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wednesday, february 10, 2010


Steven Kwan Arts Editor 520•621•3106

Sweating the sweet stuff


Thinking about taking on The Sugar O.D. Challenge?

Visit to see the video and slideshow of the O.D. experience.

It is time to get active and get off campus. There are countless opportunities to get outdoors and check out what Tucson has to offer. People travel to Tucson for vacations ­— why not see what they’re coming for?

The rules are simple: 1. You must eat it all by yourself. 2. You have 45 minutes to finish. 3. You can’t puke for 10 minutes after you’ve finished. 4. If you finish within 45 minutes, the dessert is free (it’s normally $30), you get a T-shirt and your picture is posted on the wall.

Shine on UA

For two weeks, Tucson becomes an international marketplace during the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase. The Gem Show takes place at 40 sites around Tucson, attracting thousands of attendees. The main event takes place at the Tucson Convention Center, 260 S. Church Ave. during the final weekend. The show spans from Jan. 30 to Feb. 14. Admission is free at most locations. Visit for more information.

Explore the great wonders of Tucson’s natural environment

Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Arizona Daily Wildcat arts reporter Katie Gault attempts to conquer Something Sweet Dessert Lounge’s Sugar O.D. Challenge Saturday. She was unable to complete the challenge within the allotted 45 minutes.

By Katie Gault Arizona Daily Wildcat Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers. A day for Hallmark cards. A day for melodramatic moments. Gross. I hate all the hype. Back in grade school, Valentine’s Day meant a day full of decorated shoeboxes filled with “Spongebob” cards. Nowadays, I’m lucky to get a smile from the cute cashier at the grocery store while I buy my pre-made cookie dough — cookie dough that I’ll be eating alone while watching “When Harry Met Sally” and yelling at the TV, “Why can’t you two just realize that you’re perfect for one another?” Those are my Valentine’s Day plans — a night full of eating my feelings. That’s love. So it pains me to see all these online blogs and magazine articles about “How to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day” and“How to Plan the Perfect Date.”

What about those of us who don’t have a date? What about those of us who will be spending Valentine’s night with our cats? What are we supposed to do? I found a solution. And I took action. Something Sweet Dessert Lounge, 5319 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson’s only all-dessert restaurant, recently took a note from Adam Richman’s“Man v. Food”TV show and began The Sugar O.D. Challenge last month. The challenge: Eat four pieces of cheesecake, four “Big A$$ Brownies,” four scoops of ice cream and four cherries — a total of eight pounds — in 45 minutes. Sounded good to me. Like I said, I’m used to eating my feelings. So I accepted the challenge. And guess what? It beat the crap out of me. I started off strong, eating the cherries and placing the ice cream into a separate cup. My strategy was to let the ice cream melt into an easy-to-chug milkshake. My next strategy was to eat as fast as possible, disallowing my brain

to catch up with the fullness of my stomach. Turns out, though, that my brain is much faster than I originally thought. Hey, I’m no scientist. Halfway through the delicious but gooey brownie, I started to feel the hurt. Then, a slice of cheesecake. Boom. The challenge had become World War III. Me v. Food. My stomach was not my ally. That first piece of cheesecake was a nuclear bomb on all of my hopes and dreams. It was an epic defeat. I believe I made it through about an eighth of the full portion of food and with 15 minutes left before I vomited in the well-placed bucket on the seat next to me — sexy. I have no regrets. The way I see it, I did this for a cause. I did it for you,

lonely Wildcat readers. I ate so you wouldn’t have to. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, forget about eating your feelings. During this challenge, I stuffed my face with so much food, I ate my feelings and your feelings. Your loneliness is now my burden. You’re welcome. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Bite-sized brawl: The cupcake showdown With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, it’s time to start thinking about how to woo your loved one. Everyone knows the way to the heart is through the stomach, so this year forego the flowers and try out cupcakes. Tucson has three cupcakeries that dedicate themselves solely to the art of the cupcake. Our cupcake showdown will help you find the perfect cup-sized cake for your beloved this holiday. Each of the four categories is out of a possible 25 for a total of 100 possible points.

By Ali Freedman Arizona Daily Wildcat

Red Velvet Cupcakery



Red Velvet Cupcakery

90% Taste: 25 Variety: 25 Décor: 20 Price: 20


Red Velvet offers a delicious variety of gourmet cupcakes. With a light and fluffy cake that is moist and buttercream frosting that is rich, smooth and creamy, there is nothing not to like. Although they come in at just above $3, Red Velvet’s cupcakes are well worth the cost. Its namesake, the red velvet cupcake, is everything it should be. The rich cream cheese frosting is fantastic. Along with the 11 standard options for cupcakes, there is a featured cupcake each month to sink your teeth into.


Dotcom Comic

Tosh talks purging the Web and dying young

Overall, Red Velvet Cupcakery located on the UA’s doorstep gets the best grade for gourmet cupcakes.


80% Taste: 10 Variety: 20 Décor: 5 Price: 10 Mini’s is a bit of a disappointment when compared to its local competitors. The drab and dark shop tucked in La Encantada is unimpressive. While it offers good variety, the cupcakes aren’t worth the cost. Coming in just under $4 is a bit much considering that the cake is dense, though moist, and that the frosting is too thick to really be enjoyable. The dark chocolate cupcake is a little overwhelming with its hard frosting and heavy cake, and the red velvet cannot compare to Red Velvet’s version.

Taste: 20 Variety: 25 Décor: 20 Price: 15

Photos by Gordon Bates/ Arizona Daily Wildcat

943 E. University Blvd., Suite 165 829-7780 Open daily 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.


Cupcakes offers a wide array of cupcake flavors in its friendly and bright shop. There are eight cupcakes offered daily and three other cupcakes that rotate weekly. The cake is light and lovely to taste, and the frosting is rich and creamy. It definitely rivals Red Velvet and offers a similar menu. Cupcakes’ biggest downfall is the price tag. The prices are the highest at $3.50 per cupcake. While it isn’t too much of a price difference, it may not be worth the drive out to Crossroad Festival. With that said, if you’re in the area, pop in and give them a try.


2905 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 148 299-2605 Monday - Wednesday 9:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday & Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Sunday 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.


4811 E. Grant Rd., Suite 127 795-1112 Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Sunday noon - 5 p.m.

Hiking in Sabino Canyon is one thing you should do before you graduate. During the winter and the rainy season, Sabino Canyon becomes a fascinating place. Both the Sabino Canyon Trail and the Bear Canyon Trail offer a cool glimpse into the canyon and feature trams taking hikers up and down the mountain. Hiking the Bear Canyon Trail takes a minimum of three hours, so it is important for each hiker to bring at least a quart of water. For more information about tours, check out or call 749-2861.

Adventure on one of UA’s most iconic symbols

Every true Wildcat should know what “A” Mountain is. The mountain, located just west of downtown, offers a spectacular view of the city of Tucson, nice trails and areas to enjoy the scenery. The mountain is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Call 791-5909 for more information.

Saddle up to explore Tucson like never before

One of the great perks of living in Tucson is the weather. The winter months are great for horseback riding and the city has some of the best riding trails. Try going on some beautiful trail rides in Tanque Verde Valley on the east side of Tucson at Houston’s Horseback Riding. Call 298-7450 for more information about trails and rates. — Bryan Ponton Is there something you think we should do before graduating? Send your suggestions to Please include your name, major and year.

Conan and comets

NPR host, Celtic band to create ‘Universe’ at UA


Star bars Find the best place to unwind with your date


• wednesday, february 10, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

local scene


“Living on the Border,” a local multimedia documentary by Karl Hoffman, will premiere at The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. 7:30 p.m. $8. V Revolution, a night of dancing to raise awareness about violence against women and girls, will be held at Zen Rock, 121 E. Congress St. 9 p.m. $5. 21+. A panel discussion on LGBT identities will be held at the Martin Luther King Jr. building, 1322 E. First St. The discussion will cover racism and homophobia in LGBT and black communities. 5:30 p.m. Free.


Broadway in Tucson presents “Fiddler on the Roof Sing-A-Long” at The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. 7 p.m. $8. A reception for “Songs from the Ocean,” an exhibit of paintings by Gavin Troy, at the UA Poetry Center, 1508 E. Helen St. 5:30 p.m. Free.


Dave Mason will be performing at The Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St. 8 p.m. $31 - $39. Brazilian Fest, a tribute to Brazilian music and culture, will be at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St. 7 p.m. $8 advance, $10 at the door. 21+. Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades and 8 Minutes To Burn will play at The Hut, 305 N. Fourth Ave. 8 p.m. $5. 21+.


Switchblade Parade presents FOREPLAY, the second annual Valentine’s Cabaret at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St. 9 p.m. $20 single or $35 couple VIP tickets which include champagne and treats. $8 general admission. 21+. Motion City Soundtrack will be performing with Set Your Goals, This Providence and The Swellers at The Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St. 7:30 p.m. $16. Black Cherry Burlesque will be performing at The Surly Wench Pub, 424 N. Fourth Ave. 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. $8. 21+. “Chocolate to Die For” Festival at Presidio San Agustin Del Tucson, 133 W. Washington St. $5 for three tastings, $15 for walking tour.


Romance at Tiffany’s: A Special Valentine’s Day Screening of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will be held at The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. The event will include a Little Black Dress Fashion Show before the movie and a prize raffle for a chance to win a gift from Tiffany & Co. 7 p.m. $8. Free wedding ceremonies at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St, with Tucson’s own Cathy Rivers acting as the officiant. Couples will receive a sweetheart wedding cake and a wedding portrait. E-mail to sign up.


“abUSed: The Postville Raid,” a documentary about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid, will show in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building room S202, 1130 N. Mountain Ave. 7 p.m. Free. Reception for “Heart of Dangerous Obscurity,” an exhibit of work by Liz Vaughn at Bohemia, 2920 E. Broadway Blvd. 7 - 10 p.m. Free.


“Faith of the Abomination,” a LGBT documentary, will premiere at The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. 7:30 p.m. $6. Les Claypool will be performing at The Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St. 8 p.m. $25 advance, $27 day of show. — compiled by Emily Bowen


Neal Conan, host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” and Celtic band Ensemble Galilei will perform their multimedia work “Universe of Dreams” this Friday at Centennial Hall. A massive projected backdrop of high-resolution images from the Hubble Space Telescope will accompany music from Ensemble Galilei and various readings spoken by Conan. “It is something that is unique, the meshing of the music and the images and the language is extraordinary. When it works right … it’s magic,” Conan said in a phone interview. Working with the musicians and a live audience is something that has been a unique experience, he said. The whole performance has been a collaborative effort between Ensemble Galilei and Conan. The literary works have a wide range, from the poetry of Stanley Kunitz and Shakespeare to Navajo creation myths to the more bizarre prose of Monty Python. Conan has worked with Ensemble Galilei on other projects, including a show titled “First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World,” which was produced using the National Geographic archives. The group also plans to work together to produce a new show called “First Person: Seeing America” using the photography collection from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The show will premiere at the Met in October 2010. The Friday performance is likely to sweep audiences away, Conan said. “It’s so much more than the sum of its parts,” Conan said. “It really works together beautifully.”


Centennial Hall Friday, 8 p.m. $15 for UA students, faculty and staff $20 - $40 for general public Visit wildlife for the full transcript and audio from our interview with Neal Conan.

— Kellie Mejdrich

Photo courtesy of UApresents

UA artists animate toy boutique By Marisa D. Fisher Arizona Daily Wildcat Margarita Brosova, Natalya Kolosowsky and Kimberly Piet are three women with vision and imagination, if the works on display in Lulubell Toy Bodega’s February show are any indication. The gallery exhibit, entitled “Mythologic: Visions and Patterns,” is a vision of the mythical and fantastic that lives up to its title. Each of the featured artists is currently studying or has studied in UA’s Fine Arts program. Brosova is a current illustration and media arts senior, and Kolosowsky and Piet are both recent graduates of the visual communications program. While each artist’s background and inspiration is very different from the others’, their Lulubell Toy Bodega work is woven 439 N. Sixth Ave., Suite 187 together with Tuesday-Saturday Noon - 6 p.m. themes of magic and mysticism. Call 622-05858 Brosova’s or visit work attempts to recapture the understanding of magic and playfulness which people often lose as they age and mature. The figures in her work possess a visible motion and liveliness which call to mind her background in animation and demonstrate an ability to channel the activity of the childhood imagination. Kolosowsky’s detailed drawings and small-scale sculptures portray women as powerful, influential creatures without many of the sensual overtones often associated with manipulative power. Rather, the women in her images take on strength and


Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Left: ‘Ouroboros’ by Kimberly Piet, illustration and media arts senior. Right: Number two of seven from UA alumna Natalya Kolosowsky’s ‘Witches’ series.

personality of their own with the underlying acknowledgement that they have access to a power outside of the human spectrum. Titles ranging from the “Witches” series, to “Hexes (do not trust them)” to “Winter Sleep” and “Fig Newton” recognize the range of female imagery Kolosowsky has created. Piet’s work is perhaps the most abstract of the three. She uses embryonic symbols and images as the centerpiece of these vibrant, striking pieces. These images call attention to the similarities between the early human embryo and any other being at the stage

of life. Piet invites us to marvel at the potential of that infinitesimal being. She treats this idea with such brash color and force that one can’t help but see the hint of fantasy within. Lulubell Toy Bodega sets the perfect backdrop for this sort of show. The work of these women, peppered with punchy color and themes of fantasy, might fall flat in a strict gallery environment. Here, however, books and designer toys along the shelves only add to the impact of the work. It meshes beautifully.

Sky Bar boldly goes beyond the norm By Kim Kotel Arizona Daily Wildcat Life has its ups and downs and so does Sky Bar — shaken, stirred and loaded with foam. Whether you prefer a stimulant or a depressant, Sky Bar, 536 N. Fourth Ave., functions as a one-stop shop between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 a.m. Its goal: provide a quiet study niche and a stargazing soirée. Sky Bar’s success can be measured in coffee spoons and cocktail straws. What it looks like Owner Tony Vaccaro created a charming chic lounge nestled beside his restaurant, Brooklyn Pizza Company. Brick walls and concrete floors contrast a crystal chandelier poised over the bar. Projector screens roost on the wall, displaying images of nebulae and constellations that update regularly. Sports games steal away the stars on Sunday afternoons. Evening ambience A rosy glow warms the bar. A couple plays Scrabble while a group of friends begin a game of pool in the back. Most stake out one of the many high tables peppered throughout the room. It’s comfortable and intimate—most come just to chat and relax among friends.

Suggestion: take five minutes and throw on something nicer than just any old T-shirt and jeans. Daytime feel Despite Sky Bar’s naturally nocturnal flair, the windowed wall facing Fourth Avenue invites the sunshine to play across the bamboo tables.You are free to perch on a bench and people-watch or choose a couch on the wall to crack down on studying. Coffee, muffins, scones — oh my! I didn’t spy a clover press, but the coffee ($1) is generally satisfying if not saporous. The scones ($1.50) on the other hand are exquisite; freshly baked, kissed with butter and embedded with chocolate and peanut butter morsels. They give Epic Café a run for its money. Music Generally background rock, jazz, blues or ambient — live or otherwise. Alcoholic beverages An impressive selection of liquors and imported beers such as the Delirium Tremens. The mixed drinks are well-made — not potent enough to leave you impaired or so weak you wonder if the liquor has been forgotten. Pricing is around $3-$5 without tip. The crowd Eclectic, generally 20s and

occasionally over 30. Bro-free. Perks A side patio is available with seating, ashtrays and a Meade telescope set up for astronomical perusing. Self-made films are presented Wednesdays on the screens and a mic is available for anyone feeling poetic or melodious. Sundays and Mondays boast all-day happy hour. Peak hours

10 - 11 p.m.: The bar is filled while still spacious. 11 p.m. - midnight:You’ll need to create your own alcove in the crowd. Midnight - 1 a.m.: The throng trickles down to a more comfortable number. Bottom line It’s a bar and café with a rare ability to bend to the diversity of Tucson inhabitants. Stop in while Sky Bar is still stretching its wings.

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Layne Trinkley, a UA geology graduate and highschool astronomy teacher, was a participant at Sky Bar’s open mic night Feb. 3. To contrast the daytime all-ages café atmosphere, Sky Bar goes 21+ to cater to its nighttime bar crowd.

reviews Ke$ha’s ‘Animal’ more than a song By Bryan Ponton ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT


The new artist on the pop music scene, Ke$ha, has been in the Top 10 albums and singles lists on iTunes since the release of her album Animal. Most people know her most famous single “TiK ToK,” yet many listeners lack any knowledge of her other songs. With Animal, she has managed to add a new sound and energy to the pop music scene. Ke$ha has been around the music scene for years but finally broke out when RCA Records produced her album. She is a notorious party girl who is most notable for vomiting in a closet at Paris Hilton’s house, according to gossip blogger Perez Hilton.



“Party at a Rich Dude’s House” “Animal” “Backstabber” “Take It Off ”

arizona daily wildcat • wednesday, february 10, 2010 •


Yo Taylor, I’m gonna let you finish, but… On Taylor Swift and the 2010 Grammys

Animal RCA Records

Released Jan. 5, 2010 The album starts off with “Your Love Is My Drug,” an upbeat song much like “TiK ToK” but with more of an electronic feel and a catchy chorus. In “Your Love Is My Drug,” Ke$ha manages to sing instead of speaking like she does in “TiK ToK.” Other notable tracks include “Take It Off,”“Kiss N Tell,”“Dinosaur,” “Backstabber” and “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.”This is definitely an album for people who enjoy upbeat dance music. It lacks versatility but slows down and speeds up, offering a nice compilation of songs which play through seamlessly. It’s hard to get tired of this album. Many people think that if you have heard “TiK ToK,” you have heard her entire album, but she offers a variety of beats and lyrics. Ke$ha’s album has better songs — frankly, “TiK ToK” is nowhere near the best song on the album. It is difficult not to like Animal. Ke$ha has catchy beats with cool lyrics to match like “Listen to yourself, you are a hot mess.” Don’t be caught without Animal at the next party you throw. It is an album that everyone can love and jam out to. Ke$ha’s Animal brings life to an industry in which we are constantly hearing the same music. She puts a new spin on the pop music world, and I won’t be surprised if other artists begin to copy her musical stylings.



Arts writer

fade within the year as people slowly come to realize that they cannot relate to words written for children — like the song “Fifteen,” about starting your first day of high school. I’m sorry Taylor, but your award season reign has come to an end. People are going to get wise to the cheesy lyrics you write.

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé both deserved the title of album of the year more than Swift. The variety of Beyoncé’s album is astounding, with diverse songs like “Halo,”“Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),”“Diva” and “If I Were A Boy.”With the hype of The Fame, the most singles on the top 10 list in history, and her recently released follow-up album The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga, who is rapidly becoming one of the biggest stars in the music industry, deserved more nods for the new edge she has brought to the industry through her image and her lyrics. She knows how to be a performer — her recent tour has sold out multiple nights of her show — and how to make music that will last. In 10 years the “tween” generation won’t be able to relate to songs like “Fifteen,” unlike “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Don’t get me wrong, Swift’s album is decent, but the fact of the matter is that it only appeals to the young. Artists like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga reach a broader group of people and should have been the only two contenders. Swift’s selection came out of left field. Swift will ride this album, but Lady Gaga and Beyoncé will smash her next album. Go back to singing with teardrops on your guitar, Swift, and let the real artists get the recognition they deserve for their unbelievable albums. Courtesy of OsoBlog.TV

he Grammys this year were interesting. Most artists who received nods deserved it. One winner, however, was a different story. Taylor Swift, who was up for eight Grammys for her album Fearless, walked away with three, and managed to drop one during a photo shoot after the awards show. Swift received one of the top awards with best album of the year. Artists in contention for the award included Beyoncé for I am…Sasha Fierce, Lady Gaga for The Fame, The Black Eyed Peas for The E.N.D. and Dave Matthews Band for Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King. But Swift’s album fails to compare to the caliber of the other albums. Swift, has received multiple awards this season for an album that was made for 15 year olds. It has adolescent lyrics about short skirts, T-shirts, cheer captains and bleachers, layered on top of old beats. The Taylor Swift hype will

Rebellious ‘Odd Blood’ has musical lineage By Kellie Mejdrich ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Yeasayer’s new album, Odd Blood, is heavily-layered and powerful, providing listeners with a unique, nostalgiadrenched listening experience. The highly-anticipated album from the Brooklyn, N.Y., band has been leaked to private download circles, but on the whole has remained a secret to current and hopeful fans. After the successful 2007 release of All Hour Cymbals, last year’s single “Ambling Alp,” along with its bizarre video, has sparked much curiosity in the indie community because of its divergence from a highly choral and percussion-based sound. The album on the whole has proven to be different from All Hour Cymbals, but in a way, that is


arguably more refined and complex. could be so danceable? “I Remember” is also memorable, with layered keyboard, Yeasayer’s most successful tracks combine an odd texture of synth, synth looping and falsetto vocals that crepounding snare and bass drum with a ate a hazy, uplifting sound. This album defies mix of synth keyboard baselines listeners’ expectaYeasayer tions of what kinds of that sounds straight Odd Blood out of a futuristic, sounds are memorable, Secretly Canadian yet adheres to convenunknown era. Odd Released Feb. 9, 2010 tional composition in Blood can sound overly futuristic, but a way that is hard to somehow the mashup of layered sounds catch. For example, the vocalist’s falsetto, works in a way that feels visionary. which dips into bleeding-heart belting, is Other notable tracks include “O.N.E.,” a like every ‘80s band that became famous disco-laden pop beat that somehow man- decades ago. Yet it sounds unbelievably ages to combine whistles, keyboard and fresh coming from Yeasayer. pounding cymbal in a way that not only Overall, Odd Blood is an adeptly resists cheesiness, but has an infectious composed, fresh-sounding album that conforms to lyrical conventions that have beat. Lyrics like “hold me like before / worked for decades. The cohesiveness hold me like you used to / control me like you used to” will leave you singing and and seamless transitions between tracks dancing against a robotic keyboard motif. creates an extremely satisfying album that Who knew such strange sounding music doesn’t disappoint.

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• wednesday, february 10, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

arizona daily wildcat • wednesday, february 10, 2010 •

All-star cast only enhances ‘Valentine’s Day’


By Christy Delehanty Arizona Daily Wildcat

Photo courtesy of

Good game: Why men also dig romantic comedies COMMENTARY BY Zachary Smith


Arts writer

uys love romance movies. Seriously, we do. How many guys do you know who do not like “The Princess Bride?” It’s a really small amount, even though that movie is coated with romance. And it’s not because of the pirates or Inigo Montoya — although, those certainly help — guys wouldn’t watch that movie if they didn’t respect Cary Elwes for having great game. We love romance movies, but only when they’re actually romantic. If the guy with bad game wins the girl, we’re disinterested because that’s Photo courtesy of not how

it works. If we admire him, we’ll sit through anything. I’ve heard the argument that guys don’t like romantic comedies because they’re clichéd. That’s stupid; guys like “Commando” and “Training Day.” We can see past clichés. Case in point, there are two conventional movies most guys say they hate, but don’t really: “You’ve Got Mail”and“Love Actually.”Tom Hanks goes through an outlandish amount of self-deprivation to get Meg Ryan to stop hating him, and Colin Firth learns Portuguese for a girl. That level of romance impresses us and makes us strive to be better lovers. Every guy has his favorite romance movie — mine is “The Sure Thing” — and I guarantee that the movie is his favorite because of the male lead. As guys, we idolize the men that are better than us. In this field, that would be guys with better game. In my many years as a boy, I have learned that all guys hate “A Walk To Remember.”That’s because Shane West doesn’t have good game. Pay attention to the movie, he doesn’t do anything genuinely romantic. Rather, Mandy Moore has a list of things to do and he does them. That’s not romance, that’s a checklist. A romantic movie isn’t interesting to us if we can do better than the guy. We enjoy movies where the

male lead can woo a girl on the strength of his personality — especially if the girl is way out of the guy’s league. “Say Anything” is the best example of this. John Cusack isn’t the best looking guy, but he’s so endearing, he can get the girl of his dreams. That’s a character any guy can root for. Fact: Every guy wishes he had thought of holding up a boombox outside a girl’s window first. When I was in high school, I looked, shall we say, homely. So when I first saw “When Harry Met Sally,” it blew my mind. Billy Crystal scores with Meg Ryan — it’s always her — during her insanely hot phase. Despite looking like a bearded ogre, he gets a girl who fakes an orgasm in a crowded restaurant. How cool is that? Every guy wants to be with someone better than us. It’s in our nature to want the things that exceed our reach. Guys need to believe they can win the girl of their dreams. Otherwise, what’s the point? Watching a movie where the guy romances a girl he hasn’t earned hurts us, because it reminds us that the most wonderful girls might only ever love us in the movies. — Zachary Smith is a psychology senior. He can be reached at

Tim Glass/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Armitage, 2905 E. Skyline Dr., provides guests with a luxurious setting for an intimate, romantic date or casual conversation.

Kisses & cocktails: Best bars for dates By Kathleen Roosa Arizona Daily Wildcat It’s pretty easy to meet someone at a bar.You arrive, buy a drink, get or give“the look”and boldly strike up a conversation. But for those of us who already have somebody in mind and are searching for a nice venue with good drinks, here are some great date bars. Some are classier, others just a lot of fun, but you’ll be sure to find a bar to try out with that special someone. The following prices are based on two people ordering two drinks each, though prices vary based on day and time.

The classic date – Sullivan’s Steakhouse

It’s an expensive restaurant by day and a swanky bar by night. Walk in and sit at a serpentine bar, reminiscent of an Old Hollywood speakeasy. Dark wood walls with Art Deco paneling are illuminated by candlelight to create a husky, sophisticated tone. Live jazz music hums through the air, forcing you closer to your date. The crowd is a bit older, decked out in semiformal attire, but it’s a nice change from jerseys and jeans. Stop by Thursday and Sunday nights

for $5 martinis and wine glasses with some scrumptious sides in this all-too-glamorous bar.

1785 E. River Rd. 299-4275 Bar hours: Monday - Friday: 5:30 p.m. - 2 a.m., Saturday - Sunday: 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. $20-$40

The exotic date – Sur Real

To prove you’re edgy and adventurous, take your date to Sur Real on Saturdays. Boasting spicy Latin American cuisine, the restaurant transforms into a hip salsa club after 10 p.m. that coincides deliciously with happy hour. The bar is effervescent with brightly colored lights, and fans undulate from the roof to cool the dancers. Televisions display flame animations, while towering fake plants create a jungle-esque setting that makes you want to leap onto the floor. Sur Real is loud, vibrant and without a doubt, uproariously sexy.

3001 E. Skyline Dr. 529-2644 Bar hours: Monday - Thursday: 9 p.m. - midnight, Friday - Sunday: 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. $15-$30

The party date – Gentle Ben’s Brewing Co.

Well-known and well-loved, Gentle Ben’s is a staple of the UA’s bar scene. With bars inside and out, Ben’s late-night activity occurs on the second floor, allowing for a view of University Boulevard. The bar is remarkably well-lit and contains many places to sit down and chat with your date. The bar sets metallic and natural elements against each other to create a fun place to party. It’s noisy and crowded, but that’s all right — you’re swaying on the dance floor anyway. Thursday nights include two-forone drinks, making it a night to see and be seen. Couples separated by the 21-yearmark can go after 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays for an 18-and-up dance party.

865 E. University Blvd. 624-4177 Bar Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m., Thursday - Sunday: 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. $10-$35

The intimate date – Armitage

A stylish wine lounge at La Encantada,

this venue is perfect for every couple in every mood. Armitage has an urban, oldworld feel, juxtaposing a harsh concrete floor with deep-set leather couches and curling iron chandeliers. Look around to find scrumptious curvilinear details ranging from a chateau-like roof to towering windows. While the environment might be laid back, the staff is anything but. Without the snobbery of fine wine connoisseurs, they’ll guide you through the maze of wine and cheese selections. For those who really want to impress their date, Armitage has an extravagant special three-course food and wine pairing for $99 per couple for Friday to Sunday of Valentine’s Day weekend. For those with shallower pockets, Wednesdays advertise half-priced bottles all day and there is a complimentary wine tasting with any $10 food purchase every Tuesday.

With a cast full of names like Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah and Julia Roberts alongside the phrase“she said yes”and the prevalence of the color pink,“Valentine’s Day”was poised to disappoint. There’s nothing wrong with a chick flick or a pretty list of credits, but“The Notebook”has already been done and jam-packed all-star casts have floundered before. Remember “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Well. If other such movies have floundered,“Valentine’s Day” dives — not just into the heart of the holiday but of humanity, too. The film transcends the inevitable cheesiness of its genre and sinks into a rhythmic, “Crash”-like succession of intertwining stories that, thanks to the host of familiar faces, remains lucid and easy to follow. Even the appearance McDreamy and McSteamy (Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane of “Grey’s Anatomy,” respectively) juxtaposed with Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) and driver Joe (Héctor Elizondo) of“The Princess Diaries” seems natural as a movie mash-up, likely due to the success of the casting effort. This enables the movie to proceed, but the cast doesn’t carry it; that job is left to the script. The many subplots wind their way through the film, following a media thread. Though many elements notably recur throughout — think flowers and the poetry of e.e. cummings and Rumi — radio and

Valentine’s Day To be released Feb. 12, 2010 Rated PG-13 Warner Bros. Pictures

perhaps the fact that the actors’ faces allude to movies past — keeps the viewer’s interest. This and the success of tricky crude and sexual humor deliver the film from its reliance on stereotypical love quandaries like, “Do I kiss my best friend?” and from Taylor Swift’s awful performance as a ditzy high schooler that, at several moments, threatens to bring the whole movie down. But whenever the film gets close to the edge — whether of seriousness, satire, raunchiness or failure — it again manages to surprise. It is more on the scale of a lifetime love restored than of a giant teddy bear at a doorstep that “Valentine’s Day” surprises, exploring the ins and outs of hearts in love without ever skipping a beat.


The Arizona Daily Wildcat

2905 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 168 682-9740 Bar hours: Monday - Friday: 11 a.m. - midnight, Saturday - Sunday: 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. $30-$100

“Love is in the Air” The “Ultimate” Valentine’s Day Specials!

For the month of February take advantage of one of our specials with a Gift Certificate for your loved one or treat yourself.


Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

television are the vehicles that carry the connections. This detail, perfect for the Los Angeles setting, meshes harmoniously with the peppering of iPhone text rings. Allusions to phone sex modernize the romantic comedy and enforce specific parameters of time and space upon the love (and un-love) stories — a necessary feat. Perhaps it is due to this modernization, along with the spot-on humor, that the film gets away with the Valentine’s Day equivalent of murder — flower shops, love stories, planes, chocolates and bridges — and still evades the everdreaded title of chick flick. The quirky relationships — and

6823 Camino Principal Tucson, AZ 85715 (520)-298-9197

Arizona Daily Wildcat

“Ships may ply the stormy ocean / Planes may fly the stormy sky / Sad and lonely but remember / I will love you till I die.” — Woody Guthrie

The right words are hard to find. For more lyrics and Valentine’s Day content visit


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Cobain of Comedy? A few words with Daniel Tosh By Brandon Specktor Arizona Daily Wildcat Daniel Tosh has been doing stand-up since he was a college sophomore, but only recently has his name gone viral with the launch of Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0.”Season two of the popular webbashing series premiered on Jan. 13, with 25 episodes showcasing the best (and worst) trends on the World Wide Web. In an interview with WildLife, Tosh talks Twitter, politics and his comic future. How has “Tosh.0” changed the way you surf the web? It’s spoiled me. I’ll come in around 10 a.m. and I’ve got three people sitting down … at this big table with our computers, and just everyone sends me their favorite videos that they’ve seen, so I kind of no longer have to search on my own, and that’s amazing. You’re an avid Twitter user. Is there anyone you wish would get kicked off Twitter?

Let’s get rid of the Perezes — anybody that’s getting paid to send out any Tweet I think should be revoked. I got contacted to start getting paid (to) Tweet stuff, and I was like no, and they sent me a list of people who they paid … and it enraged me because I started looking through their Twitters and they’d say like, “I’m at so-and-so’s pizzeria and it’s my favorite place to eat,” and I’m calling bullshit on all of them. If you had to pick any Viral Video star to be your roommate, who would it be? Hm, I would have to say Christian Bale. I like my house very dark, and he seems to be very upset when lights are turned on. And, if I ever get kidnapped, who better than Batman to find me? Where do you lean politically, off the stage? I’m a psychopath liberal. I don’t care, I’ll give 60 percent of my income away

as long as I can pay my bills and feed my dog. I will say that all of my close friends and family are obnoxious conservatives. I enjoy being in the company of people that hate all of my opinions. In 20 years, what do you want your legacy as a comedian to be? (Dreamily) I would like to be dead. I would like people to be like, ‘oh, that guy was pretty funny.‘ People say life flies by, but it feels like it’s dragging — I don’t want to go 80 years, give me 50 or 60 years. Do you really want Kurt Cobain to still be alive? Not really. He’d be making horrible music with some super group with the remaining members of Alice In Chains. It’s better. Go out sooner. “Tosh.0” airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central. For more information, visit Tosh’s blog at: For Christian Bale’s infamous rant visit:

Photos courtesy of Comedy Central

Motion City Soundtrack: ‘The Dino Initiative Tour’ By Emily Moore Arizona Daily Wildcat

Photo courtesy of Stunt Company Media Inc.

Motion City Soundtrack has embarked on its first tour in more than a year with Tucson as one of its stops. The band is performing along with Set Your Goals, This Providence and The Swellers on Saturday at the Rialto Theatre for “The Dino Initiative Tour.” Last month marked the release of Motion City Soundtrack’s latest album, My Dinosaur Life, as well as a switch to a major label, Columbia Records. Along with the new hype, the album, produced by Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, has a “radio-ready balance between mayhem and melody,” according to The album was mixed by Andy Wallace who has also worked on albums by Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Kaiser Chiefs. The new sound may be less synthy, but it still contains lead singer Justin Pierre’s signature poppy jingles. The lyrics are simple and true, reflective of the band’s journey: struggling and not quite making it into the mainstream. Despite losing and gaining members, co-founders Pierre and Joshua Cain have stood by the band since its formation in 1997. The band has

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The Rialto Theatre 318 E. Congress St. Saturday, 6:30 p.m. doors All ages, $16 740-1000 also dealt with drug problems. Pierre drew upon his battle with drugs for Even if It Kills Me, his first album written while completely sober. The songs still tell stories about the ups and downs of life drawn from the members’ personal experiences and the people they know. Motion City Soundtrack has won two mtvU Woodie Awards, one in 2005 for Best New Artist and the other in 2008 for the Best Video Woodie for the song “It Had to Be You.”The group headlined Warped Tour, Bamboozle and mtvU Campus Invasion Tour. Motion City Soundtrack’s music has been featured on The CW’s“Gossip Girl” as well as the trailer for“17 Again,” so if you don’t quite know the band, you still might have heard them before. In addition to the concert, This Providence will perform on campus at KAMP Student Radio on Saturday.


Call: (520) 325-0443 Location: 4125 E. Speedway Blvd (Between Alvernon & Columbus)

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6:30 - 7:30 12:15 - 1:15 4:15 - 5:15 5:30 - 6:30


10:15 - 11:15 4:00 - 5:00


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@ 245 E. Congress

Why I work here:

Suite 101

“I love working at the Daily Wildcat for many reasons. I get to work with local business owners and learn about sales in the real world.

yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour


“The experience combined with the amazing work environment makes for the best college job I could ever imagine!”


yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour yogahour


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arizona daily wildcat • wednesday, february 10, 2010 •


4 2 9 8 7 6 3 5 9 Difficulty Level

1 9 6 2 5 1 6 9 3 6 7 1 5 9 2 3 5 4 6 9

2010 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

By Dave Green


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Enjoy some ‘Foreplay’ before Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day on the cheap Worried about what to do for Valentine’s Day because you’re low on cash? Don’t worry, WildLife won’t tell anyone. Here are some great ideas on how to entertain your mate frugally without looking cheap.

Romance at Tiffany’s film screening & fashion show

Enjoy a newly remastered version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and a fashion show hosted by Black Cat Vintage. Entrants can enter to win a Tiffany & Co. “Return to Tiffany” heart toggle bracelet. All proceeds from the raffle go to the Hermitage Cat Shelter. The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd., 795-0844 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Tickets $8, raffle $2

Sauce Valentine’s Day special

Eat at Sauce for $20 per person and enjoy pizza, salad, dessert and two glasses of select wines. Sauce is part of the family of gourmet Fox restaurants, and with some of the best pizza in town, this meal is a steal. 2990 N. Campbell Ave., 795-0344 11 a.m. - 10 p.m., $20 per person

Picnic, hike

Why not pack a picnic and make a day trip to Mt. Lemmon, Saguaro National Park, or Himmel or Reid parks down the street? You can buy some delicious fresh fruits and vegetables at the Tucson Farmer’s Illustrations by Tracey Keller/ Market at St. Phillip’s Plaza. As a down-to-earth Arizona Daily Wildcat alternative, your special someone will appreciate the thought you put into preparing a meal for them. Tucson Farmer’s Market, 4380 N. Campbell Ave. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Visit for more information on national parks and hiking hours.

By Zachary Smith Arizona Daily Wildcat Switchblade Parade, a Tucson-based performance group, brings its edgy, sexy show,“Foreplay” to Club Congress Saturday at 9 p.m. The group’s act draws upon burlesque, vaudeville, drag shows, modern dance, break dancing, hip-hop, celebrity lampooning and current events, defying any ordinary label. “Foreplay” is Switchblade Parade’s second annual Valentine’s Day show. The show will feature live as well as pre-recorded music, with artists chosen from a diverse sample: Snoop Dogg, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Gershwin, to name just a few. The show will have new material, featuring nothing from last year’s Valentine’s Day revue “Get Your Heart On.” Publicity representative and creative writing senior Ivy Knipe called the troupe “a high-energy variety show with an erotic edge.” She emphasized its comedic tone, saying the show also touches on politics and sexuality. “Some numbers have a storyline, while others have an abstract idea and are more stylized,” Knipe said. The group is made up of eight members and one host.

Make a card Tim Glass/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Rachel Marguerite, top left, a member of Switchblade Parade, above, rehearses at Club Congress on Monday. The troupe will perform ‘Foreplay,’ their Valentine’s Day revue on Saturday at 9 p.m.

The shows are typically comprised of vignettes and last around an hour. Knipe cited “an appreciation for music and art” as the impetus for the group’s inception three years ago. Knipe said “Foreplay” will be “bigger (than ‘Get Your Heart On’) with a lot of sequins and skin. We want to do new-age twists on old themes. We love fishnets and bloomers, but it’s going to be like that on crack. (In ‘Foreplay’) we don’t do anything minimalist at all.” The talent, Knipe said, is more impressive this time around, with new tricks and stronger choreography. When asked what type of atmosphere people could expect, Knipe said, “By the end of last year’s show, I could spot several people making out. (Our act) makes people want to party and have fun and get it on. It’s totally a

party.” Appropriately, Club Congress is selling special V.I.P. tickets to “Foreplay” that come with a bottle of champagne. As a burlesque group, there is a sexual side to the performance, but Knipe said that that is not Switchblade Parade’s sole focus. “Rarely do we have a number where it is all stripping; there is always some kind of storyline,” she said. This approach allows the group to use its sexual identity as performance art and personal statement. “We all identify ourselves different sexually. The last thing we want is to discount any crowd. The erotic aspect of the troupe is part of a draw. The sexiness can be a side high for people, but that is not the main goal.” With booze, stripping and orgiastic behavior, “Foreplay” may seem like a bit of an

affront to Valentine’s Day. That is not the case; Knipe called the show “rebellious,” but said it does not aim to be an antagonistic, antiValentine’s Day attack. “Valentine’s Day can be a real hate parade. We love to spin that around and celebrate love of any kind: frustrated love, secret crushes, the love of music, self-love — anything that is romantic. After all, Valentine’s Day is a lover’s holiday,” she said. A lover’s holiday definitely requires a little bit of “Foreplay.”

Switchblade Parade presents “Foreplay” Saturday 9 p.m. Doors open at 8 p.m. Club Congress, 21+ $8 general, $25 VIP, $35 couples

Paper! Paper! Paper! The age of text messaging has pushed letter-writing into obscurity. Write a heartfelt note using handmade paper and specialty stationery from this boutique on Fort Lowell Road. Take the extra 20 minutes and make a card. Paper Paper Paper, 3130 E. Fort Lowell Rd., 326-3830 Tuesday - Friday 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Stationery and handmade papers $2-$10

“Chocolate to Die For” Chocolate Tasting Fundraiser

Help fundraise to preserve Tucson’s history and enjoy some delicious chocolate on Saturday. Presidio San Agustín del Tucson, 133 W. Washington St. $5 for three pieces, $15 for walking tour. Bake sale 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Make dinner

Light some candles, put on some music and cook something delicious, gourmet-looking and cheap for Valentine’s Day. Then splurge on movies, dessert or coffee — or all three. Find easy, convenient recipes on Making dinner is sure to impress — all your extra effort will be greatly appreciated. Groceries average $10-$20 for a dinner for two

Buy vintage jewelry or accessories

Consider buying vintage jewelry or a retro scarf or hat at How Sweet It Was Vintage or other boutiques on Fourth Avenue. Vintage gifts are harder to find, but cheaper and more meaningful than that heart bracelet that anyone can find at a jeweler. 419 N. Fourth Ave., 623-9854 Vintage $5-$30

Buy a rare used book

If your lover is the bookish type, head over to The Book Stop and find a book only they’d appreciate. The glass case in this store holds some interesting first editions of various titles along with many rare books. There’s sure to be something unique, and at a good price. 214 N. Fourth Ave., 326-6661 Books $5-$100 — Kellie Mejdrich

HPV Fact #10: The treatment for genital warts can be a painful process and can involve cutting, freezing, or burning the warts. HPV Fact #17: Even after treatment, genital warts can come back. In fact, 25% of cases come back within 3 months. Why risk it Visit your campus health center. Copyright © 2010 Merck & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA.


Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 10, 2010 — WildLife  
Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 10, 2010 — WildLife  

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Feb. 10, 2010 — WildLife