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Vulcano HVP (Nuzyr HCF x Lady Psyche HVP).

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he fertile fields of Brazil have yielded immense contributions to the Arabian breed. There must be a kind of magic in the red soil and in the visionary breeders who conjure their world-class horses. Brazilian breeders use a broad palette of pedigrees to produce a uniquely Brazilian look, including breed legends such as Parys El Jamaal, Don El Chall, TS Al Malik, Magnum Chall HVP, Jullyen El Jamaal, Besson Carol, Dakar El Jamaal, Pershahn El Jamaal, Ludjin El Jamaal, and Power World JQ, to name just a few. This year at the Brazilian Nationals, another champion stallion was crowned, and he is poised to garner similar accolades. The fiery chestnut, appropriately named Vulcano HVP, was Champion Stallion in a deep class including a Canadian Futurity and U.S. National champion. Tall, well-balanced and typey, Vulcano HVP is splashed with white and is a charismatic and elegant mover. A son of Nuzyr HCF and out of the Padrons Psyche daughter Lady Psyche HVP, he is a mix of Polish, Russian, Egyptian, Crabbet, and American breeding.

But Vulcano HVP almost never came to be, and he owes much to the persistence of Bolivar Figueiredo. While Haras Vila dos Pinheiros is the breeder of Vulcano HVP, it was Figueiredo, managing partner of the Vulcano Alliance, who played an important role for Vulcano HVP and his sire Nuzyr HCF. The Brazilian-bred Nuzyr HCF was the striking bay son of AF Don Giovanni out of the Ali Jamaal daughter NV Ali Bey. He was bred by Haras Capim Fino. Figueiredo explains his connection. “I purchased Nuzyr for my client Haras Santo André when he was only 17 months old. He was not yet a winner in the showring. We originally wanted to use him as a sire on the mares of Haras Santo André, and then if possible, to show him. The first foals by Nuzyr gave us a good idea that he would be a very good sire and we


Vulcano HVP, above, and at right is his late sire, Nuzyr HCF, twice Brazilian Reserve National Champion and sire of National Champions.


then began to think more seriously about offering his genetics to other breeders.” Haras Santo André showed Nuzyr to help with his promotion, and he was well received by the judges. He won a Reserve National Championship twice and his sons also achieved national championships. Figueiredo remembers, “Nuzyr was an incredibly kind and docile stallion, but still with a lot of personality. His conformation was very correct, and he combined that with an amazing Arabian type.” Unfortunately, Nuzyr HCF died prematurely at just 15 years of age leaving comparatively few progeny. Regardless, today he still ranks among the top sires of all time in Brazilian breeding. In 2006 Figueiredo was looking for a special mare that would cross well with Nuzyr HCF. “I wanted a Padrons Psyche mare with a specific pedigree on the bottom to breed to Nuzyr. At that time in Brazil, we had 22 Padrons Psyche daughters, but I found one in particular I thought would be the perfect cross.” That search led him to one of the largest and most respected breeders in Brazil, Jaime Pinheiros’ Haras Vila dos Pinheiros near Indaiatuba outside São Paulo. “I went to Haras Vila dos Pinheiros (HVP) to see their mare Lady Psyche HVP and I immediately liked her. She was nicely proportioned and very correct. I tried to buy an embryo then, but HVP would not sell one. But since I thought so highly of the mare, the manager asked me what cross I thought would work best on


Estancia Lago do Sol he Caio family, owners of Estancia Lago do Sol, started the farm in the early eighties. Father Joaquim and sons Eduardo and Andre are well-known

horsemen around the world for their accomplished breeding, judging, and riding. The beautiful farm is located an hour and a half from the city of São Paulo and hosts a select group of horses. The Caio family developed the breeding program using early imports from the U.S.; through them, the farm became a major player in Brazilian shows and abroad. Several fine horses have represented Estancia Lago do Sol around the globe: Priceless ELS (RSD Dark Victory x Savannah Lady by Aladdinn); Illusion ELS (Ludjin El Jamaal x FF Tess); and Destinee ELS (Cajun Prince HCF x Illusion ELS). Most recently, the outstanding beauty of Vulcano HVP has combined with the solid bloodlines of the Estancia Lago do Sol mares to produce beautiful foals. Already the mating has generated a national champion, the exotic yearling filly Nahja ELS (Vulcano HVP x Tanya Reyna by BF Renaissance).

Aladd AF Don Giovani Wind Charm Nuzyr HCF Ali Jamaal NV Ali Bey Mystical Bey VULCANO HVP Padron Padrons Psyche Kilika Lady Psyche HVP Bey Shah WA Bey Shamnazona Comar Chamnazona

Aladdinn Dashti Fire Wind Chyleah Ruminaja Ali Heritage Memory Bey Shah Magic Genii Patron Odessa Tamerlan Kilifa Bay El Bey Star Of Ofir Gai Champion Comar Deynazona



her and I told him what I had planned. The manager called me some months later to tell me that Lady Psyche had been bred to Nuzyr. He called again when she had foaled a colt.” Figueiredo immediately went to see the colt, and was thrilled by what he saw. “When I dreamed of mating Nuzyr and Lady Psyche, my expectations were that I would get a foal with a lot of Arabian type. This is what struck me when I first saw Vulcano at only 15 days old. I immediately tried to buy him, but to my disappointment, they refused.” Figueiredo, however, was persistent, and never forgot about the colt. Finally, he was able to convince Haras Vila dos Pinheiros to part with Vulcano HVP when he was 10 months old. “It was a special day for me. I always trusted in Vulcano because of his pedigree. It was what I always wanted to do: AF Don Giovanni and Padrons Psyche.” Soon after Vulcano HVP was purchased, a new partnership was formed with three close friends of Figueiredo and longtime partners in Arabian horses: Paulo de Castro Marques, Abel Leopoldino, and Luis Eduardo Moreira Caio. And so, the Vulcano Alliance was born. The first objective of the Alliance was to develop some show credentials for the young colt, and like his sire he instantly stood out on the national level. Vulcano was Reserve Junior Champion Colt, and the next year National Champion Colt. Vulcano HVP also won Reserve National Champion Young Stallion, and now he has now added Brazilian Champion Stallion to his resume. The 2012 Brazilian Nationals was the crowning achievement of Vulcano’s show career and particularly poignant for Figueiredo. “I thought he was the best horse in the ring, but to expect too much is not really logical at a horse show. You only celebrate after the final announcement and, after 30 years in the breeding business and dedicating myself to the Arabian horse, I know that sometimes the outcome is not always as we expect. He would need to win over a U.S. National Champion that was also in the ring. It was very difficult to watch, but his presentation by Andy Sellman was magnificent and that helped a lot. Both Chiquinho Rego, who conditioned and trained Vulcano, and Rodolfo Guzzo, who allowed Andy to present Vulcano, were extraordinary. Vulcano Alliance thanks them and their staff.” Cesar Schmidt, noted breeder and manager/co-owner of KH Keav Power remembers, “I have known Vulcano HVP since he was still a dream in the mind of Bolivar! I was with Bolivar on his visit to the beautiful Haras Vila dos Pinheiros when he tried to buy an embryo from Lady Psyche HVP. Just over a year later, I had the opportunity to meet that refined and dreamed-of colt in a presentation and have since followed his many achievements all the way to this year’s Brazilian Nationals. Congratulations to Bolivar Figueiredo for believing in that dream and to Vulcano, for his all accomplishments and also those yet to come!”


Casa Branca

aulo de Castro Marques and his daughter Fabiana W. Marques are the chief executives of Casa Branca Agropastoril, a company that raises cattle, sheep, and Arabian horses in Brazil. The Arabian venture started in the eighties and continues to grow and evolve. In 2006, Casa Branca joined the FA El Shawan Group. Determined to match El Shawan with the best mares, they acquired the Brazilian National Reserve Champion Enzos Rose PA, as well as some mares from the U.S. In 2009, Casa Branca joined the Vulcano Alliance seeking a new stallion. Already they are reaping the fruits of this decision, most importantly the filly Princess Bella FWM (by Vulcano HVP) out of the U.S. Top Ten mare Piroette, by Aladdinn. For 2013, Casa Branca has a select group of mares to breed to Vulcano, including daughters of El Shawan, Almaden, Laddin BA, Enzo and Magnum Psyche.

Vulcano HVP and Bolivar Figueiredo, top, and Vulcano with trainer Chiquinho Rego, bottom. 5 ▪ VULCANO HVP ▪ WORLD

Right: Vulcano HVP and Bolivar Figueiredo.

Vulcano HVP offspring: Middle left: The 2011 filly Princess Bella FWM (x Baala FWM), bred by Casa Branca Agropstoril . Middle right: The 2011 filly Vilarah AL (Ilara HCF) bred by Haras Canaã. Bottom left: The 2011 colt BF Darius JQ (BF Amore Al Sabbath), bred by Haras Platina and Haras dos Faveiros, was Champion Junior Colt at the Campo Grande Show.


Having won Brazil’s ultimate prize for a stallion at the tender age of five, Vulcano’s show career draws to a close. “Now he will have the life of a normal horse, without the stress of showing!” Figueiredo exclaims. But it is hardly the end, only the beginning of a new chapter, and one enthusiastically embraced by the Vulcano Alliance. The first foal crop is on the ground, and the second is expected. “We are still determining what exact type of mare is best for him because he has only one foal crop to date,” Figueiredo explains. That said, already Vulcano HVP is showing signs that he will be a successful sire. Vulcano foals are stamped with abundant type, well-proportioned bodies, good legs and movement. One of his daughters, Allyssa Crystal RLC, has earned a Reserve National Championship in Brazil. “I’m sure this will be just the beginning of many to follow with great quality and beauty,” continues Figueiredo. Leopoldo Coutinho, a respected Brazilian equine consultant, is also very optimistic about the future of Vulcano HVP as a sire. “When you see Vulcano HVP, his silhouette, his beauty, his attitude, there is no doubt that this is a great Arabian stallion. His results in the showring, always a champion or reserve, confirm his quality as an individual. “From a siring perspective,” continues Coutinho, “he is imprinting such distinguishing features as refinement, type,

Haras Canaã


aras Canaã began with three brothers passionate about the Arabian horse: Tinho, João, and Abel Leopoldino. Thirty-seven years ago, the brothers were looking for a special type of Arabian, importing great mares and stallions of Egyptian bloodlines from the U.S. They acquired the internationally known PVA Kariim, a son of Imperial Imdal, when he was still a colt. The Egyptian bloodlines still remain in the pedigrees of some mares at Canaã, though over time, the focus has shifted to FA El Shawan, acquired in partnership in 2006. Since then, Haras Canaã has produced national champions in Brazil and abroad, such as two-time Brazilian National Champion El Shakhyr and the U.S. National Champion Festywa ALSA. Haras Canaã, currently managed by Abel Leopoldino, earned one of the most coveted titles for Brazilians: the Breeders Cup at the Arabian Breeders World Cup. “Now it’s time to breed the wonderful daughters of El Shawan with our latest Brazilian National Champion, Vulcano HVP,” says Abel Leopoldino.


Three 2011 Vulcano HVP fillies: Vesta NY (x Alaya MSS), top, bred by Haras Namahê; Nahja ELS (x Tanya Reyna), center, bred by Estância Lago do Sol; and at right, the Brazilian Reserve National Champion Filly Alyssa Crystal RLC (x Marwan Cristal RCA), bred by Haras das Paineras.


excellent shoulders and length of neck, strong hindquarters, great movement and tail carriage. Looking at his pedigree, you quickly understand all this quality. Aladdinn, Bask, Serafix, Ali Jamaal, Bey Shah, and Padrons Psyche were each sires of great quality and importance in Brazilian breeding. Add to this the perfect balance of mares such as Wind Charm, NV Ali Bey and Lady Psyche HVP, and it gives us confidence in his siring potential, the certainty of a remarkable future.” For Figueiredo, it is a journey that has come full circle. “I’m sure that Vulcano’s career will follow the same path as his father. Already his progeny are starting to do just that.”

Thanks to the breeders who have chosen Vulcano HVP for their mares: Árabes de Santa Ventura Estância California Fazenda Pihalzinho Haras Bahamas Haras Bluegrass Haras Campi Fino Haras Carandá Haras CER Haras CRH Haras dos Faveiros Haras e Fazenda Colorado Haras El Mubarak Haras Francajel Haras Ilha da Chapada Haras Lua Nova Haras Namahê Haras Novo Prado Haras Recanto dos Pássaros Haras Rimacla Haras Santo André Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista Haras Serondella Haras Somar Haras Stigmatas Haras Vale das Palmeiras Haras Vale Formoso Haras Vila dos Pinheiros Haras Vilela Haras Wolf Rancho Quatro Estações Rancho São Bento

Owned by the VULCANO ALLIANCE C A N A Ã · C A S A B R A N C A · E L S · P L AT I N A Bolivar Figueiredo

Leopoldo Coutinho



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