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by Emma Maxwell


WH Justice has changed the face of the Arabian show horse. That’s a pretty tall statement, but taken absolutely literally, I think it might be true. There is a something extra about the face, eyes, and expression of WH Justice and his best offspring that makes other considerations slip away. With horses jetting between continents for shows like supermodels to fashion weeks, winners need to have everything the judges are looking for, plus that little bit more that says “put me first.” It is fair to say that the “Justice look” has made the most of this niche — he is quite impossible to resist. There are cogent arguments for not making the head the paramount expression of Arabian type, but one cannot argue with emotional responses, and these are what he produces. Charm is a very special gift in a horse, it is not easy to analyze, but it cannot be ignored. It should certainly never be underestimated. For the vast majority of his life WH Justice has been in the ownership of the same family, Thierry and Catherine Kerjean, and he is the same age as their son Thomas. His story is also their story; he has truly been the horse of a lifetime for them and as Catherine describes it, “We are conscious that we have an incredible chance, the one to be part of his life. I’m his private secretary, and it’s a full-time job and more but every day I’m happy to wake up thinking that it will be another busy day. I love my job! We are so proud to be called ‘Mr. and Mrs. Justice’ or the ‘Justice family.’” Thierry and Catherine were horse lovers from their youth in France, with a background in horse-ball and cross-country for him, and


champion get

DA PRINCESS OF JUSTICE Filly 2007 (x DA Enfidha by DA Esstaan)

Bred by Diamond Arabians, AT; owned by Ajman Stud, UAE

WH Justice champion get presented by country in which  National Champion Filly, Wels, AT they were foaled — National 2008 Champions, B International  Champion Filly, Wels International, and A International AT 2008 Champions only (no reserves), and Title Champions plus MM ELUISE reserves. Filly 2008 (x Esfera by Fame VF) Bred and owned by Mario Matt, AT 2 ▪ WH JUSTICE ▪ WORLD

Austrian National Gold Filly Wels, AT 2011


Filly 2008 (x Al Aliha by DWD Tabasco) Bred and owned by Al Hambra Arabians, AT Austrian National Champion Filly, Wels, AT 2009  Gold Medal Filly, Vilhelmsborg, DK 2009  Gold Medal Filly, Wels International A, AT 2010 


Filly 2005 (x RL Antiguaa by Espano Estopa) Bred by Redwood Lodge Europe, BE; owned by Tyzack, UK 

British National Champion Filly, Malvern, UK 2006


Colt 2006 (x Donna Diva by Ekstern) Bred and owned by Arabian Sun Horses, BE

dressage for her. Thierry was first to succumb to the Arabian and showed the stallion Warandes Pascha (Plakat x Barwna) for a client to Reserve World Champion at the Salon du Cheval in 1989 before he was twenty years old. After they met and Thierry introduced Catherine to Arabians, they competed at endurance, the favorite discipline of the Arabian. Later in 1997, they started their own Arabian stud in northern Italy, and now have around sixty horses, a percentage of them still for endurance. It does seem as if their respect for what Catherine calls the “symbiosis between horse and rider” has affected their choice of horse and his development. Despite his obvious potential, WH Justice had a well-balanced upbringing and covered neither hundreds of mares nor thousands of miles before he reached adulthood. His character shines through today and his interaction with his audience has always been part of his appeal. For some time in 1999 the Kerjeans had been looking for a colt for their new stud. He had to be grey, refined, and charismatic, and of good, although no specific pedigree. They had assessed many frogs while searching for their prince, when a video arrived from Fernando Poli, who was assisting them in their search. On this video was an unnamed grey colt, of four or five months, who captured their attention with the feeling that he was the one they had been searching for. They have kindly allowed us to run this video on the Arabian Horse World website, so you can practice your own superstar spotting abilities. This colt was entered for Scottsdale, so before they had seen him in the flesh, they bought him in January, afraid that someone else might complete the deal at the show. He was top ten in Scottsdale in the Kerjeans’ name and then went into quarantine before export. In April he finally arrived in Amsterdam where an excited and impatient Thierry saw him for the first time. I tend not to believe celebrity horse stories, which claim that a new yearling pranced off an intercontinental flight with a commanding air looking like a 

2008 Belgian National Gold Medal Stallion, Bierbeek, BE 2010


Filly 2007 (x Psity Of Angels by Psytadel) Bred by M. Sans, BE; owned by Al Zobair Stud, UAE Reserve Champion Filly, Bordeaux, FR 2008  Belgian National Champion Filly, Heverlee, BE 2008  European Championships Top Five Filly, Morseele, BE 2008 

Silver Medal Filly, Towerlands, UK 2009  All Nations Cup Gold Medal Filly, Aachen, DE 2009  European Bronze Medal Filly, Verona, IT 2009  World Reserve Champion Filly World Championship, Paris, FR 2009  European Gold Medal Filly, Moorsele, BE 2010 


Colt 2008 (x Hadia by Om El Extreem) Bred by A. Toikkanen, BE;

WH JUSTICE (Magnum Psyche x Vona Sher-Renea)

owned by NK Arabians, JO 2011 

Belgian National Champion Gold Medal Colt, Libramont, BE 2009


Colt 2008 (x ESM Kendalina by ASS-Kendal) Bred and owned by ESM Arabians  Gold Junior Champion colt and Best in Show, Emerald Trophy, 2011 

Bronze Junior Champion

CA LEENA (x CA Zaspa by LM Polaris), bred and owned by Calbar Arabians, Denmark. 3 ▪ WH JUSTICE ▪ WORLD

world champion, because in my experience the occasion of collecting a new youngster is usually more fraught. And so it was with WH Justice, so much so that after all the horses were unloaded, Thierry called Catherine who remained at home, and said, “I believe they have put the wrong horse on, it can’t be him.” Fortunately, it did not take long to change the condition on their new colt and even while he was catching up, his charisma was spectacular. Thierry showed him in Europe for the first time two months later at the Menton show where he did not win the class but already attracted notice. The story of Justice’s show career has been that at every appearance he gains more lifelong fans. At a distance this pale colt with an elegant, arched neck and an equally gaily carried tail always captured the eye and the imagination. Up close his appeal is even stronger, first that head and eye, generously decorated with a full flood of forelock — I

Danish National Gold Medal Filly, DK 2010

champion get Colt, Deauville 2011


Filly 2007 (x Magnum Silhouette by Magnum Psyche) Bred and owned by Northwest Arabians, DK


Filly 2010 (x CA Zaspa by LM Polaris ) Bred and owned by Calbar Arabians, DK 

Danish National Gold Medal Filly and Best in Show, Middelfart, DK 2011


Filly 2004 (x Fforget Me Not by 4 ▪ WH JUSTICE ▪ WORLD

As a yearling below left, and as a two-yearold, below right, with his owner Thierry Kerjean on the lead.

Ffatal Attraction) Bred by C.A. Ratcliffe, UK; owned by Aljassimya Stud, U.S. World Gold Medal Mare, Paris World Championships, FR 2011  All Nations Cup Bronze Medal Mare, Aachen, DE 2011  Gold Medal Mare and Best in Show, Menton, FR 2011  Gold Medal Mare and Best in Show, Koksijde International B, BE 2011  All Nations Cup Bronze Medal Mare, Aachen, DE 2009 


Colt 2005 (x Metelica by Balaton) Bred by AV Arabians, UK; owned by Sue Bundy 

2010 Dutch National Gold Medal Stallion, Ermelo, NL 2010


Filly 2006 (x FS Anastasia by Kubinec) Bred by Aja Arabians, UK; owned by Ajman Stud UAE 

Silver Medal Mare Al Khalediah Festival, Riyadh, KSA 2010

know, hairstyles shouldn’t matter but it is one of his distinctive traits and he usually passes it on, too. Secondly, he is also clearly a horse who loves to be admired and watches you to make sure you have appreciated him fully. However he has rarely taken the big championship titles, despite all his attributes because he traditionally loses some scores in the body and topline department. He is not of the tabletop flatness that, for better or for worse, the Arabian horse community has promoted to near the top of its ideal conformation list. For all his junior career WH Justice was shown by Thierry from home; the Kerjeans felt it was important not to use him up in mind and body as a young horse but to let him mature slowly. With his owner on the lead, he was Top Ten in Paris as a two- and three-year-old colt, as well as National Reserve Champion of Italy. He was also broken in as Catherine notes, “When he was three years old. And he likes so much to be ridden! We couldn’t move a saddle or a harness without hearing him neigh and seeing him at the door of the box, as if saying, ‘I’m ready, where are we going?’” The Kerjeans decided that for his best chances as a senior horse in the ring, WH Justice should be shown by a bigger name. Frank Spönle had asked several times if he could show him, and on their first appearance the two got on so well the combination has remained in place ever since. In 2004 WH Justice took his first big title as Champion Stallion at the U.K. International. Frank has remained on the lead ever since. WH Justice has been one of many, many champions for Frank but this is what he has to say about Justice: “Socrates said, ‘Nothing has to be preferred before Justice,’ and this is the way it has always been for me. WH Justice has touched the lives of many, and in a clear and strong way he definitely touched mine. Leading Justice to his historical win in Aachen in 2011 as All Nations Cup Champion Stallion has been one of the most memorable moments of my 20-year career. That overwhelming feeling I felt in Aachen when he was announced as Gold Champion will stay with me forever and will never be forgotten.” It wasn’t just a golden moment for the immediate

UAE National Gold Medal Mare, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2009


Colt 2006 (x Aja Bint Sanadina by Kubinec) Bred by Hickford, GB; owned by Nughemshe, KUW 

Gold Champion Colt, Kuwait Nationals 2011


Colt 2007 (x Aja Beneja by FS Bengali) Bred and owned by Aja Arabians,

AJMAN MONISCIONE (x Anthea Moniscione by Padrons Ghibli); bred and owned by Azienda Agricola, Giancarlo Buzzi, Italy. connections of Justice; so many people in the audience had reason to be proud of this victory too. One of the people who has put their faith in him, Malcolm Hickford, says, “Who can forget Aachen 2011, when Justice touched so many people so dramatically; a day that demonstrated clearly ‘just’ what an icon he has become. It was a realization of the simply profound effect that Justice has had on our lives — all the foals, all the champions, all the memories — like a lot of people that day, we certainly shed a few tears.” An astonishing range of breeders from across Europe have used him. It is difficult to be accurate with foal numbers from the numerous registries in Europe so I can only come up with an approximate total of 750 foals. This does not make him the most popular sire to stand exclusively in Europe, an honor that

UK Champion Colt, Frankfurt, DE 2008

Filly 2008 (x Maharah by Kharrazan)

Champion Colt, Ströhen B, DE 2008  Reserve Champion Colt, Towerlands, UK 2008  Gold Medal Colt, Exloo, NL 2009  Champion Colt, Towerlands, UK 2010  Nations Cup Gold Medal Colt, Aachen, DE 2010 European Gold Medal Colt, Moorsele, BE 2010  World Champion Colt Paris, FR 2010

Bred by Julie Spinks, UK; owned by Al Zobair Stud, UAE


Champion Filly, Bordeaux B, FR 2009


Colt 2009 (x Aja Anouska by Ruger AMW) Bred by Aja Arabians, UK, owned by Nughemshe, KUW 


Gold Champion Colt, Kuwait Nationals 2012

Colt 2009 (x Aja Aaisha by Ruger AMW)


Bred and owned by Aja Arabians, UK

Bred by Hickford, GB; owned by Athbah Stud, KSA

Gold Medal Colt, Towerlands, UK 2011  Gold Medal Colt, Midland B, UK 2011 

Filly 2010 (x Psyches Sancerre)

Gold International Champion Orientalica B, DE 2011


champion get



Filly 2007 (x Hamy de Gargassan by Vladimir de Falgas) Bred by Harmattan Arabians, FR; owned by J-M Franceries, FR 


Colt 2006 (x Astara by Abakan) Bred and owned by Sardar, FR 

Gold Champion Stallion, French Nationals Vichy FR 2011


Filly 2007 (x Shafali de Nautiac by Abakan)

French National Gold Medal Mare Best in Show, Vichy, FR 2011

French National Gold Medal Filly and Best in Show, Vichy, FR 2010


Colt 2007 (x Erigone by Ekstern) Bred by Joseph Arabians, FR; owned by E. Gear, FR 

French National Champion Colt, Vichy, FR 2008


Bred by Bourasse, FR; owned by Aboukhadija, MA 

AMALFI DE NAUTIAC Bred and owned by Haras de Nautiac, FR

JUWANDA OS (x Shak Lavanda by ZT Shakfantasy); bred by Osterhof Stud, Germany; owned by Dubai Stud, UAE.

Colt 2007 (x Alcyona de Nautiac by Abakan)

Gold Champion Colt, Moroccan Nationals, MA 2010



Filly 2007 (x Shak Lavanda by ZT Shakfantasy) Bred by Osterhof Stud, DE; owned by Dubai Stud, UAE 

European Gold Medal Filly,

*Padron Padrons Psyche Kilika Magnum Psyche *Sasaki A Fancy Miracle *Medina Azahara

Patron *Odessa NSB *Tamerlan *Kilifa Nagasaki *Safia Garbo Grazalema


*El Shaklan El Sher-Mann Gazira Vona Sher-Renea Jassen Renea Shamillazzan

Verona, IT 2009 Gold Medal Filly, Baden-Baden, DE 2009  Champion Filly, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2009 


Colt 2007 (x Bint Sanadiva by Kubinec) Bred by R. Heckenbucker, DE; owned by Ajman Stud, UAE 

Gold Medal Colt, Vilhelmsborg, DK 2009


Filly 2008 (x Nahbayka by Nahbay) Bred and owned by Sax Arabians, DE 

Gold Medal Filly, Marbach International B, DE 2011


Filly 2008 (x Nefertarji by Laman HVP)

Bred by Gestuet Di Grazia, DE; owned by Al Jassimya Farm, U.S. 

Gold Medal Filly, Bordeaux International B, FR 2010


Colt 2008 (x Swana by Kubinec) Bred by Osterhof Stud, DE; owned by Fontanella Magic Arabian, IT Silver Medal Colt, Vilhelmsborg, DK 2009  Gold Medal Colt, Blommeröd, SE 2009 

Shaker El Masri *Estopa Ga’Zi Sur-Rad Raziya Mohssen Jamal Colleen Shahmilla Azzan-Azrek

Bred and owned by Osterhof Stud, DE German National Gold Medal Colt, Aachen, DE 2010  Gold Medal Colt, Lowland Arabian Cup Exloo, NL 2010  Gold Medal Colt, Middelfart International A, DK 2010 


Filly 2009 (x Shak Lavanda by ZT Shakfantasy) Bred by Osterhof Stud, DE; owned by VH Arabians, AT German National Gold Medal Filly, Aachen, DE 2010  Gold Champion Filly Travagliato B, IT 2011 


Filly 2008 (x Nevada by FS Bengali) Bred by Di Grazia Arabians, DE; owned by J. Pinheiro, BR  Gold Medal Filly, Koksijde International B, BE 2010


Colt 2009 (x Al Shanina by Al Lahab)


Filly 2009 (x Bajah Badiya by Thee Desperado) Bred by H. and G. Scherle, DE;

owned by Haras Cruzeiro, BR Brazilian National Reserve Champion Filly, Indaiatuba, BR 2011  Champion Filly, Araxà, BR 2011 


Filly 2009 (x Djazira Princess by Psytadel) Bred by Polte-Welbers, DE; owned by Ajman Stud, UAE 

Gold Champion Lowland Cup NL 2010

JUWEL OS Colt 2009 (x Swana by Kubinec) Bred and owned by Osterhof Stud, Germany Gold Junior Champion Colt Blömmerod, 2010  Bronze Champion Junior Colt, Ajman, 2012 


CR JASMEENAH (x Fforget Me Not by Ffatal Attraction), bred by C.A. Ratcliffe, U.K., and owned by Aljassimya Stud, U.S.

belongs to the French racing legend Dormane, foaled in 1984, who has over 1,200 foals. Where show horses are concerned he is the front-runner along with Psytadel (Padrons Psyche x Bint Bey Shah) who has around 700 foals. Justice had an old-fashioned introduction to his breeding career, earning popularity through results rather than hype. The Kerjeans did not allow any mares to be bred to him when he was two years old and at age three, he bred fourteen mares, all by natural cover. Michele Boscarino was one of the first mare owners to select WH Justice for his only broodmare, Palawan (by

champion get


Filly 2004 (x Sharon El Kendal by Ass-Kendal ) Bred by Bessewacht Arabians, NL; owned by Ajman Stud, UAE 

World Champion Mare Paris, FR


2010  European Silver Medal Mare, Moorsele, BE 2010  Silver Medal Mare and Most Beautiful Head, Menton, FR 2010  Champion Mare, Dubai, UAE 2009  Champion Mare, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2009 Champion Mare, Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival, KSA 2009  Champion Filly, Dubai International Show, UAE 2007  Winner Dubai Cup Filly 2007  World Champion Filly, Paris, FR

Padrons Ghibli). The Kerjeans remember his first foal, Panarea [By Palawan] fondly, as she came to live with them from age five months until her sale to Sheikh Ammar Al Nuami of Ajman the following summer. Catherine called her “the fly” because of her enormous eyes and recalls that her sensitive nature meant she went everywhere with her neck in that distinctive arch. Panarea, as I am sure you all know, is a World Champion, and last year’s U.S. National and Las Vegas Champion Mare. Also from this crop came one of his most popular sons, Ajman Moniscione (x Anthea Moniscione by Padrons Ghibli), an exotic-faced chestnut, reminiscent of his double Padron heritage. Ajman Moniscione is owned and bred by Giancarlo Buzzi of Italy. He has won his class at most of Europe’s major shows and sired the multi champion Alma al Tiglio, also a winner at the Las Vegas World Cup 2010. In his second foal crop in 2004, WH Justice did it again. Twice! The 2011 World Champion Mare CR Jasmeenah, owned by Aljassimya Farm, was again the result of a small breeder with foresight. Roy and Carole Ratcliffe, of the U.K., sent their maiden mare Fforget-Me-Not (by Ffatal Attraction) to Belgium to be bred and were aware of how special their filly was from day one. The second heroine from this comparatively small crop of under 30 is Bess Fa’izah. Francine Besserling of Bessewacht Arabians in Holland explains that she loved the horse and after being turned down in her attempt to buy him, bred two of their mares to him instead. Francine describes the filly (x Sharon El Kendal by Ass Kendal) as “special from the moment she was born, with the biggest and most expressive eyes we have ever seen in a foal.” They named her Bess Fa’izah, “the winner” in Arabic, and so it has been. Bess Fa’izah also joined the show team and broodmare band of Sheikh Ammar, collecting All Nations Cup Champion and World Reserve Champion Mare titles, like Panarea in the capable hands of Frank Spönle. It is noticeable how well WH Justice has done for large and small breeders alike. An early adopter among the bigger name programs was Redwood Lodge Arabians, originally of Australia, but at that time stationed in Belgium. Steve Patrick leased Justice All Nations Cup Champion Filly, Aachen, DE 2005  Reserve Champion Filly, Borgloon, BE 2005  Reserve Champion Filly, Menton, FR 2005

2006  All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Filly, Aachen, DE 2006  Champion Filly, Vilhelmsborg, DK 2006  Champion Filly, Elran Cup, BE 2006  Champion Filly, UKIAHS Towerlands, UK 2006  Champion Filly, Menton, FR 2006

Champion Filly, Sharjah, UAE 2006  Reserve Champion Filly, Dubai, UAE 2006  World Reserve Champion Filly, Paris, FR 2005


Filly 2007 (x Abakana Kossack by Balaton) Bred and owned by Kossack Stud, NL

Dutch National Gold Medal Filly, Ermelo, NL 2010


Filly 2010 (x Abakana Kossack by Balaton)

during 2004 as the perfect complement to the Om el Arabbased, but yet distinctive Redwood Lodge “look.” In 2006 Aja Arabians of the U.K., owned by Malcolm and Jane Hickford, produced their first WH Justice foals at the start of a fruitful history together that has produced a total of 30 offspring. Malcolm Hickford sums up the influence of Justice best in his own words, “In my opinion, for a stallion to achieve true greatness he must pass on an unmistakable, totally unique look. Justice does this better than any other stallion that I can think of, past or present. The effect of including Justice in the Aja Arabians breeding program has been a profound one. He has also given us a serious step forward in the phenotypical identity of Aja Arabians, plus an enhanced sense of purpose as to what can be achieved. It’s almost as if the journey has only really ‘just’ begun.” There are now 11 daughters of breeding age at Aja Arabians but it is their colts who have hit the headlines. Aja Justified (x Aja Beneja by FS Bengali) was the triple-crown colt Champion of Europe in 2010, winning European, World, and All Nations Cup Champion while on lease to Athbah Stud of Saudi Arabia. Other noteworthy colts are Aja Angelo (x Aja Aisha by Ruger AMW) and Aja Justafire (x Aja First Love by FS Bengali) who is about to start his show career. Both CR Jasmeenah and Aja Justified were shown to their World Championships by Tom Schoukens of Schoukens Training Center in Belgium. Of his association with Justice Tom says, “I have been blessed with the possibility to show some of the world’s most beautiful WH Justice offspring and they have made a tremendous impact on my life. WH Justice is not just a stallion anymore, it is a style, and it has become a new standard to live up to. He gave the word ‘type’ a new dimension.” Tom added that joining his show string this year will be the glorious All Nations Cup Champion Filly FM Gloriaa (x Psity Of Angels by Psytadel). FM Gloriaa, bred by Mieke Sans of

AJA ANGELo (x Aja Aaisha by Ruger AMW), bred and owned by Aja Arabians,U.K.

Belgium, is joining several other WH Justice daughters at the Al Zobair Stud of the UAE . Turning to Spain we can see that WH Justice brought success both for the old guard and the new. The first Justice foal bred by Marieta Salas of Ses Planes was Abha Opalina in 2005 (x Om El Amira Estopa by Sanadik El Shaklan). She was a Reserve Champion at the All Nations Cup and is currently leased to Al Mohamedia Stud in Saudi Arabia. About her use of him Marieta says, “He is a prepotent stallion and passes on his very special looks. I had mainly colts and I intend to breed with them. If they are sold I always will keep breedings.”

Bred and owned by Kossack Stud, NL

2003 (x Palawan by Padrons Ghibli)

Dutch National Gold Medal Filly, Ermelo, NL 2010

Bred by M. Boscarino, IT, owned by Ajman Stud, UAE


U.S. National Champion Mare, Tulsa, U.S. i Gold Medal Mare, ABWC Las Vegas, U.S., 2011 i Gold Medal Mare, Al Khalediah Festival, Riyadh, KSA, 2011 i National Champion Mare, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2007 i World Reserve Champion Filly and Most Beautiful Filly Head, Paris, France, 2006 i Champion Filly, Dubai International Show, UAE, 2006 i European Champion Filly, i


Colt 2010 (x TM Walencia by Emfatyk) Bred and owned by Josje and Erik Dorssers, NL i

Dutch National Gold Medal Colt, Ermelo, NL 2011



Verona, IT, 2005 Champion Filly, Towerlands, UK, 2005


2003 (x Anthea Moniscione by Padrons Ghibli) Bred and owned by Azieda Agricola Buzzi, IT European Reserve Champion Colt, Morseele, BE 2006 i European Reserve Champion Colt, Verona, IT i 2005 All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Colt, Aachen, DE i Champion Colt, Menton, FR, 2005 i


Champion Colt, Ströhen International, DE, 2004

GRISENDA CHANDRA 2003 filly (x Garidah by Saymoon) Bred and owned by Chandra Arabians, IT i

Italian Cup 2011 Winner

Gold Medal Mare, Travagliato International B, IT, 2010 i Gold Champion Mare Premio dell’ Adriatico B, IT, 2010 i Silver Champion Mare Cittá di Castello B, IT, 2011 i


Marieta is also the proud breeder of 2010 U.S. National Champion Junior Mare Abha Qalams (x Abha Mudira by Marwan Al Shaqab) by the deceased WH Justice son Alfabia Damascus and has a son, Abha Sadiky, standing at Michael Byatt Arabians. Also bred in Spain, although again from a Belgian dam’s pedigree, is the much adored Shanghai EA (x Salymah EA by Khidar). Shanghai EA has been All Nations Cup Champion Colt in 2011, and World Reserve Champion Colt 2011 for his owner/ breeder Albert Sorroca of Spain. Albert began breeding Arabians at the beginning of the last decade and also bred the dam of this exquisite white colt. He is excited to announce that Shanghai EA will be taking up residence on lease at one of the world’s truly elite breeding programs, Michalow State Stud in Poland, completing the final invasion of Justice blood to every corner of Europe. In fact, the private breeders of Poland were quick off the blocks with the Godzialski family of Falborek Arabians using him back in 2004. Their fabulous-moving colt Altis (x Albia by Pers) won the reserve title at the All Nations Cup as a yearling and returned to win his stallion class in Aachen last year. Gerald Kurtz, who shows many private breeders’ horses in Poland, notes that, “Justice helped the private breeders in Poland to catch up relatively quickly with the quality of the State Studs but still the State breeding program remains dominant.” Gerald is welcoming the charismatic Ajman Stud-bred champion AJ Dinar (x Deska by Lumiar Amadeus) to Poland on lease this year where he hopes Dinar will help the private breeders further in their quest for a more refined type. In fact, I have to apologize to all those owners of WH Justice champions who do not get a mention in this article. 

Gold Medal Mare, Baden-Baden, DE, 2009


champion get ES JAWAD

2004 colt (x Area Amaida by Glenglade Sabar)

Colt 2004 (x Oh My Shai by Simeon Shai) Breeder Arsenault, IT; owned by Valu Tourist SRL, IT 


Morocco National Champion Stallion, El Jadida, MA 2009  Morocco National Champion Colt, MA 2007  French National Champion Colt, Pompadour, FR 2006

Bred by Favini, IT; owned by Midnight Lights Arabian, SE


Filly 2004 (x Armonia by Aktszn) Bred by Azieda Agricola Buzzi, IT; owned by M. Boscarino, IT 10 ▪ WH JUSTICE ▪ WORLD

Colt 2005 (x Nahkita by Gomel)

Champion Colt, Scandinavian Open Blömmerod, SE 2007


Filly 2006 (x DI Glenda by Halim Raquim) Bred by G. Boscarino, IT; owned by Azieda Agricola Buzzi G. Morelli, IT 



Colt 2007 (x FS Cabana Bey by August Bey V) Bred by AG Nobel Arabians, IT; owned by Golden Ridge Farm, U.S. 

Gold Champion Stallion, Italian Nationals 2011

Bred by Equid System Ltd, IT; owned by Selman Arabians, MA 

AJA JUSTIFIED (x Aja Beneja by FS Bengali), bred and owned by Aja Arabians, U.K.

Gold Medal Mare, El Jadida, MA

Champion Stallion Region 5, U.S. 2011


Colt 2007 (x Elettra by Hadidi) Bred by Barbara Bigotti, IT; owned by Haras El Madan, Haras Meia Lua, and Haras Quatro Estaçoes, BR 

Champion Stallion, Araxà, BR 2010


Filly 2007 (x Psyches Angel by Hadidi) Bred by G. Reina, IT; owned by HRH Prince Abdul Aziz bin Ahmed bin

Abdul Aziz Al Saud, KSA Gold Champion Filly, Ströhen International, DE 2009

Bronze Medal Filly, Menton, FR 2009  Italian National Champion Filly, Verona, IT 2008 


Filly 2008 (x Thee Rahiba by BJ Thee Mustafa) Bred by Emilio Manzi, IT; owned by Haras Cruzeiro, BR Italian National Gold Champion Filly and Best in Show, Città di Castello, IT 2009  Gold Medal Filly, Travagliato International B, IT 2010  Gold Medal Filly, Verona International B, IT 2010 


Filly 2009 (x Aisha by Missouri )

There simply are too many of them and Gregor Aymar, who made his website, coined the perfect tagline for him in 2007 by calling him the “Champion Maker.” He has been used from Sweden to Sicily and from Spain to Russia and all across the Middle East with champions in nearly all these countries. Established breeders such as Sax Arabians in Germany have been delighted with his get and Reinhard Sax PHOTO ELISA GRASSI says, “To be honest, I cannot say which one is the best, because we hold all of them in high esteem.” He has also sired National champions for the well-known Osterhof Stud in Germany, the Kossack Stud in Holland, the de Nautiac Stud in France — the list goes on and on. In 2008, the CA test first became available for Arabian breeders and Catherine recounts that in 2009, “a breeder tested one of his foals by Justice who seemed affected and she tested positive. So of course we tested Justice immediately, in two different laboratories, to have the confirmation. At the same time there was another filly discovered affected in the north of Europe. When we received the two results, we announced it officially and added into the breeding contract that Justice is a CA carrier. We advise testing the mare before breeding her.” Bred by La Lezziola, IT; owned by Al Athbah Stud, KSA World Bronze Medal Filly, Paris World Championships, FR 2011  Italian National Gold Medal Filly and Best in Show, S. Giovanni, IT

Filly 2008 (x Enya by Ekstern) Bred and owned by Strusinianka, PL

2011 Gold Medal Filly, Prague, CZ 2011


Colt 2006 (x Albia by Pers) Bred by Falborek Arabians, PL; owned by Hani Ismer and Turban Stud, DE 2007 All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Colt, Aachen, DE  2011 All Nations Cup Class winner 4-6 Year-Old Stallions, Aachen, DE 2011 


In many ways WH Justice blew the roof off the stigma over breeding with carriers, so many breeders large and small had already used him that they could not join a witch hunt without displaying hypocrisy. There appears to be less hysteria and more understanding about carrier status than when only the SCID gene was identifiable; however, the subject will only be finally retired when we realize the possibility that all horses may carry a lethal recessive of some description. It is already obvious that all horses definitely carry “undesirable” genes of some sort. His popularity and that of his sire may cause the rate of carriers to rise very little in the small pool of show horses, but is seems unlikely to cause any danger to the breed as a whole. The number of total Arabian foals bred per year in the European

Gold Medal Filly, Tulip Cup, Deurne, NL 2011


Filly 2004 (x Clio Fiera Blanca by Bronnz) Bred by Ferrero Fausto, ES; owned Dubai Stud, UAE Champion Filly, Wels, AT 2006 European Bronze Medal Mare, Moorsele, BE 2010  Silver Medal Mare Elran Cup, Hasselt, BE 2010  Gold Medal Mare, Ströhen International B, DE 2010  Reserve Champion Filly, Towerlands, UK 2007  All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Filly, Aachen, DE 2007  

EL PIATZOLLA (x Enya by Ekstern), bred and owned by Z.P.H. Strusnianka, Poland.  Spanish National Gold Medal  National Spanish Champion Filly Filly and Best in Show, Segovia, Segovia, ES 2006 ES 2009 JULIA JINA BEA Filly 2006 (x Shamilah Jina Bea by BENUSS BINT MINEA Warandes Plakat) Filly 2006 (x Minea by Nakhda Bred by Equus Arabians, ES; owned Khartoum) by Haras de Nautiac, FR 11 ▪ WH JUSTICE ▪ WORLD

ABHA OPALINA (x Omel Amira Estopa), bred and owned by Marieta Salas, Spain.

countries where WH Justice is used has been around 6,000 to 7,000 over his breeding career. His 100 foals a year (of which 50 percent will be non-carriers), even added to those of his carrier sons, are not skewing the carrier ratios at any significant speed especially as he is far from the only stallion to be siring this number of foals annually. It was inevitable that breeders in the U.S. would take interest in this prodigal son and start breeding to him, although it is also interesting to speculate whether he would have had the same opportunity to flourish in the States with its very rigid standards of what is and what isn’t an Arabian show horse. The first U.S. breeder to import frozen semen was Stonewall Farm of Arizona. Says David Cains, “I first saw WH Justice as a yearling at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. To me, he looked very different. He was not the prettiest color grey, and he was a bit immature-looking, but there was just something about him I really liked. I thought he was one I would like to keep an eye

FM GLORIAA (x Psity Of Angels by Psytadel), bred by M. Sans, Belgium; owned by Al Zobair Stud, UAE. on to see how he matured.” David and Scott Bailey have also recently bought their own WH Justice son, Rohara Extrem Justice (x Van Alyssa), bred of course by one of America’s leading lights in the industry, Roxann Hart and Barbara Jarabek. This viewpoint is echoed by Joel Desmarteau of Markelle Arabins who has not only used WH Justice but imported a son, Rough Justice (x Nadjana Bint Nadir), who has just been sold to Saudi Arabia. In Joel’s opinion, “we are certain to see an enhancement to breed type, and charisma, two of the most consistent qualities that his blood produces. The WH Justice offspring have a look and carriage that we all love to admire.” The next chapter in Justice’s life was established in 2011 by Sheikh Jassim bin Khalifa Al Thani who fell love with the horse. As he explains, “During the few years I have been developing my interest in Arabian show horses, I have kept my attention on WH


Colt 2008 (x Salymah EA by Khidar)

champion get

Bred and owned by Equus Arabians, ES World Silver Medal Colt, Paris World Championships, FR 2011  European Gold Medal Colt, Verona, IT 2011  All Nations Cup Gold Medal Colt, Aachen, DE 2011  Gold Medal Colt, Prague Intercup International B, CZ 2011  European Silver Medal Colt, Moorsele, BE 2010  Champion Colt, Bordeaux, FR 2009  Gold Medal Colt Elran Arabian Cup, Hasselt, BE 2009  European Silver Medal Colt, 

Bred and owned by Complutum Arabians, ES 

Gold Champion Miono B 2011


Colt 2007 (x LM Tambaa by Esteem) Bred by L. Carcedo, ES; owned by I. Eizagirre, ES 

Spanish National Gold Medal Colt, Segovia, ES 2009


Verona, IT 2009 


Colt 2008 (x Salalah by El Ahhim Shah)Bred by P. Lewenhaupt, SE; owne d by Bandsjoen Arabians, SE 

Swedish National Champion Colt, Halmstad, SE 2009


Filly 2008 (x Feemi by Ibn Halim) Bred by Lonhult Arabstuteri, SE; owned by R. Braver, IL Israeli National Gold Medal Filly, IL 2010  Gold Medal Filly, Manerbio 

International B, IT 2010 2009 Swedish National Champion Filly, Halmstad, SE 2009


Colt 2006 (x Deska HJE by Lumiar Amadeus) Bred by Ajman Stud, UAE; owned by F.G. Urfali, UAE UAE National Gold Stallion and Emirates Cup Winner, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2009

Reserve Champion Colt, Dubai, UAE 2008

Champion Colt, Doha, QA 2008

Justice. I collected his pictures, I studied his get and followed their success all over the world. The first filly I bought was a Justice daughter named RP Miss Surprise, and of course later I was able to acquire CR Jasmeenah, my dearest mare. “In Paris I met with the owners of WH Justice. It was a delight for me to discuss him, his get, and his best breeding nicks. It was then that the Kerjean family asked me what I would feel about them bringing WH Justice to the U.S. Of course I supported this idea and told them I would love to be a part of the venture. A few weeks later, we finished an agreement on the lease of WH Justice to my Aljassimya Farm. At the same time I started negotiation to have WH Justice for this one year standing at Om El Arab International. “To have the support and involvement of both Sigi Siller and Janina Merz in the whole lease plan was a final dream and vision for breeding WH Justice to a select group of unique mares.” Of his move to Om el Arab, Janina Merz has this to say: “What an impact WH Justice made on us when he showed in Aachen! My mom, Sigi, and I were both blown away by his charisma, beauty, and charm. We looked at each other as he was showing and realized that we were both crying. It’s a wonderful and rare feeling to be affected emotionally by a horse in this way. We decided then that we would like to breed some mares to him. Independent from our wishes our friend Sheikh Jassim had also formulated a plan based on the same idea — to breed the legendary WH Justice to our famous group of mares. We feel it is a winning combination that will propel both Justice and Om El Arab to even greater heights. Sigi and I would be honored to be part of WH Justice’s life. It would make us proud to integrate his genes into our 42-year-old breeding program and to carry his name in our pedigrees for eternity.” It is an understatement to say that many people the world over are anticipating the arrival of the 2013 foal crop from this historic cooperation. WH Justice was bred in the States by Wendell Hansen

UAE National Champion Colt, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2007  Reserve Champion Colt, Qatar, QA 2007  Reserve Champion Colt, Dubai, UAE 2007  Champion Colt, Middle 

East Championships, JO 2007


Colt 2009 (x RGA Kouress by Kouvay Bey) Bred by Markelle Arabians, U.S.; owned by Sheikh Ammar

of Utah — although the name appearing on his registration documents is Goodrich, Wendell leased the mare and bred her to Magnum Psyche. That year they had 13 foals and five colts, and as every solvent horse breeder knows you can’t keep them all. However, the Hansen family reconnected with their famous traveler, purchasing a beautiful grey son, LA Karat (x LA Kalahari by Shaklan Ibn Bengali), who has all the lines that go best with Justice, on his dam’s side FS Bengali and two crosses to Plakat. LA Karat was bred by Lasahr Arabians in Switzerland, and now stands with Travis and Patti Hansen in American Fork, Utah. Pedigree-wise WH Justice is an interesting mixture of extremely popular and relatively obscure bloodlines. It is no surprise that he is from the all-conquering sire line of Saklawi I through Nazeer as are an incredible number of sires of today. Unfortunately, accurate statistics outside the U.S. are extremely hard to provide, but in the States the Saklawi I sire line has moved its market share of foals born from zero percent in 1950 to 13 percent in 1980 and up to 42 percent of foals born in 2010. The fascinating quality of the Nazeer line is that his great sons seem to sire great sons, and the line has flourished onwards and outwards. Each generation produces a clearly different individual from the one before, but the common thread seems to be that they sire what people want from them. Whatever your preference, from Aria Impresario to Ashhal Al Rayyan, the Nazeer sire line sires beautiful horses. WH Justice descends from an unbroken line of triumphant sires back to Nazeer. His sire, Magnum Psyche, needs no introduction as the leading living sire in number of Arabian foals, estimated at just over 1,500 worldwide. Multi-National Champion Magnum is the son of another wildly popular supersire, Padrons Psyche, who is estimated to have 1,200

bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Ajman Stud, UAE

owned by Al Muawd Stud, KSA


Colt 2010 (x Dormeza by Ekstern) Bred by Les Sekut, Virginia, U.S.; owned by Astoria Arabians, U.S.

Champion Filly, Midland B, UK 2011  Silver Medal Filly Al Khalediah Festival, Riyadh, KSA 2012

Champion Colt Region 15, U.S. 2011

Gold Medal Colt, Abu Dhabi International B, UAE 2010


Filly 2010 (x Exquisite Dream by Magic Dream CAHR) Bred by L. Havice, U.S.; 13 ▪ WH JUSTICE ▪ WORLD

worldwide foals (1,127 foals registered in the U.S.). Padrons Psyche is the most successful son of another legend, extrovert and refined National Champion *Padron, who sired 800 lifetime foals and who died in 2007 at 30 years of age. *Padron’s sire Patron is the only semi-legend on the list, rather more normally endowed with 48 foals. Patron was the son of the Egyptian Aswan, who after a slow start sired 301 foals at Tersk and changed their direction type-wise single-handedly. Aswan was just one of the several spectacular sons of Nazeer (101 foals) bred at El Zahraa in Egypt after Nazeer was rescued from breeding non-registered local mares at an Upper Nile stallion depot at the age of 14. It is an interesting alternative reality to try to imagine the Arabian today, had Nazeer never made it back to the Egyptian State Stud. Like the forebears on his sire line, WH SHANGHAI EA (x Salymah EA by Khidar), bred and owned by Equus Arabians, Spain. Justice has continued this run of stallion success. It would be a faux pas of major proportions to suggest at this point which of his several popular (El Sher-Mann x Renea), was bred by Vona Huggins of Twin sons is the most successful; and indeed it is just too early to tell. Falls, Idaho, who had four breeding mares at the time, but she There are several in the running and some younger colts with explains that she didn’t manage to keep the mare for long as, high hopes attached. “Due to divorce I needed to sell horses and it broke my heart. The dam’s side of WH Justice’s pedigree looks rather JoAnn Goodrich bought Vona Sher-Renea from me at three different and rather contradicts the Arabian horse breeding months old; she was a wedding gift from the couple to each theory that suggests one should seek out a colt from an other. What goes around comes around. I was getting a divorce obviously successful mare family if you want a prepotent sire. and had to sell. They were just married, so buying. Years later For several generations on the dam’s side each mare on the they got a divorce and the mare came back.” female line was bred by a different breeder, and quite often in Vona Sher-Renea is now back with her breeder, who also a different state and then sold very young, making tracking the owns WH Justice’s half sister Eternalove (by Eternety), who is family’s progress hard going. His dam, 1989 Vona Sher-Renea the dam of her 2008 stallion Viva El Shaklan LA by *El Shaklan.

GRISENDA CHANDRA (x Garidah by Saymoon), bred and owned by Chandra Arabians, Italy. 14 b WH JUSTICE b WORLD

AJA ANDREAS (x Aja Anouska by Ruger AMW), bred by Aja Arabians, U.K., and owned by Nughemshe, Kuwait.

ALTIS (x Albia by Pers), bred by Falborek Arabians, Poland, and owned by Hani Ismer and Turban Stud, Denmark.

in 1985, that she bought the *El Shaklan son El Sher-Mann also as a weanling in winter 1985. El Sher-Mann was Reserve Champion Two-Year-Old Colt at Scottsdale 1987 and later turned up in Europe to win the Aachen Senior stallion class in 2000 for his new owner Walter Kampmann of Gestüt Kapsch in Austria. I remember El Sher-Mann as a powerful mover, with the cadence and spring of a proper dressage horse; a solid horse with an appealing twinkle in his eye. El Sher-Mann is still going strong at aged 27 and is available for breeding. Despite not

Photo Sharon MeyerS

Vona Huggins purchased Justice’s grandam Renea at 16 months of age in 1982 from Pat Shepard in Idaho Falls. She was by the exotic Jassen, a grandson of *Ansata Ibn Halima, from whom he inherited his incredible eyes, and out of a mare bred four times to Abu Farwa, the horse who could do everything. Renea was a Most Classic Champion, which in the eighties was considered a rather old-fashioned prize to win — however, it meant what it meant, classic. This was the type Vona liked and she was so impressed by *El Shaklan at the U.S. Nationals

TARALEA JUSTIFY (x Redwood Lodge Cabreaa by GG Magnetism), bred by Taralea Arabians, New Zealand, and owned by Charaway Arabians, Australia.

D’JUSTIN (x ESM Kendalina by ASS-Kendal), bred and owned by ESM Arabians, Belgium. 15 b WH JUSTICE b WORLD

‌ pictured at Om El Arab International in California.

having a vast number of foals, El Sher-Mann is also noted as siring the Italian-bred World Champion MA Shadow El Sher, owned by the Dubai Stud. The dam line of WH Justice is not one that appears regularly in the show world at all, tracing as it does to the Blunt mare Basilisk who has a relatively low profile as a taproot mare. In fact, as foundation dam for senior halter U.S. National Champions, I had to go back to the very first one, Bazleyd in 1933, to find one! It is a well-respected line for endurance horses through Richard Pritzlaffs’ Rabanna and indeed, the AHA Distance Horse of the Year 2011 is OT Sara Moniet RSI from this strain. AJ DINAR (x Deska HJE by Lumiar Amadeus); bred by Ajman Stud, UAE; owned by F.G. Urfali, UAE The most striking feature smorgasbord of a pedigree is why he has sired well with just of the WH Justice pedigree about everything. It also goes to show how unpredictable the is just how little linebreeding there is. In the first five lines road to Arabian superstardom is and that theory never proved a there are no repetitions at all, which is very uncommon in good breeding horse — foals do. Arabians of whatever discipline, and nowadays is even rare I will leave the final word again to Catherine to sum up in Thoroughbreds, whose breeders have not exhibited the her hopes at the start of the American chapter in Justice’s life, same mania for line-breeding. This flatly contradicts breeding “First of all, the opportunity to cover great mares. Also to make theories that insist linebreeding or closer is the only way to fix many breeders in the U.S. happy who perhaps have never seen genes so that you know they will get passed on. Many of the him, and who would like to use him but have not had the separate chunks of his pedigree are linebred but his pedigree is opportunity. He’s born in America, so for the American breeders a combination of several of the world’s major bloodline groups, it’s like a return home. Finally to have a good time in California! just over a quarter American domestic, just over a quarter Justice likes to travel, to be the king in a new place, and to be Spanish, just under a quarter Egyptian, and the rest Russian admired … so we think that he should enjoy this stay!” and Crabbet with a delicate seasoning of Polish. Perhaps this

ON LEASE TO Aljassimya Farm

To see a video of WH Justice as a yearling, go to

STANDING AT Om El Arab International 1900 View Dr. Santa Ynez, California 93460 805-688-6958

JUWEL OS (x Swana by Kubinec), bred by Osterhof Stud, Germany and he is leased by Al Zobair Stud, UAE.

OWNED BY Equid System Ltd. Thierry, Catherine & Thomas Kerjean 17 ▪ WH JUSTICE ▪ WORLD

WH Justice  
WH Justice  

The story of one of Europe’s top sires of show horses, now returning to America, by Emma Maxwell; Published in the April 2012 issue of Arabi...