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First of all... Bahrain Confidential’s May issue is special as we celebrate not only the much-awaited summer but also Eid Al Fitr. With that in mind, we have featured ideas on how to spend this season. From interesting retreats to mouthwatering eats, we’ve got you covered!

Eid Mubarak and have a great summer!

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MAY 2021 Issue 219

10 14 10 Hair and Makeup Trends for this Summer


Features and Interviews


10 Hair and Makeup Trends for this Summer


Interview: V Designs Founder, Valeria Vidal


Interview: The Merchant House General Manager, Justin Kim


Living in Luxury: Fontana Infinity


Bossman: Interview with Abdulla Ahmed



Eid Excursions


Eid at Elite


My Café: Oud Nights Review

Interview: V Designs Founder, Valeria Vidal



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10 10 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

From bold eyes to multidimensional hair colour, here are some ideas that will help you switch up your look for summer! Bonus: we’ve also recommended a great place where you can get them done in Bahrain!

Hair and Makeup Trends that You Should Totally Go for this Summer!


Bold eyes Bold and colourful eye makeup has only gotten more hype since last year – especially now that we’re wearing masks. Match your mood with different colours and shades this summer!

Strong brows

New Pixie

Fuller brows are on this year! This is the time to finally grow out your eyebrows – filled in and defined brows are the way to go. If you're already blessed with ample brow hair, a brow mascara is your go-to for a dense, contoured look.

2021’s take on the new pixie is either super short or just a bit longer than normal. There is no in-between! This look is perfect if you want to sport a lowmaintenance cut.

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 11


Return of layers Need a haircut but feeling totally unsure? We get it – especially in the middle of a pandemic – and we've been there. That is, until we rediscovered the magical powers of layering!

Fresh skin Embrace the skin you’re in! Ditching heavy foundations and concealers is also a thing right now. Most people are going in for skin treatments to help their skin look fresh without makeup.

Epic eyeliner This is the time to play with your eye makeup like never before. Look to the eyeliner trends of the '70s for your summer inspiration. You can experiment with colours; from earthy tones to vibrant ones.

12 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Glossy lips There's a reason why the phrase "everything old is new again" has stood the test of time. Just like the late 90s and early 00s, glossy lips are making a comeback and are staying to make you shine!


Instagram waves Tumbling, shiny, and purposeful waves aren't going anywhere, and we are here for it! Take a pick from these looks and have them made by Joz Salon & Spa! They offer a wide range of services and treatments for hair, nails, skin and body. The salon teams include the best-trained stylists, designers and colourists. Meanwhile, the spa team includes highly specialized technicians, aestheticians and massage therapists who understand the relationship between physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Multi-dimensional colour

Blunt cuts

Subtle variations in tone will be a huge trend, adding a multi-dimensional effect to everyday hair. Quick jags of color wherever you – or your colorist – see fit can be a welcome injection of fun into otherwise plain hair tones.

Want to try a new short haircut? Release your inner ‘biker babe’ by choosing a blunt cut!

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 13


Supporting Local Craftsmanship Bahrain Confidential interviews V Designs’ Founder, Valeria Vidal.

14 Bahrain Confidential April 2021


I am a very minimalist person in my way of life. I have always aimed to encourage sustainable businesses and support local communities whenever possible.


n a world filled with fast fashion and design, there is a rising demand for initiatives that communicate and uphold a deeper connection to our local roots – objects that bring value to both the creators, craftsmen, and users – over and above a price tag. Just recently, we discovered V Designs, a Bahrain-based brand that features aesthetically-pleasing products made by local artisans. We had a conversation with Valeria Vidal, the founder of V Designs to know more about her creative process, the craftsmen she’s working with and more exciting news! Please introduce yourself. What inspired you to create V Designs? I was born in France and studied interior design in Montreal, Canada. I worked in retail architecture and design for 10 years; first in Paris for Louis Vuitton and then in Montreal for Aldo. When I moved to Bahrain four years ago with my family, my first interest was to know more about the local culture and crafts available here. I met with local artisans, immersed in their culture and created a friendly relationship with them. I have always been in awe of traditional crafts passed from generation to generation. Eight months ago, I decided I wanted to develop a project of my own. I started to design modern minimalist objects for the home, handmade here in Bahrain by skilled artisans. This was how V Designs was born.

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 15


Fench Tote bag

Where do you pull your creative inspiration for your designs? I get inspired by the land, the sea, the island life – I was born on an island where it was warm and sunny all year long so I feel like it’s in my DNA. Moreover, I am a very minimalist person in my way of life. I have always aimed to encourage sustainable businesses and support local communities whenever possible. The slow fashion and design movement really speak to me. As a designer, I always find beauty in clean lines, pure forms, neutral decor, earth tones and this is reflected in my designs. Nobody puts it better than the architect Mies Van der Rohe: ‘’Less is more’’ and this is what I live by.

I believe my customers understand how important it is to support local men and women especially during uncertain times like today. I see great potential in local craftsmanship and enjoy bringing it to life with a modern minimalist touch. You’ve mentioned that your products are handmade by local craftsmen and women. Tell us something more about this. I work and search for local artisans that are passionate and open about change. I believe that Bahrain’s cultural heritage must be cherished and valued.

We’ve seen that your brand is already establishing a mark locally. What makes it stand out from the saturated market in Bahrain? Although V Designs has only been out there for a few months, I was really thrilled to see that my designs were appreciated by some of my peers in the region who I really respect and look up to.

One of the first to believe in my project was Hussain, an incredibly skilled potter from Aali. We were the perfect match as we knew and worked with each other long before V Designs existed. He understood my vision; even if he found me a little excessive sometimes with my attention to detail, he has been my number one support. V Designs would not be the same if it wasn’t for him so it was only natural that I start my project with pottery pieces. I am also working with a palm weaver at the moment and just love seeing my designs come to life!

At first, I was only doing this for me – to get back in touch with my creative side – but I quickly realised that there was a market for more modern minimalist lines, made by hand here in Bahrain.

Where do you see V Designs in the next 5 years? That’s a tricky question, I feel the brand already developed greatly in only 5 months. In 5 years, I

16 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Feature would love to be able to reach new customers beyond Bahrain, export our pieces to new shops around the Middle East, and let the world see what Bahrain is made of. I started with pottery and basket weaving but I would love to explore new mediums, find some new skilled artisans in the region to work with and expand. What is the best piece of advice to give someone who wants to start their own business? It’s very cliché but “believe in yourself and stick to your vision”. If you believe you have something to share, then just go for it and don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t take yourself too seriously in the process and have fun doing what feels right by your values and vision. And last thing but not least, be kind, always. Is there any exciting news that you would like to share with our readers? Yes! I am very excited to launch a French tote bag after Eid. I started with pottery (working with clay and terracotta) but I’ve been exploring palm weaving for a while. The tote bag was inspired by my childhood summers in France. The bags are 100% handmade in Bahrain, hand-woven by skilled Bahraini women and embellished with leather straps by a local leatherworker. It’s my everyday go to piece in summer! How can our readers purchase your products? Customers can view our full range of products, get in touch with me, ask questions or comments through V Designs’ Instagram page. The vases are available in store at the following branches and as of July, I am aiming to have all products available in stores only. • Qalat al Bahrain gift shop, where you can get some coffee with a view from Green Bar café and shop local pieces alongside ours. • Singapore Flowers in Adliya has many of my vases and you can customize them with any flower arrangement. Available in store and online. n


Bahrain Confidential May 2021 17


Surpassing Expectations Interview: Justin Kim, General Manager at The Merchant House

18 Bahrain Confidential May 2021


ust recently, we interviewed The Merchant House’s General Manager, Justin Kim, to know more about his thoughts on working for the luxury hospitality industry, exciting news about the boutique hotel and more!

What drew you to working for the luxury hospitality industry? I have been always fascinated by the luxury segment in the hospitality industry as there are fine details to appreciate the guests wants, needs and expectations. And lots of these elements could be learnt only from the experiences as well as through continuous on-going training to wow our guests effectively yet in a timely manner.

Feature your principles in running The Merchant House? Our service philosophy at The Merchant House is “intuitively personalised and intelligently attentive services”. We treat each guest differently to curate a personalised service for them so that we are there when they need us while we provide all privacy otherwise. Is there a motto/quote that you live by? I believe in the law of attraction that positivity attracts more positivities and I live by a self-discipline ethos saying to myself that “I can do better” than yesterday, last time, last year, today, etc.

Justin Kim

My favourite thing to do in life is to explore different cultures, histories, eateries, and what’s hot in the industry out there through travel.

You’ve travelled to a lot of places during your course of work. What would you say stands out in Bahrain compared to other places? I have worked in 8 different countries and travelled to 48 countries during the last 25 years. Bahrain as a country has a number of unique aspects. The historical and cultural abundance, liberal culture and diverse community in between expats and locals make foreigners consider the island as their second home. Most importantly, the working environment here focuses on wellbeing.

How do you unplug yourself from work? My favourite thing to do in life is to explore different cultures, histories, eateries, and what’s hot in the industry out there through travel – but this has been difficult for everyone at the moment. On a daily basis, I workout, run, practice yoga, dance and sing once in a while. Name 5 things that make The Merchant House stand out. • Understated luxury ambience and products • Mesmerising food and beverage offers based on quality ingredients • Stronger engagements with local talents and communities • Go-Greener activities throughout the premise • Last but not least, our service philosophy, “intuitively personalised and intelligently attentive services” Is there any exciting news that you’d like to share to our readers? Along with our current Iftar offers, we have a very exciting new summer menu and revamped brunch menu, right after Eid. We will also be launching a private membership club, called “TMH The Club” only to selected and invited members this year. n

How have your experiences in working at some of the most sought-after places in the world shaped

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 19


Living in Luxury Experience a resort-style home at Fontana Infinity.


ooking for a refined blend of luxury and comfort in a new home? The resort-style Fontana Infinity is an ideal option for you! The largest and new addition of the Fontana series offers a modern luxury lifestyle in the heart of Juffair. Its exceptional and dynamic design is the result of decades of experience in the fields of architecture, interior and landscape design. The space separating the two towers includes a tropical oasis of green gardens, a lazy river and an artificial beach, in addition to the largest leisure swimming pool in Bahrain within the towers. Fontana Infinity also has a fully equipped gym with the latest sports equipment and an air-conditioned indoor sports hall. Moreover, the high-rise towers offer a unique club with a multipurpose hall great for private events. The area also has a cinema hall, a video game hall, indoor and outdoor areas for children, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools with temperature control systems.

20 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Feature The real innovation is represented through the interior designs of the units that mix various modern and contemporary designs. The rooms are characterized by their innovative designs with elegant details. The living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are fitted with the latest practical storage solutions and modern electronic equipment with artistic touches that reflect luxury and modernity. The two 45-storey towers, located on Prince Saud Al-Faisal Street in the new Juffair area, contain 850 residential units, with nearly 70% enjoying a stunning seafront view.

The real innovation is represented through the interior designs of the units that mix various modern and contemporary designs.

The latest system in cooling highrise buildings, the Chiller’s system, characterized by high efficiency and low electricity consumption, is installed in the buildings, leading to reduced utility bill by up to 40%, which contributes to achieving the sustainability goals in the real estate sector of the Kingdom. n For any further inquiries, call +973 1600 0061 or visit www.royalambassadorbh.com/luxuryproperty/fontana-infinity

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 21


The Bossman Do you still remember Abdulla Ahmed, the founder of Posters Bahrain? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you… Abdulla along with his business partner, Yousif Alaskari, are currently working on a restaurant concept that will soon be launched on the island!

22 Bahrain Confidential May 2021



our restaurant concept, The Bossman, seems to be very bold. What was the inspiration behind it? The Bossman story all begins with the entrepreneur lifestyle. This restaurant is dedicated to those people who work hard, night and day to achieve success. Whether it is hustling at their jobs, building their own business empires, or simply striving the better things in life, every hustler deserves to be rewarded at the end of the day. And what better place to enjoy and reward yourself than The Bossman? Can you describe what the Bossman experience is? The Bossman experience is one-of-akind as the moment you walk inside the restaurant; you will feel like a boss. You will be treated as a boss and you will instantly feel the energy and positive vibes of the place which I am sure will be a very enjoyable experience for every customer. Above that, you will have the hustler’s sensuality and environment as you will find many motivational and inspirational quotes within the design of the restaurant. And we want our customers to remember to always “KEEP IT BO$$”.

The Bossman experience is oneof-a-kind as the moment you walk inside the restaurant; you will feel like a boss.

What does the restaurant’s menu specialize in? The Bossman will specialize in serving high quality juicy gourmet burgers mainly but that does not stop there! There will be delicious menu for appetizers and mini bites to share with friends or family. Moreover, we have not forgotten the healthy food crowd as we will offer unique salads and there will be some vegan friendly burgers and the customers will have the option to customize their own burgers by choosing everything from the bun type, sauces, meat, and veggies! Last but not least, there will be a fancy beverage and coffee menu with some delicious desserts selections to enjoy. The menu has been developed by the assistance of the professional F&B consulting firm “KAI HOSPITALITY EXPERTS” whom have worked with major F&B projects such as Angelina Paris, IRIS Bar & Lounge, and My Café restaurant.

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 23


The Bossman shall be launched in summer 2021 most probably in July-August and we assure you that it will be a grand opening.

Yousif Alaskari

There are already loads of restaurant concepts in Bahrain, why are you still venturing into this industry? There was a lot of risk venturing into this industry as there is a heavy competition in the Bahraini market with many restaurants having their own unique concepts. But after conducting a market research and figuring what the youth market demands especially in the Seef District area, it was decided to go ahead with The Bossman project as the concept is very ideal to where the location of the restaurant is at being surrounded by work offices nearby. What challenges have you experienced while coming up with this new concept? As this is our first F&B project to take on,

24 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

we have faced many challenges along the way. One of the main challenges is setting up the recipes, right menu and the right team from waiters to the head chef. We managed to overcome these challenges with the help of the consulting firm; having them part of the team was one of the best decisions we took. Another challenge was finding the right branding and interior design for the restaurant; this process took almost a year as we were very picky in choosing the design that will be fun and cool but yet be suitable for all type of customers. In what ways has COVID-19 changed how you conceptualize The Bossman? The COVID-19 has impacted the whole market in general and it has made us think and plan ahead for the risks and challenges that we might face after the opening of the restaurant. But the main concept remained the same. When is The Bossman launching in Bahrain? The Bossman shall be launched in summer 2021 most probably in July-August and we assure you that it will be a grand opening that nobody would want to miss out on! So make sure to be there! n


Eid Excursions

96 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Going Out

Eid Excursions

A guide on how to spend the Eid holidays in Bahrain

GO ART-HOPPING Bahrain National Museum - The Bahrain National Museum continues to be one of the island’s main cultural landmarks. Witness Bahrain’s history come to life with the museum’s Halls of Graves, Dilmun, Tylos and Islam, Customs and Traditions, Traditional Trades and Crafts, and Documents and Manuscripts.

Bahrain Military Museum - The museum houses paintings, documents and photos documenting the history of Bahrain's military and the Defence Force, and also displays the flags and weaponry of various BDF units.

26 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Going Out

Bin Matar House - Founded in 2009, the Bin Matar House has been at the forefront of the art scene in Bahrain with carefully curated exhibitions as well as information on the history of pearling in Bahrain.

Busaad Art Gallery - This gallery is the former family home of Ebrahim Mohamed Busaad, who was born here in 1954. On display are Busaad's elegant pieces of calligraphy, as well the bold and colorful canvases.

Beit Al Qur’an - Beit Al Qur'an is a multi-purpose complex that plays a wonderful homage to Islam’s holiest book displays from almost every century since the advent of Islam in 610, as well as some of the earliest translations into European languages.

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 27

Going Out


Eid Excursions

AlManama Riding Centre Start your Eid with an exhilarating and freeing horseback ride with AlManama Riding Centre’s horses and ponies! Do you or your kids like ponies? They also hold a Pony Camp every Saturday!

28 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Karzakan Forest Karzakan is a village in Bahrain that lies along the western coast of the island. If you’re a lover of nature and all things outdoor, this place will definitely enchant you. Here are some of our favorite photos!

Going Out

Dough If you’re bored of having pizza at home in front of the TV – we all do it at least once a week since Covid started – check out Dough’s unique pizza experience on a boat. You can book your boat ride at Bahrain Bay. They are open from 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM.

Salman City Beach Located on the breathtaking northern coastline of Bahrain, Madinat Salman (Salman City) is the Ministry of Housing’s largest and most advanced social housing project. The city, which sprawls across multiple islands, is currently popular for its scenic beach.

Buhair Valley Buhair Valley is a beautiful spot of nature among the suburbs. Here you can go for a walk, listen to the chirping birds or just admire the view (which is way better during sunrise or sunset).

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 29

Going Out


Beach Culture Beach Culture is a provider of services and products in the leisure coastal industry and natural (non-motorized) watersports. @beachculture, www.beachculture.me • Kite Surfing - Kitesurfer harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water on a kiteboard similar to a wakeboard or a small surfboard, with or without footstraps or bindings. • Paddle boarding - Stand up paddle surfing / boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the ridersits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. • Windsurfing - Windsurfing employs the wind-acting on windsurf-board —to propel a board on the surface of the water.

30 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Eid Excursions

Going Out

Pearl Diving Leave in high spirits as the sun, the blue seas and a one of a kind experience awaits you. Arrive at the diving center by the Reef Island where you will meet your instructor and obtain the equipment which includes the boat ride, training and a wonderful opportunity to experience the historic and fun filled activity that dates back to centuries. @visitbahrain.bh, +973 1722 1166

Wakeboat Add a little extra excitement to your Eid by learning to wakeboard or wakesurf! Wakeboat BH offers lessons and gears whether you just want to learn or play. It is located at Durrat Al Marina and you can call them through +973 3444 4506.

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 31

Eid Excursions

The Art Hotel & Resort Timings: May 13 or May 1 Celebrate Eid Al Fitr with family and friends and book your Eid Escape inclusive of Friday Eid Brunch at Choices Terrace & Restaurant, one-night stay and breakfast.

Eid Escape Price: BD79/BD145 net Timings: May 12 until May 16

Eid Brunch Price: BD28/BD36 net per person Timings: May 14 from 12:30pm-4:00pm Celebrate Eid with a spectacular Eid themed brunch at Choices Terrace & Restaurant on Friday, May 14 from 12.30pm until 4.00pm. Enjoy the afternoon with live entertainment and a culinary spread featuring a wide array of Arabic and international dishes.

Eid Brunch & Stay Price: BD130 net for 2 persons

32 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

Book your Eid Escape at The Art Hotel & Resort and relax in our rooms facing the sea. A haven for families and individuals that appreciate the refined qualities of life, and a perfect way to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Eid Room Package: Two-night stay in an Art Room inclusive of breakfast for BD145 net Room Rates: One-night stay in an Art Room inclusive of breakfast for BD79 net. n For more information or bookings, please contact +973 1600 0111

Eid Excursions

Crowne Plaza Bahrain Eid Al Fitr Brunch

Eid Al Fitr Room Package

Price: BD20 net Timings: May 13-15, 1PM-5PM

Price: BD65 net Timings: May 13-15 On this blessed occasion Crowne Plaza Bahrain offers you a special room package that surely is irresistible at BD 65 net.

On the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, enjoy a lavish 3-day brunch, with the live cooking stations, dishes from around the world, traditional, International and Arabic desserts and live music. Gather and mingle with your loved ones and indulge in endless bites, bubbles & beats from 1:00pm – 5:00pm at The Backyard and Harvesters.

Fat Butcher Fabulous Friday Price: BD20/BD25 net Timings: Fridays, 12PM-12MN Fridays are for quality meats because you deserve quality food. Enjoy a pukka 3-course feast consisting of The Harvester’s Fat Butcher’s big meat platter prepared with premium cuts of meat cooked to perfection and complimented by a wide starter and dessert selection served on platters to your table. Platters to choose from are beef, chicken, seafood, vegetarian, and St. Louis. Each platter includes five selected beverages per meal.

Package includes: • Stay for 2 persons • Early check-in 10:00 am and late checkout 6:00 pm • Brunch for 2 persons with regular nonalcoholic beverages • Additional BD 15 net for 4 hours’ alcoholic brunch beverage package per person • 25% discount on food and beverage on La Mosaique Restaurant • Access to health club and temperaturecontrolled swimming pool • Contactless menus and payments. • Offer is valid for 3 days starting from Eid n For more information or bookings, please contact +973 1753 1122.

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 33

Eid Excursions

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Sunset Thursdays at The Pool Deck Price: BD21 Timings: Thursdays, 6PM to 11PM Visit the perfect outdoor poolside venue to enjoy the cool breeze, magical sunsets and majestic views surrounding Bahrain Bay. Indulge a light menu of gourmet bites along with refreshing drinks and DJ tunes. Price includes choice of 2 started and 4 selected beverages.

Spa Under the Stars Price: BD95 for 60 minutes Timings: 6PM to 10PM The Spa unveils an immersive “Spa Under the Stars” experience. Slip away to a sensual night spa retreat to enjoy the ultimate facial experience by the warmth of the fireside.

Bay View Fully open from May 13, onwards 8:00 am to midnight daily Dining at Four Seasons' Bay View is the definitive experience, full of tradition, innovation, and a delicious celebration of the flavours of the season. Artful interiors

34 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

set the stage for elegant meetings and gatherings overlooking the stunning Manama skyline and Bahrain Bay. An à la carte menu featuring international dishes and an extensive offering of handcrafted mocktails are served throughout the day and evening. There is nothing more iconic than experiencing afternoon tea at Bay View Lounge where delicate finger sandwiches and fluffy scones meet a fanciful selection of pastries and the most premium coffee and tea selection in the world.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck and CUT Lounge Re-opening from May 13 onwards 12:30 pm to 11:00 pm daily Delicious dishes crafted by the talented Wolfgang Puck team, refreshing beverages and the best tunes make for the most memorable dining experiences to be enjoyed at CUT by Wolfgang Puck. Join us on the terrace or indoors overlooking the best views of the island and Bahrain Bay. n For more information or bookings, please contact +973 1771 5000.

Eid Excursions

InterContinental Regency Bahrain LEGENDZ STEAKHOUSE


At Legendz, an award winning steakhouse, we share our passion for prime meat cuts, fine wines and the art of cooking. Family friendly and professional service complements the stylish, contemporary setting. Indulge in an impressive array of premium cuts, grills and signature dishes cooked to perfection!

Escape from the stress of the city and enjoy a unique moment in a green oasis in the heart of Manama. Delight in an assortment of light bites and a selection of beverages. Alternatively, relax by the pool while sipping on our signature cocktails and Shisha. Try our delicious tasting tiki cocktails.

Eid Family Brunch

Happy Hour

Price: BD22/BD29 Timings: 1st to 4th day of Eid

Price: 20% off Timings: Daily 5PM-7PM

Indulge in an alfresco brunch with a buffet on your table and pool access along with living carving and dessert trolleys at Legendz Steakhouse Terrace. Live entertainment from a Cuban band is also available.

Soak up the chilled-out vibe at Elements pool & lounge and enjoy 20% off selected beverages.

Summer Mojito Brunch Price: BD27/29 net Timings: Every Friday from 12:30PM to 4PM Tame the summer heat with a special mojito brunch by the poolside. Enjoy an unlimited buffet, mojitos, drinks and the chef’s choice of legendz steak from fine selections of succulent cuts.

Tasting Board Price: Starting from BD9.9 Timings: Daily from 6PM to 10:30PM Our supreme tasting board allows you to sample a list of classic, signature, and innovative drinks pairing with food created by our expert Mixologist and Chefs. n For more information or bookings, please contact +973 1722 7777

Bahrain Confidential May 2021 35

Eid Excursions

Movenpick Hotel Bahrain Monday Seafood Night Price: BD25/BD30 per person Timings: Mondays, 7PM to 11PM Experience a unique medley of super succulent seafood delicacies and taste the freshest catch, every Monday on Seafood Night. What makes it an ideal night out for seafood lovers? The finest and freshest selection of popular, traditional seafood cuisines does! Explore a vast range of aquatic delicacies from sushi, sashimi, seafood dim sum, tempura, oysters, slipper lobster, and tiger prawns, to popular dishes such as grouper and red snapper. The talented team of chefs will prepare your favourite catch, just the way you like it and serve it to your table.

Bello Tapas Price: BD12 Timings: 7PM to 11PM Join every Wednesday night to experience the new “Bello Tapas” at the poolside terrace. Chef Domenico draws upon his longstanding experience to serve Italian gastronomic tradition featuring creative dishes using only the finest produce. Roll with the al fresco Italian theme and start with an Aperitivo of Aperol Spritz, before

36 Bahrain Confidential May 2021

taking a deep dive into our selection of Italian wines by the glass. The food menu is proper, perfectly executed Italian classics, and all served as small plates for people to share their passion for culinary and artistic delights.

Flaming Thursdays Price: BD34 net Timings: Thursdays, 7PM to 11PM Flaming Thursday is a great place to meet with friends! Join the weekend themed night every Thursday to enjoy a vast range of grills, flame-grilled meats and sizzling bites served to your table.

Friday Brunch Price: BD38 net Timings: 12:30PM to 4PM Discover hearty and colourful dishes served to your table. Indulge in an infinite selection of the freshest seafood, sushi, pasta, fine grilled cuts and more. Remember to save some room, because the dedicated dessert and cheese platters will surely tempt into sweet indulgence. Also, get entertained throughout the brunch, with a resident DJ and live band.n For more information or bookings, please contact +973 1746 0017.

Eid Excursions

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Grand Eid Arabic Brunch

Le Garden Eid Brunch Du Soir

Price: BD35 net Timings: 1st day of Eid, 12:30PM-3:30PM

Price: BD30 net Timings: First 3 days of Eid,7PM-11PM

Kick off the Eid festivities with Sofitel Bahrain’s iconic Grand Eid Arabic Brunch hosted exclusively on the first day of Eid at Saraya. The festivities include live entertainment by the talented; One Man Show, Robert, guest DJ and Latin percussionist. The brunch starts from BD35net per person inclusive of soft beverages. Children between 6 and 12 years of age can enjoy 50% off and those under 6 dine for free.

Embark on an unforgettable culinary escape this Eid, one as you celebrate the first three days of the joyous occasion with Le Garden Eid Brunch du Soir. Savour gastronomic delights and tune in to the sway-worthy live musical entertainment, courtesy of the guest DJ.

Grand Eid Family Brunch Price: BD35 net Timings: First 3 days of Eid, 12:30PM-3:30PM Gather your family and friends for a Grand Eid Family Brunch hosted at Saraya. Enjoy special live performances from the guest DJ and Latin percussionist, complemented with kid friendly activities. The brunch starts from BD35net per person inclusive of soft beverages. Children between 6 and 12 years of age can enjoy 50% off and those under 6 dine for free.

Eidna Fe Lebnan at Pashawat Price: BD35 net Timings: May 13-14, 9PM-2AM2 Pashawat opens doors once again in style. Indulge your taste buds and enjoy a wide range of delicious Arabic and Mediterranean dishes, accompanied with live Arabic musical entertainments by One Man Show, Robert and belly dancer, Isis Conde. n For more information or bookings, please contact +973 3888 5789.

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Eid Excursions

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Immerse your senses at Nirvana where a culinary journey awaits and the authentic Indian cuisine transports your palate to new heavens.

La Dolce Vita Price: Exclusive for in-house guests and members only Timings: Daily, 10AM-7PM

Plums Al Fresco Price: A la carte Timings: Tuesdays to Saturdays (opening on first day of Eid), 7PM to 11PM

Located right in the middle of the resort’s 600 meters of white sand beach, guests are invited to enjoy both seaside comfort and luxury at this latest addition to the five-star property’s lifestyle experiences.

Enjoy a sumptuous steak and seafood soirée at the new Plums Alfresco located at the beachfront venue Nikmati, featuring a special Chef’s menu perfect for a romantic date night or family dinner. The special set menu includes the finest cuts of premium beef and fresh seafood, alongside your choice of appetizing starters and decadent desserts.

True to its meaning of “the sweet life”, La Dolce Vita is the ideal place to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, and the best island views with the company of friends and families. During the day and into the evening, enjoy familiar favorites and light fare from the Chef’s kitchen, then watch the sunset with a well-deserved island-inspired cocktail. n

The Great Indian Thali

For more information or bookings, please contact +973 1758 6499

Price: BD18 per person; includes 2 beverages Timings: Sundays to Thursdays, 12PM-4PM; 7PM-11PM

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Elite Hospitality Group welcomes guests with a special summer treat this year offering special packages valid until the end of September 2021.


An Elite Summer Escape

he Elite Salamatik program was created to ensure that each guest has a safe stay with their family and friends. The program is implemented at all their hotels across the


Elite Seef Residence Hotel This summer, you and your family can explore the special offers at the Elite Seef Residence Hotel located at the center of the Kingdom’s main shopping area. Their one and two-bedroom family suites are elegantly furnished in modern leather interiors. The suites include a fully equipped modular kitchen, lavish bathrooms, a home theatre system with in-house TV channels, digital satellite television system and 24 hours personalized room service with special menus. The one-bedroom suite starts at BD 30 net per night and includes WiFi and a packed breakfast meal for two.

Elite Resort & SPA Hotel Overlook the sea while enjoying the exquisite experience at the Elite Resort & Spa which promises both an exciting and relaxing atmosphere. This summer, the spacious one-bedroom suite offer starts at BD 33 net per night, and includes free WiFi and a packed breakfast for two. The elegant two-bedroom suite starting at BD 55 net is the perfect choice for a family of four to unwind. The offer includes a personalized packed breakfast service.

Elite Grande Hotel The Elite Grand Hotel offers and promotions this

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summer are designed for a perfect summer escape. The hotel offers a combination of luxury and city, nestled in the heart of the Seef area, close to the largest shopping complex on the island – Bahrain City Centre. The two-bed room family suite is a perfect spot to unwind if you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere. Each spacious suite, starting at BD55 net, is lavishly furnished with grand bathrooms, complete home theatre systems in each bedroom with DVD, and HDTV satellite channels, high-speed internet access, direct dialing facility and digital safe-deposit lockers. The two-bedroom suite starts includes a breakfast meal for four persons. Guests can further benefit from their special offers at the hotel gym and pool.

Elite Hospitality Catering The excellent food and service Elite is known for is now delivered to your doorstep. Specializing in institutional catering in offices and factories, Elite Hospitality Catering is supplying to large corporates, banks, factories and ministries. They also cater for events such as receptions, cocktail parties, BBQ’s, birthdays, anniversaries and graduation celebrations. n For bookings and more details please call: +973 17 558 200 or visit www.elitegrouphotels.com


We tried

My Café’s

first Ramadan series and it was insanely good!

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et’s admit it – restaurant Iftars and Ghabgas can get a bit boring and monotonous, especially when most of them offer the exact same thing. But every once in a while, we stumble upon something so great we end up raving all about it. This time is about My Café’s first Ramadan series called “Oud Nights”. My Café launched Oud Nights just last week and it’s already getting so much hype that we had to try it ASAP! Here are the highlights of our visit:

Ambiance and entertainment Located at the rooftop, the setup highlighted a mixture of traditional elements and modern aesthetics. Each corner was well decorated; Arabian lanterns, ornaments and different kinds of lights adorn the place, making it Instagram-worthy. The ambiance was made more enjoyable through the live band playing.


My Café launched Oud Nights just last week and it’s already getting so much hype that we had to try it ASAP!

During our visit, we explored a Ramadan inspired menu that has been elevated with My Café’s unique flare. There were a lot of delicious options for starters, main courses, baked goodies and desserts. However, our favorites were the following: l Wagyu Beef Sliders l Dal Kebab Sliders l Saffron Orzo l Akkawi Pizza l Ispahan Milk Cake

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There were also a variety of refreshing concoctions varying from something sweet like the Smoothie A la Feast and Buttery milk to something tangy like the Hibiscus Lemonade and Tamarind Sour. The food is consistently good at My Café but our recent Ramadan culinary experience was even better. If you haven’t already noticed, the dishes available during Oud Nights are not your usual Ramadan spread. Tip: If you’re planning to go with your friends or family, you can also take advantage of three different packages available: standard, premium and futoor.

Finally, it is worth noting that all safety protocols and precautionary measures were implemented during our visit.

Apart from the scrumptious delights mentioned above, guests can also enjoy special shisha flavors during Oud Nights.

Safety and comfort Finally, it is worth noting that all safety protocols and precautionary measures were implemented during our visit. Oud Nights by My Café is definitely one of the best indulgences during Ramadan in Bahrain. You should try it for yourself! n ‘Oud Nights’ is available from Monday to Saturday, from Futoor until 2AM. If you want to know more, check My Cafés menu on www.mycafebh.com. For reservation & delivery, contact 77344444 or 37304444.

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Important Things to know Here are some important decisions that will be implemented by the Ministry of Health from the first day of Eid.

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Feature Attending Events As per the new guidelines, the number of attendees should not exceed 50% of the capacity indoors, allowing live performances to take place while adhering to social distancing measures, and prohibiting the establishment of buffets and selfservice. The decision indicated that all attendees must wear face masks during entry and exit to and from the facility, and those who do not comply with this condition are not permitted to enter. Workers must wear masks at all times, and hand sanitisers must be distributed and placed in prominent places. The temperature of all workers and attendance must be measured before entering the facility using a thermometer, and those whose temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher or who exhibit symptoms related to the virus must be asked to leave and call 444.

For special event reservations, no more than 20 people are allowed per group.

Attendance at events is restricted to those who have been vaccinated against the virus or who are recovering from it.

Cinema Reopening New requirements that must be applied to cinemas include the following: tickets must be booked in advance whenever possible, and separate entrances and exits are set, with organisers placed at the doors to ensure the entry and exit process of visitors, prevent crowding, and ensure the existence of social distancing distances. Movie-goers and all workers must adhere to wearing a mask at all times and not to take it off except when eating or drinking. The capacity of cinemas must be reduced by at least 50% of the total capacity and leaving two chairs between each group to ensure the required social distancing distance.

The requirements indicated the necessity of changing adequate supplies of personal hygiene supplies such as soap, hand sanitiser, tissue paper and garbage containers.

Dining In According to the new decision, a maximum of 50% of the customers’ capacity are allowed to sit inside restaurants and cafes. For special event reservations, no more than 20 people are allowed per group. Keeping the attendee’s contact information will be the responsibility of the person making the reservation. The service inside the restaurant or cafe shall be limited to those who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID. Children under the age of 12 shall be allowed to enter the premises but should be accompanied by an adult who has been vaccinated. n

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Profile for Arabian Magazines

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