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Head soccer coach named Former By Vincent Balistreri ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Lisa Oyen

Lisa Oyen has been named the new head soccer coach just four days after the Arizona soccer team’s final game of the season, Arizona Athletic Director Jim Livengood announced. “I’m very thankful to be given this opportunity,”Oyen said Thursday through a statement on the team’s Web site. “I’m very optimistic about the future of the program.” Oyen is the fourth head coach in the program’s history. She succeeds former head coach Dan Tobias. Tobias resigned on Oct. 12 due to personal

reasons, five days after former player Leila Amini said the program had been deteriorating over the last few years. Oyen will attempt to bring success to a program from which the previous three head coaches have resigned. Oyen was an assistant under Tobias for eight years at UA (2002-2009) and two at Washington State (2001-2002). Oyen played collegiate soccer at Montana, where she was a starting midfielder. She also played for two years with the Miami Gliders of the United Soccer League Southeastern Division. Players were told to meet at McKale Center for a team meeting at 5 p.m. on

Thursday evening, and were surprised with the news that the head coaching decision had already been made. “No one really knew what to expect because we’d been through a long season. We were surprised but, at the same time, excited,”said redshirt junior Alex Davis.“It’ll be good for the program because it’ll be a smooth transition since they already know us. “I had no idea that they would make the decision this week,” she added.“We thought that maybe it would be a couple weeks.” According to Davis, Oyen’s fellow co-interim head coach from the second half of the year, John Galas, will return as her assistant.

Iranian prisoner speaks By Marissa Freireich ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, along with veteran Matt Randle and President Robert Shelton, spoke at the Veterans Education and Transition Services office in the Student Union Memorial Center yesterday about a new bill Giffords introduced to the House of Representatives last week that would fix oversights to the Post-9/11 GI bill.

Rep. Giffords and Shelton praise VETS Office, Post-9/11 GI Bill By Will Ferguson ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and President Robert Shelton commended the studentrun Veterans Center at a press conference yesterday and spoke about a new bill Giffords introduced to the House of Representatives last week that would fix oversights to the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The Post-9/11 GI Bill went into effect in August and provides millions of veterans the opportunity to go back to school, Giffords said at the conference, hosted outside the Veterans Education and Transition Services office in the Student Union Memorial Center.

However, Giffords said there are some problems with the bill she intends to fix through her new legislation. Her new bill will address three key areas of the previous legislation. First, those veterans who retired before Aug. 1 of this year or were medically retired for a service disability will be able to transfer their benefits to a family member, said Giffords. Second, the bill will allow veterans who are pursuing an online education to receive the same housing allowance rates for their home as those veterans who are pursuing an education at a traditional institution, she said. Third, the bill expands eligibility to

combine previously earned education benefits with the benefits provided by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. For UA student veterans, Giffords’ new bill would provide much-needed financial breathing room in economically-challenging times. Matt Randle, student director for the VETS Office and a family studies and human development junior, stressed how financially difficult it is for veterans to make the transition from the armed services back to the classroom. “Fire fights and insurgents were replaced with mounting bills and bureaucracy,”Randle said. While working with fellow veterans,

Randle learned about the new GI bill that allowed him to start thinking about returning to school. “The new GI bill is wonderful,”he said. “However, with any legislative undertaking this large, there are areas of concern that need to be addressed,”he said. Randle said Giffords’ new legislative fix could be the answer to his problems with the Post-9/11 GI Bill. “Personally, Congresswoman Giffords’ bill will allow me to combine both my Montgomery GI Bill remaining benefits with the new Post-9/11 benefits so that I can complete my education without

Haleh Esfandiari spoke about her book, “My Prison, My Home: One Woman’s Story of Captivity in Iran,” last night in the Harvill auditorium as part of the Persian Lecture Series. Esfandiari is the director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. From May 8 to August 21, 2007 — 105 days — she was detained in solitary confinement in Evin, an Iranian prison. “In everybody’s life, there are certain dates that you always remember,”Esfandiari said. Usually these dates are birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones, she added. But Esfandiari will always remember the dates on which she struggled with the Iranian government. On Dec. 30, 2006, Esfandiari was robbed on her way to the airport after visiting her 93 year-old mother in Tehran. When she went to the passport office, she was instructed to speak with the Office of the President, which she understood to be the Intelligence Ministry. “I knew something was not right,” she said.“It had a sobering affect on me.” She went to the Intelligence Ministry every day for four months to be interrogated. The Iranian officials believed her research center and others were instruments of the U.S. government. “They were very suspicious of the nature of our work,”she said.“It was intimidating, it was threatening, it was frightening.” She said every day she went for interrogation, she was uncertain she would go home. “They kept on talking about the puzzle, and I was supposed to fill in the missing pieces of that puzzle, which would then tell them the way the United States was going to do a regime change in Iran,”she said. On May 8, 2007 when she went to the Intelligence Ministry, the officials had a warrant for her arrest. Her cell at Evin prison in Iran contained one blanket, a copy of the Quran, two high windows and a mosquito net. “I decided that this was going to be my home for God knows how long,”she said. During her time in prison she was forced to face the wall during her continuous interrogation. After the interrogations, Esfandiari said she repeated her answers in her mind so she would not have any inconsistencies. “Being completely cut off from the world, that was the worst thing,”she said.“Solitary confinement is not physical torture, but it is

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Greeks gear-up for CATwalk By Michelle Monroe ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Wildcats will be on the prowl during the ninth annual CATwalk tomorrow. All monies raised for CATwalk, a fundraiser for women’s cancer research, are donated to the Bobbi Olsen Endowment at the Arizona Cancer Center. Bobbi Olsen, former head coach Lute Olsen’s wife, died Jan. 1, 2001 after a two-and-a-half-year battle with ovarian cancer. “When Bobbi Olsen passed away the fraternity and sorority community wanted to do something to honor Bobbi and to show support for Lute, his family and the whole Tucson community since she


Today: 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Pre-registration and race packet pick up. UofA Bookstore, Student Union Memorial Center Saturday, November 14: 8:30 a.m. Registration and packet pick up UofA Bookstore, Student Union Memorial Center Cost: $25 per person to register

for more information visit

was a mother figure for the team and very prominent within the Tucson community,” said Johanne Jenson, director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs.“They decided to do a walk in her honor and it started with a small walk around the Mall and it’s turned into much more.” While no longer a mandatory event, fraternities and sororities will be largely in attendance. “We did do an incentive this year,”Jenson said. “The fraternity or sorority with the most people registered gets a full page in our publication.” Each chapter gets a quarter of a page, but the winner will get more space to “feature more information about the chapter and include more photographs of members or the house or whatever the want,” Jenson said. There are currently 3,068 people registered for the walk. Kappa Kappa Gamma has 208 people registered, more than any other greek organization. They have also raised the most money, $6,200 in total, including a donation of $1,000. Delta Gamma follows closely with 199

people registered, and has made it a sisterhood event for the sorority. “We think the walk is a really important event, and a feel-good opportunity for everyone in Greek Life to show people the positive side of Greek Life,”said Mary Catalini, president of Delta Gamma. Delta Gamma has planned several other events to add to the day. “We have a program within Delta Gamma, it’s called Stable Connections, and so we have a representative from our national organization speaking and connecting the event we’re participating on campus to the values and ideals we have as Delta Gammas,”Catalini said. All the greek organizations on campus feel a special connection to the walk and a duty to volunteer. “We actually like to give back to the U of A community and every Monday in chapter we discuss stuff like this and they (the members) just love to volunteer,” said Conner Wielgus, Pi Kappa Phi’s social chair.“And we definitely feel a strong connection to the cause and enjoy taking part in the walk.” Of the fraternities, Pi Kappa Phi has

Last year’s CATwalk, held on Nov. 17, 2008, included over 3,200 participants who helped raise $108,000 for the Bobbi Olson Fund at the Arizona Cancer Center. CATwalk organizers hope to raise $500,000 by CATwalk 2010. Photo courtesy of Student Union Media

registered the second largest amount of people, with 100 out of the 117 members of the house registered. UA athletes are also represented in the walk. UA men’s and women’s track and field team will be walking again this year. “We try to find as many things to do in the community but this one is a little more special for us,” Harvey said. “It’s a great cause and any time any of our athletes, or our department, can be involved with something it’s definitely a great thing.”

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UA head coach Fred Harvey suspects the team will have 20 to 40 people walking on Saturday. Jenson said that while there aren’t many athletic teams registered for the event they often “show up and support the walk in different ways.” Even Wilbur and Wilma will be in attendance during the kids walk at 12:45 p.m. In the past three years, CATwalk has raised a total of $350,000. Their goal is to raise half a million by CATwalk 2010, Jensen said.

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Abroad for advantages

Learn about how studying abroad can benefit your future career. Career Services will be hosting a lecture to tell you about these great options. This lecture will be held in Room 411 of the Student Union Memorial Center at 11 a.m.

Tomorrow: H: 68 L: 46

Physics Phun Nite!


Check out some cool experiments at Physics Phun Nite! Physics instructors will performs their favorite classroom demonstrations at 7 p.m. in Room 201 of the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences building.

Nov. 13

Pink for ta-tas

The Think Pink Fashion Show in support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation will be taking place in the Gallagher Theater at 8 p.m. Tickets are $1 and available at the theater box office from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. or before the show.

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked to do? Weirdest? Uh, that’s a hard one. I’m not so sure about weirdest. It could be anything. It’s not so much weird as it is people not understanding things about technology. That was actually my next question. It must be pretty frustrating to deal with all those people who don’t understand exactly what they’re working with. I try not to get frustrated by it. (Smiles) (Laughs) Well “try” is a little different from “do.” How do you manage that? (Laughs) Uh, it takes a certain temperament. (Smiles)You’ve got to understand we’re here to help them and that’s what I try to do.

Emily Jones /Arizona Daily Wildcat

The band Loom, made up of guitarist Mike Cundick, drummer Jarom Bischoff, violinist Kimberly Pack, and bassist John Finnegan played in front of the UofA Bookstore on Tuesday. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, the art-rock band is touring across the country to promote their under-water themed albums.

‘Hardware store’ extracted from Peruvian man’s stomach LIMA, Peru — “They call me the hardware store,” says Requelme Abanto from his hospital bed in northern Peru. Doctors in the city of Cajamarca said they removed 1.5 pounds of metal from Abanto’s stomach, including nails, coins, and rusted copper wire and scrap metal. Cajamarca hospital surgeon Carlos

And maybe also to just read the directions I guess? Well that could help too. (Laughs)

— The Associated Press

People Tyson scuffles outside the ring Girl: Give me my phone back, I need to check Farmville! — Cactus Grill

(Laughs) Has there ever been a situation where you’ve had to refrain from laughing when you were helping somebody? Uh, maybe. I have to be careful here. (Laughs)

What advice would you give out to teachers or instructors on how to make your job easier? Well, I think just listen to us and cooperate with us and open your mind. I always think that they’re teaching, but when we try to show them something give us a second and pay attention and learn yourself.

The 26-year-old construction worker ate the metal for months, and told Peru’s Channel 9 television that he may now do it in public “as sport.” “I swallowed 17 nails in February and didn’t die,” he said. “Five inch nails, all in one day.”

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What’s the most ridiculous thing that you’ve been asked to fix? Um, I guess (pauses) maybe somebody just not seeing an obvious switch or an“on”button or, better yet, the computer doesn’t work and it’s simply that the computer was shut off. They don’t work when they’re shut off. (Smiles)

That’s true. What about the most difficult thing you’ve been called on to fix? Well a lot of the technology, some of it is just harder to match up. For instance, with Macs there’s so many different versions and if you’re not a Mac person and you’re not up on the latest, it’s frustrating when you can’t get a simple thing done like link to a projector or something like that. Some of the newer stuff has some problems with it.

Delgado said Wednesday that he’s never seen anything like what he found in last week’s operation. “We went in thinking it could be appendicitis, but weren’t we surprised by what we found — a hole in his stomach,” Delgado said. Delgado said specialists are examining Abanto’s mental health as he recovers.

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Fast Facts Canada was the second country to legalize medical marijuana. Canada has the second coldest national capital: Ottawa.

Canada was the second counry to publish a national atlas. Canada has the second highest water quality.

Canada is the second largest foreign investor in Chile. Canada has the second highest university enrollment rate in the world. Canada is the second in pork exports. Canada has the second highest amount of gum chewed per capita. Canada has the second highest broadband internet access in the world.

— Brian Kimball illustration by Marino Ponder/Arizona Daily Wildcat

LOS ANGELES — Police are investigating conflicting accounts of an airport scuffle between Mike Tyson and photographer that resulted in both men being booked and released on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. The former heavyweight boxing champion and photographer Mike Tyson Tony Echevarria, 50, want to press charges of misdemeanor battery against each other, police said. The photographer told police that Tyson struck him once, airport police spokesman Sgt. Jim Holcomb said. The photographer fell to the ground and was treated for a cut to his forehead at a hospital. Tyson’s spokeswoman Tammy Brook said the boxer was traveling with his wife and 10-month-old child when he was attacked by an overly aggressive paparazzo.“Mike acted in self-defense as a father protecting his child,”she said. “There’s a lot of different versions to this story and that’s all going to come out later,” Holcomb said.“Some witness statements support Tyson’s version, others support the photographer’s.” Police also were checking if there was any surveillance video of the incident. Tyson was cooperative as he waited in a holding cell at the airport police station, Holcomb said. Echevarria was booked and released after he was treated at a hospital, police said. Holcomb said both men were released without any restrictions and free to go wherever they want. It wasn’t immediately clear if Tyson had continued his trip. Paparazzi often camp out at Los Angeles’ largest airport to get shots of celebrities in transit. “I’ve heard people were following him into the men’s room and trying to take his picture there,”said Tyson’s defense attorney, David Chesnoff.“My advice to him is going to be to vigorously press charges against what everyone agrees are ridiculously-aggressive photographers.” Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion ever in 1986 when he won his title as a 20 year old. But his life since then has been marred by accusations of domestic violence, rape and cocaine use. Tyson was convicted of rape in Indiana in 1992 and served three years in prison. He was disqualified from a 1997 heavyweight title fight when he bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s right ear, and in 1999 he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault charges in Maryland. In 2003, Tyson filed for Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Tyson has a home in Phoenix. He also served 24 hours in an Arizona jail in 2007 for cocaine possession and driving under the influence. — The Associated Press

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Students in Free Enterprise have good soles to give 1,500 pairs to the infected in Ethiopia, she said. “It really teaches you so much The Students in Free Enterprise club through hands on experience,” have a motto — “A head for business Reynolds said.“It is also a huge and a heart for the world,” said first networking tool with potential year member Madelyn Reynolds. employers, a lot of companies reach “Our mission is to bring together out to SIFE.” top leaders to create a better, more Brent Wolfson, a retailing and sustainable world consumer science through business,” senior and Students said Reynolds, in Free Enterprise Want to go? a retailing and member, said the club What: Students in Free consumer science is hoping to complete Enterprise club meeting junior.“It’s not just roughly 12 projects by When: Wednesdays 5 p.m. about doing good for March, followed by the Where: Family and Consumer the community but competition they hold Sciences building 101 about hand picking annually — a 20 minute projects that actually presentation outlining make a measurable impact on people.” all of the projects and the “numbers Reynolds and Corey Pyke, a retailing behind them,”Wolfson said. and consumer science sophomore, Wolfson explained that the club have been working this semester operates based on the proposals with TOMS, a Santa Monica, Calif., made by the project managers in based shoe company, on a project the club. If people are interested in to sell TOMS shoes and educate the working on a certain project, they public about Podoconiosis, a disease start to meet and contact businesses caused by the thickening of skin and and organizations, he said, underlying tissues that can be treated beginning the promotional process. by wearing durable shoes. They plan There are roughly 80 club members


and 40 to 50 regular attendees at the weekly meetings, making it one of the biggest programs in the country, Wolfson said. “Anyone who is interested can come and join,”Wolfson said.“Some people just show up for events who I’ve never seen before, and others attend the meetings weekly.” Students in Free Enterprise is working closely with people in South America, Rubaga, Uganda and other refugees worldwide. The club raises the majority of its money through fundraisers, donations and grants. “It gives us an opportunity to give back to (the) community and volunteer, while gaining experience and leadership skills,”Wolfson said. He said he has a great respect for project managers who, although only 18 or 19 years old, are reaching levels of responsibility they never had before. Melinda Burke, faculty advisor for the club and director of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing, started the team in 1998. She said the club had their first competition in 1999.“It is an energetic, focused, option-oriented

Tim Glass/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Liza Battestin, an interdisciplinary studies senior, writes business freshman Morgan Kamm’s name on the bottom of her shoes to finalize the sale of TOMS shoes on Thursday. Battestin was part of the Students in Free Enterprise club & TOMS shoe event that will help send shoes to Ethopia.

group of students,” Burke said. “My goal is to make sure SIFE students network with corporate partners and a lot of them get jobs after they graduate,” she said. The club competes on a regional

and national level, and depending on the outcome, they could qualify for the World Cup, Burke said. This year the regional competition and the World Cup will be held in Los Angeles, Calif.

Each week, the Daily Wildcat checks out an interesting club on campus. Know of an organization that’s worth looking into? Send your suggestions to

If you like sequins, big band music and B-list TV stars, mark your calendars: Ballroom with a Twist is coming to Centennial Hall this Saturday, courtesy of UApresents. The performance, which will take place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, promises to be a night of classic dancing and sexy hip-swiveling. Emmy-nominated dancer and choreographer Louis Van Amstel choreographed the show. The Dutch-born dancer has been featured on several seasons of the ballroom dancing reality television program“Dancing with The Stars.”This season, Van Amstel is partnered with rock daughter Kelly Osbourne . 4C-Half Wildcat Anatomy In past seasons, Van Amstel has sashayed with the likes of Lisa

Rinna and Priscilla Presley. The host of Ballroom with a Twist will be Gilles Marini, a French dancer and soap opera heartthrob who paso dobled his way into the hearts and dreams of women everywhere as last season’s runner-up on“Dancing with The Stars.”Marini also starred as the sometimes-nude neighbor in“Sex and The City: The Movie,” Gillis and is currently guest starring in a several-episode story arc on ABC’s prime time drama “Brothers and Sisters” alongside Sally Field and Rob Lowe. Promoters of Saturday’s 08.pdf 4:28:54 plenty PM sparkly8/17/09 samba promise of breathtaking performances and stunning costumes. If Van

Amstel’s previous work is any indication, dance lovers can expect classic dances like the waltz, tango and rumba to be paired with flashy costumes, big hair and an enthusiastic presentation. Fourteen other dancers will also be featured in the show, including a plethora of reality-TV finalists from “So You Think You Can Marini Dance,”“Dancing With The Stars” and“High School Musical.” Ballroom dancing is the new figure skating, and what’s not to love about that? Tickets range in price from $15 to $52 and can be purchased at the Centennial Hall box office or online at

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Blame the gays! Rachel Leavitt columnist


n Monday, Sasha and Malia Obama attended school only to find members of Westboro Baptist Church protesting with picket signs displaying their father’s face surrounded by the caption,“THE BEAST.” Are you shocked that there are people crazy enough to do this? Considering all the abuse President Barack Obama has endured from racists and bigots, I’m not. But the nonchalant acceptance of such boorish attacks is detrimental and dangerous to our society as a whole. Westboro Baptist Church was founded by Fred Phelps and is mostly made up of his family members — proof that insanity could potentially be hereditary. The church is not affiliated with any known Baptist conventions or associations.  Obama was not the only victim of the church’s slander on Monday. Predictably, Westboro Baptist Church also attacked abortion and homosexuality with their odious signs.   Though bringing hatred to a place of learning is disrespectful and out of line, this group is notorious for protesting at completely inappropriate locations including the funeral of Matthew Shepard, the 21-year-old University of Wyoming student who was tortured and murdered for being gay.  But apparently you are not required to be homosexual in real life to endure their wrath — acting like one is just as sinful. The same group picketed the funeral of irresistible, Australian actor Heath Ledger. After his mysterious passing, the group brought their crafty signs to show their disapproval of his role in“Brokeback Mountain.”Somehow I doubt their rally made a very deep impression on him. It is the church’s belief that nearly every tragedy our world faces serves as punishment from God for the acceptance of homosexuality, as confirmed by their slogan — “God Hates Fags.”   The events that these scapegoats are held accountable for include the 9/11 attacks and the recent shooting at United States Army post Fort Hood. Since every tragedy should have an equally heinous sign,

the church thought “Thank God for 9/11”would be fitting. Though homosexuals seem to be the group’s main target, they also condemn Jews, blacks, America and many forms of Christianity. They make their terrifying beliefs available at their Web site,   Amid the detestable beliefs which engulf their site, there are also suggested solutions for America, such as,“Completely rid your administration of fags and dykes; and, recriminalize sodomy and abortion, and impose the death penalty for these crimes. Nothing less will do. Otherwise, we warn you again: Expect worse and more of it from that Outraged God your sins have mightily offended” —  problems solved!  Though outrageous claims and offensive words are hardly uncommon, especially when it comes to politics, thatthey are tolerated enables the group to persist. Right and wrong must be distinguished.  Implying to the family and loved ones of 9/11 victims that the pain and misery that forever changed their lives in 2001 and follows them wherever they go was caused by a group of people’s sexual orientation is absolutely wrong.   Announcing to people of faith, as some probably were, that God would rob them of their child, parent or friend merely based on the world’s movement towards social acceptance is undoubtedly wrong. And picketing at a burial site, where family and friends gather together to say goodbye to their loved one’s earthly presence, is ruthless, unjustifiable and wrong.   Don’t allow this injustice to become a societal norm. The right to speech is one thing. Allowing abhorrent ignorance into an elementary school or a place of mourning is of a different realm.   It is the public’s acceptance that empowers these groups. It is the mindset through which society implicitly supports them that allows them to endure.   Just because inappropriate behavior and blind hatred aren’t uncommon doesn’t mean that they should go overlooked. Racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia should be seen for what they truly are — dangerous and offensive.    Don’t allow the detestation to persist. Speak up. — Rachel Leavitt is a creative writing sophomore. She can be reached at

o the University of Arizona Police Department closed the case on the theft of 10,000 copies of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, and the Greek Standards Board ruled in favor of Phi Kappa Psi last week. Sadly, amid the frothing furor, spewing bile and cries of conspiracy, many readers and the Daily Wildcat have forgotten the likely cause of the theft. A female student told UAPD she believes someone at a Phi Kappa Psi party drugged her with GHB, a drug often used in sexual assaults. Let that sink in for a moment. An unidentified man at the fraternity’s Sept. 27 party gave the woman a drink that caused her to experience symptoms similar to being drugged with GHB. The woman didn’t report being sexually assaulted, but she also wasn’t examined for signs of it either. Now consider the Oct. 8 Police Beat report: “She also told police that she had attempted to contact the fraternity president and had left several messages at the fraternity, but had received no replies.” Sound familiar? “She told officers she was reporting the incident to document the event in the hopes of preventing any future sexual assaults.” This incident was printed in the Daily Wildcat issue that was stolen. There are tragic lessons to draw from all of this. The Daily Wildcat and the UAPD failed in their responsibilities. The Daily Wildcat failed to adequately follow up on the Police Beat report, mainly because it was caught up in the theft of its papers. But I won’t go into further details of its failure here because that’s not the main issue. I do, however, invite enterprising journalism students who don’t work at the Daily Wildcat to write in with what should have been done. UAPD has failed in its duties since it has essentially condoned stealing the newspaper whenever any group or individual doesn’t like what’s published, which is a dangerous precedent to set. UAPD acted as if the newspaper theft and the possible rape will go away if nothing is said about it — which is what Phi Kappa Psi President Keith Peters has been doing and continues to do. We’ll never know if what happened to the woman won’t happen again at another Phi Kappa Psi party. Instead of working with UAPD to be more vigilant and prevent possible rape or proclaiming their innocence, Peters and the rest of the fraternity believed it was better to silence a newspaper and the woman. I cannot believe that every single Phi Kappa Psi member would condone the use of date rape drugs at their parties. Yet the members’ silence is deafening. If another woman is drugged at a fraternity party, don’t expect to hear about it from UAPD or to read about it in the Daily Wildcat. UAPD won’t do anything if its calls are unreturned and its e-mails go unanswered. The UA community won’t know about such incidents since the newspaper can now be stolen without real consequences. Victims of sexual assault will have no voice or refuge in their college publication or their local police. And that is the most tragic lesson. — Steven Kwan is a nutritional sciences senior. He can be reached at

Paul and Grayson: A cure for ‘bipartisanship’ Taylor Kessinger columnist


rom the far end of each wing of the House of Representatives, an unholy alliance has emerged. In February, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, introduced HR 1207, a bill to audit the Federal Reserve System, a semi-private banking system with an enormous amount of control over American monetary policy. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla, jumped on as one of its early co-sponsors and strongest advocates. You might remember Paul from his bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. A paleoconservative with libertarian leanings, Paul campaigned on a platform of personal responsibility, smaller government and strict constitutionalism. You might also know Grayson from his bombastic, angry calls for health care reform, including a YouTube video summarizing the Republican health care plan: “Don’t get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly.” What could these two have in common? More than you’d think. Paul has opposed the Federal Reserve system for years, and Grayson has used his skills as a prosecutor to make Fed officials all the way up to Chairman Ben Bernanke wet themselves in hearings. They both dislike the secrecy and underhandedness with which the Fed conducts business. The importance of HR 1207 can’t be overstated. The Fed is allowed to create money essentially ex nihilo and lend it to whomever they desire — and the most anyone usually hears about it is in Bernanke’s infrequent, cryptic testimony before House and Senate committees. But on a political level, HR 1207’s support from libertarian conservatives like Paul as well as liberal progressives like

Grayson — people whom I am going to collectively refer to as “libs” from here on out — reflects collaboration between seeming ideological opposites to combat common enemies. Paul’s ultimate goals include the abolition of the Fed in favor of a return to the gold standard. Grayson’s objectives are more explicitly populist and focus on punishing the “crooks” who’ve run off with our money. And they’re not the only two advocates of fiscal transparency; many fringe politicians from conservative Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md, to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, who introduced the Senate partner to the bill, have hopped on board. These folks don’t agree on everything. They don’t even agree on much. But they don’t have to in order to fight together. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” as the old saying goes. It should be noted that this sort of collaboration is the polar opposite of what Congress and the media regularly praise as “bipartisanship”. Sometimes, this term refers to gutting useful legislation to earn the support of a few extra Congressmen. HR 3200, the “landmark” health care bill passed by the House, arguably suffered from this process, but HR 1207 may regrettably follow in its footsteps. Other times, it refers to milquetoast “moderation,” a form of apologetics for the status quo. This characterizes most of Congress; the greatest offender is probably Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn, who has a spine made of spaghetti and similarly strong scruples. And the rest of the time, it appears to describe Washington when, in fits of fear and stupidity, both parties approve very bad legislation. Never forget that the invasion of Iraq, the Patriot Act and the infamous $700 billion bailout enjoyed “bipartisan” support. The alliance among libs is none of these things. The liberal and libertarian visions for America couldn’t be more

different, but we must fight the same Jabberwockies no matter which path we take — and we should do so together. We’ll probably never come to a consensus about the government’s role in health care. But the deep, loving relationship between Congress and the health care oligopolies stands in the way of both market- and government-based methods of bettering health insurance. We don’t agree regarding how taxes ought to be structured. But excise and sales taxes represent an attempt by the nanny state to regulate personal behavior. They’re also regressive, unfairly targeting lower-income Americans who spend a large proportion of their money on consumables. We might not all want the government to fight climate change in the same way. But cap-and-trade is laughably inefficient and, as Matt Taibbi suggested in a July Rolling Stone article, it may lead to yet another bank-engineered financial bubble. The list goes on. The “wars” on terror and drugs. The sprawl of the military- and prison-industrial complexes which rely on these wars. The illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. The even more illegal bombings of Pakistan. The expansion of the executive privilege and state secrets doctrines, and with it the erosion of our civil liberties. The government-aided wealth transfer from the rest of us to the rich. These things are all part of that “bipartisan” consensus. But if the $400,000 money bomb Grayson enjoyed on November 2, as well as the fundraising records Paul shattered during his Presidential campaign, have anything to say about it, they might not have to stay that way for long. They’ll be far less likely to if we “libs” of all stripes can maintain our unholy alliance in other political wars. After all, when you’re facing a Jabberwocky, two vorpal swords are better than one. — Taylor Kessinger is a former Daily Wildcat columnist. He can be reached at

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Need a light?

University of Arizona Police Department officers were near the Navajo-Pinal Residence Hall on Nov. 3 at 12:07 a.m. when they were flagged down by a police aide who reported witnessing a theft. According to the police aide, a man had been riding by the bike racks outside of the dorm. The man stopped near the bike rack, jumper over the railing, took a light from a bicycle that did not appear to belong to him, and then rode away. A man matching the description given by the police aide was located at the northwest corner of Highland Avenue and Sixth Street. Officers contacted the man and he identified himself with an Arizona identification card. Officers informed the man of the reason for the contact, but he denied doing anything wrong. He told police that he had seen the light lying on the ground near the bike rack and picked it up. He later admitted that he had taken the light from a bicycle that did not belong to him, after he was informed that a witness had watched the incident. He then told police that as he was riding his bicycle on Sixth Street, he noticed the light on a bicycle that he knew was not his. He said he took the light without the intention of returning it, and when he noticed the police aide’s vehicle, he fled the area. He further told police that his bicycle lights were always getting stolen and it was getting too expensive to replace them, so that was the reason that he took the light. He was cited on charges of theft and released on scene. He was also warned that he would face trespassing charges and/or exclusion if he returned to campus. The light was placed into police property and a note was left for the owner.

High Gravity. It’s not just a rule ‌

UAPD officers were on Park Avenue Parking Garage on Nov. 3 at 2:51 p.m. when they observed a man at a bus stop drinking from what appeared to be a can of beer. Officers made contact with the man and discovered that the man had been drinking from a 32-ounce can of Hurricane High Gravity Lager. The man identified himself with a Washington state identification card. Officers disposed of the remaining contents of the can and cited the man on charges of drinking in public. He was released on scene.

Mercedes-Benz customized by unknown person(s)

Arizona Daily Wildcat DO YOU LIKE TO SELL? “I love working at the Daily Wildcat for so many reasons. I make my own hours and get huge paychecks. I also get to work with local business owners and learn about sales in the real world. The experiences combined with the amazing work environment makes for the best college job I could ever imagine!� -Kyle Wade, Sales Manager We are looking for results-driven students to join our team as Account Executives for Spring, 2010. If you are looking to gain real world sales experience, enhance your resume and the potential to make a lot of money, this is the perfect opportunity for you. We want people who can prospect clients and build new business! Perks Include:  t"OBDDPVOUMJTU  t8PSLXJUIMPDBMBOEOBUJPOBMCVTJOFTTFT  t%JTDPVOUFEQBSLJOH  t'MFYJCMFIPVST  t1MVT UIFDIBODFUPNBLFBMPU QFSXFFLPSPSFWFO more based on sales) of money! DEADLINE: November 20, 2009 at 5 p.m. To apply, drop off a cover letter and resume to: Mike Spohn Advertising Manager "SJ[POB%BJMZ8JMEDBU /1BSL"WF 4VJUF 1BSL4UVEFOU6OJPO

Questions? Call 621-1714 or e-mail 5IF%BJMZ8JMEDBUJTBO&RVBM0QQPSUVOJUZ&NQMPZFS

UAPD officers were dispatched to the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on Nov. 3 at 4:28 p.m. in reference to a report of criminal damage. Upon arrival, officers met with a man who reported that unknown person or persons had keyed his Mercedes-Benz while it sat in the fraternity’s parking lot. According to the man, he had parked his vehicle in the lot at approximately noon and when he returned at 3 p.m., he discovered scratches all over the car. One of the scratches ran from the driver’s side rear door to the taillight of the car, and another was isolated right around the Mercedes-Benz emblem on the vehicle’s trunk lid. The man told police that he had no idea who would want to damage his vehicle but admitted that the parking lot was in a high-traffic area. Officers took photographs of the damage as evidence. Police have no suspects or witnesses at this time.

Man strokes his piece in UA parking lot

UAPD officers were dispatched to a university parking lot on Nov. 3 at 10:20 p.m. in reference to a report of a man exposing himself to a woman. On arrival, officers met with a woman who told them that she and a friend had been at the Student Recreation Center for volleyball practice. The woman left the Rec Center and walked to the parking lot. She got into her car and started it and as she was backing out of her parking space, she noticed a man standing behind her vehicle, holding his bare penis in his hand and stroking it in a back and forth motion. The woman then left the area and reported the incident. She described the man as 40 to 50 years old, with gray hair and wearing a striped, button-down shirt. Police were unable to locate any suspects.

Soccer practice canceled at Murphey Field

UAPD officers responded to Murphey Field on Nov. 4 at 2:53 p.m. in reference to a 911 hang up. On arrival, officers observed two women inside the field area. As officers went to enter the field, they noticed that both gates to the facility were closed and locked. Police used a department keyset to gain entry to the field. They made contact with the two women inside and asked them how they were able to enter the field. The women told police that they had climbed over the locked gate. They further told police that they were practicing for an intramural soccer team and believed that they were allowed to do so because they were students. Officers informed the women that they had committed a crime by entering the facility and in the future, if they wished to gain access to Murphey Field, they would have to get prior authorization from the university’s recreation department. In lieu of arrest, officers informed the women that the incident would be referred to the Dean of Students Office. Both women were released on scene.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

Volunteers Needed For Grapefruit Study What Is The Goal Of The Study? To determine if eating grapefruit daily can promote weight loss. What Will You Be Asked To Do? Consume study provided grapefruits Provide blood and urine samples Complete daily food logs Who Is Eligible? Overweight, nonsmoking adults, 25-50 years old Cancer diagnosis in a blood relative (parent or sibling) Willing to eat grapefruits daily for 6 weeks & discontinue all other citrus fruits Available for clinic visits and phone contact Qualified participants will be compensated For further information call Elham Vali @ 520.318.7185

This study is being conducted by Cynthia Thomson, PhD, RD, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences.



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Prison-survivor recounts struggles, triumphs

continued from page 1 mental torture,”she said. To survive solitary confinement, she relied on both mental and physical means. She woke up at 6 a.m. and went to bed at 11 p.m. She mentally wrote two

books in her head, one a children’s book for her grandchildren and the other a biography of her paternal grandmother. She would also exercise by walking around her cell and weightlifting using a

Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Haleh Esfandiari, a former captive of the notorious Iranian prison Evin, spoke last night in the Harvill auditorium about her experiences which she chronicled in her book “My Prison, My Home: One Woman’s Story of Captivity in Iran.”

water bottle. She did not eat the prison food except for bread and tea for fear she would be drugged. During her imprisonment, she lost 20 pounds. The prisoners had a weekly shopper who they paid to buy goods. Esfandiari asked for fresh fruit and vegetables that could be peeled, to ensure that they had not been tampered with. The guards also met her demands for extra blankets and books. “My release came as sudden as my arrest,” she said. She was told she could go to her mother’s home, but could not leave the country. Ten days later, the authorities told her she should leave as soon as possible. She attributed her release to various international pressures, including a letter from the president of the Wilson Center. “When they finally shut that door (of the airplane), I thought this time the closing of that door

means my return to my home and to my freedom,”she said. While she said she is afraid to return to Iran right now, she plans to return in the future. “This is not goodbye, this is so long Iran,”she said. Esfand Mazhari, a systems and industrial engineering graduate student from Iran, said he had heard about Esfandiari’s situation. “It’s always good to see someone in person so you can compare viewpoints,”he said. KamranTalattof, a Near Eastern studies professor who helped coordinate the lecture, said he has read some of Esfandiari’s earlier works in addition to the book she spoke about. “I was reassured to find that Evin prison has not changed her approaches to politics or to life,” he said. “I read some of the passages again because I felt I was reading a universal story about decency, perseverance and hope.”


VETS gives unique service

continued from page 1 incurring further debt,”he said. Both Giffords and Shelton praised the support being provided to veterans by the VETS Office in the student union. “The veterans office is specifically here to be of assistance to the veterans community on the UA campus as veterans return from active duty to further their schooling,” said Shelton. Pre-physiology junior Glen Lacroix said the VETS Office helped him to get back in school after he was fired from his job. “I was fired from my job on July 23 and I had no income,”he said.“I walked into the veterans office on the 24 and was enrolled in classes for this semester that day.” The VETS Office is entirely staffed by former service members and provides academic advice and a place to relax for 250 veterans. “I think the key component of this office is that it is staffed by student veterans who have

made the transition to the UA,” said Shelton. “They are knowledgeable not only about the campus itself and what we offer but also about what is important to veterans.” Giffords said the work being done at the VETS Office at the UA is not only a unique service for former service men and women but will help advance her efforts to make changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill. “We want the community to know that the fix started right here at the veterans center at the UA,” she said. Veterans at the conference were hopeful that the legislation will give badly needed benefits to former service members. Randall said, “This legislation will ensure that those of us who have sacrificed and earned these benefits will be able to use them to push themselves to their fullest potential.”











friday, november 13, 2009

Inside the playbook

Visit for a look at the football team’s screen plays


Kevin Zimmerman Sports Editor 520•626•2956

Arizona vs. California

’Cats look to stay golden

Football enters treacherous final four-game stretch By Tim Kosch Arizona Daily Wildcat

No. 18 Arizona’s long-awaited, daunting homestretch is finally here, starting this weekend at California. And a Rose Bowl berth hangs in the balance. “We’re excited about the competition,” head coach Mike Stoops said. “The kids seem very comfortable and we seem very peaceful in what we’re doing and the kids have been very focused. “They understand the magnitude of each game but you can’t let it overwhelm you,” he added. “You’ve got to embrace it and accept the journey for what it is and go out and play your best and prepare as hard as you can.” Understanding what’s at stake is one thing, but talking about what’s at stake is a different story. “We don’t talk about bowl games,” safety Robert Golden said. “We take every game one at a time.” They have always held a onegame-at-a-time philosophy, but since Arizona’s (6-2, 4-1 Pacific 10 Conference) bye week two weeks ago, it has been worshipped. The team soaked in every drop of its time off, using the extra week of practice to get healthy and tie up some loose ends. Then with fresh legs and fresher minds, the Wildcats dismantled Washington State, showing what they are capable of when all three facets of their game — offense, defense and special teams — are firing on all cylinders. That’s exactly what Arizona wants to do this weekend, too. “It’s going to be a good game with a lot of excitement,” wide receiver Delashaun Dean said. “We’ve just got to go out there and do what we do best, and that’s play well and not worry about them necessarily. We’ve just got to worry about us and execute our game plans offensively and PREVIEW, page 10

Colin Darland/Arizona Daily Wildcat

The California football team won’t be at its “best” during Saturday afternoon’s contest against Arizona, but that doesn’t mean the Golden Bears aren’t dangerous. Star running back Jahvid Best won’t play against the No. 18 Wildcats after he sustained a severe concussion during last week’s 31-14 loss to Oregon State. The junior might not play for the rest of the season as he continues his recovery, but there won’t be much of a drop off as sophomore Shane Vereen will shoulder the load for the time being. “(Best) is the nation’s best running back, and I’m sure Cal is really going to miss him. He’s definitely a big part of their offense,” said UA defensive end Brooks Reed. “I’m sure their next guy is going to be another great athlete so we’re going to prepare the same for him as if Jahvid was still there.” Cal quarterback Kevin Riley could take some of the pressure off of Vereen if the junior signal caller can play with some consistency. In the Bear’s six wins Riley has thrown 13 touchdown passes compared to only one interception. In his team’s three losses Riley has just one scoring toss and two interceptions. If Riley can regain his form during Cal’s three-game win streak in October — he had eight touchdown passes and one interception combined against UCLA, Washington State and ASU — he might make life difficult for the Wildcats. “He’s had a pretty good season overall. Every game he comes ready to play

Receiver Delashaun Dean breaks free from a tackle against Washington State on Saturday. Arizona will have to execute their offense, defense and special teams to be successful against Cal this weekend.

After difficult life experiences, Jones still nervous for first game By Lance Madden Arizona Daily Wildcat


Sans Best, Bears still pose danger By Brian Kimball Arizona Daily Wildcat

Hoops opens against NAU Momo Jones walked into Room 109C of McKale Center on Thursday with shiny gold earphones on his head and a smile on his face. He silenced his earphones and took off his cap as he took his seat before a handful of media members. He seemed comfortable, but the thought of the UA men’s basketball team’s first game of the season — Sunday at 3 p.m. in McKale Center against Northern Arizona University — is overwhelming, he said. And this is coming from a young man who was the No. 68 overall college prospect in the nation in high school, who prepped at Oak Hill Academy, where Brandon Jennings, Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley went, and played in the Jordan Brand Classic in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. “I’ve played in some big games,” the 6-foot, 200-pound point guard said,“but this is my first college game.” But don’t mistake his anxiety for a lack of confidence and toughness. Coming from Harlem, N.Y., he was raised by a single mother, Jeneen Fuller. He never knew his biological father, and his stepfather, Clarence Sims, was shot and killed near his home when Jones was just 8 years old. “I just had to be tough,” he said. “It’s been to my advantage, and I feel like there’s no need to stop now.” Jones, the godson of UA assistant coach Emanuel Richardson, was once verbally committed to play for Louisville, then to Virginia Tech. He signed a letter of intent to play for USC, but was able to back out when then-head coach Tim Floyd resigned. Now he’s a Wildcat, and he’s showed that he can score and distribute the ball well.

opponent ANALYSIS

BEARS, page 10

V-ball aims to sweep Devils By Nicole Dimtsios Arizona Daily Wildcat

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Freshman Momo Jones drives the basketball down the court against WNMU on Tuesday. He and six other freshmen on the team will experience their first college basketball game Sunday.

“With his size, he’s got to be relentless with his effort, and he’s got to be in the right position, and he’s got to be a smart defender as well,”said UA head coach Sean Miller.“I can tell just watching him, he’s really taking that part of the game serious.” Last season’s Wildcats displayed a chemistry that Arizona arguably hasn’t had in years. Departing players Zane Johnson, Fendi Onobun and David Bagga all said it was the best team they had ever played for. Not that this year’s team necessarily has less chemistry. The tightness of the squad is visible, to say the least. “I think every day we click better and

Icecats still searching for the right mix

better,” Jones said. “We go out there as a team, we eat as a team, we talk as a team. Everything we do is team-oriented. I guess you could say we sleep as a team. Everybody’s together.” The team is as confident as it is unified. Said Jones: “We’ll shock a lot of people, I can tell you that.”

Injury report

Freshman Kevin Parrom, who sprained his foot in Tuesday’s exhibition game, had X-Rays taken. Miller said he hopes to have Parrom healthy for Sunday. “We’re hopeful it’s more day-to-day than it is long term,” Miller said.

After winning its first away game in more than two years against rival Arizona State in Tempe, the Wildcat volleyball team will look to complete its second season sweep against a Pacific 10 Conference team at 7 p.m. No. 18 Arizona (17-7, 6-7 Pac10) has already completed a season sweep against Oregon, and will look to add another against the Sun Devils (13-12, 3-10 Pac-10) as the Duel in the Desert comes to Tucson. “They’re ASU and we don’t really like them,” said sophomore middle blocker Courtney Karst.“They’re the rivals. We don’t want to give them any help. We want to prove that we are the better team.” The UA is coming off an upsetting loss at Oregon State and are looking to get their record against the Pac-10 teams back to an even mark. A win against ASU would mean Arizona’s first season sweep over their rivals since 2005, coincidentally the last time the Wildcats received a NCAA tournament bid. Arizona’s preparation this week has focused solely on ASU. Head coach Dave Rubio said that his team had their best practice of the season on Tuesday, and plans to keep his team focused as the Pac-10 season winds down. “We should be well prepared and motivated,” Rubio said. “It would be nice just to win. I think they’ll bring us everything they’ve got.” Arizona State has been absent from the national talk around the Pac-10. Currently eight teams are ranked in the conference, and ASU has been the only team not mentioned in the

Bison/AVCA Division I Coaches Poll. While some players are amped to face ASU in the comfort of their home court, junior Tiffany Owens sees the game tonight as just another step towards the postseason. “All we have to do is focus on us, Arizona volleyball,” the outside hitter said. “Focus on the motivation in practice.” Although the Sun Devils have struggled this season against the Pac-10, Rubio isn’t underestimating the team’s rival to the north. “ASU is playing well. They’ve done a nice job in the second half,”he said. “They have a new lineup, they’re players are confident and they’re going to bring everything they’ve got.” The Rivalry Red Out, as the Wildcats are billing the game, marks the second to last home stand for Arizona this season. With just a few more matches at home, the Wildcats need to build all of the confidence they can before heading back on the dreaded road in the Pac-10.

Tying-up the series

A new addition to the Duel in the Desert this season is the State Farm Territorial Cup Series, a system which awards points for each ASU/UA matchup. The series includes 18 common varsity intercollegiate sports. The Sun Devils currently lead the Wildcats 2-1, after Arizona State’s two cross country teams finished ahead of Arizona’s. UA received its point after Arizona soccer defeated ASU 2-1 in double overtime. If the Wildcats win tonight, Arizona will receive another point for winning the season series. A Sun Devil win would split the series, and no points would be awarded.

Swim and dive’s final tune-up before Texas Invite

Women’s tennis plays in last fall tournament

Wheelchair hoops set for home tournament


• friday, november 13, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

W-hoops opens in NY tourney XC heads By Nicole Dimtsios ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

After heading to paradise last year to open the season in Hawaii, Arizona women’s basketball will travel across the continental United States to participate in the Iona College Tip-Off Tournament in New Rochelle, N.Y. The Wildcats will face off against the Iona College Gaels at 5:30 p.m. Tucson time on Friday and either Bucknell University or University of Miami, Ohio, on Sunday at 11 a.m. For head coach Niya Butts and the rest of the coaching staff, the tournament not only will give Arizona the chance to see a different part of the country, but also to participate in a competitive tournament to jumpstart the season. “As a staff, what we wanted to try to do was get games that are going to test us in different areas,� Butts said. “I think it will be a tough tournament. Everyone is trying to get their first win of the season and so it’s going to be scrappy, it’s going to be physical and I think we’re all expecting that, so we’re going to have to get after that.� The Wildcats pre-conference season schedule was specifically designed by the coaching staff to help prepare the team for the challenges they will face against the Pacific 10 Conference this season. With Butts’ new style of offense, playing against teams from other conferences will give the Wildcats the chance to see how they match up early on in the season.

Junior Ify Ibekwe scraps for the ball against Grand Canyon University on Sunday at McKale Center. The forward and the women’s basketball team tip-off on Saturday against Iona College in New Rochelle, N.Y. Alan Walsh/ Arizona Daily Wildcat

“Taking our group to New York, we get two quality games there,� said Butts.“We get back-to-back games, that’s going to test where we are from a mental stand point, how well can we bounce back.� From a recruitment standpoint, participating in tip-off tournaments gives Butts a chance to promote the program on a national level. As she builds her program



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The Arizona men’s and women’s cross-country teams will head to Eugene, Ore., for the NCAA West Regional Cross Country Meet, which will determine who qualifies for the most important event of the season — the NCAA National Cross Country Meet. The No. 24 women hope to earn either an automatic bid to nationals by finishing in the top two, or an atlarge bid through a successful meet that backs up the rest of their season. The latter is more likely, says, junior Maggie Callahan. “The West is so deep that it’s pretty safe to assume they’ll take five teams because the first couple teams are the first couple teams in the country,� she said. It might be an understatement to call the West simply “deep.�The meet will showcase No. 1 Washington, No. 5 Oregon, No. 14 Stanford, No. 16 Arizona State, No. 24 Arizona and No. 27 California. “I think getting an automatic

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excited about starting the season outside Arizona. Senior point guard Ashley Frazier talked about fulfilling a lifelong goal. “New York is going to be fun. I’ve been wanting to play a New York team all my life,� said Frazier. “The New York (tournament), we’re looking forward to that one.�

in her second season, Butts hopes that playing outside Arizona will help put the Wildcats on a national stage. “When we recruit kids into our program we want to make sure they get an experience before they leave,� Butts said. “It’s about something more than just bouncing the ball on the court.� The coaches aren’t the only Wildcats

to West Regionals

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SERENE, LARGE, PRIVATE, light, airy remodeled 2BR 2BATH guest house. Eight blocks from campus/UMC. Newer A/C, dishwasher,W/D, carport, patio, concrete floors, vintage pool, organic garden, more. Available immediately; $1,100/mo. 520-770-1003. THE SLICE AT Speedway and Main! Great modern rental available! 3bedroom, 2.5bath. Great outdoor living spaces. You can move in before you leave for Christmas break with a 1year lease! $1275+ utilities. Please call Julie @791-7035 for pictures and to schedule your showing! WALK TO UOFA! 1214 N. 2nd Ave. Charming 2/1, fireplace, new carpet, kitchen floor and paint, 845sqft. $725/mo. McElwain Co. 326-6158 WALK TO UOFA! 827 E. Linden St. spacious, 4/2, tile floors, W/D, DW, parking, 1,368sqft. $995/mo. McElwain Co. 326-6158

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Casa Bonita Rental Homes

FREE RENT THROUGH end of 2009 over $1,000 value, when signing lease through July 2010. Male housemate wanted for your own room in a 4br house w/wifi, cable, laundry room. Will include new queen bed and night stand. Need to leave for medical reasons and looking to sublet for $437 per month plus utilities. Call Jeff @908578-5206. FURNISHED ROOM KITCHEN &W/D privileges. All utilities paid including cable. Near UofA. Security deposit. References. $400/mo. No smokers 3235542


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GREAT LOCATION BEHIND University Hospital. $495 +utilities. 1BD 1BA available in 5BD home shared w/4 UofA students. Available 12/20/0907/28/10. First month free if interested in entire rental period. Jared 949-4133292, or email

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LOOKING FOR ROOMMATE to share 3bedroom 2bath house, located 4miles from campus, ez to commute, utilities included +wireless internet/ cable, washer & dryer. Please contact 480-296-9958

IN ARMORY PARK! 638 S.6th Ave. Close to downtown, 1/1 guesthouse, A/C, Shared W/D, 597sqft $550/mo incl. utils. McElwain Co. 326-6158 NEAR 4TH AVE!, 2bdrm, 1ba, updated! $995 incl water, trash, cable &hi speed internet. Dep $995, app $30 per adult. Burns Development &Realty 327-8971.


Players ready for East Coast

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For many players on Arizona’s roster, the chance to go to NewYork is something they’ve anticipated since summer workouts began. The tournament will provide Arizona with its first road games of the season after defeating both Fort Lewis College and Grand Canyon University in their exhibition games at home. “East Coast teams — it’s just a different type of play out there,” said sophomore guard Reiko Thomas. “Everyone is bigger, faster, stronger and no knock to the Pac-10, but its just going to be different and its going to be a challenge for us. Especially since those are the first couple of road games so we’ll see how everything comes together from practice.”

And 1

WE OFFER SHORT term leases. w w w. c a m p b e l l r a n c h a p t s . c o m 520.323.9347 We are on the direct bus line to the UofA. One bedroom $475.00. Two bedroom $575.00. $199.00 total move in cost! First month free on 12 month lease. 1/2 month free with 6-9 month lease.

Head coach Niya Butts and the Wildcats inked three players for the 2010-2011 with national letters of intent. “I am very excited about the three young ladies that we are adding to an already good core group of girls,” Butts said in a media release.“Not only is each one of these ladies extremely talented and athletic, they are also great kids and possess the kind of personalities we are looking for in our program. We are looking forward to adding them to the Arizona family and we can’t wait for them to get here.” Candice Warthen, of Warrenton, Ga., and Kiante Ageous from San Antonio, Texas, are both guards that will help improve Arizona’s offense after the departure of current senior point guard Ashley Frazier. Warthen averages 25.6 points, 5.7 steals, four assists and 8.1 rebounds a game for the Warren Country High School Screaming Devils. Ageous averages a double-double per game with 21.2 points and 11.2 rebounds and is rated among the top 100 guards by and is an ESPN/RISE third team all-area pick for Houston High School. Erica Barnes, a 6’2” forward from Sacramento, Calif., is rated the No. 23 forward by the Girls Basketball Report and No. 34 by She also averages a double-double with 10.3 rebounds and 14.9 points per game. “Erica runs the floor well and will fit in well with our transition offense as well as adding depth to our frontcourt. Candice is going to bring an outstanding ability to score as well as athleticism and quickness to our perimeter,”Butts said.“Kiante is going to be a player who adds toughness to our group. She doesn’t care where she plays on the floor — she just wants to contribute in any way she can.”

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Women set sights on at-large invite to NCAA Championships

qualifier would be really nice, but it’s really kind of not necessary,” said head cross country coach James Li. “I feel strongly that we did well enough during the regular season that as long as we do reasonably well at this meet, we should get an at-large to go.” But finishing strong is still important. “It doesn’t matter how well you’ve done throughout the season,” Callahan said.“This meet decides the nationals no matter what has happened through the rest of the season. If you don’t do

PREVIEW continued from page 7

LOCATION! 2BR, 2BA, 1story townhouse, close to La Encantada, upscale restaurants, art galleries, and Westin La Paloma Resort. Remodeled private end unit. Stainless appliances, washer & dryer, fireplace, dining, living, breakfast nook, covered patio. Clubhouse, pool, spa, & exercise facilities. No smoking. Call Keen: 520-2717649.

well here you’re not going. There’s no guarantee.” The men’s team won’t send its entire roster to the regional meet this year as it did not place high enough at the Pacific 10 Championships to qualify. However, two men will still be running at the upcoming meet in Oregon. Junior Mohamud Ige, who has had an up-and-down season due to injury, has still been one of the men’s top runners. He finished at an impressive 20th place at the Pac-10 meet and will be going

as an individual qualifier this weekend. He will be joined by freshman Noe Ramirez. “Hopefully, Mohamud and Noe can run well and qualify for nationals after the regionals,” Li said. “That’s our goal there.” The National meet will take place on Nov. 23 at Indiana State University. “There’s definitely some pressure, but that’s what we’re here for,” Li said of the anticipation for the meet. “You have to perform in big meet … and I think we’ll get it done.”

UA avoiding overconfident play

defensively and on special teams.” The offense has been steady and reliable, both on the ground and through the air. With Cal (6-3, 3-3 Pac-10) surrendering 276 passing yards per game, ninth in the Pac-10, quarterback Nick Foles should have a field day on Saturday. But that’s to be expected. What wasn’t expected was the emergence of Arizona’s defense and special teams in the past few weeks. “We come out to practice every day and treat it like a game situation, so being clued-in is what (defensive success) is all about,”Golden said of a defense that has been dominant in its last two games against UCLA and Washington State, allowing just 20 points combined.“We’ve put a lot of emphasis on getting off the

field on third down. We try to be one of the best teams in the nation, and in order to do that we have to be able to go out there and perform every play.” And then, of course, the special teams arrived against Washington State to return a kick and a punt for a touchdown. With William “Bug” Wright’s 86-yard touchdown scamper on a punt return, Arizona went from last to first in the nation in punt return average. Apparently, it’s better to arrive fashionably late. “That was about five long weeks of not playing, and then to get my first touchdown felt great,” Wright said, who missed time due to a knee injury. If Arizona can play well in all

Players to watch

Brooks Reed, DE — He’s back, he’s finally back. Perhaps its best player, Arizona’s defense has been good without him, but even the team admits that it’s better when Reed is in the lineup. Keola Antolin, RB — Even if Nic Grigsby suits up, he probably won’t play much — giving the start to Antolin. The sophomore has played well this season when given the opportunity, but he’ll need to be great this weekend to help Arizona set the tone. Vuna Tuihalamaka, MLB — After Jahvid Best’s scary injury, Cal is a team without an identity. The Bears will probably be a little gun-shy at the start, even at home, and Arizona needs to capitalize on that by taking momentum early. No one on Arizona’s defense delivers a more physical presence than Tuihalamaka.

three phases of the game then it will start its brutal, final four game stretch on the right foot. If they do win you’ll certainly hear some excitement, but don’t expect to hear any whispers about Rose Bowl possibilities. “We’re confident, but we’re humble,” Wright said. “You always have to have confidence and swagger to win a game, and we knew that we’re a good team and if we go out and execute and do what we’re supposed to do then the things will take care of themselves. “It’s a good feeling,”Wright said of the team’s success. “We haven’t been ranked around here in so long. We’re trying not to let it get to us too much, but then again we’re trying to soak it all in and have a good time with it.”

Keys to the game

Stay focused — Arizona’s match-up with Oregon in two weeks looks better and better each day, and the Wildcats’ chances of getting to that game with a 7-2 record got significantly better when Cal’s Jahvid Best went down with a concussion. That does not mean that Arizona can rest on its laurels, though. The Wildcats need to take care of the matter at hand before addressing the future. Throw it downfield — Despite having talented players, Cal’s secondary has been pretty bad this season, ranking ninth in the Pac-10. UA should take advantage, showcasing Foles’ arm by taking shots downfield early and often. Rush the passer — Without Jahvid Best, a lot of pressure is going to be placed on quarterback Kevin Riley to carry the load. With Reed back teamed with the red-hot Ricky Elmore, Arizona could have a field day attacking a typically hesitant signal caller.

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RB Vereen legit threat

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against us,”said UA linebacker Sterling Lewis. “(Cal head coach Jeff) Tedford, he coaches up the quarterbacks pretty good so we’ll come out prepared against them for sure.” Regardless of how Riley and Vereen play against Arizona, the Golden Bear’s defense will likely determine the outcome of the game. In the team’s three losses it’s allowed 30, 31 and 42 points. Cal’s defense particularly struggled to defend the pass — the team ranks 93rd in the nation in pass efficiency defense out of 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams — and ranks 78th in total defense. Arizona boasts the 13th best offense in the country in terms of total yardage and ranks 35th in passing yards per game. That combination doesn’t bode well for Cal. “We have to make some plays on the ball 8… I think our guys are competing for the ball but (the opposition is) coming up with them,” Tedford told local media earlier this week. “… Defensively, as far as defending the pass, it comes down to pressuring the passer, re-routing receivers, not letting guys run free and then making plays when you’re in position to make plays. So it’s an accumulation of everything, it’s not just one thing.” The one thing the Bears will have working undisputedly in their favor is the home crowd. The last time Arizona made the trip to Berkeley the team got pounded resulting in a 4527 Cal win. It wasn’t even close as the Bears lead 28-3 after the first quarter and 31-10 at halftime. This year, the Wildcats will visit Strawberry Canyon during Cal’s Senior Day. With all the festivities that go along with the final home game of the season, on top of the injury to Best, the Bears could be buoyed by all the emotion surrounding a critical conference clash. “When you play at Arizona, I know that’s a hostile environment, and so when they come here you leave the confines of your own stadium you have to deal with crowd noise,” Tedford said. “… This is the last game of the year at home for us, the last game for our seniors to walk down that tunnel, and so I hope that the fans come out and pay tribute to our seniors and make it a home field advantage for us. A lot of that has to do with the fans, and so I’m hoping that they’ll come out and give the team full support this week.”



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• friday, november 13, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

Arizona Daily Wildcat - Nov. 13  

Arizona Daily Wildcat - Nov. 13

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