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Hamburg, a city located in northern Germany 150 miles from the North Sea. Hamburg is made up of a network of canals and waterways from the river Elbe spanning over 755km2. The city is best known for its industrial power and has a well-deserved reputation as Germanys gateway to the world, connecting over 150 countries with trade. It is also Germanys second largest Hanseatic city with a population just over 1.8 million making it one of Germanys ‘free’ federal states.

Hamburg is one of Europe’s leading cities in regeneration creating more ‘city in the city.’ Hafen city and the 2024 Olympic bid are prime examples of this extending Hamburg’s urban fabric by 40%. Hamburg is also committed to a greener city by 2030. The main aim is to eliminate the need for cars creating a healthier and pleasant place to live. The city plans to introduce a green network spreading across the city, connecting many residential districts to Hamburg’s city centre. The proposal will exist after the completion of both major projects are completed in 2030.

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Ham plexus city hs lod sa