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His name is Hariry Al Shaqab and for Qatar’s Al Shaqab, he is the heir apparent to his sire,

the legendary Marwan Al Shaqab. Adjectives like “breathtaking,” “glorious” and “historic” float in the air when Hariry is discussed. His name, which means “silk” in Arabic, was originally a tribute to his dam, White Silkk, but it also has become a true reference to his own smooth-as-silk elegance. It is hard to fault him—at 3, Hariry is undefeated in the show ring and the sire of two foals so promising that his book for 2014 nears 150 before the year even begins. “Hariry is the future of Al Shaqab,” says Mohammed Al Sulaiti, Breeding and Show Manager. “As an individual he meets our highest criteria, and we rank him equal among the most accomplished of all the Al Shaqab stallions. Ultimately, in our program, Hariry will be judged against and have to prove himself amongst the other Al Shaqab-bred and -owned Marwan sons of notoriety. However, we are convinced by our assessment and believe that Hariry holds one of the main keys to our future. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Chairman of Al Shaqab’s Board, encourages us to enable each Al Shaqab bred horse to reach their potential and we are most grateful for his dedication and support and that of the Al Shaqab staff and partners.” Hariry Al Shaqab demonstrated his potential early. As a yearling, he was named Gold Champion Colt at the Citta Di Castello Show in Italy; as a 2-year-old, he was Scottsdale Champion Junior Colt (unanimous), and at the U.S. Nationals last year, he was U.S. National Champion 2-Year-Old Colt (unanimous) and U.S. National Champion Colt. This year, showing with David Boggs, he opened at the Iowa Gold Star Futurity Show as Champion Stallion, with four ‘20’ scores from the judges. “I want the world to know how important and special this colt is,” says Boggs, who adds that showing Hariry to 2013 U.S. National Championships in Colts (unanimous) and 3-Year-Old Colts was a pleasure. “He’s one of the most perfect Arabians I’ve ever seen. He’s without question one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ horses, a ‘living bronze.’” What is it about Hariry Al Shaqab that gives him the edge in competition? “In our opinion, it is Hariry’s almost perfect conformation, his type and quality that set him apart,” says Sulaiti. “That has enabled his show ring success.” 32 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

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“He combines the best of all worlds in the true sense,” Boggs confirms. “He has extreme type, true and correct conformation, and is a perfect 20 for shoulder, neck and levelness of hip and topline.” Hariry’s pedigree indicates that this is not unexpected. Marwan Al Shaqab’s across-theboard excellence is known globally, but White Silkk also played an important role. “Her quality and conformation made her, in our opinion, a suitable candidate for Marwan,” Sulaiti recalls. “As an individual, White Silkk exhibits the finest characteristics of the many national champions found in her pedigree.” And some of the breed’s best known national names reside in White Silkk’s pedigree. Her sire, Dakar El Jamaal, is a U.S. National Champion Stallion who is the son of a U.S. National

Champion Stallion (Ali Jamaal) and a Canadian National Champion and U.S. National Reserve Champion Mare (Sonoma Lady). White Silkk’s dam, KH First Prize, is by Echo Magnifficco, a U.S. National Champion Stallion. “Echo Magnifficco has one of the greatest shoulders and neck in all the world,” Boggs says. “We attribute a lot of Hariry’s shoulder and scope to him.” Then there is Marwan Al Shaqab’s heritage of national awards. His sire, Gazal Al Shaqab, is a U.S. National Reserve Champion and the grandson of dynasty-builder Ruminaja Ali, a U.S. National Champion Futurity Colt and U.S. National Reserve Champion Stallion. Gazal’s dam, Kajora, was a U.S. National Champion Mare, and her sire, Kaborr, a U.S. National Reserve Champion Stallion. On

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his dam’s side, Marwan offers a cross-section of national champion ancestors as well. He is the son of Little Liza Fame, a Canadian National Champion Futurity Filly and U.S. National Reserve Champion in Western Pleasure Junior Horse; she is the daughter of U.S. National Champion Stallion Fame VF, whose sire, Bey Shah, was a U.S. National Reserve Champion Stallion. On her dam’s side, Little Liza Fame traces to Aza Destiny, a Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion. At nearly every step of every generation, Marwan reflects national championship credentials.

weanling, this filly has one of the longest well-shaped necks I’ve ever seen. And she has her daddy’s big dark eyes and a lot of charisma.”

And Hariry? “He has the Marwan charisma, character, sassiness and spice—his sons and daughters are amazing show horses,” Boggs says. “Hariry is really the whole package, and he’s white. He’s got the color in fashion.”

At this time, plans call for Hariry Al Shaqab to remain in the United States. “We are very pleased with our cooperation with Midwest,” says Sulaiti, who looks forward to the coming year. “Al Shaqab expects six 2014 Hariry foals, and with frozen semen now in Qatar, he will breed the lion’s share along with some of the finest mares from Al Zobara Stud, Al Nasser Stud and Al Naif Stud.”

As importantly, Hariry Al Shaqab is proving that he can breed on. His first two foals were born this year. A colt, Akram Al Shaqab, is from the Enzo daughter QR Annah Ferrari, and a filly, Bushrah Al Shaqab, is out of World Champion Victoria II HPS, by RSD Dark Victory. “Much to our delight, both foals exhibit Hariry’s look and conformation,” Sulaiti says. “With such a diverse pedigree, we wondered how Hariry would reproduce, but these two foals have proven he is capable of breeding what he is. Like his sire, this trait will make him a reliable and, therefore, valuable breeding stallion, in our program at least.” Bushrah Al Shaqab is at Midwest. “She is exquisite,” Boggs enthuses. “I see the same attributes that I see in Hariry—a particularly short back, well laid-back shoulder, and for a


Hariry also reflects his sire’s temperament. “At Al Shaqab, Marwan and his children are cherished for their humble and charming demeanor that is accentuated by an enthusiastic but polite zest for life,” Sulaiti offers. “Hariry is no different, and we can see that he has passed this endearing characteristic to his first two foals.”

“They’re very dedicated breeders who I’ve respected for years, and to have Midwest play a part in presenting their horses around the world is an honor and a privilege. The team from Al Shaqab are extremely supportive, they love their horses and they attend and support all the major shows. They’re great for the horse community worldwide.” For those involved with Hariry Al Shaqab, the young stallion is the gold standard. “He makes our job an experience of great pride and joy,” Boggs says. “He’s an ethereal masterpiece of an Arabian horse, and I predict he’ll be one of the all-time great Arabian sires in history.” ■

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Cover Story - *Hariry Al Shaqab  
Cover Story - *Hariry Al Shaqab  

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