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Higher ed under review

Arizona Board of Regeants discusses 3 universities’ future By Taylor Avey ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Timothy Galaz/Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA President Robert Shelton and the Arizona Board of Regents address state education issues in the Student Union Memorial Center Main Ballroom on Dec. 3, 2009.

The UA will discuss the Arizona Stadium construction, hiring the interim soccer coach full-time and education issues at the Arizona Board of Regents meeting today. ABOR will meet all day today and half a day tomorrow to plan for future funding for Arizona’s three universities at the West Campus of Arizona State University in Glendale, Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer will address the

presidents of the three universities and listen to what each university is doing to run the education system more efficiently and how each is cutting down on the cost of programs. Regents will also be asked to approve the financial aid plan for the 2009 fiscal year and review financial aid plans for the 2010 and 2011 fiscal years. These plans include the total amount of financial aid awarded for last year’s academic session. The reports will further outline which measures the universities will take to

ensure education remains affordable. The tuition and affordability policy is also something the board will review. Regents will hear arguments for redelegating the authority to approve the academic calendar and will review graduation trends as well. They will specifically look at the amount of undergraduates enrolling and graduating at each of the universities. Each year, regents hear projections on the number of students expected to enroll and graduate. ABOR, page 7

Textbook rental option growing By Taylor Avey ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The expanded textbook rental program was discussed in length at Wednesday’s Associated Students of the University of Arizona meeting. Frank Farias, assistant vice president of student affairs and executive director of UofA Bookstores, addressed ASUA leadership alongside Cindy Hawk, associate director of UofA Bookstores, to draw attention to the progress of the program. “We’re still continuing to evolve and improve the program,” Farias said. The textbook rental program provides students with new or slightly used books at 40 percent of the original cost. There is no return value from renting textbooks but students and parents save money in the process, according to Hawk. Farias and Hawk initiated the program to give students more options and to provide more opportunities to get the materials they need for as little money as possible. “We’re continually looking for ways to reduce the cost,” Farias said. Farias and Hawk are also looking for ways to better the program in hopes of attracting more students. When Hawk asked senators for a show of hands of those who had used the program this semester, no one raised their hand. “I find it odd that nobody took advantage of it,” Hawk said. Farias hopes to apply for grants and find other external revenue sources that would allow him to take the program further. Currently, reading materials with looseleaf papers bound together, similar to Class Notes, are not available for rent, according to Hawk. Farias and Hawk are looking for ways to improve and expand the program to include more book titles and more avenues for getting materials and textbooks to students at a low cost. “We know we must be able to deliver the content in whatever context the students want it,” Farias said. ASUA, page 7

Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Jessica Brown (second from left), an undecided freshman, Cassidy Matheson, a pre-education freshman, Anne Kay, a political science freshman and Christine Filer, a communications junior and Kaibab-Huachuca resident assistant, decorate reusable water bottles during a Recycle Mania event in Kaibab-Huachuca on Wednesday.

Res halls battle for recycling crown By Bethany Barnes ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The UA is crazy about Recycle Mania and getting greener by the day. “We are competing as an entire campus, including facilities management, the unions and Res Life. That means no matter where you recycle on campus, it’s getting counted,” said Jill Burchell, coordinator of sustainability education for Residence Life. Last year, the UA won fourth place in the gorilla category at the national level, which counts the volume of recycling for the whole campus. “Individual hall councils and (resident assistants) are encouraged to do programming around sustainability throughout Recycle Mania. Each

program earns points, so the more they do, the better,” Burchell said. Last year, there were more than 220 sustainability programs in residence halls. This year the residence hall with the most points will earn $250. Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall has already started promoting sustainability. On Tuesday Kaibab-Huachuca held an event called The Sustainable Iron Chef, which included a fourcourse meal and two chefs. The food was made with local ingredients from Arizona and California. There were about 35 people at the event. On Wednesday the hall hosted an event to promote sustainable water bottles. Residents were each given a free aluminum water bottle to decorate.

Fall 2009 Recycling Results Total recycled by commodity: Plastic - 17,325 pounds Paper - 38,550 pounds Aluminum - 1,360 pounds Cardboard - 19,125 pounds Top residence halls in recycling pounds per resident: Maricopa - 15.33 pounds Pima - 14.65 poumds Hopi Graham-Greenlee - 14.19 pounds Stickers, glitter and puff paint were provided for decorating. “I think it’s very creative,”said Taylor Tillery, an animal sciences freshman. Students enjoyed decorating the

water bottles. “I really like it. You can put stickers on it and it looks really cool. I can just fill it up and then I don’t have to use these (plastic bottles),” said Cassidy Matheson, a pre-education freshman. Matheson bought a plastic bottle earlier that day and was happy to have sustainable water bottle. “We are all pretty active and athletic, so the first thing we thought of was water bottles,” said Megan Johnston, an RA who helped plan the event.“We are just really excited.” Alana Sorge, director of sustainability for Kaibab-Huachuca, said they had seen a lot of support from residents, as well as from the campus. RECYCLE, page 5

Bill may make transferring AZ schools easier By Brian Mori ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT If passed, a bill presented Wednesday at the Arizona Senate would require state community colleges and universities to standardize the names and course numbers of 100- and 200-level classes to ease registration for students who transfer within the state. Sen. John Huppenthal, R-Chandler, state senate education chairman and chairman of the Senate Education Accountability and Reform Committee introduced SB 1186.

He explained the purpose was to make transferring credits for approved equivalent courses easier between community and university campuses. “You have thousands of courses and some of them are pretty straightforward,” Huppenthal said. He added that the idea that calculus at UA is different than calculus at ASU is ridiculous. Huppenthal credited the Arizona Students Association for helping draft the legislation. “This is something we’ve been working on for a decade and a half,” he said. “(But the Arizona Students

Association) had a lot of the work done in advance.” Ben Henderson, member of the ASA Board of Directors, hopes the bill will pass through to the Senate without problems. “We noticed that students have had a lot of trouble transferring their credits. I think we’re expecting a smooth ride the whole way through,” said Henderson. “Whenever they need a student opinion we’ll be right there to give it.” Henderson was at the capitol in Phoenix for the Senate Education Accountability and Reform Committee’s

decision. “We’re all really excited about how smoothly it went. The vote was 7-0,” he said. The bill still has the journey through the caucus and then back to committee before it goes to the floor of the Senate, but Huppenthal said he expects it to do well. “It’s just a phenomenal idea, the question is nothing is ever simple,” he added. Henderson, an ASU student, said the only questions raised by the senators were about how to implement the specifics. Huppenthal is running for the

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Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. If elected to the position, he will also sit as an ex-officio member on the Arizona Board of Regents, which governs education policy and cost. “Taking unnecessary classes that don’t help to get your degree is an incredible waste. I think establishing this will be healthy. It may need some follow-up legislation,” he said. Associated Students of the University of Arizona South President Andres Gabaldon said that SB 1186 will greatly help students on the non-traditional college path.

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The UA men’s basketball team takes on the Stanford Cardinal today at 6 p.m. in McKale Center. Their mascot is a tree. I think we can handle it.

Vampire tendencies

Campus Health is holding a blood drive today in room B307 of the Campus Health Center. To make an appointment, log onto and use the sponsor code “chealth.”


Will you be lost without Lost?

Will you be lost without Lost?

Rock out with …


UA club Camp Wildcat is having its benefit concert tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St. Tickets are $7 and all proceeds go to help underprivileged Tucson youth.



No I already lost with Lost


on the spot Digimon and the joy of Chips Ahoy

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worth noting

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New question: Is there a recycling program where you live?

News Tips

Brian Akpan

Undecided freshman Let’s talk about Coachella. You saw the list, right? Oh yeah. It’s beyond epic. Coachella has reached new levels of awesome. Except I have no money. What grabbed you initially as being the standout? Well, Muse is headlining Saturday night. They’re enough alone to get me to want to go. And then, you have everything else going on too. Who else on that night is a showstopper? Deadmau5 is going to be there. Absolutely amazing. And Hot Chip is going to be there. I wouldn’t miss (them) either. There’s a bunch of others I can’t remember right now. It’s a huge-ass list. Eclectic trio you have there. Are you more into rock or house? Techno is life. So besides Deadmau5, who else is busting memorable beats? Etienne de Crecy. He’s this French DJ who does his thing from inside a giant cube that rotates. You have to watch it. Daft Punk has a pyramid. He has a cube that rotates with LED lights and everything. So you’re into techno. Do you ever make your own beats? I don’t have the programs. I’ve always wanted to but I have no beat masher or synthesizer, so without those technical components, I have nothing. With programs like Traktor, do you ever make your own stuff? Oh yeah. Me and my friend and going to put out a joint CD. We’ve been working on some good ones. We’ve got a “Shots” remix of LMFAO and The Bloody Beetroots. Are you guys planning on releasing it? Yeah, we’re working on a Facebook page. I’ve got one I’m trying to turn into a ringtone. You guys got a good name? No. That’s like the first thing you’ve got to do. We were thinking about Checkerboard because he’s white and I’m black. Any places you like to get down at around Tucson? Gentle Ben’s had a pretty good dance party the other night. A bunch of people from my hall were there. Is it weird to have the under 21s and the over 21s? Do they have a cage or something? Nah, it’s chill. If you wanna drink you can and then just come back. Like, the other night they had a Jersey Shore wrap-up event and I met this girl. Saved her from some guy who was really gone. Was he Jersey Shoring all over her? Oh yeah. Really trashy. Do you watch cartoons ever? I love action cartoons — the really weird ones. I used to watch Bugs Bunny, but then I moved on to Digimon, which is better than Pokemon. Let that be known. I’m putting that out to the world. How many Chips Ahoy have you eaten during this talk? I don’t know. I think six, but I’m not sure. You want one? I’m good. —Zachary Smith

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Arizona Daily Wildcat Vol. 103, Issue 85

Gordon Bates/The Arizona Daily Wildcat

The outside area to the west of the Physical and Atmospheric Sciences building is decorated with a ground full of plump, colorful kumquats. These kumquat trees produce fruit year round and must shed their old fruit before bearing new.

Apple iPad press release: ‘We’ve got the goods’ SAN FRANCISCO — Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the company’s much-anticipated iPad tablet computer Wednesday, calling it a new third category of mobile device that is neither smart phone nor laptop, but something in between. The iPad will start at $499, a price tag far below the $1,000 that some analysts were expecting. But Apple must still persuade recession-weary consumers who already have other devices to open their wallets yet

again. Apple plans to begin selling the iPad in two months. Jobs said the device would be useful for reading books, playing games or watching video, describing it as“so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone.” The half-inch-thick iPad is larger than the company’s popular iPhone but similar in design. It weighs 1.5 pounds and has a touch screen that is 9.7 inches diagonally. It comes with 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes of flash

memory storage, and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity built in. Jobs said the device has a battery that lasts 10 hours and can sit for a month on standby without needing a charge. “In order to really create a new category of devices, those devices are going to have to be far better at doing some key tasks,” Jobs said. “We think we’ve got the goods. We think we’ve done it.” — The Associated Press


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Stewart headed to Hallmark Channel

“Subway is so fancy now!” – Caffe Luce

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fast facts • Basketball is a famous American sport invented by a Canadian who was working at a YMCA in the U.S.

• Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a novel with over 50,000 words, none of which contained the letter ‘E.’

• The hardness of ice is similar to that of concrete.

• No president of the United States was an only child.

• The average cocoon contains about 300 to 400 meters of silk. • The average bed is home to more than six billion dust mites. • Whitby, Ontario, has more donut stores per capita than any other place in the world.

• Apples are more effective at keeping people awake in the morning than caffeine. • Mosquitoes have 47 teeth. • Most lipstick is partially made of fish scales.

NEW YORK — Martha Stewart doesn’t quite have her own television network like Oprah Winfrey, but the Hallmark Channel is giving the household style maven control over a chunk of its daytime lineup. Stewart’s weekday program, currently syndicated to variMartha Stewart ous broadcast channels across the country, will move to the Hallmark Channel in September, the network and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. announced on Tuesday. “The Martha Stewart Show” will air at 10 a.m. ET/ PT each weekday. The show will be rerun each day at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., and Stewart’s production company will be responsible for 90 minutes of additional programming that will air following the first run of her show. Stewart said the deal was in the works before Winfrey announced in November that she will leave her syndicated show in 2011 to concentrate on The Oprah Winfrey Network, her joint venture with Discovery Communications Inc. “It just reinforced our desire to have a real home for our programming,” Stewart said. Hallmark is available in nearly 90 million of the nation’s 115 million homes with television; Stewart’s syndicated show now can be seen in about 10 million more homes. For Hallmark, the deal offers the chance to establish itself as Stewart’s home base and beef up a daytime programming schedule filled with old movies, “ Golden Girls” reruns and Jack Hanna animal specials. It’s important given that many networks are giving up on spending money on fresh daytime shows, said Bill Abbott, president and CEO of the Hallmark Channels. “We see a choice opportunity to own this segment in the lifestyle area and in daytime,” he said. The new programs will be in the same lifestyle, household hints and cooking areas in which Stewart specializes. One possibility: “Whatever, Martha,” the series where Stewart’s daughter pokes fun at her mother, which has a deal with the Fine Living Network that expires in June. —The Associated Press

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Club’s used textbooks donated to Cambodia By Jennifer Koehmstedt Arizona Daily Wildcat A UA club is collecting unwanted textbooks and sending them to schools in Cambodia. Kyohei Mizokami, a management information systems senior, said he started the club Books Without Boundaries last semester after seeing the number of textbooks being thrown away at the end of the semester. Mizokami traveled to Cambodia last summer to see if the textbooks could be reused instead of thrown away. “I thought I could do something, so that’s why I was in Cambodia,” he said. University students in Cambodia not only have to spend money on expensive textbooks, but also pay the cost of shipping the books to their country, Mizokami said. “The people in Cambodia order books from the United States or somewhere, so … they have to send them back to Cambodia,” he said. Mizokami described the condition of one of the libraries he visited in Cambodia, comparing it to the size of Canyon Cafe. “The library is so small and the shelves are not filled with books, they’re kind of empty spaces,” he said. The club collected around 70 books last semester and hopes to collect more this semester, Mizokami said. The challenge, he said, is not collecting books, but collecting money to cover the cost of shipping the books to Cambodia. “We want to send many books this semester. I think collecting books is not difficult. Sending books is more difficult,” he said. BOOKS, page 5

Tim Glass/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Saul Tyler, doorman for Che’s Lounge on Fouth Avenue and Seventh Street, checks IDs Saturday. Saul has worked for Che’s for three years and has a “large stack” of confiscated IDs.

Fake IDs come with consequences By Laura Donovan Arizona Daily Wildcat It’s not uncommon for underage drinkers and students to consider obtaining a fake identification card. But there are negative consequences when someone uses a fictitious or invalid ID, and the University of Arizona Police Department and Tucson bars do what they can to prevent it. The Auld Dubliner, located at 800 E. University Blvd., looks at each ID card under a black light before a person is granted entrance. “Sometimes you can tell if an ID is fake if there’s a discoloration,” said Jonas Black, a bartender. “We study people’s photographs, too.” If the Auld Dubliner comes across someone with a fake ID, the bar calls Tucson Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

“Don’t come to the Auld Dubliner served to the person in possession of with a fucking fake ID,” Black said. a fake ID. “We have a device that scans the UAPD crime prevention officer cards, and the doormen have to look Andrew Valenzuela said the bars in at the cards as well,” said Tony Jones, Tucson are not owned by the UA, so manager at Gentle Ben’s UAPD would not be the Brewing Co. first police department Gentle Ben’s, 865 E. a bar would call if a Don’t come University Blvd., catches doorman encountered to the Auld six to 10 fake IDs per someone with a fake month. Dubliner with ID. “Our doormen have “Our first priority to a fucking been with us for a respond to is campus fake ID. very long time, pretty itself,” Valenzuela said. experienced,” Jones said. “In the past, TPD has — Jonas Black deferred certain calls “The identification card bartender to our agency if they basically goes through two sets of eyes.” are not in a position When Gentle Ben’s to respond to that comes across a fake ID, they take the because of call load or whatever their card away, rip it up and send the person man power allows for or disallows on his or her way. They will only call for.” the police if alcohol has already been Valenzuela said there have been

instances when students are arrested on campus and found in possession of a fake ID. “Sometimes they present themselves with a fictitious identification card. There are a multitude of circumstances that have that happen,” Valenzuela said. It is against the law in Arizona to possess an ID card or license that is suspended, revoked, canceled or otherwise fictitious. This includes having a valid driver’s license that does not belong to the person using it. “I’d say owning a fake ID card is a really big risk,” said Angela Palomer, a family studies and human development sophomore who is younger than 21. “I could understand why someone would want to do it, but I wouldn’t. I want to go to law school someday, so I don’t want that kind of thing on my record.”

• thursday, january 28, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat



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iWon’t buy into the hype

Lance Madden Editor in chief


pple Inc. is the biggest bully in the playground of handheld technology users. Nobody has experienced peer pressure quite like iConsumers. When the newest version of the iPhone was released last summer, my roommate in New York City, Dan, went out and bought it the first day. He switched around his family plan, suspended his sister’s phone for two days and dropped a few hundred bucks to buy the phone and switch to AT&T. And it was worth every dime and every minute of peer pressure to him. “Dude, it’s an iPhone,” he said. “Everyone has them.” Welcome to the iWant generation. In the spring, the iFamily, full of bullies, will gain its newest and physically largest member: The iPad . Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple , introduced the world to the newest and coolest piece of technology on Wednesday. The device, which is a hybrid between an iPod Touch and a Mac computer, weighs 1 1/2 pounds and has a 9.7-inch glass touch screen. And despite its cost — $499 to $829 , based on memory size — consumers are going to gobble it up. There’s no such thing as an iRecession. What we’ve learned from the overplayed media hype is that members of the iCult will be able to experience Internet through Wifi connections, and 3G Internet with the use of the AT&T network, which is already feeling stress from the massive influx of the more than 42 million people around the world who use iPhones. The iPad, which is about the size of a magazine, will make the Amazon Kindle burn into the fiery depths of oblivion with the introduction of the iBooks store. Textbooks will fill fewer backpacks when students purchase the iPad versions. The new device has no camera, no Flash program for the Internet and no pocketability. But that won’t matter. The bullies are more persuasive than ever. Dan, your best friend and maybe even your grandmother will soon have one. But I’m not buying into the peer pressure. iJust don’t care. — Lance Madden is a journalism senior. He can be reached at

MAILBAG On ‘Rec center expansion should bulk up hours of operation,’ Jan. 26

After reading Dan Sotelo’s article on the Rec Center, I completely agree with him that although for many students 10 p.m. is a good time for the Rec to close, for others it is not that convenient. Honestly I believe the Rec Center should be open 24/7, but if it can’t because of a tight budget then it should be open at least until midnight to accommodate those students that do not have the time earlier during the day. Jessica Lopez Freshman

On ‘Factory-line injustice clogging our courts,’ Jan. 22

Wow. Although I agree with the point about the dramatic use of chains and the humiliation it does cause, I feel you should spend much more time being a reporter not a headstrong activist. I suppose when I sat through “Operation Streamline” (one of the facts he did get right) I felt many emotions, I was affected by the chains, yes. I was disgusted at the scene as a whole. What are the alternatives? I might have to ask Attorney Isabel Garcia, she will help me understand what could be a possible option for a better process. But until you provide a quote or two, I can hardly

Stephanie M. Aguilar Senior

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Killer, Killer, Caterpillar: Will UA continue to support criminal companies?


respect how you represented the court. Not to mention the attorneys: as if they are all the same; ignorant and heartless. I have sat in the courtroom and processed paperwork, I read the files. See what would happen if you snuck across a border and got caught in any country. What would they do with you? Welcome you with open arms? I speak as a torn soul on the subject but can’t allow that you can speak so passionately without submersing yourself in your research. Please, know your role. I too wish the world was perfect.

he deepening scandal on campus So, as a next resort, groups and indiregarding the UA’s illegal busividuals around the world have begun ness contract with the Caterpillar to call for financial divestment from Corporation continues. Caterpillar’s Caterpillar until the company complies ghastly activities are going on right with international law. now, 7,500 miles away, with the inNancy Myers, a Tucson resident and creasing knowledge and Caterpillar shareholder, understanding of the UA is one such person. administration. In a phone interview Let’s start at the beginWednesday afternoon, ning. As a member of I asked Myers why she the student-monitoring was calling for divestgroup heading the inment from her own vestigation, I’ll attempt company, to which she to provide a possibly replied: “Well, I work for unique, in-depth perGabriel Schivone issues of justice and I spective into the matter. feel what (my company) Columnist According to public is doing is perpetrating records released from the UA Media a crime. And that’s one of the reasons Office in April 2009, in 2004 the UA I held onto my Caterpillar stock rather entered into a licensing agreement than selling it. I wanted to make a with Caterpillar, under provisions of statement rather than say, ‘Oh, well, company software items provided to there’s nothing I can do’ … because I the College of Engineering “at no cost.” happened to have some stock, then I Ironically, 2004 is the year during could say, ‘here’s something that I can which global outcry against the compado to make (Caterpillar’s activities) ny, led by the world’s most prominent more public.’” human rights organizations, dramatiBeginning in October 2009, the cally increased. Among the concerned student-led University Community for groups, the United Nations wrote to Human Rights began to approach the Caterpillar, which it has done more College of Engineering to make known than once, pleading with the company the campus investigation into the to recognize and respond to the horcompany, provide information on Catrendous use of its products by Israel erpillar, discuss alternatives with the in the Occupied Palestinian Territories college and make recommendations. that include massive home demolitions, In an e-mail sent last Thursday, Colproperty destruction, crop devastalege of Engineering Dean Jeff Goldberg tion and unlawful killings of Palestinwrote, “Funny, but nobody here had ian civilians — as well as the death of any idea of what Caterpillar is accused American college student Rachel Corrie, of doing … Something tells me that we who was crushed by a Caterpillar would not be where we are right now bulldozer during peacekeeping activi(if the college) had known.” ties in the Gaza Strip in March 2003. But as the contract remains intact on Human Rights Watch and Amnesty campus — and the college’s knowlInternational have also written letters edge of Caterpillar’s activities grows — urging the company to respect not only the range of criticism is persists. international law but Caterpillar’s own College of Engineering alumnus internal code of conduct. Craig Metcho is the UA’s ideal student Such credible pleas seem to consissuccess story. After graduating from tently have fallen on deaf ears. the UA in December 2007, Metcho was

hired right out of school by the local branch of an international technology firm based in Connecticut. He is also a member of the Southern Arizona Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders. In response to the College of Engineering’s business association with Caterpillar, he expressed less-thanfond words for the current administration: “The idea that my former college is receiving educational aid from a company that profits on human suffering in Palestine is appalling. And I would hope that the college undertakes a responsible leadership and terminates the contract until the company abides by decent human rights standards.” In two letters dated Jan. 24, addressed to President Robert Shelton and Dean Goldberg, Metcho cites the UA’s “Policy on Corporate Relations,” which states that the UA “should never endorse products or corporations whose products are instruments of destruction or are known to cause harm to humans.” It’s quite clear the administration now knows about Caterpillar’s “instruments of destruction” which the UA has sadly been endorsing for six long, destructive years. The choice of whether or not the administration will decide to follow their own principles remains up to them. Meanwhile, many concerned voices — student and community alike — await the administration’s next response and watch diligently for their next move. —Gabriel Matthew Schivone is a junior majoring in art, literature and media studies. This article is dedicated to the beloved memory of the compassionate and fiercely decent life of Howard Zinn (1922-2010), whose spirit of resistance to injustice continues to demonstrate that a better world is possible. Schivone can be reached at

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Humbled Obama checks boxes WASHINGTON — Humility. Check. Bipartisanship, debt reduction, populist anger. Check. Check. Check. More jobs? On it. President Barack Obama checked every political box needed to restart his troubled presidency Wednesday night, but that may not be enough to consider his State of the Union address a success. Did he strengthen his connection with the American public? Or did he sound like a politician with a stack of prescriptions for his political ills? At his best, Obama rekindled his campaign 2008 message of hope and resilience, with a dash of what he’s not known for: contrition. “I campaigned on the promise of change — change we can believe in, the slogan went,” he said.“And right now, I know there are many Americans who aren’t sure if they still believe we can change — or at least, that I can deliver it.” A steady decline in Obama’s approval ratings along with a stunning election rebuke last week — populist Republican Scott Brown captured Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts — convinced Obama it was time to change course. The president used his prime-time address to essentially concede that he had failed to communicate his empathy for hard-luck Americans. And so he said of Americans battered by the economy:“Change has not come fast enough.” Of the bank bailout program: “I hated it.You hated it. It was about as popular as a root canal.” And of the health care debate: “I take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the American people.” Obama’s message Wednesday night: I hear you. He opened the next critical stage of his presidency by covering many of the same bases by former President Clinton touched a few months after his presidency was rocked by the 1994 midterm elections. In his 1995 State of the Union address, standing before a Congress suddenly in GOP hands, Clinton vowed to shrink government, keep the economy growing and help the middle class. He urged an end to“partisanship, pettiness and anger.” Winding up the address, Obama noted the public’s lack of faith in U.S. institutions — including corporations, the media and the government — and said the cynicism gets worse every time a CEO cashes in, a banker takes a selfish risk, a lobbyist games the system and “politicians tear each other down instead of lifting this country up.” “No wonder,”he said,“there is so much disappointment.” He is disappointed, too, Obama said. “But remember this — I never suggested that change would be easy, or that I can do it alone,”Obama said.“Democracy in a nation of 300 million people can be noisy and messy and complicated. And when you try to do big things and make big changes, it stirs passions and controversy. That’s just how it is.” How can it become? That is the question Obama and members of Congress will answer in the months ahead. And, in fall elections, voters will decide whether Obama and his fellow Democrats did more than check boxes. —The Associated Press

arizona daily wildcat • thursday, january 28, 2010 •


Obama addresses GOP, economic future The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Declaring“I don’t quit,” President Barack Obama fought to recharge his embattled presidency with a State of the Union vow to get jobless millions back to work and stand on the side of Americans angry at Wall Street greed and Washington bickering. Defiant despite stinging setbacks, he said he would fight on for ambitious overhauls of health care, energy and education. “Change has not come fast enough,” Obama acknowledged Wednesday night before a politician-packed House chamber and a TV audience of millions. “As hard as it may be, as uncomfortable and contentious as the debates may be, it’s time to get serious about fixing the problems that are hampering our growth.”

Obama looked to change the conversation from how his presidency is stalling — over the messy health care debate, a limping economy and the missteps that led to Christmas Day’s barely averted terrorist disaster — to how he is seizing the reins. He spoke to a nation gloomy over double-digit unemployment and federal deficits soaring to a record $1.4 trillion, and to fellow Democrats dispirited about the fallen standing of a president they hoped would carry them through this fall’s midterm elections. With State of the Union messages traditionally delivered at the end of January, Obama had one of the presidency’s biggest platforms just a week after Republicans scored an upset takeover of a Senate seat in Massachusetts,

prompting hand-wringing over his it’s not leadership,” he said. leadership. With the turnover erasSupreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, ing Democrats’ Senate supermajority appointed by President George W. needed to pass most legislation, it also Bush, made a dismissive face and shook put a cloud over health care and the his head in disagreement as Obama rest of Obama’s agenda. said the court in a recent decision had Obama implored lawmakers to press “reversed a century of law to open forward with his prized health care over- the floodgates for special interests — haul, in severe danger in Congress. “Do including foreign corporations — to not walk away from reform,”he said.“Not spend without limit in our elections.” now. Not when we are so close.” The president devoted about Republicans applauded the presi- two-thirds of his speech to the ecodent when he entered the chamber and nomic worries foremost on Americans’ craned to welcome Michelle Obama. minds as recession persists. “The devBut bipartisanship disappeared early, astation remains,” he said. with Republicans sitting stone-faced Obama emphasized his ideas, some through several rounds of emphatic new but mostly old and explained anew, Democratic cheering and as Obama for restoring job growth, taming budget took a sharp jab at GOP congressional deficits and changing a Washington so strategy. “Just saying no to everything polarized that “every day is Election 4C-Qtr Health 01.pdf 9:02:21 AM may be good short-term politics, butWildcat Day.” Such roots8/22/09 of intense voter

emotions once drove supporters to Obama but now are turning on him as he governs. Declaring that “I know the anxieties” of Americans struggling to pay the bills while big banks get bailouts and bonuses, Obama prodded Congress to enact a second stimulus package“without delay,” urging that it contain help for small businesses and funding for infrastructure projects. Also, fine-tuning a plan first announced in October, Obama said he would initiate a $30 billion program to provide money to community banks at low rates, if they boost lending to small businesses. The money would come from balances left in the $700 billion Wall Street rescue fund — a program “about as popular as a root canal.”

Lisa Beth Earle/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Alana Sorge, a pre-education freshman and an Eco Rep for the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall council, decorates a reusable water bottle during a Recycle Mania event at the residence hall on Wednesday.


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UA turns foil into fashion

Next week Kaibab-Huachuca will be potting plants around the residence hall. The hall is also planning an event to encourage students to learn about Tucson’s public transit by going on an adventure around Tucson. “We are trying to expand our effort beyond simply recycling,” said Chris Anderson, KaibabHuachuca’s Community Director. “We want people to have ownership.” This year, the UA is also

participating in TerraCycle, which turns trash into fashion. “In special TerraCycle boxes we are collecting Lays chip bags, Mars candy wrappers, foil-lined energy or granola bars, Nabisco cookie wrappers and Capri Sun pouches,” Burchell said. The UA will also be measuring electricity. “Buildings have different kinds of heating and cooling systems. What we have done is combine refrigeration, steam

and electricity to get an overall utility score. We are comparing those scores to that of 2009 during the same month.  Any hall that used fewer utilities in 2009 will earn points,” Burchell said. The electricity competition will run until the middle of February. Eco Reps, a network of environmentally concerned students, faculty and staff, will have a table on the UA Mall on Feb. 4 to spread awareness for Recycle Mania.

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• thursday, january 28, 2010

policebeat By Bridgette Doran Arizona Daily Wildcat

TMI leads to phone harassment

A UA employee who had been receiving harassing phone calls contacted a University of Arizona Police Department officer on Monday at 11:56 a.m. The man received the first call on Saturday at about 10:30 p.m. The caller told the man he was a police officer and that the UA employee was going to be arrested over the phone. After telling the man he would be arrested, the caller made a homosexual slur and then hung up. At 11:40 a.m. on Monday the employee got another phone call from the same person. He could hear laughter in the background and people telling the caller to say he was from a magazine. The caller then repeated the same homosexual slur. The UA employee told the caller, “If this is a student from Cholla High School, you will be reported.� The caller then hung up. He said that on Jan. 22 he had done a speaking engagement at Cholla High School and spoke with a college prep class that had freshman through seniors. The man recalled that during the speech, he might have gotten ahead of himself and given out his cell phone number. The officer told the man to have the blocked calls unblocked from his cell phone by calling his cell phone carrier. The man said he would like to press charges if anyone was found.

Smokin’ some ‘Heavy D’

A UAPD officer was on patrol driving north-bound on Campbell Avenue when he noticed a black car with a headlight out on the driver’s side near Sixth Street on Monday at 9:03 p.m. The officer waited until his light turned green and then pulled over the car. As he walked up to the driver’s side window he smelled a strong odor of marijuana. He asked both the driver and passenger where the smell was coming from and they said they didn’t know. The officer took the driver’s license and insurance, but the driver said he did not have his registration and didn’t know what one looked like. The driver was identified by a Texas driver’s license. The officer told the driver that there was probable cause to search the car. Another officer kept an eye on the men who were seated on the curb while another officer searched the car. The driver was asked if there was anything in the car that could be causing it to smell like marijuana, and he said “all I have is this grinder,� and he took a metal grinder out of a compartment under the steering wheel. The officer also found the passenger’s backpack behind his seat with a small baggie that had marijuana in it labeled “Heavy D.� The passenger stated, “The guy I bought it from said there was an ounce.� A notebook and some receipts found, along with the backpack, marijuana and grinder, were all photographed and placed into property as evidence. Both the driver and passenger were cited and released.

Suggestive spanking survey? No thanks.

On Jan. 26 at 9:20 p.m. a UAPD officer reported to the La Aldea Residence Hall in response to a report of suspicious phone calls. A UA student and residence assistant stated that on Jan. 22 at 9:10 p.m. the student was in her room when the room phone rang. She said she thought it was strange because the room phone had never rung. The caller asked her to take part in a survey. She told him that she didn’t have much time, but would answer a few questions. The man calling told her it was survey asking her opinion on the initiation procedures of fraternities and sororities. The woman gave her opinion, but then he started asking her about the spanking that happens during initiation and she said that she didn’t know anything about it. He started telling the woman about getting spanked by his mother and that it caused him to get an erection. She immediately hung up the phone and disconnected the line. The woman also described the voice as nervous and not college-age but a little older. The caller never gave his name or where he was calling from. The woman did not want victim’s rights, but wanted to report the incident.

Officer, it was my imaginary friend



A UAPD officer on patrol Sunday at 5:43 a.m. at Park Avenue and Elm Street saw a pickup truck in front of him brake quickly and make a sharp turn without signaling. The officer turned his lights on and pulled the truck over. The man in the truck claimed that â&#x20AC;&#x153;a friendâ&#x20AC;? had been driving and that when they got pulled over he quickly ran off.  A check of the manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license status showed that a suspended court action was required. The driver did not have a license with him and identified himself verbally. While the man was still in the passenger seat, he repeatedly reached toward the floorboard for â&#x20AC;&#x153;keys, a phone or an mp3 player,â&#x20AC;? even after the officer told him to keep his hands where he could see them. The man was handcuffed and seated toward the rear of the patrol car for the officerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s safety. He was then cited and released on a criminal traffic charge of driving on a suspended license. The truck was towed and impounded for a mandatory 30 days.


Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at









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Panel of UA poets talk growth, teaching By Christy Delehanty ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

Rodney Haas/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Kyohei Mizokami, a business senior, is president of Books without Boundaries, a club that collects textbooks to send to universities in Cambodia.


continued from page 3

Underprivileged libraries benefit from tossed texts

The UofA Bookstore is also trying to make sure unwanted textbooks can be used instead of thrown away. The bookstore sends those books that students cannot sell back to Friends of the Library U.S.A., an organization that helps libraries with limited resources, according to Cindy Hawk, associate direct of the UofA Bookstore. Each Friends of the Library U.S.A. group sponsors a library in need. The library can either use the books donated by the group or sell them for funding, Jillian Kalonick, marketing


continued from page 1

Books Without Boundaries will meet Friday at 5 p.m. in the Ventana room of the Student Union Memorial Center. and public relations specialist for the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations, said. Textbooks donated to the libraries, however, are always sold, Kalonick said. “With textbooks, they will always sell to the general community, and if there’s something they can’t use — they can’t sell to make money

for the library — then they would try to find a better home for them,” she said. “They might get donated to local community organizations or to the programs we have in South America or Africa.” Mizokami said he hopes that students will choose to make a difference with unwanted textbooks instead of throwing them away. “I would like people to have more awareness — they can do something. Even though here we’re wasting materials, (people in Cambodia) could reuse the them,” he said.

UA seeks approval, money

The UA will specifically ask the board to approve the revised Capital Development Plan, which outlines the expansion of the north end zone of Arizona Stadium, and the relocation and expansion of the Tree-Ring lab. The report on Arizona Stadium states it has been operating “substandard and insufficient restrooms, insufficient concessions, and a lack of spectator and premium seating amenities; all of which are critically needed to maintain the revenue base for operations that support Intercollegiate Athletics at The University of Arizona.” The Tree-Ring lab will be relocated adjacent to the Mathematics East building to meet the needs of its research

functions and office space. For these two projects, regents will be asked to approve close to $88 million to cover the costs. The UA will also ask regents to approve spending $130 million for the UA Science Center and Arizona State Museum Project, as part of the Rio Nuevo project. Next they will seek approval to convey land at the UA Science and Technology Park for the Julian Wash Linear Park and to provide water and wastewater services at the Arizona Bioscience Park. Representatives from each university will address regents to request approval to sell their share of the stimulus package for Economic and Educational Development revenue bonds, which will finance close to $187

million for the Health Sciences Education Building Project. Each university will present regents with a status of their budget. Regents will also review the top 10 higher education state policy issues for 2010, including college readiness and teacher effectiveness. On the final day of the ABOR meeting, regents will be asked to approve the multiple year employment agreement for Lisa Oyen, who is currently the temporary head coach for the UA women’s soccer team. If the agreement is approved, she will serve as head coach from Jan. 28 through Dec. 31, 2012. In the last order of business, regents will discuss revisions to policies on sick leave and other administrative business.

If you’ve ever wondered what writers think about their own field — or any part of a poet’s process — Friday’s your time to learn. “A Life in Letters,” a panel moderated by Barbara Cully, will discuss poetry’s relevance at the UA’s Poetry Center Friday at 4 p.m. The panel members will talk about their growth as poets and teachers, and about their recently published books. Poets Alison Deming, Jane Miller, Steve Orlen and Boyer Rickel have impressive biographies. Deming, a creative nonfiction and poetry professor, is the author of three books of poetry, one of which won the Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets. Her personal Web site includes this excerpt: “What it takes to

dazzle us, masters of dazzle / all of us here together at the top of the world / is a night without neon or mercury lamps…” Miller is a UA professor of poetry has published eight books of poetry. In an interview on the Electronic Poetry Review Web site, she said, “Poetry begins in a powerful emotional seed.” She also appreciates nostalgia for its ability to allow memories in without bemoaning loss. Miller has collaborated with visual artist Beverly Pepper, and won many awards and honors including a Guggenheim fellowship. Orlen is a poetry professor at the UA and Warren Wilson College. He is the author of five collections of poetry, the most recent of which is titled “This Particular Eternity.” Ausable Press, the publisher, quotes him as saying of his poetry:“If there’s an overarching question my poems bring to mind as I reread

them, it’s this: Is it possible to be at home in the world?” Rickel is a poetry lecturer whose most recent book of poetry, “remanence,” was published in 2008. He was the assistant director of the UA’s creative writing program for 13 years beginning in 1991. Of poetry, he says, “I think it’s possible for the imagination — and the heart — to make meaningful connections out of more farranging material than we often challenge it to do.” Deming, Miller, Orlen and Rickel have all won National Endowment for the Arts fellowships as well. The panel is an excellent opportunity to bring your questions – or just your interest – and learn what it’s like to live a life of letters and pursuit of all they form. The “Life in Letters” panel will be held at the Poetry Center on Friday at 4 p.m. It is free to the public.

If you go:

“A Life in Letters” The UA Poetry Center 1508 E. Helen St. Friday, 4 p.m. Jane Miller

Alison Deming Boyer Rickel


continued from page 1

Steve Orlen

Fee could increase $120

ASUA senators also discussed the proposed increased library fee. Students currently pay $30 a year for new programs and publications at the library, but if approved, students would be asked to pay an additional $120. Budget cuts and inflation have led to the need to increase the fee, according to Sen. Katherine Weingartner. The library will continue to use the $30 to pay for new

programs and use the additional $120 to break even on costs, she said. Without the additional funds, the library could be forced to move into another building and wouldn’t be able to afford to expand the popular laptop rental program, according to Weingartner. The music library could also be negatively affected if the fee increase is not approved. If it is approved, the library

hopes to readjust the fee in two to three years, according to Weingartner. Sen. Sarah Bratt announced she is still seeking relief supplies to send to Haiti. “We’re looking for anything that’s not money,” Bratt said. ASUA President Chris Nagata was unable to attend yesterday’s meeting because he was traveling to Phoenix to attend today’s Arizona Board of Regents meeting.

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8 thursday, january 28, 2010


Nicole Dimtsios Sports Editor 520•626•2956

Seeking three against the Tree By Vincent Balistreri Arizona Daily Wildcat

Opponent analysis

Green, Fields grow at Stanford

Over the past decade, matchups between Stanford and Arizona have brought some of the finest Pacific 10 Conference moments in its history. Who could forget the 2004 nationally televised game featuring then-No.2 Stanford versus then-No.12 Arizona and the screaming voice of Dick Vitale after Stanford reserve guard Nick Robinson stole the ball away from Arizona’s Salim Stoudamire and raced to the other end of the court to knock down a one-legged 35-foot leaner at the buzzer, now known by some as“The Shot”? Six years later, the classic coaching rivalry between Lute Olson and Mike Montgomery no longer exists. With a new decade comes two new head coaches — Arizona first-year head coach Sean Miller and Stanford second-year head coach Johnny Dawkins. “Johnny Dawkins is doing an excellent job, having taken over the program just one year ago,” Miller said. “I’m going through the same thing at Arizona.You can see their team creating an identity, his team plays with great confidence.” When Arizona (10-9, 4-3 Pac-10) hosts Stanford (10-9,4-3) in McKale Center tonight at 6, the Wildcats hope to go for their first three-game win streak of the season, while the Cardinal hope to win their first road game of the season. The two teams are tied for second place in the Pac-10, along with three other teams. The Cardinal are 0-6 on the road this season, while the Wildcats are 6-3 at home. Arizona is 26-8 alltime against Stanford at home. Home court has been the advantage in the matchup between Arizona and Stanford. Last season, each team defended its own home court. The Cardinal have won five of the last six games against the Wildcats, with their last win coming when Arizona visited Palo Alto, Calif., last year. One of the Wildcats’ biggest concerns will be Cardinal forward Landry Fields, who averages 21.8 points and 8.7 rebounds per

There’s no better dynamic duo in the Pacific 10 Conference than Stanford’s Jeremy Green and Landry Fields. Averaging nearly 40 of Stanford’s 72 points per game, Fields and Green have made the Cardinal into an overachieving young group, one originally picked to finish last in the Pac-10 preseason media poll. “As a team, we have to do the very best job we can in guarding both, because I think they’re a terrific one-two punch,” UA head coach Sean Miller said of Fields and Green. Fields was named Pac-10 Player of the Week after scoring a career-high 32 points against Oregon. “He’s one of the most versatile players in the country,” said Stanford head coach Johnny Dawkins. Added Miller: “I really like the way he plays a physical game. He really gets to the foul line a lot, which says a lot how he attacks the basket. He’s both skilled and very physical. The fact that he does both is what makes him a special player.” While many anticipated Washington’s Quincy Pondexter and Isaiah Thomas to lead the conference, it’s been Fields and Green — who combined to average only 17 points per game last season — in a five-way tie for second place. The Huskies are in eighth. “It does take time to get guys comfortable with their roles and put them in the right position to be successful,” Dawkins said. — Bryan Roy

HOOPS, page 12

Players to watch


Landry Fields

Senior forward 21.8 points 8.7 rebounds

Jeremy Green

Alan Walsh/Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA guard Kyle Fogg attempts a jump shot over ASU’s Ty Abbott in Arizona’s 77-58 victory Saturday in Tempe. The Wildcats will play Stanford tonight and, with a win, would hit their first three-game winning streak of the year.


A sampling of what's on this weekend

Dallas at Phoenix Tonight n 8:30 p.m. n TNT


on the


Hall of Fame, Goltz was offered a chance to remain with the team as an associate coach, an opportunity he When the Arizona Icecats and couldn’t pass up. the ASU Sun Devils take the ice, “I got hurt my senior year and felt everyone from the referees to the like I had some unfinished business,” concessions workers know what’s at Goltz said.“I played a little bit in the stake. But very few understand the East Coast Hockey League and then meaning of these games (Golembiewski) offered for ASU head coach me the opportunity to Jeremy Goltz. come back. Of course, most “It’s something I coaches want to masnever really thought sacre their most-hated about ahead of time, rivals, but Goltz’s thirst but it ended up being a for victory goes far bepretty cool deal.” yond a simple rivalry. He After five years as was a standout defensethe Icecats’ associate man for the Icecats from head coach, Goltz was 1990-1994 under current offered the ASU head UA head coach Leo coaching job in 1999 Golembiewski. but turned down the Jeremy Goltz “There’s just a lot offer. to it, I’ll be honest with you,” said “I was still hoping to maybe one Goltz, whose Sun Devils will host day take (the UA) job over, and just the Icecats this weekend. “I got initially I was so entrenched in it,” fans yelling at me, fans that I’ve Goltz said. known for 10 years. It’s obviously But Goltz’ chances of capturing the an emotional time.” head coaching job at Arizona were slimThe Chicago native was a to-none, though not because he didn’t scholarship athlete and finished as have the credibility. Golembiewski had the program’s all-time defensive been running the show for more than leading scorer. ICECATS, page 12 After being named to the Icecats

California at Arizona Sunday n 1:30 p.m. n FS-AZ

17.5 points 3.6 rebounds

By Michael Fitzsimmons Arizona Daily Wildcat The Arizona women’s basketball team will wrap up the first half of conference play with a two-game series in the Bay Area this weekend, beginning with a matchup against California tonight at Berkeley. Coming off a loss to a defensiveminded ASU team, the Wildcats (98, 3-4 Pacific 10 Conference) will be tested against a potent Golden Bears (10-8, 4-3) team that ranks third in the Pac-10 in scoring and is currently riding a four-game winning streak. “We know that each individual player is good and (Cal) has a deep bench where everyone can score,” said senior point guard Ashley Frazier. “We just have to know our personal matchups and play them straight up.” Cal is led by senior guard Alexis Gray-Lawson, who is fresh off a 47-point performance in the team’s win against Oregon State. The scoring outburst earned her Pac-10 Player of the Week honors. Containing Gray-Lawson and the Bears’ offense was a focal point in W-HOOPS, page 12

Colin Darland/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Senior guard Ashley Frazier faces pressure from the ASU defense in the UA women’s basketball team loss to the Sun Devils at home Sunday. Frazier and her squad will play the California Golden Bears in Berkeley, Calif. tonight.

No. 2 Kansas at No. 13 Kansas State


By Mike Schmitz Arizona Daily Wildcat

Detroit at Pittsburgh

Saturday n 5 p.m. n ESPN

Sunday n 1:30 p.m. n NBC

Los Angeles at Boston

Pro Bowl: AFC vs. NFC

Sunday n 1:30 p.m. n ABC


Former Icecat gets shot as ASU head coach, leads team to No. 8 ranking

Sophomore guard

Wildcats attempt to regroup on the road against Golden Bears


Familiar ice


What: Hoops Who: Stanford at Arizona When: Tonight at 6 Where: McKale Center

Sunday n 5:20 p.m. n ESPN

arizona daily wildcat • thursday, january 28, 2010 •

Has Arizona men’s basketball turned the corner?


’Cats on track for better-than-expected season

Alan Walsh /

Arizona Da

ily Wildcat

Look up “second-half team” in the dictionthrough the past four games — it has ary. The Arizona Wildcats are probably listed allowed 76, 70, 64, 60, 58 in the past as an example. See games against USC — the five contests. Wildcats were down 27-10 to the Trojans — That’s not to say Arizona has and Oregon State as examples peaked, nor does it of poor starts getting the best allude to the Wildcats of them. making The Big Dance. In each case Arizona clawed Simply put, Arizona is back, losing to the Trojans by growing up and finally reonly six points (56-50) and at sembles, at the very least, one point jumping ahead of the a team that can beat any Beavers by 11 points before its Pac-10 team on any offense stalled in the final four given night. Kevin Zimmerman minutes of the game. Arizona could have Yes, both the USC and Orgiven up against USC, Assistant sports editor egon State games were losses. down 17 in a hostile Neither time, however, did the arena. It could have Wildcats fold. The theme: Resilience. done the same against OSU and That second-half mentality can be applied to against ASU last weekend. the second half of the season for Arizona. After In the big picture, the Wildcats could a rough non-conference schedule, the Wildcats have called it quits after getting throthave turned the corner and will have the optled by Brigham Young University on portunity to win every game from here on out. Dec. 28, the team’s last non-conference The Wildcats love the second half, even game in which they allowed Cougar when they get down in the first. It’s the secguard Jimmer Fredette to score 49 ond half of the season, and Arizona is eying a points. comeback once again. “This season means nothing anyAn offense that once resembled a pick-up more,” the team could have said. game at the Student Recreation Center now “The Streak will be over. Let’s look looks much improved. A defense that allowed to next year.” scoring wing players to go Kobe on Arizona That didn’t happen, and instead, has seen its points allowed to opponents drop Arizona’s rollin’. Nic Wise

NBA ROUNDUP Bosh leads Raptors to 111-103 victory over Heat

TORONTO — Chris Bosh had 24 points and a season-high 18 rebounds, Andrea Bargnani scored 27 points and the Toronto Raptors beat the Miami Heat 111-103 on Wednesday night. Dwyane Wade had 35 points and 10 rebounds and former Raptors center Jermaine O’Neal scored 22 for Miami, which lost Michael Beasley to a right knee injury. Beasley scored six of the Heat’s first 13 points but hyperextended his right knee when he landed heavily after missing an alley-oop pass at 7:32 of the first. He lay under the basket clutching his knee and was tended to by trainers before limping to the locker room. Beasley returned midway through the second, wearing a knee brace, but did not play in the second half. Toronto led 100-91 with 4:11 left but Wade made a layup and Rafer Alston followed with a 3-pointer, making it 100-96 with 3:22 remaining. Calderon and Bosh scored for Toronto but a pair of free throws by Udonis Haslem and a three-point play by O’Neal made it 104-101 with 2:00 left Hedo Turkoglu made two free throws and Wade had a breakaway layup but Toronto put it away when Jose Calderon made one of two from the line, then found Antoine Wright in the corner for a 3-pointer with 15 seconds left, making it 110-103 Amir Johnson and Marco Belinelli each scored 11 points for Toronto, with Sonny Weems adding 10 in his first career start. Haslem scored 16 points and Alston had 10 as Miami lost its second straight. ROUNDUP, page 12


This weekend defines the Pac-10

Almost. Budinger’s face or some magical adrenaline There’s no doubt that lasted two weeks. Arizona shed its soft Jamelle Horne’s stateshell and tore into a seven-game winning ment, “We’re not young streak, rearranging the structured anymore,” actually says Pac-10 ladder. something. This year’s team has never The Wildcats, been particularly soft, just flirting with disorganized and awkwardly mediocrity since young. Sean Miller sometimes taking Lipscomb to substitutes like a hockey overtime early this coach, going deeper into his season, can establish bench than any of the previous themselves this interims. weekend against It’s getting to the point when Bryan Roy the conferencethis team knows what motiSports writer leading Bay vates it on a daily basis. Area schools — a It’s getting to the point when weekend that should, finally, bodies become depth — and useful depth at shape the Pacific 10 Conference that. Guys like Parrom and Momo Jones are into tiers. beginning to click — not because a firstLast week’s romp against ASU place spot is up for grabs, but because they’re gave them this opportunity, but it tested and hard-nosed east coast players. didn’t secure anything. Horne said this summer he knew these Some compare Kevin Parrom’s freshmen could play — particularly with an takedown to last season’s pivotal unconscious “it” factor most freshmen lack. turning point when Houston’s Now, they’re just starting to blossom through Aubrey Coleman stepped on Chase expectations nobody ever set for them. Budinger’s face. To see Parrom take down ASU’s Ty Abbott That’s a cop-out. and give a smirk like The Situation after a Arizona played better last season robbery — that shows the initial spark. because they played harder — not Now it’s about how the Wildcats respond. because of memories from a footprint on

Arenas, Crittenton suspended for remainder of NBA season THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK — Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were suspended without pay for the remainder of the season Wednesday by NBA commissioner David Stern, who said guns in the workplace“will not be tolerated.” Stern delivered the punishment after meeting with Arenas earlier Wednesday, and with Crittenton a day before. Arenas, a former Wildcat, already had been suspended indefinitely by Stern on Jan. 6. Both players admitted bringing a gun or guns into the Washington Wizards’ locker room — a violation of the collective bargaining agreement — after a dispute stemming from a card game on a team flight. Stern said the players expressed remorse, but added, “nevertheless, there is no justification for their conduct.” Asked during a conference call what message the penalties sent, Stern said:“We mean what we say when we say that guns are prohibited from being in our buildings and on team business. “You will be dealt with harshly because it’s very potentially dangerous to our players, to the other players and to anyone else who might be involved.” Arenas, who is forfeiting about $147,200 per game, had already been suspended indefinitely earlier this month. Crittenton, who met with Stern on Tuesday, will lose about $13,435 per game from his $1.48 million salary. Arenas pleaded guilty Jan. 15 to a felony gun charge after a confrontation with Crittenton at the Verizon Center. Arenas, who is scheduled to be sentenced March 26, is in the second season of a six-year, $111 million contract. He has asked the players’ association not to contest the penalty, while Crittenton’s plans are unclear. His


agent, Mark Bartelstein, told The Associated Press that, “David Stern has done what he thinks is right for the league. We’re going to look at it and talk about it with Javaris and the players’association.” The Wizards have 38 games left in a woeful season that was thrown into turmoil when news of the confrontation involving the guns broke on Christmas Eve. The team has distanced itself from Arenas since Stern indefinitely suspended him, removing his likeness from the Verizon Center. Crittenton has been injured and wasn’t playing, anyway. The team said it supported Stern’s ruling. “Their poor judgment has also violated the trust of our fans and stands in contrast to everything Abe Pollin stood for throughout his life,” the Wizards said in a statement. “It is widely known that Mr. Pollin took the extraordinary step of changing the team name from ‘Bullets’ to ‘Wizards’ in 1997 precisely to express his abhorrence of gun violence in our community. We hope that this negative situation can produce something positive by serving as a reminder that gun violence is a serious issue.” Piper Hall, a spokeswoman for Arenas’ lawyer, wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press that neither Arenas nor his lawyer, Ken Wainstein, would comment“at this time.” Arenas, a three-time All-Star and once the face of the Wizards’ franchise, will miss the final 50 games of the season. Stern originally planned to follow his normal policy of waiting until the legal process was further along before acting, but handed down the initial suspension after Arenas joked about the gun situation on his Twitter page, then was photographed before a game in Philadelphia pointing his index fingers, as if they were guns, at his teammates.

SOFTBALL BRIEF Two Wildcats named to POY list

Arizona softball players Brittany Lastrapes and Stacie Chambers were listed among 50 players on the Amateur Softball Association of America’s preseason watch list for the 2010 USA Softball National Collegiate Player of the Year Award. Lastrapes, a junior left fielder, led the Pacific 10 Conference with a .481 batting average last year in a leadoff role while belting the thirdbest home run total Stacie Chambers (17) on the team. Catcher Chambers, a redshirt junior catcher, had an NCAA-record 31 home runs in the 2009 season while batting .358 and knocking in 96 RBIs. Lastrapes and Chambers were two of three players on last year’s team to play and start all 63 games for UA head coach Mike Candrea’s team. Arizona will begin its season Feb. 12 at the Kajikawa Classic in Tempe ranked at the preseason No. 4 position. Six of the Pac-10’s eight teams come into the 2010 season ranked in the top 12 with the Brittany Lastrapes defending champion Left fielder Washington Huskies listed at No. 1. — Arizona Daily Wildcat


• thursday, january 28, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

Continuing our Value of Academic Excellence Congratulations to members of the Greek community who made the Deans List or Honorable Mention in Fall ‘09. Alpha Delta Pi Emily Elizabeth Amhaus Abigail Wyllie Arpin Erin J Asselta Ruby L Barickman Brittney Michelle Beck Elise Marie Biebelberg Taylor R Bilby Stacie Lee Burke Emily I Copperud Natalie Michelle Davis Megan Victoria Delaney Courtney Ann Duff Megan Ebeck Kelly L Fast Shana Marissa Feinberg Brielle Gwen Goldman Kellie Joy Goodlet Kelly Marie Hanes Katrina Leigh Hartzler Kirsten Elizabeth Haslett Bianca Lee Hirschowitz Krystal N Jenkins Taylor Ashley Jones Bryanna Kristen Knotts Erica Haley Lenz Olivia P Maiefski Jacqueline Michelle Mast Ashley N Pearlstein Sarah N Philippe Jessica L Phister Felicia N Pledger Jenna Mariesa Polsky Rachel Beth Reznick Julie M Robinson Kristin K Runyan Amanda Jeannette Seely Amy F Siko Andrea Marie Simbro Caitlin Skuse Kieren Marie Smyers Suzanne J Sommerhalter Jacquelyn Rachel Sorenson Susan Signe St Pierre Linda Strahler Lauren Elizabeth Streiff Krista Marie Tarbox Kristin L Willey Alpha Epsilon Phi Hadas Lola Ben-mayer Greer Elyse Brody Alison Rose Brown Bianca Rose Burgarella Leslie Caine Gretchen K Conger Diane Ellen Crow Brittany Sage Dankner Elanah Vered Entin Julie Erin Farber Alexandra Leigh Gifford Maggie Newman Glaser Lara R Goldberg Evan Grossman Ashley Marissa Grosz Heather Brooke Grosz Jessica Ilyssa Heller Chloe Jordann Hennick Kelsey A Henry Erica Anne Kopp Lauren Michele Kurland Brooke Jaclyn Laskin Jenna Blair Lefkoff Allison Elaine Lerner Jillian Levy Abbie Elise Lewis Jessica Blair Locke Sarah Michelle Meth Sapphira K Miller Dawn Mary Missirlian Ashley R Mitchell Jacqueline Dale Oloff Emily Ossip Stacey Platzman Tiffany Lark Rockman Taylor Leah Rosenthal Rebecca J Schoenfeld Viana Shayna Schreibman Danielle M Shenson Samantha B Slugh Kathryn Marie Starling Karly Anne Steinberg Lindsay C Sunset Carly Jeanne Taylor Nicole Thal Rachel Nicole Twersky Maddi Haydn Weinstein Sarah Elizabeth Weisfeld Jessica Felyce Weiss Eve Wertheim Alpha Epsilon Pi Dustin Taylor Alpert Joshua Louis Belkoff Jason Bral David Ryan Buchanan Justin E Chinich Jeremy Adam Davidoff Charles Fantus De Mar Michael Ross Drobny Joshua Brandon Efron Michael Leonard Elyachar Cooper M Feldman Ryan Steven Fingleton Aaron Jacob Fox Adam John Frank Matthew Jared Garten Gordon Greenberg Adam Vaughn Greene Christopher Ryan Karl

Adam Matthew Mcnulty Ethan K Moore Ben Papermaster Michael Jarrad Penn Max Louis Penner Henry Nicolas Piper Ron David Rojany Dejohn M Rose Andrew H Rosenblum Jesse B Rosenstock Daniel Raymond Sallus Jeffrey W Veselak Bret Matthew Weinberg Alpha Kappa Alpha Alexis D Edwards Alpha Phi Lisa Marie Abgrall Kelley Louise Anderson Lauren Anderson Denisse Aviles Alexandria E Avina Taylor Marie Bacic Devonne Renae Badelt Elizabeth Tory Beardsley Alissa Kristine Bordeaux Rebecca Elizabeth Borg Ashlee Elizabeth Cain Juliana Lynn Campbell Avery Lauren Carmassi Amy Carr Amanda C Castillo Gina Katherine Cesare Lindsay Dale Cohen Amanda K Collins Kathryn A Cunningham Lauren Anne Curran Ashley Renee Dammen Katherine M Dempsey Maria Diane Dipaolo Jennifer June Doss Kelsea Chantelle Dunlap Monica A Fallon Taylor N Flower Julie Fratantoni Natalie Belle Fulton Lauren Ashley Golding Molly Schwing Griffis Marlena F Hamilton Danielle Kay Hardie Lauren Elizabeth Hasson Ryann K Higashi Brittney Ann Holcomb Christy Lee Holcomb Britta L Hughes Melanie Nicole Huonker Alexa King Itkin Kelsey Leigh Janet Nicole Anne Lahood Elizabeth P Lane Jessica Lynne Meck Elizabeth A Mercer Noelle Alexandra Mietus Aubrey Lee Miller Stephanie Rose Miner Kaylie Joyce Myll Zoe S Panayides Gabby Iona Potts Makenzie C Reitmeyer Andrea Robinson-bours Chelsea Lynn Robinson Caitlyn Michele Rutledge Torre Samuelson Katherine Allison Sick Mallory Rae Staff Kirsten Marie Stombaugh Hailey Elizabeth Stritzke Leah Ann Sutter Megan Elizabeth Sykes Claire Elizabeth Thornton Meaghan Marie Wallace Christine M Wandoloski Cassie Doll Worischeck Alpha Phi Gamma Sarah Rubis Ahmed Ha’Ani Joy Hogan Cynthia Tiffany Lee Dong E Lee Beta Theta Pi Bryan W Atkenson Aryan Kamron Behzadi Alexander S Bergdahl Eric Kyle Bigelow Wesley Warren Childs Logan Patrick Cole John M Granatell Dustin C Henderson Kyle Hingorani Cole Brandon Hirschfeld Max Wayne Honaker Joseph Brandon Hughes Ryan Scott Jacobs Kyle Ballif Jensen Alexander R Jones Ryan J Kay John Klier Zachary F Lewis Matthew A Leyva James Scott Mackenzie George Andrew Malbin James J Meglio Sean Thomas O’Neill-ryan Micah Gray Roberson Jeffrey Carney Sandell Steven Ainslie Thompson Dane Patrick Ulik Todd J Waters Gerald Troy Whitehead

Chi Omega Elysse Makenna Abbey Alyssa S B Adams Lindsay A Armstrong Kimberly D Badt Lauren C Bannerman Kayla Elizabeth Barnett Jennifer Marie Becker Kelsey L Bigelow Stephanie Taylor Broder Natalie R Chambers Lindy Ann Cope Geri Courtney-austein Hillary E Davidson Anna Lauren Farrell Jane Catherine Fleming Megan Kathryn Flynn Jessica Ann Foster Emily N Fritze Carly Rose Furgerson Molly Christine Gale Crystal Henriett Gamache Devin Rae Gregory Kaitlin Michele Griffin Samantha Winter Haines Malyree Dale Harper Jennifer A Hernandez Austyn Morgan Johnston Morgan Rae Jones Mara Rae Katz Daniella Kaufman Rachel R Kelly Katherine Ann Kent Kimberly Allyn Kotel Liza Morgan Lipson Lauren Elizabeth Macneal Shannon Marie Maule Hayley Elizabeth Mayne Alyssa N Mccutcheon Leandra M Mccutcheon Kelly P Mcgill Deven Marie Mcmorrow Megan Mignella Cassidy A Milder Lauren C Miller Caitlin Jean Morrison Michelle Elaine Moussa Kathleen Sumiko Murray Emily Sue O’Brien Alexandra L Outcalt Amanda L Peterson Kaley A Powers Megan Le’Ann Pulver Natalie N Rasmussen Shannon Reiter Hannah Amalia Rosen Alexis L Ross Julia Shahira Saad Kimberly Schieman Kendal N Scott Rachel Lyn Shapiro Lindsay Marie Shekleton Megan Ann Shekleton Alexandria N Shinn Kathryn Anne Shrader Taylor A Simmons Kaitlin K Simpson Katherine Cogan Smith Dana Michelle Spaniol Margaret K Spresser Courtney E Svoboda Leah Terese Swanson Nicole Alexis Tolhurst Alexandra C Tuggle Erica Lauren Underwood Lucy C Unger Sarah Elizabeth Varner Amanda J Wacker Amanda Ivy Walker Caroline Margaret Wright Alexandra Marie Ziman Delta Chi Robbie C Abbit Thunder T Butler Ryan W Cole Steven Thomas Cox Joel Christopher Curry Ryan George Devonshire Kevin Drew Jergenson David Ray Kessler Steven Edward Klumb Dylan Farrel Landon Thomas S Milillo Cameron Chase Miller Michael David Seide Aaron Hansell Serrato Harrison Eisner Wax Delta Chi Lambda Chyi-jade Fann Ashley Lynn Ireson Chelsea G Miller Roseanne Prieto Delta Delta Delta Yvette Patrice Adams Lauren H Brevoort Hannah Mcbryde Bunis Amanda Lynn Buttolph Katherine Hyeon Cavallo Colleen Catherine Cross Colleen Catherine Cross Courtney Michelle Deer Danielle Lauren Dobrusin Sara Elizabeth Fraum Grace C Georgedes Joanna Ruth Guest Agnes Elaine Hall Vanessa Rose Heinrich

Aimee M Katz Madison E Knall Corrinn M Lavi Gina Maria Lazzareschi Erin M Leviant Cecelia P Marshall Andrea Helen Nell Amy Jeanne Odgers Nessa Marie Parkinen Meryl S Press Anna Christine Price Melissa R Rasowsky Nicole N Roger Katherine M Schober Melissa Ann Shanahan Sarah Michelle Smith Tiffany J Soria Katherine Anne Teter Brianne Nicole Thornton Anne Marcella Tiffany Samantha Jane Turner Gabrielle Uschak Jennifer Lynn Wulfson Delta Gamma Lauren Ann Bennett Morgan T Bentley Christina Taylor Bertrand Megan Linnea Broaddus Lindsey P Bushard Alyssa Lorel Christensen Sarah K Ciabattoni Julia L Dardick Christina Jean Draeger Natalie Marie Eramo Breeanne Nicole Glaviano Jessica Stacy Goldman Angela Christine Grossman Brittany Elizabeth Hale Erin Barrie Katz Erin Elizabeth Lee Blake S Leeds Elana Miriam Lewis Sivona C Lingle Jana Michelle Lipson Rebecca J Mcglensey Kelsey Anne Merkel Britain Bowen Muhl Allison Chanell Murray Katherine M Peare Lindsey M Pierce Michelle Lyn Russell Jaclyn D Ruyle Amy Schnepp Maegan Shaver Kathleen E Stanley Kristen Kathleen Tasso Faune Williams Brittany Winchester Lindsay Marie Wollenberg Caroline Wilson Yoder Delta Lambda Phi Estevan Saul Castellanos Jacob Metzger Delta Sigma Theta Daleesia B Underwood Delta Tau Delta Michael Ray Anderson Richard J Balcer Justin Chuh Dustin F Damashek Michael Thomas Dzurak Christopher Ryan Emery William Donald Gaumer Kamron T M Hasan Michael Bohmont Keenan Kevin Tuttle Kuhm Joshua Carl Mickler Joseph Patrick Miller Andrew Joseph Schmidt Douglas Schorr Steven James Smithson Tenzing Tunden Gamma Phi Beta Megan Lynn Arrington Micaela Marie Bisio Chloe E Broenen Alexis Anne Brouse Heather Marie Burckle Kelly Campbell Sarah Lauren Cantey Ashlee B Christensen Claire M Dugaw Dena R Eichen Rachel Marie Fein Molly Jane Gehrs Natalie Rae Gmitro Alexandra Andrea Godino Lindsey M Haney Paige Abigail Hansen Kendra Leigh Hare Maria Holloran Harley Sarah H Heins Sarah Nicole Horwitz Karen Elizabeth Hynes Hope Ilene Jamieson Nicole Lane Kahal Daniell Rose Lensing Robyn Nicole Malpiedi Elizabeth Marie May Michelle Lynn Mccue Lauren E Mcgill Erin E Mcneal Alexa Blair Miller Laura Elizabeth Moir Sarah A Moore

Alexandra Gillian Mroczka Emily Beth Nolen Rachel Bree Peterson Rebecca V Peterson Kimberly J Plungis Katherine K Ratliff Amanda Marilyn Reagan Jennifer Houston Rich Abigail S Richardson Sheryl Elizabeth Riech Jessica Gene Scheck Ashley Lauren Schnippel Harriet Elizabeth Sitter Christine Anne Spera Rebecca C Spiegelman Jaclyn Christine Staub Victoria F Stewart Nicolette Layne Trebing Kelsey Lynn Underwood Melissa Jeannine Vicari Sasha Lillie Weinstein Kappa Alpha Theta Rachel Leigh Adams Jennifer Adishian Marisa Alsalam Janice Joan Biancavilla Tara Mccrory Bonestroo Caitlin Ann Carson Ashley Ciatu Brianna Nicole Cosentino Alyssa Nancy Desangro Randall Cathryn Eicher Michelle Christina Foster Aimee S Garber Kelsey Gavin Kayla Danielle Giunta Lindsay Louise Godbout Anna Rose Gornbein Allison J Grace Morgan Elizabeth Hardy Mallory D Henness Kelsey E Hoyt Dana K Hutchinson Emily Jeanne Illingworth Courtney L Kennedy Kristina Marie Knapp Teagan C Labare Katharine Grace L Rachel Marie Litzinger Jacqlyn Loeffler Sara Michelle Magdalin Madelyne M Martinez Samantha Katherine Meis Nicole Elizabeth Michaels Annie E Mohler Mary F Myles Lindsay J Ostrom Amy Povinelli Chelsea Christine Preston Julia Ann Rabban Amanda C Regele Jaclyn R Satin Allison Ann Schmidt Colleen E Shannon Tierney Rose Shea Elizabeth Jean Smith Nicole M Solomowitz Hannah C Stewart Samantha R Strodel Kelsey Morgan Thompson Samantha Lee Thompson Sienna A Vangelder Lindsey Kell Witt Tory Andrea Witt Meredithe M Woodward Katelyn M Young Kappa Delta Chi Danielle Dolores Trujillo Shante T Womack Kappa Kappa Gamma Ashia Ahmed Kelsey Margaret Anderson Elissa Mae Baker Brooke Elizabeth Baldwin Katherine M Baumgardner Brittany Anne Berguin Hilary J Boles Lianne E Brancky Amelia Rose Burchard Madison Paige Carroll Catherine Anne Cocchiara Diana I Cook Bridget Nicole Cooley Naina Dinesh Laura Anne Dunlap Lauren Y Ebrahim Kylie Nicole El-wailly Jordan N Febbraro Madeleine C Fitzgerald Maddie Marie Flavin Lauren Forrester Sarah C Fynmore Alanna H Greenberger Taylor Elizabeth Heinlein Brooke L Hershey Heather Anne Heukrodt Renate Marie Hoffmann Melissa A Homa Hanna Marie Huckin Madison Blair Kelleher Shannon Bailey Kilrow Lauren Elizabeth King Lauren Christine Kuehner Kendra P. Lafountain Natalie A Loomis Cassie Mcgrady Lowe Cassidy Jean Matheson

Jessica Amanda Meltzer Caitlin Ann Mitchell Amy K Noble Avery Lyn Noorda Lauren E Osgood Britta Phillips Megan Elizabeth Pimentel Michelle L Plastiras Jenna Farrell Presutti Ashton Alexandra Rief Victoria Lynn Rosenblum Kelley Taylor Ross Katie Rubel Melanie Dawn Russell Sarah Ann Schade Liza Schrank Kendal L. Smith Taylor A Smith Alyssa Nicole Spungen Christine Joan Takacs Caroline M Thompson Chelsea Anne Thornley Shannon Denee Tinsley Matthea Vojkovichbombard Sara E Winkleman Lambda Theta Alpha Gabriela G Castillon Mayte P Sierra Lambda Theta Phi Eric Christopher Corrales Omega Delta Phi Randy Baires Phillip Jordan Puentes John A Rodriguez Phi Delta Theta Jeffrey A Kiser Scott Andrew Molos Michael Bishop Smith Brendan A Takash Phi Gamma Delta Jacob Isaac Bushkin Kyle C Cunning David Taylor Dickson Ryan Mclean Digiovanni Jacob C Estes James Raymond Grout Carey Hughes Chrisman William Hughes John David Hutchison Zachary Aaron Lofton Thomas Joseph Mccauley Evan Joseph Mcnerney Nick Thomas Natale Trevor Alan Pratt John T Renzi Michael Charles Schorr Samuel Hugh Seeger David Sherman Seroy Andrew Paul Sloan Brandon Taylor Stein Lloyd Lucas Strode Michael Hibler Sutton William Ryan Tilton Edward H Tracy Christopher E Williams John Zachary Zaher Phi Kappa Psi Jared Michael Bruns David Martin Cox Samuel Lee Falconer Calean Douglas Frye Thomas W Glancy Kyle Heideman Andrew A Hinojos Jake J Kornblatt Todd Joseph Lane Amir Joseph Mach Ian K Mclaughlin Joel C Meyer Daniel F Nageotte Rakesh B Rao Justin John Renfro Joseph Marc Rosen Derek D Russell Michael Schlossberg Daniel Steven Stotz Mathew Alan Werber Phi Kappa Tau Preston M Maguire Bryan Ellis Milward Noah S Tavor Pi Alpha Phi Danny Joo Young Chung Jared Guevara Gonzales Brian Le Joshua Yi Pi Beta Phi Markie M Armitage Hannah Elizabeth Beals Katelyn J Bielli Amanda Elizabeth Boylan Dana Eileen Carow Jessica C Cederblom Morgan E Cicinelli Morgan E Cohn Jordan J Cole Lyndsey D Cole Courtney A Connolly Olivia Marie Coumides Randi Lyn Crist Lauren Rae Dean Leigh M Degolia Meghan Celeste Doyle Paige Nicole Evans

Anne D Farley Dominique A Frankovich Jamie Rose Freeman Whitney Jordan Freese Ashley Erica Gambino Taylor Jane Hall Erin A Hart Jessica M Holden Kayla R Ihns Cristie Jurf Erika Lynn Katz Rachel L Kliminski Jenna Anissa Kronenberg Sarah Sofia Lagerman Antoinette Laurel Rachael B Lowe Jessica Lucatorto Kathryn N Lujan Lisa Mahoney Alexis Victoria Marshall Jessica Erin Mcbeath Kylie Deanna Mcbeath Megan Elizabeth Mceuen Sydney K Mcgovern Alexa L Mokalis Jessica Lynn Moore Megan Ann Murphy Lauren Anne Nagy Adrienne Rose Nelinson Stephanie D Ormond Gillean Osterday Jena M Panebianco Katrina Nicole Pardi Julia Rose Parish Liza J Pluto Ashley Brianne Sanders Lindsey Taylor Schneider Lindsay Rae Schroeder Kara Elizabeth Shapiro Mckenzie S Sheldon Caroline C Spachman Elan H Vance Angela Marie Williamson Lisa Blair Wulff Pi Kappa Alpha Maxwell Walter Andersen Francisco J Andrade Adam Simon Azoff Or Ben-zvy Wesley Dunham Bratt Austin Andrew Byrne Diego R Camacho Joseph Timothy Daigle Michael David Edwards Kellen Flynn Jaymes Thomas Hall Derek Steven Henderson Michael R Hess Donald Hodson Daniel J Hyneman Christopher W Kang Conor B Keilty Steve Clarke Lambe Daniel Albert Lee Mark Robert Ludwig John Reza Matthews Max Fleming Mcfadden Sean M Meritt David Ngo Matthew K Pacheco Yash Pahwa Scott Michael Patterson Garrick Michael Pfeiffer Shane M Pugmire Gavynn C Schactler Gregg Justin Schantz Andrew Phillip Sill Charles Lowell Spector Nathaniel Ray Tafoya Dalton G Taylor Darren M Thompson Benjamin Truong Brian Keith Ward Robert Aaron Weigand James Lee Westling John Williams Pi Kappa Phi Michael Ted Bernstein John Carlo Bonano Rhett Francis Bouche Kevin J Brown Hayden Colbert Brandon Michael Coontz Timothy James Dalton Matthew Edward Delinko Travis M Dorion Max Ryan Drescher Todd Jordan French Garrett M Gomez Matthew L Jehling Carl Douglas Jensen Adam M Katz Paul J Mallery Bradley D Moreno Eric Ison Myll Zachary Ryan Patterson Eron N Reyes Christopher R Roberts John Douglas Robinson, Jr Paul Kane Skelton Bradford Charles Spika Jordan C Tessier Chad T Whiteley Nicholas Charles Zelie Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ryan James Ash Nolan John Ashton

Bryan E Berens Timothy Christian Bode Dylan Andrew Brown Derek Carl Burr Bradley J Drea Matthew William Kavolus Christopher A Loschiavo Mike J Mcginley Blake William Nordlund Bryan Richard Parman Tyler J Pretzlaff David S Reinfeld Tomas A Rodriguez Jordan Daniel Searles Matthew A Sumnicht Jeffrey Robert Tyler Conner Reid Vinikoor James Hanna Welsh John Michael Wolter Sigma Alpha Mu Eitan S Cramer Aaron Seth King Blaine Harlan Light Zachary Nathan Madick Stephen D Ost Alexander Craig Raskin David Aaron Wills Sigma Chi Ryan Mark Ata Gabriel I Avraham Humberto Bours Joseph L Catallini, II Kevin Nicholas Cayton Kevin C Cottingham Hunter Scott Curtis Dane Peter Denby Brent Michael Hanson Jordan S Hongo Kristian Philip Ivanov Robert Michael King, Jr. Robert J Kocsis John Charles Komadina Alex B Romero-wagner Ruben Roy Romero Matthew Vincent Ryan Dominick San Angelo Geoffrey Ryan Sokol Charlie Patrick Sumner Daniel Derry Wallace Sigma Kappa Mackenzie Jannette Allen Lena Josephine Armuth Kaci Marie Barry Natalie I Bendroff Olivia Jane Boro Whitney E Burns Ellen M Campbell Alison Beth Ceppi Kirstin Lane Chernin Lauren Christina Dawsey Lara A Docherty Ariele Jacquelle Donahue Amanda Loren Feldman Jessica Lynn Feldman Lexy Linn Franzetti Allison Rose Gildea Anna Michelle Giroux Megan Rose Handley Kimberly A Heisterkamp Courtney B Heyda Samantha H Houston Elizabeth Marie Jones Alexandra G Kauffman Ilyssa Avery Kauffman Jessica M Kornrumph Rachel Yaffa Leavitt Catherine R Leslie Meagan Shea Maroney Katelyn Louise Maslan Amanda Masliah Stephanie Renee Mast Valery Elyse Meusburger Megan M Murray Melanie Glenn Murray Amanda Barbara Olson London Aubree Owen Erica Beth Perlman Amber Dale Placke Anne Elizabeth Replogle Caitlin Rose Sandahl Jean E Schroeder Nicole Ashley Shutt Lauren E Simmers Alysia Marie Simpson Addison Michal Steinberg Courtney Anne Thorson Alyssa Renee Tieger Leslie C Troy Liza Simone Turkheimer Erica Marie Vice Diana Rose Warncke Alexandra Chatham Widis Sigma Lambda Beta Matt Roger Graham Sigma Lambda Gamma Dulce S Encinas Theta Nu Xi Kavya Sindhu Giridharan Neha Gupta Puja Pravin Patel Amrit Kaur Sraow Zeta Beta Tau Joseph V Balardi Robert E Greenberg Leo M Oppenheimer Nikolas Ryan Parrish

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!!!!!!!!!!PRELEASING StudIoS/ 1bd/ 2bd Units for aug 2010! Call Jarrett (owner/agent) 331.8050

2bd 4bLockS to UofA. tastefully remodeled, light, modern and spotlessly clean. Quiet, well maintained 6 unit building w/patios. Cats OK. laundry. Owner managed. available august. $740/mo. 623-9565. For more info and 80 photos go to: 2bd VINtAGE APARtmENt 3blocks from Uofa, tile floor, central a/C, fireplace, laundry, yard/ patio, cats ok. $650/mo, water paid. 319-9339. 2bd/ 2bA 1bLock from UA. Quiet, clean, laundry, furnished, pool. $715/mo. University Fremont apartments. 321 n. Fremont ave. 623-8514 2bdR 1bAtH 700SQft upper apartment walking distance to UofA. great room w/ceramic tile &carpet in bdr. $575/mo. Call Rosemary 520-2728483. 3bd/ 2bA, NoRtH of UofA, W/d hookups, $845 if paid early, apl 7474747 A RARE tREAt awaits you on your first visit to this large 1bedroom. pool, Lush landscaping, alarm, just east of Uofa. 2007 e. 7th St. 770-9221 cAStLE APARtmENtS. wALk to Uofa, utilities included, pool, barbeque, laundry facilities, gated, secure. Site management, historic. 406-5515

1bd 1bA PRIVAtE, fenced. W/d, large backyard, new tile throughout. Close to Uofa &shopping. $550/mo. Call peggy 520-331-8285 1bEd 1bAtH uNIt $525/mo. must see. Short walk to 4th ave., downtown, Uofa. Call Jesus Johnson 520886-6023

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2bR, 1bA duPLEX, private fenced yard, covered parking. Ft lowell & C Club $600/mo tel. 904-0548

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!!!!!SIGN uP now for Aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NEwER homes! 2mi to Uofa, a/C, garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

APARtmENt foR RENt in an Historic neighborhood near the University of arizona. One bedroom with large fenced yard. available February 1st, 2010 Call: 792-3646 or 7913500

bIkE to cAmPuS IN Aug 2010– 2,3,4 &5bdm, NEwER homes! within 2mi to UofA, A/C, garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

$900- $1700 AuG 2010 – 1,2,3,4 & 5bdm, NEwER homes! all within 2mi to UofA, A/C, garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

juSt 3bLockS fRom Campus. 2bedroom/1bath, cvd parking, laundry, quiet 4unit complex, xtra storage, deposit reqd, no dogs, nonsmoking. 1mo. free with 12mo. lease Water/trash paid $749.00/mo. 520-603-3491

cAmPbELL/ GRANt 3bd 2bA french doors off dining area to rustic family room &rear bedroom w/private bath &entrance. laundry room. 1800sqft, patio, a/C, double fenced, large corner lot, $975/mo. agent 7305625

0-6 bEdRoomS NEAR UofA. ALL pRiCeS, availaBle nOW-aUgUst. WALk to CAmpUs. LArgest seLeCtioN of reNtALs iN tUCsoN! 16 yeArs OF expeRienCe Helping TenANts fiNd greAt UofA reNtALs. CALL todAy for A CUSTOM SeaRCH! Call Redi 6235710 OR lOg On WWW.aZRedireNtALs.Com

PRE-LEASING foR SummER/ fall 2010. newer construction duplex on CatTran, near Uofa &UMC. Has many upgrades. $1495/mo +$1495 deposit. 909-4089

cLEAN uA RENtAL home. 3bd/ 2bA, laundry room, kitchen, living room, fenced backyard, carport. $900/mo. Call drew @628-0432.


CLASSIFIED MAIL-IN FORM Deadline: Noon one business day before publication


cutE 1bd NEAR Uofa. Quiet, peaceful 1 story court. Campbell/ glenn area. Regular $499, but $359 to studious person. 747-1455

____________ ____________

LARGE 2bd 1bA 1mile from UofA, water included. Off-street parking. $565/mo no smoking, no pets. 520749-2625 or 520-490-6892

____________ ____________

LocAtEd IN tHE heart of tucson. deerfield village is your oasis in the desert. great for students. 1& 2Bd. 24hr fitness center. Heated pool & spa. Free shuttle to Uofa. gpa discount, gated community, business center w/Wifi. Call to reserve your home today. 323-9516. $99 moves you in! +up to 2months free!








___________ ___________ ___________

____________ ____________ ____________

Classification: _______________________________

_____________ _____________ _____________

# of Days: ____________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ City/State:________________________ Zip: _____________ Phone___________________________ Place my ad online: ___ Send ad with check/money order. We also accept: MasterCard/Visa/American Express: ________________________________________________

oN cAmPuS 2bd $775/mo. Water included, fireplace, parking included, wood floors, a/C. Owner Re agent Russ 349-8442. avail 3/1

Expiration Date: ___________

Signature: _____________________________________________

RATES: $4.75 minimum for 20 words (or less) per insertion. 20¢ each additional word. 20 percent discount for five or more consecutive insertions of the same ad. 20 percent discount for 20 or more insertions of the same ad running the same day(s) of the week during Fall 2009-Spring 2010. For an additional $2.50 per order your ad can appear on the Wildcat Website ( The Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an ad. NO REFUNDS ON CANCELED ADS.

oN cAmPuS StudIo $535 this includes all utilities and parking! located at 801 e. 4th street, wood floors, a.c., and a location that is as close as the dorms without the roommates. Call Russ at 520-349-8442 (Owner is a licensed Re agent) available 2/1/10

RESERVE Now foR summer/fall 1Bd furnished. University arms. Special summer rate may to August $425/mo. years’ lease $500/mo. Nine month in fall $525/mo. 1515 e. 10 st. 623-0474

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cIty VIEwS, 2bd units, st. mary’s/ Silverbell starting at $725, apl 7474747

QuIEt 1bd APARtmENtS starting at $425-$460. 2mi bike ride to Uofa. amenities close by. Call Jimalee at 325-6545

2bd/1bAtH HouSE foR RENt. Newly remodeled with washer, detached one-car garage. 1block from uofA! $800/month. call Adam 661-9500.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!AwESomE uNIVERSIty area 5bedroom houses from $2075/ month ($415/bedroom) to $3000/ month ($600/bedroom). Five distinct locations to choose from all within 2miles of Uofa. Spacious 2story floor plan includes 2extra large bath, zoned a/C, full size washer/dryer, alarm system, upper deck, wall of windows in living/dining area, private fenced back yard, pets welcome. Quality living rents quick. Now taking reservations for summer/fall 2010. no security deposit (o.a.c.). Call 747-9331

uA coNVENIENt, LARGE 1bd 1920s duplex, wood floors, ceiling fans, $435/mo, lease, deposit, no pets. 682-7728.

cENtRAL LocAtIoN. juNIoR 1bd starting at $409. 1&2Bd available. pool, spa, bbQ, picnic area. on busline. Free rent plus ask about student discount. 520-323-3356

oNE oR two bedroom apartment loft or house close to campus behind Rincon market ample parking starting at $750.00/ month, 1st month free 322-2940

LARGE StudIoS oNLy 6blocks from campus, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, windows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. Unfurnished, $370, lease. no pets. 9774106

StudIoS fRom $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. blue Agave Apartments 1240 N. 7th Ave. Speedway/ Stone.

Deadline: Noon, one business day before publication.

615 N. Park, Rm. 101

621-3425 ➤

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• thursday, january 28, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

1997 nissan altima GXE- $2300 2.4L, black, 128,000Miles, automatic, A/C, cruise control, power steering. Works great! New radiator, battery, front brakes. 520-270-8247

minutes from uofa campus, 3BD/2BA, MOUNTAIN/Adelaide beautiful, comfortable and newer 1800sqft house, 2car garage, spacious floor plan with A/C, fenced backyard, ceiling fans, carpet and ceramic floors, new appliances included (including W/D and microwave). $1050/mo + util. Available Immediately. Call 270-2654 pre-leasing 3bd/2ba. Close to UofA, &Pima, large fenced backyard, (recently updated). $1050/mo +$1050 deposit. Available 6/10. 909-4089 walK to Campus sam hughes, 2,3,4 &5bdm, newer homes! within 1mi to UofA, A/C, Garages and all appl. included. toll free 866-545-5303

ua area, newer, 3BR, 2BA, tile floors, walk-in closets, fireplace, appliances, 2-car garage, solar water heater w/green features. $189,000. HelpUSell 326-1772.

Close to ua Pima/ Country Club, quiet, cute unfurnished 2bdrm, 1bath, large den. Fenced yard, carpeting, W/D, $800/mo. Call 529-3626

Cute 1bd 1ba double carport. Tile throughout. Extra storage space. W/D hookups. New A/C $550/mo. Includes water. Speedway/Swan. 245-8388

$300 wifi utl inc, prv bath, share 3bd 1996 home on Glenn E of CC. 12x14 room, bright. Laundry, 10min to UA. Considerate, responsible person wanted. Deposit, refs, 928-550-9684 ns np

5bedroom house, 4male roommates; walk to campus; $620 +utilities/month. 310-872-8785 roommate wanted for the remainder of the semester to share a 2BD apartment near campus. 520-9074216

rent a room in my plaCe 2bed/ 1bth apt. w/pool, reC room, 1.5 mi- uofa. lease aVailable now, looKing for a friendly, Chill person. Call shaina (520)471-0583

wildCat spring breaK Mazatlan, MX from $294 each RT, 5nights, free meals, free drinks 877.467.2723

room for rent 3/4mi from ua. Large 5bd house with 4other students (males). non smoker $450 +electric. 949-701-3220.

2story townhome, newer 3bd/ 2.5ba. All appliances, yard, garage, Grant/ Treat. Avail NOW, $1050/mo. c o l l e e n @ f o r t l o w e l l r e a l t y. c o m 520.360.6505 Central 1&2 b/r nice area. enclosed yard, ceramic tile, all appliances, laundry, 2b/r has washer/dryer. some util included. pet friendly. Call shellie @(520)3263039


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ASU coach plays up rivalry

continued from page 8

continued from page 8 20 years at the time and was unwilling to step down from the program. Goltz discussed his chances of taking over with Golembiewski, but to no avail. He admitted his relationship with Golembiewski was not always the picture of perfection. “I was a younger kid, I mean, I was young and naïve,”Goltz finally said after a pause.“We had our times like everybody. We had differences of opinion.” Differences of opinion or no, Goltz never got his chance to be head coach at Arizona and left the program in 2001. From there he started his own youth hockey program in Phoenix called Mission AZ Ice. After entrenching himself deeply in the youth program for a number of years, Goltz was again offered the ASU job in 2008. This time he couldn’t say no. “While I was at the U of A (in 1999), it just wasn’t the right time, but 10 years later I was a little bit older, more mature and out of the U of A picture,” Goltz said.“I really felt like it was the right time to take advantage of it.” Goltz is now in his second season as ASU head coach and has catapulted the hockey program onto the national stage — No. 8 in the country. But regardless of the national recognition, the former Icecat has the matchups against Arizona marked on his calendar and strives to dismantle the Arizona club hockey team every time the puck drops. “He took a lot of passion into coaching and he also makes a big emphasis on, ‘This is critical to their program, just beating the Icecats,’” said Icecats associate coach Dave Dougall. “He’s put a lot of focus on these games and expects results.” While the games have big implications for Goltz, Golembiewski would not admit to the same emotional attachment. “No. Why would they?” Golembiewski said when asked whether these games mean a little more to him given the coaching history.“I taught him how to coach.” That much is up for debate, but what is known is that every time Goltz sets foot on the Tucson Convention Center ice, 10 years of both positive and negative history come right along with him. From Icecats Hall of Famer to ASU head coach? It seems like a bit of an oxymoron. But if he had the chance now to fulfill the dream that he had 10 years ago, would Goltz take it? “If there’s a day when that opportunity presents itself (to be head coach at Arizona) you’d have to ask me on that day,” Goltz said.“I’d have to say right now, I’m happy where I’m at. We’ve turned this program around in one year and right now I’m a Devil. “Now I just want to go down there and kick some ass.”

wonderful remodeled townhome near UofA bus route. 3/2 w/new kitchen, corrian, hoa has pool and clubhouse. $120,000> Call Rosemary @Long Realty 520-272-8483 or

Colin Darland/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Ify Ibekwe keeps her head up on the fastbreak against ASU last Sunday in McKale Center. Arizona has prospered when the team can push the ball after the rebound.


’Cats have paws full

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game. Fields and teammate Jeremy Green are the only Stanford players to average double-figure shot attempts per game, averaging 16 and 13 a contest, respectively. “We have to focus on those two key players,” said junior forward Jamelle Horne of Fields and Green.“You look at the guys supporting them. None of them jumped out to you on paper, but that’s kind of the most dangerous team, when they know who are the guys that need to take the shots, who are the guys who need to rebound, who will set screens for those guys, who will rebound.” Horne, a veteran on the team, has a good idea what to expect from the Cardinal, even though they were picked to finish 10th in the Pac-10. “They’re a tough, rugged team that is very disciplined under Johnny Dawkins,” said Horne. “They’re a team where everyone understands their role and those are the most dangerous kinds of teams.” Arizona knows this will be a huge game to build on the team’s two straight road wins at Oregon and ASU. “If we come out and do what we need to do,”Horne said,“we will definitely continue to see wins on that column. “We know we have our hands full.”

ROUNDUP continued from page 9

Arizona Daily Wildcat

help you find your INNER CHILD

Defensive play key for snapping streak

this week’s practices. The Wildcats have also been emphasizing reestablishing an uptempo brand of basketball. “We really focused on keeping our player in front of us on defense, and just playing our game,” Frazier said. “You know, moving in transition, finding open looks and getting back on defense.” Despite leading the overall series between the two teams 29-21, the Wildcats have dropped the last seven meetings with Cal. If they want to snap that losing streak, they will need to stop the Golden Bears from exploiting Arizona’s rebounding troubles, a problem that head coach Niya Butts alluded to after the loss to ASU. “I’ve been harping on rebounding all year, and I think the MO on Arizona is crash the boards,” said Butts after her team was outrebounded 48-36 against the Sun Devils. Cal poses a similar threat for the Wildcats, as the Bears lead the Pac10 in offensive rebounds per game. Cutting down on second-chance opportunities in the paint will be one of the biggest keys to the game for Arizona. They will rely heavily

on junior forward Ify Ibekwe to set the tone down low from the opening tip. With her average of 12.1 rebounds per game — good enough for first in the Pac-10 and third in the nation — Ibekwe, along with junior Soana Lucet, are Arizona’s main rebounding threats. The duo’s presence on the boards makes the Wildcat offense go. They thrive on getting the ball out quickly to outlets, which allows freshman leading scorer Davellyn Whyte to create scoring opportunities on fast breaks. Tonight’s game will mark the first time Arizona will play a game away from McKale Center since Jan. 9, when they took on Washington. They are 3-4 outside of Tucson this semester. Sophomore Reiko Thomas, who leads the Pac-10 in free-throw shooting, spoke positively of the opportunity to travel with the team and take on Cal, with powerhouse No. 2 Stanford looming on Saturday. “We’re excited about going to the Bay Area,” Thomas said. “Right now we’re really focused on Cal, you know, you still just want to take it one game at a time.”

Nets get fourth win of season

Hickson’s 23 leads Cavs to easy win over T-Wolves

CLEVELAND — J.J. Hickson scored a career-high 23, LeBron James added 11 assists and the Cleveland Cavaliers finally won comfortably after a string of nail-biters, beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 109-95 on Wednesday night for their sixth straight victory. Emerging as an interior option for Cleveland, Hickson went 8 of 10 from the field and made all 7 free throws in 25 minutes. The Cavs were able to rest their starters — James and Hickson sat out the entire fourth — after the club’s previous seven games were decided by a combined 21 points. The Cavaliers were again without injured point guards Mo Williams and Delonte West, but it hardly mattered against the Timberwolves, who dropped to 3-21 outside Minnesota. James added 12 points and six rebounds in 31 minutes. Corey Brewer scored 22 and Kevin Love 20 for the Timberwolves. Most of Hickson’s points came on dunks or layups as James found him slashing to the basket. With Hickson part of their offensive package, the Cavs can go down low to Shaquille O’Neal, Anderson Varejao or Zydrunas Ilgauskas and take pressure off James on the perimeter.

O’Neal added 13 points and four assists in just 19 minutes and Jamario Moon added 14 points. The rare blowout gave the Cavs, who have won 21 of 25, a chance to relax and fool around more than they have at almost any point this season.

Bryant scores 29; Lakers beat Pacers 118-96

INDIANAPOLIS — Kobe Bryant scored 29 points and Andrew Bynum added a season-high 27 to help the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers 118-96 on Wednesday night. Bryant also had nine rebounds and seven assists, and Bynum had 12 rebounds. Pau Gasol had 21 points and 13 rebounds and Lamar Odom added 12 points and 14 rebounds for the Lakers, who won at Washington on Tuesday. Roy Hibbert scored 21 points, Troy Murphy scored 18, Danny Granger had 14 and Brandon Rush added 13 points and 11 rebounds for Indiana. The Pacers played in front of just their fourth sellout crowd of the year, and much of it chanted M-V-P for Bryant on several occasions. Odom hit a 3-pointer at the halftime buzzer to give the Lakers a 5956 lead. Bynum scored 22 points on 10 for 12 shooting before the break. Derek Fisher connected on a 3-point play in the first minute of the second half. Bryant hit a 3-pointer, then Gasol dunked, was fouled and

converted the three-point play to give the Lakers a 10-point lead. Another 3-pointer by Bryant was met with M-V-P chants and gave the Lakers a 76-65 edge. Los Angeles kept the pressure on and led 92-78 at the end of the quarter. The Pacers shot just 35 percent in the fourth quarter, and the Lakers led by at least nine points the entire period.

Nets beat Clippers 103-87 to end latest skid

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Kris Humphries scored a career-high 25 points and the New Jersey Nets avoided the worst 44-game start in NBA history with a 103-87 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night. The Nets (4-40) were tied with the 1993-94 Dallas Mavericks (3-40) for the NBA’s worst record after 43 games and all they had to do was lose another to secure another mark in this miserable season that opened with a league-record 18 straight losses. It didn’t happen although the Nets managed to blow a 16-point firsthalf lead in the third quarter before winning for the first time in 2010. New Jersey snapped an 11-game losing streak, their third double-digit losing skid of the season. Chris Kaman had 24 points and 11 rebounds for the Clippers. — The Associated Press


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By Dave Green



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• thursday, january 28, 2010 • arizona daily wildcat

‘Jersey Shore’ boosts MTV

Too cool for school

The Associated Press

Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Nicholas Santiago, a communications senior, is passing the time between classes on his laptop by the main entrance to the UofA Bookstore in the Student Union Memorial Center.


DATE: 01-28-10 WK: 4 SIZE: 65” 8.313x13 WRITER/DESIGNER: Mike F/C OR B/W: FC

MKTS: Div 9


PHILADELPHIA — It’s a good thing for Viacom that the public can’t seem to turn away from reality shows such as “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom.” Since September 2006, Viacom has struggled with poor ratings and a flagging stock price. “That has now changed,”said David Miller, an analyst at Caris & Co. who upgraded the stock to “Above Average” from “Below Average.” ‘Jersey Shore,’ a show about hot-tubbing housemates living in the New Jersey shore shown on Viacom’s MTV, has become the top prime-time show for viewers in the 12 to 34 age group on Thursdays. ‘Teen Mom,’ a reality show about the travails of single moms, is now the number one prime-time show on Tuesday nights for the 12 to 24 age group. “Even scarier,” Miller writes, is that Viacom’s MTV unit will air another four to six series starting in the second quarter. “If just one of those hits, MTV will have three stalwart series which it will use as leverage going into this June’s cable upfront” ad-buying season, Miller said in a research note. That’s “something we have not see out of Viacom since 2005.” Miller also said that films from Viacom’s Paramount Pictures slated for 2010 aren’t the “risky tent-pole projects” that it released over the past two years. Rather, they’re cheaper, targeted titles such as “She’s Out of My League” and “Jack-Ass 3-D.” Paramount also stands to earn an 8 percent distribution fee from films such as Walt Disney Co.’s “Iron Man 2” and “How To Train Your Dragon” from DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. Miller raised his earnings estimate to $2.59 per share from $2.47 this year. He also upped his 12-month price target to $36 from $27


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Arizona Daily Wildcat — Jan. 28, 2010

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Jan. 28, 2010  

Arizona Daily Wildcat — Jan. 28, 2010