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Enzo (Padrons Psyche x RD Bey Shahmpane), with Tony Shooshani and son Tyler, pictured with a 2003 Ferrari Enzo.


L i ke a P r a n c i n g H o r s e

in his many world-class ou can say that awards, including the Tony Shooshani 2005 U.S. National has a love for the b y C a m e r o n A n d r e w s · p h o t o s b y K e l l y C a m p b e l l Champion Senior exotic, which in this Stallion, 2003 Scottsdale case is rich in horses Unanimous Champion Stallion, 2003 U.S. National Reserve — that is, horsepower and show horses. Champion Junior Stallion, 2002 U.S. National Reserve After spending years collecting exotic cars, primarily Champion Futurity Colt, and 2000 U.S. National Champion Ferraris, Shooshani was struck by the grace and beauty of Yearling Colt. another exotic wonder, an Arabian stallion named Enzo, a U.S. Enzo has winning offspring around the world including multi-National Champion and acclaimed sire, after his visit to at the World Championships in Paris; Al Khalediah Show, see Enzo at Gallún Farms in Santa Ynez, California. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Dubai Championships; Polish National Perhaps it was kismet when in August 2013 in Pebble Championships; Arabian Breeders World Cup Las Vegas; Beach, California, at a car auction, Philip Del Pozzo shared a Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show; Scottsdale Arabian Breeder photo of Enzo with Shooshani. At that moment, the leap was Finals; U.S. and Canadian National championship shows; made from horsepower to show horse. In 1929, Enzo Ferrari Brazilian National Championship; South African National founded his beloved Ferrari Company; the car’s symbol features Championship, and Argentinian National Championship, to a graceful rearing horse referred to in Italian as “Cavallino name a few. Rampante” or prancing horse. “Cavallino Arabians is grateful for the opportunity to Feeling destiny at hand, Shooshani negotiated a partnership invest in Enzo, one of the most successful and beautiful Arabian agreement with Enzo’s breeders and owners, Dr. Philip Del show horses in the world,” Tony Shooshani says. “Enzo boasts Pozzo and Brent Stone, and called his newfound venture an unmatched winning show record and his legacy is admired Cavallino Arabians, Inc. throughout the Arabian horse world.” Enzo’s formula for success is rooted in the mantra of Backed by the enthusiasm of his entire family for Enzo and “Excellence, Exceptional, and Extraordinary” and is reflected 60 ▪ ARABIAN HORSE WORLD ▪ APRIL 2014

Hermez E (Enzo x Natalia K by *El Nabila B).

Joi El Jiuliusz (Jiuliusz De Wiec x Enjoi E by Enzo).

Arabian show horses in general, Shooshani negotiated again with Dr. Philip Del Pozzo and Brent Stone of Enzo Worldwide, LLC, for three more horses: Hermez E (Enzo x Natalia K by *El Nabila B), Joi El Jiuliusz (Jiuliusz De Wiec x Enjoi E by Enzo), and Rhavenna (*Magnum Chall HVP x Rachael Ann by Bey Shah). The Arabian horses have sparked an undeniable passion in Shooshani. “Now with four horses I spend more time with them and realize a captivating bond. There’s real enjoyment and reward, along with a genuine kinship that is made through a connection with their eyes,” he says. Shooshani’s 14-year-old son Tyler has caught the passion, too. After visiting the horses at Philip and Brent’s Farm in Cool, California, and interacting with the family’s new horses, Tyler established a bond with Joi El Jiuliusz. First it was in the eyes, but with time they became kindred spirits. The two newfound friends joined trainer Keith Krichke in Scottsdale, Arizona, and prepared for Tyler’s showring debut. Few would have predicted that young Shooshani, in his first experience in the show arena, would show Joi El Jiuliusz to Scottsdale unanimous Champion Mare JTH. “It’s been a remarkable feeling to not only participate in my first show but to have Joi selected as unanimous champion in her class age group and then capturing the Champion Mare JTH title at the most prestigious Arabian horse show in the world,” Tyler Shooshani says. “She is a beautiful horse with great poise and presence. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her and present her at this venue.” Joi El Jiuliusz was also named 2012 Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction Champion Yearling Filly and 2014 Scottsdale Reserve Champion International Three- and Four-Year-Old Mares with Keith Krichke. Watch for Joi El Jiuliusz and Keith in ThreeYear-Old Fillies at the 2014 Las Vegas World Cup Show. Of course, this love for horses is infectious. From Tony to Tyler, the entire Shooshani family is gaining a passion for Arabian show horses. Tony’s father, Said Shooshani, is becoming more involved and spends time at the farm.

Rhavenna (*Magnum Chall HVP x Rachael Ann by Bey Shah).

“Dad really loves it. He’s enjoyed being around the horses. The family has all been together at the shows and stables. It’s a chance to share something with all of them — a real family experience with my brother, sister, nieces, and nephews. As a family we are all sharing and growing together with the experience,” says Tony. What’s next for the Shooshanis? Tyler is looking forward to showing at Youth Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico, later this year, while Tony looks to expand his family’s passion for horses with a farm of his own very soon. He’s already looking in California at Monterey, Carmel, Santa Ynez, Malibu, and Central California. He’s also interested in Scottsdale and other places in Arizona. The Shooshanis have entered the horse world forever. And with the opportunity to start at the top with Enzo they can increase their presence in the Arabian horse world right away. At the recent Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, Tony purchased an embryo right from the mare Duchess Of Marwan from Gemini Acres Arabians at their Scottsdale auction. Tony will breed a few select mares with Enzo and Hermez E for 2015 foals, including his beautiful black filly Rhavenna. Tony’s goal is to further Enzo’s legendary lineage and become more active in the Arabian horse industry, bringing more awareness of the great Arabian horse to the public through education and experience. On a personal level, Tony looks to connect his Persian customs and culture with the historical ties of Arabian horses. “It’s a way to further the family’s knowledge and respect for its own heritage,” he adds. Just as Enzo Ferrari started his family business in 1929, Tony Shooshani is looking to replicate that family success in the Arabian horse show business. Cavallino Arabians, Inc., is now poised like a prancing horse.


Cavallino Arabians — Like a Prancing Horse  
Cavallino Arabians — Like a Prancing Horse  

Having appropriately named their partnership after the prancing horse symbol of the car company Ferrari (“Cavallino Rampante” in Italian), t...