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Hotline persists despite cuts

Poison control, baby advice at risk of closing By Samantha Munsey ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT At the health call centers located inside the UA College of Pharmacy, it’s not uncommon to hear medical experts talk to frightened mothers and concerned pet owners about medication and exposure. But due to federal and state budgets providing one percent of its funding to call centers , services like the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center and the Arizona Pregnancy Riskline are now feeling the squeeze. “A lot of the stuff we do here is a labor of love, nobody pays for it. And of course labor of love after a while goes away,” said Dr. F. Mazda Shirazi, who is the medical director of the Poison and Drug Information Center. Since its formation in 1955 by a College of Pharmacy doctor who specialized in toxicology, the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center has been providing a 24-hour hotline to answer phone calls from all over the state of Arizona. At the call center, special medical experts can provide information about drug and animal exposures including rattlesnake bites and proper medicine doses for children. On average, the center receives 65,000 calls a year. “It’s a pretty cheap service for what we provide,” Shirazi said. “I would say a majority of our patients that call, we follow them (to make sure they are OK).” He went on to say that despite pressure to cut back on funding, the hotline will remain open and still will be taking calls in the future. This, however, cannot be said for the Arizona Pregnancy Riskline. Also located in the College of Pharmacy, the riskline specializes in answering questions about exposures for pregnant and breastfeeding women. “We get called about really anything that a pregnant woman might be concerned about,” said Dee Quinn, who is the founder and director of the riskline since 1999. The riskline center lost its funding from the state Legislature in 2009 due to budget cuts. As a result, phone lines are open five days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. “We hope to be here in the future (but) our funding is gone,” Quinn said. “We hope that we are still here to manage the phones, this is my main goal at the moment.” Despite cutbacks, both call centers are still trying to inform people of their services. With an effort to reach the tech-savvy and provide health information to a younger audience, both centers are providing new features online and on smart phones. POISON, page 7

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Mark Novak, a landscape architect with UA Planning, Design and Construction, discusses the project plan with Mike Delahanty, senior program coordinator with UA Parking and Transportation Services, during the Tyndall Avenue Improvement Project open house on Thursday. This project will widen the road and add crosswalks and bike paths on Tyndall Avenue between University Boulevard and Sixth Street.

Tyndall Avenue gets revamp By Eliza Molk ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Parking and Transportation Services held and open house for the Tyndall Avenue Improvement Project, which will reconstruct the roadway between University Boulevard and Sixth Street to better accommodate vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The project, which will begin construction on April 18, is projected to take up to four months to complete and will widen and re-pave the road, add crosswalks, a bike path, curbs to the sidewalks and new landscaping on Tyndall Avenue between University Boulevard and Sixth Street. Joe Chase, field engineering project manager of the Tyndall Avenue Improvement Project, said that “all heavy work” will take place after the semester ends, and that access to all local businesses and to UA facilities will not be impeded, with the exception of Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage, which will only be accessible off Euclid Avenue. Some of the open house attendees had concerns about construction noise, and

Best-selling author visits UA By John Kuells ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Best-selling author Dr. Cornel West will be speaking at Centennial Hall at 7 p.m. His speech entitled “Borders to Democracy,” will look at issues such as race and immigration and how these aspects of diversity have an effect on the nation. West, a Princeton professor who gained national attention for his analytical look at racism in his book “Race Matters,” will speak as part of a “Who Draws the Line? Social Justice Perspectives on Diversity” series. According to Amanda Tachine, program director of Native American Student Affairs, West is the capstone speaker for this lecture series, which deals with issues of social justice. Tachine said this is

a very relevant and timely topic that can help students to better understand issues of diversity as it pertains to their lives. The appearance was made possible by a combined effort of diversity groups on campus, including Native American Student Affairs, African American Student Affairs, Asian Pacific American Student Affairs, ChicanoHispano Student Affairs, LGBTQ Affairs, Women’s Resource Center, as well as aid from the Tohono O’odham Nation , Student Service Fee, UofA Bookstores, the Office of the President and the Dean of Students Office. The event is free and open to the public and will feature a question-and-answer segment after the lecture in Centennial Hall has concluded. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the event will run until 8:30 p.m.


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although Chase said that he and his team would notify surrounding businesses and housing developments when concrete would be poured before its planned 7 a.m. start time, construction can be noisy and they “can’t do much about that.” Amanda Brobbel, the coordinator of graduate and international student housing, said that there was a lot of construction last year around the La Aldea graduate housing complex and it “really impeded” at the end of May before graduate students moved out. She explained that they had to open a back gate that opened out to the street, which was a fire hazard. “It’s not OK,” she said. “These are apartments, not dorms, and the students have furniture.” She added that although they “worked it out” in the end, she had to address construction problems more than once. Bruce Billings, the president of the Campus Christian Center, said that the project was “long overdue,” although he expressed concern that the project would not be addressing the alleys. He gave an example of the alley behind

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the Louise F. Marshall building, saying it was a “horrible mess” and that it needs to be “totally redone.” Construction will occur every Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with occasional night and weekend construction. Once the existing roadway pavement has been removed, vehicular traffic will be restricted to one-way travel in a single lane. The project will cost $452,742.50, according to the City of Tucson Department of Transportation. The funding for the project “just now became available,” according to Chase, and the idea of the project has “been in the works for eight years.” The funding comes from a transportation enhancement grant using stimulus funds.

For more information,

please contact or Joe Chase at

Allen disqualified; ASUA declares special election By Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

decision to the ASUA Supreme Court. Allen recently told the Daily Wildcat he would not appeal should Colletti uphold his disqualification. Colletti reinstated the candidacy of the other presidential candidate Daniel Hernandez, urging checks to be removed as he did not deem his violations to “be severely detrimental to the election process.” “Finally, the Supreme Court case revealed there certainly are some changes to make for next year,” Colletti wrote. “The court raises valid points of contention over what the standard of evidence is, and how we go about investigating complaints we receive. We shall re-evaluate going forward.” The special election date has been set for Tuesday, April 19.

ASUAElections Commissioner Michael Colletti decided not to reinstate the candidacy status of James Allen, the top recipient of votes in the ASUA general election that ended March 9. “I have deemed Mr. Allen’s actions to be severely detrimental to the election process, and therefore cannot ethically reinstate his candidacy status,” Colletti wrote in a statement to the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Clerk of the Court. “Therefore, a special election must occur to keep the integrity of the elections intact.” Allen’s continued disqualification means that a special election for ASUA president will have to be held in the coming weeks, unless Allen chooses to appeal Colletti’s



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Device offers benefits for quadriplegics UA center technology allows patients to breathe without help of ventilator

By Michelle Weiss Arizona Daily Wildcat The Arizona Health Sciences Center is the first in Arizona to implant a device that will allow certain quadriplegic patients to breathe on their own. The diaphragm stimulator device is intended for those who have suffered high spinal cord injuries, or high quads, meaning quadriplegics who are a C1 to C5, said Dr. Narong Kulvantunyou, a trauma surgeon at the Arizona Health Sciences Center. These numbers represent the vertebrae of the cervical spine. High quads are totally dependent on other people, he said. They usually have had an experience of trauma to the spine and cannot move their arms and legs. C3 up to C5 is the location of the nerve that controls the diaphragm, Kulvantunyou said. “If you injure anything above that, your breathing muscle may be affected, which means there’s a high likelihood that you will depend on a breathing machine,” he said. The higher up the cervical vertebrae, the more likely someone will need to be permanently on a ventilator, Kulvantunyou said. C1 is the highest. Because of these kinds of injuries, they cannot make their diaphragms contract on their own, he said. With the diaphragm stimulator device, quadriplegics are able to imitate natural breathing. The device provides electrical stimulation. An electrode wire is placed in the diaphragm on both sides and is connected to the machine to allow for contractions, he said. The battery for the device lasts for about 25 days. The device, which was approved in 2008, has been placed in patients worldwide. Since then, over 300 have been implanted, Kulvantunyou said. “We just happen to be the first in the state of Arizona,” he said. Synapse Biomedical Inc., the company that created the diaphragm stimulator, officially known as the NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing System, has centers around the country, he said. “They have some video of a patient who used to be on a breathing

machine, and able to come off the breathing machine because of this device,” Kulvantunyou said. Kulvantunyou said that 70 percent of people come off of the breathing machine completely after using the device. The other 30 percent choose not to, or do not do so for insurance reasons. If a patient comes off the ventilator completely, insurance takes away 24 hours of nursing care, he said, so some people don’t want to come off it completely. Some people are more active during the day, so they will go off the machine. At night, they go back on the machine, he said. “The fundamental difference between breathing on a machine versus breathing on your own is breathing on a machine is composited breathing,” he said. Besides quadriplegics being able to breathe on their own, there are other benefits the machine offers, Kulvantunyou said. “Obviously, you’re not hooked up to a machine, and that’s the number one benefit,” he said. “So, you are more mobile, you have more freedom to get around, even though the breathing machine is not as big as what you see in the hospital.” The device offers a better quality of life for quadriplegics because they have an improved life expectancy and they will not get as many pneumonia infections per year,

Photo courtesy of Dr. Narong Kulvantunyou

Kulvantunyou said. The device can also be used for patients with other conditions. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is now being considered, he said. “They’re basically becoming ventilator dependant because their diaphragm muscle is weakened,” he said. “So as their disease gets worse, they cannot breathe.” The disease is similar to quadriplegia and the device helps extend the time before one becomes ventilator dependent. In the U.S., 11,000 people become high quads each year, Kulvantunyou said. 500 of them will become dependent on a ventilator to breathe. “Once they come off the breathing machine, they sometimes can eat and drink,” he said, “For sure they have a better sense of smell, so they can enjoy life.” If doctors are able to get quadriplegics in Arizona off the breathing machine, the patients won’t have to go out of state to a special center and they can stay close to their families, he said. Before the device was approved, doctors used to have to wait a year before implanting the device, Kulvantunyou said. “Now we understand that the sooner we put it in, the better that it will work for the patient,” he said.

Best Buddies club urges ending use of ‘R-word’ By Eliza Molk Arizona Daily Wildcat The University of Arizona Best Buddies, a club that promotes the rights of individuals with disabilities, is raising awareness to eliminate the derogatory use of the word “retarded.” The club, reestablished earlier this month, stems from the nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Thursday, they had a table on the UA Mall where students could pledge to support the elimination of the derogatory use of the “R-word” from everyday speech and promote the acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities. Janelle Moore, a freshman majoring in special education and a creator of Best Buddies at UA, said that the idea behind the campaign to eliminate the derogatory use of the word “retarded” is to promote equality. “When people use the word retarded, they use it as a slur,” she said. “It creates a negative stereotype for people with disabilities, and it is our job to realize that it’s not okay. Disabled people can’t always stand up for themselves.” Moore explained that creating awareness for the cause is the best place to start because when people begin talking about it, they begin thinking about it, even if they don’t agree with it. Brad Efune, a pre-business freshman and another one of the club’s creators, said he has never understood why people use the word “retarded” synonymously with the word “stupid.” “Just because someone is different, you don’t have to marginalize them,” he said. Efune said that the campaign was a good start to fight ignorance, and by informing and educating his friends about the hurt behind the word “retarded,” they could pass that information along to others. Once people in the UA community pledge to support the

club’s campaign, the group will send the signatures to the Special Olympics and Best Buddies International, who received about 7 million signatures last year, according to Efune. The UA is one of five colleges campaigning to eliminate the “R-word.” The UA club meets once a month in addition to mandatory buddy hangouts at least twice a month. Efune explained that activities can be as simple as getting lunch together or seeing a movie. “Just being with the person and creating a friendship is the most important,” he said.

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Farrakhan defends ‘brother’ Gadhafi McClatchy Tribune CHICAGO — Warning that death and destruction was on America’s doorstep because of its arrogance and oppression of “God’s chosen people,” Minister Louis Farrakhan, the controversial Nation of Islam leader, defended “Brother Leader Moammar Gadhafi” and called the U.S. action in Libya hypocrisy. The more than two-hour news conference was held at Mosque Maryam, the international headquarters of the Nation of Islam, bought in 1972 with a $3 million loan from Gadhafi. “It is a terrible thing for me to hear my brother called all these ugly and filthy names when I can’t recognize him as that,” Farrakhan said to the crowd of members who also attended the news conference. “Even though the current tide is moving against him ... how can I refuse to raise my voice in his defense? Why would I back down from those who have given so much?” But it was scenes from earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged Japan, Farrakhan said, that inspired him to speak up and warn the American people about the coming earthquake that will strike as punishment for America’s arrogance. “A major earthquake is on the way to you and me and us,” he said. “Death and destruction is at the door of all of us, and we are worst prepared than the Japanese.” Farrakhan cautioned President Barack

Obama that he was being used as a pawn to oppress his own people. He insisted several times that Jews controlled the media and had pressured Obama to take socalled humanitarian action in Libya, but not in other places such as Gaza. “The stupid mistake we make is assuming the president is the supreme power,” he said. “The mad dogs are growling and grinding in Washington, D.C.,” referring to Gadhafi’s nickname “Mad Dog of the Middle East.” He commended former White House correspondent Helen Thomas for her honesty and candor in recent controversial remarks about Israel’s occupation of territory claimed by Palestinians. And he commended Gadhafi for plans to nationalize Libya’s oil program to benefit his own people. Farrakhan got into hot water in 1996 when he launched a “friendship tour” of Muslim nations in the Middle East and Africa. He was criticized for meeting with Gadhafi in Tripoli, where Farrakhan alleged U.S. injustices against Muslim nations. The following year, Gadhafi, addressed Nation of Islam members via satellite, lauding Farrakhan for being a “courageous freedom fighter” who not only galvanized blacks at the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., in 1995, but also sparked unity rallies in Islamic communities around the world.

Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times/MCT

Unarmed rebels lounge near the western gate to Ajdabiya, Libya, on Thursday. Only a handful of rebel fighters took positions on the road from Ajdabiya to Benghazi, even as loyalist forces were poised to push toward the opposition capital.

Pentagon pulls fighters, planes from Libya McClatchy Tribune WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said it would soon withdraw fighters and ground attack planes from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led air campaign in Libya, a move that U.S. lawmakers warned could make the airstrikes less effective in preventing Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s forces from attacking opposition-held areas. But the U.S. is keeping combat aircraft, including AC-130s and A-10 ground attacks planes, on “standby” in case the operation’s Canadian commander, Lt. Gen Charles Bouchard, requests U.S. help, said Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs Thursday. He he said the U.S. is not ruling out sending U.S. warplanes back into the air over Libya if NATO proved ineffective at halting Gadhafi’s forces from advancing.

The Obama administration has planned since the air campaign began two weeks ago for U.S. forces to shift to a support role, while warplanes from European allies assumed the bulk of the combat sorties. But with Gadhafi’s troops regaining the offensive against beleaguered rebels, it has deepened questions about whether NATO can handle the mission without U.S firepower. “Your timing is exquisite,” a sarcastic Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., warned Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates at an Armed Services Committee hearing. “At a time when the Gadhafi forces have literally, tragically, routed the anti-Gadhafi forces, that’s when we announced that the United States was abdicating its leadership role and is removing some of the most valuable assets that could be used to great effect.”

Ex-beer baron faces wrongful death suit McClatchy Tribune ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A wrongfuldeath lawsuit filed Thursday against exbeer baron August Busch IV over the accidental drug overdose death of a woman at his mansion set off a fight within her family over who has the right to pursue damages for her young son. The case, filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court, claims Busch was negligent in the death of his girlfriend, Adrienne Martin, 27, and seeks unspecified damages for her son, Blake Alexander Martin, age 8. The child’s father, Dr. Kevin Martin, is a plaintiff on his son’s behalf. Christine Trampler, Adrienne Martin’s mother, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch later in the day that she plans to intervene because she fears the friendship between

Busch and Kevin Martin could color the outcome for her grandson. “I am going to be applying for custody of Blake and ask that a guardian ad litem (independent legal guardian) immediately be appointed for Blake for purposes of this wrongful death suit,” said Trampler, who lives in Springfield, Mo. She said she is working with New York lawyer John Q. Kelly, who has developed a high profile representing the mother of Natalee Holloway, the girl missing in Aruba, and the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson in a civil suit against O.J. Simpson. Kelly could not be reached for comment. Kevin Martin has said since his ex-wife’s death that he and Busch were “almost like brothers.” On Thursday, Martin said he could not comment, on advice of his counsel, John P. Heisserer, of Cape Girardeau.


• friday, april 1, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat

Michelle A. Monroe Editor in Chief 520•621•7579


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EDITORIAL ASUA, your ridiculous is showing


ollege kids have short attention spans. We leap from window to window on computer screens, condense our thoughts into short status updates and 140 characters, get bored half an hour into an hour-long class. So the fact that the Associated Students of the University of Arizona presidential election has dragged on for nearly a month means we’re done. It was interesting. Then we ran out of tequila over spring break. By the time we switched to vodka, it was old news. So this editorial would probably be easier and faster to read and write if it were just a bullet pointed shit list of everything that is wrong with ASUA. • It sucks. • No one cares. • Only people in ASUA care. • They don’t care about anything I care about. • It’s inefficient, careless and just really quite annoying. • When it’s not annoying, it’s just boring. • It sucks. These are all arguably true points, depending on your perspective, which is to say, depending on whether you’re inside or outside of ASUA. But they simplify the issues. Calling ASUA a “flawed organization” hardly does its problems justice. ASUA elections continue to flounder. Meanwhile, tonight we can look forward to hanging out on the UA Mall, watching it “light up with the hope of hundreds when student musicians and artists, living and learning in the vibrant Tucson community, have the opportunity to showcase their individuality.” This cheesy, overwrought prose is brought to you by Tanzbodeli, Sen. Taylor Bilby’s pet project. Despite a perfectly admirable goal of raising funds for breast cancer research, a “music and art festival” that relies on pretty flowers and quotes by Bono on Tumblr feels like a cheap distraction. Here’s another list of problems: • The problems of the ASUA presidential election • Shenanigans resulting from ASUA’s Elections Code • ASUA’s Elections Code • The disqualification of both candidates • The misunderstood reach of the Family and Educational Rights Privacy Act • The back-and-forth, he-said-shesaid nature of the ASUA Supreme Court hearings • Elections Commissioner Michael Colletti’s bizarre determination to uphold the disqualification of James Allen, despite the court’s ruling According to Colletti’s written statement to ASUA’s Supreme Court, Allen’s actions were “severely detrimental to the election process” and therefore it would be unethical to reinstate his candidacy status. ASUA will have to hold a special election to “keep the integrity of the elections intact,” Colletti wrote. Colletti is fully within his rights to uphold Allen’s disqualification, as the Elections Code’s Violation Guide gives him a broad ability to decide to disqualify candidates for certain violations. This does not mean Colletti is justified; it just means an earlier and equally thoughtless manifestation of ASUA gave him powers he shouldn’t have. Why bother having an ASUA Supreme Court if an appointed official (and we’re playing fast and loose with that term) can just ignore its rulings? Basically, what is the point of any of this? This is starting to feel like a comedy sketch. More accurately, it’s like a drawnout, awkward stand-up comedy routine where no one in the audience is laughing. How much longer can this go on? With just a few weeks left to go until the end of the semester, who will be concerned with voting in an ASUA special election? A “music and art festival” sounds like way more fun, but it would be great if ASUA tackled its own problems before it tried to approach cancer. — Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat editorial board and written by one of its members. They are Kristina Bui, Ken Contrata, Michelle A. Monroe and Heather Price-Wright. They can be reached at

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Legislature reveals its real view of Latinos Nyles Kendall Arizona Daily Wildcat


ast week Republican and Democratic state senators joined forces to defeat two anti-immigration bills that would have abolished birth right citizenship and required Arizona’s public schools to black-list Latino students suspected of being undocumented. Republican Sen. Lori Klein of Anthem, Ariz., who supported both pieces of legislation, decided to use an offensive and racially-tinged email by a Glendale substitute teacher to justify her vote. The man describes his experience in a classroom where he claims students — “almost all Hispanic and a couple of black children”— ripped up their textbooks and refused to speak in English. According to the email, which Klein read out loud, most Latino students “do not want to be educated but rather be gang members and gangsters. They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico.” The author then spouts off a diatribe against illegal immigration, which he believes is turning Arizona into “a third world country,”

and concludes by applauding Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce’s “efforts to stop this invasion into our state.” Pearce, who was apparently delighted to know his efforts were appreciated, forwarded the email to his Republican colleagues days earlier. But neither Pearce nor Klein took the time to verify the letter’s authenticity before they used it to buttress their antiimmigrant stance. Glendale Elementary School District investigated the substitute teacher’s allegations and said they are grossly inaccurate. Pearce, who has remained silent on whether or not the letter reflects his view of Latinos, vowed to defend the teacher and has called his actions “courageous.” Klein, unapologetic as well, told the Arizona Guardian that the letter is a testament to “how little regard they have to get ahead in life and be educated.” But the reading of this letter says more

about the Legislature than it does about Arizona’s Hispanic students. To Pearce, Klein and other Republican senators, illegal immigrants are not the product of poor living and economic conditions in Latin America, but a hoard of gangbanging invaders who do not want to be educated. And it’s hard to believe they don’t extend this characterization to legal Hispanic residents as well. After all, there was no way of knowing whether or not the students described in the letter were undocumented. They could have been legal residents and even natural born citizens. And it’s safe to assume that Klein and Pearce aren’t the only senators who hold Latinos in such low esteem. Keep in mind that not one member of the Republican majority has repudiated Klein and Pearce for their actions, nor have they tried to publicly distance themselves from the controversy. The fact that this letter was disseminated by the Senate’s president and then read out loud during an official legislative proceeding is beyond reprehensible. It has tarnished the Legislature’s credibility and revealed its true perception of Latinos. — Nyles Kendall is a political science junior He can be reached at

Students come last in Legislature’s priorities Elisa Meza Arizona Daily Wildcat


s students attending an institution that prides itself on the ability to find new, innovative ways to tackle our transforming society, state officials do not support us. Their minds are nowhere near analyzing ways to encourage academic pursuits. It’s time to analyze their true focuses and tell them we are through with their distracting ideologies of what “protection” means. Protection, to me, means knowing my nieces will someday have the option to attend school here and afford it. Protection means our younger siblings, cousins and perhaps children, can obtain a higher education. The day will come when we’ve had enough. It should have been yesterday. Protection does not mean having 30 planes fly over Maricopa County searching for drug smugglers. It’s bad enough that schools get shut down in Tucson due to being too close to the Davis-Monthan Military Base. Maricopa is taking a step not just toward militarization of the border, but fear within our own cities. An example of the infringement of safety, and Arizona’s lack of focus on higher education, is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Last week he announced Operation Desert Sky, which became a historic moment in how far Arizona will go to reach complete insanity. According to Colorlines, a daily news site published by the Applied Research Center, “Arpaio said Operation Desert Sky won’t distract normal law enforcement because

it will be staffed by citizen vigilantes and deputies from human smuggling and drug enforcement units.” Why in the world would a state official believe that giving “citizen vigilantes” weapons would provide a feeling of protection to surrounding communities? Communities in Tucson face possibilities of home invasions from Border Patrol each day on the south side, and here we have Arpaiopatriots walking around with M-16s in metropolitan Arizona? Before this announcement was made, and while we celebrated spring break two weeks ago, Arizona was faced with even more ridiculous decisions that even Republicans knew were too crazy to vote for. State Senate President Russell Pearce attempted to pass five controversial immigration bills on March 17 focusing on reestablishing what rights undocumented people have. That included a bill against undocumented students attending community colleges or universities, even while paying outof-state tuition, without being ousted to Border Patrol. Pearce also pushed Senate Bill 1611, which would ban undocumented students from obtaining a higher education because, as he stated to the East Valley Tribune, “This is clean-up.” The reality we have to face is the atmosphere we live and attend school in. We have rallies against budget cuts, gather to

discuss our grievances with tuition increases and we get upset when the state does nothing afterward. We continue to point fingers at state politicians for denying our right to equitable education without even realizing what the true issue is. Our campus is surrounded by a war against ignorant discourse and an inability to critically analyze political situations. The amount of time our state officials spend on writing new bills to abolish opportunities for undocumented students to continue their academic aspirations is priceless to them. I bet their lobbyists have created slide show presentations on how they believe they can catch an immigrant. Oh yeah, S.B. 1070 was never resolved, was it? If we, as critically engaged students of Arizona, can’t connect the ignorance of our state politicians to the lack of justice in the higher education system, what are our degrees worth to our futures? If we think rallies held on our campus against budget cuts are going to catch the state’s attention, why didn’t the message get across two years ago when thousands of students went directly to the Capitol to speak up? Students need to incorporate issues that indirectly affect students into their movements. If student issues aren’t being addressed and are continuously ignored, but we see the state Legislature working ruthlessly to criminalize migrants and fund the military more than education, looks like we have no other choice but to use the power of “intersectionality,” the ways in which we can merge student issues with human rights issues. — Elisa Meza is a junior studying English. She can be reached at

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Q& A Alumni: Alyssa Padilla By Eliza Molk ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Alyssa Padilla is a Public Policy Fellow with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington, D.C. She graduated from the UA in Spring 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the Eller College of Management. Daily Wildcat: What exactly do you do in your fellowship? Padilla: CHCI fellows get placed into agencies, nonprofit organizations, the White House or Capitol Hill , where we get to do all sorts of research and plan events, depending on which office you get placed in. I am currently doing public policy and research in Congressman Grijalva ’s office on Capitol Hill where I fact check talking points and write summaries for briefings that I’ve attended. My first placement, which was September through December, was in the Department of Health and Human Services in the office of Global Health for the Americas , a federal agency. The fellowship also has weekly training sessions that have different types of policy and education training through the Congressional Research Service program. What are the types of activities you get to partake in as a CHCI fellow? I have gotten to meet with all types of different people including top executives, Latino community leaders, congressmen, Supreme Court justices and multiple ambassadors. I’ve also participated in writing workshops and had really great volunteer opportunities. The CHCI fellows just volunteered at Carlos Rosario , an international public charter school, to help students learning English practice their English. We had a day with Habitat for Humanity and we will be hosting a CHCI 2010-2011 class scholarship where we raise money for the scholarships that CHCI provides. How was meeting the first lady and President Obama? It was mindnumbing and beyond anything I thought I would get to do at this point in my life. The CHCI fellows talked with the first lady for approximately 15 minutes about our program and the young Latino leaders that are out in the world representing their com-

munities and pushing for greater things within those communities. Although the fellows did not get to meet with the president, we attended an event where he spoke and got to meet him and shake his hand.

best to remain focused, always be prepared, never burn bridges, and retain civility and respect. One of the biggest things I have learned to do is utilize my resources and mentors. If you reach out to people with your same interests, they can help you along in life. That is something I never did until I moved out here.


Masters in public health. I feel like my experience as a fellow has helped me develop the type of skills I need and allowed me to hone in on the specific topics that I am interested in. I was never as interested in policy and government as I was in community outreach and grass roots organization, but this helped me put two and two together. I want to further develop my interest in policy along the lines of health, which is a topic I have been advocating for since I was 17 years old.

What are your plans for when you complete your fellowship? I was accepted to the Zuckerman College of Public Health to start my

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Stoops vows to change behavior on sideline after harsh criticism.

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Alyssa Padilla/Photo Courtesy of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc.


thursday, january , 

How long have you been a public policy fellow? I started in August of 2010, and my program ends in May 2011.

tucson, arizona


How did the opportunity to become a public policy fellow come about? After graduating, I took a year off and Google searched “paid fellowships” to see what type of different opportunities were out there. I had heard about CHCI before, so I sent in an application, assuming I was one of the thousands to do so. After making it through a few rounds of cuts and a 15-minute phone interview, I was accepted. Had I not gotten this opportunity, I would have never worked in D.C. nor met core powerful leaders in the U.S. How did your education and experiences at the UA help prepare you for this fellowship? The mix of my business degree and the student run organizations I was involved in helped me prepare for the type of work that I do now. My business degree helped me learn to network and write proposals and memos. Working for the Women’s Resource Center helped fully develop my interest in topics like health and sexual health education. Do you have any advice for current UA students? If you need time off, take it. Try your



Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Obama pushes for unity in wake of shooting By Bethany Barnes and Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Standing before an audience of more than 13,000 in McKale Center, with an almost equal number watching via video from the nearby Arizona Stadium, President Barack Obama took a thoughtful pause. “On Saturday morning, Gabby, her staff and many of her constituents gathered outside of a supermarket to exercise their right to peaceful assembly and free speech,” he said. “They were fulfilling a central tenant of democracy and the vision by our founders … That is the quintessentially American scene that was shattered by a gunman’s bullets.” Obama and several high-ranking members of his cabinet

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“Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was a good friend of mine, as she is to almost everyone in this community. This attack on her and her constituents, our neighbors and our friends has changed us all.” — Robert Shelton UA president

were present in Tucson as part of the “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America” memorial event held to honor the 19 victims and six fatalities of last Saturday’s shooting spree, an attack that took the life of federal district Judge John Roll and left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition at University Medical Center. “There is nothing I can say that will fill the sudden hole torn in your hearts,” Obama said. “But know this. The hopes of the nation are here tonight. We mourn with you for the fallen. We join you in your grief. We add our faith


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Head online for a slideshow of the events from Wednesday for President Barack Obama’s visit. Pictures include the line of people waiting, protesters picketing and officials speaking.

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policebeat By Alexander Vega Arizona Daily Wildcat

Feeling out forgery


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Fast Facts

Counterfeit bills were found at several locations on campus around March 17. A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to the Student Union Memorial Center on March 30 around 10:54 a.m. and spoke with an accounting employee. Immediately on contact, the employee handed the officer the two counterfeit bills. She said that a $50 bill was used during the NCAA basketball tournament at McKale Center sometime on March 17. The $10 bill was used at Cactus Grill sometime before March 17. That bill wasn’t turned in immediately because Cactus Grill employees kept it on hand as an example of a counterfeit bill for their cashiers. The accounting employee said she knew they were counterfeit based on the way they felt. She said they were not ordinary bill fabric. The officer took the bills and placed them into UAPD evidence and forwarded it on to U.S. Secret Service.

Bust the windows out ya car

A non-UA affiliated man busted in the window of a parked car at Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, known as FIJI, fraternity house on March 30 around 8 p.m. A UAPD officer contacted a member of FIJI in the alley north of the house and interviewed him about what happened. He said that an unknown man repeatedly struck the driver ’s side door and window of his car with a rock. A fraternity member in a bedroom in the chapter house saw the man damaging the car. Another member verbally confronted the man from the window and the perpetrator stopped vandalizing the car and fled. Later, the suspect was apprehended by another officer and brought to the member ’s attention. He said that was the man who did the damage. The FIJI appraised the damage to be under $1,000 and chose not to press criminal charges against the perpetrator. The apprehended man refused to comment on the incident and was released.

‘Suspicious’ Tucsonans scavenging for food

An anonymous caller to UAPD reported a suspicious vehicle on March 26 at 2:41 a.m. The car was driving slowly on Highland Avenue and “didn’t look right� the caller said. The same vehicle was spotted again on Park Avenue at James E. Rogers Way. A UAPD officer in the area made a U-turn and followed the vehicle on Second Street. At Mountain Avenue, the car signaled right and then suddenly jerked left and continued on Second Street. The vehicle failed to turn right into the garage in the right-turn only lane and the officer stopped the vehicle. The driver and the passenger each said that they were looking to eat and were not familiar with campus streets. The officer then directed them to Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard for all-night restaurants.

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‘Toxic’ graffiti found in parking lot

Black graffiti was found at the Sixth Street parking lot on March 29. At 2 p.m. a UAPD officer was conducting a parking lot check and noticed that the east wall of a UA building was vandalized with graffiti. A large black letter “N� was founded on the textured white wall. The “N� underscored the entire lettering that continued to read “toxin.� The officer informed general maintenance of the graffiti. Photos were taken of the graffiti and placed into UAPD evidence.

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Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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arizona daily wildcat • friday, april 1, 2011 •

Conservative activists rally as GOP lawmakers talk spending

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For more information about the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center and the Arizona Pregnancy Riskline, visit their websites at outreach/poison/ and centers/pregnancy-riskline

McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — Capitol Hill was a stage for political theater Thursday as conservative tea party protesters urged Republicans to dig in their heels in budget talks with Democrats — even in the face of a government shutdown — and GOP leaders answered with assurances that no deals had been made. But behind the scenes, negotiators continued to work toward a compromise that would fund the government for the rest of 2011 and avoid a cutoff of federal services before an April 8 deadline. The deal under discussion would result in cuts of about half of the $61 billion in reductions passed by the Republican-led House in February. The small-government activists who rallied outside the Capitol — breaking into chants of "Cut it or shut it!" — insisted that Republicans hold firm to the higher number. The activists noted the dollar figures discussed are a tiny fraction of the $3.7 trillion the government will spend this year and the $14.3 trillion national debt. "I say pass the budget the way they promised or shut the government down," said Michael Kicinski of Earlville,

At the UA, Opinions



N.Y., who brought nine of his 12 children to the rally. "Cut NPR, cut Planned Parenthood, cut 'Obamacare.'" Mindful of the clamor outside the Capitol, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, declared his commitment to the deeper cuts, apparently seeing no stra-

tegic gain promoting an incomplete compromise package with details still under discussion. He told reporters that Republicans had not agreed to the tentative $33 billion compromise package, and remain committed to the deeper cuts approved by his chamber.

But the prospects for that bill appeared grim. Already rejected by the Democratic-led Senate, it includes dozens of divisive policy priorities, including a measure that defunds Planned Parenthood and another gutting the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT

U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann, R-MN, speaks during a Tea Party rally on Thursday on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The group says it is “challenging Congress and the members it helped sweep into power to take swift action on the budget.”

t s o m l a


With the Arizona Pregnancy Riskline’s new “Email an Expert” option provided on their website, people can now email a specialist and receive feedback with in a 24-hour time frame. “I think that there are populations that are more comfortable emailing a question than asking it on the phone or are most used to using email,” Quinn said. The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center is also promoting an application that can be downloaded on iTunes and used on an iPhone. The application, which can be found when searching the term “Poison Help,” provides call assistance from the closest and available center nearby. The application also provides information and tips regarding poison prevention.


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The Arizona Daily Wildcat…UA’s #1 Source of News 8 out of 10 UA students read the Arizona Daily Wildcat regularly. In fact, they find out what’s hot on campus from the Wildcat more often than from Facebook or friends! Source: Readership survey of 2,617 students conducted by Arizona Student Media in December 2008


• friday, april 1, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat


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Jaimy Schlesing

University Physicians Health Corporate Office intern If you could live in another decade, which one would it be? I would go back to the ’20s where there were flappers because I think it would be really funny seeing women run around in little dresses. The fringe? It’s coming back … Ooh, that’s exciting. What is something you have found out about the real world, aka outside of college, that you were not expecting to find there? How little everyone does in a real office job, I thought that was just like high school, college jobs, but in the real world no one does anything. Kind of like “The Office”? Yeah, exactly like that. I look around the office and identify who would be which person from “The Office,” and it’s amazing how little everyone gets done in one day. What is the creepiest thing you have done alone in the cubicle? One day I had to work at 7:30 in the morning, and I was sitting there thinking how easy it would be to curl up under a different desk and take a nap and how no one would notice, I almost dozed off, but I didn’t. Are you going to put anything in someone’s coffee mug for April Fools’ or do you have other plans? I will be up all night brewing up a Fools’ Day concoction.


Aries (March 21 - April 19) — Today is a 6 — Don’t take yourself or others too seriously today. Not only is it April Fools’ Day, but the moon is in your twelfth house, and there’s a tendency to overthink everything. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) — Today is a 7 — You may find yourself moderating a clash between normally gentle souls. Maybe a joke backfires. Remind them of their friendship. Avoid risks today, and celebrate foolishness. Gemini (May 21 - June 21) — Today is a 7 — Who do you want to be? What role (and what costume) do you

STAFF BOX Editor in Chief Michelle A. Monroe Managing Editor Ken Contrata News Editor Luke Money Sports Editor Tim Kosch Opinions Editor Kristina Bui Design Chief Olen Lenets OLIVIER DOULIERY/ABACA PRESS/MCT

Tea Party members attend a rally on Thursday on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The group says it is “challenging Congress and the members it helped sweep into power to take swift action on the budget.”

Retired Air Force major predicts UFO sightings at royal wedding The upcoming royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to be viewed by more than a billion people worldwide — and possibly a few extraterrestrials, according to at least one former military officer. George Filer, a retired Air Force major, runs the National UFO Center and says it’s common to see UFOs around important events. “The craft seem to have an interest in anything important,” Filer said. “They’ve been sighted recently over Libya and near the Japanese tsunami.” Filer says his center averages


more than 1,000 sightings a month, and he expects to get a few UFO reports from the area surrounding Westminster Abbey, the site of the April 29 wedding. There are two reasons behind Filer’s prediction: In the last few weeks, he’s been getting reports from British Royal Air Force pilots who reported seeing UFOs over the English Channel, and, more importantly, he says the royal family is very interested in the UFO phenomenon. Filer knows this personally because he once had a conversation about UFOs with William’s grandfather, Prince Philip. “It was around 1961 or ’62, when

•Time magazine’s Man of the Year for 1982 was the computer. •The most popular recipient of Valentine cards are school teachers. •Finnish folklore states that when Santa comes to Finland to deliver gifts, he leaves his sleigh

behind and rides on a goat named Ukko instead.

most want to wear? Who would you most like to impact? Daydream it, and then notice any roadblocks. Cancer (June 22 - July 22) — Today is a 7 — All of a sudden, everything looks possible … and it is. An adventure is calling. Don’t take off before the job is complete. Plan the trip well to avoid complications. Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) — Today is an 8 — Visualize a future that really lights you up. First, choose an exciting game (without gambling). Instead, invest in a direction that helps people. Save up for it.

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GeoDaze: Student Research Presentations in the SUMC Grand Ballroom on Thursday March 31 and Friday April 1 from 8:30am- 5pm. Open to the public.

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biter, so I was just planning on never talking to him.” -Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall

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Autism Walk and Resource Fair Saturday, April 2nd Registration begins at 7:30AM Walk is from 9:00 AM - Noon UA Mall. Walk to help improve the lives of all affected by Autism. Cost is $17 to walk and the proceeds go to the Autism Society Greater Tucson. For more information go to: or or call 621-7070 Fifth Annual Social Justice Symposium Friday, April 1, 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. The fifth annual Social Justice Symposium is an entirely student-initiated event in the College of Public Health. Each year, students aim to raise awareness of social justice issues, emphasizing how those in public health may be involved. The conference features a keynote address, several diverse breakout sessions and much more. College of Public Health Room: Drachman Hall Arizona Men’s Tennis vs. California Friday, April 1, 1:30 p.m. Arizona takes on California. LaNelle Robson Tennis Center Arizona Men’s Baseball vs. Oregon State Friday, April 1, 6 p.m. Arizona takes on Oregon State. Frank Sancet Field Plants, Place, People, and Publicity: A Story About Mineland Reclamation Friday, April 1, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. The speaker for this event will be Jeffrey Fehmi, assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment. Biological Sciences East Room: 225 The Aesthetic Code: Unraveling the Secrets of Art, through April 12, 2011. University of Arizona Musem of Art.

I was a navigator in a tanker,” Filer said. “He met with a group of us after a dinner because he wanted to talk about UFOs. He told us that the RAF had stopped sending fighters after UFOs because some of them didn’t come back. “They decided to send tankers, which were nearly as fast as the fighters but could hold 15 hours of fuel, compared to two for the fighters.” Filer says the prince also revealed that his interest in UFOs was more than just concerns of national security — it was personal. —AOL News

Event at UA Will Support Scholarship Fund, Promote Cancer Awareness April 3 Run / Walk to Commemorate Life and Work of Consuelo I. Aguilar On Sunday, April 3, a 5-K Run and a 2-K Walk will take place starting at 7:30 am on the University of Arizona campus. Funds raised will support the Consuelo I. Aguilar Scholarship Fund, administered by the UA Department of Mexican American Studies. For a Registration Form, route map, and sponsorship information, go to: ConsueloAguilarScholarshipFund_2011.htm “Face to Face: 150 Years of Photographic Portraiture” exhibit is being shown in the Center for Creative Photography main auditorium until May 15, 2011.

Dr. Cornel West Visits UA April 1st. Speaking as part of the “Who Draws the Line? Social Justice Perspectives on Diversity” series, Dr. West’s insights will provide a unique perspective into highly contested, timely issues facing the state of Arizona. This thought provoking and inspiring event will add another layer to the dynamic debate already taking place. Centennial Hall from 7pm-8:30pm and is free and open to the public. The opening hour will feature Dr. West’s insights, followed by a question and answer session. uabookstores. Dick Roberts Memorial Gala Friday, April 1, 5:30 p.m. The Associated Students of the University of Arizona would like to invite you to the fifth annual ASUA Dick Roberts Memorial Gala, with all proceeds from the evening going towards the Dick Roberts Memorial Scholarship and Endowment Fund. Lodge on the Desert Hotel, 306 N. Alvernon Way. “Ansel Adams: Arizona and the West” exhibit is being shown in the Center for Creative Photography until May 15, 2011.

painting or doing a creative project, preferably with kids or for a cause you love. Your volunteer efforts are appreciated. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) — Today is a 7 — Enjoy your time at home. Reminisce about the past with a loved one. Take on a homeimprovement project. Embrace your roots. Do something just for yourself. Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) — Today is a 7 — Start the month by writing that communication you’ve been putting off.

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April 1-3 Campus Events

The University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council Presents “On Our Own Time” The 1st Annual National Arts Program® Staff Art Exhibit March 30th - April 21nd. Student Union Gallery. This Exhibit is Open to the Public. Steward Observatory Mirror Lab Tours. Steward Observatory Mirror Lab Tours are Tuesdays and Fridays at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Call to make reservations. 520-626-8792 Admission: $15 adults, $8 students Steward Observatory Mirror Lab Exhibit Commemorates Stewart Lee Udall Legacy “I’m for Stew: The Life and Times of Stewart Lee Udall” will be on display through June 15 in the gallery at Special Collections at the University Libraries, located at 1510 E. University Blvd. “Treasures of the Queen” Exhibit at UA Mineral Museum Feb. 06 — May 31 1601 E. University Blvd. 520-621-4516 The Flandrau Science Center and the UA Mineral Museum presents a special exhibition celebrating historic Bisbee and collections of rare Bisbee minerals, including specimens from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament. April 1, 6pm - 8 pm. Cellar Games Room. $2 to enter/ free for CODE members.


Bill Schenck: The Serigraphs at Tucson Museum of Art through June 05, 2011. 140 N. Main Avenue, 520-624-2333 Contemporary painter Bill Schenck’s serigraphs at Tucson Museum of Art encompass fictionalized Western histories, Native American subjects, and depictions of the modern cowboy/ cowgirl.

“Legados” is being exhibited during the month of March in conjunction with the celebration of César E. Chávez Day (March 31). In honor of César E. Chávez and his legacy, “Legados” presents work by over 20 artists that honors and exemplifies the working individual, education, literacy, human rights, social rights, and the environment. March 5 through April 16. Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop 218 E. 6th St. (1/2 block east of 6th St. & 6th Ave.) (520)881-5335


FIRST FRIDAY SHORTS Friday, April 1st at 9:00 p.m. Admission: $6.00 MONTHLY GRAND PRIZE: $200! On the first Friday of each month at 9 p.m. Red Meat’s Max Cannon hosts the biggest, baddest short film contest in town - just bring us your short films and we’ll play them on the largest movie screen in Southern Arizona! Loft Cinema, 3233 E Speedway Blvd Caddyshack/ Cult Classic presented by Bookmans. Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd at 10:00. $6.00 admission, Loft Cinema. 20th Arizona International Film Festival April 01, - April 20, The 20th anniversary of showcasing the very best in contemporary, independent cinema with opportunities to meet filmmakers and other events at The Screening Room and other venues around Tucson. 127 E. Congress St., 520-882-0204

Of Note

The Fourth Avenue Spring Street Fair. Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 1, 2, & 3, 2011 from 10:00am to dusk.

The Smithsonian Exhibit “Key Ingredients: America by Food.” Explores the ways in which history, tradition, and culture have shaped how American’s enjoy food. March 19-April 30th Wed., Fri., Sat. and Sun. from 11 am to 5 pm. Thurs. from 2 to 8 pm Acadia Ranch Museum, 825 E. Mount Lemmon Highway, Oracle. Journey into King Tut’s Tomb Exhibit March 21, — May 01. 300 E. Congress St. See more than 130 authentic replicas of King Tut’s stunning funerary mask, mummifications couch, weapons, tools, and more at this exhibit at The Rialto Building, downtown Tucson. http://www.raadtucson. com/index.html

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participate in a Sociology experiment! Freshmen and sophomores interested should email for information. compensation provided.

boyS & girlS clubS of Tucson is looking for a full-time Health & Physical Education Director to develop and implement Nutritional Education activities at two clubhouse locations. JOB FUNCTIONS: 1.Develops, plans, and implements the Nutritional Education programs, including BGCA Triple Play activities. 2.Establishes an environment that ensures the health and safety of club members. 3.Contributes to the creation of the overall club’s climate for youth development. 4.Plans programs and activities consistent with the organization’s youth development mission. 5.Provides behavioral guidance services to club members. 6. Manages program budget for the Nutritional Education Program. 7.Promotes and markets programs to club members. 8.Plans and implements health/ nutrition education through workshops and fairs. QUALIFICATIONS: The Health & Physical Education Director must have experience with nutrition programs and health workshops. College degree in a related field is preferred. -Self-starter, organized and demonstrated initiative. -Commitment to the mission and vision of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson. NOTE: Background checks and pre-employment/ random drug screenings are a condition of employment. Submit cover letter and resume to Carla Carpentier, Director of Human Resources at, or BGCTHR, PO Box 40217, Tucson, AZ 85717. Review of resumes will begin April 11, 2011. EOE

boyS & girlS clubS of Tucson will be hiring for the following positions: PART-TIME YOUTH ACTIVITY LEADERS to coordinate and lead activities with youth ages 7-17, in various program areas: game room, gym, front desk, arts & crafts. $8/hour; 20-30 hours/week. PART-TIME COMPUTER ROOM STAFF to coordinate technology related activities for youth ages 7-17. Must be skilled in Microsoft Office, Windows Operating System, and able to troubleshoot and resolve common hardware, software and printer issues. $9/hr; 25-30 hours/week. Positions require high school graduate or equivalent or college student; Boys & Girls Clubs experience preferred. Applicants must be able to pass fingerprint clearance, background check, and drug screening. Submit cover letter and resume by April 8, 2011, to: or Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson HR, PO Box 40217, Tucson, AZ 85717. EOE

looking for a leadership opportunity? want to earn class credit while impacting campus? contact laura at 6246561 for more information.


$7.25-$11.00/ hr +TIPS WORKING as a mover. Must have valid driver’s license. 3500 E. Kleindale. Call 322-4488.

achieve hiring For day & summer program and home based positions working with developmentally disabled adults/ children teaching life and social skills. UA/NW 1725 E Prince, 579-8824

PLEASE NOTE: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads. COPY ERROR: The Arizona Daily Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an advertisement.

attn: weStin la Paloma Resort –Seeking All Resort Positions Azul & La Paloma Country Club Restaurant Bussers/Servers, Front Desk Agents, Courtside Deli Servers, Pool Attendants, Bartenders, Culinarians and more! Apply: A Drug Free Workplace. EOEM/F/D/V

available Soon, a part-time position in a family restaurant. Join a fast, fun, team. Energetic and friendly, good with numbers and people, comfortable in Spanish and English, and a lover of food and wine are a plus. Call 8845253 for more information.

conServative Synagogue needS K-8th Grade Religious School Teachers August 2011May 2012. Part-time: Sundays AM; Tuesdays PM. Knowledge of Conservative Judaism and Hebrew preferred. Fun, interactive and rewarding experience! Contact: Rabbi Kelley Gludt at 7455550 ext. 228 or

girl ScoutS now Hiring for Summer Day Camp Counselors! 810 week program, great pay, fun and exciting experience! For a complete posting and for more information, please visit:

gymnaSticS inStructor wanted. Experience is necessary and positions available immediately. Contact 628-4355 or

i am an international student, will attend University of Arizona this fall. I want to hire a UA student to teach me english. I provide the place for you to live, food, everything you want, and the salary is $500 per month. If you have any interest please e-mail me, send me the information about yourself and a picture of you. My e-mail address is

looking For an individual with an enthusiastic attitude and a smiling face as a part time receptionist at Precision Toyota of Tucson. Mondays from 12pm-8pm, Tuesdays 4pm-8pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays off, Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturdays 9am-7pm. Please apply in person at 700 W. Wetmore Rd. No phone calls please, thank you.

optometry receptioniSt needed @NW Costco. $8.50/HR starting. Part-time. Must be available MWF mornings. Must have good phone and communications skills. Submit inquiries and resumes to part time leaSing Agent Needed! Looking for a highly motivated, fun, energetic salesperson that is looking to excel in the apartment industry part time while in school and full time in the summer. Position starts in April, Experience needed, Rate- Negotiable! Call for details 520.884.9376 part-time/ Full-time positions available w/est growing co. close to campus flexible hours above ave wage tuller trophy 623-6341 525 n. 6th ave. pt driver/ gen helper needed for auto repair shop- must be over 21, neat, professional, good driving record. $9hr to start. Apply in person (bring MVR): 330 E. Fort Lowell Rd paid survey takers needed in Tucson. 100% FREE to join! Click on surveys. three math and English Associates needed for afterschool program in Marana. 2:30pm to 7:30pm Tues, Thurs throughout the year. Call 395-2951 for interview. want to hire landscape/ architect student to redesign pool/ yard. 885-6842

2 monthS Free Storage Rent! Call for details, Get an extra 10% off when you show your student ID. Near 77 an I10. (520)624-3494

! 1 abSolutely aweSome Apartment Available! 2br beautiful condominium for rent. Spring/Summer discount $650. 3649 E. 3rd St. 481-4600. ! 1-5 bedroom Houses and Apartment Units located close to UofA. PRELEASING FOR SUMMER AND FALL 2011! Call 331.8050 for showing appts

Attention Classified Readers: The Arizona Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check. Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

!!!Family owned &operated. Studio 1,2,3 or 4BD houses & apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $360 to $1800. Available now or pre-lease. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080.

large StudioS only 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $380, lease. No pets. 977-4106

1blk From uoFa reserve your apartment for summer or fall. Furnished or unfurnished. 1bedroom from $610. Pool/ Laundry. 5th/ Euclid. Call 751-4363 or 309-8207 for appointment.

mountain plaza apartmentS Furnished 2BR/1BA apartments starts at $570. Only 4blocks from UofA with sparkling pool, gas grills, and on-site laundry. 520-6235600

2br 1ba $675/mo, $500 deposit with fenced in backyard. 415 E. Drachman. & 1BR 1BA $435/mo $300 deposit. 427 E Drachman. coin-opt laundry. 272-0754. Available March.

pre-leaSe now For fall! 1BR $495/mo. Pool, laundry & offstreet parking. 824 E 10th St. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

2br 4blockS to campus. Tastefully remodeled, light, modern, spotlessly clean. Quiet, wellmaintained, 6unit building w/patios. Cats ok. Laundry. Available June 1st. $735/mo. 623-9565 For more info and 80 photos: caStle apartmentS. leaSe in April, get $100 off first months rent leasing for summer. Studios starting at $585, utilities included, Near UofA. 406-5515/ 903-2402. cute large 1bedroom, kitchen, tile throughout, extra large walk in closet, private backyard, A/C and evap cooling, gas heat/ stove, landscaped, off street parking, laundry facilities, available now $615 month, $615 Sec Deposit, Pets OK w/deposit 520-2066281 for more info -3blocks from campus (mountain/ drachman) great location! walk to campus, 1Bedroom Apartment over Garage, huge covered balcony, covered parking, a/c, water paid, Available June $680 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS Large 1Bedroom 1bath Duplex, oak flooring, high ceilings with archways, lots of natural light and windows, covered porch, a/c, Pre-Leasing $750 CALL REAL ESTATE DIRECT 520-623-2566

reServe now For Summer/ Fall 1BD furnished $425/mo summer only $500/mo YR. $525/mo 9months August. University Arms. Clean, quiet, green, 3blocks to campus 623-0474 Special Summer only leases (2-3 months) 1BD furnished $425/mo. University Arms. 3blocks to campus. Near shopping & rec center. 623-0474 Special! 1bed/ 1bath $320 and 3Bed/1Bath for $575. 2Bed/ 2Bath and 4Bed/ 2bath also available. Call (520)888-2111 or visit StudioS From $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. blue agave apartments 1240 n. 7th ave. Speedway/ Stone. unique baSement apt. Available May 1. 1305 E. 9th St #2. Utilities included $450/mo. Call 7983331 Peach Properties HM, Inc utilitieS included $505*/mo. Pool & laundry. Wood floors. *Special pricing. 770 N Dodge Blvd. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

walk or bike to campus. Beautifully renovated and maintained properties very close to school. 1,2 and 3BR units for 6/1 and 8/1. Don Martin Apts, House Mother Apts & University Lofts. We care about our buildings and our tenants. 520-906-7215.

2bd w/pool, a/c, laundry, dishwasher, fountain, ramada, oak floors, covered porch. $700/mo. 2806 N. Tucson Blvd. (Tucson & Glenn intersection) Cell: 520-2402615 or 520-299-3987 2br/ 2ba condo. Available August 10th. 1231 E. Drachman. $950/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. a Sam hugheS PLACE 2BDR, 2BA, UPSTAIRS, AC, STLS STEEL APLNCE, W/D, FIREPLACE, AUDIO SYSTM, BAR, CVRD BALCNY, $2K MO. 520.370.4640 (JOHN, CBRE) charming condo For rent. 2miles UOFA. 2BR W/balconies, 2bth, office room, new appliances, washer and dryer, patio, 2covered parking + visitors parking. Quiet/ safe.(Campbell/ Glenn) $825. Contact 520-906-2325 ice houSe Studio. 1001 E. 17th St #203. $915/mo. Call 7983331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. luxury condo 2br 2BA $900/mo. Incl. most utils. Washer Dryer Dishwasher Clean Secure unit. Across from Walmart. Lease terms negotiable. 520-272-4162 Short term 2br+2ba condo rental 2blocks from campus on university av parents, alumni, visitors,vendors. Fully equipped & Furnished. garage/Street parking included See website:


! 4blkS to uoFa. Studio(June $450) or (August $495), 2Bdrm.- (June $750) or (August $825). Hardwood floors, private patios, laundry. All in quiet gated courtyard. Serious students only. No Pets. 520-743-2060.

Deadline: Noon one business day before publication WRITE AD BELOW—ONE WORD PER BLANK










! all utilitieS paid. 1Rm studio $350. Giant studio w/kitchen $660. A/C, quiet, no pets, security patrolled. 299-5020/ 624-3080

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Special Rates through March 31st 2011 1x1 $695 2x2 $475 4x2 $349 4x4 $379 Look what’s included: -Shuttle to and from the University -Basic cable +5 HBO channels -Full size washer and dryer in every unit -Water, sewer, and trash -High Speed Internet -Community WiFi- Coming soon!

Signature: ____________________________________

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!!!!!1bd w/pool, laundry, fountain, ramada, oak floors, covered porch. $550/mo. Available June 1st. 2806 N. Tucson Blvd. Cell: (520)240-2615, (520)299-3987. !3br/2ba, $1275/mnth, close to UA, newer, modern, gated community, or 520-891-9043. 2bd/ 1ba adamS/ Tyndall. Private yard, off-street parking, A/C walk to UofA. $800/mo. $745 deposit. w/d, newer kitchen. Available June 1st. 843 E. Adams #2. 520-240-2615 2bd/ 1ba on Adams/ Tyndall. Extra large, 1000sqft w/ W/D, A/C, & private yard with off street parking, $1000/mo $800 deposit 843 E. Adams #1 call 520-2402615. 2bedroom duplex behind UMC. Available June 10th. 1419 E. Adams $950/mo. Call 7983331 Peach Properties HM, Inc 2blk north to UA/ UMC. Awesome 3bedroom ($1350) 2bedroom ($700) 1bedroom ($485). Nice, quiet environment. Available 6/1, 8/1. Call 591-8188 2blockS From campuS, $780. Large 2BR 1BA, ceiling fans, tile floors, carport, yard, W/D, linen closet security bars. 882-8153. 2br duplex with fenced yard. Available June 10th. 915 E. Elm $850/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc 2br tri-plex. 1285 e. Glenn St. $595/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc large 2bd 1bth. 2blocks from campus, parking, W/D, A/C, quiet, clean. $700/mo. See website for availability: 520-406-5515 or 520-9032402. ! hiStoric weSt univerSity Studios. $425 to $650. Beautiful 1920’s architecture with wood floors, private patios, W/D. No pets. Available June. 520-7432060. beautiFul gueSthouSe 1bd 1Ba. A/C, Eat-in kitchen, all custom remodeled, laundry included. Available Now. $625/mo. 2040 E Spring St (Spring/ Olsen). 520-8855292/ 520-841-2871 cloSe umc campuS. 1bd, 1ba, beautiful guesthouse, safe, clean, skylights, ceiling fans, built-in furniture. Bay window. Completely furnished. $595. 248-1688

! 4 or 5 bedroom 3bath. $2200 all new inside. Mountain Lee area. Quiet, no pets, security patrolled, security bars. Available 6/1 299-5020/ 624-3080 ! 4br/ 2.5 ba $1900. Spacious rooms, fireplace, W/D, AC, dishwasher, big kitchen, huge yard, split floorplan. 440-7776 ! 5brm/ 5bath- $3000. 5blocks to campus. 2story, AC, W/D, dishwasher, microwave, fireplace, big kitchen, walk-in closets. 398-5738 ! 7 bedroom 7 bath brand new Huge 3900sqft luxury home. 4car garage. Huge common areas, 7 Large Master Suits. Balconies. Monitored Security System. Available August, Be first to live in this amazing home. 8841505 ! amazing weSt univerSity 1bdrm guest house. $750. Secluded walled in bungalow with oak floors, A/C, W/D, lovely private yard and much more. No pets. Available June. 520-7432060. ! auguSt availability uncomparable LUxURY- 6bdrm 6BATHS each has own WHIRLPOOL tub- shower. 5car GARAGE, Walk-in closets, all Granite counters, large outside patios off bedrooms, full private laundry, very large master suites, high ceilings. TEP Electric discount. Monitored security system. Very close to UA. 884-1505 !!! 5blockS to UofA Lee St near Mountain. One bedroom house $590 plus gas and electric, completely remodeled with $35,000 in new stuff, wood floors, AC, No pets, security patrol, quiet, <> 624-3080 or 299-5020. !!!!!! brand new 5bedroom 2bath houSe $3200/month. Walking distance to UA. A/C, washer/dryer, three covered balconies, walk in closets, extra storage, alarm system, pets welcome. Watch your new home being built! No Security Deposit (o.a.c.) Call 747-9331. !!!!!!!! aweSome 6bedroom, 3bath house. $3300/month. Available August 2011. Large floor plan with huge covered porch, washer/dryer, A/C, two balconies, walk in closets, alarm system, pets welcome, plus more. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 747-9331. !!!!!Sign up now for FY11– 2, 3, 4 & 5bdm, Newer homes! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages & all appl. included. 520-790-0776 !1-4 bedroom new and Renovated Homes. NOW PRE-LEASING. Shown by appointment only. All Amenities. Call 480.374.5092

1bedroom houSe water included, fireplace, fenced yard, pets ok $450 ALSO CLOSE TO CAMPUS 1Bedroom House 900sqft, a/c, wood floors, fireplace, washer/dryer, basement $750 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 1blk north oF UMC, Walk /Bike to UA, 2BD/ 1BA CLEAN! A/C, W/D, $995/Mo, 520-9900783, 1blk north oF UMC, Walk/ Bike to UA, NEW! CLEAN! 3BED/ 2BA, A/C, W/D, $1490/mo. 520.990.0783 2bedroom 2bath walk to Campus Beautiful Historic building all updated with stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, granite countertops, oak floors, two private decks, walk in closets, water paid, street assigned parking, intercom security with remote front door control PRE-LEASING $1495 Call Real Estate Direct 520623-2566 2blockS to campuS 4Bedroom 2Bath House 2000sqft, washer/dryer, wood floors, a/c $1550 ALSO AWESOME DEAL 5Bedroom 3Bath House in Sam Hughes with POOL, cabana with bath, fireplace, washer/dryer $2600 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 2br/ 2ba houSe. Available August 10th. 20 E. Lee St #2. $850/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. 2min to campuS IN FY11– 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5bdm, homes & apartments! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages & all appl. included. 520-7900776 3bdr 2bh houSe, central $995 1450sqft one mile from UofA fireplace renovated bathrooms huge backyard stainless steel appliances Alexa 903-7002 3bed, 2bath, a/c, Tile floors, ceiling fans, dishwasher, washer & dryer, pantry, large enclosed yard, covered parking. Immaculate. Available now. Pima & Columbus. 3miles to campus. $1050. Call 631-7563. 3bedroom 2bath home 3blocks from campus. For rent starting Aug 1, poss sooner. or call 414908-9883 for more info. 3br 2ba houSe available August 10th. Dishwasher. Washer/ dryer. 1901 & 1909 N Park Ave. $1325/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. 3br/2ba with pool. 1 1/2 miles to UofA. Washer/ dryer, fenced yard, garage + 2carports, covered patio, includes pool service- $1575/Mo. Call Lynn 831320-3127.

a cloSe to campus, close to play, and close to perfect new home. We have 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes with private entrances, separate leases, roommate matching if needed, fully furnished, most utilities paid and much more. Call or come by for this weeks’ special 520-622-8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue. all are walking distance to uofa/ umc. 1631 e lester 2BR 1BA, 1600sqft. Fireplace, W/D, A/C, $1100. Available in August. 1535 e Seneca 3BR 2BA 1800sqft A/C, W/D $1650 Available in June. 2319 e helen 3BR 2BA 2250sqft, A/C, W/D, fireplace $1700. Available in August. 7773995. aweSome location! 5bdrm/ 3BATH HOMES at 1521 N. Park Ave & 920 E. Elm. Lg rooms, walk-in closets, security doors & gates. Leases begin first week of Aug. $2975 p/month incl. City fees & water. Contact Erika: 602-703-5557 or beautiFul 5bd 3ba house. Sky lights, ceiling fans, marble floor, walled yard, close to bus lines, shopping. Lease $2000. 2481688 newer home 3bd/ 2ba, 2story w/garage in desirable River Haven. Ft. Lowell/Columbus. All appliances including W/D. $1195/mo. Available May. 3609098. newly reFurbiShed 7room house in Feldman Addition. Carpeting and wood tile floors. Washer/ Dryer. No lease. $700/mo 884-0515 price reduced. 3bed/ 1ba. Great location, blocks to campus, large rooms, outdoor fireplace, huge yard, concrete floors, Central AC, W/D, $1425/mo. Avail August. Prelease now! 312-203-9024. priceS Starting at $390 per room, per month. Individual leases, private entrances fully furnished 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes available for immediate move in. Call or come by today! 520.622.8503, 1725 N. Park Ave. Visit us at Sam hugheS, claSSic Homes, Near UofA, 4BR 4BA; 3BD 2BA; 2BR 1BA AC, wood/ tile floors, disposals. 520-400-8796 Save your quarterS for playing pool down on 4th Ave. We have washers and dryers in select homes! Imagine the time and money you’ll save doing laundry in your own home! 5blocks from campus- 10minutes walking 5minutes on a bike. Close to University Boulevard and 4th Ave. Call for specials 520-622-8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue. very cool houSe! 2BR, 1BA + den/dining room, walk to UofA, fenced yard, pets OK, $1,000/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 very cool houSe! 2BR, 1BA, walk to UofA, fenced yard, pets OK, $1,000/MN, Debbie 520-4193787 very cool houSe! 5th St, 4BR, 3BA, 2car gar, HOT TUB, fenced yard, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $2,350/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 very cool houSe! 5th St, 4BR, 3BA, 8 car park, HOT TUB, fenced yard 1/2acre lot, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $2,350/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 very cool houSe! Campbell & Spdwy, walk to UofA, 6BR, 4BA, 5 car park, POOL, fenced yard, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $3,200/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 very cool houSe! Helen St, 5BR, 2BA, walk to UofA, 5 car park, HOT TUB, fenced yard, sport court, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $2,400/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 very cool houSe! Helen St, 5BR, 3BA, walk to UofA, 2car gar, 8 car park, POOL, fenced yard, pets OK, 42” flat TV!, $2,750/MN, Debbie 520-419-3787 walk to campuS 3Bedroom 2Bath House 3080sqft, washer/dryer, Arizona Rm, a/c, wood floors, beamed ceilings $1220 ALSO Available August 3Bedroom 2bath House with Game rm, den, fireplace, washer/dryer, vaulted ceilings $1800 CALL REDI 520623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM

! 1-5 bedroom Houses and Apartment Units located close to UofA. PRELEASING FOR SUMMER AND FALL 2011! Call 331.8050 for showing appts ! 1/2/3/4 bedroom homeS. Renovated, updated and new homes available. Walk/Bike to UA. Great Amenities. or 310.497.4193 ! 1918 caliF. bungalow in Historic West University. $950. Beautiful 1bedroom Craftsman home in pristine condition. Oak floors, fireplace, A/C, W/D, security system and professionally maintained walled grounds. No pets. Available June. 520-7432060. ! 2bdrm. cottage 4blkS. To UofA. (June $750) or (August $850). Hardwood floors, dishwasher, W/D, A/C, covered parking, walled landscaped grounds. No pets. 520-743-2060. ! 3blockS to ua. Two houses, great condition. 2BR +den/office+ central air AND detached 1Bedroom/1Bath. Washer/Dryer. Start May 1st. $1375/mo. The Property Management Group. 721-7121

!5blockS nw ua huge Luxury Homes 4br/ 4.5ba +3car garage +large master suites with walk-in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings up and down +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP electric discount, monitored security system. Pool privileges. Reserve now for August 884-1505 !5br/ 3ba, $3030/ month, BRAND NEW, walk or bike to campus, AC, W/D, great house, 520891-9043 or !reServe your 2 or 4 or 6 bedroom home now for August. Great homes 2 to 5 blocks to UA. Call for details. 884-1505 or visit us at $800-$2400 Fy11 – 3, 4 & 5bdm, BRAND NEW homes! 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages & all appl. included. 520-790-0776 1bedroom 750SqFt gueSthouSe internet included, walled yard, pets ok, washer/dryer $500 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS 1Bedroom 900sqft House in Sam Hughes, washer/dryer $575 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM

4blockS to campuS and Downtown 2Bedroom 2bath House 1100sqft, washer/dryer, fenced yard, pets ok $875 ALSO West University Historic 2Bedroom 1.5bath 1100sqft House a/c, wood floors, office, fireplace, walk in closet $975 CALL REDI 520623-5710 WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM

4br, 2ba, 2car garage, ceiling fans, fireplace. 2.8miles from campus. 445 E. Geronimo Bluff Loop. $1600/mo. +utilities. Available Aug. 1. call 419-4490.

5br 3bathS. one block to UA!!! $3000. Big bedrooms, balcony, fenced yard, parking, fireplace, W/D 1720sf. 398-5738

5br houSe with pool available July 15th. Ceramic tile floors. Newly remodeled kitchen. $1,995/mo. 819 E. Alturas. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

6bedroom! aweSome Floorplan! Big rooms, blocks to campus! Front door parking! Rent $500/ person. 520.398.5738


2 Sophomore guyS looking for nice, chill M/F roommate for Fall 2011/Spring 2012, 1block east of campus in Sam Hughes near bike route. Brand new, beautiful, 2story, 3bd/3ba (bath in each bdrm), loft/den upstairs, W/D in house, attached full garage, FP, Alarm system, Courtyard w/FP. $850 mo. Call 360 9516. Non smokers. No pets. 2roomS with a full bath available in a 2,000sqft home. Make a great bedroom with office space. I just moved in and I am interested in sharing this space for a year. Share common space consisting of living room, dining room, laundry room, kitchen, off street parking, big shady back yard. 3miles from UofA and UMC. Ten minute drive to downtown, close to Trader Joe’s and other consumer spots, safe neighborhood. Great if you are new to town, doing an internship and don’t want to mess with furnishing a full house, in town for a only a year or just needing to have a comfortable, bright, new space with a sane, respectful professional woman and an orange cat. 520-990-5419 a great location, at an incredible price! M/F needed for a fully furnished HUGE apartment close to campus. Most utilities paid, private entrances, separate leases. Call for our move in specials 520.622.8503

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avail immediately - $450 + 1/2UTILITIES Large MBR (13’x18’) with walk in closet & Master Bath- It’s like a private suite - in newly remodeled 1500sqft townhome 10min from UA. New kitchen, new tile. Washer & dryer in unit. TH complex has pool, spa, tennis courts. 1/2mi from park and River Walk. Non smoker and no pets. Female graduate student preferred. (Roomate is a 28yr old UA graduate who teaches 5th gr and coaches HS volleyball.) Call Amanda: 520-360-4226

m/F needed For great apartment close to campus (5blocks away), fully furnished, most utilities are paid, private entrances, separate leases! MUST SEE! Call Astrid 520.622.8503.




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! 2bdrm. 3blkS to UofA. (June $925) or (August $995) Beautiful 1200Sq.ft. duplex. Granite counters, dishwasher, W/D, A/C, covered parking, private landscaped yard. Great location. No pets. 520743-2060.

arizona daily wildcat • friday, april 1, 2011 •


arizona elite cleanerS We are a maid, housekeeping and cleaning service. Having a party, we’ll clean the mess. Call 520-207-9699

az elite landScaperS We provide landscape service to residential, vacant lots and commercial properties Call 520-207-9699

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$100 - $5,000 caSh PAID for unwanted cars, pick-ups, 4x4’s, jeeps, motorcycles & scooters. Running or not. Free towing. 7 days. 409-5013.

4br townhome available August 10th. Dishwasher, Washer/ dryer. 1015 N. 6th Ave. $1,300/mo. Call 798-3331 Peach properties HM, Inc.

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Christ Church


• friday, april 1, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat


Sunday 9:00 a.m.

Contemporary Worship Sunday School (Adult) 10:00 a.m Coffee Fellowship (Fellowship Hall) 10:30 a.m. Traditional Worship Sunday School Children, Youth & Adult 655 N Craycroft Rd (520)327-1116 Tucson, AZ 85711


Historic Pie Allen Neighborhood

Charming Burnt Adobe Duplex W/Remodeled Guest House

Great investment opportunity, LG corner lot w/parking Corner of Euclid & Caddie MLS#21105758

Heart of the UofA $265,000

Kathy Hayes

(520) 235-8022


Sub with Student ID

Serving Tucson for more than 30 years

1St & Grant 623-8182







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SALT Center

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northwest corner Euclid & University


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Practice Facility Construction Site




12 13 30 28

New Diving Pool Construction





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10. Chavez

17. Koffler

26. Mountain & 2nd

33. Study Abroad

1. Administration 2. Alumni Building 3. AME 4. Babcock 5. Baskin Robbins 6. Campus Health 7. Computer Center 8. Cherry Garage 9. ECE 10. Chavez 11. Education 12. Family/Consumer Sciences 13. Fourth & Highland 14. Gittings 15. Harvill 16. ILC 17. International Student Programs 18. Koffler 19. La Paz 20. Little Chapel 21. Mail Library 22. McClelland 23. McKale Center 24. MLK Center 25. Mountain & 2nd 26. Optical Sciences 27. Parking & Transportation 28. Park & University 29. Park Ave Garage 30. Park Student Union 31. Police Station 32. Student Rec Center 33. Social Sciences 34. Student Union • Canyon Cafe •Near Info Desk 35. Study Abroad 36. University Services 37. UofA Bookstore 38. Veterinary Sciences 39. Visitor Center


Game of the night

SPORTS UA, OSU set for pitching battle Yankees






Braves 2, Nationals 0 Reds 7, Brewers 6 Padres 5, Cardinals 3

Thrashers 1, Flyers 0 Islanders 6, Rangers 2 Capitals 4, Blue Jackets 3

Friday night pitchers higlight Wildcats’ first home Pac-10 series

First baseman Josh Garcia and the rest of Arizona’s hitters will be tested by Oregon State’s pitching staff this weekend. The Wildcats and Beavers will play a three-game series at Frank Sancet Stadium, starting tonight at 7.


Mike Christy/ Arizona Daily Wildcat


• Since 1998, the Arizona-Oregon State series is nearly even. Arizona holds a slight edge, 20-19. • Opponents are hitting a measly .229 against Heyer so far in 2011. As dominant as the sophomore has

been, Gaviglio has given up just 20 hits this year, with only one going for extra bases — good for a .128 batting average against. • Arizona centerfielder Joey Rickard leads the nation in hits with 48, and is

Just part of ‘the process’ COMMENTARY BY Nicole Dimtsios sports writer

“If it aint broke don’t fix it” should be the motto of the Arizona Wildcats softball program. The Wildcats have had 26 years of stability under head coach Mike Candrea — nearly 1,300 wins, 21 consecutive Women’s College World Series appearances and eight national championships. Arizona must be a breeding ground for athletics streaks and sustained success. Candrea has been able to keep the softball world focused on Tucson despite challengers from the Pacific 10 Conference and the emergence of the Southeastern Conference. His recruiting classes are unparalleled, individual success unmatched and name has become synonymous with USA softball. But the 2011 non-conference season wasn’t going so well. There were problems that needed to be addressed before Pac-10 play began. When the 2011 Wildcats weren’t meeting his, or the program’s, expectations, he did what’s he’s been doing since 1985 — adapt. He needed to tweak his formula for winning. Candrea’s recipe for success is called “the process,” a three-step method, designed to get teams to the post season on a consistent basis. It’s cliché, but it’s proven Senior Andres Carrasco will play in his final home matches this weekend when the Wildcats host California and Stanford. The women’s team will travel to play the Golden Bears and Cardinal this weekend. Photo courtesy of Allison Mullally

Tim Kosch Sports Editor 520•626•2956

and effective. Success gives the program merit, but over the years, Candrea has had to change the way he coaches. “I can remember back in the old days, I didn’t even post stats,” Candrea said. “Our kids didn’t know what they were hitting.” Cell phones, Internet and television coverage all contribute to the “different environment” that Candrea’s athletes now live in. Times, trends and style have all changed, Candrea hasn’t. He uses tradition as motivation rather than intimidation. Instead of stern dismissal, it’s an encouraging clap from the third base batter’s box, or an explanation of how to improve after the game is over. It’s just the way Candrea has always done business. Candrea’s real genius lies in the fact that he knows he has a winning, proven formula, but still changes it to fit the needs of each of his teams. He has proven success, but isn’t absolute in its application. His philosophy is more of a guideline rather than concrete rule. Twenty-six years of success doesn’t lie, and neither does being the most respected coach in the game of college softball. That’s why Arizona has been so successful for a quarter of a century, and why the Wildcats have been associated with the pinnacle of college softball. It’s not time to hit the panic button on Arizona’s season just yet. Candrea knows it’s all just part of the process. — Nicole Dimtsios is a journalism junior. She can be reached at

second in batting average, hitting at a .475 clip. • As a team, Arizona is fifth nationally in batting average, hitting .337. Temple University leads America with an average of .368.


What: Arizona vs. Oregon State Where: Frank Sancet Stadium When: Friday at 6 p.m., Saturday at 1 p.m., Sunday at noon

After dropping two of three games against No. 5 ASU to open Pacific 10 Conference play, the No. 18 Arizona baseball team is eager to get back into the conference schedule. The Wildcats get that chance this weekend when they host No. 23 Oregon State for a threegame series in Arizona’s first home stand of Pac-10 play. “Now we’re at home, and we need to make up some ground,” head coach Andy Lopez said. “We have to play well.” Friday night’s pitching matchup pits two of America’s top starting pitchers — Arizona’s Kurt Heyer and OSU’s Sam Gaviglio — against one another. Heyer has a 1.33 ERA while Gaviglio touts a .39 ERA. “(Gaviglio) is outstanding, BASEBALL, page 14

Wildcats start fresh with series at Stanford Softball program’s ability to adapt has defined its success By Nicole Dimtsios ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT In Pacific 10 Conference softball, winning on the road is what separates the good teams from the elite teams. Being able to compete is something Arizona head coach Mike Candrea has long preached, but it will be even more important this season as the No. 7 Wildcats had a less than stellar non-conference record. UA has two early road tests in its conference season, beginning with a three-game series at No. 12 Stanford tonight at 7. “I told the kids, for us to win, you have to play well on the road, so that will tell the tale,” Candrea said. With tournament play crossed off on the calendar and all threegame series for the rest of the way, pitcher Kenzie Fowler said it was essential to prepare for long weekends against the Pac-10. “We’re really going to focus Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and taking care of business and really trusting each other and having fun,” Fowler said. Arizona is trying to make up for its below-standard play during non-conference season. The Wildcat’s up-and-down play led to a team meeting last week and a refocused look the conference season. UA starts Pac-10 play with a record of 29-6 compared to a 28-3 non-conference record in 2010. Although play within the conference usually is the makeor-break factor that the season hinges on, left fielder Brittany Lastrapes said the Wildcats are

Ginny Polin/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Senior outfielder Brittany Lastrapes leads the Wildcats with a .486 batting average this season. Despite solid offensive numbers and a record of 29-6, Arizona head coach Mike Candrea hopes the Wildcats will play better in Pacific 10 Conference play.

using conference play as catchup time. “We’re going to have to win a lot of games if we want to turn our season around and go where we need to go so Pac-10 is really important,” Lastrapes said. Although Lastrapes leads Arizona with an impressive .486 batting average, Stanford’s

Ashley Hansen leads the Cardinal with a .548 batting average, which is best in the nation. The Cardinal has had a much more consistent non-conference season, winning 15 of its last 16 games. Stanford’s strength begins in the circle. Veteran pitchers Ashley SOFTBALL, page 14

W-Tennis starts tough stretch; M-Tennis to play home finale By Zack Rosenblatt ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

The Arizona women’s tennis team goes back on the road this weekend to Northern California to partake in two more Pacific 10 Conference games. Throughout the season the Wildcats have proven their talent, carrying an impressive 15-4 record (2-1 in the Pac-10), along with a No. 30 ranking. This marks the start of a daunting stretch run, which culminates in five straight matches against No. 10 California, No. 1 Stanford , No. 6 UCLA, No. 14 USC and instate rival No. 13 ASU. “You’re talking about girls that

are probably going to be pros, and, realistically, we just have to go in there and understand the facts of life and give ourselves a good frame of mind for our next week out here at home,” said volunteer assistant coach Jim Rosborough. Last weekend the Wildcats fell to the supremely talented Washington Huskies squad, but Arizona did give them everything they had in a hard-fought 4-3 loss. The doubles point came down to a tiebreaker, which Arizona lost. In the singles portion, Lacey Smyth, Susan Mc Rann and Jane Huh picked up the slack with victories. “Our team’s strength this year

has been our ability to step up in every position, and it just didn’t go our way (last) weekend,” said head coach Vicky Maes. “The next few weeks are going to be challenging. We are not playing any teams outside of the top 15, I feel it’s what makes competition in the Pac-10 so attractive.” The Wildcats challenging weekend in the Pac-10 opens with California today, followed by the ranked Stanford Cardinal on Saturday. The Arizona men’s team (8-9, 0-2 Pac-10) has struggled recently, losing four straight. For four Wildcat TENNIS, page 14



• friday, april 1, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat

Freshmen step up for ’Cats By Kevin Nadakal Arizona Daily Wildcat The Arizona gymnastics team is getting some unexpected help from two freshmen as it heads to NCAA regionals this weekend. Shana Sangston and Jordan Williams have been a huge lift for the injury-riddled Wildcats. Both have made their presence known during the beam event, steadily improving all year. The duo will need to keep their production level high if Arizona wants a chance to advance to nationals. “They are only going to get better,” said head coach Bill Ryden. “They have adapted well, but I think it was a shock to them with the amount of work and how much pressure there is in competition. They are both doing an amazing job and we certainly wouldn’t be this far without them.” Sangston and Williams joined an already talented team, which only lost one senior last year, but were able to crack the rotation. During the first meet of the season, against Utah State, they both competed in the vault and beam events. The freshman class this year has a much different role from last year’s class, which was thrown

BASEBALL continued from page 13 he has almost Bugs Bunny-like numbers,” Lopez said. “Our pitching matchups are good, so we just have to play good defense and hopefully get a couple clutch hits.” As tough as the pitching will be this weekend, Arizona’s offensive players appear ready for the challenge. “We’re feeling pretty confident,” Robert Refsnyder said. “We have to get the bats going. (Gaviglio) has been real remarkable with what he’s done.”

into the fire due to the vast amount of injuries. This year’s class has had some more time to gain experience. “Last year we had no options,” Ryden said. “Especially on, like, bars. If you could walk, you were going, didn’t matter.” It is also less stressful for the coaching staff because these freshmen already have experience. “I think it was amazing. I didn’t expect to do as much as I am for the team,” Sangston said. “It’s a really good feeling.” Williams agreed. “It was an experience,” Williams said. “It’s really hard coming in and getting used to everything, but the team helps out a lot. It’s hard because it is a completely different environment, but overall it was amazing.” The pair will get its first taste of a national postseason meet this weekend as the Wildcats head to Colorado for regionals. The coaching staff considers the regional grouping to be one of the toughest in the country. With five of the six teams in the top 20, including No. 1 Florida, it will be a tall task for Arizona, but Ryden is confident in his squad. “We know that we can compete Starting pitching won’t be the only display of hurlers this weekend. Though Arizona’s projected closer Bryce Bandilla hasn’t been effective, his struggles have opened the door for junior left-hander Matt Chaffee at the back of the bullpen. “It’s good that I’m getting to go out there almost every day,” Chaffee said. “I’m just trying to get a better feel for all of my pitches and working to get better every day.” Chaffee has been one of Arizona’s most reliable arms, going 3-1 out of the bullpen with a WHIP of 1.3, with a team-high 16 appearances.

Freshman Jordan Williams has contributed early and often for the Arizona gymnastics team this season. She and fellow freshman Shana Sangston will hope to continue their success when the Wildcats compete in the NCAA regionals this weekend.

with them,” Ryden said. “It is wide open, we are not intimidated at all. We have already beat BYU numerous times, and we have beat Boise.” The meet will take place at the University of Denver. If Arizona places in the top two at the meet they will be able to advance to nationals. If the team falls out of the top two, an individual gymnast can still claim a spot for nationals by winning an event with a 9.800 or higher.

Ginny Polin/ Arizona Daily Wildcat

Quirk still working out the kinks

Sophomore all-arounder Molly Quirk is still rehabbing the injuries she sustained during the Pacific 10 Conference championships. Quirk fell off the beam, spraining her knee and ankle, and was forced to sit out the final two events during the meet. “I’m still a little sore,” Quirk said. “But nothing that is not expected after you have a fall like that.” Quirk expects to compete during the team’s regional meet this weekend but is unsure if she will be able to compete all-around.



continued from page 13

continued from page 13

Chinn, a senior, and Teagan Gerhart, a sophomore, return for the Cardinal. Chinn’s last start resulted in a perfect game against Coastal Carolina. Pitching is something that hurt the Cardinal last year, but Candrea thinks that will change this year. “I think her and Chinn are going to be a little more deep than they were last year,” he said. The Wildcats will complete the series on Saturday at 1 p.m. and Sunday at noon.

seniors, this weekend will mark their final two home matches. Star Andres Carrasco, along with Jay Goldman, Borja Malo and Geoff Embry will participate in their final matches at the Robson Tennis Center this weekend, and it won’t be an easy swan song for these Wildcats as they welcome No. 4 California Golden Bears and No. 12 Stanford Cardinals. Carrasco currently holds a 11-8 overall record this season, and has a total of 65 wins on his career.

Opinions In the middle of the paper but not middle of the road. Agree. Disagree. Throw us down and stomp.




arizona daily wildcat • friday, april 1, 2011 •


Guns on campus

After the new law was signed by Gov. Jan Brewer allowing firearms for students, the UA Sharpshooters team has been reinstated. Its first shootout is on Saturday on the Mall. SPORTS

Funny faces

Wish you could see all the crazy-face-in-crotch shots taken during games? Wish we could print them. NCA-Hey!

ArizonA DAily KittycAt

Friday, April 1, 2011

‘Fabulous’ takeover

By KC Stone ArizonA DAily WilDcAt

In a dramatic turn of events, the Prideful Alliance at the UA has taken over the studeng government Senate and the top three executive positions. Since the power seize, the new student-body representatives have made drastic changes to not only the student government office but the entire school in attempts to make the school “fabulous.” “I was in the Feng Shui Club in high school,” said Hugh Jass, the new executive vice president. “I just really think that student government would benefit a lot from rearranging the office. It will really help us with productivity and flow.” Jass also mentioned that the new leadership is looking into redecorating the ZonaZoo, to “brighten it up.” The plans for the student-

section revamp include shellacking the seats so they remain glittered for years to come and passing out pink lapels instead sweat towels before games. The new student body President Harry Balsanga has taken on the daunting task of changing the UA’s school colors, which he referred to as “last season” and “tacky.” Smith is proposing to change the colors to “rainbow” and “glitter,” despite allegations that these aren’t actually colors. He is expected to propose a resolution to the ASUA Senate for approval at the meeting next week. The Prideful Alliance’s takeover was possible by the group utilizing a little-known procedure in the Senate’s bylaws. Article II Section 3 of the bylaws permits members of subsidiary groups to stand in for senators in their absence. The members of the LGBTQAAA5Q¿TL organization made their parliamentary power

grab after distracting the mostly pre-business sophomore senators with a fro-yo party off campus. The substitute senators then voted to appoint themselves to the various positions. “Now I own so many school shirts and jerseys that I can’t wear anymore,” said Santana Pearce. Athletes on various school sporting teams have expressed concers over the new colors. “I just don’t know how tough we’re going to look in glitter rainbow uniforms,” said Matt Taylor, the second-string quarterback of the football team. Though, not all oppose the takeover. “Gurl, this is the best thing to happen to this school since Kourtney (Kardashian) arrived,” said Elton Cher, fashion marketing senior. Balsanga promised bringing the cast of the hit show “Glee” to campus and bedazzling students’ phones on the Mall as future actions.

Greek Life shut down

By Brandon Specktor ArizonA DAily WilDcAt

Arizona Daily Wildcat

tucson, Baja arizona

18? Cheers to new law Legislature lowers drinking age

By Margarita Del Sal ArizonA DAily WilDcAt

Fire, health violations found in chapters; graduation rate abysmal By Michelle A. Monroe ArizonA DAily WilDcAt

A crowd of sorority women gathers outside a chapter house.

Initial student responses have been, by large, enthusiastic. “No way, that’s sick, dude,” said local bro Joseph “Joey” Tatum. “Highland Burritos are so dank.” President Sheldon also reported that the UA campus slogan “bear down” will be replaced with “chow down,” effective August 2011. “Chow down, Arizona,” Sheldon said while pumping a fist in the air. “Chow down.”

Sheldon reports that the mascot will stand about six feet tall, wear a tinfoil cape and be bloated with imitation potatoes, cheese and succulent, mouth-watering chorizo. The rebranding initiative will also introduce a new insignia to all official campus merchandise, featuring a half-eaten Herby dripping in pico de gallo salsa, and the incremental replacement of all Wildcat statues on campus with burrito statues.

Eta fraternity. The Alpha Pi sorority house had to evacuate once investigators found black mold in the shower stalls and under the bunks in the sleeping porch. “They made us leave all of our things inside, and I haven’t gone out of the house without make up since the fifth grade, this is terrible!” shouted Ashley Hamilton, a member of Alpha Pi since 2006, who cried hysterically. Delta Theta Delta’s house will be fumigated and unsuitable for habitation for two weeks. “Until my application to Jersey Shore gets accepted, I’m not going anywhere,” said Tanner “Goose” Morrison, a member of Delta Theta Delta. Each of the national organizations has scheduled conferences with the chapter presidents to discuss future plans for the university. UA President Rupert Sheldon said the chapters could reapply for recognition in five years, but stands firmly by his decision. “What’s happening on this campus is a disgrace and I’m working to sterilize this campus of all delinquent behavior,” Sheldon said. Emergency housing has been set up in Bear Down Gym for the sorority women, and in McKale Center for the fraternity men. A memorial service for the alcohol taken away as evidence will be held in front of the Administration building.

An independent audit found that the number of fifth and sixth year seniors in Greek Life has tripled since 2004. For the first time since 1962, the pledge rate in fraternity houses have exceeded the graduation rates, forcing a temporary shut down of all Greek Life activities on campus. In an unprecedented move, the president of the university revoked recognition for all Greek Life chapters. According to the Tucson fire marshall the overcrowding in chapter houses broke more than 20 fire codes. The preliminary investigation found that each fraternity chapter had at least 200 members, and each sororitiy chapter had 250. Those living in the house numbered anywhere from 75 to 123, causing emergency exits to be blocked. In his report the marshall highly suggested a health inspector visit each of the houses for further investigation. On Wednesday, a team of more than 25 Pima County health inspectors made surprise visits to the houses. “It doesn’t normally look like this, we had a CEOs and Office Hos party last night and haven’t gotten a chance to clean it,” said Bryce Dickson, president of Sigma Alpha

New mascot revealed get cuts. “For decades Wilber has been a symbol of this campus’ tenacious dedication to excellence both mental and physical,” Sheldon said in a statement. “But a new generation of student requires a new generation of representation — meaty, delicious representation.” The Highland Market Burrito, tentatively named Herby, is in its earliest stages of planning, but

In a bid to increase campus marketability, longtime university mascot Wilber the Wildcat will be replaced with a Highland Market Burrito, President Rupert Sheldon reported on Tuesday. The decision was the result of a special Campus Rebranding committee called earlier this week in response to state bud-

The Arizona drinking age has been reduced to 18 years old. The Arizona Legislature met on Thursday to vote on Senate Bill 18, which overturned the 1985 law increasing the drinking age from 19 to 21. “We’re calling the federal government’s bluff,” said Sen. John Pearce, R-Snowflurry. After years of accidents and interstate travel for booze, the federal government demanded all states make the drinking age 21 or it would withhold federal highway funding. However, the three university and 2,560 community college presidents signed a letter to the state lawmakers that demanded the drinking age be lowered. “Each year we have to kick out valuable students because they have repeated alcohol violations,” said State Arizona University president Gabriel Hawk. In 2011, more than 13,000 students in Arizona were kicked out of school because of alcohol-related charges. “I wish this law had passed three months ago,” said Trent Johnson, who was expelled from the UA and now attends Nogales Community College. Police officers are not worried about the effect that it will have on campuses and said they will continue to follow the law, though they did announce an increase in DUI checkpoints this weekend. “College students have been drinking since their freshmen year, so we’re more concerned with how this will affect the high schools,” said Jorge Garcia, a spokesman for the West Tucson Police Department. Resident Life is trying to cope with the number of students carting alcohol into dorms across campus. Resident Life Code says that each student may only have enough alcohol for individual consumption. “I don’t know how long this will last but I’m going to make the best of it,” said Wyatt Walker, an undeclared senior, as he cracked open a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Rebecca Black to perform at Arizona Stadium years of education but are still super famous.” Black said she hopes to live in Coronado Hall for one semester before moving out to Campus Crossings at Star Pass in the spring because “freshmen boys are too immature.” She will then leave school to pursue a reality TV career. Black has kept her set list plans close to the vest, but sources close to the 13-year-old speculated that she will both open and close the show with “Friday.” The encore is expected to be the mellower “Tuesday” followed by the raunchy, club beat “Saturday.” No word on whether or not the Ying Yang Twins will accompany Black to perform their artsy, risk-taking collaboration “February.” Similarly to Jay-Z’s appearance at UA in 2009, Black’s contract features some unique specifics.

By Tim Kosch ArizonA DAily WilDcAt For the first time since the “Last Smash Platinum Bash,” Arizona Stadium will be hosting an end-ofthe-year outdoor concert. Pop sensation Rebecca Black, famous for her hit song “Friday,” among many others, will headline the show that is scheduled to take place on Friday, April 23. This will be the first show of Black’s summerlong “Black Friday Tour.” Black cited her desire to attend the UA as her reason for opening the tour on campus. “Two of my role models attended the UA and I want to follow in their footsteps,” Black said in a statement. “Girls like Kourtney Kardashian and Nicole Richie, you know, like, people that just had so much talent that they didn’t need a full four-

Black has requested that the Pride of Arizona play “Bear Down” outside of her tour bus promptly at 7 a.m. Shortly thereafter, Redington Catering must provide a buffet of cereal selections and accompanying bowls. For every brand of cereal, there must be one chair so that she has options to choose from. Her tour bus, dressing room and stage will all have seating options in both the front and back so that she is not underwhelmed by the number of seats to choose from. “It’s going to be fun, fun, fun, fun,” Black added. Doors will open at 5 p.m., with opening acts Eiffel 65 and Lou Bega scheduled to take the stage at 6 p.m. Tickets will go on sale at arizona. edu/blackfriday today, but students are encouraged to wait for free tickets that will be passed out on the Mall on the day of the show. Photo courtesy of an Internet site

Arizona Daily Wildcat  
Arizona Daily Wildcat  

The April 1, 2011 issue of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Happy April Fools' Day!