1966 Arbutus Yearbook

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The Arbutus Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Vol. 73 1966

This is the ARBUTUS, the yearbook of Indiana University, for the year 1966. In this year, Indiana University is acknowledged to be one of the largest and best universities in the country. With some 23,000 undergraduate and graduate students on it's wooded campus, I.U. is the home of one of the nation's finest rare-book libraries, the country's largest summer school program, the world's greatest school of music, the nationally known Aerospace Research and Application Center. top-rated departments in almost every discipline, a model dormitory system housing 9,600 students, the world's slowest deliverers of pizza. . . .







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Forming groups must be an I.U. student invention. Like "boress" is. In fact there may be some connection. This year saw the registration of groups ranging from the arch-conservative Students for an Orderly Society to the W.E.B. Dubois Club, including such middle-of-the-road organizations as the Ski Club and the Go Club ( Go is an Oriental board game). The good work of one organization is shown on this page. In spite of a rather fluid membership, Jim Shien's card section always had something nifty to flash at the alumni. Whether you would call the work on the opposite page "good" depends a lot on your politics. But the fact remains that the liberals did a lot of work this year. And have gained some ground to show for it. Like a certain degree of respectability. A great deal of credit here must go to a sharp training cadre. The Students for a Democratic Society ( SDS ) first sounded the tocsin for university reform way back when, with its petition on women's hours. Since then it has come on to provide some of the leadership for the Organization for University Reform (OUR) and the Progressive Reform Party (PRP).


The good work the SDS did was primarily brainwork. The group was out to encourage thinking, and went about it with a will. The Dunn Meadow Forums on Friday afternoons drew surprising crowds for a campus where the status was as quo as it was. The SDS Free University Series varied topics from a series on the roots of contemporary popular music to a mession on "The Social Implications of the Overdeveloped Economy." And if the Forums usually ended in toe-to-toe shouting matches, they at least aired a lot of ideas in an atmosphere not noted for such activity.


Campus politics can do strange things to a man. Witness the startling transformation of Guy Loftman on these pages. Like he uttered the magic words "Progressive Reform" and was instantly changed into . . . Strange things. But being a liberal wasn't all fun and games. After all, there was the growing conservative menace. Gayle Faunce threatened to become articulate any day. But Faunce struck back. His Students for an Orderly Society ( SOS; catchy, no- ) warned the campus of the dangers of liberalism and water fluoridation. Strange. What would you do if you were Peter Montague speaking at one of the Dunn Meadow Forums, lashing out savagely and brillianty against the evil in the world, full of facts and figures, incontrovertable logic, and the fire of righteousness. And some innocent blue-eyed


child approaches to offer you a dandelion. What would you do? Remember, kicking children tends to alienate support from your position. But the biggest kick in campus politics came when the newly-organized Student Liberation Front announced its platform. Taking as its slogan, "Get the student out of student 'government'," the fledgling party pledged itself to push for, among other things, a marijuana license for the Union Building, oaths of nondiscrimination against beatniks from fraternities and sororities, and the complete abolition of student government. If elected, they said, they'd just call the whole thing off. Is it any wonder that somehow you didn't hear too much about the Young Democrats, Young Republicans, Tryus, and ( except for Jim Kittle ) Action?

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Those 23,600 students! Twenty-three thousand completely individual personalities! Who can be easily sorted into a small handful of sharply defined categories. The Commonssitter: Hi Ralph. (Ugh.) Sit down, both of you. Bob Winner? Pleased to meet you, Bob. ( Ringadingding.) I'm Nancy Forbish. (Where did he get those big blue eyes?) This is Shiela. And Patti. And Joanne. (Thank goodness I'm the best looking.) Weren't you in my French class last semester? ( Second row, fourth seat, missed 13 classes, got a B, wore the NEATEST clothes.) Me? I live in Foster. (Ooo, I hope, I hope . . .) Got to go to class, huh? Well nice to meet you. Bye, Bob. (I hope he calls me . . . I hope he calls me.) Bye, Ralph. (Ugh.) Bob didn't. Ralph did. Commonssitting is the Independent's answer to being Greek. Being Greek is an answer to a much larger problem.

The Greenbagger: This is a rough one. With Commonssitters there is no middle ground. You either are or you aren't. Not so with the Greenbaggers. There are Pseudogreenbaggers and actual Undercover cornmonsitters. The green book bag is not the distinguishing characteristic, although it is of some use as a clue for sorting the subspecies. The Hardcoregreenbagger carries his/her books ( and PEACE buttons ) in an Army surplus gas mask bag. The Pseudogreenbagger carries his/her Hegel and Kant ( and perhaps a Chopin score) in his Lincoln green bag obtained from the Bookstore for $1.50. The Undercommonssitter doesn't carry a bag at all. But he/she still has the look: An Air Force ROTC raincoat worn over a madras sport coat, a silk shirt, and Oshkosh (B'gosh ) blue jeans. A lot of limp hair. Being hirsute is the hallmark of all three. Females may have hair that hangs straight to the waist. Males may have either a Beatle cut or the more classconscious ducktails and long sideburns. Either sex may have a mustache.

The Greek: There is never any trouble identifying a fraternity man. He is either neatly dressed in the height of the latest fashion, or he is grubby beyond belief. He is poised and charming. Or he is gross to the point of inviting nausea. Sorority girls are all tall and slender, and


either blonde and beautiful or brunette and beautiful, it says here. There is no truth to the story that you can tell a Pi Phi from a Kappa by the color of her hair, but there are certain characteristics by which you can distinguish both from Sigma Nu's most of the time.

The Serious Student: This is a group with no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever.


Several places where the crowds gather deserve some sort of mention. The Gables is one place they have been moving to for so long that, next to the Board of Trustees, the most influential body of men affecting the campus is probably the Poolitsan brothers. Have you ever noticed when the Gables closes the University follows suit? Try to buy a butter brickle cone anytime during spring vacation. One of the Gables' attractions is just seeing I.U. come out ahead athletically every week in the latest "Pick by Nick." Something about biting the hand that feeds you. From here, students leave those thick shakes behind and venture deeper into the environs for other refreshment. Pubs have been an unofficial part of the campus for as long as anyone can remember. Or hazily try to remember.


The Stardust ( right ) is where, according to legend ( that is, the owners ), Hoagy Carmichael penned the evergreeen of the same name. False. But the Dust does have Friday afternoon going for it. During those golden hours the Back Room becomes wall-to-wall amplified guitar filled with warm bodies being dissolved in a great outpouring of Pabst. A couple of sister establishments are slightly more popular than — a professor who doesn't give finals; Ye Olde Regulator — Olde right from the day last summer when the Old Reg moved out of the way of progress and the New Reg opened up on North Walnut. The move was heartbreak for a lot of people, but this sort of thing has its limits. Six months later the alwaysslow waiters were still moving like widows behind the coffin. And Nick's English Hut hypocritically threw a St. Paddy's Day party this year. Israeli Independence Day somehow slipped by unnoticed.


But make no mistake, 0 — parent of undergraduate. All is not decadence at your State University. Consider the major philanthropic event into which the forces of the entire campus are channelled every spring. The Little 500. What could be more wholesome than a bike race? This year the proceeds of the Weekend provided 205 $100 scholarships "to help those who help themselves." The Weekend also provided some of the year's busiest days for the watering places aforementioned and constant employment for any aggregation that could thump and twang anything that sounded remotely like "Hang On Sloopy" and "Wooly Bully." And if it's not the World's Greatest College Weekend, it is at least the biggest one that week. There are other big festive events throughout the year. Homecoming. Founder's Day. Reading Day. Friday.


Though neither nearly so well organized as Little 500 pedal pushing nor as practical as means of locomotion as that at right, skateboarding has filled an aching void in the college student's sense of foolhardy. Here on the Teter Quad sidewalk Nancy Butz and Don Seal demonstrate advanced technique. The crowd in back is waiting to help them into the ambulance. This was a common occurance on the Teter Quad sidewalk.

The motorbike has been the biggest thing in the Japanese takeover of the U.S. economy since the transistor radio. But Mr. Honda-san indeed made it easier to get from here to there on campus. A good thing, especially since here and there keep getting further and further apart every year. But a Honda by any other name ( Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson ) would still be as noisy when started up just under your window at 7:25 in the morning. Nor are they much good for taking a girl out to the drive-in.


"Camp" is a hard word to define, but basically something is "camp" when it is so very had that it satirizes itself and thus becomes good. On campus, "camp-followers" included various professors, certain sorority and fraternity houses, the entire dormitory system, the I.U. Bison ("it's NOT a buffalo"), and The Daily Student. But the ultimate in camp came, inevitably, from television. Night after Wednesday and Thursday night, the TV sets in every dorm, frat, and sorority spieled forth the adventures of that Dynamic Duo. Batman and Robin. The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder became, for a time, the center of all attention. Somebody threw a Batblast in the Union. Batman jokes ran Polaks out of the humorists' top ten favorites. "Bif. Sok. Pow." became part of the language, along with all sorts of terrible puns beginning "Holy ( anything or other), Batman . . ."


And along with Batman came Trivia. Trivia is a game played by two or more in which one player asks a question whose answer is a totally obscure, worthless bit of information, like, "Who were Hopalong Cassidy's two sidekicks?" ( Lucky and California, just so it won't keep you awake. ) Trivia had formerly been the exclusive property of professors making out Final Exams, but it caught on big with the students, to the point that one dorm had a Trivia Bowl and a marathon game ran ( off and on ) for days in the Daily Student city room. When was the gargoyle set atop historic Maxwell Hall? This is not a true Trivia question, because the answer very allegorical, filled with deep meanings, and probably not too factual. Nevertheless . . . "Let's create a gargoyle atop historic Maxwell Hall," the I.U. architect said one day. Justifying such an imaginative departure from the rest of the conservative campus design was something of a problem. But it was met beautifully. A distinctive "I.U." was carved in the beast's chest. I.U. has the only gargoyle in existence that is a letterman. This is Indiana and how it grew.


Dormitories Dorm living was the only way to fly, according to the 9,600 students who lived there. Perhaps second only to any other way they could think of. But there will always be gripers among us. This was a year of change for the dormitory system. Trees Center, the old converted Army barracks ( remember the old joke — that the University bought Trees from the Army for $1, and got gypped on the deal?) was finally closed to undergrads. Wells Quad became grad housing and faculty office space. Briscoe Quad, "the Stadium-view Hilton" opened to mixed reviews on the campus' near north side. Forest Quad got halfway open, then changed its mind and housed only girls. But some things never change. Wright Quad was still the Zoo. Dormitories evidently drive people to do strange things. Like girls dangling containers from the upper stories in hopes of hooking a pizza. Like the time the guys on Smith III papered counselor Bob Eastburg in — from the outside, with wadded newsprint six feet deep in the hallway. Like the number of telescopes in Wright that point toward Willkie. Living in the dorms was almost as neat as three consecutive nights of bedchecks.


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The Poplars The Poplars is dormitory living for those who think plush. Even though construction problems delayed its opening until second semester, it was a conversation piece right from year's start. The dorm is the first privately-owned structure to get the Halls of Residence seal of approval. It is designed to house lots of girls and house them well. Like the swimming pool, for instance. The two acres of lounge and dining area. Guys dated girls from there just to get a look at the place.



The Greek system this year looked pretty healthy for something that was supposed to be on its last legs. Like Mark Twain's, reports of its death were greatly exaggerated. It went right ahead doing what it had always done — taking pledges, scheduling work sessions, study table, and phone duty, participating in every activity in sight, and throwing parties. Just like it always had done.

Sororities "OO00000, how would ya like to be an . . ." AOPi? Kappa Kappa Gam? Any one of several other sororities? "We want a skit! We want a skit! We want a skit." So the pledges did a skit for the actives, or the actives did a skit for the waiters, or everybody did a skit for rush. Rush. Actives' aching smile muscles, rushees' aching feet, Panhel's aching head. But somehow it worked itself out, and a new crop sprang into sisterhood. Pledge dances, Christmas dances, pin serenades, candlelights, rush. And it started over.



Apartments To live in an apartment was the continuing dream of everyone who didn't. A whole new body of mythology sprang up and freshmen spoke in reverent hushes of Southgate, Colonial Crest, and Atwater Avenue. When the Trustees lowered the age limit for off-campus housing to 21, many a heart began to beat a little faster, and they all nestled down in their dormitory beds while visions of wild parties danced through their heads. But was such the case in every case? To find the answer to our question, let's look in on a typical group. The scene is the kitchen. The time is after dinner ( meat loaf and macaroni ). The table has been cleared. Fix deals and opens with a spade. Cisco passes. Skokie responds with two hearts. Rich bids four clubs. Skokie makes appropriate comments about Rich's parentage and personal habits. Fix lights a cigarette and passes. Cisco hesitates, then passes. Rich makes appropriate comments about Cisco's parentage and personal habits. Skokie, on the strength of his partner's strong counter to the four club hid, doubles. Fix makes appropriate comments about Skokie's parentage and personal habits. Rich makes five clubs doubled, plus 50 for insult. Skokie's brother wanders in and asks whose turn is it to do the dishes. An informal poll is taken and Fix is almost unanimously selected. Skokie's brother becomes the bridge game's fourth and Fix becomes Cinderella. Another roommate whose name nobody seems to know wanders in to tell everybody hey shut up I'm trying to study. He then makes a telephone call astonishing both because of its great length and the fact that his entire conversation is limited to monosyllables. As we take our leave three or four or five hours later, we find our heroes simultaneously trying to work out a new guitar strum and catch all the action of the Bob Hope Theatre on the tube. With visions of somebody eventually having to do those blasted dishes dancing through their heads.


Marrieds What was the favorite reading material for (roughly) twenty-five per cent of the campus? If it was the twenty-five per cent that was married, it was the grocery ads in Thursday's Daily Student. How many bonus stamps can we work Kroger for this week? It was almost like playing Monopoly, only with real money. But not quite. Sometimes that real money was in really short supply. But there must have been another side to the coin. Could so many have been so wrong? Of course not, and whether they lived in big new beautiful Tulip Tree House or small old unlovely Hoosier Courts, they had to admit that the worries and nuisances and deprivations were all somehow worth it. Besides, no matter how bad a cook she was, it still beat living in Wright Quad.


Arts and Sciences


Anthro in the Commons, history in the Ballantine coffeeshop, breakfast in language lab — you name it, the 56 departments of the College of Arts and Sciences offer at least one course and usually a degree in the subject. The oldest division of the University, the College plans its programs as the basis of a liberal education, adding new departments and courses of study like East European Affairs each year as it strives to keep abreast of the turmoil in modern education. Dean Joseph L. Sutton, as well as the vast administration and faculty, try through Faculty Council, the newly-formed Student Advisory Council, experimental laboratories with the most modern technological facilities, and committee and individual research to find the best ways of presenting changing knowledge to students with ever-greater demands. The College serves over 80% of the campus population in undergraduate and advanced studies, faculty research, the Honors Program, interdepartmental colloquiums, and counseling linked with the Junior Division. Eighty-two per cent of the faculty hold doctoral degrees, and President Stahr frequently expresses the high national status the school has achieved through faculty publication, the 115 alumni who have become college presidents, and I.U. representation on national and foreign government advisory missions — not forgetting the number of students who bring recognition each year for the outstanding quality of their work and their school.

An honors degree at graduation represents two, perhaps four, years of independent study and intensive seminars, of study not normally available in classwork. Now open to outstanding students in almost every department of Arts and Sciences and Education, the program usually culminates in special advanced courses or tutorial reading in preparation for an independent project. This independence and a year's close study under one professor are the rewards and advantages of the special degree, and the effort in one field brings an education worth the often rugged pace of a self-directed program. But there is also fun and informality when ten honors students meet for seminar discussion. Like several professors, Gates Agnew, English, invites his Shakespeare seminar into his home one evening a week, and refreshments become part of the class's pattern ( left ). Of the forty-nine Arts and Sciences honors graduates last year, all but five continued in graduate work in schools all over the country and abroad. Their grade averages, the majority above 3.5, win them scholarships and graduate fellowships for achievement and ambition. The idea of honor-level courses has now been extended to special class sections for underclassmen and the humanities core open to freshmen on the Junior Division's superior student list. The University's honors program also offer foreign study opportunities in Europe and Latin American and, co-ordinated by Dean Warner 0. Chapman, have become one of the most extensive in the country.



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11 1111111111111111 Business Named a "pacesetter" in international affairs by a national education study, the School of Business has used several Ford Foundation grants to build its leadership in international business research and programs in East Pakistan, Thailand, and Yugoslavia. Dean George Pinnell ( at left in picture ) expresses the single aim of the school as providing the finest education for business administration through "fresh, vigorous, and sound academic and executive programs." Last fall's reorganization plan applied a management concept to the traditional departmental structure, creating a new administration which will make possible a variety of teaching and research programs by drawing on resources from all departments. The future-oriented plans, especially in the masters and doctoral programs, stress technological advancements, social changes, and decision-making techniques which will be useful when present ideas become obsolete. The reorganization was begun this year so that it would be operating smoothly when the new building ( right) opens in late summer or fall. All 2200 business undergraduates can be seated in the classroom wing at one time, and the new library will he five times as large as the one in B & E. The glasswalled top floor will become a center for management education for practicing business executives here and from the state and nation.


There they are. The little children. See them run and pinch and scream, hear them call me Mrs. when I'm not. Watch their morning ( and mine ) make four years of lesson plans and educational psychology become awfully real. Senior student teaching ends a pre-professional training program that expands and improves as swiftly as the research in learning itself. I.U. School of Education graduates and students from the other schools holding education certificates are sought by school systems all over the country. Methods courses and psychology change each year, reflecting the school's modern approach and experimental atmosphere. A great deal of this experimentation is done at the University School where many student teachers from I.U. train. Education also offers an extensive graduate program including the growing field of student counseling and guid= ance, and library science. The INSITE and Honors Programs are part of the school's recent attempts to build the quality of training. Dr. David L. Clark of Ohio State University will replace Acting Dean Philip Peak on October 1.

Education 48




It's not all swimming and basketball and "beanbag" in HPER, where the students take over half their work in the College of Arts and Sciences and Dean Arthur S. Daniels emphasizes the theoretical side of health, education, and safety. A great deal of a HPER major's class time is spent in laboratories — anatomy-physiology, measurements and evaluation of physical condition and ability, psychology and of sports and motor learning, and arts and crafts. Training is put to the test in student teaching, in which the school co-operates with Education in meeting state requirements. Health, safety, and first aid courses show the increasing importance of this field in public schools and metropolitan health programs. The Safety Center and experimental physiology labs are a developing area in the school's overall academic expansion. Recreation is another new area of study and professional employment, both in city programs and private concerns. The placement of several HPER graduates into these new fields has become a reason for pride in the school's extensive offerings. Varsity sports, campus-wide intramurals and sports clubs make available the school's facilities to all students and even the faculty of "Pickwick Papers" variety.

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 53



Medicine The sprawling Medical Center at Indianapolis with its complex of hospitals and student housing attests to the intensive years of training a future doctor must receive. Classroom work and repeated experiments go alongside actual experience with patients in the hospital wards. The intern quickly learns from his long hours on duty how demanding the profession can be — records and conferences to check every step, responsibility for judging the treatment of a serious illness, the emotional strain of reassuring a patient's relative. Because medicine is one of



the most subjective, and most subjectively judged, of professions, its members demand of themselves perfection and fatiguing dedication. One of the largest medical schools in the country, the I.U. Center has 2000 patient beds within a five-block area. The School of Medicine admits 215 students each year, with several enrolled in Bloomington for education work combined with their degree. Phase One of a $20 million building program, a new teaching hospital for 700 patients will be completed in 1967. It will replace Long and Coleman hospitals, which hopefully will be converted to adult outpatient clinics. In the next few years the Center will become the core of a Purdue-I.U. mall of education facilities.

One of the most competitive and highly-rated schools in the country, Nursing at the Indianapolis Medical Center has grown with the rest of the campus in programs and size. Specialization in several fields is possible after one year in Bloomington or a regional campus and three years at the Med Center. Training comes in wards and clinics of the five hospitals alongside the medical students. An associate of arts degree program in nursing also was started this year at the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis regional campuses in co-operation with local hospitals. Responsibility comes to a student nurse even before capping — she has classwork, laboratories, and each semester an increasing number of hours of work with patients. Many of the nurses work in doctors' offices and hospitals on weekends and summer vacations. And after long days in uniform, racing from hospital to lecture, they return to Ball Residence, a warm house-style dormitory with faculty offices and the intramural basketball court in the middle.



Dentistry and Dental Hygiene


Patients from all over the state make more than 50,000 visits a year to I.U.'s dental clinics at Indianapolis. They are accepted upon the teaching value of the case. About 500 students, undergrad, graduate, and dental hygienists gain practical experience in the school's growing facilities. Graduate study specializes in fields inchiding surgery and orthodontics. With the dental students work the women in Allied Health's dental hygiene program. The Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne campus also offers credit toward the four-year degree which places the hygienist in an important role on the health team. Training in education and administration leads to a special degree in Public Health Hygiene. In the near future the School of Dentistry hopes to add dental assistant and technician courses to its curriculum, since it is the sole answer to the state's dental education demands.

Allied Health Sciences Created as a division of the School of Medicine in 1959, Allied Health has swiftly become an important part of the service professions in training at the Med Center. In addition to dental hygiene and occupation and physical therapy, the Allied Sciences include four-year degree programs in medical records and techology, public health education and administration, X-ray, and cytology. Professionals in these fields are relieving the burden on doctors, community medical clinics, and hospitals. This year the University approved a two-year associate of arts degree in inhalation therapy, and the allied sciences have become an important development at the regional campuses. Students entering the highly competitive division spend one to three years in Bloomington and gain their final professional training in the Center's clinics and other Indianapolis hospitals.



Occupational and Physical Therapy Between their blue and white practical uniforms and the plaster leg-casts they carry across campus, it is not difficult to spot women in occupational and physical therapy. Before their final year of supervised training in the children's clinics and campus rehabilitation centers, OT and PT students practice techniques on each other. Daily they try to imagine themselves unable to walk, handle objects, use injured muscles, or return to a former profession. Modern medicine recognizes therapy as an important final step in a patient's recovery, and the Allied Science students practice with a sense of the slowly-gained reward successful service will bring.


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Optometry You see, I.U. has this Division of Optometry, you see, and that's the whole point. The school, one of ten in the country and the only one in Indiana, tries to keep you seeing by offering low cost services to students through the optometry clinic. In their final year future optometrists gain experience through on-the-job training in the clinic. The division is also one of the world's most important centers for vision research and operates the largest physiological optics program in the world. Students can specialize in such fields as industrial optometry, contact lenses, and orthoptics and visual training. Besides offering the B.S. or A.B. and O.D. degrees in the regular six-year program, the division presently has 20 graduate optometrists working toward advanced degrees. Enrollment in the entering class next year will increase from the present 30 to 40, and Director Henry W. Hofstetter hopes to admit 55 by 1967. This expansion is based on the completion of a new building in September, 1967, which will bring together the clinic, teaching and research laboratories, offices, and a new branch of the University library.



Law Behind those piles of four-inch volumes there is often a law student — but he sometimes leaves criminal offenses and admiralty, dones his derby, and struts forth to do battle for the honor of his School. The Meds were shut out this year, but rumors that they won't be dragging back next Homecoming are totally unfounded. Students with a variety of undergraduate backgrounds now enter the Bloomington and Indianapolis divisions of the Law School. The two-year-old comparative law course is one of several preparing students for complex modern legal problems, especially those posed by intercountry business transactions. In preparing to enter business, administration, and private or firm practice, the Indianapolis Division students use one of the finest libraries in the country in an exclusively evening program. At Bloomington the legal techniques program and the Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition ( left, above) each spring provide fun, practice, and an opportunity to deflate colleagues. Another valuable tool for future practice, the student-edited Indiana Law Journal publishes articles of student work. Under Dean Leon H. Wallace (left, below ), the Law School offers an active placement program and advanced degrees. In August William B. Harvey from the University of Michigan will become the new dean. Dr. Wallace, head since 1952 and builder of the school to ninth largest in the United States, will continue as holder of the Charles McGuffey Hepburn Chair created last year in memory of an earlier dean.


Music First-night tension anad a demanding professional atmosphere build up almost every night of the year in some area of the Music School. Performance and production by both students and faculty culminate lessons, practice, and theory classes. Creation becomes as much a part of demonstrating skill as juries. Programs almost every weekend, which support in large part the school's operation, provide experience Dean Wilfred C. Bain says students could never get anywhere else in the world. The School's orchestras, hands, and vocal groups, especially Philharmonic and the Belles of Indiana, annually go on tour from eastern cities to St. Louis. The Jazz Band took time out for a State Department-sponsored trip to the Far East. And hack at Bloomington, the departments of voice, instrumental, opera, ballet, and scenic design combine to venture into musicals and outdoor opera. Last summer and this year they produced Carmen, the Merry Widow, Macbeth, Carmelites, Rosenkavalier, and An Evening of Ballet. Since former President Wells brought Dean Bain to I.U. in 1948, he has built the performing arts facilities and success into a proving ground and cultural center for the state.


Behind the performances and recitals stretch endless hours of practice and lessons. The Music School is unique in the close relationship between faculty and students who study, practice, and perform side by side. Despite that old truism that music students come alive only on weekends, they do have theory tests to discuss, vocalizers in the tape library to endure, and fraternity in the small practice rooms. And besides, they practice on weekends anyway. After four years of "gigs" with traveling professionals and local groups and Phil tours — on which an outsider would think the high point was not the performance but the filet mignon served at one dinner — many of I.U.'s musicians enter teaching or continue graduate study with the "masters" the school's reputation has attracted.


Miss Paula Branstetter




Miss Janelle James 78



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Miss Susan Sheehan




"The World's Greatest College Weekend" opened up on Friday afternoon and went full blast for at least two days thereafter. As usual, everything was bigger and better than ever. The Golf Jamboree, club-swinging mayhem for post-grads, brought pro Jimmy Demaret out to the course for a clinic. That night was the Mini, the weaker sex's version of the big race. They rode tricycles, but it wasn't child's play. The Mini parade took longer to pass any given bleacher seat than the year previous but brought with it a new crop of winners. Delta Zeta's "Dial M for Mini" took top honors. Chi Omega won second place for its "Mini Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," and third place went to Clark House for its "Frankenstein's Mini Monster."

Little 500

It was Mini Night at the Movies, and the whole thing went off right on schedule. The Gamma Phi Beta team was the big winner for the second year in a row. That's Diane Krieger, Sandy Shuster, Kathy Esser, and Becky Bringle with President Stahr and their trophies.


Then the Kingsmen, the singers of "Louie," and "Jolly Green Giant," played for the Extravaganza. Starting with a band and an empty parking lot, it was like five acres of Instant People. That's the middle third of the crowd at right.


The race itself was the biggest and best of all. 24,600 screaming partisans jammed the stands in Memorial Stadium to cheer the 33 teams, while the IBM machines in the press box tried to keep up with who was in first place.


The Phi Gamma Delta team led the pack from lap 175 on to finish almost a lap ahead of second-place SAE and set a record of 21.85 m.p.h. for the 50 miles. Co-ed sponsor Alpha Chi Omegas were happy about the whole thing. That's Jerry Bradley on the left above, then Alan Abbott, John Konowitz, Pete CaJacob around behind, and Steve Powell and Don Gossom on the right flank. At left, Pete CaJacob puckers for his victory kiss from Sweetheart Donna Loren with Student Foundation VicePresident Susie Crouch, President Peter Shuler and I.U.'s President Stahr chaperoning.


The weekend's grand finale, the Variety Show, brought the Fastest Wit in the West, Bob Hope, back for a return engagement. Little 500 Princess Donna Loren (below) belted out "Bill Bailey," and other tender ballads, and the Brothers Four broke up the house with their song about "Beans," which, after you been having steak for a long time, taste just fine. The Singing Hoosiers, a troupe of student dancers, and Al Cobine's big band held the stage, too.

Graduation Group by group, a school at a time, they stand, change their tassels over. 6600 former boressers are now 1965 graduates of Indiana University. Predictably, the Med School had to have some release for all that long-repressed tension ( left ). Dr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of Notre Dame, delivered the Baccalaureate address, and I.U. honored two of its own and one adopted son with honorary Doctor of Law degrees — Charles Halleck, who graduated from the School of Law and served for many years as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Nicholas J. Eastman, a graduate of the School of Medicine and one of the country's foremost obstetricians, and David E. Lilienthal, the "adopted" Hoosier who graduated from DePauw and served as the first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.


Carmen The story of "Carmen," a drama of enormous vitality, full of color and violence, and founded upon Prosper Merimee's brilliant romance depicting Spanish gypsy and peasant life, came to Memorial Stadium last July for a five-night stand. The brilliantly spectacular version of George Bizet's "Carmen" was the I.U. Opera Theatre's third big outdoor production in as many summers. It featured a cast of 200 with supernumeraries and a large orchestra group. A troop of live horses added color and beauty to the exciting production. Once again Prof. Mario Cristini, with great ingenuity, designed and planned a magnificent staging for the four-act opera. Elizabeth Mannion, with a wealth of experience in operatic performance came to the Opera Theatre and portrayed the heroine's role of Carmen. Richard Knoll, assistant professor of voice, sang Jose. A new faculty member in the School of Music, Marian Krajewska, performed as Micaela.


For miles around the calliope concert is heard, announcing that the show is about to begin. For four nights a week last summer, I.U. theatre students on the Showboat Majestic donned costumes, painted on new faces, and performed vintage American theatre like "A Night in Chinatown." Permanently moored now at Jeffersonville, the 43-year-old cream and crimson paddle wheeler provides a unique and exciting summer experience for many theatre students. Living aboard the Majestic, the students not only perform, but are responsible for many other duties. Besides memorizing lines and studying assignments, these enthusiastic, versatile, and rugged actors sell tickets and popcorn and scrub decks.



Showboat Majestic

Brown County Playhouse Theatre goes informal in the Brown County Playhouse, one of the state's oldest summer theatres. Truly a "straw-hat theatre," the openair playhouse in a barn has become a well-known center of lively summer entertainment. Situated in the middle of tiny but scenic Nashville, just 20 miles east of campus, the Brown County Playhouse is a workshop for I.U. Theatre students and a welcome retreat for sunburned, overworked Summer School students and faculty. The 1965 summer stock students had full days of rehearsals and busy preparation for productions that were given four nights a week. The performers were also responsible for lighting, make-up, ushering, cleanup, and the myriad of duties connected with running a successful summer theatre.

Activities Round-up Forced indoors for the first time by the advent of the Computer Age at I.U., the old Activities Night became four, and the famous tent outside the west entrance of the Old Fieldhouse folded for good. With crowds no longer funneled from registration, the Fair's 50 participating groups had trouble enticing upperclassmen to the displays in Alumni Hall and the North Lounge of the Union. February's program turned out to be the more novel of the two this year, as Fair co-ordinators cashed in on the Batman craze with a life-size cut-out of the daring defender. It was later given as a door prize at the "Bat-Blast." Fair displays ranged from an electronic question-and-answer machine on the Islamic religion to a booth urging persons to join the newlyformed W.E.B. DuBois Club. Student government, including Great Issues and the I.U. Forum, also had booths in Alumni Hall for the first time this year.


avA i\ t‘


\‘‘,0\v ҟ



Fall Social Calendar One. Two. One, two, three, four. Hattie told Matty about a thing she saw. It had two big eyes, and onebig jaw. Woolly Bully-y-y. . . Posters sprouted from every tree and fraternity pledge in sight. Everybody was holding an outdoor dance the big two weeks before the work started to pile up. The Lambda Chi Lawn Party, the Sigma Chi Melon Mess, the Delts' Street dance. The AEPi's and AEPhi's threw The Cob again, with corn on the cob and the Fugitives. The young lovely on the right, to judge from her expression, either suffered acute indigestion from the combination or enjoyed herself quite a great deal. It is hard to tell.


The Sig Eps had the Crum. The Grum had a camel. The chick at right had doubts. The Cob had the Betas. The Betas had fun. It was evidently not all the Betas had had.

The Sigma Chi's Melon Mess is a hallowed tradition. Part of that hallowed tradition is for the sororities to send the comely young things in their pledge classes over to pass around the melon. The whole thing rapidly becomes a brawl anyway, what with trying to dance while kneedeep in watermelon rind, but this year's got further out of hand than is customary. Those exhuberant young men, the Sigma Chi pledges, once the melon started to run low, started to look around for something else to fill the cooling tubs. The obvious answer: sorority pledges. Cool.

Marching Hundred "If you don't do these right, we're going to be here all night," yelled drum major Bob Myers to begin each day's exercises for the 150 members of the Marching 100, attired in scrufties and "ready, ready" to march. Out in the "Dust Bowl," better know as Memorial Stadium, the band practiced daily for Hoosier football games to such proddings as "Play it right and we'll be out of here by at least 4:30" and "Once more through for continuity's sake!" by director Dr. Ronald Gregory. The Marching 100 had a few of their own sayings, too, with pre-game favorite "Moo, Moo, Purdue" and "Oolitic, Oolitic, here's one for Mother!" This spirit marched on the field in patterns ranging from elephants and donkeys to law scales and dollar signs, often accompanied by the card section. Everything from "Rank of the Week" contests, usually won by the drums or trumpets, to clashes with flying soccer balls from neighboring Woodlawn Field sparked afternoon sessions. Brightening the season was a trip to the Hoosier-Illinois clash at Champagne, another to the Vincennes Band Festival ( and subsequent clash with its junior high football coach), and a similar trip to Jasper. But aside from this and the Homecoming parade, the Marching 100 confined their marching to the "Dust Bowl" and New Stadium and left Thursday practices with "No matter if it's rain, or shine, or national disaster, we're going to practice on Friday" ringing in their ears.



* 41',.♦• *'



It could be said that the success of this year's Homecoming weekend was due to the 21-17 victory over Iowa. But it was more than that. The Student Body's enthusiasm seemed warmer and more spirited than any Homecoming that even the alumni could remember. The crowning of the the 1965 Homecoming Queen, Suzi Harrison, ( left) was like the frosting to the great weekend. Suzi, a freshman from Dunkirk, Indiana, sparkled with surprise and delight as she captured the crown. Exhuberantly Suzi wished the fotball team a great success. Homecoming, pre-game activities began with the parade and float display, bringing more than 6,000 students to the old stadium for the pep rally. Awarded top honors in the Homecoming parade were Willkie-Campbell House and Tau Kappa Epsilon-Clark House. Then the "Uncalled Four" performed for the students before cheerleaders, aided by an alumnus, took pompons in hand to lead the Student Body in a spirited "Go Go Hoosiers." The Freshmen Class added a new

Homecoming tradition, the lighting of four symbolic torches, to the Homecoming festivities. Pictured above ( from right to left) President Stahr, Chancellor Wells, Dr. Joseph Black, and Coach Pont lit the torches signifying academic excellence, recognition of the past, the future, and recognition of athletics at I.U., respectively. After the pep rally, the Fugitives led the crowd to the new fieldhouse for Sigma Delta Chi "Blanket Hop." The attraction of the Playmates at the SDX affair was received with general indifference and disappointment by a majority of the campus. On the left, Joel McNally, president of the SDX, escorts one of the "bunnies" to the program. The Playmates just weren't as great as was expected.


Pop Concerts How many empty seats? Not many. In fact, usually there wasn't a seat available at any price two weeks before a Pop Concert. The Ramsey Lewis Trio (right) pleased their audience with a variety of tunes, from their funky driving blues, the wildly popular "The In Crowd," to the quiet "Love Theme from Spartacus." Pianist Lewis wasn't alone in the spotlight. Bassist Eldee Young's flamenco solo — played on cello was an ear opener. Drummer Isaac "Red" Holt's 20 minutes alone on the stage were nigh unbelievable. Great talent and a far-out sense of humor combined to turn two tamborines into a comment on human foibles. The Dave Brubeck Quartet, easily the most popular aggregation in jazz, filled the Auditorium twice with we'ek-enders ready for the group's renderings of sounds ranging from the wellknown and great "Take Five" to the brand-new and great "Rude Old Man." Great.


Possibly because most of the Serendipity Singers are recent college graduates, they seemed very much at home playing to their post-football game audience. Their clean, crisp style is one of the best examples of a wave of folk-oriented groups. Serendipity means a faculty for meeting fortituous happenings. Their evening was one. Jack Jones, one of the more popular ballad singers, brought with him the Swingle Singers, a French group that performs Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms with the throat instead of the keyboard. Woody Allen ( left) came and conquered with simple stories about his past, which, if you believed him, was definitely not normal. Like the time he was a method actor and cast as God. With him came the Highwaymen, the folk group for people who like to laugh. Peter, Paul, and Mary. "The greatest", said the Daily Student Review. True. And more than that. They seemed to enjoy I.U. almost as much as I.U. enjoyed them. They did a show Friday night and one Saturday ( above) and between times turned up at diverse places like Foster Quad, the Pizzaria, the Stadium.




President's Ball Entering the simile of an underwater ship, several hundred couples danced to the "big band" sound of Si Zentner and his orchestra amidst the splendor of "Magnificentia Maris" ( translated "Magnificence of the Sea") at the President's Ball, Dec. 3. At this formal dance in their honor, President and Mrs. Elvis J. Stahr greeted guests in a receiving line in the Solarium, while others danced among painted seahorses, tropical fish, turtles, snails, and other sea creatures along the walls of Alumni Hall. A huge fish net hung low over the floor for a dropped-ceiling effect and phosphorescent "black" lighting flickered and danced on the sea creatures for an eerie underwater aura. Mr. Zentner and his 17-piece orchestra varied the evening with tunes ranging from "A Hard Day's Night" to "In a Little Spanish Town". Masterminding the annual affair were Jan Fitzpatrick, Union Board chairman of the Ball, and Cheryl Ranz, general chairman, who supervised the painting and hammering of scenery, the ticket sales, and the arrangements for the band, cookies, and punch. Finally, elbow-deep in glue, the decorating committee put the sea creatures afloat in the fish nets and hauled the finishing touches up from the "Union Board cage" to complete their underwater fantasia.

Enthralling his audiences with his tremendous interpretations of comic and tragic aspects of human existence, Marcel Marceau brought his pantomime artistry to the Celebrity Series' ninth season. This artistry was obvious as Marceau touched upon life and death, created howling winds, flirted with a girl in a dance hall, and climbed an unending stairway. Whether Marceau was scowling or gleaming, he captured the invisible emotions of human beings. "Bare feet" posters plastered around campus brought a huge crowd to watch "Barefoot in the Park," a new comedy and Broadway hit by Neil Simon that opened the Celebrity Series. Pat O'Brien and Elaine Stritch starred in Frank Gilroy's "The Subject Was Roses," a sentimental sensation brought here on St. Valentine's Day. "The Absence of a Cello" replaced "Funny Girl" in the Series this season. In it, Hans Conreid marvelously portrayed a noted scientist. The 1965-66 Auditorium Series began in October with a spectacular production by the Royal Danish Ballet Company and a concert by the world-famous Netherlands Chamber Orchestra. One of the world's finest violinists, David Oistrakh, inspired the audience when he appeared with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. Audiences eagerly greeted each attraction dur-

ingthe first semester. Near-capacity or sold-out crowds filled the Auditorium for each performance. Early arrivals for the second semester were entertained by the impressive Krakow Choir and Orchestra Feb. 6. The following week saw the return of one of the Auditorium Series' most faithful and most popular attractions, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Under the direction of Izler Solomon, the concert featured pianist Eugene Istomin as soloist. The beautiful Brazilian pianist, Guiomar Novaes, displayed the exceptional talent which won her the chance to study in France under such a master as Claude Debussy. The brilliant and promising young operatic soprano, Mary Costa, charmed and delighted the audience as much with her personal warmth and stage presence as with her vocal talent. In April, for the 25th anniversary of the Auditorium, the Metropolitan National Touring Company brought "Cinderella" and "Madame Butterfly" to the campus as part of a special weekend of celebration. The I.U. School of Music added a special performance of "Der Rosenkavalier" to the anniversary festivities, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra presented two complete concerts.

Auditorium and Celebrity Series

University Theatre Three plays from the Brown County Playhouse and Showboat Majestic reappeared on the University Theatre stage in September, giving students a taste of summer stock. After "Hobson's Choice," "A Trip to Chinatown," and "Mistress of the Inn," the new fall season opened with "The Scoundrel," a Russian comedy about social climbing. This year marked the debut of the Indiana Theatre

Company ( ITC ), a touring repertory company of graduate students from across the country. The ITC took good theatre to towns in the Midwest which ordinarily have no way to house legitimate drama. The University Theatre continued to display undergraduate talent with Shakespeare's "Macbeth," and the first semester closed with only one vacant weekend in the theatre.

Sex, the irresistible subject, brought the year's largest crowds to the University Theatre for the opening play of the spring semester. "Lysistrata," the ancient story about the Athenian and Spartan women who refused their husbands until the men agreed to end the war, was so successful that an additional performance played before a capacity audience. Audiences continued to show appreciation for the theatrical offerings of the Department of Speech and Theatre during the rest of the year. The Indiana Theatre Company returned after "A Weekend of Repertory" with a stage adaptation by Paul Shyre of John Dos Passos' "U.S.A." The theatre department also presented "Awake and Sing," by Clifford Odets, and a children's play, "The King of the Golden River." The children's play, based on a short story by John Ruskin, was written by Dr. David S. Hawes, professor of speech and theatre. In addition to the University Theatre productions, several plays were performed in the experimental Theatre 300. Two plays by James De Felice, graduate student in speech and theatre, displayed not only the actors' ability, but also the exceptional talent of the playwright.


BACK ROW below: Randy Brecker, Larry Weisman, Chris Gallaher, Craig Andrews. MIDDLE: Brent McKesson, Bryan Martz, Andy McDonald, Art Moore, Don Harry. FRONT: Gary Campbell, Carl Atkins, Jerry Green, Pat Mancino, Whit Sidener. Director, Jerry Coker; piano, Gary Smart; drums, Stan Gage.

Jazz Ensemble I If music is the universal language, then jazz is its newest dialect. The members of the I.U. Jazz Ensemble are contemporary masters of jazz's interpretive improvisations. Writing as well as performing the art, the group and its members have won awards at the National Collegiate Jazz Festival and the Notre Dame Jazz Festival in recent years. As a result of their superlative showing at last year's Notre Dame festival, the 18-member group and Director Jerry Coker, instructor in the School of Music, were chosen by the U.S. State Department to make a goodwill tour of the nations of the Near East. Visiting 12 countries in 15 weeks during the second semester, the jazzmen drew enthusiastic crowds in performance after command performance. They succeeded not only as musicians but also as collegiate statesmen.

Convocations A big university offers its students many opportunities not afforded to students at smaller colleges. In the area of convocations this especially holds true. It's not exception at IU. IU students again were afforded the opportunity to hear some of the big names from the nonacademic world. Top attractions this last year were former Vice-President Richard M. Nixon ( right ); former Ambassador to South Viet Nam, Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor ( above ); and the director of the Selective Service System, Gen. Lewis B. Hershey. The IU Auditorium was filled to capacity on all three occasions. 126ҟ

These three men didn't comprise the only convocations, however. The fine arts also were in evidence at the convos. Kenneth Rexroth presented a lecture on "The Arts in the Age of Anxiety." "La Contrascarpe," "Coach with the Six Insides," and "The Trojan Women" were theatre performances to broaden the scope of the convocations. Film lectures included a look at Australia, the Blue Danube, and scenic Finland. Sir Bernard Lovell spoke on the "Exploration of Outer Space," while Virgil Peterson discussed the question of gambling legalization. Reed F. Dickerson, a law professor, spent a great deal of time contacting people for the series to make it successful. Overall, the convocations this past year were among the best in recent years.

Parsifal This year marked the eighteenth production of Wagner's "Parsifal" by the School of Music. The dramatic allegory of Christianity is an annual event at Eastertime. The five-hour epic opera (not including a two-hour intermission for dinner) attracted a near-capacity audience to the Auditorium. Rex Eikum sang the role of Parsifal ( at right with the flower maidens).


Dear Santa, I am an I.U. student, and I am writing to congratulate you on helping to make Christmas Eve on Campus a night that really snowed us. What I liked best was the "Toyland" Dance at Alumni Hall. It was just like I imagine the North Pole to be. You know, with all the toy soldiers, clowns, blocks, and stuffed dolls. I thought the Student Body made a good choice in Lana Messick for 1966 Arbutus Queen. She even got a kiss from President Stahr. But J didn't do so badly. I got a candy cane from one of the six elves that were your little helpers. It was a great publicity stunt for the elves to come to all the fraternities and sororities to announce the festivities. That's probably why attendance was so good this year.

It's too bad that you missed the singing at the Auditorium. Dr. George F. Krueger and Dr. Roland D. Gregory directed Music School students in a choral program of Christmas carols. The Singing Hoosiers were there and sang carols with all of us in the audience. Then we all went over to President Stahr's house and serenaded him. The Union Board presented him with the traditional wreath. Judy Cutright, chairman of the affair, and her Steering Committee must have really worked hard on all the plans for Christmas Eve on Campus. The whole campus was filled with the atmosphere of Christmas Eve. Well, Santa, I had better stop if I expect this to make it to the North Pole with the next load of sleighmail. We're hoping to see you next yeat. P.S. I knew you were Chancellor Wells all the time.

Christmas Eve on Campus


International Week Had it not been for a University regulation prohibiting camels in Alumni Hall and the Solarium, the bustling international market which climaxed International Week would have resembled the Baghdad Festival of 1000 Nights even more than it did. Often called "the home of the foreign student," once again played host to "One World" activities as 85 different nationality groups sold imported wares, haggled with customers, prepared foreign taste treats, displayed art works, and presented shows in native costumes. While each group competed to draw people to their individual pavilions, they cooperated in creating an atmosphere which is unique on the American college campus. It was virtually the students' opportunity for a trip around the world. The jamboree on Friday, Nov. 7, was not the only activity of the International Affairs Center's International Committee affair, however. The week was crowded with foreign culture supplied by many of I.U.'s 850 foreign students and their respective embassies. President Elvis J. Stahr moderated two days of panel discussions with faculty members of various fields of foreign concentration, American ambassadors, and foreign visitors such as the Second Secretary of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Faui. The Solarium was the scene for three days of exhibits covering various facets of foreign culture. Such noted speakers as Ambassador Cotton of Kuwait presented talks on foreign affairs. And Sunday all participants were honored at the International Banquet sponsored by the Cosmopolitan Club. They were entertained by the best groups from Friday night's song and dance shows.

LUNA "Mr. Secretary, we consider this resolution an act of war by the United Nations on the Republic of South Africa," said the South African delegates as they stormed out of Alumni Hall during the Little United Nations Assembly in March. During the commotion two delegates from Communist Poland defected to the United States. Tempers grew short as representatives of 85 nations voted on the admission of Communist China to the United Nations. Delegates waived their nation's nameplates as they frantically tried to gain the attention of the president, the ever-resourceful Dr. Richard Crabbs of the Department of Government. Occassionally, the cards were upside down, but the fate of the world was at stake. LUNA is a project of the Department of Government at I.U. Its purpose is to give I.U. students as well as students from 25 other colleges and universities a first hand experience of how the United Nations functions. Bob Kinkle, a senior, was the secretary-general of LUNA. A total of one hundred student's from I.U. participated in the event. They debated subjects from birth control to nuclear war to sea weeds.

Great Issues Even to the dispassionate observer, the 196566 Great Issues Forum was a success. At the first forum attendance was high, debate was lively and the bills were well researched. The second forum, in the spring, found attendance at a low, debate questionable, and the hills and resolutions barely passed. But, to Minority Leader Bob Turner, it was more than a successful first forum. It was a victory. His spit-fire politicizing blended 32 Republicans and several conservative Democrats, resulting in a defeat of Majority Leader Craig Klugman's top priority bill, the repeal of 14( b ) of the Taft-Hartley Act. However, the liberals were not completely thwarted despite Klugman's stumbling oratory; the immigration bill passed handily as did a liberal civil rights bill which drew Republican support. The liberals took advantage of the small attendance on both sides of the second forum. The forum defeated a conservative-sponsored resolution calling for the Forum's support of "U.S. policy in Viet Nam." It took three roll-call votes before Forum Speaker Steve Killworth broke a 28-28 deadlock, by voting against it. The liberals, getting small but crucial support from the Republicans, also amended Minority Leader Bob Turner's bill which would have postponed the spending of war-on-poverty funds a year. Toward the end of the forum, the conservatives introduced a resolution which called for a US foreign policy that would follow a goal of victory over communism. Majority Leader, Craig Klugman, ( left ) engineered a voice vote that passed the resolution unanimously, stopping the possibility of a Democratic split. Points of order, "The South Shall Rise Again . . . in 2243," and other such happenings provided a broad-minded Great Issues that even spanked the Regulator for raising its beer prices a nickel. The Great Issues Forum was by no means a totally dry academic version of the U.S. Senate; a featured attraction this year was Representative Melvin Laird, minority whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, brought to I.U. by the Forum.


Quiz Bowl


The women of Town 2, an off-campus team, and the men of Jenkinson 3, Foster Quad, battled to the final whistle for the championship of the 1966 Campus Quiz Bowl, with the women staging a comefrom-behind victory for the trophy and a $150 cash prize. Jenkinson 3, led by captain Andy Sum, appeared to have the decision iced away with a 220-165 lead with only two minutes left to play. But from that point on, captain Elaine Arment ( tensing up in the sequence above ) and her rallying teammates did all the scoring. Town 2's Barbara Beeler correctly answered two toss-up questions in the final minute to tie the score at 215-215, setting the stage for the heart-throbbing climax. Miss Arment came through with the correct answer to a five-point bonus question with only five seconds showing on the scoreboard clock to clinch the championship for her team, 220-215. Dodds House of Wright Quad won third place consolation honors over Phi Sigma Kappa, 290-70.

Martin 3 enkinson 3 Jenkinson 3 Jenkinson 3 Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa Briscoe Ouad Town 2 Town 2 Town 2 Thompson 4 Town 2 Dodds House Dodds House Willkie Men's Co-op

0 -I.

I. U. Sing After the last act on Saturday night Lorna Dallas sang while ,the judges deliberated. She finished before they did. Finally the big announcement came. "The winner of the 1966 overall trophy is Briscoe Quadrangle." It was a night for the independents — the overall trophy and three of the five first place division awards went to residence hall groups. Briscoe's first place production number, "What a Revoltin' Development This Is" ( at right and below ) protested women's hours, car restrictions, and other campus controversies. Two other independent victors, Lowe House sang "Do You Fear the Wind?" to take the Men's Choral Division trophy ( left below ), and Mason Hall lamented their lot as "Guyless Dolls" to come out on top in the Small Groups Division ( left ).

Perhaps the only Auditorium presentation with a cast of hundreds, the I.U. Sing is sponsored by YWCA-YMCA. Work started for the 13 sororities, 16 fraternities, and 10 independent housing units entering the Sing right after Christmas. Work also started for co-chairmen Michele Jamison and John Quick and their steering committee. Angela May and Jim Shein emceed the finished product. Acacia and Alpha Epsilon Phi (above) worked hard enough to win the mixed choral division as they mined the same vein worked by Briscoe Quad, singing "We Protest." The Rugby Club kicked Verdi around and came up with "Rugiletto" ( far left ) for third place honors in the Production category. Delta Delta Delta captured the Women's Choral Division trophy by asking the Audience to "Try to Remember" (left). Beta Theta Pi costumed the brothers beautifully for a period piece about AngloAmerican relations subtitled "What do You Do When the Tea Leaves?" ( right) for second place in Men's Choral.

fir Oar

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, 41,701=1:1 Ei


11 Administration and Extensions I

President Stahr The head of a large university fills a unique position of responsibility to the state's educational ideals and the growing concept of him as a leader in many fields. President Elvis J. Stahr jr., now in his fourth year at Indiana University, has continued the school's efforts to offer its advantages and opportunities statewide. At the request of Governor Branigin, he also led the state's campaign for location of federal projects within Indiana. Sessions with alumni, state officials, and Midwestern college representatives fill his schedule, designed to attract the talent and financial support necessary to building the stature of a school which already has many nationally-known departments and programs.

Board of Trustees

The highest administrative body of the University, the Board of Trustees gather from all over the state — Fort Wayne to Evansville — for monthly meetings to plan for the future of the school. They consider policy decisions affecting all the programs and activities in which I.U. is engaged, announce administrative promotions, and determine the budget for the coming year. This year their decisions concerned problems ranging from more housing to women's hours. Five of the eight-member board are appointed by the State Board of Education with the approval of the Governor, and three are elected by

Indiana alumni. Fenwick T. Reed, who has been secretary to the Board since 1951, announced his retirement effective next December. He will be replaced by Don Scherer, assicate registrar. Members of the Board are (seated) Mrs. Richard Inskeep, Fort Wayne; Vice-President Ray C. Thomas, Gary; President Frank E. McKinney, Indianapolis; (standing) Jesse E. Eschbach II, Fort Wayne; Donald C. Danielson, New Castle; Mr. Reed; John E. Early, Evansville; Howard S. Wilcox, Phoenix, Arizona; and Donald A. Rogers, Bloomington.



Still frequently seen riding around campus smiling and waving, Chancellor Herman B Well's first concern has remained with the student of I.U. His recognition as a leading educator and administrator brings him assignments which have included a Ford Foundation board, a delegate to the United Nations, and an educational consultantship to many universities in this country and abroad. But whenever possible, Chancellor Well's office remains open to the student seeking advice or just an opportunity to talk, an opportunity many feared would be lost after he retired as President in 1962. As part of building I.U., Dr. Wells has encouraged alumni interest and contributions to the I.U. Foundation. During his presidency of the Foundation, he established the coveted Herman B Wells Recognition Award given on Founder's Day each year.

Chancellor Wells


I.U.'s four Vice-Presidents work with President Stahr, the Faculty Council, the Board of Trustees, and the rest of the Administration in handling the academic and financial aspects of a school now ranked thirteenth in size in the country. The Vice-Presidents play key roles in the smooth operation of the University as it expands into all academic areas, offers a full-time curriculum year-round, and increases the facilities of the regional campuses. For example: Samuel E. Braden ( second from right ), Dean for Undergraduate Development, became a member this year of the Curriculum Co-ordinating Committee for I.U.-Purdue extension development. Lynne Merritt's ( right) new title, VicePresident for Research and Dean of Advanced Studies, reflects the rapid growth and stature of the graduate programs. Ray Heffner ( left) serves as Dean of Faculties, in charge of appointments and promotions, and Treasurer Joseph A. Franklin directs finances and building programs on the campus.


Alumni Office A large part of I.U.'s public relations program, the Alumni Office stimulates interest for the year's events among all those connected with the school. In the state high schools, the office arranges "recruit classes" for parents and students to talk with alumni. On campus the Alumni Office annually directs Homecoming, Founder's Day, and Commencement. Seniors have more direct contact with the office because Claude Rich ( at right, with Senior Class President Jim Kittle ), Alumni Association Secretary, is the Senior Class sponsor. And to tabulate the records and addresses of I.U.'s 162,000 living alumni, the office is now switching to a computer system. Also a columnist for the Indiana Alumni Magazine, Mr. Rich represents the University's needs at the State Legislature and offers legislators its facilities. He helps establish national and foreign alumni clubs which meet to hear about changes in the school from traveling faculty.

University Relations Although contact with students' hometown newspapers still is a major concern, the News Bureau serves as the source for the publicity and record of I.U.'s events. The University's role in the educational, cultural, and economic development of the state depend upon its public relations, directed by James R. Jordan ( center), assistant to the President. While he works with President Stahr on trips, speaking engagements, and official announcements for the University, Earl M. Hoff ( right) directs his correspondents and photographers ( Jerry Mitchell, left) in publicizing student achievements, new academic programs, coming entertainment, and faculty appointments. The film service of the Extension Division and projects of the Photo Lab also contribute to the Bureau's communication with the University's supporters.




Student Personnel Snowball fights may have to be registered seven days in advance, but the growing Division of Student Personnel advises with a good deal of professional training and study behind it. Student Personnel includes activities sponsors, the counseling center, the Dean of Students office, and reading and study skills clinics, and financial aids. Thinking of themselves more as "advisers," Jack Holder, Herb Smith, Neil Sanders, and Marge Coker ( above ), contribute ideas and enthusiasm to the major students groups. Dean of Students Robert Shaffer clears discipline cases, gives personal advice to student government workers, and encourages the Faculty Associate program by speaking to living units on controversial extra-curricular affairs. Under Dr. Elizabeth Greenleaf ( upper right) the dormitory counseling program and masters' study in personnel aim for an atmosphere and student government which promote leadership, responsibility, and fun with a purpose.

Through the rain and heat of Bloomington summers, more than 10,000 students take advantage of I.U.'s year-round education program through the three summer sessions. A great many of the diverse students, ranging from high school to postgraduate level, are adults who come from the teaching and business professions for higher degree work in the summer. They leave families behind to live in the dormitories with "youngsters," complaining only that it's difficult to study after so many years especially with those skateboards in the hall. Robert Richey, below, serves as director of the summer program which is the largest in the country and entered its seventy-seventh year in 1966. In addition to the eight-week session and the two-and-one-half-week intensive sessions, I.U. offers conferences, workshops, and institutes in such fields as higher education, Slavic languages, journalism, and police administration. The Junior Division provides special living units for high school collegiate credit students and incoming superior freshmen in Foundations for College.

Summer Sessions

Junior Division To offset the initial bewilderment at the Ballantine floor plan and the painful realization of what a 7:30 on the fourth floor of Lindley really means, Junior Division staff and programs help freshmen adjust to all problems of life on a Big Ten campus. The Division's 240 faculty advisers counsel some 5800 freshmen, giving them an opportunity for individual advice at least four times a year. Regional campus freshmen can also take advantage of Division representatives on each campus trained for special guidance situations. Headed by Dean John W. Snyder ( above, left), the Division is shifting its focus onto the high school student. The staff spends about three-quarters of its time working in high schools — sponsoring "College Days," guidance counselor conferences, and the Location of Talented Students Program for under-achievers. Orientation begins at home through the "Previews of I.U." Program, and in the future will be improved by a preregistration kit before the high school senior visits the campus for Summer Registration. Through the Collegiate Credit program and Foundations for College, directed by Assistant Dean Keith Hertweck ( at right in picture ), talented high-schoolers can get a headstart on college in closely-guided summer work.

Halls of Residence Mattresses in the bathtub, floor open houses, and notes sent down the conveyor belt spelling out in ketchup "This food is unbelievable" — it's all part of life in the I.U. dormitories. The Halls of Residence Administration is responsible for the large staffs running the towering living structures and the extensive counseling program for undergraduates. The halls now house more than 11,000 students, plus married and graduate facilities. Fairness and informality concerning living problems begin with Director George R. Olsen's "open-door" attitude toward helping students. The advisory boards now include student representatives, one of whom brought an Australian pork chop to a Dieticians' Meeting as evidence of a gripe. Imported chops are no longer served in the dining halls.


Student Health Service It has color, comfort, atmosphere — and the same old magazines — and if you weren't sick, the new Health Center would be one of the nicest places on campus to visit. But the nursing and medical staffs of the health service bear the gripes of disgruntled flu cases and students who want to be well by the time they descend the marble stairway, and the Center continues to improve its services each year. After months of jokes about the "haunted house" and the old center's sagging roof, the staff seemed even happier than the students to move into the modern Tenth Street building last fall. From the Danish modern waiting room for 100 students to a ferris wheel "Data Recovery" system, the Center's enlarged facilities are, says Director John Miller, M.D. (right ), the best to be found on any campus. Dr. Miller and the ten physicians on staff care for about 70% of the student body in a year.

Regional Campus Directors and Extension Division staff are ( seated ) Victor Bogle, Kokomo; Lester M. Wolfson, South Bend-Mishawaka; John E. Buhner, Northwest; Smith Higgins, Division Director; ( Standing ) Ralph E. Broyles, Fort Wayne; Samuel Braden, Vice-President and member of Curriculum Co-ordinating Committee; Virgil Hunt, Indianapolis; Edwin W. Crooks, Southeastern; Rufus Reiberg, Associate Dean of the Division.


Everything from I.D. Cards to 24-hour library service link the growing regional campuses to Bloomington. The University's eight campuses and co-operative centers with other state schools reach a record enrollment each year, this year with 15,200 credit students. The regional plan is Indiana's answer to the nationwide need for higher education that is convenient, less expensive, and available for the part-time student. Under Director Smith Higgins the extension program became a separate division of the Administration this year. Closer co-ordination in counseling and curriculum will help transfers to the main campus and improve the educational opportunities for those in terminal and adult programs. In 1967, at least two of the campuses will graduate their first students with four-year degrees. Through the centers the University hopes to share statewide the cultural and technological advantages of a large school. Major emphasis is placed on the role of community service education and local needs at each center. I.U. and Purdue jointly established a Trustees' Policy Council and a Co-ordinating Committee so that the schools' advancements and opportunity will complement each other.

Regional Campuses and Centers


Fort Wayne


The Indiana and Purdue staffs and students work jointly to serve the Fort Wayne community and educational demands of a student body which doubled this year. Administration, faculties, and courses are separate, but the state's "rivals" work together in extra-curricular activities — Purdue-Indiana Theatre (PIT ), the Modern Language Union, the University Singers, the Student-Exponent newspaper, and the Assembly. Director Ralph E. Broyles plans to add 30 full-time instructors to its faculty of 38, as the curriculum expands to junior courses in all areas, especially business and education. The Fort Wayne area soon will participate in the Cooperative Program for Teacher Education that will enable a graduate education student to take the beginning courses at the regional campus in a master's degree with any of the four state universities. The campus also hosts many civic and industrial groups and presents cultural attractions for the community in attempting to serve the area more completely and effectively.

Northwest The only state-supported liberal arts school in the northwest counties, Indiana University at Gary has changed dramatically to answer the area's needs. This year junior-level courses in English, psychology, history, education, and business were begun, and the first 4-year degrees will be awarded in June, 1967. Director John C. Buhner emphasizes the growth and importance of the liberal arts offering, including cooperative sciences courses with the Purdue regional campus. With more day classes, $2.5 million building plans, and increasing library services for the advanced courses, Gary attains more and more the standard aspects of the central campus. Dr. Gordon Patric and Dr. Max Putzel now serve as the Northwest administrators for special education programs and student services.

Indianapolis The oldest and largest of all the regional campuses, the Indianapolis Downtown Center is celebrating its 30 years of service to the city's unique education needs during the State Sesquicentennial. In 1968, the center's part of the $11 million building program at the Medical Center should open. University officials view this central location of I.U. and Purdue facilities as a step toward a center capable of handling 30,000 students and detracting emphasis from the Bloomington campus. The move will increase the Downtown Center's role in serving full-time and working undergraduate and graduate students, adult education community needs, and the liberal arts requirements for the Medical Center and the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union. Indianapolis will soon graduate students in fouryear degree programs, and next year begins a two-year nursing course in co-operation with Methodist Hospital. Enrollment has jumped to 4129 students who gather at all hours in the lounges and grill to discuss homework, jobs, and the problems of any student at a growing commuter school. Director Virgil Hunt speaks enthusiastically of the center's part in the inner city urban renewal projects and its expanded counseling service.



The Kokomo campus moved to its new $3 million plant last fall and celebrated it's dedication November 12. Bloomington and Kokomo school officials, as well as the I.U. Board of Trustees, were on hand to pay tribute to the entire University extension system which serves larger portions of the state every year. Four of the trustees are pictured here at the dedication ceremonies with Dr. Victor M. Bogle ( second from the right), director of the Kokomo campus. With the new building, Kokomo now has 15 full-time instructors and 1100 students. About

500 adults are enrolled in continuing education courses taught by specially-trained associate faculty. The campus also serves a 7-county area with the music and dramatic programs made possible by the new auditorium. Credit courses enroll 250 Air Force personnel in co-operation with Bunker Hill Air Base. In front of the building sits Robert E. Hamilton's sculpture, "Phoenix Rising from the Ashes." It has become a trademark for Kokomo and the modern, facilities to be found at almost all the University's centers.


Southeastern Conversation, homework, cards, and song converge at the hub of "SEC" campus activity, the student lounge. Because Southeastern is basically a commuter campus, activities are limited and the lounge offers an opportunity to meet friends, relax, and catch up on a little study between classes. In addition to the lounge, the campus offers a social fraternity, Alpha Delta Omega, and a social sorority, Phi Sigma Tau. The center will soon become a four-year college to serve the growing needs of its 1,400 credit students. Building will begin in 1967 on a campus to be located in New Albany.


"SEC" provides a general education base for students in the Kentuckiana area, serves the public through special education programs, and offers opportunity for graduate work. Its twentymember resident faculty and 11,000-volume library provide a close student-teacher relationship and facilities for an education of the highest quality. Last fall the campus program paused for the dedication ceremonies for a memorial honoring the late Byron Laird, former director of the center. A portrait of Dr. Laird was presented to the center by Alpha Delta Omega, and hung in the building's foyer. Edwin W. Crooks was named director this spring.

South Bend-Mishawaka The future goal of the regional campuses envisions centers the size and scope of Bloomington, sharing the University's opportunities statewide. Growing rapidly toward this goal, the South Bend center will be the first with Fort Wayne to offer bachelor's degrees in business and elementary education in 1967. The students put out their first yearbook, and, also like Bloomington, the University bought houses on the edge of campus for extra office space. As with several of the larger campuses, South Bend boasts large increases in faculty, students, facilities, and cultural offerings. Besides courses for 2500 students, the 34-member faculty conducts a large series of special interest programs in non-credit adult education. This year the second building of the new campus opened, providing more advantage to the entire region, which enjoys the lectures, drama, and music programs brought there by the University. The Baroque Chamber Players, Singing Hoosiers, and I.U. Theatre tour gave performances in addition to the speakers including Erskine Caldwell, Pierre Mendes-France, and Howard K. Smith.

Emphasizing guidance and adult education, the co-operative center with Vincennes University added an assistant director this year for these areas. Both undergraduates courses and a survey of adult education needs in the community concern director J. Howard Hill. The University's co-operatives use the library, student union, and technical facilities of the host school; Vincennes currently has an extensive building program. The I.U. upperclass and graduate courses supplement Vincennes' junior college offerings, to serve primarily the part-time working student. Enrollment in the center program is low, but extension philosophy is to meet demand as it increases.




Two additional faculty members and a fulltime counselor will join the staff at Richmond by next fall, as the center continues to meet posthigh school educational demands by both degree-bound students and adults part-time. Using the facilities of Earlham, it offers courses completing the first two years of degree requirements for most majors and many at the junior and senior level. Enrollment jumped 300% this year, and the University hopes to add a new building to the campus which would house administrative offices and classes for the Center.



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Sports -11


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Pont brought 'Win Now' philosophy to I.U. So what else is new? Indiana retained its title of "the best losing football team in the country." It wasn't easy, however. It took the Hoosiers a few games to get back to the point where they narrowly lost games after leading at the halftime intermission or three-quarter mark. Indiana had a new coach, effervescent John Pont, a refugee from the Ivy League. But even his eternal optimism and "Win Now" philosophy were not enough to help Indiana to more than a 2-8 record, the seventh losing season in a row for I.U. and the 17th non-winning campaign in the last 18. After an opening game victory over an impotent Kansas State team, Coach Pont quickly found out that Ivy League football is kid stuff compared to the Big Ten. The Hoosiers were put in orbit — right out of the I.U. Stadium by an underrated Northwestern ball club, 20-0. The only bright spot of the Sept. 25 game was that things


surely couldn't get worse. Unfortunately they did. The Hoosiers travelled to Texas the following weekend to play mighty Texas, the No. 1 team in the nation at the time. The Hoosiers put up a gallant effort, but once again I.U. was cast in the role of the reluctant victim. The Hoosiers might have pulled this one out of the fire, if it hadn't been for a mixup on a holding penalty by one of the referees on a fake punt and run by Bill Malinchak which cost the Hoosiers a net of 60 yards. But then the breaks aren't meant to go for a losing team and so I.U. came out on the short end of a 27-12 score. I.U. couldn't stand the prosperity of a wellplayed game and was thoroughly thumped the next two games. Minnesota's Gophers dug a hole for Indiana deep in the Hoosier half of the field and then watched with amusement as I.U. tried to get out. Meanwhile, the Gophers scampered their merry way to a 35-0 lead before John Gin-

ter chalked up three touchdowns to lend the game some resemblance of respectability at the end, 42-18. It was more of the same at Illinois, although the Hoosiers were only trailing 7-0 at the half. Things quickly changed in the third and fourth quarters, however, and the Illini had a comfortable 34-0 lead, before the Hoosiers got two last period touchdowns to make the final read 34-13. Hopefully things would get better. And they did. Well, almost I.U. was ahead of Washington State with no time left on the clock. Of course there is a slight catch to the situation. The Cougars had a play in progress as the time ran out and scored, Indiana 7, Washington State 6. As I.U. fans stood in stunned silence, WSU also completed a pass for two extra points and their third victory in as many tries over Big Ten opponents.

Homecoming just had to be a different story and thankfully it was. The Hoosiers took a 21-17 lead over Iowa and then hung on for a well-deserved 21-17 victory. It was a fired-up Hoosier squad that completely outplayed Ohio State in the first half at Columbus. But the Hoosiers only had a 10-7 lead to show for it. Again Indiana "almost won," losing 17-10. Going into Michigan State was like going from the Roman dungeons out to face the gladiators, which is about what the national champion Spartans were last fall. To make a long story short, Indiana had the proverbial third quarter lead, 13-10, only to lose 27-13. That brings the football season down to the year-end clash with Purdue. The scene was set perfectly — a warm Indian summer day with the I.U. Stadium filled to capacity for the first time. Purdue turned a short punt, an interception, and a fumble into a 20-0 lead at the first stop. After that miserable start, I.U. turned the tables completely with two second-period touchdowns on Stavroff-to-Malinchak pass plays, both of the sensational variety. The first was a 75yarder, the longest of the Big Ten season, and the second was a diving end zone catch after a duo of Purdue defenders had tipped the ball. The Hoosiers and the Purdues traded touchdowns in the third quarter, and I.U. seemed headed to a winning touchdown in the last period, advancing to the 12-yard line when a one in a million penalty was called on ball carrier Mike Krivoshia for elbowing, which stalled the drive. A long runback of a punt by Trent Walters put the ball on the Purdue 30 later in the quarter, but that drive fizzled and Purdue retained the Old Oaken Bucket.

The score: Lions - 58, Christians - 0 Terry Cole ( 48 left) goes crunching into the Iowa line only to receive an un-Homecoming-like welcome. Indiana's Rick Spickard ( above ) waits impatiently for a pass as a Kansas State defender dives in an attempt to stop the play.


VARSITY FOOTBALL — FIRST ROW: DickHaneline, Joe Tate, Bill Malinchak, Alan Myszewski, Ken Hollister, Randy Beisler, Ed Kalupa, Alan Voorhis, Bill Sullivan, Gil Frisbie, Moses Easley, Dave Mayoras, Dave Kornowa, John Byrne, Cal Wilson, Ken Kaczmarek, Brown Marks. SECOND ROW: John Ginter, John Durkott, Reggie Woods, Bill Hyden, Tom Gallagher, Gene Dahlin, Jim Barker, Lorenzo Ashley, Glenn Holubar, John Jones, Russ Diller, Trent Walters, Cordell Gill, Bill Hawkins, Mike Krivoshia, Jim McCaa, Bill Pettie. THIRD ROW: Frank Rishe, Ron Sexton, Jim Randall, Steve Blythe, Dave Greene, Mike Field, Jon Eickstead, Larry Olsen, Bill Perry, Jim Smith, Dave Kienlen, Gary Nichols, Gary Cassells, Doug Crusan, Dave Evans, Dan Bueter, Bill Couch. FOURTH ROW: Brian Koenig, Harold Mauro,

Coach Pont gives a few words of advice to star end Bill Malinchak, the greatest pass catcher in I.U.'s history.


Lee Robinson, Kevin Duffy, Toni Schuette, John Heaton, Kees Scarff, Rick Ishida, Frank Stavroff, Gary Tofil, Joe Sutor, Ray Terry, Bill Bergman, Gary Love, Joe Martin, Gerald Grecco. FIFTH ROW: Ron Bell, Mickey Parmelee, Bill Holder, Jim Cocanour, Bob Zoll, Dick Zoll, Bob VanPelt, Tom Lahey, Bob Russell, Bill Conlon, Horace Parker, Ted Verlihay, Bill Huff, Barry Bronson, Terry Cole, Doug Rhodus, Rick Spickard. SIXTH ROW: Larry Elliott, student manager; Howard Brown, head freshman coach; Nick Mourouzis, defensive backfield coach; Herb Fairfield, guard coach; Jay Fry, tackle coach; John Pont, head coach; Ernie Plank, end coach; C. W. ( Jake) Van Schoyck, backfield coach; Bob Hicks, center coach; Charles McDaniel, freshman line coach; Joel Gross, student manager.

Linebacker Cordell Gill proved to be able pass defender.

The future looks 'rosy' What can be salvaged out of all this losing? Actually quite a bit. If winning was usually just out of reach for Indiana, spirit certainly wasn't. I.U. fans are a hardy lot and sooner or later will be rewarded with a winning football team. True, Coach Pont's "win now" policy didn't show on the scoreboard, but still a lot was accomplished. Pont's pro-type offense was installed, and players coming up from the freshman team along with sophomores who played large chunks of the time last fall will give Pont a nucleus of returnees who know what to expect from Pont and the maneuvers he employs. I.U. football is on the way up. Whether it will show next year is anybody's guess, but one thing is for sure, it will get better in concrete terms of victory. John Pont is too good a coach and he hates to lose too much. Someday I.U., yes, that's right, I.U., will make a trip to Pasadena, California.

Indiana 19 0 12 18 13 7 21 10 13 21

The Record Kansas State Northwestern Texas Minnesota Illinois Washington State Iowa Ohio State Michigan State Purdue

Opponent 7 20 27 42 34 8 17 17 27 26


Student spirit up; cheerleaders help

Bouncy, spirit-filled, and imaginative. Those three descriptions easily fit Indiana's group of cheerleaders for the sports year 1965-66. I.U. has seldom seen a group more acrobatic in their formations at both football and basketball games. Gone were the old days of locomotive cheers and in were countless new stunts of falling pyramids and leaping young lovelies. This year's squad was ( from left, above ) Tim Cline, Jan Yost, John Stoeckly, Cindy Whitfield, Jim Hendricks, Debbie White, Bruce Kotzan, and Howard Hormann. Missing is Captain Adrian Drapalik.


Youthful soccer coach Jerry Yeagley (left ) tells a joke at halftime of an I.U. soccer game in Memorial Stadium. Hoosier opponents in the last few years have found out that the I.U. soccer team is no joke. Accurate passing and fine defensive work were key factors in I.U.'s soccer successes. Shane Davis ( right, below) kicks the ball away from a Northwestern player. Defending goalies were always busy against I.U. as the Hoosiers continually won by big scores and overwhelmingly outshot their opponents.

Indiana's soccer team enjoyed its most successful season in history during 1965 with a record of nine victories against a lone setback. Coach Jerry Yeagley's Hoosiers lost only to powerful Michigan State in an early season road contest. The soccer team charged admission for the last three games of the season and the venture proved a great success. The Purdue-I.U. game was a night game at Woodlawn Field and the first ever in the Midwest Collegiate Soccer Conference. Juniors Shane Davis, Umit Kesim, and Steve jaremko were the top three scorers for I.U. Co-captains Ted Karnischky and Bob Jones, along with Rud McGary and goalie George Parsons formed the nucleus of Indiana's strong defensive unit that permitted opponents an average of only 1.8 goals a game. Meanwhile, the offense averaged 4.8 goals a game.


Indiana 4 2 4 0 9 5 7 3 9 5

The Record Ball State Eastern Illinois Ohio State Michigan State Notre Dame Purdue Illinois Indiana Tech Northwestern Earlham

Opponents 1 1 2 6 1 4 1 1 0 2

Soccer team wins nine for best year

The Record Opponents Indiana 5 Chicago City 3 8 Notre Dame 5 0 Chicago City" 16 0 Toronto* 6 3 Wisconsin' 3 24 Palmer 0 5 St. Louis 8 Joliet City Won by forfeit 5 Wisconsin 23 9 Cleveland 9 0 Cleveland 16 *Chicago Invitational Rugby Tournament


Ruggers establish a strong reputation The 1965 fall season was the biggest and best yet for the Indiana University Rugby Club, led by grad student Tom Wacher. I.U. compiled a 6-3-2 record and became co-champions of the Chicago Invitational Rugby Tournament with the University of Wisconsin. With its winning record, and Chicago tournament victory, I.U. established itself as a respected power in rugby competition. The expert fieldgoal and conversion kicking of Australian Brent Rushall and the superb running of speedster Marty Rhorman and Doug Spicer, a former stand-out on the Hoosiers' varsity football team, enabled the young, inexperienced club to outscore its opponents by an impressive 89-59 margin. Rugby is no gentlemen's sport and even the signs ( right ) announcing its games bear this out. Out of the scrum (left) comes much of the rugby action and obviously a little side-action as well. Speed is important, too, in rugby. An I.U. forward ( above) outraces an opponent for the ball and then it's off to the races for the goal line.

Indiana 47 27 50 50 28 50 27 46

The Record

Opponent 15 Michigan State 28 Indiana State 15 Notre Dame 15 Eastern Kentucky 27 Ohio State Miami ( Ohio ) 15 31 Illinois 16 Cincinnati Big State Meet at Indianapolis: Indiana placed ninth. Big Ten at Minnesota Northwestern Michigan State Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Ohio State Illinois Indiana

CROSS COUNTRY — FIRST ROW: Virgil Bankson, John Humphrey ( captain ), Allan Marshall, Tim Wiedman. SECOND ROW: Coach James Lavery, Charles Russell, Harry Shriver, David Hochstelter ( student manager).

Harriers have rough year, win only two meets "Terrible." The harsh word is Coach James Lavery's term for the 1965 cross-country season. The team, which wrapped up the dismal season with a 2-6 record, defeated only the University of Illinois and Indiana State University. However, Lavery is cautiously looking to next fall with hopes of improvement. Much of his optimism lies with a crop of youngsters, the prime one being Charles Russell, No. 1 on last fall's squad. Lavery says Russell is one of those all-around athletes who can run anything, an ability demonstrated in his first year of distance running. He also says that if the team can avoid injuries and "follow natural progression" ( which means if the younger runners can improve on their first shown ability), the team's record should become respectable.

Chuck Russell proved to be the most consistent harrier for Indiana last fall.

40 65 82 94 107 132 154 179

Branch left Lou best wishes and a whistle

Indiana's Hurryin' Hoosiers were Indiana's Harried Hoosiers for most of the 1965-66 season as Lou Watson got caught in the middle of a rebuilding season in his first year as I.U. head coach. Branch McCracken, synomynous with Indiana's racehorse basketball for 24 campaigns, retired at the end of 1964-65 season, leaving Watson with nothing more than a whistle and best wishes. The first seven men of last year's fine 19-5 club had graduated, including three who made the grade in professional basketball this last season — Jon McGlocklin and the VanArsdale twins, Tom and Dick. Only two seniors, Max Walker and Gary Grieger returned, and both had spent most of their varsity careers on the bench.

Thus, Watson was forced to rely on untried juniors and sophomores from the start. But the 43-year-old native of Jeffersonville still managed to guide his charges to a creditable showing of eight wins in 24 games. Included in the eight victories were conquests of such quality basketball folk as Bradley, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan State. The latter win, in the next to the last game of the season, knocked the Spartans out of a chance for a first place tie with Michigan for the Big Ten crown. Indiana, despite inspired play at times, shared the conference basement with Purdue. Both had 4-10 marks. Senior Max Walker, playing his first season as a starter, was the squad's Most Valuable Player. His fellow upperclassman, Gary Grieger, was elected honorary captain at the season's end.


'Supermouse' and 'Maxie' spearheaded attack Walker topped the Hoosiers in scoring and was third in rebounding. In 23 games the 6-1 guard-forward from Milwaukee racked up a total of 380 points for a 16.5 average and pulled down 151 rebounds. Grieger took top honors at the foul line with a torrid .817 percentage. The 6-4 forward from Evansville Bosse shot sparingly from the field, but well, leading the team in field goals percentage with .485. Two other Hoosiers, sophomores Vern Payne and Butch Joyner, also scored in double figures, and their presence next year should be a big factor in raising I.U. cage fortunes. Nicknamed "Supermouse" because of his shifty speed, Payne 184ҟ was outstanding on both offense and defense.

A couple of quick little guards, Vern Payne (left) and Maxie Walker (right) were the key to Hoosier basketball fortunes this year. A sophomore, Payne thrilled the crowds with his fancy passing and outside shooting. Walker had his best year in an I.U. uniform and led the squad in scoring.

BASKETBALL TEAM — FIRST ROW: Vern Payne, Ery Inniger, Gary Grieger, Ken Newsome, Harry ( Butch) Joyner, Frank Everett. SECOND ROW: Head Coach Lou Watson, Gary Leinberger, Jack Johnson, Dick Schrumpf, Ron McMains, Assistant Coach Don Luft. THIRD ROW: Freshman Coach Tom Bolyard, Larry Turpen, Vern Pfaff, Bill Russell, Max Walker, Bill Fortner ( student manager ).

Future looks bright for I.U. cagers


Butch Joyner, a 6-4 forward, who was redshirted a year because of injury, turned in a fine yearling season with a 12.4 average. His 190 rebounds led the squad. The former New Castle star probably would have had even better statistics but for a tendency to get in foul trouble. I.U.'s other starter, Jack Johnson from Greenfield, scored at an 8.7 rate and grabbed 157 rebounds. Playing the center spot, the 6-6 junior was overshadowed by taller opponents most of the season. As Watson loses only Grieger and Walker from this year's squad, he shouldn't have too iruch trouble with the proverbial sophomore jinx. Several fine freshmen will add to the experienced crew Watson will have back for another go at Big Ten warfare. I.U. took its lumps numerous times this year, but next year it plans to be on the other end of the dishing out.

Indiana 76 82 75 76 71 56 80 104 68 84 68 82 73 79 76 78 81 81 68 82 63 90 86 77

The Record St. Joseph's ( Ind.) Oklahoma Detroit Kansas State California Kentucky Notre Dame Bradley Loyola Illinois Michigan Minnesota Iowa DePaul Michigan Wisconsin Illinois Ohio State Purdue Northwestern Michigan State Minnesota Michigan State Iowa

Opponents 62 83 78 103 64 91 58 87 91 98 88 91 61 100 93 79 77 61 77 83 69 96 76 82

Jack Johnson ( left) and Butch Joyner ( opposite page ) contributed greatly to the Hoosier cause this year. Johnson, a junior, rebounded well and always had a lot of hustle. Joyner, a sophomore, showed signs of becoming a talented college ballplayer with several good performances.



Indiana 72 61 77 70 82 66 70 71 73


The Record Cincinnati Michigan Minnesota Michigan State Purdue Michigan Southern Illinois Indiana State Cincinnati

Opponents 23 62 44 53 36 57 25 23 21

Hoosier swimmers bridesmaids again Here's a riddle, sports fans. What two college swimming teams are like stuck records? The answer: it's easy, Southern California and Indiana. For the fourth year in a row, the Trojans splashed their way to the NCAA swimming and diving championship and for the third straight year the Hoosiers were the bridesmaids. The third time just wasn't the charm for the Hoosiers, who were given a good chance of drowning the USC Trojans for their first national title, but lost out in the final totals, 302-286. For the Hoosiers, losing the NCAA was a big disappointment, but the swim season was hardly a failure. Indiana captured the Big Ten title for the sixth straight year, easily outdistancing archrival Michigan by more than 60 points. The season also brought a fine 7-1 dual meet record with the only setback by one point ( Michigan ) being avenged in a later match. Coach James (Doc) Counsilman and I.U. swimming success have become synonomous. He has guided I.U. from the depths of collegiate swimming to near the top with only Southern Cal still rated better nationally than the Hoosiers. Diving Coach Hobie Billingsley ranks among the best in his field as well. He was named Diving Coach of the Year during this last year and his unorthodox diving techniques were the feature of an article in Sports Illustrated. These two coaches have brought some of the nation's top swimmers to I.U. and even some from foreign lands. The 1965-66 season was no exception. Ken Sitzberger won the one-meter diving championship at the NCAA and finished a close second in the three-meter. Other Hoosier divers, Rick Early, Dick Morse, and Charlie Neel, added valuable points to the Hoosier score throughout the season. Bill Utley proved to be a sophomore phenom and climaxed a brilliant year by winning the national 200-yard individual medley. A couple of Australians, Kevin Berry and Bob Windle, performed for I.U. and scored in the NCAA, after registering several big wins in dual meets. Ralph Kendrick was another top Hoosier swimmer who swam the individual medley. Pete Hammer proved himself one of the top backstrokers. The list of great Hoosier swimmers seems to go on and on ad infinitum. Indiana might be second officially, but they're first in the minds of Indiana sports fans.

Hurt, pain, and agony equal victory after victory for I.U.

Ken Sitzberger thrilled I.U. fans with his exacting dives which won him national acclaim. Bill Utley, right, was one of the best in the country in the 200-yard individual medley.

SWIMMING TEAM — FIRST ROW: Bob Oppliger ( student manager), Nick Carlton, Charles Neel, Pete Rhodes, Richard Morse, Matt Hand, John Ogden, Jack Hill, Bob Loh. SECOND ROW: Bob Groseth ( senior manager ), John Newman, Chuck Richards, Ralph Kendrick, Tom Trethewey, Pete Hammer, John Collins, Ken Sitzberger, Steve Cary. THIRD ROW: Tony Wilson, Tom Hempstead, Bob Williamson, Art Smith, Diving Coach Hobie Billingsley, Head Coach James ( Doc ) Counsilman, Assistant Coach Jack Pettinger, Dick Gilbert, Bill Utley, Bob Windle, Ken Webb, Kevin Berry. Absent when picture was taken: Dick Allen, Scott Cordin, Rick Earley, Ken Frost, Luis de Rivera, Chuck Stenbeck.


Bryan Bateman (far left) is another in the long string of I.U. swimming greats and he's only a freshman. He holds the national 1500-yard freshman freestyle record. Australia's Kevin Berry (left) is the top butterfly man on the I.U. squad and won the 200-meter butterfly at the Tokyo Olympics. Royer Pool was filled to capacity (below) for the Michigan meet. Coach James (Doc) Counsilman (right) watches the seconds tick by during a practice session.


WRESTLING TEAM — FIRST ROW: Jim Binkley, Charles Holdaway, Tim McCall, Bob Campbell. SECOND ROW: Bruce Curths, Dave Mudd, Bob Haley, John Young, Dave Jackson, Stanley Denisar. THIRD ROW: Coach Charley McDaniel, Bill Andrews, Bill Huff, Charles Thompson, Dan Mudd, Tom Blankenship.


Five points more might have been . . Just five little points. Yep, that's right . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five. Add five points to the Hoosier point total in certain matches and that 1965-66 version of Indiana wrestlers would have had a very respectable season with a 7-3 mark. As fate struck the Hoosiers, they finished with a less than spectacular 3-5-3 slate. Reverse a onepoint loss to Ohio State, a two-point setback at the hands of Wisconsin, and win ties with Northwestern and Iowa and the record changes from the debit side of the ledger to the credit side. Disappointing? Sure. But the "wait 'till next year" cliche, often uttered as an alibi, holds a lot of truth for Indiana's grapplers. No less than six sophomores held down starting positions and a seventh was a junior in the eight weight classes. Bob Campbell, who fought at the 130- and 137- pound weight classes, will be the only graduation loss. He'll be a costly loss, however. He had the squad's best dual record with a sparkling 11-1-1 record. He placed second in the Big Ten Meet at 130. Tim McCall heads the list of returnees with a 12-2 record last winter. He placed third in the conference at 123. Jim Binkley, the lone junior, had a fine 8-3-1 mark during the season. Andy Thompson had a good 10-4 record, while Tom Blankenship, bad knee and all, had a respectable 8-6 slate. The team ended up in sixth place in the team standings in the Conference, but that like the dual meet record should improve next season.

Indiana's top wrestler during the 1965-66 season was Bob Campbell ( above ), who won this match over Michigan's Dale Carr in the 137pound class. Coach McWaniel directs a practice session for first-year wrestler Dave Mudd.



Assistant Coach Jim Brown, Mike Ross, Toni Davis, Bill Long, Clark Wells. SECOND ROW: Rich Schneider, Clyde McDonald, Dan Schafer, Joel Sutlin, Coach Otto Ryser.

At right are three of I.U.'s top gymnasts, Dave Keiler, Joel Sutlin, and Clark Wells.


Best yet to come for I. U. gymnasts The best is yet to come in I.U. sports, and it couldn't be truer than the case of Hoosier gymnastics. Like several other sports this last year, the gymnasts finished low in the Big Ten Meet and probably with a little push here and there could have finished higher. But now that the season is long over, the future certainly looks brighter. The Hoosiers ended up in seventh place in the Conference and just one notch out of last place at that, winning only one dual meet all season over Ohio State. Only one Hoosier, Joel Sutlin, made it to the finals in the individual competition at the Conference meet held this year in I.U.'s old fieldhouse. As Coach Otto Ryser explained the disappointing showing, "We had our best days either against teams we outclassed or against schools better than us. We just seemed to have our worst performances against the teams we were evenly matched agahist. And we should have beaten Wisconsin and Minnesota." The Hoosiers did finish the season with a winning mark overall at 7-6 by defeating all their non-Conference foes. The reason for the optimism is not unfounded. Only three seniors — Mike Ross, Howard Hormann, and John Shonkwiler — will be lost by graduation.

Indiana 154.6 154.6 167.1 169.6 169.6 137.6 158 147.3 147.3 175.7 175.7 166.4 166.4

The Record Ball State Chicago Navy Pier Illinois Indiana State Eastern Illinois Michigan State Wisconsin Michigan Iowa Ohio State Cincinnati Minnesota Chicago

Opponents 148.6 144.7 184.9 166.1 148.9 153.9 173 184.8 175 165.2 91.3 167.4 123.6

Indiana finished seventh in the Big Ten Meet.

Fencers have off season FENCING CLUB — FIRST ROW: Junior Bryan, David Royster, Erik Peterson, Oakley Mastin, Chuck Jorgensen. SECOND ROW: Thomas Kalb, Lloyd Holifield (Epee Coach), Fred Coons ( Saber Coach ), Roger Zabik ( Faculty Adviser), Thomas Etzold.

Indiana's fencing team suffered through a dismal season with a 1-10 record. The only team the Hoosiers beat was Culver Military, 16-11. Inexperience was the main reason for the inept performance. Seven freshmen and only two upperclassmen were on the squad. As faculty adviser Roger Zabik said, "You don't win in the Big Ten with freshmen." He predicted a better season next year, although probably not a winning one. Erik Peterson, a senior, and Junior Bryan, a freshman, were the top fencers for Indiana.

Indiana 6 3 16 4 6 5 5 4 3 3 3


The Record Chicago Circle Notre Dame Culver Military Ohio State Illinois Notre Dame Iowa Chicago Wisconsin Detroit Michigan State

Opponents 21 24 11 23 21 22 22 23 24 24 24

Indiana's rifle team put a bang in its 1965-66 performance while watching opponents' eyes pop. The Hoosiers hit more bulls-eyes than Annie Oakley ever dreamed possible, in finishing second in the Big Ten Meet to Purdue, winning the National Rifle Association's ( NRA) Midwest sectional, and capturing one of four dual meets while placing second in the other three. The Hoosiers had three chief gunners this year in John Wellington, Jim Ohnesorge, and David Gutzwiller, who finished second, third, and seventh, respectively, in the Conference championships. The trio of marksmen also did well in the NRA meet with Ohnesorge grabbing seventh place, Wellington eighth, and Gutzwiller tenth. The team's victory in dual competition came over Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Rifle team wins

RIFLE TEAM — FIRST ROW: RexKegler, Stan Kent, John Wellington. SECOND ROW: Capt. Michael B. Stupka, Jim Ohnesorge, David Gutzwiller, Don Adam, M/Sgt. Richard Boros.

NRA Regionals


The annual intramural cross-country meet ( above) sent a herd of runners scrambling across the I.U. golf course. At far right, some action from the large intramural basketball program. Director of Intramurals Robert Stumpner ( on the right at right) and assistant Dale Phelps in the Men's Gym, arena for much intramural conflict.


$07iCriAl.ISM LIBRAB't

Name the sport -I-M program has it I.U.'s rapidly expanding intramural sports program provides opportunities for many students to enjoy recreational activities on a competitive basis. Organized under faculty direction in 1922, the program is one of the oldest collegiate intramural systems in the nation. Within the past two years the number of participants in intramural sports has grown from about 4,800 to more than 6,000. During this period several team sports have enjoyed great interest from the Student Body and the number of teams taking part in some sports has increased almost 50 per cent. Almost 20 team activities from cross country to table tennis, and another 15 individual activities from bowling to weight lifting, are included in the intramural program. Director Robert Stumpner and Assistant Director Dale Phelps supervise the program's many needs. Scheduling arrangements for teams and individuals and for playing areas are among the many duties these two men must always handle. "We do what we can to encourage sports if there's an interest," Mr. Phelps said.


"TERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION — (1. to r.) Torn Miller, Chris Dal Sasso, J. W. (Bill) Orwig, Edwin Cady, I.U.'s faculty representative to the Big Ten, and Frank Anderson. Not pictured is Bob Dro.

Athletic Administration


If producing winning teams was all I.U.'s capable athletic staff had to worry about, there would probably be people waiting in line to be athletic administrators. Such is hardly the case. A good deal more is involved. Bill Orwig directs the whole show from attending NCAA meetings to greeting visiting alumni and talking up I.U. athletic fortunes. His assistant, Bob Dro, takes over when the "boss" is out of town. Business Manager Frank Anderson takes care of the money end of a program that is a young business in itself. The new outdoor track and outdoor pool east of the I.U. Fieldhouse were completed a year ago but finishing touches were supervised by Paul J. Harrell. I.U. boasts one of the finest athletic publicity directors in the country in Tom Miller, who was elected a vice-president in the national college sports publicist's group. He keeps all the press, radio, and television boys happy with information about I.U. sports. Finally Chris Dal Sasso administers the Big Ten eligibility rules and strives to maintain a high level of academic standing among I.U.'s athletes.

GOLF TEAM — FIRST ROW: Charles Boyd, Paul Williams, Jim Jewell, Dallas Peters. SECOND ROW: Coach Bob Fitch, Terry Comstock, Bob Borthwick, Mike Lach, Dennis Troy. BELOW — team captain Paul Williams (left) and Bob Borthwick stroll down the first fairway of the I.U. Golf Course.

Golfers up score; third in Big Ten Indiana's golf team enjoyed another successful season in 1965, although the Hoosiers had the dubious honor of improving their team score in the Big Ten Meet and yet finishing a notch lower than 1964's second-place finish. Indiana played well throughout the season and even gained a berth in the NCAA tournament last June. The Hoosiers played in six multiple-team meets last spring and won only against Ohio State, Western Illinois, and Louisville. However, Coach Bob Fitch's linksmen fared well in every match. One surprise was the Hoosiers' fifth-place finish in the 36-team Southern Intercollegiate Meet. Indiana missed capturing the Big State Meet by two strokes, losing to up-state rival Purdue, 752-760. In two other meets involving Conference teams, the Hoosiers tied Notre Dame for second to Ohio State, while clipping Purdue, Michigan, and Michigan State. Purdue won another meet with the Hoosiers again second followed by Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Illinois.

Veteran athletic teams don't always turn out to be world-beaters. With all but four players returning from the 1964 I.U. baseball team, possessor of the school's best record in history with a 23-12 mark, one would have thought that 1965 would have been even better. It didn't work out that way. Instead the Hoosier diamondmen booted their way to a 6-7 finish in the Big Ten after compiling a 7-8 slate the year before. The key to Hoosier misfortunes? Unbelievably bad fielding. Indiana committed about three errors a game to set some sort of unofficial record since official records aren't kept concerning Hoosier fielding. Weak pitching did improve last year. The earned run average total dropped from 3.46 in 1964 to 3.18 last spring. But the hitters went the other way — .275 to .253. Jim Snyder, Torn Erickson, and Fred Nori proved to be the bulk of the Hoosier hitting force. Erickson and Nori led the squad in hitting with .322 averages, Snyder led in home runs with six, and Erickson also led in the runs hatted in department with 27. It appears Coach Ernie Andres won't be able to follow the sports maxim that the best time to play sophomores is when they're juniors. Thirteen players are missing from last year's team via the graduation route.

Bad fielding hurt Hoosier baseball team

BASEBALL TEAM — FIRST ROW: Rich Scott, Jack Campbell, Ery Inniger, Jerry Dill, Ron Keller, Tom Coahran, Kees Scarff. SECOND ROW: Jerry Burkhart, Mike Holloway, Gary Clarke, Tom Erickson, Wayne Witmer, Rich Nash, Jim Snyder, Steve Moore ( trainer ). THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach Bob Lawrence, Jim Burke, Bob Miner, Bill Poe, Ed Volk, Fred Nori, Ted Logan, Denny Krueger, Head Coach Ernie Andres.

Indiana 5 9 2 3 9 6 4 4 5 10 1 11 12 4 11 7 5 2 5 1 1 4 0 15 8 5 9 6 3 5 0 3 1 11 4

The Record Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame St. Mary's Pan American St. Edward's Lackland AFB Texas Lutheran Texas Lutheran Fort Sam Houston Fort Sam Houston Randolph AFB Lackland AFB Lackland AFB Randolph AFB Randolph AFB Butler Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ball State Depauw Wisconsin Northwestern Northwestern Butler Illinois Purdue Purdue Miami (Ohio ) Iowa Indiana State Michigan State Michigan Michigan

Opponent 6 8 8 4 0 4 3 9 3 7 5 8 3 5 2 5 4 8 6 0 3 5 4 1 2 2 6 1 7 3 10 0 6 7 7

One of Indiana's top hitters last spring, Tom Erickson, ( left ) belts one against Michigan as the Hoosiers bat in the last of the eighth inning. I.U.'s bullpen crew ( opposite ) goes to work with the hopes of stopping an enemy rally.


Indiana's top diamondmen







"We pause now for 60 seconds. This is the Indiana University Sports Network." Sound familiar? It's quite familiar to I.U. sports fans following the Fightin' Hoosiers in the fall and the Hurryin' Hoosiers through the winter months. Indiana's two most avid rooters (next to Mrs. John Pont and Mrs. Lou Watson, of course) have said those 13 words hundreds of times in the last two years. Bill Orwig Jr. and Ernie Nims are as familiar to Hoosier sports fans across Indiana as are the names of some of Indiana's athletes. For two years Bill and Ernie worked as a team traveling to every Hoosier football and basketball game giving Indiana rooters the first hand account of every thrill and heartbreak. Non-Indiana fans often say the network announcers are much too biased. Maybe so, but Hoosier sports fans don't seem to mind. After all, they want to hear the I.U. side of things and none have done it better than Bill and Ernie. The team will be broken up next fall as Bill is now working with a television station in Indianapolis, but Ernie will be back with a rookie announcer relating all the thrills of sports at ole I.U.

Ernie Nims (left) and Bill Orwig Jr. gave Hoosier sports fans first-hand accounts ofIndiana football and basketball games the last two years.

'This is the I.U. Sports Network'


The name of the plague for the 1965 spring track season was injuries. With them, in the sport called track, the Shyless Hoosiers finished a dismal last. After losing team captain Terry Shy, owner of the fastest 1,000 yards in the conference (2:09.6), the trackmen placed in two events in the Big Ten meet: the 100 yard dash in which Rich Dilling finished fourth, and the broad jump in which Wilbert Davis finished third. Although Coach Lavery's description for the season was one word ("sad"), there were some highlights. The school record for the 440-yard relay was broken by one-tenth of a second. The record holders are Dilling, Shy, Tom Pope, and Rich Robinson, all of whom chased the record down to :41.6. Two other school records were broken in the season. Davis pole-vaulted 15 feet two inches, eight inches higher than the previous record. A school sprint medley record was also set. Coach Lavery thinks a new I.U. track and the fact that at least two important meets ( the Big Ten and the Tri-State ) are at I.U. this spring should build the team's morale after last spring's dismal showing. Indiana 41 50

OUTDOOR TRACK The Record Tennessee Illinois

Opponents 104

86 Big State Indiana Stateҟ 77

711/2 Notre Dame Indiana 64 Purdue 38 ( seven more teams entered. )

Michigan 71, Northwestern 41, Indiana 34, Purdue 27. Indiana finished last in the Big Ten Meet.

Pole vaulter Wilbert Davis (left) uses a fiberglas pole to clear a high bar. At right, a Hoosier dashman stretches at the finish line only to be outdistanced by a Michigan sprinter.

OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM — FIRST ROW: Jim Burrell ( student man-

ager ), Wilbert Davis, Mike McPhearson, Virgil Bankson, Rich Dilling, John Humphrey, John Hensgen, Dave Hochstetler ( student manager ). SECOND ROW: Jim Vandenbark, Larry Siesky, Terry Shy, Marty Lebowitz, John ( Mike ) Johnston, Tom Pope, Ron Pease, Mark Fenwick.THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach Bill Perrin, Paul Baraba ( student manager ), Randy Weddle, Jack Daulton, Ed Russell, Richard Robinson, John Brooks, Harry Shriver, Ken Mineau, Richard Plank, Larry Sells, Allan Marshall, Head Coach Jim Lavery.

Injuries hurt outdoor trackmen; competition overwhelms indoor thinlies


Indiana 48 Wisconsin Notre Dame 66 Purdue 66 Missouri 38 43 Michigan State 361/2Michigan

Opponents 93 82 14 76 98 1011/2

Indiana's indoor trackmen had a rough go of it this winter, winning only one of six dual meets and finishing eighth in the Big Ten Meet. No one would fault the Hoosiers, however, if they wanted to make an alibi or two. They faced some rougher competition than most track coaches could even have nightmares about. The Hoosiers lost to Missouri, last year's - NCAA champ, powerful Notre Dame, and to Big Ten toughies Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Michigan. Indiana's thinlies did manage to clobber up-state rival Purdue as part of the triangular meet with Notre Dame. Randy Weddle, senior co-captain, ran away with the 300-yard dash title in the Big Ten with a time of :31.2. The only other Hoosier to place high in the Conference was Chuck Russell, a third-place finisher in the 1000-yard run.

Indiana finished seventh in the Big Ten Meet.


For the first time in history, the Big Ten tennis meet was at IU. Although this fact boosted team moral, IU, a point ahead of Michigan on dual meet results, lost by 15 points to Michigan. Coach Bill Landin later said that IU's defeat in the semi-finals of the no. 2 doubles match lost the meet for I.U. Why? He figures that if the Charles Kane-Mike Baer team had defeated the Michigan team, it would have added 12 points to I.U.'s score. And this, he added, might have spurred on some other players who lost in the meet. Of the nine Big Ten teams that I.U. played in dual matches last year, only Michigan defeated Landin's team. And that by the razor-thin margin of 5-4. I.U., however, defeated six teams 9-0 and another team ( Michigan State) 7-2. I.U. squeaked by Northwestern 5-4. The prospects for 1966? Landin puts I.U. anywhere from first to fifth, I.U.'s No. 1 player, Dave Power, is returning along with No. 5 Junior Mike Nolan and No. 6 Junior Mike Baer. But I.U.'s chances for first place dimmed this summer when Mike Sheehan, who was No. 1 on the freshman team, drowned in a boating accident. And Landin admits that the tradgedy dropped first place chances from "excellent" to "fairly good." Sheehan, according to Landin, would have been No. 2 behind Power and would have teamed up with Power for the No. 1 doubles. Landin was also grooming the freshman for the No. 1 singles player after Power graduates in 1966. Now Landin is jaw-to-jaw with a recurring problem: the doubles team. Although it appears that Baer will team up with Power, the No. 2 and No. 3 teams remain a question mark. Landin is unsure what combination to use among the remaining top four players, Nolan, sophomore Stan Cleveland, senior Bob Scott, and senior Steve Erenburg. Landin, who lost No. 3 Kane, No. 2 Rod McNerney, and No. 4 Charles Fichter through graduation, maintains that the teams to beat this year are Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan State.


I.U. President Elvis J. Stahr congratulates Hoosier netman Dave Power after his top-notch performance against one of the nation's best, Clark Craebner, in the Big Ten Championships at I.U. last spring.

Indiana 6 4 5 9 21/2 3 9 7 5 9 9 9 9 7 9 9 9 4

The Record Notre Dame Georgia Florida State Rollins Miami ( Fla. ) Miami ( Fla. ) Depauw Michigan State Northwestern Eastern Illinois Wisconsin Purdue Illinois Cincinnati Iowa Minnesota Ohio State Michigan

Opponent 3 5 4 0 61/2 6 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 5

') *



Big Ten tennis meet held at Indiana, but Hoosiers fail to win championship

This was the setting for the Big Ten Championships at I.U. last spring, witnessed by hundreds of students despite scorching weather.

TENNIS TEAM — FIRST ROW: Charles Fichter, Mike Nolan, Charles Kane, Steve Erenburg, Bob Wham, Bill Wham. SECOND ROW: Coach Bill Landin, Rod McNearney, Mike Baer, Bob Scott, Dave Power, John Harralson, student manager; Alan Grahm, assistant coach.


A significant addition to I.U.'s athletic facilities arrived on the scene this year with the completion of a new all-purpose outdoor track and field and an outdoor pool and diving complex. Both are located east of Fee Lane across from the I.U. Fieldhouse. Few schools have ventured into such an amazing athletic expansion program as has I.U. in the past nine years. The new outdoor track and pool are two of the last structures to be built in the expansion which has added Royer Pool, the Stadium, the golf course, the fieldhouse, and football practice fields to the campus to make I.U.'s athletic plant the most modern in the U.S. One more building, the all-purpose assembly hall, remains to be constructed for the entire project to reach completion. Construction of this building, to be located between the Fieldhouse and Stadium, is expected to begin in the near future. The new track will get its baptism in a hurry with the Big Ten Championships scheduled for May and the NCAA Championships in June. I.U. should have a set of records that will stand up until someone invents jet-propelled humans. The new oval is the largest all-weather grasstex surfaced track in the world. The ten lanes are each 4 feet wide. About 10,000 spectators can be accomodated at the new track which will cost about $130,000 when fully completed. The new pool will provide recreational facilities for I.U. students, faculty, and staff. Various summer swimming meets will also be held in the pool which cost $513,000.

Athletes work in luxury of new pool and track

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Organizations 700_ czigsd#4

Student Government


Two a.m. phone calls, some green-bagger politicking in Ballantine, and all the secrecy surrounding a crime — it's the birth of another political party and once more one wonders, what is student government, anyway? It is a small group of students in an organization getting the responsibility and power it's seeking. It is Dave Frick, one of the most dynamic, able Student Body Presidents on campus in years, often working singlehandedly to put through Senate "reforms." And it's Speaker Makowski pleading "Senators, let there be peace," and pledges tying signs on trees long past 2 a.m. Student government and Dave Frick took themselves seriously, and a lot was accomplished this year. Communications were improved and student-faculty committees established so that the changes political leaders yell for are not beyond reach. The Senate workshop, Dean Robert Shaffer's guidance, and the revised Constitution probably did the most for improving government status and success. The new Constitution set up a Supreme Court that has final authority on traffic and conduct case appeals

A new campus political party springs into being as Lynn Everroad announces the formation of the Progressive Reform Party (below left ). Guy Loftman, one of the leading agitators for university reform, addresses the Student Senate (left) while Jim Kittle reflectively chews a fingernail. Below, Student Body President Dave Frick delivers his State of the Campus Message to the Senate.

from every campus judicial board. Much time and committee work was devoted to the reorganization of the Student Senate and committee structure. Senate passed bills on everything from Rose Avenue chuck-holes to the "Bleed-In," which gave the Red Cross 1276 pints for the troops in Viet Nam. It conducted a referendum for AWS in its effort to abolish women's hours, lowered the unapproved housing age to 21, and began surveys on course and teacher evaluation and personalization of student-faculty relationships. Student Government is much more, though, than what comes out in Senate. It also sponsors LUNA, Great Issues, and the Internal Affairs Commission, and selects the advisory boards for the Deans in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Junior Division. Students now serve on about 40 faculty and administrative committees, such as Calendar, Activities, and Honors. Services such as student flights to the Bahamas are planned each year. But above all, one feels this year the atmosphere that spurs those riotously formal Senate debates, the wheelerdealer tactics that make student politics, and the leadership of Dean Aulick, Jay Davis, and Dave Frick. Effort has brought Student Government a large step closer to developing an "atmosphere for change," the theme song of this year's debates and campaigning.

Just like the big leagues, jubilant demonstrations follow the nominations — in this case the nomination of some freshman class officer candidate at the Action Party convention. Posters for Marty Zohn litter the floor of Whittenberger Auditorium after the tumult and shouting. He won. Viet Nam was a major preoccupation this year, both with those who thought we shouldn't be there and those who faced going. The Bleedin sponsored by Student Government was an outstanding success, and "Operation Cheer-up," the cookie bake held in the Sears store, produced many a dozen for the boys in khaki.


- 7,7#03ҟ Wiffif/IN Ufai. /kn./5 / LI/ roll p





millt4rars ICA

10 1




SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Independent Male Director . Jim Miller President ҟ Jim Kittle Vice-President . . .ҟ Sheldon Shafer Secretary ҟ Kathy Brown Independent Female Director Lois Mysliwy

SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Lois Mysliwy ( Ind. Female Dir. ), Sheldon Shafer ( Vice-Pres. ), Jim Kittle ( Pres.), Kathy Brown ( Sec.), Jim Miller ( Ind. Male Dir. ). SECOND ROW: Sharon Grant, Virginia Hunter, Kay Booton, Chris Garrott, Claude Rich, Marilyn Fillbrandt, Carol Rector, Bobbi Arnold. THIRD ROW: Mary J. Bolster, Bernardine Esarey, Betsy Robbins, Diane Robinson, Sherry Watkins, Andrea Brown, Kathy Lightcap, Carolyn Rish. FOURTH ROW: Sheldon Brusslan, George Woodward, Terry Vernier, Jeremy Harris, Cecily Smith, Betty Sloan, Ken Griffin, Ken Comer, Paul Clark. FIFTH ROW: Russ Hartley ( Adviser ), Dave Goodman, Bob McIntosh, Bill Morgan, Robert O'Neal, Rick Forst, Bill Bennison, Tim Thomson, James Somrak, John Egolf, Joseph Meyers.

SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL. Adding a bit of spice to I.U. spirit was a main concern of the Senior Class Council this year. In early September, plans began formulating for the I.U.Purdue pre-game parade and the half-time show, during which the Class of '66 presented a plaque to Coach Pont for his services to I.U. Also in the


fall the council conducted an I.U. flag sale to raise spirit and funds. The council sponsored three plane loads of "snow-dodging" students to the Bahamas over spring vacation and instigated a traveling trophy to a Big Ten basketball player for outstanding sportsmanship and skill.

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Independent Male Directorҟ .ҟ Jay L. Davis Organized Female Directorҟ . Phyllis Mott Secretary ҟ Ann Bayer President ҟ Pete Schellie Vice-President ҟ Mike Shumate Treasurer . . . . . Darra Whittinghill Independent Female Director Marilyn Schomburg Organized Male Director . Patrick Handley


ROW: Sue Meyer, Susi Scovern, Diane Wray, Glenna Tolbert, Sandy Szabo, Susie Rogers, Merle Eguchi. SECOND ROW: Sherrianne Maddox, Leigh Watley, Patricia Christine, Nancy Bachmann, Anne Meier, Jan Yost, Jan Writer, Sherry Walsh.THIRD ROW: Vicki Jornod, Dave Newsom, Dick Schaumann, Richard A. Shortz, Mike Kelsey, Bill Michael, Steve Killworth, Keith Jung, James King, Pat Cragg.

JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL. Under the leadership of President Pete Sheltie, the "Indiana Students for CARE" program was initiated this year. In this manner the Junior Class created a link in a nationwide drive to collect funds for the aid of South Vietnamese children. Other programs consisted of a smorgasboard co-spon-

sored by the Cultural Affairs Committee and the Class of 1967. As a result of this project the Class was able to donate an object d'art to the University. Fifty outstanding juniors were chosen by this year's officers and council to honor their work and service to the university.


SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Kent Newton Vice-President ҟ . Nina Trasoff Organized Female Directorҟ Jayne Grote Secretary ҟ Norm Leighty President ҟ . Herb Marsh Independent Male Directorҟ Independent Female Director Janyce Anderson . Steve Free .ҟ Organized Male Directorҟ

SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Penelope Robbins, Diane Kren, Pam Ross, Susan Heinsen, Cynthia Ellis, Susan Hardisty, Agnes Ladanyi, Jacque Cady. SECOND ROW: Becky Brown, Mary Wekler, Gary Kersten, Bill Lamb, Ralph Weaver, Ira Zinman, Scott Evenbeck, Pat Purkey, Ellen Griffin. THIRD ROW: Ken Mann, Steve Harris, John Lesow, Terry Kepler, Brandt C. Downey, Ron Lisak, Don Henderson, Dave Humenik.

SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL. This year the council took strides in making student government a more meaningful and worthwhile part of campus life. The 35 council members made service the keystone of their year's activities. Under the direction of Norm Leighty, they established a loan program through which a student


could borrow money during an emergency. To get money for this emergency loan fund, the Class Council invaded the campus, selling "Back the Bison" buttons. The Class Council also sponsored a "Bachelor of the Year" dance which provided a new activity for the campus calendar for future years.

FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Organized Female Director Gina Macdonald Treasurer ҟ Richard Niles Organized Male Directorҟ ҟTom Keucher Vice-President ҟ Marty Zohn President ҟ Ros Stovall Independent Male Director .ҟ John Meyers Secretary ҟ Jane Bumb

FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Diane Brodsky, Mary Weir, Kay Jones, Dianne Trais, Lesley Baker, Micki Ballard, Marcie Telander. SECOND ROW: Tom Hastings, James Crail, Cindy White, Beth Hanna, Mary Taylor, Susan Chipper, Kathy Whitham, Kathi Batton. THIRD ROW: James Sanford, Anne Brafford, Debbie Black, Jane Curtin, Robert Meeks, Mark Weber, Marcia Mau, Cheryl Cunningham, Sarah Frye. FOURTH ROW: Mike Rensberger, Gil Haynie, Scott MacDonald, John Galles, Steve Kent, Ed Ferguson, Ben Small, Steve Fushelberger, Chris Gardner, John Hilbish, Duane Mercer, Richard Balough, David Goodman.

FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL. Fifty-seven students were elected in early September from the various campus precincts to the council. Under the leadership of Ros Stovall, they sponsored the annual Tyronian Dance in November. Later in the year the Freshman Class sponsored a "Bat Blast." The Council was also instrumental in raising $500.00 for care packages to send servicemen in

Viet Nam under the "I.U. Students Who Care" program. They set up the Freshmen Advisory Commission, made up of Council members who gave visitors and prospective students tours of the campus. To end the year the Council sponsored a scholarship dinner which honored 120 freshman for their outstanding academic achievements.


YWCA COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Janet Smith ( Dist. Rep. ), Judy Foulkes ( 1st VicePres. ), Anne Binkley (Pres. ), Nancy Bachmann ( 2nd Vice-Pres.), Nancy Buschmann ( Treas. ). SECOND ROW: Camilla Colantonio, Janet Gaston, Marjorie Parker, Noreve Cornea, Jane Carlson, Mary Sutter, Diane Hamacher, Susan Prather, Judy Jones.

YWCA Cabinet and Council

YWCA CABINET — FIRST ROW: Jan Harrell, Sharon Brown, Mary J. Day, Sheila Roe, Sandy Feely. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Spomer, Barbara Brewer, Becky Bell, Carol Steinberg, Becky Rollins, Olga Sysock. THIRD ROW: Judy Dilts, Judy Deems, Anne Meier, Laurel Vaughn, Vivian Hurst, Jo E. Macy, Eileen Willeford. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Smyers, Cheryl Wilson, Jane Samuelson, Trudy Bradford, Janet Hahn, Ruth A. Tedrowe, Frannie Grace, Jane Lantz.


YWCA. Within the diverse folds of the campus nests the YWCA's large span of activities promoting leadership, spiritual awareness, social concern, and services to the University and community. As membership reached an all-time high of 750 this year, the "Y" expanded and founded new programs and purposes to fulfill its service commitment, plus the traditional Freshman Camp and I.U. Sing, co-sponsored with the YMCA. The advisery board offered the students the aura and wares of a community market place with the International Bazaar. Under the "service" category, "Y" girls held weekly programs at the Christian Center, Exchange Home, U-School, Girls Scouts, Y-Teens, and the post-retirement homes. And weekly radio programs served as a forum for discussion on campus and world conditions, sharpening student awareness of problems such as women's hours, controversial poets on campus, Viet Nam, and campus politics. Informal panel discussions in dormitories hopefully provided an orientation to college life for freshman women.


YMCA OFFICERS — FIRST ROW: Mike Valentine (Vice-Pres.), George Martin (Sec.), Steve Chitwood ( Pres.), Brad Bayliss ( Adviser ), Mike Dunigan ( Treas.). SECOND ROW: Jerry Maburn, Tim Cline, Don Ammerman, Kurt Frazier.

YMCA Officers Scabbard and Blade SCABBARD AND BLADE — FIRST ROW: Steve Urse, Art Smith ( Vice-Pres.), Lt. Col. Dick S. Von Schriltz ( Adviser ), Steve Arnold (Pres.), Glen Shelton. SECOND ROW: Tom Kilrain, Allen Gibbs, Gary Drook, Michael E. Cox, Robert D. McCracken, Dan Denning, Carl Brugger, Charles Abbott. THIRD ROW: Pete Schellie, Stan Kent, Steve Moster, Joe Lowdermilk, Bob Springer, Jon Lowdermilk, L. Scott Nowinski, Tom Vandenbark. FOURTH ROW: Charles M. East III, Adrian Songer, Tom McGinnis, James McClure, Bill Helfrick, Terry Smith, Robert Williamson, Steve Hyatt, Mike Wolford.


ANGEL FLIGHT — FIRST ROW: Mrs. Calvin Sanford (Honorary Member), Paula McLeaster (2nd Lt., Ass't. Pledge Tr.), Rebecca Miller (1st Lt., Pledge Tr.), Toni Marsala ( Major Commander), Angela May ( Capt. Ex. Off. ), Donna Hodges ( Operations 1st Lt.), Mrs. C. Y. Williams ( Honorary Member ). SECOND ROW: Jeanne Fischer, Betsy Ross, Marcia Moynahan, Jackie Freas, Betty Glover (Honarary Member ), Andrea Darrow, Carolyn Starr, Janet Farlow, Sandra Aoki. THIRD ROW: Sheryl Bills, Grace Richards, Judy Cutright, Judy Jones, Marry Rudolph, Twila Reed, Jane Willis, Margie Hribar, Sandy Miller, Elaine Richards. FOURTH ROW: Becky Parsons, Irene Clare, Barbara Daley, Trudy Bradford, Pam Stitzer, Judith Rice, Carolyn Shoemaker, Janice Tyk, Phyllis Pierson, Sarah Cain

Angel Flight Arnold Air Society ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY — FIRST ROW: Jerry Judjahn ( Ass't. Operations ), John F. Phillips ( Comptroller ), Robert Bennett ( Operations Officer ), John Foncannon (Major Commander), William Harrington (1st Lt. Admin.), William Rupright ( Chancellor ), Don E. Baker ( Ass't Admin.). SECOND ROW: Richard D. LeBurkien Jr., Warren R. Spencer, Michael Halbrook, Malcolm K. Beckner, S. Gregory Fisk ( Ass't Pledge Tr.), Thomas R. Warner, William Hepler, James E. Hevpel. THIRD ROW: William Garrigus, Richard Casati, Denny Makielski, Bill Dorcik, Bill Sieber, John Shanks, Ralph Weaver. FOURTH ROW: Dale L. Landis, Don L. Sheagley, Michael A. Thomson, Stan Moore, Richard Dawson, Robert Mood, Larry Shaw, Max Perry. FIFTH ROW: Michael Lytle, Guy Washington, David Stohler, Daniel Fuquay, John Sanders, Steve Moore, James Son.


Association of Women Students

AWS EXECUTIVE BOARD Treasurer ҟ Janie Upward Vice-Presidentҟ ҟ Pat Cragg President ҟ Peggy Ballard Secretary .ҟ ...... Lissa Purdy International AWS Contact .ҟ Anne Meier

AWS LEGISLATIVE BOARD — FIRST ROW: Kathy Lewis, Peggy Ballard, Lissa Purdy. SECOND ROW: Vici Wertz, Margie Light, Muriel Miller. THIRD ROW: Sue Rose, Sheri Rohlfer, Venita Hermann, Lois Holewinski.


PERSHING RIFLES, THIRD REGIMENTAL — FIRST ROW: Mark Hershberger, N. B. Pannell ( Adviser), David Davidson, Larry Gresham. SECOND ROW: James McClure, Frank Wilson, Charles M. East III, Ray Porter III, Jeffrey Freeman.

Third Regimental Officers Pershing Rifles PERSHING RIFLES — FIRST ROW: Debbie Lindsey (1st Lt. ), Gerald G. Chikalla ( Capt. ), George F. Marko ( Major ), Stephen L. Wiltsie, Richard Phebus ( Capt.), Stan Kent (1st Lt.), Paul H. Saft, Janos Montgomery ( Sponsor ). SECOND ROW: Charles Abbott, David Gutzwiller, Russell E. Vance, Lorimer Nicoll, Michael Carpenter, Carl Brugger, Bill Porter, James G. Sharpe. THIRD ROW: William Sturgeon, Robert Badgley, Paul Saft Jr., Theodore R. Legler II, Gary Dix, Charles R. Rittman, John Wetmore, Frank Jakubowski, Robert Pentecost. FOURTH ROW: Pete Hoskam, Dale Kuhn, Norbert Smith, Dave Biggs, 0. C. Hope, John Scott, Bill Seagraves, Jim Davis, Randall, Burkhart, Bill Lane. FIFTH ROW: Don Paquette, Charles Adcox, Tom Wilson, John W. Karn Jr., Alan R. Mills, Dave Haley.

I-MEN'S ASSOCIATION — FIRST ROW: Charles Neel, John Ginter ( Sec. ), Randy Weddle ( Vice-Pres.), John Durkott (Pres.), Tom Trethewey ( Treas. ), Fred Lussow, Dick Schaible. SECOND ROW: Mike Ross, Rick Gilbert, Rick Earley, Dick Morse, Moses Easley, Jim Burke, Vernon Pfaff, Stephen Erenburg, Robert Campbell. THIRD ROW: Don Bennett, Dave Hockstetler, Dave Mudd, Robert G. Buckner, John Newman, Stan Kent, Mike Holloway, John Collins, Rich Dilling. FOURTH ROW: David Gutzwiller, Tom Norton, Mark Fenwick, Chuck Richards, Wayne Witmer, Dave Power, Ed Russell, Jim Burrell. FIFTH ROW: Robert Williamson, Bob Olson, Bob Scott, Bill Russell, Gary Grieger, Jack Johnson, Ron McMains, Ervin Inniger Jr., Bob VanPelt, Arthur Smith.

I-Men s Association Sailing Club SAILING CLUB — FIRST ROW: Marcia Hupp ( Corr. Sec. ), Mike Kelly ( Vice-Commodore ), Skip Crowel ( Commodore ), Marilyn Benninger ( Rec. Sec.), James Barger ( Fleet Capt.). SECOND ROW: Tira Vermack, Karen Limberg, Ann McCullough, Ellen Dodge, Joyce Bowers, Sally Sputh, Fern Goodman. THIRD ROW: Susanne Schmitt, Judy Pell, Maryann Watson, Suzanne McKay, Marty Raquet, Mary Cornea, Jill Harmer, Judy Sostack. FOURTH ROW: Harry Von Tobel, Dave Von Zon, Warren Weirich, Richard Prange, Ted Sputh, Rick Richmond, Chuck Abbott, Liz Judson, Nell Laughlin. FIFTH ROW: Arnt Gerritsen, Delbert Nelson, Al Paukstelis, Lee A. D. McCroskey, Dave Wilson, Stan Kent, Jim Garretty.

STUDENT ATHLETIC BOARD — FIRST ROW: Carol Weaver ( Sec.-Treas. ), Dan McConnell (Pres. ), Adrian Drapalik ( Vice-Pres.). SECOND ROW: Michelle Jamison, Torn Brown, Mike Bruney, Helen Friedman, Pat Fullerton.

Student Athletic Board


Student Athletic Board began the year with changes and a new cry for spirit. Abandoning the Junior and Senior Athletic Board system, SAB members relied on a one-committee chairman system to carry out the year's big innovations. A different SAB committee rallied student spirit for the football, basketball, and spring sports seasons. The card section flashed 1,000 strong at all home football games and provided a mighty background of cheers for the Fightin' Hoosiers. The Homecoming Pep Rally boasted the largest crowd ever to spark the Hoosiers on to victory. To end the football season, I.U.'s new mascot, the Bison, carried Jawn Purdue off to a firey death at the Purdue Pep Rally "Protest." Basketball season hailed a new coach and a new team. One of the season's highpoints was the special day which honored Coach Lou Watson and gave senior players a chance to score in their last Hoosier basketball game. Swimming, wrestling, track, baseball, gymnastics, golf, and tennis rounded out a year of sports at Indiana.

POM PON GIRLS — FIRST ROW: Barb Gohl, Carole Fulkerson, Anne Barrett, Jeanie Irelan ( Instructor ), Margi Greer, Sydney Long, Barbara Freund. SECOND ROW: Holly Bunshaw, Cindy Skidmore, Georgie Kerr, Marianne Harris, Sue Shorts, Patti Brown, Kathy Ball, D'Lee Long. THIRD ROW: Micki Garber, Pattie Owens, Marcia Atteberry, Connie Clark, Ina R. Wakefield, Karen Roodman, Connie Brown, Jackie Pletcher, Linda Kelso.

Porn Pon Girls


I.R.H.A. PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Keith Hamm ( Male VicePres. ), Susan Woodworth ( Pres.), Kathy Lewis ( Female Vice-Pres.). SECOND ROW: Sherry Manley ( Comm.), Linda Greenwood, Tom Walker, Bonnie McClung ( Cult. ), Elizabeth Griffin. THIRD ROW: James Crane, Robert Amt, James Howerton, James Heupel.

Inter-Residence Halls Association President's Council

The IRHA President's Council sits in session with Susan Woodworth ( far right ), IRHA President, presiding. Clockwise from Miss Woodworth are Susan Whitledge ( Sec.), Phyllis Kennedy, Elizabeth Griffin, Carol Christy, Glida Bailey, Linda Greenwood, Michelle Adams, Tom Walker, James Heupel, James Crane, and Kathy Lewis ( Vice-Pres.).

IRHA JUDICIAL BOARD — SEATED: Carol Quackenbush, Lois Holewinski, Nancy McKay. STANDING: Michael Gunther, Stephen Peterson, John Thomas. ABSENT: Pat Hornbostel.

Now in its fifty-first year, the Inter-Residence Halls Association, for instance, is constantly seeking to improve residence hall living and already has achieved notice as being one of the few residence hall organizations in the country to govern both men and women under the same constitution. The executive end of residence hall living is not all work. Traditional projects plus innovations were planned, this year, and the results brought

Mothers' Weekend, allowing the moms to be coeds for two days. The IRHA, in connection with the individual dormitories, scheduled activities planned for their enjoyment. Also, this year, IRHA played host to 200 Big Ten IRHA delegates. The conference, which resulted in a comparison of residence systems in the Big Ten, began with an all campus "Blow out" in Foster Quadrangle parking lot and ended with the blackout caused by the October power failure.

Special projects this year included a contribution toward the purchase of the portrait of the former executive director of the Halls of Residence, Mrs. Alice Nelson, a policy revision resulting in local option for dress regulations, a planning session with AWS to review women's hours, and a discussion on the feasibility of having a dormitory for undergraduates 21 or older.

PANHELLENIC PRESIDENT COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Nancy Butterbaugh ( Corr. Sec. ), Millie Hodson ( External Vice-Pres. ), Judy Irish (Internal Vice-Pres. ), Vickie Jornod ( Pres.), Betty Roe (Panhellenic Adviser), Karen Sinclair ( Treas. ), Camilla Colontonio ( Rec. Sec.), SECOND ROW: Lynda J. Tomlin, Pam Stoner, Susan Schoenstein, Shari McNally, Lynn Smock, Reberta Weisman, Ethel R. Sanders. THIRD ROW: Peg Johnson, Jan Meschberger, Jane Gard, Pam Turner, Barbara Winship, Alice Kapusta, Jane Wicker, Patty Francis. FOURTH ROW: Eileen Louick, Brenda Cloe, Barbara Chapman, Carol Bottorff, Sandy Altman, Marcy Tucker, Nancy Bushmann, Juanita Mast, Bonnie Dolnick.

Junior and Senior Panhellenic

Panhellenic, unlike many organizations, is a behind-the-scenes promoter. It is the job of Panhellenic to supplement the system with programs to better prepare women for pledging. With the advent of fall came the formal convocation. Co-ordinated talks were given by noted speakers such as Dr. Richard Hall who spoke on "The Role of the Initiated." That snowbound Sunday in February marked the culmination of another I.U. sorority rush. But for another group of Greek women, the Panhellenic Executive and Presidential Council members, the rush was just beginning when work started on the two publications, "Sorority Life" and "Your Guide to Rush." These are mailed during the summer to incoming freshman women. Also in February various Panhellenic planning sessions got into full swing. Committees were organized to set up dates for coke

JUNIOR PANHELLENIC — FIRST ROW: Lynn Darr ( Sec.), Donna Andree ( VicePres.), Janie Upward (Pres.), Suzanne St. John ( Treas.). SECOND ROW: Janie Dickman, Susie Baker, Carol Boone, Margie Hribar, Patricia Sullivan, Robin Harruff. THIRD ROW: Margaret Dawson, Jan Hefti, Vivian Hurst, Libby Kerrigan, Janet Lemna, Marcia Lauritzson, Rita Beaty.

parties, teas, and formal rush. Sorority representatives were given training in rush counseling to prepare them for their dorm assignments during rush, and numerous workshops were set up to help indoctrinate sorority hopefuls. Panhellenic co-sponsored Greek Week with I.F.C. They performed various philanthropic endeavors, worked with A.W.S. and I.R.H.A. to lay the groundwork for the revision in senior women's hours, and awarded three scholarships based on service and academics. In the words of one of the Panhellenic officers, "Every day was a trauma," — the meetings, lights burning late in the Panhell office, the IBM machines that are never wrong. It's hard work, but more than that, it's a lesson in cooperation. And, on that snowbound Sunday in February, it all proved worthwhile.

Interfraternity Council

Amusing moments can happen such as the evening that the Interfraternity Council held two meetings simultaneously because of an executive mix-up, and both were dissolved due to lack of a quorum. However, for the Interfraternity Council, such a moment provided humor in an unusually successful year. The Council fulfilled its objectives, co-ordinating and maintaining fraternities on campus, while introducing a new goal. With the colonization of Theta Xi on February 19, the first phase of a five-year fraternity expansion program was completed. The traditional Interfraternity Council-sponsored affairs, Greek Week and Help Week, highlighted the Greek social calendar. Greek Week was topped off with a Greek Week Dance, the proceeds of which paid for all the week's activities and allowed the Council to present Robert Olson with a $200 scholarship. During Help Week charity projects were sponsored by all the houses. An interesting and important function of the Interfraternity Council is analyzing grade predictions of pledges and reasons for depledging. Through such research, the Council can gauge the effectiveness of the varied methods used in pledge programs. This year grade predictions were sixty per cent accurate — a figure which reflects the effectiveness of I.U.'s Interfraternity Council.

In the great meeting hall, the IFC new spring semester officers and chapter presidents meet with Dick Armstrong and other fall semester officers to discuss plans, problems, and objectives of the council.

JUNIOR INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Jeffrey R. Somers ( Sec.), Skip Knutson ( Vice-Pres.), Steve Harms (Pres.), John Hillery ( Public Rel.), Grant Beardshear ( Treas. ). SECOND ROW: Larry Alexander, William Huff, Pat Moss, Michael Oyer, Larry Steele, Jim Gallo, Gary Fromm, Dave Hartley. THIRD ROW: Gary Rich, Tom Crandall, Eric B. Reuss, George Bewley, Rick Huse, Ross Brown, Scott Lerner, Norman Peacock, Gunnar Richardson. FOURTH ROW: Ron Peters, Bob Minnich, Thom Clapp, Vince Savage, Chris Gardner, Mark Bair, Jim McCoy, Mike Farrell, Phil McCoy.

LAW STUDENTS — FIRST ROW: Pat Carroll, Elliott Levin, Thomas Gossman, David Harpold, Ron Warrum, Robert Delaney, William Bontrager, David Butcher. SECOND ROW: Wingen Rothwalter, Warren Stephen, Nancy Lehman, Disley Owens, Sandra Furtick ( Sec.-Treas.), Guerry McNabb ( Pres. ), Alice Booher, Timothy Dodd, Dan Roby, Jerry Young. THIRD ROW: Tom Milligan, Robert Yeager, Charles Roth, David M. Jaffe, John H. DeBoisblanc, Tracy Little, Lawrence Pazol, Ralph Eddy, Garry Davis, Jack R. Robinson, George Hopkins, Larry E. Edmonson, Donald Grande, William J. Streeter. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Barney, Robert Jefferies, Thomas McCully, Jerry Robinson, William Ream, Charles Griffith, Neil Howard, Darrel Peckinpaugh, Vernon Petri, Richard Hodgin, Charles Herriman, Jeffrey Schaffer, Denis Koehlinger, Bob Neiman. FIFTH ROW: Jim Emmett, Sam Litzenberger, Ronald Vroal, Robert A. Garelick, Charles A. Cohen, Stephen C. Moberly, David Mahan, William Chambers, Arvin L. Davis, Robert Poynter, Dennis Dewey, Stephen L. Ferguson, James L. Berenthal, Douglas R. Bridges, George W. Gossman. SIXTH ROW: Howard Hall, Howard Lytton, Thomas Kotoske, Richard Rosenberg, Herbert R. Louck, Rudy Lozano, William Coupe, Herbert Boase, Hank Hudson, Robert Reynolds, David E. Cook, Roger P. Hoffman, Thomas R. Lemon, Frank J. Otte, Charles Silky Jr.

Law Students IU Accounting Club I.U. ACCOUNTING CLUB — FIRST ROW: Bob Conaway ( 2nd Vice-Pres.), Olga Sysock ( 3rd Vice-Pres. ), John Durkott (Pres. ), Richard Zimmerman ( 1st VicePresident ), Judith Robinson ( Sec. ), Bob Loomis ( Treas. ). SECOND ROW: Joseph Douglas, Charles Logsdon, Marlin Goebel, Warren Rosenblatt, Ronald Zubkoff, James Vergin, Robert Imel, Cheryl Blackburn. THIRD ROW: Paul Clark, Kenneth Ooms, Thomas Kish, Bernard Pfile, Ivan E. Blankenship Jr., LeRoy Buxton, Malcolm K. Beckner, James A. Vogel, John H. Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Wagoner, Douglas Dye, Robert Baker, Richard May, Robert Swanson, Doug Johnson, Rick Clements, William Mulvaney, Louis Grief, Robert Chulock, Ellsworth Granger.


ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION — FIRST ROW: Walla Colglazier ( Treas.), Judy Grandorf, Bonnie Wenger ( Pres.), Susan Prather ( Vice-Pres.), Sue Lattimer ( Sec.). SECOND ROW: Carol Rothbauer, Linda Walker, Karen Martin, Marcia Frazier, Kathy Pfau, Theresa Hite. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Rykovich, Sue Slattery, Jerry Smiley, Chris Blackmun, Lorraine Wollar, Lorraine Uskert, Jan Shoobridge. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Leaders, Becky Hobbs, Sharon Witmer, Anita D. Edwards, Rosemary Vargo, Dianne Seltzer, Marytha Cook, Mary A. Meyer. FIFTH ROW: Kathleen Sheffield, Anne Fraker, Marcia Bean, Jane Schnakenburg, Patty Bailey, Nina Adolph, Jackie Dillon, Margaret Kleinhenz.

Association for Childhood Education

Student Education Association STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION — FIRST ROW: Phyllis Reitenour, Penny Couse ( Sec. ), Allen Wesson ( Pres.), Milton Marten ( Advisor ), Peter Messmore ( VicePres. ), Marjorie Zadra ( Soc. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Marionnette Bullock, Pam Linn, Jody Free, Kathy Hummel, Tanya Lienhart, Theresa Hite, Bonnie Wenger.



Indiana University Foundation Every I.U. student knows about the Little 500. And practically every student knows that the I.U. Foundation sponsors the Little 500. But very few students know that the I.U. Foundation is much more than a bike race and a lot of spring hoopla. On the left — Bill Armstrong, executive director of the I.U. Foundation, with his two assistants, Curt Simic, left, and Ted Smith, right, are the men responsible for the Student Foundation functions; Bob Olson, president, and Lorna Propes, vice-president, of the I.U. Student Foundation-chairmen of the Steering Committee and the "World's Greatest College Weekend — Little 500." The Student Foundation's main goal is the strengthening of ties between the students and the University. Through work with the faculty and various administrative departments in conjunction with the Little 500, the organization has provided over 1900 scholarships of $100 to students. The Little 500 also makes loans for students possible.

FOUNDATION STEERING COMMITTEE — ROW ONE: Bob Olson, Lorna Propes; ROW TWO: Marilyn Fillbrandt, Kathy Lybrook, John Kneisely; THIRD ROW: Lee Lurton, Lynn Smock, Betty Jo Day; FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Rish, Sylvia Grant; FIFTH ROW: Tom Wright, Eileen Vandermark; SIXTH ROW: Pam Turner, Linda Leach; SEVENTH ROW: Merrill Emerick, Dick Schaible, Bill Hunt.


To understate the case, I.U. Foundation is a group that the University couldn't get along without. It yearly collects and administers vast sums of money, nearly a million dollars. But the collection of money isn't everything the Foundation does. It also negotiates contracts with companies doing research at I.U. with certain royalties going to the Foundation and eventually to the University community. The Aerospace Research Applications Center is another Foundation enterprise. It distributes scientific and technical information about the U.S. space program. The Olympic Banquet is one of the highlights for the Student Foundation. On the upper left of the opposite page President Stahr addresses the Olympian participants that have been honored at the banquet. Another separate scholar-

ship fund which gives up to $2500 each year for four years is also sponsored by the I.U. Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Getz at this time, represent the Arthur R. Metz Foundation. The Student Foundation also hosts several Board luncheons throughout the year. Pictured below the Olympic Banquet photo, Dick Schaible discusses the Student Foundation program with Bryon K. Elliott, Chairman of the Board of John Hancock Life Insurance and member of the I.U. Foundation Board of Directors. The Student Foundation believes in promoting its cause. At the Fall Banquet members of the Student Foundation Steering Committee meet for a formal introduction for the purposes of the I.U. Foundation. The Little 500 symbolized by the Ice 500 was one of their ways of showing the drama of the Foundation.


This year there were 205 Little 500 Scholarships given to students. These scholarships based on academic achievement, amount of hours at work, and leadership are handled upon the recommendation of the I.U. Foundation and processed through the Scholarships and Loans Office. The Student Foundation affords juniors and seniors training in service and leadership. Below, Bill Armstrong discusses Little 500 plans with a few of the Steering Committee members. With many hours of labor and laughter — the I.U. Foundation thus serves its purpose at I.U.

IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Bruce Wiener, Dave Adler, Dan Fuquay, Stephen Petersen, Charles Sachs. SECOND ROW: Annie Herdrich, Susie Garlock, Jan Harrell, Susan Crawford, Sally Noon, Susie Wisely, Creggie Salisbury. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Nigginbotham, Carolyn Furst, Rozzie Beil, Jan Writer, Diane Schwalm, Marcy Baron, Deborah Quear, Patti Talbot, Barb Corvill, Kay Booton, Winnie Kaffenberger, Millie Hodson. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Solomon, Sally Nixon, Jan Yost, George Martin, Barb Wiehmiller, Pat Hornbostel, Vickie Jornod, Nancy Bachmann, Kay Kammes, Carol Utterback, Anne Meier, Pat Tylisz. FIFTH ROW: Rick Levi, Debbie Conner, Ann Whitlock, Joyce Groom, Sandy Troeger, Tom Wright, Jim Goins, Pete Houdeshel, Melinda Conley, Donna Andree, Elaine McCormick, JoAnn Bacon, Tom McNichols, Tom Dean. SIXTH ROW: Kathy McGreal, Delbert Nelsen, Allen Coblentz, Mike Freid, Gil Mascher, Jan Estes, Dennis King, John Bodine, Bill Michael, Jim Kittle, Judy Speer, Sandy Altman, Larry Lee, Pete Schellie, Jim Rawlings.

ILI Foundation

ILA Foundation IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Barbara Dolata, JoAnn Hildebrandt, Kathy Stahl, David Meo, Carol Weaver, Barb Cashbaugh. SECOND ROW: Marcia Hahn, Diane Robinson, Edwina L. Davis, Joel McNally, Cindy Whitfield, Adrian Drapalik, Jan Westfall. THIRD ROW: Phil Murphy, Skip Wiesmiller, Don Watkins, Thomas Funk, Wayne Witmer, John Hartman.

IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Mary A. Ulrich, Susie Rogers, Andy Barrum, Mary Ross, Sandy Szavo, Karen Wintermantel, Joyce Hayhurst. SECOND ROW: Kathy Arnold, Margene May, Dianna Gray, Kathi Odell, Susan Woodworth, Dyann Miles, Ann Steiner, Carol Anres, Shari McNally. THIRD ROW: Linda Doty, Joan Grahek, Carol Bottorff, Joseph 0. Vogel, Marilyn Hudson, Rick Hokanson, Larry Banghart, Keith Klein, Nancy Buschmann, Connie Clime r. FOURTH ROW: Ken Hardman, Phil Goddard, Steve Bola, Tom Phares, Katherine Riley, Carol Furry, Thomas J. Buecher, Denny Fisher, Wes Hamilton, Jeff Brown, Shelly Brusslan. FIFTH ROW: Jim Strain, Bob Schreiber, Richard Dawson, Dan McConnell, Eugene Packer, Lane Barnett, Steve Boch, Ted Randall, Peter Fettig, Larry Ailes.

ILI Foundation

ILI Foundation IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Marilyn Feigenbaum, Barbara Wade, Sherry Walsh, Elizabeth Griffin, Diana Movius, Sandy Felley, Cheri Egelston. SECOND ROW: Camilla Colantonio, Eileen Willeford, Suzanne Berger, Phyllis Mott, Emily Huntington, Glida Bailey, Carolyn Fleischhauer, Kathy Mauder, Leigh Watley, Gay Fast. THIRD ROW: J. Winckelbach, Rosann Spiro, Allan Marshall, Manuel Barreiro, Jack O'Brien, Lois Loats, Laurie Beyer, Juanita Mast, Carol Christy, Nancy Lewis, Reba Koch. FOURTH ROW: William Rupright, Michael D. Tucker, Jack Smart, John Shanks, Cindy Bartlett, Dave Newsom, Ken Todd, Ron Alvarez, Dave Hamer, Kayleen Freeman. FIFTH ROW: Birta Fowlkes, Jerry Pugh, Jack Swelstad, Roger Uule, Bob Wyatt, Jon Abell, Don Bracchi, Barry Forst, Drew Wright.

IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Marti Sweitzer, Peggy Guttman, Bobbi Arnold, Pat Fullerton, Diane Wray, Judy Cutright, Glenna Tolbert. SECOND ROW: Alice Driscoll, Ginny Woosnam, Marsha Snideman, Carolyn McKinney, Sally Niewoehner, Judy McMahan, Claudia Moss, Sandy Fix, Karen Checkley. THIRD ROW: Judy Foulkes, Mary Rauktis, Heidi Kraushar, Cheryl Heister, Susie Luellen, Jim Zukowski, Anna Cox, Keith Jung, Marc Carmichael, Maryjo Kimmell. FOURTH ROW: Rick McQueen, Sid Sheray, Malcolm K. Beckner, Randy Covington, Robert O'Neal, Jim Fattu, Bill Morgan, Ken Maltenfort, Marion Stewart.

ILI Foundation

ILA Foundation IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Elaine Naramoto, Patti Grob, Julie Rench, Donna Bowen, Marcia Robbins, Mitzi Augenbergs. SECOND ROW: Sally Bash, Sue Huffman, Diane Fredrick, Carol Pollard, Carolyn Thompson, Sue Rose, Linda Smallwood, Marian Yanney. THIRD ROW: James King, Barb Haskett, Ed McCabe, Jack Leavell, Rick Datzman, John Mead, Ann Armstrong, Mary Jo Ridgeway, Tina Hibbs. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Smid, Al York, Craig Klugman, Steve Killworth, Skip Higgins, Dick Ungerer, Patty Bailey, Bob Morrow, John Clark, Jeff McClellan, Bruce Young. FIFTH ROW: Josh Berman, Rich King, Jim Crane, Rich Baker, Rick Knop, Chuck Walls, Steve Hyatt, David DeJean, Sheldon Shafer, Toby Stone, Mike Egnatz, Scott Rexinger, Dave Eaton, James Jordan.

IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Elaine Zuroff, Ethel Sanders, Susi Scovern, Karen Thorman, Linda Coffman, Marilyn Jordan. SECOND ROW: Barbara Venezia, Barbara Steczysyn, Kit Murphy, Kathy Kincaid, Jo A. Gessman, Ann Rifner, Betsy Robbins, Janet Smith. THIRD ROW: Mary Schilling, Maribeth Faherty, Sharon Babcock, Karen Sinclair, Franklin Yudkin, Marc Levin, Linda Douglass, Becky Fugit, Mary J. Day. FOURTH ROW: Pat Vonesh, Virginia Molby, Frank Pipino, Ted Shuel, Dave McAllister, Tom Cornwell, Don Kritsch, David Banks. FIFTH ROW: Stephen R. Morris, George Sigler, John Musselman, Randall Nevils, John Suhre, Jack Gaydosh, Wade Nelson.

ILI Foundation

ILI Foundation IU FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Anna L. White, Barbara Acker, Martha Kercheval, Jan Edington, Gloria Johnston. SECOND ROW: Carol Smith, Mary Bruce, Tonda Beesley, Mike W. Tucker, C. R. Roach, Rick Barron, Mary Connell. THIRD ROW: Norm Eisenberg, Chuck Richards, Mike Coakley, Ross Creekmore, Edwin A. Harper, Pat Boyce, James D. Richwine, Paul Clark.


I.U. FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: Michele Jamison, Terry Thompson, Alice Gettelfinger, Bonnie McNell, Marcia Torcorn, Janie Wheatley. SECOND ROW: Lynn Shumaker, Sherrianne Maddox, Brenda Kay Harper, Cathie Hall, Sheryl Bills, Sandi Weisensteiner. THIRD ROW: Betty Figlure, Kathy O'Donnell, Linda Becker, Kathy Jackson, Jo Ann Noble, Cynthia Mauck, Bobbie McManus, Vivian Fiscus. FOURTH ROW: Jaris Standley, Sylvia Shockley, Jackie Jones, Betty Sloan, Carol Quackenbush, Marilyn Stanley, Sally Chesrowan, Carol McMahan.

I.U. FOUNDATION — FIRST ROW: John Fugate, John Urbahns, Bud Jensen, Tom Hamilton, Toni Johnson, Michael Arnolt, Bill Pell. SECOND ROW: Don Levin, Tom Kilrain, Ken Todd, Tim Krebs, Bill Aichele, Dave Cusick, Sim Schmiet, Todd Hodgdon. THIRD ROW: Richard Shortz, Steve Taylor, Gary Kruchten, Bob Hetzler, Don Fix, Pat Handley, Ken Schaaf, Randy Long. FOURTH ROW: Steve Birr, Robert Hickam, Mary Hamilton, Mark Ulrey, Chuck Citrin, Wilbur Siders, Tom Kline, Dick Anglin, John Hodges.



Indiana Memorial Union The Indiana Memorial Union is more than a sprawling complex of food services, meeting rooms, convention facilities, offices, lounges, and mercy knows what else. It's almost a way of life. Ask any of the Union Board members. They lived in their third floor office, planning and bringing off a staggering list of programs and special events aimed at making the free time if the I.U. student a combination of productive experience and entertainment. Not only the is the sheer volume of events fantastic, but their variety is amazing. The IMU and the Union Board handled everything from the Lycea Dinners ( one of the speakers was John Chancellor, above left ) to the sponsorship of the Sailing Club. For the culturally-minded, the Indiana Memorial Union provided a series of art displays


throughout the year. University Showtime provided an excellent opportunity for radio and TV enthusiasts to broaden their experience and further develop their talents. A part of the Christmas observations on campus was the re-creation of early English Madrigal dinners, complete with strolling minstrels and plum pudding. Christmas Eve on Campus included an all-campus dance, the crowning of the Arbutus Queen, and night of Christmas carols, resplendent with Chancellor Wells in his Santa suit. In the spring Union Board sponsored a second all-campus dance, Easter Parade on Campus. At Monte Carlo Night students indulged in mild and legal vice — gambling pennies. The Children's Matinee Series was one of the more successful Union Board activities. Committee members for this project were rewarded for their efforts by the happy faces of the"young ones" of the campus family. IMU again presented the annual President's Ball in December which allowed students to meet the President and Mrs. Stahr. The IMU Pop Concert Series brought Jack Jones; Peter, Paul, and Mary; the Swingle Singers; Dave Bruheck; The Serendipity Singers; Woody Allen; and Ramsey Lewis to campus. The IMU also provided summer school students with the recreational facilities of Yellowwood and the beaches on Lake Lemon. The IMU also provided students with the opportunity to increase international awareness both among the American and foreign students by promoting a new program, Emphasis — The World. Such programs as "Emphasis — Russia," "Emphasis — India-Pakistan," and "Emphasis — An Emerging Africa" were big successes in the first trial year. The program brought such noted speakers as the First Secretary to the Russian Embassy, India's First Secretary, and a member of the British Consulate in New York to the campus. The biggest thing the Union Board had to coordinate was manpower. All these programs took an enormous amount of labor — committee work, decorating, publicity, and a hundred other jobs — to carry out. In the spring the office looked almost like an Army recruiting center. At right below, Anne Meier and Julie Rench help two applicants sort through the lists of possible places to apply their talents.



UNION BOARD — FIRST ROW: Larrie H. Lee ( Vice-Pres. ), Anne Meier, Barb Venezia, Paul Beck, Janet Fitzpatrick, Thomas J. Martin ( Pres.), SECOND ROW: Lynne Marcus, Martin J. Levy, Thomas Cornwell, Julia Rench, Robert Whitacre, James Fattu.

SCHOOL OF NURSING STUDENT COUNCIL — SEATED: Karen Hampton ( Sports Co-Ch.), Janis Metro ( Student Union Bd. Rep. ), Nancy Walters ( Vice-Pres.), Karen Buschman (Pres.), Mary Ann Long ( Sec.), Marcella May ( Senior Class Rep.), Lura Moss (Junior Class Rep.). STANDING: Marci Fowler ( Hist. ), Linda Moffett Jegen ( Student Union Bd. Rep.), Mrs. Harriet Becker ( Fac. Adviser ), Mary Lacko ( Affiliate Comm. Ch.), Susan Walcher ( Sports CoCh. ), Barbara Haller ( Publicity Ch.), Sandra Patterson ( Soc. Ch. ), Joyce Brosey ( Rel. Ch.), Nancy Giannopoulos ( Soph. Class Rep. ), Ella Rumppe ( Fac. Adviser ).

Nurses' Student Council

Sophomore Class Nurses SCHOOL OF NURSING, SOPHOMORE CLASS — FIRST ROW: Lolita Raymundo, Vicki Scott, Kathryn Bibler, Lorraine Chan, Karen McCarty, Ginger Haislip, Sandra Duncan, Carolyn Lohman, Joan Piper, Janet Shoemaker, Joan Beck, Judy Johnson, Gale Reuter, Kathy Benson, Kathryn Gray. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Carter, Barbara Meyerson, Christine Hendrie, Patricia Ball, Susan Eaton, Janet Kowal, Nancy Anderson, Carolyn Carney, Gayle Fisher, Pamela Ritter, Julie Ferris, Kathleen Visovatti, Jane Fasbinder, Martha Stuckey, Gwendolyn Ward, Joanna Binion. THIRD ROW: Marlene Rawles, Virginia Michael, Karen Gerasimovich, Susann Sparks, Katherine Brown, Sheila Bryant, Kay Hanna, Pamela Rehl, Judith McAleer, Candace Harrison, Phyllis Breen, Kathleen White, Joles Crumrine, Patricia Root, Lois Gallimore. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Ebbeler, Caroline Williams, Lana Dickerson, Ramona Enyeart, Cathie Strakis, Kathryn Phillabaum, Rowena Nash, Sue Miner, Karen McIntosh, Barbara Cass, Margaret Lawley, Ann Zaharias, Mary Wyno, Ann Harrell, Nancy A. Gangwer, Carol Hensley. FIFTH ROW: LeEtta Ring, Barbara S. Franklin, Suzette Haywood, Jacqueline Kessler, Michele Pattison, Mary Kaye William, Rosemary Morton, Sharon Cauffman, Judith Dees, Karen McCoy, Jane Hosler, Patricia Lopp, Diane Kroon, Paulette McHale, Janice Shives.

SCHOOL OF NURSING BASKETBALL TEAM — FIRST ROW: Phyllis Breen, Nancy Marlow, Carol Waltemath, Patricia Seidl, Jane Searfoss, Ann Custer. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Ramsey ( Coach ), Carol Miller, Susan Walcher, Jane Hosler, Karen Hampton, Gwendolyn Ward, Jamona Schauberger, Sandra Miller, Nancy Rauch, Brenda Lyon, Mary Jane Stokes.

Nurses' Basketball Team

Junior Class Nurses SCHOOL OF NURSING, JUNIOR CLASS — FIRST ROW: Linda Rouch, Mary Lacko, Pamela Habel, Maralee Smith, Judith E. Case, Donna Jines, Sharon Wulf, Lois Shaw, Barbara Wagers. SECOND ROW: Nancy Haines, Nancy Rauch, Susan Pfettscher, Sandra Jetter, Susan Crawford, Patricia Rench, Annette Durbin, Jill Campbell, Joan Alfred. THIRD ROW: Carol Wessel, Penny Nichols, Carole Blaemire, Patricia Michaeloff, Patricia Rollo, Diana Scott, Janis Metro, Claudia St. John, Marilyn Ernest, Judith Unrue. FOURTH ROW: Susan Walcher, Mary Maby, Nancy Parsley, Nancy Crum, Margaret Jones, Katie Johnson, Sharon Dalton, Donna Harris, Sandra Allen.


Frazier, Barbara Bernd, Karen Truelove, Linda Moffett, Patsy Duncan, Marlene Chandler. SECOND ROW: Dr. Mildred Bearss, Ruth Brown, Jo Anne Jerram, Marcia Fowler, Connie Rose, Barbara Hudson, Pat Warton, Barbara Kuhn, Judy Zellers. THIRD ROW: Carol Stephenson, Loeta Stockanes, Helen Aull, Mary Ruth Beeber, Alice Espich, Annette Gurastias, Judy Mayfield, Karen Cravens, Karen Buschman. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Elliott, Helen Pazdur, Joyce Rider, Catherine Owens, Jean Cunningham, Candy Franklin, Joyce Luenstroth, Doris Schrock. FIFTH ROW: Jean Hutton, Sandra Lindley, Mary Kay Neisse, Betty Neighbert, Prudence Amos.

Sigma Theta Tau, B.S. Initiates Sigma Theta Tau, M.S. Initiates SIGMA THETA TAU, M.S. INITIATES — FIRST ROW: Esther Moneyhan, Faye

Riley, Sarah Heller, Samuel T. Hughes Jr., Lynn Davis, Maxine Lindsay, Annetta Scheffel. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Juhn, Viola Tillotson, Marion O'Toole, Iva Leifferman, Wilma Jean Brady, Ethel Schlotter, Cleo Hayden, Janet Barber, Lorraine Olyzewski. THIRD ROW: Bertie Bridges, Anna Plathe, Judith Kuebbeler, Frances Chisholm, Margaret Ann Kramer, Margaret Klen, Mildred Quackenbush, Patricia Blee.

INDIANAPOLIS STUDENT UNION BOARD — FIRST ROW: Dorothy Oppliger ( Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union), Sheryl Lynn Ritter ( Allied Health Sciences, Rec. Sec.), Suzanne Minnis ( Allied Health Sciences), Sharon Uchimura (Program Coordinator). SECOND ROW: Janis Anne Metro ( School of Nursing), Joseph Vincent ( Downtown Campus), Sara Sue Moran ( School of Dentistry, Corr. Sec.), Larry Davis ( School of Medicine, VicePres. ), Robert Roselius ( Div. of Social Service, Pres.). THIRD ROW: Craig Boone (Downtown Campus), David Allison (School of Law ), John Brant ( School of Law), George Toth ( Division of Social Service). FOURTH ROW: Raymond A. Dault ( Union Bldg. Mngr.), Cullen Athey Jr. ( School of Dentistry ).

Student Union Board

The Bloomington campus isn't the only one that celebrates the Christmas season with Madrigal Dinners. The Madrigal Singers also travel to the Indianapolis campus to help our neighbors to the north observe the Yuletide season. The scene on the left is from one such Madrigal Dinner last December.


OCEANIDES — FIRST ROW: Susan Walker, Lynn Gibson, Kathy Ellis, Virginia Molby, Cyndy Brumund, Jan Arbogast, Laurie Telder, Cindy Pattengale, Karen Bixler. SECOND ROW: Dana Owens, Mary McAuliffe, Karen Shapiro, Mary Wexler, Marianne Gillette, Sue Nieman, Kathy Greene, Kathy Johnson, Gale Lorene, Marcia Hahn, Carol Meyer, Margaret Hoggatt. THIRD ROW: Ann Rager, Alice Driscoll, Pat Shane, Emily Huntington, Jane Blair, Jane Franceschini, Nancy Heinson, Ann Harmening, Lynn Hoffman, Kofie Montgomery, Nancy Nieman, Mrs. Joanne Kovacs ( Adviser ). FOURTH ROW: Joyce Miller, Sandi Wernimont, Karen Craner, Ann McIntire, Alice Gettlefinger, Michele Jamison, Nancy Frazee, Beverly Hood, Jan Harrell, Sharon Gurman, Juanita Viera.

OCEANIDES. The main event every year is a show produced by the girls in the club and presented Mother's weekend in the spring. Lighting, scenery, and costumes all come from the girls' ingenuity, and the numbers performed around the shows theme are written by club members. Proceeds from the show finance the year's activities and the show itself. In addition, money gained from the show provides for a scholarship each year to a member of the club, based on outstanding contribution and participation. Activities during the year include trips to other campuses to gather new ideas, and workshops, both at other camPictured directly below are the officers: Virginia Molby ( Treas.), Kathy Greene ( Publicity Ch.), Marcia Hahn ( Vice-Pres. & Show Dir.), Marianne Gillette (Pres.), Mary Wexler (Sec.), Sandi Wernimont ( Hist.).

puses and at IU. One such workshop was given here for the local high school's G.A.A. The fundamentals of synchronized swimming were presented to approximately 80 girls from the Bloomington area. An example of the still floating patterns in the water is shown in the picture on the right.


BOARD OF AEONS — CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: George Martin, Rex Joseph ( Sec.), Larrie Lee, Dave Frick, Robert Olson (Pres.), Dan Smith, Tom Martin, Pete Smith, Pete Schellie, Tim Hartzer, Steve Killworth.

Board of Aeons BOARD OF AEONS. The Board of Aeons is an advisory group that meets with President Stahr to discuss reports submitted to him on major concerns of the University. Members are selected each spring by the President and Dean of Students on awareness of problems facing

I.U. and perception to cope with them. This year, in addition to having dinner at the President's house and holding the traditional boress picket of the AWS convention, the Aeons attended a special class in higher education where they met with leading University officials.

G.M. IS COMING — STANDING: Tim Hartzer, Pete Schellie, Steve Killworth, George Martin, Pete Smith, Rex Joseph, Bob Olson, Larrie Lee. THUMBS UP: Dave Frick and Dan Smith.


David Edward Bartenbach Gail E. Patton Berger Paula Marie Brown Robert Allan Colyer Mary Sigrid Everson Charles Michael Fox Barbara Diane Franklin David Jeffery Hadley Jeremy Harris Karen Jean Hawkins

Elizabeth Histand Virginia Faye Hurst Michael Emmet Kirn Ann Marie Kuchta Terry Curtis Lawson Gail Ellen Lewin Jo Katherine Lybrook Bonnie Jean Maxwell William Michael McCune Janet Mae Meschberger

Jerry Lee Morgan Linda Ann Naaman James Earl Platt Lynn C. Schechter Lorraine Carole Schwartz Marilyn Kay Stanley James George Vanasek Diane Rita Warshawsky Ellen Anne Williams Jonathan Andrew Yoder

Phi Beta Kappa


Ronald Joseph Ammerman John Clark Anderson Robert W. Baker Dolph Alvin Bargahiser Albert Dero Bates Marshall Ovid Beilke Robert E. Boggs Ronald Stewart Bond Charles Franklin Bonser Robert Bayh Bourne Jess Willard Bowers Jerry Kent Brown Robert L. Bryson Paul Patrick Burns William Paul Carmichael Craig Romney Carpenter Robert W. Carroll Robert J. Carruthers Rodney J. Chesser David L. Cocanower James L. Crawford John Wesley Currier Carl L. Dellinger Anne Carolyn Deters Gary Norman Dicer Edward J. Dobrowolski John F. Durkott Terrill Frank Ellis Bert Eugene Elwert Arthur Donald Enty David E. Evans Michael Eugene Evans James Frank Filgas Bruce Alan Findley

Terry J. Fishel Larry Robert Fisher James L. Foster, Jr. John Robert Foster William C. Fowler David T. Fronek William Wayne Gibbons Max Paul Goff Leonard M. Goldman James E. Goode William Maxwell Goodwin Ellsworth C. Granger Thomas G. Gray Pamela J. Grosenheider James H. Grund Robert Douglas Hall James Tooke Harris Charles Stanley Hatfield Kirchiro Hayashi James Bryan Heathcotte Winton Ronal Helton Terry Richard Hershberger J. Mark Hilligoss William Joseph Hocter Robert Floyd Hoel Jerry Lee Hooley David Truman Hooper Devonne E. Horton Donald John Houtakker Robert Leigh Hunt Philip Austin Hutchison Dennis R. Jones John Kerr John V. King

David Bellinger Knoll David Truman Kollat Gary J. Kruchten Paul Lau Karen E. Lentes Billy Joe Linder Timothy F. MacDonald Peter Joseph McClure Dale Donald McFarlane Stephen A. McGregor Carol Anna Maines Carl C. Mechling Stephen Messner John Frederick Michaels Ronald Joseph Mondlock William L. Mulvaney Elaine M. Naramoto Albert M. Navas John Rupert Oldland Louis Richard Oliker John Charles Ormond Conner Piper Otteson Donald S. Pepe Frank Roger Pollard Richard T. Pratt Harry Wayne Ramsey Roland Aaron Reich Edwin G. Reschly Brenda K. Roberts Jerry D. Robinson Gary Michael Roodman Billibet Wilma Rush John Kelley Ryans Ralph Walter Salo

Rainer Sautermeister Dale Herbert Scharinger Nancy E. Schellenberger Gary D. Schwartz Harold Leon Shadday James Blair Shein Donald E. Simmons Dayal Singh Sandra J. Stanton Loren A. Stauffer Donald P. Stegall Elvis Clay Stephens Charles D. Sternberg Paul W. Stivers Robert L. Stockamp Earl R. Stone Walter Stanley Stuart Jeffrey Charles Susbauer John Henry Thompson Thomas E. Turner Richard Sands Underhill Robert Edward Valle Dennis E. Wagoner Lee Wakeman Russell Glen Weigand Mark A. White David John Wilkins Oliver Austin Willey Carole A. Wilson William Dean Wilsted James D. Winemiller Edward Lowry Winn David Alan Wollin Calda J. Wright

Beta Gamma Sigma


BLUE KEY — FIRST ROW: John DeBoisblanc, Thomas Martin, Richard Armstrong, John Patrick Boyce ( Corr. Sec. ). SECOND ROW: Joseph 0. Vogel ( Treas.), V. William Hunt ( Vice-Pres.), Robert Olson, Jerry O'Shaughnessey, Larrie H. Lee ( Pres. ), Dr. John Schrodt ( Adviser ).

Blue Key Larrie H. Lee, Blue Key president, administers the oath of induction to President Elvis J. Stahr. Looking on are Dr. Sven Groennings, faculty adviser, and Joseph 0. Vogel, treasurer.

MORTAR BOARD — FIRST ROW: Marilyn Feigenbaum, Mary Sutter ( Sec. ), Helen Friedman (Pres.), Pat Nixon ( Treas.), Lynn Marcus ( Hist. ). SECOND ROW: Elaine Naramato, Carole Platt, Barbara Ahl, Jane Card, Phyl Kilgour, Ethel R. Sanders. THIRD ROW: Linda Leach, Judy Irish, Anne Binkley, Phebe Berkowitz, Brenda Cloe, Marjorie Parker, Eileen Vandermark.

Mortar Board


PLEIADES — FIRST ROW: Jan Harrell, Elaine Anstett, Sandy Altman ( Pres.), Barbara Dolata ( Vice-Pres.), Carol Weaver. SECOND ROW: Susie Wisely, Diane Schwalm, Millie Hodson, Rozzie Beil, Marcy Baron, Susie Robinson. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Tackney, Jan Writer, Anne Meier, Nancy Cohen, Connie Climer, Jan Yost, Judy Cutright. FOURTH ROW: Vickie Jornod, Barbara Weihmiller, Nancy Bachmann, Nancy Buschmann, Barb Louis, Jan Westfall, Margene May, Helen Elliott.


E o ENOMENE — FIRST ROW: Alice Gettelfinger, Linda Flowers, Sherri Huff. SECOND ROW: Janie Upward, Becky Bell ( Treas.), Mary A. Wucher ( Pres.), Carol Steinberg ( Vice-Pres.), Diane Hamacher ( Sec. ), Mary J. Woodburn ( Corr. Sec.). THIRD ROW: Meg Wolf, Jan Jamison, Arla Nudelman, Sharon Gurman, Judy Jones, Kim Glasser, Kathe White, Jane Samuelson, Linda Graves. FOURTH ROW: Janice Firestein, M. Ellen Jay, Rosemary Blackburn, Janie Lundy, Randi Morse, Melissa Finnegan, Dottie Owens, Debbie McAdams, Nina Trasoff, Zola Makrauer.



ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA — FIRST ROW: Ann McIntire ( 2nd Vice-Pres. ), Janet Hahn ( Pres. ), Mary F. Lewis ( Treas. ), Moira Sugioka. SECOND ROW: Jan Kelley, Tira Yermack, M. Ellen Jay, Susie Anderson, Marsha Menke. THIRD ROW: Janet Sugarman, Joan Brigman, Jane Lockridge, Maryan Ripple, Janet Qualley, Diane Kubow.

Alpha Lambda Delta

Omicron Delta OMICRON DELTA — FIRST ROW: Kay Blackmore ( Treas. ), Bobbie White ( Pres. ), P a m Grosenheider ( Vice-Pres. ), Vivian Gluck ( Publicity ). SECOND ROW: Carol West, Judy Robinson, Sandra Aoki, Peggy Haller, Marsha Menke, Adrienne Poole, Elaine Naramoto. THIRD ROW: Barbara Cashbaugh, Linda Coffman, Jo Ann Hildebrandt, Kathleen Kline, Pat Schuler, Kathy C o x, Suzanne Kasper, Laura McClure. FOURTH ROW: Sue Ward, Elaine Marcus, Ann Harper, Joyce Gitzke, Lynne Denham, Phyllis Wade, Gail Shriver, Carol Burch, Jane Wicker. FIFTH ROW: Marcy Wheeler, Carole Byers, Katherine Riley, Marilyn Musgrave, Vivian Tabbert, Christine Carpenter, Peggy Hughes, Janet Petrovich, Mary J. Cavett, Carroll Rosenbalm.


SKULL AND CRESCENT — FIRST ROW: Dale Fine, Stu Block, Ed Berbitsky ( VicePres. ), Renee Leffel, Bob John (Pres.), Neil Weisman. SECOND ROW: Jay Gerson, Mike Wheeler, Steve Troxel, Waady Turner, Ted Abbott, Lon Mikolon, Craig Thomson, Chuck Robinson. THIRD ROW: Ron Podoll, Ira Wolk, Vic Vernick, Bill Townsend, Jim Poit, William Price, J. Frank Fish e r, Fred Florjancic, John Reed. FOURTH ROW: Mike Young, David Bond, John Bluestein, Jon Petrovich, John Fairfield, Fredrick York, Doug Wilk, Thomas F. Gegax, Scott Frohbieter.

Skull and Crescent

Falcon Club FALCON CLUB — FIRST ROW: Kerry Halsted, Al Brasseur ( Sec.-Treas. ), Bill Helfrick (Pres.), Mark Golden ( Vice-Pres.), R. T. Senn, Doug Zirkle. SECOND ROW: Tom Vandenbark, James King ( Chap.), Bill Ridenour, Wilbur Pell, Dick Leimbacher, Bill Helper. THIRD ROW: Jim Ostrognai, Carter Nelson, Rich Gale, Skip Higgins, Richard Ham, Keith Lucas, Josh J. Berman, Bob Hickam, Ted Shuel. FOURTH ROW: Denny Fisher, Paul Howard, Rick Cochran, Chuck Tewalt, Gil Mascher, Rick Hirschenbein, Allen Callum, Joseph Manson, Bill Sieber. FIFTH ROW: Dave Mudd, Ken Maltenfort, Steve Hyatt, Russ Frew, John Musselman, Bob Wyatt, Mike Schumate, Tim Dunn.

ALPHA PHI OMEGA — FIRST ROW: William Fisher ( Adviser ), Richard Money ( Grad. Adviser ), George L. Barnett Jr. (Rec. Sec. ), Michael Hernandez Jr. (Pres.), Curtis Gill ( 1st Vice-Pres. ), Mark Wakefield ( Faculty Adviser ), Karl Bookwalter ( Faculty Adviser). SECOND ROW: David R. Yeley, Thomas E. Quill, William Marcotte ( Alum. Sec.), Norman Wernet ( Treas.), Theodore R. Legler II ( Soc. Ch.), Jack Leavell, John Lagarde, Terry Silence. THIRD ROW: David Foltz, Nevin Franks, David Captain, Harvey Kleiner, Robert Cunningham, Sam Gaskins, Ronald Strauss. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Brinkman, Herbert A. Miller Jr., William Bocock, George Weir, William R. Weakley, James Adams.

Alpha Phi Omega

KAPPA KAPPA PSI — FIRST ROW: Robert Kurick ( Treas.), Dennis Bourquein ( Sec.), Jerry E. Lewis ( Pres.), Robert Appelman ( Vice-Pres.), Dick Combs ( Pledge Tr.). SECOND ROW: Keith Hall, Jerry Speer, Jerry Allee, Phil Campbell, Torn Howenstine, Alan Harris, Torn Gorin, Gerald Solomon. THIRD ROW: Bill Boren, Jim Sapp, Dave Poorbaugh, Bill Riley, Robert May, Michael Stump, Harry Miedema, Errol Shewman, Earl Bruning Jr. FOURTH ROW: Jim Collier, Jeff Green, Ken Schaaf, Bob Rayfield, Thomas Hougland, Stephen Peterson, Calvin Hansen, Gary Canada, Bernard Joworski.

Kappa Kappa Psi

Tau Beta Sigma TAU BETA SIGMA — FIRST ROW: Sandra Wernimont, Kathleen Marks, Betty Ahlf, Jane Schnar. SECOND ROW: Joyce Munson, Carol O'Reilley ( Pres.), Karen Hanson ( 1st Vice-Pres.), Libby Caulston, Patricia Christine.


DELTA SIGMA PI — FIRST ROW: Jim Pfeifer ( Jr. Vice-Pres.), Peter Fettig ( Pres.), Jan Speck ( Treas. ), Jim W. Barrow ( Sr. Vice-Pres. ). SECOND ROW: Rick Barron, Gary Haire, Bill Lamb, Keith Anderson, LeRoy Meyer, Devonne Horton. THIRD ROW: Charles Thomas ( Sec.), Terry Noffsinger, Richard Gottlieb, Don C. Steinbarger, Edward Belyea Jr. ( Soc. Ch. ), Bob Richards, Ben Hobbs, David Myer.

Delta Sigma Pi

Alpha Kappa Psi ALPHA KAPPA PSI — FIRST ROW: Tom Harding ( Treas. ), David Young (Pres.), Joe Cochran, Don Currier ( Sec.). SECOND ROW: Edward Schreiner, Warren Weirich, Howard Godfrey, Dean Bruick, Stephen Himes, Ross Siegel, Paul Clark, David Hermanson. THIRD ROW: Richard Holowenko, Gary Schwartz, David Fronek, Jan Hockman, Paul W. Barada, Phil Goddard, John Toth, Arthur Lovell, John Bruick. FOURTH ROW: Victor Carder, Richard Kruk, Jim Dobrowolski, David Mattingly, Lawrence Schaab, Harry Kasdorf, Rex Coulter, Rick Bland, Larry Gresham, Wilbur Pell. FIFTH ROW: Robert Mathie, George Shaffer, Robert Roell, Randall C. Nevils, Lynn Himmelheber, Royce Peterson, Mike McLaughlin, Craig Jordan, Terry Thompson, Fred Cottrill.


ALPHA DELTA THETA — FIRST ROW: Nancy Cagle ( Sec. ), Cherryl Gritzbaugh (1st Vice-Pres. ), Jan Yost ( Pres.), Judy Henderson ( 2nd Vice-Pres. ), Joanne Doerr ( Treas.). SECOND ROW: Donna Thompson, Karen Swisher, Mary Vance, Margaret Wilson, Becky Duncan, Pat Kelley, Cynthia Page, Mary A. Cormican.

Alpha Delta Theta Mu Phi Epsilon MU PSI EPSILON — FIRST ROW: Stephanie Milford ( Corr. Sec. ), Carole Gyure ( Alumna Sec.), Sharon Thomas ( Pres.), Marcia Mason ( Treas.), Pat Prunty ( Chaplain and Song Ldr. ), Billibet Rush ( Rec. Sec. ). SECOND ROW: Moira Sugioka, Linde Moot, Dana Hiken, Kim Glasser, Lynnie Ozer, Judy Hansen, Marian Brauer, Marianne Coplan. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Koehler, Irence Orr, Rebecca Hruby, Linda Shambaugh, Jane Buttara, Paula Shane, Jane Rutledge, Lynne Richards.

SIGMA ALPHA ETA — FIRST ROW: Gay Marlott, Judy Binus ( Sec.), Peggy Suface ( Pres. ), Faye Williams ( Vice-Pres.), Joanne Darby ( Treas.). SECOND ROW: Madeline Udowski, Barbara Venezia, Sandra Holland, Mary A. Kern, Sally Yoder, Meg Wolf, Jean Block. THIRD ROW: Mary Baker, Mimi Rothschild, Judy Aubruner, Donna Wolf, Joan Quiney, Kathleen A. McCarthy, Elaine McCormick, Louise Dodson.

Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha Iota SIGMA ALPHA IOTA — FIRST ROW: Marie Lange, Marsha Woodress ( Sgt.-atArms ), Janet Quivey ( Vice-Pres.), Linda Yarling ( Treas.), Dianna St. Jean. SECOND ROW: Janet Niles, Barbara West, Joan Grahek, Martha Ritchie, Marjorie Pavlick, Sharon Eidenmiller, Jane Myers, Anita Hayes. THIRD ROW: Judy Berryman, Diana Homey, Margaret Gentry, Christina Fenn, Karen Julis, Becky Payne, Aija Vinters, Linda Thomas, Mary Bryce.

SIGMA DELTA CHI — FIRST ROW: Kit Murphy ( Miss Sunshine 1966 ), Sheldon Shafer (Sec.), Joel McNally (Pres.), Richard Yoakam ( Adviser), Marc Carmichael ( Vice-Pres.), Keith Klein ( Treas.), Elaine Zuroff ( Sweetheart). SECOND ROW: David Hadley, Allan Marshall, John Woytinek, David C. Allen, Monte K. Hayes, Bryan Moss, Don Snider. THIRD ROW: Gil Pappas, Bob Stover, Dennis Elliott, Ken Bredemeier, Charles Deel, Dave DeJean, Christopher Knowles, Jim Opsitnik, Randy Covington, Jim Nolan.

Sigma Delta Chi

Theta Sigma Phi THETA SIGMA PHI — FIRST ROW: Linda Gregory ( Sec.), Ellen McKinney ( VicePres. ), Margie Reynolds (Pres.), Sue Wilson ( Treas.), Mary B. Moster ( Archivist). Elaine Zuroff, Mary A. Friedman, Cheryl Werner, Marilyn Feigenbaum, Carol Koziolek, Lynne Masel, Marilyn Schultz, Peggy Guttman. THIRD ROW: Karen Moorman, Donna Moots, Heidi Kraushar, JoAnn Spahn, Donna Potocki, Harriet Mechling, Eugenia Nixon, Anne Rager, Corinna Kaarlela, Maryjo Kimmel!.


PHI EPSILON KAPPA — FIRST ROW: Nick Kellum ( Treas. ), Larry Turpen, Dick Schaible ( Pres. ), Sam Newberg ( Faculty Sponsor ), Allen Gibbs ( Sgt.-at-Arms ), Tedd Karnischky ( Hist. ). SECOND ROW: Harley E. Simbech, Rick Gilbert, William J. Malinowski, Brian Kelly, Rich Bunch, Robert Ward, James Kryway, Gene Dobbins. THIRD ROW: John Bagonzi, Larry Ailes, Bob Jordan, Fred Lussow, Pete Andersen, Bob Young, Jim Kennerson, John R. Millikan.

Phi Epsilon Kappa

Phi Eta Sigma PHI ETA SIGMA — FIRST ROW: David Spitzer ( Treas.), Alan Grosbach (Pres.), Dale Fine ( Sec.). SECOND ROW: Jacob Wu, Tom Cittadine, Larry Tuttle, Bob Forste, Hudson Freeze. THIRD ROW: George D. King, Richard Allen, Michael Chadwick, Richard Parker, Roy Sillings.


Indiana Daily Student


The 1965-66 Indiana Daily Student, the Department of Journalism's laboratory newspaper, gave its readers a special feature: an in-depth supplement, "Focus." Issued twice a semester, "Focus" delved into campus controversies such as drinking, stealing, moral standards, sex, cheating, and drugs. Meanwhile, the Tuesday-through-Saturday 8,500 circulation daily paper reported the history of the academic year. Stories that the paper covered and places where the stories occured ranged from the Distinguished Alumni Room in the Union Building, where a new student government constitution was passed, to Dillsboro, Indiana, where a state Klu Klux Klan rally was snuffed out by a state circuit court. During the year, The Daily Student came under criticism from several groups. In the SDS's

Student Voice, Peter Montague, lampooned The Daily Student, bequeathing many staff members with unbecoming nickname s. Thus "Squeaky" and "Sleepy-eyed" became standard names for two staffers. A team of reporters revealed how easy it was to obtain illegal parking stickers. The second issue of "Focus" explored political involvement on campus, and the city desk told of Bloomington's attempts at wide-scale annexation. Below, the whole "Focus" staff ( except for Margie Reynolds ); Dave Allen, Editor Bob Stover, Tom Dolan, Joel ( Ralph ) ( Pundit) McNally, Kit ( Miss Sunshine '66) Murphy, and Don Snider. The "Focus" group won much money in the Hearst contests for writing in college news papers.

Two semesters' worth of honchos — the Fall Troika ( above): Marc Carmichael, Editor-in-Chief; Sheldon Shafer, Managing Editor; Linda Gregory, Ass't. M.E.; and Dave Hadley, Chief Editorial Writer. The Spring Troika (right): Sheldon Shafer, Editor-in-Chief, seated; Ken Bredemeier, Ass't. M.E.; Rich James, C.E.W.; Jim Nolan, M.E.

IDS FALL STAFF ( ABOVE ) — SEATED: Eugenia Nixon, JoAnn Spahn, Nina Leggett, Edie Vincent. STANDING: Heidi Kraushar, Rich James, Dennis Elliott, Jim Nolan, Corinna Kaarlela, Dave McAllister, Gil Pappas, Ken Bredemeier, John Sherman, Craig Kingman, Elaine Zuroff, Bob McConnell, Tom Deel, Cheryl Werner, Randy Covington. IDS FALL REPORTERS ( LEFT) — FIRST ROW: Jacquie Creek, Jerry Harris, Dale Landis, Paul Lee. SECOND ROW: Karen Weiskopf, Todd Curless, Earleen Fisher, Ruth Leedy. THIRD ROW: Kathy McCormick, Edwina McCullough, Mary Rupert, Sheryl Bills, Irene Clare. FOURTH ROW: Tom Kubat, Steve Herman, Susie Oldfather, Cheryl Weatherholt, Bobbi Fisher, Russ Wiegman.

IDS SPRING STAFF ( ABOVE) — FIRST ROW: Paul Lee, Edie Vincent, Bob McIntosh. SECOND ROW: Vivian Fiscus, Mary Jo Moss, Irene Clare, Denny Elliott, Diane Kiver. THIRD ROW: Harry Purkhiser, Craig Klugman, Don Hanlin, Bob McConnell, Russ Wiegman, Randy Covington. FOURTH ROW: Burt Govenar, Jurgen Stehnike, Mike Hinant, Rich James, Pat Biggs, Bruce Shah.

IDS SPRING REPORTERS ( BELOW) — FIRST ROW: Bruce Craft, Bonnie Kleckner, John McKay. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Miller, David Weaver, Linda Clark, Pat Milick. THIRD ROW: Mike Simmons, Janet Farlow, Ann Weisman, Judi Burke, Lorri Hritsko. FOURTH ROW: Holly Alexander, Jane McNelly, John Shirley, Tom Weiss, Lisa Krathwahl.

IDS staff and reporters


On the left are major-major staff members. Rick Levin (Contracts Manager) handled the contracts, but where he put them is beyond thought. Jack Frisch ( Treasurer) payed the bills and kept count of the budget. Noreve Cornea (Assistant to the Editor) compiled the precious lists that kept the Arbutus alive and played den mother. Below are Kay Kinnison (Copy Editor) and Karen Button (Scheduling Manager). Kay proofread the billions of words and names that make up this tome while Karen scheduled all Greek, independent, and organizations pictures. Quite a bit of phoning and hours of labor.


Well, how — in the scruffiest of scrufty corners of Ernie Pyle Hall — did we produce the 1966 Arbutus? Would you believe it wasn't easy? It took hours of bridge, cartons of cigarettes, gallons of Dektol, and sheer courage. The $54,000 enterprise involved many persons, more or less. The three gentlemen on the right shouldered the responsibility. These gentle men were the Big Three — Dave DeJean (Editor-in-Chief ), Joe Vogel (Business Manager ), and Dave McAllister ( Managing Editor). Dave DeJean was responsible for the basic changes in the format and content of the '66 and produced photos, copy, and layout. Joey Vogel managed the sales and promotions of the book in between classes and his academic pursuits. And Dave McAllister added stability as he checked copy and staff. The major staff's dedication provided a great store of support as deadlines were being met. Below are Pam Mitchell (Schools and Administration Editor), Paulette Becker ( Office Manager), and Tom Burnison (Design Editor). Pam spent long-long-long hours meeting deadlines and providing the book with an excellent interpretation of the academic University. Paulette typed. And Tom, well, he was faithful and definitely a talent in producing the division pages.

1966 Arbutus


Arbutus General Staff DAVE DEJEAN


DAVE McALLISTER Managing Editor


Business Manager


Assistant to Editor


Assistant to Managing Editor


Assistant Sales Manager

LAVONNE BEBLER Residences Editor

STAFF Sharon Dunwoody Dan Egler Dotty Fendley Gregg Fox Janie Jensen Pat Purkey

Pam Randert Eric Randolph Mike Smith Sue Stoller Karen Thompson Bev Williams Lynda Woodrow PAULETTE BECKER

Office Manager

STAFF Camille Hewitt Ann Kirk Donna Ratts KEN BREDEMEIER

Sports Editor

STAFF Craig Klugman John Peterson Russ Wiegman RON BRODY Sales Manager

STAFF Genie Berkowitz Jill Berman Helene Dermer

Ed Franklin Myrna Glass Barry Golinko Janet Katz Hugh Krieger Bennett Mayer Gwen Miller Mary Sue Robertson Sue Schaefer Stu Siegel Linda Smith Barbara Tomber TOM BURNISON Design Editor

STAFF Susan Brodsky Tracy Callaway Gloria Childress Camille Hewitt Chuck McClendon Pat Molenda Paula Rochford Jackie Schlemmer Mary Sharp Chris Stokes Judi Coate Fesha Sahinagic LaVon Coate


Schedul ing Manager

STAFF Carol Burch Michelle Collons Mary Cornea Joyce Dubrov Ellen Epst Judy Hall Marilyn Jolly Renee Leffel Carol Levin Gail Millman Candy Murray Pat Nemeth Jane Schiff Susan Strong Valerie Townsend LINDA EDER

Assistant Promotions Manager


DAVE GOODMAN Promotions Manager

STAFF Mike Arnolt Myrna Glass Sara Silverman KAY KINNISON Copy Editor


Contracts Manager

STAFF Larry Cohen Ed Franklin Kurt Frazier Barry Golinko Max Lipner Steve Paul PAM MITCHELL

Schools and Administration Editor

STAFF Anne Bither Sherilyn Brunson Carolyn Burgott Sandra Eisert Fern Goodman Susan Sturzenberger Donna Winn

KATHY O'DONNELL Organizations Editor

STAFF Faith Cook Judy Feltman Gregg Fox Judi Jones Craig Klugman Glenna Tolbert CAROL UTTERBACK Personnel Director


STAFF Debbie Black Mike Celichowski Linda Clark Sharon Dumes Jackie Elster Joyce Greenberg Alexa Leckie Pat Schuler Chris Stokes Barbara Tomber Phyllis Weinstein

Linda Eder (Assistant Promotions Manager), Bill Aichele (Assistant Sales Manager), and Susie Weinraub (Seniors and Index Editor) are at upper left. Ken Bredemeier (Sports Editor) and Alice Osler (Assistant to Managing Editor) twinkle above. They had talent, wit, and work. To the left, Lavonne Bebler (Residence Editor), Kathy O'Donnell (Organizations Editor) and Dave Goodman (Promotions Manager) are gathered in a friendly occasion. Not pictured are Carol Utterback (Personnel Manager) and Ron Brodey (Sales Manager).


ACACIA ACTIVES — FIRST ROW: Mike Tucker ( Treas.), Gary Baxter ( Soc. Ch.), Phil Zook (Rush Ch.), Ted Shod ( Pres.), Reba Rice (House Mother), Les Coyne (Grad. Adviser), Fred Wesbrook (Vice-Pres.), Larry Morgan ( Rec. Sec.). SECOND ROW: Roy Dillow, Geoffrey Smith ( Schol. Ch.), Stephen McDonald ( Song Ldr.), William C. Hepler (Cor. Sec.), Robert F. Lowe ( Sr. Steward), Tom Paskins (Jr. Steward), Mike McGuire (Pledge Tr.), Vernon Pfaff (Pledge Tr.), Tom Brenneman.THIRD

ROW: Barry Forst, John Finnan, Tom Cornwell, Al Brasseur, Dan Barnett, Timm Payne, Drew Wright ( Alumni Sec.), John Rawlings, Paul Beckort. FOURTH ROW: Lerry Nicholson, William Sieber, Russ Frew, Bob Quick, Mike Wildy, Ken Kessler, Al Callum, Tom Biggs, David Maggard. FIFTH ROW: Steve Sills, Larry Turpen, Paul E. Boergert, Ronald McMains, John Musselman, George Sigler, Eric Bauer ( Grad. Legal Adviser), Joseph L. Manson.

Acacia Actives ACACIA. A variety of vertebrate subphylum of Greeks (only those Greeks with backbone). They train their young (pledges) by a unique method called "NI & M's Kangaroo Court." All have been seen at some time indulging in a juice made from malt and hops. And in ice cream. Characteristic Calls and Notes: The sons of the Acacia young (pledges)) are often imperfect compared to the adults ( actives ), leading to the supposition that some learning must occur in song practices with "Mac the Knife." The Acacias have frolicked with the AOPi house, for an International Tea; with the Chi O's in Little 500. The number of nest eggs accumulated each year include the Pavement Pounce and the Yard-and-a-Half Dance.

Acacia Pledges

ACACIA PLEDGES — IN FRONT: Marmaduke ( Mascot ). FIRST ROW: Dennis Harrold, Bob Borden, Russ Beckett, Steve Delph. SECOND ROW: Jeff Leist, Michael Hufstedler, David Glittenberg, Greg Carter, Michael Stradley, Lee Goldman. THIRD ROW: Richard Hopp, Steven Mohler, Timothy McColly, Craig Dunkin, Mark Vickery, Walt Sim-

mons, Dave Jordan. FOURTH ROW: John Goodman, Jon Sigler, David Sailors, Terence Walts, Howard Mohler, Joseph Covalt, Fred Covalt, David Allen. FIFTH ROW: Ron C. Garrison, Al Ripani, Dave Geier, Raymond L. McConn, Bradford L. Blankenship, James E. Mitchell, Larry Hendricks, Robert Page, Steve Graham.


ALPHA GAMMA DELTA. If I can artfully dodge the snowballs from the parking lot, 111 attempt a running ( literally ) commentary on these women. Well, when they're not lofting snowballs or soaking sun on the sundeck, they often come out to the patio for "moonlight( ?)" serenades. I think I spot the Chi Phi's rounding the corner for a song fest. . . . I'd best seek shelter. Ah. . . . by this back door. . . . seems safe. This reminds me of the spaghetti-strewn kitchen from that dinner this fall, which paid for their new room phones. Whoops! Almost lost my footing on that last snowdrift! This sort of looks like their paste fight with the Sammies over their Homecoming float. . . . only it was stickier then. Right now, I think I'll go down to the Theta Chi house for a report on Little 500 plans with the Alpha Gams.

Alpha Gamma Delta


ALPHA GAMMA DELTA — FIRST ROW: Susan Luellen ( Activities Ch.), Sandy Hipkins ( Soc. Ch.), Carolyn McKinney ( Rec. Sec.), Jane A. Gard (Pres.), Mrs. Margaret Holliday ( House Wither), Nancy Bowman ( 1st VicePres. ), Jan Gulo (Cor. Sec.), Dyann Miles ( Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Tanya L. Fisher, Nancy L. Pore, Robin L. Larson, Carolyn Carlson, Karen E. Lentes ( 2nd VicePres.), Carol Conrad ( Treas.), Sandra T. Aoki, Elizabeth Hines, Betty Allen, Susie Robinson, Holly Newmann. THIRD ROW: Lana Oates, Jeanne Van Atta, Mary Lloyd,

Judy Nunn, Kathleen Adc, Linda Fritz, Sheila Chilton, Judith Van Sickle, Nancy Vandeventer, Suzanne St. John, Judy Dilts. FOURTH ROW: Margi Mischler, Susan Brown, Joan Sulka, Jan Mitchell, Mary Rudolph, Carol Loveman, Thelma Klein, Carol Fox, Laurel Vaughn, Becky Parsons, Anita H. Constant, Mary E. Sutter. FIFTH ROW: Janet Campbell, Wilma Sisk, Susanne Stumpf, Beverly Chase, Margie Diehl, Lynelle Dill, Judy Butler, Jane Burroughs, Jane Merryman Burk, Nancy Bryan, Susan Cusick, Karen Lohmann.

ALPHA EPSILON PI — FIRST ROW: Steven Seltzer ( Pledge Tr.), Mark Cooper ( Sentinel), Ted Solomon ( Sec.), Dave Adler (Pres.), Richard Sills ( Vice-Pres.), Richard Baker ( Treas.), Don Levin. SECOND ROW: Ira S. Weiss, Marvin Watkins, Richard M. Wilson, Barry Glazer, Marvin Friedman, Barry R. Steiman, Edward P. Hirschberg, Leonard J. Bank, Edwin J. Fremder.THIRD ROW: Harry Kahn, Bruce Reznick, Marvin Weinberger, Michael Kentor, Larry Selig, Jeff Solomon, William Steiner,

Michael Frank, Bruce Miller. FOURTH ROW: Alex Schwartz, Myron Weiss, John Burrows, Tim Pomeranz, John Erlen, Stanley Green, Joseph P. Refkin, Robert Kallus, Matthew Bud, Allen Marks. FIFTH ROW: Steven Herman, Laird J. Kentor, Michael Mond, John A. Reicher, Eugene L. Packer, Loren J. Lanning, Phillip Grossman, Sheldon R. Swedarsky, Charles Eggenspiller, Bruce R. Sutchar, Howard Penn, Andy Ziemelis.

Alpha Epsilon Pi ALPHA EPSILON PI. The spirit of '66! I.U. natives riot on Woodlawn Field — thousands of bushels of corn disposed of as the spirit of AEPi explodes with "The Cob." For the school year, delegates from New York to Idaho, Illinois to Georgia, meet at AEPi Convention Hall. Officers discuss plans for construction of a new capitol on North Jordan. Recent battles are reviewed and the victory booty displayed: Chapter Progress Award on the national front and Touch Football Division Championship on the home front. Internally, Alpha Epsilon Pi currently ranks third among the 33 participating nations in intellectual competition. Saturday nights in Convention Hall find the First Lady, Mother Lawson, hosting her usual gala receptions. The spirit of '66 is contagious and has spread throughout the ranks of AEPi.

ALPHA EPSILON PHI — FIRST ROW: Harriet Ochstein ( Cor. Sec. ), Lynne Masel ( Ed.), Ellen Heines ( Soc. Ch.), Gayle Levin ( Rush Ch.), Nancy Cohen ( 1st Vice-Pres.), Catherine Bostwick ( House Mother), Roberta Weisman ( Pres. ), Marcy Baron ( 2nd Vice-Pres.), Muriel Miller ( Treas.), Barbara Wolin ( Rec. Sec. ). SECOND ROW: Marianne Coplan, Roberta Traeger, Nina Trasoff, Cheryl Seinfeld, Leanne Novitsky, Fran Kempner, Sharon Gentner, Lesley Tureen, Janet Katz, Joy Morros, Karen Waldman, Peachie Schulman. THIRD ROW: Susie Baker, Barbara Hallert, Nancy Bassler, Sandy Szabo, Susan Moyer, Gerri

Bard, Natalie Silverstein, Carol Levine, Judith Golomb, Susan Goldfarb, Jean Tolchinsky, Judy Benowitz. FOURTH ROW: Janice Ovitsky, Helen Friedman, Sandy Miller, Karen Shapiro, Sherri Huff, Ann Heiman, Susanne Light, Mary Wexler, Myrna Glass, Zola Makrauer, Michele Fisher, Carol Soslowsky, Nancy Weinstock. FIFTH ROW: Linda B. Mazer, Linda Farber, Leslie J. Bonfield ( Hist. ), Joeen E. Hesson, Linda L. Eder, Joann H. Hurwitt, Jill Greenberg, Laura Zaidler, Judy Cain, Betty Figlure, Heidi Kraushar, Suzanne Berk, Elaine E. Goldstein, Claudia J. Dobos.

Alpha Epsilon Phi ALPHA EPSILON PHI. We were off to a swingin' year, gathering corn for "The Cob," our all-campus dance with the AEPi's. Then it was "Pumpkin gathering we must go, we as we carted the golden mermust go . . chandise from Martinsville for our pumpkin sale. About that time we teamed with the SAE's for a "Honda Victory" of a Homecoming display and met victorious Coach Pont at our exchange with them. Needless to say, the spaghetti dinner for our pledges prior to initiation was somewhat sloppier. . . . they just couldn't handle onepronged forks! In spring we had a "Protest on Protest" with the Acacia's for IU Sing, and we teamed up with the ZBT's for the TKE Chariot Race. Speaking of protests. . . . we unorthodoxically remained stalwarts of "Peyton Place." . . . not "Batman," ate "flowerpot" desserts, and kept up an "open closet policy." So we end the year tip-toeing through the tulips, and when there are no more poppies, we'll plant poison ivy.

ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA. "Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta . . ." is our song and AKA's our name. We're small in number (21 to be exact) but big on to-

getherness. And, most of all, we've got spirit. Speaking of spirit, we had plenty for our fall pledge dance, "The In Crowd." We helped to compile a telephone directory

of all the Negro students on campus. We also helped at the Christian Center at Thanksgiving and at Christmas.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA — FIRST ROW: Claudia Chavis ( Treas.), Peggi A. Morrison ( Rec. Sec. ), Ethel Ruth Sanders ( Pres. ), Diane Robinson ( Vice-Pres.), Linda Hardaway ( Cor. Sec. ). SECOND ROW: Roslyn Morris ( Music Ch.), Nella Vest, Myra Palmer, Carol Boone, Pamela Pren-

tice ( Schol. Ch. ), Delores Moxley. THIRD ROW: Andrea Brown, Karen Schuster, Sandra Spiller, Carmen Wilson, Birta Fowlkes, Gwendolyn James, Larmon Buckner, Dale Ford.


ALPHA XI DELTA. Ah, the year was great, was great, And the Alpha Xi's did pendulate 'Twixt campus activities far and wide; They had little time to spend inside. Homecoming mums were sold with delight — One activity that ended in fright. The exposure to ivy . . . poison, that is, Left many a pledge in an unhealthy "frizze." Pledges stole from the actives and were not found out Until an auction dinner ended the bout. A day or a year can't be summed in a story But must be lived in all of its glory.

Alpha Xi Delta


ALPHA XI DELTA — FIRST ROW: M. Bonnie Jordan (Cor. Sec.), Linda Yarling ( Rec. Sec.), Vivian Tabbert (Treas.), Alice K. Kopusta ( Pres.), Mrs. Blockwood (House Mother), Myrna Kanning ( Vice-Pres.), Barbara K. Zumwalt, Sue Schellert (Pledge Tr.). SECOND ROW: Judy Slater, Jackie Freas, Carolyn Holman, Linda L. Dazey, Sherry Hauck, Linda Alberding, Carolyn Canham, Sandra

Smith, Clifi Silver. THIRD ROW: Judy Martin, Joyce Gitzke, Phoebe Hamilton ( House Mngr.), Rita Beatty, Marilyn Jenkins, Margie Kerchner, Jane Myers, Janet Niles. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Matuga, Joanna Faucett, Loraine Beaty, Marcille Pierce, Marty Stoney, Judy White, Ann Smith, Sally Miller, Myrna Empson, Lorraine Hurteau.

ALPHA OMICRON PI — FIRST ROW: Mary Jo Bolster (Pledge Tr.), Maryann Osborne ( Treas.), Marsha Coburn ( Vice-Pres.), Mrs. Carl Bartholome ( House Mother ), Peg Johnson (Pres.), Jane Ranshaw ( Rush Ch.), Karen Pittman ( Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Nancy Swank ( Soc. Ch.), Pat Ritzenthaler, Michele Ellis, Gale Boehme, Libby Wilson, Merle Eguchi, Karen Steele, Laura McClure, Verna Mills, Alice Osler. THIRD ROW: Cindy Perkins, Gail Millman, Janis Spore, Cheryl Williamson, Barbara Anderson,

Mary Connell, Gail Rathbun, Eloise Kelley, Eileen Willeford, Louise Tschmel, Lynda McCain. FOURTH ROW: Pam LeBeau, Camilla Colantonio, Carol Burch, Karen Velte, Cynthia Cramer, Janice Bolster, Alexa Leckie, Betsy Johnson, Janie Schiff, Marsha Munson, Mary Anne Villwock, Jackie Horvath. FIFTH ROW: Jo E. Macy, Karen Button ( Cor. Sec.), Penny Kasten, Liz Milligan, Nancy Chappel, D'Ellen Young, Susan Strang, Karen Ahlvin, Susan Striggle, Carol Byers, Vivian Hurst.

Alpha Omicron Pi ALPHA OMICRON PI. 16-28-32-50 Hike! That's what I said . . . 50 . . . yes, 50! The Beta Phi chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi is 50 years old. Remarkably, the girls have remained spirited carrying the ball in a whirlwind of sisterhood and activity. The weekly overflow of the second floor's tub, the ever-old pledge boress of stealing the actives' silverware, the tried-but-true enlightening charm of festive song, and the ever-inspiring Monday night skits kept the college game clipping along at a spirited pace. The girls kicked off in the first quarter of their social game with the ATO's for Homecoming and wound up the half in IU Sing territory with the Sammies. TKE Chariot Race began the third quarter, with AOPi's and Beta's managing to keep ahead. The girls then plunged into the final quarter with the Phi Psi's for Little 500.


Bob Nourse, Joe Orban, Terry Uttinger, Charles M. East III, Jack M. Hogan, Jon B. Bopp, John Lesow, Mike Duch. SECOND ROW: Randy Kixmiller, Bruce Young ( Soc. Ch.), Milton Barker ( Sec.), Donn Eley ( Treas.), Lanny Poel ( Vice-Pres.), Howdy Wilcox (Pres.), James Jordan ( Cor. Sec.), Ron Alvarez ( Pledge Tr.), Edward McCabe ( Co-Rush Ch.), Chuck Smid ( Co-Rush Ch.), John Bailey. THIRD ROW: Edward Najam Jr., James P. Hoover, Louis Gill, George P. Sniderwin, Richard Chapman, Dave Bainbridge, Don Farquharson, Kim Gaskill, Tom Hughel, David Miller, Terry Weber, Bill Shaw, Charlie Etter, Terry Timmons. FOURTH ROW: Mark Enock, Dave Scott, Lambert

Destry, C. T. Hux II, Ted Hart, Bob Desman, William W. Hinkle, Larry A. Kern, Rick Miller, Rick Huse, Steve Lomar, Steve Piccione. FIFTH ROW: Tom Johnson, John F. Ridoux, Kenneth D. Lorenz, James A. Pitts, Paul A. Kinser, Jerry L. Ziliak, Mike Egnatz, Larry J. Brewer, Ronald E. Dunn, Charles Bartholome, Paul C. Clute, David Graves, Patrick Mitchell, William K. Bache, Michael D. Orr. SIXTH ROW: Bob Batchelder, Jack Feldt, Jeff Bartle, Dave Broome, Don Wells, Ben Schull, Edward Roop, Eric Smithburn, John Suhre, Ron Snyder, C. Brent Ross, Pete Van Horn, Larry Denning, Bill Boren, Charles Lynn, Thomas White, Dennis Moeschl.

Alpha Tau Omega ALPHA TAU OMEGA. "Alpha Tau Omega Unlimited is entering the new year on a strong upward trend," H.S. Pirate Jr. said today at meeting of the company's employees. Jim Hoover stated that plans are complete for employees' weekend nature trips to Yellowwood in the groovemobile. Auggie Doggie reported that his Pigskinners, led by the passing of "Gramps," are in first place in the Industrial League. Ron "Chico" Alvarez announced that all new employees are now enrolled in a special intensive training program. At the end of this training period, he said, the special "Help Week" tradition will be continued. Motivation Director Bruce Young moved that ATO renew the infamous "Black FootWhite Foot Dance and Party" with competitor Sigma Nu, Inc. Several minutes were required to quash cries of "All right!" and "I love it!" When order was restored, it was decided to remove the VW from the foyer to allow for a pictorial display of the company's success in Chinatown.

ALPHA PHI. An Alpha Phi finds joy on the night of the annual fall hayride, despite a flood of rain. She may be seen with the Sigma Nu's piecing together chicken wire and boards the morning of the Homecoming parade, and she ends up with a third place float. She may pull this float at the pep rally, for the fun of it. A bit of pride wells up when she sees a blazing lawn and five fire engines during an Acacia pin serenade. And with Lana Messick as Arbutus Queen and Elaine Naramoto as national AWS president, she has grounds for a large amount of pride. Moreover, having Senorita Bianzo as an Argentine exchange sister broadens her cosmopolitan interests. And her temper may be ruffled upon returning home from having her picture taken for this page to find all her furniture overturned and the ATO's who did it gone. She regains her composure though and goes on about the business of being an Alpha Phi.

Alpha Phi

ALPHA PHI — FIRST ROW: Cookie Moore ( Soc. Rush Ch.), Lynda J. Tomlin ( Soc. Ch.), Marilyn Schaefer ( Bus. Rush Ch.), Mrs. William E. Schmitz ( House Mother ), Shari McNally ( Pres.), Jacki Groverman ( Cor. Sec.), Barbara Venezia ( Rec. Sec. ), Helen Elliott ( House Mngr.). SECOND ROW: Jeanne Fischer, Diana St. Jean, Pam Sallee, Karen Stopper; Karen Kelsey ( Treas. ), Sana King, Connie Stewart, Pam Carmack, Karen Hongen, Sylvia Novreske, Marilyn Runner, Elaine Naramoto ( Activities Ch. ). THIRD ROW: Sydney Long, Ann Farris, Connie Ketterer, Claudia Sanderson, Barb Carlson, Carol Mellinger,

Kathleen White, Murna BollYT, Linda McKee, Margie Hribar, Sandra Steers, Barbara Carr, Victoria Ryan, Billie Bishop. FOURTH ROW: Becky Schwartz, Susie Dorris, Janis John, Elaine Edwards, Sue Rose, Cheryl Evers, Angela May, Gloria Hensley, Margene May, Cinda Huntzinger, Dee Dee Dolan, Lana Hobbs, Carol Hocker, Janis Jamison. FIFTH ROW: Susie Hines, Randi Morse, Ann Ma Rita Cosper, Diana Carmack, Pat Cragg, Karen Hartig, Ann Blickensderfer, Marcia Townsend, Lana Messick, Myra Spurgeon, Dorothy Stout, Rosemary Blackburn, Susie Hamilton, Leandra Huber, Joy Gray.


ALPHA CHI OMEGA. The colonizing of an Alpha Chi Omega chapter at the University of Kentucky was the fraternal focal point of the year. I.U.'s Alpha Mu chapter held formal pledging here. Joyously accepted were three new additions to the house. More like a mother than a new house mother, Mrs. Johnson was constantly whipping up niceties for the women. Mrs. John Pont was chosen alumnae advisor, and a South Vietnamese orphan was adopted by the chapter. Having sponsored three winning teams in a row the Alpha Chi's confidently entered Little 500 with Sigma Nu. They chorally told of the "Draft Dilemma" with Delta Upsilon in IU Sing and rode in Pike chariots in the Teke Chariot Race. They also hunted their traditional Easter eggs with Lambda Chi Alpha.

Alpha Chi Omega


ALPHA CHI OMEGA — FIRST ROW: Barb Louis ( Schol. Ch.), Courtney Sherman ( Cor. Sec. ), Harriet Wayts ( Treas.), Peggy Ballard ( 2nd Vice-Pres.), Beatrice Johnson ( House Mother ), Brenda Cloe (Pres.), Judy Metcalfe ( Rec. Sec.), Phyllis Gachos (1st Vice-Pres.), Kathy Elliott ( Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Myla Pierson, Pam Klick, Viki Kelso, Karen Thorman, Marilyn Schultz, Susie Carter, Susan L. Crawford, Andy Barrum, Susie Huse, Ilse Bried, Trudy Thrasher, Gwen Miller, Jane A. Simpson, Diane Walsh. THIRD ROW: Judy Griffin, Nancy Jurgemeyer, Shirley Baugh, Jackie Legros, Kathy Kiel, Janice Owen, Sue Gibson, Marty Davis, Libby Louck, Becky Rollins, Mary S.

Robertson, Judy Westfall, Lynn Darr, Sherrill Lindsey, Marilyn Mast, Brenda Nighbert. FOURTH ROW: Elaine Anstett, Sylvia Gray, Linda Woods, Nancy Butterhaugh, Judi Parker, Cheryl Semsel, Carol Carollo, Kim Glasser, Carolyn Rish, Barbara Bosart, Betsy Robbins, Kathy Lightcap, Lynne Denham, Lee Kinney, Sharon Stoughton, Patricia Christine, Terri Thomas, Carol Andres. FIFTH ROW: Sheila Bemis, Judy Voynovich, Sue Shook, Chris Kelley, Bonnie Kleckner, Beth Uland, Kathy Butler, JoAnn Townsend, Lissa Purdy ( Soc. Ch.), Nancy Lightcap, Judy Speer, Susan Ipsen, Cindy Whitfield, Barbara Daley, Betty Sellers, Diane Danner, Marilyn Dirkse, Peg Surface, Jan Rowley.

BETA THETA PI — FIRST ROW: Paul W. Barada, Robert Riehm, James Riehm, Jim Fleming, David Knall, John Hedges, Wilbur Pell. SECOND ROW: Donald Cramer, Phil Goddard ( Treas.), Steve Bola ( Sec.), Wayne Kelley ( Pres.), Mrs. Carl Bartholome ( Adopted House Mother ), Lee Lurton ( Vice-Pres.), Dick Schaumann (Pledge Tr.), Dick Leimbacher. THIRD ROW: Tom McNichols, Richard Dilling, Warren Fields, Jim Parham, Chris Grossman, Ted Piel, Leonard Reel, W. 0. Glen, Thomas Riehm, Richard S. Griffith, Dick Krueger, Thomas Bridges, Ron Essenpreis. FOURTH ROW: Vernon E. Stowe III, Michael Oyer, Ron Spivey, Keith Jung, Roger Elliott, Vane Lashua,

Dave Stowe ( House Mngr. ), Jeff Lytton, John Kinyon, Rick Wiethoff, John Ash, Paul Hammerle, Bill Moyer, John Voris. FIFTH ROW: John Mahts, John Urbahns, Tom Miller, George Parsons, Jeff Smith, Robert Radford, Ron Henderson, Tom Carney, Terry Woolums, Ward Poulos, David Shroyer, Chad Slavin, Dan Heller, Gary E. Ponder. SIXTH ROW: Tom Knecht, Steve Conrad, Jim Dobson, Willy Ashbrook, Tom Clapp, Steve Hokanson, David Dugdale, Norman Pihos, Steve Campagholi, Brandt C. Downey, David Diehl, Alan Costlow, William C. Jordan, James Miller, Phil Meuser, Bill Leming, Tom Perkins.

Beta Theta Pi BETA THETA PI. Steeped in ivy-covered tradition though we of Beta Theta Pi are, we often don many colorful guises throughout the year. Bedecked in togas and laurel wreaths, we and our dates gorged at an authentic feast before kicking off sandals and tuning up lyres for a 20th century shindig. Small wonder it's so popular; even a hand isn't missed. You've got to hand it to us — there's nothing like women and song, be we knee-deep in straw at a barn dance or shooting it out in the wacky underground world of the Twenties. But Beta's, indomitable though we may be, can fall prey to charm — a fuzzy black and white ball of fleas and friendliness — "Kai," our new mascot.

GAMMA PHI BETA — FIRST ROW: Jane Schnakenburg ( House Mngr.), Pam Hoffman ( Cor. Sec. ), Marsha Stutsman ( Soc. Ch. ), Flora Eckles ( House Mother ), Barbara Winship ( Pres. ), Jo Beamer ( Schol. Ch.), Cynthia McMillan ( Treas.), Ellen Meier ( Rec. Sec.). SECOND ROW: Patricia Sullivan, Deborah Swager, Vickie Kneir, Susi Scovern, Ronda Alstott, Nancy Cox ( Rush Ch. ), Brenda Harper ( Vice-Pres. ), Dianne LaMaster ( Pledge Tr.), Angela Duhm, Vonda Hooper, Diane Tapia, Sue Lower, Mary Hawkins, Carole Henley. THIRD ROW: Cheri Egelston, Irene Hozdovich, Ann Nesemeier, Pam Baguet, Donna Bowen, Ann Harness, Sally Hite, Janet Wissmiller, Janie

Gutenkunst, Kathy Kincaid, Patsy Allison, Kathie Wright, Diane Dross, Elizabeth Bedree. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Heilman, Suzanne McKay, Karen Skubish, Jody Grose, Eileen Vandermark, Brenda Cooper, Jan Berman, Shiras Stander, Becky Brown, Marge Goding, Amy Clayman, Beverly Graden, Cathy Hadley, Susan Kimble, Carolyn Lones. FIFTH ROW: Judy Ruhl, Janie Shields, Nancy Bachmann, Janis Kitchel, Terri Bohling, Pat Vonesh, Chris Podd, Mary Cass, Sheila McBurnie, Blair Dutton, Marty Raquet, Carol Stout, Karen Moore, Nancy Wesselman, Karen Kocyba.

Gamma Phi Beta GAMMA PHI BETA. "Show me a Gamma Phi who doesn't know the spot . . ." They found a spot in the KDR's hearts by helping clear a spot on the KDR front lawn to erect a Homecoming display with them. Patches of humor and good times sprinkled this event. They hit spots on campus for Christmas caroling with the Sigma Chi's, and they found the spot for good times, teaming up with the Delts for IU Sing. There's one special spot for all Gamma Phi's — their trophy case and all its spots for their first place Mini trophies. And, there's a place for the trivia in life, as in the boress serenade where they were told about the little bird on the telegraph pole. Their dear Mother Eckles' sense of "Take it back!" has its permanent spot in Gamma Phi Beta memories of I.U.

DELTA GAMMA. The 92nd annual Pygamemnon awards presentation was one of the most gala and exciting events to hit Bloomingwood for many years Here are the outstanding performers for 1965-66: Best sound effects, Barb Schwerwin; best make-up, pledge class ( Magic Marker by Max Factor ); best costume, Tamara Sue Attebury, Fort Branch, Ind., ( accepted by Elva, the breakfast cook); best script, Elaine McCormick in "Advise and Consent;" best travelogue, Beth Millar in "Exodus;" best horror movie, Sherry Walsh in "A Road to Ballantine;" best foreign film, "The Americanization of Tunde;" best melodrama, Karen Sinclair in "Where the Boys Are;" best suspense picture, Pam Meyer in "Dial M for Mudd." A highlight of the Pygamemnon awards was a special one for the DG steering committee. The grand-dad of Bloomingwood spectaculars, John Pont, lauded the association "working as a team."

Delta Gamma

DELTA GAMMA — FIRST ROW: Kay Booton ( Rec. Sec.), Barb Carvill ( Rush Ch.), Jill Paulk ( Vice-Pres.), Mrs. Lura Berry ( House Mother), Pam Turner ( Pres.), Ann Neudorff ( Pledge Tr.), Sandy Bye ( Treas.), Sharon Babcock ( Schol. Ch. ). Carole Geisler, Jeanie Irelan, Janie Wheatley, Marcia Torcom, Marcia Holloway, Pat Tylisz, Vicki Crull, Joanne Sanders, Marcia Moynahan, Susan Garlock, Betsy Ross, Pat Sherbondy, Charmaine Clay.THIRD ROW: Barbara Cordell, Barbara Hyneman, Andrea Darrow, Carolyn Mullikin, Sherry Walsh, Susan Korn, Barbara Schwerin, Bonnie Tackney, Pam Meyer, Mary L. Homey,

Sally Yoder, Kathy Krueger, Judy Turner, Anne Simon. FOURTH ROW: Sydney Silveus, Susie Radloff, Elaine McCormick, Janice Foreman, Diana Brogneauz, Susan Ramsay, Paula Rochford, Jill Carithers, Tamara Atteberry, Jan Yost, Beth Millar, Margaret Cannon, Judy Jones, Twila Reed, Nancy Kamman. FIFTH ROW: Marty Rudolph, Mary Ridgeway, Paula Koenig, Sandy Miller, Marilyn McKay, Claudette Surber, Margaret Weir, Judy DeVoe, Ann Armstrong, Francis Allen, Tina Hibbs, Linda Duke, Pat Molenda, Jayne Allen, Laura Armendinger, Hope Hanes, Diane Foster.


DELTA DELTA DELTA. Rolls and rolls of toilet paper. . . . put them all together and they spell BORESS. Fake citndlelights and composite "borrowing" were topped only by the pledge walk-out after the fall Hick Hop, ending in the water fight of the century. some for a good Exchanges, exchanges time, like the riotous Tom Jones feast with the Lambda Chi's, and some for service, like the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children with the Fiji's. Little 500 topped the year's activities when the Tri-Delts and the Sigma Chi's teamed up for the Mini and the Race. Twelve watermelons — a record for the most ever stolen from the Melon Mess — brought the girls into a bit more frivolous contact with the Sig Chi's in earlier fall activities.

Delta Delta Delta


DELTA DELTA DELTA — FIRST ROW: Diane O'Kieffe ( Treas. ), Gretchen Probst ( Rec. Sec.), Patty Bailey ( Soc. Ch.), Barbara Chapman (Pres.), Mrs. Frances Magley ( House Mother ), Pat Relyea ( Rush Ch.), Ellen Ketterson ( Schol. Ch.), Bonnie McNeil, Ann Webster (Chap.). SECOND ROW: Susan Weiler, Georgia James, Jacqueline Black, Patti Grob, Shari Busch, Emily Rawlins, Diane Kubow, Emily Bogard, Jackie Wright, Sarah Weiler, Jan LaFlamme, Sarah Boardman. THIRD ROW: Mary F. Conrad, Kay Blackmore, Diane Edwards, JoAnn Noble, Margaret Dawson, Renee Martin, Linda Tallos, Jennifer Hol-

comb, Kathi Kowalski, Jo Blackwell, Bonnie Thorpe, Marsha Coats, Paula Ennis. FOURTH ROW: Chris Jahns, Karan Ahhlett, Janine Lehmann, Bobbi Husted, Lynn Ehlers, Joyce Beavans, Pam Olson, Marcia Peirce, Linda Doty, Jeanne Gaskill, Jayne Grote, Jenny Norris, Patti Talbot, Kaylyn Pinney. FIFTH ROW: Jane Auer, Pat Purkey, Diane Durand, Sue Todhunter, Becky Gaskill, Marilyn Beaver, Susan Barnett, Kay Kinnison, Carol Johnson, Paula Cannon, Susan Ivey, Charlene Crawford, Connie Brown, Cheryl Lau, Carol Wheeler.

DELTA ZETA — FIRST ROW: P. Sue Jarboe ( Cor. Sec. ), Sharon Brown ( Rec. Sec. ), Judy Aubruner ( Treas.), Mrs. Luella Horn ( House Mother), Juanita Mast (Pres.), Deborah Quear ( Pledge Tr.), Susan Gard ( Rush Ch.), Kathryn Knipmeyer ( Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Beth Marshall, Judith Robinson, Carolyn Hill, Diane Weimer, Judi Hall, Anita Junken, Mary McGraw, Jane A. Turner, Crickett Vance, Diane Schwalm. THIRD ROW: Barbara

Brewer, Sue E. Blessing, Florence Peterson, Marjorie Chenoweth, Carol Schuck, Mary Hawkins, Susan Fleet, Susan Brinegar, Patti Naab, Mary Worley, Robalye A. Collier. FOURTH ROW: Jackie Pallatin, Carole L. Wright, Leslie A. Haney, Marti Whipple, Donna Wolf, Sharon Vaughn, Carol Birdsong, Margaret D. Wilson, Jan Coplen, Pat Gresham, Donna Andree, Denise L. Jones.

Delta Zeta DELTA ZETA. Behold the women of Delta Zeta. As genie of the lamp, their symbol, there is nothing I do not know about them. I granted their wish to go "a-whaling" with the men of Phi Epsilon Pi, and they landed the first place award for Homecoming lawn displays. I waited tables at their annual Steak and Beans scholarship dinner. The women with a 3.0 or better rated T-bone steak. Lesser scholars dabbled with navy beans, kidney beans, bean beans, and jelly beans. Mischievous genie that I am, I tied the seniors' suitcases together and hid all the toothbrushes in the floral designs in the foyer. The DZ's have been trying to speed up my work on their new chapter house on North Jordan.

DELTA TAU DELTA — FIRST ROW: Jeff Paige ( Rec. Sec.), Tim Cline (Cor. Sec.), Robert Thopy (Pres.), Mrs. Jinx Hart ( House Mother ), Kenneth Etter (Vice-Pres.), Bruce Jones ( Treas.), Bill Harvey ( Guide). SECOND ROW: Stephen Hawkins, Gary Boone, Dick Ritter, Dave Eberly, Greg Gill, Dave Tanselle, Mike Harlan, Ed Prather, Dave Hartley, Don Wallace. THIRD ROW: Custer Ritchie, Claude M. Warren Jr., Michael J. Loudermilk, Thomas C. Wedding, Dave Brooks, Mike Fulford, Bill Lamb, Jim Marshall, Rich Peoples, James J. Wood, Don Salter, Donald

L. Walker, Richard S. Lenox. FOURTH ROW: Jim Schwier, Paul Yeoman, John Thompson, Eric Wyndham, Jared Ingwalson, Thomas K. Kintigh, Mike Sharrer, William Fox, Dave Erickson, Don White, Denny Sizemore, Gary Kruchten, James Bond, Rick Boston. FIFTH ROW: Eric Reuss, Terry Noffsinger, Michael J. Tosick, Marvin B. Hamilton Jr., Ted Kuhlenschmidt, Richard J. Kuster, Bob Proctor, Mark Ulrey, Dan Chadwick, Dan Jessop, Dave Denny, John Rader, Rick Brown, Dave Totten, Steve Troxel, John Ransel.

Delta Tau Delta DELTA TAU DELTA. Hello there, Dells! We know who you are because we've been watching you through the eyes of the "Tadpole Patrol." How about that new Chris Dant Memorial? Remember that? Pow! What's this we hear about Humble's wonderful hair, mouth, eyes, voice, personality, etc.? We've been watching Sparrow fall out of his top bunk. We saw Tomato Head break the gearshift off his car. And what about the time your man with the "DTD Opera Company" got so excited over initiation that he drove his MG right off the driveway and into the basketball goal? And you, Screamer, we know about your affair with Jinx through the heating duct in the kitchen. Just. one more word to the wise — rumors have it that Stoney and his Bedford buddies are going to steal a couple of blue spruce trees.

DELTA CHI. Over the Jordan and through the woods. . . . to Granny's lodge they go. . . . a roach, a pooh, a Z, and a mel. . . . a friend and the frogs — and so. . . . win or lose, smile or frown. . . . their spirits are high in heat or cold. 'Twas from the Dark Ages they emerged. . . to heighten traditions and the mysties many. . . . All Kimble and the Twenty-six Thieves, who from women and kings they would take anything their plundering hands might claim. . . . and return to their Kimble, Kaesar, and Kelly. Ivan the Terrible proved no match. . . . as also the points and victories they stole. . . . for this was a band of Jekkyls and Hydes. . . . of glory and fame, the bells will toll. . . . a diamond's lustre they did find. . . . and strength and wisdom, lo and behold. The year proved great, for they have returned. . . . the men of Delta Chi.

Delta Chi

DELTA CHI — FIRST ROW: Robert Campbell ( Pledge Tr.), Robert Batton ( Sec.), Joseph Cochran ( Vice-Pres.), Larry Banghart ( Pres.), Denny Fisher ( Treas.), Ralph Galvin ( Cor. Sec.), Greg Dunnuck ( Sgt.-at-Arms ). SECOND ROW: Gregg Vane, David Friend, Randall Burkhart, Steve Klepfer, Phil Graham, Tom Leland, David Weaver, William M. Brittenback. THIRD ROW: Ken Dirks, Lance

Scotney, J. .D. Ellett, Carter Nelson, Paul Howard, Jim McDaniel, Henry Strand, Steve Reisinger, Don Robbins. FOURTH ROW: Michael D. Paxson, Joseph V. Cline ( Schol. Ch. ), Shelby Gerking, Doug Baumgardt, Norman M. Lewis Jr., Samuel K. Cramer, Robert C. Jones, Thomas W. Goff, Adnan A. Moussallam, Mike Farrell, Pat Callahan.


DELTA UPSILON. Once upon a time there was a Little Red Fire Truck who lived near the DU house. One day the Little Red Fire Truck said, "Who's going to help me win IU Sing this year?" "Not us," said all the DU's, "We're too old to sing!" "We will," cried the Alpha Chi's. Then he asked, "Who will cheer for me at Little 500 this spring?" "Not us," said the DU's, "We're too old to cheer!" "We will," cried the Kappa's. "We'll help with the DU Drop-In," cried the AOPi's. "We'll hack you in the Teke Chariot Race," the DC's chimed in. "And we'll support you for Homecoming," cried the Chi O's. The Little Red Fire Truck grinned from bumper to bumper! Finally, one day, he announced, "It's anniversary! Who wants to go dining and dancing in the Solarium?" "We do!" shouted the DU's. "But aren't you too old to celebrate? It's your 50th year on campus!"

Delta Upsilon


DELTA UPSILON — FIRST ROW: James R. McKinney, Jack Wilson, Bob Matthews, Bill Ault, Robert Gold, Dave Owen, Ron Fritz. SECOND ROW: Ed Johnson ( Treas.), John T. Clapacs ( Grad. Schol. Adviser), Steve Fredericks (Soc. Ch.), Keith Robbins (4th Vice-Pres.), Jim Rawlings (Pres.), Kenneth Bussey ( 2nd Vice-Pres.), Daniel Fuquay ( 1st Vice-Pres.), Adrian Songer ( Rec. Sec.). THIRD ROW: Rick LeBurkien, Shel Sheray, Fred Wolf, Bob Wiseman, Tom Wright, Dick Richardo, Larry Alexander, Max Mueller, Phil Ritz, Steve Urse, Tom Morris, Brent Circle, Charles Zeller, Beach Ball. FOURTH ROW: Ed Burney, Jack Ammon, Don Baker, Max Baumer, Kenneth Wingham,

William Scott, John Boss, Steve Eldridge, Tim Swank, David Hennon, Jim Mathews, Wade Logan, Tom Whitsitt, Pat Moss, Richard Galbreath. FIFTH ROW: Dominick LoDuca, Bob Racz, Mike Young, Stan Moore, Steve Topper, Jesse Miller, Jeff Chastain, Richard Schaub, Bill Goebel, Robert Barker, Joe Thomas, Rodney Frey, Joe Brink, Mike Whittaker. SIXTH ROW: Bob Reason, Bill Dexter, Mike Phillips, Bob John, Frederick Williams, Charles Robinson, Jon Petrovich, Stephen Moore, Jon Fairfield, Ronald Peyton, Cliff DeLaCroix, Chuck Munkwitz, Steve Ermel, Lanny Krebs, Patrick Ramsey, Kenton Susott, Jerry Sharik, Chris Kirk, Bill Junk.

ZETA BETA TAU — FIRST ROW: Edwin J. Loeser, Martin J. Walter, Donald E. Wertheimer, Richard G. Zimmerman, Lee Smith, Joseph 0. Vogel, Ron Brodey, Steve Hirshfeld, Bob Goldstein. SECOND ROW: Jerry Shapiro, Jeff Fine, Rob Caller ( Sec.), Sonny Schatz ( Pres.), E. R. Kaufman ( House Mother), Jack Frisch ( Vice-Pres. ), Steve Efroymson ( Treas.), David Josephson, Scott Lerner.THIRD ROW: Steve Goldstein, Ed Franklin, Don Katz, Neil Weisman, Terry Baer, Martin Rosen, Roger Rubin, Allan Kalver, Norman Glanzman, Garry Fromm, Mel Brown. FOURTH

ROW: Jim Harris, Michael Silverstein, Marty Zohn, Joe Bishop, Ira Rothstein, Bruce Levy, Terry Hyman, Steve Vogel, Jay Smith, Sam Smith, Howard Yosha. FIFTH ROW: Robert Levy, Jon Lozow, Dale Fine, Richard Schultz, Rick Levin, Bruce Natkin, Dick Leventhal, Neil Kaplan, Bill Hirschberg, Dan Friedman, Michael Levin, Philip Logan, Jerry Jacobson. SIXTH ROW: Arthur Max, Vic Vernick, Jerry Abramson, Max Lipner, Larry Lee, Herb Price, Richard Sugar, Ron Braman, Alan Alport, Jack Fink, Stephen Paul, David Stine, Barry Golinko, Jerry Kobrin.

Zeta Beta Tau ZETA BETA TAU. Would you believe that the men of Zeta Beta Tau confine their liquid refreshment to Donald Duck orange juice? That their two-year old house is already overpopulated with 1,788,900 intelligent, debonair men? Well, would you believe 118 intelligent, debonair men? The Frauenthal Prize Award from their national organization was an additional outstanding honor for their filled trophy case this year. Enthusiasm and spirit contributed to the success of their annual Homecoming open house. The Homecoming dance with the DC's, the "Jungle Safari," the "Jail House Rock," and the spring pledge formal added excitement to their social calendar. With the usual nose-job problems and the Thursday night corporation meetings, the ZBT's prepared themselves for the folly and hardships that college life demands.

ZETA TAU ALPHA — FIRST ROW: Kathleen Marks (Cor. Sec.), Linda Douglass (Rec. Sec.), Lynne Julian ( Vice-Pres.), Mrs. Stahlschmidt ( House Mother ), Marilyn Stanley (Pres.), Louann Golden ( Treas.), Judy Fillenworth ( Rush Ch.), Betty Day ( Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Mary Schilling ( Schol. Ch.), Maribeth Faherty ( Soc. Ch.), Ruth A. Tedrowe ( Alum. Ch.), Carolyn Geeding (Ritual Ch.), Becky Fugit ( Standards Ch.), Susan Brand ( Song Ldr.), Mary Jo Day (House Mngr.), Jeanette Benjamin (Hist.), Phyllis Rapp ( Rec. Ch.), Sandy Feely ( Activities Ch.), Trudy Tyler. THIRD ROW: Suzanne Robinson, Patricia Kildsig, Cathy Chaney, Paula McLeaster, Carol

Lusher, Jane Price, Jeanne Monroe, June Terkhorn, Pat Prunty, Linda Meyer, Laurie Butler, Judy Jones. FOURTH ROW: Mary Forbes, Marsha Reed, Kathy Mauder, Cathy Cooper, Stephanie Ferlini, Nancy Williamson, Jody Free, Jo Ann Lucas, Nancy Lewis, Karen Hudson, Phyllis Thomas, Nancy Jennings, Linda Lask. FIFTH ROW: Sandy Fischbach, Barbara Martin, Jerri Lynn Skeans, Janet Julian, Joan Kennedy, Tonda Beesley, Margaret A. Laird, Patricia A. Brauker, Nancy Zeiger, Karen Blackmore, Nancy Clausen, Hattie Overmyer, Janet Alexander, Jo E. Mallett, Jackie Crimmins.

Zeta Tau Alpha ZETA TAU ALPHA. You might say that we concentrated on the Roaring Twenties era this year, with that theme for Dad's Weekend, rush coke parties, and a pledge dance. Do you believe we carted an old-fashioned bathtub in one of our convertibles, all the way from a junkyard? It worked nicely as a backdrop for the "Zeta Distillery" pictures. But twirling beads didn't take up all of our time. Pledges tutored children at the Christian Center and had them out for dinner. Those kids are quite adept now at eating spaghetti — our favorite food. The new study room in the basement got quite a workout. Chop suey definitely is not on our list of favorites, but our tube-watching houseboy is, and so are the Delts, our Homecoming cohorts. Never did figure out how we built such a big oaken bucket with the little work we managed to do!

THETA CHI. Have you ever seen a huge white bulldog pulling a fraternity man around on the end of a leash? Most likely the dog is Ox and the guy running to keep up is a Theta Chi. If they're asleep, they're easy to tell apart — Ox is the one who snores. When awake, the brothers keep physically fit with a quick game of intraroom football. The radiator usually goes first, and occasional points-after are scored with the first aid kit. The "Bike Bounce" is another Theta Chi exercise. Among the more intellectually inclined are those brothers who consult The Wall Street journal and keep copies of "Fortune" ever handy. Relaxation from this strain is often sought in the pages of Hugh Heffner's monthly publication.

Theta Chi

THETA CHI — FIRST ROW: John Hamsley ( House Mngr.), Wes Hamilton (Pledge Tr. ), Gordon Rhea ( Sec.), Steve Leggett (Pres.), Thomas Clark ( Vice-Pres.), Lew Schornstein ( Treas.), Mike Nottingham ( Soc. Ch. ), Jerry Roberts ( Rush Ch. ). SECOND ROW: Phil Holdread, Jim Keene, Bill Burnside, Larry Johnston, Mike Sabocik, Tom Edwards, Charles Davis, Louis A. Nelson, Gene Forry, Gordon Miscol, Michael D. Matthews. THIRD ROW: Wyatt Weaver, Chuck Taylor, Richard W. Hinz, Bill Staton, John R. Bosse, Richard D. Martin, Thomas M. Robin-

son, Richard H. Niles, Philip J. Wiehe, Dennis Dedelow, Dale E. Grassmyer, Roger A. Paskeo. FOURTH ROW: James Zechiel, James Reed, Robert Higgerson, Heydon Buchanan, James J. Carter, Jack Farrell, Him Cook, Bruce Kotzen, Dan Vacoby, James Antrim, Steve Brown, Louis Bixler, William Richards, Duane Mercer. FIFTH ROW: Charles R. Hoffman, Michael Rensberger, Charles W. Hoffman, Tom Wilson, Bill Roth, Ervin Scott, Peter Walther, Don Davies, Doug Barton, John Morgan, Ron McCormick, Ed Russell, John MacDonald, Thomas Luby.


KAPPA ALPHA THETA. "I don't know who he is behind that mask of his, but we need him now," remarked one of the Kappa Alpha Theta's in the strategy council. The girls seated on the bright orange couch decided to combat the invading hoards who nightly trample the back stairs to forage the refrigerator. Previously he had aided them in their capture of the elusive watermelons of Sigma Chi. It ended in a real POW-BIFF-SOCK finale with only one broken leg and a few other minor catastrophes. Until now it had been quiet with the toys tucked safely away in the attic and only with visions of Christmas at home, Campfire Girls' reunion, the menagerie, the Sigma Alpha Epsilons in Little 500, the letters from Viet Nam, and the IU Sing Delta Tan Delta "groupies" to distract them from their daily routine. The main question remains: Can Batman and Robin save the Theta's from the antidiet gang?

Kappa Alpha Theta


KAPPA ALPHA THETA — FIRST ROW: Susan Shane ( Cor. Sec.), Jacqueline Jones (Treas.), Marcy Tucker (2nd Vice-Pres.), Pamela Stoner (Pres.), Mrs. Rodecker (House Mother), Susie Kalina (Pledge Tr.), Marilyn Cole (Bus. Rush Ch.), Leslie Toles ( Soc. Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Jeanne Collier, Creggie Salisbury, Brenda Brown (Soc. Ch.), Carole A. Fulkerson, Trena Hoppes, Diane Hamacher, Susie Rogers, Susan Roettger, Betty Leach, Joy Brandenburg, Bonnie A. Brownell, Susie Wisely (Hist.), Diane Wod, Suzy Traylor. THIRD ROW: Lynn Franks, Sheryl Bills, Mary J. Steffee, Nancy Strickhorn, Cherie Arpan, Anne Nesbit, Judy Foulkes, Mary B. Schmalz, Susan Sie-

Bert, Marilyn Fillhrandt, Barbara Wade, Patricia Romey, Ann Bayer, Anne Meier, Carol Utterback. FOURTH ROW: Pat Kendrick, Jane Carlson, Kathy Keenan, Emily Huntington, Sandy Covalt, Mary Sayles, Sharon Shafer, Janet Fitzpatrick, Anne Lewis, Julie Cope, Linda Loman, Susan Perry, Kathy Lott, Connie Clark, Ann Flaningam.FIFTH ROW: Sara Twyman, Elizabeth Statts, Phyllis Mott, Pamela Ogden, Mary A. Rowe, Patricia Burmeister, Ann Dallmeyer, Ellen Griffin, Carolyn Wilhelm, Paula Hottenstein, Janie Upward, Cynthia Fitzpatrick, Sherri Thomas, Judy Hall, Kathy Ellis, Vickie Jornod, Anne Jones, Camile Kaylor.

KAPPA ALPHA PSI — FIRST ROW: Olin Radford ( Pledge Tr.), K. Ray Stubbs ( Sec.), David Greene, John Jones ( Treas.), John D. Carter ( House Counselor ), Nathaniel Williams ( House Mngr.). SECOND ROW: Curtis L. Wilson, Trent Walters, Walter Lowe, Lavell Brooks, Robert Hamm, Donald Smithers. THIRD ROW: John S. Talley,

Marshall Cochran, Clarence A. Wilson, Albert Spurlock, Nathaniel Cunningham, Gerald Sanders, Cordell M. Gill. FOURTH ROW: Lee E. Robinson, W. Alvin Carter Jr., Calvin R. Snowden, Ted Randall Jr., Pierre Spaulding, Albert Gage, Luther E. Hall III.

Kappa Alpha Psi KAPPA ALPHA PSI. October 2 — large brawl with Kappa Psi brothers and their dates. WOW! October 8 — repeat performance. Dance with Alpha Kappa Alpha's after the Homecoming game — repeat of October 2. Buying of semester's books for approaching midterms. Two Psi guys nominated by brothers for position of mascot — GRRR!! December 10 — annual Christmas pajama party. WOW! December 11 — Neophyte Dance. Super repeat of October 2. January — blue month. Study, study, study. Pledge dance — several Kappa Psi pins for sale or loan. March 4-5 — IU Sing. April 16 TKE Chariot Race — joined forces with AKA's in costume competition. Fantastic repeat of October 2. Pledge boress the actives that you, big brother Greene? May 14 — "Psi Guys" join with Sammies to give Little 500 dance. Rip roarin' repeat of October 2.

KAPPA DELTA — FIRST ROW: Carol Bottorff ( Sec.), Trudy Bradford (Ed.), Laurie Beyer (Vice-Pres.), Anna Cox (Pres.), Adele Clarke (House Mother), Nancy Buschmann ( Rush Ch.), Lois Loats ( Treas.), Sheila Row ( Ass't. Treas.), Judy Henderson (House Mngr.). SECOND ROW: Mary A. Cormican, Cherryl Gritzbaugh, Sherri Woodruff, Kristi Ottesen, Sandi Trent, Sandy Cassner, Marty Glasson, Jane Ragle, Toni Marsala, Jody Ritter, Juanita Egner, Mary A. Warren, Sharon Swander. THIRD ROW: Afton Rice, Jean Michalik, Jan Shoobridge, Jean Snapp, Spooky Spaden, Karen Thomas, Chris Blackman, June Rice, Katie Tilford,

Kathy Kline, Marcia Lauritzson, Susan Sell, Marcia McElhinny, Mary Winthrop, Lynne Slutzkin. FOURTH ROW: Shiela Gracie, Claudia Moss, Charlotte Jones, Linda Hoyt, Mary Jo Kimmel!, Jean Jardine, Lynne Stoller, Bobbie White, Kathy Haynie, Lavonne Bebler, Vicki Harrison, Patty McClure, Beverly Baird, Marjorie Parker, Joyce Malloy. FIFTH ROW: Marilyn Musgrave, Sue Wilson, Judy Berryman, Kathy Gilpatrick, Connie Balser, Mary Lenz, Suzanne Penz, Kristen Vea, Nina Adolph, Carol Matthews, Mary L. Beilstein, Judith Dickman, Nancy Houpt, Bert VanDenBosch, Jeri Krause, Jan Copp, Jean Thomson.

Kappa Delta

KAPPA DELTA. To the inexperienced eye, the little women in the group portrait may appear to be Pembroke scholars or, at best, a flock of bewildered swans. . . . too many "Rolling Stones" with the Sig Eps at Homecoming maybe? In spite of this, 75 per cent of the girls are pinned, and the other 25 guard the steel traps we set to catch athletes who unwittingly use our backyard as a practice field for any and all sports. Other backyard activity this year included workmen who woke us up every 7 a.m. by drilling and hammering through our john walls, as we awaited our new addition. Although we missed our drawbridge and moat, we finally got new pillars on the front porch. Not being a group to shun tradition, we incorporated an annual KD-Sigma Nu snowball fight with our neighbors to the north. It might've been late in the season for snow and all, but the spirit was there. We then recuperated enough to tromp up the hill to serenade the Chi Phi's for Little 500. Thoroughly hoarse and exhausted from this, we faced another traumatic final week, packed our bags, and said "adieu" to our remodeled home. . . . eager for the addition's fresh paint and sawdust to greet us in the fall.

KAPPA DELTA RHO. Back when I was a pledge, we outnumbered the actives five to three. When they yelled "All pledges stand," we'd yell "All actives run!" And they did. Being on the other side of the line-up now. I like active life better, though I'm glad I'm not Buster or Sherbs — our experts on pledges and green paint. The new batch of superfrogs is about like ours — always in trouble. They had their walk-out, as usual, and certainly took advantage of Turnabout Day. Imagine, a line-up for the actives at 4 a.m. — with suits and ties. When you think about it, the KDR's are strong on decor, evidenced by a cornflakes box for Homecoming, Army paraphanalia, a goldfish and turtle pool, and bamboo for the spring Luau. Spontaneous rain dances or hula-hoop dances add to the entertainment. You have to give the pledges credit for coming up with some far-out costumes for the Pajama Party. And the Kommando Kicker — what a dance! Almost bought out the Army surplus store and cleared the woods of trees for props. I couldn't belieye our dates wore nurse outfits. . . . and Army suit concoctions!

Kappa Delta Rho


Gerald Fritte, William McCoy, Marion Stewart, M. Daniel Baker, James Wolford, George R. Parish Jr., Donald Miller. SECOND ROW: Wayne Reed, Skip Higgins ( Centurion) Fred Florjancic, Larry Strawser ( 2nd Vice-Pres. ), Don Wemlinger ( Pres.), Stephen J. Hyatt ( 1st Vice-Pres. ), Richard Ham ( Treas.), Forest Redding ( Schol. Adviser ), Steve Mains ( Soc. Ch.), Duane Milburn. THIRD ROW: Michael Kendall, Garry Smith, Rick Reedy, Fred Mosemiller, Bob Worland, Larry Stout, Chuck Robinson, Jim O'Sullivan, George O'Malley, Tim McKee, Jeff Storey, Greg Rhodes, Norman Babcock, William S. Yocum. FOURTH ROW: Michael Kendall, Craig Thomson, George Bewley, Stephen Free, Charles Altman, Stephen Huddleston, Brian

Swank, Rick Johnson, William Reid, Stephen Ernest, Richard Elkins, David Blair, Ron McNaughton, David Cook. FIFTH ROW: Mark Bair, Larry Duvall, Don Myers, Eugene Rachon, Peter Schmitt, William Olson, Philipp Wachsmann, Robert A. Moynihan, Stephen H. Johnson, Rick A. Heischenbein, Eric S. Randolph, George Sapp, Richard L. Edrington, Judd R. Cook, Barry B. Heath. SIXTH ROW: Larry Shearer, Terry Kors, Andrew W. Lilliston Jr., Mark Smedley, William R. Weakley, Thomas E. Butz, David Lawler, Edward Goodwin, Brandt Ludlow, Dan Bueter, Gary Winder, Fred Waldkoetter, John Hartmann, James W. Sherby, Danial L. Seaman, Rick Bogigian, Paul A. Hartmann.


KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. "Pass the magic marker. . . . I need some more decoration on this undershirt." Undershirt? . . . Oh, your date for the Kappa Barn Dance! Isn't that going to extremes? I see, the dates think so, but you don't. . . . And what about your parading up and down the streets to advertise the Delt Street Dance? Myself, I'd rather watch "Door Droodle" experts like Bebop, Raggie, and Smocker. I thought it was rather funny, the way so many sisters got thrown into the water tubs at the Melon Mess. It was rather nice the way you performed for IU Sing with the Fiji's. Too bad about that cold fall weather forcing you to cancel the Acacia Pavement Pounce and all. But then with such darlings as Kinks, Hugs, Botch, Peach, Lover, Kraut, and Schnopps in your house, and still being one of the top three houses academically, I guess being a Kappa works out pretty well.

Kappa Kappa Gamma


KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA — FIRST ROW: Carol Schmeidewind (Cor. Sec.), Harriet Brink ( Marshal), Linda Leach ( 1st Vice-Pres.), Lynn Smock ( Pres.), Barbara Dolata (2nd Vice-Pres, ), Barbara Ahl (Pledge Tr.), Dara Whittinghill ( Treas.), Susie Ragains ( Soc. Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Jan Edington, Jan Harrell ( Soc. Ch.), Susan Shoaff ( Cult. Ch.), Jan Westfall ( Schol. Ch.), Marcia Hahn ( Pub. Rel. Ch.), Cindy Bartlett ( Song Ldr.), Kathy Haughey ( Registrar), Mary Vance ( Ass't. Treas.), Ann Eichelkraut (Bus. Rush Ch.), Lynn Shumaker ( Activities Ch.), Judy Long. THIRD ROW: Becky Newhard, Sally Fox, Susie Butterfield, Nancy Love, Mickey Davidson,

Millie Hodson, Ann Covey, Shelley Morris, Marian Yanney, Susie Tardy, Gail Coughlin, Susie Woodburne, Sylvia Pressler. FOURTH ROW: Ann Friedman, Melanie MacKenzie, Joanne Dailey, Sue Bannon, Patty Tomlin, Lynn Hakanson, Andrea Hilburn, Janis Hughel, Karen Miller, Linda Weyls, Barbara Becker, Carol Steinberg, Susie Sprenger, Jackie Fox, Leslie Krieble. FIFTH ROW: Debby Decker, Ann Hansel, Jane Switzer, Gail Engle, Marilyn Hudson, Jeanine Hauptman, Janet Hahn, Ann Crabtree, Judy Johanson, Anne Binkley, Connie Schull, Connie Carr, Gayle Byers, Cynthia Mauck, Judy Deems, Becky Bond.

KAPPA SIGMA — FIRST ROW: Jay Brinson, Chip Bennett

( Sec.), Rick Knop ( Vice-Pres.), Wilma Stitt ( House Mother ), Doug Smith (Pres.), Allan Marshall ( Treas.), Robert Cleaves ( Schol. Adviser), Jeff Garinger ( Chap.). SECOND ROW: Robert Jasinski, Thomas M. O'Renick, Robert A. Powell, Ken M. Kaylor, Patrick Tanabe, Gary J. Anglin, Paul C. Jensen, James L. Wood, William A. Huff, Michael B. Nicoloff, Thomas W. Sharp. THIRD ROW: S. S. Silver, Tom Szabo, Tom Ensor ( Soc. Ch.), James Stelle, Steve Stanfield, Steve Bond, Alan F. Hartman, Mike Fox, Frank

Eberle, Walt Klukas, Brian Devaney, Tom Schuetz. FOURTH ROW: Walter H. DeArmitt, Donald L. Sheagley, Robert L. Bannon, Patrick T. Welsh, Michael C. Bell, Gerald A. Harley, Thomas Keenan, Jack E. Lowes, Stephen B. Kickey, Dave Holmquist, James S. Castner, Robert H. Bielewicz, Steven T. Porter. FIFTH ROW: Jim Boone ( Sr. Adviser), John Dithmer, Jim Huminsky, John Kaylor, Tom Kragh, William Clark, Paul Smith, Larry Jackson, Lee Ford, Colin G. Haza, Terril Romine, Peter Delevett, Bud Lesh, Bruce Swan.

Kappa Sigma KAPPA SIGMA. For the Kappa Sigma's, 1966 has been marked by the oddities and problems of their new surroundings. After numerous attempts at acquaintance, the ultimate breakthrough of the year—Slavic communication with the ZBT cook—was made, highlighted by the sounds of Hog Honda and the Chronicles, the antics of Red Banger, and their particular affinity for brussels sprouts. Bringing along the wisdom of Klakas and the abounding knowledge of the Hose from their former Third street residence, the Kappa Sigs enjoyed further success in campus-wide activities. Although missing George the St. Bernard through an unfortunate summer accident, the fraternity members have directed their humanitarian interest toward the abundant chipmunks and the Uncalled Four. After a hectic year in their strange environment, the Kappa Sigma's are looking forward to a more distilled 1967.

LAMBDA CHI ALPHA — FIRST ROW: Volker Koelpin (Pledge Tr. ), John Quick, Robert Stover ( Vice-Pres.), Ron Chaffin ( Pres.), David Demaree ( Treas. ), Bob Dender ( Soc. Ch. ), John Riggs ( Pledge Tr.), Richard Darst ( Sec. ). SECOND ROW: William B. Keaton, Robert M. Assiff, Anthony K. Dean, David A. Fitterling, Thomas A. Keaton, Mark E. Trombley, Phil Springer, Mike Chenore, Mike Timmons, Tom Kilrain, Gordon Sinning, Dick White. THIRD ROW: John Bodine, Robert Stone, Joe Downey, Bob Wheat, Alex Emmons, Ken Todd, Jim Hawke, Dick

Collins, Fred Adamczyk, Alan Beckley, Kim Baker, Larry Linhart, Albert Harris. FOURTH ROW: George Bigg, Bob Carter, Steve Duncan, Tim Micheli, Tom Bernhardt, Joe Simonetto, Don Kutch, Bill Michael, Mike Coomes, John Garmong, Dave Carter, Richard Pavel. FIFTH ROW: Steve Luedeman, Steve Van Tyle, Dave Spitzer, Robert Phillips, William Belanger, Barry Burnett, John Etherton, Skip Knutson, Ron Eshleman, Nelson Martin, Doug Spitzer, Ralph Lumm, Dave Wallace, Charles Smith, Paul Schanher.

Lambda Chi Alpha LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. Dauntlessly they searched! Over hill, over dale, through rancid swamp and muck, they forged on, ever in search of those exotic ingredients with which to concoct their biggest project of the year — the Kula Dance. Each week Tom "T. T." Quick, mastermind behind the affair, would bring the entire house roaring enthusiastically to its feet with his impassioned pleas for 300 railroad ties, a complete cable car system, two live volcanoes, and eleven tropical lakes. "Not to mention," cried this relentless taskmaster, "the alligators we're giving as favors. Onward, Men!" As you can see, ingenuity was the byword this year among the men of Lambda Chi Alpha. Whether selecting "Go-Go Girls" for the Lambda Chi-Tri Delt Lawn Party or abducting an authentic, used outhouse for the fall pledge dance, pledges and actives alike caught the spirit of enterprise. In fact, the actives succeeded admirably in transmitting originality to the fall pledge class. Enthusiasm abounded that night when the pledges zealously tree-tubbed the house president in his skivvies on the front lawn.

PI BETA PHI. This was the year that. . . . we retreated to the courtyard. . . . the Pikes turned the white house into an outhouse for Homecoming. . . . Lady Clairol cut off our supply. . . . the Old Gray Mares turned into Ramblin' Gamblin' Seniors. . . . we doubled our troubles with the flavor of Candy and Sandy. . . . Charley waited on and dated her and now is to wed her. . . . our Senior Dads dusted the Dust to the gyrations of Baby Leon and the Presidents. . . . Rat, Korte, and Marls turned into Hell's Angels for the pledge dance. . . . Thelma's bisquits rose and so did our lbs. . . . we harmonized with the Sigma Nu's at IU Sing and also got pinned to them. . . . the new pledges teetered and posed on the staircase during Presentation. . . . the house joined Sam, Wuch, and Rench as avid Fiji lovers during Little 500. . . . Vee and the crew sneaked cigarettes in the living room. . . . Mother K turned over responsibilities to the senior hours girl and went to bed early. . . . the class of '68 black-boressed their way to a late initiation. . . . the chapter studied all year to the tune of "Achievement is Contagious," but somehow became immunized.

Pi Beta Phi

PI BETA PHI — FIRST ROW: Anne Walker ( Rush Ch. ), Alice Driscoll ( Pledge Tr. ), Ginny Wynn ( Rec. Sec. ), Jan Meschberger ( Pres.), Jan Stauffer ( Vice-Pres. ), Sally Baste ( Treas. ), Leigh Watley ( Schol. Ch.), Carol Rector ( House Mngr. ). SECOND ROW: Alice Gettelfinger, Stevie Reider, Nancy Maxwell, Marcia Robbins, Kathy Lybrook, Kay D. Franklin, Diane Fredrick ( Soc. Ch. ), Terry A. James, Nancy Frakes, Sandra Howell, Ann Johnson. THIRD ROW: Sheila Odea, Marti Sweitzer, Merri Mueller, Karen Fitton, Elda Hogue, Holly Romans, Jayne Tuttle, Patty Chamblin, Suzie LeFevre, Nancy Forsyth, Candy Howell, Helen

Rodgers, Cassandra Kamp. FOURTH ROW: Mary A. Wucher, Jane Willis, Jan Hefti, Peggy Paul, Dottie Owens, Susan Balsbaugh, Sue Huffman, Debbie McAdams, Melissa Finnegan, Barbara Weihmiller, Patty Martin, Becky Bell, Merry Lennarson ( Corr. Sec.), Beverlee McCauley. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Shelton, Sonnie Weisbrod, Janet Kingsbury, Pat Kane, Karen Bixler, Margot Pickering, Gloria Thomas, Marla Habecker, Jeannie Verhoeven, Joan Kastning, Cindy Korte, Ginger Evans, Linda Graves, Mary Bruce, Jane Samuelson.


PI KAPPA ALPHA. "Those Magnificent Hoosiers in Their Flying Machines" proved to he an appropriate theme for the Pi Kappa Alpha-Pi Beta Phi Homecoming lawn display, for the Pikes are men soaring "uppity-up-up" in the IU Greek system. Spirits got a lift with the presentation of a photo scrapbook personally signed by the female pilots of their "Flying High to Victory" display. The Pikes' climb upward took them to Canyon Inn, McCormick's Creek State Park, for the Dream Girl Formal and the crowning of Dream Girl '66, Pi Phi Janet Kingsbury. Then it was off to New Orleans for the Bourbon Street Beat dance set in an outdoor garden under a red and white canopy. The Pikes glided to first place positions in Cream League intramural football and in the Greek Week sign contest, for which they depicted how "Greek Life Is Captivating" in a "broad" sense. The flight of the Pikes to allcampus excellence included a departure from the usual in the IU Sing with the Sigma Kappa's. Their partners in the Teke Chariot Race, the Alpha Chi's, added to the "plane" greatness of the Pike social calendar.

Pi Kappa Alpha



( Sec.), James W. Woods (Vice-Pres.), Lenore Tyler ( House Mother ), Kenneth E. Hardman ( Pres.), David Thomas ( Treas.). SECOND ROW: Lane Ayres, C. Michael Woods, Tom Bodkin, Dave Newsom, Randy Hrkel, Jerry Gerig, Michael C. Braunstein, Pete Houdeshel, Roger Coffin. THIRD ROW: Sidney B. Gilmore, David Thomas, Noel Shaw ( Soc. Ch.), Richard Mueller, Jeffery Ferguson, Doug Yeskie, Timothy Freeman, Robert Barnett, Robert

Thompson, John Shanks ( Song Ldr.). FOURTH ROW: Bill Dorick, Whit Bibbins, Steve Schoenherr, Steve Hayes, John Wetmore, Alexander D. Ballantyne, Bill Gifford, Jim Mackay, Gary Reid, Bob Walkup. FIFTH ROW: Craig R. Norman, D. Kim Dunnick, Larry Willhite, Tom Beck, Robert Dale Coggin, Richard G. Reiners, Michael Trueman, Ken Kentner, Ronald Bush, Terry Sutton, Harry Browning, Donald Dean Bush ( Hist.).

PI KAPPA PHI — FIRST ROW: John Peterson ( Hist. ),

Melville Webster ( Treas.), James McClure ( Pres.), Kenneth Freeman ( Sec.), Robert Briganti ( Sgt.-at-Arms ). SECOND ROW: Tom Richardson, Joe Patton, Richard Stutz, James McCollough, Phil Lehman, Ted Carr, Dick Bender. THIRD ROW: James McCarthy Jr., Mike Nordberg, Glen Crosier, Don Briscoe, Mike McGee, Dave Goron, Ross Brown.

Pi Kappa Phi PI KAPPA PHI. Final Exam: Introduction to Pi Kappa Phi Part I. Short Answer Who stole all the light bulbs? What is Lagnaf and why won't Rupp give him up? How many tricks does Dave Fry have up his sleeve? Who is Briscoe, Bard of Jordan? Part II. Essay Discuss the social significance of the Rose Ball Formal and the honor of being chosen the 1966 Rose Ball Queen. List the advantages of winning the exchange with Purdue's Omega Chapter after the Oaken Bucket Game. Part III. Identification "But later, much later." Y.H.D.K.

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON — FIRST ROW: William D. Bennison (Intramural Ch.), Richard Schaible, Earl Frederick Forst, Tim Thomson, Harry J. Shriver, Dan Smith, Tom Lantz, Stephen Harms. SECOND ROW: Bruce Harrison, Jim Kittle, Lou Moneymaker ( Rec.), Steve Bock (Pres.), Lucy Patti (Pledge), Dan McConnell ( Vice-Pres.), John Egulf, Doug Wilk, John Baker. THIRD ROW: James Middleton, Dick Huffman, Edward Farmer Jr., Bredy Wilson, Bud Hoops, Morris Erickson, Fredrick A. Hillis, Robert Bailey, S. D. Weldy III, Erich Barnes, John Bloom, John Watson Bodwell. FOURTH ROW: Sonny Wyland, David

Votaw, Bill Elmer, William Price, Dave Gerow, Jack Jacobs, Cleveland Williams, Sam Yuska, R. T. Williamson, Dave Johnson, Bob Forste ( Chap.), Jim Shaw, Bob Kleymeyer. FIFTH ROW: Ed Terrill, Gene Merrill, Mike McConnell, Barry Moore, Boo Sinnock, Tim Cook, David Mudd, David C. George, Robert Butler, Ron Shelton, George Henry, Reid Lemasters, Rick Krietemeier, David Simpson. SIXTH ROW: John Petscher, Randolph Leerkamp, Page Gifford, Dennis Zylman, Robert Cook, Robert Munson, Egon Petersen, Jeffrey Hilburn, Wally Zollman, William Gambill, Dick Hughes, Robert Harper, Dan Mayoras, Ron Peters.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Report to stockholders of SAE Study Club, Lmt. ( Prepared by offices of Crawford, Crawford, and Spitale.) ASSETS Actives and pledges living in, out, or around house 113 Returns on snap-tab beer can tops $2,788,783.04 "Bison of the Year" 1 BMOC's in high offices 31 Athletes rallying glories for Ole IU 17 TOTAL: $2,788,784.66 LIABILITIES Hoarse voices from Little 500, IU Sing, and serenades 113 Men reaching age of consent 49 Dents in backyard jalopy 2,442 Pilgrimages to the Reg and to Brown County 5,402 Outstanding beer debt $2,788,704.59 TOTAL: $2,788,784.65

SIGMA ALPHA MU. "What's the name of the Lone Ranger's niece?" "I know it! It's right on the tip of my tongue. . . ." Be it their favorite game of Trivia (by the way, the Lone Ranger had no niece, but a nephew ) or their more serious "studies," the Sammies know what "college" really means, as proven by their third place rank among fraternities. But life at the SaMmie house isn't ALL work. On that anticipated evening of the "Rags to Riches" dance, their dates floated dreamily down in a cloud of chiffon and Chanel No. 5 to be met by escorts dressed completely in rags. And then there was the time the pledges landscaped the house and grounds with hay and polished off the boress by coaxing a bewildered herd of cattle right into the living room.

Sigma Alpha Mu

SIGMA ALPHA MU — FIRST ROW: Mike Yellen, Warren Rosenblatt, Franklin Yudkin ( Rec. ), David L. Rich ( Exchequer ), David V. Freeman ( Prior ), Stanley Rosenblatt ( Vice-Prior ), R. T. Senn ( 2nd Vice-Prior ), Gary Fischer ( Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Steve Claybon, Howard Knopf, A. Martin Cohen, Jay Gerson, Ted Steuer ( Soc. Ch.), Howard Bernstein, Roger Mervis, Stephen Dann, Gordon A. Saskin, Dick Matthews, Marty Snyder. THIRD ROW: Leslie Davis, Bob Hoffman, Ken Silverman, Norman Eisenberg, Marc Lewis, Robert Rosenblum, Ronald Zub-

koff, Jeffrey L. Picklin, Bob Malman, Tiberius Herman, Dennis J. Hummel, Robert Guttman. FOURTH ROW: David Colman, Joel Sutlin, Neil Natkow, Gary Fuchs, Gene Teibloom, Michael Brodsky, Badger Greenberg, Greg Lustig, Louis Joseph, Steve Sabbath, Alfred Rothman, Barry Smith. FIFTH ROW: Martin Less, Mike Miller, Edward Dobrow, Jerome Malman, Jay Glazer, Mark Axelrod, Jay Weiner, Bob Rose, Steve Adams, Steve Berg, David Tomchin.


SIGMA DELTA TAU. Emphasis: NEW. Everything is new this year at the Sigma Delta Tau house — from Aunt Marie to the OK Corral surrounding the house in the wilderness. While a fresh pledge class was entering upon a new outlook toward sorority ideals, sisterhood, and living quarters marked by an uncompleted second wing, Aunt Marie entered — bringing with her a fresh atmosphere of warmth and spirit, generated through fireside chats, boresses, and grandmother's remedies of all sorts — from salt water gargle to raw steak. Perhaps for the first time in history, wake-up was something of a success,.but, in the tradition of old, it was hindered by too many suffering from too much "senioritis."

Sigma Delta Tau


SIGMA DELTA TAU — FIRST ROW: Susan Levy, Alyce Herman (Cor. Sec.), Patricia Mueller ( 2nd Vice-Pres.), Eileen Louick (Pres.), Mrs. Marie Burkhart (House Mother ), Linda Berman (Treas.), Marsha Miller ( Rec. Sec.), Judi Levine (House Mngr.). SECOND ROW: Elaine Zuroff, Janie Dickman, Elaine Cossman, Genie Berkowitz, Barbara Alexander, Linda M. Smith, Lynn Gehler, Judi Licktenberg, Bobbye Richards, Arla Nudelman, Annette Hoffman, Jane Cohn. THIRD ROW: Barbara Harman, Sharon Gurman, Linda Katz, Susan Barkoff, Marcia Bensinger, Judy Weinstein, Sharon Dumes, Pat Schuler, Marsha Schuchman,

Karen Adelman, Sandy Siegel, Phyllis Weinstein, Margie Silver. FOURTH ROW: Jandy Reed, Joanie Evans, Zandra Frailich, Joyce Greenberg, Elaine Marcus, Rozzie Beil, Penni Lovinger, Suzanne Berger, Cheryl Shmalo, DianaL. Etshokin, Sally Burnstein, Marilyn R. Feigenbaum, Nancy Mendelson, Linda Bornstein, Joan Strom. FIFTH ROW: Carol Pollard, Judith Mange, Peggy Filderman, Bella Drachler, Joyce Altman, Sue Stoller, Vicki Bernie, Rochelle Abrams, Myra Hamburg, Suzanne Taffet, Susan Greenwold, Deborah Zoll, Susie Weinraub, Robin Fedotin, Karen Motel.

SIGMA KAPPA — FIRST ROW: Judy Scholl ( Schol. Ch.), Cheryl Heister ( Corr. Sec.), Cathy Hodson ( Pledge Tr.), C. Jane Wicker ( Pres.), Mrs. U. G. Moss ( House Mother ), Alice O'Beirne ( 1st Vice-Pres.), Sarah Mellencamp ( Rec. Sec.), Mary A. Rummel ( Treas. ). SECOND ROW: Michele Jamison, Kathryn Kampe, Elaine Bussard, Linda Walker, Marilyn Benninger ( Rush Ch.), Judy Cutright ( Soc. Ch.), Diane Stone, Janet Zeschke, Peggy Haller, Jane Fuller. THIRD ROW: Margie Wallis, Carol Harwood, Marcia Hupp, Rita Baker, Pamela Moss, Deborah DeWolf, Julie Gunn, Susan Prather, Peggy McIntosh, Barb Thompson,

Marilyn Mutch, Becky Roller, Pam Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Diane Wastjer, Lynn Hoffman, Linda Schenk, Kaye White, Kathy Jackson, Diane J. Demaree, Judy Irish, Margo Heilig, Libby Kerrigan, Frannie Grace, Janice Baker, Phyllis Wade, Linda Ferry, Stormy Alcorn. FIFTH ROW: Pamela Schernekau, Anita D. Edwards, Pam Elwood, Sandie Troeger, Cheri Cutright, Lynn Wheeler, Pamela A. Gallagher, Sue Lattimer, Beckie Watson, Julie Miller, Janie Lantz, Barb Blank, Merilyn Burris, Sarah Cain, Joyce Case, Mary Bodemuller.

Sigma Kappa SIGMA KAPPA. I remember Mama. . . . I mean, Mrs. Moss, our housemother. And it's coming back to me about the time we tried to climb stairs over mattresses, with vaseline on the railings, and when we tried to study in a room with Limburger cheese on the lights. Oh, that's right. . . . now I remember the pledges! Hmmm. . . . yes. Then there were those swingin' practices with the Pikes for IU Sing. And my bruised legs remind me of riding in the Mini and cheering for the KDR's at Little 500 practices and for the big race. But, most of all, I remember our work and fun together — decorating for Christmas, a Christmas party for the Borrowed Time Club members, making signs for all occasions, working on our annual genealogy project, and song practice. . . . every night??

SIGMA NU — FIRST ROW: Frank Fisher, Glen Shelton

Jr., Kent Tate, Del Sandburg, Thomas Buecker, Tom Wright, Henry Persons, Bill Malinchak, Carson Joyner. SECOND ROW: Dick Robinson, John F. McMillen ( Rush Ch. ), Ross T. Creekmore, Lante K. Earnest ( Rec.), Daniel R. Grills ( Lt. Commander ), James F. DeVoe ( Commander ), Al Townsend ( Pledge Tr.), John F. Olmstead (Pub. Rel. Ch. ), Fredrick A. Frauhiger, Jay Anderson. THIRD ROW: Thomas Tries, Mike Ross, Mark Toth, Dave Hodson, Dan Pflaging, Bailey Hinton, Kent Newton, Edwin J. Gaterman, Gary McClure, Dave Anspaugh, Randall Welsh, Dick Anderson, Mike Kistler, Mike Etchison, Tom Hilligoss. FOURTH ROW: Sid Sheray, Joe Mauzy, Skip Helm, Bert I. Davis, Thomas K. Unger, Larry A. Myers, Lambert

C. Genetos, Jeffrey R. Somers, Raymond D. Zirkle, Frank H. Miller, Charles A. Tabor, Lawrence E. Shine, S. Thomas Miller. FIFTH ROW: Robert Husk, Michael Richwine, Randy Long, Tim Sheldon, Basil C. Genetos, David Thorne, Ridley M. Sandidge, Ronald Bennett, Charles Richards, Dave Wright, John Zience, John Reininger, Patrick Valentine, Thomas Shine, Richard Miller, Richard C. Harris, Steven F. Davis. SIXTH ROW: Chris Gardner, Gerald Maburn, Toby Stone, L. David Devine, Scott Rexinger, David Dunnington, Bob Nolan, William Stenberg, Kevin Tam, Joseph M. Hoffman, Roger M. Alexander, Robert C. Russell, Gary Butler, Fred Biggs, Bill Stinnett, Mark Gibbens.

Sigma Nu SIGMA NU. We are the men of Sigma Nu, famous for our White Rose Formal. Actually, the Voodoo Dance has brought us more acclaim. Our dates, having waded through it, will testify to the authenticity of the waterfall which we spill from the roof. When not setting up week-end dances, we're most likely playing bridge. Armstrong and Anderson are our bridge champs and Kalupa our loser. Holy grottoes — the Batcave! Wrecked by Zorro, Superman, and Roger Ramjet, we have only its fond memory. Along this same line of adventure we awaited a big snowfall for our first annual snowball fight with the KD's. The same action went for the Barroom Brawl — speak-easy, double-breasteds, beer cans and all — and for our high rating in intramurals. In closing, we offer an open plea to our unabused pledges to refrain from parking VW's in our vestibule.

SIGMA PI. "All Systems 'Go' for Launch" — Cape Bloomington, Ind. ( UPI) — After a night of wrestling with power failure resulting from the Lady and the Tramp Sabotage Affair, the chief parking-lot superintendent announced that NASA has given the green light for Saturday's launching of Project Playboy Party. During the flight several attempts will be made by the Sigma Pi's to rendezvous with visiting bunnies, provided flight plans go smoothly. A few weeks ago Sig Pi's P. J. Party Flight recorded another first — the world's largest bed — 20 ft. by 20 ft. When questioned about plans for future launching at the new $400,000 launching pad on North Jordan, due for completion next year, the Sigma Pi's vowed to lead the Grecian world in a record number of firsts.

Sigma Pi

SIGMA PI — FIRST ROW: Robert Mayes ( Sec.), Charles Tewalt ( Treas. ), Thomas Gill ( Vice-Pres.), James Summerville ( Pres. ), Gil Mascher ( 2nd Vice-Pres. ), Don Kritsch ( Herald ). SECOND ROW: Charles Miller, John Pawlowski, John Bartel Weston, Gary Books, John Esmay, William McGinnis, John Faulkner, Allen Sims. THIRDROW: Thomas A. Crain, Charles E. Boyle, Larry D. Lewis, Richard W. Funk, James H. Norton, Philip L. Ellis, Michael H.

Dietz, Alan B. Chandler, John F. O'Sullivan Jr. FOURTH ROW: Howard A. Johnson Jr., Nicholas Joest, Ron White, Dennis Murphy, Steve Rider, William Steinhagen Jr., Mervin Contrell, Gary Brinegar, David Rust, Jerry Mutchler. FIFTH ROW: M. Dennis Brown, Grant Williams, Tom McGinnis, Kenneth Aldrich, William E. Cowden, AllenT. King, Jim Levens, John R. Creighton, Patrick W. Harrison, James M. Dunn, Joseph 0. Barker.


SIGMA PHI EPSILON. The log of the Greek ship Sigma Phi Epsilon indicates that 1965-66 was an adventuresome year for the skull and crossbone crew, as they launched the seven seas in a larger galleon. Sixty-five mates and 17 galley slaves manned the ship on its voyages as master of the seas. Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Delta, and Gamma Phi Beta, three of the largest Greek shippers, could attest to the craftiness of these pirates, as each lost more than one ship to the hands of Blackbeard and his fiendish crew. The mates unleashed their ferocities on the poor galley slaves, who mopped the deck or polished booty at any time of the hourglass. Prior to completing sentences as slaves, they pulled a final mutiny, as they staged one of the larger disembarkments the ship has seen. A slight scrub bucket battle ensued when the Sig EP crew from PU docked Nov. 20.

Sigma Phi Epsilon


SIGMA PHI EPSILON — FIRST ROW: James Podawiltz, William Lanham, William Rupright, Tom Prall, Tom Edler, Robert Bird, Harland Leeper, Phillip Jones, George L. Barnett Jr. SECOND ROW: Larry Moberly, Glen Buford ( Guard ), Drew Bachman ( Chap.), Randy Covington ( Cor. Sec.), Mike W. Tucker ( Vice-Pres.), Roger Yule ( Pres.), Dean Mendenhall ( Sec.), Stephen Thompson ( Controller ), C. R. Roach ( Sen. Maishal), Tom Battle. THIRD ROW: Tony Andrews, James E. Cain, John P. Bailey, Ronald B. Durham, Paul V. Parker, David L. Pitts, Richard V. Davis, Gary L. Maitlen, Michael D. Smith, Charles D. Coffman, Thomas A. Davis, Gerald P. Rodeen. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Stanton, Larry Doty, James Alexis, Gary Rich, Steve McMurray, Frank Manfred, James Andrews, Larry Jamison, Thomas Wekony, Thomas Macklin, Ronnie McAhron, James

L. Crawford, Richard Klaas, Ronnie Roberts, Robert Bailey. FIFTH ROW: Glen Kronewetter, Dennis DeBuysser, Pat Miller, Malcolm Beckner, Gary Gibson, William Utterback, Bob Dolan ( Soc. Ch.), Ron Meschberger, Richard Fess, Roger McKuhen, Robert Minnich, Dominic Pampalone, Phillip McCoun, Bob Romanowsky, Tom Riesenmy, Don Collins, Michael Gibson. SIXTH ROW: Wally Nelson, John Wright, Terrance J. Tarnac, James R. Wallace, Russ C. Bieber, James R. Hawn, Bruce R. Briney, John W. Roberts, Thomas F. Dunn, Dean R. Szabo, Gregory A. Hary, Richard D. Zoll, Michael A. Parmelee, Paul Love, Lindan R. Hill, James L. Heath. SEVENTH ROW:Bill Rattenbury, Ken Powers, Tom Drake, Dave Whaley, George Hasemeier, Scott Frisk.

SIGMA CHI — FIRST ROW: Bob Weimer, Lance Carter, Earl Larsen, John Barry, Bernie Krueger, Dave Biesemeyer, Wade Nixon, Ed Sedwick. SECOND ROW: Barney Ward, Marc Carmichael, Jim Berkey, Chris Duckwall ( Vice-Pres.), Bob Flick ( Treas.), V. William Hunt ( Pres.), Skip Wiesmiller (Pledge Tr.), Bob Watt ( Pledge Tr.), Richard Nanning, Randy Rowan ( Sec.). THIRD ROW: Richard Levi ( Ass't. Sec. ), Bill Steele, Steve Shoupe, Mike Cox ( Magistrate ), John Rhoades, Jim Watson, Dave Layne, Pete Gill, Dick French, Dave Kincaid, Dave Wheeler, Steven Chitwood, Lloyd Edens ( Chapter Ed.). FOURTH ROW: Bob Hallock, Terry Fields, Grant Beardshear, Dan

Daugherty, Tom Vandenbark, Joe Dress, Tom Keucher, Ted Abbott, Fred Simmons, Pete Guerrero, Tom Koegel, Sigmon Myers, John Harris. FIFTH ROW: Michael W. Davis, Woody Turner, Mike Cantrell, Richard Evans, Mac Fife, Dan Hallman, Bob McCracken, Pete Publow, Donald Farquharson, Timothy Dunn, Donald Parrot, Richard L. Simmons, Robert Coan. SIXTH ROW: Lee Brown, Steve Miller ( Tribune ), Bill Russell, Mike Rogan, Rick Gierke, Gary Leinberger, Steve Hampshire, Michael Bash, Ray Tinkel, Danny Mills, George House, Scott Frohbieter, Bill Hamilton.

Sigma Chi

SIGMA CHI. The '65 Melon Mess, Another year-long success. Tradition sparked by a wholesome fight, Female pledges dunked to their hearts' delight. Plenty of fun and more, Good times were had galore. The house food was mostly fair, But once upon a time beware! Yes, it was the homemade chili that night That left the house in such a fright. The Tri-Delts went with them to the track To help them carry the 500 trophy back.


TAU KAPPA EPSILON — FIRST ROW: Paul Miller ( Treas. ), Helmut Brugman ( Sec.), Frank Pipino (Pledge Tr.), Jim Curtiss ( Vice-Pres.), Mrs. Mabel Fraser ( House Mother), Lane Barnett ( Pres.), David Niendaf ( Hist.), George Fuzy ( Sgt.-at-Arms). SECOND ROW: Bill Ringer, Charles Bloom, George Morrell, Robert Groves, Michael Hunter, Dick Batten, Jim Larrick, Steve Helvie, Paul Saft. THIRD ROW: Robert Binninger, Ronald Collins, Donald Walker, Robert Ewald, Steve O'Maley, Jacob H. Feichter

Jr., John B. Stewart, Ricky R. Rochelle, George A. Korthauer, Thomas E. Pfaff. FOURTH ROW: Samuel Hyde, David Webb, Larry Hammer, Dale Krane, Mary Ratner, Tom White, Thomas Ruble, Don Henry, Randy Paynter, Gary Wring, Larry Tanzi. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Roth, Don Paquette, Douglas Stauch, Tom Waltz, Dick Flood, Howard Campbell, Greg Lumbra, Clint Phillips, Wayne A. Bognar, Jim Wesley, Jack Swelstad ( Chap.), Bill Fortner, David Wallsmith (Grad. Schol. Adviser ).

Tau Kappa Epsilon TAU KAPPA EPSILON. ( Symbol: TKE ) Physical properties: TKE is chemically a very active element. In its stable form, it is a very "sauvey and de-bon-er" light-hearted gas. Chemical properties: At normal temperatures, TKE remains relatively stable. When a mixture of TKE and Clark House is ignited, an explosion occurs, and a grand prize Homecoming float, "The Majestic," precipitates. TKE formerly presented a problem to chemists at certain times of the year by producing a great deal of unpleasant, heavy, black smoke-up. An isotope of TKE was recently discovered, but because of its potent activity ( such as cornering two state policeman ) it is being kept under close surveillance in a top-secret location. A new $400,000 excavation is being planned on North Jordan in search of this valuable element and should be ready for mining by 1969.

PHI GAMMA DELTA. This was the year of the "Fiji." For the men of Phi Gamma Delta, even grades were "coming up roses." The house not only earned the Jordan Bowl, an award for the best scholastic chapter in the nation, but also captured the coveted Cheney Cup in recognition of their status as the best national chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. Celebration? Utter bedlam would be a more appropriate phrase to describe those weeks following the Fiji's stunning triumph in the 1965 Little 500. Although the fact that it was Mothers' Weekend put a damper on the "jubilation" for a little while, both the Fiji's and their Alpha Chi partners enjoyed the fruits of a hard-won victory.

Phi Gamma Delta

PHI GAMMA DELTA — FIRSTROW: Gary Grieger, Rod Starmer, Bob Whitacre, Thomas J. Martin ( Hist. ), Bill Fowler ( Pres. ), Tom Horton ( Treas.), Bob Richey ( Cor. Sec.), Bob Smith. SECOND ROW: William Lowpen, Thomas Copper, Ron Montania, Tom Poulin, John Geiser, Steve Nelson, Gene Palmer, Denny Thompson, Mike Kaye, Pete Prentice, Carl Hash, Gerry Danielson, Ted Bindley, Tom Goodnight. THIRD ROW: Mark R. Weber, J. Harold Smith II, Barry Aronson, Gene Denisar, Paul Stivers, Carter Jackson, Jack Alterkruse, Jumbu Holloway, Digly Diggins, Neal Ander, Saal R. Sandur, Peter L. Scott, Stephen W.

Andres, John Sorensen, Rick Lee. FOURTH ROW: Steve Powell, Frank Yoder, Jack Ransom, David Blanton, Andy Thompson, Gordon McLaughlin, Stephen Harris, Clifford Shaul, Bruce Gobdel, Rick Fay, Gilmore Haynie, Stephen Pollom, Thomas Elyea, Torn Ransom, Jerry Bradley, Jerry Nicholson. FIFTH ROW: Michael Robinson, Michael Ashworth, Richard Handley, Torn Olsen, Robert Melbrewer, Terry Nigh, Jack Johnson, Dennis Smith, Mike Horton, 0. B. Long, Bud Mormon, John Mayon, Lawrence Bushkill, Jim Masters, Mike Jones.

PHI DELTA THETA. What's different about the group of men below? They are Phi Delts — the fraternity that becomes a part of you. They have been proven through exclusive tests to he superior to the Brand X fraternity. Any Phi Delt will confirm this statement. Well-known for their Beachcombers Dance, Phi Delis use the finest quality sand, imported water from Lakes Beanblossom and Griffey, genuine bamboo, and real live policemen as stand-ins for this springtime product. It's Phi Delt policy to put this same conscientious effort into their annual She-Delt dance. With equal enthusiasm, they serve their community, as exemplified in the annual Exchange Home Christmas party, for which they enlist the employment of capable Delta Gamma's.

Phi Delta Theta


PHI DELTA THETA — FIRST ROW: Steve Banka, Tim Currens, Mike Cook, Dan Herbst, Dennis Gettelfinger, Roger Thompson, Robert G. Windle, David Wallgren, Roger Hargrove, Larry Lessie, Mike Meis. SECOND ROW: James McGaha, Jack Smart, Jeff McClellan, Walt King, Dick Ungerer (Pres.), Matt Hand, Dave Lucas, Bob Conaway (Pledge Tr.), James F. Hendricks, Bud Smith (Warden), Peter F. Davies ( Exchange). THIRD ROW: Larry Landis, Jim Johnson, John Weiser, Jim Martin, Jack Kenworthy, Jim Vergin, Bob Kennedy, Bob Hedrick, Gus Natalie, Tim Smart, John McDonnell, Gary Chumbley, Steve Holdaway. FOURTH ROW: Rick Huff, Frank Kivett,

Chuck Holdaway, Dick Fischer, J. C. Anderson, Jim Jewel, Fred Grady, Ken Sitzberger, B. J. Woodward, Tony Vesh, Larry Steele, Jim Banks, Jim Lentz, Steve Cotanch. FIFTH ROW: Clark Eaton, Mike Stout, Jon D. Shady, David Perkowski, Norm Peacock, Mac Martin, John Konecky, Michael Arnolt, Ric Snow, Dave Mills, Earle Hites, Bob Flory, Mark Sochar, David Bayles, Jim Whetstone. SIXTH ROW: Chuck Jones, Bill Eggers, Don Price, Pete Worden, Mason Boyd, Ben Small, Scott Purcell, Ken Hall, Bill Utley, Scott Cordin, Brian Koenig, Kevin Duffy, John Ogden, Stuart Renner.

PHI EPSILON PI — FIRST ROW: Thomas R. St. Myer, Virgil Hertling (Cor. Sec.), Kurt Weisman ( Treas.), Glen Jacobs (Vice-Pres.), Steven Pontius ( Superior), Max N. Banning ( Sec.), Robert A. Arnett ( Grad. Adviser ), Thomas Beckman. SECOND ROW: Mike Anderson, Robert D. Price, Randall E. Garratt, Gregory H. Baugher, Jeff King, Barry Butner, Richard K. Keith, Christopher Shelton, Jim Gong. THIRD ROW: Bernard L. Brumley, Thomas R. Warner, Albert L. Dewey Jr., Rick Williams, Ed Howell,

William Jahn, Richard Casati, Stephen Beets, Harry Van Heldorf, Wayne Long. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence L. Filkowski, Al J. Paukstelis, Greg Allen, Mark V. Millman, Rex M. McFarland, James P. McCoy, Robert F. Bennett, Randall M. Abbott, George W. Boh, Steven A. Steward. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Stanis, Stanley Irwin, Richard Helker, Ronald Lottes, Phillip Rosner, Peter Barnes, Michael Lytle, Charles W. Ice, Michael Wince, James W. Todd.

Phi Epsilon Pi PHI EPSILON PI. If stuffing 36 members into a phone booth isn't proof that the Phi Epsilon Pi's go in for things in a big way, how about their "Whale of a Victory" Homecoming celebration with the DZ's? Although the Phi Eps have been' on campus for only two years, they won the "Most Improved Chapter" award at a recent Atlantic City national convention. When the Phi Eps aren't eating liver or cracking religious jokes ( every imaginable religion is represented in the house), you can probably find them donning tribal grass skirts in preparation for "The Merengue," a wayout native ritual, fast becoming a house tradition. Greg is usually good for a few laughs, too, in the middle of the night, when he will sit up in bed and answer questions for five minutes on anything — while sound asleep.


nard R. Seiler, Walter H. Roscello ( Vice-Pres. ), Jack Gaydosh ( Pres.), Rick Datzman ( Vice-Pres. of Rush), Thomas J. Weakley ( Sec. ), Francis L. Milley ( Treas.). SECOND ROW: Dave Meo ( Pledge Master ), Clif Knight, Jack Wickes, Bill Davenport, Lou Di Angelo, Joe Amaral, Bill Herrbach. THIRD ROW: Tom Schlietwiler, Darryl Koch, Mike Rowland, Bob Ataras, Sam Gaskins, Bill Cochrane,

Brendan Hall, Jerry Zygmont. FOURTH ROW: Robert Loomis, George McCormick, Mike Livingston, Matt Ferriso, Charles Ott, William Hoelker, John Deremigio, John Arnold, Robert Benton, Dennis Roussel. FIFTH ROW: Arthur Brost, Robert A. Johnson, Richard A. Horn, Pat Blackburn, Jack Wehner, Terry Ruxer, Phil E. Slawe, Alan Frisoni, James E. Morrical, Donald N. Neff, Doug Morrical.

Phi Kappa Theta PHI KAPPA THETA. The Boola Boola Boys initiated a tradition .of their own with a grand march of Boola Boola costumes and racketmakers to the Homecoming game. They used the SAE parking lot for a car smash at the Purdue pep rally — with Coach Pont taking first swing at the jalopy. Joining forces with the Theta's, the Phi Kaps perched two "Go-Go Girls" in cages for their all-campus "Fisheaters Fling" in the fall. Soggy, muddy, rowdy trips to the Jordan, year-round, for newly lavaliered, pinned, or engaged brothers provided respite from daily living, as did occasional poker games with Housemother Dalton. In their huge fall boress, mass-marauding pledges gleefully dabbed silver nitrate on the faces of sleeping actives. Ugly black marks popped up in class the next day.

PHI KAPPA TAU. This year the Phi Tau's unanimously agreed that the fast pace of IU was too much. Reeder's insight solved the problem with a standard reply to the morning call-boy, "I can't be bothered." Scholarship adviser John "The Piker" Gerhart started a one-man war against this apathy. But the pace continued unabated on other fronts. John Kendall's book, "How to Succeed with Sorority Girls" will be condensed in Playboy. Bricker, Hedman, and Coyle vied for the title of Mr. Destruction. Hedman with the head-on crash of his '65 model car and his '45 model nose led the race most of the year, with Bricker's retaliation coming on New Year's Eve. Brother Coyle unfortunately had his cycle liberated before having a chance at the title.

Phi Kappa Tau

PHI KAPPA TAU — FIRST ROW: Dennis King ( Soc.

Ch. ), Gary Kuhlenhoelter, Joseph Johnson ( Sec.), Edward Coyle ( Pres. ), Rick McQueen ( Vice-Pres.), John Gallo ( Treas.), Charles Dimond ( House Mngr. ), David Myer ( Rush Ch.). SECOND ROW: Robert W. Schatz, David Friedlander, William R. Vermilya, Robert S. Howell, Michael E. Dumke ( Plege Tr. ), Frederick H. Green, Dave Layson, Joseph W. Chan, James W. Gallo. THIRD ROW: David Ober, Keith Anderson, John Gerhart, Richard Yoder,

Jim Lesher, Ted Street, George Phillips, Chris Hedman, John Armstrong, Douglas Schmidt. FOURTH ROW: Joseph E. Vandoski, Larry Elliott, Jack Keeney, John Kendall, Gregory B. Smith, Dale L. Swank, Jon R. Hedman, Randall T. Gibbons, Stephen R. Morris, Mark D. Briney, Bernard W. Pfile. FIFTH ROW: David W. Bricker, Craig Riedemann, Dan Denton, Dick Clem, Robert Koring, Robert Finley, Jack Strack, Thomas Neal, J. Robert Cooke, Paul Reeder, John Leffel.


KAPPA PSI. Atop fraternity row the Phi Kappa Psi porch lights blend in with the nighttime panorama of campus lighting. Many brothers have walked under these lights — there are Olympian swimmers and Rhodes scholars, Board of Aeons members and varsity football players, club presidents and Phi Beta Kappa's, all warmly welcomed by the Phi Psi lights. And what a spectrum of events these lights have seen! That celebration with the TriDelts on completing their prize-winning Homecoming display, the night they carried home the scholarship trophy. And I wonder how that light felt at the Arabian Nights Dance as part of a mosque, or did it care when the electricity conveniently went out during the "Shipwreck" dance. And do you suppose that light was nervous when one of the brother Batmen hung onto it for a special ceiling dance step. Holy chandelier, Robin!

Phi Kappa Psi Vic_


PHI KAPPA PSI — FIRST ROW: Carl M. Mahurin, Kenneth Frost, W. T. Wrege (Ass't. Treas.), Bob Groseth ( Sgt.-at-Arms), Richard Beale, Tome McNerney, Steven Sobat, Robert Strode, Doug Roberts, Robert Olson. SECOND ROW: Robert F. Ress (House Mngr.), David A. Kienlen ( Chap.), William C. Ridenour ( Rec. Sec.), James K. Piper ( Treas.), Thomas M. Hamilton ( Vice-Pres.), Mrs. John Sanford ( House Mother), Peter H. Smith (Pres.), David L. Stum (Soc. Ch.), Alan B. Groshach (Cor. Sec.), Richard B. Spence (Hist.), David A. Stuteville. THIRD ROW: Tom Trethewey, Norman Bramlett, Willie Strycker, David Hamer, William Underhill, Larry Pierce, Robert Colyer, Ed Hatcher, Charles Greller, James McMahan, James Perry, John Segal, John Wellington, Steve Young, Jim Conkle. FOURTH ROW: David Smith, Mike Kramer, Doug Phillips, John Learnard, Jerry McLeish, Donald Palmer, Pete Horst, Gregory Mikkelsén, Bruce Byrne, David

Clossin, Alfred E. Field, Bruce II. Sheetz, John R. Fraps, Robert E. Meeks, Charles 0. Hamilton. FIFTH ROW: Pete Thorn, Greg Kwasny, David Millen, David Kowinski, Stanley Kwasny, Kevin Berry, Stephen Jordan, Randy Swanson, Peter Vaughan, John Surbeck, Stephen Stelle, Thomas Streepey, Maynard Johnston, David Banks, Tom Phares, Eric Williams, Richard Ishida. SIXTH ROW: Gary Bell, Robert Kickam, Roger Norris, Mark Watson, James Babcock, Keith Sullivan, Lawrence Gies, John Rudd, James McCoy, Thomas Durham, Norman Schlemmer, John McDonald, Ed Hamilton, William Bailey, John Bennet, David Marcellino, Phillip Scheib. SEVENTH ROW: James Aldrich, John Hurlbut, Vincent Savage, James A. Schmidt, Thad Hodgdon, James Williams, Joel Klenck, William Replogle, John Sisk, George Strauss, Gary Chumley, Ronald Bianco, William Sobat, Michael Field, Thomas Hodgdon, George Harris, Jim Long.

PHI SIGMA KAPPA — FIRST ROW: Allen Gibbs, John Smither, Larry Scott ( Treas. ), Thomas Boscker ( Pres. ), Steward Graham ( Vice-Pres. ), Robert Sullivan ( Sec.), Warren Weirich ( House Mngr. ). SECOND ROW: David Hermanson, Richard Cohee, Richard Hiatt, John R. O'Connell, Lawrence C. Arany, John R. Bates, Ray W. Robison, James L. Crane, Bruce Maeda. THIRD ROW: Tom Apostolos, Bob Martindale, Dick Peabody ( Soc. Ch.), Manuel Barreiro, Alan Lapp, Tim Krebs, Steve Cox, Randy Cald-

well, Denny Miller, Tom Lee. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Kelsey, Steve Graybill, Michael G. Trapp, Terry Stoermer, Jerry Abplanalp, Joe Conlon, Steven E. Pettit, David R. Spanier, Michael D. Stevens, David H. Olson. FIFTH ROW: Patrick Handley, Stephen Stafford, Donald Meyer, Randall Bartlett, Harold Rasmussen, John Gerbracht, Frank D. Wilson, Richard Lehner, Steven Schmidlap, James Benton, Charles Roy.

Phi Sigma Kappa PHI SIGMA KAPPA. Once upon a time in a big cottage in the far away land of North Jordan, there lived a happy group — Wink, Herm, Doc, Little Richard, Surfer, Super Spick, Ficky Recteau, Bosch, Maynard, and 50 other little men. A TV talent scout from the big city signed them up with the Kappa's to decorate a Christmas tree on his program. The little men also liked to dance and sing and dress up in costumes, so they had an Hawaiian luau, a Speakeasy dance, a Playboy dance, a Viking dance, and a Moonlight Formal where they chose their favorite princess. When not riding bicycles for the big race in the spring with the Alpha Xi's or winning second prize in football, the little men liked to play pranks on one another. One time some of the little men put water balloons between the springs of the top bunks and got the little men in the bottom bunks all wet — it was very funny.

CHI PHI — FIRST ROW: Phil Price, Dennis Makielski ( House Mngr.), Jack Price ( Treas.), Jon Estes ( Pres.), Bill Breckmann ( Vice-Pres.), Mark Weir ( Sec.), John Phillips ( Hist. ), Gordon Forbess. SECOND ROW: John Stokes, Jim Gath, Walt Barton, Dan Purvis, Harry M. Von Tobel, Craig Fowler, Kent Ash, David Butler, Sam Stoehr, Don Malcom. THIRD ROW: Mark Asmar, Leland Wiggam, Michael Mullinix, William Schleier, John Hillery,

Stanley Howard, Larry French, Todd Hoover, Dennis Ryan, Phillip King, Jerry Judjahn. FOURTH ROW: Charles Sprague, Grant Somes, Steve Scherschel, William Hammerman, Bob Soderberg, Bruce Browning, William Nuss, Harold Vogel, Tom Brown, James Short, Jon Thomas. FIFTH ROW: David Estes, Greg Tunis, Robert Tennyson, Larry Craig, Ron Werner, Barry Rummel, William Bosco, Robert Carter, Jeff Jones, Richard Tandy, Larry Pugh.

Chi Phi CHI PHI. Our tour pauses here at 1400 North Jordan. We first have the street and sidewalk — scene of football games and skateboarding. Hefe is the tree up which the men chased several KD's who were seeking a

clue as to the whereabouts of their kidnaped housemother. Friendly Chi Phi-KD relations were later renewed for Little 500. Inside you'll notice on the living room carpet Kriston's shedded German Shepherd

hairs. The sand you see in the corner to your left is from the "Roman Orgy." And in the backyard sits the Chi Phi-Sigma Kappa Homecoming float effort.

CHI OMEGA. Chi Omega this year has been a mixture of the traditional with the unusual. Despite the psychological effects of Batman, cottage cheese, and tuna fish, the Chi O's continued to sponsor their annual Christmas party for foreign students, their social and civic awards, and their annual taffy apple sale. Undoubtedly, the year's successful program has been highlighted by the "pay while you go" diet table, followed by Friday night pizzas and the chicken fat club. However, the Jolly Green Giant's presence at Thursday night dinners most certainly contributes to quick exits on the annually discouraging fire escape, the only one like it on campus. After another fast-moving year amidst the co-sponsorship of the DU's, Acacias, and SAE's, the Chi Omegas are looking forward to next year — with a husbandless housemother — all marked by the antics of O'Malley and O'Toole.

Chi Omega

CHI OMEGA — FIRST ROW: Marilyn Wortman ( House

Mngr.), Betsy Burns ( Pledge Tr.), Carolyn Furst (Pres.), Mrs. Erwin ( House Mother ), Sandy Altman ( Vice-Pres.), Joan McCullough ( Treas.), Laure Eklund ( Sec.). SECOND ROW: Janet Hipsher, Robin Harruff, Bobbi Brannen, Pamela Alsop, Carol Weaver ( Soc. Ch.), JoAnn Bacon ( Rush Ch.), Robinpat Tam ( Personnel Ch.), Anne Sheeks, Barbara Lowden, Susan Schoenstein, Roseanne Blakesley, Alexis Smith. THIRD ROW: Connie Gresso, Joan Laemmer, Nancy Rhodes, Mary Ann Wheaton, Ruth Ann Matix, Marilyn Miller, Kendra Eiler, Cathy Jones, Jane Lach,

Jean Lach, Sharon Jarvis, Luise Koehler, Susan Chadwick. FOURTH ROW: Liina Sildver, Trisha Reinertson, Patricia Burns, Mary Ann Baumgartner, Connie Climer, Pat Kollker, Beverly Strohm, Helen Huff, Judy Haller, Diane Mundell, B. D. Hartley, Kathy MacKenzie, Sharon Alexander, Lynn Knebel, Cherry Ranz. FIFTH ROW: Linda Sayka, Janice Tyk, Judi O'Reilly, Barbara Ford, Joanne Downing, Kathy Wilson, Dede Duff, Vicky Hall, Kathy McGread, Susan Willis, Carol MacDonald, Phyllis Pierson, Shirley Veith, Ann Whitmire, Lee Ann Babcock, Susan Major.










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Briscoe Quad James Bond couldn't have done a better job himself! Our "Goldfinger" float added a touch of brilliance to the Homecoming parade and pep rally. In our spider web, stretched between the wings of our dorms, we boosted the Hoosiers with "Happiness Is a Hawk in our Web." Yes, we of Briscoe Quad are a proud, new breed. Or rather MOST of us are a proud new breed. We cannot forget that group of veterans from Trees Center, those seasoned fighters, wise in the ways of guerrilla campus warfare, without whose help we would undoubtedly have been lost. We've got to be tough — to endure those long tramps to class, to town . . . to anywhere! We've got to be healthy — can you imagine someone with acrophobia trying to eke out life on the 11th floor? And, above all, we must be gentle and tolerant — the first prerequisite for living in the most isolated coed dorm on campus. Can you imagine a person with . . . what's the term that means "a fear of the opposite sex"? But we have been blessed with a few unique distinctions. Ours is the shortest distance between a dorm and the Stadium and Fieldhouse. What a joy it is to watch those thousands of other students wheezing their way to basketball games through winter's bluster!

4J BRISCOE OFFICERS — Shelly Ross (Cult. Dir.), Harry- Miedema (Treas.), Bill Foster ( Rec. Dir.), George Hart (Academic Dir.),

Walter Lamble (Pres.), Glida Bailey ( VicePres.).



BRISCOE, A-3 — FIRST ROW: Marilyn Lamar, Ellen Robey ( Sec.-Treas.), Kofie Montgomery ( Soc.-Rec. Dir.), Sheila Keas ( Vice-Gov.), Linda Ragsdale, Linda Richardson. SECOND ROW: Elvira Scurlock, Pruda Shank, Nancy Sheets, Joy Jessup, Jackie Pletcher, Sulyn Ferry, Nancy Lee. THIRD ROW: Joanne Bozoukoff, Valeria Weddington, Judith Trail, Linda Phares, Helen Romano, Ila Jones, Gail Mohr.

Briscoe A-3

Briscoe A-4 BRISCOE, A-4 — FIRST ROW: Marti Rudynski, Gail Clark, Gerry Goodling, Shirley Barnes, Sheryl Beron, Alverine Micken. SECOND ROW: Yolanda Moxley, Ellen Huggins, Rachel Swadener, Linda Rice, Marcia Watkins, Cynthia Jones, Mary McGavoc.

1 1*



BRISCOE, A-5 — FIRST ROW: Susie Anderson, Winnie Kaffenberger Gov. ), Joan Savage ( Vice-Gov. ), Ruth Leedy ( Comm. Ch. ), Sue Peters ( Soc.-Rec. Ch. ), Linda L. Tyler. SECOND ROW: Sue Girkin, Elizabeth Maurer, Linda F. Bennett, Dianne Lloyd, Kay Peters, Barbara Schermack.




Briscoe A-5

Briscoe A-6, 7 BRISCOE, A-6, 7 — FIRST ROW: Janis Monihon (Rel. Ch. ), April Arington ( ViceGov. ), Melinda Conley ( Gov. ), Emily Keas ( Exec. Vice-Gov. ), Joanne Jones ( Rec. Ch. ). SECOND ROW: Linda Schaden, Arlene Haring, Suzanne Kasper, Kristin Anderson, Eileen Underwood, Octavia Fallwell. THIRD ROW: Georgia Carter, Linda Ash, Karen Copeland, Beverly Martin, Jennie Woods, Alicelee Spurgeon, Eva Lucas. FOURTH ROW: Gale Marty, Sharon Lacy, Linda Burden, Shalaine Malone, Linda Lambert, Pam Davidson, Karen Baxter, Sarah Murphy, Earleen Fisher.

BRISCOE, A-8 — FIRST ROW: Anne Casey (Academic-Cult. Ch.), Janet Linback (Gov.), Karen R. Danko. SECOND ROW: Judith Watts, Rita Wilson, Jean Kupferer, Helen Hoffhaus, Linda Thunberg. THIRD ROW: Glida Bailey, Willa S. Haub, Jeanette Tracy, Jacqueline Chapla, Shirley Lepird, Rosie Kortenber. FOURTH ROW: Carol Alford, Mary Clark, Valerie Papi, Loretta Sachs, Sharon Mackey.

Briscoe A-8 Briscoe A-9

BRISCOE, A-9 — FIRST ROW: Jane A. Myers ( Academic-Cult. Ch.), Nancy Griffith ( Vice-Gov.), Carol Whitson ( Gov.), Cheryl Blackburn ( Sec.-Treas.). SECOND ROW: Penelope S. Robbins, Marty Hubbard, Rosemary Nimon, Delores Moxley. THIRD ROW: Kathy Cox, Elaine Schriefer, Regina Harrison, Anita Birutschenko, Carol Child. FOURTH ROW: Judy McGill, Christine Reid, Rosalyn Jones, Janet L. Grist (Counselor)).


BRISCOE, A-10 — FIRST ROW: Sue Spinner, Judy Goss ( Gov.), Judy Jones (Exec. Vice-Gov.), Linda Weeks. Catherine Groome, Diane Lievense, Lynn Humm, Kathy Pinkerton, Carolyn Bogert.

Briscoe A-10

Briscoe A-11 BRISCOE, A-11 — FIRST ROW: Janet Newton ( Comm. Ch.), Adrienne Poole ( Gov.), Shelly Ross ( Cult. Dir.), Marta Holowaty ( Vice-Gov.), SECOND ROW: Debbie Firestone, Cheryl Mullett, Marcia Cohn, Ellen Gillis, Elaine Harpenau, Wilma Taylor. THIRD ROW: Chris Hamilton, Deborah Green, Connie Loving, Janet Altenbach, Linda Cockerham, Pam Lunti, Donna Staff. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Grant, Nancy Miller, Rev Quinlan, Judy Krier, Lynn Nepote, Olivia Swan, Jill Beardsley, Carol Sandberg.


BRISCOE, B-1, 2 — FIRST ROW: Elbert Nickleson ( Sec. ), Ray Becich ( Vice-Gov.), Leo J. Bogee ( Soc. Ch. ). SECOND ROW: Phil Stevens ( Gov. ), Steve Lohsl ( Treas. ), Mike Gundlach ( Comm. Dir. ), Greg Steele ( Rec. Dir.).

Briscoe B-1, 2

Briscoe B-3 BRISCOE, B-3 — FIRST ROW: David Loomis ( Soc. Dir. ), David Beck ( Comm. Dir. ), John Zink ( Vice-Gov. ), Owen Isaacs ( Res. Ass't ), Ted Mohr ( Gov. ), Jon Clague ( Sec.-Treas. ), Paul Ziemer ( Academic-Cult. Dir. ), SECOND ROW: Bruce A. Smith, Fred D. Gritten, Tom J. Grant, Robert B. Grinstead, Dan Hendrickson, Bill Ehret, Francis J. Meggison, Kei-Shing J Ho, Dennis L. Dipert. THIRD ROW: Michael Somerville, William Shoobridge, Thomas Kick, William Snyder, Gary Sampson, Charles Grace, Lawrence Fetters, Terry Hunsberger, Joe Childers, Gary Allison. FOURTH ROW: Craig Leilous, John Stevens, James Hausmann, Terry Engle, Scott Purcell, David Narmore, Steven Pedlow, Greg Jackson, David Kern.

BRISCOE, B-4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Ronnie Dyer, Roger Winters ( Res. Ass't), Gilbert Sardinas ( Gov.), Henry Solmer. SECOND ROW: John Ziolek, Commodore T. Mobley Jr., Bill Kroll, Don J. Hickman, Pat Sherman, Lonnie R. Roberts.

Briscoe B-4, 5

Briscoe B-6, 7 BRISCOE, B-6, 7 — FIRST ROW: Kenneth Leland ( Academic Ch.), Richard Jarrell ( Comm. Ch.), Larry Poyser ( Comm. Ch.), Joseph Long ( Gov. ), Fred Holmes ( Soc. Ch.), Michael Corner ( Sec.), Michael Rutherford ( House Mngr.), Terry Travis (Cult. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Tom E. Meador, Torn L. Pytynia, Bob E. Stiles, Kersten G. Henry, Millard L. R. Williams, Joseph L. Brownlee, Roger D. Southard, Todd A. Curless, Phillip H. Skinner. THIRD ROW: George Hart, Bill Gogel, David Stahl, Bruce Siebe, Donald Hicks, David Jetmore, Rory O'Bryan, Paul Page, Bill Hire, David L. Cox. FOURTH ROW: James Etchison, Bruce Gelley, David Myers, James Stoneburner, Reginald Hayes, Ben Allen, Michael Conley, Tim Baugh, Stephen Burress, Craig Zeck.

BRISCOE B-9, 10 — FIRST ROW: Richard Leighton ( Sec.-Treas.), Jack Luig ( Cult.Academic Dir. ), Charlie Asmus ( Gov.), Ray Carson Jr. ( Res. Ass't ), Martin Hey ( Vice-Gov.), Ray Sparks ( Soc.-Rec. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Steve J. Spalding, John L. Reid, Gary L. Dean, Chuck E. Bell, Charles A. Sprague, Charles B. McCulloch, Dave Sturdevant, Doug Browne. THIRD ROW: Ros Stovall, Gene Monahan, Robert Neitzke, David Brumm, Robert Rice, Frederick Pratter, Don D. Miles, Clifford Flesher, Steve Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Harold Campbell, Steve Brown, Dan Agley, Gary Trinkle, Ken Newsome, Marty Munroe, Jeff Hess, Don Imel.

Briscoe B-9, 10

Briscoe B-11 BRISCOE, B-11 — FIRST ROW: Robert Zellers ( Vice-Gov.), Richard Miller ( Gov.), Terry Feuerborn ( Counselor ), Vaughn Rice ( Sec.-Treas.). SECOND ROW: 011ie Livingston Jr., Abdul Latif A. Bash, Carl R. Hess, David L. Smith Jr., Gregory J. Price. THIRD ROW: Keith Phemister, David Olive, Michael Aylsworth, Carl Cowen Jr., Craig Sautter, David Denham.


Forest Quad Ah, what pleasanter way to be roused than at 6 a.m. to the melodic thunder of drills and hammers? What better time for amiable conversation than during leisurely hikes to Read for meals thrice daily? And what grander opportunity to ponder astute, collegiate thoughts than while trapped between floors in a new elevator? Ask any Forest Quad coed, and she'll reply, "This is the good old college life?" Living in a brand new dorm can be luxurious ( plush carpeted halls, paneled lobby ), but living in a brand new unfinished dorm is quite another matter. The johns, popular spots that they are, warranted special attention during a power blackout; panic reigned until candlelight saved the night in the little rooms. And who could forget Fannie's "john meds," those ingenious news letters inviting you to "take a seat and relax" while catching up on all the latest announcements? The "half-finished" atmosphere didn't apply to dorm spirit as the Foresters rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to help the men of MRC concoct a prizewinning Homecoming float , "Orbit Iowa."

Argonne House FOREST, ARGONNE 2, 4 — FIRST ROW: Robin Solomon, Rita White, Carol Ridenour, Carolyn Tudor, Martha Kercheval, Janet Shumway, Donna Smith, Sandra Wernimont. SECOND ROW: Sharon Henforth, Deborah Lowe, Sandy Whittles, Eloise Robinett, Diane Lane, Linda Patrick, Jane Stup, Delores McDonald, Nancy Fields. THIRD ROW: Karen Turpin, Patricia Kutslar, Mary Todd, Doris Hitchcock, Rae Lauber, Sherri Salner, Judith Klein, Joyce Unger, Karen Ashe, Suzi Kendall. FOURTH ROW: Kayleen Freeman, Jacquelyn Oak, Rita Pelley, Karen Comp, Miriam Fogelman, Rechal Cody, Sharon Edwards, Kathy Spindt Charlene Zeronik.

FOREST, ARGONNE 3, 4 — FIRST ROW: Carol Furry (Gov.), Myra McFarland (( ViceGov.), Kathi Breeden (Treas.), Barb Haines ( Sec.). SECOND ROW: Rebecca Hostetler, Karla Horowitz, Jacquie Drake, Mary Roseberry, Janet Sugarman, Louise Casada, Phyllis Taggart, Nancy Cagle. THIRD ROW: Jeannine Gill, Denise Garriott, Connie R. Gregory, Mary A. Miller, Janet L. Royce, Janet Tower, Margie Collings, Jody Burnett, Jo A. Titak. FOURTH ROW: Judy Hoffman, Joyce Ewan, Marcia Bell, Nancy Mundy, Sue Levy, Nancy Graves, Karen Kistner, Louise Hibbard, Louise Lynch ( Center Judicial Ch.), Belinda Byrne. FIFTH ROW: Sandra Elliott ( Sec. Dir.), Judy B. Huber, Susan Ooyevaar, Marty Glann, Diana Kerberg, Elizabeth Jones, Sharon Yazumbek ( Cult. Dir.), Susan Jones, Carol Plumm.

Argonne House

Argonne House FOREST, ARGONNE 4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Kathy Doran, Meg Wolf, Peggy Fryar, Patricia Woodlock, M. Ellen Jay, Connie Crostreet, Veronica Bodak. SECOND ROW: Carolynn Moraczewski, Susan Thorp, Nancy Moeller, Sheila Hatfield. Diana Schutz, Johanna Williams, Karen Witte, Vici Wertz. THIRD ROW: Connie Hile, Merrellen Hudson, Diane Thomas, Jill Harmer, Nora Moritz, Jane Snell, Ann Gaebel, Myra Christy, Jackie Kuhns. FOURTH ROW: Carol Christy, Virginia Smith, Jeannette Baird, Carol Nadzak, Barbara Davis, Beverly Murley, Elaine Willis, Judy Peters, Kay Ringo, Katha Weeks, Linda Kilgore, Barbara Stevens.

FOREST, TANGLEWOOD 6 — FIRST ROW: Karen J. Smith, Carol Piccivillo, Marlene Todd, Mari Leininger, Angela Allen. SECOND ROW: Mimi Davis, Rita Mireles, Diane Baker, Mary A. Meyer, Grace Richards, Anne Bondurant. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Draizar, Susie Shields, Sue Shorts, Gayle Mueller, Linda Prigg, Kathy Chism, Judy McClain. FOURTH ROW: Judy Bjorlie, Ellen Pentecost, Jeanne Jopes, Robin Marion, Ann Swisher, Nancy Bauer, Cecelia McGill, Judy Craig, Susan Yoder, Susie Hall.

Tanglewood House

Tanglewood House FOREST, TANGLEWOOD 7, 8 — FIRST ROW: Sandy Shaw, Claudia Eby, Sherrie Shields, Juanita Viera, Mary Terry, Judith Horvlett, Suzanne Hartman, Ruth J. Clark. SECOND ROW: Colleen Bednar, Sandra Hall, Alice Ashton, Connie Penny, Janet Althoff, Cheri Dazey, Nancy Shelton, Mary J. Popp, Fran Weber. THIRD ROW: Karyl Griffith, Jo A. Meddock, Cheryl Honeycutt, Lynn Spicer, Eleanor Diek, Lucy Marlatt, Shirley Ison, Linda S. Smith, Barbara Brunt, Diana Dunbar. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Nash, Carolinda Hales, Dianne Wilson, Becky Sargeant, Judy Evans, Peggy McLaughlin, Marcia Mau, Kathy Friggey, Sue Johnston.


FOREST, BIRNAM WOOD 9, 10 — FIRST ROW: Sydney Erdman, Sandra Beehler, Janice Kostelnik, Judy Ridenour, Cherry Moraczewski, Linda De1ph. SECOND ROW: Rita Johnson, Barbara Gurnell, Gwen Arment, Linda Trueb, Nancy Shake, Rosemary Tristano, Judy Fry. THIRD ROW: Sandra Asbury, Murna Bally ( Gov.), Carol Hankins, Jo A. Guidrey, Lin Murphy, Lynne Gunderson, Carol Sauzer, Bonnie Lubin. FOURTH ROW: Joann Hurwitt, Gloria Hack, Rosemary Davey, Sharon Shaw, Nancy Tellman, Kathy Butt, Pat Siegesmund.

Birnam Wood House

Birnam Wood House FOREST, BIRNAM WOOD 9, 11 — FIRST ROW: Maryanne Ulrich, Anjeanette Benefield, Diane Southwood, Claudia Jacobs, Brenda Garringer. SECOND ROW: Shiaomay Li, Dee Waxman, Joyce Dorshak, Linda Shank, Judy Mizer, Bev McPike. THIRD ROW: Nancy Muehr, Sharon Hinton, Pamela K. Hamilton, Sus,an Reeder, Julie Weaver, Cinda Rice, Linda K e Ile y . FOURTH ROW: Geri Snider, Sallie Strong, Noreve Cornea, Vera Stewart, Nancy Holder, Sandy Receveur, Karen Tyner.


Foster Quad Dear J.W.F., My farewell letter to you — I'm leaving your quad. Circumstances forced the Dean to suggest I take a little vacation. I hear Viet Nam is lovely in the spring. As I was packing my clothes ( including my well-worn scrufties and the socks that the dining hall never saw ), I got to thinking about the reasons for my compulsory leave of absence. What it boils down to is that I was leading the class-cut tally and going to the Foster library only to find dates. But being a leader in quad activities was worth it. For instance, as Agent 0061/2 during beer smuggling episodes, I gave the usual treatment to any infiltrator — flushing. Fosterites united under me on circulating petitions to fire counselors, maids, etc.; arranging a swinging reception for our Playboy Playmate; making the snack bar scene ( every night?? ); staging birthday shower parties; "pennying in" noisy scholars; and, of course, escorting "frogs" to the Okeefenokee. Well, John, it's been real, but duty calls. Carry on my traditions for me, will you, old fellow? Thanks. P.S. I'll sure miss the facelifting jobs on "the leaning tower of Harper" and all those fire drill serenades.

Center Council FOSTER CENTER COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Lynn Starr, Linda Lay ( Sec.), Glenna Tolbert ( Vice-Pres.), Vivian Gluck, Marlene Guernsey, Tom Walker ( Pres.). SECOND ROW: Margaret Lloyd ( Adviser ), Jennifer Pyle, Charlotte Deepe, Pat Nemeth, Suzanne Lichtman, Don Evett, Jeff Conn. THIRD ROW: Max Bessler, Howie Kravitz, Bob Mechling, Rick Clements, John Meyers, Dave Mattingly. FOURTH ROW: Dave Adams (Treas.), John Thomas, Dan Pramuk, Richard Payne ( VicePres. ), Wayne Berger.

Judicial Board FOSTER, CENTER JUDICIAL BOARD — FIRST ROW: Alison Finkle, Pete Jarecke, Bill Ehrich ( Adviser ), Steven Dickerson, Ann Steiner. SECOND ROW: Mary E. Kantroski ( Sec.), Herbert Marsh, Robert Krull, Jerry Mackel, Karen Schuster.

FOSTER, HARPER JUDICIAL BOARD — FIRST ROW: Carol Steininger, Ruth A. Morey ( Adviser ), Sylvia Shockley, Andrea Brown, Lynn Szajko, Leslie Dallas.

Harper Judicial Board

Harper 2, 3 FOSTER, HARPER 2, 3 — FIRST ROW: Rita Lawson ( Soc. Dir. ), Barbara Senff ( Soc. Dir.), Judy Moeller ( Vice-Gov.), Susan Spiers ( Res. Ass'i ), Barbara Steiner ( Res. Ass't ), Suzanne Lichtman ( Gov.), Pat Collins ( Vice-Gov.). SECOND ROW: Julia Willis, Marilyn Swanson, Joanne Reed, Cheryl Stewart, Pat Kirkham, Katy Wagner, Kitty Baldridge, Diane Brodsky, Griffin Loving. THIRD ROW: Barbara Kobylensky, Madelyn Lundin, Darlene Hlavacek, Julie Duddleston, Olivene Cox, Sharon Coonrod, Elaine Coonrod, Pat O'Hara, Jackie Leen, Jeanne Adams. FOURTH ROW: Pamela Huff, Cheryl Rupert, Patricia Bowman, Jane Ripley, Chris Tilton, Gail Ravenscroft, Sarah Frye, Cathie Tillman, Shelley Leinwand, Pamela Crosell, Charmianne Thomas. FIFTH ROW: Sheila Ewing, Karen Rew, Kathy Wetzel, Lark Olsen, Ann Evans, Trudy Golden ( Sec.), Diana Chadwick, Becky Duncan, Barbara Paxson, Sandra Stokes, Judy Holcroft.


FOSTER, HARPER 4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Karen Kousky, Cindy Morris ( Sec.), Regina Edgar ( Vice-Gov.), Peggy Palmer ( Gov.), Pat Nemeth ( Gov.), Darlene Jones ( ViceGov. ), Dorothy Fendley. SECOND ROW: Linda Brattain, Suann Zwierzynski, Pat Davidson, Barbara Eaglen, Jane Bates, Connie Wilder, Candy Richards, Karen Jones, Susan Berke. THIRD ROW: Linda Kerth, Nancy Fleischman, Sally B. Haskett, Christie Chaddock, Betty Martyniak, Sue Workman, Stefania Suetich, Susan Kenyon, Marianne Mahoney, Cindy Wherly. FOURTH ROW: Melissa Quinlan, Amanda McKee, Janet Vovrek, Donna Kleist, Barbara Dalton, Judy Jones, Lillian Christ, Janis Warrener, Deana Keith, Margaret Wingrove, Dorothy Forst. FIFTH ROW: Susie Vaughan, Claudia Board, Beverly Walke, Diane Nabhan, Susan Sheehan, Peggy Bychinsky, Phyllis Hochgesang, Debby Alles, Cynthia Ellis, Judy Miller, Janet E. Keith, Judy Pieschala.

Harper 4, 5

Harper 6, 7 FOSTER, HARPER 6, 7 — FIRST ROW: Nell Laughlin ( Cult. Dir.), Mary E. Knight ( Rec. Dir.), Carole Farley ( Soc. Dir.), Lee A. Wade ( Gov.), Margaret Lloyd ( Ass't Head Counselor ), Jennifer Pyle ( Gov. ), Marilou Loayza ( Comm. Dir.), Sandra Burnes ( Vice-Gov.). SECOND ROW: Lynn Epstein, Hwa K. Bang, Sheryl Weaver, Corky Wilchek, Laura Bortel, Darlene Gaines, Elaine Graves, Janet Slicker, Elsie Horvath, Jane Weissert, Darlene Damian. THIRD ROW: Sue E. Mark, Nancy Giddings, Anna M. King, Kathleen Rykovich, Karen Antrim, Katherine Sanders, Leslie Dallas, Diane Hilgeman, Jeanette Rusbasan, Carol Steininger, Susan Hertzberg, Ellen Lipsey. FOURTH ROW: Andrea Brown, Pam Schisler, Sue Shadel, Lucia Kindle, Avis Collins, Debbie Jones, Lauren Earle, Sue Gainer, Liz Judson, Mary Richards, Linda Smith. FIFTH ROW: Elain S. Ellison, Jane Gelling, Mary K. Williford, Cheryl L. Flick, Sue Todd, Wendy Flusser, Dale Spivack, Cean Kimball.


FOSTER, HARPER 8, 9 — FIRST ROW: Merrie Henshaw, Evelyn L Coffman ( ViceGov. ), Marlene Guernsey ( Gov.), Ruth A. Morey ( Counselor ), Vicky A. Bond ( Counselor ), Vivian Gluck ( Gov.), Eneida Massas ( Vice-Gov.). SECOND ROW: Judy Snider ( Sec.-Treas.), Eileen Katterhenry, Glenna Tolbert, Kathleen Kelley, Nancy Gall, Jane Oliver, Shirley Stephens, Barbara Wall, Walla Colglazier. THIRD ROW: Nancy Elder, Barbara A. McMinn, Kathy McClure, Linnda Shafer, Sheila K. Ludlow, Patricia L. Ellison, Leona A. Meyer, Kathy Fernung, Carole A. Cannon, Lucy Kennedy. FOURTH ROW: Susan Becker ( Sec.), Paula Blessing, Rita Sullivan, Kathy Bartoszek, Cindy Winhelm, Noella Conzelez, Nancy Barr, Pat Garrity, Anne Boley, Julia Dulin, Susan Lambo. FIFTH ROW: Virginia M. Thomas, Leslie A. Shook, Luanne Wright, Mary Koester, Elfriede M. Zimmermann (Cult. Dir.), Beverly S. Grant, Elizabeth J. Gasper, Marti Doyevaar ( Comm. Dir. ), Sue G. Ernest, Susanne Harris, Julia Buchenberger.


8, 9

FOSTER, JENKINSON GROUND — FIRST ROW: Kenneth Anderson ( Sec.Treas. ), Gerald Hager ( Gov.), James Powell ( Vice-Gov.), Marshall Malcomb ( Cult. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Floyd Thompson, Gregg Fox, Mike Bishop, John Larkin. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Klueh, Dwight Etchison, David Holmquist.

Jenkinson Ground Floor

Jenkinson 1 FOSTER, JENKINSON 1 — FIRSTROW: Keith Quinlan ( Sec.-Treas.), Alan Miller ( Soc. Dir.), Wayne Berger ( Gov.), Dennis Grills ( Vice-Gov.), Andy Sum ( Ath. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Larry Lovall, Dave Gilman, Warren Weaver, Sam Levee, Charles Reagons, Rick Roberts ( Comm. Ch.), Warren Zinn. THIRD ROW: Doug Kinser, Kim Agan, Walter Berg, Bruce D. Moutaw, Jim Cline, Jeff Mucha, Wally M c O u a t. FOURTH ROW: Ed Nowak, JackSum, Bill Robinson, Don Crask, Jim Holdeman, Richard Schrumpf, John Rooda, Michael Hines, Chris Fulghum, Jim Fraser.

FOSTER, JENKINSON 3 — FIRST ROW: Larry Salstrom, Tom Howenstine, Pat Starrett, Mike Starrett, Richard Jones, Ferris McCormick. SECOND ROW: Frank Howard, Bob Byrne, Iesa Al-Shaheen, Mike Kelsey ( Comm. Dir. ), Ken Culbertson, Bob Long, Dave Dollins ( Counselor). THIRD ROW: Tim Crowley, Ralph Weaver, Thomas A. Jones, Herbert Miller, Dave McAllister, Bill Crowder, Donald E. Baker, Charles Hessler. FOURTH ROW: Dick Domek, Jon Creek, Rick Reynolds, George L. Barnett Jr., Jerry Mackel, Sam Stauffer, George Vogler, Dave Currier, Erik Peterson, James Powers ( Sec.-Treas.).

Jenkinson 3

Magee Hall FOSTER, MAGEE — FIRST ROW: John Price ( Sec.), David Mattingly ( Gov.), Joe McGowan ( Counselor ), Robert Roel ( ViceGov. ), David Scott ( Treas.). SECOND ROW: James Binkley, James Downing, Ronald Poellein, John Borgmeier, William Ludkiewicz, Mohamed Bagais. THIRD ROW: Jim Campbell, Tim Kill, William Strueh, John Lobus, Sandy Sanford, George Wheelock, Chris Potter. FOURTH ROW: David Francis, Harry Siemon, John Karn, Chuck Wertschnig, Dan Konzen, Don Vater, Norm Houseman.


FOSTER, MARTIN 2 — FIRST ROW: Larry Solomon, Greg Grigsby, Doug Seip, Dave Weinberg ( Soc. Dir.), Tom Quill ( Cult. Dir.), Brent Klinger. SECOND ROW: James Roush ( Counselor ), Ken Justiss, Tom Calvin, Mark Fenwick, Gary Wagner, Larry Shaw, Blondie Levy.

Martin 2

Martin 3 FOSTER, MARTIN 3 — FIRST ROW: Tom Rosheck ( Ath. Dir.), Mike Renehan ( Comm. Dir.), Howard Marvel, Max Bessler ( Gov. ), Roger Feldhaus ( Vice-Gov.), Robert Jacobson ( Counselor ), Terry Shannon ( Soc. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Abdulla Remaihi, Logan Ballard, Robin Kornman ( Cult. Dir. ), John Negy ( Activities Dir.), Don Davis, Mike Walter, Randy Sowers. THIRD ROW: Paul Clark, Glenn Hazelett, Tom Smith, Jim Kemper, Tom Rudasics, Dave Wright, Noel Kaplan, Terry Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Jon Bullman, Art Bortolini, Bill Hebert, Charles Newmann, Tom Bodnar, Dave Bryant, Charles Meador, Keith Jacks.


FOSTER, SHEA 2 — FIRST ROW: Eric Ahlvin ( Soc. Dir.), Michael Kujawa ( ViceGov. ), Robert Mechling ( Gov. ), Robert E. Lundal ( Counselor). SECOND ROW: Clune McDermott, Roger Stewart, Niel Shank, Roger Waligora, Robin Danner. THIRD ROW: Dennis Lichtenberger, Duane L. Bigelow, Paul E. Becher, Allan M. Tereba, James D. Drake, Greg Jendreas.

Shea 2

Ramsey Came

In the main lounge of Foster Quadrangle, the Ramsey Lewis Trio met with I.U. students in an informal discussion. As the trio became acquainted with the students, Red Holt, drummer, joined some students in a game of cards while Eldee Young, bassist and cellist, sat around and chatted with the students.

McNutt Quad


Commander N: As you requested, I have spearheaded a detailed investigation of the residents of McNutt Quad to determine why they have so skillfully adjusted to college life. Sir, your fears have been justified, because these students have latched onto the prime strategem for dorm survival: prisoner - of - war tactics. Permit me to illustrate a few of their characteristic maneuvers: CAMOUFLAGE: They have been known to veil their inside operations in clouds of talcum powder, forcing counselors to gasp their way through the halls to restore order. They have also been known to cunningly bury entire rooms under reams of old IDS's. ORAL TRANSFER OF IDEAS: They have established a rather noisy but effective means of communication — opening windows and yelling at each other across the courtyard. Resulting echos not only drown out our attempts to decipher codes but also everything else within a mile radius. ESCAPE PROJECTS: Plans are being initiated by a group of prospective male engineers to dig a tunnel under the north side. We have got them here, sir! According to my calculations, this tunnel will not carry them clear of the quad. Instead, they will come up in the midst of the south portion . . . . just a minute! Isn't that the female side of the . . . . Perhaps these men are more imbued in the I.U. tradition than previously thought. If you have further orders, sir, please send them to my new quarters in McNutt. However, no personal calls will be accepted after dinner, as I am working the evening digging shift. Respectfully, Your Man Flint

McNUTT JUDICIAL BOARD — FIRST ROW: Anita Ausperk, Sally Niewoehner, Judy McMahan, Valerie Lee, Bobbie McManus, Ann Goldenstein, Lesley Baker. SECOND ROW: Sharon Zabban, Phil McKeav, Anna S. Hinds, Carolyn Moneyhun, Dan Preston, Mary L. Butt, Kathy Downey, Rita Whitsitt. TrIIRD ROW: Errol Shewman, Lynn Wolfe, Mike Serafin, Keith Owen, Robert May, Theodore Breckel, Warren Williams, Nancy White.

McNutt Judicial Board

McNutt Cabinet and Officers McNUTT CABINET AND OFFICERS — FIRST ROW: Connie Geyman, Larry Steinmetz, Margaret Dowd, Deanna Gray, Sharon Russell. SECOND ROW: Dick Parke ( VicePres. ), Lois Miley ( Acad. Co-ord.), David L. Morris II ( Soc. Co-ord.), William M. Lange ( Special Events Co-ord.), Barbara Buckley ( Treas.), George Woodward ( Ath. Co-ord. ). THIRD ROW: David W. Evans, Donna Helsel, Barry Feldmann, Donald Bechtol, Bob Amt, Lori Meyer, Jane Dunbar.

Bif. Pow. Twang. Thunk. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was TGIF dances in the Flame Room. A band came to play. S ever al quad-dwellers came to dance. And a cast of thousands came to stand around and watch. Wild. There must have been a couple score of both sexes out there dancing. There must have been both sexes. Some had on big Weejuns and some had on small Weejuns. How else you gonna tell? Square yards of scrufties. And wheat jeans, sweatshirts, and long hair tend to blur these fine distinctions. On the left here, girl or boy? ( Girl, for those of you who were confused. ) But it was great. And it was over at five-thirty.

McNUTT, SOUTHEAST 1 — FIRST ROW: Nancy Davis, Susan Hatton ( Soc. Co-ord.), Sandy McClean ( Gov.), Lois Carbone ( Rec. Co-ord.), Karen Patterson. SECOND ROW: Sharon Russell, Sue Applegate, Sharon Zabban, Linda Pace, Joyce Bonko, Majorie DeLauriea. THIRD ROW: Jeannette Trabue, Valerie Lee, Susan Cutler, Mary Wukovits, Martha Wood, Francis Selig, Rosemary Silverstine.

McNutt Southeast 1

McNutt Southeast 3 McNUTT, SOUTHEAST 3 — FIRST ROW: Joanne Boudreau ( Comm. Co-ord.), Connie Geyman ( Rec. Co-ord.), Donna Labney ( Gov.), Janie Dahlkamp ( Soc. Coord. ). SECOND ROW: Shirley Flesher, Karen Cantwell, Karen Cloghessy, Barbara Isaacson, Nancy McKay, Barbara Crowder, Suzanne Wright. THIRD ROW: Irene Finch, Mary E. Martin, Jane Rodda, Glenda Whitten, Nancy White, Judy Herr, Nancy Nash, Jani Roush.


McNUTT, SOUTH SOUTH 1 — FIRST ROW: Annette Miller ( Soc. Ch. ), Carole Brinkmann ( Sec.-Treas.), Judy Watkins ( Vice-Gov.), Connie Johnson ( Gov.), Valla Inman ( Cult. Ch.), Marcia Opsahl ( Comm. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Randee Hildebrand, Jean Swickard, Ilene Kusek, Laura Rudolph, Diana Nichols, Dorothy Baumgartner, Linda Brown. THIRD ROW: Marcia Barrett, Debbie Bletterman, Susie Jones, Susan J. Short, Joyce Blunt, Rosemary Vargo, Saundra Whiteside, Sharon Miller.

McNutt South South 1

McNutt South South 2 and Ground McNUTT, SOUTH SOUTH 2, GROUND — FIRST ROW: Marji Morris ( Comm. Coord. ), Judy Hillman ( Sec.-Treas.), Mary Hostetler ( Vice-Gov. ), Andrea Schleifer (Gov.), Cynthia Zeckel (Gov.), Candy Murray ( Vice-Gov.), Raelynn Williams ( Sec.-Treas.), Nancy Moskowitz ( Comm. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Bev Katzman ( Soc. Co-ord.), Barbara Cowles ( Soc. Coord. ), Carole Lippens, Jennifer Edwards, Sally Niewoehner, Jury McMahan, Janie Horton, Marie Norris, Sally Jones ( Cult. Co-ord.), Lesley Baker. THIRD ROW: Mary Baker, Susan Oldfather, Katherine E. Powell, Nancy Sundersen, Susi Hogan, Mary Rauktis, Marty Sixsmith, Vivian Webb, Judy Stephenson, Sharon Schubick, Jane Poffenbarger ( Cult. Ch.), Nancy Cook.

McNUTT, SOUTHWEST 1, 2 — FIRST ROW: Janie Jensen, Martha Murphy ( ViceGov. ), Kay Pearson ( Vice-Gov.), Sandy Anderson, Rene Dungan. SECOND ROW: Barbara Witucki, Ann Goldenstein, Cynthia Bradley, Lorraine Serafin, Genie Campbell. THIRD ROW: Sandee Norris, Kathy Johnson, Cathy Smith, Ellen Ray.

McNutt Southwest 1, 2

McNutt Southwest 3 and Ground McNUTT, SOUTHWEST 3, GROUND — FIRST ROW: Karen Grubb ( Rec. Ch.), Mary Sharp ( Sec.-Treas.), Jane Duke ( Rec. Ch. ), Carol Uhrig ( Vice-Gov.), Martie Greene, Barbara Reinhardt. SECOND ROW: Mary J. Stemle, Kay Brubeck, Dianne Markey, Pam Simmons, Margot Winters, Gay Weese. THIRD ROW: Carrie Gibson, Kathy Vorm, Sharon Cundiff, Barbara Berk, Mary L. Butt, Susan Diamond, Rita Shapiro.

The terribly depressing story of a grasshopper eaten by a turkey gobbler provided the subject matter for the "Tragical Tale" wailed by the McNutt Choraliers. They wailed their way to third place in the Mixed Choral division of the Sing. Bruce Barbee songled. Also under the songleadership of Bruce Barbee, the McNutt Crimsonaires filled everybody in on what kind of shape "Man's Best Friend" was in. Would you believe 36-24-36? Anyway, it was a nice enough shape to earn them third place in Small Group.


McNUTT, NORTHEAST, 2, GROUND — FIRST ROW: Jeffrey D. Green ( Gov.), Jeffrey R. Bankson (Comm. Co-ord.), Louis D. Fisher ( Soc. Dir. ), Bruce L. Barbee ( Res. Ass't), Larry G. Alt ( Gov.), Chuck Oswald ( Rec. Ch.), Anthony C. Maidenberg ( Sec.-Treas. ), William Killingbeck ( Vice-Gov.). SECOND ROW: Keith Hall, Gerald Solomon, Bruce Bloy, Ray Terry, Monty Caldwell, Moses Easley III, Michael Hornaday, Jack Hart, Norm G u r wit z. THIRD ROW: James A. Nelson, Bill Burgess, Bryan Galinton Jr., Pat Chasey, David Duros, Paul Woodruff, Tom Kalb, Lee Brady, Pat Dooley, Henry Herreman. FOURTH ROW: Paul M. Clemens, Thomas Q. Staples, David Szymanski, Thomas R. McCart, William Bocock, David L. Morris, Tony Mayfield, James T. Judd, Keith Owen, Richard Wagner. FIFTH ROW: Philip Wade, Royce Peterson, Donald Harvey, Robert Douglas, Roger Jones, Clifford Rice, Richard Hojnacki, Richard Wheelright, Stephen Petersen, Donald W. Rice. SIXTH ROW: Robert May, Jeff Whaley, John Muirhead, Lee Rea, Ian Kirkpatrick ( Cult. Co-ord.).

McNutt Northeast 2 and Ground

McNutt Northeast

3 McNUTT, NORTHEAST 3 — FIRST ROW: John C. Krajnak ( Ath. Dir.), Steven Cisco ( Soc. Dir. ), Marty Kloper (Gov.), Duane Hobby ( Counselor), Craig Myers ( ViceGov. ), Donald J. Wruble ( Sec.-Treas.). SECOND ROW: Brandon Atkins, Henry Cole, Dave King, Cass Pinkerton, Edward Brann, Jack Lauderdale, Keith Bennett, Stan Smith, Rick Metzler. THIRD ROW: Andrew Bropleh, Tim Paige, Kenneth Glenn, James Comerford, Jeffrey Shadwell, Errol L. Shewman, Dale Pleak, James Powell, Turhon Murad, James Johnson. FOURTH ROW: David R. Olson, Edward T. Bullard, Ronald Hull, Thomas McClure, Jerome A. Cak, Stephen M. Fisher, Gary D. Dietrich, Philip Emmons, Paul Joyce, James S. Brooking. FIFTH ROW: Mark Hodson, David Teeter, Joseph Stark, Lynn Warburton, Ray Lesch, Bob Cak, Tom Jones, Steven Zaltsberg, Bob Pogue, Joe Leary.


McNUTT, NORTH NORTH BASEMENT, 1, 2 — FIRST ROW: Bruce Armstrong (Rec. Ch.), David Fisher ( Soc. Ch.), Jerry Logan ( Sec.-Treas. ), Don Grant (Counselor), Jim Morgan (Gov.), Jack Houghton ( ViceGov. ), Rocky Takott ( Activ. Ch.), Jim Chappman ( Counselor ). SECOND ROW: Mike Gibbs, Robert Maher, Dave Boughman, George Woodward, Dick Jacks, David L. Morris II, John Dickerson. THIRD ROW: Thom Dixon, Phil Steele, Tom Mann, Charles Sachs, Curt Gill, John Bosse, Randy Riedy, Gary Church. FOURTH ROW: Bill Pelsue, Gabe Oliverio, Ed White, Bill Stenberg, Robert Miller, John Schwartz, Mike Wilkins, M. Lee Patterson.

McNutt North North Basement, 1, 2

McNutt North North Ground, 3 McNUTT, NORTH NORTH GROUND, 3 — FIRST ROW: Ted Siela ( Sec.-Treas.), William R. Corbin ( Ath. Dir.), Jon Abell ( Res. Ass't ), Jim Fouts ( Gov.), John Pugh ( Gov. ), Bruce Glick (Counselor ), Mark Carter ( Cult. Ch.), Lynn Meshberger ( Cult. Ch. ). SECOND ROW: Charles Jefferson, Joe Shepherd, Dennis Moore, William Bryan, Jim Vest, Jim Davis ( Comm. Co-ord.), Bruce Baier ( Ath. Dir. ), Dirk Anderson ( Soc. Ch. ), Bob Williams, Dan Preston. THIRD ROW: Larry Roberts, Bill Vest, Warren Williams, Richard Stokes, Richard Barton, Wally Yentes, Jamie Davis, Randy Trebing, David W. Evans, Bob Shively. FOURTH ROW: Robert B. Cleavenger, Dave Harrington, Mike Wilson, Tom Kraft, Bob Runkle, Doug Schultz, Vince Franco, Dale Conger, Phil Pierchala.

McNUTT, NORTHWEST BASEMENT, GROUND, 1 — FIRST ROW: William R. Price, James A. Getz, Thomas R. Linimer, Sams Howard Marshall (Gov. ), Delmar Sanders ( Soc. Ch.), Gregory McDaniel ( Acad.-Cult. Ch. ), Richard Bowman. SECOND ROW: Tom Tipton, Norman Stipp, Steven Allen, James Badowski, Noel Bowers, Richard Salie, Bruce D. Prizant, Larry Steinmetz. THIRD ROW: Michel Cremieux, Barry Feidmann, Dennis Gilliam, John Belshaw, Phil Wickerham, Tom Burnison, Tom Owen, James Richmond, Fred Kauffman. FOURTH ROW: Hal Driver, Steve Hamilton, Larry J. Rittenhouse, Edward A. Susnis Jr., Lewis E. Rhinehart, Gregory A. Jessup, Val Skalski, Norman G. Dygert.

McNutt Northwest Basement, Ground, 1

McNutt Northwest McNUTT, NORTHWEST 2, 3 — FIRST ROW: David Thompson ( Acad. Co-ord.), Cecil H. Whaley Jr. ( Vice-Gov.), Stephen A. Morris (Gov.), Wally Pickarczyk (Comm. Co-ord.), Shelly Brusslan ( Soc. Ch.), Thomas L. Edgell ( Sec.-Treas.), Lee Moss ( Rec. Ch. ). SECOND ROW: Richard Moore, Robert Blum, Ron Masters, John Donnelly, Bruce Pierce, James Love, Kent Land, Abdullah Bajenio. THIRD ROW: Don Jankovich, Jan Hockman, Steve Baumgartner, Larry Roe, Mike Sayers, Mike Felman, Mark Dudley, Bob Jordan, Mike S e r a f i n. FOURTH ROW: Gene L. Winters, L. Scott Nowinski, Thomas H. Goede, Randall C. Jacobs, Mark M. Bevers, Leons Meirans, Ronald Morgan, Theodore A. Breckel.

2, 3

Men's Residence Center MRC's familiar quotations: "The frivolous work of polished idleness'". . . . helped "Orbit Iowa" with the Forest women and placed second in Homecoming floats. "Push on. . . . keep moving'". . . . The James Bonds of MRC sponsored "Goldfinger A Go-Go" dance. "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall hang separately". . . . MRC presented traveling trophies each week to the most valuable IU football player. "A time to keep silent and a time to speak". . . . more than 20 per cent of the residents participated in a center quiz bowl. "Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy". . . . Two junior orientors led 250 MRC freshmen eight blocks to Forest for a mixer. . . . where 20 girls were waiting!

Board of Governors MRC BOARD OF GOVERNORS — FROM LEFT: Richard Allen, Michael Wiener, ( Adviser), Kevin Vogt ( Sec.), Robert Chapman, Norman Ward, William Lesburg, James Crane ( Pres.), Timothy Langston ( Adviser), John Little, Joseph Grubb, Richard Dawson, Vito Cucinelli.

Executive Council MRC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL — FROM LEFT: Michael Coakley ( Editor ), Louis Kurz (Publicity Dir. ), Kevin Vogt ( Sec.), David Hockett ( Treas.), John Mead ( Vice-Pres.), James Crane ( Pres.), Alan Armstrong ( Advisor ), William Roessler ( Ath. Dir.), Richard Day (Cult. Dir.), Barry Porter ( Soc. Dir. ).

MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, CRAVENS A — FIRST ROW: Ray Porter ( Sec.-Treas.), Mike Jagger ( Ath. Co-ord.), Tom Prior ( Counselor), Richard Dawson ( Gov. ), Jim Cocanour ( Soc. Ch. ), Steve Lewallen ( Cornmun. Co-ord.), Ed Witte ( Vice-Gov.). SECOND ROW: Tim Krause, Rich Tuhy, Wayne Segneri, Gary Kernodle, Tom Lave, Kenneth Mitchell, Ernest Murray, Dennis Sewell. THIRD ROW: R. Kent Croxford, Larry Tuttle, Thomas L. Talley Jr., Joseph E. Peterson III, Rick Martin, Kevin Vogt, Tim Conway, Jim Reygaert, Calvin Hansen, Louis Kurz, David Bruer.

Cravens A

Cravens B MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, CRAVENS B — FIRST ROW: Tom Mallett, David Wynne ( Ath. Co-ord.), Rocky Orgill, Lennie Lawrence ( Comm. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Peter Choma, Warren Macy, Bill Roessler, Clark Snyder.

MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, CRAVENS C — FIRST ROW: Dennis White ( Cult. Co-ord.), Bob Hildreth ( Sec.Treas.), John Welch ( Vice-Gov.), Charles Free! ( Gov.), John Race ( Soc. Dir.), Shane Davies (Counselor ). SECOND ROW: Richard B. Tully, B. D. Kimberly Brown ( Comm. Co-ord.), Byron D. Starr, Steve Branam ( Ath. Coord. ), Carl Crouse, Jerry Smiley, John Barrett. THIRD ROW: Jacob Wu, Paul Kafoure, Dave Outhouse, Bob Rookshy, James Brown, Carl Weitgal, Tom Dittmit, Charles Vallmer. FOURTH ROW: Larry Amick, Don McIver, Ernest Smith, George Diggle, Greg Kiel, Ralph Bates, Dale McClelland, Oliver Goodwin, Dennis Lloyd.

Cravens C

Edmondson 3 MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, EDMONDSON 3 — FIRST ROW: Mike Huff ( Vice-Gov.), Richard Allen ( Gov.), Pat Lattore ( Counselor ), Gene Miller ( Treas.), Mike Cox (Sec. ). SECOND ROW: Allen Coffin, Walter Edwards, William Selke, John Marquis, Don Steiner, Ira Berkowitz, Bill Pershing. THIRD ROW: John Hilbish ( Cult. Ch. ), Dave Rhein, Scott Heshman, Noel Jocus, Mike Whitock ( Soc. Ch.), Mike Miller, Jim Finegan.

MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, EDMONDSON 4 — FIRST ROW: Steve Vaughn ( Ath. Co-ord. ), Vito Cucinelli ( Gov.), Cassandra Kamp ( Sweetheart), Jeff Baron ( Soc. Co-ord. ). SECOND ROW: Bob Barnes, Bill Fisher, Jim Adkins, Bernard Gunderson, George Lockwood. THIRD ROW: Kevin Kline, Michael Moore, Mike Kraciun, Mike Wiener ( Counselor ), Bill Lawrence.


Smith 1 MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, SMITH 1 — FIRST ROW: John Burr, Sam McFerrin, Valentine Pisarski, Barbara Freud ( Sweetheart), Larry Braden, Oakley Masten.



MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, SMITH 2 — FIRST ROW: Gerald Chandik ( Ath. Coord. ), Joe Grubb ( Gov.), Fred Jenkins ( Counselor ), Emery King ( Sec.-Treas.). SECOND ROW: Steve Lose, John Corrado, David Aebersold, Tom Hecker, Tim Deller. THIRD ROW: Stuart Binkley, David F. Brown, Norman Springer, Jerry Lanz, Larry Heckley, James McCune. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Brown, James Slater, Alexander Ristoff, Rich Sfura, John Goad, Craig Bowen.

Smith 2

Smith 3 MEN'S RESIDENCE CENTER, SMITH 3 — FIRST ROW: Dave Martin ( Sec.-Treas.), John Little ( Gov.), Rich Amacher ( Ath. Dir. ), Ron Barker. SECOND ROW: David Captain, Richard Bailey, Greg Mueller, Jerry Allee, Max L. Bell. THIRD ROW: Bryan Risley, Robert Eastburg ( Counselor), Adrian Reynolds.



INҟ al 44.





IN r, 4



s I 114 •ҟ

vo at . *4 III r"ҟ I *



Read Center READ CENTER. "Let's have a boress!" battle cry on their lips and banners waving, Read's coeds galloped through a year of excitement and mischievous ideas. Visions of elevator doors grinding open between floors, of rooms being flooded with buckets of water, and of doors being "pennied shut" danced in their heads. When emergencies arose, friends magically appeared ( as one coed with an injured foot discovered). On that fateful day of the power blackout, her hallmates improvised their own elevator and carried the grateful girl up and down the stairs. But what a concoction of personalities! Are they sedately playing bridge or bounding around the lounge in an impish game of tag? After several weeks of dismayed observance of this behavior, one Curry maid made a determined effort to bring all her charges to a local revival meeting.

READ CENTER COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Chloe Fessler, Rosie Kaplan, Rita Meyer, Liz Griffin, Betty Sloan, Mary Ann Toll. SECOND ROW: Diane Hilgers, Sandy Fix, Bobbi Shapiro, Jo Anne Gessaman, Rosemarie Rhodes.

Read Center Council

Beck READ, BECK HOUSE 2, 5 — FIRST ROW: Connie Keisling, Susan Smith, Mary A. Cole ( House Mngr. ), Carol Biehner, Anne Baker, Barbara Freund, Judith K. Ritter. SECOND ROW: Christine Marshall, Joan Przybylinski, Sharon Jones, Alice Sanders, Nancy Goebel, Nancy Briggs, Pam Benner, Lisa Blum. THIRD ROW: Sandy Green, Myra Manis, Mary J. Comer, Christine Swanson, Diane McCoy, Linda Griffin, Carolyn Thompson, Linda K. Wilson, Norma A. Young. FOURTH ROW: Pam Adams, Sandy Link, Deanna Park, Beverly Bruce, Ruth E. Hall, Cande Carroll, Arlene Maddox, Virginia Jones, Barbara Lacey, Beth Smiley. FIFTH ROW: Pam Baird, Linda Lindholm, Jo Ann Missal, Margaret Gentry, Alice Lorenz, Deedra Runyan, Debbie Black, Karen Sipes, Mariellen Reynolds, Judi Salisbury.

2, 5

READ, BECK HOUSE 4 — FIRST ROW: Cheri Chamberlain, Suzanne Smith, Karen Steele ( Comm. Ch. ), Kathy Oliverio ( Rec. Ch.), Tammie Christopher, Carol Humbarger, Linda Myers. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Gentry, Linda Wolf, Chris Sysock, Vida J. Herring, Sherie Falls, Caren Gangloff, Judy Heisterberg, Sandy Adam s. THIRD ROW: Janice Graves, Karen Salek, Mary B. Davis, Judy K. Smith, Eleanor Hartswick, Julia Hosek, Joyce Rousseau, Cheryl Anstett, Martha Bradley. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Bennett, Anne Zeman, Carol Wardlaw, Jan Woolery, Nancy Martin, Helen Lawrence, Pat Benson, Debby Bartley, Barb Neff, Jane Beavers.

Beck 4

Beck 3, 6 READ, BECK HOUSE 3, 6 — FIRST ROW: Linda Becker, Lynn Langdon ( Treas.), Susie Shively ( Cult. Ch.), Rita Meyer ( Gov.), Bobbi Shapiro ( Vice-Gov. ), Diane McCord, Susan Grossman. SECOND ROW: Susan Childers, Jeanne Action, Diane Kren, Ann McCullough, Carol Singer, Betsy Schnepf, Faye Deckard, Becky Joffe. THIRD ROW: Gayla Huber, Sally Schnepf, Linda Rutherford, Sharon Ervin, Marjory Sovich, Judith Shines, Patricia Nash, Susan Oates. FOURTH ROW: Tina Sawyer, D. Lee Long, Janice Peters, Jackie Elster, Susan Cooper, Patricia Huston, Roba Schori, Rosie Kaplan, Sally Stroup.


READ, CLARK HOUSE 2, 3, 6 — FIRST ROW: Ann Rager ( Comm. Ch.), Linda Thomas ( Treas.), Sheryl Rohlfer ( Sec.), Kathy Stahl ( Gov.), Judy Grandorf ( ViceGov. ), Eugenia Nixon ( Treas.), Nancy Ohlson ( Soc. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Sue Camarda, Markola Lee, Connie Bryant, Doris A. Criswell, Jackie Gruesbeck, Jacque Cady, Beverly Hinderlider ( Rec. Ch.), Karen Martin ( Cult. Ch.), Terri Baker, Judy Alexander, Pam Green, Marilyn Prickett. THIRD ROW: Carol Myers, Barb Levi, Susie Westfall, Jeanne Marcy, Olga Sysock, Phyllis Reitenour, Jan Cacia, Kathlene Neese, Jaimie Middledorf, Judy Pell, Sharon Riley, Elizabeth Ling. FOURTH ROW: M a r t h a Ritchie, Cynthia Page, Sarah J. Ross, Julie Noelker, Marianne Celenica, Roberta Ward, Susan Cawley, Katie Cole, Mary L. Bohlmeyer, Jane Nelson, Maryann Watson, Rosalyn Shapiro, Diane Liebenow, Nancy Bayer, Carol King. FIFTH ROW: Anne Fraker, Jan Klingler, Shelby McRoberts, Cathy Shipley, Mary L. Arnot, Dianna Marshall, Sandy Speer, Linda Shambaugh, Linda Smith, Jo Ann Whitcomb, Karen Goldsborough, Marcia Bean, Sandi Hensley, Jean Whirledge, Lili Cabage, Vickie Stone, Peggy Love.

Clark 2, 3, 6 Clark 4, 5 READ, CLARK HOUSE 4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Patty Todd, Frances Cunningham, Cheryle Samelson, Susan Hardisty, Peggy Solomon, Carol Lombard, Christina Bancroft. SECOND ROW: Mary Sheek, Donna Brook, Darlene Meyer, Susan Slatterly, Pam Randert, Sharon Pequignot, Paula Sanders, Joanne Game, Kristi Richardson, Julia McCrosky. THIRD ROW: Jo A. Becker, Myra Gehret, Jan Thompson, Janet Lear, Carol A. Franklin, Linda Blombach, Gay A. McCorkle, Bonnie Leaders, Lynda Woodrow, Darien Moore, Karen Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Susie Coleman, Donna Marovich, Nancy Shultz, Julie Teyber, Sharon Dunwoody, Candy Clay, Ellen Epst, Suzette Baker, Andrea Shuel, Anne Owen, Penny Eisenhut. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Fricke, Nicky VanGilder, Carol Hartley, Jerrie Bairn, Peggy Preston, Susan Walker, Sandy Enteman, Pam Marbaugh, Carolyn Doughty, Cynthia Wilson, Joanie Donlan.


READ, CURRY HOUSE 2, 3 — FIRST ROW: June Stack, Donna Power, Linda Sue Cochran, Linda Cupp ( Comm. Co-Ch.), Ellen Smith ( Cult. Ch. ), Pat Severns (Sec.), Becki Fanning. SECOND ROW: Joanne Doerr, Kathi Meek, Karen Smith, Anu Kikas, Karen Hudson, Pat Kollmar, Marcy Nordlund. THIRD ROW: Diana Movius, Mary E. Barton, Nancy Chloupek, Beverly Pickard, Nancy Houssman, Lucinda Steward, Cheryl A. Wilson, Susan Boles. FOURTH ROW: Janet Quivey, Shari L. Grimes, Jody Berman, Mary Taylor, Melinda Millikan, Jane Gossard, Nancy Dawson, Ann Kirk, Jo A. Gessaman, Judy Trevor. FIFTH ROW: Linda Young, Joan Quivey, Anita Silvey, Barbara VanCuren, Jean A. Wiseman, Katharine Stone, Cindy Springer, Diane Koeneman, Melita Hancock, Marjorie Cunningham.

Curry 2, 3

Curry 4, 5, 6 READ, CURRY HOUSE 4, 5, 6 — FIRST ROW: Fontanna O'Keefe, Kathy Rumple, Betsy Baer, Jean Flint, Jackie Link. SECOND ROW: Adrienne Rosenberg, Denice Paulin, Joyce McCord, Marsha Anderson, Barbara Markowicz, Jane Miller, Marcia Stephenson. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Carson, Rena Stein, Marcia Humbaugh, Peggy Jones, Nancy Marchick, Cheryl A. Goetz, Anita Esenwein, Phyllis Lovitt. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Owens, Gigi Pinnell, Donita Wright, Jane Slayton, Marty Northcutt, Jackie Hoy, Jane Ives, Judy Braswell. FIFTH ROW: Gloria Sarandon, Shirley Arnold, Pat Kelley, Pat Armstrong, Linn Blinker, Jackie DuPuis.

READ, LANDES HOUSE 2, 3, 6 — FIRST ROW: Merry Anderson ( Rel. Co-Ch. ), Linda Flowers ( Comm. Co-Ch.), Kathe Hoppe ( Cult. Ch.), Sandy Fix ( Gov.), Sally Noon ( Soc. Ch.), Jane Hoerath, Annette Jacoby ( Comm. Co-Ch.). SECOND ROW: Karen K. Miller, Barbara Deer, Charmaine Collins, Chloe Fessler ( Rel. CoCh. ), Camille Hewitt, Charlene Ratliff, Suzie Gueutal, Sharon Grimes. THIRD ROW: Caroline Fisher, Cheryl Love, Nadine Bonadio, Beverly Robb, Mary B. Foster, Mary E. Camblin, Ilene Lederman, Carole Miller, Joan Apple. FOURTH ROW: Becky J. Bailey, Sandy Settle, Jennifer E. Hanna, Mimi Rothschild, Carole Holmes, Nancy Burcham, Mary H. Montgomery, Mary K. Wayman, Beverly Williams, Wanda Graves. FIFTH ROW: Jackie Schlemmer, Becky Tout, Dale Stark, Annette L. Schneider, Becky A. Bailey, Bonnie Finch, Sherry Bendure, Sharon Vance, Martha A. VanGilder, Diana Payne, Linda Lidikay, Donna Garrett.

Landes 2, 3, 6

Landes 4, 5 READ, LANDES HOUSE 4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Denni Linder, Jerri Rowe, Sue Knoke ( Sec.), Elizabeth Griffin (Pres.), Joyce Todd ( House Mngr.), Susan Veatch, Leslie Stephens. SECOND ROW: Barbara Napoleon, Yvette Kuipers, Carol A. Latshaw, Nancy Heinsen, Martha Winslow, Linda Thompson, Anita Menor, Judy Pekarsky. THIRD ROW: Anne Barrett, Mary J. Howser, Carole Wilson, Debbie Hunt, Barbara Hard, Wendy Tzinberg, Kathy Taylor, Jeaney Hignite, Linda Fritz. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Pugh, Chris Marsh, Arthuree McLaughlin, Pam Bundy, Barbara Diggins, Linda Stroppel, Marjorie Stanley, Jo Staber, Kathi Batton. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Osterhoff, Jane A. Rutledge, Linda McKinney, Mary A. Hart, Jane Pearlman, Jill Berman, Jackie Osipe, Tandy Stevens, Bonnie Hudson.


1M1111111 '

Teter Quad "Nice Guys Finish Last" as seen on the "official" sweatshirts of Wissler 4. They come in all sizes, shapes, and powder blue, and you can see them on the men in the dining hall at breakfast — you know, the guys that look like they've been awake for all of 15 seconds. While recovering from shaving cream and water fights, Teterites entertain themselves with pizza parties, birthday shower parties, and bridge games till 4 a.m., while others mourn a deceased turtle. In addition to waiting for meals in lines extending to the Indiana border, hiding Millie the maid's cart in the showers, and the fragrence of freshly-painted-in-the-middle-oft h e-w e e k-s o-y o u-h a v e-t o-p u t-a 11-your-prized-belongings-in-the drawers-or-closets rooms should make everyone wish that he could live in Teter.


Sivertson, Jeannie McGinley, Kathy Arnold, Phyllis Morrnan, Diane Wissel, Candy Grandidier, Veronica Gryctko. SECOND ROW: Judy Musselman, Richard Ritz, Bob Phillips, Ron Hartwell, Diane Butterfield, Frances Kunkle.THIRD ROW: Bill Swalkick, John McCoy, Steve Butler, L. S. MacLean, David Snodgrass, Dan Dinnsen, Steve Anderson, William Huth.

President's Council TETER PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Debbie Horowitz ( Vice- Pres.), Nancy Frankel ( Elkin Head Gov.), Susie Parr (Communications), Jeannie Christopher ( Hospitality), Marian Colvin ( Rabb Head Gov.), Phyllis Kennedy ( Pres.). SECOND ROW: Dwight Noble ( Treas.), Cheryl Keill ( Social), Ginny Fisher ( Sec.), Maxine Steinberg ( Academic), Taunya March ( Boisen Head Gov. ), Nancy Chulock ( Cult.), Charles Findley (Wissler Head Gov. ).

TETER, BOISEN 1, 2 — FIRST ROW: Mary Chandler ( Soc. Dir), Sarah Cottingham ( Cult. Dir. ), Lee A. Sparks ( ViceGov. ), Taunya Marcy ( Gov.), Jeannie McGinley ( Gov.), Madeline Vdowski ( ViceGov. ), Beth Talley ( Soc. Dir.), Cari Kuster ( Academic Dir. ). SECOND ROW: Sherry Smart, Margi Creer, Trisha Kittle, Carolyn Harnisch, Janie Brantlinger, Linda M. Wright, Mareda Summers, Carla Blessinger, Ann Chenoweth, K. K. Whittemore, Harriet Gluckmann, Patty Hartley. THIRD ROW: Gail Shriver, Cindy Hapeman, Cindy Lisec, Linda Meginnis, Darla Voelker, Pam Wentland, Sharon Chenoweth, Lesley Bush, Kathy Lemler, Susie Sterner, Kathy Slick, Kay Easterday, Donna Keim. FOURTH ROW: Janet Barnes, Gale Lorenc, Stephanie Scott, Barbara Sobel, Lois Mysliwy, Margaret Kleine, Lisa Warner, Ann Veysey, Marie Hogue, Cathy Sheets, Carol Lee, Linda Talbott, Jeannie Christopher, Janice Brown. FIFTH ROW: Pat Walter, Joan Feinstein, Jan Henning, Judy Kohlhorst, Connie Lavery, Jane Ress, Patty O'Neal, Linda Faircloth, Kathy Joyce, Marilyn Jolly, Jane Jonah, Jane Gesell, Libby Coulston, Wilma Hill, Judi Souers.

Boisen 1, 2 Boisen 3, 4 TETER, BOISEN 3, 4 — FIRST ROW: Lila Rosen, Mary Kunkel ( Vice-Gov. ), Jeanne High ( Gov. ), Debbie Horwitz, Wanda Suhanik ( Gov.), Cindy Jackley ( ViceGov. ), Virginia Hunter. SECOND ROW: Patricia Summers, Linda DuBois, Patricia Murphy, Roberta Phillips, Sandra Geleta, Josephine Crawford, Judy Lindberg, Chris Williams ( Rec. Dir.), Pat Hall, Lilu Kahn. THIRD ROW: Debi Mingle ( Cult. Dir.), Susie Parr ( Soc. Ch. ), Jo A. Friedman, Marty Darst, Micki Garber ( Soc. Ch.), Nancy Vogel, Chris Walkup, Mae Graper, Debbie Ohl, Mary Riess. FOURTH ROW: Carol Deveary ( Academic Dir.), Marie Duncan, Kay Mee, Nancy Chulock, Carol A. Brighton, Bea Wittig (Cult. Dir.), Saundra A. Barry, Pam Switzer, Suzette Short ( Comm. Dir. ), Mary Hunn, Linda Bond. FIFTH ROW: Karen Roodman, Marcia Atteberry, Vernelle Bush, Maxine Steinberg, Kathleen Surges, Sylvia Shortie, Marsha Gepner, Karen Nichols, Judi Musselman, Cindra Hare, Linda Cohen, Dianna Linguist, Colleen Kelly, Donna Wesley.

TETER, ELKIN 1, 2 — FIRST ROW: Judy Gilbert ( Comm. Dir.), Bobbi Fisher (Comm. Dir.), Vicki Renz ( Vice-Gov. ), Nancy Frankel ( Gov.), Pat Bowman ( Treas.), Barb Schisler (Cult. Dir.), Judy Geilker ( Comm. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Carolyn Loeper, Suzy Stapleton, Janet Stafford, Sandy Schoonveld, Diane Novotny, Madalyn Givan, Vicki Benedict, Sue Johnson, Pam Mills. THIRD ROW: Cathy Crossman, Marcia Espich, Priscilla Turley, Sharon Ongert, Pam Lueder, Beth Hanna ( Academic Dir.), Darlene Schneider, Lynn Stubblefield, Lin Hays, Brenda Nicholso n. FOURTH ROW: Suzi Harrison, Linda Graham ( Rec. Dir.), Roberta Elkins, Rita Haag, Nancy Cohn, Pam Taelman ( Soc. Ch.), Sue Sanders, Mary J. Dove, Sherry Morley.

Elkin 1, 2 Elkin 3 TETER, ELKIN 3 — FIRST ROW: Pam Hartmann ( Rec. Dir.), Nicki Stephenson ( Comm. Dir.), Tracy Wilson ( Vice-Gov.), Lili Byers ( Gov.), Louise Benson ( Hospitality Dir.), Lenora John ( Academic Dir.), Maridon Alger (Soc. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Delaine Southwood, Judith A. Senn, Donna Seibert, Pat Angell, Marjorie Laws, Martha Reece, Ellen Eckert, Nancy Boring. THIRD ROW: Sharon Goltz, Brenta Vincent, Faye Stillabower, Judy Bennett, Liz Johnson, Peg Stinson, Phyllis Schramm. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Willis, Jo Ann Differding, Judy Canada, Rebecca Gower, Lynne Gerkin, Peggy Rosenkrans.

TETER, RABB 1, 2 — FIRST ROW: D'Maris Stewart ( Academic Dir.), Marsha Menke ( Vice-Gov. ), Paula Sivertson ( Gov.), Claudia Bland ( Gov. ), Sally Johnson, Eve Watson ( Rec. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Fern Goodman, Jane Hunt, Mike Colville, Joko Doi, Jackie Heiniger, Barbara Sunyog, Kathryn Brunson. THIRD ROW: Evie Nagy, Marilyn Nierman, Freya Funk, Laura Tucker, Linda Swin, Lynn Smith, Donna Reseigh ( Soc. Dir. ), Karen McKeel. FOURTH ROW: Pat Schuler, Kathy Crandle, Sally Gray, Nancy Stroy, Mary Hether, Jan Bauer ( Comm. Dir.), Gail Sleeth, Anne Biteman, Marsha Tucker. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Thomson, Anne Hammond, Cheri Cornwell, Marti Whipple, Sharon Humphrey, Irida Ozols, Kathie Ruckriegle, Karen Riley, Jeanne Baker, Susan Waller.

Rabb 1, 2

Rabb 3, 4 TETER, RABB 3, 4 — FIRST ROW: Ellen Van Overbeke ( Cult. Dir.), Susan Cullen, Marian Colvin ( Gov.), Nancy Moore ( ViceGov. ), Margie Kucan ( Sec.), Judy McLaughlin. SECOND ROW: Anita Kimball, Judy Neal, Becky Inebnit, Sandra Brown, Pamela Walton, Linda Williams ( Academic Dir.), Nancy J. Sowers, Jane Boerner. THIRD ROW: Mary Lang, Ginger Franklin, Pat Davis, Bobbie Chapman, Ann Buroker, Cynthia Mink, Suzie Schaefer, Nancy Miller, Sally Stalker ( Soc. Dir.). FOURTH ROW: Cathe Rhodes ( Soc. Dir.), Barbara Copeland, Dee Hopkins, Linda Becker, Jean Morris, Sandy Eble, Carol Norman, Roxanne Burroughs, Rita K. Hartley, Pam Wykoff, Penny Tadman.


TETER, RABB 5, 6 — FIRST ROW: Joyce Dubrov, Molly Donnelly (Soc. Dir.), Dianne ( Vice-Gov.), Toni Boehle Butterfieldҟ (Comm. Dir.), Barb Bridges. SECOND ROW: Ann Fichman, Jan Eaton, Barb Baer, Lee Doffield, Cheryl Keil, Sue Schrey. THIRD ROW: Joanne Layton, Penny McClevey, Cheryl Forrester, Carolyn Falk, Jane Perry, Janyce Anderson, Jane Fuog.

Rabb 5, 6

TETER, THOMPSON 1, 2 — FIRST ROW: C. Stephen Bowman, James P. Sanford, Gearold Knowles ( Vice-Gov.), Rex Coulter, Mike Johns, Ken Stoops, Bill Liles. SECOND ROW: James A. Garrett, Jerry A. Woolsey, Stephen J. Smith, Ron Hartwell, Fred Russell, Chuck Couts, Paul Zienin. THIRD ROW: Ken Ziegler, Gary Minnich, Steve Hogan, Ron Dowty, Eddie Galloway, David Sovine, Ivan Graham, Jim Adams.

Thompson 1, 2

Thompson 3, 4, 5 TETER, THOMPSON 3, 4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Dale Terrell, Ed Walters ( Soc. Dir.), Steve Anderson ( Gov.), Keith Emery ( ViceGov. ), Bill Cookins ( Vice-Gov.), Walter DeWald, Dan Yates. SECOND ROW: George Rector, Bob Orgain, John Holder, Glenn Gambel, Joseph Kline, Eric Foreman, Charles Oberly, Lee Allen. THIRD ROW: Greg Huffman, Ed Barrett, Myron Kanning, Larry Heimann, Rob Hanesworth, Don Bradley, Martin Reuille, Darold Bryan.

TETER, WISSLER 1, 2, 3 — FIRST ROW:. Fred Presser ( Gov.), Steve Goldman ( ViceGov. ), Bob Rittman ( Gov.), Suzi Harrison ( Sweetheart ), Steve Falken ( Counselor ), Jerry Graham ( Gov.), Jack D'Amato ( ViceGov. ). SECOND ROW: Terry DeShone, Michael Ellis, Bill Rittman, John W. McCoy ( Soc. Dir. ), Michael Hanes, Frank M. Sekula ( Rec. Dir.), James J. Barger, Mike Cooper ( Rec. Dir.). THIRD ROW: Bill Bennett, Stephen Butler, Jack Daily, Bill Huth, Brent Steele, Tom Waechter, Roger Sawyer, Dwight Noble ( Treas.), John Piersol. FOURTH ROW: Richard Von Burg, Steven T. Gibbs, Gary McFall, Alan Schmetzer, Roger Stroman, Ibrahim Mannaa, Randolph Brown, Joel Griffith.

Wissler 1, 2, 3 Wissler 4, 5 TETER, WISSLER 4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Nick Fischer, Bruce Burns, Ray Pieper ( Academic Dir.), John Doran ( Vice-Gov.), Stanley Schatzman. SECOND ROW: Don Hanlin, John Fessler, Gary Drury, David Ganz, Jim Brewer, Daniel Conboy. THIRD ROW: David Jackson, Bill Russell, Bernard Jaworski, Ed Fisher, Wayne T. Morden, D. E. Waters, Bruce Le Mar.

Willkie Quad 392

Dear John, You've served us faithfully, writing us letters weekly about our Willkie activities. But you have missed out on so much fun! In October we finally managed to stand that 30-foot pregnant elephant on her feet — when the ever-present "breeze" from the Willkie wind tunnel blew off her bonnet. We had the women's academic unit for study when the skateboarding on our own floors got too noisy — unless the weather was good enough for skateboarding down our marvelous sidewalks. But maybe you already know how wonderful it is to live in Willkie. Obviously everyone does — just ask that dog who rode our bus for two days. Your Willkieites

WILLKIE, NORTH 2 — FIRST ROW: Colette Pater ( Soc. Co-ord.), Mary A. Hudak ( Cult. Co-ord.), Marianne Owen ( Gov.), Pam Mitchell ( Comm. Co-ord.), Ann Pearson ( Sec.-Treas.), Nancy Cook ( Acad. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Barbara Frick, Patty Kress, Donna Stutsman, Kathy Lewis, Joyce Williams, Cinda Grube, Bonnie Zimmerman, Marge Romine. THIRD ROW: Nancy Gibson, Susan Whitledge, Kathy Frashure, Marjorie Cross, Leah B. Frey, Fredericka Schmadel, Kapaka Semokaitis, Betty McConnell, Patty Vitello. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Kemple, Linda Greenwood, Susan Graper, Marsha Woodress, Linda Clark, Gloria Childress, Lois Holewinski, Sandra Eisert, Rebecca Hruby, Carol Greenwood, Linda Carroll.

Willkie North 2: Academic Unit Willkie North 3 WILLKIE, NORTH 3 — FIRST ROW: Kay Kommes ( Cult. Co-ord.), Carole Black ( Acad. Coor.), Lorna Konsynski ( Soc. Coord. ), Karen Becker (Gov.), Wendy Keyser ( Sec.-Treas.), Mary A. Janicki ( Rec. Coord. ), Fran Rancher ( Comm. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Nancy Roseberry, Donna Stern, Carolyn Kesling, Cheryl Vrooman, Marcia Lebo, Mona Boatman, Nancy Conard, Marty Atkins. THIRD ROW: Dixie Durbin, Richardine Haines, Dorothy Marsh, Gail Blue, Janet Benter, Peggy Vlerebome, Judith Legg, Lynn Olson, Jill Whiteleather. FOURTH ROW: Lorethea Amsler, Carol Wdowka, Marsha Kriegbaum, Sherilyn Brunson, Nancy Rosenberger, Ginny Leonard, Linnea Olsen, Becky Sovich, Marigene Troutman, Deborah L. Beauchamp.


WILLKIE, NORTH 4, 5 — FIRST ROW: Marilyn Gano ( Cult. Co-ord ), Judy Cox ( Soc. Co-ord.), Yvonne Mathis ( Comm. Coord. ), Mary Stevenson ( Counselor ), Stelma Feuerbach ( Soc. Co-ord.), Debbie Remick ( Gov.), Linda Ingram ( Sec-Treas.). SECOND ROW: Joyce Zarobsky, Alice Binford, Nina Corazzo, Lorraine Wollar, Lorraine Uskert, Kathryn Pfau, Diana Price, Lynn Rutherford, Diana Rogers. THIRD ROW: Barbara Lewsader, Susan Sippel, Nancy Ewell, Cindy Kennedy, Susie Stanley ( Acad. Co-ord.), Jan Bonifas ( Rec. Co-ord.), Jan Noland, Gwen Hall, Mary A. Henschen, Mary B. Gilman. FOURTH ROW: Lynne Sargent, Marjorie Kelson, Ann Haley, Gayle Grawemeyer, Linda Matlock, Mary A. Brafford, Barbara Hall, Jennifer Stohler, Sandra Thacker, Louise Lasayko, Sandra Kleiman. FIFTH ROW: Kay Hay, Donna Nelson, Jane Troy, Maryann Willard, Dee Mayes, Kathy Luczak, Joy Hilsmier, Sue Diener, Eleanor Huntzinger, Cynthia Iliff, Marsha Porter.

Willkie North 4, 5 Willkie North 6 WILLKIE, NORTH 6 — FIRST ROW: Merilee Fritz ( Soc. Co-ord.), Susan Bates ( Cult. Co-ord.), Regina Cassanto ( Counselor ), Anne M. Hocker ( Sec.-Treas.), Theresa Hite ( Comm. Co-ord.), Stephanie Whitelock, Christine Neander ( Acad. Coord. ). SECOND ROW: Snow Gravenstreter, Susan L. White, Carol J. Hawkins, Marionnette Bullock, Mary Dowell, Ramona Leitner, Terry J. Baringer, Shirley Delph. THIRD ROW: Pennelope Shick, Tanya Lienhart, Kathy Starr, Carol Krouse, Marcia White, Rosemary Moon, Rita Herron. FOURTH ROW: Mary J. Moore, Miriam Reiss, Doris Atzeff, Kit Field, Karen Reed, Martie Wright.

WILLKIE, NORTH 7 — FIRST ROW: Linda Steele ( Acad. Co-ord.), Kathy Rowe ( Sec.-Treas.), Karen Lowery ( Gov.), Ardis Reed ( Rec. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Diane Harris, Sharon Nakagawa, Janice Perryman, Mary Zerr, Mary Malone, Jennifer Garrett. THIRD ROW: Kathy Spearman, Pamela Smith, Linda Zimmer, Anita Zimmer, Elly Galloway, Karen Van Houtdreve, Kathleen Hancock. FOURTH ROW: Linda Nichols, Elizabeth Carolson, Penelope A. King, Janis Edson, Linda J. Thornton, Virginia Gray, Cynthia Hill.

Willkie North 7 Willkie North 8 WILLKIE, NORTH 8 — FIRST ROW: Nancy Cole, Pat Okada, Tina Smith, Ginny Accoe, Beth Allen. SECOND ROW: Heather Barrett, Marsha Bradon, Jean Maull ( Acad. Co-ord.), Dorothy Rosenau, Sharron Sonner (Counselor)).

WILLKIE, NORTH 9 — FIRST ROW: Evelyn Deno ( Sec.-Treas. ), Sandy Breitengross ( Acad. Co-ord. ), Diane Seely ( Gov.), Jill Graff ( Soc. Co-ord. ), Nancy Kelley ( Rec. Co-ord.), Patricia D. Smith ( Comm. Co-ord. ). SECOND ROW: Jennifer Richardson, Roseanne Ralfi, Dorinda Grimes, Linda Kuntz, Karen Limberg, Mildred Elliott, Diana Bramel. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Todd, Dottie Zeiss, Barbara Cox, Renee Troppe, Jean Larum, Kay Forbes, Harriet Ponsler, Carrol Stencel. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Leslie, Gloria Johnston, Barbara Kendall, Susan Boli, Liz Mettle, Betsy Rudhart, Vicki Gallo, Linda Inglis, Ellen Dodge. FIFTH ROW: Gaye Koldyke, Jane Thompson, Marilynn Myers, Paula Zeimis, Joan Cotton, Elizabeth Gromer, Phyllis Beasley, Sandy Dolby.

Willkie North 9

Willkie North 10 WILLKIE, NORTH 10 — FIRST ROW: Janelle James ( Soc. Co-ord. ), Cathy Holdt ( Rec. Co-ord.), Margaret Datzman ( Gov.), Carolyn Pugh ( Counselor ), Linda Burford (Cult. Co-ord.), Karen Vaslow (Sec.-Treas.). SECOND ROW: Kathy Power, Janet Smith, Charlene Browning, Tamsie Miskus, Patty Wirick, Peggy Beeson, Lyn Thorbecke. THIRD ROW: Louise Ruth, Paula Hopkins, Nancy Hensley, Karen Fleener, Barb Hamsley, Glenda Howard, Diana Hudson, Gail Griffin. FOURTH ROW: Pat Mount, Sharon Crane, Mary Broyles, Susan Wolf, Carolyn Pfeifer, Marcia Cope, Sarah Wright, Linda Sheffer.


WILLKIE, NORTH 11 — FIRST ROW: Joyce Beekman ( Gov.), Kathy Paul ( Sec.Treas. ), Susan Gallagher ( Counselor ), Jan Cahill ( Cult. Co-ord.), Mary Henderson ( Soc. Co-ord ). SECOND ROW: Carol McDonald, Lori Stang, Chris Wielgos, Rhonda Roush, Marilyn Huber, Cathy Ford, Sandy Rankin. THIRD ROW: Carol Rumpf, Cathy Tomlinson, Mary J. Nix, Sandy Gordon, Mary L. Hoggatt, Jane Felabom, Diana Shrock, Nancy L. Molter.

Willkie North 11 Willkie South 2, 6 WILLKIE, SOUTH 2, 6 — FIRST ROW: K. McNabb (Counselor)), J. Seide ( Counselor ), Allyson Herzeg ( Gov.), Nancy Garvey ( Comm. Co-ord.), Beth A. Krier (Gov.), Pat Weir ( Comm. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Sharon Naylor, Frances Coons, Ellen Winzenread, Anne Fatoat, Nancy Quinn, Kathy Ritter, Elizabeth Lindsay. THIRD ROW: Linda Vernon, Margaret Allee, Frances Hulse, Kathleen Lakin, Mary E. Weitzel, Lana Achelpohl, Doris Day, Dorothy Palmer. FOURTH ROW: Robbie Lambert, Cheryl Walton, Linda Hanley ( Rec. Co-ord. ), Sandy Shouse, Carol Matthewson, Sharon Tetzloff, Judy Moss, Consuella Williams, Carol Channel!. FIFTH ROW: Molly Wickham, Lynn Forster, Margaret House ( Soc. Ch.), Carol Hegwood, Kathy Pierce, Susan Baumgartner ( Cult. Ch.), Becky Drury.


WILLKIE, SOUTH 3 — FIRST ROW: Jaynie Wheeler ( Rec. Co-ord.), Gail Pitman ( Acad. Co-ord.), Barbara Johnson ( Gov.), Gerry Manley, Liz Kellam ( Sec.Treas.), Candy Tolles ( Comm. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Susie Bowman, Susan Brodsky, Sharon Hopfinger, Mary Barton, Mary A. Callahan, Janis Atwood, Virginia Dunn, Pamela Finch, Pamela Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Kathy Ball, Sara Whiteside, Nelleke Bruyn, Jo A. Ripperger, Felicity Gilpin, Nancy Klinkenberg, Karon Van Gelder, Mary McAuliffe, Dee Woolsey, Kathy Brannan, Carol Creviston.

Willkie South 3 Willkie South 4 WILLKIE, SOUTH 4 — FIRST ROW: Ellyn Lanz ( Gov.), Donna Wilson ( Acad. Co-ord.), Trish Martin ( Rec. Co-ord.), Lois Rickrich ( Soc. Co-ord. ). SECOND ROW: Theresa Gutierrez, Peggy Hollingsworth, Deborah Schechter, Linda Robinson, Susan Adams, Jane Thompson. THIRD ROW: Kathi Haack, Debbie Simmons, Tish Thompson, Cheri Ade, Linda Toivainen, Cindy Heintzelman, Linda Van Aman.


WILLKIE, SOUTH 7 — FIRST ROW: Bonnie Wallace ( Acad. Co-ord.), Marsha Heaton ( Soc. Co-ord.), Marilyn Hrpka, ( Sec.-Treas.), Miss Tuerck ( Counselor ), Patricia Phelps (Gov.), Janice Pullen (Comm. Co-ord.), Mary Schulatz ( Rec. Coor.). SECOND ROW: Barbie Pence, Donna Crider, Susan Schmitt, Marcia Naugle, Ruthie Vendes, Jennifer Hargis, Susan Carney. THIRD ROW: Sharon Kline, Pamela Hagen, Gail Koporc, Diana Bailey, Cynthia Nelson, Margaret A. Moon, Elizabeth Ender, Jacqueline Kuhn. FOURTH ROW: Karen Nelson, Linda Arnold, Christine Little, Kathy Manoski, Margaret Bernd, Jennifer Baker, Jane Wood, Patricia Palmer.

Willkie South 7 Willkie South 9 WILLKIE, SOUTH 9 — FIRST ROW: Barbara Larson ( Rec. Co-ord.), Sandy Westerman ( Gov.), Jane Curtin ( Sec.-Treas.), Janet Fox (Acad. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: Gloria Ayson, Dianne Sloan, Lynda Schultz, Carol Peterson, Sue Moore, Rosemarie Kuntz. THIRD ROW: Betty Hussey, Crissy Davis, Betty Burns, Barbara Walker, Jeanie Schmitt, Linda Mitman, Donna Paulson. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Smith, Jane Carmichael, Patricia Sutton, Triana Meshberger, Lynda Carmichael, Linda Siri, Carmen Animagi.

WILLKIE, SOUTH 10 — FIRST ROW: Sandy Goldstein ( Cult. Co-ord.), Kathy Palan (Rec. Co-ord.), Linda Hauslek (Gov.), Judy Hunt ( Sec.-Treas.), Susan Chipper ( Soc. Co-ord.), Fran Heard ( Comm. Coord. ). SECOND ROW: Karen Graber, Georgie Kerr, Cathy Barnum, Nancy Bakken, Dixie Contos, Roseanne Boston. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Bolitho, Becky Wilkes, Terri Applegate, Lisa Brubeck, Kathy Kowalski, Betsy Pond, Barbara Biggs. FOURTH ROW: Sally Lewis, Marsha Apple, Jeffrie Penrod, Alice Wampler, Becky Britt, Jenifer Drew.


Willkie South 10 Willkie South 11 WILLKIE, SOUTH 11 — FIRST ROW: Wendy Byrd ( Rec. Co-ord.), Mary Sinnock ( Acad. Co-ord.), Judy Jones ( Cult. Coord.), Carole Iskowich, Carol Sefton ( Soc. Co-ord. ), Susan Keinsen ( Comm. Co-ord.), Bev Martin. SECOND ROW: Sue Coffman, Pat Frazier, Sally Smith, Janet Lockwood, Alice Jordy, Laura Miller, Janet Groft, Nancy Swiontek, Bonnie Coyte. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Connerley, Sue McDonald, Candy Schisler, Emily Hackett, Margaret Randle, Ann Shilling, Barbara Nickels, Mary L. Brock, Karen Schaich, Barbara Barnett. FOURTH ROW: Christina Drain, Jean Denny, Berta Kaufman, Portia Conn, Sandy Fiet, Janis Vogel, Margaret Phillips, Jayanne Waizenhafer, Maxine Soloman, Judy Conwell, Paula Shane, Virginia Hunter.


WILLKIE, MASON — FIRST ROW: Brenda Romans ( Treas.), Judy Robinson ( Gov.), Joann Siddall ( Cult. Ch.), Phyllis D. Heas ( House Mngr.). SECOND ROW: Rebecca Thompson, Judy Hansen, Sandra Ohlund, Hiroko Ishii. THIRD ROW: Esther Glorioso, Carol DerAvedisian, Phyllis Hickman, Mary King, Betsy Hirtzel.

Willkie Mason

Willkie Men's Co-op WILLKIE, MEN'S CO-OP — FIRST ROW: J. Greg Hundley ( Comm. Co-ord.), Jim Mathews ( Rec. Co-ord.), Joe Shiner (Gov.), Jack Leonhardt ( Counselor ), Barbara Leonhardt, Pete Hoskam ( Cult. Co-ord. ), David Johnson ( Acad. Co-ord. ). SECOND ROW: Resod Dzeparovs, Paul Gielerak, Douglas E. Weedman, Mike Moore, Thad Heitman, Dean Carnahan, David Farlow. THIRD ROW: Donald Bevis, Hal G. Brown, David L. Kays, Courtney Lamb, William A. Goodman II, Phillip E. Wuensch, Richard T. Schau, Delbert W. Nelson Jr. FOURTH ROW: Jim Breidenbaugh, Bob Heisel, Harry Pierce III, George Cochran, Neil Irick, Edward Goldmann Jr., Duane Thompson, William R. Jones.


Wright Quad


Did you see that great display of Wright Quad spirit and enthusiasm at the Homecoming pep rally last October? The whole quad must have been there parading en masse . . . . well, would you believe 400? But Homecoming isn't the only time that the Wright men show their spirit. Throughout the year they concoct varied social, cultural, and athletic outlets. Take, for instance, "On the Scene" lectures by visiting professors ( Scriven, Scrimgeour, et al) and the annual tug-o-war tournament over the Jordan River with all 18 units competing. Some of the more talented residents are DJ's for "the voice of Wright Quad," WQAD radio, a 24-houra-day station now in its third year of operation. After hooking up broadcasting facilities to Teter Quad last year, WQAD went even further this spring—transmitting signals to Read Center and Willkie Quad.

WRIGHT, CENTER CABINET — IN FRONT: John Jenkins ( Cult. Co-ord.), George Gray ( Cult. Co-ord.). SECOND ROW: James Collier (Sec.), Alan Ruedi ( Pres. ), Charles Damery ( Vice-Pres. ), William Quinn ( Treas.). STANDING: Ross Easterday ( Soc. Co-ord. ), Sam May (Bldg. & Grounds Mngr. ), Robert Goffinet ( Ath. Co-ord.), Philip Mallatt ( Activities Co-ord.), Richard Bagwell (Damages Mngr.), Gregory Smith ( WQAD Rep. ).

Center Cabinet Board of Governors

WRIGHT, BOARD OF GOVERNORS — FIRST ROW: Austin Connors ( Adviser), Brent Neff, Alan F. Ruedi ( Pres.), Robert Stump, Paul Hardin. SECOND ROW: Michael Miller, Clinton Phillips, James Collier, ( Sec.), David Rainford, James Jaroszewski, Walter Wood, Tom Cittadine, Richard Yarborough, Charles Damery ( VicePres. ). THIRD ROW: Calvin Russell, Tom Frank, James Heupel, Robert Hall, William Riley, Ronald Harbin.

403 ■

WRIGHT, CAMPBELL HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Alan Montgomery ( Vice-Gov.), Sheldon J. Friedman ( Ath. Dir.), Ron Harbin, John Pont (Faculty Adviser), Jane Dumb (Sweetheart), James Schneider (Counselor), Steven R. Frankel (Soc. Ch.), Leonard Bank ( Sec.-Treas.). SECOND ROW: Jepf Hershman, Dick Denney, Jim Miller, Ken Harris, Donald Oman, Ronald McDaniel, Jerry Collins. THIRD ROW: Mike Wood, Robert Louda, Harold Vogel, Mike Clark, Earl Bruning Jr., Terence Rays, Mike Hayden, Richard Compton, Larry Sturgis. FOURTH ROW: Gary Dowty, Patrick N. Richard, Jim Biddle, Don Peters, Jim Wood, Gregg Treffinger, David Trask, Dave Compton.

Campbell House

Dewey House WRIGHT, DEWEY HOUSE — FIRST ROW: George Crnovich Jr., Lindy Mayhugh, Dan Siculan (Counselor), Bill Barnes ( Soc. Ch.), Thomas Frederick, Monte Moore. SECOND ROW: Karl Schmidt, James Barnes (Sec.-Treas.), Ronald Hofft, Charles Damery, Steve Wiltsie, David Gatewood.

WRIGHT, DODDS HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Tim Douglas ( Counselor ), Donald R. Wilds ( Treas. ), Jack O'Brien ( Gov.), Bill Searcy ( Ath. Ch. ), Dave Smethurst (Soc. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Arthur Crooks, John Shelley, Dwight Wehner, Laurence T. Beall, James Hashem, John Kneisley. THIRD ROW: Arthur H. Eaks, John Heckman, Ike K. Eikelberner, John W. Gauck, Thomas A. Crouch, Len A. Brewer, Rick Hokanson. FOURTH ROW: Terry Umbough, Steve Harnedy, Mark Maxwell, Jim Hardesty, Mike Hefron, Don Bracchi, Thomas A. Prebys, Robert Bell. FIFTH ROW: Tom Bennett, Mike Kegley, Jim Woodall, Lloyd Elkins, Janis Stares, William Shaw, James Kruse, William Byers, Douglas Brown, Harold Thompson, John Whitten.

Dodds House

Elliott House WRIGHT, ELLIOTT HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Holger W. Moeller ( Ath. Ch. ), Dick Singleton ( Soc. Ch. ), David R. Yeley ( Sec.Treas. ), Ed Kenney ( Vice-Gov. ), Walt Wood ( Gov. ). SECOND ROW: Bill Shewman, Ralph Eggleston, James Beck, Richard Scheimann, Robert Pentecost, Webster Peterson. THIRD ROW: Phil Sneed, Greg Pflum. Steve Wahlig, Kevin Horn, Don Milzarek, Jim Kish, John Wiseman. FOURTH ROW: Darrell Grimes, David Biehle, Jerry Garman, Rodney Frazier, Jim Allman, John Jackson, Charles Jennings.

WRIGHT, FERGASON HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Rick Yarborough ( Gov.), Mike Hartz ( Ath. Ch.), Terry Rockwell (Vice-Gov.). SECOND ROW: Michael Schaus, Mark Lowens, Ivan Blankenship Jr., Robert Dingman, Danny Dixon, Joseph Colelli. THIRD ROW: Stephen Maugans, James Auman, Daniel Dull, David Cope, James Vaughn, Russell Sonafrank, David Lynch.

Fergason House

Hall House WRIGHT, HALL HOUSE — FIRST ROW: James Klein ( Ath. Ch.), Alan Frisoni ( Vice-Gov.), Mike Miller ( Gov.), William Sharp ( Counselor), David Bangert ( Sec.Treas.), Robert Hill ( Soc. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Larry W. Gelfius, Keith Klein, Darrell Smith, Norman Bidwell, Robert Ford, David Westfall, Roger L. Hartman. THIRD ROW: William F. Fimp, Mike Tryon, William Quinn, Robert Seddelmeyer, Lester Myers, Wade T. Smola, Dennis Zelenke, John Bickel. FOURTH ROW: James C. DeLotel, Alan F. Ruedi, John R. Greenfield, Rod Waltman, Jon C. Anderson, Charles M. Lake, Stephen R. Schnelker, Bob Loomis, Charles A. Bunnell.


WRIGHT, HARDING HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Donald Stepita ( Soc. Dir. ), William Clifford ( Treas.), Robert Hall ( Gov. ), Tore Ramstad ( Vice-Gov.), James Perkins ( Ath. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Charles Buchanan, Myron Glanzman, Kenneth Johnson, Robert Watson, Walter Atkins, Joseph Albin, Phillip Dawkins. THIRD ROW: Richard Strohmier, Steven Adkisson, Darryl Townsley, Steve Fushelberger, Maurice Wright, Phillip Jacobson, Warren Jefvert, Monroe Anderson III.

Harding House

Harney House WRIGHT, HARNEY HOUSE — FIRST ROW: William Riley ( Gov.), Lynn Blanton ( Soc. Ch.), Martin Cooney (Sec.-Treas.). SECOND ROW: Ronald Goodwin, Terry Blosl, William Reiners, Donald Potter, John Hayden. THIRD ROW: Jim Davis, Dennis Dummel, Val Fleig, Rick Manning, John Allen, William Farina. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Schiffel, Michael Alexander, Robert Moore, John Gillis, George Wilson, Nicholas Joest, James Spears, Robert Bull.


WRIGHT, HUMMER HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Byron Woehler ( Sec.-Treas.), Jack Simonetti ( Res. Ass't. ), David Rainford ( Gov.), Larry Franklin ( Ath. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Armando Frias, Earnest Hill, Christopher Grey, Ricardo Garza, John Michael Kokosa, Andrew Engel. THIRD ROW: William R. Russ, Thomas Miller, Dennis DeBuysser, Dennis Templeton, Scott Evenbeck, Steven Flowers, Patrick D. DeLano. FOURTH ROW: Michael J. Kasprzak, S. L. Bailey, David Lee Toney, Charles J. Schuckel, James Piepenbrok, Dan Rissing, Steven W. Laycock, Jere Spence, William J. Marcotte.

Hummer House

Jenkins House WRIGHT, JENKINS HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Frank Malsbury II, Ron Filippelli, Robert R. Sturgeon, Robert Stump (Gov. ), James Blosser ( Sec.-Treas. ). SECOND ROW: Gary Stair, Don McGinnis, Bradley Pfaller, John Schornick, David Davenport, Kenneth Kobb. THIRD ROW: Larry Cassady, Roger Carnes, Denny Knierim, Larry Stickler, Harry Bierbaum, Warren Heidbreder, Harvey Kleiner. FOURTH ROW: George Girman, Steven J. Barber, John D. Morrical, Brian B. Strange, Craig A. Teegarden, Gary L. Callon, Bruce E. Cassal. FIFTH ROW: Dennis E. Wagoner, Barry A. Schnakenburg, Thomas A. Jones, Gary L. Sergianni, Fred W. Goldsboro Jr., William C. Coyle, Jon P. Lindemann, Bob Lewis.

WRIGHT, LOWE HOUSE — FIRST ROW: John Jackson, Ron Chang, Roger Rodgers ( Vice-Gov.), Austin Conners' ( Counselor), Brent Neff ( Gov.), Danny Walker, James Crail. SECOND ROW: Jade Stauffer, James Newton, Raymond Cox, George Burrus, Jon Skillman, Abdulla Dooh, Alan Bawde, Stanlee Ryan, James Sinclair. THIRD ROW: James Beil, George Ferkins, Douglas Hall, Bruce Best, Bill Frick, Rich Blaney, Jon Niehaus, Daniel Oberhausen, Michael Kidwell, Richard Williams. FOURTH ROW: John Paulson, Thor Connally, Robert Enyeart, Rick Miles, Scott MacDonald, Roger Zitrin, Andrew Okot, Noel Scott Jr., Tom Hickman, Dave Humenik. FIFTH ROW: Robert Turner, Clifford Townsend, Leo Warbington Jr., Michael More, Gerald Thrasher Jr., Ike Batalis, Alan Bocock, Thomas Shriner Jr., Mike O'Conner, Andrew Stites, Robert Sullivan.

Lowe House

Nichols House WRIGHT, NICHOLS HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Richard Parker ( Sec.-Treas.), James Gargett ( Soc. Ch.), Thomas Cittadine ( Gov.), Steve Mattich (Counselor), George Weir ( Vice-Gov.), Theodore R. Legler II ( Ath. Ch. ). SECOND ROW: Tom Kierein, John Wiggans, Paul Schill, Thomas Brinkman, Tony Friedmann, Robert Cunningham, Kenneth Riley, Stephen Kent, Tyrone Henry. THIRD ROW: Don Ammerman, Jerry Powell, Ronald Chamberlin, Marshall Galloway, Charles Adcox, Bill Hathaway, Thomas Ripberger, Rod Mood, Don Skirvin, Thomas Morrison.

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WRIGHT, PARKS HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Earl Covert, Carl Truett ( Soc. Ch.), Calvin Russell ( Gov.), Tim Hartzer (Counselor ), John Templeton ( Sec.-Treas.), Michael Stump (Ed. ). SECOND ROW: Robert E. Fogarty, Robert S. Rome, James F. Hill, James D. Lewis, Joe Fiscel, Barry Gangi, Steven L. Sample, John D. Miller. THIRD ROW: Dwight Hughes, Steve White, Larry Spitz, Ric Snow, John A. Fugate, Dave Jordan, Jim Negangard, Ralph Knight, Charles Greve. FOURTH ROW: Danny J. Lucas, J. M. Caress, Daniel Boone, James M. Patterson, Samuel Whitsitt, Stephen Cluff, Craig House, Robert Holman, Gene Koehler, Hal Moore. FIFTH ROW: Chuck McClendon, Wayne Blankenship, Steve Harrison, Gary Eckard, Cliff Copeland, Paul Gatlin, Jim James, Mike Floyd, Ray Szarmach, Dave Swinney, Richard Huseman, Jeffrey Taylor.

Parks House

Ruter House WRIGHT, RUTER HOUSE — FIRST ROW: James Collier, Benjamin McClelland ( Counselor ), Craig Stevenson ( Vice-Gov.), Thomas Frank ( Gov.), Randall Nevils ( Ath. Dir.), Jack Leavell ( Sec.-Treas.), Alan Harris ( Soc. Ch.). SECOND ROW: Robert King, Randall Ware, Gerald Banwart, Robert Bell, John Yates, Marvin Zaidner, William Karn, Philip Wilbur, Carl Struebig. THIRD ROW: Tom Quimby, Lance Conner, Jacob Spannuth, Brian Gardner, George Muncaster, Richard Murrell, Robert Myers, James Hinckley, Larry Rose, Albert Bell. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Irwin, David Overgaard, Stephen Graves, James Timothy, Stephen Douglas, James Schwark, Clyde Nattkemper, Alfred Hicks, Greg Clark, Ronald Wilson, John Calks.


WRIGHT, STOCKWELL HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Ross Easterday, William B. Burns ( Soc. Ch.), James E. Heupel ( Gov.), Hudson Freeze ( Vice-Gov. ), Bob Beall. SECOND ROW: Dennis Anderson, Richard Hubar, William Teal, Richard Trueblood, Richard Barber, William Spangler, William Ross. THIRD ROW: John Vanderplough, Larry Fast, Scott Hanley, William Randolph, Dennis Elliott, Larry Fouse, Gregg Munson, Michael Elmore. FOURTH ROW: Greg Stepanek, Don Wilson, David Wallace, Ronald Bentley, Jim Arbuckle, David O'Grady, Larry Correll, David Erickson.

Stockwell House

Todd House WRIGHT, TODD HOUSE — FIRST ROW: Robert Duke ( Vice-Gov.), Morris Buchanan ( Sec.-Treas.), Paul Hardin ( Gov.), Paul Warwick ( Faculty Adviser ), Steven Adler ( Res. Ass't.), John Griffin ( Soc. Ch.), Nicklas Stucky ( Ath. Dir.). SECOND ROW: Roger Hunt, Alan Blackwell, Roger Fish, Raymond Kern, Johnny Wilson, James Young, Robert Boyd Jr. THIRD ROW: Bruce Smith, Joseph Matone, Kenneth Stephens, Roland Gariepy, John G. Joseph, Edwin Gardiner, Ronald Brown, David Chicci. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence Barnes, Garry Riggs, Phil Glawe, Tedd Karnischky, Roger Poer, Richard Lewis, Fred Bishop, James Son.


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Seniors r7151billY eged2


Allied Health Sciences ABUKHALIL, NABIH NAFI NAJI M.S.P.H. Public Health; Jenin, Jordan. ANDERSON, CECELIA MARIE B.S. Medical Technology; Arlington, Va.; IU Young Democrats; Sailing Club. AWIG, MARILYN JANE B.S. Physical Therapy; Clarksville, Tenn.; Delta Zeta, Soc. Ch.; YWCA; Phi Theta, Corr. Sec. BENNETHUM, S. ELAINE B.S. Physical Therapy; LaPorte; Young Republicans; Phi Theta; APTA; Teter Quad, Floor Treas. BERGMAN, BARBARA ANN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; American Dental Hygienists Association; ARBUTUS. BLY, JERI LYNN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; Dental Student Council. BLYTHE, DIANE LEE B.S. Physical Therapy; Evansville; Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; APTA; Phi Theta. BOHREN, JOYCE ELAINE B.S. Medical Records; Woodburn; Kappa Alpha Theta; ARBUTUS; Union Comm. BORING, LIND B.S. Medical Records; Milroy; Beck House, Soc. Ch.; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans. BRADLEY, KAY B.S. Occupational Therapy; Marion; Occupational Therapy Club, Vice-Pres.; American Occupational Therapy Association. BRANDT, LYNDA DIANE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne. BROWN, SUSAN KAY B.S. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; American Dental Hygiene Association. BRUMBACH, JEAN LOUISE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Jeffersonville. BURKS, KATHY LYNN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; Class Pres. BUTZ, BARBARA ANN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; West Lafayette; American Dental Hygiene Association. CHILMAN, MARLO DALE B.S. Physical Therapy; Indianapolis; Phi Theta. COLLINGE, CLAUDIA SUE B.S. Occupational Therapy; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Delta Gamma; Jr. SAB; YWCA. COONS, MARION HOLT N.D. Medical Records; Washington, Ill.; Kappa Alpha Theta; IU Foundation. COX, VIRGINIA KATHERINE B.S. Public Health and Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; American Dental Hygiene Association, Read Center, I louse Council. DAL SASSO, PAMRA R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Rosedale. DAVIS, MARY ANN B.S. Medical Technology; Kokomo; Alpha Delta Theta. DAVIS, RUTH ANN B.S. Physical Therapy; Hagerstown; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. DEERING, MARYBETH DIRKS B.S. Physical Therapy; Indianapolis; Alpha Xi Delta; IU Young Republicans; Phi Theta. DODDS, CAROL DAWN B.S. Medical Records; North Branch, Mich.; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. DORSEY, THOMAS H. B.S. Environmental Health; Petersburg. DUNN, RICHARD L. R.T. X-Ray; Kokomo; Senior Class Pres. EWING, MARILYN ELAINE B.S. Occupational Therapy; Muncie. FERRARA, JANE B.S. Medical Records; Franklin; Alpha Chi Omega, Warden; YWCA; Freshman Camp Staff. FOSTER, LEE-ANN B.S. Medical Records; Tipton; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Panhellenic, Sec.; Union Board. GABBARD, PEGGY SUE B.S. Occupational Therapy; Salem; American Occupational Therapy Association. GEORGE, MARIAN LEE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis. GIESLER, PATRICIA ANTOINETTE B.S. Medical Records; La Porte; Wells Quad; IU Newman Club. GOLDMAN, SHARON SUE B.S. Medical Technology; Bloomington; Alpha Delta Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta. GRAY, JULIAN ELIZABETH R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Boggstown. GREGOLINE, KATHLEEN MARIE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Gary; American Dental Hygiene Association.

414 Allied Health

HABERKORN, SUSAN BECK B.S. Physical Therapy; Orchard Lake, Mich.; Phi Mu, Treas.; American Physical Therapy Association; Phi Theta, Pres. HAMMER, THOMAS RANDOLPH B.S. Physical Therapy; Evansville; Phi Theta. HEFNER, MARCEA FRIEND B.S. Medical Records; Indianapolis. HENDERSON, JERELLE MONTEZ B.S. Physical Therapy; Waycross, Ga. HENSLEY, JUDITH ANN B.S. Physical Therapy; Muncie; Gamma Phi Beta; Phi Theta. HIGH, KATHERINE DOURSON B.S. Physical Therapy; Indianapolis; Sigma Kappa; Cosmopolitan Club; Oceanides, Vice-Pres.; YWCA; Phi Theta. HOFER, DERRALD DENNIS B.S. Medical Records; Bridgewater, S.D. HOMEYER, CONSTANCE SUE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne; American Dental Association. HOUGLAND, NANCY JANE B.S. Medical Technology; Indianapolis. HUDSON, JOYCE ELAINE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Zionsville; American Dental Hygiene Association. HURWITZ, GLORIA LYNN R.D.H. Dental Ilygiene; Indianapolis; American Dental Hygiene Association. IKENBERRY, JOYCE ELAINE B.S. Medical Technology; Middletown, Ohio; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Delta Theta; AWS; YMCA. JAMISON, THOMAS LEE X-Ray Technology; Worthington. JOHNSON, MURIEL CORNELIA B.S. Occupational Therapy; New Orleans, La.; IU Newman Club; IU Symphonic Band; Occupation Therapy Club. JONES, MARSHA CAROL B.S. Occupation Therapy; Rossville. JOSLIN, CAROL MARIE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Rockville; American Dental Hygiene Association. JUDAY, LYNN ANN X-Ray Technology; Indianapolis. JULIAN, KATHERINE BROOKS R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Columbus, Ohio; American Dental Hygiene Association. KENNEDY, JUDITH ANN B.S. Occupational Therapy; Carthage; AWS; Union Board; Westminster Foundation. KLUS, WANDA R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne. KOCHERT, MARY LOUISE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Palmyra; American Dental Hygiene Association. KOLESZAR, LILLIAN LORRAINE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Kewanna; American Dental Hygiene Association. LANDMANN, BONNIE LYNN B.S. Occupational Therapy; Wauwatosa, Wis.; Teter Quad, Hospitality Co-ord.; Occupational Therapy Club. LEER, MELINDA R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne. LITTLE, PHYLLIS S. B.S. Medical Records; Bloomington; Pi Beta Phi. MELUGIN, FRANCES LORRAINE B.S. Public Health; Corpus Christi, Texas. MILLER, DARLENE DORIS B.S. Medical Records; Oklahoma City, Okla. MOELLER, DONNA K. R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne. MOORE, JANET LYNNE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; New Castle; American Dental Hygiene Association. MORAN, SARAH SUE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Vincennes; Union Board, Corr. Sec.

MOSKOWITZ, BETTY JANE B.S. Physical Therapy; Lafayette. MOULTHROP, SUSAN JANE B.S. Medical Technology; Lake Mills, Wis.; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta. MUSSELMAN, JEAN ANN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; American Dental Hygiene Association. NELSON, SYLVIA ANN B.S. Medical Records; Moline, Ill.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Willkie Quad, Music Co-ord. NEWLAND, JON WRIGHT X-Ray Technology; Connersville. NICHOLSON, CONNIE KAY R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Goshen; American Dental Hygiene Association; IU Young Republicans. NOFZINGER, CAROLYN KAY R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne. NORTON, NANCY JEAN B.S. Occupational Therapy; Noblesville; AWS; YWCA; Occupational Therapy Club; American Occupational Therapy Association; Read Center, Rec. Co-ord. NUSBAUMER, JACQUELINE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne. OLDHAM, SANDRA LOUISE B.S. Medical Records; Bartlett, Ill.; Allied Health Council; IU Sing.

Allied Health 415

OWEN, JUDITH CHRISTINA B.S. Occupational Therapy; Romeo, Mich.; Foster Quad, Floor Gov.; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. PAETZEL, PATRICIA K. X-Ray Technology; Hope. PALMER, RICHARD LEWIS R.T. X-Ray Technology; South Bend. PETERS, HELEN LOUISE B.S. Physical Therapy; Michigan City; Phi Theta; APTA. PITZELE, KAREN ILENE B.S. Occupational Therapy; Hammond; Hillel Foundation. RAUSCHKE, SUSAN BETH R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Rochester. RITTER, SHERYL LYNN B.S. Physical Therapy; Vincennes; Gamma Phi Beta; Union Board; YWCA; Allied Health Student Council, Vice-Pres. ROBBINS, CAROLINE VAJEN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Zionsville; American Dental Hygiene Association. RUSSELL, RUTH CONOVER B.S. Medical Records; Fort Wayne; ARBUTUS; AWS; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. SCHACHTER, MIRIAM X-Ray Technology; Fort Wayne. SCHALESTOCK, ALTHEA GRACE B.S. Physical Therapy; Freeport, N.Y.; Phi Theta. SCHILDROTH, ANNA CAROLINE B.S. Public Health Education; Jeffersonville; Delta Zeta, Treas.; Alpha Delta Theta; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; YWCA Cabinet. SCHILLING, KAREN SUE B.S. Dental Hygiene Public Health; Indianapolis. SHAW, CATHERINE ANN X-Ray Technology; New Castle. SHEETS, ELISSA JO B.S. Physical Therapy; St. Louis, Mo.; Delta Gamma; Westminster Foundation; YWCA; Phi Theta; Pom Pon Girl; Runner-Up to Miss IU. SIEHL, SANDRA LEE B.S. Physical Therapy; Fort Mitchell, Ky.; Kappa Delta; ARBUTUS; Daily Student; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. SMITH, JANEY PAULINE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Evansville; Pi Beta Phi. SMITH, SYLVIA ADRAIN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; West Lafayette; American Dental Hygiene Association. SMITH, VICTORIA T. B.S. Physical Therapy; West Lafayette; APTA; Phi Theta, Rec. Sec. SNYDER, CAROLYN SUE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Auburn. SOWARDS, MYRNA LOY R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fort Wayne. STEVENS, BETTY SUE B.S. Occupational Therapy; Indianapolis; American Occupational Therapy Association; Occupational Therapy Club, Pres. STOCK, RAVA LEE B.S. Medical Technology; Franklin. STOCKER, JANE ROBERTA B.S. Occupational Therapy; Evansville; Delta Zeta, Courtesy Ch.; Fencing Club, YWCA. SUTHERLAND, KATHRYN ANN R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Clarksville; American Dental Hygiene Association. THOMAS, REBECCA JEAN B.S. Medical Technology; Marion; Kappa Delta; Alpha Delta Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta. THOMAS, VICKI LEE X-Ray Technology; Kokomo. TRAVIS, NANCY RAE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; American Dental Hygiene Association. WEINRAUB, RONA ALINE B.S. Medical Technology; Gary; Sigma Delta Tau; Alpha Delta Theta; Senatorial Ass't. WALKER, SARAH ELIZABETH R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Van Nuys, Calif.; Alpha Chi Omega; American Dental Hygiene Association. WENZEL, JUDY LYNN X-Ray Technology; South Bend. WHITNEY, CONSTANCE GOESSLING B.S. Physical Therapy; Bourbonnais, Ill.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Theta; Jr. Panhellenic; Oceanides; YWCA. WIENOLA, BARBARA E. B.S. Medical Technology; York, Pa.; Alpha Delta Theta, Pres. WILKS, MARCIA LOUIS R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis. WISSING, FRANKIE B.S. Occupational Therapy; Vincennes; Kappa Kappa Kappa; IU Newman Club; American Occupational Therapy Association. WOLF, FAYE DENE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Fairfield, Calif. WOOLARD, RITA KAY X-Ray Technology; Hartford City. ZIMMERMAN, DONNA DEE R.D.H. Dental Hygiene; Indianapolis; Alpha Phi; American Dental Hygiene Association, Pres.

416 Allied Health

Arts and Sciences ABBOTT, KATHLEEN GAIL A.B. German; Columbus; Read Center, Clark House, Sec.; Arnold Air Society; IU Foundation. AKEMANN, RHEA ANDREA A.B. Art and History; Kokomo; AFS; Baha'i Club. ALDEN, WILLIAM FRANKLYN A.B. Police Administration; South Glens Falls, N.Y.; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. ALEXIS, JAMES PAUL A.B. Psychology; South Bend; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Tr. ALLEN, DAVID C. A.B. Journalism; Dyer; Daily Student; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi. ALMQUIST, LUCINDA ANN A.B. Biology; Gary; Kappa Alpha Theta; IU Young Republicans. ALTMAN, DAVID L. A.B. Government; Schenectady, N.Y.; McNutt Quad, Unit Gov.; Foster Quad, Comm. Co-ord.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Sailing Club. ALUARES, KENNETH M. A.B. Psychology; Redding, Calif.; Phi Kappa Psi; Scuba Club, Vice-Pres.; I-Men's Association; Skull and Crescent; Phi Chi; Varsity Swim Team. ANDERSON, CATHERINE GAIL B.S. Home Economics; Petersburg; Delta Gamma; Belles; Home Economics Club, Pres.; YWCA; Omicron Nu, Pres. ANDERSON, STEPHEN DAN A.B. History; Ft. Wayne. ANGLIN, RICHARD JAMES A.B. Zoology; Detroit, Mich.; Beta Theta Pi; Falcon Club; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Skull and Crescent; YWCA. ANKONY, DONNA MAREA B.S. Government; Michigan City; Foster Quad, Unit Gov., Vice-Gov.; Freshman Class Council; Sophomore Class Council; Freshman Independent Female Dir. APPELMAN, ROBERT LYNN A.B. Fine Arts; Bloomington; IU Foundation; Kappa Kappa Psi, Sec., Vice-Pres.; Marching 100; Archery Club, Pres. ARNOLD, BARBARA SUE A.B. Social Service; Birmingham, Ala.; McNutt Quad, Unit Gov.; IU Foundation, IU Young Republicans; Social Service Club. ARTHUR, THOMAS JOSEPH A.B. Comparative Literature; Trees Center, Cult. Co-ord.; Lower Linden, Soc. Co-ord.; Marching 100; Eta Sigma; Pegasus Ed. ATWOOD, MARILYN SUE B.S. Social Service; Indianapolis; Social Service Club; IU Young Republicans; Wesley Foundation; YWCA. AUGENBERGS, MIRDZA ILGA A.B. German; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Judicial Bd.; IU Foundation. AZRAK, LILLIAN MARJORIE A.B. Social Service; West Lafayette. BAER, BETSY 0. A.B. Spanish; Glencoe, Ill.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec.; Mortar Board; Pleiades; Panhellenic Council, Treas.; Union Steering Comm. BAIER, BONNIE KAY A.B. Speech; Remington; Read Center, Beck House, Ath. Co-ord. BAILEY, GLIDA K. A.B. Sociology; New Albany; Trees Center, Unit Gov.; Briscoe Quad, Vice-Pres.; Cosmopolitan Club; Crimson Cadettes, Hist. BAILEY, JOHN J. A.B. Government; Monon; Phi Eta Sigma. BAIN, WILLIAM RONALD A.B. English; Lawrence. BAIRD, PAMELA KAY A.B. Sociology; Clarksville; Read Center, Beck House. BAKER, M. DANIEL A.B. Zoology; Culver; Kappa Delta Rho; YMCA. BANNON, SUE ANNE A.B. Psychology; Terre Haute; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; IU Young Republicans. BARNETT, ROBERT THORNTON A.B. Economics; Erie, Pa.; Chi Phi; Sailing Club. BARR, NANCY JEAN A.B. Chemistry; South Bend; NEA; Student ACS. BARREIRD, MANUEL A.B. Spanish; Gary; Phi Sigma Kappa. BARROWS, MARGARET ANN A.B. Social Service; Louisville, Ky.; Junior Class Council; LUNA. BAUER, PAUL FRANKLIN A.B. Psychology; Logansport; Res. Scholar; Freshman Orientor; Freshman Baseball. BEAM, RICHARD SQUIRES A.B. Speech and Theatre; Evanston, Ill.; Phi Kappa Tau; IU Folksong Club. BEAMER, JO ELLEN A.B. Zoology; Pasadena, Calif.; Gamma Phi Beta, Scholarship Ch.; Tau Beta Sigma; YWCA; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treas. BECICH, RAYMOND BRICE A.B. Speech; Whiting; Wesley Foundation; WFIU Newscaster. BECK, ALAN MASON A.B. Speech and Theatre; Silver Spring, Md.

Arts and Sciences 417

BECK, PAUL ALLEN A.B. Government; Shelbyville; IU Foundation; Student Senate; Tomahawk; Union Board, Dir.; LUNA. BECKWITH, MARY LYNN A.B. Psychology; South Bend. BEELER, BARBARA ANN A.B. Zoology; Gary; Usher Corps. BELL, PATRICIA JANE A.B. English; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad; Student Ldr. BELLES, MARILYNN A.B. Journalism and Government; Westover AFB, Mass.; Willkie Quad; Daily Student; Rugby Club Photographer. BENJAMIN, JEANETTE ANN A.B. English; Gary; Zeta Tau Alpha, Hist.; ARBUTUS; Young Democrat.s. BENNETT, LARRY DEAN B.S. Geology; Bedford. BENNETT, LINDA FAYE A.B Spanish; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad; Alpha Lambda Delta; Cosmopolitan Club, Corr. Sec.; Spanish Club. BENSON, KENNETH A. A.B. Government; Bloomington. BERGER, JACK EDWIN A.B. Zoology; Mishawaka. BINKLEY, ANNE LLOYD A.B. Government; Bloomington; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Enomene; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; YWCA, Pres., Treas. BLAKELY, ROBERT LOUIS A.B. Anthropology; Bloomington; Intramural Baseball. BLAND, LINDA LOU A.B. English Literature; Solsberry. BLANKENBEKER, JOSEPH EDWARD A.B. Social Service; Jeffersonville; Foster Quad; Social Service Club. BLOCK, JEAN DORIS A.B. Speech and Hearing; Chicago, Ill.; Forest Quad; Hillel Foundation; Sigma Alpha Eta. BOARDMAN, SARAH E. A.B. English Literature; Angola; Delta Delta Delta, Activities Ch.; Junior Class Council; Enomene; Pleiades; Union Comm. Chairman; YWCA. BODEMULLER, MARY FRANCES A.B. History; New Carlisle; Sigma Kappa; Wells Quad, Soc. Ch.; Sailing Club. BOGAN, GREG CARSON A.B. Mathematics; Hobart; Briscoe Quad; Little 500. BOGUSZ, CAMILLE ANN A.B. Speech and Theatre; East Chicago; Read Center, Landes House, Gov. BOHALL, PHILLIP THOMAS A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Wright Quad, Bus. Mngr. BOHANNON, IRENE E. KIMBLE A.B. Elementary Education; South Bend; NAACP; Unit Councils; Young Republicans. BOIIREN, LINDA MAY A.B. Mathematics; Lafayette; Read Center, Judicial Bd. BONFIELD, LESLIE JANE A.B. English; Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hist.; Hillel Foundation. BOSART, BARBARA JEAN A.B. English Language Arts; Lisle, Ill.; Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; YWCA. BOSWELL, PATRICIA ANN A.B. Sociology; Indianapolis; Teter Quad; IU Young Republicans; YWCA; Conservative League; YAF. BOYCE, JOHN PATRICK B.S. Physics; Kokomo; Sigma Nu, Pres., Sec.; Blue Key; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Union Comm. Ch. BOYD, LINDA LOU A.B. English; Bloomington; Sycamore Hall, Judicial Bd., Social Comm. BOYD, ROBERT SAMUEL A.B. Psychology; Bloomington; MRC, Judicial Bd., Cultural Comm. BRACCHI, DONALD G. A.B. Chemistry; Lake Oswego, Ore.; Wright Quad, Dodds House, Sec., Treas., Vice-Gov.; Alpha Chi Sigma; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; WQAD. BRADY, SANDRA KAY A.B. English Literature; Indianapolis; Read Center. BREMEN, EVE KAREN A.B. Fine Arts; Bloomington; Sigma Delta Tau. BROWN, ANDREA DELORES A.B. Social Service; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Harper Hall Judicial Bd.; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Soc. Ch.; Social Service Club, Sec.; NAACP; Senior Class Council. BROWN, BRENDA S. A.B. Zoology; Valparaiso; Kappa Alpha Theta, Soc. Ch.; ARBUTUS; YWCA. BROWN, JAMES WALLACE A.B. Economics; Fort Wayne; Management Club; IU Young Republicans; Wesley Foundation. BROWN, KATHERINE MARY A.B., B.S. Psychology and Physical Education; Syracuse, N.Y.; Senior Class Sec.; IU Foundation; Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Chi; Student Senate. BROWNE, THOMAS KELLER A.B. Zoology; Marion; Sigma Chi, Sec.; IU Foundation; Skull and Crescent; Student Athletic Bd.; Union Comm. Chairman. BRUESTLE, DIANE ESTELLE A.B. Sociology; Cincinnati, Ohio; Teter Quad. BRUGMAN, HELMUT H. B.S. Chemistry; Indianapolis; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec.; Alpha Chi Sigma, Sec.; Student Elections Comm.; Varsity Cross Country; Senior Class Council. BUCKINGHAM, RICHARD DONALD B.S. Physics; Roanoke, Va.; Foster Quad, Cult. Co-ord.; Sigma Pi Sigma; IU Young Republicans; Marching 100. BUCKNER, L. LARMON A.B. English; Indianapolis; Alpha Kappa Alpha.

418 Arts and Sciences

BURCH, DANNY B.S. Chemistry; Bloomfield. BURG, GARRY DOUGLAS A.B. Speech and Theatre; Washington; Wright Quad, Comm. Ch. BURNETT, CAROL JO A.B. English; USATC Japan, Cosmopolitan Club; Usher Corps. BURTON, VIRGIL McCAFFERTY A.B. Social Service; Bicknell; Social Service Club. BUSCH, SHARYL DEANNE A.B. Spanish; Fort Wayne; Delta Delta Delta; ARBUTUS; IU Foundation. BUSICK, SHARON KAY A.B. Mathematics; Monroeville. BUTLER, STEPHEN HARRISON A.B. Police Administration; Bloomington; IU Young Republicans; Lambda Alpha Epsilon; Rugby Club, Sec. BUTLER, THERESA KAY A.B. Government; Fort Wayne. BUTTON, CAROL JEAN A.B. French; Hammond; Phi Sigma Iota. BUTTON, KENNETH FRANKLIN A.B. Physiology; Munster.

BYE, JERRY C. A.B. Mathematics; New Albany; Marching 100. CAKO, CHERYL ELIZABETH A.B. French; South Bend; Cosmopolitan Club; YWCA; Phi Sigma Iota, SNEA. CALLAS, FRANKLIN GUS A.B. Economics; Gary. CARMICHAEL, MARC LYND A.B. Journalism; South Bend; Sigma Chi; Daily Student, Editor-in-Chief; IU Foundation; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-Pres. CARPENTER, CLARICE PATRICIA A.B. Social Service; East Chicago; Read Hall, Clark House; NAACP; YWCA. CARROLL, CAROLE RHODEHAMEL A.B. Zoology; Bloomington; Alpha Lambda Delta. CASE JACQUELINE LEE A.B. Fashion Retailing; Milan; Forest Quad, Cedar Hall, Soc. Ch.; Union Comm.; Home Ec Club. CHAFFIN, WILLIAM RONALD A.B. History; Indianapolis; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres., Rush Ch.; Falcon Club; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Union Comm. Chairman; LUNA. CHAMBERLIN, GAIL H. A.B. Fine Arts; Syracuse, N.Y.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Union Comm. Ch. CHAMBLIN, PATRICIA ANN A.B. Psychology; APO San Francisco, Calif.; Pi Beta Phi, Song Ldr., Hist.; YWCA; Psi Chi, Student Ldr. CHAMPION, LARRY RAY A.B. Psychology; Indianapolis. CHAN, JOSEPH WEI A.B. Social Service; Bloomington; Phi Kappa Tau, Pres., Vice-Pres., Rush Ch.; Social Service Club; Interfraternity Council; AFROTC Distinguished Military Graduate; Sophomore Class Council. CHANDLER, KENNETH HAROLD A.B. Chemistry; Hope; Wright Quad, Ath. Dir. CHAPMAN, BARBARA ANN A.B. Spanish; Hammond; Delta Delta Delta, Pres.; Spanish Club; Panhellenic. CHAPMAN, ROBERT BRUCE A.B. Government; Chesterfield, Mo.; MRC, Smith I, Gov.; IU Collegiate Democrats. CHILTON, SHEILE K. A.B. Zoology; Paoli; Alpha Gamma Delta; IU Collegiate Democrats; YWCA. CLARK, GALEN LEROY A.B. Slavic Languages and Literature; Bloomington. CLINE, JOSEPH V. A.B. History; Madison; Delta Chi, Schol. Adviser, Arnold Air Society; IU Collegiate Democrats; Fencing Club. COBB, PATRICIA ANN B.S. Mathematics; Cincinnati, Ohio; Oak Hall, Treas., Vice-Gov. COBURN, MARSHA LYNN A.B. English; Medaryville; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; YWCA. COGGIN, ROBERT DALE A.B. Government; Evansville; Pi Kappa Alpha. COLLIER, DONALD E. A.B. Zoology; Bloomington; Sigma Phi Epsilon; IU Young Republicans; Marching 100; YMCA; YAF. COLLINS, MARY BETH A.B. Social Service; Rockford, Ill.; Social Service Club, Pres.; Phi Alpha Honorary; Alpha Lambda Delta. COLTHARP, ZAYDA LOU B.S. Medical Technology; Seelyville. COMBS, RICHARD C. A.B. Chemistry; Bloomington; Alpha Chi Sigma; Kappa Kappa Psi, Pledge Tr.; Marching 100. COMPSTON, JAMES RONALD A.B. Government; Springfield, Ohio. CONROW, JANE ANNETTE A.B. Anthropology; Connersville; Harper Hall, Gov. CONSTABLE, WILLIAM EDWIN A.B. Government; Bloomington; Phi Beta Kappa. COOK, HELEN ALICE A.B. English; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Soc. Ch., Pub. Ch.; YWCA. COOPER, CATHERINE MAY B.S. Home Economics;- Evansville; Zeta Tau Alpha; Home Economics Club.

Arts and Sciences 419

CORBIN, WILLIAM RANDOLPH A.B. Mathematics; Kentland; Wright Quad, Harding House, Sec.-Treas., Vice-Gov., Gov.; IU Young Republicans; Marching 100. CORNWELL, MELVA SUE A.B. English; Orleans; IU Collegiate Democrats. CORNWELL, THOMAS C. A.B. History; Munster; Acacia, Sec.; Falcon Club, IU Foundation; Union Board of Directors; YMCA. COSPER, RITA ARLENE A.B. Fine Arts; South Bend; Alpha Phi, Pledge Tr.; IU Foundation. COUNTRYMAN, MARIANNE LOUISE A.B. French; Indianapolis. CRAFTON, WILLIAM DAVID B.S. Radio and Television; Bloomington; Phi Kappa Psi; AFROTC Outstanding Member Award. CRAMER, CYNTHIA ANN A.B. Slavics; Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush Ch., House Mngr.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Newman Club; YWCA. CRAWLEY, STEPHEN CRAIG A.B. Economics; Evansville; Foster Quad; AMA. CRONKITE, DONALD LEE A.B. Zoology; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Wright Quad, Board of Gov.; Cosmopolitan Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Westminster Foundation. CSOKE, TUNDE A.B. English; Washington, D.C.; Delta Gamma, Soc. Ch.; IU Foundation; IU Newman Club; IU Young Republicans; ARBUTUS Court; YWCA. CUSICK, DAVID A.B. Mathematics; Muncie; Wright Quad, Hummer House, Judicial Bd.; IU Foundation; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. CUTRIGHT, CHERYL KAYE A.B. Fine Arts; Indianapolis; Sigma Kappa, Ass't. Rush Ch. DAILEY, ARLIS KAY A.B. Anatomy and Physiology; Columbus; Cosmopolitan Club; International Affairs Comm. DARST, RICHARD LOUIS A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec.; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Student Senate. DAVIDSON, MICHELENE KAY A.B. French; Mattoon, Ill.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oceanides. DAVIS, DONNA MAE A.B. English; Springville; Pegasus Staff; Usher Corps; University Chorale. DAVIS, EDWINA LUCRETIA A.B. Psychology; New York, N.Y.; Briscoe Quad; IU Foundation; Wesley Foundation. DAVIS, GWYNETH MORGAN A.B. Comparative Literature; Sugar Loaf Key, Fla.; Cosmopolitan Club; Daily Student; IU Young Republicans. DECKARD, DONNA LORRAINE A.B. French; Annandale, Va.; Cosmopolitan Club; Sailing Club. DEEL, CHARLES THOMAS A.B. Journalism; East Gary; ARBUTUS; Daily Student; Sigma Delta Chi. DENGG, DONNA JEAN A.B. Psychology; Brazil; Briscoe Quad; Social Service Club. DICKERSON, JOHN SCOTT A.B. Government; Bloomington; McNutt Quad. DICKES, MARTHA TACKITT A.B. Textile Merchandising; Bloomington; Alpha Phi; Senatorial Ass't.; YWCA; Union Com. Sec.; Student Ldr. DIXON, JEAN ANN A.B. Speech and Theatre; Indianapolis; IU Young Republicans; WRA; YWCA. DOEHRMAN, JOHN WILLIAM A.B. Police Administration; Fort Wayne; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. DOLAN, THOMAS JOHN A.B. Journalism; South Bend; Briscoe Quad, Res. Scholar; Daily Student; IU Newman Club; Sigma Delta Chi. DONNELLAN, LINDA MARGUERITE CHOPLIN A.B. Spanish; Carmel; Alpha Omicron Pi; Spanish Club; YWCA; Phi Sigma Iota, Sec.-Treas. DOREMUS, CATHARINE B.S. Astrophysics; New York, N.Y.; Astronomy Club, Pres. DOUGLASS, LINDA LEE A.B. Spanish; Indianapolis; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec., Schol. Ch.; ARBUTUS; IU Foundation; YWCA; Union Comm. Ch. DOVE, PHYLLIS ELAINE A.B. Textile Merchandising; Elnora; YWCA. DRAPALIK, ADRIAN ELIZABETH A.B. History; St. Louis, Mo.; Delta Delta Delta, House Mngr.; Cheerleaders, Capt.; IU Foundation; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Student Athletic Board; YWCA. DRZEWIECKI, PAUL THOMAS A.B. Sociology; South Bend; McNutt Quad. DUDDING, WILLIAM PERRY B.S. Medical Technology; Hope; Gamma Delta Iota; Marching 100. DYER, NANCY HARDY A.B. English; Pendleton; Mason Hall, Comm. Ch.; YWCA. EBERLY, KARA WIKE A.B. Bacteriology; Michigan City; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation. ECKHART, EARL ROBERT A.B. Social Service; New Albany; Foster Quad, Magee Hall, Vice-Gov.; Daily Student; Social Service Club; WFQR. EDGELL, THOMAS LEIGH A.B. Geography; Alexandria; McNutt Quad, Sec.Treas.; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Collegiate Democrats; Georgraphy Club. EDWARDS, ELAINE JANICE A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Fort Wayne; Alpha Phi; ARBUTUS: AWS; YWCA; Sigma Alpha Eta. EHLERS, LYNN ETTA A.B. Social Service; South Bend; Delta Delta Delta, Rec. Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Social Service Club; Phi Beta Kappa. EISENBERG, NORMAN RAY A.B. Government; University City, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Song Ldr.; Hillel Foundation; IU Foundation; LUNA; Great Issues.

420 Arts and Sciences

EISENHUT, DARRELL GILBERT B.S. Physics; Jasper; IU Foundation; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Briscoe Quad, Gov. EITMAN, SHARON ELISE B.S. Home Economics; Fort Wayne; Pi Beta Phi, Ass't. Treas.; YWCA; Home Economics Club. ELKINS, ROBERTA JOAN A.B. Government; Elizabethtown, Ky.; Teter Quad, Elkin Hall; IU Young Republicans. ELSEN, FRANCIS A.B. Economics; Gary; Intramural Sports. ENGLE, MARY JANE A.B. German; Winchester; Teter Quad, Elkin Hall, Judicial Bd. ENYEART, DeWAYNE LEE A.B. Zoology; Bloomington. ESAREY, BERNARDINE JANE A.B. History; Bedford; Read Center; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Young Republicans; Phi Beta Kappa; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council. EVANS, FRED J. A.B. Philosophy; Clinton; ARBUTUS; Daily Student; NAACP; Phi Beta Kappa; Student Senate. FAHERTY, MARIBETH ANN A.B. Spanish; Marion; Zeta Tau Alpha, Soc. Ch.; IU Newman Club; YWCA. FALLWELL, JOHN C. A.B. Geography; St. Louis, Mo.; Varsity Swimming. FARRELL, RICHARD EUGENE A.B. Zoology; Niles, Mich.; Wesley Foundation; Circle K Club. FEIGENBAUM, MARILYN RUTH A.B. Radio and Television and Government; Gary; Sigma Delta Tau, Soc. Ch.; Enomene; Mortar Board; Panhellenic; Pleiades; Theta Sigma Phi. FENWICK, MARK AYERS A.B. Mathematics; Terre Haute; I-Men's Association; Varsity Track and Cross Country. FERGUSON, NANCY LYNNE A.B. English; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad; Student Ldr. FINDLEY, CHARLES ARTHUR A.B. Speech and Theatre; Indianapolis; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall, Gov.; Alpha Phi Omega. FISSE, ELLEN RUTH A.B. Geography; Greensburg; Trees Center; Geography Club; Gamma Theta Upsilon. FITZPATRICK, JANET S. A.B. Psychology; Washington; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Foundation; Union Board; Psi Chi. FOGARTY, JAMES KENNETH B.S. Physics; Bloomington. FOGARTY, ROBERT EDWARD A.B. Government; South Bend; Wright Quad, Vice-Pres. FORTNER, WILLIAM ROBERT A.B. Chemistry; Campbellsburg; Tau Kappa Epsilon; I-Men's Association; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Athletics. FOX, BETTY ANN A.B. Sociology; Michigan City; Chi Omega. FOX, CHARLES MICHAEL A.B. Mathematics; Jeffersonville; Pi Mu Epsilon; Radio Club. FRANCIS, PATRICIA ANN A.B. Journalism; Kokomo; Zeta Tau Alpha, VicePres. FRANCIS, RICHARD NEIL A.B. Economics; Bloomington. FRANKEL, STEVEN RICHARD A.B. Economics; Union, N.J.; Wright Quad, Soc. Ch.; Marching 100; Hillel Foundation; Intramural Athletics. FRANKLIN, BARBARA DIANE A.B. Spanish; Memphis Tenn.; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-Pres.; Pleiades; Phi Sigma Iota; LUNA; Board of Academic Review. FREID, MICHAEL LOUIS A.B. Zoology; Indianapolis; Zeta Beta Tau, Sec.; Falcon Club; IU Foundation; Skull and Crescent; Little 500 Rider. FRICK, DAVID RHOADS A.B. Government; Bloomington; Phi Gamma Delta; Blue Key; Board of Aeons; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Body Pres. FRIEDMANN, MARYANNE A.B. Journalism; Hillsdale, N.J. FRITZ, JAMES L. A.B. Music; Freetown; Singing Hoosiers; MENC, Treas. FRITZ, ROSEMARIE WILHELM A.B. Home Economics; Plymouth; Cosmololitan Club, Home Economics Club. FROBERG, KIM LYLE A.B. English; Valparaiso; Quiz Bowl. FROST, KENNTH ALMERSON A.B. Chemistry; Belvedere, Calif.; Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity Swimming. FUDGE, GARY ALLEN B.S. Physics; Centerville. FUJI, KENNETH TAKESHI A.B. Zoology; Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii. FURST, CAROLYN SUE A.B. Spanish; Bremen; Chi Omega, Pres., Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. FUZY, GEORGE PATRICK JR. A.B. History; Fort Wayne; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Canterbury Assoc. GAETLAND, RAYMOND FRANCES B.S. Chemistry; Macomb, Ill.; IU Newman Club. GAMBLE, PAMELA ANN A.B. Zoology; Fort Wayne; Alpha Gamma Delta; IU Collegiate Democrats. GARD, JANE ANNE A.B. French; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; Mortar Board; Panhellenic; IU Foundation; Jr. Panhellenic, Corr. Sec.; Pleiades, Sec.

Arts and Sciences 421

GARDNER, RICHARD HOUSTON A.B. Economics; South Bend; Briscoe Quad; Intramural Bowling and Softball. GAUPP, LARRY ALBERT A.B. Psychology; Egg Harbor City, N.J.; Beta Theta Pi; Falcon Club; Sphinx Club; Psi Chi. GEISLER, CAROLE JEAN B.S. Sociology; Indianapolis; Delta Gamma, House Mngr.; IU Young Republicans, YWCA. GEORGE, EDWARD LEE A.B. Psychology; Indianapolis; Linden Hall Judicial Bd.; Psi Chi. GEORGE, PAUL HAROLD A.B. History; Indianapolis; MRC, Judicial Bd., Athletic Co-ord. GERBRACHT, JOHN ROBERT A.B. Government; Brook; Phi Sigma Kappa. GIBSON, ROQUEL JOANN A.B. Sociology; Austin; IU Collegiate Democrats; Wesley Foundation; Folk Song Club; Social Service Club. GLESER, JUDITH A. A.B. Psychology; Cincinnati, Ohio; Read Center, Curry House; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Chi, Sec.; Spelunking Club; Mini. COINS, JAMES GLENN A.B. Psychology; Parker; Kappa Delta Rho; Phi Chi, Pres.; I-Men's Association; IU Foundation; YWCA; Senior Baseball Mngr. GOODMAN, DAVID S. A.B.; Portland; Foster Quad, Gov.; ARBUTUS, Promotions Mngr.; Daily Student; IU Foundation; Jr. and Sr. Class Councils. GOODMAN, IRV S. A.B. Sociology; Munster; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; IU Collegiate Democrats; NAACP; Skull and Crescent, Sec. GOODWIN, WILLIAM E. B.S. Physics; Peru; Sigma Pi Sigma. GOSSMAN, MARY LOUISE A.B. Sociology; Columbus. GOVENAR, BURTON DAVID A.B. Journalism; Van Nuys, Calif.; Daily Student. GRACIE, SHIELA MILLS A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; LaPorte; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Eta; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA; ARBUTUS; AWS. GRAHAM, JANE KATHLEEN A.B. English; Indianapolis; IU Young Democrats; Quiz Bowl. GRAHAM, STEWART R. A.B. Zoology; Clarksville; Phi Sigma Kappa, VicePres. GREEN, KAREN SUE A.B. Social Service; South Bend; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Young Republicans; Social Service Club. GREEN, RICHARD HARRISON B.S. Social Service; Mt. Vernon; Social Service Club; IU Collegiate Democrats. GREENBERG, JILL ARLINE A.B. French; Chicago, Ill.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Song Ldr.; ARBUTUS, Art Ed.; IU Foundation; YWCA; LUNA; Union Comm. GREGORY, LINDA SUE A.B. Journalism and English; Muncie; ARBUTUS, Scheduling Mngr., Residence Ed.; Daily Student, Ass't. Managing Ed.; Night Ed.; Theta Sigma Phi, Sec. GRIFFITH, DAVID EDWARD B.S. Radio-Television Production and Direction; Pensacola, Fla.; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall; IU Flying Club; Sailing Club; WQAD; WFIU. GRILZ, SHARON LEE A.B. English Liteurature; Atlanta, Ga.; McNutt Quad, Sec., Mini Team; IU Foundation. GROMER, JOHN IVAN A.B. Chemistry; West Baden. GUDAS, CHARLES JOHN A.B. Zoology; Indianapolis; Baseball. GUNDERSEN, HANS S. A.B. History; Kokomo; McNutt Quad; IU Young Republicans. GUTTMAN, PEGGY ELAINE A.B. English; Connersville; Teter Quad, Elkin Hall; AWS; Daily Student; Union Comm. Ch.; Angel Flight. HACK, KATHERINE FERRITER A.B. Fine Arts; Washington, D.C.; Read Center, Clark House, Cult. Ch., Comm. Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Great Issues Sen. HADLEY, DAVID JEFFERY A.B. Journalism; Jeffersonville; Daily Student, Chief Editorial Writer; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi. HAGER, GERALD ALAN A.B. Fine Arts and Design; Hobart; Foster Quad, Jenkinson Hall, Sec-Treas.; IU Foundation; Union Comm. Ch. HALE, NANCY JANE A.B. English; Ewa Beach, Hawaii; Foster Quad, Harper Hall. HALL, GEORGE HENRY GALE A.B. Economics; Janesville, Wis.; Chi Phi, Rush Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrats; ARBUTUS, Skull and Crescent; Student Senate; YMCA. HALL, JUDITH D. A.B. History; Baltimore, Md.; Kappa Alpha Theta; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; Pleiades; Student Senate; YWCA. HALL, ROBERT MALCOLM A.B. Government; Veedersburg; Wright Quad, Harding House, Gov.; IU Young Republicans; Student Elections Comm. HAMILTON, PHOEBE LOU A.B. German; Mitchell; Alpha Xi Delta, House Mngr.; Home Economics Club; Library Science Club; YWCA. HAMILTON, THOMAS M. A.B. Economics; Fort Wayne; Phi Kappa Psi, VicePres.; IU Young Republicans; Board of Academic Review, Ch. HANNING, RICHARD ALAN A.B. Government; Marion; Sigma Chi; IU Young Republicans; Union Comm. Ch. YMCA. HARDY, DAVID LOTT A.B. English; Geneva; MRC, Gov. HARGIS, JOHN ARNOLD A.B. Government; Rockport; Phi Eta Sigma. HARMER, JILL BENDALL A.B. Math and Social Science; Louisville, Ky.; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club.

422 Arts and Sciences

HARPER, EDWIN ALBERT A.B. History; Indianapolis; Sigma Nu; IU Foundation; YMCA; Student Leader; Little 500 Rider. HARRIS, JOHN MORRIS A.B. History; Bloomington; Edmondson Hall, Gov. HARRIS, LAURILYN JAY A.B. Theatre; Cincinnati, Ohio; Forest Quad, Argonne Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Belles; Enomene; Pleiades; University Theatre Productions. HARRISON, FLORENCE REGINA A.B. Psychology; Mitchell; Briscoe Quad. HARROLD, SHARON SCOTT A.B. Zoology; Canton, Ohio; Forest Quad, Argonne Hall. HARTWELL, RONALD DALE A.B. English; Crown Point; Teter Quad, Thompson Hall. HARTZER, TIMOTHY JAMES A.B. Sociology; South Bend; Wright Quad, Counseling Staff; McNutt Quad, Judicial Ch.; Board of Aeons; IU Foundation; Sailing Club. HASKETT, BARBARA ANNE A.B. History; Washington Grove, Md.; Read Center, Landes House, Academic Ch.; ARBUTUS; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; LUNA Delegate; Union Board Ch. HASKETT, DAVID MAX A.B. Philosophy; Elwood; Alpha Tau Omega. HAWES, MALYNDA A.B. History; Evansville; Briscoe Quad; IU Collegiate Democrats; NAACP. HAWKINS, KAREN JEAN A.B. Biology; Bedford; Teter Quad, Cult. Co-ord.; SEA. HAWKINS, RONALD R. A.B. Zoology; Odon. HAYNE, KATHRYN LEE A.B. Government; Michigan City; Kappa Delta, Soc. Ch.; Daily Student; SEA; ARBUTUS Queen Court; YWCA Exchange Home. HEDINGER, ROBERT A. B.S. Physics; Ferdinand; Math Club; Physics Club. HELGE, BRIAN LESTER A.B. Classical Languages and Literatures; Grabill; MRC; Edmondson Hall; Lutheran Student Association; Eta Sigma Phi. HENDERSON, ROSEMARY TERRELL A.B. English; Mitchell; Delta Delta Delta; Daily Student; Great Issues. HENDRICKS, JAMES F. B.S. Personnel Management; Arlington Heights, Ill.; Phi Delta Theta, Pledge Master; AMA; I-Men's Association; IUSPA, Membership Ch.; Track; Cross Country. HENLEY, CAROLE JUDITH A.B. Zoology; Indianapolis; Gamma Phi Beta; IU Collegiate Democrats. HENSLEY, GERALD JAMES A.B. Zoology; Indianapolis; MRC, Smith Hall, Judicial Bd.; IU Amateur Radio Club. HERSHBERGER, MARK LOUIS A.B. English; Crawfordsville; Foster Quad, Shea Hall; Marching 100; Pershing Rifles, Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment, Counter Insurgency Detachment, Exec. Officer. HILL, CAROLYN ANNE A.B. Spanish; Hobart; Delta Zeta, Guard; IU Young Republicans; IU Women's Intercollegiate Bowling Team. HIPKINS, SANDRA JEANNE A.B. Fine Arts; Cincinnati, Ohio; Alpha Gamma Delta, Soc. Ch.; Freshman Class Council; Junior Class Council; IU Young Republicans; National Art Education Association, Vice-Pres.; YWCA. HOCKER, CAROL LEE A.B. Spanish; Evansville; Alpha Phi. HOLM, ROBERT DANIEL A.B. Dentistry; LaPorte. HOOBERRY, BETSY ANN B.S. Home Economics; Louisville, Ky.; Home Economics Club. HOPPER, BRENDA LEE A.B. Psychology, Sociology; French Lick; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall. HORNBOSTEL, PATRICIA LEE A.B. Chemistry; New Canaan, Conn.; Teter Quad, Center Judicial Bd.; IRHA Judicial Bd.; AWS; YWCA. HORTON, N. THOMAS A.B. Economics; Liverpool, N.Y.; Phi Gamma Delta, Treas.; IU Foundation; Student Leader; YWCA. HOUCHINS, GARY MICHAEL A.B. Zoology; Oakland City; Trees Center. HUBLER, JANET MARIE A.B. Government; Odon; Briscoe Quad. HUDSON, RICHARD EDWARD A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Teter Quad, Comm. Co-ord. HUFF, RALPH RICHARD A.B. History; Plymouth; Phi Delta Theta; IU Foundation; Skull and Crescent. HUNT, V. WILLIAM A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Sigma Chi, Pres., VicePres., Sec.; Blue Key, Vice-Pres.; Falcon Club; IU Foundation, Steering Comm.; Union Comm. Ch.; Daily Student Outstanding Junior. HUNTER, SUSAN A.B. Journalism; New Castle; Kappa Alpha Theta; Daily Student. HYMAN, E. ALLAN A.B. Police Administration; Fort Wayne; Foster Quad, Magee Hall, Sec.-Treas.; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. IRELAN, JEAN MARIE A.B. Speech and Theatre; South Whitley; Delta Gamma; Enomene; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Dir. of Porn Pon Girls. IVES, LELA ANN A.B. English; Hammond; Willkie Quad; IU Foundation; YWCA; Wells Quad. Treas. JACKSON, PAUL DAVID A.B. Sociology; Highland; Foster Quad, Magee Hall, Judicial Bd.; NAACP. JACOBSON, CAROLE NANCY A.B. Sociology; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Teter Quad., Elkin Hall, Judicial Bd.; AWS; Singing Hoosiers; Alpha Kappa Delta. JAMES, LAWRENCE DAVID A.B. Zoology; Bloomington.

Arts and Sciences 423

JAMES, RICHARD EDWARD B.S. Journalism; Griffith; Wright Quad., Parks House, Sec., Ath. Ch., Ed.; Daily Student Chief Editorial Writer. JAMISON, MICHELE KAY A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Sigma Kappa, Song Ldr.; IU Foundation; Oceanides; Student Athletic Board; Union Comm. Ch.; Porn Pon Girls. JENSON, SUSAN INGRID A.B. Biology; Carlisle; Read Center, Clark House, Floor Rep. JOHANSON, WILLIAM BRUCE B.S. Radio and Television; New Carlisle; WFIU News and Sports Staff; Sigma Delta Chi. JOHNSON, BARBARA ANN A.B. Social Science; Decatur; Briscoe Quad; Res. Scholar; Roger Williams Foundation; Phi Alpha, Schol.•Ch. JOHNSON, CORINNE EMILY A.B. Linguistics; Chesterton. JOHNSON, JOHN STEPHAN A.B. English; Spencer. JOHNSON, LAWRENCE F. A.B. English; Michigan City; IU Young Republicans; IU Jazz Club. JOHNSON, MARGARET A. A.B. Art; Racine, Wis.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres.; Panhellenic; Senatorial Ass't.; YWCA. JOHNSON, SALLY CASWELL A.B. Slavic Languages and Literatures; Western Springs, Ill.; Teter Quad., Rabb Hall, Floor Hospitality Co-ord.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Eta Sigma Phi, Treas.; SEA, Sec., Pres.; Usher Corps. JOHNSON, VIRGINIA ANN A.B. Comparative Literature; Morristown, N.J.; Wells Quad, Cult. Comm.; Cosmopolitan Club. JONES, GWENDOLYN MARIE A.B. Social Service; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad.; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Jr. Panhellenic; NAACP; Senior Class Council; Social Service Club. JONES, KAREN A. A.B. Chemistry; Rushville; Forest Quad, Argonne Hall. JONES, ROSALYN JEANNE A.B. Psychology; Syracuse; Briscoe Quad. JONES, SHARON ANN A.B. English; North Vernon; Read Center, Beck House, Judicial Bd.; ARBUTUS; Memorial Hall, House Mngr. JONES, SHERRILL ANN A.B. Mathematics; Louisville, Ky.; McNutt Quad, Academic Comm:; IU Newman Club. JULIAN, LYNNE MAURINE A.B. Fine Arts; Mitchell; Zeta Tau Alpha, VicePres. JURGENSEN, JOHN WARREN A.B. Mathematics; Culver; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall, Cult. Co-ord.; Cosmopolitan Club; Mathematics Club. JUSTICE, JAMES MICHAEL A.B. Latin American Studies; Newport; Briscoe Quad. KAHN, ERIKA AMY A.B. History; New York, N.Y.; Kappa Alpha Theta; AWS; IU Foundation; Student Elections Comm.; Union Comm. Ch., Homecoming. KAMPE, KATHRYN ALEENE A.B. Bacteriology; Tampa, Fla.; Sigma Kappa; YWCA. KAPUSTA, ALICE KATHERINE B.S. Vocational Home Economics; Rochester, N.Y.; Alpha Xi Delta, Pres., Soc. Ch.; Marching 100; Student-Faculty Relations. KASTEN, PENELOPE M. A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Evanston, Ill.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Alpha Eta; Bd. of Standards; YWCA. KAUFFMAN, FREDERICK ALLAN A.B. Zoology; Decatur; McNutt Quad. KAZICH, THOMAS JOSEPH A.B. Spanish; Gary. KELEMEN, DANETTE A.B. French; East Chicago; Willkie Quad; Foster Quad, Sec. KELLER, PAMELA SUE A.B. French; South Bend; GRC. KENNEDY, PHYLLIS ANN A.B. Spanish; Dayton, Ohio; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall, Vice-Pres., Head Gov., Head Co-ord.; Women's Swim Team; YWCA. KENTOR, LAIRD JAMES A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Pi. KERCHNER, MARGIE A.B. English; LaMoille, Ill.; Alpha Xi Delta; AWS; IU Young Republicans; Phi Sigma Iota. KERR, DIANA N. A.B. French; Arlington, Va.; Sailing Club. KERR, ELLEN LEE A.B. Social Service; Cedar Grove; Briscoe Quad. KESTNER, CAROL ANN A.B. English; Pekin; Briscoe Quad; Psychology Club. KETTERSON, ELLEN DORCAS A.B. Botany; Harvey, Ill.; Delta Delta Delta, Schol. Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Enomene; Oceanides; Pleiades; Union Comm. KHAVARI, SUE AKHTAR A.B. English; Milwaukee, Wis.; Baha'i Club. KIMBALL, SHERRY NORRIS A.B. Zoology; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Briscoe Quad; Sailing Club; Fencing Club, Sec.; YWCA. KIMMELL, MARYJO A.B. Journalism; Kendallville; Kappa Delta; Daily Student; Jr. Student Athletic Board, Publicity Ch.; YWCA. KINGSBURY, JANET KAY A.B. French; Indianapolis; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Young Republicans; IU Folksong Club; Phi Sigma Iota; YWCA. KINKLE, JOHN ROBERT A.B. History; Evansville; Lambda Chi Alpha; Presit dent's Cabinet; Skull and Crescent; LUNA, Sec. General. KIRN, MICHAEL EMMET A.B. Government; Whiting; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Collegiate Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma; Americans for Democratic Action; International Affairs Comm.

424 Arts and Sciences

KIRTLAND, PATRICIA A. A.B. Psychology; Gary; Sailing Club. KISH, BETTY JO A.B. Art History; Indianapolis; Willkie Quad, Publicity Ch.; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans, Vice-Pres. KLEIN, LINDA SUE A.B. English; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Soc., Activities Ch.; SNEA. KLEIN, MICHAEL WILLIS A.B. Mathematics; Fort Wayne; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall; IU Newman Club. KLEOPFER, ROBERT D. B.S. Chemistry; Lexington; Foster Quad. KNIGHT, JOHN DOUGLAS JR. A.B. Philosophy; Evansville. KNOP, JOHN RICHARD A.B. Government; Huntington; Kappa Sigma, VicePres.; Jr. and Sr. Class Councils; Falcon Club; IU Foundation; President's Cabinet; Ch. of Great Issues. KNUDSON, KARYN JEAN A.B. Textile Merchandising; Elmhurst, Ill.; Delta Delta Delta; Daily Student. KOELPIN, VOLKER H. A.B. German; Indianapolis; Lamba Chi Alpha, Pledge Tr., Steward; Falcon Club; Delta Phi Alpha. KOHNE, JOHN ANTHONY JR. B.S. Chemistry; Decatur; Teter Quad, Thompson Hall, Vice-Gov.; IU Newman Club. KONOP, BILLIE JEAN A.B. Government; Larchmont, N.Y.; Read Center, Beck House; Lambda Alpha Epsilon; IU Collegiate Democrats; IRHA. KOTYUK, IDA EDITH A.B. English; Whiting. KOTZAN, BRUCE ANDREW A.B. Government; East Chicago; Theta Chi, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Cheerleader; Falcon Club; Interfraternity Council; Skull and Crescent; IU Foundation. KREIBAUM, PAMELA ANN A.B. Speech and Theatre; Fort Wayne; Read Center Pres.; AWS, Education and Cult. Ch.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Tomahawk, Sec. KRUGER, EARL ALLAN A.B. Government; Huntingburg; Lambda Chi Alpha, Soc. Ch., Exec. Comm.; Falcon Club; IU Collegiate Democrats; Sphinx Club. KRULL, DAVID JOHN A.B. Chemistry; Rome City; Briscoe Quad; IU Folksong Club; IU Newman Club. KUWANA, SAMUEL A.B. Geography and History; Rushape, Rhodesia; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Vice-Pres. LAHEY, THERESA ANN A.B. Sociology; South Bend; Read Center, Curry House, Comm. Ch.; Phi Omega; Rifle Club; IU Collegiate Democrats. LAMBERT, JULIA HELEN A.B. English; Columbus; Delta Zeta; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; YWCA, Cabinet; Mini Rider. LANCASTER, JOHN STEPHEN A.B. Mathematics; Bloomington; Phi Eta Sigma. LAROSA, PAUL A. A.B. Social Science; Indianapolis. LAUKHUF, DEAN R. A.B. Zoology; Fort Wayne; McNutt Quad; German Club. LAW, CATHERINE LIN A.B. Chemistry; Hong Kong, China. LAWS, RICHARD VAN A.B. Government; Cambria Heights, N.Y.; I-Men's Association; Varsity Track. LEARY, THOMAS RICHARD A.B. Chemistry; LaPorte; Phi Eta Sigma; Foster Quad, Jenkinson III, Academic Dir. LEE, LARRIE HOWARD A.B. Government; Fort Wayne; Zeta Beta Tau, Pledge Tr.; Blue Key, Pres.; Board of Aeons; Phi Eta Sigma; Union Board, Vice-Pres.; Org. Male Director, Sophomore Class. LEEUW, EUGENE RAYMOND A.B. Government; Fort Wayne; Student Senate. LEFEVRE, SUZANNE A.B. French; Columbus; Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; YWCA, Sec.; IU Foundation; Phi Sigma Iota; AWS. LEVY, SUSAN JANE A.B. Social Service; South Bend; Sigma Delta Tau; Phi Alpha, Sec.-Treas.; Social Service Club; NAACP. LIVELY, ROBERT L. JR. A.B. Psychology; Michigan City; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Pres. LO, LUCY A.B. Mathematics; Saigon, Viet Nam; Willkie Quad; Cosmopolitan Club; Chinese Student Association. LOATS, LOIS L. A.B. Psychology; Muncie; Kappa Delta, Treas., Ass't. Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; ARBUTUS, Narrative Ed.; Psi Chi, Sec.; IU Foundation; Pleiades. LOEPKE, MARY ALICE A.B. Zoology; Riverside, Ill.; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall; Angel Flight. LONG, JUDITH MARY A.B. Fine Arts; Marion; Kappa Kappa Gamma; NAEA Club; LUNA; YWCA. LOUICK, EILEEN ANN A.B. Social Service; Dayton, Ohio; Sigma Delta Tau, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Enomene; Panhellenic; Pleiades; Social Service Club. LOVE, PATRICIA ANN A.B. French; Indianapolis; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall, Sec., Judicial Bd., Gov., Head Gov.; Phi Sigma Iota; Enomene; AWS. LOVEMAN, CAROL A.B. Bacteriology; Indianapolis; Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Hillel Foundation, Vice-Pres.; Board of Academic Review, Sec.; NAACP. LUDWIG, LARRY KENT A.B. Geography; Bluffton; Foster Quad, Magee Hall; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching 100; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. LUDWIG, ZORA VALERIA A.B. Government; East Chicago; Forest Quad. LURTON, LEE A.B. Economics; Indianapolis; Beta Theta Pi, Vice-Pres.; Falcon Club; IU Foundation, Steering Comm.; YMCA.

Arts and Sciences 425

LYBROOK, JO KATHERINE A.B. Spanish; Franklin; Pi Beta Phi, Rec. Sec.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Enomene; IU Foundation; Pleiades. McALHANEY, RUTH ANN B.S. Social Service; Berne; Phi Alpha, Social Service Club; Ushering Corps. McCABE, EDWARD RUSSELL A.B. Economics; La Grange, Ill.; Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Ch., Alumni Sec., Intramurals Ch.; IU Foundation; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club. McCANDLESS, BETH A.B. French and Government; Bloomington; Read Center Beck House; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Young Democrats; YWCA. McCARTHY, KATHLEEN ANN A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Aspley, Australia; Read Center; Sigma Alpha Eta; IU Foundation. McCLINTICK, JANET RUTH A.B. Fine Arts; Frankfort, Ky.; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Sec., Comm. Co-ord.; IU Foundation. McCONNELL, JOHN DANIEL A.B. English; Springfield, Va.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-Pres.; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Student Athletic Board, Pres.; YMCA. McCORMICK, ELAINE BARRY A.B. Speech Pathology and Audiology; Muncie; Delta Gamma, Rituals Ch.; Sigma Alpha Eta; IU Foundation; Oceanides; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA. McCOY, LINDA SCIIIPIIORST A.B. French; Madison; Read Center. McCROSKEY, DANIEL WARREN A.B. Economics; Fort Wayne; Briscoe Quad; IU Young Republicans; Marching 100; Sailing Club; Little 500 Rider. McCULLOUGH, CHARLES BUDDY A.B. Sociology; Jeffersonville; Briscoe. McCUNE, WILLIAM MICHAEL A.B. Chemistry; Dunkirk; Wright Quad, Parks House; Phi Eta Sigma. McDOUGAL, CAROLYN J. A.B. English; Erie, Pa.; Willkie Quad, Academic Floor, Judicial; Alpha Chi Omega; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Foundation. McELHINNY, MARCIA J. A.B. French; Naperville, Ill.; Kappa Delta; YWCA. McHENRY, JACK DEAN A.B. Geography; Denver. McINTOSH, ROBERT ANTHONY A.B. Government; Jeffersonville; Foster Quad, Martin Hall; Daily Student; IU Collegiate Democrats; Great Issues; LUNA; Peace Corps Comm. McKINNEY, ELLEN A.B. Journalism; Lafayette; Briscoe Quad; Daily Student, Ass't. Campus Ed., Editor-in-Chief; Folksong Club; Theta Sigma Phi. McMILLAN, CYNTHIA JEAN A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Gamma Phi Beta, Tres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; AWS; IU Foundation. McNALLY, JOEL DOUGLAS A.B. Journalism; Union City; McNutt Quad; Daily Student; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres. McNALLY, SHARON ANN A.B. Government; Bloomington; Alpha Phi, Pres.; IU Foundation; Panhellenic; Student Elections Comm.; YWCA. MAJOR, SUSAN A.B. Government; Louisville, Ky.; Chi Omega; Senatorial Ass't; Freshman Class Council; Junior Class Council; YWCA. MAKOWSKI, RAYMOND EDMUND A.B. Government; Munster; Student Body Vice-Pres.; Student Senate, Speaker; Tomahawk; President's Cabinet; Independent Male Dir., Junior Class. MALCOMB, MAY N. A.B. Speech Pathology and Audiology; North Vernon; Student Senate; Tomahawk; Sigma Alpha Eta; Teter Quad, Sec. MALLOY, JOYCE EDITH A.B. Classics; Houston, Texas; Kappa Delta; AWS; IU Young Republicans; Eta Sigma Phi; YWCA. MALONEY, JAMES P. II. A.B. Gary; Teter Quad, Thompson Hall, Gov. MANION, DIANA A.B. English Literature; South Bend; Forest Quad; IU Republicans, Sec.; Great Issues; YAF. MARCUM, HOWARD J. Mathematics; New Castle; Briscoe Quad; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon. MARCUS, LYNN A.B. Fine Arts; Chicago, Ill.; Willkie Quad; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Tomahawk; Union Board. MARINE, REBECCA SUE A.B. English; Marion; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall, Sec. MARSALA, TONI LYNN A.B. Zoology; Arlington Heights, Ill.; Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Angel Flight, Commander; Military Ball Queen Finalist; Union Comm. Ch. MARSHALL, ALLAN FABER A.B. Journalism; Bloomington; Kappa Sigma, Treas.; Daily Student; I-Men's Association; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; Varsity Cross-Country, Track. MARTIN, RUTH ANN A.B. Comparative Literature; New Albany; Briscoe Quad; Alpha Lambda Delta. MARTIN, THOMAS JOE B.S. History; Syracuse; Phi Gamma Delta, VicePres.; Blue Key; Board of Aeons, Sec.; IU Foundation; Union Board, Pres.; Student Elections Comm. MARTINDALE, ROBERT B. A.B. Zoology; Speed; Phi Sigma Kappa; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Young Republicans; Wesley Foundation; Circle K Club, Treas.; Intramural Football, Softball. MASSAS, ENEIDA A.B. Spanish; Gary; Foster Quad, Harper Hall; Cosmopolitan Club; Spanish Club. MAST, JUANITA HELEN A.B. Sociology; Richmond; Delta Zeta, Pres., VicePres.; IU Foundation; Panhellenic; Alpha Kappa Delta; Sailing Club; YWCA. MATHIAS, DAL ELENWOOD A.B. Mathematics; Fort Wayne; MRC. MARUER, ELIZABETH FERN A.B. Russian; Homewood, Ill.; Briscoe Quad; Speakers Bureau; IU Sing. MAZAIWANA, DAVID BROWN A.B. Geography and History; Umtali, S. Rhodesia; Cosmopolitan Club; NAACP. MECHLING, HARRIET ELAINE A.B. Journalism; Walkerton; Foster Quad, Harper Hall; Daily Student; Theta Sigma Phi; IRHA Judicial Bd.

426 Arts and Sciences

MELLENCAMP, SARAH LYNN A.B. English; Columbus; Sigma Kappa, Sec.; ARBUTUS; YWCA. MERK, DONALD BIERLY B.S. Marketing; Corydon; Marketing Club. MESCHBERGER, JANET MAE A.B. Sociology; Bluffton; Pi Beta Phi, Treas., Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Panhellenic, Rush Counselor. METZGER, MICHAEL BENGEL A.B. Police Administration and Government; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad; IU Barbell Club. MICHAELS, ROBERT HAYES A.B. Zoology; Summit, N.J.; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall, Academic Co-ord. MICHALIK, JEAN ANN A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Gary; Kappa Delta, Ass't. Pledge Tr.; Sigma Alpha Eta; YWCA. MILES, DONALD DEAN A.B. Chemistry; Cloverdale; Briscoe Quad. MILLBRANTH, RUSSELL D. A.B. Economics; Michigan City; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall; Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching 100; Track. MILLER, DONALD HOWARD A.B. Zoology; Middlebury; Kappa Delta Rho. MILLER, ELIZABETH ANNE A.B. Bacteriology; Indianapolis; Forest Quad; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Young Republicans; Orientation; Wells Center, Hous'ing Mngr. MILLER, JAMES ALLEN A.B. Chemistry; Andrews; Wright Quad, Board of Vice-Gov., Board of Gov.; Independent Male Dir., Senior Class. MILLER, MARSHA ELLEN A.B. English; Bloomfield; Briscoe Quad; IU Foundation; Singing Hoosiers. MILLER, MARSHA SUE A.B. Spanish; Hammond; Sigma Delta Tau, Sec.; ARBUTUS, Seniors Ed.; LUNA. MILLER, NANCY LAND B.S. Social Service; Clinton; Kappa Alpha Theta; Organized Female Dir., Freshman Class; YWCA. MIMMS, ELIZABETH MARIE A.B. Social Service; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad, Pine Hall; Cosmopolitan Club; Phi Alpha; Social Service Club, Treas. MONEYHUN, CAROLYN V. A.B. French; Anderson; McNutt Quad, Judicial Bd,. Pi Beta Phi. MONTGOMERY, MARY HELEN A.B. Japanese; Indianapolis; Read Center, Landes House; Alpha Lambda Delta; Cosmopolitan Club; Wesley Foundation; International Affairs Comm. MOORE, CAROLE E. A.B. Spanish; Somerville, N.J.; Alpha Phi, Rush Ch.; Belles; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; Panhellenic; Phi Sigma Iota. MOORMAN, KAREN LEA A.B. Journalism; Cannel; Read Center, Clark House; Daily Student; Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. MOOTS, DONNA DIANE A.B. Radio and Television; Syracuse; Daily Student; Theta Sigma Phi; IMU Radio Show; Read Center Gov.; YWCA. MORGAN, WILLIAM FREER JR. A.B. Zoology; Madison; IU Foundation; McNutt Quad, Vice-Pres.; Tomahawk; Senior Class Council. MORRISON, PEGGI A. A.B. Sociology; Tulsa, Okla.; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Rec. Sec.; Jr. Panhellenic. MOSS, BRYAN L. A.B. Journalism; Corydon; Delta Upsilon; Daily Student; IU Young Republicans; YAF. MUELLER, PATRICIA A.B. Social Service; Nashville, Tenn.; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-Pres.; Phi Alpha; Social Service Club; Senior Class Council. MURRAY, REBECCA SUE A.B. Social Service; Springport; Social Service Club. MYER, JANE ANN A.B. Social Service; Morristown; Read Center, Curry House; Social Service Club. MYERS, HAROLD WAYNE A.B. Government; St. Paul. MYERS, JAMES ROBERT A.B. English Language Arts; Mishawaka; Chi Phi, Rush Ch., Sec., Pub. Rel.; IU Newman Club; Singing Hoosiers; YMCA. MYERS, MARCIA DIANE A.B. Home Economics; Pendleton; Pi Beta Phi; Home Economics Club. MYSLIWY, LOIS ELLEN A.B. History; East Chicago; Teter Quad, Boisen Hall; Daily Student; Independent Female Dir., Senior Class; Theta Sigma Phi; Comm. Co-ord. NELSON, ARNOLD KENNETH A.B. History; Indianapolis; Cosmopolitan Club; Student NEA; Willkie Quad, Vice-Gov. NIXON, PATRICIA ELLEN A.B. English Literature; Indianapolis; Read Center, Clark House, Gov.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Foundation; Mortar Board, Treas.; Phi Beta Kappa; Eta Sigma Phi, Sec. NIXON, SARAH JANE A.B. Government; Crawfordsville; Willkie Quad; Kappa Alpha Theta. O'CONNOR, WILLIAM PATRICK A.B. Police Administration; Logansport; IMU Sports Car Club, Sec.; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. OHLUND, SANDRA LEE A.B. Spanish; Michigan City; Mason Hall, Judicial Bd., Sec.; Phi Sigma Iota; Alpha Lambda Delta. OHNESORGE, JAMES PAUL A.B. Psychology; Fort Wayne; Foster Quad, Magee Hall, Gov.; Psi Chi, Treas.; Varsity Rifle. O'KIEFFE, DIANE A.B. Spanish; Miami Fla.; Delta Delta Delta, Treas.; Foundation. OLSON, ROBERT HOWARD A.B. Government; Cleveland, Ohio; Phi Kappa Psi, Vice-Pres.; Blue Key; Board of Aeons, Pres.; IU Foundation, Pres.; Phi Beta Kappa; Varsity Swimming. O'NEAL, ROBERT JOSEPH A.B. Zoology; Bedford; IU Foundation; Willkie Quad, Vice-Pres.; Senior Class Council; IU Newman Club. OOYEVAAR, SUSAN RUTH A.B. Fine Arts; Centerville; Forest Quad.

Arts and Sciences 427

OPPERMAN, SANFORD W. A.B. Chemistry; South Bend; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Student Judicial Bd. OPSITNIK, JAMES JOHN B.S. Radio and Television; Gary; Sailing Club; Sigma Delta Chi; Student Senate, Pres. ORBAN, JOSEPH STEPHEN JR. A.B. Government; South Bend; Alpha Tau Omega; ARBUTUS. O'SHAUGHNESSEY, JERRY EDWARD A.B. Economics; Woodburn; Blue Key; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senate; Dormitory Gov., ViceGov., Cultural Co-ord.; IU Foundation. OSLER, ALICE ELAINE A.B. Spanish; Indianapolis; Alpha Omicron Pi, Song Ldr., Publicity Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; ARBUTUS, Managing Ed., Copy Ed., Ass't. to Managing Ed.; Pleiades; YWCA. OWEN, ANNE FRANKLIN A.B. Spanish; Indianapolis; Read Center, Clark House, Cosmopolitan Club; Folksong Club; NAACP. PALLISTER, DAVID STANLEY A.B. Government; Westover AFB, Mass.; MRC, Smith Hall; Varsity Swimming Team. PARKE, RICIIARD LEE A.B. Government; Fort Wayne; McNutt Quad, Gov. PARKER, MARJORIE CAROL A.B. Social Service; Highland; Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Pleiades; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA. PAULI, ANDREA SCHROEDER A.B. Psychology; Bloomington; Gamma Delta; NAACP, Vice-Pres., Sec. PAULK, JILL MELINDA A.B. English; South Bend; Delta Gamma, Rush Ch., First Vice-Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Foundation. PAWLOWSKE, MICHEL SERGE A.B. Chemistry; South Bend; McNutt Quad; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Falcon Club; Drama. PAXSON, BARBARA ANN A.B. English; Parkesburg, Pa.; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Gov.; Intramural Sports. PAYNE, RICHARD THOMAS A.B. Government; Lebanon; Foster Quad, Martin Hall, Vice-Pres., Comm. Co-ord.; Foundations for College. PEARLMAN, JUDITH LAURA A.B. Italian; New York, N.Y.; Forest Quad, Argonne Hall; Transportation Club, Pres.; Wells Quad, Academic Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrats; YWCA. PELL, PATRICIA SUSAN A.B. Speech and Theatre; Brazil; Sigma Kappa, Soc. Ch.; Jr. Panhellenic; Union Comm. Ch.; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. PETERSON, ERIK WILLIAM B.S. Physics; Chesterton; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Fencing Team; IU Fencing Club, Pres. PETSCHER, JEAN A.B. English; Aurora; Read Center, Beck House. PFLANZER, LINDA MARIE A.B. Anatomy and Physiology; Beech Grove; Read Center, Landes House; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Collegiate Democrats. PHILLIPS, SHAWN LEE A.B. History; New Albany; Briscoe Quad. PINKERTON, KATHERINE DIANE A.B. Sociology; New Castle; Briscoe Quad; Tomahawk; Foundations for College. PITTMAN, KAREN SUE A.B. Psychology; Gary; Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush Ch.; IU Foundation; Student Ldr.; YWCA. PLATT, CAROLE JEANNE A.B. Spanish; Greensburg; Alpha Lambda Delta; IRHA Exec. Council, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Tomahawk. PLATT, JAMES EARL A.B. Zoology; Greensburg; Flame Club; IRHA Exec. Council, Pres.; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Tomahawk; Teter Quad, Pres. PORTER, MARC CLEVELAND A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad; IMU Quiz Bowl Team; IU Folk Song Club, Membership Ch.; MRC, Cravens A, Sec.-Treas.; IU Young Republicans. PRICHARD, CANDICE T. A.B. Psychology; Barrington, Ill.; Read Center, Curry House; IU Foundation; Speakers Bureau. PROBST, GRETCHEN ELLEN A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Hamilton, Ill.; Delta Delta Delta, Sec.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Foundation; Sigma Alpha Eta. PUGSLEY, JUDY MARIE A.B. Art History; South Bend; Briscoe Quad, Pine Hall, Comm. Ch.; Tomahawk. QUACKENBUSH, CAROL RAE A.B. English; Brookston; Read Center, Beck House; IRHA Judicial Bd. QUICK, JOHN LOWELL A.B. Chemistry; Frankfort; Lambda Chi Alpha, Ritualist; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; YMCA; IU Sing. QUINN, MARTIN FRANCIS A.B. Zoology; East Chicago; IU Newman Club. RAGER, ANNE MITCHELL A.B. Journalism; Clarksville; Briscoe Quad, Maple Hall; Judicial Bd.; ARBUTUS; Daily Student; IU Foundation. RAGLE, JANE CLAIRE A.B. German; Westville; Kappa Delta, Vice-Pres.; IU Young Republicans; Jr. Panhellenic; Jr. Student Athletic Board. RAMSTAD, TORE B.S. Chemistry; West Lafayette; Wright Quad. RANDALL, THEODORE HAROLD JR. A.B. History; Indianapolis; Kappa Alpha Psi, Treas.; Senior Class Treas.; Falcon Club; IU Foundation. RANZ, CHERYL LYNN A.B. Social Service; Rochester; Chi Omega; AWS; 1U Foundation; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA; Social Service Club, Pub. Ch. RATHBUN, GAIL PATRICIA A.B. History; Glenview, Ill.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pledge Tr.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Young Republicans; Jr. Panhellenic; Senatorial Ass't.; YWCA. RATNER, MARVIN A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Ch., Sgt.-at-Arms; Phi Eta Sigma; Union Comm. RAU, JOHN DICKSON A.B. Chemistry; Centerville; Alpha Chi Sigma; IU Collegiate Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senate. RAWLINGS, M. KATERI A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Evansville; Sigma Alpha Eta; IU Newman Club; IU Young Republicans; YWCA.

428 Arts and Sciences

REAM, MICHAEL H. A.B. History; Walton; Singing Hoosiers. RECTOR, CAROL YVONNE A.B. English; Greencastle; Pi Beta Phi, House Mngr.; Sophomore Class Council; Senior Class Council; Phi Beta Kappa; YWCA. REED, MARSHA FAYE A.B. French; Swayzee; Zeta Tau Alpha; ARBUTUS; YWCA. REVEAL, DANNY LEE A.B. Zoology; Indianapolis. RELYEA, PATRICIA LYNN A.B. Social Service; Albany, N.Y.; Delta Delta Delta, Rush Ch. REYNOLDS, RONALD PHILIP A.B. Psychology; Boonville. RHODES, ROSEMARIE A.B. English; Winnetka, Ill.; Read Center, Clark House, Cult. Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; IU Sing Comm. RICE, RUTH AFTON A.B. Social Service; Cedarburg, Wis.; Kappa Delta; Phi Alpha; Social Service Club; SEA. RIEDELL, CAROLE SUE A.B. French; Chicago, Ill.; Alpha Phi; Belles; Phi Sigma Iota. RIEHM, ROBERT BRITTON JR. A.B. Psychology; Kendallville; Beta Theta Pi, Hist., Intramural Ch. RICHTER, CAROL ANN A.B. French; Gary; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treas.; Cosmopolitan Club, Soc. Ch.; Hillel Foundation; NAACP, Union Comm. Ch. RISH, CAROLYN JEAN A.B. English; Wabash; IU Foundation, Steering Comm.; Union Board; YWCA; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council, Independent Female Dir. RITTER, MARIANNA A.B. Zoology; Scottsburg; Teter Quad, Gov.; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; YAF. ROBINSON, DIANE PATRICIA A.B. Sociology; East Orange, N.J.; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Pledge Tr.; Briscoe Quad, Oak Hall, Sec.; President's Cabinet; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council. ROBINSON, JUDITH ANN A.B. English; Anderson; IU Foundation. RODENBARGER, JUDY ANN A.B. Spanish; Frankfort; Read Center, Curry House; Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Tomahawk; YWCA; IRHA Big Ten Conference, Steering Comm. RODRIGUEZ, JOHN A.B. Government; Terre Haute; Foster Quad, Gov., Vice-Gov.; Cosmopolitan Club. ROELKE, KATHRYN ANN A.B. Government; South Bend; Read Center, Clark House; YWCA; Junior Class Council. ROOT, WAYNE ROY A.B. Government; Gary; Trees Center, Judicial Bd. VicePres.; Briscoe Quad, Academic Co-ord., Cult. Co-ord.; Linden Hall, Soc. Ch., Sec.-Treas.; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Collegiate Democrats. ROSEL, NATALIE ELAINE A.B. Sociology; Oradell, N.J.; Read Center, Clark House. ROSENBLATT, STANLEY L. A.B. History; Evansville; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; LUNA, Brotherhood Comm. ROSNER, PHILLIP ERNEST A.B. Psychology; Indianapolis; Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres., Founder; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres.; Interfraternity Council Pub. Rel. Dir.; IU Foundation; Student Elections Comm.; IU Homecoming Comm. Ch. ROUSH, JAMES RICHARD A.B. Zoology; Morgantown; Foster Quad; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Flame Club; IU Foundation; Tomahawk, Vice-Pres. ROZNER, LAURA LEA B.S. Vocational Home Economics; Michigan City. ROZNER, WILLIAM BRUCE A.B. Psychology; Michigan City. RUDBART, ELIZABETH JEAN A.B. Spanish; Clifton, N.J.; Willkie Quad; Spelunking Club. RUEDI, ALAN FREDERICK B.S. Optometry; Hammond; Wright Quad, Pres., Hall House, Pres.; IU Foundation, Omega Epsilon Phi. SACKS, SHARON ANN B.S. Social Service; Valparaiso; Read Center, Beck House, Treas.; ARBUTUS. SAVAGE, VICTORIA MICHELE A.B. Biology; Bloomington; Sigma Kappa; IU Foundation; Pleiades; Union Board; YWCA; Dean's List. SAYKA, LINDA JEAN A.B. French; Gary; Chi Omega; ARBUTUS, Organizations Ed.; IU Young Republicans; YWCA; Student Writing Contest, Dir. SCHAFER, ANITA A.B. English Literature and Spanish; Cincinnati, Ohio; McNutt Quad. SCHECHTER, LYNN C. A.B. English; Highland Park, Ill.; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Rec. Sec.; AWS Bd. of Standards; Enomene; Eta Sigma Phi; Junior Athletic Bd. SCHLESINGER, GAIL ELLEN B.S. Biology; Hammond; Tau Beta Sigma, Sec. SCHMIDT, MARTHA A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Kappa Delta, Sec.; Teter Quad, Judicial Bd.; Great Issues. SCHULTZ, MADELINE JEAN A.B. Spanish; Gary, Teter Quad; Cosmopolitan Club SCHWARTZ, LORRAINE CAROLE A.B. English; Fort Wayne; Forest Quad, Argonne Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta. SCUDDER, GAYE DIANE A.B. English; Florence; Mason Hall, Sec.; Morrison Hall, Sec.; IU Foundation; SNEA. SCULLIN, DANIEL C. A.B. Zoology; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Varsity Swimming; IU Folksong Club, Archivist, Treas. SEAMAN, GEOFFREY NOEL A.B. Mathematics; Chicago,III., Zeta Beta Tau; IU Foundation; Union Comm. Ch.; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council. SEHR, JUDITH MARY A.B. English; Indianapolis.

Arts and Sciences 429

SEPIOL, JAMES LEONARD B.S. Chemistry; Crown Point. SERMERSHEIM, GAIL FRANCES A.B. Journalism; Jasper; Daily Student. SEYBERT, KAY ELLEN A.B. Psychology; Middletown; Willkie Quad; Trees Center, Maple Hall, Soc. Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi. SHAFER, SHELDON SCOTT A.B. Journalism; Butler; MRC, Smith Hall, Gov.; Senior Class Vice-Pres.; Daily Student, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Ed., Night Ed.; Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Sec.; Student Senate. SHANKS, GEORGE WARREN A.B. Psychology; Wilmington, Dela.; Phi Kappa Psi, Corr. Sec.; Falcon Club; IU Foundation. SHAPIRO, MARK THOMAS A.B. Zoology; Warren, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Hillel Foundation; YMCA. SHEEHAN, JOHN A.B. Slavic Languages and Literatures; Stevens Point, Wis. SHELLY, PHILLIP MICHAEL A.B. Political Science; Galveston; IU Young Republicans. SHERMAN, JOHN JUDSON A.B. Journalism and English; Portland; Foster Quad, Martin Hall, Soc. Co-ord., Comm. Co-ord.; Daily Student, Night Ed.; Sigma Delta Chi; American Field Service, Vice-Pres. SHOCKLEY, DORIS LEE A.B. Government; Muncie; Zeta Tau Alpha; Cosmopolitan Club; NAACP; Tomahawk; YWCA. SHOCKLEY, SYLVIA JEANNE A.B. History; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Cult. Co-ord.; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Sing. SHORTER, ROBERT LEE A.B. Police Administration; Indianapolis. SHREWSBURY, PAMELA BALLE A.B. Home Economics; Louisville, Ky.; Delta Gamma; Freshman Class Council; Junior Class Council. SHULER, ROBERT WAYNE A.B. Police Administration; Stilesville. SIEFKER, PHYLLIS KAY A.B. English; Greensburg; Delta Gamma; Daily Student; IU Newman Club; IU Young Republicans. SILDVER, LIINA MAY A.B. Psychology; Bethpage, N.Y. SIMMONS, FREDERICK HARRISON JR. A.B. Zoology; Marion; Sigma Chi. SIMMONS, KAREN SUE A.B. English; Fort Wayne; Read Center, Beck House, Comm. Ch.; IU Foundation; Sailing Club; YWCA. SIMMONS, LEZLIE JANE A.B. English and Philosophy; Munster; Forest Quad, Tanglewood Hall; Alpha Omicron Pi; ARBUTUS; Class Council. SKUBISH, KAREN ANN A.B. Classical Languages and Literatures; Gary; Gamma Phi Beta; IU Newman Club; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Eta Sigma Phi, Treas.; Read Center, Floor Rep. SLICK, NANCY ANN A.B. Home Economics; Winchester; Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; Home Economics Club. SLOAN, ELIZABETH JANE A.B. History; Wilmington, Dela.; Read Center, House Mngr., Curry House, Sec.; IU Young Republicans; Student Ldr.; Crimson Cadettes, Sec.; Freshman Orientor. SLUKA, JOAN EVALYN A.B. Economics, Whiting; Alpha Gamma Delta, Altruistic Ch.; AWS; Marketing Club; Senatorial Ass't.; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA; Teter Quad, Academic Co-ord. SLUTZKIN, BERTA LYNNE A.B. English and Library Science; Michigan City; Kappa Delta; Library Science Club; YWCA; SNEA; Read Center, Clark House, Floor Rep., Cult. Co-ord. SMID, CHARLES JOSEPH A.B. Zoology; Marion; Alpha Tau Omega; Organized Male Dir., Junior Class; IU Foundation; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club; Union Comm. Ch. SMITH, ARTHUR HOGE A.B. Government; Fort Smith, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; I-Men's Association; Scabbard and Blade, Vice-Pres.; Swimming. SMITH, DANIEL DUDLEY A.B. Government; Lafayette; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Board of Aeons; Freshman Class, Pres.; Junior Class, Pres.; Student Senate; Government Honors Program. • SMITH, DONNA JEANNE A.B. Sociology; South Bend, Forest Quad. SMITH, LINDA RAE A.B. Slavic Languages and Literature; Cincinnati, Ohio; Read Center, Judicial Bd.; Res. Ass't.; ARBUTUS; IU Flying Club. SMITH, SANDRA JEAN A.B. History; New Castle; Alpha Xi Delta, Scholarship Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrats, Union Comm.; Card Section Comm. SNIDER, DONALD LEE FLOYD A.B. Journalism; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad; Daily Student, Ass't Ed., Sports Ed., Senior Associate Ed., Special Supplement: Sigma Delta Chi. SON, JAMES ROBERT A.B. Government; Evansville; Wright Quad, Gov., Vice-Gov.; Arnold Air Society; Little 500. SOPCZYNSKI, BARBARA ANN A.B. French; South Bend; Alpha Omicron Pi; Cosmopolitan Club; YWCA; Phi Sigma Iota. SOWDER, REBECCA ELLEN B.S. Social Service; Bloomington. SPEAR, RICHARD EDWARD A.B. Psychology: Wantagh, N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Falcon Club; IU Foundation; NAACP; IU Sing; LUNA Delegate. SPERLING, JUDITH ANN A.B. French; Roselle, Ill.; Read Center, Curry House; YWCA; Phi Sigma Iota. SPOSEEP, MICHAEL LOUIS A.B. Sociology; Wabash; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club; Great Issues. STANDLEY, JARIS ANNE A.B. Social Service; Jeffersonville; Foster Quad, Judicial Bd., Harper Hall, Gov.; AWS; Social Service Club; IU Foundation; Singing Hoosiers. STANLEY, MARILYN KAY A.B. English; Kokomo; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Tr., Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Foundation; Panhellenic; Pleiades. STANTON, KEITH LYNN B.S. Marketing; Valparaiso; Marketing Club; American Management Association.

430 Arts and Sciences

STEELE, STEPHEN ALLEN A.B. Philosophy; Columbus; Chi Phi. STEIMAN, BARRY RICHARD A.B. Chemistry; Swampscott, Mass.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. STEINMETZ, LARRY VERNON A.B. Government; Evansville; McNutt Quad, Academic Co-ord.; Wright Quad, Vice-Gov.; American Management Association; IU Young Republicans. STEPHENSON, JUDITH KAY A.B. Social Service; Gary; McNutt Quad, Orientor; IU Young Republicans; Social Service Club; Folksing Club. STEVENS, ERROL WAYNE A.B. History; Brownsburg; Briscoe Quad. STEWART, E. JANEEN CARPENTER A.B. Social Service; Indianapolis; Wells Quad, Morrison Hall, Judicial Bd.; NAACP; Social Service Club, Treas. STEWART, JOHN LEONARD B.S. Radio and Television; Anderson; McNutt Quad; Folksong Club. STEWART, MARION BARNARD Physics; Richmond; Kappa Delta Rho; Marching 100; Phi Eta Sigma. STINER, CAROL ANN A.B. Anatomy and Physiology; Elyria, Ohio; Read Center, Curry House, Judicial Bd. STOKES, JAN LYN A.B. French; Gary; Sigma Alpha Sigma, Sec.-Treas., Pres. STONER, PAMELA TWEED A.B. History; Columbus; Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres.; AWS; IU Foundation; Panhellenic, President's Council; YWCA, Foreign Student Comm., Student Ldr. STOVER, ROBERT VERNON A.B. Journalism; West Lafayette; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-Pres.; Blue Key, Rec. Sec.; Daily Student, Managing Ed., Sports Ed., Special Supplement Ed.; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi, Treas. STRAIN, JAMES ARTHUR A.B. Physics; Bloomington; Alpha Tau Omega; IU Foundation. STREET, KARYL ESTHER A.B. Spanish; Muncie; Read Center, Beck House, Judicial Bd.; Belles; International Affairs Comm. STROHMIER, LINDA SHEARER A.B. Speech and Theatre; Brazil; Wells Quad, Sycamore House Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; University Theatre; Brown County Playhouse. STROMBERGER, SUZANNE E. A.B. Economics; Dyer; Read Center, Landes House; Crimson Cadettes. STROPPEL, LINDA LEE A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Cincinnati, Ohio; Read Center, Landes House; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Sigma Alpha Eta; YWCA. STROUP, SALLY ANN A.B. Speech and Theatre; Crown Point; Read Center, Beck House; Alpha Lambda Delta; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Folksong Club; IU Theatre Productions. STUBBS, KENNETH RAY A.B. Sociology; Richmond, Va.; Kappa Alpha Psi, Sec.; NAACP, Pres.; Singing Hoosiers. STUMPF, SUSANNE LEE A.B. German; Roselle, Ill.; McNutt Quad, Pres., Orientation Ch.; Alpha Gamma Delta; IRHA Exec. Council; YWCA. SUHRE, JOHN FOSTER A.B. Psychology; Connerville; Alpha Tau Omega; IU Foundation. SWITZER, JANE A.B. English; Monticello; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SURFACE, MARGARET L. B.S. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Seymour; Alpha Chi Omega; AWS; Sigma Alpha Eta, Pres. SUTTER, MARY ELIZABETH A.B. Social Service; Perrysburg, Ohio; Alpha Gamma Delta, Activities Ch.; Social Service Club, Pres.; Mortar Board, Sec.; Pleiades; YWCA, National Vice-Ch.; IU Sing, Freshman Commissioner. SWALICK, MARILYNN R. A.B. Social Service; Hammond; NAACP; Young Democrats. SWEET, PHILLIP MICHAEL B.S. Dental Science; Bloomington; IU Young Republicans; Wesley Foundation. TAYLOR, CHARLES CLIFFORD A.B. Philosophy; Indianapolis; Transportation Club; Chess Club. TAYLOR, LARRY ROBERT A.B. Mathematics; Bloomington. TEIRUMNIKS, MARIA CHRISTINA A.B. Economics; Noblesville; Briscoe. TIMMS, MARILYNE PATRICIA A.B. Fine Arts; Bloomington; Delta Gamma; IU Foundation; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Folksong Club; Rugby Auxiliary. TITAK, JOANN ANNETTE A.B. Psychology; Gary; Social Service Club. TODD, SANDRA KAY A.B. Biology; Taylorsville; National Education Association; National Science Teachers' Association; YWCA. TOMLIN, LYNDA JO A.B. French; Indianapolis; Alpha Phi, Soc. Ch.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Panhellenic, Adviser; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA, District Rep., Freshman Camp General Ch. TOPHAM, CHERYL LEE A.B. English; Naperville, Ill.; Read Center, Soc. Co-ord., Clark House, Judicial Bd.; ARBUTUS. TOWNSEND, OLIVER KELLY A.B. Economics; Wilmette, Ill.; Phi Kappa Psi; I-Men's Association; IU Foundation; Varsity Swimming. TRAPANE, ROSEANN A.B. History; Gary; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall. TRENT, SANDRA A.B. Mathematics; Alexandria, Va.; Kappa Delta, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; YWCA; Board of Academic Review; Pi Mu Epsilon. TROTTER, STEPHEN DAVID A.B. Psychology; Evansville; Sigma Alpha Mu. TSCHMEL, LOUISE A.B. Slavic Languages and Literatures; Peru; Alpha Omicron Pi, Hist.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Sailing Club; YWCA. TSOUTSOURIS, GEORGE V. A.B. Chemistry; Gary.

Arts and Sciences 431

TUCKER, MICHAEL DENTON A.B. Mathematics; Shelbyville; Acacia; Arnold Air Society; IU Foundation. TULLY, FRANK EDGAR JR. A.B. History; Riverside, Ill.; Briscoe Quad. TURNER, JANE ANN A.B. Police Administration; Bloomington; Delta Zeta, Activities Ch., House Mngr., Ass't. Rush Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Panhellenic, Rush Counselor; American Criminology Society; YWCA. TURNER, MARY R. A.B. English; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Soc. Ch.; AWS; NAACP; YWCA; LUNA. TURNER, PAMELA JAYNE A.B. French Indianapolis; Delta Gamma, Pres., Rush Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Junior Class, Organized Female Dir.; Enomene, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation, Steering Comm.; Pleiades, Pres. TUSZYNSKI, RICHARD CARL A.B. Zoology; South Bend; Teter Quad, Judicial Bd.; Rollins House, Sec-Treas.; Student Elections Comm. TYLER, TRUDENCE NADINE A.B. Social Service; Bloomington; Zeta Tau Alpha; Cosmopolitan Club, Soc. Ch.; Social Service Club; YWCA; Phi Alpha, Pres.; International Affairs Commission, Treas. TYLISZ, PATRICIA FRANCES A.B. German; Michigan City; Delta Gamma; IU Foundation; Panhellenic. URSE, STEPHEN WILSON II A.B. Economics; Sarasota, Fla.; Delta Upsilon, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Scabbard and Blade, Sec.; Skull and Crescent; YMCA; LUNA, Treas. VANASEK, JAMES GEORGE A.B. Government; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall, Academic Co-ord. VAN HOOK, JAMES C. A.B. Spanish; Denver, Colo. VAN VALER, PAT K. A.B. Zoology; Greenwood. VAUGHAN, MARY ALICE A.B. East Asian Languages and Literature; Kappa Delta; YWCA. VEA, KRISTEN A.B. Sociology; Erie Pa.; Kappa Delta; Social Service Club; Women's Auxiliary for Rugby Club; McNutt Quad Choir; Sailing Club. VENEZIA, BARBARA JEAN A.B. Speech and Hearing Pathology; Indianapolis; Alpha Phi, Rec. Sec.; IU Foundation; Union Board, Sec.; IU Sing; Freshman Camp Counselor; YWCA. VERNIER, TERRY PAUL A.B. Geography; Michigan City; McNutt Quad; Geography Club; IU Young Republicans; Senior Class Council. VOGEL, JOSEPH OTTO A.B. History; South Bend; Zeta Beta Tau, Vice-Pres.; ARBUTUS, Business Mngr.; Blue Key, Treas.; Hillel Foundation; IU Foundation. VUYNOVICH, MILAN A.B. Slavic Languages and Literature; Indianapolis; MRC, Judicial Bd.; Cosmopolitan Club. WADE, SUE KAY B.S. Home Economics; Fillmore; Read Center, Beck House; Home Economics Club. WAINMAN, PERRY ALLEN B.S. Zoology; Westphalia; Alpha Lambda Delta. WALDO, KAY DIAN B.S. Chemistry; Evansville; Teter Quad, Rabb House; Amateur Radio Club. WALKER, C. JAMES A.B. Anatomy and Physiology; Terre Haute; Tau Kappa Epsilon; IU Collegiate Democrats; Jr. Interfraternity Council; NAACP; Skull and Crescent. WALSTON, JUDITH FAY A.B. Social Service; St. Joseph, Mich.; Read Center, Comm. Ch., Soc. Comm., House Mngr.; Social Service Club; Singing Hoosiers. WALTZ, JUDITH L. A.B. Government; Peru; Read Center, Beck House; Alpha Lambda Delta; Cosmopolitan Club. WARGO, DONNA D. A.B. French; Cedar Lake; McNutt Quad, Soc. Co-ord.; WRA; Student Education Association; AWS; IU Collegiate Democrats. WARREN, RICHARD NEIL A.B. History; North Manchester. WARRICK, ESTELLE ARLEEN A.B. Textile Merchandising; Pittsboro; Briscoe Quad, Treas., Wells Quad, Comm. Co-ord.; Home Economics Club; Military Ball Queen Candidate. WATSON, PATRICIA W. A.B. English; Bloomington. WEBSTER, ANN ADELE A.B. English Language Arts; Monroeville; Delta Delta Delta; IU Foundation. WEDDLE, CAROL SUSAN A.B. English; Nappanee. WEINSTEIN, JUDY ANN A.B. Textile Merchandising; Gary; Sigma Delta Tau; Home Economics Club. WEIR, MARGARET ANNE A.B. Botany; South Bend: Delta Gamma, Con. Sec.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Collegiate Democrats; YWCA; Rugby Auxiliary; Board of Academic Review. WEISMAN, ROBERTA CARLA A.B. Government; Gary; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; ARBUTUS, Narrative Ed.; Enomene; Jr. Panhellenic, Vice-Pres.; Mortar Board. WELLS, DONALD CHARLES A.B. History; Indianapolis; Sailing Club; Student Bar Association. WERTHEIMER, DONALD EDWARD A.B. Economics; South Bend; Zeta Beta Tau; Contest Alumni on Campus, Vice-Pres. WESOLOWSKI, DENNIS JOSEPH B.S. Chemistry; East Chicago. WESSON, ALLEN B. A.B. Mathematics; Gary; Teter Quad., Wissler Hall; Student Education Association, Pres. WESSON, RENEE ELEANOR ROCHE A.B. History; Amherst, N.Y. WHEATON, SUSAN CAROL A.B. History; Oak Park, Mich.; Read Center. WHITE, ANNA LAURA A.B. French and Geography; Crane; McNutt Quad, Gov., Treas., Orientation Ch.; ARBUTUS, Organizations Ed.; AWS, Council; Enomene, Program Ch.; Tomahawk; Union Comm. Ch.

432 Arts and Sciences

WHITE, GLENN STANTON A.B. English; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad; NAACP, Pres. WHITE, JUDITH ANN A.B. English Literature; Indianapolis; Alpha Xi Delta, Hist.; IU Young Republicans; YWCA; Student Council, Corr. Sec. WICHMANN, GERALD KURT B.S. Chemistry; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Martin Hall. WIGGINS, GARY DORMAN A.B. Chemistry and Russian; Charlestown; Alpha Delta Kappa; Sailing Club. WILDS, DONALD RAY A.B. Economics; Columbus; Wright Quad, Comm. Co-ord., Dodds House, Treas., Dunn House, Gov.; IU Young Republicans; Radio Station WQAD, Business Mngr. WILLIAMS, ELLEN ANNE A.B. English; Fort Wayne; Briscoe Quad; Alpha Lambda Delta. WILLIAMS, STEVEN DALE A.B. Government; Marion. WILLIS, SUSAN LORAYNE A.B. Speech Therapy; Hockessin, Dela.; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Eta. WILSON, RICHARD MICHAEL A.B. Mathematics; Gary; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treas.; Hillel Foundation; Pi Mu Epsilon. WILSON, SUSAN ANN A.B. Journalism; Gary; Kappa Delta; Daily Student, Associate Ed., Women's Ed.; IU Foundation; YWCA; Theta Sigma Phi, Treas. WINCKELBACH, J. CARL A.B. Anthropology; Indianapolis; Phi Sigma Kappa; Falcon Club; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans, Publicity Ch.; Fencing; Varsity Athletics. WINTERS, ROGER LEE A.B. Government; Indianapolis; Briscoe Quad, Res. Ass't.; Gov.; Sophomore Class, Vice-Pres.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma. WIRE, BARBARA LOUISE A.B. English; Fort Wayne; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall. WIRTZ, CAROLYN A. A.B. Sociology; Crown Point; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall. WISKER, ANTHONY JAMES A.B. Zoology; Shelbyville. WITMER, WAYNE LOWELL A.B. Government; Bloomington; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; I-Men's Association; IU Foundation; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Baseball; Varsity Athletics. WOJTOWICZ, JOHN PAUL A.B. Mathematics; South Bend; Briscoe Quad; IU Newman -Club; Circle K Club, Treas. WOLF, REBECCA LOU A.B. Social Service; Urbana; Read Center, Landes House, Judicial Bd.; IU Foundation; International Affairs Commission. WOLFORD, JAMES MICHAEL A.B. Psychology; Evansville; Kappa Delta Rho; Scabbard and Blade. WOOD, RICHARD JAY A.B. Chemistry; Appleton, Wis.; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall; IU Sports Car Club, Information Officer. WOODLOCK, PATRICIA ANN A.B. French; Ridgefield, Conn.; Forest Quad; Wells Quad, Sycamore Hall, House Council; Cosmopolitan Club; Phi Sigma Iota; Women's Chorus. WOODRUFF, SHERYL ANN A.B. Sociology; Chesterton; Kappa Delta, Soc. Ch.; ARBUTUS; Jr. Student Athletic Board; YWCA; LUNA; Personnel Club. WROBLEUSKI, MARSHA MARIE A.B. Zoology; Gary; McNutt Quad. WOTRING, GLENN EUGENE A.B. Zoology; Manitou Beach, Mich. YELLEN, MICHAEL JAY B.S. Zoology; Hammond; Sigma Alpha Mu; IU Foundation; LUNA. YOUNG, DELLEN A.B. Chemistry; Evansville; Alpha Omicron Pi, House Mngr., Ass't. Treas.; YWCA. YOUNG, ROBERT FRED B.S. Health and Safety; Bloomington. YOUNG, SYLVIA ANN A.B. Zoology; Frankfort; Cosmpolitan Club; Mason Hall. YUDKIN, FRANKLIN S. A.B. History; Dersy, Conn.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Recorder; Hillel Foundation; LUNA; Great Issues. ZIEMELIS, AUDRIS A.B. Psychology; Gary; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Circle K Club, Pres. ZIESSMAN, HARVEY ALAN A.B. Zoology; Euclid, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau. ZUKOWSKI, JAMES JOHN A.B. Anthropology; Gary; McNutt Quad, Cult. Ch., Exec. Council; IU Foundation.

Arts and Sciences 433

Business ABBOTT, CHARLENE RUTH B.S. Marketing; South Bend; Read Center, Beck House; Marketing Club. ABELL, JON P. B.S. Production Management; Springfield, Va.; McNutt Quad; IRHA, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; American Management Association; Foster Quad, Treas.; Tomahawk. ACHTERBERG, DAVID CHARLES B.S. Transportation; St. Joseph, Mich.; Transportation Club; Varsity Athletics, Volleyball, Football; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Vice-Pres. ACKER, ROBERT SAMUEL B.S. Business Finance; Fort Wayne; Briscoe Quad; DeMolay; Masonic Lodge; YMCA. AEBERSOLD, DAVID ALAN B.S. Management and Administration; New Albany; MRC. ANDERSON, JOHN CLARK B.S. Management; Milroy; Wright Quad; Dunn House, Ass't. Ath. Dir.; IU Young Republicans; Intramural Athletics. ANDERSON, KEITH WARREN B.S. Management; South Bend; Phi Kappa Tau, Sec.; MRC Comm. Co-ord., Ath. Ch.; Delta Sigma Pi, Sec., Chancellor; Falcon Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Student Elections Comm. ANTRIM, RICHARD OTTING B.S. Accounting, Mooresville; Teter Quad. ARMSTRONG, RICHARD LEWIS B.S. Accounting and Finance; Michigan City; Sigma Nu, Sec.; Blue Key; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation. ATTEBERRY, TAMARA SUE B.S. Business Education; Fort Branch; Delta Gamma; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Omicron Delta; Union Comm. Ch. BACHMAN, DREW HARRISON B.S. Management; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; I-Men's Association; Varsity Wrestling. BAKER, DALE MACK B.S. Marketing; South Bend; Briscoe Quad; Marketing Club; Foster Quad, Gov. BAKER, DAVID W. B.S. Marketing; Arlington, Va.; Teter Quad; Marketing Club; American Management Association; Sailing Club. BAKER, RALPH EDWARD B.S. Personnel Management; Speedway; Teter Quad, Gov., Judicial Bd.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing Club; Society for Personnel Administration. BAKER, ROBERT WILLIAM B.S. Accounting; Clifton, N.J. BALL, DAVID R. B.S. Management and Administration; Kokomo; Beta Gamma sigma; Sigma Iota Epsilon. BANCROFT, CHRISTINA JEAN B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Read Center, Clark House, Special Events Ch., Center Election Comm.; Marketing Club. BARCLAY, STEPHEN LLOYD B.S. Personnel Management and Organizational Behavior; Elmonte, Calif.; Trees Center, Judicial Bd.; Personnel Club. BARKER, ROBERT A. B.S. Marketing; Mt. Prospect, Ill.; Delta Upsilon, Sec.; Marketing Club; American Management Association; IU Barbell Club. BARNES, W. DAVID B.S. Management and Administration; Gary; Marketing Club; IU Collegiate Democrats; American Management Association. BARRETT, MARY CAROLYN B.S. Marketing; Trenton, Tenn.; Briscoe Quad; Marketing Club; Folk Song Club. BARROW, JAMES WILLIAM B.S. Personnel; Bloomington; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-Pres., Rush Ch.; American Society for Personnel Administration. BAUMGARTNER, DENNIE PAUL B.S. Personnel Management; Bluffton; McNutt Quad; Delta Sigma Pi; IU Society for Personnel Administration. BECK, JAMES DEAN B.S. Business Economics and Public Policy; Columbus. BECKNER, DEAN MARTIN B.S. Management and Administration; Bringhurst. BELL, CHARLES EASTOP B.S. Accounting; Hammond; Briscoe Quad; Laurel Hall, Treas.; Accounting Club; Scholastic Achievement Society. BELYEA, EDWARD GERALD JR. B.S. Marketing; Traverse City, Mich.; MRC, Ath. Dir.; Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Speakers Ch., Social Ch. BELYEA, JUDITH ANN B.S. Accounting; Shirley; Beta Alpha Psi; Accounting Club, Sec. BENCIE, DANIEL CHARLES B.S. Management; Gary; American Management Association. BENNETT, ROBERT LESLIE B.S. Management and Administration; Salem; MRC, Judicial Bd.; American Management Association; Arnold Air Society, Operations Officer, Pledge Tr. BENNISON, WILLIAM DEAN B.S. Management and Administration; Tenafly, N.J.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Interfraternity Council, Comm. Ch., Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Senior Class Council; All Sports Banquet, Ticket Ch. BENSON, HARRY LEE B.S. Accounting; Royal Center. BENSON, MARLIN ROBERT B.S. Management and Administration; Milroy; Accounting Club; Management Club. BERKEY, JAMES W. B.S. Transportation; Goshen; Sigma Chi. BIGGS, THOMAS WAYNE B.S. Business Statistics and Management; Fort Wayne; Acacia; IU Collegiate Democrats; YMCA; Marketing Club; American Management Association; Intramural Sports.

434 Business

BIKOFF, DAVID B.S. Marketing; Gary; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing Club; Falcon Club; Little 500 Rider; YMCA. BIKOFF, MARY ELIZABETH B.S. Office Management; Bloomington; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas.; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. BLACKBURN, CHERYL LYNN B.S. Accounting; LaPaz; Accounting Club; Usher Corps; Varsity Band; House Council. BLUESTEIN, EDWIN STEVEN B.S. Finance; Indianapolis; Zeta Beta Tau; Hillel Foundation. BONEWITS, JAMES CHARLES B.S. Management and Administration; West Lafayette; Phi Delta Theta; IU Young Republicans; Marketing Club; American Management Association; YMCA. BONHOMME, RAYMOND FRANCIS B.S. Accounting; Royal Center; Wright Quad; Accounting Club. BORDNER, JOSEPH CLARK II B.S. Management and Administration; Bedford; IU Young Republicans; Marketing Club; American Management Association. BOSCHER, THOMAS LEONARD B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres., Soc. Ch.; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Little 500 Rider. BOSS, JOHN W. B.S. Marketing; Elkhart; Delta Upsilon, Pres.; Interfraternity Council; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Scabbard and Blade; Skull and Crescent. BRADBURY, JOHN WILLIAM B.S. Accounting; Winchester; Teter Quad, Thompson Hall; IU Young Republicans; Accounting Club; American Management Association; Young Americans for Freedom; Conservative League. BRENNAN, FRANK XAVIER B.S. Marketing; Fairlawn, N.J.; Marketing Club; I-Men's Association; Varsity Tennis; Intramural Basketball. BRINEY, BRUCE RUSSEL B.S. Finance; Crown Point; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sec., House Mngr. BROCKMANN, WILLIAM FRANK B.S. Management; South Bend; Chi Phi, Rush Ch., Vice-Pres.; Falcon Club; Intramural Basketball; Dean's List. BROOKMAN, WILLIAM L. B.S. Finance; Bloomington. BROWNE, GUS C. II B.S. Management and Administration; Bloomington; Marketing Club; American Management Association. BRUICK, DEAN ARNOLD B.S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne; McNutt Quad, Treas.; Alpha Kappa Psi. BRUNSON, DARRELL BRUCE B.S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. BRUSSLAN, SHELDON DAVID B.S. Marketing; South Bend; McNutt Quad; ACU, Entertainment Ch., Publicity Ch.; Senior Class Council; Junior Class Council; Union Comm. BUCK, KENNETH LOREN B.S. Management and Administration; South Bend; Accounting Club; Freshman Baseball. BUCKNER, ROBERT GARFIELD III B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Omega Psi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma; I-Men's Association; Varsity Track. BUECKER, THOMAS JOSEPH B.S. Finance; Piqua, Ohio; Sigma Nu; IU Volleyball, Capt.; YMCA; IU Foundation; Interfraternity Council. BULMAHN, MARTIN H. B.S. Finance; Decatur; Finance Club. BULTMAN, TOMMY S. B.S. Finance; Liberty; Alpha Phi Omega. BURKE, JAMES EDWIN B.S. Marketing; South Bend; Kappa Delta Rho; YMCA; North Jordan Council; Sports Car Club; Marketing Club. BURKHART, PHILLIP WAYNE B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis. BURNS, STEVEN FORD B.S. Finance; Bloomington; American Management Association; Finance Club. BUXTON, LEROY WILLIAM B.S. Accounting; Phoenix, Ariz.; Accounting Club. CAPLIN, JAMES ALAN M.B.A. Finance; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Mu; Intramural Football; Intramural Wrestling. CARLTON, JERRY DUANE B.S. Management; Michigan City; Daily Student; IU Flying Club; Sailing Club. CARTER, DAVID LEE B.S. Marketing; Rensselaer; Lambda Chi Alpha; IU Young Republicans; Marketing Club. CASE, DAVID R. B.S. Business and Accounting; Connersville; Wright Quad, Ruter House, Gov.; Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Club. CAVETT, MARY JANE B.S. Personnel Management; Salem; American Management Association, Sec.; Personnel Club. CAVETT, ROBERT LARKIN B.S. Transportation; Salem; American Management Association, Treas. CHENTNIK, CHESTER G. JR. B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis and Production Management; Gary; IU Newman Club. CHITWOOD, LOWELL DEAN B.S. Management and Administration; Bloomington. CHITWOOD, STEVEN LYNN B.S. Real Estate; Bloomington; Sigma Chi; YMCA, Pres.; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans. CLARK, GAIL ALEEN B.S. Accounting; Hanna; Accounting Club. CLARK, PAUL ALAN B.S. Accounting; Fort Wayne; Foster Quad, Judicial Bd., Gov., Vice-Gov.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Accounting Club; IU Foundation; Tomahawk; Senior Class Council. CLARK, WILLIAM C. B.S. Production Management; Newark, N.J.; Kappa Sigma, Pledge Tr.; Little 500 Rider; American Management Association; Falcon Club; Pershing Rifles; Skull and Crescent. CLEMENTS, RICK E. B.S. Accounting; Rising Sun; Wright Quad; Accounting Club; IU Barbell Club; Intramural Sports.

Business 435

CLYBURN, COLLINS GARY B.S. Management and Administration; Evansville; IU Young Republicans; Pershing Rifles; American Management Association, Gov. COAKE, LINDA JEAN B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad; Accounting Club; Sailing Club. COCHRAN, JOSEPH MICHAEL JR. B.S. Marketing; Gary; Magee I, ViceGovernor; Alpha Kappa Psi, Master Of Rituals; Marketing Club; Football and Baseball Intramurals; Student Council, Vice-Pres., Northwest Campus. COLEMAN, JESSE LEE B.S. Accounting; Indianapolis. COLLINS, WILLIAM JAMES B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Foster Quad; Marketing Club. COMMENT, JEFFREY WAYNE B.S. Marketing; Fort Wayne; Phi Delta Theta; Marketing Club; IU Foundation. CONAWAY, ROBERT JOHN B.S. Accounting; Washington, Ill.; Phi Delta Theta, Pledge Tr.; IU Young Republicans; Accounting Club, Vice-Pres. CONKLIN, RALPH JERRY B.S. Marketing; Hammond; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Interfraternity Council; IU Young Republicans; Marketing Club. CONRAD, STANLEY DAVID B.S. Finance; Fort Wayne; Finance Club. COOMES, MICHAEL JOSEPH B.S. Marketing; South Bend; Lambda Alpha; IU Young Republicans; YMCA. COTTRILL, FRED B.S. Marketing; Gary; Marketing Club. COULTER, REX E. B.S. Accounting; Parker; Alpha Kappa Psi, Public Relations Office; Accounting Club. CRAWFORD, JAMES L. B.S. Finance; Crown Point; Sigma Phi Epsilon, VicePres., Recorder. CROUCH, DAVID MERRIMAN B.S. Marketing; Bloomington; Dodds House, Athletic Ch.; IU Newman Club; Marketing Club; American Management Association; Sports Car Club; YAF. CYPRYS, DIANE MARIE B.S. Marketing; Monon; Read Center, Clark House; YWCA; Marketing Club. DAHLIN, GENE RODGER B.S. Management and Administration; Green Bay, Wis.; Phi Delta Theta; I-Men's Association; Varsity Football. DALE, CHADWICK EDISON B.S. Management; Mishawaka. DARDEN, CARR L. B.S. Real Estate Administration; Indianapolis. DARIN, MARLENE LOIS B.S. Business Education; Griffith; Delta Gamma; Optometric Dames Club; YWCA. DAULTON, JACK ALLEN B.S. Finance; Bloomington; Beta Theta Pi; I-Men's Association; Finance Club; Varsity Track. DAYHUFF, MARTHA JANE B.S. Personnel Management; Crown Point; IU Society For Personnel Administration; Freshman Orientor. DEMAREE, DAVID T. B.S. Insurance and Business; Madison; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas., Scholarship Ch. DENTON, MARK ROBERT JR. B.S. Business Management and Administration; Clarksville; Teter Quad. DEVOE, JAMES FREDERICK B.S. Management and Administration; Marion; Sigma Nu, Pledge Tr., Rush Ch., Commander; President's Cabinet; Union Comm. Ch. DICKERSON, STEVEN JAMES B.S. Accounting; Vincennes; Foster Quad; Accounting Club. DIDELOT, ROBERT EDWARD B.S. Marketing; Bloomington. DILLOW, ROY A. B.S. Marketing; Charlestown; Acacia. DIMOND, CHARLES RICHARD JR. B.S. Management and Administration; Hobart; Phi Kappa Tau, House Mngr.; Marketing Club; Management Club; Judo Club. DOBROWOLSKI, EDWARD JAMES B.S. Accounting; Elkhart; McNutt Quad, Treas.; Alpha Kappa Psi. DONOVAN, ROBERT MORRIS B.S. Accounting; Bloomington; Alpha Kappa Psi; Accounting Club. DOUGLAS, JOSEPH WILLIAM B.S. Business Accounting; Fort Wayne; Accounting Club; American Management Association. DOWNING, HAROLD LYNN B.S. Production Management; Highland. DROZDA, JOSEPH MICHAEL B.S. Marketing; Chesterton; Kappa Sigma, Rush Ch., Soc. Ch.; Falcon Club; Sphinx Club; IU Young Republicans; ROTC Basketball MVP. DUFFALA, RONALD LEE B.S. Business Administration and Management; Munster; MRC, Soc. Co-ord.; WQAD Radio Announcer; Sailing Club; Usher Corps. DURKOTT, JOHN FRANCIS B.S. Accounting; Gary; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Accounting Club, Pres.; Varsity Football. DURMAN, WILLIAM DWIGHT B.S. Finance; Indianapolis; Foster Quad. DYE, DOUGLAS LEE B.S. Accounting; Valparaiso; Accounting Club. DYGERT, NORMAN GENE B.S. Management; Valparaiso; American Management Association. EBY, REID WILLIAM B.S. Business Management and Administration; Wakarusa; Kappa Delta Rho; MRC, Edmondson 4, Gov.; Alpha Kappa Psi; IU Foundation; Union Board. EGOLF, JOHN FARRIS B.S. Marketing; Aurora, Ill.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Falcon Club; Senior Class Council.

436 Business

ELDRIDGE, STEVEN CLIFFORD B.S. Marketing; Elkhart; Delta Upsilon, Vice-Pres., Sec.; Alpha Phi Omega; Falcon Club; IU Foundation; Jr. Student Athletic Board; YMCA. ELLERBROCK, TIMM JEROME B.S. Management and Administration; Columbus, Ohio; MRC, Treas.; Alpha Phi Omega; IU Young Republicans; American Management Association. ELLIOT, LAWRENCE T. B.S. Marketing; Bremen; Phi Kappa Tau; Marketing Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council. ERENBURG, STEPHEN RICHARD B.S. Finance; Glencoe, Ill.; Zeta Beta Tau, Rush Ch., Soc. Ch.; I-Men's Association; NAACP; Varsity Tennis. ERMEL, STEPHEN HOWARD B.S. Marketing; Carmel; Delta Upsilon; Marketing Club; Falcon Club. ESTES, JON CARLETON B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis; Bloomington; Chi Phi, Pres.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Varsity Golf. ETTER, KENNETH EDWARD B.S. Personnel Management; Fowler; Delta Tau Delta, Vice-Pres., Corr. Sec.; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Skull and Crescent; American Management Association. EUBANK, RONALD CURTIS B.S. Management; South Bend; Teter Quad, Sec.-Treas.; Rugby Team; Rugby Club, Pres. EVANGELISTI, BARRI MARINO B.S. Accounting; Mishawaka. EVANS, MICHAEL BAYARD B.S. Accounting; Indianapolis; Varsity Baseball. FAIR, LARRY JAMES B.S. Accounting; Fort Wayne; Accounting Club. FARMER, CHARLES EDWARD B.S. Finance; Bloomington; Phi Kappa Tau; Delta Sigma Pi. FEDERLE, RALPH J. B.S. Management and Administration; Batesville; Marketing Club; American Management Association. FETTIG, PETER ALAN B.S. Management and Administration; Elwood; Wright Quad, Sec.-Treas.; IU Foundation; Delta Sigma Pi, Pres., Treas.; Union Board Activities Comm. FILKOWSKI, LAWRENCE LOUIS B.S. Marketing; Hammond; Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi. FILLENWORTH, JUDITH ANN B.S. Business Education; Tipton; Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Ch., Executive Council; SEA; YWCA. FISHEL, TERRY J. B.S. Production Management and Industrial Engineering; Bloomington. FLEMING, JAMES RICHARD B.S. Marketing; Kokomo; Beta Theta Pi; Marketing Club; Falcon Club. FLICK, ROBERT CECIL B.S. Management; Paoli; Sigma Chi, Treas. FORST, EARL FREDERICK B.S. Management; Knightstown; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Senior Class Council. FOWLER, WILLIAM C. B.S. Management and Administration; Phi Gamma Delta, Pres.; Beta Gamma Sigma; IU Foundation; Jr. Interfraternity Council. FRANCE, PHILIP SAMMY B.S. Management and Administration; Anderson. FRETTE, GERALD ALAN B.S. Accounting; Washington; Kappa Delta Rho; IU Sing; YMCA. FREY, GERALD STEPHEN B.S. Marketing; Vincennes; Delta Upsilon, House Mngr.; Daily Student; Marketing Club; American Management Association; Jr. Student Athletic Board; LUNA. FRISBIE, GILBERT ARTHUR JR. B.S. Management and Administration; Alexandria, Va.; Foster Quad; Varsity Football; I-Men's Association. FROEHLKE, RONALD ALBERT B.S. Finance; South Bend; Briscoe Quad; Shea 1, Treas.; Finance Club; Intramural Bowling Team. FRONEK, DAVID THOMAS B.S. Finance; Crown Point; Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing Club; Finance Club. GADZALA, RICHARD EUGENE B.S. Marketing; Gary; American Management Association; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Collegiate Democrats. GARDNER, JACK DOUGLAS B.S. Finance; Redlands, Calif. GARMONG, JOHN RICHARD B.S. Marketing; Terre Haute; Lambda Chi Alpha; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent. GARROTT, CHRISTINE ANNE B.S. Marketing; Brookston; Read Center, Clark House; AWS; Marketing Club; IU Young Republicans; Student Elections Comm.; YWCA. GAYDOSH, JACK CARL B.S. Management and Administration; Richmond; Phi Kappa Theta, Pres.; Alpha Delta Sigma, Treas.; Management Club; Falcon Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Skull and Crescent. GIFFIN, KENNETH NEAL B.S. Management and Administration; Mooresville; Teter Quad, Cult. Co-ord.; IU Young Republicans, Dir.; Senior Class Council; Great Issues, Vice-Ch.; Freshman Baseball. GILL, THOMAS ROBERT B.S. Finance; Seymour; Sigma Pi, Vice-Pres., Pledge Tr., Soc. Ch.; Arnold Air Society; Interfraternity Council. GINES, RAY III B.S. Marketing; Bloomington; Marketing Club; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles, Exec. Officer. GIOE, STEPHEN BRUCE B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Theta; IU Young Republicans; Marketing Club; Intramurals. GITZKE, JOYCE DEE B.S. Marketing; Mt. Propect, Ill.; Alpha Xi Delta, Soc. Ch.; Omicron Delta. GLUCK, VIVIAN MARIE B.S. Marketing; Gary; Foster Quad, Newspaper Staff, Floor Comm. Ch.; Astronomy Club; Marketing Club; Hillel Foundation, House Comm. Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Omicron Delta. GOLDMAN, LEONARD MELVIN B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Foster Quad., Jenkinson III, Treas.; Marketing Club, Treas.; Freshman Track. GOODRUM, THOMAS LESLIE B.S. Accounting; Bloomington.

Business 437

GRANGER, ELLSWORTH CARL JR. B.S. Accounting; Mishawaka; McNutt Quad; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Accounting Club. GRANT, SHARON K. B.S. Marketing; Noblesville; Senior Class Council; Marketing Club; American Management Association; YWCA. GRECO, ANTHONY I. B.S. Accounting; Gary; Teter Quad., Thompson Hall, Gov.; Scholastic Achievement Society; Accounting Club; IU Collegiate Democrats. GREENING, GERALD RUSSEL JR. B.S. Management and Administration; Granger; Teter Quad; American Management Association. GRESHAM, LARRY DALE B.S. Marketing; Munster; Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi; IU Young Republicans; Pershing Rifles, Finance Officer, Reg. Supply Officer. GRIEGER, GARY ALAN B.S. Management and Administration; Evansville; Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Basketball; I-Men's Association. GROSE, JOAN CHARLET B.S. Management and Administration; Mishawaka; Gamma Phi Beta; Management Club; Sailing Club. GROSS, GARY D. B.S. Personnel; Salem; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Personnel Club, Pres.; Arnold Air Society; IU Foundation. GROSS, JOEL EDWARD B.S. Personnel Organization; Gary; Zeta Beta Tau; Sigma Delta Chi. GRUENBERG, GILBERT D. B.S. Management and Administration; Gary. CRUND, JAMES HURST B.S. Management and Administration; Peru; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; IU Flying Club. GUNTER, KAY ALICE B.S. Accounting; Versailles; Briscoe Quad; Maple Hall, Treas.; Omicron Delta. CURTHET, LARRY DONAVIN B.S. Management; Plymouth. HALSTEAD, JERRY R. B.S. Transportation; Bloomington. HAMILTON, LARRY LEE B.S. Marketing; Frankfort; Briscoe Quad; Marketing Club; IU Young Republicans. HARDING, GEORGE THOMAS JR. B.S. Accounting; Gary; Alpha Kappa Psi; Intramural Sports, Mngr.; _Accounting Club. HARGITT, GLENN TOIVO B.S. Management and Administration; Bloomington; American Management Association. HARRIS, ALBERT LEWIS B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis; Alexandria, Va.; Lambda Chi Alpha; IU Foundation; Marketing Club; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club. HARRISON, GEORGE ROBERT B.S. Accounting; Vincennes; Accounting Club. HARRISON, SYLVIA S. B.S. Business Education; Monticello. HARSHMAN, JUDITH KAY B.S. Textile Merchandising; Wabash. HARTMAN, JOHN DAVID B.S. Management; Bloomington; Phi Delta Theta; IU Flying Club. HARTMAN, LLOYD STANLEY B.S. Accounting; Bloomington; Accounting Club. HASS, CARL JR. B.S. Management and Administration; South Bend. HEARN, R. STEVE B.S. Finance; Leesburg; IU Young Republicans; Student Bar Association. HEDGES, JOHN LESLIE B.S. Management and Administration; Goshen; Beta Theta Pi; Falcon Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council. HEINES, JOHN FRANCIS B.S. Finance; Evansville; Briscoe Quad, Unit Gov.; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; Little 500 Rider. HEISER, JAMES JOEL B.S. Accounting; Hammond; Accounting Club; Dean's List. HIGDON, MICHAEL WILLIAM B.S. Marketing; Corydon; Phi Kappa Tau. HILDEBRANDT, JOANN B.S. Office Management; Indianapolis; Read Center, Cult. Ch., Vice-Gov.; IU Foundation; Omicron Delta. HOBBS, BEN BRYANT B.S. Management and Administration; Tipton; Delta Sigma Pi. HOCHSTETLER, DAVID R. B.S. Marketing; Buckskin; Marketing Club; Varsity Cross-Country and Track, Mngr. HOKANSON, JOHN ERIK B.S. Personnel Management; Chesterton; Wright Quad., Dodds House, Gov.; IU Foundation; Personnel Management Club. HOLLIS, EDWARD EDISON JR. B.S. Management; Salem. IIOLUBAR, GLENN E. B.S. Personnel; Green Bay, Wis.; Foster Quad; Varsity Football; YMCA. HUDDLESTON, WILLIAM RICHARD B.S. Management and Administration; Muncie; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Iota Epsilon. HUGHES, LEWIS NICK JR. B.S. Business Economics and Public Policy; Trafalgar; McNutt Quad, Bus. Mngr., Ed., Gov., Sec.-Treas., Ch. of Center Election Comm., Center Comm. Ch.; IU Young Republicans. HUMPHREY, ROBERT CLARK B.S. Marketing; Valparaiso; Alpha Delta Sigma; Marketing Club; Management Club; Pistol and Rifle Club. HUNSICKER, BRUCE WILLARD B.S. Accounting; Hobart; Accounting Club; Rifle and Pistol Club, Pres. HUPP, FRED E. B.S. Marketing and Advertising; Hammond; Lambda Chi Alpha; Marketing Club; I-Men's Association; Singing Hoosiers; Varsity Baseball; YMCA.

438 Business

HUTER, CHARLES VINCENT B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad, Comm. Ch.; American Management Association. IDZIK, ISABELLE ANN B.S. Textile Merchandising; Gary; Read Center, Center Judicial Bd.; Home Economics Club; Marketing Club; YWCA; American Management Association. IERACI, ROSEMARY CHRISTINE B.S. Marketing; South Bend; Teter Quad; American Management Association. JACKSON, DENNIS RAY B.S. Marketing; Harrison, Ohio; Marketing Club. JANKOVICH, DONALD GEORGE B.S. Insurance; Gary; McNutt Quad; Insurance Club; IU Newman Club; Intramural Sports; YMCA. JAROSZENSKI, JAMES BARTLEY B.S. Finance; South Bend; Wright Quad, Dewey House, Gov. JEFFERIES, ARTHUR LEE B.S. Accounting; Washington; Accounting Club. JENKINS, LOU RAYMOND B.S. Finance; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Theta; Finance Club. JENKINS, MARILYN SUE B.S. Textile Merchandising; Osgood; Alpha Xi Delta; Marketing Club; IU Collegiate Democrats; YWCA. JOHNSON, ALLEN B. B.S. Accounting; Hobart; Accounting Club. JOHNSON, EDWARD WARE B.S. Business Economics and Public Policy; Evansville; Delta Upsilon, Treas., Alum. Rel. Ch.; Marching 100; Debate Team; Great Issues. JOHNSON, STEVEN EDWARD B.S. Personnel; Coatesville; Delta Chi, Pledge Tr., Vice-Pres.; IUSPA Club, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Sphinx Club. JOHNSON, THEODORE B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Delta Sigma Delta; Sailing Club. JONAS, ROBERT QUINN B.S. Accounting; LaPorte; GRC, Aley Hall, Pres.; Accounting Club. JONES, JOHN ARTHUR A.B. Business Administration; Louisville, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Psi; Varsity Football; I-Men's Association. JUNK, WILLIAM P. B.S. Marketing; Portage; Delta Upsilon, Sec.; IU Foundation; Marketing Club. KALUPA, EDWARD JAMES B.S. Management; Sheboygan Falls, Wis.; Sigma Nu; I-Men's Association; Varsity Football. KARRMANN, EDWARD R. B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; Beta Theta Pi; Insurance Club; YMCA, Christian Center. KEATON, THOMAS ALAN B.S. Management and Administration; Rushville; Lambda Chi Alpha; American Management Association; Falcon Club. KEEFER, JAMES ALLEN B.S. Marketing; Fort Wayne; Phi Delta Theta, Public Rel. Ch.; Marketing Club. KEGLEY, LINDA KAY B.S. Business Education; Indianapolis; Read Center, Clark House; IU Young Republicans; Oceanides. KEITH, RICHARD KENYON B.S. Accounting; Jeffersonville; Phi Epsilon Pi; MRC, Vice-Gov.; Accounting Club; Marketing Club; Student Elections Comm.; Circle K Club. KELLAM, JOHN LINVEL B.S. Accounting; New Lisbon; Accounting Club; IU Young Republicans. KELLEY, WAYNE LEE B.S. Accounting; Avon, Conn.; Beta Theta Pi, Pres.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Blue Key; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; YMCA, Treas. KELLY, LINDA ELIZABETH B.S. Marketing; Flint, Mich.; Kappa Delta; AWS, Public Rel. Ch.; Marketing Club; Omicron Delta; Singing Hoosiers. KESSLER, KENDALL JON B.S. Accounting; LaPorte; Acacia; Falcon Club; Sailing Club; Union Comm. KILLINGBECK, WILLIAM EARL B.S. Insurance; Kokomo; McNutt Quad, Floor Vice-Gov., Academic Council; Card Section Comm. KILRAIN, EDWIN THOMAS III B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Lambda Chi Alpha, Soc. Ch.; Marketing Club; Falcon Club; Interfraternity Council, Exec. Sec.; Scabbard and Blade; Skull and Crescent. KINNICK, WILLIAM RUSSELL JR. B.S. Accounting; Bloomington; Accounting Club; Wesley Foundation; IU Young Republicans. KISH, THOMAS MICHAEL B.S. Accounting; Crown Point; Accounting Club; Little 500 Rider; Intramural Sports. KITCHELL, LAWRENCE MICHAEL B.S. Accounting; Hammond; Accounting Club. KITTLE, JAMES LOUIS JR. B.S. Accounting and Marketing; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Senior Class Pres.; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senate, Speaker Pro Tem. KNALL, DAVID WELLS A.B. Finance; East Chicago; Beta Theta Pi; Finance Club; Falcon Club; Freshman Tennis. KNIESLEY, JOHN WILLIAM B.S. Finance; Kouts; Wright Quad, Dodds House; American Management Association; IU Foundation. KOEHLER, ALAN GERARD B.S. Management and Administration; Blooming. ton; Accounting Club; Rugby Club. KORN, SUSAN KAY B.S. Office Management; Fort Wayne; Delta Gamma. KRAVITZ, HOWARD LEE B.S. Accounting; Fairlawn, N.J.; Foster Quad, Martin Hall, Gov.; Accounting Club. KRUCHTEN, GARY JACOB B.S. Accounting; Indianapolis; Delta Tau Delta. KRUEGER, DENNIS WILLARD B.S. Personnel Management; Crete, Ill.; Personnel Club; I-Men's Association; Varsity Baseball; Freshman Basketball. KRULL, ROBERT J. B.S. Accounting; Kentland; Foster Quad; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Accounting Club.

Business 439

LAIN, JOHN LELAND B.S. Management and General Administration; Hobart; Arnold Air Society. LAMBERT, JEROLD ROY B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Phi Kappa Psi; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent; Insurance and Marketing Club. LANG, SARAH HELEN B.S. Business Education; Jeffersonville; YWCA. LANKFORD, RICHARD LEO B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis; Bloomington; Phi Kappa Theta; Alpha Delta Sigma, Pres., Vice-Pres.; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; Rugby Club. LANTZ, THOMAS JOE B.S. Management; Elkhart; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LARKE, KENNETH RONALD B.S. Management; Kokomo; Wright Quad, Harney House; American Management Association. LASH, DENNIS ANDREW B.S. Management and Administration; Avilla. LAISTER, SAMUEL AARON JR. B.S. A.B. Accounting, Management and Administration, and Economics; Martinsville; Accounting Club. LATZ, JOHN PATRICK B.S. Transportation; Crown Point; Marketing Club; Transportation Club. LAUE, JOHN ROBERT B.S. Personnel Management; Vincennes; American Management Association. LAY, CLORIUS LEE B.S. Accounting; Gary; American Management Association; NAACP; Chess Club; Accounting Club. LAYNE, DAVID MINTER B.S. Management and Administration; Crawfordsville; Sigma Chi; Marketing Club; American Management Association; Falcon Club; Skull and Crescent; YMCA. LE BAUD, JEAN-PIERRE B.S. International Business Administration; KremlinBicetre, France; Cosmopolitan Club. LEGGETT, STEVE MARK B.S. Marketing; Fort Wayne; Theta Chi, Pres., Treas.; Marketing Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation. LENTES, KAREN ELAINE B.S. Marketing; Itasca, Ill.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-Pres., Schol. Ch., Hist.; Marketing Club; IU Young Republicans; Omicron Delta; YWCA. LESTER, PATRICIA ANN B.S. Business Education; Wabash; Foster Quad, Harper Hall; AWS; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Newman Club; YWCA. LEVIN, DONALD MORRIS B.S. Management; Hammond; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres., Vice-Pres., Rush Ch.; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation. LIGHTY, PAUL BRUCE B.S. Accounting; Peru; McNutt Quad, Sec.-Treas., Vice-Gov., Gov.; Accounting Club. LOESER, EDWIN JAY B.S. Management and Administration; Terre Haute; Zeta Beta Tau; American Management Association; Hillel Foundation. LOTTI, MICHAEL JOSEPH B.S. Marketing; Fort Wayne; Phi Delta Theta, Librarian; Marketing Club; IU Newman Club. LOUDEN, JAMES E. B.S. Marketing; Hasen. LOVELL, ARTHUR GRISLEY B.S. Management and Administration; Logansport; Senior Class Council; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. LOVELLETTE, STEPHEN JOE B.S. Management; Bloomington; American Management Association. LUNDAL, ROBERT EDWARD B.S. Marketing; Nappanee; McNutt Quad, Pres.; Wright Quad, Soc. Co-ord.; Junior Class Treas.; IU Foundation. LYBROOK, ROBERT ELLSWORTH B.S. Management and Administration; Franklin; Sigma Chi, Con. Sec.; IU Young Republicans. LYONS, JOHN FREDERICK B.S. Marketing; Bloomington; Marketing Club; Management Club; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. McCART, PERRY II B.S. Marketing; Orleans; Beta Theta Pi; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society; Skull and Crescent. McCELLAN, JEFFREY E. B.S. Finance; Scottsburg; Phi Delta Theta, Rush Sec.; Finance Club; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent; YMCA. McCOY, MICHAEL F. B.S. Management; Madison; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching 100; Sailing Club. McCOY, WAYNE ANTHONY B.S. Marketing; Louisville, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Psi, Vice-Pres., Treas., Pad.; Marketing Club, American Management Association; Interfraternity Council; Jr. Interfraternity Council; NAACP. McCUE, DANIEL VICTOR B.S. Management and Administration; Bloomington; McNutt Quad, Soc. Co-ord., Cult. Co-ord.; IU Flying Club. McGRAW, MICHAEL DENNIS B.S. Marketing; Bloomington. McINTIRE, JOHN LESLIE III B.S. Business Economics and Public Policy; Indianapolis; Sigma Chi, Vice-Pres.; Interfraternity Council; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; Union Board; Union Comm. McMILLEN, JOHN FISHER B.S. Personnel Management; Fort Wayne; Sigma Nu, Rush Ch., Pledge Tr.; Falcon Club; IU Foundation. MACY, BARRY L. B.S. Accounting; Losantville; Accounting Club; IU Collegiate Democrats. MAINES, CAROL ANNA B.S. Marketing; Centerville; Marketing Club; Omicron Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta. MAKIELSKI, MICHAEL T. B.S. Management and Administration; South Bend; Sailing Club. MALINCHAK, WILLIAM JOHN B.S. Management and Administration; Monessen, Pa.; Sigma Nu; Blue Key; I-Men's Association; IU Foundation. MANTHEY, KLAUS B.S. Management and Administration; North Arlington, N.J.; Teter Quad; Marketing Club; American Management Association; Soccer. MARCOTTE, WILLIAM JOSEPH B.S. Accounting; Gary; Wright Quad, Hummer House; Accounting Club; Alpha Phi Omega; IU Newman Club.



MARCUS, ELAINE SANDRA B.S. Office Management; Frankfort, Ky.; Sigma Delta Tau; ARBUTUS; Omicron Delta; International Affairs Commission. MARLEY, LOREN DOW B.S. Marketing; Gosport; Marketing Club; Finance Club. MARTINDALE, THOMAS ROGERS B.S. Personnel Management; Kentfield, Calif.; American Management Association; IU Society for Personnel Administration. MAYDRAS, DAVID MICHAEL B.S. Marketing; Danville, Ill.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Football; I-Men's Association. MAYER, JERRY MAX B.S. Accounting; Princeton; Accounting Club. MERRILL, THOMAS FRED B.S. Accounting; Indianapolis; Sigma Nu; Freshman Class Council; Mu Eta Gamma; YMCA; Union Comm. MESSICK, LANA SUE B.S. Textile Merchandising; Anderson; Alpha Phi; ARBUTUS Queen. METCALFE, JUDITH ANN B.S. Busisness Education; South Bend; Alpha Chi Omega, Rec. Sec.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Young Republicans; Omicron Delta; YWCA. METCALFE, NOEL G. B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; American Management Association. METZGER, ROBERT LEO B.S. Marketing; Fort Wayne; Marketing Club, Vice-Pres. MEYERS, JOSEPH KENT B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis; Kokomo; Intramural Sports; LUNA; Senior Class Council; American Management Association; YMCA. MILLER, DONALD C. B.S. Management and Administration; New Castle; Sigma Chi. MILLER, PAUL MARTIN B.S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas.; Marketing Club; IU Newman Club; Folk Song Club. MILLER, RAYMOND FREDERICK B.S. Management and Administration; Arlington Heights, Ill.; Phi Delta Theta; American Management Association; Business Club; Varsity Baseball. MILLER, ROBERT HAROLD B.S. Marketing; Chicago, Ill. MILLS, THOMAS C. B:S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne; Management Club; Phi Omega; IU Collegiate Democrats; Psi Omega. MILLSPAUGH, EARL DANIEL B.S. Accounting; Valparaiso; Accounting Club. MINER, ROBERT LOUIS B.S. Management and Administration; Louisville, Ky.; Varsity Baseball; I-Men's Association. MINER, THOMAS HOWARD JR. B.S. Management and Administration; Bloomington; American Management Association. MOONY, WILLIAM R. B.S. Finance; Bloomington. MOORE, ROGER DEAN B.S. Finance; Muncie; Delta Tau Delta, Sec., Treas.; Accounting Club; Falcon Club; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent. MOORE, W. RANDOLPH B.S. Accounting; Rushville; Beta Theta Pi; Accounting Club. MORGAN, JAMES HARVEY B.S. Management; Scottsburg; Management Club; Intramural Tennis; Intramural Basketball. MORNINGSTAR, ALLEN ORA B.S. Accounting; Bloomington; Accounting Club; Management Club. MORROW, CHARLES JAMES B.S. Marketing; Hebron. MOSTER, STEPHEN ALAN B.S. Management and Administration; Bloomington; Sigma Chi; Interfraternity Council; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Scabbard and Blade. MOTT, GEORGE M1CHEL B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis. MOUNT, DAVID EDWARD B.S. Business Administration; Elkhart. MULVANEY, WILLIAM L. B.S. Accounting; Kokomo; Accounting Club; National Association of Accountants; YMCA. NAPOLEON, BARBARA JO B.S. Office Management; Indianapolis; Read Center, Landes House; Marching 100; IU Collegiate Democrats. NARAMOTO, ELAINE MIYO B.S. Management and Administration; Hon, Hawaii; Alpha Phi, Activities Ch., Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta, First VicePres.; AWS, Pres.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Pleiades, Vice-Pres. NEALON, MICAEL E. B.S. Management; Indianapolis; Sigma Chi; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Scabbard and Blade; Union Comm. Ch.; YMCA. NEEL, CHARLES HERBERT JR. B.S. Management; Wheatridge, Colo.; IMen's Association; Varsity Diving. NOFFSINGER, TERRY ROSS B.S. Marketing; Evansville; Delta Tau Delta, Sgt.-at-Arms, Rush Ch.; Marketing Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Indiana Greek Staff, Student Orientation Leader. NORTH, GERALD B. B.S. Management; Speedway; Teter Quad, Treas.; Management Club; IU Young Republicans. NUTTER, MARILYN JO B.S. Office Management; Martinsville. O'DONNELL, JOHN FRANCIS B.S. Business Administration; Indianapolis; Beta Theta Pi, House Mngr.; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent. OLMSTEAD, JOHN F. B.S. Accounting; Indianapolis; Sigma Nu, Treas.; Accounting Club; IU Foundation. O'NEILL, DENNIS MICHAEL B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity Swimming; I-Men's Association; IU Newman Club. OOMS, KENNETH EDWIN B.S. Accounting; DeMotte; Accounting Club.

Business 441

ORELUP, BERNARD C. JR. B.S. Accounting; Crown Point; Teter Quad, Floor Gov.; Accounting Club; IU Young Republicans; Spelunking Club. ORME, CHARLES H. B.S. Management; Indianapolis; Phi Gamma Delta. OTTE, WILLIAM J. B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; Phi Gamma Delta; ARBUTUS; IU Foundation; Union Comm. Ch.; YMCA. PALMER, LUCIAN PHILLIP A.B. Accounting; Noblesville. PALMER, RUSSELL JAY B.S. Management and Administration; Logansport; American Management Association; IU Real Estate Club; YMCA. PARISH, GEORGE RANDALL JR. B.S. Accounting; Indianapolis; Kappa Delta Rho; Delta Sigma Pi; Rifle and Pistol Club, Pres. PAUKSTELIS, ALGIRDAS JOSEPH B.S. Management and Administration; East Chicago; Martin Hall, Soc. Ch.; Phi Epsilon Pi; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Folk Song Club; IVIrketing Club; Finance Club; Sailing Club. PEGLOW, DAVID A. B.S. Accounting; Hammond; IMU Intercollegiate Bowling Team; WQAD Disc Jockey; Gamma Delta. PEPE, DONALD S. B.S. Marketing; Evansville; Beta Gamma Sigma; Marketing Club; Phi Eta Sigma. PETROVICH, JANET LYNN B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Delta Delta Delta; Marketing Club; ARBUTUS; YWCA. PFAFF, THOMAS ELSON B.S. Management; Indianapolis; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Accounting Club; American Management Association. PFILE, BERNARD WILLIAM B.S. Accounting; Gary; Phi Kappa Tau; Accounting Club; Daily Student. PIERCE, GARY FAY B.S. Management and Administration; Worthington. PODAWILTZ, JAMES EDWARD B.S. Accounting; Elkhart; Sigma Phi Epsilon. POGACH, ALLAN CARL B.S. Accounting; Hammond; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec., Sgt-at-Arms; Accounting Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council. POIRY, JAMES RICHARD B.S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne; McNutt Quad, Unit Gov.; American Management Association; IU Newman Club; Sailing Club. POLLERT, DAVID LEE B.S. Marketing; Seymour; Kappa Delta Rho; Marketing Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Skull and Crescent. POOLE, ADRIENNE JOYCE B.S. Business Education; Jackson Heights, N.Y.; Alpha Omicron Pi; YWCA, Publicity Ch.; IU Sing, Publicity Ch.; Omicron Delta; Sailing Club. POORBAUGH, DAVID LAYTON B.S. Real Estate; Elkhart; Real Estate Club, Sec.; Kappa Kappa Psi, Convention Comm.; Marching100. POWER, WILLIAM DAVID B.S. Management and and Administration; Ft. Collins, Colo.; Sigma Chi, Exec. Comm.; Varsity Tennis, Capt.; American Management Association; I-Men's Association; Christian Science Organization. PRICE, PHILIP THORNBURG B.S. Finance; Indianapolis; Chi Phi; Finance Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club. PRICE, ROBERT DANIEL B.S. Real Estate and Insurance; Highland; Phi Epsilon Pi, Steward; Alpha Phi Omega. PURCELL, GEORGE WILLIAM B.S. Marketing; Van Nuys, Calif.; American Management Association; Marketing Club. QUILL, THOMAS EDWARD B.S. Marketing; Michigan City; Foster Quad, Cult. Co-ord.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; IU Newman Club. RAWLINGS, JAMES LEWIS II B.S. Finance; Hartford City; Delta Upsilon, Pres., Vice-Pres., Rush Ch., Pledge Tr.; IU Foundation; Union Comm. Ch.; Interfraternity Council, Chief Justice of Judicial Bd. RANSHAW, JANE ELLEN B.S. Marketing; Anderson; Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush Ch.; Marketing Club; Omicron Delta, Freshman and Soph. Class Councils. RAY, STEVEN EDWARD B.S. Marketing; Alexandria; Theta Chi, Sec., Pledge Tr.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Falcon Club; Sphinx Club; Marketing Club. REED, MARY ANN B.S. Office Management; Anderson; Teter Quad, Sec., Cult. Co-ord., Orientation Steering Comm., Sec.; ARBUTUS. REINERS, RICHARD GILBERT A.B. Finance; Brook; Pi Kappa Alpha. RICHARDS, DICK LEE B.S. Marketing; Madison; Delta Upsilon, Hist.; Marketing Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council. RICHARDS, ROBERT FRANK B.S. Marketing; Unionville; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club; IU Young Republicans. RICHMOND, JAMES GLIDDEN B.S. Management and Administration; Valparaiso; McNutt Quad, Unit Gov.; American Management Association; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; Rifle Team. RISSING, DANIEL J. B.S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne; Wright Quad, Hummer House, Gov.; IU Newman Club; IU Young Republicans; Student Senate; Varsity Track. ROACH, CHARLES ROBERT B.S. Marketing; Richmond; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Schol. Ch., Alum. Rel. Ch., Marshal; Marketing Club; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; IU Conservative Club; YMCA. ROBERTS, BRENDA KAY B.S. Accounting; Bloomington. ROBERTS, DOUGLAS LEE B.S. Business Journalism; Indianapolis; Phi Kappa Psi; ARBUTUS; Daily Student, Photo Ed., Night Ed., City Ed.; IU Foundation; Sigma Delta Chi; Great Issues. ROBINSON, JUDITH ROZINA B.S. Accounting and Business Education; Gary; Delta Zeta, Rush Ch., Rec. Ch.; Accounting Club, Sec.; Omicron Delta. ROESNER, JAY 0. B.S. Marketing; Winchester; Phi Gamma Delta. ROSENBLATT, WARREN BRUCE B.S. Accounting; Evansville; Sigma Alpha Mu; Accounting Club; Hillel Foundation; Interfraternity Council; LUNA. ROUDIANI, MANUCHER B.S. Business Economics and Public Policy; Teheran, Iran; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Rugby Team.

442 Business

RUBLE, THOMAS JOSEPH B.S. Management and Administration; Warren; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Singing Hoosiers. SADINAS, JAMES T. B.S. Marketing; South Bend; Kappa Delta Rho; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club; YMCA; Marketing Club. SANDERS, ROBERT LEVI B.S. Management and Administration; Gary; Omega Psi Phi; American Management Association; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching 100. SANDERS, WILLIAM MACK B.S. Real Estate; Indianapolis; American Management Association; Rifle Club; Real Estate Club; Geoaraphy Club. SANDSTROM, JAMES EDWARD B.S. Marketing; Crown Point; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall, Treas.; Marketing Club. SAUDER, RICHARD MONTGOMERY B.S. Management and Administration; Grabill; IU Flying Club, Pres. SCHAAB, LAWRENCE EDWARD B.S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne; Alpha Kappa Psi. SCHATZ, SAMUEL ARTHUR B.S. Business Management; Gary; Zeta Beta Tau, Rush Ch., Pres.; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Hillel Foundation, Vice-Pres. SCHEURER, SCOTT WILLIAM B.S. Management and Administration; Gary. SCHINDLER, DAVID R. B.S. Accounting; South Bend; Accounting Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. SCHMIDT, HENRY C. B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis and Production Management; Logansport. SCHREINER, EDWARD JOSEPH B.S. Business Marketing; Gary; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas.; Marketing Club; Management Club. SCHROEDER, LINDA MARIE B.S. Personnel Management; Greenwood; Society of Personnel Administration. SCHWARTZ, FREDERICK C. JR. B.S. Management and Administration; Kokomo; Phi Kappa Psi; American Management Association. SCOTT, LARRY PAUL B.S. Accounting; Fort Wayne; Phi Sigma Kappa, Treas.; Accounting Club; Beta Gamma Sigma; IU Foundation. SCOTT, ROBERT MILLER, B.S. Management and Administration; Evanston, Ill.; Sigma Chi; Falcon Club; I-Men's Association; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent; Varsity Tennis. SECORE, WAYNE MICHAEL B.S. Accounting; Oak Park, Ill.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Accounting Club; Hillel Foundation; IU Collegiate Democrats; Jr. Interfraternity Council; LUNA. SEILER, BERNARD RICHARD B.S. Marketing; Muncie; Phi Kappa Theta, Alumni Sec.; Alpha Delta Sigma, Sec.; IU Newman Club; Marketing Club. SEILER, JAMES N. B.S. Personnel Management and Organization Behavior; Fort Wayne; Alpha Kappa Psi; American Management Association; Indiana Society for Personnel Administration. SENGSTOCK, JAMES PAUL B.S. Accounting; Hammond. SHELTON, GLEN HOSHEL B.S. Accounting; Kokomo; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade. SHIVELY, ROBERT ARNOLD II B.S. Insurance; Greenfield; McNutt Quad; Wright Quad, Sec.; Insurance Club. SHURR, GERALD LEE B.S. Business Education; Valparaiso; Teter Quad; Little 500 Rider. SILLS, STEPHEN NOBLE B.S. Marketing; Evansville; Acacia; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Singing Hoosiers; Union Comm.; Marketing Club. SILVEY, THOMAS WILFRED B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; American Management Association. SIMMONS, DONALD EUGENE B.S. Accounting; Columbus; Beta Alpha Psi; Accounting Club; Judicial Bd.; Little 500 Rider. SKILES, RICHARD EDMOND A.B. Real Estate; Dephi; Real Estate Club. SKIRVIN, GLEN DALE JR. B.S. Management and Administration; Bloomington; Scabbard and Blade; Bloomington Scuba Club. SMITH, CECILY PEARSON B.S. Marketing; Durham, N.C.; Harper Hall; Marketing Club; NAACP; Wesley Foundation; Senior Class Council. SMITH, DAVID WILSON B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Daily Student; Marketing Club; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; YAF. SMITH, LEE J. B.S. Management; Terre Haute; Zeta Beta Tau; Interfraternity Council; Scabbard and Blade; Union Board; Traffic Appeals Court. SMITH, PHILLIP ROY B.S. Finance; Indianapolis; Teter Quad; Finance Club; American Management Association; Student Council; MRC, Treas. SMITH, RAYMOND B.S. Transportation; Linden, N.J.; Transportation Club, Vice-Pres.; Hillel Foundation; IU Flying Club, Sec.-Treas. SMITH, ROBERT ANTHONY B.S. Accounting; Columbia City; Phi Gamma Delta; Accounting Club; Campus Chest, Ch. SOMERS, REX EUGENE B.S. Management; Yoder; American Management Association. SOMRAK, JAMES ANTHONY B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Skull and Crescent; Varsity Golf; Senior Council. SPECK, AMOS JAN B.S. Business Management; Pine Village; Delta Sigma Pi, Treas.; Wesley Foundation. SPENCER, WARREN RICHARD B.S. Management and Administration; Martinsville; Arnold Air Society. SPITLER, WILLIAM MOORE B.S. Business Economics; Terre Haute. SPOLYAR, RICHARD LOUIS B.S. Management and Administration; Gary; American Managament Association.

Business 443

SPRINGER, CLAIRE E. B.S. Office Management; Indianapolis; Read Center; IU Collegiate Democrats; Omicron Delta; Sailing Club; YWCA. STACKERT, THOMAS DAVID B.S. Business Marketing; Gary; Wright Quad. STAUFFER, LOREN A. B.S. Personnel Management; Bloomington; Cosmopolitan Club; Personnel Management Club. STEELE, WILLIAM E. B.S. Business Management and Administration; New Castle; Sigma Chi; Management Club; Marketing Club; Falcon Club; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent. STEINBARGER, DON C. B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; Foster Quad; Arnold Air Society; Delta Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation. STEPHENS, THEODORE ROBERT B.S. Personnel Management; Chesterton; American Management Association, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Personnel Management Club; Marketing Club. STERRETT, MICHAEL LEE B.S. Management and Administration; Indianapolis; Phi Kappa Psi; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Great Issues; American Management Association. STOCKAMP, ROBERT LAWRENCE B.S. Finance; Fort Wayne. STOECKLEY, JOHN BOLTON B.S. Marketing; Kendallville; Kappa Delta Rho, Soc. Ch.; Cheerleaders; Falcon Club; IU Foundation; Sphinx Club; Student Athletic Board, Pres. STOELTING, JUDITH ANN B.S. Accounting; Madison; Willkie Quad, Sec.Treas.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Accounting Club; Beta Alpha Psi. STONE, EARL ROBERT B.S. Marketing; Bristol; Lambda Chi Alpha; Falcon Club; IU Young Republicans; Phi Eta Sigma; Marketing Club. STRAUSS, JAMES LESTER B.S. Finance; Cincinnati, Ohio; Zeta Beta Tau; IU Young Republicans; IU Amateur Radio Club, Vice-Pres.; Chess Club; Finance Club; Marketing Club. SUCIU, LARRY WAYNE B.S. Management and Administration; Sanford, N.C. SULLIVAN, ROBERT VICKERY B.S. Management and Administration; Linton; Phi Sigma Kappa, Sec.; IU Young Republicans, IU Amateur Radio Club. SUM, JACK E. B.S. Accounting; Gary; Foster Quad, Board of Governors; Accounting Club; Varsity Baseball. SUMMERVILLE, JAMES THOMAS B.S. Personnel; Elnora; Sigma Pi, Rush Ch., Vice-Pres., Pres.; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club; Falcon Club. SUMWALT, CHARLES MICHAEL B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis; Winchester; Marketing Club. SUNNY, DAVID LEE B.S. Insurance; East Chicago; American Management Association; Marketing Club; IU Collegiate Democrats; Sailing Club. SUTTON, GARY ALBERT B.S. Management and Administration; Fort Wayne. SYSOCK, OLGA ANASTASIA B.S. Accounting; Rensselaer; Read Center; AWS; Accounting Club, Sec.-Treas., Vice-Pres.; YWCA, Finance Ch. TABBERT, VIVIAN DOROTHY B.S. Business Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Xi Delta, Treas., Journal Cor.; Union Comm.; IU Young Republicans. TALBERT, ELAINE M. B.S. Textile Merchandising; Delphi; Read Hall, Landes House, Special Events Ch.; Marketing Club; YWCA. TANABE, PATRICK T. B.S. Accounting; Honolulu, Hawaii; Kappa Sigma; Accounting Club; Varsity Soccer. TAYLOR, STEPHEN B. B.S. Production Management; West Lafayette; Beta Theta Pi. THOMAS, MICHAEL WAYNE B.S. Marketing; Shelbyville; Phi Delta Theta, Hist., Soc. Ch. THOMAS, SIIERRI LYNN B.S. Textile Merchandising; Connersville; Kappa Alpha Theta, Hist.; Sailing Club; YWCA; Marketing Club. THOMPSON, STEPHEN MAURICE B.S. Accounting; Vincennes; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller, Song Ldr.; Accounting Club; Senior Class Council; IU Young Democrats; Little 500 Rider. THOMPSON, TERRY G. B.S. Marketing; Speedway; Marketing Club; Management Club; Freshman Baseball. THOPY, ROBERT THOMAS B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Delta Tau Delta, Pres.; Marketing Club; Falcon Club; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation. TILLOTSON, DON GLENN B.S. Quantitative Business Analysis; Brazil. TITTLE, ROBERT STEWART B.S. Management and Administration; Gary; Teter Quad; American Management Association. TOOMEY, PAUL TERRY B.S. Business Law; Hammond. TOWNSEND, BURT A. B.S. Management; Decatur; Sigma Nu, Pledge Tr., Rush Ch.; Falcon Club, IU Foundation. TRESTER, LARRY DAWSON B.S. Accounting; Muncie; Accounting Club. TROY, DENNIS A. B.S. Business; Linden, N.J.; Teter Quad, Fire Marshal; Varsity Golf; American Management Association; I-Men's Association. TUCKER, MARCIA JANE B.S. Business Statistics; Niles, Mich.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-Pres.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Enomene, Treas.; IU Foundation; Omicron Delta; Panhellenic, Executive Council, Rush Counselors Ch. TURNER, EDWARD HARRIS B.S. Management and Administration and Personnel Management; Fort Wayne; Union Comm. Chairman. TURNER, JUDITH LOUISE B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Delta Gamma, Treas.; Marketing Club, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Omicron Delta; Pleiades. UNGERER, RICHARD A. B.S. Accounting; Fort Wayne; Phi Delta Theta, Pres., Treas.; Accounting Club; Interfraternity Council. VALENTINE, RICHARD WILLIAM B.S. Real Estate Administration; Mishawaka; Teter Quad, Judicial Bd.; Marketing Club; Real Estate Club.

444 Business

VAN SICKLE, JUDITH ANN B.S. Marketing; Kokomo; Alpha Gamma Delta; AWS, Publicity Ch.; Marketing Club; Omicron Delta; Singing Hoosiers. VERSTRAETE, MAURICE B.S. Management; Mishawaka; American Management Association; Marketing Club. VISITKITJAKARN, PRAKOB B.S. Finance; Bangkok, Thailand; Cosmopolitan Club; YMCA. WAGONER, DENNIS E. B.S. Accounting; Plymouth;; Accounting Club. WALKER, DONALD LEE B.S. Business Journalism; Fort Wayne; Tau Kappa Epsilon; American Management Association; Daily Student; YMCA. WALKER, RICHARD EDISON III B.S. Accounting; Fort Wayne; Varsity Rifle. WALSH, JAMES P. B.S. Management and Administration; South Bend; Briscoe Quad; American Management Association; IU Newman Club. WALTER, MARTIN JAY B.S. Management; Fort Wayne; Zeta Beta Tau; Marketing Club; American Management Association; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Union Board. WARD, SUE HALL B.S. Personnel Management; Sellersburg; Omicron Delta. WARREN, CLAUDE MARION JR. B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Delta Tau Delta, Pres., Rush Ch.; Marketing Club; Interfraternity Council. WATKINS, JOHN ERMAL B.S. Marketing; Hobart; Marketing Club. WAYTS, HARRIET ELLEN B.S. Marketing; Parker; Alpha Chi Omega, Publicity Ch., Treas.; ARBUTUS; Marketing Club; Omicron Delta, VicePres.; Student Leader. WEAKLEY, THOMAS JOSEPH B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Phi Kappa Theta, Sec.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega, Alumni Sec.; IU Newman Club, Pres. WEDDLE, RANDALL JAY B.S. Marketing; Nappanee; Beta Theta Pi; I-Men's Association. WEIMER, JEAN RUTH B.S. Business Education; Smithville; Landes House Council; SNEA; IU Collegiate Democrats; YWCA. WELDELE, MICHAEL JOSEPH B.S. Management; Indianapolis; Wright Quad; Management Club; Little 500 Rider. WERNER, JOHN RALPH B.S. Accounting; Tell City; Accounting Club. WESLEY, JAMES EDWARD B.S. Management and Administration; Valparaiso; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Marching 100; Sailing Club; Accounting Club; Intramural Sports. WEST GAYLORD ALAN B.S. Marketing; Bloomington; Delta Upsilon; Marketing Club. WHITE, DENIS WILLIAM B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad; MRC, Judicial Bd. Ch.; Marketing Club; Intramural Sports. WHITSEL, FRANK JOHN B.S. Finance; Gary. WHITTAKER, JON MICHAEL B.S. Marketing; Elkhart; Delta Upsilon, VicePres.; Skull and Crescent. WHITTEN, GLENDA MARLENE B.S. Office Management; LaPorte; McNutt Quad; Marketing Club; Management Club. WICKER, CYNTHIA JANE B.S. Business Statistics; Fountaintown; Sigma Kappa, Pres., Treas., Ass't. Treas.; Belles; Omicron Delta; Panhellenic; President's Cabinet; YWCA. WICKES, NANCY MONGER B.S. Business Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; Omicron Delta; ARBUTUS Queen Cand.; YWCA. WIEGGEL, DAVID WALTER B.S. Marketing; Valparaiso; Marketing Club; Sailing Club. WIESMILLER, WALTER H. JR. B.S. Management and Administration; Madison, N.J.; Sigma Chi, Pledge Tr., Rush Ch., Chap. Ed., Executive Comm.; American Management Association; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Jr. Interfraternity Council. WILES, CHARLES JUNIOR B.S. Management; Burnettsville WILEY, RUTH A. B.S. Personnel Management; Bloomington; American Management Association; IU Society for Personnel Administration, Sec.-Treas. WILLIAMS, CONSTANCE ANN B.S. Office Management; Linton; McNutt Quad; AIESEC. WILLIAMS, WARREN KEITH B.S. Marketing; Fountain City; McNutt Quad, Judicial Bd.; Cadre Club; Marketing Club. WILSON, CAROLE ANN B.S. Business Economics and Public Policy; Rushville; Read Center; IU Collegiate Democrats; Omicron Delta. WILSON, JEFFREY T. B.S. Marketing; Dyer; American Management Association. WILSON, STEPHEN LEE B.S. Management; Indianapolis; American Management Association; IU Young Republicans. WILT, TERRY WESTBROOK B.S. Accounting; Portland; Teter Quad; Accounting Club. WINEMILLER, JAMES 0. B.S. Accounting; Oaktown; Accounting Club. WINGHAM, KENNETH RAY B.S. Marketing; Madison; Delta Upsilon; American Management Association; Marketing Club. WOODWARD, GEORGE BAIRD B.S. Accounting; Gary; McNutt Quad, Ath. Co-ord.; Wright Quad, Council Pres.; Senior Class Council; Accounting Club; IU Young Republicans. WRIGHT, THOMAS PECK B.S. Business Management; Fort Wayne; Sigma Nu; Falcon Club; Interfraternity Council, Sr. Justice; IU Foundation; Sailing .Club; Skull and Crescent. YORK, ALVIN ROBERT B.S. Marketing; Mooresville; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas.; Falcon Club; Marketing Club; IU Foundation.



YOUNG, DAVID ALLEN B.S. Accounting; Fort Wayne; Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres.; Accounting Club; IU Foundation. YULE, ROGER HILTON B.S. Marketing and Management; Bluffton; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Tr., Soc. Ch., Pres.; Marketing Club; Falcon Club; Interfraternity Council; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club. ZALE, BERNARD ALLEN B.S. Management and Administration; Gary; Daily Student; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Newman Club; Student Elections Corn. ZENOR, RICHARD M. B.S. Marketing; Indianapolis; Phi Kappa Theta; Marketing Club; Wesley Foundation. ZIENIN, PAUL WALTER B.S. Administration and Management; Gary. ZIMMERMAN, RICHARD GORDON B.S. Accounting; Lafayette; Zeta Beta Tau, Treas.; Beta Alpha Psi, Treas.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Sophomore Class Director; Accounting Club, Vice-Pres.; Student Senate. ZUBKOFF, RONALD B.S. Accounting; South Bend; Sigma Alpha Mu, Song Ch.; Accounting Club; Hillel Foundation.

Dentistry ҟ ABDON, RICHARD LOUIS D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Psi Omega. ANDRES, CARL J. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi. ANSBAUGH, LAWRENCE EVANS D.D.S. Dentistry; South Bend. AVERY, DAVID ROGER D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Senior Class Pres. BAKER, DONALD WAYNE D.D.S. Dentistry; Bloomington; Beta Theta Pi; Singing Hoosiers.

BAUM, RICHARD STEPHEN D.D.S. Dentistry; Evansville; Delta Sigma Delta. BEEKER, STEPHEN D. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Kappa Delta Rho; Delta Sigma Delta. BERNHARD, GEORGE KARB JR. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Delta. BLEEKE, JAMES M. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Sigma Phi Epsilon; SADA. BLICKENDORF, CARL WILLIAM D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis.

BOND, WILLIAM HAROLD D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Sailing Club. BOYLE, JOHN THOMAS D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis. BRYAN, EMORY WALLACE JR. D.D.S. Dentistry; Ft. Wayne. BURRIS, RAYMOND ARTHUR D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Soph. Class Vice-Pres.; Psi Omega; Union Board. CAMADINE, KENNETH EDWARD D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi. CLAUSEN, EDWARD LAURENCE D.D.S. Dentistry; Hammond; Psi Omega. DAWES, WAYNE LEE D.D.S. Dentistry; Wabash; Delta Sigma Delta, Pres.; Interfraternity Council. DAY, EUGENE ARTHUR D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis. DUNN, THOMAS EDWIN D.D.S. Dentistry; Seymour; Senior Class VicePres.; Xi Psi Phi, Vice-Pres. EDESESS, ROBERT BURTON D.D.S. Dentistry; Newton, Mass.; Alpha Omega; Student Council. EICHENAUER, DAVID FRANKLIN D.D.S. Dentistry; Decatur; Freshman Class Treas. FISCHER, STEPHEN WILLIAM D.D.S. Dentistry; Evansville; Xi Psi Phi; SADA. FLECK, JAMES L. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Psi Omega; Interfraternity Council; Junior Class Pres. FOLLMAR, JEROME ALBERT D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis. GOLDSTEIN, DAVID IIERSHEL D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Omega, Pres.; Hillel Foundation; Sailing Club.

446 Dentistry

HAAG, LOUIS RICHARD JR. D.D.S. Dentistry; Terre Haute; Delta Sigma Delta. HAGEDORN, LLOYD JOSEPH D.D.S. Dentistry; Tell City; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres.; Delta Sigma Delta; I-Men's Association; Varsity Swimming. HALL, JAMES WILLIAM D.D.S. Dentistry; Lafayette. HASTINGS, JAMES WILLIAM D.D.S. Dentistry; South Bend. HELM, KENNETH JOHN D.D.S. Dentistry; Evansville; Lambda Chi Alpha; Psi Omega. HENLEY, STEPHEN ARTHUR D.D.S. Dentistry; Rensselaer; Xi Psi Phi. HERRICK, JAMES MICHAEL D.D.S. Dentistry; Hobart; Psi Omega. HIGGINS, JAMES BRADLEY D.D.S. Dentistry; Richmond; Alpha Phi Alpha; SADA. HILLS, CRAIG LEROY D.D.S. Dentistry; Evansville; Lambda Chi Alpha; Psi Omega. INGLEMAN, JON DUANE D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi. JARRELL, DAVID PHILIP D.D.S. Dentistry; Calumet City, Ill.; Psi Omega. JOHNSON, GENE WALLACE D.D.S. Dentistry; Superior, Wis.; Xi Psi Phi; Varsity Football. JOHNSON, WILLIAM EDWARD D.D.S. Dentistry; Sullivan. KINGSBURY, JOHN D. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi. KRAUSS, NORMAN OWEN JR. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Alpha Tars Omega; Delta Sigma Delta; SADA; YMCA; Freshman Camp Staff.

McCLARREN, JERRY DWAIN D.D.S. Dentistry; Worthington; Delta Tau Delta; Xi Psi Phi, Sec.; Marching 100. McCLARY, RANDALL LEE D.D.S. Dentistry; Milltown; Delta Sigma Delta. McGEE, RAIBOURN D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi. MARTENS, RICHARD ALLEN D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi. MARTIN, RICHARD L. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi; SADA.

NELSON, JOHN PAUL D.D.S. Dentistry; Steamboat Springs, Colo.; Xi Psi Phi; Sophomore Class Treas. NESPRAL, THAIS FERNANDEZ D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis. NEWBY, J. CAMERON D.D.S. Dentistry; Brownsburg; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Delta; Freshman Class Sec.; SADA. OCHSTEIN, ABRAHAM JONAH D.D.S. Dentistry; Auburn; Junior Class Sec.; Senior Class Sec.; Alpha Omega. OEHLER, JOHN HARVEY D.D.S. Dentistry; Brazil; Beta Theta Pi. O'HARA, JAMES K. D.D.S. Dentistry; Wahiawa, Hawaii. OLIVER, DALE WRIGHT D.D.S. Dentistry; Monrovia; Xi Psi Phi. PARNELL, JERRY LEE D.D.S. Dentistry; Ft. Wayne; Acacia; Delta Sigma Delta. PFEIFER, DAVID LEWIS D.D.S. Dentistry; Lawrenceburg; Delta Sigma Delta. RAIBLEY, JERRY WILBUR D.D.S. Dentistry; Boonville; SADA, Treas. ROSHEL, JOHN ALBERT D.D.S. Dentistry; Terry Haute; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Delta. RUTLEDGE, GUY BYRON D.D.S. Dentistry; Terre Haute; Delta Sigma Delta. SCALES, JOE WILLIAM D.D.S. Dentistry; Kokomo; Senior Class Treas.; IU Newman Club; Psi Omega. SCROGGINS, DON GANT D.D.S. Dentistry; Greenwood. SHANE, MICHAEL S. W. D.D.S. Dentistry; Bloomington; Acacia; Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; YMCA. SHANK, JOHN GAYLORD D.D.S. Dentistry; Kendallville; Phi Gamma Delta; SADA. SHURR, ROGER EUGENE D.D.S. Dentistry; Valparaiso; Phi Kappa Psi, Pres.; Delta Sigma Delta; Interfraternity Council. SMITH, ALAN HUGGER D.D.S. Dentistry; Evansville; Lambda Chi Alpha; Psi Omega; SADA; YMCA. SMUDDE, ROY A. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis. SPISAK, EMERY JOHN JR. D.D.S. Dentistry; Gary.

Dentistry 447

STANLEY, HAROLD NORMAN D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Delta; Freshman Class Pres. SZOT, FRANK ALBERT D.D.S. Dentistry; Gary; Delta Sigma Delta. TIBBETS, DAHL FISHER D.D.S. Dentistry; Glendale, Calif.; Psi Omega. URBANEK, MICHAEL ANTHONEY D.D.S. Dentistry; Gary. VOGES, JOHN MICHAEL D.D.S. Dentistry; Terre Haute.

WADSWORTH, LARRY MICHAEL D.D.S. Dentistry; Washington; Sophomore Class Vice-Pres.; Xi Psi Phi. WALDEN, ROBERT ROSS D.D.S. Dentistry; Denver, Colo. WARD, JOHN EDWIN D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Phi Gamma Delta; SADA. WEILHAMMER, JAMES D. D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; SADA; Psi Omega; Student Council. WEINZAPFEL, RICHARD W. D.D.S. Dentistry; Evansville; Psi Omega. WELLS, JOHN LINCOLN D.D.S. Dentistry; Logansport; Delta Sigma Delta. WOODBURN, ROSS WILLIAM D.D.S. Dentistry; Terre Haute; Delta Sigma Delta. WRIGHT, MARVIN GENE D.D.S. Dentistry; Greensburg. YATER, DAVID GEORGE D.D.S. Dentistry; Greenfield; Xi Psi Phi. YUKNIS, LEONARD FREDERICK D.D.S. Dentistry; Indianapolis; Xi Psi Phi, Sec.; IU Camera Club.

Education ҟ ABRAMS, ROCIIELLE MIRIAM B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago; Sigma Delta Tau; ARBUTUS; Hillel Foundation; SNEA. ADAMS, NANCY JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Parkersburg, W. Va.; Read Center, Landes House, Judicial Bd., Ch.; AWS; ACE; SNEA. ADCOCK, RITA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Delta Gamma; IU Foundation; YWCA. AHL, BARBARA EVELYN B.S. Elementary Education; Richmond; Kappa Kappa Gamma; AWS Exec. Bd.; Enomene; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Pleiades. ALFORD, CAROL FRANCES B.S. Language Arts; South Bend. ALLEN, ELIZABETH MAY B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Alpha Gamma Delta, Ass't. Pledge Tr.; YWCA; Panhellenic Rush Counselor. ALLEN, JANE JACOB B.S. Language Arts; Indianapolis; Alpha Phi; SAB; YWCA. ANCEL, GAYLE ELIZABETH A.B. Special Education; Indianapolis; Sigma Delta Tau; Enomene; Freshman Affairs; LUNA; Student Senate. ARATA, CATHARINE ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Gamma Phi Beta, Parl.; ARBUTUS; YWCA. ATKINS, WALTER JACKSON B.S. Social Studies; Gary; Wright Quad, Harding House; Schol. Achievement Society. AUGSPURG, JAMES LEE B.S. Elementary Education; Medora; Beta Theta Pi; SNEA; YMCA; Little 500. BACK, PHYLLIS L. B.S. Elementary Education; Versailles. BAKER, MARY ANN B.S. Speech Pathology and Audiology; Lanesville; McNutt Quad; Phi Sigma Tau; Psychology Club. BALDONI, PAUL JAMES B.S. Language Arts; Mishawaka; Phi Kappa Theta; Interfraternity Council; Young Democrats. BALLARD, MARGARET LOU B.S. Speech and Theatre; Indianapolis; Alpha Chi Omega, Second Vice-Pres., Soc. Ch.; AWS, Pres.; Enomene, Pres.; IU Foundation; Jr. Panhellenic; Pleiades. BARAN, CAROL PATRICIA B.S. Elementary Education; Hammond; Read Center, Beck House; Usher Corps. BASH, SARAH WALLACE B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Pi Beta Phi, Treas.; Enomene; IU Foundation; Senatorial Ass't; YWCA. BAUGHER, GREGORY HART B.S. Biology; South Bend; Phi Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. BAUM, JOYCE MARILYN B.S. Language Arts; Evansville; Read Center, Curry House, House Mngr.; Hillel Foundation; Crimson Cadettes, Pres.; SEA. BAUMANN, EMMALEAN MARIE B.S. Arts and Crafts; Indianapolis; Read Center, Curry House.

448 Education

BAUMGART, MARY KATHRYN B.S. Language Arts; Evansville; Read Center, Beck House. BAURLE, ALAN HARRY B.S. Biology; Crown Point; Wright Quad, Lowe House; Spelunking Club. BELL, BEVERLY SUE B.S. Language Arts; Chalmers; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall, Soc. Co-ord.; SEA. BENNINGER, MARILYN SUE B.S. Language Arts; Ogden Dunes; Sigma Kappa, Rush Ch.; IU Young Republicans; Sailing 'Club, Sec.; YWCA. BETTLER, BARBARA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Harvard, Ill.; Pine Hall, Treas. BEYERS, BRENDA JOYCE B.S. Elementary Education; Bedford; ARBUTUS. BINUS, JUDITH ANN B.S. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Louisville, Ky.; Sycamore Hall, Ath. Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Mu Phi Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Eta, Sec.; Usher Corps. BLAIR, DEANNA KAY B.S. Social Studies; Elkhart; Foster Quad, Harper Hall; IU Collegiate Democrats; Student Elections Comm. BLAIR, WILLIAM EDWARD B.S. General Science; Gary; Alpha Epsilon Delta; YMCA. BODAK, VERONICA MARIE B.S. Language Arts; Crown Point; Memorial Hall, Academic Ch.; Forest Hall, Academic Co-ord., Orientor; IU Women's Chorus. BOLSTER, MARY JO B.S. Social Studies and Journalism; Muskeg°, Wis.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pledge Tr., Second Vice-Pres.; Daily Student; Enomene; IU Foundation; Pleiades; President's Cabinet, Sec. of Personnel. BOOTON, KAY LYNN A.B. Political Science; Indianapolis; Delta Gamma; IU Foundation; Jr. Class Council, Sr. Class Council; "500" Festival Princess. BORDNER, MRS. WILBUR B.S. Language Arts; Plymouth. BORNSTEIN, LINDA BETH B.S. Language Arts; Lorain, Ohio; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Foundation; Sigma Theta Tau. BOTHWELL, CHERYL FRANCES B.S. Language Arts; Hammond; McNutt Quad; AWS; YWCA; SEA; NEA. BOURNE, SANDRA MARIE B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Read Center, Beck House, Schol. Ch.; YWCA. BOWEN, DONNA ISABELLA B.S. Language Arts; Anderson; Teter Quad, Boisen Hall, Gov., Judicial Bd.; Gamma Phi Beta; IU Foundation; YWCA; Student Leader; Great Issues. BOWER, LINDA JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne. BOWMAN, NANCY ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Gamma Delta, Soc. Ch., First Vice-Pres.; YWCA. BOYD, ELLAJEAN B.S. Special Education; Gary; Willkie Quad; Hickory Hall, Soc. Ch.; NAACP; IU Young Democrats, CEC. BRAMAN, SUSAN KATHRYN B.S. Biology; Camp Hill, Pa.; Sigma Kappa. BRANDON, JAMES THOMAS B.S. History; Marion; Phi Kappa Psi; IU Young Republicans. BRANDON, LINDA HOODELMIER B.S. Elementary Education; Marion; Gamma Phi Beta. BRASHABER, CAROLYN JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Willkie Quad; SEA; YWCA. BRATTON, ROBERT KEITH B.S. English Language Arts; West Lafayette; Wright Quad, Parks House, Hist.; Daily Student; IU Young Republicans; Union Board. BRIN, ELLEN ROSENSTEIN B.S. Elementary Education; Whiting; Hillel Foundation; SNEA; ACE. BRINK, HARRIET SADLER B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Parliamentarian; YWCA. BROCK, SHARON ROSE A.B. Home Economics; Plainfield. BROWN, BONNIE CAROL B.S. Special Education; Salem, Ill.; McNutt Quad. BROWN, EXERTA THERESA B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago; NAACP. BRYANT, PHILIP CORWIN B.S. Social Studies; Action; Arnold Air Society; IU Young Republicans; Rugby Football. BUHL, PATRICIA ANNE B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Forest Quad, Judicial Bd.; Alpha Lambda Delta; SNEA; ACE; IU Foundation. BURKE, CAROLYN ELIZABETH B.S. Elementary Education; Lafayette; Read Center, Curry House; YWCA; SEA; ACE. BURNS, MAUREEN ELIZABETH COX B.S. Elementary Education; Seymour. BURROUGHS, JANE ELLEN B.S. Elementary Education; Crawfordsville; Alpha Gamma Delta, Choral Dir.; Singing Hoosiers; YWCA; SNEA: ACE. CARLSTEDT, WALLACE STEELE B.S. Social Studies; Indianapolis. CARTO, SUSAN MEREDITH B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne. CAVAN, JAMES B.S. Elementary Education; Valparaiso. CHAPMAN, JOYCE ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; McNutt Quad; NAACP; Daily Student, Copy Ed. CHASE, BEVERLY J. B.S. Elementary Education; Madison; Alpha Gamma Delta; YWCA; SEA.

Education 449

CHRISTENSON, LYNNE ELIZABETH B.S. Business Education; Peru; AWS; IU Young Republicans. CICHOWICZ, SHARON FITTERLING B.S. Business; Fort Wayne. COHEN, BONNIE JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Louisville, Ky.; Hillel Foundation; SNEA; Union Board, ACE. COLE, MARILYN K. A.B. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Ch.; Junior Class Sec.; IU Foundation; Pleiades; Union Comm. Ch.; Freshman Camp Counselor. COLLER, MARY ANNE B.S. Government and Social Studies; Bloomington; IU Young Republicans; Soph. Class Council; YWCA. COLLINS, RONALD LANE B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Jr. Interfraternity Council. CONNER, DEBRA ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Marion; IU Foundation; SEA. CONNER, JOAN HARGIS B.S. Elementary Education; Rockport. COOK, JUDITH GALE A.B. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Delta Delta Delta, Ass't Rush Ch.; IU Foundation; Union Board. COONROD, ELAINE LOUISE B.S. Elementary Education; Monticello; Foster Quad, Harper Hall. COPP, NANCY EILEEN B.S. Elementary Education; Middlebury; Teter Quad, Elkin Hall, Gov.; IU Young Republicans; Tomahawk. CORDS, NANCY S. B.S. Elementary Education; Aurora; Gamma Delta; PEMM. COSSMAN, JUDITH ANN B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; Cosmopolitan Club; Hillel Foundation; Social Service Club. COUTE, BONNIE SUE B.S. Elementary Education; Louisville, Ky.; Willkie Quad, Judicial Bd. CRIMMINS, JAQUELINE PATRICIA B.S. Elementary Education; Marion; Zeta Tau Alpha, Soc. Ch.; YWCA. CRUTCHFIELD, JAN KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Kokomo; Willkie Quad. CUNNINGHAM, HERBERT D. B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Kappa Alpha Psi. CURRIER, KAREN LOUISE A.B. Elementary Education; Mishawaka. CUSHMAN, KAREN KAY A.B. Latin and English; Attica; Weatherwax Co-op, Pres., Soc. Ch., Comm. Ch., Rel. Ch.; Eta Sigma Phi; SEA. DANIELS, BARBARA LYNNE A.B. Elementary Education; East Chicago; ARBUTUS; WRA; SEA; Library Science Club; Auditorium Usher. DARBY, JOANNE B.S. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Bloomington; Kappa Kappa Gamma; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Oceanides; YWCA. DARKO, SUZANNE B.S. Speech and Theatre; Indianapolis; Read Center, Clark House. DAVIS, HAZEL V. B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; ACE; NEA. DAY, BETTY JOANNA B.S. Social Studies; Marion; Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Ch.; IU Foundation; WRA, Vice-Pres.; YWCA; Porn Pon Girls; PEMM. DAY, MARY JOANNA B.S. Social Studies; Marion; Zeta Tau Alpha, House Mngr.; IU Foundation; Redbook Steering Comm.; YWCA Comm. Ch.; Porn Pon Girls; Sailing Club. DEAR, JANET OLIVIA B.S. Special Education; Gary; AWS; NAACP; YWCA; NEA; Council of Exceptional Children. DEMANTES, WILLIAM E. B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago; SNEA; ACE; Northwest Campus St. Council; Political Discussion Club; Intramurals. DEMPSEY, PATRICIA ANNE B.S. Elementary Education; Baltimore, Md.; Read Center, Curry House. DEPEW, SHARI IRENE B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Chi Omega; Ballet Ensemble; YWCA. DILK, CHARLES EUGENE B.S. Elementary Education; Columbus; Chi Phi; SNEA. DORALI, LONI J. B.S. Business and Language Arts; Portage; Teter Quad, Comm. Co-ord.; Mason Ball; IU Newman Club; Tomahawk; American Management Association. DOWNING, MARY JOANNE A.B. Language Arts, Speech and Theatre, and Radio and Television; Fort Wayne; Chi Omega; Singing Hoosiers; YWCA; SEA; Union Board. DOYLE, MARIANNE SARAH B.S. Speech and Theatre; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad; Newman Club; Sigma Alpha Eta. DROZDA, KAREN CASE B.S. Language Arts; Cincinnati, Ohio; Sigma Kappa; AWS; YWCA. DUBOIS, JESSIE LOYA B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington. DUNSCOMBE, MILES GENE B.S. Mathematics; Fort Wayne. DURNBAUGH, JOHN DOUGLAS B.S. History; Wabash; Pershing Rifles. DUTHIE, LAUREL EMILYN B.S. Special Education; Walkerton; Briscoe Quad. EAGLEN, BARBARA JEAN A.B. Speech; Danville. EBERT, JAMES F. B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Teter Quad, Soc. Co-ord.; Intramurals.

450 Education

ECKARD, CARY LEE A.B. Language Arts and Journalism; Whiting; Cosmopolitan Club; Daily Student. EGGERS, ANGELA MARIE B.S. Business Education; Falls Church, Va.; Teter Quad, Sec.-Treas.; Read Center, Beck House. EHLERS, JOHN EARL B.S. Social Studies; Commiskey; Trees Centers. EIKHOFF, GENE MORGAN B.S. Biological Science; Fort Wayne. ELLIOTT, KATHLEEN B. A.B. Speech and Hearing; Indianapolis; Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Ch.; IU Foundation; Jr. Student Athletic Board; YWCA Cabinet; Sigma Alpha Eta. EMERICK, MERRILL GLEN B.S. Language Arts; Hope; Men's Residence Scholarship Dorm, Gov.; IU Foundation; Tomahawk; SNEA. ENYEART, JOAN ELIZABETH B.S. Art; Bloomington; Nat'l. Art Education Association. EPLEY, CAROLYN FAYE B.S. Elementary Education; Evansville; Teter Quad; IU Sing; Student Elections Commission; Alpha Lambda Delta; Roger Williams Fellowship. EPPEN, MARCIA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Speedway; Mini Team. ERDMAN, MARY LOUISE B.S. Language Arts; Franklin; Read Center, Beck House; National Council of Teachers of English. ESINWEIN, ANITA MERIAM B.S. Social Studies; Greenwood; Read Center, Curry House. ESSER, KATHERINE SUE B.S. Elementary Education; Crown Point; Gamma Phi Beta; IU Foundation; IU Newman Club; Jr. Panhellenic; Student Athletic Committee; YWCA. EVANS, JANET ANN B.S. Special Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Maple Hall, Judicial Bd.; McNutt Qud, Res. Ass't. EWER, KAY HOFFAR B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Gamma Phi Beta, Ritual Ch.; IU Foundation; Union Comm.; YWCA, Cabinet. FAITH, STANLEY 0. B.S. Social Studies; Brownsburg; IRHA; Ill Young Republicans; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching 100. FARINA, WILLIAM JOHN B.S. Speech; New Haven; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres., Vice-Pres.; MRC Exec. Council, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Debate; Student Elections Comm. FARNUM, SUSAN B.S. Elementary Education; Riverside, R.I.; Teter Quad; SEA. FELINSKI, FRANCES JOANN B.S. Elementary Education; Gary. FENDELMAN, MARILLE ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Sigma Delta Tau; AWS; Enomene; Hillel Foundation. FIELDS, JOYCE ELAINE B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Willkie Quad; SNEA. FINLAYSON, JEAN CLARE B.S. Social Studies; Fort Wayne; Kappa Alpha Theta. FISHER, MICHELE RENEE B.S. Elementary Education; Munster; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Foundation; YWCA. FLANIGAN, TOMMILOU B.S. Language Arts; Crawfordsville; Read Center, House Mngr.; YWCA. FLEISCHHAUER, CAROLYN ANN B.S. Sociology and Government; Lafayette; Read Center, Curry House, Center Council, Mini; IU Foundation; YWCA; LUNA. FLOOD, JERRY NEIL B.S. Business Education; Crown Point; Daily Student, IU Young Republicans; Freshman Basketball Mngr. FOREMAN, MABEL CLAIRE B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis. FOUNTAINE, DIANNE RUTH B.S. Elementary Education; Bedford; Delta Delta Delta; SEA. FRANKLIN, KAY DELL B.S. Elementary Education; Munster; Pi Beta Phi; Belles; Jr. Student Athletic Board, Sec.; YWCA; Porn Pon Girls; Freshman Class Council. FREDRICK, DIANE RUTH B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Pi Beta Phi, Rec. Sec., House Mngr., Soc. Ch.; Enomene, Program Ch.; IU Foundation; Jr. Panhellenic. FRIEDMAN, LOIS KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Lafayette; Sigma Delta Tau, Corr. Sec.; Rush Counselor. FRY, VICTORIA B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Pi Beta Phi; Senior Class Organized Female Dir.; IU Young Republicans. FUGIT, REBECCA L. B.S. Elementary Education; Vincennes; Zeta Tau Alpha, Standards Ch.; IU Foundation. FURMAN, MARCIA IRIS B.S. Language Arts; East Chicago. GABLE, SUE B.S. Spanish; Marion; Teter Quad, Gov. GACHOS, PHYLLIS ANN B.S. Language Arts; Hammond; Alpha Chi Omega; First Vice-Pres., Ass't. Rush Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Jr. Student Athletic Board. GARRIOT, CONNIE SUE B.S. Elementary Education; Scottsburg; SNEA. GASVODA, JUDITH ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Hammond; Foster Quad, Harper Hall; IU Newman Club; SEA. GEARHART, GERALD LEE A.B. Elementary Education; South Bend; Alpha Phi Omega; Little 500; Intramurals. GEBERIN, KATHY JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Peru; Read Center, Curry House. GELETA, SANDRA WILMA B.S. Social Studies; Whiting; Teter Quad.

Education 451

GILLIE, NANCY LEE B.S. Fort Wayne; IU Young Republicans; YWCA; Sigma Alpha Eta. GILPATRICK, KATHLEEN ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Evansville; Kappa Delta; ACE; YWCA. GLORIOSO, ESTHER FRANCES B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Mason Hall; Snea; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Newman Club. GOFFINET, ROBERT EDWARD B.S. Social Studies; Magnet; Wright Quad, Hummer House, Ath. Ch. GOFORTH, ERNEST ROY JR. B.S. Social Studies; South Bend; Trees Center, Board of Gov.; Nat'l. Council for Social Studies; Nat'l. Council for Geographic Education; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. GOLDEN, LOU ANN B.S. Elementary Education; North Salem; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas.; YWCA; SNEA; ACE. GONZALES, JAMES STANLEY B.S. Elementary Education; Cedar Lake. GOVERT, EARL S. B.S. Language Arts; Griffith; Wright Quad, Parks House, Soc. Ch.; Intramurals. GRADY, JOANN B.S. Elementary Education; Kokomo; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sec.; Red Book Steering Committee. GRATZER, DIANA KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Bedford; ACEP; SEA. GRAVEEL, BEVERLY SUE B.S. Elementary Education and Kindergarten; South Bend; ACE; SNEA; YWCA. GRAVES, JANET KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington. GRAY, JANET DUNCAN B.S. Language Arts; Mishawaka. GRIFFIN, JOHN WILBUR B.S. Social Studies; New Castle; Wright Quad, Judicial Bd., Soc. Ch.; Campus Quiz Bowl, Ch.; Freshman Orientation Steering Comm.; Todd House Outstanding Upperclassman. GROSS, PAULAJO B.S. Speech and Hearing Therapy; Salem; Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Eta; Union Comm. Ch.; IU Foundation. GROVERMAN, JACKI LEE B.S. Elementary Education; Monticello; Alpha Phi, Corr. Sec.; Mini Team. HADLEY, SHERIDAN LYNNE B.S. Elementary Education; Sellersburg; Read Center, Clark House; IU Collegiate Democrats; SNEA. HALL, ANDREA LEE B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Delta Delta Delta; IU Newman Club; YWCA; IU Sing, Publicity Ch.; NEA. HALTER, LEROY WILLIAM II B.S. Social Studies; Jeffersonville; IU Young Republicans. HARE, LINDA LOUISE A.B. Art; Fowler; Nat'l. Art Education Association. HARPER, BRENDA KAY B.S. Social Studies; Fort Wayne; Gamma Phi Beta, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Sailing Club; YWCA. HARRIS, MARCIA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Valparaiso; Teter Quad; SNEA. HARTMAN, RICHARD LEE B.S. Spanish; Richmond; Hummer House, Unit Vice-Pres.; McNutt Quad, Unit Gov.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Student Ldr. HARWOOD, CAROL MAE B.S. Elementary Education; Auburn, N.Y.; Sigma Kappa; IU Foundation; Wesley Foundation; YWCA. HASKETT, ROBERT WILLIAM B.S. Language Arts; Arcadia; Wright Quad, Dewey House, Sports Dir.; Wesley Foundation; International Affairs Comm. HECK, JACQUELYN KAYE B.S. Elementary Education; Connersville; Mason Hall; SNEA. HEDRICK, BRENDA JEAN B.S. Language Arts; Salem; SNEA; Roger Williams Fellowship. HICKMAN, PHYLLIS ANN B.S. Elementary Education; New Albany. HICKS, GLEN ALLAN B.S. Mathematics; Ligonier; SEA. HIGGINS, MARGARET ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Alpha Phi; SEA. HILL, WILMA J. B.S. Biology; Cambridge City; Teter Quad, Orientor; SEA. HILSMIER, GAYLENE ANN B.S. Special Education; Fort Wayne; Alpha Delta Pi; IU Young Republicans; SNEA; Panhellenic; YWCA. HINES, SUSAN PATRICIA B.S. Language Arts; Fort Wayne; Alpha Phi; AWS; Porn Pon Girls; Union Comm.; YWCA. HOBBS, REBECCA JEAN A.B. Elementary Education; Tipton; Gamma Phi Beta; YWCA; ACE; Mini. HODGES, CHERYL LEE B.S. Speech and Hearing; Mishawaka; Sigma Alpha Eta. HOFFMAN, PAMELA DALE B.S. Language Arts; Corydon; Gamma Phi Beta, Rec. Sec.; Great Issues Steering Committee. HOLLER, RUTH ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Hammond; Teter Quad; SNEA. HOOD, SUZANNE ELIZABETH B.S. Education; Bloomington. HOSE, KATHRYN LOUISE B.S. Spanish and English; New Albany; Maple Hall, Comm. Ch.; Willkie, Music Co-ord.; IU Newman Club, Sec.; Crimson Cadets. HOSINSKI, MARY FRANCES B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; McNutt Quad, Vice-Gov.; IU Newman Club.

452 Education

HOSTETLER, REBECCA LYNNE B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Foster Quad; Singing Hoosiers; SEA; ACE. HUBBARD, MARTHA KAY B.S. Mathematics and English; Beech Grove; Briscoe Quad, Judicial Bd.; SEA. HUETTEN, PATRICIA LOUISE B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Sigma Kappa; Union Board; YWCA. HUNT, GLORIETTA B.S. Special Education; Gary; Read Center, Clark House; NAACP; NEA; CEA. HUNTER, VIRGINIA ELLEN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Teter Quad, Boisen Hall, Judicial Bd.; Senior Class Council; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA. HURTEAU, ADA LORRAINE B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Xi Delta, Vice-Pres., Historian; SEA; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; ACE. HUTCHINSON, JANET CAROL B.S. Library Science; Acton. IRISH, JUDITH KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Franklin; Sigma Kappa, Scholarship Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Panhellenic, Internal Vice-Pres.; Pleiades; YWCA, Hospitality Ch. JACKSON, SUSAN LYNNE B.S. Elementary Education; Lawrenceburg. JACKSON, TERRY JOSEPH B.S. Biology; Connersville; Linden Hall, ViceGov., Soc. Ch., Cult. Ch.; IU Foundation. JOHNSON, PAMELA SUE B.S. Elementary Education; Toledo, Ohio; Sigma Kappa, Rush Ch.; ACE; YWCA. JOHNSTON, MARY KATHRYN B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; McNutt Quad, Judicial Bd. JONES, MARY LOU B.S. Biological Science; Bloomington. KAARLELA, CORINNA LOUISE B.S. Language Arts; Highland. KALINA, SUSAN JEANNE B.S. English and Speech; LaGrange Park, Ill.; Kappa Apha Theta, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Jr. Panhellenic; YWCA. KASEFF, JERI LYNN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Rush Ch.; AWS; Hillel Foundation; Union Comm. KEITH, SALLY WILTSHIRE B.S. English Language Arts; Peru; Delta Gamma; IU Foundation. KELLER, JEANNE MARIE B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; McNutt Quad., Sec.-Treas. . KELLY, ELOISE B.S. Language Arts; North Vernon; Alpha Omicron Pi, Ass't. Corr. Sec.; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA. KELLY, STEPHEN DOUGLAS A.B. English; Flint, Mich.; Teter Quad, Wissler Hall, Gov.; Transportation Club; IU Collegiate Democrats. KIESLING, KAREN ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Logansport; Teter Quad, Kappa Delta; ACE; NEA; Campus Christians; YWCA. KIMMEL, REBECCA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Frankfort; Alpha Chi Omega; ARBUTUS; Cosmopolitan Club; YWCA. KIMMEL, SUZANNE KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Student Senate. KING, ALLEN T. B.S. Biological Science; Cape May, N.J.; Sigma Pi; Marching 100. KING, JO ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Soc. Co-ord. KING, MARY LOU B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; NAACP. KINKLE, BARBARA LYNN B.S. Elementary Education; Kokomo; LUNA. KIRTCHIK, BARBARA SUSAN B.S. Elementary Education; Wyoming, Ohio; McNutt Quad; ARBUTUS; Hillel Foundation; IU Foundation; Union Board Comm. Ch.; YWCA. KLAAS, RICHARD LEE B.S. Social Studies; Cedar Lake; Sigma Phi Epsilon; NEA. KLEIN, KEITH KYLE B.S. Radio and Television; Gary; Wright Quad, Hall House, Gov.; IU Foundation; Marching 100; Union Board; Sigma Delta Chi, Treas. KLUESNER, ROBERT L. B.S. Physical Education; Oaktown; Arnold Air Society. KOSELKE, DARLENE CAROLE B.S. Elementary Education; Michigan City. KOZIOLEK, CAROL SMITH A.B. Fine Arts; New Haven; Daily Student; ARBUTUS, Photo Ed.; Theta Sigma Phi. KOZIOLEK, GERALD FRANK A.B. Social Studies; Michigan City. KRAGLER, SHERRY EILEEN B.S. Elementary Education; Mattoon, Ill.; Forest Quad; SEA; ACE. KROLL, DARLENE MARIE B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago. KUHNS, JACQUELINE SUE A.B. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Forest Quad, Soc. Ch.; Usher Corps. LaMASTER, DIANNE LAYNE B.S. English Language Arts; Sellersburg; Gamma Phi Beta, Pledge Tr.; Enomene; Great Issues: YWCA. LAMBERT, GAYLE WALTERS B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Omicron Pi; AWS; Jr. Panhellenic; Panhellenic; YWCA. LANDGREBE, MARILYN KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; SEA.

Education 453

LANIER, CARLA MAUREEN B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; Briscoe Quad; Cosmopolitan Club; NAACP; Canterbury Association. LATIER, KAY MARGARET B.S. English; Rochester; Read Center, Beck House. LEACH, LINDA ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Plainfield; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Jr. SAB; Mortar Board, Vice-Pres.; Pleiades; Union Comm. Ch. LEATHERMAN, DENNIS DALE B.S. Business Education; Elkhart; Teter Quad; IU Foundation. LEININGER, BARBARA SUE B.S. Elementary Education; Plymouth; SNEA. LEMONTREE, JOYCE H. B.S. Art Education; South Bend; Folksong Club; NAEA; Read Center, Cult. Ch. LEONHARDT, BARBARA JO B.S. Home Economics; Munster; McNutt Quad, Pres.; Indiana Belles; Home Economics Club. LESLIE, DONALD HOWARD B.S. French; Muncie; Soph. Class Council; IU Sing. LETINICH, SAM FRANK B.S. Language Arts; Gary. LEVY, EMMA SUE B.S. English; New Orleans, La.; Forest Quad. LIGHTCAP, KATHLEEN ANN B.S. English; Valparaiso; Alpha Chi Omega; Enomene; IU Foundation; YWCA; Union Comm. Ch. LOGAN, JANET LEE B.S. Art; Culver; Mason Hall. LONG, LINDA MAE B.S. Elementary Education; Franklin, Va.; Foster Quad, Harper; NAACP. LUDLOW, CAROL ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Laconia; Teter Quad, Rabb, Sec., Treas; SNEA. LYON, VICKI LOU B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Wells Quad, Judicial Board, Sec.; ACE. McBRIDE, BETTY ANN B.S. Education; Hobart; Read Center, Beck House. McCORMICK, M. DIANE B.S. Art Education; Fowler; Mason Hall; NAEA; Spelunking Club. McDANIEL, CHRISTENA MAVIS B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Briscoe Quad. McGILL, JUDITH ELAINE B.S. Language Arts; Pekin; Briscoe Quad; SNEA. McGINNIS, THOMAS MONROE B.S. Social Studies; Connersville; Sigma Pi, Soc. Ch.; IU Collegiate Democrates; Scabbard and Blade; ACU. McINTOSH, JOHN THOMAS A.B. Math and Physics; Frankfort; Astronomy Club; Spelunking Club. McKEEMAN, NEAL EDWARD B.S. Math; Fort Wayne; Management Club. McKINNEY, MARY CAROLYN B.S. English and Social Studies; Richmond; Alpha Gamma Delta, Rec. Sec.; SEA; IU Foundation; YWCA. MacDONALD, CAROL ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Chi Omega. MacMURRAY, KAREN ELIZABETH A.B. Art Education; Brookville, Pa.; NAEA Club; Pershing Rifles, Freshman Sponsor. MANN, RAYMOND EUVON B.S. 'Biology; Morristown; McNutt Quad, Soc. Ch., Pres. Cabinet. MANTAS, CLARA B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago; ARBUTUS. MANUEL, STEPHEN IRA B.S. Social Studies; Fort Wayne; Teter Quad; Hillel Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Great Issues. MARCUS, SUE ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MARKS, KATHLEEN FRANCES B.S. Elementary Education; Munster; Zeta Tau Alpha, Corr. Sec.; Singing Hoosiers; Tau Beta Sigma. MASTERSON, MOLLY ANN A.B. Speech and Hearing Therapy; West Lafayette; Teter Quad, Soc. Co-ord.; Sigma Alpha Eta; IU Foundation; Singing Hoosiers. MATUGA, BARBARA ANN B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago; Alpha Xi Delta, Chap.; NEA. MAUDLIN, RAY M. B.S. English and Social Studies; Logansport; IU Young Republicans; Marching 100; Pershing Rifles; Circle K Club. MAllIO, MOLLYANN B.S. Elementary Education; Knox; Read Center. MEIER, ELLEN JAYNE B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Gamma Phi Beta, Rec. Sec.; IU Young Republicans; Great Issues; ACE; YWCA. MENNEN, NANCY KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Kirklin; Willkie Quad. MESSEL, PAMELA KAY B.S. Language Arts; Bicknell; Alpha Omicron Pi; ARBUTUS; Panhellenic; YWCA. METZGER, MARY JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Monticello. MILLER, BETH ANN B.S. English• Language Arts; Portland; Mason Hall, Gov.; SEA, Treas. MILLER, FRANK WINSTON B.S. Language Arts; Kokomo; Wright Quad, Parks House, Gov.; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU American Students for Democratic Action, Pres.

454 Education

MILLER, LINDA NAN B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; Briscoe Quad; IU Foundation. MILLER, MADALINE KAY B.S. Elementary Education; New Ross. MILLER, PATRICIA MURRAY B.S. Elementary Education; Marion; ARBUTUS, Ass't. Res. Ed.; SNEA; YWCA; ACE. MITCHELL, JANET LOUISE B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Gamma Delta. MONCEL, SARA ANNE B.S. Business Education; Francesville; IU Young Republicans; Senatorial Ass't. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT EDWARD B.S. Elementary Education; Galveston. MONTGOMERY, ROGER DON B.S. English; Seymour; Trees Center, Ath. Ch., Judicial Bd.; NEA. MONTGOMERY, SIBYL ELLEN B.S. Elementary Education; Owensville; Zeta Tau Alpha, Membership Ch. MOSTER, MARY BETH B.S. Journalism and English; Bloomington; Kappa Alpha Theta; Daily Student; Singing Hoosiers; Theta Sigma Phi; YWCA. MOVIUS, DIANA LYNN A.B. Mathematics; River Forest, Ill.; Read Center, Curry House; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Foundation; Mini; Phi Mu Epsilon; YWCA. MUSKIN, MITCHELL LOUIS B.S. Social Studies; Gary; Wright Quad, ViceGov. NABHAN, RANDALL W. A.B. Social Studies; Gary; IU Collegiate Democrats. NARDI, DONNA JEAN B.S. Biology; Chicago Heights, Ill.; Teter Quad; NEA; YWCA. NAYLOR, MARILYN SUE B.S. Home Economics; Bloomington; Home Economics Club. NEDEFF, JOANNE B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago; ARBUTUS. NEMETH, PATRICIA ANN B.S. Business Education; Morgantown; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Gov., Treas.; SNEA; ARBUTUS. NEUDORFF, PATRICIA ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Terre Haute; Delta Gamma, Pledge Tr., Alumnae Sec.; LUNA; YWCA. NEWHARD, REBECCA JANE B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; Kappa Kappa Gamma; AWS; YWCA; Pi Lamda Theta. NEWMAN, DIANE JUDITH B.S. Speech and Hearing Therapy; South Bend; Read Center. NICHOLSON, BARBARA LYNN B.S. Social Studies; Borden; Teter Quad, Comm. Co-ord. NIGHBERT, BRENDA KAREL B.S. Biology; Anderson; Alpha Chi Omega. YWCA. NOWICKI, TED C. A.B. Social Studies; South Bend; NEA; IU Collegiate Democrats. OLSEN, LARRY EDWARD B.S. Biology; Fond Du Lac, Wis:; Kappa Delta Rho; Varsity Football. ORME, TAMARA M. B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Delta Delta Delta; AWS; Jr. Panhellenic; YWCA; Soph. Class Council. ORMISTON, MICHAEL ROLLA B.S. Science; Fort Wayne; Trees Center Board of Gov. O'SULLIVAN, JOHN F. JR. B.S. Social Studies; Indianapolis; Sigma Pi, House Mngr.; Arnold Air Society; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Sphinx Club. PAGE, ADELIA LOUISE B.S. Spanish and English; Sullivan; Mason Hall Judicial Bd. PAYNTER, ANNE B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis. PAZOL, JUDITH P. M.S. Secondary Education; Muncie. PERKINS, CONSTANCE WRAY B.S. Elementary Education; Bedford; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation; YWCA. PERRY, SUSAN EMILY B.S. Business Education; Fort Wayne; Kappa Alpha Theta. PETERS, ROSEMARIE B.S. Elementary Education; Hammond. PHEBUS, RICHARD KEITH B.S. History; Monon; Pershing Rifles, Commander. PHILLIPS, ROBERTA JOAN B.S. Elementary Education; Hammond; SNEA. POLLOCK, JUDITH MARCIA B.S. Elementary Education; Aurora, Ill.; Sigma Delta Tau; ARBUTUS; Hillel Foundation. POWER, JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Rushville; Teter Quad, Gov.; SNEA. PRATHER, SUSAN JEAN A.B. Elementary Education; Columbus; Sigma Kappa, Activity Ch.; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA; ACE, Vice-Pres. PRENTICE, PAMELA ANITA B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Alpha Kappa Alpha; NAACP. PROPES, LORNA ELLEN B.S. Social Studies; Dolton, Ill.; Kappa Alpha Theta; IU Foundation, Vice-Pres.; Union Comm. Ch. PUGH, R. GERALD B.S. Social Studies; Columbus; WQAD General Mgr.; IU Foundation; SEC.

Education 455

RAINFORD, DAVID GENE B.S. Social Studies; Gary; Wright Quad, Hummer House, Gov.; IU Collegiate Democrats; Marching 100; Student Senate. RAMEY, MARY ELIZABETH B.S. Speech and Theatre; Bloomington; Chi Omega; IU Young Republicans; Wesley Foundation; IU Debate Team. RAY, BEVERLY ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington. RECTOR, CLELAND MALCOLM B.S. Social Studies; Lakewood, Ohio; Delta Upsilon. REITENOUR, PHYLLIS ELAINE B.S. Elementary Education; Portland; Read Center, Clark House; SEA; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; ACE. RENNER, MARILYN R. B.S. Elementary Education; Jasper; SEA. RESS, LINDA RAE B.S. Elementary Education; Columbus; Read Center. REYNOLDS, MARIELLEN B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Read Center, Beck House. RHODES, NANCY M. B.S. English Language Arts; Fort Lee, Va.; Chi Omega; Jr. SAB; YWCA; Union Comm. RILEY, WILLIAM LEE B.S. Elementary Education; Hartsville; Wright Quad, Gov.; IU Foundation; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching 100. RITTER, GYANITH ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Evansville; Alpha Phi; IU Young Republicans. ROBBINS, BETSY B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha ,Chi Omega; Sr. Class Council; Jr. Panhellenic; YWCA; LUNA. ROBBINS, MARCIA ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Pi Beta Phi, Soc. Ch., Ass't. Rush Ch.; IU Foundation. ROBINSON, ALICE J. B.S. Language Arts; Indianapolis; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Modern Dance Workshop. ROSE, SUSANNA B.S. Elementary Education; Kokomo; Read Center, Curry House, Soc. Ch.; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. ROSS, MARY LUCILLE B.S. Language Arts; Plainfield; Alpha Phi, Schol. Ch.; Alpha Lambda Delta; ARBUTUS; IU Foundation; Pleiades; Union Comm. Ch. RUCKRIEGLE, KATHIE LYNN B.S. Language Arts; Otwell; NEA. RUSBASAN, JEANETTE M. B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Foster Quad, Harper Hall. SANDERS, ERNESTINE LYN B.S. English; Gary. SANDERS, ETIIEL RUTH B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Pres.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; NAACP; Panhellenic; YWCA. SCHAAF, MARK JOSEPH B.S. Education; Indianapolis; Belles; IU Young Republicans; Sailing Club; Student Athletic Bd. SCHAEFER, MARILYN LOUISE B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Alpha Phi, Rush Ch.; SEA; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. SCHEINESON, NANCY JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Cincinnati, Ohio; ACE; SEA; Union Comm. SCHELLERT, SUE CAROLYN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Tr.; NEA. SCHNAKENBURG, JANE ELLEN B.S. Elementary Education; Evansville; Gamma Phi Beta, House Ch.; AWS; YWCA; ACE; Great Issues. SCHOEFF, FRANCES ILENE B.S. Elementary Education; Bluffton; SEA. SCHOLL, JUDITH ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Greencastle; Sigma Kappa, Schol. Ch.; SEA; ACE; Alpha Lambda Delta; YWCA; Wesley Foundation, Treas. SCHULENBORG, JOYCE ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Aurora. SCHWARTZ, JUDITH DIANE B.S. English; Indianapolis ARBUTUS; Hillel Foundation; SEA; Union Comm. SELKE, SUSAN B.S. Elementary Education; New Castle; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Registrar; Enomene; IU Foundation; YWCA; ACE. SELTZER, DIANNE ARLENE B.S. Elementary Education; Wausau, Wis.; SNEA; ACE. SHANE, SUSAN HATKER B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Kappa Alpha Theta, Corr. Sec.; Union Board; YWCA. SHAPIRO, ROBERT FAITH B.S. Social Studies; South Bend; Read Center, Beck House, Vice-Gov.; SEA. SHELTON, KATHLEEN FAYE B.S. Elementary Education; Kokomo; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA. SHORTLE, SYLVIA ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Winamac; Wesley Foundation. SITTER, ALICE KATHERINE B.S. Art; Knightstown; NAEA. SLATER, JUDITH ANNE B.S. Speech and Hearing; Indianapolis; Alpha Xi Delta; IU Collegiate Democrats; Sigma Alpha Eta. SMALL, VICKI K. B.S. Elementary Education; Hobart. SMITH, VERNON GEORGE B.S. Elementary Education; Gary; Omega Psi Phi; Cosmopolitan Club; Interfraternity Council; NAACP; SNEA. SMITHBURN, JOHN ERIC B.S. Biology; Monticello; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma.

456 Education

SMOCK, LYNN MERCER B.S. Elementary Education; Plainfield; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres.; Panhellenic Pres. Council; Union Comm. Ch.; Pleiades; Jr. Student Athletic Board; IU Foundation, Steering Comm. SOSTACK, JUDITH EVELYN B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; SEA; ACE; Sailing Club. SOUTHWOOD, DIANA SUE B.S. Elementary Education; Wadesville; Forest Hall. SPANN, NORMA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Pierceton; Omega. SPEARS, JAMES ALLAN B.S. History; South Bend; Wright Quad, Judicial Bd.; IU Young Republicans; Spelunking Club. SPENCER, BARBARA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Carbon. SPIEGEL, GAIL ELLEN B.S. Elementary Education; Neptune, N.J.; Forest Quad; Judicial Bd.; Alpha Lambda Delta; ACE; SEA. SPILLER, SANDRA MARIE B.S. Business Education; Gary; Briscoe Quad; NAACP. STACHON, KATHLEEN DORIS B.S. Elementary Education; East Chicago; AWS; YWCA; SEA; ACE. STAFFORD, WILLIAM EDWIN B.S. Mathematics and Business; Edinburg. STAMPER, CYNTHIA ANNE B.S. Elementary Education; New Castle; Teter Quad, Boisen Hall, Sec.-Treas. STARTUP, SUSAN LEE B.S. Elementary Education; Rockford, Ill.; Willkie Quad; IU Foundation. STAUFFER, JANICE CAROLYN B.S. Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-Pres.; IU Foundation; Porn Pon Girls. STAYER, JOHN ROBERT A.B. Chemistry; Indianapolis. STECZYSYN, BARBARA KELLY B.S. Speech and Theatre; Indianapolis; Alpha Chi Omega; SAA; IU Foundation; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Student Elections Comm.; YWCA. STEIN, BEVERLY ELAINE B.S. Elementary Education; Terre Haute; ARBUTUS; ACE; SNEA. STEPIEN, ADELE B.S. Elementary Education; South Bend; Teter Quad, Elkin Hall, Sec.-Treas. STEVENS, BARBARA RUTH B.S. Social Studies; Bloomington, Ill.; IU Young Republicans; YWCA. STEWART, MARCELLA SUE B.S. Social Studies; Elizabeth. STOCKTON, NORMAN DALE B.S. Elementary Education; Morgantown; Marching 100. STOELTING, ROSE ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Kappa Kappa Gamma, House Mngr.; IU Foundation; IU Young Republicans; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA; LUNA. STOPPER, KAREN ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Port Huron, Mich.; Alpha Phi; AWS; IU Newman Club; YWCA. STOUT, CAROLE ANN B.S. Home Economics; Muncie; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Delta Theta, Vice-Pres.; SNEA; Home Economics Club; Great Issues. STRIGGLE, SUSAN JILL B.S. Elementary Education; Rochester; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sailing Club; Wesley Foundation; YWCA. STUFFLE, BRENDA KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington. SUHANIK, WANDA ANN B.S. Elementary Education; Portage; Teter Quad, Sec.-Treas. SWAGER, DEBORAH JANE A.B. Business Education; Centerville; Gamma Phi Beta. SWANK, NANCY RAE B.S. Elementary Education; Anderson; Alpha Omicron Pi, Soc. Ch.; YWCA. TAM, ROBINPAT B.S. Biology; Elwood; Chi Omega; ARBUTUS; IU Young Republican; YWCA. TARTER, LLOYD DALE B.S. Radio and Television; West Somerset, Ky.; Radio and TV Producers' Guild. TEAL, STANLEY R. B.S. Mathematics; Elkhart. THOMAS, JAMES WINDLE B.S. Business Education; Converse; Lambda Chi Alpha. THOMPSON, DIANE PATRICIA B.S. Language Arts and Social Studies; LaPorte; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Young Republicans; Great Issues. THORNBERRY, IRVAN MERCE B.S. Social Studies; Dyer; SNEA. THORNBURG, MARY JILL B.S. Elementary Education; Syracuse; Kappa Delta, Soc. Ch.; Angel Flight; ACE; SNEA. TINLEY, HOBART RONALD B.S. Social Studies; Beech Grove. TOLES, LESLIE B.S. Language Arts; Anderson; Kappa Alpha Theta, Soc. Ch. TRUEMAN, MICHAEL RAY B.S. English; Marion; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec., Soc. Ch.; IU Young Republicans; Singing Hoosiers. TURNER, ROBERT WAYNE B.S. Biology; Gary; Wright Quad, Lowe House, Treas.; MCA. TYLER, DEANA KAYE B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Teter Quad, Rabb Hall; Spelunking Club.

Education 457

URICK, ROBERT KENNETH B.S. Mathematics; Elkhart; Wright Quad, Parks House, Vice-Gov.; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas.; Marching 100. VANCIL, LARRY DAVID B.S. Biology; Indianapolis. VANHUSS, DONNA LOU B.S. Elementary Education; Judson. VANMANEN, BONNIE JUNE B.S. Elementary Education; Evanston, Ill.; NAACP. VAVREK, JANET LOUISE B.S. Elementary Education; Whiting; Foster Quad, Harper Hall. VOELKEL, HELEN SUE B.S. Nursing; Huntingburg; Cresset. WAKE, JUDY ANN A.B. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Pi Beta Phi; IU Foundation; Sec. Freshman Class; Jr. Class Council. WALKER, ANNE B.S. Elementary Education; Richmond; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Ch., Program Ch.; IU Foundation; YWCA. WALLS, CHARLES ANCIL III B.S. English; Seymour; Foster Quad, Shea Hall Vice-Gov.; Daily Student; Union Comm.; IU Foundation. WARNER, ANN SCHELL B.S. Business Education; Bloomington. WATKINS, SHERRY LYNNE B.S. Elementary Education; Bloomington; Alpha Omicron Pi; IU Young Republicans; Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Councils; YWCA. WAXMAN, KALVIN SHELDON B.S. Social Studies; South Bend. WEAVER, LARRY JORDAN B.S. Mathematics; Fort Wayne. WEEKS, JOYCE LEE B.S. Elementary Education; Paoli. WEIMER, JAMES STEPHEN B.S. Social Studies; Salsberry; SEA.

WELLS, DIANNE ELIZABETH B.S. Elementary Education; Logansport; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WESSWEL, TERESA MARIE B.S. Elementary Education; Jasper. WHITFIELD, CYNTHIA ANN B.S. English Language Arts; Indianapolis; Alpha Chi Omega; Cheerleader; Sec. Sophomore Class; Enomene; IU Foundation; Pleiades. WICHMANN, ANN MARIE B.S. Elementary Education; Appleton, Wis.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Newman Club. WILLIAMS, FAYE ANNETTE B.S. Speech Pathology and Audiology; Miami, Fla.; Delta Sigma Theta; Sigma Alpha Eta; Tomahawk. WILLIAMSON, CHERYL SUE B.S. Elementary Education; Michigan City! Alpha Omicron Pi, Ass't. Rush Ch.; IU Foundation; YWCA. WILLS, BIRJA KAY B.S. Elementary Education; Singing Hoosiers. WISEMAN, JON WILLIAM B.S. Elementary Education; Mauckpot. WITMER, SHARON LEE B.S. Special Education and Elementary Education; Fort Wayne; Read Center, Beck House, Soc. Ch.; CEC; YWCA. WORLEY, MARY ELIZABETH B.S. Elementary Education; New Albany; Delta Zeta; YWCA; ACE. WRIGHT, JILL JEANNINE B.S. Education and French; Hammond. WRIGHT KATHLEEN D. B.S. Elementary Education; Indianapolis; Gamma Phi Beta; YWCA. WRIGHT, MAURICE EDWIN B.S. Biology; Anderson; Wright Quad, Ath. Ch. WYNN, VIRGINIA JANE B.S. Elementary Education; Fairfield, Conn.; Pi Beta Phi, Philanthropic Ch.; YWCA; Union Comm. YODER, SARA GALE B.S. Speech and Hearing; South Bend; Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Eta; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA. ZELLERS, ROBERT MICHAEL B.S. Social Science; South Bend. ZIERING, PAMELA B.S. Biology; Chicago, Ill.; ARBUTUS; Hillel Foundation; IU Collegiate Democrats; SNEA.

458 Education

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation AILES, LARRY LEE B.S. Physical Education; Kouts; IU Foundation; PEMM Club. ALTMAN, JOYCE HELENE B.S. Recreation; St. Louis, Mo.; Sigma Delta Tau; Undergraduate Recreation Society, Sec., Vice-Pres., Pres.; WRA. BARCLAY, DONNA JEAN B.S. Physical Education; Monon; Trees Center, Maple Hall, Gov.; PEMM Club; WRA. BENNETT, DONALD CHARLES B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; I-Men's Association; Spelunking Club; Varsity Wrestling. BOWEN, RICHARD H. B.S. Physical Education; Bremen; Teter Quad, Thompson II, Cov.; Basketball Mngr.; I-Men's Association. BRUCE, DOROTHY ANN B.S. Physical Education; Rensselaer; Read Center, Curry House, Rec. Ch., Comm. Co-ord.; PEMM Club; YWCA. BURGNER, ANN CECILE B.S. Physical Education; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Briscoe Quad, Res. Ass't., Judicial Bd.; SNEA; PEMM Club. BURRELL, JAMES F. B.S. Physical Education; Noblesville; Phi Delta Theta, House Mngr.; I-Men's Club; Varsity Track; Pemm Club. DUPES, MARTHA GAIL B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad, Rec. Ch.; PEMM Club; NCAGU; Women's Bowling Team. EASLEY, MOSES LAVERNE III B.S. Physical Education; Dowagiac, Mich.; I-Men's Association; NAACP; Varsity Track, Football. EDLER, THOMAS ALLEN B.S. Recreation; South Bend; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Undergraduate Recreation Society; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; President's Cabinet. FILLBRANDT, MARILYN ELLIS B.S. Physical Education; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta; IU Foundation; ARBUTUS Queen; Campus Coed Queen; Sr. Class Council; PEMM Club. GASTINEAU, JENNIE BETH B.S. Physical Education; Lyons; Foster Quad, Harper Hall; ARBUTUS; Daily Student; IU Foundation; Marching 100. GAYDOS, JANE ELAINE B.S. Recreation; Shaker Heights, Ohio; Read Center, Beck House; Undergraduate Recreation Society. GIBBS, ALLEN DALE B.S. Physical Education; Morgantown; Phi Sigma Kappa, Inductor; Pershing Rifles; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sgt.-at-Arms; YMCA. GILLETTE, MARIANNE B.S. Physical Education; Aurora, Ill.; Read Center, Beck House; Oceanides, Pres.; WRA, Ath. Ch.; PEMM Club, Sec. GLOVER, JOHN THOMAS B.S. Recreation; Bedford; Phi Delta Theta; Falcon Club; IU Newman Club; IU Young Republicans: Skull and Crescent. GRATZER, CHARLES EDWARD B.S. Physical Education; Bedford. GRAVES, WANDA JEAN B.S. Physical Education; Shoals; Read Center, Landes House, Ch.; PEMM Club. CRAY, DEANNA SUE B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad, Vice-Pres.; Tomahawk. GREENE, DAVID ISAAC B.S. Physical Education; Chicago, Ill.; Kappa Alpha Psi; Interfraternity Council; Varsity Football. HAHN, MARCIA SUE B.S. Recreation; Evansville; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pub. Rel. Ch.; Oceanides, Vice-Pres.; Undergraduate Recreation Society, Sec.; Student Leader. HAMER, GARY K. B.S. Physical Education; Princeton; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sphinx Club, Song Ldr. HAMILTON, MARVIN B. JR. B.S. Physical Education; Wabash; Delta Tau Delta; Arnold Air Society; IU Foundation. HARTMAN, ROBERT HAROLD B.S. Recreation; Bloomington; Acacia; Interfraternity Council; Pershing Rifles; Varsity Swimming; Undergraduate Recreation Society. HENNING, RICHARD LEE B.S. Health and Safety; Chicago, Ill.; McNutt Quad. HERRING, VIDA JOANN B.S. Physical Education; Clarksville; Read Center, Beck House; PEMM Club; IU Young Republicans; Wesley Foundation. HOLLIDAY, GAY B.S. Recreation; Carbondale, Ill.; Teter Quad, Vice-Pres., Gov.; Undergraduate Recreation Society; IU Foundation; Tomahawk. HORIN, WALTER J. B.S. Health and Safety; Elkhart; ARBUTUS; Daily Student; I-Men's Association; IU Foundation; Union Board. HORNER, JAMES EARNMST B.S. Physical Education; Bloomington; Undergraduate Recreation Society, Vice-Pres. HUBER, SHARON ANN B.S. Recreation; Charlotte, N.C.; Read Center, Landes House, Sec.; Undergraduate Recreation Society; YWCA. HUMPHREY, MICHAEL FRANCIS B.S. Physical Education; Bloomington; PEMM Club. HYDEN, BILL H. A.B. Criminology; Louisville, Ky.; Varsity Football. JARBOE, PRISCILLA SUE B.S. Physical Education; Evansville; Delta Zeta, Pub. Ch., Rec. Ch., Corr. Sec.; PEMM Club, Pres.; WRA, Pres. JAYNES, KAREN SUE B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Ath. Co-ord.; PEMM Club; WRA.



JUDD, MICHAEL WARREN B.S. Parks and Recreation; Evansville; Delta Upsilon; Jr. IFC; Singing Hoosiers; YMCA; Undergraduate Recreation Society; IU Folk Song Club. KARNISCHKY, TEDD HOFFMASTER B.S. Physical Education; Rochester, N.Y.; Union Board; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Soccer. KELLEY, KATHLEEN B.S. Modern Dance; Berwyn, Ill.; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Gov.; IU Folk Song Club. KILGOUR, PHYLLIS B.S. Physical Education; Wynnewood, Pa.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Oceanides; Tomahawk; WRA, Vice-Pres. KRYWAY, JAMES GEORGE B.S. Physical Education; Niagara Falls, N.Y.; Wright Quad. LAPE, JANICE CAROLE B.S. Physical Education; Crown Point; Read Center, Clark House; IU Fencing Club; PEMM Club; Modern Dance Workshop. LEE, ALBERT RICHARD B.S. Recreation and Park Administration; Evansville; Undergraduate Recreation Society, Treas. LEE, KAREN ROSE B.S. Recreation; Glendale, Calif.; Delta Zeta; Undergraduate Recreation Society; Jr. Student Athletic Board; Sailing Club; WRA, Sec.; YWCA. LEVIN, ILENE BARBARA B.S. Recreation; Hammond. LOMAN, LINDA LEE B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; Kappa Alpha Theta, Marshal; Alpha Lambda Delta; PEMM Club, Sec.; WRA, Sec; YWCA. MAYER, JUDITH LYNN B.S. Physical Education; Gary; Read Center, Beck House; PEMM Club. MUNN, MARJORIE ELLEN B.S. Dance; Seneca Falls, N.Y.; McNutt Quad, Gov.; Modern Dance Workshop, Pres.; International Affairs Commission; Auditorium Usher Corps; Motar Board. NICHOLS, DANIEL CLEMENT B.S. Physical Education; Westfield, N.J.; Delta Upsilon; PEMM Club. NUGENT, SHERYL KATHRYN B.S. Physical Education; Grammer; PEMM Club; WRA. PAIGE, WILLIAM M. B.S. Physical Education; Gary; PEMM Club; Pershing Rifles; Student Athletic Board. PATTERSON, CAROL ANN B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad, Ath. Ch.; AWS; PEMM Club; WRA. PECK, MARGARET EFFIE B.S. Physical Education; Pottstown, Pa.; McNutt Quad; IU Foundation; PEMM Club. PIERCE, JANET ANN B.S. Physical Education; Kokomo; Willkie Quad, Mason Hall; PEMM Club. POPE, THOMAS 'MOORE B.S. Physical Education; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Omega Psi Phi; I-Men's Association; Varsity Track. RICHARD, TERESA ANNE B.S. Recreation; Ft. Wayne; McNutt Quad, Ath. Ch., Treas.; Undergraduate Recreation Society. ROBERTSON, CHARLOTTE HELEN B.S. Recreation; Indianapolis; Mason Hall, Gov.; Undergraduate Recreation Society. ROSCELLO, WALTER HENRY B.S. Recreation; Torrington, Conn.; Phi Kappa Theta, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega; IU Foundation; IU Newman Club, Vice-Pres.; Undergraduate Recreation Society; Phi Epsilon Kappa. ST. DENIS, CAROL ANN B.S. Physical Education; Syracuse, N.Y.; Foster Quad, Harper Hall, Vice-Gov.; PEMM Club; NCAGU. SCHREIBER, ROBERT THOMAS B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; McNutt Quad, Gov., Treas.; Phi Epsilon Kappa. SILVER, CLIFSONJA MARY B.S. Dance; Columbus; Alpha Xi Delta; Dance Workshop. SIMBECK, HARLEY EDWARD B.S. Physical Education; Louisville, Ky.; Phi Epsilon Kappa; PEMM Club. SPRENGER, SUSAN B.S. Hospital Therapy; Kenilworth, Ill.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; IU Sing Steering Comm.; YWCA; Union Comm. STELLA, KENNETH GENE B.S. Recreation; Danville, Ill.; Wright Quad, Dunn House, Gov.; Undergraduate Recreation Society; Little 500. SUNYOG, BARBARA MAE B.S. Physical Education; Gary; Teter Quad, Treas., Ath. Ch., Vice-Gov.; PEMM Club; WRA; YWCA. SUTTON, LYNDA L. B.S. Physical Education; Syracuse, N.Y.; McNutt Quad; PEMM Club; NCAGU. THORNBURG, CAROL JOYCE B.S. Recreation; Crown Point; Willkie Quad; Cosmopolitan Club; Undergraduate Recreation Society. THUNBERG, LINDA ALICE B.S. Physical Education; North Arlington, N.J.; Briscoe Quad; PEMM Club, Vice-Pres.; WRA; Alpha Lambda Delta. VANMETER, DWAYNE ROBERT B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; IU Young Republicans. VINCZ, RUTH CASMIRA B.S. Physical Education; Indianapolis; PEMM Club, Treas.; IU Foundation. WAGNER, JOHN ADDINGTON B.S. Physical Education; Battle Creek, Mich.; I-Men's Association; Swimming, College All-American Swimming Team. WALTERS, TRENT B.S. Physical Education; Concord, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha Psi; Falcon Club; I-Men's Association; NAACP; Football. WASSMAN, MARY ELIZABETH B.S. Dance; Wabash; McNutt Quad; Porn Pon Girls; ARBUTUS. WILLIAMS, I. CLAY B.S. Physical Education; Bloomington. WILSON, BARBARA JANE B.S. Recreation; Peru; Undergraduate Recreation Society. WOODS, REGINALD WILLIE B.S. Physical Education; Chicago, Ill.; Omega Psi Phi; I-Men's Association; NAACP; Track; Football.




Law ALLEN, JAY DOUGLAS A.B., L.L.B. Law; Salem; Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramural Ch.; Interfraternity Council; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent; Delta Theta Phi. ANGERMEIER, GERALD GWEN J.D. Law; Indianapolis; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association; National Moot Court Competition. BARNEY, THOMAS McNAMEE J.D. Law; Indianpolis; Phi Delta Phi, Pres.; Student Bar Association; Law Journal. BERENTHAL, JAMES LEON L.L.B. Law; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Cosmopolitan Club; Hillel Foundation; Student Bar Association. BERRIER, ERWIN FRANKLIN JR. J.D. Law; Indianapolis. BLYTHE, JAMES II J.D. Law; Indianapolis; IU Young Republicans, VicePres.; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association, Treas.; Outstanding CYR; Kappa Sigma. BONTRAGER, WILLIAM DWIGHT L.L.B. Law; Elkhart; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. BROWN, PAUL EDWARD J.D. Law; Bloomington. CALBERT, JERALD DAVID L.L.B. Law; Plainfield. CARTER, ROBERT BRYAN II J.D. Law; Indianapolis; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. CHAMBERS, WILLIAM DEAN L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi. COHEN, CHARLES ALVIN J.D. Law; Hammond; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledge Tr., Rush Ch.; Beta Gamma Sigma; IU Foundation; Sphinx Club; Indiana Law Journal, Senior Symposium Editor. COHEN, HYMEN A. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi. COOK, ARTHUR JON J.D. Law; Hammond. COUPE, WILLIAM W. L.L.B. Law; Central Falls, R.I.; Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi. CUPPY, FRED M. J.D. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi. DAILY, ELISABETH M. L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Student Bar Association; Law Journal. DAVIS, ARVIN LEE L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. DAVIS, GARRY ENLOW J.D. Law; Bloomington; Student Bar Association. DENMURE, DOUGLAS R. L.L.B. Law; Aurora; Phi Delta Phi. DEWEY, DENNIS JAMES L.L.B. Law; Evansville; Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association; Daily Student. DODD, TIMOTHY ROBERT L.L.B. Law; Evansville; Phi Delta Phi. EATON, LARRY LEON J.D. Law; Indianapolis; Student Bar Association; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi. ERDMANN, DON A. L.L.B. Law; Bedford. FLAMION, JOHN ALLEN J.D. Law; Bristow. FORREST, DONALD REID L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. FOSTER, THOMAS WILLIAM L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi. FRANK, MARVIN JAMES L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Beta Gamma Sigma. FURTICK, SANDRA ANN L.L.B. Law; Baltimore, Md.; Student Bar Association, Sec.-Treas. GARELICK, ROBERT ALAN J.D. Law; Bloomington; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association; Indiana Law Journal. GLASS, JAMES MILTON L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis. GOSSMAN, GEORGE W. L.L.B. Law; Brownstown. GOSSMAN, THOMAS L. J.D. Law; Brownstown. GRANDE, DONALD I. L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; Phi Delta Phi. GRIFFITH, CHARLES CRAIG J.D. Law; Kirkwood, Mo.; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association.



GUIDO, ANTHONY C. L.L.B. Law; Plainfield. GWIN, SAMUEL KENNETH L.L.B. Law; Clarksville; Student Bar Association. HAMAKER, JUDITH NANCY J.D. Law; Indianapolis. HARDAMON, DONALD LEE L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association; IU Young Republicans. HAROLD, DAVID L. J.D. Law; Bloomington; Student Bar Association.

HAY, NORMAN EDWARD L.L.B. Law; Cannelton; Phi Delta Phi. HEIN, WILLIAM JAMES J.D. Law; Peru; Student Bar Association; Indiana Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi. HELMS, LARRY RALPH J.D. Law; Muncie; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi. •ҟ HERRIMAN, CHARES EVAN L.L.B. Law; Kentland. HOFFMAN, ROGER PHILLIP L.L.B. Law; Bloomington. HOOD, GEORGE STANLEY J.D. Law; Fort Wayne; Acacia; Law Journal; Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi. HOWARD, NEIL BRUCE L.L.B. Law; Springfield, Pa. HUDSON, HENRY COLLINS J.D. Law; Little York. HULSE, THOMAS L. J.D. Law; Indianapolis. JACKSON, DONALD L. J.D. Law; Lafayette; Phi Delta Theta, Pres.; Phi Delta Phi; Interfraternity Council, Vice-Pres.; IU Young Republicans, Pres.

JAFFE, DAVID MICHAEL J.D. Law; Kankakee, Ill.; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. JEFFERIES, ROBERT AARON JR. J.D. Law; Bloomington. JOHNSTON, STUART ADAMS L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi. KELLY, JAMES H. L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis. KIRBY, PATRICK JOSEPII L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis. KLINESTIVEN, JOHN WILLIAM L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas. KOCH, THEODORE MORGAN L.L.B. Law; Indiaanpolis; YMCA; Sigma Delta Kappa; Student Athletic Board. KOEHLINGER, DENIS LEE L.L.B. Law; Fort Wayne; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. LAMBERT, JAMES EDWARD L.L.B. Law; Warsaw; Sigma Delta Kappa. LANG, JAMES A. L.L.B. Law; Jeffersonville. LASWELI„ WILLIAM T. L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis. LAWSON, DAVID EDWARD L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis. LEHMAN, NANCY JAYNE L.L.B. Law; Paris, Ill.; Student Bar Association; Delta Delta Delta. LEMON, THOMAS RIDLEY J.D. Law; Bloomington; Phi Delta Phi; Indiana Law Journal; Student Bar Association. LEVY, WILLIAM L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; PAD.

LITTLE, TRACY E. J.D. Law; Bloomington; Student Bar Association, VicePres.; Phi Delta Phi. LITZENBERGER, SAM W. JR. L.L.B. Law; Anderson; Phi Kappa Psi: Phi Delta Phi, Clerk. LONG, STEPHEN DAVID J.D. Law; Linton; Student Bar Association. LOZANO, RODOLFO L.L.B. Law; East Chicago; IU Newman Club; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. LYTTON, HOWARD B. JR. L.L.B. Law; Petersburg; Phi Delta Phi. McMAHAN, ROSS C. L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Alpha Delta. McNABB, GUERRY BROWN L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association, Pres. McNARNY, PATRICK EDWARD J.D. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi, Magister, IIist. MAHAN, DAVID LEE L.L.B. Law; Munster; Student Bar Association. MILLS, WILLIAM NEIL L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association.

462 Law

MOBERLY STEPHEN CHARLES L.L.B. Law; Shelbyville; Student Bar Association; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi, Hist. MORRIS, RONALD WILLIAM L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Theta. MORTON, DON FOUTS J.D. Law; Lebanon. MURAOKA, MAMORU L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; Student Bar Association. NEIMAN, ROBERT E. J.D. Law; Bloomington; Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition; Student Bar Association. OTTE, FRANK J. L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. OWENS, SIDNEY DALE J.D. Law; West Lafayette; Student Bar Association, Senior Rep. PAZOL, LAWRENCE Z. L.L.B. Law; Muncie; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. PECKINPAUGH, DARREL K. J.D. Law; Muncie; Delta Sigma Phi; Student Bar Association. PETRI, VERNON JOHN L.L.B. Law; Hammond; I-Men's Association; Phi Delta Phi. POYNTER, ROBERT EUGENE L.L.B. Law; Kokomo; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. REYNOLDS, ROBERT ALLEN L.L.B. Law; Crown Point; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. RICHARDS, MELVIN A. JR. L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi; IU Young Republicans, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Student Bar Association. ROBERTS, PATRICK JOSEPH L.L.B. Law; Peru; Sigma Pi; Delta Phi, Treas.; Student Bar Association. ROBINSON, CHARLES FRANCIS J.D. Law; Indianapolis; IU Collegiate Democrats; Phi Delta Phi. ROBINSON, JACK RAY J.D. Law; Grandview; IU Collegiate Democrats; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. ROBINSON, JERRY J.D. Law; North Liberty; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Student Bar Association. ROBY, DANIEL A. J.D. Law; Chesterfield; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association; Minton Moot Court Competition. ROLLO, HERBERT DORLON L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi. ROSENBERG, RICHARD K. L.L.B. Law; Paterson, N.J.; Student Bar Association. ROTH, CHARLES GEROE J.D. Law; Peoria Heights, Ill.; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. SANDY, CARL J. Law; Bloomington; Student Bar Association, Social Ch.; Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer; IU Young Republicans. SAVILL, ROBERT ARTHUR J.D. Law; Indianapolis. SCHLITT, ALBERT JOHN L.L.B Law; Alton, Ill.; Phi Alpha Delta. SCHNEIDER, ROBERT EARL J.D. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi.

SEIFERT, GERALD L.L.B. Law; Plainfield; Phi Delta Phi; National Moot Court; IU Collegiate Democrats. SHADDAY, GERALD E. L.L.B. Law; Bloomington; IU Collegiate Democrats. SMOCK, JAMES F. J.D. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Alpha Delta. SPITZER, HERBERT ANDREW J.D. Law; Indianapolis; IU Young Republicans; Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer, Treas.; Student Bar Association, Pres. SPRINGER, ROSS E. J.D. Law; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Phi; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas. STEWART, ROBERT E. J.D. Law; Indianapolis. STREETER, WILLIAM J. J.D. Law; Bloomington; Law Journal. SULLIVAN JOHN F. JR. L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Sigma Delta Kappa, Chancellor; Young Democrats. URDAL, RONALD T. L.L.B. Law; Connersville. VAUGHAN, LARRY B. L.L.B. Law; Evansville; Phi Delta Phi.

WALLACE, VICKY BUDZINSKI L.L.B. Law; Bloomington. WARRUM, RONALD L.L.B. Law; Greenfield. WHARRY, ALLEN FOSTER L.L.B. Law; Zionsville; IU Collegiate Democrats. WICKER, ROBERT JOSEPH L.L.B. Law; Indianapolis; Sigma Delta Kappa, Vice-Pres. WOLFE, CLAUDE ROLAND J.D. Law; Danville; LaW Journal.



Medicine ABLE, M. ERMADENE M.D. Medicine; Seymour. AHLER, KENNETH JAMES M.D. Medicine; Medaryville. ARTHUR, ARVIN M.D. Medicine; Saratoga. ATZ, WILLIAM ALBERT _M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Tr., Pres.; Falcon Club; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Interfraternity Council. BAKER, CHARLES JACOB II M.D. Medicine; Clinton; Phi Chi.

BARGER, JAMES HAROLD M.D. Medicine; Shelbyville; Phi Chi. BARRETT, CHARLES LUTHER M.D. Medicine; Owensville. BECHTOLD, DAVID LEE M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. BIXLER, GLORIA GREENEN M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. BLACK, STUART BARRY M.D. Medicine; Miami Beach, Fla.

BLACKBURN, ROBERT ALFRED M.D. Medicine; Linton. BRANDES, DAVID CHARLES A.B., M.D. Medicine; Evansville; Sigma Alpha Mu; Little 500; Nu Sigma Nu. BRANSON, WILLIAM BROWN B.S., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Senior Council. BREITWEISER, THOMAS DAVID A.B. Medicine; Speedway. BREMER, WILLIAM H. M.D. Medicine; Hammond; Nu Sigma Nu. BRISCOE, WILLIAM COLE M.D. Medicine; Sarasota, Fla.; Phi Chi. BRITE, WILLIAM BRADLEY A.B., M.D. Medicine; Highland; Sigma Nu; Singing Hoosiers; SAMA. BROUMAND, CYRUS A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Sigma Xi. BROWN, EARL EAMER M.D. Medicine; Greenwood. BROWN, RONALD LEE M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis.

BUCK, RICHARD CRAIG A.B., M.D. Medicine; Frankfort; Phi Gamma Delta. CAPLIN, RICHARD LAWRENCE A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Nu Sigma Nu; SAMA. CARRICO, VIRGIL NORMAN M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Sphinx Club. CARTER, JAMES R. A.B., MD. Medicine; Indianapolis. CHANG, MARGE LEE MING M.D. Medicine; Bangkok, Thailand.

CHASTAIN, TRUMAN LEROY A.B., M.D. Medicine; Salem; Phi Beta Pi, Hist.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; SAMA. CHILDERS, RANDALL ARTHUR M.D. Medicine; Sand Springs, Okla.; Phi Beta Pi; SAMA. COBB, GLORIA JEANNE M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Christian Medical Society; SAMA. COLE, WILLIAM LEON A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. CONNAUGHTON, JAMES FRANCIS JR. M.D. Medicine; South Bend; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu, Sec. COOPER, WILLIAM EARL M.D. Medicine; Seymour; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arnold Air Society; Phi Chi. CRAVENS, ROBERT ELLIOTT M.D. Medicine; Evansville; SAMA; Phi Chi. CUSIIMAN, PHILLIP WAYNE M.D. Medicine; Evansville; SAMA. DAVIS, THOMAS WILLIAM M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. DEVILLEZ, RICHARD LOUIS M.D. Medicine; Tell City; Phi Chi.

464 Medicine

DICK, WILLIAM HENRY M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. DILLEN, JAMES C. M.D. Medicine; Noblesville. DOBECKI, GLENN ALLAN M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; IU Newman Club; Phi Chi. DUBOIS, PHILIP DAVID A.B., M.D. Medicine; Lafayette; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. DYER, JOHN KELLY M.D. Medicine; Terre Haute; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; SAMA; IU Young Republicans; Nu Sigma Nu; Skull and Crescent. EWTON, ROBERT STANWOOD A.B., M.D. Medicine; New Albany; Phi Chi; SAMA. FARQUHAR, CHARLES FRANCIS M.D. Medicine; Washington D.C. FISHER, ELIZABETH ARDEL M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. FOGEL, ERNEST JAMES JR. M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Nu Sigma Nu, Pres.; SAMA. FOY, JANET LOUISE A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. FREEMAN, MILFORD WESLEY M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Beta Pi. FRIEND, LINDA LEE M.D. Medicine; Evansville. GARDNER, RONALD SHEARER M.D. Medicine; Brownsburg. GILBERT, ALAN R. M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Chi. GLOCK, DOUGLAS EDWARD M.D. Medicine; Speedway; SAMA; Phi Chi.

GORDON, HARRY WILLIAM M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Rho Sigma. GRAY, DALE AVERY M.D. Medicine; Anderson; Phi Rho Sigma. GRAY, ROBERT LEE M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Chi. GRAY, WAYNE LEE A.B., M.D. Medicine; Muncie; SAMA; Nu Sigma Nu. GREEN, JAN CALVERT M.D. Medicine; South Bend; Phi Chi; SAMA; Junior Class Vice-Pres.

GREEN, NANCY LEE M.D. Medicine; Ft. Wayne; Senior Class Treas. GREENLEE, JAMES ROBERT A.B., M.D. Medicine; Union City; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; IU Foundation; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma. HABBE, TIMOTHY A. M.D. Medicine; Terre Haute; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. HAGGERTY, FRED EMMETT A.B., M.D. Medicine; LaFontaine; Phi Chi. HANNON, EDWARD JAMES M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. HARVEY, JOHN EDMUND III B.S., M.D. Medicine; South Bend. HEYDE, EDWARD LEE M.D. Medicine; Goshen; Delta Upsilon; Sophomore Class Pres.; Phi Beta Pi. HOOVER, STANLEY VICTOR A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Delta Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Omega Alpha. HORVATH, JOHN LOUIS JR. M.D. Medicine; South Bend; SAMA; IU Newman Club; Phi Chi. HUNNESHAGEN, DONALD EDWARD M.D. Medicine; Rochester; Phi Chi. IP, KAI M.D. Medicine; Hong Kong; Phi Chi; Cosmopolitan Club; Wesley Foundation. ISENBARGER, KARL M.D. Medicine; Peru; Phi Chi. JACKSON, ROBERT FRANKLIN A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Rho Sigma, Vice-Pres., Pres.; SAMA, Sec. JAY, STEPHEN JORDAN M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha; Senior Class Vice-Pres. JESCH, DORIS ANN M.D. Medicine; Marion. JOHNS, JANET SUSAN A.B., M.D. Medicine; South Bend; Read Center, VicePres. KAUFFMAN, PAUL EDWARD M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. KERNER, DONALD JOE M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. KERR, CHARLES ROBERT B.S., M.D. Medicine; Bloomington. KEY, JAMES EDWARD M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis.

Medicine 465

KIGHT, JERRY L. M.D. Medicine; Brownsburg; Phi Chi; Delta Phi Alpha; SAMA. KINASIEWICZ, LEON EDWARD M.D. Medicine; Gary. KINDY, KEN DEL A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Nu Sigma Nu. KLAIN, DAVID BERTRAM M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Zeta Beta Tau. LAFOLLETTE, JAMES WARREN M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Alpha Tau Omega; Nu Sigma Nu; SAMA; Sphinx Club.

LEE, WILLIAM A.B., M.D. Medicine; East Chicago; Phi Chi. LEEDY, DONALD KA M.D. Medicine; Knox; Phi Kappa Psi; Little 500; SAMA; Sphinx Club. LEVY, LAWRENCE EDWIN M.D. Medicine; Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Nu Sigma Nu. LINVILLE, JAMES J. A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Nu Sigma Nu; SAMA; IU Young Republicans; Skull and Crescent. McCLURE, RICHARD OTTO M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Iota Chi; SAMA. McCORD, GEORGE ELLIOTT B.S., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Sphinx Club. McCOY, TIM IVAN A.B., M.D. Medicine; Washington; Kappa Delta Rho; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Omega Alpha; Interfraternity Council; SAMA; Phi Eta Sigma; Skull and Crescent. McILORY, RICHARD HARRY JR. A.B., M.D. Medicine; Pueblo, Colo.; Phi Gamma Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. McNAUGHTON, THOMAS MARVIN M.D. Medicine; Washington. MARKS, WILLIAM AKIN A.B., M.D. Medicine; Huntigton; Nu Sigma Nu. MATTHEWS, LELAND RAY M.D. Medicine; North Vernon; Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu, Hist.; Little 500; SAMA; Alpha Epsilon Delta. NAPPER, ROBERT STEVEN A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. OWENS, WILLIAM PAUL II M.D. Medicine; Clarksville; Sigma Chi. PETERS, DAVID J. M.D. Medicine; Kokomo; Sigma Nu; Falcon Club; Nu Sigma Nu; IU Young Republicans; Phi Eta Sigma; YMCA. PITZELE, CHARLES EDEN M.D. Medicine; Hammond; Zeta Beta Tau; Nu Sigma Nu. POWERS, WILLIAM RAY M.D. Medicine; Lyons; IU Young Republicans; Phi Chi; Omega Alpha Delta. PRICE, HARRY ROGER A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Omega Alpha; IRHA Executive Council. RADCLIFFE, LEE EWING A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. RADEMACHER, WADE M.D. Medicine; Huntingburg; Sigma Chi. RAMP, JERREMY NI. A.B., M.D. Medicine; Rensselaer. RATTS, THOMAS ELLSWORTH A.B., M.D. Medicine; Salem; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Omega Alpha; Interfraternity Council; Marching 100; Sphinx Club. RAU, RICHARD M. II M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Sigma Chi. REID, RICHARD ALTON B.S., M.D. Medicine; Richmond. RICHTER, MARY ALEXANDRIA M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Alpha Omega Alpha. RINK, LAWRENCE D. A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. RIVERS, THOMAS ARTHUR M.D. Medicine; Muncie. RUSK, BARTON JAY M.D. Medicine; State College, Pa.; Alpha Omega Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; Senior Class Pres. RUVOLO, LOUIS S. M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. SAMPER, EDWARD RONALD A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; SAMA. SATTERLEE, WINSTON A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. SAYLER, OSBEY LOUIS M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; SAMA. SCHOOLFIELD, BYRON WILLIAM M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; SAMA. SEFTON, SAMUEL MARTIN M.D. Medicine; Fort Wayne; Phi Beta Pi; SAMA. SIIARIATZADEH, ALI NAJAFI B.S., M.D. Medicine; Tehran, Iran; SAMA; I-Men's Association; Phi Chi. SHERWOOD, EDWARD ARTHUR A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Nu Sigma Nu.

466 Medicine

SHORTRIDGE, DONALD ROSS A.B., M.D. Medicine; Bedford; Phi Chi. SINEX, JOSEPH C. B.S. Medicine; Indianapolis; SAMA; Phi Chi. SKIDMORE, CHARLES EDWARD B.S., M.B.A., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. SLEIGHT, HAROLD EDWARD II M.D. Medicine; Orleans; Alpha Epsilon Delta. SPITZBERG, DANIEL H. A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres.; Nu Sigma Nu; Hillel Foundation.

STANLEY, GEORGE E. A.B., M.A., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Junior Class Pres.; Phi Chi. STARRETT, JAMES ALAN M.D. Medicine; Mishawaka. STINE, HAROLD E. A.B., M.S., M.D. Medicine; Mishawaka. STOCKINGER, FRED STANLEY M.D. Medicine; New Castle. STOUDER, DENNIS ALAN A.B., M.D. Medicine; Warsaw; Sigma Xi.

STRYCKER, DEAN LAMAR B.S., M.D. Medicine; Goshen. TARRY, KIRBY BRUCE B.S., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. TATE, THOMAS DALE M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; SAMA; Phi Beta Pi. TAYLOR, JAMES SELWYN M.D. Medicine; Gary; Board of Aeons; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senate; Student Body Pres. TAYLOR, ROBERT LEONARD M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu.

TOWNSEND, CHARLES WILLIAM M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis; SAMA; Nu Sigma Nu. TRAINER, TOM FRANK M.D. Medicine; Evansville. TRENT, ROBERT M. M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. VESEY, WILLIAM J. M.D. Medicine; Ft. Wayne; Phi Chi. WALKER, G. DALY M.D. Medicine; Winchester; SAMA; Sophomore Class Vice Pres.; Nu Sigma Nu. WATERS, GEORGE EDWARD JR. M.D. Medicine; Richmond; SAMA; IU Flying Club; Nu Sigma Nu. WEDDLE, CHARLES 0. II B.S., M.D. Medicine; Lebanon. WEEKS, RALPH HARMON M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis. WENZEL, WAYNE WILLIAM M.D. Medicine; South Bend; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Skull and Crescent. WILCZYNSKI, JOSEPH ROBERT B.S., M.D. Medicine; Gary. WILLIS, ARTHUR WILLIAM JR. M.D. Medicine; Hockessin, Dela.; SAMA; Nu Sigma Nu. WILLMAN, JOE I. M.D. Medicine; Bloomington; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. WILSON, DONALD LEON B.S., M.D. Medicine; Morgantown; Blue Key; Nu Sigma Nu. YAHNKE, DAVID G. M.D. Medicine; Speedway; Sigma Nu; Nu Sigma Nu. YANG, JAMES P. S. A.B., M.D. Medicine; Indianapolis.

■I Music ҟ ADLER, DAVID WILLIAM B.M. Composition; Phoenix, Ariz.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres.; Interfraternity Council. BEILSTEIN, MARY LOU B.M.E. Piano; Mansfield, Ohio; Kappa Delta, House Mngr., Song Ldr.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres.; Pi Kappa Lambda; MENC. BENTLE, DEAN A. B.M.E. Music Education; Lawrenceburg; Wright Quad, Dewey House, Vice-Gov.; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching 100. BERKOWITZ, PHEBE SUE B.S. Opera Stage Direction; Jamaica, N.Y.; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-Pres.; Enomene, Sec.; Hillel Foundation; Mortar Board; Opera Theater. BERRYMAN, JUDITH ANN B.M.E. Music; Naperville, Ill.; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota.

Music 467

BJORLIE, JUDY M. B.M.E. Cello; Ashland, Ore.; Forest Quad; IU Orchestra; Mu Phi Epsilon. BOURQUEIN, ARTHUR DENNIS B.M.E. Music Education; Harrison, Ohio; Wright Quad; Kappa Kappa Psi, Sec.; Marching 100. BRAND, MARTHA SUSAN B.M.E. Voice; Darlington, Md.; Zeta Tau Alpha; MENC; Chamber Singers. BRUNING, EARL H. JR. ,B.M.E. Music Education; Batesville; Campbell House, Sec.-Treas.; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching 100; Singing Hoosiers; MENC. BRYCE, MARY EVELYN B.M. Piano; Albion, Mich.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Kappa Lambda. BURDETT, ROBERT WALLACE B.M.E. Voice; Bloomington; Pi Kappa Phi, House Mngr., Song Leader; IU Newman Club. BURMEISTER, PATRICIA JOY B.M. Voice; Northbrook, Ill.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Singing Hoosiers. CARPENTER, RUTH ANN B.M.E. Voice; Coralville, Iowa; Wells Quad, Sycamore Hall; Sigma Alpha Iota; MENC. COLBURN, CAROL D. B.M. Piano; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Read Center, Landes House, Judicial Bd.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Kappa Lambda. DRAIZAR, ROCHELLE N. B.M., B.M.E. Flute and Piano; Miami, Fla.; IU Orchestra; Sigma Alpha Iota. GALLAGHER, PAMELA ANNE B.M.E. Voice; Kokomo; Sigma Kappa, Song Ldr.; Belles. GENTRY, MARGARET JANE B.M.E. Music Education; Sonora, Ky.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Kappa Lambda; MENC. HANSEN, GAIL JUNE B.S. Flute and French; Chester, N.J. HARLAND, JUDITH ANN B.M.E. Voice; Chehalis, Wash.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Cosmopolitan Club; Singing Hoosiers; YWCA; MENC. HARRIS, JEREMY A.B. Music; Bethesda, Md.; IU Collegiate Democrats; NAACP; ADA, Sec.; Senior Class Council. HERTZ, SUSAN B.S. Voice and Philosophy; Jackson, Miss.; Sigma Delta Tau; Cosmopolitan Club; Singing Hoosiers; YWCA. HUGHES, JOHN DAVID B.M. Trombone; Dearborn, Mich.; IU Orchestra. JAEGER, LAURA LOUISE B.M. Oboe; Elmore, Ohio; IU Orchestra; Sigma Alpha Iota, Chap. JENKINS, ELIZABETH SUSAN B.M. Oboe; Stevens Point, Wis.; Zeta Tau Alpha; IU Orchestra; Sigma Alpha Iota, Hist., Ed.; YWCA; Pi Kappa Lambda. JONES, BOOKER T. B.M.E. Trombone; Gary; Kappa Alpha Psi; IU Orchestra; Marching 100; NAACP. KINZER, ANITA GAYLE B.M.E. Clarinet; Paoli; Sigma Alpha Iota; Tau Beta Sigma, Vice-Pres.; MENC. KLEIN, THELMA JEANNE B.M.E. Voice; Munster; Alpha Gamma Delta; Singing Hoosiers. LA PRELL, EDRIE FRANCES B.M.E. Music Education; Indianapolis; Sailing Club; IU Young Republicans; Mu Phi Epsilon; YAF; Canterbury Club. LEWIS, JERRY E. B.M.E. Music Education; Huntington; Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres.; IU Foundation; Marching 100; Student Athletic Board. LUEKING, AMY KATHERINE B.M.E. Piano; East Alton, Ill.; Tau Beta Sigma. LUNDBERG, HARRIET AGDA B.M.E. Piano; Norwalk, Conn.; Read Center, Clark House; Tau Beta Sigma; Symphonic Wind Ensemble. MARTIN, RENEE ELLEN B.M.E. Voice; Monroeville; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Singing Hoosiers; MENC. MASON, MARCIA LOUISE B.M.E. Piano; Delphi; Read Center, Beck House; Mu Phi Epsilon, Treas. MORT, DONALD WILSON B.M.E. Trombone; Waynesboro, Pa.; IU Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. MURAKAMI, MAY M. B.M. Voice; Wahiawa, Hawaii; Mu Phi Epsilon; Belles; University Singers. O'BEIRNE, ALICE M. B.M.E.; Tolono, Ill.; Sigma Kappa, Vice-Pres.; Singing Hoosiers. O'REILLEY, CAROL SUE B.M.E. Flute; Warsaw; Tau Beta Sigma, Pres.; Symphonic Wind Ensemble. ORR, IRENE SIMMONS B.M.E. Organ; Canandaigua, N.Y.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; Mu Phi Epsilon, Song Ldr., Chap.; Singing Hoosiers; YWCA; American Field Service, Treas.; International Affairs Comm. OTTO, KENT AUBERT B.M. Organ; St. Louis, Mo.; Phi Alpha Sinfonia; American Guild of Organists. PLUMMER, JEANNE MANNING B.M.E. Piano; Bedford; Sigma Alpha Iota. POGACH, CAROL ROSEN B.S. Ballet; Hammond; Read Center, Curry House, Judicial Bd.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Hillel Foundation; Mu Phi Epsilon; Pi Kappa Lambda. PRUNTY, PATRICIA ANN B.M.E. Voice; Marcus, Iowa; Zeta Tau Alpha; MENC; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon, Chaplain, Song Leader; Singing Hoosiers; Union Board Comm.; A Cappella Chorus. QUIVEY, JANET ELAINE B.M.E. Music Therapy; Plymouth; Read Center; Sigma Alpha Iota, Treas., Vice-Pres; MENC; Music Therapy Club. REMALA, JANICE LYNN B.S. Flute and English; Bensenville, Ill.; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Orchestra; Mu Phi Epsilon, Vice-Pres., Pledge Tr. REYNOLDS, MYRNA B.M.E. Voice; Ft. Branch; Alpha Gamma Delta, Song Ldr.; Singing Hoosiers.

468 Music

ROBINETT, MARY ELOISE B.M.E. Voice; Anderson; Forest Quad, Argonne House; AWS; Belles; Sigma Alpha Iota, Chap.; Singing Hoosiers; MENC. RODGERS, FRANK MERCER B.M.E. Violin; Chillicothe, Ohio; Cosmopolitan Club; IU Orchestra; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. ST. JEAN, DIANA ELIZABETH B.M.E. Voice; Bloomington; Alpha Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Singing Hoosiers; "Turandot;" "Boris Godonov;" Belles. THOMAS, SHARON RUTH B.M.E. Voice; Chillicothe, Ohio; Harper Hall, Cult. Ch.; Mu Phi Epsilon, Corr. Sec., Pres.; YWCA. THOMPSON, TERRY RAY B.M. Trombone; Pottsville, Ark. TROUT, PHYLLIS AUDINE B.M.E. Music Education; Elkhart; University Singers. VANDERMARK, EILEEN KAY B.M. Organ; Leesburg; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; AWS; IU Foundation, Steering Comm.; Mortar Board; Pleiades; Sigma Alpha Iota. VINTERS, AIJA B.M.E. Music; Indianapolis; Foster Quad; Sigma Alpha Iota. WERNIMONT, SANDRA LOU B.M.E. Music Education; Rochester, N.Y.; IU Orchestra; Oceanides; Tau Beta Sigma; YWCA; Synphonic Wind Ensemble. WEST, MARTHA BARBARA B.M. Organ; Indiana, Pa.; Briscoe Quad; Sigma Alpha Iota; Baptist Student Union. WINSHIP, BARBARA JEAN B.M.E. Music Education; Western Springs, Ill.; Gamma Phi Beta, Pres.; IU Foundation; Mortar Board; Pleiades; Sigma Alpha Iota; Singing Hoosiers. ZUMWALT, BARBARA K. B.M.E. Voice; Indianapolis; Alpha Xi Delta, Rush Ch., Song Ldr.; YWCA; University Singers; Opera Chorus.

Nursing ABEL, TERRY SUE B.S. Nursing; Loogootee; CDANS; Choraliers. ARMBORST, JUDITHANN THELMA B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. AVENINS, PAIJA B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. BACH, CAROL ANN B.S. Nursing; Nashville, Tenn.; Choraliers; CDANS; Sophomore Orienter. BECKER, GALE E. B.S. Nursing; Shelbyville; IU Foundation; YWCA.

BEEDY, ANN LOUISE B.S. Nursing; Auburn; YWCA; Choraliers; CDANS. BERND, BARBARA ANN B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. BROSEY, JOYCE KAREN B.S. Nursing; Terre Haute; Choir; Student Faculty Gov. BURNS, SUSAN COOLEY B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. BUSCHMAN, KAREN SUE B.S. Nursing; Lafayette; IU Foundation; Sigma Theta Tau; Student Faculty Gov., Vice-Pres., Pres.; CDANS. CARTWRIGHT, SARA JEAN B.S. Nursing; Muncie. CUNNINGHAM, JEAN MARLENE, B.S. Nursing; Wellington, Ill.; Sigma Theta Tau; Choraliers, Sec.; CDANS, Cor. Sec.; IANS; Nurses Christian Fellowship, Pres. CUSTER, AMELIA ANN B.S. Nursing; Marion. DAILY, KAREN IRENE B.S. Nursing; Beech Grove; YWCA; CDANS. DAYTON, SHEILA ANN B.S. Nursing; Valparaiso; CDANS, Pres.; IANS. ELLSWORTH, CONNIE LOY B.S. Nursing; Kokomo. ESPICH, ALICE LOUISE B.S. Nursing; Ft. Wayne; Senior Class Treas.; Sigma Theta Tau; Beta Sigma; Symphonic Band; Student Faculty Gov.; CDANS. FOWLER, MARCIA ANN B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; Sigma Theta Tau; CDANS; Choraliers; Student Faculty Gov., Hist. FRANKLIN, CANDACE ANN B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; Senior Class Pres.; Sigma Theta Tau. FUNK, JUDITH ANN B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; Junior Class Sec.

Nursing 469

GAHIMER, JANICE SUE B.S. Nursing; Shelbyville; CDANS. GUNN, JANICE A. B.S. Nursing; Markleville. GURAUSKAS, ANNETTE LOUISE B.S. Nursing; Gary; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Newman Club; Sigma Theta Tau. HAMPTON, KAREN GAYE B.S. Nursing; Elwood; Alpha Lambda Delta; CDANS. HAY, CECILE ANN B.S. Nursing; North Liberty; CDANS; Nurses Christian Fellowship, Vice-Pres. HIBNER, LINDA HINCHMANN B.S. Nursing; Parker. JEGEN, LINDA MOFFETT B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Theta Tau; Union Board; Student Faculty Gov. JERRAM, JO ANNE B.S. Nursing; Anderson; Sigma Theta Tau; Junior Class Pres. JOLLY, JOANNE CHARLOTTE B.S. Nursing; North Vernon. KING, SUZANNE B.S. Nursing; Mulberry. LEE, PATRICIA ANN B.S. Nursing; Ft. Wayne; IANS, Vice-Pres.; Student Faculty Gov., Hist.; CDANS; Sophomore Orientor. LEZER, SUSAN MARIE B.S. Nursing; South Bend. LIECHTY, MARY LOU B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. McCORMICK, BARBARA LEE B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. MAGUIRE, JUDITH ANN B.S. Nursing; Valparaiso.

MARCILLIAT, ANNE CHRISTINE B.S. Nursing; Tell City; IU Newman Club; CDANS. MARTIN, WILMA JEAN B.S. Nursing; Terre Haute; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA; CDANS. MAY, MARCELLA L. B.S. Nursing; New Castle; CDANS. MAYFIELD, JUDITH KAY B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Theta Tau. MERRITT, DONNA JACQUELINE B.S. Nursing; North Manchester; CDANS. MILLER, DONNA FRANCES B.S. Nursing; Georgetown. MILLER, SANDRA MARION B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; CDANS; IANS; Glee Club. MILLS, CAROLYN NANCY B.S. Nursing; Lakewood, Ohio; CDANS; Judicial Bd. MITCHELL, C. LOUISA B.S. Nursing; Metuchen, N.J. MIZER, JANET SUE B.S. Nursing; Columbus; SEC; Sophomore Class Council; Porn Pon Girls; Mini Team. MOELLER, MARGARET LOLA B.S. Nursing; Fremont; CDANS. MORGAN, LOIS JEAN B.S. Nursing; Morocco; CDANS; Chorus. MOTLEY, JOY ANNETTE B.S. Nursing; Laurel, Miss. MURDOCK, PAMELA ANN B.S. Nursing; Brownsburg; "Sound Waves" Staff. NEWMAN, CAROL ANN B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis.

NIGHBERT, BETTY JANE B.S. Nursing; Camby; CDANS; Sigma Theta Tau; YWCA; Sophomore Class Vice-Pres. NUSSBAUM, DIANE ELIZABETH B.S. Nursing; Remington; IU Young Republicans. OLSON, TERRY LOUISE B.S. Nursing; South Bend; CDANS. OWENS, JUDY ANN B.S. Nursing; Shelbyville; CDANS. PATRICK, JANET SHIRLENE B.S. Nursing; Speedway; CDANS; Choraliers; Student Faculty Gov.; Junior Class Treas. PATTERSON, SANDRA LOU B.S. Nursing; Brownsburg; YWCA; CDANS; Choraliers; Junior Class Vice-Pres. PETTET, MELISSA ANNE B.S. Nursing; Chappaquan, N.Y. POTTS, EDWINA F. B.S. Nursing; New Albany. RADER, NORMA SUE B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. RETTIG, JEAN LOUISE B.S. Nursing; North Vernon; CDANS.

470 Nursing

RIDER, JOYCE ANN B.S. Nursing; Ft. Wayne; Sigma Theta Tau; YWCA; CDANS; Student Faculty Council. RINKER, FAYE LOUISE B.S. Nursing; Hanna. ROSE, CONNIE SUE ALLEN B.S. Nursing; Connersville; Sigma Theta Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Class Sec. SCHWIEGER, WILLA RAE B.S. Nursing; Anderson. SEARFOSS, JANE LYNNE B.S. Nursing; Syracuse; CDANS; IU Young Republicans; Choraliers; Sophomore Class Pres. SEYMOUR, JACQUELYN DIANA B.S. Nursing; Reynolds. SHUGER, FAREL S. B.S. Nursing; Beverly Shores. SMALL, JULIA JANE B.S. Nursing; Vincennes. SMITH, CRITA SLAVIN B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. SMRIGA, YOLANDA B.S. Nursing; Whiting; IU Newman Club.

STATES, JOAN CAROL B.S. Nursing; Crothersville; CDANS; Chorus. STOKES, MARY JANE B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis. SWEANY, JOANNA JEAN B.S. Nursing; Munster. THURMAN, MARGARET ANIS B.S. Nursing; Frankfort; Choraliers. TUCKER, JUDITH CAROL B.S. Nursing; Anderson; CDANS; IANS.

TUCKER, TANYA JANENE B.S. Nursing; Anderson. TUDOR, BETTY JO B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; Choraliers. VANCE, JUDITH B.S. Nursing; Gary. VOGEL, MARILYN LOUISE B.S. Nursing; Tell City; CDANS; YWCA. WALTERS, NANCY JEAN B.S. Nursing; Rochester; IU Foundation; CDANS; Choir; Student Faculty Gov., Vice-Pres.

WILKES, MICHELE DALE B.S. Nursing; Vincennes; IU Foundation; Sailing Club; Oceanides. WISLER, DOROTHY LOUISE B.S. Nursing; Osceola; CDANS; Choraliers. WISSING, BETTY C. B.S. Nursing; Manilla. WORTON, PATRICIA M. B.S. Nursing; Fredericksburg; Sigma Theta Tau. ZEWEN, NANCY LEE B.S. Nursing; Indianapolis; CDANS; "Sound Waves" Staff.

Optometry, B.S. BAGWELL, RICHARD GENE B.S. Optometry; Marion; Omega Epsilon Phi. BURSUA, RICHARD GEORGE B.S. Optometry; Martinsville; Omega Epsilon Phi; Eat and Speak Club. CLAUDY, JOSEPH WENDELL B.S. Optometry; Bloomington; Omega Epsilon Phi; Eat and Speak Club. CROCKER, DAWN ERIN B.S. Optometry; Caribou, Maine; Omega Epsilon Phi; Wells Quad, Sec. GARLAND, STEPHEN EARLE B.S. Optometry; Washington; MRC, Judicial Board; Omega Epsilon Phi; Eat and Speak Club; IU Young Republicans. GOODWIN, LARRY H. B.S. Optometry; Bloomington; Omega Delta. KAUFMAN, LeROY JAMES B.S. Optometry; Marion, S. D.; Omega Epsilon Phi. LIGGETT, ROGER LEE B.S. Optometry; Columbus; Phi Kappa Psi; Omega Delta; Skull and Crescent. MARSHALL, ROBERT WALTER B.S. Optometry; Laurel Springs, N.J.; Omega Epsilon Phi. MARTIN, DAVID PORTER A.B. Optometry; South Bend; MRC, Smith III, Sec.-Treas.; Wesley Foundation.

Optometry (B.S.) 471

MATTHEWS, STEPHEN ANSEL A.B. Optometry; Mooresville; Omega Epsilon Phi, Hist.; Eat and Speak Club. MAY, WINSTON CHARLES B.S. Optometry; Cincinnati, Ohio; Omega Delta. SAWYER, DENNIS LEE B.S. Optometry; Massillon, Ohio; ARBUTUS; Sailing Club; Omega Epsilon Phi; Water Polo Team. SCHENK, ELMER THOMAS JR. B.S. Optometry; Evansville; Omega Epsilon Phi; Eat and Speak Club. SHIELDS, JAMES EDWARD B.S. Optometry; French Lick; Eat and Speak Club. SHORT, JAMES LESTER A.B. Optometry; North Judson; Chi Phi, Sec.; Falcon Club; Omega Delta, Pres.; Sailing Club; YMCA. SIMPSON, PHILLIP BERT B.S. Optometry; Montgomery; Omega Epsilon Phi. TAJIMA, DEAN J. B.S. Optometry; Honolulu, Hawaii; Omega Delta. VAN WINKLE, JAMES EVERETT B.S. Optometry; Goshen; Omega Epsilon Phi; Sailing Club.

Optometry, M.O.

ҟ ■1111111111111MININIҟ BAILEY, JAMES E. M.O. Optometry; Columbus, Ohio; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Varsity Rifle; I-Men's Association; IU Foundation; Omega Epsilon Phi; Pershing Rifles. BENEDICT, EUGENE GEORGE M.O. Optometry; Culver; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta; Sailing Club; 1966 Optometry Class, Vice-Pres.; Eye-Men Club. BURTON, FRANK LLOYD M.O. • Optometry; Jeffersonville; Phi Gamma Delta; Omega Delta. DARIN, FREDERICK P. M.O. Optometry; Griffith; Acacia; Omega Delta; Optometry Student Council. DEAN, RICHARD EDWARD M.O. Optometry; Kokomo; Omega Epsilon Phi. ELLIOTT, P. Keith M.O. Optometry; Berkley, Mich.; Alpha Tau Omega; Omega Delta. FARNSWORTH, CRAIG LEE M.O. Optometry; Sullivan; Alpha Tau Omega; Omega Delta; Eye-Men Club. GLENN, GARY STEWART M.O. Optometry; Bloomington; Omega Delta. GOSZTOLA, JOSEPH A. M.O. Optometry; South Bend; Omega Delta; Optometry Student Council, Pres. HUBARTT, RUSSELL JOSEPH JR. M.O. Optometry; Bloomington; Sigma Chi; Omega Epsilon Phi; Sphinx Club; Optometry Student Council. JOHNSON, DAVID RAY M.O. Optometry; Bloomington. MILLER, ROBERT JOHN H. M.O. Optometry; Martinsville; Theta Chi; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Omega Epsilon Phi; Skull and Crescent; Sphinx Club. REID, WILLIAM RUSSELL M.O. Optometry; Bloomington; Omega Epsilon Phi, Vice-Pres. RIGEL, LEE EDWARD M.O. Optometry; Fort Wayne; Omega Delta; Alpha Tau Omega. SCOTT, HARRY EUGENE M.O. Optometry; Dunkirk; Omega Epsilon Phi, Pres.; Pershing Rifles; Westminister Foundation; Eat and Speak Club. SINDLINGER, STEPHEN MICHAEL M.O. Optometry; Brazil; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Omega Epsilon Phi; Eat and Speak Club. SNIDER, MARTIN HENRY M.O. Optometry; Bloomington; Omega Delta, Treas. STEWARD, DON ADDISON M.O. Optometry; Linton; MRC, Judicial Bd.; Omega Delta. TILLISCH, STANLEY ROBERT M.O. Madison Lake, Minn.; Kappa Sigma; IU Young Republicans; Omega Delta. WADE, RONNIE DEAN M.O. Optometry; Columbus; Omega Epsilon Phi.

472 Optometry (M.O. )

Medicine -- Combined Degree Program BLACKMAN, HELEN JANE A.B. Medical Science; Indianapolis; Kappa Delta; Freshman Medical Class, Sec. BOTHWELL, GLENN CLIFFORD A.B. Medical Science; Cedar Lake; MRC, Soc. Ch.; IU Foundation; Little 500 Rider. BURT, MICHAEL ROBERT A.B. Chemistry; Fayette, Ala.; Sigma Nu; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres.; YMCA. CAHN, RONALD LOEWY A.B. Chemistry; Schenectady, N.Y.; Teter Quad, Judicial Bd. CARLIN, BRUCE WAYNE A.B. Chemistry; South Bend; Alpha Epsilon Delta. CHLOUPEK, ROBERT JOHN A.B. Medical Science; Bloomington; Pi Kappa Phi, Treas., Sec., Hist., Chap.; IU Collegiate Democrats; IU Newman Club; Jr. Interfraternity Council; Scabbard and Blade. GILKISON, WILLIAM MINOR A.B. Medical Science; Indianapolis; Delta Tau Delta, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; IU Foundation. GREEN, BARTH A. A.B. Medical Science; Chicago, Ill.; Zeta Beta Tau; Nu Sigma Nu; Intramural Sports. HILLIS, J. STANLEY A.B. Medical Science; Logansport; Phi Delta Theta, Sec.; SAMA. KAPLAN, MARTIN JEROME A.B. Medical Science; Gary; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Foundation; Interfraternity Council; Sailing Club; Skull and Crescent; LUNA. KLEIN, KAREN SUE A.B. Medical Science; Milton; Wells Quad; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; IU Newman Club. MIHALICK, MICHAEL JOSEPH A.B. Zoology; Michigan City; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Fencing. NELSON, DAVID LYN A.B. Chemistry and Medical Science; Mishawaka; Chi Phi, Pledge Tr.; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Union Comm. Ch.; YMCA, Steering Committees. PICKEL, STUART MICHAEL A.B. Medical Science; Elkhart; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Quiz Bowl. PLANK, RICHARD STANLEY A.B. Medical Science; Indianapolis; Varsity Cross Country and Track. SAALWAECHTER, JOHN JACOB A.B. Chemistry; Clinton. SAUNDERS, JAMES EDWARD A.B. Zoology and Medical Science; Indianapolis. SMILEY, JOHN D. A.B. Medical Science; Union City; Sigma Nu; IU Foundation; Phi Chi; Senatorial Ass't.; Student Senate; IU Young Republicans. STEELE, RONALD EDWARD A.B. Medical Science; Evansville; Beta Theta Pi; Falcon Club; YMCA. STRAITH-MILLER, SUSAN LEE A.B. Chemistry; Indianapolis; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Hist.; SAMA; IU Young Republicans; Union Comm. Ch.; YWCA. VINSTEIN, ARNOLD LEE A.B. Medical Science; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Epsilon; Sailing Club. WAKEFIELD, DONALD LEE A.B. Chemistry and Medical Science; Linton; Chi Phi, Vice-Pres.; Interfraternity Council; IU Foundation; Phi Eta Sigma; Union Comm. Ch.; YMCA. WARREN JOHN ROBERT A.B. Medical Science; Indianapolis; Delta Tau Delta; YMCA: Student Leader; IU Sing. YOUNGER, KENNETH MARVIN A.B. Medical Science; Indianapolis; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sailing Club; Skull and Crescent.

Medicine — Combined Degree Program473

Student Index A

Abblett, Karan Ann ҟ Adolph, Nina Jean .ҟ 300 241, 310 Allen, Jay Douglas ҟ 461 Anderson, Barbara L. ҟ Antrim, Karen ҟ 341 355 293 Ash, Linda Luise ҟ Abbott, Charlene Ruth ҟ Antrim, Richard Otting 434 434 Aebersold, David A. ҟ Allen, John William ҟ Anderson, Catherine G. _._ҟ417 434 407 Ashbrook, William S. 3rd ҟ297 Abbott, Charles Gilbert Agan, Kim Bryan ҟ Anderson, Dennis Lelandҟ Aoki, Sandra Tomoe 411 Allen, Lee Jay ҟ Ashe, Karen Irene ҟ 348 357 390 288, 267, 227 Anderson, Dirk Edwardҟ 370 Ashley, Lorenzo ҟ Allen, Marjorie Jayne ҟ 230, 231, 226 Agley, Daniel Lee ҟ 346 174 299 Apostolos, Tom J. ҟ Ahl, Barbara Evelyn 333 Anderson, Janyce Sue 389, 222 Allen, Richard Cecilҟ 373, 375 Abbott, Kathleen Gail ҟ Ashton, Alice Jean ҟ 417 350 Appelman, Robert Lynn Anderson, Jay Bruce ҟ 322 ҟ 275 Abbott, Randall Matthewҟ Ashworth, James Michael .. 327 Allen, Richard Jr. 448, 312, 265 329 417, 270 Anderson, John Cecil ҟ 328 Asmar, Mark Abdon ҟ 334 Allen, Steven Douglas ҟ 371 Ahlf, Betty Jean ҟ Abbott, Theodore Lewis 270 Anderson, John Clark ҟ 434 Apple, Joan Eileen ҟ 383 Asmus, Charles Theodore .. 346 Alles, Deborah Ann ҟ 355 325, 268 Ahlvin, Eric Alder ҟ 360 400 Anderson, Jon Clifton ҟ Apple, Marsha Marie ҟ 405 Assiff, Robert Montgomery 314 259 Abel, Terry Sue ҟ Ahlvin, Karen Charlotte .ҟ Allison, David ҟ 469 293 Anderson, Keith Warren Applegate, Sue Alice ҟ 365 Allison, Gary Dorian ҟ 344 Aichele, William Henry Ataras, Robert Allen ҟ Abell, Jon Peter 434, 370, 248 330 434, 331, 271 Applegate, Terri Lynn ҟ 400 Athey, Cullen ҟ 298 Allison, Patricia Lynn ҟ Able, M. Ermadene ҟ 259 251, 281 464 Arany, Lawrence Charles .. 333 Anderson, Kenneth Lloyd ҟ 357 405 Allman, James Eugene ҟ Atkins, Brandon Leslie Abplanalp, Jerry Lee ҟ 333 Ailes, Larry Lee 459, 275, 248 448 Arata, Catherine Ann ҟ Anderson, Kristin Marieҟ 341 417 Hamiltonҟ ҟ Almquist, Lucinda A. ҟ Akemann, Rhea Andrea ҟ Abrams, Rochelle M. 448, 320 417 369 260 Anderson, Marsha Annҟ 382 Arbogast, Janet Carol ҟ Atkins, Carl Jerome ҟ 305 Abramson, Jerry Edwinҟ Alberding, Linda Mae ҟ 124 Alport, Alan Stuart ҟ 305 292 411 Anderson, Merry C. ҟ Arbuckle, James Lee ҟ 383 Atkins, Martha Carrie ҟ Al-Shaheen, Iesa ҟ 358 Albin, Joseph Frank ҟ 407 393 Abukhilil, Nabih Nafi Naji 414 341 Anderson, Michael Wayne.. 329 Arington, April C. ҟ Atkins, Walter Jackson 327 Accoe, Virginia Marie ҟ Alcorn, Nancy Gale ҟ 321 Alsop, Pamela Sue ҟ 395 Anderson, Monroe 3rd ҟ 407 298 Annborst, Judith Ann ҟ Alstott, Ronda Kay ҟ 469 448, 407 Achelpohl, Lana Beth ҟ 397 Alden, William Franklyn ҟ417 Anderson, Richard Lee ҟ 322 369 Armendinger, Laura Ann . 299 Atteberry, Marcia Elaine .. 386 Alt, Larry George ҟ Aldrich, George Kenneth ҟ323 Achterberg, David C. ҟ 434 Anderson, Sandra Ileenҟ 367 327 Arment, Elaine Marie ҟ Atteberry, Tamara Sue Altekruse, Jack Lee ҟ 138 Acker, Barbara Lynn ҟ 250 Aldrich, James Robert ҟ 332 Anderson, Stephen Danҟ 417 Arment, Gwen ҟ 343 351 434, 299 Altenbach, Janet Lynnҟ Acker, Robert Samuel ҟ 434 Alexander, Barbara Jane ҟ 320 Anderson, Steven James 350 Atwood, Janis Helen ҟ Althoff, Janet Jo ҟ Armstrong, Ann Laswell Acton, Jeanne Maureen ҟ 380 Alexander, Holly J. ҟ 279 398 385, 390 Atwood, Marilyn ҟ Altman, Charles Raymond.. 311 299, 249 Adam, Donald Walkerҟ 199 Alexander, Janet Ellenҟ 417 306 Anderson, Susan ҟ 341, 267 Armstrong, Bruce Harold 370 Atzeff, Doris Ellen ҟ Altman, David Laurenceҟ 417 Adamczyk, Alan Tom ҟ Alexander, Judith Daleҟ 381 314 394 Andree, Donna Rae Armstrong, John Richard . 331 Aubruner, Judith Ellen Altman, Joyce Helene 459, 320 Alexander, Larry Jay.. 304, 239 Adams, David Marshall .... 353 301, 247, 237 Altman, Sandra Kay Armstrong, Patricia Ann .. 382 Adams, James David 269, 390 Alexander, Michaelҟ Ralph 407 301, 273 Andres, Carol Jean ҟ 296 Armstrong, Richard L. 321, 236, 266, 247 264 Auer, Jane Harriet ҟ Adams, Jeanne Kay ҟ 354 Alexander, Roger M. ҟ 322 300 Andres, Stephen William ҟ 327 Armstrong, Richard Lewis 434 Alvares, Kenneth M. ҟ Augenbergs, Mirdza Ilga 417 Adams, Michelle Suzanne.. 234 Alexander, Sharon Sue .,.. 321 Andrews, Craig J. ҟ 124 Arnett,ҟ Alvarez, Ronald Vincentҟ Robertҟ Arthurҟ . 329 294 Adams, Nancy Jane ҟ Alexis, James Paulҟ 448 417, 324 417, 249 Andrews, James Dale ҟ 324 Amacher, Richard Clarence 377 Arnold, Barbara Sue Adams, Pamela Jane ҟ Augspurg, James L. ҟ 379 Alford, Carol Frances 448, 342 448 Andrews, Tony Glen ҟ 324 417, 249, 220 398 Aman, Linda Van ҟ Adams, Sandra Sue ҟ 380 Alger, Maridon Lee ҟ 387 Aull, Helen Alberta ҟ 258 Andrews, William C. ҟ 194 Arnold, John Willard ҟ 330 Amaral, Joseph Lee ҟ 330 Adams, Steven Mark ҟ 319 Allee, Jerry Wayne ҟ 270 Ault, William Emerson Jr... 304 Angell, Patricia Ellen ҟ Arnold, Katheryn Louise Amick, Larry Glenn ҟ 387 375 Adams, Susan ҟ 398 Allee, Margaret Jane ҟ 397 Auman, James Robert ҟ 405 Angermeier, Gerald Gwen.. 461 Ammerman, Donald Robert 385,, 248 Adcock Rita Jean ҟ Allen, Angela Kay ҟ 448 350 Ausperk, Anita Maria ҟ 363 Anglin, Gary John ҟ 313 409, 226 Arnold, Shirley Ann ҟ Adcox, Charles Robert ҟ Allen, Benny Joe ҟ Avenins, Paija ҟ 230 345 382 469 Anglin, Richard James 417, 251 Ammon, Jack Richard ҟ 304 Arnold, Stephen Ernest .... 294 Ade, Cheryl Lynn ҟ Allen, David Charlesҟ 417, 274 Axelrod, Mark Richard ҟ 398 319 Animagi, Carmen ҟ 399 258 Arnolt,ҟ Michaelҟ 328, 251, 281 Ade, Ruth Kathleen ҟ Amos, Prudence Benayҟ Allen, David Patton ҟ 288 287 Aylsworth, John Gilbert ҟ 346 Ankony, Donna Marea ҟ Aronson, Barry Lewis ҟ 417 Adelman, Karen Lee ҟ 320 Amsler, Lorethea ҟ 393 327 Allen, Elizabeth May Ayres, Lane Edward ҟ 316 Anspaugh, David Lawrence 322 Adkins, James Richardҟ 376 Amt, Robert John .__. 363, 234 Arpan, Cheryl Jean ҟ 308 448, 288, 395 Ayson,ҟ Gloriaҟ ҟ 399 Anstett, Cheryl May ҟ Adkisson, Steven Harvey ҟ Ancel, Gayle Elizabeth __ҟ Arthur, Thomas Joseph 407 380 448 417 Allen_ Frances Augusta .... 299 Azrak, Lillian M. ҟ 417 Adler, David William Anstett, Elaine Mary ҟ 296 Ander, Neal ҟ 327 Asbury, Sandra Lee ҟ 251 Allen, Gregory Wayne ҟ 329 467, 289, 247 Antrim, James George ҟ 307 Andersen, Peter Andrewҟ 275 Ash, Kent N. ҟ Allen, Jane Jacob ҟ 448 334, 297



Babcock, James Dorr ҟ Bajenid, Abdullah A. ҟ 371 Barreiro, Manuel Bankson, Virgil Emerson 332 Bauer, Nancy Lou ҟ 350 417, 344 Babcock, Lee Ann ҟ 321 Baker, Anne Marie ҟ 379 417, 333, 248 182, 209 Bauer, Paul Franklin ҟ 417 Beck, Alan Mason ҟ 417 Babcock, Norman Harry ҟ 311 Baker, Dale Mack ҟ Barrett, Anne Elizabeth Banning, Max Norton ҟ 329 434 Baugh, Patricia ҟ 256 Beck, David Allen ҟ 344 Baker, David William ҟ Babcock, Sharon Rae 299, 250 434 383, 233 Bannon, Robert Louis ҟ Baugh, Shirley Louise ҟ 296 313 Beck, James Alan ҟ 405 Baker, Dianna Lynn ҟ Bach, Carol Ann ҟ Barrett, Edward Josephҟ Bannon, Sue Anne .... 417, 312 469 350 390 Baugh, Tim ҟ 345 Beck, James Dean ҟ 434 Baker, Don Alan ҟ 304 Barrett, Heather Ann ҟ Bache, William Kirk ҟ 294 395 Banwart, Gerald H. ҟ 410 Baugher, Gregory Hart Beck, Joan ҟ 256 Bachman, Drew Harrison Baker, Donald Eugene Barrett, John Franklin ҟ 375 Barada, Paul William 448, 329 Beck, Paul Allen ҟ 418 434, 324 358, 227 Barrett, Marcia Rose ҟ 366 209, 297, 271 Baum, Joyce Marylin ҟ 448 Beck, Thomas Pearson ҟ 316 Bachmann, Nancy Lou Baker, James Allan ҟ Barrett, Mary Carolyn ҟ Baran, Carol Patricia ҟ 448 314 434 Baumann, Emmalean Becker, Barbara Ann ҟ 312 Baker, Janice Arlene ҟ 298, 221, 224, 347, 266 321 Barbee, Bruce Linwoodҟ ҟ Barron, Richard Howard Marieҟ 369 448 Becker, Gale E. ҟ 469 Back, Phyllis La Verne ҟ 448 Baker, Jennifer Jean ҟ 388 271, 250 Barber, Janet ҟ 258 Baumer, Max ҟ 304 Becker, Jo-Ann Leslee ҟ 381 Bacon, Jo Ann ҟ 321, 347 Baker, John Gatch ҟ 318 Barber, Robert Ennis ҟ 411 Barrow, James William Baumgardt, Douglas Reid. 303 Becker, Karen ҟ 393 230 Baker, Lesley Jeanne Barber, Steven John ҟ 408 Badoley, Robert ҟ 434, 271 Baumgart, Mary Kathryn . 449 Becker, Linda Kay ҟ 380 Barclay, Donna Jean ҟ 363, 366, 223 Badowski, James Joseph .. 371 Barrows, Margaret Annҟ 417 459 Baumgartner, Dennie P. .. 434 Becker, Linda Sue .... 251, 388 Baker, Mary Ann Baer, Barbara Ann ҟ 434 Barrum, Andrea B.ҟ . 296, 248 Barclay, Stephen L. ҟ 389 Baumgartner, Dorothy Becker, Paulette E. ҟ 281 448, 366, 273 Baer, Betsy 0. Bard, Geraldine Elaineҟ 417, 382 325 ҟ290 Barry, John Michael ҟ Alma ҟ 366 Becker, Susan Diane ҟ 356 Baker, Milan Daniel .. 417, 311 Baer, Michael Theodore .. 211 Barger, James J. ҟ 391 Barry, Saundra Ann ҟ Baumgartner, Mary Ann 386 321 Beckett,ҟ Russell Perrinҟ ҟ 287 Baker, Ralph Edward ҟ Baer, Terry Deal ҟ 305 434 Baringer, Terry Joanne .ҟ 394 Bartel, Laura Patricia ҟ 355 Baumgartner, Stephen J. 371 Beckley, Lyman Alan ҟ 314 Bagais, Mohamed Omar ҟ Baker, Richard Mark 289, 249 Barker, James Edwardҟ 174 358 Bartholome, Charles W.ҟ 294 Baumgartner, Susan Beckman, Thomas Alfred .. 329 Bagonzi, John Albert ҟ Baker, Rita Ann ҟ Barker, Joseph Owen ҟ 323 321 275 Bartle, Jeffery Charles ҟ 294 Elizabethҟ ҟ 397 Beckner, Dean Martin ҟ 434 Baker, Robert William Bagwell, Richard Gene Barker, Milton Bruce ҟ 294 Bartlett, Cynthia Lou 312, 248 Baurle, Alan Harry ҟ 449 Beckner, Malcolm Keith 434, 240 Barker, Richard ҟ 304 471, 403 Bartlett, Randall David .... 333 Bawde, Alan ҟ 409 324, 227, 249, 240 Baier, Bonnie Kay ҟ Baker, Susan Leeҟ 290, 236 Barker, Robert Alvin ҟ 434 417 Bartley, Deborah ҟ 380 Baxter, Gary Stephen ҟ 286 Beckort, Paul David ҟ 286 Baker, Suzette Kay ҟ 381 Barker, Ronald Arthur ҟ 377 Baier, Bruce Owen ҟ 370 307 Barton, Douglas Alan ҟ Baxter, Karen Sue ҟ 341 Beckwith, Mary I,ynn ҟ 418 Bailey, Becky A. ҟ Baker, Terri Carol ҟ Barkoff, Susan Lewis ҟ 320 381 383 398 Barton, Mary Ann ҟ Bayer, Denby Ann .. 308, 221 Bednar, Colleen Frances .. 350 Bakken, Nancy Jane ҟ Barnes, Erich ҟ 400 318 Bailey, Becky Jane ҟ 383 Barton, Mary Ellen ҟ 382 Bayer, Nancy Jane ҟ 381 Bedree, Elizabeth Annҟ .. 298 Barnes, James Edward ҟ Baldoni, Paul Jamesҟ 448, 330 404 Bailey, Diane ҟ 399 Barton, Richard Thomas ҟ 370 Bayles, David Rogers ҟ 328 Beeber, Mary Ruth ҟ 258 Baldridge, Kathryn Adelle 354 Barnes, Janet Lynn ҟ Bailey, Glida Kay 386 Barton, Walter L. ҟ 334 Beale, Richard Alan ҟ 332 Reedy, Ann Louise ҟ 469 Ball, David R. ҟ 434 Barnes, Lawrence Ray Jr.ҟ 411 417, 339, 342, 248, 234 356 Bartoszek, Kathy Ann ҟ Beall, Laurence Thomas .... 405 Beehler, Sandra Ann ҟ 351 Ball, Kathleen Annҟ 398, 233 Bailey, James Earl ҟ 472 Barnes, Peter Barker ҟ 329 Bash, Abdul Latif A. ҟ 346 Beall, Robert Marshall Jr.., 411 Beekman, Joyce Ann ҟ 397 Ballantyne, Alexander D.ҟ 316 Bailey, John J. ҟ 411 Barnes, Robert Williamҟ ҟ376 Bash, Michael Richard .... 325 Beam,ҟ Richard Squires .... 417 Beeler, Barbara Ann ҟ 418 Ballard, James Logan 3rd ҟ Barnes, Shirley Ann ҟ 294 359 340 Bailey, John McLaurine ҟ Bash, Sarah Wallaceҟ 448, 249 Beamer, Jo Ellen ҟ 417, 298 Beesley, Tonda Sue .. 306, 250 Bailey, John Paul ҟ 324 Ballard, Margaret Lou Barnes, William Robertҟ ҟ404 Bassler, Nancy Sue ҟ 290 Bean, Marcia Dianeҟ 381, 241 Beeson, Peggy June ҟ 396 448, 296, 228 Barnes, Winel David Jr.ҟ Bailey, Patricia Ann 434 Baste, Sally ҟ 315 Beardshear, Grant Beets, Steve Eugene ҟ 329 300, 249, 241 Ballard, Michealle Lynn ҟ 223 Barnett, Barbara Lynn ҟ 400 409 Batalis, Ike George ҟ Downer ҟ 325, 239 Beil, James Alan ҟ 409 Balough, Richard Charlesҟ 223 Bailey, Richard Paul ҟ Barnett, Daniel Lewis ҟ 286 377 Batchelder, Robert W.ҟ ҟ294 Beardsley, Jill Emily ҟ 343 Beil, Rosalind Judith Balsbaugh, Susan Janeҟ 315 Bailey, Robert Patrick ҟ Barnett, George L. Jr. 324 Bateman, Bryan Joel ҟ ҟ 193 Beasley, Phyllis Jean ҟ 396 320, 247, 266 Bailey, Robert Shryock .__. 318 Balser, Constance ҟ 310 324, 358, 269 Bates, Jane Guinevereҟ 355 Beaty, Loraine E. ҟ 292 Beilstein, Mary Lou .. 467, 310 Bailey, Steve ҟ 346, 408 Brancroft, Christina J. 434, 381 Barnett, Gilbert Lane Bates, John Robert ҟ 333 Beaty, Rita Jean ҟ 292, 236 Beisler, Randall Lee ҟ 174 ҟ Bang, Hwa Kyung ҟ Bailey, William L. ҟ 332 355 326, 248 Bates, Ralph ҟ 375 Beauchamp, Deborah Lee 393 Belanger, William D. ҟ 314 ҟ Bairn, Jeralynn Faye ҟ Bangert, David Lee ҟ 405 Barnett, Robert T.ҟ 417, 316 381 Bates, Susan Marie ҟ 394 Beavans, Vivian Joyce ҟ 300 Bell, Albert Cunningham .. 410 Bain, William Ronald ҟ Banghart, Larry Bruce 303, 248 Barnett, Susan Kathleenҟ 300 417 Batten, Richard C. ҟ 326 Beaver, Marilyn Ann ҟ 300 Bell, Beverly Sue ҟ 449 Bank, Leonard Joelҟ 289, 404 Barney, Thomas McNamee Bainbridge, David K. ҟ 294 Battle, Thomas Earl 3rd ҟ 324 Beavers, Jane Ellis ҟ 380 Bell, Charles Eastopҟ 434, 346 Bair, Mark ҟ 461, 240 Banka, Steve Ronald ҟ 311,239 328 Batton, Katherine Dice Bebler, Lavonne Marie Bell, Gary James ҟ 332 Barnum, Cathy Jane ҟ Baird, Beverly Frances ___. 310 Banks, David Brigham 400 383, 223 310, 283 Bell, Marcia Sue ҟ 349 Baron, Jeffrey Arthur ҟ Baird, Jeannette 332, 250 376 Batton, Robert Ralph ҟ 303 Becher. Paul Eugene ҟ 360 Bell, Max Lamar ҟ 377 Huntington ҟ 349 Banks, James Garfield ҟ 328 Baron, Marcy Lynnҟ 290, 347 Bauer, Eric ҟ 286 Bechtol, Donald Scott ҟ 363 Bell, Michael Charles ҟ 313 Baird, Pamela Kay .... 417, 379 Bankson, Jeffrey Royalҟ 369 Barr, Nancy Jean .... 417, 356 Bauer, Janice Lynn ҟ 388 Becich, Raymond Brice Bell, Patricia Jane ҟ 418

Bell, Rebecca Jane 315, 224, 266 Bell, Robert David 405 Bell, Robert Dering 410 Bell, Ronald Louis 174 Belles, Marilynn 418 Belshaw, John Eric 371 Belyea, Edward G. Jr. 434, 271 Belyea, Judith Ann 434 Bemis, Sheila Anne 296 Bencie, Daniel Charles .... 434 Bender, Richard E. 317 Bendure, Sherry Lee 383 Benedict, Eugene G. Jr. 472 Benedict, Victoria Jo 387 Benefield, Anjeanette 351 Benjamin, Jeanette Ann 418, 306 Benner, Pamela Jean 379 Bennet, John Stephen 332 Bennett, Barbara Lynn .... 380 Bennett, Donald Charles 459, 313, 231 Bennett, James William .... 391 Bennett, Judy Lynn 387 Bennett, Keith Duane 369 Bennett, Larry Dean 418 Bennett, Linda Faye .A18, 341 Bennett, Robert F. 329 Bennett, Robert Leslie 434, 227 Bennett, Ronald Gordon .... 322 Bennett, Thomas Joseph .. 405 Benninger, Marilyn Sue 449, 321, 231 Bennison, William Dean 434, 318, 220 Benowitz, Judith Kay 290 Bensinger, Marcia Lynn 320 Benson, Harry Lee 434 Benson, Kathy 256 Benson, Kenneth Albert .. 418 Benson, Louise Jean 387 Benson, Marlin Robert 434 Benson, Patricia Diane .... 380 Benter, Janet Elaine 393 Bentle, Dean Alan 467 Bentley, Ronald Henry .... 411 Benton, James Timothy .... 333 Benton, Robert Stephen .. 330 Berebitsky, Edward A. ... 268 Berenthal, James Leon 461, 240 Berg, Steven Robert 319 Berg, Walter Wilson 357 Berger, Jack Edwin 418 Berger, Suzanne Wyn 320, 248 Berger, Wayne Carl 353, 357 Bergman, William John .... 174 Berk, Barbara Dale 366 Berk, Suzanne 290 Berke, Susan 355 Berkey, James W. .... 434, 325 Berkowitz, Gene Miriam 320, 281 Berkowitz, Ira 375 Berkowitz, Phebe Sue 467, 265 Berman, Janet Lynn 298 Berman, Jill Macy 383, 265 Berman, Jody Sue 382 Berman, Joel Jay 269, 249 Berman, Linda Sue 320 Bernd, Barbara Ann 469, 258 Bernhardt, Thomas R. 314 Bernie, Vicki Jayne 320 Bernstein, Howard N. 320 Beron, Sheryl Lynn 340 Berrier, Edwin 461 Berry, Kevin John 191, 322, 193 Berryman, Judith Ann 467, 310, 273 Bessler, Max Lewis .. 353, 359 Best, Bruce Allen 409 Bettler, Barbara Jean Spitson 449 Bevers, Mark Mitchell 371 Bevis, Donald Wayne 401 Bewley, George Norman 311, 239 Beyer, Laurie Jean .... 310, 248 Beyers, Brenda Joyce 449 Bianco, Ronald Joseph .... 332 Bibbins, James Whitney .... 316 Bibler, Katherine 256 Bickel, John Bruce 405 Biddle. James J. 404 Bidwell, Norman Keith 405 324 Bieber, Russell Clark Biehle, David 405 Biehner, Carol 379 Bielewicz, Robert Henry .. 313 Bierbaum, Harry Charles

408 3rd Biesemeyer, David Val .... 325 360 Bigelow, Duane Lee 314 Bigg, George Malcolm 400 Biggs, Barbara Ann 230 Biggs, David Alan 322 Biggs, Frederick Joseph 279 Biggs, John Patrick Biggs, Thomas Wayne 434, 286 435 Bikoff, David Bikoff, Mary Elizabeth .... 435 Bills, Sheryl Jean 308, 251, 278, 227 Bindley, Edward Harrison 327 394 Binford, Alice Denise 256 Binion, Joanna Binkley, Anne Lloyd 418, 312, 265, 224 358 Binkley, James Kaye 377 Binkley, Stuart Marshall Binninger, Robert Edward 326 Binus, Judith Ann .... 449, 273 324 Bird, Robert Joseph Birdsong, Carol Bernice .... 301 251 Birr, Stephen Gramling 342 Birutschenko, Anita 295 Bishop, Billie Jean 411 Bishop, Fred Quay Jr. 305 Bishop, Joe 357 Bishop, Michael Lee 388 Biteman, Anne Marie Bither, Anne Margaret .... 281 Bixler, Karen Louise .. 315, 260 307 Bixler, Louis Ben Bjorlie, Judy Marie .. 468, 350 393 Black, Carole Ann Black, Deborah Ann 281, 223, 379 300 Black, Jacqueline Dee Blackburn, Cheryl Lynn 435, 342, 240 Blackburn Patrick Eugene 330 Blackburn, Rosemary 295, 266 Blacicmore, Karen Mae .... 306 300, 267 Blackmore, Kay Blackmun, M. Christine 310, 241 411 Blackwell, Alan Mark 300 Blackwell, Jo Anne 257 Blaemire, Carole 311 Blair, David Gene 449 Blair, Deanna Kay 260 Blair, Jane 449 Blair, William Edward 418 Blakely, Robert Louis 321 Blakesley, Roseanne 388 Bland, Claudia Jean 418 Bland, Linda Lou 271 Bland, Richard Curtis 409 Blaney, Richard James 321 Blank, Barbara Lynn Blankenbeker, Joseph E. .. 418 Blankenship, Bradford Lee 287 Blankenship, Floyd Wayne 410 194 Blankenship, George T. Blankenship, Ivan Eugene Jr. 405, 240 327 Blanton, David Carl 407 Blanton, Robert Lynn 258 Blee, Patricia 315 Blessing, Paula Ann 301 Blessing, Sue Ellen Blessinger, Carla Sue 386 366 Bletterman, Debra Nan 295 Blickensderfer, Ann L. 382 Blinker, Linn Block, Jean Doris . 418, 273 268 Block, Stuart Lee Blombach, Linda Judith .... 381 Bloom, Charles Edward .... 326 318 Bloom, John Scott 407 Blosl, Terry David Blosser, James Carlisle 407, 408 369 Bloy, Bruce Luther 393 Blue, Gail Dianne 435 Bluestein, Edwin Steven 268 Bluestein, John 379 Blum, Lisa Gretchen 371 Blum, Robert Lee 366 Blunt, Joyce Evelyn 174 Blythe, Stephen Earl 355 Board, Claudia Boardman, Sarah E. 418, 300 240 Boase, Herbert Edward 393 Boatman, Mona Maria Bock, Stephen Richard 318, 248 409 Bocock, Alan Roy Bocock, William H. 369, 269 Bodak, Veronica Marie, 449, 349 Bodemuller, Mary F. 418, 321

Bodine, John David 344, 347 Bodkin, Robert Thomas .... 316 Bodnar, Thomas 359 318 Bodwell, John Watson 389 Boehle, Antoinette 293 Boehme, Gale Ann 286 Boergert, Paul Edward 388 Boerner, Jane Anne 418 Bogan, Greg Carson 300 Bogard, Emily Ann 344 Bogee, Leo John Jr. Bogert, Carolyn Virginia .... 343 311 Bogigian, Richard H. 326 Bognar, Wayne Allyn 418 Bogusz, Camille Ann 329 Boh, George William 418 Bohall, Phillip Thomas 418 Bohannon, Irene E. 298 Bohling, Terri Ann 381 Bohlmeyer, Mary Lea 418 Bohren, Linda May Bola, Stephen Louis .. 297, 248 382 Boles, Susan Jane 356 Boley, Elizabeth Anne 396 Boli, Susan Carolyn 400 Bolitho, Jeanne Ellen Bully, Murna Lee .... 295, 351 293 Bolster, Janice Ann Bolster, Mary Jo 449, 293, 220 Bonadio, Nadine Bradley .. 383 268 Bond, David 386 Bond, Linda 312 Bond, Rebecca Sue 313 Bond, Steven Ned 356 Bond, Vicky Anne 350 Bondurant, Anne E. Bonewits, James Charles 435 Bonfield, Leslie Jane 418, 290 Bonhomme, Raymond F. .. 435 Bonifas, Jeannette Marie 394 365 Bonko, Joyce Arleen Bontrager, William D. 461, 240 Booher, Alice Ann 240 Books, Gary Wayne 323 Boone, Carol Yvonne 291, 236 410 Boone, Charles Daniel 259 Boone, Craig 302 Boone, Gary Wayne 313 Boone, James Neville Booton, Kay Lynn 449, 299, 220, 347 294 Bopp, Jon Bruce Borden, George Robert . 287 Bordner, Joseph C. 2nd 435 Boren, William Edward 294, 270 Borgmeier, Paul John Jr. 358 387 Boring, Nancy 199 Boros, Richard T. Borthwick, Robert John .... 203 Bortolini, Arthur Gene .... 359 Bosart, Barbara Jean 418, 296 Boscher, Thomas Leonard 435, 333 334 Bosco, William Joseph Boss, John William .... 435, 304 Bosse, John Richard .. 370, 307 Boston, Richard Eugene .... 302 400 Boston, Roseanne 290 Bostwick, Catherine 418 Boswell, Patricia Ann 449 Bothwell, Cheryl F. Bottorff, Carol Ann 310, 248, 236 365 Boudreau, Joanne Ruth 370 Boughman, Joe David 449 Bourne, Sandra Marie Bourquein, Arthur D. 468, 270 377 Bowen, Craig Albert Bowen, Donna Isabella 449, 298, 249 Bowen, Richard Harry 459 449 Bower, Linda Jane 231 Bowers, Joyce Gaye 371 Bowers, Noel Jay Bowman, Charles Stephen.. 390 Bowman, Nancy Ann .A49, 288 Bowman, Patricia 354 Bowman, Patricia 0. 387 371 Bowman, Richard D. 398 Bowman, Susan Jean Boyce, John Patrick 418, 250, 264 203 Boyd, Charles Boyd, Cleveland Joseph .... 449 418 Boyd, Linda Lou Boyd, Mason William 328 Boyd, Robert Jackson Jr. .. 411 Boyd, Robert Samuel 418 Boyle, Charles Edward . 323 Bozoukoff, Joanne Stella .. 340 Bracchi, Donald Gregory

418, 405, 248 Bradbury, John William ... 435 376 Braden, Larry Alan Bradford, Trudy Lynn 310, 224, 227 Bradley, Cynthia Louise 367 Bradley, Donald Gilbert 390 327 Bradley, Jerry Lee 380 Bradley, Martha Jean 395 Bradon, Marsha Jane 369 Brady, Lee Alan 418 Brady, Sandra Kay 258 Brady, Wilma Brafford, Anne Elizabeth 223 394 Brafford, Mary Ann 305 Braman, Ronald Alan Braman, Susan Kathryn . 449 396 Brame], Diana Kay Bramlett, Norman David . 332 Branam, Stephen Richard .. 375 Brand, Martha Susan 468, 306 Brandenburg, Joyce Lynn.. 308 449 Brandon, James Thomas 449 Brandon, Linda Lou Brann, James Edward . 369 398 Brannan, Kathy Lee 321 Brannen, Barbara Jean 259 Brant, John 386 Brantlinger, Alice Jane Brashaber, Carolyn Jane .. 449 286, 269 Brasseur, Albert J. Jr 382 Braswell, Judith Ann 355 Brattain, Linda Kay Brattain, William Edwin . 449 Brauer, Marian Louise . 272 306 Brauker, Patricia Ann 316 Braunstein, Michael C. Breckel, Theolore A. 363, 371 Brecker, Randal Edward 124 334 Brecicmann, Bill Bredemeier, Kenneth H. 278, 274, 283 Breeden, Kathryn Ann . 349 256, 257 Breen, Phyllis Breidenbaugh, James A . 401 Breitengross, Sandra Ann .. 396 418 Bremen, Eve Karen Brennan, Frank X. Jr. . 435 286 Brenneman, Thomas E. Brewer, Barbara Elaine 301, 224 391 Brewer, James Arthur 294 Brewer, Larry Joe 405 Brewer, Len A. David Wilber .... 331 Bricker, Bridges, Barbara Lynn .... 389 258 Bridges, Bertie 240 Bridges, Douglas R. 297 Bridges, Thomas J. 296 Bried, Ilse 317 Briganti, Robert John 379 Briggs, Nancy Jean 386 Brighton, Carol Ann 267 Brigman, Joan Marie 449 Brin, Ellen 323 Brinegar, Gary Lee 301 Brinegar, Susan Jo Briney, Bruce Russell 435, 324 331 Briney, Mark Douglas Brink, Harriet Sadler 449, 312 304 Brink, Joe Brinkman, Thomas R. 269, 409 Brinkmann, Carole Madelyn 366 312 Brinson, Alan Jay Briscoe, Donald Eugene 317 400 Britt, Becky Eileen Brittenback, William M. ..303 400 Brock, Mary Louise 449 Brock, Sharon Rose Brockmann, William F. .... 435 305, 281 Brodey, Ronald B. Brodsky, Diane Lynn 354, 223 Brodsky, Michael Louis .. 319 Brodsky, Susan Jan .. 398, 281 Brogneaux, Diana Lynn 299 Bronson, Barry Franklyn .. 174 Brook, Donna Lee 381 Brooking, James S. 369 Brookman, William Lynn.. 435 302 Brooks, David Lee 209 Brooks, John Wesley 309 Brooks, Lavell Broome, David Bruce 294 Bropleh, Andrew Nimle .. 369 Brosey, Joyce Kuren 469, 256 Brost, Arthur Michael Jr... 330 Brown, Andrea Delores 418, 354, 355, 291, 353, 220

Brown, B. D. Kimberly 375 418 Brown, B. Susan 449 Brown, Bonnie Carol Brown, Brenda Sue 308 300, 233 Brown, Constance Brown, David Frederick .. 377 405 Brown, Douglas Kip Brown, Exerta Theresa .... 449 Brown, Howard Grady 174, 401 375 Brown, James Rudy Brown, James W. 418 Brown, Janice Ann 386 Brown, Jeffrey Alan 248 Brown, Katherine 256 Brown, Katherine M. 418 Brown, Kathleen Lenore .. 220 Brown, Kenneth Gayland .. 377 Brown, Lee 325 366 Brown, Linda Loris 305 Brown, Melvin Aaron Brown, Myron Dennis 323 Brown, Patricia Lynn 233 Brown, Paul Edward 461 391 Brown, Randolph Gary 222 Brown, Rebecca Irene 298 Brown, Rebecca Sue Brown, Richard Michael .. 302 411 Brown, Ronald Edwin Brown, Ross Allen .. 317, 239 Brown, Ruth 258 Brown, Sandra Kaye 388 224 Brown, Sharon Lee 301 Brown, Sharon Sue Brown, Stephen Paul 307 Brown, Steve 346 Brown, Susan Beth 288 Brown, Thomas 232 Browne, Douglas Van 346 Browne, Gus Condo 2nd . 435 Browne, Thomas Keller . 418 Brownell, Bonnie Ann 308 Browning, Bruce Richard.. '334 Browning, Charlene Ann .. 396 Browning, Harry E. Jr. 316 Brownlee, Joseph Lee 345 Broyles, Mary Helen 396 Brubeck, Georgia Kay 367 400 Brubeck, Liseanna Jo 379 Bruce, Beverly Sue 459 Bruce, Dorothy Ann 250 Bruce, Mary Christine 374 Bruer, David 418 Bruestle, Diane Estelle Brugger, Carl George 226, 230 Brugman, Helmut H. 418, 326 Bruick, Dean Arnold 435, 271 271 Bruick, John Keith Brumley, Bernard Lee 329 346 Brumm, David Neal Brumund, Cynthia Mae 260 Bruney, R. Michael 232 Bruning, Earl Henry Jr. 468, 270, 404 Brunson, Darrell Bruce .... 435 Brunson, Kathryn Ann 388 Brunson, Sherilyn Sue 393 Brunt, Barbara Ann 350 Brusslan, Sheldon David 435, 371, 220, 248 Bruyn, Nelleke Anna 398 Bryan, Darold Lamar 390 Bryan, Galinton Comodore Jr. 198 Bryan, Nancy Lynn 288 Bryan, William Benjamin .. 370 Bryant, Connie Ann 381 Bryant, David Ronald 359 Bryant, Philip Corwin 449 Bryant, Sheila 256 Bryce, Mary Evelyn .. 468, 273 Buchanan, Charles Dale .. 407 Buchanan, Heydon Webster 307 Buchanan, Morris Richard.. 411 Buchenberger, Julia A. .... 356 Buck, Kenneth Loren 435 Buckingham, Richard D. .. 418 Buckley, Janice Young . 363 Buckner, Larmon L... 418, 290 Buckner, Robert Garfield 3rd 435, 231 Buecker, Thomas Joseph 435, 322, 248 Bueter, Daniel Joseph 174, 311 Buford, Glen Roland 324 Buhl, Patricia Anne 449 Bull, Robert John Jr. 407 Bullard, Edward Thomas.. 369

359 Bullman, John Peter Bullock, Marionnette.. 394, 241 Bulmahn, Martin Harold .. 435 Bultman, Tommy Stevens._ 435 223 Bumb, Jane Elizabeth Bunch, Richard Addison 275 383 Bundy, Pamela Bunnell, Charles Arthur .. 405 Bunshaw, Hollis Ann 233 Burch, Carol Joanne .. 293, 267 Burch, Carolyn Ann .. 281, 282 419 Burch, Danny 383 Burcham, Nancy Ann 341 Burden, Linda Jean Burdett, Robert Wallace .. 468 396 Burford, Linda Ann 419 Burg, Garry Douglas 369 Burgess, William Earl 459 Burgner, Ann Cecile Burgott, Carolyn E. 281 288 Burk, Jane Merryman 449 Burke, Carolyn E. Burke, James Edmund Jr. 204, 231 Burke, James Edwin 435 Burke, Judith Ann 279 Burkhart, Gerald Eugene .. 204 Burkhart, Phillip Wayne .. 435 Burkhart, Randall Robert 303, 230 Burmeister, Patricia J. 468, 308 Burnes, Sandra 355 Burnett, Barry Lynn 314 Burnett, Carol Jo 419 Burnett, Jody 349 Burney, Edwin Walter .... 304 Bumison, Thomas Andrew 371, 281 Burns, Betsy Ann 321 Burns, Betty Jean 399 391 Burns, Bruce K. 449 Burns, Maureen E. 321 Burns, Patricia K. Burns, Steven Ford 435 Burns, Susan Cooley 469 411 Burns, William Bruce Burnside, William Thomas 3rd 307 Burnstein, Sally Jo 320 Burr, John Carlton 376 Burrell, James F. 459, 209, 231 Burress, Stephen Thomas .. 345 Burris, Merilyn Anne 321 Burroughs, Jane Ellen 449, 288 Burroughs, Roxanne 388 Burrows, John Newton 289 Bumis, George Lewis 409 Bursua, Richard George 471 Burton, Frank Lloyd 472 Burton, Virgil M. 419 Busch, Sharyl Deanne 419, 300 Buschman, Karen Sue 469, 258, 256 Buschmann, Nancy Kay 310, 224, 248, 240, 266 Bush, Lesley Leigh 386 Bush, Ronald Gene 316 Bush, Vernell Jean 386 Bushkill, Lawrence Lee .. 327 Busick, Sharon Kay 419 Bussard, Elaine 321 Bussey, Kenneth Lee 304 Butcher, David Arthur .... 240 Butler, David Michael .... 334 Butler, Gary Lee 322 Butler, Judith Ann 288 Butler, Kathleen Boyd .... 296 Butler, Laureen Ann 306 Butler, Robert Edward 318 Butler, Stephen H. 419 Butler, Stephen Randall 385, 391 Butler, Theresa Kay 419 Butner, Barry 329 Butt, Kathleen Virginia .. 351 Butt, Mary Linda .... 363, 367 Buttars, Jane Lurene 272 Butterbaugh, Nancy Sue 296, 240 Butterfield, Dianne Kay 385,389 Butterfield, Sue Ellen 312 Button, Carol Jean 419 Button, Karen Grace 293, 281 Button, Kenneth F. 419 Butz, Nancy Lou 24 Butz, Thomas Earl 311 Buxton, Le Roy William 435, 240 Bychinsky, Margaret Evelyn 355 Bye, Jerry C. 419 Bye, Sandra Elizabeth 299



Byers, Carole Rae 293, 282, 267

Byers, Gayle Diane Byers, Lili Ching

312 387

Cabage, Lilian Faye 381 Cady, Jacqueline P. .. 222, 381 Cagle, Nancy Jane .. 349, 272 Cahill, Janice Ellen 397 Cain, James E. 324 Cain, Judith Faye 290 Cain, Sarah Jean .... 321, 227 Cak, Jerome Anthony 369 Cak, Robert John 369 Cako, Cheryl Elizabeth 419 Calbert, Jerald 461 Caldwell, Monty Mark 369 Caldwell, Randall Lee 333 Callahan, Hugh Patrick 303 Callahan, Mary Alice 398 Callas, Franklin Gus 419 Callaway, Tracy Ann 281 Callon, Gerald Lee 408 Callum, George Allen 286, 269 Calvin, Thomas Michael 359 Carnarda, Susan Marie 381 Camblin, Mary Ellen 383 Campagnoli, Steven Dale 297 Campbell, Gary W. 124 Campbell, Harold Norman 346 Campbell, Howard P. 326 Campbell, Jack Eugene 204 Campbell, James Harlan 358 Campbell, Janet Eleanor 288 Campbell, Jill 257 Campbell, Phillip Burton 270 Campbell, Robert Roy 302, 194, 195, 231 Campbell, Virgene Elizabeth 367 Canada, Gary Warren 270 Canada, Judith Ann 387 Canham, Carolyn Sue 292 Cannon, Carole Arlene 356 Cannon, Margaret Clyde 299 Cannon, Paula May 300 Cantrell, Marvin Curtis 323 Cantrell, Michael Duncan 325 Cantwell, Karen Sue 365 Caplin, James Alan 435 Captain, David Martin .... 269 Carbone, Lois Jewel 365 Carder, Victor N. Jr. 271 410 Caress, James Milton Carithers, Jill Ann 299 Carlson, Barbara Jean 295 Carlson, Carolyn M. 288 Carlson, Jane Carolynne 308, 224 449 Carlstedt, Wallace S. Carlton, Jerry Duane 435 Carlton, Nicholas John 191 Carmack, Diana Faye 295 Carmack, Pamela Anne 295 Carmichael, Jane Marie .. 399 Carmichael, Linda Kaye .... 399 Carmichael, Marc Lynd 419, 325, 274, 249 Carnahan, Donald Dean .. 401 Games, Roger Lynn 408 Carney, Carol 256 Carney, Susan Marie 399 Carney, Thomas James Jr 297 Carollo, Carol Ann 296 Carpenter, Christine 267 Carpenter, Clarice P. 419 Carpenter, Michael C. 230 Carpenter, Ruth Ann 468 Carr, Barbara Karen 295 Carr, Connie Lou 312 Carr, Theodore Joseph .... 317 Carroll, Carole R. 419 Carroll, Catherine Anne .. 379 Carroll, Linda Jean 393 240 Carroll, Patrick D. Carson, Kathleen Glynn .... 382 Carson, Raymond 346 Carter, David Lee 435 Carter, David Lee 314 Carter, Georgia Sue 341 Carter, Gregory Smith 287 Carter, Howard Mark 370 Carter, James Jeffrey 307 Carter, John Dale E. 309 Carter, Lance Marc 325 Carter, Robert Bryan 461 Carter, Robert Ledford .... 334 Carter, Robert Lee 314 Carter, Rosemary 256 Carter, Susan Blake 296 Carter, Wilkie Alvin Jr. 309

Carto, Susan 449 Cartwright, Sara Jean 469 299 Carvill, Barbara Ann 191 Cary, Stephen James 349 Casada, Louise Jean Casati, Richard Wayne 329, 227 435 Case, David Ronald 419 Case, Jacqueline Lee 257 Case, Judy 321 Case, Sara Joyce 342 Casey, Anne Cashbaugh, Barbara L. 247, 267 256 Cass, Barbara 298 Cass, Mary Helen 408 Cassady, Larry Gene 408 Cassal, Bruce Edward Cassanto, Regina Anne 394 Cassells, Gary James 174 310 Cassner, Sandra Lee Castner, James Stephen 313 256 Cauffman, Sharon 270 Caulston, Libby 449 Cavan, James Cavett, Mary Jane .. 435, 267 435 Cavett, Robert Larkin 381 Cawley, Susan Jane Celichowski, Michael T. 281, 282 Chaddock, Christie Ann . . 355 Chadwick, Dan Hunter 302 Chadwick, Diana Louise 354 Chadwick, Michael J. 275 321 Chadwick, Susan Jean Chaffin, William Ronald 419, 314 Chamberlain, Cheri Lynn 380 419 Chamberlin, Gail H. Chamberlin, Ronald Eugene 409 Chambers, William Dean 461, 240 Chamblin, Patricia Ann 419, 315 Champion, Larry Ray 419 Chan, Joseph W. .... 419, 331 Chan, Lorraine 256 Chandik, Gerald Paul 377 323 Chandler, Alan Barry 419 Chandler, Kenneth H. 258 Chandler, Marlene 386 Chandler, Mary Ellen 306 Chaney, Katherine E. 409 Chang, Ronald Allen Channell, Carol Ann 397 Chapla, Jacqueline Dee 342 Chapman, Barbara Ann 419, 300, 388, 240 Chapman, James Paul 370 Chapman, Joyce Ann 449 Chapman, Richard Glen 294 Chapman, Robert Bruce 419, 373 Chappel, Nancy May 293 Chase, Beverly Jean 449, 288 Chasey, Patrick Ross 369 Chastain, Jeffrey Ray 304 Chavis, Claudia Johnson 291 Checkley, Karen Kay 249 Chenore, Michael Allen .... 314 Chenoweth, Gail Ann 386 Chenoweth, Marjorie C. 301 386 Chenoweth, Sharon Chentnik, Chester G. Jr. 435 Chicci, David Lewis 411 Chikalla, Gerald George 230 Child, Carol Lavonne 342 Childers, Joseph Pryor . 344 Childers, Susan Diane 380 Childress, Gloria Jean 281, 282, 393 Chilton, Sheila Kay .. 419, 288 Chipper, Susan L. 400, 223 Chisholm, Frances 258 Chism, Kathryn Lynn 350 Chitwood, Lowell Dean 435 Chitwood, Steven Lynn 435, 325, 226 Chloupek, Nancy Marie .. 382 Choma, Peter Stephen . 374 Christ, Lilian 355' Christenson, Lynne E. 450 Christine, Patricia W. 296, 270, 221 Christopher, Eugenia Catherine 385, 386

Byers, William David Byrd, Wendy Lou

405 400

Byrne, Belinda Ann Byrne, Bruce Campbell


Christopher, Tomasenia . 380 Christy, Carol Dian 349, 248, 234 349 Christy, Myra Jean Chulock, Nancy-Jo 385, 386 240 Chulock, Robert Yale Chumbley, Gary Edward 328 Chumley, Gary Buskirk . 332 Church, Gary Robert 370 Cichowicz, Sharon Lee 450 Circle, Brent Liggett 304 Cisco, Walter Steven Jr. 369 Citrin, Charles Michael 251 Cittadine, Thomas James 403, 275, 409 Clague, Jonathan Charles 344 Clapacs, John Terry 304 Clapp, Thomas Walker 297, 239 Clare, Irene Grace 278, 279, 227 Clark, Connie Lynn .. 308, 233 Clark, Gail Aleen 435, 340 Clark, Galen Leroy 419 Clark, Gregory Cooper 410 Clark, John Wayne 249 Clark, Linda Jo 279, 281, 393 Clark, Mary 342 Clark, Michael Blaine 404 Clark, Paul Alan 435, 359, 271, 220, 250, 240 Clark, Thomas Lintner 307 Clark, William Cooper 313 204 Clarke, Gary Grant Claudy, Joseph Wendell .. 471 Clausen, Nancy Jane 306 Clay, Candis Cheryl 381 Clay, Charmaine 299 Claybon, Stephen Lee 319 Clayman, Amy Charlotte 298 Cleavenger, Robert Brown 370 313 Cleaves, Robert Lewis Clem, Richard Allan 331 Clemens, Paul Michael 369 Clements, Richard Alan .... 353 Clements, Rick E. .... 435, 240 Clifford, William T. 407 Climer, Conda Jean 321, 248, 266 Cline, James Robert 357 Cline, James Timothy Jr. 302, 177, 226 Cline, Joseph Van 419, 303 Clue, Brenda Ann 296, 265, 236 Cloghessy, Karen Eileen 365 Clossin, John David 332 Cluff, Stephen 410 Clute, Paul Curtis 294 Clyburn, Collins Gary 436 Coahran, Tom 204 Coake, Linda 436 Coakley, Michael Thomas 373, 250 Coan, Robert Joseph 325 Coate, Judi J. 281 Coate, La Von Louise 281 Coats, Marsha 300 Cobb, Patricia Ann 419 Coblentz, John Allen 247 Coburn, Marsha L. .. 419, 293 Cocanour, James 174 Cocanower, David Lehman 374 Cochran, George Wayne 401 Cochran, Joseph Michael 279 Cochran, Joseph Richard 302, 269 Cochran, Linda Sue 382 Cochran, Marshall 309 Cochrane, William Robert 330 Cockerham, Linda Kay 343 Cody, Rachel 348 Coffin, Allen Peter 375 Coffin, Roger Tousey 316 Coffman, Charles Donald 324 Coffman, Evelyn Louise 356 Coffman, Linda Rhea 250, 267 Coggin, Robert Dale 419, 316 Cohee, Richard Allan 333 Cohen, A. Martin 319 Cohen, Bonnie Jean 450 Cohen, Charles Alvin 461, 240 Cohen, Hymen 461

349 332

281 Cohen, Lawrence Cohen, Linda Fay 386 Cohen, Nancy Jane 290, 266 320 Cohn, Jane Eleanor 343 Cohn; Marcia Beth Cohn, Nancy Ann 387 124 Coker, Jerry Colantonio, Camilla Sue 293, 224, 248, 236 Colburn, Carol Dunton 468 369 Cole, Henry Omopeh Cole, Marilyn Kay 450, 308 379 Cole, Mary Alice 395 Cole, Nancy Ann Cole, Terry Philip . 174, 173 381 Cole, Vida Kathryn Colelli, Joseph Francis 405 436 Coleman, Jesse L. Coleman, Susan Louise 381 Colglazier, Walla Elane 356, 241 450 Goner, Mary Anne Collier, Donald Eugene 419 Collier, James Dean 403, 270, 410 308 Collier, Jeanne Ellen 301 Collier, Robalye Anne Collings, Marjorie Rose 349 355 Collins, Avis B. Collins, Charmaine C. 383 324 Collins, Donald Paul 404 Collins, Jerry Vance Collins, John Howard Jr. 191, 231 Collins, Mary Beth 419 Collins, Patricia Ann 354 314 Collins, Richard Del Collins, Ronald Lane 450, 326 436 Collins, William James 281 Collons, Michelle Ava 319 Colman, David Joel 419 Coltharp, Zayda Lou Colville, Michel Jo 388 Colvin, Marian Site .. 385, 388 332 Colyer, Robert Allan Combs, Richard Clyde 419, 270 Comber, Kenneth Sydney 220 Corner, Mary Joe 379 Corner, Michael Wayne . 345 Commerford, James Edward 369 Comment, Jeffrey Wayne 436 348 Comp, Karen Compston, James Ronald 419 404 Compton, David Carl Compton, Richard Kent 404 Comstock, Terry 203 393 Conard, Nancy Lee Conaway, Robert John 436, 328, 240 Conger, Dale Clay 370 Conkle, James Bemarr 332 436 Conklin, Ralph Jerry 341, 247 Conley, Melinda 345 Conley, Michael Lee Conlon, Joseph Martin . 333 Conlon, William Francis .... 174 Conn, Jeffrey Allan 353 400 Conn, Portia Royal' 409 Connally, Thor Norman Connell, Mary Phyllis 293, 250 409 Conners, Austin Conner, Debra Ann 450, 247 450 Conner, Joan Hargis 410 Conner, Lance R. Connerley, Charlotte Kay.. 400 Connors, Manning A. Jr. .. 403 288 Conrad, Carol Lynn Conrad, Mary Florence 300 Conrad, Stanley David 436 Conrad, Stephen Nelson 297 419 Conrow, Jane Annette 419 Constable, William E. Constant, Anita Aurelia 288 400 Contos, Dixie Lee 391 Convoy, Daniel Conway, Timothy Nicholson 374 400 Conwell, Judy Lynn 461 Cook, Arthur Jon 311 Cook, David Earl 240 Cook, David Edward Cook, Faith Norma 281 307 Cook, H. Robert 419 Cook, Helen A.

Byrne, John Robert Byrne, Robert Joseph

174 358

311 Cook, Judd Ross 450 Cook, Judith Gale 241 Cook, Marytha Lynn Cook, Michael Richard 328 366 Cook, Nancy Ann Cook, Nancy Elizabeth 393 Cook, Robert Raymond 318 Cook, Timothy John 318 Cooke, John Robert 331 Coomes, Michael Joseph 436, 314 Cooney, Martin Knerr 407 Coonrod, Elaine Louise 450, 354 Coonrod, Sharon Lee 354 Coons, Helen Frances 397 Cooper, Brenda Kay 298 Cooper, Catherine May 419, 306 Cooper, Michael Dennis 289, 391 380 Cooper, Susan Jo 405 Cope, David Allan Cope, Julia Kemmer 308 Copeland, Barbara Gail 388 410 Copeland, Clifton E. Copeland, Karen 341 Coplan, Marianne .... 300, 272 Coplen, Janet Ann 301 310 Copp, Jan 450 Copp, Nancy Eileen Copper, Thomas Walter 327 Corazzo, Nina 394 Corbin, William R... 420, 370 Cordell, Barbara Louise . 299 328 Cordin, J. Scott Cords, Nancy Kay 450 Cormican, Mary Ann 310, 272 Cornea, Mary Pauline 281, 231 Cornea, Noreve Ann 351, 281, 224 Cornwell, Cheryl A. 388 Cornwell, Melva Sue 420 Cornwell, Thomas Craig 420, 286, 250 Corrado, John 377 Corvill, Barbara 247 Cosper, Rita Arlene .. 420, 295 Cossman, Elaine Michele 320 Cossman, Judith Ann 450 Costlow, Alan Moore 297 Cotanch, Steven Robert . 328 Cottingham, Sarah Rachel 386 Cottman, Sue Carol 400 Cotton, Joan Elaine 396 Cottrill, Fred 436, 271 Couch, William H. Jr. 174 Coughlin, Gail Ruth 312 Coulston, Elizabeth A. 386 Coulter, Rex E... 436, 271, 390 Countryman, Marianne L 420 Coupe, William Watjen 461, 240 Couse, Penny Rue 241 Coute, Bonnie 450 Gouts, Charles Leroy 390 Covalt, Frederick E. 287 Covalt, Joseph Cyrus 287 Covalt, Sandra Ann 308 Convey, Ann Elizabeth 312 Covington, Randy David 324, 278, 279, 274, 249 Cowden, William 'Edward 323 Cowden, Carl Jr. 346 Cowles, Barbara Gisela 366 Cox, Anna Claire . 310, 249 Cox, Barbara June 396 Cox, David Lynn 345 Cox, Judith Ann 394 Cox, Kathy 342, 267 Cox, Michael Don 375 Cox, Michael Edward 325, 226 Cox, Nancy Lee 298 Cox, Olivene Elizabeth . 354 Cox, Raymond Allen 409 Cox, Stephen Philip 333 Coyle, Ralph Edward 331 Coyle, William Charles 408 Coyne, Leslie James 286 Coyte, Bonnie Sue 400 Crabtree, Ann 312 Craft, Bruce David 279 Crafton, William David 420 Cragg, Patricia Helen 295, 221, 228

350 Craig, Judith Anne 334 Craig, Larry 223 Grail, James Vernon Crain, Thomas Andrew 323 Cramer, Cynthia Ann 420, 293 Cramer, Donald Johannes 297 303 Cramer, Samuel Keith 388 Crandle, Virginia K. 333 Crane, James Larry Crane, James Paul 373, 249, 234 260 Cranor, Karen Elaine Crask, Donald Ray 357 Cravens, Karen 258 Crawford, Charlene L. 300 Crawford, James Lee 436, 324 Crawford, Josephine 386 Crawford, Susan 257 Crawford, Susan Lee 296, 247 Crawley, Stephen Craig 420 Creek, Jacqueline N. 278 Creek, Jon Kelley 358 Creekmore, Ross T. .. 322, 250 Creer, Margaret Ellen 386, 233 Creighton, John Robin 323 Cremieux, Michel Marcel 371 Creviston, Carol Anne 398 Crider, Donna Jean 399 Crimmins, Jacqueline P. 450, 306 Grist, Janet Lou 342 Criswell, Doris Ann 381 Crnovich, George Jr. 404 Crocker, Dawn Erin 471 Cronkite, Donald Lee 420 Crooks, Arthur Louis 405 Crosell, Pamela Mary 354 Crosier, Glen Carson 317 Cross, Marjorie Ann 393 Grossman, Catherine Mary 387 Crostreet, Constance S. 349 Crouch, David Merriman 436 Crouch, Thomas Alan 405 Crouse, Carl Clyde 375 Crowder, Barbara Nell 365 Crowder, William Harvey 358 Crowley, Timothy W. 358 Croxford, Ronald Kent 374 Crull, Victoria Ann 299 Crum, Nancy 257 Crumrine, Joles 256 Crusan, Douglas G. Jr. 174 Crutchfield, Jan Kay 450 Cucinelli, Vito N. .... 373, 376 Culbertson, Kenneth Lee .. 358 Cullen, Susan Kathleen ... 388 Cundiff, Sharon Lee 367 Cunningham, Cheryl Lee 223 Cunningham, Frances Anne 381 Cunningham, Herbert Jr. 450 Cunningham, Jean Marlene 469, 258 Cunningham, Marjorie Ann 382 Cunningham, Nathaniel 309 Cunningham, Robert 269 Cunningham, Robert Harvey 409 Cupp, Linda Jayne 382 Cuppy, Fred 461 Curless, Todd Alan .. 345, 278 Currens, Timothy Curtis 328 Currier, Dave Randell 358 Currier, Donald Edward 271 Currier, Karen Louise 450 Curths, Bruce Allen 194 Curtin, Jane Ellwood 399, 223 Curtis, James Wallace Jr. 326 Cushman, Karen Kay 450 Cusick, David Allen.. 420, 251 Cusick, Susan Kay 288 Custer, Amelia Ann 469 Custer, Ann 257 Cutler, Susan Aline 365 Cutright, Cheryl Kaye 420, 321 Cutright, Judith Lynn 321, 227, 249, 266 Cyprys, Diane M. 436


D'AmatO, John Gerard Jr. 391 Dahlin, Gene Rodger 436, 174 Dahlkamp, Janie Lee 365 Dailey, Arlis Kay 420 Dailey, Elizabeth 461 Dailey, Joanne 312 Daily, Jack Allen 391 Daily, Karen Irene 469 Dale, Chadwick Edison .... 436 Daley, Barbara Joan 296, 227 Dallas, Leslie 354, 355 Dalton, Barbara Louise .. 355 Dalton, Sharon 257 Damery, Charles Arthur 403, 404 Damian, Darlene 355 Daniels, Barbara Lynne 450 Danielson, Gerald M. 327 Danko, Karen Rae 342 Dann, Neal Stephen 319 Danner, Diane 296 Danner, Robert Moss 360 Darby, Joanne 273, 450 Darden, Carr L. 436 Darin, Frederick Peter 472 Darin, Marlene Lois 436 Darko, Suzanne 450 Darr, Lynn Marie 296,237 Darrow, Andrea Lee 299, 227 Darst, Martha Jo 386 Darst, Richard Louis 420, 314 Datzman, Margaret Ellen .. 396 Datzman, Richard Donald 330, 249 Daugherty, Danny Ray .... 325 Dault, Raymond A. 259 Daulton, Jack Allen .. 436, 209 Davenport, David Allen .... 408 Davenport, William E. 330 Davey, Rosemary Helen 357 Davidson, David Darrell 230 Davidson, Michelene K. 420, 312 Davidson, Pamela Ann .... 341 Davidson, Patricia Mary .. 355 Davies, Christopher S. 375, 178 Davies, Donald Lee 307 Davies, Peter Francis 328 Davis, Arvin Lee .... 461, 240 Davis, Barbara Sue 349 Davis, Bert Ira 322 Davis, Charles Arthur 307 Davis, Crissy Ann 399 Davis, Don Lawrence 359 Davis Donna Mae 420 Davis, Edwina Lucretia 420, 247 Davis, Garry Enlow .. 461, 240 Davis, Gwyneth, Morgan .. 420

Davis, Hazel V. 450 Davis, James Malcolm 370 Davis, James Robbins 407, 230 Davis, Jamie Roy 370 Davis, Jay Lee 221 Davis, Larry 259 Davis, Leslie Robert 319 Davis, Lynn 258 Davis, Martha R. 296 Davis, Mary B. 380 Davis, Michael William 325 Davis, Mimi 350 Davis, Nancy 365 Davis, Patricia Jean 388 Davis, Richard Vaughan 324 Davis, Steven Lee 322 Davis, Thomas Alan .. 324, 196 209 Davis, Wilbert Dawkins, Phillip Ross 407 Dawson, Margaret Ann 300, 237 Dawson, Nancy Lee 382 Dawson, Richard Thomas 227, 248, 373, 374 Day, Betty Joanna 450, 306, 243 Day, Mary Joanna 450, 306, 224, 250 Day, Richard 373 Dayhuff, Martha Jane 436 469 Dayton, Sheila Ann Dazey, Cheryl Lynne 350 De Armitt, Walter Henry .. 313 De Boisblanc, John H. 264, 240 De Buysser, Dennis Lynn 324, 407 De Jean, David Louis 274, 281, 249 De La Croix, Clifford John 304 De Lano, Patrick D. 408 De Lauriea, Marjorie Jane 365 De Shone, Terrence Thomas 391 De Wald, Walter Edwyn 390 De Wolf, Deborah Jane .. 321 Dean, Anthony Karl 314 Dean, Gary Lewis 346 Dean, Richard Edward 472 Dean, Thomas Lee 247 Dear, Janet 0. 450 Deckard, Donna Lorraine 420 Deckard, Faye Lynn 380 312 Decker, Deborah Sue Dedelow, Dennis Dean 307 Deel, Charles Thomas 420, 278, 274 Deems, Judith Ann.. 312, 224 Deepe, Charlotte Ann 353 Deer, Barbara Jean 383

Dees, Judith 256 Delaney, Robert John 240 Delevett, Peter C. 313 Deller, Timothy Gerald 377 Deloris, James 405 Delph, Linda Ellen 357 Delph, Shirley Ann 394 Delph, Steven Kenneth . 287 Demantes, William 450 Demaree, David Thomas 436, 314 Demaree, Diane June 321 Dempsey, Patricia 450 Dender, Robert Emil 3rd .. 314 Dengg, Donna Jean 420 Denham, David Nash 346 Denham, Lynne Spencer 296, 267 Denisar, tSanley Eugene 327, 194 Denmore, Douglas 461 Denney, John Richard 404 226 Denning, Daniel Burke Denning, Lawrence Adrian 3rd 294 Denny, David Albert 302 Denny, Jean Ann 400 Deno, Evelyn Ann 396 Denton, Charles Daniel 331 Denton, Mark Robert Jr. 436 Depew, Shari 450 Der Avedisian Carol Ann.. 401 Deremigio, John Michael .. 330 Dermer, Helene E. 281 Desman, Robert Jay 294 Destry, Lambert 294 Devaney, Brian John 313 Deveary, Carol Ann 386 Devine, Lorin David 322 Devoe, James Frederick 436, 322 DeVoo, Judy 299 Dewey, Albert Louis Jr. 329 Dewey, Dennis James 461, 240 Dexter, William Francis 304 Di Angelo, Louis Craig 330 Diamond, Susan Helene 367 Dickerson, John Scott 420, 370 256 Dickerson, Lanna Dickerson, Steven James 436, 353 Dickes, Martha Tackitt 420 Dickman, Janie Sue.. 320, 237 Dickmann, Judith Lynn 310 Didelot, Robert Edward 436 Diehl, David James 297 Diehl, Marjory Anne 288 Diek, Eleanor Mary 350 Diener, Mary Susan 394

Eaglen, Barbara Jean 450, 355 Eaks, Arthur H. 405 Earle, Lauren Jane 355 Earley, Richard Douglas .. 231 Earnest, Lante Kent 322 Easley, Moses Laverne 459, 369, 174, 231 East, Charles M. 3rd 294, 226, 230 Eastburg, Robert Ward .... 377 Easterday, Kay Lynn 386 Easterday, V. Ross .. 403, 411 249 Eaton, David Phillip Eaton, Earl Clark 328 Eaton, Janet Ruth 389 Eaton, Larry 461 Eaton, Susan 256 256 Ebbeler, Patricia 313 Eberle, Frank Joseph Eberly, David William 302 420 Eberly, Kara Wike Ebert, James Fredrick .... 450 350 Eby, Claudia Joan Eby, Reid William 436 Eckard, Cary Lee .. 451, 410 Eckert, Ellen Jen 387 420 Eckhart, Earl Robert Eckles, Flora 298 Eddy, Ralph Bromley 240 Edens, Lloyd Ray 325 Eder, Linda Lee 290, 283 Edgar, Regina Ann 355, 282 Edge11, Thomas Leigh 420, 371

Edington, Janet Carolyn 312, 250 Edler, Thomas Allen 459 Edmonson, Larry Eugene 240 Edrington, Richard Lynn 311 Edson, Janis Marie 395 Edwards, Anita Diane 321, 241 Edwards, Carol Jenifer .... 366 Edwards, Diana Dorothy .. 300 Edwards, Elaine Janice 420, 295 348 Edwards, Sharon Ann Edwards, Thomas Eugene 307 Edwards, Walter Vincent .. 375 Efroymson, Stephen W. 305 Egelston, Cheryl Ann 298, 248 Eggenspiller, Francis C. 289 Eggers, Angela Marie 451 Eggers, William John 328 Eggleston, Ralph Gordon Jr. 405 Egler, Danny Lee . 281, 282 Egnatz, Michael A. ..294, 249 Egner, Juanita Elsa 310 Egolf, John Farris 436, 318, 220 Eguchi, Merle 293, 221 Ehlers, John Earl 451 Ehlers, Lynn Etta . 420, 300 Ehret, William Charles 344 Ehrich, William Engle 353 Eichelkraut, Ann 312

Eickstead, Jon James 174 Eidemiller, Sharon E. 273 Eikelberner, Ike K. 405, 451 Eikhoff, Gene 451 Eikum, Rex La Verne 128 321 Eiler, Kendra Lou Eisenberg, Norman Ray 420, 319, 250 421 Eisenhut, Darrell G. 381 Eisenhut, Penelope S. Eisert, Sandra Lee 281, 393 421 Eitman, Sharon Elise Eklund, Laure Elise 321 Elbe, Sandy 388 Elder, Nancy Gretchen .... 356 Elder, Tom 324 Eldridge, Steven C. 437, 304 294 Eley, Donn Dawson 405 Elkins, Lloyd Thomas Elkins, Richard Lee 311 Elkins, Roberta Joan 421, 387 Ellerbrock, Timm Jerome.. 437 Ellett, John Dale 303 Elliott, Dennis Dawson 278, 279, 274, 411 Elliott, Helen Elise 295, 266 Elliott, Kathleen Blair 451, 296 Elliott, Keith Phillip 472 174 Elliott, Larry Glenn Elliott, Lawrence T. 437, 331 Elliott, Mildred Elizabeth 396 Elliott, Roger Alan 297 Elliott, Ruth 258

Dietrich, Gary Dean 369 Dietz, Michael Joe 323 Differding, Jo Ann 387 383 Diggins, Barbara Rae Diggins, Daniel Frank 327 Diggle, George Russell 375 Dilk, Charles Eugene 450 204 Dill, Jerry Dill, Lynelle Irene 288 Diller, Russell James 174 pilling, Richard Allan 209, 297, 231 241 Dillon, Jacqueline C. Dillon, Roy Alan .... 436, 286 Dilt, Judith Ann 288, 224 Dimond, Charles R. Jr. 436, 331 Dingman, Robert Thomas.. 405 Dinnsen, Daniel Allan 385 344 Dipert, Dennis Lee Dirks, Kenneth Doyle 303 Dirkse, Marilyn Sue 296 Dithmer, John David 313 Dittmer, Thomas Edward , 375 230 Dix, Gary Douglas 405 Dixon, Danny Carr Dixon, Jean Ann 420 370 Dixon, Thom Lee 275 Dobbins, Gene Arlin 290 Dobos, Claudia Joyce Dobrow, Edward Joseph . 319 Dobrowolski, Edward J. 436, 271 Dobson, James Richard . 297 Dodd, Timothy Robert 461, 240 Dodge, Ellen June 231, 396 273 Dodson, Louise A. Doehrman, John William 420 Doerr, Joanne Kay 382, 272 Dof field, Lee 389 Doi, Yoko 388 Dolan, Dee Dee Ann 295 Dolan, Robert Michael 324 Dolan, Thomas John 420, 276 Dolata, Barbara Ellen 312, 266, 247 396 Dolby, Sandra Kay 358 Dollins, David Louis 236 Dolnick, Bonnie Sue 358 Domek, Richard C. Jr. Donlan, Joanne Marie 381 Donnellan, Linda Marguerite 420 Donnelly, John Patrick . 371 Donnelly, Molly 389 Donovan, Robert Morris .... 436 Dooley, Patrick Wilson 369 Dorall, Leloni Joel 450


Elliott, Sandra Kay 349 Ellis, Cynthia Ann 355, 222 Ellis, Kathleen 308, 260 Ellis, Michael Vance 391 Ellis, Michele K. 293 Ellis, Philip Lee 323 Ellison, Elaine Sue 355 Ellison, Patricia Lynn 356 Ellsworth, Connie Loy 469 Elmer, William A. 318 Elmore, Michael Francis 411 421 Elsen, Frank Jr. Elster, Jackie Lynn 281, 380 Elwood, Jam 321 Elyea, Thomas Edward 327 Emerick, Merrill Glen 451, 243 Emery, Keith Lee 390 Emmett, James Robert 240 Emmons, James Alexander 314 Emmons, Philip Clarence 369 Empson, Myrna Dale 292 Ender, Elizabeth Alice 399 Engel, Andrew Carl 408 Engel, Gail Catherine 312 Engle, Mary Jane 421 Engle, Terrence Lynn 344 Ennis, Paula Durant 300 Enoch, Mark Phillip 294 Ensor, Thomas Richard . 313 Enteman, Sandra Ellen . 381 Enyeart, De Wayne Lee 421 Enyeart, Joan Elizabeth 451 Enyeart, Ramona 256

Doran, John Patrick 391 Doran, Kathleen Ann 349 Dorcik, William Daniel 316, 227 Doremus, Catharine 420 Dorris, Susan Eileen 295 Dorshak, Joyce Marie 351 Doty, Larry Allen 324 Doty, Linda Kay 300, 248 Doughty, Carolyn Sue 381 Douglas, Joseph W 436, 240 369 Douglas, Robert Eston Douglas, Stephen Caldwell 410 Douglas, Timothy Barton.. 405 Douglass, Linda Lee 420, 306, 250 387 Dove, Mary Joe 420 Dove, Phyllis Elaine Dowd, Margaret Rose 363 Dowell, Mary Elizabeth .... 394 Downey, Brandt Chase 3rd 297, 222 Downey, Joseph Allen . 314 Downey, Katherine G. 363 Downing, Harold Lynn 436 Downing, James Stuart 358 Downing, Mary Joanne 321 404 Dowty, Gary Lee Dowty, Ronald Lee 390 Doyevaar, Marti 356 450 Doyle, Mary Anne Drachler, Bella Sema 320 Drain, Christina Lynn 400 Draizar, Phyllis Diane 350 Draizar, Rochelle N. 468 Drake, Jacqueline Lonnie 349 Drake, James David 360 324 Drake, Tom Kent Drapalik, Adrian E. 420, 232, 247 325 Dress, Joe Drew, Jenifer Dawn 400 Driscoll, Alice Mary 315, 260, 249 Driver, Hall Victor Jr. 371 Drook, Gary Grant 226 Dross, Diane Joan 298 Drozda, Joseph Michael .. 436 Drury, Gary Lynn 391 Drury, Rebecca Sue 397 Drzewiecki, Paul Thomas 420 450 Du Bois, Jessie Loya Du Bois, Linda Marie 386 Dubrov, Joyce Ruth 281, 389 Duch, Michael Jon 294 Duckwall, Christopher K 325 Dudding, Joseph Perry 420 Duddleston, Julie Anne 354

371 Dudley, Mark M. 321 Duff, Dedra Duffala, Ronald Lee 436 Duffy, Kevin Thomas 328, 174 Dugdale, David Alfred .... 297 Duhm, Angela Grace 298 Duke, Jane Ann 367 Duke, Linda Ann 299 Duke, Robert Joe 411 356 Dulin, Julia Lynn 405 Dull, Daniel Francis 404 Dumb, Jane Dumes, Sharon Lee .. 320, 281 Dumke, Michael Edward .. 331 Dummel, Dennis William .. 407 Dunbar, Diana Carolyn .... 350 363 Dunbar, Jane Ellen Duncan, Marie 386 258 Duncan, Patricia Lee Duncan, Rebecca Lynn 354, 272 256 Duncan, Sandra Duncan, Steven Andrew 314 367 Dungan, Dorene 226 Dunigan, Michael W. Dunkin, Craig Richards 287 323 Dunn, James Michael Dunn, Ronald Edward 294 324 Dunn, Thomas Fretz Dunn, Timothy Alan 325, 269 Dunn, Virginia Ellen 398 Dunnick, D. Kim 316 Dunnington, David L. 322 Dunnuck, Gregory Hamman 303 Dunscombe, Miles Gene 450 Dunwoody, Sharon Lee 281, 282, 381 459 Dupes, Martha Gail 382 DuPois, Jackie Durand, Diane Adele 300 Durbin, Annette 257 Durbin, Dixie D. 393 Durham, Ronald Bruce 324 Durham, Thomas Richard 332 Durkott, John Francis 436, 174, 231, 240 Durman, William Dwight 436 450 Durnbaugh, John D. Duros, David Randolph .... 369 Duthie, Laurel Emilyn 450 Dutton, Blair Elizabeth 298 Duvall, Donald Laurence 311 Dye, Douglas Lee .. 436, 240 Dyer, Nacy Hardy 420 Dyer, Ronald L. 345 Dygert, Norman Gene 436, 371 Dzeparovs, Resod 401

Enyeart, Robert Dean 409 Epley, Carolyn Faye 451 Eppen, Marcia Jean 451 Epst, Ellen Marie .... 281, 381 Epstein, Lynn May 355 Erdman, Sydney 351 461 Erdmann, Donald A. . 451 Erdmann, Mary Louise Erenburg, Stephen R. 437, 211, 231 Erickson, David Philip 302, 411 Erickson, Morris H. 3rd 318 Erickson, Thomas 206, 205, 204 Ermel, Stephen Howard 437, 304 Ernest, Marilyn 257 Ernest, Stephen Lee 311 Ernest, Susan Gene 356 Ervin, Sharon Elizabeth 380 Esarey, Bernardine J. 421, 220 Esenwein, Anita Meriam 382 Eshleman, Ronald Lee . 314 Esmay, John Rogers 323 Espich, Alice Louise 469, 258 Espich, Marcia Kay 387 Essenpreis, Ronald R. 297 Esser, Katherine Sue 451 Estes, David Barton 334 Estes, Jon Carleton 437, 334, 247

Etchison, Dwight Vernie 357 345 Etchison, James Randal Etchison, Michael Julian 322 314 Etherton, John Steven 320 Etshokin, Diana Lynn Etter, Kenneth Edward 437, 302 Etter, Morris Charles 294 198 Etzold, Thomas H. Eubank, Ronald Curtis 437 Evangelisti, Barri M. 437 Evans, Ann Brownwyn 354 174 Evans, David Charles Evans, David Walter 363, 370 Evans, Fred James 421 451 Evans, Janet Ann Evans, Jo Anne 320 Evans, Judith Ann 350 Evans, Michael Bayard 437 Evans, Richard Lee 325 Evenbeck, Scott Edward 408, 222 Everett, Franklin Leman 186 Everroad, Lynn Marie 217 Evers, Cheryl Louise 295 Evett, Donald Henry 353 Ewald, Robert Bruce 326 Ewan, Joyce Elizabeth 349 Ewell, Nancy Ann 394 Ewer, Kay Hoffar 451 Ewing, Sheila Maureen .... 354



Fatherty, Maribeth Anne 421, 306, 250 Fair, Larry James 437 Fairdoth, Linda Anne _... 386 Fairfield, Jon Edmund 304, 268 451 Faith, Stanley Oliver Falk, Carolyn Jane 389 Falken, Steven John 391 380 Falls, Sheryl Rae Fallwell, John Clifford .... 421 Fallwell, Octavia Noel .... 341 Fanning, Rebecca Ann .... 382 290 Farber, Linda Louise Farina, William John 451, 497 Farley, Carole Ann 355 401 Farlow, David Kent Farlow, Janet Miriam 279, 227 Farmer, Charles Edward .. 437 Farmer, Edward Lambert Jr. 318 Farnsworth, Craig L. 472 451 Famum, Susan Farquharson, Donald Eugene 294 Farquharson, Donald M. .. 325 Farrell, Jack Brian 307 Farrell, John Michael 303, 239 Farrell, "Richard Eugene .. 421 Farris, Anne Parker 295 256 Fasbinder, Jane 248 Fast, Gay Alden 411 Fast, Larry Edward Fatout, Anne Clark 397 249 Fattu, James Michael 323 Faulkner, John Fay, Patrick James 327 437 Federle, Ralph John Fedotin, Robin Faith 320 Feely, Sandra Jean .. 306, 224 Feichter, Jacob Henry Jr... 326 Feidmann, Barry 371 Feigenbaum, Marilyn R. 421, 320, 274, 265, 248 Feinstein, Joan Leslie 386 Felabom, Jane Ann 397 Feldhaus, Roger Lee 359 Feldmann, Barry Edward .. 363 294 Feldt, John Evans Felinski, Frances 457 248 Felley, Sandy Felman, Mike 371 Feltman, Judith Elaine .... 281 Fendelman, Marille Ann .. 457 Fendley, Dorothy Frances 355, 281, 282 Fenn, Christina Carol 273 Fenwick, Mark Ayers 421, 209, 359, 231 Ferguson, Edward Eugene 223 Ferguson, Jeffrey Hale .... 316

Ferguson, Nancy Lynne 421 Ferguson, Stephen L. 240 Ferkins, George Edward 409 Ferlini, Stephanie Ann .... 306 Fernung, Kathy Louise .... 356 Ferris, Julie 256 Ferriso, Matthew A. 330 Ferry, Linda Louise 321 Ferry, Mary Sulyn 340 Fess, Richard Allen 324 Fessler, Chloe Susan 383, 379 Fessler, John Richard 391 Fetters, Lawrence John .... 344 Fettig, Peter Alan 437, 271, 248 Feuerbach, Stelma Ioline 394 Feuerbom, Terence A. 346 Fichman, Ann Louise 389 Fichter, Charles 211 332 Field, Alfred Ernest Field, Katherine Virginia 394 Field, Michael Robert 332, 174 Fields, Joyce Elaine 451 Fields, Nancy Ellen 348 325 Fields, Terry Eugene Fields, Warren Thomas .... 297 400 Fiet, Sandra Lynn Fife, Eugene Morton 3rd 325 Figulre, Betty Lou .. 290, 251 Filderman, Margaret E. .. 320 Filippelli, Ronald Guy 408 Filkowski, Lawrence L. 437, 329 Fillbrandt, Marilyn E. 459, 308, 243, 220 Fillenworth, Judith Ann 437, 306 Fimp, William 405 Finch, Bonnie 383 Finch, Mary Irene 365 Finch, Pamela Jean 398 Findley, Charles Arthur 421, 385 Fine, Dale Norman 305, 275, 268 Fine, Jeffrey Allan 305 Finegan, James Russell 375 Fink, Jack Michael 305 Finkle, Alison, Rose 353 Finlayson, Jean Clare 451 Finley, Robert Michael 331 Finnan, John Bernard 286 Finnegan, Melissa Lee 315, 266 Firestein, Janice C. 266 Firestone, Deborah Ellen .. 343 Fiscel, Joseph Roger 410 Fischbach, Sandra J. 306 Fischer, Jeanne 295, 227 Fischer, Nick 391 Fischer, Richard Bruce .... 328 Fiscus, Vivian Lee .. 251, 279

411 Fish, Roger Wayne Fishel, Terry James 437 383 Fisher, Caroline 370 Fisher, David Lyle Fisher, Dennis Howard 303, 269, 248 Fisher, Earleen Marie 341, 278 391 Fisher, Edward J. Jr. 256 Fisher, Gayle 319 Fisher, Gary W. Fisher, James Frank .. 322, 268 Fisher, Louis Douglas 369 Fisher, Michele Renee 451, 290 Fisher, Roberta Sandra 278, 387 369 Fisher, Stephen Martin 288 Fisher, Tanya Le Fisher, Virginia Alice 385 Fisher, William Micheal 269, 376 227 Fisk, Stephen Gregory 421 Fisse, Ellen Ruth 314 Fitterling, David Allan Fitton, Karen Robbie 315 Fitzpatrick, Cynthia M. .... 308 Fitzpatrick, Janet S... 421, 308 251 Fix, Donald Fix, Sandra Linnette 383, 379, 249 461 Flamion, John Allen 451 Flanigon, Tom milou 308 Flaningam, Ann Marie Fleener, Karen Lynn 396 Fleet, Martha Susan 301 407 Fleig, Valentine John Fleischhauer, Carolyn A. 451, 248 355 Fleischman, Nancy Sue Fleming, James Richard 437, 297 Flesher, Clifford Eugene 346 Flesher, Shirley Ann 365 355 Flick, Cheryl Lynn Flick, Robert Cecil .. 437, 325 Flint, Jean Paulette 382 451 Flood, Gerald Neil Flood, Richard George 326 Florjancic F. Jr. 311, 268 328 Flory, Bob Flowers, Linda Vale . 383, 266 408 Flowers, Steven David 410 Floyd, Mike Flusser, Wendy Sue 355 Foeser, Edwin J. 305 Fogarty, James Kenneth 421 Fogarty, Robert Edward 421, 410 Fogelman, Miriam Maxine 348 Foltz, David Eugene 269 Foncannon, John Joseph .... 227

Gable, M. Suellen 451 Gachos, Phyllis Ann 451, 296 Gadzala, Richard Eugene .. 437 Gaetano, Raymond 421 Gage, Albert 309 Gage, R. Stansifer 124 Gahimer, Janice Sue 470 Gainer, Sue 355 Gaines, Darlene Sue 355 Galbreath, Richard Elwood 304 Gale, Rich 269 Galinton, Bryan 369 Galks, John 410 Gall, Nancy Jean 356 Gallagher, Pamela Anne 468, 321 Gallagher, Susan C. 397 Gallagher, Thomas D. 174 Gallaher, Christopher S. .... 124 Galles, John Paul 223 Gallimore Louise 256 Gallmeyer, Ann Elizabeth 308 Gallo, James Wesley._ 331, 239 Gallo, John Natale 331 :.3alloway, Eddie Lee 390 Galloway, Eloise Anne .._ 395 Galloway, Marshall Wayne 409 Galvin, Ralph Edmund .... 303 Gambel, Glenn 390 Gambill, William D. 318 Gamble, Pamela Ann 421

Game, Joanne Nina 381 Gangi, Barry David 410 Gangloff, Caren Sue 380 Gangwer, Nancy A. 256 Gano, Marilyn Wiltshire 394 Gano, Victoria Celia 396 Ganz, David Bruce 391 Garber, Micki Kay . 386, 233 Gard, Jane Anne 421, 288, 265, 236 Gard, Susan Elizabeth .... 301 Gardiner, Edwin William .. 411 Gardner, Brian Douglas . 410 Gardner, Chritopher Hugh 322, 239, 223 Gardner, Jack Douglas .... 437 Gardner, Richard H. 422 Garelick, Robert A... 461, 240 Gargett, James Michael .. 409 Gariepy, Roland Wilfred .. 411 Garinger, Jeffrey Allan .... 313 Garland, Stephen Earle .... 471 Garlock, Susan Jane.. 299, 247 Garman, Jerald Wayne .... 405 Garmong, John Richard 437, 314 Garratt, Randall Eugene .. 329 Garrett, Donna Jo 383 Garrett, James Alan 390 Garrett, Jennifer Jean 395 Garretty, James Edward .... 231 Garrigus, William A. Jr. 227

Garringer, Brenda Kay 351 Garriot, Connie Sue 451 Garriott, Denise Irene 349 Garrison, Ronald C. 287 Garrity, Patricia Mae 356 Garrott, Christine Anne 437, 220 Garvey, Nancy Lynn 397 Garza, Ricardo 408 Gaskill, Jeanette Ellen 300 Gaskill, Kim Robert 294 Gaskill, Rebecca Lynn 300 Gaskins, Samuel Paul 330, 269 Gastineau, Jennie Beth .... 459 Gaston, Janet Ruth 224 Gasvoda, Judith Ann 451 Gaterman, Edwin John 322 Gatewood, Marcus David 404 Gath, James William 334 Gatlin, Paul Weldon 410 Gauck, John William 405 Gaupp, Larry Albert 422 Gaydos, Jane Elaine 459 Gaydosh, Jack Carl 437, 330, 250 Gearhart, Gerald Lee 451 Geberin, Kathy Jane 451 Geeding, Carolyn Ann 306 Gegax, Thomas Lee 268 Gehler, Lynn 320 Gehret, Myra Ruth 381 Geier, David Russel 287


Forbes, Katharine Aileen .. 396 306 Forbes, Mary Jane 334 Forbess, Gordon G. Ford, Barbara Jean 321 397 Ford, Cathy June 313 Ford, Lee Roy 3rd Ford, Robert Lawrence .... 405 291 Ford, Ruth Dale 390 Foreman, Eric Paul Foreman, Janice Lynn 299 Foreman, Mabel Claire .... 451 461 Forest, Donald 389 Forrester, Cheryl Lee 307 Forry, Allen Eugene Forst, Barry Allen .... 286, 248 355 Forst, Dorothy Hewit Forst, Earl Frederick 437, 318, 220 Forste, Robert Lee Jr. 318, 275 397 Forster, Cheryl Lynn 315 Forsyth, Nancy Fortner, William Robert 326 421, 186, Forster, Diane Kay 299 461 Foster, Thomas Foster, William Russell .... 339 Foulkes, Judy Jo 308, 224, 249 Fountaine, Dianne Ruth .. 451 411 Fouse, Larry Coleman 370 Fouts, James Alvin 334 Fowler, Craig Fowler, Marcia Ann 469, 256, 258 Fowler, William C. .. 437, 327 Fowlkes, Birth Louise 291, 248 421 Fox, Betty Ann 288 Fox, Carol Elaine 421 Fox, Charles Michael Fox, Gregg Alan ... 357, 281 312 Fox, Jacalyn Ruth 399 Fox, Janet Kay 313 Fox, Michael Ray 312 Fox, Sara Ann 302 Fox, William Louis 320 Frailich, Zandra Lynne Fraker, Anne Turner.. 241, 381 315 Frakes, Nancy Ellen 437 France, Philip Sammy 260 Franceschini, Jane Ann Francis, David Warren 358 Francis, Patricia Ann 421, 236 Francis, Richard Neil 421 Franco, Vincent Joseph 370 Frank, Marvin 461, 289 Frank, Thomas Herbert 403, 410 Frankel, A. Steven 404 Frankel, Nancy Ellen 385, 387

Frankel, Steven Richard . . 421 Franklin, Barbara Diane .... 421 Franklin, Barbara S. 256 Franklin, Candace Ann 469, 258 Franklin, Carol Ann 381 Franklin, Edward Harvey 305, 281 Franklin, Kay Dell 451, 315 Franklin, Larry Wayne .... 408 Franklin, Mary Virginia .... 388 Franks, Freeman Nevin .... 269 308 Franks, Sharon Lynn 332 Fraps, John Richard 357 Fraser, James Evans 393 Frashure, Kathy Ruth Frauhiger, Frederick Alan 322 Frazee, Nancy Humphreys 260 281, 226 Frazier, Kurt Lee 241 Frazier, Marcia Claire 400 Frazier, Patricia Dawn 405 Frazier, Rodney Darrel 258 Frazier, Sue Ann Freas, Jackie Lynn .. 292, 227 Frederick, Thomas Noel .. 404 304 Fredericks, Steven Jay Frederick, Diane Ruth 451, 315, 249 306, 241 Free, Jo Ann Free, Stephen Howard 311, 222 Fred, Charles William _... 375 Freeman, David Victor . 319 Freeman, Jeffrey Mason .... 230 Freeman, Kayleen Elaine 348, 248 Freeman, Kenneth Eugene 317 Freeman, Timothy Lance ..316 Freeze, Hudson, Harry 275, 411 Freid, Michael Louis 421, 247 334 French, Larry John 325 French, Richard Louis 437 Frette, Gerald Alan Freund, Barbara Ellen 379, 233, 376 Frew, Russell Ernest 286, 269 Frey, Gerald Stephen 437 Frey, Leah Beth 393 304 Frey, Rodney Francis 408 Frias, Armando 393 Frick, Barbara Ann Frick, David Rhoads 421, 217, 261 Frick, William Elmer Jr. ..409 Fricke, Nancy Ann 381 Friedlander, David Richard 331 Friedman, Anne 312 Friedman, Daniel Philip 305 Friedman, Helen Rebecca 290, 269, 232

386 Friedman, Jo-Ann 451 Friedman, Lois Kay 289 Friedman, Marvin Friedman, Sheldon James .. 404 Friedmann, Anton Roman 4th 409 Friedmann, Mary Anne 421, 274 303 Friend, David Wesley 350 Friggey, Kathy Frisbie, Gilbert A. Jr. 437, 174 Frisch, Jack Harvey .. 305, 281 Frisk, Gregory Scott 324 Frisoni, Alan Michael 330, 405 311 Fritte, Gerald 421 Fritz, James Larry Fritz, Linda Anne 288 Fritz, Linda Jean 383 394 Fritz, Merilee Ruth 304 Fritz, Ronald Allan 421 Fritz, Rose Marie 421 Froberg, Kim Lyle Froehlke, Ronald Albert .. 437 Frohbieter, Scott W. 325, 268 Fromm, Gary Brian.. 305, 239 Fronek, David Thomas 437, 271 Frost, Kenneth A. Jr. 421, 332 Fry, Victoria 451 Fryar, Peggy Jean 349 Frye, Judith Darlene 351 Frye, Sarah Watson.. 354, 22,3 Fuchs, Gary Lewis 3;9 Fudge, Gary Allen 421 Fugate, John Andrew 251, 410 Fugit, Rebecca Lee 451, 306, 250 Fuji, Kenneth Takeshi .... 421 Fulford, Michael Dennis .. 302 Fulghum, Christopher L. .. 357 Fulkerson, Carole Ann 308, 233 Fuller, Jane 321 Fullerton, Patrician Ann 232, 249 Funk, Freya Rose 388 Funk, Judith Ann 469 Funk, Thomas 247 Funk, Richard William .... 323 Fuog, Jane Ellen 389 Fuquay, Daniel Melvin 304, 227, 247 Furman, Marcia I. 451 Furry, Carol Lynn .... 349, 248 Furst, Carolyn Sue 421, 321, 247 Furtick, Sandra Ann 461, 240 Fushelberger, Steven Robert 407, 223 Fuzy, George Patrick Jr. 421, 326

Geilker, Judith Lynn Geiser, John Jacob Geisler, Carole Jean .. 422, Geleta, Sandra Wilma 451, Gelfius, Larry William Gelley, Bruce Gelling, Jane Genetos, Basil Chris Genetos, Lamber C. Gentner, Sharon Anita Gentry, Jo Ann Gentry, Margaret Jan 408, 273, George, David C. George, Edward Lee George, Paul H. Gepner, Marsha Kay Gerasimovich, Karen Gerbracht, John Robert 422, Gerig, Jerry Dean Gerkin, Lynne Virginia Gerking, Shelby Delos .... Gerow, David Robert Gerritsen, Hendrik Arnt Gerson, Jay Larry 319, Gesell, Jane Ellen Gessaman, Jo Anne 382, 379, Gettelfinger, Alice M. 315, 251, 266,

Gettelfinger, Dennis M. . 328 Getz, James Allen 371 Geyman, Connie Jo .. 363, 365 Giannopoulos, Nancy 256 Gibbs, Allen Dale .. 459, 275 Gibbens, Mark Henry 322 Gibbons, Randall Tipton 331 333, 226 Gibbs, Allen Dale Gibbs, Michael Eliot 370 Gibbs, Steven Thomas 391 Gibson, Carrie 367 Gibson, Gary Phillip 324 Gibson, Lynne Louise 260 Gibson, Michael Perry .... 324 Gibson, Nancy Sue 393 Gibson, Roquel Jo Ann 422 Gibson, Sue Ann 296 Giddings, Nancy Charlene 355 Gielerak, Paul Lee 401 Gierke, Richard Allan 325 Gies, Lawrence Richard .... 332 Giffin, Kenneth Neal 437 Gifford, Page Ellison 318 Gifford, William Lee 316 Gilbert, Judith Ann 387 Gilbert, Richard Paul 2nd 191, 275 Gilbert, Richard Walter .... 231 Gill, Cordell Martin 309, 174, 175 Gill, Gregory Edward 302 Gill, Jeannine 349

Gill, Louis Dale 294 Gill, Peter Michael 325 Gill, Thomas Robert .. 437, 323 Gill, William Curtis .. 370, 269 Gillette, Marianne .... 459, 260 Gilliam, Dennis Carl 371 Lillie, Nancy Lee 452 Gillis, Ellen Marie 343 Gillis, John Williams 407 Gilman David Lynn 357 Gilman, Mary Elizabeth 394 Gilmore, Sidney Bruce .... 316 Gilpatrick, Kathleen A. 452, 310 Gilpin, Felicity Eve 398 Dines, Ray 3rd 437 Ginter, John Dewey .. 174, 231 Gioe, Stephen Bruce 437 Orkin, Sue 341 Girman, George Roger .... 408 Gitzke, Joyce Dee 437, 292, 267 Divan, Madalyn 387 Glann, Martha Marion .... 349 Glanzman, Myron Sidney ..407 Glanzman, Norman 305 Glass, James 461 Glass, Myrna Joy .... 290, 281 Glasser, Kimberly V. 296, 272, 266 Glasson, Martha Alice 310 Glawe, Philip Edwin 411

387 327 299 386 405 345 355 322 322 290 380 379 318 422 422 386 256 333 316 387 303 318 231 268 386 250 260

Glazer, Barry Michael 289 Glazer, Jay Martin 319 Glenn, Gary Stewart 472 Glenn, Kenneth Allen 369 Gleser, Judith Augusta 422 Glick, Bruce David 370 Glittenberg, David Allen 287 Glorioso, Esther F..... 452, 401 Glover, John Thomas 459 Gluck, Vivian Marie 437, 353, 356, 267 Gluckmann, Harriet Ruth 386 Goad, John David 377 Gobdel, Bruce Craig 327 Goddard, John Philip 297, 271, 248 Godfrey, Howard George 271 Goding, Marjorie Ann 298 Goebel, Marlin Milton 240 Goebel, Nancy Ann 379 Goebel, William Michael 304 Goede, Thomas H. 371 Goetz, Cheryl Ann 382 Goff, Thomas Walter 303 Goffinet, Robert Edward 452, 403 Goforth, Ernest Roy Jr. 452 Gogel, William Eugene 345 Gohl, Barbara Jean 233 Goins, James Glenn .. 422, 247 Gold, Robert Joseph 304 Golden, Gertrude M. 354 Golden, Ian Marc 269 Golden, Lou Ann .... 452, 306 Goldenstein, Ann Martin 367 290 Goldfarb, Susan Linn 287 Goldman, Lee Allan Goldman, Leonard Melvin 437 391 Goldman, Steven P. Goldmann, Edward Gerald Jr. 401 Goldsboro, Fred William Jr. 408 Goldsborough, Karen L. 381 Goldstein, Elaine C. 290

363 Goldstein, Jo Ann Goldstein, Robert Mitchell 305 Goldstein, Sandra Elaine .. 400 Goldstein, Steven Harold 305 Golinko, Barry Edward 305, 281 290 Golomb, Judith Mae 387 Goltz, Sharon 329 Gong, Jim Gonzales, James Stanley .. 452 356 Gonzalez, Noella Goodling, Geraldine Wray 340 Goodman, David Laurel 223 Goodman, David S. 422, 220, 283 Goodman, Fern Ellen 281, 231, 288 422 Goodman, Irving Sam 287 Goodman, John Chris Goodman, William Armstrong 401 2nd 327 Goodnight, Thomas M. Goodrum, Thomas Leslie .. 437 471 Goodwin, Larry Homer 311 Goodwin, Max Edward Goodwin, Oliver De Witt 375 407 Goodwin, Ronald Scott Goodwin, William Edwin 422 390 Gookins, William Lee 397 Gordon, Sandra Jeanne 270 Gorin, Thomas Bartley 317 Gordon, David Walter 411 Gorrell, Larry Joe 343 Goss, Judith Ann 382 Gossard, Jane Elizabeth Gossman, George Willard 461, 240 422 Gossman, Mary L. Gossman, Thomas Lloyd 461, 240 472 Gosztola, Joseph A. 271 Gottlieb, Courtenay R. Govenar, Burton David 422, 279 Govert, Earl Stanley 452, 410

387 Gowen, Rebecca Sue 400 Graber, Karen Sue Grace, Charles William .... 344 321, 224 Grace, Frances Gracie, Shiela Mills .. 422, 310 298 Graden, Beveraly V. Grady, Fred William Jr. 328 452 Grady, Jo Ann 396 Graff, Jill Anne Graham, Charles Philip 303 391 Graham, Gerald Lee Graham, Ivan Timothy .... 390 422 Graham, Jane Kathleen 387 Graham, Linda Ann 287 Graham, Steven Allen Graham, Stewart Randall 422, 333 Grahek, Joan Louise 273, 248 239 Grandall, Tom Grande, Donald I. 461, 240 Grandidier, Candida Y. 385 Grandorf, Judy Kay 241, 381 Granger, Ellsworth C. Jr. 438, 240 356 Grant, Beverly Susan Grant, Donald Robert Jr. .. 370 343 Grant, Mary Margaret Grant, Sharon Kay .... 438, 220 243 Grant, Sylvia 344 Grant, Thomas Graper, Mae Stratton 386 Graper, Susan Kaye 393 Grassmyer, Dale Eugene 307 Gratzer, Charles Edward 459 452 Gratzer, Donna Kay Graveel, Beverly Sue 452 Gravenstreter, Snow A. 394 Graves, Dave Prall 294 Graves, Elaine Marie 355 452 Graves, Janet 380 Graves, Janice Kay 266 Graves, Linda Dale Graves, Nancy Marilyn 349 410 Graves, Stephen Carl Graves, Wanda Jean 459, 383

398 387 315 257 351 422 400 298

290 Hallert, Barbara Lynn 325 Hallman, Daniel James HaRock, Robert Charles 325 Halstead, Jerry Ray 438 269 Halsted, Kerry Douglas 452 Halter, Le Roy W. 2nd Ham, Richard Wayne 311, 269 Hamacher, Diane 308, 224, 266 Hamaker, Judith Nancy .... 462 Hamburg, Myra Denise .... 320 Hamer, David Russell 332, 248 459 Hamer, Gary Kim Hamilton, Charles Owen 332 Hamilton, Christine 343 Hamilton, Edward Rolland. 332 Hamilton, Larry Lee 438 Hamilton, Marvin Bill 459, 302, 251 Hamilton, Pamela Joyce 398 Hamilton, Pamela Kay 351 Hamilton, Phoebe Lou 422, 292 Hamilton, Stephen Lester.. 371 295 Hamilton, Susan Ellen Hamilton, Thomas M. Jr. 422, 332, 251 Hamilton, Wesley Alfred 307, 248 Hamilton, William 325 Hamm, Robert James Jr. 309 234 Hamm, William Keith 326 Hammer, Larry Hammer, Pete 191 Hammerle, Paul Francis 297 Hammerman, William D. 334 Hammond, Anne Harriet 388 Hampshire, Steven Ross 325 Hampton, Karen Gaye 470, 256, 257 Hamsley, Barbara Lee 396 Hamslev, John Whitfield 307 Hancock, Kathleen 395 382 Hancock, Melita Jane Hand, Brainard M. 2nd 191, 328 Handley, Richard Dwight 327 Handley, Roger Patrick 333, 251, 221 Haneline, Richard Lee 174 Hanes, Hope Elaine 299 391 Hanes, Michael Linn Hanesworth• Robert Arthur 390 301 Haney, Leslie Anne

351 Hankins, Carol Ann 411 Hanley, Dennis Scott 397 Hanley, Linda Anne Hanlin, Donald Alan 279, 391 Hanna, Jennifer Elizabeth 383, 387 256 Hanna, Joanne Kay 223 Hanna, Beth Hanning, Richard Alan 422, 325 Hansel, Ann Bradshaw ... 312 Hansen, Calvin John 270, 374 468 Hansen, Gail June Hansen, Judy Ann .... 401, 272 270 Hansen, Karen Ruth Hapeman, Cynthia Cora .. 386 Harbin, Ronald William 403, 404 383 Hard, Barbara Hardaman, Donald Lee .... 462 Hardaway, Linda Cheryl ....291 Hardesty, James Russell 405 Hardin, Paul Terry 403, 411 Harding, George T. Jr. 438, 271 Hardisty, Susan Jo 222, 381 Hardman, Kenneth 316, 248 Eugene 422 Hardy, David Lott 386 Hare, Cindra Lou 452 Hare, Linda Louise 399 Hargis, Jennifer 422 Hargis, John Arnold 438 Hargitt, Glenn Toivo 328 Hargrove, Roger Ted Haring, Arlene Ann 341 302 Harlan, James Michael 468 Harland, Judith Ann Harley, Gerald Alfred 313 Harmening Ann Louise 260 Harmer, Jill Benda11 422, 349, 231 Harms, Stephen Jeffrey 318, 239 Harnedy, William Stephen 405 Harness, Judith Ann 298 Harnisch, Carolyn Dorothy 386 462 Harold, David C. Harpenau, Elaine Ruth 343 Harper, Ann Lyell 267 Harper, Brenda Kay 452, 298, 251 Harper, Edwin Albert 423, 250 Harper, Robert Wayne 318

Haack, Kathleen Mary Haag, Rita Kathleen Habecker, Marla Habel, Pamala Hack, Gloria Alana Hack, Katherine F. Hackett, Emily Truxton Hadley, Catherine Jo Hadley, David Jeffery 422, 274, 277 Hadley, Sheridan Lynne 452 399 Hagen, Pamela Sue Hager, Gerald Alan .. 422, 357 Hahn, Janet Louise 312, 224, 267 Hahn, Marcia Sue 459, 312, 260, 247 349 Haines, Barbara C. 257 Haines, Nancy 393 Haines, Richardine 271 Haire, Gary Lee 256 Haislip, Ginger 312 Hakanson, Lynn 227 Halbrook, Michael 422 Hale, Nancy Jane 350 Hales, Carolinda 394 Haley, Ann Catherine Haley, David De Wayne 230 Haley, Robert Michael 194 452 Hall, Andrea Lee 394 Hall, Barbara Lynn 330 Hall, Brendan Joseph Hall, Cathie Ryan 251 409 Hall, Douglas Weston Hall, George Henry Gale 422 Hall, Gwendolyn Lee 394 Hall, Howard Keith 369, 270, 240 Hall, Judith Dee 422, 308 Hall, Judith Jean 301, 281, 282 Hall, Kenneth Richard .... 328 Hall, Luther Edward 3rd .. 309 Hall, Margaret Ann 321 Hall, Patricia Marie 386 Hall, Robert Malcolm 422, 403, 407 Hall, Ruth Eleanor 379 Hall, Sadra Rae 350 Hall, Susan Louise 350 Hall, Vicky Lynn 321 Haller, Barbara 256 Haller, Judith Ann 321 Haller, Peggy 267

Grawemeyer, Frances Gayle 394 Gray, Christopher Loris .. 408 Gray, Deanna Sue 459, 363, 248 Gray, George Branson 403 Gray, Janet Duncan 452 Gray, Joy Arlene 295 Gray, Kathryn 256 388 Gray, Sally Ann Gray, Sylvia Lee 296 395 Gray, Virginia Anne Graybill, Steven Craig 333 174 Grecco, Gerald Joseph Greco, Anthony I 438 343 Green, Deborah Green, Frederick H. 331 124 Green, Gerald Green, Jeffrey Donald 369, 270 Green, Karen Sue 422 Green, Pamela Beth 381 Green, Richard Harrison 422 Green, Sandra Kay 379 Green, Stanley Frederick .. 289 Greenberg, Jill Arline 422, 290 Greenberg, Joyce H. 320, 281 Greene, David Isaac 459, 292, 174 Greene, Kathy Suzanne .... 260 367 Greene, Martha Ann Greenfield, John Raymond 405 Greening, Gerald R. Jr. . 438 Greenwold, Susan Elise .... 320 Greenwood, Carol Sue 393 Greenwood, Linda Kay 393, 234 Gregory, Connie Sue 349 Gregory, Linda Sue 422, 277, 274 Greller, Charles Cain 332 Gresham, Larry Dale 438, 271, 230 Gresham Patricia L. 301 321 Gresso, Connie Lue


Harpold, David Lawrence 240 Harralson, John 211 Harrell, Ann 256 Harrell, Jennifer Ann 312, 224, 266, 260, 247 Harrington, David G. 370 Harrington, William E. 227 Harris, Alan Maurce.. 270, 410 Harris, Albert Lewis 438, 314 Harris, Diane 395 Harris, Donna 257 Harris, George Allan 332 Harris, James Alan 305 Harris, Jeremy 468, 220 278 Harris, Jerry Wayne Harris, John Allison 325 Harris, John Morris 423 Harris, Kenneth Don 409 Harris, Laurilyn Jay 423 Harris, Marcia Jean 452 Harris, Marianne Lois 233 322 Harris, Richard Carl 327 Harris, Stephen T. 222 Harris, Steven Lee Harris, Susanne A. 356 Harrison, Bruce 318 Harrison Candice 256 Harrison, Florence R. 423 Harrison, George Robert 438 Harrison, Patrick Woods 323 342 Harrison, Regina 410 Harrison, Steven Lynn Harrison, Sue Helen 113, 387, 291 Harrison, Sylvia Sue 438 310 Harrison, Vicki Lee Harrold, Dennis Edward 287 423 Harrold, Sharon Scott Harruff, Robin Ellen 321, 237 124 Harry, Donald Ray Harshman, Judith Kay 438 Hart, George Charles 339, 345 369 Hart, Jack Lane Hart, Mary Ann 383 Hart, Theodore Patrick 294 Hartig, Karen Margaret 295 Hartley, Billie Dee Ann 321 Hartley, Carol Sue 381 Hartley, David Alan.. 302, 239 386 Hartley, Patty Ann Hartley, Rita Kay 388 Hartman, Alan Frazier 313 Hartman, John David 438, 247

Greve, Charles Frederick 410 240 Grief, Louis Adrian Grieger, Gary Alan 438, 186, 327, 231 Griffin, Elizabeth, Anne 383, 379, 234, 248 Griffin, Gail Ann 396 Griffin, John Wilbur 452, 411 Griffin, Judith Diane 296 220 Griffin, Ken Griffin, Linda Kay 379 Griffin, Martha Ellen 222 Griffith, Charles C. 461, 240 Griffith, David Edward .. 422 Griffith, Joel Harold 391 Griffith, Karyl Jean 350 Griffith, Nancy Jeanne .... 342 Grigsby, Gregory Bland .. 359 Grills, Daniel Ray 322 357 Grills, Dennis Ray 422 Grilz, Sharon Lee 405 Grimes, Darrell Dean Grimes, Dorinda Cheryl 396 Grimes, Sharon Dee 383 Grimes, Sharon Lee 382 Grinstead, Robert Benton .. 344 344 Gritten, Fred Donald Gritzbaugh, Cherryl Ann 310, 272 Grob, Patricia Ann 300, 249 Groft, Janet 400 Gromer, Elizabeth Ann .... 396 Cromer, John Ivan 422 247 Groom, Joyce Marlene Groome, Catherine Hines .. 343 Grosbach, Alan Brent 332, 275 Grose, Joan Charlet .. 438, 298 267 Grosenheider, Pamela J. Groseth, Robert T. .... 191, 332 Gross, Gary Don 438 Gross, Joe Edward .... 438, 174 452 Gross, Paulajo Grossman, Christopher 297 Marc Grossman, Phillip Arthur 289

Grossman, Susan Helene 380 Grote, Jayne Ann .... 300, 222 Groverman, Jacki Lee 452, 295 326 Groves, Robert Emmett Grubb, Joseph Walter 373, 377 367 Grubb, Karen Jane 393 Grube, Cinda Sue 438 Gruenberg, Gilbert D. Gruesbeck, Jacquelyn Kay.. 381 Grund, James Hurst 438 Gryctko, Veronica Berta 385 Maria 422 Gudas, Charles John Guernsey, Marlene Joyce .. 353 325 Guerrero, Peter Anthony Gueutal, Sue Ann 383 Guido, Anthony 462 Guidrey, Jo Ann 351 Gulo, Janice Elizabeth 288 Gundersen, Hans S. 422 Gunderson, Bernard 376 Gunderson, Lynne Ann .... 357 Gundlach, Michael Peter .. 344 Gunn, Janice A. 470 Gunn, Julie Anne 321 438 Gunter, Kay Alice Gunther, Michael Daniel .. 235 Gurastias, Annette .... 470, 258 Gurman, Sharon Lee 320, 266, 260 Gurnell, Barbara Ann 357 Gurthet, Larry Donavin .... 438 Gurwitz, Norman Hershell 369 Gutenkunst, Jane Marie .... 298 Gutierrez, Theresa 398 Guttman, Peggy Elaine 422, 274, 249 Guttman, Robert Joseph 319 Gutzwiller, David E. 199, 230, 231 Gwin, Samuel Kenneth .... 462 Gyure, Carole Sue 272

438 Hartman, Lloyd S. 452 Hartman, Richard Lee 459 Hartman, Robert H. Jr. Hartman, Roger Levi 405 350 Hartman, Suzanne Hartmann, John Edward 311 Hartmann, Pamela Jean .... 387 Hartmann, Paul Alan 311 Hartswick, Eleanor S. 380 Hartwell, Ronald Dale 423, 385, 390 Hartz, Michael Stephen 405 Hartzer, Timothy James 423, 261, 410 Harvey, Donald Franklin . 369 Harvey, William Eugene 302 Harwood, Carol Mae 452, 321 Hary, Gregory Allen 324 Hasemeier, George Edward 324 Hash, Carl John 327 Hashem, James Byron 405 Haskett, Barbara Anne 423, 249 Haskett, David Max 423 Haskett, Robert William 452 Haskett, Sally 355 Hass, Carl Jr. 438 Hastings, Thomas Curtis 223 Hatcher, William Edward 332 Hatfield, Sheila Ruth 349 Hathaway, William Joe 409 Hatton, Susan Jo 365 Haub, Willa Sue 342 Haughey, Kathryn Anne 312 Hauptman, Jeanine Marie 312 Hauslek, Linda 400 Hausmann, James Albert 344 Hawes, Malynda 423 Hawke, James Roper 314 Hawkins, Carol Joan 394 Hawkins, Karen Jean 423 Hawkins, Mary Elizabeth 301 Hawkins, Mary Louise 298 423 Hawkins, Ronald Robert Hawkins, Stephen S. 302 Hawkins, William C. 174 Hawn, James Raymond 324 Hay, Cecile Ann 470 Hay, Norman Edward 462 Hay, Sharon Kay 394 Hayden, Cleo 258 Hayden John Charles 407 Hayden, Michael Joseph 404

273 Hayes, Anita Kay Hayes, George Stephen .... 316 Hayes, Lin 387 274 Hayes, Monte Kerry Hayes, Reginald Stanley .. 345 248 Hayhurst, Joyce Ann Haynie, Gilmore Smith 327, 223 310 Haynie, Kathryn Lee 256 Haywood, Suzette Haza, Colin Grant 313 359 Hazelett, Glenn Lee 400 Heard, Frances Anne Hearn, Steve 438 401 Heas, Phyllis Heath, Barry Bruce 311 Heath, James Lee 324 Heaton, John Town 174 Heaton, Marsha Kay 399 Hebert, William Albert Jr. 359 Heck, Jacquelyn Kaye 452 Hecker, Thomas Geldon .... 377 Heckley, Larry Wayne .,.. 377 Heckman, John Eric 405 Hededus, Arleen 258 Hedges, John Leslie 438, 297 423 Hedinger, Robert A. Hedman, Jon Ray 331 Hedman, Robert C. 331 Hedrick, Brenda Jean 452 Hedrick, Robert Louis 328 Hefron, Michael James 405 Hefti, Jan Mac Leod 315, 237 Hegwood, Carol Ann 397 Heidhreder, Warren 408 Heilig, Margo Jan 321 Heilman, Barbara Jane 298 Heilmann, Larry William 390 Hein, William James 462 Heines, Ellen Marlene 290 Heines, John Francis 438 Heiniger, Jacqueline J. 388 Heinsen, Nancy Ann 383, 260 Heinsen, Susan Gill 222 Heintzelman, Cynthia Gay 398 Heischenbein, Rick A. .... 311 Heise], Robert Eugene 401 Heiser, James Joel 438 Heister, Cheryl Ann 321, 249 Heisterberg, Judith Kay .... 380 Heitman, Thaddeus David 401 Helfrick, William F. 269, 226 Helgf, Brian Lester 423



Helker, Richard 329 Heller, Daniel Henry 297 Heller, Sarah 258 Helm, Dwigth Edgar 322 Heiman, Ann Gail 290 Helms, Larry R. 462 Helper, Bill 269 Helsel, Donna 363 Helvie, Stephen James 326 191 Hempstead, Thomas A. Henderson, Donald G. 222 Henderson, Judith Ann 310, 272 Henderson, Mary Evelyn 397 Henderson, Ronald James 297 Henderson, Rosemary T. .. 423 Hendricks, James F. 423, 328, 177 Hendricks, Larry Gene 287 Hendrickson, Danny Ralph 344 256 Hendric, Christine Henley, Carole Judith 423, 298 Henning, Jan Elizabeth .... 386 Henning, Richard Lee .... 459 Hennon, David Patrick 304 Henry, Don Richard 326 318 Henry, George Lionel 345 Henry, Kersten 409 Henry, Tyrone Oliver 394 Henschen, Mary Ann Hensgen, John Michael .... 209 356 Henshaw, Merrie E. 256 Hensley, Carol Hensley, Gerald James .... 423 295 Hensley, Gloria Jean 396 Hensley, Nancy Ann 381 Hensley, Sandra Kay Hepler, William Casey 286, 227 Herbst, Daniel Curtis 328 Herdrich, Anne M. 247 Herman, Alyce Mayo 320 Herman, Steven Gary 289, 278 319 Herman, Tiberius Hermanson, David Allen 333, 271 Hernandez, Michael D. .... 269 Herr, Judith Ann 365 Herrbach, William Francis ..330 Herreman, Henry Robert .. 369 Herriman, Charles Evan 462, 240 Herring, Vida Jo Ann 459, 380 Herron, Rita Lou 394 Hershberger, Mary Louis 423, 230 Herschman, John Jeffrey .. 404 Hershman, Scott Marris 375 Hertling, Virgil A. 329 Hertz Susan 468 Hertzberg, Susan Porter .. 355 Herzeg, Allyson Marjorie 397 Hess, Carl Russell 346 Hess, Jeffrey Linn 346 Hessler, Charles Albert .... 358 Hesson, Joeen Elaine 290 Hether, Mary Maureen 388 Hetzler, Robert Lewis .... 251 Heupel, James Edwin

40:3, 227, 411, 234 Hewitt, Camille Aulane 383, 281, 282 346 Hey, Martin Louis Hiatt, Richard Allen 333 Hibbard, Martha Louise 349 Hibbs, Christine Anne 299, 249 Hibner, Linda H. 470 Hickman, Robert Elliott 251, 269 Hickman, Donald James .. 345 Hickman, Phyllis Ann 452, 401 Hickman, Thomas Ralph .. 409 Hicks, Alfred Gene 410 Hicks, Donald Albert 345 Hicks, Glen Allen 452 Higdon, Michael William 438 Higgerson, Robert W. 307 Higgins, Margaret Ann .... 452 Higgins, Skip .. 311, 269, 249 High, Phyllis Jean 386 Hignite, Jeaney V. 383 Hiken, Dana Patricia 272 Hilbish, John Robert 223, 375 Hilburn, Andrea Faith 312 Hilburn, Jeffrey Woody .. 318 Hildebrand, Randee C. . 366 Hildebrandt, Jo Ann 438, 267, 247 Hildreth, Robert Gene . 375 Hile, Constance Lee 349 Hilgeman, iDane Carol .... 355 Hilgers, Diane Lynn 379 Hill, Carolyn Anne 423, 301 Hill, Cynthia Ann 395 Hill, Earnest Eugene 408 Hill, Jack 2nd 191 Hill, James Francis 410 Hill, Lindan Robert 324 Hill, Robert James 405 452, 386 Hill, Wilma Jean Hillery, John Charles 334, 239 Hilligoss, Thomas Joseph Jr. 322 Hillis, Fredrick Allen 318 Hillman, Judith Libby 366 Hilsmier, Gaylene Ann 452 Hilsmier, Joyce Susan 394 Himes, Stephen F. 271 Himmelheber, Kenneth 271 Lynn Hinant, Michael G. 279 Hinckley, James Calvin .... 410 Hinderlider, Beverly J. .... 381 Hinds, Anna Sue 363 Hines, Elizabeth 288 Hines, Michael 357 Hines, Susan Patricia 452, 295 Hinkle, William Wayne 294 Hinton, Bailey Denit 322 Hinton, Sharon Lee 351 Hinz, Richard Wilbur 307 Hipkins, Sandra Jeanne 423, 288 Hipsher, Janet Kay 321 Hire, Claude William 345 Hirschberg, Edward Peter 289 Hirschberg, William Edward 305 Hirschenbein, Rick Alan .... 269

Hirschfeld, Steven Kay 305 Hirtzel, Betsy Ann 401 Hitchcock, Doris Jean 348 Hite, Sally Beth 298 Hite, Theresa Mae 241, 394 Hites, Earle Floyd 3rd . 328 Hlavacek, Darlene Emma .. 354 344 Ho Jonathan Kei Shing Hobbs, Ben Bryant .. 438, 271 Hobbs, Lana Sue 295 Hobbs, Rebecca Jean 452, 241 369 Hobley, Duane Alan Hochgesang, Phyllis Jane 355 Hochstetler, David R. 438, 182, 209, 231 Hocker, Anne Marie 394 Hocker, Carol Lee .. 423, 295 Hockett, David Allen 373 Hockman, Jan David 371, 271 Hodgdon, Thaddeus Boyd 332 Hodgdon, Thomas Todd 332, 251 452 Hodges, Cheryl Lee 227 Hodges, Donna Lee Hodges, John 251 240 Hodgin, Richard Dean 321 Hodson, Cathy May Hodson, David Donald .... 322 Hodson, Marilyn Kaye 312, 266, 247, 236 369 Hodson, Mark Steven Hoelker, William B. 330 Hoerath, Jane Ann 383 Hoffhaus, Helen Sue 342 Hoffman, Annette 320 Hoffman, Charles Robert .. 307 Hoffman, Charles Wilbur .. 307 Hoffman, Joseph Mather .. 322 Hoffman, Judith Marie . 349 Hoffman, Lynn Estelle 321, 260 Hoffman, Pamela Dale 452, 298 Hoffman, Robert Lee 319 Hoffman, Roger Phillip 462, 240 Hofft, Ronald 404 Hogan, Jack Milburn 294 Hogan, Steven Ryan 390 Hogan, Susan 366 Hoggatt, Margaret Hazel .. 260 Hoggatt, Mary Lynn 397 Hogue, Elda Mae 315 Hogue, Marie Anne 386 Hojnacki, Richard Donald 369 Hokanson, John Erik 438, 405, 248 Hokanson, Stephen Paul .... 297 Holcomb, Jennifer Lynn .... 300 Holcroft, Judy Lynn 354 Holdaway, Charles Francis 328, 194 Holdaway, Ronald Steven.. 328 Holdeman, James Edward 357 Holder, John Bryant 390 Holder, Nancy Lea 351 Holder, William Claude 174 Holdread, Philip R. 307 Holdt, Cathy Ann 396 Holewinski, Lois M. 393, 235

Ice, Charles William Idzik, Isabelle Ann Ieraci, Rosemary C. Iliff, Cynthia Sue Imel, Donald Le Roy

329 439 439 394 346

Inlet, Robert Earl Inebnit, Rebecca Ann Inglis, Linda Lee Ingram, Linda Gail Ingwalson, Jared Bliss

240 388 396 394 302

Inman, Valla Kay 366 Inn iger, Ervin Lee Jr. 186, 204, 231 Ipsen, Susan Jeanne 296 Irelan, Jean Marie

Jackley, Cynthia Elaine .. Jacks, Keith Herbert Jacks, Thomas Richard Jackson, Carter Jackson, Dave Martin Jackson, David Michael .... Jackson, Dennis Ray Jackson, Donald L. Jackson, Gregory Donald .. Jackson, John Michael Jackson, John W. Jr. Jackson, Kathleen Marie 321, Jackson, Lawrence C. Jackson, Paul David Jackson, Susan Lynne Jackson, Terry Joseph Jacobs, Claudia Jacobs, Glen Robert

386 359 370 327 194 391 439 462 344 405 409

acobs, John Hale Jacobs, Randall Charles Jacobson, Carole Nancy .... Jacobson, Jerrold Allen Jacobson, Philip E. Jacobson, Robert Philip Jacoby, Mary Annette Jaeper, Laura Louise Jaffe, David Michael 462, Jagger, Michael Joe Jahn, William Bernard Jahns, Christine Graham .. Jakubowski, Frank James, Georgia Ann James, Gwendolyn James, Janelle James, Jim Michael James, Lawrence David

318 371 423 305 407 359 303 468

James, Richard Edward 424, 277, 278, 279 James, Terry Ann 315 Jamison, Janis Louise 295, 266 Jamison, Larry Robert 324 Jamison, Michele Kay 424, 321, 251, 232, 260 Janicki, Mary Ann K. 393 Jankovich, Donald G. 439, 371 Jarboe, Priscilla Sue.. 459, 301 Jardine, Jean 310 Jarecke, Peter Johnson 353 Jaroszewski, James B. 439, 403 Jarrell, Richard Adrian 345 Jarvis, Sharon Kay 321 Jasinski, Robert John 313 Jaworski, Bernard J. Jr. 391 Jay, Margaret Ellen 349, 266, 267

251 313 423 453 453 351 329

240 374 329 300 230 300 291 396 410 423



Holland, Sandra S. 273 Holler, Ruth Ann 452 Holliday, Gay 459 Hollingsworth, Peggy Ann 398 Hollis, Edward Edison Jr... 438 174 Hollister, Kenneth W. Holloway, Michael 204, 327, 231 Holloway, Marcia Ann 299 Holman, Carolyn Sue 292 HolMan, Robert Harry 410 Holmes, Carole Joan 383 Holmes, Fred Leroy 345 Holmquist, David W. 357, 313 Holowaty, Marta Xennia 343 Holowenko, Richard I 271 Holubar, Glenn Elbert 438, 174 Honeycutt, Cheryl Irene .. 350 Hongen, Karen Margaret .. 295 Hooherry, Betsy Ann 423 Hood, Beverly Ann 260 Hood, George Stanley 462 Hood, Suzanne E. 452 Hooper, Vonda Jean 298 Hoops, Norman Eugene . 318 Hoover, James Patrick 294 Hoover, Todd 334 Hope, Oscar Carlisle 230 Hopfinger, Sharon Lee .... 398 Hopkins, Dee Marie 388 Hopkins, George Arthur . 240 Hopkins, Paula C. 396 Hopp, Richard Walter 287 Hoppe, Kathryn Marie .... 303 Hopper, Brenda Lee 423 Hoppes, Trena Jill 308 Horin, Walter John 459 Homsann, Howard Keith 177 Horn, Kevin Herbert 405 Horn, Richard Anthony 330 Hornaday, Michael Allen 369 Hornbostel, Patricia L. 423, 247 Homer, James Earnest 459 Homey, Dianne 273 Homey, Mary Louise 299 Horowitz, Debbie 385, 386 Horowitz, Karla Rae 349 Horst, Pete George 332 Horton, Devonne Ellis 271 Horton, Lois Jane 366 Horton, Nathan T. 2nd 423 Horton, Tom 327 Horton, Weldon Michael 327 Horvath, Elsie Ann 355 Horvath, Jacquelyn Ann 293 Horvlett, Judith 350 Hose, Kathryn Louise 452 Hosek, Julia Kay 380 Hosinski, Mary Frances 452 Hoskam, Peter Lee 401, 230 Hosier, Jane 256 Hostetler, Mary Eleanor 366 Hostetler, Rebecca L. 453, 349 Hottenstein, Paula Adele 308 Houchins, Gary Michael 423 Houdeshel, Harry F. 3rd 316, 247 Houghton, John W. Jr. 370 Hougland, Thomas Harold 270

310 Houpt, Nancy Elaine 410 House, Craig Anthony 325 House, George House, Margaret Victoria.. 397 Houseman, Norman Lee .. 358 Howard, Frank Edward .... 358 Howard, Glenda Kaye 396 Howard, Neil Bruce.. 462, 240 Howard, Paul Frederick 303, 269 Howard, Stanley Eugene .. 334 315 Howell, Candace Howell, Robert Selden 331 315 Howell, Sandra Howenstine, Thomas G. 358, 270 Howerton, James Arthur 234 383 Howser, Mary Jo Hoy, Jacquelin Sue 382 310 Hoyt, Linda Helen Hozdovich, Irene Dianne 298 396 Hudson, Diana Lee Hudson, Henry Collins 462, 240 382 Hudson, Karen Sue Hudson, Marilyn Lee 312, 248 Hudson, Merrellen 349 Hudson, Richard Edward 423 321 Huff, Helen Angela Huff, Michael Walter 375 Huff, Pamela Lee 354 Huff, Ralph Richard 423, 328 Huff, Sharon Mae .... 290, 266 194 Huff, William Allen Huff, William Andrew 174, 313, 239 Huffman, Gregory Alan 390 Huffman, Richard Vernon 318 Huffman, Sue Elaine 315, 249 Hufstedler, Michael F. 287 Huggins, Ellen Elizabeth .. 340 312 Hughel, Janis Lynn Hughel, Thomas Karl 294 Hughes, David Dwight 410 Hribar, Margaret Ann 295, 227, 237 Hritsko, Loretta Susan 279 Hrkel, Randall Stephen 316 Hrpka, Marilyn Grace 399 Hruby, Rebecca Anne 272, 393 Hubartt, Russell J. Jr. 472 Hubbard, Martha Kay 453, 342 380 Huber, Gayla Rae 349 Huber, Judy Beth Huber, Leandra Jean 295 Huber, Marilyn Cole 397 Huber, Richard Calvin Jr 411 459 Huber, Sharon Ann 423 Hubler, Janet Marie 393 Hudak, Mary Ann Huddleston, Stephen Lee .. 311 Huddleston, William R. .... 438 Hudson, Barbara 258 Hudson, Bonnie Jean 383 468 Hughes, John David Hughes, Lewis Nick Jr..... 438 Hughes, Peggy Ann 267 318 Hughes, Richard D. Hughes, Samuel T. Jr. 258

369 Ilull, Ronald Eugene Hulse, Frances Berniece .. 397 462 Hulse, Thomas L. 305 Human, Terry Humbarger, Carol Marie .. 380 Humbaugh, Marcia Lynne 382 Humenik, Michael David 222, 409 Huminsky, James Peter .... 313 343 Humm, Lynn Ann 319 Hummel, Dennis Jay Hummel, Katherine Jane .. 241 Humphrey, John Everett 182, 209 Humphrey, Michael F. .... 459 Humphrey, Robert Clark.. 438 Humphrey, Sharon Kay .... 388 Hundley, John Gregory .... 401 Hunn, Mary Susan 386 Hunsberger, Terrence Glenn 344 Hunsicker, Bruce W. 438 Hunt, Deborah 383 Hunt, Glorietta 453 Hunt, Jane Ann 388 Hunt, Judith Lynn 400 Hunt, Roger Herman 411 Hunt, Virgil William 423, 325, 243, 264 Hunter, Michael Bourne .. 326 Hunter, Susan 423 Hunter, Virginia Ellen 453, 220, 386 Hunter, Virginia Ethel .... 400 Huntington, Emily Jane 308, 260, 248 Huntzinger, Cinda Lou .... 295 Huntzinger, Eleanor C. .... 394 Hupp, Fred E. Jr. 438 Hupp, Mary Marcia .. 321, 231 Hurlbut, John Charles 332 Hurst, Vivian Ruth 293, 224, 237 Hurteau, Ada Lorraine 453, 292 Hurwitt, Joann Helen 351, 290 Huse, Richard Le Roy 294, 239 Huse, Susan Joan 296 Huseman, Richard Allan 410 Husk, Robert Eugene 322 Hussey, Betty Ann 399 Husted, Roberta Jean 300 Huston, Patricia Kay 380 Hutchinson, Janet Carol .... 453 Huter, Charles Vincent .... 439 Huth, William Frederick 385, 391 Huton, Jean 258 Hux, Clyde Taylor 2nd .... 294 Hyatt, Stephen Jerome 311, 269, 226, 249 Hyde, Samuel Albert 326 Hyden, William Harrison 459, 174 Hyman, E. Allen 423 Hyneman, Barbara Jane .. 299

423, 299, 233 Trick, Neil Edwin 401 Irish, Judith Kay 453, 321, 265, 236 Irwin, Kenneth 410

Irwin, Stanley Joseph 329 Isaacs, Owen Keith 3rd . 344 Isaacson, Barbara Ruth .... 365 Ishida, Richard Dwight 332, 174

Ishii, Hiroko Iskowich, Carole Ann Ison, Shirley Juanita Ives, Jane Anne Ives, Lela Ann Ivey, Susan Jeanne

Jaynes, Karen Sue 459 Jefferson, Charles Lewis 370 Jeffries, Arthur Lee 439 Jeffries, Robert Aaron 462, 240 Jefvert, Warren Keith 407 Jegen, Linda M. 470, 256 Jendreas, Gregory Leonard 360 Jenkins, Elizabeth S. 468 Jenkins, Fred Wayne 377 Jenkins, John Thomas 403 Jenkins, Lou R. 439 Jenkins, Marilyn Sue.. 439, 292 Jennings, Charles Thomas 405 Jennings, Nancy Ross 306 Jensen, Bud 251 Jensen; Margaret Jane 367, 281 Jensen, Paul Christian 313 Jensen, Susan Iingrid 424 Jerram, Jo Anne 470, 258

Jessop, Daniel H. Jr. 302 Jessup, Gregory Allen 371 Jessup, Joy Elaine 340 Jetmore, David Louis 345 Jetter, Sandra 257 Jewell, James William 203, 328 Jines, Donna 257 Jocus, Tadeus Noel 375 Joest, Nicholas Charles 323, 407 Joffe, Rebecca Beatrice .... 380 Johanson, Judith Louise .... 312 Johanson, William Bruce .. 424 John, Janis Diann 295 John, Lenora Lee 387 John, Robert 304, 268 Johns, Michael Reed 390 Johnson, Alan Blaine 439 Johnson, Ann Bonner 315

Johnson, Barbara Ann 424 Johnson, Barbara Marie .... 398 Johnson, Carol Anne 300 Johnson, Connie Lou 366 Johnson, Corinne Emily .. 424 Johnson, David Wesley .... 318 Johnson, David William .. 401 Johnson, Doug 240 Johnson, Edward Ware 439, 304 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann 293 Jonson, Howard A. Jr. 323 Johnson, Jack Nord 186, 187, 327, 231 Johnson, James Alan 328 Johnson, James Victor 369 Johnson, John Stephan 424 Johnson, Joseph M. 331 Johnson, Judith Ann 256

401 400 350 302 423 300

327 Jones, Michael Joseph 382 Jones, Peggy Ann 324 Jones, Philip Arnold Jones, Richard Valentine 358 303 Jones, Robert Clark 369 Jones, Roger William Jones, Rosalyn Jeanne 424, 342 366 Jones, Sally Ann Jones, Sharon Ann 424, 379 424 Jones, Sherrin Ann 366 Jones Susan Ellen 349 Jones, Susan Lynn 408 Jones, Thomas A. 358 Jones, Thomas Artur 369 Jones, Thomas Jay 379 Jones, Virginia Marie 401 Jones, William Robert Jordan, David Michael 287 410 Jordan, James Lynn 294, 249

257 Johnson, Katie Johnson, Kathleen Bernice 367, 260 Johnson, Kenneth Paul 407 424 Johnson, Lawrence F. Johnson, Margaret Ann 424, 293, 236 Johnson, Pamela Sue.. 453, 321 311 Johnson, Richard W. 351 Johnson, Rita Jean 330 Johnson, Robert Allen Johnson, Sally Caswell 424, 388 311 Johnson, Stephen H. Johnson, Steven Edward 439 387 Johnson, Sue Ellen Johnson, Theodore Riley 439 294 Johnson, Thomas F. 424 Johnson, Virginia Ann Johnston, Gloria Louise

250, 396 Johnston, John Michael 209 Johnston, Larry Wayne 307 332 Johnston, Maynard A. Johnston, Sarayette Sue 350 Johnston, Stuart Adams 462 Jolly, Marilyn Charlotte 470 Jolly, Marilyn Lucille 281, 282, 386 386 Jonah, Jane Eleanor 439 Jonas, Robert Quinn 308 Jones, Anne Campbell 468 Jones, Booker T. 302 Jones, Bruce E. 321 Jones, Cathy Lind 328 Jones, Charles Webster Jones, Charlotte Lee 310 340 Jones, Cynthia Ann 355 Jones, Deborah 301 Jones, Denise Lynne

349 Jones, Elizabeth Ann Jones, Gwendolyn Marie 424 340 Jones, Ila Elizabeth Jones, Jacqueline Sue 308, 251 Jones, Jeffrey C. 334 341 Jones, Joanne Marie Jones, John Arthur 439 309 Jones, John Arthur 400 Jones, Judith Ann Jones, Judith Ann 355 306 Jones, Judith Catherine 343 Jones, Judy 299 Jones, Judy Kay Jones, Karen Arline 424 355 Jones, Karen Elaine 355 Jones, Kathryn Darlene Jones, Kay 223 Jones, Margaret 257 453 Jones, Mary Lou

Kaarlela, Corinna L. 453, 278, 274 Kaczmarek, Kenneth W. 174 Kaffenberger, Winnie M. 341, 247 Kafoure, William Paul 375 424 Kahn, Erika Amy Kahn, Harry Abe 289 Kahn, Lilu 386 Kalb, Thomas Walter 369, 198 Kalina, Susan Jeanne 453, 308 Kalupa, Edward James 439, 174 Kamman, Nancy Lee 299 Kammes, Kay 247 Kamp, Cassandra Lee 315, 376 Kampe, Kathryn Aleene 424, 321 Kane, Charles Joseph 211 Kane, Patricia Ann 315 Kanning, Myrna Ann 292 Kanning, Myron George 390 Kantroski, Mary Ellen 353 Kaplan, Neil Wayne 305 Kaplan, Noel Alan 359 Kaplan, Rosie 379, 380 Kapusta, Alice K. .... 424, 236 Karn, John William Jr. 358, 230 Karn, William Joseph 410 Karnischky, Tedd H. 460, 275, 411 Karrmann, Edward Ramsay 439 Kasdorf, Harry Willard 271 Kaseff, Jeri Lynn 453 Kasper, Suzanne 341, 267 Kasprzak, Michael J 408 Kasten, Penelope Mary 424, 293 Katterhenry, Eileen Rose 356 Katz, Donald Paul 305 Katz, Janet Viola .... 290, 281 Katz, Linda, Natalie 320 Katzman, Beverly Lynn 366 Kauffman, Frederick A. 424, 371 Kaufman, Berta Zelda 400 Kaufman, Le Roy James 471 Kaye, Michael James 327 Kaylor, Camile Bonita 308 Kaylor, John Allen 313 Kaylor, Ken Meier 313 Kays, David Lee 401 Kazich, Thomas Joseph 424 Keas, Mabel Emily 341 Keas, Sheila Marie 340 Keaton, Thomas Alan 439, 314 Keaton, William Bruce 314 Keefer, James Allen 439 Keenan, Lora Katharine 308 Keenan, Thomas 313 Keene, James Lee 307 Keeney, Jack Dennis 331 Keeper, Harland 324 Kegley, Linda Kay 439 Kegley, Morris Wendell 405 Keil, Cheryl Suzanne 385, 389 Keim, Donna Kay 386 Keinsen, Susan 400 Keisling, Connie Lea 379

Keith, Diana Lynn 355 355 Keith, Janet Eileen Keith, Richard Kenyon 439, 329 453 Keith, Sally Wiltshire 424 Kelemen, Danette Kellam, Elizabeth Ann 398 Kellam, John Linvel 439 Keller, Jeanne Marie 453 Keller, Pamela Sue 424 Keller, Ronald Elwood 204 Kelley, Christina L. 296 Kelley, Eloise 293 Kelley, Janet Sue 267 Kelley, Kathleen 460, 356 Kelley, Linda Sue 351 Kelley, Nancy Glo 396 Kelley, Patricia F. .. 382, 272 Kelley, Wayne Lee .. 439, 297 Kellum, Paul Nicholas 275 Kelly, Brian V. 275 Kelly, Colleen Ellen 386 Kelly, Eloise 453 Kelly, James H. 462 Kelly, Linda E. 439 Kelly, Stephen D. 453 Kelsey, Dennis L. 333 Kelsey, Karen Lynne 295 Kelsey, W. Michael.. 358, 221 Kelso, Linda Gayle 233 Kelso, Lynda Victoria 296 Kelson, Marjorie Pauline 394 Kem, Mary Ann 273 Kemper, James Ralph 359 Kemple, Joyce Elaine 393 Kempner, Frances 290 Kendall, Barbara Jo 396 Kendall, John Wright 331 Kendall, Michael Le Roy 311 Kendall, Susan Ruth 348 Kendrick, Patricia Jon 308 Kendrick, Ralph Lee 191 Kennedy, Cynthia Jeanne 394 Kennedy, Joan Eleanor 306 Kennedy, Phyllis Ann 424, 385, 234 Kennedy, Robert Owen 328 Kennerson, James Willis 275 Kenney, Lloyd Edward 405 Kent, Stanley Crawford 199, 226, 230, 231 Kent, Stephen Walter 223, 409 Kentner, Kenneth R. 316 Kentor, Laird James 424, 289 Kentor, Michael Bruce 289 Kenworthy, Jack Allan 328 Kenyon, Susan Delight 355 Kepler, Terry Lee 222 Kerberg, Diana Lea 349 Kerby, Patrick Joseph 462 Kercheval, Martha J. 348, 250 Kerchner, Margie Orilla 424, 292 Kern, David Robert 344 Kern, Lawrence Adrian 294 Kern, Raymond Lex 411 Kernodle, Gary Calvin .... 374 Kerr, Diana Nell 424 Kerr, Ellen Lee 424 Kerr, Georgianne 400, 233 Kerrigan, Elizabeth Ann 321, 237

222 Kersten, Gary Henry 355 Kerth, Linda M. 393 Kesling, Carolyn Sue 256 Kessler, Jacqueline Kessler, Kendall Jon . 439, 286 424 Kestner, Carol Anne 295 Ketterer, Corinne Mae Ketterson, Ellen Dorcas 424, 300 Keucher, Thomas Rudolph 325, 223 393 Keyser, Wendy Lynn 424 Khavari, Sue Akhtar 332 Kickam, Robert 344 Kick, Thomas 313 Kickey, Stephen B. 375 Kiel, Gregory Alan 296 Kiel, Kathy Baird Kienlen, David Alan 332, 174 409 Kierein, Thomas Joseph 453 Kiesling, Karen Ann 382 Kikas, Anu 306 Kildsig, Patricia Mae 349 Kilgore, Linda Arlene Kilgour, Phyllis Ann 460, 265 358 Kill, Timothy Lee Killingbeck, William E. 439, 369 Killworth, Steven John 221, 261, 249 Kilrain, Edwin T. 3rd 439, 314, 251, 226 388 Kimball, Anita Marie 355 Kimball, Cean Kimball, Sherry Norris 424 298 Kimble, Susan Kay Kimmel, Rebecca Jean 453 453 Kimmel, Sue Ann Kimmel, Mary Jo 424, 310, 274 Kincaid, David Robert 325 Kincaid, Sandra K. 298, 250 355 Kindle, Lucia Bargar King, Allen Theodore 453, 323 355 King, Anna Merle 381 King, Carol Ann King, David Lawrence 369 331, 247 King, Dennis Lee 377 King, Emery Clarence 275 King, George D. King, James Wilford 269, 221, 249 329 King, Jeffrey Thomas 453 King, Joann 453, 401 King, Mary Lou 395 King, Penelope Ann 334 King, Phillip Noel 249 King, Richard Hall 410 King, Robert Wesley 295 King, Sana Christine 470 King, Suzanne 328 King, Walter Carol Jr. Kingsbury, Janet Kay 424, 315 453 Kinkle, Barbara Lynn 424 Kinkle, John Robert 296 Kinney, Lila Lee Kinnick, William R. Jr. 439 Kinnison, Shirley Kay 300, 281 Kinser, Douglas Marshall 357 294 Kinser, Paul Alan Kintigh, Thomas Wayne 302

La Flamme, Janice Marie 366 La Master, Dianne Layne

453, 298 468 La Prell, Edrie Frances

Labney, Donna Lynn Lacey, Barbara Jane


365 379

297 Kinyon, John Stuart Kinzer, Anita Gayle 468 Kirk, Ann Tindall .... 382, 281 304 Kirk, Cary Christopher 354 Kirkham, Patricia Anne 369 Kirkpatrick, Ian Blair 424 Kirn, Michael Emmet Kirtchik, Barbara Susan 453 425 Kirtland, Patricia A. 425 Kish, Betty Jo 405 Kish, James Richard Kish, Thomas Michael 439, 240 322 Kistler, Michael Ray Kistner, Karen Lynn 349 298 Kitchel, Janis Ellen Kitchell, Lawrence M. . 439 Kittle, James Louis Jr. 439, 318, 217, 220, 247 386 Kittle, Patricia Anne 279 Kiver, Diane Fern 328 Kivett, Frank Ray 294 Kixmiller, Randolph L. ҟ 453 Klaas, Richard Lee Klaas, Richard Lowell 324 Kleckner, Bonnie Beth 296, 279 394 Kleiman, Sandra Jean 405 Klein, James Allen 348 Klein, Judith Anne Klein, Keith Kyle 453, 274, 405, 248 425 Klein, Linda Sue 425 Klein, Michael Willis Klein, Thelma Jeanne 468, 288 386 Kleine, Margaret Diane Kleiner, Harvey Steven 269, 408 Kleinhenz, Margaret Ellen 241 355 Kleist, Donna Marie 258 Klen, Margaret 332 Klenck, Joel Earl 425 Kleopfer, Robert D 303 Klepfer, Steven Lee Kleymeryer, Robert John 318 Klick, Pamela Jeanne A..... 296 390 Kline, Joseph Jr. Kline, Kathleen Gay.. 310, 267 376 Kline, Kevin Delaney 399 Kline, Sharon Irene 251 Kline, Tom Klineshiven, John William 462 359 Klinger, Brent J. Klingler, Jan Sheridan 381 Klinkenberg, Nancy Ann 398 369 Kloper, Marty 357 Klueh, Kenneth Joseph 453 Kluesner, Robert Lee Klugman, Stephan Craig 278, 279, 281, 282, 136, 249 Knall, David Wells .. 439, 297 321 Knebel, Lynn Mary 297 Knecht, Thomas James 298 Kneir, Vicki Sue Kneisley, John William 439, 405, 243 Knierim, Dennis William 408 330 Knight, Clifton Paul Knight, Howard Ralph 410 425 Knight, J. Douglas Jr. 355 Knight, Mary Etta Knipmeyer, Kathryn Ann .. 301 Knoke, Theresa Sue 383


Lach, Jane Lach, Jean

321 321

Jordan, Marilyn Bonnie 292, 250 Jordan, Robert Michael 371, 273 Jordan, Stephen Edward 332 Jordan, William Craig 297, 271 400 Jordy, Alice Kay Jorgensen, Charles Conrad 198 Jornod, Vickie Dee 308, 221, 266, 247, 236 411 Joseph, John Gregory 319 Joseph, Louis Lipman 261 Joseph, Rex Morris 270 Joworski, Bernard Joyce, Kathleen Louise 386 369 Joyce, Paul Roberts Joyner, Harry C. 2nd 186, 187, 322 369 Judd, James Thomas

460 Judd, Michael Warren Judjahn, Gerhard W. 334, 227 Judson, Elizabeth Anne 355, 231 258 Juhn, Elizabeth 306 Julian, Janet Gayle Julian, Lynne Maurine 424, 306 Julis, Karen Gail 273 Jung, Keith Howard 297, 221, 249 Junk, William Paul.. 439, 304 Junken, Anita Lynn 301 Jurgemeyer, Nancy Lee 296 Jurgensen, John Warren 424 Justile, James Michael 424 Justiss, Kenneth Glenn 359

Knop, John Richard 425, 313, 249 319 Knopf, Howard Mamlin Knowles, Christopher G. 274 390 Knowles, Gearold Lee 425 Knudson, Karyn Jean Knutson, Roland Manuel 3rd 314, 239 Kobb, Kenneth William 408 305 Kobrin, Jerry L. Kobylensky, Barbara Jeanne 354 330 Koch, Darryl Gene Koch, Theodore Morgan 462 298 Kocyba, Karen Ann Koegel, Thomas Robert 325 439 Koehler, Alan Gerard Koehler, Elizabeth Anne •272 410 Koehler, Gene Bob 321 Koehler, Luise W. Koehlinger, Denis Lee 462, 240 Koelpin, Volker Henry 425, 314 382 Koeneman, Diane Lynn Koenig, Brian Edward 328, 174 299 Koenig, Paula Irene Koester, Mary Joanna 356 386 Kohlhorst, Judith Ann Kohne, John Anthony Jr._ 425 408 Kokosa, John Michael Koldyke, Linda Gaye 396 Kollker, Patricia L. 321 382 Kollmar, Patricia Lee Kommes, Katherine Margaret 393 Konecky, John Phillip 328 Konop, Billie Jean 425 Konsynski, Lorna Rae 393 358 Konzen, Daniel Scott Koporc, Gail Frances 399 Kopusta, Alice 292 Koring, Robert Henry . 439, 299 Korn, Susan Kay Kornman, Robin Brooks 359 Kornowa, David Ronald 174 Kors, Terry Lee 311 Kortenber, Roseann 342 Korthauer, George Andrew 326 Koselke, Darlene Carole 453 351 Kostelnik, Janice Kay Kotoske, Thomas Eldon 240 425 Kotyuk, Ida Edith Kotzan, Bruce Andrew 425, 307, 177 355 Kovsky, Karen Sue 256 Kowal, Janet 300 Kowalski, Kathleen B. Kowalski, Kathleen Margaret 400 Kowinski, David Paul 332 453 Koziolek, Carol Smith Koziolek, Gerald Frank 453 376 Kracium, Michael Gene 370 Kraft, Thomas Albert 313 Kragh, Thomas Alan Kragler, Sherry Eileen 453 369 Krajnak, John Carl Kramer, Margaret Ann 258 Kramer, Robert Michael 332 326 Krane, Dale Anthony

279 Krathwohl, Lisa Claire ҟ 310 Krause, Jeri Lynn 374 Krause, Timothy Elliot Kraushar, Heidi 290, 278, 274, 249 Kravitz, Howard Lee 439, 353 304 Krebs, Leonard Allen 333, 251 Krebs, Timothy Kreihaum, Pamela Ann .... 425 Kren, Diane Louise 222, 380 Kress, Patricia Jane 393 Krieble, Leslie Ann 312 Kriegbaum, Marsha Lynn 393 Krieger, Hugh Peter 281 Krier, Beth Ann 282 Krier, Judith Kay 343 Krietemeier, Rick F. 318 Kritsch, Donald Robert 323, 250 Krivoshia, Michael 174 Kroll, Darlene Marie 453 Kroll, William Charles 345 Kronewetter, Glendon H ҟ 324 Kroon, Diana 256 Krouse, Carol Ann 394 Kruchten, Gary Jacob 439, 302, 251 Krueger, Berard W. 325 Krueger, Dennis Willard 439, 204 Krueger, Katherine Ruth 299 Krueger, Richard Dale 297 Kruger, Earl Allen 425 Kruk, Richard Antoni 271 Krull, David John 425 Krull, Robert J. 439, 353 Kruse, James Fordyce 405 Kryway, James George 460, 275 Kubat, Thomas Eugene 278 Kubow, Diane Jane .. 300, 267 Kucan, Margaret 388 Kuebbeler, Judith 258 Kohlenhoelter, Gary Lee 331 Kuhlenschmidt, Theodore Howard 302 Kuhn, Barbara 258 Kuhn, Jacqueline Ann 399 Kuhn, Loren Dale 230 Kuhns, Jacqueline Sue 453, 349 Kuipers, Yvette Rose 383 Kujawa, Michael Adrian 360 Kunkel, Mary Carolyn 386 Kunkle, Frances Ann 385 Kuntz, Linda Ann 396 Kuntz, Rosemarie 399 Kupferer, Jean 342 Kurick, Robert 270 Kurz, Louis Alvin .... 373, 374 Kusek, Ilene J. 366 Kuster, Carolyn Ann 386 Kuster, Richard Jay 302 Kutch, Donald Herman 314 Kutslar, Patricia 348 Kuwana, Samuel 425 Kwasny, Gregory Paul 332 Kwasny, Stanley Charles Jr. 332

Lach, Mike Lacko, Mary

203 256, 257

341 Lacy, Sharon Leilani 222 Ladanyi, Agnes Elinorҟ



Levy, William 462 Lewis, Anne Myers 308 Lewis, James D. 410 468, 270 Lewis, Jerry E. Lewis, Kathryn Jane 393, 234 323 Lewis, Larry Douglas 319 Lewis, Marc Steven 267 Lewis, Mary Frances 248 Lewis, Nancy Jane Lewis, Norman Millard Jr 303 411 Lewis, Richard Harold 408 Lewis, Robert Gene 400 Lewis, Sally Ann Lewsader, Barbara Ann .. 394 470 Lezer, Susan Marie Lichtenberg, Judith Bea 320 Lichtenberger, Dennis Lee 360 Lichtman, Suzanne Ilene 353, 354 Lidikay, Linda Jane 3&3 Liebenow, Beverly Diane.. 381 470 Liechty, Mary Lou Lienhart, Tanya C... 241, 394 Lievense, Diane Yvonne 343 Liggett, Roger Lee 471 290 Light, Susanne Gloria Lightcap, Kathleen Ann 454, 296, 220 Lightcap, Nancy Joan 296 Lighty, Paul Bruce 440 Liles, William Eugene 390 Lilliston, Andrew W. Jr. 311 Limberg, Karen Diane 231, 396 Linback, Janet Irene 342 386 Lindberg, Judith Ann 408 Lindemann, Jon Paul Linder, Denise Karen 383 Lindholm, Linda Lou 379 Lindley, Sandra 258 Lindsay, Maxine 258 Lindsey, Deborah Ann 230 Lindsey, Sherril Anne 296 Ling, Elizabeth Jane 381 Linhart, Larry Roy 314 Linimer, Thomas R. 371 382 Link, Jacqueline Marie 379 Link, Sandra Susan 241 Linn, Pamela Jean Linguist, Dianna Jean 386 305, 281 Lipner, Max 366 Lippens, Carole J. 355 Lipsey, Ellen Joan 222 Lisak, Ronald Arthur Liser, Cindy 386 Little, John Anthony 373, 377 Little, Tracy Eugene 462, 240 Litzenberger, Sam W. Jr. 462, 240 Lively, Robert Lee Jr. _. 425 330 Livingston, Michael J. Livingston, 011ie Jr. 346 375 Lloyd, Dennis Frank 341 Lloyd, M. Dianne Lloyd, Margaret Ann 353, 355 Lloyd, Mary 288

Laemmer, Joan Carol :321 Lagarde, John Jacques 269 Lahey, Theresa Ann 425 Lain, John Leland 440 Laird, Margaret Ann 306 Lake, Charles Michael 405 Lamar, Marilyn Sue 340 Lamb, Courtney Charles 401 Lamb, William Michael 302, 271, 222 Lambert, Gayle Walters 453 Lambert, James Edward 462 Lambert, Jerold Roy 440 Lambert, Julia Helen 425 Lambert, Linda Kay 341 Lamble, Walter Harold 339 Lambo, Susan Clair 356 Lancaster, John Stephen 425 Land, Dwane Kent 371 Landgrebe, Marilyn Kay 453 Landis, Dale Lee . .. 278, 227 Landis, Larry Allen 328 Lane, Diane Estelle 348 Lane, William Berry Jr. .. 230 Lang, James Arthur 462 Lang, Mary Constance .. 388 Lang, Sara Helen 440 Langdon, Lynn Marie :380 Lange, William Michael 363 Langston, Timothy Louis 373 Lanham, William Frank 324 Lanier, Carla Maureen 454 Lankford, Richard Leo 440 Lanning, Loren Jeffrey 289 Lantz, Jane Carol ... 321, 224 Lantz, Thomas Joe .. 440, 318 Lanz, Jerry Lee 377 Lape, Janice Carole 460 Lapp, Alan 333 Larke, Kenneth Ronald 440 Larkin, John 357 Larman, Barbara Lynn 320 Larrick, Harry James 326 Larsen, Earl Charles 325 Larson, Barbara Edith 399 Larson, Robin Louise 288 Larum, Jean Sue 396 Lasayko, Louise Marie 394 Lash, Dennis Andrew 440 Lashua, Carl Vane 297 Lask, Linda Ann 306 Laswell, William T. 462 Latier, Kay Margaret 454 Latshaw, Carol Ann 383 Lattimer, Sue Ellen .. 321, 421 Lattore, Patrick Allen 375 Latz, John Patrick 440 Lau, Cheryl Ann 300 Lauber, Rae Ernestine 348 Lauderdale, Jackie Joe 369 Laue, John Robert 440 Laughlin, Nellie Kay 355, 231 Laukhuf, Dean R. 425 Lauritzson, Marcia Ruth 310, 237 Lave, Tom 374

Lavery, Constance Louise 386 425 Law, Catherine Lin 256 Lawlay, Margaret Lawler, David Eston 311 380 Lawrence, Helen Lawrence, Lennie Ray 374 Lawrence, William James 376 387 Laws, Marjorie Jean 425 Laws, Richard Van Lawson, David Edward 462 354 Lawson, Rita Ann 440 Lay, Clorius Lee Lay, Linda Sue 353 Laycock, Steven William 408 Layne, Dave Minter 446, 325 331 Layson, David Allen 388 Layton, Joanne Rosa 440 Le Baud, Jean Pierre 293 Le Beau, Pamela Rose Le Burkien, Richard D. 304, 227 Le Fevre, Suzanne 425, 315 Le Mar, Bruce Richard 391 308 Leach, Betty Leach, Linda Ann 454, 312, 265, 243 Leaders, Bonnie Lee 241, 381 Lear, Janet Sue 381 Learnard, John Fowler 332 Leary, Joseph William 369 Leary, Thomas Richard 425 Leatherman, Dennis Dale 454 Leavell, Jack J. 269, 410, 249 373 Lebo, Marcia Ann Lebowitz, Martin Saul 209 Leckie, Alexa Yvonne 293, 281 Lederman, Ilene Gail 383 Lee, Albert Richard 460 386 Lee, Carol Jean 460 Lee, Karen Rose Lee, Larrie Howard 425, 305, 261, 264, 247 381 Lee, Markola 340 Lee, Nancy J. 470 Lee, Patricia Ann 278, 279 Lee, Paul Linn 327 Lee, Rickey Oren 333 Lee, Thomas Edward Lee, Valerie Martha.. 363, 365 341, 278 Leedy, Ruth Anne . 354 Leen, Jacqueline Kaye Leerkamp, Randolph Alan 318 Leeuw, Gene Raymond 425 Leffel, John Herbert 2nd 331 Leffel, Renee Debra 281, 282, 268 Legg, Judith Ann 393 278 Leggett, Nina B. Leggett, Stephen Mark 440, 307 Legler, Theodore R. 2nd 269, 230, 409 Legros, Jacqueline Ann 296 Lehman, Charles Philip .. 317 Lehman, Nancy Jayne 462, 240

300 Lehmann, Janine Marie Lehner, Richard Anthony 333 258 Leifferman, Iva Leighton, Richard Kieth 346 222 Leighty, Norman Scott Leilous, Craig Carden 344 Leimhacher, Richard Lee 297, 269 Leinberger, Gary Joe 186, 325 Leininger, Barbara Sue 454 Leinwand, Rochelle E. 354 Leist, Jeffrey Alan 287 Leitner, Ramona Nanette 394 Leland, Kenneth Wells 345 Leland, Thomas Jean 303 Lemasters, Paul Reid 318 Leming, William Hedrick 297 Lemler, Kathleen Ellen 386 237 Lemna, Janet Lee Lemon, Thomas Ridley 462, 240 Lemontree, Joyce Hymen 454 Lennarson, Meredith R. 315 302 Lenox, Richard Shelby Lentes, Karen Elaine 440, 288 Lentz, James Curtin 328 Lenz, Mary Margaret 310 Leonard, Virginia Clemson 393 Leonhardt, Barbara Jo 454, 401 Leonhardt, Jack Harvey .. 401 Lepird, Shirley Jean 342 Lerner, Scott Allen.. 239, 305 Lesburg, William B. 373 Lesch, Raymond Martin 369 313 Lesh, Llewellyn Boyd 331 Lesher, James Earl 396 Leslie, Barbara Jean 454 Leslie, Donald Howard Lesow, John Walden 294, 222 Less, Martin Frederick 319 Lessie, David Lawrence 328 440 Lester, Patricia Ann 454 Letinich, Sam F. 357 Levee, Samuel Louis 323 Levens, James Roland Leventhal, Richard Allen 305 Levi, Barbara Ellen 381 Levi, Richard Kevin 325, 247 Levin, Carol Elaine 281 Levin, Donald Morris 440, 289, 251 240 Levin, Elliott Dordek Levin, Gayle Barbara 290 Levin, Ilene B. 460 Levin, Judith Barbara 320 Levin, Marc A. 250 Levin, Michael Lawrence 305 Levin, Richard Lee.. 305, 280 Levine, Carol Elaine 290, 282 Levy, Blondie 359 Levy, Bruce James 305 Levy, Emma Sue 454 Levy, Robert Mark 305 Levy, Susan Jane .... 425, 320 Levy, Suzanne G. 349

Maburn, Gerald James 322, 226 Maby, Mary 257 MacDonald, Carol Ann 454, 321 MacDonald, John James 307 MacDonald, Scott Douglas 223, 409 MacKenzie, Katherine A. 321 MacLean, Lowe Stannard 385 MacMurray, Karen E. 454 Macdonald, Georgia 223 Mackay, James Ian 316 Macke], Jerry Lee .... 353, 358 Mackenzie, Melanie 312 Mackey, Sharon Lee 342 324 Macklin, Thomas Macy, Barry Lee 440 Macy, Jo Ellen 293, 224 Macy, Warren Lee 374 Maddox, Arlene Sue 379 Maddox, Sherrianne .. 221, 251 333 Maeda, Bruce Taro Maggard, Oliver David 286 Maguire, Judith Ann 470 Mahan, David Lee .... 462, 240 370 Maher, Robert Steven Mahoney, Marianne 355 Mahts, John 297 Mahurin, Carl Michael 332 Maidenberg, Anthony Charles 369 Maines, Carol Anna 440

Mains, Steve Alan 311 Maitlen, Gary Lynn 324 426, 321 Major, Susan Makielski, Dennis John 334, 227 Makielski, Michael T. 440 Makowski, Raymond E. 426 Makrauer, Zola Sue 290 Malcom, Donald Lynn 334 Malcomb, Lewis Marshall 357 Malcomb, May N. 426 Malinchak, William John 440, 322, 174 Malinowski, William 275 Joseph Mallatt, Philip Russell 403 Mallett, Jo Ellen 306 Mallett, Thomas Richard 373 Malloy, Joyce Edith .. 426, 310 Malman, Jerome Stuart 319 Malman, Robert Louis 319 Malone, Mary Helen 395 Malone, Shalaine Delores 341 Maloney, James P. H. 426 Malsbury, Frank Henry 2nd 408 Maltenfort, Kenneth M. 269, 249 Mancino, Pat 124 Manfred, Francis Cosmo 324 Mange, Judith 320 Manion, Diana 426

Marko, George Franklin 230 Manis, Myra Ann 379 Markowicz, Barbara E. 382 Manley, Sharon Marie 398, 234 289 Marks, Allen Phillip Mann, Kenneth Robert 222 174 Marks, Brown Mann, Raymond Euvon 454 Marks, Kathleen Frances Mann, Thomas Edward 370 454, 306, 270 Mannaa, Ibrahim M. 391 468 Marks, William A. 466 Manning, Jeanne Anne 273 Marlatt, Gay Charyle Manning, Richard 350 407 Marlatt, Lucy Alice Hendricks 441 Marley, Loren Dow Manoski, Kathleen Julia 397 257 Marlow, Nancy Manson, Joseph Lawton 381 Marovich, Donna May 286, 269 375 Mantas, Clara Marquis, John Michael 454 440 Manthey, Klaus Marsala, Toni-Lynn 426, 227, 310 454 Manuel, Stephen Ira Marsh, Christine Anne 383 Marbaugh, Pam 381 Marsh, Dorothy Ruth 393 Marcellino, David Lincoln 332 Marchick, Nancy Ruthҟ Marsh, Herbert Warren 382 Marcilliat, Anne C. 470 353, 222 Marcotte, William J. Marshall, Allan Faber 426, 182, 209, 274, 248, 313 269, 408 301 Marcum, Howard J. 426 Marshall, Beth Ann Marshall, Christine Ann .... 379 Marcus, Elaine Sandra Marshall, Deanna Lyn 381 320, 267 Marshall, James Michael 302 Marcus, Lynn 426, 265 Marcus, Sue Ann 454 Marshall, Robert Walker 471 371 Marcy, Jeanne 381 Marshall, S. H. Martin, Barbara Anne 306 Marcy, Taunya Karen 385, 386 341 426 Martin, Beverly Ann Marine, Rebecca Sue Martin, Beverly Sue 400 Marion, Roberta L. 350 Martin, David Porter 471, 377 Mark, Sue Ellen 355 Markey, Diane Elizabeth 367 Martin, George Glen


Lo Duca, Dominick Nick 304 425 Lo, Lucy, Loats, Lois Lynn 425, 310, 248 355 Loayza, Manion 358 Lobus, John Alan 267 Lockridge, Helen Jane 376 Lockwood, George F. Lockwood, Janet Faye _. 400 387 Loeper, Carolyn Sue 425 Loepke, Mary Alice 440 Loeser, Edwin Jay Loftman, Guy Rickard 217 454 Logan, Janet Lee 370 Logan, Jerry Wayne 305 Logan, Philip Allan Logan, Theodore Edward 204 304 Logan, Wade Eugene 240 Logsdon, Charles B. 191 Loh, Robert Lohman, Carolyn Margene 256 288 Lohmann, Karen May 344 Lohsl, Stephen Charles Loman, Linda Lee 460, 308 294 Loman, Steve 381 Lombard, Carol Ann 233, 380 Long, D'Lee Long, James Albert 2nd .. 332 345 Long, Joseph Merl Long, Judith Mary .. 425, 312 454 Long, Linda Mae 256 Long, Mary Ann 327 Long, 0. B. 322, 251 Long, Randy T. ҟ 358 Long, Robert Scott 462 Long, Stephen David Long, Sydney Kaye .. 295, 233 329 Long, Wayne Arthur 196 Long, William Joseph 344 Loomis, David Orison Loomis, Robert Curran 330 Loomis, Robert Lee 405, 240 256 Lopp, Patricia 386, 260 Lorene, E. Gale 379 Lorenz, Alice S. Lorenz, Kenneth David 294 377 Lose, Stephen Arthur 308 Lott, Kathleen Ann 329 Lottes, Ronald Lee 440 Lotti, Michael Joseph 240 Louck, Herbert R. Jr. 296 Louck, Libby Ann Louda, Robert Joseph 404 440 Louden, James E. 302 Loudermilk, Michael J. Louick, Eileen Ann 425, 320, 236 Louis, Barbara Rose 296, 266 Lovall, Larry Dwayne 357 383 Love, Cheryl Diane 174 Love, Gary Milton 371 Love, James Ernest 381 Love, Margaret Ann Love, Nancy Elisabeth 312 425 Love, Patricia Ann 324 Love, Paul David Lovell, Arthur Grisley 440, 271

Lovellette, Stephen Joe ... 440 Loveman, Carol 425, 288 Loving, Constance Lee .... 343 Loving, Martha Griffin .... 354 Lovinger, Penni Ellen .... 320 Lovitt, Phyllis Leigh 382 Lowden, Barbara Lee 321 Lowdermilk, Joe Rurham 226 226 Lowdermilk, Jon F. Lowe, Deborah Ann 348 Lowe, Robert Ferree 286 Lowe, Walter Lee 309 Lowens, Mark Bernard 405 Lower, Susan Elaine 298 Lowery, Karen Louise 395 Lowes, Jack Edward 313 Lowpen, William 327 462, 240 Lozano, Rodolfo Lozow, Jon Peter 305 Lubin, Bonnie Beth 351 Luby, Thomas Paul 307 Lucas, Danny Joe 410 Lucas, David William 328 Lucas, Eva 341 Lucas, Howard Keith 269 Lucas, Jo Ann 306 Luczak, Kathleen Ann 394 Ludkiewicz, William Michael 358 Ludlow, Brandt Lee 311 Ludlow, Carol Ann 454 Ludwig, Larry Kent 425 Luedeman, Stephen D. ҟ 314 Lueder, Pamela Lynn 387 Lueking, Amy Katherine .. 468 Luellen, Susan Jane.. 288, 249 Luenstroth, Joyce 258 Luig, Jack 346 Lumbra, Gregory Sheldon 326 Lumm, Ralph Edward 314 Lundal, Robert Edward 440, 360 Lundberg, Harriet Agda 468 Lundin, Madelyn Leslie 354 Lundy, Elizabeth Jane 266 Lunte, Pamela 343 Lurton, Ernest Lee 297, 243 Lusher, Carol Ann 306 Lussow, Fred H. .... 275, 231 Lustig, Gregory J. 319 Lybrook, Jo Katherine 315, 243 Lybrook, Robert E. 440 Lynch, David Knight 406 Lynch, Virginia Louise 349 Lynn, Charles Jackson 294 Lyon, Brenda 257 Lyon, Vicki Lou 454 Lyons, John Frederick 440 Lytle, Michael Allen 329, 227 Lytton, Howard B. Jr. 462, 240 Lytton, Jeffrey Jordan 297

226, 261, 247 Martin, James Walter 328 Martin, Joseph Anthony 174 Martin, Judith Ann 292 Martin, Karen 282, 241 Martin, Karen Lou 381 Martin, Mac Jay 328 Martin, Mary Ellen 365 Martin, Nancy Katherine 380 314 Martin, Nelson Eugene Martin, Patricia Fern 315 Martin, Patricia Kay 398 Martin, Renee Ellen 468, 300 Martin, Richard Dane 307, 373 Martin, Ruth Ann 426 Martin, Thomas Joe 426, 327, 264, 261 Martin, Wilma Jean 470 Martindale, Robert B. 426, 333 Martindale, Thomas R. 441 Marty, Margaret Gale 341 Martyniak, Elizabeth Ann 355 Martz, Brian 124 Marvel, Howard Paul 359 Mascher, Gilbert E. 323, 269, 247 Masel, Lynne Janet .. 290, 274 Mason, Marcia Louise 468, 272 Massas, Eneida 426, 356 Mast, Juanita Helen 426, 301, 248, 236 Mast, Marilyn Sue 296

Masten, Charles Oakley 198, 376 Masters, James Joseph 327 371 Masters, Ronald Gilbert Masterson, Molly Ann 454 Mathews, James Alan 304 Mathews, James Edward 401 466 Mathews, Leland R. Mathewson, Carol Loraine 397 Mathia, Robert Paul 271 Mathias, Dal Ellenwood 426 Mathis, Yvonne 394 Matix, Ruth Ann 321 Matlock, Linda Lou 394 Malone, Joseph William Jr 411 Matthews, Carol Sue 310 Matthews, Michael D. 307 Matthews, Richard Alan 319 Matthews, Robert J. 304 Matthews, Stephen Ansel 472 Mattick, Stephen D. 409 Mattingly, David M. 353, 358, 271 Matuga, Barbara Ann 454, 292 Mau, Marcia Karen .. 350, 223 Mauck, Cynthia Ann 251, 312 Mauder, Kathryn Marie 306, 248 Maudlin, Ray Merton 454 Maugans, Stephen Dee 406 Maull, Betty Jean 395

Maurer, Elizabeth Fern 426, 341 Mauro, Harold Arthur Jr 174 322 Mauzy, Joseph Charles 327 Mayon, John Cowell 305 Max, Arthur Paul 405 Maywell, Mark Steele 315 Marwell, Nancy Ruth May, Angela Dena .. 295, 227 May, Marcella L. .... 410, 256 May, Margene .. 295, 266, 248 240 May, Richard Lee May, Robert Paul 363, 369, 270 403 May, Samuel Eugene May, Winston Charles 472 Maydras, David M. 441 Mayer, Jerry Max 441 Mayer, Judith Lynn 460 Mayes, Diane 394 Mayes, Robert Joseph 323 Mayfield, Anthony Todd .. 369 Mayfield, Judith Kay 470, 258 Mayhugh, Lindy 404 Mayoras, Daniel Raymond 318 Mayoras, David Michael 174 Mazaiwana, David Brown 426 Mazer, Linda Beth 290 Mazzio, Mollyann 454 McAdams Deborah Jean 315, 266 McAhron, Ronnie Gene 324 McAleer, Judith 256 McAlhaney Ruth Ann 426 McAllister, Dave 358, 278, 281, 250 McAuliffe, Mary Elizabeth 398, 260 McBride, Betty A. 454 McBurnie, Sheila E. 298 McCaa, James William .... 174 McCabe, Edward Russell 426, 294, 249 McCain, Lynda Karleen . 293 McCall Timothy Joseph 194 McCandless, Ada E. 426 McCart, Perry 2nd 440 McCart, Thomas R. 369 McCarthy, Tames R. Jr. 317 McCarthy, Kathleen Ann 273 McCarty, Karen 256 McCauley, Beverlee Ann 315 McClain, Judith Ann 350 McClean, Sandra Sue 365 McClellan, Jeffrey E. 440, 328, 249 McClelland, Benjamin Wright 410 McClelland, Dale Lee 375 McClendon, Charles Bixby 282, 410 McClevey, Penny Lee 389 McClintick, Janet Ruth 426 McClung, Bonnie Gail 234 McClure, Gary Lee 322 McClure, James Morton 317, 226, 230 McClure, Kathy 356 McClure, Laura Lee .. 293, 267 McClure, Patricia Jane ... 310 McClure, Richard 0. 466 McClure, Thomas Patrick 369 McCullough, James M. ... 317 McColly, Timothy Lee ... 287 McConn, Raymond Lee 287 McConnell, Betty Ruth .... 393 McConnell, John D. 426, 318, 232, 248 McConnell, Michael Walter 318 McConnell, Robert Lee 278, 279 McCord, Diane E. 380 McCord, George E. 466 McCord, Joyce Leigh 382 McCorkle, Gay Ann 381 McCormick, Barbara L. 470 McCormick, Elaine B. 426, 299, 273, 247 McCormick, Ferris E. 358 McCormick, George N. .. 330 McCormick, Kathryn A. .... 278 McCormick, M. Diane .... 454 McCormick, Ronald E. .... 307 McCoun, Phillip M. 324 McCoy, Diane Carol 379 McCoy, James Alexander 239 McCoy, James Phillip 329, 332, 239 McCoy, John William 385, 391 McCoy, Karen 256 McCoy, Linda Schiphorst.. 426 McCoy, Michael Fisluner.. 440 McCoy, Tim I. 466

440 McCoy, Wayne A. McCoy, William Lester 311 McCracken, Robert D. 325, 226 426 McCroskey, Daniel W. 231 McCroskey, Lee 281 McCrosky, Julia 440 McCue, Daniel Victor McCulloch, Charles B. 426, 346 McCullough, Ann Berchem 231, 380 McCullough, Edwina Sue 278 McCullough, Joan E. 321 McCully, Thomas R. 240 McCune, James A. 377 McCune, William M. 426 McDaniel, Christena M. 454 McDaniel, Gregory 371 McDaniel, James Warren Jr. 303 McDaniel, Ronald Thomas 404 McDermott, William Clune 360 McDonald, Andy 124 McDonald, Clyde Edward 196 McDonald, Delores Sue .. 348 McDonald, John Sanford .. 332 McDonald, Marian Carolyn 397 McDonald, Stephen 286 McDonald, Sue Carolyn .. 400 McDonnell, John Stewart .. 328 McDougal, Carolyn June.. 426 McElhinny, Marcia Jean 426, 310 McFall, Gary Lee 391 McFarland, Myra Mae 349 McFarland, Rex M. 329 McFerrin, Sam C. 376 McGaha, James Clannie Jr. 328 McGavoc, Mary Lynne 340 McGee, Michael Thomas .. 317 McGill, Cecelia Joyce 350 McGill, Judith Elaine 454, 342 McGinley, Jean Ann 485, 386 McGinnis, Don Allan 408 McGinnis, Thomas M. 454, 323, 226 McGinnis, William Andrew 323 McGowan, Joseph A. 3rd .. 358 McGraw, Mary Elaine .... 301 McGraw, Michael Dennis 440 McGreal, Kathleen Ann 321, 247 McGuire, Michael C. 286 McHale, Paulette 256 McHenry, Jack D. 426 Mcllory, Richard H. 466 McIntire, Elizabeth A. 267, 260 McIntire, John L. 3rd 440 McIntosh, John Thomas 454 McIntosh, Karen 256 McIntosh, Margaret 321 McIntosh, Robert A. 426, 279, 220 McIver, Donald Ray 375 McKay, John 279 McKay, Marilyn 299 McKay, Nancy Ann.. 365, 235 McKay, Suzanne M... 298, 231 McKean, Philip Mahlon 363 McKee, Linda Kay 295 McKee, Marsha Amanda 355 McKee, Timothy Carlton 311 McKeel, Karen Sue 388 McKeeman, Neal Edward 454 McKesson, Brent 124 McKinney, Ellen 426, 274 McKinney, James R 304 McKinney, Linda Kay 383 McKinney, Mary Carolyn 454, 288, 249 McKuhen, Roger Dale 324 McLaughlin, Arthuree R. 383 McLaughlin, Gordon C. 327 McLaughlin, John M. 271 McLaughlin, Judith Kay 388 McLaughlin, Peggy 350 McLeaster, Paula 306, 227 McLeish, Gerald Wayne 332 McMahan, Carol Ann 251 McMahan, James Howard 332 McMahan, Judith L. 363, 366, 249 McMahan, Ross • 462 McMains, Ronald Lee 186, 286, 231 McManus, Barbara J. 363, 251 McMillan, Cynthia Jean 426, 298 McMillen, John Fisher 440, 322 McMinn, Barbara Anne 356

McMurray, Stephen De Von 324 McNabb, Guerry Brown 462, 240 McNally, Joel Douglas 426, 113, 276, 273, 247 McNally, Sharon Ann 426, 295, 248, 236 462 McNarny, Patrick E. McNaughton, Ronald Lee 311 McNaughton, Thomas M. 466 211 McNeary, Rod McNeely, Betty Jane 279 McNeil, Bonnie Ann 300, 251 McNerney, Thomas L. 332 McNichols, Thomas 2nd 297, 247 McOuat, Wallace Graham 357 McPherson, Dale Mac Arthur 209 McPike, Beverly Ann 351 McQueen, Ricke Ralph 249 McRoberts, Shelby Lynn 381 Mead, John Walter 281 Meade, John Charles 249, 373 Meador, Charles David 359 Meador, Thomas Evans 345 Mechling, Harriet E. 426, 274 Mechling, Robert Lewis 353, 360 Meddock, Jo Ann 350 Mee, Kay Ellen 386 Meek, Katherine Sue 382 Meeks, Robert Everett 223 Meggison, Francis James 344 Meginnis, Linda Kay 386 Meier, Anne Carol 308, 221, 224, 228, 266, 247 Meier, Ellen Jayne 454, 298 Meirans, Leons 371 Meis, Mike George 328 Melbrewer, Robert 327 Mellencamp, Sarah Lynn 427, 321 Mellinger, Carol Ann 295 Mendelson, Nancy Sue .... 320 Mendenhall, Dean Nathan 324 Menke, Marsha Ann 267, 388 Mennen, Nancy Kay 454 Mennis, Suzanne 259 Menor, Anita Louise 383 Meo, David John 330, 247 Mercer, Duane Clell 307, 223 Merk, Donald Bierly 427 Merrill, Donald Gene 318 Merrill, Thomas Fred 441 Merrit, Donna J. 470 Mervis, Roger 319 Meschberger, Janet Mae 426, 315, 236 Meschberger, Ron Eugene 324 Meshberger, Frank Lynn 370 Meshberger, Triana Sue 399 Messel, Pamela Kay 454 Messick, Lana Sue 441, 295 Messmore, Peter Burl 241 Metcalfe, Judith Ann 441, 296 Metcalfe, Noel G. 441 Metro, Janis .... 256, 257, 259 Mettle, Esther Elizabeth 396 Metzger, Mary Jane 454 Metzger, Michael Bengel 427 Metzger, Robert Leo Jr. 441 Metzler, Richard Raymond 369 Meuser, Philip Kinder 297 Meyer, Carol Ann 260 Meyer Darlene Kay 381 Meyer, Donald James 333 Meyer, Le Roy Jr. 271 Meyer, Leona Ann 356 Meyer, Linda Clair 306 Meyer, Lorraine Delores 363 Meyer, Mary Ann 350, 241 Meyer, Pamela Kay 299 Meyer, Rita 379, 380 Meyer, Sue Ann 221 Meyers, John Henry 353, 223 Meyers, Joseph Kent 441, 220 Meyerson, Barbara 256 Michael, Virginia 256 Michael, William David 314, 221, 247 Michaeloff, Patricia 257 Michaels, Robert Hayes 427 Michalik, Jean Ann.. 427, 310 Micheli, Timothy Doyle 314 Mickens, Alverine Lynn 340 Middledorf, Jaimie Gail 381 Middleton, James M. 318 Miedema, Harry Francis 339, 270

332 Mikkelsen, Gregory Leif Mikolon, Theodore W. Jr. 268 311 Milburn, Duane Lee Miles, Donald Dean.. 427, 346 Miles, Dyann Marie.. 288, 248 409 Miles, Ronald Richard 363 Miley, Lois Marie 272 Milford, Stephanie F. 279 Milick, Pat 299 Millar, Helen Beth 427 Millbranth, Russell D. 332 Millen, David Walter 357 Miller, Alan Miller, Annette Marie 366 Miller, Beth Ann 454 Miller, Bruce Jay 289 257 Miller, Carol Miller, Charles Joseph 323 Miller, Cheryl Ann 279 294 Miller, David Lee 333 Miller, Denny Loren 441 Miller, Donald C Miller, Donald Howard 427, 311 Miller, Donna F. 470 Miller, Elizabeth Anne 427 Miller, Frank Hiner 322 Miller, Frank Winston 454 Miller, Gene Allen 375 Miller, Gwen Elizabeth .... 296 Miller, Herbert A. Jr. 358, 269 Miller, James Allen 427, 220, 404 Miller, James Charles 297 Miller, Jane 382 304 Miller, Jesse Wallace 410 Miller, John Darwin 260 Miller, Joyce Ellen Miller, Judith Ann 355 321 Miller, Julie Louise Miller, Karen King 383 Miller, Karen L. 312 Miller, Laura Susan 400 Miller, Linda nan 455 Miller, Madaline Kay 455 Miller, Marilyn Ruth 321 Miller, Marsha Ellen 427 Miller, Marsha Sue.. 427, 320 Miller, Mary Ann 349 Miller, Michael J. 319 Miller, Michael Kent 403, 406 Miller, Michael Thomas 375 Miller, Muriel Louise 290 Miller, Nancy Jane 388 Miller, Nancy Louise 343 Miller, Patricia Ann 454 Miller, Patrick Lewis 324 Miller, Paul Martin .. 441, 326 Miller, Raymond F. 441 Miller, Rebecca 227 Miller, Richard Allen 294 Miller, Richard Allen 346 Miller, Richard Charles 322 Miller, Robert Harold 441 Miller, Robert John Jr. 472 Miller, Robert Lee 370 Miller, Sally Joy 292 Miller, Sandra Diana 290 Miller, Sandra Lou 299 Miller, Sandra M. 470, 257 Miller, Sharon Kay 366 Miller, Stephen Thomas 322 Miller, Steven Hugh 325 Miller, Thomas Charles .... 297 Miller, Thomas Edward .... 408 Milley, Francis L. 330 Milligan, Elizabeth 293 Milligan, Thomas K. 240 Millikan, John Russell 275 Millikan, Melinda Mary 382 Millman, Gail Ann 293 Millman, Mark Victor 329 Mills, Alan Robert 230 Mills, Carolyn 470 Mills, Daniel McKay 325 Mills, David Howard 328 Mills, Pamela 387 Mills, Thomas Claude 441 Mills, Verna Lucia 293 Mills, William Neil 462 Millspaugh, Earl Daniel 441 Milzarek, Donald Joseph 405 Mimms, Elizabeth Marie 427 Mineau, Kenneth Richard 209 Miner, Robert Louis 441, 206, 204 Miner, Sue 256 Miner, Thomas Howard Jr 441 Mingle, Deborah Ann 386 Mink, Cynthia Ruth 388 Minnich, Gary 390 Minnich, Robert Louis 324, 239

350 Mireles, Rita Ann 288 Mischler, Margaret E. Miscoi, Gordon Edward 307 Miskus, Thomasin Ellen 396 379 Missal, Jo Ann Linda Mitchell, James Edward 287 Mitchell, Janet Louise 455, 288 470 Mitchell, Louisa Mitchell, Pamela Lynn 281, 393 294 Mitchell, Patrick W. 374 Mitchell, Kenneth 399 Mitman, Linda Marie 470 Mizer, Janet Sue 351 Mizer, Judith Ann 324 Moberly, Larry Eugene Moberly, Stephen C. 463, 250 Mobley, Commodore T. Jr. 345 Moeller, Holger Walter 405 354 Moeller, Judith Clare 470 Moeller, Margaret 349 Moeller, Nancy Maria 294 Moeschl, Dennis Lee 258 Moffett, Linda Mohler, Howard Hancock 287 287 Hohler, Steven Alan 340 Mohr, Gail Lynn 344 Mohr, Warren Theodore 295 Mol, Anna Christina Molby, Virginia Ann 260, 250 Molenda, Patricia Lynn 299, 282 Molter, Nancy Lou 397 Monahan, Eugene James ..346 455 Moncel, Sara Anne Mond, Michael 289 Money, Richard Warren .. 269 258 Moneyhan, Esther Moneyhun, Carolyn V. 427, 363 , 318 Moneymaker Lou 341 Monihon, Janis Marie 306 Monroe, Jeanne Ellen Montania, Ronald John 327 Montgomery, Alan Gene 404 Montgomery, Kofie Lea 340, 260 Montgomery, Mary Helen 427, 383 Montgomery, Robert E. 455 Montgomery, Roger Don . 455 Montgomery, Sibyl E. 455 227, 409 Mood, Robert 399 Moon, Margaret Ann Moon, Rosemary Elaine 394 Moony, William Robert 441 Moore, Arthur Barnett . 124 Moore, Barry Vincent 318 Moore, Carole Emily 427, 295 Moore, Dennis Howe 370 410 Moore, Harold Joseph Moore, Karen Sue 298 Moore, Mary Jo 394 Moore, Michael Dennis 401, 376 Moore, Monte Kay 404 Moore, Nancy Margaret 388 Moore, Richard Norman 371 Moore, Robert Adams 407 Moore, Roger Dean 441 Moore, Stanley Joseph 304, 227 Moore, Stephen Alden 204, 304, 227 Moore, Susan Gail 399 Moore, W. Randolph 441 Moorman, Karen Lea 427, 274 Moot, Linde Lucille 272 Moots, Donna 427, 274 Moraczewski, Carolyn Anne 349 Moraczewski, Cherylynn Anne 350 Moran, Sara Sue 259 Morden, Wayne Thomas 391 More, Michael Allen 409 Morey, Ruth Ann ... 354, 356 Morgan, James Harvey 441, 370 Morgan, John Phillip 307 Morgan, Larry Wayne 286 Morgan, Lois J. 470 Morgan, Ronald Clark 371 Morgan, William F. Jr. 427, 220, 249 Moritz, Nora Beth 349 Morley, Sharon Jean 387 Morman, Phyllis Ruth 385 Mormon, Darwin Leigh 327 Morningstar, Allen Ora .... 441 Morrell, George Walter .... 326 Morrical, Douglas Herbert 330 Morrical, James Edward .. 330

408 Monica', John Douglas 355 Morris, Cynthia Anne Morris, David L. 2nd 363, 337609 Morris, David Lynn 388 Morris, Jean Louise Morris, Margey Michelle .. 312 Morris, Marjorie Lynne .... 326961 Morris, Roslyn Delois 371 Morris, Stephen Alan Morris, Stephen Robert 331, 250 Morris, Thomas Million . 304 Morrison, Peggi Ann 427, 291 Morrison, Thomas David 409 290 Morros, Joy Sharon Morrow, Charles James 441 249 Morrow, Robert A. Morse, Miranda Emilie 295, 266 191 Morse, Richard Gene Morse, Ronald William 463 Mort, Donald Wilson 2nd 468 463 Morton, Don Foutz 256 Morton, Rosemary 311 Mosemiller, Alfred 366 Moskowitz, Nancy Rae 427, 274 Moss, Bryan Lee Moss, Claudia Jane .. 249, 310 397 Moss, Judith Diane 371 Moss, Lee Edward 256 Moss, Lura 279 Moss, Mary Jo 321 Moss, Pamela 304, 239 Moss, Pat Lynn Moster, Mary Beth .. 455, 274 Moster, Stephen Alan 441, 226 320 Motel, Karen Gayla 470 Motley, Joy A. 441 Mott, George M. Mott, Phyllis Jone 308, 221, 248 Mount, David Edward 441 396 Mount, Patricia Ann Moussallam, Adnan Ayoub 303 357 Moutaw, Bruce Dean Movius, Diana Lynn 455, 382, 248 Moxley, Delores E. . 342, 291 Moxley, Yolanda Earline 340 Moyer, Susan Michele 290 Moyer, William Charles 297 Moynahan, Marcia Vivian 299, 227 Moynihan, Robert Allen 311 357 Mucha, Jeffrey John 194 Mudd, Daniel Gaye Mudd, David Kaye 318, 194, 269, 231 351 Muehr, Nancy Kaye 350 Mueller, Gayle Karen 304 Mueller, Max Richard Mueller, Meredith Ann 315 427, 320 Mueller, Patricia 316 Mueller, Richard Dixon Mueller, William Gregory 377 Muirhead, John David .... 369 343 Mullett, Cheryl Kay Mullikin, Carolyn Sue 299 334 Mullinix, F. Michael Mulvaney, William Lee 441, 240 Muncaster, George W. 410 321 Mundell, Diane Ruth Mundy, Nancy Catherine 349 304 Munkwitz, harles A. 460 Munn, Marjorie Ellen Munroe, Martin Patrick 346 411 Munson, Gregg 270 Munson, Joyce Anne Munson, Marsha Rochelle 293 Munson, Robert Jones 318 Murad, Turhon Allen 369 Murakami, May Misako ... 468 Murdock, Pamela 470 Murley, Beverly Jo 349 Murphy, Dennis Patrick 323 Murphy, Kit Maureen 276, 274, 250 Murphy, Linda Lee 351 Murphy, Martha Leanna 5 Murphy, Patricia Ruth 386 Murphy, Philip Edward 247 Murphy, Sarah Beth 341 Murray, Daleann Candice 4 Murray, Ernest Scott 374 Murray, Rebecca Sue 427 Murrell, Richard Allen 410 Musgrave, Marilyn Jean 267, 310 Mush, Donald 316 Muskin, Mitchell Louis .... 455 Musselman, John Charles 286, 269, 250


Musselman, Judith Lynn 385, 386 321 Mutch, Marilyn Mutchler, Jerry Victor 323

Myer, David Fox .... 331, 271 Myer, Jane Ann 427 Myers, Carol Ann 381 Myers, Craig Evan 369

Myers, David Bruce Myers, Donald Lee Myers, Harold Wayne Myers, James Robert

345 311 427 427

342, 292 Myers, Jane Ann Myers, Larry Allen 322 406 Myers, Lester Winton 380 Myers, Linda Jane

Myers, Marcia Diane 427 Myers, Marilynn Roberta 396 410 Myers, Robert James Myers, Sigmon Wayne 325

\lysliwy, Lois Ellen 427, 220, 386 Myszewski, Alan Norbert.. 174

300 Naah, Patricia Anne 355 Nabhan, Lael Diane Nabhan, Randall Walter 455 349 Nadzak, Carol Judith 388 Nagy, Evelyn Dianne 294 Najam, Edward William Jr 395 Nakagawa, Sharon Napoleon, Barbara Jo 441, 383 466 Napper, Robert S. Naramoto, Elaine Miyo 441, 295, 265, 267, 249 455 Nardi, Donna Jean Narmore, David Maurice 354 365 Nash, Nancy Ann 380 Nash, Patricia Ann 204 Nash, Richard Clark 256 Nash, Rowena 350 Nash, Suzanne Marie 328 Natalie, Gus Michael 305 Natkin, Bruce Gregg 319 Natkow, Neil Alan Nattkemper, Clyde Donnelly 410 Naugle, Marcia Diane 399 455 Naylor, Marlyn Sue Neal, Judith Ann 388

Neal, Thomas Raymond 331 Nealon, Michael Edwin 441 Neander, Christine Louise 394 455 Nedeff, Joanne Neel, Charles H. Jr. 441, 191, 231 381 Neese, Kathlene Ann Neff, Barbara Colleen 380 Neff, Brent Edward.. 403, 409 Neff, Donald Nickolas 330 Negangard, James Arthur 410 359 Negy, John Neighbert, Betty 258 Neiman, Robert Ellis 463, 240 258 Neisse, Mary Kay 346 Neitzke, Robert Charles Nelson, Arnold Kenneth 427 Nelson, Carter James 303, 269 Nelson, Cynthia Joyce 399 Nelson, Delbert W. Jr. 401, 231, 247 394 Nelson, Donna Nelson, James Allen 369 381 Nelson, Jane Anne 399 Nelson, Karen Colleen 307 Nelson, Louis A. 3rd

250 Nelson, Owen Wade 327 Nelson, Stephen Leif Nelson, Walfred Arthur Jr. 324 Nemeth, Patricia Ann 455, 353, 355, 282 343 Nepote, Lynn Marion 308 Nesbit, Mary Anne 298 Nesemeir, Ann Neudorff, Patricia Ann 455, 299 Nevils, Randall Craig 271, 410, 250 275 Newberg, Sam Newhard, Rebecca Jane 455, 312 470 Newman, Carol A. Newman, Diane Judith .. 455 Newman, John Hudson 191, 231 Newmann, Charles Frederick 359 Newman, Holly 288 Newson, David Hill 316, 221, 248 Newsome, Kenneth Warren 186, 346

409 Newton, James Asa 343 Newton, Janet Ruth 322, 222 Newton, Kent Nichols, Daniel Clement .. 460 366 Nichols, Diana Lynne 174 Nichols, Gary 386 Nichols, Karen Lee 395 Nichols, Linda Jane 257 Nichols, Penny Nicholson, Barbara Lynn 455 Nicholson, Brenda Catherine 387 Nicholson, Gerald E. 327 Nicholson, Lerry Wayne 286 Nickels, Barbara Joy 400 Nickleson, Elbert Junior 344 Nicoll, Edward Lorimer 230 Nicoloff, Michael B. 313 Niehaus, Jon Joseph 409 Nieman, Nancy Kay 260 Nieman, Sue Ellen 260 326 Niendorf, David F. Nierman, Marilyn Kaye 388 Niewoehner, Sally Jean 363, 366, 249 Nigginbotham, Elizabeth 247

327 Nigh, Jerry Wade Nighbert, Brenda Karel 455, 296 Niles, Janet Carolyn 292, 273 307, 22:3 Niles, Richard 11. 342 Nimon, Rosemary 207 Nims, Ernst Rowland 397 Nix, Mary Jayne Nixon, Eugenia Hubbard 278, 274, 381 Nixon, Patricia Ellen 427, 265 Nixon, Sarah Jane 427, 247 325 Nixon, Wade Bernard 300, 251 Noble, Jo Ann Noble, Robert Dwight 385, 391 Noelker, Julia Katherine .. 381 Noffsinger, Terry Ross 441, 302, 271 Nolan, James Harry 277, 278, 274 211 Nolan, Mike 322 Nolan, Robert George Noland, Janice Sue 394 383, 247 Noon, Sally Ann 317 Nordberg, Michael C. Nordlund, Marcy Beth ...382

204, 206 Nori, Fred 388 Norman, Carol Jean 316 Norman, Craig Robert 300 Norris, Jennifer Sue 366 Norris, Marie Annette 332 Norris, Roger Alan 367 Norris, Sandra Louise 441 North, Gerald Riches 382 Northcutt, Martha Jo 323 Norton, James Harley 231 Norton, Thomas R. Nottingham, Michael D. .. 307 Nourse, Robert Walton .... 294 290 Novitsky, Leanne 387 Novotny, Diana Lynn Novreske, Sylvia Jeanne .. 295 357 Nowak, Edwin John Nowicki, Ted Clement 455 Nowinski, Leonard Scott 371, 226 Nudelman, Arla Mae 320, 266 Nugent, Sheryl Kathryn 460 Nunn, Judith Lee 288 Nuss, William Dale 334 470 Nussbaum, Diane E. 441 Nutter, Marilyn Jo

O'Beirne, Alice Marie

O'Neill, Dennis Michael 441 O'Reilley, Carol Sue .. 468, 270 O'Reilly, Judith P. 321 O'Renick, Thomas Michael 313 O'Shaughnessey, Jerry E. 428, 264 O'Sullivan, James T. 311 O'Sullivan, John F. Jr. 455, 323 O'Toole, Marion 258 Oak, Jacruelyn Sue 348 Oates, Susan Lana 288 Oates, Susan Lynn 380 Ober, David Phillip 331 Oberhausen, Daniel Ralph 409 Oberly, Charles Myron . 390 Ochstein, Harriet Ellen 290 248 Odell, Kathleen Ogden, John J. 191, 328 Ogden, Jamela Jane 308 Ohl, Debra Lynne 386

381 Ohlson, Nancy Jane Ohlund, Sandra Lee .. 427, 401 Ohnesorge, James Paul 427, 199 395 Okada, Patricia Gail 409 Okot, Andrew Oldfather, Susan Kay 366, 278 Olive, David Resseguie .... 346 Oliver, Jane Caldwell 356 Oliverio, Gabriel Paul 370 Oliverio, Kathy 380 441, 322 Olmstead, John F. Olsen, Lark Marie 354 Olsen, Larry Edward 455, 174 Olsen, Linnea Florence 393 Olsen, Thomas George 327 333 Olson, David Henry Olson, David Richard 369 393 Olson, Lynn Ellen 300 Olson, Pamela Ann Olson, Robert Howard

427, 332, 243, 231, 261, 264 470 Olson, Terry Louise Olson, William Gordon 311 258 Olyzewski, Lorraine 404 Oman, Donald Louis 387 Ongert, Sharon Lee Ooms, Kenneth Edwin 441, 240 Ooyevaar, Susan Ruth 427, 349 Opperman, Sanford W. 428 Oppliger, Dorothy 259 Oppliger, Robert Allan .... 191 Opsahl, Marcia Jean 366 Opsitnik, James John 428, 274 Orban, Joseph S. Jr. 428, 294 Orelup, Bernard C. Jr. 442 Orgain, Robert Allen 390 Orgill, James Rockford 374 Orme, Charles, Henry 442 Onne, Tamara Merrick 455

Ormiston, Michael Rolla __ 455 Orr, Irene Simmons . 468, 272 294 Orr, Michael Dale --207 Orwig, William Anton Osborne, Maryann 293 Osipe, Jacrueline Ann 383 Osier, Alice Elaine 428, 293, 28:3 Osterhoff, Katherine A. 383 Ostrognai, James Allen ..__ 269 369 Oswald, Charles E. 330 Ott, Charles Richard Otte, Frank Joseph .. 463, 240 442 Otte, William James Ottesen, Kristi Ann 310 468 Otto, Kent Aubert 282 Ousley, Mary Ann 375 Outhouse, David Scott Overgaard, David Christian 410 Overmyer, Hattie Alice 306 Ovitsky, Janice Sue 290

Owen, Anne Franklin 428, 381 304 Owen, David Alan 296 Owen, Janice Lynn Owen, Marianne Ruth 393 Owen, Orlando Keith 3rd 363, 369 Owen, Thomas Howard 371 Owens, Catherine 258 Owens, Dana Jo 260 Owens, Dorothy Jo.. 315, 266 Owens, Judy Ann 470 Owens, Lynn Lizabeth 382 Owens, Pattie 233 Owens, Sidney Dale .. 363, 240 Owens, William Paul 466 Oyer, Michael William 297, 239 Ozer, Lynn 272 Ozols, Irida Irene 388

297 Parson, George Edward Paskeo, Roger A. 307 286 Paskins, Tom Albert 393 Pater, Colette Frances 470 Patrick, Janet S. 348 Patrick, Linda Joan Pattengale, Cynthia Anne 260 460 Patterson, Carol Ann Patterson, James Marshal Jr. 410 Patterson, Karen Lynn 365 Patterson, Morton Lee 370 Patterson, Sandra Lou 470, 256 Pattison, Michele 256 317 Patton, Joab Henry Paukstelis, Algirdas J. 329, 231 397 Paul, Kathryn Joyce 315 Paul, Margaret J. 305 Paul, Stephen Howard 428 Pauli, Andrea April 382 Pauli, Denice Ann Faulk, Jill Melinda .. 428, 299 399 Paulson, Donna Lynn 409 Paulson, John Harold 314 Pavel, Richard Dale 273 Pavlick, Marjorie L. Pawlowski, John Francis 323 Pawlowski, Michel Serge 428 Paxson, Barbara Ann 428, 354 303 Paxson, Michael Dee Payne, Diana 383 Payne, Rebecca E. 273 Payne, Richard Thomas 428, 353 Payne, Timothy William 286 Payne, Vernon 185, 186 Paynter, Anne 455 Paynter, Randy Reid 326

258 Pazdur, Helen 455 Pazol, Judith Pollack Pazol, Lawrence Z. 463, 240 Peabody, Richard Alan 333 Peacock, Norman Francis 328, 239 383 Pearlman, Janet Lynn Pearlman, Judith Laura 428 393 Pearson, Ann Pearson, Mary Kathryn 367 209 Pease, Ron 460 Peck, Margaret Effie Peckinpaugh, Darrel K. 463, 240 Peglow, Steven Michael 354 Peglow, David Albert 442 300 Peirce, Marcia Pekarsky, Judi Esther 383 251 Pell, Bill 231. 381 Pell, Judith Ann Pell, Patricia Susan 428 Pell, Wilbur Frank 3rd 297, 369, 271 Pelley, Rita Jo 348 Pelsue, William Wondell 370 Pence, Barbara 399 Penn, Howard Lewis 289 Penny, Constance Sue 350 Penrod, Jeffrie Ann 400 Pentecost, Ellen Elizabeth 350 Pentecost, Robert Leeson 230, 404 310 Penz, Suzanne Peoples, Richard Steven 302 Pepe, Donald Stephen 442 Pequignot, Sharon Kay 381 Perkins, Constance Wray 455 Perkins, Cynthia Acton 293 Perkins, James Gregory 407

Perkins, Thomas David 297 Perkowski, David Joseph 328 Perry, James Christopher 332 Perry, Jane Ann 381 Perry, Max Bryan 227 Perry, Susan Emily 455, 308 Perry, William M. Jr. 174 Perryman, Janice Lee 395 Pershing, Bill Edd 375 Persons, Henry Harvey 322 Peters, Dallas 203 Peters, David J. 466 Peters, Donald William 404 Peters, Janice Faye 380 Peters, Judith Ann 349 Peters, Kay 341 Peters, Ronald Michael Jr 318, 239 Peters, Rosemarie 455 Peters, Susan Marie 341 Petersen, Egon Dale 318 Petersen, Stephen Haynes 369, 235 Peterson, Carol Sue 399 Peterson, Erik William 428, 358, 198 Peterson, Florence E. 301 Peterson, John Edward 317 Peterson, Joseph Earl 374 Peterson, Royce Allen 369, 271 Peterson, Webster John 404 Petri, Vernon John 463, 240 Petrovich, Janet 267 Petrovich, Jon Alan .. 304, 268 Petscher, Jean 428 Petscher, John Wilson 318 Pettet, Melissa A. 470 Pettie, Bill 174 Pettit, Steven Edwin 333

Peyton, Ronald Douglas 304 Pfaff, Thomas Elson.. 442, 326 Pfaff, Vernon Ray 186, 286, 231 408 Pfaller, Bradley R. 241, 394 Pfau, Kathy Pfeifer, Carolyn Ann 396 Pfeifer, James William 271 Pfettscher, Susan 257 Pfile, Bernard William 442, 331, 240 Pflanzer, Linda Marie 428 Pfleging, Daniel Joseph ..__ 322 Pflum, Gregory Thomas ._ 405 Phares, Earl Knowles Jr. 332 Phares, Linda Gale 340 248 Phares, Tom Phebus, Richard Keith 455, 39:3 Phelps, Patricia Anne 399 Phemister, Keith Regan 346 Phillabaum, Katie 256 Phillips, Clinton Ray 403, 326 Phillips, Douglas Cecil .... 332 Phillips, George Paul 331 Phillips, John F. 334, 227 Phillips, Margaret Ruth .. 400 Phillips, Michael Earl 304 Phillips, Robert Dale 314 385 Phillips, Robert Phillips, Roberta Joan 455, 386 Phillips, Shawn Lee 428 294 Piccione, Stephen Roy Pic•irillo, Carol Lynn 350 Pickard, Beverly Ann 382 Pickering, Margot L. 315 Picklin, Jeffrey Lee 319 Piekarczyk, Walter J. 371 Piel, Theodore Alan 297

Piepenbrok, James W. Jr. 408 391 Pieper, Ray Leonard Pierce, Bruce Lynn 371 Pierce, Gary Fay 442 Pierce, Harry Alleman 401 Pierce, Janet Ann 460 Pierce, Kathy Ann 397 Pierce, Larry Granville 332 Pierce, Marcille 292 Pierchala, Phillip Joseph 370 Piersol, John Leonard 391 Pierson, Myla June 296 Pierson, Phyllis Ann .. 321, 227 Pieschala, Judith Louise 355 Pihos, Norman 207 Pinkerton, Cass Alfred 369 Pinkerton, Katherine D. 428, Pinnell, Georgia Graha4m : 338423 Pinney, Kaylyn 300 Piper, James Kip 322 Piper, Joan 256 Pipino, Frank Nicholas 326, 250 Pisarski, Valentine J. 376 Pitman, Gail Frances 398 Pittman, Karen Sue .. 428, 293 Pitts, David Le Roy 324 Pitts, James Alan 294 Pitzele, Charles G. 466 Plank, Richard 209 Plathe, Anna 258 Platt, Carole J. 428, 265 Platt, James Earl 428 Pleak, Dale Donald 369 Pletcher, Jacqueline Lee 340, 233 Plumm, Carol 349 Podawiltz, James Edward

468, 321 O'Brien, Jack Norris 405, 248 345 O'Bryan, Rory O'Connel, John Richard 333 O'Connor, Michael Raymond 409 O'Connor, William Patrick 427 O'Dea, Sheila Catherine 315 O'Donnell, John Francis 441 O'Donnell, Kathleen M. 283, 251, 282 O'Grady, David Patrick 411 O'Hara, Patricia Ellyn 354 O'Keefe, Fontanna 382 O'Kieffe, Diane 427, 300 O'Maley, Stephen Charles 326 O'Malley, George G. 311 O'Neal, Patricia Ann 386 O'Neal, Robert Joseph 427, 220, 249

Pace, Linda Jeanne Packer, Eugene Leslie



289, 248 455 Page, Adelia Louise Page, Cynthia Jane .. 272, 381 345 Page, Paul David 287 Page, Robert Michael 302 Paige, Jeffrey Carl Paige, Timothy George 369 Paige, William Michael 460 400 Palan, Kathryn Gay Pallatin, Jacquelyn Kay 301 428 Pallister, David S. 332 Palmer, Don Dale 397 Palmer, Dorothy Ann 327 Palmer, Gene Richard Palmer, Lucian Phillip 442 Palmer, Myra Gene 291 Palmer, Peggy Jean 355 Palmer, Russell Jay 442 Pampalone, Dominic 324 Papi, Valerie 342 Pappas, Gilbert J. Jr. 278, 274 Paquette, Don Allen 326, 230 Parham, James Edward 297 Parish, George R. Jr. 442, 311 Park, Deanna Kay 379 Parke, Richard Lee .. 428, 363 Parker, Horace Reid 174 Parker, Judith Ann 296 Parker, Marjorie Carol 428, 265, 310, 224 Parker, Paul Vern 324 Parker, Richard Allen 275, 409 Parmelee, Michael A. 324, 174 Parr, Susan Elizabeth 385, 386 Parrot, Donald Lawrence 325 Parsley, Nancy 257 Parsons, Becky Ann .. 288, 227



442, 324 Podd, Christine Frances 298 268 Podoll, Ronald Elliott 204 Poe, William 294 Poe!, Lanny Edward Poellein, Ronald Kent 358 411 Poer, Roger Evan Poffenbarger, Retta Jane 366 442 Pogach, Allan Carl 468 Pogach, Carol Rosen Pogue, Robert Stephen .. 369 442 Poiry, James Richard Poit, James 268 Pollard, Carol Anne 249 442 Pollert, David Lee Pollock, Judith Marcia .. 455 Pollom, Stephen Hobbs 327 Pomeranz, Thomas Ernest 289 Pond, Elizabeth Belding 400

442, Quackenbush, Carol Rae 428, 235, 251 Quackenbush, Mildred 258 268 Qualley, Janet Claire

375 Race, John Lynn Rachon, Eugene Lawrence 311 304 Racz, Robert Ray 466 Radcliffe, Lee Ewing 302 Rader, John Albert 470 Rader, Norma Sue 466 Rademachek, Wade 309 Radford, Olin C. Radford, Robert Charles 297 299 Radloff, Susan Ann Ragains, Susan Annette .... 312 Rager, Ann Elaine .... 260, 381 Rager, Anne Mitchell 428, 274 Ragle, Jane Claire ... 428, 310 340 Ragsdale, Linda Jo Randert, Pamela Sue 282, 381 Rainford, David Gene 456, 403, 408 396 Ralfi, Roseanne 305 Ralner, Allan Barney, Mary Elizabeth 456 466 Ramp, Jerremy M. 299 Ramsay, Susan 257 Ramsey, Marilyn Ramsey, Patrick Harvey 304 428, 407 Ramstad, Tore Rancher, Frances Elizabeth 393 Randall, James Richard .... 174 Randall, Theodore H. Jr. 428, 309, 248 Randle, Margaret Ann .... 400 Randolph, Eric Stanton .. 311 Randolph, William Bryan 411 397 Rankin, Sandra Lee Ransel, John Ross 302 Ranshaw, Jane Ellen.. 442,293 Ransom, Jack Walton 327 Ransom, Thomas Vaness 327 Ranz, Cheryl Lynn.. 428, 321 Rapp, Phyllis Marlene 306 Baguet, Martha Jo .. 298, 231 Raquet, Pamela Kay 298 Rasmussen, Harold Arnold 333 Rathbun, Gail Patricia 428, 293 Ratliff, Charlene Miriam 383 Ratner, Marvin 428, 326 Rattenbury, William Tye ..324 Rafts, Thomas E. 466 Rau, John Dickson 428 Rau, Richard M. 466 Rauch, Nancy 257 Rauktis, Mary Jean.. 366, 249 Ravenscroft, Susan Gail 354 Rawles, Marlene 256 Rawlings, James L. 2nd 442, 304, 247 Rawlings, John Joachim 286 Rawlings, Mary Kateri 428 Rawlins, Emily Cecile 300 Ray, Beverly Ann 456 Ray, Ellen Sue 367 Ray, Steven Edward 442 Rayfield, Robert Eugene 270 Raymund°, Lolita 256 Rays, Terence 404 Rea, Emory Lee 369 Reagins, Charles Earl 357 Ream, Michael H. 429 Ream, William B. 240

297 Ponder, Gary Eugene Ponsler, Harriet Claire 396 329 Pontius, Steven Kent Poodle, Adrienne Joyce 442, 343, 267 Poorbaugh, David Layton 442, 270 Pope, Thomas Moore 460, 209 350 Popp, Mary Jane 288 Pore, Nancy Lee 373 Porter, Barry Douglas Porter, Marc Cleveland 428 394 Porter, Marsha Teresa Porter, Ray Edison 3rd 230, 374 313 Porter, Stephen T. Porter, William Connor 230 282 Post, Ellen 274 Potocki, Donna Jean

Potter, Christopher Alan 358 407 Potter, Donald Leroy 470 Potts Edwina Poulin, Thomas Loveland 327 297 Poulos, Ward Elias Powell, James Wesley 369, 357 409 Powell, Jerry Lewis Powell, Katherine Elaine 366 313 Powell, Robert Alan 327 Powell, Stephen George 210, 211 Power, Dave 382 Power, Donna Sue 455 Power, Jane 396 Power, Kathryn Ann Power, William David 442, 231 358 Powers, James A. Jr. Powers, Kenneth Eugene .. 324 466 Powers, William R. Poynter, Robert E. 463, 240

359, 301, 247 Quear, Deborah Quick, John Lowell .. 428,314 Quick, Robert Jackson ... 286 Quill, Thomas Edward

269 410 Quimby, Tommy Lee Quinlan, Charles Keith .... 357 Quinlan, Margaret Melissa 355

304 Reasor, Robert Alms 351 Receveur, Sandra Jean Rector, Carol Yvonne 429, 315, 220 Rector, Cleland Malcolm .. 456 Rector, George William .. 390 Redding, Forest W. Jr. 311 387 Reece Martha Lynn 395 Reed, Ardis Jean 307 Reed, James Alan 320 Reed, Janice Dee 354 Reed, Joanne Kay 268 Reed, John Raymond 394 Reed, Karen Jean Reed, Marsha Faye . 429, 306 442 Reed, Mary Ann Reed, Twila Rae .... 299, 227 311 Reed, Wayne Alan 331 Reeder, Paul Alan 351 Reeder, Susan Lynne Reedy, Ricky Gene 311 Reel, Leonard R. 3rd 297 Refkin, Joseph Philip 289 Regler, Rex 199 Belcher, John Andrew 289 Reid, Christine 342 Reid, Gary Richard 316 Reid, John Laten 346 Reid, Richard A. 466 Reid, William Russell 472, 311 Reider, Stephanie Lea 315 Rein, Pamela 256 Reiners, Richard G. 442, 316 Reiners, William Allen 407 Reinertson, Trisha Ann 321 Reinhardt, Barbara Lee 367 Reininger, John 322 Reisinger, Steven Michael 303 Reiss, Miriam Frances 394 Reitenour, Phyllis E. 456, 241, 381 Relyea, Patricia Lynn 429, 300 Remaihi, Abdulla D. 359 Remala, Janice Lynn 468 Remick, Debbie 394 Bench, Julie 249 Rench, Patricia 257 Renehan, Michael F. 359 Renforth, Sharon Ann 348 Renner, Marilyn Rose 456 Renner, Stewart Lynn 328 Rensberger, Michael James 307, 223 Benz, Vicki Kay 387 Replogle, William H. 2nd 332 Reseigh, Donna Jean 388 Hess, Jane Marieta 386 Bess, Linda Rae 456 Bess, Robert Frederick . 332 470 Rettig, Jean L. Reuille, Martin Eugene 390 Reuss, Eric Brandt .. 239, 302 Reuter, Gale 256 354 Rew, Karen Lou Rexinger, Scott C. Jr. 322, 249 Reygaert, James Albert 374 Reynolds, Adrian James 377 Reynolds, Mariellen.. 456, 379 274 Reynolds, Marjorie Sue

Reynolds, Myrna Lynn .... 468 Reynolds, Richard Neil .. 358 Reynolds, Robert Allen 463, 240 Reynolds, Ronald Philip .. 429 289 Reznick, Bruce Alan Rhea, Gordon Campbelle .. 307 375 Rhein, David Herbert Rhinehart, Lewis Edward 371 Rhoades, John Benson . 325 Rhodes, Catherine Louise 388 311 Rhodes, Gregory Lee Rhodes, Nancy Mason 456, 321 191 Rhodes, Peter Searl Rhodes, Rosemarie .. 429, 379 Rhodus, Daniel Douglas .. 174 351 Rice, Cinda Sue 369 Rice, Clifford James 369 Rice, Donald Wayne 227 Rice, Judith Kaye 310 Rice, June 340 Rice, Linda Rachelle 346 Rice, Robert Wayne Rice, Ruth Afton . 429, 310 346 Rice, Vaughn Del 220 Rich, Claude 319 Rich, David Louis Rich, Gary Harold .. 324, 239 404 Richard, Patrick Noel 460 Richard, Teresa Anne 304 Richardo, Rick 320 Richards, Barbara H. Richards, Candace Jean .. 355 Richards, Charles L. 191, 322, 231, 250 442 Richards, Dickie Lee Richards, Elaine Louise 227 Richards, Grace Jean 350, 227 Richards, Mary Christine 355 Richards, Robert Frank 442, 270 Richards, Roberta Lynne .. 272 Richards, William Arthur 307 Richardson, James Gunnar 239 Richardson, Jennifer Joy 396 381 Richardson, Kristi 340 Richardson, Linda Ann Richardson, W. Thomas 317 Richey, Robert William 327 Richmond, James Glidden 442, 371 231 Richmond, Rick 429 Richter, Carol Ann 466 Richter, Mary 0. Richwine, James David 250 322 Richwine, Michael Lee 398 Rickrich, Lois Elaine 348 Ridenour, Carol Jean 351 Ridenour, Judith Kay Ridenour, William Carl 332, 269 471, 258 Rider, Joyce A. 323 Rider, Steven Thomas Ridgeway, Mary Jo .. 299, 249 294 Ridoux, John Francis 429 Riedell, Carole Sue Riedemann, Craig Allen .. 331 370 Riedy, Randall Keith 297 Riehm, James Bower Riehm, Robert Briton 429, 297

345 Poyser, Larry Richard 324 Prall, Thomas George 353 Pramuk, Daniel Allen Prange, Richard Herman 231 302 Prather, Edgar Joseph Prather, Susan Jean 455, 321, 241, 224 346 Pratter, Frederick Prebys, Thomas Anthony 405 Prentice, Pamela Anita 455, 291 327 Prentice, Peter Kimmel 391 Presser, Fred Crouch 312 Pressler, Sylvia Jane Preston, Dan Willis.. 363, 370 Preston, Margaret Elaine 381 394 Price, Diana Jean Price, Donovan Clayde . 328 346 Price, Gregory James


Quinlan, Rev Quinn, Martin Francis Quinn, Nancy Ann Quinn, William Guerin


343 428 397

Riehm, Thomas Phillip . 297 324 Riesenmy, Thomas 386 Riess, Mary Marie 250 Rifner, Edith Ann 472 Rigel, Lee Edward 420 Rigel, Tunde 411 Riggs, Garry M. 314 Riggs, John Raymond 258 Riley, Faye 388 Riley Karen Ann Riley, Katherine Ann 268, 248 409 Riley, Kenneth Lee 381 Riley, Sharon Patricia Riley, William Lee 456, 403, 407, 270 256 Ring, Le Etta Ringer, William Eldred .... 326 349 Ringo, Beverly Kay 466 Rink, Lawrence 471 Rinker, Kay 287 Ripani, Albert Jr. Ripberger, Thomas Jacob.. 409 Ripley, Jane Elizabeth .... 354 398 Ripperger, Jo Ann 268 Ripple, Maryon Ilene Rish, Carolyn Jean 429, 243, 220, 296 174 Rishe, Frank Joseph 377 Risley, Brian Lee Rissing, Daniel J. .... 442, 408 377 Ristoff, Alexander Kiro Ritchie, Martha Ruth 273, 381 302 Ritchie, Morris Custer Rittenhouse, Larry James 371 456 Ritter, Gyanith Ann 310 Ritter, Jo Anne 379 Ritter, Judith Kay Ritter, Kathleen Ann 397 429 Ritter, Marianna 256 Ritter, Pamela Ritter, Richard William 402 259 Ritter, Sheryl Rittman, Charles Robert 230, 391 Rittman, Charles William 391 Ritz, Phillip Leo 304 Ritz, Richard Lee 385 Ritzenthaler, Patricia 293 Rivers, Thomas A. 466 Roach, Charles Robert 442, 324, 250 Robb, Beverly Catherine .. 383 Robbins, Donald Eston 303 Robbins, Elizabeth Ann 456, 220, 296, 250 Robbins, Keith C. 304 Robbins, Marcia Ann 456, 315, 249 Robbins, Penelope Sue 342, 222 Roberts, Brenda Kay 442 Roberts, Douglas Lee 442, 332 Roberts, Jerry Dewey 307 Roberts, John Wayne 324 Roberts, Larry Joe 370 Roberts, Lonnie Ray 345 Roberts, Patrick Joseph 463 Roberts, Richard Wilson .... 357 Roberts, Ronnie Patrick .... 324 Robertson, Charlotte H..._ 460

466 Price, Harry Roger 305 Price, Herbert 334 Price, Jack 306 Price, Jane Ellen 358 Price, John Monroe 442, 334 Price, Philip T. Price, Robert Daniel 442, 329 Price, William Randal 371, 318, 268 428 Prichard, Candice T. 381 Prickett, Marilyn K. 350 Prigg, Linda Darlene Prior, Thomas Benjamin 374 371 Prizant, Bruce David Probst, Gretchen Ellen 428, 300 302 Proctor, Robert G. Propes, Lorna Ellen .. 455, 243 Prunty, Patricia 468, 306, 272

379 Przybylinski, Joan K. 325 Publow, Peter Eric 383 Pugh, Barbara Ann 396 Pugh, Carolyn Jean 370 Pugh, John Arthur 334 Pugh, Larry Farver Pugh, Robert Gerald.. 455, 248 428 Pugsley, Judy Marie 355 Pule, Jennifer 399 Pullen, Janice Kay Purcell, George William 442 Purcell, Scott Mathaway 344, 328 Purdy, Lissa Ann .... 296, 228 Purkey, Patricia Ann 300, 222 Purkhiser, Harry Miller 279 Purvis, Daniel Edwin Jr. 334 353 Pyle, Jennifer Ann 345 Pytynia, Thomas Lee

403, 406 Quivey, Janet Elaine 468, 382, 273 Quivey, Joan Elizabeth


296 Robertson, Mary Sue 340 Robey, Ellen Maxine Robinett, Mary Eloise 469, 348 456 Robinson, Alice Jozella Robinson, Charles Gary 311, 268 304 Robinson, Charles R. Robinson, Diane P. 429, 220, 291, 247 Robinson, Jack Ray 463, 357, 240 Robinson, Jerry L. 463, 240 Robinson, Judith Ann 429, 401 Robinson, Judith Rozina 442, 301, 267, 240 Robinson, Lee Eldrich 309, 174 Robinson, Linda Darlene 398 Robinson, Michael Lee 327 209 Robinson, Richard D. Robinson, Richard Dean 322 Robinson, Susan Marie 288, 266 Robinson, Suzanne 306 Robinson, Thomas Michael 307 Robison, Ray Warren 333 Roby, Daniel Arthur 463, 240 Rochelle, Ricky Rene 326 282 Rochford, Paula Jean Rockwell, Terry Eugene 406 Rodda, Jane Darlene 365 324 Rodeen, Gerald Paul Rodenbarger, Judy An . 429 Rodgers, Frank Mercer 469 Rodgers, Roger William 409 Rodriguez, John Omar 429 Roe, Christine 282 Roe, Betty Boyd 236 Roe, Larry Dean 371 Roe, Sheila Ruth .... 310, 224 Roelke, Kathryn Anne 429 Roell, Robert Joseph 358, 270 Roesner, Jay Overmyer 442 Roessler, William David 373, 374 Roettger, Susan Davis 308 Rogan, Michael Patrick 325 Rogers, Diana Jo 394 Rogers, Helen 315 Rogers, Susie Ruth 308, 221, 248 Rohlfer, Sheryl Lee 381 Rolf, Norman T. Jr. 322 Roller, Rebecca Ellen 321 Rollins, Becky Nell .. 296, 224 257 Rollo, Patricia 340 Romano, Helen Jane 324 Romanowsky, Robert J. Romans, Brenda Carol 401 315 Romans, Holly 410 Rome, Robert Samuel Romey, Patricia Ellen 308 Romine, Margaret Ruth 393 Romine, Terril Lynn 313 Rooda, John William 357 Roodman, Karen Lee 233, 386 Rooksby, Robert Trent 375 Roop, Edward Donald 294 Root, Patricia 256 429 Root, Wayne Roy

Roscello, Walter Henry 460, 330 471, 258 Rose, Connie 410 Rose, Larry Francis 319 Rose, Robert Allen Rose, Susanna .. 456, 295, 249 349 Roseberry, Mary M. Roseberry, Nancy Jean 393 429 Rosel, Natalie Elaine 259 Roselius, Robert 386 Rosen, Lila 305 Rosen, Martin Avrum Rosenau, Dorothy Marie 395 268 Rosenbalm, Carroll Ann Rosenberg, Adrienne Beth 382 Rosenberg, Richard K. 463, 240 Rosenberger, Nancy Ann 393 Rosenblatt, Stanley L. 429, 319 Rosenblatt, Warren B. 442, 319, 240 Rosenblum, Robert Edward 319 Rosenkrans, Margaret Anne 387 Rosheck, Thomas Harold 359 Rosner, Phillip Ernest 429, 329 299, 227 Ross, Betsy Jill 294 Ross, Charles Brent 456, 248 Ross, Mary Lucille Ross, Michael Lee 322, 196, 231 222 Ross, Pamela Gay 381 Ross, Sarah J. 339, 343 Ross, Shelley 411 Ross, William Richard Roth, Bruce Alan 326 Roth, Charles Geroe 463, 240 Roth, William Glenn 307 Rothbauer, Carol Ann 241 Rothman, Alfred Joseph 319 Rothschild, Miriam F. 383, 273 Rothstein, Ira Michael 305 240 Rothwalter, Winger Rouch, Linda 257 Roudiani, Manucheher 442 Roush, James Richard 429, 359 Roush, Mary Jane 365 397 Roush, Rhonda Ruth Rousseau, Joyce Ellen 380 Roussel, Dennis Alan 330 Rowe, Jerrilynn Marie .... 383 Rowe, Kathryn Joyce 395 Rowe, Mary Alice 308 Rowland, Robert Michael 330 Rowley, Janis Lynn 396 Rowman, Randy 325 Roy, Charles Robert 333 Royce, Janet Lynn 349 Royster, David William .. 198 Rozner, Laura Lea Beal .. 429 Rozner, William Bruce .... 429 Rubin, Roger Allan 305 Ruble, Thomas Joseph 443, 326 Ruckriegle, Kathie Lynn 456, 388 Rudasics, Thomas Joseph 359 Rudbart, Elizabeth Jean 429, 396



298 334 321 397 382 256 370 295

332 Rudd, John David 366 Rudolph, Laura Lyn Rudolph, Martha Jane 299 Rudolph, Mary Margaret 288, 227 Rudynski, Martha Louise 340 Ruedi, Alan Frederick 429, 403, 406

Ruhl, Judith Claire Rummel, Barry Lynn Rummel, Mary Ann Rumpf, Carol Ann Rumple, Kathy L. Rumppe, Ella Runkle, Robert Coleman Runner, Marilyn Nell

Sabbath, Steven Mark .... 319 Sabocik, Hichael Allen .... 307 Sachs, Charles Ira .. 370, 247 342 Sachs, Loretta 429 Sacks, Sharon, Ann Saft, Paul Harold Jr. 326, 230 287 Sailors, David Ade Salek, Karen Suzanne 380 Martin 371 Salib, Richard Salisbury, Creggie H. 308, 247 379 Salisbury, Judith Ann 295 Sallee, Pamela Anne Salner, Sherri Beatrice 348 Salstrom, Larry Alan 358 Salter, Donald Willard 302 Samelson, Cheryle Gale 381 Samper, Edward R. 466 Sample, Steven Leslie 410 Sampson, Gary Joe 344 Samuelson, Jane 315, 224, 266 Sandberg, Carol Louise 343 Sandberg, Delmar Lynn 322 Sanders, Alice Carol 379 Sanders, Delmar Connie 371 Sanders, Ernestine L. 456 Sanders, Ethel Ruth 456, 291, 265, 236, 250 Sanders, Gerald Alan 309 Sanders, Joanne E. 299 Sanders, John Clifford 227 Sanders, Katherine 355 Sanders, Paula Diane 381 Sanders, Robert Levi 443 Sanders, Susan Maree 387 Sanders, William Mack 443 Sanderson, Claudia Adel 295 Sandidge, Ridley M. 322 Sandstrom, James Edward 443 Sandur, Saal R. 327 Sandy, Carl S. 463 Sanford, James Pond.. 223, 390 Sanford, Sandy 358 Sapp, George David 311 Sapp, James Lindley 270 Sarandon, Gloria Evonne . 382 Sardinas, Gilbert Anthony 345 Sargeant, Becky Jo 350 Sargent, Lynne Ellen 394 Saskin, Gordon Alpert 319 Satterlee, Winston 466 Sander Richard M. 443 Sautter, Richard Craig 346 Sauzer, Carol Marie 351 Savage, Joan Carol 341 Savage, Victoria M. 429 Savage, Vincent Matthew 332, 239 Savill, Robert Arthur 463 Sawyer, Dennis Lee 472 Sawyer, Roger Everett 391 Sawyer, Tina Jane 380 Sayers, Michael Dean 371 Sayka, Linda Jean .... 429, 321 Sayler, Osbey Louis 466 Sayles, Mary Elizabeth 308 Scarff, Kees Noel .... 204, 174 Schaab, Lawrence Edward 443, 271 Schaaf, Kenneth Ray 251, 270 Schaaf, Mark Joseph 456 Schaden, Linda Lou 341 Schaefer, Marilyn L. 456, 295 Schaefer, Susan Carol 388 Schafer, Anita 429 Schafer, Daniel Eugene 196 Schaffer, Jeffrey Kirk 240 Schaible, Richard A. 318, 243, 231, 275 Schaich, Karen Marie 400 Schanher, Paul Welstead 314 Schatz, Robert William 331 Schatz, Samuel Arthur 443, 305 Schatzman, Stanley N. 391 401 Schau, Richard T. Schaub, Richard Darrell 304 Schauberger, Jamona 257 Schaumann, Richard P. 297, 221

Schaus, Michael Walter .. 406 Schechter, Deborah Faye .. 398 429 Schechter, Lynn C. 258 Scheffel, Annetta Scheib, Phillip Charles 332 Scheimann, Richard Allen 405 Scheineson, Nancy Jane 456 Schellert, Sue Carolyn 456, 292 Schellie, Peter David 221, 261, 226, 247 Schenk, Elmer Thomas Jr 472 321 Schenk, Linda Gage Schermack, Barbara G. 341 Schemekau, Pamela S. 321 Scherschel, Steven L. 334 Scheurer, Scott William 443 Schiff, Janie Eileen 293 Schiffel, Dennis Duane 407 Schill, Paul 409 Schilling, Mary Rogers 306, 250 Schindler, David R. 443 Schisler, Barbara Lynne 387 Schisler, Candace 400 Schisler, Pamela Elaine 355 Schleier, William D. 334 Schleifer, Andrea Mae 366 Schlemmer, Jacqueline 383 Schlemmer, Norman Conrad 332 Schlesinger, Gail Ellen 429 Schlietwiler, Thomas L. 330 Schlih, Albert 463 Schlotter, Ethel 258 Schmadel, Fredericka A 393 Schmalz, Mary Beth 308 Schmeidewind, Carol 312 Schmetzer, Alan David 391 Schmidlap, Steven F. 333 Schmidt, Douglas 331 Schmidt, Henry Capron 443 Schmidt, James Arthur 332 Schmidt, Karl Robert 404 Schmidt, Martha 429 Schmiet, Sim 251 Schmitt, Jean Ann 399 Schmitt, Peter Joseph 311 Schmitt, Susan Elaine 399, 231 Schnakenburg, Barry Allen 408 Schnakenburg, Jane E. 456, 298, 241 Schnar, Jane Ann 270 Schneider, Annette L. 383 Schneider, Darlene Sue 387 Schneider, James Robert 404 Schneider, Richard Paul .. 196 Schneider, Robert Earl .... 463 Schnelker, Stephen Robert 406 Schnepf, Elizabeth Jane 380 Schnepf, Sarah Ann 380 Schoeff, Frances Ilene 456 Schoenherr, Steven Eldo 316 Schoenstein, Susan L, 321, 236 Scholl, Judith Ann .... 456, 321 Schomhurg, Marilyn Jean 221 Schoolfield, Byron, M. 466 Schoonveld, Sndra Lee 387 Schori, Roba Lee 380 Schomick, John Willard 408 Schomstein, Lewis P. 307 Schramm, Phyllis Lea 387 Schreiber, Robert T. 460, 248 Schreiner, Edward J. 443, 271 Schrey, Susan Lynn 389 Schriefer, Ruth Elaine 342 Schrock, Doris Mabel 258 Schroeder, Linda Marie .... 443 Schrumpf, Richard D. 186, 357 Schubick, Sharon Janeal 366 Schuchman, Marsha Lynn 320 Schuck, Carol Henrietta .... 301 Schuckel, Charles Joseph.. 408 Schuette, Thomas Paul .... 174 Schuetz, Tom Mitchell .... 313 Schulatz, Mary Frances .... 399 Schulenborg, Joyce Ann .... 456 Schuler, Patricia Rose 320, 268, 388 Schull, Benjamin Chapman 294

Runyan, Deedra Farr Rupert, Cheryl Ann Rupert, Mary Louise Rupright, William E. 324, 227, Rusbasan, Jeanette M. 456, Rush, Billibet Wilma

379 354 278 248 355 272

312 Schull, Connie 290 Schulman, Elinor Schultz, Douglas Alfred 370 399 Schultz, Lynda Lee Schultz, Madeline Jean 429 Schultz, Marilyn Rose 296, 274 305 Schultz, Richard Joel Schuster, Karen Ramona 353, 291 349 Schutz, Diana Mae Schwalm, Diane E. 301, 266, 247 Schwark, James Robert . 410 443 Schwartz, Frederick Jr. 271 Schwartz, Gary Dean Schwartz, John Michael 370 Schwartz, Judith Diane 456 429 Schwartz, Lorraine C. 295 Schwartz, Rebecca 299 Schwerin, Barbara L. 471 Schwieger, Willa R. Schwier, James Fredric . 302 303 Scotney, Lance Alan Scott, David Boardman 358, 294 257 Scott, Diana 307 Scott, Ervin Hansel 472 Scott, Harry Eugene Scott, Larry Paul .... 443, 333 Scott, Noel Winfield Jr. 409 327 Scott, Peter Lawrence Scott, Richard Warren 206, 204 Scott, Robert Miller 443, 211, 231 Scott, Stephanie Jane 386 Scott, Vicki 256 304 Scott, William Mount Scovern, Susan.. 298, 221, 250 Scudder, Gaye Diane 429 Scullin, Daniel C. Jr. 429 Scurlock, Elvira 340 Seagraves, William R. 230 Seal, Donald Eugene 24 Seaman, Daniel Lee 311 Seaman, Geoffrey Noel 429 Searcy, William Carl 405 Seartoss, Jane Lynne 471, 257 Sears, Judith Ann 429 Secore, Wayne Michael 443 Seddelmeyer, Robert J. 406 Sedwick, Edwin Steinmetz 325 Seely, Diana Jean 396 Sefton, Carol Jean 400 Segal, John Morris 332 Segneri, Wayne Henry 374 Seibert, Donna Sue 387 Seidl, Patricia 257 Seifert, Gerald 463 Seiler, Bernard R. Jr. 443, 330 Seiler, James Nicholas 443 Seinfeld, Cheryl Sue 290 Seip, Douglas Jay 359 Sekula, Frank Michael 391 Selig, Frances Dee 365 Selig, Larry Bernard 289 Selke, Susan 456 Selke, William Lee 375 Sell, Susan Elizabeth 310 Sellers, Betty Jean 296 Sells, Lawrence O'Dell 209 Seltzer, Dianne Arlene 456, 241 Seltzer, Steven Mark 289 Semokaitis, Kapaka L. 393 Semsel, Cheryl 296 Senff, Barbara Sue 354 Sengstock, James Paul .... 443 Senn, Judith Anne 387 Senn, Richard Thomas 319, 269 Sepiol, James Leonard 430 Serafin, Lorraine Marie 367 Serafin, Michael G. .. 363, 371 408 Sergianni, Cary Lee 430 Sermersheim, Gail F. 383 Settle, Sandra Louise 382 Severns, Patricia C. 374 Sewell, Dennis Rickie

Russ, William Richard .... 408 403, 410 Russell, Calvin Jr. 182 Russell, Charles M. Russell, Edward Warren 209, 307, 231 Russell, Freedrick Dale 390 Russell, Robert Charles 322 363, 365 Russell, Sharon K.

Russell, William Arthur 391 Russell, William P. 186, 325, 231 323 Rust, David Haskell 396 Ruth, Louise Mildred 380 Rutherford, Linda D. 394 Rutherford, Lynn Jo 345 Rutherford, Michael

Rutledge, Jane Ann.. 383, 272 466 Ruvolo, Louis S. 330 Ruxer, Terence Lee 334 Ryan, Dennis Keith Ryan, Stanlee, Ballard 409 Ryan, Victoria Kathleen 295 Rykovich, Kathleen Marie 355, 241

174 Sexton, Ronald Ralph 430 Seybert, Kay Ellen 471 Seymour, Jacquelyn 377 Sfura, Richard Hans 463 Shaddy, Gerald 355 Shadel, Susan Janis Shadwell, Jeffrey Clyde 369 328 Shady, John Doyle 356 Shafer, Linnda Elaine 308 Shafer, Sharon Ann Shafer, Sheldon Scott 430, 220, 277, 274, 249 Shafer, George Kiebler Jr. 271 279 Shah, John Bruce 351 Shake, Nancy Jo Shambaugh, Linda Dell 272, 381 260 Shane, Patricia Mills Shane, Paula Mae . 400, 272 Shane, Susan Hatker.. 456, 308 351 Shank, Linda Ellen 360 Shank, Niel Francis 340 Shank, Pruda Lois Shanks, George Warren 430 Shanks, Johnnie N. 2nd 316, 227, 248 359 Shannon, Terry Lee Shapiro, Karen Jo .... 290, 260 430 Shapiro, Mark Thomas 305 Shapiro, Norman J. Shapiro, Rita Lynn 367 Shapiro, Roberta Faith 456, 379, 380 Shapiro, Rosalyn Susanne 381 Shariatzadeh, Ali Najafi 466 304 Sharik, Gerald S. Sharp, Mary Janet 367 313 Sharp, Thomas Wayne 406 Sharp, William Lee 230 Sharpe, James Gilbert Sharrer, Michael Fletcher 302 327 Shaul, Clifford Dale 318 Shaw, James Lynn Shaw, Larry Raymond 359, 227 257 Shaw, Lois 316 Shaw, Noel Franklin Shaw, Sandra Jane 350 Shaw, Sharon, Estell 351 Shaw, William Stanley 294, 405 Sheagley, Donald Lee 313, 227 Shearer, Lawrence E. 311 Sheehan, John Francis 430 Sheehan, Susan Marie 355 Sheek, Mary Ann 381 Sheeks, Anne 321 Sheets, Cathy Lynn 386 Sheets, Nancy Roberta 340 Sheetz, Bruce Harold 332 Sheffer, Linda Ann 396 Sheffield, Kathleen Ann 241 Sheldon, Timothy Quinlan 322 Shelley, John Ford 405 Shelly, Philip Michael 430 Shelton, Christopher Ward 329 Shelton, David James 318 Shelton, Glen Hoshel Jr. 443, 322, 226 Shelton, Kathleen Faye 456, 315 Shelton, Nancy Virginia 350 Shepherd, Joseph Hardy 370 Sheray, Sheldon Fred 322, 304 Sheray, Sidney Richard 249 299 Sherhondy, Patricia L. Sherby, James Wilson 311 Sherman, John Judson 430, 278 Sherman, Katherine C. .... 296 Sherman, Patrick Anthony.. 345 466 Sherwood, Edward A. Shewman, Errol Lynn 363, 369, 270 Shewman, William Merl 405 Shick, Carolyne Pennelope 394 Shields, James Edward 472 298 Shields, Norma Jane 350 Shields, Sherrie Ann

350 Shields, Sue Carol 400 Shilling, Ann Lynn Shine, Lawrence Edward 322 322 Shine, Thomas Kaye 401 Shiner, Joe 380 Shines, Judith Shipley, Catharine Ann 381 279 Shirley, John Robert Shively, Robert A. 2nd 443, 370 380 Shively, Susan Kay 256 Shives, Janice 320 Shmalo, Cheryl Sarah 312 Shoaff, Susan Barnett 430 Shockley, Doris Lee Shockley, Sylvia Jeanne 430, 354, 251 Shoemaker, Carolyn Ann 227 256 Shoemaker, Janet Shoobridge, Janice Lynn 310, 241 Shoobridge, William 344 George W. 356 Shook, Leslie Ann 296 Shook, Susan Kay Short, James Lester .. 472, 334 386 Short, Karen Suzette 366 Short, Susan Jane 430 Shorter, Robert Lee Jr. Shortie, Sylvia Anne 456, 386 467 Shortridge, Donald R. Shorts, Susan Louise 350, 233 Shortz, Richard Alan 221, 251 Shoup, Steven Van Dyke 325 397 Shouse, Sandy Lee 430 Shrewsbury, Pamela B. 409 Shriner, Thomas Lee Jr. Shriver, Carol Gail .. 268, 386 Shriver, Harry J. 3rd 182, 209, 318 397 Shrock, Diana Lee Shroyer, David Walter 297 381 Shuel, Andrea Kay Shuel, Ted Brian 286, 269, 250 471 Shuger, Rarel 430 Shuler, Robert Wayne 381 Shultz, Nancy Howes 312, 251 Shumaker, Lynn M. Shumate, Michael Dean 221, 269 348 Shumway, Janet Lynn 443 Shurr, Gerald Lee 209 Shy, Terry 404 Siculan, Daniel Lee 401 Siddall, Joann Mary 124 Sidener, Whitney F. 251 Siders, Wilbur Lee Siebe, Bruce Wayne 345 Sieber, William Robert 286, 227, 269 430 Siefker, Phyllis Kay 271 Siegel, Ross Earl 320 Siegel, Sandra Anne Siegert, Susan Jeanne 308 Siegesmund, Patricia Jean 351 370 Siela, Ted Lynn Siemon, Harry James 358 Siesky, Larry 209 Sigler, George Marvin 286, 250 Sigler, Jon Lawson 287 Sildver, Liina May .. 430, 32.1 269 Silence, Terry Lin 240 Silky, Charles E. Jr. 275 Sillings, Roy William 289 Sills, Richard I. Sills, Stephen Noble.. 443, 286 Silver, Clifsonja Mary 460, 292 Silver, Margery Sue 320 319 Silverman, Kenneth R. 305 Silverstein, Michael L. 290 Silverstein, Natalie K. 365 Silverstine, Rosemary 299 Silveus, Sydney 382 Silvey, Anita Lynne Silvey, Thomas Wilfred 443 Simbeck, Harley Edward 460, 275 398 Simmons, Deborah Jill

Simmons, Donald Eugene.. 443 Simmons, Frederick Jr. 430, 325 430 Simmons, Karen Sue 430 Simmons, Lezlie Jane Simmons, Michael Miles 279 Simmons, Pamela Joan 367 Simmons, Richard Lloyd 325 Simmons, Walter Albin 287 299 Simon, Nancy Anne 408 Simonetti, Jack Louis Simonetto, Joseph A. 314 Simpson, David Lon 318 Simpson, Jane Ann 296 Simpson, Phillip Bert 472 Sims, Allen Earle 323 Sinclair, James Brimmer 409 Sinclair, Karen Kay .. 236, 250 Sindlinger, Stephen M. 472 467 Sinex, Joseph C. Singer, Carol Lee 380 Singleton, Richard Ralph 405 Sinning, Gordon Ray 314 Sinnock, Hugh Kay 318 400 Sinnock, Mary Sipes, Karen Lee 379 Sippel, Susan Anne 394 Siri, Linda Lucille 399 Sisk, John Robert 332 Sisk, Wilma Deane 288 Sitler, Alice Katherine 456 Sitzherger, Kenneth R. 191, 328 Sivertson, Paula Rae 385, 388 Sixsmith, Martha Lee 366 Sizemore, Robert Dennis 302 371 Skalski, Val Rogers Skeans, Jerri Lynn 306 467 Skidmore, Charles E. Skidmore, Cynthia Sue 233 Skiles, Richard Edmond 443 409 Skillman, Jon Alan Skinner, Phillip Howard 345 Skirvin, Donald Murray 409 Skirvin, Glen Dale Jr. 443 Skubish, Karen Ann .. 430, 298 377 Slater, James Paul 456 Slater, Judith Anne Slatterly, Susan Margaret 241, 381 297 Slavin, Charles Phillip 330 Slawe, Phil E. Slayton, Jane Margaret 382 388 Sleeth Gail Ellen 467 Sleight, Harold E. 386 Slick, Katherine Ann 430 Slick, Nancy Ann 355 Slicker, Janet Elaine 399 Sloan, Cynthia Dianne Sloan, Eilzabeth Jane 430, 220, 251, 379 430 Sluka, Joan Evalyn Slutzkin, Berta Lynne 430, 310 Small, Ben Francis .... 328, 223 471 Small, Julia 456 Small, Vicki K. Smallwood, Linda Kay 249 124 Smart, Gary Lee Smart, John Michael 328, 248 386 Smart, Shari Jo Smart, Timothy O'Brien 328 311 Smedley, Mark Craig Smethurst, David Robert 405 Smid, Charles Joseph 430, 294, 249 379 Smiley, Beth Christina 375 Smiley, Jerry Alan 241 Smiley, Jerry Ann 321 Smith, Alexis Jane 292 Smith, Ann Michele Smith, Arthur Hoge 430, 191, 226, 231 319 Smith, Barry Howard 399 Smith, Brenda Joyce 344 Smith, Bruce Alan 411 Smith, Bruce Erich 250 Smith, Carol Jean 367 Smith, Cathy Lynn Smith, Cecily Pearson 443, 220 314 Smith, Charles C.

Smith, Christina Laura 395 Smith, Crita I. 471 Smith, Daniel Dudley 430, 318, 261 Smith, Darrell Gene 406 Smith, David Lawrence Jr. 346 Smith, David Richard 332 Smith, David Wilson 443 Smith, Dennis D. 327 Smith, Donna Jeanne 430, 348 Smith, Douglas 313 Smith, Ellen Louise 382 Smith, Ernest Edward 375 Smith, Garry Lee 311 Smith, Geoffrey Beach 297 Smith, Geoffrey Lee 286 Smith, Gregory Butler 331, 403 Smith, J. Harold 2nd 327 Smith, Janet .... 224, 250, 396 Smith, Jay Alan 305 Smith, Judy Kay 380 Smith, Karen Jean 382 Smith, Karen Jo 350 Smith, Lee Joseph .._. 443, 305 Smith, Linda Carol 381 Smith, Linda Gayle 355 Smith, Linda Marlene 320 Smith, Linda Rae 430 Smith, Linda Sue 350 Smith, Lynn Eileen 388 Smith, Marilee 257 Smith, Michael Dean 324 Smith, Michael 282 Smith, Norbert Gene 230 Smith, Pamela Sue 395 Smith, Patricia Dianne , 396 Smith, Paul Eric 313 Smith, Peter Harmon, 322, 261 Smith, Phillip Roy 443 Smith, Raymond 443 Smith, Robert Anthony 443, 327 Smith, Samuel Arnold 305 Smith, Sandra Jean ...A30, 292 Smith, Sara Lee 400 Smith, Stanley L. Jr. 369 Smith, Stephen James 390 Smith, Susan Elaine 379 Smith, Suzanne 380 Smith, Thomas Edward .... 359 Smith, Vernon George 456 Smith, Virginia Ann 349 Smith, Walter Joseph 328 Smithburn, John Eric 456, 294 Smither, John Mark 333 Smithers, Donald 309 Smock, James F. 463 Smock, Lynn Mercer 457, 243, 312, 236 Smola, Wade Thomas 406 Smriga, Yolanda 471 Smyers, Shirley Ellyn 224 Snapp, Jean Ann 310 Sneed, Phillip Wayne 405 Snell, Jane Helen 349 Snideman, Marsha Carol 249 Snider, Donald Lee 430, 276, 274 Snider, Judith Ann 356 Snider, Martin Henry 472 Snider, Susan Geraldine .. 351 Sniderwin, George P. 294 Snodgrass, David Louis „.. 385 Snow, Richard Earl .. 328, 410 Snowden, Calvin Reginald 309 Snyder, Clark LeRoy 374 Snyder, James Michael 206, 204 Snyder, Martin Robert 319 Snyder, Ronald Russ 294 Snyder, William Wayne 344 Sobat, Steven Nick 332 Sobat, William Alan 332 Sobel, Barbara Mary 386 Sochar, Mark Robert 328

Soderberg, Robert Edward 334 345 Solmer, Henry Solomon, Gerald M. 369, 270, 247 359 Solomon, James Larry Solomon, Jeffrey Matrin 289 400 Solomon, Maxine Joy 381 Solomon, Peggy Beth Solomon, Robin Ann 348 289 Solomon, Sherman Ted Somers, Jeffrey Rhue 322, 239 443 Somers, Rex Eugene Somerville, Michael John . 344 Somes, Grant William .... 334 Somrak, James Anthony 443, 220 Son, James Robert 430, 227, 411 Sonafrank, Russell Eugene 406 Songer, Adrian Franklyn 304, 226 395 Sonner, Sharron Jane Sopczynski, Barbara Ann 430 327 Sorensen, John Matthew 290 Soslowsky, Carol Ann 457, 231 Sostack, Judith E. 386 Souers, Judith Ann 345 Southard, Roger Dale Southwood, Diana Sue 457, 351 Southwood, Susan Delaine 387 Sovich, Becky Ann .. 393, 380 390 Sovine, David Louis 430 Sowder, Rebecca Ellen 388 Sowers, Nancy Jo 359 Sowers, Randall Kent Spahn, Jo Ann Marie 278, 274 Spalding, Stephen Joseph 346 Spangler, William Lutz Jr 411 333 Spanier, David Rogers 457 Spann, Norma Jean 410 Spannuth, Jacob E. 386 Sparks, Leeann 346 Sparks, Raymond Emil 256 Sparks, Susann Spaulding, Melvin Pierre 309 430 Spear, Richard Edward Spearman, Kathleen Joyce 395 Spears, James Allan .. 457, 407 Speck, Amos Jan .... 443, 271 270 Speer, Jerry L. Speer, Judith Lee .... 296, 247 381 Speer, Sandra Sue 408 Spence, Jere Alan 332 Spence, Richard Butler 457 Spencer, Barbara Lee 443, 227 Spencer, Warren 430 Spearling, Judith Ann 350 Spicer, Lynn Anne 174 Spickard Richard W. 457 Spiegel, Gail Ellen 354 Spiers, Susan Margaret Spiller, Sandra Marie 457, 291 348 Spindt, Katherine Mary Spinner, Suzanne Elizabeth 343 248 Spiro, Rosann Lee Spitler, William Moore 443 Spitz, Lawrence Herbert 410 Spitzer, David Lawrence 314, 275 Spitzer, Douglas Alan 314 Spitzer, Herbert Andrew 463 Spivack, Dale Louis 355 297 Spivey, Ronnie Joe Spolyar, Richard Louis .... 443 Spomer, Carolyn Jean 224 Spore, Janis Lynn 293 Sposeep, Michael Louis 430 Spotless, Susan 377, 274, 249 Sprague, Charles Austin 346, 334 Sprenger, Susan 460, 312 Springer, Claire E. 444 Springer, Cynthia Kathleen 382

Springer, Norman Dale 377 Springer, Phil Carl 314 Springer, Robert Edward 226 Springer, Ross 463 467 Spitzberg, Daniel H. Spurgeon, Alice Lee 341 Spurgeon, Myra Jane 295 Spurlock, Albert Cornelius Jr. 309 231 Sputh, Sally 231 Sputh, Theodore Otto St. Jean, Diana E..... 469, 295 St. John, Claudia 257 St. John, Suzanne .... 288, 237 St. Myer, Thomas Richard 329 Stachon, Kathleen Doris 457 382 Stack, June Ellen Stackert, Thomas David 444 343 Staff, Donna Lynn Stafford, Janet Lynn 387 Stafford, Stephen E. 333 Stafford, William Edwin 457 345 Stahl, David Richard Stahl, Katherine Ruth 247, 381 408 Stair, Gary Michael 388 Stalker, Sally Ann Stamper, Cynthia Anne 457 Stander, Shiras 298 Standley, Jaris Anne 430, 251 Stanfield, Charles Steven 313 Stang, Dolores Eva 397 329 Stanis, Ronald Dennis 467 Stanley, George E. Stanley, Marilyn Kay 430, 306, 251 Stanley, Marjorie Ann 383 394 Stanley, Susan Mary 324 Stanton, Bruce Albert Stanton, Keith Lynn 430 Staples, Thomas Quentin 369 Stapleton, Cheryl Suzanne 387 Stares, Janis 405 Stark, Dale Ellen 383 Stark, Joseph Vincent 369 Starmer, Rodney Everett 327 Starr, Bryon Douglas 375 Starr, Lynn 353, 227 Starr, Kathleen Laura 394 Starett, James A. 467 Starrett, Patrick Dee 358 Startup, Susan 457 States, Joan C. 471 Staton, William F. Jr. 307 Statts, Elizabeth M. 308 Stauch, Doublas Miller 326 Stauffer, Jade 409 Stauffer, Janice C. 457, 315 Stauffer, Loren Alan 444 Stauffer, Samuel David 358 Stayer, John Robert 457 Stavroff, Frank 174 Steczysyn, Barbara K. 457, 250 Steele, Brent Ellis 391 Steele, Gregory Earl 344 Steele, Karen Sue 293, 380 Steele, Linda Grace 395 Steele, Philip Murray 370 Steele, Raymond Lawrence Jr. 328, 239 Steele, Stephen Allen 431, 332 Steele, William Eugene 444, 325 Steers, Sandra Lynn .. 295 Steffee, Mary Jo 308 Stehnike, Jurgen H. 279 Steiman, Barry Richard 431, 239 Stein, Beverly Elaine 457 Stein, Rena Carolyn 252 Steinbarger, Don Calvin 444, 271 Steinberg, Carol Jean 312, 224, 266 Steinberg, Maxine 385, 386

Tabbert, Vivian Dorothy 444, 292, 268 Tabor, Charles Allen 322 Tackney, Barbara Evans 299, 266 Tadman, Penny Lynne . 388 Taelman, Pamela Ann 387 Taffet, Suzanne Lee 320 Taggart, Phyllis Ann 349 Tajima, Dean Joji 472 Takott, Rocky 370 Talbert, Elaine M. 444 Talbot, Patricia Dain 300, 247 Talbott, Linda Rae 386 Talley, Elizabeth Anne 386

Talley, John Stephen 309 Talley, Thomas Laverne Jr 374 300 Tallos, Linda Carol Tam, Kevin Robert 322 Tam, Robinpat 457, 321 Tanabe, Patrick Takemi 444, 313 Tandy, Richard Le Roy 334 Tanselle, David Lynn 302 Tanzi, Lawrence Augustus 326 Tapia, Laura Diane 298 Tardy, Nancy Suzanne .... 312 Tarnacki, Terrance John .. 324 Tarry, Kirby B. 467 Tarter, Lloyd Dale 457

Tate, Joseph Patrick 174 Tate, Kenton Philip 322 467 Tate, Thomas D. Taylor, Charles C. 431 Taylor, Charles Frank 307 Taylor, James S. 467 Taylor, Jeffrey Cassman 410 Taylor, Kathleen Ann 383 Taylor, Larry R. 431 Taylor, Mary 382, 223 Taylor, Robert L. 467 Taylor, Stephen B. 444, 251 Taylor, Terry Alan 359 Taylor, Wilma Faye 343 Teal, Stanley Ray 457

354 Steiner, Barbara Sue 375 Steiner, Donald Lane Steiner, Elizabeth Ann 353, 248 289 Steiner William Steinhagen, William Jr. 323 Steininger, Carol Ann 354, 355 Steinmetz, Larry V. 431, 363, 371 460 Stella, Kenneth Gene 313 Stelle, James Stuart Stemle, Mary Jane 367 Stenberg, William Davir 370, 322 Stencel, Carrol Jean 396 411 Stepanek, Greory 240 Stephen, Warren Stephens, Kenneth Frank 411 383 Stephens, Leslie Anne Stephens, Shirley Ann 356 Stephens, Theodore R. 444 Stephenson, Carol Ann 258 Stephenson, Judy 366 Stephenson, Marcia Ann .. 382 Stephenson, Nicole Lynn 387 457 Stepien, Adele 407 Stepita, Donald Scott Stern, Donna Harriet 393 Sterner, Susan Elizabeth 386 444 Sterrett, Michael Lee Steuer, Mark Edwin 319 Stevens, Barbara Ruth 457, 349 Stevens, John King M 344 Stevens, Michael Duane 333 Stevens, Phillip Dale 344 Stevens, Tandy Leone 383 Stevenson, Craig Clark 410 Stevenson, Mary Lea 394 Steward, Don Addison 472 Steward, Lucinda Kay . ..382 Steward, Steven Alan 329 Stewart, Cheryl Lynn 354 Stewart, Constance Rae 295 Stewart, D'Maris Maxine 388 Stewart, John Bell 326 Stewart, John Leonard 431 Stewart, Marcella Sue 457 Stewart, Marion B. 431, 311, 249 Stewart, Robert E. 463 Stewart, Roger Lee 360 Stewart, Vera Ellen 351 Stickler, Larry Wayne .... 408 Stiles, Robert Earl 345 Stillabower, Faye Earlene 387 Stine, David 305 Stine, Harold 467 Stiner, Carol Ann 431 Stinnett, William A. 3rd 322 Stinson, Peggy Jo 387 Stipp, Norman J. 371 Stites, Andrew James 409 Stitzer, Pamela Sue 227 Stivers, Paul William 327 Stockamp, Robert Lawrence 444 Stockanes, Leota Joan 258 Stockinger, Fred S. 467 Stockton, Norman Dale 457 Stoeckley, John Bolton 444, 177, 311 Stoehr, Sam Albert 334 Stoelting, Judith Ann 444 Stoelting, Rose Ann 457 Stoermer, Terry Allan 333 Stohler, David Lynn 227 Stohler, Jennifer Anne 394 Stokes, Jan Lyn 431 Stokes, John Dennis 334 Stokes, Mary J. 471, 257 Stokes, Richard Edward 370 Stokes, Sandra 354 Stoller, Lynne Anne 310


Teal, William Frank 411 Tedrowe, Ruth Ann 306, 224 Teegarden, Craig Alan .... 408 Teeter, David Clemment.. 369 Teibloom, Eugene Jay .... 319 Teirumniks, Maria C. 431 Telander, Marcie Anne .... 223 Telder, Laurel Ann 260 Tellman, Nancy Gayle 351 Templeton, Dennis E. 408 Templeton, John Carlton 410 Tennyson, Robert Scott 334 Tereba, Allan Michael 360 Terkhorn, Ramona June .... 306 Terrell, Dale 390

320 Stoller, Susan Gaye 444 Stone, Earl Robert Stone, Katharine Louise 382 Stone, Katherine Diane .... 321 449 Stone, Linda Beth Stone, Toby Reed .. 322, 249 Stone, Vickie Denise.. 282, 381 Stone, William Robert 314 Stoneburner, James Louis 345 Stoner, Pamela Tweed 431, 308, 236 Stoney, Marty 292 Stoops, Ken Alan 390 Stopper, Karen Ann .. 457, 295 Storey, Jeffrey Andrew .... 311 Stouder, Dennis L. 467 Stoughton, Sharon Lee 296 Stout, Carole Ann . 457, 298 Stout, Dorothy Jean 295 Stout, Larry Eugene 311 Stout, Michael Barton 328 Stovall, Roscoe Edwin Jr. 346, 223 Stover, Robert Vernon 431, 319, 276, 274 Stowe, David Francis 297 Stowe, Vernon Edward 297 Strack, Ernest Jack 331 Stradley, Michael Patrick 287 Strain, James Arthur.. 431, 248 Strakis, Cathie 256 Strand, Henry Stephen .... 303 Strang, Susan Landis 293, 282 Strange, Brian Bernard .... 408 Strauss, George Fredrick.. 332 Strauss, James Lester 444 Strauss, Ronald Allen 269 Strawser, Larry 311 Streepey, Thomas Lee 332 Street, Karyl Esther 431 Street, Theodore Poe 331 Streeter, William J. 240 Streeter, William S. 463 Strickhorn, Nancy C. 308 Striggle, Susan Jill 457, 293 Strode, Robert Miller 332 Strohm, Beverly Jane 321 Strohmier, Linda Shearer 431 Strohmier, Richard Dale .. 407 Strom, Joan Harriet 320 Stroman, Roger Joe 391 Stromberger, Susanne E. 431 Strong, Sallie Faison 351 Stroppel, Linda Lee .. 431, 383 Stroup, Sally Ann .... 431, 380 Stroy, Nancy Lynne 388 Struebig, Carl 410 Strueh, William Paul 358 Strycker, Dean L. 467 Strycker, William K 332 Stubblefield, Lynn 387 Stubbs, Kenneth Ray 431, 309 Stuckey, Martha 256 Stucky, Nicklas Dean 411 Stuffle, Brenda Kay 457 Stum, David Lee 332 Stump, Michael M. Jr. 270, 410 Stump, Robert M. Jr. 403, 408 Stumpf, Susanne Lee 431, 288 Stup, Catherine Jane 348 Stupka, Michael B. 199 Sturdevant, David Vernon 346 Sturgeon, Robert R. 408 Sturgeon, William Horton 230 Sturgis, Larry Ray 404 Stuteville, David Alan .... 332 Stutsman, Donna Vivian .. 393 Stutsman, Marsha Ann .... 298 Stutz, Richard Lee 317 Suciu, Larry Wayne 444 Sugar, Richard Arnold 305 Sugarman, Janet Elaine

349, 268 Sugioka, Moira Felicity 268, 272 Suhanik, Wanda Ann 457, 386 Suhre, John Foster 431, 294, 250 288 Sulka, Joan 463 Sullivan, John F. Sullivan, Keith Michael 332 Sullivan, Patricia Anne 298 237 356 Sullivan, Rita Marie Sullivan, Robert Michael .. 409 Sullivan, Robert V. .. 444, 333 Sullivan, William C. 174 Sum, Andrew Martin 357 Sum, Jack E. 444, 357 Summers, Patricia Carol .. 386 Summerville, James T. 444, 323 Sumwalt, Charles Michael 444 366 Sundersun, Nancy 444 Sunny, David Lee Sunyog, Barbara Mae 460, 388 Surbeck, John F. Jr. 332 Surber, Alice Claudette 299 Surface, Margaret L. 431, 296, 273 Surges, Kathleen Ann 386 Susnis, Edward A. Jr. 371 Susott, Kenton Alan 304 Sutchar, Bruce Russell 289 Sutlin, Joel Mayer .. 319, 196 Sutor, Joe Paul 174 Sutter, Mary Elizabeth 431, 288, 165, 224 Sutton, Gary A. 444 Sutton, Lynda Louise 460 Sutton, Patricia Ann 399 Sutton, Terry J. 316 Svetich, Stefania Georgia 355 Swadener, Rachel Ann 340 Swager, Deborah Jane 457, 298 Swalick, Marilyn Rose 431 Swalick, William A. 385 Swan, Bruce Edward 313 Swan, Olivia Marie 343 Swander, Sharon Leslie 310 Swank, Bryan William 311 Swank, Dale Lee 331 Swank, Nancy Rae .. 457, 293 Swank, Tim Kessler 304 Swanson, Christine Adele 379 Swanson, Marilyn Jean . . 354 Swanson, Randolph Joe 332 Swanson, Robert William 240 Sweany, Joanna J. 471 Swedarsky, Sheldon R. 289 Sweitzer, Martha Helen 315, 249 Swelstad, Jack Alan.. 326, 248 Swickard, Jean Louise 366 Swim, Linda Alice 388 Swinney, David Allen .... 410 Swiontek, Nancy Marie .... 400 Swisher, Ann Michael 350 Swisher, Karen Louise 272 Switzer, Jane 431, 312 Switzer, Pamela Kay 386 Sysock, Christine 380 Sysock, Olga Anastasia 444, 224, 240, 381 Szabo, Dean Richard 324 Szabo, George Thomas 313 Szabo, Sandra Lee 221, 290, 248 Szajko, Lynnette Marie 354 Szarmach, Ray Lawrence 410 Szymanski, David 369

Terrill, Edward Albert .... 318 Terry, Mary Catherine .... 350 Terry, Raymond Lee 369, 174 Tetzloff, Sharon Kay 397 Tewalt, Charles Ray.. 323, 269 Teyber, Julie 381 Thacker, Sandra Kay 394 Thomas, Charles Allen . 271 Thomas, Charles David .... 316 Thomas, Charmianne E..... 354 Thomas, Diane Lee 349 Thomas, Gloria Jo 315 Thomas, J. David 316 Thomas, James Windle 457 Thomas, John Vincent

353, 235 Thomas, Jon Howard 334 Thomas, Joseph Dennis 304 Thomas, Karen Ann 310 Thomas, Linda Elizabeth 273, 381 Thomas, Michael Wayne 444 Thomas, Phyllis Ann 306 Thomas, Sharon Ruth 469, 272 Thomas, Sherri Lynn 444, 308 Thomas, Terri 296 Thomas, Virginia Marie 356 Thompson, Andrew R. 327 Thompson, Barbara Jo 321 Thompson, Carolyn Sue


379, 249 194 Thompson, Charles F. Thompson, David Edward 371 Thompson, Dennis Lee 327 457 Thompson, Diane P. Thompson, Donna Ruth 272 Thompson, Duane Arthur 401 Thompson, Floyd Oliver Jr 357 Thompson, Harold James 405 396 Thompson, Jane Ann 398 Thompson, Jane Carol 381 Thompson, Janet Thompson, John Henry 240 302 Thompson, John Reed Thompson, Karen Elise 282, 381 Thompson, Linda Diane 383 Thompson, Nancy Elaine 388 Thompson, Patricia Lynne 398 Thompson, Rebecca Jane 401 Thompson, Robert Leon 316 Thompson, Roger Layne ..328 Thompson, Stephen M. 444, 324 Thompson, Terry Gene 444, 271 469 Thompson, Terry Ray Thomson, Charles Emerson Jr. 227 Thomson, Craig Scott 311, 268 Thomson, Jean Carolyn 310 Thomson, Timothy N. 318, 220 Thopy, Robert Thomas 444, 302

:396 Thorbecke, Lyn Anette Thommn, Karen Irene 296, 250 332 Thorn, Peter Dean Thornberry, Irvan Merce 457 460 Thornburg, Carol Joyce 457 Thornburg, Mary Jill 322 Thorne, David Lee 395 Thornton, Linda Jean 349 Thorp, Susan Thorpe, Bonnie Louise H 300 409 Thrasher, Gerald R. Jr. 296 Thrasher, Gertrude Thunberg, Linda Alice 460, 342 471 Thurman, Margaret Tilford, Mary Katherine 310 472 Tillisch, Stanley R. Tillman, Catherine Gale 354 444 Tillotson, Don Glenn 258 Tillotson, Viola 354 Tilton, Mary Christine Timmons, Michael W. 314 294 Timmons, Terrill H. Timms, Marilyn Patricia 431 410 Timothy, James 325 Tinkel, Raymond Lee 457 Tinley, Hobart Ronald 371 Tipton, Thomas B. Titak, Jo Ann A. Placey 431, 349 Tittle, Robert Stewart 444 355 Todd, Carolyn Sue 396 Todd, Cheryl Lynn 329 Todd, James William

248 Todd, John 383 Todd, Joyce Ann Todd, Kenneth Gayle 314, 251 350 Todd, Marlene 348 Todd, Mary Louise 381 Todd, Patricia Kaye 431 Todd, Sandra Kay 300 Todhunter, Susan Jane 174 Tofil, Gary Joe Toivainen, William M. Jr 398 Tolbert, Glenna Gail 353, 356, 221, 249 Tolchinsky, Jean Doris 290 Toles, Leslie Kay .... 457, 308 379 Toll, Mary Ann 398 Tones, Candace 319 Tomchin, David Lahan Tomlin, Lynda Jo 431, 295, 236 312 Tomlin, Patricia Anne Tomlinson, Cathy Elizabeth 397 408 Toney, David Lee 444 Toomey, Paul Terry 431 Topham, Cheryl Lee 304 Topper, Stephen Paul Torcom, Marcia Lee 299, 251 302 Tosick, Michael J. 259 Toth, George 271 Toth, John 322 Toth, Mark Ernest 302 Totten, David Allen Tout, Rebecca Jane 383 Tower, Janet Kathleen 349

Townsend, Burt Allison 444, 322 467 Townsend, Charles W. Townsend, Clifford Mark 409 296 Townsend, Jo Ann 295 Townsend, Marcia C. Townsend, Oliver Kelly 431 282 Townsend, Valerie L. Townsend, William N. 268 407 Townsley, Darryl Lee 365 Trabue, Jeannette Tracy, Jeanette Kemp 342 290 Traeger, Roberta Dee 340 Trail, Judith Priscilla 467 Trainer, Tom F. 223 Trais, Dianne Janeen 431 Trapane, Roseann 333 Trapp, Michael Graf 404 Trask, David John Trasoff, Nina Abby 290, 222, 266 345 Travis, Terry Michael 308 Traylor, Sozy Trebing, Randel Edward Jr. 370 Treffinger, Gregg Alan 404 467 Trent, Robert 431, 310 Trent, Sandra Trester, Larry Dawson .... 444 Trethewey, Thomas G. 191, 332, 231 Trevor, Judith Ann 382 Trinkle, Gary Glendon 346 Tristano, Rosemary Ann 351

Traeger, Sandra C. :321, 247 Trombley, Marcus Edward 314 396 Troppe, Muriel Renee Trotter, Stephen David 431 469 Trout, Phyllis Audine Troutman, Marigene Anne 393 Troxel, Steven Charles 302, 268 Troy, Dennis Arthur 444, 203 394 Troy, Jane Chowning Trueb, Linda Kathleen 351 Trueblood, Richard Lee 411 258 Truelove, Karen Trueman, Michael Ray 457, 416 410 Truett, Carl Franklin Tryon, Michael Eugene 406 431, 293 Tschmel, Louise Tsoutsouris, George V. .... 431 471 Tucker, Judith 388 Tucker, Laura Lee Tucker, Marcia Jane 444, 308, 236, 388 Tucker, Michael Denton 432, 286, 248 Tucker, Michael Wayne 324, 250 471 Tucker, Tayna 471 Tudor, Betty 348 Tudor, Carolyn Sue 374 Tuhy, Richard Allen Tully, Frank Edgar Jr. . 432 Tully, Richard Bennett . 375 334 Tunis, Gregory Len

290 Tureen, Lesley Joan 387 Turley, Priscilla Turner, Edward II. Jr. 444 Turner, Jane Anne .. 432, 301 444 Turner, Judith Louise 299 Turner, Judy Marlene 432 Turner, Mary R. Turner, Pamela Jayne 432, 299, 243, 236 Turner, Robert 409 Turner, Robert Wayne 457 Turner, Woodrow W. 325, 268 Turpen, Larry Wayne 186, 286, 275 Turpin, Karen Eileen 348 Tuszynski, Richard Carl 432 Tuttle, Jayne Ann 315 Tuttle, Lawrence Eugene 275, 374 Twyman, Sara Benenah 308 Tyk, Janice Ann 321, 227 Tyler, Deana Kaye 457 Tyler, Linda Louise 341 Tyler, Trudence Nadine 432, 306 Tylisz, Patricia F. 432, 299, 247 Tyner, Karen Louise 351 Tzinberg, Wendy Rae 383

259 Uchimura, Sharon Udowski, Madeline Rose 273 367 Uhrig, Carol Ann 296 Uland, Beth Ann Ulrey, Mark Stuart .... 302, 251

351, 248 Ulrich, Maryanne 405 Umbaugh, Terry Lynn Underhill, William Alan . 332 341 Underwood, Eileen 348 Unger, Joyce Lynn

322 Unger, Thomas Kent Ungerer, Richard Alan 444, 328, 249 257 Unrue, Judith Upward, Janie Arlyce

308, 237, 228, 266 Urbahns, John Bruce 2nd 297, 251 463 Urdal, Ronald Thomas Urick, Robert Kenneth .... 458

Urse, Stephen W. 2nd 432, 304, 226 Uskert, Lorraine Julie 241, 394 Utley, William A..... 191, 328 Utterback, Carol Ann

308, 247 Utterback, William Noble 324 294 Uttinger, Terry Lynn tilde, Roger 248

307 Vacoby, Dan 226 Valentine, Michael L. Valentine, Patrick James 322 Valentine, Richard W. 444 375 Vallmer, Charles Van Atta, Jeanne Cain 288 Van Curen, Barbara Ann 382 Van Den Bosch, Roberta 310 Van Gelder, Karon Coles 398 Van Gilder, Martha Ann 383 329 Van Heldorf, Harry Van Hook, James Clinton 432 294 Van Horn, Peter Van Houtdreve, Karen Marie 395 Van Huss, Donna Lou 458 Van Manen, Bonnie June 458 Van Meter, Dwayne R. 460 388 Van Overbeke, Ellen Van Pelt, Robert C. 174, 231

Van Sickle, Judith Ann 445, 288 Van Tyle, Steven Robert 314 432 Van Valer, Pat Kip 472 Van Winkle, James E. Vanasek, James George 432 471 Vance, Judith 301 Vance, Kay Ann 312, 272 Vance, Mary 230 Vance, Russell 383 Vance, Sharon Kay Vancil, Larry David 458 Vandenbark, James A. . 209 Vandenbark, Thomas E. 325, 226, 269 Vandenuark, Eileen Kay 469, 298, 243, 265 Vanderplough, John Robert 411 Vandeventer, Nancy E. .... 288

Vandoski, Joseph E. Jr. .._ :3:31 303 Vane, Gregg Allen Vangilder, Nichola Lea 282, 381 366, 241 Vargo, Rosemary Vaslow, Karen Marice 396 358 Don Henry \Titter, 432 Vaughan, Mary Alice 355 Vaughan, Mary Susan 332 Vaughan, Peter Roy Vaughn, James Gerrard 406 Vaughn, Laurel 288, 224 301 Vaughn, Sharon Kay Vaughn, Steve Allen 376 Vavrek, Janet Louise 458 Vdowski, Madeline 386 Vea, Kristen 432, 310 Veith, Shirley Kay 321 Velte, Karen Sue 293 399 Vendes, Ruth Ellen

Venezia, Barbara Jean 432, 295, 27:3, 250 Vergin, James Roy .. 328, 240 315 Verhoeven, Jean E. 174 Verlihay, Frank T. 331 Vermilya, William Ray 231 Vernack, Tira Vernick, Victor Eugene 305, 268 Vernier, Terry Paul.. 432, 220 Verstraete, Maurice M. 445 467 Vesey, William 328 Vesh, Anthony Frank 370 Vest, James Edward Jr 291 Vest, Nella Jeanne 370 Vest, William Benton Veysey, Catherine Ann 386 287 Vickery, Mark Austin Viera, Juanita R. . 350, 260 293 Villwock, Mary Ann

Vincent, Brenta Louise .... 387 Vincent, Edith Marie 278, 279 259 Vincent, Joseph 460 Vincz, Ruth C. 469, 273 Vinters, Aija 445 Visitkitjakarn, Prakob 256 Visovatti, Kathleen 39:3 Vitello Patricia Ann Vlerebonle, Margaret Ann.. 393 Voelkel, Helen Sue .. 458, 386 Vogel, Harold Edward

Vogt, Kevin Henry .... 373, 374 Volk, Edward Richard .... 204 Von Burg, Richard Kirk .... 390 Von Tad, !tarry Paul M. :334, 231 231 Von Zon, David Voiles!), Patricia Jo.. 298, 250 Voorhis, William Alan 174 Voris, John Edward 297 367 Vorm, Kathy Votaw, David Maxwell 318 355 Vovrek, Janet Voynovi•h, Judith Ellen 296 240 Vroal, Ronald 393 Vrooman, Cheryl Gay 432 Vuynovi•h, Milan

311 Wachsmann, Philipp Wade, Barbara Elnore 308, 248 355 Wade, Lee Ann 369 Wade, Philip Bond Wade, Phyllis June.. 321, 268 472 Wade, Ronnie Dean 432 Wade, Sue Kay 391 Waechter, Thomas 257 Wagers, Barbara Wagner, Gary Michael 359 Wagner, John Addington 460 354 Wagner, Katy Lynn Wagner, Richard Allen 369 Wagoner, Dennis Edward 445, 408, 240 Wahlig, Steven Charles 405 Wainman, Perry Allen 432 Waizenhofer, Jayanne Louise 400 Wake, Judy Ann 458 Wakefield, Ina Rae 233 Walther, Susan 256, 257 Waldkoetter, Fred Dean .. 311 Waldman, Karen Lee 290 Waldo, Kay Dian 432 Waligora, Roger Joseph 360 Walke, Beverly Jane 355

458, 315 Walker, Anne 399 Walker, Barbara Jo Walker, Charles James 3rd 432 409 Walker, Danny Berne Walker, Donald Lee 445, 326, 302 467 Walker, G. Daly Walker, Linda Kay 321, 241 Walker, Max Wayne.. 185, 186 Walker, Richard Edison 445 Walker, Susan.. 260, 388, 381 Walker, Thomas Howard 353, 234 Walkup, Lynn Christine 386 Walkup, Robert Calvin 316 Wall, Barbara Ellen 356 Wallace, Bonnie Jean 399 Wallace, David Lee 411 Wallace, David Smith 314 Wallace, James 324 Wallace, Thomas Donald 302 463 Wallace, Victoria B. Wallgren, David William 328 Wallis, Marjorie Ellen 321 Walls, Charles A. 3rd 458, 249 Wallsmith, David Joseph 326 296 Walsh, Diane Lee

445 Walsh, James Patrick Walsh, Sharon Ann 299, 221, 248 432 Walston, Judith Fay Walter, Martin Jay .. 445, 305 386 Walter, Patricia Lynn 257 Waltermath, Carol Walters, Edward Charles 390 Walters, Nancy Jean 471, 256 Walters, Trent Jr. 460, 309, 174 Walther, Peter Charles 307 Waltman, Rodney Reed 406 397 Walton, Cheryl Elaine 388 Walton, Pamela Kay 287 Waits, Terence Allen Waltz, Judith Lynne 432 326 Waltz, Thomas Ray 400 Wampler, Alice Marie Warbington, Leo Carter 409 369 Warburton, Lynn Paul 325 Ward, Barney Thomas Ward, Gwendolyn .... 256, 257 37:3 Ward, Norman 381 Ward, Roberta Lee Ward, Sue Lynn Hall 445, 268 380 WardloW, Carol Sue

410 Ware, Randall Lou 432 Wargo, Donna Doreen 458 Warner, Ann Schell 386 Warner, Lisa Lynn Warner, Thomas Richard 329, 227 Warren, Claude M. Jr. 445, 302 310 Warren, Mary Anne 432 Warren, Richard Neil Warrick, Estelle Arleen 432 355 Warriner, Janis Kay Warrum, Ronald .... 463, 240 258 Warton, Pat Washington, Guy Fred 227 \Vassman, Mary Elizabeth 460 321 Wastjer, Diane 391 Waters, Dale Everett 467 Waters, George E. 247 Watkins, Donald D. 445 Watkins, John Ermal 366 Watkins, Judith Sharon 340 Watkins, Marcia Jean 289 Watkins, Marvin Scott Watkins, Sherry Lynne 458, 220 Watley, Leigh Ann



/0111171KUSII LIB AB'

3:34, 404

240 Vogel, James Arthur 400 Vogel, Janis Marie Vogel, Joseph Otto 432, 281, 264, 305, 248 Vogel, Marilyn Louise 471 386 Vogel, Nancy Louise 305 Vogel, Steven Iloward ҟ 358 Vogler, George Arthur

:315, 221, 248

325 Watson, James A. 388 Watson, Lou Eve Watson, Mark Andrew 3.32 Watson, Maryann .... 231, 381 Watson, Patricia \V. 432 Watson, Rebecca Sue 321 Watson, Robert Alson 407 325 Watt, Robert :342 Watts, Judith Jane Waxman, Diane Esther .. .351 Waxman, Kalvin Sheldon .. 458 Wayman, Mary Katherine.. 383 Wayts, Harriet Ellen 445, 296 \Vdowka, Carol Jeanne .... :393 Weakley, Thomas Joseph 445, 330 Weakley, William 269, 311 Weatherholt, Cheryl Lee.. 278 Weaver, Carol Jean 321, 2:32, 247, 266 Weaver, David Hugh 303, 279 Weaver, Julie Ann 351 Weaver, Larry Jordan 458 Weaver, R. \Vyatt Jr. 307 Weaver, Ralph Benton :358, 222, 227

355 Weaver, Sheryl Weaver, Warren Ingham .. 357 Webb, David Gerald 326 Webb, Kenneth Michael _ 191 366 Webb, Vivian Jo Weber, Frances Mary 350 Weber, Mark Robert 327, 223 Weber, Terence Colin 294 Webster, Ann Adele 300 Webster Ann Chaim 432 Webster, Daniel Robert 316 Webster, Melville J. 3rd 317 Wedding, Thomas C. 302 Waddington, Valerie Monette 340 Weddle, Carol Susan 432 Weddle, Charles 467 Weddle, Randall Jay 445, 209, 231 Weednian, Douglas Earl 401 Weeks, Joyce Lee 458 Weeks, Katha Lee 349 Weeks, Linda Kay 343 Weeks, Ralph H. 467 Weese, Gay Ann 367 Weimer, Dwight Lynn 405 \Veinier, Edward John 330

Weihmiller, Barbara Ann 315, 266 Weiler, Sarah Gretchen 300 Weiler, Susan Catherine 300 Weimer, Diane Mary 301 Weimer, James Stephen 458 445 Weimer, Jean Ruth Weimer, Robert Lewis 325 Weinberg, David Michael 359 Weinberger, Marvin Jay 289 Weinraub, Susan Kay 320, 283 Weinstein, Judy Ann 432, 320 Weinstein, Phyllis D. 320 Weinstock, Nancy Lynn .... 290 Weir, George 269, 409 Weir, Margaret Anne 432, 299 Weir, Mark Snyder 334 Weir, Mary Law 223 Weir, Patricia Ruth 397 Weirich, Warren William 333, 231, 271 Weisbrod, Sondra Alexis 315 Weisensteiner, Sandra E. 251 Weiser, John Milan 328 Weiskopf, Karen Roberta 278 Weisman, Ann 279 Weisman, Larry 124 Weisman, Kurt Frederick 329 Weisman, Neil Lewis 305, 268 Weisman, Roberta Carla 432, 290, 236 Weiss, Ira Steve 289 Weiss, Myron Lee 289 Weiss, Tom 279 Weissert, Jane Ruth 355 Weitgal, Carl 375 WeVony, Thomas Paul .. 324 Welch, John Sydney 375 Weldele, Michael Joseph 445 Weldy, Samuel Daniel 3rd 318 Wellington, John S... 332 199 Weliner, Jay Philip 319 Wells, Clark Paul 196 Wells, Dianne 458 Wells, Donald Charles .. 432 Wells, Donald Keith 294 Welsh, Douglas Randle 322 Welsh, Patrick Thomas ... 313 Wemlinger, Donald K. ... 311 Wenger, Bonnie Carlene 241 Wentland, Pamela Jean 386 Wenzel, Wayne 467 Werling, Cheryl Lee 274 Werner, Cheryl Ann 278 Werner, John Ralph 445 Werner, Ronald Joseph 334 Wernet, Norman L. 3rd 269 Wernimont, Sandra Lou 469, 348, 260, 270 Wertheimer, Donald E. 432, 305 Wertschnig, Charles Joseph 358 Wertz, Vici Harlene 349 Weshrook, Frederic Paul 286 Wesley, Donna Ruth 386 Wesley, James Edward 445, 326 Wesolowski, Dennis J. ... 432 Wessel, Carol 257 Wessel, Teresa Marie 458

Wesselman, Pamela Sue 298 Wesson, Allen B. .... 432, 241 Wesson, Renee Eleanor Roche 432 273 West, Barbara 268 West, Carol Marie 445 West, Gaylord Alan West, Martha Barbara 469 Westerman, Sandra Kay 399 406 Westfall, David Alan Westfall, Janet Claire 312, 247, 266 296 Westfall, Judith Myra 381 Westfall, Susan Jane 323 Weston, John Bartel Wetmore, John French 316, 230 354 Wetzel, Kathryn Louise Wexler, Mary Elizabeth 290, 260, 222 312 Weyls, Linda Jean Whaley, Cecil Hobert Jr 371 Whaley, David Fayette 324 Whaley, Jeffrey David 369 Wham, Robert 211 Wham, William Francis 211 460 Wharry, Alan F. Wheat, Robert Gregory 314 Wheatley, Jane Alice 299, 251 321 Wheaton, Mary Ann Wheaton, Susan Carol 432 Wheeler, Carol Ann 300 Wheeler, David Carroll 325 321 Wheeler, Evelyn Sylvia Wheeler, Marcy Ellen 267 Wheeler, Mary Jane 398 Wheeler, Michael Joseph 268 Wheelock, George H. 358 Wheelright, Richard Lee Jr. 369 Whetstone, James Jay 328 Wherly, Cindy 355 Whipple, Marti 301, 388 Whirledge, Jean Elise 381 Whitacre, Robert Neal 327 Whitcomb, Joanne Marie 381 White, Anna Laura .. 432, 250 White, Barbara Sue.. 310, 268 White, Cynthia Ann 223 White, Deborah Dee 177 White, Denis William 445 White, Dennis 375 White, Donald Robert 302 White, Edward Alexander 370 White, Glenn Stanton 432 White, Judith Ann.... 432, 292 White, Kathleen 256 White, Kathleen Chapman 295, 266 White, Kaye Suzanne 321 White, Marcia Louise 394 White, Nancy Sue .... 363, 365 White, Richard Lee 314 White, Rita Jan 348 White, Ronald Kent 323 410 White, Stephen Lane White, Susan Lee 394 White, Thomas David 294 White, Thomas Peterson 326 VVhiteleather, Jill Eleanor 393 Whiteside, Sara Ann 398 Whiteside, Saundra Gayle 366

Whitfield, Cynthia Ann 458, 177, 296, 247 Whitham, Kathleen Kay 223 Whitledge, Susan F. 234, 393 247 Whitlock, Eleanor Ann 394 Whitlo-ck, Stephanie Whitmire, Ann Elizabeth 321 376 Whitock, Mike 445 Whitsel, Frank John 363 Whitsitt, Rita Charlene Whitsitt, Samuel Porter 410 304 Whitsitt, Thomas Allen 342 Whitson, Carol Ann 400 Whitt, Virginia Ellen Whittaker, Jon Michael 445, 304 Whittehore, Kathryn Kevil 386 Whitten, Glenda Marlene 445, 365 405 Whitten, John Charles Whittinghill, Harriett 221, 312 Whittles, Sandra Jeanne .. 348 458 Wichmann, Ann M. Wichmann, Gerald Kurt 432 Wicker, Cynthia Jane 445, 321,267, 236 463 Wicker, Robert Joseph Wickerham, Gration Phillip 371 Wickes, John Francis Jr. 330 397 Wickham, Molly Wiedman, Timothy Donald 182 445 Wieggel, David Walter Wiegman, Russell F. 278, 279, 282 307 Wiehe, Philip James 247 Wiehmiller, Barb 397 Wielgos, Christine Ann 247 Wiener, Bruce Dennis Wiener, Michael Jay 373, 376 Wiesmiller, Walter Hill 445, 325, 247 297 Wiethoff, Richard Allen 334 Wiggam, Leland H. Jr. Wiggans, John Charles .... 409 432 Wiggins, Gary Dorman 410 Wilbur, Philip Wilchek, Claudia Marie 355 Wilcox, Howard Samuel Jr. 291 467 Wilcyznski, Joseph R. 355 Wilder, Connie Kay 286 Wildey, John Michael Wilds, Donald Ray 432, 405 445 Wiles, Charles Junior 445 Wiley, Ruth Anne Wilhelm, Carolyn Louise 308 Wilk, Douglas Robert 318, 268 471 Wilkes, Michele D. 400 Wilkie, Rebecca Ann 370 Wilkins, Michael Dean 394 Willard, Maryann Willeford, Eileen Marie 293, 224, 248 316 Willhite, Larry Gale William, Mary Kaye 256 Williams, Beverly Ann 383, 282 Williams, Caroline 256 Williams, Christina Sue 386 Williams, Constance Ann 445 Williams, Consuella Marie 397

Williams, Ellen Anne 432 Williams, Eric Stephen 332 Williams, Faye Annette 458, 273 Williams, Fred Grant 323 Williams, Frederick B. 304 Williams, Irvine Clay 460 Williams, James Scott 332 Williams, Johanna Ruth 349 Williams, Joyce Irene 393 Williams, Linda Jane 388 Williams, Millard LeRoy 345 Williams, Nathaniel H. 309 Williams Paul Joseph 203 Williams, Raelynn Ann 366 Williams, Richard 409 Williams, Ricky Craig 329 Williams, Robert Samuel 370 Williams, Steven Dale 432 Williams, Warren Keith 445, 369, 363 Williamson, Cheryl Sue 458, 293 Williamson, Nancy Arling 306 Williamson, Robert 191, 226 Williamson, Robert T. 318 Williford, Mary Kathleen 355 Willis, Arthur W. 467 Willis, Barbara Elaine 349 Willis, Jane Margaret 315, 227 Willis, Julia Ann 354 Willis, Nancy Lea 387 Willis, Susan Lorayne 432, 321 Willman, Joe 467 Wills, Birja 458 Wilson, Barbara Jane 460 Wilson, Cal Joshua 174 Wilson, Carmen Alana 291 Wilson, Carole Ann .. 445, 383 Wilson, Charles Brady 318 Wilson, Cheryl Ann 382 Wilson, Clarence Allen 309 Wilson, Curtis Lee 309 Wilson, Cynthia June 381 Wilson, Dianne Ellen 350 Wilson, Donald Eugene 411 Wilson, Donald Leon 467 Wilson, Donna Lee 398 Wilson, Edwin Anthony 191 Wilson, Frank Duane 333, 230 Wilson, George David 407 Wilson, Jack Stines 304 Wilson, Jeffery T. 445 Wilson, Johnny J. 411 Wilson, Kathleen 321 Wilson, Libby Ann 293 Wilson, Linda Kay 379 Wilson, Margaret Diane 301, 272 Wilson, Michael Harwood 370 Wilson, Richard Michael 432, 289 Wilson, Rita Faye 342 Wilson, Ronald Dean 410 Wilson, Stephen Lee 445 Wilson, Susan Ann 432, 310, 274 Wilson, Thomas David 307, 230 Wilson, Tracy Ann 387 Wilt, Terry Westbrook 445

Wiltsie, Stephen Lee 230, 404 Wince, Michael Hamilton 329 Winckelbach, J. Karl 432, 248 311 Winder, Gary Donavan Windle, Robert George 191, 328 Winemiller, James D. 445 Wingham, Kenneth Ray 445, 304 Wingrove, Margaret Elsie 355 Winheim, Cynthia Jean 356 Winship, Barbara Jean 469, 298, 236 Winslow, Martha Ellen 383 Wintermantel, Karen Lee 248 Winters, Gene Leroy 371 Winters, Margot Ann 367 Winters, Roger Lee 432, 345 Winthrop, Mary Kathryn 310 Winzenread, Ellen Marie 397 432 Wire, Barbara Louise Wirick, Patricia Kaye 396 Wirtz, Carolyn Ann 432 Wisely, Dorothy Susan 308, 266, 247 Wiseman, Jean Anne 382 Wiseman, John Max 405 Wiseman, Jon William 458 Wiseman, Robert Myron 304 Wisker, Anthony James 432 Wisler, Dorothy L. 471 Wissel, Diane Kae 385 Wissing, Betty C. 471 Wissmiller, Janet L. 298 Witmer, Sharon Lee 458, 241 Witmer, Wayne Lowell 432, 204, 247, 231 374 Witte, Edwin Carl Witte, Karen Sue 349 Wittig, Beatrice Regina 386 Witucki, Barbara Ann 367 Woehler, Byron Michael .A08 Wojtowicz, John Paul 432 Wolf, Donna Louise 301, 273 Wolf, Fred Clifton 304 Wolf, Linda Diane 380 Wolf, Margaret Elaine 349, 266, 273 Wolf, Rebecca Lou 432 Wolf, Susan Hantz 396 Wolfe, Claude Roland 463 Wolfe, Lynn F. 363 Wolford, James Michael 432, 311, 226 Wolin, Barbara Joy 290 Wolk, Ira Abel 268 Wollar, Lorraine Jean 241, 394 Wood, Charles Michael 404 Wood, James Joseph 302 Wood, James L. 313 Wood, James Rodger 404 Wood, Jane Denison 399 Wood, Martha Laine 365 Wood, Richard Jay 432 Wood, Walter Richard 403, 405 Woodall, James Lee 405 Woodburn, Mary Jean 266 Woodhurne, Susan Claire 312 Woodlock, Patricia Ann 432, 349 Woodress, Marsha Irene

393, 273 Woodrow, Lynda Diane 282, 381 Woodruff, Paul Edward 369 Woodruff, Sheryl Ann 432, 310 Woods, Charles Michael 316 316 Woods, James William 341 Woods, Jennie Lee Woods, Linda Katheryn 296 Woods, Reginald Willie 460 Woodward, Bobby Joe 328 Woodward, George Baird 445, 363, 369, 220 Woodworth, Susan C. 234, 248 380 Woolery, Jan Woolsey, Dee Daphne 398 390 Woolsey, Jerry Alan 297 Woolums, Terry Lee 249 Woosnam, Ginny 328 Worden, Pete William 355 Workman, Sue Anne Worl, Diane Todd 308 Worland, Robert Eugene 311 Worley, Mary Elizabeth 458, 301 Wortman, Marilyn Sue 321 471 Worton, Patricia M. Wotring, Glenn Eugene .. 432 Woytinek, John M. Jr. 274 Wray, Mary Diane .... 221, 249 Wrege, William Thomas 332 Wright, Andrew Harold 286, 248 301 Wright, Carole Lynn Wright, David Allen 322 Wright, Donita Kay 382 300 Wright, Jacklyn Rae 458 Wright, Jill Jeannine 324 Wright John Ross Wright, Kathleen D. 458, 298 Wright, Linda Marie 386 Wright, Luanne 356 Wright, Martha 394 Wright, Maurice Edwin 458, 407 Wright, Sarah Catherine 396 Wright, Suzanne 365 Wright, Thomas Peck 445, 243, 247 Wright, Tomas Everette 304 Wring, Gary Wayne 326 Writer, Janet Ruth 221, 266, 247 Wrobleuski, Marsha M. 432 Wruble, Donald Joseph 369' Wu, Jacob Chiu Yuen 275, 375 Wucher, Mary Ann. 315, 266 Wuensch, Phillip Edward 401 Wukovits, Mary Frances 365 Wulf, Sharon 257 Wyatt, Robert Duff.. 269, 248 Wykoff, Pamela Rose 388 Wyland, Harold Loyd 318 Wyndham, Eric Leslie .... 302 Wynn, Virginia Jane 458, 315 Wynne, David Dudley .... 374 Wyno, Mary 256

Young, John Howard 194 Young, Linda Lee 382 Young, Michael P. .. 304, 268 Young, Norma Alicia 379 Young, Robert Fred .. 432, 275 Young, Steven Robert 332 Young, Sylvia Ann 432 Yudkin, Franklin S.

432, 319, 250 Yule, Roger Hilton .. 446, 324 Yuska, Samuel Rayman .... 318

Zinn, Warren James 357 Ziolek, John Joseph 345 Zirkle, Raymond Douglas 322, 269 Zitrin, Roger Neiss 409 Zohn, Martin Steven 305, 223 Zoll, Debby 320 Zoll, Richard David.. 324, 174 174 Zoll, Robert Walter Zollman, Wally 318 Zook, Phillip Martin 286

Zubkoff, Ronald 446, 319, 240 Zukowski, James John 432, 249 Zumwalt, Barbara Kay 469, 292 Zuroff, Elaine Toby 320, 278, 274, 250 Zwierzynski, Suann Lesley 365 Zygmont, Gerald S. 330 Zylman, Dennis Lee 318

Y Yahnke, David 467 Yang, James P. 467 312, 249 Yanney, Marian Yarborough, Richard 403, 406 Yarling, Linda Ann 292, 273 Yates, Daniel E. 390 Yates, John David 410 Yazumbek, Sharon Ann 349

Yeager, Roy Robert Yeley, David Robert 269, Yellen, Michael Jay .. 432, Yentes, Clifford Herbert .. Yeoman, Paul Andrew Yermack, Tira Yeskie, Douglas Robert Yocum, William Stone ....

240 405 319 370 302 268 316 311

Yoder, Frank Wallace Yoder, Richard 0. Yoder, Sally Yoder, Sara Gale Yoder, Susan Virginia York, Alvin Robert.. 445, York, Fredrick Yosha, Howard

327 331 273 458 350 249 268 305

Yost, Janice Allene 299, 177, 221, 266, 272, Young, Bruce H. .... 294, Young, D. Ellen 432, Young, David Allen Young, David Stephen . Young, James William . Young, Jere Kay

Zabban, Sharon Yvonne 363, 365 241 Zadra, Marjorie Lynn Zaharias, Ann 256 Zaidler, Laura Frances 290 Zaidner, Marvin 410 446 Zale, Bernard Allen Zaltsherg, Hal Stephen 369 Zarfney, Lemuel P. 278, 279, 282 Zarobsky, Joyce Ann 394

Zechiel, James Alan Zeck, Craig Alan Zeckel, Cynthia Ann Zeiger, Nancy Elaine Zeimis, Paula Rae Zeiss, Dorothy Jane Zelenke, Dennis Paul Zeller, Charles Leroy Zellers, Judy Zellers, Robert Michael 458,

307. 345 366 306 396 396 406 304 258

Zeman, Anne Ellen 380 Zenor, Richard M. 446 Zeronik, Charlene Ann 348 Zerr, Mary Josephine 395 Zeschke, Janet Anne 321 Zewen, Nancy Lee 471 Ziegler, Ken Maurice 390 432, 289 Ziemelis, Andris 344 Ziemer, Paul Steven Zience, John Alan 322 Zienin, Paul Walter.. 446, 390

Ziering, Jamela Ziessman, Harvey Ziliak, Jerome Lee Zimmer, Anita Marie Zimmer, Linda Joan Zimmerman, Bonnie Sue .. Zimmerman, Richard G. 446, 305, Zimmerman, Elfriede Zink, John William Zinman, Ira Barry


247 249 293 446 271 411 240

458 432 294 395 395 393 240 356 344 222




These last two pages are full of "in" references fc for that last far-right column, which everyone wh fit on his bookshelf should read.


It's too bad yearbooks aren't dedicated to anyone any more. In the good old days, an annual wasn't complete unless it was consecrated to the memory of a beloved instructor, or true friend, or source of inspiration, or even a favorite janitor. But those days are past. Nowadays it's terribly far "out" to dedicate a hook. It's just not the suave thing to do at all. Since this hook has struggled to be, above all, suave, I would be the last person to fall into the snare and dedicate it. But if I were to dedicate it, I think I would dedicate it to ( a ) Prof. Gretchen Kemp, who started me on the path I have trod and now must surely think she has created a Frankenstein, and ( b ) Noreve Cornea, who acquired the secret power to cloud men's minds during her youth in the mystic Region, and either hypnotised or browbeat me into going through with this whole project. But since to dedicate this forward-thinking book would be to completely blow whatever cool I have, I just couldn't do it, could I?

In the process of wrapping up a book this big, there are several things that must be said and many people to be thanked. If you aren't really interested, why don't you skip these next two columns and go browse in that last one on the far right. If you're still with me, please hold your applause till the end of this column while I thank Bill Tennell of Bloomington for doing the group photography, Owen Roberts of Roberts' Studio, Bedford, for the senior pictures, and Joe Orban of the ATO house for the queens section art. I also thank Charles Gailis for doing a heck of a lot of lab work when we needed it most. So much for the pictures in the book. For the words, I would like to thank Prof. John Stempel, adviser to the 1966 ARBUTUS and inventor of the English language, and I respectfully request that he notice that not once has any of us used "approximately" when "about" would do. I would also like to thank my collaborator, Joel McNally, who shares responsibility for much of the opening section. My thanks to Prof. Gretchen Kemp for her good advice concerning the hook's 11 by 11-inch format. She begged me not to do it. Gratitude to North State Press' Clarence Klosky, who never once lost his temper. Let's give them all a big hand.

aff members and yearbook people in general, except aid $6.12 for this book only to find that it wouldn't

For the record: The 1966 ARBUTUS was printed by North State Press of Hammond, Ind., on a two-color offset press. Headlines are set in 30 point Weiss Roman Bold, and body copy is Caledonia, either 10 on 11 or 8 point set solid. The book was printed on 80 lb. Prentice enamel velvet finish. The cover was manufactured by the S. K. Smith Co. of Chicago and the book was bound by Rand-McNally in Hammond. Most of the pictures were taken with cameras and the copy was edited with lead pencils. Chicken soup was by Mother Goldstein.

Yes, I know it's not the same size as the rest of them. They were 9 by 12. This one is 11 by 11. If that really bothers you, I'm sorry. But why should a picture book be shaped like; a novel? I hope you'll go back through it again ( and again and again ) and notice that it's different in other ways, too. We of the 1966 ARBUTUS staff have tried to make this a book that is literally the story of your life — if you were a student at I.U. this year. These two things — you and the year — have been our concern throughout this book. This has been a year with many things in many areas going for it, from protesting U.S. involvement in Viet Nam to electing Suzi Harrison Homecoming Queen, from the opening of Briscoe and Forest and Poplars to the lowering of the offcampus housing age limit, from poetry by Allen Ginsburg to words from Richard Nixon. It's been that kind of year for you. We've tried to tell your story. David DeJean and the staff of the 1966 ARBUTUS