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UAccess controls financial aid By Jazmine Woodberry ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Financial aid processes are being upgraded in Student Link’s second transition phase. This is part of the Mosaic project, a technology initiative in charge of the UA’s changeover from Student Link to the new UAccess self service system. This change will affect the flood

of financial aid letters to prospective students being mailed this week. Award packages for current students will not change, so these packages will continue to exist in the old system. Those students will be able to see new financial aid information in UAccess starting in April. Financial aid information will no longer be provided on Student Link. Instead, users will be directed to

UAccess through a link provided on their Student Link page. “We’re really excited about it,” said John Nametz, director of scholarships and financial aid. “From a student point of view, there’s not going to be a huge difference. There’s going to be better service provided because staff is going to be more efficient.” FINANCIAL AID, page 3

There’s going to be better service provided because staff is going to be more efficient.

—John Nametz

Director of scholarships and financial aid



Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Front left, Claudia Davila, Associated Students of the University of Arizona senior coordinator, Adam Levin-Epstein, a Center for Student Involvement and Leadership employee and UA alumnus, and Stephanie Csongor, a pre-business sophomore, try out “Rock Band” on the Nintendo Wii with “Mario,” Ken Peng, biochemistry and molecular biophysics senior and “Luigi,” Cameron Davis, a UA alumnus, during the opening of CODE, the new Park Student Union gaming center, on Monday.

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UMC doctor heals Haitians For the past five years, University Medical Center orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Sheppard has provided humanitarian aid in the form of medical care to developing nations. He’s traveled to Honduras as part of a group called Orthopedics Overseas , and he had planned to travel to Nicaragua this year. So when Sheppard first heard reports of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, he knew he had to help. “It was something that I just wanted to do,” said Sheppard, who has been an orthopedic surgeon for 25 years. “I knew that I had skills that were potentially helpful to individuals that didn’t have access to them.” Sheppard had no contacts in Haiti, so he first contacted the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons about getting on a list of volunteers. He then joined various organizations in an attempt to get on their lists for the first wave of surgeons. “By the very nature of the disaster, I knew the majority of medical problems were going to be orthopedic,” he said. “Broken bones, orthopedics involves muscular and skeletal system, arms, legs, pelvis-crushed injuries.” Sheppard read a newspaper article about an orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix who was going on a mission in Saint-Louis du Nord, located north of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, on the coast. Two weeks after the earthquake, Sheppard was in Haiti. “Despite my efforts to get there as soon as I could, there wasn’t an opportunity for me to go until I made contact with this mission,” he said. HAITI, page 12

Shelton walks campus to talk business, promote health By Laura Donovan ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

UA President Robert Shelton did four miles on his elliptical machine Monday morning, making it easier for him to lead and complete a brisk on-campus walk with approximately 15 faculty and staff members Monday afternoon. Students were also welcome to participate in the walk, but no students took part. Organized by Life & Work Connections and Arizona Cooperative Extension , the 20-minute walk was meant to give campus community members a chance to get midday exercise and talk with the university’s top administrator.

UA President Robert Shelton takes a walk around campus with UA employees on Monday as part of the annual Walk Across Arizona campaign to promote physical fitness. The second annual walk with the president gave campus members an opportunity to have a casual chat with Shelton while getting some exercise.

forms of exercise. The walk was also Whatever “We want to appeal intended to promote physical fitness. exercise you can to diverse groups of “I find that I sleep people,” said Linda do is important better when I exerBlock, an associate for physical as agent with the Pima cise,” Shelton said. well as mental County Cooperative “Whatever exercise you can do is imExtension. “All groups health. It helps portant for physical need exercise.” you sort out as well as mental The group took which problems a breather on health. It helps you sort out which University Boulevard are really problems are really and Park Avenue as problems, too. problems, too.” Shelton spoke with a Campus Health student. — President Services employees “I’ve been meaning Robert Shelton Cheryl Anderson and to start a new Rochelle Cox came exercise regiment, to the walk in support of Walk Across and what better way to begin Arizona, a statewide initiative deWALK, page 3 signed to promote walking and other

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on the spot Lego jet packs

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Young genius(es)

Short stack

Faith, film

Today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Union Memorial Center South Ballroom, come check out the creative discoveries of student scholars at the 23rd Annual Honors Research Expo. The expo will feature the presentations of 30 students from disciplines ranging from music to engineering to psychology to international studies.

Today is Shrove Tuesday, Paczki Day, Fastnachts Day and International Pancake Day — not to be confused with National Pancake Day, when IHOP gives away free pancakes, which is next Tuesday, Feb. 23. Start preparing!

Tonight at 7:30, check out the local premiere of the film “Faith of the Abomination” at The Loft Cinema. Frustrated by their rejection by the Evangelical Organization, lesbian ministers Ceil Melton and Han Nguyen decide to go undercover (in the heart of Texas) as heterosexual ministers and attempt to gain acceptance and respect in the same organization. Tickets are $6.

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New question: Are you going to use the CODE game room?

Zach McClaine

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When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an inventor. Why did you want to be an inventor? I was really into Legos. I guess I just liked making things. What kinds of things did you make with your Legos? Anything I could think of. I guess, buildings and cars. I guess you’d think I’d want to be an engineer, but that’s not what I’m interested in. (Laughs) Did you ever go to Lego Land? I’ve been there a couple times. Do you still have your old Legos? I have little brothers, so I gave my Legos to them. Be honest, though. Do you ever go back to your parents’ house and play with them? When I go home, I’ll play Legos with my brothers sometimes. Was there anything that you wanted to be that wasn’t really possible? I wanted to be an astronaut for a little while. That’s not impossible. When I was about 4 years old, I wanted to be a tree. Did you ever have that kind of desire? Well, if there was a thing I wanted to be, it was a bird. But, I think everyone wants to be able to fly. And, if you were to invent something right now, what would it be? Like a new thing, or something that’s been invented that I want to take credit for? Either. I always thought it would be good to come up with a new mode of transportation. Planes are nice and everything, but they’re still pretty unaffordable. And cars take a long time. So, just a better way to get around. You should invent a jet pack. Yes. A jet pack. If you invent a jet pack, I will buy it. If I invented a jet pack, I’d be very happy with myself. —Katie Gault

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Arizona Daily Wildcat Vol. 103, Issue 98

Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat

“Defaced,” a gallery display by UA student Coriana Close, is showcased in the Union Gallery of the Student Union Memorial Center. The gallery features scanned pages of a book found in the Main Library, which are annotated in an attempt to point out issues of free speech and racism.

Israel discovers large Byzantine-era wine press JERUSALEM — Israeli archaeologists said Monday that they’ve discovered an unusually shaped 1,400-year-old wine press that was exceptionally large and advanced for its time. The octagonal press measures 21 feet by 54 feet and was discovered in southern Israel, about 25 miles south of both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. “What we have here

seems to be an industrial and crafts area of a settlement from the sixth to seventh century, which was situated in the middle of an agricultural region,” said excavation director Uzi Ad of the Israel Antiquities Authority. During this period, the whole area was part of the Byzantine Empire — the eastern half of the old Roman Empire.

Guy on phone: “I was just wondering what the proper etiquette is to find out if a girl is a booty call.” — Old Main

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Life’s an Adventure for Most... a Concussion for You.

Feeling down, lethargic, or generally uninspired? Don’t worry, motivation is as close as the nearest break room, waiting area, or guidance counselor’s office. There’s just one problem — the posters on the wall don’t work!

By offering de-motivational messages accompanied by ridiculous images, Paul Koehorst turns the motivational message upside down in 175 de-motivation posters.

Published by Ulysses Press



$ :


(plus ta





12 miles away, north of Ashkelon, he added. The shape of the press’ collecting vats was impractical because sediment would collect in the corners, Ad noted. They must have been built in this manner, and not in the customary circular or square shape, for aesthetic reasons, he concluded. — The Associated Press



C! , SUM s e r Sto ast. Booleksupplies l A U i at Wh

LOS ANGELES — Kevin Smith says he’s “way fat,” but that shouldn’t stop him from flying. The director and actor says a pilot ejected him from a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Burbank, Calif., saying he didn’t fit properly Kevin Smith in a single seat. Smith raised a stink about the incident on his Twitter page Sunday, saying “I’m way fat, but I’m not there just yet,” and “If you look like me, you may be ejected from Southwest Air.” He posted a picture of himself sitting on the plane with his cheeks puffed out. Southwest says its “Customer of Size” policy requires travelers to be able to fit safely and comfortably in one seat or make other arrangements. After a storm of angry online comments from Smith and his fans, the airline issued an apology first from its own Twitter account and later in a statement on its Web site titled “Not So Silent Bob,” a jovial jab at the Silent Bob character Smith plays in many of his films. “We would like to echo our tweets and again offer our heartfelt apologies to you,” the statement said. The airline said it also accommodated Smith on a later flight, gave him a $100 voucher and apologized by phone. Both Smith and the airline acknowledged that he had bought two seats for his original flight from Oakland, where he had spoken at the Macworld Expo conference. But he was flying standby in order to catch an earlier flight, and only one was available. Smith insisted that he was still able to put both armrests down and buckle his seat belt, which is Southwest’s standard. Smith is the director of the new Bruce Willis movie “Cop Out,” and previously directed the films “Clerks” and “Chasing Amy.” — The Associated Press

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Director Smith ejected from flight for his size

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“The size of the wine press attests to the fact that the quantity of wine that was produced in it was exceptionally large and was not meant for local consumption,” Ad said in a release. The wine was probably intended for export to Egypt, then a major export market, or to Europe, he said. An identical wine press was previously uncovered


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CODE gaming room hits PSU By Rodney Haas ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Students now have access to multiple gaming consoles and video games at a new gaming center in the Park Student Union. Max Lieberman, a graduate student in charge of the CODE gaming center, which opened its doors Monday, said this was an effort to do away with the perception that the Park Student Union is only a place get food. “There’s obviously a need for people to come out and hang out at the PSU,” Lieberman said.“It’s been a place where people come for a specific purpose, but don’t really stay to be social.” Located on the first floor of the PSU, the gaming center features a variety of gaming consoles and games students can play for $4 an hour or $12 a day. The center has X-box 360s, Playstations and Nintendo Wiis. There are five TVs used as gaming stations. “I think they want to make money for the PSU,” said biochemistry and

molecular biophysics senior Ken Peng, who was dressed as Mario on Monday to support the new gaming center. “I guess no one really comes down here except for just the food court.” Peng said he remembers when the Student Union Memorial Center pool tables only had about six or seven regular players, but now there are about 20. Peng feels the same could happen at the PSU gaming center. “I think it has potential. I think the biggest draw will be the Playstation 3 because I don’t have one,” he said. The center received $7,000 for renovations from the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, which came from its general programming budget. The cost of the gaming consoles couldn’t be determined by press time, although Lieberman stressed the center would be self-sustaining. “It is my understating that the money came from (the) union budget, which is again revenue generating itself,” he said. Brian Akpan, an engineering

freshman, was walking by the gaming center Monday and got sucked in. Akpan ended up playing “Call of Duty” for some time. “It’s more of a community feel than playing games in your room,” Akpan said. “Everybody is doing something together even if they aren’t doing it together.” Because the center is near the Arizona-Sonora, Kaibab-Huachuca and Coronado Residence Halls, it has the potential to become a popular destination for on-campus residents. “I think of all the things that they could’ve gotten in here, this is probably one of the best,” said Alex Baker, a junior majoring in English, while playing a round of “Guitar Hero.” “I’ve been down here almost all day and every time someone walks by they talk about how cool it is, but they don’t have time to stop because the PSU is mostly for eating. Once people are done eating and they see this, I can only imagine it will get more popular.”

La Paz addresses racism By Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT In the Silverbell Room in the La Paz Residence Hall, Julie Leos, senior community director, stood in front of a crowd of about 35 residents. A resident helped her hang a large sheet of white paper that read, “I am excited about Black History month!” Leos then took a Confederate flag and taped it under the poster. A hush fell over the room. “This is racism,”Leos said.“That’s what that is. We can sit and argue about what this flag might mean to different people, but when something as blatant as this happens, I can say that it’s hateful.” The flag, which had the words “southern pride” written under it, was taped to the door of Alon Robinson, a La Paz resident, sometime on Feb. 9, hours after she had written a message about being excited about Black history month

on her whiteboard attached to the door. “For someone to put that on my door like that, right in my face, it’s as bad as if they had just burned a cross on my front lawn,”Robinson said.“This whole situation makes me feel angry and sad. This flag is a symbol of racism, and I can’t even explain how you feel in a situation like that.” “For someone to go out of the way to bring someone else down, they must really hate themselves,” added Dylan Farella, a pre-business freshman and La Paz resident. At this moment, no one has been implicated in the incident, but to Leos that was not the desired outcome of Monday’s meeting. “This meeting doesn’t have a solution,” Leos said.“It doesn’t have an answer, and we are not looking to find who did this. That’s not our goal. What we want to do now is come together as a community so we can move on from this.”


UA president encourages youth to exercise regularly that than take part in this walk?” said Rhonda Burnett, assistant director of the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Center. “President Shelton seems like a relaxing, easy-to-know person,” said Blanche Swyers, student academic specialist for the graduate college. Last year, about 20 students attended the walk, Rogers said. Shelton addressed the importance of exercise for young adults. “If young people start exercising regularly early in life, they will develop healthy habits as they age,” Shelton said. Swyers said Dianne Horgan, associate dean of the graduate college, supports physical activity. “(Horgan) knows I do my stretch band exercises every week, so that’s a block of time I’m not at work,”

Swyers said. “She is supportive of that, and she knows her employees do better when they get exercise.” Shelton stayed at the front of the crowd for the duration of the walk. “If he does four miles on the elliptical every day, I’m not surprised he’s leading the group,” Swyers said.


A similar walk with Provost Meredith Hay is scheduled at noon on March 4. Anyone can participate in the walk, which will begin at the UA Mall.


New site more navigable; students to see bigger changes in coming months

According to Nametz, because students helped design the features of the site with their feedback, it’s a much more navigable, userfriendly Web site. “I think it’s going to be easier for students,” said Nametz. “They’re going to be more accurate in understanding what’s the status of their financial aid.” Suellyn Hull, director of the Mosaic Payroll and Disbursement Services for the Financial Services Office, noted the benefits of the site and that current students will see changes in the coming months. “Current students won’t be using the system for a while yet,”

www. theartcenter. edu


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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, february 16, 2010 •

Hull said. “Right now, it’s a pretty quiet time in financial aid land for (them, but) newly admitted students’ financial aid will be available after Feb. 19.” Hank Childers , the director of the Mosaic project, noted that this is more significant to incoming students and marks one of several more transparent and foundational markers in the process. Childers said that March marks the big shifts for current UA students. “The week of spring break, you know, when you’re in Cancun, we’ll be working like crazy for the student records go live,” said Childers. “So, stuff is definitely coming.”


• The next informational meeting about Mosaic is Feb. 25 from 3 - 4:30 p.m. in room 503 of the Modern Languages building. • Visit the FAQs section of the Mosaic Web site at to find out more information. • Current students will see the schedule of classes beginning March 8 with priority enrollment starting in March and April.

• tuesday, february 16, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


Lance Madden Editor in Chief 520•621•7579

A Brit in America H


ave you been asking yourself what it’s like to study abroad? I am currently studying at the UA on a one-year Jan Flisek-Boyle exchange program. I arrived, teeming with excitement, at Columnist this unbridled opportunity. I, a middle class boy from the suburbs of London, was being given a chance to visit the democratic leader of the world, a country admired for its spirit of individualism and its moral standing on the planet’s key issues. Hoping to broaden my social horizons, to learn a new way of life and a culture different from my own, I arrived in the Promised Land after almost being the English hermit who never left his shell. So, what has the experience of studying abroad at an American institution taught me? Although a lot of Britons look up to America as a cultural sibling, there are far more differences than you’d realise. The way money works in the states is alien to me. Despite our favourable exchange rate, it’s generally a lot more expensive to live here. I have to pay $1,200 dollars over the year for healthcare, and then I’m expected to pay on top of that if I meet with your doctor! Needless to say, this choked me up as much as George W. Bush at a pretzel eating contest. The people here are a lot nicer, although I’ve heard that people from New York walk around with a stick-up-the-ass the size of most Londoners. Anyone planning to study here will be pleased to know that eye contact is a possibility, a far cry from the suspicious streets of most English cities. Of course, you have to take into account that Americans seem to have a wide-eyed fascination for accents. After speaking to a sorority girl here with a California drawl, I got a tremendous sense of déjà vu. Last time someone looked at me with genuine attentiveness, it was, well, neither female nor human: The only thing that affords me that kind of attention is my neighbour’s puppy, and that’s when I have a bone in hand. If only English girls thought a blundering English accent was half as interesting as Americans do. In all seriousness, though, the academic side of studying here is not completely different to me, yet detached enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Without meaning to sound patronising, the level of education here is not what we are used to back in the U.K. I first realised this when I was handed a class quiz. We’d just watched a two-hour documentary about a man named Robert McNamara and his role in the Vietnam War. We were then handed a sheet of paper with the question, “What is Robert McNamara’s job?”My English friend Jamie and I shared looks in mutual disbelief. With a whisper he said, almost laughing,“We get marks for this?!” We are, however, given projects all the time. Work is sadly, tirelessly consistent. Whether you do it, though, is another matter entirely. One has to keep in mind that there are far better schools in the U.S.A. than the UA, although, if you were to ask this writer, I wouldn’t understand why you’d commit yourself too fully to work when the grading system is a simple pass/fail as an exchange student. The United States is such a huge place that it’s almost impossible to define it in such a short space. But there is no doubting that it has the scope to offer the finest of everything in life.You want breathtaking beauty? Head to Sedona, Ariz., or to the Colorado Rockies.You want an incredible party atmosphere? My friends at the University of Miami haven’t been sober and off a boat in weeks.You want to dedicate yourself to a year of hard work and academic endeavour? Look no further than Berkeley or Reed College in Oregon. If you have the opportunity to study abroad next year, seize it with both hands. And for goodness’sake, don’t be the reclusive English hermit.

Anna Swenson Opinions Editor 520•621•7581

C O M M E N T S F R O M daily wildcat.c o m On ‘Commentary: “We got what we deserved,”’ Feb. 15

On ‘Sweating the sweet stuff,’ Feb. 10

or the state any good. No wonder alumni giving is so pathetic. UMgrad

“You only have so many bullets in your gun,” said Miller, coincidentally the current head coach of Gilbert Arenas’ college team. “I’ve used a few.” I am not sure what this has to do with Sean Miller, this specific group of young men or the UA. I understand I am reading an article on a college Web site by a college student that lacks historical perspective, but I was taught to at least focus on the topic at hand. Sean Miller is attempting to lay a foundation according to his principles and philosophies — not all that different than what Lute Olson did when he first landed in Tucson — or what any other great coach tries to do. Arenas fell pray to the NBA and the D.C. influence. Go write an article on that, Mr. Bryan Roy, if you feel brave enough to dabble in the world of social realties. After all, as John Wooden said, basketball is just a game … Just a fan

There’s a reason you’re single onValentine’s Day … you ate stuff like this. I want my women to eat less than I eat. Better go hit the gym, babe. I, for one, will be hitting on lonely chicks at the bar on Sunday. I hope to bag one this way. Rocket Man

On ‘Human rights violations,’ Feb. 15

On ‘MTV, dropping “Music Television” from its logo, joins a trend of broadened brands’ Totally agree with Kathy Sharpe. MTV can no longer be categorized with VH1 or Fuse. Glad they’re getting rid of the “music television” part since they rarely play music videos in the first place. Erin S.

— Jan Flisek-Boyle is an English exchange student. He can be reached at

On ‘UA running for Playboy’s top party school,’ Feb. 2 This is embarrassing. The value of our degrees is going down with each skanky piece of news coverage like this. Bet the parents are thrilled their money is spent here. Actually, some people, hard as it is to imagine, go to college to get educated or prepared for a specific career, not just to ‘get sum.’ Staff member and alumna I’m a UA alum, and, when people ask me where I went to school, I always mention my grad school but hesitate to say that I did my undergrad at Arizona. The “party school” distinction is embarrassing, and it also limits upward career mobility and respect at work. UA needs to raise its admission standards and academics at least to the level of the other Pacific 10 Conference schools. Letting anyone in, being a party school and a diploma factory doesn’t do the school

I am disgusted by this blatantly biased article. I would so much prefer another story about the plight of the real and only victims, the Israelis. They can’t be blamed for the 500 Palestinians killed over the weekend who were obviously all HAMAS supporters, why else would they be living in Gaza if they didn’t want all Jews to die. If Israel doesn’t murder then they will be killed, and I believe that the Tanack specifically commands thou not to murder unless thou are fighting Palestinians. Can’t you see how disadvantaged the Israelis are? They may have more money, weapons, international support, and freedoms guaranteed by a democratically elected government, but the Palestinians have so many rocks, they could seriously take someone’s eye out. They also have a few hundred cheaply made rockets. I’m sure even Gandhi would agree with the Israelis. Obviously anyone and everyone who speaks out about Israel is anti-Semitic, even the many Jews. I call for more articles about HAMAS, your readers obviously know nothing about the organization, why else would they call for more information? Lady Madonna

Dually noted:Fee face-off Graduate Council presidents take opposing sides on proposed fees

We stand today on what late President John F. Kennedy would have called “the brink of a new frontier,” and, once more, the imminent horizon of our time is demarcated not by the tranquil features of mundane topography but by a stark precipice which comes in fiscal year 2012 and takes with it hundreds of millions of dollars in public support for higher education. And, yet, though the challenges our society faces are stark, in fixing our attention on them, we often forget our own strength, our vision and our ability to react and rebound when faced with an obstacle. What would Kennedy say if he could see us in our present state of self-pity? As we approach this fiscal cliff and stare into the abyss beyond, I beg you to envision a future for our university and our state based not on what we have known them to be but on what we believe they have the potential to be. Though the choices we face are difficult, I know that the potential rewards are commensurate to the scale of our challenge, and I need your help. I, for one, dream of an Arizona so blindingly bright we simply can’t look directly at it. I dream of high-tech economy and world-class institutions discovering new knowledge and delivering never before possible innovations which enhance human lives. I dream of a bastion of nano, bio and clean tech, a cosmopolitan jewel, a rare flower blooming in the desert. But, there is a problem with my dream. Understandably, none have come forward

The Daily Wildcat editorial policy

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with the funds to make it a reality. Facing a multi-billion dollar deficit, the state legislature is simply no longer in the dreaming business, and, when the federal stimulus dollars run out in 2012, they will never come back. And so it falls on you, Wildcats. You are our only hope. I’m writing today to ask for your support for the proposed fees. The choice is yours, and, ultimately, you will decide whether this university is allowed to deteriorate. Many of you have expressed your desire to limit fees to provide only for the maintenance of existing efforts, with no increased spending until full economic recovery is achieved. While I once shared your view, I see now that in this era of rapid change, our obstinacy has the potential to cripple the quality of the university for generations to come. There is simply no maintenance of quality without increased funding, and, though I am deeply sorry for the hardship this will impose on the least prepared, I see no alternative. I will continue to work tirelessly to mitigate these hardships via financial aid commitments, for I believe that equality and diversity are among our greatest strengths. This is the time to bear down, Arizona. Solidarity and sacrifice are the meaning of our motto, and so I ask you to embody them. Put your money where your mouths are, and own your destiny. Dave Talenfeld President, Graduate and Professional Student Council

I am writing this letter because of growing concern throughout the College of Science graduate student community about the proposed fee increases. The Arizona Board of Regents will decide the implementation of these fees in one month, and we seek to ensure that the opinions and suggestions of the College of Science graduate community are represented when these decisions are made. The only solutions proposed to the graduate student community are dramatic increases in the fees we pay each semester. Fees, apart from other ways the UA charges students, must be paid directly from personal assets. Grants, fellowships and teaching assistantships do not cover fees. While we would prefer to be charged less for fees, we do support appropriate increases in fees to support library services. Given the critical role the library plays in the success of UA at large, we hope that the university can find ways to fund the library’s operations without relying so heavily on fees for students. We are strongly opposed to the Health/ Recreation Center fee in its proposed form and will remain strongly opposed as long as the fee is used primarily for the Student Recreation Center. There is overwhelming support to fund health services on campus; however, grouping these important services with recreational fees is a deceitful way to increase funding for the unpopular and unnecessary expansion of services provided by the Rec Center. Exercise is a healthy choice for students at all levels, but a heavily subsidized Rec Center is not the only option for personal fitness, especially for residents of sunny Tucson. For graduate students to tolerate

any fee increase, a balance must be struck between maintaining affordable, necessary health services and reducing or removing the portions of the fee that go to recreation. We are strongly opposed to the information technology fee increase. The need to continue improving the technology availabilities in classrooms still remains; however, a $300 per year fee is a steep cost to students facing increases in fees across the board. If technology is essential for a UA education, the UA should use tuition money to invest in technology as an infrastructural component. We are opposed to the Green and Public Interest Research Group fees. The benefits from both are still largely intangible and arguably will not be enjoyed by the students who are actually funding these projects. We oppose the PIRG fee because it is unclear to what end the PIRG fee will be used. Moreover, it sets precedence that public interest groups can tack on fees irrespective of university affiliation. Given that some or all of these fees may be imposed despite opposition, we hope that the administration seeks other means of funding these programs, especially considering that many of these fees invest in long term projects. We also demand that measures are taken to ensure that these fees remain temporary. Fees seem like the easiest option, but with unprecedented financial challenges, easy options may not be the best. The bottom line is that all fees except the request of the library are simply not necessary, and few will share the benefits. Bryan Helm President, Associate Graduate Council of the College of Science

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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, february 16, 2010 •


GOP hopes to capitalize on Latino Judge finds grounds to disappointment with Obama sanction Arizona sheriff MCCLATCHY TRIBUNE

WASHINGTON — As one of the first Latinos in the nation to endorse Barack Obama, Democratic state Sen. Gilbert Cedillo of Los Angeles campaigned hard for the president, but is disappointed now. The reason: Obama has yet to do anything on a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws, as he promised to do when he ran for president. “I think he’s in danger of breaking the spirit of solidarity and hope,”Cedillo said. Jaime Regalado, the executive director of the Pat Brown Institute, a nonprofit publicpolicy center at California State University, Los Angeles, said Democrats, particularly the president, faced“a scary situation.” “It’s really a colossal hassle for the administration, that there is so much impatience from so many groups — including Latinos — that are hell-bent on having an immigration reform package in 2010, an election year,”he said. Cedillo said the president and Democratic leaders needed to show Latinos that they were committed to them “not only during the campaign, but after the election.” He predicted that Latinos will provide the determining vote in every upcoming presidential election. Obama was hugely popular among Latinos, receiving 75 percent of the more than 10 million votes they cast in the 2008 presidential election. Earlier this month, a report by America’s Voice, a group that backs new comprehensive immigration policies, said that immigration could be the deciding


Hector Amezcua/McClatchy Tribune

California state GOP spokesman Hector Barajas, seen walking in Sacramento, said that President Barack Obama has failed on his promise to deliver immigration reform in his first year.

factor in as many as 40 congressional races in November. Noting the electoral strength of Latinos, Cedillo said:“I would be concerned if I was the White House.” Immigration has taken a back seat to a host of tough issues for Obama, including two wars, the struggling economy and a yearlong effort to get Congress to pass a health care overhaul. “Those were the conditions that he was campaigning under,” Cedillo said. “It’s not like those were surprises … I was so proud of him, at how firm and clear he was in those presidential debates. He really provided leadership.” Barajas said Latinos recognized that it

had been a tough year for Obama and an immigration plan might not be fully implemented immediately, but he said there wasn’t even a plan for proceeding, let alone introducing legislation. “I think the Democratic Party needs to wake up and realize that you can only fool the Latino community for so long,”Barajas said. “There’s a great sense of frustration, there’s a great sense of anger and there’s a big letdown”that will drive more Latinos to the Republican Party. Regalado said he didn’t believe that Democrats would switch to the Republican Party in big numbers.“What it does threaten is that Latinos stay home” on Election Day, he said.

AZ Senate approves sweeping immigration bill THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOENIX — The Arizona Senate has approved a sweeping bill to strengthen immigration enforcement laws. The measure passed the Senate 17-13. Scottsdale Republican Carolyn Allen joined Democrats in opposing

the measure sponsored by Mesa Republican Sen. Russell Pearce. It now goes to the House. Pearce’s bill would ban police departments from adopting policies that prevent officers from asking people about their immigration status.

The bill also would make it a state crime to be in Arizona illegally or to transport or conceal an illegal immigrant. And it seeks to curb day-labor employment by making it a crime for an illegal immigrant to solicit work in a public place or for anyone to hire someone from a vehicle.

PHOENIX — A federal judge has found grounds for sanctioning an Arizona sheriff’s office for its acknowledged destruction of records in a lawsuit that accuses deputies of racially profiling countless Hispanics in immigration patrols. U.S. District Judge Murray Snow held off on imposing the sanctions against the office of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Friday ruling but indicted he would do so later once related issues were ironed out. Since early 2008, Arpaio has run 13 immigration and crimes sweeps, which consisted of deputies and posse volunteers who flooded an area of a city — in some cases heavily Latino areas — to seek out traffic violators and arrest other offenders. The handful of Latinos who filed the lawsuit against Arpaio’s office alleged that officers based some traffic stops on the race of Hispanics who were in vehicles, had no probable cause to pull them over and made the stops so they could inquire about their immigration statuses. Arpaio is known for tough jail policies, including housing inmates in canvas tents and pushing the bounds for how local law enforcement agencies can confront illegal immigration. The U.S. Justice Department said it’s investigating his office for alleged discrimination and for unconstitutional searches and seizures but won’t provide any details of its examination. The sheriff believes the inquiry is focused on his immigration efforts. Arpaio has repeatedly denied the racial profiling allegations, saying people pulled over in the sweeps were approached because deputies had probable cause to believe they had committed crimes. It was only

The Arizona Daily Wildcat The Arizona Daily Wildcat is looking for a news reporter to write at least three stories per week. Previous experience in journalism preferred but not required. Please contact the news editor at or 621-3193 if interested.


afterward that deputies found many of them were illegal immigrants, he has said. Some sheriff’s officials have acknowledged deleting their e-mails about the patrols and throwing away and shredding officers’records of traffic stops made during the sweeps. Snow said the sheriff’s office was negligent for not holding onto the documents and that the failure to preserve them is enough to justify sanctions. The judge asked plaintiff’s attorneys to suggest unspecified “adverse inferences”that could be drawn from the destruction of officers’ records of traffic stops made during the sweeps. Peter Kozinets, one of those attorneys, said Saturday that the document destruction deprived his clients of records that would have shown deputies were selective in whom they approached during the sweeps. The sheriff’s office said the destruction was an honest error that sprung from a top official not telling others in his office to preserve the documents. The office also said the traffic-stop records were thrown away after supervisors tabulated statistics from them and that thousands of other documents have been handed over. “We thought the ruling was extremely fair and we are pleased to cooperate,” said Dave Hendershott, chief deputy of the sheriff’s office. “It clearly shows that the judge understood that it was an unintentional oversight. We are very pleased with the ruling.” Snow also said that plaintiff’s attorneys can again depose Arpaio to question him about his own 800page immigration file, which was covered by a documents request but wasn’t handed over before his first deposition in mid-December.

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• tuesday, february 16, 2010

policebeat By Bridgette Doran Arizona Daily Wildcat

Crying man ‘just wanted to fight someone’

A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol on Thursday at 10:55 p.m. when he saw two men arguing with one another on the south side of Old Main. As the officer started to walk toward the men, he noticed one of them staggering and yelling at the other, “Come on, let’s fight.” The officer separated the men and questioned them separately. The man being yelled at and his girlfriend were identified as UA students, whereas the other man had no affiliation with the university. The woman told the officer that the other man was trying to start a fight with her boyfriend. When the officer spoke with her boyfriend, he stated that he and his girlfriend had been sitting on the benches near the Forbes Building next to the bike path, when a man started yelling at them for no reason. They thought the man would keep on walking, but he approached the two on the bench yelling,“Motherfucker, let’s fight.” When the man was within 10 feet of the couple, the seated man stood up and told him to go away. The staggering man then lunged and got both arms around his neck and shoulders. Both of them fell to the ground.The man who was assaulted said he was not injured and had no cuts or bruises.  When the officer spoke with the man who had assaulted the couple, he noticed the man smelled of alcohol and was slurring his words. The man kept giving the officer his address and saying,“I just wanted to fight someone.” After the officer asked a few questions, the man began to cry and said he did not want to talk anymore. The man was placed under arrest for minor in possession and assault. He was transported to Pima County Jail.

Man floored in flowerbed

A campus minister called UAPD on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. to report a man lying unconscious behind the Newman Center at 1615 E. Second St. The officer arrived at the scene and found the man lying on his back between a telephone pole and a flowerbed. The man woke up confused and did not answer questions appropriately. The man was identified by his driver’s license and stated he had had too much to drink but would not say where or what he had been drinking. The officer reported the man as having slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol. The man had also vomited on himself several times. After Tucson Fire Department arrived at the scene to treat the man, he refused care and said he just wanted to go back to his room. The officer called his roommate, who said that he would stay with the man all night. The man was given a ride back to La Paz Residence Hall. He was placed under arrest on charges of being an underage person with spirituous liquor in body. He signed his citation and was released. At 10:42 p.m., the officer was notified that TFD was responding to the man’s room in reference to extreme intoxication.  The roommate called 911 again after the man continued throwing up and was not able to be woken up. The man was transported to University Medical Center, and a Code of Conduct referral was sent to the Dean of Students.

Rebel flag waved on student’s whiteboard

A UA student who felt threatened in her residence hall contacted UAPD officer Thursday at 9:15 p.m. The woman said she did not want to meet at her dorm, so the officer said they could meet at the Highland Market to talk about the incident. On Feb. 9, the woman said she arrived at her room that night and saw the words“Southern pride”written next to a picture of a Confederate flag that had been drawn on her whiteboard. The words and picture were placed underneath, where she had earlier written,“Black Studies MonthYeah.” The woman said she reported the incident to her resident assistant, but no one had come forward. She also said she spent the entire day crying in her room and said she had never felt threatened before. The officer reported that her parents had been ready to pull their daughter out of school that weekend. After the officer told her she could change dorms if she did not feel safe, she agreed and said she would like a single room or would like to be transferred with her current roommate. The officer informed the woman to call UAPD if she had any other incidents occur in which she felt unsafe. Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at



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tuesday, february , 


Nicole Dimtsios Sports Editor 520•626•2956

Three things we learned from the Kajikawa Classic By Nicole Dimtsios ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT


The question coming into this season for Arizona softball was who was goiing ng to take over for the Wildcats when pitcher Lindsey Sisk transferred after the conclusion of last season. Arizona already had veteran pitcher, Sarah Akamine, who served as head coach Mike Candrea’s main source of firepower last season, but local phenom Kenzie Fowler’s reputation preceded her as she entered her freshman season at Arizona. In the Kajikawa Classic this past weekend, Fowler won four games with 22.1 innings of a 1.25 ERA and only gave up four total runs. The pitcher struck out 41 batters in her opening weekend. Her counterpart, Akamine, pitched in two games over the weekend and put up similar statistics. She allowed five runs in 15 innings and racked up an ERA of 1.34. Fowler has recorded speeds faster than Arizona great Jennie Finch, but Candrea has said that Akamine and Fowler will split time in the circle for

Former ASU coach dies at 97


Bill Kajikawa

the Wildcats this season. While both have the potential to go all the way for Candrea, Arizona has a back-up plan if one pitcher gets cold. “I think Sarah and I complement each other really well,”Fowler said after the Kajikawa Classic. “It’s always nice when you have more than one pitcher that can get the job done.”


TEMPE — Bill Kajikawa, who coached three sports over a 41-year career at ASU, died Monday. He was 97. His death comes a day after the end of the Kajikawa Classic, a 25-team softball tournament held in Tempe. The Wildcats went 6-0 at the event over the weekend while the hosting Sun Devils went 5-1. The death was announced by officials at ASU where one of Kajikawa’s daughters, Dr. Christine Wilkinson, is senior vice president. Kajikawa was head coach of ASU’s baseball team from 1947-57 and basketball team from 1948-57. He began coaching the school’s freshman football team in 1937. During his tenure, Kajikawa watched the Bulldogs become the Sun Devils in 1946 and he saw his alma mater gain university status in 1958. Kajikawa, a Tempe native, retired in 1978. The school’s football practice field was named the Bill Kajikawa Practice Facility in April 1995. He is survived by two daughters. Funeral services are pending.

KAJIKAWA, page 10

— The Associated Press and Arizona Daily Wildcat

PAC-10 HOOPS POWER RANKINGS The murky waters at the top of the Pacific 10 Conference are finally starting to clear. After another weekend, the top teams are pulling away from a congested middle.


California (17-8, 9-4)

It was as heavyweight as the Pac10 gets: Jerome Randle vs. Quincy Pondexter in a slugfest at Berkeley. Randle scored 33 points and was named conference Player of the Week after the Bears swept the weekend against the Washington schools.


ASU (18-8, 8-5)

Here’s the Sun Devils’ chance to do what Arizona did in Tempe: win and join the top of the conference. A weekend sweep against the Oregon schools isn’t entirely impressive, but a win in Tucson Sunday would certainly raise some eyebrows.


USC (15-9, 7-5)

For the sixth time in the last 50 years, the Trojans swept UCLA in the regular season. They’re in the hunt.


Washington (17-8, 7-6)

The Huskies finally picked up a road win after starting conference play 0-5 away from Seattle.


Arizona (13-12, 7-6)

Sean Miller called Saturday’s loss to Oregon State “rock bottom.” Now the team has two-a-days, starting with 6 a.m. practice. As if the Wildcats need any extra motivation for Sunday’s game against the Sun Devils.


Oregon State (11-13, 5-7)

Breaking a 27-year drought of winning in McKale Center might’ve kept the Beavers afloat in, well, a confidence standpoint.


UCLA (11-13, 6-6)

Two heartbreaking Valentine’s Day games in the past two seasons: last year, getting crushed by the Wildcats in Tucson and then Sunday getting edged by USC and Dwight Lewis’ 23 points.

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Sophomore Lini Koria takes pitches in the bullpen during a Feb. 6 practice at Hillenbrand Stadium. Fresh off the Kajikawa Classic Tournament, in which they went 6-0, the Wildcats saw many positives to build upon as the season progresses.

Seeing the real athlete Technology a savior in times of jock elitism


hen Kentucky guard John Wall basketball head coach Sean Miller said in stood in front of television camer- reaction to Wall’s comments.“When you look at high school games being as two weeks ago on ESPN in front of a national and let a comment slip about his displeasure at head coach television audience, when you John Calipari’s criticisms, he see what Twitter is today, e-mail, came across as a selfish player text messaging … The way they can communicate, it puts them going through the motions of that much more in the spotlight college hoops and waiting for his entry into the NBA Draft. at such an earlier age than ever It was the speed of inforbefore.” mation, the relentless media Kevin Zimmerman The see-through screen of social media isn’t something for pressure that caught his Assistant sports editor coaches to be afraid of. reaction. That need for speed caused an uproar at Kentucky, so why would In fact, the number of tech-savvy players it be different at Arizona, where the majority has given fans a clearer glimpse of who of the players use Twitter and Facebook? college and even professional athletes truly are. Fading is the jock elitism, the misin“The speed of information is really what’s formed assumption that all these athletes changed college basketball,” UA men’s

are as Wall appeared to be — selfish and only wading through the protocol to reach NBA-level wealth. When asked of dealing with the new technology and protecting his players, Miller said simply that he has to adapt: “It’s the way of the world.” At Arizona, Miller’s five-man freshman class has created a Twitter-boom. That’s not a bad thing. Never before have fans been 140 typed characters away from conversation with their favorite player. Not before this year have fans gotten to know Arizona basketball players’ bowling scores posted as a cell phone picture or their favorite restaurants — just follow senior Nic Wise’s Twitter, and you’ll know he loves his sushi. ZIMMERMAN, page 10


Washington State (15-10, 5-8)

The Bay Area schools handed the Cougars two more L’s — they’ve lost five of their last six.


Stanford (11-14, 5-8

A relatively easy remainder of their schedule could give the Cardinal some momentum heading into their season finale at home against California and the Pac-10 Tourney.


Oregon (12-12, 4-8)

Could Mark Few be on the radar?

— compiled by Bryan Roy


â&#x20AC;˘ tuesday, february 16, 2010 â&#x20AC;˘ arizona daily wildcat

Building momentum Nonconference game breaks up Pac-10 schedule By Dan Kohler ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT After a come-from-behind victory at Oregon State, the Arizona womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basketball team returns home to Tucson tonight at 7 for its final nonconference battle against the Cal State Northridge Matadors. Regardless of its nonconference status, this game will still prove crucial to the Wildcats (12-11, 6-7 Pacific 10 Conference). The prospect of having its first winning season since the 2004-05 campaign has Arizona pumped as the season winds down. The Matadors (4-18, 2-9 Big West Conference) are fresh off a season sweep of conference rival Cal State Fullerton and come into the McKale Center gearing for an upset. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a team that we havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seen before,â&#x20AC;? said Arizona head coach Niya Butts.â&#x20AC;&#x153;They are going to be presenting something different, and we have to be

focused and ready to play.â&#x20AC;? Even though its record and conference standing is weak, Northridge is still a threat that can consistently put points on the board. Center Jasmine Erving put up a career-high 27 points and 10 rebounds against Fullerton, which led to a Matador victory. Regardless of its momentum and the opponentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s standing, Arizona must come into the contest with victory on its mind. Butts said a lack of focus would lead to costly mistakes and turnovers that wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have happened otherwise. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have to make sure that we are focused on Northridge and not looking ahead to ASU because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a conference game,â&#x20AC;? Butts said. The Wildcats need to continue to run the quick transition offense and need to focus on getting the ball to their playmakers. Arizona forward Soana Lucet, who is currently averaging 13.5 points per

game, only managed to shoot for eight points during Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contest at Oregon State. Lucet was proud of her teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s effort and her individual defensive performance, adding that her ability to take charges really put defensive pressure on Oregon State. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I know we have so much more to do, but we have started to come together,â&#x20AC;? Lucet said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We can be so much better.â&#x20AC;? The Wildcats are currently seventh in the Pac-10. However, with Oregon, California and USC all tied for third place with only a 7-5 conference record, Butts and company can have a little more confidence about finishing higher in the standings. A win tonight will put the Wildcats in a better mindset to finish out the rest of their conference schedule. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have to start from the jump,â&#x20AC;? Lucet said.â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are going to control the game, this is our game.â&#x20AC;?

Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Forward Ify Ibekwe pushes the ball up the floor in Arizonaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 80-50 win against Washington in McKale Center on Feb. 6. The Wildcats hope to get on a roll against their last nonconference opponent, Cal State Northridge, tonight at 7 in McKale Center.

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!!!!BARtENdiNg! up TO $250/ DAY. NO ExPEriENCE NECESSArY. TrAiNiNG PrOViDED. CALL 800965-6520 ExT.139 $8-15/hR ENtRy level position. Friday, Saturday, Sunday part-time. Care for children in residential home environment, community based outings, educational, entertaining and cultural. if you genuinely care for children and want to make a difference in the world while getting paid, email us today $8.50/hR fREE training, flexible schedule. responsible, caring, outgoing individuals to join our team working with individuals with disabilities or elderly. Call Office 520-512-0200. ***$10/hR*** AftER 60 dAys. Now hiring for immediate and summer positions, over 35 positions available prior to March 1st. CALL NOW!! Swim instructors, swim instructor managers for Northwest and East locations! Experience appreciated but not required, training provided. Flexible schedules with urgent need for morning, mid-day, evening, and Saturday shifts! See complete job descriptions and apply online at or call Sunshine Swim School at 544-4976 TODAY! A/V tECh NEEdEd: customer service-driven hotel work. 4 hours in morning and evening, sometimes weekends. One shift for part time, or both for full time. Cargo van experience preferred. A/V experience preferred but not necessary. Tech oriented and willingness to serve most important. Must be able to lift up to 50lbs. Email:

Attention Classified Readers: The Arizona Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

pt mAiNtENANCE fOR local Country Club. reliable only, landscape experience preferred. 2994977. Messages returned. pt RECEptiONist must possess excellent phone etiquette, basic computer skills and the ability to multi-task. $9 per hour, M-F 11am- 4pm. sOmEONE tO tEACh me Dreamweaver Mx. $10/hr. CASH. Leave message 820-0194 studENt RECRuitERs WANtEd inspire and impact your community– recruit students for a 90 minute Campus Health Step Up! violence prevention training. Earn a $50 UA Bookstore gift card for each group of 20-25 students you schedule. Contact Melanie Fleck at 621-3491 or studENtpAyOuts.COm pAid suRVEy Takers needed in Tucson 100% FrEE to join. Click on Surveys. thE uNiVERsity Of Arizona is seeking a qualified applicant for the position of research Engineer to research, develop, analyze and test large-scale database systems in general and, in particular, Oracle database technologies that can exploit autonomic tools and solutions to improve performance, productivity and manageability of iT systems and their services. The position, located in Tucson, Arizona, requires a Master’s degree in Mgmt info Sys, Elect. or Comp. Eng, or Comp Science. Please submit resumes to: Frank Montano, The University of Arizona, Dept. of Elect & Comp Engineering, 1230 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85721.

tuCsON summER JOB! Are you tired of having to work while you go to school? This is the job for you. Summer pest control sales program; Our avg. 1st year rep makes $15K-$25K in 4months. Submit resume to or call 888-9555.

ARizONA ANimAL fAiR VOLUNTEErS DESPErATELY NEEDED! Fun & easy way to knock out community service requirements. Free t-shirt for 4+ hours. Saturday, 2/20 at reid Park (22nd/ Country Club), 9am-1pm or 12:30-4:30pm. Work in pairs or teams. All proceeds benefit animal rescue. Visit for volunteer application or email This wonderful community event cannot happen without the help of 100+ volunteers! Please help us save hundreds of homeless animals.

BRANd NEW mAttREss sets Full $130, Queen Pillow Top $175, King Pillow Top $199, Twin $99 in original plastic w/Warranty Can deliver 520745-5874

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWEsOmE 2BEdROOm, 2bath just $940/ month. Close to UofA campus. Spacious floor plan with A/C, alarm system, full size washer/dryer, fireplace, ceiling fans, built-in desks, private fenced yard, high speed internet available, pets welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Now taking reservations for summer and fall 2010. Quality living rents quick! Call 747-9331 !!!!!!!!!!pRELEAsiNg studiOs/ 1Bd/ 2bd Units for Aug 2010! Call Jarrett (owner/agent) 331.8050 !!!!!!!1Bd ApARtmENt Available! A beautiful condominium for rent. rare vacancy! High-speed internet and cable available, lush landscaping, AC, DW, private patio. $550; 3649 E. 3rd St. 326-2900. !!!fAmiLy-OWNEd &operated studio. 1,2,3,4, or 5BD houses &apartments. 4blks north of UofA. $400 to $2000. Available now or pre-lease. No pets, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080. $780/ 2BEd AVAiLABLE- immediate move in, 2blocks from campus, call for details. 520-884-9376 1 mONth fREE- 1.5miles from UofA, minutes from PCC, immediate Move in Available, call 520-624-6500 1/1BA dupLEx, EuCLid/ Elm $495 if paid early, water/ gas included, APL 747-4747 1Bd fuRNish ApARtmENt. Clean, Quiet, green community. $525/mo per 1 semester. $480/mo to August 1. University Arms 1515 E 10th St. 6230474 1BdRms stARtiNg @$375. Located Country Club/Speedway. Approx 550ft, large walk in closets, concrete floors, by bus stops. Russ @520-349-8442 (Owner licensed rE agent) 1BLk fROm uOfA reserve your apartment for summer or fall. Furnished or unfurnished. 1bedroom from $585, 2bedroom from $740, 3bedroom from $1040. Pool/ Laundry. 5th/ Euclid. Call 751-4363 or 309-8207 for appointment. 2Bd 4BLOCks tO UofA. Tastefully remodeled, light, modern and spotlessly clean. Quiet, well maintained 6unit building w/patios. Cats OK. Laundry. Owner managed. Available August. $725/mo. 623-9565. For more info and 80 photos go to: 2BdR 1BAth 700sqft upper apartment walking distance to UofA. Great room w/ceramic tile &carpet in bdr. $575/mo. Call rosemary 520-2728483. 3 mONths fREE- miNutEs from PCC West, in West Tucson Area, immediate move in Available, call 520882-0363 3Bd/ 2BA, NORth of UofA, W/D hookups, $845 if paid early, APL 7474747 City ViEWs, 2Bd units, St. Mary’s/ Silverbell starting at $725, APL 7474747 gREAt 2BR 1BA apartment $599, in quiet community 3mi north of UofA. Call 881-2220 LARgE 2Bd 1.5 BAth, hot and cold water paid, A/C, pool, laundry, very quiet. $575/m $200 deposit. 327-8811 or 990-0130

LOCAtEd iN thE heart of Tucson. Deerfield Village is your oasis in the desert. Great for students. 1& 2BD. 24hr fitness center. Heated pool & spa. Free shuttle to UofA. GPA discount, gated community, business center w/WiFi. Call to reserve your home today. 323-9516. $99 moves you in! +up to 2months free! NEAR uOfA. studiO- $375/mo. Furnished. Utilities paid. 429-3829 ON CAmpus 2Bd $775/mo. Water included, fireplace, parking included, wood floors, A/C. Owner RE agent russ 349-8442. Avail 3/1

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

3BR/ 2BA, $1300/mO, near UA campus, only 3yrs old, very nice,, or 891-9043

!!!!!!!!!!pRELEAsiNg 3-9 BEdROOm UofA Houses for August 2010! Call Jarrett (owner/agent) 520.331.8050 for showing appt.

ABsOLutELy thE LARgEst 3bedroom 2bath around for only $1400/ month. Great location across the street from Mansfield Park within a mile of the UofA. Full size washer/dryer, A/C, alarm system, fireplace, ceiling fans, built-in desks, private fenced yard, high speed internet available, pets welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Now taking reservations for summer/fall 2010. Call 747-9331

!!!!!!!!!!sAm hughEs CLAssiC HOMES. 2749 E. 5th St. 2728 E. 5th St. 3&4 Br HOUSES. CLOSE TO UOFA. AVAiLABLE NOW. Starting from $1250 & up. CALL 400-8796. !!!!!!LuxuRy uOfA Home- BrAND NEW 4Br 4+1/2 BA and 6Br 6+1/2BA HUGE 3CAr GArAGE just blocks north of UA. All 4HUGE BEDrOOMS are upstairs and have own private CUSTOM TiLED FULL BATHrOOMS each Br has private WHirLPOOL TUB, +WALK-iN CLOSET +high 10ft ceilings +ceiling fans, +custom vanities with GrANiTE tops +LArGE OUTSiDE BALCONY. FULL LAUNDrY, LArGE KiTCHEN with beautiful CUSTOM CABiNETS +GrANiTE TOPS +GLASS TOP rANGE +DiSHWASHEr +DiSPOSAL +WALK-iN PANTrY +CAVErNOUS LiViNGrOOM with 10ft ceilings +MOrE. ABSOLUTELY THE NiCEST rENTAL in UA area! CAN FUrNiSH if desired. 8841505. Ask about our current special.

pRE-LEAsiNg fOR summER/ Fall 2010. Newer construction duplex on CatTran, near UofA &UMC. Has many upgrades. $1495/mo +$1495 deposit. 909-4089

ON CAmpus studiO $535 includes all utilities & parking! Located @801 E. 4th St, wood floors, a.c. russ 520-349-8442 (Owner licensed rE agent) ONE OR tWO bedroom apartment loft or house close to campus behind rincon Market ample parking starting at $750.00/ month, 1st month free 322-2940

$350 guEsthOusE With concrete floors, fenced yard Near UofA, also 1bd a/c, ceramic tile floors, water Paid, fenced yard $400 call rEDi 6235710 or log On

REsERVE NOW fOR summer/fall 1BD furnished. University Arms. Special summer rate May to August $425/mo. Years’ lease $500/mo. Nine month in fall $525/mo. 1515 E. 10 St. 623-0474

LARgE studiOs ONLy 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $370, lease. No pets. 9774106

stONEWOOd ApARtmENts 4Bd/ 3BA, on-site manager, secure, free internet. W/D, & free private storage room. $300 per bedroom. $900 min. No security deposit. Cathy 884-5044 studiOs fROm $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. Blue Agave Apartments 1240 N. 7th Ave. speedway/ stone.

!!!!!sigN up now for Aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NEWER homes! 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303 !!!5BLks NORth of UofA Mountain/Lee 1BD $550. Available now. Month-to-month. No pets, quiet, familyowned, security patrolled. 299-5020, 624-3080.

REmOdELEd 380sqft BACk house, evap. $450/mo, utilities included. Avail. now. 2830 N Park Ave. 520-903-4353

!!!5BLks NORth of UofA. Mountain/Lee 4 or5BD 3BA completely remodeled. $1900. Available soon. A/C, W/D, family-owned, no pets, quiet, security patrolled, security bars. 299-5020, 624-3080

! 3Bd 3BA W/gARAgE and 2bd 2ba extra nice homes with A/C, walled yard, patios, all appliances. Available June 1. Walk or take catran to campus. 577-1310 or 834-6915

$900- $1700 Aug 2010– 1,2,3,4 & 5bdm, NEWER homes! all within 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

!!! uOfA LuxuRy RENtALs. 1,2,3,4,5 bedroom homes for rent. Available August 2010. Contact 520954-7686 or for more info.

Beautiful 2bedroom/2bath condo near uofA. the features include: Vaulted Ceilings, granite Countertops, Washer/dryer in Condo. Owner pays Water, garbage and hOA. $750/ month. prestige property management inc. 520-8810930.

BEAutifuL CONdOs fOR sale. 1BD 100,000. 2BD 160,000. 3649 E 3rd St. 326-2900.

1Bd quiEt ViNtAgE Duplex. 3blocks from UofA. A/C, lots of trees, parking. $450/mo gas and water paid. Cats ok. 319-9339


!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWEsOmE uNiVERsity area 5bedroom houses from $2075/ month ($415/bedroom) to $3000/ month ($600/bedroom). Five distinct locations to choose from all within 2miles of UofA. Spacious 2story floor plan includes 2extra large bath, zoned A/C, full size washer/dryer, alarm system, upper deck, wall of windows in living/dining area, private fenced back yard, pets welcome. Quality living rents quick. Now taking reservations for summer/fall 2010. No security deposit (o.a.c.). Call 747-9331

2Bd/ 1BA 1miLE east of UofA, UMC. Hardwood floors, W/D, R, DW, AC, FP, Garage. Pets OK (520)3266158 $1100


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• tuesday, february 16, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

fEmALE ROOmmAtE WANtEd $250/ month includes utilities. 2bedroom MFD Home. Country Club/ Prince neighborhood. No drugs or alcohol. 808-7543

3Bd 3BA hOusE 1600sf, dbl garage, washer/dryer, a/c, alarm, ceiling fans $1650 also 3bd house with office, a/c, walled yard, Jacuzzi tub $895 call rEDi 623-5710 or log on

6Bd 5BA With larger homes available, 0-8 blks from campus, private parking, fireplace, private patios and plenty of parking. reserve 10-11 call Casa Bonita 398-5738

3Bd 3BA tAkE a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and incld a garage call Casa Bonita 398-5738

6BLOCks fROm uOfA. Available August 1st. 3BD/ 2BA, 1800sqft, living room, dining room, den, fireplace, W/D, large fenced yard. $1400/mo. 751-4363 or 309-8207.

3BEdROOm 2BAth, pOOL, large yard, laundry, A/C. Near UofA. $1,500/mo +utilities. Available Now. 429-2343 4Bd 2,3BA Taking reservations 1011 Superior locations as well as exceptional floor plans 0-8 blks from campus call Casa Bonita 398-5738 www.uofahomerentals

Arizona Daily Wildcat


Audition this Friday 3:00-5:00 Tornabene theater #266 (behind the drama building)

For information go to or contact

4Bd 2BA 1miLE north of campus. Large fenced backyard, all appliances included, A/C, carport parking. $1100/mo +deposit. 623-910-4639 4Bd 3BA hOusE 3265sf, a/c, dbl carport, concrete/ceramic Tile floors, washer/dryer, dishwasher $2750 also 4bd 3bd house in Sam Hughes with washer/dryer, wood floors, a/c, covered patio, only $1450 call rEDi 6235710 or log on 5Bd 3,4BA Take a look at our exceptional floor plans all homes are uniquely designed and lots of private parking call Casa Bonita 398-5738

spACiOus studiO WALk to UofA and downtown. On busline. Broadway/Euclid area. No dogs. $450/mo, utilities included. 298-3017 spEEdWAy/ 4th 2Bd house a/c, ceramic tile, Carport, fenced yard $725 also 2bd 2ba house 1100sf washer/dryer fenced yard $875 call rEDi 623-5710 or log on

AVAiLABLE NOW, WALkiNg distance, 2bedroom, 1bath, built-in vanities, refrigerator, window covering. carport, water paid, $600/mo, flexible terms, 370-8588, leave message.

WALk tO CAmpus sam hughes, 2,3,4 &5bdm, NEWER homes! within 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

BEAutifuL, spACiOus 6Bd 3BA over 2700sqft. Close to campus. Ceramic tile, all appliances, A.C., corner lot, huge fenced yard. 2602 E. Exeter rd. Call Nita @520-312-0857 Also 4BD available

yEs LOCAtiON! 5BEd/ 3BAth home. 1521 N. park Ave - Built 2005. some util incl. in this great home!!! $2950/mon. 1yr lease. 8-1 to 7-31. Call Jason 602.793.7685

BikE tO CAmpus iN Aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NEWER homes! within 2mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303 CAmpBELL/ gRANt spLit 3bedroom/ 2full bath. 18,000sqft, french doors to family room and rear bedroom. Private entrance, small kitchen/ dining area, utility room, W/D hookup. Double fenced corner lot, patio. $950/mo. 1739 Water St. Owner/agent 327-6621. Cell 573-739-9253

5Bd 5BA hOusE with a/c, family room, fireplace, washer Dryer available August $3000 also Sam Hughes 5bd House washer/dryer, dishwasher, available August $2875 Call rEDi 6235710 or log on

mOVE-iN REAdy!!! BLt in 2006, 2BD/ 2BA,1000 + sqft house, all appliances, a/c, spacious rear yd. community park w/ basketball court, bike/ jogging path. Off Campbell, short 6mi to UA. CALL- Pam or Doug 520400-2835

5Bd 5BA REsERVE for 10-11, great location, private parking, awesome floor plan call Casa Bonita 398-5738

pRE-LEAsiNg 3Bd/2BA. Close to UofA, &Pima, large fenced backyard, (recently updated). $1050/mo +$1050 deposit. Available 6/10. 909-4089

fEmALE ROOmmAtE WANtEd to share 3BD home near irvington &Tucson. Newer home, all utilities included, +W/D, cable TV, security systems, &garage for car. Full house privileges. Only 5mi from UofA. $475. 520-4002870

WONdERfuL REmOdELEd tOWNhOmE near UofA bus route. 3/2 w/new kitchen, corrian, hoa has pool and clubhouse. $120,000> Call rosemary @Long realty 520-272-8483 or

$199* spRiNg BREAk Beach Partyrocky Point! Mar 13,14,15 or 19,20,21. Transportation, Hotel, Music concert included! Limited Space Call Now! rocky Point Tours 6688889. Experienced Guides- *quad occ. Triple, double, and single rates available.

3BR 2BA pOOL, A/C, fenced dog run, near L.A. Fitness,Trader Joe’s. On Mountain Ave. Bike route to U/A. All appliances stay, clean $260,000. Owner / Agent. 247-0240 Kerry EAsy WALkiNg distANCE to UMC & main campus. Lots of parking. 1640 E. Linden. Historic brick house. Open Sun noon-3pm. $219,900 2402127

LAkE hAVAsu LONdON Bridge resort. Sleeps 4. Available week of 3-1210. $800/ week or $125/ night +onetime $100 cleaning fee. Call (281) 536-6389.

NiCE 2700sqft hOusE 350K Easy Univ Access 3 Mi 5th and Columbus 12% Dn Owner will carry 321-4682 850-6799

!!-AA typiNg $1.50/pg. Laser printing, term papers, theses, dissertations, editing, grammar, punctuation, professional service, near campus. Fax: 326-7095. Dorothy 3275170.

fEBR. RENt fREE -$375.00 +utilities, furnished, 3bedroom/3bath nice place close to campus. Male roommate, 410 E. Speedway, Lease through 7/31. $200 deposit. 308\5200528,

Az ELitE CLEANERs- We offer Cleaning Services for House Cleaning, Move in/Out or After Parties. $25.00 Off initial Cleaning 520-207-9699

Wescott repeats gold in men’s snowboard cross WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Even in a sport as wild and unpredictable as snowboardcross, it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise to see the Olympic champion defend his title. But really, snowboard fans — where in the world did Seth Wescott come from? Heading into the last half of Monday’s final, the 33-year-old from Maine was barely within shouting distance of Canadian Mike Robertson. Then, out of nowhere, Wescott closed the gap, overtook the Canadian and held him off at the finish to take the gold medal — his second straight and America’s second of these Winter Olympics. Tony Ramoin of France won the bronze, finishing ahead of American Nate Holland, whose spinout about a third of the way down the course set up what looked like a breeze for Robertson, an underdog who was going for his country’s second gold medal of the games. Wescott made up the distance over a series of five consecutive jumps that can sap speed if not executed correctly. The crowd, about half Canadian and half American, gasped

ZIMMERMAN continued from page 7

and cheered. Wescott crossed the line first and fell to the ground, then draped the stars and stripes across his shoulders. The result was hard to believe — not because of his history in the sport but because of his last two months. Wescott dinged up his knee and shoulder at an event two months ago and came to the Olympics admittedly not riding his best. He finished 17th of the 32 riders in qualifying — not up to his standards — and was one of the few riders who would acknowledge that the conditions at weather-plagued Cypress Mountain — slushy, flat light, inconsistent snow — were crummy. “You’re pretty much riding blind in there,” he said between qualifying and the finals. His low seeding meant he had to wear the black vest for the final three of the four races he ran (the top seed in each race gets to wear red, No. 2 blue and No. 3 yellow). But the man in black, a technician who prides himself on finding the winning paths down any course, won gold. He did it by emerging unscathed

through four races during which almost anything can, and usually will, happen. The fastest rider in qualifying, Aussie Alex Pullin, wiped out in the first race. This year’s top-ranked rider in the World Cup, France’s Pierre Vaultier, got mixed up with Canadian Drew Nielson and wiped out. Last year’s World Cup champion, Markus Shairer, came in with broken ribs and left early after a wipeout. American Graham Watanabe, who qualified second, got beat in a photo finish, and his teammate, Nick Baumgartner, slipped and went sprawling into the netting. Another Canadian, Francois Boivin, did a somersault and a face plant. On and on it went until Holland, the American who won his fifth straight Winter X Games last month, made the final mistake — a spinout that knocked Wescott back to third, way behind Robertson, who missed the wreck. But maybe the message Wescott sent is that snowboardcross, for all its craziness, isn’t so unpredictable after all. It has been in the Olympics twice, and Wescott has won them both.

glimpse of who John Wall is: Perhaps someone a little off the wall. “With that, there’s going to be those episodes that I think everyone should almost understand because of how young these kids are,” Miller said of Wall. He’s right. Social media also spread a humorous dance by Wall, aptly titled “The John Wall Dance.”There’s even a Youtube video of a man doing “The John Wall Dance” while standing over a deer in celebration of his successful hunt. At Arizona, freshman Kevin Parrom’s infamous foul on ASU guard Ty Abbott spread like wildfire when Parrom posted his namesake,“No easy buckets” post on Twitter. That saying could be seen among the Zona Zoo posters during this weekend’s games. In college, visibility has kept the human side of athletes available to the public. While that might include 18-year-olds, the openness is

George Bridges/ MCT

— The Associated Press

Tech gives glimpse of personality

Such visibility caused problems for Wall and certainly could become problematic anywhere. Asked if he was worried about technology getting his players in trouble, Miller went back to his team’s character. “Inside of our locker room, it’s about one thing. It’s about winning,” he said. “It’s about a second thing, you know, doing it together. Those things don’t go away.” Maybe Wall’s loose tongue was simply the natural reaction he had to Calipari’s criticism of the freshman guard’s play — frustration. “I love Coach Cal, he loves me and we’re just trying to get everything down pat,”Wall told The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kent., a day after he raised eyebrows.“We’re cool where we’re at.” Originally, Wall went on television and said what he thought. It was his natural reaction, and, taking into account the context of his team’s upset loss to South Carolina, he had a right to be frustrated. His reaction was a

Seth Wescott of the United States celebrates winning gold in the snowboard cross on Monday, during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

something that should be cherished. When one-time Arizona basketball commitment and NBA rookie Brandon Jennings tweeted a positive, “good game guys” post after his Milwaukee Bucks earned a victory back in December, he was fined $7,500 for disobeying an NBA social media rule. He had tweeted immediately after a game, before doing media interviews. Forget the firewalls. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Ustream, even television — these things might cause problems for programs with iffycharacter guys. But hopefully the NCAA and its programs won’t freak over the advantages that technology provides. It’s nice to know athletes make mistakes. They’re human. It’s also welcoming to know they’re beatable in the bowling alley. —Kevin Zimmerman is a journalism junior. He can be reachd at


No longer relying on home runs to get it done

continued from page 7


Small ball is back

our team, especially when championship play comes up.”


Last year, the Wildcats lived and died by the long ball. The 2008 Arizona softball team set the NCAA single season record for homeruns with 134 jacks, 31 of them coming off the bat of catcher Stacie Chambers. Numerous games throughout the season were won with one swing. But not this weekend. In Arizona’s game against No. 15 Northwestern on Saturday, it was a Brittany Lastrapes single with two outs in the seventh inning to keep the Wildcats perfect. “That was a great game, a lot of small game,” said designated hitter Lini Koria. “When it comes to those 1-0 (games), with the score just being so tight like that, it shows a lot with

Starting off strong Last year, the Wildcats hit a speed bump in the Kajikawa Classic. They split their games on both Friday and Saturday and then had their final game canceled on Sunday. “Obviously it’s not where we wanted to be,” Lastrapes said after the tournament last year. This season, Arizona walked away with a clean sweep of the Kajikawa Classic, defeating all six teams they face`d. The closest game was Arizona’s 4-3 defeat over Northwestern, showing not only that they can win late in games, but that their offense has grown from a single source of runs to a multidimensional offensive attack.


arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, february 16, 2010 •

By Dave Green

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much alcohol Q How is too much?

Just how much is too much depends on the person. One way to A. measure this is through blood alcohol concentration (BAC), a

Lance Madden Hometown: Tucson, AZ Major: Journalism At the Wildcat: Editor in Chief Why I work here: “It’s rare to be 21 years

old and have a “job” that doesn’t feel like a job at all. Getting up close and personal with some of the greatest Division 1 coaches and athletes in the country and telling their stories is a great perk. Getting experience in the sports journalism world before graduation is an added bonus. ”

Bryan Roy Hometown: Agawam, Mass. Major: Interdisciplinary Studies At the Wildcat: Basketball Beat Writer Why I work here: “I don’t know of any

other job that sits you front row at the Sweet 16. It’s been an incredible opportunity to go beyond just the game itself.”

Arizona Daily Wildcat

calculation based on weight, gender, the amount of alcohol consumed, and the time it was consumed in – among other factors. Women will have higher BACs than men and thinner people will have higher BACs than heavier people, all other things being equal. BAC can be a useful benchmark since the risk of accidents, injuries and other negative byproducts of drinking goes up as that number rises. Another way to answer your question is to think about the reasons why people imbibe in the first place. For most drinkers, the difference between a fun night out with friends and a night of regrets comes down to one thing – dosage. Light or moderate drinkers (.05 BAC or lower) tend to enjoy more of the benefits of alcohol (social, fun, relaxing) and less of the things most of us try to avoid (getting sick, accidents, injuries, hangovers). According to the experts, a good rule of thumb for lower-risk drinking is no more than 4 drinks for men or 3 drinks for women on any given day and no more than 14 drinks for men or 7 drinks for women per week1. While 30% of UA students did not use alcohol in the past 30 days, the following tips may help should you choose to drink: 1. If you drink, have a plan. Set a limit on how many drinks you will have, count until you get there, then stop. Drink on a full stomach, know the alcohol content of your drink and have a sober designated driver. 2. Pace yourself. Take your time – it’s one of the best ways to prevent drinking too much. Lower alcohol beers can be a better choice than quick shots of hard liquor. 3. Know your resources. Want brief feedback on your alcohol use or know someone who does? Campus Health is currently offering free sessions with an alcohol specialist. Call 621-5700 and ask to make an appointment for BASICS.


National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

66% of UA men and 81% of UA women average 0-5 drinks per week. (2009 Health & Wellness Survey, N=1,720)

Got a question about alcohol?

Email it to and have a chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift card during the Spring 2010 semester.

The Red Cup Q&A is written by Lynn Reyes, LCSW, LSAC, David Salafsky, MPH and Lee Ann Hamilton, MA, CHES, in the Health Promotion and Preventive Services (HPPS) department of the UA Campus Health Service.


• tuesday, february 16, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat


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Orthopedic surgeon operates on spinal fracture, torn wrist

So we had to do something a little more risky, but so far so good.

— Dr. Joseph Sheppard

University Medical Center orthopedic surgeon

Sheppard said the mission’s base was located far from the epicenter of the earthquake and there were no visible signs of damage. The location consisted of two operating rooms and was powered by a generator. “The facilities were clean and sterile,” he said. “Everyone brings their own supplies. It was very well stocked. Given the spectrum that everything that was done there, we weren’t in a tent.” Unlike some doctors who volunteered in Haiti, Sheppard’s mission was clean and modern.  “From some of the other reports that I have read from other surgeons was that the conditions weren’t quite satisfactory, but you take what you can,” Sheppard said.“Everything was immediate in Port-au-Prince so the first response was to create a MASH (mobile army surgical hospital) unit. The University of Miami orthopedics were heavily involved in that. They had the equipment and they had the personnel to set up a tent and an operating room.” During the 10 days Sheppard was there, he treated numerous broken bones, including a spinal fracture. In one case, he treated a young woman who had her wrist crushed. Tissue had been torn off the side of her wrist and hand, exposing bone and nerves. In order to treat the woman, Sheppard did what was called a rotational flap, which is where a surgeon rotates the skin from the forearm to cover the bone and nerves, and then adds skin grafts. “It’s not possible to do a skin graft on top of a nerve or on top of a bone, so you have to bring in tissue that is full thickness and has its own blood supply,” he said.  Because of his limited time in the country, Sheppard had to consider alternative options for the woman. Under normal circumstance, the surgery would require three to four weeks. “So we had to do something a little more risky, but so far so good,” he said.  Sheppard returned to Tucson Feb. 6 and expects to go back to Haiti later this year.  

Dr. Joseph Sheppard of the University Medical Center, left, performs a surgery during his recent trip to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Joesph Sheppard

Photo courtesy of Dr. Joesph Sheppard

Rodney HaasArizona Daily Wildcat

A mission located in Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti, where Dr. Joseph Sheppard treated numerous UMC orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Sheppard came back Feb. 6 from a 10-day trip to Haiti to help tend victims of the earthquake. He stands next to medical supplies he plans to send to the country. earthquake victims.

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Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 16, 2010  

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 16, 2010

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 16, 2010  

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 16, 2010