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Richard Meier & Partners Architects

Innovation •  The notion to try and do something different •  Apply better solutions to meet the needs and requirements •  Implement new ideas to facility the process •  Use effective products, detail and services •  Lead to creative and unique design solutions

Innovative Facades

Coffee Plaza, Hamburg (2008 - 2010) • 

Solar Tracking Kinetic Translucent Glass Louvers

OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse, Shenzhen (2008 – 2012) •  Solid Surface Rainscreen System

Italcementi i.lab, Bergamo (2005 – 2012) • 

Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Concrete

Façade Design Considerations •  Natural Light and Views •  Energy Efficient •  Environmental Conditions

Condominium Tower, Taichung (2012 -) •  One-Way Vision Dual Frit Glazing

Engel & Volkers, Hamburg (2012 - ) • 

Custom Window Units for Acoustic, Energy and Ventilation Requirements

Rothschild Tower, Tel Aviv (2006 - ) • 

Double Skin Façade Louver System

SoMa Master Plan and Teachers Village, Newark, New Jersey 2007 -

Downtown Master Plan 2030

Teachers Village Master Plan 2015

Teachers Village Vicinity Plan – Downtown Newark

Newark Living Downtown Plan and Landmarks Commission

Teachers Village, Newark, New Jersey 2007 - 2015

RESIDENTIAL •  6 Residential Buildings

EDUCATIONAL •  3 Charter Schools

COMMERCIAL •  20 Retail Spaces

Teachers Village Design Considerations

LEED ND for a Sustainable Community

Balconies and Terraces for Urban Scale

Activate Streetscape with Ground Floor Retail

Shared Community Facilities

Glazing for Visual Connection to the Street

Full Height Glazing for Natural Light and Views

Teachers Village Faรงade Materials

Ironspot Face Brick

Aluminum Storefront Units

Aluminum Curtain Wall System

Solera Translucent Glazing Unit

ACM Panel Rainscreen System

Stucco Cement Plaster


Teachers Village Façade Construction Cost •  Charter Schools = $57 / sf •  Workforce Housing = $49 / sf •  Average Façade Construction Cost = $52 / sf

Teachers Village Design Achievements


Energy performance 10% better than the ASHRAE baseline


Achieve architectural design intent within budget


Enhance the living spatial quality and comfort


Integrate with the existing urban fabric


Revitalize the neighborhood

Richard Meier & Partners Architects

Implementing Innovation Panel  
Implementing Innovation Panel  

Implementing Innovation Panel by Vivian Lee, Richard Meier & Partners, Facades+ conference New York 2015