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Facebook is the #1 social networking site today! As of February 1st, 2010, there about 175 million people that use Facebook everyday! With the world now turning towards these social media sites, Facebook is a great way to get your name and online business out there for a lot of people to see. But what can you do to create leads for your online business? There are several ways to attract people! 1. Make conversations. The whole concept of network marketing is to communicate with as many people as you can. Do this by conversing with your friends to see how they're doing or how their business is doing. Then you can ask questions to see if there is anything that you can do to help them out. This puts you in a position where they will come to you in time of need. 2. Comment on posts, pictures, and videos. This can be great because your friends' friends can see your posts and if you sound interesting or funny, they may check out your page or ask to be your friend. 3. Post videos of yourself or what you have to offer! A lot of people just post videos to YouTube. Facebook is a great way to have more people listen or see what you are doing in your videos and therefore may attract more people to your business. This way people can opt in to see what your online business may be about before contacting you. 4. Facebook banner advertising. You can place your own banner to your business on your own Facebook page to create some curiosity and possibly get some opt ins. Facebook also has a Pay Per Click option that is very simple to use without a lot of rules and regulations like Google. Clicks actually may be cheaper here too! 5. Invite your Facebook friends to your webinars or calls. This can also create some curiosity to those that are looking for a home or online business with out "pitching" them your opportunity. That way they can see what the business is all about by getting valuable information. I blast out a video of myself and an opt in box to weekly webinars just for my Facebook friends. 6. Be Funny! A lot of people will use Facebook to tell you how bad their days is, or how their job sucks. Saying something funny may attract those who maybe having a bad day and will turn to you because you become that positive person that could turn their day around. People are attracted to happy and positive people. 7. Provide leadership and inspiring quotes! A lot of people love this too. Again, when they are

having a bad day, a great quote may lift their spirits. People are looking for inspiring people to follow or get mentored by. Provide great leadership lessons to those that are looking to be led! 8. Add quality and relevant friends. Here's what I mean. I am not in the business to add everybody and anybody to my Facebook page. Only add relevant people to your website! Do a search to add other network marketers of some people that are in other businesses to network with to provide them with useful information they can benefit from. There's 8 ways to get more leads with Facebook. Now, I am not saying to do this 4-5 hours a day. Many people waste a lot of time on Facebook because it can be VERY distracting! You can do these things in about 30 minutes a day leaving you plenty of time to create different ways to attract more leads to your business. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you today, Greg Schmidt Internet Marketer

Greg Schmidt is an internet marketer that provides valuable tips and lessons to those that wish to better their businesses either online or offline. Greg advises those who wish to start an online business by providing information on things to look for in a home or online business before getting started. Greg Schmidt's blog: []

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==== ==== Have you ever wanted to get a job posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. You can be trained and ready to find a job in 3 days. Just click here: ==== ====

How to get more leads with Facebook  

Have you ever wanted to get a job posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. You can be trained and ready to find a job in 3 days. Just cli...

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