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On the court, tennis player gives new definition to the word ‘intensity.’



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Hassling the ‘Hoff ’

Students pay more in fall 2010 By Taylor Avey ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Traci Smith, a computer science and religion freshman, got her backpack signed by David Hasselhoff when he came to campus Wednesday.

David Hasselhoff sings to INDV class, films new reality TV show on campus By Matt Lewis ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT People ignored the cliché and “hassled the Hoff,” Wednesday morning. David Hasselhoff , the star of such shows as “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” was on campus to speak to a UA class and film a new reality TV show. Hasselhoff spoke to Adjunct Lecturer Dana Narter’s INDV 101 class — Structure of Mind and Behavior. He was also filming a show set to air on A&E in June, according to Hasselhoff. An airdate and a title for the show have not yet been released. The reality program will focus on Hasselhoff’s life as a businessman and single dad. He has two daughters, one of whom attends the UA. Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, 19, is a communications major. His other

daughter Hayler, 17, is a model and aspiring actress. Taylor-Ann took Narter’s INDV 101 class in fall 2008, which led Narter to contact Hasselhoff. She thought it would be fun to have Hasselhoff come to her class and sing a song or speak to students. It didn’t happen last semester as Narter had hoped, but she got a call saying he would be in town to shoot his new reality show and could come speak to the class. He talked about both his personal and professional life — good and bad decisions that he’s made and how he’s learned from them. “It was really good, I am actually going to follow up on it in the following class to really link it back to the course,” Narter said. “He did sing. He sang a little snippet from a Broadway show that he

was in. He mentioned that he was in ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ on Broadway,” Narter added. She said she tried to keep the event quiet, but Narter did tell her class that someone big was going to come in this week. Narter said she had not met or had direct contact with Hasselhoff until Wednesday morning. About 400 students from Narter’s class gathered around Hasselhoff after class. After speaking, Hasselhoff signed autographs and posed for pictures with students. Hasselhoff’s public relations team handed out photos for students to get autographed. He signed autographs and posed for about half an hour before filming began. Jose Leones, a math senior, said he wanted Hasselhoff to sign a picture of himself posing with two puppies.

“My roommate texted me (saying Hasselhoff was on campus),” Leones said after he got his autograph. “I can check that off my list of life goals.” Traci Smith, a computer science and religious studies freshman , also got an autograph. She said she just wanted to say “hi” to Hasselhoff, who she’s been a fan of for a long time. Smith said she’s liked him since his days as Snapper in “Young and the Restless.” She not only said “hi,” but also had Hasselhoff sign her backpack — which he offered to do, according to Smith. Someone asked Smith if she had served in the military, and she said she had in the National Guard in Afghanistan for a year as a chaplain assistant — a person provides religious HASSELHOFF, page 6

Downtown CALA classes coming By Matt Lewis ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Graduate students in the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture could be taking classes in downtown Tucson in the near future. Jan Cervelli, dean of the college, said Pima County has made the UA an offer, but it all depends on the state budget and whether the university will see more budget cuts. She believes the UA will certainly move into the space within a few years, but will move sooner if it has the money to pay for overhead costs like maintenance and operations of the facility. “It’s more a matter of us as a university putting together a plan on how we want to approach downtown. The county has been very generous in offering us the Walgreens building for use at a low lease rate,”Cervelli said. The UA is considering using the old Walgreens on Stone Avenue and Pennington Street, which closed in 2004, as a studio classroom for architecture and landscape architecture graduate students. A studio class typically has between 15 and 40 students depending on the program. DOWNTOWN, page 6

Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Next semester could prove more expensive for students, but Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Chris Nagata hopes to have a hand in making it less so. “We are all collectively facing increases to our cost of education,” Nagata said. “We’re in very peculiar times.” Nagata and David Talenfeld, Graduate and Professional Student Council president , gave a presentation with the amounts of increased fees requested by several resource entities at the UA. These entities include Campus Health Services, the Student Recreation Center, the library, Information Technology and campus sustainability. The presentation also included separate requests for minimal decreases to these fees based on student feedback compiled through a variety of survey methods. Campus Health and the Rec Center combined their requested fee to total $306. Nagata and Talenfeld proposed a $159 increase instead. FEE, page 3

GPSC opposes proposed UA fees By Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The Graduate and Professional Student Council is against the university’s proposed steep fee increases. Recently, GPSC and the Associated Students of the University of Arizona released a joint statement opposing the proposed hikes for the Campus Health Service and Student Recreation Center fee, the student Information and Technology fee and the library fee — all of which would more than double under the current university fee proposals. “If we don’t give a little bit of ground and take an active role in paying for our education, then who will?”asked GPSC President David Talenfeld . GPSC members criticized Talenfeld for a letter he wrote to the Arizona Daily Wildcat that was published on Tuesday. In the letter he stated his personal opinion that certain fee hikes should be approved. This is contrary to the GPSC and ASUA joint resolution he signed and that was issued the same day. “It is my opinion, my personal opinion, that some increases in fees should be accepted,”Talenfeld said. “It was not my intention in my letter to the Wildcat to state, indirectly or otherwise, that all

The old Walgreens building on the southeast corner of Stone Avenue and Pennington Street will be the site for the new UA architecture and urban design studio.

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: @DailyWildcat

GRADUATE, page 3


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UA President Robert Shelton will be featured in a Higher Education Colloquium today at 12:30 p.m. in the Santa Rita room of the Student Union Memorial Center. This series invites higher education and community leaders to share their experiences and insights and engage in meaningful dialogue on forging unchartered solutions. All students, faculty, staff and community members welcome.

Know your swimmers

John Kessler,professor emeritus from the UA’s department of physics, will give a seminar called “Individual and Collective Dynamics of Swimming Micro-Organisms”today at 4 p.m. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering room S212.


RIP Pluto

Who would you rather meet?

Today is Battery Day, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and Pluto Day, in honor of the day the once-planet was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh. Poor Clyde Tombaugh.

on the spot Cyborgs and robots


Sarah Silverman (10 votes) Martin Scorsese (15 votes) Leonardo DiCaprio (22 votes) None of the above (24 votes)

worth noting

New question: Do you think the Pac-10 should expand?

News Tips

Alisha Lim

Media arts senior What’s up with robotics? Are robots going to take over the world? Yes. How do you know? (Pause) Tell me how you know. Because “Transformers” is real. Who told you? Do you have an “in” to this conspiracy? Yeah. I don’t know any of the names of the Transformers. Megatron? Tron? One of those Trons. “Tron Legacy?” Yeah. Do you think that our grandchildren will one day be half human, half robot? Yes. I do. They will be born from humans. But, they will be born half robot. I think that genetics is on its way toward this path. I like how you’re now talking like a robot. I. Am. A robot. All right. If you had a robot grandchild, what would you call it? Omega 3000. And, what would your grandchildren call you? Big Papa. (Laughs) They must have a glitch or something. They should be calling you Big Mama. Yeah. In the future, women are referred to as Papa. And, men are referred to as Mama. You know a little bit too much about the future and robotics. I’m starting to become suspicious of you. It’s because I read this book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Is this real? Yeah, I haven’t actually read it, though. I just know it exists. But, you know that, in the future, you will read it. Yes. If you know the future, what should I know about my future? In the future, dinosaurs take over. Half cyborg dinosaurs. Half cyborg humans. This is terrifying. —Katie Gault

621-3193 The Daily Wildcat is always interested in story ideas and tips from readers. If you see something deserving of coverage, contact news editor Michelle Monroe at or call the newsroom at 621-3193.

Arizona Daily Wildcat Vol. 103, Issue 100

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Yijun Ding, a first-year physics doctoral student, was passing time in the downstairs exhibition area of the Optical Sciences building Wednesday. The light waves are slowed down and steered off course as they pass through the glass crystal, resulting in the illusion that she is in a different location than she actually is.

Genetic testing lowers inherited diseases Some of mankind’s most devastating inherited diseases appear to be declining, and a few have nearly disappeared, because more people are using genetic testing to decide whether to have children. Births of babies with cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs and other less familiar disorders seem to have dropped since testing came into wider use, The Associated Press found from interviews with numerous geneticists and other experts and a review of the limited research available.

meeting on 9/4 at 5:30 p.m. is in Room 126 of the Old Chemistry Building (Building 41) and not the Koffler Building as stated in our ad on 8/30 and 9/3.

history of inherited diseases are getting tested before starting families to see if they carry mutations that put a baby at risk. And a growing number are screening embryos and using only those without problem genes. The cost of testing is falling, and the number of companies offering it is rising. A 2008 federal law banning gene-based discrimination by insurers and employers has eased fears. — The Associated Press

Sarah Palin furious at ‘Family Guy’

Girl 1: “You know, sex the first time is gonna hurt.” Girl 2: “Can I just, like, skip the first time?” — Babcock Residence Hall submit at or twitter @overheardatua

fast facts • The average person will use the bathroom six times during a workday. • A cow’s sweat glands are in its nose. • The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses.

• Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite. • Bats are the mammal that can fly.


• The only letter not used in the spelling of any of the 50 states in the U.S. is Q. • A telephone signal travels 100,000 miles per second. • The kiwi is the only bird that has nostrils at the end of its bill. •The oak tree is struck by lightning more often than any other type of tree.

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Many of these diseases are little known and few statistics are kept. But their effects—ranging from blood disorders to muscle decline—can be disabling and often fatal during childhood. Now, more women are being tested as part of routine prenatal care, and many end pregnancies when diseases are found. One study in California found that prenatal screening reduced by half the number of babies born with the severest form of cystic fibrosis because many parents chose abortion. More couples with no family

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JUNEAU, Alaska — Sarah Palin is lashing out at the portrayal of a character with Down syndrome on the Fox animated comedy “Family Guy.” In a Facebook posting headlined “Fox Hollywood — What a Disappointment,” the 2008 Republican vice presidential Sarah Palin nominee and current Fox News contributor said Sunday night’s episode felt like “another kick in the gut.” Palin’s youngest son, Trig, has Down syndrome. The episode features the character Chris falling for a girl with Down syndrome. On a date, he asks what her parents do. She replies: “My dad’s an accountant, and my mom is the former governor of Alaska.” Palin resigned as Alaska governor last summer. Palin’s oldest daughter, Bristol, also was quoted on her mother’s Facebook page, calling the show’s writers “heartless jerks.” “When you’re the son or daughter of a public figure, you have to develop thick skin. My siblings and I all have that, but insults directed at our youngest brother hurt too much for us to remain silent,” she is quoted as saying. “If the writers of a particularly pathetic cartoon show thought they were being clever in mocking my brother and my family yesterday, they failed,” Bristol Palin added in the Monday posting. Palin wrote that she’d asked her daughter what she thought of the show and Bristol’s reply was “a much more restrained and gracious statement than I want to make about an issue that begs the question: When is enough enough?” This isn’t the first time Palin has spoken out over an attack, real or perceived, on her family. Last year, she condemned a joke David Letterman made about her daughter, for which he later apologized. A “Family Guy” publicist didn’t immediately return an e-mail seeking comment. — The Associated Press

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Foundation eases Tucson families’ grief


The death of a newborn is a tragic event, and the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep foundation works with Tucson Medical Center, University Medical Center and others to provide comfort during one of the worst moments in a parent’s life. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep began with a Colorado woman who saw the need for this kind of service after losing her child, according to Diane Graham, the public relations coordinator with the organization. For families who have just lost their children, photographing their child provides a critical step in acknowledging what happened and helps families to heal, Graham said. The organization now works with 7,000 volunteers in the U.S. and 25 other countries. Students at the UA have been among these ranks, helping grieving families to cope with the loss of a child. The idea at first may seem eerie to those outside of the service, but not a single family that has been offered the service has turned it down, according to Lisa Beth Earle. Earle is a UA photography student and photographer for the Arizona Daily Wildcat, who has worked with the regional manager of the foundation in Tucson. “Really the only thing you can do to preserve that fleeting moment is to take a picture,� Earle said.“It’s not just a snapshot of parents with a deceased child. It’s another part of life. You take all these pictures of life, living and smiling. Why can’t you take pictures of death? You just need to remember the person however you can, and these are the only photos they’ll have.� A DVD of the soft-set black and white heirloom photos provides a digital memory for families such as the Suddarths. Rachael Suddarth, a speech, language and hearing sciences doctoral student, and Tim Suddarth, a minister at Damascus Road, a church on campus, used the service a year and a half ago for their daughter Aurora.

“We were lucky to be at TMC,� said Rachael Suddarth.“It was nice to have a better quality of picture and clearly that would have never been possible without (the foundation).� The Suddarths noted that it helped them grieve and speak about their daughter to extended family and friends. “There needs to be that cement,� said Tim Suddarth. “That makes it part of your story.� Rachael Suddarth, like many in her situation, thought,“Who has children die? Who does that happen to?� In actuality, roughly one in 115 families experience the death of a child. TMC noticed a high influx of people interested in the service, which could be due to a lack of proper bereavement services, Graham has worked with grieving families who sought help from the foundation. She said she noticed it was the little things that the photographers, editors and managers did that helped families acknowledge the death and begin to heal. Graham was involved with nearly 35 sessions last year and urges photography students to join the service. “They just thought, ‘Wow, what a service,’� Graham said. “And it just grew from there.� The organization relies mostly on donations and a $25 membership fee. Providing the service at no cost, the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation accepts community donations for its private portrait sessions. The foundation has been branching out to hospices, funeral homes and other places that may not be familiar with it in order to spread awareness about its services.


Search “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep NBC� on YouTube or check out their Web site at to donate, volunteer and watch the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation’s story on the Today Show.

arizona daily wildcat • thursday, february 18, 2010 •



ASUA approves partial increases grudgingly

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Information Technology requested a $300 fee, which is $215 more than the current fee. Nagata and Talenfeld proposed an increase of $125. Approximately $100 of that fee would cover the costs of sustaining current student resources and the leftover $25 would be used to support the campus wireless system. Nagata and Talenfeld noted that the wireless system will be paid off by fall 2010, allowing that money to be allocated for new projects. The library they cut least, with only a $30 difference. The library asked for $150 and Nagata’s proposed fee amounts to $120. Nagata and Talenfeld did not see the need to cut the requested amount asked for by the sustainability entity. Students do not currently pay a sustainability fee but in the fall could be asked to pay $25 per semester. Other elements to Nagata and Talenfeld’s presentation included a request that students be informed and included in the fee increase process so that all requested fees maintain essential student services, Nagata said. He also asked that the Student Advisory Board be utilized as a guide.

“It’s not enough to just have (the Student Advisory Board) exist,� he said. Finally, Nagata suggested that all fees be prorated for part-time and distant learning students who do not have full access to university services and resources. Similar remissions should also be made for graduate and teaching assistants, according to Nagata. ASUA senators did not react entirely favorably to Nagata and Talenfeld’s presentation, and some said they would have liked the opportunity to weigh in on the fee alterations. “I wish it had been presented (to us) before they sent the proposal out to let us lend our two cents,� said Sen. Daniel Wallace . “I don’t think that’s acceptable, it’s pretty ridiculous actually.� Fees were not the only items discussed at last night’s meeting. Sen. Tyler Quillin proposed a resolution in support of three legislative initiatives headed by the Arizona Student Association. ASA has several projects in the works, including a common course numbering bill which, if passed, would cut down on the number

of repeat classes transfer students have to take. This would save those students tuition money and time. The next proposal is a work-study bill aimed at providing another source of financial aid to Arizona college students. If passed, the bill would provide students the opportunity to work in high-need fields such as science, technology, engineering and math, according to Elma Delic, ASA board chair. The state currently has a federal work-study program but limits the amount of money available to students and does not provide as many desirable career opportunities, Delic said. The last of the ASA initiatives is a voter access bill that may give students the same privileges university employees receive on voting days. If passed, students would receive time off from school to vote and not have to risk long polling lines or missing classes to cast their vote. This bill was passed by the House education committee. Finally, Sen. Katherine Weingartner plans to donate 75 specially made water bottles to the Salvation Army next week for Tucsonans in need.


Council torn on funding sustainability plan

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fee increases should be accepted 100 percent, without scrutiny. I apologize for being so vague.� A presentation on sustainability was also held to address how current funds can be used to accomplish UA President Robert Shelton’s lofty sustainability goals for the university. The proposal suggested a $25 student fee, which would be assessed every semester. The fee is necessary to meet emission levels required by the university, according to the plan’s presenter Lon Huber. “We are lucky enough to have some of the best climate scientists in the world working here at the UA,� said Huber, a policy program associate at Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy and business administration graduate student . “How does it reflect on us as a university if we don’t even

listen to our own people?� Robert Jacobi, a GPSC member and doctoral student of philosophy and aerospace engineering doesn’t think it’s reasonable to ask students to fund President Shelton’s sustainability goals. “As far as I am concerned, if the president has pledged to cut campus emissions then he should put his money where his mouth is and not put the burden on students,� Jacobi said. Alan Schumacher, a GPSC member and second year medical student , agreed it is not students’ responsibility to fund this plan. “What you’re trying to accomplish with this fee is admirable, but my problem is not with the cost or the goal but the approach,� he said. “I feel that if the president and the university wants to do something like this, they should fund it.�

Schumacher went on to express his opinion on fee hikes in general. “Fee hikes have never made sense to me, especially since most of these fees are covered by tuition anyway,� he said. “As grad students we get our tuition covered by the university, so while they will continue to get the same amount of money regardless of whether it’s coming from tuition or fees, any shift in where that money comes from is coming out of our pockets.�

IF YOU GO GPSC will be holding a special meeting Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. to address Shelton’s forthcoming fee proposal. Visit for more details.


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• thursday, february 18, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat



Lance Madden Editor in Chief 520•621•7579

Anna Swenson Opinions Editor 520•621•7581

Don’t count on Master Cleanse for a spring break body Rachael Leavitt Columnist


ith spring break a mere three weeks away, more and more UA students seem to be flooding the newly renovated gym, committing to various diets and attempting to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Others turn to detoxes and cleanses in hopes of dropping weight quickly. While detoxes and cleanses appear to create a simple way to lose weight without the hassle of fighting for a machine at the gym, nutritionists continue to warn against their use. One of the notable examples present on our campus is the Master Cleanse, also known as the lemon juice diet . Dieters who choose to partake in this cleanse spend 10 consecutive days replacing their daily meals with a liquid mixture of fresh lemon juice, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and pure water. To accompany the foodless cleanse, participants are encouraged to utilize nightly laxatives or a “salt water flush.” Both solutions count as laxatives by definition. The Master Cleanse is hardly a new concept. It’s been present and utilized since its creation more than 50 years ago. And since its inception, the cleanse has been looked down upon by nutritionists who question its efficacy, nutritional adequacy and necessity. As quoted on , director of the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University in Philadelphia Gary Foster asserts that diets of this sort “are not a reasonable approach to weight loss, and there’s no data that they do what they claim.” Director of nutrition and physical activity for the American Cancer Society Colleen Doyle asserts similar concerns. “I’ve never seen any published trials, that would lead me to believe that if you are healthy, your lungs, kidney and liver need help removing toxins from your body,” Doyle said. Spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and a registered dietician in New York City Bonnie Taub-Dix states that these diets are nutritionally insufficient due to the lack of protein, comparing it to wearing three shirts but no pants. “They may be nice shirts,” she added, “but you are missing other critical things.” Nutrients clearly are not present in this cleanse. There is a reason the guidelines of the Master Cleanse incorporate a nightly laxative — the “cleanse” lacks fiber. A healthy diet should regulate bowel movements, not be detrimental to them. The two main aspects of the Cleanse — no food and nightly laxatives — bear unsettling resemblance to an eating disorder. Yes, if you take laxatives and don’t eat solid food for 10 consecutive days, you will lose weight. But much of it will be water weight and you won’t experience long-term success, as registered dietician in New York City Joy Bauer says on Despite the persistent precautions from professionals, people continue to depend on the Master Cleanse and other diets like it to surpass the trouble of adopting healthier lifestyles, which is precisely what losing weight effectively consists of. A person’s schedule can determine, or at least contribute to, his or her diet. Changing them by cutting portions or altering the types of food consumed can be difficult for someone with a strict daily schedule. Incorporating exercise can be ever harder. But if long-lasting, healthy weight loss is the goal, these are essential steps. The Master Cleanse lacks proof, nutritional value and professional support. Since simple solutions seem to be so popular, here’s another one: Eat. Eat better and eat healthier. Take advantage of the beautiful new gym. But don’t resort to “lose weight quick” scams — the possible risks far outweigh the potential, yet unlikely, gain. — Rachel Leavitt is a creative writing sophomore. She can be reached at

The Daily Wildcat editorial policy

Daily Wildcat staff editorials represent the official opinion of the Daily Wildcat staff, which is determined at staff editorial meetings. Columns, cartoons, online comments and letters to the editors represent the opinions of their author and do not represent the opinion of the Daily Wildcat.

MAILBAG Back off, Brother Jed’s ‘Entourage’

For the past couple days I have watched and listened to Brother Jed and Sister Cindy preaching by the UA Mall. It was interesting/ appalling/shocking to hear their words, but what surprised me the most was the behavior of the “Skeptics Club” members. When the members didn’t agree with Sister Cindy, they would get in her face by yelling, interrupting her, calling her names or demanding answers (usually with harsh tones and anger). These antics perpetuated by the Skeptics Club give a bad name to all UA students. Being collegeeducated — or on the way there, at least — we should realize that resorting to childish arguing and angry rants only make us look ignorant and barbaric. I, for one, hope that my degree from UA will not be tarnished by peers like these. With freedom of speech, the Skeptics Club is more than welcome to act as foolishly as they have been. It would be more appropriate, however, to act civilized — even if it means their opponents continue to act “stupidly.” Perhaps the Skeptics Club should join Brother Jed on his journey north to the school in Tempe, where logic and reason don’t seem to be a requirement for admission. Alex Yang Aerospace engineering junior

Israel a difficult issue

We are writing about the articles in Monday’s paper about the university’s contracts with Motorola and the concerns over the company’s ties with Israel. We find it ridiculous and quite alarming that the Arizona Daily Wildcat writers and the various self-described social justice groups on campus have placed so much attention on Israel’s alleged human rights violations. These people would make it seem that Israel is the worst human rights violator on the planet. Let’s not forget that Israel has one of the best records on political rights and civil liberties in the world. Israel grants civil liberties, much like those in the Bill of Rights, to all citizens regardless of their religion, race, or gender. In fact, 20 percent of Israel’s citizens that are granted all of these rights are Arab. It is true that the conditions are deplorable in the Palestinian territories, but the Palestinian leadership deserves at least as much blame for the problems there as Israel does. Israel is also in a very difficult predicament, because its existence is constantly being threatened. However, the social justice groups choose to ignore the complexities of the situation and waste their resources launching empty attacks against an electronics company instead of spreading awareness about the many more clear-cut cases of ongoing human rights violations around the world. Josh Hope Masters candidate in public administration Alex Lovinger Biology senior

Sarcasm or something like it

Although many are using Monday’s paper as another opportunity to criticize the media for being biased against Israel, I would like to commend the Daily Wildcat for printing both the

UA Community for Human Rights’ propaganda piece by Gabriel Schivone and the press release by Jennifer Koehmstedt. I could extol the virtues of this anti-Israel double whammy for hours, but there are a handful of especially extraordinary aspects I wish to address. First, it is high time that the Daily Wildcat has gotten around to addressing Israel’s alleged human rights violations. It’s about time we stopped talking about murderous dictatorships and started focusing on the real culprit — Israel. Second, I am glad that “UA administrators are resisting a recommendation of UA students,”indicating that this recommendation is representative of the entire student body. This is definitely news to me, and I’m thrilled to have been informed so promptly. Third, it’s also laudable that Motorola has been smeared for helping to produce unmanned aerial vehicles, which are used for the brutal purpose of saving pilots’ lives. Fourth, I wholeheartedly agree that the UA should adhere to its policy on corporate relations. The university can begin to cut business ties with institution with products that “are known to cause harm to humans” by kicking Burger King out of the Student Union Memorial Center. Another deadly institution is the United States, so the UA should secede. Mr. Schivone and the University Community for Human Rights can lead the rebellion, since they are clearly the sages when it comes to military issues. Most importantly, however, is the main point: we must make a stand against “degradation of the human spirit” caused by the Israeli occupation of land Jordan and Egypt no longer claim. A boycott of Motorola is an obvious first step, but to truly cut ties with Israel we must stop using cell phones and laptops entirely. Furthermore, we should take the bold step of blazing through as much petroleum as possible. This will raise the price of oil, both enriching Israel’s enemies and indirectly arming Palestinian social justice warriors who would never, ever kill civilians (at least not by accident). Only then can we “better the human condition” by attempting to impoverish both Jews and Arabs who have relied on the Zionist economy for a century. That’ll move the chains! Daniel Greenberg Near Eastern studies senior

Motives behind article questionable

I am appalled to see that the article Jennifer Koehmstedt wrote was published. I believe that this not only shows her incompetence, but this is also a lack of judgement on the part of the Daily Wildcat. This article is not only biased — and it is not even in the opinion section, but the information provided has no backing. I see no evidence in this article that shows any type of strong reporting/writing. I am surprised that with such a large pro-Israeli contingent at the UA, such an article was even allowed the chance to be looked at. It is safe to say that nothing good has come from this article except misuse facts in order for self-gratification. This is a matter that must be taken seriously. If the Wildcat wants to be respected nationwide, then for your sake, I hope you do something about this incident.

The (free) paper loses a paying customer

I am absolutely sick and tired of the disgusting anti-Israel bias the Daily Wildcat is showing. I have yet to see one article presenting an alternate viewpoint to your ‘Israel is at fault for every evil in the world’ slant and quite frankly, I’m disgusted by it. I am neither Israeli nor Jewish. I am an American Roman Catholic Zionist and I will forever stand with my Jewish brethren in defending the Israeli state’s right to exist. The facts of the matter are this: Israel is the only stable democracy in the Middle East. They are opposed by a people who elected Hamas as their governing political party. The Israelis are fighting against an organization made up of psychotic genocidal madmen. They must do everything in their power to protect their country and if that involves stepping on the toes of a few bleeding-heart leftists in the West who hate Jews but will never admit it, like some members of your editorial staff who shall remain unnamed lest I find myself served with a defamation lawsuit, then it has to be done. You should consider yourselves lucky that the Daily Wildcat is a free paper, because if it wasn’t, you would have lost me as a paying customer. Kevin Wos Political science junior

Opinions belong in the opinions section

The human rights violations story on the front page Monday seemed to be an opportunity to promote anti-Semitism as opposed to discuss UA’s contract with Motorola. From a journalistic standpoint, it is not objective and raises many ethical questions. The article said, “Students say the company is complicit in human rights violations because of contracts they have with the Israeli government, which is militarily occupying Palestinian lands.” These students do not have the authority to make such a statement, claiming that Israelis are occupying Palestinian land when, on the contrary, many people believe that the Palestinians are occupying Israeli land. The story on the contract originates from a student group that apparently has no reputation or sanction from the Associated Students Union of Arizona clubs and is unable to be found anywhere on the Arizona Web site. The wisest person mentioned in the article was the University of Arizona Police Department commander, Robert Sommerfeld, who refused an interview with the Wildcat on this matter. The story reeked of bias. The Wildcat news editor should be more observant while looking over reporters content before letting material run. The context gives incorrect background and makes it seem like Israelis are harmful when their lives are the ones being endangered. As a former Wildcat reporter, I get upset when I hear my peers label the newspaper as a nonobjective, anti-semitic paper. I hope that the management with step up its game in the future and think twice before running an article in the condition that this one was in.

Mark Mason Psychology junior

Yael Schusterman Journalism junior

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• thursday, february 18, 2010



Elevators and alcohol don’t mix

A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to the Coronado Residence Hall on Saturday at 12:26 a.m. in reference to a drunken woman. When the officer arrived at the dorm he noticed an unconscious woman lying on the floor in the hallway. A resident assistant told the officer the woman had thrown up on herself several times in the lobby and the elevator after she entered the building. After the officer was unable to wake the woman, Tucson Fire Department arrived and was able to wake her. The woman gave her name and birth date, and the officer reported that she had no affiliation with UA. She was transported to University Medical Center and was cited and released for minor in possession.

Date dash upchuck

A UAPD officer reported an intoxicated woman lying in a UA parking lot at 1325 N. Warren Ave. on Feb. 11 at 9:50 p.m. The officer said the woman was sitting in the middle of the parking lot in a puddle of her own vomit, surrounded by about 100 people. The students in the lot were waiting for a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity date dash bus. The woman had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and smelled strongly of alcohol. After the woman admitted to drinking earlier in the night, she was cited and released for minor in possession. Another UAPD officer drove the woman back to her dorm at the Posada San Pedro Residence Hall.

Traffic stop, fake ID

A UAPD officer pulled over a man for speeding at Second Street and Martin Avenue on Feb. 11 at 5:55 p.m. When the officer pulled the man over, he stated he did not know what the speed limit was, and did not drive on university streets very often. As the man pulled out a Maryland driver’s license, the officer noticed an Arizona driver’s license under it in his wallet. The officer asked to see the Arizona driver’s license as well. He could see the license was fake, and a records check on the license plate number listed on the ID showed it belonged to a woman. The fake license showed the man to be older than 21. The man was arrested for possession of fictitious identification. He was cited and released on scene. The ID was placed into UAPD evidence as property and a Code of Conduct referral was sent to the Dean of Students.

Inappropriate paper written by English student

The dean of the College of Humanities reported a potentially threatening e-mail she received from a student to UAPD on Feb. 11 at 5:55 p.m. According to the dean, the student had been in an English class when he wrote an inappropriate paper for an assignment. In the paper, he rips the dress of an English teacher that had the same name as his former English teacher, exposing her breasts. After reading the paper, the teacher told the student he could not use the paper for a workshop in class because it was inappropriate. The man was then transferred to another English class, where he tried to turn in the same paper, but was again not allowed to do so. After attempting to appeal the refusal to accept the paper, a supervisor in the English department told the man he would not be able to take anymore English classes for the remainder of the spring semester. The student then sent an e-mail to the dean of the college expressing his anger about being removed from his class. The dean said she was uncomfortable with a statement in the e-mail that said, “We come back to my situation, which I should justifiably find as a cause to retaliate in anger.” The officer placed the e-mail into UAPD property as evidence, and a notification was sent to the Dean of Students regarding the man’s behavior. Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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• thursday, february 18, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


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Urban immersion

The college has three programs: According to Reid Spaulding, facilities planning, architecture and landscape management director for Pima County, architecture. It is uncertain which the county is repairing a portion of the graduate program would be located exterior with an $800,000 voter-approved at the site downtown. bond that passed in 2004. The money “The topic we would be centering only pays to fix a portion of the façade. on mostly would be urban design. All of the Stone Avenue side, the corner, That is something which is shared and 25 to 30 feet of the Pennington Street amongst the various programs,”said Ron side will be completed. Stoltz, associate dean of the College of “That’s where the scaffolding Architecture and Landscape Architecture stops,” Spaulding said. and the director of the School of Other projects would include imLandscape Architecture and Planning. provements to the electrical and meStoltz said the university has been in- chanical systems. According to Bob terested in moving downtown for at least Smith, UA’s associate vice president a decade. He added that the downtown of planning, design and construction, site the college is looking at provides sev- those systems are problematic. eral good opportunities for students. The UA would pay for the cost of “There’s a couple things which are re- maintaining and operating the facilally intriguing for us,”Stoltz said.“It pro- ity without buying it. vides us the opportunity to get immersed The county wants to restore the in the particular real-life issues of down- building to “prominence,” according town urban planning and design, (and) to Spaulding. number two, with the streetcar coming The chief architect who designed the along, it then provides us with easy ac- UA also designed the old Walgreens cess along a mass transit line.” building, which was a former Spanish According to the Tucson Colonial Revival building. Department of Transportation’s Web “The Walgreens will be the first site, the streetcar is scheduled to be foothold for a U of A center downup and running by November 2011. town,” Cervelli said. Architecture and urban design proShe speculates that within the next fessionals who already work down- few decades, the UA will not only have town would be brought in as adjunct the space at the former Walgreens, but faculty. There are also some current may also add student housing and professors who have expressed inter- other campuses downtown. est in teaching downtown. Potential downtown programs inIf the UA’s deal with Pima County clude public administration, a media goes through, the university would lease and communications center and conthe building for $1 per year on a bond tinuing education programs. from the county, according to Cervelli. However, according to Smith, the uniThe old Walgreens is in need of versity can’t afford to pursue any other DATE: 02-18-10 WK: SIZE: 65” some renovation. options downtown as of 3 right now.




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TV star talks burkas and lingerie

and moral support for the troops. Smith said Hasselhoff wanted to know if people overseas knew who he was. “I said ‘we do,’” Smith said. Hasselhoff expressed his appreciation for her service. “I told him that it was an honor to meet him, and he said, ‘No, it’s an honor to meet you,’ so I was really surprised by that,” Smith said. Cindy Cain, who teaches Sociology of Popular Culture, also met with Hasselhoff. They discussed how Western popular culture has influenced other countries. Hasselhoff expressed interest in the ways in which popular culture could improve women’s rights and bring birth control and other types of progressive agendas to other countries. “I thought it was very interesting, but there have also been some studies that have been done that show that Westernized media brings a lot of negative effects to some of these regions as well, like increased body-image issues for women and a lot of Western ideals that are not appreciated by the indigenous cultures,” Cain said. “There is more rights for women and better birth control and the economy is better,” Hasselhoff said when talking to Cain about popular culture’s influence. “If you go to Abu Dhabi or Dubai, all those women are in burkas. Man, if you go to a party, Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat they take that stuff off. They’re all David Hasselhoff gets his makeup touched up while at the UA shooting for his reality television 8.313x13 MKTS: Div 9 BSU,show U/A wearing lingerie.” with his daughter Taylor-Ann, UA communications student.



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Arizona Daily Wildcat

thursday, february 18, 2010



Nicole Dimtsios Sports Editor 520•626•2956


Patience is a virtue

Miller to host Zona Zoo pep rally

UA students are invited to join Miller tonight at 7 following the Wildcats’ practice for a pep rally. The Facebook event, created by team manager Jeff Field, says “ Coach Miller will say a few words about the rivalry game, and food will be provided.” This is the second time Miller has assembled Zona Zoo members this season. Miller addressed the crowd earlier this season and installed new traditions within the student section, like chants at certain points of the game.

Miller instills disipline, works on mental aspect By Bryan Roy Arizona Daily Wildcat

It takes patience to wait an entire week for a rivalry game that some are once again calling the biggest of the season. A lack of patience is what hurt the Arizona men’s basketball team Saturday, a loss head coach Sean Miller called “rock bottom” in his 23-year career in college basketball as a coach and player. Miller responded by running twoa-day practices, beginning at 6 a.m. Some Wildcats even slept in the locker room overnight in preparation for a hard week of practice. It’s about learning from impatience. “(Oregon State’s) offense was extremely patient,” Miller said. “They took a lot of shots near the end of the clock. You could see the wearing effect on our UA men’s basketball team, in particuvs. ASU lar, with some McKale Center of our Sunday young 3:30 p.m. players. It’s almost as if the mentality we took was, ‘You mean to tell me we’ve got to stay in this stance so long? That’s not fair.’ “You have to have some discipline, some toughness and understand the game’s going to be played a little differently,” he added. “And you’re going to have that wherewithal to stay with it for 40 minutes, knowing that a lot of things are going to happen at the end of the clock. My team caved in a big way in that area.” With the disappointment looming from Saturday’s loss, Miller said the team’s mental state remains constant as it has all season. Miller’s mindset is no different now than after the Wildcats’ first loss of the season in Maui. “I think we’re about the same,” he said. “We’ve never really put ourselves too far out there. We’ve always … been responding after a tough loss. That’s been our season.”

And 1

UA students have also begun selling T-shirts with the phrase “No Easy Buckets” after Kevin Parrom’s intentional foul against ASU’s Ty Abbott in the team’s last meeting. The phrase was coined after Parrom wrote on his Facebook: “ASWho ?!?!? I’m From Tha Bronx New York .. No Easy Buckets !!!” The T-shirts can be found on the Facebook group “No Easy Buckets.” Parrom wrote on his Twitter Wednesday: “Jus Got my ‘No Easy Buckets’ shirt. Loving it. Zona Zoo wassup.” — Bryan Roy

Up next


After day one, Arizona lands eighth in Hawaii

Colin Darland/Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA head coach Sean Miller yells instructions to the Arizona men’s basketball team during the Wildcats’ 70-57 win over Oregon on Feb. 11 in McKale Center. Miller has said that the loss to Oregon State just two days later on Saturday was the “rock bottom” of his coaching career.

Zafiros leaves it all on the court

Passion, emotion gives fan-favorite his edge By Nathan Comerford Arizona Daily Wildcat


Boston at L.A. Lakers

TENNIS, page 12

— Alex Williams

Olympics medals

United States Gold: 5 Silver: 3 Bronze: 6 Total: 14 Germany Gold: 3 Silver: 4 Bronze: 3 Total: 10 France Gold: 2 Silver: 1 Bronze: 4 Total: 7 Canada Gold: 2 Silver: 3 Bronze: 1 Total: 6 Korea Gold: 3 Silver: 2 Bronze: 0 Total: 5

Dallas at Orlando

Today n 5 p.m. n ESPN 2

Today n 8:30 p.m. n TNT

Friday n 6 p.m. n ESPN

Olympic primetime coverage

No. 2 Kentucky at No. 19 Vanderbilt

Arizona vs. ASU

Friday n 7 p.m. n NBC

Saturday n 4 p.m. n ESPN


The best of what’s on this weekend

No. 5 Syracuse at No. 10 Georgetown




on the


Jason Zafiros backhands a shot on Sunday against California Polytechnic State University, San Louis Obispo at Robson Tennis Center. Zafiros screams during his matches inspiring both himself and the Arizona crowd.


Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

There’s an intense point being fought over on the second singles court at LaNelle Robson Tennis Center. After going back and forth, the Arizona player hits a strong shot down the edge of the court. As he makes contact, a classic tennis-grunt is emitted that sounds like someone is giving a long, drawn-out and stressed “Hey.”The shot zips right past his opponent, giving UA sophomore Jason Zafiros the point. He lets out a celebratory yell that can be heard all around the tennis center. “Let’s go Arizona!” comes out afterward. He then jogs back, begins his next serve and does it all over again. The fans laugh and applaud his enthusiasm. “Even if I don’t win the match, I win the battle of screaming,” Zafiros said. Currently ranked as the No. 113 singles player in the nation by the

With one day of play completed in the John A. Burns Intercollegiate, the Arizona men’s golf team is in eighth place, nine strokes behind co-leaders California and Southern Methodist University, both at 10-under-par. Just two strokes separate Arizona (-1) and fifth place team Texas A&M (-3). There are 15 total teams in the field. The Wildcats had to get help from unexpected places, as Arizona’s usual top scorers Rich Saferian, Tarquin MacManus and Jonathan Khan all failed to finish the day above par. Saferian recorded a score of 79 (+7), MacManus scored a 73 (+1) and Khan finished with a 74 (+2). Philip Bagdade and Bradley Nicholson salvaged the first day for the Wildcats, both turning in scores of 2 strokes below par. Competing as an individual for UA is junior Tom Conran, who shot a 4-over-par round of 76. California — playing without Michael Weaver, their scoring leader in the Arizona Intercollegiate where Cal and Arizona last met,­had three of their five golfers score below par while co-leader SMU had four of five players below par. UA had only two players break par. Round two begins today with a shotgun start at 11 a.m.

Sunday n 3:30 p.m. n FSAZ


• thursday, february 18, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Should the Pacific 10 Conference expand?


More markets mean more money

It’s all about money. As the only Bowl Championship Series conference that plays its games outside the East Coast primetime window, the Pacific 10 Conference needs to do whatever it can to get as many eyes as possible. Exposure is driven by television. As all fans count down the days until the awful Fox Sports Net contract expires, the Pac-10 will probably be looking at its own television network. Television drives money. As its sister conference looks for an expansion — a 12th team in the Big 10 — so must the Pac-10 in order to remain aligned for the cash-cow bowl games. Money drives everything. The dream choice would be a lucrative Texas and Texas A&M pairing to the Pac-12 — would COMMENTARY BY anybody care they’re nowhere near the ocean? (The Big East has a school in Wisconsin, get over it). Bryan Roy The most logical choices would be University Sports writer of Utah and Brigham Young University, but the league insists on academic standards, seemingly forgetting about ASU’s 95 percent acceptance rate. Neither are research schools like the rest of the conference, but both Utah and BYU did — as everyone recalls — very, very well last football season. And football is all that matters, because money is all that matters. The wildcard option is University of Colorado at Boulder, despite already saying“no thank you�to the Pac-10 years ago. UC Boulder would bring the only missing big-league market, Denver, into the mix of the West Coast’s biggest cities (Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle). While we’re looking at big cities, pair UC Boulder with University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and gain the Las Vegas market. The Rebels aren’t nearly where they need to be in football, but tell me a Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament wouldn’t draw everyone into Thomas & Mack Center for a weekend. Regardless, the decision weighs heavily on television markets and football potential. Nobody wants to see the Pac-10’s stigma as an academic force erode for a few extra bucks, so the two new schools must be the perfect fit. The nerds at California, Stanford, UCLA andUSC don’t want a San Diego State-type school becoming another outlier academically, but I’m sure those economics professors understand the nature of this business. Because it all comes down to money.


Competitive league is fine as is

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Pacific 10 Conference is a nearly perfect setup when it comes down to determining an outright winner. Think about it. Concerning the most profitable and most widely watched sports by fans, Pac-10 football and basketball currently can’t get any better. In football, teams play a round-robin once, whereas in hoops, each team will end up competing both at home and on the road against every other Pac-10 school. Arizona basketball head coach Sean Miller has often called it the perfect way to“crown a true champion.� So why change it? In either of the two major sports, there are no years where a second-tier team can catch a lucky break and avoid playing the conference power for a final championship. Other larger COMMENTARY BY conferences settle that in football by playing Kevin Zimmerman a conference championship game, but why Assistant sports editor have that when you can have at least two just as important games in the same season — see this past year’s football season, where Oregon and Arizona squared off in a champion-implicating thriller which then led to another all-important Oregon State versus Oregon game for the conference title. For basketball, teams are assigned as duos for travel — Arizona and ASU will go together to Oregon, Washington, Southern California and the Bay Area, for example — which then couples each team with a bitter rival. Even if top-notch athletic schools like University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Brigham Young University; or University of Utah were added to the mix, it would push each pair of schools to miss a random series each year. No more round-robin. So much for crowning a true champion. It’d be a mini-Bowl Championship Series debacle each and every year. As is, the Pac-10 is wild every week — even if the basketball conference is having a down year — not just for one or two. And it’s the most accurate, though daunting, route for teams to win a regular season title. No need for change.


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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a abSoluTelY awesome, Apartment Available! 1br beautiful condominium for rent. rare vacancy! High-speed Internet and cable available, lush landscaping, AC, DW, private patio. $550; 3649 E. 3rd St. 326-2900. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!aWeSoMe 2bedrooM, 2bath just $940/ month. Close to UofA campus. Spacious floor plan with A/C, alarm system, full size washer/dryer, fireplace, ceiling fans, built-in desks, private fenced yard, high speed Internet available, pets welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Now taking reservations for summer and fall 2010. Quality living rents quick! Call 747-9331 !!!!!!!!!!preleaSiNg STudioS/ 1bd/ 2bd Units for Aug 2010! Call Jarrett (owner/agent) 331.8050 !!!faMilY-oWNed &operated studio. 1,2,3,4, or 5BD houses &apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $400 to $2000. Available now or pre-lease. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080. $780/ 2bed aVailable- Immediate move in, 2blocks from campus, call for details. 520-884-9376 1 MoNTh free- 1.5miles from UofA, minutes from PCC, Immediate Move in Available, call 520-624-6500 1/1ba duplex, euClid/ Elm $495 if paid early, water/ gas included, APL 747-4747 1bd furNiSh aparTMeNT. Clean, Quiet, green community. $525/mo per 1 semester. $480/mo to August 1. University Arms 1515 E 10th St. 6230474 1bdrMS STarTiNg @$375. Located Country Club/Speedway. Approx 550ft, large walk in closets, concrete floors, by bus stops. Russ @520-349-8442 (Owner licensed RE agent) 1blK froM uofa reserve your apartment for summer or fall. Furnished or unfurnished. 1bedroom from $585, 2bedroom from $740, 3bedroom from $1040. Pool/ Laundry. 5th/ Euclid. Call 751-4363 or 309-8207 for appointment. 3 MoNThS free- MiNuTeS from PCC West, in West Tucson Area, Immediate move in Available, call 520882-0363 3bd/ 2ba, NorTh of UofA, W/D hookups, $845 if paid early, APL 7474747 3bloCKS SouTh of stadium, large 1bedroom, tile throughout, washer/ dryer, off-street parking. Pets ok. $560 mo and $560 security deposit. 1627 E 9th St. 207-6281 CiTY VieWS, 2bd units, St. Mary’s/ Silverbell starting at $725, APL 7474747 greaT 2br 1ba apartment $599, in quiet community 3mi north of UofA. Call 881-2220 large 2bd 1.5 baTh, hot and cold water paid, A/C, pool, laundry, very quiet. $575/m $200 deposit. 327-8811 or 990-0130 loCaTed iN The heart of Tucson. Deerfield Village is your oasis in the desert. Great for students. 1& 2BD. 24hr fitness center. Heated pool & spa. Free shuttle to UofA. GPA discount, gated community, business center w/WIFI. Call to reserve your home today. 323-9516. $99 moves you in! +up to 2months free! Near uofa. STudio- $375/mo. Furnished. Utilities paid. 429-3829 oN CaMpuS 2bd $775/mo. Water included, fireplace, parking included, wood floors, A/C. Owner RE agent Russ 349-8442. Avail 3/1 oN CaMpuS STudio $535 includes all utilities & parking! Located @801 E. 4th St, wood floors, a.c. Russ 520-349-8442 (Owner licensed RE agent) oNe or TWo bedroom apartment loft or house close to campus behind Rincon Market ample parking starting at $750.00/ month, 1st month free 322-2940 reSerVe NoW for summer/fall 1BD furnished. University Arms. Special summer rate May to August $425/mo. Years’ lease $500/mo. Nine month in fall $525/mo. 1515 E. 10 St. 623-0474 SToNeWood aparTMeNTS 4bd/ 3BA, on-site manager, secure, free Internet. W/D, & free private storage room. $300 per bedroom. $900 min. No security deposit. Cathy 884-5044 STudioS froM $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. blue agave apartments 1240 N. 7th ave. Speedway/ Stone.

beautiful 2bedroom/2bath condo near uofa. The features include: Vaulted Ceilings, granite Countertops, Washer/dryer in Condo. owner pays Water, garbage and hoa. $750/ month. prestige property Management inc. 520-8810930.

CoNdo WiTh pool, Charming 2Bdrm, w/d & a/c. Near UofA on bike path and CATTran. *$725* #928.386.8976.

beauTeouS CoNdoS for sale. 1BD $100,000. 2BD $160,000. 3649 E 3rd St. 326-2900. CoNdo for Sale near UofA 2/2 w/fireplace. Elegant, many new features, fine landscape, pool, low asso fee. Bargain priced @106K. Prins only by appt. 440-5880

1bd quieT ViNTage Duplex. 3blocks from UofA. A/C, lots of trees, parking. $450/mo gas and water paid. Cats ok. 319-9339 2bloCKS froM ua. 2bd/1ba large duplex unit. Wood floors, central a/c, fireplace, carport. Short-term lease ok. $750/mo. Bonus for immediate movein. 315 N Park Ave 520-903-4353 3br/ 2ba, $1290/Mo, near UA campus, only 3yrs old, very nice,, or 891-9043


CaNdY STorez. fiNd your fantasy

PLEASE NOTE: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads.

Attention Classified Readers: The Arizona Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check. Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

abSoluTelY The largeST 3bedroom 2bath around for only $1400/ month. Great location across the street from Mansfield Park within a mile of the UofA. Full size washer/dryer, A/C, alarm system, fireplace, ceiling fans, built-in desks, private fenced yard, high speed Internet available, pets welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Now taking reservations for summer/fall 2010. Call 747-9331 pre-leaSiNg for SuMMer/ Fall 2010. Newer construction duplex on CatTran, near UofA &UMC. Has many upgrades. $1495/mo +$1495 deposit. 909-4089

gueST houSe WiTh all utilities and cable paid, new remodeled Wood floors, a/c, $425 also 1bd house water paid, saltillo Tile floors, in Sam Hughes Neighborhood, fenced yard $525 Call REDI 623-5710 or log on large STudioS oNlY 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $370, lease. No pets. 9774106 reModeled 380SqfT baCK house, evap. $450/mo, utilities included. Avail. now. 2830 N Park Ave. 520-903-4353

! 3bd 3ba W/garage and 2bd 2ba extra nice homes with A/C, walled yard, patios, all appliances. Available June 1. Walk or take cattran to campus. 577-1310 or 834-6915

!!! uofa luxurY reNTalS. 1,2,3,4,5 bedroom homes for rent. Available August 2010. Contact 520954-7686 or for more info. !!!!! #1 4br, 2ba red brick house. Large fenced yard, renovated and nicely maintained. W/D, Ref, DW. 310.497.4193

!!!!! #1 arizoNa Inn neighborhood. 2BR, 1.75BA and 1.5BA. Renovated and nicely maintained. Reserve now! 310.497.4193 !!!!!!!!!!!!!aWeSoMe uNiVerSiTY area 5bedroom houses from $2075/ month ($415/bedroom) to $3000/ month ($600/bedroom). Five distinct locations to choose from all within 2miles of UofA. Spacious 2story floor plan includes 2extra large bath, zoned A/C, full size washer/dryer, alarm system, upper deck, wall of windows in living/dining area, private fenced back yard, pets welcome. Quality living rents quick. Now taking reservations for summer/fall 2010. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Call 747-9331 !!!!!!!!!!preleaSiNg 3-9 bedrooM UofA Houses for August 2010! Call Jarrett (owner/agent) 520.331.8050 for showing appt. !!!!!!!!!!SaM hugheS ClaSSiC HOMES. 2749 E. 5th St. 2728 E. 5th St. 3&4 BR HOUSES. CLOSE TO UOFA. AVAILABLE NOW. Starting from $1250 & up. CALL 400-8796.


No move in fees or security deposits










• thursday, february 18, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

CaMpbell/ graNT SpliT 3bedroom/ 2full bath. 18,000sqft, french doors to family room and rear bedroom. Private entrance, small kitchen/ dining area, utility room, W/D hookup. Double fenced corner lot, patio. $950/mo. 1739 Water St. Owner/agent 327-6621. Cell 573-739-9253 NeWlY reModeled 2bd 1BA 800+sqft, central air, fireplace, large fenced backyard, 320sqft attached studio available, pets welcome, $640 w/deposit near UofA 907-1712 or 2195017 pre-leaSiNg 3bd/2ba. Close to UofA, &Pima, large fenced backyard, (recently updated). $1050/mo +$1050 deposit. Available 6/10. 909-4089 SpaCiouS STudio WalK to UofA and downtown. On busline. Broadway/Euclid area. No dogs. $450/mo, utilities included. 298-3017 ua/ Med/ laW SCHOOL Convenient- very nice- quiet- patio -walking distance to UA. 2bd/ 2BA Washer/Dryer 1415 E. Adams (behind 1409) near corner of Mountain. Call Carl at 272- 3984 WalK To CaMpuS Sam hughes, 2,3,4 &5bdm, NeWer homes! within 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303 YeS loCaTioN! 5bed/ 3baTh home. 1521 N. park ave - built 2005. Some util incl. in this great home!!! $2950/mon. 1yr lease. 8-1 to 7-31. Call Jason 602.793.7685

3br 2ba pool, A/C, fenced dog run, near L.A. Fitness,Trader Joe’s. On Mountain Ave. Bike route to U/A. All appliances stay, clean $260,000. Owner / Agent. 247-0240 Kerry

!!!!!!luxurY uofa Home- BRAND NEW 4BR 4+1/2 BA and 6BR 6+1/2BA HUGE 3CAR GARAGE just blocks north of UA. All 4HUGE BEDROOMS are upstairs and have own private CUSTOM TILED FULL BATHROOMS each BR has private WHIRLPOOL TUB, +WALK-IN CLOSET +high 10ft ceilings +ceiling fans, +custom vanities with GRANITE tops +LARGE OUTSIDE BALCONY. FULL LAUNDRY, LARGE KITCHEN with beautiful CUSTOM CABINETS +GRANITE TOPS +GLASS TOP RANGE +DISHWASHER +DISPOSAL +WALK-IN PANTRY +CAVERNOUS LIVINGROOM with 10ft ceilings +MORE. ABSOLUTELY THE NICEST RENTAL in UA area! CAN FURNISH if desired. 8841505. Ask about our current special. !!!!!SigN up now for aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NeWer homes! 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303 !!!5blKS NorTh of UofA Mountain/Lee 1BD $550. Available now. Month-to-month. No pets, quiet, familyowned, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080. !!!5blKS NorTh of UofA. Mountain/Lee 4 or5BD 3BA completely remodeled. $1900. Available soon. A/C, W/D, family-owned, no pets, quiet, security patrolled, security bars. 299-5020, 624-3080 $795 2bd houSe Pets ok, 1064sqft, A/C, Wood Floors, Fireplace Refrigerator, Stove, W/D Hookups, Fenced yard, In Sam Hughes Also 2bd House Pets ok, 1100Sqft A/C, carpet, concrete floor, blinds, 2car carport, fireplace Dishwasher, yard walled, alarm system, high vaulted ceilings, walk in closet, cable ready In Sam Hughes $850 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 or log on $900- $1700 aug 2010– 1,2,3,4 & 5bdm, NeWer homes! all within 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303 0-6 bedrooMS Near UOFA. ALL PRICES, AVAILABLE NOW-AUGUST. WALK TO CAMPUS. LARGEST SELECTION OF RENTALS IN TUCSON! 16YEARS OF EXPERIENCE HELPING TENANTS FIND GREAT UOFA RENTALS. CALL TODAY FOR A CUSTOM SEARCH! CALL REDI 623-5710 OR LOG ON WWW.AZREDIRENTALS.COM 2br 1ba aC, washer/ dryer, dishwasher 950sqft., 1226 E. East Circle, near Mountain and Grant, Very nice. $700/ month Call 881-1184





3bd 2ba houSe pets ok, 2000sqft, A/C, Ceramic Tile, Blinds Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Disposal, W/D, Microwave Fenced Yard, Covered Patio, Security Door, Completely remodeled. 5blocks to UofA, 1block from cattran, off street parking. $1200 Also 3bd 2ba house Pets ok, A/C, Ceramic Tile, Wood Floor, Blinds , Drapes, Den Water included, Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, W/D Walled Yard, Covered Patio, Remodeled, close to UofA, skylights, ceiling fans $1275 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 or log on 3bd 3ba TaKe a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and incld a garage call Casa Bonita 398-5738 3bedrooM 2baTh, pool, large yard, laundry, A/C. Near UofA. $1,500/mo +utilities. Available Now. 429-2343 4bd 2,3ba Taking Reservations 1011 Superior locations as well as exceptional floor plans 0-8 blks from campus call Casa Bonita 398-5738 4bd 2ba 1Mile north of campus. Large fenced backyard, all appliances included, A/C, carport parking. $1100/mo +deposit. 623-910-4639 4bd 2ba houSe near UA. Available from June. $395/per room. All utilities included, plenty of parking. Please call 271-0913 4bd 2ba houSe, Dual Cooling, Carpet, Wood Floor,Blinds, Fireplace Refrigerator, Stove , W/D Fenced Yard, Covered Patio, 1block from UofA, offstreet parking $1400 Also 5bd 3ba House Ceramic Tile, Den Private Pool, Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Disposal , W/D Yard Fenced $1995 CALL REDI 520-623-5710 or log on

braNd NeW hoMeS!!! ENCANTO VILLAGE Upscale 3BR/ 4BR with 2BA/ 2.75BA homes. Close to UA, restaurants, shopping. 2car garage. 520.549.9600 eaSY WalKiNg diSTaNCe to UMC & main campus. Lots of parking. 1640 E. Linden. Historic brick house. Open Sun noon-3pm. $219,900 2402127 NiCe 2700SqfT houSe 350K Easy Univ Access 3Mi 5th and Columbus 12% Dn Owner will carry 321-4682 850-6799

febr. reNT free -$375.00 +utilities, furnished, 3bedroom/3bath nice place close to campus. Male roommate, 410 E. Speedway, Lease through 7/31. $200 deposit. 308\5200528, feMale rooMMaTe WaNTed $250/ month includes utilities. 2bedroom MFD Home. Country Club/ Prince neighborhood. No drugs or alcohol. 808-7543 feMale rooMMaTe WaNTed to share 3BD home near Irvington &Tucson. Newer home, all utilities included, +W/D, cable TV, security systems, &garage for car. Full house privileges. Only 5mi from UofA. $475. 520-4002870 houSe oN elM St needs roommate. 5bed 3bath. 4 UA Junior Males. Call Mike (650)207-5576

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615 N. Park, Rm. 101

621-3425 ➤

University of Arizona

Tucson AZ 85721


5bd 3,4ba Take a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and lots of private parking call Casa Bonita 398-5738 5bd 5ba reSerVe for 10-11, great location, private parking, awesome floor plan call Casa Bonita 398-5738 6bd 5ba WiTh larger homes available, 0-8 blks from campus, private parking, fireplace, private patios and plenty of parking. Reserve 10-11 call Casa Bonita 398-5738 6bloCKS froM uofa. Available August 1st. 3BD/ 2BA, 1800sqft, living room, dining room, den, fireplace, W/D, large fenced yard. $1400/mo. 751-4363 or 309-8207.


aVailable NoW, WalKiNg distance, 2bedroom, 1bath, built-in vanities, refrigerator, window covering, carport, water paid, $600/mo, flexible terms, 370-8588, leave message.

$199* SpriNg breaK Beach PartyRocky Point! Mar 13,14,15 or 19,20,21. Transportation, Hotel, Music concert included! Limited Space Call Now! Rocky Point Tours 6688889. Experienced Guides- *quad occ. Triple, double, and single rates available.

biKe To CaMpuS iN aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NeWer homes! within 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

laKe haVaSu loNdoN Bridge Resort. Sleeps 4. Available week of 3-1210. $800/ week or $125/ night +onetime $100 cleaning fee. Call (281)5366389.

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az eliTe CleaNerS- We offer Cleaning Services for House Cleaning, Move In/Out or After Parties. $25.00 Off Initial Cleaning 520-207-9699

“Weird” Al Yankovic received a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He also served as valedictorian of his high school at age 16. Read the facts at the Arizona Daily Wildcat!

Arizona Daily Wildcat


arizona daily wildcat • thursday, february 18, 2010 •

• Haircuts • Perms • Coloring • Nail Services • Brow and Lip Waxing

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Affordable Veterinary Services EVERY MONDAY - FRIDAY

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1506 N. Tucson Blvd. 795-7016

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• thursday, february 18, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Check out tomorrow’s special sports section for coverage of the UA/ASU hoops game and a softball and baseball season kickoff.

TENNIS continued from page 7

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Sophomore Jason Zafiros fights to keep the ball in play during a match against the California Polytechnic State University, San Louis Obispo Mustangs on Sunday at Robson Tennis Center. Zafiros’ fire and energy makes him a fan favorite at Arizona tennis matches.

Competitiveness evident in play

Intercollegiate Tennis Association, Zafiros has played an important role for the Wildcats since his arrival last year. “He’s developed a reputation around the conference, and around the country for that matter, for just being a guy that plays with a lot of emotion,” said head coach Tad Berkowitz. Last spring season, Zafiros compiled an 18-1 singles record, and last fall he beat one of the top-30 players in the nation. This season, he is 3-1 with his only loss coming against the No. 62-ranked player in the country. But it’s taken a while for him to get there. Oddly enough, Zafiros had never picked up a tennis racket until he was nine years old. Zafiros began playing while on vacation in Cape Cod, Mass. when his dad handed him a racket and ball. At the time, and for years afterward, tennis still wasn’t his main sport. Zafiros’ favorite was basketball, in which he was equally competitive and motivated by his father’s career. His father, Manny Zafiros, was part of the Wichita State University men’s basketball team in 1965, when the team made its only trip to the NCAA Final Four in the school’s history. They lost to eventual national champion UCLA. Tennis, though, didn’t even become the 19-year-old’s main focus until he was about 12, when he realized his own potential after being ranked as the No. 1 player in Georgia. A year later, his entire family moved to Florida so he could play at the IMG Bollettieri Academy, one of the most prestigious tennis academies in the world. There, he was coached for “five or six years” under the direction of current IMG Bollettieri Academy head coach and director of college placement, Scott Treibly. “He’s an absolute overachiever; very, very smart on the tennis court and (a) fantastic competitor,”Treibly said.“When

I was talking with Tad (Berkowitz), I told him,‘This kid is going to give you four great years, and I think he’s going to win 100 college tennis matches.’” Zafiros signed his letter of intent with Arizona after Treibly helped guide him toward the program. “College tennis, I just find it so fun that when I’m loud everyone else feeds off of that,” Zafiros said.“And I can’t think of anyone who is louder than me. It’s definitely helped me win matches. People think it’s about talent and having the skills but it really is whoever wants it more.” That competitiveness has helped Zafiros move up from the fifth and sixth singles courts onto the first and second. Even with his individual success, however, he is one of the most team-oriented players around, something Berkowitz has been stressing all year: Be there to support your team. “I want a good individual (result), but I’m playing for Arizona,” Zafiros said. “When I put my uniform on, I’m there to represent the school as best I can and that’s why I win a lot of matches. When you’re in college, you’re playing for something other than yourself, which is what excites me the most.” Some people have asked Zafiros to tone it down. “Last year I had at least five guys who wanted to kill me,” he said.“But I just don’t even listen to what they say. I’ve even had refs tell me to relax. But there’s nothing wrong with being loud as long as you’re not obnoxious to your opponent.” Treibly agrees. “I think that’s what college tennis is all about, it’s about emotion,”Treibly said.“It’s really refreshing because these guys are on scholarship money but it’s just about being on a team. I think that’s really a good environment for Jason (Zafiros) because not only can he pick himself up, but also the team up.”

HPV Fact #10: The treatment for genital warts can be a painful process and can involve cutting, freezing, or burning the warts. HPV Fact #17: Even after treatment, genital warts can come back. In fact, 25% of cases come back within 3 months. Why risk it Visit your campus health center. Copyright © 2010 Merck & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA.


Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 18, 2010  
Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 18, 2010  

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 18, 2010