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JosĂŠ Alves Filho and Maisa Tucci Alves

Haras JM A n I n t e r n at i on a l S o u r c e For Pure Arabian Bloodstock


by Mary Kirkman

It has been more than 25 years since Brazilian horsemen stepped into the worldwide Arabian community, and in those years, they have proved themselves not only buyers of fine bloodstock, but also a top-class source of competitive show horses. Since 1997, one of the most recognized Brazilian names in the United States and around the world has been Haras JM, the breeding operation of José Alves Filho and his wife, Maisa Tucci Alves. That was when one of their earliest stars, the homebred Europa El Jamaal, burst upon the North American stage by sweeping the mare championship at both Canadian and U.S. Nationals. Although the couple was in only the first decade of their Arabian experience, the quality of their program was apparent. Over the years since, Haras JM has built upon that high-profile accomplishment, most notably with the addition of their foundation stallion, the late Style SRA. By 2004, the farm was regularly winning the titles of Best Halter Breeder and Best Halter Exhibitor in Brazil (five consecutive years now), as well as in their home state of São Paulo, and in 2006, it began nailing down Best Performance Breeder on both levels as well. It is all the result, José Alves says, of a focus on Bey Shah, Ali Jamaal, and Padrons Psyche—a deceptively simple statement that may be true but does not take into account the ongoing care used to identify the best individual nicks.

An early star of the Haras JM program, Europa El Jamaal (Ali Jamaal x SL White Lace) won both the 1997 Canadian National and 1997 U.S. National Mare Championships.

Most of the original horses in the Haras JM program came from the United States, and some of its most accomplished stars—such as Canadian National Champion Mare Llamore Di Style JM—have been sold to American owners. Others have gone on to prominent show and breeding programs in Europe and the Middle East. It was only natural, then, that at some point, the Alves family would consider expanding its operation beyond Brazil, and for that, they have chosen a farm in the picturesque equine enclave of Ocala, Fla. To properly assess the accomplishments, and more importantly, the promising future of Haras JM, one must look further than just the show records and the marketability of its horses. Its success may be founded in its mares, foals, and stallions—but its heart and soul are its owners, José Alves Filho and Maisa Tucci Alves.


José Alves with his mother, Mrs. Lia Alves, and wife, Maisa. THE HISTORY OF HARAS JM For José and Maisa, the sweetest days are those spent at their

for its beaches and culture of tanned beauty, he adds with a

farm in Monte Mor, a little more than an hour northwest of

smile, his choice lies inland, with the quiet countryside. “I really

São Paulo. Much of their life is devoted to business and social

prefer to go to see horses. I love to breed Arabians; it is a way

commitments at their home in Brazil’s most dynamic industrial

of life that makes me feel very good.”

city, as well as in the county of Goiás, near the country’s capital Brasilia. José commutes there weekly to the family’s Coca-Cola

It was at the farm years ago that his mother undertook the

bottling enterprise (the Alves family is one of only 16 Coca-

breeding of Mangalargas, known as the national horse of

Cola bottlers in Brazil, which is nearly as large as the U.S.). By

Brazil, and it might be fair to assume that Alves acquired an

week’s end, they are both happy to escape to the farm, an easy

understanding of breeding principles through that experience—

drive through the beautiful São Paulo plateau. The air is clean,

but he demurs. Although he has managed the program for his

the temperatures mild, and the landscape a lush green, with

mother, it was his younger brother who was most intimately

abundant flowers and trees.

involved. Alves enjoyed the horses, but did not find a passion for them until he became acquainted with Arabians in 1989.

For Alves, the farm has been a special pleasure since his childhood; his family purchased the 500-hectare (1,250-acre)

The history of Haras JM shares a beginning familiar to many in

property in 1963. “I have been there since I was a teenager,”

the horse industry. “I was introduced to Arabian horses by my

he says, his English rhythmic with the flavor of his native

sons,” José Alves says. “They had a friend who bred Arabians,

Portuguese. “It is really a special place.” In a country famous

and he invited us to an auction. I purchased a horse for my kids.”

J ULY 20 09 | HAR AS JM • 3

Gay Shah Rose

SL White Lace

Godiwa JM

Bey Shah x Kheanna Rose

Strike x Four Winds Flare

Kaali JP x SL White Lace

I think José Alves is one of those people who started out, bought good horses, and had good intentions and ideas. There were probably moments when he hesitated and must have been heartsick over things—such as when he lost an important horse in his program—but when you really have the passion, you recover from those things and you go on. I admire that. Today, 20 years later, he is a major success. – Doug Dahmen

At the time, the selection of Arabians was coincidental. “All the kids asked was ‘buy one!’” he recalls. “Ours came from Luciano Cury. I asked him, ‘What am I now going to do with these horses?’” Although José and Maisa had not acquired the Arabians with the intention of breeding, the allure of such a venture was seductive. Besides, they already had the logical accommodations; they arranged to use a portion of the property at Monte Mor. In search of a name, Haras JM was simple: the ‘J’ is for José, the ‘M’ from Maisa. Looking back now, Alves agrees that those first purchases were not of the caliber that marks Haras JM horses today; they were just riding horses who piqued his interest. There would come a learning curve, but his was easier than is usual for most new owners, as he had experienced advisors—most notably Cury— with whom he collaborated on early Haras JM acquisitions. It was Cury who aided in the initial expansion of the fledgling project with a purchase of mares from the United States through trainer Doug Dahmen. Dahmen, who was well known at the time for having developed the charismatic stallion *El Shaklan, recalls traveling California with Cury, searching out the best candidates for the Haras JM breeding program. Among those chosen over a six-month period were Gay Shah Rose, Fantasia Castana, Malika Gay Event, Solar Flair, and SL White Lace.

Llamore Di Style JM Style SRA x Llana Van Ryad 4 • HAR AS JM | AR ABIAN HORSE TIMES

“I’m a particular fanatic about the tail female,” Dahmen

“After selling Europa El Jamaal, I started looking for a Bey Shah

observes, “and a lot of the mares we selected had good tail

son to have in our program,” he says. “It was my dream. Then

female lines. SL White Lace was especially strong; she was

David Boggs presented to us Style SRA. That was the second

already a Pacific Slope Top Five mare and a U.S. and Canadian

important step in our breeding program.”

Top Ten Futurity Filly, so she was not only well-pedigreed, but had a record as well. In retrospect, that was a great family.”

Maureen Grossman, who with her husband, Dan, bred Style SRA at their Stone Ridge Arabians, recalls the dark-bay colt

On Cury’s advice, Alves planned to breed SL White Lace to

that was foaled in May 1994. “We loved him,” she says. “He

Ali Jamaal, and contacted Greg Gallún, who had Ali Jamaal

had a charismatic personality, with all that Bey Shah charm.”

breedings available. While Gallún agreed to sell one, the trainer went one step further: He offered to show SL White Lace in

Style SRA grew up to be “a beautiful, strong, handsome colt,”

the United States. Alves agreed, although ultimately, it lost him

she says, and at the age of 18 months, the Grossmans sent him

that year’s breeding to Ali Jamaal. That was 1992, when Ali

to Midwest. At the time, they had him in mind as a possible

Jamaal moved to (ironically) Brazil. “At that time, I had no idea

replacement for Bey Shah; had they not already owned Bey

who Ali Jamaal and Bey Shah were,” he says candidly. “I had

Shah, they might not have been willing to sell Style. “We were

just started breeding horses.” By that summer, however, White Lace was demonstrating her quality; she was named a top ten mare in both the United States and Canada. That year, she was bred to Ivanhoe Tsultan, but the foal died. At home the following year, Alves at last bred SL White Lace to Ali Jamaal—and that was the first turning point in the history of Haras JM. SL White Lace’s 1994 filly was Europa El Jamaal, who would grow up to win four national championships. In 1996, she was named Brazilian National Champion Filly and Silver Filly, and in 1997, she invaded North America to add the titles of U.S. and Canadian National Champion Mare. Sold to HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin

Midwest has enjoyed the privilege and honor of working together with Mr. José Alves, his lovely wife Maisa, and their family at JM Arabians for many years. That began with the undeniable beauty Europa El Jamaal, when she won her U.S. National Championship, and most notably in their purchase of the great stallion Style SRA, who sired so many outstanding offspring. I believe that Haras JM is one of the leading breeding farms of Arabian horses in the world today, and we look forward to many more years of close friendship and great business together in Arabian horses. – David Boggs

Abdulaziz Al Saud the next year, she added the national championship in Saudi Arabia as well. Style SRA “It was a great opportunity, and God blessed us with this very

Bey Shah x Sociallite

special mare that introduced us to the world of Arabian horses in America,” Alves says. “David Boggs was enchanted with her. He asked me to take her to America. I was very proud of her. It was a very, very special time for us.” With Europa El Jamaal’s success came a procession of American and European visitors to Haras JM. Alves can still tick through the list of headline trainers and breeders who arrived to see the horses, and in particular, SL White Lace. “A lot of people in the American industry came to our farm to see our horses,” he nods. “This was very important for us.” By that time, Alves had done his homework and developed his own ideas of what the ideal Haras JM Arabian would be.

J ULY 20 09 | HAR AS JM • 5

Piettra Di Style JM

Pahtria Di Style JM

Style SRA x Divine NVC

Style SRA x Psyches Seduction

Style SRA and Maisa Alves.

grooming him to do something fabulous,” she explains, “but

qualifications, Khrystall JM, Nobel Di Style JM, and Hayza JM

there are just so many horses you can market and promote.”

have won English pleasure and hunter national championships

So when David Boggs called to tender the Haras JM offer,

for the farm, and Style SRA sons Khrystall JM, Millennium JM

they accepted.

and Nkredible Style JM are becoming well-known for their ability to sire English and western contenders.

The dark-bay Style SRA, by Bey Shah and out of the SX Saladin mare Sociallite, brought not only beauty, but a background of athleticism to the Haras JM program—which Alves, even though his priority lay with halter standards, valued highly. Each generation of Style SRA’s pedigree layered in stallions of proven beauty and ability; the tier of great-grandsires alone offered standouts Bay-Abi, *Bask, Serafix and Huckleberry Bey— all known for their Arabian type, as well as their physical usefulness. “Style’s first year of foals showed great results,” Alves assesses. In years to come, under the farm’s name alone, Llamore Di Style JM, Napoli Di Style

“Style gave us a very special start

José Alves is a breeder of great merit. He has had great success in the show ring in every show in Brazil for many, many years, and international success with Europa El Jamaal, who was a national champion in Brazil and the USA. In addition to his involvement in Arabian horses, José Alves is a very busy businessman, owning many different industries. Even so, he and his wife find time to royally receive visitors from Brazil and other countries at their farm. There, these visitors see an impressive group of stallions and broodmares from the best lineage, and a quantity of show fillies and colts already successful in the Brazilian shows. José Alves and his wife are considered some of the most dedicated breeders, and are very much esteemed. – Lenita Perroy

JM, Mister Style JM, Larabeska JM, Onzza Di Style JM, and Q’Di Style

on our history in the Arabian horse industry,” Alves observes, and notes what separated Style SRA from the other Bey Shah stallions in the industry at the time. “The neck was his big difference, and the attitude of the sons of Style is really special. Then there is the size of the foals—many are tall— and their eyes are really very special. They all have good toplines, and there are no problems with their feet. Style wrote one of the most important lines for us in Arabian horse breeding.” Style SRA, who died prematurely in 2007, further focused Alves on his damlines, and the program which had begun with the concentration on Ali Jamaal and Bey Shah expanded to its

JM all won Brazilian national titles, and many went on to add

present status. Those two stallions are still front and center—

international awards for new owners. Other Style SRA foals

Bey Shah directly and through Style SRA and his sons, and

won trophies for owners wise enough to purchase them from

Ali Jamaal directly and through mares by several of his sons.

Haras JM. In recent years, although Alves still prioritizes halter

However, they are now complemented by a large contingent


Afire Star

Psyches Gizelle UA

Magnum Psyche x FA Afires Kontesa

Magnum Psyche x ATA Bey Madonna

of Padrons Psyche and Magnum Psyche daughters, along with a selection of Aladdinn-line mares. In a broodmare band that now numbers more than 50, there are other combinations as well, but those proven crosses ensure foal crops with demonstrated credentials. THE MARES OF HARAS JM Proof of the wisdom of the Alves’ early purchases may be seen in the current broodmare band. After Europa El Jamaal, SL White Lace continued her production impressively, and was the most influential foundation mare at the farm. In 1996 she

During all my 23 years working with Arabian horses, I have had the privilege to know José Alves Filho and his family and to show some of their great horses. Among them was the most famous, Europa El Jamaal, before she left Brazil and later in United States, capturing the 1997 Scottsdale Mare Championship for Midwest and her new owners. Congratulations to the Alves family for raising these magnificent horses. – Rinaldo Longuini

foaled Godiwa JM, by the Egyptian stallion Kaali JP, and then bore LLamore Di Style, who annexed titles on two continents, first in the ownership of Haras JM and then Bob and Dixie North of North Arabians. The 2002 Brazilian National Reserve Champion Junior Filly, she was imported to North America and in 2005 was named Scottsdale Champion Mare, Canadian National Champion and U.S. National Reserve Champion Mare. Godiwa JM also produced the stallions Khrystall JM and Magnum Di Style JM, both by Style SRA, and both currently on the Haras JM stallion roster. The refined grey mare Gay Shah Rose was by Bey Shah and out of Kheanna Rose, by Khemosabi. Her daughters and granddaughters dot the herd today. Fantasia Castana, a rich chestnut daughter of Barich De Washoe and Jamal Colleen, an American Aristocrat Mare, remains today, and is joined by several of her offspring, most especially her daughter C Fantasy Shaklan (by El Shaklan). C Fantasy Shaklan is the dam of Jaklanna JM and granddam of Mister Style JM, one of the best

Lady Serenade BHF Magnum Psyche x Bey Serenade SF

J ULY 20 09 | HAR AS JM • 7

Style SRA sons and now one of the main sires in the JM breeding program. All in all, more than 10 of the Haras JM broodmares offer the Padrons Psyche and Magnum Psyche influence, mares such as Afire Star and Lady Serenade BHF. Eight are by Don El Chall; five are by Ryad El Jamaal; two are from El Shaklan, two by El Nabila B, and two are daughters of NV Sure Fire, the line which, when crossed with Style SRA, resulted in the 2001 Brazilian National Champion Junior Filly and Brazilian Golden Filly, Larabeska JM. There are also mares by Marwan Al Shaqab, Strike, Echo Magnifficoo, Khadraj NA and Gay Radiant.

Mister Style JM Style SRA x Jaklanna JM

José Alves has done a fantastic job of breeding; he’s one of the best breeders in Brazil. I had the opportunity to work with a couple of his really good stallions, and as I understand it, he has a really great group of mares. I like horses with really long, hooky necks, and the ones I had for him were just that, they had great throats, and it was very easy for them to set up and strike the pose. It was a great experience working with the Alves’—they are great people. – Keith Krichke


The recently-purchased Lady Serenade BHF, 2004 U.S. National Reserve Champion Futurity Filly, is a recent addition to the Haras JM family. A daughter of Magnum Psyche, out of Bey Serenade SF (herself a U.S. and Canadian National Reserve Champion Mare), by Bey Shah, Lady Serenade BHF provides yet another perspective on the golden cross of Bey Shah and Padrons Psyche lines. THE STALLIONS TODAY The stallions of Haras JM today represent the bloodlines that have worked for the farm over the past 20 years, and boast an impressive collection of titles. Bey Shah remains a factor in the program through the Style SRA sons Mister Style JM, Napoli Di Style JM, and Qdyor Di Style JM. Jullyani, with Mister

For the last 10 years we have been visiting and attending the major shows in Brazil. For those 10 years, one of the leading breeders has been Haras JM. They have consistently produced many of the most successful show horses. We always looked forward to visiting their farm to see the latest foal crop. In every visit, we saw numerous foals that everyone could see would be the stars of future shows. Those young horses have had outstanding show careers in not only Brazil, but also in the U.S. and Europe. In addition to the great horses, José Alves and Maisa are always great hosts, and make previous friends and new visitors feel totally welcome. We think they are world famous for not only their horses, but also for their delicious pizza! Haras JM is a class act in all ways. – Bob and Dixie North

Style and Napoli, reinforces the heritage of Ali Jamaal, while Pscore, Nikolas Psyche and Iimagine introduce the

*Pscore Padrons Psyche x Bey Shahs Lady

male line of Padons Psyche and Magnum Psyche. Additionally, José Alves notes, the farm is the main partner on Yllan El Jamaal, who is intensely Ali Jamaal- and Bey Shah-bred. THE PRINCIPLES OF BREEDING Over the years, the Haras JM herd has grown to more than 150 horses. In contemplating its development and considering what he has done right, Alves has no unique formula. He simply paid attention to his horses, to what worked and what didn’t, and studied the principles of other wellknown and successful breeders. “I learned some special rules with breeders like Lenita Perroy and Paulo Levy,” he says. “Paulo told me once that it is very important for a breeder to breed beautiful horses. For this reason, I have preferred the Bey Shah

J ULY 20 09 | HAR AS JM • 9

and Ali Jamaal lines, and nowadays the Padrons Psyche and

He does not specifically employ either linebreeding or

Magnum Psyche lines — I have a lot of fillies from these horses.

inbreeding, although he does not oppose either. For Alves, the fundamentals of breeding relate to the individual horses and

“In my mind, I look for the beauty and attitude and charisma

what they and their pedigrees offer. “It depends on each mare

of a special horse,” he continues, and adds that he particularly

and stallion we are looking at, at that moment,” he says.

keeps in mind the neck, topline and legs. “I always remember,

“There is no general rule; I am breeding for the image of the

we are not going to ride a horse’s head. For me, it is the

horses I want.”

combination of many important things that gives you the exceptional horse you are looking for.”

As much as he values stallions and as much time as he has devoted to selecting the right sires for his program, he admits to a particular admiration for the mares. “I chose the mares for my program and have an idea of where I want to go,” he says.

José Alves Filho and his lovely wife, Maisa, have been my friends and family for over 15 years. During that time, José has created one of the greatest breeding programs ever in the Arabian industry. This has been possible because of his dedication, passion, knowledge, and love of the Arabian horse. Better yet, he enjoys sharing the ownership of his international champions with breeders throughout the world. Congratulations, José and Maisa, on your success! I look forward to even greater accomplishments in the years ahead. – Walter Mishek


“I look for special mares and believe very much in the pedigrees and the qualities of each mare. For the stallions, I look one by one, paying special attention to the details.” Unusual for many halter breeders, Alves also fields a string of performance contenders. “My preference is for halter,” he qualifies, “but I understand that the horses must show the quality to work also. Performance is a very important way to have a valuation about your breeding program.”

THE FUTURE OF HARAS JM AT HOME AND ABROAD The latest chapter in the Haras JM story is being written a hemisphere away, in Florida. It is time, José and Maisa say, for an American base of operations. A 16-acre property is being renovated and will be ready this year. While the Brazilian farm is under the direction of longtime manager Elder Rodrigues, the Ocala property will be run by his son, Elder Rodrigues Jr., also a Haras JM veteran. The Florida farm includes a residence, two barns and a range of black-fenced pastures. It will be home to between 10 and 20 horses. Alves says that Haras JM will show horses in the United States and Canada, and he and Maisa plan to use the Ocala facility as a headquarters for their marketing efforts (read that to mean that their famous Brazilian hospitality will be extended to Ocala). So far, he says, the reception from Americans has been enthusiastic and supportive. “I like America very much,” he says. “It is really my second country. I love the American people.”

Jose Alves is a very experienced breeder. He has developed a program that is doing very well combining pedigree with conformation, and the result is a production that every year is improving. The proof is in the prizes that the horses bred by Haras JM have achieved in the shows here in Brazil every year. With this quality breeding program, he is for sure an important page in the story of the Arabian horse breed. – Paulo Levy

*Jullyani Jullyen El Jamaal x Gai Sharise J ULY 20 09 | HAR AS JM • 11

He reflects on the contributions the Brazilian Arabian horse community can make to the global industry. “The contribution

I didn’t know José Alves before I judged in Brazil several years ago, but as I was judging the classes, I couldn’t help but notice that several horses just stood out so. After a while, I was asking, ‘Who’s the breeder? Who’s the breeder?’ And I found out it was José Alves at Haras JM. I met him because I liked his horses. – Greg Knowles

of Brazil is, from my point of view, an important one. America is first in the Arabian horse market, and Brazil is trying hard to be the second in importance in the world of breeding Arabian horses.” In real terms for Haras JM, he adds, “It is important to us to be recognized as an important breeder, and we do our best to contribute to the development of the Arabian horse. We take into consideration the tastes of the world, and take care to develop the quality that the industry shows to be the future of the horse, in halter or performance.”

*Iimagine Magnum Psyche x RD Kashandra


AT HOME AT HARAS JM In any discussion of Arabian horses, the passion of José Alves’ commitment is apparent in his voice. On weekends at the Monte Mor farm, he can be found in the barn even until the wee hours of the morning. “Our team that works with the horses are great people, and they are always there to show the horses for me,” he says. “There is a special feeling between me and the people who work with the horses. Elder Rodrigues, Elder Rodrigues Jr., Luis Fernando Leite, Julia F. Pamplona, our resident veterinarian—all the people who work with the horses— are special, and we love them. It makes me feel very happy and comfortable to stay with my horses for hours during the weekend and when I have the opportunity to go to the farm.”

I’ve shown for Haras JM through Rodolfo Guzzo on several occasions. One was with Jullyani, when he was Brazilian National Champion Junior Stallion. It was an honor to work on behalf of José Alves, and he has my respect for his ability to breed well-made, typey, beautiful horses. His success? I think that the strength and carriage of the Bey Shah that José Alves has in his program through Style SRA—added to some of the very typey younger stallions that he has—is very admirable. It has thought behind it and it is going in a forward direction. As a breeder, I definitely respect that. – Andrew Sellman

Do his activities include riding? “I do ride, and I enjoy it,” he replies, “but my schedule doesn’t allow much time for it. I

program: It is not based on just one stellar horse. It is proof

prefer to spend my time seeing the mares and imagining what

that the farm’s bloodlines consistently produce individuals of

kind of breedings I can make for them, and watching the colts

beauty and talent.

and checking how they are being conditioned. And we go to For Alves, it is not only the generations of horses that are

the shows.”

important in his Arabian venture. It is the generations of people It is on behalf of his Haras JM team—his family, the employees

too. His wife, Maisa, is his partner; while he has dedicated

and the horses themselves—that he is particularly proud of

himself to the breeding program, she has sparkled in the social

the ‘Best in Brazil’ titles the farm has won over the past five

realm of shows and events at home. “She likes the Arabian

years. In 2007, nine of the ranch’s horses accounted for 11

horse very much,” he says, “and she also loves the people of the

championship categories, while in 2008, seven individuals

Arabian horse. For her, it is a pleasure to meet the people, the

won eight titles. It is one thing, he reflects, to win a national

breeders and exhibitors, that come to our farm in Brazil, and she

championship, and he is always pleased when a Haras

is looking forward to hosting American breeders at our ranch in

JM horse achieves that honor. But the champion breeder

Ocala next year. She is very important in my life; she is a sweet

award requires a show string of comprehensive depth and

person and a very special one, and much of our success is due to

commitment, and to him, that represents the real worth of the

her very special way of relating with everyone.”

The hard-working staff of Haras JM.

J ULY 20 09 | HAR AS JM • 13

Raviera Jullyani JM

Jarytza JM

Shanelle Di Mister JM

Jullyani x Monnalisa Di Style JM

Style SRA x SL White Lace

Mister Style JM x Cris Lethyf

Over the years, the

thing they think about

couple’s children José

is what the value of the

Neto, João Ricardo,

baby is. Here, when a

Vivian and Stephanie—

colt or filly is born, the

the original inspiration

first thing that Brazilian

for Haras JM—have

breeders do is think

been involved as well.

about what the next step

“At this time, my sons

will be in breeding with

and daughters are

that baby. For all the

starting out their lives,”

horses that are born, I

Alves says with a smile.

am always looking for a

“But all of them like

way to make reference,

the Arabian horses, and

Khrystall JM

Napoli Di Style JM

to have them in my

they like to be with the

Style SRA x Godiwa JM

Style SRA x Van Alija


people of the Arabian horse (and they like to travel to Scottsdale!).”

“You need a focus, and money can’t be the first thing to your breeding program,” he continues. “It is very important to

Even as they begin their own lives—one is getting married

demonstrate the budget of a breeding program; I know that is

next year—the children of José and Maisa Alves remain in their

very important, but you need to give a special consideration to

parents’ thoughts for the future of Haras JM. “I am working hard

your heart as a breeder—and stay with some mares and foals that

to be able to pass everything on to them,” says Alves. “I don’t

will be the continuity of your program in the future. Sometimes

want to do breeding that is going to stop with me; I want the

breeders sell all the fillies and colts, thinking that ‘as we have

next generation to be there. One of my great efforts is to show to

the mare, we are going to have another one like the one we are

my sons and daughters how important the Arabian horse is for

selling.’ But sometimes when you sell the foals, you are taking

us, how it is healthy for us to live in this industry, important for

away a very important part of your breeding program.

me and for them and the grandkids in the future.” “I have always loved horses,” he says, “but Arabians I love best. For the Alves family, the commercial and pleasurable sides of

For me, it is really important to look at the horses with passion—

their Arabian horse venture are carefully balanced. José Alves, a

they make my life better, and I want to make new fans for the

businessman who does not ignore the bottom line, nevertheless

Arabian horse. To share your life with the Arabian horse is a very

speaks literally when he says he loves breeding Arabian horses.

special way of living.”

“American breeders tell me that when a baby is born, the first


Friends and staff of Haras JM

In my opinion, there is absolutely no question that Haras JM is an icon in the breeding of Arabian horses worldwide. Mr. and Mrs. Alves’ breeding program has bred horses like Europa El Jamaal, LLamore Di Style JM, and Q' Di Style JM, just to name a few of the internationally renowned horses. To me, it has been a pleasure to know and to work with them. I highly recommend you visit their farm. – Sandro Pinha

J ULY 20 09 | HAR AS JM • 15

The Haras JM facility in Ocala, Fla., will be managed by Haras JM veteran, Elder Rodrigues Jr.

José Alves Filho & Maisa Tucci Alves Rua Oquira, 325 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil – CEP 05467-030 ( 55-11 ) 3255-9959 or 3021-2147 – ( 55-19 ) 3879-2964 or 3879-1002 12600 NE Jacksonville Road – Anthony, Florida – 32617 – USA (352 ) 351-0083 – –

Pahtria Di Style JM Style SRA x Psyches Seduction

Haras JM  

Haras JM 2009

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