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‘They have been vomiting their guts up for the last 24 hours’ — UA swim coach Frank Busch



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Athletic director introduced By Kevin Zimmerman ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT UA President Robert Shelton introduced newly hired athletic director Greg Byrne at a Wednesday morning press conference. The theme of both Shelton’s decision to hire the 38-year-old and Byrne’s own reasons for leaving Mississippi State University was family first. “As happy as we are to get Greg, we are doubly thrilled to have such a fine family join us here in Tucson,” Shelton said. “I sensed this was a real family decision. That just reinforced my whole regard for Greg.”

Joining Byrne during his first UA press conference were a number of family members — many of whom live in Arizona — including his 94-year-old grandfather. Byrne’s wife, Regina, and his two sons Nick, 14, and Davis, 12, were also in attendance, as was former head basketball coach Lute Olson and Arizona Board of Regents President Ernest Calderón, who said he will support the new AD “100 percent.” Byrne’s salary is $390,000, slightly higher than former athletic director Jim Livengood’s $372,000 price tag. His hire will become official April 30 pending Arizona Board of Regents approval. While Byrne said it was too soon to

have a prioritized vision, he did lay out four goals for maintaining an athletic department: graduate the studentathletes, comply with NCAA rules, remain first-class and act fiscally responsible. “If we do the first four things right, we have the opportunity for a fifth thing, and that’s compete for championships,” said Byrne, a 1994 ASU graduate. “The reality is that we’re a highly visible part of the university,”he added, “and we want to do everything we can to reflect positively on our student athletes (and) on our university.” Helping recruit Byrne from MSU was former Arizona athletic director and former NCAA executive director Cedric

Dempsey, whose post at Arizona came before recently hired University of Nevada, Las Vegas, AD Jim Livengood’s 16-year tenure at the UA. “It was the most challenging decision of my life,” Byrne said of leaving MSU. “I was not looking to leave.” After spending time in Oregon’s athletic department, the then-26-yearold moved to Oregon State to turn around a football team with a 20-plus year losing season streak in football — the bathrooms in the football stadium didn’t even have doors, Byrne joked. He then followed University of Kentucky BYRNE, page 7

Vigil honors Holocaust victims

ASUA denies PIRG funding By Laura E. Donovan ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT TheAssociated Students of the University of Arizona senate voted Wednesday six to one against a request from the Arizona Public Interest Research Groups to hold a special election. PIRG is a nonprofit, non-partisan, student-run public interest advocacy group that requested ASUA to hold a special election for students to vote on a $1.50 per semester refundable student fee. The fee would go toward hiring advocates and lawyers to help PIRG run grassroots campaigns on campus and lobby on the university’s behalf. “It’s that professional staff that really makes PIRG something special, and that’s really where the fee goes,” said Nicholas Theisen, a business administration master’s student and PIRG member. PIRG’s fee proposal did not make it onto the ASUA general elections ballot on March 9. Sen. LeoYamaguchi voted in favor of the special election at Wednesday’s meeting. ASUA, page 3

GPSC supports Prop.100’s 1¢ tax Hallie Bolonkin/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Microbiology sophomore Rachel Kye, left, and business junior Jun Park take a look at a representation of a tight sleep setting within Nazi concentration camps set up on the UA Mall Wednesday. “Arbeit mach frei,” a German phrase meaning “work sets you free,” is a common saying placed above many entrances of Nazi concentration camps.

Adam Bellos, a Judaic studies senior who organized last year’s vigil. “This is the worst event in Jewish history, maybe in all of human history.” Bellos also expressed his frustration with Holocaust deniers. He said he hopes that vigils such as Wednesday’s ensure those killed in the Holocaust are not forgotten. “There are still some people out there, some people who are anti-Zionism or anti-Semites, who try and deny that this event ever happened, that 6 million Jews were ever killed. What we want people to know is that not only did this happen, but by denying that 6 million Jews were killed, they’re also denying

In the wake of the Arizona Board of Regents’ long-awaited decision on tuition and fees for the 2010-11 academic year, the UA Graduate and Professional Student Council turned its attention to the future. One issue raised by the council was the upcoming vote on Proposition 100. The proposition would raise the state sales tax by one cent for the next three years and would fund education and state services programs . Education would receive the lion’s share — 66 percent — of the funds. “I can’t impress upon everyone how important this is,” said GPSC President David Lopez-Negrete . “It will mean a lot to our university budgets and educational experiences if Prop 100 fails.”

VIGIL, page 3

GPSC, page 3

Hillel UA sets up Mall memorial for many groups victimized during WWII By Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The UA Mall was transformed into a place of remembrance and reflection for the Holocaust Vigil, sponsored by the Hillel Foundation on Wednesday. The event included three exhibits, referred to as museums. The first was a replication of a boxcar used to transport Holocaust victims. The second was a re-creation of a barrack where prisoners would have slept, complete with “Arbeit Macht Frei,” a German phrase meaning “work sets you free,” that was written over the entrances to several concentration camps, including Auschwitz. The third museum featured a media

presentation and 12 burning candles; 11 for the approximately 11 million people killed and one for “righteous Gentiles” who helped victims of the Holocaust. UA anthropology junior Joel Kanter, who planned and developed the event, said the twelfth candle was especially dedicated to Stephen Tyrone Johns, a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum who was shot to death last June. “Last year, we had a lot of tents set up full of pictures,” Kanter said, “but we weren’t sure that people who stopped and looked got the full message we were trying to convey. Now we have replicas of the barracks where people were forced to sleep and the boxcars where they were forced

to travel in for days on end. It really is more interactive and gives you a much better grasp of what exactly people in the Holocaust went through.” The Hillel Foundation also set up a total of 1,213 flags on the Mall, each one representing 10,000 deaths. They were color-coded to represent the various groups targeted in the Nazi purges. Along with the 6 million Jews killed, the flags memorialized the 3.3 million Soviet prisoners of war, 2 million Poles, 450,000 Roma gypsies, 250,000 disabled people, 85,000 Freemasons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and 40,000 homosexuals who were killed during the Holocaust. “The reason we do this event is so people never forget this happened,”said


Live Fit battles ‘freshman 15’ By Brenna Goth ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT UA students have free access to an online resource aiming to help collegegoers develop healthy eating and exercising habits. The Web site, called Live Fit on Campus, lets students log in with their UA NetID and take quizzes, find recipes and search for healthy food options on and around campus. The site features health and nutrition facts specific to college life. Funded by a $2 million grant from The National Cancer Institute, the Web site was designed as part of a study conducted by Klein Buendel, Inc. Nutrition and fitness experts from around the country developed the site, which was tested by students at four universities, including the UA.

A study was conducted during the 2008-09 school year on students between the ages of 18 and 21 who lived in residence halls. After completing the study, the UA community was given free access to the Web site. Gale Welter, coordinator of nutrition services for Campus Health Services, helped develop the site. According to Welter, the study found that students who used Live Fit on Campus showed improvement in their fitness and nutrition choices compared to those who did not have access to the site. Some students have trouble maintaining healthy habits while transitioning into college life because they suddenly have complete freedom over what they eat and a new set of food options. Pre-pharmacy freshman Kaci Kolberg

agrees that it can be difficult for college students to maintain healthy eating habits. “I eat about the same amount of food, but I ate better food when I was at home,” Kolberg said. For students looking to combat the “freshman 15,” Welter recommends taking a quiz or playing an interactive game on the Web site. Both lead users to relevant nutritional information. Other features include workout tips, dorm room recipes and a search engine to find exercise options in Tucson. Another resource is the“Track Shack,”in which students can calculate their Body Mass Index as well as graph what they are eating and how often they exercise. Live Fit on Campus is different from other health-related Web sites because it’s LIVE FIT, page 3

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• thursday, march 25, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

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DATEBOOK Party down, Buster Brown

Today is Letting Go of Stuff Day, National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy, Pecan Day and Old New Year’s Day.

Read it in a magazine, oh-oh

Today is the birthday of Elton John, Danica Patrick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paul Michael Glaser, Gloria Steinem and Aretha Franklin.

Tomorrow: H: 73 L: 47


Bee there


Have you used Chatroulette?

As part of the Higher Education Colloquium Series, former Arizona Senate President Tim Bee will be speaking today at 12:30 p.m. in the Student Union Memorial Center Santa Rita room.

ON THE SPOT Sexiled for bromance


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New question: What do you think of the hiring of UA’s new AD?

News Tips

James Siegler

Pre-business freshman What Facebook groups are you a part of? What’s the most ridiculous one? “ASU, keeping STDs out of UA since 1885.” Do you believe that? Yeah, I made it. Do you know a lot of people at ASU with STDs? No. But it seems like they would have them, right? They just look dirty. Yes. They do. Thank you for fighting the fight against STDs at UA. Does that mean you’re being careful? Dorm life can get really sketchy. Yes, always careful. You could probably get an STD on your foot just from the dorm bathrooms. Or at least a fungus. You can get, like, athlete’s foot. Have you had any bad dorm experiences so far? The guy across the hall from me threw up, so that smelled for a while. That’s disgusting. Who has to clean that up? The cleaning ladies. Are there hot girls in your dorm? Not in my dorm. There’s a few. AZ-So is where the hot girls are. All the hot girls are in the same dorm? Is that coincidence or do you think the dorm staff looks at everyone’s Facebooks and tries to get the hot ones? The girls just all apply there, it’s like the party dorm, AZ-So and Coronado. Why is it the party dorm? Is it easier to drink there? Nine floors of whores. But dorm sex is really awkward, you have a roommate. Well, you get sexiled. Have you had to do that? Have you slept in the hall or anything? No. Would you sexile your roommate for a hot girl? Probably. How would you let your roommate know? Do you leave a sock on the door? I’d probably text him. Would you be mad if he sexiled you? Or would you just take one for the bromance? Depends. Depends what time it was. What would be an unacceptable time? Like 10 p.m. —Claire Engelken

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James Stevenson Jr., a senior majoring in psychology and English, posed his face in the cutout for Bagel Talk’s beanbag toss on Wednesday. If the contestant made three out of six bag tosses through the cutout, they got a free bagel with cream cheese.

White collar criminal appeals 845-year sentence ATLANTA — Bernie Madoff is serving 150 years in prison for a multibillion-dollar fraud. Norman Schmidt got 330 years for his role in a huge investment scam. And then there’s white-collar criminal Sholam Weiss, who isn’t due for release until November 2754. Weiss was sentenced to 845 years in prison in February 2000 by a federal judge in Florida who said he should be removed permanently from society. Of course, Weiss wasn’t in court at the time. He had fled overseas while a jury was deliberating. Austrian authorities eventually found him and sent him back, and now his attorneys want the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to order a new sentencing hearing. They’re

hoping a judge would use different guidelines that would give him a sentence closer to 35 years. Attorney Stephen Saltzburg was in court Wednesday in Atlanta to argue that the federal government reneged on a promise to resentence Weiss made in exchange for Austria agreeing to send him back to the U.S. Weiss and six others were convicted or pleaded guilty in a plot that caused the 1994 collapse of the National Heritage Life Insurance Co. and cost many of the Orlando company’s 25,000 customers their life savings. He disappeared after his nine-month

trial but before the jury started deliberating. He was found guilty of all 93 counts of pocketing $125 million and given a sentence that the Department of Justice says is likely the longest ever handed down for a whitecollar crime. While on the lam, he settled in Brazil and traveled to Israel, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Investigators tracked him to Austria, where he was captured in October 2000. He was a shadow of the 260-pound man they had sought — he had lost 50 pounds, shaved his beard and had documents that identified him as Charles Dick. —The Associated Press

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A March 24 article in the WildLife section (“Sustainability festival to quench Tucson”) incorrectly stated that the Sunday after after party for “The Water Project” will take place at Casbah Teahouse. The event will take place at People’s Imports at 276 S. Park Ave. The Arizona Daily Wildcat regrets the error.

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Bieber’s manager arrested in NY over mall frenzy Girl: You pregame before Spanish? Who does that? Guy: Who doesn’t do that? — César E. Chávez building submit at or twitter @overheardatua

FAST FACTS • A new book is published every 13 minutes in America. • America’s best selling ice cream flavor is vanilla. • Americans eat 18 billion hot dogs a year. • Americans eat 134 pounds of sugar a year. • Every year the sun loses 360 million tons. • You can tell if a skunk is around if you smell only .000000000000071 ounces of its spray. • Animal breeders in Russia once claimed to have bred sheep with blue wool. • Penguins are the only bird that can leap into the air like porpoises.

• India has 50 million monkeys. • By some unknown means, an iguana can end its own life. • Americans spend around $3 billion for cat and dog food a year.

NEWYORK — The manager for teen pop sensation Justin Bieber surrendered to police Wednesday in connection with a fan frenzy last year at a mall in Long Island that sent five people to the hospital with minor injuries. Scott “Scooter” Braun, awaits arraignment on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance. Justin Beiber His lawyer said he will plead not guilty. His arrest stems from a planned appearance in November by the 16-year-old Bieber at Roosevelt Field Mall. When the crowd of 3,000 became unruly, Nassau County police canceled the event. But some fans refused to leave, crowding the narrow area outside the clothing store where Bieber was scheduled to sign autographs. Five people were taken to hospitals with minor injuries. According to a release from the district attorney, police efforts were hindered by a message from Bieber’s Twitter account to fans stating:“On my way to Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY to sign and meet fans! I’m pumped. See u there.” The release said police asked James Roppo, a senior vice president of Island Def Jam Records, to send out a tweet telling fans that the event was canceled. Island Def Jam employees also contacted Braun to send out the tweet. An hour later, no tweet was sent and the crowd remained. Roppo was arrested for not cooperating with attempts to break up the crowd. He was charged with a series of misdemeanors, including endangering the welfare of children and obstructing governmental administration. His case is pending. When police called Braun, he told them he“was in a meeting in Manhattan without access to a computer,” according to the district attorney. When told that he would be arrested, he asked police to make sure they spelled his name right on the warrant, the release said. Braun sent two tweets 1 1/2 hours later about three minutes apart, once Roppo called him after being placed under arrest, according to the district attorney. The crowd dispersed within 15 minutes. Bieber never made it inside the mall. Ravi Batra, Braun’s lawyer, said his client responded promptly to the police request, finding a computer and sending the tweets in seven minutes. He is hoping the district attorney reopens the investigation. The 28-year-old Braun faces up to a year in jail if convicted. — The Associated Press

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PIRG may appeal to regents for fee

“We should leave it up to the fate of the students at the University of Arizona, not to us,”Yamaguchi said.“I don’t see the harm in allowing this.” Sen. James Brooks abstained from voting and Sen. Hilary Davidson was absent from the meeting. Sen. Daniel Wallace said students voted against PIRG’s requested $2 refundable fee in spring 2009. Wallace also said PIRG did not make it onto this year’s general election ballot. “It was voted on, it didn’t pass, and there weren’t enough petition signatures to get on the regular election ballot, so I would encourage that PIRG try to get the required number of signatures next year,” Wallace said. “It seems to me that the student population is not in favor of


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a fee for PIRG.” Sen. Stephen Wallace expressed concern with the amount of time that PIRG has been on campus. Arizona PIRG has been on the UA campus for four years. “I love this cause, but I want to see more longevity before a fee is proposed from a special election,”Stephen Wallace said. Sen. Tyler Quillin expressed an admiration for PIRG’s persistence. “Every time we turn around, we know that you’re there, and we appreciate that,”Quillin said. “We’re astounded that you guys keep crawling back every time, and that’s phenomenal.” PIRG president Christine Donley said the group may continue to seek approval for a student fee.

“The senators are making decisions that they think are the best for the student body, and that’s what they’re there for,” Donley said.“I personally feel like I could have done a better job explaining the cause and defending my argument.” It is possible that PIRG will bring the fee proposal to the Arizona Board of Regents. “I don’t know as to how we will proceed, but it’s definitely not the last of us,” Donley said. In addition to vetoing the PIRG election request, the senate made amendments to the wording of its bylaws, ratified the 2010-11 election results, allocated $3,254.46 to club funding on the consent agenda and approved the $300 request for funding to cover senate transition and administrative costs.

Site focuses on UA students’ health

geared specifically toward UA students. David Salafsky, director of health promotion-preventive services for Campus Health, finds the Web site especially useful for its local focus on the UA’s commitment to health and fitness. “It’s definitely filling a need. I think it’s a great complement to other health services offered by the UA,”Salafsky said. Juliette Moore, director of Campus Recreation, agreed that Live Fit gives students links to several campus resources, including the Student Recreation Center. “I think it gives them quick access to us,”Moore said of the site. Some students had not heard of the Web site before, but plan on using Live Fit in the future. “It’d be easy because I’m on the

Internet a lot,” said Victoria Sotelo, a chemistry junior. “I think I’d like to know my BMI, and I think it’d motivate you to exercise more.” Other students, however, already have their own method for monitoring eating and exercising habits. Jack Tribolet, a political science senior, does not plan on using the Web site. “I already do my own program,” he said. Since Live Fit on Campus became available to all UA students last year, 1,666 students have logged on. Both Welter and Salafsky plan on promoting the Web site to students and employees in the near future. “We hope that utilization does improve because there’s a ton of good information on here,”Welter said.


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24-hour event keeps memory of lost alive

that almost 6 million other people died,” Bellos said. The vigil, which began at approximately 12:17 p.m., is a 24-hour event and will feature several speakers and film screenings, as well as a reading of the names of those killed in the Holocaust. Ed Wright, the director of the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies, began reading the names of those killed. He also spoke before the event. “Because of events such as these, we both honor the lost and ennoble ourselves,” Wright said. “Because of this vigil, reading the names of those who were lost, we ensure that the last word resides with us, not with the prosecutors who sought to erase these

individuals.” In his speech, Wright outlined three university commitments for why the time and place for this vigil were appropriate. Those commitments were keeping the memory of the lost alive, the UA’s efforts to promote diversity and the responsibility to promote justice in the world. “This vigil is the right and noble thing to do,” Wright said. “I am proud that we as an institution stand up and say together ‘never again.’” The UA Holocaust Vigil will continue until closing ceremonies at noon on Thursday. Laura Etter, an event organizer for Hillel, estimated that more than 500 UA students would visit the vigil.

Council gears up for elections

GPSC Secretary and Treasurer Cory Christenson estimated that between $30 million and $40 million in new funds for the university could be raised by tuition and fee increases alone, though he stressed the importance of the sales tax increase. “If the sales tax doesn’t pass it will be the equivalent of a $40 million, about a 15 percent pay cut,” Christenson said. “The most basic way to put it is that it will create filling for the cuts that might occur in 2011.” Arizona is bracing for 2012, when the money from last year’s federal stimulus will be exhausted. Lopez-Negrete also discussed extending the period for adding and dropping classes without

penalty to two weeks for graduate students, since some graduate level classes only meet once per week. According to Lopez-Negrete, a tentative date has been set to re-evaluate the add/drop fee for graduate students sometime next September. The issue that dominated conversation was the upcoming GPSC elections, slated to take place next week from March 28 to April 3 . Candidates have officially been declared for representative and executive openings on the council. There will be an open public forum for all those interested in meeting the candidates this Friday at 5 p.m. at the Auld Dubliner on University Boulevard .


This weekend will mark the start of the Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation week. The weeklong series of events is designed to bring together the graduate community, as well as provide opportunities for graduate students to vote in GPSC elections. Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation week will begin with a Family Fun Day at Himmel Park this Sunday from noon to 2 p.m.

Visit the Graduate and Professional Student Council Web site at for more information on students running for GPSC seats and for GPSC events.

6823 Ca mino Principal Tucson, AZ 85715 presents: (520) 298-9197

Tuesdays with Nicole

50% off first visit every Tuesday & Wednesday 20% off subsequent visits (present student ID) Facials • All waxing • Hair • Nails

Book at • Online Gift Certificates available

A Friend Dies. Who Cares? Toxic drinking is an epidemic on campuses all across America. It means consuming so much alcohol the drinker passes out. But while “sleeping it off,” the victim may be quietly dying.

Working with experts, they fine-tuned a course in techniques to handle these alcohol emergencies. Red Watch Band members can act fast, when every second counts.They know the quick steps they can take to rescue a passed-out student from a drinking death, and can immediately summon professional help. Everyone completing the course is given the distinctive red watch for identification. Since its inception at Stony Brook University in March 2009, approximately 40 schools across the country have signed on to implement this lifesaving program. To prevent toxic drinking deaths, go to

Stony Brook University/SUNY is an affirmative action, equal opportunity educator and employer. 09090264

When you come right down to it, students themselves are the best ones to tackle this problem. So, in growing numbers, Stony Brook students have joined together in the Red Watch Band movement.


• thursday, march 25, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


Lance Madden Editor in Chief 520•621•7579

Anna Swenson Opinions Editor 520•621•7581

Don’t mention the war


t’s easy to allow domestic, their memories. Other than seemingly more timely a recent antiwar protest that concerns to overshadow drew about 2,500 people to the issues of faraway wars. But Capitol Hill on March 21, the modern democracy’s endless seventh anniversary of the Iraq squabbles and ad hominems war came and went without are trivial compared to the much notice. According to a suffering experienced daily by Washington Post article on the our servicepeople, by Iraqi and protest,“Many (protesters) Afghani civilians and even by expressed concern that health our enemies, care and the who, despite dismal economy the wrongness have begun to of their cause, overshadow the are still human wars in Iraq and and eligible for Afghanistan.”These some measure fears appear to be Ben Harper of compassion. well-founded — a Columnist A recent slightly smaller article in the healthcare-bill Army Times reports that“at least protest held the previous day, one in six service members is on estimated between 1,500 and some form of psychiatric drug … 2,000 people, appears to have and many troops are taking more dominated media coverage. than one kind, mixing several “Using the media data-mining pills in daily‘cocktails.’”This tool Critical Mention,”reads a really ought to be no surprise. post on the blog ThinkProgress, American troops in the Vietnam “a search … of the keyword war were legendary for their illicit “protest”of the three major drug use, and alcohol abuse has cable news networks — CNN, been common (and perhaps MSNBC and Fox — found necessary) to armed conflict. that the tea party protests were A 2000 American Forces covered 31 times between Press Service release stated that March 19 and March 21, and 21 percent of service members the antiwar demonstration was “admit to drinking heavily”— only covered twice.” probably, like most self-reported But at least one person has sins, a lowball estimate — and made the news for his coverage an ABC Health report from of America’s foreign wars: Rep. last month notes that“Nearly Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., whose 9,200 soldiers sought treatment “rant”on the subject during a for alcohol abuse in 2009, a 56 House floor debate circulated percent increase since the war in around the usual news and talk Iraq started.” show circuit. Not unusually The use of antidepressants, for the national news media, antipsychotic and less attention was paid to the psychotroptic drugs may content of his speech than to his reduce a soldier’s effectiveness delivery (which, to be fair, did on the field, lengthening come off a bit deranged). But the reaction times and interfering man has a point. with motor function. And “You know what cynicism soldiers who have been is?”said Kennedy during the prescribed powerful drugs debate, held on a resolution are rarely restricted from the introduced by Rep. Dennis battlefield.“Any soldier can Kucinich, D-Ohio.“There’s one, deploy on anything,” said two press people in this gallery. Army social worker Capt. We’re talking about (disgraced Maria Kimble in a related NewYork Rep.) Eric Massa 24/7 Army Times article.“It’s always on the TV, we’re talking about kind of subjective. If they really war and peace, $3 billion, a want someone to deploy, they thousand lives, and no press? can always find a loophole.” No press?You wanna know Some prescription drugs why the American public is fit?” carry even more serious (Presumably he means“angry.”) risks.“Many of the newest “They’re fit because they’re not psychiatric drugs, writes seeing their Congress do the the Times,“come with work that they’re sent to do, it’s strong warnings about an because the press, the press of increased risk for suicide, the United States is not covering suicidal behavior and suicidal the significant issue of national thoughts.”No doubt these importance, and that’s the laying drugs increase the risk of of the lives down in the nation, self-injury, but the greatest for the service of our country. It threat to the mental health is despicable, the national press of our soldiers is the hell to corps right now.” which we have deployed For once, let’s try to remember them, the horror and violence what issues are really important which only an ever-expanding and deserving of our attention. cocktail of drugs and poisons Let’s mention the war. can ameliorate. Back on the homefront, —Ben Harper is a philosophy American civilians have no senior. He can be reached at trouble erasing the war from

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The piece in the Wildcat about the Center for Bioethical Reform display (“Warning: Propganda (sic) ahead,” March 24) shows very clearly that you are not obeying the principles of journalism as they apply to actual reporting, and not editorializing. And we are accustomed to that. Now, here are some questions about the piece. You say “Displays like this … distort the complex nature of the issue of abortion, even from the pro-life perspective.” Please, exactly how does this display specifically distort the nature of abortion? And what do you mean by “even from the prolife perspective”? You further say, “The comparison lacks validity…” referring to the comparison of the 52,000,000 abortions in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade in 1973 to other genocides. But you make no effort to tell readers about the motive for your opinion. And what is it about this free speech that makes it not “true speech”? Further along, you refer to the display as “distorted propaganda.” Missing is exactly what about the display made you think it was distorted. Why is that missing? Missing also is your explanation of why “their endsjustify-the-means approach is unacceptable.” Why is what you consider “their ends-justify-the-means” not acceptable? Finally, apparently your last paragraph is intended to somehow indicate that most University of Arizona students are pro-abortion, and while that may be true, it is not true generally. Studies show that most people are increasingly opposed to abortion at will, and among those, young people particularly are becoming more and more anti-abortion. — Luis Howard Teacher Certificate, UA, 1994 Sahuarita, Ariz.

Cartoon no laughing matter

I am writing to express my strenuous objection to the spectacularly bad editorial judgment exercised by the Arizona Daily Wildcat in its choice of a cartoon to mark the passage of the historic national health care legislation. The cartoon, by the notoriously right-wing and racist cartoonist Gary McCoy, repeats a series of claims about the bill that are, quite simply, deliberate falsehoods. To set the record straight (although the Wildcat has already done damage to clarity on this issue): The health care bill emphasizes private insurance and Medicare, and thus is not “socialist”; it will save more than $900 billion dollars by Congressional Budget Office estimates, not increase deficits; it is designed to eliminate denied coverage; it specifically exempts abortion coverage; and there are no “death panels.”These are, quite simply, lies that have been promulgated deliberately by right-wing commentators and politicians. Interesting, when Americans are polled on the actual contents of the bill they approve of its elements overwhelmingly. The amount of deliberate deception and misinformation about health care reform has been spectacular and deeply disturbing.

The Wildcat does the University of Arizona community a deep disservice as a news organization by giving credibility to these baseless claims about the new legislation. We should all be celebrating this important step toward a just society. —Don Falk Associate professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

How to avoid sext-T-Ds

On“Senate Passed AZ Sexting Law,”March 23: Seriously, minors should stop, but this issue is important among our age group (college) and beyond. If you’re going to send naked pictures to someone, make sure you are in a stable relationship with someone you trust. Just like making a sex tape. It’s the same concept. There will always be a chance that you’ll see those pictures (or video) later in life. Just be prepared for the consequences. —Ariel Jeffery Linguistics freshman

Comments from On ‘Warning: Propaganda ahead’ March 24

Since I was quoted in this article I was just repeating the pro-abortion columnist Naomi Wolf (New Republic) states: The pro-choice movement often treats with contempt the prolifers’practice of holding up to our faces their disturbing graphics. … How can we charge that it is vile and repulsive for pro-lifers to brandish vile and repulsive images if the images are real? To insist that the truth is in poor taste is the very height of hypocrisy. Besides, if these images are often the facts of the matter, and if we then claim that it is offensive for pro-choice women to be confronted by them, then we are making the judgment that women are too inherently weak to face a truth about which they have to make a grave decision. This view of women is unworthy of feminism. Naomi Wolf, “Our Bodies, Our Souls,” New Republic, Oct. 16, 1996. —Paul Wilson There should be a billboard titled “The Consequences of Having No Choice,” featuring women butchered from getting back-alley abortions. It’ll be just as gory, shocking, and heart-wrenching. But of course, they deserved to die for seeking an abortion, right? —Jing Who butchers women in back alley abortions? Not those who oppose abortion. Those who think abortion is a good idea are the ones who kill women while performing abortions. Every woman who has every died from abortion was killed by a pro-abortion person. —Sgsg

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Spinsters and bachelors: Two of a kind

Human Development and Family Studies n an attempt to study the expanding demographic of single women 30 years of at Texas Tech University Elizabeth Sharp, age and beyond, a Univeristy of Missouri conducted 32 interviews with middle-class, researcher examined the familial and never-married women. According to their research, societal messages projected on the interviewed women such women, exposing the sexist and ignorant double standards felt singled out and left out of society today. Though the simultaneously. At times, dynamics of the traditional family such as bouquet tosses at weddings, the women have been slightly altered in experienced a heightened recent years, society’s stress on Rachel Leavitt women to tie the restricting knot sense of visibility due to their Columnist of marriage and bear the weight of age and single status. Yet, reproduction by 30 continues. when others automatically categorize them as married with children In the recent study entitled “I’m a Loser, or require an explanation for their single I’m Not Married, Let’s Just All Look at Me,” co-chair of Human Development and status , the women feel invisible as their Family Studies in the College of Human personalities and successes outside of the Environment Sciences Larry Ganong and field of relationships are dragged into the associate professor in the Department of background.

But even the restricted focus on women in this study, along with much of the current media, encourages the misleading gendercentered stereotypes of today. Loneliness is not a symptom constrained to the female gender, nor is it necessarily characteristic of anyone with an XY chromosome over the age of 30. When women pass a certain age, sometimes as early as 30, the unadorned ring finger indicates a spinster, alone and unwanted. Meanwhile, her male counterpart is considered a bachelor, eligible and even cool. But women, and men for that matter, are fully capable of being successful and happy people despite their free finger. Who you’re with, if anyone, shouldn’t be indicative of or overshadow the person you are and the other facets of your life. Think of great women in history — Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Margaret

Thatcher, Harriet Tubman . Now think of their relationship statuses. These women did great thing worth remembering. If your teachers were successful, these names will forever be burned in your memory as women who saved lives, paved paths for themselves and others, and opened doors that had never been opened or even seen. On the other hand, whether they were married, divorced or single will likely slip your mind. While there is surely much to be said for having loving relationships with others, finding love in alternate facets of life has its values as well. This is not a matter of advocating either. To each their own. This is merely a plea to avoid assumptions, dispose of judgments, live and let live. —Rachel Leavitt is a creative writing sophomore. She can be reached at

• thursday, march 25, 2010


policebeat By Bridgette Doran Arizona Daily Wildcat

Wrong stall, buddy

A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived at the UA Main Library on Sunday at 1:22 p.m. after someone reported a man had locked himself in a stall in the women’s bathroom. By the time the officer got to the library, another officer reported that the man had run from the area and was stopped at 540 N. Vine St. When the officer started to talk with the man he could smell alcohol on his breath. The man told the officer that he hid in the bathroom because he was scared. He said he was drinking beer earlier in the day and did not want to get in trouble. A records check of the man showed he had warrants from Tucson Police Department. The man was transported to Pima County Jail and booked and charged with minor in possession in body, criminal trespassing and the outstanding warrant.

He just ‘had to pick up his lady’ ‌ and get high

A UAPD officer on patrol Monday at 8:24 p.m. noticed a green van with an expired registration and an exposed back brake light. The officer stopped the van near the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Broadway Boulevard and identified the driver by an Arizona Identification Card. The officer could smell marijuana coming from the car as the driver told the officer that he did not have a driver’s license. A records check showed the man’s license had been suspended since 1998. While one officer searched the van, the man told another UAPD officer he had smoked a joint 30 minutes before being pulled over and had marijuana in the car. The man said he bought “two dime bags of weed from a man in his teens near 22nd Street and Park Avenue, near a school.� The man also told the officer he knew his license was not valid, but he “had to pick up his lady.� While the man was answering questions, the officer searching the van found two bags of marijuana between the driver’s seat and door. The man was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license. He was cited and released on scene. The bags of marijuana were put into UAPD property as evidence and sent to the Department of Public Safety for testing. The van was also towed for a 30-day mandatory impound.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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• thursday, march 25, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Michael Bonner

EVERYONE HAS A STORY History buff tutored child stars By Laura E. Donovan ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT “Everyone has a story” is a weekly segment in the Arizona Daily Wildcat that aims to tell the story of an interesting person on the UA campus. This week, the Daily Wildcat interviewed UA adjunct lecturer Michael Bonner, a former tutor to child actors who teaches three upperdivision history courses and a TRAD 103 course. This UA history adjunct lecturer from a small Southern town tutored Hollywood celebrities before making the trip to Arizona. Michael Bonner left his hometown of Valdese, N.C, to attend North Carolina State University. After getting his master’s degree at East Carolina University, he moved to California to establish residency and get his doctorate degree from University of California, Riverside. While attending UC Riverside, Bonner tutored cast members of the Nickelodeon variety show “All That” in academic subjects. “That was a neat job,” Bonner said. “They were nice, very respectful.” Amanda Bynes was one of Bonner’s students. Bonner also taught basketball techniques to Bynes and his other

students for their physical education. “She was good,”Bonner said of the actress.“I don’t want to say ‘vicious,’ but she would hack people in the game if she had to,”he said with a laugh. Bonner’s small-town upbringing was a far cry from his southern California celebrity teaching experience, but he maintained his small-town outlook.

I used to get teased when I was a kid for being Waldensian, but I didn’t care; we run the town.

— Michael Bonner

UA history adjunct lecturer

“Hollywood’s not that big a deal,” Bonner said. “You shouldn’t have stars in your eyes when you see celebrities.” Bonner’s ancestors immigrated to Valdese in 1893. “They picked the mountains of North Carolina because it reminded them of the Alps,” Bonner said. When Bonner was growing up in Valdese, there were only about 2,500 people in the town. Valdese is one of the few Waldensian

communities in this country. The Waldensians are a European, pre-reformation religious Christian sect that make up a huge portion of the Valdese population, Bonner said. “I used to get teased when I was a kid for being Waldensian, but I didn’t care, we run the town,” he said with a laugh. Valdese is one of two places in the country to have Waldensian churches. The other is located in Rochester, N.Y. At age 15, Bonner started working at the Waldensian Bakery, which helped pay for his undergraduate degree. Bonner returned to work at the bakery during summers and holidays. Bonner’s Southern upbringing sparked his interest in the early history of the United States. “Growing up in the South, I was always fascinated by looking at the history around me,” he said. “It’s kind of like being a history whisperer. In the South, you can look around and see where all these events took place. In other places in the country, you can’t necessarily do that. Southerners have a distinct past, and most of it’s not too pretty.” Bonner teaches a TRAD 103 course and three U.S. history classes. His specialty is Civil War history.

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Michael Bonner, a UA history adjunct lecturer, grew up in Valdese, N.C., and has had a variety of teaching jobs including tutoring child actors from casts on such networks as Nickelodeon.

If you or someone you know of has an interesting story to share with the Arizona Daily Wildcat, please contact the news editor at


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thursday, march 25, 2010




Gronkowski denies reports of further back injury

Nicole Dimtsios Sports Editor 520•626•2956

Reports surfaced late Wednesday evening that former Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski is suffering from spinal stenosis, a potentially careerthreatening condition. Gronkowski denied reports in a phone interview with the Arizona Daily Wildcat. “That’s news to me,” Gronkowski said.“I haven’t heard that.” The news originated from NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock and quickly spread across the Internet. Spinal stenosis, according to MayoClinic. com, is a narrowing of one or more areas in the spine that can put pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerves at the level of compression. It most commonly occurs in the neck or lower back and can cause numbness in the extremities, neck and shoulder pain and cramping in the legs. The news is potentially damaging to Gronkowski. If true, it would not only be his second major back injury in less than one year, but it would also put him at a high risk of paralysis during game action. Gronkowski insisted that he is completely healed. “My back is 100 percent,”he said.“I’m still doing my pro day on (March) 27th.” Gronkowski, a junior, is currently projected as a second- or third-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. — Tim Kosch

UA wins last game prior to Men’s NCAAs moved to Friday Pac-10s Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Members of the Arizona men’s swim team stand outside McClelland Hall on Jan. 28 in an effort to promote their swim meet against Texas. Nine members of the Arizona swim team were hospitalized with illness in Columbus, Ohio, while preparing for competition in the NCAA Championships.

By Michael Fitzsimmons Arizona Daily Wildcat

Nine swimmers hospitalized in Ohio for Championships By Derek Lawrence Arizona Daily Wildcat All season long, nothing could take down the UA men’s swim team — until Tuesday. Nine members of the team were checked into the Ohio State University Medical Center just one day before the team was set to begin the NCAA Championships today in Columbus, Ohio. “They have been vomiting their guts up for the last 24 hours,”Arizona head coach Frank Busch said.

Byrne continued from page 1

After an emergency coaches meeting, it was decided that the championship meet would be postponed until Friday at noon, reported. It was originally scheduled to begin today but Busch said that the illness has been traced back to something from the team’s flight to Columbus. The team was joined on the flight to Columbus, Ohio, by the swimmers from No. 2 Texas No. 3 Stanford. Members from those teams are reported to be ill as well. A total of

18 athletes and one coach have been treated, The Associated Press said. By press time, neither Texas nor Stanford could be reached for confirmation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wouldn’t allow the infected athletes into the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion, said. Six of the Arizona swimmers were admitted to the hospital late Tuesday while three more were brought in Wednesday morning. The swimmers were treated for a

The Arizona baseball team kept its winning streak alive on Wednesday with an 11-7 win over the University of New Mexico at Sancet Stadium. The Wildcats have now won 13 straight games in the month of March. “It beats the heck out of a 13-game losing streak,” joked head coach Andy Lopez after the game. The big blow fittingly came off the bat of number 13 Alex Mejia, who hit a grand slam in the third inning to give the Wildcats a 6-1 lead and put the game out of reach.

possible gastrointestinal illness. By Wednesday evening, all of the swimmers had been released from the hospital, Busch said. The NCAA, Ohio State, the university’s hospital and the local Ohio health department are all investigating what caused the spread of the illness. Health investigators have already decided that the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion is in acceptable condition for the meet. Preventative measures will SWIM, page 12

BASEBALL, page 12

New athletic director says decision was based on family, roots

THEY SAID IT “Obviously, he has support in his family and that’s so important. With Regina, I’m sure she’s going to be willing to be at the forefront with him. Certainly, I would point out how important my team was with Bobbi. That will be the case with Greg and Regina.”

compiled by Kevin Zimmerman

“He’s young and I think he brings a lot of good ideas. He’s a good fundraiser. I think all the ingredients are there. I think there’s challenges ahead. I like what I heard. I think he’s a great people person, a real classy guy.”

— Former UA men’s basketball coach Lute Olson bathrooms in the football stadium didn’t even have doors, Byrne joked. He then followed University of Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart to the Bluegrass State. Two years ago, Byrne was hired at Mississippi State, becoming one of the youngest NCAA Division I athletic directors. Youth caught up with him the night he was hired when he went to a celebration dinner. “I’m not a big drinker whatsoever, but I had a glass of wine to celebrate,” Byrne said.“I got carded.” But the confident and admittedly competitive Byrne said age wouldn’t hamper his abilities. The son of current Texas A&M AD Bill Byrne, Greg Byrne said his involvement in collegiate athletics was meant to be. Growing up, dinner table conversations

— UA softball coach Mike Candrea with his father were all about Nike, coaching changes and contracts. “I started reading the NCAA news in the eighth grade,” Byrne said. On Wednesday, the ASU graduate quickly clarified his commitment to working for the Wildcats. He had fond memories of watching men’s basketball player Steve Kerr play in front of the McKale Center crowd and the band playing in the end zone at football games. “This is not foreign territory to me or my family at all,” Byrne said. “I am absolutely, 100 percent proud to be an Arizona Wildcat,” he added. “You will never have to doubt where my loyalties are. “(Taking the job) was just something that felt like was too much to not come and be a part of this.”

on the air Butler vs. Syracuse

Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Greg Byrne, left, addresses the media while his wife, Regina, and two sons Nick and Davis, watch in the Lohse room of McKale Center. Greg Byrne was named the athletic director by UA President Robert Shelton, middle, and Ernie Calderon, right, on Wendesday.

School comparison

compiled by Bryan Roy

Students MSU: 18,601 UA: 38,800

Football Stadium capacity: MSU: 55,082 UA: 57,803

Football All-time record: MSU: 490-534-39 UA: 546–402–33

Conference championships MSU: 28 UA: 45

Postseason record: MSU: 7-6 UA: 6–8–1

Basketball Stadium capacity: MSU: 10,500 UA: 14,545

Washington vs. West Virginia

Xavier vs. Kansas State

Accomplishments: MSU: 1 Final Four, 1 Elite Eight, 3 Sweet 16 UA: 1 National Championship, 1 Runner-up, 4 Final Fours, 8 Elite Eights Notable alumni: MSU: Jonathan Papelbon UA: Mike Bibby

Sweet 16

Cornell vs. Kentucky

Today n 4:07 p.m. n CBS

Today n 4:27 p.m. n CBS

Tennessee vs. Ohio State

Saint Mary’s vs. Baylor

Northern Iowa vs. Michigan State

Purdue vs. Duke

Friday n 4:07 p.m. n CBS

Friday n 4:27 p.m. n CBS

Friday n 6:37 p.m. n CBS

Friday n 6:57 p.m. n CBS

Today n 6:37 p.m. n CBS

Today n 6:57 p.m. n CBS


• thursday, march 25, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Annie Chandler

Are you guys going to make that up or anything, have your own spring break? Oh, it’s already begun. This week has been exhausting to say the least. OK, fair enough, at least you got some time. What is your major? My major is journalism actually. OK, so does that mean I’m going to have fight for some jobs against you? That’s right (laughs). I’m going to make you ask the probing questions. Actually, it’s awkward being on this side because I’m used to being able to ask the questions so to come up with the answers on the spot is difficult. Now you know how everyone else feels. That’s right. I’m going to give you the chance to build the perfect guy. You combine different parts from different famous men or whatever you want to do. So what is this guy going to look like, act like? Well first of all I have a boyfriend and he went to the last Olympics so you would say he is a pretty big deal (laughs). Kind of a big deal and he is pretty close to perfect in my eyes. He treats me like royalty and I couldn’t ask for a better guy. I know that isn’t the answer you are looking for. Hey, I don’t want to get you in trouble or anything, but that’s a good answer. You kind of answered the question earlier, but what city is better, San Antonio or Tucson?

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK Records, reporting and relaxing By Derek Lawrence ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Editor’s Note: Annie Chandler, a senior on the women’s swim team, won an individual national championship and set the NCAA record in the 100-yard breaststroke. The Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with Chandler to discuss setting an NCAA record, the swim team gaining respect and feeling comfortable naked. Daily Wildcat: So how does it feel to own an NCAA record? Not many people can say that. Annie Chandler: Yeah, I was really just shooting for the NCAA title, so to get the record was a bonus. I didn’t even hear the announcer say it. A reporter asked me that same question and I said,“Oh, what do I own? What record is this?” (laughs). So that was a pleasant surprise and something that I definitely wasn’t expecting. How does it compare being an individual national champion to being part of a team national championship (2008)? The team national championship was indescribable. Everybody was on top of the world, even if they didn’t have the meet of their life; we all came together and collected enough points to win that title. There is nothing like a victory that you celebrate with everybody. This individual title I feel like everyone knew how much I wanted it, so in that respect I got to celebrate with my teammates. After the race it was a moment I will never forget, I got out of the pool and all of my teammates were just swarming around me and there were tears, probably something you won’t see at the men’s meet, but it was just phenomenal. I was so moved by how one swim can bring them to tears, so it was an awesome moment. Are you satisfied with the way the season ended? Yeah, I think everyone would have loved to win a title. It was the closest meet in NCAA history. I don’t think anyone on our team has the right to be disappointed, because I think everyone put it on the line. There was a difference of 23 points between first and fourth place. So nobody can be disappointed, it wasn’t like last year where we had a disqualification that cost us the title. There really wasn’t anything that we can regret. Everybody


fought hard. So you are from San Antonio, why did you decide to come to Tucson and the UA? I wanted to get out of Texas. I love Texas; I feel that all Texans have that cockiness about them. I was so anxious to just try out a new place. I actually only took three recruiting trips. One was to Auburn, one to SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas and that was just to appease my parents who thought maybe there was a glimmer of hope that I would stay in Texas. Then I took my trip here and I loved every minute of it. I love how laid-back everyone is here; it’s got like a California feel to it. But it also isn’t a big city; I loved everything about Tucson and everything about the team and what it stood for. What was your greatest moment swimming for the UA? It had to be this past week. I wasn’t going to cry, but when I saw my teammates crying it was just impossible not to. The culmination of all the hard work and all the lost sleep thinking about how you can get better, to see that finally pay off if anything taught me that patience is invaluable. And even if you have to wait until your senior year. What are your goals, swim-wise, after graduation? I’m going to swim through the summer. They are picking some international teams, Pan-Pac and Pan-American game teams. They aren’t super cool destinations you get to go to, well one of them is Mexico and one is just in California. So last summer my goal was to make the World Championships which were in Rome and I fell short. Just Rome as a destination was incentive. I just want to be a part of a national team. I traveled to Japan a few summers ago and ever since then this hunger has stuck with me to make another team. What’s the best part about being a UA swimmer outside of the pool? (Laughs) Something I’m pretty sure nobody else on campus is as comfortable naked as this team is


No cover, $3 bottled beers, $5 martinis, skydeck patio and beautiful people! 21 and up come out and play!



(laughs). I just know at the beginning of the year we go on runs around campus, and I’ll never forget at the beginning of this year I heard people say, ‘Nobody is wearing anything,’ because we are running in our suits and everybody thinks that is a big deal, but on the pool deck it’s really not. I don’t know if that answers the questions, but that is definitely something quirky about swimming. I think swimmers are pretty comfortable in their own skin. Jordan Smith on the men’s team told me that the best thing was that he never had to mess with his hair because it’s out in the sun all the time so it just sticks where it is. (Laughs) Yeah, that’s not a good thing for girls. I gave up on hair altogether until I’m done swimming, I just don’t care. All right, so who wears the Speedos better, the UA guys or girls? Oh, that’s a tough call. I think every member of this team wears them with swagger (laughs). I think we have the best looking team in the country, so I’m going to say that it is dead even. Did you do anything exciting over spring break besides breaking an NCAA record? Umm, no. Pretty much we get to NCAAs that Monday and we don’t finish up until we come back that Sunday, so the whole week is spent there. I had pillow talk with my roommate, that’s probably the most exciting thing.


No cover, 2-4-1 on house, call, wine and draught tilʼ 12pm. $1 draughts & $1.50 shot specials all night. Top 40 music with relaxed dress code. Doors 9pm.


2 Dance Floors, Tabu and Eden. 2 DJʼs spinning R&B, Hip-Hop, Dance, Top 40. VIP Bottle Service 820-2566 Upscale Fashionable Dress.

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

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Get Happy.

I’m going to say Tucson. When I go home now, it’s the only other place I’ve lived, so I guess I can’t really compare Tucson to anything else. I just love the weather here, it’s perfect right now anyway, and the mountains. Just being surrounded by this beautiful landscape at all times, I love it. So where do you stack the swim program up against the other programs at UA? Well obviously I’m biased, but I think we are the best team on campus. It’s funny because when we are in the weight room the football players act like they own the place. I think swimmers always have to stand up for themselves; we obviously aren’t a money-making sport so our pride doesn’t come from the money we bring in. It comes from the results that we bring in at the end of the year, and I think that gives us tremendous pride every year. Is there anything as a UA swimmer that you didn’t do that you wanted to accomplish? I kind of took it year by year so I didn’t come into UA thinking I want to do this, other than win the 100 breaststroke. That was my sole goal and that came true. I think a bonus would have been to make the Olympic team in 2008, but I came closer to that than I think a lot of people believed I could so I’ve loved everything about my experience. I don’t think I would change anything. All right, well good luck and thanks for taking the time. Thanks Derek, Bear Down!

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egg DONOrs NeeDeD! Healthy females ages 18 -30. Donate to infertile couples some of the many eggs your body disposes monthly. COMPENSATION $5,000. Call Reproductive Solutions now. (818)832-1494.

Are yOu LOOkINg to have a great summer? Enjoy working with kids? Come be a counselor at our day camp in Scottsdale, AZ! Looking for counselors who are energetic, healthy, child-minded, fun, talented and physically active; camp experience preferred. Contact us for more information or an application, or 480607-5437. survey TAkers NeeDeD: Make $5-$25 per survey.

PLEASE NOTE: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads.

eNergeTIC, seLf MOTIvATeD people needed to work with young children with special needs in their homes. Must have reliable transportation and working email. Speech Path. Psych and Education majors especially apply. Email inquiries to Liberty Center for Language and Learning, LLC.

feMALes 18-30 for fetish photo and video. THIS IS NOT INTERNET. Beginners welcome. $50-$150 per/hr. 520-490-5406

fIT Is LOOkINg for PT and FT employees for a new $5000sqft state of the art fitness center in the Foothills area. Please contact us @ 690-9299 or stop by @. 4892 N Stone Ave.

Arizona Daily Wildcat Editor in Chief | Summer 2010- Fall 2010 Applications are now available for editor in chief of the Arizona Summer Wildcat (a weekly) and the fall Arizona Daily Wildcat. You may apply for either position or both. Candidates must be UA students (grad or undergrad) and should possess the requisite journalism experience and organizational skills to lead one of the largest college newsrooms in the country. To apply, pick up a complete job description and application from the Student Media business office, 101 Park Student Union. Completed applications are due by 4 p.m. April 7. The editor in chief is selected by the Student Media Board. Candidates, especially those unfamiliar with the Wildcat operation, are strongly encouraged to discuss their interest with Mark Woodhams, Wildcat adviser, phone 621-3408,

! CONsTruCTION, LANDsCAPINg, PrOPerTy maintenance helper wanted. P/T, flexible schedule. No tools/ experience necessary. Must have vehicle. Campus area. !!! OM Is NOw hiring experienced servers and cocktail servers. Apply within. 1765 E. River Road. 520.299.7815. !!!!bArTeNDINg! uP TO $250/ DAY. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. TRAINING PROVIDED. CALL 800965-6520 EXT.139 $8.50/hr free training, flexible schedule. Responsible, caring, outgoing individuals to join our team working with individuals with disabilities or elderly. Call Office 520-512-0200. ATTeNTION fuTure eLeMeNTAry, MusIC, ArT, DANCe TeAChers! greAT suMMer JOb OPPOrTuNITy! Tucson’s leading suMMer fINe ArTs DAy CAMP is seeking talented, organized, energetic and creative university students to work as camp counselors/ assistants with children grades K-6th. Camp counselors/ Assistants would be assigned to work in the areas of ArT, MusIC, DrAMA, DANCe, CreATIve ThINkINg. Must have previous experience working with children. Program location: St. Gregory School (N. Craycroft & River). Dates: June 07 thru July 09/ 4days a week/ MonThurs. Resume and references required. greAT sALAry! greAT OPPOrTuNITy! greAT fuN! 906-8352

COMPuTer TuTOr fOr elderly couple. Near Foothills Mall, (Ina &La Cholla). $15/hr 2-3 days a week. Call for telephone interview. 297-0620 eArN $1000- $3200 a month to drive our brand new cars with ads placed on them. eArN MONey IN a sociology experiment! Less than two hours of your time. To learn more and to sign up visit eArN MONey! LOOkINg for freshmen and sophomores to participate in 1hour sociology experiment. Compensation provided. Email for information. eNergeTIC PersON NeeDeD for personal secretary tasks and after school care for a 15year old. Must be organized, and able to multi task and a valid Driver’s License is a must. Email resume to please include personal secretary in subject line.

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brAND New MATTress sets Full $130, Queen Pillow Top $175, King Pillow Top $199, Twin $99 In original plastic w/Warranty Can deliver 520745-5874

!!! uOfA LuXury reNTALs. 1,2,3,4bedroom homes for rent. Available August 2010. Contact 520-954-7686 or for more info. !!!!!!!!!AAA+ Amazing Luxury Apartment homes 3bedroom/ 3bath (1017sqft) 900/ month, 4bedroom/ 3bath (1236sqft), $1200/ month. No security deposit (o.a.c). Central AC & heat, washer/dryer, security alarm system, free high speed Internet, full kitchen, ceiling fans, free storage room, fenced yard/ balcony, on-site parking, on site management & maintenance, 2miles from campus, Pets welcome! Taking reservations for summer/ fall 2010. Call Cathy @8845044 !!!ALL uTILITIes paid. 4blocks to UA. Mountain/ Adams. 1room studio $400. No kitchen, refrigerator only. Quiet, security patrolled. No pets. <> 624-3080, 299-5020. !!!fAMILy-OwNeD &operated. Studio 1,2,3,4, or 5BD houses &apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $400 to $2000. Available now or pre-lease. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080. !!!PreLeAsINg 0,1,2,3 bDrM units for rent. ALL within 5blks of Campus. All have AC and most have been remodeled with new tile, paint, electric, etc. View properties at Call 331.8050 (owner/agent) for showing appt. 1bD furNIsh APArTMeNT. Clean, Quiet, green community. Special rate March to August 1 $455/mo. University Arms 1515 E 10th St. 623-0474

MAke A DIffereNCe in someone’s life! Work one-on-one with a person with a disability in his/ her home. Part time & full time employment opportunities available at United Cerebral Palsy of Southern Arizona. Day, night, morning, and weekend shifts available throughout Tucson. Must be at least 18years of age and able to obtain fingerprint clearance and CPR certification. Visit our website to apply at

1beDrOOM uNfurNIsheD APArTMeNT. $555/mo small, quiet, private complex, large pool, covered parking, 1mile to UofA. 3122 E. Terra Alta. 6230474

NeAr CAMPus COuNTer Clerk/ 1520 hrs/wk. Hourly plus bonuses. M,T,Th shifts available. Cashier/ retail experience helpful. Sense of humor required. Apply in person. Letterbox Plus. 2509 N Campbell.

2bD/ 2bA 1bLOCk from UA. Quiet, clean, laundry, furnished, pool. $550/mo. University Fremont Apartments. 321 N. Fremont Ave. 623-8514

NeeD eXTrA MONey? Product is data, you collect it, we buy it! Write down license numbers and give away free memberships to others, and make money. Data is used for amber alerts, missing persons, law enforcement agencies. Sign up online: Company call: 8:30 EST M-Thurs &Sun: 712-432-0075 pin 605196# Free to participate. New reD rObIN restaurant at the Tucson Mall has all positions available. Apply today. Now hiring enthusiastic friendly cashiers at el Camino Chevron. flexible hours. Needing full and part time. we are located at 3030 w el Camino del Cerro. PArT-TIMe reCePTIONIsT position available at top notch financial services company. Job Duties include answering phones, copying, filing, faxing, accepting payments and assisting clients as needed. Pay $8-$10 per hour. Please fax resume to 520-3184604 or email to: PLAy sPOrTs! hAve fuN! sAve MONey! Maine camp needs fun loving counselors to teach All land, adventure & water sports. Great summer! Call 888-844-8080, apply: sALesPersON NeeDeD fOr tuxedo store. Temp. part-time through May. 15-20 hrs/wk. $10/hr. Apply at 2435 E. Broadway sTuDeNTPAyOuTs.COM PAID survey Takers needed in Tucson 100% FREE to join. Click on Surveys. The reD rObIN restaurant in the Tucson Mall has immediate openings for experienced cooks. Apply today!

4bDr. 3bATh hOuse Behind Gate. Glenn Campbell Area. Modern House Built In 2002. New Appliances and Carpet. Huge Master Bedroom. $550/ room $650/ Master Bedroom. Call Josh 818-451-6946 or via Email

1bLk frOM uOfA reserve your apartment for summer or fall. Furnished or unfurnished. 1bedroom from $585, 2bedroom from $740, 3bedroom from $1040. Pool/ Laundry. 5th/ Euclid. Call 751-4363 or 309-8207 for appointment.

4bD/ 2bA fAbuLOus property behind UMC. 3carports, fireplace, gas, bbq, A/C, and evap. cooling, D/W and laundry. Only $2,000/mo, available Aug. 1st. 1418 E. Adams 299-3987 or 240-2615. 4bLks TO uOfA. Studio- $445, 1Bdrm.- $535, 2Bdrm.- $750. Hardwood floors, private patios, laundry. All in quiet gated courtyard. Serious students only. No Pets. Available June 1st. 7432060 APArTMeNT fOr reNT *5blks to uofA. studio or 1br *$430 or $510. Priv. Parkg Lot. Security wall. AC. Euclid/Lee Apts. 822 E. Lee St. 490-0050. Quiet, no pets, no smoking in apts. CAsTLe APArTMeNTs. wALk to UofA, utilities included, pool, barbeque, laundry facilities, gated, secure. Site management, historic. 406-5515 CeNTrALLy LOCATeD 1&2 beDrOOMs. free washer/ Dryer, lighting upgrades, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, dishwasher, FREE covered parking, sparkling pool/ jacuzzi, clubhouse with billiards, and so much more! 520-323-6992. JusT 2bLks TO UofA. Very nice, clean 2BR. Stove &refrigerator. Parking. Water paid, $625/mo. 731 E. 1st St. Call (520)271-7649 LOCATeD IN The heart of Tucson. Deerfield Village is your oasis in the desert. Great for students. 1&2 BD. 24hr fitness center. Heated pool & spa. Free shuttle to UofA. GPA discount, gated community, business center w/WIFI. Call to reserve your home today. 323-9516. $99 moves you in! +up to 2months free! NeAr uOfA. sTuDIO- $375/mo. Furnished. Utilities paid. 429-3829 ON CAMPus sTuDIO $535 includes all utilities & parking! Located @801 E. 4th St, wood floors, a.c. Russ 520-349-8442 (Owner licensed RE agent) Pre-LeAsINg fOr JuNe, July & August. 1BRs $525/mo. Pool, laundry & off-street parking. 824 E. 10th St. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc

reserve NOw fOr summer/fall 1BD furnished. University Arms. Summer rate May to August $425/mo. Special summer rate $395/mo with deposit by April 1st. Years’ lease $500/mo. Nine month in fall $525/mo. 1515 E. 10 St. 623-0474 sTuDIOs frOM $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. blue Agave Apartments 1240 N. 7th Ave. speedway/ stone.

uA CONveNIeNT, LArge 1BD 1920s duplex, wood floors, ceiling fans, $435/mo, lease, deposit, no pets. 682-7728.

$695 furNIsheD Or Unfurn, 1bdrm, upstairs condo in gated community near UofA! Campbell &Glenn. Call Adobe PMI 325-6971 1beDrOOM, DOwNsTAIrs, New carpet and paint, stainless appliances, patio, cute! Gated, covered parking, tennis, pools, small pets welcomed! 1810 Blacklidge near Campbell. $500/mo 304-4629 Lane Realty, LLC

!!! 4bLOCks TO uOfA Mountain/ Adams. Large 1bd $690/mo. Very nicely remodeled, A/C, no pets, security patrolled. Available now or later. <> 624-3080, 299-5020 !!!!!!AN eArLy bird offering. Available June 1: 843 e. Adams, 2bD $800-$1,000. 1410 e. Adams, 1bD $595. 2bD $1,000 Available August 1: 1418 e. Adams, 4bD $2000. (520)299-3987 or (520)240-2615. 1bD 1bA A/C, W&D included, small yard w/carport $550/mo, water and garbage included. No Pets. 2110 N 1st Ave apt #2. 5min from UA. Call 622-3206 1bD/ 1bA NeAr UMC. Carport, newer appliances, carpet, covered porch, &private yard. Only $595/mo. 1410 E. Adams. 520-299-3987 or 520240-2615 1bLOCk frOM MAINgATe, new 2-story luxury duplex. 3bd + loft, 2 1/2ba, security system + patrol, 2car garage, patio, balcony, W/D. Available 8/1/2010. $2500/mo. (Up to 4roommates) 207-2772. 2bD/ 1bA ON Adams/ Tyndall. Private yard with off street parking $800/mo. $795 deposit. w/d, newer kitchen. Available June1 843 E. Adams #2 call 240-2615

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

LArge sTuDIOs ONLy 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $370, lease. No pets. 9774106

2bDrM. 3bLks TO UofA. $950. Beautiful 1200Sq.ft. duplex. Granite counters, dishwasher, W/D, A/C, covered parking, private landscaped yard. Great location. No pets. Available July 1st. 743-2060.

sAM hughes 2bLOCks UofA. Small studio, A/C, enclosed patio. $475/mo including utilities. 522 N. Olson 577-7773 PETS OK!

2beDrOOM DuPLeX. JusT north of campus behind UMC. $900/mo. 1421 E. Adams. Available June 10th. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

sMALL sTuDIO NeAr Mountain &Grant. Suitable for serious student. $275/mo, $200 clean-up deposit. Call 577-7740 or 591-7554

2br DuPLeX w/CerAMIC tile floors, dishwasher, washer, dryer, fenced yard &some off-street parking. $900/mo. 915 E. Elm St. Available August 6th. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

! 3bD 2bA eXTrA nice homes with A/C, skylights, walled yard, patios, all appliances. Available June 1. Walk or take Cattran to campus. 5771310 or 834-6915

2br IN wesT University available July 6th $925/mo. Wood floors, fireplace &laundry on premises. 638 E. 4th St. #1 Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

!!!!! #1 4br, 2bA red brick house. Large fenced yard, renovated and nicely maintained. W/D, Ref, DW. 310.497.4193

3br/ 2bA DuPLeX w/fenced yard; D/W; ceramic tile floors. $1050/mo. 917 E. Elm St. Available July 15th. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc.

!!!!! #1 ArIzONA Inn neighborhood. 2BR, 1.75BA and 1.5BA. Renovated and nicely maintained. Reserve now! 310.497.4193

3br/ 2bA, $1275/MO, near UA campus, only 3yrs old, AC, washer/dryer, gated, or 520-891-9043

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOve IN AugusT 2010, BRAND NEW 4Bedroom, 2Bath house located in Sam Hughes Neighborhood on 3rd Street – the bike route direct to UA. $3000/month ($750/ bedroom). Washer/dryer, alarm system, zoned A/C, fenced back yard, off street parking, pets welcome. Reserve now for August 2010. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Call 747-9331.

fIrsT AveNue AND Fort Lowell. Quiet, clean 2BD, 1BA. W/D, A/C, water, and gas paid. No pets. Lease $650/mo. 629-9284 $425 guesThOuse wITh washer/dryer, a/c, fenced yard also 1bd cottage, ALL UTILITIES PAID! 800sqf, remote gate with secure parking, wood floors $695 Call REDI 623-5710

!!!!!!!!!!!!!AwesOMe brAND New 5bedroom, 2bath house $3300/month ($660/ bedroom). Walking distance to UA. Zoned A/C, full size washer/dryer, alarm system, walk-in closets, fenced back yard, off-street parking, pets welcome. Quality living rents quick. Reserve now for August 2010. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Call 747-9331

AbsOLuTeLy greAT sPOTLess furnished guesthouse. 2blks to UofA. A/C, W/D, Italian tile, full kitchen, large bath. 36x16 pool, extremely quiet & secure. Water paid. No pets. Available mid April. 885-1343 or 904-1587. AMAzINg wesT uNIversITy Guest House. $750. Highest quality architectural design. 750Sq.Ft., vaulted ceilings, fireplace, A/C, W/D, private professionally landscaped grounds. No pets. Available June 1st. 743-2060.

!!!!!sIgN uP now for Aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, Newer homes! 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

ChArMINg 1bD, POOL, patio, utilities paid, free laundry. $475/mo. 3260046

!!!!4br, 4bA MusT ABSOLUTELY SEE HOMES, Sam Hughes. Near UofA. Exclusive, Large LR. New Appliances. 2728 E. 5th St. Available May/June. Please call (520)400-8796.

hIsTOrIC wesT uNIversITy Studio. $610 utilities included. Beautiful 1920’s architecture with wood floors, private patio, W/D. No pets. Available June 1st. 743-2060.

!!!5bLks NOrTh Of UofA Mountain/Lee 1BD $490. Available now. Month-to-month. No pets, quiet, familyowned, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080.


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:BSOJONBOZmCFSTt/FFEMFTBOE 4VQQMJFTt-FTTPOTt1BUUFSOTBOE #PPLTt'SJFOEMZ4FSWJDF Open Monday - Saturday 10-6 &UI4UttXXXLJXJLOJUUJOHDPN Near Rincon Market. At the corner of Tucson Blvd. and 6th Street, close to the U of A.

4brs PLus DeN, dishwasher, washer, dryer, exp. basic cable & HS Internet (from Cox). $1400/mo. 1017 N. 6th Ave. Available June 15th. Call 798-3331. Peach Properties HM, Inc. 2br hOuse wITh den/ 3rd Bedroom. Dishwasher, microwave, washer& dryer. Fenced yard. A/C. Available June 10th. $1000/mo. 1701 E. Copper Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. 3635-3655 e bellevue $475 1BD/ $650 2BD Ceramic tile/ Yard/ garbage disposal/ dishwasher in select units/ laundry onsite Speedway/Alvernon Werth Realty 520-319-0753 3bD 2b hOuse 2500sqft, pets ok, covered patio, carport $1550 also 3bd 2ba house for $1425 with wet bar, 2way fireplace, saltillo tile, study Call 623-5710 3bD 2bA hOuse for $1250, includes weekly gardner, study, A/C, wood floors also 3bd 2ba house built in â&#x20AC;&#x153;07â&#x20AC;?, family rm, dishwasher, A/C, $900 Call REDI 623-5710 3bD 3bA TAke a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and incld a garage call Casa Bonita 398-5738 3bD/ 2bA, Newer 1518sqft house. Built in 2005 with 2-car garage, upgrades throughout with mountain views. Central location only 2.5miles from UofA. Beautiful tile throughout. Tiled, multihead shower in the Master. Contemporary open floorplan with spacious rooms. All appliances including washer and dryer are included. Available June 1. $1395 per month. Contact Amanda 559-360-4753.

!!NOw PreLeAsINg 1,2,3,4&5bdrm units within walking distance to campus. Call 331.8050 (owner/agent) to schedule showing appt. $380 pp 5bd 2ba great location with large covered patio, nice open floorplan with a yard. Only 3/4 of a mile from campus. ThIs hOuse wONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T LAsT LONg!!! Contact us at 520-398-5738 $450 pp The besT DeAL!! 5bd 3ba all the amenities of home 9blocks North of campus, fireplace, huge yard and new appliances. Please contact us at 520398-5738 $900- $1700 Aug 2010â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1,2,3,4 & 5bdm, Newer homes! all within 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303 **3br/ 2bA $1245 6/1; 2BR/ 2BA $945, 7/1; $50/early DISCOUNT;1601 E. Glenn #1,#2; AC; DW; WD; Pets; Fence;; 520-250-9014 1-,3-, AND 4-beDrOOM homes. One with pool and hot tub. 1-520-896-3393 1020 e. sILver sT $650 2BD/1BA Home $20 move in Yard/ washer&dryer huâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2wks free oac w/1yr lse Grant/Park Werth Realty 520-319-0753 1535 e. seNeCA 3beDrOOM/ 2bath 1800sqft A/C, 2car garage, large master bedroom with walk-in closet. Rent is $1600, available in June. 1633 e Lester, 2bedroom/ 2bath, 1400sqft, A/C, 2nd story loft and balcony. Rent is $1150, available in August. 7773995. Other 2bedroom in area available. 1918 CALIf. buNgALOw in Historic West University. $950. Beautiful 1000sq.ft. 1bedroom Craftsman home in pristine condition. Oak floors, fireplace, A/C, W/D, security system and professionally maintained walled grounds. No pets. Available June 1st. 743-2060.

1bD hOuse NeAr UofA with Arizona Room, fireplace, wood floors water paid $575 also 1bd house tile floors, washer/dryer, family room $650 Call REDI 623-5710 2-1, reMODeLeD, bIke route to campus, off Glen - Campbell, large fenced yard, carport, wash - dry, $675. /mo. Rod 407-230-4258 2440 N fAIr OAks #1 $695 2BD/1BA Newer home 2wks free oac w/1yr lse AC/ ceramic tile/ Yard Grant/Columbus Werth Realty 520-319-0753 2730 N eAsTgATe Dr $900 3BD/2BA Home 2wks free oac w/1yr lse 1200sqft/ AC/ Yard Glenn/Alvernon Werth Realty 520-319-0753 2764 N hAskeLL #1 $850 3BD/2Ba Home AC/ Yard/ Washer&dryer 2wks free oac w/1yr lease Alvernon/Glenn Werth Realty 520-319-0753 2bD hOuse wITh 2 car garage, washer/dryer, 1100sf, wood floors $800 also 2bd 2ba house for only $695! A/C, carport, pets ok. Call REDI 623-5710 2bdrm, 2bath, $825.00 per month. Close to university. Pets ok. washer, dryer, alarm, ac, ceiling fans throughout, fenced yard. 12month lease, available now. Call or text Liz @237-1656 or email 2bdrm, 2bath, close to uofA and 3rd street bike path. $950.00, 12month lease. Pets ok, fenced yard, AC, Alarm sytem, washer dryer hookups. Available for April or May 1st. Call or text Liz @2371656 or email to 2br 1bA AC, washer/ dryer, dishwasher 950sqft., 1226 E. East Circle, near Mountain and Grant, Very nice. $700/ month Call 881-1184

3bDrM 2bATh NeAr UMC/Arizona Inn. $1395. Beautiful walled in home with professionally maintained grounds, hardwood floors, W/D, dishwasher, covered parking and more. No pets. Available June 1st. $1495 for school year lease. 743-2060. 3beDrOOM 1bATh 2bLOCks north of campus, washer& dryer and swimming pool. $950. or Bryan 907-3763. 3br/ 2bA INCLuDes dishwasher & Washer/ Dryer, some off-street parking, available August 6th for only $1195/mo. 1901 & 1909 N. Park Ave. 1915 N. Park Ave. also available July 10th. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. 4bD 2,3bA Taking Reservations 1011 Superior locations as well as exceptional floor plans 0-8 blks from campus call Casa Bonita 398-5738 4bD 2bA AuTOMATIC gate, plenty parking, privacy, large kitchen, entire house tiled. All utilities included. 5min driving to UofA $415/per room. 2710913 4bD 4bA hOuse 2000sqft, A/C, washer/dryer, $2000 also 4bd 3ba house partially furnished, A/C, gated, spa, internet included, washer/dryer $1600 Call REDI 623-5710 4beDrOOM 2bATh 6bLOCks north of campus, washer& dryer and swimming pool. $1900. or Bryan 907-3763. 5801 e 33rD $1125 5BD/2BA home 2000sqft/ Yard/ New master cool/ 2car carport/ fireplace Golflinks/Craycroft Werth Realty 520-319-0753 5bD 3,4bA Take a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and lots of private parking call Casa Bonita 398-5738 5bD 3bA hOuse with POOL, den, washer/dryer $1895 also 5bd 2.5ba house a/c, dbl garage, walled yard, lots of parking! $1395 Call REDI 6235710

5bD 5bA reserve for 10-11, great location, private parking, awesome floor plan call Casa Bonita 398-5738 5beDrOOM/ 3bATh AvAILAbLe June 15th, pool, dishwasher, stack washer/dryer, ceramic tile floors &fenced yard. $1895/mo. 819 E. Alturas. Call 798-3331 Peach Properties HM, Inc. 6bD 4bA hOuse $3000 7BD 4BA $3200 3BD 3BA $1800 Skylights ceiling fans. Close UMC campus. Cattran shopping safe. 248-1688

shAre 2200sQfT. 3br/ 2bath, 3acre hilltop, plenty parking!! Amazing views Tucson valley, city lights. Large foyer, den, new he airco! Only $1300/mo! 408-694-2886 sPeCTACuLAr wesT uNIversITy home with designer architecture. $1150. Loft master bedroom, great room with 22Ft. vaulted ceilings, office/den, gourmet kitchen, A/C, maple floors, fireplace, W/D and much more. No pets. Available June 1st. 7432060.

6bD 5bA wITh larger homes available, 0-8 blks from campus, private parking, fireplace, private patios and plenty of parking. Reserve 10-11 call Casa Bonita 398-5738

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Postseason fever Arizona gears up for NCAA Gymnastics Championships By Kevin Nadakal Arizona Daily Wildcat Although the Arizona gymnastics team will first have to host the Pacific 10 Conference Championships in McKale Center this weekend, it will have a 24thstraight postseason appearance to look forward to. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is no way we can fall out even,â&#x20AC;? said head coach Bill Ryden. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Though the season is not over, we know we are going to the postseason, which is nice for the 24th straight year.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The postseason, you just have to go for it, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all or nothing,â&#x20AC;? said sophomore Katie Matusik. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just improve for next week.â&#x20AC;? The top 36 teams are picked based on their Regional Qualifying Score, which is the same process that ranks

teams throughout the season. Currently the Gymcatsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; RQS is 195.320, which is good enough to give them a No. 23 national ranking. Arizona will know which region and seed it will receive after the Pac-10 Championships end. Ryden thinks that the team will stay on the West Coast, competing in Los Angeles or Salt Lake City. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Right now we are sitting at like four-seed position because right now we are ranked 23rd,â&#x20AC;? said assistant coach Colleen Johnson. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know until after Pac-10s when the final rankings come out. Then the NCAA committee will start to place people, so we will know Monday morning.â&#x20AC;? There are several ways that a competitor can move on to the next round, and Ryden knows that the team can turn some heads if they

just get there. last three weeks. â&#x20AC;&#x153;At each regional, the top â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have a week off in between, two teams move on to the final so there will be a lot more practices competition, plus the top two than there normally are,â&#x20AC;? Tomczyk individual all-arounders move on as said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Next weekend there wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be well, that arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t on the a competition, they winning teams,â&#x20AC;? Ryden are making sure we said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you also win an The postseason, are resting our bodies. event at that regional, Even today we are you just have to not doing weights you move on as well.â&#x20AC;? Last year Sarah because Bill wants us go for it, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all Tomczyk was able to to be fresh for or nothing. compete in nationals the meet.â&#x20AC;? because she won the Tomczyk is just one â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Katie Matusik of the Gymcats who floor event during Gymcats sophomore can represent the team. regionals. The senior hopes to do the same â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have many this season if the people that can do Gymcats donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make it to nationals damage if they got to nationals,â&#x20AC;? as a team. Tomczyk, now a redshirt Ryden said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Molly (Quirk) and senior, has been on a hot streak Britnie (Jones) beam set, both during the floor event lately, Sarah (Tomczyk) and Deanna scoring 9.900, 9.950 and 9.900 the (Graham) as all-arounders, and of



course either one of them on vault or floor, or Katie (Matusikâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s) beam. We have a lot of good routines â&#x20AC;&#x201D; really good routines â&#x20AC;&#x201D; that would do damage at nationals, we just have to get there.â&#x20AC;? The coaching staff has a lot of trust in its young team. Ryden said he will not approach practice differently or pull aside any of the four freshmen who have never participated in postseason competition. Three of those four freshmen play a major part on the team. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Molly (Quirk) and Aubree (Cristello) have been competing like veterans all year. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a real blessing to have those two compete with the maturity they have been competing with,â&#x20AC;? Johnson said.â&#x20AC;&#x153;For them itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just going to be keeping doing what they have been doing all year.â&#x20AC;?


arizona daily wildcat • thursday, march 25, 2010 •





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3 8



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By Dave Green


APRIL 2010


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• thursday, march 25, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Frosh Mejia hits grand slam for first career home run

BASEBALL continued from page 7

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Freshman shortstop Alex Mejia’s third inning grand slam propelled the Wildcats to their 13th straight win, 11-7, over the New Mexico Lobos on Wednesday.

if you go Arizona vs. Oregon State Sancet Stadium Friday, 6 p.m.

SWIM continued from page 7

Sophomore Kyle Simon (4-2), who has pitched well of late after struggling in the early games, was awarded the victory after throwing up zeroes in three innings of work. The grand slam off of Mejia’s bat was his first career home run. Many young teams might cheer loudly off the bench, or expect Mejia to celebrate his first deep fly as he rounded the bases. But Mejia played it off like a veteran, while the rest of the Wildcat bench congratulated the freshman shortstop like he was expected to hit a grand slam, summarizing the attitude of this Arizona team. It’s not expected that a team with 17 freshmen would run off a 13-game winning streak before conference play even begins, but Arizona has ignored the expectations that come with being young from the very beginning, and has stuck to simply playing baseball. “It’s a lot of fun to come out and play with these guys,” said freshman Robert Refsnyder, who went 4-for-4 yesterday to raise his average to a team leading .475. “You should come out here expecting to win. We’ve been real business-like, and I think that’s really important to continue through the season,” Refsnyder added. That mindset has created an atmosphere where the Wildcats expect to win everyday, which becomes important as the “second season” of Pacific 10 Conference play begins Friday night against Oregon.

Uncertainty surrounds Arizona’s chances at NCAA Championships

continue to ensure that no other swimmers become sick. While the swimmers are now out of the hospital, the question remains whether they will be able to participate in their events. “I realize that I’ve got Size: a bunch 65 of sick guys, so it’s hard for me to Div:9 atDate:3/25/10 predict this time what’s going to


Despite hitting just .262 on the season, Mejia’s poise and leadership make up for the lack of thunder in his bat, according to Lopez. “I’ve had three umpires talk to me on a Sunday before the final game and say, ‘What year is your shortstop? He takes charge out there,’” Lopez said. “He’s got great presence, great makeup, he competes real well, so anything we get offensively is icing on the cake.” Mejia joined the rest of the Arizona freshmen who have stepped up to keep the winning streak alive. “You don’t know what to expect from these guys, man,” said senior Rafael Valenzuela of the contributions from freshmen.“They come out here with a little swagger and attitude, and it’s been fun just watching them grow up.” After getting off to a slow start offensively against the Lobos (14-9) in Tuesday’s win, Arizona’s bats picked up right where they left off at the end of that game by attacking New Mexico for five singles in the first inning to jump out to a 2-0 lead. In the first start of his career, freshman Augey Bill pitched well enough to allow Arizona (18-4) to establish a big lead before he handed it over to the bullpen. The 6-foot-8 left-hander tossed three innings, allowing four hits while letting up three runs and striking out two. Of the six pitchers who pitched in Wednesday’s win, five were freshmen. Tyler Hale and Nick Cunningham both pitched scoreless innings, and Cory Bernard closed the door on the Lobos in the ninth.

happen,” said Busch. “But it’s hard to imagine that they will be at full strength come tomorrow.” If they’re not, the top-ranked Wildcats will be in a tough spot. “Hopefully we can get through this,”Template: Busch said. The UA had been strong all season, finishing with an


undefeated dual meet season which included a victory over Texas. The team struggled at the Pacific 10 Conference Championships a few weeks ago, finishing in third place. That finish didn’t concern the team, however, as they used the Pac-10 as preparations for the NCAAs. Those preparations looked as if they would

pay off. “Pretty much the way we approach it is that we believe that in order to be our best in the NCAA we have to give up a little something,”Busch said.“We want to be at our best when it means the most.” Despite the undefeated regular season, some have overlooked the team. “I think a lot of people view our


dual-meet season as a fluke, so I would say that we are underdogs, but we like it that way,” said senior swimmer Jean Basson. The team’s underdog status is sure to rise with the fate of nine of their swimmers unknown at this point. “We are just going to do our best to try and weather the storm,” Busch said.

approved Thursday


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Arizona Daily Wildcat — March 25, 2010