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The Equus Effect for First Responders and Veterans


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Pictured: Vivienne Martino (age 6) with NDL Pericles (age 36) Sweepstakes earner of $212,000. Owned by Jill Contreras. Photo by Julie Beckham.

The Circle Of Life With The Arabian Horse Pictured on the facing page is the moment 6-year-old Vivienne Martino met the famed 36-year-old NDL Pericles, in January of this year, known world-wide in the Arabian horse community as “Perry”. Vivi, her mother Jayme, and her grandmother, Julie, had just flown from opposite sides of the country to Texas to meet their new horse in training with their life-long trainer, Wendy Potts (and Perry’s life-long caretaker). Jayme was one of a select few of Perry’s “people” who he allowed to ride along with him as he amassed his show ring record of 30 national championship wins over an amazingly long career that went well into his 20s. Jayme still pursues her love of Arabians and riding, and both Vivi and her older brother Beckham are following in their mom’s and grandmother’s footsteps as avid horse-kids. Thirty years ago, when Jayme and her mom Julie first met trainer Wendy Potts, they never envisioned the impact that the Arabian horse would have on their family and their lives. And this is the same for us all. Six-year-old Vivi had never met Perry until this day. They say that, “The eyes are the window to the soul,” and the recognition in this photo between these two souls defies explanation, but it is a common thing in the world of Arabian horses, and this is what you can experience with your family as you begin exploring the world of Arabian horses. Just ask grandmother Julie, who took the photo in awe of this instant connection, and mother Jayme, so grateful to share a passion with her children. But especially listen to Vivi and Perry, who are able to say all that needs to be said, without any words at all.

Mary Trowbridge Mary Trowbridge, Editor

Cover photo: A favorite moment shot by world renowned Arabian Horse photographer Darryl Larson of Multi-National Champion show horse and sire A Temptation of Strawberry Banks Farm. Experience Arabian Horses is the official publication of Envision; the campaign founded by Arabian Horse Times dedicated solely to spreading awareness of the incredible Arabian Horse.

Cover Story:


Unlike most in the industry, Darryl Larson, a one time real-estate agent, did not grow up in the Arabian horse industry, but grew a passion for the breed from an innate love that can’t be easily explained in words. It comes from the soul; it’s natural and isn’t forced. It is a willing choice and never-ending quest to be in their presence, and it is Darryl’s talents in videography and photography that translates those unspoken words into understanding for others so that their beauty, incredible minds and endearing

Tell us about how you were introduced to the Arabian horse. It was in my elementary school library in Miami, where I found Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion, that my infatuation with the Arabian horse took flight. My interest jumped to another level in high school thanks to classmate Lura Smathers and her family who owned Four Fillies Farm, breeders of beautiful Arabian horses. I was able to purchase a Half-Arabian gelding they bred named FF Luckett, and I learned about other great Arabian horse breeders in Miami, including Glenglade Arabians’ Jimmie and Willis Flick, and Liz Langford. In my first competition with Luckett, we won first place and a championship, and I was hooked. Showing him was a magical journey. We won a Western Pleasure National Championship in 1971 and Top Ten in English in 1972. After that, there was no turning back; my magic carpet ride with the Arabian horse took off.

personalities can be witnessed by all.

How did it come about that you chose photography/videography as your equine career? The next couple of decades found me very active, showing and training in Florida. I was working at Rohara Arabians when video became something the consumer could afford. In 1987 I bought a video camera and started filming some of the horses at the farm. I would then sit on my apartment floor with the camera, a VCR, and the TV, figuring out— with some trial and error in the beginning (once or twice a bit of footage from a soap opera made a short appearance in a sales presentation!)—how to make a video that we could play.


Moffett photo

In 1988 I moved back to Miami and my production practices evolved a bit. My first real job was to return to Ocala and film horses at Rohara for Barbara and Allen Jarabek. Allen was such a wonderful person, he helped jump-start my new chapter. At the time I was selling real estate in Miami, but quickly realized developing the video business would allow me to stay more closely aligned to the Arabian industry I loved and offered a way to share the Arabian horse with many people. I listened to that little voice that was nudging me on and crossed my fingers this was indeed a business ready to birth. My commitment to the video business was immediately rewarded and I put a hold on my real estate career (permanently soon after) and never looked back. Soon I started carrying a still camera with me to add a bit of interest and production value to the video with assorted photos.

What do you love most about photographing the Arabian horse? For me, the beauty and personality of the Arabian horse is always inspirational and the chance to capture memorable moments for the people who love them a remarkable reward. But one of my greatest rewards is filming a farm’s foals and being able to participate in the breeders’ joy of their creations year after year. I love it when they evaluate their babies and see traits that remind them of a great horse in their pedigree or recognize a trait that they purposefully hoped to see in this generation. The breeding of horses is such a personalized art and it is just remarkable to see the results.

What traits of theirs do you admire the most? I think the Arabian horse really loves people and they like to please. They really love to show off and seem to thrive on personal connections with their people.

Why did you develop your business? I became involved in my state club, the Arabian Horse Association of Florida, and region. I had my judges card for a while and managed some of the Florida show, as well as the Region 12 Championship show. Beyond being completely hooked on the Arabian horse and the people who loved them, I always respected the importance of sharing with others outside the industry the magic of this remarkable breed and the available rewards. I’ve been very lucky, and through many camera models, been able to share the beauty of the Arabian with many folks all around the world.

Have any other photographers/videographers influenced you? So many photographers in our industry continue to inspire me. One of the perks of shooting video is when I get to collaborate with others from all around the world who are on the same shoot capturing still photos. There are many tremendous perks built into the shared experience beyond added material for the client. The shared moment of greatness with each horse is Right: Rohara Aria Spartan at Rohara Arabians in Ocala, Florida 3

Long before drones were the way to capture aerial footage of a farm - at the beautiful Ajman Stud, in Ajman, UAE.

Above: A wonderful late afternoon shoot in Egypt. Right: Always a wonderful perk to see horses and children together. When you add in wonderful light, it is just magic.


Top: I have many fond memories of filming at Om El Arab in Santa Ynez, CA. Beautiful landscapes dotted with ethereal beauty of the Arabian horse. Above: There are great rewards filming performance perfection when the horse and trainer are in absolute harmony.

never-ending inspiration and the collaborations and friendships with other photographers hugely rewarding. From the early days in the industry, I was always inspired by Johnny Johnston, Polly Knoll and Jerry Sparagowski; then along came a young Stuart Vesty and the ever-intriguing Gigi Grasso.

What has been your favorite country to visit and assignment to video/photograph for?

It helps to ensure memorable photos when you travel with the great Stuart Vesty. A trip to Australia left me memories of a lifetime!

I have been blessed to visit some remarkable farms in extraordinary locations. I do not know that I have a favorite as there are many that spark grand memories and many that I have not yet traveled to!

Personal …

Is there a setting you dream of documenting an Arabian horse in?

Where do you reside when not traveling for photoshoots?

Most of those settings (like too many other things) are pure fantasy and unachievable.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Do you own/show horses?

Do you have any particular stories that no one would believe when shooting?

Through the years I have owned, shown, and bred some wonderful horses.

Oh goodness, there are many moments that are unique, unusual and worthy … ever evolving during a shoot. From the magic of a bit of dust swirling to create the most amazing touch of golden light, to a horse not being interested in participating in their own loveliness, then all of a sudden, a neighbor’s dog meanders through, the horse reacts, and a cover shot is born. Some of the more remarkable include a herd of camels showing up while filming in Sharjah, and a horse deciding he was done and headed back to the barn, however, he had to swim across the pond that was our background and between him and his preferred destination.

To anyone unfamiliar with the Arabian horse, what should they know the most about them? For me, life around the Arabian horse has dealt unlimited rewards. The beauty and character of the horses themselves is thrilling, but to be immersed in a community that thrives on their own dedication and commitment through their passion for the Arabian horse is rewarding. I try to share this potential for the longevity of wonder with everyone I meet as I travel. The rewards of the show ring, the magic of the breeding season, the long-lasting relationships for a shared passion, the possibility for generational accomplishments within families … all of it is of great benefit to the world of Arabian horses.

I found a Saddlebred mare grazing in a field in Ocala many years ago that spoke to me the instant she raised her head. She had six foals with four different Arabian stallions who were all National Champion at least once. And recently, I co-owned a wonderful filly who challenged my yearslong oath not to own another horse. It was during a summer shoot of the 2-year-olds at Midwest Arabians in Minnesota. The last horse was a JJ Cohiba daughter. She started with a burst of brilliance, her long, straight, wonderful tail flying, and I let out a gasp of joy. She stopped, looked at me and snorted, then promptly started trotting right up to me! Cut to the Scottsdale All Arabian Show a few years ago, JJ Porcelyna won Reserve Champion Mare AOTH and in the 2020 Signature class, one of her 2019 get was Champion with Kelly Campbell who now owns her and three wonderful offspring.

What do you enjoy doing when not working? Planning the next shoot!

What is your ideal vacation destination? Something with water …

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during the COVID-19 lockdown? Keeping up with projects, organizing; checking in with friends, organizing; checking in with family, organizing; making a list of what’s next and organizing! 5


www.experiencearabianhorses.com We’ll keep you connected Hop on the website today & find a farm near you


Farm and Breeding Manager at Palmetto Arabians Timmonsville, SC

People who end up being involved in this incredible breed come from all dynamics and backgrounds. But one thing they have in common, is once they are introduced, they are hooked!

How it happened: Five years ago, I stumbled across a position at Palmetto Arabians when Frank and Sara Chisholm were looking for an Assistant Farm Manager. I was extremely hesitant because the farm was “Arabians.” I grew up with Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods in Orlando, FL, on the Hunter/Jumper circuit and had come across a few Arabian lesson horses that swayed me against the breed. Frank and Sara Chisholm hired me after my interview for the job and the rest is history. It was by total fate that I came across this opportunity to be honest, because I wasn’t even really looking to get into another career at the time and here I am today, five years later, managing the farm. This breed has completely captivated my soul and I haven’t spent a day away from the Arabian horse since. Message to others who may not realize all the possibilities surrounding a life with Arabian horses: Arabians aren’t just show horses. They are family horses. They crave human interaction. They have a way of moving your soul and connecting with you that I haven’t found in other breed. They are so willing to please and are a horse you want to “live with.” I have personally witnessed the impact they have on peoples’ lives. They have changed the hearts and minds of those around them. They truly are a one-of-a-kind animal. To find a farm near you log on to: www.ExperienceArabianHorses.com 8

The Equus Effect

By Jenn Trickey with Jane Strong

Experiencing the Connection of NOW During times of uncertainty, fear and anxiety can cripple even the most grounded of humans. Most will reach out for help, but some are not even aware what is happening to them. And for many, they just don’t know where to get help; who could possibly understand them? It is the latter for whom the calming and grounding effect animals offer are far too often unrecognized and underused. An animal’s ability to bring us back to the now, as they live, is a universal lesson learned by experience, not by speech.

Horses helping veterans, first responders & those going through transition back to everyday life.

The Equus Effect (TEE) is an incredible program that enables veterans, first responders, and others who come from high stress environments to experience horses, demonstrating without words, the power in staying present. It provides individuals in transition, who struggle with the emotional regulation they need to engage with others — as well as people looking for experiential approaches to personal and professional growth — with tools that restore goodness to their bodies, minds and spirits through this curriculum. No horse experience is necessary; no riding involved. Recently, we were delighted to chat with Jane Strong, Senior Instructor and Founder of The Equus Effect, located in Sharon, Connecticut. “I’ve worked in this way with horses for the past 10 years,” Jane explains. “Because horses engage all of our senses and ask us to be as present as they are, they can help people discover new ways of seeing themselves in relation to others. This work is both serious and fun, energizing and relaxing, easy to understand and deeply meaningful. Horses can help us develop our capacity to navigate transitions from one phase of life to another faster than any other mode of experiential learning or treatment I know. They invite the deepest, most honorable part of ourselves to come forward and meet life on life’s terms.”


Since its inception in 2012, The Equus Effect is a 501(C)(3) operating completely on the generosity of people who want to see these brave men and women go from surviving to thriving. It averages approximately 50-60 participants a year who experience tremendous benefit. Their sincere desire is to give those who want to return to their communities and live satisfying and productive lives, ‘a leg up’ through the four-week curriculum. Here is what Jane has to say about each of their programs:


We all have a lot to learn about being present to what’s happening right now

Our flagship offering is peer-to-peer with our facilitators, horses and

from our horses – especially those who never had the time or tools available

other vets who work as a team to accelerate the journey home to

to unwind and renew their reserves of emotional and mental energy.

family and community.

FIRST RESPONDERS Our four-session curriculum is designed to introduce the principles of

First responders have an immense presence in their communities. They

natural horsemanship as a way to help vets gain the trust, respect and

also know from first-hand experience the impact that secondary trauma

willingness to collaborate from those with whom they live and work.

can have, and that burnout is a harsh reality for this population. TEE

We, and our equine partners, demonstrate the value of using finesse

believes that if the people who are called upon to respond to our

vs. force and cooperation vs. control.

community members in their times of crisis are better equipped to handle the stressors of their jobs, the community as a whole will be

We also educate our veteran students with life-changing insight and

better cared for and more resilient. Our veterans’ program is a perfect

information around managing their emotions. Our Emotional Agility

fit for first responders. We believe that learning the art and skill of

presentation, based on the work of Karla McLaren, Linda Kohanov

self-regulation, understanding how to make distinctions among

and our head instructor David Sonatore, LCSW, is approachable,

seemingly conflicting emotions and building the capacity to process

engaging and incredibly useful.

‘the day’ before coming home and getting ready for tomorrow, are all part of maintaining healthy personal relationships — and all part of

We believe that if veterans can learn to use emotions the way horses

ensuring top performance as professionals.

do – as information to help them stay alive, set healthy boundaries,

• Renew your energy and focus.

and support one another in times of need – there would be no need to

• Address your own reactions so you’re more capable of helping others.

stay stuck in the stories we often tell about what we might have done

• Learn practices and approaches to emergency situations that help

differently in the past or what may or may not happen in the future.

others settle down.


VETERAN MENTOR PROGRAM Once a veteran has completed enough sessions to understand the basic principles of non-verbal communication with our horses, he or she is eligible to earn a Level I Certificate in Natural Horsemanship and join our network of veteran liaisons. This aspect of the program is about serving others and helping new vets get acclimated to the farm and comfortable working with horses. The aim is to build an authentic community where vets can BE better together…not just DO better on their own.

WOMEN IN TRANSITION Whether a woman is transitioning from the military, making her way out of an unhealthy relationship, recovering from issues linked to substance abuse or working with others in the healing arts, this program will meet her wherever she is on her journey. All of what TEE does, is centered on rebuilding healthy relationships and the program includes specific exercises that address a woman’s ability to set healthy boundaries or ask for what she wants without getting upset. The goal is to help women find their own voices by becoming more grounded, clearer and more connected to their own wishes. TEE helps break through self-limiting patterns and helps our clients see for themselves what happens when they change.

FRONTLINE WORKERS Starting this May, TEE is working with frontline workers who, like first responders, are putting themselves in harm’s way every day from COVID-19. The enemy is invisible, and these men and women need to think about the risk they pose to their families. It is totally unprecedented in our time. TEE has a precedent, however, to meet these workers with horses who are ready and willing to offer the gift of touch, the chance to renew and the resilience to face another day. We are honored to serve those who are serving our communities — the warriors in our midst.

RESEARCH Last year, a team of researchers and clinicians at the VA and Yale were impressed with the results of the TEE curriculum. So, the head of clinical psychology at the West Haven VA

“I learned about some simple and quick things I could do to get grounded and clear my head before heading home after a tough day. What a gift for me and for my family.” ~ JT, First Responder

“The day Apache made a connection with me and chose to follow me on his own, demonstrated that he trusted me. It helped me realize that I could trust myself… because if a horse chooses to disregard his own hypervigilance, and trusts, that means that I can do the same.”

applied for and was awarded a two-year research grant to study

~ TM, Marine

the impact of this work on a trans-diagnostic sample of veterans. The organization is most honored to have been chosen to participate and expects that this pilot will lead to further investigation and put The Equus Effect on a path to becoming an evidence-based complementary and alternative program for mental health. 11

WHY HORSES & WHY ARABIAN HORSES? TEE “employs” several horses who become lifeline mentors to their participants in that their subjects learn from the experience. There are no misinterpreting words or explanations because there are no words. This herd includes two very important Arabian ‘Equine Coaches’, Madrid and Dutch. Madrid is a purebred bay Arabian gelding, and Dutch is a Half-Arabian pinto. Dutch and Madrid have unique traits that separate them from the other members of the herd. They are much more sensitive than the other breeds and are very expressive about their reactions to their partners’ personalities. It’s not a one size fits all mentality. They react to a person’s vibration in a much more detailed manner. Dutch, for example, resonates with many of the officers who come to the program. He’s attracted to someone with a strong leader’s internal organization and likes when someone knows what they want and leads in a way that motivates others. It’s plain as day to someone

“I felt more alive and spent less time thinking about the past or the future with those horses than I have in months. I was totally relaxed and totally energized at the same time. I went home and slept better than I had for a very long time. It’s like I came home to myself.” ~ Anonymous

watching him, therefore, feeling it is even stronger. And Madrid gets bored with someone who can’t make up their mind. His own mind is busy and likes it when someone matches his energy. When an Arabian horse likes the vibration in something, they are more expressive in their reactions. This is probably why their success in this program is so obvious. Horses have three qualities that make them naturals at guiding people toward more effectiveness in the world:

1. THE WISDOM OF THE PREY Their existence for 55 million years has depended upon their ability to sense the heart rate, muscle tension and breathing of others from 30 feet away. They’re hard wired to discover the true intentions of those around them because as prey animals, making a mistake can be deadly. By learning to understand their ‘language’ and reactions to us, we are able to reconnect with our own inner wisdom without fear of judgment or repercussion. The wisdom of the prey helps put us closer to our own true natures. How does this apply and help someone in The Equus Effect program? When a prey animal, much like someone in combat or response mode, senses danger, they scope it out, respond and then react. They react with the basic flight or fight mode. Once they are safe and away from danger, they return back to the now. They don’t hold on to the fear. If they did, they would never be able to handle the next round of threat. They, in a way, restart. Now imagine if you were a person needing to come back from a life of constant fight or flight mode ... who could help you better than a being who lives it too and knows how to ‘return to grazing’?


There is nothing more heartwarming or empowering than to gain the


trust of an animal who’s both very selective and totally honest about

How they feel is exactly how they act. They don’t talk so they don’t

whom he or she chooses to follow… especially when that choice is a

lie. They also let us know exactly how they feel about how we act with

free one. Because no riding or general horsemanship is necessary, The

them. They’re big, organic biofeedback machines.

Equus Effect demonstrates even a larger advantage. Neither Dutch nor Madrid will hold it against them for doing something incorrect.

Horses don’t care where you live or where you come from; they care

They simply gift them the feeling of a fluid and trusting bond when the

about how you are with them right now. They teach presence, hon-

connection is made. That was then. This is now.

esty and cooperation. Dutch and Madrid demonstrate their approval quite clearly and allow humans who are home in the here and now,

When someone first holds an animal 7x his size in their hand, and ex-

to become members of the herd. When participants laugh, drop their

periences forgiveness from him when something isn’t working, imagine

shoulders and start to move in rhythm with the horse, we know they

what that can teach in forgiving themselves and others?

are becoming grounded and present. The Arabians are great at showing their appreciation for that first connection.


FULL CIRCLE The dialogue and conversation all TEE participants learn to have with the largest animal most of them have ever encountered, becomes the

Horses are very clear about trust. Their nature as prey animals is to

perfect example of connection and respect. The universal language of

question the intentions of everyone and everything around them.

energy, connection and trust shared between these humans and horses

So, when they trust you, they mean it and what that means is you’re

brings the present back to those who thought they may have lost it.


What an incredible yet simple gift.

The Equus Effect provides a unique and proven curriculum for veterans, first responders and others to enhance self-awareness, increase resilience and build healthier relationships through purposeful engagement with horses. Our first obligation is to serve those who have and are now serving us. We developed this curriculum for veterans and first responders who know what it is like to be prepared for situations that can change without warning. All of our programs for these brave men and women are offered at no cost to them. Veterans have already raised their hands and said that they would be willing to give their lives to protect us. We at The Equus Effect, believe that it is our responsibility to do all we can to support them as they return from military service or from emergencies that can happen on a daily basis. We do this through the generosity of donors, foundations, as well as through fee-based programs for individuals who are interested in personal and professional growth. Play Video

For more information on The Equus Effect, log on to: www.TheEquusEffect.org The Equus Effect, 37 Drum Road, Sharon, CT 06069 The Equus Effect is a registered 501(C)(3) corporation. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.


Answer these multiple-choice questions to find out...


1. THE ARABIAN BREED IS A) Less than 500 Years old B) Approximately 2,000 Years Old C) Over 5,000 Years Old

6. ARABIANS ARE KNOWN FOR THIS PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC A) Concave head and large nostrils B) Short backs and high tail carriage C) All of the above

2. ARABIAN HORSES WERE ORIGINALLY BRED A) For war B) For their capacity to travel large distances C) All of the above


4. LIKE OTHER BREEDS OF HORSES, AN ARABIAN HAS BOTH A SIRE AND DAM. THE SIRE WOULD BE MOST COMMONLY DESCRIBED AS A) The tallest point on the horse when measuring B) The father of the horse C) The mother of the horse 5. THE STAR OF THIS HIT MOVIE WAS AN ARABIAN HORSE A) Secretariat B) The Black Stallion C) War Horse

9. CHOOSE THE GROUP OF DISCIPLINES THAT YOU ARE LEAST LIKELY TO SEE ARABIAN HORSES PERFORMING: A) Endurance, Jumping, Racing, Trail, Reining B) Western, Working Cow Horse, English/Saddle Seat, Hunter, Sport Horse C) Arabians perform in all disciplines listed 10. WHAT HISTORICAL EVENT TRIGGERED THE IMPORTATION OF ARABIANS TO NORTH AMERICA A) The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 B) The end of World War I in 1918 C) The U.S. Centennial Exhibition in 1876

Here’s what your score will tell you... 9+ Correct Answers: You are “Certifiably Crazy” for Arabians 6-8 Correct Answers: You are “On the Crazy Train” train, ready to leave the station 4-5 Correct Answers: You “May be Nutz” and eager to learn more 3 or less Correct Answers: You like horses (or you wouldn’t be taking this quiz) and you are ready to learn more about Arabians at www.ExperienceArabianHorses.com

Correct Answers: 1: C 2: C 3: A 4: B 5: B 6: C 7: A 8: A 9: C 10: A

3. ARABIAN HORSES ARE UNIQUE FROM OTHER BREEDS BECAUSE A) They have one less rib in their skeleton than other breeds B) Purebreds can only be grey in color C) They have one more vertebrae in their skeleton



Meet a group of happy Arabian horses who get “out and about� to make fast friends and spread the joy they were put on this earth to do


Spirit Afire Apex Riding Academy Scottsdale, A

KMA Angelo // Karma Arabians Chilton, T

Angelo is beautiful with big soft, friendly eyes. He adores children of all ages and sizes, winning national championships with kids new to trail classes while babysitting youngsters. He gives hugs to them and goes out of his way to convince them that horses are WON ERFUL creatures Farm activities to learn about Arabians: ~ Horses on loan available at no charge to show at Youth Nationals (lessons not included) ~ Pasture walks with friendly horses looking for pets ~ Meet and teach what happens at local shows participate in a showmanship class ~ Breeding advice and mare loans for foals ~ Lease options available to serious buyers https://www.facebook.com/Karma-Arabians-202068469890269/

Spirit is our 20-year-old purebred Arabian ambassador, a semi-retired 1 -time National Champion/ Reserve Champion gelding. n our lesson program, Spirit is an amazing intermediate to advanced lesson horse that has taken our lesson kids from showing at our in-house Silver Stirrup Tournaments to many accomplishments at Class A and the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. This adorable old man is loved by everyone who rides him, and his puppy dog personality on the ground along with his sports car feel under saddle makes him a barn favorite Thank you, Alexa Taylor and family, for allowing us to have Spirit as a part of our Apex family Farm activities to learn about Arabians: Apex offers a wide array of activities for newcomers of all ages such as riding lessons, horsemanship courses, birthday parties, Silver Stirrup Tournaments, discovery days and photoshoots. https://www.ApexRidingAcademy.com https://www.instagram.com/apexridingacademy/


PA Calypso ancer Conway Arabians Chatfield, MN

Valhalla WS Peri Lee Show Horses Citra, FL

This beautiful mare comes with a great story and has a heart of gold Her owner fell head over heels in love with her and just had to have her She found a way to make it happen and is loved beyond measure At just her 2nd horse show under saddle and with less than months of training under her belt, she was named champion in all three classes she entered, both hunter and halter. Hallie is adored by all she meets and is truly an ambassador to our breed. Farm activities to learn about Arabians: ~ We are a full-service training center for pleasure or show, and riding lessons. ~ We also welcome the public and non-horse owners to come meet truly special horses http://perileeshowhorses.com https://www.facebook.com/perileellc/


Calypso has the ability to bring people to her. They want to visit the beautiful black Arabian mare who looks at you longingly with her pricked forward ears, big dreamy eyes and long, outstretched neck that is hoping for a pet or treat. She has the unique ability of “reading� kids, and her demeanor is calming and relaxing for everyone. She tolerates the most naive and timid who are trying to learn simple tasks, such as leading, proper grooming, cleaning of feet, lunging, and how to saddle a horse, to the high-end show rider in competition. Farm activities to learn about Arabians: ~ Our facility is a training and breeding farm that opens its doors for many social events for kids and adults. ~ Busloads of young kids come out on field trips to learn about horse farm life and horses in general. ~ Girl Scouts come to earn their Equestrian badges. ~ Special needs groups and charity events are welcome to meet and greet Arabian horses. https://www.conwayarabians.com

Flash Alert Millar Venture Arabians Canada

Farm activities to learn about Arabians: ~ Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project - school kids receive their very own books after meeting and touching Sox, and participate in a series of horsemanship activities, all of which include touching and reading to the horses. ~ “Horsesense for Seniors” allows people to meet and touch the horses, as well as watch a presentation of several different horses to see how loyal and intelligent the Arabian horse is. ~ “Ground Work Horsemanship” - sessions where people can come and work with the horses on the ground. t is very popular and often leads to some doing riding lessons. ~ Equine Facilitated Learning and Education programs for those dealing with learning issues (neurological development issues), anxiety, depression and trauma issues. Sox is an effective teacher by virtue of his charisma and magnetism. Many people say they feel a unique connection while working with him, and just being around him gives them a renewed sense of hope.

n addition to being a successful show horse, Sox visits schools, businesses, libraries and seniors’ residences to promote the Arabian horse. Sox will snort, blow, ag his tail and prance around showing off in his paddock, but when the first child approaches him, he welcomes them like a gentle friend and does not move a muscle while they are with him, touching his soft hair and admiring his beautiful big eyes. t is the same with seniors. He is very gentle with them and truly loves the attention as they touch him, many recalling their memories with horses from days gone by.



anadus Whimsical Firelight Arabians Fisherville, KY

Whimsey is a beautiful 24-year-old grey mare. She is the perfect model Arabian horse and looks like a unicorn She has done birthday parties and special events dressed as one with a sparkly horn and owers and glitter in her long, silky mane and tail. She is safe, sweet and careful with the tiniest of kids, standing motionless while kids groom and pet her. She is also a wonderful show horse, winning three Regional Reserve Championships in 2019 under saddle and in-hand, along with several show championships with junior riders.

Farm activities to learn about Arabians: ~ Host to 10 Girl Scout troop events a year, exposing over 200 young girls to Arabians each year where they learn about feeding, care, grooming and end with a ride. ~ Lessons from beginners to National riders youth and adult amateurs. ncludes a full-service training barn and attendance at local, regional and national shows every year using Arabians that are able to take kids to their first shows, as well as be competitive at Regionals/Nationals. ~ Organize Arabian demos at many events, including: BreyerFest, KY Horse Council Youth ays, KY Horse Park Youth Roundup, Tractor Supply Farm ays, KY Horse Park Arabian Spotlight Weekend, and many others. https://www.Firelightarabians.com mailto:Firelite01 aol.com


Red is an outstanding ambassador to the breed. He is a very versatile Half-Arabian with an extraordinary show record. Semi-retired from the show ring, Red is not only a great lesson horse for an adult, but incredible in teaching the youth. He is a high-quality saddle seat horse who is very aware of his rider and their level of expertise. He has an especially large heart, is never unwilling to do his job, and his affectionate and amazing temperament is infectious. With his magnetic personality, Red is our go-to for enticing young riders and adults to continue their pursuit in this sport. He truly is a one-in-a-million treasure.

Never Enuff Esser Valley Arabians LLC Cleves, OH

Farm activities to learn about Arabians: ~ Esser Valley Arabians is a full-service training facility for Arabian horses. ~ A large range of lessons for the beginner, intermediate and advanced rider are available and participation in local clubs is encouraged which offer many activities and involvement with people who ride regularly. ~ Frequent rider program awards riders on certain levels of hourly riding. ~ High Point program for adults and youth awarded at the end of a competition year. ~ Welcome youth groups and programs (4-H, Girl Scouts, etc.) to expand their knowledge of horsemanship and riding while introducing them to the Arabian horse.


VA Travicello Ocala Equestrian Academy & Elizabeth Pizzonia Training Ocala, FL

Stewy is a chestnut purebred Arabian who currently competes in hunter pleasure and is an ambassador for the Arabian horse breed through community outreach. He is a member of the Ocala Chamber of Commerce’s “Equine Envoys,” a program promoting visits to downtown Ocala & Market while teaching the next generation about the importance of horses. Stewy has touched the lives of children and adults alike through numerous events, most recently the Parade of Breeds, representing the Arabian and Ocala Equestrian Academy, and was awarded United States Equestrian Federation’s 2019 Horse of the Year. https://www.facebook.com/EPizzoniaTraining

Farm activities to learn about Arabians: ~ Riding instructions (English and western) with a great line up of Arabian lesson horses, from beginner to advanced. ~ Help to those just starting out or wanting to expand their skills. ~ Annual summer camp filled with equine education and more. ~ Ladies Night monthly events combine the fun of a group riding lesson with wine and cheese all under a beautiful covered arena. ~ For those looking to compete, an accomplished show team and beautiful Arabian horses travel both locally and nationally. https://www.facebook.com/OcalaEqAcademy/



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FIND YOUR PROGRAM SUPPORTERS OF ENVISION … Devoted to strengthening the Arabian breed. Thank you! ** Also a Discovery Farm ALABAMA RHAPSODY IN BLUE STABLES** Wetumpka | 251-454-2761 www.winningarabians.com ARIZONA APEX RIDING ACADEMY Scottsdale | 801-244-7996 www. apexridingacademy.com BEIN PERFORMANCE HORSES** Scottsdale | 480-220-6710 www.beinperformancehorses.com MARY CAMPBELL TRAINING CENTER Tucson | 520-975-2264 www.ridinglessonstucson.com MARY WILSON SHOW HORSES Cave Creek | 925-719-6867 www.marywilsonshowhorses.com NELSON FARMS, INC. Tucson | 520-647-3009 www.Nelsonfarmsinc.com PAR Excellence Farms Gilbert | 480-510-6125 www.facebook.com/parexcellencefarms Royal Salute Cave Creek | 480-585-6318 www.Royalsaluteaz.com SCOTTSDALE EQUESTRIAN ACADEMY Cave Creek | 480-203-1394 www.scottsdaleequestrianacademy.com

SCOTTSDALE RIDING CLUB** Scottsdale | 480-201-7039 www.scottsdaleridingclub.com

Doran Show Stables, LLC** Lincoln | 925-719-1404 www.doranshowstables.com

PRICELESS ARABIANS Alta Loma | 951-897-5701 www.pricelessarabians.com

TWIN L PERFORMANCE HORSES** Cave Creek | 480-515-4495 www.twinlperformance.com

EARTHQUAKE ARABIANS LLC Clayton | 707-386-7771 www.earthquakearabians.com

Reinstein Ranch Livermore | 925-583-4950 www.reinsteinranch.com

El Camino Ranch Redlands | 909-801-0029 www.elcaminoranchredlands.com

White Horse Dressage Pilot | 818-326-5452 www.facebook.com/whitehorsedressage

GLYNNSONG FARMS Castroville | 831-238-6559 www.glynnsongfarms.com


WITTE STABLES Scottsdale | 602-750-0417 www.wittestables.com ARKANSAS Bray’s Training Center Benton | 501-778-6375 www.btc-arabian.com CEDAR SPRINGS EQUESTRIAN CENTER Farmington| 479-799-3384 www.cedarspringsequestriancenter.com CALIFORNIA Arroyo Arabians** Santa Ynez | 805-325-8026 www.arroyoarabians.com Canyon Lake Farm Chino | 760-443-3651 www.canyonlakefarm.com Castle Rock Arabians Walnut Creek | 925-933-3701 www.castlerockarabians.com Cheyenne Arabians Ramona | 760-788-3780 www.Cheyennearabians.com

HCR Performance Horses Redlands | 909-206-9526 www.hcrperformancehorses.com Horizon Arabians Davis | 916-412-8072 www.horizonarabianstraining.com Lowe Show Horse Centre Somis | 805-386-8669 www.Loweshowhorsecentre.com MCDANIEL TRAINING CENTER Vina | 530-370-4705 www.mcdanieltraining.com McMullen Stables Santa Barbara | 805-797-4156 www.mcmullenstables.com Neophyte Farms Simi Valley | 805-630-0037 www.neophytefarms.com

Deseos Arabians Calhan | 303-921-0785 www.deseosarabians.com GAMBEL OAKS EQUESTRIAN CENTER Elizabeth | 303-646-0462 www.gambeloaks.com CONNECTICUT Baldwin Stables Deep River | 860-526-5989 Facebook: Baldwin Stables Double A Arabians Somers | 860-749-4797 www.doubleaarabians.com Sloane Training Center Wolcott | 203-879-1085 www.facebook.com/SloaneTrainingCenter TROWBRIDGE’S LTD** Bridgewater | 860-488-7074 www.trowbridgesltd.com



TWIN BROOK STABLES Clinton | 860-304-6355 www.twinbrookstables.com DELAWARE Sultnana Stables Greenwood | 302-349-9651 www.sultanastables.com

IDAHO Arabians West Meridian | 208-888-0099 www.arabianswest.com ILLINOIS


CENTENNIAL ACRES Forreston | 815-501-6874 www.centennial-acres.com

Al-Marah Arabians Clermont | 407-301-0800 www.al-marah.com

JOHN WHITE STABLES Woodstock | 815-245-2585 www.johnwhitestables.com

CHRISTY HIGMANCLEMENTS TRNG. Miami | 305-606-0645 www.chctrainingmiami.com


Equestrian Quest Geneva | 407-314-1735 www.equestrianqueststables.com GRETA WRIGLEY TRAINING Alachua | 352-318-7738 www.gretawrigleytraining.com M&M SHOW HORSES Webster | 352-425-9694 Marcyaa9@hotmail.com OCALA EQUESTRIAN ACADEMY Ocala | 352-817-8020 www.ocalaeq.com GEORGIA Atlanta Riding Club Canton | 470-281-0881 www.atlantaridingclub.com Casey Arabians, LLC Buford | 404-406-4880 Lauracasey.biz IRON HORSE Milton | 678-231-5038 www.cjironhorse.com

SELECT SHOW HORSES Sheridan | 317-413-3485 www.selectshowhorses.com IOWA AKS FARMS Norwalk | 515-371-5073 www.aksfarmsllc.com Strand’s Arabian Stables Toddville | 319-393-4816 www.strandsarabians.com KENTUCKY FIRELIGHT ARABIANS Louisville | 502-477-1018 www.firelightarabians.com MARYLAND Windsong Arabians Mt Airy | 301-831-5083 windsong21771.tripod.com/wa MASSACHUSETTS CHRIS PICARDI @ GRANDVIEW FARM Dighton | 617-549-3916 winrush@yahoo.com

CRANBERRY KNOLL ARABIANS & SPORT HORSES Fairhaven | 508-982-9628 cranberryknollarabians@yahoo.com Edgewood Farms Rochester | 508-441-1067 www.edgewoodfarms.net Klineview Stables Southwick | 413-569-6408 klineviewstables.com Matlock Farm Lincoln | 978-404-1224 www.matlockfarm.com MICHIGAN 3K Performance Horses @ Spectrum Horse Service Elsie | 989-323-0405 www.spectrumhorseservice.com CB Sport Horses Grand Haven | 810-240-8075 www.cbsporthorse.com Curtis Performance Horses Ada | 616-822-6652 www.curtisperformancehorses.com Foxfield Arabians Alto | 616-891-1521 www.Foxfieldarabians.com

LUXE ARABIANS Traverse City | 231-632-1181 www.luxearabians.com Misty Hill Training Belleville | 734-657-4275 Facebook: mistyhilltraining ROOKER TRAINING STABLES Fenton | 810-241-9246 www.Rookertrainingstable.com Rushlow Arabians Romulus | 734-782-1171 www.Rushlowsarabians.net Signature Oaks Stables Dexter | 734-562-9023 www.signatureoakstables.com Trotwood Farm Hickory Corners | 502-604-3141 www.trotwoodfarm.com WINNING EDGE TRAINING CENTER** Coopersville | 616-292-3787 www.winningedgetrainingcenter.com MINNESOTA CEDAR RIDGE RIDING CLUB Jordan | 815-354-2466 stephanie@cedarridgearabians.com www.cedar-ridge.com

GOLDEN RIDGE STABLES Lakeville | 952-469-4640 www.goldenridgestables.com

TIEFENAUER TRAINING Farmington | 573-631-0126 Krhfy6@gmail.com

NORTHRIDGE FARM Lockport | 716-983-0496 annecinelli@icloud.com

C & G Ranch Evans City | 724-355-8498 www.candgranch.com

NORTH STAR STABLE Stacy | 651-587-9555 www. Northstarwelaras.com


Phelan Training Stable Bloomfield | 585-415-8577 www.Phelantrainingstable.com

Crescendo Training Centre** Ephrata | 717-354-5585 www.crescendotrainingcentre.com

Quillin Ltd Elma | www.Quillinltd.com

RYAN SHOW HORSES Gettysburg | 609-558-0643 www.ryanshowhorses.com

REGENT ARABIANS** Rogers | 651-253-8673 www.Regentarabians.com Kim.McKimmy@RegentArabians.com THE DREAM TEAM EQUESTRIAN ACADEMY Rosemount/Duluth 612-314-3173 thedreamteamacademy@gmail.com THREE CROSSES Rosemount | 651-253-6536 3crossespw@gmail.com MISSOURI CHRISHAN PARK ARABIANS Springfield | 417-761-2031 www.chrishanpark.com LIBBY FERGUSON TRAINING Springfield | 417-894-8221 www.libbyfergusonhorsetraining.com CLANTON PERFORMANCE HORSES RIDING CLUB** Peculiar | 816-709-9054 www.clantonperformancehorses.com Fired Up Ranch Lee’s Summit | 816-529-9195 www.firedupranch.weebly.com

RENO-TAHOE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE Reno | 775-720-3548 www.Renotahoearabians.com FITZPATRICK PERF. HORSES Minden | 775-721-3855 www.fitzpatrickperformancehorses.com

RGB TRAINING & SALES Skaneateles | 315-209-9186 www.rgbriding.com


Watching Hawk Arabians Rome | 315-271-9073 www.watchinghawkarabians.com

Abaria Stables Concord | 603-731-2163 www.abarisarabians.com NEW JERSEY Carousel Farm Augusta | 973-219-1044 www.carouselfarmsnj.com Good Times Farm Freehold | 732-409-2882 www.goodtimefarm.com

Chesapeake Training Center Rocky Mount | 757-377-9903 JESSE CHASE PERFORMANCE HORSES Wendell | 757-630-8967 www.chasereininghorses.com OHIO

Tranquility Farm Chester | 908-966-3200 www.tranquilityhorsefarm.com

ANKAT TRAINING Newbury | 978-273-4062 Aboylan10@gmail.com


TA Equestrian Academy Troy | 937-308-5313 Facebook: TA Equestrian Academy

Valencia Farms Corrales | 505-899-5336 www.Valenciafarms.com NEW YORK Burnett Riding Weedsport | 315-708-4178 www.meaghanburnett.com/ CatoRidingLessons/



OREGON Diamond B Training/Lessons** Newberg | 503-539-3763 www.diamondbtrainingstable.com PENNSYLVANIA Blue Goose Stable, LLC Cochranville | 610-999-5231 www.bluegoosestable.com

TRAVELDA RIDING ACADEMY Quakertown | 502-548-3590 www.traveldaridingacademy.com Valley View Farms Springtown | 610-972-7079 www.valleyviewfarms.us Watergap Stables, LLC** Christiana |610-593-2000 www.watergapstables.com Whoa Nellie Equine Services Willow Hill | 717-729-4473 www.trainmyhorse.net RHODE ISLAND THELL ARABS@GREENE FIELD FARM Greene | 401-255-6568 greenefieldfarm@yahoo.com SOUTH DAKOTA Glory Bound Arabians Brandon | 605-582-6188 Performance Plus Farms, LLC** Sioux Falls | 605-361-3334 www.pparabians.com TENNESSEE COPPERHILL ARABIANS Mt. Juliet | 615-927-9915 www.Copperhillarabians.com

IRVINE TRAINING** Maryville | 865-801-0612 www.Irvinetraining.net

The Brass Ring Burleson | 817-447-0001 www.thebrassringinc.com

MUSIC CITY RIDING ACADEMY** Lebanon | 615-495-7346 www.musiccityridingacademy.com

Weddle Training Stables** Austin | 512-657-8612 www.Weddleshowhorse.com

Mystic Rose Arabians** Eads | 901-465-2119 www.mysticrosearabians.com TEXAS BAY AREA EQUESTRIAN CENTER Pearland | 281-996-1515 www.baectx.com BayWood Equestrian Center Princeton | 214-499-1737 www.baywoodequestrian.com

UTAH Crystal Arabians Lehi | 801-455-8347 www.Crystalarabians.com Daniel Training Center LLC Riverton | 801-477-7080 TAYLOR RANCH RIDING PROGRAM Payson | 801-592-5601 www.taylorarabians.com VIRGINIA

WASHINGTON Command Performance Ridgefield | 360-901-2854 www.commandperformancetraining.com MS Performance Horses Monroe | 425-750-8465 N JOY ARABIANS** Olympia | 360-456-6339 www.njoyarabiansllc.com Timepiece Arab & Sport Horses Olympia | 360-943-9076 www.Timepiecearabians.com WISCONSIN Dan Barker Performance Horses Waterford | 414-702-0047 www.danbarkertraining.com JERICHO CREEK FARM II** Eagle | 262-470-3299 www.jerichocreekfarms.net

Beahr Ridge Arabians & Training Center** Ennis | 319-231-5075 www.beahrridgearabians.com

DABNEY MILL EQUESTRIAN CENTRE N Dinwiddie | 804-314-5216 dabneymill@aol.com

CG PERFORMANCE HORSES Cypress | 832-309-7018 cg-performance-horses.business.site

EMMANUEL EQUINE FACILITY Strasburg | 540-974-5794 emmanuelequine@yahoo.com

JESSICA COLE TRAINING CENTER Baraboo | 262-672-9742 jcts@jvlnet.com www.Jessicacoletrainingstables.com

Joyner Arabians El Paso | 915-276-5471 www.Joynerarabians.com

Evergreen Farm, LLC** Berryville | 540-955-0529 www.Evergreenfarm.info

LeFever Training Center Roberts | 612-965-4122 www.Lefevertc.com

Legacy Arabians Terrell | 972-679-5720 www.Legacyarabians.com

Garlands Powhatan | 804-598-3657 www.Tommygarland.com

P&H Horse & Cattle Co. Almena | 715-641-0354 www.pamandhoytrose.com

TEAM RIDER EQUINE LLC Pilot Point | 214-499-1731 Email: jsbentley75@aol.com teamriderequine.com

K & L SPORTHORSES Purcellville | 740-398-5131 www.klsporthorses.com

Price Performance Horses New Berlin | 612-418-8401 www.priceperformancehorses.com

Kim Seward Training Ardrossan, Alberta 780-777-3260 www.highlandparkequestrian.com

Sarkozi Training Centre Virginia Beach |757-471-3712 Facebook: SterlingMeadows

RED TAIL ARABIANS Elk Mound | 715-879-5832 www.redtailarabians.com

SEMIAHMOO STABLES Surrey, BC | 604-536-9440 www.Semiahmoostables.com

Tezmaral Arabians** Argyle | 214-533-9123 www.tezmaralarabians.com

ST CROIX TRAINING CENTER Hudson | 612-709-3638 www.Stcroixtc.com Westridge Farms River Falls | 715-426-9640 www.Westridgefarms.com CANADA Cara Arabians Foothills, Alberta 403-860-2527 Facebook: caraarabianstables



Use this Chore Chart to start earning your rewards! For a list of available farms and lesson programs in your area, visit: www.ExperienceArabianHorses.com 30

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Laurie Ann Salmi Arabian Horse Association of Florida President I grew up riding hunters/jumpers and dabbling in eventing. Most of the horses I rode were OTTBs or Quarter Horses. I had virtually no experience with Arabians except for riding one or two as a child at lesson barns. In the early 1990’s my mother, Joyce Schroeder, was working in the office at Ventura Farms. I was finishing my elementary teaching certification at Cal State Northridge. Ventura had just hired Wendy Griffith Potts in the training department and she needed an assistant. I truly had no knowledge about the Arabian industry but I could ride and knew a lot about Hunt Seat equitation. Talk about trial by fire- going to work at an iconic farm like Ventura working with greats such as Wendy Potts and Greg Gallun was an incredible opportunity. There was certainly a learning curve but Wendy was patient and taught me her system of starting horses, ground work, and aspects of the different performance disciplines. Occasionally I got to trail ride some of Greg’s halter horses that needed to do something besides lunging and walking on the treadmill. One of my favorites was TC Jabaask, he loved riding through the hills of Ventura. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the Arabian horse. I purchased my first purebred from the Smith Family- KB Baskilah+/. Arabians were nothing like anything I had experienced prior. I worked for Wendy for a few years at Ventura, and here and there at shows since then and to this day I’m proud to call her my friend. I’ve had the pleasure of owning four Arabian bred horses since then. They are now in my blood and can’t imagine my life without them. After 26 years of being in the Arabian industry, I’m now fully immersed. I’m the President of the Arabian Horse Association of Florida and proudly attend AHA Convention as a delegate. I’ve learned that Arabians can do anything- any discipline which is something I didn’t know prior to experiencing them. They are so loyal and smart and devoted. My favorite thing to do is introduce them to people involved in other breeds. I’ve had trainers in the open world of Hunter/Jumper and Dressage ride my horses and comment on how wonderful they are. I can’t help but want to share what I’ve learned for myself- Arabians are the People’s Horse. To find a farm near you log on to: www.ExperienceArabianHorses.com

CREATIVE CONTRIBUTORS Lara Ames Charlene Deyle Meaghan Estes Ashley Gallún Jaime Johnson Melissa Pasicznyk Elizabeth Pizzonia Jody Thompson Jenn Trickey Mary Trowbridge Lluvia Sommer


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