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A little bit FireFly

Let’s start lyplugin?xg_source=msg_wel_group

First thing you need is to Download it

Fill in and submit

If you are lucky

If you are not

Unzip it (I would rather use 4.0)

For Grasshopper installation

Find this components folder and click on it

Inside the “Firefly_Build 1.0067” folder, inside the “Firefly Installation”, copy all of them to the components folder

Reopen your “Rhino” Open your “grasshopper” You will see “Firefly” GRASSHOPPER/ Firefly

But, you still don’t get the ticket for connecting with Arduino

When you start with Arduino, you need to upload the Arduino Code to the Board

Inside the “Firefly_Build 1.0067” folder, inside the “Aruino Code”,


Remember to choose the right port and board

Press Upload

Then, You Should Be Ready

Back to the Firefly

Basically is the same as “Arduino” code, but it’s easier to control if you are more familiar with grasshopper

Right component is the output. You can see the number of the port which is the same for both component. The toggle of OPEN is to control the code starts to do or not. DPin is the input-pin. DPin with “*”sign are those you can connect to servo motor. So the input number could be from 0-180.(degree) . (But you have to change it by right click on the Pin) Otherwise the basic setting for the input will be “0” “1” which means on or off

Make sure the “Port ” is right

Digital = 0 – 1 (int) PWM = 0 – 255 (int) Servo = 0 – 180 (int)

Press this 1st

DPin6~ is the input value which control the “SERVO”

Press this 2nd

Let’s Connect The Servo

You can see it rotate by the number from firefly.

Test the Sensing

Your Arduino Analog InPin should have something like LDR or Potentiometer.

Params/Util/Timer Rick click to set up time

You should know hot to make this.


The left side is still the Port The right side is the Receiver which you can get the data from the sensors We use the data to control the radius of the circle to made the Vase. In this way, we can use physical data to control both physical and virtual output.

Some Examples I did

2nded 003 02=firefly  
2nded 003 02=firefly  

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