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Taking out the guesswork

Arizona’s new course numbering system aims to clarify class equivalencies, ease transfer By Brenna Goth ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT A new course numbering system, approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in December, aims to make transfering courses between community colleges and public universities easier for students. The Shared Unique Number system is in the process of being implemented at Arizona’s community colleges and universities. Courses under the system are given a separate, distinct number apart from the individual

university identification. Between 175 and 200 transferable courses will be mapped to their corresponding course at each institution and be made available via a searchable online database. The Arizona university system had 9,222 students who transferred from community colleges in fall 2010, according to the Arizona Board of Regents’ website. The board hopes to increase this number to 16,000 by 2020. Part of this process is ensuring transfer students know which courses are equivalent between

colleges. “It’s kind of complicated,” said psychology junior Jason Hill, who transferred this semester from Pima Community College. Hill said he used multiple websites and the current course equivalency guide to determine what classes would transfer. “I had to check through a lot of sources to find exactly what I needed,” he said. “There were a couple (courses) that were named differently, so I had to explain that to my adviser.” The Arizona Students’

Association proposed two course-numbering systems to aid this transfer process. ASA used research from other institutions to recommend the common course numbering system, which would create a universal set of course prefixes and numbers throughout the state. For instance, an English 101 course would be identified the same way at all Arizona institutions. Regents instead selected the Shared Unique Number system to implement, citing cost as

their main concern. The common course numbering system would cost an estimated $67,059,931 to implement, while the estimated cost of the Shared Unique Number system is $4,689,053 to implement, according to an executive summary from the Arizona Board of Regents Academic Affairs Committee. Elma Delic, board chair of ASA, said the Shared Unique Number system is a step in the right direction but not as effective as having TRANSFER, page 3

Official discusses wartime rights By Lucy Valencia ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT

To the acting U.S. Solicitor General there are clear limits to the scope of the nation’s Constitution, particularly in times of war. Neal Katyal addressed a crowd at the James E. Rogers College of Law on Monday as part of the J. Byron McCormick Society for Law and Public Affairs. Lawrence Ponoroff, dean of the College of Law and Samuel M. Fegtly Chair in Commercial Law, welcomed guests to the lecture and added that it was of great importance “to our educational history.” “Indeed the Solicitor General position has been referred to as the best lawyer job in the country,” Ponoroff said. Katyal also served as the national security advisor in the U.S. Justice Department, and as co-counsel to thenVice President Al Gore during the disputed 2000 presidential election. He has had articles published in nearly every major law review and newspaper in America and appeared on many nightly news television programs, including “The Colbert Report.” Katyal began his lecture, “The Constitution in Conflict: 1850-1950,” by saying it took two and a half years after being formally invited for him to come to the UA. “Then there was an election, and it took me quite awhile to get here,” Katyal said. The audience laughed, and then Katyal dove into his speech. He highlighted two main cases he was involved with in particular, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld , which held that military tribunals could not be held without authorization from Congress, and Grutter v. Bollinger, a case which upheld the validity of the affirmative action admissions policy at the University of Michigan. Katyal was the lead counsel in the Hamdan case. “Hamdan is simply one of the most important decisions on presidential power … ever,” Ponoroff said. Katyal spoke of options that are available in times of war

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Campus Health lists top meds By Michelle Weiss ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Antibiotics, antifungals and antidepressants are among the most-sold prescription drugs on campus, according to Campus Health Service data. The four most frequently prescribed medications are Keflex, an antibiotic; ProAir, for asthma; Z-pak, an antibiotic ; and Diflucan, an

anti-fungal treatment . Oral contraceptives are also dispensed often, but not included in the top-sellers list, said Kim Birmingham, the chief pharmacist at Campus Health. Depending on which viruses are going around each semester, this number may or may not stay constant, she said. Lexapro and Prozac, both of which are top-10 sellers at Campus Health, are anti-

depressants. They are in the same family and designed to do the same thing, said Keith Boesen, the interim managing director of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center. “They have to be taken regularly every single day to be effective,” Boesen said. Lexapro and Prozac take four to six weeks at a proper dosage to take full effect, he said. Minor side effects such as becoming

jittery, drowsy or experiencing stomach issues can also occur at first. However, they can be overcome in two to three weeks. “The drug is affecting, you know, levels of certain chemicals inside your body,” Boesen said. “So your body has to take some time to get adjusted to that.” Over time, the body builds DRUGS, page 3

RNs to the rescue ICU nurses reminisce about their time with Tucson shooting victims By Eliza Molk ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT For nurses of the University Medical Center trauma Intensive Care Unit, teamwork, professionalism and consoling victims’ families are all part of the job. These characteristics are especially important when dealing with many casualties, such as the victims of the shooting on Jan. 8. Tracy Culbert, the registered nurse in charge at UMC the day

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of the shooting, recalls how she and her staff went into action that morning. “We did get a page over the system that we were getting people in with gunshot wounds. All our nurses starting coming in and calling in to assist us … if they (the staff) weren’t physically helping a patient, they were helping those people caring for the patients,” Culbert said. Five patients were in the ICU that day and six extra nurses went in to help accommodate

the patients. Angelique Tadeo, a registered nurse who worked that night, explained that it was less adrenaline and more her training that kicked in when she was caring for the trauma patients. “We look at who needs what first and second and make sure that everybody is working together,” she said. “We are used to multiple traumas coming in at the same time … the difference was who it was (Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and other


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victims).” Giffords’ presence in the hospital was not the only new experience for the ICU trauma nurses. Registered Nurse Aubreena Beckel said she felt the media and police presence was the “most different.” The staff also received food donations, massages and acupuncture in return for their hard work, according to Culbert. “It saved us,” Culbert said.

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• tuesday, january 25, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat

‘Octomom’ fertility doctor should get 5 years probation, judge recommends and remain the world’s longestliving group of octuplets. Administrative Law Judge Daniel Juarez found Kamrava committed gross and repeated negligence by twice implanting Suleman with multiple embryos in 2008. However, the judge found Kamrava was not incompetent or negligent in his treatment of Suleman from 2002 to 2007, as a prosecutor had argued. The judge found that the evidence presented during Kamrava’s administrative hearing failed to establish that his “IVF care and treatment showed an absence of qualification, ability or fitness.� The judge also found it unlikely that Kamrava would repeat his mistake of implanting a patient with an excessive number of embryos, given the national publicity surrounding Suleman’s case. Juarez also found Kamrava negligent, but not incompetent, in his care of the two other patients involved in the case. The judge recommended that Kamrava, who is currently licensed, be allowed to continue practicing medicine under

MCCLATCHY TRIBUNE LOS ANGELES — A judge has recommended that the Beverly Hills fertility doctor who assisted Nadya Suleman in conceiving octuplets be placed on five years’ probation by the state medical board rather than have his license revoked, according to documents released Monday. But Dr. Michael Kamrava could still lose his license if the medical board determines that he was grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman and two other female patients: a 48-year-old who suffered complications after she became pregnant with quadruplets and a 42-year-old diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after receiving fertility treatments. Kamrava treated Suleman for more than a decade, helping her to conceive all 14 of her children. Suleman’s medical records show that Kamrava used 16 of Suleman’s eggs to create 14 embryos and implanted a dozen of them on July 19, 2008. The babies were born nine weeks premature

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Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times

Fertility doctor Michael Kamrava, right, appears before the state medical board during a hearing in Los Angeles on October 18, 2010. The state of California is seeking to revoke his medical license due to irregularities in his use of in vitro fertilization of “Octomom� Nadya Sulleman and two other women.

the supervision of a monitor or while participating in a training course. He also recommended that the doctor complete an ethics course. The 46-page proposed decision was issued Dec. 20, but by law, it did not become public until a month after it was received by the medical board. The board is expected to consider the proposed decision

when it meets Thursday in Burlingame, Calif., according to spokeswoman Jennifer Simoes. The board has 100 days from receipt of the proposed decision to decide whether to adopt it. If the members choose not to adopt the decision, the case would be scheduled for oral arguments before the board at its next quarterly meeting, on May 5, Simoes said.

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Loughner pleads Supreme Court: State prisoners have no right to parole not guilty to assassination attempt MCCLATCHY TRIBUNE

could face the death penalty for the shooting because those killed included one of Giffords’ staff and the presiding judge of the federal courthouse in Tucson. All Arizona federal judges have recused themselves, and the judge hearing the case, Larry A. Burns, has traveled to Phoenix from San Diego. In the days after the shooting, the case was moved from Tucson to the courthouse Phoenix. But federal prosecutors are seeking to move subsequent hearings back to Tucson to make it easier for victims of the attack to witness proceedings. Giffords continued on Monday to recuperate at a Houston hospital linked to a nationally known rehabilitation center. The hospital said on Sunday she was improving but would remain in the intensive care unit for the time being.

MCCLATCHY TRIBUNE PHOENIX — Jared Loughner on Monday pleaded not guilty to charges that he tried to assassinate U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and two members of her staff in the course of a shooting rampage that killed six people. Lougher entered the federal courtroom in an orange jumpsuit and sporting a very broad, pleased smile. He chortled as his defense attorney, Judy Clarke, spoke with him. The arraignment Monday afternoon was Loughner ’s second court appearance since the Tucson shooting spree on Jan. 8. Federal prosecutors have previously charged him with murder but are rolling out new indictments via the grand jury so they can avoid revealing their evidence at a preliminary hearing. The 22-year-old Loughner

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court, unanimously reversing the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for the third time in a week, ruled Monday that state prisoners have no constitutional right to be paroled. The decision rebuked the San Francisco-based appeals court for ordering the parole of several inmates who had been convicted of murder or attempted murder. All three opinions that were overturned in the last week were written by veteran liberal Judge Stephen Reinhardt from Los Angeles. In last week’s ruling, the justices said the 9th Circuit was wrong to reverse the convictions of two men who had been convicted of murders many years before. Reinhardt’s opinion faulted the defense lawyers for the two men. In Monday’s decision, the justices said Reinhardt and the 9th Circuit were wrong to second-guess the California parole board and the state courts for denying parole to

Damon Cooke of Los Angeles, who was convicted of the attempted murder of a friend in Berkeley in 1991. Cooke was given a term of up to life in prison, and the parole board said he “would pose an unreasonable risk to society if released from prison.� Cooke appealed and lost in the state courts, but last year, Reinhardt and the 9th Circuit said parole officials did not have enough evidence to justify denying parole to Cooke. The California attorney general’s office appealed and, without hearing arguments in the case, the Supreme Court reversed the 9th Circuit in an unsigned opinion. “There is no right under the federal Constitution to be conditionally released before the expiration of a valid sentence, and the states are under no duty to offer parole to their prisoners,� the justices said in Swarthout v. Cooke. “That should have been the beginning and the end� of the matter in the federal courts, they said. California prosecutors said that since Reinhardt’s ruling

last June, several dozen state inmates had won parole from federal judges, and several hundred more appeals were pending. In last week’s rulings, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, speaking for the court, made clear his irritation with the 9th Circuit for being too willing to reverse the state courts in criminal cases. “Confidence in the writ (of habeas corpus) and the law it vindicates (is) undermined if there is a judicial disregard for the sound and established principles that inform its proper issuance. That judicial disregard is inherent in the opinion of the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit,� Kennedy said. Prior to joining the high court in 1988, Kennedy was a 9th Circuit judge. Still pending before the high court is California’s appeal of a three-judge ruling that would require the state to release as many as 40,000 inmates to relieve overcrowding. Reinhardt was one of the three judges who handed down the disputed order.

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Gordon Bates/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Obama pushes for unity in wake of shooting By Bethany Barnes and Luke Money ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Standing before an audience of more than 13,000 in McKale Center, with an almost equal number watching via video from the nearby Arizona Stadium, President Barack Obama took a thoughtful pause. “On Saturday morning, Gabby, her staff and many of her constituents gathered outside of a supermarket to exercise their right to peaceful assembly and free speech,â€? he said. “They were fulfilling a central tenant of democracy and the vision by our founders ‌ That is the quintessentially American scene that was shattered by a gunman’s bullets.â€? Obama and several high-ranking members of his cabinet

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“Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was a good friend of mine, as she is to almost everyone in this community. This attack on her and her constituents, our neighbors and our friends has changed us all.� — Robert Shelton UA president

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Head online for a slideshow of the events from Wednesday for President Barack Obama’s visit. Pictures include the line of people waiting, protesters picketing and officials speaking.

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were present in Tucson as part of the “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America� memorial event held to honor the 19 victims and six fatalities of last Saturday’s shooting spree, an attack that took the life of federal district Judge John Roll and left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition at University Medical Center. “There is nothing I can say that will fill the sudden hole torn in your hearts,� Obama said. “But know this. The hopes of the nation are here tonight. We mourn with you for the fallen. We join you in your grief. We add our faith


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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, january 25, 2011 •

Facilitates shift from community colleges

common course numbers. She said creating common course numbers is not as costly as the regents proposed. “In all the research that we had, it’s nowhere near the cost estimate that they had in their report in December,” she said. Gail Burd, vice provost of Academic Affairs, said the Shared Unique Number system adequately improves the transfer process. “Most students are using the internet to find courses, so it’s just as easy,” she said. Burd said the work involved in changing course prefixes for entire departments makes it difficult to create common course numbers. “To change the prefix would cause us to change the whole system for maybe three courses that transfer,” she said. She also said many transferable courses do not have identical content, which would be required to unify course numbers. The UA will also change the prefixes of tier-one general education courses to reflect the department offering the course, according to Burd. Courses labeled as “TRAD,” “NATS” and “INDV” will include the prefix of the department offering the course. “You’ll be able to transfer a

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Stephanie Thayer/Arizona Daily Wildcat

course more readily,” Burd said. A small pilot program of the Common Course Numbering system will be implemented as part of these course number changes. “It’s something that can take a lot of time, but I think that’s OK,” Delic said. “It’s a complicated system, but it will definitely save students a lot of money in the long term, and universities as well.” Martha Cordova, transfer coordinator at Arizona Western

College in Yuma, Ariz., said she works with students each semester who have trouble transferring. She said the college has about 10,000 students who transfer to universities after about three years. She said many students selfadvise and don’t know how to check which courses will transfer and that the changes would be effective only if students knew how to use the new system. “As long as we provide that

information to students, it will be very helpful,” she said. Theatre sophomore Helyann Fimbres-Berdine said the course equivalency website combined with a transfer strategies course made her transfer from Pima Community College a smooth process. She said the new system might make the process even more seamless. “Hopefully this is going to make this easier, as they intended it,” she said.

‘I would say students rely on them too much’

up tolerance, but sometimes people stop taking medications too soon due to minor side effects, he said. While Lexapro and Prozac both serve as anti-depressants, people respond to drugs differently, which is why there are many different kinds of drugs, Boesen said. “If Prozac doesn’t work for one person, Lexapro might, or vice versa,” he said. Boesen isn’t surprised by which drugs appear on the top-10 sellers list at Campus Health because they are common among young people. The drugs treat general infections, fungus, depression and asthma, he said. In addition to prescription drugs, Campus Health also sells over-the-counter items. A top-10 sellers list can be found at the Campus Health website. Dominic Moronta, a chemistry major, said he doesn’t purchase items at Campus Health because it is too expensive. “We try to stay competitive with a Walgreens or a CVS,” Birmingham said. Craig Burkhart, who is also


a chemistry major, only takes over-the-counter medications such as Claritin and Sudafed when he has headaches or is suffering from allergies. Other people, however, quickly turn to medications when they are sick, he said. “I would say students rely on them too much,” he said. “A lot of students use controlled substances to help them get through classes.” Amy Goodmanson, a biology major, thinks differently. “I don’t know that too many people abuse over-the-counter drugs,” she said. Of the top-10 over-the-counter sellers, Goodmanson says she takes ibuprofen for headaches, but not very often. While she doesn’t purchase overthe-counter items at Campus Health, she said she would buy them there because it is more convenient to charge items to her Bursar ’s account. All drugs, whether they are over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions, are abused, said Glenn Matchett-Morris, the assistant director of Counseling and Psychological Services.


Nurses proud of Giffords’ progress, recovery

“A lot of students voluntarily come in if they notice they have a substance problem,” MatchettMorris said. Not all students who need assistance admit themselves to CAPS. Many students are discharged from the hospital and are told to come in for sessions depending on their situation, he said.

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“We couldn’t leave the unit to get food and take those breaks … it was very, very nice.” There were at least 20 different specialists that saw the ICU patients, which is typical for a for something of this magnitude , according to Vicki Veronese, the patient care manager and registered nurse at the UMC Trauma ICU. “That is what makes our team so special,” she said. “I am the most proud that we got in all those patients … our staff is very professional and caring with all the patients. We were making sure those families did not have added stress, and that they were OK.” Veronese explained that the difference between the ICU and other units in the hospital is the time they spend checking in with patients’ families. Veronese recalls Giffords’ parents as “lovely” in the two weeks she spent with them and other family members. Some of the nurses reminisced about personal interactions that

TOP PRESCRIPTIONS SOLD AT UA 1. Keflex (cephalexin) 2. Amoxil (amoxicillin) 3. Diflucan (fluconazole) 4. Lexapro 5. Zovirax (acyclovir) 6. ProAir (albuterol) 7. Zantac (ranitidine) 8. Doxycycline 9. Z-pak (Azithromycin) 10. Prozac (fluoxetine)

— Source: Campus Health website

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that can serve as alternatives to the checks and balances system, something which he said is outside the reach of the Constitution. “You can’t have a committee of 535 people in Congress running the war, it requires way too many things happening way too quickly … but that does of course pose a very rather serious challenge to our system of government,” Katyal said. “Some suggest we can really just cross our fingers and hope to elect a good president that will do the right thing.” He said that his objective in the lecture was to suggest that the ingredients for such a solution laid within the executive branch itself. The McCormick lecture ended at 1:20 p.m., and a reception followed in the Lewis and Roca Lobby, where people could meet with Katyal. Charles Ares, retired UA law professor and special advisor to the college , called the lecturer the “2011 edition” of distinctive lecturers who have been invited since 1978.


they had with Giffords during her stay. Culbert wore a necklace symbolizing the passing of her father, and told Giffords what the necklace meant to her. According to Culbert, Giffords would reach up and grab the necklace to console her. “I started to get tears in my eyes,” Culbert said. “She pulled me over to hug me and patted my back. She was trying to console me and she was the one that was hurt.” Tadeo recalls their similar passion for the Latin pop/ rock band “Mana.” She would bring it in for Giffords and they would listen to it together. Beckel spent six nights with Giffords, and said she was very thankful for the opportunity to help treat the representative. “I am forever thankful for the bonding that was able to take place,” she said. “I was very proud to see her progress the way she (Giffords) did.”


• tuesday, january 25, 2011 • arizona daily wildcat


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Donald Trump for president? Andrew Shepherd


Arizona Daily Wildcat

hile watching the State of the Union address tonight, be sure to imagine how it would look if it was Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, standing on the floor of the House of Representatives. Why? Because if Mr. Trump has his way, he’ll be the next president of the United States. Yes, that’s right, the man who is famous for building skyscrapers and luxury hotels, having really bad hair and telling prospective employees that they’re fired is now looking to get into politics. During last week’s “Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, the real estate mogul said he was giving the idea “very serious thought,” but does he actually have a chance of winning? Probably not. Trump’s confrontational style may be good for reality television ratings, but won’t likely sit well with the American people. His blunt language, while effective in the business world, will presumably get him into trouble with some voters early on in the campaign season. In addition, Trump would inevitably have to earn the support of the social conservatives, running as a Republican, and this would be difficult. After all, Trump is now on his third wife and is known to be quite the New York socialite. Both of which

The prospect of an Independent Trump campaign isn’t something to laugh at and should worry some Republicans, as he would inevitably steal some of the votes that would have gone to the Republican nominee.

may be aspects that deviate from the “family values” of voters from the Deep South. It’s pretty safe to say that Trump would never earn the Republican nomination for president, but that doesn’t mean he should be written off completely. Don’t forget that Trump is a billionaire and has made clear that he would be willing to invest a considerable amount of his own money into a presidential bid. He certainly has the funds to run an effective campaign as an Independent. While Trump isn’t exactly Independent when it comes to his political views (he’s a staunch conservative), freeing himself from the grips of either party might attract millions of voters that feel disenchanted with both the Democrats and Republicans. However, the chances of him winning are still rather slim. Keep in mind that the last serious third party candidate (Ross Perot in 1992) was also a savvy billionaire, and he only received 19 percent of the popular vote. Regardless, the prospect of an Independent Trump campaign isn’t something to laugh at and should worry some Republicans, as he would inevitably steal some of the votes that would have gone to the Republican nominee. With the chances of winning being so slim, one has to wonder: Is Trump actually serious, or is this a publicity stunt? Trump’s show, “The Apprentice,” has seen a huge fall in ratings over the past few years and the prospect of his run for presidency may just entice people back to his show. This is, however, unlikely. Trump has a huge ego and probably believes his run for president could become another potential success. Over the course of his career, he’s proven himself to be a brilliant businessman. He started out with just a few small properties and built his company into a real estate empire. He’s a man that anybody would worry about having to deal with, but he’s not fit for politics. Running for president would turn out to be both a waste of time and a terrible investment. It would be wise for Mr. Trump to run up to the board room of Trump Tower and tell any staff member hired to support a presidential run exactly what they need to hear: “You’re fired.” — Andrew Shepherd is a political science senior. He can be reached at

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Heated rhetoric a part of American politics

Ever since the terrible shooting on Jan. 8, a debate has raged throughout the country about the current tone of today’s politics. It started when our esteemed Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, without any shred of evidence, cited “vitriolic rhetoric” as the cause during a nationally televised press conference. But what exactly is “vitriolic rhetoric?” There is nothing new about the rhetoric in today’s politics. It has always been nasty. From ancient Greece to modern America you can find numerous examples of “vitriolic rhetoric.” The election of 1796 and 1800 between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams sure weren’t very polite. Andrew Jackson’s wife was called a prostitute by his political rivals. Anyone who thinks Fox News or MSNBC is bad should read the newspapers of the late 1700s and early 1800s. This so-called “vitriolic rhetoric” is not going away. Rhetoric had nothing to do with the

shooting, so why should we change our rhetoric? There is no correlation. One thing that can be taken from the shooting is that no matter how nasty politics gets, we are all still human. Even the most conservative Republicans will show compassion toward the most liberal Democrats, and I have little doubt that would be the case the other way around. I spent the last year of my life campaigning every day against Gabrielle Giffords. I pray for her and wish her a speedy recovery. However, when she does return to Congress and after a well-deserved obviation, I will continue to oppose her politics. I want political debate and heated rhetoric to continue across America because that’s who we are. This country was founded on and has survived on extreme rhetoric. Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly should be able to opine all they want to their viewers. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow should be allowed to say what they want to their viewers. I want to see

the American people engaged. I was proud to see so many Americans get upset when an unconstitutional health care bill was forced down their throats through backroom deals, open bribes and coercion, and I would expect Democrats to get just as upset once that bill is repealed. Do not kid yourself. One crazed lunatic’s actions are not going to transform American politics, nor should they. — Trey Terry is the communications director for the College Republicans.

Bloody hell: Why American TV is bollocks Johnny McKay


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here has been a media firestorm surrounding the show “Skins,” which recently debuted on MTV. Critics are in an uproar over the sexual and drug related situations that the characters (all teenagers) are experiencing, and disapprove of the general nature of the show. Taco Bell, one of the most prestigious and respected institutions in America, has already pulled its commercials from the smallscreen travesty, claiming it doesn’t “match their brand.” If Taco Bell’s brand isn’t “Hey drunk kid! We’re still open!” then I’m confused, but that’s not the important part of this article. The point is that Americans are a horribly prude and over-offended bunch, and this is most easily seen when we throw yet another fit over TV programming that wouldn’t cause a European to bat an eye. “Skins” began as a British show, and a quite brilliant one at that. It was an unflinching look at the tribulations of teenagers in urban England, unfettered by the limitations of censorship and conscience. Serious issues were addressed, kids are full of angst; it is like any one of the emo-American clones like “Degrassi” or “Dawson’s Creek.” However, unlike those American programs, “Skins” wasn’t forced to hide behind the imposed moral compass that guides every plot line in the aforementioned U.S. shows. Those shows want so badly to address the issues that

plague the kids of that age, but aren’t confident enough to do it the way they should, cowed by the G-rated suburban expectations from our media industry. The American censors have made every plot line for that brand of shows trite and predictable. At this point I feel bad for every grandparent figure introduced for a single episode, seeing as they are obviously doomed to die by the end of the 30-minute span. The “Grandpa passed on” storyline and the similar “Bobby from class says I should try drugs” arc have appeared in countless American shows, but have never deviated from their prescribed conclusions. In the original “Skins,” the main characters are the ones pushing drugs, and death and other unfortunates come completely out of left field, as in real life. It is a refreshing breath of TV that is realer than our patriotic “reality TV,” and one that has the bollocks to show the culture as it really is. On top of that, it is entertaining — its lack of American inhibition allows for a much greater range of plots and characters, and honestly, every bit of slang sounds better with a British accent. And then we thought it would be a good idea to bring it to America. Why not? It worked well with “The Office,” and since the American media industry seems firmly planted in its unoriginal re-purposing agenda, stealing another popular show from Britain

should be pure brilliance. However the cultural discount is high with this one, and it’s a terrible idea. The whole reason “Skins” worked is because it was an uninhibited, raunchy and R-rated version of the typical American teen drama. Placing it in the frame of a USA television strips it of its British advantages and makes it just another typical American teen drama. The attempts to regain the edgy feel just come off as forced, and the bleeping of the word “fuck” in the pilot is an obvious and awkward example of how it can’t exist in this format. As we’ve shown after just one episode, we can’t be trusted with good controversial things, because there’s already talk of suing MTV and canceling the show. I’m not surprised at all, just disappointed that we felt the need to convert it to our restrictive culture. Quite obviously its charm and point will be lost in the translation, and nothing embodies that more than the title itself. “Skins” is British slang for rolling papers, a fitting title for these drugaddled escapades, at least in Britain. We should have translated that so people would know what to expect, yet I doubt the show “Joint” would have even been considered by the MTV executives. It’s another example of Americans’ need to reformat something great for themselves, rather than just explore the world outside of USAland. Do yourself a favor and check out the original, British version of “Skins” if you haven’t already — and if you find yourself swearing like a gangster in a Guy Ritchie movie for months after, that just means it’s working. — Johnny McKay is a media arts senior. He can be reached at

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• tuesday, january 25, 2011


policebeat By Alexander Vega Arizona Daily Wildcat

Pinch and tell

A female UA student reported an assault at the ScienceEngineering Library at 11:31 p.m. on Thursday. A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived at the library and spoke with the student while other officers searched for the suspect. The student said that she was studying in her normal spot at the northwest corner of the fourth floor. She was listening to music on her headphones while seated with her back to an unknown woman. The unknown woman tapped the student on the shoulder and asked the student to turn down the volume on her headphones. The student obliged but asked that the woman not touch her again. Several minutes later, the student overheard the woman packing up to leave. The unknown woman then pinched the student’s right arm near her bicep and began to stand over her. The woman told her that she would not be able to pass any classes because the student wears headphones while she studies. The student shouted to another student in the library for assistance so she wouldn’t be left alone with the woman. The woman had left the area when the student reported the incident to the library staff and asked to press charges. However, the unknown woman was in the lobby and overheard the conversation. The student then noticed the woman running out of the library. The police officers were unable to find the suspect.

Vulgar virago vilifies via Facebook <3

A UA professor reported an inappropriate Facebook post made by one of his students at 4:35 p.m. on Thursday. The professor said that one of his female students was disappointed that she received a low class participation grade due to an administrative error by one of the teaching assistants. Before the professor could correct the grade, the student posted a status that read, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Professor, I hope someone rapes you up the ass and then you die. The end. <3.â&#x20AC;? The professor told the UAPD officer that it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t threatening, harassing or harming, but it was inappropriate and vulgar. The Facebook status was reported to the Dean of Studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office as student misconduct. The Dean of Studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office told the professor that he needed to file the incident with UAPD. No criminal investigation was desired and all sanctions are being handled by the Dean of Studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office. The studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s class participation grade has since been corrected.

He doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even go here

A homeless man was found sleeping in a room at McClelland Hall at 10:56 p.m. on Thursday. A UA police aide found the man sleeping inside the room and reported it to UAPD. Two UAPD officers arrived shortly after and woke the man sleeping on the floor. The homeless man had entered through the double doors of the room while the building was open several hours prior. He admitted to knowing that he was trespassing, but said that it was a good place to sleep because it was warm. The man consented to a property search by one of the officers. The officer found a bag of marijuana, a glass pipe and a lighter among other things in the manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s possession. The officer asked the man if anyone else knew that he was sleeping in McClelland Hall. The man said that it was â&#x20AC;&#x153;his placeâ&#x20AC;? and that he kept it secret from people. He also said that he had been sleeping there for the past four nights and would probably have come the next night if he had not been caught. The man was placed under arrest at 11:11 p.m. by an officer on charges of criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was escorted out of McClelland Hall, cited and released. Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at


of the UA student body uses an automobile for transportation. That leaves

16.2% who use


Visit and click on â&#x20AC;&#x153;FLU NEWSâ&#x20AC;? for more info.

WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GOING ON?

WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GOING ON?

WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S W GOING O N? â&#x20AC;&#x2122; G O ? HAT




WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GOINGWO Nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;? HAT S GOING ON? WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GOING ON?


OTHERâ&#x20AC;? means...


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ON THE SPOT Bieber fever-free

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Dana Mastro

In Monday’s edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the link to the homepage of the UA Green Fund was erroneous. The correct link is studentaffairs.arizona. edu/greenfund. The Daily Wildcat regrets this error.

Communication professor What is the naughtiest thing you did during your college years, oncampus or off? Well some things flash through my head but I would never let them be in print, that’s the problem. Are you more excited for March Madness or Superbowl Sunday? March Madness, 100 percent. I am a basketball fanatic and anyone who has been in any of my classes definitely knows that. Who would you marry in the NBA? I love Steve Nash. I know he’s not the best looking guy but he seems like just a very nice guy. So you would not marry Kobe, the alleged sex offender? Nope. I mean he’d be at the top of my list if I were recruiting for a team, but not to marry. I like the nice guys. So what do you think about Justin Bieber? I cannot believe he’s a heartthrob for anyone, but he’s about two decades younger than me so I have nothing but unpleasant things to say about him. If Usher approached you at a club would you grind with him? Again, I could be his mom so it makes it a little bit tough, and I might be arrested because they are too young, but I would dance with him. — Caroline Nachazel

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Forget pints and ounces, OHungry’s, a restaurant on University Boulevard, offers customers their choice of a yard or half-yard of beer. Al Chu, the restaurant’s owner, is excited about the newly opened store and hoping for good business this semester.

Opinions Editor Kristina Bui

Padded underwear for men gives booty more bounce For the many men who suffer from severe “flat butt,” here’s some uplifting news: One line of padded underwear specifically for guys is meant to give the illusion of a little more junk in the trunk. The padded underpants in the spotlight are manufactured by a Canadian company appropriately dubbed BottomsUp, which operates under the motto: “Building a Better Bottom.”

BottomsUp owner Rick Mucha told AOL News that he’s been selling the line of padded boxer briefs for men for about 10 years. The garments, which are priced at $39.99 per pair, also boast a pouch in the crotch area in case men want to slip a separate pad in the front for added girth. However, Mucha said the butt pads are the biggest area of interest for customers who are mainly looking to add a bit of extra

Design Chief Olen Lenets Arts Editor Brandon Specktor

bounce to their booty. “First-time customers usually go with the ‘Quarterback’ size, just to give it a try. Once they get comfortable and are satisfied with the product, they gradually go up in size to ‘Halfback’ and ‘Fullback.’ The padding looks really natural. It’s an easy, inexpensive way for guys to be able to fill out their jeans better,” Mucha said. — AOL News

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FAST FACTS • Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 golden goblets of hot chocolate every day. It was thick, dyed red and flavored with chili peppers. • Dried and smoked jalapenos are chipotles, generally known in a class of their own.

• The Jalapeno was the first pepper to be taken into space. • The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had.

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OVERHEARD Man: “Just click in to your inner nerd.”

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— Louise F. Marshall building

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• The Jalapeno pepper was named after the town of Jalapa in Mexico, but it is no longer commercially grown there.

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Today’s birthday: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” Shakespeare wrote. You’re providing a supporting role, contributing balance and a firm ground for others. And you can sing, if you feel moved to and you remember the words. If not, then just make them up. Aries (March 21 - April 19) — Today is a 7 — Today’s a good day for writing a poem, painting a picture or doing something artistic for a loved one. Mend some bridges with creativity. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) — Today is a 7 — Someone’s

emotional outburst has colleagues rethinking their positions. Take it all in stride. Creative results come from an open attitude. Gemini (May 21 - June 21) — Today is a 7 — Lean on another person to create balance. Others are willing to help and provide creative input with ease. Rest and regroup for later stability. Cancer (June 22 - July 22) — Today is an 8 — A stranger enters the picture, and prompts you to shift your reasoning. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just alter course a little. Listen to your heart.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) — Today is a 7 — The people you love are poised to take a giant step forward. This could involve travel or higher education. Work out details and enlist powerful help. Await developments. Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) — Today is a 6 — Stability at home and work is possible if you divide attention. Others may have some emotion today. Remain calm and compassionate. Be there for them. Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) — Today is a 6 — Unusual opportunities develop. Examine them carefully, and

Wildcat Campus Events Calendar Welcome Reception for Milton M. Castillo. A Program and reception will be held for the Incoming Senior VP for Business Affairs and CFO on January 25, 2011 in the SUMC south ballroom from 4pm-5:30pm. Professional Development Session: Process Mapping January 25, 2011 from 9am-12pm in the University Services Building, room 214. Contact Center for Professional Development at 520-6217183 for more information. Professional Development Seminar Interviewing for Internships and Jobs January 25, 2011 from 1-1:50 p.m. in the Career Services Suite 411 in the SUMC. Steward Observatory Mirror Lab Tours. January 25, 2011 at 1pm and 3pm in the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab. Adults $15, Students $8. Call 520-626-8792 to make reservations. UAConnect Guidance Committee Meeting on January 25, 2011 from 2:30pm-3:30pm in the SUMC Catalina Room. Campus community members encouraged to attend.

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gathering with mystical fantasies and stories. Add humor to the conclusion. This playfulness allows warmth and laughter to arise. Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) — Today is an 8 — You and a friend seem to be operating in parallel universes. One of you is a practical dynamo, and the other a creative whirlwind. Blend for success. Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) — Today is a 7 — Focus energy in the small time you have for business. Press forward on all sides, alternating if there’s any tension. Keep everything moving simultaneously.

January 25


Campus Events

take time to determine their true potential. Keep in communication, and let it unfold. Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 — You think you have it all gathered together, but somehow pieces get lost. Create a backup plan or be sure you have extra ingredients on hand. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) — Today is a 7 — Each time you review a plan, you discover more creative options. Tweak the logic. Wherever you feel tension, look there for inspiration. Success! Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) — Today is a 7 — Inspire a social

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Many Mexicos: Vistas de la Frontera exhibition at the Arizona State Museum (1031 E. University Blvd). January 24, 2011 through November 17, 2012. MonSat 10am-5pm. $5. 520-621-6302 9-Ball Pool Tournaments $3/$2 for Pool Club members Whether you’re here to learn or to show off your skills, you’ll have a good time. A ranking system levels the playing field for everyone. Play well and win 10 hours of free pool! Cellar Games Room Jan 25 6-8pm “Face to Face: 150 Years of Photographic Portraiture” exhibit is being shown in the Center for Creative Photography main auditorium until May 15, 2011. The Aesthetic Code: Unraveling the Secrets of Art, through April 12, 2011. University of Arizona Musem of Art. “Ansel Adams: Arizona and the West” exhibit is being shown in the Center for Creative Photography until May 15, 2011.


20thAnnual Tucson Jewish Film Festival January 20, 2011 through January 30th, 2011 at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. for more information.


“Double Vision” Exhibit by book artists Julie Chen and Clifton Meador is being shown at the Joseph Gross Gallery until February 4, 2011. The Too-Many-Shows-and-Fundraisers Show continues through January 29. Art Gallery 1122 N. Stone Ave. 6247099 Gallery Hours are 11am to 4pm Wednesday through Saturday. Call for more info An exhibit of new works by Maha Nostrant continues through Jan. 26. M.A.S.T. 299 S. Park Ave. Gallery hours are 10am to5pm Monday through Saturday Call for info A Field Guide to Dragons, an exhibit of works by Lawrence W. Lee continues through Saturday Jan. 29. Stone Dragon Studio 1122 N. Stone Ave. 405-5800. Gallery hours are 11am-4pm Wednesday through Saturday.


“Annie” Musical presented by The Red Barn Theater Company and directed by Joanne Anderson.7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; 2 p.m. Sundays through Jan. 30. $15 (discounts available) 520-8876239

Of Note

Costumes & Textiles of Morocco exhibit January 15- February 28, 2011 in the historic Tophoy Building on Fourth Ave. (225 N. 4th Ave). Free Admission. Open 7 days a week 10am-4pm. (520) 250- 2786 for more information.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Located at The Rialto Building. Open through February 20, 2011 Info/Tickets available at


Salsa Latin Dance: Free Intro Class Jan 26th and Feb 2nd 6pm at BreakOut Studios 522 N. 4th Ave. Visit www. for details.


Israeli Style Self Defense: Free Krav Maga Intro Session. Jan 27th and February 3rd 7pm at Crossfit Training Facility 204 S. Tucson Blvd. Call 520-3964864 to reserve your spot.

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CharminG tranQuil 2bdrm duplex apartment in Blenman elm historic district. 2303 n. Treat Ceramic tile floors, stainless steel appliances, central air conditioning, washer/dryer hook-up,private landscaped fenced yard with orange trees. large storage building. Bike/ Bus/ hike to uofa & umC. pet negotiable $585.00 mo. on year lease with approved credit. owner/agent jade 797-6900, tom 360-6900 larGe 2Bd 1Bth. 2blocks from campus, parking, W/d, A/C, quiet, clean. $725/mo. See website for availability: 520-406-5515 or 520-9032402 one BloCk South of campus. For dozens of pictures and more info: 1200sq.ft. two-bedroom unit in architect-designed triplex. Light, modern, stylish interior--like dwell magazine. New appliances. A/C. Lush landscaping. Huge private patio. Real wood floors. Available May 20 or so. 520-623-9565. tri-plex near uoFa nice clean 2Bd/1BA. evap, nice patio, fenced yard, parking, water paid. $575/mo. 623-8906

1Br Free GaS, electric, water, garbage, sewer, laundry, cable. A/C, fireplace, carport. Near â&#x20AC;&#x153;Aâ&#x20AC;? Mountain. $445/mo. 617-0696. Cute VintaGe Studio 2.5blocks to UofA, wood deck, small yard, AC, cement floor, parking, laundry. $325/mo Cats ok. 3199339 Small Studio. a/C, enclosed patio, in Sam Hughes. 2blocks from UofA. 522 Olsen. $475/mo, utilities included. 577-7773 Studio GueSthouSe all utilities included, A/C, 6month lease ok $525 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS 1Bedroom guesthouse in Sam Hughes, remodeled with full kitchen, all utilities included +internet, wood and saltillo tile floors, A/C, partially furnished $600 CALL RedI 520-623-5710 OR LOg ON WWW.AZRedIReNTALS.COM

!!! 5BloCkS to UofA Lee St near Mountain. One bedroom house $620 plus gas and electric, completely remodeled with $35,000 in new stuff, wood floors, AC, No pets, security patrol, quiet, <> 624-3080 or 299-5020. !!!!!!!!!!! auGuSt aVailaBility- UNCOMPARABLe LUxURy6bdrm 6BATHS each has own whirlpool tubshower. 5car garage, Walk-in closests all granite counters, large outside patios off bedrooms, full private laundry, very large master suites, high ceilings. TeP electric discount. Monitored security system. Very close to UA 844-1505 !!!!!!!!!!!!! 4BloCkS nw UA Huge Luxury Homes 4br/ 4.5ba +3car garage +large master suites with walk-in closets +balconies +10ft ceilings up and down +dW, W/d, Pantry, TeP electric discount, monitored security system. Pool priviledges. Reserve now for August 884-1505 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maGniFiCent home... WALK TO THe UOFA! NeWLy ReMOdLed 4 and 5BedROOM 4BATH HOMeS. TILe & WOOd FLOORS, WIReLeSS INTeRNeT. LOCATed IN THe SAM HUgHeS NeIgHBORHOOd JUST BLOCKS FROM CAMPUS. AVAILABLe FOR AUgUST 2011. THIS WONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T LAST! PHONe/ TexT 520404-6477. !!!!!now preleaSinG 1-6bdrm Houses for Summer & Fall 2011! Call 331.8050 for appt !!!!!SiGn up now for Fy11â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2, 3, 4 & 5bdm, Newer homes! 1mi to UofA, A/C, garages & all appl. included. 520-790-0776 !reSerVe your 1,2,3 or 4 bedroom home for August. great homes 2 to 5 blocks to UA. Call for details. 884-1505 or visit us at $800-$2400 Fy11 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3, 4 & 5bdm, BRANd NeW homes! 2mi to UofA, A/C, garages & all appl. included. 520-790-0776

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mountain plaza apartmentS Furnished 2BR/1BA apartments starts at $570. Only 4blocks from UofA with sparkling pool, gas grills, and on-site laundry. 520-6235600

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arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, january 25, 2011 •


February 1-6

Tucson Music Hall

TickeTs sTarT aT jusT $30

1Bedroom houSe 850SQFt, water included, A/C, fenced yard $575 ALSO 1Bedroom house washer/dryer, carport, A/C, water included, fenced yd, tile throughout $650 CALL RedI 520-6235710 OR LOg ON WWW.AZRedIReNTALS.COM

sTudenT discounTs available broadway in Tucson a nederlander PresenTaTion

broadwayinTucson.coM or call 800-745-3000

2Bd 1Ba 1102 e edison St. A/C, gas heat, Inside laundry, $900/mo + deposit. Pets OK. 1 Car garage. d/W w/disposal, Fenced yard. 520907-5990 2Bd 1Ba houSe Carport, Fenced yard, Pets Ok, W/d, Stove & Refrigerator. Near Randolph Park. $780/mo + $500 deposit. Call 520-299-6729 2Bedroom houSe with garage, washer/dryer, A/C, fenced yd, covered patio, pets ok $900 ALSO Live next door to campus in this SAM HUgHeS 2bedroom 2bath house with all utilities included, 10ft ceilings, fireplace, A/C $950 CALL RedI 520-623-5710 OR LOg ON WWW.AZRedIReNTALS.COM 2Br/ yard. some UofA. grant 9806

2Bath houSe, fenced Appliances, central A/C furniture. About a mile from Is available immediately. & N Los Altos 602-568-

2min to CampuS IN Fy11– 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5bdm, homes & apartments! 1mi to UofA, A/C, garages & all appl. included. 520-7900776 4Bd 2Ba auGuSt 2011. gReAT LOCATION! $1700 Spacious rooms, fireplace, W/D, A/C, addiitonal storage. CALL AMy 520440-7776 4Bedroom 3Bath houSe with Arizona Rm, A/C, walled yd, washer included, $945 ALSO 4Bedroom 3bath house completely remodeled, 2300sqft, fireplace, wood and tile floors, walled yd, CLOSe TO CAMPUS and 1block to CatTran $2000 CALL RedI 520-623-5710 OR LOg ON WWW.AZRedIReNTALS.COM 5Bd 4Ba auGuSt 2011. Huge rooms, W/d, A/C, Walk-in closets, Vaulted ceilings. NICe! CALL AMy 520-440-7776 5Bd For auGuSt 2011. Large bedroom, laundry, A/C, additional storage. BeST deAL! CALL AMy 520-440-7776

3 9



4 5














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By Dave Green


a CloSe to campus, close to play, and close to perfect new home. We have 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes with private entrances, separate leases, roommate matching if needed, fully furnished, most utilities paid and much more. Call or come by for this weeks’ special 520-622-8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue. Bike to uoFa! 3519 e. 5th St. spacious, 3/1.5, tile floors, dining area opens to lrg liv rm w/firepl. glass doors out to patio, fenced yd. A/C, W/d, dW, hot tub, parking, 1,296sqft $900/mo. Mcelwain Co. 326-6158 Great deal! look! 3 or 4 Bedroom. $1200. LOW MOVe-IN COSTS. Close to UofA. Clean open floor plan. CALL FOR DETAILS! 520.398.5738. Great uoFa loCation 3Bd/ 2BA Right off UofA Bike Path! Just Bring your clothes, this place is fully furnished! Many features including A/C, carpet & ceramic Tile floors, Blinds, Dbl Garage, Family Room, dining Rm, Fireplace, gated Property. Nice furnishings! $1595 CALL RedI 520-623-2566

houSe For rent! 4bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom, fully furnished, also included flat screen and pool table, seconds away from starpass resort, $400 -$500 rent and will negotiate. ContactHunter- 602-616-9516 huGe! muSt See! 6bed/ 3bath $400/ person! LOW MOVe-IN COSTS! Beautiful home close to campus, open living room CALL 520.398.5738 larGe 1Bedroom/ 1Bath for rent, AC, large living room, ramada, fenced yard, washer, pets ok, near cattran, $575, call 9071712/ 219-5017 perFeCt For roommateS! 2bed/ 2bath $475 per person! Private bathrooms, split floor plan, private patios, huge closets! CALL FOR deTAILS! 520.398.5738 perFeCt home 3Bd 3BA August 2011. $1650. Big rooms, W/d, A/C, yard, 2car garage. CALL AMy 520-440-7776 priCeS StartinG at $299 per room, per month. Individual leases, private entrances fully furnished 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes available for immediate move in. Call or come by today! 520-6228503, 1725 N. Park Ave. Visit us at Sam huGheS 3Bedroom 2bath house, sunken living room, garage, walled yard, washer/dryer, covered patio $995 ALSO WALK TO CAMPUS in this Huge 3bedroom 2bath 3080sqft house with beamed ceilings, wood and concrete floors, Arizona rm, washer/dryer included, fenced yd $1220 CALL RedI 520-623-5710 OR LOg ON WWW.AZRedIReNTALS.COM SaVe your QuarterS for playing pool down on 4th Ave. We have washers and dryers in select homes! Imagine the time and money you’ll save doing laundry in your own home! 5blocks from campus- 10minutes walking 5minutes on a bike. Close to University Boulevard and 4th Ave. Call for specials 520-622-8503 or 1725 N. Park Avenue. SpaCiouS home For rent CloSe to uofa- Blenman areahampton/tucson Blvd-6bd/3ba with 2,289sqft. parking, a/C, w/d- upgrades. immediate avail. for Spring Semester$2,400 per month. - julie @ 520248-7571 or email us at: Student rental home w/huGe yard, CloSe to uofa- Blenman area-lee/ n treat ave- 3bd/1ba with 1,274sqft. parking, a/C, w/d- upgrades. immediate avail. for Spring Semester -$1,195 per month. - julie @520-248-7571 or email us at:

Great Value! two houses on one lot under 2miles north of UA. 4bd/ 3ba built in 2005 and 3bd/ 2ba +den just remodeled. 3100 total sqft. 2926 N Tyndall Ave. 280k. Call owner/ agent for showing 520-903-4353. MLS #21033505 Barbara Hodges Tierra Antigua Realty. $450/mo. Female roommate Wanted 2bed/ 3bath. 15min from UA. Water incl. Internet/ electric split. No smoking/ alcohol/ drugs/ pets. New Appliances, washer/ dryer incl. Call ebby (480)3539773 2rmS mountain/linden For rent in 4bedrm house. $450 w/utils, wifi, w/d, on Catran. Male/female ok. Call 873-7739 a Great loCation, at an incredible price! M/F needed for a fully furnished HUge apartment close to campus. Most utilities paid, private entrances, separate leases. Call for our move in specials 520.622.8503 Fully FurniShed houSe in safe Arizona Inn neighborhood. 4blocks from campus. 2BR/2BA, laundry, A/C, back patio, garage, enclosed backyard. desk, dresser and bookcase in bedroom. Rent is $700/month/ person includes utilities, high-speed internet, cable TV, and rental insurance. Michael: 615-708-0015 lookinG For Female roommate to share 3bdrm 2ba house, 4miles from UA, $395 utilities incl/ wireless internet/ washer & dryer. Ready to move in. Call Maria 480296-9958 m/F needed For great apartment close to campus (5blocks away), fully furnished, most utilities are paid, private entrances, separate leases! MUST See! Call Astrid 520-622-8503.

walk to uoFa 2Bd/1BA harwood floors, fireplace, fenced backyard, storage, off-street parking, pets ok. $900/mo +$900 deposit, available Feb 15 (earlier?) Andy 901-0231 or drake 237-3175

arChiteCt-deSiGned artiSt’S loFt. eight blocks to UofA. Available March 2011. See more info and 60 photos at Call Bill or Phyllis at 520-623-9565 to see the unit. $1105/mo.The loft has one regular bedroom and one open loft/ office/ bedroom above the kitchen. It looks like something out of dwell magazine. Very modern: Concrete block walls, polished concrete floors, Silestone countertops. Sixteen-foot ceilings, huge industrial windows. Bike to CampuS IN Fy11– 1, 2 & 3bdm Townhomes & Condos! A/C, garages, FRee WIFI & all appl. 520-790-0776 townhouSe aCroSS Street from UofA; Campbell at 6th; Sam Hughes Place; 2BR, 2 1/2 Bath & open loft; 2car attached garage; Fireplace; Furnished; W&d; $1,650/mo utility bills paid. 713-824-6860.

!!-aa typinG $1.50/pG. Laser printing, term papers, theses, dissertations, editing, grammar, punctuation, professional service, near campus. Fax: 326-7095. Dorothy 327-5170.

arizona elite CleanerS Maid Service New Clients $25.00 OFF Initial Cleaning Call 520-207-9699

roommateS wanted/ roomateS needed! 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms open for immediate move in. M/F ok, Smoking/Non-smoking available, starting from $299. Individual leases, private entrances. Call for appointment 520-6228503.

2-Story 4Bedroom townhome, dishwasher, washer & dryer. 1017 n 6th ave. $1300/mo. Call 798-3331 peach properties hm, inc. 2Bedroom townhome. diShwaSher, fireplace, yard, washer/ dryer. 3228 e Glenn St. $850/mo. Call 798-3331 peach properties hm, inc,


Sweet! Great deal! 5bed/ 3bath $400 per person! LOW MOVe-IN COSTS! Vaulted ceilings, large closets, private patio/ balcony! CALL 520.398.5738 uniVerSity/ 4th aVe. 329 e. University Blvd, 4bd 2½ ba $3000/ Month, $3100/ sec dep. located minutes from the UofA, shopping, and restaurants. Large backyard with pool, refrigerator included. Ideal for a college students and roommates don’t miss out. 520780-7888.

2Bedroom townhome. diShwaSher, fireplace, yard, washer/dryer. 1630 e adelaide dr. $850/mo. Call 798-3331 peach properties hm, inc.




Pac-10 Power Rankings By Kevin Zimmerman ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT No. 1: Washington Huskies (15-4, 7-1 Pacific 10 Conference) They seemingly have it all. Size, athleticism, scoring and Sean Millerdubbed little monster in point guard Isaiah Thomas. UW beat both UA and ASU by double-digits and only has the aberration of a loss against Stanford on its resume. No. 2: UCLA (13-6, 5-2 Pac-10) Quietly, the Bruins are tied with the Wildcats for second place in the conference. Forwards Tyler Honeycutt and Reeves Nelson have controlled the paint well for UCLA, and they’ve only lost to UW and rival USC in conference play. No. 3: Arizona (16-4, 5-2 Pac-10) It is tough to put UCLA ahead of UA, but the Bruins had a stronger non-conference schedule than Arizona, nearly toppling Kansas and beating then-No. 18 BYU. Plus, the Wildcats aren’t on a fourgame winning streak like UCLA.

No. 4: Washington State (14-6, 4-4 Pac-10) Talent wise, the Cougars have the pieces to play for the conference lead. But a lack of depth has WSU losing to teams, such as Arizona, that they should be able to beat, especially at home.

No. 5: Cal (10-9, 3-4 Pac-10) The young Golden Bears have weathered the storm of a transfer and without any real star player, coach Mike Montgomery has kept the wheels from falling off. They lost by two points to UCLA then slipped past USC this weekend.

No. 6: USC (11-9, 3-4 Pac-10) Hard to figure out, a USC team with a strong front line has lost three of its last four, including a sweep at the hands of the Oregon schools.

No. 7: Stanford (10-8, 3-4 Pac-10) After upsetting Washington, the Cardinal has been caught in a threegame tailspin. It lost to the Los Angeles schools this weekend, both times by double digits.

Washington schools.

No. 8: Oregon State (8-10, 3-4 Pac-10) Though the Beavers lost to the Ducks at home this weekend, they’ve competed in every conference game, aside from a trip to the

No. 9: Oregon (9-10, 2-5 Pac-10) After a six-game slide earlier in the season, the Ducks have been on the mend, and a win at Oregon State Saturday was a positive sign for a rebuilding team. No. 10: ASU (9-10, 1-6 Pac-10) Until the young Sun Devils can get their roster healthy, it’s not going to be pretty. In Pac-10 play, ASU has a scoring difference of -11 points.


arizona daily wildcat • tuesday, january 25, 2011 •

Why must mail be sent to my parents

Q regarding an MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) if I’m an 18 y.o. legal adult? At that age shouldn’t it be my responsibility to handle the problem, especially if my expenses are not paid by my parents?

A. to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

You are referring to the Parental Notification amendment

passed by Congress in 1998 allowing, but not requiring, college campuses to notify parents of students under age 21 who violate campus drug and/or alcohol policies. The amendment states that… “an institution of higher education may disclose to a parent or legal guardian information regarding any violation of any Federal, State, or local law or of any rule or policy of the institution, governing the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance... if the student is under 21 and the institution determines that the student has committed a disciplinary violation.” That’s a mouthful and it means that if you’re caught with alcohol on campus or recently consumed alcohol (body is a container law), your parents will receive a letter from the university after you’ve been cited informing them of the violation. Just an FYI: the student consensus seems to be to make the call home yourself before your parents receive the letter. The intent of this policy is to inform and engage parents in prevention/intervention as needed, allowing parents to become involved before their son or daughter gets into more serious trouble with substances. For example, sometimes treatment may be necessary and parents can help facilitate that process. Many colleges and universities use this notification policy and a majority of parents are supportive of the practice (72% per a 2000 survey by Association for Student Judicial Affairs’ Model Policy Committee). 96% of underage UA students have not received a Minor in Possession in the past year (99% in past 30 days). (2010 Health & Wellness Survey, n=2,931)

Got a question about alcohol?

Email it to

The Red Cup Q&A is written by Lynn Reyes, LCSW, LSAC, David Salafsky, MPH, Lee Ann Hamilton, MA, CHES, and Spencer Gorin, RN, in the Health Promotion and Preventive Services (HPPS) department of the UA Campus Health Service.


FOR KEEPS smart. living.

We keep you healthy: Health & Recreation Fee

KEEPS the Campus Health Service available for you by replacing previous funding


KEEPS the services of Campus Health more accessible for you

CampusCare Supplement

KEEPS the costs of the services from Campus Health more affordable for you

AzBOR Student Health Insurance Plan

KEEPS you covered for most health care expenses inside and outside the Campus Health Service





Game of the night Notre Dame Men’s Hoops




76ers 105, Suns 95 Grizzlies 100, Raptors 98 Pistons 103, Magic 96


Rangers 2, Capitals 1 Hurricanes 6, Maple Leafs 4

Tim Kosch Sports Editor 520•626•2956

Should Williams go pro? Wildcats W-Hoops


Williams should take talents to NBA


School is cool COMMENTARY BY


Vincent Balistreri

Kevin Zimmerman

sports writer

sports writer



owadays, the first sources of finding out news is either Facebook or Twitter, before you head to your favorite website to read the details. When sophomore Derrick Williams made it to’s No. 1 overall pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers last Thursday, Twitter was my source. It went like this; One of a few Arizona basketball fans I follow, @Dfresh4u, tweeted “Damn NBADRAFT. net has D.Will going #1 overall.” My immediate response was to retweet it and tweet this: “After seeing @dfresh4u’s tweet I took a look at the & realized how weak the 2011 NBA draft will be. No way D-Will comes back.” With 12 guaranteed games, Arizona basketball fans might as well make their “Thanks D-Will, Good luck in the NBA” signs. There is no way Williams comes back to Arizona next season, nor should he. Sure, mock draft websites can be as accurate as gossip magazines at grocery store checkout lines, but it’s evident that Williams is on the radar of NBA scouts. When Arizona took on Kansas in Las Vegas, NBA scouts showed up in bunches to see Williams against Kansas’ Morris twins. In this one–and-done generation, Williams better strike while the iron’s hot. If Williams is ever struggling to decide whether to enter the draft, which is unlikely, he should give former Wildcat Chase Budinger a call and ask him for advice. Budinger was on NBA scouts’ radar coming into college but every year he stayed in college his draft stock got worse and worse. Budinger ended up being a second-round pick instead of the lottery pick he would have been chosen with had he left after his freshman year. Even if Williams has a few flaws in his game, there is a general manager who will draft him based on his potential. Nowadays, if a player reaches his junior or senior season scouts begin to question whether they’re really that good or they would have left school early. At this point Williams’ draft stock won’t get any better with another year, so why risk it? It’s a dream that Williams has probably had his entire life, plus what college student wouldn’t skip college classes to make millions? So after the season is done, expect @bigdthatsme23 to tweet: “I’m taking my talents to the NBA” — Vince Balistreri is a communication senior. He can be reached at

rizona forward Derrick Williams doesn’t want to be in the same position as Adam Sandler’s character, Billy Madison, a 20-something screw-up who realizes he should have taken his education seriously. While Williams’ education is on the basketball court, one more year of discipline could do him a world of good. Not that Williams wouldn’t make it eventually, but there’s so much riding on another year of college. He’s currently ranked No. 1 on’s 2011 mock board, but lottery pick or not, Williams has much to add to his game. Defensively, Williams could use more one-on-one time with head coach Sean Miller, who has been open about wanting the Wildcats’ leader to be just as good on defense as he is on offense. Sports Illustrated recently wrote a story saying exactly that about Arizona’s star sophomore. After all, Williams wouldn’t want to be another case of Amar’e Stoudemire, another face-up power forward who is second in the NBA in scoring yet couldn’t defend Betty White in a Snickers commercial. Stoudemire skipped college altogether and admitted that he’s never been taught defense. Even offensively, Williams could use another year to put some more moves into his game. He scores so much from his pure quickness — a jab-step and pump fake before he blows past a defender — but that will be more difficult against NBA big men. And if anything, Williams could definitely benefit from playing on a team with much more experience and more talent when a strong recruiting class comes in next season. An NCAA Tournament run looks almost guaranteed next year if Williams returns, and a strong performance in it would be a sure-fire way to go in the top five picks if Williams played his junior year at Arizona. So now rather than later, Williams should be singing a similar tune to Billy Madison’s infamous bus stop song. “Back to school, back to school, to show the NBA that I’m not a fool.”

Mike Christy/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Home sweet home

— Kevin Zimmerman is a journalism senior. He can be reached at

Gymcats, fans feed off of each other

By Kevin Nadakal ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT The Gymcats’ fan base is unlike that of any other team on campus. During any given meet you will find everyone from students to retired couples to young children just starting out with gymnastics watching eagerly in the stands. After last Friday’s meet against ASU, the entire Arizona gymnastics team was made available to the crowd as they signed posters that were given out at the door. Hundreds of kids lined up to get the prized autographs. “Our gymnasts are very accessible, kids are always welcome to stop by the gym and talk to their favorite Gymcat,” said assistant coach John Court. “All of our girls were once one of those little kids, so it’s important not to get a big head and remember where your roots are.” Lori Menendez brings her 10-year-old daughter to the meets to expose her to the team and meet her favorite Gymcat, Rebecca Cardenas. “It helps motivate my daughter,” Menendez said. “She loves watching them compete. She is a gymnast at Gymnastics World.” Unlike other sports, the crowd doesn’t show any maliciousness to opposing gymnasts, instead they convey all of their energy showing the Gymcats love and support. The energy in the crowd increases as the team’s introduction plays, and the cheers get louder as each gymnast is announced.

What’s Inside:

Janice Bianvavilla/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Sophomore Aubree Cristello performs on the balance beam while Gymcat fans watch in support. In addition to entertaining their audience through competition, the Arizona Gymcats try to serve as role models for local aspiring gymnasts.

“I think it’s great,” said head coach Bill Ryden. “I feel like we have a great product, and we have great, knowledgeable fans. We get a lot of support from the community but we also get a ton of support from the other athletes in the department.” Dennis Weimer brings his 9and 10-year-old daughters to the meets to diversify their outlook on life and to expose them to athletics. Weimer admits that his kids get most excited when they get to see Wilbur and Wilma. There has been a consistent couple in the stands for the last 18 years. Al and Jodean Ryden

started to come as soon as their son Bill became an assistant coach for the program. “The team is great, and the atmosphere is amazing,” Jodean said. One Gymcat was a constant fixture in the crowd as she grew up. Deanna Graham, a Tucson native, competed at Springs Gymnastics and has been around the team for the majority of her life. “The crowd was awesome, there was so many people,” Graham said. “It looked like the most people I have seen in I don’t even know how long.

Pac-10 Power Rankings See where Wildcat hoops ranks among the conference

A lot of the girls from the clubs around Tucson were there too. That’s just so inspiring. I remember being one of those girls. “It was something I looked forward to — just getting out of practice early and coming to see the U of A girls compete.” Graham calls it a dream come true that she is able to be a Gymcat and sign an autograph for one of those girls on a club team. “I hope it’s a great influence on them,” Ryden said. “I really wanted to help the growth of Tucson gymnastics . We want to be a great example for those kids.”

come up big Washington schools swept; ends Pac-10 woes

COMMENTARY BY Alex Williams sports writer

The Arizona women’s basketball team was coming off of three straight blowout losses against the Pacific 10 Conference’s best teams — Stanford, Cal and ASU. Star forward Ify Ibekwe was sick, the offense was out of sync and the defense had been porous. So what did the Wildcats do? They swept both Washington and Washington State at home, saving the season — at least for now — from a downward spiral after starting 11-2. Freshman guard Candice Warthen said it best after the win against Washington last Thursday. “We couldn’t lose,” Warthen said. “We had to (win).” Wins aren’t the only thing that the weekend gave Arizona. It also provided a few answers to a Wildcat team looking for its first NCAA Tournament berth since the 2004-2005 season. First, Arizona (13-5, 4-3 Pac-10) showed that it isn’t a two-woman team. With Ibekwe — who was clearly well below 100 percent — playing only 22 minutes against Washington, someone other than sophomore Davellyn Whyte had to step up. One person stepped up, then a second and then a third. Warthen scored 10 points off the bench, and fellow freshman Erica Barnes added seven of her own while shooting 3-of-3 from the field. Brooke Jackson shot 50 percent from 3-point range on her way to eight points. And then there was Soana Lucet. Take a look at the senior forward’s box score, and it looks like Lucet didn’t have an impact on the game. Six points on 3-of-11 shooting and five rebounds aren’t numbers that jump off of the stat sheet. Yet, not only did she have an impact, she might have had the biggest one by taking a charge in the final 30 seconds, when the Huskies were trailing by only a single basket. Making hustle plays when things aren’t clicking on offense is something that good teams do. It’s something that tournament teams do. Everything that coach Niya Butts has been preaching all season — competitiveness, effort and defense — came together and won Arizona a game when its offense wasn’t getting the job done. Another lesson learned is that Arizona is good enough to get the job done on its own. After a barrage of questionable — to say the least — calls not going their way, the Wildcats still found a way to come back and get a win. The weekend wasn’t without flaws. Arizona struggled getting into a consistent rhythm on offense — even more than usual. Both wins, no matter how important, were still against two teams in the bottom half of the Pac-10. But who cares? For the first time in six years, Arizona women’s basketball is showing signs of significant progress, and it’s showing up in the wins column. That’s all that matters. — Alex Williams is a journalism sophomore. He can be reached at

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