mixes his usual styles beautifully, flowing from rap in “Take It Back” to pop with Pharrell Williams in “Sing ” to a soul-rock-pop mixture in “Runaway.” Sheeran demonstrates his skill for what Billboard calls, “Shrugging off the conventions of mainstream pop while still managing to enjoy its successes.” The first single that was released from this album was “Sing.” This sent fans into a frenzy, angry that his style had been compromised by his fame and tour with pop star Taylor Swift. American Songwriter gave the track 2.5 out of 5 stars, and suggested the poor outcome of the song may be due to the process of “combining the two artists’ individual styles,” and what makes each artist interesting got lost along the way. Thankfully, once the full album was released, fans’ nerves were quelled. The first song of the album, “One,” takes Sheeran’s fans back to his old style in his first few EPs. The style of “One” has been tried and true for Sheeran, but it still shows his growth as an artist. He chose a perfect tune to begin with, quenching his fans’ thirst for his singersongwriter style, which is continued with the second track on the album, “I’m a Mess.” The following track is “Sing,” which almost ruins the listener’s buzz, but thankfully the skip button is always available. “Don’t” was another song Sheeran released before the official release of his album. The song is a little petty, considering he said in an interview that the song is about “someone who’s well-known,” and continues to beat around the bush that the tune is about his short-lived relationship with Ellie Goulding. No matter who the song is really about, the lyrics don’t follow Sheeran’s usual tone. Unlike most of


Monsoon• Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 11

Ebert documentary a glimpse into film


at Urbana-Champaign, and had a meteoric rise to the top, becoming the film critic for The Chicago Sun-Times in his early 20s. He Chances are, even if you are not a film won an unprecedented Pulitzer Prize as a aficionado, you have read a review or two film critic, and squared off against his rival from Roger Ebert in your life. Ebert died over (yet ultimately, best friend) Gene Siskel on a year ago, on April 4, 2013. Heartbreaking, the television show “Siskel & Ebert” as the illuminating, funny and enlightening, “Life two traded heated views over the current Itself” is a well-balanced documentary on week’s fare of new movies. Noted luminaries of the film industry America’s most well-known film critic. Director Steve James, whose 1994 drop in. The New York Times film critic A.O. documentary “Hoop Dreams” Ebert Scott, Time film critic Richard Corliss and remarked as “one of the great moviegoing famed filmmakers Martin Scorsese, Errol experiences of my lifetime,” is at the helm Morris and Werner Herzog are among the for this documentary. Usually directors many talking heads that speak on Ebert. But this is not simply a film about the are given a majority of the credit with the overall vision of a film, and their ideas of events of Ebert’s life as it delves into so many other fascinating areas. There are how a film should end up comments on film and film serve as a singular vessel criticism, including the that hopefully leads the film Heartbreaking, changing landscape and to safe shores. I would be ideologies of both over the illuminating, remiss if I did not credit both years. Of interesting note is Ebert and his wife Chaz in funny and the column Corliss wrote their paramount role in the enlightening in the March/April 1990 movie. They allowed James “Film Comment” that the and his crew unrestricted documentary highlights. access to Ebert while he was in the hospital battling a cancerous, The article derided Ebert’s and Siskel’s brand of “thumbs up/down” criticism, and fractured hip. Like any good actor, Ebert’s eyes are his Ebert responded with an article of his own. This is but one example of how the film most expressive feature. Robbed of his speaking voice, his translucent blue eyes successfully navigates the tough task that all light up with mirth or wince in pain at documentaries face: lack of bias. It could be very easy for director James to fall into piling having to undergo taxing physical therapy. With Ebert’s present-day struggles acting nothing but praise on Ebert, the man who so as a sort of frame for the story, we weave highly praised James’ work. However, both back and forth, in and out of his life. Our James and Ebert know a good film reveals through line is narration from Ebert’s 2011 all sides and sympathies to a situation or a person. Thus, we have detailed accounts of memoir of the same name. There’s a good amount here that treads Ebert’s alcoholism in his initial years at the previously-covered territory to those familiar The Chicago Sun-Times and chronicles of with Ebert. We begin with his childhood, an his pig-headedness, petulance and bravado only child to two supportive parents. He as he verbally sparred with Siskel. In the was a staunch fixture in the newsroom for hospital, Ebert sucking fluid through a tube The Daily Illini at the University of Illinois in his neck with a windy, desperate gurgle is BY ALEX GUYTON

Arizona Summer Wildcat


Sheeran’s songs, it’s hard to relate to since most of us have never been on a large-scale tour, fooled around with a famous singer and had her cheat on you with someone on the same hotel floor. The lyrics are so specific to his own experiences, it sounds more like a diary than a pop hit. He completes his album with “I See Fire,” a tune written for “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” According to, Sheeran and Peter Jackson are close, and when Sheeran was at dinner at Jackson’s house, they exchanged gifts – Jackson’s daughter received one of Sheeran’s guitars, and Sheeran received a sword from “The Hobbit.” Sheeran called this the “coolest day” of his career. This put the two in touch, and soon Sheeran followed with the credit tune for “The Hobbit.” According to MTV, Sheeran had the opportunity to show off his musicality as he played all the instruments, sans cello. It is a prime choice to finish the album and beautifully ties in all of Sheeran’s talents. While the album has its ups and downs, it showcases the singer-songwriter genre wonderfully and is a true example of some of Sheeran’s greatest work to date. — Follow Christianna Silva @DailyWildcat

U of A ts students ge

15% off


your next mattress purchase!

Getting enough sleep?

*Expires August 31,31, 2014 *Expires August 2013


one of the toughest things you’ll see in the cinema this year. Even with all of this, the film does seem to favor Ebert. One of the final questions James asks Ebert in their correspondence is, “Why did you call your book, ‘Life Itself?’” Ebert’s response: “I can’t.” It would be too easy for us to be given an answer. It would be like asking God, “What’s the meaning of life?” We can’t have an answer, but we can take a pretty good guess at the whole thing. Anyhow, Ebert probably knew the answer to both. “Life Itself” opens at The Loft Cinema on July 18. Rating:

Two Thumbs Up — Follow Alex Guyton @GuyTonAlexAnder

45locations locationsincluding: including: 41

Twin Mattresses from



Tucson’s Plaza 5480 E. Broadway Blvd., #110 Broadway Blvd. & Craycroft SW Corner, next to FedEx Tucson’s Cornerstone 2485 N. Swan Road Grant & Swan Road NW Corner, near Walgreens Tucson Central 4356 N. Oracle Road Oracle & Wetmore Next to Nordstrom Rack


12 • Arizona Summer Wildcat

Monsoon • Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stars under the stars: movies in the park because a diverse collection of food trucks and vendors will be selling their savory wares. One can choose from classic Tucson cuisine, like a This Friday, Reid Park’s tranquil Demeester Sonoran hotdog from Mi Familia Fry Breads Performing Arts Pavilion will be transformed and Sonoran Dogs, or vegetarian options, like into a cinematic experience that is free for the dishes from Gaia’s Gallery Vegetarian Cuisine. entire family. Those with a sweet tooth will be satisfied Cox Movies in the Park is an annual tradition because shaved ice and sweets will be sponsored by Cox Communications and the available from Kona Ice and Pin-Up Pastries. Southern Arizona Arts and It wouldn’t be a movie Culture Alliance that began night without popcorn, and I'm really in 2003. Starting at dusk, a 40luckily, Cowboy Kettle Corn excited to sit foot screen will illuminate the is serving fresh-popped under the stars grassy paradise with a rotating kettle corn. selection of family-friendly This week’s movie will be and enjoy films. “How to Train Your Dragon” a relaxing “I’m really excited to sit and the event is a great way movie. under the stars and enjoy a to enjoy the Tucson night — Nicole Bui, relaxing movie,” said Nicole while having fun with friends biosystems engineering junior Bui, a biosystems engineering and family. Cox Movies in the junior. Park will continue into the Not all of the excitement month of August with three begins when the sun goes more movies. Make sure to down though. Starting at 5:30 p.m., a variety bring a blanket and some chairs, as there will of fun activities will be available for the be no seating at the event. Additional parking attendees of the event. Face painting, jumping for the event can be found at Hi Corbett Field. castles and arts and crafts will be available for the child in everyone before the movie starts. — Follow Patrick O'Connor Dinner is not a prerequisite for this event @tachizoite BY PATRICK O'CONNOR

Arizona Summer Wildcat

What Do You Want From Your

THE DAILY WILDCAT Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899

Miramonte at Glenn

Single family homes priced from the mid $200’s 1,786 sq. ft. and 1,975 sq. ft. For Additional Information Please Call 520-730-0499 Conveniently located 2 miles from The University of Arizona CAMPBELL AVE

Now hiring Account Executives for Fall 2014



Fall 2013-Present Account Executive, Arizona Daily Wildcat •• Met many mem bers of Tucson business commun ity • Gained d d igital and print s ales and marketing skills • Met s t ales goals and earn ed bonuses • Pizza Friday! • Acquired a d mazing professio nal experience



David Sanchez


Fall 2013-Present Bartender ks. • Dealt with drun m froom fr ry nju k i ac t b • Go or. slipping on flo 2013 Spring 2012-Fall Server ood. • Smelled like ffoo m.. a.m a. • Worked until 3 12 20 g Fall 2011-Sprin Busser • Made no money. • Took out trash.



Nick Owens


FRIENDS AND FAMILIY enjoy the showing of "We Bought a Zoo" at the Cox Movies in the Park at Reid Park on June 23. "How to Train Your Dragon" will be shown on July 18.


To qualify you should be a highly motivated student with excellent communication skills and a strong desire to earn your own success. Prior sales experience and knowledge of digital media are huge plusses. You must have access to a car.

Send resume and cover letter by July 30 to: Mark Woodhams, Director of Student Media,


* Pricing and options subject to change without notice. Floor plans and exterior elevations are artist’s renderings and are for illustrations only. Miramonte Homes reserves the right to change interior and exterior designs, specifications, locations, size and design features of floor plans, elevations and prices without prior notice. All dimensions are approximate. Miramonte Homes floorplans and elevations are solely owned by Miramonte Homes and are protected by copyright law. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. Pricing and options subject to change without notice. A public report is available at the State Real Estate Department’s website ROC # 241199 KB 01 Broker # 574229000 | 520.615.8900

Classifieds • wednesday, July 9, 2014

arizona Summer Wildcat • 13 615 N. Park Ave. Rm. 101 520-621-3425 Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. FAX: 520-621-3094

complEtE suRvEY hElp Local Sports League raise money for scholarships. Complete survey, league gets $10. Please help. Takes 5 mins or less. nEEd quiEt to STUDY? Sound‑ proof your door! Soundproofing Door Kit for 36” door. Just $36 PP. http://www.wsp‑ 888‑942‑7723. 8am‑5pm Pacific

Education/spEcial Education/ slp major wanted to teach a wonderful 12 year old verbal child who is diagnosed with autism after school Monday ‑ Thursday. $12.00/hr. Please send your resume to, part time marketer - get great experience and competitive hourly pay as a marketer/appointment setter at farmers insurance Regional office. call alex 548-5555 or email Randolph Golf complEx looking for player service. Week‑ end/ weekdays. Must have golf ex‑ perience. Apply in person in ad‑ min. office @Randolph. 600 S. Alvernon Way. REal EstatE appREnticE. Transaction coordinator for busy real estate team. Highly orga‑ nized, computer skills graphic de‑ sign, excel, stellar attitude, tech savvy‑ North Tucson. $10‑$13 hour part‑time or full‑time. Fax re‑ sume to 520‑318‑5161.


REd Robin tucson Mall. Imme‑ diate openings for experienced cooks and servers. Apply Today!

thE candlEWood suitEs Tuc‑ son is hiring for a front desk clerk and a night auditor. Apply in per‑ son. 1995 W. River Road. 520‑ 373‑5799.

!!!!!!! 1block fRom ua. Avail Now, Summer or fall. Remodeled, new A/C, furnished or unfur‑ nished. 1BD from $610, 2BD from $810, 3BD from $1175. Pool/ laun‑ dry. 746 E 5th St. Shown by ap‑ pointment 751‑4363/ 409‑3010 !!!utilitiEs paid. 4blocks to UofA. Mountain/Adams. 1room studio $410/mo and giant studio $620/mo. No pets. Security pa‑ trolled, quiet, ceiling fans. 520‑ 299‑5020 or 520‑624‑3080 1bEdRoom fuRnishEd. lEasE terms available. June or July to May 2015 at $540/mo. June to June or July to July at $520/mo, August to Au‑ gust at $530/mo and August to May at $580/mo. $400 deposit. Wifi in‑ cluded. Excellent location. 3 and 4 short blocks to campus, near Rec Center and Safeway. University Arms Apartments. 1515 E. 10th St. 623‑0474 www.ashton‑goodman.‑ com. 1 b E d R o o m / 1 b at h R o o m , $550, 3blocks to UofA campus, Euclid/9th. Furnished, Quiet, Spacious. Free WIFI, Pay Only Electric., 520‑798‑ 3453, availablE auGust. 2bd/ 1BA unfurnished apartment. $725/mo. 5th St. and Country Club. 1mile to campus. Small, quiet complex. Good wifi. Large pool, covered parking, storage. Terra Alta Apartments. 3122 E. Terra Alta, #I. 623‑0474. www.‑ ashton‑ laRGE studios 6blocks UofA, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, win‑ dows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. $380. 977‑4106

CLASSIFIED READER RATES: $5.00 minimum for 20 words (or less) per insertion. 25¢ each additional word. 20% discount for five or more consecutive insertions of the same ad during summer. CLASSIFIEDS ONLINE: $2.75 per week with purchase of print ad; $2.75 per day without purchase of print ad. Friday posting must include Saturday and Sunday.

availablE noW! studio effi‑ ciency in duplex, covered park‑ ing. Quiet neighborhood near El Con, Reid Park, bus & bike routes. $450, 12mo lease; $250 deposit. Free water/trash. 520‑ 300‑5557. See details: /tucsonstudioapartments/ studio $395/mo. 413 E Drach‑ man with fenced backyard, stor‑ age room, and carport. 1BD/1BA, $487/mo. 423 E Drach‑ man with carport. Only water in‑ cluded. Coin‑op laundromat on premise. $300 deposit each. 520‑ 272‑0754. studio uofa umc 1mile. 2563 N. Fremont/rear ‑go down alley. Mountain/ Grant. $550/mo. All utili‑ ties included. Private patio, gated parking, dual cooling. Available now. 299‑3227, 909‑7771. studios from $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. free dish tv w/top 120. free internet Wifi. 884-8279. blue agave apartments 1240 n. 7th ave. speedway/ stone. thE kinGdom 3bR gated com‑ munity off Broadway/Country Club across from EL Con Mall. Brand new appliances and 2car garage. Asking $1800‑2200 & renting for Aug 1st. For more info call Elliott at 847‑890‑2255 uniquE 1bR apaRtmEnt in Sam Hughes neighborhood. Quiet area. Graduate student preferred Call 520‑275‑9123 leave message

bEttER than thE Level! Quiet condo at Campus Walk. Fully fur‑ nished/remodeled. 2BR/2.5BA. Washer/Dryer in unit. Overlooks pool. Free wifi. Gated w/Security. UPSTAIRS. Euclid/2nd. $750 per room. Call/text 650‑940‑1067 or call/text: Nichol, Copper Rose Re‑ alty 520‑289‑2689

!!!! 4blocks to uofa. Large 1bdrm duplex with carport. 1019 E Adams St. $730 per month, ceiling fans, polished ce‑ ment floors, security bars. Remod‑ eled, quiet, no pets, security pa‑ trolled. 520‑299‑5020 or 520‑624‑ 3080 studio uofa umc 1mile. 2563 N. Fremont/rear ‑go down alley. Mountain/ Grant. $550/mo. All utili‑ ties included. Private patio, gated parking, dual cooling. Available now. 299‑3227, 909‑7771.

!!! 5blocks noRth of UofA. 1219 E Lee St. 4/5bedroom, 3bath. Completely remodeled. Beautiful inside. New kitchen, new appliances, ceiling fans, washer/ dryer, dishwasher, ceramic tile floors, security bars and doors, air conditioned. Available August 1. $1,800. 520‑299‑5020 or 520‑624‑3080 !!!!! 4/5 bEdRoom/ 2Bath $1950/mo ($390/ bdrm), Reserve now for summer or fall 2014. Con‑ venient to campus A/C, alarm, washer/ dryer, private backyard, plus more. Website: water‑floorplans.php Pets wel‑ come. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 520‑747‑9331 to see one to‑ day. !!!!! 4bR/4.5ba +3 car garage. 2 pool side homes available at The Village for August. A few Blocks NW of UA. HUGE luxury Homes. All Large master suites with walk‑ in closets +balconies +10ft ceil‑ ings. +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Secu‑ rity System. High speed internet incl. 884‑1505 1bdRm Walk to UofA. Wood floors, fireplace, ceiling fans, porch, 1yr lease. No pets. Refer‑ ences, deposit. $450/mo. 682‑ 7728. 4bdRm 2ba nEaR campus. $1600‑ 1700/mo. AC, W/D. BBQ. Covered patio. Off‑street parking. Iron bars.

READER AD DEADLINE: Noon, one day prior to publication. DISPLAY AD DEADLINE: Two working days prior to publication. Please note: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads. COPY ERROR: The Arizona Summer Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an advertisement.


50% off perfectress hair extensions at salon nouveau through end of august. call 323-0770 or go to to schedule a consultation. We’re at 2204 E ft lowell--just east of campbell.

Attention Classified Readers: The Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

14 • Arizona Summer Wildcat By Dave Green




9 7 2 3 4

5 2 8 6

2 7 4 1 5 6 7 5 4 1 9 8 7

Difficulty Level

cEntRal aRt dEco home in the historic Blenman Elm Neigh‑ borhood. This custom home was built in 1941. It is a comfortable 1650 square feet with 9 foot ceil‑ ings and a large Arizona room. A large yard, front & back has ma‑ ture landscaping. Large modern oak kitchen. Oak wood floors. Par‑ tially furnished. High speed inter‑ net. New A/C. Big screen tv, gas range, dishwasher, disposal, re‑ frigerator and washer/dryer in‑ cluded. Close to Himmel Park, the Loft, the UofA medical center and campus. Soon the modern street car will have a stop within walking distance. Avail 15 July 2014. 520‑ 770‑1200

Wildcat Classifieds work for you! 520-621-3425


2014 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.






Classifieds • Wednesday, July 9, 2014


housE foR REnt near UofA campus, Country Club and Speed‑ way main streets. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, furnished home. Rental is $500/room, utilities included. n/s and no pets. If interested please phone 602‑363‑9630

pRivatE onE bEdRoom house, $475, inc most utilities, lease. Fenced off‑street parking, large yard and garden area. Sta‑ ble, quiet neighborhood. 100 yards to #2 Suntran route on E 31st St. Fast commuter access via new Kino Overpass at 22nd St. 3.6 miles to UofA Campus. 591sqft. Furnished or not, nego‑ tiable at no extra cost. One dog and, or cat okay. individual bEdRoom lEasEs NOW AVAILABLE at great loca‑ tions close to campus! From $485/ month. Fully furnished com‑ mon area. Includes Utilities, Ca‑ ble, Internet plus more. Large fenced back yards. Pets welcome! bedroom‑leases.php Call 747‑ 9331 to see today! pRivatE pool. 4laRGE Bed‑ rooms/ 2ba. 2000sqft home. Swim‑ ming pool & shaded front courtyard, ideal for barbecues/entertaining. Dishwasher, 2 refrigerators, washer/ dryer hookups, covered parking, 2 on‑site storage units. 6 ceiling fans. $1250/mo. 409‑ 7839 Pima/ Craycroft. 4539313038.html

4blocks to EllER. 4bed‑ rooms, each 240sf, with private bath and exit. Share 750sf great‑ room/kitchen. $600/bedroom or $2,200 full house. 520.896.3393

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Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center Cultivate a clear mind, open heart and humor through meditation. 3250 N. Tucson Blvd. | 520-829-0108

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Sports • Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arizona Summer Wildcat • 15

Generic jerseys help collegiate fans


If you haven’t seen the footage of Johnson’s first game, go do that now. You’re missing out on some quality basketball and a dunk that shook the basketball world. For those who have seen his dunk over 6-foot-10 center Tim Ohlbrecht, you know exactly how epic it was. For those who have not seen NBA TV’s No. 1 play of the first day of summer league: Google it. To top it off, Johnson and Gordon faced off in their second summer league game. Johnson scored a game-high 13 points but shot just 3-12 from the field and his Houston Rockets team lost 87-69 to Gordon’s Orlando Magic. Gordon’s nine points and seven rebounds on Monday was an improvement from his debut, but he was outplayed by teammate and fellow rookie Elfrid Payton. The only other former Wildcat who is guaranteed to play this summer is Williams. Williams is entering his fourth NBA season and would generally be too seasoned to play in the summer league. However, his inconsistencies with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings all but guaranteed he would play in this year’s summer league. The 6-foot-8 forward has come a long way since his high-flying days at Arizona and this summer could make or break his NBA future. A good performance likely ensures one or two more NBA paychecks, while a poor performance likely signals the beginning of the end of his NBA career. Regardless of if these former Arizona standouts play or not, one thing is clear: Arizona basketball is always relevant.


Arizona Summer Wildcat


t’s July, which means jersey burning season is about to begin and Arizona football fans are getting unexpected value in 2014. July marks the beginning of NBA free agent season and in the last few years a trend has emerged to burn the jersey of a player who changes teams. In 2010, Cleveland Cavaliers fans burned LeBron James jerseys after he left to join the Miami Heat and this year, photos of Heat fans threatening to burn James jerseys have appeared on social media. Very quickly a player fans love can become one fans hate and the jersey a fan spent almost $100 on is something they don’t want to see again. The day after former Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash defected to the muchdespised Los Angeles Lakers, I saw a homeless man wearing a Nash Suns jersey. When the 2014 Arizona football jerseys go on sale soon, it doesn’t look like Wildcat fans will have to dispose of their expensive

— Follow Roberto Payne @HouseofPayne555

jerseys. Jerseys have consistently rising costs — last year Arizona football jerseys rose to $90 and UA basketball uniform tops are $120 at the bookstore — which makes buying one a gamble. Do you support your team and risk wasting $90 if that player switches teams or gets arrested? Like in the case of Joe Paterno, we’ve learned not to build statues of people who are still alive. To quote Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight,” “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Handing over $90 for a shirt is pretty crazy already, but doing so when you might have to get rid of it? Since Nike raised the price of NFL jerseys to at least $100, I haven’t seen many new ones and it seems like less UA fans got the new $90 tops that Arizona debuted last year. However, it looks like the UA is adding more value to its football jerseys. In an ESPN story last month, Arizona athletic director and vice president for athletics Greg Byrne revealed that the UA chose No. 14 for the number to be sold on this year’s jerseys, rather than the number of a star player like most teams. Byrne barely commented on it, but it is implied that Arizona did so because

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debate over compensation for student athletes is a hot issue. While retail college jerseys don’t have player names on the back, everyone knew who No. 13 was on the men’s basketball team. Most consider the numbers as odes to players. By choosing No. 14, a number not currently worn by any Wildcat football player, the UA added value to fans’ investments. With no player wearing No. 14, there’s no chance he could transfer to ASU or USC, get arrested or anything else. Last season, Arizona selected No. 33, worn by linebacker Jake Fischer, over Ka’Deem Carey’s No. 25. While Fischer was the star of the defense and a Daily Wildcat senior award winner, Carey was a legend, making the pick a bit controversial. It was safe though, since Carey was involved in a couple of field incidents. Carey behaved, but if he was arrested again, a No. 25 jersey would’ve been a problem for UA fans. According to the report, only two other schools are selling generic jerseys: Texas A&M and Northwestern. By selling a jersey without the number of a star player, the UA is protecting its fans from getting burned. — Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520


Wednesday, July 9, 2014 • Page 16 • Editor: Roberto Payne• • (520) 621-2956 •

UA baseball keeps swinging BY EVAN ROSENFELD

Arizona Summer Wildcat

A coach’s work is never done. After all the hustle and bustle of the season, the offseason doesn’t feel like much of a vacation. Recruiting oftentimes occurs during the offseason and that sometimes includes traveling all around the country to scout the best potential talent for your team. “I always believe you need competition between the players who are looking for a starting role within the program,” UA baseball head coach Andy Lopez said. “This not only creates a better team, but keeps the guys on a good edge and stops them from becoming complacent. [Willie] Calhoun is playing well at third in the Cape and [Cody] Ramer will be in the running for the position as well. Unlike last year, we are more focused on having a lot of competition within the program.” Lopez said that the squad is targeting two junior college third basemen, but that nothing is set in stone until after those players figure out what they are going to do about the draft.

Summer League Standouts:

Nathan Bannister – Orleans Firebirds – Cape Cod League Last year in the Alaska Baseball League, sophomore pitcher Nathan Bannister led his club with a 6-0 record, striking out 36 over 52 innings. This summer,


FRESHMAN UTILITY PLAYER Bobby Dalbec hits a double, bringing home junior catcher Riley Moore during Arizona's 14-1 win against Abilene Christian at Hi Corbett Field on May 25. Dalbec hit two home runs and 30 RBIs in 2014.

playing in the more-rigorous Cape Cod League, Bannister has proven he is a force to be reckoned with. The Peoria, Ariz. native has been solid in each of his appearances this summer and throughout 18 innings pitched has limited opposing batters to a .186 average. Bannister has struck out 14 batters and is in


possession of a 1.50 earned run average. Bobby Dalbec – Orleans Firebirds – Cape Cod League Freshman utility player Bobby Dalbec hasn’t let his low batting average impede his offensive production. While the 6-foot-4, 220-pound right-hander has just a .195 batting average, he

WHAT TO WATCH 2014 WORLD CUP Netherlands vs. Argentina: 1 p.m., ESPN

2014 WORLD CUP Germany vs. TBD: 12 p.m., ABC

ranks second on the team with 12 RBIs off eight hits, two of which were home runs, over 13 games. Dalbec has also been used in the late innings as a setup man out of the bullpen. He’s struck out five in 3.1 innings pitched. Willie Calhoun – Wareham Gatemen – Cape Cod League Despite belonging to the team with the worst record in the CCBL (7-15), freshman infielder Willie Calhoun has made the most of his opportunities this summer in the Cape. He ranks sixth in the team with a .283 batting average and has collected 28 hits. Calhoun’s 20 runs scored and 12 doubles represent the most in the league. Kevin Newman – Falmouth Commodores – Cape Cod League Freshman shortstop Kevin Newman returned to the Commodores for his second summer in Cape Cod after becoming the first freshman to ever win the Cape Cod Baseball League batting title last year. In the summer of 2013, Newman finished hitting .375 and led all players with 60 base hits, 36 runs scored and 18 RBIs in 40 regular season games. This year, Newman has continued to see success and leads his team with a .410 batting average and nine RBIs.

— Follow Evan Rosenfeld @EvanRosenfeld17

Former Cats get summer chance BY ROBERTO PAYNE

Arizona Summer Wildcat


he NBA Summer League is a yearly chance for young players to make an impression for all 30 teams in the National Basketball Association. Some of those players are undrafted rookies while some are highly-drafted players from recent drafts. This is the first opportunity for those players to prove that they belong in the NBA. Arizona basketball fans will get a chance to see several high-profile names before the regular season begins in October. This year, five former Arizona Wildcats are listed on rosters for the 2014 NBA Summer League: Nick Johnson, Derrick Williams, Aaron Gordon, Grant Jerrett and Solomon Hill. Williams, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, will participate in summer league for the second time. Gordon and Johnson were just drafted fourth and 42nd overall in the 2014 NBA Draft and are participating in their first action with their new teams. Hill and Jerrett were drafted 23rd and 40th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft and are participating in their second NBA summer league. Sadly, both players are currently injured. Jerrett will miss the entire summer league with an ankle injury and Hill hasn’t played his team’s first two games due to an ankle sprain. Of the five players, only Johnson and Gordon have made their summer league debuts so far this year. Gordon appeared tentative at times during his debut on Saturday and, apart from a highlight block in which Gordon caught the ball in mid-air, didn’t make much of an impact on the game. He finished with seven points on 3-11 shooting and added five rebounds. Johnson was the exact opposite in his debut. The 6-foot-3 guard put on a show by playing lockdown defense to go along with 18 points, five rebounds, three assists and one highlight-reel dunk.




"Oh soccer is on? I assumed once the US lost they'd cancel the rest of the World Cup. Darn." —@VanillaV1ck7, former Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker

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In this issue of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, Streetcar named danger, TPD finds melee actions justified