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Thousands ring in Spring Fling BY ELIZABETH EATON The Daily Wildcat

For its much-anticipated return to campus, Spring Fling drew tens of thousands of attendees to the UA Mall over the weekend. The annual student-run carnival attracted about 30,000 guests, including at least 10,000 UA students, for its 40th anniversary. Nicole Schwalbe, a biochemistry sophomore, said she felt that Spring Fling’s return to campus made it seem more like a UA event than just an offcampus carnival. “I think it benefitted because it was a lot more accessible to students, especially those without reliable transportation,” Schwalbe said. Matt Madrid, a sophomore in the School of Information,


SPRING FLING festival-goers enjoy the carnival rides on campus Sunday. The annual student-run carnival drew 30,000 people, including at least 10,000 UA students.

Science, Technology and Arts, agreed that it was convenient to have Spring Fling on campus. “Last year we had to take a bus to get to the fairgrounds,” Madrid said. “It was a bit of a hassle. This year we could bike

KAMP suffers weekend mishaps

ARTS & LIFE - 10


VOLUME 107 • ISSUE 133

our way there or walk our way there.” Overall, the event was a success, said Jared Young, the executive director of Spring Fling and a senior studying accounting and finance. “However you want

to measure success, whether it’s attendance, excitement, satisfaction, feedback from other groups — all have been outstanding,” Young said. “I plan for the worst and hope for the best; all of it exceeded expectations.”

While Young could not say how much money was raised for clubs, Schwalbe said that she appreciated the clubs’ presence at Spring Fling. “The fact that they still kept up with the tradition of the club booths was my favorite part because it benefits the students, and I got to eat deep fried Oreos,” Schwalbe said. Fundraising for clubs was not the only benefit of the event though; attendees also brought in more than 1,800 books for Sunday’s promotional book drive, 300 more books than last year. Young said he expects that the number of cans donated during the event also rose with the increase in attendance. Residents in the nearby Sam Hughes neighborhood, some of whom had originally






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KAMP Student Radio went silent this past weekend. The radio station experienced technical issues early Saturday morning that lasted all weekend, according to Shannon Kurlander, journalism and theater arts senior and general manager of KAMP. The issues started when the wiring to a speaker in the KAMP studio in Park Student Union began smoking at around 2 a.m., Kurlander said. “We have a speaker in the station … and it’s just an on/off switch that plays the music out loud for anyone that’s hanging out here at KAMP,” Kurlander said. “One of the KAMPers was turning it on and it sparked a bit and there was smoke from it.” Alex Topete, an undeclared freshman and mobile DJ with KAMP, was at the station when the malfunction occurred. Topete said that he and a friend were about to leave the station when they noticed the wiring problem. “The volume control mouse started smoking, and once we saw


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THE CE 251 ELEMENTARY surveying class practices how to take measurements for building a house outside of the Arizona State Museum on Monday. Elementary surveying focuses on theories of measurements and errors.

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Full, Switzerland Lunar, Canada Eclipse, Canada

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Our addiction is to the instant gratification, the validation we think we’re getting when we get ‘likes’ on a picture.” OPINIONS — 4

Weekenders changing image of the frat party BY MICHAEL WOOLSEY

Arizona Sonora News Service

The image of some fraternity social events has come a long way from the standard Saturday night kegger in the party room, or the sudsy bacchanals presided over by John Belushi’s toga-clad Bluto Blutarsky (GPA: 0.0) at the fictional Delta house in the 1978 movie “Animal House.” Instead, imagine taking over a portion of a respectable hotel with 160 of your best friends for a long weekend of partying that would result in a high-end good time and stories you might not want to pass on to your children, but will probably cherish for life anyway. That’s a fraternity “weekender,” and these days a good one can cost as much as $100,000 to pull off. At colleges all over the country, fraternities have been polishing, or relishing recent memories of, a new kind of social event that takes money, planning, imagination and the desire and ability to get out of town. The weekender is an opportunity for members to bring a date and vacate local campuses. Charter buses take them to a destination of their choice and back home to academia. At the UA, the common

Students dive in to digital worlds BY MARISSA MEZZATESTA The Daily Wildcat

Planning, funding, security and transportation expenses of the trip must be calculated and arranged for months in advance. Executive members work together collecting fraternity dues, hiring security or negotiating with hotels and arranging transportation. The expenses of such trips are often covered by a fraternity’s social dues, which are paid each semester by active members. “The transportation, transportation team, security

Through the use of virtual programs and the development of an iSchool, the UA is taking a digital approach to teaching its students. Ken McAllister, planning director of the school of information, explained that the iSchool is a collection of researchers and professors who are interested in finding out where information comes from and how it’s gathered, used and stored. “Universities are disciplinary, problems are not, and the idea of a school of information is that, instead of focusing on discipline, we focus on problems and issues and questions and challenges in the world and we bring people together,” McAllister said. McAllister added that digital humanities are an important component of the iSchool. The departments associated with the iSchool are working to develop




CJ O’NEIL, criminal justice junior, takes in the scenery at the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity weekender in Las Vegas.

weekender location picks are San Carlos, Mexico, Las Vegas or Lake Havasu, Ariz. There are a lot of factors that go into planning a weekender. Many have to be approved through the school. “Spending time with friends outside the normal college atmosphere is the best part of weekenders,” said Kyle Schoch, a Sigma Alpha Epsilon member. Although weekenders are a time to get away from stresses and daily routines of college life, organizing one can take on elements of a corporate retreat.

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Compiled by: Ashley Reid



HOROSCOPES Today’s Birthday (04/15/14): Your creative year launches with today’s fullmoon lunar eclipse, impacting partnerships and agreements. You see newly what’s important. Collaborate for good causes. Beautify your home this springtime, and invite people over. Review plans and structures with Pluto retrograde (until 9/23). Travel or launch after 5/20. August heats up the fun. Relax before autumn revelations provide new opportunities and freedom. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 7 — The lunar eclipse begins a new phase in a partnership. It could get spicy. Independent efforts advance. Consider your deepest commitments. Family matters could vie with work for your attention. Use wisdom, not credit. Avoid travel and expense. Handle paperwork, and then go play. TAISHA FORD/THE DAILY WILDCAT

LISSETTE ALVAREZ, a biology junior, studies for an exam at Wilko on University Boulevard on Monday. Wilko recently opened an outdoor patio section.




> > > >

Micheal Amlin psychology junior

How is your semester? Pretty good so far, just doing normal stuff right now. I just got through midterms recently and now finals.

What do you do now that it’s warmer out? Take my dogs out to the dog park like two or three times a day and try to run at least a mile and a half twice a week.

Do you have a favorite memory from the semester? Not yet, to be honest. It was pretty exciting watching the Wildcats make it far in the tournament, but it didn’t end too well.

Do you have a favorite movie? I have been watching a lot of movies right now and I recently watched the “Godfather” series over. They’re probably some of the best movies I have ever seen.

What are your plans for the summer? I’ll be here working two jobs, saving up to come back next year.

— Compiled by Alicia Vega



The moon is the Earth’s nearest cosmic neighbor.

Gemini (May 21June 20) — Today is a 7 — What you’re learning is broadening your perspective. A new six-month phase in fun, romance and games opens with the full moon lunar eclipse. New perspective blurs the line between work and play. The one having the most fun wins.


U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is pronounced dead after being shot at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.


It was created when a rock, nearly the size of Mars, crashed into Earth after the solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago.

Molly Brown, western gold tycoon, survives the sinking of the Titanic.

The moon has a bumpy surface because it was pummeled by space rocks, which created craters.

American player in Major League Baseball.

Astronauts discovered small earthquakes called moonquakes happen below the moon’s surface.

Fidel Castro visits the U.S. after successful revolution in Cuba.

1947 Jackie Robinson becomes the first African 1959

Taurus (April 20May 20) — Today is a 7 — Today’s lunar eclipse in Libra opens the door to a new level in work, health and service. Changes require adaptations. Modify careful plans. Reschedule as necessary. Sort, organize and file. Stay true to your long-range plans. Set your own course, and prioritize excellence.

Cancer (June 21July 22) — Today is a 7 — A turning point with home and family arises with the lunar eclipse. An investment in real estate could tempt, or your clan may grow. Make sure to read the fine print. Revise documents carefully. Reserve energy and resources for when needed. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is an 8 — Get things in order today and tomorrow. File papers. Avoid risk, travel and stress. With the lunar eclipse in Libra, a new six-month stage develops around communications and intellectual discussion. Talk about liberty, justice and freedom. Contribute to a larger conversation. Virgo (Aug. 23Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 — Keep confidences today and tomorrow. A financial turning point arises with today’s lunar eclipse. There’s opportunity to take bold new ground over the next six months. Prudent savings contributes. Stash funds for a rainy day. Take advantage of new income potential.

Libra (Sept. 23Oct. 22) — Today is a 7 — Today’s lunar eclipse is in your sign, empowering independent thought, a new look and a strong stand. Fly, and be free. Give thanks for the ones who went before. Speak out for those with less. Make corrections as needed. Be gentle with yourself and others today. Scorpio (Oct. 23Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 — This full moon eclipse presents a turning point regarding sorrows, secrets and mysteries. The next six months favor spiritual insight, meditation, and personal peace. Tap into your musical and artistic creativity. Avoid arguments today, and get into your studies and education. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is an 8 — Friendships and community participation take focus during this eclipse. Group involvement flourishes over the next six months. Maintain your sterling reputation. If you mess up, own it and move on. Cleaning up messes provides freedom (and happiness). Don’t make expensive promises yet. Capricorn (Dec. 22Jan. 19) — Today is a 7 — Show your love through your actions. A rise in status and reputation gets granted or denied over the next six months, after today’s eclipse. Take it as a career turning point, aiming to increase passion. It could require patience. Keep adjusting. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 5 — A new six-month phase begins with the full moon eclipse regarding your education, studies and travels. Philosophical and spiritual conversations draw you in. Take on new responsibility today and tomorrow, and manage a change in plans. Ask for assistance if needed. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 7 — A turning point develops with this eclipse, in shared finances. Pay taxes and debts, review budgets and take actions to grow the family fortune over the next six months. One phase ends and another begins. Support your partner.

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News • Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Daily Wildcat • 3

Digital School from page 1

different applications and ways to use the digital humanities to expand teaching and research. Two professors are currently using technology to teach humanities through virtual worlds. Bryan Carter, assistant professor of the Africana Studies Program, created Virtual Harlem from 1996 to 1997 and introduced the program to classroom settings earlier this year. Malcolm Compitello, professor and head of the department of Spanish and Portuguese, similarly created “Cibola,” a virtual hispanic world. Both programs allow students to experience these worlds, their cultures and their languages. Compitello explained that the purpose of these virtual worlds is to recreate spaces where people can participate in social events, do research and learn about the relationship between real and virtual spaces. “[Students] like [virtual programs]

Weekenders from page 1

team, venues, rooms and free food or drink vouchers, are all paid for through social dues,” said Christian Ford, treasurer for the UA chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Depending on the fraternity, social dues can vary from $500 to $800 each semester. “A weekender usually cost $80,000 to $100,000,” Ford said. “Transportation is a big factor for a weekender. A bus can vary from $4,000 to $5,000.” A long-distance weekender sometimes begins early Thursday morning and ends late Sunday evening. After a fraternity

Rebecca Marie Sasnett /The Daily Wildcat

Ken McAllister, planning director of the UA School of Information, said researchers and professors at the school are helping students learn digitally through virtual worlds.

a lot,” Compitello said. “They are interesting and something different and it’s important for language learning because students lose a lot of their inhibitions about the language, and the instructors find that they are much more willing to participate in using Spanish and

member asks his date, many dates put together special travel boxes with snacks, drinks and other road necessities for the trip, decorated with fraternity or sorority symbols. Fraternities at the UA are not the only ones who are able to experience a weekend of out-oftown socializing and partying. At Arizona State University, fraternities have taken trips to Las Vegas during the fall or spring semesters. “The fact that you get to hang out with everyone in a different environment away from school is what makes the weekender,” Alton Moore, a member of the ASU chapter of Sigma Chi. “It charges up the mood; people go wild.”

Portuguese creatively.” The iSchool will be beneficial for students, both graduate and undergraduate, McAllister said. Students will have a number of faculty to work with and will have more resources available to them. McAllister also said that the iSchool would be a home where people could talk about the new challenges of the information age. Compitello said that understanding technology is important for both students and faculty members. “It’s really important for students today to get a sense of where culture production is going and the role of digital humanities in this process,” Compitello said. “It is important for us to understand technology, and digital culture is a way of connecting with students who are much more digitally connected than they would have been [in the past].” — Follow Marissa Mezzatesta @MarissaMezza

Spring Fling from page 1

objected to the carnival’s return, were mostly satisfied with the precautions Young and his team took to lessen the impact on the neighborhood, according to Young. Positioning the speakers westward minimized the noise, and all the amplified noise was turned off at 10 p.m. every night. Young said he only knew of a few noise complaints, which he quickly took care of. Young added that he and several volunteers swept the neighborhood Saturday and Sunday morning for trash. Although the decision regarding whether Spring Fling will remain on campus after this year has yet to be made, Young said that this year’s carnival will have a lasting effect, and that he

from page 1

the smoke, we heard sparks and the smoke picked up,” Topete said. “[The University of Arizona Police Department] and Tucson Fire Department both showed up, and five to ten minutes after cut the wires.” The sparking didn’t start a fire in the studio, Kurlander said, and no one was injured in the incident. In a listserv email sent out to KAMP employees at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Kurlander wrote that the station’s live streaming had stopped broadcasting, and while the electrical issue with the speakers hadn’t caused any damage, it was thought at the time that the two events were connected. Later, Kurlander said, they realized

r a b ht g i n 10:0



at Gentl

WeAr A retreAt t-shirt for A speciAl drink deAl

— Follow Elizabeth Eaton @Liz_Eaton95

was a much bigger impact than we thought,” Kurlander said. “KAMPers couldn’t do their shows; we had no music to be playing online, so that was the bigger impact of it all, but luckily it was a quick fix and we got everything back.” The wiring in the speaker that malfunctioned was several years old, according to Kurlander, and had been installed by the engineer of KAMP at the time. The engineer is a position on the radio station’s editorial board that, like all editorial board positions, is filled by a student.

that wasn’t exactly the case. “UAPD was in here helping with everything,” Kurlander said, “and when they came in and were unplugging stuff for the speaker incident that we had, they accidentally unplugged something else that had to do with our streaming.” Once they realized that was the case, Kurlander said, the KAMP staff worked to figure out what had been unplugged and get streaming back up. An email sent out at 10:30 a.m. on Monday announced that KAMP had resumed live streaming. Kurlander said that the lack of live streaming actually had the biggest impact on the station over the weekend. “When the streaming went down, it was funny because actually it


hopes it will stay on the Mall. “Students were engaged in a way that they hadn’t been before,” Young said, “whether it was us needing volunteers and grabbing people at the last minute or being so excited to see something of this magnitude being put on by the students for the campus.” After two years of work and constant support from his staff and volunteers, Young said that he is still a little tongue-tied over bringing Spring Fling back to campus. “Unbelievable. That’s the only thing I can say, just unbelievable,” Young said. “I’m still not sure this actually happened because I’ve waited so long and put so many hours of work into making sure that this would be the best event that it could be.”

See the full story on

DAILYWILDCAT.COM — Follow Jazmine Foster-Hall @Jazz_Foster

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0.882.41585713 2 . 5 m o c AZ son.

n uc Retreat2Tnd Street, Tucso 1000 E. 2

Ge 865 E. Un iversity nBtle Ben’s lvd., Tucs on AZ, 85 719

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Editor: Katelyn Kennon (520) 621-3192

Sinister minister: Turkish


The Daily Wildcat


urkey has been in a state of political unrest for quite some time. Current prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has gone mad with power, to the point where it is almost comical. There are plenty of people with similar mindsets all over the U.S. who could, and have, come into a position of authority. Recently, it was revealed that Erdogan has been taking bribes in his position. The evidence of his corruption has spread via several social media sites, such as Youtube and Twitter. Audio recordings of his nefarious deeds have gone viral in Turkey, and there’s no way people are just going to forget about it. Now, normally, you might expect a politician to avoid the public and be a little less boastful when his reputation has been compromised — maybe even own up to the deed and accept the consequences. (Just kidding.) But Erdogan is something special. Essentially, he’s gone on a rampage of censorship, one that is so absurdly inyour-face you might not even believe it. Or if you’re like me, it might be exactly what you would expect. Erdogan claims that he’s done nothing wrong or unlawful, but goes out of his way to make sure no one is saying anything about his actions. One of the more drastic measures Erdogan has taken is his silencing of Twitter. He temporarily shut the site down last month, also blocking Youtube, and setting his sights on Facebook and any other source that might be used to voice outrage toward his authoritarian behavior. He’s also decided to copyright his own voice, so that he can have any recordings of it taken down based on copyright law. Attacking the internet isn’t the worst of it, either. The situation in Turkey is very unstable overall. In June of last year, Erdogan threatened that for every 100,000 protesters that show up on the streets, he would send 1 million cops in riot gear to deal with them. Erdogan has publicly claimed that protesters could be treated like terrorists, and will be. He doesn’t look at the droves of protesters as unsatisfied dissenters; he looks at them as an invading army. But this situation ties into more basic issues of human nature. It doesn’t just serve to show that the prime minister of Turkey is pretty much Darth Sidious from “Star Wars,” sans the ability to shoot lightning from his hands. There are still lots of people in Turkey who are on the prime minister’s side; not just the ones who are receiving money from him, or the ones who are afraid of him, but the people who originally voted him in. In fact, he has actually won a total of four elections so far. There’s no way people like Erdogan would still be in power without major support from others. He’d just be some looney muttering nonsense to himself. But some people are so unwilling to admit to the faults of their chosen candidate on Election Day that they kiss his feet after he’s gone mad with power and essentially declared himself the godappointed king of the country. We have similar issues here in the U.S., with both Republicans and Democrats. I’ve seen quite a few people who are still defending Sheriff Joe Arpaio despite his draconian dealings, and other supporters. It’s also difficult for those who have been for President Barack Obama since the beginning to concede that his dealings with the National Security Agency are more extensive than he promised. As much as most of us would hate to admit, we’ve all felt ashamed of an official we voted into office at one point or another. We end up pretending we didn’t vote for them, or trying to make up silly excuses for their errors, such as passing the blame onto the opposing side. The majority of those protesting Erdogan in Turkey are quite young, with their futures still well ahead of them. As college students in the U.S., we’re the ones who need to be concerned with politics and voicing our grievances. We are the ones who have the most at stake whenever society is in turmoil. There has to be a point where everyone is willing to tear down the wall that our system has wedged between us for the greater good. We need to get over partisanship and call out our leaders when they do something wrong, regardless of whether we like them or not. If we don’t learn to check our pride as a society, we could slowly but surely end up running our nation into the ground. — Jesus Luna Tarazon is a senior studying English. Follow him @DailyWildcat

Elyse Flores/the Daily Wildcat

Social media disconnects users from true intimacy BY mackenzie brown The Daily Wildcat


friend of mine recently posted a link to an interesting video on Facebook about the effects of Facebook and other forms of social media on the brain. The video was originally posted by Cam Lincoln on mobiledia. com, and in it he describes a phenomenon we’ve all come to subconsciously realize: “I share, therefore I am.” As we become more and more intimate with our technology and social media platforms, it’s important we realize the things that seem to connect us are also making us lonely. On the internet, we get to create our best selves. We spend hours crafting and editing tweets, status updates and even text messages. We can choose which Instagram filter best suits a photo and the Facebook profile picture that makes us look the best. The cost of this excessive preoccupation with creating our best selves is a connection to reality. In a study done by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda, college

in the world,” Warrell writes. students reported feeling And many are falling prey to this addicted to social media such promise. as Facebook and even facing According to thenextweb. anxiety and depression when asked to refrain from using them. com, Facebook has 1.19 billion monthly users and 728 million When it comes time to face daily users. More and more reality, we’re more inclined to people are connecting with each immerse ourselves in a world other, but what value do these of virtual friends and perfect connections actually hold? images, leaving us with less time Lincoln’s video suggests to experience real life. that a human cannot But we physically and don’t get to emotionally connect edit real-time Intimacy is with more than 150 conversations, a natural people on an intimate and we can’t human trait, level, but last time I go back but Facebook checked, my friend and touch count was two or three ourselves up only offers the in everyday illusion of such times that. Intimacy is a natural part of being interactions connections. human, but Facebook with other only offers the illusion people. of such connections. There’s an Our hunger for unhealthy more friends and more obsession connections draws us to sites like with creating and selling a Facebook, but reality suggests false image, even if we just that more virtual friends, rather think it’ll make us appear more than real life relationships, really interesting. Our addiction is aren’t the key to relieving us of to the instant gratification, the our loneliness. When we add validation we think we’re getting friends on Facebook, especially when we get “likes” on a picture. friends we don’t even know well Margie Warrell a blogger for in real life, we’re not seeing their The Huffington Post calls this profile as an honest picture of being seduced by social media. who they are. “They seduce us with the A Facebook profile offers implicit promise that, if we get a limited, edited version of a enough friends or followers or persona that the person has likes, we will feel truly significant

created. And yet, we revert to Facebook time and time again to learn more about people, to get glimpses into their “personal” lives that often misrepresent who they actually are. We get hung up on details about a person’s life without realizing that we’re never privy to the whole story. It’s the conviction that what we’re getting on Facebook is real that drives our sense of loneliness. Studies have shown that people who use Facebook more tend to be more depressed afterwards because they feel inadequate compared to their friends. On the same note, people may feel lonelier even with so many connections because they realize there’s nothing truly worthwhile or real about the friendships they only maintain through Facebook. Internet profiles and personas may make us feel interesting and get us more likes, but they don’t establish emotional connections or lasting intimate relationships between people. We’re making ourselves lonelier by continuing to believe that real relationships can come from a simple “add friend” button and that we can really know someone just by what they post online. — Mackenzie Brown is a prephysiology freshman. Follow her @mac_brown01

Pulse of the Pac Columnists from around the Pac-12 write about women slut-shaming each other and hot Jesus

From “Women, let’s stop using hooking up with a large number of women, the acceptance of having sex with whomever the s-word” by Hailey Yook

Although familiar and long-standing, the sexual double standard is still too often incorrectly seen as a women versus men issue. … The truth is that intrasexual criticism is actually to be blamed here — research by Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt, a psychologist at the University of Ottawa, shows that the “suppression of female sexuality is by women” and that the stigma of female promiscuity is also enforced mainly by women. These findings pose an interesting question: In their acceptance of their friends’ sexual freedom, could men be on to something here? … Aside from [men’s] praises that arise from

The Daily Wildcat Editorial Policy Daily Wildcat staff editorials represent the official opinion of the Daily Wildcat staff, which is determined at staff editorial meetings. Columns, cartoons, online comments and letters to the editors represent the opinion of their author and do not represent the opinion of the Daily Wildcat.

one chooses — consensually, of course — for the sake of his own enjoyment and personal desires is certainly admirable. Women have yet to achieve this same acceptance of other women who have sex with whomever they want simply because they want to. Women are being women’s worst enemies. The Daily Californian University of California, Berkeley

From “Jesus, it’s hot in here” by Sarah Steger

Is it just me, or is Jesus really hot? I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I swear through the years the actors playing Jesus have become more appealing in the looks department. Has it really come to this? Has society

become so obsessed with physical appearance that even Jesus has to be sexy in the movies he stars in? I fully support bringing Jesus’ story to life, but I don’t think it should be achieved by hiring actors who look more and more like chiseled Palestinian models and less like a bearded prophet would have looked 2,000 years ago. Depicting Jesus as a normal man makes it hard for people to accept him. … [But] I doubt it was God’s intention for his son’s rock-hard abs and even cheekbones to be what drew his followers to him. That would be way too intimidating. How can you be working miracles with all that spray tan going on? The Daily Evergreen Washington State University

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Police Beat BY Jordan Fowler The Daily Wildcat

UFO commander

Two sightings of suspicious women were reported on the fourth floor of the Modern Languages building on April 4 and April 8. Two University of Arizona Police Department officers spoke with one woman who had reported seeing the suspicious person. The woman said the suspicious woman was “speaking jibberish about different things,” on April 4. She reported that the woman was taking business cards and program pamphlets and made an appointment with an adviser for April 7, though she did not show up for it. On April 8, a suspicious woman spoke with a professor. The professor described the woman as “troubled.” The woman had said she was a reincarnated Christ and that her life was in danger due to government snipers waiting for her in the trees. The woman also stated that she commands a UFO army and that she has the right to destroy all life. The officers were unable to confirm if the two women sighted were the same person, but the woman who reported the suspicious woman on April 4 said that the two women sounded very similar.

Share the road

A man reported being brushed by a vehicle while riding his bike on Campbell Avenue on April 8. The man told a UAPD officer that he had been riding in the bike lane on Campbell Avenue when he noticed several trucks backed up waiting to turn right. The man swerved into the middle lane of traffic to get around the trucks, at which point a man in a truck brushed the man on the bike with his vehicle. The man told the officer that a verbal altercation then took place. The man in the truck said, “Get out of the road, jerk.” The man on the bike replied, “You can’t do that.” The man on the bike said he was not injured, his bike was not damaged and the vehicle did not knock him off of his bike. He said he wanted the driver cited. The officer then spoke with the man in the vehicle, who said that the man on the bike had swerved out of the bike lane into his lane of traffic, causing him to brake. He said the biker continued to ride in the middle lane before swerving back into the bike lane. They then stopped at a traffic light, at which point the driver said the biker called him a “motherfucker” and said that he had pulled into the bike lane. The driver told the biker, “You pulled into traffic and did not indicate you were coming into traffic.” The driver denied hitting the bike rider. No further action was taken.

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I’m not sure the Border Patrol will like all that he has to say. But his is a moral work that wrestles with a huge story. Powerful.”

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Freshman forward Aaron Gordon will reportedly announce today he will enter the NBA draft


The Daily Wildcat


Arizona men’s basketball freshman forward Aaron Gordon is expected to announce today whether or not he is planning on declaring for the June NBA Draft. It is widely believed the 6-foot9 18-year-old will decide to make the professional leap. Yahoo! and ESPN reported Monday that they believe Gordon will enter the draft. Gordon is projected by most to be selected by a team with one of the first 10 picks. If he is, he is guaranteed to earn anywhere between $4 and $8 million during the first two years of his rookie NBA contract. Arizona junior guard Nick Johnson is not projected as a high NBA draft pick. Most believe he will fall into the second round, but it is speculated that he will also enter the draft in June. ESPN reported that Johnson is likely to enter the draft. There is no set date yet for when or if he will announce his decision but the deadline to declare is April 27.

New Kadeem honored


Arizona junior college signee Kadeem Allen was named to the first-team NJCAA All-American roster for the second consecutive year on Thursday, and on Monday he was named Spalding NJCAA Men’s Basketball Player of the Year. Allen is a 6-foot-3 guard at Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kan., and is a native of Wilmington, N.C. This past season he averaged 25.9 points and 7.21 rebounds per game.

Baruch haba Rondae





Arizona softball is No. 1 in the country in home runs per game with 1.63 or 70 long balls in 43 games and slugging percentage, .622. The Wildcats are also second in scoring, with 7.81 runs a game, and third in the nation in batting average, .354. On defense, the Wildcats are third in the country in fielding percentage, .980.

TWEET TO NOTE Congrats to my guy @IamAaronGordon on making the next move in his career would have loved to play with him though lol —@StanMan_41, future Wildcat Stanley Johnson

Multiple media outlets reported that Arizona freshman forward Aaron Gordon will enter the draft. Johnson is a five-star recruit who was named MaxPreps’ high school national player of the year. Follow us on Twitter

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ARIZONA MEN’S BASKETBALL freshman forward Aaron Gordon is expected to announce today whether he will leave the UA to enter the NBA draft.

Arizona freshman forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson posted a picture on Instagram with a caption announcing he has pledged Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, just in time for Passover. Since being posted at around midnight Monday morning, the photo has received more than 1,800 likes. If this is more than just a gimmick, it’s not only good news for AEPI brothers — who will likely never lose another intramural basketball game — but

also for Wildcat basketball fans. Rumors have recently surfaced that Hollis-Jefferson is leaning toward entering the draft. But this could be a sign that he won’t be saying lehitraot until at least next June.

Adding on

Arizona head coach Sean Miller had a large recruiting class this year, probably because he figured Gordon, Johnson and maybe another player would leave for the NBA. But Wednesday is the

start of the spring signing period and the Wildcats are expected to add one more player : Serbian 7-foot Dusan Ristic. Ristic, who played high school basketball in Kansas, made a verbal commitment to the Wildcats in early March, but has been leaning toward Arizona for a while. With likely two 7-foot players, plus 6-foot-8 Brandon Ashley on next year’s roster, it will be interesting to see if freshman forward Zach Peters decides to stay at the UA .


Arizona began the renovation of McKale Center on Monday. Arizona basketball tweeted pictures of construction workers tearing out seats. The cost of phase one of the process could reach a total of $80 million. The renovation includes, but is not limited to, new locker rooms and training facilities and no more yellow seats. — Follow Luke Della @LukeDella


Catcher makes waves Arizona junior catcher Riley Moore uses surfing to escape from the grind, learning discipline on the waves BY EVAN ROSENFELD

The Daily Wildcat


hen Arizona baseball catcher Riley Moore closes his eyes and goes to sleep, he can almost hear the waves break against the Ventura County coastline. Known for his curly blond hair and the longboard he has in his closet back home, Moore, who is a native of Santa Barbara, RILEY MOORE’S FACEBOOK Calif., has been an avid surfer his entire life. ARIZONA JUNIOR CATCHER Riley Moore surfs as a hobby. The Santa Barbara, Calif., native said he has been an avid surfer When Moore was growing up, surfing and his entire life. baseball went hand in hand, he said. While baseball was the heart and driving force of to cope with it, Moore said. whom the surfing culture comes with the Moore’s passion, surfing allowed him an You’re going to fail in surfing — there’s beachside territory, it wasn’t long before outlet to de-stress and relax. no question about it. Moore said that he Moore was paddling out into the open “You need balance in your life, and I think thinks it’s a great lesson that every time you waters, looking for waves to catch. with a hectic sport like baseball — tons of fall, you have the opportunity to get another “Surfing, for me, it’s just an escape where fans, big team, everybody’s working together wave and try to land that move again. I get to do something where it’s just me and — you also need that quiet time,” Moore It’s similar to being up to bat — every nature,” Moore said. “Going out there where said, “that surf life where you can go out time Moore is at the plate, he’s trying to do nothing is the in the water before the same, every wave a job, whether that is to advance the runner, sun is even up, spend is different, it just execute a hit and run, lay down a sacrifice It just lets me go out there your alone time there bunt or start a rally. Part of baseball is that lets me go out and appreciate life. and really give yourself a perfect execution isn’t attainable, but the and appreciate — Riley Moore, chance to think.” junior catcher game teaches players that if they keep going life.” Growing up in a big up to the plate, waiting for another pitch, Surfing, much family with quadruplets that discipline will be rewarded. like baseball, is a for siblings, Moore said “Anything that takes some discipline sport that takes a he often found himself needing a place to get tremendous amount of mental and physical helps toward baseball,” Moore said. away from all of the noise and chaos. “Baseball is a hard sport. You have to know discipline to succeed. The cold waters of the Pacific Ocean that even if you fail seven out of 10 times, Failure is inevitable in life. But both proved to be the perfect place for him and, surfing and baseball can help us understand like many other Southern Californians for BASEBALL, 7 failure and, more importantly, teach us how

Sports • Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Daily Wildcat • 7

club sports

UA galloping to nationals BY daniela vizcarra The Daily Wildcat

Three members of the UA’s equestrian team will compete in the 2014 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Championship in May. Mickey Bagley, club secretary Brook Grobosky and club president Stephanie Norton will represent the UA’s equestrian team in nationals. Bagley, Grobosky and Norton were the top qualifiers for their divisions last month at the semi-finals in North Carolina. This will be the first time they have competed in the IHSA nationals. “It was awesome,” Grobosky said. “We were the only three to qualify for semi-finals, and then to qualify for nationals was crazyamazing.” The top 12 riders in each of the five divisions will participate, with Arizona having three top riders in two divisions. Grobosky and Norton will compete in the horsemanship division and Bagley will compete in the reining division. This will be the first time since 2001 that a member of the equestrian team has qualified and will compete in the IHSA National Championship. Head coach Kristi Transue was one of the original members when the equestrian team was founded in 2001. IHSA was created to give students the opportunity to become equestrian riders regardless of their skill level or financial background. The IHSA has about 400 college teams that participate in its competitions annually. Arizona is in Zone 8, Region 2 in the Western section.

rebecca marie sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Brook Grobosky, an animal sciences sophomore, works on horsemanship patterns at the UA Equine Center on Friday. Grobosky and two other members of the UA’s equestrian team will compete at the 2014 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Championship in May.

Throughout the year, the college-level riders compete in different IHSA events and accumulate points that help them qualify for more prominent events such as regionals, semi-finals and nationals. Before each IHSA event, the riders pick a name out of a hat and are given a horse to ride that they have never ridden before. “This evens the playing field, and everyone can really showcase their talents,” Norton said. In order to qualify for nationals, each rider had to be in the top eight out of 16 in their division at the semi-finals. Then from the top eight, the top four winners were chosen to go to nationals.

To help raise funds for the team and cover its traveling expenses, Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue will host a percentage night for the equestrian team on April 22. All of the proceeds from the percentage night will help fund the trip to nationals. The team is funded solely by fundraising and welcomes team sponsorships. The 2014 IHSA National Championship will be May 1 through 4 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg, Pa.

baseball from page 6

you can still be considered a great hitter. You have to keep your confidence high and just keep working at it.” When asked about the similarities between baseball and surfing, Arizona head coach Andy Lopez agreed that surfing requires a lot of discipline, but also added that surfers need athleticism, instinct and perseverance. “I think all of those things — in addition to balance, anticipation and courage — encompass both [surfing and baseball],” Lopez said. Lopez added that he used to surf a bit when he was younger, and body surfed until he left Southern California in 1994. Lopez was the head coach at Pepperdine before moving on to Florida and then Arizona. “I used to have my Churchill Fins … in my car until I took the Florida job,” Lopez said. “After practice [at Pepperdine] when I was young and frisky and didn’t have a back injury, I used to go body surfing down in Malibu, and I loved it.” Moore and Lopez weren’t the only ones bitten by the surfing bug early in life. Sophomore left fielder Zach Gibbons, another surfer on the team, said that while he hasn’t surfed with Moore, the two talk about it all the time in the locker room and are planning to surf together one day in the future when they are both in California. “I can’t wait for the day where I get to go and play baseball in the morning and go out surfing in the afternoon,” Moore said. “I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen, but that’s the dream, and we’re going to roll with it from there.”

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Loaded Gymcats look forward to 2015 BY matt wall

The Daily Wildcat

The season concluded for Arizona women’s gymnastics after its poor display at the Baton Rouge Regional, so head coach Bill Ryden and his team went back to the drawing board to make improvements and begin preparing for next year. “We have a very strong returning class that will be seniors next year,” Ryden said. “Kristin [Klarenbach], Amber [Wobma] and Allison [Flores] all had exceptional years and, if anything, even leading by example will be a very strong thing for us.” These three current juniors have been leaders throughout the season and have pushed themselves constantly, encouraging

their teammates to be the best they can. Flores said that she is ready for the recruits to come in next year and ready to be the leader that she has learned how to be since the Gymcat injuries at the beginning of the season. “I have been doing gymnastics for 17 years, and it is weird that it is coming to an end,” Flores said. “I want to finish out my career on a high note and I hope next year we can put all the puzzle pieces together and go out with a bang.” Ryden said he is confident that the new recruits will do just that, putting together all the pieces and bringing more youth to the squad. “We are going to be bringing in four athletes … that bring us a lot of gymnastics with young, healthy bodies,” Ryden said. “The thing about our sport is by the time that they get to be a

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senior, they have been beat on a lot. We will still be a young team, with over half the team being freshmen and sophomores. That youth will certainly carry with us.” Yet the other two juniors are also ready to bring their experience to the team. Klarenbach has earned All-America honors and Wobma has added valuable beam and vault performances that have carried the team. “Off this regional lineup, only Shana Sangston leaves the team,” Ryden said. “All three of our seniors had great careers and did a lot for us, but we are basically losing a beam routine and a floor routine and everybody else returns.” rebecca Noble/The Daily Wildcat

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All-around gymnastics junior Allison Flores will return to the team next season. Flores was first-team All-Conference in the all-around in 2014.

Preparing Professionals for Clinical Practice • Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MA) At the Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University the strength of our programs lies in: • Our commitment to student learning and mentoring • Our diversity among faculty and student body • Our focus on clinical practice. To learn more please contact Michael Hohenstein at 602-216-3137 or email Accepting applications for Fallfor 2014 Semester! Accepting applications Fall 2014 Semester

The Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology Program at the Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association (APA). Questions related to the program’s accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation: Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, American Psychological Association, 750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002. Phone: 202-336-5979 / E-mail: / Web: See for program duration, tuition, fees, and other costs, median debt, federal salary data, alumni success, and other important info. Argosy University is accredited by the Senior College and University Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, Programs, credential levels, technology, and scheduling options are subject to change. ©2014 Argosy University® AU-14039 – 4/14

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!!!!! 4bedroom/2bath $2100/mo, 5bedroom/2bath $2250/mo. Reserve now for sum‑ mer or fall 2014. Fantastic new houses. Convenient to campus ‑ A/C, alarm, washer/ dryer, private backyard, plus more. Website: http:‑ //‑ ter‑floorplans.php Pets welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 520‑747‑9331 to see one today.

3 and 4 bedrooms available for August 2014. Call for more information. 520‑245‑5604

!!!!! 4br/4.5ba +3 car garage. 2 pool side homes available at The Village for August. A few Blocks NW of UA. HUGE luxury Homes. All Large master suites with walk‑in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings. +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Security System. High speed inter‑ net incl. 884‑1505

3br 2ba available August 6th. A/C, dishwasher, washer/ dryer. $1375/ month. 1901 N. Park. Call 520‑798‑3331. Peach Properties HM, Inc.

!!!!! 6bdrm 6.5 bath available August. Just a few blocks from campus. 5‑car GARAGE, all Gran‑ ite countertops, large outside bal‑ conies off bedrooms, very large master suites with spacious walk‑ in closets and whirlpool tubs, high ceilings. pool privileges TEP Elec‑ tric Discount. Free High speed in‑ ternet & Monitored security system 884‑1505 !!!!! a verY special true luxury homes. Leasing for May/August 2014. 1,2,3,4 bedroom homes. 520.333.4125 or !!!!!! www.mYuofarental. com Reserve now for August 2014‑ 4 &6 Bedroom homes. Close to campus. (520)884‑1505 !!!!!!!! 2-6 bedroom luxurY houses within walking distance to uofa. leasing for fall 2014. call or text 520.331.8050 (owner/agent) to set up appt. tucson integrity realty llc. !!!!!!!!awesome 5bedroom 2nd street houses next to the 3rd Street Bike Route. Just $2450/month ($490/bedroom). Taking applications for Summer/‑ Fall 2014. Washer/dryer, alarm system, ceiling fans, A/C, private fenced backyard. CALL 520‑747‑ 9331 to see one today. http://www.‑‑prop‑ erties‑2nd‑st.php !!!!must see 3bd+ den, 2ba house off cat tran Path on mountain ave. huge backYard, PrivacY, available after 3 Yrs of being rented! all aPPliances included. $1290. 949-521-4294 !!!huge must see 4bd + loft, 3ba house, ton of features and uPgrades, on glenn/ craYcroft. $1500. 949-521-4294 !!!look!!! aaa**9** Bedroom, 5Bath, 2Story house located on Adams!! It doesn’t get any better than this!! 2Kitchen, 2Living areas, LOTS of storage, closet space, large bedrooms, private parking. 2Sets full size W/D, Air condition‑ ing. Call now before it’s gone! Tammy 520‑398‑5738 $1300 - 3bdrm /2bth house 5blocks east of umc (near umc & uofa) Nice Spanish Style House with a wonderful backyard & in a great neighborhood (3blocks from the Arizona Inn). Fireplace, hardwood floors, refrig‑ erator, dishwasher, washer & dryer. Ceiling fans, Evap Cooler & AC. $1300/mo, $1300 security deposit &1 year lease. No pets, No smoking. Available May 1 Call Jeff for more info at 805.637.0176, 2 blocks to camPus! 3Bdrm 2ba House Available August $1150 ALSO 3Bdrm 2ba 1800sqft House a/c, wood floors, alarm, washer/ dryer, fireplace, pets ok $1450 CALL 520‑623‑5710 2bd/1ba $675/mo, $300 deposit. Fenced backyard. Studio $387/mo. Fenced backyard. Near UA. 1BD/1BA, $447/mo. $300 de‑ posit. Only water included. Coin‑ op laundromat on premise. 423 E. Drachman St. 520‑272‑0754. 2bdrm /2ba house VERY close to campus, a/c, wash‑ er/dryer, water paid, pets ok $945 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS 2Bdrm House ALL utilities included, a/c, hardwood floors $1295. CALL 520‑623‑5710 www.azredirentals.‑ com 2blocks north of campus 4bedroom, 2bath. Swimming pool! $1,300/ month. Bryan 520‑907‑ 3763

3bd 3ba house for rent in sam hughes. gorgeous house with large front/back yard and garage parking. house is available 8/1/14. Please contact for more information. (949)8877122,

4bdrm 2ba house Available August, washer/dryer, fireplace, pets ok, a/c $1495 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS 4Bdrm 3ba House a/c, den, walled yard, alarm, w/d hookups $1690 CALL 520‑623‑ 5710 4br 2ba available August 8th. Ceramic floors, dishwasher, washer/ dryer. $1200/ month. 1845 N. 1st. Call 520‑798‑3331. Peach Properties HM, Inc. 5bd/3ba north of campus. 2 blocks to Eller. Big rooms, lots and lots of parking. 933 Drach‑ man. 520‑404‑8954 5bdrm 2ba house Available August, a/c, fenced yard, alarm, washer/dryer $2200. ALSO 4 blocks to campus! 6Bdrm 4ba House Available August, a/c, washer/dryer, fenced yard, pets ok $2500. CALL 520‑623‑5710 5br 3ba w/Pool available Au‑ gust 11th. Ceramic tile floors, dish‑ washer, washer/ dryer. $1900/ month. 819 E. Alturas. Call 520‑ 798‑3331. Peach Properties HM, Inc. 5br/ 4ba house walking or bik‑ ing distance to UofA (North) Large living room, A/C, refrigera‑ tor, dishwasher, washer/dryer, Ceiling fans, private backyard, plus more. $2200/ month. lease for Aug. 2014 Call 481‑0588 gold‑ bike to camPus IN FY14! 1,2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Gar, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520‑790‑0776 grant/ mountain 4bd 2ba, w/d, all appliances, hardwood floors, fireplace, big walled yard, storage, security alarm. Lease + deposit. $1380/mo. Available June. (520)275‑2546 great home for Rent. $450/ month. 4br 2ba, bike to campus. 855 E. Mitchell Drive. Close to CatTran, shopping, grocery stores. Utilities about $70/person a month. Call Perry 480‑688‑ 0997 have a large GROUP??? LOTS OF ROOMMATES??? We have 6 and 7 bedroom houses available for August 2014! LOOK early; get EXACTLY what you are looking for!!! Please call 520‑398‑ 5738 to view any of these homes. house for rent. 4BD/ 2BA. 1st & Grant. ALL utilities included. Private gate w/plenty of parking. Furnished. Ideal for group or friend. $495/ room. Available June. 271‑0913. newlY built luxurY 3bd 4bath houses for rent. Only a few blocks from UofA. 2 car garages, security alarm, washer/ dryer. Each bedroom has own closet/ bath. 701 E. Adams St. 520‑906‑ 6135.

sPectacular 3bedroom, 3bath, 2car garage, big rooms, A/C, W/D, Available for August 2014. 520‑398‑5738 walk to camPus 1Bdrm House washer/dryer, a/c $395 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS 1Bdrm House ALL utilities included, gated $495. CALL 520‑623‑5710 walk to camPus, Sam Hughes‑ 2, 3, 4, 5BD. Newer homes! Within 1mi to UofA, A/C, garages and all appl included. 520‑790‑0776

meticulouslY maintained 3bedroom/ 2bath home in West‑ side gated community of Sweetwa‑ ter in the Foothills.1726sq.ft split bedroom plan on large lot with screened in covered Patio, beauti‑ ful hardwood floors and 20’ porce‑ lain tile in wet areas. Close to I‑10 and 15 min. from the UofA. 3479 N.Reed Basin. $239,900. Sandra Beecher, Realtor HomeS‑ mart Advantage Group 591‑6611.

two roommates wanted to share 3BD/2BA house with se‑ nior class female at UofA. Ten minute bike ride to campus. Fully furnished, W/D, basic cable, tv, and Wi‑Fi included. Large kitchen with all appliances includ‑ ing microwave. $450 plus utili‑ ties. Call 520.474.0632

1 furnished room with pri‑ vate bath & entrance. Walk to UofA/ UMC. NO kitchen, but refrig‑ erator & microwave, 19” cable TV. Utilities, internet included. NO smoking. $440 monthly + deposit. Tim 520‑795‑1499. best deal! room at the hub with t.v. all brand new furniture included, own bathroom. seconds from uofa. Pool, hottub, bbQ, gYm, utilities, wifi, cable all included, living room with t.v., kitchen with all new appliances, washer & dryer. amythyst level with 4 other roommates all with own rooms. one year lease starts aug. 20, 2014 -aug. 2015. only $800.00 a month!!! in addition... free $100.00 chipotle & visa gift card with rental of this room. Please contact kelly asaP furnished room . All utilities paid, including cable and internet. Kitchen and W/D priviledges. Must have references + security de‑ posit. Available May 1st. No smok‑ ing please. $435. Call 520‑207‑ 8577. room to rent in a 3/2 house with 2 other UA students. Close to CatTran & Mountain Ave. bike path. Private backyard and com‑ munity pool. $495/mo. Call 909‑ 4089

1604 e. blacklidge 2br, A/C, dishwasher, fireplace, w/d hook‑ ups. $750/ month. Call 520‑798‑ 3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. 2br 2ba Polished concrete floors, fireplace, dishwasher, washer/ dryer. $875/ month. 1650 E. Adelaide. Call 520‑798‑3331. Peach Properties HM, Inc. the kingdom townhouses3br w/a loft, 2 car garage, all new appliances in a gated community off Broadway/ Country Club. Leas‑ ing for Jun and Aug 1st. Pictures available on Facebook page under Privada Colonia Solana. For more information call Elliott at 847‑890‑ 2255.

Comics • Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!


I have a friend who was Neknominated and I was shocked that they did it. I told them it was dangerous but they did it anyway. Is there something else I could have said or done? What can I say if someone nominates me?

A. in Australia and is making the rounds in the social

Neknomination is a new drinking game that started


conVenient SiZeS


diScountS! • Secure Concrete Construction • Steel Roll-Up Doors • State of the Art Security • Open 7 Days a Week

media world. Someone posts a video of themselves doing a stunt, usually involving chugging alcohol. Then they nominate a friend to do the same (or try to top the stunt) and post it online. And, as in most games, there are winners and losers. At least five young men have died in the UK by accepting challenges issued by their friends.

3X4 4X8 5X10

G R e at pRiceS cloSe to caMpuS

3X8 5X5 5X15

4101 E. Fort Lowell (520) 323-3240

What Do You Want From Your


wn Corey Bro resent Fall 2013-P Bartender . ith drunks • Dealt w m k injury fro c a b t o G • floor. slipping on 13 12-Fall 20 0 2 g in r p S Server like food. d e ll e m S • . until 3 a.m d e k r o W • 2 pring 201 -S 1 1 0 2 ll a F Busser money. • Made no t trash. • Took ou


Brittany A


Fall 2013-P resent Advertisin g Represen tative, Arizona D aily Wildc at • Met man y members of Tucson b usiness communit y • Gained digital and print sales and m arketing sk ills • Met sale s goals and earned bon uses • Pizza Fr iday! • Acquire d amazing professiona l experienc e

Now hiring Account Executives for Fall 2014

THE DAILY WILDCAT Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899


To qualify you should be a highly motivated student with excellent communication skills and a strong desire to earn your own success. Prior sales experience and knowledge of digital media are huge plusses. You must have access to a car. Send resume and cover letter by April 24 to: Mark Woodhams, Director of Student Media,

Our question is this: what kind of friend wants you to put yourself in harm’s way by doing something dumb, gross, or reckless? Really, it comes down to peer pressure, doesn’t it? You choose to respond to the challenge or be ostracized. Once Neknominated, the same “friends” may taunt and bully the person who doesn’t do the dangerous/illegal stunt. Many college students think that bad things won’t happen to them. Or think that bad things happen to other people. When it comes to drinking large amounts of alcohol, bad things often DO happen. People get injured. Some people die. And they don’t get a “do over.” It sounds like you tried your best to convince your friend to say “no” to Neknomination. Ultimately, you can’t change other people and their decisions. You can only change yourself. And if you do get Neknominated one day, we nominate you to think for yourself. Standing up to peer pressure takes inner personal strength. And guts. FIND SHARE. SNAP. #UAHOPENOTES Created by students. Providing support and spreading hope one note at a time.

Got a question about alcohol?

Email it to

The Red Cup Q&A is written by Lynn Reyes, LCSW, LSAC, David Salafsky, MPH, Lee Ann Hamilton, MA, CHES, and Spencer Gorin, RN, in the Health Promotion and Preventive Services (HPPS) department of the UA Campus Health Service.

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ARTS & Life

Editor: Tatiana Tomich (520) 621-3106

Bold, bloody action flick hits screens BY Alex Guyton

The Daily Wildcat

Despite some missteps with a sweeping, overly long plot, when it comes to action, “The Raid 2: Berandal” has no peers besides its predecessor, “The Raid: Redemption.” “The Raid 2” picks up immediately in the aftermath of the first film, but the plot quickly sends a very clear message that this film won’t be anything like the original. Some characters who were lucky enough to make it through the first film find bullets in their head within the first five minutes of the sequel. Rama (Iko Uwais) has ruffled some very powerful feathers and — for the sake of protecting his family and fighting the police corruption discovered in “The Raid” — goes undercover, adopting the name “Yuda.” He gets himself locked up in prison to get close to the incarcerated Uco (Arifin Putra), the only son of aging crime lord Bangun (Tio Pakusadewo). Bangun and Goto (Kenichi Endo) lead rival families, yet the two have established peace and rule the city between them. The undercover unit believes that Bangun has Jakarta police commissioner Reza (Roy Marten) in his pocket. However, to add to this already volatile mix is the steady ascension of newcomer Bejo (Alex Abbad), a black-gloved, half-Arab man with a limp and an accompanying cane who couldn’t appear any more different from the Indonesian crime lords. The film has all the complex, conflicting and ever-changing character motivations and loyalties of a good crime-thriller. However, the scope of the film seems infinitely more vast than the first “Raid.” “The Raid” was set in one location and had a plot that read like an oldschool video game: Fight your way through a 30-story building full of bad guys to get to the crime lord at the top. At 101 minutes, it was a tight, fun film. “The Raid 2,” clocking in at 148 minutes, feels unwieldy at times. The interweaving plots provide enough to keep the viewer engaged, but there are definitely some minutes that could have been left on the cutting room floor. The excess needs to be focused. In its second act, the film focuses heavily

on the arc of the ambitious, if hotheaded, Uco, who is trying desperately to make a name for himself out of his father’s shadow. His development is dynamic and worthy of screen time, but not to the extent that we lose Rama, who has positioned himself as Uco’s right hand. There was a point where I actually wondered to myself when the last time we saw our main character was. Uwais wasn’t an actor until director Gareth Evans discovered him in 2007 while filming a martial arts documentary. Evans was quick to see that Uwais had a natural charisma about him and cast the martial artist/driver in his first film, “Merantau.” When Uwais is not onscreen, I miss him, and he is off-screen for too many long stretches in “The Raid 2.” But rest assured, nothing has changed about the action. It is, quite simply, still the best. Evans has brought the Indonesian martial art of pencak silat to the masses via the big screen. Rama again finds himself having to constantly take on droves and droves of henchmen, the numbers verging on cartoonish. The action is choreographed and filmed in a way where you can actually appreciate what’s happening on screen; it’s not just a blur of motion and editing. The hand-to-hand combat provides the most brutal images you’ll see on a screen this year. This isn’t the type of Hollywood fighting where a few kicks to the body completely incapacitate someone. In this realistic world, people need to be dispatched in a way that keeps them from getting up again. Bones are broken with a snap, backs and torsos are stabbed among cascades of spurting blood, throats and ligaments are slashed. Cringing every few minutes — and probably letting out some exclamations — is par for the course while viewing this film. “The Raid 2” will be the best and most violent action movie you see this year, bar none.

Grade: B+ — Follow Alex Guyton @FilmandEDM

Pt. Merantau Films

Who. What. Wear. Tori Guerchon, pre-education sophomore

Chelsea Wernik,

Alexia Mancillas,

communication sophomore

pre-physiology freshman

What are you wearing today? I have a blue tube top and some jean shorts.

What are you wearing today? A black tube top and highwaisted jean shorts with some sandals.

What are you wearing today? I am wearing a dress with lots of flowers on it. This is really in right now.

Why did you decide to wear this to Spring Fling? Mostly because the weather was nice. I didn’t want to get any bad tan lines, and it’s nice out, so I wanted to wear fun colors.

Why did you decide to wear that to Spring Fling? I felt like it’s really spring, and I knew it would be hot, so I picked something cute.

Why did you decide to wear this to Spring Fling? It doesn’t show sweat. It’s very hot out here and I won’t have ugly tan lines for the rest of the summer. Do you have any favorite spring trends? Really bright colors. Definitely not what I’m wearing.

Do you have any favorite spring trends? I’ve been really into tube tops and sunglasses. What is one thing every girl should have in her closet? A good pair of shorts.

What is one thing every girl should have in her closet? A great, comfortable pair of high-waisted shorts because they go with everything.

Does anyone inspire your style? No, not really.

Who or what inspires your style? The weather inspires my style.

Do you have any favorite spring trends? I think my favorite trend is cute high-waisted shorts with a crop top, because it’s casual but you can dress it up. What is one thing every girl should have in her closet? A cute little summer dress. Who or what inspires your style? I don’t really have a style. I just kind of wear a lot of different clothing, so if you look in my closet, you’ll see a lot of different things. — Compiled by Alicia Vega

You are not alone. SUVA students are different, creative and challenge the status quo. Call today to learn more about a university that’s as unique as you are. 520.325.0123 BA Interior Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture, Animation, Advertising & Marketing BFA Fine Arts, Photography MFA Painting and Drawing, Photography, Motion Arts

Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (a commission of the North Central Association) • Transfer Credits Welcome


In this edition of the Daily Wildcat: Thousands ring in Spring Fling, Aaron Gordon expected to be one and done, Action film is violent, but...


In this edition of the Daily Wildcat: Thousands ring in Spring Fling, Aaron Gordon expected to be one and done, Action film is violent, but...