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Ex-presidents welcome Fritze Donors By Laura E. Donovan ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Thirteen former Associated Students of the University of Arizona presidents gathered at Joel’s Bistro Friday to welcome President-elect Emily Fritze into office. “Just the fact that so many former presidents are back today shows that they really care about the university,” said Fritze, current ASUA executive vice president. “It’s very nice to meet people who I have heard a lot about, especially those that you hear their names over and over again in ASUA.” Benjamin W. Graff, an attorney who

served as student body president for 2000-01, organized the event. “Up until last year when President (Chris) Nagata came into office, ASUA lost its tradition of having these dinners,” Graff said. “We hadn’t had one of these gatherings since the late 1970s until then.” The student body president alumni dinner took place at a Chinese restaurant in the past. Graff and former Presidents Francisco Aguilar and Alistair J. Chapman decided to put the gathering back together. “No matter what you do in your professional career, you will compare it to your position as ASUA president.

To this day, there isn’t a person here who doesn’t feel that pride of being student body president,” Graff said. “You get everyone together and see how much history is in the room. It’s an unparalleled experience.” Erin Hertzog, 2006-07 student body president and currently an Arizona Students’ Association lobbyist, was the only female former president who attended. The oldest former president in attendance was Donald Butler, who served in the 1950-51 school year. “A lot of my colleagues had come back from the service, so we were a little more serious than those that

had come right from high school,” Butler said. “We were pretty settled, you might say. We did wild things. It was a good time; the war was over.” Butler, a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity alumnus, remembers having a positive relationship with the president of the university. “We always had a good dialogue,” Butler said. Most of the former presidents discussed the major changes in the UA since their time in office. “When I was ASUA president, the Free Speech Movement had just occurred in California, so the university DINNER, page 3


Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Thousands of music and nightlife patrons took to the ‘closed to vehicle traffic’ streets of downtown Tucson on Saturday evening to enjoy the festivities associated with the spring 2010 Club Crawl. The event is bordered off from outsiders, which allows attendees to pay one cover charge for entrance to dozens of clubs and bars as well as several stages of music featuring more than 20 bands.

‘Shred It’ for UMC By Bethany Barnes ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Boxes piled up at the University Medical Center’s parking lot as people handed over their documents to be shredded. The University Medical Center Foundation and Keller Williams Southern Arizona, a realty company, shredded paper to raise money for Diamond Children’s Medical Center on Saturday. “People were lined up before 10 a.m.,” said Thomas Sanders, senior development officer at the University Medical Center Foundation.“We haven’t stopped, and we haven’t had a break the entire time.” This is the group’s second “Shred It” event. The first event took place last Halloween and raised $10,000. Sanders said he felt the event had gone way beyond the first in terms of boxes of paper. Keith Johnson, a realtor with Keller Williams Southern Arizona, wanted to do the fundraiser for Diamond Children’s after UMC took care of his children. “Keith Johnson has children that have received very high medical attention from UMC, so he has a very close connection with UMC,” said Anthony Azar, a majority owner of Keller Williams Southern Arizona. Johnson had twins in 2007, and one of his sons spent 9 1/2 weeks at UMC’s neonatal intensive care unit. “They did such a good job taking care of my kids,”Johnson said. Johnson said the first “Shred It” provided the Diamond Children’s Medical Center enough money to afford 10 resuscitators. The unit had only three previously. “We are actually saving seconds, possibly a minute, to have these extra ones to save someone’s life,” PAPER, page 3

Community tees off to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease By Jazmine Woodberry ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The ninth annual Jim Himelic Memorial Golf Classic raised money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease on Friday. Gehrig’s, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease, attacking brain and spinal cord nerve cells, which weakens and eventually fully atrophies muscles. The tournament is named in honor of Jim Himelic, a UA alumnus who died from the disease in 2000. Golfers teed off in a shotgun format, which means all the players teed off simultaneously on different holes. Other community members took part in the tournament in order to honor Himelic. “I knew Jim (Himelic) very well, he was a very good friend,” said Bryon Jones, a friend of the Himelics.“Jim was one of the nicest men I’d ever met in my life, and his whole family is awesome.” Jim and Gayle Fieberg were also friends of the Himelics.

“We come even though we are Sun Devils,” said Jim Fieberg, academic success specialist at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. “The Himelics are our friends, and we have other family members with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) … the only way you are going to deal with something like this is to keep pounding money into research.” Himelic graduated from the UA in 1973, practicing as a Tucson district attorney until the early 1980s before moving to private practice in the 1990s. He then became a juvenile court judge a few years before his death. Dan Himelic, one of Jim Himelic’s seven kids, has tried to help find a cure for ALS through his work with the foundation, as well as pursuing a degree in medicine from the UA. He is graduating in May. “It’s probably the reason I got into med school,” said Dan Himelic. “I saw how much the disease can affect a family and what a good doctor can do

for people, so that inspired me.” Several people with UA ties, such as former UA coach Jerry Kindall, of whom Jerry Kindall Field at Frank Sancet Stadium derives its namesake, took part to honor those throughout their lives who had dealt with the disease. “My late wife died of ALS 22 years ago and I’ve been here ever since they founded the tournament,” Kindall said. The disease affects about 5,600 people per year; most are given only two to five years to survive after being diagnosed. Statistics like these drive Dan Himelic to keep the foundation moving towards its goal of raising $1 million in seed money for the UA Neurology Department to fight the disease. Financing three different UA researchers, the foundation has provided funding for research into a mouse model, genetic research into the fruit fly and two UA doctors conducting clinical research, making the UA one of GOLF, page 3

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Gayle Fieberg, right, tries to coax her putt into the hole on Friday on the par-3 10th hole at Omni Tucson National Golf Resort and Spa while the rest of her foursome looks on. Golfers teed off at Catalina Course to benefit research for a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

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You have a very dark energy Tonight at 7:30, head to the Steward Observatory N210 for a free public lecture. Daniel Eisenstein of the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory will discuss “Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound.”

Understanding adolescents?

Today at 3:30 p.m. in the lobby of McClelland Park, an informal reception to celebrate Stephen Russell’s election as the presidentelect of the Society for Research on Adolescence will be held.

Also, Pregaming for 4/20 Day Today is National Hanging Out Day, the Boston Marathon and Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day.



Do you feel safe walking around campus at night?

ON THE SPOT Dancing to China

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No (18 votes) Only when I’m with my friends Smith and Wesson (23 votes)

New question: Did you attend Club Crawl?

News Tips

Ariana Brawley Dance junior


The semester is winding down. Do you have any fun plans ahead? I’m planning to actually take a semester off dance and move to China to study abroad. I’m going to be focused on intercultural communications and learning Chinese. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some dance classes while I’m there, but I’ll mostly be studying away.

The Daily Wildcat is always interested in story ideas and tips from readers. If you see something deserving of coverage, contact news editor Michelle Monroe at or call the newsroom at 621-3193.

Cool! So is that something you want to pursue later on? International relations? I’m mostly interested in studying cultures in general, and I am a performer, but I see in the distant future some sort of job in dance anthropology or ethnography — studying how dance affects cultures. That sounds pretty interesting. Are there any other places you plan on going after China — or any places you hope to visit? Everywhere. (Laughs.) Honestly, one of my biggest life interests in dance, and just my general interest in humans, is just to see all of the cultures of the world.

Arizona Daily Wildcat Vol. 103, Issue 137


Cyclists enjoy the freedom of car-free roads in front of the Arizona State Museum Sunday morning. Cyclovia, an event that closed off a 4-mile course on and near campus, created a safe environment for people to run, bike, walk or roller skate.

Study: Young adults do care about online privacy NEW YORK — All the dirty laundry younger people seem to air on social networks these days might lead older Americans to conclude that today’s tech-savvy generation doesn’t care about privacy. Such an assumption fits happily with declarations that privacy is dead, as online marketers and social sites such as Facebook try to persuade people to share even more about who they are, what they are thinking and where they are at any given time.

— The Associated Press

Underwood, Swift in ACM spotlight

“I don’t like Safe Ride. It isn’t safe.”

Always a good choice, but my question to you is: Do you know any Chinese as of now? I have heard that it is a hard language to learn. I know not one word of Chinese. (Laughs.) I’m planning on using this summer to study.

— Dallas Williamson

as government officials and corporate executives alike increasingly grapple with such issues. “It is going to counter a lot of assumptions that have been made about young adults and their attitudes toward privacy,” said Mary Madden, senior researcher at the Pew Internet and American Life Project. She was not part of the study but reviewed the report for The Associated Press ahead of Thursday’s release.


So no place you can pinpoint in particular? Oh, I don’t know. How can I choose? I do really want to go to Italy.

Well, Pei Wei is down the way. They usually have a few words on the back of fortune cookies. You know, like “grape” and “sun” or something. (Laughs.) That is true. Maybe as a last resort.

But it’s not quite true, a new study finds. Despite mounds of anecdotes about college students sharing boozechugging party photos, posting raunchy messages and badmouthing potential employers online, young adults generally care as much about privacy as older Americans. The report, from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania, is among the first quantitative studies looking at young people’s attitudes toward privacy

— Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center submit at or twitter @overheardatua

FAST FACTS • Giraffes can clean their ears with their 21-inch tongues.

• Hippos can open their mouths wide enough to fit a 4-foot child inside.

• Pigs’ orgasms last for 30 minutes.

• A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time — 1/100th of a second.

• Goldfish have a memory span of three seconds.

• Jumbo jets use 4,000 gallons of fuel to take off.

• Hard-working adults sweat up to 4 gallons per day. Most of the sweat evaporates before it can be noticed.

• Male emperor moths can smell a female emperor moth up to 7 miles away.

• A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana.

• A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 6 years.

illustration by Kelsey Dieterich/Arizona Daily Wildcat

LAS VEGAS — With all due respect to the leading men of country, this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards looks like it’s going to the gals. Carrie Underwood can make history as the first woman to win two entertainer of the year awards when the stars turn out at the MGM Grand on Sunday night in Las Vegas. Also up for the fan-voted award is Taylor Swift, the 20-year-old sensation who brought her country music to a huge mainstream audience, making her one of pop music’s biggest stars. Men have long dominated the award. But ACM host Reba McEntire says while most of Sunday’s awards are still voted on by members of the music industry, technology may give Underwood and Swift an advantage over the guys. “Whoever’s the most active on Carrie Underwood the Internet and stuff, to me that’s the person who would have the advantage,” said McEntire, hosting the show for the 12th time.“So we’ll see how it turns out.” Also up for the award are Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Keith Urban and the Zac Brown Band. Underwood, who shut down juggernaut Kenny Chesney’s four-year reign as ACM entertainer of the year in 2009, says she hasn’t yet cleared space on her mantle for another entertainer trophy. “Probably the chances of a repeat are pretty thin, but it’s great to even have that opportunity,” she said. “I know how blessed I am to have that opportunity.” Underwood has plenty of reason to be confident. Nothing much has changed since she won last April. Her latest album, “Play On,”was one of 2009’s top albums, she recently earned her 12th straight country No. 1 with“Temporary Home”and she’s ramped up the fireworks on her latest tour. The “American Idol” winner clearly meets the all-around definition of entertainer of the year. Swift is one of the few country acts to rival her success, though. “Fearless” was last year’s best-selling album and it won her dozens of awards; her most recent big win was her four Grammys in February, including album of the year. She won the Country Music Association’s entertainer of the year award last fall over Chesney and could make it a clean sweep on Sunday. “Taylor and Carrie have proven if there’s a fan-voted award they are strong contenders,” Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley said.“They deserve it. Taylor Swift, her crowd is a voting crowd. They’ll get on there and vote.” — The Associated Press

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Tax day gives shredders a backlog

Johnson said. Johnson got the idea to do a paper shredding fundraiser through his friend Kevin Heal, who works at Shred It, a paper shredding company. According to Johnson, all of Shred It’s services are donated. There was a 200- to 300-box backlog in the first hour of the event. He said he thought they had a bigger turnout because the event was after tax day. Johnson said people were surprised by how big the crowd was. He was also very appreciative and enjoyed having the money go to the Diamond Children’s Medical Center. Kent Rollins, the president of UMC Foundation, said Diamond Children’s Medical Center brings together both the UMC and the UA Steele Children’s Research Center. Rollins said the Diamond Children’s Medical Center is expected to open in September. “I think it’s great, we’ve done this before and we see a lot of people returning,� Rollins said. “It’s a good event and we really appreciate Keller Williams.�


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The Arizona Daily Wildcat


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Kent Rollins loads boxes filled with papers at the University Medical Center foundation on Saturday. People dropped off documents to be shredded for $5 a box, and all proceeds went to the Diamond Children’s Medical Center.

Presidents remember past activism

president was worried we would have riots on the UA campus,� said Mark Ginsberg, 1969-70 ASUA president. “The Vietnam War was also a big deal at the time, as was the Civil Rights Movement.� Ginsberg remembers printing up copies of the Bill of Rights and handing them out on campus. “We have a picture somewhere of the campus police confiscating the Bill of Rights and taking the student in who had been distributing it,� Ginsberg said. “We helped protect the future students’ freedom of speech.� Ginsberg said he was president when approximately 20,000 people marched downtown in protest of the Vietnam War. Ginsberg also recalls protesting the racism that went on at Brigham Young University. “Mark was here during our most activist days,� said Douglas Ehrenkranz, 1978-79 ASUA president. “He was in the crescendo of student activism.� Graff said that student advising was one of the biggest issues on the UA campus while he was president. “When I was a freshman, I had wait underneath one of the school buildings for a few hours just to get an appointment for advising,� Graff said. “Now, student elections are all online. But before that, it was all done on paper.� Graff remembers ASUA also bringing the Counting Crows to campus for a concert. “Once or twice a week, I still read the Wildcat, and I keep up with what the student government is doing,�Graff said. Gilbert Davidson, 1997-98 ASUA president, recalls students being in arms about the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated

2642 N. Campbell • (520) 327-0452

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Former ASUA President Erin Hertzog, left, now a lobbyist for the Arizona Students’ Association, speaks with current ASUA President Chris Nagata, at the ASUA presidential dinner at Joel’s Bistro on Friday.

Learning Center. “At the time, the ILC was thought of as a dungeon for freshmen,� Davidson said. “There was a lot of controversy back in that time.� Davidson said CatCards were introduced during his time as president. “The idea that everything could be on one card was really controversial,�Davidson said. Tommy Bruce, 2007-09 ASUA president, did not attend. “He’s in New York City, so it came down to a traveling situation,� Graff said.

Current ASUA President Chris Nagata was asked to discuss his presidential year. “I’m a biased perspective to evaluate myself, but in my own heart of hearts, I believe this year was successful,� Nagata said. “I had a lot of fun. I only take positive memories with me.� Nagata has high hopes for Fritze’s presidency. “I have every confidence and full faith that she will do an amazing job as being a student representative, as being a representative of ASUA,� Nagata said.

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only 37 places in the country able to do this kind of extensive research.“We are modeling ALS in fruit flies using DTP-43 protein. We can understand the mechanisms that lead to ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s,�said Daniela Zarnescu, UA assistant professor of molecular and cellular biology and neuroscience. Zarnescu is utilizing the foundation’s seed money to apply for larger grants to

study ALS through her fruit fly research. Examining dysfunctional motoneurons, she is utilizing a common protein in fruit flies and humans to try and find where genetic mutations begin in the development of the disease and how to eventually stop the development of the disease. Four undergraduate students Brianna Grigsby, Rebecca Zwick, Ashley Boehringer and Cristie Drew, work with

Zarnescu on this project to try to find a cure for ALS. The golf tournament was followed by a silent auction, a dinner and dancing with buy-ins for guests from $60 to upwards of $1,000. With an average turnout, the foundation has already raised more than $600,000 in the last nine years, which has gone towards research.




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• monday, april 19, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

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Our one cent on Prop. 100

bout one month from today, voters in Arizona will hit the polls for a special election to decide on a temporary one-cent sales tax increase that would continue through May 13, 2013. If the increase passes as a result of the May 18 special election, sales tax would increase by one cent per every dollar spent. The tax is expected to generate between $800 million and $1 billion per year. One third of the revenue will be directed toward health and human services, and the other two thirds will be directed toward primary and secondary education. Many organizations on the UA campus, including Arizona Students’Association, have endorsed the propositionosed tax increase and are diligently promoting discussion of the bill with tents on the mall, T-shirts and events promoting voter registration. As ASA’s mission is to work to keep education affordable in Arizona, this is a valid cause for the group to promote. The pros and cons of Propositionosition 100 have notably been emphasized — not by what will be gained if the bill passes, but by what will be eliminated if it does not. According to the Arizona Education Network, as much as one quarter of all public education funding could be cut in an attempt to balance the state’s budget. This could mean that nearly two out of every 10 teacher positions would be eliminated. For Arizona residents, voting yes on this increase seems obvious. If Propositionosition 100 does not pass, more than $1 billion will be immediately cut from not only education but also public safety, healthcare and corrections departments. Just as elementary and middle school students can’t perform as well in school with 20 percent fewer teachers, even those residents without children in school will feel the burden of reduced fire and police forces or a drastic decrease in the state Medicaid system far more than they would be affected by a mere temporary 1-percent tax increase. If Proposition. 100 fails, $420 million will be cut from Arizona schools on top of the $300 million that has already been eliminated. Corrections and court systems will be cut by $90 million, a funding decrease that could lead to the Juvenile Corrections Department being eliminated entirely. Another $200 million will be cut from the state’s Medicaid system. But even despite those staggering numbers, there is another side to the argument. First, Propositionosition 100 is a propositionosed sales tax increase, as opposed to a propositionerty tax or other form of taxation. Sales tax is a regressive form of taxation, meaning that it is a greater burden on the poor than the rich. In other words, a person who makes more money will feel less of an impact of a 1-percent tax increase than a person who makes less money. The writers of the bill probably designed the bill this way because Arizona has historically been a tax-averse state, and passing a hypothetical hundreds-of-dollars propositionerty tax would be more difficult than passing a one-cent temporary sales tax increase. Another theory behind making this a sales tax may have been that visitors to the state will be paying the tax as well as residents, whereas only propositionerty owners would be paying if this were a propositionosed propositionerty-tax increase. The flaw in such logic is closely related to the very reason that Arizona needs this tax increase at all: In times when the economy is slow, people travel less, spend less and, as a result, pay fewer sales taxes. The assumption on which a sales tax operates is that sales themselves will be brisk enough to generate the kind of tax revenue Arizona needs to keep from such drastic cuts to classrooms, cops and criminals. Another important concern to note about Propositionosition 100 is that it will allocate no money directly to higher education. According to the official ballot text (Article IX, Section 12.1),“Two-thirds of the revenues shall be appropositionriated for public primary and secondary education.”Primary education is defined as elementary schools, while secondary education refers to high schools through 12th grade. None of the money generated by Propositionosition 100 would go directly toward post-secondary education (colleges), a point informed voters should be sure to note. Though it is true that there is no direct funding to the UA in the language of the bill, the revenue generated by the passage of this temporary increase will theoretically make up for deficits elsewhere in the state budget, which would allow for other money to be allocated to higher education. A tax increase is never ideal, and much of the criticism leveled against the state legislature regarding budget concerns is valid. But the state budget deficit must be dealt with, and Proposition 100 is vital to that process, no matter how short-sighted and less-than-ideal is may seem now. Arizona voters should not deprive schoolchildren of their teachers for the sake of theoretical legislative pedantry. All those who are concerned with the future of Arizona should cast a “yes”vote for Proposition 100 on May 18.


MAILBAG: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Undecided … but I’ll take a beer while I’m thinking

For centuries, alcohol has played a role in the way of life in many cultures and societies. As time has moved on, laws have been placed to limit those legally allowed to drink and those who are not of old enough age. Today, the United States’ legal drinking age is 21, but, recently, a debate has started to lower the drinking age to 18 years old. There are many opinions that either agree to lower the legal drinking age or keep it at 21. Both sides bring up valid and supported points that cause individuals to really think about this debate. The points brought forth by both those against the legal drinking age and those who support it have caused many individuals to question their beliefs on the issue. Although both sides have different views on the current law, both arguments are against drunk driving and abuse of alcohol. The main cause for the debate is that each side disagrees with one another on what age should be considered old enough to have access to alcohol. This debate has caused conflict between generations and different societies. One society that is having a problem choosing whether or not to support lowering the drinking age is college campuses.

those who disagree with them. What we say online can have serious consequences in real life if our opinion is not favorable, even in the United States. Just to name a few examples: One can become less likely to be hired by someone who disagrees with him, he can lose his job, and he can receive death threats from people who disagree with his views. In some countries, he may even risk death and imprisonment for speaking out. In these circumstances, speaking anonymously is the only way many people can feel comfortable expressing their views. Real change can and does come from people who speak anonymously. We need to look no further than the recent website created by teachers criticizing UA President Robert Shelton and Provost Meredith Hay’s policies to see the value in the ability to express oneself anonymously. While some people may abuse this right, it is no reason to deny it to those who legitimately can only express themselves anonymously. But in order to ensure Mr. Knauer takes my opinion seriously, I will “man up” and sign this comment with my real name. — David Graff Civil engineering sophomore

— Anton Riedlinger Undecided undergraduate

Commenters anonymous

The fundamental, legitimate reason why many people post anonymously is because of fear of retribution from

Did Arizona make this the worst week ever?

ardon my outrage, but this has been a shitty week for states to permit a lack of permit. the human race. And she may just be getting started. It began, disgustingly enough, with KFC rolling An anti-illegal immigrant measure passed the state out its iPadian magnum opus of heart-cloggers: the Double legislature last week and is poised to earn Brewer’s signature. Down. Consisting primarily of two husks of fried chicken in If so, local police officers will start joining federal officials lieu of bread, reviewers have yet to nail down exactly what all for rounds of “Pin the Tail on the Drug Mule.” Crucially, local is in it (special sauce?), much less its caloric content (540 to police would be able to stop people merely on “reasonable 1200-plus). suspicion” — an insipidly subjective standard ill-defined in The state of Arizona, perhaps wishing to make sure its courts nationwide — that they are illegal immigrants. If the residents didn’t go unharmed, followed through stopped individual can’t produce proof of U.S. with, not one, but three stunning displays of citizenship, the officer can arrest him. Are you African, Hispanic, Latino(a), Mexican, ineptitude. Tucson’s now-annual Tax Day celebration Japanese, Chinese, Chilean, Korean, Vietnamese, brought 2,000 Tea Party enthusiasts to Reid Park Canadian or Australian? Are you between the on Thursday. Some toted signs with chestnuts ages of 1 and 115? Keep those driver’s licenses like “You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it and passports attached to you at all times and Tom Knauer smile pretty for the officer. Otherwise, prepare for out” and a picture of former president George Columnist W. Bush alongside the words “Miss me yet?” intake at the Pima County Public Jail. Or — if you Interesting choice of statements for the tax opponents, happen to illegally take a day-trip from Tucson to Phoenix, given that (1) rates across the board have fallen considerably maybe to go see a baseball game — a no-holds-barred brouhaha with Sheriff Joe. and consistently — at a pace exceeding rises in median household income — for going on a half-century, and What’s going on here? Seriously — what is wrong with (2) Bush’s 2001 tax cuts, on top of massive governmental these people? Where are we going as a society and a species spending, he commanded for two logically bankrupt wars when we continue to let greed, ignorance and spite drive thereafter, helped foment our economic crisis. important decision-making? Whatever, because at least we’ll be able to freely and Such ignominies are nothing new, sure. In a broader anonymously carry guns into elementary schools. Gov. Jan historical context, they may not be that severe. One can point Brewer signed off on concealed-carry legislation on Friday to conditions generally in the American South during the that lumps Arizona with Alaska and Vermont as the only 1960s or to the entire Middle Ages — indeed — to 90 percent

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of societies outside this continent as we sit and breathe — and say, “Hey, now. We’ve got it good.” Do we, though? And how are we measuring our positions in life? Is it about money? But what is money, really, beyond a restriction on how we think, behave and believe, and just pieces of paper besides? Is it about security? But what has “security” become now, thanks to the institutionalized corporatization of the media? Security is now little more than the indulged belief that no one should be able to interfere, for any reason, with us doing whatever we want. And that we’re justified in hating interveners, especially if they look, speak or dress differently. It all makes you wonder what will become of 12-year-old Tucson resident Katie Wallace, whom the Arizona Daily Star interviewed at the Tax Day event. She claimed to be worried about her future because all the government spending these days may prevent her parents — clearly doomed to an avalanche of higher taxes over the next five years — from affording her college education. “Conservatives are ready to fight,” she said. “Rush Limbaugh was right.” Fancy that — the youth of our nation not decrying but aligning with the dinosauric forces of social stagnation. What will be the world she inherits as her own? — Tom Knauer is a first-year law student. He can be reached at

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Plastic Beach an excursion through unique mythology By Joe Dusbabek Arizona Daily Wildcat The Gorillaz are nothing if not pioneers. They have a unique love of creating mythology through music and this often resonates positively in their sound. We are supposed to believe that they are cartoon characters, but after listening through their new album Plastic Beach the difficulty of maintaining this illusion becomes all the more clear.

B+ Blur’s Damon Albarn and his talented group of musicians have created another thoughtful, divisive collection of ideas, but beware: none of these will rouse you like their pop hit“Feel Good Inc.�from their previous album Demon Days. There are a few standouts, like their dancehall “Stylo�and the catchy tempo of“Glitter Freeze,�but on the whole Plastic Beach is best experienced as a complete album not as, individual of songs. Some light environmental themes are present here; the characters are supposed to be stuck on an eponymous plastic beach, where they recycle all the used parts they find and make them into something better. Ironically, or perhaps intentionally, this is their

album’s agenda: They recycle supposedly-dead genres and attempt to mix them with their own unique flair. The first real track of the album, “Welcome to Plastic Beach,� features a rather awesome cameo by Snoop Dogg . The song’s laidback vibe suits Snoop and the Gorillaz perfectly, and I don’t think I’ll be the only listener who hopes for more collaboration between the two in the future. “Some Kind of Nature � is the most unique song on the album, with a distinctly snarky Lou Reed giving the song the type of pessimism New Yorkers know best. It works well and is the culmination of the







Gorillaz’s efforts so far. For fans of the group, the risk in purchasing this album is relatively small. The band’s love of creating their own story through music is clear, although the masses will likely not take as warmly to this as they have with past hits like “Clint Eastwood� and “Feel Good Inc.�The pop sound dies a quiet death here, but from the ashes rises Plastic Beach. It’s an astutely arranged collection of indefinable noise, and the Gorillaz and their fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Valentina Martinelli/Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA students and Tucson residents take part in the luminaria ceremony during Relay for Life on the UA Mall on Saturday. Relay for Life is an all-night event to honor individuals’ struggles against cancer and to raise funds for cancer research.

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policebeat By Bridgette Doran Arizona Daily Wildcat

Man runs from car, marijuana

A University of Arizona Police Department officer was called to the area of Park Avenue and University Boulevard after someone reported four or five men trying to start fights. The person reporting the incident told dispatch that the men were driving around in a blue Ford Explorer yelling out the window, “Southside 13.� The officer found the car driving near the intersection of Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard. As another UAPD officer performed a traffic stop in the Circle K parking lot at 977 E. Speedway Blvd., he reported that one of the men inside the car was running from the scene. The officer saw the other officer, who had pulled the car over and tackled the man after he ran across Park Avenue on the east side of the 7-Eleven store. The man was handcuffed, and a records check showed that he did not have any warrants. The officer noticed that the man had bloodshot eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol. The man told the officer that he remembered yelling at people but did not know what he said. Before running from the car, the man had damaged the side of a Ford Mustang, and the owner wanted to press charges. The man was arrested for criminal damage and minor in possession. The man was searched before being placed in the back of the patrol car, and the officer found a green marijuana bud in the left front pocket of the man’s shirt. The man said he had forgotten it was in his pocket. He was also arrested for possession of marijuana. Once back at the Circle K parking lot, the driver of the car also showed signs of being under the influence. He was under 21 and arrested for minor in possession and minor operating a vehicle with spirituous liquor in body. A baggie of marijuana and part of a smoking pipe was found stuffed behind the passenger seat. The man who had run from the car was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. The man and the driver were both transported to and booked into Pima County Jail. The car was towed and impounded. A laptop was found in the car. The laptop and the marijuana were placed into UAPD property.

‘Dwight’ hits and runs

A witness called UAPD after he saw a traffic accident happen in the Park Avenue Garage at 1140 N. Park Ave. on Tuesday at 11:43 a.m. The witness told the officer that he saw a white Jeep Wrangler that sped into a parking space and hit a blue Toyota Tundra pickup truck. He also gave a description of the driver, saying he looked like “Dwight from ‘The Office.’� After striking the truck, the witness said he looked around to make sure no one was watching and moved the Jeep to a different parking space. The officer found the truck and the owner on the third level of the garage. Damage included a large dent in the back of the truck above the bumper, paint transfer and dents to back left part of the bumper where metal had also been shifted up and under the truck. The officer then found the Jeep parked on the opposite side of the third level of the parking garage. There was damage done to the front of the car that matched the damage done to the back of the Toyota. The officer left a voicemail for the driver of the Jeep and put a note on the car. The driver called and left a message for the officer saying that he was in an accident that morning but could not speak with the officer. The officer then spoke with the father of the driver. The dad said that his son had been driving the car and that he was a UA student. At 6:20 p.m., the driver of the Jeep voluntarily went to the UAPD main station to be cited for leaving the scene of an accident-failure to notify owner and no proof of insurance. The man was cited and released, and a Code of Conduct referral was sent to the Dean of Students.

Cell phone stalker

WE’RE NOT LIKE EVERY WE’RE NOT LIKE WE’RE NOT L IKE E VEVERY ERY OTHER HIGH-TECH COMPANY. OTHER HIGH-TECH COMPANY. OTHER HIGH-TECH COMPANY. WE’RE HIRING. WE’RE HIRING. WE’RE HIRING. No one told you the hardest part of being an engineer would be finding your first job. Of No one told you the hardest part of being an engineer would be finding your firstto job.get Of course, it’s still possible to getyou the of high-tech work you would course, it’s still possible the high-tech want by joining the Air Force. No one told you the work hardest part an engineer be U.S. finding No one told you the har dest par t of being an being engineer would be finding want by joining the U.S. Air Force. You it’s canstill leverage your degree your first job. Of course, possible to get the high-tech work you your fir st job. O f cour se, it’s still possible to get the high-tech wor You can leverage your degree and getwith hands-on with somekofyou the immediately andimmediately get experience some You of experience the wanthands-on the U.S. You Air Force. can most leverage degree degree w ant by joining the U.S. Aby irjoining Force. c an lever age your your sophisticated technology on earth. most sophisticated technology on earth. immediately and get hands-on experience with some of the most immediately and get hands-on exper ience w ith some of the most sophisticated technology on earth. sophistic ated technolog y on ear th.

For more information on how to take advantage of your engineering degree in the United States Air Force, contact MSgt Kevin E. Eastman at (951) 665-5447 or 1-800-423-USAF Š2009 Paid for by the U.S. Air Force. All rights reserved. Š2009 Paid for byreser the U.S. Air Force. All rights reserved. Š2009 Paid for by the U.S. Air Force. All rights ved.








A UAPD officer arrived to the Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall on Wednesday at 10:58 p.m. after a woman reported receiving a threatening text message. The woman told the officer that, at 10:10 p.m., she had gotten a text message from a phone number she did not recognize that said, “Your Stalker: Do not leave your room tonight if you want to be alive in the morning.� The woman said she did not have any more information about the phone number and did not know who could have sent it. The officer tried to call the phone number but got a message from Verizon Wireless saying the number had been disconnected. The woman said that she called the number immediately after getting the text and heard the same message. She told the officer that she was not afraid of the message but wanted the incident documented. The officer advised her to call UAPD right away if she got another message.

Would you deposit a Craigslist check?

A UAPD officer spoke with a woman at the main station on Wednesday at 1:02 p.m. because she wanted to report possible harassment and fraud. The woman told the officer that she applied for a job on with a man who claimed to be a CEO for a construction company based in the United Kingdom. The man had told the woman that he would be communicating with her mostly through e-mail because he was very busy. The man sent the woman her first assignment via e-mail. He told her to deposit a check he sent her in the mail into her personal account and the send the cash via Western Union to one of his “clients.� Once the woman got the check, she had it verified by Wells Fargo. While it was being verified, she got suspicious and sent an e-mail to the man saying that she would be tearing up the check. The man became upset in his e-mails and said that she could not just rip up a $3,000 check. He also stated that he knew where she lived. The woman also filed a report with the FBI. She was advised to change any information the man had. The officer sent an e-mail to the man telling him that if he contacted the woman again, he would be charged with harassment.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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MGMT’s Congratulations an acid-laden psychological thriller By Kellie Mejdrich Arizona Daily Wildcat MGMT’s much-anticipated album Congratulations is undeniably fresh. Exactly how fresh is what makes it controversial. This acid-laden project oozes self-reference, as well as a regurgitation of older musical styles and motifs. Congratulations, a tweaked-out concept album, is the psychological vomit of MGMT, a band whose climb to fame was not only unexpected, but freakishly ironic. MGMT started out as a project between college buddies Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser. The band released their Time to Pretend EP with a smattering of songs with a much heavier techno, electronica feel. By the time they had signed with Columbia Records and released debut album Oracular Spectacular, the duo had forged a danceable, psych-pop aesthetic that was infectiously catchy. The album was a huge success, both critically and financially. Suddenly MGMT were launched into the stardom they fantasized about in Oracular Spectacular. The Time to Pretend was over. Congratulations is a response to

this newfound fame. Every song is a reference to this new identity, the shock of a dream realized — as well as the vacuous and desolate emotions that permeate their world. The first track,“It’s Working,”begins with a cheesy guitar lick and synth whine, echoing the ridiculous album cover that listeners will likely connect to their first experience with the album. Furthermore, the harpsichord keyboard in the background is a blatant allusion to recycled music. The entire song is composed of references to other styles of music. From the first track, MGMT seem to be engaging in a dialogue with themselves and the music world. MGMT’s sound was anti-mainstream — their entire purpose was to be the defiant bohemians of the music world, fruitlessly hoping for an impossible future filled with cocaine, cars and fame.Yet, now that their worst cultural enemies are their biggest fans, MGMT find themselves positioned in the very seats they despised. This notion of success — but success outside their ultimate goal, not defying convention but rather defining it — is the main subject of the album, with songs like “Flash Delirium”and the title song “Congratulations”as homages to



unexpected fame. Despite that, there are glittering gems on the album that will most likely be overlooked:“Someone’s Missing”and“Siberian Breaks”are varied and complicated songs that provide fresh stylistic changes. Other cuts like“Song for Dan Treacy”and “Lady Dada’s Nightmare”are less listenable, even annoying.Yet the purpose is clear: MGMT are invoking overused, hackneyed musical motifs to send a message to their listeners and their industry, asking,“Is this what you want from us?” It’s an interesting concept that many MGMT fans will overlook or find upsetting because they simply want more songs like“Electric Feel” or“Kids.” MGMT said Congratulations wouldn’t have hit songs like Time to Pretend. They admitted it would be stylistically different. And while the album is different and probably won’t be a huge hit, it’s a fascinating concept album for fans and those interested in what shape the indie genre is taking.

MGMT Congratulations Sony Music

Released April 13, 2010

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Q Is there a “safe time” to have sex? A. Although there could be a few interpretations to your question, it sounds like you are wondering when sex is least likely to result in pregnancy. The short answer is to keep sex as far away from ovulation, the time in a woman’s menstrual cycle when she releases an egg, as possible. In this case, a woman with an average 28-day menstrual cycle will be fertile around the time of ovulation on or near Day 14, when Day 1 represents the start of her period. Since sperm can survive in a woman’s body for up to 5 days but an egg is only viable for 24-36 hours, pregnancy could take place five days prior to ovulation and up to one and a half days after. That works well in theory, but in the real world very few women have menstrual cycles that regularly follow that exact pattern. Cycles may be between 21 and 35 days and can change over time. All of these factors make it difficult to say without question when a woman will ovulate, which makes it hard to say when that “safe time”

might be. Fortunately, we live in an age where we have plenty of birth control options that put the “safe time” to have sex within our control. Oral contraception (The Pill), condoms, intrauterine devices (IUDs), the patch (Ortho Evra), the shot (Depo Provera) or the vaginal ring (Nuva Ring) are all highly effective methods to consider with your health care provider. Last but not least, a “safe time” to have sex should also be one where you are taking steps to avoid and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). While talking about STDs is never easy, being open with your partner before sex can save you undue stress and suffering down the road. Check out MTV’s “GYT” (Get Yourself Tested) website at on how to get the conversation started. For more information on birth control check out or find the method that is right for you at

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Softball blasts back


Right up the middle


With an unsettling feeling after being swept last weekend, the Arizona softball team was anxious to see a Pacific 10 Conference foe visit Hillenbrand Stadium for a three-game set. And by sweeping the No. 10 Stanford Cardinal this weekend, the No. 3 Wildcats (35-7, 5-4 Pac-10) showed head coach Mike Candrea a positive response to its most tumultuous series of the year. “Offensively, this weekend I think we showed some great improvements in some areas, but (we) still have much to go,” Candrea said. “We haven’t peaked, that’s for darn sure.” The Wildcats won 3-2 on Friday and 10-2 on Saturday, both behind the arm of pitcher Kenzie Fowler (24-5). Arizona then managed the Cardinal on Sunday 5-4, despite Stanford chasing senior pitcher Sarah Akamine after 2 1/3 innings and Candrea getting tossed. Stanford’s pitching crew was hurt throughout the series, after losing ace Teagan Gerhart to an arm injury in Game 1. For Arizona, Akamine put a number of pitches over the plate Sunday, and Fowler replaced her after she gave up three runs. “I just kind of felt like we need to keep ourselves in the game,”said Candrea, who was hoping to rest Fowler. “They were on (Akamine) pretty good.” Arizona’s third inning saw the Wildcats beat up little-used pitcher Jenna Rich, who was eventually replaced by Cardinal Ashley Chinn. On Sunday, though, a two-run shot by catcher Stacie Chambers and solo bomb by third baseman Brigette Del Ponte gave Arizona a 4-3 lead. Stanford would tie Game 3 in the fourth, but in the bottom of the inning, Arizona found itself with leadoff hitter Brittany Lastrapes in scoring position at third. When Chambers popped out, Lastrapes thought she had tagged up and scored at home plate. But home plate umpire Dale Wilson disagreed — his decision ended the inning with the game still tied 4-4. A furious Candrea then had choice words with Wilson before being was ejected. “That gets my blood going,” shortstop K’Lee Arredondo said after going 4-for-4 Sunday. “For anyone to kick out coach Candrea … you’re asking for a bruising.” Designated player Lini Koria would launch a pitch off Chinn over center field to give Arizona the decisive run. That productivity in the center of the lineup was a recurring theme over the weekend. No. 4 hitter Chambers hit two home runs in Game 2, a six-inning, 10-2 victory for the Wildcats. “I’ve been struggling with a couple things, but I think we finally figured it out,”Chambers said of her batting technique. “I need to keep my hands close to my body instead of letting them get away from me.” Arredondo and Lastrapes also had home runs in the game, one day after Candrea had complained about his hitters swinging too far under the balls which resulted in too

Comeback win proves new-look Wildcats COMMENTARY BY Mike Schmitz


Assistant sports editor

hen Arizona freshman reliever Nick Cunningham allowed Washington State to turn a one-run deficit into a two-run lead in the top of the eighth inning on Sunday, it would have been easy for the Wildcats (26-9, 7-5 Pacific 10 Conference) to throw in the towel. When the Cougars (19-14, 3-6) extended their lead to three in the top of the ninth, the Wildcats could have been satisfied taking two of three games from the Cougars. But not this Arizona team. Instead, sophomore catcher Jett Bandy led a charge of cheers and fist pumps from the dugout, fueling a four-run comeback victory. SCHMITZ, page 10

Chambers, Del Ponte and Koria cash in for Arizona softball By Nicole Dimtsios ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

OVERHEARD AT THE GAME Fan to Stanford pitcher not deciding on the catcher’s signs:

“You guys go to Stanford, certainly you can read signs.”

Valentina Martinelli/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Arizona softball senior shortstop K’Lee Arredondo looks up after blasting a home run during a 10-2 victory over Stanford at Hillenbrand Stadium on Saturday. The Wildcats swept the Cardinal after being swept at Washington last weekend.

many pop-outs. Meanwhile, Stanford went hitless against Fowler until the fifth inning, when Arizona already had a 6-0 lead. A four-run sixth inning gave the Wildcats the walk-off, run-rule shortened win. Friday’s opening game was more defense-oriented, but a 3-2 win gave Arizona the momentum leading to the eventual sweep.

Gerhart (22-6) earned the start for Stanford before Arizona jumped on her in the third inning, scoring three runs. Chinn, who replaced Gerhart, silenced Arizona the rest of the way. The Cardinal would score on a home run by third baseman Shannon Koplitz in the sixth and on an RBI by sophomore Ashley Hansen in the seventh, but Fowler pitched a masterful set in the seventh to extinguish

the Stanford rally. Fowler ended with a four-hit, ninestrikeout performance, and after the weekend, she said a sweep was essential in regaining the team’s confidence. “Being swept last weekend, we needed to come out and flip it,” Fowler said. “It would have been a lot different if we lost (the last game). We just needed to put a stamp on it and finish it off.”

Looking up and down the lineup card for the No. 3 Arizona softball team, any one fo the names could strike fear in every pitcher in Division I softball. Junior catcher Stacie Chambers , third baseman Brigette Del Ponte and designated player Lini Koria are the driving force behind the heart of the nation’s best offense. Although the Wildcats are stacked from the one spot through the nine spot, it’s the middle of the lineup that intimidates its Pacific 10 Conference opponents. “The middle of our lineup continues to drive in all of our runs,” said head coach Mike Candrea . “When we’re really good is when we’re getting people on base ahead of them. It’s a balance more than anything. Some days it’s there. Some days it’s not.” This weekend, the trio did damage in every game against the No. 10 Stanford Cardinal. In Game 1, Del Ponte cashed in on an opportunity after Chambers doubled to give Arizona the 1-0 advantage. Game 2 saw Chambers’ two-run walk off give the Wildcats enough to run rule the Cardinal on Saturday. Game 3 saw Chambers and Del Ponte go deep back-to-back in the third inning. It was Koria, however, who was the hero after her 11th homer proved to be the difference in a 5-4 win for the weekend sweep over Stanford. The Wildcats entered this weekend second in scoring with 7.82 runs per game, falling just .03 behind ASU’s 7.85 . This weekend the Arizona Wildcats rattled off 18 runs to the Sun Devil’s four, putting them in the No. 1 spot. Just among their own team, Chambers, Del Ponte and Koria are the top three in nearly every offensive category, including batting average, home runs per game, runs batted in and slugging SOFTBALL, page 10

Baseball walk-off earns sweep By Michael Fitzsimmons ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT A deflated Arizona baseball team sat in the dugout in the eighth inning on Sunday after losing the lead — it looked like the team’s attempt at a sweep would fall short. But then came the bottom of the ninth, and trailing Washington State 11-8, the No. 21 Wildcats (26-9, 7-5 Pacific 10 Conference) looked like a completely different animal. Arizona’s dugout was alive, cheering and hanging on every pitch delivered by the Cougars’ flamethrowing closer. The team eventually poured onto the field to celebrate senior Rafael Valenzuela’s single to left field that completed the comeback and the sweep, with a 12-11 win. “The mood was great, the intensity was real high, everyone was screaming,” sophomore catcher Jett Bandy said. “That’s the way you’ve got to go. I mean you’re down by three runs in the ninth and to come back and win it — that’s awesome.” With the game tied 11-11, head coach Andy Lopez had a decision to make; play the matchup and pinchhit for the left-handed hitting Valenzuela against a lefty pitcher or ignore the matchup and let his veteran first-baseman take a shot. Before Lopez could finish talking it over with his coaches, Valenzuela cut him off. “‘I got this,’” said Valenzuela to his coaches.“This is my year, this is our team, and I feel like I got a good shot at this guy.” “He got him,”Lopez added. While exhilarating, the win was also sloppy, as the Wildcats committed four errors resulting in six unearned runs. A win is a win for Lopez though, as his team swept a Pac-10 opponent for the first time this year. “Sometimes it’s not going to look good, sometimes it’s not going to feel good,” Lopez said. “The bottom

Rodney Haas/Arizona Daily Wildcat

The Arizona bench celebrates after senior Rafael Valenzuela knocked in the game-winning run during a comeback victory against Washington State at Sancet Stadium on Sunday. The 12-11 win capped off the Wildcats’ first Pac-10 sweep of the season.

line is you want to be on top when the game ends.”

Heyer strikes out 14 in Friday win

If there were any doubts that freshman Kurt Heyer could continue his dominance on the mound as Arizona played deeper into the Pac-10 schedule, he put them to rest Friday night. The freshman right-hander kicked off the weekend with a gem against WSU, treating the largest crowd of the season at Sancet Stadium to a brilliant 8 2/3 innings, striking out 14 batters en route a 5-3 win. “It was the Kurt Heyer show,”Lopez said.“He pitches

way beyond a freshman — he’s done that all year long. We’re fortunate to have him in our uniform.” Heyer (6-0) retired 15 consecutive hitters during a span in the game, but a two-out walk in the ninth inning forced Lopez to call on Heyer’s roommate, freshman Augey Bill, to seal the win for the Wildcats. Heyer was almost untouchable, a theme since the season began. “For a freshman that’s pretty impressive, because BASEBALL, page 10

arizona daily wildcat • monday, april 19, 2010 •

Arizona junior Jay Goldman swings into a serve during a match against Boise State on Sunday at LaNelle Robson Tennis Center.

Women’s tennis splits regular season finale

The No. 55 Arizona women’s tennis team split the weekend at LaNelle Robson Tennis Center. After defeating No. 54 Sacramento State University in the final set on Friday, the Wildcats fell to No. 27 ASU on Sunday. The Hornets took the first two matches of double play, but the Arizona duo of Natasha Marks and Debora Castany dropped Sacramento State’s Aileen Tsan and Gayane Sarkisian, 8-2. Arizona battled back to make the score 3-2 with only two matches remaining on courts one and six. Jane Huh was battling the Hornets’ Zalina Nazarova on court six and was able to tie the score at 5-5. Nazarova would not go quietly, however, and took the match 7-5. “I’m really pleased with the way our team played today,” said head coach Vicky Maes in a press release.“We were flat in the doubles, but regrouped and did a great job in singles. Sac State is a solid team and this win was very satisfying.” Senior day, which honored Claire Rietsch, Natalia Toporowska and Ariane Masschelein, was not so sweet. Rietsch and Toporowska were responsible for

Valentina Martinelli/ Arizona Daily Wildcat


Triathlon club all effort at nationals

The Arizona Triathlon Club was in Lubbock, Texas, over the weekend to compete in the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships, seeking a top-10 finish. Despite their best efforts, the TriCats finished 20th overall. The men finished 25th overall, and the women finished 16th. “We didn’t do as well as we wanted to, but we all had a good race,” said interdisciplinary studies sophomore Neil Segel. “All of us are proud of what we did. From where we were at two years ago, we couldn’t even have dreamed about being as fast as we are now.” Nicole Truxes, a senior in the college of agricultural and life sciences, led the women. She finished with a time of 2:34:06. Segel led the men, finishing with a time of 2:06:12, with teammate Sean McCormack right behind at 2:08:16. Weather was a factor during the race and did not do Arizona any favors. The team battled 30 to 40 mph gusts on the bike, and the Olympic-distance swim was cut in half. “It was really cold,” said Eller college of management senior Michael Shufeldt, the club’s vice president. “(The weather) did have an impact on our finish. We were prepared for a warm weather race, but everyone finished looking like they were exhausted. That’s all we could ask for.” The TriCats are already looking ahead to next year’s nationals and look to change summer workouts to place in the top-10 next year. “We have our eyes on nationals next year,”said Segel.“We might take a week off to relax, but we will not give up at all.”

Rugby advances to Round of Eight

The Arizona men’s rugby team advanced to college rugby’s Round of Eight for the first time in school history after

defeating Syracuse 25-20 on Friday. The Wildcats touched down four times against the Hammerheads and half of Arizona’s four tries came from senior fullback Tim Moxness. Arizona played defending national champion BYU on Saturday in the Round of Eight but lost 45-10. Moxness scored the team’s lone try in the first half, and senior wingman Mike Getzler showed the heart of the team by making a penalty kick early in the second half, after lying on the field for several minutes following a vicious hit from a BYU player. Midway through the first half, BYU got on the board first and quickly built upon its lead. It was 17-0 before Moxness touched down. Getzler connected on the ensuing field goal, making it 17-7. Any momentum Arizona built, however, was broken by BYU’s Ryan Roundy, who touched down moments following the Arizona score. BYU led 24-7 at half time, and, aside from Getzler’s penalty kick in the second half, Arizona did not add any more points.

Tennis club shines silver at nationals

In the Arizona Club Tennis Team’s first trip to the United States Tennis Association National Campus Championships the team advanced to the silver pool of the tournament last Thursday with wins against Villanova University, 24-23, and the University of Mary Washington, 30-9. As the No. 1 seed in their pool, Arizona was upset by the No. 2 seed University of Illinois 26-22 in the final match on the first day of competition. On the second day of nationals, Arizona advanced to the semi-finals of the silver pool with victories over UT-Austin, 25-24, and Georgia, 26-21. In the semifinal, Arizona’s winning ways came to an end at the hands of Oregon 23-21. In a consolation game, Minnesota defeated Arizona 29-11. — Jaime Valenzuela


the Wildcats’two points as they dropped the match 5-2 to ASU. Rietsch took an early 2-1 lead in her singles match and eventually won 6-4 over ASU’s Nadia Abdala. Toporowska also took an early 2-1 lead and won her match 7-5.

Men fall to Boise State

The Arizona men’s tennis team closed out the regular season hosting the No. 48 Boise State Broncos. In their last home match, the Wildcats fell 4-3. Senior Day was not kind to the men’s team. Boise State took an early 2-0 lead in the match when James Meredith and Jeff Mullen defeated seniors Ravid Hazi and Pat Metham 8-3. Jason Zafiros and Geoff Embry would hang tough in their doubles match against Vicente Joli and Filipp Pogostkin, but eventually fell 8-5. Senior Andres Arango and junior Jay Goldman secured their point on a tight tiebreaker 7-6 (7-1). The singles matches traded off between the Broncos and the Wildcats, but Boise State edged Arizona in the end. Pacific 10 Championships begin for both the men’s and women’s teams in Ojai, Calif., on April 22. — Arizona Daily Wildcat


W-golf set for Pac-10 tourney

The Arizona women’s golf team is in Eugene, Ore., as play in the Pacific 10 Conference Championships begins today. Oregon is hosting the three-day, 54-hole event. The Pac-10, one of the most prolific women’s golf conferences in America, boasts six of the nations top 20 ranked teams according to the latest Golfweek/Sagarin poll, including Arizona at No. 6. Arizona won the event last time it was hosted by Oregon in 2000 after lapping the field in an 18-stroke victory. Isabelle Boineau and Margarita Ramos , both with scoring averages under 73.3 on the season, led the Wildcats. Arizona is all but guaranteed a spot in one of the four NCAA tournament regionals because of its performance in the regular season. The top 7 teams from each region will advance to the NCAA championship. Play will continue through Wednesday, and the Regional championships will be held May 6-8. The NCAA championships will be May 18-21 in Wilmington, N.C. — Alex Williams


Miller’s 31 leads Blazers to 105-100 upset of Suns

Andre Miller scored 15 points in the fourth quarter and tied his career playoff high with 31 points as the short-handed Portland Trail Blazers stole homecourt advantage from Phoenix with a 105-100 victory over the Suns on Sunday night. Methodical Portland was a tough matchup for the Suns all season and it was no different in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series, despite the absence of the Blazers’ scoring leader, Brandon Roy. LaMarcus Aldridge added 22 points and Nicolas Batum 18 for Portland. Jerryd Bayless also had 18 for the Blazers, 10 in the fourth quarter, but missed two free throws with 12.2 seconds left to give Phoenix a shot to tie. Steve Nash’s 3-point try was well short, though, and Miller’s two free throws iced the victory.

Nowitzki leads Mavs past Spur

Dirk Nowitzki was amazed. Even after hitting nearly every shot he took, the San Antonio Spurs still weren’t sending more defenders at him. So he kept shooting. And scoring. Nowitzki made 12 of 14 shots and all 12 of his free throws, coming up with 36 points to carry the Dallas Mavericks to a 100-94 victory over the rival Spurs on Sunday night in Game 1 of their firstround series. “Sometimes,” Nowitzki said, “you have one of those nights where the basket is big.” The Spurs slowed Nowitzki in the first round last year by swarming him with two and sometimes three defenders. He was expecting it again this series and practically begged them to bring it on with the way he attacked whoever was covering him.

Lakers’ inside duo overpower Thunder

Andrew Bynum leaned over, his hands on his knees, his chest heaving from his first minutes of game action in nearly a month. Other than being out of breath, Bynum displayed little rust in teaming with Pau Gasol to dominate the middle in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 87-79 victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder in their playoff series opener Sunday. Bynum ignited the Staples Center crowd with a monster one-handed dunk over a defenseless Nenad Krstic n the second quarter that pushed the Lakers’ lead to 17. “It kind of got me going,” Bynum said.“It hyped the team up. That’s the kind of player I can be — exciting.” — The Associated Press

Small squad, big results in Calif. By Galo Mejia ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Personal records were shattered this weekend as a group of five distance runners from the Arizona track and field team went to Walnut, Calif., for the Mt. San Antonio College Relays. As one of the biggest meets in the country, the Mt. SACs contained athletes from all over the world and Arizona wanted to show it could compete with anyone. After setting a new personal best in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the Jim Click Shootout, sophomore Hannah Moen came to show she could master the 5,000m too. Moen kept her cool and didn’t let the hundreds of other 5,000m racers get to her.

“It’s all about how you (mentally) approach races,” Moen said. She placed 12th in the Olympic development heat with a time of 16:17.31 and bested her career time by 45 seconds. “I was starting to get nervous before the race, but then I thought to myself, ‘I should just have fun with this,’” Moen said. “As I walked up to the starting line, it all went away. I stopped worrying.” Her time was good enough to put her in seventh place in Arizona’s record book. Moen is also the first UA woman to run under 16:20 since 2002. Despite her performance in the 5,000m, Moen is going to stick to her race, the 3,000m steeplechase, at the Arizona/Arizona State/Northern Arizona tri-meet May 1.

“I’m happy about the way I did, but I’m still going to focus on the steeplechase. It’s my race,”Moen said. Freshman Megan Meyer ran a time of 16:21.54, beat her personal record by 26 seconds and came in 14th place. The women’s final 5,000m runner, junior Maggie Callahan, also set a new personal record of 16:37.82 and earned 19th place. Freshman Lauren Smith, had her first collegiate 10,000m race. She came in 20th place in the Olympic development heat with a time of 35:53.31. For the men, senior Mohamud Ige also added his name to the personal best list of the day with 19th place in the men’s Olympic development 5000m with a time of 13:55.56, five seconds better than his fastest time.


• monday, april 19, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


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Production coming from the middle

percentage. As of Saturday, the trio of Wildcats is among the leaders in the conference in home runs and RBIs. The strength of the middle of the lineup is nothing new for Candrea and the Wildcats. Although Chambers’ numbers this season haven’t chased those of last, her bat is beginning to get red hot in conference play, something that didn’t happen last year. Through nine Pac-10 games, she’s batting .500 with 13 hits and 12 RBIs . Her slugging percentage is a remarkable 1.077, considering she does not see prime pitches. “I think (Chambers) has done well,” Candrea said. “She’s taken what she gets and she’s doing


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something with it.” Last season, teams tried to stay away from home run queen Chambers, only to run into former Wildcat first baseman Sam Banister, who would deliver the punishing blow. This season, Chambers has been walked 37 times and it’s been Del Ponte who has filled Banister’s shoes, going deep 17 times. She also has four grand slams on the season and has cashed in a nation-leading 58 RBIs. “Brigette takes her cuts. She’s not going to get cheated,” Candrea said. “That’s one kid that I really believe is going to compete and battle up there. She’s going to go down swinging.” Although teams try to break up the power hitting between power

leadoff hitter Brittany Lastrapes and the speedy Karissa Buchanan at the bottom of the order, the middle of the lineup gets it done for Arizona. The trio’s 130 RBIs make up almost half of all runs Arizona has scored this season. It hasn’t just been the big hit for Chambers, Del Ponte and Koria. Although the threat is always there, the three don’t often miss opportunities. Whether a walkoff home run or a timely double, the three Wildcats in the middle have sparked the offense in the close games. “Whatever it takes to get on base,” Del Ponte said. “You never know when that one walk, that one hitby-pitch is going to win the game.”

Hallie Bolonkin/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Members of the Arizona softball team wait at home plate to congratulate freshman Brigette Del Ponte after she homered during a 5-4 victory over the Stanford Cardinal at Hillenbrand Stadium on Sunday.

Pitching gives Arizona a boost in sweep of Cougars

(WSU is) a good team,” Lopez said of Heyer’s performance. “Since the day he showed up here he was very diligent about everything we asked him to do, and in fact, took it a step beyond. We’d ask him to do A and he’d do A, B, C.” Heyer made an immediate splash by striking out 13 in his collegiate debut earlier this season, but said his outing on Friday ranks the highest in his book.

“I’d like to say this is probably my best outing because it’s a Pac-10 team,” Heyer said after the game Friday.“My first game — it was special because it was my first start and everything, but to come out here and beat a Pac10 team like that, it felt great.” If Heyer is the No.1, then sophomore Kyle Simon might give Arizona a No.1-A. The right-hander followed up a complete-game performance

last weekend with a solid eight-plus innings of work in Saturday’s 13-6 win. Simon (6-2) got off to a rocky start as the Cougars jumped out to a 4-1 lead in the third inning , but bounced back to throw four straight scoreless frames, setting the table for the Wildcat offense to take a lead. “I didn’t think my pitches were really diving until later in the game,”Simon said.“The first

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two innings I just missed a few pitches that were critical, and they were getting a lot of ground ball hits and some clutch doubles, but other than that I think I threw pretty decent.” With an 8-4 lead in the fifth inning, Valenzuela stepped in the box with the bases loaded and struck a three-run double into the right-centerfield gap to give Arizona a comfortable

SCHMITZ continued from page 8

11-4 lead that it wouldn’t relinquish. Sophomore Steve Selsky and Valenzuela did most of the damage at the plate for the Wildcats as the duo combined to drive in nine runs. With the momentum of their first series sweep and a five-game winning streak, the Wildcats will turn their attention to No. 1 Arizona State for a one-game matchup in Tempe on Tuesday.

Youngsters change attitude

“You’ve got to be pumped,” Bandy said,“and I was just trying to set the tone for the bench.” The entire team, from relief pitchers to power hitters, leaned outside the dugout and continually exploded with cheers and encouragement as if to tell the batter,“We’re in this together.” “Unbelievable, man, unbelievable,” senior Rafael Valenzuela, who delivered the game-winning single, said of the mood in the dugout during the rally. After Valenzuela’s hit dropped in front of the WSU left fielder, the Arizona bench went crazy, storming the field in endless celebration. The team’s togetherness and never-quit attitude has been evident in this group of 17 freshmen and 23 underclassmen since the moment Kurt Heyer hurled the first pitch of the season against Utah Valley University on Feb. 19. That attitude and camaraderie is the exact ingredient missing in the talented 2009 Wildcats


Bandy getting plunked often

Arizona sophomore catcher Jett Bandy was hit four times over the weekend by Washington State pitchers, bringing his career total to 27 — also his exact career strikeout total. “I’m not a big stat guy, but it’s a kind of cool stat to have. It means I’m getting on base a lot and that’s all that matters,” Bandy said. “Seven out of 10 times you’re getting out so maybe all of those times I’m getting hit, (I would be) making outs. It is frustrating but it’s the best for the club.” Coincidentally, Bandy wears No. 27.

team, which failed to make the postseason. “Last year, after the ninth inning, people would have been down,”Valenzuela said. Sunday’s 12-11 comebackwin was a direct parallel to the identity of the new-look Wildcats. “(This group is) just a bunch of guys that never give up,” Valenzuela said. “They play hard every inning.” The Wildcats simply willed their way to victory, a rare characteristic for such a young group. They are 3-0 in extrainning games, and 6-2 in games decided by one run, further proving their relentlessness. “Not one guy here doesn’t want to win,” Bandy said. “Every guy out here wants to win so bad. It’s just a great team to be around.” Last year’s team was a group of individuals playing for stats rather than wins. But the 2010 youthful Wildcats have changed the entire mindset of Arizona baseball.

The difference is so drastic that when head coach Andy Lopez was asked to compare the two teams he jokingly said, “Well what’s the difference between red and yellow, night and day, good and bad, right and wrong, being alive or dead?” That’s how severely these youngsters have changed the identity of Arizona baseball. They never throw in the towel and are the epitome of a team, both of which were on display Sunday. The Wildcats may not be the most dominant team in the Pacific 10 Conference, but win or lose, the effort will be there. Win or lose, they will do so as a team. And those are the exact reasons the Pac-10’s youngest team continues to perform like a group of veterans. — Mike Schmitz is a business-marketing sophomore. He can be reached at

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AChIEvE hIRInG jOB coaches serving adults with developmental disabilities, volunteering, job training, and paid employment PT, NW, 1725 E Prince Rd, 579-8824 AChIEvE, InC. hIRInG for summer program serving children with developmental disabilities teaching life and social skills. Central/NW 1725 E Prince, 579-8824 BARTEnDERS nEEDED EARn up to $250 per day FT/PT No experience required Will train, Call Now 520-9793708 x760

ArizonA DAily WilDcAt Summer & Fall Delivery Driver poSitionS available Do you have a good driving record? Are you extremely dependable?

Become a Wildcat Delivery Person! Applicants must be available in the morning starting at 6:30am, and must be registered University of Arizona students for the fall semester, with no early morning classes. Delivery can usually be completed in 2 to 3 hours. Student Media provides the delivery vehicle. Pick up an application at Student Media offices in the Park Student Union 615 N. Park Ave. Ask for Fred Smith.

____________ ____________ ____________

!!!fAMILY OwnED &OPERATED. Studio 1,2,3,4, or 5BD houses &apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $400 to $2000. Available now or pre-lease. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080.

____________ ____________

!!!PRELEASInG 0,1,2,3 BDRM units for rent. ALL within 5blks of Campus. All have AC and most have been remodeled with new tile, paint, electric, etc. View properties at Call 331.8050 (owner/agent) for showing appt.





___________ ___________ ___________

____________ ____________ ____________

_____________ _____________ _____________

# of Days: ____________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ City/State:________________________ Zip: _____________ Phone___________________________ Place my ad online: ___ Send ad with check/money order. We also accept: MasterCard/Visa/American Express: ________________________________________________ Expiration Date: ___________

Signature: _____________________________________________

RATES: $4.75 minimum for 20 words (or less) per insertion. 20¢ each additional word. 20 percent discount for five or more consecutive insertions of the same ad. 20 percent discount for 20 or more insertions of the same ad running the same day(s) of the week during Fall 2009-Spring 2010. For an additional $2.50 per order your ad can appear on the Wildcat Website ( The Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an ad. NO REFUNDS ON CANCELED ADS. Deadline: Noon, one business day before publication.

1BLk fROM UOfA reserve your apartment for summer or fall. Furnished or unfurnished. 1bedroom from $585. Pool/ Laundry. 5th/ Euclid. Call 751-4363 or 309-8207 for appointment.

ADORABLE TwO BEDROOM! One full bath, Fort Lowell/ Campbell, close to university. Spacious tiled kitchen, private fenced yard. Great location! 520-327-0009


Name: __________________________________________________________________________________

1BEDROOM UnfURnIShED APARTMEnT. $555/mo Available May 7. small, quiet, private complex, large pool, covered parking, 1mile to UofA. 3122 E. Terra Alta. 623-0474

4BLkS TO UOfA. Stylish studio$435. Hardwood floors, A/C, laundry, off-street parking. Located in security gated courtyard. No Pets. Available June. 743-2060.


Classification: _______________________________

1/1BA DUPLEX, EUCLID/ Elm $495 if paid early, water/ gas included, APL 747-4747

2BLOCkS TO UA/ UMC awesome 1BD/1BA ($485), available 6/1/2010, 1BD/1BA ($495) available 8/1/2010 (520)591-8188


615 N. Park, Rm. 101

621-3425 ➤

University of Arizona

Tucson AZ 85721

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• monday, april 19, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Complete Car Care are Hanging on by a Shoestring?

10% off for UA Student/Faculty


2208 N. Stone Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOvE In AUGUST 2010, BRAND NEW 4Bedroom, 2Bath house located in Sam Hughes Neighborhood on 3rd Street – the bike route direct to UA. $3000/ month ($750/ bedroom). Washer/dryer, alarm system, zoned A/C, fenced back yard, offstreet parking, pets welcome. Reserve now for August 2010. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Call 747-9331. !!!!!!!!!!!!!AwESOME BRAnD nEw 5bedroom, 2bath house $3300/ month ($660/ bedroom). Walking distance to UA. Zoned A/C, full size washer/dryer, alarm system, walk-in closets, fenced back yard, off-street parking, pets welcome. Quality living rents quick. Reserve now for August 2010. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Call 747-9331 !!!!!SIGn UP now for Aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NeWeR homes! 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303 !!#!#1 BRAnD nEw high efficient 3/4 Bedroom homes. Nicely appointed amenities. 2 car garage. Close to UA and shopping. 310.497.4193 !!nOw PRELEASInG 1,2,3,4&5bdrm units within walking distance to campus. Call 331.8050 (owner/agent) to schedule showing appt. $850 3Bd 2BA, 1187sqft, A/C, hu, large fenced patio, comm. wtr pd. Star Pass & Shannon in West Townhomes. Call Adobe @325-6971

W/D pool, Park PMI

2730 n. EASTGATE DR $875 3BD/2BA Home 2wks free oac w/1yr lse 1200sqft/AC/Yard Glenn/Alvernon. Werth Realty (520)319-0753 2BD hOUSE wITh den/ 3rd Bedroom. Dishwasher, Microwave, Washer & Dryer, Fenced yard. A/C. Available June 10. $1000/mo. 1701 E. Copper Call 798-3331 Peach Properties 2BD/ 2BA In Sam Hughes. A/C, W/D, near Rincon Market. Water paid. $1000/mo. Available June 1. 2636 E. 5th St. Call for appointment. 977-4057. 2BEDROOM 2BATh hOME, newly built with split floor plan, maple cabinets, tile throughout, ceiling fans $850 ALSO 2Bedroom 2bath home, garage, water included, w/d, fenced yard, dishwasher, 1096sqft, covered patio $945 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 or log on 2BEDROOM hOME wITh Arizona rm, carport, w/d, brick home, fenced yard, storage shed, 50 dollar move in special $600 ALSO 2Bedroom home, wood floors, w/d, fenced yard, pets ok $750 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 or log on

! 3BD 2BA EXTRA nice homes with A/C, skylights, walled yard, patios, all appliances. Available June 1. Walk or take Cattran to campus. 577-1310 or 834-6915 ! nEw LUXURY hOMES- 6BR 6 1/2 baths with 5Car Garage JUST BLOCKS from UofA. ALL HUGE BEDROOMS each with own private CUSTOM TILED FULL BATHROOMS each BR has private WHIRLPOOL TUB +WALK-IN CLOSET +high 10ft ceilings +ceiling fans +custom vanities with GRANITE tops +LARGE OUTSIDE BALCONY. LARGE KITCHEN with beautiful CUSTOM CABINETS +GRANITE TOPS +DISHWASHER +Large PANTRY +CAVERNOUS LIVING-ROOM with 10ft ceilings, FULL LAUNDRY, Monitored Security System +MORE. ABSOLUTELY THE NICEST RENTAL in UA area! CAN FURNISH if desired. 884-1505.

!!! 4BD 2BA On quiet street near Mountain/ Prince. POOL (svc incl.), WD, DW, AC, fenced yard, tiled living area. $1,400/mo by owner Alex 520370-5448. Avail Aug 1, pets ok !!! 5- 6Bd 2BA POOL/ SPA (svc incl.) ~2400sqft Near Prince Stone WD DW AC fenced yard All Tile, No Master Bath $1,800/mo by owner Alex 520370-5448 avail Aug 1, pets ok !!! BIkE TO CAMPUS IN Aug 20101, 2, 3bdm, remodeled condos $650$1200! Within 1mi to UofA, A/C, Covered Parking, Pool, Fitness & Rec Ctr, Free Wifi and water/ trash. Most appl. Included. toll free 866-545-5303 !!! SPECIAL OffER 4BD 2BA +den, A/C, W/D, new kitchen, 1850sqft, polished concrete floors, fenced yard, covered porch, water purification system. $1495/mo. August 1. Contact or 520954-7686

!! RESERvE YOUR 2,3,4 OR 6 Bedroom home now for August. Great homes 2to5 Blocks to UA. Call for details. 884-1505. Or visit us at

!!! SPECIAL OffER 4BD 3BA 2000sqft. 2car garage, A/C, W/D, polished concrete floors, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, covered patio, fenced yard. Available August 1. $1995/mo. Contact or 520-954-7686

!!! 2BD/ 1BA, CLEAn, LIKE NEW, BUILT IN 2008, AC, STORAGE, ON SITE PARKING, UofA Area, PETS OK, $860/MO, 520-990-0783, http:/ / t u c s o n . c r a i g s l i s t . org/apa/1674871853.html

!!! UOfA LUXURY REnTALS. 1,3,4 bedroom homes for rent. Available August 2010. Contact 520-9547686 or for more info.


**3BR/ 2BA $1245; 2BR/ 2BA $945; $50/ early DISCOUNT; 1601 E Glenn #2, #1; AC; DW; WD; Pets;; 520-2509014 1021 e. BLACKLidGe $595 2BD/ 1BA. Yard, Washer& Dryer HU’s, carport, A/C. Ft. Lowell/ Campbell. Werth Realty. (520)319-0753 1248 N. eUCLid $1,275 just blocks from campus. 3BR. 1BA, AC, appliances, Security deposit $1,275. Can be paid in 3payments. Call for showing Mike or Elvia 520-906-5989, 520907-8425 1255 S. 3Rd St. $625 2BD/1BA Newer home/ AC/ Yard/ washer& dryer. 22nd/4th. Werth Realty. (520)319-0753 1BEDROOM hOUSE wOOD floors, claw foot tub, water included $525 ALSO1 Bedroom house with wood floors, Arizona rm, fireplace, water included, $575 CALL REDI 520-6235710 or log on 2-1, REMODELED, BIkE route to campus, off Glen - Campbell, large fenced yard, carport, wash - dry, $675. /mo. Rod 407-230-4258 2440 n fAIR OAkS #2 $695 2BD/1BA Newer home 2wks free oac w/1yr lse AC/ ceramic tile/ Yard Grant/Columbus Werth Realty 520-319-0753 2674 n hASkELL #1 $875 3BD/2Ba Home AC/ Yard/ Washer& dryer 2wks free oac w/1yr lease Alvernon/Glenn Werth Realty 520-319-0753 2674 n. hASkELL #1/2 $875 3BD/2BA $775 2BD/2BA 1000sqft/Yard/AC/washer & dryer 2wks free oac w/1yr lse Glenn/Alvernon. Werth Realty. (520)319-0753

4BR/ 3BA +LOfT- MUST SEE nEwER LUXURY MODEL hOME, 40k in Upgrades, Incl All Appliances Avail June 1st. Only $1495.00Mauny @949-521-4294 5801 e 33Rd $1095 5BD/2BA home 2000sqft/ Yard/ New master cool/ 2car carport/ fireplace Golflinks/Craycroft Werth Realty 520-319-0753 5Bd 3,4BA Take a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and lots of private parking call Casa Bonita 398-5738 5Bd 5BA ReSeRVe for 10-11, great location, private parking, awesome floor plan call Casa Bonita 398-5738 6BD 4BA hOUSE $3000 7BD 4BA $3200 3BD 3BA $1800 Skylights ceiling fans. Close UMC campus. Cattran shopping safe. 248-1688

2BR SAM hUGhES home with den. A/C. Fenced yard, Wood floors. Single car garage. W/D hook-ups. Available May 15th $1,100/ month Call 7983331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

6Bd 5BA With larger homes available, 0-8 blks from campus, private parking, fireplace, private patios and plenty of parking. Reserve 10-11 call Casa Bonita 398-5738

2BR/ 2BA hOUSE w/fenced yard, carport, w/d hook-ups, dishwasher, microwave, ceramic tile floors & A/C. Available July 10th $900/mo. 20 E. Lee St. #2 Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc,

ADjACEnT UOfA & MED School. Well kept 4BD 3BA W/D, A/C, $2050/mo. 1313 N Vine. Desert Southwest Realty 977-4602

3,4, & 5 BedRooM hoMeS for rent for next school year. AC, washers and dryers, dishwashers. Available August 1. Grijalva Realty 325-1574 ask for Laura. 3635-3655 e Bellevue $525 1BD/ $650 2BD Ceramic tile/ Yard/ garbage disposal/ dishwasher in select units/ laundry onsite Speedway/Alvernon Werth Realty 520-319-0753

$900- $1700 AUG 2010– 1,2,3,4 & 5bdm, NeWeR homes! all within 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

4BR., 2BA, 2CAR garage, ceiling fans, fireplace. 2.8miles from campus. 445 E. Geronimo Bluff Loop. $1600/mo. +utilities. Available Aug. 1. call 419-4490.

AvAILABLE nOw, wALkInG distance, 2bedroom, 1bath, built-in vanities, refrigerator, window covering, water paid, $610/mo, flexible terms, 3708588, leave message. BEAUTIfUL, TwO-STORY house 4miles from UofA. Most utilities included. Has hot tub, deck, and garage. Three bedrooms available starting at $375. Ten month lease (August through May). Contact Aly at if interested!

Walk to UA campus! 2Bd/1BA house with 2Bd/1BA Guest house. Rent as 4Bd or 2separate units... Large walled private courtyard w/covered front & back patio. W/d, AC & Swamp, ceiling fans, fireplace, & parking. $1600. No pets, smoking & Water Pd. Avail. June 1st. 970708-3753.

$8000 tAX CRedit Now is the time to take advantage of the $8000 tax credit for new home buyers. Please call 1-888-712-4636 ext. 102 for information. BICYCLE TO UA/UMC. BEAUTIfUL 2BEDROOM 1BATh. UPDATED kITChEn InCLUDES ALL APPLIAnCES. CEnTRAL A/C. SECURITY BARS. wOOD & CERAMIC fLOORS. fIREPLACE. GARAGE. $199,900. CALL 360-0881. MUD ADOBE 3BED 1bath. Pristine with many new upgrades. North University. 1075 E Seneca Bill 520-2601849 TwO BLOCkS nORTh of UMC. Easy walking distance to UA. Brick home w/large lot, plenty of parking & storage. 1640 E. Linden St. $219,000

fULLY fURNiShed!!! 1rm available in 2bd apt M/f 2mi from campus, gated, pool, small gym & parking!!! Prefer student. CALL Shaina (520)471-0583 M/f nEEDED fOR great apartment close to campus (5blocks away), fully furnished, most utilities are paid, private entrances, separate leases! MUST SEE! Call Astrid 520.622.8503 ROOMMATES wAnTED/ ROOMMATES needed! 2,3 and 4 bedrooms open for immediate move in. M/F ok, Smoking/ Non smoking available, $1 first month’s rent. Individual leases, private entrances. Call for appointment 520.622.8503.

3Bd 2BA $395 each. 1 1/2mi from UofA. August 1. A/C, clean, secure, secluded, free laundry & water 1509 Blacklidge. Appt required. 299-6464

BIkE TO CAMPUS iN Aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NeWeR homes! within 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

3BD 3BA TAkE a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and incld a garage call Casa Bonita 398-5738

DMT PROPERTIES PREMIER UofA rentals. 1,2,3,4,6 Bedroom homes. Available June & August. Close to campus, many amenities. Call Ilene 520-240-6487

3BD/ 2BA, nEwER 1518sqft house. Built in 2005 with 2-car garage, upgrades throughout with mountain views. Central location only 2.5miles from UofA. Beautiful tile throughout. Tiled, multihead shower in the Master. Contemporary open floorplan with spacious rooms. All appliances including washer and dryer are included. Available June 1. $1300 per month. Contact Amanda 559-360-4753.

hOUSE wITh POOL. 3BDRM/2BA, 1.5miles to campus. Pool service, garage. washer/dryer, covered patio. Available Aug. $1500/ month Call Lynn 831-320-3127.

3BED, 2BATh, A/C, tile floors, ceiling fans, dishwasher, washer & dryer, pantry, lounge, enclosed yard, covered parking. Immaculate. Available now. Pima & Columbus. 3miles to campus. $1,050.00 Call 631-7563.

OnLY OnE DOLLAR for your first month’s rent! Prices starting at $355 per room, per month. Individual leases, private entrances fully furnished 2,3 and 4 bedroom homes available for immediate move in. Call or come by today! 520.622.8503, 1725 N Park Ave Visit us at <>

GoRGeoUS 2Bd/ 2.5BA 2STORY TOwnhOME 1741 E Hedrick #2101 1200sqft, polished concrete floors, beber carpet, washer & Dryer, fenced yard & balcony. 10% college & military discount ***OnE MOnTh fREE OAC w/1YR LSE*** Werth Realty 520.319.0753

SAvE YOUR qUARTERS for playing pool down on 4th Ave we have washers and dryers in select homes! Imagine the time and money you’ll save doing laundry in your own home! 5blocks from campus- 10minutes walking 5minutes on a bike. Close to University Boulevard and 4th Avenue. Call for specials 520.622.8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue

COMPATIBLE/ nEw TOnER CARTRIDGES with warranty that includes free cleaning. Printer Repair $50.00 University Vendor for 16years 5minutes from campus Accram Inc 520-624-0169

3BEDROOM hOME wOOD floors, fireplace, w/d, walled yard, 1500sqft, pets ok $920 ALSO 3Bedroom 2bath home, 2car garage, fireplace, walled yard, w/d, 1700sqft, dishwasher $965 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 or log on 3BR/ 2BA InCLUDES dishwasher & Washer/ Dryer, some off-street parking, available August 6 for only $1195/mo. 1901 & 1909 N.Park Ave. 1915 N. Park Ave also available July 10th. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. 4BD 2,3BA Taking Reservations 1011 Superior locations as well as exceptional floor plans 0-8 blks from campus call Casa Bonita 398-5738 4Bd 2BA $395 each. August 1. 8blocks UofA. Tile floors, A/C, clean, secure, free laundry. 621 Waverly. Appt required. 299-6464 4BD/ 3BA hOUSE. Individual leases. Summer only $390/mo. Refundable security deposit. 8blocks away from Main Gate. All utilities included. 7492012. Please leave message. Available as of May 17. 4BEDROOM 3BATh hOME 2200sqft, arizona rm, fireplace, w/d, ceiling fans, 2master suites $1100 ALSO 5Bedroom 3bath home, a/c, 2car garage, granite tile, 10parking spaces, brand new appliances $1395 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 or log on

one or two Bedroom near campus in the Village at tucson & 6th Street Starting at $750/mo with one month free 322-2940 or

STUnnInG COMPLETELY REMODELED 3BD +den, pool, spa, bbq, new appliances including washer/dryer. $1900/mo First/ River. 751-4363 VeRY CooL hoUSe– 2BDR, cozy, hardwood floors, walk to pus. Fenced bkyd, pets ok, $900/mo- Contact Debbie for 520-419-3787.

1BA, camA/C. appt.

VeRY CooL hoUSe– 3BDR, 1BA, walk to campus, fenced back yard, pets ok. $1000/mo. Bright, airy, hardwood floors. A/C– Contact Debbie for appt. 520-419-3787 VeRY CooL hoUSe– 4BDR, 3BA, huge ½acre lot, fenced backyrd, hot tub, lots of parking, new 42”LCD flat screen, pets ok. $2300/mo. 3263 E. 5th Street– Contact Debbie for appt. 520-419-3787 wALk TO CAMPUS Sam hughes, 2,3,4 &5bdm, NeWeR homes! within 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

3RD ST. BIkEPATh 3BD 2 1/2BA 1300+sqft. D/W, W/D, A/C, 2patios, tile floors, $1250/mo. 275-8258. Available June 1. Furnished/ unfurnished. 4BRS PLUS DEn, dishwasher, dryer, exp. basic cable & HS internet (from Cox). $1400/mo. 1015 N. 6th Ave. Available June 8th. Call 298-3331. Peach Properties HM, Inc.

LEAvInG TOwn fOR the summer? Will watch house, water plants, take care of pets, turn on lights; Conscientious and reliable. Excellent references. 325-9514

!!-AA tYPiNG $1.50/PG. Laser printing, term papers, theses, dissertations, editing, grammar, punctuation, professional service, near campus. Fax: 326-7095. Dorothy 3275170.

ARE YOU LOOkInG for a mover? Same day service? Student rates available. 977-4600 ARIZOnA ELITE CLEAnERS- We specialize in cleaning. We’ll clean your rental, home, investment property or Special Event. Call 520-207-9699

arizona daily wildcat • monday, april 19, 2010 •

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Save This Ad!

All You Can Eat Buffet (Pizza, pasta, soup, salad, desserts)


By Dave Green

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10% Off for government workers and seniors (50+)

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All You Can Eat Soup & Salad 10% Off with Coupon Expires 11/20/10

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2610 E. Sequoyah St tucson, az 85716


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• monday, april 19, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Country Thunder storms desert in AZ By Dallas Williamson Arizona Daily Wildcat

It’s 7 p.m. on Friday, and while the dirt road winding toward the blaring lights in the distance is not exactly paved in glistening yellow brick, the worn Arizona dirt paves the way for many a country music fan’s personal Oz. While UA students have a fairly easy time getting their fix of rock, R&B and alternative music throughout the school year, especially with live events like Club Crawl occurring so close to campus, those of us whose musical preferences include country pretty much rely on the radio or iTunes to deliver our favorite tunes. Thankfully, once a year, country fans get the opportunity to turn off the dial and see their favorite artists live. And for many UA students, the 22 performances in four days make the 90-minute drive to Florence, Ariz., well worth the trip. It’s day three of Country Thunder 2010, and the bumper-to-bumper cars in the parking area initially exposes the sheer magnetism of the event. Swarms of country music lovers have traveled miles to partake in the festivities. Headlights cast dust-covered beams on license plates from across the country — Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, Ohio, California, Arizona — the list goes on. The day’s concert series, which has been in full swing since 1 p.m., seems to have already taken its toll on many of the festivalgoers who, by the looks of it, started celebrating about that same time. Garbage cans already overflow with aluminum cans and beer bottles, and the grounds just inside the entry way are littered with wrappers, cigarette butts and fallen food. The outdoor concert arena, held on the grounds of Florence’s Canyon Moon Ranch, resembles something along the lines of“Woodstock meets the county fair.”Clusters of vendors and snack stands twist and curve about in long rows, covering the field surrounding the openair stage. Merchants selling cowboy hats, souvenir T-shirts and a plethora of other festival memorabilia attract fans wishing to capture the moment and authenticate their experience. Neon signs advertising corn dogs, funnel cakes and homemade lemonade tempt hungry stomachs, eager to satisfy those sweet and salty cravings. A U.S. Postal Service trailer has even set up camp, maybe for those last-minute taxpayers who decided to wait until Thursday to postmark their envelopes. For those who don’t find the greasy food and beer stands to be enough of a party, there are carnival rides. Many of

Check to see a slideshow of Country Thunder

Rodney Haas/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Country superstar Keith Urban performs his hit song ‘Making Memories of Us’ during Country Thunder in Florence, Ariz., on Friday. The country music festival drew more than 10,000 fans during its four-day run from Wednesday through Saturday.

the classic twirling light-up thrills pepper the field, spinning and thrashing their strapped-in riders. However, some of the more original ones attract the longest lines. The“Slingshot”seems to be only for the most daring, who have not just recently indulged in the mouthwatering pile of gooey cheese-covered fair fries. Riders are tightly belted inside a round metal cage suspended in the air by what look like two massive bungee chords. After a quick countdown, the riders are suddenly flung vertically into the air — a pebble being slung by a slingshot. And what kind of country festival would it be without a mechanical bull? Yes, there is one here as well. However, like most everything else on site, it is in the realm of the extreme. Bigger and faster than your average mechanical bovine, this thing moves and bucks, jerking and thrashing riders about. One burly male in a white backwards baseball cap steps up to the challenge, smiling and flexing his biceps. Unfortunately, he doesn’t last more than five seconds before he is thrown from the saddle with a sudden buck forward. Yet, while these attractions lure the crowds, the real reason for the masses of country spirit lies at the front of the arena: the open air Country Thunder stage.

Bathed in bright lights, the proscenium stage draws the attention of hundreds, if not thousands, of attentive eyes and ears. The yards of ground surrounding the platform are covered in a sea of foldout camping chairs, while others sprawl out on large blankets covering the matted yellow-green grass. Further in, closer to the edge of the wooden stage, rows of white plastic chairs that are situated on either side of the long catwalk extension reaching out further from the stage mark special seating; more intimate seats reserved for those who shelled out the extra money. People of all ages have congregated to hear some of the biggest names in country music. A young girl holding a pacifier rests quietly atop her mother’s shoulders, while next to her, white hair peeks from beneath two cowboy hats as a couple holds hands, gently bobbing to the strum of the guitar melody. The majority of the concertgoers, however, fall in the college-aged group, but this is no surprise. With many girls scantily clad in denim daisy dukes, cowboy boots, cleavage-baring tops and little else, the scenery is a man’s paradise. Yet the girls get their fair share of eye candy. After a long day in the scorching Arizona heat, many brawny men, as

well as some not-so-buff boys, saunter and stumble around wearing only some worn-out Levi’s and a Stetson, showing off their sun-tanned chests. Add a few nice cold brewskies into the mix, and, well, you get the appeal. Just before 8:30 p.m., Kevin Costner and his band, Modern West, are winding down their performance. Surprisingly, Costner’s raspy voice harbors a catchy country twang. And not only can he act, but he looks natural and at home onstage, wearing his black button-down shirt and white-washed blue jeans, strumming a guitar and stamping his foot to the beat. Providing the rhythms and backup vocals to Costner, seven other band members help perform such original hits as“Turn It On.”While this is one of the band’s few stops in the U.S. after an extensive tour throughout Europe, it is interesting to find that several of the band members of Modern West hail from Tucson. As 9 p.m. rolls around, and after a brief lull between acts to reset the stage, an electrifying, almost hushed buzz fills the amphitheatre as everyone awaits the night’s main event to take the stage — the one and only Keith Urban. But as soon as his dark suede boots emerge from the wings, the crowd erupts in an

explosion of hoots and hollers. Without even stopping to greet the fans, Urban bursts into his first song of the night,“Kiss a Girl,”to a clamor of claps and yee-haws. Spectators are already on their feet. Flowing into other hits, such as“Days Go By”and“Stupid Boy,”Urban sends the crowd into a more excited frenzy. The fact that Urban seems to be having as much fun as his fans only heightens his appeal. His smile is charming and indescribably contagious as he dances with his white-and-black guitar. His fitted dark jeans and a short-sleeve button-down collared shirt seductively revealing peeks of the tattoo on his chest throw many women into swoons. While his set is minimal, only featuring a few lighting effects and a background video screen, his concert is anything but disappointing. His songs, which have more of an upbeat rockcountry vibe rather than a bluegrass twang, sound almost as clear and full as when heard on the radio. Urban is also quite the gentleman. Repeatedly thanking his audience for coming out with his Aussie accent and handing over several moments to his band members, he seems to be a guy without a big ego, a rarity among celebrities. He’s just on stage doing what he loves: playing guitar and singing great songs. Although he is only slated to play until 10:30 p.m., Urban is all about giving his fans what they want most: more of him and his music. Thus, it is no surprise that he is still singing by 11 p.m., coming out to perform an encore after singing“You Look Good in My Shirt.” The crowd is still standing when Urban finally closes the night. Throwing back his head of shaggy hair and raising his guitar on the ending note of“Love Somebody,”Urban then leaves the stage, smiling and waving to the mass of cheering Country Thunder spectators. While the night’s scheduled events have officially come to an end, and many make their way back to their cars, the party has only just begun for others. The carnival rides are still flashing with life, and a band has just taken the stage on one of the smaller venues in the backfield. For those campgoers who have set up tents and RVs in the surrounding sites, the night is still young. Tomorrow holds a new day full of booze, games, friends and live performances by such superstars as Willie Nelson and Kid Rock. In this country music Oz, who says there is a place better than home? Yee-haw, Country Thunder 2010.

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Arizona Daily Wildcat — April 19, 2010  
Arizona Daily Wildcat — April 19, 2010  

Arizona Daily Wildcat — April 19, 2010