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Straight out of ‘Thriller’

Hundreds of the undead stagger along downtown Tucson in a world record attempt.


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Fighting for in-state tuition By Yael Schusterman ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Ashlee Salamon/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Sierra Kennedy, a business administration senior, explains her struggle with the university over instate tuition Wednesday afternoon.

Business administration senior Sierra Kennedy wants to be an Arizona resident. But, until recently, a long road of administrative hurdles has kept the Pennsylvania native from achieving that status. Kennedy is one of many students bewildered by the classification process that determines whether a student will be charged in-state or out-of-state tuition. Students say complicated and seemingly-unfair standards have left them scrambling to pay for their classes. Kennedy said that she was told by the Residency Office that because her parents were on her Free Application for Federal Student Aid and they were

taking out a Parent Plus loan, she was unable to be considered a resident, since that is not adequate proof of “independence.” When Kennedy inquired how to remove her parents from her forms, the Residency Office replied that she would have to prove that she has no contact with her parents for a year or get married. Kennedy is financially independent and pays Arizona taxes, but she is still not considered an in-state student. “Since I only have $3,000 in loans to go to school and an out-of-state tuition, I can only take one class,” she said.“I could have graduated earlier if I took more classes this semester. In my head, I got screwed.” Kennedy got married last month, and is now considered “independent.” As a

result, her parents will now be removed from her FAFSA. She submitted a new FAFSA for the spring but said she has not heard back from Financial Aid. Adding to the confusion, Kennedy said is considered an in-state student by Pima Community College standards, but not by the standards of the UA. John Nametz, Financial Aid director, said, “It is not uncommon to have UA students be considered in-state residents at Pima, but out-of-state residents at the UA.” He explained that proving residency is a different, and usually easier, process at a community college than at a state university. The most difficult part of getting instate tuition is being self-supporting TUITION, page 3

Fray concert sold out By Shannon Maule ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

FRAY, page 3

At a critical time for the global environment, the National Science Foundation is combining the efforts of researchers from various fields of geoscience to solve some of our planet’s pressing environmental issues. Timothy Killeen, the assistant director of geosciences for the National Science Foundation, gave his first lecture at the UA Thursday evening in the Cesar E. Chavez building whichhighlighted the foundation’s current environmental concerns and research goals. “The (foundation) is working to address the nation’s need to understand, predict and respond to environmental pressures,” Killeen said. Increasing atmospheric and oceanic

prior to the award year • Are an orphan or ward of the court or

both of your parents are deceased • Are a military member “currently serving

on active duty in the Armed Forces for other than training purposes” • Are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces • Are a student with legal dependents other than a spouse • Are a graduate or married student as of the day you apply • Have children who receive more than half of their support from you. Source: Financial Aid Office Web site


Tim Glass/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Only six tickets remained for The Fray concert as this line formed Thursday morning at Centennial Hall immediately after classes released. The now-sold out performance is set for Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. in Centennial Hall.

Geoscience may solve eco problems By Will Ferguson ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

• Are 24-years-old or older on December 31

Fraternity will face paper theft hearing

UApresents joint venture with ASUA pays off in sales After months of advertising and a unique collaboration between UApresents and the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, officials announced last night that “An Evening with The Fray,” a concert set for Wednesday, Nov. 18, has sold out. UApresents Publicity Manager Mario Di Vetta said that by Thursday afternoon only five scattered tickets were available overall, in the balcony section of Centennial Hall. By the close of business hours Thursday, all 2,400 tickets had been sold, he said. “It’s great,” Di Vetta said. “We wanted this venture (with ASUA) to be successful, and ASUA has proven that it can be successful.” The rapid sale of tickets has led organizers to speculate as to why this concert is apparently more successful than last spring’s disastrous Jay-Z concert, which set ASUA back around $1 million. “There are a number of factors as to why this concert has already proven to be such a success. It’s early on in the year — so it’s fresh in everyone’s minds — and the primary push for ticket sales has been on campus,”Di Vetta said. The majority of marketing by ASUA has been through e-mail, Facebook and posters, he said. ASUA’s Katy Perry concert in February 2009 was also held in Centennial Hall, which seats 2,500, and was sold out before the event. Last year, the Last Smash Platinum Bash concert was in the Arizona

You qualify for UA’s in-state tuition status if you:

temperatures, dwindling water resources and the effects of explosive population growth and development throughout the world are just a few of the problems that Killeen said geoscience research could help to solve. “In Shanghai, China, pollution levels are now quickly going from relatively safe to dangerous, the effects of which will make its way across the ocean and impact the United States,” he said.“We are all in this together.” In order to address these issues, the National Science Foundation is conducting and funding research into how the Earth functions as a system. Ranging from what happened in the earliest part of the Earth’s planetary history to analyzing trends in the salinity of the earth’s oceans.. “If you’re looking for an intellectual challenge, you might look towards

geosciences,” said Killeen. Killeen stressed the importance of developing better methods to build climate models for the atmosphere and oceans. In order to do this the foundation is employing a growing network of scientists, super computers and field equipment to predict and interpret important trends and shifts in data. Geoscientific projects received more than 20 percent of the $3 billion allocated to the National Science Foundation through President Barack Obama’s federal stimulus package, money that is being distributed throughout the economy by funding research initiatives, graduate studies and the development of faster and more accurate climate models. GEOSCIENCES, page 3

Timothy Galaz/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Assistant Director of the National Sciences Foundation Tim Killen gives a lecture about geosciences and geoscience education in the Chavez Building on Thursday.

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The UA’s Greek Standards Board has set a hearing with the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity to determine whether the chapter is responsible for the mass theft of 10,000 copies of the Daily Wildcat on Oct. 8. Daily Wildcat representatives and fraternity members will address the Greek Judicial Board on Nov. 4 to present their cases, said Jenny Nirh , senior coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Programs within Greek Life. In order for the board to find Phi Kappa Psi responsible for the estimated $8,500 loss the newspaper sustained from the theft, Daily Wildcat representatives must show that the mass theft was a collaborative effort, and not just the work of a few individuals, Nirh added. “It is the responsibility of the complainant to show that it is more likely than not that Phi Kappa Psi fraternity is responsible for the incident,” she said. “This means that (the Wildcat has) to show that it is not just two individuals, but rather that it was the fraternity planning and carrying out this activity.” Following the hearing, the Greek Judicial Board will send a letter to the fraternity by Nov. 6 stating whether Phi Kappa Psi is responsible for the theft, as well as outlining any possible sanctions, according to official Greek Standards Board processes. A simple majority vote is needed for the board to reach a verdict. About 10,000 newspapers were stolen from Daily Wildcat stands on Oct. 8. Several thousand of the stolen newspapers were found on the western outskirts of Tucson the next day, along with Spanish homework bearing the names of UA students Nick Kovaleski and Alex Cornell , who are both members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. The fraternity’s president and vice president initially would neither confirm nor deny Phi Kappa Psi’s involvement in the mass theft. Phi Kappa Psi President Keith Peters later told the Daily Wildcat the fraternity would be carrying out an internal investigation. Peters, Cornell and Kovaleski have repeatedly declined comment concerning the ongoing case and the fraternity’s internal investigation.

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• friday, october 30, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

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Weather Today’s High: 66 Low: 44

Tomorrow: H: 81 L: 51



Scary verses

Between flood and


Write a spooky haiku at the drought Halloween Haiku Spooktacular Professor Dilip da Cunha from happening on the UA Mall from the architecture department 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Parsons School of Design will be giving a lecture titled, “Between Flood and Drought.” It will be held in Room 202 of the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building at 5 p.m.

Gallagher gets Harry

Oct. 30

Enjoy “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” this weekend at the Gallagher Theater. The movie will be playing Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

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Laxcat’s costume conclusions


Worth noting


It’s all about Halloween this time, so what are you going to be? Uh, I don’t know yet. Uh oh. It’s only a couple of days away, you’re running out of time, man. I know, but I’ve got a lacrosse game that day, so.

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A 100 year-old African Sulcata tortoise named Tank gets attention from children in downtown Tucson. His owner, Mark Whitten (gray shirt), “walks” him twelve blocks per day.

Headless-Horseman’s hometown won’t host haunted wedding SLEEPY HOLLOW, N.Y. — A church made famous by Washington Irving’s short story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” has rejected a couple’s request to hold a Halloweenthemed wedding. Lisa Panensky and Jim Nieves signed a contract 13 months ago to

get married on Halloween at the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. Church officials balked at the couple’s plans to wear costumes and include theme music from “The Addams Family” and “The Munsters.” The Rev. Jeff Gargano said he only recently learned of the Halloween

— The Associated Press


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Newton’s new show could be last Girl 1: Why is the toilet paper so high? Girl 2: I don’t know. Girl 1: Like, what if I had lobster arms? — Student Union Memorial Center bathroom submit at or twitter @overheardatua

Fast Facts A 7.0 magnitude earthquake is 900 times more powerful than a 5.0 earthquake. How much would you weigh at the exact center of the earth? Nothing. Space dust increases the earth’s weight by as much as six tons a day. Geologically speaking, we live in the Cenozoic era, which began 65 million years ago.

Due to the rotation of the Earth, an object can be thrown farther if it’s thrown west. The Earth is becoming desert at a rate of 40 square miles per day. The earth spins 1,000 mph faster at the equator than at the poles. If the Earth had no air between its atoms, it would be about the size of a baseball.

I guess so. Now what about the Laxcats’ plans, do you guys have something going on? Um, I think there might be something going on with them. Some of the older guys probably have something planned. We have a game that Saturday. We’re going up to Phoenix to go play Grand Canyon University, just for a little scrimmage. But the big question is will you guys be able to get back to Tucson in time to party? Yeah, hopefully. (Laughs) — Brian Kimball

theme. He offered instead to marry them in the cemetery of the 17th-century church, but the couple declined. The church has offered to refund their deposit. The couple say they may get married at home.


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Calendar Editor Jaclyn Lee Applegate

What about movies, what’s your favorite Halloween-themed movie? Um, let’s see. That’s a tough one. (Pauses) I like the“Saw”series. It’s interesting.

But I’m talking about the “Saw” movies, are you for real? There’s like 18 of those movies now and none of them really are any good at all. Yeah, there’s a lot of them. I don’t know, it kind of gets redundant or whatever but it’s always good to see a little gore.

Advertising Department 520-621-3425

I don’t know about the classy part. It’s not very original, you know? Yeah, that’s true.

Really? Honestly? I’m not a big fan of any of the original Halloweenthemed movies, like “Frankenstein”or anything like that.

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Oh, are you on the Laxcats then? Yeah.

That sounds pretty sweet, man. What about the lamest costume you’ve ever seen? It doesn’t have to be something that you’ve been though. The lamest thing I’ve ever seen? I don’t know, maybe I’ll go with the classic ghost that’s just a sheet. But I don’t know, that can be kind of classy.

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Titus Dimson

(Laughs) All right, you’ve got to explain that one for me. I just wore a cardboard box and glued a bunch of pieces of candy on to it. It was pretty cool.

The Daily Wildcat is always interested in story ideas and tips from readers. If you see something deserving of coverage, contact news editor Tim McDonnell at or call the newsroom at 621-3193. Vol. 103, Issue 49

Pre-architecture freshman

That’s cool. Good luck with that, dude. Now then, what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever dressed up as? Best thing I’ve ever been? Let’s see. (Pauses) A vending machine.

New question: Did you dress up for Halloween?

illustration by Marino Ponder/Arizona Daily Wildcat

LAS VEGAS — Wayne Newton is telling fans “Danke schoen” after 50 years in Las Vegas and hinting that his latest run could be his last. But the singer synonymous with Sin City says he’s leaving himself an opening in case he wants to perform after April. Wayne Newton The man known throughout the world as “Mr. Las Vegas” says retirement is possible, but that decision won’t hinge on the success of his new show that opened Wednesday night at the Tropicana Las Vegas hotelcasino on the Las Vegas Strip. Instead, he says, it depends on whether his itch to keep working conflicts with his desire to spend more time with his 7-year-old daughter. Newton brought his second-grader home Wednesday night before heading to the Tropicana for the opening night of his latest show,“Once Before I Go.” The show, which Newton says took 2.5 months to write, is presented as a live memoir of Newton’s life and his career, with never-before-shared insights from Newton about personal episodes along the way. “It’s challenging to keep it entertaining,” Newton said.“And that was my first prerequisite.” Wednesday night, Newton told stories about Dean Martin failing to rehearse for a TV duet, Elvis Presley writing a note that inspired the lyrics for “The Letter” and Bobby Darin fighting a publisher to let Newton record his signature tune “Danke Schoen.” Newton told the crowd that it was tough for him to pick highlight songs from a career that includes 165 records. “It would be impossible for me to pick songs from all of them even if I remembered them, which I don’t,” Newton quipped. As a youth, Newton and his family lived in Phoenix. Newton arrived in Las Vegas in 1959, when a twoweek tryout at the Fremont Hotel & Casino turned into lounge act of six shows per night, six nights a week for nearly a year. The crooner earned national fame after a 1962 television appearance on“The Jackie Gleason Show,” which led to many more singing and acting gigs on TV and in film. He also headlined at several casinos throughout Sin City, including the New Frontier. Newton said writing“Once Before I Go”has taken a toll on him and will likely be emotional to perform nightly. “If I still feel like I have something to give when this particular show is over, then I’ll make the decision to probably curtail work a little bit but not give it up totally,” he said.“If I don’t feel that way at the end of this, then I’ll probably hang it up.” — The Associated Press

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Discrepancies hurting financially continued from page 1 for two years prior to the semester you are applying for, Nametz said. “So let’s say someone is starting school during fall 2010, that person needs to prove financial independence for both 2008 and 2009,” he said. These constraints have posed difficulties for some students. 2008 alumnus Sean Feldman , an Illinois native, said that the “process for obtaining a shot at receiving an in-state status was long and brutal.” Feldman said that his parents’ names were on his FAFSA, but that did not immediately disqualify him from receiving in-state tuition. Filing the FAFSA independently is a different process than filing independently for instate tuition, he said. “It is true that you must include your parents’ financial information on the FAFSA until you qualify as independent in the eyes of the government.” Feldman said the first step was to file with the admissions department as an instate student. Since his parents were not assisting him with payments or tuition, he applied independently. “They basically give you a list of criteria and information you need to bring in to prove that you have been residing independently in the state of Arizona,” he said. Among the criteria are two years worth of bank statements, an Arizona voter registration, pay stubs for jobs held in Arizona, a driver’s license and state ID, Arizona vehicle registration, insurance and tax return forms for at least two years filed in Arizona. After collecting this information, Feldman said he was required to meet with a head of the financial aid department. “Believe me when I say that this school will do or find anything to not give you the benefit of in-state status,” Feldman said of his experience. The first time he met with a financial aid representative he was denied in-state status. Feldman said he was denied because his statements didn’t display sufficient activity to prove that he was living independently. Feldman explained that he had another checking account, in Ill., from which he was withdrawing to help pay for school. “This almost blew it for me because once he saw this other account in a different state, he questioned how I was depositing into it, and how often I leave to state to go back home,” he said. “Somehow, I talked my way out of it, and once I finally brought in those statements showing transactions mainly from the UA, he finally signed off on my status.”

Ruth Taylor-Piliae UA College of Nursing and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation nurse faculty scholar Amir Adib/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Every Tuesday the Daily Wildcat sits down with a member of the UA Faculty to discuss their work and campus issues. Have a professor you’d like us to talk to? Send suggestions to By Michelle Cohen ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Ruth Taylor-Piliae has been a nurse since 1980 when she obtained her undergraduate degree from California State University, Fresno. She has a master’s degree in nursing from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a doctorate from the University of California, San Francisco. She did her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard School of Medicine. Throughout her career she has lived and worked overseas for about 20 years, including time in Hong Kong, China for 15 years. This is her third year on the UA faculty. Daily Wildcat reporter Michelle Cohen sat down with Taylor-Piliae to discuss her research on the health benefits of tai chi. Why did you become a nurse? I always wanted to become a nurse since I was young. I just wanted to help people. With nursing you can go anywhere and do anything. Nursing afforded me the opportunity to go and work in lots of different places including international experiences. Why did you come to the UA? I was looking for a top university in research to work at and it also needed

to be a top university for nursing with a graduate program. It was a good fit. The College of Nursing was looking for someone with my expertise and background. Having lots of sun and warm weather also helps. The weather was agreeable. Can you tell me about the “Tai Chi Exercise for Stroke Survivors Study” you will be conducting? This is a randomized clinical trial. What we’re doing is looking for people at least 50 years old that had a stroke at least three months ago, but no less than three months ago, that are willing to be randomly assigned to either a 12-week program of tai chi exercise, SilverSneakers, a fitness program for Medicare adults, or usual care, the third group, which is a stroke rehabilitation. Everybody does their usual care, which generally means three months of stroke rehabilitation that’s usually covered by insurance. Usual care depends on the person and how affected they are by a stroke. It’s usually physical therapy, occupational therapy and some people need speech therapy. It depends how the person was affected by the stroke. It’s totally individual. It depends on how early they got in to get treatment after getting symptoms of the stroke. There are a lot of variables. I’ll compare them, looking at whether they’re effective


University police to add extra officers to Halloween patrol The University of Arizona Police Department will have more patrol officers on duty Saturday to handle an expected increase in activity during Halloween, officials said. “There will be extra police for sure Saturday than we would have in a typical day due to announced parties,” said UAPD Sgt. Keith Brittain. “If there’s enough parties on campus, extra officers are deployed to help deal with extra calls generated.” Brittain said that there is usually an increase in call load on Halloween, as well as increases in alcohol violations, medical assists, assaults and pranks. “It ranges from traditional toilet-papering to some of the more damaging, like eggs thrown at vehicles,” he said. Brittain didn’t know whether there would be an increase in activity this particular Halloween, since it falls on a Saturday. In addition to extra patrol officers, UAPD officers will be hired for parties throughout the campus. “There are some hired by the fraternities for


continued from page 1


continued from page 1

parties,” he said. “Any (policemen) hired directly by Greek Life will stay at party areas and any extra (policemen) will be available to cover the entire campus.” Brittain didn’t know how many additional officers will be on duty Saturday. UAPD spokesman Sgt. Juan Alvarez said that UAPD will be“more aware”of any suspicious activity on Saturday. “We’ll obviously be paying attention to surrounding neighborhoods to make sure we provide a safer environment for everyone,”he said.“We pay attention to people walking around to make sure they’re safe.” Brittain also laid to rest an urban legend that crime rates increase when a full moon falls on or around Halloween. “That’s a myth out there that it does happen, but at least in our department we haven’t found that to be the case,”he said. — Michelle Cohen

ASUA president: Centennial has less risk

Stadium, which has the potential to seat over 56,000. “We’ve proven to have a better track record and more experience when planning a concert in Centennial Hall.” ASUA President Chris Nagata said. “For us, the risk of this show is less than putting on a show at a larger venue, with a larger number of seats and tickets to sell.” When asked whether, given last spring’s failure, ASUA should take such a large risk again he said, “You have to weigh out the amount of risk. We wanted a low-risk show with The Fray and great success, and we’ve already accomplished this.” Caleb Wilson, media arts sophomore and executive special events coordinator for ASUA,

attributed the success to other reasons. “I think it varies on the popularity of the artist, the price of tickets, the time you have to market such an event and the overall message you want to convey on a local or national level. In fact, that is a statistic I am letting the student body interpret via my revised survey set to send out next week,” Wilson said. With 20 days left to spare, both organizations say they will no longer need to focus on promoting, but instead on the preparations to make the night even more successful. “Essentially we will work alongside UApresents, fulfilling the contract requirements that The Fray have cited that they need before, during and after the show,”Wilson said.

Understanding the state of a ‘finite planet’

Two of the largest projects the foundation is currently funding are the Alaska Region Research Vessel and a system of ocean observatories. “We are going to build the Alaska Region Research Vessel that will be the first new ship in the academic fleet in 30 years,” said Killeen. The vessel will have onboard sensors to measure trends and statistics gathered from the arctic oceans, he said, adding that a series of ocean observatories will monitor salinity, carbon flux and other data. Together, the projects will cost a total of $254 million. Killeen said that some of the most significant


short term changes in the global environment will be determined by the availability of water resources, a field in which the UA leads the world. “The UA is the number one university in the world for hydrology research,” said geosciences regent professor emeritus George Davis. For students not pursuing a career in the sciences, Killeen stressed the importance of obtaining a basic understanding of environmental science. “We are a transitional generation, every future generation needs to know that we are in a finite planet,” he said.

in improving physical functioning or quality of life. Why tai chi? I think there have been two studies now that have published results using tai chi in stroke survivors. If we look in research studies done in persons that have not had a stroke, some things are very consistent. Tai chi is very effective at improving balance and other things that have to do with physical function, like strength and endurance, as well as lowering blood pressure and improving mood and quality of life. So it’s effective in people that haven’t had a stroke. So I wanted to see if we could find those benefits in stroke survivors using tai chi. SilverSneakers is my comparison group. They’re a nationally certified fitness program for older adults that are Medicare eligible. When I was living and working in Hong Kong, I worked in critical care as a nurse and we had a lot of people that had heart disease and strokes in the unit. After being in our unit they would go to rehab eventually and, unfortunately, the way the programs were set up they would have only two or three months to go to a gym medical(ly) supervised to exercise … In Hong Kong there weren’t, at that time, places like 24-hour fitness or the YMCA with gym facilities suitable to exercise. There was no place

for them to continue physical activity. At the same time, in Hong Kong, if you’re walking around the park, there are lots of people around the park doing tai chi. That’s where I came up with the idea of offering tai chi as another physical activity to offer people as part of their rehab. Was there a significant difference shown in stroke patients who practice tai chi in previous studies? There was a very significant difference. They had significant improvements in blood pressure, balance, physical functioning and better moods. These are things I’ve found in previous studies I’ve worked on, and now I’ve just extended it to people that have had a stroke. Do you practice tai chi? I’ve been doing it since 2002, for about the last seven years. I think tai chi looks a lot easier to do than it (is) so I think there’s a misperception for college students or young adults that it looks easy but it’s actually not. Some of the benefits are really good. It’s very calming, very relaxing and you’ll get additional benefits: you’ll notice better balance, and if you’re an athlete, when you practice tai chi, you’ll probably find you can practice that sport better.



• friday, october 30, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat


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Firing back Daniel Greenberg columnist

Wildcat columnist Daniel Greenberg fires back at Opinions editor Laura Donovan’s column about the wastefulness of expensive Halloween costumes.

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Akin to skin: A modest(y) proposal Remy Albillar columnist


y Halloween costume this year is pretty weird. I’ll just be going, arguably, as myself. However, it will be done in such an abstract fashion, you shouldn’t be able to tell without explanation. I’m going to be dressed as my various ethnicities i.e. when you see a brown boy in a Denver Nuggets jersey and a sombrero with a Honduran flag taped to it, you’ll know that it’s your favorite Wildcat columnist, Remy“Sarcastic-Opinions-Guy”Albillar. Say“hi.” The weirdness behind that costume is not due to its borderline insensitivity or less than notable effort. Instead, the costume is weird because I’m choosing to go as something I am on the night that everyone makes a conscious effort to dress like something they are not. Nobody does this quite as well as the ladies. In fact, it’s been statistically proven that the majority of young, female college-age students are not also firefighters, policewomen, secretaries, amazons, angels, devils, sailors, nurses, school girls (the other kind), pirates, witches, fairies or bumblebees who can’t find any clothes to wear that aren’t really, really tight. That’s real science. However, just around 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 30 and 31, all of these Halloween tropes seem to wiggle their way out of the woodwork. A lot of cleavage seems to find its way to the surface, as well. Even the most demure of women seem to wrap their minds around and squeeze their frames into especially suggestive costumes. As if some lingerie inclined werewolf were patrolling the dressing rooms at Frederick’s of Hollywood, Halloween night causes a visible and haunting transformation. The male readers will likely be sending rebukes for a critique of this phenomenon, but the

I object to Ms. Donovan’s antagonistic stance towards Halloween. I’m in no rush to experience the “true meaning of Christmas.” The October pagan holiday is awesome, not just because you get to dress up but because other people dress up too. Halloween is a gateway drug to role playing. Where else can I try to win over Pocahontas’ heart while escaping a gang of gay cowboys and capturing Britney Spears with my Batcuffs? How else am I supposed to find out, firsthand, that the crazy-hot artist Lady Gaga is really a female? Even if a sad excuse of a man is going to be a Twilight character, it’s just a dumbed down version of the trite Dracula costume with sequins tacked on — the only significant cost will be the loss of masculine integrity. Ms. Donovan has her priorities in order when she saves money for drinks at the bar. I would hope that she realizes the Halloween gap between children and adult can be filled with festive jello shots.

inquisitive mind asks,“Why?” Lindsay Lohan in the film “Mean Girls” offers an interesting component to a fledgling theory: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Couple this unusual social caveat with the human behaviors described in a September article“In Hard Times, Arts Provide Realism, Escapism,” and we may have come close to cracking the code. The article notes that despite the harsh realities of economic times, movies like“Transformers”do exceptionally well. Likewise, it states,“as much as people want to see their experiences mirrored … they also want to escape them”. Long story short, people are always jumping at a chance to do something different and be something that they aren’t, and the Halloween spirit of dressing up in slutty outfits is merely a product of the fact that most girls never have a socially acceptable chance to do so. This all makes sense, but it’s almost sad that it does. Mostly because of the implication that every year the penultimate wish fulfillment of a majority of young women is to dress a lot like a thematic prostitute. Or maybe I’m just jealous that I can’t turn a really lame costume from “cliché and stupid” to “cute and awesome” by flashing a little “T&A.” Regardless, please remember that there are a myriad of options to express feminine sexuality in a far less depreciating, male oriented way. They actually wrote a lot of books about it in the 1960s. They’ll be listed under“feminism”in the bookstore the next time you’re there. That option will require a bit more work than extending the neckline of your favorite shirt, but apparently it’s a lot more empowering. My apologies to females who a) put clever thought into interesting costumes that just so happen to hint at the goods or b) girls who dress like it’s Halloween every day of the year. This article isn’t for you. — Remy Albillar is a junior majoring in English. He can be reached at

— Daniel Greenberg is a Near Eastern studies senior. He can be reached at


Wildcat columnists opine on recent news stories

Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert’s public presence inappropriate Gabriel Matthew Schivone columnist


he act of protesting Olmert at various stops of his current speaking tour in the United States goes beyond any issue of free speech. The issue here is that Olmert is a war criminal, and his proper place is in jail, not on college campuses or in public areas. The Huffington Post published an editorial on Monday in which author and activist Ali Abunimah — who participated in disruptions of Olmert’s visit to the University of Chicago in earlier this month — reported the facts: “The recent (United Nations) International Independent FactFinding Mission, headed by Judge Richard Goldstone, found evidence that Israel had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during a three-week long attack on the Gaza Strip last winter, killing more than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and destroying much of the area’s infrastructure.” The leading Israeli journal Ha’aretz reported at the onset of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza earlier this year that it was the subject of deliberate, careful planning six months in advance. Accordingly, Olmert, as supreme civilian commander, shares prime responsibility for the attacks. Olmert is not the first head of state to be the object of civil unrest, however. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon’s highestranking henchman, Henry Kissinger, who, now like Olmert, has been protested all over the world for the mass crimes he facilitated and the subsequent deaths of thousands upon thousands of people for

which he is responsible. On May 27, 2004, the New York Times printed quotes of taped conversations between Kissinger and Nixon during America’s own brutal war on Southeast Asia. These tapes capture the Nixon administration’s agitated atmosphere of trying to deal with the extremely unpopular war in Vietnam, wishing to withdraw troops there in order to calm the American public and focus more effort on destroying Cambodia, a neighboring country. Sound familiar? Nixon is quoted, accurately, appearing as a mouth-foaming, blood-thirsty maniac expressing sadistic concerns that U.S. forces are merely firing into the jungles of Cambodia haphazardly, criticizing his armies as “unimaginative.” In an “especially angry” mood on Dec. 9, Nixon said “I want them to hit everything.” Kissinger then relayed the orders to U.S. forces on the ground explicitly for “a massive bombing campaign in Cambodia.” “Anything that flies on anything that moves.” There we have it. The most explicit U.S. orders for genocide ever caught on record in the modern era. Article Two, section 4, of the Constitution says that the President “and all civil officers of the United States” may be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” then obviously be subjected to criminal courts. Granted, Israel doesn’t even have a constitution, but if it is to live up to its so-called democratic characteristic it must hold its leaders accountable when they order the mass murder of thousands of innocent people. That goes the same for us, and the mass murderers that we harbor in this country. — Gabriel Matthew Schivone is a junior majoring in art, literature and media studies. He can be reached at

Pro/Con Sexy Halloween costumes: scary trick or tart treat? Anna Swenson columnist

Columnist Anna Swenson does her own Pro/ Con on scandalous Halloween costumes from a woman’s perspective.

PRO: Sexy costumes are spunky, subversive

Pull up those fishnets and lace up your corset with pride, ladies! Halloween is the perfect night to feel beautiful as well as hit society where it hurts. For one short night of the year, women can be sexually liberated without fear and without shame. Any time in which society encourages women to be freer and more open is something everyone should embrace. Women are usually repressed by societal restrictions, fear of what other girls will say about them, hesitation regarding what kind of guys they will attract and apprehension about how guys will view them. Halloween is one harmless night to go out and flaunt what you’ve got, even if you’re normally self-conscious about that part of yourself. Looking sexy makes you feel good, brave and powerful. Women have the advantage in so few situations, so we should embrace every one we can. Dressing sexy encourages women to have

the confidence to throw away your everyday hesitations and don the lace-up stiletto boots with pride. Halloween is a chance to embrace and undermine what society says women should be and a safe space to question these images being sold to us. It’s the one night of the year when even the primmest girl can throw off her cardigan and admit that she too has sexual urges. Women want sex and can seek sexual pleasure just like men do. The overt sexuality of Halloween allows women to challenge the phallocentric idea that only men have sexual appetites. Women can be sexy to other women, too. It’s just as repressive and anti-feminist to suggest that such sultry costumes are only meant for the pleasure of men. The nun costume is an ironic choice: we know women are overly sexualized, we see that every day. People expect nuns to be all covered up, so let’s hike that skirt up and showcase that enviable ass. People expect women to be meek and defer to men, so let’s be powerful, dominating women and use every trick we have in our arsenal to get the treats that we want. Pairing the ultimate image of chastity with the image of our well-toned thighs allows us to poke fun at traditional expectations of women in a fun, upbeat way. The humor lends a sense of power and confidence that just being sexy, like a girl might dress for a regular night out, doesn’t. The sexy Halloween costume is playfully subversive. It is not with a doe-eyed smile that we don our bedazzled bras and four-inch pumps. It’s with a knowing smirk. Sexy Halloween costumes

are a girl’s way of blowing a kiss to the malecentered society while really giving it the finger.

CON: Respect for women as brief as the skirts

Hopefully every beautiful lady who chooses to dress up as a “slutty nun” realizes the deep, sad irony in that choice. Honey, there’s a reason it’s not okay for you to dress like a prostitute. It’s belittling, demeaning, and objectifying every single day of the year. No matter how hard you try to justify your undoubtedly-tasteful, G-string-and-bra ensemble, you’re deluding yourself. Baring every bit of your body is not an empowering choice that kicks the patriarchal paradigm right it the balls. In fact, the effect on them is quite different. Women are expected to wear as little as possible on Oct. 31. There are literally thousands of options of sexually charged costumes for women, from “sexy Alice in Wonderland” to “sexy repressed ethnic group” to “sexy Spongebob.” Yet where are the sexy costumes for men? Guys usually dress up as women, characters from Animal House or sports players. They don’t have the pressure to look “hot” on Halloween that women do. If this trend really went both ways, the majority of guys would be slathering themselves in glitter, getting a poofy bronze wig and working on their brooding stares. While plenty of women want to satisfy men’s sexual fantasies on Halloween, very, very few heterosexual men are willing to fulfill women’s fantasies by dressing up as Edward Cullen.

Dressing provocatively to a degree of distaste gives in the societal pressure that women have to be sexually satisfying to a man in order to feel beautiful. Women dress in impractical, uncomfortable, potentially dangerous costumes with only one goal in mind: to be desired by men. The fact that it’s only one night a year is perhaps the most distressing aspect of this entire topic. The notion that women are “allowed” to dress like prostitutes only on Halloween implies that we need “permission” to dress a certain way. It’s not just one day — it reinforces the entire culture of sexualizing and objectifying women. It says you need validation from a man to feel beautiful. It says you have to have the go-ahead to dress however you want. It says that sex is women’s only strength. It says that all you are is a nice pair of ass. Dressing up as a slightly different flavor of “total skank” does not subvert the culture of womanizing, it reinforces it: it says that treating a woman as only a sex object is not only passable, but preferable. Despite what we tell ourselves while dusting glitter in our cleavage, sex appeal is not power. No matter what you call it, you’re still giving guys what they want while only sacrificing yourself. Who convinced us that sex is our strength? Oh yeah, men. — Anna Swenson is a sophomore majoring in English. She can be reached at

arizona daily wildcat • friday, october 30, 2009 •

Night of the walking dead

Photos by Mike Christy Arizona Daily Wildcat

Clockwise from the top: All of Tucson’s best zombies took to the streets this past Saturday in the fourth annual Zombie-Walk through downtown Tucson. Included in the walk was a world record attempt at the largest Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance. • Posing as an innocent bystander, a bludgeoned zombie tries to hitch a ride out of downtown Tucson. Some zombies ended their night early after the giant synchronized dance attempt. • This zombie takes delight in devouring the arm of one of his helpless victims. As they roamed the streets of downtown Tucson, the zombies left no man standing. • Straight out of the ‘80s, the “Thriller” dancing zombies shocked many downtown residents. • A pair of zombies attempts to attack a Daily Wildcat photographer. By the end of the night, the zombies were left tired with ravenous appetites from their hours of escapades.

Visit for an in depth feature on bicycle enforcement at the UA


Let your mind take off with

Fast Facts Every Day in the Wildcat


$1 Dollar off Terror in the Corn Live

• friday, october 30, 2009

Live Music TWO DAYS LEFT! Entertainment


Open Friday and Halloween Night


It’s not the flu making you sick ‌

University of Arizona Police Department officers were in the area of Ft. Lowell Road and Mountain Avenue on Oct. 23 at 12:45 a.m. when they observed a woman hunched over a pole. Officers made contact with the woman, who told them that she had the flu. According to police, the woman’s eyes were bloodshot, she could not stand without assistance and officers noticed the strong odor of intoxicants coming from her mouth as she spoke. Police cited the woman on charges of minor in possession. She was released to a friend who transported her home. The incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Visit our website:

What did they take?


UAPD officers were dispatched to the Facilities Management building, 1200 N. Mountain Ave., on Oct. 23 at 7 a.m. in reference to a broken window. Upon arrival, officers met with a Facilities Management employee who told police that her office window had been broken. According to police, the office was covered with shattered glass, consistent with an object breaking the window from the outside. Police found no footprints and no signs of entry into the building. The employee told police that no items were missing from the office. Police have no suspects or witnesses at this time.

Rock thrown through vehicle window

UAPD officers were dispatched to a university parking lot on Oct. 23 in reference to a report of damage to a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers met with the owner of a Dodge Caliber who told police that between the evening hours of Oct. 22 and 7:10 a.m. on Oct. 23, unknown person or persons threw a rock through her window. She also reported that nothing of value was missing from the vehicle. A rock was discovered inside of the vehicle and is the likely cause of the broken window. Police have no suspects or witnesses at this time.

Jessica You de - T

ransferred University from of Arizon a



The Art Center is accredited like a university so transferring your credits is not as complicated as you think.

Coin collector breaks into vehicle


fr el - TranAsfncehorrerad ge s n e H m a Ad rsity of Alaska Unive


UAPD officers were dispatched to a university parking lot on Oct. 23 at 9:56 a.m. in reference to a vehicle break-in. Upon arrival, officers met with the owner of an Isuzu who told them that sometime between 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 22 and 9:45 a.m. on Oct. 23, an unknown person broke the driver window and entered the vehicle. According to the owner, the only items missing were approximately 75 pennies, stored in an ashtray under the radio. The owner also told police that whoever broke into the car left a $100 iPod charger and took the loose change instead. Police have no suspects or witnesses at this time.

Trio takes tokes near Harvill building

Dale Lusk -Transferred

from University of New Mexico

Bachelor of Arts Degrees: Animation • Graphic Design • Illustration Advertising & Marketing • Interior Design • Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees: Studio Art • Photography Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association 800.621.7440

UAPD officers were on campus when they observed three men sitting on a stairwell at the Harvill building on Oct. 23 at 11:07 p.m. As officers approached, they noticed the smell of burnt marijuana coming from the area. As the officers tried to make contact with the three men, all tried to leave the area. Police were able to detain the men for questioning. One man admitted that he came to the area to smoke marijuana and told police that he brought a pipe, which he gave to police. He was cited on charges of possession of paraphernalia. Another man admitted to bringing $20 worth of marijuana to the area and told police that he bought it from an unknown man who solicited him in the Student Union Memorial Center. He was cited on charges of possession of marijuana. The last man told police, “We all took two hits each.� He was warned against possession of marijuana. All three men were released on scene and the incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Improper turn leads to multiple citations

UAPD officers were on Cherry Avenue on Oct. 25 at 12:10 a.m. when they observed a Honda make an improper right turn onto Sixth Street. Officers initiated a traffic stop at Sixth Street and Wilson Avenue. Officers contacted the driver, who identified himself with an Arizona driver’s license. A records check revealed that the man’s license was suspended due to a court action. The man claimed to not know why his license was suspended and added that he had paid all of his traffic tickets and was scheduled for court on Oct. 26. The man was cited on charges of driving on a suspended license and making an improper right turn. His vehicle was towed for a mandatory 30-day impound and he was released on scene.

Late night runner arouses police suspicion

UAPD officers were on routine patrol on Martin Avenue on Oct. 25 at 2 a.m. when they observed a woman running westbound on First Street. Officers approached the woman and made contact with her. She verbally identified herself and told police that she had no form of identification on her. She also stated that she had been drinking at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house and was running home to the Gamma Phi Beta sorority house. According to police, the woman had bloodshot eyes, trouble keeping her balance and smelled of intoxicants. She also began to cry during questioning and repeatedly told police,“I just want to go home.� A records check revealed the woman had been issued a citation for minor in possession on a previous occasion. Officers cited her on charges of minor in possession and released her on scene. The incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office. Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at






Let the Arizona Daily Wildcat

help you find YOUR inner child

friday, october 30, 2009

DWsports By Lance Madden Arizona Daily Wildcat It didn’t take long for sophomore guard Kyle Fogg to think of one word to describe UA men’s basketball head coach Sean Miller: intense. “He really gets after it, too, just like we do,” Fogg said. “And he expects 100 percent effort from us because he gives 100 percent effort.” Sometimes Miller, a former guard, will even sub in for a player and run the offense during practice, though he’s

Mike Christy/ Arizona Daily Wildcat

By Tim Kosch Arizona Daily Wildcat Editor’s Note: Without a game this weekend, the Arizona football team and coaching staff gets to sit back, relax, watch some football on TV and actually celebrate Halloween. The Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with some of the teams’ most creative characters to check in on what they and their teammates are dressing up as this year. Cam Nelson, senior safety — My roommate (senior safety) Anthony Wilcox, he said that I like to dress like a golfer so me and him thought about being Will and Carlton in Fresh Prince. I was going to be Carlton. Sterling (Lewis, linebacker) wanted us to be a Sesame Street gang. He wants to be Oscar the Grouch and me and (Wilcox) are Bert and Ernie and Herman Hall (offensive lineman) would be Big Bird and Trevin (Wade, cornerback) would be the Cookie Monster or something like that. Trevin just pitched the idea that we should be the Jackson 5, but I don’t want to spend too much money on a costume so it’s kind of up in the air right now. I think I’d be Michael. Sterling Lewis, senior linebacker — Oh man, I’ve got a couple of ideas. Me and some of my friends are going to be either the Jackson 5 or Sesame Street, just something fun because it’s going to be Halloween. I’ll probably be Tito. Tito doesn’t get any love, so I’ll be Tito. Mike Stoops, head coach — We’ll trick-or-treat with the kids, kind of watch the Oregon and USC game and just kind of enjoy the day off and try and relax. I’m going to be an official (he said with a grin). Mark Stoops, defensive coordinator — (His son William) wants to be a super hero. We’re not sure, he just wants to be a super hero. He was Peter Pan once already, but Saturday I think he’s going to be Batman. Terrell Turner, senior wide receiver — Last year I just got out of the shower, so I had a little bathroom robe and I threw some baby powder on my knees, I was walking around a little ashy. But this year, I think I’m going to just hit up the costume store and see what I can get, I don’t really know yet. No ideas right now. I ain’t got much of nothing right now. Ricky Elmore, junior defensive end — No idea, but I’m going to make something up right now — (pauses to think) — I’m going to be (Arizona Athletics Assistant Media Relations Director) Blair Willis. Delashaun Dean, junior wide receiver — I really don’t know yet, I’m still thinking about it. I kind of wanted to be a polo jockey, like a horse jockey. I wear a lot of Polo clothes. David Douglas, sophomore wide receiver — To be honest, I haven’t even decided yet. It’s going to be something creative though. Nick Foles is being Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) because, you know, he kinda looks like him. And we have a little dog that looks like Scooby Doo so he’s going to take him out.

Kevin Zimmerman Sports Editor 520•626•2956

Miller’s ‘intense’ system to be displayed

Arizona men’s basketball head coach Sean Miller looks on at practice on Oct. 22 at McKale Center. In his first season as head coach, Miller will have his chance to implement his coaching style and leave his mark on the program.

Haunting Halloween happenings


going to let his players play on Sunday at 1 p.m. during Arizona’s Red/Blue intrasquad scrimmage. Playing in a scrimmage situation is something the Wildcats are familiar with. “I think it should be a good game,” Fogg said.“Not as sloppy as you would think, because we’re really working hard on a lot of five-on-five stuff right now.” Learning the new coaching staff’s system was difficult for the players at first, but they know that once they learn it, it will be smooth sailing.

“Something that stuck to me, they said that whatever we learn now, it’s always going to be the same thing,” said sophomore guard Brendon Lavender. “It’s going to take a long time to learn it, until it’s a process, but as soon as we learn it, that’s the same thing we do for the next couple of years.” And with all of the change the Wildcats have endured over the past few seasons — Miller is senior point guard Nic Wise’s fourth head coach at Arizona HOOPS, page 8

Getting back on track By Nicole Dimtsios Arizona Daily Wildcat After its road trip to the Bay Area ended with two disappointing losses, Arizona volleyball returns home to host the ranked Washington schools this weekend. As the No. 18 Wildcats (15-5, 4-5 Pacific 10 Conference) begin the second half of the conference season with just one home stand left after this weekend, they must look to capitalize on their matches. After being swept by both Washington State and Washington, the Wildcats are looking to return to the top half of the conference. Currently, Arizona sits at the sixth spot in the conference, behind both of the opponents it faces this weekend. The Wildcats will look to break their two-game losing slide when they take on No. 21 Cougars on Friday, before meeting up with Washington on Saturday. Both matches begin at 7 p.m.

National implications

All three teams seeing action at McKale Center this weekend are ranked nationally. Washington sits at No. 5 in the American Volleyball Coaches Association poll this week, the lowest place UW has been ranked all season. Their program, strong for the past five years, last fell out of the Top-10 in December 2003. After an upset victory over UW last weekend, Washington State returned to the rankings for the second time this season. They currently occupy the No. 21 spot, and the fourth in the Pac-10, two places above the No. 18 Wildcats. With each weekend shaking up the standings in the conference, the Wildcats could use a sweep at home to vault them into the top half of the Pac-10.

Arizona’s offensive attack

Arizona’s lineup has changed considerably this season — partially due to injury and partially due to the need for fresh hitters. “I think the lineup is evolving. The thing that we’ve seen this year is that we’re fortunate enough that we have some players who can step in and play when other players struggle,” head coach Dave Rubio said.“Things change quickly. Patience is important and they know that the team is the most important aspect.” With the return of junior outside hitter Whitney Dosty and the emergence of sophomore middle blocker Courtney Karst as a threat at the net, Arizona’s offense looked to be flying high. Dosty has led the Wildcats in kills in each of the last four matches. Junior Tiffany Owens sits at seventh place in the Pac-10 with 3.59 kills per set, nine double doubles this season. But the Wildcats tallied a season-high 10 service errors in the match against Stanford last week-

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Outside hitter Whitney Dosty slams down the kill against the Oregon Ducks on Oct. 9. The junior will have to continue to produce offensively as the Wildcats look to make the most of the second half of Pacific 10 Conference play.

end. This uncharacteristic outing for the Wildcats, known as a dominant serving team in the conference and sitting at fourth place with 1.35 aces/set, was one of the reasons Arizona was unable to pull out the close sets in Palo Alto, Calif.

Push for postseason

Arizona has been absent from the NCAA postseason since 2005. Although they began the season at a perfect 12-0, the Wildcats have since flut-

tered between mini-streaks. Now, Arizona will have the opportunity to face their opponents on their home court and take advantage of playing ASU, California and Stanford at home. Though the road has been historically unkind to Arizona, the Wildcats will need to finish the season strong and persevere through a trip to Los Angeles, Calif., at the end of the season if they hope to make it back to the NCAA tournament.

Soccer teammates play against each other before biggest game of the season Sophomore Renae Cuellar sprints up field with the ball on Oct. 23 against Arizona State. The forward also plays for the Mexican national U-20 team and played against fellow Wildcat Alex Smith and the Canadian national U-20 team last night. Gordon Bates/ Arizona Daily Wildcat

107467/Yikahoode; 11 in; 2 in; Black plus one; 107467

By Vincent Balistreri Arizona Daily Wildcat Arizona soccer freshman Alex Smith and sophomore Renae Cuellar have been big time contributors in each of the Wildcats’ wins this season. Last night, both were adversaries as they played in Canada vs. Mexico U-20 game for their respective countries. Both teams tied 3-3 in their first of two national team competitions. “It’s great that we’re both able to play at the national level and we’re both representing Arizona while doing so,” said Cuellar, who played for the Mexican national team. “It was awesome, playing against (Smith) was interesting. No one gets bragging rights because we tied, but we both played well so it’s all right.” Both will be needed more than

ever this weekend as the Wildcats take on California today in Berkeley, Calif. and No. 1 Stanford on Sunday in Palo Alto, Calif. Cuellar is expected to arrive for today’s game against California just a few hours before its 2 p.m. start, but Smith will miss today’s game. Smith said she had made an all-or-nothing commitment to the Canadian team. “We (the Canadian National team) had to stay for both games in order to ensure we would be invited back in the future,” Smith said. “It’s hard to miss the Cal game but I want to be able to participate with the National team in the future.” Since Sunday, Smith has been practicing with the U-20 Canadian national team in El Paso, Texas, in preparation for last night’s game SOCCER, page 8


• friday, october 30, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

HOOPS continued from page 7

Miller era ushers in new defensive schemes

— it’s good to know consistency lies ahead. But there are still some hurdles to jump as the season gets underway. The Wildcats played a lot of zone defense under Russ Pennell last season. This season, the players have been playing with Miller’s man defense. “For me, it’s like a new man (defense),” Fogg said. “I’ve never played this kind of man defense before.” Offensively, Miller and the coaching staff are still adding new plays, but he gives his players a lot of freedom. “We like it. There’s rules, obviously, but he’s letting us run,” Fogg said. “We just have to stand within his system.”

Fresh faces

Just a season away from being freshmen themselves, Fogg and Lavender were able to break down the five recruited freshmen of this season’s class. • Lamont “Momo” Jones, 6-foot guard “He’s like a combo guard, 1-2, because he can handle (the ball) really well, and really has a knack for scoring. He’s just a really competitive guy, too, so it’s really tough playing against

him.” — Fogg • Solomon Hill, 6-foot-6 forward “Solomon is one of the smartest players I’ve played with.” — Fogg • Kyryl Natyazhko, 6-foot-10 center “We definitely need a big man to step up since we lost one of the greatest players (in Jordan Hill).” — Lavender • Kevin Parrom, 6-foot-6 wing “He’s a great shooter, and his rebounding skills are a lot better than what I expected them to be.” — Fogg • Derrick Williams, 6-foot-8 forward/center “He’s real athletic. Real, real athletic. Raw talent. Throughout the system, I think he’s going to be a real, real good player in the next couple of years.” — Lavender

Poll: M-hoops picked to finish fourth Preseason Pac-10 basketball media poll, released Thursday in Los Angeles. First-place votes in parenthesis:

California 350 (25) Washington 330 (7) UCLA 302 (5) Arizona 221 Oregon State 218 Oregon 175 ASU 144 Washington State 123 USC 109 Stanford 63

Wise named to Naismith list

It was announced yesterday that Wise is one of 50 candidates on the preseason Naismith Trophy watch list, awarded to the national player of the year. Wise was one of four Pacific 10 Conference players on the list, along with California seniors Jerome Randle and Patrick Christopher, and Washington sophomore Isaiah Thomas.

Tim Glass/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Senior Ravid Hazi connects on a shot on Tuesday at men’s tennis practice. Hazi is one of two seniors that will be competing in the UNLV Fall Classic this weekend.

M-tennis heads to Vegas By Michael Fitzsimmons Arizona Daily Wildcat The Arizona men’s tennis team will wrap up its fall season this weekend when it competes in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Fall Classic. In action for the Wildcats are four veteran players led by seniors Ravid Hazi and Pat Metham. Juniors Andres Carrasco and Geoff Embry will join Hazi and Metham, and they will all compete in the singles draw at the event. Metham and Embry will team up and play in the doubles draw, while Hazi and Carrasco will form the other Arizona tandem. “It’s a tournament we’re bringing our older guys to, and it’s the last one of the fall, so we obviously want to

finish on a high note,”head coach Tad Berkowitz said. The Fall Classic presents one final opportunity for Arizona players to match up with competition from other schools before the regular season begins in January. Among the seven other schools at the tournament are host UNLV and University of the Pacific, who both field tough teams that finished last season ranked in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association top 75. “We had a good tournament at the ITA Regionals in Malibu, so hopefully we can keep it going and finish with a bang,” Berkowitz added. Play in Las Vegas, Nev., will begin Friday at 9 a.m. at the Frank and Vicki Fertitta Tennis Complex, and will continue through the weekend, finishing up on Sunday.

Rugby starts season in Colorado By Lance Madden Arizona Daily Wildcat David Sitton is going into his 33rd season as the UA rugby club’s head coach. It’s his 37th overall year with the team if you count his days as a player, too. “So, that’s like 150,000 years,” Sitton said with a laugh. All joking aside, Sitton and his No. 10 Wildcats are serious about their season-opening game at No. 6 Colorado. The game, which will be shown on a tape delay on the FOX Sports network, will be a chance for Arizona to redeem itself after finishing last season unranked. But as Arizona comes into Glendale, Colo., for its first game of the season, the Buffaloes are already 7-1. “Our kids are going to be naturally a little bit more excited than theirs, only because their guys have already played eight games,” Sitton said. “I wouldn’t blame them if I were a little dead legged. Whatever advantages they have of being together with continuity, we’ll have in freshness.” Arizona returns 11 starters from last year’s team,

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which finished third of five teams in the SoCal Premier Division. Former U-20 national team player Trent Fischer returns to the squad after not playing all of last year because of a preseason knee injury. He and Tim Moxness will lead the back line for Arizona. All-American center Peter Tiberio is another one of the Wildcats’ main contributors from last season. “Those three guys are pretty good,” Sitton said.

Visiting Columbine

Sitton will take his team to Columbine High School today and retrace the steps of the two students who killed 12 students and a teacher. It will be the fourth time Sitton has done this with his team. “Every time it gets me, and every time I take a group of student-athletes in there, they have been equally impressed,” Sitton said. “You sit and wonder about how precious life is, and how that high school, that administration and those families have bounced back.” The Lauren Townsend Award is presented to the UA rugby freshman player of the year, honoring former Arizona player rugby Bruce Beck’s stepdaughter, who was one of the dozen students to lose their life on April 20, 1999, at Columbine.

International matches leave Wildcats short one

against the Mexican national team and another one again on Saturday. Smith will play another national team game on Saturday, and then will catch a flight to the Bay Area for the Wildcats showdown with No. 1 Stanford. “(The thing is) just recovering from each game because I’m going into each game with the national team playing just as hard,” said Smith. “You just have to recover properly to be mentally and physically ready for the next day.” Cuellar flew to El Paso, Texas, Wednesday night to participate in last night’s game and caught a 7:45 a.m. flight to Berkeley, Calif., this morning, arriving

just a few hours before game time today. “We certainly respect both of their situations and want to help develop our players,” said cointerim head coach John Galas. “My gut feeling is that both will probably come off the bench but we’ll monitor the situation when both arrive.” Both players are certainly anticipating the Wildcats biggest game of the season against No. 1 Stanford. “The nerves are already starting to set in,” said Smith. “But I think if we play our game anything can happen, we have to just go into the game with the right attitude.”

arizona daily wildcat • friday, october 30, 2009 •



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• friday, october 30, 2009 • arizona daily wildcat

:BSOJONBOZmCFSTt/FFEMFTBOE 4VQQMJFTt-FTTPOTt1BUUFSOTBOE #PPLTt'SJFOEMZ4FSWJDF Open Monday - Saturday 10-6 &UI4UttXXXLJXJLOJUUJOHDPN Near Rincon Market. At the corner of Tucson Blvd. and 6th Street, close to the U of A.

3BD 3BA TAKE a look at our exceptional oor plans all homes are uniquely designed and incld a garage call Casa Bonita 398-5738 4BD 2,3BA Taking Reservations 1011 Superior locations as well as exceptional oor plans 0-8 blks from campus call Casa Bonita 398-5738 www.uofahomerentals 5BD 3,4BA Take a look at our exceptional oor plans all homes are uniquely designed and lots of private parking call Casa Bonita 398-5738 5BD 5BA RESERVE for 10-11, great location, private parking, awesome oor plan call Casa Bonita 398-5738

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FEMALE PREFERRED. MUST be quiet and clean. 2mins walking to UA. Lease up August next year. Rent is $315. Utilities are not included. 2bed, 2bath. No pets. contact

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Spacious rm w/private bath and walk in closet in 5bdrm home. close to campus. Brand new furniture an option. 700 per month. Contact (845)591-8568


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ADOPT: A HAPPILY married, fun-loving couple seek to adopt your newborn. Promises a life of security, happiness and unconditional love. Expenses paid. Please call Kristie& David toll free at 1-877-834-5574.

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sports writer

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sports writer

sports writer

No. 18 Arizona vs. No. 5 Washington, No. 21 Washington State (Volleyball) The volleyball teams in the Pacific 10 Conference should be taken seriously, but Arizona should only have to worry about the Huskies this weekend. WSU is in the top 25 after recently upsetting Washington, but will drop out again after being swept by the Wildcats. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, the Huskies will also get a sweep in McKale Center, despite double-digit kills from Tiffany Owens. Arizona splits weekend

The Wildcats didn’t do so hot during their road trip against the Washington schools as they battled the cold and soggy Pacific Northwest weather. Apparently the Huskies and Cougars brought some the crappy weather with them because these past two days have been kind of ridiculous. It doesn’t matter that both Washington and Washington State are ranked. This is Arizona. It’s not supposed to be cold in October. That makes these Wildcats mad and nobody wants to mess with angry cats. Arizona goes 2-0

The Wildcats return to the comfort of home this weekend where they will host the two Washington schools. I have two reasons why I think Arizona can handle the Cougars: 1.) Arizona’s record is 9-1 for matches at home, and 2.) I think the Wildcats are due to pull this one out at home against WSU. Plus, the “Halloween Spooktacular,� when Arizona will square off against Washington, is the best name for any sporting event over the weekend. Washington has been a thorn in the side of Arizona.That being said, I’ll stick with the Wildcats in an upset in front of the home crowd. Arizona goes 2-0

No. 4 USC @ No. 10 Oregon (Football) USC has a tendency to slip up and lose games it shouldn’t (See Sept. 19 at Washington). The Trojans seem to play worse against lower-grade teams, and better against better teams, which means Matt Barkley and Co. will bring their best to Autzen Stadium. Naturally, when facing the Ducks USC will bring its“A�game, though this one will go down to the wire. USC 24, Oregon 21

The Trojans got their revenge against Oregon State last weekend, but this game is going to be crazy. Arizona ran into a buzzsaw at Autzen Stadium last year during a chilly fall evening, and USC lost during its last visit to Eugene as well. Plus, Duck fans get all day to “prepare�for a game that could decide the conference crown. Throw in an awesome mascot resembling Huey, Dewey or Louie and that’s just too much quack attack for USC to combat. Oregon 38, USC 31

It’s hard to decide who to root for in this game. With both teams left on their schedule, a number of different scenarios could play out which would give the Wildcats a shot at a Rose Bowl. USC’s defense gave up 36 points against Oregon State, the most they’ve let up all year. I think there are a lot of indicators that point to Oregon winning this game. They’re at home, they’ve won six in a row, and just saying - it’s Halloween. USC though will certainly beat Oregon in the matchup of “Who can play their fight song the most?�- Trojans win that one 95-20. Oregon 28, USC 24

Best sports Halloween costume To go trick-or-treating with the best sports-related Halloween costume, you only have to dress up as a Pac-10 referee. Just pretend you don’t see the local kids tearing on each other’s facemasks, and when their candy spills, tell them it’s is still good and that it never hit the ground (even though instant replay will say otherwise). Pacific 10 Conference Referee

If you want to go all out, there’s only one choice: the Heisman trophy. First, cover your entire body in bronze paint. Second, paint a large-ish sweat suit bronze. No, brown will not suffice. Third, paint pair of tennis shoes, or, to be a complete gangster, straight up bronze the shoes. Fourth, buy a leather cap with earflaps. Finally, literally run around the party stiff-arming everybody. It will never get old, at least to you. Heisman Trophy

It was hard to pick from the endless costume options, but every time I watch Alex Rodriguez play, he entertains with his dugout antics, random arm flailing, and confused facial expressions. Sure, an Oregon Duck with boxing gloves (see Blount) might be a more relevant choice, but A-Rod’s transition from the cover of Sports Illustrated to the cover of US Weekly shouldn’t be ignored. To pull it off: a cardboard cut-out of Kate Hudson AND Derek Jeter, a pocket mirror, pen and paper for poem ideas, and of course the pinstriped No. 13 jersey. Alex Rodriguez

XC conference preview, women ranked No. 17 ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Both the men’s and women’s Arizona cross-country teams will head to Long Beach, Calif., for the Pacific 10 Conference Championships today with the gun sending off the men at 3 p.m. and the women at 4 p.m. The No. 17 women will get their chance to uphold their national ranking as they enter the Pac-10 Championships ranked for the first time in eight seasons.

The team, led by junior Maggie Callahan, has had a strong 2009 campaign thus far, bursting onto the national scene in the Pre-NCAA Invitational in Terre Haute, Ind. There, Callahan finished 18th individually and was aided by strong performances from freshmen Lauren Smith and Cami Jackson, who finished in 39th and 50th places, respectively. “We’ve been doing a lot of work in workouts in

staying close together as a pack,â€?sophomore Hannah Moen said to Arizona Athletics. “If we can continue doing that ‌ there’s no doubt that we will make it.â€? Sophomores Moen and Hanna Henson, along with freshman Jennifer Bergman, will give head coach James Li’s team added depth if the freshmen don’t succumb to the pressure of their first conference meet. The Wildcats will go up against the No. 1 ranked Washington team in the 6,000-meter route.

For the men, junior Mohamud Ige will look to lead the pack. He won the men’s individual race in the Dave Murray Invitational in Tucson, but was injured during the following race, the Notre Dame Invitational. Injuries and sickness have held the men’s squad back this year, and the Wildcats will rely upon senior Dylan Fitzpatrick and junior Victor Zazueta to keep pace with Ige if they hope to show better than last year’s seventh place finish in California.

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Wildlife weekend

Art Brut embody spirit of ’70s punk

By Alex Gendreau Arizona Daily Wildcat Tim Galaz/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Hillary Davidson, a pre-business sophomore, gets a ride from senior Bradford Zygmontowicz of Safe Ride outside of the Mountain Circle behind the Student Union Memorial Center on Tuesday.

ASUA senators stake out in Safe Ride vehicles By Shannon Maule Arizona Daily Wildcat In an attempt to reach out to the UA student body, ASUA has launched a campaign to put senators in Safe Ride vehicles to probe for feedback. The Arizona Daily Wildcat sent reporter Shannon Maule along for a ride to get the story on this project. Associated Students of the University of Arizona senators have stepped out of the office and into Safe Ride vehicles to get firsthand student opinions and suggestions for the future. “The purpose for the senators to do ‘ridealongs’ is to find out what the students at UA want from ASUA, what they know about us, educate them, invite them to come hang out with us, get feedback and understand what they feel is important,” Sen. Hillary Davidson said. Davidson rode with employees for the second time Tuesday night and asked students for feedback about campus events, clubs and services. “When we do ride-alongs we’ve had a really good turnout. There are students who are very informed and students who don’t know anything about ASUA, so that is a great way for us to reach out and hope they spread the news,”Davidson said. “We drive all different types of people, and we definitely get some characters,” said Bradford Zygmontowicz, business senior and assistant administrative director of Safe Ride. During Davison’s hourlong ride, she encountered students going to a concert, to a friend’s house, to the Integrated Learning Center and

returning home to their apartment or dorm. As each student got in the van, Davidson introduced herself and made it clear that she wanted honest opinions, of which she got very little at the beginning of each ride. Nutritional sciences sophomore Sonja Cerviani said she didn’t have any direct feedback about campus events but did speak about Safe Ride, saying, “I like it but sometimes it sucks because it takes so long. But that is to be expected, and it’s better than no ride at all.” When asked what ASUA is an acronym for, many students responded, “like the student government thing.” ASUA senators are looking to gain feedback not only from students, but also from the Safe Ride employees, Davidson said. The biggest complaint from the drivers and directors is the lack of money, she said, adding that because Safe Ride is a part of ASUA, it is partially funded by the group. But it often faced the need to raise much of its budget itself, Davidson said. Safe Ride directors are currently looking for better ways to advertise in order to raise more funds. If more vehicles are purchased, students would not have to wait as long for rides and the organization would run more efficiently, Zygmontowicz said. The ride-along is part of an overall design to lend transparency to ASUA, Davidson said. “We want to be out there and meet each student and hear what they want to say, because we represent the whole student body,” she said.

The Ramones and The Libertines had a child. His name is Art Brut. That’s the sound that wailed at Club Congress on Tuesday night. British heritage aside, Art Brut embodied the Art Wave scene that eerily recreates the sounds of yesteryear punk, from the brash noises of Franz Ferdinand to the bittersweet notes of Bloc Party. Yet Art Brut brings an energy to their performances that most bands throw aside when on tour. Front man Eddie Argos swung his microphone and jumped around in a manner that only a drunken punk buffoon would. However, Art Brut is more than a throwback; they are a tribute to those who paved the way before them. “My voice, I know it’s just talking, but it’s still rock and roll,” Argos shouted into the microphone stand as he waved his hands to the audience. He even took the time out to mingle with the crowd while confessing his desire to steal DC Comics in a singsong fashion. That connection created the small yet concentrated vibe that ran rampant through Congress. Pretentious feelings aside, they pulled it off. Art Brut relied on their gut, not set-lists, when it came to their show. Argos screamed out the song he felt was fit to play next. “Ready Art Brut?” he would say as he cued them up like a conductor of a punk symphony. And if Art Brut wasn’t edgy enough, add

Photo courtesy of

female bassist Frederica “Freddy” Feedback — who seems right out of a Hot Topic fashion show — into the mix. Even drummer Mikey Breyer makes a point of standing throughout the entirety of the show. Art Brut envisions the raucous days of CBGB, yet one of Argos’ onstage remarks — “All right, let’s take it slower so I don’t kill myself” — recalled the original punk scene’s limitations. With an updated look and a fresh sound, Art Brut turned Congress into an underground musical experience where the underage were made to feel foolish because they didn’t have the means to find fake IDs, and bands left the stage to intermingle with their loyal fans. Yet, they keep a childish naivety about them. Art Brut is stuck in a young state of mind when singing about high school girlfriends and reading DC Comics while drinking chocolate milkshakes. “Some things will always be great,” Argos screamed. They even went as far as to emulate their idols, recreating lines from songs by David Bowie and The Ramones. Overall, Art Brut made sure that the Tucson audience, young or old, could relate to their musical influences. After their encore (a common concert device Art Brut says they rarely use), they gracefully exited the stage. But not before Argos, like a gentleman, bid his audience farewell: “Goodnight Tucson, sweet dreams.”

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