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2 students take 2nd in national challenge MARK ARMAO Arizona Daily Wildcat

Two UA graduate students have designed a stormwater harvesting system that won an award in the Environmental Protection Agency’s first Campus RainWorks Challenge. Rayka Robrecht and Micaela Machado, both landscape architecture graduate students, were tasked with designing a green space to replace the parking lot just south of the Architecture building. Awarded second place in the nationwide challenge, their design takes advantage of rainwater as well as water that condenses due to airconditioner use. They got second place in the nationwide challenge, despite being the smallest team competing. “The other teams had such amazing

EPA, 2


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IN RESPONSE to another student’s controversial message, Paola Andrea Gonzalez, a pre-pharmacy sophomore, holds her own sign reading “You deserve love” on Tuesday. The Women’s Interests Collaborative organized a demonstration to counter UA student Dean Saxton’s “You deserve rape” sign, giving students an opportunity to spread positivity.

In response to a student’s inflammatory sermon last week, students demonstrate on UA Mall to spread positive messages ALISON DORF Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA student Dean Saxton returned to Heritage Hill on Tuesday with a sign that read “You deserve rape,” only to be met with a large demonstration held by UA students. As part of an effort by the Women’s Interests Collaborative, several campus groups gathered together to organize an event called “You Deserve…” on Tuesday. Students were provided with free signs that read “You deserve…” and had the chance to write in their own message as to what they felt students truly deserved. “We want students to know that they deserve a community that is free from sexual violence and free from the threat of sexual violence and free from words that support sexual violence,” said Megan McKendry, a violence prevention specialist with the OASIS Program, a program out of Campus Health Service. Now that the event is done, the signs will be placed around campus so the UA community can see the positive messages, according to Danielle Pernell, a freshman studying English

and an intern with Feminists Organized to Resist, Create and Empower, a program out of the Women’s Resource Center. Last week, Saxton, a junior studying classics and religious studies, held a sign that read You deserve rape” while delivering a sermon that declared women on campus should dress modestly in order to avoid rape. Saxton’s message sparked controversy on campus, leading students to file complaints with the Dean of Students Office. “This [event] is just to show that … the majority of the UA doesn’t believe in this notion that just because of the way you dress or the way you act you deserve assaults or abuse,” said Kelly Ancharski, a sophomore studying political science and French and a F.O.R.C.E. intern. “This is just, you know, anything and everything that you think you deserve — from love and equity to peace and respect.” Students, staff and faculty joined in , including Brooke Lober, a gender and women’s studies graduate student. Lober also taught a class this semester called Women in Western Culture. Lober held a sign that read “You deserve

an education on a campus where you feel respected” and said the university needs to do something more to protect students from what she considers an unsafe environment on campus. “This is classic racism and classic sexism; we have to do something,” Lober said. “Our community as a campus has to do something to create a hospitable environment for all students.” Before the forum, some administrators said they supported the idea behind it. “While we are not an official sponsor of the event, we definitely support the organizers’ intentions and actions,” said Kendal Washington White, interim dean of students in an email interview. Lober added that she is concerned that if young women are subjected to attacks such as those from Saxton, they will not be able to do as well at the UA as young men. “It’s something that affects everyone,” Lober said. “I’m hoping that this is just the first step and that we use this opportunity to open up a campus dialogue about how everybody here can be respected.”

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In fighting hate speech with more speech, not only are we spreading a message of love, but we are also showing survivors of sexual assault that we support them.” OPINIONS — 4


SUNNY Salt Lake City, UT Los Angeles, CA Atlanta, GA

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ASUA leaders to be sworn in at inauguration ceremony SARAH-JAYNE SIMON Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA community members will welcome the newly elected ASUA officials at their inauguration ceremony today in front of the Old Main fountain. The Associated Students of the University of Arizona president, executive vice president, administrative vice president and senate for the 2013-2014 school year will be sworn into office at noon in front of family, friends and administrators. Current ASUA President Katy Murray will introduce incoming president

Morgan Abraham. Abraham served as a senator for the 20122013 school year. “I’m kind of sad. I had to clean out my desk yesterday,” Abraham said. “I’m going to miss arguing and bickering with all of my other senators. It was one of the better experiences of my life.” Danielle Novelly will be inaugurated as executive vice president and Amanda Lester will be inaugurated as administrative vice president. Ten senators will be inaugurated to serve a one-year term. Each senator is elected to represent the more than 32,000 undergraduate

students at the UA. Each member will work throughout the year to complete the issues they campaigned on. Elena Gold, a freshman studying politics, philosophy, economics and law, will be inaugurated into the senate today. She said she hopes to improve the campus and the students’ overall experience. “I’m so excited about [being inaugurated],” Gold said. “I have a lot of new ideas and a really strong work ethic, and I want to execute all of my platforms to



VALERIE HANNA, current ASUA senator, celebrates Morgan Abraham’s presidential win in March. Abraham, along with the senate-elect, will be inaugurated on the UA Mall today.

Stadium. FireworkS. Friday Night. may 10. Undergrad & Masters Commencement May 10, 7:30pm, Arizona Stadium RSVP NOW @

2 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

News • Wednesday, May 1, 2013



designs and wonderful solutions. We’re so happy to have been selected among them,” Robrecht said. “It’s really humbling.” The system is designed to use stormwater for plants, as well as collect the water that runs off the roofs of the surrounding buildings in underground cisterns for later use. The design started as a semester-long project for a course taught by Ron Stoltz, a professor of landscape architecture. “It was really an inspired design,” Stoltz said. He described the different “layers” of the design that work together to create a “high-performance landscape.” “It will be really charming and comfortable, while at the same time addressing a lot of water sustainability issues,” Stoltz said. The design takes a spiral shape, drawing inspiration from forms like the spines of an agave, ancient petroglyphs and the storm patterns of the Tucson area during the monsoon. Stormwater is funneled toward the center of the


RAYKA ROBRECHT (left) and Micaela Machado’s (right) award-winning design builds on principles of sustainability like those exemplified in the Underwood Garden.

spiraling basin, feeding various plants and trees along the way. The system will save almost 2 million gallons of water annually, according to the team’s analysis. One million will come from rainwater while the other million will come from air-conditioning

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A more varied program of plays and musicals will be available on the UA campus starting next semester, due to a recent collaboration with Broadway in Tucson. A three-year contract signed by The Nederlander Organization, a parent company of Broadway in Tucson, will move production from the Tucson Music Hall to the UA’s Centennial Hall starting in the 201314 season. Although a few Broadway shows, such as “Wicked,” have made their way to Centennial Hall in previous years, the partnership will provide more benefits for UApresents and businesses on University Boulevard. Conflicts with scheduled classes at Centennial Hall have hindered its ability to provide more Broadway shows and, in recent years, the shows have become rare for UApresents. “We’re certain we’ll find better opportunities,” said Lendra Kearns, general manager of Broadway in Tucson. “I think it will add another value to campus and it’s great timing for our 10th anniversary.” Although recent double bookings of shows and scheduling conflicts prompted Nederlander to relocate production, Kearns said those issues are no longer a concern. Kearns said she is confident the program will have something new to offer audiences based on past successes at Centennial Hall. “Those were real issues, but that had a lot to do with old management and it’s really an old story,” Kearns said. “We can work closely with UApresents and we’re excited about being on campus and maybe even starting an auxiliary program with students.” The partnership also looked promising from a financial perspective, said Chuck Tennes, the executive director of UApresents. “Programming’s never been an


the best of my ability. I hope that I can better the student experience. I’m passionate about making the UA the best it can be and bringing that to the students.” ASUA offers UA students the opportunity to make decisions that affect the student body, work on campus projects and gain experiences in leadership, teamwork and more. Taylor Ashton, a political science sophomore and this year’s new presidential chief of staff, said he hopes that the new senate keeps the students in mind when making decisions. “Individually, they all have really good ideas,” Ashton said. “I hope they do everything with the students’ opinions in the forefront and how it will benefit the students as a whole. We are

IF YOU GO A reception will follow the inauguration in the ASUA office in the Student Union Memorial Center. representing all the students at the UA, and it should have their opinion.” Bryan Namba, a political science sophomore, said that joining the senate provided him with unique opportunities to interact with university staff members, and he hopes the new members of ASUA will continue to build connections with staff. “I’m honestly excited for the new class of senators,” Namba said. “Every year you want people who fill your shoes to do better than you. My class did a great job this year, and I hope the next class does even better.”

UA prof forever a performer

Performance arts to get local boost MONICA CONTRERAS

condensate on, which is the water that condenses on the many HVAC units around campus. The water usually runs off and into the sewer, but with this design the condensate from the surrounding buildings would be conserved. Along with conserving water and providing a comfortable space on campus, the area would also serve as an educational site, raising awareness for sustainability-related issues and practices. The central feature of the design includes a window that shows the collected water in a chamber below. “When you see that happen, it’s a celebration of water,” Machado said. “It’s a celebration of life in the desert.” Although the award-winning design is not a budgeted project, it will likely influence the design of a future green space that will eventually be constructed at the site, said Bob Smith, vice president of business affairs. Robrecht said she would be ecstatic if the design ended up being implemented. “It would be great to see that we created a space that people can really use,” Robrecht said. “Students can come out and sit under the shade of a tree and hang out or have a snack. I really look forward to that.”

BRITTNY MEJIA Arizona Daily Wildcat


avid Soren stands on the stage and warns the audience that he might cry. He sits down, then rises and paces in front of a group of more than 1,000 people. His voice trembles as he begins to talk. Years ago, Soren regularly took the stage as vaudevillian Little Howie Davis. But he is no longer a performer, and this is no show. Now, he dances lightly, feet shuffling across the Centennial Hall stage. Soren is teaching students about Vera-Ellen, an American actress and dancer, in his Art History of the Cinema course. Tears form behind his glasses as he talks about the actress, whom he calls a “goddess.” The white-haired anthropology and classics professor, self-described as “old,” has no trouble expressing his emotions in the classroom. Soren brings his childhood acting experience into the classroom, making him one of the most well-liked professors on campus. He has taught at the UA for a little more than 30 years. “He’s one of the few professors that I’ve ever known that really wants to see undergraduates succeed,” says Taylor Genovese, an anthropology senior who accompanied Soren on an archaeological dig last summer. “He really trusts people, and I feel he embodies the spirit of education more than anyone else.” Raised by a single mother in Philadelphia, Soren spent most of his time at the Germantown Boys Club while his mother worked full-time. At 8 years old, Soren was pushed around by older teenagers, and, when he was sexually assaulted, he found solace in the upstairs dance studio where Dorothy Wagner taught children to channel their creativity through song and dance. Soren quickly became the shining star of the dance studio. But everyone was expected to be a professional, no matter what their age, Soren says. “I didn’t have a childhood. There wasn’t close friends or playing,” Soren says. “Most of my playing was in front of audiences.” The only break Soren got from being a professional was when he attended the children’s matinee on Saturday mornings. For a quarter a show, he would watch in awe as archaeologists discovered lost cities. “I thought, ‘This would be great to do,’” Soren says, referring to archaeology. Around 1957, Soren left vaudeville behind, and for a short time he struggled to choose between becoming an archaeologist and a musician. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth, Soren played in a rock group known as The Sphinx, complete with groupies. Then he went on his first archaeological dig in England at the age of 20, and everything changed. “On the excavation this girl walked into the room, and I said, ‘Well, that’s the girl I’m going to marry,” Soren says. “I just thought that this is who I wanted to marry and that

issue and there’s no financial risk,” Tennes said. “We all know that campus has a lot of young … people, so we’d sell enough tickets. I am very glad to provide a new type of programming and add Broadway to the list of offerings.” Tennes said that with the recent move, Broadway in Tucson will add 40 shows to Centennial Hall for the upcoming year, but UApresents will have first call over booking space. He also said he hopes the collaboration will bring up renovation plans for Centennial Hall, which are already on the university’s budget plan. “I think it would be more reasonable to ask for a remodeling with all of the extra programming going on,” Tennes said. “It’s been a very long time and we’d be bringing in major revenue.” Despite the construction near campus over the past year and limited parking, attendance for shows has not been majorly affected, according to Tennes. Additionally, more shows at Centennial Hall will result in more customers for businesses located on University Boulevard, Tennes added. Merchants near campus have already been approaching the Marshall Foundation, said Jane McCollum, general manager of the Marshall Foundation. When the Broadway show “Wicked” came to Centennial Hall during the 2010-2011 season, businesses on University Boulevard collaborated on marketing projects with Broadway in Tucson by offering specials and promotions. McCollum said she anticipates doing the same for the upcoming season. As arrangements are made for the upcoming season, Tennes said he hopes to host Broadway in Tucson for years to come. “It’s been a good thing and hope this is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with Centennial Hall,” Tennes said.


CLASSICS PROFESSOR DAVID SOREN oversees a final exam in Centennial Hall on Tuesday, his service dog at his side.

was it for me.” In England, he not only found the love of his life but also his calling — archaeology. His interest in teaching, however, was no surprise. Soren says he gravitated toward the “wonderful” teachers he had while growing up, and he made the decision to follow in their footsteps. Soren said he focuses on keeping students interested and connects with them through his course material. “The main thing he’s able to do is bring down a very distant past and unapproachable subject, to some people, and he’s able to relate that to people’s lives very, very well,” says Matt Pihokker, a graduate student in the classics department and a former teacher’s assistant for Soren. “And he’s also a really good singer.” Pihokker recalls Soren singing a Frank Sinatra song for the class on the very last day of the course. This performance wouldn’t come as a shock to most students taking Soren’s classes, as Soren says he tries to entertain the class with a song, a clip or even a planned production every week. “He’s very popular with students. He seems to have the right touch, so students love what he’s teaching,” says Norman Austin, UA interim head of the department of classics. “He brings many unusual qualities to the campus, and I don’t know anyone else who has that same attractive power for so many different people.” When asked about the future, Soren laughed and said the decision out of his hands. “Everyone keeps asking me when I’m retiring,” Soren says. “As long as it’s fun … I think the students will tell me when to hang it up.”



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News • Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arizona Daily Wildcat • 3

UA Men’s Project redefines masculinity shelby thomas Arizona Daily Wildcat

With numerous on-campus programs committed to supporting various factions of the student body, the UA is now welcoming an internship program unique to the male population. Only one semester old, The Men’s Project was developed through the Women’s Resource Center by Krista Millay, the program director of the WRC. Millay said she has always wanted to offer a space for men to talk about masculinity and about being a man at the UA. “If we want college men to engage critically, become their own people and be allies to other identities, then we need to create a space for them to go through that same journey, just like other students get,” Millay said. “Just like all student populations, our college men need some support that is geared toward them. The reality is that they need a space to grapple with issues: The good, the bad and the otherwise. I don’t think that masculinity normally gets that kind of airtime.” The Men’s Project is run as an internship program that requires 10 hours a week from its interns in exchange for three academic credits per semester, Millay said. These hours consist of a team business meeting as well as a critical discussion of current issues within pop culture. The interns also participate in separate projects. In the spring semester, they participated in the planning of Take Back the Night and the development of the curriculum for “The MENS Workshop,” a judicial sanction through the Dean of Student’s Office. “We hope to develop this program further so that it is also a leadership class that students can take — not just because they have been sanctioned to it, but because they are interested in these topics and want a space to explore them further in a positive and supportive setting,” Millay said.

gabriela diaz/arizona Daily Wildcat

the Men’s Project’s Devon Moule, an anthropology junior and one of the project’s founding interns, volunteers during Tuesday’s “You deserve...” protest.

Michael Webb, a gender and women’s studies senior, is one of the founding interns of the Men’s Project, which he defines as a “program that questions aspects of college male culture and perceptions of masculinity.” Webb said specific questions the organization strives to answer and address include, “What kind of gender stereotypes are in place in our society? What boxes are we putting people in, in terms of the range of expression that we are able to embody in our day-

to-day life?” Webb’s passion for these topics made for a successful first semester for the internship, Millay said. She added that she is confident that Alex Karaman, a graduate student working toward his Ph.D. in gender and women’s studies, will continue to improve The Men’s Project as the graduate assistant for the fall semester. Karaman was a political science student at Cal State University at Long Beach when he took his first women’s studies course. He said that “the perspective that the course offered on relations between people … was so much more in line with how he had viewed the world,” and he quickly added gender and women’s studies as a second major as a result. As an undergraduate student, Karaman said he was involved in campus politics and often addressed issues relating to college rape culture and sexual violence. When he saw there was an opportunity for this kind of work to take place on the UA campus, he jumped at it. Although he has new ideas for the fall semester, Karaman said that has already been great progress in making The Men’s Project a very “legitimate and central part of the university structure.” He said his goal is to continue these successful services. For example, Karaman said that The Men’s Project will continue to hold “The Men’s Workshop” a few times a semester, which will be mandatory for students who are repeat offenders of the Code of Conduct — more specifically, those who have broken rules that seem to indicate the influence of college male culture, such as “issues of violence” or “sexual assault.” “Our purpose is largely to show that there are men that are actively engaged in trying to change this rape culture,” Karaman said. “I want programming to be made available that is proactive rather than reactive.”

Campus promotions aim to help students de-stress rachel mccluskey Arizona Daily Wildcat

Campus organizations are collaborating to provide a variety of options for students to de-stress. Highland Market will be providing food delivery services, some restaurants will be open later and the Student Recreation Center will be open 24/7, hosting pool parties and offering free classes and massages, among other promotions, from May 1 to May 8. In previous years, Arizona Student Unions offered food promotions during finals week, while the Rec Center offered free classes on its own. This year Arizona Student Unions, the Rec Center, Campus Health, Residence Life, the UofA Bookstore and the UA Main Library have all collaborated to create finals week promotions for students. “[We are] all participating in this


collectively so the students can feel safe walking from location to location, because we will have facilities open 24 hours a day, so there will be more activity at the locations,” said Todd Millay, marketing manager for Arizona Student Unions. “For the union, it’s part of our initiative to support the students during a very stressful time.” Today, the “Stress Less for Finals” event is happening on the Highland Commons Green. Hosted by Campus Health Service, the event provides free swag bags containing healthy snacks and stress balls, information about how to study, free 15-minute chair massages from noon to 2 p.m., piñatas and therapy dogs to help students destress before finals week. “We really want to provide an opportunity for students to get some stress reduction, relaxation, have some fun and eat some healthy snacks,” said Carrie Hardesty, a health educator with Campus Health. “We think that’s

Ask about our

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Are you a smoker or ex-smoker? Do you own a smart phone? Please contact Julie Armin at 520-626-4166 if you are interested in participating in a study to develop a mobile health app. You will be compensated for your participation. Your information will be kept confidential. An Institutional Review Board responsible for human subjects research at the University of Arizona reviewed this research project and found it to be acceptable, according to applicable state and federal regulations and University policies designed to protect the rights and welfare and participants in research.

WILDCAT DRIVE-THRU LIQUORS We carry a huge variety of imported beers and spirits! N Oracle Rd

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a great event to do that.” Campus Health will also host a kickball game from 10 a.m. to noon at the Highland Green Commons on May 8. Some students said they appreciated the stress relief. “I think that’s a great idea, especially when students are stressing about finals,” said Xia Sun, a molecular and cellular biology sophomore. “Definitely, I appreciate it.” The Rec Center is also offering a chance for students to relax and socialize at the Splash into Summer pool party today from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., as well as hosting pool parties from noon until 3 p.m. on May 2 and May 4. Free yoga classes and spinning classes will be offered for students, and the Rec Center will be open 24 hours during finals. “We’ve shown that exercise helps with concentration, alertness, studying, sleep,” said Tara Watson,

Gabriela diaz/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Highland Market will be delivering food as part of a finals week promotion.

the assistant director for marketing and communications for the Rec Center, “so we figured it was a good combination.” Students will also be able to book rooms in the student union to study in two hour blocks, Millay said. Pangea, Canyon Coffee and the Alumni Lounge will be open for 24 hours. Pangea will offer a breakfast buffet from 8 p.m. until

6 a.m. Highland Market is delivering all week, but it is only accepting CatCard as payment, and students must make a $6 minimum purchase. “We are not looking at it as a profit center,” Millay said. “You’re giving away tons of free food — free coffee, fountain drinks, breakfast burrito, toppings at Pinkberry. All of that is literally going to be for the students.”

Call for Entries BFA Annual Juried Exhibit

Florence Quater Gallery at Southwest University of Visual Arts is currently seeking submissions from BFA graduates to be considered for a national juried exhibition. All accepted artists will be considered for priority placement into the MFA program at SUVA.

E Helen St

W Speedway Blvd

1202 N. Stone Ave

Don’t drink and drive—we deliver!


Three outstanding artists will be selected to receive scholarship awards to offset tuition costs for the MFA program at SUVA. First Prize is a Full Tuition Scholarship Second Prize is a 50% Tuition Reduction Scholarship Third Prize is a 25% Tuition Reduction Scholarship Submissions must be received no later than Friday May 17th. For more information please contact: Miles Conrad at 520-325-0123, or visit

OPINIONS Wednesday, May 1, 2013 • Page 4

Editor: Dan Desrochers • • (520) 621-3192

GOP must reposition to remain relevant NATHANIEL DRAKE Arizona Daily Wildcat


he Republican Party is a fractured mess. Former Gov. Mitt Romney got solidly thumped in the 2012 presidential election, losing eight of the nine swing states. The GOP maintains a majority in the House of Representatives, but Democrats running for Congress received more total votes for House and Senate seats in 2012. The American people are moving in a new direction, and some Republicans are choosing to move with them. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, an influential senator and likely presidential candidate in 2016, is part of the bipartisan Gang of Eight looking to reform our broken immigration system by securing our borders and providing a path to citizenship. For his willingness to compromise and take a moderate stance on immigration reform, Rubio should be applauded. Instead, conservative talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh have ripped into Rubio for supposedly giving in to liberal doctrine. Limbaugh told Rubio that the Republican party would be “committing suicide” by pushing these reforms through the Senate. As someone who is paid to talk for a living, Limbaugh should know the impact of words. Saying that providing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants is “suicide” for the Republican party doesn’t allow for civil discourse to create meaningful solutions. Rather, it spreads misunderstanding, hate and half-truths — a point that mediafriendly Republican Frank Luntz made while talking to students at the University of Pennsylvania. Luntz called Limbaugh’s behavior “problematic” because his malicious language only contributes to the severe polarization in Washington. He said that conservative talk radio creates major divisions within the Republican Party. Why, when the Democratic presidential candidate has won the popular vote five out of the last six races, would a conservative talk show host blast Republicans for trying to reposition themselves to gain more votes? Limbaugh said allowing undocumented immigrants to become citizens would pave the way for “9 million automatic Democrat voters,” but he’s entirely missing the point of repositioning the party. In 2012 exit polls, Obama won 93 percent of the black vote, 71 percent of the Hispanic vote and 73 percent of the Asian vote over Romney. As Luntz put it in his Washington Post op-ed, “Hispanic voters don’t think Republicans like, welcome or respect them. So how can they vote Republican? Immigration reform that brings people out of the shadows is the last, best opportunity for the party to reset its broken relationship with Hispanics.” Hispanics aren’t the only ones Republicans could be reaching out to in order to reposition themselves with voters. According to an ABC News poll last December, Obama had a 58 percent to 32 percent advantage over congressional Republicans when Americans were asked about who is “protecting the middle class.” Luntz’s own polling firm found that twice as many people said the GOP was fighting for “the wealthy” and “big business” than for “hardworking taxpayers” or “small business” on the night of the 2012 presidential election. It’s difficult to figure out exactly what the Republican stance is on the biggest issues facing our nation, but it’s easy enough to find stories about Republicans fighting among themselves. And let’s be clear: Limbaugh’s harsh language toward Rubio was just plain malicious, not constructive debate. Winning votes in a changing America doesn’t mean sticking to the same outdated Tea Party antics. Luntz is right: The Republican Party is shooting itself in the foot with its own language. Taking a moderate stance doesn’t make you a bad politician; it makes you a reasonable politician. Republican voters have everything to lose here — liberals certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Republicans out of the way on Capitol Hill. — Nathaniel Drake is a sophomore studying political science and communications. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatOpinions.

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Students’ counterprotest shows love prevails, even in trying times deserve what happened to them. Chances are, Saxton didn’t listen to a word that was said to him. He probably loved the attention, and has probably loved all the media coverage over the past two weeks. But the protest on Tuesday was more about sending a message to survivors than DAN DESROCHERS Arizona Daily Wildcat to Saxton. It’s discouraging that we can’t do t’s easy to look at the world and want away. In fact, some people even urged the anything to change Saxton. We just want to give up. From the Sandy Hook Dean of Students Office to try to make that to show him how many people he has Elementary School shooting to the happen. hurt. But we can’t. There have always been Westboro Baptist Church protests at Ignoring Saxton is an option. people like Saxton, and funerals, it’s tempting to just throw your Clearly he is looking for always will be. The best way to there hands up and wonder out loud, “What the attention; by challenging him, What we can do is stand hell is wrong with this world?” yelling at him and spitting help the victims up for what is right and Last week, the world’s insanity hit closer on him, all people are doing pick up the pieces that of Saxton’s to home when UA student Dean Saxton is giving him the reaction he Saxton has broken. tirades is to angered the student body with a sign that wants. But if you just ignore Anywhere that you see read, “You deserve rape.” him, it does nothing for the hate in this world, love will stand up for A group of UA student organizations went people that he hurt. Ignoring follow. Saxton has vomited them. to Heritage Hill on Tuesday to show Saxton him won’t make him go away, hatred all over the campus that they would not stand for his message. either. For the most part, these past two weeks, but Some people crossed the line in their abuse people have ignored him all people have been there to of Saxton, but the majority represented a year, and his speeches only clean it up. And there will peaceful protest. became more and more radical. always be more people spreading love than With so many people standing against The best way to help the victims of spewing hatred. one individual, a larger message prevailed: Saxton’s tirades is to stand up for them. In Wherever you see one person attempting to fighting hate speech with more speech, not — Dan Desrochers is the opinions editor spread hate, you can always find even more only are we spreading a message of love, of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. He can be trying to spread love. we are showing survivors of sexual assault reached at or It’s easy to wish that Saxton would just go that we support them and that they did not on Twitter via @drdesrochers.


Your views

In response to “Streetcar project doesn’t deserve extra funding from UA” (by Nathaniel Drake, April 29): Excellent article! I avoid downtown at all costs. I’ve read tidbits of this terrible project on and off since the beginning. The company we’re buying this system from is in Oregon and they are in the process of testing it themselves? So “they” don’t even know if it works? Way to go city council. In response to “Student’s preaching sparks First Amendment Nothing like investigative research before buying and spending debate on UA campus” (by Brittny Mejia, April 29): taxpayer and UA money on a dog of a project. One of which will The University’s Religious Studies Program was mentioned in an ending up costing much more as time goes on then some! April 29, 2013, Wildcat article regarding First Amendment activities Please people, get the word out about candidates you like, give on campus. them exposure and, most importantly, vote so we can get these The Religious Studies Program at the UA promotes inclusivity, clowns out! diversity, and respect. Through studying a wide range of — BoundGodsFan worldviews from an academic perspective, the Religious Studies major provides students with the tools to develop critical thinking The company from Oregon you speak of is the first American skills and an advanced ability to navigate diverse global cultures. company to produce streetcars since the 1960s. It is an upstart The Religious Studies faculty commend the students who shared company that has infused over 200 high wage jobs into Oregon’s positive messages at the April 30 “You Deserve” rally. economy. They were chosen because of the Buy American clause —Karen Seat, director of the federal grant that the city received. As they were the only Religious Studies Program American company producing the vehicle, the city was left no The University of Arizona choice. They have produced vehicles for the Portland system which



In response to “Student’s preaching sparks First Amendment debate on UA campus” (by Brittny Mejia, April 29): That’s the ticket. Instead of violating the law by taking away his RIGHT to free speech, use your right to free speech to counterprotest. Taking away someone’s rights never accomplished anything. Standing up for your opinions in a legal and constitutional manner is the way to go about solving this problem. —Kevin Wos

are in the final testing phase and have passed all tests so far. You should actually visit downtown instead of avoiding it to see the $600 + million of private investment that has been infused in the area, much due to the streetcar project. Third, the UA has not paid any money into the capital cost of the project, even though extensive infrastructure upgrades occurred on and around campus because of it, so the UA’s money is currently being “wasted” as you state. —JW (in response to BoundGodsFan)

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arizona Daily Wildcat • 5


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6 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Police Beat MAXWELL J. MANGOLD Arizona Daily Wildcat

One bike, three tires

A non-UA affiliated man was arrested on charges of possessing a dangerous drug, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, loitering and criminal trespassing between Parker Residence Hall and the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house at 6:12 a.m. on Thursday. A University of Arizona Police Department officer reported a suspicious man “hiding and ducking” behind a parked vehicle while replacing a bike tire. When another officer arrived to back up the first, he saw that the man had moved and was now at a nearby underpass. When UAPD officers spoke with the man, he had one bike and three bicycle tires. A records check of the man showed he had an outstanding warrant related to theft. The man then told police his friend “Billy,” whom he was unable to identify, had let him borrow a tire and had left it for him at Wendy’s so he could come and change it. The man was then placed under arrest for loitering and criminal trespassing. While being placed under arrest, officers found a small baggie of marijuana, in addition to several miscellaneous items. The man was then taken to the UAPD station for further questioning. While at the station, police went through a backpack the man had, which contained a small baggie of a “white crystalline substance.” The substance tested positive for meth and weighed 0.4 grams, while the marijuana weighed 0.6 grams. The items were then checked into evidence, along with several tools found in his backpack. The man was booked into Pima County Jail.

Hands off!

A UA student reported that he was assaulted by a security guard outside of the Alpha Phi sorority house at 1:35 p.m. on Saturday. A UAPD officer spoke with the man who said he was waiting for a bus to an off-campus date dash when a security guard evicted one of his friends for “no reason.” The student and guard then got into a verbal exchange over the matter, according to the report. The guard then told the student he “was just in college and what was he going to do about it?” The student responded that the man “was just a security guard and would not do anything” before the guard allegedly struck the student on the left side of his face with his open hand. This resulted in the student dropping his phone and cracking the screen, which he valued at $200. The student had a noticeable red handprint on the left side of his face and neck. Photos of his face and phone were then taken for evidence, and police then contacted the security guard. The guard identified himself and upon being read his rights, invoked them, before being cited and released for assault and criminal damage. He was then told not to return to the UA campus in the near future and the student told police he wished to pursue criminal charges.

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You snooze, you lose

A taxi driver reported that a UA student was unresponsive and unconscious in the backseat of his vehicle at 5 a.m. on Saturday. Police met the cab driver outside Colonia de la Paz residence hall, where the driver told officers that “some frat guys” had helped her into the cab, but that she had quickly fallen asleep. The officer tried to wake the woman by shaking her shoulder and asking if she was all right, but there was no response. Student Emergency Medical Services and the Tucson Fire Department were then notified. Paramedics were able to wake the student, who identified herself and showed signs of intoxication. It was determined the woman did not need further medical attention and she was transported to her dorm. She was then cited for minor in possession of alcohol and released.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

Center for Middle Eastern Studies 2013 Spring Film Series - ‘The Bubble’ The Center for Middle Eastern Studies 2013 Spring Film Series presents the film “The Bubble.” Set primarily in the fashionable Sheinkin Street

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Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts Graduate Student Readings Students graduating from the University of Arizona Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing read from their work. The Poetry Center will also recognize the winners of the UA student poetry contests and distribute broadsides of the prize-winning poems. The readings take place over two evenings, May 1st and May 2nd. 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. UA Poetry Center, 1508 E. Helen St.

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‘Wacko the Juggalo’

An unsecured bike was found against the Ina E. Gittings building at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday. The white and silver bike with a broken seat had, “Belongs to Skye — smiley face — so please don’t fucking take it — fuck off” written on it in black marker and “Wacko the Juggalo” in silver paint. The serial number for the bike was then checked, which showed it was related to a 2008 incident, so the bike was taken to the UAPD station for safekeeping.

Sunday, May 5 Marriott University Park 12–2:30 pm


Wildcat Calendar Campus Events

district of Tel Aviv, the story follows three left-leaning 20-somethings (two men and a woman) whose notion of political action is to hold a “rave against the occupation.” But when Noam (Ohad Knoller), a sweet-natured music-store clerk and reserve soldier, meets a handsome Palestinian named Ashraf (Yousef Sweid), their escalating affair forces everyone to face reality in the cruelest possible way. Squeezing a lot of conflict – sexual, ethnic and intellectual – into its 117 minutes, “The Bubble” is about the appeal of self-delusion and the warmth of comfort zones. May 1, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Marshall Building 490 Keeping Joint Pain at Bay Dr. Lisse will share the risks and benefits of current therapies and explain current research into pain management treatments. Recent studies show that effective communication between health care providers and patients reduces anxiety and perception of discomfort. A whole body approach to treating arthritis pain – medication, exercise and stress reduction techniques – is becoming standard. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to reduce pain and inflammation in those suffering from one of the more than 100 forms of arthritis will be discussed by Jeffrey

Campus Events

May 1

R. Lisse, MD, professor of clinical medicine and chief of the Division of Rheumatology in the Department of Medicine at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson. This free presentation is open to the public and held Wednesday, May 1, 6 to 7:30 p.m., at The University of Arizona Medical Center – University Campus, Chase Bank Auditorium (Room 8403), 1501 N. Campbell Ave. Light refreshments are provided. Library Exhibition - ‘Social Justice Poets’ The Poetry Center is pleased to sponsor an exhibit curated by Erin Renee Wahl and the Progressive Librarians’ Guild of the University of Arizona’s School of Information Resources and Library Science. “Social Justice Poets” gathers poems, photographs and original documents representing the deep relationship between poets, their poetry and their causes. Expect to be transported and challenged by poet activists including Allen Ginsberg, Demetria Martínez and many others. We invite you to be infused by the spirit of social justice poets. Here through June 26, 9:00am - 6:00pm. The University of Arizona Poetry Center. 1508 E. Helen Street

Campus Events

‘Travels in Medicine: Exploring the Global Health Community’ The exhibit features photographs taken in the United States and abroad by students in the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson and UA College of Pharmacy. The subjects depict the photographers’ global health experiences, including community outreach, international development, health training and advocacy, and socio-economic or political influences. This exhibit of photographs that provide vivid and inspirational depictions of health care beyond our borders is on display through Friday, May 10, in the Arizona Health Sciences Library (AHSL), Tucson Campus, Java City area, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson. Open to the public, the free exhibit may be viewed Sundays through Thursdays, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


DeGrazia Watercolors For years DeGrazia focused on watercolors as a serious art form. This selection of watercolors features DeGrazia’s bold brush work, vivid colors and beautiful patterns. 10:00am to 4:00pm through July 31st. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun 6300 N. Swan

To sponsor this calendar, or list an event, email or call 621.3425 Deadline 3pm 2 business days prior to publication

ARTS & Life Wednesday, May 1, 2013 • Page 8

Editor: K.C. Libman • • (520) 621-3106

Matt fulton/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Thrifting is way of life for some Maxwell J. Mangold Arizona Daily Wildcat

Even with barely a penny to her name, Arlene Leaf made it work, and now she helps Tucsonans in the same position by offering affordable fashion. When Tucson Thrift Shop burned down in 1990, she was left with few options. The store she’d opened with her father in 1979 was no more; her father had died before the fire and the memories lay in ashes. With a small amount of money she had saved, she began an eccentric new shop from scratch. “It had its own life,� Leaf said. “I think if you do things with good intention, they work.� When money became tight in the 2008 economic downturn, the store’s cult following expanded to include all kinds of customers. “I think it has a good feel to it and people like coming in here,� Leaf said. However, even though Wall Street has begun opening to brighter days, numbers show that people are still into the thrift shopping. “I think that the economy has actually changed the consumer in a permanent way,� said Sherry Lotz, a UA retailing and consumer sciences associate professor. “People really want to be unique in their fashion, so one way to do that is obviously to go to a thrift shop or vintage shop and find something that’s very unique.� Despite an increased buzz this year due to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song “Thrift Shop,� a No. 1 Billboard single, sales haven’t seen a spike, according to the International

Business Times. However, the resale industry is still projected to generate $13 billion in revenue this year, according to First Research. Thrift shops like Tucson Thrift Shop are loaded with items you know you shouldn’t have but can’t resist. “Once you start [thrift shopping], it’s hard to stop. It becomes addicting, almost,â€? said Holly Marsh, who writes the blog Life as a Thrifter. With hats weird enough to make Lady Gaga to blush, chains Flavor Flav wouldn’t rock and pastel suits even Craig Sager might feel uneasy in, the chance to play dress up is a rush for shoppers on a budget. Anthony Vito, a journalism senior and former men’s fashion intern at T Magazine, said he was able to find a leopard print bomber jacket made by a “really high-end Eastern European designerâ€? with its original price tag of $875, but for a fraction of that cost. “You never know what you’re going to find,â€? Vito said, “It can attract a lot of different types of shoppers — people who aren’t necessarily into labels or what they’re wearing so much as to what it looks like or how it makes them feel.â€? Lotz said she believes the popularity of thrift stores isn’t unique to the UA, but rather a trend of communities supporting local businesses like Leaf’s shop on a national scale. “It holds this energy ‌ when you walked in then it was [as if ] the store just gives you a hug,â€? Leaf said. “It’s like I look around it and I think, ‘Where in the hell did this thing come from?’ And I love the people I work with. I love the stuff I work with. I love the customers. I’m so grateful and happy to be part of the community.â€?

Matt Fulton/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Matt fulton/Arizona daily Wildcat

Tucson Thrift Shop, located on Fourth Avenue and owned by longtime Tucson resident Arlene Leaf, is locally known for its quirky collection of fashionable clothes at reasonable prices.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arizona Daily Wildcat • 9


Intern Erica Hernandez works with Gene Giacomelli and an international team on the development of the NASA Steckler Lunar Greenhouse Prototype for Bioregenerative Life Support Systems.

Intern Philip Sparks presents his work with Miguel Villarreal from USGS on the “Effects of Satellite and Terrain Scale on Modeled Soil Erosion Estimates in a Desert Environment”.

You are attending a world renowned research institution. Can you imagine working with a faculty mentor to probe the origins of the universe? Joining a NASA mission research team? Designing innovative materials for teaching science to precollege students? Helping to design, build and manipulate intelligent robots? Or studying the effects of climate and other changes on planet Earth using remote sensing and other NASA-developed data sources and technologies? Well imagine no more! The UA/NASA Space Grant Program will employ full-time undergraduate students 10-20 hours per week for the upcoming academic year in research programs, working alongside upper-level graduate students and practicing scientists and engineers. We seek a diverse group of students that is dedicated, enthusiastic and eager to learn. You do not need to be a rocket scientist or even a science or engineering major to apply. Applications are especially encouraged from members of under-represented groups and from women.

Apply online at: Applications will be accepted through July 5, with awards announced on or about August 1.

Alexandria Stanton works with Mentor Henry Hall in Chemistry researching liquid crystal polymers for space applications.

Questions? Contact Susan A. Brew • (520) 621-8556 Kuiper Space Sciences Building Rm. 349

Space Grant students received a vip behind-thescenes tour of the Biosphere 2 where they learned of realtime research on our planet’s future as it unfolds in this specially designed mini-world.

10 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We are

Student Media Daily Wildcat | KAMP Student Radio | UATV3 Melanie Trecha

Jackie Kent

KAMP Programming Director

UATV3 General Manager Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA Major: Journalism

Dan Desrochers

Why I work here: What started as a resume builder turned into a passion for student media. It was the push that led me to several internship and job opportunities, including Tucson’s KGUN 9, and KABC-TV in Los Angeles. I would not be where I am today without UATV3 and the amazing people I work with there. I am proud to be a part of a great service to the UA community; proud to be a part of student media.

Wildcat Opinions Editor Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ Major: Journalism

Why I work here: I became a KAMP DJ my freshman year because I wanted to meet people who were passionate about music. KAMP is my favorite thing about the UA. It is so easy to become involved and feel like a part of the family. I love the sense of community, the access to new and exciting music, concerts, and the opportunities it gives me for the future.

Why I work here: It’s a great environment and it provides an aspect to my education that I wouldn’t get elsewhere. I also love the fact that in putting out the paper every day, we’re contributing to the well-being of the campus.

Kristina Bui Daily Wildcat Editor-in-chief

Isaac Gealer

Hometown: Tucson Major: Journalism

Cameron Moon

KAMP General Manager

Sports Editor, Wildcat

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Major: Journalism

Why I work here:

Nothing on campus is like Arizona Student Media. It’s the only place where you can build professional experience in addition to meeting people you know you’ll stay in touch with long after graduation. I can’t imagine not working here.

Why I work here:

I love working with people, writing and sports. The experiences I have gotten at the Wildcat have been some of the best of my college career.

Leah Corry

Advertising Graphic Designer

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Major: Public Health

Hometown: Winslow, AZ Major: Visual Communications in Design

Why I work here: I wanted to apply my designing skills to real world situations. In my art studios and classes, our projects are usually generated based on possible situations but are meant more for practice. I could get an A in class but could I do as well outside of class? Working at the Wildcat shows me I can.

UATV3 Senior Director Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ Major: Producing

Why I work here: The work

environment here is unbeatable. The staff is fabulous and this job is a great introduction to the professional world.

Carollann Scott UATV3 Wildcast Anchor, Sports Director

Hometown: Agua Dulce, CA Major: Journalism

Why I work here: I am a third genera-

Why I work here: I have

always wanted to be involved in film and television and this is a great opportunity. It also gives me an opportunity to be a leader and get others excited to be a part of the Arizona Student Media family.

tion cowgirl and have competed in rodeo my whole life. Being a part of the western industry taught me about promoting that lifestyle. I have known since junior high I wanted to go into broadcast journalism. Being a part of UATV is an outstanding opportunity to start off what will hopefully be a long career.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Major: Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Why I work here:

Working here for four years has given me a lot to be thankful for. I know what it takes to be a leader and run an organization. KAMP has given me a huge insight to the business world of fine art, broadcasting, and public service. Tune in. Turn up. KAMP out.

Alex Lopez KAMP Metal music director

Wildcat Classified Ad Representative

Seandean Anderson

Greg Fingerhut

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Major: Astronomy

Hometown: Martinez, CA Major: Environmental Science

Why I work here:

I became a DJ because I LOVE music, especially metal and hardcore rock. As I met KAMP members, I felt like helping out even more an organization that has made my time at UA truly wonderful. I have learned to be part of a team and formed friendships that I will cherish forever, while working with the music that I love.

Casey Lewandrowski

Wildcat Digital Media Editor Hometown: Ashburn, VA Major: Communications

Why I work here: The people and the environment! The Wildcat has provided me with unreal work experience that other college students rarely find. I have learned so much and can’t imagine another place I’d rather work on campus.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013 • Page 11

Editor: Cameron Moon • • (520) 621-2956

BEER DOWN Beer sales at Hi Corbett Field boosts attendance at UA baseball games




n season four of “The Simpsons,” Homer Simpson was arrested for drunk driving and lost his driver’s license. Marge convinced him to give up beer for one month. With the struggle getting harder by the day, Homer attended a baseball game to try and take his mind off of sobriety. As it turns out, he’s the only person in the stands NOT drinking a beer. “I never realized how boring this game is,” Homer said. Now imagine a baseball game at the UA. It’s a blazing hot Sunday afternoon — the perfect time for a nice, cold brew. Except the stands are empty, and beer isn’t for sale. This was the scene at Jerry Kindall Field at Frank Sancet Stadium, the previous home of the UA baseball program. The stadium was on campus, sitting at the corner of Sixth Street and National Championship Drive, so proximity was not an issue. The stadium was a staple of the UA campus for 40-plus years, but it had lost some of its allure. The team was still good — consistently making the NCAA Tournament in the 2000s— but the stadium was desolate at best. When the Wildcats ended their tenure at Frank Sancet Stadium with a final home game on May 29, 2011, against the University of Washington, there were 1,003 fans in attendance. The field had a capacity of 6,500. By comparison, at Arizona’s new stomping grounds in Hi Corbett Field, there were 4,386 fans in attendance for the Wildcats’ game against ASU on Tuesday night. Peter Richmond, a sports writer and New York Times-bestselling author, once said: “Beer needs baseball, and baseball needs beer — it has always been thus.” Hi Corbett has beer, and its attendance has spiked. The correlation between beer sales and attendance might be coincidental, but ever since Arizona picked itself up and moved to Hi Corbett Field, adding beer to its concessions in the process, things have changed. “It was one piece of the puzzle,” said UA athletic director Greg Byrne. “We knew people like to drink a beer at a baseball game. And, you know, being off campus, we thought that was something would be another positive aspect of people being able to come to the games. It’s gone very well overall.” When it comes to college sports, Arizona is a


ARIZONA STUDENTS CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT Kevin Ballentyne, Cole Wolfswinkel, Bobby Dearing, Chris Dillon and Jeoff Sahs enjoy beers at Arizona’s 10-9 victory over ASU on April 16. Arizona is one of the only schools in the country to sell beer at any athletic event.

basketball town first, football second. But beer isn’t sold at McKale Center or Arizona Stadium. The baseball program doesn’t quite earn the same profit as Sean Miller or Rich Rodriguez’s squads, so head coach Andy Lopez and the baseball program needed something to set themselves apart. In fact, Byrne said that even after winning the College World Series last year and being second in the West in attendance for most of the year, the season was still a net loss. But fans are pouring into Hi Corbett in profoundly greater numbers than they did two years ago. In the final 68 games at Frank Sancet, there were an average of 980 fans. In the first 68 at Hi Corbett — 2,651. “Let me tell you, the beer sales at Hi Corbett certainly make the game more interesting,” said Karin Mattel, a vendor at Hi Corbett. “It’s really helped out the sales in regards to attendance, and we haven’t had any problems.” Mattel said Blue Moon and Dos Equis are the two most popular beers sold. Much of the profit from beer sales goes into the gross revenues for the baseball program, Byrne said. “The concession area gets a piece of it, then we get a piece of it,” he said. The Daily Wildcat tried to contact John Perrin,

THEY SAID IT “Beer is a major part of college athletics. First of all, you have to accept that fact. Anywhere you go in the country, with maybe the exception of BYU or Baylor or somewhere where they don’t drink out of religious reason. “But, everywhere else, it’s a major part of the culture and we accepted that. And then we decided it makes more sense to control it than it does to just try and prevent it from seeping into your fanbase.” — West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck


AN ARIZONA BASEBALL FAN sips a beer during Arizona’s 10-9 victory over ASU on April 16.

the athletic department’s senior financial officer, about revenue figures. Perrin did not return multiple phone calls and emails.

See the rest of the story on


BEER BECOMING A TREND Arizona wasn’t the first school to add beer to its menu, and it certainly won’t be the last. Even with the addition of beer to football games at Minnesota and UTEP in 2012, reported that only 21 FBS school sell beer at football games. That means 103 college football teams don’t sell beer at games, including the Wildcats. Athletic director Greg Byrne said the UA has no plan to add beer at Arizona Stadium, citing that it was a decision by both the university and the athletic

department. The location of the stadium and the size of the average crowd are the two main reasons why beer isn’t on tap at football games. But even at West Virginia beer is only sold at football and the occasional soccer game. Most schools cater their decisions to what best fits the state and the facilities, Luck said. Well, except for Louisville. Travel to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium and you can buy some bourbon if you have the urge. Oh, and at the spring football game this year, the Cardinals had $1 beers.

12 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

Sports • Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UA’s collapse may fall on Candrea


ARIZONA HEAD COACH MIKE CANDREA looks on from the third base coaches’ box earlier this season. Candrea has been the coach of the Wildcats for 28 seasons, none more trying than this one. This season, Arizona is last in the Pac-12 and is struggling to make the postseason for the first time under Candrea.

Despite Arizona softball’s struggles this season, it still boasts one of the greatest and coaches in softball history, who is willing to adapt to the times popularity and there are many more teams to compete with. Getting to the WCWS is getting to be like making it to the CWS — something you put on your outfield wall, even at Arizona. JAMES KELLEY In the ’90s, it was mainly just Arizona Daily Wildcat the UA and UCLA competing, but as Candrea put it, “We’re Baseball head coach Andy rizona softball is having rivals with everyone in the Pacits worst season since the Lopez didn’t go to the College 12 now.” World Series from 2005 to 2011, beginning of the Mike Oregon and ASU are very Candrea era, but the idea that he but he could run for mayor of serious national championship Tucson and easily win since is to blame is off-base. contenders, Washington and Cal the team won the national title After going to the Women’s (when its ace, Jolene Henderson, College World Series 22 out of 23 last year. Things can change in is healthy) are very good and years, the Wildcats haven’t been a heartbeat, UCLA and Stanford and it looks in Oklahoma City since 2010. have been top 20 all College softball They look like they will even miss like the 2014 season. has exploded in softball team the tournament this year. That’s just in the popularity and is poised It’s still pretty premature to Pac-12, which has to make a give in to the Internet trolls and there are many been passed up by serious run call for Candrea’s head, though. the SEC as the best more teams to Every other coach on campus at its ninth softball conference, compete with. national title. would kill to have the success but Oklahoma has The that Candrea has had. Every been the best team program is other program in college all year long. in decline, softball wishes it had the UA’s No. 1 no doubt, but it won national success — except for UCLA, Oklahoma’s best players, Keilani championships in 2006 and which beat Arizona in its last Ricketts, Lauren Chamberlain 2007 and was just a few pitches national championship series and Michelle Gascoigne, are from winning it all in 2010, appearance in 2010. all top-25 finalists for national which is the main reason why The Bruins also haven’t been KELLEY, 14 college softball has exploded in to the WCWS since then.


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The Wildcats are not living up to expectations and with head coach Mike Candrea’s age and health issues from last season, it may be time to part ways rival No. 5 ASU and No. 16 Stanford in the last six games of the year. Arizona has done poorly against ranked teams this season, comprising a 3-14 record, and has not won a series against a ranked team since winning the series against No. 4 EVAN ROSENFELD Washington last April, more than a year ago. Arizona Daily Wildcat The Wildcats’ last win against a top-25 team came earlier this month in the form of ead coach Mike Candrea is getting a dramatic extra inning walk-off against No. older. There’s no doubting that. 17 UCLA. The 57-year-old head coach has It’s no secret that Arizona’s team is managed Arizona’s softball team for the past coming apart at the seams. The team’s 28 years, and during his tenure, he has seen offensive skills have been silenced too easily some of the best moments the sport has to this year, and it is clear that the Wildcats are offer, as well as the worst. in need of help — not only at the plate, but This season has fallen into the latter in terms of coaching as well — if they want category, as Arizona finds its playoff chances to be competitive against the top teams in in jeopardy for the first time in 30 years after the nation. consistently failing to produce an effective After dropping out of the top 25 rankings offensive attack during its past 10 games. for the first time ever last week, it seemed As a result, the Wildcats have compiled a like this season couldn’t get any worse. meager 2-8 record and assured that they But last weekend, the Wildcats outdid will end season play with a sub-.500 record themselves as they settled into last place in in conference games. Since conference play the conference standings after stranding 34 began, Arizona is 5-13 against members of ROSENFELD, 14 the Pac-12. The Wildcats will face off against


It’s no secret that Arizona’s team is coming apart at the seams. The team’s offensive skills have been silenced too easily.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arizona Daily Wildcat • 13

Congratulations to this year’s Flinn Scholars

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high school

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McClintock High School Mountain Pointe High School Sunnyslope High School Vista Grande High School BASIS Tucson North Desert Vista High School University High School Hamilton High School Cactus High School Prescott High School Canyon del Oro High School Mountain Pointe High School Hamilton High School Hamilton High School Bioscience High School Prescott High School Desert Vista High School University High School Sonoran Science Academy

14 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

Sports • Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wildcats’ pitching woes lead to 7-5 loss


FRESHMAN OUTFIELDER SCOTT KINGERY watches a ball travel over the outfield wall in Tuesday night’s 7-5 loss to ASU. The Wildcats have split the season series thus far with the Sun Devils, but a three-game series May 17-19 remains.

KYLE JOHNSON Arizona Daily Wildcat

The first time the two rivals met at Hi Corbett Field, it was a classic — albeit a sloppy one. No. 16 ASU’s 7-5 win Tuesday night against Arizona was a worthy second act, and equally as ugly. “We really did not deserve to win this game,” head coach Andy Lopez said. “We had [eight] walks, five hit batsmen. You can’t defend a hit batsman, you can’t defend a walk. “It would have been just short of a miracle to see us come out on top tonight.” The game featured five ties or lead changes and the teams entered the eighth inning tied at five apiece. Unlike the thriller two weeks earlier, this game ended with more of a whimper. With one man on and two out, relief pitcher Tyler Hale (L, 0-1) intentionally walked ASU’s James McDonald before being pulled for the Wildcats’ reliable closer Mathew Troupe. Yet Troupe was anything but reliable. After allowing a leadoff single, which shortstop Kevin Newman kept from being an extra base hit with a diving stop, Troupe couldn’t even find the strike zone. With the bases loaded, Troupe threw eight straight balls, including a wild pitch, to put the Sun Devils (2912-1) up two. Redshirt junior Augey Bill cleaned up the mess, popping up ASU’s Drew Stankiewicz, but the damage was already done.

Arizona (29-15) nearly got one the first inning. back in the bottom of the eighth, His night ended just three innings with designated hitter Cody Ramer later, as Talley’s wild control and waiting at third. Junior Johnny Field a third inning blast by ASU’s Jake hit a hard ground ball to the left side, Peevyhouse tamed the freshman but Stankiewicz snagged the ball at pitcher. shortstop and then beat Field to first. Talley (4-0, 2.98 ERA) has been one Closer Ryan Burr sat the Wildcats of the Wildcats’ most consistent arms down in order to close out the ninth out of the pen this season, allowing inning. Second baseman Trent six earned runs through 27.2 innings Gilbert (4-for-5) and third baseman pitched before Tuesday’s game. He’s Brandon Dixon (0-for-4) struck out also been a reliable spot starter when swinging. Catcher Riley Moore was Lopez has called on the young arm, Arizona’s last hope, but McDonald with Arizona winning both of his made an athletic throw to get Moore starts this season. at first and shut the door on the fourAgainst ASU, though, something hour marathon. was off. “I think it’s just an off night for Talley lasted 3.0 innings, getting us,” said Moore, who went 2-for-4 replaced by reliever Cody Moffett with two RBI. “I think they had the after he walked Peevyhouse to lead momentum on their side tonight, off the fourth inning. whether it was Still, Lopez said Talley getting double was “average at best” It would have been plays or big hits. and only Bill showed Sometimes that’s anything out on the just short of a how the game mound Thursday. miracle to see us works.” What really troubled come out on top. Arizona put Talley, just like Troupe three runs on and Moffett, was a lack — Andy Lopez, UA head coach the board in the of command. Talley hit bottom of the two batters, including first inning, but a one on the third inning majority of the production came from with the bases loaded forcing in a run. the inaccuracy of ASU’s starter Zak Moore said the freshmen tried to Miller. While Arizona scored five runs work in a change-up this game. The and had eight hits, only three players results weren’t perfect, but he left the — Gilbert, Moore and Newman — game feeling optimistic. had hits in the game. “I like [the change-up], I like him with those pitches,” Moore said. “He showed some good parts, he showed Starting pitcher Tyger Talley some bad parts, but I think we’ll get it entered Tuesday’s game on the prowl, all fixed.” facing the minimum three batters in

Talley declawed

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base runners in the first-ever Oregon State sweep of Arizona in program history. Despite being one of the most successful coaches in NCAA history and leading Arizona softball to eight national titles and 21 appearances in the Women’s College World Series since 1991, some argue that Candrea should consider retiring after this season due to his increasing age, declining health and the decreasing success of his once mighty team. The players’ abilities don’t seem to be the biggest issue, as the Wildcats surely have the necessary talent to succeed, but they have failed to find a way to produce efficiently and consistently in clutch situations. The lack of solid production in this category may raise questions about how well Candrea is running the team. Unfortunately, over the past few years, Arizona has switched directions, and instead of continuing to improve, has continued to dip below expectations. Since 2010, Arizona has seen its journey end in the Super Regional and has failed to return to the Women’s College World Series that was once so familiar. Earlier this winter, Candrea’s best player, shortstop Shelby Pendley, left the program unexpectedly, leaving a hole in the middle of the infield and in the batting order. The Wildcats still haven’t fully recovered. Pendley surprised the whole team when she left on a whim to play for No. 1 Oklahoma after leading the team in home runs (19) and subsequently compiling a slugging percentage of .703 and 55 RBI during her freshman year in 2012. With the news coming so soon before the start of the season, the Wildcats were forced to scramble, learning new defensive positions while dealing with the hole left in the middle of their lineup. In addition to Pendley’s departure, Candrea took another big blow this season when the pitchers he recently recruited failed to live up to their high expectations. Junior Estela Piñon and freshman Nancy Bowling were expected to make a big difference in the Wildcat rotation this year but have disappointed, combining for a 13-13 record and allowing a total of 116 runs scored in 173.2 innings pitched. The Wildcats certainly need change to become relevant in the conference next season and in the future, but the change should be at head coach. — Evan Rosenfeld is a journalism and communications sophomore. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @EvanRosenfeld17.



Player of the Year. College softball has grown to feature powerhouses in the SEC, Big 12 and even a couple Midwestern teams — Michigan and Notre Dame — but high school softball in the Southeast, Midwest and Great Plains hasn’t caught up. Candrea did allude to needing to cater to “this generation” in multiple interviews, and he is actively trying to adapt. In one interview, Candrea talked about the need to update Hillenbrand Stadium and how important facilities are to current players. He is adjusting and wants to cater to ’90s kids. In another interview, Candrea spoke about Kellie Fox transferring from UCLA to Arizona, saying that

the players didn’t used to switch to rivals. She is replacing Pendley though, showing Arizona softball still has it. The Wildcats have lost a lot of players in the last few years, but Pendley is the only one of note. Becca Tikey moved from the UA to rival ASU, which should be huge news, but she only appeared in 48 games in two seasons here. Arizona softball needs to change, and it has. It’s added two new coaches in the last two years: One from the 2006 championship team and one who is so accomplished she should be a head coach. But no matter who is next in line, they won’t be able to replace Candrea’s contributions. He is not wholly to blame for this disappointing season. — James Kelley is a history senior. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @JamesKelley520.

To our wonderful graduates, our heartfelt ...

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16 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

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1/2 block ua, sam Hughes. 800sqft. 1BR, lg closet, pool, AC, DW, concrete floors, full bath, tile. $940 (520)629-8852 largE studio campbEll & 1st. A/C, ceiling fans, private patio, separate kitchen. $475/mo water included. Year lease. JuneMay. No pets. 299-6633 Walk to uoFa $298/mo. 1room studio apartment, large yard w/parking, 300sqft. Near 2nd Ave &University Blvd. Call Norman 3266792

! 2bEdroom/ 1ba, nEW!! CLEAN!! A/C, W/D, yard, storage, Glenn/Country Club, $860/mo. Approved pets OK. 520-990-0783 ! closE campus Top quality. 5BD 2BA $250/room. 3BD 3BA $500/person. 5BD 4BA $500/person. 5BD 5BA $525. 248-1688 ! construction, landscap‑ ing, propErty maintenance helper wanted. P/T, flexible schedule. No tools/ experience necessary. Must have vehicle. Campus area. !! 5‑ 6bd, 2ba pool/ spa (maint incl.) near Prince/Stone. 1700/mo avail Aug 1. WD DW AC ~2400sqft no master bathroom call Alex 520-370-5448 !! 6bEdroom/ 4bath hugE House with a great outdoor area with fireplace for social gatherings. Large open floorplan, 2story. Located within biking/walking distance of Campus. 520-398-5738 !! 7bEdroom 4bath homE Available for August 2013. 520245-5604 for more information

!!!!!! 4br/4.5ba +3 car garage. only a few left at the Village for august. 5‑7 blocks nW ua hugE luxury Homes. Large master suites with walk-in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings up and down +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Security System. Pool privileges. 884-1505 !!!!!!!!!! pre‑leasing upscale qual‑ ity 3‑4 bedroom homes for au‑ gust. close to campus. shown by appointment only. 520‑333‑ 4125 group discounts available !!!!!!!!!!!!!2bd/1bth guest house $1,000 2blks to uofa. 3bd/1bth + den house $1,350 less then 1 mile to uofa. 5bd/4bth house w/brand new spa $2,625! www.‑ call 520.331.8050 (owner/a‑ gent). !spacious, clEan 2BD, 1BA w/ HUGE yard. Speedway & Swan near shopping, dining & UofA. W/D 1year lease, rent discount available. $700/mo 520-9559589 $$450 pEr pErson!! 5bedroom home for lease for August 2013. A/C, fireplace, W/D, private parking. Within blocks of Campus. Call for more info 520-398-5738 $800‑$2400 Fy 13! 3,4 &5bdrm, BRAND NEW homes! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Gar & all appl. incl. 520-790-0776 1100 a month 3BD 2Bath house, washer/dryer, air conditioning, huge backyard, near park/ shops available July 1st - 520-2076281

Classifieds • Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1980 n tyndall #1 and #2, 2 homes on 1 lot! Rent individually or together. #1 is 5bd 3ba with Washer/dryer and rents for $2250. #2 is 3bd 2ba with updated kitchen, large rooms, washer/dryer $1350. Available August. Call REDI 520-623-2566 or Log on 2/3 bdrm closE to UA, 2BATH, A/C, appliances including dishwasher, plenty parking, 1150sqft. Available June 1st. $900 520-9071566 2bd 1ba guEsthousE. Near UofA. Tile throughout. W/D, refrigerator, stove, fenced yard, covered carport. $690/mo Available now 245-8388. 2min to campus aVail noW! 3, 4 & 5bdm home & condos! 1/2 mi to UofA, A/C, Large Yards & all appl included. 520-7900776 2min to campus IN FY13! 1,2,3,4 & 5bdrm, homes & aptmts! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Gar & all appl. incl. 520-790-0776 3baths/ 5bEdrooms, Within blocks to UA $2200. Available for August 2013. Upgraded kitchen, new appliances, including washer and dryer, DW, and micro. BIG bedrooms, walk in closets. 520245-5604

3br /2ba nEar Campus. Primely located near banks, bike path, restaurants, grocery. Gated, covered parking, fitness center, SS appliances, free wifi. Call Pete (520)401-9105 4bEdroom, 4bath, $550 PER PERSON, Super close to Campus, Large living areas, Big bedrooms and closets, fenced side yards, private parking. Call 520398-5738 before they are all gone! 4br/ 2ba and 5BR/ 3BA houses avail. for next August. 5Blocks from UofA. Washer/dryer included. AC. Off street parking. Call to see. Grijalva Realty 3251574. Ask for Laura or Carla. 5bEdroom 2bath. south of campus. Swimming pool, washer & dryer. $1,500. or David (602)478-0840 5min to uoFa!!! 1,2,3,4 -bedroom houses! 1/2 mi to UofA, A/C, yards. $400 -$1600, 520-3389888 a VEry cool house- E Exeter Dr., Available August, 4BDRM/ 3BA. Landlord pays water, landscaping, hot tub maintenance, trash. 2car garage/ 2car carport, off-street parking for 8cars. HOT TUB, huge lot, private backyard, concrete flrs, hardwood kitchen, stainless steel appliances, flatscreen. $2400. Call 419-3787.

3bd 2ba homE Available Now or preleasing for Fall Semester $1350 2807 E Lee. Also 2bd 1.5ba home near UofA Available August $950 2605 E Lee REDI 520-6232566 or Log on

bEautiFul 4bd! rEmodElEd. Hardwood floors, recently repainted, fireplace, high ceiling, all appliances. Available August 1. 885-5292. Corner of Spring& Olsen. $2100/mo.

3bd 2ba homE with wood floors, 2fireplaces, washer/dryer, large yard, 2923 E Edison Available August $1350 Call REDI 520-6232566 or Log on

charming 4bd 2ba, w/d, appliances, hardwood floors, walled yard, security alarm installed. Lease + deposit. Grant/Mountain. $1400/mo. Available August 1. 742-7314

3bd 2ba VintagE brick home with lots of parking, fireplace, washer/dryer, and garage. Available August $1350. 2210 E Juanita Call REDI 520-623-2566 or Log on

charming adobE housE 2BD 1BA, large living/ dining room, large yard, AC, close UofA, medical center, shopping & restaraunts. $1100/mo includes water. 520-271-7357

3bd/ 2ba 2blocks from UA, in Sam Hughes, $1495/mo. Call 520471-2647. Equal housing.

closE to campus, 2Bedroom One Bath, 1200sf, stained concrete floors, W/D, A/C, fenced yard, $800/mo, available June 1st, one year lease, 1234 E. 12th St, call/text Erik 773-425-1965

3bd/ 2ba. ua area. Elm St. W/D, tile floor, walled yard, remodeled kitchen. $1050/mo. Available August 1. Lease, security deposit. 742-7314. 3bEdroom 2baths 2blocks north of campus Swimming pool, washer & dryer. $1,350 or David 602478-0840.

Fantastic nEW 4bEdroom, 2Bath House convenient to campus - A/C, alarm, washer/dryer, back yard, plus more. Check out the website: Pets welcome. Call 520-7479331 today.

3bEdroom, 2bath sabino Canyon/ Synder, Hidden Valley Townhome, community pool, Catalina Foothills District, 1650sqft., pet OK, $1,200/mo, deposit, lease 370-8588

For rEnt: 1450 sqFt, 4BR 2BA House available 8/1/13. 2.8 mi. from campus. Built 2004. 445 E. Geronimo Bluff Loop. Call 520-299-1329 for more information. $1600/mo.+utilities.

hurry!! thEsE Won’t last!! 1 and 2 Bedroom houses available for August 2013. Call 520-3985738 to see kick back hErE!!!!! Spacious 7Bedroom, 4Bath house located practically ON campus!!! Ideal roommate setup, a frat or a sorority large kitchen, walk-in closets, 2sets W/D, microwave, DW, 2 Fridges, LOTS of space. Side yard for B.B.Q’s. $575 pp Mention this ad and receive discount of $25 off per month pp. Call today, this will not last!! 520-398-5738 Tammy sam hughEs largE house w/ swimming pool, 5bdrm/ 3bath. 2901E Hawthorne $2500/mo. Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher. Fireplace, hardwood floors, ramada. 621-3689. VEry cool housE! 5th St, 4BR, 3BA, 8car park, HOT TUB, fenced yard 1/2acre lot, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $2350/mo, avail August. Debbie 520-419-3787 VEry cool housE‑ 9th street Available August, 2BDRM/ 1BA w/bonus room $1050/mo. Landlord pays water, landscaping and trash. Hardwood flrs, flatscreen television, clean, historic, walk to UofA, off-street parking for 4cars. Call 419-3787. VEry cool housE‑ helen (tucson & speedway), Available August, 5BDR/ 2BA. $2450/mo. Landlord pays water, landscaping, hot tub maintenance, trash. HOT TUB, flatscreen, private, fenced backyard with sport court, basketball hoop. Close to UofA. Call 4193787. Walk to campus, Sam Hughes- 2, 3, 4, 5BD. Newer homes! Within 1mi to UofA, A/C, garages and all appl included. 520-790-0776

3bEdroom, 2bath homE, Big Yard, 1993 Home. Walking distance to University and Fourth Avenue. Call or Text 520-4004802 for address. Lori Mares Long Realty nicE 2bdrm 2ba Condo. Pool, garage. Near UofA, Reid Park, bus line. 3940E Timrod. 105K Millie Malveaux, Coldwell Banker (520)471-2339.

1‑2 bdrm for rent. $350 each +utilities inc. cable wifi. Female grad student seeking 1-2 female roommates. Townhouse near Prince/Country Club. Private +safe. Furnished. 2car garage. Patio. Bbq. Pool. 10min from campus. 520-488-6771

condo (rEmodElEd) Fur‑ nishEd with pool 1mile from UofA off of 3rd Ave bike lane. Own room $450/mo. Student preferred. 520-256-2116.

$315/m +util. tyndall‑Lester. Graduating- May rent already paid. Mid-May thru July. Please call 480-202-4094! 1 or 2 bdrm For rent. $450 each +utilities. Fully FURNISHED 4bedroom home. Wifi, cable, security system included. 2.5 mi. from campus, Kino area. 45” flat screen TV and Surround Sound. Private, fenced back yard with gas BBQ and patio. Close to Costco, Walmart, Bio5 Development. Available May 1st, August 1st, or summer sublet. Call (602)616-0133 room For rEnt in 6bed/3bath house at 2237 E. Grant Rd. For months May-July. There will be 12 other occupants/past tenants living there as well. House renovated last year. New appliances, pool, gated property. Rent is 300 per month. If interested call (602)-527-1208. sublEtting room in 3bd/2ba townhouse. Two blocks from campus, Sam Hughes, $400/ month through July 31st. All rooms available.

bikE to campus IN FY13! 1,2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Gar, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776 bikE to umc Quiet 2bdrm, 1.5bath covered parking, AC, W/D, water & garbage incl. $750 1701E. Glenn. Broadstone 623-8111 sam hughEs toWnhomE 1block to UofA, 3BDRM 2BATH, covered parking. $1350/mo +utilities 620-6206

2bdrm/ 2ba toWnhousE. Prince/Country Club. $148,000. Your own financing or assumable VA no down. 480-290-6846

arE you looking for a mover? Same day service? Student rates available. 977-4600 storagE spEcial‑tucson 3MONTHS for 25% OFF CALL! 520-884-8484

Everything you need & a few surprises — ALL RIGHT HERE. • Individual Leases • Computer Lab • Controlled Access • Free Tanning • Game Room • Garage Parking Available • Modern Fitness Center • Outdoor Grilling Areas • Study Room • Swimming Pool w/Cabanas


THAT’S A SAVINGS OF $215! HURRY IN TODAY! C/TheDistrictOn5thAve M@DistrictOn5th 8 7 7 . 3 0 9 . 8 0 9 9 | 5 5 0 N. 5 t h A v e n u e | Tu c s o n , A Z 8 5 7 0 5

Comics â&#x20AC;˘ Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arizona Daily Wildcat â&#x20AC;˘ 17

0 0 1 $ e v sa NO DEPOSIT W IT H

8-hrs & leas e within 4 k o lo u o y n e h w

ask about our

Ralph and Chuck



RATES STARTING AS LOW AS $555 limited time only. rates, fees, deadlines and utilities included are subject to change.

BUSINESS CENTER WITH IM ACS & 24-HR PR INTING COMING SOON close to campu s + f ully f ur nished apar t ments

APPLY ONLINE @ ENTRADA REAL.COM 520.624.6764 // 1 West University, Suite 2101

98th Annual Sonoita Horse Races

THE KING OF THE FALAFEL Falafel..................................................................... $1.99 Falafel w/Hummus ............................................... $2.50 Falafel w/Baba Ganoush ...................................... $2.50 Chicken Shawarma............................................... $3.99 Beef Shawarma ..................................................... $3.99 Gyro ....................................................................... $3.99

May 4thâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;5th Admission $10 including Parking and Racing Program Gate & Bar Open 10 AM

Post Time 1PM | Kentucky Derby & Turf Paradise Simulcast 520-319-5554 1800 E. Ft. Lowell, Ste. 168

Park Ave. & 6th St. Serving All Of Tucson


Buck & Buck & Undermenu menu Under Starting a Starting atat


75¢ ¢ 50¢ ¢ 75 50



Price and participation may vary. Š2013 Del Taco LLC DTL-7655 Price and participation may vary.

(520) 514-2960 3921 E. 29th St. Tucson, AZ 85711 HATSGAMES.COM â&#x20AC;˘ Board Games â&#x20AC;˘ Card Games â&#x20AC;˘ Role-Playing Games â&#x20AC;˘ Hobby Supplies â&#x20AC;˘ Gaming Room

graphic designers

4/15/2013 2:42:40 PM DTL-7655_Tuscon_BW_Ad_F.indd 1

AZ DailyWildcatad_0413.indd 1

Open late every day! Get out of the heat and into the next adventure! Weekly events to make your summer exciting!

4/12/13 10:39 AM

Enhance your portfolios in the exciting multi-media environment at the Wildcat Media Group. Create advertising, marketing and promotional materials (print, online and digital) for the ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT,, KAMP student radio, UATV3 and more! Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be part of a student team of other designers, sharing ideas, building skills, working with businesses, sales reps and marketing staffs.

Double Down with Two Medium Combos for $ 14.99

Experience in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator required.


or get a

760 N Tyndall Ave

University/Tyndall in Main Gate Square

(520) 620-6400 4280 N Oracle Rd

Oracle/Wetmore Behind BJâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brewery

(520) 690-0600

Order Online Tucson 3.2273x3 DW CYC Ad B&W 2-13.indd 1

Mother Lode extra. Not valid with other offers. Valid â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;til 5/5/13.

Medium Combo $ for only 7.99

FREE DELIVERY On orders of $10 or more Not valid with other coupons or offers. $10 minimum does not include delivery fee or tax. Expires 6/2/13. Online Code: TEN4FREE

2.20.13 9:04 PM

Flexible hours, starting at $7.75/hr. Pick up applications at Arizona Student Media (Park Student Union, Rm. 101) Ask for Cindy Callahan 621-3377


at on c d l i he W t d a one e h r P i w o d N d an a P i r ace l p y you n e, a m i t y n a


18 â&#x20AC;˘ Arizona Daily Wildcat

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1, 2013  

In this edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat: What do you deserve? ASUA leaders to be sworn in at innaguration ceremony Students' counter pr...

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