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A TASTE OF THE MEET RACK A look inside the infamous dive bar: Bras, bawdy tchotchkes and an unapologetic consultant who goes by ‘God’





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BARTENDER AND LONGTIME regular of the Meet Rack, Corey Sugarman, tends to his patrons at the atmospheric Meet Rack on Wednesday.


friday, MArch 7, 2014 • page 2 TWITTER.COM/dailywildcat

Film series spotlights outdoor adventure


chelsey wade

anff Film Festival, one of the largest mountain festivals in the world, will appear at Fox Tucson Theatre this weekend. The festival will showcase footage of mountain-based adrenaline sports, adventure, travel and environments around the world. The 50 best mountain films in the festival were shown in November in Banff, Canada, at a nine-day long event. Those films were narrowed down to selected nights for the Banff Film Festival’s road tour, which spans 40 countries. Adventures that will be shown include climbing, biking, snowboarding, wingsuit flying, ski jumping and paddling. For the Tucson presentation of the mountain festival, selectors chose films based on factors such as range of adventure, geographic location and environmental consciousness. This is the 35th year of the festival, which originally began as a tour across three cities in Canada. Banff organizers aim to connect mountain filmmakers with larger audiences.

Mountains to the west, Santa Catalina Mountains in the north, Santa Rita Mountains in the south and the Tortolita Mountains to the northwest. “Tucson has an amazing outdoor community,” Vincent said. “Seeing that brought to film through the festival is a real treat. It inspires people to go out and explore their own adventure. You leave the evening just wanting to go out in nature and do something amazing.” The Banff Centre partners with National Geographic and The North Face to show the diverse range of activities in the mountains. — Landon Vincent, “We’re all used to seeing marketing manager for Summit Hut our own landscapes. These films are a chance to show some of the exotic landscapes The proceeds from the festival and cultures with these adrenalinesupport five local outdoor nonprofits: packed sports,” said Tamara Mack, the Cienega Watershed Partnership, the house manager of the Fox Tucson Friends of Catalina State Park, Theatre. The festival shows at the Fox Tucson Southern Arizona Climbers Coalition, Southern Arizona Rescue Association Theatre on Friday and Saturday night at 7 p.m. and doors open at 6 p.m. and Sierra Club (Rincon Group). The local mountainous regions Tickets are $15 for one night or $25 for are what attracted the Banff Film both nights. Festival. Tucson is surrounded by five mountain ranges: the Rincon — Follow Chelsey Wade Mountains to the east, Tucson @DailyWildcat “It’s a travelling outdoor adventure film festival,” said Landon Vincent, marketing manager for Summit Hut and one of the selection members for the films. “We chose based off what looks impactful, what looks great. We want to get a good mix of sports, so that also plays a role in deciding.”

“You leave the evening just wanting to go out in nature and do some amazing stuff.”

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FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

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film • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

Action film is entertaining but average


alex guyton

t may not be of the caliber of some of Liam Neeson’s recent offerings, but “Non-Stop” is nevertheless decently entertaining. Neeson reprises his role as a sympathetic everyman with a particular set of skills and the initials “B.M.” In “Taken” and “Taken 2” (and, hopefully, the third installment, which will inevitably be called ‘Tak3n’ or ‘Taken 3D’), he had the generic-sounding name Bryan Mills. In “Non-Stop,” Neeson finds himself playing Bill Marks, an air marshal who has the inexplicable quirk of becoming alarmingly anxious when a plane takes off. One would think an air marshal wouldn’t get the jitters. As we will come to see, Marks is a damaged man. On a direct flight from New York to London, he receives a text message over his encrypted network that says if $150 million is not wired to a bank account, someone on board the plane will die every 20 minutes. As the minutes go by, tensions increase and the film takes on the intrigue of a whodunit. Is it Jen (Julianne Moore), the woman who initially switched seats at the beginning of the flight and just so happened to end up in the seat next to Marks? Or is it Nancy (Michelle Dockery of “Downton Abbey”), the only stewardess who knows Bill is an air marshal? Or is it Gwen (new Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o), a new stewardess who was placed on the flight at the last second? Or is it all of them? Or none? “Non-Stop” has two elements that make the film work. Actually, “work” may be too strong a word; “function” is more appropriate. The first is the mystery of who is behind these cell phone messages. Director Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed the 2011 Neeson action-thriller “Unknown,” does a great job of raising the audience’s suspicions about someone, lowering them and then bringing them back up again. There are twists and turns, and everyone’s in question up until the end. Neeson is the second thing the movie

has in its favor; he’s a likeable and bankable action star despite being in his 60s. His characters are always unassuming and gentle yet not afraid to take on the role of “total badass” when push comes to shove. When he must rise to the occasion, earnestness and desperation inhabit Neeson’s every move. Of course, an action film of this caliber is going to have its ham-handed moments, especially if anything even remotely close to patriotism is brought up. The villain reveals their dastardly plan, and, in our post-9/11 world, the plan has something to do with proving that our advanced security measures don’t make us any safer, or how the America of today isn’t the America they want to be a part of. In order to save the country, they have to destroy it. This is as thin and clichéd a veneer of philosophy and character motivation that you’ll find. To the film’s credit, though, Neeson’s Marks responds to the villain revealing their plan by facetiously saying it would have been better to just hand out pamphlets. Not to mention, there is an conspicuously Middle Eastern character on board the plane. What a suspicious man! He must be up to no good. But, hark! As it happens, he’s actually a doctor, and not a terrorist after all! At the film’s climax, he even shares a tender moment with a retired NYPD officer. See, we can all get along if Liam Neeson is there to guide us. “Non-Stop” may very well be forgotten in a couple of month’s time. However, in his career renaissance as an action hero, Liam Neeson will always be the guy to root for and the guy to watch.

Grade : C+ — Follow Alex Guyton @TDWildcatFilm




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Feinstein presents Gershwin music Gershwin is also of the highest importance for American popular culture.” he Great American Songbook Keith Pawlak is a professor and curator will open its pages to give an at the jazz and popular music archive intimate look at one of its greatest owned by the School of Music. contributors this weekend “He’s interested in preserving the legacy when singer and music archivist of composers,” Pawlak said. “He’s a very Michael Feinstein brings his show “The fine piano player. He’s able to interpret the Gershwins and Me” to Centennial Hall. words and music well.” The show, sponsored by UApresents, Feinstein grew up in Columbus, Ohio, will feature Feinstein, accompanied by and began playing piano at the age of 5. a big band performing Ira and George Besides his earlier work with Gershwin, Gershwin’s music he hosts the NPR show such as “Someone “Song Travels with to Watch Over Me,” Michael Feinstein” and “I’ve Got Plenty operates the nightclub of Nothing” and Feinstein’s at the Nikko WHAT: Michael Feinstein, in San Francisco. He also “Summertime.” Feinstein worked “The Gershwins and Me” works as an archivist and for Ira Gershwin for musical director and WHEN: 7 p.m. on six years, beginning designs Steinway pianos. Sunday in 1977 as an archivist He has been WHERE: Centennial Hall and cataloguer. Along nominated for two the way, he became Emmys, is a five- time COST: $15 for students a family friend. Grammy Award nominee with school ID at the Feinstein said he got and performs more than door, $35 to $80 general to know the reclusive 200 shows a year. songwriter and really “Today’s music, Kanye admission learned to appreciate or Rihanna or whatever, Information: his music. The show will become tomorrow’s will also feature history and could stories from those become forgotten,” years. Soren said. “Popular According to music is a reflection of its David Soren, regents’ time and a celebration professor in the classics and anthropology of unique artists who gained national departments at the UA, Feinstein’s and international acclaim then and now. contribution to classic American music Feinstein has done a wonderful job of cannot be understated. resurrecting and celebrating these great “He is probably the most important artists of song.” popular music archivist in America, in addition of course to being a well-known performing artist,” Soren said. “His work — Follow Karen Schaffner in preserving the legacy of George and Ira @DailyWildcat


Karen SchaffneR


Courtesy of UAPresents

Michael Feinstein, a multi-award winning pianist and vocalist, will perform at the UA on Sunday in Centennial Hall. Feinstein will focus his performance on the legacy of the Gershwin brothers.

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6 • wildcat weekend

community • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

Holocaust remembered through arts


Kevin Reagan

hen pianist and School of Music professor Paula Fan traveled to China to teach music to children, she met an elderly gentleman named Herbert Zipper. Zipper’s unwavering positive attitude and ever-present smile left a lasting impression on Fan. She didn’t know it at the time, but Zipper was a Holocaust survivor. Decades later, and after Zipper’s death in 1997, Fan is still asking herself how a man like Zipper remained so optimistic after enduring such tragedy. It’s questions like these that Fan and her associates at the Confluencenter Center for Creative Inquiry hope to answer at their “Creative Collaborations” presentation this Saturday at 11 a.m. As part of an ongoing series of presentations that mix and match different disciplines across the UA, “Creative Collaborations” examines various topics of interest to Fan and her scholastic partners. This month, Fan explores the experience of the Holocaust through the perspective of children in a presentation called “The Choiceless Choice.” “The question to me is, ‘Did the children see things differently than the adults?’” Fan said. Consisting of classical music, poetry and historical lectures, the presentation will take

courtesy of paula fan

Paula Fan (left) with Herbert Zipper (center) and her husband, John Denman (right), in China. After working together, Fan found out that Zipper was a Holocaust survivor.

place in the lower level of the UofA Bookstore. Fan will begin by playing a cycle of songs on a 1901 Steinway piano. The songs are lyrical adaptations of testimonies from actual children of the Holocaust. Sections

from “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” will serve as the inspiration for Fan’s repertoire. Fan said the idea for the presentation partly stems from her memories of Zipper,

who was an Austrian musician sent to the Dachau concentration camp in 1938. While taken prisoner, Zipper secretly put together an orchestra of musicians to play concerts in an abandoned latrine. He and his fellow prisoners would craft instruments together from pieces of wood and scrap metal. “Herbert’s sustaining lifeline was his commitment to music,” Fan said. Zipper’s story of survival would later be profiled in the Oscar-nominated documentary “Never Give Up.” As part of her research for the presentation, Fan met with a group of Holocaust survivors at the Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Southern Arizona to see if any of them chose music or art as coping mechanisms in their fight for survival in the way as Zipper had. “Nobody thought about music,” one of the survivors said. “We didn’t have the choice.” Fan says that she noticed the survivors were curious about her professional pianist career. While these men and women spoke of losing their childhoods to the Holocaust, none seemed to have lost their appreciation for beautiful things, Fan said. Like her friend Zipper, Fan observes, Holocaust survivors tend to make a conscious choice

holocaust Art, 7

Arizona Repertory Theatre makes ‘Oklahoma!’ modern “It’s an opportunity for students to view a little piece of history, he Arizona Repertory but also to find it romantic and Theatre’s presentation sexy, because it really is,” Gurwin of “Oklahoma!,” which said. “As a director, I really tried to previews Sunday, make sure it has those elements promises to be modern involved in it. Just because it sounds like and exciting. some old Director musical doesn’t D a n n y mean there isn’t Gurwin, who a lot of romance. has appeared There’s a lot in multiple of humor. If Broadway people think shows, is it’s a creaky old acquainted show, they’d with the — Danny Gurwin, surprised weakening director be at how warm, interest of funny, silly and y o u n g e r audiences in traditional theater. romantic it is.” “Oklahoma!” helped mold the Gurwin has strived to bring out the modern aspects of the romantic comedy genre. The production that students can plot is a dramatic love triangle. Two men vie over the love of one relate to.


Taylor Armosino

“It’s an opportunity for students to view a little piece of history.”

woman on a farm in Oklahoma, flanekd by a supporting ensemble of humorous friends. There have been two film adaptations of Oklahoma: one in 1955 and one in 1999. Rather than following a straight-line adaptation of one of them, Gurwin settled in the middle in order to create a unique setting. “The 1955 movie is very MGM Technicolor,” Gurwin said. “We decided not to go that route. The Hugh Jackman revival in 1999 was much grittier. We’ve kind of split the difference here. It has the joy and color of a Technicolor show, but some of the grit in the text and scenery and staging of a John Wayne movie. It feels like the Wild West, but it still doesn’t lose the classic musical style. We tried to combine the two ideas.” Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, arguably the best

courtesy of ed flores

Will Parker (Ryan Kleinman) and Ado Annie (Lindsey Mony) are caught in the final pose of their “All ‘Er Nuthin’” dance in the “Oklahoma!” production. The play will be featured at the UA Arizona Repertory Theatre from Sunday through April 6.

theater-writing partnership of the 20th century, wrote “Oklahoma!” It’s considered the most transformative production in theater history due its use of music. “The show pulled dance into the storytelling and was able to use every art form to tell one story,” Gurwin said. “This was

the first musical of its kind where the songs are part of the plot and further the plot as opposed to just being there for entertainment’s sake.” It’s a play that uses musical score to incite emotions in the audience, a novel concept back in

‘oklahoma!’, 7



to embrace life. Susan Crane of the department of history will join Fan on Saturday in a discussion about the choices a person makes in a suppressing environment, such as the Holocaust. Crane specializes in the historical consciousness of modern Germany and teaches classes focused on how the Holocaust is remembered by different people. “These presentations enhance the collaborative atmosphere at the UA,” said Yvonne Ervin, the director of development at the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry. Ervin has overseen Fan as she has conducted these collaborations for the past year.

The atmosphere of these “Creative Collaborations” is meant to invoke the casualness of a saloon-type setting, Ervin said. Spectators are seated less than 5 feet away from Fan as she plays piano, and so the expected crowd of about 75-80 people will undoubtedly feel intimate with the material. The event is free and open to the public. A short post-show discussion hosted by Fan and Crane will take place over a brown bag lunch with visitors from the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. “We’re trying to open up the university to the Tucson community,” Ervin said. “We want to encourage people to come on campus.”

the show. Friend of Gurwin and Broadway veteran Mark Esposito helped out as a guest choreographer. Because it’s such a big cast, tyounger students had the opportunity to grab parts they might not have otherwise had the chance to. Gurwin said there are juniors in lead roles, as well as some freshmen in the ensemble cast. Beneath the musical entertainment, “Oklahoma!” is a show that is telling of the time period. “It speaks to the idea of America coming together,”


the 1940s. Understanding “Oklahoma!” is important to understanding modernday entertainment. Although Gurwin has headed multiple productions in the past, he said this one is probably the biggest he’s ever directed, with 32 students making up the cast. Eight dance majors are involved to help ensure the cast can handle the sizable dance element of


FRIDAY: ‘Different Sounds, Same Sentiments? Considering the Zurna and the Oboe in Damascus, Syria’ lecture When: 3 p.m. Where: Louise F. Marshall building, Room 490 Contact: 520-621-5450 The School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies presents guest lecturer Andrea Shaheen from the University of Texas at El Paso. There will be a discussion of the role of folk music in Syria.

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour When: 7 p.m. Where: Fox Tucson Theatre


Tickets: www. foxtucsontheatre. A film festival celebrates mountain landscapes and cultures.

SATURDAY ‘The Choiceless Choice and the Children of the Holocaust’ When: 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Where: Student Union Memorial Center Contact: 520-621-4587 The School of Music, College of Fine Arts, College of Humanities and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences collaborate to present lectures and music on the tragedies of the Holocaust.

— Follow Kevin Reagan @KevinReaganUA

Gurwin said. “There’s a whole thing that the farmer and the common [person] should be friends at the beginning of Act 2. It’s Rodgers and Hammerstein making a statement about [former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt] and the New Deal bringing America together. Underneath these musical layers we don’t think about, there was this idea of writing a show that was truly American.” — Follow Taylor Armosino @tarmosino

Arizona Symphony Orchestra When: 7:30 p.m. Where: Crowder Hall, School of Music Tickets: $5 students; $7 UA employees, seniors and military; $10 general The program includes Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 and Claude Debussy’s “Prélude à ‘L’après-midi d’un faune.’” SUNDAY ‘Oklahoma!’ preview When: 1:30 p.m. Where: Marroney Theatre Tickets: $17-$28 Arizona Repertory Theatre presents its spring musical.



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8 • wildcat weekend

FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

Your parents may not like some of the things you do on Spring Break.

But they’ll approve of this choice.

Spring Break is about fun. And, well…a break! Our part of getting you there isn’t really about fun. It’s about reliability, safety, dependability, etc. – all those things your parents care about. So give them one thing to be happy about. Start your journey with us.



friday, MArch 7, 2014 • page 9 TWITTER.COM/dailywildcat

The season of sunshine and shaved legs


ashley reid

here’s no doubt that spring is a beautiful season at any college campus. The shorts are coming out of winter storage, spring break is looming and midterms are almost over. However, springtime at Arizona totally trumps the weather at any other college campus in the nation. Here’s why:


Studying outside is a feasible option. Do you see kids in New York reading outside? No, because they would be wearing parkas and mittens. There are many places to study while immersing yourself in the gorgeous weather.


4. 5.



The weather is pure bliss. It’s the type of gorgeous, heavenly sunshine that you see in movies. Tucson in early spring is the Disney Princess of all weather. It’s cheery, sweet and makes you want to twirl to class and sing to small animals.

Campus gets so much more beautiful in the spring. I didn’t think that was even possible, but it is. The luscious, green grass on the UA Mall makes the brick buildings stand out, and the red and white petunias are pouring over their flower beds.

The citrus trees are blooming. Dreamy sigh. Suddenly, rushing to class turns into a breezy stroll through a cascade of tiny white flowers that smell like heaven. We already have a nice tan because we’ve been wearing warm weather clothes for a month, unlike our friends on the East Coast. Wait, what polar vortex? I wasn’t aware of such tragic events; I’ve been too busy basking in the sunshine since mid-February.

Pool party season is in session. If you’re trying to find an Arizona student over the weekend, there’s a 90 percent chance they’re at a pool. — Follow Ashley Reid @ashleyefrances

Steve Nguyen/The Daily Wildcat

The UA campus is filled with blooming flowers and green grass as the spring season approaches.


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10 • wildcat weekend

lifestyle • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

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Kat Hermanson

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Daily Lunch Buffet Elise Cameron & Kimberly Thomas Bison Witches ALEX GUYTON /THE DAILY WILDCAT

Least favorite drink to make? Elise: I hate when people come in here with those ridiculous names, like, “Can I have a tic-tac?” I asked, “What’s a tic-tac?” And it’s literally vodka and orange juice, maybe with a splash of grenadine. “So, you want a screwdriver in a shot glass?” Kimberly: Hand grenades. You’re dropping glass in glass. It’s bound to break, and then what? We have a lawsuit on our hands? What’s your signature drink? Kimberly: Bombs. Not your typical “dropin” bomb. If you order anything with Red Bull and vodka, and you think you’re going to drop it, that’s not happening here. Another signature drink is the Bam. It’s blueberry vodka, Red Bull and a splash of cranberry. Elise: You have two or three of those and you’re done. Kimberly: Everyone knows when they come here that they’re going to black out because they’ve had at least four bombs. Most memorable customer? Elise: This guy Gio. He’s been 86’d from The Buffet. He was sitting here the other day, and he’s convinced that he’s part of this important, legendary rock band. Kimberly: We usually let him come in, order a drink and we let him stay for about a drink — and then we’re like, “You have to go.” Elise: He finished his drink and he kept on having me pet the callouses on his fingers. You bartenders put up with so much stuff. Elise: Some people have different levels of tolerance. I will tolerate a lot before I kick somebody out, just because I feel so awkward doing it.

Kimberly: I don’t tolerate shit anymore. I’m like, “What? No. You’re done.” As a customer, what can I do to piss you off? Kimberly: [Not knowing] what you want. Don’t send me on a wild goose chase four separate times. Elise: By the time you’re 21, you should know. Kimberly: Maybe we’re such alcoholics we just sit here all day and we know what we want, and we expect other people to know what they want.


All You Can Eat Sushi $21.95

On the flip side, what can I do to make your job as easy as possible? Elise: I like it when people ask what I recommend because I know what I like here. “What’s your signature drink? We’re from out of town.” That’s always fun. Kind of help them out. Do you get a lot of college students? Kimberly: We do. Thursday nights used to be completely insane. We used to be one of the only bars on Fourth Avenue besides O’Malley’s and The Hut, and Maloney’s had a patio. Bison’s pretty original. It has been open almost 20 years. Elise: We definitely get that late crowd all the time. It’s so random, like whenever it dies down and you start to clean up on a Saturday night. One o’clock, everybody’s in here. Kimberly: I love the “Hey, Barkeep!” column. Elise: We read it all the time. We read [the Daily Wildcat] every day.


FOOTHILLS MALL 7401 N. La Cholla Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85741

(520) 87.SUSHI

BROADWAY VILLAGE 3048 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716

(520) 326.4700



‘God’ grants booze and bras


The Meet Rack features walls covered with raunchy photos, clotheslines brimming with ‘donated’ bras and the promise of ‘something to offend everyone’


THE MEET RACK has a wide rage of humorous, and in some cases, highly offensive decor ations as well as unapologetic. LORRIANA O’ITANLAN (right) and Carlos Aguirrebarrena (left) enjoy a drink at Meet Rack on Wednesday.


eenage Mutant Vaginal Infection” and the “Butt Fuck” are a few of lewdly titled cocktails on the drink menu at the Meet Rack. Upon ordering the “Cum Stain,” a milk-based beverage with brandy inside of a pitcher and coconut frosting on the outside, designed to look just like what the name suggests, I was approached by a woman who asked, “Can I lick your Cum Stain?” She promptly stuck her tongue out and ran it the length of the pitcher from bottom to top, then thanked me and walked away. “We let things happen here,” bartender K.K. Day said. The face of the Meet Rack is Jim Anderson, a character as unique as the bar and its patrons. Though he says he’s never introduced himself to anyone as anything other than Jim, he is prominently known as “God.” “My mother used to say, ‘God damn it, you and shit head come here,’” Anderson said. “My brother was ‘Shit Head,’ I was ‘God Damn It,’ so I just shortened it to ‘God.’” Anderson is quite literally the face of the Meet Rack. To date, 2,527 people have been branded with Anderson’s face on their body. “We used to brand hamburgers. My cousin came in the bar one day and said, ‘Jim, you need one of those on you.’ He heated it up and he branded me,” Anderson said. “I came out and I said, ‘Look what I got! Buck branded me!’ And they said, ‘We want one!’ So five people got one right then, and that’s how it started.” With the brand comes a lifetime discount on drinks, food and T-shirts. Anderson, who has owned six different bars over the past 40 years, in Tucson, Syracuse, New York, Las Vegas and Mazatlán, Mexico, is officially a “consultant” at this bar. The Meet Rack has existed in its current incarnation at 210 W. Drachman St. since 1997. The bar and liquor license are in Anderson’s daughter’s name due to a decades-old political grudge that prohibits Anderson from owning the venue himself, according to Day. The bar’s main is dimly lit but homey. Christmas tree lights hang year-round from a beam on the ceiling, helping to illuminate a wooden bar with an enclosed rectangular perimeter in the center of the floor. The base of the bar is covered with signatures and messages from past customers. A lone video poker machine, left over from the dawn of virtual gaming, sits on one of the long sides of the rectangle. Toward the back of the room is a single pool table. Memorabilia, trinkets, posters, signs and thousands of photographs cover every square inch of the walls inside. About 20 photos show customers performing suspensions outside on the patio, hanging from cords attached to their bodies via hooks through their piercings. Day listed the human suspensions as some of the most memorable events she’s seen at the bar, which is known for attracting out-of-the-ordinary behavior. “The suspension hangings are crazy to see,” Day said. “They do it right outside, and those hooks going into people is a trip.”

Inside, next to the door to the patio, is a wooden plaque bearing Anderson’s likeness, decorated with sobriety coins that have been traded in at the bar by no-longer-recovering alcoholics. The coins displayed range from six months to 26 years sober. “They don’t call us the ‘13th step’ for nothing,” said David Burleigh, who has been bartending at the Meet Rack for four years. Anderson is particularly fond of a name tag attached to the plaque: It belonged to a student who first stopped at the Meet Rack after being discharged from an $80,000 rehab program his parents had forced upon him. “We got him drunk, we got him laid and we got him a T-shirt,” Anderson said. Further along the wall is the decoration Anderson is most proud of: a framed 1974 letter from the superintendent of the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, informing Anderson that he will no longer be permitted to walk around his bar, or any other, in the nude. The restrooms are at the rear of the bar. The women’s room has a condom dispenser that does not actually produce contraceptives when the knob is turned, but does set off an alarm that is inaudible within the restroom and loud and clear in the bar room. The tradition is for customers to berate the woman with derogatory shouts when she emerges. “There’s something to offend everyone here,” Anderson said. Along the back wall are hundreds more pictures, many of which feature Anderson with friends and partially nude women. One section is devoted to celebrities Anderson has met at his bars over the years: Jackie Chan, Joe Theismann, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Rush Limbaugh are just a few who grace the walls. From the ceiling hang clotheslines draped with hundreds of bras and panties — previous visitors’ contributions to the decor. “Everything on the walls I’ve been privy to over the years,” Anderson said. “It’s my customers, my employees and everything else that I like. If I didn’t like something on the wall, I’d just take it off.” The room to the right of the entryway is probably what the bar is most famous for. Urban legends may call the room a sex dungeon or bondage chamber, but its official title is the “duty hut.” It’s a small room with the windows barred on the inside that contains an assortment of sex toys and machines. A modified gynecologist’s table, which seems to have more restrictive straps and harnesses than needed, sits in the center of the room. In a corner against the ceiling is a human-sized cage. Mounted on one wall is some type of rotating dildo machine next to a spinning wheel designed to carry a person, so that they may be turned upside down or to any angle. “Never kiss a woman above the waist … unless she’s standing on her head” is one of the essential rules of the duty hut, said

Anderson. It would be easy to write off the Meet Rack as dive bar with a perverted gimmick, but it’s much more. Past the dirty drink menu, the rotating dildos and beyond the intentional crudeness, the Meet Rack is a safe haven. It’s a retreat for people who may not float in the mainstream. Anderson rejects the idea that the bar is sexthemed. “[There is] no theme,” Anderson said. “This bar is a personality bar. It’s nothing but that.” Day also elaborated on the Meet Rack’s hospitality. “People come in here and we don’t just give them a drink and walk away,” Day said. “It’s like ‘Cheers.’ We know every person’s name who comes into this bar. We take the time to talk to people, and it’s not — K.K. Day, like that everywhere.” bartender Her claim is evidenced even in the spelling of the bar’s name. Anderson echoed Day’s sentiment. “It’s the reason I own one bar and not 10, ’cause I can’t spread myself thin like that,” he said. “That’s the difference. There’s somebody here who cares.” A bearded regular who went only by the name “2” played chess at the bar against himself one Monday night. “If you’ve ever found yourself in the ghetto of Tucson,” 2 said, referring to the area around the Meet Rack, “and you’re looking for answers, you’re in the wrong fucking place. However, when you’re not looking for answers, you fucking find ’em.” 2’s message, though cryptic, is telling. Although Anderson says that there’s something in his bar to offend everyone, it may be just the opposite. Whether it’s someone in greek looking to let loose after midterms, a regular in their natural element or a visitor who has come to witness a taboo spectacle, the Meet Rack might just have something to appreciate for everyone.


— Follow Joey Callahan @Jcallahankalp


CARLOS AGUIRREBARRENA (left), Justin Magiary (center left), Cortney Sanderson (center right) and Lorriana O’Hanlon (right) enjoy the atmospheric Meet Rack on Wednesday. K.K. DAY, a bartender at Meet Rack, hugs Jim Anderson, the bar’s consultant. Anderson is known for referring to himself as “God.”

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FRIDAY, March 7, 2014




Sabino Canyon to be filled with music



his Saturday , music lovers, beer and wine aficionados and foodies alike can celebrate in the scenery of Sabino Canyon at the Music in the Canyon festival . Local musicians Angela Ferrari , the Abbott Taylor Band and Ryanhood will open for American Authors to benefit Friends of Sabino Canyon , a group that works to preserve the natural landmark. Arizona native Ferrari is a soul-based singer who is gearing up for her upcoming LP. The Abbott Taylor Band is influenced by with indie pop, blues, jazz and rock influences that is also native to Tucson . Ryanhood has shared the stage with Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson and Train . The duo just released their new album


RYAN GREEN and Cameron Hood of Ryanhood will play at the Music in the Canyon event this weekend.

Start Somewhere and recently returned from a tour featuring the album. They are both Tucson natives and grew up around Sabino Canyon .

The final act of the festival will feature American Authors at 4:30 p.m. American Authors are best known for their new hit single, “Best Day of My

Life,” a song with over 5 million YouTube video views. American Authors are the only group playing at the festival that is not native to Arizona.

“There are so many cool things happening at Music in the Canyon,” said Christina Mahar, a chair of the Music in the Canyon Committee . “We have an incredible lineup, gourmet food trucks and a wine and beer garden this year, and as always, tons of free kids activities.” The event is put on by volunteers who want to preserve, protect and enhance Sabino Canyon, according to Mahar. At Music in the Canyon, there will be a beer and wine garden, food trucks, vendors, kids activities and more. Children under 10 enter for free with an accompanying adult , and tickets for all other attendees are $10. — Follow Christianna Silva @DailyWildcat




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music • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

Orchestra brings classic music to life Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5, originally composed in 1888, runs about 50 minutes in The Arizona Symphony Orchestra is set to length. It follows the classic four-movement prove that some musical pieces transcend style, leading the listener on an emotional time during its concert this Saturday night. “fate-themed” journey, as many music The two pieces on the program, Pyotr commentators describe it. It progresses Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 and from ominous beginnings to an exultant Claude Debussy’s “Prélude à ‘L’après-midi culmination in the final movement. d’un faune,’” are both “The symphonies of timeless masterpieces in Tchaikovsky are redtheir own right, remaining blooded examples of as masterful and eloquent musical Romanticism at WHEN: 7:30 p.m. as when they were first its best,” Cockrell said. composed. “The Fifth is keenly WHERE: Crowder Hall “The works on passionate, taking the on Saturday the program are two listener on a journey from Led by maestro monuments of the foreboding to triumph.” Thomas Cockrell orchestral repertoire,” A full spectrum of conductor Thomas instruments will be on COST: $10 general, Cockrell said. “Both are display for Symphony No. $7 for UA employees great crowd-pleasers.” 5, with the score calling for and seniors 55+, Cockrell has been the three flutes, two oboes, two director of the James clarinets, two bassoons, $5 for students E. Rogers Institute for four horns, two trumpets, Orchestral and Opera three trombones, a tuba, Conducting since it was timpani and strings. established in 2007, as well as the director of Debussy’s “Prélude à ‘L’après-midi d’un the UA Opera Theater since 2000. Through faune,’” or “Prelude to ‘The Afternoon of a his command, these pieces will once again Faun,’” runs around 10 minutes. The piece, come to life, more than a century after they which was first performed in 1894, was were first written. inspired by the poem “L’après-midi d’un

Daniel Burkart


The Bar Has Been Raised in the Field of Accounting. Are you ready? Prepare yourself with a Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) degree from The Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine. Our rigorous, full-time, one-year program – one of only two UC-based MPAc programs in Southern California – provides an intensive, focused level of training designed to prepare you for an executive career in accounting. „ Paid winter internship opportunity „ Proseminar/professional career development course „ Career management and advising „ Classes and networking with MBA students „ Pre-requisite courses available

Learn more about maximizing your career success:


STEVE NGUYEN/The Daily Wildcat

maestro Thomas Cockrell conducts rehearsals for the Arizona Symphony Orchestra at Crowder Hall on Wednesday. Cockrell will present the classic pieces Symphony No. 5 and “Prélude à ‘L’après-midi d’un faune’” on Saturday.

faune” by French symbolist poet Stéphane Mallarmé, written in 1876. Mallarmé’s poem describes a faun who, alone in the forest, is awoken by passing nymphs and, despite attempts to pursue them, ultimately falls back into a dreamfilled slumber. Debussy’s musical rendition of the poem helped create a lasting element of modernity in classical music.

“Debussy’s ‘Prelude to “The Afternoon of a Faun”’ is a work that ushers in the modern in classic music in 1895,” Cockrell said. “The composer creates a magical and evocative musical atmosphere.”

— FollowDaniel Burkart @DailyWildcat

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wildcat weekend • 17

READER AD DEADLINE: Noon, one business day prior to publication. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES: $11.75 per column inch. Display Ad

Deadline: Two business days prior to publication. Please note: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads.

COPY ERROR: The Daily Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an advertisement.

Fundraiser opportunity Do you have a group or organization that needs to have a fundraiser? Call Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill for details. 520293-7670.

attention: hablas espanol? Tienes algun conexion con Espana? Fun, energetic and Hardworking? Family restaurant downtown is seeking to add people to their team. Much flexibility although only evenings. Call 8845253 if interested.

Finance intern position. PT, flex hours to your schedule. Strong MS Office preferred. Mr. Kennedy (520)298-1486 or send resume:

caruso’s noW hiring hosts, servers, bussers, and kitchen positions. apply in person 11:30-4:30 tuesday-sunday. 434 n. 4th ave.

sales intern- phoenix, AZ. We are looking for a sales intern who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, dial the phone and is detail-oriented. You will work with our outside sales team in our Phoenix office to survey potential clients by phone, verify and clean our selling database and eventually do outbound prospecting. Are you outgoing? Do you love talking to people? Are you great with details? Are you looking for real-world marketing experience to supplement what you are learning in school? This is an outstanding opportunity for any business student looking to learn the ins and outs of selling marketing solutions to high level business customers from the ground up, while working a flexible schedule of up to twelve(12) hours per week. Competitive pay. Fun work environment. You’ll gain experience of working in the largest content marketing firm in the U.S. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, we want to hear from you! Please visit our web site at careers to check out open positions across all our locations. Select the position you wish to apply to and submit your cover letter and resume.

administrative assistant. Flex hrs FT/PT. Strong organizational and computer skills. Fred 298-1486 cpr/ First aid assistant needed. Mon 5:30pm and Sat 9am. 6-9 hrs per week. Will certify you as an AHA instructor. Contact



classifieds • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

Attention Classified Readers: The Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

driver Wanted. student with a car needed to help move me and my stuff to El Paso or Austin during Spring Break. Would like to leave around the 13-15th. $50/hr would come out to around $300 or $700 total, (plus the possibility of catching the last few days of SXSW.) Must have own car, a good driving record and good references other than your roommate. If interested, leave a name, number, and other info for Raphael at Fit @the river now hiring Front Desk Staff. Apply in person. 2404 E. River Rd graphic/ Web designer Wanted. Part-time, $15/hr, flexible schedule. Requirements: transportation, Wordpress installation experience, basic design skills. Design students preferred. Contact

landscape helpers needed. Flexible hours in AM. Must be clean cut and articulate. $12/hr to start. Call 327-2114, leave message. part time oFFice cleaning, no experience necessary, hours 4:00 to 7:00, 5days a week, flexible and/ or part time landscaping daytime call 520-977-7631

KAMP General Manager

Applications are now being accepted for the position of general manager of KAMP, the UA’s student radio station, for the 20142015 school year. This is a challenging paid position for qualified students with broadcast and management experience and a knowledge of student radio operations. Pick up a complete job description and application from the Student Media business office, 615 N. Park, #101, first floor of Park Student Union. Application deadline is March 24, 2014 at 5 pm.

For more information, contact broadcast adviser Mike Camarillo at 621-8002, or

red robin tucson Mall. Immediate openings for experienced cooks and servers. Apply Today! seeking experienced actors/ Actresses for scripted interactive comedy show. Part-time paid position with established production company. Immediate openings. Submit resume/ headshots or call Fred @520-624-0172

scout leader needed for a small Boy Scout troop on Tucson’s east side. Call Jack at 495-8950.

the cat cart is now opened! Come find unique Wildcat apparel for a great price. Located just outside the movie theater at the Foothills Mall.

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

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classifieds • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014


7 1


9 4

2 6



4 5

6 1

Difficulty Level

neon beer signs! Mirrors Liquor and Beer. Wooden wine boxes for sale! 10-6 Tuesday through Saturday. 520-297-9113

!!!! utilities paid. sublet special. Mountain & Adams. 1Rm studio, no kitchen, refrigerator only $370. Quiet, no pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080 !!!!!!! 1block From ua. Avail Now, Summer or fall. Remodeled, new A/C, furnished or unfurnished. 1BD from $610, 2BD from $810, 3BD from $1175. Pool/ laundry. 746 E 5th St. Shown by appointment 751-4363/ 409-3010 ** 4blocks to uoFa. 2bdrm$795 central air, WiFi, hardwood floors, W/d. no pets. available June. 520-743-2060

3 9

4 6 5

7 3 1 4


2014 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

By Dave Green large studios 6blocks UofA, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. $370. 977-4106 loW summer/ Fall rates w/early deposit. 1BD furnished $400/mo summer only. Year lease begins summer $500/mo. Begin August year’s lease $520/mo. 9month $550/mo. Free wi-fi, University Arms Apartments. 3 blocks campus, near bus, shopping, Rec Center. Clean & quiet. 1515 E. 10th St. 623-0474. studios from $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. blue agave apartments 1240 n. 7th ave. speedway/ stone.


***serious housing For serious students! For 6/1 & 8/1. 6 gorgeously renovated properties very close to campus. Studios 1BR, 2BR, 3BR. $695 $1875. Managed with utmost care by Bright Properties. 520906-7215. 1bdrm Furnished at University Arms 1515 E. 10th St. Clean quiet, green, clearwave wifi. Lease to May 15, 2014 @$550/mo and to August 1 @$490/mo. Year lease $500/mo. 3blocks to campus 6230474. 3bd/ 1ba unit, water paid, Close to the UofA. Covered parking, $950 if paid early, APL 7474747

luxury high-end condo/2br/2ba plus 2 covered parking places adjacent to campus. W/d, security/fireplace, restaurants, sam hughes place. $1550 July 5299687/529-7345

!!! Family oWned & operated. Studio 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 BD houses & apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $400 to $2,400. Some with utilities paid. Available now & August. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080. <> !!!! 6blocks From ua. Available August 1. Remodeled 3BD/ 2BA, 1800sqft, hardwood floors, W/D, large fenced yard. $1450/mo. 751-4363 or 409-3010.

3bd/ 2ba, ac, water pd, off st. parking, Euclid/ Speedway, $880 if paid early APL 747-4747.

!!!! available noW or reserve for Fall 2014- 2Bedroom, 1Bath from $770/month. Unique, secluded, super convenient, peaceful central location. Only 3 minutes (1 Mile) east of UA Medical Center. Washer/dryer, carport, fenced back yard. call 520-7479331 to check them out.

!!!!!!!!aWesome 5bedroom 2nd street houses next to the 3rd Street Bike Route. Just $2450/month ($490/bedroom). Taking applications for Summer/Fall 2014. Washer/dryer, alarm system, ceiling fans, A/C, private fenced backyard. CALL 520-7479331 to see one today.

!!!! stylish houses reserving NOW FOR SUMMER/FALL 2014. 2,5 & 6 Bedrooms. $770 to $3025 depending on Plan & location. Washer/Dryer, A/C, Alarm. Call 520-747-9331 to see one today!

!!!look!!! aaa**9** Bedroom, 5Bath, 2Story house located on Adams!! It doesn’t get any better than this!! 2Kitchen, 2Living areas, LOTS of storage, closet space, large bedrooms, private parking. 2Sets full size W/D, Air conditioning. Call now before it’s gone! Tammy 520-398-5738

!!!!! 4br/4.5ba +3 car garage. Only a few left at The Village from only $1495 per month. 5-7 Blocks NW UA HUGE luxury Homes. Large master suites with walk-in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings up and down +DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Security System. Pool privileges. 884-1505 *SPECIAL is for immediate rental through July 2014 only !!!!! a very special true luxury homes. Leasing for May/August 2014. 1,2,3,4 bedroom homes. 520.333.4125 or !!!!! reserve noW For summer/Fall 2014. FANTASTIC NEW houses 5BEDROOM, 2Bath $2400/mo Convenient to campus A/C, alarm, washer/ dryer, private backyard, plus more. Website: Pets welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 520-747-9331 to see one today. !!!!!! WWW.myuoFarental. com Reserve now for August 2014- 2,3,& 4 Bedroom homes. Close to campus. (520)884-1505

!!!luxury 3 and 4 Bedroom Homes available August 2014. Cash special $500. Contact 520954-7686 or ** amazing West university home with designer architecture. $1295. loft master bedroom, 22ft ceilings, gourmet kitchen, a/c, maple floors, office/den, and much more. available June. 520-743-2060. photos ** attractive house, 3b/ 2ba $1595 available June. a/c, W/d, wood floors and much more. 520-743-2060 photos/information at *10blks north ua. 3 houses 4br/3ba, $1950, 3br/3ba $1450, 2br/ 2ba $1150. Available now/ summer/ fall. New. 520-323-0105 2br, 1bath From $770/mo-RESERVE NOW for Summer/Fall 2014–Super Convenient Central Location just 3 minutes (1 mile) east of UAMC. Unique floor plans, lush landscaping, carports, Check out the website: Call 747-9331 to see one today!

3 and 4 bedrooms available for August 2014. Call for more information. 520-245-5604 3bd/ 2ba clean, neW!! One block north of UMC. Walk or bike to campus. A/C, W/D, tile. Avail June 1, $1495/ mo. Call 520990-0783. 3bdrm 2ba house a/c, washer/dryer, walled yard, tile floors throughout $975 ALSO Sam Hughes 3Bdrm 2ba House a/c, wood floors, POOL, fireplace, basement $1400 CALL 520-6235710

4bedroom 2bath home @ 1100 e. Water st. private house for a great price in a good location north of campus. large living room great for entertaining. open floorplan. tiled kitchen, dining, and living room. large bedroom suites with ceiling fans and private closets. carpet in bedrooms. Washer, dryer. stove, dishwasher, fridge. air conditioned. sun deck. covered front porch. lots of parking on property. great service. $1700/ month ($425 per bedroom) 520404-8954

5bedroom 3bath home @ 933 e. drachman st. Facing park ave. and closest distance to eller you can find. Just 3blocks north of speedway. huge master bedroom with walk-in closet and outside entrance. 3Full baths. tiled living room and kitchen. carpeted bedrooms. dishwasher/refrigerator/stove/washer/dryer. sun deck. Fenced front and rear yards. lots of parking on property. save on parking by walking to class. really good price for 5bedroom in this neighborhood. $2800/ month ($560 per bedroom) 520-404-8954

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Wildcast is an upbeat show created to inform the UA community about campus news, sports, and entertainment.


classifieds • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

6bd, 3ba unfurnished house uofa. available 6/8/14 on 12mo lease. $3200/mo. parking available text 520-400-4802. 701 n. euclid bike to campus IN FY14! 1,2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Gar, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776 doWntoWn 1bdrm house, wood floors, fenced yard, pets ok $495 ALSO Walk to Campus 1Bdrm House tile throughout, water paid, fenced yard $525 CALL 520-623-5710 go home for summer, Walk to uofa Fall 2014! 2b/1ba house $1000/ month. available 8/1/14 for 1yr lease: a/c, Washer/dryer, huge closets, dishwasher, Free parking, yards, safe neighborhood! (520)4405186 grant/ mountain 4bd 2ba, w/d, all appliances, hardwood floors, fireplace, big walled yard, storage, security alarm. Lease + deposit. $1380/mo. Available June. (520)742-7314 great location! 5bdrm 2ba House, washer/dryer, POOL, bonus room, walled yard $2500 ALSO Avail August 5Bdrm 5ba House a/c, fireplace, washer/dryer, pets ok $2750 Call 520623-5710

wildcat weekend • 19

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MAR. 7


MAR. 9





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Red-hot Ducks host Wildcats Say hello is ninth with 74.3). The 2014 Wildcats could become the first UA squad to lead the conference in scoring defense since Arizona joined the league in 1978. The mark of 58.5 is the Wildcats’ best since holding foes to 55.3 points per game in 1950-51. The 2014 statistics and their Pac-12 rankings are through the March 5 games.

JAMES KELLEY College basketball fans are often puzzled by Oregon’s unique court, but the Ducks themselves have been just as much of an enigma this season. On Saturday, No. 3 Arizona men’s basketball (28-2, 15-2 Pac-12 Conference) faces UO in Eugene, Ore., to close out the regular season at 2 p.m. MST on CBS. The Ducks (21-8, 9-8) have won six games in a row, but that comes after a five-game losing streak in January. Oregon almost beat Arizona in Tucson, but after losing at ASU last month, it dropped to 3-8 in the Pac-12. The Ducks’ win streak, especially their 85-78 win over fellow borderline team ASU on Tuesday, looks to have them on the right side of the bubble, but a win over Arizona could clinch them a spot in the Field of 68. In their latest bracket projections, CBS Sports has the Ducks as a nine seed in the NCAA tournament and ESPN and USA Today have Oregon as a 10th seed. Arizona’s a No. 1 seed in all of those projections. With only the Pac-12 tournament left until the Big Dance, the Wildcats are expected to lock up a No. 1 seed with a win over the Ducks, if they haven’t already. The Ducks are 15-3 at home. Last season in Eugene, the Ducks snapped Arizona’s 14game win streak to open the season. Arizona is 0-1 all-time in Matthew Knight Arena and 3-2 in its last five games at UO.

Who to watch:

Joseph Young –junior guard –#3 – 6-foot-2, 185 pounds “Mighty Joe Young” is fourth in the Pac-12 in scoring, with 18.6 per game. That is 0.1 points behind the two players tied for second and 2.2 points behind first place, Roberto Nelson of Oregon State. Young, who had 14 points, led the Ducks in scoring in the Tucson game despite missing time due to an injury.

Fun fact:


FRESHMAN ELLIOTT PITTS (24) and UO sophomore Elgin Cook (23) try to get a rebound in Arizona’s 67-65 win against Oregon on Feb. 7. The two teams will face off again on Saturday. Cook leads the Ducks in shooting with a percentage of .553.

Something’s gotta give:

Oregon is No. 1 in the Pac12 in offense with 82.9 points


per game (Arizona is eighth with 74.1) and the UA is first in defense, allowing only 58.5 (UO

SCORE CENTER SPARTAN VICTORY No. 22 Michigan State 86 No. 24 Iowa 76

LAC DROWNS LAL Clippers 142 Lakers 94

Oregon’s unique court is a tribute to its national champion team, the “Tall Firs,” which won it all in 1939. It is meant to evoke “Oregon’s beautiful environment” according to Opponents facing Oregon on its home court will find themselves “Deep in the Woods,” the site continues, but the gym, which opened in 2011, has more than 200 TVs.

— Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520


“RT” or favorite if you’ll be at @ArizonaSandVB Opening Day [today] at Jimenez Field. 1:30 p.m.: Ribbon Cutting 2:00 p.m.: Opening Match —@AZATHLETICS, Arizona Athletics

to sand volleyball, Arizona TYLER KECKEISEN The UA’s newest athletic team, sand volleyball, will debut this weekend by hosting the two–day Arizona Invitational. The Wildcats will begin their inaugural season at 2 p.m. Friday against Arizona Christian. The Arizona Sand Volleyball Courts are at Jimenez Field, on the corner of Enke Drive and Campbell Avenue, near McKale Center. Admission is free and fans are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets, as there are no bleacher seats. Arizona’s 20th varsity sport features 13 players, nine of whom were members of the indoor team in the fall. “I think our team has been meshing very well,” said Madi Kingdon, who was named to the All-Pac 12 team last season. “All of us have been coming out and practicing hard almost every day. We are looking forward to starting the season, and I think we are all in a good mindset now.” On Saturday, Arizona plays Grand Canyon at 10 a.m. and ASU at 4 p.m. Arizona head coach Steve Walker said he has been very pleased with the progress the Wildcats have made. “The team has been meeting my daily expectations of coming in, being willing to learn, and going hard every single day to improve,” Walker said. Junior Jane Croson , who finished second on the indoor team with 300 kills, said the wind can be a factor moving outdoors.



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Game day • FRIDAY, March 7, 2014

wildcat weekend • 21

flores steps up Junior Allison Flores shines for No. 18 gymnastics with career highs after senior teammates go down with injuries Matt Wall With injuries plaguing No. 18 Arizona gymnastics, the Gymcats knew somebody needed to step up and fill in their places. Junior Allison Flores was ready to fill that void. “Being an upperclassman has definitely put me in a leadership role,” Flores said. “I think a lot of the upperclassmen have really been stepping up and realizing that we are the future of this program.” After senior leaders Jordan Williams and Barbara Donaldson went down with injuries, head coach Bill Ryden said Flores has stepped in. “She has a great work ethic and is a very fiery and intense competitor,” Ryden said. “As a coach, she makes you feel very confident because if she misses, it won’t be for lack of effort or lack of focus.” Other Gymcats have been impressed too, not only with her on-the-court performance, but also off of the court. “I think her performance and personality is just absolutely special and unique,” freshman Selynna Felix-Terrazas said. “In every way possible, she is nice and works very hard and I’m really honored to be a part of the same team.” This season, Flores has hit her career best in every single event. Thus far, she has scored a 9.800 on vault, a 9.900 on uneven bars, a 9.850

on balance beam, a 9.900 on floor and a 39.350 all-around. “She is a great gymnast and actually struggled at the beginning of this year,” Ryden said. “She had certain goals and had to sort of come to terms with the fact of what she needed to do to get to her goal, and she has done it.” Recently, Flores has been competing in the all-around, starting with the meet against then-No. 4 Utah and the injury to Williams. Last week against then-No. 9 UCLA, Flores tied two career highs in floor and in bars. Even as a top gymnast, Flores still knows that there is always room for improvement. “I’m not where I want to be, but I think with every meet it gets better,” Flores said. “Hopefully, toward the postseason I can continue to accomplish some of my goals.” — Bill Ryden, The Gymcats head coach might need another quality performance from Flores to beat No. 15 Oregon State this Sunday. “That girl loves to compete and is going to bring her best effort every single time she is out there,” Ryden said. “For us to compete with them, we will have to continue doing what we are doing and build off of last weekend.”

“That girl loves to compete and is going to bring her best effort every single time she is out there.”

Rebecca Noble/The Daily Wildcat

— Follow Matt Wall @mwall20

JUNIOR Allison Flores performs her floor exercise routine against UCLA on Saturday in McKale Center. The Gymcats lost to the Bruins 197.500-196.250, and Flores finished third in the all-around with a 38.925. However, Flores earned a career high on the bars (9.900) and the floor exercise (9.900).

SAnd Volleyball from page 21

savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

Ronni Lewis (left), Madi Kingdon, Madison Witt and McKenna Witt are all members of the new sand volleyball team. The first tournament will be held this weekend. The Wildcats play Arizona Christian at 2 p.m. on Friday and Grand Canyon at 10 a.m., and ASU at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

“Talking will be key for the games,” Croson said. “You have to really communicate with your partner, since it’s just you and her. You also need to really focus on moving your feet and not getting trapped in the sand.” Last week, Arizona’s RedBlue Exhibition was canceled due to the weather, and the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Arizona Sand Volleyball Courts was moved to today at 1:30 p.m. Walker said the Wildcats’ best offense right now is being very efficient in the serve–

receive game. In sand volleyball, the players compete in two-person teams. Walker said some players find it awkward moving from indoor to outdoor. “I would say maybe from an attacking standpoint, being a little off balance can give the [opposing] defense a bad read on what you are doing,” Walker said. “That is something that can translate fairly well, but something that we don’t necessarily teach and preach out here.”

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The Daily Wildcat

Arizona men’s basketball at Oregon After eking out a victory against some feisty Beavers, the Wildcats take on Oregon on a court with trees painted on it so fans can watch hoops while simultaneously feeling like they’re at some hippy jam-fest in the forest, listening to a Grateful Dead cover band, staring up at the sky, pondering the universe … where was I? Oh — Arizona wins by a far-out margin. Arizona 85, Oregon 67


Arizona men’s basketball at Oregon They’re two of the hottest teams in the Pac-12, but A r i z o n a’s smothering defense will slow down the Ducks’ potent offense. Plus, Oregon still doesn’t play defense. Arizona will pull away late to win. Arizona 78, Oregon 65

North Carolina at Duke Mike Krzyzewski has some real advantages with his forwards, despite having a name that sounds like it’s being pronounced backwards. However, I look for the Heels to keep the momentum of a 12-game winning streak and defeat Duke on its own turf. UNC 68, Duke 64 Kentucky at Florida Kentucky seems to be on the skids as of late, with its über-hyped lineup of “oneand-done” players showing that just suiting up for the (other) Wildcats does not transform you into Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Anthony Davis. Florida’s rolling, so Florida wins. Florida 74, Kentucky 67

North Carolina at Duke Duke lost a stunner to Wake Forest on Wednesday, but head coach Mike Krzyzewski will make sure the Blue Devils have the right mindset. Plus, they’re seeking revenge for their loss to North Carolina last month. But UNC hasn’t lost since falling to UVA on Jan. 20. But its last three victories have not been that impressive. Duke 72, North Carolina 68 Kentucky at Florida Kentucky’s not-so-fab five of starting freshmen still have no idea how to play with each other. Florida is the hottest team in basketball right now. It is an easy pick: Florida wins by at least 20.


Arizona sand volleyball vs. Arizona Christian: 2 p.m., Jimenez Field Arizona baseball vs. Mississippi State: 7 p.m., Hi Corbett Field and streamed live at Indiana Pacers vs. Houston Rockets: 7:30 p.m., ESPN


Arizona sand volleyball vs. Grand Canyon: 10 a.m., Jimenez Field Arizona men’s basketball vs. Oregon: 2 p.m., CBS Arizona sand volleyball vs. ASU: 4 p.m., Jimenez Field

Arizona baseball vs. UC Santa Barbara: 7 p.m. MST, Hi Corbett Field and streamed live at Duke men’s basketball vs. North Carolina: 7 p.m., ESPN


Streaking softball travels to Fullerton Mike Candrea said. “I’m looking forward to getting there and playing some quality Five games over the weekend for the teams.” No. 8 Arizona softball team provide the Of those quality teams, Michigan is opportunity for the Wildcats to get off the highest-ranked team in the classic to their best start since the team started and the first of five teams Arizona will 24-1 in 2006. play. The Wildcats will Arizona (20-1) will be the 12th game of the travel to Fullerton, year against a ranked Calif., to participate opponent for the in the Judi Garman Wolverines. Classic. “We’ve got a big The Wildcats will game against Michigan play No. 4 Michigan, and we’re looking to Wisconsin, Cal State go out there and show Fullerton, Houston everybody what we got,” — Chelsea Goodacre, and San Jose State junior catcher Chelsea junior catcher over the three days Goodacre said. “Show in Arizona’s last everybody what Arizona nonconference softball really is.” games before Pac-12 Conference play Arizona has played only five games begins. against ranked opponents but has “[Fullerton, Calif.,] is always a test to SOFTBALL, 23 truly see where you’re at,” UA head coach



Arizona men’s basketball at Oregon Arizona has already won the Pac-12 regular season championship and could coast until the NCAA Tournament. However, with a possible No. 1 seed on the line, the UA needs to finish strong. It won a close one against Oregon the last time they played and will walk away with another close win. Arizona 72, Oregon 68

North Carolina at Duke North Carolina is going into Cameron Indoor Stadium on a 12-game win streak, but its game against Duke could not have worse timing. Duke is coming off of a loss to Wake Forest and finishing the season at home against its in-state rival. I just don’t see any way Duke will lose this game. Duke 78, North Carolina 73 Kentucky at Florida Florida is the No. 1 team in the nation, and will finish its season at home against an SEC opponent. Kentucky is talented, but it will be overmatched in this game. Florida will win and go into the NCAA Tournament as the overall number one seed. Florida 77, Kentucky 68


Arizona baseball vs. UC Santa Barbara: noon, Hi Corbett Field and streamed live at Arizona gymnastics vs. Oregon State: noon, McKale Center and Pac-12 Networks Arizona baseball vs. Mississippi State: 5 p.m., Hi Corbett Field and streamed live at





Baseball tries to halt skid with Hi Corbett Classic




SENIOR ALEX LAVINE comes up with the ball after a diving catch against Tennessee State during the Hillenbrand Invitational on Feb. 15. However, Lavine tore her ACL in Arizona’s last action and will miss the remainder of the softball season.

dominated the teams it has played . Not only do the Wildcats score 8.9 runs per game, they also hold opponents to 0.8 runs per game. Goodacre and redshirt junior shortstop Kellie Fox lead the team in home runs and runs batted in, but aren’t even the hottest hitters on the team. Senior catcher/utility Kelsey Rodriguez, who was named last week’s Pac-12 Player of the Week, has raised her batting average to a team-high .523

over the past week. Rodriguez said the team needs to continue to improve and not overlook any of its upcoming opponents. “We want to keep building,” Rodriguez said. “It’s very important to keep building every weekend no matter who we’re playing.” — Follow Roberto Payne @HouseofPayne555

The Arizona baseball team returns to play this weekend, and will try to end its five-game losing streak. The Wildcats will host the Hi Corbett Classic, which begins Friday and ends on Sunday. Arizona (6-7) will face Mississippi State (11-4) in its first game at 7 p.m. Friday The matchup will be the second game of the classic, after Mississippi faces UC Santa Barbara (7-1) at 2 p.m. Mississippi State will arrive at Arizona with a seven-game winning streak, two of those games being shutouts against Eastern Illinois and South Alabama. The probable starting pitcher for Mississippi State will be junior right-hander Brandon Woodruff (1-1). The Wildcats were swept by Long Beach State on Wednesday, and head coach Andy Lopez said he would start fixing problems during the one day of practice the team had before facing Mississippi State. “Our competitiveness needs to get to a higher level [and] obviously our efficiency at the plate,” Lopez said. He said the team is not only struggling offensively when it comes to leaving men on scoring positions, but also defensively. “We’ll start getting some things addressed, worked out [and] reestablish some standards … reestablish some things that I have always felt are important in any program of coaching,” Lopez said.


SENIOR PITCHER JAMES FARRIS (36) was a relief pitcher during Arizona’s 3-2 fall to Long Beach State on Tuesday. The Wildcats will turn to their ace to try and end their losing streak.

Arizona’s bullpen had a difficult time finding the strike zone on Wednesday. “We’ve had some defensive lapses,” Lopez said. Friday’s starting pitcher will be senior James Farris (2-1). Farris pitched three innings during Tuesday’s matchup against the Dirtbags, allowing zero runs and zero hits with two strikeouts. Arizona will play four games in three days. The Wildcats will also face UC Santa Barbara. The Gauchos have a six-game winning streak, and have won seven out of its eight games. UCSB’s away record is 3-1. Lopez said he wished his team had more time to prepare for the

weekend, but that every single minute of practice on Thursday would be used. Blaming himself for the losses, he said he will get better and the team will get better. “We will get better; I’ll fix it,” Lopez said. “I look forward to every challenge. I’m not a guy [who’s] been used to getting his brains beat out. I’ve been very lucky in my coaching life.” On Saturday, the Wildcats play the Gauchos at 7 p.m. and then again on Sunday at noon, followed by a game with the Bulldogs at 5 p.m. — Follow Rose Aly Valenzuela @RoseAlyVal

In the Ball Park

What has been your favorite basketball memory this year? Quin Wilhite

engineering senior

Kevin Fitzsimmons,

Dylan Schoenbaum

professor, marine biology and environmental science

senior studying English

“The second Cal win, beating them by close to 30 points at home was pretty rad.”

“My favorite memory of the basketball season has been watching UA win the conference championship. Watching them cut off the basketball net was incredible.”

“Watching Aaron Gordon dunk.”


Bianka Bedoya

double major, agribusiness economics and management and Spanish “Watching them win the Pac-12 Conference was my favorite memory.”

24 • wildcat weekend

FRIDAY, March 7, 2014


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Six Excellent Buildings Near Downtown and UofA:

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In this edition of Wildcat Weekend: A taste of the Meet Rack: A look inside the infamous dive bar: Bras, bawdy tchotchkes and an unapologeti...