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A CROWD OF STUDENTS GATHERED AT HERITAGE HILL, some dressed up in costumes, to dance the Harlem Shake on Wednesday in reaction to the presence of traveling campus preacher George Edward Smock, more commonly known as Brother Jed. A group of students also participated in a silent disco.

In response to Brother Jed’s return to campus, students organize flash mob-style dance, silent disco SHELBY THOMAS Arizona Daily Wildcat

The area in front of the Administration building became a temporary dance floor Wednesday afternoon as more than 400 UA students gathered for two separate events. The events were organized through Facebook by two different UA students, but they shared one significant thing in common: Both were reactions to George Edward Smock, more commonly known as Brother Jed, an evangelist who preaches his beliefs on college campuses all across the country. Brother Jed was speaking at Heritage Hill when the dancing broke out. Josh Solomon, a pre-consumer sciences sophomore, created the Facebook event titled “UA Brother Jed Harlem Shake” on Saturday at noon. By Tuesday night, about 360 students had RSVP’d. The Harlem Shake is the most recent viral video craze to take YouTube by storm. The videos all feature the same dubstep song and one lone dancer wiggling or pelvic thrusting for about 20 seconds before being joined by many others once the bass drops. After a suggestion from a friend, Solomon

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organized the Harlem Shake at the UA. “I like making videos so this seemed right down my alley,” Solomon said. “I also like messing with Brother Jed and Brother Dean. I think it went awesome. I did not expect this many people to show up at all.” Students bearing various costumes and props, including hats, wigs, a princess guitar, adult diapers, cardboard signs, teddy bears and more, hid behind the hill waiting for their cue. Meanwhile, students in more casual attire blended into Brother Jed’s audience, silently awaiting their chance to dance. “Anything that trolls the trolls is good by me. [Brother Jed] is a troll and I don’t know if he believes what he is saying or not but he is definitely raising it up to get attention,” said Ryan Smith, a communications junior. “So instead of giving him normal attention, we are going to give him this attention.” Once the other students were in place, Solomon, dressed from head to toe in a Jesus costume, began to hip thrust near Brother Jed. In an attempt to escape the wiggling hips, Brother Jed turned abruptly and collided with a student in a penguin suit, leaving them both in a heap on the grass. Once Brother Jed recovered from the fall, he

stationed himself near the edge of the hill, away from the action. Brother Jed said he has experienced a variety of reactions to his preaching but admits that this was one of the bigger events he has seen. “It was foolishness. They are playing the clown and they wanted to steal the stage from me, I believe, so I just gave it to them. One guy in a penguin suit tried to block me so I shoved him away and ended up falling on top of him,” Brother Jed said. “They can do their thing but they can’t just surround me and block me.” With a boom box playing and a camera recording all of the action, the students danced while Brother Jed looked on. At one point, even Wilbur and Wilma made an appearance. There was a lot of energy inside the circle of dancers, however, some students didn’t find the event amusing. “I think they are acting like they’re 5. I don’t think any physical or crowding in should be done. There should be respect,” said Tracy Smith, a computer science freshman. The crowd of onlookers eventually moved along as Solomon and the other dancers left the hill.


UA top-ranked in environmental science

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QUOTE TO NOTE We want to affirm that there are a lot of people abstaining from sex and if you are choosing to be sexually active, reduce your risks. Protect yourself, protect your partners.”

The UA is among the top-ranked environmental science universities in the world. The UA is the highest-ranked American university and fourth-ranked institution in the world in terms of how frequently its environmental science articles are cited, and thus how much reach it has in the scientific community, according to the journal Science of the Total Environment. The UA was ranked behind the U.S. Geological Survey, Brunel University of the United Kingdom and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Moonis Ali Khan of King Saud University in Saudi Arabia published a study titled “Top-cited articles in environmental sciences: Merits and demerits of citation analysis” in the journal that looked for the most-cited articles published in environmental science journals. The number of times an article has been cited is an indication of its recognition and impact in a certain area of research, according to Khan’s study. Through citation analysis, Khan measured the impact articles had on a specific scientific community and then quantified the data to rank the most productive institutions.


Study: Sex with ex hinders new 68 relationships

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SUNNY Tina, MO Linda, CA Louise, TX

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50 / 25 73 / 40 69 / 44

Research shows on-again, off-again relationships, sex with ex-partner can make moving on more challenging


BIOSPHERE 2 HELPS PROVIDE tools for both researchers and students in the environmental field. The UA is the highest ranked American university in terms of how frequently its environmental science articles are cited, and thus how much reach it has in the scientific community.

ALISON DORF Arizona Daily Wildcat

For a lonely single on campus, today could be the most dreaded day of the year. After watching couples bombard each other with love and affection, one might be tempted to text their ex in search of a valentine. But research suggests that going after an ex could be a damaging decision. A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Research concluded that nearly half of the “emerging adults” studied have gotten back together with a former partner, and many continued to remain sexually involved after breaking up, with negative results. On-and-off relationships could develop into negative patterns for relationship formation, while sex with an ex could

be a major roadblock to moving on and developing a relationship with someone new. Researchers studied data on 792 young adults, ages 17 to 24. They found that 44 percent of emerging adults who had been in a relationship in the past two years reported they had gotten back together with a former romantic partner at least once. Of this group, 53 percent reported having sex as part of the reconciliation process. One factor that could contribute to the high number of reconciliations is the possibility that these adults have not had many significant others. Young adults generally do not have a lot of dating experience, according to Mike


2 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

News • Thursday, February 14, 2013

ASUA Senate delays decision on fee proposals Regarding the Arizona Student Media fee, senators expressed concern that the language proposed for the ballot was not specific enough and would confuse voters. Isaac Gealer, the general manager of KAMP Student Radio, presented his argument for the implementation of the fee. “The loss of any of the Arizona student media entities on this campus would prove detrimental to the daily operations of student life,” Geeler said. “Where will students receive their news? How will students be able to say, ‘I saw them first on student television’? How will students get their new music on campus? The answer to all these questions is Arizona Student Media.” Although there was no vote on the proposal due to wording issues, some of the senate expressed support for Arizona Student Media’s initiative. “I had the opportunity to go tour the facility. Just from my point of view it is an

Kelsi Thorud Arizona Daily Wildcat

The UA’s undergraduate student government voted Wednesday to delay a decision on the addition of fees for Arizona Student Media and the Wildcat Events Board to the March ballot. The ASUA Senate decided to table discussion on the fee proposals until next week’s meeting. Senators asked to see a finalized version of the language that would go on the ballot if both organizations collect enough signatures by Friday for a student referendum. The Arizona Student Media fee proposal would increase the fee UA students pay each semester from $1 to $3 to fund the three UA student media outlets: The Arizona Daily Wildcat, UATV-3 and KAMP Student Radio. The Wildcat Events Board is proposing another student fee that would go toward funding free events for students on campus, including concerts.

unreal setup they have there,” said Sen. Morgan Abraham. “I had no idea that any of the three organizations were as big as they are. It was such a cool environment that I felt. I am a huge supporter of this and I think they have their act together and I hope that the senate would agree.” The senate also discussed Spring Fling planning and considered proposed funding for Feminists Organized to Resist, Create and Empower, also known as F.O.R.C.E. The senate also discussed a lawsuit that the Arizona Students’ Association, a student lobbying organization, recently filed against the Arizona Board of Regents in response to its decision regarding the collection of a student fee for ASA. Although there was a representative from ASA at the senate meeting, he declined to comment on the lawsuit and informed the senate that he would return to next week’s meeting with a better understanding and an ability to discuss the pending lawsuit.

Fair teaches sex ed with games, prizes

sex with ex from page 1

gabriela diaz/arizona Daily Wildcat

Campus Health hosted a Sexual Resource Fair on the UA Mall on Wednesday. The event offered resources to answer students’ questions related to sexuality, as part of Sex Talk Week.

Ryan Revock Arizona Daily Wildcat

The Sexual Health Resource Fair was in full swing on Wednesday, educating the UA community as part of Sex Talk Week on campus. The fair had 20 different informational tables manned by 15 different organizations from the university and the local community, according to Carrie Hardesty, coordinator of the fair and health educator at Campus Health Service. The fair took place on the Mall in front of the Student Union Memorial Center. The Sexual Health Resource Fair, which has been held annually for more than 25 years, expected to see 500 to 700 visitors, according to Lee Ann Hamilton, assistant director of health promotion and preventive services at Campus Health.

“The main goal is to help people make healthy choices around sexual decision making,” Hamilton said. “And if that is not having sex, we want to affirm that there are a lot of people abstaining from sex and if you are choosing to be sexually active, reduce your risks. Protect yourself; protect your partners.” The fair offered information on sexually transmitted diseases, safe sex practices, pregnancy and birth control. Not only did the fair provide information, it also had games and prizes. One of the games at the fair that both taught and entertained was called Prize Wheel, where students spun a wheel, then had to answer a question correctly to win a prize. “One of the ways we can get people here is keeping it fun, keeping it interactive and being informational,” said David

Kyle wasson/arizona Daily Wildcat

Kristina Bui, editor-in-chief of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, Jackie Kent, UATV general manager, and Isaac Geeler, KAMP Student Radio general manager, talked about the Arizona Student Media fee at the ASUA meeting Wednesday night.

Salafsky, director of health promotion and preventive services at Campus Health. Campus organizations represented at the fair included the Campus Health Pharmacy and Campus Health’s Oasis Program, which aims to prevent and respond to sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking on campus, according to Megan McKendry, an Oasis violence prevention specialist. Survivors, and their friends and partners, are welcome to use Oasis’ services, McKendry said. Some of the students who attended the fair commented on the benefits of sexual awareness. “I think it is really important that people should be open to their sexual life, especially in college,” said Tricia Paul, a psychology freshman.

Strangstalien, a licensed professional counselor at Counseling and Psych Services at Campus Health Service. “When people have fewer experiences with somebody … it becomes that much more salient,” Strangstalien said. “This is why people have so much trouble breaking up from the first one.” Strangstalien said he believes about 90 percent of those who attempt to reconcile with a former partner left a relationship prematurely, primarily because it’s easy to break up. When a breakup does occur, people need to think about what they did to contribute to that breakup so that their next relationship can be better, he added. Nick Donig, a senior studying nutrition and dietetics, said he was sexually active with a former girlfriend for three or four months after they broke up. “Sometimes relationships are strictly physical and other times you just don’t want it to work out … the lust is still there,” Donig said. “That’s pretty much it, to be honest.” However, some students said that sex with an ex is wrong no matter what the situation. “I think that means that you only like him physically … if you’re not with him and you’re on and off trying to [reconcile] but just by having sex, that means you don’t want something about him,” said Camila Kottmann, a veterinary sophomore from Chile. “Maybe

that’s his attitude or his personality, and that’s the base of a relationship, so you need to be concerned about it.” Some people may have a hard time forming a new relationship because they are looking for someone who is their ex, but without the defects, or for a perfect partner, Kottmann added. When a person continues to have sex with an ex-partner, they are not dealing with the underlying problem, said Bill White, a love relationship coach at Healthy Couples, a relationship coaching program for singles and couples. “Relationships are complex,” White said. “We think that they’re not, we hope they’re not, but they are. “Because of loneliness and sexual desires, as well as the need to be loved and have a social companion, people choose to go back to their former partners. However, by not figuring out what is not working, there will continue to be problems,” he added. Although the UA has a large population, it can be a lonely place if a person does not interact even casually with others, Strangstalien said. Kottmann said she gets over an old relationship by socializing with her friends, talking to her mom and most importantly, not talking to her former partner. In her culture, sex is a very important thing, she added. Having sex with an ex-partner is like having sex with a complete stranger. “You don’t trust him anymore, why are you having sex with him?” Kottmann said.

harlem shake from page 1

Drew gyorke/arizona Daily Wildcat

having the most single institution, interinstitutionally collaborative, first author and corresponding articles. from page 1 “Being highly ranked in any discipline “It’s really positive and I am confident certainly helps,” said Ian Pepper, director that, even though that is just one small of the UA Environmental Research Labomeasure, that we really are ratory. “It will help enrollone of the top environmental ment. When you are nationresearch universities in the It will help ally ranked, students from country,” said Diana Liverman, enrollment. When around the country notice co-director of the UA Institute those rankings. So all things you are nationally of the Environment. being equal, it will make ranked, students The study drew its more students come to the from around the conclusions by first finding University of Arizona.” country notice articles that had 500 or With research facilities those rankings. ­ more total citations on the such as Biosphere 2 and the Web of Science database, Environmental Research — Ian Pepper, director of the then analyzing them using UA Environmental Research Laboratory, the UA Soil, WaLaboratory five different indicators: ter and Environmental Scitotal number of top-cited ence Department supplies articles, independent authors, many tools for both researchers and students. collaborative authors, first author and “It’s just kind of a cool honor for us as stucorresponding authors, according to Khan’s dents who are in the program to be happy study. about and to be proud to be a part of this The UA had four of the top-cited articles program,” said Bradley Schmitz, a soil, wa— first-ranked U.S. Geological Survey had ter, and environmental science graduate six — and was ranked in the top five for student.


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Then at 1:45 p.m., a second, much quieter wave of dancing began. Lane Funjum, a senior environmental sciences major, was the sole organizer of the silent disco, an event that invited students to download a pre-made track to their personal media players and all listen — and dance — ­ simultaneously. “I’ve seen [Brother Jed] now for three years. He preaches hate and I don’t like him. There are people hurt by what he is saying,” Funjum said. “I’m trying, for one period, just to drown him out. And it’s funny because we are drowning him out without any noise.” Prior to the event, students downloaded the music onto their media players from the Facebook group’s webpage, titled “Silent Disco Around Brother Jed.” By Tuesday night, close to 200 students had RSVP’d. A quarter before 2 p.m., the students put in their headphones, pushed play simultaneously and danced. Jeremy Raskal, a graphic design senior and DJ, helped Funjum to create the music track for the event. The two friends have watched Brother Jed since freshman year and Raskal said that it was only right for him and Funjum to collaborate and make this event happen. “We wanted to go for really upbeat music that you could easily dance to,” Raskal said. “We thought it would be really funny if everyone just boogied down around [Brother Jed].” Students listened to “Dog Blood” by Next Order, ”Robot Rock” by Daft Punk and Lloyd Williams’ version of “Shout,” written by the Isley Brothers. The students smiled and laughed as they yelled, “Shout!” together. To those walking by, everyone appeared to be dancing without music, but Funjum acknowledged the strong “sense of camaraderie” among the students. “It’s really not even supposed to be about [Brother Jed]. I am just kind of using him for my own purposes,” Funjum said. “[This was a reminder to] shake up your daily routine. It [was] a cool way to meet people. It’s just fun. It’s exhilarating and it’s something new, fresh. He was just an excuse to do this.”


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Arizona students protested against Brother Jed in huge numbers. Led by Josh Solomon, dressed as Jesus, the students attempted to surround Jed and do the Harlem Shake.

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ARTS & Life Thursday, February 14, 2013 • Page 3

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UA professor brings opera to campus Described on the opera’s official website as a “murder mystery set in a threshold world of sublime music,” The Tin Angel is unique for its assimilation of several traditions of music. s depressing as the current musical Asia characterizes the sound of The Tin Angel climate can be, the good news is that as both “idiomatic” of his composing style and students can always count on the UA’s “American,” due to its incorporation of rhythms own School of Music to come through in the found in jazz and pop music. However, Asia is clutch — this time with a homegrown opera. Wednesday night at Crowder Hall, Daniel Asia, quick to point out that there is not a lot of jazz in a School of Music professor and opera composer, the opera. Rather, it stays true to operatic themes and Paul Pines, the author of the opera’s libretto, like love and redemption in addition to exploring what Asia calls “the mystery of music.” gave a talk regarding the completion of their Asia admits that the most challenging part opera The Tin Angel. of working on The Tin Angel has been finding By Asia’s count, the work has been at least someone to produce it. 10 years in the making. “Paul Pines and I “We have had significant bites from various have known each other for 35 years and my relationship with him has been a wonderful one, opera companies, but each time it has been very ephemeral,” Asia said. “At first I didn’t want to personally and creatively,” Asia explained. write it without commission, but as time went on Outside of The Tin Angel, the prolific Asia I pieced it together and it turned out very well. said he has crafted at least six song cycles Now I have a fully formed opera and no one to inspired by Pines’ poetry. Given their history of collaboration, it was only a matter of time before produce it.” As exciting as it is to have an original opera the two tackled something as prestigious as an from the university’s own School of Music, the opera. As Asia explained, “One day I just told Paul that we should write an opera together, and future of The Tin Angel now rests upon Asia and Pines’ ability to make the opera known, hence he was immediately interested. It just took off their event at Crowder Hall. from there.” “The plan is just to keep knocking on doors,” According to Asia, the process of writing the Asia said. “The opera world is very different from music for the opera was organic from that point the instrumental world.” onward. Alex Whelan

Arizona Daily Wildcat


Turki Allugman/Arizona Daily Wildcat

PAUL PINES discusses “The Tin Angel” with Daniel Asia (not pictured), a School of Music professor and opera composer. Pines is the author of the opera’s libretto, and the two worked on “The Tin Angel” together for at least 10 years.


Screaming Females reloads on ‘Chalk Tape’ Alex Whelan Arizona Daily Wildcat

Few bands live up to their name like Screaming Females do. Led by singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster’s mighty howl and formidable playing chops, Screaming Females have released a remarkable six-year run of indie punk music that culminated in 2012’s excellent Ugly. The band has something of a penchant for weird chord changes and time signatures, but bands of their ilk tend to run out of ideas after the fourth or fifth release. As the new EP Chalk Tape deftly proves, Screaming Females still have more rounds left in the chamber. The record begins with “Sick Bed,” a track with a drum beat that anchors Paternoster’s operatic vocals within a thick wall of fuzz. It’s a breathtaking way to start an EP, particularly when considered with the ambient electronic noise that both opens

and closes the track. The second song, “Crushing The Kingdom,” is a bit easier to categorize, with the band settling on a straightforward punk speed and treatment that does little to improve on the kinds of tracks they’ve put out in the past. The song’s saving grace comes in the form of an apoplectic guitar solo courtesy of Paternoster that is over almost as soon as it begins. Screaming Females’ passion for heavier sounds is better exemplified in the knockout track “Wrecking Ball,” which matches the low-key, almost atonal verse with an electrifying chorus that finds Paternoster screaming the song title at the top of her lungs. The band also tosses in an avant-punk breakdown a la The Stooges’ “L.A. Blues” or early Sonic Youth for good measure, succinctly proving that Screaming Females are in little danger of getting stale. It would be tough for any band to follow a dynamite track

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like “Wrecking Ball,” but Screaming Females make a go at it with “Poison Arrow.” With its driving bass line and shimmering lead guitar work, “Poison Arrow” sounds oddly Interpol-ish at times, but quickly develops into an all-out jam. Though “Poison Arrow” doesn’t quite rank among Screaming Females’ best, it’s a pleasant enough addition to the already spectacular EP. The only song on Chalk Tape that seems at all superfluous is “Into The Sun,” a track that begins with an unfortunate tropical beat and proceeds to do little else. While not an exceptionally bad track, “Into The Sun” hardly compares with the likes of “Wrecking Ball” or Chalk Tape’s stupendous closer, the rousing “Green Vapors,” in terms of concept. “Green Vapors” ends the EP on a high note, combining fast, crunchy guitars with perfectly placed boy/girl vocals that leave listeners wanting more. All in all, Chalk Tape is a worthy return from one of last year’s best indie punk acts.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 • Page 4

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Free Wi-Fi across US may spur invention Razanne Chatila Arizona Daily Wildcat


umors have been circulating since an article ran in the Washington Post last week about a new Federal Communications Commission proposal for free Wi-Fi, dubbed “super Wi-Fi,” which would span across the U.S. and allow people to make calls and use the Internet without paying. Free Wi-Fi across the country is an innovative idea that would capitalize on a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum called white spaces, which are broadcast frequencies not used by local services. Using this white space network could have a lot of benefits, as it is a particularly strong space signal, which allows it to travel long distances and penetrate buildings more easily than standard Wi-Fi. Not only that, it could open the path to technological innovations that are currently limited by the high cost of the licensing spectrum. This is not the first time the FCC has made parts of the spectrum public. In 1985, opening the spectrum led to inventions like garage door openers and baby monitors. These successes point to the potential of a plan that opens this white space to public use. If the FCC follows through with its proposal, it would make a portion of the white space spectrum free for anyone to use. Companies like Google or even city and state governments would be able to regulate public use by building a network to transmit this public WiFi over the white space spectrum. In other words, instead of accessing your home Wi-Fi router, you would access the Internet free of charge via a signal transmitted through a powerful TV antenna, similar to how you access over-theair TV channels on your television. It would also create the Connect America Fund and, over the next 10 years, shift approximately $15.5 billion into the CAF from the Universal Service Fund, a government fund originally set up more than 14 years ago to provide all Americans with access to phone service. These new funds would allow for the production of broadband infrastructure for thousands of consumers, and also set aside money for states to help create mobile broadband networks for rural areas that don’t have access to wired broadband services. Opponents of such provisions, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and chip makers Qualcomm and Intel, want the FCC to sell this spectrum to businesses, and the National Association of Broadcasters wants to leave the space free out of concern that it could muddle television signals. But the opposition isn’t seeing the big picture. According to the FCC, this proposal would allow roughly 100 million Americans who currently lack access to broadband Internet. This would be extremely beneficial to rural areas as well as those who lack the means to access or pay for Wi-Fi. Having a population with access to the Internet would benefit society as a whole in numerous ways. It would provide the country with the resources to become more informed, educated and innovative, and it would enable the creation of new technology, theories and cures. But as long as the FCC panders to lobbying groups who only have their pocketbooks in mind, free Wi-Fi will remain far from becoming a reality. — Razanne Chatila is a journaism sophomore. She can be reached at or on Twitter via @ WildcatOpinions.

MALL RANTS Mall Rants is a feature in the Daily Wildcat. This week, videographer Tyler Besh and opinions editor Dan Desrochers asked students about Valentine’s Day. Dan Desrochers & Tyler Besh Arizona Daily Wildcat

Tony Aceves, freshman studying public management and policy

Meg McKay, biology freshman

What’s that thing on your shirt?

What did you do for Valentine’s Day last year? Last year? I had a boyfriend, and he actually got me a really lame gift. It was like a fruit basket. For who? Aw, that’s so weak! Kappa Sigma. Yeah, he was like a really lame boyfriend. Nice! How’s that going? What kinds of fruit were in the basket? Good. Like strawberries and pineapples and stuff. Good, good to hear. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day as a This year have you been asked to go on a date yet? whole? When you think of it, what do you think? No, I have not. Girls. So what are your plans? So now, what are you going to do for this Valentine’s Day? I’m spending it with my friends. We’re making chocolate fondue Not really sure yet. I don’t have much time to think about it, but I’ll and having our own big bottle of wine. figure something out in the next few days. Your dream date for Valentine’s Day, doesn’t have to be a date, what Are you going to be rushing and stuff on Valentine’s Day? do you do? Zero limits. Eh, we’ll figure it out. Someone would bring me a … sloth that had my valentine. If you could do one thing on Valentine’s Day, if you like, dream about this, you pick a girl, your dream girl — now don’t get crazy on Wait, like a live sloth? Yeah, like a live sloth. Someone would bring me a sloth with like a me — what would you do with her on Valentine’s Day? No limits at all? I don’t know. We’d go to an amazing restaurant, do pink ribbon around it. something extremely fun that night, go to a super, super nice five-star Why are you wearing a flower in your hair? Because it’s pretty and Jesus gave it to me. resort, do some other things throughout the evening, you know where Jesus did? that goes … uh yeah. Not that Jesus, a different person giving it from Jesus. Cause I got If you could name your own resort, what would it be called? one from Muhammad last weekend, so now Jesus is doing it. Paradise Valley. From Jesus, amen. OK, end of the night, a guy has you on a date and Is there anyone at home you’re going to send a valentine to? he plays you one song and you’re like, “Oh my God, I really like this No, I’m glad to be here, don’t really care too much about home. You have one song to seal the deal with a girl, what song do you put guy.” What is that one song? One song and I would instantly fall in love? on? Like, he made you a nice dinner, he didn’t get you a fruit basket, you “Afternoon Delight.” got your sloth and ribbon, and then a song. Do you sing it, or just let it play? Can he play me the song? If he played me “Skinny Love” by Bon Sing it, absolutely. Iver I would instantly fall in love. Pledge pin.

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In response to “Arizona Student Media seeks support, petitions for vote on refundable fee” (by Brittny Mejia, Feb. 13): The article states that “without the fee it will really handcuff our ability to meet the realities of the 21st century media operation.” But the dominating reality of media in the 21st century is the loss of print (and so far to a lesser extent radio and tv) advertising revenue, which any normal newspaper cannot just replace with a fee. In fact, finding a truly market-based solution to that problem is THE challenge for any newspaper, and trying different ideas for such a solution would be a much better practice for anyone wanting to go into media than simply asking for a fee. How about better reporting? Voluntary payment schemes? They work for some newspapers. And let’s face it, even if the fee was refundable, the refundable part is little more than a smoke screen. You could not just uncheck a box in UAccess, as people might think, given that we’re in the 21st century. (In fact, part of the Rec Center fee is already refundable, and pretty much no one asks for their refund, because it’s quite a hassle and takes an undue amount of time and running around.) And if the Daily Wildcat is a quality outlet covering campus news, then I look forward to an unbiased article covering the pros and cons of this proposal, including the views of people outside of student media. So far all we’ve got is the Daily Wildcat using their pulpit for an advertising piece in their own favor! Talk about conflict of interest. There are many more worthwhile and beneficial causes on campus

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that do not reach a similarly big audience as a newspaper and can therefore not just go and drum up support for a fee to support their operations. Think of the Arizona Students’ Association, for example, who saved students thousands of dollars in tuition last year by lobbying against and defeating multiple proposals in the Arizona Legislature. Their fee was effectively just scrapped by the Arizona Board of Regents. — Robert Jacobi

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in response to “‘Racist rager’ at Duke necessitates official response, further discussion about stereotypes” (by Kristina Bui, Feb. 11): “Let’s have the Asian girl write this article! That will give us so much credibility!” Look, it’s great that you want to talk about this, but I noticed a lack of suggestions for retribution. The conversation you allude to could very well be happening while Vice President for Student Affairs at Duke Larry Moneta works with student groups. The Daily Wildcat does the exact same thing with offensive stories/comments and you guys apologize and move on — I don’t recollect you calling for more punishment then. Your very own apology said printing the comic “was a failure to weigh the perspectives and experiences of others.” Didn’t Duke do the same thing? Their entire chapter was suspended and all you did was fire the cartoonist. You think you learned your lesson and they haven’t? I get that you feel like you have to publish news. The fraternity’s acts were frightfully insulting, but pointing that out isn’t necessary — we all know that. Try instead to talk about why it’s wrong and discuss real action that can be taken to prevent it. Talking, as has been shown by your paper again and again, has yet to solve anything. — Wildcat

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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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Let’s hear it for New York

The University of Arizona Police Department went to Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall in response to a report of a possibly drugged or intoxicated woman on Feb. 9 at 3:45 p.m. Upon arrival, the officer immediately recognized the UA student from three earlier incidents. “Fuck you, pig!” the student yelled, adding that police had no right to detain her since she wasn’t a U.S. citizen. She smelled of alcohol, had red, watery eyes and continually screamed at police and firefighters while they were on the scene. Tucson firefighters used a “tarp,” commonly used to transport patients in close quarters, to carry the student down the stairs from the third floor as police held her legs. Once the woman was handcuffed outside, she refused to walk the 8 to 10 feet to the patrol car, and an officer eventually had to carry her. The officer did so cautiously, since the woman was squirming around and had kicked a firefighter in the groin earlier, while she was being evaluated. The firefighter said that he would like to pursue criminal charges against the woman, as she had assaulted him both verbally and physically while he was trying to help her. While transporting the woman to the Pima County Adult Detention Center, the woman continued to be “combative” with police. “I’m going to slit your throats! I’m from Brooklyn!” she said, adding, “My father is going to get you fired and you will be pumping my gas and living on the streets!” The student was booked into PCADC on charges of aggravated assault of a firefighter and minor in possession and a warrant for failure to appear in court.

Listen to that

nagging feeling

Trippin’ on acid

Police responded to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house after a member took acid and locked himself in his room at 1:48 a.m. on Feb. 11. A house member who’d contacted the police led them to the room where the student was. Police identified the student as he walked out of his bathroom, and the student then put his hands behind his back and said, “Just take me now.” Police told him he wasn’t in trouble or going to jail; they just wanted to make sure he was OK. “I fucked up, I fucked up, I’m tripping on acid,” he said. Police asked him to sit on a couch and he complied, but then got up and started walking back into his room. Police asked him to stop and since they were unaware of whether or not there were weapons in his room, they grabbed him by the arm and pulled him from his room. “I fucked up, I’m tripping on acid,” the student repeated. The student then began to clench his fists, so an officer stepped behind him and placed him in handcuffs. Police then checked his room and found no weapons. Student Emergency Medical Services arrived and attempted to check his vitals, but were unable to do so due to his “erratic” behavior. The student told police that he’d taken the acid offcampus with three friends around 3 p.m., but couldn’t say where. He was then transported by ambulance to the University of Arizona Medical Center for symptoms of LSD ingestion. A code of conduct violation for the student’s use of narcotics was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

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‘One Billion Rising’ Protest Against Violence Toward Women There are 7 billion people on the planet. Half are women. One third of them are raped or beaten. V-Day is inviting one billion women and those who love them to walk out, dance, rise up and demand an end to this violence. On Feb. 14, we will move the earth, activating women and men to dance across every country. The celebration of One Billion Rising will be a world happening, and already activists in more than 177 countries are participating including politicians, unions, civic leaders, actors, artists and more. “Risings” are being held around the world and throughout the United States. The Tucson and University of Arizona communities join efforts throughout the world to rise up and dance to end the culture of violence against women and girls. Thurs. Feb 14, 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. UA Mall Movie - ‘Skyfall’ Gallagher Theater will present a showing of the movie “Skyfall.” Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her, bringing MI6 under attack. Repeats every week every Thursday until Thu

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Feb 21 2013 . Feb 14, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $3, Student Union Memorial Center Gallagher Theater Workshop - ‘Step UP! LIVE’ This fun, interactive, healthy-relationships workshop, presented by Megan McKendry, a OASIS Program violence prevention specialist, is one of many SexTalk Week 2013 events hosted by the Campus Health Service. Feb. 14, 2013. 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Student Union Memorial Center Santa Cruz Room Exhibit - ‘Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race’: This exhibit was created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, will be on display at the Arizona Health Sciences Library. “Deadly Medicine” examines how the Nazi leadership, in collaboration with individuals in professions traditionally charged with healing and the public good, used science to help legitimize persecution, murder and, ultimately, genocide. You may wish to incorporate a visit to this exhibit into your curriculum next spring. Ongoing until March 31st, all day. Arizona Health Sciences Library UA Studio Series Presents ‘The Ar-

February 14

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sonists’: What happens when victims are accomplices to their own disaster? In this dark comedy, arsonists victimize a town and still, the main character, Biedermann, allows two strangers with oil drums and matches to move into his attic. Ongoing until April 11, 8-10pm. Price $7. Drama Building, Room 116 International Writer’s Workshop ‘Grammar Refresher’ This workshop titled “Grammar Refresher” covers topics helpful to international and second-language speakers, both graduate and undergraduate. This is part of a semester-long series of free workshops held on Thursdays. Feb 14, 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Social Sciences 411 ‘Exploring Sky Islands’ Exhibit at Flandrau Science Center: Here in Southern Arizona, we live in one of the most unique environments in the world. We’re famous for the natural beauty of our landscape, a place where desert basins are framed by majestic mountains. We call those mountains Sky Islands, the most biodiverse region in the United States. This exhibit will guide you to discover

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the geology, biology and ecology of our region through interactive exhibits. The rocks, the water, the life and even fire all play a role in our amazing Sky Islands. And all that science makes “Exploring Sky Islands” a fascinating exhibit for the whole family - a perfect way to learn about the amazing natural world where we live. Come visit, and prepare to have fun! Ongoing until Sept. 30th, All day. $7.50 for adults, $5 for children 4 to 15, free for children under 4, $2 for Arizona college students with ID. CatCard holders get a $2.50 discount. Flandrau Science Center, 1601 E. University Blvd.


TUCSON GEM, MINERAL & FOSSIL SHOWCASE February 02, 2013 February 17, 2013 This international marketplace of gems, minerals, fossils, beads and jewelry-making supplies as well as museum and collector exhibits and other treasures composed of more than 40 different locations across town, including the show that started it all, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at Tucson Convention Center Arena.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 • Page 6

Editor: Cameron Moon • • (520) 621-2956

ALTITUDE SICKNESS Arizona plays Colorado at 8 tonight with chance to regain control of Pac-12

Breaking down the Buffaloes

KYLE JOHNSON Arizona Daily Wildcat


ith the No. 9 Arizona men’s basketball team experiencing ejections, injuries and adversity throughout the last three games, one man — forward Solomon Hill — has helped calm the waters. But when the Wildcats travel to take on Colorado at 8 p.m. tonight in the Coors Event Center in Boulder, Colo., even Hill might need to take a little rest to combat the mile-high air. “I think all of our players can benefit by just taking a few minutes off,” head coach Sean Miller said. “It’s not a reflection toward their performance as much as it allows them to be more consistent on the court, both on offense and defense. “One of the things about Solomon is we ask him to do so much … being able to be aware and maybe once in a while give him a rest, I think that would really benefit him.” With the minor turbulence in the Wildcat lineup the last few weeks — an ejection of senior Kevin Parrom at Washington State and a left foot injury for freshman Grant Jerrett — Hill has sat on the bench for a total of five minutes. He hasn’t had much of a chance to catch his breath in Pac-12 play, either. Hill leads Arizona with 32.9 minutes per game and has played under 34 minutes only once, against USC. Yet the thought of seeing more bench time never crossed the senior’s mind. Hill compared himself to reporters, saying that if it’s something a person loves to do — whether it’s interviewing or playing basketball — they’ll do it all day without tiring. “If you feel like you’re one of the best guys [on the court], you want to be out there regardless,” Hill said. “The fatigue thing goes to the back of your mind when the game gets down and crunch time starts to hit; you don’t really worry about being tired anymore.” But that might not be an option in the hostile, mile-high atmosphere of Boulder. Both Miller and Hill said Colorado has one of the best crowds in the conference, and that’s not taking the cold mountain air into account. The Buffaloes’ 10-deep rotation puts rest


AMONG THE CHALLENGES the Wildcats will face in Colorado tonight are the altitude difference and lack of oxygen. But, forward Solomon Hill said, when he’s on the court “you’re thinking about the next posession.”

at a premium in Colorado, yet the thought of altitude slowing down the Wildcats didn’t register with either Hill or sophomore Nick Johnson, who both played in the Coors Event Center last season. “[Reserve Max Wiepking] says it’s a big

deal because he’s a Nuggets fan,” Hill said about altitude being a factor. “But, when you’re out there on the court, the only thing you’re thinking about is the next possession and how hard you can play it.”

Sabatino Chen ‘total team player’ for Buffs ZACK ROSENBLATT Arizona Daily Wildcat

some Twitter-trending notoriety. He went from an afterthought to a national focus. In the days after the game, Chen said he conducted six to eight interviews focusing on the Arizona game. “It got a lot of national attention, probably more than if I would have made the shot,” Chen said, with a laugh. “He became a household name pretty quickly,” Colorado head coach Tad Boyle said. The Buffs are on a roll of late, winning four of their last five games to get back into NCAA tournament contention, and Chen’s been a factor, averaging 5.2 points, 2.4 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.0 threes per game. Not flashy stats, but solid nonetheless. Boyle credits the 15 point, 6-of-10 shooting effort against the Wildcats for building up the confidence he’s played with since then. “When you’ve got a guy who’s not been a big scorer or great shooter and you see them in practice showing those capabilities,” Boyle said, “you’re waiting for that game where they break out and they make some shots. “For Sabatino it was the Arizona game.”

Three-point shooting has never been Sabatino Chen’s forte. Not in high school, and certainly not in college. Well, except for when Chen played Arizona on Jan. 3 in McKale Center. Arizona (20-3, 8-3 Pac-12) will face Colorado (16-7, 6-5) again tonight at 8 p.m. “In high school I was a drive-first guy,” said Chen, Colorado’s lone senior. “I could get away with that more, just driving to the basket.” Before the Buffs’ Pac-12-opening matchup with the No. 9 Wildcats last month, Chen was shooting 2-of-12 (16.7 percent) from beyond the arc and 11-of-45 (24.4 percent) in his college career with CU and the University of Denver. On a team with Andre Roberson, Spencer Dinwiddie and Josh Scott, players with NBA aspirations, it’s easy to overlook Chen. At least, it was until “The Shot.” Against the then-No.3 undefeated Wildcats, Chen was having the game of his life and for most of it, the Buffs were rolling. “I was just relaxed,” Chen said. “I hit my first couple shots and I felt good after that. With a big lead, you feel confident.” In the first half, Colorado led by as many as 17 points and by more than 10 for most of the game. Then, in a 10 minute, 32 second span in the second half starting at the 14:45 mark, Chen contributed 13 points, two 3-pointers and one assist. The Buffs had a 10-point lead. “He looked like Reggie Miller tonight,” Miller said after the game. Then the Wildcats pulled a Reggie Miller circa 1995 against the Knicks, came all the way back and knotted it up at 80 on two free throws with 10 seconds remaining. This gave Colorado one last shot. The final play was designed for guard Askia Booker, the Buffs’ leading 3-point shooter. But he was covered, and Chen had the ball. “There was like three seconds when I looked at the clock,” Chen said, “so I just made a move to get the shot up and it banked in.” Colorado won, and its bench cleared in celebration, running to Chen near center court by press row and embracing him like a baseball team would after a walk-off home run. It was Chen’s third 3-pointer and 18th point. And then it wasn’t. Upon further review, the refs reversed the call and Colorado never recovered, getting outscored 12-3 in overtime. “It was just a strange feeling,” Chen said, “because I had thought for sure we had won the KYLE WASSON/ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT game. Even after the game it still didn’t feel like CU’S SABATINO CHEN has averaged fewer than 10 points per we really lost, but a loss is on our record.” game throughout his career, but sunk four 3-pointers in the UA’s As were three more in the next four games. Still, the controversial call helped Chen gain last matchup.

In the last meeting between Colorado and Arizona, the Buffaloes were deadly from three-point range (hitting 10-of-15 in regulation) and only fell at McKale Center because of their last-minute collapse and a discounted buzzer-beater by guard Sabatino Chen. The Wildcats finished the game 12-3 in overtime, but still just escaped by the skin of their teeth in Tucson. Tonight’s game will be the first rematch for Arizona (20-3, 8-3 Pac-12) this season, and it’s against a surging Colorado (16-7, 6-5) squad just itching for revenge. The Buffaloes have won five of their last six, including a sweep at the Oregon schools last weekend. Miller said the sweep speaks volumes about Colorado’s quality and how they’ve continued to develop and improve since the teams’ last meeting in early January. Considering how well the Buffaloes’ two freshman forwards played in the 92-83 overtime thriller, the continued growth could be a problem. Big man Josh Scott had 15 points and five rebounds on 6-for-8 shooting, while small forward Xavier Johnson scored 13 points and six boards. Even if they revert back to their normal roles tonight — though Scott has played close to that level all season — the Buffaloes still have veteran firepower playing great basketball at the moment. Forward Andre Roberson is second in the nation, with 11.6 rebounds per game, and guard Spencer Dinwiddie, the team’s leading scorer, netted 24 points against Oregon State without missing a shot. “[Dinwiddie] is just a terrific guard,” Miller said. “He’s very capable of having a big offensive night.” The player who could have the biggest impact in the game is the other guard, sophomore Askia Booker, who will heave the ball up at a moment’s notice. In order to stop a repeat performance by Booker (he made 4-of-7 from deep against the Wildcats last time out), Johnson said he will always need to be aware of Booker. “He can get it off in a variety of ways — coming off screens, ball screens, just isolating by himself,” Johnson said. “Just limit his easy shots. Make every point that he has, make him work for it.”

Q A & Arizona

softball forced to replace firepower EVAN ROSENFELD Arizona Daily Wildcat

As last year’s Arizona softball team fell to Oklahoma in the NCAA Super Regionals, the Wildcats look toward the upcoming season to improve, reclaim national success and end the year with a national championship. Eight new players join Arizona softball’s roster this season, looking to fill the vacant positions left by eight departing players as head coach Mike Candrea seeks to balance the youth of his team with talent and chemistry. The eight players who departed accounted for 60 percent of the runs scored and 58.4 percent of the RBI, as well as 52.4 percent of the hits. Arizona’s offense is going to have to bounce back in order to reach World Series glory again.


CHELSEA SUITOS IS one of the few remaining Wildcats from last year’s team.

I thought Lauren Young moved the ball pretty well for her first time out. Estela Piñon, Darcy Taylor and Mandie Perez also impressed. The key [at] this point is to get consistency. All of them right now, though, are gaining the experience they need moving forward.

How do you see the offense playing a role in the team’s success this season? What is your offensive strategy? The biggest thing about offense is that it can sometimes come and go, so your foundation really has to be your pitching and defense to give your offense a chance to produce some runs. We can’t depend on that threerun home run. Instead, we have to try to get runners on base, move them over and try to utilize every out in a Daily Wildcat: How did you feel about productive way. the lineup that was put together last weekend? What type of tweaking does What changes, if any, have you made it need before this week’s games? in your offensive strategy? How do Candrea: We experimented with you believe that will lead you to different lineups last weekend. We’re another World Series berth? still seeing what’s productive for Right now, we are trying to identify us. Lineups sometimes will change the young kids and what they are going throughout the year, so at this point, to contribute on a day-to-day basis. it’s kind of insignificant where we are at That takes time and takes games, so in terms of it. Right now it’s a matter of we probably won’t know anything until who’s hot and which players are going the middle of March, where we will to give us our best chance at being have a better idea of what the team will successful. look like. But currently, it’s still a work in progress. Who will be the driving force for your offense this season? Are there any Do you think offense will play as notable new members of the lineup big of a role as defense in terms of you are personally excited about? winning ball games this year? You have to first look at the kids who You have to have both. You’ve got returned; Brigette Del Ponte, Hallie to score runs to win and at the same Wilson and Chelsea Goodacre are time, you have to keep people from three that really need to set the tone for scoring. You have to have solid pitching us offensively. I thought Chelsea Suitos performances, play good defense and did a good job last weekend getting complement that with getting timely on base and moving over runners. hits.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arizona Daily Wildcat • 7

Excellence on and off the field Student athletes at Arizona’s three universities pursue performance in the classroom and on the field. They recently achieved their highest historic grade point averages and in the last year alone, student athletes performed almost 12,000 community service hours.

All Time Academic Academic All-American All-American Awards Awards since 2000 Arizona State University Northern Arizona University University of Arizona

105 34 91

62 16 23

Go Sun Devils, Lumberjacks and Wildcats!

8 • Arizona Daily Wildcat



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WALK TO UOFA 1bdrm $585/mo 221 N 1st Ave. Charming, wood floors, updated appliances, fenced yard, pets welcome. 4blocks UofA. Water paid. 780-8493

$800-$2400 FY 13! 3,4 &5bdrm, BRAND NEW homes! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Gar & all appl. incl. 520-790-0776

SPACIOUS 3BD 2BA, Small Quiet Complex, Walk to UofA, private patio. Lease $750/mo. 520-296-9639


Classifieds • Thursday, February 14, 2013

Attention Classified Readers: The Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

2BD/ 2BA HOUSE Fenced Yard, Storage Shed Near U ofA $775 Also 2BD/2BA House A/C, Concrete Floors, Alarm, Washer/Dryer $950 REDI 520-623-5710 2BR/ 2BA, 3BR/ 3BA extra nice homes avail. June 1st. All appliances included. Walk, bike, or CatTran to campus. 520-8346915, 577-1310, 907-2072 2MIN TO CAMPUS AVAIL NOW! 3, 4 & 5bdm home & condos! 1/2 mi to UofA, A/C, Large Yards & all appl included. 520-7900776 2MIN TO CAMPUS IN FY13! 1,2,3,4 & 5bdrm, homes & aptmts! 1mi to UofA, A/C, Gar & all appl. incl. 520-790-0776 3- 4 BEDROOM HOMES located closed to Campus, Available August 2013. Large Bedrooms and closets, W/D, A/C, private parking, garages available on select homes. 520-245-5604 3BD 3BA FOR RENT IN SAM HUGHES. Gorgeous house located six blocks from the McKale Center. Large front and back yards with a three car garage. Available now. Please call for details and pictures. (949)887-7122 or email at 3BDRM/ 2BA UOFA/ UMC Furnished, Central AC, W/D, huge fenced yard. $995/mo 4month lease avail now. Tim 795-1499 4BD/ 2BA HOUSE A/C, Ceramic Tile, All Appliances plus Microwave, Fireplace $1200 Also 4BD/2BA House A/C, Office/Study Room, Private Pool, Fireplace, All Appliances $1300 REDI 520-6235710 4BD/ 2BA. BEAUTIFUL remodeled 2car garage. Must see. Available August 1. $2300/mo. 1227 N Tucson Blvd between Helen/ Mabel. 885-5292 or 841-2871. 4BEDROOM 3BATH BEAUTIFUL home. Spacious floorplan, W/D., microwave, dishwasher, storage, wood floors, ceramic tile and carpeted bedrooms. Security bars on doors/windows. VERY close to campus. 520-398-5738 5BD/ 2BA HOUSE A/C, Concrete Floors, Balcony, Washer/Dryer, Microwave $2000 Available 08/01/2013 Also 5BD/ 3BA House Balcony, Fenced Yard, Washer/Dryer Available 08/01/2013 $2250 REDI 520-623-5710 5BEDROOM HOME FOR lease for August 2013. A/C, fireplace, W/D, private parking. Within blocks of Campus. Call for more info 520-398-5738 6BLOCKS FROM UA. Available August 1. Remodeled 3BD/ 2BA, 1800sqft, hardwood floors, W/D, large fenced yard. $1450/mo. 7514363 or 409-3010. AAA APPEALING 5BEDROOM 3Bath Home, 7blocks to UA $2200. Available for August 2013. Upgraded kitchen, new appliances, including washer and dryer, dishwasher and microwave. BIG bedrooms, walk in closets. 520-245-5604 AVAILABLE 08/01/2013 6BD/ 3BA House A/C, Balcony, Fenced Yard, All Appliances, Washer/Dryer $3000 Also 6BD/ 3BA House Ceramic Tile, Gated Property, Private Pool Available 08/01/2013 $3900 REDI 520-6235710 AWESOME 3BED/ 3BATH houses located within short biking or walking distance from Campus, available for August 2013. Large bedrooms, closets, great open floorplan, ideal for roommates. Please call 520-398-5738 to view this home BEAUTIFUL 4BD MUST see! Remodeled. Hardwood floors, recently repainted, fireplace, high ceiling, all appliances. Available August 1. 885-5292, 841-2871. Great for serious students. 2040 E Spring. Corner of Spring& Olsen near Campbell &Grant. $2200/mo. BEAUTIFUL NEW HOUSE for rent. 2bdrm 1bath open concept kitchen/ livingroom, high ceilings, W/D. Must see. $1100 per/mo. 222 E. Elm 520-885-2922, 520841-2871 BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL house at 222 E. Elm #2. A/C, state of the art appliances, W/D, luxurious bathroom, MUST SEE! $600 per room. Call Gloria anytime 520-8855292 or 520-841-2871. CLOSE CAMPUS TOP quality. 3BD 3BA $575/person. 5BD 4BA $575/person. 5BD 5BA $600/person. 5BD 2BA $250/person. 2481688 CUSTOM 5BDRM, 4BA home with garage & private yard available Fall 2013. Luxury student living at its best! Walk to UA campus. Reserve now. Call 747-9331.

!!!!!!ABSOLUTELY GREAT student living 6bdrm, 3 bath house convenient to UA, UMC and Pima Downtown just $3250/mo ($542/ bdrm). Reserve now for Fall 2013. Pets welcome. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 747-9331 today! HUGE 7BEDROOM HOME located blocks within Campus. Very close to Frats/ Sororities. Large kitchen, separate dining, plenty of free parking, fenced side yard for B.B.Q’s! Avail. August 2013. HURRY! This home won’t be available for long!!! 520-245-5604 KICK BACK HERE !!! 5Bedroom 3Bath, Great 2story floorplan just blocks North of Speedway with open living room, breakfast bar, large bedrooms and walk in closets. Fenced yard, pet friendly. Microwave, DW and W/D included. 520-398-5738 Luxury 4BD 3BA, River/Campbell, 3story, 2100+sqft, furnished, rooftop deck w/ grill & city/mtn views, hardwood floors, walled yard, washer/dryer, gated community, pool, fitness ctr, river walk access, grad/med student or professional, dogs ok. $3000/mo. 520-241-9494. Modern Luxury Homes Just North of Campus. Available August 1st. 4bedroom 2Bath homes. 1301 E. Adams. 1620 N. Fremont. WWW.UOFAAREARENTALHOMES.COM. 520-404-8954. ONLY 2BLOCKS FROM UofA 3BD/2BA House Covered Patio, Wrought Iron Security $1095 Also 3BD/2BA House A/C, Carport, All Appliances plus Microwave, Washer/ Dryer $1200 REDI 520623-5710 PRE LEASING FOR Summer/Fall 2013. Several upgraded 3bedrooms available. $483 per bedroom. Near Mountain and Fort Lowell, on Cat Tran Route. Call (520)909-4089 for info or go to for pictures. STUDIO HOUSE WOOD Floors, Wrought Iron Security, Water Paid $525 Also 1BD House Washer/Dryer, Minutes from UofA $550 REDI 520-623-5710 WALK OR BIKE to UA. This 3/2 house with large back yard close to 4th Avenue, shops & cafes. Preleasing for fall 2013. $1195/mo. Call 520-909-4089. WALK TO CAMPUS, Sam Hughes- 2, 3, 4, 5BD. Newer homes! Within 1mi to UofA, A/C, garages and all appl included. 520-790-0776 ~PRE-LEASING~ FIND YOUR NEXT HOME HERE. Wildcat Properties has over 20 Well Kept, Single Family Homes for rent with May, June, and Aug start dates. Studios- 6 Bedrooms. All homes in North Uni or Sam Hughes and all within walking distance. Rents range $450-$625/bed. or call Jon Wilt, UofA Alumni, at 520-8701572 for a showing.

1 FURNISHED ROOM W/PRIVATE bath & entrance. Campbell @Speedway. No kitchen but fridge & microwave. Utilities included. $420/mo. Tim 795-1499. ROOM FOR RENT Speedway/ Euclid $500/mo. W/D, A/C, pets OK. No deposit required. Available now. Todd 520-906-2500 ROOM FOR RENT: Nice size, own bathroom, storage space, internet. Glenn/Country Club area. On bus line. MUST LOVE DOGS. $300/mo. 520-979-9196

BIKE TO CAMPUS IN FY13! 1,2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, Gar, FREE WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776

ARE YOU LOOKING for a mover? Same day service? Student rates available. 977-4600

TUTOR WANTED FOR 5 Year old. Honor student & female preferred. Help with letter & number recognition, beginning reading, basic mathematics, & core of foreign language. Has to be willing to make field trips. Will work around your schedule. Hours & salary negotiable but very comfortable. 520336-3294

Comics • Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arizona Daily Wildcat • 9

Ralph and Chuck

Brewster Rockit


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10 • Arizona Daily Wildcat

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We are

Student Media Daily Wildcat | KAMP Student Radio | UATV3 Melanie Trecha

Jackie Kent

KAMP Programming Director

UATV3 General Manager Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA Major: Journalism

Dan Desrochers

Why I work here: What started as a resume builder turned into a passion for student media. It was the push that led me to several internship and job opportunities, including Tucson’s KGUN 9, and KABC-TV in Los Angeles. I would not be where I am today without UATV3 and the amazing people I work with there. I am proud to be a part of a great service to the UA community; proud to be a part of student media.

Wildcat Opinions Editor Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ Major: Journalism

Why I work here: I became a KAMP DJ my freshman year because I wanted to meet people who were passionate about music. KAMP is my favorite thing about the UA. It is so easy to become involved and feel like a part of the family. I love the sense of community, the access to new and exciting music, concerts, and the opportunities it gives me for the future.

Why I work here: It’s a great environment and it provides an aspect to my education that I wouldn’t get elsewhere. I also love the fact that in putting out the paper every day, we’re contributing to the well-being of the campus.

Kristina Bui Daily Wildcat Editor-in-chief

Isaac Gealer

Hometown: Tucson Major: Journalism

Cameron Moon

KAMP General Manager

Sports Editor, Wildcat

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Major: Journalism

Why I work here:

Nothing on campus is like Arizona Student Media. It’s the only place where you can build professional experience in addition to meeting people you know you’ll stay in touch with long after graduation. I can’t imagine not working here.

Why I work here:

I love working with people, writing and sports. The experiences I have gotten at the Wildcat have been some of the best of my college career.

Leah Corry

Advertising Graphic Designer

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Major: Public Health

Hometown: Winslow, AZ Major: Visual Communications in Design

Why I work here: I wanted to apply my designing skills to real world situations. In my art studios and classes, our projects are usually generated based on possible situations but are meant more for practice. I could get an A in class but could I do as well outside of class? Working at the Wildcat shows me I can.

UATV3 Senior Director Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ Major: Producing

Why I work here: The work

environment here is unbeatable. The staff is fabulous and this job is a great introduction to the professional world.

Carollann Scott UATV3 Wildcast Anchor, Sports Director

Hometown: Agua Dulce, CA Major: Journalism

Why I work here: I am a third genera-

Why I work here: I have

always wanted to be involved in film and television and this is a great opportunity. It also gives me an opportunity to be a leader and get others excited to be a part of the Arizona Student Media family.

tion cowgirl and have competed in rodeo my whole life. Being a part of the western industry taught me about promoting that lifestyle. I have known since junior high I wanted to go into broadcast journalism. Being a part of UATV is an outstanding opportunity to start off what will hopefully be a long career.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Major: Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Why I work here:

Working here for four years has given me a lot to be thankful for. I know what it takes to be a leader and run an organization. KAMP has given me a huge insight to the business world of fine art, broadcasting, and public service. Tune in. Turn up. KAMP out.

Alex Lopez KAMP Metal music director

Wildcat Classified Ad Representative

Seandean Anderson

Greg Fingerhut

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Major: Astronomy

Hometown: Martinez, CA Major: Environmental Science

Why I work here:

I became a DJ because I LOVE music, especially metal and hardcore rock. As I met KAMP members, I felt like helping out even more an organization that has made my time at UA truly wonderful. I have learned to be part of a team and formed friendships that I will cherish forever, while working with the music that I love.

Casey Lewandrowski

Wildcat Digital Media Editor Hometown: Ashburn, VA Major: Communications

Why I work here: The people and the environment! The Wildcat has provided me with unreal work experience that other college students rarely find. I have learned so much and can’t imagine another place I’d rather work on campus.

February 14, 2013  

In this edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat: Do the Harlem Shake UA top-ranked in enviornmental science UA professor brings opera to campus...