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What is your head worth

As the saying goes: „If you have a ten-dollar head, you buy a ten-dollar helmet‘‘. It just states that an Arai helmet is not expensive, it costs a lot of money but for a lot of helmet performance.

Perfect design

Attractive design and graphics do nothing for helmet performance, but do make every Arai helmet stand out in the crowd thanks to our talented top-designers. Unique designs are one of the Arai trademarks.

Sunvisor without compromise

Integrated sun visors seriously weaken the integrity of any helmet. By situating the sun visor outside the helmet, Arai combines the advantages of a sun visor without weakening the impact absorption capacity.

Form follows function

Extraordinary, extreme helmet shapes may offer a fashionable look, they do nothing for helmet performance. Arai smooth outer shell is able to glance off objects what edgy shells can’t.

The same helmet for professionals and you

Arai doesn’t make different helmets for racers. They use the same helmet you and I can buy at any Arai dealer. And why should a racers head be worth more than yours?

Hard outer shell, soft inner shell

Arai uses a very hard and strong outer shell, with an extremely comfortable soft inner shell. The hardouter shell distributes impact forces and prevents penetration. The inner shell absorbs remaining impact energy.

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100% Handmade

Each Arai helmet is 100% handmade by our dedicated craftsmen. It can take up to five years of working experience before a worker can make outer shells. We care, because we are riders ourselves.

Perfect weight distribution

The balance and weight distribution of a helmet is much more important than the weight alone. Arai’s perfect weight distribution loads the spine in such a way that the weight isn’t noticed at all.

Long-term comfort

Arai helmets offer all-day comfort. Even after many hours in the saddle, the fit, comfort and ventilation is so excellent that you hardly notice wearing a helmet.


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MotoGP - Maverick Viñales - Arai RX-7V

Arai helmets are known for their perfect fit. And in the rare occasions that the standard helmet doesn’t offer a perfect fit right out of the box, every helmet can be tailor fitted thanks to wide choice of (peel off) interior parts.


You must try an Arai helmet to discover the amazing Arai comfort. That is why Arai offers „Try before you buy‘‘ fitting helmets. Experience the Arai difference yourself and discover that there really is a difference.

Effective ventilation system

Much of the famous Arai comfort is due to the excellent ventilation system. It not only supplies plenty of demisting fresh air, but excels in removing hot, damp air out of the interior very effectively.

Best field of vision

For any full-face helmet, the field of vision is a determing factor. Arai helmets offer a wider field of vision, important when looking over your shoulder when overtaking or looking far ‘into‘ the bend both on track and street.

Emergency Release System

Taking the helmet of an injured or even unconscious rider may cause collateral physical damage because of the struggle needed to get the helmet off. With Arai’s Emergency Release System cheek pads can be removed by rescue staff in seconds, making helmet removal much easier.

Excellent aerodynamics

Our “Free Flow System‘‘, integrated chin spoiler, compact outer shells, smooth outer shell, diffuser ventilation and advanced ducts and outlets all add up to an aerodynamical optimized helmet.


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Arai 15 Features Flyer (English)  

Arai 15 Features Flyer (English)

Arai 15 Features Flyer (English)  

Arai 15 Features Flyer (English)