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LAUREN STOCK, an architecture sophomore, works on a sketch for a studio 101 course near the UA Mall. Stock is practicing the art of contour lines and plans to do tonal shading in the upcoming week.

STUDENTS IN A RUSH Rush week, the fraternity recruitment week for the Interfraternal Council, is being held this week for the spring semester; male students vie for spots in one of 18 social fraternities




The Daily Wildcat Monday marked the beginning of Spring 2014 Fraternity Recruitment for the 18 fraternities on campus. The week began with open houses meant to allow active members to get to know potential frat brothers, leading up to invite-only events that could see some potential candidates’ weeks ending early. To participate in Rush Week, students must have a minimum GPA of at least 2.50 if they’re taking 12 units, and they should register for rush by Jan. 30. If students register on the last day, an additional $10 late fee is added to the original $40 cost. Adam Geyer, pre-neuroscience sophomore and president of the Interfraternity Council, said he and the council put a lot of work into REBECCA NOBLE/THE DAILY WILDCAT preparing for recruitment week. Dates and RUSH WEEK for the spring semester started Monday. Fraternities will hold events all week to help narrow the pledge pool room reservations were made a year ago, and and choose the newest members of their brotherhoods. the council decides on a recruitment policy for all fraternities to abide by six months in advance, hosting throughout the week. “Be original and be honest to what you’re Geyer said. Geyer said students rushing should visit as looking for,” Martino said. “There are plenty of “The month leading up to recruitment week many fraternity chapters as possible to keep great houses with qualities best fit for you.” is very busy for the IFC executive board, as well their options open. Martino added that each fraternity has its as the Fraternity and Sorority Programs Office, “ D o n ’ t own specific qualities they look for in a potential as many people l i m i t brother. call in or send “We look for overall well-rounded guys, yourself to There are plenty of great houses with emails regarding one or two focused on academics, active on campus — qualities best fit for you. our GPA [chapters], guys that want to be leaders and guys that are — Nic Martino, requirements or b e c a u s e interested in forming a really good brotherhood, president of Kappa Sigma questions about your week a major component of what a fraternity is,” how to register,” could be Martino said. Geyer said. With open houses wrapping up Tuesday over by Tuesday,” Geyer said. “Visit as many as The IFC holds meetings with the chapter you are interested in receiving.” evening, the next phase of Rush Week, invitepresidents and recruitment chairs of each Nic Martino, environmental and water only events, begins today. These events include fraternity, going over the fine details of what resources economics junior and president of barbecues and basketball games between should be going on during recruitment week. Kappa Sigma, said potential brothers should be current and potential members. If the rushees The IFC also composes agendas for each true to themselves when looking for fraternities individual chapter with events they plan on to join. RUSH, 3



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UA student to work on Wall Street this summer BY MADISON BRODSKY

Cancer may come from dark sodas

The Daily Wildcat

The Wolf from “The Wolf of Wall Street” has nothing on UA student Saleiha MayerMarks. Mayer-Marks, a finance and economics junior, earned an internship in New York City this summer at Morgan Stanley. The 10-week internship was made possible by her time working with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity. Mayer-Marks said she believes SEO has been the biggest factor in her success so far. Mayer-Marks said she earned B’s and C’s as a high school student. After receiving her transcript, she made some life-changing decisions. She quit her

The Daily Wildcat

had after quitting, MayerMarks then paired up with her best friend to create an ice cream sandwich company where consumers can choose their ice cream and

A recent study has found possible carcinogens in sodas, prompting the Food and Drug Administration to take a closer look at the chemicals used to make these drinks. The study, conducted by Consumer Reports, found small amounts of a carcinogen in sodas such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero, and found larger amounts in some Pepsi products like Pepsi One. The study compared Pepsi One samples, among others, from last year to samples purchased this December, both originating from New York. The results showed that levels of the carcinogen 4-methylimidazole decreased over the past year in Pepsi One, going from 195 mcg per 12-ounce serving to 161 mcg per




college-level soccer training, which she dedicated five to six hours a day, in order to focus on her studies and work toward getting accepted into a university. Using the extra time she


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SALEIHA MAYER-MARKS, a finance and economics junior, received a 10-week internship on Wall Street for the upcoming summer with finance company Morgan Stanley.



Nat, Turkey King, NC Cole, Angola

51/47 33/11 84/63


Researchers ... reported that the number of Americans who don’t believe that climate change is occurring has increased by 7 percent since the spring of 2013.” OPINIONS — 4


Wednesday, January 29, 2014 • Page 2 Compiled by: Tatiana Tomich






VOLKSWAGEN’S 2014 SUPER BOWL commercial centers around VW’s claim that the brand has the most vehicles on the road with over 100,000 miles. The commercials’ premise is that every time a VW hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets his wings.

> > > >


The biochemical effects of sex are no different than those after eating large quantities of chocolate. It was considered a sin to consume chocolate during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was once believed that chocolate could cure stomachaches and was used as a medicine during the 18th century. The largest bar of chocolate weighed 5,000 pounds and was created in the year 2000 in the city of Turin, Italy. 22 pounds is the amount of candy and chocolate that the average American consumes in a year, creating a combined total of 2.8 billion pounds annually.



SPOT: What made you choose Veterinary Sciences? I don’t know, I have just been surrounded by animals my whole life, so it’s just second nature to me. I just want to take care of animals. I don’t even think of why I want to do it. I just want to do it. How were you surrounded by animals? Well, my mom grew up on a farm, so we were always taking in animals, always taking in strays or whatever we could find. If someone would offer us a pet, we would just be like, OK, yeah.

rd a e h r e Ov

Tabitha Boulton Veterinary sciences freshman

on Campus

What is your favorite kind of animal? I’d have to say, cats. My favorite thing was when we found this stray and she was pregnant so we raised a litter of kittens.

“Beyblades are so still a thing! It’s just that no one has them anymore.”

What were their names? Mumford, Daisy, Gouda, Brie and Penny.

— Outside the Engineering Building

Do you like cheese? Yeah, I do. I really like cheese. — Compiled by Tatiana Tomich

HOROSCOPES Today’s Birthday (01/29/14). Get into some creative fun this year. Build spiritual, mental and physical health with playful routines. If things seem too serious, get with kids. Plan a family gathering in April, after home renovation in March. In August, curtains open on a new romantic stage. You’ve got your lines, so shine. Take frequent peace breaks. Cultivate joy. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22) — Today is a 7 — There’s a problem at work, but you can solve it. Create an elegant social event. Being generous doesn’t have to be expensive. Let the responses come. Quiet, do-nothing time and meditation allow for innovative thinking.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20) — Today is a 6 — Begin a new project, but finish the old stuff first. Don’t get intimidated by constructive criticism. Keep more in reserve than in your pocket. Bring excitement to the bargaining table. Insist on complete honesty. Exude confidence.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21) — Today is a 7 — Decline a party in favor of a private activity. Confirm attendance. Express your true feelings. Do the homework. Anticipate controversy. Let go of how you thought it had to be. Flattery will get you everything.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22) — Today is a 6 — Consider an interesting suggestion from someone beloved. Strengthen your foundation, to avoid losing a deal to another. Have faith, plus a backup plan. Borrow to regain balance. Don’t bite more than you can chew.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20) — Today is a 7 — You don’t need to spend to have fun. Play music, draw or write. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. Take small steps toward your goal. Solve a household problem while you’re at it.

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Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22) — Today is an 8 — Continue your good work, and advance to the next level. It starts with the first step. Postpone cleaning house. A mess is fine. Gamble or take risks another day. Celebrate and appreciate a loved one.

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News • Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wall street from page 1

cookie flavors on demand. Mayer-Marks said this is the step that motivated her to become an entrepreneur in the financial world. Upon attending the UA and being accepted into Eller College of Management, MayerMarks already owned 11 shares of stock in businesses such as Netflix, Apple and Biotech. One professor Mayer-Marks credits with her growing success is Kim Marchesseault, a lecturer for the business communications program at Eller. Mayer-Marks said Marchesseault was the professor who taught her how to successfully present ideas to the general public. Marchesseault said over the course of the semester, Mayer-Marks gradually gained confidence and learned how to work in teams in her business communications class. “I constantly encouraged Saleiha to relax and smile during her presentations,” Marchesseault said. “Saleiha is now able to present with ease and connect with the audience in many situations.” Lin Cheng, an assistant professor of accounting, said Mayer-Marks is passionate about her studies. “[Saleiha] is very dedicated and hardworking based on my observations through group projects in the class,” Cheng said. Recently Mayer-Marks traveled with her investment club to New York City to tour nine firms on Wall Street, an experience that led to her receiving an internship with Morgan Stanley this upcoming summer. Mayer-Marks also had the chance to meet Karl Eller, the namesake of the Eller College of Management, and he gave her advice and insight from his past experiences in the finance industry. Mayer-Marks said she hopes to get a full-time offer from Morgan Stanley after her 10-week summer internship. — Follow Madison Brodsky @BrodskyMadison

The Daily Wildcat • 3

Obama enters sixth year mcclatchy tribune

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Tuesday followed a familiar script for presidents entering their sixth year, as he tried to revive his waning political clout while shaping his legacy. Obama delivered his State of the Union address to an American public, increasingly skeptical that he can help ease their economic pain. His influence on Capitol Hill, while never robust, has all but vanished. Obama’s pitch was a plea for a more sound, more equitable economy. Corporations prosper, he said, yet “inequality has deepened.” He urged civility and common purpose. “I believe this can be a breakthrough year for America. After five years of grit and determined effort, the United States is better positioned for the 21st century than any other nation on Earth,” Obama said. But he also got tough: If Congress won’t act, he said, he will. “So, wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do,” Obama pledged. Obama announced executive action to raise the minimum wage for people working on new federal contracts to $10.10. Congress would likely not have agreed. Obama’s pitch Tuesday was a plea to finish the job, a standard State of the Union device at this stage of a presidency. History strongly suggests Obama’s fate is hard to predict and could even move his way. He could rebound, as Reagan and Clinton did. The Syrian conflict could be resolved with American help. The economy could boom. Obamacare could prove popular — and the president emphasized that he’s hardly about to stop touting that cause.

Photo courtesy of Mcclatchy tribune

President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address during a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday.

“I don’t expect to convince my Republican friends on the merits of this law. But I know that the American people aren’t interested in refighting old battles,” he said. Even without such a rosy scenario, Obama could benefit from a different kind of sixth-year hitch: a fractured opposition. Democrats were on the march in 1986 and won control of the Senate. Republicans were eager to tar Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal in 1998, and Democrats used growing disdain for the war in Iraq to win control of Congress in 2006. This year, Republicans remain divided between grass-roots tea party conservatives, who abhor compromise, and establishment types willing to moderate their views to

administration and regional development junior, said he would be less inclined to drink soda, but from page 1 said he wouldn’t completely stop 12-ounce serving. drinking it either. A carcinogen is a substance “We are always looking for that directly causes cancer. the answer to, ‘What caused this The chemical compound [cancer]?’” Thomson said. “I don’t 4-methylimidazole is a carcinogen think we can definitely say. No one found in the caramel color dye is going to let us give [carcinogens] used in dark sodas and other foods. to humans to find out.” According to tests done Thomson added it would be by the FDA, the level of unethical to feed foods or drinks 4-methylimidazole found in the that are thought to cause cancer to foods and drinks humans, and this containing this is why it is hard We are always caramel color to determine dye is not enough looking for whether or not to cause any certain foods the answer to, health risks to actually cause ‘What caused consumers. cancer or if this [cancer]?’ “It may not they are just be cause and associated with — Cynthia A. Thomson, effect; it may public health professor a high risk of be association,” cancer. said Cynthia A. It would Thomson, a public take high levels of these foods health professor and director and drinks to consume enough of Canyon Ranch Center for carcinogens to directly cause Prevention and Health Promotion. cancer, and even then it isn’t “No single food promotes cancer.” guaranteed, Thomson said. James Hosobe, an East Asian “If you are given a carcinogen studies junior, said the threat of every single day,” Thomson said, cancer wouldn’t stop him from “you are not going to get a tumor drinking soda. for years.” “I [will] keep drinking soda,” SAVANNAH DOUGLAS/The Daily Wildcat Hosobe said. “I [will] probably A RECENT STUDY suggests the caramel coloring found in some dark drink in moderation, but I [won’t] cut it off all the way.” — Follow Marissa Mezzatesta sodas and other foods may contain a carcinogen known to cause canCharlie Priano, a business @MarissaMezza cer and other health risks.


woo swing voters. The party is struggling to speak with one voice on a host of big issues, including immigration, federal spending and debt ceiling limits. It’s not unified on whether to extend emergency jobless benefits, which expired at the end of last month. “I’m also convinced we can help Americans return to the workforce faster by reforming unemployment insurance, so that it’s more effective in today’s economy,” Obama said. “But first, this Congress needs to restore the unemployment insurance you just let expire for 1.6 million people.” Obama’s mission Tuesday, though, was not to urge patience with history but to help rewrite it.


from page 1

are well-liked by the brothers, an invitation to a preference dinner on Friday is extended, and eventually bids are given out. Each fraternity puts its own unique spin on the bidding process, which remains a work in progress throughout the week. In Kappa Sigma, every night after rush events, the brothers gather around a projector and take notes on potential new members, holding group discussions and voting on who they still like, Martino said. Justin David, pre-business sophomore and vice president of membership for Delta Tau Delta, said his fraternity will be looking for outgoing leaders who are unafraid to speak their minds. “After two open houses, we put the guys’ pictures on a projection screen and members will ask if they have what it takes to be a Delta,” David said. “They should be themselves; the frat wont be the right fit for you if you aren’t. It’s just like hanging out with the guys.” Around 475 men are registered for this recruitment week, but 20-30 more are expected to sign up by the end of this week. “The amount of men that receive bids will be up to the individual chapters,” Geyer said, “but based on past years, I would expect about 300 or so men to receive an invitation to join one of our 18 IFC fraternities this spring.” With lower participant numbers in the rush process, some fraternities will only be taking five to 10 pledges this week. “We’re looking forward to getting new guys as well as new brothers, to take them under our wings and maybe even change their lives through brotherhood,” David said. — Follow Katya Mendoza @katya_nadine

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To qualify for bonus, member must open a new checking account by March 31, 2014, and do the following within 60 days of account opening (Premium Checking - $50 each or up to $150; ValuFirst and Student Advantage Checking - $25 each or up to $75): Direct Deposit of a minimum of $250, 10 Visa Debit Card signature-based transactions, Open a Visa Credit Card. Cash bonus will be deposited at the end of 60 days from checking account opening. Member is responsible for all applicable taxes. Subject to approval. Certain restrictions and conditions may apply. Federally insured by NCUA. 1/2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 • Page 4


Editor: Katelyn Kennon (520) 621-3192


Apocalypse Tucson will have it good

BY LOGAN ROGERS The Daily Wildcat


ometimes people who complain about the Old Pueblo annoy me. These haters say Tucson is too hot, too dry, too boring, has too much crime, not enough crime — whatever. I will silence these critics by putting on my Nostradamus hat and predicting a bright future for this city — exactly 26 years from now. Some people assume that global warming will make Arizona go from hot to uninhabitable. But there’s a factor these detractors have not considered: Global warming could cause the polar ice caps to completely melt, drastically changing the coastline of the oceans. While this would be slightly unfortunate for California, let’s set that aside for a moment. I give you three words: Tucson beachfront property. How awesome would it be to not have to drive all the way to Rocky Point or San Diego to splash around in the Pacific Ocean? Besides public beaches, future Tucson will also benefit from the high property values that coastal communities have. Millionaire snobs might be somewhat annoying, but let’s set that aside for a moment, too. I give you three more words: property tax revenue. The city coffers will be filled to the brim with cold, hard cash. The city may not be able to pave its streets with gold, but it might be able to fill in our thousands of potholes with gold. In this future prosperous Tucson, Fourth Avenue will be a lot like Park Avenue in New York City. Our Broadway will be just as good as the one in Manhattan, if not better. Actual Congress will want to move into Hotel Congress. But don’t worry; we won’t let them. We have to have some community standards, after all. The Tucson Streetcar will be a huge success, surpassing the London Underground and the New York City subway as the most famous city public transportation system in the world. It will completely solve our traffic problems. In fact, we will have so little traffic that Speedway Boulevard will finally live up to its name and increase its speed limit to 75 mph, or maybe follow in the footsteps of the German Autobahn and have no speed limit at all. Of course, the UA will benefit from the rise of Tucson. With our warm weather, convenient beaches and spectacular lack of traffic, we will attract the top athletes in the country. Our men’s basketball program will go from very good to downright elite. We’ll go to the Final Four every year and win several championships. It will be like Duke with fewer preppies or like Kansas with fewer tornadoes or like Kentucky with some players who actually stay past their freshman year. Our football team will finally win the Rose Bowl. The game will technically be played underwater because of the whole Californiaglobal-warming thing, but Arizona players have enough experience throwing around the football while hanging out in swimming pools that they will easily adapt to this aquatic environment. Our academic reputation will also skyrocket. We’ll surpass the slightly submerged UC Berkeley as the top public university in the country. The entire faculty of Cornell University will leave that Ivy League school’s cold, depressing location for the exotic UA. But college reputations are a competitive business. As our academic reputation rises, the reputation of ASU will decline. Eventually, the Arizona Board of Regents will have to demote it back to its original identity as Tempe Normal. A few years after that, it will be demoted even further and become known as Tempe Abnormal. I can’t wait until we see how many of my awesome predictions come true! So much so that if even one thing I predicted with my psychic powers does not actually happen, I will begrudgingly disown this column. We’ll talk about this in January 2040. Meet me on campus, on the ivory steps in front of the diamond-encrusted building they used to call Old Main. Disclaimer: As a general rule, nothing in Logan Rogers’ columns should be taken seriously. He does realize that the actual effects of severe climate change would not likely be positive. — Logan Rogers is a second-year law student. Follow him @DailyWildcat

Global climate change won’t fizzle out, even if Coke does BY SHELBY THOMAS The Daily Wildcat


he phrase “climate change” has crept past the lips of “concerned” news reporters, surfaced in the speeches of politicians hungry for votes and echoed through courtrooms as proposed bills have come and gone; all the while, the potential for change has fallen by the wayside. Most American citizens have heard the reports about how humans are contributing to the effects of climate change through excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Yet many dismiss these warnings and continue to release the gases at alarming rates. This is not a matter of crying wolf. Denial will be our downfall. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found that “humans have most likely caused all of the global warming over the past 60 years,” according to an article by The Guardian — a statement that has merited a 97 percent consensus among climate experts. Citizens are less sure. Researchers from Yale University and George

Mason University reported that the number of Americans who don’t believe that climate change is occurring has increased by 7 percent since the spring of 2013, reaching a six-year high of 23 percent. Other than viewing the occasional public service announcement featuring a stranded polar bear on a slushy block of ice, many Americans would rather pretend that climate change warnings do not exist. Nobody wants to admit that their failure to recycle and ride a bicycle could eventually lead to the downfall of our ecosystem. But the fact is, we’re running out of time. In The Guardian, climate scientists warn that if the emission of greenhouse gases does not decrease, humanity will face dire consequences in the next two to three decades, as the climate warms more than 2 degrees Celsius. Sea levels will rise, oceans will become more acidic and we will suffer heat waves, droughts and other extreme types of weather. The implications of these events are hard to fathom when written on paper, but some major climate shifts have already given us a taste of the impending chaos. Researchers recognize that the recent polar vortex could be a side

effect of climate change. Scientists of the Geological Society of America also believe that a 13.2foot storm surge during Hurricane Sandy was worsened by climate change. In The Huffington Post, climatologist Michael Mann said that “rising sea levels set the stage for a more damaging storm surge.” Even things we’d never associate with global warming — like CocaCola — are in danger. Coca-Cola’s sugar cane, sugar beets and citrus supplies are being disturbed by unpredictable water levels due to global droughts. But the everyman isn’t making the connection between the inconveniences of their daily life and the global scale of climate change. Scientists, the media and the public need to work together to spread info and to interpret new research as it comes out. President Barack Obama has outlined many projects to take place throughout the next few decades, including one that will help commercial, industrial and multifamily buildings cut down on waste and become more energy efficient, and another with the goal of reducing carbon pollution by at least 3 billion metric tons through stricter efficiency standards.

While these changes are both progressive and effective, their effects won’t be seen for several years. In the meantime, citizens should stay up to date on the most recent developments regarding global warming through informative sites like the Environmental Defense Fund, and, more importantly, commit to a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s the small changes now that will help to make significant changes in the future. Turning down the heat of your thermostat or nixing it completely, lowering the temperature of your water heater, always running a full load in the dishwasher — these are simple steps that even a busy college student could manage. As students at a top university, we are the scholars who will one day be leading the workforce and making the important decisions that will affect our government, our nation and our world. There is no need to wait for board meetings to be held and laws to be passed: We can make our own change. — Shelby Thomas is a sophomore studying family studies and human development and Spanish. Follow her @shelbyalayne

Ditching carbs risky, not healthy BY ELEANOR FERGUSON The Daily Wildcat


s a member of the running community, I’ve heard a lot about the Paleo diet, which is protein and plant-based with minimal carb intake. Many of my running friends swear by it, claiming that they feel better eating mostly fat and protein instead of carbs. I, however, am skeptical. All of my attempts to lower my carb intake left me feeling depleted on my runs, unable to move as swiftly and easily as I could when I had eaten a balanced meal. I needed carbs. Low-carb diets like the Atkins, the Dukan and the Paleo have risen to the top of the trendy diet pack, attracting both Average Joes trying to lose weight and athletes seeking to improve their performance. But if athletes, UA or otherwise, want to perform at their best and foster favorable long-term health, they need to maintain a well-balanced diet. Dieting fads, on the other hand, foster only poor performance and, in extreme cases, death. Not all carbs are bad, as many people believe. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are all carbohydrate sources with plentiful health benefits. They contain vitamins and minerals, nutrients

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that our bodies need to grow, repair and function properly. Carbs also provide the energy that our bodies need just to perform daily activities — as well as to exercise — regularly. And we need to replenish them often, even more so if we’re very active. According to Jennifer Ricketts, a UA faculty member and registered dietician, the body needs some carbohydrates in order for its metabolic systems to function properly. But though the body contains unlimited fat stores and lots of muscle, it can only store a limited amount of carbs. When the glucose from carbs runs out, fatty acids accumulate and produce ketones, which form when fat in the cells is not completely broken down. Too many ketones in the body cause acidic pH levels, known as ketoacidosis, which could kill. Other cells without the capacity to use fats as energy, like red blood cells, are totally reliant on carbs. Without the carbs they need, these cells will start to eat away at protein tissue and muscles. It’s apparent that replenishing carbohydrates regularly is critical for anyone’s health, especially an athlete’s. Athletes also need carb intake more than others do because of the recovery period they engage in after a workout. Optimally, the body needs a 3.5:1 carbs-to-protein ratio post-workout so that it can replenish its glycogen stores as well as repair the muscles torn during exercise.


Depleted glycogen stores can cause fatigue. When combined with a diet lacking enough calories or a variety of nutrients for proper maintenance — like a low-carb plan — repairing bones, muscles and organs is significantly more difficult. Though low-carb diets could work for some, they must first be given trial runs. This period of adaptation, not ideal for any athlete during training and racing periods, is necessary in order to determine whether these diets will be an effective energy source. If the body is able to adapt, it will use less energy and feel satisfied faster at meals, and it may experience euphoric feelings from the higher ketone levels. But even with the knowledge of these potential benefits, Ricketts still warns about the long-term damage, such as acidic pH levels, that low-carb diets can inflict on the body. The risk is just too great. Without the nutrients that carbohydrates provide, athletes put their best performance, long-term health and even their lives at danger. So, instead of monitoring every calorie and carb that enters your body, you should pick up the foods that will nourish it. Your body can perform at high levels, but only if you fuel it right. — Eleanor Ferguson is a pre-journalism freshman. Follow her @DailyWildcat

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Police Beat by adriana espinosa The Daily Wildcat

You snooze, you lose

The University of Arizona Police Department responded to a call on Friday involving a non-UA affiliated man who was passed out on the side of the Administration building. Officers were called by a resident assistant who saw the man. When they arrived, one of the officers observed the man snoring and attempted to wake him up by shouting. The man woke up, but seemed dazed and confused. The officer wanted to make sure that the man was OK and asked him if was sleeping or passed out. This angered the man, and he became hostile and agitated. The officer then tried to figure out why he was on campus. He asked the man if he needed help with anything or if he was lost, but the man did not answer any of his questions. UA Emergency Medical Services arrived to evaluate the man, but he resisted and became even more aggressive. The UAPD officer then ran a history check on the man and found he had been cited for two other incidents on campus within the past month: for sifting through trash receptacles and trespassing in the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences building. The officer began to read the man his rights, and while he was doing so, the man said, “Go ahead and read it, finish it — I don’t care about it or you.” At this point, due to the man’s hostile and argumentative behavior and his prior encounters with UAPD within the past few weeks, he was issued an Exclusionary Order that prohibits him from returning to campus for six months.

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A UA employee contacted UAPD regarding a counterfeit bill last Thursday. The employee said she was counting money and noticed that a particular $20 bill had a different texture than the other bills and looked odd. After looking closer, she noticed that it had a reflective surface and realized the bill was fake. The bill was received sometime during the women’s basketball game on Jan. 17 in McKale Center. Although the time a customer paid with the fake $20 bill could not be determined, UAPD took it into evidence, and it was forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service.


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UA Program for

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Getting too fratty

Two UA students were arrested and released for underage drinking last Sunday. While patrolling First Street and Vine Avenue, an officer noticed two women in an odd situation: one was lying with half of her body on the sidewalk and half in a bush, and the other woman was standing over her, trying to get her out of the bush. When the officer pulled over, the women began to walk away. The officer asked them to stop after he noticed that the woman who had been in the bush could barely walk, and asked if they needed medical attention. They both replied no and said they were just trying to get home. When the officer asked the woman why she had been lying in the bushes, she claimed she had fallen because she was tired from walking. While talking to the women, the officer could smell alcohol on both of their breaths and saw they both had bloodshot eyes. He asked them where they were coming from, and they replied, “A house on Greek Row.” “The frat boys kicked us out,” one of them said. They would not specify which house they were drinking at, and kept asking the officer to give them a warning so they wouldn’t get in trouble. Both girls were arrested on charges of underage drinking and were released at the scene. They were diverted to the Dean of Students Office.

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COMPLIMENTARY REVIEW Todd Edward Sepp, CRC® Registered Representative

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ArizonA Daily



29 JAN 2014





‘New Year + New You’ on the UA Mall, 10AM-2PM. UA Mall. Get your new year off to a great start and reconnect with all the UA has to offer you with “New Year + New You” on the UA Mall. Friendly UA staff and students will feature the many ways you can reach your goals.

to learn about the history of science in the national parks, the significance of the contributions of NPS science and resource management, current and foreseeable challenges for national park resource management, and also gains insights on the direction the NPS is taking through this effort.

SkyNights Stargazing Program, 4PM-9PM. Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, in Mt. Lemmon, Az. Cost $60. Explore the universe like never before with the largest dedicated public viewing telescope in the Southwest. Observe spectacular planets, galaxies and nebulae along with incredible sunsets at the summit of Mount Lemmon.

‘Curtis Reframed: The Arizona Volumes’, 10AM-5PM. Arizona State Museum. Cost: $5 adults; free to Catcard holders and students. Edward S. Curtis, famed photographer of the American West, created iconic images of Native peoples at the start of the 20th century. This exhibit explores Curtis’ work in Arizona from 1900-1921, featuring photogravures and narratives from his life’s work “The North American Indian,” a 20-volume set.

‘Around Arizona’, 9:30AM-4:30PM. Campus Christian Center, 715 N. Park Ave. This is an exhibit of black and white and color photography by ARC Photography of Tucson, is on display at the Campus Christian Center at the University of Arizona. This collection of photos, taken in Southern and North Central Arizona locations, celebrates the past and present of the Grand Canyon State.

“The Basics of Writing a Strong, Clear Essay,” 4PM-5PM. James E. Rogers College of Law, Room 168. This workshop provides tips and suggestions to developing an effective scholarly essay. It will offer an overview on making your way through the writing process. ‘Underscore/Open/Archive as Impetus’Lecture, 5:30PM-7PM. Center for Creative Photography, Room 108. Xaviera Simmons will discuss projects in her practice and speak overall on her studio practice, which she describes as cyclical rather than linear, in that Simmons spends part of the year producing photographs, another part paying strict attention to performance and yet another part focused on installation and sculptural works. (Re)Imagining Science in our National Parks, 7PM-8:30PM. McClelland Park, Room 103, 650 N. Park Ave. Free. Join us

‘An Unfolding Legacy’, 9AM-5PM. Located at the UA Museum of Art. The Unfolding Legacy series of changing exhibitions honors the museum’s rich heritage and recognizes the donors whose support formed the core of the collection. $5/Adult; Free for children, students, active military, UA employees and UAMA members.

Meet Me At La Encantada Jan. 29, Check-in from 5:15 to 6:30pm, lower level courtyard of La Encantada 2905 E. Skyline Drive. After your walk/run join us for closing ceremonies at North.

Compiled by Symone Gittens

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 • Page 6


Editor: Tatiana Tomich (520) 621-3106

Awards show audiences all a-Twitter Viewers bring new life to Oscars, Golden Globes with use of social media to share opinions and pics and Macklemore — Pharrell Williams won four Grammys, including Producer of the Year, and channeled his inner Smokey Bear by wearing what looked like an oversized Sunday was a good night for CBS, as one forest ranger hat. This, of course, prompted of the biggest events in music drew in 28.5 multiple tweets about the hat from the million viewers — an increase from last Smokey Bear and Arby’s Twitter accounts. year’s 28.4 million, and the second-largest And of course, there was a plethora of Grammy audience since 1993. The increased entertaining and memorable performances use of social media, and Twitter in particular, — almost 20 total. Jay-Z and Beyoncé started has boosted the viewing numbers of awards the night off performing “Drunk In Love,” shows like the Grammys. proving that marriage doesn’t have to be dull “Award Show Twitter” has become its and boring. Katy Perry and Juicy J channeled own event, as users can follow along on their their inner gothic Satanists during “Dark timelines as numerous instant reactions, Horse.” Pink took to the air (again), and pictures, videos and GIFs are posted. Taylor Taylor Swift did some violent headbanging Swift’s questionable body gyrations are much while playing the piano. more entertaining when they can be watched But the most notable moment of the night again and again on a Vine or GIF two minutes might have been when 33 couples were after she shows her married on stage by actress moves on TV. Queen Latifah. Though not Based on data for A whopping an ordained minister, Latifah tweets in Eastern 15.2 million was actually deputized by the Standard Time and tweets were state of California just for the Central Standard Time, ceremony. It was a standout sent out during a whopping 15.2 million moment in an awards the three tweets were sent out show chock-full of standout during the three-hour, hour and 45moments, and the tweets 45-minute event. By minute event. flooded in. comparison, 8.9 million Despite competing with tweets were sent in popular TV entertainment the three hours and 35 on Sunday night — like minutes of last year’s Oscars, and just 2.1 the NFL Pro Bowl, HBO’s “True Detective” million tweets sent in three hours during and “The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s this year’s Golden Globes. During the most Wedding” — the 2014 Grammys were the popular performance of Grammys night, most-viewed entertainment telecast since Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons, last year’s Oscars. The biggest night in music 171,593 tweets were sent per minute. was also, by far, the biggest night in television. At last year’s Oscars, Michelle Obama’s However, this year’s Oscars have yet to presentation of the Best Picture award make their debut (they’ll take television resulted in 85,300 tweets per minute. screens on March 2nd), so the battle for Interestingly, while the Oscars draw higher viewership has yet to be decided. Given viewership numbers, the Grammys draw the data on how social media has affected more tweets. Last year’s Grammys drew 12 the viewership of the Grammys, it will be million fewer viewers than the Oscars, but interesting to see whether this mode of were tweeted about a little over 5 million public engagement drives up numbers more times. The 2014 Grammys saw a 1.2 for the Oscars as well. Surely those behind million tweet increase from last year, and the scenes are planning more than a few it’s probable that the Oscars will follow that shocking appearances to get people talking trend. With this being an especially strong and, inevitably, tweeting. year in movies, it will be interesting to see how far the numbers climb. As far as the awards go, the big winners of — Follow Taylor Armosino the night were Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams @tarmosino BY TAYLOR ARMOSINO

The Daily Wildcat


PHARELL CLAIMS HIS AWARD at the Grammys on Sunday night, wearing the highly Tweeted-about Arby’s look-alike hat. This moment was just one of many that drew viewers to take their thoughts to the popular social media platform Twitter.





Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? #GRAMMYs

Taylor Swift Headbanged Her Heart Out During Her Grammys Performance


BLAKE SHELTON @blakeshelton

@TheEllenShow #SameLove was incredible. Love to @Macklemore, @RyanLewis, @MaryLambertSing @Madonna & @IAmQueenLatifah for a beautiful performance #GRAMMYs

Oh that sounds cool!! Me? Oh I’m just singing with @merlehaggard, @willienelson and @KrisKristofersn tonight on the Grammys.. #holyshit


The feminine, badass Dum Dum Girls hit all the right notes on their new album ‘Too True’ so well that it is fresh and original. Too True is a mix of ’80s pop, rock, a little ’60s and a splash of what is current and now. My one complaint here might be a lack of diversity in tempo. All the songs are relatively the same speed, sans the album closer, “Trouble is My Name.” Lyrically, it is the deepest on the album; in it, the writer accepts both herself and her counterpart as troubled and imperfect. My all-time favorite Dum Dum Girls song is actually one of their slow jams, “Coming Down” from the previous album. The song is so emotional, so sad, that it moves me to tears. It seems there was not room on this album for another “Coming Down,” and that’s OK. This album is for moving forward and coming to terms with your screwed-up self, not lamenting about people who have hurt you in the past. It’s summed up best by Dee Dee herself: “Why be good? Be beautiful and sad, it’s all you’ve ever had.” Make sure to pick up Too True, out now on Sub Pop, and check out Dum Dum Girls on March 9 in Phoenix at the Crescent Ballroom.

expectations. There is some growth on Too True, but it stays faithful to the distinctive sound this band has perfected over Last year, M.I.A. said it best: “Bad girls the years. Dee Dee’s songwriting really do it well.” Girl bands are not just a phase; displays this progress: She comes off as 2014 will be a continuation of the rise of confident and ready to move forward. She powerful girls in rock — and hopefully knows who she is. There is no “Teardrops see the end of “girl bands” being in a On My Pillow” to be found on this album, totally different category than “bands.” and that is precisely why I love it. It is still Dee Dee Penny has been one of the sad and moody, but there is confidence leading women making her own music, and seduction as well. and a role model, staying away from Album opener “Cult of Love” is fast and clichés while remaining feminine and reminiscent of ’60s psych-surf sounds. badass. The first single, “Lost Boys & Girls Club,” Since 2010, with the release of Dum gives off the same confident vibe. Dee Dee Dum Girls’ debut sings that her mind album, Dee Dee and and her heart are 2014 will the changing lineup void, yet the beat is have been successful hopefully see the slow with implied and innovative. Their swagger. She may end of ‘girl bands’ last album, Only in be lost, but she is being in a totally Dreams, showcased still a leader of the different category emotional depth as well pack. from ‘bands.’ as Dee Dee’s impressive Although its voice. Another EP sound is unique, included a cover of the influences of the The Smiths’ “There is a band shine through Light That Never Goes Out.” If a band is on this one (hint: the ’80s). “Rimbaud going to dare to cover The Smiths, it has Eyes,” the second single and my personal a lot to prove and this might be a sin, but favorite, echoes The Smiths again. I mean, I like the Dum Dum Girls’ version better. what band isn’t influenced by The Smiths? Finally, we get the third studio album But Dee Dee, Jules, Sandy and Malia do it from Dum Dum Girls, and it lives up to BY MELANIE TRECHA

The Daily Wildcat


THE DUM DUM GIRLS’ new album, Too True, has a unique sound, with much of their 80s influences shining through. Too True is the Dum Dum Girls’ third studio album to date.

— Follow KAMP Head Music Director Melanie Trecha @KAMP_Radio

! S L GIR LS! GIR LS! GIR inest Tucson F n’s Clubs Gentleme gets you

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 • Page 7


Editor: James Kelley (520) 621-2956


BAY AREA BATTLE Men’s basketball puts its perfect record to the test at Stanford



The Daily Wildcat

The No. 1-ranked Arizona men’s basketball team is off to its best start in Pac-12 Conference play in more than a decade, and will look to extend its school records tonight at 7 p.m. when the Wildcats face Stanford at Maples Pavilion. Stanford hasn’t beaten the UA since 2009, but it features a veteran lineup. Head coach Sean Miller said that sometimes you forget how much experience players like Cardinal starters Josh Huestis, Dwight Powell and Chasson Randle have. “These are guys who have been through multiple seasons of the Pac12,” Miller said. “We’re playing against a veteran team, a talented [one] and [one] that has as much experience as anyone. I think this is a big opportunity for both teams here on Wednesday.” Miller explained that on the road, the whole atmosphere in the arena is strikingly different for a visiting team. “The crowd is completely against you,” Miller said, “so not only do you have the crowd against you, but also you’ve lost the crowd that’s [there] for you [at home] — in our case, a great crowd. You only have each other and really do rely a lot on your togetherness and cooperation.” Miller said the Wildcats will have to work even harder on their staple: Defense. “Defense isn’t nearly as easy because you have everything working against you,” Miller said. “In my mind, you have to play even harder on the road defensively, and many times, that’s why you win. That’s going to be a great challenge for us this week. Can our defense hold steady in those types of environments away from home?” Arizona enjoys an all-time 55-29 game advantage over Stanford, and the Wildcats have won the last seven against the Cardinal. Last season, in



Arizona’s résumé a lot better than SU’s BY JAMES KELLEY The Daily Wildcat


t’s always sunny in Tucson, especially with the No. 1 men’s basketball team in the country residing in the Old Pueblo, but some people think that’s a snow job. For eight straight weeks Arizona has been No. 1, and Syracuse No. 2 in the AP Top 25 ranking. And though the UA has gotten at least 60 of the 65 first=place votes each week during that span — 63 in the latest poll — some people still think those rankings are full of number two. After Arizona’s win over Utah, UA alumnus and ESPN reporter Jeff Goodman was compelled to tweet, “For those Syracuse fans saying Orange more deserving of top spot, resumes aren’t even close. Arizona clear-cut No. 1 right now.” ESPN reporter Myron Medcalf wrote an entire column saying Syracuse was better, called, “Numbers, eyes agree: The Syracuse Orange are the best in the nation.” Yes, ESPN likes to stir up trouble. Its tendency to hire loudmouthed and obnoxious personalities is so infamous that even NBC’s “30 Rock” parodied it with “Sports Shouting,” but some people have actually voted Syracuse over Arizona. It’s not just a case of the old East Coast bias rearing its ugly head or people who don’t have the Pac-12 Networks writing the UA off: San Jose Mercury News reporter Jon Wilner voted SU over Arizona last week. They must be bored or trying to get hits from Syracuse fans. There is no way SU should be ranked ahead of the Wildcats. Arizona is No. 2 in the RPI, with the 18th toughest strength of schedule, while Syracuse is No. 6, with the 96th best SOS. Arizona’s road wins: No. 5 San

NO. 1, 8


SPARTANS OUTLAST IOWA No. 7 Michigan State 71 No. 15 Iowa 69 (OT)

COYOTES QUIET KINGS Phoenix 3 Los Angeles 0



FORWARD BRANDON ASHLEY guards Colorado’s Wesley Gordon during Arizona’s win over the Buffaloes last Thursday in McKale Center. UA head coach Sean Miller said the Wildcats will find it harder to defend this weekend in the Bay Area.


Back for more: Farris eyes CWS return trip BY ROSE ALY VALENZUELA

The Daily Wildcat

After returning for a senior year, a rare occurrence for a star college baseball player, James Farris may be Arizona’s presumed ace, but he isn’t taking anything for granted. “I want to be the Friday night guy. I’m not entitled to it,” the right-hander said. “I just want to go out there and give my team a chance to win every single game.” The senior decided to return to Tucson after being drafted by the Houston Astros last season. Farris said one of the reasons he decided to stay at Arizona was to improve his numbers. However, that wasn’t the main reason. “I have a really good loyalty to UA. I really enjoy [head] coach [Andy] Lopez and what he’s done for me,” Farris said. Farris was a sophomore when he pitched during the College World Series and when Arizona defeated South Carolina to earn its fourth NCAA baseball title. He pitched eight innings during that game and had current junior Mathew Troupe go in for relief. Last season, Arizona didn’t make it to Omaha. Another reason why Farris decided to come CECILIA ALVAREZ/THE DAILY WILDCAT back was to try and get to Omaha in his final ARIZONA SENIOR PITCHER James Farris returns to Tucson season as a Wildcat. “The best option for me was to come back after being drafted in 2013. Farris is expected to be the Friday here and compete for another National night pitcher for the Wildcats this season. Championship,” Farris said. improved and his fastball now sits at 88-92 mph. Sophomore infielder Kevin Newman said Although it didn’t take him long to decide Farris not only shows his dedication when he’s to finish his career at Arizona, Farris said this on the mound and on the field, but also while year’s draft is on his mind. preparing himself when it comes to the weight “That’s something everyone strives for. It’s room and staying in shape. definitely on my mind, but I try to keep it in the “He’s always in the back of it,” Farris said. weight room; he’s a “I just worry about right weight room warrior,” The best option for now.” Newman said. “He’s Farris said he was me was to come back always doing his best, pleased with the fall here and compete always getting work in, performances overall. for another national and he’s better every “The fall went pretty championship. day.” well, and it prepared us Since Farris is a leading for the spring even with pitcher, his teammates coach Lopez being out,” — James Farris, were glad he decided to senior pitcher he said. “That [was] continue at the UA. obviously pretty tough, “I was really excited but I think the assistant because right now, he’s coaches did a pretty good probably the core of our pitching staff, so it’s job preparing us.” really nice to have him,” Newman said. “He can Farris said it’s important for him to be lead all the guys, and I know they’re working someone younger players look up to, along with hard everyday. So, it’s really good to have him going out on the field and working hard every back.” day. Normally, college baseball juniors leave after The season begins on Feb. 14, and Farris getting drafted. However, Lopez said to the said he hopes to be the guy on the mound for Arizona Summer Wildcat that players staying for Arizona that Friday night. four years is becoming more common and there is less of a stigma attached to it. Farris said he focused on consistency during — Follow Rose Aly Valenzuela the fall, adding that he felt his curveball has @RoseAlyVal


We’re playing against a veteran team, a talented [one] and [one] that has as much experience as anyone. I think this is a big opportunity for both teams here on Wednesday.” — men’s basketball head coach Sean Miller



Arizona hockey’s current ranking of No. 14 is its highest this late in the season since 200506. That was the last time the Wildcats made the national tournament, where they finished 12th.

TWEET TO NOTE Hey @GoStanford, No one is afraid of your tree and we definitely aren’t afraid of your NIT caliber basketball team. —@ZonaZooOfficial, ZonaZoo

After being known as the “Indians,” Stanford changed its nickname to the Cardinal in 1981. SU does not officially have a mascot; the “Tree” is a member of the band, not the mascot. Follow us on Twitter

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Comics/Sports • Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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Arizona finishes tournament strong BY LUKE DELLA

The Daily Wildcat Arizona men’s golf team finished in second at the Arizona Intercollegiate after shooting a 287 in the third and final round on Tuesday . The Wildcats ended the second round on Monday sitting in a tie for fourth place. Arizona shot a 290 and 291 in the first two rounds, but another strong performance by Kolton Lapa and Erik Oja allowed the team to leap ahead. Lapa went into the third round in third place and managed to end the tournament tied for the third-best individual score, shooting an even 212 over the three rounds. Oja’s third round score of 0 helped him finish the tournament three shots over par and with a total score of 216. Oja entered the third round in a tie for 15th, but after Tuesday’s strong performance, he was bumped up to eighth. Two of the other three Arizona golfers competing in the team event also improved on their first two round scores. In the third round, Alex McMahon went from 23rd to 17th place, and

NO. 1


Diego State, No. 10 Michigan and UCLA, are vastly superior to the Orange’s road schedule. San Diego State has only lost once: to Arizona in SDSU’s second game of the year. The Aztecs beat No. 20 Creighton, Marquette and No. 6 Kansas on the road at Allen Fieldhouse, ending the Jayhawks’ 68-game non-conference winning streak at home. Meanwhile, Michigan has beaten three top 10 teams in a row: Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan State. The Wolverines are also 7-0

Brenden Redfern went from 28th to 23rd. The unranked Wildcats got some needed help as No. 24 USC fell apart in the final round. The Trojans ended the second round in first place but shot 20 strokes over par to finish the tournament in fourth place. USC’s Anthony Paolucci was in first place of the individual scores after Monday. However, Paolucci shot eight shots over par on the final round to fall into a tie for fifth. No. 3 California reaped the most from the Trojans’ failures. The Golden Bears went from second to first in the final round and 15 strokes ahead of the second-place Wildcats. California’s Brandon Hagy and Joel Stalter tied for first with an overall score of two shots below par. Arizona’s next tournament is from Feb. 19-21 at the John Burns Invitational in Hawaii.

in the Big Ten, widely regarded as the best conference this year. Syracuse’s only road wins are St. John’s (128), Virginia Tech (8-11), Boston College (5-14) and Miami (10-9). Syracuse’s conference, the ACC, is down this year. As of Monday morning, when the latest polls were released, only five of its 15 schools had 14 or more wins. The Orange’s only chance to get a road win that remotely resembles the gauntlet the UA has run is its Feb. 22 game at No. 17 Duke (17-4). However, the Wildcats already beat the Blue Devils at Madison Square Garden, which is often considered a home court for Duke.

ALEX MCMAHON putts at the Arizona Intercollegiate golf tournament on Monday. McMahon finished in 17th place.

Of course, January rankings don’t mean a lot. The UA could very well lose this week to Stanford (13-6), and Syracuse could stumble on Wake Forest (14-6). But sports is all about arguments and determining who’s the best. Poor Syracuse seems destined to be No. 2. In the latest list of the snowiest colleges by AccuWeather, SU dropped from No. 1 to No. 2, behind Michigan Technological University. No word yet on what Michigan Tech’s strength of schedule is, though. — Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520

Who is your favorite UA men’s basketball player?

Huestis is averaging 11.2 points, 8.1 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game. Stanford’s leading rebounder is a frontrunner for the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. He is striking close to averaging a double-double per game and is on a quest to become the first Stanford player to do so since the 2001-02 season. Over his collegiate career, Huestis stands as one of three players in program history to have compiled at least 500 points, 500 rebounds and 100 blocks. He currently ranks second in school history with 157 blocks. In previous contests against Arizona, Huestis totaled more rebounds (21) than points (20) on 7-21 (33.3 percent) shooting. Chasson Randle — junior guard — #5 6-foot-2; 185 pounds Randle is averaging 19.1 points, 3.7 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game. He will represent the most dangerous scoring threat when Stanford attempts to pierce Arizona’s suffocating defense. He is shooting with 49.4 percent accuracy from the field and 78.2 percent from the stripe. This season, Randle has scored double digits 17 times and has reached his career high of 33 points twice. However, in the two times that Randle has faced the Wildcats, he has been limited to a combined 21 points and is shooting 7-for-27 (25.9 percent) from the field.

Fun Fact — Stanford’s Marcus

Crystal Bedoya, junior, journalism

Lakshmi Punati, freshman, pre-business

Alex Alvarez, junior, biomedical engineering

“My favorite player is T.J. McConnell. “My favorite UA player is Gabe York. He is really good at shooting He’s a funny guy; I see him before the games messing around with Nick 3-pointers and he is attractive.” Johnson. He looks like he’s a cool guy to hang out with.

“My favorite basketball player is Aaron Gordon because he is doing really great this season. He’s a great team player.”

“My favorite player is T.J. McConnell. He is the best point guard and passes better than anybody on the team. Without him, our team could not win.”


Arizona’s sole matchup against Stanford in Tucson, the Wildcats earned a 73-66 victory. The Cardinal’s most recent victory over Arizona came with a 76-60 win in Palo Alto on Jan. 4, 2009. The game will be aired on ESPN2.

Josh Huestis — senior forward — #24 6-foot-7; 230 pounds

In the Ball Park Grant Adams, freshman, pre-business


Who to watch out for:


— Follow Luke Della @LukeDella


Allen and Malcolm Allen are identical twin freshmen playing for the Cardinal. They are the fourth set of twins to play for Stanford’s basketball team and join Don Clemetson and Doug Clemetson (1960-1962), Jason Collins and Jarron Collins (19972001) and current NBA players Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez (2006-2008).

Prediction — No. 1 Arizona defeats Stanford 72-68 — Follow Evan Rosenfeld @EvanRosenfeld17

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