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The Archmerean Archmere’s 80th Anniversary

Volume LXXV Winter 2012

The Archmerean 80th Anniversary Year For 80 years, Archmere Academy has been a Catholic, Norbertine Community, valuing Respect for one another and filled with Zeal to grow in Reverence and Wisdom. As we celebrate the rich past, strong traditions and lasting mission of the academy, we are invigorated by the possibilities of the future, the enthusiasm of our leadership, and the continued support of the Archmere family.

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Managing Editor

Board Members

Board Members

Rebecca W. Baeurle, CFRE

Barbra Frank Andrisani, Chair, Academic Affairs Committee

Genevieve Burke Marino ’83

Fr. Theodore Antry, O.Praem

Debra Whitby-Norman

Matthew J. Bastian ’83 Richard M. Beck ’82 James F. Bonner, M.D.

Francis J. McKee ’68 Douglas R. Quaintance

Editor and Layout

Fr. Joseph Serano, O.Praem

Colleen DeFruscio

Linda M. Branco

Robert E. Shields ’60, Chair, Board of Trustees

John A .“Pete” Clark , III, Esq. ’64

Mary Ann Slowik ’79

John V. Flynn, Jr. Ph.D. ’60, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Kathleen E. Wunner, Ph.D.

John Gerard

Legal Counsel

William F. Githens ’64, Chair, Mission & Heritage

Director of Institutional Advancement

Anthony G. Flynn ’69, Esq.

Communications Manager

Design Angela Marinelli ‘90 Yellow Sky Consulting


Michael J. Hare ’79, Chair, Advancement Committee

Executive Officer

Michael Marinelli, Ed.D. ‘76

John E. Healy, III

Michael Marinelli, Ed.D. ’76, Headmaster

Robert E. Shields ‘60

Carl E. Hertrich, Chair, Finance & Facilities

David Berger Allison McCord David Oswinkle Carly McGowan ‘12 Rev. Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem.

If you are interested in submitting an alumni note, or would like to add your e-mail to our database, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at: 3600 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, De. 19703; by phone: 302-798-6632 ext. 708; or by e-mail: 2


Archmere’s 80th Anniversary – Michael A. Marinelli ’76, Ed.D., Headmaster ............................................. 4 Looking Back to the Beginning - Celebrating 80 years of Archmere ........................................................... 6 Our Mission & Heritage...80 Years Later ...................................................................................................... 8 Coming Home to Archmere ....................................................................................................................... 10 Homecoming 2011 ..................................................................................................................................... 11 Opening Their Eyes: Interdisciplinary Learning ......................................................................................... 12 A Community of Learning: Fall Visitors ..................................................................................................... 14 ‘59 Graduate Named to Corporation ......................................................................................................... 15 Alumni Sports Hall of Fame Inductees ...................................................................................................... 16 2011 Fall Sports Review ............................................................................................................................. 17 Help Keep Archmere Running ................................................................................................................... 18 Ways to Invest in Archmere ........................................................................................................................ 19 Planning Ahead: A Giving Option .............................................................................................................. 20 Alumna Profile: Dr. Katherine Sahm ‘90.................................................................................................... 21 John O’Meara’s Bulletin Board ................................................................................................................... 22 Lost Auks .................................................................................................................................................... 22 News And Notes ......................................................................................................................................... 23 In Memoriam ............................................................................................................................................. 28 Auk Snapshots ............................................................................................................................................ 30 Archmere Academy Prayer......................................................................................................................... 31

Mission Statement Archmere Academy is a Roman Catholic, independent, college preparatory school inspired by the Norbertine tradition and a heritage of committed faculty, alumni, families, and friends. Archmere welcomes faculty and students of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. Through dedication to academic excellence, social development, community service, and faith reflection, Archmere focuses on the education of the whole student. This philosophy encourages and supports the unique qualities and differences of students in achieving the maximum level of their abilities. Understanding their moral obligation to the global community, young men and women graduate from Archmere prepared for college, career and vocation in life. 3

A Message From the Headmaster Archmere’s 80th Anniversary: “Prepared for every good work” Dear Friends, Eighty years equates to nearly three generations when considering a “family tree,” and in many ways that does not sound like a long time - until you consider all the events of the twentieth century that have occurred in these last 80 years. In the context of the founding of the Norbertine Order in 1120 by Saint Norbert, 80 years is a fractional span of time in the international movement of the religious community of Premonstratentian Fathers, which has spanned over nearly 1000 years, and founded abbeys and schools around the world. It may all be relative, but it is significant that we consider all that has happened at Archmere since the founding by the Norbetine Fathers in 1932. Archmere’s history has been richly blessed with visionary leaders, hard workers, and committed families who built the physical plant, the top-flight academic program, and the embracing culture that defines the school uniquely as a community of faith that values respect for one another. Students, faculty, administrators, and parents are filled with zeal to grow in “pietate et scientia” – our school motto – reverence and wisdom. Graduates from Archmere over the last 80 years have been formed in the Catholic faith tradition with which good decisions are made based on knowledge and lived experiences. Students are “prepared for every good work” (2 Tim, 20) – the motto of the Norbertine Order. These words appear on every Archmere graduate’s class ring, reminding us that we are called to a vocation in life. No matter what profession we chose purposefully or by chance, we are reminded that the gifts we have been given and the opportunities we have are to be directed to doing “good work.”

“Archmere’s history has been richly blessed with visionary leaders, hard workers and committed families...”

Father Justin E. Diny, O. Praem, the “architect” of Archmere, as some say, served as Headmaster for 37 years (1946-1983.) He was Headmaster during my years as a student at Archmere, and was my mentor when I began my work at Archmere in 1984 as Director of Development and Public Relations. He had a number of sayings, and one that I paraphrase is, “No job at Archmere is more or less important than another; all are important, and all of us are replaceable.” In that same spirit of humility, we understand more fully how the Norbertine motto, “prepared for every good work,” can sanctify what might seem the most mundane or inconsequential work, because we realize that without it, the whole of the experience would be something less. Some may


call it good management technique, innovative thinking, good human relations policy, and so on, but I believe that it is the essence of the Archmere community – a charitable, self-effacing dedication to helping, developing, and improving the lives of young people so that they might become principled leaders who will make effective change in the world. I am so honored to serve as Headmaster after 80 years of this tradition. I imagine the early years with Father McKeough, the first Headmaster, wondering if he was going to have enough money to pay the bills from month to month. There were risks in expanding the school in the years after World War II, wondering if there would be enough students to occupy a new Saint Norbert Hall in 1959. The double-digit inflation of the 1970’s, the gas shortage, and the deconstruction of the conservative “establishment” presented enrollment challenges for Archmere. In every era of development, there were challenges, but the leadership and the resources offered by the Archmere community maintained the fundamental essence of the school. As we move through our 80th school year, I am hopeful for Archmere’s future. Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, Archmere has begun the process of completing a strategic plan. Frive strategic initatives have been identified by a series of 14 focus groups, representing all the constituencies of the school: (1) financial sustainability; (2) professional development, evaluation, and compensation programs to recruit and retain excellent staff; (3) academic competitiveness to attract the best students by using the best practices in 21st century learning; (4) alumni re-engagement; and (5) living, articulating, and promoting our unique mission. Working together, we will be sharing with the Archmere community strategies, goals, and action plans related to these five areas in the early fall of 2012 as part of our plan for Archmere. We are excited by the enthusiasm of our staff, our students and parents, and the loyal alumni and parents of alumni who are so willing to contribute to and support our vision for the future. Like every era in our 80-year history, we are faced with significant challenges, but the Archmere spirit always rises to the challenge and successfully creates effective strategies that preserve the excellence that defines the Academy. May God continue to bless the Archmere community, our families, and our friends, as we prepare ourselves “for every good work.” Sincerely,

Michael A. Marinelli, Ed.D. ’76 Headmaster 5

Looking Back to the Beginning On June 25, 1932, Abbot Pennings, O.Praem met with John J. Raskob at Congress Hotel in Chicago for the purchase of Archmere to the Norbertines for $300,000, and the first announcement of the school’s opening appeared in the Wilmington newspapers on August 6, 1932. Not long after, on September 14, 1932, “Archmere School for Boys” began its first school year with 19 students and 7 teachers. By the end of that year, there were 22 enrolled (16 freshmen and 6 sophomores) and Rev. Michael McKeough, O.Praem was named the school’s first headmaster. And, as they say, the rest is history!

The pioneer student body and faculty pictured at the back of The Patio during the 1932-33 school year.

Highlights from the first decade included: • Dedication of Archmere: October 12, 1932; presided by Bishop Edmond Fitz Maurice of Wilmington • The first two boarders move into rooms in The Paio (1932) Archmere accomodated boarding students until 1975 • The first meeting of the Archmere Mothers’ Guild was held (1932)

Above: Boarders study in their room on the second floor of The Patio; Biology class is held in The Manor (1933.)

• First sports’ teams began: football (1932), baseball & tennis (1933) • Rev. Daniel Hurley, O.Praem becomes Headmaster; modifies The Patio and The Manor to accomodate boarding students from all over the country (1936) • First capital campaign builds a gymnasium (completed in 1939)

• The first series of Winter Concerts were held in The Patio (1932)

Connecting with Archmere: Then & Now

1932-1933 Postal Mail - Archmere School for Boys, Claymont, Delaware Telephone - “Holly Oak 10” Telegraph ...coming on by!

A phone from the early days of Archmere, found in the attic of The Patio


Celebrating 80 years of Archmere Today, Archmere prides itself on remaining true to its Catholic, Norbertine roots, while being ahead of the curve among independent schools in best educational practice and use of technology in the classroom - creating an educational experience for students that nutures the whole individual. Eighty years after the doors to Archmere were opened for the first time, there is much to celebrate. In the past decade alone, Archmere has experienced so many exciting changes to its landscape, curriculum, and student body.

Highlights from the 2000’s include: • First turf fields installed on campus (2006) • First capital campaign in 20 years rennovates and re-names the Moglia Fieldhouse; rennovates the Justin E. Diny Science Center and builds the McLaughlin-Mullen Student Life Center (completed in 2007) • Archmere’s first lay headmaster, Dr. Michael A. Marinelli ‘76 is appointed (2010)

• Daily school use of The Patio begins again with the move of administrative offices to the first and second floors (2010) • Rebranding initiative changes the school logo and look of promotional materials; the new Web site is launched (2010-2011) • Start of the 1:1 Laptop program provides every student with a MacBook Pro Laptop; a Tech Center in Saint Norbert Hall is constructed (2011)

Above: Students perform experiments in the Justin E. Diny Science Center and enter data into their MacBook Pro Laptops; students gather to talk and do homework on the quad; students study and receive troubleshooting help in the new student lounge and Tech Center in Saint Norbert Hall (2011.)


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Facebook - Twitter - (@archmereacademy) LinkedIN - - “Archmere Academy” YouTube - ...coming on by!


Our Mission & Heritage....

Mission & Heritage Living Our Mission, Learning Our Heritage: Archmere Religion Classes Starting this, Archmere’s 80th anniversary year, students have been learning a little bit more about the origins of the academy in their religion classes. Each ninth grade religion class has been welcoming Rev. Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem., Archmere’s Chaplain, Headmaster Emeritus and Director of Mission and Heritage, once a month to teach a special section on the history of Archmere and of the Norbertine community. “Mr. Burdziak, the Religion Department Chair, recommended that we teach a course on Archmere and Norbertine history but we didn’t quite know how we would fit it in our set religion curriculum,” says Father McLaughlin. “So we put in a lesson once a month for the freshman religion classes to teach the students about our history.” Father’s lessons include the timeline of the opening days of Archmere, the start of the Norbertine community in Holland, brief biographies of the school’s nine headmasters, and more.

Pictured in The Patio dining room, Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. teaches a lesson on the history of the Raskob family and Norbertine life in The Patio to the upperclassmen in Mr. Burdziak’s Norbertine Spirituality seminar.

“I really like when Father comes to class because he has a good perspective on things,” says freshman Maddie Guido. “I didn’t know half of the things that we learned. I didn’t know that Archmere started with only a few male students. Everything that we have learned thus far from Father has been very interesting.”

“...I gained a greater appreciation of the Nobertines’ role in founding Archmere”

Incorporating these sections into freshman religion classes has been just one way that Archmere has brought the history and mission of the school back into the classroom. The religion department also offered an elective on the life and teachings of Saint Norbert this year. “The juniors and seniors who participated in the Norbertine Spirituality seminar investigated various aspects of the life of St. Norbert and other Norbertines from history and explored key elements of Norbertine Spirituality,” says the course instructor, Mr. Michael Burdziak. As a capstone project, the class utilized articles witten by Father Francis Cortez that appeard in previous Archmereans: St. Norbert: Apostle of Peace and St. Norbert: Man of Justice and Forgiveness. The course ended with a trip to The Patio for a history of the Raskob family and Norbertine life from previous generations.”

“It was fascinating to learn about the building and its history,” says junior Patrick Reilly, who adds that his favorite part of the class was learning about the challenges St. Norbert and the early Norbertine leaders faced; “it was inspiring to learn about how they overcame their stuggles through faith.” “Through ‘Norbertine Spirituality,’ I gained a greater appreciation of the Norbertines’ role in founding Archmere and building the school to what it is today,” says Patrick. 8

....80 Years Later

Introducing the Alumni Service Program As our alumni know, living out the mission of Archmere does not end with graduation. Archmere graduates bring the values of Community, Respect, Zeal, Reverence and Wisdom with them as they attend college and enter the working world as professionals. And some even get the opportunity to bring them back to Archmere. This year, Archmere is launching the Alumni Service Program (ASP), a ten-month, residential service opportunity that brings former auks back to campus to assist in various areas of operation. ASP volunteers will be provided with housing in The Patio, in some of the same rooms that boarding students once inhabited 80 years ago. They will receive a meal plan during the day and health insurance benefits, in addition to a stipend. Positions are currently available in the technology department, working with students, faculty and staff members, and in the office of institutional advancement working in fundraising, marketing, event management and alumni relations. Recent college graduates who attended Archmere or Saint Norbert College, who have an interest in gaining professional experience in these fields, and who are ready to make a commitment to serve in the Archmere community for one full school year are encouraged to apply. Much like compatible programs offered through Catholic universities, this program has three focuses: service, community-living, and prayer. ASP members will participate in group reflection and prayer and will be active in the community at Daylesford Abbey, the home of the Norbertine brothers and fathers in Paoli, PA. “This is an incredible opportunity for alumni to give back to Archmere Academy and allow for the growth of both the institution as well as its students,” says Mr. Michael Johnson, Campus Minister and member of the Mission and Heritage committee.

“This is an incredible opportunity for alumni to give back”

The first year of ASP will begin in August, 2012 and conclude in June, 2013, and positions are still available. For more information or to apply, contact Mr. Michael Johson, at or call 302-798-6632 ext 780.

Archmere celebrated an 80th Anniversary Liturgy & Opening School Mass on September 14, 2011, commemorating the first day of school in 1932. Rev. Joseph Serano, O.Praem. and Rev. Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem were the co-celebrants.


Coming Home to Archmere Auks of All Ages Came to Campus for Homecoming Weekend this October Homecoming is a time for current students and alumni to come together and experience the scenic Archmere Academy campus. Between the athletic games, the moon bounces, food tents, magician and face-painters, there was something for everyone on October 15 - even if what homecoming means to them is a little different.

To a Senior: Emily Pinto ‘12 It was really good to see all of the teams come out on top. Homecoming day this year was the most fun I’ve had yet and it was a great way to end spirit week. I’m going to miss the student experience of homecoming but it was a great last homecoming!

To a 5-Year-Reunioner: Victoria Sowa ‘06 The alumni Mass with Father McLaughlin gave me the strongest sense of homecoming and emphasized Archmere’s core values: Pietate et Scientia. The Catholic values that Archmere teaches through faith, education and service continue to shape my life. Specifically, Mass with Father McLaughlin strengthened my fond recollection of the Kairos retreat and re-emphasized the significance of “living the fourth,” living every day as God’s time. The initial question of “what are you wearing?” (that we were all asking each other on Facebook) was best answered by those that remained in Archmere uniform dress code at the Patio Reception. We all enjoyed a good laugh at the throwback Kelly green turtlenecks and fleeces the most comical alumni donned. I know that the memories of Homecoming 2011 will keep us coming back home, back to Archmere.


Homecoming 2011

To a Faculty Member: Michael Johnson, Math Teacher & Campus Minister Homecoming has grown to become one of my favorite days of our school year. It is a time to truly celebrate the entire Archmere community: our students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni, family, and friends. I look forward every year to getting a chance to interact with our current students and to reconnect with our many alumni who return for the day.

To a Parent: Rich Sweeney ‘83 Homecoming gives me a chance to reconnect with old friends - it’s really an enjoyable event put on by the school. It also allows me to interact with fellow parents who are going through the teenage years with their children.

To a Golden Alum: Bill Bowden ‘61 This story started at our 45th reunion at Archmere in October of 2006 when only 4 classmates attended the event. Several of us decided it was time to reunite, and so we formed a group of loyal classmates that regularly got together and named ourselves “THE LOYAL GROUP OF SIX”. This group, comprised of Ron Gribbins, Bill Bowden, Bob Tigani, Marty Londergan, Mike Fay, and Ron Lee, had the goal to create a new level of excitement for our 50th reunion. A special dinner at Harry’s was set for Friday night in a private room with fancy hors d’oeuvres, open bar, and filet mignon entrees. Of couse, there was the Golden Luncheon in the Patio on Friday as well, and on Saturday before the football game, we set up a sports luncheon at Stanley’s Tavern.

The fourth and final venue was the crescendo of weekend activities. We joined other reunion classes in The Patio Saturday night to share comraderie and fellowship. We made custom Archmere coffee mugs with “Class of ‘61/ 50th Reunion: October 15, 2011” inscribed on them. We also gave the Headmaster, Michael Marinelli, a certificate making him an honorary member of the class of 1961. Incidentally, THE LOYAL GROUP OF SIX grew that weekend to 28 returning classmates.


Opening Their Eyes: Interdisciplinary Learning Students Learn the Creative Side of Economics in an Interdisciplinary Class Last year, Archmere principal Dr. Bill Doyle asked faculty members to bring forth ideas for interdisciplinary classes in an effort to enhance the classroom experience for students. Immediately, Noel Breger of the history department and Cheryl Catherwood of the art department were interested. The pair had already been collaborating quite a bit for Breger’s Economics Priciples class, an elective offered to seniors. Over the summer, the two re-worked the class’ syllabus to create a truly interdisciplinary course that would combine the theories and methods of Economics (history) and their practice (art.) Theirs was among three interdisciplinary projects that were approved, including an Environmental Architectural Design class developed by art instructor Terry Newitt and science teacher Bill Mulhearn (being offered this semester,) and a collaborative summer reading list designed by Rodrigo Gutierrez in the history department and English department chair Steve Klinge. The opportunity to create a truly interdisciplinary environment at Archmere was brought about in part by the launch of the 1:1 laptop program. The introduction of MacBooks into the classroom took the already popular senior elective “lightyears ahead, allowing the students to experiment and be creative,” says Breger. “It’s so convenient to have everything you need right there and not have to go to a computer lab,” says senior Briana Chapman ’12, who took the class last semester. “And to be able to work on the projects from home because you have all of the programs on your laptop was great,” added her classmate Regina Serapio ’12. In addition to Catherwood’s lessons on products in the Adobe Suite, students are able to work collaboratively using Cloud technology, develop multi-media content for each assignment, and create extensive branding plans using viral, virtual marketing methods such as social media outlets. The class does not require a textbook, either


Students present thier projects in Mr. Breger’s Economic Principles class.

– instead, lessons are taught using video clips, links to resources and examples found online. Student projects in the Fall semester included broadside advertisements, movie trailers, and Web design/franchise advertising, with Mr. Breger introducing the theories and teaching the concepts, and Ms. Catherwood helping the students bring their ideas to life through design. “(Having both teachers) really added to the class because we were learning from two different perspectives,” says Briana. Some of the students came to the class with design background, while others were learning the programs for the first time in Economics - yet a gap in learning was

Students discovering the 5 “P’s” of marketing and the use of color in products at The Food Lion.

no where to be found. “Having Ms. Catherwood teach the programs and every student having a laptop to work on really leveled the playing field,” says Mr. Breger.

effective way for products to be arranged. They even had a chance to share their ideas with store managers who were observing the process.”

Senior Tori Zugehar, who had taken digital art and design with Ms. Catherwood the year before, says “I knew how to use Photoshop, but it was so cool to put it to work and see how it could be applied to develop real campaigns.”

“This class opened my eyes to things I had never thought about before,” says Katherine Riley ’12, “Now I see how all of these things are working around me everywhere I go.” Her classmates agree.

Tori, along with several other classmates, visited communications agency Aloysius, Butler & Clark on Senior Career Experience day this year. While shadowing ad copy writers, designers and advertising representatives at ABC, Tori says they discussed with them some of the design concepts and branding methods that she had learned from Mr Breger and Ms. Catherwood. “They were using the same process that we used in class,” she says. Some of the lessons that stick out for the students in the first semester include “the candy bar project,” “the television show poster” and the mini-field trip to Food Lion, the supermarket across the street from Archmere. The candy bar project required students to invent a new candy bar and develop an ad campaign and branding for the bar’s wrapper and product image, while the television poster project asked the students to create a signature advertisement for a “hit new show,” aimed at a particular demographic.

“This class opened my eyes to things I had never thought about before...” To check out more photos and videos of the student projects completed in this class, go to behindthearch.

“With every project we did, we had to start with a survey to see what people would want and then add in our creativity,” says Regina. The students were able to use their laptops to collect survey data and alter their designs immediately to respond to audience reaction. The trip to Food Lion was part of a lesson that Catherwood delivered on the use of color in design and marketing. “The students were asked to walk around the store with the 5 ‘P’s’ of marketing (price, promotion, packaging, placement and product) in mind as well as the role of color in marketing,” says Breger. “They were asked to discuss the store’s organization and displays and think about the most

(Above) a poster created by Tori Zugehar ‘12 for the imaginary hit television show “The Academy” (Right) A candy bar wrapper created by Regina, Briana, Katherine and Tori.


A Community of Learning: Fall Visitors Archmere Hosts German Exchange Students This fall, Archmere and Salesianum hosted sixteen students from the Kepler Gymnasium in Pforzheim, Germany for three weeks. This was our fifth exchange with the Kepler school, located at the edge of the Black Forest. Archmere families hosted the eight female students, and Salesianum families hosted the boys. The students attended classes during the day with their hosts, and experienced family life in America in the evenings and on the weekends. While here in the United States the Kepler group visited Washington, Philadelphia and New York City.

Attorney General Offers Internet Safety Talk On Sept. 27, Archmere graduate and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden ‘87 returned to the academy to speak to students and parents on internet safety as part of Archmere and St. Edmond’s “Learning Lecture Series.” His talk focused on the steps that the state of Delaware is taking to cut back on Internet crimes, especially crimes toward children. He discussed the importance of being educated about social media and why sharing information can be dangerous. “You tell your children not to talk to strangers on the playground,” he said, “and the same goes for social networking sites.” Biden has delivered similar talks at schools throughout the state.

Holocaust Survivor Shares Story One of the youngest survivors of the Poland occupation and head of the Halina Wind Preston Holocaust Education Committee, Anne Jaffe visited Archmere on October 9 and delivered an incredible talk to a large crowd of students and faculty. Jaffe’s account of her family’s evasions and the many hardships they endured - including hiding for almost two years in a forest on the brink of starvation and hypothermia - silenced the audience. She stressed the importance of tolerance throughout her story, reminding the students and teachers that though the world has certainly come a long way, we cannot dare to think that discrimination has been completely eradicated, and we cannot let hatred and prejudice go unchecked. Mrs. Jaffe has traveled all over the country sharing her story.


‘59 Graduate Named to Corporation

Michael C. Boyd ’59 was elected by the Archmere Academy Board of Trustees as a member of the corporation for a three-year term, which began on January 1, 2012. Boyd joins Daylesford Abbey Abbot, Rev. Richard J. Antonucci, O.Praem. and Rev. Andrew D. Ciferni, O.Praem., and succeeds Joe Melloy ’52, whose term as a member of the corporation expired December 31, 2011. “The primary job of the members of the corporation is to ensure that the mission of the school is carried out,” said Board Chair Robert E. Shields ’60. “That mission is to educate young men and women in accordance with Catholic and Norbertine traditions. Their other responsibilities are primarily to approve or disapprove the Board of Trustees’ selections of a new headmaster or new trustees and amendments to the bylaws made by the Board of Trustees. Since the Board of Trustees became a self-perpetuating body as a result of the 2001 reforms, the members of the corporation have never disapproved the Board of Trustees’ selections of a headmaster or new trustees or amendments to the bylaws.” A graduate of the class of 1959, Boyd stayed involved with Archmere for many years, working on the telethon as an alumni-volunteer with Father Diny. He became re-involved as a parent when his daughter Jennifer ’85 and son Timothy ’93 came to Archmere, and he was elected to the Board of Trustees. Mr. Boyd served on the board from 1993 to 1996. A Wilmington native, Boyd was raised in St. Elizabeth’s parish, and was grateful for the sacrifices his parents made to send him to Archmere. “For me, attending Archmere was a huge opportunity, and my parents were always involved in the school,” he says.

After graduating from Archmere, Boyd attended the University of Delaware, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in business. His work has been mostly in the direct response industry, spending 15 years with the Franklin Mint before becoming co-founder of QVC, Inc. in 1986. He served as president and a director at QVC until his retirement in 1994. Mr. Boyd has been involved with advising companies in the direct response industry, as well as working with a medical technology company in growing their businesses in recent years. He is currently on the board of the Home Shopping Network (HSNi) and FourthWall Media. Excited to reengage with the school, Boyd says, “I consider this a real honor and hope that I can contribute something as a member of the Corporation. Archmere has always been a special place – it has had its ups and downs, but through hard work by all members of the Archmere family, it certainly has landed on its feet.” “We are delighted that Mike has accepted this role,” says Shields, “and know that this loyal alumnus will once again be of great assistance in preserving the spirit and traditions of Archmere Academy.” Mike and his wife Ruth reside in Florida and New Jersey and have three children Jennifer ’85, Colleen and Timothy ’93, and five grandchildren.


Alumni Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Each year, the Archmere Alumni Association inducts notable former Archmere athletes into the Alumni Sports Hall of Fame. Below are clips from the bios of this year’s honorees, inducted at the banquet in The Patio on Friday, February 3. Photos and a full recap of the event can be found online at

George Fantini ‘52

Tom Lewis ‘62

A three-sport athlete at Archmere (baseball, basketball, and football,) George Fantini ‘52 earned 4 varsity letters and was awarded the Archmere Athletic Medal at graduation. He received numerous offers to play at the collegiate level, including those from LaSalle University and the University of Delaware.

At Archmere, Tom Lewis ‘62 earned varsity letters in football, baseball and basketball. He was a member of the 1961 undefeated football team and was an All-American.

In the last 20 years, he continued his love of sports by participating in ten Senior Olympic Tournaments and has traveled extensively throughout the United States playing softball. His team won the Senior Softball World Championship in 2005.

Lewis graduated from the University of Delaware and was an ROTC cadet. He served as assistant line coach under John Walsh in 1967 before heading off for active military duty. He served a second time as assistant line coach and scout in the 1970s, then under Head Coach Joe Moglia, with Paul Pomeroy and Bill Doyle. His two daughters, Molly ‘90 and Amy ‘98 were also Archmere student-athletes and starters for championship teams.

Irene Suchta Masterson ‘82

Nick Trainer ‘83

While at Archmere, Irene Suchta Masterson ‘82 participated in cheerleading, basketball, volleyball and track. She earned 10 varsity letters and at graduation was awarded the Woman’s Athletic Medal, the Activities Medal, and the Archmere Medal, in addition to being named the Valedictorian of her class and Student Council President.

Nick Trainer ‘83 participated in football, basketball and track & field at Archmere. He was the only 2-way starter for the 1982 undefeated State Champion football team and was awarded the Athletic medal at graduation along with Michael Udovich.

She earned All-Catholic and All-State accolades in volleyball and was First Team All-Catholic in track. When she graduated, Irene held 9 school records in track & field events. At Dartmouth College, Masterson lettered in winter and sping track and played club volleyball.

Trainer went on to play football and basketball at Gettysburg College and reached the NCAA playoffs with the 1984 team. He was named First Team All ECAC for football and was invited to participate in the Chicago Bears combine camp. An active member of the US Handball Association, he has competed in numerous tournaments and won the PA State Open Championship in 1995.

Jim Malseed Athletic Trainer and Chair of the Health and Physical Education Department, Jim Malseed, M.Ed., ATC came to the academy in 1981 and has served as athletic trainer, assistant athletic director and athletic director. Malseed is a founding member of the Delaware Athletic Trainers’ Association, serving twice as president and treasurer. Malseed is a clinical instructor, adjunct and guest lecturer for the Athletic Training Education program at Neumann University and has spoken at numerous state and regional Athletic Training meetings. In September of 2010, he was elected to the Board of Certification for Athletic Training and in July of 2011, he participated in a 2-week volunteer internship at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. 16

2011 Fall Sports Review The Auks put up an impressive Fall Sports season all around, with several DSAC Championships, trips to State tournaments and All-State player accolades.

Cross Country

Boys’ Soccer

Highlights of the boys’ cross country season include finishing first at the UD Invitational, second at the Lake Forest Invitiational and third at the Salesianum Invitational. The team earned a dual meet record of 4-2 and were the DSAC Champions, and DII State Runner-ups.

The boy’s varsity soccer team ended the regular season with a 12-3 record, winning two games in the DIAA State Tournament before losing in the semi-finals. 11 players were selected to all-conference honors. The JV team finished 7-5-2.

The girls were also the DSAC Champions with a dual meet record of 5-1 and placed 4th in the DII State meet. Highlights include two third place finishes at the Lake Forest and UD Invitationals. All-State: Ali Hazel ‘12 (1st); John Mascioli ‘13 (1st); Evan Guerin ‘13 (3rd)

Field Hockey

All-State: Devon Malfitano ‘12 (1st); Joe Canfield ‘12 (1st); Michael McCurrin ‘13 (2nd); Ben Murray ‘13 (2nd); Aaron DaCosta ‘13 (2nd); Zach Revack ‘12 (3rd); Eamon Dulavey ‘11 (3rd.)


The varsity field hockey players were the DSAC Champions with a regular season record of 12-1 and a final overall record of 16-2. The team won two games in the DIAA State Tournament before losing in the semi-finals. Nine players were selected to all-conference honors. The JV team also had an impressive run, finishing 7-4-1. All-State: Alexandra Beatson ‘12 (1st); Sarah Waldis ‘12 (1st); Elyse Andrews ‘12 (2nd.)

Football Archmere’s varsity football team made it to the Delaware State Tournament with a 9-1 regular season record, losing in the first round. 11 players were named to All-Catholic teams, and the JV team finished 5-3.

It was an exciting season for the girls’ volleyball team, who’s varsity boasted a 16-1 regular season record and won three matches in the DIAA State Tournament before being defeated in the finals to be named state runner-up. Seven players were selected to all-conference honors and senior Cara Eppes was named State Volleyball Player of the Year by the Delaware Interscholastic Volleyball Coaches Association. The JV team finished undefeated, with a 17-0 record. All-State: Cara Eppes ‘12 (1st); Patreece Spence ‘12 (1st team); Carly McGowan ‘12 (2nd.)

All-State: Austin High ‘12 (2nd); Conor Lucey ‘12 (3rd.)


Help Keep Archmere Running Every once in a while a specific need arises at Archmere, and the school calls upon our constituents to help fulfill that need - to help keep the school “up and running.” This year, we are asking our parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends to help us, literally, keep running. The rubber track that surrounds the turf Coaches’ Field behind The Patio is in need of resurfacing, a $100,000 project that effects all of our student-athletes.

Resurfacing of the Archmere Track

Archmere’s track is used by all of our student athletes for training and conditioning, especially by the 125 students that participate in track and field and cross country each year - that’s more than 1/4 of the student body. Resurfacing the track on Archmere’s campus has been identified as a necessity over the coming year. The aggregate on the top surface that allows for traction has worn away completely on one side of the track, down to the black rubber layer beneath it. To return the track to a suitable condition for running, the top layer needs to be scraped away and replaced. If this repair cannot be made soon, the deterioration will continue, damaging additional layers of the track and making eventual resurfacing even more costly. To make a donation to the track resurfacing project, you can make out a check to Archmere Academy and write “Track Resurfacing” in the memo or you can make a donation online at and write it in the notes/comments section of the giving form.

Ways to Invest in Archmere Gifts of Cash - checks, money orders, or secure gifts made online at

Memorial and Honorarium Gifts - celebrate or pay tribute to a loved one by making a gift in their honor or memory.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock/Securities - avoid capital gains taxes and receive an income tax deduction.

Gifts-In-Kind - gifts of goods or services.

Matching Gifts - visit to see if your/ your spouse’s company will double or even triple your gift!


Endowment Gifts - when you give to the endowment, the principal remains intact while the income supports Archmere in perpetuity.

Ways to Invest in Archmere What Keeps you Running? Let us Know! Did you run track, cross country, or participate in a field event at Archmere? We want to hear from you! Or maybe something else kept you “running” at Archmere. Share your passion with us. We want to know you better! What interests you about Archmere; what were you involved in; where do you want to see your money going? Did you know you can direct your philanthropy to impact areas of the school that matter most to you? When making a contribution to the Archmere Fund, you can designate your gift to:

Academic Enrichment Scholarship Recruitment/Market Expansion The Arts Athletics Activites/Clubs Facilities Where Needed Most Help us focus our communication and keep in touch with you about the things that interest you most. Send your affinity information to or add it to your profile online - go to wwww. and click on “My Archmere.” Log in with your username and password, and edit your profile. For questions about logging in, or to obtain your user name and password, e-mail webmaster@archmereacademy. com.

Thank You! Planned Gifts - there are numerous creative gift planning techniques that allow donors to use a variety of assets to make larger gifts than they could from their income, while reducing taxes.

To learn more about giving options, go to:

Contact us: Archmere Academy [ p ] 302-798-6632 [ f ] 302-792-2997 3600 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont DE 19703


Planning Ahead: A Giving Option Kevin Kelly ‘81: Assuring the Future of Archmere In his 1981 salutatorian speech, Delaware County, PA native Kevin Kelly invented a new word to describe the Archmere experience – “Archmere-ized.” “For me that meant leaving Archmere while ‘in the zone’ as it is called in sports today,” says Kelly. “I’ve always felt that I was the most receptive to learning and the most motivated to learn while at Archmere – and I think one reason for that is Archmere itself.” “No other institution before or since matches Archmere’s ability to challenge people who are at an age where they are both extremely receptive to learning and also have virtually unrestricted opportunities to apply that learning in their lives.” Kelly has been president of Globe Canvas Products Co., a wholesale manufacturer and distributor in Yeadon, Pa., for the past 27 years, and has remained supportive of Archmere throughout his life. He recently attended his 30th class reunion in The Patio.

“As a graduate of Archmere, I feel that I am an ambassador”

Kevin Kelly ‘81 and wife Shari.

“As a graduate of Archmere, I feel that I am an ambassador, and part of that obligation to me means investing to assure that the opportunities I had exist for others,” he says. In addition to making annual contributions to Archmere, Kevin has ensured his legacy of philanthrophy will continue into the future through a planned gift. There are a variety of creative gift planning vehicles that enable philanthropically-minded people to make larger gifts than they could from their income. While some planned gifts provide life-long income to the donor, others use tax planning techniques to provide for charity in ways that maximize the gift and minimize its impact on a donor’s estate.

Kelly is one of several Archmere alumni who have indicated that the academy has a place in their will. “When I was 29 years old, my grandfather passed away and I was named as executor of his estate. I learned during that experience that it is never too early to plan,” he says. “A legacy bequest can be a simple way to give something back. Many of us, when the day comes that we leave this earth, will be worth more financially than we were the day before, and sharing part of our financial fruits is consistent with who we are.” For Kevin Kelly, and for many, Archmere is and remains part of “who we are.”

To learn more about Planned Giving Opportunities, visit or call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 302-798-6632 ext. 709. 20

Alumna Profile Dr. Katherine Sahm ‘90 In April of 2010, Archmere alumna Katherine Sahm, M.D. ’90 made local history as Saint Francis Hospital’s first general surgeon. So far, her experience has been “superb.” “It’s wonderful to be part of the re-building of a great community, faith-based hospital,” she says. The only Catholic hospital in Delaware, Saint Francis was looking to grow its general surgery and women’s health programs when Dr. Sahm was hired almost two years ago. “The most rewarding part of my job,” she says, “is helping patients that might not otherwise be helped.” Committed to its Catholic mission, Saint Francis Hospital frequently offers assistance to the poor and uninsured, and provides pastoral as well as medical care. The focus on community is something Dr. Sahm associates Archmere with, as well. “There’s a sense of family,” she says. As an auk, Sahm played volleyball, basketball and softball and participated in the summer program to France in 1988. She also traveled to Russia as an exchange student in the summer of 1990. After graduating from Lafayette College and Jefferson Medical College, Dr. Sahm completed her surgical residency in the Christiana Care Health System. She also enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps. As a major in the Corps, Sahm has served in Iraq twice, an experience that she says helped to hone her surgical skills and made her “truly appreciate what the military goes through.” Dr. Sahm is an American College of Surgeons fellow and was selected as a young surgeon representative for the organization’s Delaware chapter in 2010. In this role, she worked to help young surgeons develop leadership skills, participated in the policy-making process, and represented St. Francis at the ACS Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. In a 2010 feature article in The Dialog, Dr. Sahm talks about how she was inspired by her high school education, saying “What Archmere did for me as a school in general is instill in me the ability to think, more so than anything else. No matter what you were good at, Archmere encouraged you to think and to excel in what your talent was.”

“...Archmere encouraged you to think and to excel in what your talent was.”

To read the full 2010 article, go to: www.stfrancishealthcare. org/ and click on the link under “St. Francis in the News.”


John O’Meara’s Bulletin Board John O’Meara’s Bulletin Board John O’Meara came to Archmere in 1950, serving the roles of history teacher, Prefect of Discipline, Assistant Headmaster and even school bus driver. Each day outside of the school chapel, he would post, in bright red writing, words of wisdom for the student body. When he retired from Archmere, he began authoring a regular feature for the Archmerean called “John O’Meara’s Bulletin Board” which included some of his favorite quotes. Though Mr. O’Meara passed away on May 19, 1999, his legacy is still one of the greatest in Archmere history. And so, back by popular demand, with quotes from past issues written by the man himself, is John O’Meara’s Bulletin Board.

Lost Auks Where, oh, where have my fellow Auks gone?

Gray hair is great, just ask any bald-headed man. The causes of poverty are varied; two daughters marrying in the same year will do it. If your schooling and education end at the same time, we at Archmere will have failed you.

Help us locate “Lost Auks”

Feelings are everywhere. Be gentle. - J. Masai

As Archmere continues to improve our database and make sure that all of our information is up-to-date, we need your help to locate some of our “missing” alumni.

You are teenagers just once. That is all society can stand. A thick skin is a gift from God - Konrad Adenauer No matter what happens, there is always someone who “knew it would.” The one thing you can’t learn when you are young is that a lifetime is a short time. The noblest dog? The hot dog - it feeds the hand that bites it. - L.J. Peter By the time you’re old enough to know better, it really isn’t necessary. 22

Currently, there are over 800 alumni in our system for whom we have no contact information. In most cases, alumni move, begin a new job or change their email address and forget to let Archmere know. We have composed a list of these “lost auks” and sorted them by graduation year on our Web site. To view the list, go to If you recognize a classmate on that list that you have contact information for, please let us know! Fill out the easy-to-use form on the “Lost Auks” site, e-mail your classmates’ information to alumni@archmeracademy. com, or call 302-798-6632 ext. 708.

News And Notes 1946


Dick Rowe retired in 1990 from ICI Americas and duPont in 1970 as Patent Counsel.

Robert Chambers is living in Aston, PA and is married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. He retired from Lockheed Martin Corporation in 2010 after 43 years of service.

1956 Tom McGuire and wife Judy will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in February. They have spent the past year exploring parts of the U.S., sailing their Hunter 420 sailboat on the Chesapeake, and enjoying an extensive river cruise in Europe.

1960 Dick Lanahan ‘60 recently retired after 10 years from Volvo Global Holdings’ Board of Directors. His son, Dereck, graduated from Oklahoma University with a Master’s from the School of Higher Education in Inter-Collegiate Athletic Administration. He was a graduate assistant coach for the men’s basketball team.

1962 Lou Bartoshesky, M.D. is a pediatrician at Christiana Hospital, duPont Hospital and with the Delaware Division of Public Health. Thomas G. Lewis III retired from Federal Service/U.S. Senate Staff (30 years) in the spring of 2005. He has lived in Somerset Lake since mid-December, 2009, and enjoys his hobbies: fishing and H.O. model trains. He and his wife’s 8 grandchildren (ages 19-2) are their passion.

Mark McGovern retired after 26 years at Bishop Ford H.S. in Brooklyn in June. He continues teaching speech at Baruch College (CUNY) and St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

1964 Andy Anderson continues as the Executive Vice President and Chief Historian of Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco, CA. Harry Chaykun retired from his job as a sportswriter for the Delaware County Daily Times on August 27, 2011. He had been associated with the paper since July of 1967, starting as a part-time worker while finishing college and then teaching for 3 years before joining the newspaper full-time in 1971.

1966 John S.J. Brooks, M.D. was recently appointed Director of Anatomic Pathology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He splits his time there and at Pennsylvania Hospital where he is the chair of pathology. John sends a “hello” out to the class of ‘66!

1967 Charles Sibre retired in April of 2011 after a 22-year US Coast Guard career and almost 18 years with Logicon and Northrop Grumman He is now working on his golf

game, volunteering at a local family history center, spending one hour a week in a Perpetual Adoration chapel, and pursuing his genealogy hobby.

1969 George Scherbak is the co-owner of Ice Works in Aston, PA, where the National Curling Championships will be held February 11-18. All auks are invited to come watch!

1975 Michael Judge is the Vice President of Global Corporate Trust, Bank of New York, Mellon.

1977 Rob Lazzaro has been elected for a 3-year term as an Executive Committee Officer of the Drexel University Alumni Association Board of Governors and to the position of Treasurer of the board. Rob earned his Bachelor’s (1982) and MBA (1996) from Drexel. He has been a member of the Board since 2008, serving as chairman of the by-laws committee and member of both the honors & awards and nominations committees. Rob currently lives in England with his wife, Diana, and serves as Senior Vice President and Global Life Sciences Practice Leader for BeechTree Partners LLC, and internatioanl executive search firm. Kevin C. Donovan regrets having to miss his 30th Saint Joseph’s reunion, where 11 out of Archmere’s 77 graduates of 1977 attended, but hopes those alumni will show up for the academy’s 35th reunion in 2012. Kevin is the New Jersey Head


News And Notes of Labor & Employment Practice of Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelna and Dicker, LLP, an 800-lawyer firm, and enjoyes keeping up with his friends from Archmere.

1980 Cathy DiCostanza Glaberman has been awarded the professional insurance designation Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter by the American Institute for CPCU, an independent, nonprofit educational organization that confers the CPCU designation on persons who complete equal rigorous courses and national examinations, and meet its ethics and experience requirements.

1982 Michael H. Daney is an attorney and resident partner in the Bel Air office of Godwin, Erlandson, MacLaughlin, Vernon and Daney, LLC, and was recently appointed chair of the Harford County Personnel Advisory Board by Harford County Executive David Craig. Mike Daney has been a member of the board for the past 4 years and is an ‘86 graduate of UD, and an ‘89 graduate of the University of Kentucky. He lives in Darlington with his wife, Amy Hopkins, and their two daughters, Cassie and Ellie.

1987 Ciara O’Connell and John Nowaczyk’s son, Ryan, was suddenly diagnosed with a large brain tumor in January, 2011 at age 11. Ciara and John reached out to the only neurosurgeon they knew, a


friend and fellow Auk Jay Storm ‘86, who they soon found out happens to specialize in pediatric brain tumors. They also learned from a variety of sources that Jay is among the most highly regarded surgeons in that field and that CHOP, where Jay practices, is one of the best 2 or 3 hospitals in the US in that specialty. Jay and the team at CHOP took extraordinary care of Ryan and successfully removed the tumor. Follow-ups to date show no sign of disease and prognosis is excellent. The whole family is grateful to Jay and his team for all they have done, and to everyone in the Archmerean family who prayed so hard for Ryan in that dark time. David P. Hogan and his wife, Michelle, welcomed their fourth daughter, Margaret Mae, born on May 11, 2011, weighing 7 lbs, 11 ounces. Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem baptized Margaret on July 24, 2011 at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church in Wilmington, DE. David’s brother, Sean ‘94 was the godfather for Maragaret and David’s daughter Kaeleigh ‘14 was the godmother. The Hogans live in Wilmington.

1990 Sean Joseph Billow and his wife, Mary Jo, welcomed their fifth child, Elle Mary, born on December 6, 2010 weighing 7 lbs, 9 ounces. Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. baptized Elle on February 13, 2011 at St. Thomas of Villanova Church. Elle joins brothers Aidan (6), Patrick (4), Brady (4) and Quinn (3.) Sean is a partner in the law firm of Ballard Spahr, LLP, practicing in the Wilmington Office. Sean and his family live in Broomall, Pa.

1991 Christine Manubay Gardiner welcomed son Logan Samuel Gardiner on December 16, 2011. He joins big brother Kyle (5 years old.) Damian Andrisani, M.D. is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, knees and shoulders. He practices in Wilimgton, DE with Delaware Orthopaedic Specialties.

1992 Matthew T. Kingston, DMD opened a new dental practice in December 2010. Healty Smiles Dental is located in Lancaster, PA. Dr. Matthew Kingston and his wife Claire welcomed their third son, Luke Thomas who was born on November 7, 2011. He was 11 lbs, 4 oz. and 23 inches! Matthew and Claire have two other sons, Gray (7) and Adam (4) and reside in Lititiz, PA. Barbara Smoyer was married on November 5, 2011, to Michael D. Peterson. The wedding was held at the historic St. Mary of Victories Church in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Janet Smoyer ‘94 was a bridesmaid and Marialaina Scafidi ‘92 caught the bride’s bouquet. After honeymooning in Cancun, Mexico, Barbara and Michael now live in St. Peters, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Jess Anderson and his wife, Heidi, welcomed their third child, Emma Margaret, born July 8, 2011. Emma weighed 8 lbs, 13 ounces. Emma joins brother Jess Taylor and sister Lauren. The family lives in Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

Brian Githens and his wife, Kate, welcomed their second child, Connor Campbell, born on May 19, 2011. Connor weighed 7 lbs, 3 ounces. He joined big sister, Grace. Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. baptized Connor on July 17, 2011 at St. Bernadette Church in Drexel Hill, Pa. Brian’s sister, Mary Pat Romano ‘94 was godmother.

1993 Susan Squire was published in Delaware Today as a 2011 Five Star Real Estate Agent for the second year in a row for exceptional service and overall satisfaction. William Mannella is now living in Incline Village, NV on Lake Tahoe.

1994 Sean Alan Hogan married Anne Elizabeth McNaughton on July 30, 2011 at Saint Patrick Church in New York City. Sean and Anne currently live in Brazil where Sean works for JP Morgan-Chase Brazil.

1995 Chris Killian and his wife, Anne, welcomed son Benjamin to their family in June, 2011. He joins older sister, Ava, in their home in Cronton on Hudson, N.J. Christopher R. DiFusco and his wife, Leigh Ann, welcomed their second child, Lia Mary, born October 8, 2010, weighing 7 lbs, 8 ounces. Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. baptized Lia on August 10, 2011 at Saint Cecilia Church in Philadelphia.

David J. Milliner and his wife, Kelli, welcomed their first child, Allison Theresa. Allison was baptized on December 18, 2011 at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Media, Pa. The Milliners live in Media.

Joseph W. Laskas and wife, Damaskus welcomed daughter Isabella Grace. Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. baptized Isabella on December 18, 2011 at St. Thomas Church in Clifton Heights, Pa.

Benjamin D. Hill and his wife, Christina, welcomed their first child, Tyler Jonathon, born September 23, 2011. Tyler weighed 10 lbs.

1996 John Joseph Finley IV married Jennifer Lee Nansteel on June 25, 2011 at Saint Luke Lutheran Church in Devon, Pa. Christopher P. Bruno ‘96 was the best man and Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem co-officiated. John and Jennifer are physicians and live in Philadelphia. Bradley W. Thomas finished his surgical residency in Chattanooga, TN in June 2011 and passed his written boards in August. Bradley and his wife Tracy moved to Guam on September 20, 2011 to beign Bradley’s three-year obligation to the Navy as one of three surgeons stationed at the naval base.

Robert Yacyshyn married Molly Baran on May 7, 2011 in Stockbridge, MA. Father McLaughlin presided over the wedding ceremony and several Archmereans were in attendance including Molly Cahill Govern ‘97, Kathryn Yacyshyn ‘06 and Shawn Witt ‘97. On July 17, 2011, along with his co-workers, Rob won a Daytime Emmy Award for the MTV series “Made’ in the Special Class Series category.

1997 Michele Irwin Cunningham and her husband, Brian, welcomed son Brendan Irwin to their family on July 28, 2011. He joins older brother, Quinn Clark (born 3/23/09) intheir home in Philadelphia, PA. Kristen Doyle Highland and her husband, Ryan, welcomed their first child, Anna Grace, born January 17, 2011, weighing 7 lbs, 12.5 ounces. Anna was baptized on August 7, 2011 at the Chruch of Saint Savior in Brooklyn, NY, where the family lives.

1999 Chris Rowe is living in Boston, MA, enjyoing a successful career in product design. He spends his free time sailing, skiing and brewing beer.


News And Notes Zachary Rowe is living in Madrid, Spain. He met his wife, Paula, during a vacation in Spain in 2008. They were married in July 2010 in Northern Spain. Zach has been teaching English and just completed work on his Master’s in Environmental Biology. Joshua M. Alcorn married Brianna D’Amico on Saturday, October 8 at St. Thomas Villanova Church. The couple was married by Father McLaughlin. Josh works in Washington as the finance director for Friends of Harry Reid, the re-election campagin of Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, who is the majority leader. He graduated from Villanova University and has a Master’s in political science from American University. Matthew B. O’Brien married Sophie Pacanowsky on October 23, 2010 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Philadelphia, Pa. Matthew’s brother, Jonathon (Archmere 1998-2000) was the best man and Father Joseph McLauhlin, O.Praem. concelebrated. Matthew and Sophie welcomed their first child, William Laurence, born September 1, 2011, weighing 7 lbs, 10 ounces. He was baptized at St. Paul’s Church in Princeton, NJ on October 2, 2011. Matthew, who received a Ph.D. in Philosophy in May, 2011, is teaching at Villanova University this year on a post-doctoral fellowship.

2000 Katherine A. Bailey Martin married Lee Martin in Hinesburg, Vermont on September 4, 2011.


Brian E. Donnelly and wife, Erin, welcomed their first child, Aubrey Sarah born on April 28, 2011, weighing 7 lbs, 12 ounces. Aubrey was baptized on July 31, 2011 at St. Catherine of Sienna Church in Horsham, Pa. Brian is a history teacher at Archmere, the Student Council moderator and a baseball coach.

2001 Ryan Browning is currently a lawyer with Potter Anderson in Wilmington, DE.

2002 Amanda Rowe graduated from Boston University in May 2009 with a DPT in Physical Therapy. In August, 2010, she married Jefferey Boyer, who graduated from St. Mark’s HS and went on to earn an MBA from Harvard. They are living in Boston; Amanda is a physical therapist at Boston Children’s Hospital. Richard Heffron married Jenna Nechaman in her hometown of Salem, Conneticut on June 18, 2011. Two of his Archmere classmates, Kevin Donnelly ‘02 and Tom Weiss ‘02 were in the wedding party with several of his Archmere classmates attending the wedding. Richard and Jenna met as cross country and track teammates at Quinnipiac University. They will live in Chicago where he is completing his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Islamic History at the University of Chicago and she is working toward her Ph.D. in Disability Studies at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Meghan Thomas Semler and husband, Cogan, welcomed their first child, Jacquline Jean, born on July 17, 2011. Jacqueline weighed 7 lbs, 4 ounces. Meghan and family live in Seabeck, Wa.

2003 Christian M. Burdziak is living and teaching in Japan. Joseph James Branco married Katharine Alexandra Rosenberg on September 3, 2011 at Nativity BVM Church in Media, Pa. Eric J. Longo ‘03 was best man and Olivia Anne Branco ‘06 was a bridesmaid. Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. concelebrated. Joe and Kate live in Ardmore, Pa. Jamie Alexandra Tosi married Norman William Vanaman III on November 12, 2011 in The Patio at Archmere. Jamie’s brother Alex ‘07 was a groomsman. Jamie’s father, James, is Director of Facilities at Archmere.

2004 Jessica Oates earned her B.S. in Biology with minors in Faith & Justice Studies from Saint Joseph’s University in 2008. She earned her M.S. in Biology from Saint Joseph’s in 2010 and is now a doctoral student at Texas Tech University studying Environmental Toxicology. Kevin Robert Clark married Yashoda Askok Khandkar on February 19, 2011 in Salt Lake City, UT.

Michael A. Hall and Kathryn Cunningham Hall welcomed their first child, Logan Joseph, born on May 25, 2011. Father Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. baptized Logan on November 26, 2011 at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church in Wilmington, DE, where Michael and Kathryn were married. Michael’s brother, Stephen ‘06 was godfather. The Halls live in Philadelphia where Michael and Kathryn are completing their fourth year in medical school.

2005 Christopher Koppel is finishing up his deployment in support of Operation New Dawn. His unit is anticipating re-deployment to Fort Hood in January, 2012. Alan Browing is currently working for Oblong Industries in Los Angeles, CA as a computer engineer, working with a 3D gestural computer interface.

Rosemary Bock is living and working in Rhode Island as an in-house product designer for a packaging company

2007 Daniel Joseph McCadden was commissioned as a Navy Ensign on May 13, 2011 at Villanova University, from which Dan recieved a B.A. and M.A. in Political Science. During the fall semester, Dan was stationed at Villanova as the Supply Officer for the NRTOC Unit. As of January, 2012, Dan was relocated to Charleston, S.C. where he is in nuclear power school for six to twelve months.


Will Mulhearn has been recognized as the top student in his chemical engineering class at the University of Pennsylvania for two years in a row.

2009 Paul Them is a junior at Penn State University, University Park. He is double-majoring in Mathematics and Economics and is a Bass II in the university choir and a director and the treasurer for No Refund Theatre. During the summer, he is a storyteller and a tour actor for Historic Philadelphia, Inc. He is starring in an independent film called “Hoagie,” which is scheduled to premeire in 2012.

2010 Ricky Calabrese made the Unversity of Pittsburgh Club Baseball team.

2006 Jillian Burdziak has been living and teaching in Japan for the last year and a half. Katie Eichner is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley. She is studying historical archaeology through the university’s anthropology graduate program. Her intended research focuses in the Caribbean, where she completed her 6th field season this summer, and looks into the topics of gender and creole identity as seen through historic documentation and material culture.

Erica Jackey led her cross country team at Washington University in St, Louis to their first NCAA Division II National title. She finished 4th out of 300 runners which was the best finish in school history. In addition, she won the UAA conference meet and placed second in the Midwest regional meet earlier this year. RJ Malseed just finished his final year of football at Delware Valley College. He was part of 4 MAC Championship teams, a first in Delaware Valley history. He made NCAA Division-3 playoffs 3 straight years, making the second round every year. He will graduate in May with a BS in Horticulture. 27

In Memoriam We remember and pray for those who passed away since the last Archmerean; August - December 2011 Mr. Andrew J. Waldron, Sr. August 3, 2011 Father of Andrew J., Jr. ‘60, James F. ‘61, and F. John ‘67 Waldron Maternal grandfather of Robert T. Cassady ‘83. Mr. Richard J. Hartmann, Sr. August 5, 2011 Paternal grandfather of Richard J. Hartmann, III ‘04 Mr. James Gesty, Jr. August 7, 2011 Father of Diane Gesty Palmer ‘86, James F. Gesty (attended Archmere 1986-1988), and Michael J. Gesty (attended Archmere 1988-1989) Mr. Arthur Pavoni, Jr. August 12, 2011 Father of Arthur Pavoni, III (attended Archmere 1974-1976) Mrs. Eileen Clune August 18, 2011 Former Archmere nurse (1975-1979) Mother of Timothy ’76 and the late Christopher ’71 Clune. Mr. Michael P. McCaughan August 28, 2011 Father of Susan McCaughan Somerset ‘93

Mr. Robert J. Jackson September 4, 2011 Father of David J. Jackson. ‘90 Capt. Thomas K. Simpers ‘83 (USMC) September 6, 2011 Brother of Lt. Patrick Simpers ‘73 and the late Michael Simpers (attended Archmere 1970-71) Mr. Vincent DelRaso September 8, 2011 Father of Joseph DelRaso ‘70 and the late Thomas DelRaso, (attended Archmere 1978-1979)

Mrs. Gloria R. D’Allura September 29, 2011 Mother of John ‘72, Francis ‘74, and David ‘76 D’Allura Paternal grandmother of Jessica D’Allura ‘98 Mrs. Elizabeth F. Donahue September 29, 2011 Mother of James M. Donahue ‘73

Mr. Charles H. Moloney September 12, 2011 Father of Thomas M. ‘ 78 and Andrew T. ’83 Moloney.

Mrs. Blanche Elizabeth Eastburn October 1, 2011 Paternal grandmother of Meredith Eastburn ‘06

Mr. Armelindo (Elmer) Saienni September 12, 2011 Father of Blaise A. Saienni, (attended Archmere 1971-1973)

Mr. Francis E. Mariner October 5, 2011 Father of the late Michael W. Mariner (attended Archmere 1970-1971)

Mrs. Constance Giggey September 15, 2011 Mother of Paul Patrick Giggey, ‘83

Mr. Michael B. Hartnagel ‘64 October 11, 2011 Father of Kathleen ‘87, Bridget ‘93, and Andrew ‘95 Hartnagel

Mrs. Marjorie Race McDonough August 29, 2011 Maternal grandmother of Nora Crawford ‘10

Mr. Thomas J. Capano ‘67 September 19, 2011 Former Archmere Trustee (1990-1996) Father of Christine ’98, Catherine ’00, Jennifer ’02 and Alexandra ’04 Capano. Brother of Louis Capano ’69 and Gerard Capano (attended Archmere 1977-1979.)

Mrs. Dorothy A. Camagna September 2, 2011 Mother of Louis C. Camagna, 72

Mr. Edward J. Sarnocinski September 25, 2011 Father of Edward J. Sarnocinski, ‘73


Mrs. Ann L. Laurent September 26, 2011 Paternal grandmother of Brian K. Laurent, Jr., ‘96

Mr. Michael McLeod Tischer ‘61 October 20, 2011 Mr. James Vincent Tigani, Jr. ‘39 October 23, 2011 Father of James ‘65 and Bruce ‘74 Tigani Paternal grandfather of Allison ‘97, Kristin ‘00, James ‘05, Jessica ‘05, and Bruce ‘08 Tigani Mr. J. Jeffrey Kopko October 25, 2011 Son of John J. Kopko, ‘56

Mrs. C. Jean Ianni October 26, 2011 Mother of Edmond M. Ianni ‘75

Mrs. Joan B. Lukach November 19, 2011 Paternal grandmother of Mark Lukach ’00 and Catherine Lukach (attended Archmere 1998-1999)

Mr. Henry A. Stenta, Sr. October 27, 2011 Paternal grandfather of Henry ‘95 and Robert ‘96 Stenta Mr. Edward Stephen McDermott November 4, 2011 Father of Christa McDermott ‘92 Mr. Wilfred Sweeny November 6, 2011 Father of Richard Sweeny ‘83 Paternal grandfather of Stephen ‘03, Connor ‘12, and Gillian ‘15 Sweeny Mrs. Catherine Worman November 8, 2011 Mother of Gail Foth, current Archmere Academy staff member Mrs. Anne H. Matthews November 12, 2011 Mother of Bruce Matthews ‘67 Paternal grandmother of Patrick ‘95, Daniel ‘97, Laura ‘99, Brian ‘02 and Brendan ‘08 Matthews Mr. J. Richard Tucker ‘58 November 15, 2011

Mr. Francis Jaglowski November 23, 2011 Maternal grandfather of John ‘12 and Emily ‘15 Simons Mr. William Patrick Reilly November 24, 2011 Father of William P. (Rick) ‘77, Margery Ann (Anderson) ‘79, and Andrew (Drew) ‘85 Reilly Mr. John L. Carney, Jr. ‘46 November 30, 2011 Mr. Richard J. Maiale December 7, 2011 Father of Richard N. Maiale ‘00 Mr. Nicholas Maiale December 21, 2011. Paternal grandfather of Richard N. Maiale ‘00. Mrs. Mary Pat Reynolds December 22, 2011. Mother of Catherine A. (Reynolds) Collette ‘82 Maternal grandmother of Kristen

A. ‘07, Nicole G. ‘09, Brian D. ‘10 and Thomas F. Rummel ‘12 Dr. Nacianceno T. Largoza December 24, 2011 Father of Nonato ‘76, Nelvin ‘77, and Nacian Largoza ‘81 Mr. Patrick J. Igo, Sr. December 24, 2011 Father of Elizabeth Colleen Igo ‘99. Mr. Terrance Baroody ‘55 December 27, 2011 CORRECTION from last issue: Mrs. Anna M. Grillo March 18, 2011 Mother of Domenic S. Grillo, ‘65 and Joanne Gioffre (Archmere secretary from 1981-2001.) Maternal grandmother of Donna Gioffre Furey, ’80; Michael J. Gioffre, ’81; Patricia Gioffre Scott, ’86; Kert F. Anzilotti, ’88; George F. Gioffre, ’89; Craig E. Anzilotti, ’90; Chad G. Anzilotti, ’94 and the paternal grandmother of Joanne Grillo Rosenberg, ’84; Andrea Grillo Talley, ’87; Tina Grillo Horgan, ’92; and Angela Grillo Dengler, ’95.

Alumni Memorial Mass

Join the Archmere Academy Alumni Association in remembering all of our deceased alumni and former faculty/staff at the Alumni Memorial Mass on Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Mass will be held at 10:00 a.m. in The Patio; the names of the deceased will be read aloud as part of the mass. A breakfast reception will follow. Registration is available online at 29

Auk Snapshots

A student and his grandmother pose for a photo in the SLC at the Grandparents’ Day brunch. Grandparents’ Day, held on Oct. 10, included a litrugy in the theater, brunch and campus tours.

The 16th Annual Senior Career Experience Day, held on Dec. 1, gave Archmere upperclassmen a chance to “shadow” professionals in their field of interest. These students spent the day with Dr. Kruse at AI DuPont Hospital for Children.

This alumni foursome pauses for a photo on the green at the 2011 Alumni Golf Outing. The event was held at Edgmont Country Club in Newtown Square on Sept. 23. Despite the poor weather, there were 77 golfers and 90 guests total for dinner.

A group of alumni sit down for lunch at the Golden Alumni Luncheon on Oct. 14. The class of 1961 was inducted into the Golden Alumni at this year’s event.

This family poses at the Alumni Assocition’s “Visit with Santa,” on Sat. Dec. 10, in The Patio.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden ‘61, Headmaster Michael A. Marinelli, Ed.D. ‘76, and Alumni Council President Marc J. Albero ‘91 pose with Hall of Fame inductee George Fantini ‘52 at the Alumni Sports Banquet.


Archmere Academy Prayer

- Pietate et Scientia God, you call us to walk in unity of mind and heart intent on you. Give us that reverence for one another that will make us apostles of peace. Grant that the knowledge of this day may flow into our worship of your Name and our service for the life of the world. Inspiring Students to Distinction 31

Pre-Sorted Non-Profit Org. U.S.Postage PAID Wilmington, DE Permit #2061

3600 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, DE 19703 Address Service Requested

Inspiring Students to Distinction

3600 Philadelphia Pike • Claymont, DE 19703

302-798-6632 • 610-485-0373

The Archmerean: Winter 2012  

Archmere Academy's biannual magazine, The Archmerean.

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