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#Ridewithyourtribe Life spent among Arabian horses has highlighted much for me about what truly matters in life, and one of the most significant traits of this magical horse and the people it collects is the universal acceptance you will immediately experience if you admire, ride or simply ask about an Arabian horse of the human who is connected with it. It’s a universal acceptance and inclusion that I think is different from the social stratospheres that surround many of the other breeds of horses, most of whom trace their ancestry to the Arabian. The moment you express an interest in an Arabian horse, it won’t matter if you happen to be talking to the groom, the stall cleaner, or its owner, they will invariably stop what they are doing to talk with you about the breed and their horses. Whether movie producer, sheikh, actor or stall cleaner, all are connected in a universal love and appreciation of the Arabian horse that invariably transcends all social and economic boundaries that, if you engage, will lead you to life-long friendships and adventures and experiences the likes of which you never imagined. If you like Arabian horses, you are one of us. This was highlighted for me by long-time Arabian enthusiast and professional horsewoman, Nedra Johnson, recently in her social media campaign to #ridewithyourtribe. My folks prompted me often that “you are judged by the company you keep,” and there is no better company to be in than the one that includes the Arabian horse and its community, a community as widely versatile, artistic and athletic—similar to dog owners—as the horses they surround themselves with.

Mary Trowbridge

Harold Green of Los Olivos, California on EVG Tajhal (Gazal Al Shaqab x EVG Tawni)

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An Interview With

Forever A Horseman By Jenn Trickey

Cover Story


Harold Green, at 77 years of age, steps down from his tractor. He just finished cutting 60 acres of hay on his Arabian horse farm in the beautiful wine country of Los Olivos, California; miles away from the office shirt and tie that once was his daily routine.

I sat down with Harold at Evergreen Arabians (EVG) to chat about memories of his roots as a rancher after decades in the boardroom and what Arabian horses bring to this stage of his life.

The Greens were at the historic Gainey Ranch when they fell in love with a beautiful grey mare, Gai Anastashah. They went in for her and came out with both “Annie” AND her half-sister Gai Acaisha (pictured).Both mares went on to win coveted National Futurity Filly Championships and Gai Anastashah remains on the Green’s farm to this day. Acaisha sadly passed in 2000, but her foals are treasured amongst the barn aisles of EVG and known around the world.

“I’m not new to horses or livestock, by any means,” Harold says, “I was raised r anching. We would put up hundreds of tons of hay, for about 2,500 head of cattle, and it was all done with horses. We had 15-20 pasture raised horses or wild horses at any given time, to work the ranch. My dad had a good reputation for taking tough horses and making them useable. To be honest, we didn’t have much choice. We had to make what we had work. Between my family background and the ranches I worked for as a teenager, I’ve always rode. I would get paid $25 a head to break a horse to help my $125/month salary.” Harold left ranch life at age 18 to work construction, while his wife of now over 50 years, Liz, went to school. Following her graduation, the couple moved to Arizona where Harold earned his degree in Chemical Engineering. This brought him to a program for start-up medical devices that they ultimately ended up owning. No more spurs, no more saddles.

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“We had plenty of hobbies and traveled the world for both business and pleasure, but it was Liz who was fascinated by Arabian horses through The Black Stallion books, which ultimately brought us to our first Arabian. We purchased our first Arabian in approximately 1992, from a local breeder in Arizona. Although I had been around horses all my life, I had never been to a horse show and knew nothing about them. “Our horse trainer was Leo Hanson from Scottsdale. He convinced me to show this mare at the famous Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in a halter class; Peter Cameron was the judge. I got 3rd Place. The halter class was one small moment in time, but it was there where we got a full dose of horse show life and the community that loves it. What a different world than how I remembered horseback. I was particularly intrigued by the versatility of this kind of horse; fascinated by all the different saddles, tack, disciplines, gaits. You name it, I watched. There was a lot to this horse show thing, and Liz and I wanted to be part of it.”

From ranch riding, to pleasure riding, Harold has participated in just about all divisions of the show ring, thanks to the versatility of the Arabian horse.


Scottsdale during that time, was becoming heavily developed. So as the number of horses Liz and Harold owned grew, so did the surrounding development. They hired a full-time trainer, Bob Purtee, but it was becoming more and more difficult to find room for the horses. After deciding to move their Arabians to Los Olivos, California, the rest was history … a 250 acre, 70-horse history. Now retired from the medical world, done with boardrooms, lawyers, patents and early mornings to the office, Arabian horses have brought Harold back to cowboy boots and a tractor for cutting hay. I asked for his thoughts regarding new “later-in-life” persons who are interested in putting their foot in the stirrup. You shared how the versatility of the Arabian horse appealed to you. What disciplines have you competed in: I’ve practiced just about all the disciplines: western, hunter, halter, country English pleasure, driving, working western, and most recently, ranch riding. Liz was more interested in the breeding and much better at it than I could have ever been, so we were both able to enjoy the horses together this way.


If you were to give a newcomer advice on how to get involved in showing Arabian horses, what would you say? Would there be a certain discipline you would suggest? Everyone is different, but if I were to talk to someone with no experience at all, I would suggest getting started in the ranch riding classes. They are fun, low key, low pressure and you really learn the fundamentals of riding. Kind of like learning how to maneuver or parallel park a car for the first time. It’s a great foundation, and you can go at your own pace. No need to memorize patterns; no fancy clothes. It’s fun. I would recommend to someone also, to find a lesson program. No need to buy something right out of the gate. There are plenty of Discovery Farms who will introduce you to Arabian horses and allow you to sample the different disciplines, and really get to know your way around a horse.

Afires Lullaby, Harold’s first driving horse and the first National Champion of her legendary sire, Afire Bey V in 1995. Harold went National Champion with her in the Amateur to Drive in 1996.

A few extras ... Favorite championship won: All-time favorite horse: Any superstitions or lucky charms? Two other Amateur riders you admire: Favorite professionals to watch: Biggest lesson learned: Favorite Horse Show:

U.S. Reserve with EVG Seneca National Champion Saladins Allon No Joe Frizzell and Joe Betten Joel Kiesner and Stanley White III Don’t give up Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

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Harold Green and Bob Purtee with EVG Seneca, EVG Gryffyd and Afires Lullaby, representing three separate disciplines of the breed.

You’ve had plenty of hobbies in the past. Why do you think the horses “stuck” when other hobbies are not as important to you anymore? The horses became a way of life again for us. We’ve jumped into other hobbies in a big way too. I was once ranked 4th in my age group in slalom skiing in the state of Arizona. We skied all major resorts in North America. It’s really not that the other hobbies (skiing, sailing, photography, traveling) became lost interests, but the horses just superseded them. They became our community, our recreation and o ur responsibility; in a good way. Having the horses back in my life has allowed me to get back to my ranching roots from fixing fences to growing hay, to moving cattle. It keeps me going. What difficulties have you encountered entering back into riding later in life? Don’t fall off; it hurts more now. It’s perfectly okay to use a mounting block! How have the horses added to your life? I really believe, as you get older, you have to keep active, physically and mentally. Having said that, I find my time around Arabian horses to be, in a word, fulfilling. Aside from keeping you physically fit, being around horses keeps you mentally sharp. They are an 1,100-pound animal that thinks and behaves differently than you do. You have to be sharp. That’s really one of the best parts.

What would you say to people who think Arabian horses are crazy or skittish compared to other breeds? I would say that it is absolutely foolishness. Like any other animal, you can make them crazy, and some people do. But there is no need for that. You could say, they are more sensitive than other breeds, but I consider that a plus. Here on the farm, we have Half-Arabians, purebred Arabians and purebred Quarter Horses. I feel Arabians are quicker on the ‘up-take.’ That’s what I love about them. Their intelligence is obvious. With that, you need to be clear on how you ask them for something, because they listen. Nine times out of 10, when they’ve done something stupid, you’ve asked for it. What are some other traits you love? Like a dog, an Arabian horse really bonds to you … one on one, especially when you can really spend time with one. They connect. Any major learning mistakes you can share that you’ve made? Well, like everything in life, we could be here all day listing what I’ve learned by doing things the wrong way, but my advice to new people would be to go easy on yourself. I once went into a class in Scottsdale and rode the entire class. I then went into the lineup with EVG pride! After looking to my left and right, I realized I went into the wrong class! It was filled with kids under 14! It’s supposed to be fun, let it be.

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Exciting things are happening as Arabian Horses For Humanity begins to blossom. Begun in 2016 with the flagship statue, Goldie, created to debut the program and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the U.S. National Arabian Championship Horse Show, now has almost 20 statues working around the United States to raise money for a variety of well-known charities and awareness of the Arabian breed. Designed to promote the unique traits of the Arabian horse to the world, a life-size, distinctly Arabian fiberglass statue is used, designed by renowned equine artist Karen Kasper. The approach is patterned after the world-renowned CowParade programs, which generated over $30 million for charities in over 79 cities throughout the world since 1999. Brave Heart for Humanity was recently debuted in downtown

New York City at the prestigious Pierre Hotel at the Babies Heart Fund (BHF) annual gala to a crowd of over 500 Manhattan-ites. Fundraising plans for Brave Heart include appearances at various BHF fundraising events throughout NYC, a permanent home in the garden of the NY Presbyterian Columbia University Hospital, and his own ongoing fundraising campaign for BHF that will include events at area farms designed to introduce the BHF donors, families and staff to live Arabian horses. Brave Heart was generously painted by world-renowned artist Romero Britto, whose signature heart themed modernistic art gives the bright statue a distinctive cheer that pairs perfectly with the atmosphere surrounding the prestgious pediatric cardiac program that he will benefit. Brave Heart was donated by the Arabian Market Development and Promotional Committee with help from Finn Listics Solutions of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Believe for Humanity, developed by the Region 14 Arabian Club, which encompasses the Kentucky area, was debuted at the Region 14 Annual Awards. The concept was developed by Region 14 President Duane Esser and brought to fruition with the help of Lindsay Prince, Mary Kurlas and Summer Frost. Believe will follow a similar path as Braveheart, heading to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to raise money for their pediatric department and raise awareness of the humanitarian traits of our beautiful Arabian horses. Believe represents a true Community Arts project, another hallmark of the vision behind the AHfH program. The vision, developed by Esser, was templated by sculptor Karen Kasper and then taken to the Cincinnati Art Institute where students donated their artistic talents and time, transferring the vision to the life-size horse. Once they were done, Cincinnati’s Queensgate Trucking donated the application of the automobile clear-coating finish that is critical for the artwork’s longterm health.

Sundance Kid V will be painted by artist Edward Lentsch to replicate the Palmetto Farm’s world-renowned stallion of the same name and will also honor Mr. Shatner’s career as Star Trek’s hero Captain Kirk, complete with an autograph on the statue from the famed artist.

Plans are also well underway by the Region 9 Arabian Horse Club in the Texas area to donate a statue to the Fort Hood Veteran’s Hospital. More updates and photos to come in the next issue, of some of our newest statues … stay tuned!

Tenner for Humanity has been commissioned by the Region 10 Arabian Club, which encompasses the Minnesota area and surrounded states, to raise money to benefit the All Glory Project, a therapeutic riding program for veterans and their families. The group will be partnering with artists at Gallery Equus located in Northeast Minneapolis, which is home to multiple artists that focus on equine art. Tenner, like many others of the Arabian Horses for Humanity, will be an ongoing charitable fundraiser for the All Glory Project founded by Elizabeth Shatner to recognize and support veterans through development and support for therapeutic riding programs.

Sundance Kid V for Humanity is being generously commissioned by Frank and Sarah Chisholm of Palmetto Arabians in Georgia to represent the Arabian horse for the second year in actor William Shatner’s Hollywood Charity Annual Horse Show and On-Line Auction, Mary 30-June 2, 2019 in Burbank, CA. Last year’s donation, Galaxy, donated by Atlanta’s Finn Listics Solutions, was the high-selling lot in the auction, ultimately purchased by Arabian enthusiast and breeder Manny Vierra of Valley Oaks Farm to benefit the LA Children’s Hospital.

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Is learning to ride a horse on your bucket list, but you find yourself wondering if you are too old to learn? I get approached with this question more than you would think and I always give the same answer, “No, you’re never too old to start riding!” Age has little to no meaning to a horse. They respond to the rider and their energy, regardless of age. Although age is not a consideration, there are several things to take into account if you are an adult just starting your equestrian journey.

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by Elizabeth Pizzonia

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Lana & Prince

Carolyn & Savannah with Cowboy

Anna & Lana with Elwood & Cowboy

Barbara & Prism

Tina & Billy

Maria & Reeba

Nicole & Shawn with Brody & Promise

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Always choose a reputable, safe and recommended teaching facility. Learn the basics of horsemanship, including safety, grooming and tacking.

Once you have found your happy place, you can move on to the next check list. So, what is next?

Choose the most appropriate and qualified instructor.

Ride at your pace. It is important to remember that it takes time and patience to become a good rider. As an instructor, it’s my job to learn what your goals are and to help foster a learning environment that will allow you to achieve them. Figure out your time commitment. Successful riding requires time in the saddle and time around your equine partner. Remember, this journey is for you and only you, so make yourself

Know what safety gear and supplies you will need. Be ready to have more fun than you’ve had in a very long time!

and your new sport a time priority. Listen to your body. Horseback riding is a full-body workout. It works every muscle in your body and is great cardio. Like any workout, it’s important that you stay in touch with your body and not ignore any major pain or discomfort. It takes a bit of time for your body to adjust to the rigors of riding. You will gain core strength, cardiovascular benefits, increased muscle toning and greater flexibility. All these body benefits are just a side effect of the amazing and rewarding fun you will have as an equestrian. It is very physical and can take time to build your muscle strength and flexibility. Why riding is such an amazing sport. In addition to the great health and fitness results you will get, spending time with horses is one of the most emotionally fulfilling ways to spend your time. Horses are incredibly sensitive and intuitive animals. There are endless scientific studies showing the positive impact horses have on a human’s emotional state and mental health. They offer unconditional love and attention as long as you are willing to show up very present. Time at the barn allows you to reconnect with yourself and find peace and happiness in a world where there is no electronics needed, no deadlines and no judgments. Now that you are clear on the benefits of riding horses, let’s talk about the serious side—safety. It goes without saying that equestrian sports come with inherent risk. Your dance partner is a 1,200 lb. animal with free-will. Although horses are wired to want to please their riders, they are still living creatures that can have off days. Safety equipment like proper footwear and helmets are required. Falls don’t happen all that often, but when they do, it’s important to be protected. Part of becoming a great horseman or horsewoman is to have challenging days. Sometimes those days can include a fall off your horse. As your instructor, I work very hard to teach proper safety methods and riding technique so you will be prepared to handle any unexpected moments. If you do fall, me and my staff are prepared to help you back on the horse and if that’s not possible, to get you the proper medical care. Just like driving a car has its risks, so does horseback riding. So, let’s get your journey underway and saddle up! Happy Riding!

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It’s Never Too Late …

Testimonials Of Late In Life Riders

What caused you to decide to start riding? I had a major life change. My good friend knew horses would change my life for the good. Horses saved my life and still are every day. I love them and the people who love them as well. What would you tell someone who is older to encourage them to start riding? It will keep you young. A challenge and getting past your fears make you feel alive. You are stronger and smarter and physically better than you think. Centurions in Tibet ride horses. I hope to be 100 and still riding. Why not?! How have you found riding to enhance your life and life skills? What do you love most about it? I am a psychologist, author and speaker. I often share my excitement about riding and driving my horses, and now breeding the next generation of Arabian show horses. The confidence I have grows, and the excitement is magical and is so very fulfilling. Life is about growing and learning. I have much to learn. None of us are promised tomorrow. What are you waiting for? What are some of the obstacles you’ve encountered, starting this sport later in life? Of course, being less experienced and having to catch up with the more experienced and knowledgeable riders was, and still is challenging. I find overall, the equestrian world is filled with lots of people who want, and do, offer help and lots and lots of support. It is about matching up with the right horse and the right trainer. Then let the magic come. I have been blessed to have both. How does riding compare to other hobbies you’ve had? Sports have been a big part of my life. I was the ultimate tomboy! Boys came to my house not to date me, but knew I could kick the ball further than most. Painting has been one of my passions and drawing and painting horses seems a natural progression which I am just now attempting. Tennis, running 10ks and even the NY marathon, as well as my love/hate of golf has helped with persistence and determination to improve, knowing the importance of learning and lots of instruction. I just don’t give up! A great coach and trainer make all the difference to help anyone excel and improve. You can learn from many. Watch and learn and ask for help. You will never stop learning to be a great rider and horse communicator. It’s about developing relationships with our horses which we need to remember can last up to 30 years. Horses can teach us so very much about ourselves. They see through us and know all our secrets. The good news is they are also so very forgiving; thank goodness. Anything else you’d like to share with folks new to Arabian horses? Enjoy the ride and the journey. Know you will meet amazing four-legged and two-legged creatures who will make your life sweet. You will make lifelong friends and write stories and make memories you will be amazed with. I want my family to know how much joy and love I have had and will have, being a part of the world of the horse and the people who love them as much as I do. I am so very blessed. Ar abian Horse Times | 12 | ENV ISION • #6

There’s no better place to get started than at Southern California Equestrian Center .... a place for people who love horses. Join us! www.southerncaliforniaequestriancenter.com

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What is a Discovery Farm?

“This unique program offers you the opportunity to explore Arabian horses at farms where knowledgeable owners are delighted to introduce you to their horses and answer questions in a relaxed, no-pressure, non-sales atmosphere. You’ll learn all about the breed characteristics, and gain first hand knowledge of what makes this breed truly special. There are hundreds of Discovery Farms across the country and you can easily locate several near you.” —Arabian Horse Association Ar abian Horse Times | 15 | ENV ISION • #6

There is an increase in Arabian horse owners seeking enjoyable experiences to share with their friends and horses outside of the show arena. In the Santa Ynez Valley, located in the heart of Southern California wine country, a group of Arabian horse lovers have come up with the perfect way to capitalize on the local scenery and resources.

Written and photographed by Nedra Johnson

A group of friends and horses meet up at a local vineyard, and then trail ride to a nearby tasting room. The ride itself is flat and easy, meandering through orchards and vineyards, which is perfect for beginners or visiting guests. One always volunteers to bring snacks so a beautiful picnic awaits the riders at the winery. Due to the popularity of the “Vineyard Rides,” the winery has installed several hitching posts and a permanent water trough. The horses relax in the shade, while the riders visit with friends, eat, and sip wine. The ride back in the afternoon is always a little more adventurous, with much of the time spent splashing and cooling off in the Santa Ynez River. Some core planners of the Vineyard Rides are always there, but the tribe of friends is ever changing. Out-of-town visitors request a Vineyard Ride during their visit, and people often haul for 2-3 hours to join in the fun. Newlyweds, Stuart and Rebecca Vesty, had their second date on a Vineyard Ride, and a ride will be planned to celebrate their marriage the next time they are in town. A fairytale wedding as an end result can’t always be guaranteed, but a great time spent in beautiful country with good friends enjoying the Arabian horse can.

Ar abian Horse Times | 16 | ENV ISION • #6

Santa Ynez Valley Horses is pleased to offer children and adult horseback riding lessons on safe, beautiful Arabian horses. Located in Southern California, instructor Nedra Johnson brings over 25 years of experience, with a strong emphasis on horsemanship and Arabian horse care. For more information, contact Nedra Johnson at (805) 697-6107, email: santaynezvalleyhorses@gmail.com

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Good-Natured, Quick To Learn, And Willing To Please Any Age Rider or Handler The Arabian horse is one of the most versatile horses on the planet. They excel at whatever is asked of them, are cooperative and trusting. Whether you see yourself on a leisure trail, at the highest of show ring competitions, or love them from afar, the Arabian horse will always manage to capture your heart.

Ar abian Horse Times | 18 | ENV ISION • #6

it English pleasure, park or informal combination, this Arabian demonstrates animated, English Bebalanced motion with a desire to go forward with impulsion from the rear, expressed in long,

lofty strides that eat up the arena beneath their feet as they flow over the ground. All gaits are performed with willingness and obvious ease, cadence, balance and smoothness. These fine horses combine their athleticism with grace and style typical of the Arabian horse.

Native Costume

Representative of those used by ancient Bedouins when they charged across the desert, climbing the sands to engage their enemy in battle, the beauty of the Arabian horse and the colorful heritage of the costumes make this one of the most exciting and popular disciplines.


From the time of nomads, Arabians have been the choice for prevailing in the harshest, most inhospitable conditions. Able to cross vast distances with minimal rest, food and water, their makeup has served them well--dense bone, economic body size and weight, long shoulder, deep heart girth and huge nostrils that allow for maximum air intake. Their well-constructed feet and legs are durable, and their bravery and acute intelligence are prized. They are able to carry their riders over thousands of miles, the dominating choice today when competing against other breeds. skillfully maneuver their horses through various Driving Drivers gaits performed with fluid motion that is brilliant and eye

appealing. The beautiful combination of an Arabian horse and elegant fine harness equipment makes this discipline a crowd favorite.

the precision of dressage and the brilliance Show Hack Combining of the Arabian horse itself, this discipline has its roots in classical movements of the collected and extended gait, the hand gallop, the halt and the reinback. All movements are natural, which amply demonstrates the Arabians’ pride, elegance and versatility.

Ar abian Horse Times | 19 | ENV ISION • #6

for pure pleasure or show, Arabians Trail Beareitskillful, eye appealing and confident.

When properly trained, they move over obstacles without hesitation and are safe and a pleasurable ride.

Working Western This style highlights the agility and willingness of these horses to be guided by their riders, demonstrating difficult movements necessary in working cattle. The rider controls each maneuver of quick spins, straight sliding stops and lead changes.


This Arabian is calm, willing, has an obedient attitude with smooth, soft gaits and is happy and content to do its job. They are ideal for sitting in a saddle all day.

Dressage Dressage is considered ‘classical training’ because it uses gymnastic exercises—a series of movements and figures—which have been studied and developed for centuries. When done systematically and correctly, the exercises will cause the horse to be soft and supple on both sides and to respond willingly and obediently. He moves freely forward with pure gaits and an even tempo.

Sport Horse

Evaluated in performance, manners, conformation, and suitability as a working sport horse. They push from behind, travel uphill, exhibit good length of stride and move with straight, rhythmic, balanced gaits. Conformation is evaluated in terms of potential trainability, potential performance and predisposition to soundness.

Ar abian Horse Times | 20 | ENV ISION • #6


This Arabian requires manners, performance ability, and quality and conformation suitable for a hunter. On the flat or over fences, a hunter covers the ground easily with a long, low, efficient stride that could accommodate an all-day ride.


Essentially a breeding class, each horse is judged on its correctness of conformation, its movement, or “way of going” and their Arabian Type: the breed’s unique characteristics and desirable qualities to which pass on to offspring. The halter horse is shown “in-hand” individually and posed to displays their positive traits.

Racing Racing is in the heart and soul of every Arabian horse. With its own long history of racing, the athleticism, speed and beauty of this desert horse made it the perfect choice. Keeping this in mind, Arabian racing today makes perfect sense. Considered the original race horse, when English breeders wanted to add speed and endurance to their horses, they turned to the Arabian. The result? The Thoroughbred.

Jumping On a high spirited, alert, athletic, bold and willing Arabian with the talent for jumping, you’ll love this sport. Popular around the world, the jumping horse is forward thinking and moving with a confident heart and attitude.

The stories of our very own, special community

SHF Shilveree Bringing Forth Courage To Fight This is SHF Shilveree (Besson Carol x SHF Miss Scarlet). He is owned in partnership with fellow breeder Dr. Ed Davidson of Southern Heritage Farm. Ed had been breeding horses for 40 years, many champions, including National Champion Amateur Owner To Handle (AOTH) mare SHF Miss Scarlet and World Champion SHF Pearlie Mae. This was the first show for SHF Shilveree and the first show in several years for Dr. Davidson. Ed is currently being treated for stage 4 bladder cancer. He has spent much time in the hospital for the last few months. The dream of showing Shilveree gave Ed something to look forward to and strive for. Although Shilveree was nervous, Ed helped him show and did a fabulous job. And Shilveree? He was careful and took care of Ed, as though it was his every day job. Hats off to trainer Austin Colangelo, for doing such a good job of preparing Dr. Davidson’s stallion.

A Family Affair ...

A gift to enjoy with no age limits Karlan Downing and Ray Lemaster of Karma Arabians recently enjoyed a family day with Multi-National Champion KMA Angelo. Great-granddaughters Riley (8) and Claire (2), as well as their mom, were eager to take ‘Angelo’ for a test ride at home in Chillton, TX. The girls had so much fun, that they were excited to go home and ask dad for riding lessons at their local Arabian barn! Now that’s four generations to enjoy together!

If you have shared the love and magic of your Arabian horse or know someone who has, we want to know about it! Contact Envision contributors Mary Trowbridge (Mary@Trowbridgesltd.com) or Jenn Trickey (Jenn@JennTrickey.com) Ar abian Horse Times | 22 | ENV ISION • #6

From Cookies to Carrots Firelight Arabians, Fisherville, KY

Girl Scout Day! On April 7th, 2019, Lorie Henderson and company, played host and introduced Arabian horses in three hours of all kinds of fun to four troops (63 girls)—an amazing group. Even more ... every one of them got to ride! Thank you to the mares, Just Breezin By, Xanadus Whimsical and Noble Essence, for being great rides. Also, thanks to Diamonds Afire for being a great model horse for their “Anatomy, functionality, and care of horses” portion of the day. It was a great day with the Arabian horse!

bits and peices: warrior horses for warrior kids We currently have around 14 matches and are working on more! Check out their Facebook page: NW Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids www.WarriorHorses.org

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Warrior events in Monroe, Washington! • June 8 ~ HACW Mid-Summer Classic Horse Show In conjunction with the American Cancer Society. • July 13 ~ Region 5 Championship Horse Show What’s new with Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids … Full families: Since cancer affects the entire family, we have expanded Warrior Horses to include siblings! 501c3 fundraising: Gratefully, we announce our new partnership with the Arabian Horse Promotional Fund for 501c3 fundraising! Be sure to label donations for Warrior Horses. In the works: Soon, we hope to have a partnership with Children’s Hospital in Seattle to connect with more kids wanting to meet and be loved by Arabian horses.

Special thank you to our partner


for beautiful keepsake ribbons for the Warrior Kids.

We are happy to announce that Warrior Horses are being added to the national resource listing with the American Cancer Society. Ar abian Horse Times | 23 | ENV ISION • #6

FIND YOUR PROGRAM ♥ SUPPORTERS OF ENVISION … Devoted to strengthening the Arabian breed. Thank you! ** Also a Discovery Farm ALABAMA RHAPSODY IN BLUE STABLES** Wetumpka | 251-454-2761 www.winningarabians.com ARIZONA APEX RIDING ACADEMY Scottsdale | 801-244-7996 www. apexridingacademy.com BEIN PERFORMANCE HORSES** Scottsdale | 480-220-6710 www.beinperformancehorses.com MARY CAMPBELL TRAINING CENTER Tucson | 520-975-2264 www.ridinglessonstucson.com MARY WILSON SHOW HORSES Cave Creek | 925-719-6867 www.marywilsonshowhorses.com NELSON FARMS, INC. Tucson | 520-647-3009 www.Nelsonfarmsinc.com PAR Excellence Farms Gilbert | 480-510-6125 www.facebook.com/parexcellencefarms Royal Salute Cave Creek | 480-585-6318 www.Royalsaluteaz.com SCOTTSDALE EQUESTRIAN ACADEMY Cave Creek | 480-203-1394 www.scottsdaleequestrianacademy.com

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Deseos Arabians Calhan | 303-921-0785 www.deseosarabians.com GAMBEL OAKS EQUESTRIAN CENTER Elizabeth | 303-646-0462 www.gambeloaks.com CONNECTICUT Baldwin Stables Deep River | 860-526-5989 Facebook: Baldwin Stables Double A Arabians Somers | 860-749-4797 www.doubleaarabians.com Sloane Training Center Wolcott | 203-879-1085 www.facebook.com/SloaneTrainingCenter TROWBRIDGE’S LTD** Bridgewater | 860-488-7074 www.trowbridgesltd.com

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LUXE ARABIANS Traverse City | 231-632-1181 www.luxearabians.com Misty Hill Training Belleville | 734-657-4275 Facebook: mistyhilltraining ROOKER TRAINING STABLES Fenton | 810-241-9246 www.Rookertrainingstable.com Rushlow Arabians Romulus | 734-782-1171 www.Rushlowsarabians.net Signature Oaks Stables Dexter | 734-562-9023 www.signatureoakstables.com Trotwood Farm Hickory Corners | 502-604-3141 www.trotwoodfarm.com WINNING EDGE TRAINING CENTER** Coopersville | 616-292-3787 www.winningedgetrainingcenter.com MINNESOTA CEDAR RIDGE RIDING CLUB Jordan | 815-354-2466 stephanie@ cedarridgearabians.com www.cedar-ridge.com

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Dear Arabian Horse, I know that I don’t know you as well as I should, but I want to thank you for that you have done for my daughter. When you came into her life eight years ago, I had no idea the life-lessons you would teacher her. Silly me, I thought you were “just a horse”! The time you two have spent together has shaped her character in permanent, positive and powerful ways. What I could never impart with mere “mom-words” you taught her during every ride, stall cleaning and horse show. I want you to know the specific lessons she has learned from you. 1) Lots of horses can be pretty, but when the Arabian’s intelligence and inner strength shines through, something special happens. Intelligence combined with strength results in rare beauty. Be like that, my beautiful daughter. 2) Versatility increases usefulness and resilience in the face of change. Seek to learn diverse skills so you can be useful and resilient, my clever daughter. 3) Drive is the engine of success. The unique curve of the Arabian’s neck in the show ring begins with drive in the horse’s hind quarters in training. Ambition and training pushes us towards our goals. Use ambition to drive you to your goals, my dear daughter. 4) Respect and popularity are not the same. If you strive for popularity, you will never gain respect. If you strive for respect, you might also gain popularity, but you won’t even need it. Seek respect first, my soulful daughter. 5) Restraint is noble. There is nothing as regal as watching 1,000 pounds of muscle and impulse gingerly carrying a young child. Similarly, there is nothing as kind as when a strong-minded person gives deference to others. Be like that, my strong-minded girl. 6) Loyalty must be mutual. The same force that compels a teenager to the barn when it’s -10 degrees will also compel that horse to submit to the will of the rider. Always be worthy of mutual loyalty, my dear daughter. 7) Be fearless in battle. War with others rarely, but when required by loyalty or cause, defend what you love with all that you have, my brave young woman. 8) Concentrating energy into a specific direction creates results that gets attention. The forward motion of an Arabian is classic and constructive. Make your actions count, my industrious daughter. 9) Refinement results from grit. The elegant image of a horse and rider entering the show ring is born in sweat, dirt, muck and usually with no one watching. Never be afraid of the work it takes to reach your goals, whether anyone is watching or not, my tenacious teenager. 10) Greatness should be celebrated. Those magical moments in the Arabian show ring when everything coalesces and is concentrated into forward motionthe training and refinement, the restraint and power, the intelligence and drive, fearlessness and loyalty- those moments are to be celebrated as remarkable, regardless of who the rider is. Always take time to admire greatness. Be like that, my dear daughter. Ar abian Horse Times | 28 | ENV ISION • #6

Dear Arabian Horse ... A reflection with gratitude written by Jenniffer Wheeler

A newcomer’s thoughts on how Arabian horses impact the lives of those they love.

Jenniffer and Abigail Wheeler

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