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Luxurious yet affordable

Always ready for fun

Never stagnant, always growing

Dream to drive

Yearning for another

Sam Pevit

Just like a good looking lady, Land Rovers get better with age, look perfect at every angle and put a smile on your face! Elizabeth Archer

I love the Land Rover for its smooth and quiet ride, and the bold statement it makes – on and off road. Abbey Amor

I love Land Rover because it’s the only brand in the market which lives up to the meaning of “SUV,” while maintaining a classy look. Anshuk Bansal

The key to good times, friends and freedom. There are suddenly no boundaries. Lewis Arco

My Land Rover lets me live my life – in work, rescue and play. Jonathan Budd

Land Rover defines and represents everything I aspire to be‌ classy and refined, yet rugged, practical, capable and uncompromising. Glen Besgrove

Go anywhere, anytime, in any country. Graham Cartwright

Off-road capabilities and luxurious comfort have never been combined in a more capable and desirable package. Looking forward to 65 more years of adventure. Patrice Bougouin

Land Rover epitomises what it is to be free.

Nathan Dugdale

Luxury. Not all who go off-road need a workhorse. Land Rover created ‘King of the Road’ combining luxury and ability both on and off-road. Cathy Crimmins

From Rags to Riches, From Rogues to Nobles, We all love our Land Rovers for their supreme ability. Lewis Jones

“Character,” “Presence,” “History,” “Innovation,” “Purpose.” All words I think of when I see a Land Rover, and even more when I drive one. Thomas Chenu

The fact that I could turn right out of my driveway and go to work, or turn left and go to the other side of Australia – via whichever route I choose. Angus Sinclair

Outstanding off-road, a real presence on-road, with comfort and character. Nothing out there has such breadth of capability. Yen Chang Over land, over rivers, in this sunburnt country nothing does it better than Land Rover. Ellen Hungerford The sense of adventure – every journey is an occasion. The feeling you’re doing something fulfilling every time you drive; it’s the Land Rover way. Daniel Bishop

Land Rover embodies all things adventure. To me it represents hope, hope that I will set off on a journey of discovery. Anna Do Nascimento

Strong and reliable Land Rover, qualities required to conquer a land as vast and harsh as Australia. Our heritage on display. Brendan Garrett

I love Land Rover because it’s an excellent work of art and engineering.

Pride, passion, and the ability to get anywhere in style. Andrew Jacks

Edwin Go

Like Australian soldiers, Land Rovers don’t quit when the going gets tough. Chris Harris

Land Rover represents 65 years of innovation from hard-working and dedicated engineers who make our on-road and off-road adventures better with every new model. Kuba Grabowski

A brand steeped in tradition and class. No matter where I go, fellow Land Rovians will always lend a hand. Stacey Gladman

My first 4WD. They are a pioneering vehicle in Australia in so many ways – ground breaking! Tony Grey

I love Land Rover because of its heritage, and the fact that it has stayed true to that heritage throughout the years. Kane Kersaitis

Land Rover offers a new class of driving and comfort, with state of the art designs. Aimee Tatham

Hop into your Land Rover and it feels like you’re home – a sense of belonging and comfort mixed with the thrill of adventure and style. Alexander Veal

It is solid, dependable, safe and sturdy. It is the type of vehicle I could trust to look after my family. Margaret Chafer

Whether it be in the middle of the desert or in the middle of the city, Land Rover always turns heads with its timeless design. Natalie McNeill

I love Land Rover because it can take you to places that you didn’t know you wanted to go to. Glen Nagle

Land Rover gives me the chance to go places I had never imagined I could get to. Kaitlen Rawsthorne

Ruggedness, style, off-road capability, engineering uniqueness and overall adaptability, able to customise, accessorise. Driveability, confidence, useful technology, history and breeding, lineage, solidness, owner camaraderie, club supports, parts availability, daring, and ability to let you push boundaries, captures your heart, I just love them, bits and all. Mark Kennedy

Sheer driving pleasure from the moment you push ‘Start’. Comfort and luxury wherever you drive, in town or on the open road. Scott Sallis You get three vehicles in one. A safe, imposing commuter; a workhorse; and the world’s most capable 4X4. David King Owning a Land Rover is not just owning a vehicle, it’s owning a lifestyle. It’s been 30 years of lifestyle for me! Bradley Tottman

Rugged good looks and smooth driving over any terrain. Adventurous and never boring, it breathes excitement – and has the highest safety standards. Christine Leigh

Land Rovers are in a league of their own; the build quality is worlds above anything else available, and they will go anywhere you point them. I drive one now and will drive one for the rest of my life. Mike Montgomery

Function. Heritage. Beauty. Design. The Land Rover is an icon of global progression and technical advancement surpassed by no other vehicle on the planet. Edward Pym

My Land Rover is a best mate that never lets me down, and is there for me when I need him. Andrew Lowson

Iconic style. Travel anywhere in the world and everyone recognises that shape as a symbol of freedom and the spirit of adventure. Rob Weigl

I love the strength and durability of the brand – Land Rover will always be around. Tif Newton

“Freedom!” Freedom to go anywhere, any time, whatever the road conditions – and even more exciting if the road is a track. Fishing, skiing, camping or a beach resort holiday our Land Rover will get us there and back with the journey itself being a highlight every time. There has been and always will be a Land Rover in our family! Frits Schoeman

It’s not just a car but a lifestyle. The name evokes a spirit of adventure, and it delivers when the going gets tough. That’s why I love Land Rover. Stephen Ringe

Tough, really tough, can always tackle the job without complaining; and it always looks fabulous, even when filthy. Nicola James

I love adventure, so my Freelander epitomises adventure, as well as freedom and reliability. My World, My Adventure, My Playground, My Land Rover. Ryan Herbert They have style, character, history and uniqueness. They have always lead with innovation and comfort, and still remain the most capable 4x4 by far. Matthew Cook

Driving the Land Rover strengthens my connection to the great outback. It gives me security in the knowledge I am part of a great heritage. Peter Guala

Defenders are iconic. True off-road capability. Drivers acknowledge each other with a sense of belonging. No other vehicle has conquered the planet like Land Rover. Kevin Sawford

Memories of childhood, going outback, in our Land Rover, off the beaten track. Reliable and sturdy, trusted family member, such fun times, that I remember. Kirsten Wallace

Since I was a little girl, whenever I see a Land Rover I think of luxury, refinement, and beauty. Now my kids do, too. Jenny MacCulloch

From the beach to the bush and everywhere in between, Land Rover is perfect for the adventurer in me! Kelly Ryan

Beautiful design uncompromised by its astonishing off-road capabilities, with unmatched quality and luxury. Bill Pan

Each one is a piece of art – just an amazing vehicle with every feature one can dream of. Charlie Trewin

Land Rovers are so tough conquering terrain others only dream of, fishing, road trips, but even more, it’s that real driving experience I really adore! Cheryl McKibbin

Designs which can evoke a passionate reaction without compromising true function. Mark Taylor

They’ve been around longer than I have. They have reliability, space, comfort, and of course their trustworthy tradition. James MacLeod My Land Rover is more like my friend than just my car, a partner who shares my adventures. I love my Disco. Trudi Simmonds

It’s classy but rugged, old but new, traditional but innovative. All the best people have one and I want one, too. Susan Waddington

I love experiencing the Australian wilderness. In a Land Rover I get a civilised, serene driving environment which enhances any outback trip. John Pitcher Australia is a big, wide land, and the Land Rover has reliably crossed every part of it. It’s as iconic as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sharon Revell

They are the original Green machine. They are fuel efficient, re-buildable, and with compatibility of common parts makes Land Rovers leaders in responsible use of resources. Don Worthing I love Land Rover because it brings memories of family trips. It’s a car that held us together. Daniiel Miledger

The mateship and camaraderie between fellow owners and fans worldwide. The Land Rover wave, the heritage, the legend, the future. Andrew Rogers

Land Rover ignites so much passion and love in my family’s life. It’s not a fad, it’s an obsession. Karen Moon

65 Reasons to love your Land Rover