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Barzan Al Shahania World Cup Supreme Gold Champion Junior Stallion Al Shahania Stud

Badiaa Al Shahania (Marwan Al Shaqab x Majalis)

Batlah Al Shahania (Marwan Al Shaqab x Psychic Karma)

Proudly owned by

Abdul Rahman Al Mansour, Director Alexandra Newman, Manager P.O. Box 22133, Doha, Qatar tel: +974-4490-3074 | +074-4490-3075 www.AlshAhANiAstuD.cOM

pa Miss Marwan (Marwan Al Shaqab x Miss Amerika)

Scottsdale Unanimous Yearling Filly Class Winner Scottsdale Reserve Junior Champion Filly unanimous Region Champion Filly Handled By

M i c h a e l By at t A r a bi a n s New Ulm, Texas 713.306.8345


atar has long been a leader in establishing premier Arabian horse events, from the prestigious Emir’s Sword race, founded in 1989, to the purebred Arabian Horse International Show, inaugurated in 1991, to the current Qatar Arabian World Cup, held in October at Longchamp in Paris. Through the years, HH Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani, founder of Al Shahania Stud, has been wellrepresented at all those events and more.

the stud’s European representation will be pursued more strongly. Their goal is not only to be showing at the highest level, but also to establish a solid show broodmare band and a selection of stallions to produce champions in the show ring of tomorrow.

Observers say that the stud’s racing record emerges from its enviable Arabian broodmare band, with bloodlines that are a highly-regarded resource of racing blood worldwide. In addition, it offers a collection of several top class stallions, and more are in the works. The results have been impressive: Al Shahania’s collection of trophies includes racing awards from across Europe and the Middle East—nine Emir’s Swords (Qatar’s most prestigious race), the Qatar Arabian World Cup (France), the Kahayla Classic (Dubai), and more. In recent years, Al Shahania also has reignited its show program. In its short history, its show division has compiled a list of top wins in the United States (Scottsdale, the Las Vegas World Cup and the U.S. Nationals), and this year,

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The Farm Located just 20 kilometers from Doha, the capital of Qatar, Al Shahania is an extensive operation as picturesque as it is functional. The property’s natural fresh water allows it to be

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easily irrigated, so that its lovely Arabic architecture stands in an oasis of palm trees, and most of the horses enjoy grass paddocks for their daily turn-out. The stud also features approximately 200 stalls in air-conditioned barns, an A.I. facility, and a therapeutic equine spa and swimming pool. From October through April, the races horses are trained at the stud’s 2000-meter private training track. The majority of Al Shahania’s horses, both for racing and showing, are in Qatar, although some are in Europe and a few—at this point, mainly show horses—are in the United States, where the stud is establishing a growing presence.

handicap rated race at Newbury, in the U.K. The goal is that through its sponsorship, all of these races can be elevated to Grade 1 level.

In Arabian Racing For Al Shahania, 2012 has begun with the same success it knew in 2011. In March, the 6-year-old grey colt Aziz, who placed second last year behind his stablemate Areej in the Qatar Arabian World Cup, came home first in the Emir’s Sword; in July, Jaafer, who won the Emir’s Sword in 2011 and Dubai’s Kahayla Classic in 2010, won the International Stakes at Newbury in England; and also in July, Mkeefa, last

Al Shahania supports endurance racing as well, mainly sponsoring and competing in races in Spain, where the stud’s Dakar de Fontnoire recently won the 120 kilometer CEI in Galicia, Xinzo de Limia.

In The Show Ring The star of the Al Shahania show string now is the 2-yearold Barzan Al Shahania, 2000 U.S. National Champion Mare. Based in the United States, Barzan opened 2011 as Scottsdale Junior Champion Colt before heading to Las Vegas, where he was named Supreme Champion Yearling Colt at the World Cup. Later in the year, he went on to pick up the trophies as U.S. National Champion Yearling Colt and U.S. National Champion Junior Colt. In 2012, he was selected unanimous World Cup Gold Supreme Champion Junior Stallion—with the highest point score ever awarded at the World Cup.

year’s winner of the Qatar Derby and Arabian Guineas, won the President of the UAE Cup at Newmarket, the richest Arabian race in the United Kingdom. All are homebreds.

“Barzan has always had the ability to make almost everyone stop and look,” says Greg Gallún, who has developed and handled the young contender throughout his career. “Even at his first steps, you knew he was rare and special.”

This year Al Shahania Stud also sponsored the first edition of the French Arabian 4-year-old Derby, as well as a current

In an unusual step, Barzan Al Shahania is scheduled to compete in Europe with Gallún later this year. “His eye

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appeal is amazing, and it is our hope that his unique style is embraced in Europe as it has been in the U.S.A.,” the trainer says. “In this world of similarity, Barzan definitely is from a new mold. He surely is one of a kind, and will be a strong and worthy stallion for Al Shahania Stud. With the collection of mares he will receive, the results will be like Barzan himself—trendsetting.” Barzan Al Shahania is not the only one to put the stud’s name up in lights, however. The lovely mare Abha Qalams, purchased in 2010 and showing with Michael Byatt, was named U.S. National Champion Junior Mare later that year, and in 2011, Abha Raipur was selected U.S. National Champion 3-Year-Old Mare. A-Malaysia was 2011

Scottsdale International Breeders Classic Champion Junior Filly and U.S. National Top Ten 2-Year-Old Filly, while Taj Al Jamal was Qatar Bronze Champion Junior Colt. In February 2012, Abha Qalams returned to the show ring at Scottsdale, to be named Champion 5-Year-Old Mare, and the youngster Nada Al Shahania was named Scottsdale International Breeders Classic Reserve Champion Yearling Filly. Miss Marwan PA, beginning her show career by winning the yearling filly championship at Region 9, has served notice of her potential. And this year, the Polish filly Piacenza, who was Bialka’s Champion Filly and Best In Show as a 2-year-old—as well as high seller at the 2011 Pride of Poland Sale—will return to the ring in Europe.

The Al Shahania Breeding Program At the heart of Al Shahania’s success in the future is its breeding operation. This year, Al Shahania Stud has employed a total of roughly 100 racing and show broodmares, as well as several stallions available commercially by fresh or frozen semen. For racing, the farm has created a program based on a unique selection of top broodmares, crossing them with highly successful stallions such as Amer, and more recently, the American-born Burning Sand. This combination has resulted in horses such as Jaafer, Areej, Aziz, Asraa Min Albarq and others, who will carry the stud’s heritage in years to come. “The stud, however, also realizes the importance of keeping a pure French line going,” says Alexandra Newman, general manager of Al Shahania Stud, “so crossing our best purebred French mares with our stallions such as Djendel, Parador, Almas and Arawak d’Arroco allows for us to have a sustainable future.” For the show ring, the aim is to create a similar infrastructure. Mares such as MFA Annie’s Song, Oceania O, ZT Ludbectra and Abdu Mudira now anchor the team, with other top show mares being added to the program every year. Already Abha Qalams, Abha Raipur, A-Malaysia and others have

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been introduced to the band. “That produces a solid base in terms of mares and stallions that are essential for breeding the champions of tomorrow,” Newman says.

All The World Is A Stage Long a touchstone in racing and now one of the fastest-rising entities in the Arabian show ring, Al Shahania is a world presence in the Arabian breed. In November 2011, when Qatar hosted WAHO’s annual conference, the stud welcomed a 400-strong WAHO delegation for an open house to introduce some of its headliners—in a sense, a personal introduction to the Arabian community as a whole. And the community was enchanted. “HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani got his love of horses from being around them since a young age,” says Alexandra Newman. “He rides and he enjoys being around his horses. He knows them individually; it’s the fun of selecting the stallions and the mares for breeding, seeing the foals in the paddock, and then watching them do well either on the racecourse or in the show ring. For him, Arabian horses are a passion. This is why it is such a pleasure working for a stud such as Al Shahania.” n

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Milannia Marwan al Shaqab x Faith EF++ • 4/30/05

Multiple Scottsdale & Regional Halter wins U.S. National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure AOTR Milannia is the quintessential package.

owned by dr. JaniCe C. wieland denton, texas

Whether in halter, hunter, or breeding, her beauty, disposition, and talent would be a valuable asset to your program. Available for purchase.

C ontaCt : K im m organ • P ilot P oint , t exas 940-453-3248 • C ell 940-453-4228 • arabsbyKim @ aol . Com 6 | A r A b i A n H o rse Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . co m

mm la 2010 U.S. National Top Ten Arabian Mare AOTH

B onita

EF Kid Curry x HM SHatala • 5/28/07

2010 Canadian National Top Ten Arabian Futurity Filly 2009 Region 9 Champion Arabian Mare AOTH

MM EdENS BONiTO EdEn C x MM La Bonita 5/05/12 • Colt

Breeders Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature, U.S. & Canadian Futurity nominated. Available for purchase.


mm la

EF Kid Curry x MM City Girl • 3/12/09

2011 Canadian National Top Ten Arabian 2-Year-Old Filly

2009 Region 9 Reserve Champion Yearling Filly Also available for purchase: 2012 Eden C chestnut colt and bay filly, and black fullbrother to MM La Bonita.

Owned by M & M ArAbiAn enterprises Patti Meier • Burleson, texas rogelio arellano, farM Manager www.MMArAbs.cOM w w w

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a r a b s b y k i m


c o m

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Jmagnificent ust Rough Justice x Magnifficoos echo • 4/28/11

2012 Region 9 Reserve Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Colt (first time shown) 2012 U.S. NATiONAl YeARliNg COlT CONTeNdeR

Available For Purchase

Marhquee Available For Purchase


MaRhaabah x LR PsyRen • 5/07/09

2010 Region 9 Top Five Yearling Sweepstakes Colt 2011 Region 9 Champion Stallion AOTH 2011 U.S. National Top Ten Two-Year-Old Colt Breeders Sweepstakes and National Futurities nominated 2012 U.S. NATiONAl FUTURiTY COlT CONTeNdeR owned by lynne rowlett roCKwall, texas

f o r m o r e i n f o r m at i o n a n d v i d e o s v i s i t w w w . r o w l e t ta r a b i a n s . C o m

C ontaCt : K im m organ • P ilot P oint , t exas 940-453-3248 • C ell 940-453-4228 • arabsbyKim @ aol . Com 8 | A r A b i A n H orse Ti m es

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Welcome to another edition of AHT and Tutto Arabi. Since our collaboration started, AHT has really loved getting to know more about Arabian breeders worldwide. So far, we’ve included horses and breeding programs from Europe, the U.K., the Middle East, South America, etc. One of the aspects of the Arabian breed that we at AHT are most proud is that it is, truly, worldwide in popularity. And one of the downsides to our very full schedules is that sometimes it is hard to learn as much about our international colleagues as we would like. Our joint effort makes it easier for us, and, we hope, for our readers as well. So, we would like to thank all the advertisers who joined AHT and Tutto Arabi in expanding our coverage. And here’s to the global spirit of Arabian horses!

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The World-Class Arabians Of Estancia Las Rosas


" y lifetime dream was to become an Arabian horse breeder. I truly enjoy this amazing breed, and the most important thing for me is to share this passion with other people. So, these pages are my introduction to you of my home and some of my horses, as well as an invitation to visit us at Estancia Las Rosas in the beautiful country of Uruguay". —Princess Laetitia d`Arenberg

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Estancia LL (Magnum Psyche x CF Khashmir, by Khemosabi) Scottsdale Champion Yearling Filly Brazilian National Champion Senior Mare

w w w . A H T i m es . co m

International Sire




(*El Nabila B x HB Radiance, by Versace) Grand Champion Expo Prado 2008 Uruguayan "Horse of the Year" 2008 & 2009 Premium Cup 2010

LR Primera (LR Radiant x LL Naplusa) Junior Fillies Expo Prado 2012 with Dejair Souza

w w w . a h t i m es . co m

a r a b i a n h orse ti m es | 13


special 'thank you' to the friends and breeders around the world that have permitted us to acquire the finest mares which are now giving us the greatest satisfaction."



iwa Morab

(Balih El Jamaal x Bint Gypsy K, by Borsalino K) 3-time Brazilian National Champion Punta del Este Champion Mare

LR Wild Power

LR Giecho

(Power World JQ x Giwa Morab) Champion Colt Spring Show 2011 Champion Stallion Punta del Este 2012

(LR Echos Of Marwan x Giwa Morab) Junior Colts Expo Prado 2012 with Dejair Souza

14 | A r a b i a n H o rse Ti m es

w w w . aht i m es . com

Princess Laetitia d'Arenberg Florida, Uruguay For information, please contact: Olivia Strauch ~ ~ (598) 9965-8515


ilenaa NA

(Sir Fames HBV x EA Miracle, by Khemosabi) Scottsdale Top Ten

LR Menfys

LR Aguamarina

(Fynt Serondella x Milenaa NA) Champion Junior Colt Expo Prado 2011 Champion Junior Colt Spring Show 2011 Champion Colt Punta del Este 2012

(FA El Shawan x Milenaa NA) Reserve Champion Junior Filly Spring Show 2011 Champion Filly Punta del Este 2012

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S a n d r o

16 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

P i n h a


G i l

V a l d e z

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m


International by Mary Kirkman

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 17

Ask Sandro Pinha and Gil Valdez about their personal histories in the Arabian horse industry, and they shy away from the question. This is about their clients, they say. It’s the horses and the customers that are important. But that’s really no problem; talk to their clients, and you can learn a lot about Pinha and Valdez. A picture emerges of two horsemen whose basic values of hard work, integrity and talent have built an operation that attracts longterm clients. They have fun, the customers say, and they win their fair share—but there is so much more to it than winning. Amazingly, despite an outstanding record in competition—the list of successful Arabians they have presented is plenty long enough to put them at the top of their profession—much of what clients and friends appreciate most about Sandro and Gil resides outside the show ring. The best thing about having a horse at Arabians International, several say, is the trainers’ honesty, followed closely by their communication skills. Then Sandro in particular is cited for his ability to evaluate a horse’s potential, and customers know that Gil is sharp at spotting talent. Gil is also declared absolutely the best at nutrition and overall horse care (“He did all of the conditioning on Magnum Psyche. Enough said there!” David Boggs says), even though he now spends more time training and they both direct the program of care. The integrity issue is one of long standing. “The most important thing is, these guys are honest. That’s all I’ve heard from everybody and that’s been our experience,” says Lucky Lurken, who with his wife, Raegen, has known Pinha and Valdez 18 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

since the trainers’ early days at Midwest. Gil prepared the Lurkens’ horses, and Sandro showed several to national championships. “In any type of a deal you do, I would trust them explicitly,” Lurken says. “I know that they’re not going to do anything that’s not on the up-andup—ever. My respect for both of them is over the rainbow.”

Who They Are At this point, Sandro Pinha and Gil Valdez’s backgrounds have been well publicized in the Arabian community; Sandro grew up in Brazil, Gil in Mexico. Both loved horses, and they met in the mid-1990s at Midwest, where Sandro got his first big break showing the training center’s powerhouse show string when David Boggs was unavailable. In the meantime, Gil had been named manager of the training program there w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

and had emerged as one of the accomplished conditioners in the Arabian industry. Midwest was a learning experience that both remain grateful for today, but eventually, they were bound for careers on their own. They found them in Scottsdale, where Sandro became known for his work with North Arabians’ International Training Center and Gil headed All Stars Arabians before finally, in March 2010, they opened Arabians International together. Through the years, for an array of clients (many of whom are still with them today), they handled some of the finest horses in the industry, among them S Justadream, Legacy Of Fame, Magnum Chall HVP, Lethyf Falconesse, BHF Dark Angel, Legacys Renoir, Shutup And Dance, and many more. Since they founded Arabians International, that list has grown exponentially, with such

names as El Nabila B, Grand Commandd, El Chall WR, He Be Showy DFA, Cavalli, RD Challs Angel, Freedom PA, and more. Their international marketing contacts and showing commitments are worldwide, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and other areas. The result is a full-service operation, complete with an amateur program, that is home to one of the most successful marketing programs in the business today. Their success, clients say, rests on their overall approach. “It’s important to us that our horses have the care and preparation,” notes Bob North. “The show ring is only a percentage of their time.” “In the beginning, I knew that Gil was a good horseman, a very caring horseman,” says Bob Battaglia, who kept halter horses at Midwest and remains a friend. “The horses came first, and that’s why I was very happy that he was taking care of mine; I knew that there would be nothing that would slip under the wire. Since then, I think he’s become not only an accomplished horseman, but also a great showman. I met Sandro in Brazil, and I thought right from the very first that he was extremely talented. Again, the first concern was that he knew his horses and how to take care of them.” According to Gil, their formula is simple. “You learn their personalities and what they need,” he relates. “Every one of the horses are different; they’re not on the same schedule. You learn about them.” He adds that even

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 19

for professional trainers, both he and Sandro spend a lot of time in the barn. Mike Weinstein, a member of the partnership which owned El Nabila B when the stallion was named national champion in 2010, says it is about more than just knowing the horses—although that is a great part of it; a trainer has to know everything about competition too. “The very top guys out there, and there is a handful of those, are successful for a reason,” he says. “They have an idea of the type of horse that will be successful at a particular show and the type of presentation that will be favorable with the judges (if they don’t want a hard show or, say, a mature look, you have to be aware of that). And you have to be very knowledgeable about what it takes to get a horse looking its best. Not everyone can do that. There’s a talent at getting horses where they need to be. “There is the psychological part too,” he continues. “If the horse has had psychological issues, you have to be able to have thoughts on how you can get around that, so that the horse can appear happier and enjoy it more than they have in the past. An older horse can be tough to show because he’s seen everything. I know Sandro puts in a tremendous amount of time because he’s serious about training the horses. He tries to get the horses prepared so that when they hit the ring and have those few brief moments, they look the part. That takes a lot of time and energy, and you need to do the schooling yourself and get to know the horses.” In Weinstein’s case, that knowledge was critical to El Nabila B’s winning the national championship. “He was happy,” the owner says. “Sandro didn’t push him. He brought out the best in him.” 20 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

The horses’ comfort level in the ring is no accident, Valdez observes. Just as the key to conditioning is figuring out what each horse needs, so too is developing a horse’s talent at showing. That is part of what works at Arabians International. “We’re very involved with how the individual horses think and how they act and what makes them happy,” he says. “You have to do what they like, so that when they go into the arena, they are happy to do it and they can enjoy being show horses. It makes our lives easier when they enjoy what they do.”

Beyond The Show Ring Paralleling Pinha and Valdez’s work in the show ring has been their success in marketing. “They have established a training, showing and marketing facility to equal any in the world,” says Judy Schmid, who with her husband, Ron, has known Sandro and Gil since the Midwest days. Sandro showed Legacy Of Fame for them, and Gil showed the stallion’s first Scottsdale champion, Legacys Renoir. w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

“They truly are Arabians International,” she says. “They have marketed horses that we have owned or bred to South America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S.A.” Among them were Guiliano, who went to Australia; Legacys Rosina, sold to the United Arab Emirates; and recently, Gemini VII, purchased by an owner in Saudi Arabia. The Schmids, who have been in Arabians since 1978 and once rode in distance competitions, also send qualified youngsters to Arabians International. “We understand genotype and phenotype, and using a combination of those to improve your mare,” Judy notes. “We don’t take them anything that doesn’t have potential.” “Sandro and Gil make a great team,” offers client Dean Wikel. He and his wife, Terri, have been in Arabians since 1990; in “six or eight” years with Sandro and Arabians International, they have collaborated on such horses as Cavalli, Freedom PA,

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

Miss Amerika, RD Challs Angel, and Fadila PCF. Sandro arranged the purchase of some of their favorite Arabians, and facilitated the sales of Cavalli and Troubadour PA to the Middle East. “It’s been kind of a natural fit for us,” Wikel says, “because we’re in it to have fun and try to make a little money along the way—breed quality Arabians, prepare, train and market them. And they’ve been instrumental. Sandro has a great following from other countries; he’ll get on a plane and fly 15 or 20 hours to show horses for someone on the other end, and while he’s there, he’ll meet with four or five others who want to do business with him. That’s very important for people in the U.S. He’s getting a network that he is able to work with throughout the whole Arabian world.”

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 21

Bob North, who with his wife, Dixie, remained a client after Pinha left the North facility, agrees. “Sandro has a good relationship with clients in the Middle East,” he says. “He shows there for several people, and he is a Brazilian, so he has a lot of contacts there. And over the past few years, in conjunction with Gil, a lot of clients have been developed in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and places like that who are new players. They have a wide variety of clientele, some of which are recent entries into the Arabian industry.” Another quality at Arabians International that gets high marks is top-flight communication. Sandro and Gil not only return telephone calls; they initiate them. “People want to know what’s going on,” Sandro comments. “Good or bad news, they want to hear—especially bad news. Anybody can call you and tell you how great things are. When things are not so good, that’s when people appreciate being told what’s going on.” 22 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

That’s just part of good business sense, Bob North says. “Sandro is one who I think has done a very good job in business, with no real formal training. It’s just his inherent personality and logical thinking.” Perhaps that relates to the honesty issue; it may be a personal trait, but it is good for business. “The thing I probably like the most is they don’t give you smoke and mirrors,” Dean Wikel says. “Sandro will just tell you either ‘you don’t have a chance so don’t waste your money,’ or he really wants your horse. Sometimes it’s hard for you to swallow, if you were thinking your horse is better than it really is, but he’s being truthful in telling you that your goal is probably not going to be met. “I probably like that almost as much as I like going there—and I really like going there!” he smiles. “When we go up to Arabians International, we’re entertained. There is always something going on, and you feel like you’re their best client. I think every one of their clients would say the same thing. You all feel like you’re more than a client. w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

“I don’t need to feel important or have anybody make me feel that way,” he adds. “But yet, isn’t it nice that you’re not taken for granted?” “They see the big picture,” says Mike Weinstein, and explains, “They know that if we don’t do well, we won’t be around.” On paper, that sounds a lot more forceful than he meant it, but Weinstein has been in Arabians long enough to have seen many people come and go. His family got into the breed in the 1970s as Aries Arabians, and was known for campaigning, among others, the 1982 U.S. National Champion Mare Kajora (“the most influential mare in the world,” he muses now, since she went on to be the dam of Gazal Al Shaqab and granddam of Marwan Al Shaqab). Today he owns horses in partnership with Jean Edwards, an association that goes back to Aries days, and Arturo Uribe and Christopher Zubiate. Winning is only part of the game, he points out; buying, selling and the social aspect of Arabian horses are all part of the experience. One of the things he appreciates about Arabians International is that Sandro and Gil, who both show for his partnership, not only win in the ring, but are free with their time in less-heralded

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

ways as well. “They both love to entertain,” he says, “and that’s important. In this business, only one person is going to win a class, so if you don’t make the whole experience fun, people aren’t going to stay interested very long. This year at Scottsdale, we were all at Sandro and Gil’s house; two of my partners did the cooking two nights for all the customers—there were 35 or 40 people there— and it was a great experience. Instead of being in a restaurant, we all spent four or five hours together and got to see some horses and talk and meet people. “That’s what makes the difference,” he continues. “When you don’t win, then it’s about lifestyle, and they do a very good job at that. The show is fun—I enjoy that part of it—but the camaraderie is wonderful. A trainer has to be more than just a trainer; you have to be a friend and hand-holder for these people through good and bad times. You have to keep people involved, and make it a fun experience.”

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 23

In the end, many friends and clients agree, Arabians International has been all about that formula of work, honesty, talent, and personality. Success and respect have followed naturally. “Midwest is proud of both Sandro and Gil, having given them their start in the Arabian horse business in the United States,” says former employer David Boggs. “I think they are two of the hardest working young people in the country today. Their horses look fantastic; the proof is in the pudding. Their success shows that the harder you work, the luckier you get. They’ve been blessed with a great group of horses.” Rohara’s Roxann Hart sees it professionally. “I like the fact that a high profile halter trainer visits Rohara for their top competitive stock,” she says. “They bought two weanlings from me last year and took them both to regional championships. They are people that I love to sell my good horses to because they move them forward. They will campaign them to their best abilities, and carrying the Rohara name, that’s a great source of interest for me as a breeder.” She smiles at a memory from 2003. “And I particularly have to thank Sandro for doing all the finish schooling on Rohara Allure, and then working with me to show her to unanimous national champion amateur mare.” Brazil’s Salim Mattar, of Haras Sahara, appreciates the complete nature of Arabians International and Sandro Pinha, whom he has known best since he got into 24 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

the breed. “He is one of the best Arabian horses handlers today, not just in the U.S. market but in the whole world,” says Mattar. “He has a strong track record of victories in the ring. And he’s very polite—he’s always available to help Arabian horse breeders. He receives all of us, his friends and customers, with great pleasure at his stud in Scottsdale.”   Through the years, Sandro has had the higher profile in the show ring, while Gil has been known more for his quiet talent making everything happen. That is changing, clients say, as Gil’s work in competition has become more recognized. It is not, many say, about ramping up the talent at the operation; it is about a proper distribution of credit. Both trainers deserve it. w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

treat the horses well. You can work with them. They’re good friends as well as excellent horse people. Their hearts are in their work.”

“Sandro and Gil have formed a great union in Arabians International,” Bob Battaglia says. That he is happy for them is clear in his tone. “I look for them to just keep growing, and do bigger and better things in the future.” “We respect their horsemanship so much,” Judy Schmid nods. “They both can show, and they

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

“It started out being about the horses and then it evolved into a friendship for me and my wife,” Lucky Lurken says. “I’ll bet I talk to Sandro two or three times a week— about everything, not just about horses. Same with Gil. Business-wise, what they have done is incredible, in my opinion. I think they are good people, and beyond the horses, they’re two of my best friends in the world.” He pauses and then adds, “Sandro and Gil came to our country to work. They’re great people, and they’re great horse people besides; that’s just a plus. They’ve made our country a better place.” n

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 25

Perfection of beauty and quality from every angle ...

Sire of the most coveted show horses in the world

26 | A r a b i a n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . aht i m es . c o m

United States Canadian &Brazilian National Champion Stallion


Magnum Psyche x Taamara HVP SCID & CA Clear Multi-Program Nominated Sire Proudly owned by Lucky & Raegen Lurken, USA Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly w w w . a h t i m es . co m

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324 A r a b i a n H o r s e Ti m es | 27

Darryl Larson photo

28 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

Exotic in any Language

U.S. & Brazilian National Champion Stallion


ROHARA SOPHISTICATE El Nabila B x MFA Choclate Lilly, by Magic Dream Region 3 Champion Yearling Filly Owned by Arabian Park Arabians JULIA ROBERTS El Nabila B x Rohara Psultry, by Padrons Psyche Region 8 Champion Yearling Filly Owned by Nancy Allen Roberts DIYA FORX El Nabila B x Pocahontas K, by Borsalino K Owned by Hennessey Arabians

Kubinec x 213 Elf Layla Walayla B, by Assad Multi-Program Nominated Sire SCID & CA Clear Owned by El Nabilia Initiative, USA Michael Weinstein • 408.307.6436 Standing at Om El Arab International Santa Ynez, California 805.688.6958 • 805.490.6810 Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324 a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 29

30 | A r a b i a n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . aht i m es . c o m

The quality epics are made from ...

2012 Scottsdale International Bronze Stallion 2012 Region 3 Reserve Champion Stallion 2011 U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Colt Arbiteur x WN Deja Vu SCID & CA Clear Proudly owned by Armir Partners, USA Dan and Suzanne Acevedo, Managers 208-760-0816 • Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

w w w . a h t i m es . co m

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

A r a b i a n H o r s e Ti m es | 31

2012 Region 8 Unanimous Champion

32 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es


w w w . A H T i m es . c o m


Marwan Al Shaqab x Fantastica HVP SCID & CA Clear

U.S. National 5-Year-Old Stallions

Proudly owned by Eyad Abdullah Mashat Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 33

34 | A r a b i a n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . aht i m es . c o m

Gazal Al Shaqab x Veronica GA, by Versace

SCID & CA Clear Proudly owned by Arabian Soul Partners Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

w w w . a h t i m es . co m

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

A r a b i a n H o r s e Ti m es | 35

U.S. National Reserve Champion *Sir Fames HBV x Entaicyng NA

In t e r n a t io n a l Ch a mp io n

Multi-Program Nominated Sires SCID & CA Clear Proudly owned by Robert & Dixie North, USA 20655 Sutherland Dam Rd., Ramona, CA 92065 Breeding Manager Mike McNally 760.789.3208 Robert North 619.992.9832 Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly 36 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324 w w w . A H T i m es . c o m


*Magnum Chall HVP x Major Love Affair


Las Vegas World Cup Supreme Gold Champion Yearling Colt

Beijing BHF x GA Mi Grandlady, by Minotaur+

U.S. National Yearling Colts

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 37

Magnum Chall HVP x Bey Unforgettable by Bey Shah

U.S. National Futurity Colts

2012 Region 7 Champion Stallion 2012 Las Vegas World Cup Champion 3-Yr-Old Stallion

2011 Scottsdale Champion 2-Yr-Old Colt 2011 Scottsdale Signature 2-Yr-Old Champion Colt 2011 Champion Region 7 Champion 2-Yr-Old Colt

SCID & CA Clear Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

Proudly owned by Pegasus Arabians Dean & Terri Wikel, Berlin Heights, OH, USA 419.588.3000 • 38 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

Legacy Of Fame x Precious Legacy, by Legacy Of Fame

Danica VII 2012 Region 7 Reserve Champion Yearling Filly

Sired by Gemini VII:


2010 Region 3 champion Stallion 2010 Las Vegas World Cup Res Champion 3-Year-Old Stallion 2010 U.S. National Topt Ten Futurity Colt 2011 Region 7 Reserve Champion Stallion 2012 Region 1 Champion Stallion

ser i o u s I n qu ir ie s a r e we l c o m e fo r d i scr i m ina t ing b uy e r s SCID & CA Clear Proudly owned by Eyad Abdullah Mashat Kingdom of Saudi Arabia w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

Ayat Hammad 2012 Region 1 Champion 2-Year-Old Filly 2012 Region 1 Champion Mare ATH a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 39

El Nabila B x Pocohantas K, by Borsalino K Co-Entry of Psynergy Equine & Hennessey Arabians, USA Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly 40 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324 w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

* U.S. National Senior Mares

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

Darryl Larson photo

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 41

National Champion

Magnum Psyche x Kishaj, by MS Santana

U.S. National Senior Mares Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

U.S. National Reserve Champion Senior Mare 2012 Region 3 Champion Mare

Proudly owned by Suzanne Acevedo 42 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

Breeders’ Finals Senior Mares


National Champion Style SRA x Llana Van Ryad Proudly owned by Arabian Soul Parnters

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

In foal to th e C h am pion m aker W H Ju stice for 2013 a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 43

A rabi ans Soul Partners proudly i ntroduces ...


SW El Marwan x OFW Heaven Sent


El Nabila B x Om El Beladeena

Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

See them at t he Arabi an Breed er s’ World Cup Las Vegas 20 1 3

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

Proudly bred and owned by Arabian Soul Parnters 44 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m



U . S . N atio n a l 3 -Y ea r -Ol d Ma res & Futuri ty Fi lli es

Justify x Lady Zoe Hadidi

2010 Las Vegas World Cup Class Champion Yearling filly 2012 Las Vegas World Cup Class Champion 3-Year-Old filly 2012 Region 1 Champion Mare

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

Proudly bred and owned by Celestial Arabians Daneisha Brazzle - cell 562-712-8683

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 45

Regal Actor JP x Bey Angel TGS, by Shahllenger

Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

Proudly owned by MC Arabians Hector & Jorge Flores


2012 National Champion

Marwan Al Shaqab x RA Sheiklani Proudly owned by MC Arabians Hector, Jorge & Miguel Flores w w w . a h t i m es . co m

A r a b i a n H o r s e Ti m es | 47

48 | A r a b i a n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . aht i m es . c o m

Making his debut at Arabian Breeders Finals, Scottsdale

Stallion Halter Legacy Of Fame x Shaffira Minnesota Breeders Medallion Stallion Scottsdale Futurity Stallion SCID & CA Clear Proudly owned by Rolyn and Judy Schmid, U.S.A 715.558.3263 Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

s e r io u s In q uir ie s a re welcom e for discrim in atin g bu yers

w w w . a h t i m es . co m

A r a b i a n H o r s e Ti m es | 49

Sir Fames HBV x Bey Starrlett WLF

Mu lti-C h am pion


In foal to P olish Nation al C h am pion P ogrom for 2013

Marauderr x Gai Schara, by Bey Shah Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

Region 7 reserve Champion 2-Year-Old Filly

Proudly owned by Arabian Park Arabians

50 | A r a b i a n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . aht i m es . c o m

Region 3 Champion Yearling Filly El Nabila B x MFA Choclate Lily, by Magic Dream Proudly owned by Arabian Park Arabians

w w w . a h t i m es . co m

A r a b i a n H o r s e Ti m es | 51

Gemini VII x SC Psavannah


Region 7 Reserve Champion Yearling Filly

Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

Proudly owned by Dazzo Arabians LLC

52 | A r a b i a n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . aht i m es . c o m

3x National Champion Magnum Chall HVP x NV Gypsy Dancer

Owned by Arabians International On lease to Dazzo Arabians

5x National Champion Showkayce x She Be Noble

w w w . a h t i m es . co m

A r a b i a n H o r s e Ti m es | 53

El Chall WR x Psyches Princess, by Padrons Psyche

Region 3 Unanimous Champion Yearling Colt

Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

seriou s In qu iries are welcom e for discri mi nati ng buyers

Proudly bred and owned by Willms Arabians, USA JoAnn Wilms • 970.396.1893

54 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m


Bint Chall CE

Sweepstakes Scottsdale Signature U.S. Futurities and Iowa Gold Star 2013 Auction Colt

Cavalli x Bint Chall Proudly owned by Chuck and Erin Hansen

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 55

Magnum Forty Four x Sahtarah, by Sahjat

S c o t t s d a l e In t e r n ation al R e s e rv e C hampion 2 -Y r -Old Colt L a s V e g a s Wo rld Cu p To p f iv e 2 -Y r -Old Colt

se r io u s In q u ir ie s a r e we l c o m e f o r d is c r im in a t ing bu yers Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly

480.226.0001 480.226.7357 480.266.3324

Proudly owned by Mulawa Arabian Stud Berrilee, NSW, 2159 Australia Phone: +61 2 9655 1578 Email:

Photography by Emma Maxwell Design by mickĂŠandoliver

Thank you to Sandro Pinha for his great success with Oula Al Jassimya, Champion Filly, Region 2, Santa Barbara and Bronze Champion Filly at the ABWC in Las Vegas.

by Marwan al Shaqab x El Sanadika IA by Sanadik el Shaklan w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 57

2012 Egyptian EvEnt 16 Horses Shown—23 Championships, Reserve Championships and top ten awards

Congratulations ...

... on your success at the Egyptian Event and thank you for entrusting your horses with Lyday Farms. Manny & Diane Vierra of Valley Oak Arabians Silver Champion Mare Black Pearl WP (Thee Desperado x RS Cherokee Rose) Rich & Christen Benat of Arabian Partners on winning Amateur Mare with Besada dedesPerado aP (Thee Desperado x Bassira) A special thank you to, Raymond Mazzei of Furioso Bloodstock and Davide Mariani of Italy, for being part of the Lyday Team and helping take us to the next level!

Besada ap Dedesperado 58 | A r A b i A n H o rse Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . co m

Black wp Pearl DeDicateD to breeDing only the highest quality straight egyptian arabian horses. Honey Grove, Texas • 903.583.0197 (Bryan's Mobile) • 903.217.7743 (Melinda's Mobile) w w w . a h t i m es . co m

a r a b i a n h o rse ti m es | 59

The 2012

A Celebration of Friends, Family and Egyptian Arabian Horses by Beth Ellen Hunziker

60 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

The 2012 Egyptian Event, hosted by the Pyramid Society at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky., June 4-9, has been proclaimed one of the very best—ever! Although this was the 32nd Egyptian Event, the Pyramid Society and the organizing committee found new and exciting ways to promote the Egyptian Arabian horse. Years of success for the Event don’t just happen; Henry Metz, president of the Pyramid Society for the past eight years, and the organization’s Board of Directors have developed a strategic plan with very specific objectives. Their singular goal always has been to promote the Egyptian Arabian horse and the Event does that in a number of important ways. It is a much anticipated social gathering with terrific learning opportunities, it is a world-class equine competition, and just as importantly, it is the Pyramid Society’s foundation for the support system it offers its membership of breeders and owners. There were many elements that made the 2012 Egyptian Event a unique and exciting experience. This year’s Event stayed true to its purpose—it was a breeder’s show. From beginning to end, everything about the show focused on supporting breeders. The daily educational seminars covered topics that were relevant to their needs and interests, such w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

as amateur showmanship, fundamentals of classic Arabian type, equine health and nutrition. The lecture about the history and culture of the Arabian horse was informative and inspiring. And those who preferred a lighter fare had their choice of the fantastic parties and presentations of exquisite horses throughout the week. The daily competition also was organized with great efficiency to allow for a very pleasurable schedule—not too early and not too late—with plenty of time for breeders to visit, exchange ideas and present their horses, which are the centerpieces of the Event. With more than 300 horses competing, the Event was similar in size to many of the prestigious international shows. In addition, a record number of people attended the Event or viewed it over its live stream broadcast, which was also available to the international Arabian community as well as all U.S. Equestrian Federation members. Each year, the Egyptian Event continues to grow in global appeal and importance. One of the most exciting features of the Event is the Egyptian Breeders Challenge, which was created to encourage breeders to strive for new levels of excellence with breeding programs. The program auctions the services of nominated straight Egyptian stallions, with the auction a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 61

proceeds funding the prize money for the foals that result from those breedings. The successful stallion service bidder must nominate the mare they select for the auction breeding to that stallion. The resulting foal, filly or colt, is then eligible to compete in the EBC Futurity class and win a portion of the proceeds of the auction from which the breeding was purchased. There were 34 stallions included in the 2012 EBC Stallion Service Auction on Wednesday evening, which was announced by Greg Knowles and Mike Neal. Highly competitive bidding marked the evening, the most exciting purchase being the service of Thee Desperado. Virginia and Ruel Gober, who bought the breeding, were recently introduced to the horses through one of Arabians Ltd.’s outreach programs. The Gobers own Amirah Gemaal

62 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

DB, the 2012 Champion EBC Futurity Straight Egyptian Yearling Filly and winner of more than $21,000. The couple generously reinvested their winnings into the breeding for Thee Desperado, so that it sold for $21,000. (That’s the kind of commitment these folks have!) The live EBC Stallion Service Auction attracted more than $153,000, and when the funds from the silent auction were added, the proceeds for the 2012 EBC Auction totaled more than $190,000, an increase over last year. The foals bred by the winning bidders at the EBC auction will be eligible for the 2014 EBC Yearling Filly and Colt classes. There are tremendous rewards for those who are diligent enough to wait—or smart enough to purchase an EBC foal. This year, Arabians Ltd. clients enjoyed a phenomenal clean sweep of both EBC Championships. The aforementioned Amirah Gemaal DB (Bellagio RCA x Silkh SWA) was Champion EBC Futurity Straight Egyptian Yearling Filly, while Premonition RCA (Thee Desperado x Mishaals Kiss RCA) was Champion EBC Futurity Straight Egyptian Yearling Colt. He won more than $21,000 for owner Judy Sirbasku (the RCA stands for Rock Creek Arabians of Texas Inc., the breeding arm

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

of Arabians Ltd.). With total EBC class payouts of more than $111,510 in 2012, the other top placing horses in the class also brought home sizable paychecks. After more than 10 years, the EBC program is a unanimous success. To expand upon that success, the Pyramid Society created the new Golden Scarab Futurity, which allows breeders to nominate foals which are sired by EBC stallions with breeding services not purchased at the auction. Special classes offering substantial paybacks for these foals will be held at the Event. Another Pyramid Society innovation is the care it has taken to ensure that there will be big name stallions in years to come. Many of the straight Egyptian stallions nominated for the Egyptian Breeders Challenge are mature, established sires with numerous foal crops on the ground. How can young, unproven stallions make their mark? The Society created the Heir Apparent Junior Stallion Presentation. This new and exciting showcase was a huge hit. The intense energy and drama of the gorgeous young stallions competing not for the opinion of the judges, but those who truly matter—the breeders—was amazing. The presentation featured 14 3-, 4- and 5-year-old stallions. They were trotted into the arena and then each took their designated place and displayed. The enthusiastic spectators were allowed to come down into the arena and see the stallions up close, each in a space enclosed by Hollywood-like velvet ropes separating them from their adoring fans. It all looked fabulous and very dramatic, but it also provided security for the horses and the crowd. Best of all, breedings were sold for some of these young studs! How much fun is it to go to the Egyptian Event and see the gorgeous horses show? Ask Frank Holloman and Christian Klingebiel; they enjoyed the The Kalkata Stakes Futurity Finals for 2-Year-Olds probably more than anyone did. They were among the many people at the show who bid on their favorite horse to win these classes—and they won. The Champion Futurity 2-YearOld Colt was Cent Anni (Mishaal HP x La Marsala), owned by Jamie Zissis. Frank Holloman was the winning Kalkata bidder for this class, and he earned $1,174 for w w w . a h t i m es . c o m


The Egyptian Arabian Cause The Pyramid Society and its members are a hardworking, innovative and dedicated group of breeders from around the world. Preserving, protecting and promoting the Egyptian Arabian horse is a monumental task and the Society cannot do it alone. It requires the efforts of many to host, organize and finance the Event. This year, numerous patrons supported the Event as never before. Many of the sponsors were publicly acknowledged, while others contributed anonymously. Some of the patrons this year included the 2012 Egyptian Event Signature Sponsor, Albaydaa Stud, Mr. Ahmed El Talawy of Haram-Gizah, Egypt. Rhodium Stud of New Zealand created a cultural opportunity by sponsoring the art exhibit, “The Colors of Egypt,” which featured the photographic works of Dr. Nasr Marei and Richard T. Bryant. Markel Insurance generously sponsored the daily lectures. Al Shaqab, Member of the Qatar Foundation, sponsored the cultural and historical lecture presented by Dr. Sandra Olsen and Cynthia Culbertson. The EBC Stallion Auction was a highlight of the show, and the Lyday Farms sponsorship made it all the more enjoyable. It seemed that every day held surprises and touching gestures of generosity. Salayel Arabians of Saudi Arabia sponsored the Friday Night Gala and presented attendees with a beautiful booklet of rare prints as a memento of the evening. Among the most generous sponsors of the Event over the years have been the talented artists who contributed their beautiful, creative works for the benefit of the Pyramid Society, and 2012 was no different. Among the treasures this year was an extremely rare and valuable first casting of Nazeer by internationally acclaimed artist Karen Kasper. The a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 63

his participation. The Champion Futurity 2-Year-Old Filly was Desha Bahreyn (Laheeb Al Nasser x Bint Katyah), owned by Nayla Hayek. Christian Klingebiel was the winning Kalkata bidder for this class and she earned $2,011. Not bad for a fun day at the Event! The Straight Egyptian Futurity Yearling Fillies competition was full of exceptional contenders. Bella Mazin (Bellagio RCA x Thee Lotus Mazin), owned by Wendy Roberts, won the championship for Yearling Fillies from January to April. TF Shaambalah (Botswana x Shaamis Amira), owned by Allison Mehta, won the championship for Yearling Fillies from April to December. In the Straight Egyptian Futurity Yearling Colts competition, Amirs Crescendo (Imperial Amir Kamar x Rhapsodys Crescendaa), owned by Timothy Manring, won the championship for Yearling Colts from January to April, and Ibn Raed (Scapa x LPS Thunderstruck), owned by Elizabeth Witt, won the championship for Yearling Colts from April to December. Payouts for these Futurity classes totaled more than $69,000. What is it about the Egyptian Arabian horse that inspires people to create an event just to celebrate it? The rareness of Egyptian bloodlines and the inherent beauty of these horses make them some of the most cherished creatures on earth. One of the most fascinating facts about the straight Egyptian horses of today is that although they trace back to Egypt and the desert, most contemporary horses represent generations of breeding programs from around the world. Breeders from Hungary, Germany, and the United States, have some of the oldest and most influential programs found outside of Egypt. Over the past quarter century, many nations— especially those of the Middle East, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Dubai and others—have reclaimed their cultural legacy and established important and successful straight Egyptian breeding programs. Their efforts have produced some of the most significant and influential straight Egyptian and Egyptian-related Arabian

horses in the history of the breed. This year at the Event, Al Shaqab, a member of the Qatar Foundation, had numerous class winners and champions at the show, including the Gold Champion Senior Stallion, Hadban Al Shaqab, leased by Rancho Bulakeyno and shown by Greg Gallún. Al Shaqab also owns the Gold Champion Senior Mare, Hooria Al Shaqab; the Gold Champion Junior Colt, Ghasham Al Shaqab; and the Gold Junior Champion Filly, Layali Al Shaqab, all presented by Michael Byatt. The Pyramid Society works diligently to make the Egyptian Event a family-friendly affair with the goal of creating opportunities for families to grow together and share the valuable benefits the Arabian horse has to offer. This year’s Event was no exception, as strong bonds were readily seen among many families who came to

64 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

Nazeer bronze topped the Friday evening Gala Art Auction, bringing $20,000. In total, the 2012 Art Auction brought in more than $93,000. A generous atmosphere is the hallmark of the Egyptian Event. The Pyramid Society Officers, Board Members, trustees, and show organizers have worked for years to achieve this special ambiance, but it is also the members—the people who participate at the show—who generate the positive energy and who offer the warm welcome to visitors who make the Event such a special experience. Talaria Farms, home of Leading Egyptian Sire Botswana, assisted in hosting one of the highlights of the Event, Sylvia Zerbini’s Grand Liberté Performance. Sylvia was the star of the wildly acclaimed equestrian spectacle Cavalia from 2008 to 2011. Her performance directing nine Arabian horses in synchronized movements choreographed to music was mesmerizing. Numbers of long time Arabian horse trainers exclaimed incredulously, “How does she do that?” Talaria Farms was a sponsor and assisted in securing the additional sponsors from around the world for the performance, which was free to the public. The stadium appeared to be packed, with standing room only.

compete. Gary and Holly McDonald, their son Kenny, and their clients showed horses at this year’s Event, as did Jerel Kerby and his sons Alex and Jered, of Dogwood Springs Arabians. Performance trainer Tommy Garland and his talented daughter Katie were a hard-working team that earned numerous championships throughout the week. And there were plenty of husband-and-wife partnerships, such as Ted and Brandi Carson, Mike and Perry Wilson, and Rory and Suzanne O’Neill.

Additional fundraising efforts at the Event included the Khan el Khalili Bazar silent auction, which offers a wide array of art, fine works by gifted artisans, professional services and more. It’s a mad dash when bidding closes to see who can sneak in the winning bid at the last moment. All of the items in the Khan el Khalili Bazar silent auction are generously donated and all of the funds raised go to benefit the Pyramid Society, to ensure that it will be able to continue its educational and promotional efforts. The key to the success with these fundraising efforts is the generous support of the patrons, artists, donors, and, of course, the bidders.

It’s always fun to go to the Event because you know you’re going to see some old friends and probably make some new ones. Whether you are small horse breeders from Michigan or large breeders in the international spotlight, everyone is welcome at the Egyptian Event. That’s the beauty of the Arabian horse—it brings people together.

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 65


Senior Egyptian Stallion Gold Champion HADBAN AL SHAQAB (Ashhal Al Rayyan x Sundar Alisayyah), shown by Greg Gallún for owner Joseph Cruz.

Junior Egyptian Colt Gold Champion GHASHAM AL SHAQAB (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Gazala Al Shaqab), shown by Michael Byatt for owner Al Shaqab, Member Qatar Foundation.

Amateur Halter Egyptian Colt/Stallion Champion MIKEEN EL MASR (Madheen El Masr x SHA Shayna), shown by Dick Platzek for owner Pat Platzek.

Futurity Finals Straight Egyptian Colt 2 Years Old Kalkata winner CENT ANNI (Mishaal HP x LA Marsala), shown by Frank Spönle for owner Jamie James Zissis.

Futurity Finals Egyptian Sired Colt 2 Years Old winner KRISTAPHER (Amiin x Kristianna), shown by Manuel Perez for owner Betty Gail Skinner. 66 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m


“Our love of the Egyptian Arabian is the thread that ties us all together. Even though we compete with each other in various ways, we have been able to set aside our personal agendas and come together to achieve our common goal to promote the Egyptian horse.” —Henry Metz, Pyramid Society President “The tremendous dedication and unwavering support from our sponsors, the exhibitors, the members, the staff and volunteers, the attendees, and, of course, the incredible horses themselves, make this a show which is often emulated, but never duplicated.” —Anna Bishop, Pyramid Society Executive Director Futurity Finals Egyptian Sired Yearling Colt winner TF AFRIKHAN LIGHT (Botswana x TF Kestrelia), shown by Michael Wilson for owner Curtis Westley.

“I found the show quite interesting because it gives the same emphasis to the amateurs, owners, exhibitors and also the professional trainers, which provides a great overall atmosphere. I also liked the program of seminars and clinics during the week because I think that’s missing in the world today. It is an excellent way to get new fans to the Arabian breed.” —Luiz Rocco, Brazil, international judge and breeder “The thing I like best about the Event is that for the vast majority of the people who compete at the show, it is about more than winning another ribbon. They are there to showcase their horses to other breeders. They want to see what is working for other programs and to learn how they can improve their horses.” —Gary McDonald, McDonald Arabians, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Futurity Preliminary/Finals Straight Egyptian Yearling Colt (Jan. 1-Apr. 15) winner AMIRS CRESCENDO (Imperial Amirkamar x Rhapsodys Crescendaa), shown by Gary McDonald for owner Timothy Manring.

Futurity Preliminary/Finals Straight Egyptian Yearling Colt (Apr. 16-Dec. 31) winner IBN RAED (Scapa x LPS Thunderstruck), shown by Joseph Polo for owner Elizabeth Witt.

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

“The Event is a show that our children love to attend because it is such a family friendly environment. At this show, I feel confident in letting my children go off and explore new things. I know that no matter where they go, they are always in good hands, helping and learning from everyone there.” —Holly McDonald, McDonald Arabians, Scottsdale, Ariz. “I think the key to the Pyramid Society Board’s success is the fact they approach the challenges of promoting and marketing the Egyptian Arabian from a breeder’s perspective. You must be an active breeder to be a member of this board, and as such, they understand and appreciate the importance of creating a venue to promote our horses. As a result, the Egyptian Arabian is enjoying great popularity. While many shows are experiencing a decline in numbers, the Event numbers are strong.” —Allison Mehta, Talaria Farms, Newnan, Ga., Pyramid Society Board of Directors, Public Relations and Marketing Chairman and Kalkata Stakes Chairman. “The camaraderie of the breeders is the thing that really makes the Event special. It is one show that never disappoints us—and it’s a show we never miss. As long as we have Egyptian horses, you’ll see us at the Event!” —Gary Kenworthy, Paradise Arabians, LaFayette, Ga.

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 67


Senior Egyptian Mare Gold Champion HOORIA AL SHAQAB (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Hanouf Al Shaqab), shown by Michael Byatt for owner Al Shaqab, Member Qatar Foundation.

Junior Egyptian Filly Gold Champion LAYALI AL SHAQAB (Farhoud Al Shaqab x QR Annah Ferrari), shown by Michael Byatt for owner Al Shaqab, Member Qatar Foundation.

Amateur Halter Egyptian Filly/Mare Champion INNISFREE EQ (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Marrakesh EQ), shown by Kenneth Blake McDonald for owner John Fox.

Futurity Finals Straight Egyptian Filly 2 Years Old Kalkata winner DESHA BAHREYN (Laheeb Al Nasser x Bint Katyah), shown by Frank Spรถnle for owner Nayla Hayek.

Futurity Finals Egyptian Sired 2 Year Old Filly winner TF AFRIKHAN KISS (Botswana x Kissemee Julyen V), shown by Johanna Ullstrom for owner Kathrin Hampe-Klingebie. 68 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

“We are small breeders of straight Egyptian Arabians and we like it that way. For us, the Event has been and always will be our most important show of the year.” —Matt Bergren, Bergren Family Arabians, Muskegon, Mich. “We love the Egyptian Event! This year we brought 13 horses to the show, and all were straight Egyptian. It’s a lot of work taking that many horses to a show, but we wouldn’t miss the Event for anything. It was a fun show and really upbeat—everyone just seems to be nicer at the Event, they’re more relaxed, they have time to stop and talk, laugh and have a good time.” —Mike Neal and Katie Beck, Mike Neal Arabians, Delavan, Wis. Futurity Finals Egyptian Sired Yearling Filly winner MVA RAE OF COLOURS (True Colours x Thee Rae of Hope), shown by Ted Carson for owner Jane Washburn.

“I think our industry would be light years ahead if we followed the Egyptian community’s examples of outreach, education and commitment to the Arabian horse.” —Greg Knowles, Arabian Expressions, Scottsdale, Ariz. “The Egyptian Event is the number one venue for our clients to gather and to showcase their world-class horses. We brought 25 horses to show at the Event this year. Thanks to the great job by Greg Knowles, Frank Spönle and our own Luis Paniagua, every one of our horses earned a top ten award or better at the show. It was an another unforgettable Event!” —Shawn Crews, Arabians Ltd., Waco, Texas

Futurity Preliminary/Finals Straight Egyptian Yearling Filly ( Jan. 1-Apr. 15) winner BELLA MAZIN (Bellagio RGA x Thee Lotus Mazin), shown by Shawn Crews for owner Wendy Roberts.

Futurity Preliminary/Finals Straight Egyptian Yearling Filly (Apr. 16-Dec. 31) winner TF SHAAMBALAH (Botswana x Shaamis Amira), shown by Michael Wilson for owner Allison Mehta. w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

“Receiving the Pyramid Society Trustee’s Award was so special. I have such a great amount of respect for the extraordinary people who contribute so much to the Pyramid Society, the Egyptian Arabian horse and breeders all around the world. Their efforts benefit all of us and are very much appreciated!” —Judy Sirbasku, Arabians Ltd., Waco, Texas “The Event offers many avenues to expand people’s participation with the Egyptian Arabian beyond the traditional means of show competition. One of the nicest things about the Event is the fact that we all share a common bond—which is our love of the Egyptian Arabian horse. It is a chance to meet friends from all over the world and to see horses from other breeding programs. Hopefully, with this insight, we can learn to be better breeders.” —Becky Rogers, Kehilan Arabians, Fort Worth, Texas “The most significant awards for me personally were the top ten awards won by my sons, Alex and Jered, in the Amateur Halter Egyptian Fillies/Mares Novice Handler class. Both fillies were bred, owned and shown by our farm. As a father, spending time with my sons and watching them present the horses so well meant more to me than any trophy or ribbon.” —Jerel Kerby, Dogwood Springs Arabians, Daingerfield, Texas “There isn’t another show like it in the world. Our goal was to come to the Event compete, participate, learn, grow, and hopefully

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 69



Egyptian Halter Gelding Champion PINNACLE DESHA (Richteous x OM El Shadina), shown by Joseph Polo for owner Hank DeShazer.

Country English Pleasure winner JADOUBE IBN LAHAB DMF (Al Lahab x HMT Sylvanna), ridden by Amy Spiker for owner Debra Geiser.


Liberty Finals Champion ABRAXAS CROWN PRINCE (ET Crown Prince x Ansata Fayrouz), shown by James Michael Neal for owner Al Asil Arabians.

70 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

Western Pleasure Champion HALIMAARS KING TUT (AGA Gamaan x Haallie), ridden by Katie Garland for owner Delsan Arabian LLC.

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

contribute in a positive way. We brought 16 horses to the show, and we were very proud of them—they looked great and performed well. Each Event is a learning and sharing experience. People at the show have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they are happy to share with others.” —Bryan Jeffries, Lyday Farm, Honey Grove, Texas

Hunter Pleasure Champion RICHTERS FINALE (Richters MH x Eagle Elegant), ridden by Monica Yarbrough for owner Jan Alexander.

“Even though this was the 32nd year for the Event, I think it’s just beginning. Everybody wants to be at the Event and it’s becoming the most important breeders’ show in the world—not just for breeders of straight Egyptian horses, but all Arabian horse breeders, here in the states and around the world. I travel a lot. I see what breeders are producing and know what they would like to have. In my opinion, many of the best horses in Europe and the Middle East have come from American breeding programs. Everyone wants extreme beauty, type, and quality. In order to get that, they will need Egyptian Arabian horses and if they want to see the best—well, they will have to come to the Egyptian Event.” — Raymond Mazzei, Furioso Farm, Temecula, Calif. “I love the Event. To me, it’s on the same level as Scottsdale, the Breeders World Cup and the European shows I’ve attended. This was the fourth year I’ve attended the Event, but the first time I brought horses to show. I took four horses to the show, hoping for a respectable showing, so I was very happy with the results (a silver championship, two championships, a reserve championship and a top ten). For me, the Event is the perfect place to show my horses and meet other breeders with Egyptian horses.” —Manny Vierra, Valley Oak Arabians, Brentwood, Calif.

Native Costume Open winner JADOUBE IBN LAHAB DMF (Al Lahab x HMT Sylvanna), ridden by Amy Spiker for owner Debra Geiser.

“The best things about the Egyptian Event are the horses, the people and the friendships we have developed over the years. It was very rewarding to see young, new breeders at the show this year. It’s reassuring to know that the Event, and all we accomplished with the horses, will have a positive impact on the next generation.” —Christie Metz, Silver Maple Farm, Santa Ynez, Calif., California and Pyramid Society Board of Directors Secretary, Trustee, and President of the Pyramid Society Foundation Board “It was an honor to be invited to sponsor the 2012 Egyptian Event. We believe the show and the activities surrounding the Event are very important to the preservation and promotion of these unique bloodlines.” —Al Shaqab Stud, Member Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 71

SubScribe Today Print and Digital Subscriptions Available ARABIAN HORSE TIMES delivers the latest Arabian horse news and photos right to your door in 12 award-winning issues a year.


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Every magazine brings you information on what is happening in the Arabian horse industry in the united States and throughout the world. ARABIAN HORSE TIMES is the official publication for: the Arabian Professional & Amateur Horseman's Association, the Arabian English Performance Association, the Minnesota Arabian Horse breeders Association, and the iowa Gold Star Futurity.

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or call Toll-Free: 1-855-240-4637 w w w . A H T i m es . co m

Welcome to Arabian Horse Times’

On the following pages you will see some of the most exquisite foals in the world. We’re offering a first look at some of the future stars of the show ring. There’s not a loser among them, so the challenge each year is to pick one that is the best. Who will be this year’s Most Beautiful Baby? The choice is open to the public, so you will have a say in who gets the award. Voting opens on August 27th, so be sure to check often in the coming weeks to learn how you can cast your ballot. The winner will be announced in the October (Volume 43, No. 5) issue and will receive a two-page editorial feature in Arabian Horse Times magazine. w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 73

MWF Gem of Karat

L A Karat x Sshow Me Colt ~ For Sale Nominations: Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Iowa Gold Star, and U.S. Futurity Owner: CD Harbridge MeadoW Wood FarM arabians 28797 Fleming Rd. Evergreen, CO 80439 (303) 956-1807


Marajj x Cannette Colt ~ For Sale Nominations: U.S. and Canadian Futurities Owners: Athala King and Maureen McCormack aThala arabians 27315 N. 150th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85262 (480) 267-4978

74 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

Truli Precious

Trussardi x Bella Satinata Filly Nominations: Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Iowa Gold Star, MN Breeders, U.S. and Canadian Futurities, and Region 12 Spotlight Futurity Owner: Dean Meier brooKhill arabians PO Box 216 Waukesha, WI 53187

Psilken lace na

shF sans rival (Pending) ABHA Qatar x SHF Miss Scarlet+ Colt ~ For Sale Nominations: National Futurities

Owner: C. Edward Davidson, Jr. souThern heriTaGe FarM 3050 Southport Rd. Spartanburg, SC 29302 (864) 582-5402

name Pending

Ever After NA x JA Psilk N Lace Filly ~ For Sale Nominations: Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Breeders Finals, and AHBA Futurity Legacy

Magum Chall VHP x Fawnette+ Colt ~ For Sale Nominations: Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion

Owners: Robert and Dixie North norTh arabians 20655 Sutherland Dam Rd. Ramona, CA 92065 (760) 789-3208

Owner: Donna Wright WriGhT Way arabian 4720-50 Ave. Leduc, Alberta T9E-6Y6 Canada (780) 987-5727 w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

Name Pending

JC Naddara (Pending)

Owners: Kevin and Renee Holt MaPle View arabiaNs 22422 Serenity Lane NE Poulsbo, WA 98370

Owner: JoCarta egyPtiaN arabiaNs, llC 4646 Wise Hill Rd. Billings, Missouri 65610 (417) 234-5208

Owner: Swaenepoel - Sys swataM arabiaNs Groenhovestreet 26 Groenhove - Torhout, West Vlaanderen 8820 Belgium

aflames anara JM

VMa Malakah shakirah

Ajman Moniscione x Bey Amore Filly ~ For Sale Nominations: Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, and Futurities

Nebula wlF

DA Valentino x Papillons Kallima Filly Nominations: Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Iowa Gold Star, MN Breeders, and U.S. and Canadian Futurities Owners: Dr. James and Penny Gute west lawN FarM 3856 263rd St. E Faribault, MN 55021

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

Hadidi x ND Samarra Filly ~ For Sale

Odyssey SC x Afanne The Flame Filly Nominations: Region 12 Spotlight Futurity and Western Carolinas Futurity Owner: Marvin Snow JayMar arabiaNs 2472 Manor Walk Decatur, GA 30030


Al Ayal AA x Virginia Apal Colt Nominations: Arabian Futurity Europe

Nakhda Al Kadar x VMA Barr Farasha Filly Straight Egyptian Arabian foal Owner: Michelle Laucke Vudu MagiC arabiaNs 5000 Beaver Dam Road Stevens Point, WI 54482

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 75

Xavier RF

*Escape Ibn Navarrone-D x Blyss Colt Nominations: AHBA World Cup and U.S. Futurity

name Pending

JA Urbino x Forever Fleurtatious Colt

Owners: Tim Kelly and Jim Robbins R-FaRm aRabians 24181 S Brockway Rd. Oregon City, Oregon 97415

Owner: Andy Sellman aRgent FaRms 92 County Rd. F River Falls, WI 54022 (715) 425-9001


Furst class

Hermez E x Ceilki Colt ~ For Sale Nominations: Sweepstakes, U.S. Futurity, and AHANC Nor-Cal Futurity Owner: Sara Bagg scaRab FaRm, inc 23911 Holl Rd. Malin, Oregon 97632 (541) 723-2017 76 | A r A b i A n H o rs e Ti m es

Furst Impression x Ambres Blue Angel Colt ~ For Sale Owners: David and Susan McAdoo tobRuk FaRm 950 Hwy. 113 White Pine, TN 37890 (865) 674-7041

taro sF

Noble Rhyton x Celiah Colt ~ For Sale Nominations: Sweepstakes, U.S. Futurity, and AHANC Nor-Cal Futurity Owner: Sara Bagg scaRab FaRm, inc. 23911 Holl Rd. Malin, Oregon 97632 (541) 723-2017

baske n Fame

Baske Afire x Imagine Fame Filly Nominations: Sweepstakes and Futurities Owners: Edward and Sarah Truitt Daly PRiDe aRabians llc 109 Paizano Ct. Roseville, CA 95661

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m


Pass The Legacy On x Magnetic Love Filly ~ For Sale Owners: Darlene and Patrick Collins Yellowtree ArAbiAns 30757 Sunny Beach Road Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744 (218) 259-3239

name Pending Scapa x Ibriiziy Infidel Colt ~ For Sale

Owner: Mary Jane Jones PArAdise FArMs, ltd. 721 Gowin Rd. LaFayette, Georgia 30728 (706) 397-9950

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

senor Maddox

black beauty tw

Maddox Van Ryad x Annie Oakley WF Colt ~ For Sale Nominations: Sweepstakes, U.S. & Canadian Futurities, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, AHBA World Cup, and Iowa Gold Star

Enzo x Eternal Pasion TW Filly ~ For Sale Nominations: Sweepstakes and Scottsdale Signature Stallion

Owners: Tarrance and Jacqueline Floyd silver lAke ArAbiAns 12000 E. 53rd St. N. Wichita, Kansas 67226 (316) 648-4529

Owner: Shirley Ann Taylor tArAwest ArAbiAns 7513 S. Sicily Way Aurora, CO 80016 (303) 880-1141

Ajmara dC

Ajman Moniscione x *El Sanadika IA Filly Nominations: All Owners: Jay and Erin Grdina dolCe CAvAllo ArAbiAns 10645 North Tatum Blvd. #200-557 Phoenix, AZ 85028

Voting starts on August 27th. The winner will be announced in the October (Volume 43, No. 5) issue and will receive a two-page editorial feature in Arabian Horse Times magazine.

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 77

GettinG to Know the Breeders Larry Jerome

Genotype vs. phenotype: which do you rely on most when planning a breeding?

Whose advice do you seek when making breeding decisions?

I think it’s somewhat difficult to differentiate between the two because if you try to rely 100 percent on each of them, you’re not going to accomplish anything. Sometimes people will keep a mare around because it’s the full sister to a famous stallion or something like that, and they think that alone is going to be their salvation, but more importantly, the look of the horse has to fit. Not always do we have horses of superior phenotype that produce great babies; it’s been proven many times that national champion mares don’t always produce national champion babies. From that standpoint, the genotype is very important, but if you’re looking at serious faults in a horse, those still have to be discredited. Ultimately, I think it really just comes down to a balance between them.

I am certainly out there looking and asking questions to those people who are going to help me make my decision, but ultimately, I make my own decisions. There are certainly breeders’ opinions that I respect around the country, and I consult with other family members who are a part the breeding, but 99 percent of the time, it’s my decision.

When breeding horses, how does form to function fit into your decisions? Which is most important to you? I’m very into the total horse—meaning that it must be beautiful, but it must also be athletic. I think we get ourselves disillusioned when we start to think that halter horses can’t be performance horses and vice versa. I think that in this industry, as someone who enjoys all of those arenas, I want a horse that is going to be very beautiful, but still athletic. A lot of times, horses have a career early in their life as a halter horse, but then what do you do with them if they don’t fit into that top one or two slot in the halter world? My total horse has to have a use, and that use comes from their athletic ability, a sound mind, and whether or not the horse is going to be a good family member.

78 | A r A b i A n H o r s e Ti m es

How prominently does the international marketplace figure in your breeding decisions? I’ve always been cognizant of the international market because we sold a horse to Brazil as early as 1984. A lot of our great stallions—horses that influenced this market—are still part of the breeding history and have really made it a global breeding program today. And there again, in the international market, I think you’re trying to breed the “total horse,” and I’m very fascinated and interested in this world market. I want horses that fit that type of mold and will be of interest to that part of the population as well. I think if the international market is looking for any one thing in particular, they’re looking for a very beautiful horse—a horse with a lot of type. This international influence on breeding is definitely a big part of our breed, but I’m not going to make a decision based on breeding performance horses vs. breeding a horse to fit the standard of the international market.

w w w . A H T i m es . c o m

If you had your choice of any Arabian mare in the past 100 years to use in your breeding program, who would it be? I would probably have to say VP Kahlua. She was a truly gorgeous mare.

If you had your choice of any Arabian stallion in the past 100 years to use in your breeding program, who would it be? *Aramus would be my choice of stallion that I would most want to use. He was a horse that was way ahead of his time, a dual-titled national champion stallion, and he was extremely beautiful. He would be my ultimate halter horse stallion.

In your opinion, what stallion or mare that is no longer living had the most overall influence on the Arabian breed? Probably *Bask. He’s multifaceted into a lot of different areas of the breed, and although he had a great impact on the breeding in the halter world, I don’t know if he’s the greatest halter producer in the world. But he certainly set the stage for all of the great performance horses of the world.

Where do you see the Arabian horse industry in five years as it pertains to breeding?

industry, but if we don’t do those things, I think that we’re going to continue to see declining numbers.

When not breeding Arabian horses, what are your favorite pastimes? Dogs, horses, cows, kids, music, and of course, my wife and my family. n

I think we’re becoming more and more type-conscious all the time, but I also think that the demand is focusing on the fact that the Arabian horse has to be a total horse—it has to have the type and also the athletic ability to be able to perform. If we keep these things in consideration, I think that it’s going to be helpful to us and it’s going to encourage new families and new people to take an active role in the Arabian industry. It is our job to try to provide these people with the horses that help them achieve their goals. It’s always easy for us to portray what we conceive to be important, but it’s also important to listen to the person who’s buying the horse and what they want to use it for. If we do all these things, I think we can grow the

w w w . a h t i m es . c o m

a r a b i a n h o r s e ti m es | 79

Let’s Hear It J Ames Bondd Sired by MPA Giovanni

owned with Cedar Ridge Arabians, The Ames Family

Yearling Contenders at Iowa Gold Star, Minnesota Fall Fest, Canadian Nationals & US Nationals.

For The Boys Khaja J

Sired by *Khadraj NA

The Larry and Shelley Jerome Family :: 715.537.5413 :: Larry Jerome - 715.205.0357 - :: Mike Van Handel - 651.269.2972 -




from past


Gloria aPal A palo's dam


sa MisHa aPal Glor ia A pal's dam

Justify x Glor ia Apal

S h o w i n g at 2 0 1 2 U. S . n at i o n a l S with greg hazlewood SCI D and CA Clear

Standing and presented by H a z lewo o d a ra b i a n s Greg Hazle wood • Aubre y, Te xas • 602-549-8726 haz • www.hazle O w ned by Re G en c y cov e FA R m S • Jac k & e liz abeth milam

S JUSTADReAm+/ Justify's dam


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