Experience Arabian Horses, Issue #5 - published in Arabian Horse Times

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Choosing The Right Lesson Program By Elizabeth Pizzonia, owner of Ocala Equestrian Academy Photography by Lluvia Sommer “How do I find the right place to begin taking lessons?� It is the most important question when beginning your journey with the Arabian horse. Unfortunately, there is not one answer that makes a place the right choice, but a combination of things. This guide will help you make the best choice in reaching your personal equine goals and dreams. First, you must establish your personal goals within the horse world. Ask yourself,

Are you looking to become a master showman or enjoy the horse in a recreational fashion? Whatever your equine direction is, choose a facility that will help you reach your goals with a structured plan to guide the way.

The Instructor. A friendly, welcoming environment is key. Learning to ride is an enjoyable adventure and you want to make sure you are encouraged in your riding process. Make sure that there are opportunities for you to advance your skills which is very important to your success as a rider. Take the time to observe lessons. Is the instructor attentive to his/ her students? Listen to the teaching style. Instructors have many ways of teaching; make sure that the instructor you are considering teaches in a way you can resonate with. Often, a good riding instructor will have positive references/referrals and credentials. With any successful riding program, it is critical to teach new riders from the ground up. Remember, horses are not soccer balls that you can just stick in the corner until you are ready to play with it again. To become a successful horseman/ horsewoman, it is essential you learn how to completely care for your horse. Riders should learn the skills to properly care for their lesson horse, from feeding, cleaning and grooming, to tacking, sportsmanship and much more. Look for a program that will teach you these important skills.

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