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Math 100 offered to struggling students

UA heading efforts to increase minority enrollment in medicine, pharmacy By Brenna Goth ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT UA medical student Arturo Guzman said childhood days spent at work with his mother, a nurse in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, sparked his interest in medicine. Guzman knew he wanted to attend medical school by the time he entered high school in Nogales, Ariz., he said. The expectation to attend college was set by his parents early on.

“A lot of the influence was from them,” said Guzman, a member of the Latino Medical Student Association. “My parents’ goal for me and for my siblings was to get a college education and hopefully a good occupation.” Guzman said he did not face significant barriers when entering medical school. However, other underrepresented minority students without the same encouragement or guidance may challenge the goal to increase

diversity within health professions, he said. It has been a slow process to increase the number of underrepresented minority graduates in the health fields at the UA, according to Theodore Tong, associate dean of the College of Pharmacy. Degrees awarded to Hispanic students in the college increased from one to nine between 1990 and 2009, but degrees awarded to black and American Indian students did not increase,

according to statistics from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning Support. Medical degrees awarded to Hispanic students in the UA College of Medicine increased about 11 percent between 1990 and 2009. Those awarded to black students did not increase, and degrees awarded to American Indian students rose from one to two.


Math is a struggle for many students, and some do not test into university-level math when they start college. To combat this, the UA has fully implemented a mathematics class that allows students who have not tested into college-level math to take a preparatory course. Math 100 will allow students to work in an online environment that is self-paced, peer-tutored and interactive while meeting two to three days a week with the math 100 staff. “We have a lot of students who don’t place into university-level mathematics when they come in, and we wanted to have a way for them to refresh materials here at the U of A,” said Michelle Woodward, the math 100 coordinator. The math 100 course started last summer and hit its stride in the fall 2010, Woodward said. The intent for the upcoming fall semester is to expand the seating from 360 seats to 900 seats. Completing math within the first year or so of beginning college is an important indicator of whether or not a student will stay in college, she said. “If you don’t have a solid algebra foundation, you’re effed,” said Manny Villegas, a junior studying agricultural and biosystems engineering. The content of math 100 will be intermediate algebra, which would prepare students for higher-level math courses, Woodward said. Villegas said he has taken math courses such as calculus, linear algebra and analysis math for engineering.

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Undie Run undone

Janice Biancavilla/Arizona Daily Wildcat

The Undie Run, hosted by the ZonaZoo, was canceled because of to scheduling conflicts and lack of participation due to finals, according to Hillary Davidson, ZonaZoo executive director. The event has been tentatively rescheduled for Wednesday.

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Forum shifts focus to Jan. 8 shooting By Brenna Goth ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Tucson seems different than other places recovering from tragedies more than three months after the Jan. 8 shooting, according to some mental health experts. Dr. Thomas R. Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, gave the keynote address at a mental health forum on Wednesday in Centennial Hall. The UA College of Medicine and other organizations held the event “A Delicate Balance: Creating a Better Post-Jan. 8 System to Protect the Public and Help Persons with Serious Mental Illness.” Several hundred people listened to speakers address the shooting, the state health care system for those with mental illnesses and the role the community plays in reducing the stigma around such diseases. The audience could also submit questions to be answered by the panelists during the event. The event is normally held to give out the Schorr Family Award for Distinguished Contribution in Furthering

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Public Understanding of Mental Health and has occurred nearly annually since 1995. Insel still received the award, but this year’s event was extended to include a panel of experts to fulfill the need for community discussion after the shooting. Incidents of senseless violence can define communities to outsiders, Insel said. Places such as Oklahoma City and Virginia Tech are still known by many as sites of massacres. “There are people around the nation and world who will equate the name Tucson with tragedy,” he said. Insel said Tucson may be on the right path on overcoming this image by promoting civility instead of pointing fingers. He commended the city’s increased dialogue about mental illness and the launching of the National Institute for Civil Discourse. “I was frankly inspired by the change in tone,” Insel said. “This will be a different place. This will be a different time.” Panelist Joel Dvoskin, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry in the UA College of Medicine, said he has worked

with other communities overcoming crisis. He said the initiatives of Tucsonans, specifically the families of victims, are atypical and inspiring. “What I often see is anger, cries for revenge and hatred,” Dvoskin said. “People move backward with rage instead of forward with hope.” It is unclear exactly what role mental health played in the events of Jan. 8, Insel said, but the link between violence and mental health illness is important to address. “Denial will never reduce stigma,” he said. Most violence committed by those with mental illnesses is self-directed, according to Insel. The ability to frankly discuss mental illness can help reduce fear and misunderstanding in the community and help those in need. “They’re real disorders with real treatment,” Insel said. Other panelists spoke about the shortcomings of the mental health system. State hospital beds are closing across the country due to budget cuts, according


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Robert Alcaraz/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Dr. Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, accepts the Schorr Family Award at Centennial Hall on Wednesday. Insel commended the Tucson community’s increased dialogue about mental illness in the wake of the Jan. 8 shooting.



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Safe Ride serves more with less By John Kuells Arizona Daily Wildcat Safe Ride is helping a record number of students, faculty and their guests get around the UA campus by providing them with free transportation during nighttime hours. Safe Ride, a student-run organization sponsored by the UA, has provided free transportation around campus since 1982. According to data released by Safe Ride, they transported 90,911 students to their destinations during the 2008-2009 school year. Safe Ride transported 1,019 passengers to their destinations on April 7, an all-time record for an individual night. “I think it is an absolutely critical program on campus for encouraging students to use things on campus, be active, go to the library, become involved and know there’s a way they can feel safe and be safer,” said Melissa Vito. vice president for student affairs. Vito, who helps oversee the program, said students are more likely to participate in on-campus activities at night when knowing an option like Safe Ride will help them get to their destination safely.   “I think that they provide a valuable service for students,” said Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Emily Fritze. “It’s a perception of safety so that students feel safe when they are traveling around campus, particularly at night.” Fritze said she is involved in putting together the overall budget for the program and aims to fund the program with the proper means to be successful, which she said is all the

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Safe Ride passengers ride with sophomore driver Michael Bowman on April 11. ASUA’s Safe Ride broke a record on April 7 for the most passengers in one night. “We had a total of 1,019 people,” Bowman said. “There was a lot going on to say the least.”

more important because more students are utilizing the program than ever before. “For next year, we have quite a bit of money coming in from student fees. We also put some of our (ASUA’s) budget into helping Safe Ride as much as possible,” Fritze said. “It’s a combination of student fees that are transferred from student services fees and also from our own budget.” Safe Ride is requesting an additional $140,000 of funding for the next three school years, beginning in fall 2011, to accommodate its needs. Fritze said that the program suffered from a $10,000 budget cut, which has hindered some of

Safe Ride’s plans for replacing aging vehicles and increasing the amount of student drivers to meet demand. “I know that they would like to purchase new vehicles to replace some aging ones and also hopefully increase the amount of student drivers so that they can serve more students,” Fritze said. “I think that’s where the pressures come into play as we continue forward.” Despite the budget cuts, Fritze said the program is still able to execute its goal of providing safe transportation to any student that needs it. “They’ve been able to serve students just as well,” Fritze said. “We hope that we can give

them as much as possible considering the demand, but they’ve done a great job in dealing with the cuts and being successful regardless.” Fritze said that success is aided by Safe Ride’s visibility to new students. She said that Safe Ride is represented at every orientation session for new students, provides information on its program in residence halls and lets students know that they are here to help them. “Safe Ride does a great job of marketing itself,” said Fritze. “I think that the presence is there as soon as students set foot on campus and that hopefully it’s just becoming more used because … the word is spreading about the

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Q&A Diana Liverman

Regents recognize environmental institute co-director

By Brenna Goth ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Diana Liverman, professor of geography and development and co-director of the Institute of the Environment, was one of two UA professors confirmed as regents’ professors by the Arizona Board of Regents this semester. The position is awarded to professors who are recognized nationally or internationally in their field. Liverman, who is also a visiting professor at the University of Oxford, came to the UA as the director of Latin American Studies in 1996. She returned to her family in England for several years in 2004 before coming back to the UA as codirector of the institute. Her current work centers on human climate adaptation research and creating an interdisciplinary environmental center at the UA. She will be inducted in the fall. What’s the most exciting thing you’ve brought to the UA or collaborated on since you’ve been here? I think trying to sort of build the environmental profile of the U of A. There are so many amazing environmental researchers here. What has been really exciting is developing the university web portal on the environment, hiring new faculty. It’s exciting

for me to help the UA build its environmental excellence … As far as specific things I’m excited about, I feel like I’ve broadened the institute to engage with more people across the university. We’ve been doing some work with the humanities, bringing writers and artists in. There’s another initiative with the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences to develop a new program in consumerism and the environment to study how consumers view the “greening” of consumption. That’s very exciting. … We’re trying to work with Eller and the law school. It’s been fun to develop those new links since traditionally the institute has been linked to the College of Science. What kind of research are you doing on climate adaptation? I’ve always been interested in how people cope with drought and flood in a current context — how can farmers cope with drought, how do people respond to natural disasters. If you think ahead to look at climate change, that’s going to bring some very big environmental changes. So I sort of transferred my interest in past adaptation to the climate to thinking about the future. Right now I’m particularly interested

in big development banks. The World Bank and the UN are all very worried about their longterm investments in development. They’re worried climate change will undermine those investments and create poverty just when they’re trying to eliminate it. I’m very interested in how those big, international institutions are thinking about climate adaptation and what sorts of choices are they going to make. Are they going to see it as an opportunity to eliminate poverty or build up big seawalls and dams? There are many ways to adapt. Are we going to try to breed better crops or try to give farmers better fertilizer to make the most of the crops they have? What sparked your interest in the environment and Latin America? I’ve always been interested in the environment ever since I was a kid. I was actually born in Ghana in West Africa, so I was always interested in other parts of the world and hunger and desertification and environmental problems. My parents used to take us to national parks on our holidays, so that got me sort of interested … I always sort of thought I wanted to work in

Africa, but when I started my Ph.D., I was at UCLA and I decided to learn Spanish. I had the opportunity to start working with people on projects on Mexico. There were all sorts of problems with drought. There was the Mexico City earthquake. All sorts of problems were starting. I just found Mexico to be a fascinating place to study the environment. It has a very diverse physical environment, and it’s also got everything from very poor farmers to also very wealthy people. And so you can see the full spectrum of the physical environment and social environment in Mexico. How do you feel being recognized as a regents’ professor? It’s incredibly flattering. It really made me feel good about coming back here. It’s sort of an extra “welcome back.” There are so many people who should get them, so I’m also a little embarrassed. There’s a little bit of a joke because the two other very well known environmental people who are regents’ professors also have British accents. We’ve all lived here for years but somebody said, “Oh, you must have to have a British accent to be an environmental regents’ professor.”


Fritze, Connally to address State of Students By Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The Associated Students of the University of Arizona will host the Second Annual State of the Student address today from noon to 1 p.m. in the South Ballroom of the Student Union Memorial Center. The event will feature student stories and performances in front of university and community leaders. ASUA President Emily Fritze and Graduate and Profesional Student Council President Emily Connally will deliver brief remarks. The event is open and free to all who wish to attend.


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Arizona State University’s uniform redesign had a Chicago cop worried about gang activity. Sgt. Kenneth Epich believed ASU’s Nike-designed new logo, a gold trident instead of a dumb cartoon drawing of Sparky the sun devil, would lead to an adoption of the team’s athletic gear by a “large, violent, mostly Hispanic Chicago street gang” called Satan’s Disciples. According to Epich, Satan’s Disciples use a similar logo to ASU’s pitchfork, and will encourage the gang to start wearing ASU’s athletic gear. Maybe Epich should really be grateful. If they were all running around in maroon and gold, gang members would be easier to identify as people with horrible taste. Or maybe Epich should just be less paranoid. Here’s a fail for when rationality fails.


The drama of Tucson Unified School District’s ethnic studies program continued on Tuesday night when ethnic studies supporters stormed into a meeting of the TUSD Governing Board and chained themselves to chairs. The board planned to consider a proposal that some Mexican-American studies courses no longer fulfill curriculum requirements. TUSD security officials attempted, but could not remove protesters. Tucson Police Department officers were asked to remain outside as long as the protesters remained peaceful. The protest continued, even after the board meeting was canceled. Regardless of your position on TUSD’s ethnic studies classes, the protest at the board meeting was organized by a coalition of ethnic studies students who deserve to be commended. It’s easy to whine about how apathetic kids are. The protesters for ethnic studies took a firm stance on a divisive issue, and they deserve a pass for taking action.


Massachusetts lawmakers are pushing to have a state-funded sex education website, Maria Talks (, shut down. “This is a blatant agenda by the liberal part of our society to introduce children to sex and give them the opportunity to have an abortion without their parents’ involvement,” said state Rep. Colleen Garry in the Boston Herald. Maria Talks also uses “inappropriate and crude language to describe sexual acts,” according to state Rep. Marc Lombardo. The language includes “digital sex” for fingering and hand jobs, and “clit” for “clitoris.” Surprisingly, the goal of most liberals is not to corrupt the virgin ears of teens so that they want to have secret abortions. Maria Talks and similar efforts are attempts to teach teens about sex comprehensively and in a way they can relate to. Sex education isn’t comfortable for anyone, but that doesn’t make it something we should all avoid. For doing the legal equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly to avoid confronting important issues, a fail to Massachusetts lawmakers.

MAILBAG Sex-themed issue perpetuates generalizations, gender divide

We, as ASUA Women’s Resource Center interns, take issue with the heteronormativity and lack of analysis in the “Sex EDition” special published on April 20. Contrary to the title, there wasn’t much sex education in the insert. Your articles and surveys assume that only heterosexual identities exist, and reinforce narrow, normative and even dangerous ideas surrounding sex and sexual behaviors. Our four greatest concerns include the articles’ male lens, lack of analysis regarding alcohol use, exclusion of LGBTQ identities and acceptance of racial stereotypes. The most obvious oversight is the lack of attention given to women and women’s sexuality. Your Cosmo-style blow job article, “Blew of A,” perpetuates the notion that the sexual focus is always, and should always be, on men and men’s pleasure. Not only is the invisibility of the female body problematic, it actually negates female pleasure. Just like in Cosmo, your article, supposedly aimed at a female audience, is “all about him.” In your “Sex Ed-iquette” article, you present statistics that suggest that all onenight stands involve alcohol use — with no exploration of why students feel the need to be drunk in order to express their sexu-


President Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate on Wednesday. “The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn’t good for the country,” according to a statement from the White House. People who aren’t conned by Donald Trump would be inclined to agree, or even be disappointed that Obama felt compelled to dignify the “birther” movement and its followers. But those birthers are persistent. Andy Martin, self-proclaimed “king of birthers” and Chicago-based activist, is now also demanding the release of Obama’s “admission files and transcripts” from college. Martin has also suggested that Obama’s Kenyan father still makes it difficult to call him a natural-born citizen. Martin’s remarks, and similar uproar from the craziest of the crazies, earn the birther movement a fail for never knowing when to quit.


A survey by the Arizona Department of Education, on Arizona principals, found that UA-educated teachers repeatedly meet or exceed standards in their first year of teaching. Teachers who graduated from the UA performed better than the state average in ratings based on things like competency, knowledge and implementation of theory-based strategies. Considering the state of Arizona’s public education system, thank goodness we can be grateful for the UA’s education students. For turning out reliable, well-prepared future teachers, a pass goes to the College of Education. — Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat editorial board and written by one of its members. They are Kristina Bui, Ken Contrata, Michelle A. Monroe and Heather Price-Wright.

The Daily Wildcat editorial policy

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ality or of the dangers that can be associated with intoxication and sexual activity. A true “Sex Ed” piece would address the issues of sexual health and responsibility related to alcohol and drug use. The only mention of LGBTQ identities or individuals is in your “AIDS: Not gone, but forgotten.” The association of HIV/AIDS with gay men is a stereotype, which hurts everyone — it stigmatizes the LGBTQ community and falsely leads others to believe they do not need to be concerned about HIV. Most damaging, however, is your failure to give any information on the importance of STI testing and where students can be tested. Just like any element of sexual health and responsibility, lack of knowledge about STI prevention, testing and treatment cripples students’ ability to engage in sex safely. Similar to your depiction of gay men is your representation of black men. While you do mention people of color in the article about AIDS, the only other discussion of race is in the “Junk about Your Junk” article. In a question regarding stereotypes about black men’s penis size, you fail to address the racist history of this stereotype and instead state that “white men suffer” because of this stereotype; in fact, this is a stereotype that comes from racist constructions of black men as sexual predators. As happened so often in this Sex EDition, you

Letters from

chose to reproduce inaccurate, hurtful and dangerous sexual norms, rather than promoting health and respect. We hope that future articles regarding sexuality are inclusive, well researched and insightful. — ASUA Women’s Resource Center interns

Coverage treated student’s death, life with respect

My name is Zoe Engel, and Wilson Forrester was one of my best and closest friends from home. I just wanted to send you a note complementing you on your article “Letter from the editor: Mourn the loss,” published on April 4, earlier this month about mourning his loss and not making light or spreading rumors about the cause. I go to Indiana, another big school where it’s almost impossible to know every person on campus, and I truly appreciate your message to everyone who knew or didn’t know him. We held a celebration of his life two weeks ago, and it’s still all very surreal and difficult to handle. Once again, thanks for your direct and very appropriate message to the Arizona community, best wishes for the rest of the semester. — Zoe Engel Indiana University student

Mallory Hawkins Arizona Daily Wildcat

Reader As a professional hater, it has been my job to keep it real with you. When you decided that ear nibbling was going to get you the honeys, I had to be the one to break it to you that ladies do not want to worry about whether or not they should get a rabies shot after a hook up. When you considered lingering around at the house of last night’s hookup, I explained the importance of early morning goodbyes and how to handle the walk of shame with grace. All of my nagging and advice has been strictly out of love. And even though my love hasn’t run out, my time has. So I leave you with some final advice and words to live by. “Long hair, don’t care.” — As someone who once (unintentionally) roofied herself at a date dash and then proceeded to throw up in her purse only to dump it on the bus, I would have worn a bag over my head to hide my identity for the rest of my college career. That is, until I quickly discovered that other people do way more embarrassing things all of the time and no one else is mortified by it. Instead they take the “long hair, don’t care” approach and move on with their lives until the next embarrassing thing comes their way. “I don’t support game playing. That being said, play on, playa.” — If you find yourself looking for a boyfriend at

a fraternity party, you must be asleep. Sorry to put you on blast, frat bros, but girls need a warning. Fraternity parties are more like a breeding ground than they are a place to meet the love of your life. The “gentlemen” of USC’s Kappa Sigma didn’t even try to be sly about this. Recently a chapter email was leaked where they referred to women as targets, claiming, “they aren’t actual people like us men.” Charming, right? Lucky for us, other than maybe trying to steal our tank tops, the fraternity guys at UA tend to be decent dudes. “You say ‘potato,’ I say ‘vodka.’” — When you are so hung over that you feel like Regina George in “Mean Girls,” in the scene where she’s hit by a bus, don’t be tempted to make the claim that you’re never drinking again. The fact of the matter is you are going to drink again; you are in college. In fact, you are probably going to drink within 48 hours of said hangover. And when you do, take a shot to your liver, make fun of yourself for thinking you’d never drink again and do something that you actually never want to do again, like drunk text your professor. “Only bitches text shit.” — So don’t. Man up and get the courage to confront someone rather than relying

on social media/texting to do it for you. If you choose to go the electronic route, then u r lame. “Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me” — Flash the deuces to any haters in your life, except for me, of course. Fake friends are not the business, and you know it. It is one thing to have a friend that makes you reconsider the outfit you chose for your night out on the town, but it is another story if you have a friend or boyfriend that makes you second guess yourself. You feel me? Tell your haters to shove it and do your thang. “I am too drunk to taste this chicken” is not to be confused with “I am too drunk to find a restroom.” — No matter how drunk you are, it is never considered acceptable to pee in your pants. I know, you probably think that it goes without saying, but after witnessing a grown man pee his pants in the middle of a conversation this weekend, I thought it was worth mentioning. Girls will accept many flaws as quirks but there’s just no looking past a pants-wetter — it is unforgivable. And when in doubt, just think, “What would Mal do?” and do it. xoxo — Mallory Hawkins is a communication senior. She can be reached at

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arizona daily wildcat • thursday, april 28, 2011 •

UA hosts sexual safety fair By Samantha Munsey ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

A giant human condom could be seen strolling around the UA campus on Wednesday as a way to encourage people to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Campus Health Service hosted an STD Testing Resource fair on the UA Mall yesterday to raise awareness of the importance of getting tested as part of STD Testing Awareness Month and the Get Yourself Tested Campaign. Free condoms, lubricants and “sexy prizes” were passed out during the event, along with pamphlets that provided information on where to go to get tested. One of these places includes Campus Health, which offers confidential testing for STDs, including HIV. “We want to make this information accessible to any UA student, which is why we had the resource fair on the Mall,” said Carrie Hardesty, a health educator for Campus Health Service. “(It is) the heart of the UA campus.” A certified nurse from Campus Health Service stationed an Ask-aNurse booth at the fair, which gave students the opportunity to ask questions regarding sex and to learn the signs and symptoms of STDs. At the booth, students were asked to fill out a quiz designed to test their sex knowledge. “We are trying to celebrate and provide information,” said Eileen Devlin, a nurse practicioner for Campus Health

Ginny Polin/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Astrid Eskridge, left, a family studies and human development freshman, grabs a few condoms from Brittany Robertson and Mr. Condom on Wednesday during Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness Day. April is STD Awareness Month, and Campus Health is encouraging everyone to get tested.

Service. “The turnout has been really well. We’ve been here since 11 o’clock this morning and have gotten good feedback.” The resource fair also hosted booths from local health organizations including the Women’s Resource Center, Student Health Advisory Committee, Planned Parenthood and the Pima County Health Department. Planned Parenthood was there to provide information about its organization and give students the opportunity to sign a petition to make prescription birth control

available without co-pays under the Heath Care Reform Law. “Birth control can get really, really expensive,” said Madelaine Archie, journalism senior and member of Vox, a student group run through Planned Parenthood. “I think people should be informed so they can make healthy choices for themselves, whether it’s selecting a birth control or getting tested that’s what we’re here for.” It is estimated one in two sexually active young people will contract an STD by age 25, and most will not know it.

Alvernon Manor 520.325.5119 • 919 N. Alvernon Way

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MATH continued from page 1 “It was an uphill battle, but it was worth it,” he said. Though Villegas placed into math 122 as a freshman, he said if he didn’t feel prepared at that time, he would have taken the math 100 course. He said he thinks it is a great option for students to have so they don’t have to go to Pima Community College for their math credits. “We also want to make sure that people are refreshed on the information before they go into college algebra or (math) 105,” Woodward said. “We want to make sure that people are ready.” The math 100 class is online-based and uses a webconferencing system called Elluminate, she said. It essentially acts as an online classroom with virtual white boards and virtual chat. “I think what’s been really exciting about Elluminate is the opportunity to have it be as much like a real classroom as possible, where we actually talk with people three days a week and we’re engaged with them,” Woodward said. The course also uses a tutorial program called ALEKS Learning Mode that allows students to access their online textbook, answer questions


and receive feedback, she said. The class allows students to choose which problems they want to work on, she said. It provides an individual plan of how students work on the material and helps them to be ready for their next course. “It frees us up as a staff, as a math 100 team, to be able to really support students individually that have a specific issue and they know where their problem is,” Woodward said. “So we don’t have to go over material people already know how to do, we are only going over the things that they’re struggling with.” Woodward said most online classes generally do not allow for a lot of interaction between teachers and students, unlike math 100 where they meet two to three days every week. “What I have found really great is that meeting with students frequently like you would in a regular class is really important, even if you’re online,” she said. Woodward said having a general understanding of math is helpful since it is seen in everyday life. “I think mathematics allows people the opportunity to be able to think critically and logically about the mathematics itself, but I think that definitely transfers into other fields,” Woodward said.


• thursday, april 28, 2011

policebeat By Alexander Vega Arizona Daily Wildcat

Put another shrimp on the barbie

UA students got into a scuffle after one of them accused the other of shoplifting on April 22. A University of Arizona Police Department officer was flagged down at 3:07 a.m., on Santa Rita Avenue and Lowell Street. A male student with blood on his mouth told the officer that another student had punched him. According to the student, his assailant ran into the Sixth Street Parking Garage. Before he was punched, the student was sitting in the courtyard next to Highland Market. His assailant walked out of the market and asked for a cigarette.After informing him that he didn’t have any, the man went back inside the store. Several minutes later, he came back out with a small blue bag of potato chips and another unknown item. “Shh, don’t tell anyone,� the assailant said. When the student asked him if he had stolen the chips, the assailant admitted to the theft. “You shouldn’t steal things because it’s not right,� said the student. “What are you going to do about it, pussy?� said the assailant. “Nothing, I’m just saying it’s not right,� the student said. According to the student, the assailant then walked up to him and began slapping him in the face and saying, “What are you going to do, hit me?� The student claimed he refused to fight back, and instead got up to leave. While walking away, the assailant continued to harass, slap and antagonizing the student. The student lost track of his assailant, but was surprised when he ran at him and punched the student in the face. As soon as the student fell to the ground, the assailant ran away to the garage. The other officers, dispatched to search the area, came across a man similar to the suspect described at Jett’s Wildcat Petrol. The responding officer transported the victim to the scene to identify the suspect. The alleged assailant, an Australian international student, said that he paid for his items and denied instigating any fight with the student. A check of security footage at Highland Market showed the assailant leave the market without paying. The officer arrested him on charges of shoplifting and assault with injury. He was transported to Pima County Jail and booked for his charges.

PGA tour hits the UA Mall

Two drunk UA students hit the links early on April 22. A UA custodial employee reported two men hitting golf balls toward the Student Union Memorial Center at 4:35 a.m. A UAPD officer arrived at the UA Mall and asked the students to relinquish the two golf clubs and golf balls, to which the students complied. One student claimed that they were only chipping balls. However, both students appeared unsteady on their feet, had red eyes and smelt of alcohol. One of them admitted to have been drinking, the other denied it. After being tested for intoxication, both students admitted to drinking at a mutual friend’s house. The students were both cited and released for minor in possession, but, according to the officer, remained polite and cooperative. The officer then reminded the students that while chipping balls was not necessarily prohibited, driving was.

Beta tackles jellyfish problem








An unknown party tagged the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house with graffiti in four different places on April 24. A resident of the house reported the incident to UAPD around 1 p.m. When the officer arrived, a fraternity brother showed the officer each graffiti location. The tags were located on one of the front columns of the house, facing University Boulevard, near a first floor window, on the east side of the building, near the roof, and inside the house in one of the first floor bathrooms. The resident suspected that the tagger broke into the house to make the bathroom image because an unused window had been opened. All of the tags were of the same image, a jellyfishtype face with facial hair, a top hat and unintelligible writing written next to it.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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arizona daily wildcat • thursday, april 28, 2011 •

Documents show flaws in US detention policy

Obama’s birth certificate released MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS

WASHINGTON — Saying the country does not have time for “silliness,” President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged focusing on issues including high gas prices and the economy after the White House released his long-form birth certificate. Obama has been dogged by criticism from Donald Trump and others about his place of birth. The certificate released shows that Obama was born in a Hawaii hospital at 7:24 p.m. on August 4, 1961 — making him eligible for the U.S. presidency. Speaking in the White House briefing room, Obama said he released the document to stop the distraction that the issue of his birthplace was having on policy matters including the budget. “We are not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,” Obama said, without

mentioning names. “I’ve got better stuff to do,” he said. Trump, a potential Republican candidate for president, has been questioning Obama’s birthplace repeatedly in recent weeks. The business mogul tied former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee for second place in a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of Republican primary voters. Obama said the country can’t solve its big problems if it’s distracted by issues like his birth certificate. “There are a lot of folks out there who are still looking for work. Everybody is still suffering under high gas prices. We’re going to have to make a series of very difficult decisions about how we invest in our future but also get a hold of our deficit and our debt,” he said. Some Republicans agreed with Obama that the issue is a distraction. U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about being born in Hawaii and releases is full birth certificate on Wednesday, hoping to end controversy on the place of his birth. Olivier Douliery/ Abaca Press/MCT

MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS WASHINGTON — Newly released WikiLeaks documents detail how the U.S. government held many Guantanamo detainees based on shaky evidence. Even so, the revelations are unlikely to dramatically change their fates. Rather, the disclosures highlight the flaws of the current system set up by the U.S. government to detain suspected al-Qaida terrorists, said attorneys involved in the cases. The more than 750 individual assessments of former and current Guantanamo detainees obtained by McClatchy Newspapers and a handful of other news organizations show a detention system dependent on prison-camp snitches

and alleged al-Qaida turncoats. Based on the WikiLeaks documents, McClatchy reported that the allegations and observations of just eight detainees were used to help build cases against some 255 men at Guantanamo — roughly one-third of all who passed through the prison. Yet the veracity of the testimony of many of them was later questioned. While such details about the shadowy detention system may startle the public, lawyers representing the 172 men who remain in the prison knew much of the information — if not more. As part of the secretive process set up to handle the prisoners’ challenges to their detentions, judges have mulled the strength of the very same evidence in closed-

MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Wednesday gave an official blessing to the chief Libyan opposition group, opening the way for closer ties but not necessarily recognition as the country’s legitimate government. Gene Cretz, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, said a U.S. diplomat sent to Libya to assess the opposition group, the Transitional National Council had concluded that “it is a political body which is worthy of our support.” U.S. diplomats have been studying the rebel group for weeks, trying to discern its goals and whether it included militant Islamists or other dangerous elements.

Cretz told a State Department briefing for reporters Wednesday that because of the new judgment the United States would encourage other countries to officially recognize the council, and to offer them more aid. France, Italy, and Qatar already have recognized the group, rather than the regime led by Moammar Gadhafi, as Libya’s legitimate government. But Cretz said the administration continues to wrestle with whether it should offer recognition of the council. He said the issue involved a number of complicated legal questions, such as whether the council meets the legal definition of a government, and whether recognition of the group would be consistent with American diplomatic

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precedent. “We’re a very legalistic country,” he said in a briefing at the State Department. U.S. officials contend, however, that the lack of recognition hasn’t been an impediment to the administration providing aid to the rebels. President Barack Obama this week approved the provision of up to $25 million worth of surplus equipment to the rebels, including communications gear, medicine, and bullet proof vests. Cretz said US officials believe that the Libyan officials still supporting Gadhafi constitute a “hard core” of family and supporters that is strongly resistant to international efforts to persuade them to defect.




door hearings after reading classified briefs. Gary Solis, an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, said the WikiLeaks documents could provide lawyers some tidbits about the interrogation of detainees and give them new avenues of legal attack. That said, Solis said the revelations don’t “give a major advantage to the defense” because it’s likely they knew much of the information already. In some cases, judges have ordered detainees released because of their doubts about the government’s case, but those detainees are still being held because the U.S. has not found a country that wants to accept them.

Obama gives support to Libya

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• thursday, april 28, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat

ASUA details plans for next semester By Bethany Barnes Arizona Daily Wildcat ASUA approved a strategic plan consisting of six objectives, one of which involves an overhaul of the senate makeup. The plan proposes a senate composition that would base seats off of college affiliation, totaling to what the plan estimates would be 16 seats. The Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Emily Fritze noted that the new senate composition, as with everything in the strategic plan, is something to consider, not a concrete change. “Most student governments do it based off the college. We’re very rare in doing general seats,” Fritze said. Sen. Chad Travis said he liked the idea of more opinions but expressed concern about students who have majors that are more time consuming not being able to devote enough time to ASUA. “The reality is we don’t have very

diverse senates, and there is a reason for that,” Fritze said, noting that this would allow students interested in policy to voice their opinion. “It’s (the senate) not supposed to be a project board … to be quite frank.” Other suggestions in the plan include phasing out the ASUA logo by adding slight changes during the next few years. “We all sort of had the conclusion that our logo is really ‘80s,” Fritze said. Fritze stressed examining areas where ASUA can be more efficient in order to eliminate unnecessary programs or positions. On adjusting the elections, Fritze said she thought it was apparent that ASUA needs to address the elections code and procedures, noting that “it’s a really reactive policy.” The senate passed ASUA Presidentelect James Allen’s changes to the presidential bylaws to incorporate two new positions, leadership development coordinator and a communications director.

Ginny Polin/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Emily Fritze, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona president, looks back at the accomplishments within ASUA during the final meeting of the current ASUA leadership on Wednesday. Addressing future issues, Fritze discussed the need to examine issues within the Elections Code and procedures.

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cess since they were introduced 10 to 20 years ago. The Office of Outreach and Multicultural Affairs works with high school students through summer programs and offers undergraduates help with the Medical College Admission Test, interviews and other aspects of the medical school application process. “The idea is to prepare them to be better applicants,” Beita said. Retention of students in the College of Pharmacy does not differ by race, according to Tong. Instead, he said diversity in the college is a function of the variety of applicants. “The work has to be done before they arrive,” Tong said. “That’s not recognized very often. (People think) that’s someone else’s job.” The College of Pharmacy introduced a program in the late 1990s to work with local schools and introduce students to pharmacy through activities such as summer camps. Several of these students have come to the College of Pharmacy in recent years and attributed their interest in the field to the camp, Tong said. “The idea of pursuing a career in health is important,” Tong said. “That’s where they’re needed.” Tong said diversity initiatives have come far since he came to the college in 1982 and that he has seen improvement. Of the 98 pharmacy students who began the program last fall, 45 percent identified themselves as minorities, he said. “The change is positive,” Tong said. “It’s taken a long time. We wish it would move faster.”

MEdicine continued from page 1 The path to increasing diversity comes from increasing the qualified applicant pool, according to Oscar Beita, associate director of the Office of Outreach and Multicultural Affairs in the College of Medicine. Students need to start the path to medical or pharmacy school before they graduate high school by being exposed to the various careers and gaining a strong foundation in math and science, he said. “There are barriers in general,” Beita said. “The medical profession requires a lot of planning. People have to take a number of courses to prepare. Students need to have families who have been behind them many years supporting them, making sure they attend AP (Advanced Placement) class in high school, making sure they participate in the right types of activities.” The current underrepresentation of minority groups in health fields may create a cycle, Beita said. In 2006, 3.5 percent of physicians were black while 5 percent were Hispanic and 0.02 percent were American Indian, according to the American Medical Association. Students with relatives who have been through medical school are often better prepared to navigate the process, according to Beita. “They have done all of this work before applying because their parents are guiding them,” he said. UA outreach programs targeting middle school, high school and undergraduate students have aimed to increase this ac-


“Their own internal motivation may not be that strong,” Duckworth said. The panelists cited early identification of mental illness by doctors and in schools as a way to help both the community and those in need. Continuing an open dialogue about mental health may help prevent tragedies in the future. “The answer, I’m really proud to say, is to be like Tucson,” Dvoskin said. “Don’t be afraid to talk about what happened.”

continued from page 1 to Dr. Ken Duckworth, medical director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. “In Arizona, is it easier to get access to a firearm than a psychiatrist?” Duckworth asked. Unlike physical illnesses, people who have mental illnesses may not always want to seek treatment, making access especially important.

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• thursday, april 28, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat

Michelle A. Monroe Editor in Chief 520•621•7579

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Sara Brenner

Psychology freshman What is your personal favorite style of music? I really love acoustic covers. I’m a YouTube obsessor, any artist on YouTube, I know all of them. I’m obsessed. Would you ever marry someone who hated that style? They say you can’t change people, so they would have to accept me for who I am. I’d have to accept them for who they are, it’d be difficult though. What is something you want to change about yourself before Fall 2011? I’d like to stop the procrastination. I’ll worry about that later though. How do you get all your work down? Whenever I feel super stressed out I will Skype one of my friends or Facebook, which is the reason I am always stressed out because I am on there instead of doing my work. How do you feel about guys with blue hair? It’s not my personal favorite. I don’t really like to date smurfs. But I mean, to each their own. What are you really going to be doing on “reading day?” Well it’s Cinco de Mayo, so I’m going to be digging into my Mexican heritage eating chips and salsa.


Aries (March 21 - April 19) — Today is a 7 — Creative change is possible. Time to bring it up to the next level. Your partner may take the lead, and that may be a good thing. Stick to your goals and keep experimenting with new ideas to make your dreams come true. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) — Today is an 8 — You may as well feel good today. Look around and appreciate! Take advantage of renewed self-confidence and take strides in your career. Avoid being overwhelmed by breathing deep. Gemini (May 21 - June 21) — Today is an 8 — Step into

Caroline Nachazel Odds & Ends Reporter 520•621•3106

If on campus, you may use any recycling bin regardless of the label.

STAFF BOX Editor in Chief Michelle A. Monroe Managing Editor Ken Contrata

Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times/MCT

News Editor Luke Money

Paul Winer is one of the more interesting characters in Quartzsiete, Ariz., where he is pictured on Feb. 11. He owns the Reader’s Oasis bookstore and prefers to walk around town nearly nude.

Sports Editor Tim Kosch

Kate Middleton mix-up: Facebook deletes Boston woman’s account

Design Chief Olen Lenets

CONCORD, Mass. — Yes, she really is Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton, the Boston bicycle enthusiast, that is. But that hasn’t stopped the 32-yearold from being confused with the woman who is about to marry Prince William. Recently, Facebook accused the Boston Middleton of being an impostor and deleted her account. Various media reporters also keep showing up at ATA Cycle, a Concord, Mass. bicycling shop where she works, and asking her to speak in a British accent.

have her account back. “Facebook disabled my account for using a fake name,” she tweeted after the Facebook deletion. “Will the real Kate Middleton please stand up?” She soon discovered that Facebook also had untagged her in all of her photos. “Further evidence one doesn’t really exist unless they are royalty … ” she quickly tweeted. The account was re-instated about a week later. — AOL News

“I’m really not interested in pretending I’m British,” said Middleton, who is originally from Louisville, Ky. “And I’m not really interested in pretending I’m the other Kate Middleton so I basically refused on all five requests to speak in a British accent.” The mix-up began in January after Middleton tried to log on to her Facebook account only to find out that the account had been suspended on suspicion of it being fake. She wrote Facebook an email and said that yes, her name was Kate Middleton and asked if could she

FAST FACTS • The long droopy ears of a bloodhound did not evolve to improve their hearing, but to stir the air and waft scent past their keen noses. • Chihuahuas are the only breed of dog to be born with an incomplete skull. Like human babies, chihuahuas have moleras, or a soft spot in their skulls, that fill in with age. • Statistics show that raccoons have the largest number of rabies cases in a single species. • The Afghan Hound is scientifically proven to be the dumbest dog

greater leadership. Others will support this. Be prepared for surprises, and a friend leads you to the perfect partner. Take time for peaceful movement. Cancer (June 22 - July 22) — Today is an 8 — You’re having fun, and this builds charisma. Coworkers get on board with your idea. You know what you’re talking about, so share it. Upgrade equipment to fulfill the plan. Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) — Today is a 7 — Here comes the sun, and it’s just what you need. Brighten your workspace, air out bedding and take a moment for

in the world. • Unvaccinated dogs are the number one transmitters of the rabies virus worldwide.

OVERHEARD Woman: “You know those girls who are natural brunettes but dye their hair super blonde?” Man: “You mean hot girls?” — Park Student Union courtyard

submit at or twitter @overheardatua

Opinions Editor Kristina Bui

Arts Editor Brandon Specktor Photo Editor Tim Glass Multimedia Editor Johnny McKay Web Director Colin Darland Asst. News Editors Bethany Barnes Jazmine Woodberry Asst. Sports Editors Michael Schmitz Asst. Photo Editor Mike Christy Asst. Arts Editor Heather Price-Wright Asst. Copy Chief Kristen Sheeran News Reporters Brenna Goth John Kuells Steven Kwan Eliza Molk Samantha Munsey Alexander Vega Michelle Weiss Sports Reporters Kyle Arps Nicole Dimtsios Ryan Dolan Kelly Hultgren Tyler Johnson Daniel Kohler Kevin Nadakal Zack Rosenblatt Bryan Roy Alex Williams Kevin Zimmerman Arts & Feature Writers Remy Albillar Miranda Butler Christy Delehanty Kim Kotel Jason Krell Steven Kwan Kellie Mejdrich Kathleen Roosa Johanna Willet Dallas Williamson Jazmine Woodberry Columnists Storm Byrd

yourself to melt in the light. Let it drench you in a warm glow of expansion. Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 — Exert your will without fanfare. You know how to make it happen, and others will let you run with it. Discover that you already have the perfect thing to get the job done. Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) — Today is a 6 — Send old stuff to the thrift store to free space up. In the cleaning and organizing, you discover something amazing you’d forgotten about that well repays the effort.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) — Today is a 5 — Find comfort and refuge from stress in an artistic pursuit. Paint, bake, dance, read, write or create. Your partner adds a nice touch, and the fun process lightens everything. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) — Today is a 5 — It’s fine to hide under the blankets with a flashlight and your favorite book, although you may be more comfortable sitting at your desk sketching your ideas or writing love letters. Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) — Today is a 7 — Words come easily today. Your communication skills

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are appreciated. Check the plumbing or water runoff flow. Discover hidden treasure as you improve systems. Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) — Today is an 8 — Productivity is on the rise, especially if you work in a team. Bounce ideas off each other and don’t get stuck. You have the capacity to start anew. Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) — Today is an 8 — You’re making a good impression. Turn up the heat and choose. What kind of leader will you be? What kind of a difference will you make and for whom?

arizona daily wildcat • thursday, april 28, 2011 •



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i Am An international student, will attend University of Arizona this fall. I want to hire a UA student to teach me english. I provide the place for you to live, food, everything you want, and the salary is $500 per month. If you have any interest please e-mail me, send me the information about yourself and a picture of you. My e-mail address is looking For p/t Front Desk Staff at local gym. Call 690-9299 or apply at 2404 E River Rd Bldg 1 looking For servers. Shogun Japanese restaurant. Call 888-6646. PArttime Bookstores merCHAnDiser. Stocking, sizing etc. Starts in August. 7hr/ week. Make own schedule. Click on “opportunities” then “get started”. personAl CAre giver needed. Tuesday Friday and Sunday morning hours. Call Matt 7952182. reD roBin At the Tucson Mall has immediate openings for experienced servers and cooks. Apply today. stuDentpAyouts.Com pAiD survey takers needed in Tucson. 100% FREE to join! Click on surveys. summer Arts DAy Camp counselors wanted. Enthusiastic people to work with children in the arts. MF FT May - August. Contact Frank or 622-4100 x205 or pick up application forms at 2520 N. Oracle Rd. summer emPLoyment oPportunity for school uniform retail store. (approx. 6/7 - 8/15) Must be fluent in Spanish and English and have dependable transportation. Cashier help, fitting room assistance, general cleaning, stocking. Great work environment. No nights or Sunday hours. Please email resume to: tHree mAtH AnD ENGLISH TUTORS needed for afterschool program in Marana. 2:30pm to 7:30pm Tues, Thurs throughout the year. Call 395-2951 for interview. weB support Do you love creating websites? Want to learn (and use) a bunch of new tech skills, including working with Linux, Drupal, audio/video streaming, and more? You can have any major, you just need to be willing to work and learn. Arizona Student Media, which includes the Daily Wildcat, UATV Channel 3, and KAMP Student Radio, needs a web support person. The job entails working 15 hours/week, with a flexible schedule to be worked out with Student Media’s professional systems analyst. (Job is for fall/spring semesters, not summer.) Applicant must be a UA student, or can also be a Pima College student registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours. Pay $9.00 to start. If you’re ready to put your talent to work, and gain useful real-life experience plus a paycheck, email a cover letter and resume to

2 montHs Free storAge Rent! Call for details, Get an extra 10% off when you show your student ID. Near 77 an I10. (520)624-3494

! 1-5 BeDroom Houses and Apartment Units located close to UofA. PRELEASING FOR SUMMER AND FALL 2011! Call 331.8050 for showing appts ! All utilities pAiD. 1Rm studio $350 no kitchen, refridgerator only. Giant studio w/kitchen $620. A/C, quiet, no pets, security patrolled. 2995020/ 624-3080 !!!! Huge ArCHiteCt-DesigneD 3BR/ 2BATH units in best location across from Time Mkt @503 E. University Blvd. HW floors, gorgeous kitchens and baths, porch, pkg, laundry$1975.00. Family owned/ managed. 520-906-7215. !!!1BD/ 1BA, $495, 3BLOCKS TO UA, Euclid/ 9th, Furnished, Water/ Gas/ Internet Included, 520-7983453, , 726 East 9th Street !!!fAmiLy owneD &oPerAteD. Studio 1,2,3 or 4BD houses & apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $360 to $1800. Available now or pre-lease. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080. !!!wAlk or bike to campus. Beautifully renovated and maintained properties very close to school. 1,2 and 3BR units for 6/1 and 8/1. Don Martin Apts, House Mother Apts & University Lofts. We care about our buildings and our tenants. 520-906-7215. 1Blk From uoFA reserve your apartment for summer or fall. Furnished or unfurnished. 1bedroom from $610. Pool/ Laundry. 5th/ Euclid. Call 751-4363 or 309-8207 for appointment. 2BD w/pool, A/C, laundry, dishwasher, fountain, ramada, oak floors, covered porch. $700/mo. 2806 N. Tucson Blvd. (Tucson & Glenn intersection) Cell: 520-2402615 or 520-299-3987

reserve now For Summer/ Fall 1BD furnished $425/mo summer only $500/mo YR. $525/mo 9months August. University Arms. Clean, quiet, green, 3blocks to campus 623-0474

Attention Classified Readers: The Arizona Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check. Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

2Br 2BA grounD floor, gated, pool, spa, covered parking. $700/mo plus deposit. Copper Star Condos 1745 E. Glenn. Skyline Properties 577-6570. 3BD/ 2BA ConDo, 2Car Garage, A/C, washer/ dryer, yard, 3miles UofA, on Mountain bike path, partially furnished, quiet/ safe, pool, cable/internet included, rent for next school year. $475/ bedroom. Contact:

sierrA pointe ApArtments. great for students! 1mile from UofA. 1 and 2 Bedrooms starting at $665. Awesome roommate floorplans. Rent includes *high speed internet, expanded cable, heating, A/C, water, sewer &trash* Pet friendly. Our quiet property also has a pool, spa,2 laundry facilities and 24/hr fitness center. Call us today at 520-323-1170. Located at Tucson Blvd/ Grant.

A luxury sam Hughes place condo for lease. 2BD, 2BA, fireplace, 2covered parking spots, walk to uoFA. $1900. Call Andy 858-200-5827

sierrA pointe ApArtments. Spaces are filling up fast! Don’t wait, reserve your new home for fall. Call us today at 520-3231170.

CHArming 1Br ConDo, 17th& Country Club. Unfurn. Beautiful& peaceful. Walk to Reid Park, bike to campus. $600/mo. Pets ok w/deposit. Call (520)461-5922.

speCiAl summer only leases (2-3 months) 1BD furnished $425/mo. University Arms. 3blocks to campus. Near shopping & rec center. 623-0474

CHArming ConDo For rent. 2miles UOFA. 2BR W/balconies, 2bth, office room, new appliances, washer and dryer, patio, 2covered parking + visitors parking. Quiet/ safe.(Campbell/ Glenn) $825. Contact 520-906-2325

speCiAl! 1BeD/ 1BAtH $320 and 3Bed/1Bath for $575. 2Bed/ 2Bath and 4Bed/ 2bath also available. Call (520)888-2111 or visit stuDent sPeCiAL $375-$395. Nice, quiet, & clean, furnished. 1.07 mi north UofA. 882-6696 stuDio uoFA umC 1mile. Mountain/ Grant. $525/mo All utilities included. Private patio, off-street parking, evap cooling. Available June 1. 2563 N Fremont/ rear unit/ go down alley. Don’t disturb tenants. 299-3227 909-7771 stuDios From $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. Blue Agave Apartments 1240 n. 7th Ave. speedway/ stone. uA Convenient, lArge 1BD 1920s duplex, wood floors, ceiling fans, $435/mo, lease, deposit, no pets. Available June 1. 682-7728.

Pre-LeAsing for fALL. Luxury condo 2BR 2BA $750/mo. Incl. most utils. Washer Dryer Dishwasher, Secure, Pets OK. Across from Walmart. Lease negotiable. 520-272-4162 sAm HugHes plACe Condo, 3BD/2BA, June, July only. Overlooks fountain. Tile Floors. Price neg. 210-241-3900 or 623-9104027.

!!!!!1BD w/pool, laundry, fountain, ramada, oak floors, covered porch. $550/mo. 2806 N. Tucson Blvd. Cell: (520)240-2615, (520)299-3987. 1BloCk From mAingAte, new 2-story luxury duplex. 3bd + loft, 2 1/2ba, security system + patrol, 2car garage, patio, balcony, W/D. Available 8/1/2011. $2400/mo. (Up to 4roommates) 207-2772/ 314-265-8544

1Br witH AC, carport and fenced yard on 1acre. Includes gas and water. Only $550/mo 432E. Mohave. (1st/ Prince) 520240-2615. 5Blk nortH to UA/ UMC. Awesome 1bed/1bath evap, small fenced yard. $485/mo Available 6/1 1229 E. Elm call 591-8188. Quiet neigHBorHooD, two room near duplex, tiled floors, 1124-C E. Hampton, (Mountain & Grant), water and electric paid, a/c, washer & dryer, internet and cable available, 403-6681.

! 3Blks to uoFA. $535. Large studio with hardwood floors, private enclosed yard, W/D, A/C, covered parking. No pets. Available June. 520-743-2060 BeAutiFul guest House studio near Campbell/ Grant residential. Full kitchen, A/C, bathroom, laundry, full bed, loveseat, closet space. Private entrance w/patio. Street parking. $500 including utilities. Avail June 1 for year lease, security/ cleaning deposit. No smoking or pets. Contact Denise, or (310)9913698. Photo: Close umC CAmpus. 1bd, 1ba, beautiful guesthouse, safe, clean, skylights, ceiling fans, built-in furniture. Bay window. Completely furnished. $595. 248-1688 guestHouse/ stuDio Dsl, cable, W/D, A/C, utilities included, fully furnished, 300sqft. Sam Hughes near UofA. $595/mo call LuAnn. 603-8007. stuDio guestHouse All utilities included, fenced yard, covered patio, ceramic tile throughout $295 ALSO 4Blocks to Campus Studio Cottage, A/C, concrete floors, laundry, Available August $500 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM


2Br $570 Furnished Apartments 4blocks from UofA. Pool, gas grills, and on-site laundry. 1210 E 10th St (corner of 10th St & Santa Rita Ave) 520-623-5600

Deadline: Noon one business day before publication WRITE AD BELOW—ONE WORD PER BLANK

A greAt plACe for stuDents. Deerfield Village has 1&2 BDs. 24hr fitness & laundry. Pool/ spa W/Cabana & gas grills. FREE SHUTTLE TO UOFA. Student discount, gated community, business center w/WIFI. $122.50 moves you in! 520-323-9516









__________ __________ __________

___________ ___________ ___________







AvAilABle June 1st. Summer rate $600/mo for June-August. 2bd/ 1ba 626 N 6th Avenue. Furnished or unfurnished. Call Balf at 520.907.9505

Classification: _______________________________

CAstle ApArtments. First month free with June leasing. Call for details. Studios from $550, 1bd $650, Free utilities. Walk to UofA. 4065515/ 903-2402.

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________

City/State:_____________________ Zip: _____________ Phone_____________________ Place my ad online: ___ Send ad with check/money order. We also accept: MasterCard/Visa/American Express: ______________________________

esl stuDent, grAD or Faculty preferred. Furnished efficiency in private home by #4 bus to the UofA. Wilmot/ Speedway area. Walled yard, cat ok, security doors & windows, NO SMOKING, security deposit, $495/mo, utilities included. 520-722-5555 lArge 2BeDroom, 1.5bathroom apartments, includes enclosed patio and covered parking. 3736 E. Fairmount, near Alvernon and Speedway. $600, will negotiate a great move in special for good students. Small pets ok. I can show you other properties near campus too, but these three vacant two bedrooms are a must see. Please call Dolores at 520-603-0584.

Expiration Date: ___________

Signature: ____________________________________

RATES: $4.75 minimum for 20 words (or less) per insertion. 20¢ each additional word. 20 percent discount for five

or more consecutive insertions of the same ad. 20 percent discount for 20 or more insertions of the same ad running the same day(s) of the week during same academic year. For an additional $2.50 per order your ad can appear on the Wildcat Website ( Online only rate: (without purchase of print ad) is $2.50 per day. Any posting on Friday must include Saturday and Sunday. The Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an ad. NO REFUNDS ON CANCELED ADS. Deadline: Noon, one business day before publication.

615 N. Park, Rm. 101

621-3425 ➤

University of Arizona

Tucson AZ 85721


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EMPLOYMENT lArge stuDios only 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $380, lease. No pets. 977-4106

# of Days: ___________________

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• thursday, april 28, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat

! 7 BeDroom 7 BAtH BrAnD new Huge 3900sqft luxury home. 4car garage. Huge common areas, 7 Large Master Suites. Balconies. Monitored Security System. Available August, Be first to live in this amazing home. 8841505 ! Just reDuCeD + $500 CREDIT towards 1st month’s rent! 5Bdrm/3Bath Homes. Walk to the U! 920 E. Elm (Rent $2800) & 1521 N. Park Ave. (Rent $2950) Central A/C, ceiling fans, lg bdrms, security doors & gated courtyards, fully equipped kitchens, laundry rms. Avail. first wk of Aug. All rents incl. City trash/water. Contact Erika: or 602-703-5557 ! reserve your 4 or 6 bedroom home now for August. Great homes 2 to 5 blocks to UA. Call for details. 884-1505 or visit us at !!!!!!!! Awesome 6BeDroom, 3BAtH House. $3300/month. Available August 2011. Large floor plan with huge covered porch, washer/dryer, A/C, two balconies, walk in closets, alarm system, pets welcome, plus more. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 747-9331. !!!!!sign up now for FY11– 2, 3, 4 & 5bdm, Newer homes! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages & all appl. included. 520-790-0776

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By Dave Green


3BeDroom 2BAtH, pool, large yard, laundry, A/C. Near UofA. $1500/mo +utilities. Available September 1. Mark 429-2343 3Br 1BA, 2BloCks north of campus, washer, dryer and swimming pool. or call Bryan 907-3763 3Br 2.5BA A/C house, $1350/mo, 1.1mi to uA& umC, 3Br 2.5BA A/C, pool, New carpet, new showers etc. tennis court, covered parking. Water & trash paid, lease, no pets, near Starpass. $850. 682-7728. 4BD 2BA witH pool (svc included) on very quiet street near Mountain and Prince avail Aug 1 W/D DW AC Call Alex 520-3705448 $1400/mo 4Bedroom, 2.5Bathroom. Living area’s fully furnished which includes pool table, sofa, and t.v. newer home, safe community. Alarm system. minutes away from the university. 1600$ a month. Hunter (602)616-9516.

!5BloCks nw uA Huge Luxury Homes 4br/ 4.5ba +3car garage +large master suites with walk-in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings up and down +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP electric discount, monitored security system. Pool privileges. Reserve now for August 884-1505

4BloCks to uA 2+BDs. Charming 1920s, 1100sqft house with stylish, modern interior. Recent total remodel. All new appliances: D/W, W/D, A/C, stove, fridge. Maple laminate flooring. Private, locked, fenced yard. Cats OK. Owner managed. For 90 $1215/mo. Available 8/1. 520-6239565

$800-$2400 fy11 – 3, 4 & 5bdm, BRAND NEW homes! 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages & all appl. included. 520-790-0776

4Br 2.5BAtH, AVAiLABLe August. sAFer, Quiet sAm HugHes. $1,875. 2221 e. 9tH st. see CliCk Home “i”. sHeilA, 520-235-1157.

2BeDroom 2BAtH House 1096sqft, a/c, garage, washer/ dryer, water paid, fenced yard $945 ALSO 5Blocks to Campus 2Bedroom 2bath House 1300sqft, a/c, fireplace, jacuzzi tubs, private entrance to both bedrooms, a/c, washer/ dryer $1200 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 2BeDroom House wAsHer/ dryer, ceramic tile, water paid, pets ok $720 ALSO GREAT LOCATION! 2Bedroom House in Sam Hughes, water paid, walled yard, no lease $850 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 2Br 1BA House. Broadway & Swan: 4miles from campus. Completely remodeled/ all new. Huge covered backyard $1400/mo including all utilities, TV & hispeed. Bob Cook (520) 444-2115 2min to CAmpus IN FY11– 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5bdm, homes & apartments! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages & all appl. included. 520-7900776 3BD/ 3BA Close to campus Private yard, quiet neighborhood. A/C, & evap, $1650/mo Park/ Linden. 248-1688 3BeD, 2BAtH, A/C, Tile floors, ceiling fans, dishwasher, washer & dryer, pantry, large enclosed yard, covered parking. Immaculate. Available now. Pima & Columbus. 3miles to campus. $1050. Call 631-7563.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

3BeDroom 2BAtH House, den, a/c washer/dryer, 1800sqft, fenced yard $975 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS, 3Bedroom 2.5bath House, garage, washer/dryer, fenced yard $1000 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM

No Deposit on Remaining 5 Bedrooms*

4Br, 2BA, 2CAr garage, ceiling fans, fireplace. 2.8miles from campus. 445 E. Geronimo Bluff Loop. $1600/mo. +utilities. Available Aug. 1. call 419-4490. 4Br; 2BA; large, 2,000sF Home 2miles n. of uofA; AC, $1,800; AvAilABle June 1st. 1yr. lease; Call: 520-4039308; email: 5- 6BD, 2BA witH hot tub and pool (svc included) Huge house near Prince and Stone. No master bath, dual fridges. W/D DW AC avail Aug 1, 1800/mo call Alex 520370-5448 5BeDroom 3BAtH House, Pool w/Cabana, fireplace, washer/dryer, walled yard $2600 ALSO 6Bedroom 4bath House 5blocks to Campus, available August, brand new kitchen, a/c, wood floors, fireplace $3000 ALSO 8Bedroom 6bath Vintage Home in Armory Park, washer/dryer, Arizona Rm, basement/attic, a/c $2100 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 5Blks to uoFA. 4 or 5bd, 3ba. All new inside. AC, WD, Dishwasher. $1900/mo, available 6/1. No pets. Security patrolled. 624-3080/ 2995020 5Br 3BAtHs. one block to UA!!! $3000. Big bedrooms, balcony, fenced yard, parking, fireplace, W/D 1720sf. 398-5738 6BeDroom! Awesome FloorplAn! Big rooms, blocks to campus! Front door parking! Rent $500/ person. 520.398.5738

! 1-4 BeDrooms. oLD World Charm, New World Conveniences. Walk, Bike, Bus to UA. PRELEASING. 310.497.4193

! 1-5 BeDroom Houses and Apartment Units located close to UofA. PRELEASING FOR SUMMER AND FALL 2011! Call 331.8050 for showing appts ! 4Br/ 2.5 BA $1900. Spacious rooms, fireplace, W/D, AC, dishwasher, big kitchen, huge yard, split floorplan. 440-7776

UATV Channel 3 • television camera • digital production switcher • non linear video playback • teleprompter

BeAutiFul 5BD 3BA house. Sky lights, ceiling fans, marble floor, walled yard, close to bus lines, shopping. Lease $2000. 2481688 CHArming 1918 BungAlow Historic West University neighborhood with beautiful gardens. Five minute walk to Biosciences West. Spacious 2bedroom, 1bath with hardwood floors, fireplace, washer & dryer, basement storage, and off-street parking. $900/ month, available June 1. Please email for more information. Dmt ProPerties. PersonALizeD ProPerty mAnAgement serviCes sinCe 1999. 1,2,3, and 4 bedroom homes available. Close to UofA with many amenties. Call Ilene 520.240.6487. Hop, skip, Jump to uA! 4Br, 2BA home. fenced yard. 2-c gar +add’l parking. freshly remodeled. Big kitchen &Brs. sunrm great office/study. tile. AC. pets neg. partially furn or unfurn. Campus less than 1mi. $1980/mo, sec dep, util not incl. Avail may 1st. prudential fthlls re evelyn 520-344-4611 priCes stArting At $390 per room, per month. Individual leases, private entrances fully furnished 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes available for immediate move in. Call or come by today! 520.622.8503, 1725 N. Park Ave. Visit us at Quiet neigHBoorHooD, one bedroom quaint cottage, 1173B E. Seneca, (in rear), (Mountain & Grant), a/c and swamp cooler, washer, dryer, internet and cable available, water paid, 403-6681. sAm HugHes 3BeDroom 2bath House, garage, washer/dryer, a/c, Available June $1300 ALSO In Sam Hughes 3Bedroom 2bath House, a/c, tile & wood floors, office, washer/dryer, upgrades throughout $1595 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM sAm HugHes, ClAssiC Homes, Near UofA, 3BD 2BA; 2BR 1BA, 1BD 1BA, AC, wood/ tile floors, W/D. 520-400-8796 sAve your QuArters for playing pool down on 4th Ave. We have washers and dryers in select homes! Imagine the time and money you’ll save doing laundry in your own home! 5blocks from campus- 10minutes walking 5minutes on a bike. Close to University Boulevard and 4th Ave. Call for specials 520-622-8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue. very Cool House! 2BR, 1BA, walk to UofA, fenced yard, pets OK, $1,000/ MN, Debbie 520-4193787


520-398-5738 • AFFORDABLE PRICES Why Rent an Apartment? •3-6 bedrooms available Experience the Difference with US! • Private parking • Open floor plans • Walk in closets* • 0 to 12 blks from campus • Dishwasher, washer & dryer • Big bedrooms & baths

Web Support

Do you love creating websites? Want to learn (and use) a bunch of new tech skills, including working with Linux, Drupal, audio/video streaming, and more? You can have any major, you just need to be willing to work and learn. Arizona Student Media, which includes the Daily Wildcat, UATV Channel 3, and KAMP Student Radio, needs a web support person. The job entails working 15 hours/week, with a flexible schedule to be worked out with Student Media’s professional systems analyst. (Job is for fall/spring semesters, not summer.)

For more information on how to become part of UATV contact:

Applicant must be a UA student, or can also be a Pima College student registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours. Pay $9.00 to start.

• character generator

UATV general Manager. Sarah Kezele

very Cool House! 5th St, 4BR, 3BA, 2car gar, HOT TUB, fenced yard, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $2,350/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 very Cool House! 5th St, 4BR, 3BA, 8car park, HOT TUB, fenced yard 1/2acre lot, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $2,350/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 wAlk to CAmpus 4Bedroom 2bath House, POOL, wood floors, designer kitchen w/granite counters, fenced yard $1400 ALSO 5Bedroom 2bath House 4Blocks to Campus, washer/dryer, walled yard, Available August $1850 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM wAlk to eller. Charming 1000sqft 2bd 1ba. Washer, A/C, evap, utilities included. Clean. $860/mo. 1249 N Santa Rita. Broadstone 623-8111

3BD/ 2BA gAteD TOWNHOME near UA! Only $125k. Rent 2rooms and live for FREE! 2518 N. Ironwood Ridge 85745. Brian 245-8745 JeFFerson pArk BeAuty (three bedrooms, two bath) with rentable guest quarters. Linden/ Vine: 8blocks from campus! $219,000. Tom Starrs, 520-2589380, pArents, tireD oF paying rent. Purchase a new ENERGY EFFICIENT luxury home that is 1.5miles from UA. 3 and 4bedroom homes. 480.374.5092

$550/montH inCLuDes utiLities! Available July 1. Furnished 900sq/ft condo near bike/bus to UofA. private b/b, AC, dishwasher. Safe neighborhood, Laundry, pool, gym, parking. email 500/mo inCluDes All util. internet air cond. cable tv laundry 4bd house 2bath have 2rooms avail. fenced yard parking pantano and golflinks area 520-869-8063 A greAt loCAtion, at an incredible price! M/F needed for a fully furnished HUGE apartment close to campus. Most utilities paid, private entrances, separate leases. Call for our move in specials 520.622.8503 AVAiL immeDiAteLy - $450 + 1/2UTILITIES Large MBR (13’x18’) with walk in closet & Master Bath- It’s like a private suite - in newly remodeled 1500sqft townhome 10min from UA. New kitchen, new tile. Washer & dryer in unit. TH complex has pool, spa, tennis courts. 1/2mi from park and River Walk. Non smoker and no pets. Female graduate student preferred. (Roomate is a 28yr old UA graduate who teaches 5th gr and coaches HS volleyball.) Call Amanda: 520-360-4226 m/F neeDeD For great apartment close to campus (5blocks away), fully furnished, most utilities are paid, private entrances, separate leases! MUST SEE! Call Astrid 520.622.8503. roommAtes wAnteD/ roomAtes needed! 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms open for immediate move in. M/F ok, Smoking/Non-smoking available, starting from $390. Individual leases, private entrances. Call for appointment 520.622.8503.

$500/ montH pAys for Room, Utilities, Internet, Cable, Washer & Dryer at a House located on 3301 E. Lester Street. Location is 10mins away from UofA. House is 4bedrooms, 3bathrooms. Call Thomas @336-7850. Close, CAmpus, sHopping, buslines, CatTran, skylights, ceiling fan. Internet, cable, water, laundry, fenced property. Completely furnished. Broadway Campbell $300. 248-1688

3BeDroom, 2BAtH +loFt contemporary, 4-level, 1700square foot townhouse on Prince & Country Club. 2Car Garage, Central Air & Vac, Washer/ Dryer, Community Pool/Spa, 10minute drive from the UofA. Non-smoking house available May 1 at $1200/ month. Email or call 520661-5676. Bike to CAmpus IN FY11– 1, 2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Garages, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776

The University of Arizona’s studentrun television station is currently recruiting UA student volunteers to join the 2011-2012 studio producion team. UATV produces WILDCAST, a weekly news magazine show dedicated to informing, educating and entertaining the UA’s community.

• audio mixer

Experience preferred, but not necessary.

AvAilABle For summer only May 15 - August 1. Two Brand new, beautiful homes, all A/C, 1bd/1ba, with w/d,and a 2bd/2ba, with w/d, gorgeous finishes, 1block from UofA in Sam Hughes. Summer rate $550 per bdrm. Call (520)360 - 9516.

! 5Brm/ 5BAtH- $3000. 5blocks to campus. 2story, AC, W/D, dishwasher, microwave, fireplace, big kitchen, walk-in closets. 398-5738

Interested in television production?

The following studio operators WANTED:

AmAzing loCAtion! wAlk to Campus! Enjoy your own private back yard and front courtyard area. Mountain and Seneca (1082 E Seneca) 3B/ 2B 1100.00/mo Washer/Dryer Call Shawna 480-223-8526

Casa Bonita


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• thursday, april 28, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat


SPORTS Arizona’s NFL Draft hopefuls NBA Playoffs

NHL Playoffs

Thunder 100, Nuggets 97 Spurs 110, Grizzlies 103 Heat 97, 76ers 91

Bruins 4, Canadiens 3 Lightning 1, Penguins 0

Tim Kosch Sports Editor 520•626•2956

With the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft kicking off tonight at 5, six former Arizona standouts have a shot to make it to the next level this weekend. Here’s a look at who could hear their names called this weekend.

BROOKS REED NFL Position: DE/OLB Career Stats: 114 tackles, 25 TFL, 17 sacks N F L D R A F T S C O U T. c o m Projected Round: 2 ESPN Position Rank: 8 Quote: “It’s pretty cool. Compared to what I was thinking or what I was told right after the season, maybe a fifth to seventh round guy. As time progressed, at the combine and pro day, Senior Bowl, I started hearing more good things. Now lately I’ve heard late first round, but you know that’s all the media’s perception.”

it makes me have that chip on my shoulder. I want to prove people wrong and work harder.”

D’AUNDRE REED NFL Position: DE/OLB Career Stats: 83 tackles, 11.5 TFL, 6 sacks Projected Round: 6/7 ESPN Position Rank: N/A Quote: “As far as the media I wasn’t real popular, but all the coaches know about me. People are starting to catch on more, as far as the media and mock drafts and all of that. I’m kind of like a sleeper.”

RICKY ELMORE NFL Position: DE/OLB Career Stats: 128 tackles, 34 TFL, 25.5 sacks N F L D R A F T S C O U T. c o m Projectd Round: 6 ESPN Position Rank: 26 Quote: “I don’t know why people count me out and pay attention to only 2 percent of what I’ve done, but I’m kind of happy I’m in that position because

COLIN BAXTER NFL Position: C Career Stats: 48 consecutive starts, second-team All-Pac-10 in 2010 N F L D R A F T S C O U T. c o m Projected Round: Late ESPN Position Rank: 10 Quote: “I think I’m one of the best centers in the draft this year, so hopefully I’ll go high. Maybe I won’t go so high and some team will get a good deal on me, who knows. I think I’m right up there with all the other centers.”

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

NIC GRIGSBY NFL Position: RB Career Stats: 2,957 rushing yards, 28 TDs

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

dream about that.”

N F L D R A F T S C O U T. c o m Projected Round: 6/7 ESPN Position Rank: 26 Quote: “Another opportunity to take care of my family, take care of myself, play in the NFL. People

ADAM GRANT NFL Position: OT Career Honors: Second-team All-Pac-10 in 2010 N F L D R A F T S C O U T. c o m Projected Round: 6/7 ESPN Position Rank: 20 — Mike Schmitz

Arizona Daily Wildcat’s




Nicole Dimtsios

Tim Kosch

Mike Schmitz

sports writer

sports editor

sports writer

Best pro: Brooks Reed Reed helped erase a forgotten junior season with an impressive senior campaign, using his speed off the end to make an impact along with Ricky Elmore on the line. Reed might have some injury issues, but the biggest reason he’ll be a solid pro is the one you can’t read from a stats sheet — the intangibles.

Best Pro: Colin Baxter When I think Colin Baxter, I think Jeff Saturday. Very little press entering the draft (Saturday didn’t even get drafted), but both are hard-nosed grinders that epitomize “team.” Baxter was not only reliable, he was good in college, and I think you’ll see him develop into that same player at the next level.

Best Pro: Brooks Reed Reed will be the best Wildcat pro due to his versatility and well-rounded skillset. He’s quick and rangy enough to succeed as an outside linebacker, but has the first step and explosiveness to play as a smaller defensive end. Regardless of where he plays, Reed’s ability, work ethic and never-ending motor will make him the best pro to come out of Arizona’s senior class.

How many Wildcats will be drafted: There are six Wildcats that could potentially be selected, but by Sunday, realism will set in. Expect to hear four Arizona players’ names called in the NFL Draft.

How many Wildcats will be drafted: Three. Brooks Reed is a lock to get drafted, although I think his late-first round projections are wildly overrated, Ricky Elmore will be off the board by the fifth, and I think Baxter will get taken in the fifth or sixth. D’Aundre Reed and Adam Grant are better served as undrafted free agents because of a lack of game tape and age, respectively.

How many Wildcats will be drafted: I think five of the six will be drafted this weekend. It’s hard to figure who will be the odd-man out, but someone from the Adam Grant-Nic Grigsby-D’Aundre Reed group will be left out of the 2011 NFL draft class.

2011 NFL Draft order 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Panthers Broncos Bills Bengals Cardinals Browns 49ers Titans

9. Cowboys 10. Redskins 11. Texans 12. Vikings 13. Lions 14. Rams 15. Dolphins 16. Jaguars

17. Patriots 18. Chargers 19. Giants 20. Bucs 21. Chiefs 22. Colts 23. Eagles 24. Saints

25. Seahawks 26. Ravens 27. Falcons 28. Patriots 29. Bears 30. Jets 31. Steelers 32. Packers


arizona daily wildcat • thursday, april 28, 2011 •

Bandilla back in business


Who’s hot, who’s not for Arizona softball

Lefty’s effort against ASU brings hope By Alex Williams ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT It’s no secret that Arizona reliever Bryce Bandilla has faced his share of demons on the mound in 2011. The junior has thrown a team-high 31 innings in relief but has struggled with command, allowing 21 walks — also a team high. Bandilla’s struggles aren’t due to a lack of effort — the 6-foot-4 lefty has gone through a number of tweaks this season, ranging from changes in his timing to taking a few mph off of his fastball. But after more than two months, Bandilla finally found an adjustment that he thinks has remedied his struggles — completely revamping his primary pitch. “I changed my grip to a four-seam fastball now,” Bandilla said. “I feel like I have a lot more control. I just need to go out with confidence. If I did it one time, why can’t I do it a second time?” Two-seam fastballs are generally 3 to 4 mph slower than four-seamers, and usually have more sink and, for a left-hander, more movement toward the left-handed batter ’s box. That’s not the case with Bandilla. His four-seam fastball actually acts like a normal two-seamer would be expected to, something that surprised Bandilla after never throwing the pitch in his career until a few days ago. “Even though I just started with it a week, a week and a half ago, I’m a lot more comfortable with it,” Bandilla said. “I just need to keep finding the release point. It’s a big change, I’ve just got to locate better with it now.” Bandilla threw three perfect innings in Tuesday’s loss, racking up three strikeouts and using the diving action on his fastball to pick up four more outs on the ground.

Something new

After going with a weekend rotation of Kurt Heyer on Friday nights, Kyle Simon on Saturdays and Tyler Hale

Koby Gray Upchurch/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Third baseman Brigette Del Ponte has been consistent at the plate all season, hitting .348 with 18 doubles and 15 home runs. Del Ponte will need to stay hot in Arizona’s upcoming games considering starting pitcher Kenzie Fowler’s status is still uncertain after suffering a concussion.


Who’s hot

Koby Gray Upchurch/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Relief pitcher Bryce Bandilla’s three perfect innings in Arizona’s 4-3 loss to ASU on Tuesday brought hope that his season-long struggles are behind him.

on Sundays for all of 2011, head coach Andy Lopez is making a major overhaul to the rotation this weekend against Southern California . Hale has been removed from the rotation, and Heyer will be pushed back to Sunday after throwing more than 100 pitches in Tuesday’s loss. Freshman Konner Wade is the most likely candidate to replace Hale, who lasted only 1.2 innings in his start Saturday at Oregon . “We’ve had a propensity to play pretty well on Friday and then disappear on Saturday and Sunday in Pac-10 play,” Lopez said. “I’m not sure that Friday really matters anymore. It does, but I might be able to throw on Friday and win. To win on Friday and not come out with a series win, that’s inexcusable.” Arizona has won four of five series openers in Pacific 10 Conference play but has only been able to come out

with one series win . Wade has started two games this season, getting two no-decisions with an ERA of 0.87.

Selsky getting closer

Arizona right fielder Steve Selsky has had an injuryriddled 2011. He missed the first month of the season after breaking a bone in his right hand during a preseason intersquad scrimmage and has had only one at-bat since pulling a hamstring in a scrimmage in the week before Arizona traveled UCLA. Selsky is moving better every day and will be available to pinch-hit this weekend but is still about a week away from returning to full action, according to Lopez. “We had him ready to pinch-hit (against ASU), but he didn’t get that opportunity,” Lopez said. “Hopefully he’ll be back in a week or so.”

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Brigette Del Ponte. The Wildcats’ new cleanup hitter has been outstanding since moving back one spot in the lineup. The sophomore third baseman is now hitting .348 on the season with a team-leading 18 doubles, and her 15 home runs are second only to Stacie Chambers’ 16. Del Ponte was also the only Wildcat who managed to hit in every game against ASU and their ace Dallas Escobedo last weekend. “I had a goal to get a hit off Dallas because we played together when we were younger,” said Del Ponte. “I accomplished that goal. So I felt good about that.”

Who’s not

Stacie Chambers. Arizona’s leading home run hitter had one of the worst weekends in recent memory against the Sun Devils. The senior catcher went 0-10 with seven strikeouts last weekend. The disastrous series was particularly disappointing coming off her performance against Washington. Chambers hit .333 in that series with two home runs, one in each of the Wildcats’ victories. For Chambers, it’s only a matter of time before her slump ends. “It’s pretty frustrating,” she said. “I mean, I gotta keep playing though and keep working on it. I know I’ll come out of it eventually.” As far as getting herself going again, Chambers’ strategy is simple. “I try to keep my head clear. That’s the big thing. I just gotta stay positive.”

What’s working

The new lineup. Arizona has scored 32 runs in five games since head coach Mike Candrea implemented his new batting order. The 6.4 runs per game average is particularly impressive considering the Wildcats were blanked last

Thursday by Escobedo, something that no amount of tinkering in the lineup would have prevented. With the new batting order, Candrea’s team has less reliance on the long ball for their runs. One of the main beneficiaries has been the new third hitter, Brittany Lastrapes. The senior has five RBIs in as many games, due in large part to the fact that she now hits after Lauren Schutzler and Karissa Buchanan, both of whom are on-base machines.

What isn’t working

Substitute pitchers. There isn’t really an alternative with Kenzie Fowler out, but Arizona’s platoon of position players taking the circle has been less than ideal. The trio of Victoria Kemp, Baillie Kirker and Brittany Lastrapes gave up eight earned runs in 6.2 innings of work against the Sun Devils. The three have given an admirable effort when called on to fill the void left by Fowler, but they are far from Pac-10 caliber pitchers. The difference in ability is particularly glaring when the subs are practicing alongside freshman pitcher Shelby Babcock. Kemp, Kirker and Lastrapes rely on offspeed pitches and talent in the field to work through innings, while Babcock throws as hard as anyone in the conference and regularly strikes out multiple batters per game.

They said it

“I think it does (help us). You look back at any year, it’s amazing. People look at the eight national championships and they don’t realize what went into those and I think every season you have some times when you have to fight through and battle through some tough times. I’m hoping that this will be a little crack in the dam that we can plug up and keep moving forward.” — Head coach Mike Candrea, on whether there is anything positive to be gained from Kenzie Fowler’s injury.



• thursday, april 28, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat

Four Wildcats head to Pac-10’s UA to compete in singles, doubles By Zack Rosenblatt ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Koby Gray Upchurch/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Andre Vidaller will join fellow Wildcats Geoff Embry, Frank Chen and Mario Uquidi at the Pacific 10 Conference Championships this weekend in Ojai, Calif. Vidaller will compete in the singles tournament as well as the doubles tournament with teammate Urquidi.

As a team, the season for Arizona men’s tennis team is, in all likelihood, all but over. Starting today, however, four Wildcats will compete individually in the Pac-10 Championships in Ojai, Calif . “The Pac-10 Championships is an individual tournament as opposed to a team tournament,” said head coach Tad Berkowitz. “The guys we are taking are all playing well and looking forward to the postseason.” The tournament will take place from Thursday to Sunday, and four players will represent Arizona in the singles and doubles portion. Senior Geoff Embry, sophomore Frank Chen , and freshmen Mario Urquidi and Andre Vidaller will compete in the 32-player singles portion . Once that is complete, Embry and Vidaller will join forces for the first time this season . Chen and Urquidi will compete with each other for the fourth time . As a duo, Chen and Urquidi hold an overall 1-2 record and finished 0-1 in doubles matches at the No. 3 slot . Of the four, Vidaller and Embry have found the most success this season overall. In his swan song, Embry has compiled

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a 13-11 overall record and 2-3 in the Pacific 10 Conference. In doubles, the senior has a 7-13 record (0-5 in the Pac-10). He will face off with Cal’s Nick Andrews. Vidaller is the only Wildcat participating in the championships to not have a losing record in Pac-10 singles play so far this year, holding a 3-3 record in the conference. Overall, Vidaller is 11-9 along with an 8-12 record in doubles. Vidaller will take on USC’s Emilio Gomez early this morning. Urquidi enters the Pac-10 championships holding a 1313 overall record , but is only 3-11 in doubles this season . Urquidi will take on Stanford’s No. 2-seeded Bradley Klahn this afternoon. The sparingly used (at least in singles) Chen has a 1-1 record on the season, along with a 3-6 doubles record . Chen is scheduled to face the No. 5 seeded Amit Inbar of UCLA this morning. The Wildcats are desperately seeking some success in the Pac-10 conference after compiling a 0-6 record in conference play this year. This was the first time the Wildcats ended the season winless in the conference since the 2006-07 season when they went 0-7 , back when ASU was still a part of the conference .


arizona daily wildcat • thursday, april 28, 2011 •

Baseball Power Rankings By Alex Williams Arizona Daily Wildcat

No. 3 Oregon State (30-8, 10-2 Pacific 10 Conference) After taking two of three from Washington State last weekend, the Beavers are winners of 10 of their last 11 Pacific 10 Conference games. OSU’s pitching is good enough to keep the Beavers in games — it hasn’t allowed more than six runs since an 180 shellacking against Arizona — and the offense is making the most of its opportunities. No. 8 ASU (29-9, 11-4 Pac-10) The Sun Devils have been on a mission throughout Pac-10 play. They have won six straight conference games (seven if you include Tuesday’s non-conference win over Arizona) since being swept by Oregon State, and if the sanction appeals are successful and ASU is allowed to compete in postseason play, it could also be Omaha-bound. No. 24 UCLA (22-14, 10-5 Pac-10) The Friday and Saturday combination of Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer has been nearly unhittable in Pac-10 play. The Bruins have lost only two non-Sunday games in conference play, and UCLA is also a squad that can make some noise in the postseason. The Bruin bats can be shut down by strong pitching, but having two pitchers that will be taken in the top-10 of June’s MLB Draft is something that no other team can lay claim to. No. 20 California (24-13, 9-6 Pac-10) The Golden Bears were swept by ASU last weekend, but Cal had won three of four conference series before that. Cal will be tested in the coming weeks though, having already played the weaker part of the conference standings. The Bears play Oregon, Oregon State and UCLA in their next three conference matchups. Southern California (18-22, 8-7 Pac-10) USC snapped a fivegame winning streak against Washington on Saturday, but the Trojans have won

their last three conference series. USC plays Arizona and ASU in the next two weeks, and going 3-3 over that stretch would be a big step toward advancing to postseason play. No. 21 Stanford (20-14, 5-7 Pac-10) The Cardinal took two of three from UCLA last weekend but was swept by Oregon State and lost two of three to USC in its previous two series. Stanford has played a pretty balanced schedule so far, so don’t expect the Cardinal to make much of a move — up or down — in the standings before the end of May. Oregon (21-17, 4-8 Pac-10) Fresh off of its only Pac10 Conference series win of the season, the Ducks are winners of five of their last six. That streak will likely be broken this weekend against UCLA, but the Ducks have proven themselves to at least be a threat down the stretch. Arizona (24-16, 6-9 Pac-10) Losers of two of their five Pac-10 series, Arizona is looking for answers — starting with figuring out who wants to throw strikes out of the bullpen. Along with the bullpen struggles, Arizona’s bats have been inconsistent with run support, scoring only seven runs in the series loss to Oregon. Washington (12-25, 3-9 Pac-10) The Huskies have been swept in half of their conference series but managed to win two of three at Oregon. UW took a Sunday game from USC but won’t be making much noise in conference play. Washington will have a shot to play spoiler, but that’s all the Huskies are playing for at this point. Washington State (17-19, 3-12 Pac-10) The Cougars have lost five of their last six conference games and have only managed three scattered wins in Pac-10 play. The closest thing to a guaranteed win in the Pac-10, WSU will be in the cellar for the foreseeable future.


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